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Articles and Documents, 1915-1960
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Monson Motor Lodge Project
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Monson Motor Lodge Project
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Saint Augustine (Fla.)
32 Avenida Menendez (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Monson Motor Lodge (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 32 Avenida Menendez

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17 S. M. Wakeman. 14. Rev. Myers. 13. B. A. Putman. 10. Monument and Public Square 7. Catholi
16. V. Lanchez. 12. Trinity Church. 11. Boat Basin. 15. Court House. 9. Public VIEW OF ST AUGUSTINE, EAST FLORIDA

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Tourists and_Travelers' Favorite.
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Rates, $2.50 to $3.00 per day.- F. C IIA YDIEN..anger

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A ST.iOPEN ,...U,,. ,n. t .

Jos. P Greaves:

... HEElEVATO S ll liAT,
.M NS I-IH U 'ATf ATIS. : ..

r. "IM. B. oofiomery. Proprietor,

4 JfZ ljj.1>.I I>**.1~1 uI.: :...... ,rI r- iI rfs.; N.. 1r1a Ari i1,
DN r


.E ccellent Culine,I.o and Cold laths .ASONA LE RAT S. .

:obt. M urray r* rn h-.-APONCE DM LEONn. T,
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ia roaming down. \o'rkom n have Already alrtrl dlemnlikh- fie Si. Aniywini, I -rorrl thnt fhn new mtsiitr will lhe n os.- if, h,, tw .,th n thi f e alrtdir, which in h ng rir. fo ,ainke way flr cI foinitrtTini of rtntiAl unila, which will he buiilt in the n,-a in c ns, f,,rm with 1h.- 'nid l r n' arssi il- tl re I hni lss .issls ill iAfirthi-tion o.f 11 flture. The MrsnonI Molel. nAn owner by the Senw ll Mo- Ihe aren Ii n Iir n (onrrlovn St eel. l".in vi-lisI was tor Londge Corporation. will remain. (RecIord ?**hnla li hn ritstll). .1tr. an ..Mrs. Ariolt irlint They i.. dentif
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00% FINANCING! ", ,R, ..... :i s .L LD A N G E RO U N D
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Plans Announced For New Monson Motor Lodge On Bay Street

Architectural plans have been The Monson Motor lodseu will Iuember of tile St. Auultine he dioil ,ff fr smll,r lreul, I T mold unit completed anti a construction con- tI, deconstructed allongc St. Auglus- Restoration a 1Ill P'reservation land will hlave an out.%ide entrance will he refurnithed vi:.h rench tract awarded for the buirling of iLinn Spani. h deiRgn in keeping Commininn, and h and Mr. sen Charlotte, Street. provincial furniture. 'hph decorathe Monson Motor LodKe on lllay with the city's restoration pro- Wolfe are vitally interested in the The gift ho,,p will Ib. h ot ,n i. Street, It was nnnounrol Satur- grain. lann have been ldevloped rest.ortion of thlin oiblest city. th irxt floor if the new building Live iron-lane work .vill fhe re r day hy James E. Ilrock, general through, the coopertLion of the Mr. Wolfe is chairman tof the nL tile, site of (t dl Veielr's mvd nl fluted woren eoa nn inr manager. (Above Is an earcll- St. Augustin estration ,rl cnmision. raig ot i oe oo at will le t with e tact's drawing of the new .ionson 'reservation Co:,mmlision, and Papers Are bein drawn olW the corner or ny lSi, 'Il I St. A ugmitn'Pt riter ,PrA weteign lMotor LodRe). .Mr. Ilrock sahl Ile wa apprecint- for sni nTurs nry Stri-t.'Thi' hi hlwilding
The Monton Motor Iutdg(e, to bn ivr the uistaniter Kiven by the will comnienrc at the enrlientL po- Awill be rvostord t, original nrchi. inn wld nrm tmiiosphere, sear built at the ilLt-of the old Mni- r,,toratll n group and t.he many sible dates Brock nal. The Con- t.ctural de ig w, 'i. wi l "cret T i' w le non Intel in the heart oif the rely's houlrn ,pent by tie arhitet, to tractor has from four to .six The cocktail lunge ani regi. tie bayfront project. The whie M blatorical area, will future 45 carry utr tle restoration theme, months to complete tle project tration lobby will I, included in t n I ai t deluxe family-size units: retnull- Irol annoultlnred that fihlninal after work herin, tile new buibinK, sall rnlmplete rant, swimming pool, convention irrangemenip fo r the projert The 45 deluxe family-sisoe unia hthl sterviCe will lI .,ff,.red,. to red tn tourrepl)ond vith thie dle- Al hall. cocktail lounge and a glft have been arrnnged through the of the Monsoan Mtor lodglre will Ti'he n,,w Iuibling will he" o in the ne hu lew llleinr t for shop. personal efforts of 11. E. Wolfe, hie modern in every detail withll wo-story e sign will 27 family I-prtf ran t a Ioi on atny, n.
The construction contreL has ant the xchbangK flank of St. dl-hibed rooms., a drsnsing roman. The prntnthiling will l t, with approllnteln th i been awarded to Parker r a i Fox- A uuu stinle, with two othe-r cor- Arefn and hath. he hboliLt to includI tihe r,,stan- a. 1 al xrT trC t Im worth, lnrtl cnnlructnn firm, rerpnnding hanks--onne of theme 'he reltaurantL will seal (I rani nt ,,ntion ... rollkt, k rI nith nie|,ln C tS Ant work is expected to be n ein th e P'enple's flank ,of MI- people and an adjoinn convn- Iiler ramn nta, otrac 't olmr anld within the next 30 days, Blrock aml Shnres, headed by Leonard tion room will have a beating ca- linell ronmes, nllng with the rok. announcedd Glenn D. Moore of Ulnx, a native of St. Aurgustine. parity of' ;00'. The convention inil Idun e anti the rristration Jacksonvllo Is the architect. Mr. Ulna Is an Immediate past room will he arranged so It may tbby.

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.J.lTr -a -i


A Once Famous Hotel Posed. A Painful Question. A DoIt-Yourself Razing Saved $100,000. A Head Bellman Got a Four-Bedroom Bonus. A Young Innkeeper Raised $433,666 Financing. So...





IN PHOTO,.BROCK; Next Page, Text
JANUARY, 1963 27

Jimmy's story unfolded like a side door version of Horatio Alger

THE MOST famous question in all way, across the street from a national with insight into that most compelling facdrama, Hamlet's "To be or not to be," monument (Castillo de San Marcos, usually .tor in the success of an employee: the has its counterpart in modern day innkeep- called the Old Fort). And a new restaurant ability to get the job done without pushing ing. Owners of outdated properties pon- with a mouth-watering menu and a tiled the burden back at the boss in questions. der whether to tear down and rebuild, roof gay enough for .Howard Johnson and Brock's attitudes were rare in the gimmodernize and try to hang on, or sell out quaint enough for the Daughters of the mie-lots-quick era after the war. Faw came and fade from the scene. pending Restoration. to respect and trust him. Indeed, Faw ultiSuch questions long vexed owners Bill But rooms wouldn't sell. Said a Brock mately turned the Florida pass keys over to Faw and Jimmy Brock of the 68-room family teenager, "They were too poop for Brock and departed for permanent headMonson Hotel overlooking beautiful Man- pop." Came the government and bought quarters in Johnson City, Tenn. tanzas Bay in the nation's oldest city, St. the hotel to raze it and make way for Old Today, Brock heads the closed corporaAugustine. Fort parking. tion that owns the Monson. Faw is vice
The hotel, rebuilt after a devastating fire Brock thereafter dedicated his full worry president and Peggy is secretary-treasurer.
inThe hote1914, rebuilt after a devastatin travelers time to the Monson. He'd managed both Which brings us from worry time to dream arriving for long winter stays. Atop three hotels, first as Faw's employee, later as his time in the Brock saga. guest floors stretched a floor for dormitory partner-in a story that unfolded like a side NE MORNING in the late 50s the
and storage; below the guest floors sprawled door version of the Horatio Alger legend. Monson motel seemed to be jumping enough parlor and public space to require rTHAT IS, young Jimmy Brock, fresh out in the sunshine and the Monson hotel to be 30 tons of air conditioning (if cooled!). of the Navy after World War II and sleeping in the fog. Jimmy Brock peered
By the 1950s, motorists were speeding hard at work for chain operator Bill Faw, out over the Bay of Mantanzas, the lonely past the once famous hostelry. Operator didn't marry the boss's daughter. He came hotel building haunting his mind, and Bill Faw tried to arrest the trend in 1956 in by the side door and married the boss's brooded: "To be or not to be." by building 18 luxury motel units on the secretary, pretty Peggy Pilgrim, as irresist- Out front, highway workers were doing grounds and a glassed-in restaurant in the ible a personality as ever brightened inn- current occupancy no good. A statewide hotel building. keeping. project, the St. Augustine Restoration, was
Manager Jimmy Brock rented the motel This was hardly the way to win a dowry, underway. Seawalls were moving seaward rooms readily, to transients, and at rates for to Faw, Peggy was a well-nigh indis- to make way for expansion of the highway reminiscent of the old Monson's tariff in pensable girl Friday. But Brock, a young into the present six-lane Esplanada, three its resort heyday. But the overflow scorned man who then gave the impression of being lanes on either side of a palm-planted the rooms in the hotel building. Says Brock, as scared as he was aggressive, was some- median. "Motorists wouldn't buy obsolescence and thing more than a romancer. He was re- Suddenly that morning, the fog seemed still won't." solved to learn from Faw and to pay his to lift-Jimmy Brock to see a vision of the
He was battle weary from learning that mentor with dedicated service, future. Down would come the Monson
lesson at a Faw-Brock operation (leased) Says Brock, "If the boss wanted his big hotel. Up would go a modern motor hotel, two blocks down the bayfront, the Bennett Cadillac on top of the hotel, I'd try to put gracefully harmonious with the Restoration. Hotel-a property with every plus factor in it there." Brock delivered his dream to contractors. location: waterfront, in town yet on high- "And without questions," Peggy adds He asked for firm bids on a cost plus basis 28 THE JOURNAL OF AMERICAN INNKEEPING

him up......

So he asked for bids on razing the Monson. Bids ranged from $6,500 to $27,000,

according to who (contractor or owner) . g o t th e s a lv a g e ..... .. .
This time it was Brock who took nobody o Sr up. A $100,000 idea (estimate by a qualified appraiser) occurred to him.

Brock called in head bellman Roosevelt Gilliam and told him, "We're closing the hotel and won't need a head bellman, but

there'll be other 'executive' work if you want to hang around." Roosevelt hung around to work with a crew that ranged

from four to seven as a do-it-yourself raz- Monson fronts on lovely La Esplanada (above). Below builder Brock and ing progressed. They salvaged the red tile head bellman turned crew captain Roosevel Gilliam, man with a new home on the roof for the new building because Brock explained, Tile bellman Roosever gets All that can happen to it is to break it."he
Roosevelt and crew made catcher's mitts the red tile to the floor below until the'executive' work if you

ground floor catch came within 20% of the .......... tile needs for the new motor hotel.cause
When local contractors bought salvaged it." equipment and material on an "as-is" basis mitts and hauled it away, Brock saved on work-g

man's compensation insurance. When he through the Florida botelowf Insurers ground floor catch came within 20% of the N me.

Fund, a Florida Hotel and Motor Hotel Association service he chairmans. bought salvaged
He told the crew to leave lower floorbasis brick standing where wayls could be incorman's compensation insurance. When he

porated into the new building, then sold

salvaged Georgia red brick to Orlando and Miami dealers. Men hired on a commission basis trucked the brick to a railroad siding, cleaned them and loaded them into
JANUARY, 1963 29


Furnishings & Equipment
Kitchen Equipment. E. H. Thompson
and Co., Jacksonville.
Q Carpet. Deep-piled, Alexander
SSmith's Crestwood pattern.
Underliner. White Way Supreme by General Tire Corp. which Brock says
is "the best that can be bought."
Custom designed Booths, Tables.
Bought through Thompson from Robertson & Co., Locust Grove, Ga.
Brock went to Locust Grove to work with firm's George Robertson.
(Booths are 4" short of usual width for wider aisles but 10" deeper in
space allotted for easier seating.)
Furnishings. American of Martinsville, French Provincial in Motor
Lodge, Early Spanish in Old Court.
Carpet. Bigelow, in both Lodge and
Old Court. Underliner, White Way.
Carpet Care. Kirby Vacuum Cleaners, which Brock says "if you've got
a few of, you can throw a lot of
' others away." Restaurant has custom made booths and tables by Robertson & Co.

waiting freight cars, shipping out one to had to follow that of a building on the site Memory of what he had learned in Dale two daily. in 1875 (an Old Trading Post as we shall Carnegie classes came to his rescue. He'd
Brock bought a truck from the Florida see!), including pitch of roof, eaves, window get color elevations and dramatize his next State Road Department for $600, "a bar- panes, balconies and outside stairs. presentation to Wolfe. More, he'd start the gain price since the state takes excellent Brock, by now a professional innkeeper interview down the "yes" path and keep it care of its equipment." of no mean stature, blushed at the thought moving yes-forward.
Roosevelt cleared salvaged lumber (top of operating a historic reproduction for This he did. Days later, he said to Mr. grade, long leaf, hard yellow pine) of nails. profit. But architect Moore emerged with a Wolfe, "Did you know a good delineator Brock traded some of it for cold cash, design (27 lodging rooms, a restaurant, func- could take a set of blueprints and do elevaspirited the remainder away for a personal tion areas and lobby) that won the Commis- tions showing exactly how a building will project. sion's nod. look?"
Along with windows and doors, plumb- Except-and hold your breath-Brock "Yes," said Wolfe, as Brock prayed he ing equipment and brick, he took the lum- had to harmonize the 18 motel rooms al- would. ber to a lot Roosevelt owned. "We built him ready on the grounds (circa 1956) with the a home," Jimmy says, "while he stayed be- design of the projected motor lodge (circas "Don't you think this is beautiful?" asked hind with his razing. Two or three carpen- 1875-1962). Brock, displaying one of the neatly wrapped ters joined me." So down came the exterior iron lace color drawings.
Roosevelt's new home is a four bedroom (painted white) that cost Bill Faw $10,000 "Yes," said Wolfe and soon, "How structure with an old brick fireplace that when he built the motel units six years much do you want, Jimmy?" would turn a Charleston pink house green earlier. The Commission thought it smack- "Close to a half million, including the with envy. ed of New Orleans! And in went early $117,000 we already owe you."
Spanish furnishings by American of Martinsville, a furnisher that can wave a wand over Then sly Mr. Wolfe jumped the "yes" DESIGN & "CIRCUMSCRISION" contemporary decor and transform it into track and slipped Brock a boner: "You
Design time limped through the talk- period decor with hardly a wavering of its mean you're willing to use 316 ft. of bay plan stage long ere the Monson Motor simplicity. frontage worth $1100 a foot for 45 motel Lodge took final shape on the drawing The Commission nodded again. rooms and a 90-seat restaurant?" boards. One colored crewman confided to Once a hotel man, always a hotel man, another that "two circumscrisions" would it once was said. Once a hotel man, always be required for legitimacy. He evidently MAN AFTER MONEY an innkeeper, is a proper revision. Brock overheard Jimmy Brock tell architect Glenn Blueprints in hand, Brock galloped over was willing. He got $357,666, including the D. Moore that design would be circum- to the Exchange Bank of St. Augustine, refinancing, and two chattel mortgages, one scribed by two factors: which the Monson owed a balance of for $46,000, the other for $30,000, or a
1. Incorporation of part of the first $117,000 on the motel loan made in 1956. total of $433,666.
floor walls and footings of the old building He talked to banker H. E. Wolfe, who hap- On March 13 ("my lucky day") he started into the new (they were used in the new pened to be chairman of the Restoration 27 new rooms (he had 18 renewed rooms), restaurant building); Commission. a 92-seat restaurant, a 300-seat banquet
2. Meeting requirements of the Resto- Wolfe seemed as enthusiastic as Brock room, a 45-seat cocktail lounge, a spacious ration Commission that buildings in speci- when the interview began. Then he blinked gift shop with street entrance, a 20 x 40 fled areas resemble historic buildings that at the blueprints ani admitted, "But Jim- pool surrounded by patio, paved parking once occupied the same sites. my, I just can't see how this would look," for 51 cars, and arrangements with merThis meant the silhouette of the Monson and Jimmy's spirits kerplunked. chants for night,parking of 100 cars on a

street running behind the lodge with an Co. charges on a year round demand load bay frontage houses 92-seat dining room entrance to the banquet room. (peak) basis, so the Monson's use of elec- and one second story guest room (the lodge's tricity for both heating and cooling effects 27th) built to atune over-all design to the
COMFORTS AND COSTS a saving. silhouette suggested by the Trading Post.
Roosevelt and his demolition crew didn't Beyond the restaurant (not in photo): For heating and cooling, Brock chose elec- disturb the boiler room and kitchen in the Colonial Room (30 seats) and La Florida trical baseboard heaters, installed under the old Monson. The two boilers, only five Room (300 seats), the latter with an entrance windows, and General Electric room air years old, didn't have to be relocated. This on Charlotte street. Brock arranged with conditioners, mounted near the ceiling accounted for $30,000 of the estimated Charlotte street merchants to use 100 parkabove dressing room counters. $100,000 savings from the raze-it-yourself ing spaces when the banquet room is used
The air conditioners (one ton in rooms, program. evenings. He floodlights the area with Merone-and-a-half ton in suites) are covered The boilers supply hot water to guest cury vapor lights attached to the htinquet with Spanish wooden louvres in response to rooms and kitchen and heat for the 38-ton building. one of the most beautifying requirements of closed package unit that air conditions the Next (right of restaurant in photo): Dr\Cethe Restoration Commission. Baseboard lobby, dining and function areas. in entrance leading to the carport where heating is Raywall by Tennessee Plastics you park while you enter and register.

(Johnson City) with a 2,00 wattage for A PICTURE STORY Right in photo: L-shaped Old Court (10 carpeted motel oms 2 with red and white
Brock said on Dec. 13, coldest day North Now let's take a trip from left to right Vinyl tile fl oting for people with pete. Florida has seen this century (8 to 12 de- of the panoramic picture shown on a pre- kidney shaped pool 2 o x -(). patio,. mori grees), that his guests were snug as bugs ceding page, reflecting the Monson Motor paved parking. in a rug, "but if an eccentric among us Lodge opened last month on the Esplanada, wants air conditioning, all he has to do is facing the Bay of Mantanzas, in the nation's flip the thermostat." It controls both heat- oldest city. TWAS PAPA WHO PACKED ing and cooling year 'round. Extreme left: The Old Trading Post gift Brock got an irate long distance call last
A GE factory engineer studied the motor shop, a replica of a historic building that August from a guest a hundred miles or so lodge blueprints, checked the local code and stood on the site until 1875. down the road. The guest said he'd stayed fire underwriters' requirements and recom- Above, behind and L-ing around: 26 in an Old Court room, done the packing mended: (1) A central distribution panel for motor lodge rooms with paved parking, on himself, and failed to include a single stitch all-services that saved $6,000 in installation grounds obtained by razing sections of the of his wife's wardrobe. costs and (2) a demand load for the entire first floor of the old Monson. Was this his fault? Of course not. Comoperation. The Florida Power and Light Next: Restaurant building with 100 ft. plained the guest: Brock had no business

JANUARY, 1963 3!

and summer seasons (and "competitive" rates during spring and fall!).
"What about singles?" the Journal asked him.
"They hardly exist in our market. But we have six one-bed (double) rooms in the Motor Lodge."
Restaurant business is better since the dining room has a street entrance. "The dining room in the hotel building was visible from the street-glassed in-but the lobby was between the motorist and the table where we wanted to seat him."
As is proper in a Restored city who.c forthcoming 400th anniversary (1965) is already commanding the attention of the iKennedys and the Fords, you enter your quarters in the Lodge from a ground floor gallery or a second story balcony. You enter a room that is 12 x 16 "in the clear," or 12 x 24 inclhdiing Ihe drireingbath area. You tread oucr uxui\ric bi\. Bigelow past French Provincial bcautl bi American of Martinsville to reach the luxury-size dressing area. There are lavatories just inside and just outside the bathroom; a ceiling heat lamp in the bath.
White painted iron lace salvaged from the Old Court forms part of the divider French Provincial furniture in new Monson Motor Lodge
between guest room and dressing areas. putting a door on the closet. It wasn't mod- such experiences-of having to pack be- Four suites with kitchenettes rent to famern. It denied the man's wife a vision of longings left behind and ship them by bus ilies or VIPs (very incomed people). After the cottons and silks she might have packed or what not-but always pronto. the eyes of the world turn on St. Augustine if the door hadn't hid them. Jimmy quotes Greyhound $12 (two peo- in its 400th year, who knows what celeThat did it. Brock installed open face pie) year round rates for tours. He gets $15 brities the Brocks can say slept in those closets in the Old Court. He was weary of from overnight couples during both winter suites at the dream lodge Jimmy built.

The Monson Motor Lodge of St. Augustine, Florida hasLWe are proud to have had a part Luxurious Dining Comfort
in equipping the distinguished new with a minimum of maintenance.

They chose Robertson's handsome Kyoto Monson Motor Lodge in St. Augustine.
series with deep diamond tufting. We furnished all of the stainless steel

kitchen equipment, and were distributors for the dining room booths and

tables, manufactured by a Georgia

firm. We offer complete service in the

2e equipping, furnishing and engineering

of food and beverage rooms to
We will be delighted to send you free a clients in Florida and Soth Georgia. decorators sketch book of a few of our custom clients in Florida and Soth Georgia. creations and a list of suppliers near you that carry a complete catalog of our furniture.

Jacksonville, Florida



Augustine ly Appointed IItel

h.Toroughly Renov d Redecorated...

Offering the, Sam, y Service As in the
- ......

. Past.

S Dining Room Ope. November 17th

.Your Recomtmedati Our poted You
S.Friends Wil pprecoat

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PRI+: M-P ++ Si- A- G RECORD

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Of Being Called Upon 7A ustine'01ost
to furnish the MODERN
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--(UponIts: e :by jO__ by St. Augustine's
Beautiful We Are Proud And Spaciously to be one of Appointed those called is pon
-l- serve the
otel- HOT-.EL


i c:: CAte s+ Bond Howell
Dairy Lumber Company
171 San Marco Ave. 58
140 RIBERIA .. PHON 58
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Are Proud - o

io be one of' Pas Wsecalled .pon E WISH TO CONGRATULAtE
-to- serve- the..." ,
and extend our best wihes to
Other management upon Dining
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Fue Hoote.. .

Mr !Charlesoung on the i...H O T E L
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We are proud to have had our share in sup- We are happy to be called plying this famous hqtery for upon again .many years.

E. H. Thompson

Company, Inc.o.S .Sye

Hotel, Restaurant, Bar Equipment

730-4 Wemt Bay St. Groceries & Meats
Phone 5-0489-5-3907
JACKSONVILLE, FLA. 48 Granada Street
... ......

S. ----S A Snyder

.1 -We Have. Beenon to We Extend 0 i : Very, Best

Wishes To


.. Upon its
Opening Again .
happy to be called upon again

We well know this fine institution
0is an outstanding asset to our entire

L Snyder
Arthur's Bar ries & Meats
Granada Street 23 Kitn g St 'et iI

171 San Marco Ave.

-ne es Cong ratulations

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Best in Hotels EL

The Smart, Modern M ONS

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called up1on us for *

Sherwin-Willia s SIt bas alunays. been a pliasrre Paints & Varnishes to serve this Splentid ,loetk.
since its establishnet: heire in We Congratulate the
HSt. Augustine.
Hote Monson
Upon, Its Opening *

sHRWIN-W~iusPATS St Augustine Gas
"PHONE 968.
, .

., 1 3 "3 .. :, . .

0 1.' . .-. . "

Heartiest Cogauaions'

ToA P rorssive H tl

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*Whether at War* or at"Peace-Its Faciitks.
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" "' " ".. ." ' .,,,' "" .";: ': ; ". .. : "U : .. .. ; + .' + i' ," -. : " | ., -. .... '" ; "l ++ :'

rg J ". 730-34 West Bay St.
Phone 5-0489--5-3907


I We Consider It An Honor

to have been called upon to supply.

Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Meats

f oi the Dining Roorn of the beautiful



103 St. George Street Phone 13

"F We Wish to Extend Our Heartiest Congratulations: and Best ishes to .


Upon Thir Opening

'The MONSON HOTEL enjoys Service Laundry .
and Sanitone Cleaning Service regularly.

Service Laundry and Sanitone leaner
Ph6ne 1395 14 Spinish Street S* ...- ..... .
-. .. .. . .. . .
-f- -*

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,:. 48Granada Street- ..... 23 King Street
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f g"r 730-34 West Bay St.
." i Phone 5-0489-5-3907 JACKSONViLLE, FLA.

V .We Consider It An Honor..

to have been called upon to supply.

SFresh Fruits, Vegetables and Meats

for the Dining Room of the beautiful .

S... r

We Wish to Extend Our Heartiest Congratulations: and Best Wishes to


Upon Their Opening

The MONSON HOTEL enjoys Service Laundry .
and Sanitone Cleaning Service regularly.

Service Laundry and Sanitone Cleaners
SPhne 1395 14 Spnish Street