Earle Newton in the courtyard of the Arrivas House


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Earle Newton in the courtyard of the Arrivas House
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Progress Photos Book No. 4
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St. Augustine Historical Restoration and Preservation Commission Staff Members
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St. Augustine Restoration, Inc.
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Box: 1NW22
Folder: STAFF

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University of Florida
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NEWTON, Earle Willlams, editor, ed cator: ,. Coriiand, N.Y., Apr. 10, 1917; .. E'cric WHliamis and Ala i(Moore) N.: .1,. togh emum laude, Ari t, Coill., 18; A.M., Columbia. 113, doetorlt. tVdy, 1*39-401; r. OSleplne A. Lyol. June 20. 1938; ehildrer.-Erl W.. Antoinette Lyo. ir. hist, rcsoirh WObster PAl). Co., St. Loris, 199-'41; d'r. Vermllont flit. Soe., Montilieir, Vt., 1942-50, lid Stilbridge Vi!age. 1950-54: dir. Ilst. ItLst. and Archi0al Mgmt. laiuldiflailrvtad, 194-55; 1l!nr, editor Vt. Life, :194-50; editor Vt. (!l!Orti, 10948.50. Foooder, editor Am. Herige, 199-54, cons. cdiLor, 1054-00; st. rete rch scholar U Londo9lo i 3-56; dir. Pa.
Bur. MoseIms and llistorics Propo9rties, 100M 50: dir. Mus., Art, Sci. and odustry, Bridioeport, Conm.. 10)5-62; ex:c, dir. S,. A uitlustine liisl. alld Resi!ration( COa!l., 19.0--, dir.gmn. Nat. Q(adrimeltnnial Conunn. ,i 19i2---; pres. St. "Augsti RotorotiloOaO )oe., 19165--; clam1 N.Ii. Conll. Museums, :19:i1 61.9.2, p .195f--9; ma. editor 1i1siory Nws, 1948-42; exec, sce, Aml. Assn. State aln Loca) Ilistory, :1i46-52: se. Soe. Am. listoriaus, 19484i!. Served with U.SNIR, 194.4-16; field historian, Snly49 Corp, Pa'cifi arca1, 1945-40; Hdsc. rini Lt. (j.g.). I eipient spl. lawad of merit Am. Assn. Stal. and Local Hist.ory. 1.)4, editori wrldi Amll. Illst. Graphi Arts, 1950, 51 52 Fellow InteliOt: l1tl.. Arts ai1ld Lcturs (MIc), Ite r AIi. (ist. Finoe Ats (pre1.); mellm. AuL As.l. MlSeomtsm, A n. Asl,. State avid Loc. H;ist., Am. Ilist. Ass.. Vt. Hist. Soc., }Brit.is iMos. Assn., latrilt. Council Miseumsol, ', I.N., Newuomel Soc., P'hi Beta Kappl, (ilum Luie See, Sigma )De0ta (I!. Rotarian. Auothor: ilefore Peart Harbor, 19421; lThe Vermont Story, 114. Editor: Growth. of Vormont, 10 vols., 1941-50,. Mmc ediLoria) id. Art in Amerioa:, 15(-M54. Interested ir Spanisll, Euglish a.nd Am. maps. pa;inltillg. oi01le: 48 Chaioltte St. Office: 46 St. Gcore St., St. Atiustine F'"l.