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St. Augustine Record Coverage
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Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Newspaper Collection
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Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson Visits St. Augustine
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The St. Augustine Record


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VOL. LXII. NO. 161

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VOL XII No. 161 Pres International AUUSTNE. FLRIDA TUESDAY AFTERNOON, MARCH 12, 1963 ome Owned Home Oerated PRICE F
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Hearing Set On Floods Drive Thousand

Mft Hm m Je oi
Suit To Halt Of Persons From Hom
,Water Program'

A circuit court hearing has ben set for Thursday on
a complaint filed yesterday seeking a temporary injunc- M ore Tornadoes F o
on to stop a $465,000 water improvement program engineered by a 3 to 2 vote of the city commission. By United Press International
SThe laint was filed in th e circuit co ir to nteme Io w a m
The complaint was filed in the circuit ourt hy James Heavy rains and melting snow trig gered heavy flooding today in the mo
S t who is pridentofthe t Johns County T- of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, forcing thousands to
ot ltrs Association0 liven
Tho e h ing o Msu hedulod ho Highways wre closed in many sections, blocked by mud and rock li fore Circuit Judge P'B. R v Contract For Xswirling water, and hundreds of homes and stores were flooded by the overflow
tat d a.Vm. Thursday in PalatkOa. s n ea e ti
... o ,:e ou se e
aair on y 00 od hMaeMtt small mountain creeks that lace the area
eC ty eromon e iaco we e pars At Harlan, Ky, deep in the Allegheny Mountain coal country much oft
er afternoo Since business district was under water. Roads and' bridges were impassable and
then .a amendment to thae n Here Del ed ,009 peron were homeless
plaint was filed in the Circuit e u At Rihiandsis VaJ. police said
Court today.
Reresentig the pltiff The U.S. y Corps of Engi- nearl 100 families were retesuit is the law firm of Lar" wet has edelawo ts o Cabine t U e s Khhn
in, s and Decker of Jack- ontracts for repair of St.. Johns hvod waters raged four feet deep
sna A County's st0rm-damaged beaches anfld approat ged op poirt de
iiid o! y oftemnruntil Thursday; district engineer S To
Ace ed copyu f the amond-..throdmrmoratr they stooe i01907 when a devas- Congress To Take Ste o
Aid omp int was filed with City Col H R. Parfitt said today. tte y t od in197 en a daA, Ror e Andre today He said the delay was caused eating flood hit the southwest
Mayor Commissionetur James d ica0n .for to the ee of sand al- One death was blamed on the
nds I Sr Gile feistoing the erded, flood. A railroad worker. was TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (93 s easmo in bcte
Harry Gutt rman, H. L. ea
DFose and a Mikl ao "It'sto prevent getting too killed when a rain overturned at Gov. Farris Brye t and the state aindt C a
Smsei mte si among g the soand, he a washout near Shelbiana, Ky cabinet called on President Ken- to e
th st t at said l n c Dipersona nee dead and nedy, Congress anidother federal Partita said the cntract would Contiuanc o
th treioo was intr ducd beinetgotiated with the firm more than 80 were injured in or- officials today to "take ii- cai, n said, ould
ut e it making the apparent lowest bid PR TED ndos which raked Mississippi, ate steps end the s enId o tasg blow o y e
to e h e tw ight Friday oe s atur~ SPANISH AMBASSADOR PRESENTED SCROLL Alabam and Tenessee late ida east Coas Raitlw ay e e ble in
tu a before the award of a con U Seatr Georg Sath ed on right is Vice President inst m brs, members of the Monday and early today, The which is harming the state's frui onm th f stt
amountof$46,000tofinance the membe
aer mproe ant ro ra asd t t o eie a r, left, is shown presenting a Lyndon B. Jhnsoe. St. Augustine Quadrientennial threat t of more twisters hung and vegetable industry y. due t ls of mte the heathes ices 00,000. s roll on behalf of the Pre si The presentation w ones of Commission, senators and eon- ovr nthe Southland. C pis of tho resolution were quality in ladfi the first time an perua m dent of the Utnited States to the highlight of last, nihtA'ss gresmen and otho r dignil. The Weather. Bureau flashed ali sent to the uno ion ch ntof s lt s
a appoed by an Spanish Ambassador Antnio banqet a Ponce de Leo H- ri, were in attendance. an alert of possible twisters in struck the railrad seven weekseloading ohip SGarrigue formally inviting his tel, given in honor of the: Vice- A recepion; was held prior' ,the Cullman, Ala. area, which ago in aswagisputes H D'aoe o government to participate ino President to ths aque (Resd photo too the worst of Monday's The resolutio, adopted at the Grwerav
Tie.,co l mont Montenstha. St. sogst ghi t i es o t Including by Phillip Whitley. d Other pao storms, and in Sylawauga a uin g of Agriculture ttis s
r.ud and d the said sary celebration in 1965. Seat- Governor Farrt :Bryant, cab- t on page 6). Tusealoosa areas. esidnner DoYle Conner, went to the sia C om- rfr a Ii H a At'least 24 communities were Preidnt, Soe tay of Cow- hieoperas resolution wa s frst introdri d in ni rce, Sectary of thestnter-iay indsotduP
0 C ehai25 1om 9 &tso as f more thAn" 150 homes and build- state Commere Commission, of nprtato a lagendadmthea c Of Rest ti igs were destroyed or heavily members of Flu ida's 00r0 nP y 03ih MIa! ano ignahEad opeting damaged e ional delegation and FEC' u o I no heoh datn i ta ountreieieat I M I I IN pa ofmarchevolence punished other Florida is nearing its peak eetI
o0hi Commissio inblotn ondp C ited By Vice Pres dent In
a(to, in setondpima f 31 stt Senate ad Hsuse itypeop S
seat i see. All roadsin the affected darm in mst of-te state, in4 ares wore impassable, r an 4 H ou e t contrast o the shows hat trucks wsre stalled on highways Iss a e ed many areas insthe first U h and in ditches und. the Weather
SO; praury Fe.26 ai: helped hoop .urrai called the blast "a pro uge fe s B
e rotd, o do. 0otoBy R. P. MINER is fitting that we commemorate allowed by th dedication cr- longed affair r and extreme ely dan' ca lee D; I r e d a t e Aist arm. Dade Coanty ot- "The faith and vision of early the -e urageof t psihe mn0e rmoth alonr ef thel gep Wrou" I Oprepame
e mated 0,000 h Ameicana are' needed by this plbrers by re-ereating thisy drr:, I
h ere deved and d6 listed ,o0 hsad voted, cum- Ration to goide its quest fo sw an the manlaId earnerstne 6w the new Spanish spread from the Midwest to the prove a $58 billion milito u- ant scn e' I
by te int in and paced tu an etimaed t,000 by worlds in space," Vice President The vie president, in behaf Cultural and Information Center Atlant. The landing wheel of an thorization, the largest i the na- Con a Disar
draon of sd resoluti." tha t time in the first primary. Ldon Johsn told neay of esident edyl isued a in t e Avero complex at St.l Eastern Air Lines plane co- tin' story was duo n
Iis further contended that the first primary 107,226 of six hundred guests at a basquet invitation to the Spanish gov- George and Cuna Sts., and eul- lapsed while landingon the am- Rap. Can Vion, D-Oo., e an w ad5 nc5 in
etion was introduced and Dade's 1,000 registered voters making the close of a dayong ernment, represented bY Am- minted by laat night's dinner slieked runway Boston's Logan bi's chainoni td c asmen yem wara
c eonr ary to prois ofc he Bcowar Cousty offictate e oerema y dedicating ths Avee bassad~r Antusto Ga ogue and party at the Pone de'Leon1 H airport, but none of the 20-ps- that'nhin gtsd ne ws e s a
notrarter ad ion o the Bord 4er n oting was e-h Restoration Area portion of the Don Carloe Robles Piquer, di- tel. sons aboard were hurt. The og nongtes iqikrtawe nes.
ctcrera of o the posted early voting gaslight but restoration and preservation rstor generate oiforatinat Atnding last night's affac ullsoed down Cahitago 'H e oer l an uic eanes.
roesordo b ard Coanty offitas rst project leading up to the Quadri Madrid, to participate in the were Governor Farris Bryant, airpo through- ithe night until TH powerful Sairman of the t o
SCity of St. Augustine. e d Cty ois centennial o St. Augustine, the restoration program at St. Au- who flew into St. Augustine from :45 .m. w ouse was rAmed StoSeies Committee U 0t The Mus
lso theresdn ution wsdr f ed early voting was light t nation's oldest city. gustine. The Ambasoadorin his Talahassee after attsending a Several homes wererwashed te eady to udgetby $497.7s eHo e Mn ap
Sa still a little ahead of the first
e anr coside e primary when just 15 per cent "Yesterday a voyage ended acceptance, indio th t SPe dy-long meeting with eueatori wayeothe ae of the swollen aisethe a bdgel by 049 of l .
o aton i of th county's 159,000 regist here a site where freedom was is a country whch h iis a good planning higher education i n Seuahi Rie sar Jasper, themillin including RS $363 wallioniefr
adequte r ine e n th togultutbepolti tiosuhed in America. Now frco friend of the Unitod Statss Of Ten. The Red Crass removed te giant Rrthp eTe 00 Senarthe o
aeor:obtained concen:g h these shores got to the polls., main about 40 perons during the plane would be capable of flying
netof the additions to and worb In Duval County, election of- these shore (indicantig th e 1.0. Amsri and always will r-an dent Johnson at las tniht'a bout 40 pran durin te pi wold hobuann- eping
on Ohs wets s stem of:the city fictatoi voting was surpri- spaceport at Cape Casaval) we A good friend, and that his gev -et nght and planned to take uti2,000 milesonq houe and iring
o water system f the city ficias said voting pris-re reaching for new worlds, and ernt is doing ththsy "many mere today. missiles at ground targets. Unidentified
as co tted i the eo- ingly heavy, particularly among e eed both the faith and vi- Canto help the restoration of the Vice President Joson arrived At CoLburn,Va., Tas Creek Vinson and most members of
0ie. the Nego sections. sin of those ea lier times' to St Augustine area. at S. August44s Airport shortly bounded ot' of reading als his committee want the adminie- Flyig O If the resent trend continued d group of ed before 1 .m. Monday v helieasonsoautlined in the complaint, throughout the day, the turnout guide uso fo a rd." Mr. Joh... n g caup f fed- befr 1 .. Maonahogh t do n tio trio to m P
e defenthae d- dtp the pdcd maim said. eril, state, county and ral of- and spread -four feet of water in complete with weapons ysem w, ii the danthp c ed the freddoft0,000 auon Historians .etin.. empha- ficia ors 00. hand for the .he had ebenen awarded ahoneacy ssrets and sres. deemieb oth er ii feas- HOOUL
st iand oritard the raud- i ge 40,a00 by a substantial mar- size America's Angl Saxon events throughout the day, rhch Doctor of 9aws degree by Jack- At Lebanon, Va., No olk and ie. Hwece r, ieenseo Secretar detified flying object, ev
ause irreparahle damage to the heritac whtle tgnortng its ties started With on organizational sonvitie University Wetern Railway freight agent Eohet S. 50Namara Contends .estdo ctata"ebigh alt ptaonttff the o a ofO Agoe- Ato the Hispa ie countries, while meeting uf the federal Quadri- iFollowrig.- a brief .tolk to ew- Fred Owens said "the worst is the plan.-would not be north its a high ra peed.0 waS
Iinf the eity of nSt Augus- 1 -tocks America owes a large cultural eenteniial Commissio at the plos of the Aicraft Service yet to come." cost of up 00 010 billion, hundreds of porSOa
ens so general of ati d city." er l. deb to Spain," he said, and, "It PoeCe de Leon Hotel at nu,. Division of Fairchild Stratos "The Teno..sei Valley Authori- Other con ns ional a... aan islands Honda
':-"ero American Sug ............ 49 ", brons plaque frmthe employe fra tamo on the main stream si thy saw o t
Awr lu gs For American T&T ...........o- 20% A 1"o c.m .tina hin visiatt fe St. r dos dam ha the of the island of Kaad
KllyP gs Fr Aweas ToA lIo o .Auustine, the Vie -. President east to Kentucy dam i the U Rec m -es oue tang missi o eC .and Oti party, which included ms.t Rfighceonizatanail AsdForFCtaeerCs o- Colapa ....o...... 02% h 4ds been paticulay *yrian D5 fee. newepa
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ses of68lese prides Root ......i.t.... 239 'fhlmadia d u ins p. e sman said. 'Thieoos ab e United States today officially thougthr e bs o wi.wee
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got ahou presertio of tote P d Moo ........... 4c was introduce o abi 0 one; recognized the new rebel govern- a rocket o some se 0
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Kely told the ,Rotar ClubLockheed ...... 7Y....a. 5 ByW. WILSON chancellor of the University of child t ate, rbaidlong ith pea by fi faet Hudred of basys inDoma t~dns eoafirlts, thout then nyoid
nt met "e will soon se 75 per I Southern Raisway ..... ..t. 53 H. E Wolfe, St. Augustine was Pittsbucghi Charles Gi'Wah- eter company efcai had per onefled, ttnse We isolated, this is wriog tothew Oprtao left a cisihe vapnr trait
Sent of our population turning to IStandard Oil NJ ......... 62 named acting chairman of the ington attorney; Conrad Wirth, flOWn I St. Angutins for the telephone exchanges were oe g esst th c t"r : .:.the. federal government for as- US. Steel .......... .... 46 President Kennedy appointd dirsctdr of the National Park caon.. by higha war, and schools in at group tu oe in a coop last

hesdTitldA r. Uh were. ,the local papt eral Virginia counties and roads ident Gamal Abde] Naser. WASHINGTON 0155
atsenoon tryat the Pnee de Leon H Mathewe and William C.-ramor, manager, W. N. (Soc) Haland to six oonti ere cut, along IA it didi the csie of a aim- House Amed Serices Gem F I tel, was attended by a murity of atd J. Pet r Grace Jr., president an employee' committee composed on b power and telephone lines in ilar pro-Naser revolt in Iraq in tee today pot off a aote en
i Treasure That Wasnt There Ohs oeothernar t*ir deigostos of r, S t dM. Grace and Compny: rsf StoaRt Rid, Ho.ud Ris Trrryinasy aceas. Iesoso sqdo in Feb onry, the U.S. ao.ueent $1.0 billion military p bill Tho

Page are THK ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD W!ueedayAfteno M

Scenes At Dedication

Ceremony, Banquet

Honoring Vice President

(Record Photos By Phillip Whitley)


Vice President Lyndon Johnson addresses the gathering of. Spanish Ambassador Antonio Garriques, left, and Florida's Governor Faris Bryant a S over 500 guests at last night's banquet given in his honor, engaged in conversation at last night's reception-ban4uet at Ponce de Leon Hote

!!i!: ,~ .. .. . .... . ... .. .

of the distinguished dignitaries seated at the head Senator George Srnathers, Vice President Lyndon Johneat last night's banquet at Ponce de Leon Hotel are, son, Herbert E. Wolfe, Spanish Ambassador Antonio Gar- Vice President Lyndon Johnson is shown shaking hands Mission of Nombre ds ios. He personally gre tI right, Congressman D. R. (Billy) Matthews, U.S. rigues, and Governor Farris Bryant. with St. Joseph Academy students while visiting at the hundred children assembled there fortheocaonn

EdBl fJcsn'Ilet, a member of t he Sr. Augustine Historical Restoration and State Smnator Verle A, Pope greets Senator W. Raymond"
earvatos ommssinchats with former Governor Chanley Johns and Patrick Mar- Marks of Richmond County, N.C., one of many out-al- Herbert E. Wolfe, airman of the St. Augustine H tria Restoration and Preservaias
di, nte res ...raioa crespon~dent, at lost night's banquet, towa officials at last night' s banquleL. ... Commision, extends the opening greetings at yestefdmy dedicationcemoy

Vice President Johnson visited the Missiono of Nombre de of St. Augustine in 1565. Left to right are U.S. Senator Shown laying the corner foe a building the Spanish govern- Piquer, right, the Spanish director general of information Dios during his stay in St. Augustine yesterday. The mis- Spessard Holland, Archbishop Joseph P. Hurley, the Vice ment will construct on St. George Street are Spanish Am- Watching is Vice Pamidrat Johnson. 000is the site of the first parish Mass after the founding President, and U.S. Senator George Smathero. bassador Antonio Garrigues, left, and Don Carlos Robles