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Feliz Cumpleaños San Agustín
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Feliz Cumpleanios San Agustiin


VOL. LXV. No. 6 ow. ad t sri A P and etr e e ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA, WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, SEPTEMBER 8, 1965 o r m e Opr sd 15 Cents Per Copy

City Observes Its

400th Anniversary

Climax Of


Is Tonight
St. Augustine, the oldest cottinuous settlement in the nation reached another milestone
in its long, colorful and sometimes turbulent history todayits 400th birthday.
It was 400 years ago todayin 1565-that Don Pedro Meendezs stepped ashore to establish what was to become the first
permanent settlement in what
is nowConcelebratd the United States.
One of the first acts of Men.
endez after coming ashore was
to participate in a religious sere.
Cice, and the solemn significance
of this act was commemorated
at noon today with a celebrated
High Mass. The religious serv400th Anniversary Of Church Herethice hadtioat hemGuard mdorys be.t
cause of high winds and the
threat of rain instead of being
Achhop Joseph P. o rley, Trainer, Monsignor Harold F. and sung at Masses in 16th en- leaders of the Catholi Daugh- held at a rustic outdoor altar Bishop of the Diocese of St. Au- Jordan, Monsignor John P. tury Spain. The Baldwin Organ ters of America sent delegations on the site where Menendoez and gustine, and monsignori of the Burns, Monsignor Mortimer Company of Cincinnati provided from several areas. About 100 his colonizers conducted their Uiocee cnclerated High Danaher and Meonsignor John F. one of their finest organs for the Ipersons from St. Augustine worship service. Mas at noon today in the Na- Wells. occasion, and was played by dressed in court cotes eof Thousands had made a ptionsal Guard Armory, marking A traditional hymn of the Carroll Thomas Andrews, di 1th century Spain wre In at- grimage the sits of the firt

M :M : fi :1t ifth centr i ee tn naotnAhd ateaOvriS uthFloid the th ivrary of the Spnish y, honing the cesan director of Church music. tedace at the Mass. riMa to t s tee folding f Agusine. Bles ed Virgin Mary w sng The i Cathedral's hir sang A military honor grd n- aris Mass to pc oipat The M ass a e ended d at Athe, Offer ip sh uode the dirctoo ster luded Florida Nattha Gu e derm owgFLOOD WATERS SURROUND ha se n the grounds of the MtCionP Priests serve the DiTcese. Mp nGeorge S.S.J.t with Mps members and men dressed toa teedulhd bdamha Catholic Church

fN tat eDte s iP- oTh e hne a ob e dto tnsw ilglad n fetsy spthog oh s et nb oml of Nembre do Do, the site of The hymn emphasizes the an- Mary Kastherine Murphy, organ- military uniforms of 16th cn- n this asiversary date. Foen- Wat er from the flooding Miam River suof d this apareo t house win He the first parish Mass in the lent feast of the Nativity of t. tury Sp datn stones were eig laid rica Betsy sep hrogh the city Tes were six fee o nr t Un ited States. But the solemn Our Lady, the founding day of Also in attendance at the Immdlately after the Mass, at a Votive Church, under con- 1926. (Akneha service had to be mevod to the St. Augustine. Moss wrre the high school stu- a foundation stoe was placed structOn at the missionn sits, admc armory because of high winds. With several the ousand person s dents ol the Jachksonville, St. and blessed at the Votive at a 20 fooeat Great Cress, alsoB e ss
Menriguerwkms o nolteen attendance 8thee unusual con Augustine andt Daytona Beach Church being constructed on the M w aN de i t s y u i concelebrated Mass with the celebrated High Mass at Amer- areas. Mission grounds for the Quad- Sig-cir tg Negroers wpil hetArchbishop were: ica's Oldest Missiotn was re- Parish and inter-parish socie- ricentennial. ad bueside the armory while the e s P ae n o a Monsignor James J. He lin, miniscent of 16th century Spain. a S o s throughout thee fc hom an g of a foundaby n High Mass was be ced reeMdsaignor Irvine Nugent, Mon- The 125-voie choir of the e trepresentatives. Fourth De- stone for The Great Cross, a jeotingin vitateist at i o nd the v e r S o u th or id Signor Patrick E or V., Cathedral Paris h of St. Augds- gree Knights of C olumbus in full 200-foot igh cross to be erected service at e Monsignor George W. Cum- tine sang sacred hymns, the formal dress were part of a at the Mission, was scheduled Festival Continues

Inguashed visitors fhd dther cane Betsy pushed a six-foot sociated Press that "so far we Miami Beach's famed ot
Astrnaets lands prepared for the big me- wall of water across Florida's have no casualties." Row" was hit hard by the
ein g s A anniversary t ess age d nmfhint will continue tonight. lewer east ceast today the Thi seemed miraculous in tides.
e mi if t h is ho ur i S c nations Dias dae Espa t gala five- highest since the disaster u view of the 12-hour beating the Water flowedthree feetdp Wdi d o a e a birthday party esume t flood of 1926 and battered 50,000 residents oe f the Baham- entirely a cre Key Biscayn e Will Be Named :f A archbishop H urley in October 6:00o'clock on St. George Street the Florida Keys with savage, tan capital took from the storm a resort and residential Inand hich is again taking on the a up- 14-mile-an-hour winds. Tuesday. e off the mainlad at iami, d MANN ED SPACE CKNTKR VATICAN CITV (AP The pearance of the old "Callts The mighty tide, pushed by a Prhably the greatest damage e P barges tern lese from Hostne, Tao. (APL The firs m The antiquity of St. Augustine tu matched only bylig t ica n 0s E 15 as 25 i y'sroin tie pro rat ast ha fee ed crse the another tir An oInn the wid civilian astronas to fly a Gem- the nobility of itl ancestry. Pedro Menendez and Father tdan pgs ote as alegaleh oidaysf cityestr t he psokage d tha ed ear the s tond n the torno their mnasv t he a o nly t e ien Se sLopez and their company were men of high idesl and of to New H erb In visit the United Birthday Cake tar, y. s the Miami River surg- overhead power lines which escape route, the RionaclIsi hpe mdiso weexpete unflinching fortitude; many of them were nobles both tn Nations en Gel. g. A colarful procesaion will mahe ing eel of its hanku for blocks benched eel electric service to or Causeway. Its hahar .was
upnah t astd in lineathed er of S t.Ag inig art te peend- TeS a aeuctits way down tho street at et en both aides and pto nue- 55 per cent ef Miami and Fort reported 'in shambles.' Tep sources ty Neil A. s -rm ant of nblemen; and nobility, of course, bha ito oblica- say how lung the Pepe would ttlnde d lassth e ace tin g eierial the slan ds foran tar sani uts iere. being aered. e ts ha strong and Elli H. Sea Jr. will tions. Our noble history summons uu to emulation. Indeed, spend in New Verb en the first Al gsting e'st-hue lihtngy of swereidethol wslads man fo r manyg w fth em dayts, ean aned to evauae the l opilet Gemini 5, a twe-day ran- all of the monuments, old and new, will he in vain unless papal trip be the Unitod States. ciaStioyte denveus and decking mission we pay tribute to our great Spanisch founder end forheare But the director ef the Vatican sae atciaigi the cabs sent salty floods poeading dawn oratien or coobing facilities, as high as expected and theea expected early snt year. by sincere emulation of their virtues, newspaper L'Osservatore Rn- ceremony will he Coast Alvaro the streets ef Miami, Fort Loud- House trailers ware smashed woe no report of casualties: Armstrong, 35, a Eorean war The citizens of St. Augustine are called to be fira0 mans said he would be there Armnda, a direct descendant of erdoa and ether cities. Water and there was the ether inevit- Hurricane warning Glage were veteran from Wopaboneta, nleeada.etndee sod hereditary claim- surged Ihree feet deep in Mi- able wind debris in the horri- pulled dawn sn Florida'o east Ohso, and Sac, 38, ef Dallas' in justice and charity, in faith and in good work. Just at They S5mie ud tiilato.aads itee s.~as' ae-iedBsan ob oeswk satrdwn ea t0 m Tax., ware hockup crewman for the towering Beacon ef the Faith, out at the old Misaion, ha Pope Paul's third moaor Florido; U. 0. Senate Georgo evard, dome, fallen signs, utility poles The hurricane was centered Gemini I astronauts L. Gordon Nombre de Dios, will cast ito beams afar aver land and voyage since he opened a new A. PSmathers; Adjutnt General Net since the infaous storm and trees about 41 miles nerth-nertheast Ceoper Jr. and Charles Conrad sea, so too the integrity and grace of our people should era of papal traveli by flying Is Henr W. McMillan, Miss St. of 192, which sent Miami sat- The water was the great de- of Key West.
minutes tion Ipraposethat w of theAncientCitynddicatescr-rHets copetad toeosagainbyaFolowingcab nofthrwmrey ntsrecerdJ ...h atwe opeeflight of l9t hours and 11 Gionhn fronooethis ....Feur Hundredthwel talorA eio eAnniversarynin oiyfdeio teUr founds- dYia HoyLn n hnt nlasteni pcdYear. boegonaanuny bitdbUroln dae ..s.. Jolbrefh Bailey~b~rmn~it. had a horieawate much Paki stuns irW t
cr s m sy b e edseni on selves to cultivating here, especially among oar youth, tbe Oct. 3, and speeding the seal uted tobtose present. Fe medroGeldiCant aprenotly they can atari the tough, grind- highest ideals of personal and collective probity baued on day ho Mew Verb. Preosumahby Entertainmeet will continue ecpdmjrdmg rmi
in tanig cedle M .. thelov of. God and the love of fello man.. Such a dedier. wilfybc ...ih ob throughout the ..v.nis.g.and des- escapd ewsirrdamaetfree
Spacecraft Canter spokesmane tion would give a particular, unique character to our city; in Reese Tuesday moerning. In ens of booths offering a v areywnd ho pke at Mia miiealyes ~ fI~ f e s said today the selection preha- St. Auguetine would bear the visible ball mark of nobility, this way ha mill he gene a mai- ef food, drink nd souvenirs will bowera huthan expected. nsiderabVy bly would ha made thin weak We are the deecendents of noblemen, the Christian teum amont ef lime while tho be apsen.
fins te strnau pob ltdagoeof pan. aliaeEcuenialCoacilIs The Lilin Lindsley~ danes But word still was Is coe fromtheastrnau poo --Hidagosof Sain VatcanEcumnicl Conci iswill perform at 6,30 a clock, nofrees the smaller communities NEW DELHI, India (API Chhamb area of Eashmir to which totals 33. Nobleza obliga. balding its final session. ts tainment from the balconies along the Florida Keys everInilachdtoew rywtda.
Raimonde Manzini, director along the street to scheduled at which the eye of the mightyInilachdtsew rm widawPosbeN newsmen the Pope would attend h ps-10ml-nha lw, day after reporting Pakistani fronts is West Pakistan, the
Hurcn rw pamjrreligious service e inks folk dancers sod singers will 14-iea-lrbos hi-d one being in the Laho Hurrcan Brws maor skc bnifini apeanec at Despite the beurs-long hatter- bombers triad Is attach Maw sector about 110 miles south of New York City sn the afternoon 8,10 o'clock nd the Fiesta dasce o fwn n aeel e Dlihtwr rvnof kak
Near Leewards C w en a__(' u a R tangan of o c ro adthao troupe nd the Crosswor.ds will death was rported. Hales fn sMistrVB.C- ReosfomPktahw Vatcansoucessai th see- erfrmat 9515 o'clock. Cooper, 40, was electrocuted at DfneMnse01B h- eot rmPksahw HIAMI (API -An Hurana e p J O v ire would prohahly be tn St. Fireworks set pierces depicting Miami by a faellng power line. von told Parliament one Indian ever, said all Indoan troopsbe Betsy raged access Florida, SAbGON, South Vial Noes The Marines killed five Viet Patrick's Cathedral, en Fifth teiespoS A utieae Fear rose, however, for nine spearhead already was five been drives from Pakistan soi weathermen ware presiding to- (API-U.S. Marines and Seath Csng suspects, three of whom Avenue. It presumably will be ued aito8 o 'clock eug s din arse n beivd trddmlslts oaeatPktn.n eLarafn. day ever Ike possible birth of Vietnamese troops completed tried to escape frees as under-ikhe Pope's mule activity outside sword figktisg enhibitions at aboard three houseboats in a Reports reaching Maw Delhi A New Delhi spokesman atd another tropical stores 1,100 sweeps access the Batangos ground rove. The Marines also of his attendance at a session 0:15 o'clock mangrove inlet at Ragged Kay, said this force captured Gadra, the thrust into West Pabistan fns miles to the southastL Peninsala today and reported 44 rapertad that they captured 50 the U.N. General Assembly. Festival officials breathed asooth of Miami. six miles inside the frontier Ike southeast was in reprisal far A tropical depression maving Vial Cong killed and mere than Viat Cong suspects,.iho eifs od5 es W sdIe oaadnteabu 2 ie ato aahaPksainvlhmadse toward the northern Leeward 10 suspects captured. The enly U.S. casaualty during o struc out usie as Hurriwa d00 n oBts a ol Gumtoaad offiheabot20rses Krci Pakistan'smiiotadnvlo th not afDvara abom atm260 Islands hd developd a cirr- The Vienamasa trops met he firstuws days f thewopea-ardTheoueseherowap,0"am aoastFluide.dToofaid.r"Theiwaved u off." bae.tTheseaccountsfaidhthe omlesodownthekcoastfrees2Km batten and was sending squalls the heaviest resistance, en Ike tion was a noncommissiuned of. hig w in ofro Nothe psordT h sal d AuTBey raed us wf."Tesewr rm a advancngs Inad ahe i.e ontecatfo a
nut ever a 150-mile wide areas. southern tip of the peninsula 330 frer whe was wounded during Snail craft warnings dis-. days have failed to alter cola- across the narrow bottom of the Ehaprapar, 11 miles inside yak- This aroused speculation t t Top winds o far were only miles north of Saigon. They re- the helicopter lift of troops ito played. Partly coudy with scoat- bration plas, other than the Florida Peninsula, aiming for istan. The Defense Ministry Karachi was the Indian target. 30 miles an boor as the depres- ported killing 35 Vial Cong, and the area. a tard showersdeoreasing Thoere-i church ceremony todny. the Gulf of Mexico and the sib- could not confirm these reports. Karachi is headquarters af lbs sion moved toward 01. Martin a military skesman con- The South Vietnamese report- day. Low tonight isn 7n, high Thceoffirial birthday wao he- er coastlines ahead, word came Chavan satd another for'e Pakistani navy. in the northern Leeward Is- firmed the count, ad they suffered oaly light can-, Thursday is 80. E. 10 'to I5 isg observed is a esi ed manner, that Nassau had bees "stunned, crossed the northern frontier An Indian announcement naid lands, at the eastern edge of The Marines, who landed by ualties, os.p.b. asd guety. It was a legal holiday focc city shocked and badly damaged" near the sector in southwestern the naval attack son warba Ike Caribbean Sea, sea and by air at down Toes- Some 1500 to 6,000 troops High-t83 Low-Id4 employes, hut not the county. by the hurricane. Kashmir where the Pahistant caused no damage of military It you whirling on a north- day, swept access the northern were taking part is the spea-I TIDES TOIMORBOW Catholic school children had the But Etienne Dupuch, publish- army invasion began a weak signiicanca and damage Is gIwesterly course, on a historic lip of the peninsula and encoun- tin, called Piranka after Ike High Ian [dar off, hot pubti school okil- er of Ike Nassu Tribune and ago. Ha said Ibis attack woo villas bife and properly was still polls_ S eptegmbeg storms. tored yirtuoly na gasotane. deadly South Amerigon fish. lb;aro .7:15pm 1:01am 1:04 p.m. dren attended alasns. acgtipg per_ier of lbs~ islands, forcing Fak.stani anita ho 1. being assessed,

ae Two-A THE ST. AU GUSTINE RECORD Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965 'age Two-A -AppeaC Made To BROUDY'S EXTEND GREETINGS FOR A HAPPY

Keep Children
In School
Glen M Taylor, Director of
Pupil Welfare and Attendance
for St. Johns County public
chools, has issued an appeal to
the public to help keep children
in school. He asks that anyone
knowing of a child who is not
attending school to call him at
824-1166 between the hours of
8:00 and 9:80 a.m.
Mr. Taylor emphasized that
his request i not to get children
in trouble, but rather to keep
them out of trouble. He adds
that all calls are kept in strict
The Florida school law requires that all children between then a es of 7 and 6 must at- SWIFT PEMIUM FULLY COOKED HICKORY SMOKED 4 TO 8-LB. AVG tend school. The law reads in r
"All children who have at- O
trained the age of seven years
and those who have not aAtained the age of sixteen years, are
required to attend school regu- td i
larly during the entire school
term. Each parent who refuses or fails to have a child under his
control to attend school regular.
lp shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction hall
he fined not more than one hundred dollars ($I00.00) or sen- THURS. FR SAT, SPECIALS tended to imprisonment in the T U S_ __A ._ _
ninety days or be both fined and EC Y Lii E$ B r J T imprisoned in the discretion of SwfLAMB ,. .Prem, Bound' 5LD EP BREEAKFAST JUST ,ARRIV .
the court. Continued or habitual LAB S W iSTEAK um. Lb. PRODUCE absent of a child from school SEK.Lb6
tinn edof atchi tha hae BA CO N 5 E1 without lawful excuse shall be a Pot lATING prima factie evidence of viol l ROAST .. Lb, 590 1PPLEo tin of this law ,r o nz A 5 b 2
Mr. Taylor states that every Bone one
effort is made to help children
solve problems and get them Meaty Lb STEW Lb. 10i YLA. GRADE "A" SMALL 4 A 39 Sack In school Court action is SPARERIBS S49 Fresh B8Grou ot asked for until other efforts S Hard Red e U. S. No I Whit feil FEETOLb. BEEF lbs. 51.1 2 O 1
Appeal for Clothing PIG FEET Lb. 1O N CABBAGE LbR. P O5E S The Welfare and Attendance Cube Td Yel Deparimi has found several STEAK OLb. 99 Tnder YellQ E
hflren who needclothing Swift Premium "lr- PREMIUM SLICED SQUASH Lb. 10 If you have clean used clothing
fr school ags pupile.u can Frozen BBakig VINEt. IPEED LARGE
C24-118, weehk-day lb.Binga. H 0 agHONEYDEWS s from 8 to 9:30. PORK CHP b.6
H----- -- R 3 ... 4A. 57,
Seven Decorated d to 7Blb. Avg. 49 SUGAR CREEK ALL MEAT or. A. N. 10 t Lbf
By Gen. Vega35. AN P 39 NTES .1
on 11.9N. Y.88.64 Tender
During Ceremony lbLOIN FRA N KS Oz. PkgO N9E.o 10o wt,
1CUT ...b. 1 1CORN OEars 490
'he American dignitarie as well as the town, were decorated Showboat Jiyt l at Royal Ar S lid Yellow Sunday. E fLyke'e S nn y B OLEO
-At the end of ceremonies di- Boy

8ha Caea del H 10ag THRSA TL/3 3uQ
TEWA D IN P AU Q P CAANSL 2 B S 24. Spans Intrir Minister L PORK & 847.8 e8a a-"
dawards from his government Li to seven men who were among BANS Punch UTTER Blusbihe dedication party. BE EF B T B E JUICE rOrang
Named Knight Commander of Grape, OrBa nUe. the Order of Isahella wars+ Se- JUICE retary of the Interior Stewart BI-an Ca 2.1. Jar 4 OPOn re bs e All D NIGEmhY Udall Florida Governor Haydon CANS CANS GAL. OPEN L : P, M. NIGHTLY Burns, Sen. Spessard L. Hoi- 3 JUGS land, Archbishop Joseph P.Hur- 2a1 Ise and H. E. Wolfe, president Plabw7 or Ballard of the St. Augustine Quadrira- EXTRA OR 4FROS11 Ilnnia Commission. $ IscuITS CALVERT EXTRA OR ROSES Named Commander of the Or 33 Reg. $4.9 5th
ter of Isabella were Mayor John Bailey and Earle W. Newton, ex- CANs _33_____ ontive director of the Historical Commission. Chef's Delight Archbishop Hurley also re- IDIXIE CRYSTAL (Limit 1 with $10 Feod Order) ced a silver pitcher that was Velda Sweet CHEESE te in Spain which is used in iIJfiAK hlb8' B.
cebcation& of the Mass. Fresh Homogenized LB.
B A Rw8 S SUGAR 5--bs. 29 2 BOXL 5
toast t a new feathall (Limit I1 with $5 Food Order) Flying Jib Case 1.88
ahathey eers cafeo durh- e Y Gal. Jug--Plus Dsp. G rn' Bourbkaer e thepr ca d- 8Yr.Old Deluxe man
10me bashf0 -ittle ids o SOTCH Str. Bsrkn 56 Pr
touId be glad to wear false LAUNDRY DETERGENT (Limt 1 with $5 Food Order) POAOS 3hried 3.2

faets if they played kissing 0-01. PEGS. $9.8
atapmZ.. FANCY LONG GRAIN Wbolsa O$59 t.8 .,48

As The MaILLSBURY FL or S.R. (Limit 1 with $5 Food Order) 5 Prooft A Te aD- 'PIES 3.9 90r 88 Prof
fromabout 1e GaL Jng-Pls Dep. F O 5 lb. Bag 3 o 00 Sl oo ,I po88, $ 9

Equitable's _____ CASE CASE

FamilyProtection Sf... Careate Nest Sloe Plate Gree Gust Argo $47.8 4.56 541.88 Soap Calif SALAD Cream Style Swset Reg. $8.2 Reg. $4.50 Beg. $868

ThompsonrBailey 1 gSt 8t u Blended

VA i-Ieal CANS 4C Fnli, QL CANS CN 354 IMPI i

S ede Pd.-t $65.88 $2.88
... .. tA TTY ] G T n ,Fav ). ....... .. .... .

Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1969 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD PageThree-A

Personal Mention DeLand District Announcements

s r. ad Mrs. Robert Reed and i Barnsesville, Georgia, for his ided to remain as permanent WSCS Sets ate TODAY
Lry and T are isit- senior year esidents since they like the area W workshop 5:30 p..-Rainbow Girls, potliek supper, Msni Hall. s. Larry nee with M. and Mr or W o p 6:45 p.m.-Trustees, Gen. on Finanee, Grace Church
p:rl Westphal, 41: Arredondo Mrs. Helens V. Cappiell of pard ee
Venue. Mrn. Reed is general man- Brooklyn, New York, is visiting Playing Thursday in the Gor.- The DeLand District Woman's 7:30 p.m.--Official hoard meeting, Grace Church. er of operations of Anglo- here with her mother, Mrs. Vin- don Thompson Ladies Golf Clas- Society of Christian Service of 8:00 p.m.-B. P. O. Elks, regular meet, Elks Club. .
taro Nitrate orporation in cenzina Versaggi, 73 Valencia sic at the Beauclerc Country Clb the Methodist Church will have 8:00 p.m.-Alcoholics Anonymous, open meeting, Flagr Hos lMria Elena, Chile. Street, and other relatives. in Jacksonville will be the ol- th Metkhofrtedist r onrn il a pital.
Nlowing St. Augustinians: Mrs. L a hurshop for.the disti n 8:00 p.m.-Wonen of Moose, enrollment, Moose Lodge Hall. o Vhn Spiller, son of Mr. Rni Mr. and Mrs. James N. Narnis 0. Davis, Mrs. Steve Wehking, Thursday, September 16th, in THURSDAY
s. Alert Spiller Jr., Jr., who came t S Augustine Mrs. L. C. Ringhaver, Mrs. Nat First MethodistChurch, eLnd. 12:15 p.m.-Inependent Luncheon Club, Monson Motor Lodge.
sia S StPeet, Char returned to s old, Mrs J. D. Parrish, Mrs. isrseneatnal Masn Mtr Ledge.
n ethar rned lost a year a er isi Gd, Mrs. J. Parr, M Regtratin ilegi at 30 6:30 p.m St. Augustine South Improvement Assation, ptlu G Sn Military Collegen iO Se t. Joe, Miessuri, have de. George rale, Mrs. Rose PatHall.
tie, Mrs. Helen Drake, Mrs. A. a.m.,n ard, sppr, ntHal W. Spiller Jr., Mrs. Genevieve Crescent City, district WSCS 8:00 pm.-West Augustine Civic Club clubhouse, Arenta St

VICTORS RESTAURANT Allman and Mrs. Sidney Lihter. president, will begi the eeting 8:00 p..-Alpha Sigma, SA, reg. meet, change Bank Bldg.
8:at 55:55 an, S00 p.m.-St. Augustine Horsemen's Club, Civil Defense Room,
Sin PONCE D LEON BLVD. Me. and Mrs. Dean Moor-e The moving sssion sill in- h mer ie g n g eet ei
TUe 1 e L N R house, 146 Menendez Road, and reude information about the25th 8:00 p.m.--American Legion Aux., eg. meet, Legion Home.
THURSDAY IA Fried Chicken, Rise a d Mrs. Louis sill le.e. FRIDAY
SPECIAL GraC English Peas Th da t sped th e eeend anniversary of the Woman's So- 7:0 a. Toastmasters Interns ational, Monson M otr Ldg.
Gravy, English Peas Thursday to spend the weekend ciety, and the new emphases for 2:30 p.m.--Senior Social Club, regiear. meet, Elks Club;

E N Or in Chapel Hill, N. C. Accompany-r s m r h including Beverage, Chilled Fruit Plate, Sherbert ing them will be Gary Moor- thisner year. Mrs. John King 2:30 p.m.-Tuck-a-Bache Class, Grace Church, church parlor.
Rolls and Butter Or Cottage Cheese house who will enroll in the Uni- will present program materials
COMPLETE LUN HEON $ 30 versity of North Carolina. available to aid the local groups
t aYOUR CHnOICE Miss Gretchen Knr, dsfghte and Rev. Russell T. Richardson, to
Salami and Eggs-Roast Leg of Lamb-Beef Stew of Mrs. Phyllis Knorr, 107 Ogle- pastor of Community Methodist nd
Barbecue Chicken Over Toast-Fried Clams thorpe Blvd., is making progress Church, Daytoaa Beach, will o in her recovery from recent give the challenge to the, group, ert We 3 cas inge of pn a en sMission-The Christian's Ca!-eref the leaf-ran Weatera change nf nagefent ft. surgery in St. Joseph's Hospital Ph ,e gl C B h in Memphis, Tennessee. She ex. ig." Thie mission film "Almost "Rawhide" will be wondering versed the decision. pets to resume her duties as a Neighbors," will be shown. why costar Eric Fleming went At first I decided wouldn't C stewardess with Delta Air Lines Refreshments will be furnished thataway. Like most matters in continue with e show for a in approximately two weeks for a sandwich television, it was a question of million dollars," said Fleming
nursery will e provided "Buthea they came up with The aftereon session, from mney. The ruggedly hand- deal that virtually an ted to 1:00 to 2:00p.m., will be devoted some actor can be found these a million dollars! I had to reH oIital to application groups which will days at MGM, without the side- consider."
give instruction in presenting burns and shaggy hair he sport- Fleming told the network he Today, SeNpt. tho the study books t be u sed this ed in "Rawhide." He is well would be willing t ,aatiane, but of year in the 40 local Methodist clipped and tailored for his role then the bosses apparently had churches f the DeLand District. in the new Doris Day comedy, second thoughts. It was decided
-AT AH' ~ Patients admitted to Flagler Mrs. Myron Baker, DeLand, "Glass Bottom Boat." to continue "Rawhide" with Hospital Tuesday, September will lead th presentation f the "You cant imagine h Clintassolpresent star seventh, were: Mrs. Patricia books under the theme, "Mission, pleasant it is to work with a
BEAUTY NOOK Danhy, 4 Madeira Dr.; Erie the Christian's Calling," w washed face and hae a rug -un
Crews, Bunnell; Miss Margaret include the Word with Po er, your feet," he said. "And- VADOR
Phone 4-2014 for Appointment Patterson, 15 Pacific St.; Mrs. Realms of our Calling, Babylon by with girls. There is something Mary L. Burchfield, 186 Palmer Choice, and Mission as Decision. deadly about working for seven shtd-t 410 El Rey Avenue St.; William D. Roylane, 31 Mrs. Lewis Ewing will present years with a male cast." SEAFOOD G R N S yara with a ae cat
San Mare Ae. ; Mrs. Bessie GIRL STUDENT WINS "BAThLE OF HE BOOTS e study books, Acts, Then and Don't get the idea that FlemSlaughter, Monson Annex; A- Now. la in
--- bert E. White, Green Cove Sharon Neiford, 15, checks to see if the length of boots, Mrs. Leroy Northrup, Ormond beg i complaining. He seems ato Springs; Mrs. Mamie O. Middle- worn by Pamela Lee Smith, 16, is acceptable after Pa- BeaCh, district vice president of toe around Od. eHe didn't even HAPPY BIRT DAY ton,. 3 Garnett St.; Elbert Hil- mela's high school at Sun Valley, Calif., yesterday ruled the Woman's Societe of Christian mind being d lopped from 40THide," AN IVoERSA RYm FrATTE ton, Rt. 1, and Leo J. McMul- boots are acceptable school wear if they're no higher than ervie, i in arg of day's ide TO EVERYONE.. ON OUR en Magnlia Ave. id-calf length. Pamela was suspended last May when she program. Others participating le n a rneea
will be Mrs. P. B. Revels, Pa- the lSs of a lidy feetane. Bea Foods Market Patients discharged Tuesday refused to accept a school rule against boot wear, short or latka; Rev. George W. Wiseman, Fleming aditted that he en400th ANNIVERSARY Mrs. Betty Nefler; Mrs. long. (AP Wirephoto) pastor of First Methodist Churce, tered the series haphaardly. BAKED STUFFED FISH Janeta Heath and infant, James DeLand; and Dr. Joe A. Toile, After years f median 3 or 4 pursd fish, d...s.d Thompson and Mrs. Carol Me- 8eS es Methodist District Superintend- on Broadway, he decided to l1% teaspoon salt Daniel and infant. inahso onnt. chuck the works and head for Bread stuffing Ss the Pacific Isles he had known 4 tablespoons butter a ther fat, W t l Officersduring the war. But Hollywood melted Stens I U aDouglas Browns kept delaying his departure with 3 slices oaf ba o n optial)
..os Onn HyWILD BIKIN St. BSP SWesteason Are Announcing of a Western series. Sprinkle inside and out with
H RS SAT tiesofose. s te er Birth Of Daugh er "I figured nothing would salt. Stuff fish loosely, and sew M -Ttion of L. L. Westberry, met Xi M Chapter, Be Sig come of it," he recalled. "The the opening witi needle and Overpriced Tuesday September seventh, for Phi, began its 1965-66 season Mr. and Mrs. R. Douglas first script was aimed at the sring, or close with skewers. SAppliane--S Us the purpose of electing officer Wednesday night at :30 o'lock Brw 225 Covina St., are an- guest stars, and I was only one Place fish in a greased aing
RS. thruSAT. BOUNTY ERhere for the 1965-66 school term. with a dinner meeting in La Ps- o Monday, Sep er si t a i ed to ee e final esia a pan. Brush with melted ft. Bake LAW ABIDING. KIE I Th m nage LarE RNI .....nder FNgler Hospital. find Clint Eastwood and I were F., for 40 te60 nine r 5Helms, press The president, Mrs. Davis The infant weighed six pounds the stars. til ish fla kes easily when testth ughs and Alen Johnson, Tuten, onducd the brief busi- eight ouncees at birth and has "Still, I never thought it ed with a fork. If fish seems dry FEA Epublicity; Jerry Vaughn, tu- nes session and presented each been named Kelly Joe. would sell. CBS couldn't give while baking, baste occasionalli We At Werninck's dent. cnduetor, aed David Die- member with a copy of the new The maternal grandparents of the show away, finaly put it on with dripping s melted fat. ReAtrook which outlines the the child are Mr. and *Mrs. Jo- the air in mid-season with half- move string o shewens asS on and Jonathan Hansen, li- he a m t o ,h sign trin or sae.ers Take this ppr- brains seph LaRosa, now residing in sponsorship. Within a month sory immediately on a hot platGermany, and her sateal sponsors were is line to sigo ten plain or with sase. Peeves nity to'w our hIMembers of the chorus are sp-kg year. great-grandmother is Mrs. Ella up." 6. An City hthesistic about this term of In addition to talented e Wilson of this city. Her paternal Six and a half years later, it Watch this clumn tmorw. Swork and have expressed theirers whowill contribu te thegrandparents are Mr. and Mrs. looked as if "Rawhide" had-ByGe PLUS A Very Happy appreciation to Mr. Westberry chapter's study of St. Augustine Hubert Brown of the St. Johns come to the end of its dusty for his work with them. history, the yearbook outlines so- River ara. trail. CBS announced the series Ad; ALL-NEW TECHNICOLORs 400th Birthday Mr. Westberry has stated that elal functions such as a picnic at Me chorus is progressing in its Fort Caroline, Founder's Day
MA Y APPY musical ability and knowledge. banquet, Mother's Day tea, ete. % A__MN HP thThe, long table in the quaint RETURS Nrestaurant was lit with candles
S TIM CONWAY'-JOEFLYNNd and Grace Church in three tiered old Spanish esnChoir Will Have delabra n either eide of a enChoir Will Have terpiece of yellow roses and gerr
First Practice bersin soft fall shades. A short
summary of the history of St.
___.The Grace Methodist Church Augustine, printed in gold on a Choir will meet tonight at 7:30 red satin ribbon, marked each o'clock for the first time afte? place setting. The predominant
H A P Y Mrs. Talmadge Skinner, di- carried out in the yearbook eonrector of the choir, urges all er also.

for tonight's practice. Rsesell, a nged the ismprenstve
At the conclusion of rehearsal affair, which was well attended.
ST. AUGUSTINE tnornmember Miss Carolyn Joan and the men of Spanish and
Neville and her forthcoming Minoran fods heightened fhe
From marriage. Miss Neville will be Old World atmoephere of the setmarried Saturday, September ling. :Lse /AK NE 3Women Of Moose Do You Weal to Buy s

'THE LADIES' SHOP To Meet Tonight 'Uued" Car or Trunk Look The Women of the Moose will
night, September eighth, at 8:00 ow saOWIs7,
o'clock in the Moose Lodge Hall.
There will be an enrollment
andat the e.n.lusion of the Eel MC [ ] !
merting refrresents will he


1565 ST. AUGUSTINE 1965


From unRY U OUIOI l While St. Augustine's visiting Spanish dignitars ..ser having their first glimpse of

Lm ~aL~n T IWII C this beautiful city Saturday, Moeller's Jewelers was presenting Reed and Bartons lauxusr MaYO nw 5N.t X e oaS new telling pasers. Spanish Baroqae, at a gal.. exlusie ndea... .howing in all America in honor of St. Augustine's 400th anniversary.
Due to e length oa these Spanish music, costumed guests, iced drinks served from flower decorated silver trays 'sre eathey wllbe sw and Spanish cookbooks for favors, all added to the colorful premiere showing.
P. __._ The above picture shows Mr. and Mrs. Verne Murrah of Reed and Barton cmpliOn Historic St. George St. Since 1904 S mentiing Miss Gayle Wa. .n and her fiance. Stephen F. Greene, en the selection o SpanH al O ish Haroque for their Novesber wedding. Jeff Overby is an intrested onlooker.
.. S|

age Four-A THE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965

8 t.agtitItbEvents Listed For
pubishe b *StAuutnReodInc.

.ADays n Spain
sGenneral Manaar Wednesday, September 8th 6:00-St. George Street Opens.
6:15-Entertainment from Balconies.
W. W. WILSON T01 KING -6:30-Lilian Lindsley Street Dancers.
a t s a..itant Edtoe 6:45-Entertainment from Balconies.
_ _7:00-Arrival of colorful procession.
7:20-Cake Lighting and Cutting Ceremonybegins.
Introduction of guests by Gen Henry W. M.
National Advoertsing Reren- MEMBER ASSOCIATED SUBSCRIPTION RATES- s h Welcome by Mayor John D. Bailey.
tatuvs" Shannon A A015ooiate0, PRESS AND) AP ForT weeli, 40 cents; Der month. CA;0 CRmakIsb onAhr r
soe stu North Mih Anss Ave.. WIR(P OO $ e t, 0 ss na Remarks by Don Asher, president, Florida
Chtss 1, Ilosil UMes4 *IAUIT BU AU months, $10.00 .... year. Jaycees.
OF CRUsI paid Asn ad e Remarks by Senator George Smathers. entered in St. ulnl ot O L m Cake Lighting o I and Cutting by Count Alvaro matter,. _ ad setstment s t Pub S. 55 sS os. Armada of Spain and Miss St.Augustine, Art s sher do 5 0 not hold e smelf Per week, 4 Cente er month. Published Sunday morning and liable for damasm further 2.00; three months $6:00: ix nita Halleyburton.
*very afternoon except Satur- than- the amount received months. $11 00; one vear. $22.00
day and fiv lexal holtda for such advertisement tn advance s 8:00-Fireworks Set Pieces depicting St. Augustine History.
8:30-N. Y. World's Faircee Spanish and French Swordfighting
A BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAYunt8brot'arSlhmncTope
9:00-Entertainment from Balconies.
9:10-Fiesta Dance Trsupe and The Cross Wards
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousnes; and allI these h(Cross & Sa Co Wrd.)
things shall be added unto you-Matthew 6:33.-Food and clothing are perishable; (Cross --Ener.)
but love and service abide. Seek these things first and trust God for our daily needs. 9:45-Entertainment frsm Balcsnies
SThe Eurpean spe club ( Astronaut L. Gordo EDITION DEDICATION: The contents of this edition are dedicated in mem- firstindependently launchedCooper Jr. is due to be the guest firat adependently *launched of honor neat mnha eia
ory of the late Record Publisher A. H. rebault Sr., who for many years supported space satellite should be fired honor nexmon t
theprsramforreesraisnandcom emoatis.spac sa..tellite should he fired tin ceremony. ies mocking the the program for restoration and commemoration. from Woomera rocket range In completion of Mdisn Town SI ORT south Australia before the end ship's $4-milli .. s. oo .
L of 1967, officials say. struction program.

Success Of Restoration And Celebration s E

Traced To Effective Leadership F 'GOODBODY Co
Five separate program have, like the ida Board of Parks and Historic Me- MembLers N. Y. Stock Exchange fingers on a hand, coordinated and work- morials under the capable leadership of ed together in providing the forceful and local attorney Frank D. Upchurch, who Specializiog i listed and unlisted stock effective leadership necessary to appro- were able through liaison with Senator H A L B O Y sLE a in listed and unlisted stocks, municipal priately celebrate and eventually restore Verle A. Pope and Rep. F. Charles Usina, bonds and investment counseling. THE NATION'S OLDEST CITY. to successfully see passed an act calling NEW YORK (AP) Man's school. Here's our football. One little piece of chocolate Now serving St. Augustine from our Jacksonville
In this edition of your daily newspaper for the establishment of the St. Augustine ability to survive today depends Show em how easy it Is." cake won't hurt you." office. Dial Goodbody from St. Augustine 829-6396 we have attempted to present in the best Historical Restoration and Preservation on his ability to say no. "Don't let It floor you just be- "The price may seem a bit (No toll charge). Ask for: manner possible a true concise picture of Commission. There are so many things cause I'm the hops and this is high for a house this old, but we my idea, Henry. If you don't can practically guarantee you Mr. Charles I. Robbins just what is being celebrated during this Wolfe Era clutching at a man's mind, time think it is sound, speak right up against loss; Confidentially, we Or quadricentennial year. Having the legislative act passed and and pocketbook that he has to and say so." hear the state plans to build a Mr. James K Wiley
To do so without involving perso6nalitie, receiving funds, to establish the coromis- adopt- a negat'ye attitude as a "Anyhody can dance the frog, six-lane. highway right 'through is a moat difficult task. For no great pro. sion was a difficult process requiring a matter of self-defense. If he Come oni step out on the dance this land." gram has ever reached fulfillment with- great deal of time and work on the part can't learn to say no, the piran- I'll show you." "Whiat if the tax people have GOODBODY & CO. out effective and forceful leadership, of many. However, the real task lay be- has of civilization will eat him "Buy now, pay at your let- challenged your 1962 income G OD
To express sincere thanks from the fore the men and women interested in alive. sure." return. Den't let 'er bluff you. ,,5" ,.,,,I too$
citizens of St. Augustine to each and seeing the restoration program become a To endure, a fellow must "Be a sport, Dad. If you make Threaten to t ake them into K AN MM AN
every man and wman who have worked reality learn to turn a deaf oar to entic- the down payment, I'll save up court. They'll back down." O Aon N

past editns has clearly pointed out the had been benefactor to multitudes Of disa master u
mes of most effective leadership in this local programs and 'projects took the, "It's only -a *Imall' -rlesdly4 program of ultimate restoration of the reigns of leadership in 1959. In lit more game, and we'll ut a limit on first permanent Christian settlement in than five years the restoration commis- the size of the bets. You 'll be what is now the United States. sion has accomplished more than the home before midnight, I promFraser Era majority of citizens thought would be ise you."
Going, back to 193 we must re l the possible a life time. "But suppose g I am the one o n Church Participation to go f sHto wony srl. .yu W-- m s th iyosaa s pa Joj h y to a wad at e tremendous cog i tan ntributions made by in ean e pa r the tort ie e tab or t he bas aunlch,

whati nw e .ie d Snues. o nl ionhas iroml edethablilwd om bor cagt y bpIT RY C R IFEoO THmA NIIE C Walter B Fraser. Fraser was responsible A ay a sitin th ht w o me s o afor firming upF the a interest of the gram to restore a living memorial to its ly attractive? Now tel me the ngie Institution in the restoration of St. founding fathers, the Catholic Diocese of truth." Augustine. Although the advent of World St. Augustine, under the strong leader- "Let me pick up the tickets
War II spoiled the dreams of this era, we ship of Archbishop Joseph Hurley, coca- for the show, and you handle the menced planning a program for the Mix- dinner tab for the bunch. must recognize its many contributions nion of Nombre de Dios. Slated to be 050 Ohay?" that have ultimately affected the greater of the chief drawing exhibits in the "Try one of these. It's a rec H success of our present program. Southeater United States, the program ipe I made up myself. You mix
S Williamsburg Trip calls for a Votive Church and a 200 foot a quart of gin, a quart of cremeA E D
mittle u p laire the re-nter estora a n SH d meithe, a pound of brown L ittl e took place in the restoration and illuminated crss on the site historically sugar, three ounces of prune commemoration prograM for a period of set as where the first Christian Mass wa juice and e about 20 years, until 1958 when The Ex- held in 1565. "I don't care how many fillchange Bank, The St. Augustine National The entire program is well- established ings you've got, Henry, anybody HISTORY CERTIFIES TO THE MAGNIFICENCE Bank 2and The St. Augustin se Re now.. few if any look at the five- can crack walnuts with his sored a trip to' colonial Williamsburg. fingered program with little but +awe and teeth. There's a tirck to it-it's OF OUR FIRST 400 YEARS. Two special 'rail cars took approximately respect. Five agencies seperate as fingers all a matter of leverage. Open 60 local citiens to viewwhat was being but united as a hand working for the same your mouth, put the walnut accomplished in colonial Williamsbut ultimate goal. B right there, and under the Rockefeller Foundation' sue We take great pride in saluting we 'd acie t e I N E HR D pieces. Credit must be givensto the fore- leadership and membership of: H. muchip you pTt chirnight of Record Publisher A. H. Teault THE ROMAN CATHOLIC DIOCESE en readership problems to the MAY OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR'S CELE. Sr.m, (deceased); -St. Augustine Nationa Os ST AUGUSTINE, ySioth grade It wlf ak only a Bank President Frankea ereand Chair- BTHE ST. AUGUSTINE HISTORICAL few minutes of your time each RATE MANY MORE IN THE NEW ERA OF
Wolfe. THE NATIONALPARK SERVICE "In recognition of yur stand-ngSATNoSSleHICepLdEetAuhA The-Williamsburg trip sparked a flaws THE ST. AUGUSTINE HISTORICXkL lag as a leader to Ohs communi- R A N S H C IS A E D On the minds of the business leaders cask- RESTORATION' AND PRESERVATION ty, we are letting you ia on Ohs ing the journey and was responsible for COSMMISSION, ground +finor of a business opfiring up a desire to re-enter the restors- THE ST.' AUGUSTINE 400TH ANS t. Ame sustine tion program. NIVERSARY, INC. "Dad, theso kids don't believe
Parks Board Your leadership and courage have me when I tell them you used to

U. 5. FORCES, KOREAN 196d and ompietd basis train, drill, pistol firing, Isadership,
(ABTIIC) Army FF0 Victor log at Fosrt ordon. Hs attended Coast 1usd duties is the evest A. Solane Jr., iS, and Pet. John St. Augustins High Sehosi. of mohiliaation srganzation, asd+ B. Harnage Jr., 15, ef 80. Au- - hietory gustine, Flo., participated to a YORKTOWN, Va. (FHTNC) four-day fisld gaining exerciss Aug.-18 Coast Guad Lieu- B A R B S to Korea, endog Aug. 27. tesant juniorr grade) Jobs H. BY WALTER C. FARKES Ths mes, members cf ths 70k Wisson, sos of Mrs. Dwight H. Asdtoidiiznn : Infantry Division, took 'psrt is Wilson of OS -Fuilerood Drive, Aoeate, jsol il sten I monk war games desigssd to Os- St. Augustine, Fla., is scheduled most callow youth; miliariss thsir salt with the to graduate Aug. 27 from Ohs s sTe ae-f ufuiti
rigors asd concepts of defensive Beserve Officers" Basis Ondoctri. a elylvsadg kontdy rgntdi
opeatons ntio Shoo a th U S.Cos life whu hio wife keeps Scotland, though the time Slasa, whose parents lie at Guard Boserve Training Costsr, him onoa short leech, and place ace obucure to 22 Arensa-St., is a driver is Yorkto, Va. , history. Ho we v er, it was Company C of Ohs di'so'sI A Coast Guard Bes ..c.. he is When Momn lakes Dad Tiw nesopprinte11 Battalioa, 31st Infaotry. Over- attosding the school for his on.dwhopne ernc cntytathe1hpr-@ ASO ATN sessiure June sf this year, hoe- suai to-wees sf active duty. -liamopig xp ie ent tha thg aes 1 par entered the Army is Fehruary In the school fo ... Yseryco, ... ji Scotland docce..d is 1457 r+ N!|| i96d and oompleted basic train- missioned officers io thc e vt hat 'fle-ball aOftlf h leg at Foct Gordo, Go. Sciaca he studies military eourtesy, uni utterly cryed dowse, and* attended St. Joseph Academy and forms, savigaion, semaship, sot to' he used" becausect uutn worhced for Fairchild Aicrcaft O h e y interfere with the befoce entering ah Army. NEW LANDMARK practice of archery, an es-61CR VA TET Harsage, whose parents lie at tells him it's a trip mnt enemy sential element is the de-61 OR VAS ET 60 Woedsn St., is a rifiemn is WASHINGTON (API A territory. fense of the realm. This Company C of te division's 5rd move to designate Beale Streel, s s legislation p r ovi d ed the Battalion, 3d Infantry. Haruage, Memphis cradle of blues music, Money may t, hul is fea~t written reference 1o 5'5' 5- lI=TM ?! k ~T who arrived oeracas laat month, as a national landmark is under talks loader ts zotue felhu thle playing of golf. eatered Ohs Army is Decsmber way. lhas la alocar uoio ,im

Wa.a.sM y Afteanoon, Sept. 8, 196 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORL ..........

... (WfOLE)




BEEF ROAST............... ............79 SSSWET-F
BEEF STEW 9 OEO....2 LBS 35 o TbI2
HA R 2 o7JUICE .......... 3 8W I




t :. 12oz CANS REG 2/39 ECH' HALVES BE STSU............ 0-. 80 79


EACH 4 "o

CABBAGE .... ............ .~L F LADY FAIR ICED CINNAMONb 4 i
U.SP EL I WH ITE IRISH, ; FO m" 1 N to T1' s .... .......

CARROTSI ......... 2 PEGS. ..2 29 P
T T E .HANDI WRAP I........... I FOR 7BF

11 Palmer Street St. Augustine, Florida

P ;4 . THE ST AUG USTINE RECORD Wednesdy Afteroo, Sepl. 8, 19$
... _~~ .... --=; - ---- -----------~So Many Reasons l
LA BODEGA Resoni why it pays to re
IS LIKE the sfid adil They osellar
IS LIKE houses, furniture, appliances and
many other item. They hire help,
YOU! get jobs for pepple, boost your
iress and do other odd jobs
Suave and Sophisticated at a rldioeully lo price. Read
them for profit, use them for
Monson Motor Lodge resultil
Avenida Menendez No. 32
VA 9.8647

E osada ilend z
21 trlida3 trnad nz
r f~, [ C .VORUM OF YsTaRAI-S
fine Spanish cuisine Hou original first Span- I
ine and beer lsh oriod home. A ascinatitna
wn e colectionof olaythinis of the
served in buffet ast woodn wdrl t doll
Lunch $1.50 .St. .. Stree
Dinner 00BEST OF THE BUMS-Pitching has been the naof e e this year in Los An- WEATHER FORECAST Spanish Import Shop gees Dodger competition. Here's a catcher's eye tew of L.A's Big Four, as seen r pan through backstop eff Trborgs mask. From le they are Don Drysle, Claude O Heavy ran and high winds are expectd in Florida with owers along the este Gulf
Reservations: 824-3934 Dine here America Began teen, John Podres and Sandy Koufax coast Wednesday night. Widely scattered shows and thndershower are forecast fro
SPANISH LANDING the south and central Rockies through the north and central Plains, the c al Miss RESTAURANT e -- sippi Valley and the central Appalachians. Snow is likely in the central R h
SpiSPECIAL Sa and Amerlcae Foods (Poos
0n san ree Avenue g
NOW OPEN S j AuBB Ac i it e yri
FUNLAND PAR Activities OfABBY Jack Copps, A
St. Augustine Beac
Si". A "gotie ..0 oFormer Local

Rides & Amsemet STAURANT By MRS. A. V. JONES Y SCENE xt
5 NEW iYULE SCENE-A bit of
ATTRACTIONS__ C (District Circulation Manager, A. J. Plummer, 34 captured on the Chrisoma Abigail Van Buren
ATTiR Telpone VA 9-8781-Address: 129 Palmo Street e e i t i ll Van Bu r was Coktails page tamp th year. AY ds South Whitney Street, Telephone VA 4-1778 The 5-cent stamp will r. a doia th No trip to Florida is complete Carcoal Steaks Seafooda produce an early 19th cen- myd Ed Raia Ho without a oisit to the histoc p tury New England weaer DEAR ABBY: Last week my iWith mo he cud be hblf, ad rsided ta th
euntainOfYutt City Lodge the aira Sudy, Sp. vane that depicts Gabriel husband and I gave a house- und not "Mo. Park Aeue," pat 2years,e ForFood the ill meet tnigh at 8 o'clock at mber 12at 8 p.m. All dbaconess blowinghis horn, I' based warming party in our f rst new as h had be h her it h ommemoratig the landing f the Odd Fellows Hall, Washing- and stewardess boards of the on a 1939 water color by home. W sent out invitations to nd With all her m tho MaPoe do Leon to 1510 MINO too Sot. All mmbera arm comm ity a ttitere hteniteto attend Boston artist Lucille Gloria 16 couple saying it was a eisre Rose has v p U iUnin
thes addtion-yo will enjoy Ar asked to please be present and A ordial invita tion is extended Chaht a lle issued housewarming, Every ne came, five cesor a B s h is th sal Edti A ER on time Deputy grand master to the general public. In November. bu only one couple brought a for ma When t
Edbits: E, L Tyewil be making his gift. I ws ogohurt and enbr- 00 of wor fr iss a1i
aotistom Spaceoob Feh official vit St this time. H. Persols raseliI didn't know what to not once did she come to m
Snian Burial Grta Ree Twine,W. M.; Harry Fleming, Mrs. Lannie Hall arrived from 0i Yenstrda onse wofmhda
SIndirial visit Gwio "tRoyal Famil y" etoe se wof me Se i e 0 m
Ope Daily her sitr, Ms. Mmie Jarsona bought a gift but o of the of soup After my e I w and H i
75j e sooratary. Now r byCh joti or a visitwith e ramn f ando told me uh wited as ve dt eoo pe oe ~gi s s rud o 7:00 A. M. to 7t00 P.. T E RHE 455 West King Street. invite uests o iupo tos an e aJ Fioseph C a Co d a ugusti KING KONCH All njsagors of sae FopCC oppo i : nf Angetin, toING KONCH n Mee t Gap- H herself to call up everybody and had just seen me yesterday. Threeh on a h. C a l l e d -M. s s ptr e a d t h e w o d t h a It' n o t S h e i s in t e r e at e d o ly tie r T e e o wi

at" MTA USri e WistChpr ob atked u ome Al ombore of St. Mary' etine foo a peop e to give a elf and w hay to have ne 5:30 n P M. t 1 0 Mnt he lo ton ight a bt wll b W a ren l p. .ousewarming par t fir them- Romeone to D Alst te A ot lof t trb C a g uss
4 Steak Unusu62_Sn"asteni o l and ir rehearsalfe in to ate a ery por- St Augua stine's Royal Family ose0b and therefore t wasnt hes, I can't ndrtan a s
Ph a ai sVeandCfr Mea n he tnt business ming Monday, has served the v d of comme d po er to b n a gift, he oa perng can ha so n and vitat p ien s etedd al yogSeptember 18 at 7:80 p.m. The oration ince 1959 and was a- al" house g arty, pod. Should I com ety State red House SEE TR pooplf of this age group. purpose of the meting is for the taored by Eleanor PhiipsBa wher a gift is in ordr, one drop her? I don't ho ate IOf Ja .ce
OII O '. be ,A8n e n hedise ea u na g by ahPno at rEO
Paul (The Hss) Si calling o a sister Plas who s a reseh gneogi hat en by fr r the am j h t ATmCity Wide MiNon present. Chosen by a board of gets w h e owners. Abby, if we m c of myself I gavd to e P r t pE Fv
NIGHTLY The regular business meet. comp of M, Barns an had own this we never wod when ohe needed me, and hw The Se e JyeA are
Seeing from MUSEU ing ofthe City Wide Mission will Joint Sries past quee the amity was orig hae vn the party. We wl littl abe i ave in retrn. nhtvga d A See
5:0 P. -M. to 1180O P. M .~ Si not be held tonight but will he Women's and Men's Day will inally sponsored by the St. Au- toa at of expense entertaiin n ROSE'S DRT o IDO T to tlst of di u ge
On the Island r ha Wnesday, Sptmber observed at Dawon Chapel gustine Easter Week Festival, tho people th and D DOORMA Yes, drop froth Spain nd the United
40 Aastsia usua and euoational only instead. Plea e not o this C M. E. huh on Septembe Inc. food That girl sure had r orwisoe dm th y s ta who I rI o
hon VA .58 Museum featuo n f re mo n cne f date. Place: Bethel Blap- 19, ev. J. L rvss eres aspa Begining with six adant nerve. But wa she right? ejoy hetg a tor at gio ti and u Pert rch Miss SRooai the R0yalceaaicm Fal NOT ETIqETTEo' -dy.oih For Reservations 0 honoah. datnxl from Church. Miss ale Demps, tr. A mrdial station is ex- in 1959, tRoyal Family ds NOT UP ON ETIQUETTE .i.. cemony g Intg order. dnPriceless i ltems col- prudent. td t al attend these now comprised of 98 individuals DEAR NOT UP: "Etiquette" DEAR AY R I 400th birthday, ec~ted overa 0erod9o 0 a services. of which 70 are herige na ve Is matter of common sense. DEARM AAer w So mer Rate -- whose forebears wore earliet When friends call or a cople gave a th f a lt my e oe in a one year side Now Only reodspi ot poee of Forid. i th new home for the fr large group 'of women s. fore o f oridi hldren Unde -F M. Hoeb Lodge No. 20 oi Pat nts vme to Flagler dStce Janouat 4p of thisyear tim it's estuary to bring gong home, at peaot di o a nng m If omre.
Masons wll hold a special'meet Hoptial Tuesday, September he Royal Family bhas made42 gift. Your friend, the self-ap en akd me r om cake nd ri tag o Ashr T ing on September 11 at 8 p.m. n fifth were: Mrs, Claritha Grant, maor appearances and will per. painted authority on etiquette sdhee ( een sad a of ,th Old "O~E~i~~ .the Odd Fellows HaI for the 438W.Fourth St.;and Ariona for during other events chede take home to theirhsbd eh esIKh OLD purpose of initiation o the can Williams, 87uld r the 400 ann er r what's per. however and i on a ayoe
Sdidats to te Master's degree. A in og patients dischared Past Qeno Jacqlyn L. ve the pagi ty only tq harvest Ne 1 thr ed td J
0USE PIZZA All member and visiting Has. TesdaI wer Mathew Dixon, Young, Anita W. Hodnet, Mary the gifts, the crop failure was when my gueS enjoy the ew td th o
,e # RAVIOLI one i good standing are in. Willia I. Ma' n l and Ndn. G. Bake hylis T. Tha, just freshmens I e, and I w just
I GI vieraited to attend. Refrements Minor Hughes. Maorgrita Coleman. 1thm i le their fill. i l eit H years atEC i s ORIGINAL ASAGNA wibe erved Henry Holley, Past Kings: Daniel Drysdale, DEAR ABBY: I'm just cur- gusts me wie s y epect me din His a S uBeoitifum GArFee et send e eno fd fer dnt was unq d A
Photograhe selht SPAGHETT I W. M. B Herbert N. Mter, Michael Bnet loUs. I have an aunt and uncle tmo as ed o their fam loo dent I nya in s
Property of the Saint A. A R S ones, Car G, Carcaha, Charles wh were married for 62 years the cheen he i jy leftho i sae h h en o
prog t sa s AT Deoss Anniversary Lope.nd they are, now getting a di- hae chdndwchn e h h 2 c M O.
Baurug e i E TMl As Aa S ofN th Past Princesses: NanO y La. v Prce. h this a record 1
FLA O Firet Baptist Church il observe Val, Donna C. McCall, Melvine AMAZED AND ASHAMED It sm that acme U e o ohas served os thoa
STheRES. batter celed out o De avoge, Marlane Redmond, DEAR A. AND A.: I hpe s, wi an etr mel fr nloig. io vr ya RESTAURANT strikes smes the umpire, Catherine P. Usina Please s n yr ol In 1963 he r cooN MEMOI IAM not himself. "oDEAR Ap ee fici or who make a habit of g ere Award. (Itin Coking) n memory of my dea husband, H t (fifri .NeA1& Vi le-ar Oter Ct sats l Mr. L n Eub cnks who dpart ed nam) and T were girahnB h doing is. And s --gn metid
e .. tog.0- Bit ds Todshe is vey ery ..-,,'.. iGS .... So:: mmt .
enrolt admIissedsr.ars G.WiSEo (Ae the r .I oetl m ... nd Ne teenage od r.e cdDANAHY widow. Woee inera d? W ABY, Wien
0 pod...- ..- New Mr. ad Mrs Joh Danafs, t pe When Roses husband diodBc ee7o, -: e 0 ngoiteo, C Ine theirmast falthil carsfor earrings. Its not the Madoira Drive, are announcing four years ago, I went to her Foa a person rept, eb oelos a otomers.
______.....____the birth of a daughter in Flsg- apartment every day after work stamped, saeladdoooed envo. He commuted between Looi
ler Hospital on Tuesday, Sep- t0 help hr hear her sorrow, lope. vile and N Ye rk r 'CAD O THANKS timber seventh. -0yas
otan y rleodstor ccae talsorats Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Burh- 3or HiSonwo trifere eS w at TAKE A BOAT RIDE 10ts ar knd- field, 180 Palmer St., are an-u yarts towe wee ill a H our an i 00 uctd0 nt coede ce 8n sincere thanks first" time girto have been nouning the bir of a s on etela seesle sod Hisioriosi Orulse0 Os. to tce e C; Chase and ons Fu- eedled for fads. Tuesday, September seventh, in the the o cites. A Olse Ho vU foristotoatachit Pie oar- 0 0 Flagler Hospital. The eir ine gave him geoed Pt.0059A'5Sa NF-0LT5O1. 50S Daily at 2 pm. (except ary fld *ever bless eaek one of Lon le 0 E ~ ln flight.
Fra) os, Lso a L r eni lteoooylvania's only football *unIor year ThAORINI5S COCKITLOLacE dult., $ess. chldrdso "ne Wall t 9. ." itocY Iset fall was a l1-6 Jomnr yadmiHitoat g tic 050 asi ao WMis 00:; Servlcemen. 5L00 doollo boniness oveinra altos, s then o heover Lehgh. Are you going to college' I who eanrolled for the fall semester
-- so, then intact th Rcord ad in S. John River Junior Celhave your namo included i the ler, alakha. This is her frsh. o rs, c.. W. Burnot, 5. 3
osd OTI nu~ustlk~i tudoots ace8 invited to to- twho' erolol d for the fabsetsr SS 1 i)ttt phono the Record, VA 9-2286 or Bob Post is senior this year at St Johs Junor College, PaVA 0.12? or mail the o ceo- in East Tonse totint. Ia e. Thie il her fr peer
OLE ST STORE RO P'll! a information tthe Record. versity, Joson City, Tenn. Te in the junior college .
MUSEUM In Buffet Style... 111IH1ons 113010 Dan Drysdale, son --- d and ost, 6 Hildreth Di e ehe is a TONIGHa 1 -,. W 1 [ e,.Drysdae, 46 ,Avenida psychology major.

SOUPS; Diayda HaVe a year in Prcet1n fnico oity. He session f Trinity UnVei, ity,
arcanzk is a graduate of Woodberry Foe- San Antonio Texas, snd will reENETIITO !Blac Bean I -"PII eot Sohool in irginia. sumo hic studies as a..eior in E the university on September 16th,
Step back to the turn of the cent en you isi ENTREES: day to begin his first year Knorri 107 Olethorpe Bled.
ia ti e ldet Stora H of tho Crabmeat Imperial Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Ssmoof 0 Roast Turkey Tennessee. He is the son of Mr. largest and moslt mplte old-te gerc stores Spanish Meat Loaf and Mrs. W. I. Drysdale, 46 G Moorhouse, eon of Mr. STOP!
argesan ost pt d e Spiat LfO Avenida Meneod., d"grad- end Mrs. Dean O. Moorhouse, READ!
Pilau 7O,.U ated in June from Woodberry 146 Menendez Dr ive, leaves General Merchandise FLAN Forest School in Virginia. Thursday to begin his first year HIIE RECORD'S
and Desserts GraceAnna Spiller, daughterlin o hapel Hill, N. C.
1965 of Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. SpilA Flne Selectron of Imported Beer n000,00 aess ler Jr., 38 Valencia Stret, is Eunice Albrittn daughter YouwllIFind A So Sore to Vole Ou old.Tiee and Wine ffVU In onoc ooe coneetshe Mr. ad Mrs. 0.dA. Albittee Wiee
semester in St. Johns River Masters Drive, is in the senor of Litings
Shopl $00 Per Person peaass examination to tect uterine poets to resume her studies in Tallahassee. She is majoring in Sale Rent $3.0e0 iPrc itealystnage-when the University of Florida after English. Children 1 Prke n l Dale Bradbury, son of Mr. and T alYuA Boggles, Tread Hill, AMERICAN CANCER SOCICIP Suzanne Post, dughtrr of Mr. Mrs. Forrest O. Bradbury, 100
Phone 824-3934 for Rosxvtyadoas and Mrs. Cornelius Post, 26 Hil- Dolphin Drive, is in Florida State A 4-2851 dreth Drive, was among those University, Tallahasse, far his


Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Page Svsa.'

Picture High inhts Of QuadricentennialI


Minute Cubed
Lb 89
Full Cut



V4 Pork Loin
YOU Sliced, 2 to 3-lb. Lb.
Avg. Pkg.

IN TMmo1sNO M STAMPS "Super-Right" Shiced Salami, Aln 1....e ST S iLiver Loafor Pickle Loaf .Q44n .. sot!LUNCHEON 6-oz.

Dr. Juan Plate, acting Chairman of the Council of the Or- William Sanders, the Assistant Secretary General of the ganization of. American States dedicated the above El OAS, presented a collection of more than 100 books from PDI Centro Panamericano, as a new center of spiritual under- the Columbus Memorial Library of the Pan American STAMPS standing of all the sister nations of the Americas. Dr. Union as the first exhibit for the new center. Ann Page s12-Oi.ot. "Super-Right" Whole or Rib Half Swanson's 8 Course Ear
Abdullah Found "Super-Right" Thin Sliced Quick Frozen Fresh Ocean

Guilty Of Serving, PLA* tID BACON 1-LB. PEG. 791 SHRIMP 89*
PuHiring Minorround o Can "Super-Right" Sliced Cpt. John's &uick Frozen Ocean
Hiring Minor .Blk Pepper ...... BOLOGNA o59 PERCH 39'
Daniel, C. Abdullah was found BOLOGNA 1-LB PEG 59 PERCHLB3 guilty during ons of three jury
trials in County Court yesterday A& FROZEN 6-. Cans Abdullab was fined $250 for F N employing a minor in a bar and *ar STAMPS for selling alcoholic beverages to A&P Instant
dullah was made by beverage fl s ct. O range Juice 6
agent A. W. Dixon.
Pete Spurlane was .found notn 2 guilty of assault on Krmit Webm s DEL MONTE GARDEN PEAS, BEETS, PEACHES OR

grty of assault min Cit Web- 5A brad inrJuy. with the purchse of

Samm Gibbs was dismissed. distinghed delegations from Spain the United Stat Youresandlorida are picture ..dwas barged ,with assault on o n.Snda..... "L5h eaHsnc rd a athanel, Mitchel on Aug12.Alonso Vega, Spain Minister of the Interiorlorida Governor Hayurors were Vivian Prescott, "No Coupon Nece$11" oseph P Dlee,morning Wilb A. Schrder, aArhiude M. is WalMrs. Wilma Solano, Molrose; 0ne SWg PIPA nBEAD, DISTINGUISHED E tGAiOa DUEvINe ANNIVERSARY ET WHI S T., S and A
:I Heading distinguished delegations from Spain, the United States and Florida are pictur- t o pean" s e above during ceremonies on Sunday, Sept. 5th, whenta Hispanic Garden and the ret A

PaveSpanish G.....a's tia s Oyp es y Lb. 19 P E tBurnsn; and U. S. Secretary of the Interior Stewart UdaLA. F

GoEverett A. Solano, d Mr, passe
away yesterday morning in For Stake hospital. Surn-Dvivs orainclude his wife,

son, Everett L. Slanot Codlum- F'REdSH FIRMSWEET WHRIPE ITEA SLESSIAN oA bus, Ga.; three brother, Alex
Sol .d L onar Solano, St.
AugustineIMPRESSIVE SPANISHand Marion Solan- Lb. Elkton; two sisters, Mrs. Blanche 1 Goodrich, JaksonvPictured above is a view as the Spanish flag was hoisted oile and Mrs. utNide the Casa del Hidlgo Spain improve exhibition and cultural center which was dedicated Sunday Th Evelyn ma P rrell, Hastings. One
grandchild andthe ne great-grad- MEDIUM YELLOW CO3/1NG BLADES .. 51.29 hild also suye rvive. Ambrose Bernard PEANUT BUTTER 3 SHAVE CREAM Funeral services will be held Sultana Straw rr 2-lb. Ja Gt Set -o. Can at :00 o'clock Thursday aft- Bg WHITE BREAD

noon in the chapel of the ch- PRESERVESo 59 HAIR SPRAY . .794

i SChurch Palaka, will officiate.SHORTENING
Pictured above is a view as the Spanish flag was hoisted outside the Casa del Hidalgo, v:Spain's impressive exhibition and cultural center which was dedicated SundayA The mus- Prayers Tonight, 2lb. S-n..L r O

rsiva coquina structure was erected andAWbushed by Spain at a cost of approximately n tAppe e i-qt., 10-o. Cins
Post High School The Amria B200,000. Spain's Minister of the nteREEZE ibr and the U. S S tary o th tri the "Cmajor speakers. Designelaby noted banish architect Javier Barrosao, the b-auti.ul For A. B. Cole Sri t o. JarCdic Qennen Hnot-tl. e

o-e dina l clas for 16 OERS n BUTTER .SHAVE 5 NCREAM Fig 1-b o B T r Coleestah will bae tis eve- Sultana Strawberry -b.arENCYCLOPEDIC Detr Get Set 6-lb. 1-o. P O Can Liquid Detergent 2- tt nrb UN8: o'Slock in thDetergeen phPhg WIS. .970 aboi inu .d- oil Phg.

Shown at the unveiling of Anna Hytt Huntingtons statue of Queen Isabella of SALL F e r. M. e AVORS YUKON CLUB .2- CANS SUN-GLo 39 SYRUP .. .39 Columbus are asked to meet at
for the purpsd f attending y.r Spb pray. F. FJMoer

them Fuan be seen Cogesneralman W. R. (Billy) Matthews (left) and H. E. Wolfe chair The tece of the class will
man of the S Augusne Historical Restoration and Presevation Cmmiion. ThChurch. Ie- SHORTENING AgaRICOT OR RD PLUT. Cv.

den, dedicated n Sunday was the project of the Hispanic Grde Fund Committee 105 KING ST
dd by Reortin Commiwasion member Mrs. C. Dughty Towers. M. John R. Do Yu Wand life-long re Bu ONLY
Broos of J nville is himdent of St. Augustine. Detergentn of the committee and Mrs. H. E. Wolfe and M. W. Used" Car orTuck. LAkFlavors 6-oz. Pkg,

IC Dryedal t lass Formed .. .Heritag v. ek s. i.........U RINSO BLUE ......69

Dsdal arc the .St .-Augutin+represnta ~ives. mn the .Clasafid d

Page Eight-A THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Wednesday Afternoon, Sept 8. 1965

News From


Office Hours 9-11 a.m.-McElveen Hardware Bldg.
Office Phone 692-1557-Home Phone 692-1867

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Proctor eluding a scavenger hunt which
of Federal Point returned home was enjoyed by all of those atSaturday following a very pleas tending. The honoree received
ant vacation trip to Champaign many nice gifts from her friends
Illinois to visit his nephew and and delicious refreshments of
family and to Detroit, Michigan birthday cake and cold drinks
where they were guests of their were served on the breezeway of
son, Quinton Proctor and fan- the Wilke home.
ily Among the young people enjoying the party were Becky and
Friends of Mrs. Robert Pardon Joel Padgett, Kippie, Mickey and
Sr. will be pleased to learn she Tommy Miller, Gloria Rasmus.
has returned home from Flagte: sen, Dale Barstow, Nancy Parish,
Hospital after having ben a pa- Mabel Tursyi Lee Yarb rough,
tient for several days last week Melinda Thomas, Chris Keller,
The Jaycees Spanish-type beard contest came to a close last night with the awarding undergoing treatment. Angela Pardon, John Baggett, of the top three places. Gay Wilke, Charleen and Jane
Jaycee Noel Helmley, second from left, contest chairman, presents the $100 first Visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Proctor and Ray DeFord, all of place check toHarold Masters Jr. At left is nJack Dougherty, who took second ple Pari andn il undayafter Hastings and isss Bett Pat and at right in Walter Johnson, who won hid place in the contetoor were Mr. and Mrs. Steve Colcord and, Teressa Romedy of
and at ight is Walter Johnson, who won third place in the contest. Rydzanski of Ft. Pierce, Florida. Jacksonville, guests of Melinda
The Jaycees reported there were over two dozen entries in the contest, which was Mrs. Rydzenski will b rmem Thomas.AT NIGHT F THe FI sponsored to help bring a stronger spirit among local citizens into the anniversary cele- bered as the former Miss Brenda FOR FIE"TA bration. (Record photo) Niekols who lived in Hastings The Jonnie Padgett Circle will St. George Street has been the scene of Dias de Espana fiesta for the last four nights for a short time and was a mem- meet at'the home of Mrs. Barnes as thousands flocked to the old street to take part in the nightly celebrations. Tonight Automobile Fire brherof the Sophomore Class West Thursday night with Mrhs. will be the last night of the fiesta, which has been sponsored by the St. Augustine Jay, whilehere.Williamn Parish In chargeonf the cees.
Television Schedule Virgil Klipstein's car back- Mrs. Elmo Causey and her program Nearly continuous entertainment is held and booths offer a wide variety of food,
Ps arams and ts st in schemes are th sli by the fired when he was putting gaso. mother, Mrs. H. H. Bailey, and drink and souvenirs. (Record photo) stntinsadaresubjecttncange without notice, line in the carburetor, causing aunt, Mrs. Eva Langford, have Thefirstmeetingforthefal
Indcates program In olo afire, he told Fire Chief B. m. returned from a week's trip to of tho Hastings Bunoess and .L?...eab tApp Bond-.T Commission to seek a $6,5 tr
CHANNEL 4 CHANNEI 12 Hall Tuesday. City firemen put Linville Falls, N. C. se a dinner meeting Septomber pan ag g r an tfr St, TODAY TODAY 1ANNE a1 airhee F...pmvt1o in e p emb State Cabinet Approves Bonds To "an "planning
:00 Mie Douglas Show :n55 Weather* ot the fire in the car on Fran. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Dantzler h Fth at th e Monson Motor Lodge la

e0 N e s i h ou 6 0 N e s, ports* H H
sot t ce thef s tall Mn ec P dinner Hill F n ale Ir a e:0 Walter Croankts .c tolet-orlnhleo Reorn tS Street, Chief Hall said, and eon, Marion, of Savannah, in t A meet. an e atb ng tae n s an 7e00 Survival 7:00 Wanted, Dead or Alhiveerofam $re gnd s se tahtont e 0 far rem7:G d 730 The Virginian*weeed visitors Nttin fur thes

8 ~ ~ Ea d Bhul ONE mame at wice Limtt 1MWit
:00 My Living Doll 9:00 McHale's Navy with Mrs. J. E. Zeigler and r e made at one with Mrs. TALLAHASSEE (AP)-Bonds Two new faces were behind at Marianna, $25,475 for c
:30 Beverly Hillbillies 9:30 Burke's Law EARLY FLIERS MEET o fon 48iod.eC an,
9:0t eDc LVac Dolt 1:3t meeass Ono tihMsJO.Zilrad an ide le.i finance construction of a $4.8 the tale. Fred 0, Dictinien siructian of a swimming peel at :0ZES lot VRn DyBe BONNE ComCass 0E
9:30 Our Private World 11:00 News, Weather. Sports CHATHAM, Mass. (AP) H e ca

10:00OREL S13 U.ngh Sh. CHOICE tin Lor-Deal Comedy Hour ti0 Toagct uhow Many families who have been The Junior lassmillion building fnr to State In- cat tin first vates as newly- the school for girls at Oc515
Elen News n o o d O T S s urance Department were ap- installed state comptroller and $167,000 fr variu projects
1:0Lc- 'lc eotRoy Waite, 82, satdflying, snin gNgShnlpeehy Chet SprnednefShe teSaeFeatyBrdn
11:0 Lae O e t 0 SR spending the summer month High School elected class officers proved by the State Cabinet State Superintendent Of School e State For THURle AY aNewsd Sgn Off 6:00 Test Pattern 1911. William S. Chapman, 76, their beach homes will be return- last week with the following Tuesday. designate Floyd Christian at In $15,000 for ren
6:25 Living words* started flying in 1914 and taught ing home now that the Labor Day slate for this year: President
6 :0 0 C o lo r B a r s 6. 3 0 T h e I m p e r ia ls ch a ef e ruBe e r ,a6t1t a k e S u n l a n d T r a n ia t 6:1O Pastor's Study 6:45 HI Neighbors Amelia Earhart to fly. holidays are past. Among fami. Lee Yarborough; vice president, The new building, authried a an server. e will 6'20 Humanities 7: 0 Today le weg wi.l m Reg. $2 BY ST au GUSTNE 6:50 Farm and Home 7:25 News Both live in Massachusetts lies who will moos hnme are Mr. Nancy Parish; secretary; Mabel by the 1005 Legislature, will b The bels place t iana.
SWJXTews 7:30 Today das and Mrs. Jimmie Freeman. Turney, and treasurer, Charlot named for J. Edwin Larsn, The Cainet als pprved a -Desigted the Flord silt Farm aNd s eut had not met until a few risay and Saur 7:0 aner Hal e Tor brought of the class who died in office this year aft- $95,000 study to develop a uni- World's Fair Authrity as t uau u MIke Wallace Pews artGr ewsoceriesMeataandraeColete moterte 8:00 Caitain Kangaroo 9:00 Romer Room$ them together for some talk Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Yarborough held a meeting Monday afternoon er many years s insurance form pay and job classification state agency quite sats 9:00n PeoEle Are uin- 0 Cameras PleaseR 4 9:0 en soe nny 10:00 Ceral Hosloal about pioneer flying. Jr. were Sunday visitors in Lake to makeplans for the conessio commissioner and treasurer. syutee for the state, The New property at the Flurida Pavitisn :00 1 Wtey 10:T0 Whalhis Song?*l City with her sister and family, stend for the current football Without the presence of Gov. York Management firm of Cre- after the fair cises Oct. 17, The 10:30 The McCoys 10:55 News Mr. a 00 11:00 Andy of Mayberry 1100 Concentrato The 1965 football season Mr. and Mrs. William Vincent. season. The first game of h aydon Brns or Atty. n. sap, McCrmick and Paget was pureed will go int the state DckVan D ke Shw Ms J1966-66 season will be in Hast- Earl Faircloth, the Cabinet hur- contracted to deliver the report treasury. tDT00 Jeonardys mache the 3 doe the South. Miss Wilke Celebrates Birthday ings September lth at 8 p.m. ried through generally a routine to the Cabinet by May, 1906. -Transferred $200,000 frem
12:25 Door's of ue cal 12:30 I'll Bet* eastern Conference. -rnfre
12:5 Local News* Miss Charlotte Wilke was hon- when Hastings meets Baldwin at but lengthy agenda. In other actions, the Cabinet: the fund made up of lanes en talB0Senarch for Tooerrow
ls:46 Guiding Light 1:00 "Where the Action Is" ored Saturday night with a par- Bailey Field. Burns was away on a vaca- Confirmed the appointment of motorboats to e fund from 1:10 Midday 1:30 Let's Make a Deals B A R B S ty celebrating her 16th birthday. tion-business trip and Faircloth Brewvrd County School Sup- which money is taken 00 toy a:30 As the World Turns 1:5 NBC News Entertaining for her were bet Nineteen golfers won $1,000 was grounded in Miami by bad erintendent Woodrow Darden to outdoor recreational facilities. 2:00 Password e ootorrce 28soRseneny 2:00 Moment of Troth BY WALTER C. PARKES parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. or more in the recent U. S. flying weather. Secretary of the University Board of Re- -Authorized the HotS Oil Ce, slit To Tell tnhs Truth P:0 Ohs Docinors
2:00 Doe Telwacds Pews st An20Ther World The only knock we mel- Wilke, who had arranged a num- Open. In 1964 only 18 golfers State Tom Adams presided over gents,. to drill a testil well in Citrus elseDou dars Nia s Teonl knock e r sftaesd a 4:100 Sret Stnrm 8:om Pope's Pals* eese isnby Opportunity. ar of tames for the group in- passed that figure, the Cabinet. -Authorized the Development County. 4:30 Leave It To Beaver 4:00 Huckleberry Hound a a
3:00 Mike Douglas Show 4:30 Early Show Nem Yart racing Courtesy of:athorit 00y0 thf his het-A Courtesy artor is vanishing. But Uncle
RCA VIC ORSam is stil hre. l-lb. Tin 5-lb. Bag

noe Mast Trusted Mama in
Televisios Dealer
Year Locnl Dealer Is 4
Airlines are showing IltPIT movies, but passengers have am.Ae 4I1Ua-ta
Radio and Televion Co. to bring the pepcurn ONE Limit L with 1 Wish SS
60 St. George St, Ph. VA 41541 Philosophers say nothing POUND $5.00 or More $5.00 or Morn a"-WO LOC So- St Augustias Oldest can change humoa a nure. TIN FOrder Fod Order
s- Sales and Service license? nNo. m Ca


Reg. $4.50 Reg. $4.50 Reg. $6.40 Reg. $5.60 SOA P tI I UN Aft "


Quart 35 23 22 4-GL

'2.9S 2.99 Q4.99r 3.9 Full/

EAL IE Rg. Nnw Reg. Now l ~ iI .E lad TM TE 5 19
EAL IE ...$6.71 $5.24 JOHN COLLINS GIN. $450 $2.99 LB.U~ IL IN TP
HACARDI RUM ...$5.95 84.69 MOQUIN S4OANDY...$5.25 $4.19 SR ON TP
;FLEISCHMANN $ GIN $5.h0 $4.29 CALVERT EXTRA.. $4.99 $3.88 _l Our Value DON TS eldssSHOULDER CLOD OR
ANCIENT AGE ....$6.75 $', .?4 HEAVE N HILL ...$4.99 $3.39 R ~ i EG. d9o Z 4 ] f PQ
NUYENS VODKA .... $5.65 $3.79 FOUR ROSES...$5.00 $3.88 BOTPER DOUN
GUCKENHEIMER -. $5.40 $3.99 BLACE & WHITE ... $7.15 $4.99 33C n N 10 ER 9B T O O N
P WHSE .... $5.0,399Q CAN. CLUH or V.0. .$6.65 $5.69 _____________ ________________GORDON'S GIN ...$5.40 84.29 SEAGRAM'S GIN-..$4.45 $3.49 R O A STS_____________FLEISCHMANN S .... $5.90 $4.49 SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN $4.99 $s3.88
JIM BEAM -......$6.55 $5.09 SMIRNOFF VODKA ,.$4.75 $3.69 4t A L T E
IMPERIAL -......$5.65 $4.49 TEN HIGH -.....$4.60 $3.39
CORBYS ...... $5.60$4.49 EARLY TIMES-...$5.39 4.19 i
SCHENLEY RESERVE $6.00 $4.49 Schaefer Herr, 6 King Size Cons $1.25 P
OLD HICKORY ....$6.10 $4.69 Hoose of Stoact Scotch.. $6.49 $3.99 0O 400 YEARS OF PROGRESS
Rcg. $1.11 Reg. 91.60 R~ eg. $1.99 Beg. 5,.20 OUR NAIST OLDST I Y UCK
QenKen- Mc- .) BYlOU NATO, AUGUSTE Y--L.
I Ane's/oo mnle'Qesdrd.tun c WThREsE DELIVERY on Feed OrdeeRrseLii ...f $3.00 or Mere~unf FLOBIDA GRADE "A' LB, 9

Wchise mnorn Blended Theseho Specials Gand Thursday, Friday and SatardayLB

th Fellt hiskey 5h OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT UNTIL 9 O'CLOCK ROUN an _'2 Full Qoart 38 Groceries, Heat ad a Camplete Variety Department F iy @ ST A $=..,9, 4.99 ___________ __________a =. NO TELEPHONE ORDERS DEVRED AT GEROuND CHUCK

Sex In Employment
May Upset Equal ...................
YP ..u.. ... .... "I've switched to
Opportunity Act Smoked Picnics
sex angle in employment threat- DXT
es to provide a network they give low prices, issues for the agency originally t created to ensure equal treat. too ment for Negro job-seekers.
"We're still in the confusionMPS stage," an Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission official
said today.
He was referring to the organizational problems which face
any new bureau, but the de- xx. | seription also might be applied LB. to the commission's first steps
ever uncharted legal ground. -----------_'Significantly, a decision a whether to permit separate ",q"-RTo, o.. Ff -tlh11w-T &tt "help wanted" ads for mn a nd 0n=OOTAS
women was delayed for weekr OU on oD saeNmmmmea mm mmm
t. Roosevelt Jr. appointed a GREEN STAMPS P STAMPS Sunnyland Picnics make wonderful meals

en o ai a r enatin ely .. .. .
plmenl s organization. agencies,d GrJle u. J" JwsLL Bomb High in nutrition. Small, whole, close trimSnewspaoers to offer suggestions. h n erund Bet Meet Pio mi OO- TasU nSEP. tr n PBb med and lean. Slow steeped over hickory newspapers to offer suggestis.the 8. IOD TU ST. Iv e cools to penetrate right to the heart of the sion said it now has decided to--I- ----- 1111111. delicious pink meat permit "separate but equal" x,74VElA, l EFw3v~ov.n ads. An employer may advec- 8t1 GRGEE STAMPS ORN STAMPS TARNOW SLICD REG. 290 PKG. COPELAND'S tse jobs for men and women .L.B AGREC PRON GOVNMNTPGR A separately. o G. o rr. 4o. on . R 4, sGA Sun COPELAD CD wE as wl bBlack so- O LONA Chip Beef 19
Barring further snags, guide- I Sirlsi Staks s or Thighs I B PCpper lines on want ads will be an- GOOD u SEPT. IIT Go OT.1"onTRU as". 11 1 nounced in a few days. Twin Pos3 /I u.r es -OZC There was wide disagreement ------.. .......... s-Oz. PILLSBURY OR BALLARD CANNED
within the committee. A closed RPACKAGE 2P ARR CULPRI NB k 10
Session last wee was descSObed FRZE FLORIDA DIII10AN O I Biscuits PL/3Y
as "pretty steamy." 4 .wGBN.EqTAtAPS I PACKAGE Newspaper representatives O KGSs. omi r s N. $1.oe on Non PACKAGE
reportedly argued heatedly for Fying Chiken PaPPa er Che D the. separate ads. a OO rin Chikn : Per SEPissoIT GOOD Hosnew Ims I EG. **on 2-La BOX CH11 PACKADELG Roosevelt previously had said t sarn aa se s en-BFOOD that the commission would not Ch e ak F 4 9
tolerate ads which specify colored" or "white."
An officials said a relatively
small percentage of the 00
complaints receivedB so far In-a
valved alleged discrimination GOVERNMENT GRADED RUagainst women. Some 225 were 2-LB. AG FRENCH PRY FROZENOVREGL r cnmmnded for invemtigatatee1, F o .z.stat3es 9 AE
local commissions, 142 were o USDA sent to -other federal agencies RGLand 300 were rejected 6PK. .. ORANGE OR GRAPE ESKIMO T I ans of the rejected cm- A plaits involved alleged- di-CE
iminati because tof hysict, T 273 89opte Ch u ck
handicap or age two areas
which are outside the cammis- MORTON PARKERHOUSE siFo's jorfsdiffin. Rolls 31
Police nabbed wtthout taSso
thb esprit who turned in two
false alarms here.
'Re was waving to the fire- Orange J .
men when they drove up," U. S. CHOICE . W-D BRAND

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---- _Stew Beef, L. 79


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f o ur Speia -EG. -n Peas 5.Ise Napkins /3I29
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To the Ancient City BAN RP oL
Sam andF Iren Ruso o Keen Drink 4'. Wheat Bread 19i Tissue Celery ....2/39

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PIL Al I.RU, LAR 27 1 Potatoes .29'




U Folgers Coffee Astor Coffee

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V, ,-lORD 47 Klg St Ponce de Leon Blvd At Snvenue

PagTe-s THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Wedneday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965

'" Old Spanish Treasury Adds Charm To St. George St.

Old Spanish Inm

Exchange Bank Restoration Project

SMcMillan House Restored By Moellers

Tucker's Photo Studio on St. George

Worth Building Private Project Of George Potter

Private Owned Properties
Are The Backbone of
Restoration Program
SOldest Wooden School House Gun Shop On Spanish St.

Many retail merchants in St. Augustine hove boastecd the restoration program by blending the or bitecture of their buildings in keeping with the overall program of 18th century sirsctures.
Shown obove oar two soch store Irots clone by Wrstern Auto and St. George Pharmacy. Mony others bovr na done siminar reconstruction to aid the program. Without the help of rho local retailers the program sould Shboo not gainedklseoappearaceofbingoccmommuity "Old Dodge Hotise" Original Str~1ure L inds!ey House8 One Of Oldest Rodriquez, Avero, S anzh__ez House wide p roject.

Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Page Eleveta

Florida Found; After Most Discouraging Voyage, Fort Resists Stars And Stripes Raised Over

Ponce DeLeon's Menendez Founds St. Augustine Oglethorpe's City Replacing Banner Of Spain
Feat Recounted T AUGUSTINE, Fla, 1565- T Deum Laudamu. The Ade- for action, Ribault found him- Bombardment ST. AUGUSTINE Fla. 1821- gustine. By the treaty of Paris furnished tthe allies of Great On the 28th day of August, St. lantado marched straight up to self in the midst of a sudden Spain having ceded Florida to in 1763, England having pre- Britain, this city soon attracted Augustine's day, we came the cross, together with all gale The tempest rendered the the United States on January viously in the French and the attention of the PatriotleadST AUGUSTNE, Fa., 1513- in eight of the Florida coast af- those who accompanied him-, the payment oa fe m this year, in consideration of Indian posby force of pner and rrIte ha .
On April we discovered a new ter a most discouraging voyage, and kneeling they all kissed the ships unmangeable and finally ST AUGUSTINE Fla 1740-th thpayment o fivemillion dol- gainedian possession of a consider- were planned for ts overmpaigns Island and named it Florida! We went ashore at the River cross. wrecked them all at different Some 3000 men and women in- lars, the Stars and Stripes were able portion of North America, While contending with her We named It so because it is a of Dolphins. The following is A great number of Indians points on the coast south of the cluding the inhabitants of the raised today over this ancient including Cuba, restored that American colonies, Engand most beautiful sight of o f Father eaioza, looked upon these ceremonies lower Mantanzas Inlet. town, old and young, the garri- city and Spain has relinquished Island to Spain; and Spain m had become involved in hostilifresh woodlands and it is level who is the chaplain of the ex- and imitated whatever they saw The Adelantado, realizing that son of the regulars, the host of forever her claims the town return ave over to Englan her ie with S and smooth; and also because pedition, regarding the founding done. Thereupon Menendez took ntado, realng friendly Indians, the Negro her knighs fonded two and a posessiturn ave in Florida. This er ties with Spain and the town we discovered it at the time of of the new settlement which we possession of the country in the it would be impossible for the half centuries ago; here where d of English occupation was per-had sent ic, anish stronghold half centuries ago; here whereld of English occupation washed sent many an ared
Pascua de Flores (Easter), have called St. Augustine. name of His Majesty. All the fleet to beat its way back, de- troops and the convicts, now the stag of Seloy once greated important to our city for dur- force against the British, a a Juan Ponce, Knight of Leon On Saturday, the 8t day of officers then took an oath of al- cided to attack the French fort, given their liberty and supplied the Fleur-de-Lis of France, and ing it there was inaugurated a British possession dispatched wished to name it so. We went September, the day of the Na- legiance to him as their gen- and so with a picked force with arms ve been fightingthe yellow standard of Spain very large agricultural projet armed frces now against the ashore (in the vicinity of what vity of Our Lady, the great eral, and as Adelantado of the r gave brief place to the Red Smyrna which finallySpanards. n :is now St. Augustine) where captain disembarked with nu- whole country. marched across the country starvation now 27 days behind gave rieof England, is waying at brought the myrnaMinorcans toiards AmongSt. theTry f Juan Ponce made observations merous banners displayed, tru- On September 10, the fleet of under the guidance of two In- the protecting walls of Fort San last the banner whose bars and Augustine and made them part Ito St. Augustine, was Colonel and took formal possession of pets and other martial musik- the French heretic, Jean Ri. dian. The march was difficult Marcos, while Oglethorpe's Bat. stars symbolize the strength of the St. Augustine population. Andrew de Veaux of the Prothe land in the name of our resounding, and amid salvos of bault was seen by our fleet, an- on account of the pouring rains tery located on Anastasia Island and aspiration of the youngest Also during this period St. Au- vincial Dragoons who captured King of Spain. artillery, chored off the bar at St. Augus- and the swamps and "baygalls" has bombarded the staunch co- born of the nations of the earth. gustine became a place of re- the Spanish town of Nassau, on Our three vessels had sailed Carrying a cross, I proceeded tine. But before they reached which made us often waist-deep quina walls with out avail. The formal ceremony of the fuge for many of the king's ser- the island of New Providence from San Juan, Thursday after- at the head, chanting the hymn Ius, and the fleet was collected in water, no transfer began this morning, vants and the Tories, who had with a nondescript fce of noon, March .3. On Easter Sun- Before daybreak when we This Is a trial of strength, not with a salute fired from Castle fled from the rvolting thirteen Rangers, Minorcans, Seminoles wer closhet. h osr Mene tween our coquina battle; San Marcn at the hoisting of colonies. The City, Gates were ragamuffins and negroes. Deland, but did not stop and ex- D l A in spite of the straits we were ments and the crashing cannon the Spanish flag. As American opened to an oddly-assorted Veaux surprised thesleepng cian, it. The discovery ol i In, without food, without ammu- balls, but between our fortitude troops disembarked. the United throng that came flocking in. tadel, put the garrison In rons, April 2 came after three days' nition, the soldiers being very pitted against the pangs of star States flag, delivered to the fort From Georgia appeared the Ioccupied the height, deployed
run i bad weather, tired, ewildered ation and the cou e of they an American officer, was Tory Colonel, Thomas Browne- his forces to best advantage and Send, went ahead, taking with nation and the courage of the hoisted into place with the the tar and feathers given him because there were not enough Og April a wehoisted ait a lnd him a Frenchman he had with enemy enduring the terrible on- Spanish flag, and the fort guns by the Liberty Boys still stick- men, set up dummies of straw voyaged without difficulty until ST. AUGUSTINE. Fla., 1586- barke againe into our Pinesses, him as guide, his hands bound slaughts of the fierce summer again saluted. While American ing to his skin, and not long and demanded surrender of the April 21, when all three vessels Coasting aongst Florida and wee went thirther upon the behind him. A scouting party, hat and the maddenig insect troops formed near the fort, the after followed Daniel McGirth-- Governor, whereupon the Spatn struck a current which, al- keein the shore still in it Great Main e Ricer, which is also gone ahead come upo n aser bri an lith eror S though wehad the wind our ee called a aus the Towne y Fren h sentinel, whead com upon hordes of Anastasia Island. Bit- Spanish flag was withdrawn once as stout-hearted a Libery lard submitted. avor, we couldn't Al- the 28 of May, early in the name S Augustin. he fells the e under a salute, then the fort Boy as any in the South, then This was one of the lst xfavor, we ould not stem. A o ay, early e St. Augustin. he fell backwards. Menendez terness over the escape of the guards were relieved and the victim of official wrong, and so plots of oyalSt. Augus in though t smed we were mov- morning, wee descried onthe At ur approaching to land, believed they were killing his runaway slaves, wh have Spanish frces marched out deserter to the King's a th of her British ng forward, the current was so shore, a place uilt like a Bea- there some that began to shew scouts and without hesitating he pointed the regiment of Negro past the United States soldiers. Still another acessin was theeregn. Other is c o strong that it was stronger than con which was indeed a scaf- themselves, and to bestow some cried in a loud voice "San past the United Stte s soldiers. S till another accession was the ere. The reellios colonies theWid. Two of curves fold upon four long mastes few shot upon us but presently Diego, at them, God is eling r e the n The troops mutually saluted, valorous Scottsman, Rory McIn- Were vicris. The Florida
cast anchor, but the currents d a n ene t tew t h esn re the re s re ie, t h g and the Americans then march- tosh, captain of His Majesty's planers returned to their fields straied the cales. The third aised n ende, for men to ds- withdrew themselves. And in Victory the French are filled, croachment of Ini ed isisto the famous old forvreso. ighanders, who attended gen- n cni ed salrain a cover to the seaward, being in their runnin g thus away, the the camp master is Inside the whose outposts were planted n United States sloops were rally y his pipers, paraded ie t England and E and th a aner e, was iar the latitude of thiertie deg roes Sergeant Major finding one of fort and captured it. their very peninsula of Florida ready to transport the Spanish the narrow streets f St. Augu gave Florida to pain. The find hotto, or a n ot or very neere thereunto. Our their horses ready sadled and We found the principal gate in the struggle for the supre troops, civil and military offi- tine breathing out threatening treaty mor er provided that h ront of pineses manned nd coming rideled, tooke the same fol- to the fort open. Some of the and slaughter against the re-the British s immediately ancred and was carried fneie kept, a a oof os tak ofei toag lie s oSan etr w slt e r gait mm t r h l ae reeaward and lost a ie l to the shore wee marched up low the chase; and so overgoing Frenchmen came out in their micy of the seas n the War of s ild their ftaniln ordnance stores bes. The Sophote, a tur evacuate r h v ant S s iew, at- alongst the river side to see all his companies was (y one shirts to find out what was hp- Jenkins Ear, has brought us all h aoil Certain ordace sores bal. The Scopholie, tur- evacuate e povince. Paafairgh wther.h what place the enemies held layd in aush shotte though ponig and wore killed. Ohers t had already been embarked for bulent and lawless, and, 6 tions were hdoned,home ir th r w ea m a us sote ttheoug opening ad killed. Others to this. transportation, although the for- strong, marched down from the deserted, friendship red,
-Ais an. oc there; not none amongst us had the head; and falling downe took flight. When Menendez or- Our coastguard established to 'tifcations retain their ordnance back-country of North Carolina, and the British sailed awy n At this point Juan nce an any knowledge thereof a ll. therewith, was by the same and rived at the fort he said in t and sufficient stores fr de underling, burning andayngthe transp other of us went ahore, sum- Here the Gner all tooke oc- two or three more stabbed in loud voice: "Under penalty of sweep out all pates mistook an i r a g the t o moned y Indians who attempt- casion to march with all com- three or four places of his ody death let no woud or kill ngis vesse for a ate sp fense, waste all in their path through them though many ettlers fled ed to seize the boat oars and ponies himself n person, the with swords and daggers, before any woman or boys under 15 and boarding it, cut off the ear This ceremony marks the ful- Georgia. to noew water lands bend arms. Ponce tried tn avoid con- Lietnenant general having the any could come neere his res- years of age." Thus about 70 of Robert Jenkins and told him fllment of Colonel Buler's mis- Withsuch elements St. Augus- the Appllachicsle And so: is fet, until one Indn sck a vantguard- and going a m ue upo these persons were rd present t his majesty with slon; he has been in St. Augus- tine was not long contented pa- 178 stred the period of t ailor over the head with a or omwht more y the river We turned the Towne, d Mef these persons othears wh to their mpiments Thisty with tine since May 24. sive loyalty and as the center of s c nd panish ocpt ck and nearly illed a ide, wee might discover on the molished the Forte, took on had jumped off the walls took did, preserving his ar in a The me rable day bring to m operas against theen w ith the mmma hod it fight The had azcns o ndo mind two otheroccasions when Sout aern Colonies and at the entU Ps event
tade s her side of the river over oard the ordinance an e refuge ii the woods. c tle and appearing before Parla- flags were hanged over St. Au depot from which d rms were,, ee of the Uisted he a had their arrow and armed against us a Fort, which newly treasure and with the French There were three French yes- ment where he pointed out ourlas this bold pre de M r and ars r hs wih h points of sharpened hd been built by the Saniards; phipher sailed away from. i. sols near the fort, so iene nd l supposed cruelty W l have bones and fish sopin, and and some mile or thereabout Augustin. to k four prices of bfroswehartl heard that the Prim e M lnater u nr e Is
vo e d wn C te e fove te i enF r i m Atale lery, found some powder, and objected but the pe ople cried f o v e O f S e m in o le a r E nd avogaes thm selves received towe or Village without walltes, oank theship nearestshore. The for war. There were aonfires little hurt from us. Nightfall built of wooden houses as the FO Ir jr other two vessels managed to and the rising of ell and we iito r ed nthe btihttle, and tha the in. St Augustine s of his fl D in of Indepesndne te s we r a1tod t at i nd ite Pst doeth p in e sh i set sil down the river and a- learn that i orce Walplee ald tehse Attack osty In M enst iN antado brought us tether and forwith prepared to have ordi- IL n L e H e l aped. A check was made on then: "They are now ringing went to. stream for water and nance for the natterie; and one LeUnc ed Here the supplies captured, the fort bells, but they will ttn be St f a ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., 1841- Governmet wItho a o shery
llowd ans peace was alite before the renamed San Mateo and leav- wrnging their hands," And nowe at command set elwed t moest us, and We henemie planted and the first Wiht lve umao ing some of our men there, weit is proven so. after seven years of most ex- About the took driving out of captured one that he might shot being made by the Lieute- LUA IJ retu ed to St. Auustine But what is this! Even I S. UGUSTINE Fla., 1668- traordinary warfare, the em- Florida thi paltry remnnt of serve as a pilot and prhap as nt general himself at their where there was great rejoic- write, there is much trying and That di an interpreter. This stream Ensigne, strike through the En- ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., 1888- ing., rejoicing in the Fort. Word has That dreaded scourge of the loyment of twenty thousand a savage race, but ey had which we called La Cro (the signe as wee afterwards under- With the opening here of the Shortly after our return, In- been brought that the Indian high seas, the Boucaniers (buc- voluters, the expenditure coul ed n a onfli t wged
not finish taking water, but set camed into us from them. magnified Hotel Po ce de dianas came to tell t of white runners sent down the coag so canra) have attacked our fort millions of dollars and the against a myatro, seen tail again. Leon and the running of the men at the lower Matanzas In- many days ago, were taken town. Long have we heard tales sacrifice of two thousand lives, fae, forNature had provided for In the night, the lieutenant let, who could not cross because over in canoes to the Governor of these pirates of the ea and In Janary18 he sot th oecton sf tIIan.S On May 8 we rounded a Cape generate took a little rowing fIrst all-through vestibule trpin of lack of boats, Menende took of Cuba, and now this very have rtele sevs agins t harnd tanr 1gustine we the poei 0ftIndases of tCoanverD, which we named skiffe and half a dozen well from New York to St. Augus- 40 soldiers and startedout at night our rescuers have eluded ha t le e ithatin tiAtin r the armpnb eaes Corrientes (Currents),, ince the armed, a Capaine Morgan and ti, reducg 9 hours travel- onc e fo r the Inlet where oe thevgilnce f the Engl and such an outrage. Lile gd dd hrown into epdati by per- the wamp and Everglades water flowed stronger than the Captaine .ampson, with some me St Autine is the French swam the river tel- have smuggled provisions past t do fr SpIn land herlena signs of Indin r- the senole t lbd hI wind and prevented our going others besides the rowers and i t t 30 in a! it- do for Spain to land her tentous signs of Indian revolt. the Semil eblh forward pev oedwt ur oing ete het ieswe ur the minrs cand ailing how they bd bean ship- the English scout-boats at a- troops in the isuand of Hispani- By day, above the pines in the owd- msg-z --a cltvted forward eves with full sail. We went to view what guard the launched on a new era as one wrecked, ad asking fer a host ta .s.Inle. We shall o awet we saw great columns f power p r a anchored near an Indian village enemie kept, as also to take of the most magnificent resort and safe conduct, Menende szoke r ing up fmi rh e a foun ag secur 0e
ld Aaioa, then we con- knowledge of the ground. And towns in these United States, told them that, their fort had Tempests have begun to blow, mination upon its wild cattle plantation and At r f
tinued south along the coast albeit he went as covertly Prominent men and their been captured and all killed ex- those tempests which once be- hoping to thereby eliminate the heavens were lurid with the ones. From there, in bands of until we saw a string ef island might be, yet the eneme taking ramie f 1 _cept women and Children, and fore saved the Spanish from the boucaniers, whose subsistence glare of blazing homes. Ter- ten and twenty the ar which we named Los Martiers an alarme grew fearful that the from a par o e furthermore tha they did not hands of teenemy i the thesattl and who rifled refugees cme rocking e (the Martyrs) because seen whole force was approaching to country have come to Forida have shps to give them fleet of Jean Ribault down the took teirname frem the u from the cn and their str- a. TInI a from a distance their twisted the assault, and therefore with for this first time to be present The French captain then coast and wrecking them below o ern the ma f noutrg theaded stor- an ionh. e, racks resemble martyrs, or men all apeede abandoned the place e r f preparing the meat e ndian outrages added tw none knew, lh a in agony. We continued sailing, after the shoofng of some of on this auspicious occasion, for soughtpertmieSioanW remain at Matanzas Inlet,' avecome to te of p n dad w sometimes north, sometimes their pieces They thus gone at last, through the efforts of St' Augustie until the ships our aid again, for the English which was fter Carib fashion, So long as the Spaniards ruled scalping nfe andhe was gone.
; could be obtained from France. obviously fear lest thefate of being smoked or 'boucaned" Florida, the Seminoes enjoyed To follw oftentimes woas northeast, until May 24, when and hee being returned unto us Renry M. Flagler, Florida is no Menende relied that he would Ria 's fet hould the ir .trom the native wrd Bu- n d poed possesin f its les. I sie ftht we ran along the western coast againe, but nothing knowing of longer a "Frontier" State but aid Catholics and friends, but own, have slipped their cables cn) But now thrmans o fairest lands. ot when the Uni- less wildrn e h of La Florida to some isles out their flight from their Fort, promises to be the new-found those who belonged to the new and putting out to sea, are disa- c ) But now their means oftedStatestookpossession ofthe savagewas to sea (near Charlotte Harbor). forthwith came a Frenchman, pIayland of America religion (Huguenotshe held to eari from our siht subsistence goe, the boucan- territory, the Indian's peaceful white man at a tremends disThere we careened the San being a Phifer (a ffer, one of be enemies. If they wanted to This terrible ordeal through iers have exchanged one savage life was rudely interrupted. Bit- advantage. Chritoval and toak on water the French musicians saved Today Mr. Flagler himself give up their arms him and whIch we have gone brIngs o occupation for another, and ter conflicts ensued until at Finally oter years rrp and firewood. from the massacre at Matanzas greeted each guest at the door, place themselves at his mercy, mind that other attack of 1702 from seeking food, have turned length, provoked beyond endur- Ihe war hasbeen ended tce
Some Indians came in their Inlet previously ) In a little of his palatial hotel and con- they could do so, in which case which still lives In the mind ofo sk nge; from the frest a t savages to to the uring Coac he, tter
enwere attemptn toraise an tone of them personally te sign heo Uldldo with them what mony of us, at which time Govy seek....e fr t oesah. to the uin of eIther within orty y anchor for repair, they thought song; and being called unto the their names on the register the Go, h ou. irect ernor Moore, of Carolina ba they have taken to the sea; and w S l e sthe bie t ch is
we were.departig came cose guard e to1e then, before he pages of which are the first in captain returned and aerd ~ t hrav people of .h.. hunIV Withtood In to surrenao. themselves seized t t o his hoate, what the new and glamorous story f 10,000 ducats as ransom in ex- town shut themselves in this .o thortth do f l cable in rde to take our vos- he was himself, and how the St Augustne. It was, a glorious change for their lives. Me- great Fort for three months and It Is believed that a French-he ith day of ber sel. Therefore our longobat was Spaniards were gone, from the si. te e In their flow nendez refused and within half laughed defiance at all the t lat th ie rom sent among them and we landed Fort; offering either to remain sight the w in on hour he French brought sorties feinto and strategies of man who was surgeon In St _h a
and seized four women and in hands there or else to return ing colorful gowns, their great their' flogs, 'ahol eo arqno,- the enemy who finally, whe guatine fourtwa years and w.. 225 Years Ag these conditions therewa smashed some of their canoes, the place with them that plumed hats, laughing and buses, 20 pistols, swords buck- two vessels flying the Sanish was mistreated to ho says, by g escape, the Seminoles have Fighting ceased, and we bart- woU gee. chatting by the sides of the ale- lers, helmets and breastplates, hi vesiht off the bar, o nv rIned. Re T 1065 i ered hides and guanin (base Upon his inteligence.., wen Governor, is involved. He Th year yis especially Their and eInwardsut trehentln raid he sig e ba
gold). pot prsee nt y over t o e n, ard t ng troug h would give themselves uprto his tted the og, handed left St. Augutine and meeting significant for Si. Augustine, dren have been placed on the While we were a waiting wilnd Fort. -.. and in our approach beautiful gardens. George N. mercy Whereupolin a sh oe a o se am e carried away fron in go in searheIkeChif.o.e.o.e m English are doing this very day. of these pirates, told him how 400th birthday of the city, it the land they loved so well. One Caros, who the Indians said the rest, having stayed behind Pullman Car Company was boat and bring the French over, easy it was to gain entry to the ceerts the 225th aiar ee war all t cris
had gold, there came among us t cmpanse, shot off two among this eucoted t tn oh a lime, aenenden told o f the unsuccessful siege laid of the war, finds it possible to ... Indian understanding olaon- peec s of ordinance at but was, General Horace Porter, the French captain that we Hancock Adams St. Augustine Herbr. Andso upon the city by Governor ympathi.e somewhat with nuage and who must have come on shore we wont and entered Henry Dexter, President of the wore few and the French were o today, the sentinel in the, watch James Oglethorpe of Georgia. these haughty warriors. As they from ame island inhabited by the place without finding any American News Company with many; therefore he would have Burned In tower having seen to the southh Governor Oglethorpe en- left the shore, to start on their iSpaniards. He told us that we man there. his wife; Mr and Mrs. Eugene to bind them.. Thus the 208 a boucanier sail, fired the trenched hisforcesonAnastasla long journey, they knelt and should wait, for the Chief want- When the day apoared wee Pitou and family; Mr. James Frenchmen were bound. Me- alarm gun, and hoisted the sig- IsIand. Remons of the old bat- kissed its sands, and when the to send us gold for trade, found it build all of timber, the L. Hutchinson, P. T. B.n.m's mande asked if any were Cath- In Town Squ nre al flag, whereupon most of the tries may still he oeon after 221 transports sailed away, the men Baut it was a deception, and the walles being none other but partner; Allen Forman, Editor olics who might want to con- men fled to the woods with years. sat in sullen silence about the Indians attacked .us, although whole Mastes or bodies of trees of the Journalist; Hamilton Dis- tess. Eight of them said that their family. The Governor, The town was shelled, and the decks, while women and chilwe heat them off. June 14 we set up right and close together ston, with a large party from they were. ST. AUGUSTINE, Flo., 1770- however, fled to the Fort where people tok refuge in Castillo de dren were weeping. It is said

Page Twelve THE ST AUGUSTINE RECORD Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8 1965

Picture Clearing As Cleveland Stops Chicago's

National Tennis In Winning Streak; Baltimore

Quarterfinal Round Takes Two From Yankees

stan is the question mark at Santana of Spain against Marty which is rare for Al Lopez' had carved out a S-S triumph v ue idal os They e all :plant for tote. Brazil s Thomas Koch. - The White SxO who face the games behind the Twins. take But we simply dudsI have

the quarter als at e West St Louis upset wi Gints Edge Dodgers h oe
-George MacCall of Los A- Miss Buena faced Mary Ann of "tt wai was oudn
,Lopez It was ovu Joan
ges, wsho has heen at forf ESsel of St. Louis Tet
maly tapped for another year Americas top woman player, li e d for Tommy John hoping hea d
as Davis Cup team captain said Nancy Rchey, who won aover m a co les in -h
-Pasaell cold force himself Peachy Kellmeyer of Charles-t on oh m o consideraton itha conti to WVa 6 played Tory MURRAY CHAS In he on N e t
_ed good showing is the oron Ann Fretz of Los Angeles. Associated Press Sparts Weter Tuesday Cincinnati whipped klehallers. But John did have
most. T it, either
The Los Angeles Dodgers Pittsburgh 0.We have to beat the Twins
Pasarel, upset winner Sunday wish the Giants had left their s Angeles s idle today we n o but even we had .aer eand-.eded fred Stole eHart San Francisco. while the Giants play Houston. twic no

a Australia, plays Keith Car- They had to leave Jan Mar- Sammy Ellis gained his 18th haten towin twice from Min
penter of Canada in the round of chal there, ut they brought Jim vict ory against at e ght nesota" he added.
gaAssociated Press Sports Writer TuesdayCincinn wh it neiota' he a "'16 today. His nest strong fppo- NI[CK US 10 Win SAWGA INSTALLS OFFICERS, OPENS SEASON Hart with them masd an a adt limiting ouPirates T Reds Elsewhertin thesAme nent wuld be Rafael Ona of it iiithe Dodgers are nut of first and striking o t 150 Balstimwhe r n t New
Meico possibly in th m in rld Series The Augustine Wome Mrs. W. Clark, tuamet Mrs. Albert Spiler, t ur. place in the National League for put the g with four League, ro
-beat Herb FitzGibon of Garden a ne president t, nad Mr tournament Hart drove in all aofthe runs ae ouine b sh bkmes as Charles Segres, president Dug Ik t e Hmeetig, Miss w ith a single and a homer Tes- the last on John Edwards dm- ite Se no tos

net o.Y e L db ku h r a r u I L aI 1 e the Mi Sonv so one d i n freec tnus MacCall plans to send a squad English bookmakers are quoting tournament followed by a Other anew officersre abut not Nader was presented a gift day night as the Giants jumped er. Don Cardwell started his utility er i ain t .consisting of Frank Froehling, even money on Jack Nicklaus to meetig and the installation shown in the picture, are: Mrs. from the associotn isn appre- into the lead for the first time own downfall by hitting Vada was Sal mone it e Mary Riessen, Clark Graeer w the Wrld Series of Golf this Pinson with a pitches with Sand Arthur Ashe to Australia weekend. If he does, it'll be a of officers for the coming year C. A. Pullen, secretary; Mrs. elation for her work as presi- by trimming Los Angeles 3-1. bases-Ioaded that copped a fivearth utriaH great eback on a par 70 yesterday at the Pa de Leon H rd Kinsey, tes d dent during the past sean. The victory, their fourth er o h run inning and pushed the Tribe for the grass Gourt circuit and g eat ir yesma The P er a Mrs. Cliff Eley, t roameAL Prior to the meeting, as 11o straight, put the Giants two per-G of thi ahead to stay. ,a-the Australian Championships course that stymied him last Country Club. cochairman. hole tournament was played centage points ahead of the a fSalmon came to the game there this winter. month. Officers for the coming year Outgoing officers are: Miss Mrs. Ed Overby was the winner Dodgers, one-half game ahead with a .242 overage. He had hit "I'd like for Pasarell t he Cyril Stein, managing director were installed during ceremony Marie Nader, president; Mrs. in A division, sad Mrs. J. D. of Cincinnati, one in front o B tr e Rad Iwo previous h cons an a included but he is still in of Ladbroke's, largest bookmak- at the meeting. Shown in the Fred Bozard, vice president; Parrish was' winner in B di- Milwaukee and four ahead of oBe Ready only six runs-hatted-is, All three chool," MacCall s aid. "Ralston ing house in England where bet- above picture from left are: Mrs. C. A. Pullen, secretary; vision. (Record photo.) Pittsburgh. of his homer
alsoplans to returnto the Uni ting establishments are legal, The triumph e e a at ain
SRalston, criticized for his loss- Open champ Gary Player of sweep accomplished without the The Yankees' doble tIoss t e in Spain inthe recent Davis S f o t u a te C a s help tof 20-game winner Juan ao o IBaltimore extended their losing

R df a e acd b syClhp intervene final, personally toutntwi 7rant6a
S draw his name from Open tilist Peter Thmo t T e a m s C u Marichal, who wo banned from MADRID (AP) The big- streak to their longest

idra w i a Australia at 8 to and Texan Los Angeles because of his bat- name golfers from far-off places since 1953, a
ideration. e was qed at Dave Marr, PGA champ, at 10 swinging incident with Dodger had better be hitting them right one loss or one Minesta MaCall's remark that he r es o e ut s catcher John Roseboro. when the 1965 Canada 'Cup glf ry of being eliminated rem th couldn't win big matches and he to :The two-day ban, in effect, match opens at the tough 7,000- race. as said he may go Into semire- The $77,500 World Series is for By DICK COUCH Huarte, signed by Jets' owner Joe ($400,000 ) Namath or sec- extended Marichal's eight-day yard Club de Campo court e The Orioles ran their wa ing tiremeoL only the winners of The four ma- Associated Press Sports Writer Werblin for approximately $200,- ond-year man Mike Taliaferro suspension over the incident to here Sept. 30. string to seven, winntng the

soorkede h aynwil th plaasei attei h 136ahalesden shgttewFirw As for Richey, his father has tne John Huarte has finished out 000 after his brilliant senior for a spot on the varsity 10, which puts him nine days If they are not, a pair of opener behi IsaM e said the boy will never playon a t in 36 holes over the Fire of the money in the first division year at Notre Dame, was one of would remain on the Jets pay- ahead of Hart. smooth playing hometown boys, two-run homer and taking the
Davis Cup team as ong as Ma- stone Country Club's 7,165- of the Sonny Werbli Stakes si player put on waivers by roll despite his suppsed avala- The third basean-left fielder Spain's Angel Miguel Gutierre nightcap a Charley La ove Call is captain yards. the world's richest race for the American Football League ability today foer the waiver price was hit with a one-day suspen- and Ramon Sota, may romp in three run with a double .nd clThis is an outgrowth of a At this same course last fledgling pro quarterbacks. club in Tuesday's final presea- of $100. sion July 25 by Giants' Manager home ahead of the field on an a single and Boog Powel clouTclash during the summer When moat u h ha s But it's a good bet that the son roster cutdown. Should any of the other seven Herman Franks for breaking la-hole lat they knowlike the ted a two-run hamer.

riche fO ue he S d Fa r f t or on San Fr anks fton L e aking gue Hayu 2 SMacCall and Gerge R ey a for 7 hles. But he Heisman Trophy winer hasn't There was little doubt, how- AFL clubs e willing t take n training regulations. Franks at back of their hands. Detroit snapped Boton
Dallas odad great success at Firestne, made his last bid for the New ever, that Huarte who failed his salary by claiming him, the first said the suspension was The United States is sending game winning streak, breaking conditioning methods. e inS g par or better while Yrk Jets' snal-ca g jb. to eat out either elow rookie Jets probably will remove his indefinite but reinstated Hart the powerful 24-year-old Jack a 3-3 tie in th seventh on Jo

4-mROs ES Reev R r io World PJa ot bet
Emersn is the overwh elmg in Series events name from the waiver list and after he went to the manager Nicklaus and Champagne Tony Sullivan's single and Ray ySeriesit events.h
ism th in The quartet will shoot 18 holes G.ha a ot n, restore himtotheirroster, now the nent dayandapologized. Lema here to defend the Cup ler's double. Norm Cash hit a 's divion of the Natnals each Sarday and Sunday. The rs one below the league limit of 38. Since then Hart has been the American team has won two-run homer for the Tigers.
Ss holes o each roun w If the waivers clear, Huarte greatly responsible for pushing four years traight. But the lo- Bstn's Billy Monuqette

218[PBais MarWials K In St A S ] l Maria. he televised (NBC) in color will go on the Jets' taxi squad the Giants to the top. In 90 cal betting is that unless Nivk- suffered his iak defeat against ..fight far th wmn's crown, D rillstottr3twoweT
-.ight pobably will ...... a ....... from4t :30 p.m.,E.. and be, eligible for pr....otion ga.... before the ..pension, he laus pulls .one f his fa fin- eight victoies .
Emerson pae theeomns crown D riU batted .281 with nine homers ishes and Lema is hitting them Emerson played Pierre nd 47rin and 47 runs batted i n g straight the Cup may Barthes of France in the fourth. New York Yankees than during a brief Labor Day Former stars Dick (Night just 44 games since, he is hitting well spend a year in Spain. y yP drill. Train) Lane and Clarence j Headed For Worst M t ie o vMatedaftes'dreakSr had le aer han .323 while slamming 12 homers Fred Corcoran, tournament IPetersonComplan Fs Mounting injuries have cur. Three Mississippi State often-Peaks had leg security than and driving in36 runs. director for the International i l Pet e nsCoernins Finish In 40 Years' tailed football practice sessions sive units scored eight touch- Huarte after being cut by Na- The Dodgers also felt Hart's Golf Association looked over Of Offensive Unit, NEW YORK (AP) The at two South downs in a controlled scrim- tional Football League teams in bat Monday as he hit a two-run the Club de Campo course Tues- The Grand Opeaing of
Praise Dmber is one for the e e n n g i t e a x q ............. NewYorkYankees and, fer the schools. Marcus Rhoden and fullhback reductions. hnThe Giants went on to win 7-6 in condition and "a real championTALLAHASSEE I--The of- first time in sin years, the Florida Coach Ray Graves Hoyle Granger a c o r e d two Lane, a 13-year pro, was re- 12 innings, ship course Which will test the
fensive team got nothing but would like to forget all about it. curtailed contact drills Tuesday touchdowns each. leased by the Detroit Lions greatest champions playing to- | complaints from Florida ftate The extension st a seven- and canceled a scrimiafe Mississippi concentrated on while Peaks, a top fullback for day. Burial InsUrance I University Coach Bill Peterson game losing streak their len- scheduled for today. Graves fundamentals ond then spent eight seasons, t by the San ni Members attheClubdeCami Tuesday but the defensive team gest in 12 seos. against said 13 Gator players reported the afternoon an pass offense Pittsburgh Steelers as NFL S ni-gs l po have been olegated to aBy M get a few words of peaie. Washington tonight or a Mn- for Tiendy's pr ie s. and defense. clubs reached the 43-player lev- paro he nee e the Peleson paid the performance nesota victory at Chicago will clothes because at injuries. Improved blocking was fea- el, three over the limit for sea- By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS post two weeks ts keep the
-rof the first defensive team was mathematically end the Yan- Alabama Coach Paul Bryant tured in a scrimmage at Louis- son openers in two weeks. American League championship 18-hole course You m; the one bright spot he found6 bess' futile hid for a record shortened the afternoon practice iana State. Among the other Jets cut Amr .aee chiosthp 1h rse Yo ma0 y l lf e qua fe d "It looks as though they found sixth straight American League as the team drilled on fonda- Quarterhack Dave East was loose were rookie halfback Bob L. eO wt its th p 7ra nd you will not bueno o themselves finally," he said. pennant rentals. Halfback Kent Busbee a standout as Tulane continued Schweikert, who also had re- Chicago ...... 82 59 .582 5 A record 34 national teams ones with funeral and other
The coach said the team's Now 20 games behind the hurt a finger Tuesday, bringing working on its offense. ceived a sizeable bolus, and Baltimore ... 79 59 .572 6 have been enrolled this year, pauses. This NEW policy is passing game bed looed good frOnt-running Twins, New York the injured list to nine, _-- __ --__ g defensive tackle Gordy Holz, a Cleveland ... 77 62 .554 9 Corcran said, bringing 78 of pecally helpful to those hesen earlier but was not up to par is headed for its worst finish Georgia's halthack cnrps al- 1964 regular. Detroit 77 63 .550 9 the world's best golfers here for 40 and 90. Na medical eamisa.
--this week. He said the quarter- since 1925, when the club ready reduced by injuries suf- The AFL champion Buffalo New York .. 60 71 .476 10 the Cup play, which runs for tion necessary.
--backs were not hitting the tar- roundup seventh in an eight red another blow when Ken er on seven Los Angeles 64 77 .454 23 four days through Oct. 2. When your policy is issued, you I .. knee. A B-team player, Jiminy BUSINoS MEN'S LEAGUE Davidson and linebacker Al At Bostn 55 07 .107 32 1951, the Canada Cup attracts ot be raised. Priedy service.

210. Wpst Kiog Steet IL. Aug. Floor leovice .. a 5 lt WBA'n world lst. 1-1

iOnesday Afternoon. Sept. 8, 1965 THE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD Page ThirteenX
An Wn htBosK dy Goy., Mrs. Burns Extension Courses
Rosecrans Asks it's An III Wind That Blows obo Be Trip Through Extensi

tourt To Set Good Storm Helps Parched 'Glades States And Orient To Be Offered By JACsoNVILLE (AP_ ev.,tton H r Sept
MIAMI AP)-urricane Bet- The couple hope to get ai d Mr. HAydoN Br.E sAtarted Aside Sentence yotwithsading, it's an ill cense later and have r ao H d Br t oed Stetson Uierey ptE
~~wind that blows nobody good. . r a three-week trip that would
JACKSONVILLE (AP)- Wil- t s oE lade Na honeymoon be fore Danahey take them to Puerto Rico, New The Stetson University Exten.
Naturalists at Everglades Na- leaves tor his oversees assign- Yeh th and ert or liam Rosecrans Jr., claiming tionel Park, which covers much York, Alaska and five major cation will c ht t threats and promises were used of south Florida, had feared for ment. cities in the Orient. sion center courses in religion in in obtaining a confession, has the future of wildlife in the park Farmers in the rich black aife cent e o region in ~~~~~~~The Goveror end hts wileth 50A atsaea egn
ashed federal roe to set aside because of an extended drought mucklands of south Florida fig- the St. Augi asked federal court to set aside ure to be hard hit by Hurricane left for San Juan Tuesday to ning Tuesday, September 7
!-hscnito n ee-erthis year. _JThe cuss fee o i his conviction and seven-year Authorities said it would take Betsy. attend a convention of the re- ploa se, ilbe d t Sentence in the 1964 bombing of 10 to 20 inches of rain to bring A $2 million avocado crop was frigeration industry and try to Ace it a Nern hy's uinoAncient City Baptist Church, 35 a Negro boy's home. the water table up to where fish just ripening for harvest when get Florida selected as the site Se a Streett Augusi Rocrans was convctd Of could spawn, alligators f e e d Betsy approached. Much of the for net year's meeting. tre to
conspiracy to deny the civil and other wildlife find water. crop was damaged or blown off After a stop in New York, the Th e t w ieh ad

beet o e secaldofey a D fi sht adhi t in iel tavehs nwdo rs inohsliigro.utt courses are e pn right f Donald Godfrey a first Betsy, which aimed her de- trees in early stages of the Burns' will visit an Eskimo vil- Jh" nd "Philippian, Co ls grader who had been enrolled structive winds and rains of storm when winds were in the lage near Rowe, AlCana, and

e~-22 Mrs. Carichel 1oe2Aaka n
Avta andle Thonei9n8858;ror
4n a previously all-white school. to 10 inches at the southern tip 40 mile per hour class, then head for the Far East.

then~'Ayo Avenue Phon a The Godfrey home was dam- of Florida, way fulfill natural Tomato and lime growers, They are accompanied by a crin ia alseo thed tors invet John, aed
aged by the Feb. 1, 1964 bomb- ists wishes. ls ready tM harvest, were hit Charles Campell, Florida De- Wondrow W Founain will .,ing. There were no serious in- Hurricanes can produce hu- hard by the high winds. velopment Commission chair- Woodro W jurithe inst Cotn Irer theseptcild jurieI. mor-of the dry British type. The Coast Guard dispatched man, and his wife. mthe tco
SFive men implicated by Rose- I A Nassau newscaster report- two helicopters to pick up nine Burns is scheduled to speak o urF d frF Ad pe By M si o ai H ds.ot ::,crans' confession were tried and ed in clipped, calm tones: persons, including one child, on before the American ciety f T Om :1Isen acquitted. "The front door is open at two houseboats about 25 miles Travel Agents convention in Tuedregistratin fee ee eek
sosecrans testified Tuesday Ithe Bank of Nova Scotia." He south of Miami, at Ragged Key Hnng Kong Sept. 20 and alsa that three agents of the Fder- added that the proper authori- in Biscayne Bay. H st t g course is Fl.00 pa semester,

-that tree agnts atIke ee- mhibeis on-rafunable, ndrtbl
-al Bureau of Investigation told. ties had been notified. But high winds forced the paw nnd Siny luir is $on e d an bto him before he confessed that if Sadness also was generated helicopters back to land and Banghnh, Mani and Hsnslulu.
Burns said he would be de- pls s the $est e Mf tesaoe". T he were prosecuted in state by Betsy. A young Army pri- the fate f the tw heats scribing a travel package to s .courts on the bombing charge vate soon to be shipped out to and their occupants was left inr m the west ,he would be subject to a sen- South Viet Nam, had to cancel doubt until the storm passes. coatn through Tempo'r Miami A fo Miami mechanic Morris, Fin-cattruhTmaoMiiTrnigUon eam,
- rence of from 20 years to life plans Inc a church wedding kMi hanic $u0i Fin- on their way to New York for era, Traindigayon, er eadrs imprisonment.n Saturday. kelutein has a new, $200 paint li0e dr nO William Johnson, an FBI ag- Betsy closed down the Dade job on his sports car, a large age or abovw
,-ent and first witness called by County Courthouse, making it living room and an understand- tion as anademir traig.
.the government denied that Iimpossible for Pvt. William ing wife. nbThe courses ir s threats or promises had been Danahey and his betrothed, Jo- Not willing to leave his newly doors Into his living room. Just the'St. Johns wmade to Rosecrans prior to his anne Tropia, to get their mar- painted car to the ravages of to be sure, the garageless Fin- satin. her irmti-. arraignment or prior to the rige license.. Florida has a Betsy, Finkelstein moved the kelstein also moved his motor- may be obtained 1m Rte Pasl trial of the five men. three-day waiting period. car through large sliding glass cycle into the living room. D. Carmiehaal Jr., ci s Aeient City Baptist Chur, Phone VA
r nweC-521r; Mrs. CarmiemaC;l, 1.
Avista Circle, Phona 0-150; ar
NO MWMrs. Valdeen No s. Stt IE D'Allyon Avmae, Pbme 8I4
.... 2767.

SA VE MONEY! Missionaries Mr. and, Mrs. Thmae Blinco pose happily with adopted daughter, Jennie. To Meet Thursday Same tr d D UALI Y 15 months, whom the Blincos saved from Venezuelan jungle. The child had been choked aand abandoned by her mother, member of a primitive tribe practing infanticide. The Amerian .egio g Atocad re u DESIGN The Bnlico are visiting with relatives in Seattle. (AP Wirephoo) Auxiliary will have i re
$e&Ae tread WIDTH meeting Thrsday, sptsmbs
u a mx wo t r e d D E P T tt g l n in t h a t 8p0u tp .m.oiotpeua Sr Ba Left To ie In Jun e Is rchery Club To ican Legion oe. G ETAY O L BAL S :h x oS oR .t te B AeI CmpionN O NCI re Us Hold Shoot Friday A r prt v P g
*Wre fae suportFound, Adopted M Sionaries SOE of t Ul r
FO RThe St. Auguti Archery is ae DayDUTIE
AAd a us months ago, Jennie Blinco was choked her with Sa vine after members and others who want TOO AfY ACCIDENTS
E COST! born-and almost died-in giving, birth. shoo at 7:30 p.m. Friday at
THE Venezuelan j ungle Her mother Franeis Field. MIAMI, p h tl d 7Ea member of an Indian tribe Tday, Jenis is the healthy, The lnb il ue8-inh tour- n press h e
bright-eyed adopted daughter Of nament targets under the lights, to diminish traffic accidents
State Official Mr. and Mrs. Tom Blinco, New Instruction and equipment will be that have Ir through Tribes missionaries who are vis- available for those who want to the island sice 13, according To Visit Elks iting hare with Mr. and Mrs. try their hand at it, club presi- to official statistics' Lodge Tonight Ted J. Kuhn, Mrs. Blinco's par. dent H. E. Valentine said. Havana radi quoted an editegh ets. rial in the Cammuofet paper
St Augustine Elks will be hun- "Jennie was found in the jun- Johnny Sellers led the Atlan- Hoy which said 5 pron ored tonight, on the 400th Anni- gle just outside the only Christ- tia City jockeys in winners in were killed in traffic acdento vorsary of our city, by the offi- ion village in the Guaica tribe," 1061 and again last year. in 1963. cial visit of State Elks Vice- Mrs. Bfico said. "The Guacas
President George Reavea of are o at the most primitive
Gaineville at their meeting. tribes on earth and they pracExalted Ruler Tringali an- tie infanticide regularly. A II E ounces that in recognition of "Jennies mother was visiting W his visit, a dinner will be seed a viage near our base camp
beginning at 6:00 p.m. and a whenJennie came. She went off
large number of guests is ex- into the jungle in the middle of
pected from the other nine lodges the night and bore her, then
in Florida Northeast which e. strangled her with a vine and
tends fm Jacksonville, to Lake left, thinking Jennie was dead.
City and Ocala. That afternoon, some of the ell- m The majority of Elk in St. lage Indians heard a baby cry- U R IY E = IN
Augustine know Vie -President Ieg in the jungle."
Reeve as he has been extremely Blinco, a native of Cumberaetive'in Gainesville Lodge 990 land, England, said the child Closing on Thursdays. for many years and has served was "more dead than alive"
n numoerouse state and district wheo' it woo brought toe them.
committees. He is 4spetally well- The Blincos plan to return to
ismown for his intense interest in Venezuela early next year, tak We Have the ritualistic work and his presence ilg Jennie along. New Tribes
here assures a largo attendance Missionaries, operating under Best Chili Dogs in Town" Plui tax hear his address, an interdenominational Protestwo rot-on eS It is sincerely requested that tant missions board, work with local members make a special primitive-tribes.
ofeffet to be present and graet ... NATIONWIDE. GUARANTEE off yourg car Mr. Es eves.. ad the visiting Elba
OwFQ ,kmr '"''s.X/ 7 and members of Cbs order who
O~ar em~d.fsoeo stsrxse ea in SC. Auguetine for the
m t .m '-a-g ,f Quadrioenteissiat celebration are
'" DOBLEGURANEE '% urged to attend the dirmer end CELEBRATING OUR CITY'S 0005.0 00557!!~'v'...~o~meeting as guete of St. Auguse. *ede-deadara, tins Lodge, Because so many of QUADRICENTENNAAL WITH
aoae tanaeses resezeue oe s. fi a vialtore will have their wives BRAN A P
. ......ampartying them, local mom- BIG FOOD BRAN A P mwFimo W~mmdnthe ere ea urgad too to bring their ___________wivs for the diner and the as" BNO MONEY DOWN Attention TRUCK OWNERS! the ladies during Cbs. meeing, OREO ...........49:
Buy on Firesone a'..arcl Pel If coas.t Son To .ST. AUGUSTINE ByoFietn"Cross And Sword" NAPKINS .........10t Freon
J~ t P~ l I Transport Nylon Delivery Tires Signs Collected Any Brand Cartes Plus Tao dBkr
r .oo sooOther Sizems arudn ptesgsmun- Ws osPc ~

II or TAKE aeo s.. on I for ~ owat -s Lamprinsa...... tributed Cs ibonines plei. asA O CH P 49 o
MONTHS '50 mo o r.O around Inwn Is publinias the Red nd White Evaporated Tall Cans
TO PAY so~oo non e P taend twaso ati oer o ..... de...I sms, nd oueth in MILK ..3 For 39~

dates Inr nest season, SNOP BAKER'0 Quadricentennoal Sle Prsaes Good Threogho Parsons having such signs ore Oaday Night. Sept. 12tk AC 1u:00 P. 9. asked to cell VA d-1915 Is S'ans them pinked up. ,ALL PLAVORS DELICIOUS SMOKED is Ware frame suppoetrg SEALTEST SMOKED SHOULDER

Caonslitehevy-ratpasth EWstRt, isJ s AP) on e

Adiioaubst $ 0s i AH Ciic em mdlotmayhi t customer out for illegal users of water. This Spacial Effectave A Welcnme Treat A Good Deal For
oathprce nsi Ad n lC hn $6 ECHThe 40 wombeare cruise the Thursday Thrnugh Sunday That'a Good Is Eat I Thrift Meats
police if criminal activity is TRY BAKER'S GUARANTEED TENDER STEAKS SOONnpotted. Now the group says ii FROM ST. AUGUSTINE'S FINEST MEAT DEPT.
FIRESTONE STORE HELML L~ETkL O 0 aWill radio police if theysnpotiUewaeusr.Lnad
shrub watering, car washing
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57 Sen Mecca Ave. FIRESTONE ASSOC. STORE have been banned is the city

Phone 9-3436 303 Anastasa Blvd. Phoe 4-2816 Goad Used Caee have :eady macree io te Recoad
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P Fot-W THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Wednesday Afternoon, Sept 96



5---Male~ ~ ~~~oo Hep Aap. a 9-Fr Pent (Funised 4S--Autos--Trucks For S Rant
N -Male Help Wanted 19-For Pent (Furnished) 20-For Rent (Unfurnished) 28-Houses For Sale 28-Houses For Sale 35-For Sale Miscellaneous 45-AutosASSIFIED ADVERTISING....
MAINTENANCE man, part time. NORTH CITY- 2 bedroom ur- NORTH CITY-2 bedroom garage FAIRCHILD-HILLER REFRIGERATORS ranes. andC In nnderatton toe Cunithed wished garage apartment with apartment. Stove and refriger- Let us heln make Your move to St. NEW HOMES washrs- used lut rebut & CAUSEY apartment. Flamingo Ants. Duo- living roon and titchenette, one ator. Adults. 10 Waldo St. Au sine eas p A guaranteed Priced from $Ztt M fertn St. Al1t-C car s pate t$55 a month.' os 'are G Grand's I bat0. Opena 1 t S5 wieasotmn of hoI nowiOpe
On t6 Words o Leas BAG BO. Also for general help. First flor- room duplex apart- a-tedroom, 1% bath, brtck-t o a available in all sections select your lot 000 nntand choose your Closed Soodaya 0 r 00 C o TObTgiOn. plan from our large variety: types PINEAPPLE pears for sale- 75 Aly Wst i ann noods ent.Cootistsottliting ooah kitcehandan di f e t. a l o atla VAND WECOME T floors hardwood, terrazzo or bushel. Also* persimmons. Road S tRT Wect ding It. S.-tC-n t..dorm$40 bath, totthts nd di C o l ar ld. Calt TA C-nDA -.t c JOHN HART. R ,ator tle; 1.' 1 or 2 bath from $350 13 2 mile$; south Orangedale at 1960 PONTIAC
R NRTI ... .... .$0"0 H TE OR COLORED Longsto Inc., VA 9-444. t0 --VA 4-2927 down. $65 me. Best of financing. TV shop. It-S t-p Bonneville. 4-dr. hiarto. eto.03

W Intr. n, VA 0-581 14. ~_niI
I an Marco. st-st-c ON WATERFRONT. I bedroom A2-t-e Poe, Cao apartment. $.00 a month, 203 tr rnI ntooot nd norin SHOWCASE NCR cash regitter, radio, heat hoe a s AUNDRY AN D DRYup oeanway. 2 bedroom apartment on otherhomes call water cooler, wrapping counter, Like new thouh INSERTIONS .......$2H LAUNDRY A N D D R VYT RIO OOOM upostatrs arartmern.toon y o ooaatI.iorhosI~ itooo~0 001loto ~or ttotrt

LE~n Water furnished YPBVA t-1420 JAMES" L.~t TAYLOR Realtor1 I h~6m away 1.. 9-37
CLEANING ROUTES. $100 Al utiaies and clean, linens $70.00 a month, 20 Ocenway. SEA PARK HOMES manequns. Best offer takes o,

ER~g~- rae "n Extra clean Lo mllge s rni e Wa Cnibd.VA 41t0. 0 Hos To Choose From. JAMES L TAYLOR, Realtor I ot away! VA 9- 37. 1959 VOLKSWG
wednte oa c PER WEER TRAININ child. 205 San Maro Avt. -no MEMBER MLS S 6t. oo991a Ex lKa. L n.ot Mitatnimum ch, cos -a SALARY. CASH BOND DE nn-tt-OP A d rplnows* eot .- S L R .C SHB N E: UPPER AND. lower duplex apart- Two 3-bodlioom, 2 bath. ME B RM S YES, 1. am now open at the same transportation buyI;tw. *
llO DUCTED WEEKLY. FIVE AUTOMATIC WASHER ar i- nts, newly decorated. Central- 240 N. Whitney VA 4.1114 ace. ou brng it, lix tS ord Cr l~sstloO DAY WEEK. UNIFORM itRM five rooms, bath, porches. ty loAedn. Adan t-82 Oer -ylndrt onom otor: hath. tronod.oAolts n-ron. thsdnoothaa Rost anythinl U. 0. toyls, 10 1961 IMCA
as pr w od fr I Itnrtions FURNISHED. HIGH lest neighborhood. I bedrooms S-st- dC d

word for 9 Insertions 4-dr., 4-cylinderi83,5b0 torsoursible. 10 Mu y. It 4 ROOMS Tio bdnoom a Ole di 5 ath. With Aotr-Cnr TV FOR 'SALE reasonable. VA New tires. nHeate. r d tow HIGH SCHOOL EDUCA-[ e ''ment Upper floor. 3a BaELar large~" S-bedroomfamily room., | bath, W th l--c 9-3149. al whe
Lfled Ds p TION REQUIRED. APPLY ON WATERFRONT. Ons-bedroom o t- o sCba r stor Mot ere ho Or -xe A 1-t- w htsalI.
thNes0 REIDAL apt. $41 a month Ocan- A. -- To -doo, 1 ath os. DAVIS SHORES RCA STEREO-RADIO-TV' obl- 1960 FORD

INPRSN OFW TE a 2 BEDROOM HOUSE near 1960osrhCB. -be- : ; 61 u pa. way. Two.bedroom ap.. $70 a FuerROOM HOUE tono Montr- tt In se- nation. slightly used. Us d'PhiL Fordor. 6 cyli r autoatC
CnisthOed.- 1-1100 10 VA 1-9078. 00- A PRr s O paneled living r room with d ne Reduced prices on i all Magna- i ll ti Classead~vert-a*a must CO AVE. -s o v -0 S. s-tf. wall..- 'tire. On
49inthe Record o o Y 0 Develops Poses, Enclosed sun room, dining vex stereos. Some with radio. Milts. Extra nie. iedtoel.
n-.te t ror to np Ilre o D StSt-ar L UURY Studio Villa, garden ma- CBS, 3BR HOUSE. 5 bils south 0 mile .O. o Alligator Fr n oo. kitchen. utility roo. % Con soe 00 d table models. New
Sunday InsirtOn 0. sonsepar a Bridge of ions. Oceay Par an at I. .. carggrage ..... 3 1964. re s .. 19S C EV OLT
CO ooaice BAG n mOY wanted for full time dtm. lig u eurrosndie A 4-1963. S8-f0 A S-tf- h bedr lolms, 2 full baths. Lot 4 01'x 1959 CHEVR LE a a Tn tl13: bs 0P em oyt Appin In per on8 1 4o l el-tdt s rnn ll-0C. A t h o Ci o 1 nd uCed 'applinces and J. &L. t 0ar ,AO atasia 180'. Detached studio room. beter visins.* Appliance Center. I05 Inpala -do., V- anoentiro
displa as mus 4*m :00 Blvd & .. ...S5-t- ST. AUGUSTINE Be..... One bed- rOKIoom ... .. esa ....l Price $ .00. West King St. VA 4-2780. tr...........ion, r ... alt

t'rtlday fo Sund pulil ti d I
iunlhH uhenihd dayol tl~rlor to insertio o% o~ir SS-3t-cp S -tf-c waltrs ea e. .
sr w t o ad.01-0-nI. AU or aa rtment. os to 21-Roos For Rent T AtEA Polo. 1. OREFOLKSTORE -300 Roadt
n a tN ,coo- W NE Grn ar .N bedroom, 2 f til. rn IfsWe buy sell. wa almost
m dIBt~aTy; 'a Slot d, $2,VO up. No closing costs. On Sundays. JyZ0-tf-c tani n i wall ties up, Noaosec ro n a Mnr m. log s i Oti hrth40 Wo.....w. too....sdt. heoto.....s -...
jlrion 1d b is l furnished, Excellent location. "THE CAPTAINS" hos. aon OdO n .
-. cashier, r:Aduits. NO rots. Availabtle Sp., OCfering i d los s on umpl s Ots 0 0 tIans H00se0 Col d0i DIl rtrh lioka nt hite al
6.-9-9- tions. Bedroom, living room bath. 9 TH MPONB E f d n r b sm Hel W 6. VA 9-8894 homecoored meais served In din- Call up.M, vA i-s THOMPSON-BAILEY ML toc soL- Delivered. Phone 034- CAUSEY MOTORS,.NC.
ATTRACTIVE1.ubedroom aTpACt- g rdcom overlaokineg ocean, macrd roo8 Cadnra l PL Phone oA4 9. Jc C -1 6.Ytf- Wll F] 000Nt. Electric ithoc. 1 l001 service, ntleein, iocal teansno- to000. 1 0. d Box 4 Id4 Evening 9-9710 VA o -r 9 _4_RTRE_ RMvctin_ vn 111-_AA 455 :f5 P your ookn for a job requlr- from A&P and new Post Office. tatton, personal laundry. 0-AS-tf- for business G. L John Furnl- s At.-A ing uniforms, shows. see the 22 Contral Avenue. Jy t- $7 Sigle- each Double 3BEDROOM, 2 bath, 2r tur Phone VA 0-1. h 'O 196T FORD- Tuo h o Skeleton OAO -S L h o apt. Photoes 1 tea DO 829-970 h a. a on l co-ner 1000. h -O.t- h 01 Td h eanelpWaned.A..Ci lot t O gd h.t... .tandnr1d sott. stands00. Hooggn 0 J eromta 0 Jost A SEAL BUTY?. _____________________.1g sylescto n ie oor s T.oUSTAIR 8onte bui bero em Sl-To
St. Geores St ho lectric kitchen and ngtr VA4-1134. CLEAN RUGS, like now, soea do wn. May b. .sso at b sr 01 ots. 35 tRohde Av.. Al-- I k thtee-bedoo to do with B e Lustre. Rnt M .
Al O c ead slme e ond at on tt NOW EIN .UtIS- On_ s roon houss ad otnti s l .n otd-n, A AuOHysnoaiC al A to worked sins mndt ia t 0W TINo l and 2 roon 25-Rent or Sale FOR SALE on Masters Drive wit' HiEtiOrooOnrarg electric mshampooer 01 Buildrt ditol.0M u ttseenthbe oh ao ife rofr n aha repar re 0. e Srnine mrp y \ + ...... AOUSEKEEPER. and babysitter. SOUTH+PONTE VEDRA I Department Store. 237 King St. 'A~ LLNIOI We offer D. modern 3 ero,2 signs. Makes automaticuto n-~ ,
-NotM Five days a week, 1:30 to 5:00. bedrooms, baths, ar-condition- 2 1- Even ng s t4-181 2. L. K-illsonal -References. Write Box B," care ad and centrally'heated'home. On Als-t- C Built-in stove and dishwasher ter- U hem g eag. oides ag e. C aig t .-c beautiful landscaped lot. haCalm- DAVIS, h snrzzo floors, and cedar closets. etc. 3o1d ne w forh349. hnw IC ag, on owneaiOe Fios~ dhysel furI ot 10.5h~~nis lhd. alble lOct- asa-saan: Soals BSn. 3-ed t A N s LOOI 00 wn bat polinmnt.1 Aanl hiss. romsinng hyottstofl a Tstd
e AVON CALLINGI t Vsots A, Pogs, Agency, VA c -hath, ratio, garage. po10 VA -4" or VA EU5E10 $7.1. Phone 0 0 i, n It at Tastes Preo. .

96Han ta acgMoaoI a A. Padoino Broser. n-n- EUGENE L BARNES & SON ton (collect). Agent Ia o ndae Help Wat i treotin areer. Iw yo ame F6 tS-c 84-100 2416.-A a Io so o- RMUTORS AND INSURERS every day, 255-431 15 l5VOLKWA 5 c

1 ~ ~ ~ bnh Ht P i~ t's. & oa'...rd a ...oSt-le elp W 0 ls abition and man CHAR MANOR a y eOR SAL or ent-Aowarehouse oted o lnaiflcently wooded MEMBE ML __ _4_07_.__t uiyoer aveabition t a nn EL RM at 108 Madeore St. Call Palatka, lot Olt Anastasia. Loti to0'x300'. A #ss~o or Femsale Help qualify, Avonill ttnrain You. We Nw modern all electric apart- IA 6-4899betee 00. an :3an l A ana 1000. FETABLISHED toss FILL DIRT
sl.0ed 1 more representIhi.t). Iust --t.t~ (Naoletpcls)sse5TnrSahneVs-51 a ]vs in St On o B oa e; 6al t)S -V~ Aar context Ge00.or C artnel,-ray iejb we o a 8 M bl
100e ugustine and the urou dino Front. Air conditioned. carpetO _ _ar_ cior wc t 11000a nonty AT Phone tatons Wanted rural are0 ... o In e .e Write furnhd so unfurnished. Ca l Rant ova- A-e nc .. King St., 24-1003; 0N1...1.1. 0... .
hac neous Seric 00 to Record or call Gaines- VA 1 9-3690 or VA 0-3745. 26Wa ,_________lvie Oe, FR 2-04201. 2 ss t 2 d Rent -S$ r ; t o

61500~d-t 01-- 000nag b00eh0 a Ot beoo 0 N T FNITURE slip overs custom YEAR END ALK

FIESTA.-46 Ban Marco. Furnished To'Settle, Estate Ouse 33 VALENCIA STREET made. Beautiful fabrics. Moder- Our now model toO EVENING icnshi o. 2:0 c.t- 1 ,part s il s coat BEA HOUSE wanted for rent with 2 extra lots In 5ant RoS imagination aid modernization nae. l FoCl stiates. Alidt remaining gsso lt 0
aol ots, dn ohows.tirs IFsrO h VA 4-060 Cc too's dn- 5 1~d p R dApply Sin ps. 1,$t and bak Garage. o ot 4 we or so n .seto. ,500. wll c turn this prime location into hte rlocs. ec te 0 41 King St. ss-at- Navy Comman.derrwith large a fine" family home, Five bed-'$ rice.'saving
0 Kl 0 0 Ihone VA b-sits. family, pending findng uitable Waterront Lot-Os Davis bhores. orsoos, 3 hts, living room and teriors. A b hare slt,. o '12- eatYC ltreI %Niel lnscpe wth lbrary, dining room, kitchen. but- wide ] t : Ban Inn WAITRESSS need Posada NICELY frotihed 3 lare roomed permanent St. Augut Ire 05xllr n icl scse wlth tlrary, lag corh. ga FlO RtSAL o.-Reiger 0 Service Menendez, 824-3934. 08-10-c house. Modern conveniences. dence. Meticulous care ll. oman shads tees. l's palr ric e poe. 0 -0. r ghNice yard, 'Very reasonabble.Near taken. References aailable. Orls'b odroem furnlah d house In 1800 N. roiiice
-7A-Financial Fairchild. Veto3 ed0Please communicate Soailability On dron rr. sd Os. in gas. Re 0T0.0RlSB. i NEc l Loa 7-Mle or Female Help rd- S-t sooes.t to P.O. Box 28, S. Au- oo... Park. 03,0 s wMATM15M Aoo New and used furniture and Robe hoesW- gustine. Will replH el once. 10eo hoe4,_4 St. Gore . osp.ancn ...bTes Building Wanted TRAILES, $15.00 ta$ 20.010TWO osg at00 2 bedrocomhons. 4C Iirusa Da- Raltsor-Member M a lanoos erm
A-om ane i Elo cit y, water included. __ _-$_t-e_ s Shoes. $350 do A. $10.- thoe VA 4-1136 OWN YOUR OW M4 L e Repsiis Adults. Bernard's Trailer Park. 600. TA 928-2Evne VA -7- 6 BoM udry Cleaning. E. D JOHNSON'S Retaurant, OS Whitney oo-tr-o 27-Lots, Acreage For Sale 3 bedroom horn 10 MadeaD., Atf-C Bob Greggs
39kSan Marc A5pi, nt od. 00 elsso go sa Mad a O s ei ghts. $4b0 dowa. FHA.
uines Opporits Bus boys. Age 15 or over. Fne Vilano Beah. 041 monthly. Call0R IE O CoS R
ebenef R e. Free In surane. Paid 89-3011 aftr 4 p.m. S7-tf-c LOT touth. north, prd west of b0e omS 2 lots. Air.conditioned .Ol P n 0 s
(UnRetFrihe) VERLE POPE AGENCY Mny extras. 0100 dowl, FA. COMPAe.O vacation. Appyin prhont b.- city. s 1 1 T Ii Varying Blvd.m No t
Ree Rn 9130 a ights an111 water furni hed.$60 VA 9-8840. Jl l6-tf-oo 900 Anstasia Blvrd Aoce payme sst. dlo Rooms For Rent A- toa month. St. Augusine Bom chVA A se s BTS 104K Al n. o o Val An Phone 9-3284. s7- c .1........ frontageonHastings Rtd. VA -372O 1
between 25 and 40. Experieno c o. PA. $05Y 000 Tne s Phone so 9-9"1 ID. Gar., 0. Shoes 750 9,500 ELROD TRA

____ ___ Bor
Rent On Wale Record, 01-ti-i 00-I3r Drd 11 B. 2 10or. R1a00oa ic

TW b eon pcratnitolhs 0I onoS.bO .OP D(to6u 01. 21000hrr 100a~l 0.01s Tphu. 0 0 i Isl4lis 01-Ir L in.~ed. 3 bedroo CB horne at 0 s& ottage 1.000 C t dio, 4-e Cordova, 10. A 8MM Ilol K ,TWO bedroom, pus an No rtialy $4 nh W iot Sith down -e ont ht-c OAMs. zRn POPE AGENCY3BrTrailer, Lge LoetV t0 9A18 11 ojc rotlan house. Air-conditioned. Close to 'Me be istins Sevice Take ve 4%% loan, or steal150,*- "ugh 32,000 |7 a 2!-Appiances For Rent -tosWoned shdyd, FHA Co f cOUTR 1 B 1 a l. g 1.000 R00 E flture.

ha Y 'b Iyard ith4 gartihQ
Mioc-a...-o Rent C W Br., 13o. I schoor 1,800 W 0Reasonably priced. Bakerville.
storage house. Complete Fia beoon CB oe. Appon. 1 r. r. school 00 3000 Call VA 9-5500. S1 3t-c P Lots,. Acreage For Sale MAINT NCNCEm or clerical Painted. $75 a month. 89 Orange "r. b 5 n oe sod Toesur 1s 110e 1 nite. west o0 oco Rd.) 4 Units, D. Shhoros 600 1800 l 50.0 e- -U ti iht time. Experienced treetor call VA 4-671t r Ph -ne-A0- e90c C

A-Hme-ios bnesessg 0000. 000sbem
.';,A H -Firn Iointment. f-c Priced to-t.sor duplex 750 8 500 C V S furniture pi and ref0nishig. bCTRADE M0l and cottages' ,260 15,000 Cal POODLEA 9-8483. -2
HozomFor Sale Cmit to24-3810. 1-0- 2 B NICEY fuin sod bouse. 1, 3, ACRE TACTS Now4. Ibedroon, 2 bbth Cootoi toceanCont Cio 100 1.000 LOPT IN LAY-AWAY, and never POODL E n i, tO 5 0
Boiness FoiSale WILL KEEP habo o0 smol t- North h dobosting and cc r 00 dtwilldis 40vide 415100 1.00oo od u pt 100 SAKCe Slcttosand to North City." 'Call 9-57$4 during pIned able. Sh mgS t-- t

iii~ce 1O geroh or t- Whtvr le;..on Rvrfon o 1 g i ma kes of ddacY., stths aT rlemn enl ~'
-R aghte rd 00Between 4:00 ands.o 7:00. y and VA 4-1487 a0ter 4 .m. tro I% a c es ce o atBver se Buit-il onS ad raoge. O lt. or hStohn River C ont 001,00 tos b i Cems ti tes, renta Eraat Fa Tresd .53uttwodn hosn$h0. may n hg oht -s 4-h Ie Wi butt .nh. le sewts a -o- -i n C l M a 1 o-o ofA.. rent n0 h 29_E._Lena __t. Ogsdoan MIpI edway 2 mile rm Hg ton, 0011 hemc monorams,

31 -in ome proper Scool. Small down paymet. 3Dr.,I % bth, 5 ir
COMPANION housekeeper. lain 1 and 2 BEDROOMS, bath, kitchen a dao o. rlt 0 s, etc. 0 ooo LEGAL

:hly~audnt. pamet t ftyo. L 3Z- -eal Estate aWanted living room, $65 month--$ bed- Mohly p nsto t o. AL- RAN MAR A. P DOLrIO I trok 0 1 $329hA9 5, but __ow has 7_____ payments_ __ _Wanted To Buy. Misc. o h care anytime. Refer- rooms, S baths, kitchen. living O M011 1LE0 001 HOME n O l n LOTS 4SAME0 if yo have 50. Inasnelrnc. Phors 10000 S
fences A 0-10y. room, $85 month. Water and AREA, 0AMO EAS TERMS. 00. days or oe ou e probably 01-11-0 Sewing Center,. DaytOna .(Col- IN THN CORC U R r Tns II 9-02 tras h olletionInc luded. 1010 Auigutines Resity. Isaitors. TA cligiblo hoe ld, Call us isoti. Agon Or totorO day. JOHNb bOOUlYT, PLO Wanted To TradeAOmld 1-n-411. A-IIre .. tN O OSt
___-___a_._ A2-5. nr Ti $750 TOTAL hon 255-6431. S-t OCi r3lso N g 431 Foe Sale Miscellaneous Mg. JAN00 01 own p meant and clos- aJEANETTE K, HARDEE atd n mgnfietl woddT.PCETICAOLNESARE n oss doquaifiedsbuyer for SE.ld i, 5"ttS
Foods 9-Miscellaneous Service 20-For- Rent (Unfurnished) 000 I.... bedlroor nBood, V. atAIOLTM S 1 0 Two speakers, turntable, micro- Va.
ffist Eoquipoment ________n at $6,000. For paetI ST. AUGUSTINE REALTY lneoMenendez on Davis Shorem. phone. Portable. $40. VA9-S54. GEORGE W. HARDI MAN with tractor and new mow- o I o m lars contact George Conneliy, Rslors.M o ta o Pr00ed 10000 100 iOl NOTIE TO DEefeNnda uCOUN Y" me 3 miles r0 Cordova Agency 69 Ing St VA, HA.0 M5 VILANO BEACHNOIET
Building Hatrol l A4-10 Il-It-n one, oo h n VA -5m0 08 VA; 5 -2 t rone V 1m m f ertilkitoe oC bVA tile5 ct t OrE TA 0 hig hD Tb
~attmres Buedding 2 9 sce n oboe. Nlnmoard Wit t-0St-C Pasc. VA 4-531 AMbn m n C n construction. Consists oEp equipped .KNO N.
.- trees. CaIVA 4-2009 after ., o- otric kitcen. 2 h.. 0e Ith Yu am n hm

A~~~~~~~srih toh~t NesBt _______ _____,eib05 H-RadooTV Service hond -sO-P Di You Want to BUy 0 1 ding dlarea, large beamed ceiling st has b
______________________ -hob room and bribk Pto. 000 NEW Nomoi nto tywi ter's end the abovme.000 ait m;lo o ine TRecapping Ot Ito-Poe cooo I t bedroom, 1 bath. Closed livin om ic ti
h grags. 040 0 .nth e Class i Tied uAd. - to ft wide lawn. Beautifully land- hedIn mn s C00 discon- are both s C 1 s h e M o na town, 3o Slnyer St VA. 9: ST. JOHNS. RIVE R ocea Cni 12 4011 -ut ft o 00 Ohe 0 r
o. -toIsnec m selO or do. Longs otk~ h S-D~tobAbos10bbb ____________ tor ~intc00A~
A o F ae I 0 Anastia 0100I 0,11

hereb notifed-that
AussTnnln-W-td Ad'T 0-40. A-n- YOUR.HOME SERVCdRBESCNBEQIKYSL' l C omso ooc no toNE 3 R-mhinoainstruenrtes and l eOtite, aus ndlo ysou
-A toY u ko R na. TO .Ii.............a..ER a ~boidt Co 100 l C~. 10in 01000es 0 10t latuhrd+ O l 4 10001
-,Mndlo.omo-ralrs doo 1d-10 s 210.05t edsoo 1010.0 t bd oeanioand m thOteCae f sdadn a to lih 00b 00 er m o, s
sA Tslr..det 00g 0.V1-la 1-l n 4' A)I EAR ~OIeah P1400m90. ,100.nes Iandto tpwitnerso 10el hit IC 00 ee Ot opt ter
D~ot' bat hus ndoaln sbe noo. Haho Mol C Wdhoos a menyoc d drlu
ei-ioyoeop______T___________oULrtIPL uL~haTIN simiVgC ospoadol,01000 0 bats.0....0..cod ....lo esaro ...YO E So Rls-R BLMsngBEQ IC L SL t. sI.d...... Pd-.... ON. 38-- uIsic 1010 oltall n O W" I0Oo at .... idnd, cllo
$0Potm -gs IL011 anVI lto00 TO 00-t ng mtiab Iuipe wthiorInng104,11 AD i tonoIo. ec~
0- 50 4e ~I P 100hrh o PLIN ERPAREee A B GESRIE RE S RE RSt V -9101 tedae Prooio I$2BR. liotli, .gr a 1001 000000u" ] typ R ols. tiI A~f~ L ~9 o I0-bt-t0- Me Oean l-ht.
155 ... ..vo ,RTACLHUtNiy11 0 bGEC m o mpactpotales uit 0000fo TO BERc E CEVEaI
hnge-j 18.B lsdlnton.0 lo YRoo l Ils siO Firmgo00000.TUNERV0 Al 41-Aut ams0 BSies baOARD 0ES COYT 00000nd101usssnotors;rpprtum tse ieaioi II eiig olsSrie 0010100.4-VAS1-1or4,n Ur EonST, 1 Inthobo Ls., Ph -. 010 00,4-110000 C O
______________ GRBG TAH IPLT VM ssonie MOun 4,OR-t-88 968 l34. 01mb 01ano 1005 ,d, 111 hor ie iith daometistb DR 111t ROI WO pllserig apison-ry R[ b 0000000- .l~lo B COLLEC-t- TION uicLBX,14 t 95. .. .
do |lls InC1hlud ons n rofrpis o tanoa sbs esO1Natoo othSANtTA11 00.110 T ROSA ORP0100 o ClV1 -0 : Ohns lnBa o el)d oC OIVE0 tzAoTotoiol
--Lvesock me ..o loc wo APLINCEREPIRSEI I ARBGE ERVCE TRE STGOMP 0000 Ne ORY-de oSe 00-It-n 00 oC Ile osadb Cici Flor

___________________ (ReS-hbre an Exerebed RGON oi hpoyet, TUNE 01011 Al oo 43-Auto RPara atisngCnto 000IlttIO oP-- ame1port-uI4ICet0o1160mraodlo. nod in o tto fon hn.01 1011igslmc Ieaom,. br 2 :I GARBAGE&_ TRASH____________R_] J 4-RICI MT1- 6 hvoe ,Fl 00, le 0100. Ol MOIe 10ee by
10 /010 Choneo 101 S-ho54 i ltor 000th t9-54 g Fll VA 4-20331 e.m ,,A -000. t.Uo 67 In-".6@ 6 roAis,161ICeRIDS IN oTHSouP

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J10-tf-e| = -- glagn ,sd aeoig 1011 01100 Hig- y0pes o Toll Roo s. 00-ng .. 33--Wanted To Buy0 Miso. 45--Autos--Trucks For Sale 100m 4. Keroosn o Co ht .0..
F N bs. Pdecortd loaros k fro .01 g.aranteed. F ot il ih o ssClann ithsts machine__________________d-_____-----.-"_____ Ploo pr
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01er, Weddin dress in..mand- electric hitchen, 00010010 pomrch, I P2-H-p Al-OS-e ohs serOice 000 offer. mo ru ith pod. Old iashionmed 0000 POlD P0101100 00. Good 0OLIVER LAWTON 1ar0 boI, nO. 0110 s(-I Adults. 1 Valenial 10. VA 4.0004:. 0 kitoheo cabinet. Reasoonhble VA tonoditimon 1000.00. 0a10 0-140 100 ler ad Audior
0510, 5-It-a i alS-H!o i a-aoot, 01-10-I 01-60.e S-OS-L la-alt.

W... ii4dli Atnoon 80pt A 1965 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD Pae Ffeen-A

LE A OIIC Out Our Way .'v Williams I [ LOAP UPW691

-41 010Le P5EFLJMEP ONE?
11-l =7-ISOH 6 16 No! No!TW V eNTe L5
ST ww)wJ "WWIE MOJWHE HY VON APAT "; 0 1'iV sme )V3 NYM14M HE 1E6 VOXLVY LKE II hI4L HMLLMIS "A" By fI LIKE= HI0R ~ 10e1AN ii- Dilt %III bpi MEe r~rG EA gaetabyl60t~ q~ fIC cut u nt POI'NTING MA EM~ BEA
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e 9/30/ee AZlj~t sseft 23 20 CARCR (Dec. $2 to Jan.
Thl slae p e s t es sS l el esta 24F!Wp2) etog sae restleses, U sdfrtereieeto 7 Rssian tam s get busy sod handle "tasks eit ru o n ssud i n 6 Ohs t s ub- 20TOM 275ear ae Osan hsnd that ore important. Losjoe tt;rdm to ro t hi 1DE" alpl 21sadr 3 orn wit 443A ing ,temper -with partners can/ W EC N I F ItXXE M E DE H E N -i east +tO~ r 1de 1t t5 thelt illsemga Seles N-ats
dathac tes of m r on Oslts- -2 O e pying emper wi6e inr tens on- C1 I aEEN jst ataeodl sati he 2Diw 0a 30 Srlsdsg Gent o be very expensive. Forget pro-I Z WISH WE COULD OLJEDGE "HEIE Dp H NEED HOLDINICOURT
et iits etensions ad .275amous fis s Qed 41 -Fraowns am wesO veheng words spoen in5 tension-rUUP L-IGTPTE WONTESETU NO SLEEP ALL WEEK ieprovasta to the waterays- na 1 ta t 42 4. Deert king G r,06 UP A ALL-N14T amsseentitall it accrane 31Aoses 3 seSid" 435o e I 4 D0mesti SIM+ ridden memento.. CARD GAME, SNUFFY ALL N16HT
Sla las plans ted soaoltso et ble AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to i De t nt ees t on aI W OO! I expansion at this time, be sure
prsa e wil 'b e as a bli A e s USI 10) Imsd at ontrtofe h/I t. p of w Wtter, the way that Insures present aesystem ot he sctIte m1~an- yo9 get1mpr11worku1e no il he nee- 4 security. -Cut down on4 expenlsea
th edst 4Uppff "b 22 Keep promises.
B hwareLy sp e e ate 42 ersa. plnt -PISCES (Feb. 20 to.Mar. 20) oft1/ or 1 055 f n e r 11 ii go God of lMany tasks have acc meletdted
5,~ biswl abe osdetd for 5155 enradytF Iootld do, pitch al s er hrea s nd ec- l3ito s right to and get. them -omosd Interes. Awerd of t BoMd s 54 Bosea- pleated. Feel right again Giving psall offer hs IMtet In- elemet attention 1to bettering Yos +_"_"_ _ _"_ _..._+ern s t t the Disetrill, such B. lsla health Is wise later. .. .. ..0 a1'I lowest test "5a toe be ds tribuotr 40 IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN IPO A SOT 101550 M 0 I M42l L T I RONR TT1
tm n te tking t e agrFN u M O O$ NWHS1i i T[
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=21eo 11ildfott Ilafeen0 .Aatt. copl'ayoupl, make eyou______________________________________________as Imtrovent Watert eastyourliteI largely up+to YOUI o fsapersNIeessot w be e" ________ MSON 91- eAS tOM K~oW MCWtNASTY 414 t4 aKilltSTlSOO Va15Apnis Th. the Roard By CarToI Righter H MY D 9M TA 1 MAEAME tasNC... So albd n elf eeh e n LEGAL NOTICE "M S taQlS A sO UERY SM teJ W W N-r. SIurter+ information and bid l eors ma be btoa lned frbm thM M 5 THE I l T I SEID6t OSI 1N S SCY Clork of theBoard o County I.m iGENERAL TENDENCIES: You that they do not get hurt. Give It THE COUNTY JU1aGis IILiISt t titNoTA S ODIUt I M Pr10MT5SlOL EE MAEItL miSeianers C ou Fta et St. are now tied down to doing another pal your help, too. Be ChUM IN AND FOR S. JOHYCPe Aellrustina Florida, oe from qmoel- CONY FLRD ', TAK PLCE. PROBATECU E .K bIftia Co,, Now sor, Now Tee whatever you heve agreed to do brave, altruistic. S L.O -N 5 TA W. E.YRD don brvetrRt- e: oMstat fV
Ohirman sf the etrdoftCounl in a most meticulous conscien- GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) BART OD. STMPENS, . 1i coessls r eeof t, Jehns Deceaiset
.. nyt tios fashion, so sidestep any The ideal day to handle civic or N5OTCE TO CAVIDIToRS'
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I' own bsttent course of conduct tieot, work well together, wmlaiyou, at .1 ft o1 yee, may
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tploehet 10, 11:11 em. 11:M1 p~m. S:11 am. 0:11 pm Take health treatment during Thars Is so fringea *pr0 5 47,-50I/EIA" IAN OE R 6000-' -_ VEEIA S..
p esher 18 IS:S 0 .... 1 :1 0 p.10em. 0:01 o bea dyu .. ~erlise n lbs tiCt~erd. Our rural [ i
'tlber 8 1;8;':;,: 1:+0 pm. :0] ... 8:0 er. SCORPIO lOst. 2) to NOV. 21) otto terriers ta ou..t O sEl lse.-"
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*tomber II1 till am. 4:11 p.M. 10:28 e~m. 11:11 pas. or with shady chaeracters. metchanta. It psys to advertise-i.,tIi ~ il 1 ilO.
'bomber 2 0:0 tM, O:d0 p.m. 11:30 em-.....Loved one expectu devotion..n ohs Raeordt ,___11g


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Page Sixteen-A THE ST. AU G USTINE RECORD Wednesday Afternoon, Sept. 8, 1965

Mulberry Police Chief And Three

Others Arrested On Robbery Charges
BARTOW (AP)-The arrest of tram Dale Durden, 23, of Frost & the Mulberry police chief and proof.
three others on robbery charg- Branch a n d Kelley were en resulted today in effort charged with two counts of rob- 0
fsresulte a m in af abery and conspiracy in connec-I free a man serving a ten-year tion with the robbery that prison sentence for te same resulted in Watson's conviction crime. and a second, Jose t9.
SManuel Garcia, a Tamw law- d
yer, said he will take all legal Doggett was charged with one Action necessary for the release count and Coonty Silicitor of Robert Lamar Watson, 24, of Gordon McCvlla s'Ad Durden Sanford, who was co nvicted of conf essed to both crim o
c t ,Watson w convicted' after bAO Poises sod 'Til aturday, Sept. 11, :0 P. 1. the March 11 robbery of a food'Wtowa nvce-afr
atore in e rry. tw o w om en em ploys of the at eret t en e ed a t
io see e first store det f ified him no the M-z Phy Awif P e i P odlin Lle 6 9a y e en oA tovestiga rion spearheaded holdup man by his "very, blue SnDay 9:0 A. M. lii k30 p. M.e 39an Bg .tn by the em in g Wst eest A ugstined he ampat.sonityriohte reel S Tuesday in the arrest of Chief Meaie was at c 6U R A Horace Branch, 31, patrolman home with his wife watching Civiic Clubt O SRTeOC S D L. Doggett, 38, Dale Kelley, television.
2dg a lomeet ra ale esm 0 The Tribune launched probe nE CNRALAON 24, a former ofcer; and Ber- into the case after the second
holdup, which was virtual y
identical to the first. Two priSPECIAL EDITION vate investigators broke the Fresh Leas All Meat case when D u r d e n, traced Fsr eFe

hBREADEDscHRIMPon..nd.the Insa Lon .Lbr7 TO REMAIN ON SALE through his descrii.d the
One adva e sales for this getaway car, confessed. S E B EF . Special Editin af the Re Durden smid he held up both SWtt PremFhum ord which commemoraten stores while Kelley, then on the STRAWBEy.... .3 Cooked CUBE STEAKLb. 99 the 400th anniversary of the force, asented himself from his founding of our city and the duty as ecort to the a for llo first Christin services held the day's receipts. He said S P UD here will reeaiS on sale for Chief Branch once used his per.
the next neeBal day sonal c ar to. drive him to Kel. SWor PRS
hAs oft this morning we ley's home with the .oney.
were forced to cut af2 mal The lout totaled about $o S orders ht order to meet af- from he first robbery and $1,.

A-Jaxe7soz.Decanereriht$5.0eeoo orde ternon mailing require- 000 from the other. B K N ments. Starting at noon to- Branchwas freed under $0, day we will not be able to 000 bond and Doggett posted $5,mail the edition out of the 00bond for hisrs. 3 9HNase9 city. Kelley, traced to Cincinnati, We have atemted to f Ohio Waived extradition and A for to oar subscribers two entered a guilty pIea on his reweeks advance sales at reg- turn to Bartow,.as did Durden. ular single issue price of Criminal C t Judge Roy Ami- 4 Aoerage 15 rents. Starting 'this af- don ordeed a presentence. in. 4 to -b. ternoon single issue prices vsstigation for. e two and'they Average will go to 15 cents in order were jailed. 12-oz. Pk C Swift Premium Sliced to cover handling. We will eeh All Meal L969 be glad to furnish mailing Wes Au uair FR BACON ...... .. stock to wrap each issu. Choice Rolled Putting together an edi- Club To Meet U

toUR OWN shi BneAD.CSL FARes Sit Prmu ful Cll it PDIt Iso Wac t The West Augustioe CiKE rel hvi 0 CANSHCAo a great deal of teamwork llave itsregular meeng on ROUND STEAK and some real profesional 1Thursday, S ptember nnth, 'at know-how on the part f 8:00 p.m. in the clubhouse on our staff. Tom King, Record Arenta Street...F
news editor, did an artistic All meberS and friend of job on laying out this edi- the club a vited to attend. lion. Credit to our eompos- Refreshmen and a social'hour ing room headed y Fore- 1will follow t egla meFti$g. manGene MrQuaig iaso ____B Emerit Of .. .. . T he . . .
tire edition would not have T R been possible except for the The reason Meno many pn. overwhelming support giv- ple ms thn elassified Ads to buy, en by our advertisers and sell or rent Is bausei the Bost i particularly the individual low and atiuonprompt. You, too, We Thank Toa!an picaupextramony h o.ll. -FROZEN FOODaht lag unused items and renting. that
vacant apartment o room. Flying Jib 10-oz. Pkg.
.. .. BREADED ................... 596 Monogram Long GPB R
MeKDeOie 0-o, Phg..

Pc .ac. ................ 3 F r496
10-oz. Size
SLICED STRAWBERRIES ........ 2 For 490 Galons i Gallon. Birds Eye Leaf or Chopped 10-on. Pkgs. 3 1

SPINACH .................. 5 For 9916 3 91 Pkg. 9
With oter Purchases,(

DAIRY SPECIALS Pus Deposit Chase & Sanhbor
Laundy Detergent
ORANGE JUICE ...................... 556
Pillsbury or Balrd Cans ID
KrafBsCUITs .,................... 4 For 3942].Lof2b-:1 g

Kraft 2-lh. Loaf 21. $ 6
TASTY LOAF CHEESE ................ 59Ca
,Giant 59 a
Farm Crest Faultless 16-oz. Can Drip GrInd
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PORK AND BEANS-....4 For $1.00l
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