Coverage of the Start of the Quadracentennial Celebrations


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Coverage of the Start of the Quadracentennial Celebrations
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Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Newspaper Collection
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Coverage of the Start of the Quadracentennial Celebrations
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The St. Augustine Record


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VOL. LXV, No. 5; Tuesday Afternoon Edition

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University of Florida
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VOL LXV, No. 5 Nesne and Wicrehtsc Service NA Pnnto na restoe Service ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORJID-LA, TUESDAY AFTERNOON, SEPTEMBER 7, 1965 Entablitshed In 1814 nerues e i105t ~s

Hurcane P ds ew Highway Celebrti
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Bahamas And Thr as Toght A d Wednesday

ficked ~~ ~ ~ ~B upbTh im et navsr t1 am lcdbrhAg 7 eyhvrd HadEtmtdta 0 tSO600E PRS oldg h city ins ridl ern t The noumher of deaths on the
am a s e e s roads may have set in Nasau As wd a e s rnaecard for the extend i tbwredLaor
South Flo orida's Coas ah 1eexdate) iday a gu
The record, set during tihe
a By BEN FUNK 60 milen an hor at Miami and hrutal force of hurricane winds ta e a eo. d t A a nios, i
MIAMI, Fla. (AP) Huorri- were expected to increase grad- more than eight hours And With elated reports expected s o n cane Belay not astride Nansao ualy, with Betsy standing still, no- to raise the lot sill high today, giving the world-famed "Florida is in for a long hody could tell. he many more th e aer of highway det atio resort city a terrible beating seige," said Gordon Dunn, hours of savage punishment the rn th e or an erah i nt with 15-mile-an-hour winds and chief storm forecaster at Mi- Bahamian capit would have at midnight Monday stood atT OM massive tides, and south Floria ami. "We must h be reconciled to endure. 555. Last year, 531 died in traf- The colori hs day pry day was warned that it might to a prolonged period of warn- Thrashing about in the aim- fie accidents during the same commemorating e t be in for days of anxiety. ings and threats. Betsy may be less fashion that has marked t idet d uri ther om e oing thas h A shortwave radio report around for several days." the freakish storm since oits The rasoneal Shun 2uiir i of ntein t

C itie s T arg e tsBeA s ::sd ih aion l ,aet Concail UIHDDLGT N" o
picked up by the Miami Weath- An advisory at 11 a.m. placed birth Aug. 27, Betsy hovered had estimated that 500 to 600old city is er Bureau at 9 a.m. said winds the storm center 190 miles due close enough to the densely p ersoos mifht lose their lives n Fae bad risen to 135 miles an hour east of Key Largo in Florida. elated southeast coast of Flori- traffic accidents during the holi- For the ps in Nassau. As wind and waves increased day to rake it with winds gust- day period which started at 6 Augustinians have n joined Otherwise, a communications in the Florida Keys, the civil ing at 40 miles an hour. pm (local time) Friday
blackout caused by widespread defense organization warned "All interests in extreme spokesman said the heavy tol e ig S t power failure hid the fate of residents that if they wanted to south Florida must be re- Monday and late reports of representing e Nassau and other Bahamas is- get out, they had better go fast. conciled to a prolonged threat deaths could set a record toll American nations, the United lands battered by the vicious Water was rising to the road from this slow-moving hurri- In other accidents over the States and Florida in a round and abnormal tropic storm, level on U.S.1 at some points, cane," the Weather Bureau said eeed, 25 peron lost their f festival and ceremony Although Betsy was station- The highway is the only exit in a 9 a.m. bulletin. live in ps and lt marking the dedication of exary, her gale winds were from the Keys by car. The center of the hurricane pers ons drowned for an over-as he an d ra es Spreading outward closer to the By 9 a.m., Nassau's 50,000 wil likely e as close or even to o f h e re Florida coast Gusts reached residents had experienced the nearer Miami tomorrow morn- The nation's worst accident The religi significance of ing than it is today. It seems during the holiday period killed the occain ro probable that hurricane warn- ev i pe l d eth fr o wi ta Ak is awnings must be continued for an- seven persons, all under 21, thc ae sptno"or th ae or S poni l near Madison, Wi., Sunday. celebrated High Mass at the but-d irdnrkedoer e I. 1y Four pers ae g under 21, Mission of re Seet at longer o. r died in a two-car crash near noon, marking a c tn South Floridians boarded UP lLake Geneva, Wis., Monday for niversary of h onigo h

'Cii A 1ag t ns a noda nfe nes II.S.d Marine Launc Majo
s ar Monday after Bsy headed a total of 17 killed in fo a i- HEAD DISTINGUISHED DELEGATIONS Catholic ch in America.
heeweenoftaiie.Mot adm sd m unc way. ot dents in Wisconsin over the The distinguished heads of delegations from Spain, the United States and Florida are tn thtig are n which l Hurricane manning flags still weekend, en teHg
o n l t r ea in flew from Palm Beach on the Five persons lost their lives in shown during ceremonies Sunday when a I-spanie Garden and Spain's Casa del Hidal- be reminisce n o h l S nW e Floridai d a ai ti i east coat dFora n the a two-car crash in Phladelphia go were dedicated. Left to right are Lt. Gm Camils Alonso Vega, Spain's Minister Spain. The I cessi
NEW DELHI, n (u)-ndinn and Pakistani bomb r tipefthe Florid a Keys, and Monday, the foirgh mutipre Othe Iteion Florida Governor H Vydon HNaP and U tS Secreetry of the Irror said by Ar i
ers carried the war to large cities in both countries today across the state to Everglades fatality accident in Pennsylva- Stewart Udall. Hurley, Bishopatb theDioe as the conflict spread 1,000 miles across the subcontinent City. nia dring the holiday period, of St. Augutine, and cs-cele to areas along the border between ndi and East Painstan. Gale warnings were displayed Eleven persons died an two brated by sin moeigoo o th T The Pakistani air force trm Palm Beach n ort ard to crashes in Texas, including a diocese.
n edlst e as u s t o i c e Cape Kennedy and on Florida father and his four children in a sThe Mans wi higg i d
t r e claimed destruction of 46 Indan Glf Coast from Everglades car train crash near Raymond by-a pr hsensind s by mie
'Rebels Delay ~ planes, including 24 today in an City north to Puntst Gorda. b rcs
ne T he o m e t air battle over Sar odhab 250wl nGrand Bahama Island escaped vin hn baelen s o Oiial ere a rards1on J ~ NAs .. ..A ....
ndsynmit soue f awag ine and with a r-mle-an-ho r asing in delyt a d
Collecting r s in rat en Indian air ba froim Betsy's tar ales, m b t ooi t atio r ma wil S'. ~~~Fie dArrested 5 Te'vae I~n 4Santo Domingo Rawalpindi said the Ind ai disabled aut er a s ie ihM il esi a t w s aid c attach early n db a i beth, whi Set rig t a dint w before as n a t Saa of SANTO DOMINGO, Do nI pindai nd arachi, In tress ca Monday from out of Ill Ian On
Seb AP-Doan n West Pakistan, and at Dacca, the hurricane, we dispelled to- te t in the outdoor s anctuary f the an riepuc i m a Chittagog, Kurmi, Krmiton la, day. Her captain reported to the US .a' s7Votive Chr under contrurebel leaders held off on major Jesore and Lalmunirhat, all in Coast Guard he was out of the -- ing S r lion on the mission grounds disarmament moves in their East Pakistan. Few details worst of the Storm. where it was celebrated by Fa sector today until appointment were available. Thp freighter, with 11 crew Sire pighn wr arrested tho Frars apen d of a provisional secretary of India said its bombers at- men aboard, had lost her rud- Sunday, a gt daring incidents 400yearns ag c the armed forces. tacked Chaklala airbase at Ra- der. wi rci overtones near the carneratn President Hector Garcia-Go- walpindi, Pakistan's capital, but Angry tides pushed up by the Peppermint Lounge an West The Great Croan, a 20-ainry doy has not yet filled the post a Pakistani spokesman there storm ran four to six feet above King Street, Sheriff L. 0. Daais cross whise and completed his cabinet. said no bombs fell on military normal in south Florida. said. the mission, i scheduled for There was no visible sign the areas. Betsy's stall over Nassau Bruce Wright, 24, Magnolia 5:00 p.m. tonmrrow, with Archrebels were collecting arms or Pakistani radio broadcasts made her future course uncer- Park, and Michael Holman, 19, bishop Hurjey presiding dismanting defenses, as called said the Indians also hit Kara- tain., It was after the storm 84 Masters Drive, both white, Father Michael Ganon, difor in the inter-American peace chi, the nation's biggest city and came to a stop in the Atlantic were charged with assault and rector of the mission, said the formula. the major seaport in Wes Pak- off north Florida that it made battery after they allegedly cut entire citizenry ot St. Augustine Rebel chiefs have said they istan, and Dacca and Chitta- its freakish turn back south. Willie J. Hawkins several times. is invited to a Cthli want to see how well the presi- gong, on the other side f India Depending on her steering cur- The three fought after a brick "This cross dent handles the military, es- in East Pakistan. rents, Betsy could move west- was thrown through the wind- cross," Father Gann said. "II pecially Gen. Elias Wissin y An -official Indian announce- ward into the Gulf of Mexico, shield of Wright's car, Justice in- a Christian crass, commemWessin. They want to see him ment' said Pakistani planes hit head northward again, or con- of the Peace G. Marvin Grier orating the rita tansferred out of the country "civilian areas" in Amritsar, tinue on her Southwest track, said. allAmeridan or kept out of any position of largest city in Punjab State, and Sheriff Davis arrested two A special B Jom power. He wan a leader of the Kalaikunda airbase at Calcutta. aI" nane At ros 5, il N ered Freddie McBur- President Lynt Ganog 1963 overthrow of President New Delhi claimed its fight rows, 21, Negroes, and charged aill bnredad ng Juan D. Bosch and the fight to ers beat Pakistan's air farce in them with disorderly conduct Smathers n ateria break the rebellion thin year. or battle o wid are of d r r afte o of thej .eles threw j si n the subcontinent and dantroyed c ia a botte at a car, Davis, City -- and "America The Beautiful."
--nine America .. .. mde plae Outdoor3324 Police Chief Virgil Stuart, City -Fiesta Re....e.
flIjue A own by Pakistani pilots:- two 22) 2Manager Charles Barrie an..d DfPPILR AT DY I PINRevelry, ..eanwhle, wil reFI4sproi e ihes six #ln City Commissioner Bert Meade DY IN SANturn to the strants tonight as .,ma or,,,"'n ^r Aercn abeJes adone "Cr.....and Sword", the out- were. in the car.. Dancers.and folk slngrs from Spai are.a popular ailescts a.. Days in Spain on-. "Dias de Espana", Ike Jaycees'
B57bmbr door aymphonic drama, closed The street. near the Pepper- tinus. Two of the group, Who name here alter appearing at Ohm Spanish center ac the big birthday celebration reIndia said it inst eight planes Suaday night, playing to 1,000 mint Louoge was rinsed when World's Fair, arm shown dancing in ehe steet at thn iesta. They appear nighly, sumes on St. George Street at ,,,Mlwaukee nomes obut had turnes....d back many Pak- the final night. Negroes. there began throwing 60 'lc.etrn lotcniin Clark Morrow, public rela- rocks at passing cars with whiteFatrn alot oniou In ground combat, lndia an-tions director for the drm ..Persons. is them, the sheriff UI S MI~arin es Lau n c hL E M a entertainment, the fiesta has MILWAUKEE, Win, (API knowledged it was meeting "is- said total attendance for the said. UV~ h I~l ,~U lii W ~ IIbeen drawing thousands each At least 45 persons were in- creasing resistance." Pakistan season was 33,243, with ticket Joe Itoywood, 60 Washington WE WE * ** ~ . V ~ night to the restoration area. jared as two explosions splin- claimed it had Salted India's receipts of $42,500. Street, reported to authorities Stroling aminians, up enc i al1 fered homes. in a..near-down-.lthn-infantry invas.ion of West Although the attedand was.. last night at80:108o'clockhthat aA 3 M 4t" a A a n t ie tRg0 f sng anddance. groups, award
9no neighborhood Mno n d a y Pakistan which crossed the in- below expectations, it woo point- bultsrock the nide of his ena-." ~ u lii fighting exhibitions and nightly
-The second blast sprayed Monday. catching on, with average week- He woo eot injured, A g i s o gof booths line the narrow street
glass and debris oo a crowd af Lahore, Pakistan's second ly attendance climbing from 216 6yEWNQ.WIE t the Da Nan iitayhs- Th' -pksa si h o ferings fod duro-' aindsr-n spectators which had gathered largest city 15 miles from the early in the summer to 015 for Park R n esAre B D5 ,W IE 0 e a ogasr si h ioemosi h o-ies ubro neein te te frs eploiRangersrntirataard oabnander-th ofthan thelweMarine D laedbattalionit Nm AP e-thihindr fare arnalsoalinonhbidisplayoondisl ini pied atwo-stry frme hom, getof theIndia invason, Te do-aa wil be prsente DelaydpIneAIGONViolSamitAPn- ThnspokemanwiaSaigoditvivedvwn sailtodhae hcaled stheredtbudibuidings afer th fir-sto expant o c an- foter apeahte I keiai ar- the nthdr a fiol mek Agasnt n U.S. Marines launched a major meanwhile, described the tear for the use of lear gas on hS The fiesta reaches a climax Firm Chief James R. Moher P ak in t anot paratroopers agate snt year from June 50 Attempted Rescue assault today on a peninsula gas as "CN, just old-fashioned o authnrity. The spokesman Wednesday night mlt the light-said escaping natural gas proS- dropped deep behind the Indian to Septemher 4th and promotion ZION NATIONAL PARK, aloog the South China Sea, hut tear gas that affects the eyes said he did ot know why the log of the city's official 4001h ably caused the blast. A Ml- linen in Punjab during the night, fun the second season is already Utah (API Park rangers, dysedrpre no a nd m8aknses, onpe cry. the sa iomn, dern hatae the an- nooersa cake eoun t r aaAman said instruments detected morning. Their mission ap- uahle publicity is the February gorge this morning to rescue SI contact with Communist ger- dud, were used, have Seen aware of a policy Dar, hereditary governo- ef concentration of gas in the peared to he destruction of issue of National Geographic straoded persons, were delayed rIlls. ___aistheuseofteagsoForiawi__oicatatth At the name time, a U.S. ant- aantteueo ergso lrdwtofao a
qin. roads and communication lines and Look Magoeine plans a for the second straight day iaysoemni agnr-T a a sdT n te a nVe a, ck-utn eeoywihi
-There were no fatalities. Moot 100 mien o- more behind the spread on the drama in its May when the Virgin Hirer rose aft- itn poe smtatan in Mairino- TerG sUsdTunytothoergs irse V ere am, cke-cuttn e o ny whioch tol nf the injured mere released aft- frontier, perhaps in preparation issue. The amphitheatre drama en more rain Monday night. Sudyhdue ergsa e oeChildren, Cotoryar oswe herowast sc eded n acrfun750 p'cockssfontreatment and all those bus- for a massive conventional mill So featured for a month at The pork's lookout service no- pured "otha es a ..Maieth unto Reoe Marchave he n itnwa se isleddowng ah clrfue pocsso pltalzedz ere ister inlais sae roun attcksaross-herSn-nte FlridaShowasernsNe punedh.0rinhtrai felodrina teh"mstchrmlesnmehod"topoomeeFrom aves thatCIrandnVfenaelodut-iown heesreee tory condition, den. Vork City in April aed May. Ike night. reov womeo and children tarp forces had been experfrom tuonels where Viet Cong IAIGDN, Viol Horn (API menting mith various nonlethal
suspects mere. believed hiding. Membh....of a U.S. Marine gases.. These involved gases Picknickers Stumble Eff ct f S eelPac O Prces Una swe ed The civilians.- along with the Corps unit used tear gas Sunday that produced nausea. ad roan- f'ntofl odies Two Effe t OfSte l Pa t On Pries U answ red Communist suspects were no- to remove women and children itiog. Daly a few of those oxmoved from and cares from tanes and coves. where periment were. carried out and Men Shot To Death PITTSBURGH (API The neon Bf it will lead In a general Cooper later attended a union years service. About 50,1001 of near Qui Hhon, 260 miles north- Viet Cong suspects had taken from information available they signatures are on a now con- o- selective increase on steel party fur about an hour. He thmm are eligible. east of Saigon, the spokesman refuge, a U.S. mnititary spokes- were ot ton successful. Illis be- ASHFORK, Arts. (API Pie'
baistelidotyiouaa-Io mehank awi t toln the 'Co o ar y with U.. f;g T said. He said they suffered otS- man -disclosed today. lieved they mere ahandoned aft- nickers stumbled Monday asia aitract teand laborspeace grnin the prices. The industry has given shoomnak h a w tAel and the Cooper_. lo .. ..ig mone thou crying from-the The civilians aloof with the or it woo reported that ouch cx- the bodies of two young men,
t~ed for 35 months, no iokklng of its plans. new pact. Stehgeto' h 10prdo'[ efferts of the tear gao. Communists suspects suf-I perimeots had Seen mode and shot In death with their hands
The agreement, which was The pact, approved by the Just before Ike signing Coop- ens who signed the contract, is[ ot today's hig assault, 20 Ocred only crying from the ef-I it was officially stated that use lied-behind their hacks, negotiated last week in Wash- untoo's wage policy committee or, an executive vice president estimated at $100,110 a year. milee south of Chu Lai, on the tenats of the lean gao, the spokes-[ of gas of any type mould be The victims, in their mid-20s, ingion under constant prodding Sunday, provides ao hourly to- of U.S. Steel Corp., told one- The contract calls for imme- Batongan peeinsuta, a Marine moon said. against U.S. policy here. each had Seen shot twice Sn-fjomn President Johnson, was crease of almost 50 cents tO men ho mao 62 and prohahly diate hourly pay boosts ranging spokesman said: The commander of the batta-I The spokesman said Ament- vestigatora said one at the men
-signed late Monday night by wages and Senefits for about would never sign another con- from 10 to 19 cents, dependingI "We have not located any of lion involved was said to have lcan troops are issued tear gas had been beaten severely as !Pranident L. W. Abel of the Unit- 450,000 steelworkers., tract, on job lassification, and add- the Viet Cog units reponted is called for the use of tear gas on as part of their basic equip- the head. ad Steelworkers Union and chief The settlement exceeded the Asked If ho would he interest- tiol hourly boosts of 0 Ia 12 ]the area, Indicatioos ore right his own authority. The spokes- moot, but that permission to Aphysician estimated they Industry negotiator H. Conrad While House wage goldeline of ed in the early retiremnent in- cents effective Aug. 1, 1967. now they may have gone." [man said he did ot know why use it is supposed to come from bad been dead 12 to 10 hors. I anper. 5.2 per cent a year. It is closer eludod in Ike agranment, Cooper Improvemnts in vacations, A Vietnamese unit, operating the commander had taken the highest authority. No identification no- money wan
-Although the contract has tn 3.5 per cent. replied: "If I could gel $111 a medical benefits, life insurance south of 1km Marinee, was no- action, adding that he may not] The assault on the Batangan found en Ike bodian, ahout 73 averted what Johnson said Both Cooper and Abel mere in month, I'd retire right now." sod relocation pay for employs ported earlier in contact with [hovebhesn aware of a policy Ipeninsuls was launched milk feet apart in a remote area at would have been an economy- good spirits fon the signing cone- That is thn amouot steel- moving to anther plant also the Viol Cong. Helicopters were against the use of tear gas or support of gunfire from hips of cedar trees and rarks aaron Jarring strike it remains to Sc mony in a downtown Sait.l workers non now gel after 30 mere included. fierrytog Vietnamese mounded any ntkon gan hera. /tha U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet. mlna east of Auhfork

Page Two THE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD Tuesday Afternoon, September 7, 1965

School Board To dues to the secretary as usual. LA BODEGA Meet Wednesday eAncient City Lodge Meets The oard of Publie lootoru- All members of the Ancient IS LIKE tio iod o bics A ctiv ities O f City Lodge No. 126 are remeetng Wdnesay fteroon t nested to meet tonight at the voilu o'lt a teCtl a- t ht h YOU! meigWdedyat....2:00 o'clock in the City Commis- Ooo e eo l ,dd'Fellows Hall, Washington

Suave and Sophisticated sion chamber at city hall. Street for the business meeting.
DoeaP eoslee|Please be present and on time.
eYou Want o ay a Deputy Grand Master, E. L. Do You Want to Buy a |Tye will be making his official Monson Motor Lodge "Used" Car or Truck. Look visit at this time. H. L. Twine, W Avenida Menendez No. 32 in the Classified Ads. By MRS. A. V. JONES tW. M. Harry Fleming, aecreVA 9-3647 tory.
Telephone VA 9.8781-Address: 129 Palmo Street Funeral Notics (District Circulation Manager, A. J. Plummer, 34 HAWKINS SSouth Whitney Street, Telephone VA 4-1778 M rs. Hattie Hawkins, a well set 0n own resident of 222 tarrison S ert, Green Cove Springs, died 1Oad.a 7il L All Daughter Elks are askedtrip they spent two days in Pat- in het ride Cove Srinday after21 t l idlla fitt ltdtZ to meet tonight at 6:30 for terson, Louisiana with Mrs. Ida noon following an extended illvery important meeting. Dgt. B. Clemons, a former resident ness. A native of South CaroUE OF YESTERDAY'S Ethel Carter, Dgt. Ruler. of this city. lina she had been a pioneer cit- UI Wed r !M
fine Spanish cuisine oMUSEUMd T Y~o~SthRO .. ue. Oeo H erm an has returned to Flor- izen of Gr een Cove M rSprings o srr At r p e da t ea t
wine and beer Hous--an .. original firt Dcan- Mission service will be held ida A and M University where aver fifty years. Meo. Habiasu
served in buffet ish period hoe. A fascinating tonight at St. James Baptist he is a student. was a devoted member of the
n colle tion of playthings of stB Churcha First Baptist Church of which
Lunch $1.50 past. Wooden wheel toys. dolls.|Curh ears and ena. Educational -Rev. Le M. ones is pastor. Dinner $3.00 adult entertainment In historic Outdoor Party She Leo M. Jones eons a ess WEATHER FORECAST St George Stee PnDe.....oEnaElsREA
Spanish Import Shop St George street Personals Members of the Household of Board No. One and was a memReservations: 824-3934 Mrs. N. H. Meade and son, Ruth No. 839 gathered at the ber of Martha Chapte 22 Order Numerous showers and occasional squalls with hurricane force are forecast i soth ad
__eservations:__________Herman, have returned from an home of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard of Eastern Stars. Her many central Florida Tuesday night. Showers are expected along the South Carotiaa and "Dine Where America Bga extended visit to San Francisco, Jones on Labor Day for an out- friends are sharing with her Georgia coast, northern Florida and the Lakes region. Rain is forecast in the eastern SPIS Lhe ANriN e California. Enroute there they door covered dish luncheon. family the bereavement of their portion of the central Plains and upper and central Mississippi Valley. S SPANISH LANDING visited Mrs. Susie Simmons and Each member brought some- loss.(AP Wirephoto)
SPECIA L RESTAURANT sister, Mrs. Mary Wilson in thing of their choice for the Survivors include, f o ster
NOW OP'EN Spanish and American Food Charleston, South Carolina. In party. A wonderful time was en- daughters, Mrs. Tereather Jones, BIRTHS
0 .as Mro Avee Louisville, Kentucky, they visit- joyed by all present. Our special Mrs. Agline Woohen, Mrs. The- s tal Noes75 Lin- King 1 St.; nd McCleanon Jen- Sl l R FUNLAND PARK St. Augustine. Florid ed Mrs. Euphrosyne Ryan guest was Mrs. Lotte Pierson. ora Delafield, all of Green Cove Mrs. la Roberson, 75% Lie- kina til S. Oneida St. 7r. Lnt s. n s
Phone S29-917. 17%Licl S.
St. Augustine Beach Bowers and in Chicago they Other members present were Springs, and other relatives and coln St., and Mrs. Mary Martin, Patients discharged Sunday the birth of a isonsaturday,
S m m M M were the house guests of Mrs. M rs. Nellie Barnes, Mrs. M. S. friends. Rt. 2, were admitted to Flagler were: Norma Hogans and Mrs. September fourth, i Flagler This Coupon Good For One Meade's brother-in-law, Claude Warren, Mrs. A. P. Carter, Upon the completion of ar- Hospital Saturday, September Julia Roberson and infant. Hospital. Free Ride When You Buy A B. McKinney. They spent two Mrs. Johnson Hanes. rangements, funeral services will fourth Among patients discharged Mr. and Mrs. Al
Ticket. Good Any Time. months in San Francisco with The regular meeting of the be announced later by Chase & Among patients admitted to Monday were: Sherria Williams I2, are announcing the birth ef S um S T s their daughter an sister, Mrs. order ill nt be held Friday. SonsFuneal Home, 262 W. Flagler Hospital Sunday were: and Mrs. Mary Martin and in- a son in Flagler Hospital Stre
Rides & Amusement North Mary M. Bryant. On the return Members are asked to get their King Street. Mrs. Shirley Eubanks, 304 W. efant, day, September fourth.
5 NEW RAN City

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.without a visit to the historic Charcoal Steaks Seafoods
Fountain Of Youth
commemorating the landing of Famous For Food in the
Ponce de Leon in 1513
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" Historical Spie Globe MANNER
" Planetarium Fren. ".
SIndian Burial Grounds Cookery.
Open aily Heritage of
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5:30 P. P.M MUSEUM
On the Island.MSU
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Buggies ConestogW ad Mills Uo

Tuesday Afternoon, September 7, 1965 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Pae Three

National President Of NARBW Is Girl Who Once Chairmen Named

At Weekend District Conference Faced Death At Recent Mill News From
The 10th annual fall confer- District Director Nancy Beard of Seeking Title Creek P-TA Meet* rnee of District 6, National As- Miami. The president of each
sociation of Railway Business chapter in District 6 or her ap- H s Women was held September pointed representative e gave trhe By TOM SEPPY The Mill Creek School P-TA stin g s
fourth and fifth in the Ponce de report of each chapter's actv- ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) had its first meeting of the Leon Motor Lodge Registration ties and plans of work for the 1965-66 term recently at the By MRS. WM. W. PARISH began Saturday morning at 10 1965-66 year, followed by reports/- Maria Elizabeth Mushro, the
o'clock with members of the St of district representatives of 19-year-old beauty representing school with Steve Simmons, pres- Office Hours 9-11 am.-McElveen Hardware Bldg. Augustine Chapter serving as standing committees. Iowa in the Miss America pag- ident, conducting the proceed- Office Phone 692-1557-Home Phone 692-1867 hostesses. In the absence of the district meant, faced death six yearsago gs. Forty-nine full registrations secretary-treasurer who was fll because of a heart defect. Mrs. Aubey May reported rere reported and each received and c ot attend, Mes. Giles yarding the County Council meet- Leaving Saturday via plane ern Methodist Church in Stuart numerous items concerning St Randall of the local chapter The Morningside College jun- ing held on August 31st. for Houston Texas for a visit and Jacksonville, Florida, was Augustine's fiesta and quadri- served as secretary pro-tern. r says she wants to win the Mr. Simmons appointed Mrs. with his daughter and son and luncheon guest of Mr. and Mr. centennial celebration. Duringthe At the close of the business title so she can contribute to Haire, Fred Lanier and George their families was Henry Allen. A. J. Maltby Sr. Friday afternoon the visitors from At- meeting a woe rkshp as held heart research. Greene to be delegates to thea Friends of Mrs. Emmett The Jonnie d et Cir lanta, Birmingharn, Miami, So- with MsFanes Hoed of the "-Cet ori o hssho opelwl opondt ota h on fMs vannah, Tampa, Waycross, and Birmingham chapte advising the Miss Muso was born with a County Council for this school en she ha returned home Bn Wet Thurday night, Jacksonville were free to sight- group on the functioning of corn- heart defect s uhe r wee as from Putnam Merial Hospi- Bre 1 e M pa of t Fodieo" de Ca Rrom Putnam Memorial sHospin September 9tgs Wihmo
see end shop. mittees. Mrs. Ivy Warth, presi- "The doctor said I had a hole y

rfnlpoosa P rson s. d. stton rte Pars un l te: e A reception was held at 6:00 dent of the Savannah chaptr, in my heart and that I probably nfwr N. JLPatr, o-to Mr. awSdnda a MJ ber t er pan. followed by the banquet read a paper on the duties of the would not live very long," she eship; Mrs. Jmes Griner, he Hastings fiehns wlF l regre Mlo nds n child r th Mrs. Lula B. Daniels, president board of directors and Mrs. Bar- said in an interview. "I wasn't Hgpitality; 00. Re Lae, halth learn Jeo Gla u ealhe ha ta hld a e eing eh,

timr elte o e f awer f n, h s r il ad s vilrieB r ernlanye i Jaksnvile eeksa Frd L uri era s r h one amted In GV m ter the rmer hoidass Per of the local chapter, presided, in- bara Haselden, president of the abo tlend a nrmat life antile tors." dale 'Arno a h
the gdprt d pe 550 T. JheMvite hae anor asfe Sy"I menan Mrs. Paul Arnold, hod- pital, Palstha. Flee-ida with alind and troducing the guests and present- Jacksonville chapter, advised on Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wayne frieds Pe i ing Miss Clara Mayhall, national handling of chaptr finances. Sixteen doctors and nurses gecet aton fis Jamlese-iee-,' aried T hey wer e acam

vation. Spanish'costume.aandefrien.sEandlrehatives oflteecoupleEare invitehotorMiamiiearlierythanhshefexpect,
S resident, with a bronz Questions, answers and corn- performed a six-hour-long oper- devotional, and Mrs. Ge o r receiving cEngratu lato n the ever, and ter, Ms
NARBW pres identm n t d i ,'a .rs. ... .
medallion through the courtesy n ts were in or fellwig action on Miss Mushro then at hene i le N C L Tnda Sever who have n vawere lso gestspartiipatig invisor boad. Mr. Mar B.recknem.--LPN ss y. nam 1 Ihbra ysFla Ho pirnmoter, eE. Bllt14rSt ornweaasaentnsoutwitahaight movie of the Florida Eat Coast Rail- the presentation of each topic. Iowa City University Hospital. re he of a son, Hoen in Putnam itors in a tig w FRMrs. Carolyn Askena, president ies ra i e eared Memorial Hspin al, evral d say way. o e a te pi oude n e later, the president stated. 2nd. The infant weighed eght Reservalos DoratioMs oof the vistonr or the etn you edane nemfoem m"--fd is oee nmt two dume.brdu t idMil ..t..r.ior addition to colorful aers and at the luncheon. She introduced sized holes in my heart and a Joseph Caldwell, new principal pounds, 12 ounces at birth. ner at the M n o r e the Revehend H. A. Hartman, collapd sed valve L hRof the schol was introduced. The Hastings Band Boosters Sepormhoeusauer L a E hh may hae,,ee n ahe R e.A Hea e shpe vnraa A serial hoe with refrerh- o Ne adoon pcemoamcWpastor of Memorial Lutheran "
crest in marino hlue handed wit. "Te innat tookr pthat in the cafe- Tundyeeing pe-bnrom ih Mr.-l an arrangements of gold mums Church, who brought anrainspir- heart wa out ofmy body for 2t ment tooknsoaonrinmthee'-f syImtvnd hbdpeer t ..... ..erder ing message to the group on a olei ria after the meeting's ad- Ts w 0 hatlrand gladioli. Orchid corsageaverD wM rsl 'h 7th at 7:3e p.m. Thiu wfl e the
wr preened to national and heart-lung machine took over first meeting of the new year Lt ror z wo 2e odAesrmoddao odyiBaaanwIness women to give a little more ocLTst.' r. district officers and St. Augus- nes ies teh a ltterlthe job of my heart. ad all persons interested in the A n

oflar~e ehmele asc rans No thee2iJhnSir30 ONED EO LD tine centennial corsages to the of o thmsarhM dyatontheir "When I was named Miess n band are urged to be present. Announce lrth Of chapter presidents. a th ild othat te deaplnte Iowa, I vowed that if I won the Persondab ei s e dWednesday, September 8th, is Daughter In Texas
Leend -them would net he disappointed. Mis Ameic cunt.. IPoldertedaestso-ohnfatot
sMrs. Ba d h L pm He spoke of, the dignity of labor 3 the date set for the firstmeetsented three humorous original and emphaied that in Christin give half of my earnings to the, Mass Leo Chl d of ing of the fall season for the Lt. and Mrs. Paul V. p,

Isd Announcing J.i C.isia Hood an JerldHmmn monol ogues. America we must not settle fr American Heart Association." Mr and Mrs. Edgar H. Cbb Hastings-Elkton Garden Club. frr resident w d t menlgee Aeic w nut nretl or MinAmriaofl~S wo E Lw lv a rdsf. aveia Fo, rer el ora n Mile M. Parker, assistant go- mediocrity, closing Miss America of 1966, who The meeti g will begin with a Fort Bliss Te eral superintendent and safety gestion to ask God for His hp will be che Saturday night, TO WD Sthrgh Eupe duig the sum- luncheon at one O'clock at the poundsorive ouncesoriabirth andtSmithegDaviddLeeeSellerslJr.k
diretorof the Florida East when poems arie wins a $10,000 scholarship and mr has takn a leave of absence Mnon Motor Lodge in St. An- ing the birth ea daughr o

St.tRalwy A ugg u stisea- h nprbe heteo n oeM:iLA IGe.E TA R N
er. Mr. Parker's humerts and Mrs. Genie Dodd, dressed in personal appearance contracts Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bohlen, St. Augustine South, are from her Jacksonville teaching guStine. The speaker will be Monday, Septembhr amtk,
enlightening k enticed "Bends Spanish costume, presented sev- which have earned the current announcing the approaching marriage of their daughter, pot and is teaching FrenCh and Mrs. D. 0. Foshee Sr. of Jack- The infant weighed ght and Breaks" was as t n the eal members of the Pilot Club queen, Vond Kay Van Dyke, of Kathleen Ann to Leo Joseph Spong, s of M. and Mrs. English in a junior college, in sonville, the District 4Kdire- pounds 2 I at irh and
ain authentic Spanish atti a- Phoenix, Ariz., an estimated Charles Spong o East Northport, L. i Bollns, Sweden. t for the Florida Federatin has ee amed Che Marie.

str -fl r do ontolle Roautes-ic-, adparsan attle n v 01reis.R B twee orvelord an dueraCity Gat en
tson an relttto mPn ti
hior of thro thepno a life- rating the doetis of eanh 005- 980,000. Miss Hohlen is a 1963 graduate of SI. Augustine ____ of Garden Cluhs. She has a whether, Raker Brne5 time andhcohrlatedthto pman's anton tome. 'Miss Musoro, nigknamed High Sohool ond a graduate of Je..e. Musiin.s. College in MisIrene. White of Now York 'Ro.....atin....should he called sadha siste Brends Sue, Me
ad reaction problems of ad- Pilots participatink in thin "Trophy" by her family and Jacksonville She is currently employed in Jacksonville City arrived Thursday for. a in at once to Mrs. K. G. Bailey mother former Miss Sand rento feature of the program were Mrs. friends, has" sable brown hair, with the Florida Blueprinting Company. week's visit with her father, or Mrs. Ansley Hall Sr. Visitors ean Webb of this rit. Although presented in a ha- Theo White, Mrs. I. W. Richard- brown eyes and an olive corm- Mr. Spong graduated in 1959 from the Northport Major General Robert G. White are welcome. The maternal grandpare ef sea Mrs. Newel Angin, Mee. pleien. She is of Syia-Lehe- i School on Lng sad and is row a tenhoire (ret.) at his St. Augustine Beach Men. N. H. Mawkins ef Bir- the child ure Me, and Ns. G
mmos mood, his message also High ScoloiogIln ndi o ehia e~ Mrs.__N mg H. Aawkins af air P.e Wchldar I ao ed taught a lesson in adjusting and Earle Eichholz, Mrs. O'Dell Rug- nese ancestry. esentie fon Xern Corporation is Janksnville. mingham, Alabama is a visitor. P.Webb, 307al Rad ndieg with life and not letting era, Miss Nettle Ruth Brown, She stands 5 feet 5i inches, TIe h 1a po r S, he D s N. night, wh isoe ali bednTihhieadnoeetn wedding will take place Saturday, September Miss Adelaide Sanchez, wholit herahr .B ol s. rmtra ra-rnmt
life's problems break one. It was Mrs. Claire Leonard and Mrs. weighs 118 pounds and mes- 11 th, at 1 :00 o'clock in the morning in the Memorial had been visiting in St. Augas- Rev. Durwood H. Knight, who is M' Sallie
artry f epeonc an oh B. LoaaBnDaies.s rs.Darel.PeD neon36-4-3.Poe 1 1 rrl oclck6a-te4-34.g n tesemoialhadhornvsitngassLtAgr5 ifrothetepnte-'f te Sut v te 'le
a i or o ri wa of- of the Altrusa Club also modeled Lutheran Church. No formal invitations 'have been sent tine for two weeks, 'returned to o thFlorida East Coast Railway og- a Spanish costume. and riends and relatives of the couple are invited to Miami earlier than she expected T I Sc ed le n, brodorpieweeattend, because of the hurricane threat C ficials and their wiv....attending anar e afte r i M....... Rainbow News to tha a..
the banquet were Mr. and Mrs. awarded after hi c Mrs. Asker Othares. I b Al C. Hess, Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Naa Persons and Mr. and Mrs. J.C. titnal Residene hairman, Miss I Agustine Aasemhly Mo. a rMrs. lene MeCa.rel has re- a aro'set t chne wiethau naoe. ti Jones Other guests were Mrs. N. Mayall, National President, and 42, Order of Rainbow for Girls A nnu ncements turned to SL Augustine after a5r usa aims, n a m sedulis are t t s M. Parker, Mrs. T. C. Kirkman, Mrs. Beard, district director, the will have its regular meeting Sep- having spent a two weeks' vaca- *sndicates aroe-am v i .l5 r P J. Mntsnaed Miss Snas opportunity to speak. Each con- member eighth at 7:00 p.m. in TODAY tien in Hendersonville, NorthA th. Sete 'Auusdn thes Masoni HalL :1 .n-XL MuSIAdan
Tompsn meretulatedd the SC AUguitins the Masonic Hall. 6:30 pm-Xi Mu, BSP, dinner meeting, Posada Menendee. Carolina. "DAY TaDAe Thehmus mee.... tin Sun_ chapter on the successful confer- At 5:30 p.m. prior to the 7:30 p.m.-St. Augustine Chess Club, visit s welcome, YMCA. N0 JamesSuede of seat N....i.... eon
day morning war coedu ence. meeting there will be a potluck 8:00 p.m I-t. Augustine Boating Club, clubhouse, North Beach. inher 0:0 Greatest Show an Earth* .00 Blue ang es Arans i vstig ih :er 00 Te-eats Munse r '0:01s Aute-rreis epr
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Foster supper for members of the ad- 8:00 pm.-LPN Association, medical library, Flagler Hospital mnthe, N s. A. Sell, 314 dt. s:s 0 Hiie-wo od Tnient nou st M Nvao GMF T AUR tl Were also guests participating in virory board. Mrs. Mary B. Jack- 0-Il prC. 03 0 Hoslwoo Tal ent Sot 13 r Nih oe 8:0p~.Cm.o isin, rc Cuc, 0Lghhue v.GereStet 9:30 Peyton Place 9 :30 Tuesday NgtMo,
the program. Mr. Foster sang son, mother adviser, reminds on Missions, Genes Church, on Lighthouse Ave. George SteeL i.... vim Doctors and tne Nures i1:0o ew. Wrarsees.n.
CLEARA.FIBRA "How Great Thou Art" and members to bring their point' WEDNESDAY 11:0' Eleven O'clock Report 1n:s0 Tonight Snw BEFORE BURNING? closed the twq-day conference by sheets. 5:30 p..-Rainbow Girls, potluck supper, Masonic Hall. Davis Ellis, srr of Mr. and ...a N w nDd.nne.
singing "ThQ Lord's Prayer." He Business reports will be given 6:45 p.m.-Trustees, Com. on Finance, Grace Church Mrs. A. Ellis, Genovar Street, ivinTtPa tt was accompanied at the piano by on the financial status of the 7:00 p.m.-Rainbow Girls, business meet, Masonic Hall. left this past weekend for D ee Nare' s:oa OsImi eni Ladweeh il eafrt6:15 Pasor'as td 6:450H The Ilgils
Mrs. Foster. assembly and the income frm] 7:30 p.m.-Official board meeting, Grace Church. Land where he will be a first :1 mPastor's OtUde T: Niiaehbor' A umerofth vstos e-'te oto cnd bot 80year student in Florida Military 6:60 Farm and Home '7:25 News n 'Aaumber of rho visitera e- the cotton candy ooth' at 8:00 p.m.-B. P. 0. Elks, regular meet, Elks Club. 7:00o e Flns Mlita r o News and Weather 7:0 Today romind in St. Agustie another fiesta. 8:00 p.m.-Alcoholics Anonymous, open meeting, Flagler Hos- of the school band. m 7:90 Ranger Hal :0 Todae night to attend the final per- An account will be given con- pital. nf thepaihogro 9:hW m'1rs femanse of "Crnss ad Sword." corning the dinner served by the Cn Ksnse-oo :00 R se Girlsnc of "Cross 9:0;a3nne 0 Camerase Mrs. Ruby Richardson, confer- Rainbow Girls on SeptemberI THURSDAY Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Fiseh- 9:00 People Are Funny '5:50 cameras Psese 11:1 pm-ndpedet icen lu, ononMoorLog. r,80 Mgnli Div' 9,30 Jack Benny 1:00 General Hsta
aree chairman, and other local third for the 11th Masonic Dis- : p.Lu en Club, Monsor Meter Lodge. or. 0 Magnlia Drive, have as 00:00 I Love Lucy 10:30 Whats This SsaeTI members assisted in trasporting teier maetig at which Mout 6:30 p.m.-St Augustine South Improvement Association, potluck their hesguests -Mrs. Eva Foots i0:30 The McCoys 10:55 fiC Noews mebr sitdI rnprin rc etn tWihMs 11:00 Andy of bMayberry 11:00 Coiieentratio
ths visitors to the amphitheatre. Worshipful Grand Master Clyde I supper, Community Hall. of Cicero, Illinois, and Mrs. 11:30 Dick Van Dyke Show 11:30 Jeopardy* A. Gleason presided. 8:00 p.m.-West Augustine-Civic Club. clubhouse, Arenta St. Elizabeth Cravenof Chicago, IlLoi51i Lve of L0fe 12:00 Call MY Ines'
-~~22 80Dt'c -e''''t or' Deesf Hoeuse fall ruin0 I Bet' Rene Kaplan, worthy adviser, The visitors, who are related te is:30 Search ror Tomorrow 12:55 News* ReneKapanworhy dviorMrs. Fischer, are on their first 12:46 Guiding Ligrht 1:00 Where ths cinI will seine during this last meet. Nes icorroo terfrt00 GMbidayn nr a.AiirI ileg nf he term of effie t- visit to Florida and they had 1:a0 As the World Turns 1:30 Let's MakeDea' Balloting will take planfcefr n .ver seen tho oen until thi 500 . se...d :0omf News t ic o we-h t a e Loae fu d t time. They will leave Wednesday 3:10 To Tell the Truth soo Moren aewnut w offices of worthy advisor, after a three weeks' visit. i:25 Doug Edwardees w2:30 The Doct worthy ha opiate and theI 3:i Edge sf eNi.ght su Another Woe ity for the er m of four months, ad c Among the out of town guests 4:00 Secret Storm 330 nope-ees it fr hetemoffor on)4:30 Leave It to Beaver 4:00 'Magllla: Goil atthe Mays-White wedding Sat- 0 ieDulsSo :0TeErySo
Reporter, G T o urday were Mrs. Oliver Malone Martha HuyhI sw our on a r Are you going to college? If Hiram F. Ortagua II, seenof and Geergo Durnnteof Tampa. Cues f NOW SH-OWING so, the.....tact th Ra....d ansd M...dMrs. MienF PGagus, MraAL.Simaehs_.turuhay included in the Pacotti Road, is in his moun.d M'A d toher hoermnhatl6Rhde Are. ..iE
annual college list. yea-atlSt.JhnusRver Junir nuatr avctinf svealCT Rw l ltudents are invited to toe, College, Palatha. Ho is taking weeks. She e-isited in Sinter, S.
phonthe Record, VA 9ll286er coueswhieh will prepaehim C. with her eve-in-lan nd The MoaTrested Namsn . VA 1-1107 or to mail the ecos. fur Ar Fuore ROTC in the Uni- daughter Cot. and Mrs. John C. Tlres snryinformnatitothnReoredversityof Florda, Gainesvillea, 'n copnete nl Tlvso Dealer Ar o olgHnest year. their daughters to ML. Hrilly, _ Sas n aenpiete anI Ts Lord] Dinter t [POWERS & BURTON Ar o u ghe regac te Rcoge If[G en obsno r C. Thee- attended the seddiing of se~hcnesttth~ecdnn G res Cob se o MrMisBarhsraAlie Guensgrnndhays your ne included in the'and Ne-s. Edgar H. Cobbh Low daughter of Me-s. Sigrnan sod '5 Rudio end Teiewesioe Ce. annual collegelrst. Bouleyard, returnatolSutheast- daughter uf the finoe- Miss60t.GoeStP.VA-11 S tudets a e invited to e, en Lussiana Cullege in Ham- Eunice Sigman of this cite-, into1ImaeS. h A414 phone thn Record, VA9-2286onr mend, La. us Monday. Donald Melnnis.Mr-. and Mrs. -TWansOcATnOses- St.AueaseesOldst VAII-2287torn ail theneesn Ressell B. Gunos returned with 544 Anssia m204 w. Kin5S. Salee asd eree sane- information t he Noord. N Ms. Sigmas ti_ St. Augustine .,______- ________________-_______o
Martha Helmly, daughter of f-losnta fr itan lafOSeay.VIT R ETA AN r.adMrs. Verses W. Helmly, ~
sod fe-nmarA Iou...hs Betty Ninsser, 11 John IL; Me-u. VIT R'5ETA R N 17 Ncroc Aos horo nosfe N otes
loe, Lnkeland, sod in new a Dellie Baxter, RL. 1; William I009 PONOCE DR LEON BLV D. 9,sophomro student in Flurida und Fred Kindlsey, 91 5. Dinia WE DNESDAY sup, Jusior- Club Itst University, Tallahassee. Patients admitted te Flagler Hwy.l Lee A. Goodman, Jackson- Sadndwch
Vornubu ton Puonstti,.. sno Mr. ndnither. Me-s. Olivia Binw.. lsatirAve. Inolusding beverage, Bsked Mum, Na.s....t red
Mine. Gun Pacetti, Mill Creeh 115 Covino IL; Nins. Elieabeth Patiets discharged aundsy Rsolls and Butter Cheese, Shrced Tsatoese Ren, aamng hoo eroledJanuary, 15 IL. Louis Ave.; Vie- oere: Me-a. Sharn N. English,
fed i.. thefl inIL JohnOe Pa...e. 141 Cur...hb Rd.; Hueold Barkhse, Lary Cew...l, COMPLETE LUNCHEON 51.:30
fortheal smse nS.ohnsrt Moodag, Elptem;br. Dvi;d arrey Roer ne, -OEILO Aaignwdeodurantn is dered inta year ahirt' River Jn Colg,'naaMae MoniRkn; e-.O'd ury, obtJnsYOUR CHOICE
AmazorlgllIgN, Carol Manucy-, RFD 1; and Feed- Wayne Rgr.lis.LniRe- Grilled Calf Liver W/Onions-Barecuc Pork Plate W~l He is a fe-eshman and will ha cich A. Taylor, 4 Theophelia Cr. enhaugh, Otto Brezina, Me-s. Ilaw-RBrsd Shoint Rihs of Beef- .
Your shirt hecomnn a deodorant shield that actually .5 majoring is acconen g. Patients discharged Monday, Geoingis E. Roerlie and Me-s. Alms Sea Sass Flukes, Au Gratis
absorbs and hills prprto odorn all day tong. iomr eidn icia Dos,Donna oeGail Sure-es,Pa emn -...+
Is Announcingr J, c. Heed and Jerrald Hammos- '
Button.0nst5 dendorizing0 iu invisible, conmpletely ................ Birth O- Dagrn ....e; eor t++o Flag.leU H E N FREeC I K E
colorlenn, odorless, can't damage fabrics. ..actual- Me ad Me-s. Edad Bee-ac Hosptal Saudy Sep.. ... .. .tembe6 9
Wilson Je-. of Tallahssee rnecent- faouthlee;a J. C ow,29 makes your shirt snoter and whiter. hrecarne the parents of acsonville.; aC.nd, 11re9 Hv Cikn 'r
EVER ACTVE MN WIL APRECITE TIS ETRA ROTETION ANTHNY QtNN ns.. daughter in Tallahasnee Mreori Small, 137 Eing IL'St.ACtce ury EVRYATIEMA WL APECAT HI XTA RT~ToN ANHNYQIN al Hospital, Patients dischae-ged Saturday The insat weighed n inoe were: Aaron Land, Mrs. Aileen Y aks Oste 11, Kate-aU S pounds fie-e ounces ath brh and Smith, David Lne Sallrers Jr.,
St A ugustinehas hor n.....d aura Leo. She Mres. R ..s.lFeAPrescottSTMe-s.
Ste A ugustasine broeue o ther, Bryn Wilson Sandra Good,, Joe Cue-bin. Me-s C III, dor and her mother is thn Marilyn Onreo, Moe. Ruth T. ITALIAkN formoe- Miss Mihey Connolle- of Patterson, Luther C. Stewart Sr., AMERICAN ,., + The maternalg grndparonts ofCulbr-eth and infant, Fe-ash Dowf T oW ter L aundr "a ess -" the chldae ML ud Mr" W' f" te- Ja...n..:.. L ~e.idnoy F. PIZZA SPAGHETTI BAKED LASAGINA.-BAVIOLI CBICKEN CCITR
S--"---COLOR- Coinnolly of Jasper, formerly of Bennatt and Me-s. Viola Pettit.
-Radioens aeCo.undros.lebedf Rouwer:er-.Rut'Hetwieer TeaveLiodgeon Outer City Gates"
--Raio ontrlle Roues----Sa M arcIO Edwar-d llryau Wilnou of Nadi- Crunell, 200 S. Dixie Hwy.;
______________________________ ean. + Nra. Janatta Month, RI. I; MrS_ _0

Page Four THE ST. AU G U STINE RECORD Tuesday Afternoon, September 7, 1965

be t smne etorb Must the Show Go On HAL BOYLE SAYS..
M tPub t Incw dNEW YORK (AP)- Things a streets and highways to fill 00 columnist might never know If freight cars. The cost of alahe didn't open his mail: Ing it up: about $00 million.
Some 11 million surgical oper- Among the worst gyps pre
PLrssain Taea5r A en e AUL e ations are performed in Ameri- those who prey on th 12 ailon ca each year. The chances are Americans who suffer from
you'll undergo surgery four chronic arthritis most of
5 5 5 0o o s s" u stim es in y ou r life o r a b ou t o n ce th em eld erly Q u ac hs fleece W W WILSOr TOM KIG every 17 years. The average than of $250 mion a year with
u a sers -o.a.l =,ts tns eels., surgeon now performs about 175 worthless remedies.
N operations annually. It was Carolyn Wells who ob.
Napoleon Bonaparte liked to served, "We should live and
smell nice. The French emperor learn; but by the time woos
liked to douse himself- with Eau learned, it's too lte to ve.
National AdveotlsinS Reresen MEMB sE ASSO wIAED bUBSCRIPTION RATES- : de Cologne, and used up ton t6
tatvo. aShnnon d Associates aPRESS Nh a4 bottles of the scent a month.
Inc.. J333 North OWiehla to WI POO Per week, 40 cents. aer month
.1.70n thrCee m ont hs. $io t e e a 00: A m ericans accidentally lose vcntersd in St Aug.ustPne post O cULATIoN eaid in advance. $700 Million in coins and
14f0e as semond- eia mail In csse so .ere o,.t e, paper currency each year.
aoOfie on0I of ser rores k ebt hod ucco.- Women seem to be as careless
af~tch0Ocnwerno eico ~ ~ Hoary Ford' was originally
ev oer e V e rno sle thae the aemoint rcevn mloth. $1i 00: on*' oar $22.00
dtr a 1d fiv e tbcilds.. insec advertisements paid in a0,an watchmaker. It was while in this line of work that he. got
some of the ideas he later employed in the assembly line con0-11 A Columbia, University engiA BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAYr ai
A 0 LE T OUGH F~kTODA Kneering professor says the U.S.
But seek ye first ths kigdom of odaod his righteousness; sod all these en stegic d wes ow hav
things shall ho added cti yo-laiew 07.-Food and clothing ire pailibble ert uvard st to cf tl

AnniversaryTN Co m moae 400r Yearsn on a e ardtd. hotn fi oo l anldy servi dthosemth first ad tustid forid dilynedsTNTa r y 2 oer sn o ae ul
Qutisle notables: "Footh all
Ssaa sport that hears the same s The mst ar e relations to edition thae t ull- o e o r e
fighting does to agriculture" Groat BarriRe te
coastalua t ntf haduLe northeast coGrtleAus tIt i estimated that one-fifth It extends fote f hm
Anniversary Commemorate2- 400 Ye ars pis c ofUS lgnotae-tmnsaiinwdrm20o
srega rly 200 -mil h A
t r tsne auit th ood s e the t re were 100 phyUf- fan coVIst. Ther
estabha h rof peranentyclans for every C s a ttm h people in lagoon. wiht htheBbr
A vies was suri aved yeas Mth e n gre-de nand o 5n ar erhl o md this country. Now there aroe s s th an 20
S t b u tn e a n s 4rv i e trie r e th e re n h n daan d vhis fe w e le uth ansa d ob ro k e n b y a 0mo piu pan ddsela r geB
under four fagsant d through a multitude en weo co niers and nisteonaries who oneh A ra eat coral patches. eest nere d rfe goe of ce that few but the hearty and came to this strange uncivilized country ful erganiation figured that abundant and e r t
ab o d endure. to spread tmhiCde thhha oidapopulCucrone Ir skn
vevr$2omastlrest ya n d.during th t hredsp leart wit do.rai
Te true celebration on September 8th From this meager beinnIng on eptem. period just ended torig s
Snor particularly the founding of this er th, 1 5 when Father 'Francisco terugs tossed enough der i are ps i i fe t
cost1 town nor the fact that Sk Augis- Lopez do Mendoza Grajalee held the first
tine is the first permanent settlement in Solemn Moon on the sitege ofthepret rrie
-ethe contnental United States. Tomorrow Mission of Nomvre td Dios, our natioae
we celebrate the commemoration of the has united under a system of goveinmentBSI o REVIEWt By SAMN DAWSON FR E E
du sue cofeemaetChytint encompassed and governed by Christian
i o urcon. philosophy. Today St.Augutine proudly ny JIM ADAMS er. That woo whenBose Pay. Cascade Lumber Co. of Ya e for fa that our founder Don Pedro functions a a living city under the flag Of BOISE Idaho (AP From ette hd Hanserger then maWash, to start a combine Srimenende Aviles was Spaihe a and thegreatest nation on earth. company that had decided to the 35yearold executive vice that could affor t build a pulp commTssioned tn explore nd settle our In centuries past the flag of Spain, give up. a decade age, Idaho' president of an Oregon pulp and mill at Wullun, IWash. The
cos nt byarticlp l Th idn of Spain is siniicnt Enlnddth,1 he nfahery aso vedg toosee Cascade debris has grw paperpdk firmnnca sispeiet+egd omaybc eBie H

ven, more significant is the fact that prudly over St. Augustine. However, it into one el America's top three
M eendez was Roman Catholic and a o mportan t to realize at the one ban lumbTr producers and itis d p r iee t e wa d
wlevtou t Christian. on r newer to change in the entir 400 year still growing. mg rh Jayeemary p1rod Dan e E etBoise Cascade sold 1 nr
texluiert of eurcai weet oftheare CSoSS F Cor mnITeby wastian b and building materiala B A R B S line of ruling materials inbori t or en tura m oan.T dra te a prna ts O I SIt AN t $3 million worth. Now It cluding laminated beams. Ten .... uan Pnce d Leon had already es th hate Roma onCatholic hurch turns trees in to everything from BY HAL COCHRAN pulp and paper Vlnts, inac 0ug tablisohed in 151 that thero woo little on September 8th, 1tf.-aht. safety paper for checkbooks to peWe'd atl love it Ifo n o mu il teap ndse in the
factory bullt homes. Sale manufacturer would e the
were ever $171 million last yesr. crack ot of cbewtogum. aft linerboard sod news prn.C p EATH PRoUbeLE V. Haborgr, the a s Paper converni t f me naisa previous stormte bcy pe pti, ratiew s 44-year-old presi- MSe he the ielgsfeelf int acsos the country noe enve- dpcigy e
Sent, experts sales to p hoe ise jus a pc w r lopes, ago, etaonery end n Atlantic area
hepdth telcmmipio this year. ud aegoe rne ard get m ti l85ed paper products. sis D iac vrt ofoue tobl up thtieni o wins ae rIt all stea n e tt er World War pho als. The new Kingbr Homes II hhen r me 1t e timesisok -manractures factory.hDn

s::u~lr eti wil note clamp r dow onothe Wedntyws*E .... aes .dit Septembermer plwod 8th
Todyp National Afar a O Cbihen lumber cgmpaers that 'oting felks leve te o built homes on the East Coast i

a tluving lUICKa0e12bearsm oea hd pe d u nnd A o a i could afford it began tnr around .n a nodw ccAnvertib al and in Iowa. It mee pandrsoldi 4
wo d scraps to P lp f or paper. roces
BY David Lawrence The new pmnp "idelee brought g m 500 uni last yea d. It Banks
high profits and the price of n D n l i LTF T Llumber went down. Small gm- Editor's Note: am Dawer esa iseb nERo FEDERAL DEPOST INSURANC WASHINGTON .- Collective tee will m o the prices upward. barga g process had not gale- panics like the Boise Payette B deM vacation.
bargaining as th -mans of e usual ategoy of products, d o prestige s oa e Lumber Co. that could not mf-b
settlia wage dispus an the ma ee prices will go op gradually d rd
joe industries of thecountry has to due timeOS. wags dispu esseis hardly a desi*r- d e tu frond ca na soheis re
been superseded by presidential So the element do s Impaic 5 e S h nds Fcha ht B aer Am taeiu n once-a-year prices

McDONMueREXALLeotv enc 'behunga a elLiqutiert rtV s48 ai ish ce oros ord BAN alus B o TH, ERS
iotervention and by what Herest the imake of iwageaprice stohil- is difficult to stop-a-n noperta- L bc e
Spenser, the British philosopher, ity" which bas been 'painted. ton of White House inerv entice Boise Fayette's moto and when
-once called "'coinpulsory esopera- AOther union, moreover, will not cafreese bargainers on boh no one would buy for the Masgazines insa sgiee-'u
-bte. -h content to stay far belo w the -sides, encouraging, hem to s Ave namne reanonA Oh company want 'or dlOnitf office aire for
Without ntion 4of In hut wnge raews earned hr Ohs stel their, A oncmseins for Ohss ip& e 0 s ot mo came propd who srso an niee
Toiint ing out that the c l t all 9 4dEn ter eor1 t f or Balo.ns..
11 so O r t Ohs gotaO workers. As for Ohs oft-used hut Washinton." "lSldone Wb a apotugfoso.s a a S public interest' is -pramout, little understood word aguide- Th Chicago Tribune sees a 'By 1oss there had been no tab-.
-President Jonsson has, In effect, lincs"-whirh supposedly offset sinister dlevelopmeot in the fact ________forced a settlement -in the steel the rest of wage t00runitsbyathatthe.Feerdent tdilccdItha
+ +g wage p e m e pric es incg u raes by tha president ineredo th oda1t mlin u, i

il dtry which gives the workers gains in the. productivity"# of a settlmenta- Oeide Ie etoJn'Ipow.o..e
mors han heyhas ever bed lahor-this is the kind of gob. tisnary and must preserve Steal. ie
before-ithey'll to crmng an sv- bledygook which confuses th price stability." t thsn asks, _
Senge of 00,000 to 010,000 s pear. public, ut don't disturb the "If that en't prics-fixing, s fornthects el companies, itha labor leaders who how only one what Is? The President daoes it
been emphasized in the prss direcetonfor wagrs lto~ go+A nyadnenaabda
-- pion" w"r n me ned ab lernUpwa 7r.e'b~t er o ovreme ntae: ofrure ven...... t s Lopn want-ordenist-
rion the resid ent a tscsswo e wh dra s a is Wan g-ter e e ne sm itsel t fro lisbotilly
wih tengtaos whsi oerkers.udsing the feumel for asvhei-ore law a y'.
--."pbi nodest" ismuchrasmoun tem s ndtrtod atr t gihe Wb 'i aght o d riue ri es cao S p ain hee adben-oak
do r ice slm in nh the'sl thos f wme aegte hoin c t-Mrso meeathgoen TeDye'g tl-c pnis aoo Hueadtesp rulrpeasre tadil bhe Prhalengdred n npresnyec, e ives eg waorer cc Hma its i n wt the o rti es o in etlm n u te fologno-ichdneofeenstoheagogotan th hae eubetn ofd lorhis the ionds o totor, en publi w pre e duintteJece pooobeoe-he'lb erigana-bedgo hi cnussteprc tfiiy" i nd hen DnoinSakslet Alo
emueve teo,0thre,0ats of pros- wante d t cisuin ....t i th "politia tetree"-wirk the venl ehl sdi t e ao -oiorthS
screen umhazdor the r s low e. to s o aertes htwrafid tir on l n isaont and tathe i n- Gog tetfo h iyCt oHplt tet evitha yt ere will enpieopstion t tds th nopowdfcafriigwgrsaepds onaSetme t inoe ths Prsient ica is l eo mhore ifm itppn niWa rss On pay, for e mrn ot b 0 0-toeogeSteeeOe
nothrts to ars the neoitr, This i n electrswe inhibited theutforcinglmanyr ex-entostainmn from liaconito
u-bndr ortnag inmpul asor- te nlegaos ate W hit ma-mrint ompn intoe prie an ot l-llnLnoe tetDnes Ihaei ausoc--erpie i eas
altv"aoti.Ti oan s e an mthnr ofecafar the s rnellows. Te polhal line nt
ins prhoesn eatih intheb' gtinreeers onbth sides neo0 i e te a ior e a d th o 70-ietoDne rupend tenrssod
eene, evepni dri th Inbo n- from, bitbeg innig the tproa dmct ainiscspig ff hed fSord.) sa ceueofeet o esae mnpstswiacare hfent ineresthem "plsdui theJycesonoedDytiOpanfesaOAl HALa tH CAPSULES me sb etin old bh raee-o led er T o intrst, thcepum.i
Hie ele A. Pheait, Ho. r owate to unak e thein s i e notist e, ohsc idtegrest whi 7:41-ien w ork Se Pecn e icti rang t u t.
eeuton uder he ati-tu -donts rts putee rin. theiffr wns faro t Hos nd will -r in thet Hieory.Sre rmteCt Gt oH plt tet

riss.Th Seelcopaie wil emndmoe i aperedtht issuodc sa giv tem amnte- 0:01-NS. Ge orld' Fire Openn.1 uc rue
ot aisethem "acrss h bc Oh s stel repnnie, 0er inhobied wiouynt oopi g y l615-Entertainment from Balconies.
boro naei n r-to building tso casre fo with "the pirit cofpthe imo."nk 6:00--Llian Y. ordse Fairee Span ce Tr nues.--'
rutca ..... s.T e v'lbeaeentnlUnbrerisen wthlaerof,-n(Coyright,1001,iNeYsrons .danstht ntoe pcate lnw ion woillor onot si dewo one he lows h 025-Entertinmlntnfro Balconie.
ceti omaise cl t e n se- fmted bgegtse aporur -tentelao nos d age 7:0 Wdesda Seopt e r 0nd the Croswrd
-, f~isrond atcigh to gt ev d mmsnro onispain 00-S.feog Sretnpee
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ndmH CPSLS I ciet~ tou...s c .. ig i eed ..p...a 0:40-Enteamnt ferom Bacones lepce ovrilswt o etpietg vr
-O .A 'O GT -I 0- t h et'stheon of "collect.. fa-HcpnMosao will a erew 7:00-Ast r riafcooflpr.o n
AAR N"7")l O io heiog" Te Ns Yorkn nea.rAmeia manigy enig to 7:20-cke Lpigh and Cutngreny beodfging o ett n l esn ~ u i n-O
sil Tims irea lly ic r os th ai tohr'Itouto efg ot byUn Her W5 t. yaSupNGoalf0pm owcooeor
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1' Lt mtoouid to theWit ow ee sortld e cbomusle efd bf 11ein W:0- neoimen Myr o hn DBallon e Aeia opc cnm ig ooso
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OPO~ iip~ i den eing a t Ith ads: nita- opygt? 16, ew or
tOI Oilo tP AR ito sholot ap notitonste H A-Thd rieas mcle. In 2--EteJayce es. solroom Balcteoiniyews.-b~eqo
00001 W~to MON. di cr..d it to -mge t bi rdsthe.. kI ow asU ight 60-- Rearseb Srento Gpeores.r.Cmui 00 b h oi-eta-aa e- I M V D L
forutitust st orans the et, ce nd ao ace1vecyECaerLtainan d Cutti B ya onlAvrcursodnieenisostuto.obe- A oian M tr TeMesW~OOIN NJcI. usoe ap eet uivge Kcneg. nrg and -w e deeoped.o ArmadLila ofde Spain Danci s .Au otn, r- O oyOaesadolrlhtm esRmie
Oiis5ctaarathiilsmas "dm einishard to. ro am tezba?6:5-ntti nmolebut fo. acne.F epcedcnetbe ihlwetpietg vr
But whats becsmeohi"roleComeA-inpzedah Snapbe'N7:toolrrivaltATcolorol procesion.CE .linstit..datlJ.. nn ea the belifgiOmnin f the Hip. QYHrk na e a s',m deilightf S7:00-Firwk e t iec d pCting St.on Augsine, Gtada tMoA1A en MaLO das, CLiIs ou AMbigndo podime edmtophllelre thWicact i ed antrdtheonAosguettcysGe.History.Me HRALTH sa DRUG NERS allyydignedwto'eip theSailo AStonp0i92,n0owlonisssUnit.r hLNAR WAT)AR "thde brn ftes he iti waepabn et aoreum--is-. RambWorld'srFairSpanishtDuncsioTroupe.
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O a R 47TH rf, ein ien Ytor o thd Tinet, mercsand cosilly (C r os & ak Sword.)Cutn yCun ao trn Avne ni osrcioDul- Am rcnM tr
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Tuesday Afternoon, September 7, 1965 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Pqe Five

Sam Gottlieb A. B. Colee Sr. St. Aug. South Two Break.Ins 42 Births And A S. Schedules 28 Deaths In
Passes Away Passes Away; Summer Meeting Occur In City Ccnty In August
All members and their famn Athens, Ga. Rites Thursday ilieso the St. Augutine South Two break-ns were reported During August there were 42 Improvement Association are this morning by city police. births and 28 death in St. Joh
Sam Gottlieb, 51, of 241 South Ambrose Bernard Colee Sr., 72, remided o the pot-luck supper Officer Francis O'Loughlin said County, according to vital sta. Matanzas Boule vard, passed of 74 Dolphin Drive passed away reminded writer bookoftistis released today by J.pot-luck supper away Saturday, September 4cn is a local hospital Monday aft- t he held at the community c wr o of tistics release to after a lengthy illness i the ernoo hall at 6:30 Thursday, Septem- Skinner Oil Company on the Mill Johns County Health Depart Athens General Hospital, Athens, A native and life-long resident her 9th. The regular scheduled Creek Road. Someone broke rGeorgia. of St. Augustine, he was the business meeting will follow the through a window to get in, he eA dow shows that tht.
proprietor of the St. Augustine supper. As this is the first meet- said. A breakdown shows that there Transfer Company. An undetermined amount of were 35 white births and 7 co He was a member of the Cath- ing of the association since money and merchandise was re- ored births. There were 21 white olic Church, and the Knights of June, President Marqaurdt ex- ported missing from the Thom- deaths and 7 color deaths. This Columbus. presses the wish that all try to as Sinclair Bulk Plant on RailHe is survived by two daugh- attend, as matters of impor- road Avenu after a break-in brings t otal to dat to 299 ters, Mrs B. A. Martin, and tance will be discussed at this there, Officers George Roberts births and 240 deaths There as toon, Has, B. A. Martin, and Mlrs. Lloyd Andreu; two sons, meeting. and Van Lindsey said, also one stillbirth, a whit male. Ambrose Bernard Colee Jr. and
Louis A. Colee; one brother,
James A. Colee, all of St. Augustine. Twelve grandchildren,
six great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews also
Funeral services will be held
at 9:00 o'clock Thursday morning in St. Agnes Catholic T Church. Rosary will be recited on
Wednesday evening at 8:00
o'clock in the chapel of Craig's
Interment will be in San Lorseno Cemetery.U He was the son of the late Mr. Friends may al at h hapel from 3:00 o'clock Wednesday
nd Mrs. Sender Gottlieb of ternoon until the hour of The oyag of Pedro mingham, Alabama. He attended after oon
public schools in Birmingham Mnnez des.Avil fr and was a graduate Civil Engi- Menendez de Avul ro neer of Auburn University in Au- K Of C embers
burn, Alabama. He was a K Of C Members Spaie-to Florda, J her of the National Honor Fra- Report To Mission September 8, 1565, As ternity Blue Key, Tau Beta Pi T in theme 1 Scholastic Fraternity and the So- On Wednesday Told in e Original ciety of American Military Engi-.
eers. He was associated with the All Third and Fourth Degree Accounts. H. E. Wolfe Construction Cam- members of the local Knights
pany, Inc. and at his death wa Of Columbus Council are reaa on opany. de Nob re Dio at 11: 0 DISCUSS DEDICATION CEREMONIES
e was a member of the Board Wednesday to assist with the it. General Camilo Alonso Vega, Spanish Miniser of the Interi (fro left). Spain's of Directors of The Exchange Votive Mass. \mbassador to the United States i '-rqulis Afonso Merry del Val "ackground), ArchBank of St. Augustine and a Grand Knight Carroll issued ishop Josel h P. Hurley, Secretary of the interior Stewart L. Udal and National Quad. member of the Board of Directors this request today in response to
m essA foaoer a call foBdo hia assistance e ocpon centennial Chairman H. E. Wolfe are pictured just prior to dec' atiorL ceremonies of president and member of the signor Burns and Father Ga- he Hispanic Garden. Highlighting the, event was the dedication and unveiling of a Board of Directors of the Florida non. tatue of Queen Isabella.
Road Builders' Association and a The regular meeting of the
member of the Board of Di- K of C Council will be at 8:00
rectors of the American Road p.m. Monday, September 13.
Builders Association. He was a
member of the Congregational
Children of Israel of Athen, Scouts To Take
Georgis. r L
General services were held Part In Birthday
Monday in Athens and interment Celebration
was in Oconee Hill Cemetery.
He is survived by two sisters, All boy scouts of the Oseeola
Mrs. Harry G. Loef and Mrs. District are asked toassemble
Keyer Rosenthalt of Athens, Ga., at the Chamber of Commerce A "L f 1 and two brothers, Mr. BillGott- building on San Marco A 400' Y ARS A JO, liebh of Athens, and Mr.- Leoda at 6:1 p.m. Wednesday in uniGottlieb of Columbus, Ga, and form to prtiipate in the 400th A brief and inconsequential battle peit by Father Lopez, who records several nieces and nephews. Anniversary cake cutting cere- followed. It is described in great de- that the three Spanish ships that sailed many. tail by all four narratives, that of Men- south, and he with them, were caught Do You Want to Buy a It was also announced that ende included. In summary what in a storm, and had to anchor with Vsed" Car or Truk. Look beause of th anniversary ac happened was his:Becalmed ntl te double moorings al that day aleaue in the Classified Ads. tivities, the regular monthly and a hal of shore. One roundtable will not be held this i the evening, Meede advanced Wednesday. It will be held an on the French ships, intended to board sels broke away, but managed to make QUI K Thursday evening, Sepmberthem. The French observed his, ap- port later at the haror at St. Augus pioach and opened fire with artillery tine, where it discovered that two
:eQ-m4gnh Greek mythology but their balls passed harmlessly b- other vessels had preceded it 'hoere called the Gorgonc e A-The three daughters of Reservations For tween the Spanish mrnasts. Menende Lopz calls t hrb imucuan the sea god Phorcys. Stheno Boat Club Banquet did not eturn the fire, but ordered and Euryale were the two inm his men to lie low behind the gunwales Who ruled over its aboriginal hisha Mortal sister, Medusa was a Due By Tomorrow while he maneuvered the Spanish ships tants. He laces the date of his Qnortal being, not a goddess. across the mouth of the river, where in the harbor at Thursday, eptemer
Initae-e fging vh Wednesday nightfis the dead- they dropped anchors, then let out 6. This date would oem a
-IS th e sa wsing fvshe line for making rleeratins for abes so hat thei stes wee be- ro, since Lopez gives September
A The sap which lives the St. Augustine B o a t i ng the,,date both of the fist ing under stones near the shore, teen the bowsprits of the tFrench gelis often called the singing fish Club's annual banquet. Reser- the bowsp of th e n e d the French ships at the River of May inradfrsDrvatioos can be made by teSlec x lens. At this point, Menendez soundon account of a peculiar hum- v actions can be made by and of the storm lled day at anchor ning noise that is made by its phoning VA 9-3834 or VA 9-2977.e sFre on s th t w nd off the Coast geographically an inair bladder. Sapo s aSouth The banquet will be held at nded to know who sailed aboard pobe in American name for rious the Ponce de Leon Country Club the vessels. On being satisfied by apoible huincide e e d
toad he on Saturday, September Bh A voice from the Trinite that these, in- is correct, he eoud not hi ve rad highlight will be installation of deed, were Frenchmen and Lutherans,

ltrgood for ee i a r emFi e m moea f tbs 1033 ,M a o T r i tha a that he would board their ships in the Menedenz' two ships, bua t Menedez
Indian species fig tree Nw York Giants managed n s'ars. John Baeiley (left) and the Count o Revillagigado who bears the Spanish title of morning. himself says that he reached St Au-e S o n r- t l Sh o S t. Augustine, wlr e h eve
Birdlime is obtained from the the major leagues. They ere Adeanado de a Florida" as a direc defendant of on Pedro Menende de Aviles Before morning came however the to be reasonable e it was th e res shows chatti during he Sunday iraquel pi arcedig he dedicat i r n of the Spanish Fench ct their cables, spread their morning of sixth tat Meend
Steer sesre meiaP) Pred Fitzsimmons, Mel Ott and building. Shows at the aight o the photogah i sRao Mrs. Wolfe wife of National sails, sd passed successfully ou Aea brok off e c
Service Compounded Acufocth, and the ohec two soth. An ise fifcee leagues distant, ay

o seTicsD A Let Us FBors ir th y P r ais orni ng C p n edt a e nacl the guns we ficed at them, wr did fore would have been the Adelata

wich the SVn Pelayo and another weam and sot the two ither storm-tossed
SOONER OR LATER ev.y omity MUST Sr., Il Abbey Stret, enc a is r Mrs. Harvey H. Clark, prei- sel ttok the northerly c o hilee s

eed is merely witio g for he wost p s Septeher foAr, to mark Ie i ne a rd in the Fcench galleons that west south seventh (of Sepoember) three small n rviain to St. Jon County

_........... ........ j efaa Clasniied Ails p. irnaidcnt. -

Page Six T"HE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Tuesday Afternoon, September 7, 1965

Days In Spain Celebration Scenes Congress Faces Tough Schedule
With Labor Day Weekend Behind IT 'S 0 A
By HARRY KELLY Agriculture Committee, Sen. JIL WASHINGTON (AP) With Allen J. Ellender, D-La., exLabor Day behind it, Congress pressed belief the Senate would faces some long days this week accept the plan but questioned with wrangle over a farm bill, whether the House would witha presidential veto and some out a sales pitch from Johnson., big-money appropriations. As a sign of the trouble ahead, Although there had been Rep. Edward j. Derwinski, R' wd the ad istratihn
hopes lawmakers would be on Ill., charged the administration. their way home by now, they was embarking on a "feed the have a long doket of major and. enemy" program through "bemino bills and controversies bhindthe-acee administration
that could well extend into plum to subsidize the Soviet October. Union through the sle of surThe House starts it ut today plus wheat." with a dispute over its Armed In addition to a variety of oiServices Committee's decision nor bills, the House is co0nfront- not to st up a fight over Pres- ed, probably Wednesday, with iden h 's veto of apln to the troublesome foreign aid apstrengthn Cnngress' hand in propriation. This year it has a base-lusdg arguments kth the $4.1-bin price tag. Pentagnn.LEGALNOTIC
wred out wiu the i admin I er ton milder, compromisever- JOHS COUNTY FORIDA sion to req the Pentagont DA I Cast Dmbr 00.010 give Conress a 3u- day notice Plaietif f an a full report on future base DAISY MAEcA R nT O OHSON shutdowns. aDefeua nt

o miit construction au rslens UKOWN. thurisetin, it face protest Of suit no be filed ,s o

The S Augd utnfie Rcd sit e o a4o0ha ba Y tArNo Loon Le pabor D T BEPint I a

Man ds f the w no or nam ad pan crat at ove ding t H o La

eeThe lo or een h Ae aid c tye eu ev thugh few believe y ta S t rt a cnvi len, aSlori

oushe u a t woule d be su cces- t oate a elb rt Im, a l tbut m t t o arany,o u nt wi

Te enate nistb rion, o eo ss anttnd asty at due be taken p aftlr actio ae n cure f d nu SeI n oE

S$1. il In upplemehta te s of

nds faor the Laot and Welfae T g o lt is 18t day of A -I

mane pu l ro a h lid gusta c 9o D depart i 6emen le.y site O O e or (aOn edCaes The enJe Agric tre Cob- nal) OL*NR LA DO

STom d sword d other unid F n o I ed a measure n o powering t a ns Gard duing the mok break-out or toe hly S enntically dierent fro COUNTY 2 a B George S reeL The J y ces to additii n to to in g ny il o f r t ntice Dys the mne ready ap roved by the Io ts att r t h S stat of

i an Fiessa have prae for we prior to e aion o oe o e Figg Hus, bu t with whsot and cot- AIDAV ANUCA.
pos ed by the damiisrtio. All rdtoro estate Of rWiata Merro k dusdd aaAE N t commit als age ad Adotdifird esd sed to on iohh oa o R o athe fi naimodeml

hihly Pombstine a ST.y A U I RECOR mg ce thu h s o t ff r as n m e s e bot mak ing it Che Lte oO D urt se the ali tor mesmr T e St fi t

CROSSWONDS .. .DA N i e c n ati n o r ft he rt in tro stso d States, sat publitati o of t hs i c. hoee oaf oGoup oe the sw neEy daring em ern o t c erie ist olsm an n slot A u uSt. in e R e cord '

c t fheilan sey n er The o r h aosma touhle r w o dt potu o t a d t s sr ae f a eplT eee rsent CSes ad theCar have bterec AD ps t e'

q maent athat half the R e oar ao d ar i n tro a t o the So at Union be DAT 051atS day of August, 00th A

at whicLare reis ver than As.dans.trator Sf or H r p

The ofirman ofthe Senate ... ....... BENNEVTNE ORDERS
Attorned for AdiratorSOVEnR E 5, Augustine 'oi da,

FWeekend Ends in COr n sPOA E
Lymn ardwellI s iea state oaif a s at
des of heb cotud o W. 8
Sihty THE o VIt awl PRENt TOI s Co E o.s.d 00O
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Areniber campsle the sr eekd ats of Bal kern g eceas y oer Cald l aid he b iy Atte os y J h .Ot O Danies L russ t ofiersl
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Poic Cie GeadHyslP .hryI.~~ C7-4- 1-i o36ad

TuesdayAfternoon, Sept. 7, 1965 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Page e

Chicago's Hot Streak Helps rett Credits Giants Clip, Dodgers In Relative
Kd'For Win ts
To Trim Twins' Strong Lead In Southern. 500 Calm Game To Climb Closer To Top
By MURRAY CHASS He lasted only 1 2-3 innings in homer in the seventh, then led You can bet next week's payAssociated Press Sports Writer the opener, being battered by off the ninth with a single and check that a group of kids who
Asorant P sca the Athletics for five runs. raced home with the innin attend a Darlington church wl By MIKE RATHET chal-John Roseboro bat-swing- sive shovel. 7- in 12 innings on m D P Is for pennant, Pascual and The White Sex, meanwhile, run as Aubrey Gatewood fired a be hearing from stock car driv- Associated Press Sports Writer ing incident. The crowd of 53,581 at Los port's run-prodcing bloop Problem came from behind for both of bases-loaded wild pitch, or Ned Jarrett in the next fw Tension filled the air as the However, the only thing that Angeles filled the air with seat gpte.
B is for Beeline, Borgess aod their victories. They won the In other AL games, Baltimore days. San Francisco Giants and Los filled the air at the end was cushions in a displa yO ffrustra- Davenport's game -vll Berry. first game In the 1th inning on swept New York 21 and 6-2, Jarrett, a factory Ford driver Angeles Dodgers met for the cushions In a display of frustra- tion as the Giants edged the Na- came an inning at
The Minnesota Twins, who pinch hitter Smoky Burgess' Cleveland took Washington -3 from Camden, 45 miles east of first time since the Juan Morl- problem turned out to be an elu- tiosa League leading Dodgors milled around o sboi had been cruising toward the run-scoring single. The blow and 4-8 and Boston defeated De- here, won the 16th Southern 500 minutes while the su i American League pennant, sud- was the 113th career pinch hit troit 4-1. race Monday at Darliogtxn the ground crew tredI ts
Tnl hav fonn rhmele foaodya ig n
denly have found themselves for Burgess, who set the major In the National League, San ternational Raceway, and he a sho vel t eteC a with a problem or two a league record earlier in the sea Francisco nipped Los Angeles 7- es the group of kids 'much of qest by I slight skid and Camilo Pascual. son. 6 In 12 innings, Pittsburg e swept nsi ed a Chicago, meanwhile, contin- Berry, a .214 hitter, provided Cincinnati 3-1 'and 4-2, Milwau- the credit. Perranoski, lve wa1. uod its beeline toward the Twins the punch in the nightcap. He kee took New York 4-2 and 3-1, "I spoke to them Sunday on the mou tenelro with clutch help from Smoky doubled i the third Inning and Houston edged Chicago 21 and d r y That was c

-doubled,~ati na Te ni Tourneynigan ostnege hicg,2 n
Burgess and Ken Berry in a 4-3 scored on Jack Sanford's wild Philadelphia whipped St. Louis they would pray for me. Well, the shovel I and 2-1 sweep of the Los An- puck, tied the game 3-3 with a 105 after losng 10-. somebody did, including myt but in the r lti suce im

K~~~~~ ~pth INGd dh gaid at tih BI v0- afoe aosind 10n-3sweat. n a i gs te d l r dano
geles Angels Monday. self" ranoski's s2yrI T The double triumph shot the eJarrett, 32, picked up his big-, In a hole he ouldn'tgel second-place White Sox to with- gt paycheck of the year In With one ot n in 4h games of the Twins, who edsie1ecd winning the most prestigious of FrakJ Linz ot : lost to Kansas City 4-3 after all stock car racing events. He Maly Alou gondd to ee
winning 8-6. e A took the lead on the 323rd lap Linzy was frced tRe,
The victories- also gave the l Around S E after the pacesetters, Fred Lor- ering on the return i White Sox 21 victories against eenzen and D a r e I DierInger, to och first base in a seven defeats, a .750 percent- Injuries have begun to accu- ty f work to do in preparation went out with mechanical tru- at a doubleplay that wuld age, since Aug. 13. In that same mulate as Southeatern Confer- for the Alabama game Septem- blgs. ended Itke IsnD period, the Twins have played once football'teams swing into her 1th. The team ran through Jare finished nearly eight Alo then l500 ball, splitting evenly in 26 their second week of fullscale a lengthy practice laps, ahead of Buddy Baiker, an Mayn s porpoeey pas games and allowing Chicago to fall practice. Tulane went through a p of up-and-coming star wlo look Davenport dropped ahit
torm from fifth place, 11 Alabama's Injury list climbed practice eson Coach Tommy ver the 1965 Plymouth started left center, Aou racng c
games back to their present pa- In eight Monday as three more G'Boyle said he was pleased by -his father, Buck Baker, a the plate aa Ruseboro ctc sition. players wre injured during La- with the overall offensive per three-ime winner. He was near- rh a Minnesota, whose lead hasn't hor Day drills. Frankie Patter- formance shown in films of ty a dozen laps ahead of Dier- over the hed aIS, been so smallin six weeks, an, a sophomore defensive half Sunday's scrimmage. igor, who drove the last no the teams e S hoped to receive some pitching ack, s offered a knee injury. Florida spent its time working l withAut brakes. was banne
help from Pascual, who r- Davi n Bedwell, a first string mostly on Northwestern's offend l Jarett, whose only previous trip to Los Mei
turned Monday af undergo ving linebacker, and John Da- sie and defensive alignments. long distance, race victory was from Natioal League

WrsrEDNSAY. 1 A .M.. 'TLNO a Cem i re t ii dalfurr6d4 hay a3,TMe daw u r ITren LLO e SOBB IEii arm surgery Ag. 2.. l d Reitz, a defensive halfback, Three players returned to prac the Dixi 400 at Atlanta in 14, Warren Gil

KI GST E Td o+ apa s 9 h e u onntsmo Ol vuc k d n an. "If he can go four or five In- pulled hasting muscles ice, apparently recovered from als added ,900 pont to his was much i .
nings, it will be great," Manag- Coach Paul Bryant said, "this injuries. current Grand National title Rosebonoclected ibiee er Sam Mole naid before the injury thing Is getting ts he un- lead and virtually assured him- including a dsputed hom game. "That will mean he's belfevao ad now is ,n self of the season's champion- nhad the Giants howg ready In help us in the stretch placehappen wn hav ship. made up my min wheth f r t drv. igI ngy ht'nm rK...I.L..,. Dck Hutchrsn, only euu Seventh inning. Rosebor's ln drive.t p u tw a w0'-a e T awo T nnes nst on.f, S tR e d s k in s p ints behind Jarrett prior to .WI. drive bounced back o the we're reallyl, ctnnicg o" the race, blew an engine and WAand the G'anto cet + ~ ~ w Tenese fulacs Stan aLeAiZYad WAY TO WIN A MATCH [ ~t otm
winnr,_idn'_gofourorive.Mithel and Jacik Pattersnes, re- iBnfinished 19th. TO MTHball waa stillI ly winner idn't gjfouo fuive Mitae l H d Tnzenoone of the pre-race Chuck 'McKinley took a fall at the West Side Tennis Club during yesterday's match The Giant tooyt ar calved, didantder injuriesfidaringPatannanosre of the pinethe day's drills., favorites, blw as engine on lap with Clark Graebner in the National Tennis Championships at Forest Hills, N y. but won the ball Miisppcappd afullwork 3T rs S ff 323 and joined Dieringer among Despite the fall, McKinley, a favorite with the fans, defeated Graner, 9-1 6.3, pulled to within one gmf Staff the also-rans to give the lead to 6-3, 6-0. (AP Wirephoto) frnnt-ruonindgoaoII outwith a controlled scrimmage ett for keeps. Junior John. cinnati and which pitted the first and sec- PITTSBURGH (AP) One Jarewho started on the pol_, to third, igamesot end offensive units against the thing is certain, whatever the dn complete the ne lapo He Fifth-pin PithbIn second defensive team. Pittsburgh Steelers do this year went out with ignition trouble. i n within fou of theti a Lonisiana State worked on all in the National Football League, N ational Teni s T r 1ng the ReIo n phases of the game. The Tigers they'll do under a new head doubleheado 31 ande spent their last day learning coach Mice Nixn. L. the Braves new asignents., The 53-year-old former h S e s York Met.i Aburn ran through a full- coach of the Washington Red- York ..cs o C scale scrimmage. Caach Ralph skin, was signed t a one-year By THE 'ASSOCIATED PRESS By WILL GRIMSLEY tat ace from Bakerafield, Calf, Brazil's Maria Bueno, seeded Else w I a-2 | Jordan said the squad woald contract Monday, replacing American League FOREST HILLS, N.Y. (AP)- admitted that he had his sights No.2 behind Mia Smith tad the crashedS I bIold half-Baa scrimmages today Raymond K. (Buddy) Parker, W. L. Pci, GB Dennis Ralston faces Davis Cop set as one goat a shot at de- women lo the round 16 She Inga 16-3 w Mand a ot h e r full srimmage who resigned Sunday. Minst.
Ma t l a eS Minnesota .. 87 54 .617 teammate Frank Froehing to- fending championoy Emero defeated Jaina Lffig o en and Houn a i YOUTHUL Wednesday.' "Eery player came to me to Chicago .... 82 58 .086 41 day i the feature match of te in the fils. Sonce, 6-2, 6-4. cagd Cuba2YMississippi State put in the oh ae ando," Nion, wh o was Baltimore 77 50 .566 7 National Tennis Champ o ships Ralston, a dlsap intingloser Olbo sead d players advooc M
N afternoon on offensive work aft- Parker's top aide, said at the Cleveland 76 en .51 9 -and it pes Ma Is iiao wn JuGisatIn g we b, K JNG erCch PaultDavis said the Steelers trainig cam~p :atl~ i a3 presur assgn to~ litl'kow Jua pr in Ing wee ,Mrs' AnnHayo Detroit .... t6 es .547 10 mat for America's No. 1 play- the Dovia Cap matches with Jonas ef England, No. wh F defense ws quite a bit ahead Kingston, RI. The signing woe New York ." 68 73 .482 0 er. 's Spa rcen il by Robuto Aison of Aan- FaS iEDWARD oftfense. He said the de- announced in Pittsburgh. Spai reenly w.. . y etRbra lsno kr s6
D R tfenuayells Heore sdthe of- onnaed, In, Ptsongehe Los Angeles 64 77 .454 23 "They say I can't win the big Davis Cup captain George Mac- den City, Ala., 6-4, 6-1; Billie los plate oMuRcoSles nc usae usually jels before the of- Parker, 51, Inok aven theWashingt'n 62 79 .440 25 ones," Ralston said. "That's not Call's criticism that he couldn't Jean Moffilt of Long Booth, u"Oeo aa4 lo f on ac. o Steolen' helm ia 1957 and was Boston ..... 55 86 .390 32 true, of course, bt it loks like win Important matches. Calif., No. 5, easy winner over Ormer so en
Georgia Coach Vince Dooley unable to guide th -em to a divi- Kansas City 51 87 .370 34% I'm going to have to pnove iL. Matches today complete the teen-age Kathleen Ranter of tut orfal said the Bulldogs still have plen- sion title-smething they have Monday's Results I've got a tough draw from here no rd ef 10 in both the mens Seal Beach, Calif., 6-0, 6-2, and mid). oes 0
BE PRto w intInd31 yers, o n Minnesota 8-3, Kean. City 6-4 on out." a women's divisions. seventh-seeded Carole Graebnen 005 b u o
Far BnrOeasooSaturday the team tail ita fourth m~Cleveland 5-4, Washington 3-3 The 26-year-old temperamen- In addition to the Ralston- of Beechwnod, Ohio, 6-1, 6-4_ vic
For Hurricane ..... exhibition in as many games, Baltimore 2-8, New York 1-2 rothling match, headliners tar over Alice Luthy Tym of AL ... o..w........ bowing 23-9 -to the San Fran- Chicago 2-4, Los Angeles 1-3, end young Chuck Pasarell of, Peoria, Ill. Open 7.6.
SAVE ON Ts p.d cico 4rs lt game 10 innings
Teawlcrs a s a ndterestod Nixon coached the Redskins 4, Do Figures Puerto Rico, upset winner over 9V. Radio 'hisE ITM'olr r nie oatn h otn4 eri the second seeded S tot11e, Flashalight BatI y S T S nafl organizatioal meeting t in 1959.601 adhis teamsti cam- Today's Games aga"Wist Keith Jennings of Ne fa e T- Deall Flex-'Csic.Tshe 8%d1 the Aaeient City Bowling League piled' a 4-82record.. Alter the BaltimoreI at. New York HelDe Wt aan, ewn,'n o ol-fvrtsTk $li Veodhr SE spa.
(Contains B~tyl Rubber) night at Southgate Lanes In 1960 season he was dismissed Boston at Detroit, N Y aber of Highland Falls, N.Y Galvanized' aihing at 7:30. As dint plans and joined the Stealers' staff for Clevelanda -a Chicago, twilight agaiber Italy's Nicola Pitra- Bo Compound. .3 igisee sio for the coming year will be the second time. Wednesday's Games Ynks Next I. WH.ose, 25 ft. B
'Inked at this meeting, attendance Washingtn at, New York,/twi- Maell ad In Hate Morcite mall Size is nged. 'light -MNEW YORK (API Johnny Wimbnih afAin and rolI Labor Dayu' Races !/ In. W.M o .t iV ',sa Baltimore at Detroit, 2, twi- Keane hasn't heard a thing but seed edoy champion and Ne 1o aa a Rope Caulking...... 410 Major' Legu e night he has a feeling he'll be back as Francisco. The top U.S By THE ASOCIATED PRESS Cow ManUr, Mortite Lsarge f' e iE '] ain S aae fteNwYr an -pasCmaMrie f' efRk,1 nh. e
Rope Caulking $]. L9 Mtroolitan IOsuraao* ed inst tCiaoo kees next yar. Alhi thinking seeded Mo. 3, goes against richest horse rates look a tenri- Clay Pots,6In,2li.,5
Tape 0% Casaitnas L aders R!MmngrofteNik Ys.hp ac thoy of Dallas, Favorites' ls Labor' Day'aso aae 5 b. 1 Consultant Los Angeles at Kansas City, N is pointed toward 1966. Pech Kelro f S,. g es fi etngMnagbtteB.Fa n
All 'Masing METa i ddl-na. Ea By THE ASSOCIATED PESS The players feel he should be ton WVa. tracks and state treasuries B Flag Ins
Tape-- 10R OorK NY ne 'ompanN given another opportunity to 'a s harvest as 301'.
Ne okN..Eesnloealoturped a golden harvest' Fsly1,
He will be glad to show you American League W. L. Pct G.B prove himself. They behve he beatable Msonday i smashing 148 fans sent $25,786,759 pouring Batting (200 at hato) Yas- Ls Angeles 79 60. .568 --hasn't had a real chance this mutuel ma- Leclsy Mack Reach BLui.y.M9 LIIILLIAMS jrrengkJ Boston," 327,+ Olloa, San+ Fran. .. 76 80 .503+ 1 yedn. 16yood lffRchy Mn hrough th er+ poni otor
SH RWI- inndnca ga and e na ,ue 76 5816"' a n hao"oda ys hid bnodher, 6-3, 6-3, 6-0 ce, a'srreodat2JhnnCrN Plh.9
i: asarrga ca inhelp ta, u 3omo Mdlwaue lb76 581 "' en as' da un 11e 1at0 games in tracks. O i] Quari .9
i$ S (ULP tT$ Ci y. Well o ar +112; Ohios, Minneaota 101. Pittshargh. 76 05 '.530 4 Boyer, the Yankees' th ird has' L Folwn pStra' o N.1Glaie sb10
Flt o "rn osa ly Wt yoaor fain- Rus-VraleMneoaCeint 7wh.5 cac tal, bevd'Ceoa n Hf to P assl Wr inte c g.D Feed, 26Lhm..2',
a0 Granasa ne-e es-ieee Ruoa batted ix Colto Phua'phia .. 70 00 .au7 8 man ond loam playern ripre- Hewoo joined Is the fourthboewnHalIAlrnsc-..D
Phnso.24 + 1 cassedrali Pnce Cleveland, 00, Hotn Detait, 91. Louis ..- 70 70 .590 a sentotive. round by Spain's fourth-seeded 4dt as+eWodi h 5 B.C. Powdr.. uS
Minnesota Fl. 9. Cicgo ..-65 M6.6 5 "epatcl~,satdtz ako~el. Santana, who beat $280,1000 New Hampehire Sweep- EnVelapes, PhI. of 10.. .t35
Hits OlivMota,16 Heuston '..., 00 70 .432 10 season with two sltlkeo in him. James Osborne of Honolotu 6-4 stakes Classic at Rockingham Boiled Peanuis, 303 can
VesleMneoa 5 e ok. 0.6.1 t oadgt uti I : of -463; fifth-seeded Arthor Park and the highly regarded Table Syrsp, Half Gal. *9 Scien e Shr s Pie Doube, Yastz~m~k. Bos +Monday's Results ...and John's been+ handicapped Ashe of Los Angeto w...Inner. Native Street fininl~d fifth ae Meal sr Grits, S Lbs ....
+ + ~ton, 40; Versalles, Minnesota, San Francisco 7, Los Angeles ever tiince. + + over King Lombert of Bronn. Silver Bright won+ the $208,70a 2 ... w ;h u u ,,r.n -t~i b w 30. ' 6, 12 innings "We'oe played without Hick- v ille, N.Y., 6.1, 6-3, 6-4, and Lassie atl'lngton Park, the] 2 ASTERS DRIVE New~. Tniplee-Campanerhi, Kansaa ,llwakee 4-3, New Yocrk 2-1 ey Mantle and Howard a good Chuck McKinley sf Port Wosh- favorites in Honday' oih- Dar gatha
NSeopswa Ic' Rithu S e r Cai ty 13; Apariclo, Baltimor .. Pittatosingh 2,, Ci 1~nt -2 part 'of the season ozld w it0t n'glon Y. ousted an 0s1 races absfoond themselves
Stp tc eive an and0Versatteo, Minnesota, no. :Ist 0is1-5, Philadel.3-1S +Roger+ Maria and Tony Kubelt ailing Ctainktlraebiner of Beach- otsle looking in. ]"pao a pipe tobacco Hoeruns-Horton, Detroit, i oso ,Chicsgo I moat of the seasbn.' Figuro wood, Ohio, 0-11, 6-3, 6-3, 0-0. Kelso, champion AmericanI e f /y& thoroughbred the last five cgrterelys[
-ca sirs k stelos Y(ei|has found-- a aswth OsteaishiacS thoogstaeettasueeslike "Pile.~d 27, Conigliaro, Boaton, San Frais 01LaAGames w herearn jondia and Pete igues teaS 1005tatl ae d picure whe be healiuc substance wish the aston- bar e oces to kena problem!" Wagner, Cleveland, ne. Iwilght rncs o sAge no, M ate aren sott M~~ o ne tim e rsnS Figrslte1 il itr hnh ishing ability to shrink hemer- The snoreSteas ane healiec soS- Stolen bases Campaneris, tsung atCncn aiN "nfta r uat e o thin e mioe.oG ol o obte hnf Dear Smoker, ohotis asei osoiac ad celzos aaaes elo-asoel dienosec o Kanss Cit, 40;CaideausLscasMalicoushsored ,thre- aisipnashog q toioa + ain-witheus~ hgsuegryan aeiv a world-famos(B a)'s arsoa erinhst te. naAngelea, 2/7. 48 .ace a, Only ga mea schedaedi hasn't b on good enough to off. W ith A erial G a nse length front rn noing victory inIs ese aftr ease, while goeitly This substane is now avai'ladeaa'bals stIee'ehdslytonla ALHSEEB-Cok h 1820 qeut tksa Sars-ohr af
celiering pain, netual reductions ta mpposio, rp isonao Pichn (12 decisions) Mo aldsoa' SaFancsc blet trr alyea h a nd t ea -Sats~kn af Pitcing ill etorno pparntlyfigues unedct od pad $1.20 Has Chguobts." (a' liaot ~ehpise solsi uk nao Poi'nas'o ao, ran, Mines a,17-, .72;Philadelphia at Milwaukee, ,N bpen ba uns We Coold J otearac01da ailo sne 7,3 hl
_______________________________________ ittsurg al t. ouis N ave won 15 sr mono games this ?ci StnkestsMc~wel, Pitt-se bha It Loisi, sti ersFoiaSoeSm-Elo iihn a ftemo land, 277; ol~ch Detrit ~ w or aCnc at, N eon if we had any neliel pitch- nl otalsao. e o nytennhtm od Ne' Only gae Cceed t og at eintiers keptid te Semnoe caenoato a-ob cnet 55 [ Isiersaltonal Loagae n tal nygms sceud i
1~~ATSO!~~~T/1 Natiasal Leagae~~~~~ Synacase 6, Colambos 5, 12 in-woioonpaofesvpapwth$,1.Temllndf e '
mont, Pttaainh, 345 AasnToronto 4, Atianta 3,+ Toronto .la sbto iigi feoomnylaigbnrl o$,
(Milauke..31.awn) Title aoPeense. K.paWeth- '0i'gu r nes of a drpi e t.0.Han fCgre.
Sriuns --Harpel, Cinati WHITESULPHR OPINGSerN o Gotoa Bea Intora t.te defa o Kesfisgo was the n- /V Hrt OM RO 115;Hd, Coicinnatit 102.W.OVs. ga-VosscaeduleamSn arsonav uit toSmnoe the stats hdt e ontent aahingtos-Ro, atedInJonsnCi- ou ocl oler wntfo h, toh h aothflokeootbaco erra ncey o Handica ate Arinton Pork. en HEAR NGoELP, 111;onallPitee- teraionel At motwpodheetda. einege oat..esrdv ake Oven$,40 ph ayi ng $5.0, ar,
Haing 5 Ro ~se, Cininat, b ea f- Maria Club Twoot-fom netant oed off ai $2,lo ore oo there wonner i awpod
CEE O ORWMlwueemente, Pittsburghus 170e,'25 thisicnatar .... fu r INdy' 10 T otlesPR S ateHOe defene.fiotob wihCifanad a-ossiaa. !ej.,ns
of Sole' Hearig Aid Cnter Gub~na -William Chicao Fourematogolersyaonad BeanhlbsnGoostherouohae Asead-WillfBKNo MeeingslashRomeo afJo1oailal; Rse, Cincinnati, 'andAi Jahavtefrterootcl .iiol halo wl (-Vnrbe layen~dfisofeieuntaertesitoth$1,ooWhngn [.
burgh~~s,Rm M9lwaokte3 in-oisn cn turn Loalea arir en Woeoedo uihrnnha~s the reothtl k Between Hurrcances _____andicap __atArlington______rk._____WEDNSDy, 10B AMWILSNON Triplco -1 Cagll CPsnt- CTa b ande Alt fou me L Voicrg iha 0-a le MIunA-cqMIg Saur0 y -a Co..achiCgsrlio. l 'Lr 5005055 nse phia l e, Cncinntihrh To _______;_ torsed withClub wnfu ethr ts teed Toff oTdte workouthefrihisph to 00 BACE To
14. 0wereover 00 otrio isnisto aurt.hCoierolytofMiamiHdrccole W-,ORK.,,, the tohineyraodgtherlocalygroup oda-rvdnlnthrhr-FesewSacCtea At SeRVIea dRUGSte Hoemene-Haytsbug, Baa. F oran oaoae tolyrwetele onth e us namedil Bela didn'tting tor Woeo HV.a aros

27 tints.tll 32.oe Cicnai adArJco le orn wthe pnigolf dIAn FRi8 C 00le -i he a te si fh ol e w adr
KING STREET Sta~ons iaeeWs, Lon As DrtobrDaly atoo socud uMari a spioesay one ro herade wokotoee isutodiyan eTEBS vrDlia SOVCE D UND pihin (12;.. desislNnn- jrE d pi ... Wk isg up TsDnhusda to the ld w- ho trim awen ought ors on,.,.,,,. gos 4;BohS.Lol,0. lc iThOCapskpFigtGuOhBAJCKSitToOgadtoorw hote oe wadSAE O
all. Cicnat,1h3e70;Ku e pwae tovter fi0rist ighn hye fucoure drf c U nies-day odoe MiamiiHua.iczne
faHose Aung--Ma, 1-7 .700. dieasa Mtitourer th ir Doal ohuo et a D tloM oa--_losein anratcer hr- S. R. 20 tS !d
ARINIAID Stones--WKsfa, Los An-is tro ohcn faligty disook... dSay sih hu. mih o e aid "Iowt emyhru o fao ets l~yae ithrh u or a is ~c isronade d up my mitody nd wekfothcs toftowe, he.. i____ TH______ST____________ -D__________--ll2Cnc2n. i 1-' '~"~~.76Ku-sodplceinthe is gt, B obos r tur dr hie.~ J a-a shdue '"'-.-- .' .20 t p'

Page Eight THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Tuesday Afternoon, September 7, 1 5

Spain's Casa Del Hidalgo Dedicated

Casa del Hidalgo, a lasting Secretary Udall expressed the generous men who arrived in concepts, and reoideo solely in plo, he added. tribute to St. Augustine from gratitude of the people of the this territory in spite of hunger e ritual For th rea At the end of the ceremony, .........d.s.dtninucue andshi0iuuah.'lis r sii n redsA st dh nn o
the people of Spai, was dedi- United States to Spain for such and infirmity, who stepped a l th Ge. Vega presented awards u a great and asking cultural e- land that 400 years later would f orom the Spanish government to cated in ceremonies Sunday at- gacy. "We are more Spanish become the most poWerful coun- Iecretar U doll; Governor
eaded hy ranging representa- than we hnow," he commented, try in the world, he said. spirit thed r ss e Buins; Sen. Spesard L. Hotives of Spain, the United "Too often we in the United "Spain hopes to render last- Mingled with history that I land, who presided at the cereSnthees encelofid Un S.ti Sere stillwhose only aror was aot IdgoddntpoethssitbenwetorcthsSaih AcbsopJehP.Hly States, Florida and Latin Amer Staes thin only of h th ing tribute to Saint Augustine would say it is the spirit that mony; H E. Wolfe, president of ican nations. European, E n g I I s h-speaking by means of the House of Hidal- makes, history," Gen. Vega of the national St. Augustine The impressive $200,000 ex- side of our New World family go. The atmosphere, that of the said. Quadricentennial Commission; hibition and cultural center, tree," Udall said. "We remem- chivalrous olden times, will be "If you are looking for a de- Mayor John Bailey and Earle built of native coquina rock, ber heroes in buckskin more felt throughout I want to mahe finition of hidalgo', you wilt find W. Newton, executive director

View~~~~~~r asl the Spanish. flag is hoiste outside Cas dellg Hialo Spi mrsieehii h vesafd was formally dedicated by Lt. often than those even more dar- a point that the atmoshere that the dictionary says: He is of the St. Augustine Historical Gen. Camilo Alonso Vega, ing and determined conquista- overcomes the material effects, one with a generous and noble Restoration and Preservation Spain's Minister of the Interior, dor of iron, or those, braver for it Is something spiritual. The soul. I believe that Spain has Commission. in the presence of U.S. Secre- still, whose only armor was a hidalgo did not project his spirit been wise to erect this Spanish Archbishop Joseph P. Burley tary of the Interior Stewart friar's robe." or personality in furniture, pic- relic on American soil for we blessed the house, which flies

Of uee IsbelaUUveieddn Cre onyaoero
Ul and o ern Gen, Vega said the house s tres, costumes, or his sword. have the assurance that itwill the flag of Spain. After the creHydon meant to e e the pa It i The sword can he a heroic or be unde rstood what the House mony, the digniaries and public

Ainerican ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ men buldn andk Spain'stm ato Holan spok of thsewpdsaeounwihwaraidertg.Te tteo tries here for the city's Quadri- the desire of the inhabitants of homicidal arm according to of Hidalgo represents, for its toured the hous that was dcentennial. St. Augustine to keep alive the one's use of it. Theideas of the meaning is very much alive in signed by Spanish architect JaIt was the second center to be memory of those brave and hidalgo ascends all material the souls of the American pe o- vier Barroso. dV, dedicated in as many days, the Pan American Center having
been opened Saturday.
Governor Burns noted that
the building will be staffed by
View as ahe Spanish flag is hoisted outside Casa dem Hidalgo, Spain's impressive exhbi- the Spanish government and btion and cultural center which was dedicated Sunaday. The massive coquina structme called it an "evidence of the was erected andfurnished by Spain at a cost of approximately $200,000. Spain's in binding relationship between teri minister and the U. S. interior secretary were the major speakers. Florida and Spain."

isanic Garden rDedicated And Sta tuei

Of Queen Isabella Unveiled In Ceremony

S By P rKnorr ceremonies Senator Spessard of the interior, they each placed that the sculptress on creatiAng She panic Gdn of St Holland, at the outdoor cere- a large red rose in a 17th cen- the statue had shown her knowguetisa betw en t money. turrenaissance, copper wash- ledge of the queen and the His cosgusine, between the Pan America building and Spain's Senator Holland spoke of the ed, pedestled urn which was panic heritage. The statue of
sa dhI Hidalg was form y significance of the planting af on a 1740 prid tab Iabelle of Casti he gsaid, o a

Thea coeite haslo been sueall uIese Re ton dcviiaidhdeuahr
dicatd d a a statue f Queen roses ans aa syme oi good fnel
abea f Spain Pas unveiled ing linking Spain and St. Auios- Prior Mo the unveiling of a monument to the faith of a n ateina n tine. As he introduced Secretar statue of Queen Isabella, a gift woman. ,Sunday.aftern.on of Interior Stewart Udall, Dr. from the sulptor, Anna Hyatt

H. Wolfe, hir man of the Jot Atme Ora, secretary general Huntington, L Goner Camfs Florida's ven Haydn Shown above at the Governor's luncheon to honor the of American States are distinguished personages seated S A stinefti cal Rests- of the Grganization of American Atonso Vega, Sas minister Barns and the distinguished as- Spanish delegation and representatives of the Organization the speaker's table. (Recsed photo) lion and reaction Corn- States, and Lt General Camilo of the interior, spoke to t semblege who. had previously sin, educed master of Alonso Yega, Spain's minister hundreds assembled He said attended a luncheon were present for the unveiling cere-c money. .G
Set on a coquina base, the Distinguished Visitors G sts, LunCh eon
tae captures in its entity the
spirit of the vibrant Queen Isa- A -blending of Spanish and master of' ceremonies and Arch- Secretary Udall in thanking castilln, that it vould ho disbella ~ ~ ~ Mr andin a sleye hedeath, hee n rding a horse held byan American words, f icy, mutual bishop Joseph P. Hurley gave the is Spanish counterpart said that played there ad ts mang iMr.ndnt and Mr.onieBrwn attendat.. pe da eat of hie invoeation his department held the Castillo p d to sos. He ass d espe and reao f Governor Hayd on Burns ex- de San Marcos in trust and that the donor that the d would heHispani-Garden i f to pheaant was savored Sunday pressed his pleasure in welcom- be accepted the gift as a new become the piee deessee of being creating by other "worn- te Mpason Motor Lodge atthe ing the delegation from Spain bond been Speain and t the fort. S tyfenIn tOerfioS rfth."tUlTO aidpeksatunand avelfsQneIoses anInn t dei ansd the AS. Ho said that e ahe be- United States. He said that e Episcal p E C Ha her the St. Augustine Historical Be- of Spain and the OAS.bSievedCthathisnayfwodzdosrnrdFlwaid ucoSudaAlfisE l twtnotesn onM dySeebr Cahdloe Adatin.Mcilanan.t....egoan InerorMiiserQadicntnnalan.Rstlieved that history would recordoswrrd couod be placed in the gavethe beiedint atla and Preoervation Anarray of notabas wa that when all other ties were 7 C mission, Mrs. C. Daughtry sealed at the speaker's table and broken, thosa nations with his. Tavers, only woman on the they included Florida's Governor toris and cultural bonds would commission, inspired the form- Haydon Burns and Mrs. Burns, maintain a balance of goodwill Ing of a group of prominent Count Al aro Armadn, lineal which was so vitally important ladies into a Hispanic Garden heriditary governor of Florida, to the prosperity, peace and hapFund Committee. Mrs, John R. Lt. General Camio -lonso Vega, piness of all. Brooks of Jacksonvlle is chair- Spanish minister of he intnor, When seating of Count- A!Stearts Udallsteret of theor
man of the committee and Mrs. Stewart Ildall, secret of ls varo Armada, lineal descendant H. E. Wolfe and Mrs. I interior, Marquis Alfonso Merris of Pedro Menendez de Avites and Drysdale are the St. Augustine Del Val, Spanish ambassador to beriditary adelantado de ]a Florrepresentatives an Ihe commit- the.United S tts, Dr, JoseA d gvro- f l aDe th ntdSae' r oeA. ida (governor Of Florida), Govteea Mora, secretary generalof the ernor Burns quipped that he had Organization of American State,, not asked the other governor his The Hispanic Garden Fund Dr. Juan Plate, acting chairman intentions concerning the 1966 Committee launched a state- of the OAS council, Assistant election. wide effort several months ago Secretary General William Sand- Count Alvaro Armada deplored to raise funds for the establish- ers, So. Fernands Suarez del his language barrier and stated ment of tpe garden. They have Villar, mayor of Aviles. that it was of utmost pleasure sponsored two successful lunch- Also, Senator Spessard Hol- for him to walk on the ground eons with accompanyifig fashion land, Congressnan D. R. (Billy) his ancestor had founded. He shows, one at Ponte Vedra Inn Matthews, Archbishop Joseph P. said that in visiting the Mission and the other in the George Hurley, bishop of St. Augustine, of Nombre de Dina it was i orma 'Washington Hotel in Jackson- and Episcopal Bishop E. C. for him as a Catholic to be proud vile. Hatcher, Earle W. Newton, ex th the extension of Christianity ccutive director of the St. Au- and civilization had begun there. The committee has been sue- gustine Historical Restoration The count said that as a descessful in raising a considerable and PrAseralias Cominissisn and oendant of the founder of St. Auamount of the goato 4a,0. NrI, Nowton. in n stine be was bonored to pAPreentat hedodcatsa nd Mainr- Geral Henry Wi Me- oipnte is tha nelebration of the Presnt a thedediatio and Ms~, adjutantgcenerat of Flor- 400th annieraryp unveiling at the statue were ida, and Mro. MeMitlas, Mayor ha iaypr of Avilas, Spoin, Mrs. C, Daughiry Toero, Mrs. John C. Bailey and Men. Bailey, Sc. Fernando Suaez dat Vilsr, Ellott Ronchuni, president at Hrber E. Wolfa, nhainman ofsadtthowspudhtfci the Garden Club at Jachsn- iba St. Augustine... Historical h it chaet he as nponsihatro villa, Miss Mary Noble, Mrs. H, Restoration a a d P oreeiastoo the founding oct -5t. AsgusRoss Harris, Nina. -George Commission, and. Mos, Wolfe, tine, Ha prsented a plaqueto ChampinIt, Mrs. Johns Ed- Hrt. C, Caughtr Toweras, only Governor Buoras indicating his ..... wards, Mrs. H, H. Wolfe, Mrs. woman of the restsrateon eon- own wacm personal feelings of Shoa abe unveiling, af Anna Hyatt Huntington's statue at Queen Isabella of Spain W. L Drysdale and Mrs. Arthur mission, rity and county nffieials the tie between A iles and Florin te C denSunay le romleft Dr Joe Moe; secet paignerlo Campbeil, president of the and macp peomsinent business ida. -in~ the ispan Ga er e an Sayates f r tu in, oseoA M r el, amassaydge re of Prnesidenis Council at Gardan and ocia0l -pero at ofh aren Unifarmed L. General Camile
ebe rganzat of merian ta~n MoeainAltoas Mrrydel et, mbasado atClubs at St. Augustine and SL. ware present. Atns eg, pino iiae /~U ,Sneaya ueirSeatUai et cel
Spaind t h can; and L.eenral aism Aan soW R Vegaly Mapin's minierof nerio. Johns Ciunty. Earle F. NeWton acted .as the interion,' spoho eloquently, replica of Menendez" award tram LI. Gen, Camito Alonsa Heldd tem an e ses ongrssmn W H,(Bily)Mattews(-l~n)andH, -Ha said that it was a great honor Waite, ,chairman at 'the Se. Augustine HistorinatiRestoration and Preservetion Canommis to bring greetings to alt Ameri- Vego, right, Stasins eMinister of the Interior. .sian. (Renord photo) can nations gathered bore sine
/ .greetings to Asmerica are the sin~~cerestna pniardecnepres.
-The spanish minister said that G et your "tho city of StL Augustine spin.
holizes thetwa principles which inspired the aork of Spain tn Free Hurricane Amerieno the evangelistic motive
and the spread ojstina." Tracking Map ... Me presented a reptira at: the sword of Manandee to' Seeretsr
of Isterhoc Stewart UdaU.,
Births winds blow

5 Ae U.O Weather Bue
BEATH you onan tracO the rits
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Heath, " oc r ono )our Hurro R FD 2, are annauncing the iane Trnn king en p. els birth at a son an Sunday, Sap- on: temben fifth, in Flagler Hospi- 0 Included aith the Map ass teL". important foils about Can:ri te. CRUNDWELL oea tae, iaothes 555luallr Airman 3.c and Mins. Robert sanes panatuati s soar Crundwell III, 200 1. Dixie High- ematon. way, are the parante of a so[ Plesaecons by souc nonc tar barn Sunday, Septeinber fifth, your sres Hureicane Trashieg in Fiagier Hospital. MSp.. balmse ths big w~is
Mn. and Mrs. Ronnie Brawn, "
225 Covina Avenue, are anonclag the birth at a daghter inI
Flagier Hospital an Monday, J T O P o ALY A E C September ninth. IIu rONB IEY A E C MANUCY
'Sr. hernando Snarer del Vollar, Hayor at Aviles, Spain, Mr. and Mrs. Garti L. Mans- g eal Estate & Isasrasc Secetary of Interior Stewart U, dntt speaks at unveiling of a statue oh Queen Isahetba. In nester, presented plaque to Governor Haydona Bsens dur- ry, MPG 1, ea the parents at a background are. Count Alvoa, a dencendant at Henendez; Govvernor Barns, Florida inc a luncheon Sunday, At tlf is Earle W. Newton of the nan born Monday, September 5 Cathedral Phase Old-l6ll Adj. Gin. Mo~ittan and Lu. Caen, Vega, Spains aInterior Minister. Quadricentenniat and Rinstoration aaommeissions, alahx, in Flagnin Hospitat. _

Tuesday Afternoon, September 7, 1965 THE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD Pae
making you take a back seat inB
July Winners and f wihae Today In History o I

Of Game ishplan. Restore good will. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS back Indians attacking the fort Greek demand for self-deter- little to-write oe about IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN he had built at Boonesborough, mination of Cyprus; Greece re- cept being almotbroke Today Is Tuesday, Sept. 7, te Ky. plied it would submit te' deh nt n l currently in demand Give fin- On this dale is 1825, tbe H- Quensbury coln was beld in military dcipline srg
the Ancient City Game Fish As- ing the sciences, since very farewells to President John defeated John L. Sullivan in 21 armed forces. sociation are: Bonito, Marcia great things can be accom- Quincy Adass and t ie Cabinet rounds. One year ago President M e,0pod1plised at maturity as evol- in the White House. The Fren- In 1040, London suffered ito Joson opened bin election Mussallem, 10 pounds, 12 ounces tion progresses A little disci- man was saying goodbye to the first heavy night attack in the campaign with a Labor Day\ w siting, Caelton Fops, 2 pounds, plise is necessary here, but the country be hbad come vo as Battle of Britain. speech in Detroit. W hrint as i
nes; tarpon, Ed Pay, 1 will sold be leftquite free yot to figt i e Revolution- In President Harry S. sr p ed tal k itee
pounds dolphin, Gene OConno, otherwise, since the mind ia ary War. Truman received Ike Japanse astrs obamesos lark -e o e ab, y, w4
2 unds; in, aee Henr ent on whaiIes contru ive. On this date surrender paper signed aboard aus tied for 2nd place in Ie Warner, 15 pounds, 7 ounces "The Stars imspel, they do not In 1533, Queen Elizabeth I the battleship Missouri. recent U. S. Open with 299. Last A fasio expert sabi, ot Crosa, 40 p ounds; oon pel.1 Whatrge you make of was born. ooe Ten years ag Britain de year in the Open De

Mrs. Gerald Skinner, 5; arpon

beould at the sclab's neaxt meeting; ,p Edd, ossallem, oairmans of the
nomitingcotte preetsPOWER EXECUTIVE HERE
president, Jim Nanmaon; il Mcuseoor Smsth left hssrman of sthe booed of lbs. Floe.o

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deal, Bil Justice; treasure.0NYoTWOEdeaEKs h a EF We N.f 1 also ih made from oun flomS
The net meeting e will ldM nn Monday, Sep lltember 11, eo rt B9e0

tSn Mrrsun on: H oi oM- o HdR o une the bay front, with didas t sed-Hpe uled c :30 pr ha. t a srd and h or

ed meeting ato s:00 phm. Mo ne km-n
resrert tob ake res- i Foreca st' HURRY... ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT IN WHICH TO WIN
e s erei rustles li t th rresro ey a toarant by callig 78. ry Carroll Righter er FAB.ULOUS CASH PRICES

f s: JcUssn oau are energei and can
.cLEGAL NOTICE held_ t_'" t Oct

SPROBAT elecic day and evening after a You an be ingenious n
aa erl am. You can find ways n you want them to. AdAol wrebAEtDorI. C the leso

taurntedalig121y mirrlSGTAUS (Niob22to ROLS GOO F U s1 others an aloS t io to moeio n quickly, commenourate with inC Abn Wi s, re e akingnsd png I

as "orea ptointent s of bth a prive o abusi sa n make your work owisse. D ammt LdBBO they may hacs agast~ sane state c or- a S ice of the County you, yursel, mre in tune wi MOON CHILDREN June
otruded o alool /oun FdYNE-T .n19
the Courhous at Augu e, rn and up-to-date cond- July 2) Impress r thera by Florid, within x (6) calendar ions.Be dynamic. handling affairs in a far more
WAiNTTHAT Wis asOiso. Aah ARIES turO 21 INHApr. 10) mIdern meRod 1EaA clem or demand must be in writ- Comrades in all walks of life fore and advance swiftly. You tsg and must state the' Piece of hold the key to your success to- are able to make home ties hap- residence and post-office address
of the claimant and must be day, so contact them early. py. Seine every opportunity to sworn to by the claimant, hi
become void according to law. way. State aims, ideas very LEO (Jl p2 to Aug. 21) Aoy August 2t h, s 16 riefly-get right answers. modern plan is acceptable to paer sin ,a s. d smpa of e ao s I ARLD V. WIH, OR. Awl L t bO Hsr.
SAMUEBL T. WIL.IS TAURUS (Apr. 20 in May 20) associates sow, but be sure you
and Testament f AbbleE. Getting out in public life and listen to theirideas as wll Cor- T D
Wilts. deceased puting points across is best porate ventureo coo be very
UMCRCHAW GRD UPHp P go0Co CH nge B an ngA way to advance now. Don't pro- successful, provided you co-op- FARMER GRAY OR St. Augustine, Florida crastinate. A higher-up is in a rate intelligently. Be happy. "
Attorneys Lor UxecutorsS y ough with year plaNs

H gT W accomplish geat deal. Don't
S I V .demviate from the course you 1Z A have set tar yourself. Think of ACR S sNmiate 9 N N U co-workers as well.
E5mso0 4ow hts. U T U LIBRA (Sept. 23 to 0O.c 2) 6 Tleis'on's a S b.)E L K K A Quickly doing important work
bGi m T will then release time fora
12 Afris Med, soks most happy day of recreation 14 Hebrsw :seSS lo Hateful VA and the older people. Everyone F ai LB

16sat es (Fr.) eits us el put them in suck.' 17 Sarpryingly IIIa e ged 3 t 4 Cu SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) 109 w i l&Oe iner cou mn rac Make plans to do whatever will ICED CINNAMON APPLE 22 Amorn. for 245s nun 37 Binlica 47 God of loe give you added security, but let TREATP instae 2ead pronous 48 Proofe family in on your ideas. Add
2ospelss ooes 5 .) comforts at home that will
ordinarylemse ae, Yo con he BAKED OUT SPLITn I WORTZ CRISPY FRESH LMIT-WIH DORE a D 1 wealthy if 'you make up your .... C .....
2 Pedal dg mind to iL. h 1 1 SAGITTARIUS (Nob. 21 to ROLLS PKG 2o 29r tut : Dec. 21) Making and keeping
33Restor to appointments of both a private i

horis s not neglect to shop for what is 3 =necessary. Enjoy hobbies with companions tonight. FRESH Ni" mCAPRICORN 1Dec.22 to Jan. P C MONOGRAM LONG GRAIN REG. 43 20) Your real estate, other pros ern -' '- eaaensl

.o L doca '- emm-9 ^ e5

Page Ten THE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD Tuesday Afternoon, September 7, 1965



5-Male Help Wanted 19-For Rent (Furnished) 20-For Rent (Unfurnished) 28-Houses For Sale 28-Houses For-Sale 35-For Sale Miscellaneous 48-MobilehomesTrale
MAINTAIN a, R A TESeart S. NORTH CITY 2 edrtoo u- NORTH CITY-2 bedroom gartge FAIRCHILD-HILLER A REAL BUY! CL AN tno dirt oand Our bl EA
In consideration for furnished ntshed garage apartment with Ott Ott s nd refriger- Lo us help oake o ovto St top sti. Delivered. Pone 824- YEAR END SALE apartoet. Flaminoo Aps., Duf- i n ooot.d kitchette... attso. Adut. 10 W dod St. nAuguAstine easy nd easant. A In a three-bedroo 1693 Jyg-tf-5 Ot t. . ne. h ....
__ _ __ferin St. A1-tf-c car space $5 a month. S-6t-P wide assortment of homes are OME RETURNED FROM vacation. Open h e drtly r i O 5l Words or BAG BOY. Also for general help.. First floor-8 room duplex prt 17 ON IA- ur oos bth available in,all sections. Call now with a lifetime roof. On a large for business. G. I' John Furni--hms datc

.. I nma VR,13SNMR en aart- 17 26WNED-Toroms enth SEA e PARK- HoMS INC. Ima aVALENCI oaig tunFL ITLRDTALRMR Apply Broudy's Banner Foods, met. Consists of livn roomT p o r c h, garage. $40 month. for our lolst. olt o t. In good condition. All you pay rt a 1 u r pr c or. S o th $5 o
198 Wet King St S2-tf-c bedroom, bath, kitchen and di- s o Ae t at aL AND WELCOME TO TOWN. Is $5500. r n VA 4-13. -t chance to owna e I ETIGN. s .l.0 netted. $40 a month. Carl D.Adults. A2l-tf- JOHN HART, Realtor COOL COMFORT 01-61,0 wide prices Ban finattn, o
WHITE OR COLORED Langston, Inc., VA 9-3444, 50 VA 4-292 We offer a modern 3 bedroom. 2 CLEAN RUGS, lke new, so easy PORTWOO S T San Marco. Sl-6t-c Sh--Rf-- both h3ttc ow o At. to dto with lu Lustre. Rent 1800 N. Ponce de Leo Blvd o INSERTIONS ROUTEMEN TO SERVICE 25-Rent ort Safe 0es11-itf oEtot o dishwasher, ter- 3leBDOi sh2oo bt,1 BVildc2s obl h LAUNDRY AND DRY THREE ROOM 09ps101rs apartment .tot floors, otond cer toloset. t C.Service Company. St-6t-c a ONS LEANI ROUTES. $ utin AT t i d lean lenens SEA PARK HOMES Sotn D MT ACNl EPOSSAED SINCERE OW o.NO reiti eh.ovkly. C eos 0 Fair- and BEDROOM 207.$35,000.withotes eR HSA EolasterdDrive Ch-o 3 ,1 OWN YOUR OWNOMPNYL4 o

Home Repir ANT E M Telds RA NG Fchd 2 603. S 6trc ve ab oe J N IER
St eA e~lee o PER WEE RsaK TRAINING l n o ike rent Graham EUGENE L. BARNES & SONV Po d
nWrs R htO ss ote SALARY. CASH BOND DE- 01-1 .se.prn et S King St. ewo a le I s lbne eup thae n an Cdhndeo HOMe

26- ant eT os aRe cot n Stre a3 arin RErPrc tosnAL TR toD eB R O baartho Mator Servic a ti Aut-M njha ln
minimum DUCTED WEEKLY. FIVE A9TOMATIC WASHER, toot tlt- 8s9-oo1 Osestsh 524-1812 To O-hedoo, 2 h holes. sews on buttons, blind
flosDUTDWEL.FVAUOAIWAHRpat;i-A05-tf-o MtoMBoR 00S IW Wtide.t. lod
2 ots. rea cities, five rooms, bath, porches. e bedroom. A bath. hems, monograms, embroiders, e ro o
2 H ot e nour ano DAY WEEK. UNIFORM O neigbOrRod beo WaDnotndr COO. -5-A tosTruckSsAo 0ca 1o aie
iln for a insertions as net-rc r aoro a 3Wtetc. Sold new for $49. Now as-dooBuM1t-0GSYMOOSIC
.... pe F RN ISHEDV. HIGH ................. .... 10 .......... ...... S-bfc ... ... .. 5 King ..... Phone ..... -W1 ....................
t mo p t o aor n Hse u 1rtront room, 2-bath, patio, garage. One -bedtooT, 2, bth. With as .012 s i 7 to f
HIGH SCHOOL EDUCA- SN WATERFRONT. One--doot Marlo A. Pandolfino, Broker. S5S fomily root. ..$7.14. Phone TUnited Sales, Day- etos ren osbose
eis l Ism ts TION REQUIRED. APPLY st. -4 ooth. 250 Oeoo- 824-2169, 824.1368. 2-6t-c L Olect). Agent in t O payme nt. o de

3 9 B ild n g M t e ~ s o A t a r a n r nt i a c t h e r~ s s. n . V A -s e a R E D 00 e m C A P E T Sr n o ( noo uTa yw-ses t o reo q a n o u si n Clsife oDslames r e IN R Q I EDiPLap. 4 ot. 0 lln every day, 255-6431. within loss miles.
h Ba 00 IN PERSON, SOFT WATER way. Twobedroom apt., $70 a Two o-brdroor 1 both homeo Ae1-otAo n rnth. 20 Oceanway. Water f*Hr-rH Ve
-,LAUNDRY, 143 SAN-MAR- nished. VA 4-14-20. S2-6t- 26-Wanted-To Rent 33 VALENCIA STREET ELROD TRA
44-ut SoaePr kigOSEA PARK HOMES, INC. Imagination and modernization FILL DIRT t kI Mo
be in the Reor ondc o rtr A L A PhoneT'e.-0A
Athe dsY co t mo e w c 5tro .A as se arlle oxd2r BEACH HOU S ted. ot s ront os o Aiator Farm o0a fine family home. Five bed- anls dryou -want it. Phone ..
o S d s they A o t nits. Delightful sroingto for about 4 weeks or so by 1U.S. State Road &. VA 9-2186 rooms 3 baths living room and 824-1693; Nil phone 829-3725.
or Se ua the erd on fc BAG BOY wanted for ful S2timeayCmmne A15-tf-c library, dining room, kitchen, but- All-tf-c8M OAK mveaer an
Bic sm a seoymet. Amplya i p8so- 2461414. 1it maile F o VODA tomaoot c 0
by 1 Motos. t .1d Bsyns Ol AP.PLIBanner, REAISEla family, peGAB g SfiniCg steE Ser'U paty lg x 12.. daS5 1 NIsl ovee8 er 2-to nojActor fot st
n ad mst <. & u. d ,ei esntE VALENCIA APARTMENTS Augustine re- rage Price $18000.00. e li
5 S dc prior to inser tion o WNAAlo S H C Pll L R VS t n A o s o t o a 00
"ct e into t J- -t S RIC10Ap plce eptra Rfur he uRtoOs ae Nill h HOPKINS REALTY (o Potts l s )lttant. H r au ti1f r ooth tle t Bst la Sdal must
eOUR Fe D L .0c1- Fo Ren (cFprrtneis hedhe IaM.ReenTs available. T. It WEAUGHRSI AGENCY ate prices. Free estimates.
an tt Sa nd eATOy REtPt T W Ith t L o ot OO O 10... 0. S. o it. Pone r 4-1663. Carlton's In.o:e : .d*cteAT .Cod810otiistB bolI tr o tooolto2 Vtotbt Bot AOka so A00 Ot hin, M.o OL Do ho i VnM 4oGC sto 01 a4P L~etc
Fridor S un t puflitio n- 6-Female Help Wanted electric kitchen, screened porch. Pa comunoc... a0, St. Au- ADtoCEr-Member MLS terlors. A29-tf-c 54-Pets-Lit
Wn the event of error no Us A du ts esta s t. V Pe.Oa.. Bo 2o SA ra n1 6 A
ImmedIatel.ol *n At s. 0 Vole It. VA 4M-A1T 4. gustine. Wilo l reply at on.t 3 bedroomsT nearly finished, R$2,900 EIne sAd L4- s

2-Personatsf LO SPECIAL 1 EDURERva eor ith FOa-AL
Insertion wS e ET_ A4v-282ua- A VA o-20
IF you're looking far a Job reuir- TWO BtDROOM house. Centrally Houses from 050 Bots A19-t96 PtOOE AtO retoytad OiniIlogA12-tf-cb, toK tbsregiooootered._____Reason-___Ing uniforms shoes, sea the located, near schools. Garage 27-Lo, Acreage For Sale A SpTPM. VA9-604 bWlhelmi K l A.
large selection of sizes olors fenced backyard. Phone VWATER C Aoia. FNew aod used furniture and 4-3247OSeoa and styles at Junior hot). sae uATER VI-to1 Cu ne rnd
St. George t Jy-tf-c 4 0 Route 1, Box 414 bedrooms, 2 lots. Air-conditionot d appliances. Terms hS-f ssa s.2-tf-c lany extras. $4s50 do wn. FHA. MODERN 3 rooms. Conveniently LOTS-South, north. and west of Sutliff, VA 4-1121. It-- LEGAL NOTICE
** WOMANIto5okInOImeat markt. lsoatd.Nicesyard t6Abbottt. city. Varyingprice. No itst ERO,2Oah a g-BbGeg Able to read scales and watt on Cll VA.9095. BoLs ae RO hot tt L' Kg-s coE001unter. Full time employment. S3- t c0asld. Details. 1 T.LoeDOonsTo220
Broody's Banner Food* Store, 198 -VA 9-8840 Jy26-t-S outside Oct li its. VA 4 ET 2 Br 0 1 2,A 9,70 0 IN THE CIRCUIT OURT- IN W St AA O s ..... 10e ity0Hots. AS--o- Br. Gar., D. Shores 750 9.500 MATANZAS FURNITURE AND FOR ST. 0 cDu T
West King St. S2-tf-c ATTRACTIVE I bedroom apart- 1,900 ft. front Hastings Rd. $2-6t-c Br cor. lot. horses 0010.00 LORIDA
merit. Electric kitchen. I block age00
WAITRESS. Attractive, over 21. from A&P and new Post Office. 207. $35,000 with terms. FOR SALE on Masters Drlve -- I A, Lewis Spdwy.1,000 4,800 COMPANY 12-510. 700 hor pltus S Central Ateosoe. J -tf-n Lot titbeatifllt rbos 00 hobO01 6 ott house and one small 4 Br. 1% B, N. City 1.000 7.800 MAo. 20,205tips. Harrison's One Stoo, U.S. 1 _ _Y CAToEnINE a r l i 8OBs 1 7 n l x -Soth, 829-32e7. 00-00-0 UPSTAIRS one bedroom at. 0000 of tld, Intrsction of 041tat loo ote 0Psopet in nee o f~ 3 Brt. 2 & ottg 100 2to,0 00 APslsa ld -atiCTHf NEfooo~ BOUSEKEEPER ad bb tt Electric kitchen and garage. No ts. .. repair.. Price 43,500. 3 Br. Trailer, Lge Lot 5,500 VA 9-3721 VtC POitE dase a wek y:0 to r0 pets. 33 Rohde Ave. A23-tf-c prced. E'RLE house, Blvd. 32,000 RICHARD CHIn RFerneays awrie, 13o 6." care ebsPOPE...AGENCYs CARL 0. LANGSTON. INC. 1 Br., 1B acre, US So. 1,000 6.000 300-tf-o DTendOt
'Refereces. Wrte Box B," cae NOW RNTINCI MeberhMulipceooltt7003.000 P3Br.TOJI. IES.ioebyou1r80ocNTICEtT of Record. $3-6t-c kitchenettes. Low rates. Utili- V.FA ndC vetoa J. WILTON DAVIS. WGI. 2 Br .sho 0 ,0 HTCPE fyu ouet O: RICHARDCH IN cO166& Cut8 ot ii. .Financing 5 SA M RC 14Units, D. Shores 6,000 18.500 while yu wait. Beaudoin's KLE, Defendant reinc u--Noti~s.2_ezsm -AVON CALLING! as J17-tf-C .srotne and 806TrsS '2O 0 s5c-8ts story duplex 750 8,500 Studio, u I Cordova S%5_ VA no.
2-Pesonals S-tf-c Motel and cottages 6,250 15,000 9-8818. S t-c You are hereby no ie --Lot dt's a woman's world Have a new SOUTH PONTE VEDRA 03-n- VA 90 005007 C00 00R to 1bow0 Cuss .-i-sued loots,~~~~ ___________________ 20 21105. wilt l dod 4.500 15.00t FREEZER, sttove, ood futos re.t 0y lhe Coort Jobu 10l 03,od 3--Lott an ineesig caer If o ar eros aharcndition-E~~f lf2 -: SMALL'.......... 3t.... bero cottag ...... .... ... 10' St. ...... ... JhsRvrfotlt150 ... .. ........ ....... prcd ......... Ore issued. byan
4.sFound o 0,: aeation a00000 ed and centrally heated home. On 3 BEAUTIFUL, oak-covered lots. acted on magnificently wooded 2 B0. hohn ent 1 5 Cal A S-t500t 00-01-r 31st 1060, is debtheortAug 5--Male Help Wanted qualify, Avon will trai you. We beautiful landscaped lot. Coot- Have been underbrshed and lot on Anastasia. Lot Is 70'x300'. r hs uR f o too 65 R sll p1 d. 00 -3t-. sd, Iscoode0 oh, requiring
tea 0need m representatives in 1St. piot fshed. Avalae Ott. dStore or office A.C. rent 50 tat Ri chard Chsi MCo1 p.Fe e Help Wasted need d thr e sentate 0000100 l. are ready to build on. Ocpted A bargain at $6.000. For partic bth, apt., unf. r 0 2 O VItO, boos rt oso s 290 ep Augustine and the surrounding perle A. Popey, y VA 2 streets overfrom U.S. High- ulars contact George Connelly, O Br ONDO, O.,eo Broer Call VA 9-8483, 7-2t-c do of Sept r 1 at 0080 o o Ftp r ior~tti 0 Wal 10ine -0050tf- sap 1, St. Augustine Sout. Cordova Agency, 69 Kng St., 10 S George 4-2169 Res. 4-368 'clock AM., in oie o t 7-Male or FemaIF Help 71*1 /oo{ otto dor tall Gaines- -t C- Cnotoct Ben W. Adams Jr.. If VA 9-5687; or VA 9-5544. rctu e h yBi
Wanted O, -04. -S0t- EL CIHAR MANOR ... TO 9-600 020-6t-. s_-_t-__s_-_-c 37--Office Equipment st ..t.... inslrid to
nNew modern all electric apart- 1, 3, 5 ACRE TRACTS To Settle Estate-3 bedroom house $0500sOTALshow cause, if anwntc-" 9mrMiscleneous Service -lrts. Just completed. On B Femae sHze with extra lots. In Santa Rosa Includes down payment and clos- hmH foraogoteC pt ot 5 C
o p tract you desire on avo Lewis Ing costs to qualified buyer for NEW Remington typewriters and and failing tooply 9- an Wanted f furnished 0 or Vunfurnishedp-t Cll peedway. JA mile from High this fine3 bedroom CBS home at adding machines, 1001o discount, nal Decree ands O 95A lnaoran-t W t-36 ohooL nrl. VAd o Blob Waterfront Lot-On Davis Shores. 113 Menendez on Davis Shores. Other makesof used adding ma- In;, further that sald Order nTO Monthy payments i fit you. AL- 95's116. locel landscaped slob 0r1cod b eo opert appraisal, chines and typewriters, Specal Joined Richard Chopin l ICorkto
11-Radi Tv seric n MOB man shade tree. VILAN BEACH prices. Call 82.4-23.1. AN31-6tBELso Will oa d Testamt 0 ;l2Be~sYClt5P HsOWARD JOHNSON'Sn Restaurant, pOEgTO-46 Sot Marco. Fuso e IMBLE HOME LOTS SAMEan
C$9 San Maro0 Av. Openinfor apartment, downstairs. Front AREA, SAMS EAST nERMS. te bedroom furnished house, Ib h100 boms ob qty _nd____ly__d___xeutr__l~~~n Augustine Realty. Realtors, VA Ocean Park. $5.600. construction. Consists of equipped Faye C. McCorkleI eesd rm
3 Re nation Service cooks1ut1lities, waitresses,. and and back entrances. Garage. s ssoosfnt of, or I or s
1 erBus boys. Age 18 or over. Fringe Phone VA 9-8183. S5.3t-c 4-2331. A25-tf -c electric kitchen, 2 br., tile bath, 38-- la Instruments afetn th t
3-A -Finamal benefits. Free insurance. Paid bedroom home. 47 M ruela, Da dining area, large beamed ceiling afecd tig Rith t0re 10 of tavacaton. A ply n peron be NIC LY funishd 3 lrge romedvis Soresv$350down.m an$10,rlivig rootand r 130patio 1.1
teen 9:00 am. and 1:00 noon. hoseft.Mod wide lawn. Beautifully land- NEW 1966 V. M0 stereo h o d ib or 8sit
14-A- Home Building -f A0-tf-c Nice yard Very reasonable. Near closed, near the ceon and the d1r. l 1 0 Fairchild. $29-2603. 3 bedroom home. 10 Madierss Dr., beach. $11,000. gr 0phs. Al types Priced from St. Johns 'CounOt." lo t. 0re
l--Home Repairs WANTED. Motel desk clerk. Age S5-6t-c Madlera Heights. $400 down. FHA. ST. JOHNS RIVER compact portables. 1 suitableS for part and esdibeopa oosS
tZgsaup. 0Sf05t00 between 2T and 40. Experience NEW HOMES I0,00 .. Deott's boat house and bsn. college students. Hahn's Music Of the City of It. Ouuctine1bo.Laundry,not necessary Full time or part TRAILER% $12.00 to 20.00 week- o bulkhead, swimming pool, Box, 114 St. George. 25-tf-c ginning ata pot n N
7-Dressmaing Alteration time. Sta0 refe...c P.. ma-1 Electrilty, wter included. VERLE POPE AGENCYt, to h CB fr iouses and Bent 100 B0x "A," 2-O- o5 A pOHI 010 Park. R
8---Business Opportunities Rcr. t 86 N. Whitney. S 5-tf-c select your lot and choose your Member Multiple Listings Service large building for dinner and fish- ONE small used Spinet piano, 01000 tr 180 feet 0 0 0 9-F Rent (Furnihed) 5- O Wplanfrom or large rety; types aIng parties. Equpped with ra0000. $39. New pia.... $5q5 UP. rom thl oC.the
tt VA. FHA and ConcBosl broilers, freezer and refrigerator H hn's Music Box, 114 St. Cadiz and kviles orel Hol___________________ .-EDROOM SOPE)isbed apartent.of flors, hardood, 0trrazz, o' Fin-Smoann and aothrbat.11 o000 Locted 01 Gerg S3PO 05. S-- p1111 trpeets, asod010bipo Vlano Beach. 45 monthly. Call tile; 1. or bath: from $050 o. Charlotte and Treasu Sts. Riverdoter; Psi t27,500. south i 00 o po et 20-For Rent (Unfuished) Wt 9-3711 after 4 p.m. S-tS-c down, $60 mo. Best of fi ...cing. Phon VA 900 b 0Sroet
2 -Roo For Rent eo VA -9 St- R eraePre$2,0.of Afettin (formeli ieo)
2-amido ut WTRCortdl0LFURNISHED apartment. beat, For appointment and Information St- CURTAN-CALHOUN AGENCY t-10ahencerun northorl0 ot 22-Farmland For Ren MAINTENANCE or clerical posi- lights and water furnished $60 on other homes call I hri dmAscae 4-uoRpis anig east line of Meii 7fe
23--Store and Office Spaee tio night time. Experienced a month. St. A-ugustine Beach. STEAL Charlie Adams, Assoiate.
urniture repair and refinishing. Phone -s4. -t- A bedroom CShome at 210 N. MULTIPLE LISTING sER cICE thence run east M24--Garago Rental Space Call 824-39p2 8 JAM0 L P W-00hittney- S-l dJnE paymTnAO 12 CRthtWedr0l PI Ph. VA 4-102ilRADI0TOR.e d tin's south line eettP. 402 ,-p MEMBER MLS Yake 0e4 VA 1an, or seat Nte & Sun. 4-1456 9-5080 9-2628 cleaning and recording X other southeast to oo e, 25-Rent Or Sale W s --For Rent (Unfurnished) for cas s....s.-t-cchng Inttk.M n t
25.A Misc.-FoE Rent nigts bbtwn : :00 .and 240 N. Whitney VA 4-1114 C OUNTRY used 'radiators. Auto glass in- the 1east line ofito6fe 259p n F Lcna 0. -8 -- S SANVA ROSA stalled. Dupont Auto aE t for 6 Inches to proper tpoForlRent Sldr o CB ome. Appox. 1 rea,-on shaded 0 o h 0001.0 satex otlt 0 .thence run eastey atop lbs 26-Wanted-To Rent COMPANIONCOUNTRY home miles from cre 5 iles west on Toco Rd. 115' we ave this 3 BR, bath, 0LR, sale. Newlon' Glass ad Rad south line of Hbo 26-1Wante--To Rent n town, 0 rooms, bath and 2 Pricedt sell. ator Service. Al-tf cokig by its wooan. Al- AtItf 0 -25 DR. sotppe Itce ,0 cort o A0 feteot3 nhesll~ f Ace e ForSae so child care anytime. Refer- screened porches,. Niceysd with TRADE 01111Utility area plus big screened Capo, thence r Iun aonR 27- Hots, Acragces. VA 9-092. 0 es. CaIT 4270 0a5. 0 S to Now 4 bedroom 4 b0 Ceotr1 porc. Oor 8,000. $000 on 0l the west line o poety 0 27-A-Home-Fire losoranqe a- o do SadSrday. 00.00.p DAVIS SHORES beatingand air -conditioning. easy payments. TURNER REAL- 4-Autos -Trucks For Sale lo 8s2 feet 3 s
Built-in oven and range. On large T01 ace v. 2-79nrhln l'a
28-Houses For Sale 2LEAN, 0 0edrooo h0u00. 5 story Monterey home in excel- 0115e-1 t000d yay t1ke TV, 04 Sotohez A5e., 010-S7t9. 00 Sbne tOCadtS-tree, 00en0e 1Sto and refrigerator optional o t condition. Dow stairs, large ot o So f uoe24,500e. M oon te nor00 29- B usine For a e 9- M isce aneous Service Lor lot, 3 m iles south a f p ansl d l o o with e b S s- Sf of,. D A V T E A NE Mto the po nt e
3-elEstate For Traeed Illsc BSOOVKS BELn. 5.s~ 10 tclod, sson roomt dining 90 DAY VETERAN CAUSEY MOTORS, INC. 100 o~ 00 fbgO~O
Sgo of 824.963-. oom. O kchen. utltyP room. or 000 00u have be In srvice S9 3h-Wanted To Buy, Misc. Ctbe od dthsrec .. - P00101bath. 2 ar garage. Upsts .8 days It 0005 you are probably Open 8 to 8 Daily that a W rit of td an00 31-Mom Property 0 wi th trator and newmo- -bedroom, 05 bath, bric oe. bedrooms, 2 full baths. Lot 140'x eligible for a home loan. Call us Sequstrtion 5s 32-RealrtiRotatessWanted OndI
32-Real Estate Wanted er, will out lots and acreage, -Range and oven. 2% miles north 190'. Detached studio room. heater for details. W TE -Jn casndtu s, Closed Sundays Ing the Sheriffo.Jo hn pul
33-Wanted To Buy, Mis Call VA 4-310. S-3t-p of Fairchild. Call VA 9-0058. room. Artesian well. Price $26.500. 0 V. ovE sO -RBY W'NTEt- o osoodtt .y ty, Florida, to at 0a 55d505
A -t E. A. BENNIN L. H. JAMES Call Joe' KraVitz4 829-63 1. ter, and take int is ossso
34-Wanted To Trade A245-t-C MADEIRA HEIGHTS o. PACE oTI CAROLYNE SHA ClPE A22-1 mo.-c 1960PONTIAC the above described ea5ltr1, tt
35- -For Sale Miscellaneous 1l-Radio-TV r ON WATERFRONT, I bedroom Bonneville 4 dA-. hardtop. Full and hold same sub ec ogt apartment. $t5.Oo a month, 201 New 9 bed oom, 2 full tile bath ST. AUGUSTINE REALTY poweftor air' bontonol tot Old o0 t sh power, factory elr--tondttiotog, ttne Osdeof thO lbs0000
36-d oods og $oo8 Oea. bedroomo b home. FiA financed. $1500 and tR r o, heater, whit. wall tires,- You ar5r00e r otifid thot,
soootaods Otamay 25 bedroom cpacOme. 00 55040 Mo0gag Broer rkeOd~~goo -Ptt~O bs C~Sbot
37--Office Equipment 'T os, RADI. Record Plt years, etc. $70.00 a Month, A 20 4a0 0u 0 5 o cles .. costs On 7n'xo40M o s 3 o S e M Like new throughout, Petition has bee Mil e Most sets' repaired while you Water furnished. VA 4-1420. woddlos orner Cordova and Valencim '5FrSl iclaeu Plaintiff seeking Mdfcto
38-Musocal IntSuictits ot We guarateevthing 01,00-0 Phone VA 4-d Anyme 959 VOLKSWAGEN Final Decree hen dfoat 9BuildingMdo.rLargeparking THOMPSON-BAILEY MLS Extra clean. Low'mileage. Best toe atsu ofe so ans area Pope's TV, 312 Anastasia UPPER AND lower duplex apart- REDUCED $O.O0 oth easy termse.t tur 00 0 0 40- Mat rses, B adding B yV TA l-SO 6. AS-tf-C m ont, ; newly decorated. C ntal 8C- athedral P h. Phone V 4 1 8 b4f oo 0 s1 boagh. Closet to CARPETS transportation buy In town. t e enforcement of 00 ePi al 040"atrse. Bedigv located. Aduilts, VA 2-8214- 2mef $ 0o -11240 town $8Saford RE VA 9-59n9. Samples brought to your homea, ore And Order of teCuti h
41-Aoto Parts--atteiee TELo50IOI,radbo, .tere.. Gsoor- 001-0- A3-tf-o 015-tf-o Estilaoes made. NI obtlton. 1961. SIMCA 200ov0 ctpled soous. ..
. .. emSed Oetoc. alt n~eL,55 _____ . Carpets sha0pooe0, altered 0-dy., d-cylinder, ec00000 ottor. DONE 000 ORDERED 00 50.
42-Tires-'Recappng derS 21000 0.0, Telssis. s.I H ough Home Equipment Ne tolpes. Osater. oricsd Oslow A Agstlo, Floo,OSc1.Sa. 43--Auto;epirn, Painting Bridgr S ~ 850 -AVA-9-3452 f tkb--OS05 00 /s OLIVEO LAW eNR 44-Auto Stsosrge, Peeking YOUR HOME SERVICE PROBLEMS" CAN BE QUICKLY SOLVED 02-tO-S 1960 FORD lr o Circutor
'S----SOOnrne 1-Mot O'TMHL Oho oySPt--I- tdt otoo ysoot. ohns OCounyFor
45-Autoo---Toks Foe Sale Rearsarpe~e-e~P0t1 ... Bu O stre 2100 tho b..t. lesion, beater and0 otite 1000 AND OTEPHEOS
elm~ ~ L L u ~ l E VCE -.-oointoel oopid resoling, wall tires. Only 20,0 000 011cualAttoney Sor Plainotiff 46-Auts-Trsols Wonted INEIRiSss~ipJNE g~ff5 ~ URdt" 01101010 sbampotoe 0. Cor- miles. 010xtto ic. Priced 9o0e.1 10 Cathedrsl P1ace NTEROs bats sxeor reair vIoEr Harwar 00000ny 005t- POc obloslo869 o 52
48---Moblehomos-Tailee, o wa hv yo10201 o Po EnwirteRFRIGEROS ags n is ubiainAgs 0o300ncudn srO reoklrc or Thee Reliable xprsare at Your Service. Business Firns and Individuals wahes-usd. t rebuot 0traopoio,~paa 4-dr,a,V-8, sootratloath 1000 48-A--TraIlers---Rent 0'cement1 worls 01800wrk guartee.Picdfom$99o 3-S-4o1s~$NO ob s to bg oOto smlloDeac'. 141 RiberiaB ot.wllotirs.HRealonoce. _________49_-_____e__r__-_nt______o____r Osan Eura- N THE COURT OP TOE IOUNITY 49-_MtrePrs-Renotals teeSf 0A9S g 100tass00 gopao desiring to list Services Dial VA 4-2851 for Informiatio. -01-ts 1959 FORD JUDGE INt 0 P00 FORT. JOBSO
5I-4--itcycles-Sst 00 T -26, Pt-SRED'taSAND,821.ill sold, drie-way Gaaxe Sodr T-O 1uomti COUNTY FLORIDA BT 5S-Bools -$ 5-111-0 tasiion, ado, heater 2-0t0 so hs01netbsESt 1 S2- .-Boats, Motors. Etc. 05l5-- 0855u Opportunities APPLIANCE REPAIRS, EIeg. GARBAGE SERVICE TREE SRGEON ON-0119o1 okbO ASYMTRIC MORGANs ASHLEYTOO SS-2Poultoy-Eggs soN 110it pod.1Oldar loblu anto httwoodes th atr fteEsaeo 00005 024 estoaot 03orsebe OKru ih a.Ofahio nedosb oo, A S worMOTORS, All, ecesedbto fb sa 54-Pet--vListosk s... ,Ill healtho o~ PRIGIDAORE Sertvice- Cast 00- ntOSAsi BURKE' TREE 0-810.1int .... 00-01-0~ 5001 AsAOINN LD Al00 credit .. td estaeos
5S--Planto, Shoobisery, Etc. Phol. VA 8-f4 or vo liace.aoryoo5 authorize ..... oal c oos~osd UGOS IEOPL000O o-8ol.o, O ANST SO-Sf-sD sorgan Ashfley,00 decesd t
56--Frtilizer P24-tS-e ice eptmnt.Oood TA years, Gae (Rabl n xeineRBAGEPI TRASHersfo al, 5c-f- 011eb ostabsigd andoreouireb 0 57-Soboola and Ittio WANT TO GO INTO _2____ABG__TAH__P_______RIO uhl.As erimn. a ORSL 97Cev tai~ iean lis rdmnd he ostm on oosser eso csoyon 13 0 m11es south Orangedale at Wagton wtoh auoo t ot,.. of sold SceaooeoS t hS 000000 of S8--Photogeopoy YOUR OWN BUSINESS? RoT MOTES 00p00a0s 0tor,. COLLECTION TT sbop.I0' od 0~ tsk 01 oO0 cO,001-dt~s0. oO Iboice gift .080 10ca01on Ovt- lip yt daerpi wshr tblseinG ntSic19 TE RMOA SUPGRN-S-t- MaNeedss someospworks wclI sbecld 2s 0i05th300CoiuStTRE.00102000fSPSt.00JD-ns
-in______lg quters.p PoP lease, Acrossi o5 011 001e20 558 W. Kisg. TA VA 9-5282 F.O0. Boo 1676 1000 LOTS 10L02400, TRIM- SON 000E or Roll-A warouse tor 9120. lease phone TA 0.-0006 0o1010, Florida. 10l tho yourthoos
5Poo Ol JoIL 0010 ~ *2706 ~r 5-505. ~l-ti-atos103 M1adeoAND MBt.SPaAlNOPa100tkMsoa0tetrC5:l0lopko..tSc-tflOpoat SI-Sfp Aat ustine, tto loritoaI withinI 0from100 Ol A 7yol-sord B-$0 1-teM9t- MN N OSSRYN A 0-4898 between 3:30 old 5.0:00 VOKWGE 1at1 of thsfst 0ub000tio 1o0 ths
3- otce -ERIO'S Apptlancs Sospalrs. Osfrlo- 0HNE 80-0404 151t0- tN olleot calls.) S5-6t-o tlon. NoT fioes, radio, 0,atr. nsoie. Eac0 clabs so' deotiod 0u00
____________________ sarooe aict 025 Raoil_______________ -p~ SHOWCAS 0, NCR- 00s0 poegise,000000TosoPO,41.5OOSotgaSotS502
YOUR FLLER EALER19-Foe Rant (Furnished) Fass. SPA 4-5158 ir" VA 4-0020. HOME IaPOVEMNTSsWat ooer Boot rpofrCtop tokos 0000 FALon U.S.0 1. d Abe-to-, bddelpla OffeIdetheo00 e oamttsn OtOO. teuo
YOR ULE-EAER___- ________ BOB'S TREE SURGEON Sth awayt TO 0-S77, 01-00to straight shlft. BExt clean.en, osror 00st Obaorneythe lanod 0020lh
C, H2 Sanchen NEWLO decoroted, 0 blook froo $_000don,$__0_amothSebcoeoiacodigoaOsBSrt-tlrongo 5t 5su0 Plsa Patioaparment REPAIRSe WILSON'S ROOFING Boded, li1ensc, insured, Corn- TO 2 00mn~o Oo-nat 0 t 0e0 os--- It at10, Pastee o 00-30-0 DATEO tIs 0500 doS 05 AuM. V. Green 307-05t A-e 5hingles and hlilt-u oo Roo f 85, gist. tree service For ret estO- place. Tout tring It, I1ll 110 10- _____________ sS, ~ cbbAb~ os
Boll Rooflng, Tile aod 08500 notes prompto servtce Call V00 moscttig!M.. Dosyle, 01 toCRY9p sse eta- Is/ ElizabthoPAsle Kra AUl ;ef*We2 Au ?~a APARTMENTf for O otact BaLL'o Radiatore Sho. ZRsirtnc, Roofing. Oepairs made to ail 4-3500 TA s-So0lo A15-tO-I Ovied:. A16-tf-c 10 e1960 /todllos osos teooe 00ox5
Warren Frederick M15-tS- Cenig 0505 orlsicAl ork yp of rofs 5Roof Paintin FOR SL osobl A posO~ig 000 oip o o oAbo.tsoS
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P05 .100 -. Otrls bp week se noth Also Jack Wilson VA 4-2784 VEETA BLIND OCO OTOHEO-RADIO-TV 00001-110PYUTOl Tos00Ogob Nfott00Sl,111artments.t SosS vwi.n BUILDING MATERIALOS ________ -t____-__0 ntionsgtly usedO. 0010 000h0i0. d1965 00MUTeveee dTwo- Vt.,Aug1sti00 Na.Rtionall Bank Bld -st P8-ts5-o SPECIAL I HEADQUARTERS Heduceot prices on all MogsE- tsmissioo, radio an0 heatt.____________________24 1OIBORIA.- Dontas.b Clean, CONCRETE BLOCKS on.& INK,1 WOO- Cso Blinds Cos stes. Sd oml, owilth iooonaeS100 Clt~l 92iin1-96042 cstewenol INO 0TCEo OE nicelyp furnished apartment, ex- All different hlods Onsludiog 0.2- 550555. OMMER05A0 000 an.- Wa~sig st Repsie 0984 $spgsb-.l0's s o 0 7-01-c O isd oho 0toOi sJOWBOT9 so~ooo Dot llen,1t location Ont 0e0r80m. oratlv. soreened blooksd, patIo IDNTOALo PRE ESTIMAnEoS. .toObds00sd0Oltssodot 00hsBods,0t
5 rabsbsrim, 00s. tlao ShoT- Sunpsorh. No p.0s. TA 9-5004. s0one.. 5emn05 mortar nio, wasa WE WOOL 000 55 UNDERLD55 Vetical 011nds oisiots. Appliance Ceoteor, 2O5t 010 7 CHO O--LET. folir d--oo, Oof i ttotop 00r5ha0e thfoldser. oOpe t:0 .0Ol.,sd Men S0-tf-o slm4dgraveltandreiforcsinstee~L YOUROBleST B0-- Porch Shadsc WestKing St.T0A4-78. -oobdooscor. 1500.l Napier lewis :
boo AA a~o. 00.DE~oo 0000 520S050055'22 isgOTHsog~ POST0,74 .0059soo Obn Shds 02-SC-S Body Shop, 10a10101 Street. IBbO7Equipmen. 07 SbtlItt ti 38 ot .Ddf-00 2 E0D0002 traler. *os aeok REO5AY MIX~ C.SONCRETE~ G wOOL gsTAoLL. 829-8151. S-6tc ebth 7000e Is oO 5 tCpies
WOYO-Tsog adS so Lights 00n0 watr fsornished, TA O503-ST HRIW~D co,0s HERCUES FENCE FEHR'S BLINDS DoLL othebs, S5t old 1u1p -90PR ooooOOSp 01. 11 "005 y5
hoot eb Itso ad -No NOTH ri~ A 4218M08-Of-s Bridalt ood oll syles old fob- heater, standard 8hilt. 00101ng 00010. o5 505 Plorida 010001 for nearly Surnished home. Por- AT TAO 0200.-Cleon 004 nicely ____ ____ .________________-___Suthbr information pbone TA furnitsd, on5 02dro8o0 000r0- STONE WORKS $5-$t-crocoo. l. o to, 81100 80.0 ssooSaRo tbn,ForidtbBOa.0g.
...........Appl.. at.000.Mrio.,....: Pb 5 5 k Fls TAnm .PIANOS HAVEA SEV E ............s. Ipot ..lolo~o MOO. K -........ 01 t..t.... .............. 0a.o etme 3 95
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ROT NESPORSIBLE SIP any debts OT. AUGUSTINES 0000h. 0ne bsd-ULOL PIANOS and ORGANS pale srvise, do Iondspoping,00 i bro 010 banase Goo TA -e0.t1d0100 Poloc na d v.oBuies aae but soy I~Eown sgne .Kkoos m 00000 000000500los 011. 0can diton.O15.JoFUEL A9OIL.fain MPonce Motor oso5 6t ____ 0-S7____ 07__dv' Gara ooge. Caso VA 9-2040.3 tf _MrFit anetc, henthe__ _-3-__ .
5--Male Help W____ed A0'L0e Belpae n Lwr rsu a pg ...r..n 000e 0 P95 CTROLET I do 0.. o yl- kUll
4 mils, Ssotb ot U.S. 1. AID A5R-COND5TO005NSrOOO l }tc o yUtenyasolAfeodsadensaeoeowe.Etrglanan Fr&blIIl yll '1 ....________ lcsfr20te sp l,0001 dsod s d e u, $ 0 ,0SO downoE 1121,e0
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LIeYbb.lgoo 010-AL .0. slsses. cier-eo085iteeo 114 ST2 GEORGE ST. __andi__aeonsa_._remiderf__(R_ 10K 01 Tosses Roa Pp.0,, S-lor itoppo wresiu tore~nt bsiP~ash 1ime. 0pply So peson. 050- 45 COMORES. Moden, clean oice- 49 0. Die Hw VA 4-3346 odi siobrnao fPOE0 000t oS0 _0-0Slfcbs1 le asi~ sl
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Tuesday Afternoon, Sept. 7, 1965 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Fag neve


LioAO~,~ B ~ ~ OEMINUTE I NAIO IT ~PU, ~ ~ ~ A ~ IN LIK
MOOE.5'O XM'I'G~/,, LA'-A-.2




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I K N W . S P E L V I T S I R G O I N G D ... :. : .. ..
UR AS RONA !,o R PLENTY O0FR _Rk $Mi N OE{" '1K IS"o~HI ..




L. 5



I' T E I F H F ,



IPOGAD NTESHEERIIN)NNOCENT.-~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ W01 UNOCO6 TAIQUBAB IE* LL I-O N Hm r LIEm ocw- KILGJLI.H A...4r L. I
ANDKOTTO ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ N RHMI4E ROUTEDjjyL~lPR OU IAR 5CyO sI aRIH-A

I k~w"SI! iW 15 AP W5 LI

Pige Twelve THE ST U UGUSTINE RECORD Tuesdy Afternops, Septemer 7, 1965

Old City Motors y




Holiday Sedan. All-Power. Tinted Glass, SAVE $A
Air-Conditioned. Color-White. $ $ $

NEW 1965 OLDS. DYN. 88
Holiday Coupe. All Power. Regular Gas SAVE
Engine. Color-Gold. $ $ $
Z NEW 1965 OLDS. DYN. 88
Holiday Coupe. All Power. Tioted Glass. SAV
NEW 165 ODS. DN.F8 Air-Conditioned.'455 Cu. Is. Engine 4 $ $ $ NEW 1965 OLDS. DYN. 88 ar. Cab. Color-White.
Holiday Sedan. All Power. Tinted Glass. SAVE o
Air Conditioned. Color-White. $ $$ WE ALSO HAVE SEVERAL NEW

Two men who simultaneously hold the title of Governor of Florida, Count Alvaro Ar- W NSE TH A TES A T RIL mada, lineal descendant of Pedro M enedez, left, who inherited the title of Adel WE'RE LOADED WITH VALUES I CARRY NEW CAR WARRANTY tado de la Florida," and Governor Haydon Burns are shown during ceremonies.
law exploded all over us. He Is
obnoxious loudmouth and
DEAR ABBY .. our daughter is afraid to open
her mouth xcpt to agree with lFoREoEF him. How do we handle this de" licate situation without alienatDo bl San arIng the ....tirely? |,'E
Double Standard GROWING GRAYER
lug in" to your daughter when VICTO ,R//RC V T she wan younger and should mm
Ablg 9 have been learning respect for FREE T E L
Ab igal Van Buren elders yo." .". the pc, bu F
lost the war. It's much too late Nothing to Buy
,to train her. -Either you must E L V I IO DEAR ABBY: My problem is I5EAR ABBY: The question is continue to give in, or give u s Not Necessary to Be eny boy friend. He and I have this) Are married children at hope of entertaining your Present to Win! TO BE GIVEN SEPT. 18, 1965 U M been going together for a year. liberty to return to their par- daughter and her family except ..ore cuts' home with their families on her terms.
6 says Im the girl he waants d regard their parents only DEAR ABBY: I am 30, mar- COME IN TOMORROW OR SOON REGISTER FREE t marry, but first be wants a as servants? Our married tried (happily), have four chilaste of life."' When I counter daughter visits us with her haus- dren, all healthy, average kids, _WIN ME 4th the same general idea, he band and children every sum- thank heavens. My husband is ,ays he is not at all for that- mer. When she was ingle we a good husband, father and prowould give in to her to keep vider, hot he travels no much! r a cloves me nd doesn't want to peace But we expected her to He is gone all week and comes Rt
e me. I really don't care to mature ar iage. If any- home only for week-ends. HereU SE D C A R S, T O O Jo with other guys, but I just thing, she's worse now. Our is my problem: I think I am an ONDDA.R ant to get him to change his home has looked like a cyclone alcoholic, or could easily be- S D CAR mind about getting a taste of struck it from the moment they come on I've ted t ct down visit our o BIG
1fe. How come if it's okay for unpacked. Our daughter sleeps on my drinking but I seem to im,it's not okay for me? until noon and I am expected have. less and less will power SELECTION
4 MAGGIE to look after her children. Last When my husband is home, I
DEAR MAGGIE: Ask him, t night we had a big blowup when have no trouble controlling my BEST Ullyou what it takes to satisfy Dad and I tried to explain that drinking, but the minute he appetite. And if he expects they were welcome-if they wait- leaves I seem to need it. I don'tCARS you to live without it, so can he. ed on themselves. Our son-in- want to worry my husband about this. He has enough on
his mind with his job and being 7 a father on..w.ends whenm ~~he's home. The thing that .. .. scares me most is that when my
n~~~~~~~d eed me, I am "out." IOE. .. 92C DLA
H M w and96 ADh 1964 JETSTAR I
5VEout worrying my husband? I am Sea eih ul qipdAll Vinyl Bucket Seats. Cosole ShIft.
AFRAID OF MYSELF BaeD~le ul qipdAir-Cond. A Sharp Spurt Csupe Por
REPAIR DEAR AFRAID:. Call AL- $2995--3195
S .COHOLICS ANONYMOUS. They _________________ 3195
are listed in your telephone di- 1960 CADILLAC 1963 OLDS. S-88 rec...tory. S w:; ...ho has fared One Owner. Sedan DeVille. Loaded With Extras. LEWIS SAYS: Moliday Sedan. Bank executire's ear,
f ~ ~~thin problem, and knows it well, wMieg
will call on you. If letters from Low M e fully equipped and new tirs my readers men anything, I $1795 LET'S TRADE" o 259
know..of no.more sincere..self- 5..2595
lean. d dedicated group f pee- 1959 CADILLAC ie. Yo ow it to youelf and Sedas DeVill. ARn a mily Car With Wr'e Got theC as, the Low 1961 OLDS. S88 yorcidetotry it i-odtoigPrices and Easy Terms. Come Mardtoidn anildewthcesoes y i295 Prepared a aded Buy it for ;CONFIDENTIAL TO "A SER- 51295 ws re Ready!
.SPRINGS: Th unwed mother 1963 CORVAIR MONZA 1962 MERCURY $19 decides whether the child shall 4-Dr. Sedan. 4 on the Floor. Radio and Heater Hardtop Coupe. Red nd it Spor Car 1963 RAMBLER h e kept or placed for adoption. Real Esnoumy 5 1395 770 Classic wagon. Air-Codstioed, bun The father (even if he admits R1495_radio and heater. Nice family car paternity) ha no.. sy is. the 51495
matter. h s e1964 RENAULT CARAVELLE 51695 Troubled? Write to ABBY, 1962 CORVAIR MONZA A Foreign Economy Car. See It and It's You For Box 69700, Los Angeles, Calif. Club Coupe. 4 Speed. A Good Car For $1495 1961 CONTINENTAL For a personal reply, enclose 0a19 One-swee, estra low mileage. Hoe premium
CUT BED TAPE-deance clse a stamped, self-add 5 ed_ _1095 1962 FORD SEDAN epletely a.. e ary leaded
your hums repairs here. envelope. 1963 CORVAIR Galaen 500. An Outstanding Car, and Priced Only $2495
sUptohmonthtoepay. Club Cope Me5 uy zt For 51495 1962 CHEV. IMPALA
m Smokey Says. $1295 1962 FORD 2-DR. SEDAN 4 Dr. Hardtop Sedan. Power windows, pewer sat,
1963 CHEV. SPT. COUPE A One-Owner Car That Isn Well Equipped, Air-Conditioned. Radio, heater and many othes
Including Air-Ceeditiun optiosnl items. NEW TIRES C overtible. E xtra s 2Ca9With Air-Conditioning $1195 51795

1963 RAMBLER V-8 1963 OLDS. 98 1962 FORD 1962 OLDS. S-88
Air-Conditioned. New Paint. Book Value $1555. l loda Sedan Fully 4 Dr Sedan acry .air-conditioned p Te l u s. ors Per Execuitive Car Conditien many other nsesusoriea
51 495 52995 $1195 51795


Member Federal Home Loan Bank System 3 Care wil pr..t9 ont 283 San Marco Ave. t VA 9-5621 i61 Cordova Street VA 4-1639 it firsttPenal