The Florida Times-Union, Quadracentennial Coverage


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The Florida Times-Union, Quadracentennial Coverage
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The Florida Times-Union, Quadracentennial Coverage
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The Florida Times-Union


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101ST YEAR - NO. 248

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Weather Today
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with Showers. t
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Temperatures Yesterday:
gh, 83; Low, 76.t ms6.
Expected Today:
gah, 88; Low. 7. A Leader in the Growth and Development of Florida and the South for More Than 100 Years

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future. In further de T the dW- Branau, t s e presented a coalec as e o Fpt e ntet p n to mtebdy m e- ai fhard them steappe asa bhoat of rcan, Spanish than 100 volumes previous sueqaker but the ras t a m pesma tetre att.Bee- i theIrdv ftho a and Latin-Ameria stam ed in the Columbus Me- started and we expect it t ALt satca eB at anc t Indian ah ered har dedica the Librearteaiin g t o n out Of eto r of snyouts Khmir Pan Amercan Can mil library of the Pan Amer- aee"a s w vit Cac i an l hus o ra m s rAc ion in Washington, i., The Red C set up three uerrllas were eed dug in. with mnt. Last n clamd itsica plans are b as 0 or people gath- to Erte ao, exeuve dl- dtatrt headueter the Caro- Red telisd snwasr shot dowatw U.S;-made Pa erT rthe center and aong St. wi f e .
teofg street, wi has been r'Augus George tine R. Plate a ntia ircraf tfire was reporgte in tsantry tckn pored b reehes o derated, forhe tora Continued on Page olu 1) i e, the government a th weekend d American-made ai
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_________EDCT NCST Unitad Statem may intease, te-[mals siuthwet at. Sata capParaguy, praised the harmony $20 MILLION PLEDD O day creed panus4 as lured t CanSgeas yeswPchas existed between thee. ti

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sent- countes that have cogwhen Parents uf an incoming mended immuniatien opaersos a ie. At Foe Pilot whose help se ba h C Pae t5. reachadull o ealical matity and I ine sentsemeu- suptero l rom choo disease, l ane was brjatd knowa hy to th h become property omtitued u a ckfor $80,010. such as heart and respiratoryvetnamese gner Thrday 100 BLOUNTSTOWN: T highschool begins the new tr here with
haeceoercntiue_ WASHINGTON, Sept. 4 .GB-President Johnson When college President almeuts, persons in older age om West oP Banoi, the Con- amt certata cs at tsing anmlio hers announced today U.S. recognition f the new, govern- John B. erland telephoned groups, prnant women and pa- mast capital. the school year ends. Page 14.
eninSnoDomingo, thus closing one chapter in to tequlre it there hadn't [ttento ic namsing homto. [ Is today's raids on the north. the Dominican story which began with a bloody revolt heen a mistake, the panIc- Vacination against InofuenaaU.S. planes hammered at ware- LAKE CITY: A new process for prostate surgery with mse at
ISCLIMBIN_ lAeril. t.ohtrlckec owner of ta faulty should consist of two dosas sbout hoe areas. bridges and trucks. arsaels and otting is being done at the Vteras bestI CLM IG in Api mectanoal check wrig ma- two months apart and the seod Two U.S. Bal jet bombers at- tat. Page 14.
Or 5. Asost tes Pre Johnson called the next chap-l ull U.S. support to the new re- chine said, IDon't cash Itll ddose should be given by mid-De-
The Lstor nay weekend ter a "beginning a new- road to gime and called on the OAS to cember, the AMA said. (Continued on Page 9-Column I) A5AINESVLLE: Boarding single coeds in town is major student trasfir tell climbed staiy eace, freedom and hope for the lleadl In the rehablitation effori. -____________________________________s omeli ee- And to hel[ Un the Doiian et homing problem at the Universityfa Florida. Page 15. ewaieday the tady Bg ~ Do tean peple.' Ad to hel Uuder the Domincan antle- FAMILY REPORTS END NEAR AND ONTHE LOAL SCENE: 0s, ddith. t on its way he pledged $20 inl- ment worked out after lenugtily REPORTS_ EN NEAR At last cunt nine boatint lio In U.S. aid. negotiations shepherded by an A Teai1'o deaths and seven drowoings Mucb more American as OAS team including E lsworth had ratrd the holiday aci esstance is planned in the long 'Bunker, U.S. ambassador to the Natioal Bapllat Cotioa U.SA., lao,, are e is dent tollto 205 process of recons trucking the Do- OAS elections are In he held Jactsonu Utsn ween. Page 11. Rain over targe areas in micican economy. Admistration next May for a regular envernthe nterior of the country sources said they do not know ment. The initial $20 million from FORMER GOVERNOR and Mrs. Farris Bryant have found the Increased the dangers of yet how much th w tab will ngton is 10 ttnance eouen- transition from capital life to Jacksonvilelife fairly eas driving, hut it also tended to coma to. tial Dominican government op LABARENE, Gbon, Sept. 4tgue from the sleepless nights. Then after dawn, this telegram Page 2 a B Inspire caution. In the months ahead, ne rao nsaso eratitns and to start some Albert Scwer liv- "Another mao have was sent tIn and Pagend The tount started slowly tios with the new interim coven projects. login colm his last nhurs amoot given up long ago" she said. B dyn stop it' FORTY-TWO F. students wha are planning aa hetag teachers
ut pshd up wih quicken eie o sector arla-odoy Th Domican episode began ter ns reported Bt my father was stronger and o stp everything that Page g speed at the oend of the arenexpected to lead also to the April 24 with a co. against Ohs teday. Wt n mo t men. Nae is 0 anheoon s herotdone atp first 12 hers of the 8-hoer withdrawal ofthe Organiation f Donald Reid Cabral govenmen. "Sis circulation system is tail- Burl at the hospital wot 50n be goes aiey and I. peace PUBLIC ENDER 7. edward Auotna office has ra 9omplation period. dnertan o a ies lorce. 5ome The revout turned oint.haos, Ing, his heart is weakening, the as usua. Alendanis moved and dqgitly. handle arPat 00 sleds irvAmests in the prble deed a
Highway accidents that cost 9,400 U.S.. troops and 1,779 Latin and Johnson ordered in 1.0. a- kidneys have stopped function- steel e
r lives prdod- Americans from five countries rnes April 28 to save lives and ing," said DO Mu, medical elu ql ey, however, and duo- Schweizer was overcame by system. Page 13.
atod. now make up the OAS peace prevent'a Cummunist akeover. head of the legenday jungle hoo- tore performed Ibeir chores con- fatigue sunday after receiving a
In thesearly phases there luece there. Administration sour coo in pilad founded by Dr. Schweitzer. veringin whspers.An inermil' number of visitors during WHERE TO FIND IT INSIDE was no rash of mulple-death In l statement issued at his aent rain had wet the scattered Ga observance o the fifth wannea t msde th a en gave bteanslya ti 01 "His lace is shnowIng pence." l th a o s
Crashes that sent the tstal Teens ranch, Juoosonti tethe Dominictan experience: said Dr. Schweitzer' daughter, b the compound lw anniversary of its independence. Amements 57 through 59 ank Drne 1 soaring ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ blc onsm oias areetb ia ol a[Jhsnfe t IC ropical biras ilew overly, ha nill ever slnce caring on e lida agreameni by rivetDominican s Juhon loris be ced Mrs, Rhena Eckert. "It looks | hb0 31Maan Section 20 througsie
The fatlonal Oato Cojo. actions on a provilsional govern- required 'in sending in .. cthe river. D MIter An Bridge It M oBmSenotes se rehealed I odvssce that under ..arcia o doy nps and that be did notant A message aent abroad earlier Dr. MuZ said Sochwelter is heart specialist summoned to Classfied Ads 1 1rougn Local 13
between 500 and 600 Amer. "med the end 0f an impasse a moment too soon. in the day no relatives and close "resting peacefully. He is not Schweitler's bedside, reported he Crossword O tMagaaine Merry-Go-Round 21 icans may die in motor which had brought danger an d 5 Johnson is well aware of Ifriends said: "He is dying." suferlug."| planned to return home Tuesday, Death Notices 35 Radol-Television 18-B Magaine Vehtle accidents between a hardship ti the Dooctan people the cost in American lives and "There is no more hope that Dr. Richard Friedmann. a[ "barring'a miracle." Editorials 4-5 Sports It through 44 hp.m. Friday and midnight during four long "and dlfiLculeafunk. There were 26 U.s. serv- human effort can save him," said long-time associate of schweitser, "Gd gave him a tulllfHe,' 50 Years Ago Today I Hagaine sta 14 through 18 Idymonths., Mrs. Eckert. said, "Lates last night we knew Dr. aller said. "'to man could Financial 45 through 47 Tras 169-2
ony. The President promIsed the1 IContinued as Pace --Cnounn itOaohe)tsaa a that salust haednebar.Csden Newa/ it-is Mnaie Woman's Activito e -u

I Ak ., -


From Governor to Citizen-Executive-An Easy Transition for Farris Bryant
By HANK DRANE causing more dropouts and failTm .suuta saf Writer. ures, Bryant said statistics do :ome-fc ts 5f not support this conclusion. How difficult Is it for a "Any change would naturally
man to adjust himself to create some discontent until ada new life after spending justments are made," he said.
"And this discontent was probafour years in the lofty and bly at its peak when Gov. Burns challenging position of first began his criticism of the trimester system. But in results
governor of the State of of polls I've seen, students favor Florida. the trimester system." The transion Isn't as hard as As for reapportionment, Bry. one might suspect, according to ant confessed e hadn't followed the turbulent 1965 session as
Farrs Bryant, who eight months closely as he should have so ago made the long Journey from couldn't discuss the merits of the the governor's mansion in Tal- 58-senator, 110 member House lahassee to a seventh-floor office plan which is now under study In the Barnett Bank Building in by a federal court. Jacksonvle. "I went through that, you "Of course," he said In an in- know, during my term. When the terview, "you don't look forward 1965 special session started, I to the end of your term. I en- sort of went fishing--like aovy. Joyed every moment as governor Burns. I have a deep feeling and I gave It all I had. But about resentative gova deep feeinent these past eight months have but quality is better than quan been marvelous and relaxing for tity. One good senator for Duval myself and my Isoolly. we are haiitiiil iy neBosntr frIua myself and my family. We are in County would be much better than Jacksonville by choice and we six mediocre senators. love the city as much as we
knew we would." Quality Leadership "It Is true there is blood conHas Spartan Habits trol in some instances but quality
Bryant, a man of Spartan hab- leadership usually prevails in the its who doesn't drink or smoke long haul. It is not important and who exercises daily, said he that we have as many votes or was prepared for the change be- as many men but that we have cause he had undergone a simt- the leadership that will command lar experience while speaker of respect." the Florida House. Bryant agrees with a growing
"One session of the Leglsla- IN HIS OFFICE"My New Duties Are Very Rewarding number of legislators that a tax ture," he said, "you are presld- increase during the 1967 session Ing officer of the House with seems inevitable. greater responsibilities and pow- "Increased services are being era. The next session it is gone demanded in allstates, Bryant and you are just another mer- said. "In Florida these demands ber. Leaving the governor's of- are greater because of our spiral'fice is a similar, though on. Ing population. The more people larged, experience." you have, the greater the de
Bryant said he had also rt. mands and needs for better A CHORE: Even the Lawn o a Former Goernor Mt Be Co mersed himself in his'new career schools, more recreational areas with as much enthusiasm as and other state serve aces. The in. ant said she enjoyed the casual when he took over as governor in creasing cost to provide these living in Jacksonville which she January 1961. He Is chairman of services Is another factor, In view also described as a warm and the board of National Life Insur- of our growth It is remarkable friendly town. But she confessed ance Co. of Florida, which was to me that Florida's tax structure she asn't experienced as much
chartered shortly after he left has remained so low." leisure as she had expected since office, and a partner in the law Bryant, a native of Ocala, said the change firm of Bryant, Freeman, Rich- he and his wife selected Jack N ardson and Watson. r e home notonly No Free Time Hers "My new duties are very re- forthe economic opportunties but "I love to play tennis and warding," he commented. because of the large number of bridge and I Just couldn't find
a Political oor Open friends they have here. time to enjoy those hobbies in atisalsoca e More Frtends Made Tallahassee," she said. "But Bryant is sso c tan ohe -can "We have made many addi. neither sm I finding the time in remain content outside the poli ti0nal friends since locating here Jacksonville." cal arena although he hasn't, by in January." he said. "Jaekson.- She said, however, she was any means, closed the door to ville is a friendly town." able to spend more time work another fling at public e. The Bryant llve at 1872 Chal- Ig in her home and in the yards
"I promised myself while gas- len Lane and their home was in and with their three daughters. mor that I was going to he the news recently during a tax Ada r, 15, C a ernor without g to buld a equalization headg of the Dual 4a political future," he explained p didn't ltto" be eiedC sio The m- Julia ea i G SdM want o be affected h mission voted to re-examine the economic or polltcal plans. I also valuationon the home, reporting school system. Cecilia is attendproied myself that after I left that some neghbors had com- inc Sweetbriar College hn Viroffice I would not give any plitined It wa worth the $79,g000h a and Adair, the only one thought to Possible political plans he allegedly had paid for It last remaining at home, has enrolled for a year. October. at the B ertram School in Jack"I won't make any decision Bryant was asked if he felt the sonville for the new school term. until that year is over. I may commission was attempting to Mrs. Bryant said she also had decide to do nothing poslltcaly. HOME STUDY: 'We Are in Jacksonville by Choice' embarrass hh. made the transition from first The decision will be based on "No," he said with a smile. "I lady of Florida to Jacksonville what best suits my plans. My "'The importance of four-lane don't feel this was the case. I housewife without difficulty, status could be described as roads is readily apparent. And just regret that the figure printed "Those four yearns in Tallahasfluid." I certainly don't object to a bond in the newspapers was incorrect. see were, of course, rich years' Re remarked he was well program to finance better high- I actually paid $68,000 for the she commented. "But Farrs and aware of the possible fruitful op- ways. But I would feel better lf home, not $79,000 as the com- I always enjoy what we happen opportunity that lles ahead in 1968 there was a tax to suppor t it miasonems were quoted as say- to be doing at the moment. Our If US. Sen. George Smathers as there is inder the higher ed.- ing.' new life in Jacksonvlle is o e- STILL BUSY: Former First Lady Pens aNote should retire due to ill health cation bonding program." Like her husband, Mrs. Bry- ception." as has been speculted. But he Brant Said under the bond proinsisted he has mad. ns mo. gram, revenues would be reduced to strengthen his hand while look- for normal road building operaIng toward that possibility. tions and there would be in- ed ina Edgin Nearer to U.N. Seat
Speeches Restricted c reased maintenance costs.
"Oh, I stay in constant touch "As automobiles Increase In B RS with my friends throughout the number, so do road needs," hee
stae,"he aid "nt fr plitcalBut Another Rebuff Seems Inicted
state, he said, not for piltical said. "Good roads generate greatpurposes but because they am er traffic. I think the need for my friends. I have restricted my roads not included n the pro- UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., Sept. short of a simple majority and not actively campaigned for Pe- Tze-tqmg would rather have th speeches to youth and church gram will continue to increase 4 -Red China is expected to far below a two-thirds majority, king. issue than the seat. -' groups and civic clubs. Jackson- Just as the needs have increased edge closer to a U.N. seat this but it would represent a substan- Acquisltion of nuclear eap- u o of Red ChIna
cHI e civic cluhs have been must since construction of the Jackson. fall, but informal surveys indicate hl gain. Other diplomats an. ons by Red China. oo specaton Irrelevant; generous In their Invitations.),. Jekr milll l~~aim n.O~d~PRQ D~ this speculation Is irrelevant generous In their invitation." ville Expressway system, another rebuff for Peking's sup- ticipate a lesser gain for Red 9 Escalation of the Viet Nam since they want the United NABryant, as would be expected, All the Roads Built? porters. China. war and a possible Peking role ton to extend the invitation ti maintains a keen In ests seso tr Sept. 1 No vote was taken last year in peace negotiations. any event and see what hap eaaisfaRe and kMrs.tBryant atare mThl v ohn i th o the Genel Assembly wi1 face because of the U.S.-Sovet dead- The Viet Nam question has pens. The seat belongs to Peking avid readers and Bryant's lit ersoy a h Ike Chine issue for the 1515me. loch orer U.N. Inances. In 1005 produced two schools of thought, they say, and should be niade of readn metr includes sin program of The big question is how long the Ithe proposed seating of Peking ome argue that it is important availshle by ousting Nationali daily newspapers, roadbuildlng during his admnis- UB-led oppositon can keep the brought 1 vole: 41 In favor, 7 that Red Chine In the Unted Chn.
tratlon 1-9). Be thought he dons cosed. UIkthe present trind against, 12 astaiing Nations so that VlIet Nam can This is still the most difficult Be freely discued key hssues had huia the reads the otate continue, some diplomats say, The wo-rear interval has he dealwith effectively. Others part of the problem for ma
burt daway rm aar ri- o ee breathrogS may come wtk- bought import development contend that Pekng is backing countries. The Formosa glove ticism or high praise for his suc- One area in which Bryant e- in two or three year, heig son Ie Chine issue: Communist aggresson in Vlt mentis recognized b a majority cessor, Gov. aydon Burns. He pressed complete disagreement One delegate who follows ahifI- a Reothon of the Fe Nam and therefore should not be of U.N. members. Many would and Burns became embroiled i with Burns is reverting back to g posiions 00 e China gle- government by France. This could given a aeat. This latter group not mind voting to seat the ChiScon arsd of e ointmntts the semester system for state eas cte a s fuence the ositon of several cit PeFng's snubs of U.N. nese Communists if this did nt ta the Bard ta RegentI shortly w folleoes It was under Bryant'c a o d r l esecrea4 Gene U Thant's mean enpellingCkiaog Eat k's
befoe th chngeoer.--T ~mUol Photos b, aleran FmkSmth adinstatontht heshftwa fvo ad 2 gans. frca cunrisfomelyuner eae elrtay ds"a eerlwllasUis hat'theas atonlitsmen xpllngChan Klsk hemade the trimooter system. This would leave Peking three French cule, though France has to join Indonesia's President SuRe dld anmmnend Burns for his Bryant disputed Bous' conten- 't l[" -$ i --P s il d karno in foraing a rivel orne l [t 1$ =
thnee appontmeuts to the Cabi- MEMENTO: Carved WTooden Bo lJs Gifc from Japan tonthat you c iskeye as Posts-'lo. ... net, describing them as excellent a Utilizatlon of college plants A ntinovertv Filled In this connection, there is echoices. Actually, if the vacant w el consideration for it was under his administration under the semester system.
ie hlaocured urin gByans need speculation at U.N. head- c,, sne dsamo a.term there is a good polity teacher retuirements. We are that the people of Florida ap- Bryant said he was frequently quarters whether Peking would sass .. rn sasee. he would have named two of pioneers in this type of insurance proved a constitutional amend- credite--or blamed as the case take a U.N. seat if the invitation the men Burns selected. It was in Florida and Mr. Baley will meant authoriing the sale of may be--for inauguration of e o -For negon directors for giona office in Atlanta lalte in tattoo generally known that B arnt sup- be chairman of the group that bonds for construction at institutrimester system. the anipove program were Daniel i. Luevano is resigning were extend Chares Lynch, 5On ge s a oa ported Bud Dickinson, the new will have Jurisdiction over thesetions of higher learning. Another "The osue was never tieaten a nted to r P n a toe tePc rneda Ca en corneoponden who pueisewsnee rmse Am oha h daii Budt Dic'pe nontl them newna Johso Mesfes BasOsesee comptroller, in Dckinson's un- funds." constitutional amendment was or semester," he said. "The in. regional office in san Francisco. lIeves Pekeng would decline a c successful bid for the governor- Sound Fiscal Policy adopted during his administra- tent of Ihe Legislature in appro- Wiam lH. Crook, president of Some diplomats have held the caor Psw d ship n 1964. Brya ls also was tion authorizing bonds to acquire printing funds was full utilization that I regional nons wit the wi C k pmdo o fo e idom tha h dI a dose I Broward Williaams, the Touching on other matters, sland for conservation and rec- of the buildings on a year-round Office of Economic Opportunity as Marcus Acadeyan Mar- view Ion several years tat Ma new state treasurer. Wiiams Brant said he did not go along reational purposes. basis. I personally favor Ike are of greet imporance "ecuse coo, Tes., to head Ike Souwest
supported B aol in 1060 and with orilicism of Gnv. Bous that ure ytm h tesr icos pInked another winner in Burns Burns' hold-the-line policy on new Wisdom, Not Courage Ste sste en r ty ne ol offIce in us are s system wan adopted an the hass Iocnl comnitlies In au eltonrt l n enmdar ie n
in 1964. taxes during the 1901 session woo "What they like 1000 Leg f recommendation o that In largely Itiated, planned of regional offices In C hi g a o,
Oatsading Educator politically inspired. nature) have approved and spent Iors." sod conducted al ke comuntty Kansas Cit and Washington, "I felt this was sound fiscal was mainly raised in the 1963 Bryent had ready answer level" D.C. As for F lyd h erian, the new policy," he said. "I also feel it session," he said. "It takes wee- whec asked why college poes- Thefou apouteen are: stte o c h oo souperendenl, was made possible because of dam to snd properly, not cour- sr favored a return to the se- nnmunl D. Prntor, amociate Dead GI Identified Brunt ed him en ouland- the sound fiscal condition of the age. The blood was spilled dur- mester system. general necreta at the Nationl WABHINTOR Sep 4 (UPI) log educaor. state when I left office. We left ig the 1963 session Io get this Salaries increased Council Churches sod a rer i Bryat acknowledged that re- an unencumbered surplus of $38 program under way." "Salaries were increased a sociate director of the Pea The Army tod identified tgl tiring School upt. Thomas Bat- million and my administration Bryant declined to say whether proximately 11 percent In the Corpo, to head Ike Noheaot re- Pa., as the odier killed in Sale ley will become a key executive was also able to complete not' he would vote for Burns' $300 increased workload in changing giona office in New York City. Domingo a few hours before Hen in his insurance firm although only all of its capital outlay pro- million road bond program. He to the trieser ysem," he said. Frank K Sloan, fonmen depy tn Garcia-Gody was stalled Bailey w allcontnue to reside in ects but some that were au- conceded there were some good "Now they go back to the old assistant secret of defense nd as provisional president of the Talahassee. Bryant made it thorized during the Collins ad- points to the program but he system but retain their present now an attorney al Columbia, Dominican Republc' clea-, however, that Bailey did minitration." also expressed some misgivings. salaries." with resins insurance comepany.cle lyant also feels that the 1965 "There are two sides," he said. As for the trimester sotem MEET JACKSONVILLE'S :
1k h inurace ginpny. Le iltore is In he commended l D
"The Job sought the men," he for the strides made in R.r C H EV RO LETP THIRL awa$ a. tcher BE.d pains aight in lrm tub said. "I have remained in touch tion--the $80 million educational Y our W a tch Fixed th, e s.ois massage at Ike.. .. mCou. WHI. with members of the Cabinet and bond program for capital outlay O Get Sthse No. 1 BA D sfe N EEDL e pi. termsag I learned Mr. Bailey was think- pcojec In example. INCLUDtS CLEAING OILING ADJUSTIA a provides hest ad masae at the some aima to atimlate lng of retiring. He will be viceIBuOnheia loc .I es ns
oir man aer of a teal But he again 5mh 555 that CASE POLISHED AND ONE OF THESE PARTlo Nbod TEuIioSn. It r s dL Ebi t he scha irman nn uaor. he at C t a Fom Jacksonville's No. 1 . relief o the minor pints associated wite CHROHIC IRboard me of National c e:EING ......................... CHEVRO LET DEALER! TO TIS .... SPRAINS AND BlUISES... ACINGUBAG

ary| z~e '] O" v O.TII | il CHRONOGRAPHS AND SPECIAL MODELS SLIGHTLY HIGHER To - o, J. JACUZZI sets right in lru ... tub and rspire .... sal "IThis comet~an wasaded tonuf- rna] , .E S plumbig or wiing. Fare Ires illstreed color brochure so sell lan-aheltered vadaie ennui- Bf. L THI LUGGAGE SHOP ldE O'0 .....g......I ISaw os ........ hee 598, .--,,,,.wsle.a s.... ,.
Sties o school teanhero. These WSOM' BROA IsDoksoeeitl 1449 ATa a lsDaAM Je h I. 32217. accounts must be adminIstered CORNER LAURA AND o Ne I OI Jacksonvlle, 449 eaudirL Rd. Jscksonville 2217.


: 10 A.M.-9 P.M.
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0 0- I

PAGE 4 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1965 w. Man Must Be A

Cheo PeaceHas o Vale IfThe People Are Waking Up, At Last! Partner, Foe ila[m aiuPeace Has No Value If Partner, Foe

Published Evey Mo. by Freedom Isn't Defended I Of Divine Will
400 West Aduns Street. Jcksonvlle 2t. Morlds
American beatniks, who are re- B GeogeW.EBv.ODVtn rs
orJ'dl:lPrP.. ... PaR ll 4 J/IN R By George W. Simons JTr. Omoo dnsIr s Alsr.opeHaer ported to be readying more demon- CA LCa J Isc& JR.
Esitao ndioris.r alsPc ssca e ingto 114 :11 CRyAesWL,. mosr strations against U.s. actions in South; "Be watchful, stand firm is MEMBER OF TH ASSOCIATED PRESS east Asia even as more of their coun- Ever since Dr. E. Merton Coul- RU414 A CRAC our faith be courageous, e
The Assoaited Press is entitled exclusively to
sne use or oublcaton o allf the local news rnted trymen report for military service, ter taught him in a modern Eu- IN-E BACK FENC. strong."-i Corinthians 16:13. I sn this newpaver u well as all AP news d ches. ought to take time out to talk to the ropean history course at the Colossal wa a smal ontero seond c clas matter t the Post Office at University of Georgia four dec- Colosae was a mall im Jon s lod u0dr the Aco March s, ts. Korean War turncoats who are now ades ago about the so-called portant city located on the drifting back to this country from Red "partitions of Poland," the a- Lyuons River about 12 miles
A VERSE FOR TODAY China. thor of this piece has had more a bove the twin cities of Laodicea thin a passing Interest in that and Meropols, and some hun.
GROWING IN SELF-DISCIPLIN-Kow The beatnik protestors and their than a passing inret in tht and ieropol and me h
ve not that thhi whtch run in a race run little northern European cou- dred miles from the capital 'of oct he itlr the Roman Province of Ephesus ll. bu one reeeiueta the artze? so run, friends may find that they have a lot tr h oanPoic o peu that n man obtatin.--i innthias ci:24. in common with that miserable group World War 11 served to sharpen where for more than. two years of men who deserted their country for that interest because of close Paul conducted a very successFresh Point of View the illusory charms of life in a Com- association for several years with fur mission. Colssae lay within
Fresh Point of View munist nation. Both turncoats and the famous Polish Corps of the the western boundary of the
Is Helpf to A demonstrators did nothing for their British Eighth Army, and a re- ancient region of Phrygia which 'Is Helpful to All d onport the other day from Warsaw had always been classified as a country and much for the enemy telling of an increase in the mem- spawning ground for enthusiastic ov. and r. Haydon Burns plan cause. bership of Poland's Communist cults and wild prophets of new to leave Tallahassee Tuesday on a Undoutdly the turcot who e- party caused him to review in n a concepts of religion. Because of tolaeTlaase usa na Undoubtedly the turncoats who be- 0 'e I I z Q o I its close roximit,to Phrygia, his mind one of the greatest0t0e ha it o h r :24-day trip combining official bust- trayed their country may be able to tragedies born of that conflict. the inhabitants of that area may ness and vacation pleasure that will find some one who will help them jus- The Polish Corps, if you don't O "|1CTO i S, S have been influental in polluting take them half-way around the world, tify their act on the grounds that recall, was constituted of expa- the Christian doctrie at ColsOn his return, the Governor will they were under heavy military pres- triates of Poland who refused to s. Paul had never ied Col plunge into what promises to. be an ure, came from poor backgrounds, remain in their native land after ossae, so directly had n part extremely busy official and political or what have you. But there is no it was seized by Hitler andI in the establishment of the Chris,,xreey'formed themselves Into amlitary tim crch there. Ito exstence, year as he closes out his foreshort- such escape for the often well edu- orgamition to fight ith he tianchurch there. Its existence ioraizto to fig. wit .., 0 1 A ai the cowt n s ra t ed, eforts ened two-year term and campaigns cated, pseudo intellectuals, pinks, British against the odious deeds i '-Imarly to the consecrated efforts 'for the full four-year tenure beginning punks, cowards or outright Red sym- of Hitler. It was these men who : of one Epaphrs whom Paul adin January 1967. pathizers who are marching in this finally took the German bastion dressed as "our dear fellow se
h free land against our efforts to af- at Monte Cassino, a pivot in the vent." Paid learnedto know Thegovernor'sofficialbusinesa line which long defied the best Epahras when he came i Rome The o rnr l b te o ford the same freedom to other pen- ilei o f the e seeking counsel. He and Epaphras his tour will be to carry the word military efforts of the Allies. seigcusl eadEaha pie. Their performance at that un- discussed the Colossa church and
-about Florida as a convention and ir efor t h Ae the many problems that had tourist mecca. His first call will be Just as the turncoats were used to ture in World War II and at-asthe re in Puerto Rico, where he will extend bring political embarrassment to this many others branded them as arisen there.
n Vicious fighters, and like the
an invitation to a convention of some nation,' so too are the modern dem- French, they became identified The church at Colosesae was theybecae idntife be diorh ed anew radical ;5,000 refrigerator dealers and sales- onstrators being used to harass our as men who were batting for the being disrupted by a new radical men to choose Florida for their next leaders and to lower the morale of the privilege of return to their home- philosophy; the simple Christian gathering. men who must face the enemy guns. land. gospel was being expanded and Otrg tWbat was the tragedy con- embellished by additions from Often these wild demonstrators ad- nected with these valiant men? the Jewish and pagan faiths. From Puerto Rico, Gov. and Mrs. vance intellectual sounding arguments Well, once the victory had been Known as the Colossae heresy "Burns will fly to New York, where in which they espouse such things as achieved, the men of the Polish it could not be dentified with
they will be joined by Development indivIdualism, humanity, liberty, se- Corpa found theIr country under any other cstem. The objective ,Commission Chat man and Mrs. curity, national political self-determi- a regime as totalitarian in na- of the anew distrtion "tendedwn t
ibslsCa mpbell for a flight ,across I.ture as that which was dori- obscure -and water down the
Chale Campbell f a flight across nation and so forth, yet they make no nated by Hitler. The Moscow glory of Christ while professing ,-the roof of the world to Anchorage, effort to censure the Communist na- Communists were in the saddle, to present a higher knowledge Alaska, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. At tions which are bent on destroying and the story is that the men and a more severely ascetic Hong Kong the governor and chair- these very same principles. of the Polish Corps scattered to moality." The new teaching was man Campbell will attend the annual t wouldbe interesting to hear a the four corners of the earth. -described by its proponents as Convention of the American Society It would be interesting to hear a a "philosophy" but Paul Sconversaton between beatnik dem- Twenty years later, Poland's Trees of the Region Serve Both as Symbols of Its described it as a "vain conceit." group Travel Agents, in a id for future onstrator and returning turncoat, if ruling United Workers (Commu- According to the Interpreter's
group to ch Florida fora future the two should happen to discuss the Uet Party) is reporting thatit h Uni e Heritage a of Its B ding for the Future Bible, "the system seems to have meeting. glories of a state-controlled life n boosted its strength by 100,000 rested upon doctrine of angelic
Thereafter, Gov. and Mrs. Burns China and the political liberties and candidate members in the first By Pope Haley beings called the elemental half of 1965 for a total of 1,725,000. spirits of the universe, who were will spend several days each in Bang- economic abundances which that na- Poland's total population is about Man's close affinity for, and iargae numbers in a wild state. Sidney Lanier to write his m- worshipped." The leaders of the kok, Manila and Honolulu before re- tion has so far failed to provide for 31000,000. Forty percent of the dependence upon, trees for many Another striking evidence of the mortal poem; nd lover's Oak, ew cult judged men in respect turning home. its teeming millions. new Communists are persons of the necessities and comforts of community of Interests of North also in Brunswick, which tradi- to eating, drinking and in the
Succe in thebd to attract a Although the people of this nation under 25 years of age. life was the central theme of Florida and South Georgia is tion said was a favorite meeting matter of festival, new moon and
.disptematters uf poliial. con- I i simultaneous tree-planting cere- found in the fact that Georgia's place for young Indian loves sabbath. It imposed dietary obliues in the or at f may dispute matters of political,, co- Is hard to realize that Marx- monies in Washington and each official stat e tree, the live oak, even before the arrival of the gations which exceeded those ofi travre gathering of thulde organ partion clearly mercial.' or domestic importance ian doctrines are honored today of the 50 state capitals sponsored is far more common in North colonists. the Jewish Cde and it preeffective coup for Florida, since tra- among themselves, there can be no by more than 800000000 persons, by the International Shade Tree Florida than i the state's own ascribed ritual observance of the
eldoubt that the majority of the people including the more than 60000,- Conference. official tree. The prevalence of Equally famous In North sacred seasons of the Jewish caltel agentine Stat e would be the elook t are solidly behind the President, the under the direction of the In Washington, Secretary of the the live oak, impressive in its Georgia is the old oak tree in edar. Some aspects of a mysto government and th mn e th Peiping regime. What strength Interior Stewart Udall presided beauty and grandeur, throughout Washington, G. which stnds toy cult were also included.
-Ambassadors to encourage others to wh ar they have may e glimpsed t at the plnting of a scarlet oak North Florida, gave its name to before the home of Robert Cnfronted. by such radical do the same. working to bring freedom to the pe- an open boast by Palmiro Tog- in Lafayette Park, across Penn- the Suwannee Codnty seat where Toombs, fiery Confederate gen- occurrences at Colosae. there is pie of South east Asia. It i time for latl, Italy's bigwtgRed, not too Sylvania Avenue from the White it is found in large numbers and eral and patriot. Union soldiers little wonder that fthe trouled But inaddition to the specific and many people to learn that peace has on ol World ar th that he House. Florida shared in the na- magnificent exampes. boasted they Would bang Toomb Epaphras ame n Rome t cn! immediate goals of the Governoro' little value in a world that is halt c o munost army of. tionwide program with the plant- The huge live oak,' heayvil from Its bran bhes th escaped for with Paul. As he spread be. trip, such a Journey will return long slave and h free. e- n the positions dug lng of a magnificent example of draped n Banish moss, is ndeed and remained an "unrecon- fore Paul tie amut of bs sew b-, f ~ by the ehrmacht in the GothiM the official state tree, the sabal one of the most striking sights structed rebel" for the remain- perversion of Faith, one cm see nd short term dividends n the,bene- Line along thNothe hNr Apennines palm, on the Capitol grounds in encountered by residents of cool- der of his life. Paul preparing to write a lette fits to be derived by anyone, in public upon a moment's notice. It is Tallahassee. er cmes on their firt visit to ergia ad Florda stand to the Colossians. or private life, from travel to un- Free op le Must Take also pertinent to observe that Mal Ogden, administrative as- the Sunshine State, and one that s impressive reminders of the ,famlia plce mebrsi ant meetes and Paul's letter to the Clossians familiar places and meeting andmembership times f sistant to Gov. Haydon Burns, will be long remembered and as- great spiritual leaders, poets, d l to e Cooans talking with people of different back- any Responsibilities clse to a million and one-half, acting n the governor's absence, socated with the region, soldiers and statesmen who have is reputed to be the noblest and grany an the Communist Party In Istaly has dedicated the palm "as a symbol The characteristic ability of the contributed to the region's rich fullest interrtation of the cngrounds and cultures. been among the strongest tn of the appreciation Floridians live oak and other branches of history. trly of r fod
The truism that "travel Is broad- Exactly 191 years ago today, dele- Europe. have for one of our most price- the oak family to survive for a the New Testament. in It he ,enlng" has become a cliche simply gates from all of the colonies except In the United States, the party less natural resources." long span of years is at least in It is neither the sabal palm nor confirms the truth of the Gospel because it is indisputable. There is Georgia opened the first Continental membership has always re- He also unveiled a plaque com- part responsible for the oak's the oak tree, however, that has as preached by Epanhras and maned small, varying from memoratlng the planting cere- common association with historic taken its place as the modern also, he exposes the errors and nothig marc rewarding sebodn ogrs nPiaepha n ea ean afonew "pim
othng more rewarding in broaden- onres P adelphia, d bga 15,000 to 25,000, and upon the monles, which was erected near events. One of the best known king of the Georgia-Florlida em- weaknesses ofthenew "philoso. ,ng mental horizons,and taking a fresh th struggle to establish a republi figures connected with the Red the tre on the west side of the of bch associations to residents pire, but the pine which has be- ph" which the Co n Chris.
new viewpoint on old problems than can democracy which would be known strength In this country hangs Capitol. of Jacksonville is famed Treaty come a stable mainstay in the tians wierhe bnInvSedto aces to get away from too familiar sur- as the United States of America. the whole story of how the Con- Ogden recalled that the sabal Oak, around which centers the entire region's economy, support- Inhisletter e stresses the good muntst party operates n the palm, popularly known as the legend tha it was the site of ing tremendously valuable lu points of the Colssians:.--"We oundings for a few days and di- The business of the Congress was world today, a chronicle, inci- cabbage palm, was designated as negotiations between early white ber, wood products and paper in- always thank God when we pray cover, what people in another part of to discuss the problems created by dentally, that should'carry much the official state tree by the 1953 settlers and Indians. dustries while constantly adding for you, because we have heard the world are doing and thinking, and Britain's adoption of the Intolerable current meaning. Florida legislature, and added Rivaing Jacksonville's Trety to the value of the region's re- of your faith in Christ Jesus and what they consider important. Acts, and it marked the first real that no more versatile tree could Oak in age and span of its giant sources with a reforestation pro- of the love which you. have for signs of a latent nationalism among Among the most lucid writers have been chosen. It has many limbs is famed "Big Oak" of gram which results in an an- the Saits, because of the hope There may be nothing occurring In the colonists. on this subject in the United different uses, and products made Thomasville, the only Georga nual net Increase in the number laid up for you in heaven."
Thomasvilleaith ite isl saidi insire service, I te ume
Tokyo, Hangluk, Hong Knog or Ma- States is the widely read Dr. from it can be "eaten, drunk member of the famous Live Oak ansd value of standing trees after Faith, It in said, inspires service. nila that will be helpful in solving any The first Continental Congress and Elton Trueblood, the great stu- and worn." society, which also includes live accounting for all the trees har- lve energiesit aienpe perpet
nil tht wllbe elpul n olvng ny the sessions which followed It until dn n ece ftepiooh
thisessioa ns which followed It until dent and, teacher of the philoop oak& in Louisiana, Texas, Missis- vested. uates t. Paul then prayed that synhefirlprblemnenmouneredvbytth
specific problem encountered by the 1781, had no written guideline and of religion, who pointed out a Equally as noteworthy as the sippi, Alabama, South Carolina In Florida alone, the pine tree knowledge of Chrit's il in a l
-Govrno ofFloida n hs ofical fw yarsbac In ne f hs boksknowledge of Christ's will in all o of Fordawere thus cumbersome o a few years back in one of his books versatile sabal palm is the fact and Florida. contributes many millions of dolapacity, but there are Indisputably e thu cumbersome sessions. In that it is not In numbers that the that it i only one of the 314 dif- Also familiar to all area res- lars to the economy each year, spiri. The emphasis on wisdomtandany benefits t aruetoB 1781, the Articles o Confederation es- Reds count their strength but in ferent species of trees found in dents are the Washington Oak at while the number of trees planted In The emphasis on widom
mnybeeftstoacru t M. urs tablished a loose organization which the devotion to purpose of an elite and understanding is against the as an n i o u n a loo organization which the devotion to purpose of nelteoppor- Florida, more than in any other St. Marys, Ga.. planted In 1799 in the reforestation program secret myteries of those advotunity to visit with people on the proved unworkable and was super- few. Indeed, he went so far as single state, and nearly half of to commemorate the date of launched nearly 40 years ago has cates and promoters of the Coseded by the present national consti- to say that communism had for
other side of thl wceld that will help il e all of ti dynamic a hepeces found in all North Gege Washington's death; Wes- passed 1.5 billion, lssin he.. "May d him do a better job as governor, system that could accomplish the ends e pfo in tigin co n a lpya s ak, in front of Christ As the sab palm is uniquely strengthen you with ample poweec a rele asintedot th ci anegion. The note minor peini of weak- Cbuch, on St. Stmons island, characteristic of Florida, and as t meet whatever comen with ere te meetr whateve come wit
hogtb h is mrcn; tatCrsint a',teeoe eSS In the sabal palm's title as under w h o se moss-draped the oak stands as sybo of friue aineadjy"I sought by the .first Americans. that Chrisianity ci, therefore, the official state tree lbf that while branches John and Charles Wes- regional siagdaes aintotu ci a nd rltue, patience sod lop." Do
equl rondreioalheritages of culture and 0ayer af thanksivng, Paid it in apparent that the members of begin s glth t an equal ground it flourishes throughout the state, ley preached to the colonits and history, so the pine is its modern then expressed gratitude that God Th u a oc s the Congress did not believe in a on- bis alien pilsophy until illis unuallysueen in turin Florida Ihe Iadians; Lanier Oak. Ic Symbol of wise utiliatin of tb aeimii noaot h
SInstrument rs" became equally s h made them fit to share in the epen-central government. The federal consecrated to their cause, as a transplant. Only in South Brunswick, overlooking the famed region's natural resources n heritage of Gods people in tho system which they established relied J. Edgar Hoover, fur' his part, rlm of light. God "rescued
-Florida-.Is it found growing in Marshes of Glynn which ispied build for the future. rseo ih. "ece
- a careful ba of powers wn a' careful balance of powers which has concentrated in his utter- them from the dam i darkFirste rnasoftheeplaced the burden of moot govero- aces regarding communism e adh ro the hinogConcert Chorale in preparation for the ment activity on the individual and upon the danger of driving the Today tl's lmortan to Keep With Jones" s dom of him dear Son, in whom approaching season will be held to- local government. Reds underground. Re has urged our release in secured and our Morrow In the Fellowship Hall of that they be kept in the open, sins forgiven." Paul then admonrerse Avenue Christian Church. Ealy congressmen believed that The director of the Federal n- By Helen B. Shaffer inhed them to resice their ink RiversidethAvenuerChristianeChurch,
e Chorale launches Hos new season they had few responsibilities except reau of Investigation must also WASHINGTON Advertising to F20 billion year, and a figure Teen-agers and young people a Christian potential in the rank drethe musicaldirection eofasr in areas of postal operations, money be credtedwith wisome Of the executives are beginning to au- commonly given for total expend- little older are responsible for and status of Christians which shall person, musical director and coinage, foreign policy and nationalbot tion the business community itures by and for youth is $50 55 percent of all soft drink was already theirs.
"fellow-travelling." He and oth- against getting carried away by billion a year. Recent studies sales, 53 percent of movie ticket Paul then takes a new turn ganot defense. They obviously expected the have explained that commu- the potentialities of the youth indicate that the average Junior sales, 44 percent of camera wherein he considers the csmo Church and one of Jacksonville's out- burden of most government to fall an nism gaon olceogib iram librrain, market. They are reminding pro. and senior high school student sales, 43 percent 01 ro erd sales, significance of Christ-the place standing musicians, state and local bodies with the citl- who, while not card-carrying ducers and sellers of consumer has at his disposal approximately 26 percent of m smetim uales, of Christ in human life and huzens assuming even greater responsi- Reds, lend support to many of goods that, after all, there are $i a week, one-half from an al- and from 20 to 30 percent if man history. Endawed with afres He succeeds Clem Boatwright, who bilities than any level of government, the causes espoused by the Krem- other customers for their wares, lowance and one-half from earn- apparel sales. science and oilm must has served no the Chorale's dIrector lin fraternity with their outspok- with more money to spend than Ins on odd jobs. Because teen- pseen-age impact on the market be either a priner ar foe of ion six years. It may he that the constant dele- en left-wing views. teen-agers and their younger and agers usually live and eat at is believed to extend beyond the the divine will. The ersponsibiliy :- o gation of authority and responsibli- For every one staunch party- older brothers and sisters, home and have most of their youngsters' own purchases to a for human destiny is in human
-Anyone with a talent cod love for ty to the present Congress by the liner, it has been estimated, Icouace af ouch reminders is a other basic needs provided for wide rae sf adult hoylug. The bands. God's purcoe cor hum singing is invited to attend the re- people actually does not represent a there are 10 "pinks" who give r wideng of adl bu te hand Gon urpoe or hua old ad cucofri to Ibo attack sign of the extent to which the them, they are apt to spend freely president of Many's was quoted bind can he realized o n frm of "creeping socialism" but a mot o e generation has gained what they have in their own last spring as saying: "In our the submission of human wills for the group's first concert at the rather shows the intense desire of the coo institutions by 'the Reds inuence uver an Important oSeg- pockets, generatin you had its keep upor to divine will. The responsibility Ants Festival VIII to be held in many people to be free of all abli- men o man's. Referring to Christ's
gatlons to society. Trite though it may be, the Youngsters not yet eligible to Random statistics illustrate the important to keep up with the position, Paul says, "He is bead planning hao aba begun fr the e Communist modus operndi vote have become. if not arbiters, group's impact on business. Teen- Joness kids." He estimated that of the body, the church; He is lwarur Unless this trend is reversed, it for sst gldauce counselor s of ers are reported to drink 3 t teen-agers influenced apprx- the inclosing. The nhurh eceChrl' i-itrcnet lasworth reiterating: It calls for bilio thes beginning. Theser chrc hee Chrl' mid-winter concept always may be that everyone will'nd his overthrowing existing democratic consumer goods industries. They billion quarts of milk a year and imately $30 billion worth of family fore-in Colossae as elsewhere-a highlight of the musical season. The own rights severely lil fited. institutions of the world by sabo- are consulted through market re- 1o make hal a billion phone coils spending a year, including ex- is the body of Christ-not a body
professional quality of the group's tage, subversion, and infiltration, search surveys and "teen panels" a week. Four-fifths of them own penditures for sports cars and for o Christians. "If you continue in performances, which have contributed and failing with these weapons, on their whims and fancies about 'adios and watches; half of them conversion of basements into rec- the faith, stable and steadfast, "so much to'the appreciation of good not to hesitate in the use of everything from bubble gum to have their own record players; reaction rooms. not shifting from the hope of the suic by Jacksonville audiences, is Missed Chance force, sports cas. 20 percent of senior high school gospel ynu have beard," you ouys have cars of their own. Others are skeptical about teen will defeat the agitators.
f :course the principal explanation of The battle has been joined In
:thehorale's strong popular appeal. The museum of arms and armor this country just as surely as Those who caution against over- buying influence. A director of it has in Southeast Asia, and the emphasizing the youth market 0 C magazine advertising sales has But there is another factor in the In Britain's Tower of London disposed months ahead wll witness an in- admit that its nevertheless well Copeing Dad chalenged the contention that group's use of the oldest and most of a huge collection of "inferior and creased amount oI ranting by worth cultivating. That market, youngsters dictate their parents' Various perfect musical instrument, the human damaged Junk" at auction, for which left-wing groups that will be try- in its broadest sense, ranges all purchasing. Parents may listen ;voice, which enhances its appeal, it received the equivalent of more tog tI undermine the strength the way from users of bassinets Elsie: "Willie and I have been tolerantly to a son's or daugh- "What is the name of your asof the American effort in Viet- sod csumers of babyf downstairs in the dining room, Mr,. term's pleas, but they are likely tomohble" spontaneouss song f the irst and broen fiearms, rusy nam. student readers of paperback Smith. We've been playing Hu- to buuy the car, TV set, or house- "I don't know." .stii the best form. of musical expres- ancient and broken firearms, rusty textbooks and young married pur- band and Wifet" hold appliance they had planned sion, as demonstrated by the fact that helmets and swords. 0 5 0 chasers of washing machines. But Mr. Smih: "How did you do all along to buy. A New York "You don't know? What da h the nation's 23 million teen-agers that, my dearS" advertising firm recognizes that your folks call it" the highest praise that coo he given The return for the sale of the use- Help are generally recognized as its thee may he aeed In adboni "Sb, as Ia tha, Faiber always a man-made instrument is that it less material was surprisingly high, heart and soul. It is they who Elsie: "Why, Willie sa at one styling of certain paducts and says 'The Mortgage'; brother "resembles the human voice." but even so, the museum probably The interstate highway pro- provide the newest injection of end of the table and I sat at the their sales promotion to the tastes Tom calls it 'The Fake'; Mother,
Talented voices, raised in song, could have doubled its money by at- gram reaches its midway point. buying power and the brightest other; and Willie said, 'This food of young people. It points out, 'My Limousine'; Sister, 'Our under the direction of a skilled leader, teaching each piece of lunk to a framed It is now possible to take a lux- "sin" t the trade in cnumer isn't fit to eatl' and I said, 'It's however, that families with h eads Car'; Grandma, 'That Peril'; the krouow no fnne challenger for orches- piece nour-lane road hallway to goods. all you'll getl' and Wille said, in the 35-54 age bracket are the chauffeur, 'Some Freak,' and klw noloecalenro e piece o canvas and aling it "pop where you want to go-(From Estimates of teen-age spending 'Damnl' nd I got up and left ones with the biggest purchasing our neighbors, 'The Limit.'" Scat beauty, art." The Philadelphia Bulletin). on personal items alone run up the rooml"--(lExcohange), power, (Exchange)



Hurricane VA. hm D. All-Out War Looms St. Augustine Opens 400th Year Rites urr cane _" A a, Looms
Stalled rfolk (Continued from Page 1) street to watch the parade or day walked around Cathedral Is S a e Int ied around the booths which Plaza near the Old Slave Market.

ff Florida .. en e d Holdte the 400th birthday party. Old Slave Market later with pick* C. (Continued from Page 1) quick strikes at Pakistani tanks. master of ceremonies; introduced The program will continue Sun- et signs but were told by police (Conie fA dog fight against Pakistani the dignitaries at the dedication day with the dedication of the they could not parade with the (Continued from Page 1) Wimegos to India using the delta-wing F86 Sabre and P104 jets began f the center. building to which Dr. Plate re- igns. The group left quietly.
ina p re a red bnt fnin- Cd Soviet Union. sat the e minu s an Indian fonso Merry del Val, the mbas- dilon to the dedication, ground retary of the local organization,
t es Infom ed sources said the Pak- ispokesman tsaid. inngo Pkthei n ea of id St e a toal A s el tions. The U.S. Agriculture De- stani forces managed to cross He charged that Pakistan Spain to the United States; will be broken for a Hispanic said the natinal SCLC eadquarpartment said emergency stood tae Gen. Camio Alonsa Vega ters in Atlanta had promised to supplies would te made avoail- Ce a the Tawi Rier, which would por p lots fired Sidewinder missiles Spain's minister of the interior garden wbic w be located be- ond two assistants of Martin Lu. able e a threat to Jammu, winer captal ut scored no hits Sidewinder Dr. Jose A. Mora, secretary-gen- tween the center and Casa del their King, SCLC director, her whips aore. n of Indian-held Kashmir. are beat-seeking missiles that eral of the OAS; Senor Angel Se- Hidalgo. Sunday to coordinate future dem. whSeaips ashore.e and GA; Forge Ahead 3 liles home-in on enemy planes, gaz Spain's director-general of Gov. Haydon Burn and U.S. onstrations. eAn Indi aounement leet a oUnted Sta es aairs in the ortGeorgia y were aeady beginning, a A Paistani spokesman said the the exact situation on the ground eitgn M istry; F lorida S ecretary of Interior ewar to run heavy, with tides one to forces crossing theriverproceed- a little vague, saying Indian of State Tom Adams; Maj. Gen, Udall are scheduled to participate two feet above normal and swells IrnsiWk ed to forge ahead for five more troops were "inflicting further Henry W. McMillan, adjutant-gen- in the 2 p.m. dedication of the up to seven feet. But happy va- mile C amb rot losses on the invading Pakistani eal Florida; S. AugustineCasa del Hidalgo.
ROn the Chamb front 35 miles a mp
catoners crowded the beaches for Jole;ll northwest of Jammu, informantstroops. Mayor John Bailey; and Senr The groundbreaking ceremony t last oiday o the summer.nNe h an Automobiles roiled onto the in New Delht aid, Pakistani India now claims to have de- Surarez de Puga, secretary-gen- for the garden will be held at beaches and families ate pcnic FLA forces deepened their penetra- stroyed four Pakistani Jets, 22 eral of the Institute of Hispanic 3 p.m. lunches and swam in the rising tion to 10 miles with a 5-mile tanks, and 40 heavy vehicles, as Culture. surf ashey listened to radio Orladvance in heavy fighting. well as a number of antitank Parade Held ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., Sept. 4 broadcasts of Betsy's direction, O CAPE KNNdDY India has made no estimate of guns. At the completion of the dedi- (UPI)--A handful of young Nee an a top NNsmY Indian or Pakistani casualties but New Delhi acknowledges the cation ceremonies, the St. Augs- groes picketed quadricentenia cll "The sea is pretty rough, but o they were reported to be heavy loss of two planes and five tanks. tine Junior Cha er of Com- ceremonies here today. There we're having the nicest day we've t. A oet Pierce and mounting. The Pakistan spokesman said merce officially began its "Days were no incidents. had in a week," said a man at Pibse The Indian spokesman said the the 40 Indian planes appeared to in Spain" celebration wth a color- About 25 Negroes protesting alManteo, N.C. ground attack was made under be headed for strafing runs ul parade on St. George Street. leged discrimination in events for the skes your hom
Betsy, already an extremely the cover of U.S,-made jet fight- against Pakistani ground forces. Thousands of people lined the celebrating the city's.400th birthidangerous storm, built her peak er planes. He reported that Inwindss Jet fighters mmediately atwinds s p teo 135 milesantic. To- AHAMAS tacked and all returned safely. oishe ept up the Atlantic h ed d f oS OUE SOE OR LESS
night Betsy was 450 miles south MIAMI s In Rawalpindi, the Pakistan of Cape Hatteras, N.C., at lati- Nas spokesman ald the Sabre was tude 28.9 north, longitude 75.7, shot down b four MI over west, and was moving north- -A WtaDhot Pakistan's territory. He reported northwest at 8 m.p.h. The report the MIGs were accompanying an placed Betsy's position 375 miles HURRICANE STALLED IN ATLANTIC undetermined lumber of Indian east-southeast of Jacksonville.- Betsy's Approximate Position Saturday Night British-made Hunter jets which
A hurricane hunter plane pne- were attacking ground forces. trated Betsy's rye and the pilot This was the second air attack reported frightful turbulence. He by Indian forces during the day, estimated winds in excess of 115 h b Earlier, 40 Indian air m.p.h spun out 35 miles from RedsAttacked in Sw mp force Jets engaged In a dog fight the solid wall of rain that sur- with Pakistani jets but broke off rounded the eye. (Continued frsm Page 1) areas and military barracks, the fight "after a short, sharp
Gales sweeping out 200 miles U.S air action n South Viet engagement." AS LOW AS
from Betsy's eye churned up 120,- tacked a ferry complex with five INam included strikes against Fighting erupted after a short AS OW A 000 square miles of the Atlantic. tons of bombs 85 miles south- troop positions, rest and upply lull in which the India hurried
Jacksonile ec rerd east Vn. The planes drew areas and base amps. to strengthen their defenses along winds of 25 to 30 miles an hour, light ground fire but both were A Viet Cong assembly area in the Tawi Hiver, and halt what just under gale force, and tides said to have returned safely. Quang Ngai Province came under looked like a Pakistani drive for two to four feet above normal. Forty other US. Air Force ets fire of the U.S 7th Fleet Aknoor akhnur), an important 4 3 O. They were attributed to a large roamed the skies over the north destroyer Kyes yesterday in town on the strategic road linkhigh pressure system. See Page in 10 different missions to hit Quang Ngai Province, about 00 tng Jammu with Naushebra and a. targets of opportunity. A spokes- miles north of Saigon, Spotters other Indian posts farher north
Six-flot waves washed qver man said pilots reported damage said the ahip's shells destroyed along the cease-fire line.
Daytona Beauch's famous white or destruction to bridge, staging or damaged 66 structures. The Indian Defense Ministry beach. Tides were running four said it did not know how the feet above normal at New Smyr- Pakistanis got across the riverna Beach. whether by boat or by forcing.
Forecasters said they didn't a a ti i0 se s It seemed apparent, however, an
have enough information on the important Indian line of defense SO nSIDE FRO S SR LESS! new patch of bad weath r, mnre bad been pene treated. than 2,000 miles southeast of Mi- Indian planes opened air aeani, to decide whether it was the tion early in the day, the Defense beginning of the Atlantic's third Ministry said, and made two tropicak storm of the season. DISCOUNT! Another hurricane hunter plane ROME, Sept. 4( -- Bright sun today ended a au o iastr win look it over Sunday. three-day Italian nightmare of torrential rains that L us i LIKE-EW DEMOS left more-than 100 dead or missing. Swollen rivers and DuPont officials said today an XCS NOW
.o mn n s continued flooding kept the nation's life in disorder, experimental unit triggered lbs IS THE TIME TO BUYI I n n a however__ series of explosions Aug. 25 that The raiq also stopped in neigh- Another thanked the Pope for claimed 12 lives at the synthetic P boring Autra,which counted ming, bu aid e w d have rubber plant. The report by
P ege d A u dead and mlllons of dollars in ae sperl10-man Invresigaio team S. ."' damagealongwithtomens prefer d esney But. not all was the first official indication
(Continued from Page 1) ing and feared dead the coi were ltt; ome applauded the of the origin of the initial blast.
lapse of a flood-weakened bridge Pope, some prayed with him.
icemen killed and 155 Wounded, near Klagenfurt Many other per- Vatican officials said later the so far. Total U.S. military and sons who fell into the flooding pontiff left '"a considerable sum economic expenditures to date Drau River when the bridge of money" with parish priests In II are $67 million. At the peak. plunged swam to safety or werethe area as a gift. He also ornearly 24,000 U.S. troops were on picked up n a swift rescue op- dered blankets, clothing and food the Caribbean island. erat on. sent from Vatican warehouses in
The most important result The unprecedented September addition to aid already given by so far: (1) while there were thou- storms put Italy In something church relief agencies. sands of Dominican casualties like a state of shock. Pope Paul
from the violence, the loss of VI toured one of the hardest hit
life would have been much larger suburbs of Rome and found emwithout the U.S. intervention; (2) bittered, sometimes hostile, flood
the Communists did not take victims asking his help, not his over, though they may try again blessing. He premised aid, and. in the future; (3) the wider con- it was promptly sent.
sequences of a major civil war Wiith the return of good weath,
were avoided; (4) the settlement er, which meteonrlogical experts IGH is a solution arrived at by the warned might be shorlived, thou- HIGH TRADES! Dominicans themselves, and was sands of army and police rescue
not imposed by the OAS or the squads stepped up their relief AS LOW AS United States. wrk from Sicily in the south to
0 A major lesson from the af- the Brenner Pass in the north.
fair has been to sho the need As water drained off farmlands SOUTHSIDE FORD ELLS F LESS for hemsphere machinery to and reports came in from vilcope quickly with a crisis of lages that had been isolated, the
this kind. se death toll rose to 55, with 46,
e The OAS bas speeded up its possibly more, missing. Officials
processes since the Dominican hopedmany ofthemissingmight SAVE TODAY! affair. Chances areimproved for turn up, and said it was hnPosthe convening of the postponed sible to estimate a final death
inter-American foreign ministers toll.A meeting, originally planned for Pope Paul's vsit to Prima
Rio de Janeiro in August. Porta and Labarn, neighboring
No conclusive reaction to the rural suburbs of Home, was draU.O. role in the Domlnican epi- malic
sodehasbees re.. ved from the
various Latin-American countries. His white robes and red sliphe moved through the area far
Israelis Hit almost 2b A few of the
residents o Prima Portn, amurking-class suburb of about 4,000 Jord n A where the C.mnist party is
Jbr an Area strong, shouted at him:
"We don't need your blessing.
JERUSALEM, IsraeI, Sunday, We need money."
Sept. 5 (UPI) Israeli army The Pope told a group of flood
forces penetrated into Jordan last victim pressing around the truck night and blew up 11 water pumps in which he rode:
in retaliation for sabotage, the "Unfortunately there is no
The spokesman anid aS units disaster which struck ihis peacereturned safely to base. futl community."
The punitive acti s ... taken A mman shouted: T oOD.W as a warningto Jordanians to "Even if God came here, it m u m WE ARE LOADED WITH halt sabotage by gangs cos g w d bhe no help." ACRES OF EXTRA into Israel from the Ealkfliya
re. Inrael's central for Labor Day! coastal area, the spokesman said. lf CiAty SiL OITis / U
"After the squads returned to
base, the Jordania n fired from EST NEW CAR
Eyal The Jordanian fire was
silenced by our troops," tbe BOMBAY, India, sent. 4 DEAL NOW AT... Israeli statement said. Religious riots swept the west
Indian city of Peona for the
Auto Crash Kills 4 Hindus tried to burn damn a ps- W at
SAN DIEGO, Calif., Sept. 4 ( lice autpast and four other burnFour persons were tolled in a ing incidents were reported in the
head on crash on Interstate 5 near anti-Mslem rioting. Pelfe anthe Mexican border today. The rested about 40 Hindus.
California Highway Patrol said The outbreaks were far less seone of the cars was going the vere than yesterday when 2 perFreeway- Tomorrow's FO R D SEE US TODAY FOR

Residential Location for Demonstrator
Swimming Pool 5303 BEACH BLV.
Ideal Opp orfu, iy for Per.r with RigOT"i'! *:
Phone 268-6180


Speech-Making, Protocol and Parade Mark St. Augustine Program

ans-Unlon Sta hotes by a to h

Crowds gather around the day in St. Augustine. The first ceremonies. In center phot, St. McMllan, Florida adjutant gen- Amerlcan States; Dr. Jose A. American States, and ambassa- staged a downtown parade, flag -'draped Spanish Govern- picture above shows Florida Augustine Mayor John Bailey eral. In the third picture are Mora, secretary general of the dor, in Washington, from Para- which included pretty s inMoney and Tools meant exhibition building and Sen. SpessrdHolland address- (center) chats with Florida Sec- (from left) Dr. Wllam San- OAS; Sen. Holland; Dr. Juan gua. After the dedicate ofs Sash costumes an r Pan American Center during ing the people from the main rotary of State Tom Adams ders, assistant secretary-gen- Plate, acting chairman of the the Center, the St. Augustine garb and costumes of various V u Lat $1 dedication ceremonies yester- platform. He was master of (left) and Ma. Gen. Henry W. eral of the Organization of Council of the Organization of Junior Chamber of Commerce motifs. Stole from Firm

Moey and precision macen
toos valued at approximate
$1,500oo were reported olen ye
terday from L K Tool & Die, In.
407 Sunbeam Road.
yle Kohleberger, the owne
told tShe Duval County Pat
that money had been taken fro
a vending machine and a met
box. He also told nvestigato
that two ol boxes th ass
precion machine tools also we
Entryt t the building wa
gained by prying open a cone
-door, investigator said. D
drawers and filing cabinets wer4
also ransacked, the co
ro1 said.

Jurn i want ads o sel raes. nees o

Pretty Girls Spamish Costune Draw Plu tsof Spectators The Spash otif AlsoIs CarriedOut inAnother Setis ssf pthe Parade 2

Travel-Time oil
For Ex-Servicemen
Advances in House

House Armed Seces suc
mlttee has approved a bill introduced by Rep. Charles Bennett wach would permit extensins I the one-year travel t e
provided military reres and
The congressman said that
person leaving the service honoably are now granted one year
to decide where to ship their
household goods and travel to
their new homes at government
However, since many persons
find additional schoolhng r college work necessary to secure L Ok M employment when they enter ci- outvilian life, they find they must
bear storage charges beyond
the one year- t and eventually
the cost of shipping, he said.
Kaiser Strike Voted
Spanish Costnes Wo by Band inParade BATON RO, e ASept. 4 A~A
management spohehm aid to-. SI
_day workers at Kaiser Alumih num's plant here voted to strike
Police Halt Racial Figh b gd down. ........trat
AMHERST, ., Sept. 4 crowd of 200 H pesos g ath- MAS SHOES Crowds of whites and Negroes ereda, nd the scusg and 01ght- sesa te-. sote scuffled in the streets of this cen- g hgan again' The Cast of thefMusleal Production "Cross and Sword" Sln a Celmbration tra VirgInia community tonight, - O AN DREB SHleS
and atate ocel woos cal in to Thedsordea topped whn ap- I PONE R WRITE . WHRLE b L"tOWREY P.,P
restore order. proximately 15 sae troopers and Ke ese d-s 0, Ole, Sgripe your iestee holds ese ^$ 0 Iran Red P y s, Three Negroes and o white about a dozen Ambt County 065SS bs diss..
Ar man were treated for facIa In- deputies arrived on the oc. a whot s. world s S e -o.
10 AidsUn de Ars juries nt a hospital tn Loncburng aneno. IS you sea piet si .... ... rnanappromatytO esaway. A MsEA aiaane pir a L. .I Passes at Hospial; TE-R n, Sept 4 Foe
Moday curtty an are reported tobut one were released. There Funny ow i r ases your eenCmunist parta leader h, Authorities re used to discuss be seughf in tohs l eely Crap, Mv lekl and 10 of h s sociates Ohe disord ... whIch began about for RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL Miss Mary Agnes Cosg. on chare o. fpovlngthe pub- p.m. an lasted for ap peon i- M T-- -N native of Ireland, died Yesteray Un against the government. marey th bones. ThW ne LOWEep He L "I a torappd"htht LOWREY in a Jacksonville hospital after od State police and Amherst Coun- oe complete wth wafuli an illness of four months of highleveltY deputespatrolled the town to Funeral Mass will be held at talks between Iran and the Soviet avert further violence. Conventional FHA VA bhesoda yed buile Lactic 9g ato n whs the Union for a giant Steel mill in Witnesses told reporters the sS S7-S LssII The LOWRS. King Catholic Church with Rev. Iran. trobl parrt state when Thomas Laon, pastor, officiat- sole apparently staedA her, a a Inn. sversl wi moo rdin nIn tho WHERE'S THE FIRE? bas of a trunk bgan owingin, tesepesell lac pete. sCSISS. Ths Rosa will be rented Is- with chains at a group of Negroes nigb nt t p.m. in Ohs Hardage a O standing on the sidewak. TIwo or * a a and Sons Arlington Funeral le sonl O s three Negroes wore hit. i h Home. 3:18 cro. el4 nais st 25 darna e c to Ithe bUfldn, $30 to th .O. tents, One of the men in the truck dose ee saOce-saeeaaee Ces sillefheepies Oee6e Cosgoove, who lived at on areless smokin. __aew_ _ oppn______________________on. groe, selived at 4e..t l n ssosc da-[either fell or jumped from the a se gd t13 rIl Rood, Arlnton, was a o e vehicle and was set on by a group
land, and had lived in this cun-ole a ~repw ~ pil i to 00 persons gahe ed, ty since lull. ne moved to Duval Count volunteer firs de t bere wan a brief period
Jacksonvlle in 1960 from Daytona cll w asteno dae, er nr scuffling and fighting.
Miss Cosgrove was a member Oasmle eoo o a nd w I rtren of Christ the King Catholic 0a50 .m. riellelu, seoth s0r t, un- Within a short time, a mixed
Survivors include a sister, MEET JACKSONVILLE'S No man ro ly sless be Is produoleg and neon Mrs. John Dyer; a brother, John MbIR CH EVRO LE T o ie nohe Is a mere parasite upen his fellow an. For Cosgrove; and a nephew, James e when any man, any bureau, or any authority, however lofty, A. Cosgrove, all of Ireland; two interposes between an individual producer and his pr0oducton---Tme-Unon Phnob Frank mline other nephews, John J. Cuning- 0 Get he No. 1 Buy when he is ordered, under threat of fooe, not to produce CA N N O N noas he sees fit so long as he ores no other perP r n n p f g n nieces, Mrs. Fred L' Barber of From Jacksonville's No. 1 . must choose to produce under the threat and will of others, MUSIC COMPANY
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Canning of Jackv a n le, with R D ER! onot to produce nt all. Neither choice can be made In f 00. Los Angeles Grows Since Last Census whom she made her home: a nl h CHEVROLET DEAL 0c. 40 W. DUVAL 355-9637 grandnephew and three grand- -erd o on .V wish to assoit a F LIN p onsor. to'e to tis hs onsor

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 4 (UPI) Ity Planning Commission an. nieces, 1.mpso., a. f- (r s 11sc o is products. TAMPA ST. pETERSUs e The population of LS Angeles nounced yesterday. The commts- Committal services will be held[ HLiPRODUCTS-General Offices, Sa Texas LARELAND CLEARWATER County as of July wa f,885,- sion said the City of Los Angelot in St. Mary'o Cemetery, East 794, an increase of 14 percent now has a total population of Orange, N.J., Wednesday morn LIFE LINE WPDQ Dil 600 7:15 P,M. SARAsoTA JACKsoNvIL since the 1960 census, the Coun. 2,138,375. ing.







HOLDS 22R L S ian# 100.1b. r CU. Fr. Food Lhr SREPRI RATORI No dfrosting ever in WIDE PACI Fres Food FREEZER SHELVESCmparnt RAnd Gt Your Free Car or 0Pony "PANTRY OON 3 h lWldk SeUlve-EAT KEFER Gianto 27.q.. capacity RUIT AND Procelain Crisper 11C E IASKI 0 Paontry Door holds 4-PC SECTIONAL O gPro. g. B, Bttr, es SHOP Ideal for the growing fImly. 1d Cb

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" 90"long, 48" wide 1 2.99
Everything you want in a custom mode draper, you'll fihd in "Coronet" deluxe reody mode draperies of Coloro royon and Celonese, ocete. Features include generous blind-stithed side ond bottom hems, weighted corners, deep pinch plots, 100% cotton self lining for better drpeobili end longer wear. Guaronteed by Couaulds not to fde for the life of th fabric. -White, chmpogne gold, green ond flox. Moil your order or coil 353-4831. MAY-Cohens Draperies, Third Floor

CHECK CHART FOR YOUR CORRECT WINDOW SiE. LENGTH 4" WIDE 72" WIDE 9 WIDE 120" WIDE 144" WI E 192" WIDE 45" 8.99 15.99 19.99 63" 9.99 19.99 24.99 29.99 34.99 ____721" 10.99 21.99 26.99 84" 11.00 23.99 28.99 34.99 38.99 59.99,-90" 12.99' 24.99- 2999 35.99 39.99- 9-99 1 95A 14.99 25.99 31.99 38.99 45.99 i 69.9

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32" wide 32" wide


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o p, sThese Aristocrat slipcovers combine exclusive decorator styling and quality at ready made prices! The. Cm no painting m t for aed value it is expertlytailored with a jumbo cord welt all around. Covered in a downproof r ta r k s d coor uass y hed e o g MAY-s LnM neY h p .C n L M n

1 W, 14.99

each Rfor137chair cover rag.19.99 sofa covers reg. 39.99 3499