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History Lives in St. Augustine
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History Lives in St. Augustine
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The Saint Augustine and St. Johns County Explorer

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Iv'lation's Oldest City Saint Augustine, Florida 1565=- 1965

Hitory LivesIn St. Augustin

400th Anniversary

Observed This Year

By PH LH WEBER Quadricentennial year will acCoodanto-Director tually be celebrated from Sep400t Anmersary, Inc. tember 8, 1965 to September 8, 1966. However, as with annvr
ay, henpeole tave ex saies, the :full yearof15
y to ee nuerouscoun-will e idled with eventan

ss,*,il.1965 .an. extends to Septem

livmg past. Qunantdcenmennal yearwllcm
Fromi 40 ers of: history, eide with :St Augustmne's first"
excitm events-are bemng re- year of' existence and wsil re-.
c'reated and historical moments "create events and ceremonies areS bemng honored by St. Aug- of St, Augustine's fabulous eras.
ustme's modern populace. In a setting of colonial resSt. Augustmne's life began in toration, events rangmng from .a time of Spanish glory and festivals to religious ceremonies power, a time when great Span- will fill the calendar years of i "ish treasure fleets and magnif- 1965 and 1966. Most of the fesacntarads oaedthe sea tivities will have a Spamish flaJ anes of the Atlantic and Carxb- vor and will be held in a setting
bean "of authentic Spamish decorations.
anOthers will have a British,a
'At the height of this era, a Nor th American,< a South Amer'- famous Spanish Admiral, Don ican or a Minorcan ,air. ::,"Pedro Menendez de Aviles, with ," the Spanish armada Under his Certain events will have diS-command, set sail for Florida rect participation by Spain and 9 : : with orders from King Phallhp other, Hispanic nations as well 11 -; of oSpain to settle Florida and as by England, the Umited
estabhish the content as a Span- States and the State of Florida. S ish colony." In addition, all of these nations
In 56, o Sptebe 8,heand the State of Florida are "; landed on Florida shores at the Augusmieso rsorationp prgram

EE"' an adenur "o the Ada mgi i ntc atre 4 00t n !, and for Spamn, smece it not only nsversary celebration. '" enabled Spain to control the sea routes along the Florida Withmn the celebration period, coast, but it also prevented the a Spanish atmosphere will be French, the English and pirates created by strolling musicians,
with the new world. art shows, concerts, balls and, -,... :ii I Since 1565, St. Augustine has gala street dances. Even the !'! ;'had, a rich and colorful heri- religiousheeemonis,e th olul- Jares Pon e,-a dcescendlant of Ponce de Leon, who chscovered Florida in 1 |s pic-; t;. age which has embraced the trlehbt n h coal
adetrso olmain h eetiAngu rilepay homageano tured witn historic Lastillo de San Marcos mn background.. ii gaiety of a high society resort, En gsertaesSpnh an anid 'the sumbermng peacefulness Enls*eiae ".
of 'o people vsttn t.Aug- plans eil rin tah hiseori alren. 1hi pageant will re- thrdirAdmira1 found upon his Anmyverar eebatiot eds in ...

; temeelvas abi the histoucnad ld, clania Ameic nd Eas uotne by Admiral lon Pedirot d monum ten Cts amaje tiast heeanra streetseofa nhi natn first two years of the city s ious other fe atures of St. Lug- the symnphonic drama, will make ; th e ; 40 0 1th A n m v e rsa ry cele b ra o ld e st p e rm a n e n t settle m e n t. e x i ten e u tin e sbr o wi10 0 thb ei n n is e sa rap e r a nt~ ld itth e l eSp i it a g nf th iso r ay40 0 -y e a r-o lai taon" o'brzngs .to hife the city's .A chimax to the 1965 and 1966 "( ross and Sword" wull he arp rbynohr00 endllurmng spirst- event schedule will be a sym- held in a new, beautital out- ition to the city's hitoic1 at- erpsil.nte 0 f l
St" '!"..S Augutmtie's 400th Anni- phonic drama, "Cross and door amnphithe o re near the sea tractions. It ..will run each sum- For additional information coniversaiii i'i 'ry wil be ,unique in many Sword,"' written by the Pul tzer on AnastsSia I Iand, in a tropi- Inr fo a three. mothp"d corning the Q uadrietennial way a !is th cit.y itself. The Prize winmng ...authaor), Pau l gal Isettn muh .the .oame ,as Th ought St..A Ugustine's. 1O0th yecar, see pages 2 and 3 .

Hisor Lie ln t Au~gu 22 2

400th Anniversary

Observed This Year

By PHIL H. WEBER Quadricenitennial year will acCoordinator-Director tually be celebrated from SepA00th Anniversary, Inc- tember 8, 1965,to September 8,7 1966. However, as with anniverToday, when people travel ex_ saries, the full year of 1965 Aei~ ly to2 se numerous coun_ will be filiad with events anid
_d o th~emrxiet n14r a-40h n

165.,n d.exed to SepteniVol, it hi bar 8 of 'the ame ye_ ThiA 100th i-with a New Year's 'nomnfeon St. Augustine'as 0h~ eh~ in h ag u
Aniiersary celebration ini 1965
and 1 66 is pr ni~ to the 16. 22~2
city' visitors a picture of its F'or historical accuracy, the living past. Quadr.icenuennial year wlli coinFrom 4040 years of history, cide with St. Augustine's first
exciting events are beiiig rd- year of, existence and Will recreated and historical moments create events and ceremonies are being honored by St. Aug- of St. Augustine's fabulous eras.
sistine's modern populace. In a setting 'of colonial, resSt. Augustine's life began in toration, events ranging from
me f Sanih goryand festivals to religious ceremonies
power, a time when great Span- ilfl h aedryaso
22. ish treasure fleets and magnif- 1965 and 1966. Most of the fesicent' armadas, roamed the" sea tivities will have a Spanish fia
lanes, of the Atlantic and Carib- vor and will be held in a setting bean, of authentic Spanish decorations.
Others will have a British, a
At the height of this era, a North American,, a South Amer
famous Spanish Admiral, Don ican or a Minorcan air.
Pedro Menendez die Aviles, with
the Spanish armada under his Certain events will have' di .......
command;- set sail for Florida rect participation by Spain and
with orders from King Phillip other .Hispanic iiations as we _11 of Spain to settle Florida and as by England, the United estAblish the continent as a Span- States and the State of Florida.
ish colony.' In addition, all'of these nations
In 565 onSepembr 8 hand the State of Florida are
landed on Florida shores at the.mkn otiutos t t
poin no knon a, St Auus-Augustine's restoration program poin no knwn a St Auus-with exhibition centers and cultinie. The landing was a signifi-tua exitswch ilrcant adventure for the Admiral main intact after the 400th Anand for Spain, since it not only niversary celebration.
enabled Spain to control the
sea routes along the Florida Within the celebration period, coast, but -it also prevented the a Spanish atmosphere will be
French, the English and pirates crae ysrligmusicians, '2
from- etryn Spain's ties Spanish dancersin csue
with the new world, art shows, concerts, balls and 2Since, 1565, .St. Augustn a aasre dances. Even the
hadura arc an cooflhn relhii s ceemnies the cl- James Ponce, a.descendant- of Ponce de Leon, who discovered Florida in 1513, is Pictsge which has embraced the trlehbt n h coal
advntresofcolonization, the teig il a oaet tured wiblh historic Castillo de San Marcos in background.
gaity f hih scity esotSt. Augustine's Spanish andand 'the slumbering peacefulness English heritage.
of an Old Spanish town. All the events and the dis- Green. Thispgatwnr-heAmalfud po hiAnvrayclbainedsn
N!ow, people visiting St. Aug- plays will bring the historical enc st aen ilr-teAmrlfuduo i niesr eerto nsi
tistina are able -to surround flair of ancient Spain, old Eng- enc he foundiiig of St. Aug- landing. 1966, after a 22 month duration,22 thmevswthte'ioinIlnclnalAeiaad ustine by Admiral Don Pedro de the restoration of the city, along themselves with the his~~~~torcllnclna mrc n past Md d A h "Cross and Sword" like var- wt h utrlehbt n

foed flayright Is Author:

Symphonic Drama

"Cross And Sword"

To Be Presented
One of the highlights of St. Lie ceeagn v)en no expense spare Lugustine's Quadricentennial cel- for the comfort of the spectators. bration will undoubted] be Situated on a beautifully wooded 40 acre tract in AnaStasia State
Rew symphonic drama "Cross Park, the theatre will accosmoand Sword," which will be pre- date in excess of 2,000 patrons, sented in a new amphitheatre seated in arm chair comfort beonstructed on the site of the old neath the starry Florida skies. oyal Spanish Quarries. .Prevailing sea breezes from the Puitzer prizewinning author, nearby Atlantic assure balmy Paul Green, has set the scene for nights for the performances. The this, his latest drama, during the drama will be produced nightly first two years of the settlement from late June until Labor Day, of St, Augustine. Pedro Menen- the height of the summer tourist ez as the protagonist runs the season.
gamut from intrigue in the Court Since good weather is not limitf Phillip II to the bloody episode ed to the summer months, this of Matanzas where he encounter- amphitheatre will be utilized d Jean Ribaitit and his band of throughout the year for concerts French Huguenots. Don Pedro's and other entertainments as well subsequent involvement with No- as civic events. tina, sister of Oriba, chief of the The finest in lighting and Timucuan Indians, provides the sound equipment, sumptuous coslove interest which helps to keep tuming and settings coupled with this heroic tale on a human plane the performance of an all profesw ith wich the audience can eas- sonal cast w all assure visitors Aerial view of the amphitheatre where an outdoor symphonic drama, "Cross and Ily identify of a stirring drama which they Sword, written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paul Green will be presented thi .
The amphitheatre will, of it-- will long remember as a highlight summer. self, be a showplace since it will of their Visit to St. Augustine, contain the finest aspects of thea- the nation's oldest city.

Easter Week Festival Is

Outstanding Event In Cit

Religious ceremonies, an histor- occupation, while their Spamsh For the Tuesdai o eal pageant, tours, art shows and heritage goes back to about the Easter, an histocal pa n varied concerts, these are just 10th century in Spain. planned for the Lghtne some of the outstanding events Pror tpo the Easter Sunday dens oar planned fe% this year's !Easter ligious observances, a Palm Sun- mily and the entire entoura Week Festival in St. Augustne. day Mass will be held, wth the An'egg roll on'thy fyt Thefestival begat da Royal Famly and -the entire eh- spiored 'by the recreatto Easter Sunday-with a sunrise'ser tourage particapating Fo oshg ptinen a M a y the Mass, a coffee will be con- bration a Spanish Lhitheot at pnre y Cat e Mii~tia ~ A ducted min the gardens of the the Spanish Treasury Garde sponsored by the Ministerial Al r esu.
Iasce. This s followed by a Spanish Treasury. and entertainment at St. Augusliance:. This is olwdb a
High Mass at the Cathole Church Activities during the Easter tie Beach will be some of th Highat 9 00, with Protestant services Week Festival will include Side- additional features. at 11 00 at the various churches walk Art Shows, conducted tours Saturday evening, a dinner atl:00aat theof gardens and old homes in St. dance at the famed Ponce de A. fashion promenade, sponi Augustine, a candlelight tour of Leon Hotel and the Policeman'ssored by the Junior Service gardens sponsored by the city's Ball at the General Mark W. League, precedes the much an- garden clubs, conducted tours of Lance Armory will round out the ticipated Parada de los Caballos the reconstructed area of the city entertainment portion of the Eas-. Model depicts 200-foot illuminated cross, Votive Church yCoches, where gaily decorated and guided tours of the Amphi- ter Week Festival.
and research center which are to be con- carriages with horses wearing theatre, site of the 400th anni- Then, Sunday, April 25, the ~t r a a resear h ee which to be con- spectacular E a s t er bonnets, versary symphonic drama, "The Low Sunday Pilgrimage to the
at Mission of Nombre de Dios, which celebrates bands and mounted units are fea- Cross and the Sword." Mission of Nombre de Dios will
r0ih niersary this. year.,,rd nlddinteprd r
S. tured. Included in the parade are Nightly entertainment in the be observed. An annual events carriages carrying the Easter band shell will be featured dur- many visitors, as well as CathoWeek Festival Royal Family, ing the festival, including band lie school choirs from the sur. is o n H r iswhich includes the King, Queen, concerts a hootenanny and a tal- rounding areas participate in this M i H re Is and members of -the entire entourage.
40Years Old tuae
Begun. in 1958 with a threeday event, the Easter Festival
4was expanded to a week-long afThe Mission of Nombre de Dios Catnolic Church, the largest of fair the following year.
will celebrate the 400th Anniver- the building programs undertaken The tradition of the Royal sary of its founding on Septem- for the Quadricentennial, will in- Family was begun with the 1959 ber 8, 1965 On that date the elude the new construction of the Festival, and the principal charatho ic Diocese .of St Augustine Mission and the restoration of acters are King Carlos of Spain, will inaugurate a year of Quad- the Cathedral. Work on both has Queen Regent Mariana and Inlicentennial observances. already begun, according to fanta Margarita Maria. These
Among the ceremoniesthat will Father Michael V. Gannon, Di- particular monarchs were chosen mark this period of celebration rector for they were reigning in Spain will be the solemn dedication of "The old Spanish Church which during 1672, at the time conthe 200-foot illuminated Cross serves as the Cathedral of St. struction of Castillo de San Marcos was begun. Consequently,
which will be erected at the Mis- Augustine is being completely cos was begun Consequently sion dedication at a later date restored and adorned for the tr overlaps with the hisof the Votive Church also to be Quadricentennial under the di- tory of St Augustine erected at the Mission; and dedi- rection of the pastor, Monsignor Selected from the heritage cation of the new library and re- John P. Burns," explained Father families of St Augustine this search center at the Mission. Gannon, "and the entire structure year's Royal Family includes Donald Norman Pacetti Jr. as the
Other observances scheduled is being enlarged in order to ac- on N n ei rae
for the Quadricentennial year in- commodate the increased number youSparks as the Queen caMother, and elude a Eucharistic Congress on of Catholics in the city." Maria Angela Mier as the Printse Mission grounds sometime The Church's program for St. cess. Young Donald's relatives dunng October, 1965; dedication Augustine has attracted wide- originated here in 1768, with his
therestored Cathedral of St. spread state and national atten- ancestors coming from both Miugustine on December 8, 1965; tion and a large number of Cath- norca and Majorca, while Mrs.
an a symposium of scholars on ohcs from all over the United Sparks and Miss Mier are deSmish Florida history to take States are expected to visit St. scended from both the Spanish Not only do the local lassies wear fancy bonnets at Easter placem coniunetion with the dedi- Augustine to help celebrate the and Minorcan lines. Additionally, time, but so do the horses. The horse-drawn surreys offer .
etii of the Mission library. Church's and the City's. 400th both had relatives ormginating in a guided tour of the city and are a great favorite with
Te blslding program of the Birthday, St. Augustine during, the ii tourists.


;1Mn Program Is Unde

.. e.. ar.ha.olog- .
iin, comparison
raelogRical findings and
Ion all this ias part

trcai Reptoration proil 1 h9 ad its Executive Dretr.Erle >W. Newton, :hav te a extensiv e torestonprora bin ducted in St. 'Aut paeho principally ty cthe

20mlin .program, Al
t o lrie enuhroed in their -tAuutine Htistorical Restoation Aed Preservation Cork mth itric St. George Sitreet
a t, rethe anticiepnts i-l

Rel"mating royal street, is
eumf eam identity of a Sp Au-n gustine Historical Society, Floria Military eprtebuilt on their i divid-ials. and national organitions, such a the U. S.ll
Park, Service.

The H istorical Restoration an- A model o old St. Augustine as it will be restored under
Preservti n restoration program i on eCommissionhibit at the Arrivormas tedatioedi and Pedreservatied Comissi
in 199, an i ts Executive Di-the Cnventof St.
rector Earle oW. Newthn, Facsfoniehave.
envisioned an extensive restoratiiund aplan for this ancient city, Which, When completed wa swchillhv eden-s
co Inpass A 20 year period, a and a
*20 imillon program, '
eFirst toriglfed in this

massive i interior Nationaar restoration work wasvceas ts b
the historic tpa i e stoat fsh George Street swed
area, where the Ancient "Calle

Rea, a gd b Augusine. ptant eg- defense royal street, is

resuming the identity of e a aon Span-o e d e, ane
i4sh street, as historical astruces are being rebuilt eon their
ehaenalngiUal foundations,

.............. .
Intense. research precedes all in 1 Maintenane

saionent bass, and structon, however, wil include the 1me was stopped after cess
sttoa s a-St. Augustine is expected Augustineo be- only Cast will de reSan Marcos and ton to usetheadqUnitedrs o the St Augustine Hstoi

ed fr exiluion urpses or ome a growing Inter American the City Gate area. then, mn 1857 the' remnant of tesacigtehitr fti t
t o tin Americ Center- and as President Ken- Akwas leveled.a on, t
enttdie t ahe restoration program is on exhibit at the Arrias toratio- and Preservation Commission.

counes.Thesoed a nd ilret ing charatizedl tCommistab- onial wall surrounding the town, green to improve drainage. dienina at asotandi
sruhed to i 'i informationur a the Cubo Line, with the fort, was Ths fourth reonstution has,
the o pupoe .o..e.uros.
craigteoriginal struc- 'Originally the Convent 'of St.

otus Aflter removal of the Francis, fountainheadrn and of theSvcesahdrnwihtnSli
he area, but also athe plots are missionng s southern hemispherestabish" uousl from 1704 until session as the model for its current pro- moat by

however, fotr restoration of this The origin I few

ancient ety has been a long- ted hof sabalpalmnlogs.eConsptme goal f>r St. Augustinef In quently, the
i 7the late 1930's a plan was for- simulates- thesalplmogit
multed under the auspices of construction uninteresting relics
ria ois' i wy ,whcihv been~ discovered as

the St. Augustine Restoration mieis the National Guard condutmainteas itsc
:ssoia bbu cameinac The Cubo oL nehrk U ndertakePnBy
Sthe early 1950s. the Llambras ice feels, completenovwe
House, 31 St George Street, was markers, create an i

restored under the direction of element mrthe hii theto ,
the St. Augustine Historbcal So- makes clear he ria t ion b
cety, with the state o grant of teen the Castilo a -d ate i

$cti eb50,000 provided prior to World Gate. They also.pointout Wu eotar IIo someextent the hne provi
aRecently, the Society rebuilt authentic backgro udfoohstr
Sh e Alexander O'Donovan ie reconstructions. inte
tascl o eiso eo-mIn 'onthermranenth caiy, ntrcio, 'htowevePrc wSi' inlas the l'in was s'to ine 1e702 pet," ce 'f ate Cl1,8 ar

O'Reilly House on Chaslotte George Street areas.
ruceoooi buildings, a SA i p lobe, only Cast in de Sa rs an on the definitend States, 'an at c a l't

ao ui eh iiti sty e on the City G ate ine ,s ip
the orig inal foundations, it display of a s section
houses one of the largest rollete n- walt that tied hee- ityt i
ions of a rchibval materialos- c e reclat the fort, reclanstr cilonle

2ng toFlorida history The de la folding gate whihb hu bte sa House, Marine Street, s the stone pillars andScn rost

another current Society project, tion of the firdeg.s
eAdditional home s, restoran ed the stone p arapet w
m 'to the cusrre int program, SomeI'of the adittriion l rincue the Triay House, locatedcetnil roescrety
a later 0 af panish was fers, i siemuatesnthenial p m g

Cnnthe orner ofl Ste negihrin thiswhich being conducted by the P s'E eebtson And Cut-ha eoneraet.:is eeselnwihti 1
,a' vastne prjet however, for th i aead'otne otefut n t~c in cu e '.n -:88-po

itae tree f an Uie nis c on uction
Te Stte Agrsenal, he adquar wic ha enoeta.
acso the Flrida National The reconstructed Cubo Line, an old Spanish earthen and log defense works whch the installation ef' ark

u, is anther interesting once protected the citys north approach, as it appears looking westward rom Cas- um exhibit astic e a
stof the nation's oldest ity llo de San Marcos. ar fo.piMl6lon5
the St. nia Au uiHsrca So- makesin clea theedt reabqst -~
ciety, witht they statell gran ofn twesadt t h Uie ttead Geat the-as t a an -Te$60,000-providedopriorptoeWord m rwn Atr~eia Gate. The alsoroin othi ae
Wh ar iu Lati someaC ner' extents'fen the linei '87phere na t f he se
cthes Alexanetre -'ooan re eycaatrzdi eb- A motn at6~tecl okwo h aor enstuctin.onstricin the
cosrilly' HouildnsCailot irt Gihn ainlCmiso na alsronigtetw,,gent mrv~ iesorge Stet wrasoban i
bteue, now thiloction proefothpups-a"cluath b Lnhtefoft the hsfut eosrcinhspans fromrheovlopicifa

bth inea bth imita peatvstyle suhrheipee. oyfo 174ntlcsonatmdlfo the Cirn po oty ate ncluerdei

ons ofprchialmaterial reelat-st, the.frrctuto
goevr tford hstory.ono ti The deigiaafoldingwgate which hung p
ante curen Soit proect been' "' long "''", to of thel 41 firing stopsp
Aiim oalo iS,. regstoed In ueniy the eprectrcin',I

m ld u e th e Tc aHuspe, lotedmcenteni haal projects wir
Cune S Auestind thesForainesicinlth construction oceet
Aypociataon 'Stee 'iaminstrtio
the 'ate Ar50se, the Laduar wich haes bopee no npexet tens'of t~ FiridaNatiiial he rconsructd Cuo Lin an ld Sanis earhernand lg deensework whih theinstllatone'f a ew an Gtard ist-asnter ineetnHnepoetdth ysnrhaoc sitpparorokngwetwr from :j:. urne eabi t relationa
sig', ith the tat~ es citytubd a acs ofros ateh ldlor and

th Alxne O'Doova '''rcosrctos'i2' -tHisorca Socet 'Lbay "e ln o tedv n


Area Popular

For Summer


The Saint Augustine and Saint
Johns Cdunty area has been pop. lalr a winter resort since the
turn of the century. But in recent
years the trend has shifted, and
the area draws the bulk of its
visitors during the summer
People who have studied this
situation feel it exists because
nowadays people with children
can afford to vacation in Florida.
The children, of course, are in
school during the winter months.
What do they do when they get
here? Most of them spend some
time sightseeing, but many of
them make use of the 53'miles of
fine beaches in St. Johns County.
Some of the beaches are staffed by crews of trained lifeguards.
Others are more remote and ideal
for suiirf casting and picnicking.
Small-boating, water skiing,
swimming, horse-back riding and
night clubbing help round out the
last of things to do. And list, but
by no means least, there is sightseeing. It must be remembered
that every person who comes here
to play, takes out some time to St. Augustine Beach, 500 feet wide at low tide, is just packed sand at a safe speed of 10 miles per hour. There absorb the historical significance one section of the 53 miles of beaches in St. Johns Coun- are no parking worries and picnic gear can be placed of our nation's oldest cit ,. ty. Here, cars are pictured driving along the white, hard- anywhere.

St. Johns Cou nty Waters

oEX ec Exclle it Fishing
The Saint-Augustne and Saint best largemouth bass fishing The best offshore fishing ocJ County aea has excellent found anywhere. curs between May and October. fish fishing facilities for There are over 30 fresh and During this time of year, anglers alltypes of angg This Florida salt water fishing camps to ac- boat splendid catches of sailfish,'
al ypso angling. This Florida ...
commodate inshore anglers, plus kingfish, cobia, amberjack, boneastcoast resort area has deep- numerous jetties, bridges and ito, dolphin, sheepshead, drum, sea grounds, fresh water rivers piers speckled trout and the prized red and creeks, and miles of' ocean Offshore fishing grounds con- snapper. beaches for surf fishing. sist of one large reef nine miles Catches of large black drum St. Augustine is located on out, two shipwrecks about 18 (up to 80 lbs.) occur annually the Inland Waterway. The Atlan- miles out, and several areas seven and tarpon are common in the intie Ocean is visible from the miles out which abound with sail- land waters surrounding St. Audowntown area. Twelve miles to fish. Construction of other arti- gustine. A local fisherman, Chesthe west of the city is the ma- ficial reefs has been established ter Benet, set a national record jesti.c St. Johns River and the four and seven miles offshore, in 1953 when he caught one that weighed 174 lbs. It's now on display in the Chamber of Commerce Information Center. Numtas erous charter fishing boats are This string of lunkers (largemouth bass) was caught in A nasrasia State Pa rk ec nomto etr
docked along St. Johns County's
inland waterway. These boats the waters of St. Johns County. are skippered by experienced capIdeal For Recreation trains who have sailed these local
waters for years. They know how :

Travel some four miles south- hope, will be completed by July, to find the fish, and how to make them strike.
east from the heart of historic 1965." Approximately $46,000 them stke. St Augustine and you discover a has been appropriated for the The surf along the beaches in dfferen world, Aconstruction of the camping area Saint Augustine and Saint Johns different world, Anastasia State with plans calling for the building County and its inlets, bays and Park, a place where natural won- of two restrooms valued at about rivers is the home of sheepshead, ders are being preserved for pres- $18,000 each, placing of water- channel bass, drum, speckled ent and future generations to lines, construction of roadways, trout and countless other varietenjoy. "tables and grills to accommodate ies of fish. Instead of conquistadors, brave families who are looking forward The Chamber of Commerce an' settlers and hard-fought battles to enjoying camping in the area nually stages a fishing tournacoming to mind, here, in the peace of the ancient city. mnent with a number of categories and quiet of a beautiful natural Longer range plans for this in both fresh and salt water desetting, you are lost in the won- organized park include additional partmients. Handsome prizes are ders of nature. camping sights to add to the 70 given and happily, visiting angAn organized state park con- planned for 1965, a boat launch lers take home the bulk of the ... siting of some 1,035 acres, plans and fishing pier, the establish- prizes each year. arem the making for this area's ment of nature trails and group For more information regardcontribution to the success of St. camps and scouting areas. Augustme's 400th Birthday cele- These facihties will be added ing the fishing tournament and ration. to the existing ones, which now fishing in Saint Johns county, "About 70 camping sites are include swimming, recreational write:
planned for Anastasia State and picnic areas, as well as a Chamber of Commerce Five fishermen .' five fish. This party poses with the Park," reports Park Superinten- quality archery range, considered 10 Castillo Drive dent James L. Burch, "which, we to be one of the finest in the state. St. Augustine, Florida. gamest of all sea creatures . the mighty Sailfish.

Page Five

Agriculture Vital To Area Economy

Farming, livestock, dairy and First potatoes ',are planted in
poultry operations and forest December, however the majority products, a vital part of the econ of the crop is planted in January, omy of St. Johns County, which thie fiharst of April, continuing
when estimated amounts to a through May.
multi-million dollar industry for Some 4,500 acres were planted this community. last year of the county's second
A necessary part of any area, major crop, cabbage. First plantagriculture has done much to ings of cabbage occur in Septembring prosperity to this region, her and continue through Janufor last year, alone, the agricul- ary and February. Light harvesttural income in St. Johns County ing for this market begins in late
amounted to $14 million, with an December or early January.
even greater outlook for 1965 The chief livestock industry,
Leading the county's produc- beef cattle, is now on the uption was the vast potato indus- swing in this area, after expertry, which brought an income of fencing a long period of decline.
$8 million, while cabbage, the From the first cattle brought over second largest crop, produced an by Spanish sailing vessels 400 income of $2 million. One and a years ago, when St. Augustine half million dollars came from was founded, the industry now livestock, dairy and poultry op. has nearly 8,000 head of beef rations, $2 million from forest cattle, raised by more than 100 products and one-half million cattlemen. Currently there are apfrom the gladioli, citrus and nur- proximately 10,000 acres of imsery operations, proved pasture land in the county.
The country's principal farm On a smaller scale, diversified
crop, Irish potatoes, were first activity of agriculture in the counplanted in Hastings on a commer- ty includes dairying, swine and eial basis in the 1890's. From poultry production and gladioli, S 1,738 acres planted in 1900, the citrus and nursery operations. potato industry has grown to An important segment of agri14,000 acres, with St. Johns Coun- culture is forestry, and approxity today ranking 12th in the na- mately 73.5 per cent of the countion. More than 150 growers are ty's land area is devoted to cominvolved in the production of po- mercial forestry, where from 200 tatoes, with the main potato to 250 people are employed fullgrown being the Sebago, a pure time in the forests producing Potatoes are he county's top agriculture crop.
white variety reported to have raw materials, while some 100 excellent cooking qualities. This people are working full-time with type is especially desired by chip wood processing plants. Threemanufacturers such as Wise Po- fourths of a million to one miltato Chip Company, which has lo- lion seedlings are planted annualeated a plant in St. Augustine. ly.

Cabbage is the second most important crop for this area.

Harvested mechanically, potatoes in St. Johns County encompass 14,000 acres, ranking the county 12th in
the nation.

In ; The county's forests axe a source of wealth. Beef cattle production, the chief livestock industry, is on the upswing.

Johns County U*

becomes Industry

SSt Augustine and St. Johns plants here since that year in-; O 4
ouIy, always extending a cor- clude Wise Potato Chip Company
la invitation to industry to lo- Barwick -Brothers Crab M ouse and
cate in this area, works toward the Pterudis Boat Yard, Richardthi goal through the combined son Electric has purchased land < O
efforts of the Industrial Comnimit- in St. Augustine and plans to beee of the Chamber of Commerce gin construction in early 1965. N .1
and the St. Auyustine and St. Long-range plans for St. AugJohns County Industrial Develop- ustine's Industrial Park include 1
pent Corporation. further development of the area. %
Through recen, progress, this The Ind'ustrial Corporation cur- O
City is in a fine position for in- rently owns 50 acres fronting on I, %
panies locate in St. Augustine However, they are now in the4
each year. -process of purchasing an addi- -I
A recent county tax revalua- tional 315 acres fronting on State lb N I
tion has been hailed by local in- Road 207. This new park area will P J 4
dustriahsts and residents as a have -approximately one-half mile 8
fair and progressive step. The highway frontage and one-half 0 .
new tax setup calls for an assess- mile railroad frontage. Addition- Proposed I 1
"nnt of 10 27 mills ion 100 per ally, the entrance to the park Park Layout0 3 0
cent valuation. will be only three and one-half
Additionally, nearing cominple- miles from the new Interstate 95,' 0
tioneas ia ty $500,00 water ss- now under construction. 315 Acre Tract of i .
tem expansion Program, which land being purchased ,
will increase the source of supply, Regis
provide greater pumping facil- from St p.per
ties at the treatment plant and a Co mpany.
increase the size of the wat Educational
ainam toward the north end of the
city, providing a more constant Present 50 Acre
pressure for that section of St. *.: Industrial' Site.
Augustine. cI ies
The system will be capable of
providing five million gallons per
.At present, average A re G ood
41 "needed for the care is about three* r G 0
maimu gaFions,:ith a..aximu i..
na .oi 'tl ,or Fine public educa"onal facili.
-- w,:zo~rties are available for the studenta ,- ,,.:, of St. Johns County. W,, T, --,

gu a s At a recent meetn g of the St DRAWING SHOWIN G EXISTING &
es h ra Johns County School Board, it FUTURE INDUSTRIA e Fre idei was announce that l1 of the .g Fe r Odei, public sch tools in the coty, now ae a, fei Exedns see edthdi bycheolst itncudng AS, S it oate edition of Schools, wll be aceredisrlj~bo aiidig,, waier-sho o grsWt 0eua
pp y d the ity's current pro- ite next year.
rawilh to keep this top St. Augustine High School, t r s n (aeds High School, wae y ap oration. Hgh School of Hastings has not n- lprouellets and manu- applied as yet foraccreditation by S facilities currently lo- the Southern Association of
-etd in St. Augus ine include Schools.
food and seafood processing, St. Johns County hais a total
getables. pritiug products, of 14 public schools ain the area,
ot building, including the larg- 3 Catholic schools, including St.
est builder of shrimp boats in Joseph Academy, a boarding,
S thd world; book binding, air- school for girls, with co-educaplane modification and engine re- tional facilities for day students,
pair, food specialties and a potato and a number of privately owned,' dhup factory. kindergartens and nursery schools
Indtistrial progress noted since have also been established in the
the incorporation of the Indus- area. Florida State School for the trial Development Corporation in Deaf and Blind is also located n
1959 includes the expansion of St. Augustine.
Dobbs Brothers Book Binding, One college is situated in St.
while companies which opened Johns County, Florida 'Memorial College and St. Johns Rver Juni ~ ~ Fize Ofridin blcks 01 for -College, in Palatka serves

1"';O :Counte The buildingn of hr St. Johns County I he buildmg of shrimp trawlers is a major industry in St. Augustine. Coquina, Native P
She Formation
Used For Building

All of te subsritial houses
'in Learl~y St. Augustinie, as well as
thie Old Fort, City Gate and other important structures Were constructed of native coquina which was quarried on Anastasia Island and transported via barges
across the Bay.
The early -Spaniards found cocqing tiny seashells solidified ov- ..
er thousands of years and cut into suitable sizes of building blocks,
good building material They C TTa
were cut from the Royal Spanishr
Quarries on the island, in the vieinity of where the present outdoor amphitheatre now stands.
Stany coqina pits still abound on*lhe island and the gravel is used
as the main mngedzuent of cement
biddng blocks and in many cases
as a stucco Imish over old buidd. The Aircraft Service Division of Fairch ld H 11er Corpora- pairing and modifying aircraft.
Ings. ton is the eity's largest single industry, engaged in re- -

EcIent Aftractions And Accom modai

"Whee can we stay, here can we eat and what dan we do

and see in St. Augustine"' Howv many times a day, ?ik how many different sections of this county do you supose this question is asked? It's really difficult to estimate how, many visitors to this nation's oldest city pose this question, but one fact is certain. There is much to do in St. Augustine and there is a wealth ofa fine places for eating and lodg ing.
Educational, historical and entertaining 'merely begin to describe the various attractions of the St. Augustine area. IMuch time and effort goes into tihe planning of. each display, with a wide variety of attractions to please every taste. Museums of collections, curii osities and life-like figures ap- peal to many,' while sights gar ed to the interests of children are, also in abundance. Re-livethe history of ancient times by visiting- the many historical buildings of the town, where 'experienced- guides relate tale of yesteryear. Then, top it off ot-with a visit to the numerous I animal, reptile and:marine lfe attractions, which offer eterS tainment for children and adIts alike.
For persons with a f1a for interior decrating, the huse museums -offer unique deas- of

(iSt A sisnd American influeec

u s histry

Of Oldest City
is -t es vds

Apri 3, Ponce de Leon landed on site of St. Augustine. by the sea, or, mayb o
155-August 28th (St Augustine's Day), Don Pedro Menendez de the-tp who prefers to stays i
SAviles arrived at Indian Village of Seloy, renamed it St. the heart of town. No atte
Augustine and claimed "the land of Florida" for Spain. what your desires,
1586-May 8, Sir Francis Drake attacked and burned St. Augustine. hotels wited hoose farom th 1672-Castillo de San Marcos begun, hoom the5 aprtmt 1740-British General Oglethorpe of Georgia attacked St. Augustine, a total of ,316 room or the laid siege to the fort, but failed to take it. 73, motels, totallig 1,268 ooms. 1741-42--Fort Matanzas built as defense against attacks from the And, last but by no means
south. least, comes the worried Ir, 1743 Second Oglethorpe attack on St. Augustine; second failure. In Cen e r -where can we eat?" :1756"-Castillo, de San Marcos officially completed. Ind, CE- Generally, p tappeal is f 1763-Florida ceded by Spain to England. delicious seafood die a pe 3-Florida re-ceded to Spa by Great Bta. A grand, coquina structure They may also take a refresh- ciality in many St. Augustine.
1 r c S y Bhouses the official Visitors In- ing break in the spacious lounge restaurants. "Or, perhaps you'd 1793-Roman Catholic Church (consecrated as Cathedral 1870) built formation Center and the offices area, where exhibits are on dis- like to try one of the fn a 11-in St. Augustine. of the Saint Augustine and St. play. Rest rooms are provided tive dishes erved here South1821-July 10, Stars and Stripes raised over Castillo de San Marcos, Johns County Chmber of Coin- too. ions counties -eates aefollowing secession of Florida from Spainm merce. In the center's auditorium, a ious counties these taste 1861-Castillo de San Marcos seized by Florida Confederate troops Visitors are given information fifteen-minute colodesires can be satisfied too.
at beginning of the War Between the States. and provided a tour guide con- titled, "St. Augustine-Our Na- St. Augustine, the nation 1862-Castillo and city taken over by the Federal forces. cerning the area's many points tion's Oldest City," free to the oldest ty, plofferni mu s od 1885-88-Henry M. Flagler started renaissance of St. Augustine; of interest. public, runs continuously. tis and delicis tl accommo
Hotel Ponce de Leon opened. ios aor tei ng r ad
1912-ntracoastal waterway opened to St. Augustine. it ona 1f8ornasing o 1913-Henry M. Flagler, generous patron of St. Augustine, laid to Information Center of the StA
rest, May 23, in the mausoleum adjcining Flagler Memorial Augustine and St. Johns County Church. Chamber of Commerce, 10 Cas1924-Castillo de San Marcos and Fort Matanzas made National tillo Drive.
1927-Bridge of Lions completed across Matanzas River. 1985-Celebrating St. Augustine's 400th Anniversary. Gator Band TO

Please send me additional information on what to Give Concert
do and see in St, Augustine. The University of Florida G* tor Band will be a featured even at the opening of the St. Aug ame .................................... tine Amphitheatre on Sunday
ternoon, March 28th. Address .............. ...... The bard, appearigund -e
.auspices of the St. Augut~ ne .. -V-- Easter Week Festival, ianda p 72 i of the Quadricentenil celeb Pt sxnt '- tion, will present a 4va:sil
- ~ grami, imeludng Spash el tions. r ........................ ...... Saint Augustine's beautifully landscaped bayfront corn- Dignitaries. from tlri
~ -plements thle Bidge of Lons, pictured in the background. the ate have been invt

St. Johns County li

Ideal For Retirement
What could've more ideal than citement of a larger city, Jackto spend one's, most .enjoyable sonville lies just 35 miles to the years in an area where winter, north, with a four-lane divided by most standards, consists of a highway all the way There one series of short autumns and can find cultural and entertainsp'rings; in a town which proudly ment advantages customarily assurveys a 400-year heritage of sociated with large metropolitan
living history while looking for- centers.
ward to a future of growth and While the "retirement business"
sound development; in the midst has not been commercially exof many delightful recreation ploited here as in many other areas and surrounded with nu- areas, our many smaller housing merous points of interest? Sound developments offer a wide variety intriguing? St. Augustine offers of comfortable, modern homes to these and untold other advan- fit any budget and to provide any tages to anyone looking for the degree of luxury. The idea of mospot to settle down and start en- bile home living, too, is beginning joying year-round living to catchon inthe area, with sevTops on the check-list is, of eral smaller first-class parks
course, our climate. Here in north now in existence.
Florida we have just enough of In brief, St. Augustine offers those "snappy" days during win- ;full-fledged citizenship in a realter to put the apples back in life, growing community, with a ...
your cheeks, with none of the ac- unique historical atmosphere.
companying hardships associated with northern winters. St. Augustine's real advantage comes t A ^ n y I
in. the summer 'with those de- A l t C010% IS
lnghtfully cool sea breezes-nea breezes-near- .
ly. always here, even on the Active warmest days. It's hard to beat iy In ity
on a y4ear-round basis.
Life in the Ancient City offers St. Augustine has an active
many of the advantages of the Art Association with a memberlarge-scale planned retirement ship of some 260 persons.
community, without many of its Especially active during the disadvantages. St. Augustine ex- winter months, artists from northtends a friendly welcome to its ern areas look forward to meeting
growing group of transplanted here each year. The Art Associaenior citizens and invites their tion Gallery is a focal point for participation in the many com- visitors in the city, featuring regiinity activities 'and projects ular social events, at which new- Beautiful Memorial Presbyterian Church built by Henry M. Flagler, is one of the
tiderway. The upcoming Quad- comers and winter visitors have many churches in St. Augustine.
rieentennial year offers an un- an opportunity to meet local peousual wealth of such activities ple with mutual tastes. Card par-'
ned lh uo t ties, opening teas for each of-the em nat
ah ed exhibits fan hu Thirteen Reigious enomnaons

acting benefit to the community. afternoon guest lecturers, are
ooa u~ heur citizens dieen oa aneSteis lecturers aarende : ait of .us some 'of' the ot Tadn iigdf
rtn z i and tie s oa t i.one naons oldest' city byd its The Tr y Episoal Church M ehodi Sad ou g the Eater Week es- tweny chrchesand synagogue but in 1821 s the oldest s away
galma tons al do their part to tival, te group will sponsor two d al urch m Flo e u- welce extndi b S I
esevents s 'chibito.a a yhe trt A- ti ln-'
aco b gti en k reethb oatio it n r he tul Flagler Memorial Presby tne residents imntStts any of ithe lo
.io ern i n te A sho e tg, hre, afort ext- lnim Church, erecte in 1889, houses of worship Chu
wid rletyoa loareret s t Aa ntiq srl hed ame, ~h Cated hrer o is one of the points of interest The information center of the' pporunitie .s to 'be flournd in th lsler se te Fae the Ch lic Chancery ag- of the horse-drawn carriages' and Chamber of' Commerce has a alist
s paper. Fo r those Antique Show will be presented fes of the Diocese of Sant Augthe churches the are
deron occasion, the ex arch 5-7. ustine, which geographically c Other denominations lude Those sts lude all pertent era all of North Florida. The citiy Oth er' eorial ile tne lists in a 'te, inhisa "Sc s the home of the oldest pash apt rstan Scence, Church information andare available for nd ar O f Eve nts of God Church of Christ, Luth- free distribution.

St. Augustine's 400th Anniversary Celebration began Prize Offered For
with a "Quadricentennial Eve" on January 1, 1965 and a Compoition A bout Popular Native Recipes

Quadricentennial Year" on September 8, 1965 and ends
i uSeptember 8, 1966: 400th Anniversary
SA partial schedule follows: St. Augustine boasts of a SPANISH FLAN
SFebruary 3-15- "Fieta de Menendez." Among the organizations con- wealth of historical interest, not 1% cups sugar

-. February 27-28-"Fiesta of Four Flags." tributing to St. Augustine's 400th only through visual landmarks 5 eggs March-A Festival of Spain. Anniversary is the St Cecilia left by its many rulers, but also 1 quarts milk S March 27-An Hispanic Fashion Festival and a Quad- Club, which is sponsoring a mu- through the influences felt in the teaspoon salt
ricentenmal Luncheon. sical composition contest in con- day-to-day living, such as recipes 1 teaspoon vanilla
M March 28-Amphitheatre opening, University of nection with the city's birthday. handed down by the Spanish, Heat % cup sugar in small
Forida Gator Band Concert. The composition with lyrics and French, English and American skllet until a light brown syrup

April-Ponce de Leon discovers Florida, Pan Ameri- piano arrangement mst be suit- settlers, forms. Spread evenly on sides
n Festival. th Ai a ler o able for the 400th Anniversary of Among the numerous collections and bottom of custard pan while
April 3-4--"Florida, the Magic Land" Flower Show. the city's founding, and must be of recipes published is "St. Aug- still hot. Cool Beat eggs, add 1
April 18-24-Easter Week Festivaland regions cere ht Spanish flavor. Entries vided by the Flagler Hospital salt and vanilla. Pour mixture ne -"Sound and Light" oens at Castillo de an ust be subtted y March 15, Aux iliary. The following are into pan containing burnt sugar S brne, 1(-So un. n d e Lg enst todS Am n subite by oi selections from this collection: and set in a par of water. Bake Mrcos, (Fort). 195 ands all wng m

June 27 -Paul Green's "Cross and Sword" opens, at tions become the property of the SHRIMP PILAU in moderate oven 50 about 30
m ear l. n o St. iCecilia Club. (A Spanish or Minorcan Dish) minutes, or until a knife inserted June-Pan American Congress on Histori Monu- Information regarding this 2 pounds fresh headed shrimp in center comes out clean Srve

r ments. composition contest is being pub- % pound salt bacon *8.Ie o
July 2-4--Celebration of Fourth with Quadricenten- listed in the official national pub- 2 cups first quality rice ri ation
a slr lication of the National Federa- 1 can tomatoes For information concerning

August-Salute to the British occupation of St. Au- tion of Music Clubs, and each 4 medium oonns "t. A i o toy xr

gus september 4-8-"Quadicentennial Year opens with having notice of the contest 1 pm pepper Flagler Hospital, St. Augustmin ,
ordainSpat ," ther events and a founder's co have also been forwarded to mu- Remove sand vein, wash shrimp,
ra the ne s schools and music departments cut in two, (medium size shrmp THE EXPLORER
October-Eucharistic Congress dedicates of colleges. The contest is open give best flavor). Cut bacon and
oile 1 -14-An historic F lorida Cattlemen's C le- to anyone of professional or ama- onion in small pieces, fry bacon us

blration. First prize for the composition pieces. Cook tomatoes and onion
: DecemberConsecration of Spanish Cathedral, Sym- contest will be $100, with a sec- in bacon fat. Add pepper cut fine. St. Augustine and St Johns
: posium on Spanish Florida History opens at Library Re- ond prize of $50. Judges whose Cook until nice and brown, County Chaiber of
search Center. names will be announced after add raw shrimp and cook few
S December 4---USO Pal Day, involving NATO nations. March 1th, will be selected from minutes. Add enough water to Commerce

i For information on 1966 and as to specific events, rids. cups. Put in heavy pot. When it Wlbur S. Bell- dates, accommodations and other details of the St. Au- Entries may be mailed to jrs. boils, add two cups rice. Cook Edtor-In-Chief
stine area, write: oordinator, 400th Anniversary Cele- H. P. Hahn, chairman, 21 Aviles slowly i unti rl D rice is done and a knife i
TOinl0 Castil Drive, St. Augustine, Florida Street St. Augsviie no e a i. fluffy. Stlt tu pSea 4 oerr a. Anne L Cailing Auut ied-