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Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Newspaper Collection
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St. Augustine Record, Mid-Summer Mail-Away Edition
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Newspaper ( donor )
The St. Augustine Record


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University of Florida
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Mid.Summe r In'


ttention Centers On Oldest City In Pan Ameriean M

Restoration Summary nel Which ay Be Pan American Center Internati
77 iiIs Dr T$hS

Giving Definite Steps,

a historic govementE
Impressive Progress Shown Since a ide Carnegie Institution Launched Ramifeations Discusse Research Program In City ,o ta he publi may ha at a es p sA t c t ls andt
Carnegie Institution, realizing the necessity of such a pro.
gram here, cooperated with Mayor Walter B. Fraser and the City of S. .
Augustine, the following summary is given:
Appointment of National Restoration Cointttee, members of which RA Ist Ittare O T a,"'
-And SetIn Picuresque re A
D .JON C MERRIAM, then President, Carnegie thntitution ot f HYLLIS USINA
aingo oWaehigtoe P1)..n a. st Pneidento iLLAND, American Cosn..i.of Learned Societie, Si7 Ee Pei ,ousd u e

N W W h eo 8t. u c er hero the palatial.. S P DUNHAM, President, St Aisgetine tei Set of the nity, 1d sot inabea

r ton lnenie orritown, N. ., National Parkp r S on o om ini -nee is a rnsy on ra

SV DV. iooTICK BATOr ils., iae g ofite iocoese iof i i

-t g e St, Augustine Ftond Part n me a eis al at fceteati re a t in of pe in T edi n f ae ed y weand Aen e S d won of nati hen a n- i tn si-.oas o S Th anLPT I o orme no Pre Wsde n gf C e f American Bar
o n orm or ro Floida, Jac nlle, Florida. Becae e tel p holdst fhili tP

r E AL Chatena anCdabra n Conservatiaon and whnenee t Moodr Itr e rs o afr s Deame;t come.s :ts re. cfte

withotrd Publi hr fi

n Sta DRe Devartm n of itribcomsl r dr R As er g a sn sey nce n ntha o paesrh aer i soot 0th a s o epnC cae s

epbnt ndand r newft m $ t- oe anoargoousfor cgroedand. as wC,0 Bi to e i cars o H Nir sia Ci l teurfr pmen of s on oft wree c they p i ret a ar
ExcaainsoAd f rte ntir hs bo ae-a The Satess eae tkn t Y u d t g ad I s oha e

EIton of s oloee D f si esewicor o vl u int m l& inquef ted toret pie the r dlas aritien in atsfordy in t inras i tion tlis and nsl ti
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0 o u r a p h oe p ow o i W s t o ..ach t~j of f or t epr st n he Res dueNtic

bo area t oral Nural a irmner W lein oriet voof me nti o S sen 1925, no l i ty decided to gge st is ye niaos the p ave gret Hientoein at d St.tasrito te abrjnie in
7, iter ent a d d thf .a t

arleservat o r t rdoeneNaa.Ac ive c a o Pn A e drw o eastasofor wa eti t mo a to peios e aic e n eie r eeno asceoerest i l ldk t gl eooerrls isonpprrpi ioe ers ofFAercan saidivethe ntct, ntptpa nt of

r ofw Am erica n untrieonv haho the g i th a a w uaewepl. a th enroed catcig of a cu d th psins tno widedsvte fing a st v .ano f r st on tin srigra me h roOnd .b a eeiee h1 t o e a a d I n ne itAti l Tist e r dA e s err s in hen eo thc dm nn ast fthrpn r

of thm e t eorb ote buidings eeled among cub membe, is i rn prog o e F d t Blk professor o hemi AAeri ah cneto, i A en l r wao t e a oen d e t ep an ran r co e ssr e t e u H atrletr ain c m ite d nd ene s d

cityoincluinsliatinofsoverdCit onb isumerDW, itie y e tis h discydrieegvs6da otiof ter lihoed Apmeric st fistc foe ign Am foeric C n C en t. ig p so sm ett:heePa hSea. eid Iad n dcatWed wCn ,lrn hasd nlTt B o fotita Pho la hl t ... A cene ofth a rt t e red ete T i9 to- to geen y dnt asons, standse g It byrhatno uh se t oonduowtret far s rog iod co
s e ane Sr o p n t o en er-. w ao C a en h t i

o potiono. ogtie da taroses t tset penerresn ofra the Sca l ditio on tes ft o th ero or. till en tog is tip trn- o r beang e rh c -sra oros enan e oit e.te Aoes n oor tification Ceo b, e use d agrn ort a n o. Th reh Por rc isd the lan t a t r St t es ncot op-n shae obl- ll, o rasor he pan orgo oe idjre ridnatanrephere tow proeevoderohores .pos ei mor C thnwudng appinrtidnoonr' pcit or izrety. rptsenone the ity ow t se lise, Arico s orign w pirona ostt set :as ea t

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PAGE 2-R THE ST. AUcr%' N C, 'sD SUNDAY, JULY O, 198

Manydisbanded favor of the es e By Artst Newspaper Printed ea ldoh. Many Drawn ig < **..jh One Of Scenes Beloved By Artists Record Phone
hmeot of the St. AuguteJdeath, the document being Club in 1931.
ereBy Quaint, Historic Document aTheipd J
S CLUB ACITIo s o Numbs.' Same I
Aroo r the Forida ed t se e t a

Historic Charm w' leav "hh s d l s e0 eo oth rcd th hial d me ts of the moe wan lspate se i po Narrow Streets of. eAs Cluh. Doring the fallp isdse wp r i Narrow Streets tA. n e "5" Appears On Old torical Records andSate Archives Vicsburg, Miss., durig siege. And Old Houses winter and spring, the Arts Club Bill Heads ar"the as newspaper printed t rt of a olecton b sponsors exhibits, teas, and other Bill Heads Collectrde wallpaper" and the death certifi- lodging to W. G oe No. 88

pieW Mesichh artist enerous intho eivyears iend that's a record This in- ct d is se ldvugattheAMe D ofai offer Inspirationew to whietatseBresti fart we dicveed I Caldoti died hero atue ec th A eet. A

invited. the some old papers, letters d il t English a, 1. Organic heart glimpsed thse shores. STATE PRESIDENT Club provides sketch classes with

RESIDEShouse at Daveprt Par which is Marsh, who mnaes a hob of clnisinion and numerous other actvi- thya go by, become moreat the nd yearsaistntpridit arend valua leint Irie interesting fact was discovered in Caldecot died here Saturday, Feb- Augusne,

d oher sistic thusiastially.concerning the hi th ugeou the state. In the summer moths, the aer. and progress of the e ralret ad, llei beAgn ar

set effo ts by St. Augustine art- Park Clubheoe Art Cene ei oReCord Company. The earliest of Of Movement a athe t l Auguste ne Arts Clube these is, ed in 1900 whe the house at Dvernpor Park, which oi Marsh, who makes a hobby of colSit Augustinetys a art colony ihas x-provided for them by theCity, and leering a variety ofd publwhich ation

ened a gratifying measure of In nuoviseeoe by e Thompeon ae
sking rapid strides. This Aa the wasoas notary blc The Nes

opinion of Miss Hildegarde Muller- use o the artists at tht become called theand

of t he Florida Federation ofArt Ch Amber f Cmmee s MIos Mul- Althoughsp Mr. Marshd A llectsry La and of other enthusiastic artists ler-Ur says. I iefl concerning the has rooftda the state In the s ammer months, the art- a nd o se o f the railroad, he Of course, it has not yet attained iss get togetha intervals f og he M ay nAo thrbeeg es ina mar ber cm p re agt A othu r nk the fame of t 'eni as d utings;ia w ieccs an Sketch parties, nager and la inar5 o1 Sown Provincetown in Massachusetts. and so, even though during Junes Augu, te business concerns among But considering the fact that the July and August, the Davenport which ther e over 100 of the first efforts by St. Augustine art- Park Clvibhouse Art Center is n ot Record Company. Thexe earliest of

i sts to a bid for fame in art colonies open, the St. Augpustine Are Club e- atthes e Is dated In 1900 hei the were made only 15 years ago, the funcions cont tsously. late D. E. Thompson m was general

perienced a gratifying measure of In Prvne etown, whreeth wos oh f so signed by Mr. Thompson at that

success f t o S Ipndustry is the main occuation on is it S re t stdf is i a e sta een ORIGIN TRACED the artist haveine pportu t to Alba as nol ry public. The Record Hc un al ar it he wasnen, bsiebeis Company, at that time called the InForidsm thereduis an exoceallet"Inntcase the oaul tboyhearv n the I nuiss, who banded together in 1924 under oing thiaboutothe ofiustry. in i s eto s he orscdItD the name of the Galleon Arts Club, St Augustine, Miss Muller-U W- osi san ate nor a rt lose d pi Tea ri pherles of the Oldr itrd ats hte mfeber n cusn the Beautiful arched coquina gateway leading to the garrdenso Mr. and Mrs. J. R Hellier on Bay Street. Following the letter heads down The Pleasuel
shelean in the Ostt the rip fet a f y Scenes Such as this abound throughout the city, and ar tirs find numberless subjects for sketching and paint to later years, it is shown when fame of the equable year-round advantages, including the narrow ida a ong a all of St. Augustine's narrow thorougfar es In the Old Spanish Quarter. moonBnowaartiststcones

climate of theyvicn has sfod spread S streets which artists love to paint, wamsn sasdra t ortn h henaa a pl

uolesItsaspecth mS fo Cten co rp m ol s ithe fw in l
out over the country to artiste Th ate fo nme convention for two weeks, and then members here are outsndin. Chester Herrng. Miss Muller-Uri, the present Record Company build-S o e many dferent points, until athe ART SCHOOL In circuted to member club ct Inan effort tocreat further in-Mrs. J. M.MoT. Red, and d G..ber Ing Cas a H cpied at tht l a of A

height of the sesohere the um- Four private art schools operate In the state for similar prods of rest, members o the local club of others who have lived here for Cord ova and Bridge Streets. t to nearly 200. s eat t e in St. Augustine, opportunity to get their work be- artistic settings in St. Augustine viable reputations in the artistic concerns in the city are extremely YEAR-ROUND SEAsON ee s ate o forethe public, and many of the anod especi emphasis has been -ioridy tih a adide stoc The season," Miss Muller-Uri ONE OF 2 te CLUBS works of at are sold during the In these e n the d Span- STREET EXHIBITS of the owners and the types of explains, is really year-round, but The local Arts Club is affiliated circuit season Ish Uarer, emphasizing Avles During 0A Day, In Old Spain," merchandise, they sold and cape- Mixed

theheght" of it runs from Sep- with the American Federation Of The convention opens he circuit Street, where studios of sts and annual fiesta given on Aviles cally of their locations, which Drinks
utilJune. ArinWo quaint shops predominate. Ample Street, the artists exhibit their the present time are occupied by

In Florida, therein llent one of the 25 member clubs of the studio space t available for vi k, and the street Is he lly oesand modern busi. opportunity for the artist to have Florida Federation of Art. The member, and the final disbanding tos interested in renting on Avles solid gallery at some points. The

is work exhibited, and there are Florida Federation itself has grown of the circuit is around the irst Street, and elsewhere. Davenport Park Arts Clubhouse Old maps show "Terra Florida A T

Augustine. nameine artists make Florida their that a water color show had ever have "discovered" St. Augustine, E ach year more new artists come The Ancient City 'has retained winter homes. been circuited in Florida. The a- and passed the word along* are t see St. Augustine, and falthng muchof aspectofOldSpain CIRCUIT-EXHIBIT tercolorshow .. teoilshowwillthefollowing-: lovewit herch rs,

Thd Galleonp Arts Club of 192t t newoaas art turned ou Iyor te Described In Old
seineiChapni Guide Book ui
thist iee prin arte e ly cIn-ome

fdians, or other enemies, the inhabfor safety. The fort also served
as a prison for Indian, captives.
--- THAmong the atre noted of th d B d r e i coo-che, r 'Wild Cat? In the first
and kept in the southwest casemate
oa five fee s high and over It an emo r ul e

fetshi r no aperture the wily Ingy yan e rested his opli r aele it

bEef absowne e, l e rsefo een

MoenI vr epc r er ulrMngr bosaIi h ebMmra


Tourist Program Believed Center Of Recreational Activities In City Streamlined Trains Will Essential To City's Growth
Ese__oC___rwhMark New Travel Era For
All Social and Recre- Mark New Trave

Under OneCity Of St.Augustine national Activities Youth Program City Of St. Augustine

St. Augustine is becoming more Important Phase Town Will Have be bied with tw identi O C i Better Service train purchased by the Atlantic
getThan ver Before Coast Line to provide daily through adequate recreational facilitiesto and from nNew York and the East. Thereessential to its future development 3 Playgrounds Under N e a d the E erem as a resort center. Supervision of Rec. PART OF CONSTANT fore passengers throughout the This is evidenced by the recent PROGRESSpPLANtdensey pnpulerd te brecd PROGRESS PLAN | h .... rn sea o
cre r Civic Recreti D retion Department the United Staets will be able le pa entnd the apoment oa Florida East Coast bard a modern streamlined magi aar(n e a d m s
Civic Rereation Director for St. From little more than 50 hil- eelotda East Coasti carp Augutine. d ged ph Railway Moves to St. tie in time d Since the appointment in 1937 other of the youth reerattionForward Steadily in greater luxury than ever before f Leonard Draba n this capacity gram, up t a weekly rage at- Forward Steadilycoach and the promotion of tourist in- tendance tt efs g e a tet locally t ug this mediu, nd girls, is the record f achieve- Throughout its long istory the St. Augustine will thus be many strides have been made, suc- ment and progress noted e destiny of St. Augustine ha ben every day, two southound-eoe esuguration of the initial work vastly influenced by it transpor- origiatig at New York and th re a ation facilities, or the means o othe at Jacksonville, and tw fm othe tuis entr oregaed- he reaching the city from the world northbound-one through to New ing various phases of the e ln o wat a Rmve n fio o e Is ale-d e national program conducted, this be- outside. Until almostmodern times, York, and the other to Jackeonville eThe piogam itsred.f Btbeeh high ibir under the direction of M.hE. due to its peculiar isolation, St. Few cities many times the size o p Amended. o te of e t hgse dafu m Augustine remained a quaint, Old St. Augustine have the advantage This Acient City probably is the Pentron, working under the FERA wda te d, aaed t rt ut h is T hee ate uia rw oy city in Florida where all so- and assisted by Miss Bertha Wil- World, walled town, but this als such excellent, ultr-modrn
Activities lam. They worked thre hours a tended to restrict its progress, Even I aervaoif
centered under one head, cond Et. day for three daysaw their during the pareid English icc FEA E O TAe ed and Udministered as a single activities consisting for the most pathe to searers n remarlkeed th atat The trains uraed y te nation, observers remarked thatdahsa h een entertaine at tss
unit. Available information would part of "community nights" in the thmmercial greatne due to the Flrida East Coast Railway and indicate that the entire tourist set- rural districts; a little handicraft, commercial greatness due up in St. Augustine is among the tap and ballroom d Rance instruction. hanu i t i hl Atlantic Coast Line for service bebar and inlet, which would not ad ginning th0n December, will b
most reasonable to be found in this Upon dissolution of th FERA, mit vessel of geat size. thay diteen of o re nd other states. Miss illiams carried n an ab The first tourist travel routes to whi present low ach fes will hsoia attractions. PALATK Ap oe- applyA They will incorporate many
SEASONAL PROGRAM breviated program. St. Augustine, down the St. Johns apply.uThe wil inprat, mny Membership in the St. Augustine On January .15, 1987, Lonard River Piolata and thene yn Fihemavaer e to dKn and terdaW eluding generous lounge and reCivic Recreation Center which DErazbaE was appointed recreation The Civic Center shown above house two of the most active groups in St Augustine-the St. Augustine nd St. Johns County Chamber of stage,,later down to Toco and over edia s b ng a makes tourist and resident ike director of St. Augustine and Miss Commerce and the City of St. Augustine Recreational Department, It e r that plans for civic and county betterment are being laid daily the St. Johns Railroad, left much to sei pre oig a eligible to partiipte in th sea- Williams named a hi assistant. Winter visitors have a constant round f ntetainment in this spacious structure with its fine auditorium they wil, the eprn prvi
onal program of Ahe completion of the Jacksonville, streamlined trins now in operation, mheholdert o p egem y formof sotivity- iial asge taothey bid fair to be the most modern the h Ide t y form f Si igned t the Civic N ie Civ t b reation Cent r-.a llaen. nwh g tu a r cundcergoing the lamination pr-ern. St. Au gustine and Halifax River advnd d in lat thr CivicRc reatione Center ation Department through thevation process. It will be sent here Railroad into the city in 1883 was andRio h design of their including: shuffleboard, croquet, operation of the WPA. A short ducted by the Civic Recreation De- r a when processed, to join the 14 ori- further step 'toward breaking the type in America.
o time later saw the addition of Miss pertment personnel. ginal earliest records, which have bonds of elation. The comiing of SEVEN CARS EACH Sto Stella Burke t the staff, in a like WEEKLY SCHEDULES already been lmiated. The re- Flagler in 84 and th mplet Eh trin will cnsi eve
dssocials, picnics and outings, a fu from 17 to the present date of the PoFence de Leon in 1888, to- car ilt of glistng stls
evening's entertainment once a 3 PLAYGROUNDS tr at three apprprat site, th e pt in the Archives o the gather with improved railway serv steel, drawn by 2,000 horsa.pawel week, dances; instruction in ball- At present, the city's three play- city' playg,,nde; Neil Neighhor-,1 Cathedral here. They, too, have ie herd in St. Augustine's first higher tri room and folk dancing, sewing, grounds are catering to a weekly hood, Davenport Park and Wesot been inventoried.) great tourist patroagest tias e. bac h c il bridge and other card games. average attendance of from 200 Augustine. Each member of the The church records program o Although the Florida East Coast come kaggagehair ear, followed Receptions, banquets and special to 250 children. Under the capable Civic Recreation Department staff City And County the Historical ecord Survey is Railway has made constant i- by tWo full length chair ears, holiday features augment the reg- guidance of the Recreation DO- is responsible for one.playground. Records Are lections in the library of St. Joes- one of the most interesting phases provements in it service since that dining ears two mare ehair cr time and schedules from distant nd On the rear a full length tavern
above. being instructed in tap, folk and Neil Neighboiood; Miss Bertha Listed This work entails listing of early sible an adequate collection Of the s have been reduced year after car ri a ac e
iear, th e 1ntdctin o s es erle equipped ladies' and m'
At the present time, tho Reea- ballroom dancing; handierait sing. Williams has Davenpert Park and Ameriean imprint, with a dete tima- records end history of religion in stiel dieasl electric powered aly lounge,idesigned for the acc tion Department head and his co- Ing and dancing games; athletic the added responsibility, the swim- LIBRARIES it of 1'7, and tho survey w res America, a phase of American life streamlined trains this winter will worker are foomulating plans fr eegues; y n outder games ming pnon the surfacoef which histans merk a greater change in travel dation of long distance travelers.
g winter e n. The Civic Recreation Department Augustine playground. Each has So far, the local worker has made In January of this year the His- ee in mny a dede rec oth tinty i e p GUIDING GROUP also participates and assists in Boy his own weekly schedule, each Church History inventories of early imprints in torical Records Survey was brought se mn a detwee t Behind the Recreation Depe cFte DECinEMBER rewithlntyo h p en t a in p and Girl Scout work, the VFW- schedule containing a certain v eal the Webb Memorial Library, the to h e attention of Florida Baptists Acrding t present pa thean tw e thf m eamum .
meetre atad.. aft gudn gu amfn ocmSt. Augustine Free Public Library, in state convention at West Palm train which a tow e ndet n etin. orInstead ef into n
uno mon who compriae the ntheinilar activities, wbieb ether playground patron the Dee~Pier- orden C. Reees, hurch editor Philadephie will h~e~ wi~t ~oedpeftoSt.AugustieRon-pnediy SafetCebrdeatedt,,g p eeventto Atentionheit reationCouncil,t the a administrative nThe dyuth program is carried participate, continual opportunity BY JANE QUINN ida Normal and Industrial Insti- for the group, said ..... no histor- placed in operation arly in Decow- diffeenenter ahtecte hy body. M. H. Westberry is chairman on wetter anuIm er. for development of h edividual. CZniervation of time and energy tute (f.- colored) Library hers. ion could possibly travel over our hac. Gee of the tion etr .in Dems t
tag JohnmBripen, tece Installation of new and addi- is the watchword of our twentieth FIRST EDITIONS SOUGHT whole land and examine the records purchened by nbc Florida Eaet .Indi ttrte de r ingmembership n ethe council with tionalplayground equipment for century worl Tis rue o e IAll the local libraries inventoried, of all the churches and affiliated CeaseRiway wilheaigdto a ies wil V ta id pr them re Fred A m.Heoderich, J. P lithe ene pyou nd i frl_ _orluia s T itr .fh including the St. Joseph's Academy organization. The Historical Re- Ceet run hetwoo Jae vills and tea, I Davis, G. s. Winaniegham. En oi- the bonfti f the oys and girls manufacturer, the farmer, of all library, where cnork is now in prog- erda Survey of the Works Progress Miami prbeteymakngveund- ably he need in the dining cur
sioner C. S. Smith; R. B. Hunt and among new achievements recorded. Gather A persons in trade and industry who ress, have some first editions Of Administration .... will aid histor- trip daily. According to thensched- Interior lighting Wilt be of th.
City Manager ugee Mentrs. Thin wee made possiha through zare compelled to meet the high early American imprints. The most ians in compiling the history of ule now under ensideration, it met mor e thpaoding sodiIt is through the policies and the interest and cooperation of two World s ai r the Ammidown collection in the CHURCH INVENTORIES would leave Jacnuille in the if a r guidance of these men, that the civic organizations. It is inter- Vnd it is equnlly true te the tolid cnia nt in the C H S b morning and reach Miami shortly be ed theeihiuoceis Civic Receatin Departinent bee eating to nte, in this connection, VariedGroups toacor, the n student and the re- ti The local worker says that in the c after noon, and returning would a dm a c lhLbray n-i theWcbb ase of denominations of sufficient would leave Miami early in the ul steep. 3opulae-ly pc i a isfactorily, in the two and one- tions a rr ntemplating including tueincfurie of historical It in the A merin i r t et ie in fire- et it, the histnor f aftloaln and stri-aJte ad-arrive Jacks wilt ha served en the dining ar half years of its existence. in their budnets imilar ppnopri- Headquarters -pace of a few sho months or Inund bereso far in doted about md and the rc o crds of that church evening in time to make cn sandwi, with, coffee aed ether Plaps constantly and carefully ations for the furtherance of the ,FAI,..Y y sr. deramount, tiyae 19 ietr stted arhentoried. The iormation en drto contrW t Te the ill he aval tin rd d i are being laid for the future, so splendid work done by the Recre- WORLD'S FAIR, N. Y. (Special) With h" i p1790, iteis ted a ar inenoried T he in and the Central West. The other thet Pt. Augustine will ratinue nation Department. -The Florida Exhibt in fet gain- etionai gnvernment .under its dents is the fact that the earliest vnum e wiil afcrnmd e rd the forefront as a leader i .ree- Such special features as Boys' ing a reputation of the most Wors Progres Administration Ameri e ditin of school text Florida E st Coast Railw will there in fnr its ciizen end for be and Girls' Week (in which an en- popular places on the World's Fair- c n- n i ng onre,y ot bi books located here so far, have derei he iny, Fnd te ad the ant the re e te
winter0tourists tire week is devoted to the youth grounds, for group meetings, con- is carecnds. Bs thin preoge o been found at the library of the denomination in Florida, and the Catholic mission churches in the probalertearee trnrdlea Adophe Sar, inventor nf the program of actiiiesnd lme car ffais Manw and othvaried actie inveotory, which will mae states. a cpected to be completed by 1940. survey, it in pnttd out, in inok after the comfort of paneos.
knocked down a flight of stairs, tition offered) special evenings of groups have chosen to make the Amerian hio ns, o e ihe process of listing the ea-ly It is of interest to. note that the Student and layman cannot help ier t nhe aern der swallowed a pin, was burned twice, entertainment, in which the boys Florida Exhibit their headquarters government and sociologists, the re- Aeric n mpris is one of nper- Baptists comprise the largest sin- but appreciate the volume of work there e t ar drank poisonand was nearly as- and girls conduct their own pro- while visiting the Wrld of Tomor- searcher will be saved valuable es. Volumes prir to 1876 are gle group of the churches in the done, and important value the His- The i phyxiated, and blown up. His grams under instruction of their row. time and effort. sought. When theiworker finds a state, (approximately one-fifth of torical Records Survey has, cepe peouner n te tea will grievances were great but he man- leaders; picnics, all-day. outings The New York Alumnae Associa- Easy accessibility to old records the title page is copied "verbatim." the local worker points out that the research program connected with be assigned a chair c eat fec aged to even the score.-Council and trips, opportunity one day a tion of the Florida State College will be one major result of the na- Informatin the Bluffs (Iowa), Nonpareil. week to enjoy the facilities at the for Women were hostesses in their tion-wide survey, and permanent eludes the title, ho hone in- i robablfthis deomination Pt. Augustinee Historical Ranter- which dirao wt tim e ds sate ehit at a reception given pcesecvationo the valuable source- publisher, the place and date of six volumes upon completion. the above, it can be seen that the chasing tie-et. in honor of Netional Pan-Hellenic. mnateri -inu crrd wvill be annth- publication, the printer nd the edi- The Historical Records Survoy scpe of the survey of historical Rollins College Day will be observ- er. tion. The last mentioned is of ut- here has completed nearly all of its records is great, and carries with The Belgien Congi 'Ptstenner atnd EG IN 1535ice edAugusott im.pttnoce, the token saiAyN. church ineeotds program. All the it much impnrt in it contribution mutely the saoerf the it south Florida State College for Women The government-sponsored His- ACCOMPLISHMENTS Protestant denominttins in the In researchers to ihs future, sttes of the United States.

StUNDAY, JULY 30,1939 fHE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD PAGE 5History of Old King's Road Is Traced From Early Days In City

an acepted by Cngres eas the of on the north side of the Kig St. Augustine At Fiesta Time baely a tral where the King's of practiohng hie profeseen hn New Story O f El Cam ino D el Rey fial r ey f St. Augustine lots Road is open to discussion. In a Road came into existence. Then the York n o sin and land about which there was so speech delivered by our Dr. An- stages from Picolata used it. After Nally a ade he as sne SHl*' cmuch controversy, after Florida drew Anderson, he stated that his a time the street ailroad d tie difluentalichchand
was gained by the, United States. mother, Clarissa Cochrane Ander ache and other pli city o organizations. Whatever seemH as Special Significance In this survey Clements records son, drove through the City Gates conveyances. But the old King's ed fo he intent of the on the map that Charles W. Bulow in 1832 in the first four wheeled Road was destined to be transform- city andpol: ondhmatvl
is "present" claimant of a stip of vehicle eereen hee. This is ed into a fashionab orl d famed cbeed.Twiceh.a..yo. W ith Sale O f M arkland land 17 feet north-south, extend- rather difficult to credit, but this thoroughfare even to be styled the With the widening of M. Faging from Maria Sanchez marsh on phrase was used by Dr. Ander- Alemeda in harmony with the ler's activities in the city Dr Handsome Home the east to the San Sebastian at son in a speech at the dedication Spanish names that reigned in the Anderson was frequently inter.
Dates Back pesentroadhaving been laid over the west. The former claimant for the base of the flag staff on city. ested.
it when Maria Sanchez was filled in. is shown as Mathias Pones, which the Bay Front. Whether this was When'Henry M. Flagler bought MARRIED IN 189S Over 100 Years OLD WORLD CHARM provides a check on the 1783 cen- on her first arrival in the city, or land from Dr.A e n r Anderson and Ms lizath
Pasols stages having come ens return of Pones. Apparently whether she simply acquired the Ponce de Leon, there were no cross Smethuct wera maned is 1895. H. E. WOLFE across the Se astan ee Bulw did not live on the place, forcuarriage and drove through the streets from the north side of King The bid eged to one of e scows struggled along bringing he also had a house in the city and, gates to mark the causeual svent, Street. Indeed it is stated that be- most influential families in the city NEW OWNER eager eyed travellers come to seek from anecdotes related of him, the doctor did not say. He did in- tween King and Orange Streets and from that time Markland health, and to realize wonders of that was where he lived, clude that his parents lived thee had e opened no north- Plaie assumed added importance i Purchase Follows Florida and the curious old world So Mathias Pons has the first old Spanish house that stood on the south streets previously. the city's life.
City's Move to charm of the Ancient City of the house we know of along King present site of the St. George Things soon began to chang e Foll te mr id oStreet, Hotel." According to the obituary along King Street after Mr. Flag- derso r Restrict Area Spaniards. le That Pons had a god claim to printed after Dr. Anderson's death le's decision to locate his pro- stead. The so hu se Crops from heavily laden trees the land later is found in the Amer- he bad been boos in 1839 in the ejected palatial hotel at the An- served, huts spasisus addition was BY MRS. E. W. LAWSON of the old groves meant comfort ican State Papers, Land Claims, home which heis parents occupied derson property. Just where all made at h rot Then s built able living for their owners. Life where the executors of the will of on the site where the parochial the people lived whose descendants the dignified colonial parties whO The far sighted course adopted began to flow more smoothly after Charles W. Bulow present, on be- school then was. So questions in now and then insist ancestors so dtiguihes os The by the City Commissioners in days and yeas of war stress and half of Bulow's heirs, claim to six connection with the stone house in ownedd where the Ponce de Leon old tuf w had vanished creating a restricted zone west of in spite of reconstruction turmoil. acres of land and an orange grove Markland Place property rise, as Hotel IAs" probably never will be GROV
the historical presidio boundary, But long befortte such time, the within the precincts of the City of to who built it, and when, for it is decided. But every little while some Als had dappaed the a and reaching almost to the first in- an between the presidio wall a d St. Augustine with a certified copy stated by one intimately connected one arrives in the city saying some uable orange groves that had rco t dtof R h ityh dn re f Snebsinhd asae diouned nfdi h1
oated limits of h iy, de San Sbatan had a a Iof royal title by Governor Kinde- with the Anderson family history ancestor was among that unheard rounded the house until wiped ot attention to the King Street area. St. Augustine's a existence. a o Mateias P oAe dated April, that ny S st Andersen died st osf number. hs h a d na h e onMaaMs o s v C e thias dAo s d a ve i tth wirs t A s o n ae s t tyby th r oa e Announcement of the purchase BRIDGE BUILT 1813. before his son's birth While the Flagler intention was all the groves that had onie made by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Wolfe When Governor Gonzalez Mendez A. ANDERSON, OWNER NORTHERN DESIGN to obliterate Maria Sanchez marsh, King's Ku seek a beautiful borof the notable Markland Place thus de Canso wrote King Philip the there arrived a moment when it de. insuring the preservation of the Second in 1598 that he Sad caused At the same time Clements map That the first house of stone in thr priced a momet at residence of Dr. Andrew Ander- a Plaza to be made, he also men- inows A. Andeasl as the "pre- blob Mrs. Anderso and little ial probability the marsh would o the M arhlan d Place son, one of the wisest benefactors tinedhehadbuiltabridg es nt" claimant on the north side of Andrew were living on the King's Ma afioprba l dheas woudd opnti eh mae oe w brsdFe so mrounds Dhue oe ti ehe

oilawn MR.tAND MRS. VACATIONIST e St. Augustine has known; has giv- that the people could go to their the King's Road starting from Road was of northern design seems arel.Sanchez hwuee and rosin nd os aifi ntil lbske e great satisfaction to all who farms thu wading in marsh. Maria Sanchez marsh's west edge, quite evident. The house had a in ai

S 0 farms withoutwading in the mash. and showing "turf wall stores a eelt e of h iepen d-ti eiiey tha enfudi-nt
appreciate even a portion of Dr. The location of this first bridge pand showing a "to wall the e- bas t of s etet that hase the San n o eay of sting. Dr. Anderson's life work in the city. actually known to have been built tire distance west to what would provided main kitchen space and a Hp on Skateng Rink But the a n The Anderson estate wa a prom- for St. Augustine has not yet been be the present Riberla Street, be- pantry, also a pastry room where t
e f s tilrge oouetpmiedto of to yieldo8cto ntfeature in the life of El determined. It may have been on yond which was the pleasure pies and cakes were concocted. on gret value to be oa cotd, i ndded o trd

run aea vastoreb obatutPicolata, nede fmentioned ead
be eaeXshors 1 ilo ForrYoureEnjoymen Caten del Key (Ike King's Radl lbs present King Street line, aN ground, the Cubo, along the San There were other service ooms and O he ame comth Flagle rs ficil 0av the aid. even before the striking changes though no indication appears in Sebastian beach or strand. The including room for firewood. Base- ape n k Mame ino tu enysid lig h "Previobon Hlantime ed Sunnyses
attending the Flagler period. very early Spanish maps of any "peus" laimanfteestenets doted to domestic pro House had been takeA in hand. It Mayhag ha aeplae FREQUENT GAPS cltiatin beyond ai Snche part of the A. Ander im ld as hoe ad of in ah s
Only a very Psketchy description- marsh f t land immediately been Eusebio Bushnell. As Bush- fiFN. AugES BA H AstinN D G Fn Bidians ofE A H oEn, rvd to ng St r
west of the Governor's house and nell had a memorial for another Spanish or Mediterranean descent. Gigants and e ahusedeo oa r follody Sp c.ldren le a o hs Peed Pipe four seeto Oraculled west clung Mahias Pce nd seeminglyi

Is possile tfdealysscentnof hhain thTASTfSPANtHaFOO
garden. In the English Stork map tract of 600 acres in 1799; was in Kitchens and all service quarks Day nOldpaie. The olorul ci elebrton an King Stool and aerosthr Soc cupid suocession. N it yluck

isaueisasneietih Arguatesehoeeh au hThE SpCOURTSehstAD wRDINPA RKSttootncotunneeoulc territory included in the recently of 1769 the same absence exists possession of it inP 1808; his son were outside the main house in St. 1565. Photo by St. AugustineL w uasE A E n Sesti be it te t d int and F l restricted areab f nSt. Augustine O ) is believed t o sti be in use in time Ity i anPa ri as a of any cultivated land. Yet in the was said to have died in 180, and Agutins. West Augustine. still a peering, that may never be filled census credited to 1783, on the re Bushnell himself died in 1812, his So the basement provision would likewise on piling, was the Meth- became the San Marco Skating CHURCH MOVED unless rare good fortune happens turn of the Spaniards, three men relation with the King Street prop- argue the house was planned by odist Church, of which Dr. Paine Rink and more than one of the As for the Methodist Church Laudanier, French colonicer for researchers. report they farm on land west of erty where is now the Ponce de someone accustomed to northern was pastor. His son was the Ralph older residents will recall skating building, arrangements were made pause, FLOURISHING GROVES the Governor's house and pay rent Leon, must have been in the middle domestic arrangements. Some- D. Paine, whose writings made him ljoys. One ed city official othat thec wrea au s O D.MPolesEndtk lllea-g cS so tc grgatio acicy leno the ancient oily of St. Happily the .s.t significant de- to Englishms. of th scond Spanish rule. times, in corp bad weather, watsr an authority nyahting and mar of the present said to have ed the handsome new church on Augustine) befoe utiled nuolhtails relate to time either within In the same census an English- This Anderson mentioned in the came up in the basement but the time affairs come near osng is job when his corner of Cordova and Carrera ward to found Fo Carole. Lamemory of older residents, or con- man, John Watkins, states he rents Clement Survey was Dr. A. An- kitchen was on a higher level and Where the present Bus Station employer found how much- skating Streets. The old building got off doiere in is descriptions of the ern events handed along to them 140 acres back of the Governor's derson, father of the Dr. Andrew waterrarely covered the flor by grandparents. Clearest to them house and it is quite possible that Anderson, whose name is so closely Outside many chickens and turkeys is, there was a loony stble also ho woo fotling at the wong huoue. its stilts and went south to a w cillage snys 10 was a collectin of set well up aW0ol the capricious X. LOPEZ RPMINISCES calico w hor Ohs prset Recod palm8t2ohcd hole, surounded in the days before Flagler 'redis- Mathias Pons and the others men- associated with civic advance in St. bad range of the grove. marsh. Along the Anderson prop- X. Lopez spent his boyhood building was to rise later. Mean- by fields of maie. In the central covered St. Augustine is the pic- tioned were paying their relnt to Augustine after the War Between Next neighbors at the north were erty was the turf wall topped with watching events of the King's Road time the moved church building squre std gret council Sture filled with flourishing orange this Watkins. the States and up to the time of his the Josiah Smiths. This place also Spanish bayonets in parts and with as it all passed the homes of his was used as a repair shop for house, whe, before sing ot fr
-groves stretching along both sides Only one of the Minorcans be- death in 1924. was an orange grove in the main. other growth to provide a wihd- family. One of the most vivid recol- Flagler work where Raymond war, the chief and kis counsellors of King Street, with the row of fine comes of value in the King's Road CAME IN 1829 Access to the Smith property was break and as addqd protection elections concerns the arrival of the Ponce had opportunity to add to gathered to doink cannine, that oaks in th center of th eread. To annals. Mathias Pone gives facts The first Dr. Andrsona arrived along thewest side of t mash. against intruders tlere came to Apache Indians. When they rode his ropettionf fo fine cabintblackd itse a te al he sure, theft sell s deep in senid. indicating his was the earliest bers in 1829, andetainly must DUPONTS NEARBY he a fence. dowa King Street en their way In wurk. thtuqofi bstsefa Paving is in its undreamed of fu- house in that section. Pans says have promptly made himself a Across King's Road was the SKATING RINK Fort Marion the young X. was Meantime young Dr. Andrew valor. Here lea, th assembled re. A landmark in this scene is he is a farmer and has a wife and place in the city for when a tem- home of Abraham Dupont, on what Another building under which the filled with great fear that came 'Anderson had graduated from col- woviors waited o the incantation small stone bridge spanning twochildren, and pays an English- perance society was formed in is now the Alhambra and Villa tides rose and fell was a grocery from the tales he had heard of lege, and spent sometime in Euro- of the ocercr and boos en their aria Sanchez marsh, almost in man for the use of four and a half 1830 he was its first president. He Zorayaa location. Here Mrs. Du- store at present Granada Street what Seminole Indians had done. pean travel before the War Be- return again they hung the scalps' int of where ls ceremonial en- acres, ihere haa ahkouse, away must have found plenty of reason pot and the children remained and King Street. After a time it In early years there had been tween the States. In time, instead taken in batr. actothPonede Leon was fromnthe settlement back of the for its existence for sometimes when Dupont tried to start work cod John Ceala inkw Genoshuse three of four corners were oc- again on his plantation south of
a goeaeed St1 Augustne, sayn Mathias' statement is orne out cupied by licensed liquor sellers. Moultrie. This was during the e iock bridge is stllt th by the Clements Survey ordered When the Andersons went to live Seminole War. Dupont i% said to have owned the land frn t d
of the marsh to where the X.
Lopez home now is. From Dupont
the land on whih VillaZ. AND MR ACATIONIST u Swas built wentlto Mien Feret whose MR M S. Ti AT11I 1U
name is always associated with that of Miss Mather whose educational work in St. Augustine reached into many h us and is alway sM AYW E Th s uonreferred towithgra .........da- MAY W
Thin Next things whenMrs. Bridier
decided to move from the Bay
Front, where the family had hada SUGGEST A T hotel and evidently had a store.
Stories are related of the independe- fencee with which Mrs. Bridier handled the soldiers during lhe War
of the 1860's. She bought land from
Dupont, and had a gova thatSt A u s in
meant a good living so long as
some of its trees would yield 8 to
10 boxes of fruit. Another member of the Bridier family who had
eon a stars at Picolata, mentioned
F "b.... rt ..hdY o o Your Enjoyment
where the X. Lepes house sethis.
BRlING5 THEE TIRET FAMILY NOeat wool of the Bridie...wan
D1 IijT E L ~ l~ UMrs. Godfrey Foster with another YOU Will Find: grove. Nothing can he realled he.
twean the Foterbhuse and the Son
Sebastian eept a barr. It wes
ef Mathias Pone hod here. Suthc...... ~~~~~~nd hotw.... threso ploco an..d the U E O SFIHN P T
oads at Bridge SItrIe, and King's N M R U IHN P T

Tenx arvlo in tet!* YACHTING FACILITIES

FLORIDA ~ ~~~New York. He built oa lago huse.*T SYSA IHF O
__ __ __ _This in no. Ohr Weathe~r p ... TENNIS COURTS AND RIDING PARKS Thoeae o s of seo woLET US EQUIP YOUR doud a...ege wino OhIachsled * DANCING AND OTHER PLEASURES "
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St. Augustine, Fla. miht.h.nai.o
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'Sportsmen Find St. Augustine Real Fishing Paradise

Game Sailfish Fair Angler Exhibits Prize Sailfish New 1,300-Foot Ocean Fishing Pier At St. Augustine Beach

And Tarpon Are

Plentiful Here
Year-Round Angling
Excellent; Shrimp
Big Industry
Located less Mtan a mile from
the Atlantic Ocean, and with rivers
and freh water streaks forming ta boundary ins, St. Augustine an truly be called a paradise for
Almost every fish known to tropical waters, ranging in size from the tiny yellowtail to the giant sailfish, play along the St. Augustine
Few cities along the Atlantic
seaboard offer game fish anglers more sport than found in local waters. Tarponnn are plentiful and are caught within a stone's throw of the city's ancient sea wall, while giant sailfish are landed within
three miles of St. Augustine's St. Augustine's new WPA Ocean Fishing Pier at St. Augustine Beach, some three miles from the heart of thecty promise he onef

sho feline. the most popular fishing spots in Florida when it is officially opened this summer. The. pier, built at a cost of $69,000, ce thu longest fishing

the year around and eren atlet span on the iAtlati coast tendig i feet tt tho Atlovtic Ocean Hood eda yf anglers njoy the per and sihig a the npanla desea b iting sheepshead, cellet Thp part f th ach development d trucn at St. Augustine Beach.

S, tning fienhe
drum, red snapper, mackerel, bluefish, flouneder, pompano and many Catches
aothern nicti of the nytlb Shrimp Industry Means Money To St' Aug
may be included in a day' fishing
In the winter, trout are especially plentiful, and it is a common

ono S E fh epned huib o, S
occurrene for an angle to catch tver 100 of the speckled beautie ranging from one to six pounds in weight.
An angler may use a rod and
reeli or just a common hand line, and find fishing around St. Augustine a profitable sport.
Boats can be chartered for deep
sea fishing and a trip to the nearby reefs means excellent catches of snapper, grouper, blackfish, drum, and almost any variety of fish common in tropical waters. Sailfish have been running off the coast and around a dozen of the prized fish have been caught by local and
visiting anglers during July.
PNet casting also provides excellent sport, and mullet are so plen- Miss Louise Fowler, of Chicago, Ill, proudly displays a giant sailfish which she caught a fewmlec off It, tiful that net casters catch hun Aug stine coastline. The fair Chicago angler is shown with Sonny Noells, an expert St. Augustine angr.
dreds of pounds of the fie, within (Photo by St. Augustine News Bureau.)
a short time. yuate p s t i
FISHING PARADISE artet Display Piscatorial Prize
Whcat promises to be a real fishing paradise is the new WPA ocean fishing pier at St. Augustine Beach.
The pier extends into the Atlantic J.W. Copsey, of St. Augustine 1,300 feet and promises to be one is shown with a tarpon which won of the most popular fishing spots first prize in a recent angling conSacgles icc Fionida. test for this section. The prize
FRESH WATER fiPORT tarpon was caught in local waters.

Fresh water fishing in the many
streams and creeks in the St. Augustine vicinity also provides plenty spurt to anglers. Black bass, bream and perch inhabit the fresh wanted numerous fishing camps of ellent facilities to fresh
Fishing in St. Augustine is also
rridon on a large commercial caand the city is noted for its shrimp industry which annually nets thousands of dollars in revenue. Hundreds of shrimp boats dock at St. Augustine and during the winter months fancy jumbo shrimp are plentiful off the local coast. Thousands of bushels of shrimp are shipped annually to northern markets and shrimping is one of St. Augustine's largest industries.

Story Told Of
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that cancer St. ugustne pTti you Ptg as gntsen b h tue seasoncn t.Augctust in c as Bouncer l5t and250 buhetsof shccp ace caught cneac buo off thue
ctarly in the ltest iccsueof the gian Silvei King loudd cbyAsscst- Augustine ot. Tune of uric ted ehrcup ace chipped annually to aorthetn mactutu. IPhoto by Carver
ecititied ccWhy Two Connecticuthun..
Yancches. Weut Sooth."
No Muh cif thin article ....trs
about 0 no.. i Edmuond Kirby- Part Of St. u u tn Shrimp F etAt Mooerin$ece

W ar BO....... the Statc w..ho~w be.. cful fishing paciy Tb ..... cu .. nc...r i.... St. Aupuotiune tuft to tight etc. Mios tuouns Rneer.......
bunin St g. tieithbul-atii P tinc ilcfitcici Pu uiMc cccc cft Augustine in the P.uild- and Mrs. E. cellon-'ailtof Pittsbir ih, Pa. and Mr. Franciscof St. Augustine
ng whilt in now ocruied by the ''~diSi hnu cc totey.Hi nationeStete Anglers And Their Catches, A Big Fellowv'
insthueC pitud it Wehiscu D.atC

5 nucticut tote faither, Joteph Le.
hraim Kirby, werec mcci uP promte- ": enein the town of Litinfield in
that state. The r'esoc tor lean- c'i leg thit northern hame are 'ie '
by the athur in the weaning of a c '

ctory of toteresti loally. The enents Which ted op to the to Florida arc recountecd. Politic played ita d
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"Hence towo Connecticut Yankeecs
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eunrie. It wituthecuetom ofthec
: people, atnoitlly in the springtime,
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Superb Year-Around Golfing Facilities Are vailable Locally

it. Augustine St. Augustine Links Clubhouse i the oibity of under-One Of The City's Historic Landmarks Thousads Pay

Links Club One n fortutue, Sup:; Visit To Forts
tendent Freeland says, is th .. F' July, 1938, ..h J Of Finest peimental construction of period 1939 ii furniture, now being done at Castl Mario
Is Scene of St. Marks. Some of this furniture t
Famed Tourn will be used in the necessary offices in the same period, Fort Matanzas ellb itd by 20,658 pp. E in the fort, and will help to elimi state in the Union, the District of ments In Season uate the disappointment which the Columbia, and most of the U. S.
average visit r feels when he looks p lesions were rep ese ted b the NOTABLES SHOOT into a histori that i t
occOVER COURSE upied by modern. office furni- oridas atu all the ....tat t u r e 1 o f o t o a m e N e d Plans are well under way to re- Yora s o felos n iu Ranking Pros furnish one of the guardrpoms wi Acuresn tn e bl egit eb ,
And Amateurs typicnaEarl .lAly ftartnitua n u t T Itypical G i l. langMs nuber of E ito Sf t i more clearly the original use of the fo ee te lited
Gather Here om ,The carel, or prison, as well in tian g
he natioully fMmf Sto Apas certain other rooms open td the Floridh, Ni Yo Obih, Ieinai d,
guine k situated- just north visitor, re now suitably illuminated Penyl G gi, Miig untie City, 0 f00a n a ye.. by concealed lighting that sho ws N. Jeey, nfdiona, and N
round program of golf that can be the dis sing anachroAnim Gof viS. enjoyed both by the Professional t dpleleibganaeroitmhf fn- Feosuisooefvm the annd nn the e sible electric fixtures., cnoourtts ee.T TfNeadaade .d amatel. pThe Ibistorical renovations intro- Idald.
Studded with ancient oaks, fring- duced by Superintendent Feeland Vibot fty
,ed with palm, and made difficut by inline with'the interpretative pol- e n e a s indicted traps and water hazards the S icy agreed upon for this area, have n AugusAtine Links is truly a champ- anies,,aiinduced a number of favdramile com-tbn 1,000 tiner, onship course of the tp flight. n.ents. Mr. Freeland states that hed ige; Egnd nd Cub e However, the links is so nellplan- The picturesque clubh... has delightful accommodatilne for golfers. There are lounging rne ..nd is especially desirous, of keeping next our Stay More En y afigrbe indicate
an Constructed that a mere wide verandahs. The lockers, shop, etc., are Convenient and all comforts are offered to patrons. Many St. Augustine people in'ouch with the standing lb.,, histri
ndausefulness, wasthe' firdt cen tur
beginner enjoys its smooth fair- interesting social events take place at the clubhouse, and, add to the gayety of life in the Oldest City. developments at the old fort,' and area ways and carpeyt-like greens as will'nelcome suggestions and con- averg o feel nique much as the t advanced pupil o rments fdr improvements oftheedae the irt Hof the ancient e mngame. HeeTh r P o r gram. .f the AmI n epli, p
' Thecourse is always wel. g n Oa "t Marion guide service is not- outSuperintendentE.DFreelnd.
ed and local and visiting ed for its courtesy and efficiency.Indthe Sfind it a gola The peronel I .. fully selected Watch Twer f old Spanish Castillo d San M o (Fort Marion n o publi Mr. nd January. Fashion W hirl and trained in both local and a- National Monument). landff of te guide

ion guide is familiar with other
Par for the course is 37-35-72, into the ocean or river bashing, ion guide is ftmilia b other e n in ered eny ha boror
d if olfe drie re might well e thrilled by NPS Superintendent t national itor aout h ensu oo

eigh ten greeo is 6,345 yards. tBred in. the June Harper's New The guided tour usually eqoires For Artcle Attention Here ed aund the for in idi guided auethe onroe d thly Magzine, fond .p r Continues thirty or forty minutes, but in that u eve shot knon In glf can he vate collections in St. Augustine. Spanish Atmosphere time only es utlines of e Fot Mnet of the text in the new Issue White altheas deserve more atthhp e only the outlines of the Fort
tested. There are four difficulty Iustratd was one which "may At Old Fort Mari n story can be presented. In of the Florida Historical Quarterly tension from people hunting f Clubs three oles pa four green,.. o ER
and urpar fiveoles test the e ma of delaine flnnl or any To re 'of the Spani ar order t an .. many of the i- deted St gut arile ummer-blooming shrubs. Eery Hole Name go 'darker ehadonf thn snme; or of n f endeal for the oming year onotantly engaged inr earo museum exhibit has been developed. this Oldest City. e
TOP-FLIGHT GOLFERS homaiehae of th ee of o tse nd For the typical unit in this muem i e' rtile is "The t. Augu- eep ri on blomig, no matter v e
rig theursef year the shot covered with the materil National Monument), aordingo leader and more ura the oquina display shwingsam-tine Censu of 178 tranlaed how hot or ry r wet, while the After the Golf Club moed o ple* of the stone,S do ite fort San
nation's leading men and women of the dress, with pellets of lead a statement of. policy made by Ed- sentatio of the monuments pes of the eating the ort from Spani with an Intro- petals keep a purity rarely found to the S aR got full linksmen, th amateur and pro- in the lower skirt. This latter ma- ward D. Freeland, coordinating the public. quarrie, and explain the quar- duction and Notes." It is by Jo- in white flowers. Althea belongs nine holes, orde were ised a fesional tamp the fam e trial will be found quite avail- uprintendent of southeasternth frt ep Lcey among the Hib family, nd in to
d these top-flight golfers class "able." We wonder- lional monuments. The responsibil- teine material related directly s i Toome sotiona of the ki c country no Thi wn Anyef ofitr gls the St. Augustine Links as one of The Timucuan Indian, to Change ity of the National Park Service Forts Marion and Matanzas, bad Fort Marion informational pro- sue, and wa made soon after the other name but "Rose of Sharon" clu and players used the Poet the finest in the. country. All the the fashion picture rapidly, deck- is firet to protectt and perserve this been considerably enlarged' In grams, broadcast through the Cour- return of the Spanish to St. Au- is heard for it. All over the city Marion Greon and the Sao Mareo big names in golf, National Open ed himself out with all the grhan- ancient fortification, not only for recent months by the addition of tsy of the local station, proved gustine afterthe 20-year occupation there are plants blooming for Lul. The- order were Ithe. 'The Champion Byron Nelson, P. G. A. 'deur of a movie queen. Feather this or the next generation, but for several thousand feet of micro- to be universally popular. These by the English. weeks. The foliage of the white first ee hall be at the north Champion Henry Picard, National torments were worin the hair; all time. film. These tiny photpraphs programs, dealing with great men The heading says:. althea seems to keep healthy here, wes ornr of the government e Wmes Champion Pay Berg ornaments of beads, coppers, col- In carrying out this responsibil- opies of books and dumet and great events in the history of "A list of foreigners Minorcans, another desirable quality in summer ato. T ho all now b
Sam Snead, Ralph Guldahl, Gene ored stones, bones, and, in later ity, the service plans to make the are read by enlargement through St. Augustine, were inaugurat d in Italians, Greeks, old Floridians and bloomers, onnn an follow. Number One Saroen, Hrn Smith, Denny times, brass and silver, worri not fort an educationaland inspiration- a library projector, and bymeans January 1939, and over a thousand Spaniards (except the troops and Fort Mnrio; Numbor Two, Drmi Shute Harry Cooper and Paul Run- only there ut on the breech-clout al feature, so that the visitor to olmpoes, mh opis of the di srip we employ of t Royal Te ry Lu Number Tree, LitleMiery; Sto mention only a few, ad 'other artlIes of clothing, the fort will Carry away with him ioalmatealh beeno- distbutedpn reqet to gn who reidehi, ae inetethdya gue, mth in aio of the Mume Four,urgnoy;Numer
ually ply the St. Augustine eot the neck, hanging Som the a mental picture f the ger d o and seven names n aionliyreligo." Five, Soa Number Si,
Liy yeare, about t the waist and wrists hardhipnef the ea nr Spanish ool- wise be available for ue 'in St. the United States. Several St, Au, hundredand eighty-six in the City A study of the census reveals Onecole; Number Senon, San So.
o n d even about thearms and onists and their determination to Augustine, guotine hiy teachers used th of St. Augustine, East Florida, and namess -well known in St. Angus- bantia ; Nume i, Bagatelle
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T included the. Winter made out of the ribs of deer. The It is impossible to say definitely nicions, outside students are el'eda, ta lorid pne employ d fih just what is gbing to be done in nome, mod en innreasing number '' 3 '
Champion and the Naonal verbal. ed upoa historical researches, may pn... .
Frfeeaio l Rest BoB Are modern -modes harking bark be made,but expeimentation alone Vpanissiorts
le hPay Championship for a to the days of yore when the Indi- can indicate the best method of ddpurse of $i,000. as o Florida were kno to "al- eelopment for the best bfteot. In Matanza National Ionument) is '

'iont 'isilos from the north are grow very long?" and effective exhibit, the 'job must 1737it was built in anticipation of rela patrons at the St. Augus- Indians throughout the South- be ell done. r English attacks from the north. tise Lis. They find both Florida east wore moccasins but only NATIONALLY IMPORTANT Guarding the south entrance to St. J 1 j oand e Scellent o de t lng t he Fort Marion, started in 1672 and Augustine, it played an important wat e famous course, the time -as spent barefoot. Deer- called by the Spanish Castillo de part in enabling the Spaniards to

tiee and visiting golfers play the were of elk skin. United States. The old fort has lbope', seigeof SI. Augustins in course doily. The outstanding nenorbeen taken in seige or in bat- 1740. 1 aT-_ouse Amat eurnf mpion- the heso n tle, yet the flags of four nations Both of these fortifications ,e ale rChampion- theS-hole course ho the suthen have been raised over its ramparts. important as symbols of Spanish
ship, a match play tournament section of the city moved several Spain held the fort until 1763, culture on the North,. American richdrew a field of r 100in- year ago to St. Augustine Links, when Florid was ded to Great Frontier. St. Augistineprotected trains this year. and was instrumental having the Btitain. Twenty'years later Flor- by the Castle of St. Marks-and the 1n This Beautiful State CAPABL PROS course open on a year-round basis. ida was once more turned Over to Tower of Matanzas, was at one During the winter and the sum- This has been of great benefit to Spain as result of conflicts growing time the cultural capital of the termer. season he course is supervised St. Augustine, say hotel men, out of the American solution. citory n included in the eouth k- rapoble p.oessionals and a fea- chamber of remmerce officials old In 182, the United Sntee pu eter United Stote. \t

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