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Cathedral Basilica Restoration Coverage
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Cathedral Basilica Restoration Coverage
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The St. Augustine Record


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Pages 3, 4, 7, and 8 are missing; VOL. LXV. NO. 152; Tuesday Afternoon Edition

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University of Florida
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ember Associated Press o Owned Home ODorGted tr e OL LXV N. 152 News and Wrephoto Svi EA Photo aond Feature service ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA. TUESDAY AFTERNOON, MARCH 8, 1966 Etaebllsed 1894 e. eie C

Completion Of Cathedral Restoration Climaxes C enturies Of Strugg
~~ I i. a

City Greets His Emine

William Cardinal Conwy

Church -Officials, Priests
The one truly great accomplishment of the Catholic Church duri the ec
Spanish period in Florida (1784-1821) was the consuction of a newp h church
St. Augustine.
S Two priests from Ireland, FathersThomas Hassett and Michael 0 yid
the construction.
4 From 1702-when the English sacked the town-until 1763, wen the Speni colonists migrated to Cuba, the members of the parih attended Mass i theop church of LaSoledad.
On December 8, 1706, King
Charles III of Spain issued a
royal decree ordeing construe- Many New ea
tion of a new house of worship.
it took eleven years to complete,
because of delays and changes R e s r
in plens. 'In, Res tored Ca th
The first set of plans were n AUGU pTI a4 FI
Thefist l f len wre ST. AUGUSTINE, Flae Fol- fact ofanpelmpd
drawn by the royal engineer, lowingtsa thumbnilsketch f
Mariano de laRocqoe. The Kingw i i f i
approved Rocque's basic design the facilities in the newly res
in March 1790, but Spanishof- tored Cathedral of St. Agus: h h e s
ficials continued to debate the tine.
cost estimate, With the result Lofty beams, hidden from ired.
that two years p ed before view for over half a century, The new ce
Rocque could proceed to work- have now become one of the fo- conderably
ing drawings and specifications. cal points of beauty in the r- ever w, wh
Early in 1793 the government tored Cathedral. of S. Augus- ar appearances
decided on the site for the new tine, should have.T bt
church. 'On the lot stood a two- Each beam, decorated 'with and height wo a
story coquina house and an the Coatsi of Arms of the Bis, Cathedral to 1
orange grove, The Spanish hops of the icese of St. Aug- actual proprl
CroPw purchased the lot from tine, has een rich embellish- naure
owner on April 12, 1793. Lat- ed in the ornate style ofthe col- cided hat the i :
oJ1,er. the same year the corner- onl Spanish. so e rich lone was laid and construction To enlarge the Caterl. y cay the
ho bgan. almost 4,000 sq. ft. and yet koep love far hemsent Beoe tle foundations were the original structure inict be- y
la1d, officials in Spain co e up came an extraordinary en- His rh a
itwh sev achangee in the plan gineering challenge. beams. T h
of the arch, the most radical The Sanctuary was enlarged sept 5
being the enlargement of e nd the fiat wo remov- hut ow
huild refrom 26 x 1l08 ato 41x Whet rus were e-ge
124 feel. A series of tong de- p osdthre were o mnb- th uecp

sueptnh Father Mtchate ILL -I4nO
'buldfi- lc 'holdhieak

mI.y opned the goal
Agsa church.-n Theo TALHfE lAP:-A M'- -huon crh hc es, s
WilliliveC o itoday proce atie tie Bessed f f.0t ....

Ar sLTw Bt w cSu eaeproval. ppoa h veise ate an
S house on ene ide of the sPlla recee Sente com ite Dp th lAan.d gf t o B r A REED)Y' :imbed to Ireo ~nily ihey ksoce out~ a~ m th old B r ~is~ sshop iad-eep pla n l Rntr hogdapo
THMA. c rord intheral A In AP) APg t n othe nBut e he other.-Senator proposal, gen
fIGO South Viet Nam the past 24 hous butalocosct and a psise sie nite. ---- Iakep he te on h orally haned on cni ssal avalhyte
AP) The Amercan air war four U S jets end the crews of Air Fore and ent n a told French the Germans have already e Thne complete h e d gave o dinric w doett Moahe j e ex 1 a was completed edificembga,aerlybsd ngeso
pliedl~at ey donot t he Fetulast o the mcuateo ti wsdbtdMna

hgai~ North Viet Nl three bf them Pilo reported flew several hund "o es oed 8Gaulle that Doed tt thonot intend thsifu aspn t th e
-O he emts in ou an extr r ss t he same Sou h tihe fatth E against targeto in the Com aulles a rposal for radical on forces insence, accord annt peipe the saeat .. ..t pn v

.ust Noris a, pecee l g per- reorganiatisn pf the North At- leg t ports fro m Boisn steepe dignity, and it woode- ed fo p a-d .A r formal e the aids began lantic Trealy Organiatoin mllquing- n h ced e s the most splendidat Paris, proudsparihini, accoaiesds

he ia system opulcrtrioes at the heart church in the Floridasinls aIL

as spke scaa. Tc ri the l d ca.' Tc alintona thenp rtmo indi-n hInterv on, her of nTe wasn't disclosed, of the hs and can have Procla a o n On March 11, 1870, during the cdoius the e rs po
hut erewere mokdu tus proond iGO AP re l- effortp on inh. t the lan. R ed C Policy;1 ah es utt wr 3m iotheDiretisos th e m~ S o i L ea n ~t~s oil PrnunefetnF he U.S. resose, .isade Man- .. WHEREAS: The City of St. eree, St'iandrs A igustin~tRm~ia a~ni 't Testwatefra.ic' Ruaing cons tha eadeo aort newst o lereac,

U rges lies. spnkema si.Icn reatou. ~-atcsaRoe A~u t h acs e a~o majorityli group otl wore
SAION South Viaet stragN e 0 p0 ea of da2 night a few hours after a Augus tine, Florida, having been t, hson reqpuesti heca te the te a" e dent John own request, bt Germans have aled re aly based on cnesalpr lbe ara i referred in the 50-Senatornc
B yha oCK BELL rake redlatisw e r e x- wt letter from De Gaulle reached founded in the Year f our Lord fit Bishop of the new Dimocese, ATANT Ge tP) Th bhiwe eone aef Iw otho ma-t
C B rerewathiost wit e R aplois ns andenSet UP lack the White House, implied that Fifteen hundred Sxty-Fiv e is and the 73-year-old church was ieSupreme Court ruling that C joriy group w eriusly
i! WASHINGTON the United Stateslould remove currently in the process of cele- now e Cathedral. goss a e rs usped ll s a during today. sian a per t predited today He wan te fwt witness i d. its NATO.OuJIOr I military in: In 1 th eh a l was res s used e te s s d p crtilp Pre and exterior possessed the same S' tor plan receive

tif Red. China concluded series ofp a e U S p sted eir sallati from Frane rthe rating the Quadricentennial ravaged by fire and the walls voter requiresenoits through "i'd he i t i 13as a mamr threat to the by Sen. Js sltrli seatoh the hear chu biasted tati fromia Fcaution flathe
hke o a m ria t F rt SEnd missi o ie in oer da, the an h dem over toFrench Anniversary of its founding; and facade were the only parts varied reactions frm

la l direct Chinese inter tle Rod Chineervto hitting one 22 mile west f command and cont01 as De WHEREAS: The Cathedral left standing. When it was re- officials. S h iering,"sadthegovernor ~~sbeRed Chinese ent n but theessed53misinsthepofondefectonarnI17-RePro la atonesrtecumnialCouciho th ctins ha l

venon in the Viet Nam war in Viol Ne. Than Ho and 00 mles south of Gaulle reportedly wishes. Perish is also celebrating the built the present clock tower Gov. Robert McNair of South Vaticade pusneteDicsea e d m ajo 17ritey oet

mht nelt. Supporting Fh h stad sanoi aoi e sd aule has been informed, Four Hundredth Anniversary of was added to the west of the r- Carolina, the stae which orgi-pl le
The prediction came from A Barnett told the committee that With the Skie clear, the however, that the United ateS its establshment as a Parish; iginal structui ret. nally filed t suit at the il inal rmul
Doak Bgarnett, acting director of "it would be dangerous erro tor Americans also attached roads, will iscuss With its allies hi The exteive restoration end conslilstionsliy of Ihe1 ad tS. Asne ithe other enlargement of the Cathedral, Rights Act, said it is certainlyy funrhis sigu- e. Clumbia Universit's East conclude that Communi t Chna railroad tracks, ferries and a tr NAT prtR the other hhe Asian Instute, in testimony he- would not risk major War if it bridges n rnt ranging raised hy Do Gaulle, 'Thus thi begun in 1965, has been a major possible" it would ask0 .a re, forethe Senate Foreign Rela- genuinely felt that its vital inter- from the 17th Parelle frontier door has sat heen slammed on Church of thtloese of St.nAu. partprhpgerrecofvehebGb-nhearinghe. :tinles ommittee. eas were threatened." i the coastal city 0g nid, rar d n ao in- euln n a ensc ic oeof St. Auustine end te BtGy alSnaso n rpsdh h oenr ih. glia ll s digt its erection in the year of Our Saint Augustline Foundtion in. Georgia merely said, 'The itee pprve enate : mit H urehtdrastic changes He said there in cousiderehle A highway bridge was formation. pivalahle here, pre-loghdhaetnedipr
e made in U.S. policy along evidence, particularly in Viet claimed desoyed 20 miles voided the French want In negu- rd. Eighteen. Hundred and celebration of he 40th an- proCourt s spoken." lengthy a M d i with wide efforts to reach on Nam, that "while Pehing hopes north of tle harder. tiae ..v. y ver.ary of the founding of Chris- T gd amentary procedure. accommo dation with Red China. to avoid any major inflict with One FOS Thunderchief jet De Gaulle's letter, it was WHEEAS: The restoration, / y end civillnalion in what .its ruling in Washington Moo _Barnelt naid the United Stales the United States, it fears that was hit by ground fire 12 miles learned, raised prmamrily the renovation and beautification of is nowthe United States. day. Except for. a disent by n tgk should acknowledge the Commu- American escalation will create southeast of Vinh. The pilot ques on making new ar- he Cathedral of St, Augustine Enlargement became ,ecs- Justice Hugo L., Black on one renist rime us the Chinese gay: situations demanding escalation bailed out and was rescued an- rngemeots concerning the stat- has now hbenscompleted, and ary, along with restoration, dueg was unanmu.
toII an groin congreation an8e e ek lea toeCns side, whfch could harmed hy a helicopter crow, us of foreign forces and instal- WHEREAS: The dedication of Isaguigcngeain n 'Hopefully, millions of nonernment on the mainland, se lead to major soeeflkct!! Another Air Force Thunder- nations in France. U.S. officials the restored Cathedral vill take because the Cathedral has gain- white Americans wil now ho In Red
_ieNtosenuae chief was shot own while at- say there are asut 50,000 Amer- place on Wednesday, March ed importance as an historical ahlet ipate r thefirst
Ite sealingof w asi n thf~ge majr cnflcl.
United Nain and tacking a suspected missile site. ican troops stataioned there on Ninth, Nineteen Hundred Sinty- site. time on so equal hasis the MOSCOW ( The Ces_. r i~~~~~The ai ...f t disappear d rin bout aidozenh .... hich main- Six ....d .. The exterior of the Cathedral ieg ... nent, uder whic they V osc ap.~a
Sits first pus at Ihe target,\bil- ly provide supply snd backup WHEREAS: The Diocese of was preserved duringthe recent live,"' Chief Justice Earllion recorded amajor eat h N on Stlocks BrwrIhesf Te icat ieparddrngsotrdnnheeshctmi-Sxed teehdxero fth ahdrlgvrnetsde hc te a
ing down through heavy flak. A facilies for N NATO forces in St. Augustine, has through the restoration in order to maintain Warren said ineIho majority osake early today in the popemanenne aherl its historical appearance. opnin io esen region 'of CommuAir. . H rretdspukesman said it may hare West Germany. sakeaeo h Cterl fIoino. ns t h nTs eotd
been ht by a missile. The pilot On this point De Gaulle's es- St. Augostine and its Missions Taking this into consideration, Warren said Congres has the ins Tass rept
-..... 5 FT. LAUDERDALE (AP) wap presumed lost. sential demand was understood and Shrines located in the City the changes that were made had power under the 11th Aend- The quake else wasrared
58?/a Broward County. Sheriff Allen Two Air Force F101 recon-! here to be that the French would of St. Augustine contributed in to harmonize with the Cathedral meant to suspend literacy tos in Jaa dat the Univi
T1 B. Michei was arrested Monday naissance planes also disap- take over cnrol. On thispoint great measure to the spiritual, as a whol. The architecture of to o rrirs
001gsf ........... id~lo .. night on charges of misflasance, peered Monday on a mission alone; if the French want a historical and cultural history of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, into the South to "hash the Ts
he. 2% mafeasance and nonfeasance in northwest of Vinh. The fate of nominal command, the issue has our City and our Nation by pre- for example, reflects the archi- blight of racial discrimination," o.. Moscow lime as centered
owChe............... 71 office "by wilfully allowing the planes was unknown and the been considered negotiable so serving the same for the use tecture of the present day, while in the area of Kaifeng, alage
oPon ...211' gambling in continue in an open pilots were listed as missing in far as the United States is con- and uplifting of the members of at the same time is completely Lf P rYet bin Chine's Monen AL .. .. .. . . . . . . . .PrgesPvieabu10mls
1- and notorious manner ona wide- action. corned. Community and its Visitors: in keeping with the ancient Pcivincabout 350 miles u .
odak ils scale basis." Air Force B2's struck again However, parallel with the lot- NOW, therefore, I, John D. church, T St*i of Peking
e e The grand jury handed down today in Binh Duong Province, ter to Joh..on. Gaullist officials Bailey, as mayor of the City of smpa e resered 10 on the 12 Ia. &L........ 4 its indictment of Michell less 31 miles northeast of Saigon. io Paris h advioieg ke St. Augustine, in extending feli- Boycott o scale Us in the Soviet Union,
ard ........... 51- than three hours before it was The target was a Viet Cong mil- U.S. and other members of Ike citations to the Cathedral Par- JACKSONVILLE (AP)--Negro TAMPA (AP) No progress Tass said. This equals about 8
on ......'.......... to dissolve. itary headqoarlters; a spokes- 13-nation Atlantic alliance Ikal ish of St. Augustine, and on be- pupils skipped school today, in was reported today in talks onkthe 1-point scale used in th
on El ..........110 / The indictment names seven |man said three enemy regi-[ France intends to remov half of the citizens of this city possibly greater numbers than aimed at ending the bus strike United Staten. The quake which
en Mtrs-......... 01.g location in Stollywood, Gana, mental had bees seen operating iFrench forces from NATO com expressing the gratitude for this Mnnday, is a boycott aimed at is Tampa. hit Alaska on Good Friday 1004
ondyearn- -tt.....%. 4i Oakland Park and thoo on Ike ]in the sector aince Jan. L. There mend completely. That would groat and irreplaceable custom- speeding up integration in Guval Mayor Nick Nuccis said if a registered 0.1 on that scale. !
ozkoiieed-..... 5 edges of Fort Lauderdale. [was no estimate- of damage in- mean a pull-out of two French bulibs do hereby cProclaim athatCounty. settlement isn't reached Wed- Japanese news correspondCA....... 11% Michell, who had 0$500 cash on Iflicted by the big bombers, division an..d a number of air Wednesday, Marh 5,100 sal One emntarytcolrpr-nsa ewl aeahn e-et nPkn adasrn
eaboand -- -11%.....S5 him when arrested, was free ons On tke ground, most of-.the big squadrons is West Germany. be known as "Cabda Parish ed 72 per cent absentees today nonally in the negotiations. eartquae k o the: Chinese
res ....... 50$10 bond. The arrest wan made |American, Allied and vietoam-] The Preach, according in dip-DGay." by comparison with 02 per cost 'We'll take a look and nee if capital ltis morfig, causing
7UNJ .......... 71 by prearrangement in tke a pa-I- onse goement oporationso lomatic report, thee would nook JOHN U. BAILEY, tke first day of the maneuver we can ho some kelp in bring- walls to crack and toppling-fur'S Steel-.-..........4Ve meet of a deputy. hereff behnd |clanked slowly to a halt with Ik ino negotiate a new direct ar- ...Nayor-Comusnr Cit whc is scheduled Is a nd~ ing about a conclusion," Nuccbo niturp. They oad-her oe
sl l. ,n-o h jp~g ~j~gi~rmp aji MS. Se

Page Tw THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Tuesday Afternoon, March 8, 196 Twenty pr cent t the world's
t.,.A,,ge~ are prne in thegA 9Annou cemen
nitedaetit.ates. A tt Three Charges Of Selling Alcohol To Announcements

ea R i Minors Switched To County Court Versano e s -ar Beac 1omsso spm-Yr RieMsos-eaehrea~

Offers Reward Three charges of selling al- Attorney Frank D. Upchurch: p l 12M f A
The St. n coholic beverages to minors Jr. insisted that a wrrant for 700 p.m-Liturgical Reception, Cathedral; 8 p.m., talit .d... S. Augustine Beach Town are transfrrd to County allowing minors to serve liquor + 7:0 p... Litia tona Commission offered a $100 re- Court Monday afternoon from be made against Mlle man 7: p.m-St. Augustine Symphony, Band Building, Orange wdwho enneth Manucysaid gave 7:30 hmiqoaSt. Ahe Symphonyt B
STAKE A BOAT RIDE ward for information leading t Justice of the Peace G. Marvin him lur at thelraut Streegut.i o and 15 Waste Coucthe arrest and conviction of any- Grier's Court. Grier said he would tasue ,the By MRS. A. V. JONES 7:30 p.m.-St. Augustine Chess Club, visitors welcome, YIIC Scenc urand Historical teCruise tof St. one defacing town property. The Two of the charges are warrant if H. R. Manucy would 8:00 p.m.-St. Johns County PTA Council, Crooksank School.
:Augustins Wataaiaant defcin prpety Th chra wran c di. R siMnsc woul
Vctor leavesCity Yacht Pier action was taken last night in against Otto Schreck, who op- sign it. Manucy did sign the Telephone VA 9-8781-Address: 129 Palmo Street 8:00 p.m.-Horseman's Club, 108 Colon Ave.
tr dail :0 an .; an emergency ordinance after rates the Dixie Barbece on warrant. (District Circulation Manager A. J. Plummer, $4 8:00 pm.--St. Augustine Boating Club, clubhouse, North Bea Adults. $.110 Chitle de2. 7c; the town had experienced sev San Marco Avenue, and one is Upchurch also- insisted that a South Whitney Street, Telephone VA 4-1778 WEDNESDAY
sermicrie, $.00 eral cases of signs being des- against Frank Delacamera, who a t m i11 a r warrant be ssued WEDNESDAY
No trip to Florida is omplee troyed b sandals. works there. against Harold Lewis, 26, whoS 10:00 a.m-Epscopal Churchwomen corporate C ommunon ttryodhyvandal Baker Schreck was also ordered by said he was with his brother, The Concerned Citizens will tha Waters, Mrs. Mack Ander- am., coffee hour, Trinity Episcepa Church. ieithout a visit to the kiatoris mis........ner .........or....lariBakerews rm m
wiohoud the hrishut su tiSt. AGrier Monday to pay $100 or Marvin, while hewas drinking meet tonight at 8 o'clock at St. son, Mrs. Emma Kirklin, L. . 10:00 a.m.-Grace Church Spiritual Lge Study, church parlor outisaid the brochure about St. Au- erv 60 days in jail. The Sen. at the restaurant. Grier refused Paul AME Chirch Educational Gantt, Mrs. E. M. Sparrow, 12:00 noon-Dedication of Cathedral of St. Augustine Foin Of Youth gustine Beach had beeworkin with ence had been deferred from Both Marvin Lewis and Eu- Building. All officers and mem- Miss Mabel Hall, George Smith, 3:30 p.m.- Maria Jefferson Chapter, DAR, P Lrary commemorating the landing of p ted The tw. ing Jh Feb 16 when a jury found gene Manucy, 19, said during hers are asked to be present as Mrs. R. B. White, Mrs Bertha 68:30 p.m.-Rainbw advisory bard, 7 p.m., Assemly 42,

Posesd do uNno asr e1o iPonce d Leon In 1513 e Coun Chamer of Cmmrce Schreck guilty of exhibing a the hearing they ought beer business of vital Importance will Flo d, Mrs. Mildrd Gastn, oo Rre

wasaunte asmb o nn nehthedeeuo nsmpea mu dou mo Mrs.rc yrs Elmre Mr.Rai:0o n bo o r ils 5 Frmi-om ns, xhNgehto, Ol In addition-you will eo i use of the brochures. deadly weapon and not guilty of there several times and were be dilcussed. Mrs. Genevieve Williams, Mrs. 7:00 p.m.-Cathedral dedication banquet, Motl Ponce do Le rea fo tc t assaultt and battery. The case not asked for procf of age. Eu ---.- Roberta Utley, Mrs. Mamie 7:00 p.m.-American Legion excotive oard, lon m
Exhibits: Concanissioner ichard 'More involved Marvin Lewis, 21, who gene Manucy said he ,'dran; Fountain of Youth Lodge No. Jackson, Edward Richardson,
So sa w r lghhael e n ,rnwao u sSa y a i ha cYcekuthh B8:00 p.m.-St. Johns Ce in lde
*Historical Spae G said mercurystreet lights are said Schreck shot him In the there plenty of times," and that 649 of Elks will hold the regular Mrs. Raymond Fisher, Elmo o teian C ile 4s. t FAN DvDlhsenmtialcaewhelgnrreav td ee ittocca eitesTud a olk lows Hall,Masters Drive. SPlanetarium engine suh of Aree foot Jan 31. he had purchased two cases of meet g ngh at t o'clock. elmy Mrs. Louise Bryanti ut rve Indian Bursisa Grounds on AiAon th west side.ss he one cae ot Fail not to attend Edward Mrs. Montine Miller, Mrs. E. D. 8:00 p.m.-BPOE, Elks ClubP.

I e~u City s re as t O n ch of eln lansGrve an l not. t h praytese. Ew rveMS3 oBb78 Tatatr Rnlnl olys nsai
Open Daily street light project is nearing Kenneth Manucy, 17 which was Upchurch claimed that the Kearse, Exalted Ruler; Beacher Brown, Mrs. Carrie Sparrow, 8:00 p.m.-Alcoholics Anonymous, Floagler ospital onfroe

b M r s. W i li a m R i d i eno M r u A n r o o m 70 A.M. tos 7:0Wh p. t completion, he said. signed by hirs father, H. Man- charges were made to get even Jackson, secretary drw Walker, Mrs. Dorohy H URDAY Commissioner Rudy White ucy, was dismissed by Crier with Schreck for shooting Mar- drt eakh r, Mrs. DorothymTl o r was apo nsth the to -whe K said he only v in Lewis. The charges are Huusehold of RuthNo. 839will Mrs. Mrs eDore 12:00 noon to 1:1 pWoman's Exchange o i vpresentave to Community Ac- drank beer at the restaurant, harassmentt, pure and simple," meet Friday at 5 p.m. for the Robinsne, M rs. lia 12:00Sno no: prmasurm.n' E lco 0 P0 A tiont o Incld after he tond the cor- t9Mrt. Alice O nxafdIn Spao Trtasry.s
P IO A 8 i2nc the tol p am t didnOte srIes i he a hiurh said. o regular monthly meeting. Mrs. Sadie McCloud, Veronica 12:15 p.m.-Independent Luncheon Club, Moon Mtor L
O mission e crporatiun wants Other charges say Schre Uphurch sd an arriet Que 3:30 p.m-Art Association Open House lecre,
LA S. a representation from the town. s ol d intoxicating beverages would bh e filed in the charge of ith veileedIcfAC

L COCKTAIL LOUNGrrywer secviceewinltb UILD RS FdQU LIT LASAGNA Marshall Sputo, who was ap- to Marvin Lewis, who was then 'exhibiting a deadly weapon aShilo ap- The senior and Junior Choire 8:00 p.m.-AmerIcan Legion, LegionHqme.

F 1 ~ ~ ~ 7 Sanh Da 7G9-3 o'clyd Chisia Aglo aa--:0pm.AeianLgoLgooe
SPAGHETTI pointed Town MarShall several 20, on Jan. 31 and to Eugene against Sckreck. nih at 7 o'cloc at month ag, hs reigned, andManucy on e. Delacamera A state beverage department rayr service will e heldtoINO David Dale h been named to is also charged with selling in- representative attended the a night a 7 o'clock a All members of oth f a e p uotin S h t
take his place, Mayor-'Commis-[ toxicating beverages to Eugene, Ing and took statements from Baigt Chu7rocho wit the boarst Alhearsehrsdayaot choirs kare 8:00 p mpkinst. Augustine Soutih It.provement Ai
oontfd hue erins cranfe asked to bepresent.nyla.ea RESTAURANT stnrFe alsaid. Sputa re- Manusy Feb. 6., the 'witneases. the hoacrd iokn Iahherge. Hail.
signed for busiss reasons A The Pulpit Aid Board of the 8:00 pm.-Tau Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi, Mrs Richard Coad s"Food By Sam Russo" Vaill said. 'Gerald Martin re-Ib ae North City Baptist Church will bmvcomiug Day will he mNear Outer City Gates mains u as t n aMnthl R e of deao li Crhat-f dls Scom n ud c t inS Uins Lesy Fi lMDrho hL .e 0 e ..W l bein charge of the prayer ser- erved March 13 at Sohno Weas FRiDAY 9
SClosed vrY Friday lice reserve organization vice this evening ist Church. Speakers will be 7:30 am.-Toastmasters Intrnational, Colley's, a

"Secaiss In g rical Lvi Vrse edu ationtisStateiSen
formed, Vi .said: An exotic mesu has been an- Graham Norris is to be hostess. Prayer service will be hold to- Rev. N. Sumpter and Rev. C. Blvd. Paul Rayno, .S. Johns Couty- nounced for the Woman's Ex- On the set-up committee are night at 7:30 at Mt. Moriah Bap- E.Felder. 2:00 p.m.-Chapter 33, National Assn. of Retired ivil-mplo
a Health Department Sanitari change lnceon cT s Mrs N. P Calhoun, Mrs. tist Church. The Home Mission f aoard room, Ca ser of Csmmerce.
atold oth D mentat a lotsn g Tursday at Charles Gilchrist and Mrs. L. M. of Mt. Moria will meet tonight A Workshop or Youth wark 2:30 p.m-Ser Social Club. eElks Lodge.
covered with water and brush tph Fir cvdwtwtadr the OldSpas Treasury. Stephens. Mrs. Irving Drysdale, at 6:30. er wit hbe held at First 2:30 p.m.-Tucka-Bahe Class, Grace churchpearlor
I along AlA are a health hazard. Featured will be Paulet Isa- Mrs. Horace Edson and Mrs. Baptist Church tct-g-t-ai7:30.
Is He requested that the town en-| hells Encroustades. Also plan-l John Mart ea in charge of wa: The Choir Guill meet All ahurchsi is the aty are to- 80:n0 p.m-A-a non I(Familtos of Prohlem Driners) FIsg
n r force laws against existence Of ned are salad limon, beans al- et- and coffee. Sunday, March 13, at 3 p.m, at vited to have their youth trk- H Eospital conference ron.
Uu i such hazards o the public mondine, southern biscuits, Med. At the steam table will be Mrs. St. Mary's Baptist Church. The ers participate in this workshop. 6:30 p.m.-Grace Church Wesley Fellowship Class, Walter
I health. Water samples will be ici meringues, coffee and tea. D. B. Gieen, Mrs. J. D. Ingra- public is cordially invited to wit- No registration fee will be geski residence, 405 Arredondo Ave. To Those o Are Unfair to taken and a report made at the Serving hours are 12 noon to ham and Mrs. Art Fisher. The ness this program'. charged. The leader will be Rev.
La Bodega next meeting. 1: 15 p.m. dessert and.clean-up committee The Fifty State of the Union Edward Ralph, minister of Guss- SATURDAY Commissioners Moore and |Cooks this week Include Mrs. includes Mrs. Jennings Dumas, Tea will be held on Mar~ch 27th dian Lutheran Church,' Mandarin,2:0pm-tCeiaClbroa yJc Aveaida Meanedes No. 01 Baker were appointed to investi- Norman Hailey, Mrs. Locke Mrs. Ronald Jackson and Mrs. at St. Mary's Baptist Church. Florida. The workshop will be- Friday Musicale Orchestra, Hotel Pencea
SMoman Motor Lodge gate the possibility of a pedes- Crumley, Mrs. Earle Newton Allen Nease. Mrs. L. H. Newlon Represtives far ea stole gin promptly at 7:30, ballroom.
A 47 tri walk the eac at the and Mrs. T. R. Lewis. Mrs. is to be cashier. are listed: Gwendolyn Reed, Hospital Notes
end of 13th Street. alare Brown, Endotyn Ha Patients admitted t Flager
TetwprmsdthepMiss Gwendolyn Rutledge, Mrs. Hospital March 7 were: Mrs. WaeaT eSht Youthn .irrese ~ Tuehe's lta Hown se sba promised roo help James Aitkens, Miss Gail Saun- Bonzlla Stroman, 176 Central Off 'In Two, Attempted Queen~s teak Houe huilda hasehal diamon. Fr~nidare, Mrs. Chester Hamilton, Ava.; Samuel Eubanks, 201 Want A Tn~t *O i ohi PAUL SIMONDS The evangelist St. Mark, who By BO THt MAS and it appeared that tie hd nevie Hammnd, Miss K 1 Zomie L. Wadiey, a Ti Mt By BO TH ie ha Thedora ixon MissDel ing2Chr St.n
AT THE'ORG preached the Gospel at Alexan- AP Movie-Television Writer stood still for Joe Fridsy. Me Taeedna Dinon, Ms DeTrls 42 tans St.
HTLY dri w the st head f the HOLLYWOOD AP) Dum- h the same lid fae, the Rutledge, Sandra Saunders, ans discharged from ThePulWrks
(ine At the Hasmod) Coptic (Christian) Church in de-dum-dum hack. asame emotonlans voice, and Mrs. Dougls Swilley, ms Flagler Hospital Monday were: has announced itwi shot afin county jail tf t
Daning Nihtly Egypt. t du eentha Glover, Mrs. Dorothy Mrs. Hester Lee Baker and in- waler onigh Irreslo pam. until assault l his w
IDiners u Mrs. W m A e Eubans, fant and Miss Sarah Dixon. midnight a the aresnr Of knife. The uths
-a3O.P M o0 P. M. sUEosoos OFw Y -umto ys nis h I"S 1 escy 10pudsrsL.W he Lilian BIRTHS Byytew Drlve ad deost of Sn by Cit a car
T-op torriby young. Thot was the heer then h n fiihod teCOk lMft- Maryd Saw, Mrs. Mr. antd Ms. anete rHamil- Maco Ave.a tee Sot Hate, E
Os3 Aa Ald. RusOO v tiebe p~o hnef" gl oeoWh, euben Aflty, Mrsj Gace Gor- tn, 170 PalmoSt., announce the of 0nero t- nd Philp strlet P0er
Asesios omeAan scnat~ing tu c h woo oop'oundageens douubt csme don, Ms. Beatrice Johnsas, birth of a ssn in Flagier Hoe-1 an west of 0oth Dixie. Hig- fidy- ra
4 Phon VA 0.0582 Ieeonf partio te past. moot notbsriesoin the years frem his or of onecs yve buy, Ms. Jo Hawsel, Mrs Ber pia ?lrck 7.w _m and gun ts. e er fromn1502to 0089. a-l!

produced, directed and storred .prersw h mwch upset E R M as Sgt. Jo Friday. Webh moved
ENTRT IN EN on to other enterprises includig tha win," said Webh, who ~~
THE BOBBY DUKE TRIO television series and mst re- enjoyed the blm at $3,000
OLD T Delicious Piza cently, a post as head of Warner weekly severance pay or a sos. ... Bros. Television. ple years. US E .. .. +* H~~~~Ie is now in the midst of film- "I wasn't happy behind a V 'rge 96'a pt"d+ mmc ~e| Yee Q A I Y
H 0I3IUSEI ng "Dfragnet 19e6," an up-to- dank. I'm much more in my le-1
14 St. Francis St. date,, two-hour ve-sion of the ment out here on the floor with
ORIGINAL show or broadcast by NBC. I the thers."
Antique FurnishinsA dropped out to see the filming Sgt Friday has a new side- D "I! fVD AlT !TT
eautiful Garda. COCkicKTAIL LOUNGS k in the two-hour drama 5
Zhtg~ve' 0.lrh which conmprises three actual ,i
SuA iroPser a0i DAN.IN lFoyd, cases from Los Angelee police a.. i ,-oscaiaise -DANCdep cae Aesa,-,-to. is 270 S r h03 Chris department films. The fresh
resclo hl partner is veteran character
G s Spea At come dian Harry Morgan. He
r eplaces Ben Alexander, the j
PTA Conference engtime Frank Smith of "DragFloyd T, ChristIan, superin-plained Webb, "but he had al
tnnopf e wned for ac o fil ~ he S ate a F l -Ida, w ill e the F an. T hey w ould ult let him H O WlI TO O3 guest speaker at the District Six loose tot out-s." . KN S IR Y.. .++and LUEiumt. hrsanialfememade aspectaly .for television, "
andBLU Spt.Chistanto lfetmewith the added potential of a S+I m meducatur. Ha received his A.B. release iu theater overseas. It I : and+ GREEN degree in education ft-nm the is a forerunner..of the operation '++ iu adGEN University of Florida in 1037, whisk the networ-ks may need an YLLW and his mas.ter's+ degree On to fac when thyrnotof old 'i+:+
~~~~~~School Administration and Sup- movies,. ..
erviasn,.. 1010. The show has another put--Ar Plme toAnonc heN .................... hristian is listed inltheWhu's nose: as spol far the return ofArPlaeto noucthNw , !*
Who Is American Education, the half-hsur "Dragnet" to tll- + Now you can get superb COLOR ] has served as poresident Of the vision. Mngiceto h oprto
TiV reception on ever-y channel with Flrd-ssilis fCul
the world's most powerful UHF/ Superintendeis and of the FlorIda Education Assciattl.n..md Meeting Changed By John, L. Holmes Jr. VHsoena..is a ia member of the Nation-...
al Education Assnciation. The Madassh meeting erigft Al the Covet-sara Conference nally plasned-tonight at Synaon Education held recently in goguse Hall has hees postponed /..
TampaN~ l,, he gave the keynote ad. one week, Mrs.+ A. R. Friedmas Insery home offers more id- Let us show you 4 three-bedroom, one
-- dress, "Reaching for Great-hoeasouced. The meeting will A -Klttg..e.
A S E e l l ,e :i ., s.Registra tioo w ill hegin at 9 be T e d y, M r h v id u ality th a n ev e r. O v e r 1 0 0 d iffe re n t ;b a th b ric k v e n e e r K in g e b e rry h o m e s ,+ ..... / with the session beginnings ('- VHF/U O~t.O 0:30,L Wryhen th~e iSt. ..Augustine Monthly Roundtable "Gold Crown" models. Select from a now under construction in St.oAUgus- ,
-UL TRADYNE VH/UF ig School Quadricentenniat Meet On Wednesday wievreyo xeirfnshs ic- tn.W lohv ovr9 ohr
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~Band, +under the direction of L. TeOcoaDsrc fte wd ait fetro iihs ic- tn.W lohv vr9
CROSSFIRE colors. Boy Scouts ofAm...icawilhave en styles, bath fixture, etc. -Excit- lsrtdmdl o orslcin Black and While Mrs. Wayne Bests, vice pt-aol- its mostly rnuncitoble meeting th nlatenyo'i FM/FM Sltes dent directing district and coun- at the H. B. Hunt School at 7:30 Ln[ /
the olyantnna yu'llcil work, will he the Slate PTA p.m. Wednesday. Bob Webb, in oe obnn h xeine Two to five bedrootn homes ranging in !
ever need ...now, and in the future. representative at the coaler- district commissioner, nrges andbs eaue fovr5,0
....~~nc. ...Boy and Cob Scout leaders 10 adbs etrso ve" ,0 UU', FOR PROMPT, EXETISALTINxAL opected to he among main- attend Is work in program plan- homes. piefo 1000t 300
XPERT INSTALLATION, Cht-user Oeat ioa panel which mMteil ndis- ning.
'Spenialits Is Eleatrinal Living" +Vane A. Pope. L

ChLEn EETHn DONIT We will h'uild a quality Kingoberry home of,' your choice on your lot for only $50
waia v ia~u kIu unead pt: 35% Don'taye Thet Yuh Ca Down. For fUrther information regarding the purchase of a new Kinga berry home
cwete.. dens ass..g uyfo Us Far So Hou ok tc your ]oc L nser representatives -GereA. Steiner, Phon VA
s-i .prne 50 sli ttle -5ASTHo yor escnat lclaa~naer ereasn .......tste-A .........y...... 'e-2615 orGene OSt~aeen, Phone 9-6t134.
9.216 tintS moae fiemly so they Csieel oe. .
844 ANASTASIA BOULEVARD -931 cao ostet ummy,sgoey, pasty 5 San Mares,- ,i i
taste Doesn't sour. Checs dtue .... +..... .. ..s-. ...,

Tuesday Afternoon, March 8. 1966 THE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD Page Five

Miss Kniskern, Over $1,000 In Buchaan, N.D., Citizens

News From Resident For Equipment Stolen Had To Fight To Survive

Hastings... Many Years. Dies From Railroad BY JOHN BARDLEY southly w
Miss Lula Belle Kniskern, 90, Several thefts and acts he recent of hA BuhA D A B At, re, S.D., Gov. Ntis passed awoy yesterday in a Io- vandalism were reported by a tiny village marked by a gren e trial areas thr a tane Shewoo estda y n ti v ofr city police and deputy sheriffs elevator on the central v aota
She was a native of Carlisle, this morning. plateau, fought drifts that burOffice Bours 9.11 a.m.-Mcvee Hardware Bldg N.Y., and had been a resident morning plate fought drifts tat bt th
Office Phone 692-1557-Home Phone 692-1867 of St. Augustine for o80 years. Equipment valued at between ied homes to survive last we6k's tle and sheep had dit Is the She was the former proprietor $1,000 and $,100 was reported blizzard. alr I Sout D of E kern Florist on Masters taken from the Florida East The storm also blacktd out Mrs. Lynn Ward ad Mrs. G. D n Club Woman of the Drive. She wa a member of the CoastRailway Mer Shop on r 24 hours. George Beach attended the fune- Year, atthis meeting. St. Augutine Chapter 12, Order Ralph Cebula, 4, owner of the r of their cousin, Mrs. Edit of Eastern Str, past matron U.S. 1, employes discovered town's only bar, and his wife
ed away in a Jacksonville nurs- scheted its meeting r om trons Club, Seaside Rebekah when burglars btr our gh a e It ahe s 6 t Program Set ag home Saturday morning at- April 7th to March 31st in the Lodge No.0. wn ars broke through a Wednesday It was 640 pm. r a tended Mons. high ahal auditorium. She was a member Of the Mon d n D 2 Sra Thursday when the light w tRJC The funeral was held Monday Methodist Church. MaBlok Bade, off and the furnace eta fpd. r

mrnig at thae Nohide Chapel T ,he n g e w S
of Key-McCabe Funeral Home m J e t ircleowill un laeral araugea wil be meet at the home of Mrs. Har- announced later by Craig Fune-Bissell tha roet 'o u lan sho dt r In Jacksonvblle with Rev. W. old Dey Thursday eve ral Home. SOe.I that aousos roon 10month-old twins and 8ye ar mAeAi-p Awoo9essiei

ol" btewdy mhurunay evnn 0ona M e o Carlton Owens, pastor of the at o'ock. e ng rs en o O i n the county was bro t ke tl M on l sad t r-o i-pr t ee aoe Rivrview Baptist Church, s fi- er aaodto. Capperi lines wro taken o n readdevie n a po d y a as ivg.tw Mre.isGeraldcn Sr. return-' from a cooler, copper screen Through the night the wind Academi Affaa Cemmile a

.d a d o e aaa e P h u.ere aad 1ll e ht pr Medt8rin -h T h c i ig h n he a rn taken frm the pOrth eo and copper screamed and the iving-ro t r ed home Monday morning rm wer lines t the house were thermometer dropped fr the Di to Bstns in Putnam County and moved o a Bearh" where she had SMn l taken recently Bearden said. A Cebula and h wife bundled of the Dvi6 lower drill and hand tCls we k t iThis rram i effe woman. She woo a mmy r spent bthe r weekend wit her sis- e were
n h. a sn d brother-in-law, Mr Md r.so stlen. wrapped them with blaes s

GB gor Bs ak th twt 8iatm. Thereowe reuno Saddle 0 Mak ead ar the Baptist Church. Survivors foranof Earl Moore, 29 DeHaven St., Cebula tMsook his family nntete f t sl a include her mother, Mrs. Julia Mrr e cs .an be dister F Mrs t, rhe ed ten re n Annell, a daughter, Mr. BIG DISH-The steel ework, weighing 3 tonsand told city polie Monday after- asement; where It we armwe y rte isrton nnIf you have relatives and measuring 82 feet in diameter, of the "dish" of a new noon that a television set was er.
both of Jckon- A Requiem Mass wa offered radio telescope is positioned by cranes at Clblton, taken from his home Sunday In theearl mor Cba the of
botham, Wycross, Ga.; a sis- over, help them apply for Medi- rs. Mart ha Foster in St. Agnes ld, will put I work tracing saHellites i :tr, Mrs. Myra Moto and a core efore 6 March 31, 1900. Catholic Church by Rev. Father up radio waves from the sun, planets and deep space, Oneida St a were broken ad the rubbing alphol and ast, e to oftacl

Tk Pea arwo ear bank tr eshse a t th vlig1,rnadl ifi atn
brother, Jack IM. Cannon of Daniel Noon an. Interment was yard litteredhe with b trle s anda tTe L n
acksonville; nine -grandchil- Gerge Beach and Ray Beach In Sampson Cemeterny. maee yatstove heated fe k for shd sor mele e
trasOf Dayto Lymeach Forley the babies.a d e d I a cli h
fdrn and a number of nieces attended the funeral of their Pallbearers were Melvin Or- tthd tioeaanDd ttd Iotn

arta M o h wo jst aove freen The riers, offr o
C. Charl Stanton Jr gener- Johnson Fueral Home inWalton and Ge rald Walton. aro Harold MCoy's ar while
al chairman for the March of Gainesville. Monday 'morning. Mrs. Foster, 82, died Sunday To Attend Four-Day D it was parked at his home 0187 power come bock en at 0 clerks, vont Dimes in the Hastings-Elkton- Mrs. Black passed away Satur- in a local nursing home. Sh Orange St. Sunday night, he re- p.m., jtist 24 hours after It aut. nd pricng ce Riverdale area, reports from day after 'an extended illness. was a life-long resident o St. Five secretaries of offices of Mr. Rea Gilreath, secretary portend d this morning. CebulO saids e s foShe was the widow of the late e fr t u bea esa hurac fur r B a he 19 drive: as o Johne s County. the City f St Augustine il at to the city manar, is president A rock was through I hear the furnace Total for h Mthers i. Les Black Sr., Gaine- She was a member f he tend a four-day meeting at Day- f the Florida Associati window at Mabel ngyear's felt likea had enter ea e chiinGs .3; Total for the mar, vie who served bth in the Cahoi Church. tona Beac this week home at 40 Ocean St., she told An cme 07.00; Total received in canis- Florida house of Repreen- She is survived by one doaugh- Governmental Secretaries, whichh police Monday afternoon. man, climbed 4 a t-power Thecc rs, 658.00; Special events total, tatives and as a State Senator ter, Mrs. Kathleen Kiski,, Au- will have its annual seminar b- Mai Alv E. Howard, 180 polo In 70-mile-as-k winds to strong busbrokes $7,00, and total received at road from Alachua County for a per. burndale; three sons, Ruben M. ginning Wednesday. Magnolia, Ave., reported Man- rpair o broken win, re- gran as wa 0 Iterections when the 4-H Girls id of almost Ys Ortagus, Orangedale, Leonard Aso planning to attnd ae day afternoon that an egg was storing eetrtcity. He d Clay- e i,ed 'Tag Day," $43.70. The Mrs. Black is survived by a H. Ortagus, city, and Archie I. Mrs. Marie Davis, of the city thrown onto her front porch. ton Snitker, a petrolieumjobber, Co u Mot PsI gand tota, received from the son, R. L. '(Bob) Black Jr. of Ortagus, Miami; five grandchil- auditor-clerk's office; Mrs. Br- struggled through pgdrt nations in this area were Jacksonville, a brother, Dr.. dren, and eight greatsi-grandhl- Pi scrtry to the pub- to findthe trouble spot. Advtisg, 835.05 which is well over the W. Beach, Charlestoln, SC., dren. tie wors director, and Mrs. DWalter Riker, 00 lived asnes totas received in previous tgr anhilden. and se Mary Taylor and Mrs. Htilda Ai- Police, Court in a small trailer bas M Hu Re tin M yearsgn n Giberar- ken of the oily tan asessorand watched the storm build
Mr. Stanton and his volunteer giving as d hews ot measure' office. checked his food supply, a saMa yei g a helpers wish to thank everyone the Hastings vicinity, otr th n Police Ren t Action Reported went tobed. Cncun a who in any way helped with the those previously maioned are- Thursday, Mayor asd Mrs. Me by giving the ime and rs. Stanley Tenney, Mr John Baitey and Ci Manog he Thursday his home was ov their donations tby, Adrin Bea patent made o1ast n comedown ichimodo Ir expected to attend. cc a i 0. day rir aie par Ss t Betch Dan Febr Desk Officer bohn oing theflame ifi g aner.
The Wk .... wo six-year-old girls were Mrs. Gilbreatl wilt preside at d es Office or
mican Legion, which sp- Residetswitha March birth- slggt- injured in a traffIciac- the adrst wull day of business According to the departmnt's healer. Strangely, power oi hisF 00;s tho Pota al each year, ays, having been barn an client at Crookphank Sho Thursay, and will introduce m stayed nnaucu it hs sncared the sor- even-numbsred yoai- are ro- morniag. Daytono each Mayor J. Owen ore prt, the most arrest Fueal r mixed to rene dvr's U- The two, Dottie a Brck- Eubanks, who will welcome then f attune 1 HM remained bared in hisFc Shtiis mnt.ics Masters ie, ood p More than 100 ars sx. Motor pat 1 ho tt reweeuner te e.n wete errGsteT. Mar Te anll i a p d n ison, 5 Florida ao seest fcor 12 eo to sidtmerantore inside he ec oa t t
Hatg Con- tough Fiday, from o ,osspit efr sin ha s an reir q alifis 'one, general problems, fe patondr to3ee oa der. .he Mrs. theDoahr0eris0oe four af those arrested wore .en he said, "so I sipped i reel lit-' log. t-ptermsttwo.The iyc.4o h t h 8 he _thewe okuy e d ssn, sorttoen -rc arrested. tle Iooed fire cass of beerte

esrted in son F a cck d aas eted fram 10 fines and Te soltu droned OJr., Brleo en's Clb afdUS.iirt uests re,. At Post hOrfi inu abaemn t HerCook W oldst hr, 8 forfeited onds S trensiate s throgh Fridayi saty aor t emayy Juso Usisg, 93 Arbt St.e e- o Oorrb Ctilens t at 6:30 to Po remr J s Bftsrea UaeesTse e n s FOM keOURiii;wafter eorg e i~sm a res Dw ser ime. o urn er f roes lbto, marer kn am gE eve for siloea ResLaurant in naouced a the promotin of c a sr ere t Pasns c as s env dismsed f, ier. faead thecs down door, o St. Augusstin for a dinner meet- two si the esp trs. Esther Itlsr Oak goe s d tl i y toIng. The clhb will honor Mrs. E. Guii, thu S TAYLO RIDnua GE, I1 AP- surprised beeouse sk I5awc-Ot5 ss were deis to US "enil s Ihrvoi ce Out ar t a FrWiday

CALL megan hils to galip Avenue. Mrs. Hustler -e housewife c-bad rather oaui d. of Mai a pasonger in a ear riven by Stitch a saddle than bake a "The work really Isn't i a an t'ass e
We A. H aUkFF JR.lce k ls local Post offirg s Mrs. Tholma A. Dawls of West cake.hdiilt she inten t ertd s T tr
Into Mrser Dawson wpasr cIaofed "S.P1becbhM thers Oak, the wife oka la, t wsre roovereffr the storm that had left 0 ad a
R dead In the three stoles. Soe
tivens. of mails c-aseftter she turned left from the self-tough harness oker w h her business. derlond" h ld In e ON NIErRIFFINr i vr Ja weiery 1000. n right lose of U.S. 1 ioto tha path plies her tade in a basement Hen oldest man, Greg, 5, to a1- tothe Si bnguane frenin ole or ston patrh t t r HasingsOlved of a car driven by Lydia K,- workshop. ready in school, and the youngFOR YOUR welter began his caarer in Au- age is lbs Dawson carwash )8ti. maker I know nf almost the gon o son.
DRAGLINE gust 1947. lefs oannverted o ted at $500, and to the R tae I- only barnes maker I know of"iDavids down thereost of R O Y E W W
B L NG aer1Jy4 a h od car, $90. po petse, brown-haired bause- the time, icepin m" ohe
LAND CLEARING apoin eat as foreman of mails At t:15 p.m. at Marine and wife stcd in an Interview. said. 'But his kelp consists
t dates from Fabruary 12, 196- St. Francs Streetsearo driven Mrs Oak gel storied tn her mostly of losing my tols."
by Dends E. Guidi, 0 Caaova unusual business after abe he

WA T aeP inIE et re -o g Or

coo frm WPTTin a~n,-15-

. P e STHE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD Tuesday Afternoon, March 8, 1966



Looking north in the Cathedral of St Augustine has been en- in papal robes handing a mes- church Santa Maria Maggiore, He waso executed June 29, 1584. towards the beautiful Sanctuary hanced by a series of murals sage for Menendez to a kneel- in which the Council was con- He is a forebear of the present the photo captures placement of which have been painted for the ing courier Ships lie waiting be- vened. He is in his papal robes A hiuhop of thi e Diocese St

the photo y catre plaemt Aeougihourit ted~ amaC~ n ep~ 0 ine. at ofS tn features in the restoration of the Cathedral Sanctary by the not- hind the courier to bring the with the gold tiara. Below him On the Gospel side of the aetrucre. The floor of the S oan- ed muralist Hugo OhIms of St. message to St. Augustine. is the coat of arms of the Pope. great marble altar the mural
tuay is done in light red Afri- Au rals colorfy depict S Augustine: He In ueen as a St. Thomas Aquinas: Since he depicts a pioneer Diocesan Mis- CATHEDAL ABOUT Ar S
same oe in ue prior to resto- how the teachings of the Cath- Manuscripts pn the floor bear he shown conducting a typical native, while Indian 7medicotton, although it has been olir Church in Europe were the title of his book, "City of Medieval claso. H~is class to rind man performs his ritual. The abore phuto was taken etiout 1927 as indicsled by she model ofatmc e shortened, brought to St. Augustine and God." composed of both clergy and On his left is an explorer-priest shown in the foreground. Very little change to the structure took place until the reTo the left of the altar is the America, and that the Church Charles Borromeo: Charles laity for the church at that time with DeSoto, sharing with him cent major reconstruction and remodeling.
seats for altar b y and visiting culture and religious thought as a teacher, writer and proter- edge of the day, and at the same petition. At the nwer left is a priests occupy the right side of whit pourth in a steady stream tsr of the Knights of Malta and time, a collector and keeper of pioneer pastor of St. Augustine.
the area theknowledge of aniquityThis At the upper eight are Dom -In rear of the altar stand The panel on the Epistle side lite orders. He gave his wealth is indicated by a Greek vase can and Jesuit priests being great gold and white coliumnis of' of the Sanctuary shows the reli- to te poor. Bchind hmis the containing documents on Greek martyrad, while natives perstonan wand fremiog'. the gis sod phlsophicral hihinig castle in which has ooro, hsan Scomn' thought.' The uvse focm a relgioe d ane in the
gold' '~ 'statues'of Christ the of the Renaissance at the time motto "Hamilitas' and the em- indicates that kowledge as well' background. Melow this is a lay King, St. Augustine and St. of te first ettlement of St. Au- blem by which he is best known, as objects were preserved by catechist these were soldiers Petor. The bordering woodwork gustino. Following is's descrip- a book asd a pen. the church. teaching the oatives. The soldier was created in Italy. tion of the murals: St. Francis de Sales: He, too, Archbishop Dermot O'Hurley: has taken off his helmet and put
The gold and white tester Pope Pius V: He was'the out- is shown in the role of teacher The mural dramatically r- away his sword. He holds a
chandelier over the altar also standing religious figure of the and writer and founder of the trays the Archbishop of Cashel book in front of him.
was executed in Italy, and the 16th century. He was keenly in- Order of the Visitation. Ireland, being mar t ed by The final scene shows mis:cair laft with 'Ito white and torested in the discove of new Pope Paul III: He is shown burning his feet obtain con- sionaries tearig the natives gold ironwork, overlooks the lands and the conversion of the at the Cncil of Trent. Behind fession. The mitre and crosser handicrafts and weaving. anwSncyusry e igurant natives, particularly him the many-towered town of are visible to denote his rash. cent mission is seen in the

Uque murals loated on the the fore ground Captain Genera sh explorer, Pon e d Laeo, THE COMING OF THE is a royal engineer. He is dressSouth wall of the Cathedral of Pedro Menendez de Avile en... Panfilo de Nar..e., Hernando .. MINORCANS edtn si teabrilliantre cotdStAugustine area otrihng and ran funr o nw de Soto Father Luis Cancer, The Mstrinoas arrived int toting isin the service a t siof the ar the at Tear crosem n h nel to is Fate and Tristan do Luna. These are Angustine in 1777 from New Kiof of Spain. T'wo priests
sign the aeea phet romu s e u g tms ha a ne q is r e Smyrna, enterif the settlement shown were closely associated
a done by a apccial process Lopez, To the right is the star the five conqsaors who pro- through the city fteS T~he t with the building of the Cathe-N" by the: noted muralist Hugo bUuitof togs andontthe ground ceded Pedro Menendez and ion Jack 'aod"a British Grena, dral. The figures represent Faelms, are both historical and re- a trn owihte candles, who attempted unsuccessfully to dier indicate that this is the per- thens Thomas Haosett and Miligious In natucc and are .part altar cloths and other religious food permanent colonies it tod of the British occupancy uS chart 0 Reilly, both priests of the decoratiye stories to be articles nsd been Iranspoited Florida. the towo A two-wheeled cart from Ireland. A blurb af en- !l found within the restored Cathe- from the 0Od W rld Kneeling s THE BUILDING OF THE pu together with wooden pegs quina stone and an outline of drali an altar boy. Drummers have PRIMITIVE and drawn by uxen carries the Cathedral facade are in the tHere are basic descriptions of called the peopp to asom Tble SETTLEMENT. womensand children Others hackgr..td whilgu b r kme car the murals: for the Mass. Spanish nobles The settlement of St. Augus- walk beside the cart, tired and ry buds of cement. This is the
ITHE FIRST MAsS: and sailors, together with woe tine was begun in t5n Accord- weary after their lng trek period of the second Spnish or- MAGNIFICENT STATUE OF "CHRIST THE KING"
Scarefulby chos to en and children who helped rot- tog to mapsand drawings from through the wilderness fr pancy of It. Augustine. N
blend with those used in the omze the New world, kneel that earl..." "l" . .y period, thefirst build- New fSyay .. THE FIRST BISIOP OF Cathedral artist and statuary designer Hugo GOhlmo (left) shows Monsigoor John P. ii~~
church as a whole, the artist has while the Mass is being said, togs were constructed, entirely ..... THE BUILDING OF THE ST. AUGUSTINEosws at the very top, the Indans have come to watch thne of wood and with rafters and PRESENT CATHEDRAL, The last scene shows the first Boons the finished statue of 'Christ the King', which is centered directlybeidlo dramatic ,scene of the first service and imitate the worship- plucks showing. For the most The present Cathedral was Bishop of Si. Augustine, Augus- altor is the restored Cathedral, Mas, In the background lies a peru. part, they were of woif and built in the years 1751-1707 by tin Vero-the "'Rebel Bishop' The nltar is centered is the Sonctuasy in toast of rost cold and wh~itecoucof ship to indicate the arrival of THE FIVE EXPLORERS battle construction. No stone the Spaniards. An architect, with his mitre, and behind stone and wood framing the statues of Christ he King, St. Augustine and St Peter. paniards in the New World. In .o the loft, appea five Sp1a* was lusg at this tme. with a roll of plans in his hand, him, an entourage of priests. The bordering woodwork was created in Italy.


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Pare Ten THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD TuesdayAfternoon, Mar 1966

Jacksonville Symphony To Play For Mass

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fl. The members of the Boston College uy several time on the pro- 00 the network radio program, opace age and there is o rea25d oemea ng e f mie ire cin at5 nAC fae idthli oup.o d historic Cathedral of St. Augus- University Chorale, 20 members go am, "Dirertioo '00" (ABC- the "Catholi Hour." son not to honor God with music te will e the scene of a sharp of the Barry College Women's TV). Peoquin deris his m and song that reflects the temp departure from custom on Choral Ensemble and the 140 He wrote and directed music positions as a blend of modern of our day," he said. March 9, when the sounds of voices of the choir of the Cathe- for the first High Mass said in musical treatments with tradi- Peloquin's "Fiesta Mass" inbrass, woodwinds and string in- dral of St. Augustine. English in America in August, tional liturgical music. ludes the following composistruments augment the tradi- Peteqein directs the B 9oton 1064, in Keil Auditorium, St. He feels that youth, particul, tions: "Hail, Holy Mother; tinal organ music by Miss M. College University Chorale and Louis, Mo. arly, would be attracted to his "Lord Have Mercy;" "Glory to K. Murphy. several other choral groups. He Peloquin's choral group has ideas of digressing from stand- God;" "Blessed and VeneraMembers of the Jacksonville also is director of music for the made many recordings, produc- ard treatment of sacred compo- ble;" "I Believe in e God (Fla.) Symphony Orchestra, Cathedral of Sts, Peter andPaul ed by the Gregorian Institute of sitions. Holy, Holy, Holy;" Lamb of der the direction of Jeo C T Providence' Ameri d have been played "After all, we are living in the God;" and "Holy God."

Caethedir i of JAgutne ison dr inHladls Amer ia an1 h arinae will play a spe ially cornm- He composed the "Fiesta posed Solemn High Mass dedi- Mass" at the requst of Archeating the restored Cathedral, bishop Joseph P. Hurley, BisThe symphonic accompany- hop of the Diocese of St Augusment to the Mass is a pioneer- tine. ing step by the composer, Dr. Peloquin is one of the out C. Alexander Peloquin of Provi- standing compoeser-conducto rs dnce, R.I., Ao believes that in America, having written liturevery musical instrument can gical music for four, one-hour be utilized to honor God. television network (CBS) pro The Jacksonville Symphony grams of Christmas and Easter
will be accompanied by 20 music. He also appeared nation

Ancient Mission, Bells To Ring Out

Once Again At Restored Cathedral
Ancient mission bells, silent ed on the sills of the Cathedral since the 19th century, will ring facade. out again when the- restored These bells were flown to a cathedral of SL Augustine is foundry in Holland last summer solemnly dedicated here on to be refurbished and the crackM c.O. ALD'S.R.LL.e.. .. .w th ei o Dar R 9. ed bells were recast to ther Begun in 1793 and first dedi- exact initial shape, All four bells cated in 1797 the Cathedral was now haave been dung in their p the main chPratri of theon Cth right or Eas thd ofd t h e c x Spaciuted Floridawogmaleslaferienthelpturdeti
I utheenfacade of the original insgs and have been equipped Cathedral 'building are four cen- with electrically operated hamtaries-old mis ion hella ranging mere located inside the bells. to weight from 120 to 575 In addition to the old mission pounds, which were cast in bells, the Cathedral also had Spain. One of the blls was cast four larger bronze bells instaolin 1ees. While the exact dates ed in the maln tower in less. of the others are not known, These bells weigh from 350 to they date from the 17th and 18th poun s, n I1901 four bell centuries. Two of the bells were ringers were installed in tese cracked, probably as a result of bes, together with nn electric

Angdier teahin natelcvei the fire of 1887 which destroyed Angels ringer, end an electrc the rf intor of the funeral toller, all for automatic I Cathedral. Until recent reear- ringing. ''n was begun these bells rest.' TheIargest of the bells bas
been cracked fr many years and had lost its tone. An atHEALTH CAPSULES tempt was made to repair the by Mic lA. Pelt, MD. bell some years ago by welding
obut it was not successful be-T IfOW -NIC IOyL1 | cause of the loss of tonal qualYOil PLywo 91F IN
MAIN6 A PiP F ,AE7 i This bell now has been re- placed by a new one of the same ie and weight as part of the restoration program.
Th original clack in the S P Cathedral tower was installed in 1888 and was a bulky piece of r mechanism requiring about 3,so fL 000 pounds of heavy weights to drive the tie tre and to oper' ate the striking of the bells.
4 In 1953 the clerk was replaced, by an alalectic lock,
thereby eliminating the pendutem. end beev weights, as well
as eliminating the hazard of the
weights fall.
1 e e I keeping with the restoraPAN- elqeEC tlsn of te Cathedral the oldt
YOUR MAuRreiss clerk dials have been replaced
NR SPtING', by four new rock faces and lbleOW: ewt KIN STAIN5, hands. The new dials will have '5..irlCapesalannh.pfu W- cant aluminum frames and RoIisnotntededtoaof aanoaicnm n numerals, and will be glan ei with white vitro-lite glass.
For Your Failys The new clock hands will be HEALTH and DRUG NEEDS aluminum and the numerals, IcD N s EX t.L hands, and minute marks wl
Abe black to' contrast with the
IcDIfALtJ. REM white face,
DRUGS- The bell were restored under VA 4-SeeS 7KIng LvS the s7K upervision of the 1. T. Verdin Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Within the Cathedral, and located on either side of she pews, are two shrines. Monsignec John P. Burns ia own in the Shrine of SL Joseph, a tiled mura of blue and white ldepieog, important events is the :life' of SL..Joseph. In. the Isor photo is rho Shrine
k of oSt. Patrick: (located os the eight orFast side ol the CathoerI),- Tbeeess is ese| ~ceted'is Own shades of green scslptored tile. [ Bo~~Tothe staises were ea e d rieIay by ererna Sdo So athreFa

~pointed by noted moralist Hugo Ohlms of SL, Augustine, Shown are hat for of soma teaty-one mcenes created hy Ohlms., From top to bottom see: Charlee Cardinal Boos ~~meo St, France d Sales, Dominican and Jesuit Priests eig martyrd, Spania Sldier teaching natives.





THE VRGINIt heas taene over o year te complete the numerous apectaculor works of set new
S Membe Pedeosal Home. Lsn Sank Syte The Cbspel of the Hlessed Virgin is located sn the Fast Wing of: the Cathe ra.. It c o und sa St. Augustine u historse Cathedral. A resident sf the city, Hogs Oblms, has
e k S m Itains a sarge tripoic mural of the Virgin Mother, The mere1 is dose an hlues, whites end crested over twenty morals end meoin renderings that graphically illustrate the 400161 Cordova Stre VA 4-16391 gold ond has hinged side morale which can he closed over the nester. The moral wau year history ef the Catholic Church in St. Augustine.
________________________ designed end pointed by Hogs Ohlmss end the surrounding woodwork wee exsecuted in t hrlm i hw lnn 3crtgl remnaieo h esolro h a iItaly teda