Newton Leaving Restoration Post


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Newton Leaving Restoration Post Will Assume Similar Position At Pensacola
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Progress Photos Book No. 4
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St. Augustine Historical Restoration and Preservation Commission Staff Members
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The St. Augustine Record
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VOL. I X-Vil, -No. 126 Newz a ndUGUSTINE, FLO,i 1

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Earle W. Newton has resigned as executive director of St. Augus cal Restoration and Preservation Commission, a post he has held for the pa rs, to accept a similar position at Pensacola.
Formal announcement was made this morning by Herbert E. Wolfe, n of the restoration commission. at a press conference. Wolfe said that Newton will
give up his administrative duties ectormission asked f me in 1959. with the commission in thecomission asked 1959 spring, but that he will continue Wolf G. I am e opporto work with the commission and tu new its ally, St. Augustine Restora- esto chao be tion, Inc., in a variety of de- r. of eds velopment projects in the mu- nto of St A seum and international fields on hi St. "Continu will a consulting basis. Newton has on and the b assuredcent been 'president of the restoration o been asked staff which we have assembled corporation, a non-profi to sere as lib onsutant and to serve the St Augustine resgroup, since its founding director of the new- toration program," Newton em"We're disappointed a his de- ly establis liege. phasized. "One of the most imcision to leave St. A stine, Wolfe, on the portant things I have been able Wolfe said. But he said it was tietbl said to do for t ion prohis understanding that Newton there are rojects gram here such a would be improvig hi financial which can't e co- competent a group of position and that he was sure pleted witho or and people, wor n such that the commission would not that he woul to see a fashion irector want to stand in the ay o any them to comp n es- can take without staff member to impre his po- timated that e p rams any inter rtainsition would carry through April ties. A held Newton's s h the state and that thr e r he would be this m staff commission 0. In his predominately sa pledge ooperletter ofresignatin the restora- Speaking sition, ation meant n oi ....iton ation fid Ron. state's pres- submi an and

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ed ng up ofa r onial St. Augus have together spenears on this project, 1 it is now solidly r tinue in its course I are any long t it as the princin 'ts.
(Continued on ve)

"Just as with St. Augustine in
59, was la when the Legi establ missil and enjo new com the be .In a tri on their
probl discovered that they wanted not merely my advice but me. Their offer was financially most attractive, several thousand dollars more than I now receive. Coupled with the opportunity of getting a second program in Florida under way in much the same way w id in St. Augustine, I am 'you can understand why ed want to accept this n calling. It is also tied to -new p of the Univers o e rida, which will eiali Florida regional studies n historic preservation ea an educator a istorian by trainin ce, and this is a very difficult st
There wis mit may resignat exe irector, at the ee Commission. a to continue for ou may feel will ke an easy and e tion.
"While the basic ongoing program of the commission will certainly continue under new leadership, there are certain aspects of the international and museum programs where I have played a very personal role. I would be very glad to be of any continuing assistance to the commission and corporation consulting on these matters wherever you think I can help. I will leave a large piece of myself here in St. Augustine, with the warmest memories of a productive and happy association with you and the other me ers of the Commission who ave worked on this project st from the beginning. We hope to have continuing ts with you and our pay friends here.,
"I th ojects can m, for the ic e gat state of