St. Augustine 400 Years Old


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St. Augustine 400 Years Old
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St. Augustine 400 Years Old
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The Saint Augustine and St. Johns County Explorer


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Fall-Winter Issue

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Nations Oldest City, 1565-1965 Saint Augustine, Florida Fall-Winter Issue

St. Augustine 400 Years Old

Many Events Planned As Oldest City
oOks Back On Long, Co lorful History

St Augustine, Florida, the na- beautiful St. Augustine Amphi- Johns County, has accomplished tons oldest city, was founded on theatre. The amphitheatre, lo- an mtensive building program,
September 8, 1565, by the Span cated in the heart of Anastasia including the reconstruction of ish Admiral Don Pedro Mener- State Park, is on the site of the a portion of the Cubo Line, a dez de Aviles. During 1965 and Royal Quarries, where coquina Spanish-period defense wall, lo1966, this ancient city is cele- was once cut for construction of cated on the Castillo grounds, !it** A ugu tin Id.. Jatogons

ratng the 400th Anniversary of the ancient and protective Cas- which guarded the city from r founuig withl fiestas, rel si- tillou de San Marcos, now a na- northern enemy attack by land ious ols ances an d most im- tional monument this oldest In connection with this program, tant, the sympho e drama, ciehty the City Gate area wast rebuilt "ss Aand Swor," which M tells Many organi nations nd s indi to tie m wi the Ldefense ie,
of te ciy's firs twoyearsof viuals have c ie and an ispojet now provide the

St. St. Augustine. The restoration

als+ anld inteested groups. :,' The Cathoe Church is conductmg an extensive build pro

gram of its own mn honor. of its t Yar. Mamn location for them

construction is the Mission of
St. Augustine's founder, Pedro Menendez, named this oldest eity

mn 1365. Here, a beautiful Votive Church an d a library and researe center are rtisg, along with the
VT ~ ~ 11b ."l..ite Prz,-ixe 0t I 40hYar Mainrg loaton fthei

Great Cross, ate 200-forot lluminated cross, visible both day and night from all entry points of the ety. In honor of the Quadricentennial, the Catholic Church is also conducting complete restoration work of the Cathedral of Saint Augustine, which has parish records dating back to 1594. Reconstruction of the Cubo Line, a town wall which Colorful History once protected the city, has been accomplished by the Picturesque St. George Street, a main target of the 20- This oldest city in the United National Park Service, thus providing, for the first t

year restoration program of colonial St. Augustne, is States has known many rulers a tie-in between the City Gate and Castillo de San Mardistinguished by balconies which dot the narrow thor- during its long and colorful his- cos. he Gate, its bridge and moat also recreate an
ughare tory Ruled by the Spanish from toric entrance to the north St. George Street restoration
oug. a .1565 until 1763, the town was project.
attacked and burned in 1586 by Sir Francis Drake. i cn In 1672 construction was oDegun on a town fort, Castillo de San Marcos, and work on this protective structure lasted for almost 25 years. The year 1740 %
saw British General Oglethorpe of Geo gia attack St Augustine, laying siege to the fort He failed to capture it, however. Florida was ceded by Spain to England in 1763, remaining a British possession until 1783 when it was re-ceded to Spain, thus remaining under Spanish
rule until 1821, when the Stars and Stripes were raised over the Castillo, following cession of Florida from Spain. Other events recorded include the Seminole Indian Wars from 1835-42, Florida statehood in o ,t 1845, and the Flagler era during -o-o-m, roars the old cannon asC ugstie celebrates its 400th Anniversary dur the late 1800's, which contributed Marcos National Monument honors the city t d
nd 1 966 wor fihng exhibitions by the such grand structures as the Ho- salutes. The roar comes from Sibila, foi- o
will be a frequent occurrence. tel Ponce de Lieo bronze cannon cast in I ~37 .Sevll Pcrq St. Gog 41 mai tage of the 2 This oldest city in the U N P Serice, t poviing, for th firs ,ime f+ colnia St. Auutie is Sae a+nw an ues atei ewente aeadCatlod a a-. year,+ resora io program 0 +'+., ++;+' +,+ : +,', ++, :,+'+ hN +) +... . :. 0 ++, + ; ;+ +1
L~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~lru his cos. ....+:,,+:.. + ++ +

4 A

"ssion Here is

0 Years Old
ng a most important part ly planted on our land 400 years
eql ncenteni ial Cebr. ago."
Fstine i the Mis ather Michael Gannon, -Mis.uusn sion director, describes the locani Nombre de Dios where the tion of this 'vast project as "a
Sour nation began 400 spectacular and inspiring sight,
ago. all in one vista, the Mission enb as America's most trance, the Spanish style columns th and arches of the library, and,
t edr Ms n s ne rising, overall, the magnificent
Dog Pedro Menendez Cross.,
diiral e Span- Missioi observances scheduled
.-Amialofth Span- M 'Ih
dashore on the for the Quadricentennial Year inF rda. With iimm were eluide a Eucharistic Congress on,
'gr pez die Mendoza Gra- the Mission grounds, in February sd i intrepid band of 4x- 1966. Then, on Low Sunday (the
wo set oi to build an Sunday after Easter), a pilgrim4,an setlerent age to the Mission will be highT omimemorite this dramatic lighted by the dedication of the
history, the Mission of New Votive Church.
e e Dios ha, planned im- Also included in this extensive structures to add grace building program is the restorao ths old city. Tow; tion of the old Cathedral. "The
over St. Augustine will be old Spanish Church which serves
Great Cros, 200-foot illu. as the Cathedral. Iof St. Augusaed ros to be erected at the tine is being completely restored 'Missio ;a aut n.~d adorned for the uadicen- "
ion t along with a beauti- and adorned for the Quadicen- The reconstructed Cubo Line, an old Spanish earthern and log defense- works which
Vore9brb nd a new li- tennial under the direction, of the -TeW'ii
and research c enter. Thepa Monsignor John P once protected the city's north approach, as it appears looking westward from Cash etr epastor,Mosgo o p nc
ain Fabr4no, tillo de San Marcos..: ss which will be seen both Burns," explains Father Gannon, t de San Marcs.
id it, from all major ap- "and the entire structure is being c,s into tie city will face enlarged Nia order to alommadate et to the east, the increased number of Catholics,
re ships that pass or enter in the city." N t o a P r S r i "
thearbor willihaveno difficulty The Church's program for St. *Q*
ighti thi 'Bacon o,6f the Augustine has attracted wide- C o n bo
ithstated Father James lies- spread state and national atten- --un. u n
president of the St. Augus- tion and a large number of CathF nation. Father Heslin olies from all over the United Since early in 1963, just after side courtyard rooms, an admin- the first tim, the tie-in between,
t at the "crops Staes Xare expected to viPt St. President Kennedy appointed a istration-utility building on the the City Gate, which is a part
e tth appx- Augustine to help celebrate tbe National Commission to coordi- national monument north boun- the- national moment a te oss of rc's and the ity's 400th nate the 1965 Quadricentennial dary to, take. noft-compatible adChna M.nOrnen inmae st.bay Isu In ast0 ont Stht rien brha of St. Augustinei the Department m istrative, storage, and ai il- W g a mof thenter or's Nationas Park Otenance 'facilities out of the Cas- itsbrikeAnd at reere Service has been' embarkeota br l uo Li ha he entireostructate n istori entrance td.thenoh ..........r..P a... ; fl
a'- en, or -cap i'stort lvir r of fl eadevelo inr beaaible fortiio ,. e es a the Castili@ de San areos' a- Ud csruction, too at the misal ,dv p tonal Monument in St. Au- Washington, D. C. museum lab- Other work the Nationa ark 'gustme e si teoratory are new exhibits wlich Servce wllae p ete Basic to development was the will better tell the astillo story Quadricente al Year will be

foit the retrto:fth ot-Rvrad'a ieotruti ed" fopimum aith ev xr w4el -n- o 1 a Wstb a 01Un rillio dolaris was expendedor o: t ieter ed broe histore s e i s s w l as dali An this rse. recently and con, seai and archeology A tei pical irrigation system foi the I strucion iss undertaken to re- English room in the Castilo aties and other lndsae in lign Highway A1A -where- it been completed ad work on Theastill'. passes through othe National other room restorations is going be restored through recnst Monument boundaries. The re- forward. ing gun platfors afid iagbs. S alisgnment provides a safer ac- Outside on the grounds the Basically, for the Quadrice cess situation, includes construc- Cube Line has been reconstructed. tennial Year, the National Moridtion of an expanded parking ta- This was the town fortification, rents facilities will be renewed cility on the same side of the or town wall, which ran from the and updated. rThe interpretiv highway as the Castillo, and per- Castillo east to the San Sebastian staff will be tuned to provide mits the restoration of the south- River, and was reconstructed maximum visitor service and west glacis or earthwork of the after painstaking research and special events such as daily dem!r~~~at this. ylitar,~ fiin of hitrc caaiitty anmero hei* fort which was destroyed by archeological investigation, onstration f rg of nstoric can earlier road construction. he reconstruction provides for nons is scheduled. In excess of one-half : million
dollars in development is either
just completed, in progress or
will be under contract soon. In
addition to the highway project
ciel depicts 200-foot illuminated cross, Votive Church jutmeioned pre servatince as
library and research center which are to be con- at the Castillo by waterproofing
crcted at Mission of Nombre de Dios, which celebrates the terreplein, or gun deck, re400th anniversary this year. habilitating a number of the in'The Mission~ of Nombre de Dros is the sate where the story of St Auo'ustmne began Costumed strolling musicians and singers entertain' be
-0 yers ago, whben Don Pedro Menendes de Aviles Adrrural of the Spanish Fleet, neath statue of Ponce de Leon during, one of thexan
ped Ashorad -foundled this oldest etity on September 8, 1565.' 400th anniversary events being held throughout 1965-66.
- '

AZ~ j~gl

Restoration Program Is Underwa

Spain, Latin

Americans Are


"A cultural and educational
bridge between the northern aid southern hemispheres," is one way to describe the extensive restoration program being conducted n this nation's oldest city, as it celebrates the 400th Anniversary of its founding.
Carried on principally by the
State of Florida, through the St.
Augustine Historical Restoration and Preservation Commission, other participants include the St.
Augustine Historical Society, Florida Military Department, private individuals and national organizations, such as the ,V.. S.
Department of Interior, National
Park Service.
The cuural link, as described
by the late President John F.
Kennedy, centers around the vaious foreign exhibition buildings beng constructed in St. Augustine in connection with the vast restoration effort. A fine example is that stenmming from Spain, in the form of the Spanish
Exhibition and Cultural Center A rmodel of old St. Augustine as it will be restored under House, headquarters of the St. Augustine Historical ResCaa e iego, which is a the etoto ... ivs Cm sio
or j de. t chs.a the restoration program is on exhibit at the Arrivas toration and Preservation Commission.
major project in the restoration
d anniversary programs. Costing in the neighborhood of $200,000, including land acquisition, Francis Street, and one building construction and furnishings, the o g Street, the Flord~ Eof ,0S o King Stret the Foia ESpanish Center is a' complex hition Building, located across
buiq'gs,. The main structure, a from the Plaza.
6stot ;oqui dwelling, feory This I program. is not the first. ta: a however, fdr' rettio nk ofti is ng tog tnes and' paint- ocie coity has ben a longtime
g acent to the main buid m.g goal for St. Augustine. In the

y and the storation Pro the 's, Alexander pl O'Donovan Oulatm is the Pan American Cen Reily House on Charlotte Street,
tler h linlhouse sceiae and now the location of the Historicual exhibits ifrom Latin ucal Society Libwrary. Rebuit in i merican Republes Working to. the smitative style on the or inalo wa this goal the Organiza- foundations, it houses one of the ton of Amencan States, as the largest collectIons of archival ma

toal repubheI s of Latm America The de la Rosa House, Marm
the opportunity to present ex oe Street, is another Society project. Restored and reconstructe homes and buildings gv t Goge Strt t old
habits depict i g the society and Additional homes, restored pri- Real the look of a Spanish city.

individual exhibittion buildings of on the corner of Spanish and -certain of the Latin Amen lcan Cuna Streets, and the rinells nations, and i the years to come, House, corner of Spanish and

it is expected that these will be Hypohta Streets.
supplemented by a variety of ed- The State Arsenal, headquarucational and cultural projects, terms of the Florida National

Historic St George Street, the Guard, is another interests
nation or both the Spanish and sight of the nations oldest city.
!. ft scessiof th e engu0te Ainr eenty, otahe d oi rbt
s r m a n he Restoration P r o -eRe ill Houssi on Chm sarlotted Stret

erain of aAmerican Cns Stre et s, the r

natodns andingys tocoe, house, cornyerespanisheland
it e i ve e sch e h ese ail b he bo lgt n o ere to somegrin eing wotby a t ar c-he tati e Aylea t he adtis (iamaptio a goacin to projects n-s oa s e oneida tn

leri re bot the Span and- sI other ares ntiof l city. e Inside resortareh worere s o systmsao shed by

exme to d.scver. ngma pive m~ldivdualsvere beng
t ion ce icah foe a e lzar e folrn s ofc ,ridence
ia.s den ue id s tumle nf ho ses Quad r intersn, lreli

natna isoidd ethe b nga ve ben diesor aes
cultu mpsre of thirn tis or to th curn rorm n

the gernd beiing srplace. byAt-pthe at ionGaconue.ts''
grading to hrate o the r Hoe, forate

ina enuva researihe mtde build ter o f their w ili ren an
wogr bheginning wit theorh-y sthed building, coerthed toth
in aancrentl dinc mes oriand nal pritat en ats, rte hus (e ains ad infteoretin th co n re, bmmee se oathis n a
r ing rpiga thstr utues. Afe be t ee tsince.
sutar emoval ofythevmodern build- IoThe area theacityrion the pltae throughly. testore buidigs aopishe byioa
ainetorS. disovgeSret oriGinarat isnviuals antresbeing A

locations, which, if found, are utilized for offices, residences
copared with historical mate- and :shops.
na a I tsay, as much infor- The Quadricentennial is only fst saspossible isproviled re the beginning for the 20-year resding the character of the orig- ration project, however, for the
ass e international centers will remain
heas crrently bin restored on a permanent basis, tu, In addition to the R-estn m
in deSt, Gerge Steet i'the amore binding relationship
nit the ty t oldestucityand th onng in the restoration rogra, This outstanding reconstruction of str uct
s~~~hW~~td ~ ~ hose mpjs'etjS.Xe an intes teg wrli, hossteS.AgsneHtriaSceyhadutrsn Ur

eaches, Par ks Offer Fun In Sun

wide, safe and wondery bgin to describe the
tanng beches of St. Autinez uSt.iJohns County.
Stretcing from lovely Ponte
edraBeach, innorth St. Johns ty, to the fisherman's parae of atanzas Inlet, the es of, this county offer
thing to suit every taste.
i more refreshing than
ri to the white, hardpacked
ad of the area's fine beaches,
to take a dip in the cool, inviting
tic Ocean. Drive to your fao spot along the 53 miles of
saids in the county, for loos age from the heavily Sated spots to the quiet,
l, out-of-the-way places.
1eacl s where driving is pera safe driving speed of
Sper h is enforced for safety of bathers.
at could be more delightful
a arm simer day than a a picc, with the cool southbreezes keping you corn
e and content? Some of .
e s are staffed by crews
lifeguards, members of
t. Augustine and St. Johns
un Life Saving Corps. OthSar jut erfectfor srf-cast gand family picnicking.
deal accommodations range
ro the ost luxurious f moS coziest of kitchenette
ttag, and all are just perfect
catiing beach enthusiaci areas located in St.
County include Ponte eec ty of Beach Vilanob Beach, St. Auoe and Crescent
a1hs many rmesller

t t vt 2 s come
en ome en om St. Augustine Beach, 50 feet wide at low tide, isjust packed sand at a safe speed of I0 miles per hout There
an er o section ofthe53 iles of eaches in St. Jhns Coun- are no parking worries and picni ear n be ... leercar picture d along the w hard- anywhere.

APTAIN:BOB BROWN fish that are thrown overboard, and ~as nets are cleaned. Therefore, a n tpo, ~- the best bait would be a small wd hae our share of it here in
e; ti's iest ity, dead fish. Use strong tackle,
tineis ideally situ- plenty line, eight foot wire leader Sfor all type of fishing and No. Nine hook. Tarpon run in right onl the ocean with a unusually large here, since this
d harbor and inlet. There is a good feeding ground. A natir rivera part of the tional record of, 174 pounds was
tercoastal Waterway, that runs caught here in the river.
arel with tehe ocean, the en- If you like to surf cast, locael hof the county, with tions in St. Augustine are ideal. no t ~e ew miles sou"h. You need a long rod, say nine ento the west wei are gifte feet, bottom rig and shrimp is it t ehe big St. Johns fresh a good bait. If you mind getting ater river, whlie to the south is wet, wear waders. Pllicer Creek which is both salt Bridge and pier fishing is a
d fes Having such a large popular sport. Use your own
variety of waters there is always tackle, but rentals and bait are \ god fishing. sold at site.
Deep sea fishing is usually If you like fresh water fishdone fm one of the larger ing, just to our west is the beaucharter boats These boats sup- tiful St. Johns, with its placid Fishing is great in St. Johns County and there are many places to dangle a hook, such ly guide, tackle and lures and waters and creeks with over- as the county owned pier at St. Augustine Beach which juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. Snine to 25 miles off shore and hanging trees. Here, you catch fish over reefs and wrecks, bass, perch, bream, etc. Any of here fish abound. During the the local fish camps will advise summer, trolling is done for sail- concerning tackle, bait and best fish, king mackerel, barracuda, places. doipin, cobia, bonito, jacks and Forthose who have their own aarks. In the winter, weather outboard boats, launching can be permitting, bottom fishing is made at the marinas, county done for sea bass, grouper, snap- launching ramps and some of tae per and numerous kinds of small- fish camps. er, 1sh.
In the salt water river and ints, fishing is done from smader City Has Top outboard or row boats. These are .
:ye he T1..n Pier Facilities obtained from any of the many Pe F C te fish camps Tle camp operator i s ht pe fish are St. Augustine's City Yacht iting and where best to go. If Pier offers good facilities and the yo don't have tackle, they will finest of drinking water for visitlige. 'They also sell the proper ing boatmen, who wish to spend
bait whch is usually live or dead some time in this ancient city.
i Tarpon trout, whiting, Tide is 5% feet with a noticebannel bass, flounder, drum, etc., able current, and the waterfront
be your reward. is exposed to northeast and
Tarpon fishmg is done during southeast winds. Dockmaster's
Smonths, the best quarters are on the head of the
c bi juti inside the inlet, pier. Fueling hours are from 8
,habo Soe, too, are a.m. until 8p.m.
a ;ust of shore They seem Due to limited space for tran-
fo th si boats ii sient boats, reservations are not Excellent 'cook-out facilities are available at Anastasia State Park, bordering the At
and a oth rash accepted in advance. lantic Ocean where family groups cane 1also enjoy surf ::bathing and sunn..

Ito' in- teres

an brteln
~s~l i: iSt Au ~

Lighthouse- ,8 1 IN EW-r-W
~i ~g~biil AdU"7 4,HL HWAY S,
.4 I A North 1"r. ,I I L W10111w -7
~'~:'~3- ~ 6eM A T A X.. Z
cit Yaht Pie



~ ;,a71-14 IT
~iu. .lIl lu A V I L ou E S ST EE
1; ~~l0,
.diisiIF-~as~i%~ :r:- ; ~ --- ~ c4 4 :~,nsa ~ l~rss~i~u, rlr

Infrmaio ST GE RG
Center '
Parkin AreaCOR n
B~as ~A: Z~: Z A:SiA
i: S T WR
,li .- ~ ii~thiP~7

crmuo E YW N~E -r PONCE DMNUM~t
LED Nr :,,


Fr ij i ,rl


riculture Vital To Area Economy

A iulti-million dollar industry farmed by some 250 potato growfo J rhn$ Counltyl ters, rte chief livestock industry, Sui...faming. blivestk eef cattle, is now on the upairy nd poultry operations and swing in the area, after experorest products, which play a iencing a long period of decline, tal part i the economy of this and the industry now has nearly
ounty. 8,000 head of beef cattle, raised griculture has done much to by more than 100 cattlemen gri prosperity to this region, There are currently approximateSlast yer, alone, the agricul- ly 10,000 acres of improved pasal income in St. Johns County ture land in the county.
moupted to $14 million, with An important segment of aghe outlook for 1905 ranging riculture is forestry, and about rund $15 million. 73.5 per cent of the county's land Leading the county's prodic- area is devoted to commercial n is the vast potato industry, forestry, where from 200 to 250 wih cabbage listed as the sec- people are employed full-time in d largest crop Next come live- the forests, producing raw matert lckl dairy and poultry opera- ials, while some 100 people are t n t folbwed by gladioli, citrus working full-time with wood and nurse ry facilities. processing plants. Three-fourths
S Potato acreage for 1965 has of a million to one million seeden estimated at 17,400 acres, lings are planted an tally.

Potatoes ar, the county top agricultural crop.

a toes in St.: John Cou


The building of shrimp trawlers is a major industry in St. Augustine.

County Welcomes Industry
St. Augustine and St. Johns Corporation, who point out that new tax setup calls for an asCounty extends a cordial invita- through recent progress, this city sessment of 10.27 mills on 100 tion to industry to settle in this is in a good position for indus- per cent valuation. area, which has a fine potential trial growth and each year, more Also, a city $500,000 water for i n d u s t r ial development, companies locate in St. 'Augus- system expansion program inWorking toward this goal is the tine. creases the source of supply, Industrial Committee of the A recent county tax revalua- provides greater pumping .faciliChamber of Commerce and the tion has been hailed by local in- ties at the treatment plant and St. Augustine and St. Johns dustrialists and residents as a increases the size of thewater The county's forests are a source of wealth. County Industrial Development fair and progressive step. The main toward the north end of the city, providing a more constant pressure for that section. Other aspects which make St.
Augustine a fine industrial location include railway, highway and waterway transportation.
Principal products and manufacturing facilities located in St. Augustine include seafood and seafood processing, vegetables, printing products, boat building, including the building of shrimp boats, book binding, airplane modification and engine repair, food specialties and a potato chip factory.
Long-range plans for St. Augustine's Industrial Park inlude further development of the area Recently added to the 50 acres of the Industrial .Park is a tract of 315 acres purchased from the St. Regis Paper. Company. This land, adjacent to the 50-acre po tion, has approximately one-al mile highway frontage on State
SRoad -207 and one-half le a

Ai ft eice sion of Fairchild Hiller Corpora pairing and modifying aircraft, a ted onju~s o mie pfn

-; iE rs~ ii~ ~i -r ::li,_~~ ~: ;~


>WeWIn UAttractions And Accommodat

Visitors Are Cordially

komed In County

can we stay, where can Then,. there is the question O
can we nd odging. and here, e St. Auin tusinei Htwnmany e excells, with a&doda Verd, how many differof this colmty dyou tiods to meet every specification.
ti tion is asked 7 Pehaps yo like vacationing israly difficult to estimate by the sea, or, iyb you are to is na the type who prefer to stay in Soldest city pose this qUj- the heart of town. No matter jop.,.btone fact is certain,
T zch to do in St. A- wh your deire you can be -it there is a wealth t satisfied. Choose from the live
sor eating and lg hotels with aiproimiately 321 rooms, the 50 apartrments with a
historical ad e- total of 1,31ioown or the n
erey begin to d- mIotels totalling 1,268 rooms.
i'a$ons attractions of And, last but by no means sgutine area Much least c6mes the worried cry,
fort goes into the "where can we ea'
display, with a Genrall, the appeal is foray
s f atractions to delicious seafood dinner, a S tialty in many St Augastine rest lecdions, coi- taurants. Or, perhaps you'd like 6sitiake figuas ap- to tr one a the fine native
igh geared dishes served here. Southern
lrn are foods and features froem various
A ~ 5 r s a ice.he)iv the' codntries-these taste desires cn
1eyof, sAient thneg 14y visit- be satisfied too.. da~ ,~ erni St, P166iEae. ~tl nfhoee~av sz~,s4i

Many f theSt. ugusthe hae vi
_II el e wher beikngd Tiete ho a e fI stgi as this one where visitors may enjoy a refr ehing swim.
aes yesteryear. areby no ni isppointedi cistpap

e hU A ",& vs tiu dioSt, Auutn*c al ors f a tn na eadS.Thn u h as

m ?tar OF
'A e kinwrui n c ed imthse C mb list. Some offorl outU

b16o o adrre, is athld-nr publit i f o n t n

C TL IDi, Pos IRained eh ne w ri d ; a a o sh rk, M t n r

oate aere,* anuotb MUdSEUM O YETEIDA~Y'S TY-3orqe ~~altpr inZ2 -n at19l~exes,,O

went unmarked. sanche Rdse, built duig theearly 1700's. It noi houe The, other marker, erected atf chldrn'stoys fromysteyear.".*6 watter What yotr be~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ f ueu_ slrhr tat a" oo -ti

the north entrance to the city, MUSICAL. MUSEtUM- orld' a st

Spanih mission. OLD uSPANISH TREASUY-Wa one tk beofpro I C qqQotie. n oy-itere tday

6alie1 ol treasurer of SpamR.o State Arsenal OLD SUGAR MILL-Exhibit of Old Sugar MllPla Was O ce A it was indaysof the Confedecy.
MOlaster -many rare general items.-Ms-X,0

li fonm atlOn Center Aibroize plaquenoting the OLDEST HOUSoepets life in colonial times, bl hist a siniicane of te d,1721; museum. ffilVisitors InfoaC- of interest. Cold orange juice State Arsenal BuildiNg, commem OLDEST WOODEN SCHOOLHOUSE-Is only remain
setrad offices for the adds a refreshing hift for weary orates the structure which is one century wooden structure in city.
Alintine and St on travelers, while they inspect the of the oldest buildings in the city POTTER'S WAX MUSEUJM-as somhe 24 lie-size seip d, d-~ ~~l s Ig:

Chair of onieree of St. Augustine. of important historic nd contemporary pope
octdin an imposing co_ exhibits on display. Restrooms 'The State Arsenal, located on RIPLEY'S BELIEVE-T-OR?-NOTUEU---uioiieo
atutre, at the north end are provided too. Marine Street, is one of several ities and original art work of Ripley's newspap e clumn.
irc aret of this oldest In the Center's auditorium, a buildings which comprises ST AUGSTN ALLIAR FlM 0

pitrser given information "1T 400 Year o Se Algs FracscnMonAstrnd Cn- frming gtrefgotsdeo.rcecoefls oierp podda. tour guide con- tine," free to the publbe, runs vent originally ocupe the siteYD ATEInprdb teAhmraa r dating froni 1588, pubii rem ined ZORAD fTtnairdb he4bib,

ingk the area's many points continuously. ,the centrof spiritual auithonty Spain; most unique and intrigulty collection of 6ientl f44 e tin Spanish Florida until 1m7. At ures.

esesend me additional information on what to that time it was converted into Additional Points of Interest Pone Te~ LadCrePl
eg~n t~ ugstie.a military reservationt by the Zero Milestone-Old Spanish Markt Plaz. de la Consigi SBritish and was used for that Tra, Old Protestant Cemete, Cathedral of uu

prpose again, duriny -the second City Gte, Galcouos Avs a ~rno' aae rct pia Snsero. 1nonyaarlof oseavrs sting rno'saee, t it

f ..* It became a fA-fledged i- cedo Rouse, Casa d Don R. Church Hrytie

tary post under the United States mundo de Arrivas, Penalsoa tega House, St.'Joeh cae d 708. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ** ** *- ** ** from 1882 to 1900; Ini 1907, it Avera House, J nan Parede5 Prince Muarat house a
ws leased and later conveyed t House, Overos House, Poujoud nue ials, made at publicd

.* the- tateof Florida for mhtary House. Laia ou

ue, and today is headquarters Treasury Street, St. Augutxne arrads, as .........................~,* for' the~ Miltary' Department of Art Asoeation, Puhe Ltbrary, House, De~ -oeo
Thet o ord. The reser- Casa eillCordova Hotel l de L th: ~:: MSIAL MUEUM-Wrl's arest6tfe'i'

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tineie c l d o M ose, w hich w as ish m e nt i m ple m et--si, Spanish mission. 4~- ~~ ~a~~

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St Johns County Is

dea For Retirement

Augustine and St. Johns afternoon for card playing, shufbadad other games, as well
County, the perfect spot to set- tieboard and other games, as well
o an enjy yearround as for light refreshments.
Information concerning the
ivin g, offers untold advantages winomtooemr a ree wide variety of other local ei
oridividuals hunting the ideal reational opportunities can be
eiment community. found throughout the paper.
Tops on the check-list, for ex- Then, for those who desire, on
lample, is the climate, which is occasion, the excitement of a easion, the exiemeto
delightful all year. In spring, larger city, Jacksonville lies just SUMer and early fall, refreshing 35 miles to the north, with a
brees keep the area cool and four-lane divided highway all the
ble, wie during the re- way. There, one can find cultural
nainderof tohe year, there are and entertainment advantages
t Enough of those snappy days customarily associated with large
pt apples in your cheeks. metropolitan centers.
Afe weather, comes the idea In brief, St. Augustine offers
Stable home, and here, too, full-fledged citizenship in a realcan meet just about life, growing community with a
evry deond. While the "retire unique historical atmosphere enn uis" has ot been danced by the Quadricentennial
omercially:exploited in St Year's activities, which need all
0Augbeand St., Johns County, the support they can muster an1
a 's ny smaller housing which will be of lasting benefit
elpments offer a wide va- to the community.
Miity of comfortable homes to fit aniy udget and to provide any
degree Of luxury The idea of Facilities For
mobile home living, too, is be
re-C m ers, Trailers
ginning to catch on in the area, CaTpers, Traiers
with several smaller first-class
kr now in existence, St. Augastine and St. Johns
arsn i exstence polmCounty offer outstanding facilifndig entertainment, youl ties for visiting camper and trayfindyo rally don't hae a pro el trailer enthusiasts. Fine parks
First of all, a Senior Social are aailable, and very soon
ourist Club was recently organ- camping sites will be opened at
ied and the members point out Anastasia State Park.
t*"a crying need exists. i St. This area is also popular with
fran organization to the Florida Unit of the Wally

Mwr~gtn ";6 fg~n fontrgutie
ew rsidets and tourist Byam Caravan Club, which visitnlat oeet and become d nthe county for the third S a straight year, as they held the
f the Senior< Sociird annual Spi ng 'Rally. at'sthen
di b tofunis qart 't.johns' Co>unty Fair grouinds,

't Trniy.EliedalCtA the Iods Ep'op Chur .Foia-isnn an

c ur r n_ CcS in St. Austn.' s
e Cnlert E e s r teen Rpen :iihse ON RE I Yi li' be Quarcnena er oeswtJy- St: Augustine,. long proud of. its' which, geograhclycvr l atsCrsin Sin
cee "Days-i Sp aine uScisand religious heritage, of north lorid a.Curh Chr i
Name-entertainment every evening has 1l4 different religious denomi- The Trinity Episcopal Chuh, Church us t of t

oSy al Caii pnocion al downl f.hesbtat Ro a C prosial down St. nations represented here by its built in 1821, is the oldest Epis Latter Ay Sins, a

1966~~~~S .... th ldFrt i eG
George Street to birthday cake cutting, 21 churches and synagogu. copal Church in Florida, and the Methodist, Nazarene Pentecoswith cake for all The home of the oldest parish beautiful Flagler Memorial Pres- al Holiness and Seventh Day Continuous entertainment, singing & mu- and oldest Cathedral in the Unit- byterian Church, erected in 1889, ventist, and one synagogue.
sic ed States, for example, St. Au- is one of the points of interest Tourists always find war Approximately 30 booths featuring Span- gustine is also the location of the of the horse-drawn carriages and welcome extended by area resiih food & games Catholic Chancery offices of the sightseeing train tours. dents in any of the local houses Spanish & Frech sword fighting Diocese of Saint Augustine, Other denominations include of worship.
Pertinent information concernSeptember 8 Founder's Commemoration at Mission of ing the area's churches can be bNombre de Dios aipo pla N a v ec e s tained at the Information Center Popular Native tacied t the ~n
pt. 168 National Association of Bank Women, e e s of the Chamber of Commerce.
state convention Among the unique qualities of shri mp. Serve on rice-boats.
tber 13-15 Historic Florida Cattlemen's convention St. Augustine are the outstand- Yields 3 servings. Coquina, Native

clebaio e ne n lsigof 2tbeposbte ugr okutlsadcnsit QuiS hel Format in h & celebration ing recipes handed down by the ORANGE CREAM PIE She Formation Nov. 9-13 Florida Institute of Park Personnel meet- Spanish, French, English and 1 tablespoon gelatin Used For Building ing American settlers who inhabited c i olk l the gal ecember 4 USO Pal Day, involving NATO Nations this oldest city since its founding c cup sugar in al of the substantial houses
D ember 25 An old Spanish Christmas ea in early St. Augustine, a well as A od S is Citin 1565.. teaspoon salt the Old Fort, City Gate and 1966 Rn foe, ie me nuary Royal Familyofo eEastr reekulFestival One of the collections of re o n n grated other important structures were
wih eutfu ipeis published is "St. Augustine Rnof'le n, constructed of native coquina '
Transfer of Office wit cuuiulT*p orange juice
er Ceremony Cookery," a booklet provided by cup lemon juice which was quarried on Anastasia eruy 15 Salute to Pedro Menendez, founder of St. Flagler Hospital Auxiliary. The 2 cups heavy cream Island and transported via barges
Augustine following are selections from this Grated coconut for garnish across the ay.

uid.. Spauard founed February Junior Service League Charity Ball, collection: (shredded, canned if neces- Thay Sniar o Ponce de Leon Hotel SR PTLLVRsary) Iquina, tiny seashells solidified ov-.
Ponc de eon otelSHRIMP TOLLIVER ay er thousands-of years and cut into,

....~~~ ~ : .. . hipundth grip Soak tog-ther gelti and.. Y4... "[
March ~ Eucharistic Congress and dedication of 1 pound shrimp Soak together gelatin and suitable sizes of building blocks 200-foot cross at Mission of Nombre de Y cup olive oil cup milk. Beat egg yolks well. good building LoThey Dios 3 tablespoons lemon juice Gradually add sugar and salt. good ulfrom ateRal S he April 3 Palm Sunday ceremonies and Blessing of 1 clove garlic Scald cusp milk, add to egg and Quarries on the island, in the vithe Fishing Fleet 2 tablespoons butter sugar. Cook until custard consist- Qie o the s n t ~i~11 A~ial"Praa e ls ablls Cchs, cup chopped Almonds ency. Remove from heat,' add to cinity of where the present out- 4 April110 Annual 'Paradade losal'aballos yCoches, esddn dot ne a o t noamphithetinlowb ntands (Paradeof Hores andCarriaes), ~ 2 tablespoons dry vermouth, soaked gelatin. Stir, chill to room do mhtetenwsad E(ate Sunday. adCarige),o (French) teprtr.Adrn foange Many, coquina pits still abound ain Dash of tabasco and lemon and juice of orange the island and the gravel is used April 10-17 Easter Week Festival, including varied 2 cups cooked rice (cooked with and lemon. Chill until mixture be- as the main ingredient of cement events and special features. 2 tablespoons chopped chives, gins to thicken. Fold in one cup building blocks and in many cases Apil17 Low Sunday Pilgrimage to Mission of teaspoon saffron.) heavy cream, whipped.. Pour into as a stucco finish over old buildNombre de Dios, with dedication of the Shell 1 pound little shrimp and baked pie shell, chill. Serve gar- ings.
-new Votive Church remove vein. Add mixture of ol- nished with 1 cup whipped cream,
April and May Spring Concert Series, St. Augustine ive oil and lemon juice. Let stand sweetened and flavored and THE EXPLORER
Amphitheare 2 hours, turning shrimp once. grated fresh coconut or shredded Is
toJn huDrain, reserving liquid. Saute canned* Published By.
Embpr Day "ross and Sword," St. Augustine Amphi- sihrisn with garii in butter un----- t uusiead t on
.>* rah lic and'turni shrimp onto hot plat- For information concerning County Chmero 4 FurhQf July Celebration aonsored by ter, Add almonds topan in which "St. Augustine Cookery," write Commere
Junior Chamber of Commer Ice shrimp were cooked. Add re- to The Flaglar Hospital Auxil- Wilbur S. Bel--aag&n
Quadricentenlnial Year drw to a clos srved iquid, dash tabasco and laryt, F~lagler Hospital, St. Ague Eedctv Vic
t& GEwith"Day in i n"vrmuh He9 ad pour over tine, Floride.An .Calfi