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Dedication of Cathedral
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Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Newspaper Collection
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Cathedral Basilica Restoration Coverage
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Newspaper ( donor )
The St. Augustine Record


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VOL. LXV, NO. 153; Wednesday Afternoon Edition

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University of Florida
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GOD HABIT! The Wester

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VOL. LXV. No. 153 ..ewsand WOirepheso er a A pss hoto and Feature Ber e* ST. AUGUSTINE. FLORIDA, WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, MRCH 9, 1966 a t 19 Htrte on

400 YearsOf Christianity Commemorated WithDedicationOfCathedrd

Irish Prelate Cadidn Conway.

Praises Diocese Accompishment

In dedication ceremonies of the historic St. Augustine Cathedral, WIllNam Card inal Conway, Archbishop of Armgh and Primate of All Ireland, stated that whle the basic challenges facing the Catholic Church 'do snot differ greatly from onecutyo another, w in the Old Wor will hae much inspiration to drw from t a sights of the youthful strength and courage of you in the New."
Cardinal Conway came to St. Augustine to dedicate.the Cathedral ad ffer the Solemn High Mass at the nw ceremony today marking the monumental effort of the completion of the Cathedral restoration.
oThe 5-year-old Cardinal expressed his feelings for the dedication stating "We have come to commnorate something which happened here, at this apot on the eoat coast of Florida, 400 years ago, when the seed of Christ's truth, blown acros the centuries from Palestine, took root in the soil of what is now the United Statea of America.
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