Section B, Five Programs of Restoration and Commemoration


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Section B, Five Programs of Restoration and Commemoration
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Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8. 1965 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD

Five Programs Of Restoratio And Commemoraton

The Catolic Church Program The Restoration And Preservation Commission Program

The 400th Anniversary Program The Historical Society Program

The program of commomera- RESTORATION C OM IS- of several sites for the restoratlon and historic restoration and SION:- The St. Augustine Re- ties of sther projects the St. Asspreservation of St. Augustine as storation a d Preservation gustine Hstnriral Society led o lving monument ts the set-| Commission has tahen the lead- the program tar restoration and
tiers of this area m years ago ership in attempting to roordi- preservation soce its organizais one of great magnitude aod nate private and public pra- tion in 0883. The satiety has atdistinct respomsihiities. gramsnof restoration in the city, ready completed numerous reRenidents of the city as well Thrmug their nwn csrportio siration projects during the as many interested persons all the commission has successfully past 82 years. over Florida and the nation completed a number of pro- 400TH ANNIVERSARY -The have perhaps boon coalused hy grams including their headquar- I. s dine pAncivero the multitude of activity is the tero at the Arrivas House, the In. Anstigned prihniprally

recent great accomplishments Salacedo House and numerous to stage the celebration of the made in our restoration pro- other projects. In addition they city quadricentesnial. In this gram, have succesfally interested ney- area they hove successfully proActually the program can be eral Foreign governments m grammed and operated for one divided into five separate and sponsoring buildings and ex- season the outstanding outdoor independant programs that are hibits and have furnished to drama "Cross and Sword." The coordinated to mesh together in- private individuals necessary huge amphitheatre located on to a successful restored and help to establish restoration Anastasia Island wos huit hy celebrated St. Augustine. projects. this organization under the As separate as the fingers on NATIONAL PARK SERVICE leadership of W. I. Drysdale. a hand and yet as dependant on -Under the National Park Ser- Proclaiming their first season one another as a working hand vices Mission 66 Program the as "More than we expected" the program is divided into the completion of numerous exhibits the drama will open next June following areas of responsibility. and full utilization of the Castil- with the majority of the same CHURCH-The Roman Cath- lo de San Marcos as a national cast returning. Written by the olic Church under the direction monument has been realized noted author Paul Green and diof Archbishop Joseph P. Hur- under the leadership of Super- rected by Dr. Zimmerman with ley has massive programs al- intendant Bert Roberts. The local actor and business manaready nearing completion. The Park Service has completed the ger Tom Rahner at the helm Church dedicates today portions restoration of the City Gates, during the entire year. of the program at the Mission a portion of the Cubo Line, new These are the five fingers of of Numbre de Dios which in- parking facility and established the HAND OP COMMEMERcludes a Votive Church and a a complimentary structure on ATION AND RESTORATION200 foot high illuminated cross, the park property as an office The body of this mighty hand is Also in the program under the and maintenance building. formed by the overwhelming direction of Mofssignor John P. HISTOllB AL SOCIETY support given the program by Burns is the cmplete remodel- Through their private programs the people ofN a living city i -d enh rging of te Cathe- including the completion of one THE NATION'" OLDEST, IT. d acted in the heart of the of the best research libraries in AUGUSTINE ... CAPITOL OF the country and the acquisition LA FLORIDA.

____ ___ ___ ____ ___ ___ ___ ____ ___ ___ ___The National Park Service Program

Page Two-B THE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965

St. Augustine Historical Society Dedicated To Preservation Of History

By W. W. Wilson tory and historical relies of this been handed along to the com- was first firmly planted on the
Sci oran o ancient city. Since its inception munity and its people. soil of our nation. Through the tince its organization int 183 there has eeni a revolving pro- A 1963 revision of an earlier centuries, the deep religious the progress of The Saint Au- gram of restoration and prsethe so-faith of its people helped them gustine., Histarloal Society has nation which has helped to ad development plan for the so- faith of been one of consistency, a to the city's charm, recreate an ciety's operations and assets t9 endure hardships and privasteadily plodding forward with- atmosphere of early St. Augus- states "Preservation and Pre- tions. The town was the capital out fanfare to better research, tine and show our city's pride in sentation of history are the pur- of La Florida, and a citadel de,present and preserve the .his- the rich heritage which has poses of a historical society." fending the claims of Spain to
This is a deceptively simple this continent. The conflicts on statement. "Preservation AND this ground mirrored the strugpresentation." gle between Spain, France and A few quoted paragraphs England-the course of Eurofrom the development plan give pean history during the period good reason for the follow- of American colonization. Through which officers and "Nor does the story end wit
SHOP uited in most satisfactory p :ro- t a ea
gress in making others more ler as St. Augustine reluctantly cognizant of the importance of yielded to English and Amerilocal history Its preserva- can influence, yet it is a part tion and presentation, of the pageant at national Ii thPROUD"t is nt.gtp growth The centuries ara long.
-to hoard history the way a They give us understanding o dog hides a bone, History must our heritage--and inspiration also be PRESENTED, so that it for the future."
may be useful to mankind. The And s the ahove oucerpts history of St. Augustine is the from the development plan prestory of Spain in America and face have given an impetus and so this is the essence of its his- desire to have a program at torical importance. continuous research, to better S"St. Augustine teaches all present our history, and to pubtypes of people, because its nar- licize our unusual comm nit row streets and Spanish. built before the world. After all there landmarks attract the eye and is no other city in the United BE A stimulate the imagination. In a States which can boast of conG nation whose orgins were pre- tin uu settlement since its dominately British, these anrti- fomng in m5i. That i god quities help to give life and reaso who The Saint Augustine meaning to an unfamiliar past. Historical Society has shown PART For while Spanish is the moth- such str ong dedication to preer tongue to half the people of serving and accurately preS entthe Americas, few North Ameri- ing the information it has cans realize the extent of gained, and to constantly enisphere.p

OFSpain'sc ntrut san i te oderoa ont t asifal er aotr eeir in o"Here in the northerly outpost had r t la t t h NnEW LIBRARY ADDS TO CHARM AND EFFICIENCY OF OLDEST HOUSE COMPLEX

gram.lim nhswyaaeas. Her fune-nheean activeeadministrationlofiofthccommunity Go on, e. Show your le. i of accmulais d This i the nw library build- bled over aperod mre than print T save space much the elementary grade boed over ne empriod Chisiait more thant printto of sv doceu
S asnietaightmli ahN ments, maps, microfilm and tng of the St. Augustine Histori- fifty years, and spanning 400 the material is in e form f use a material
Sdiere. Closely shaped and other material are catalogued cal Society, although a new con- years of history, tse records microfilm, but a "reader" is papers as wel s e oLrseSu spse a hT he include copie of lit erarly thou- provider for researchers. iayaehee, it stoswellnhs and held fr the use at ALL in structi it is built along the sans of documents from the In ths building visiting re- tal r students ghe lernP 8 4 Its new library andad wts re- lines and on the 'Original foun- archives of Spain, Mexico, Eng- searchers are nearly always ing working towarddgrees inlude noted hitriAN costly caiar, acdedea grsind
a p l r h hcent ly oete o gru s dati pon t a hsome located there land, end repoa stories the present during lpen hsurs, ey Mrs. Doris enst rstuyellaw a alico. Vyna The library building o but tn the late 170's. united States. The collection include sated historical fiction tive historian, at
pelyssaerdeoe eoiaNasy a ne of several reconstuctions The voluminous historical re- al cmprises hundredrsat i aswe history Mrs. L Arna, have me
ITS by the society, begin a r cords of St. Augustine and early maps, various forms of pictorial writers seeking authentic matmany i rthe tor l duetion (exterior) o a ho=se Florida are preserved here and material, and some 7,500 books, aerial for their own. publicatiem, Society far tir help iso
which stood on the same site in open to the use of all. Asem many of them rare and out of Students of all ages, inctlding searchers who vist the bry. the late 1700's. The society baae 1965i elso restored five historic ly through the Castillo de San personal experiences, ad ushouses and has been In a re- Marcos provided an outstanding numerable items through vaiI You've Come a Long Way evolving restoration and preser- tourist attraction. aVisitor dons- ous decades of the city's longlA C

SWe're Proud o You and It has been one aof the strongest in io eprts o he ocilen The Hisage Yo'e supporters of the present far abled the society to expand its n grants for research in the t Gsven Us reaching St. Augustine Restore- taclites. The custodians con- fields of archaeology and story Free All At

gram. Another important une- begn atve adminitr in f e community i the.. historical soiety is this National Monument in 19. The Historical Society re- 63 Sn Marco Ave. SH R W N the Oldest House and the two Meanwhile,.m 1915, the his- ceives no monetary aid from toA E]I f Wmuseums created to add delight toriceal society purchased the cal, State or Federal funds. Its

oW pope ier s iin Spanish t n nmon F-r

lung On the P 10 Granada phere of a d ko d ed grounds of came the base opera .. the entr fees to the Oldest Phone 84-2843 n era of long long ago. This The writers only touched House, from wise investments, guiding, a priceless relic; has lightly upon some the ach- and rm me t Tlr a Cmbership dues een viewed by nearly every tenements a the society as with the latter mainly responsi- -St. Augustine's v ry Hobby-Craft Cte
orm ayo o cit antiquity many other accomplishments ble for the ambitious publication of this settlement. It has been a could be added. A complete story program. Regarding admissions Wishes To Add Its photographic subject used on could be written about its pro- to the Oldest House, these will Congratulations To millions of calendars, magazines, gram of publication and assis- be found reasonable for adults, brin s renval d ma etc. tance in making of reprints .of hal price for children over 12, e Oles JIt Athis city as a tursttratin, histrical books on St. Augustine d free admission for young- Its ow did the historical society and Florida, as well as its own sers und er that age.t begin? It was in 1883 that Dr. publications, The most popular Present officers The St. 4 Th Birthday DeWitt Webb and a group of of the latter includes works by Augustine Historical Society areO e young people interested in, ar- Albert C. Manucy and J Tyler Frank D. Upchurch, presileni; chaeqlogy and kindred subjects Van Campen, both long time W. W. Wilson Vice president funded the St. Agustine Inst- members d officers i the or- and chairman of the board of tute a Science, with the e F zganiatis. A list at same at thr trustees; the late Otis Barnes,

844 n l Fart MatavWs, and i oper- lie by Mrs. .orKn Wiles Admin m ber include Alhert C.

V. Carver Harris is Bu9i2V 70 2.Ponce0deLeonT

Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965 THE S T. AU G USTINE RECORD Page 11re-B

400th Anniversary, Inc. Responsible HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 400 YEARSFor Planning Anniversary Celebration 400 YERS OF PROGRESS -WELL DONE
By W. W. Wilson the committee appointed to see ject would cost approximately the mayor of the City of St. Aut can't e done that a fitting observance of our $300,000 to complete and "put gustine and the chairman of ST. AUGUSTINE "It can't 1be done, the town is founding would be held. Follow- ST. shw nth oa." Te ordofCunyComisonr too small, we just don't have ing a series of meetings which e how on the road." The Board of County Commissioners the money for such an ambi- first commenced in 1957, plans only answer was the sale of cer- whoever they may be at the tious project regardless of its did begin to jell and it was de- tificates of indebtedness-and time, are automatically mem- R E U trednou bert"gtha is'l antheasd tremendous merit"-that is the cided that the major contribu- quickly enough pledges were re- hers of the corporation. In this 123 St. George Phone 9-5858 gt of the discouraging words lion of the committee would be ceived to assure a substantial category past county board and reaction which has faced efforts to get state lands on start on the project, but there chairmen, Dan Mickler Lewis the committee of men and wom- Anastasia Island released for an wo he oe mu mre ais, R icr s en who first met to discuss cel amphitheatre and to start a would have to be much more Parrish, Richard Parks ad ebration plans to observe the fund-raisiig campaign. money (and the need is still Bob Lovett have been members, ay ucces 00thannivers of e found- One of the first steps was the there as many did not fulfill while city mayors include James ing of the oldest city in the formation of a non-profit cor- their pledges), hut others even Lindsley, Earl Mickler, Clyatt
United~ dtts bhi Bedgs) W ith Youree
S a portion tilled, St. te u do in Powell, H.P. Hahn and Dr. JoToday, most people are plea- 40th Anniversary ugustine unsolicited oneqso id o in seph Shelley. Each member of oirh Y u ay speasInc., whic The rest of the story is told in both the city and county boards

slyee hytsa t e ny roaprhfs aeofa uC N E acrprised anrtered by the state of parts of this newspaper, but have given their full cooperation, people are glad, especially those Florida. The next major step doesn't It all sound so simple to ss t. t e W. L Dryadale Frank. Upchurch Sr. which cater to visitors to our was the acquisition of a 30 acre accomplish? You ca believe thi includes oth present S aint
President Vice President city, for the perserverance of tract of land from the Florida and past commissioners.
Board of Parks and historic the members, whose photos are If there is one individual, Memorials, and this, too, shown here, the many me however who should receivelitt cred, the site eing tt of the er of the coordinating co the line's share of the credit, it 400th Anniversary are formerly knwn as the mittee, who have assisted them i the president of St. AugusRoyal Quarries where much of plus the hundreds of ndi- tine 400th Anniversary, Inc, W. Your Photo Supples the coquina lwas taen for the viduals, clubs, organizations, I. '"Drys" Drysdale. "Drys" construction of the Old Fort and etc., as well a a Nationl Co- was given full authority to pro- Hedqarter many of the buildings of early mission appointed by the late ced in ot matters by his St. Augustine. Of course tha sident Kennedy to assist, committee and he has more TE

home mAustnye. Afcugustash o e THdaE meifAn tf purpose f the land site and the that its prog ress has been than proven his ability and F purpose otld o a thear SLOW it has been MOST DIF worth, by his own tirelessefBoard Member Board MemberpBoardoMember amhte t e thtb-asrdtatoh s for the majio r project, FaICULT, but thanks to all of forts and through his selection o you who. have participated we of those to help him. In this of production of an historical hra at...p .. atctgr . inTmC N E
symphonic drama, for which the are here, at last, some phrases last category we mention Tm

Qua rtce enniarar plgn hag s ---- On o t hiinoted playwight and Pulitzer of the Anniversary plans have Rahner a native of St. AugusPrzsinsereached successful completion tine, who has served in many Avenida Menende Prize winner Paul Green was and we are all looking forward capacities in addition to his title contacted nto write a play to future successes during this of "General Manager" of the VA 9-246 which would not only be an at- anniversary year. It is a pro- Cross and Sword project. traction during the celebration ject which needs the cooperaperiod, but it was felt the pro- jecr a whi ne Am tecaeraa
per production could continue to lion of all of us becne d f n d is a
draw crowds and suitors for project which will HELP the t a ain a ft rc b WLim ran Jyearn s to come. economy of our community and FELIZ eason ad ienc f 3 ,23 of ohn Bailey They felt that only the great gi h individual citi
Treasurer Secretary Board Member Paul Green who bad a number greater pride in the historic
of such successful productions to heritage which is his. More funds v hysonPeroMeenezdeduedinaueatioiare still eeded to care for

hi m erd t co l n di s tiud d h s y a o lgtion
the job. Now to get the money ti year's bigatin.T It is not fair to list the names
and here cooperation was of M Oly those pictured here, gained from both the city and hM thOe u rT heH The but the number of the many
county, but this ambitious pro- who have participated In so many ways a o large that T C
W space will not permit complete O DET Publication. It should be men- Du T is tinned, however, that among the
st organers of the anniverL CImportant Role s T RS4 hyC VASStAO
sSry committee, and men who Wonderful served it nobly,- are the names
In U.S. History of the late Oaid R. Dunham.
and A. H. Tebault Sr., who
It Is not generally known that helped to light the first sparks the Island of M rea, ancesirul of enthusiasm. Another is that J. M. "Marty" Victor of John Rhodes, Chamber of
Some of many St. Augusti ans, Commerce secretary at the time And Staff has played an important parting of organization, who is not now American history, aside from a resident of the community. He Victors Restaurant the local connection. served as first secretary of the Frank Harrold H. B. Wolfe Earl W. Byrd Admiral David Glasgow Far- group. It o lao Interesting to 300 Ponce do Len Blvd.
Board Member' Board Member Board Member noteltat by-aws rend that both ragut, although born in TenO f sesor, was half Minorcan by
blood, his father, having been
"Cross, And Sword"One born on the island. Farragut's
h s paternal grandparents were
QUadricentennial Highligh en. __________________Spanish stock, native to
One of the highlights of St. Aviles 400 years ago and of the Anastasia State Park, the site Almost a century ago Port ,Augustine's 400th Anulveruary first two year at the colony's of the royal quarries where Mahar, Minorca's finest harbor, celebration has been 'the pro- struggle for existence, will be building material for colonial was the naval base for the 'uction of "Cross and Sword," presented again next summer St. Augustine was quarried. 'an outdoor symphonic drama from June 28th through Septem- Enhancing the colorful drama strongest naval squadron of the
-by Pulitzer prize winning au. her 4It is the latest in outdoor lighting United States. In Port Mahon 4thor Paul Green. The drama has been htailed and sound equipment. One act- was established America's first The drama, staged in St. Au- by critics of outdoor drama as ally has the feeling of "being foreign base naval hospital. ,gustine's new -$200,000 arnphi- one of the finest ever produced. there" as scenes of the drama There a Inumber of American ttheatre, closed last Sunday Written by Green and di- unfold on the stage and in the ght after playing to a first- reacted Dr. L. L. Zimmerman area surrounding the amphi- naval officers and men died, ;season audience of 33,243. of the University of Florida, theatre. and in Minorcan soil, their reThe colorful drama which tells "Cross and Sword" has a cast Patrons watch the drama mains long since turned to dust. of the founding of St. Augustine of one hundred and is pro- from comfortable arm chair Port Mahon was the naval
*by Don Pedro Menendez de duced in a beautiful setting in seats under the stars. base of our strongest squadron, commanded by Commodore Isa-H
ac Hull, who destroyed H.M.S.
Muertere, in A u egust, 1012,
when she essayed battle with OF OUR FIRST 400 YEARS. fro Carthe U. I. Frigate ar Constitution,

S A G ST N Moorts agedino Mben wdrTiSINEDAvAPYBRTDY
tih faedt Oid iony ee

w76 e jore prtosth dEl MAsUiC ID EN A D TH I' Huas adi wrste Min ra e
A GREAT ~~~~from Cthm~ inyear TeMNOEINTENWERyFGET

o rg Then NTO0 N Eng

drivenIoutWbichFree Art

PrI o Lv -- And 70.Rsnrdt teEgls i
yeartlatreipwaefinllyA rhe


OLD CTY MO ORS 00th Herthday
| I St. Augstho ,
1283 San Marco Ave. St. Augustine, Fla. JEWELERS .,,
SYour Cadillac and Oldomobile Dealer 06 00. Genrge St. Call 4-0034

i "

Page 4-3 THE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD Wedn~ay yAfterne, en .S 8, 1965


St. Augustine
On Its

5400th Anniversary

St. Oldest City's Oldest Fabric Shop

Cynthia and Al Lawton, Proprietors
76 San Mire Phone: 82 .301

Florida Military Headquarters Building..stn l ...w.

~ ~~fFlo rid a l on ent I a s lle buil reg destroyed in the fire of 1901.
Was Once Franciscan Monastery Convent on Augustl, 107,e theState
y I I for a term of five years as State The Florida National Guard monies held each day through Three years later, 1602, the rock (a native shellstone) was Military headquarters
under the leadership of Ad- September 8th. King of Spain sent 800 ducats to quarried on Anastasia bIsland, The main building was gutted a Millin heas tHenr ,mctiv Congrct-ula ton jutnt General Hey W. Mc- The State Arsenal, one of sev- restore the buildings, which about three miles east, and for- by fire in December 1905, hut Millian has taken ba most active eral buildings comprising the were completed about 1605. The ried across the Bay. Both struc again the original walls were roleding t celebrtinote. St. Francis Barracks and one of Guardian of the Convent was- Lures .were completed dur ingagith orinlwls ee
founding of St. Augustine. St. Francis Barracks d one of made Parish Priest and Chap- the administration of Don Al. unharmed and for several years
The Adjutant General has the oldest buildings in St. Au- lain of the Castillo de San Mar- onzo Fernandez de Huerra, who the building lay in dismal ruins. u g U s t n e particularly been involved in gustine, is the headquarters for cos. In 1610,, the newly built was appointed royal governor in Temporary headquarters were the relations of the city with the the Military Department, State wood Convent was selected as 1755. established in other buildings of Spanish government as a repre- of Florda and the Florida Na- the Capitular House of the Pro- By the Treaty of 1763 between the post. sentative of Governor Farris tiona Guard. This structure has vince of Santa Elena de la England and Spain, Florida In 1921, Congress passed an H isto r c Bryant and Governor Haydon not always been a military Florida. The See of Rome char- was ceded to England. At this act donating St. FrancJ# BarBurns. He was one of the prin- headquarters; It was originally tered the religious province time, t friars, along with racks to the-State of Florida for cipal dignitaries from St. Au- a Spanish Franciscan Mona here under the Order of Fran- most of the Spanish population military purposes and the State gustine having an audience with tery and Convent. Until 1763 it ciscans. of the city, left St. Augustine Legislature appropriated suffiGeneralissimo France this past was the center of spiritual au- On December 14, 1630, the In an effort to protect the cent funds 4o restore the build- 4 0 t h spring. thority in Spanish North Amer- King made special provisions for Church property from the Bri- ing. F. A. Hollingsworth, local
"t sh, the Mo ....d o traHyn e n onarhtcdrte dirctpno A anniversary. The National Guard Head- ira-the Province of Santa Ele- the maintenance or this Monas- lin, the Monastery and Con- architect, under the direction of quarters, located on the corner na de la Florida. Converted to n rant wre conveyed to John the late Adjutant General Charof Marine and St. Francis a military reservation by the tory and I missions. He ord- Gordon an English Catholic, les P. Lovell, drew the plans for "Streets, is. unparralled in the British in 1763, St. Francis Bar. ered that money be drawn, an- for a consideration of $1,500. the restoration and modernizahistory of National Guard. racks became a full fledged nually from Mexico to furnish The British Government ig- tion of the old barracks, modelStarting the latter part of military post while under the them with supplies and cloth- nored the agreement madebe- ing them afer the lines of the August, 1965 men of the head- U. S., Army control 1832-1900.' ing. It has been reported that tween 'the Spanish Government former structure:
quarters detachment have stag- This reservation, comprising in 1634, 35 priests and a number and John Gordon, and the Mon- During World War Irandpntil te l-J.Ij
ed a formal retreat ceremony the barracks lot, the military of lay brothers :were attached astery and Convent were con- 1949, It was also headquarters each evening at 4:50 p.m. Dur- hoptllt h odrhuet h Facsa oatr.vetted into a military barracks, for State Selective Service. V, J. AMATO, Ownmw
ing the Quadricentennial Week lot, and the "Hedrick lot or They ministered to 44 settle- when it was diso b d that it Today, the military reservathe flags of Spain and England powder magazine lot' contained ments between St. Augustine had the best well water in the lion houses the Headquarters,

Stndrd Ton embr ofn h B l easede adteon ee to the othal0,00dins.e r eeo str wtt e n bFr an cha lrda n edures lr f~ ereSr have flown next to National about 20 acres In 1907 it was said to have converted more city. They constructed a large Military Department, State of Standard. Two members of the leased and later conveyed to the than 30,000 Indians. three story wooden barracks Florida and Headquarters,(Fl~r-Florida Guard have attired State of Florida for military In 1702, during the War of the and kitchen on the adjacent ida National .Guard. 9 u t e e S themselves in traditional uni- use. Today, it is a 4.2 acre re- Spanish Succession, Governor land now occupied by the Na- For four centuries the St. the family storeP lish occupation periods of quarters, Military Department, fire to the city, destroying the the existing building on the site al) has been. a religious and nd "
the city, during retreat cere- State of Florida (Florida Na- Monastery and Convent, as well o f the original Franciscan Chap. military outpost and served as
_.. .. _. .... ~tional Guard), the residence of as the Convent Library, valued el and Convent. This coquina the centerof service and duty 0 0 th ___-___'the Adjutant General and mem- at 600 pounds sterling, which building which stands today is to country under four flags. Its bers of his staff, together with contained perhaps the earliest "The State Arsenal. The wood sturdy walls will continue to other buildings. past written records on coloni- for construction was brought serve God, Country and the TA T The first records of this prop- nation in America. from New York by boat. State of Florida.
TNN erty, "Old Spanish .Docu- The King of Spain again sent By the Treaty of 1783, Florida .
ments, indicate that the Fran- funds for the rebuilding of the was returned to Spain and SpanJEWELERS ciscai M .onastery Nuestra Sen- Monastery and Convent, but due ish troops took over these bar312 Ponce de Leon Blvd. ora de la Concepcion orginally to official dishonesty, the money racks. The Franciscans made occupied the site. This Monas- was misappropriated. For some an attempt to return to their Is Proud to Wish tery and Convent, built of time a crudely constructed buildings, but the opposing inTHE logs, was constructed in the building with a palmetto roof fluence of Governor Zespedes
E year 188, following the arrival erved as a chapel, while near- prevailed and they anwere re OLDEST CITY of the Rev. Alonzo de Reyhoso, by stood hutsalike those of the bufed. Two Franciscans did
S.nAur Gun accompanied by a number of Indians, to a Convent. cme, however, one to teach

WihsonIs inIlu17.A iolpmberd8,1565loryndte Luned bnid, p to3 th urin AccoWrdbewng the M Y S rt e g thug ou thi s
ie o other priests and by brothers The existing walls of the Mon- and one to serve as Chaplain of h 150, four years after Sir Fran- th south and west of the Ara crds the Franciscans left 400th Birl fay cis Drake destroyed the city, l, ere constructed during the Florida in 1795.
h o r show s the existence of a religi- time the Castillo de San Marcos In 1792, the three story ous community on the present was being built. Appalachian wooden barracks, which had

rackswere hei400trd
site of the Arsenal. Indians and convicts from Mex- been built by the English, was In 1599, the Monastery and ico were employed in rebuild- destroyed by fire.' The troops Convent were destroyed by fire. ing the Monastery. The coquina remained quartered in the remaining buildings until the Uni- J ted States gained control of
Florida on July 10, 1821.
1st Lieutenant Harvey Brown, O sd A anniversary
U. S. Army was assigned 4th
hAe aasSr Augustine in August 1021 and had charge of repairing SL t. Gt h Dcrs Bl d i S m Francis Barracks during 1021Symbols

set aside and established as a on we permanent U. S. military resertos wsent a salute the Oldest City in ts our 4 th Anni~During the Seminole War,
racks on patrols to the suth
amon g the hurried plantations versary. along the Mosquito and Tomoko
St. Augusine Mnrlnelsnd of Plorida Hie districts, as well as on
miss ... log th~t.John~i-May prosperity reign throughout tis
Nnt~s 0Oldul ityWoela Odes Ocsnaium During the War between the Natin'sOldst ity orl's ldet Ocanaiu Stre, ion Thrracps, anwter ur Stesd ion t rn p w .. .. ter r wonderful "Little Spanish Town."
facilities wore added. It remained a military post followVW E ARE PROUD ing the cessa.tion of hostilities and the personnel ,there..added aH Bitd S i A u military flavor. to the city. Our- a p y n e no the role of St. Augustine in the first dermamtihapter of our Nation's ing the lime that Geronimo's In- H p yB rh a ,S itA g sie dians were imprisoned in the
hiaseyry. oreeration of ibis heritage s a filling and prsper thing. Castillo, soldiers of the barracks were their guard.
In 1817, the St. Fraucis Barwar.... Department. Suiteled and hre- an o n o ny h r a e tc l A s
ception rooms were constructedSan Jo n C u ty P rm e ti l Asn WNE SALUTE to cater Is gala affairs. It is re-.
ported that while Chester. A.
Arthu was. president of Ike Uni- McDonald's Rexall Hay's Rexall Wason's Druge the Ancdent City for dedicating itself o the conserration of antiqoities ted-Staten (1881-1885), be was
entertained at a reception held 47 King Street dOS Anastasia Bled. 2 sea Maco Ar. and the restoration of lost treasurees. Blending the past with future prg us Ike second floor right wing ________________ ______________nes i a orhy oa iof the moin building (State tesi wrh oalbfittiog tscitizenry. Arsenal). A LI. Col Alesandrer Piper, 1st Army. was. in Courtesy Drug Co. Medical Arts Pharmacy shingler Drug Store command of the Barracks at
tbat time. An evoot wbicb nevor 177 San Mares Are, 107.King Street isa West Kisg OL Sailed to draw a crowd wan Ike ______________Saturday aftenoon dress parade. S.George Phray Waidron's PhamcySrvc rug SThe Barracks remained Stahr ay 5r ayg Military Post until 1900 when it 121 SL. George StL Doctors 51db. 11 King Strt won abandoned by the United
~gQ O~A ~ Q~ ~j ~The St. Francis Barracks serS ved as a temporary shelter fan
orphans aod Sister of St. Joseph, whao orphauage amd

Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965 THE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD Page Fve-B
E ly N pap G i I ti lowed by the names at Pence Drake, Oglethorpe and those
Early Newspapers Give Interesting de Leon, Menendez, Ribault, who cam fter them.

Accounts Of Life In St. Augustine BEST WISHES
The early newspapers of Flor- their estimation. The story is isted for educating the young, TO THE ida and St. Augustine, of which that most editors of that day and we learn to estimate the de- OLDEST CITY at least one, "The East Florida carried one or sometimes two gree to which attendance in disGazette" dates from the period big pistols constantly while ga- tant colleges of the North oc- Celebrating 400 Years of Growth and of the American Revolution, thering the news and when ap- curred. In this connection It Prosperity are a considerable source of in- pearing in public. In fact so lit- shall be said that some fairly Prosperity good.privte schools were to be
formation regarding the colorful tle comfort the editor of "The found in St. Augustine, whose GATOR'S and THE TRADING POST romance of the region which Herald and Democrat derived hard workio chang er d 908 Anastasia Blvd. Hwy. AA South Ponce do Leon so aptty, desig- from Ike jibes and sardonic de- everything from reading, writ- 90 Ansasia Sled, nated the "Land of Flowers" meanor f his local cntempora- ing and arithmetic to Latin, Your Best Buy in . Fruits Souvenirs Antiques naiad the "Land of Flowera" ries of the press that frequently German French, Spanish, Philand eternal youth. he was inviting them, none too osophy and metaphysics. Nearly every phase of life in diplomatically to take them- Through it all the charm of this community, which at that selves off to some other region, the ancient city affected poputime had already acquired a re- remote indeed from the benefi- lace and newspaper editor alike, SAINT AUGUSTINE cent climate and environment much as in later days, and spectable and venerable old age of St. Augustine. As if the local there was genuine pride in the WE SALUTE YOU! of more than two centuries, was rivalries were not enough, the antiquity and progress of this likely to be recorded in the battle was often carried to other great center of Spanish-Ame- Celebrating 400 Years of Buildig, Growing, Progress and pages laboriously prepared by opponents, even Jacksonville, can culture. Poets and authors the hard working "printer's do- Pensacola, Charleston, Savan- wrote columns extolling the Plsnning vil" at the instigation of the na and New York. Restless merits of the region and men CONGRATULATIONS FROIM "editor." No sisodern linotype men were these editors and pro- came here then as now to stay machines blessed his hours of per progenitors of the modern afew days and remained some- PYLES CABINET SHOP toil, and when one looks at some American press. times a lifetime to sing the of the printing presses of that And yet, making allowance praises of the glorious climate day, the wonder is how anyone for these intense rivalries, and opportunities to be found In NORTH BEACH Boating Club Road 829-119 had the courage to record t he which usually carried the this new world sanctuary, halhappenings week after week of smoke and powder of the NaSpain's northernmost city on tional political struggles of the the Atlantic seaboard. day, local news was not in any Nevertheless, the publishing way neglected. We learn, for inbusiness had attained a place of stance, of the commerce of the prestige in all the North Amer- Port of St. Augustine, of the arican colonies, influencing com- rival of distinguished visitors, unity thought, politics and cul- like Ralph Wardo Emerson, Wilture. Some editors like, Ben- liam Cullen Bryant and Prince jamin Franklin, a contem- Murat, of Florida land booms porary of John Wells, Jr. of the and the romance of the free Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church "East Florida Gazette" of 1783, lands then being offered to bunFlasirginol f h Me ora trsb teia Ch rc a n etu me fro ath0 thA nvesr had achieved a position of gry and covetous men from the world fame in the struggling north through the auspices of young nation now come to be the United States Land Office, called the United States of of the strengthening of fortiiAmerica. And while Florida nations about the town and the and St. Augustine had not yet preparations for the struggle joined the, parade of English with the redoubtable Seinoles, speaking independent states in determined to resist the white t fthe new world, the contacts, man's "tide of Civilization" and economic, social and political strengthened by many refugee were already close enough to in- whites and blacks from the redicate to many a shrewd pro- gions of the Carolinas and Georphet what was in store for the MgiO. Southern Star of the American Furthr sti, the student of Empire." early newspaper files will find In 1783 the British had by the a wealth of material concerning Treaty ef Paris agreed to with the government, the businesses A h 14 r draw from this region, in favor the religious, culture and the inonce more of the Spanish allies timate tlfe of this community, of the French and American now undergoing a renaissance victors of Yorktown. But Amer- so significant that much of its ican influence was evident in a sanctified Spanish character multitude of ways in the nar- was to disappear forever-until row streets and plaza of St. Au- in 1936, when the Restoration um l o Ar gustine, where ancoc and began its work of reclaiming it
Adamsin had once been oured in from oblivion. Thus we learn of RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT MUSEUM

0Aam ma oillce bee CITYe BAIGnO
effigy and in the dark and som- the lawyers asd docark ef the Extends Congratulations to bre dungeons of San Marcos day, the hotels, the market, the the sanctuary far a time of real estate dealers, and the art- The City of St. Augustine In Its three signers of the Declaration Ides sold and used by the aver- 400th Anniversary ef Independence, who had been age S Agustialan We find e detained there by the British, als clues as to what mea eentirely without their consent.
Stirring times were those
days of 1783. The air was alive
with rumors of plots and counterplots and the effects of the Boston Tea Party and War of
Independence even en this disCONGATULTION.TO.HE.sCONGRATULATIONS
tant frontier were quite noticea- D i r a In ble. The record of newspapers I PLU S SAugustine can best be stud- PLUS A MILLION
ied' today in the great collec-
tion sf the Library of Congress
where guides have been preST.pared for early colonial edi-Mu tions, listing them in chronologi- TO I 'HE MOST WONDERFUL cal order and givingthe names
o the men who pioneered the
field of American journalism.
For Instance we discover that INTTHENWORLD the only original copies of the
"East Florida Gazette" now
Trinity Episcopal Church known to the historian are contained In the far-away Public
Two O ds Protestant Churches c rdOffice in London. The
cred, l ~ ol r 4nc t n r .-*it r saving this priceless news sheet covering a short per,Among the 14 religioum dens- Church are the oldest protestant tot where in 17t3-1753 services lad from March to May in 1703, minstiem in IL Augustine 'trio-[charches. were hold by the Church of evidently belongs to Sir Guy ity-Epiocopal Church and Fing-[ Trialt Epincopal Church was England during Briish poases- Critas ise whoe ctis he d ter Memorial Presbyterian erected on an historic site, the sion. In 1821 the Yousg Men's orinu als are so tbe fond Missionary Society of Charles- ernor of Canado. Thus are the Stone, S.C., sent a minister here threads of history complicated, FROM to organize s parish. The cor- and mest'be unraveled if we are Feliz .... nertan of Trinity Church ws'uyhFlOrtdas. The ... ibrary sf Coo- RY IS O
F lzlaid in June of 1521. gress has deemed this masterial ~~~~~~In the previous year, 1s14, the importanteog opoott Cu ]First Presbyterian Church sf n t eng the onl cphoftosat Cu plans Auigustine was organized5 and first Floridaunewspaper avilahle A D T E B K R D LV R E N
San Agustinuinsoewseetdn Apparen.tly the press. bad to
I os t. George Street. take as..enforce.d vaca tion whenAL OF U HE E T InMarch, 1000, the pre..ent the Spanis.h retorne.d to IL. Au-AL OF U HE E T magnificent edifice was given gustine in 1704. Newspapers FrmThe by. mory oriso auger n from that year to the year 1023B AI GO
myeory oiso auger sien ema opeeylcige Loise Benedict, who bad died... ..peellakn asC T
nd the year before.. At the tim o..f they had been In the first Spanosda ddcaio h ... .. hn-zs period. Evidently the Spanc han orities preferred to use
~iiMt~ftssdzeod.o ah ling crs bits slyth other means for giving their
.ir55 253551Wt is Venetian Renaiosance Itran- soco the e s of the world.ine sition period); and ito 110 footSotepsesfI.Agste dome s topped by a bronze took a tong rest until, with the Greek cross, coming sI the American flag, the editor felt safe enough to
go to work again.
19~651st safety even. after 1821 was 1 5 6 a relative ma..tter,..what with threats of almost contant In- 1565u~'19 dian raids on a very mock on" ~s t abt1inzed southern fron40 EA SOFD VE O M NT tier tohe intrepideads400 EARSOF EVEL PMEtorn of that period were more We A e Prud T Be f Se~vlc Tolikely to mee.t disaster at the We A e Prud T Be f SeviceTohands of rival exponents of free St. ugusine' Vistorsspeech sod the press is the] Visiorscommunity. One needs oaly .1e0 CONGRA~u AT scan the columns..of the "FlorIONS TO TE ida Herald and Southero Demo-.
crat" published tn It. Augustine
OLDEST CITYcover that ito editors believed _ very mock in Ike integrity of[ We Bake and Deliver the Best Bread in the World COMPLIMENTS OF JIM BLANTON their political conv iction an..d ST. UGUSINE IGHTEEIN TRANS, nc. that rival sheets sock as the ST U UTN IHSEN RIS n. "St. Augustine News" publishedI 52 San Marco Ave. St. Augustine, Florida The Oest Woy To See 01. Augostioe"" between 1015 and 1040 were
___________________________________________________________something less thsn nothing in

P*e Six-B -rfE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965

FCatholic Church Launches Huge Building Program

SAN AGUSTIN To memorialize and celebrate connected to the library by a bute $200,000 toward this pro- cathedral will have an addi- separate the Blessed Sacra- corated with morals depicting the quadricentennial the Cath- carving cloister or covered gram with other parishes mak- tion of 24 feet to the rear of the ment chapel from the sane- incidents int early history of 400sh oic Church began several years walkway. ing contributions for the other church thereby making the tuary. The chapel, off ths west the Catholic Church to Florida, ago with planning and have Missihalf of the designated amount, sanctuary larger and providing transept, will have a marble al- The fount will b in the center ANOVRSARIV A lart whed the largest construe- Mission Library ...... $400,000. Under the direction of for the Bleed S crament chap- tar and will seat approximately of the baptlinstry.
A IRY tion program yet advanced for The recent acquisition of thes the Right Reverend Monsignor el on the gospel side. Trusses 200 persons. St. Augustine of Hippo is the the 400th anniversary. East Florida Papers from the John P. Burns a committee or- and beams wil be exposed and The Lady chapel s the east pa san of the parish, city,

illd na ocu sde fad nop coo ohh eas aaro ean h f n t of Compliments of L om a o ibrary of Congress, Washing- ganized a solicitation campaign run directly through and over transept will hae a tryptic a t and Diocee. His le depicted Copiet f The first community act of tasp ilhv rpi n ics.H Ruth & Vernon F der Captain-General Pedro Menen- ton, DC., and the Stetson Col- and the renovation is under the sansiary with the ceiling tar and will be decorated in in rich stained glass windows dez de Aviles and his landing election from the University of way. transepts left flat. gold and blue with murals. will remain untouched is the p arty when they came ashore Florida, Gainesville, made the It was in 1792 that two Irish- The table of the altar will re- There will be space for several remodeling.
partyisio whe theyr cam asisr Ftruae on Florida soil was to assist at Miesiton of Nmre do h s the born Catholic priests, Father main where it was. T e reredos prie-dieus before the altar and The fend cathedral cort~ DARY QEEN Holy Mass celebrated by Fa- depository of one of the largest
tAIR o M edz by a- collections of historic docu- Thomas Hassett and Father (ornamental marble b a c k- visiting priests will be able Is Yard will have a fountin,platSan arcoAve ther Loupen de Mendoua Grajn- g o lpnu round), will be muoved hack offer Masu there as well s in ings of nrnamentlsrubr 269 San Marco Ave. les. It was the first Parish Mas s ments concerning the Spanish Michael O'Reilly, realizing the some 12 'feet and encased in the two shrines planned where and trees. A new eating ad in what is now the United States occupation of Florida. These need for an edifice befitting e d the carved wood, finished in b arn- the confessionals were. tir conditioning ystem will be Sand September 8 1965 in s the with the mission's extensive dignity'of the Catholic religion, ished gold and golden grills. At Sacristies for priests, altar installed during the renovation 400th anniversary of the found- holdings of original documents petitioned the king of Spain for the bottom of the reredos, deep boys and choir and a room for of the cathedral.. ing of the Catholic Church here will be housed in a new build- permission to build the church. red African marble will be used Altar Guild work will be in back The present rectory and the and the birth of this nation ing adjacent to the Votive Started that year and com- to contrast with the white altar. of the Lady chapel. buildings to the rear of it will The Spaniards named their Church. plated in 1797 at a cost of $16,602 It will have a carpeted predella, The wainscoting around the be removed opening to view the LI Landing snite Nombre de Dios The library will be of coquina the church was constructed of or top step, and over the altar Inside of the cathedral will be cathedraL Constructton of a (Name of God) and their com- rock and white limestone and coquina and was partly Spanish will be a round tester in rich of door height and made of mar- new rectory facing Treasury munity settlement St. Augustine will be of contemporary design and partly Moorish in architec- gold tones. ble. Also retained will be the Street is now going o. and the parish and settlement with added themes. The arches ture. The sanctuary will be richly Stations of the Cross, copies of Architect for the construction have existed permanently since will be Spanish in tone and the The church was solemnly de- decorated in ted, black and those in the Pauline chapel in at Mission of Nombre do Dimsto their founding 400 years agoportico that encloses dicated on September 8, 1797, gold. The side wall will be pan- St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican Eugene F. Kennedy Jr., F.A. C U M P L E A N O S The councelebrated Hor ar s s the buidig will suggest the and remained as it was for So eled in deep, sunk walnut to the City. Frames of Valencia tiles I.A., of the Boston firm of

AuTe ounatdi aso
at the Mission of Nombre de classic. years, 1887, when it was partly tops of doors and In the rear Will surround the stations. Maginnis, Walsh and enedy. Dios September 8, 1965 inau The Mission Research Li- destroyed by fire. It was not a will extend to the ceiling. Above The narthex (vesitbule) will George W. Stickle of St AgusSAN AGUSTIN gur~~~~ey aterame pqaret-rywiwfinrpaeigurates a year of quadricenten- brary, which will incorporate i cathedral until 1870. After the the paneling on either side will have ornamental iron grilling tine is architect of the renovaSA N (G U S I Nj nial observances in two forms, hives and exhibitio fire the well-constructed walls be murals depicting various in- with an open ceiling and above tion of the cathedral with Euand thewll gnea Rbic usdtnteiguidngohteGor ilReInrdvnebarentotdlmua- ileMoon tn one of a spiritual nature, the cls be open ito su- were left standing and were cidents In the life of Christ. The the entrance will be sacred and gene F. Kennedy Jr., as comulother physical. The concele- dents scholars and ra used in the rebuilding of the floor will be in red and black historical murals. Aisles in the tant. (Happy Birthday Saint Augustine) brated High Mass, restored to as cathedral and few changes have marble. nave will be tiled with Moravian When the extensive construethe Western Rite by the present Cathedral of St. Augustine .. been made until this year. Choir stalls along the sides of handmade tiles In varying tion program of the Cathi The Oldest City in'the Ecumenical Conference after A large undertaking of the The facade with its Moorish the sanctuary will seat" 100 shades of buff, gray and red Church of St. Augustine isomseveral centuries, is the first Catholic Church for St. Augus- impression of a dome shaped priests and the choir and organ and bearing church symbols. plated the Mission af Rombre United Staes ever celebrated in the Diocese t s n es quadricentennial has belfry, its niches and statue of will be on a raised platform in' New pews of dark Wood will de Dios will be one uf the greatU i d t eof St. Augustine. Archbishop been the restoration and re- St. Augustine will remain as back of the reredos. Existing be installed. est pilgrimage centers qf the Joseph P. Hurley, bishop of the novation of the Cathedr of St. will the columned main en- entrances will continued to be The baptistry on the west side nation and e Cathedral of St.
-diocese, celebrates the Mass Augustine. The Cathedral Par' trance. used. of the cathedral will be con- Augustine will be a historic THE and co-celebrants are sin mon- ish was called upon to contri- The interior remodeling of the An ornamental Iron grIll will nected by a passageway de- shrine unequaled.
CAP --- signori.
OACOMore than -two years ago
90 under the guidance of ArchbisBOTTLING hop Joseph P. Hurley theSaint
BOTLNAugustine Foundation, a nonCO. profit organization of priests
Candy laymen throughout the dio19 San Marco Ave. cese, was formed and a dynamS C aic construction program begun. l24-o1571 A In addition to Archbishop Hurley, Father James Heslin, president of the foundation, Father
Michael V. Gannon, director of
B hthe Missionof Nombre de Dios, and the Right Reverend Monsignor John P. Burns, pastor of
Cathedral Parish, head the
During the year in addition to
R And Esolemn dedications of the memWl SALUTE ortato f the quadricentennial the religious events will be
highlighted by a Eucharistic
.Congress on the m i a s I o n grounds, the dedication of the
renovated Cathdral of St. AuQUADRI ENTENNIAL gustine and a symposium of
scholars on Spanish Florida history.
ceThe largest building program
CELBA I ON' I undertaken for the quadricentennial has been that of the
Catholic Church with the stated
purpose of initiating a national
We Extend Our Most demonstration of faith in God Siner Congatulaions and love of country. Construetion is progressing on the
To All Those WVho Have grounds of the Mission of Nombre de Dios and the renovation
Worked and Planned of the Cathedral of St. AugusTo Make Our 400th tine and the building of a new rectory are a dvancing.
Birthday A Success Mission of Nombre de Dios When building plans were announced attention was called to
the fact that the small peninMARY and VERNON sula, or cemetery, which is the original mission ground, will
CASTO not be changed In any way. It will be the place Itoward which
all other buildings will point and
its primitive character I will be
preserved. The small chapel L CASTO and rustic altar will remain as
They stand. The grounds will be carefully APPLIANCE COMPANY landscaped to retain the many
existing trees and others, mainly palms, will be added. Flow60 sanda Phone 9-5a54 ers and shrubs will beautify the sits and low hedge will enclose the entire area. For practical purposes a parking area
for 110 cars and buses will be
-T .AsHa kGreat C ess
a Beacon of Faith,y the
Great Cross will be erected to
face ihe ocesn inlet to the east
ond will be easily seen from all
site wilt appOns imalt the location where the Cross of ChrisARE IN tianity wan first pe..m...nlly
planted wi0 years ago s
Designed for a height of 2l0e S i a rt OD ER feet, or B-story ourch il eluminsted crosas will be of stainless steel to resist the effects
of the corroding salt air. It will
FOR stand ustethered, designed by so architectural and engineertog achievement to witbstand
SAImore. than the highes winds SAINTever recorded in Florida.
Names of donors of $10 or
AUGUSmore ... the saint Augustine
Foundation will be inscribed on
the base of the cross.
CLBRATTNGIT' Votive Cbsrehb...
CLLLV A~iIUIOJ IT'SIn announcing plans for lbs Votive Church Fatker James
400THT NNVR R Heslin said, ,The Volive
4uuii AN IVERARY Church will be erected as a prayer of the priests and people
of the Diocese of St. Augustine
From to seek Divine assistance in Fromthes dangerous times."
Under construction at thin
OHN ttme, the church is being built
STsOH Sonoe and will seal 200 people, adequate for ordinary days. It W W CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH will have duol altars, one on lbs interior and lbs other on the enINC. tenor. O special occasions and i pilgrimages when thousands of
:196 & 201 San Marco VA 9-653 "1 people will come Holy Mass..will he offered at the considerably large outdoor..altar atthe apse th d a A t ilAp Af ai of lbs church. a r el v o
_____________________________________ The Votive Church will b ahda sI ilAperAtrRnvto

Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1 965 THE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD Page Seven-B

St. Augustine Has Unique Restoration Commission
Restoration of St. Augustine commission with broad respon- progress of an entire communto an 18th Century Hispanic Wil sibilities and unprecedented ity redevelopment program. liamsburg started in 1936 and powers to accomplish its object- The commission has, neverives. theless, indicated its clear inafter 24 years reached its thres- The act noted that St. Augus- tention to give every possible hold of success when Governor o LeRoy Collins signed a Legis- tne possesses "historical val- consideration to the personal
SC s neali ues, cultural traditions and ele- needs of those who live in an tat art in 1910 ratting for thesatie ot h lSt. Augut- ments of unique beauty and area marked for restoration.

-nedy intoato 1963 to asis inlan
esta ti of athndSPresea- rharm." Sin e, "it is desirable And it has repeatedly pointed
fin C ssion. to assure the restoration, the out that the restoration will
ti Commission preservation and maintenance benefit not only the community Bach m styo0 years S of these and other important as a whole, but the citizens of Augustine .ayora landmarksa the 1959 bill said, the historic area. Fraser was instrumental in interesting the Carnegie Institu- the commission was created. Shortly after signing he act, tion in considering the sponsor- Among its powers, the co- Governor Collins turned to one ship of restoring the city. Sev- mission is authorized to acquire, of St. Augustines leading citieral years of research and pre- hold, rent, lease and dispose of zens, Herbert E. Wolfe, to head liminary investigation, however, real and personal property, up the new organization. But to
went for naught with the advent The commission was also emphasize the state-wide chara- a of World War II in 1941. given the power to condemn cter of the effort, he also apIt wasn't until 1959 that a property, engage in slum clear- pointed William L. Sims of Orcommittee, headed by localnat- ance, to build or rebuild hist- do, retired president of Cogate-Palmolive-Peer.
torney Frank D. Upchurch, suc- cal sites and to tear down ex- Wolfe is still chairman of the ceeded in having the Restora- listing buildings, the act says. commission and Sims is secreUnited States. eammiia and hothesm os Jco dn rhtcua rfs tion Commission established by The wide powers of condem- tary-treasurer. Other members legislative act. Under the lead- nation and slum clearance of the commission are J. Saxton ership of Upchurch and his granted the new body are n c Lloyd Daytona Beach, Vicex long-time associate Herbert E. prechdented among American dchaiman Edward Ball anda Wolfe, the commission got off to preservation bodies, and indi- Mrs Cr D Towers Sr.a of Jaca flying start and established a nate the serious intent of the le- s. . ow er of St. full-time staff dedicated to the gislature to get the job done. Augustinoe and Lawrence Lew is eventual restoration of the city. Elsewhere, a single stubborn j ir e of tnd e a i The legislative act created the citizen has often blocked th Wolfe also chairman of the St. Augustine Quadricentennial w GORDON Commission, appointed by the GEOR & GORDO WITMOR late President John F. Kennedy in 1963 to assist in plans
of Snth Gate Marina Extend for the 400th Anniversary Celebration.
Other members of the Quadriceniennial Commission are Charles Patrick Clark, Henry Ford II, J. Peter Grace, Sen. HISTORICAL COMMISSION MEMBERS T H A N K S Spessard L. Holland, Congress- Earle W. Newton, left, executive director of the St. Augustine Historical man; W. L. Sims 1I, secretary-treasurer; and Mrs. C. D. Towers Sm man D.- R. Matthews,, George Restoration and Preservation Commission, meets with commission mem- Shown above are Lawrence Lewis Jr., left, and L, C. iinghaver.
Hartzog Jr., Archbishop Jospeh ber, from left, Edward Ball, J. Saxon Lloyd, Herbert E. Wolfe, chairTo P. Hurley, Chancellor Edward
H. Litchfield, Sen. George A
William C. Cramer. plan to cover 'the first year, Earle W. Newton is executive which also looked beyond to a director of the commission 25-year program and the me ans I . Jflt! f"ID7 which has offices in the recon to achieve it.
N E structed Arrivas House at t46 S i. The commission approved the George St. program in December and askAfter several organizational ed Newton to assume diectin meetings, the restoration com- e etnt sue ieto rmis thre ti cam of the staff. Staff members are CAPT JIVILM D mission turned t officials of Colonial Williamsburg, Vir- Robert Steinbach, archaeologinia's famed restoration area, gist; Mrs. Rita O'Brien, office And His Courageous Crew r. e sThey Braved the Seas for advice on staff and planning. manager; Bruce Greene, directo Bring Settlers to Establish this Oldest City in The The Williamsburg group, in tor of interpretation, William
United States. turn, referred the commissDio greRnss Call R
to Newton, who was developing Jordan, architectural aftsa new center for the Arts and man; Mrs. Marian Randolph, ae Are Proud of the City Sciences in Connecticut. New- executive secretary and Moses ton had been first director of Lewis, property maintenance. You Gave Us! old Sturbridge Village, a Ma- Jose Cubenas, research expert, YoSUT GaveUs!sachusetts restoration project, is now at work in Spain.
and director of Pennsylvania's The present effort stems from Bureau of Museums and His- among hisory of hope and entoric Sites, as well as "founder deavor by St. Augustinians who and editor of "American Heri- looked back to go forward. In
los S i ge" magazine, the thirties hopes rose when the When director of the Haoe- Carnegie Institution of Washinga uard-Radcliffe training program ton undertook a research and for historical managemeat, Be archaeological program. But had often visited St. Augustine this came to an end without acThe and walked the streets, plann- tual restoration plans or speing a restoration he hoped one cific programs with the beginU. S. Highway 1 South St. Augustine, Fla. day would emerge. The chal- ning of World War II.
lenge offered -by the commis- When interest revived in 1958, sion was immediately accepted. a special advisory committee to th Florida Board of Parks,
headed by Frank D. Upchurch,
turned for advice to Dr. Verne
H P Y 4 0hthernegiokdn
Chatelaine, who had supervised
HAPPY 400ththe Carnegie work done before the war.A
A re It to lbe governor and
legislature recommended a new
ANN IV ER special commission and a substantial appropriation, and bothI
were enacted.
From With solid state suport, and the active support of city and[
county-backed up by supplementary appropriatioos from ARRIVAS HOUSE CAPT. JIM DART each the long awaited "Flor-w ida Williamsburg" is now in This restored building at 46 St. George Street (formerly whioh uses the second story far offices, and the first story AND progresV. "'Cale Real") is the headquarters of the commission, fr exhibits.


ZOE O SHILA 4 d OL ST 9ITY 8 In J N St. A ustine


.4 C01ee's Sightseeing OUR CITY'S
~~ilt9t .Carriage Co.
29 Aviles St.40

*Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Hart ',t~I~ ANNIVERSARY EVENTS

Ves, Straight to the Old Jail where you 11l find eacitemeot packed Wish sewing st one of the cicyasmost unique and interesting eshihitsons oi an authentic fail including gas coleotions and countleassitems coacersed with crimerand punishment through theyaeas Costumes furThe Oldest City ishrdf....rr~hing you....m.ra hrngthelsds c.....prparedt....e
what you yourself will descrihe as a "Great Show.

A Splendid
400 t h A nn ive rs a ry THE.


Page Eight-B THE ST. 'AUGUSTINE RECORD Wednesday Afternoon, Sept 8, 1965

Mission Of Nombre De Dios Was

The Site Of The First Mass WE'VE REACHED

Why does St. Augustine pause Nombre de Dios and founded gustine-August 28-and landed
in its modern rush of life today, the city. N days toter on these shores. pened 400 years ago, September terest in the anniversary cele this vicinity, a priest, Father4 0 0 th 8, 1565? brated this year centers af the t in a rsestL Fathe
The reason is this: 400 years Mission. Martin Fransco Lopez de ago on this date, Pedro Me- History tells us that Me- Mendoza Grajales, and several nendez de Aviles landed on the nendez saw this particular site of the men on the boat went Present site of the Mission of on the Feast Day of Saint Au- ashore to prepare for the offi- Congratulations Saint Augus cial landing of the adelantado. Saint Agsine Then on September 8, with From The typical Spanish ceremony Memendez and his followers left MANAGEMENT their boat and landed to claim
the place for God and country- and for the Catholic Faith and the STAFF King of Spain.
Father Mendoza met the conquistdor at the shore, carrying
BIT AY .a crucifix: the Spanish leader g IR and soldiers knelt to pay a M mark of homage to Christ, To The Whose teaching they expected The Mission of Nombre de Dios is the site where the story of St. Augustine began to spread. Then Father Men- 400 years ago, when Dn Pedro Menendez de Aviles, Admiral of the Spanish Fleet, Al 63 doza celebrated upon a crude stepped ashore and founded this oldest city' on September 8, 1565. 2 G altar the First Mass-the first
religious ceremony establishing Nombre de Dios-as the scene of St. Augustine. OLDEST CITY Christianity in the first perma- of the first religious ceremony An annual Pilgrimage on Low
nent white colony in this coun- on these shores, which the 400th Sunday was inaugurated about From The try. The Spaniards, it Is said, anniversary has for its central three decades ago, where Mass gave a saluteof cannon, and the theme of commemoration-is s celebrated on an outdoor al La B odega C ock ail spot was called "Nombre de replete with a history of the tar. U U N 1 I Dios," consecrated as it was by trials of four hundred centuries. oVisitors to the Mission wilLOUNGE
J U N IO re etbihdprs nteUie oedmg oteSr ne heu o ld chpethe ban- LO NG the Mass which began the first Man and nature may have doned when the city grew, the OS H Pestablished parish in the United done damage to the shrine beautiful memorial chapel, the bNIESR States. scene from time to time-but unusual statue of the Nursing ISHES S H PNombre de Dios (Name of the consecrated ground today is Mother, and the coquina stations erected in recent years for
At 156 on Historic God) became the site of a small receiving ts proper place as a use of persons making the Perchapel which was titled the national shrine where Christians petual Novena to Our Lady of "SAN AGUSTIN" St. Gorgesame name until sometime between 1602 and 1620. During that first, successfully and continual- Sorrows. An addition to the Street time a devotion to the B lesse d ly, settled a site-St. Augustine shrine site is the coffin of Pedro A SUCCESSFUL 400th Virgin as the Nursing Mother, -in the present United States. the Spanish officials of Aviles which became popular in Spain Nature's trials proved to be to this city, and turned over by ANNIVERSARY was brought to "new Spain" the storms which occur in the city officials to the permanent and the original site, and chapel
was ld "Nuestra Senora de fall of the year. Men, both custody of the Cathedral Parish La Leche y Buen Parto," in- white and red, did their share of St. Augustine. stead of Nombre de Dios. The of despoliation also. Hostile Inoriginal name of Nombre de dians harrassed the early setDios was restored several years tlers here just as they did the ago. early English colonists on the northern Atlantic seaboard. But
more than that, with rival
Spanish, English and French
imperialistic designs on the vast
n w 1 y discovered territory,
Florida's Spanish settlement
A Tribute to the here was fated ito n- Galaxie listed" by the white men too.
Accordingly,, the site of the
flhIflDt'~hT~U IAIshrine saw, as the years pasQUAIDIRICENTENNIAL sed, ransacking by the English in 1725 who came from Georgia;
FROM the Indian attacks; elemental attacks of Nature; and abHAMBLEN HARDWandoment from time to time HAMBDLEN HARDWARE by the Spanish. In 1763, with the beginning of the English period
Established n of rule here-the chapel was dismantled and for the next 1815 We ve been years the site of the Mission wath you for nectod spot, a h bmock of weeds and trees where once had 150 years out been old Roman ceremonies of of the great religion and Spanish culture too.
For the space of many years
400. the Mission remained unnoticed by the parish officials of St. Au.Agust ine, who in building up new
Con ratulations fields of missions, neglected the Shallowed spot of the First Mass. Probably their duties were too
FROM many to allow them time to From think about the shrine site.
Our Staff Finally in 1872, the Parish of St. Augustine regained the property and the firot Bishop of the
a hpluon, th site Theo Fin Line
Diocese, Augustin Verot rebuilt

a Michael uJ.on t he site. The



On Our

400th Loe


Establiehed in 1003, The 0t. Augostine Alligator Fsrm ise Man wrstling daily, photograph the gorgreo free-rosmnsg

caeCbutatoiclgdnpaonte5lgedal. F r is ndadoeae yW .Dydl n .14Si ac Avenue 824-1641
gato, te abin allgatr adSoheroddiies AligaorGv.SCarls Uina

Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965 THE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD p
Ps e 411,.
Old Spanish Treatury Greetings From
The Old Spanish Treasury; on became the owners. m the corner of St. George and The Woman's Exchange, orTresury streets, w built in ganized in 1893 to provide anEA R the year 1690 of stone and co- outlet for the handwork of local
quina as one of the city's store- women, have operated and
houses to hold the wealth of the maintained the building since
earlier settlers. 1932. They employ a resident To The City Of In 1702 a disastrous fire swept manager who works in cooperathe building and the upper floor tion with a board of managers ST A U G U STIN E added in its remodeling was of the organization.
brought from New England by In the strong room of the ST. A U G U STI sailing vessel. treasury there is a display of
Dr. Seth Parker purchased it old ins Which date to th Celebrating Its 400th Annivermsary
-for his residence and his grand- year 1483; the ante-bellum
daughter, Miss Anna G. Burt, house is furnished with rare We're Proud To Be Prt Of This inherited it. At the latter's de- and beautiful furniture; and the
sise the City of St. Augustine gardens are outstanding. Gala QuadricentensIal

Our Sincere

Good Wishes

to the Oldest City servicestor
pn Its 236 W. King St. -Free Parking- Phone 4-2891

400th Anniversary

Bob GreggHote Ponce DeLeon, Mecca For Elite 77 Years BITHAY 900. An ,o oce e c n BIRTHDA
900 Anastasia Blvd. By Phyllis Knorr visionary man, who had left A flight of marble stairs leads Aristocracy, scions of fortune
Opening Octoe 1, te e- home at 14 with a few coins, to the great dining room which and notables such as President AIN pe Octhor 13th 77e e r oceed t se hof i will seat 700 amidst a lavish Theodore Roosevelt, President Siest in the ...aso.. 5 "t s sur which o, s t o AUGthe years of existence, the Hotel chain of development that display of art work. Coats of Warren G. Harding and John D. i l Pos.e de Leon remains a mec- greatly influenced the economic arms of Spanish provences and Rockefeller have been regis- -U IS a ford the dric htls progress of the East Coast. a plaster free of laughing che- tered as guests. A U I t01 ,in Florida. Mr. Flagler bought six acres rubs holding cups of wine are a An era has closed, and no
-: .oNot a man to make an idle of an orange grove near the part of the decor. The ceilings longer does the Hotel Ponce de boast, Henry Morrison Flagler center of the town and em- of the massive bay windows are Leon maintain an island of exin 1883 declared to a friend, ployed two young architects, decorated with an epic history clusiteness. It continues as a "I'm going to build the finest Thomas Hastings and John Car- of Florida, worked on silver winter resort for people of hotel i the world On January r e r e. Construction of the pane ls mos andeclture who shun the fAP P Y 10th, 1885, 77 years ago, the $2,000,000 hostelry began in 1885. Henry M. Flagler, during the hitter of ins n s te Mse Ponre do Leonopened At that time, only a narrow three years required to com-. grounds of ohr 400th dhe fruition of Flagler's d-gauge railroad came within two plete construction of the Hotel s. Known POWERS & BURTON clara tion was complete miles of St. Augustine. Flagler P once de Leon, traveled as "The Ponce" it is the center To The Enjoying the -Old World bought the road, made it road throughout Europe to personally of local social activities.e de Radio & Television Co.
charm of St. Augustine and its gauge, and brought it into the select the many fine works of IWhen the Hot Ponce deR climate on his first visit to city make his hotel acessi- art which can be seen in the Leon's twin towers are illumS-S r ITY 'Florida, Henry M. Flagler, th9n ble. hotel. nated and'dominate the night 60 St. George Street VA -1541 Of. a 53-year-old industry ial giant Of Built id the style of the early "The Voyage of Life" a skyline on Octomber 13th, St.
New York, envisioned a great Spanish Renaissance influenced painting by Paul Pomffio iang- Augustinians will hail the openST UU winter resort, a mecca for trv- by, the Moorish spirit, the four ing in the west parlor is valued i for the th time of The ST. AIUGJUSINE9 elers of means and culture. story main structure was every- at $35,000. Helena Modjdska, the Ponce," three mooa earlier Fifty times a millionaire, thiS thing that money and careful great Polish actress, posed for than usual. Frm The" ,________research at that time could the six portraits of ShakesPernonnel make it. peare's heroines which are on me ...... Hf .UAPPYV me.Sixty thousand tons of coquina the walls of the first drawing BS HAPPY . went into ths building af the "room. A portrait of the late C RAHPPIG'eS Rtri BEST W ISHES
R main structure, three sides of Mrs. Henry M. Flagler painted which face the quadrangular by Marietta Cotton of London,T
FURNITURE ANNIVERSARY o t1feet square, centered angs in the a loom. To the Cityof St. Augustine
R by a large fountain. Rich period furnishings in We're Proud Of Our Heritage ...... Oak, carved and dressed,for Victorian elegance' Italian mar'"Were Prou& Of Our'Heritage.
interiors, was brought from ble tabletops and Venetian
eNew York by coastal schooners chandeliers are seen through- And Take Pleasure In Serving oand Italian craftsmen were out the hotel. Each room today brought to lay the elaborate contains the original furnish- The Residents Of The Oldest mosaic floors and do the mar' ings designed for it and refursble work. The great rotunda bished through the years in the City And The Surrounding Area with its oak and its marble ol- hotel's own maintenance shop.
umns is evidence of this. Virgil- Two hundred guests from
Is Tagetti, a -rekoowned artist New Yorkt arrived on the spec- I of t4at period, hand carved the ial vestibule train, the, first o W A G u p .12:::::::Fr.Ttti:1hr:W. A. "Gus" THOMAS Distibuo
FELIZ CUMPLEcNOSI pupids and allegorical figures e ter Florida, to attend the for. TM which are prevalent. mal first opening of the hotel SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY The ceilings of the drawing A 30-piece orchestra was im- 35 N. Whitney St. S AN A STIN Irooms, parlors and ballrooms ported from New York to play S N AUSIN are richly carved and painted in for the first'grand hail which ___ .-_ __the Italian style. was attended by 1,000.
AN We've Happily Served



From YOUR CHILD NEEDS TO BE- And We Look Forward to Keeping the Name of This COME A SELF ASSUMED STUSERVICE PAINT & GLASS IKIXIE'S DENT AND ACCOMPLISHED Oldest City's Oldest Furniture Store a Leader in

139 St. George St. Phone 9-8265 MEN'S SHOP ^AT HAHE'S, NEW SPINET Our Field


TO THE OUR PROUD ANCIENT From the Entire Staff of


GreeAt street Phone 9-8515 Serving St. Augustine Since 1918 S..A..HOR

age Ten-B THE ST. AU GUSTINE RECORD Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965

National Park Service Is Major Contributor To Quadricentennial

city's Quadricentennial celebra- tional Park Service is now corn- structure outside as well as tin- at the area is in final stages gun platforms and carriage,
ion nd the restoration pro-pteting for the Quadricentennial side, an automatic irrigation of completion. The Castilo's ome ofwhichhaveeen paed
gram is the National Park er- year includes foot paths to ena- system for the grounds and a armament will also be re in position already. vice, custodian aof ancient Castils de San Marcos.
Since early in 1963, just after
President Kennedy appointed a
national commission to coordinate the 1965 Quadricentennial,
the National Park Service, YEARS AGO TODAYan
agency of the U.S. Department
of the Interior, has been em- 4 0 Y A S G O A
barked on a program of full developinent of the national monument here.
Basic to this development was
acquisition of additional land,
and approximately half a milSion dollars was expended for
this purpose, principally for TN realigning Highway AtA (Casail Drivel where* it passes $
through the monument boundries. This project has just recently been completed and includes construction of expanded U
parking facilities. It will also permit the restoration of the
southwest glacis or earthwork of the fort which was destroyed The Voyage of Pedro The reconstructed Cuboe Line, an old Spanish earthern and log defense works which by earlier road construction. once protected the city's north approach, as it appears looking westward from Cas- Menendez de Aviles from tills de San-Marcos. Other projectn totaling ep- ... tillo de SanMarcos. rate ato do Spain to Florida, June 29 proximately half a million dol- ,
:lars hive also been undertaken
and most completed in time for September 8, 1565, As laan pedSeptember 8, 1565, As HAPPY BIRTHDAY the city's 4th birthday. Other Told the Original
". phases are scheduled for com, pletion during the Quadricenten- Accounts.
-nial year which continues during 1966.
Much of the work has been
within the walls of the castillo
and not visible to many who
SAINT AUGUSTINEhave not re-visited the casillo
in recent months.
400th ANNIVERSARY The work, in addition to the highway project, has Included
waterproofing the terreplein
(gun deck), rehabilitating a
number of the inside courtyard
MORRISON'S 195 W King rooms, construction of an adHARDWARE VA 9 3113 ministration utility building to
__ move noncompatible administrative, storage and maintenance
facilities out of Castillo so that
the entire structure can be avail
ble for visitor use. To add visit o r understanding, approxi-g
We are proud of our beloved mately $82,000 worth of new exhibits which better tell the CasSi. Augustine . nher 400th tillo story have be added. A 0
ihday and every day through typical English room, reflecting 400, V ARS Q.9jV, the British period, has been
out the years. All Hail The completed and work on other Father Lopez described the landing of Pedro Menendez on Some question prevails where exactly Menende built hs room rehabilitation is under- Saturday, September 8, 1565: first full-sized fort, which, besides the hastily ereotod enrevered Mother City of America way. -"On Saturday, the 8th, the general landed with many trenchment of earth and fascines at Seloy, would has been project outside on banners spread, to the sound of trumpets and salutes of the first physical evidence of his settlement. The Adelantado A major project outside on artillery. As I had gone ashore the evening before, I took reported after landing that "we will inspect the site which the grounds was the reconstru- a cross and went to meet him, singing the hymn Te Deum seems to us most suitable to fortify, becaus whre we are is Line, the n ortification Cu laudamus. The general marched up to the cross, followed not suitable." Probably, the ground eventually chosen for towl, h iicta n, t o te by all who accompanied him, and there they all kneeled the fort was close by the original landing site. The location toWnl wowhich ran from the and embraced the cross. A large number of Indians watched of the landing site itself is better known. Father Lopez astilver. It was reconstructed these proceedings and imitated all they saw done. The same stated it was "near the shore of the river" and such that after painstaking research and day the general took formal possessin' of the country in "it could not be seen from the sea." According traditions areheologic kirestigatin and the name of his Majesty, and all the captains took the maintained by the Spanish population of St. Augustine over
Sprnvides for the first ti the oath of allegiance to him, as their general and governor the next two centuries, the landing site wason he mainAhAu tie-ia betw ee the City atie, of the reentry." land, on the north side of a crek called Maesmis,-knows he Board of Trustees today as Hospital Creek, about a quarter of smile north which is part of the national Another chronicler of the voyage and landing, Gonzalo Solis of the city gates of the eventual Ciudad de San August
LI6HINER EXPOSITION monument, and the Castillo. de M .eras, reorded that a Solemn Mans was then offered, that was marked out and erected by Meendez' .....s... in Work is complete on the City at the conclusion of w Meenndes had the Indians fed the late sixteenth and the seventeenth cetues. Both ate Its causeway and moat nd he dined himself. Th Mass was the first community the location of the landing site and the rverern with whi

A P LI N C bf reegie ann snnsiigI hefrt emnn
which recreates the historic en- act of eligio n nd thasgiving i the first permanent it was regarded by the Spaniards of St. Augustin wre trance to the north St. George settlement in the land-40 years before the English settled indicated by cartographer Juan Joseph Elixio de a Puente Street redeveloped area. Jamestown, 55 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth in a carefully drawn map of the city executed in 17. The Rock, and 210 years before the American Revolution. map's key points out the place and reads, in parto
The Spaniards named their settlement St. Augutine, because "Place called Nombre de Dies, which is the am ee the they had first sighted land at Cape Canaveral now Cape first Mass wa said on Septembe 8, 1565, whn the SpaKennedy, on August 28, the Feast of St. Augustine. The lards under the command of the Adelantado Pedro Mnc de actual landing site (an Indian village called Seloy) they de Aviles set out to conquer these provinces; and afterwards TO THE PE ROPLEt sFa At N om re est h, repeonst t nd so mts Mareci ts do In L named Mombre de Dios-Name of id-iby which name the ran Indian tiye was built there, with a chapel is which Erected the first Christian missiohi 0 the Northn American Archelogictl hiplorations undArndn is the late 1010's ,t A P L I N C EIndians,. Ncmbrs de Dies Oboe became.. the haptisimal seine by Dr. Yree Chatelain of the Careegie Institutios oef of a new nation, From that mission, film I9n uninerrupted Washington tended to confirm thoenathenticity of, the ie. A P L A N Eyears, priests and laymen carried Christianity and eivilina- Enexavations us both the sooth and north banks of Hospital
iAnally lofr iUs ieAts dropped their lamps of C O M P N ,,,o fit and knwledge into the continental far alargo Sndin ..e.ttlome.. Discover.y oftraces..of a....rby
away as Virgioia in the north and Teoas in the went. A defese line, cc "hornwork," and identification of thin line century and a half before, ns,00o settled Christian Indias as bordering Nombre dn Dies by extant documents and could be SosGt.d along the caso real of California. The a frm the eighteenth century, led Chaelai to ransmso u mt of Chrsion lstina Indriaan were liv ring er te clods: "Both gnographical and histnricrl evidence indicate

the catechism of Christia4ity 9ndR the rudiments of reading, that the first silo St Augustine wan north of Hospital

Writing, agriculture, ad handicrafts. Creek IN Now this City with its Mission in 400 years old. It is aL
HAPP AN IVER ARYday to rejoice and be glad. Fe...centuries age Pedro
Menendec de Awiles inaugurated a new epic in the U historyy of western man. May God bring it abase that

TO TH PEOPLE: OF I and to reenteblish, rec..strsct5 end restore its precious

f "Thle Is Ohseclinao or a. ssries eC ntclses eson

~~sored byrTheS. AugusaiaiOBan.sand
~which was perered under ths direction nof th ( I historicci research stair cf the Misseion of Sumf ~ told in tsecil recrs 455 pec a o Upon the 400th Anniversary of This Oldest City in the Nation .,.. ,

S. J. DeGRANDE 199tional Bank96

149 ibeia A Brdge t. t. A gusineFloidaMember Federal Deposit Isnrance Corporation
______________________________________________id ______A NATIONAL BANKING INSTITUTION

Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Page Eleven-B The quadricentennial obsery- ber 8. The Church's major cereFather M ichael G annon, ance will continue for a f monie ar scheduled for next year, beginning today, Septem- spring.

Speaks On Radio Network 400th
(Editors Note: The follow- Foundation under the chair- H A P ing statement was given by Fa- manship of Archbishop Joseph ther Michael V. Gannon, direc- P. Hurley. The structures are: a tor of the Mission of Nombre de 20-story high illuminated Cross TO THE OLDEST CITY Dios and has been transmitted to mark the place where the over a national network.) Cross wan first permanently FROM Today September 8, is the planted in our land; a Votive 400th anniversary of the found- Church with a large outdoor LOPEZ PLUMBING ad HEI ing of Christianity in the United sanctuary; an a library-arch- PLUMBINI States. Four centuries ago, on ies in which sto hous the Mis- 116 LaQuinta Street September 8, 1565, Spanish sian's records-the oldest writPriests and laypeople founded ten records of American origin Phone 829-6511 at St. Augustine, Florida, or in the country. nation's first parish, first Indian
mission and first permanent
Christian settlement.
Commander of the expedition
that accomplished those historic
task was Pedro Menendez de
Aviles, Captain-General of the
Spanish Fleet, and Knight Commander of the Order of Santia
go. Menendez sailed out of
Spain on June 29, 1565, bound
for Florida's east coast.
With him went 1500 settlers
and four diocesan Priest led by
Father Francisco Lopez de
Mendoza Grajales. Father Lopez, who was first pastor of the
Florida settlement, described
the landing on September 8 in
these words:
"As I had gone ashore the
evening before, I went to meet
him (Menendez) singing the
hymn Te Deum laudamus (You,
0 God, We Praise). The Captain-General followed by all who
accompanied him, marched up
to the Cross, knelt and kissed It.
A large number of Indians Mr. Bitto, the owner of St. Augustine's Musical Museum, selected the Oldest City asthe watched these proceedings and location to display his unusual and educational collection of over 300 phonographs beimitated all they saw done." cause he felt it would add to the antiquity of the town. He is proud to have the largest, Another chronicler of the voy- finest and most interesting phonograph collection in the world located in our town and age and landing recorded that wishes St. Augustine well during the celebration of its Quadricentennial. a Solemn Mass was then offered, at the conclusion of
which Mendendez had the Indlans fed and dined himself.
The Mass was the first community act of religion and
thanksgiving in the first permanent settlement in the land--40
years before the English settled
Jamestown, 55 years before the
Pilgrims landed at Plymouth
Rock and 210 years before the
Americas Revolutton.
The Spaniards culled their
In 1963, then Vice President Lyndon B, Johnson is the Arrivas House, located on St. George Street. settlement St. Augustine, beshown as he dedicated the St. Augustine Restoration and The Vice President spoke to a crowd of several cause they had first sighted Preservation Commission pilot project and headquarters, thousand from the balcony of the restored building. land at Cape Canaveral, now Cape Kennedy, on August 28,
the Feast of St. Augustine. The
&%VT^VTatest land sits they called
Architectural Policy Of Restoration Agency nd o o
Pfombre de Dios--Name of God
-by which name the site is still
The St. Augustine Historical Commission requested of its ton, a statement of- architec- businesses serving the visiting known today. Restoration and Preservation Executive Director, Earle New- tural policy which could be a public. In areas designed as At Nombre de Dios Father guide'to its future action. Mr. transition areas because of the Lopez erected the first ChrisNewton's statement, as adopted tan mission to the North Amerby the Commission March 29, intensity of their present bus- ican Indians. Nombre do Dis 1960, follows: iness use, the Commission shall thus became the baptismal resoraio YOU ARE Anc ene t wa coa urage the development of ame of a new nation.
Fro. Te lItsio t obtine Re temporary compatible Spanish From that mission, for198 uothi Commission toobtain, with intersptod years, .Priests sod WEAoEgn0izinehaf thi e e of t o LAtj en -cei tlnd inowl theti int te its own resources and those of Cusdin or m tses, tea laymen carried Christianity and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY others, as nearly as possileca evpt w e s oingn atlves n tr l f in the wild ter)ion~novsa or: first, diocesan, then Jesuit, restoration of the Ancient w- nduecapit investment which ina thes From The led city of Saint Augustine. Re- might impede th ultimate au- and finally tFrancisan missione theirpoert o v g ari es dropped their lamps of cognizing th ear tis e in i entic rest ratin of the area. faith and knowledge into the tn a I areas projected fr early re cotnent darkness 5 far
F Ythe modr e o...rr b o away as Virginia in the north THESE FESTIVELY ADORNED LADIES, Diane-Solo, Esther Angwi, Pm ea, Dot

baeo the mot audthnt inttue adeqathistoric zonling e o mmmrtrnSpebe 9 6h S R E o r n ct untimati whirchsofundstac building for and Texas in th west. Acosta, Linda George and Emma Melvin, from te Thmpson-Baileyarkngtheaudr Owne f ultimate sures of funds to ver- building or remude ling, shall e A century and a half before to serve you competently. In keeping with te spirit of the Quadricentenial eleatt acsompb its objective are enraged. 26,000a settled Christian Indians al of the personnel at Thompsn-Bailey Agency wish to extend ogratulation to
Augustine's Oldest Gift yet certain, the Commission The Commission shall In could be counted along the man- the Oldest City.
51 King Street proposes to divide Its project every way encourage tonreal of California, the oame OF itr atseis af ae e c m q onso agepvat number of Chrishan Indians o erowners to restore accurately were living under the sound tof may be apprqahed aver a u. their property, providing advice mission bells In Florids and Fression of years to minimize and counsel. It shall endeavor were learning there the rateany possible unfavorable in- to protect those who do so, as chism of Christianity and theW

act on local business interests well as the historic interests of cre ding, writing, o d l H o m e

beiulue assne thatdalrortan The work which this Commise-the community as a whole, by It is the beginnings of that FOR GRACIOUS LIVING FEI sion will undertake, will be r operating with the city to in- great Florida mission story that F ased on the most authentic in- stitute adequate historic zoning we commemorate on September
Oppolicies. It will pth, marking the yadreten- 693 16th STREET rsmcI RY w tunn yal of SL Augustine with in
i ST. A UMission of Nobre de DisO ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH, FLORIDA CU,/IMPEANOS ehteua and archeological in- hiding adequate facilities and a A Solemn Mass was roleTO THE CITY reasonable limit within the re- hospitable enviraument t o r brated outdoors on the Mission
sources of the Commission and those who live i thin the his- grounds and cornerstones were father cooperattng bodies. Where turic areas, anSI wilt recognize laid for Iwo of the three analversry structures at the MisOF preservation con be scram- equal obligations ts past and sisn which are being rssplished, it shall take precedence resent. Gstruoted by the St. Augustine Mver restraton; where restoraSTI AUGUSTINE tio can. be ....s. bpied it wl
r aepecdneo erucn- a strurtion. Where historic build- L From the ings have disappeared, but re. creatin of the historic envirsnStaff and Management meat is deeme.d important, they 0 salbe reconstrurted, tn the
farm and on the site they originally existed. Where hisisrical
Of Your Local data as to their eriginl farm ft l' is nst complete, reasonably rep- .h58IP W IN N D IXIU~ E r...entative structur.s.may be 11

VI I u U A Luses to nd for them. It is not toreosrceadsmahtc Anats "- 51M. 4-1240 be assumed that all, or any[ Blvd.
Food Store ~~~large port at these restored ar Wse oTk hsO pruiyt Food Store ~ ~~~~reconstrurted strocturesjwlll be ise toT k Ths poru tyt opened ts the puhiic, and It[ Extend to the City of St. Augustine Ponce de Leon Blvd. At oha be the objecive of the
Commission in seek uses which[ Best Wishes on Its San Sehastian Avenue can be considered apsprapriateI 0t Anniversary within a historic restoratison00t
,,area, such as residences, a-o __________________________ON YOUR H PYWe Are Happy to Be a Part of the

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2015 Posce de Lees Blvd, 112 Saint George St. VA 9-1740 Member Florida Nursery Growers Ass._ ______________

THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Sunday Morning, September 5. 1965

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