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Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Newspaper Collection
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St. Augustine Record, Historical Restoration Issue
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Newspaper ( donor )
The St. Augustine Record


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University of Florida
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Dedicated to the Best R T I
Interests of This ISSUE
Oldest City Section


Says Issue Is
Appropriate Start By Mayor Of

Cites Patriotic Signifi- This Of
cance of Date in T CityH
Hhst Dr.Lela d Is Walter B. Fraser Last Hitoryummer Formed NationPRAISES ISSUEDrLeadI
PRIE ISEEnthusiastic al Committee
It Will Afford Opportunity for Study of Over Program CAUSE IS VITAL
Program Sets Fort Program as
By Dr. Verne E. Chatelasn Speaks in Glowing Words He Understands Its
Director of the St. Augustine
Historical Restoration of Old City as HisThis Special Issue of the Record toric Treasute which affords people generally the
opportunity to study the RestoaW d e ue a Waite wasebusyoWit tion Program in a more comprehen Dr. Waldo G. Leland, executive srthe f ig a at ie way tha eare befo ad O DR. VERNE E. CHATELAIN DR. JOHN C. MERRiAM JUDGE D. R. DUNHAM SENATORSCOTT M. LOFTIN MAYOR WALTER B. FRASER' secretary of the American Council Cometee wht wo h ider
en this the 161st birthday of the of at Wate t. ae bee ith Nation's Indepenaence, is indeed tonal Committee for the Preserva- toaic aad Ause ad as significant. Lr. John C. Merriam Seaks t t I cott M. Lotin Efdorses tieo C. Restoratisose u c. Af tio, ad .a wo
Old it. Auustite, a eity of glee e Augustine, is most enthusiastic onoe e teus tcaditiaons and a hietocy whiceobn oos r~d~i .... o d~~ood trth o 0 eu s e am esto ation ...rthe Reoraticonprg..... H~e 00n ret1..oef thisOldestCity
meches dfay ik byod b mople Of-St. Augustine Vital Matter' -Program Of Restoraton speaks in glowing terms of St' Au- He fels cerelytbe t a
Tmentous day in 1776, ha for- gustine as... rest historic trodure, of gettigthe Reeteration Pr gram itself a new Charter of liberties and and in a special statement made for enact is today setting its eyes. apos a T, Expresses Pleasure at Best Opp for Cit rporation Is this Restoration Ieue of the Record r Mae goal as idealistic in many ways as Pickering he said: Mao F that which wos set out so dramatic- Progress Made Since Fla er Came, The history of St. Augustine ha Reto o y in that im are taol l i eas Thus Far Speaks and He a Compose f a special significance for in this pap the san fella Ameican freedom. Thu Far Speaksn as Ofioa .... Her Says. ptrl a p erWl .. Udrtn t
And there are fundamental le- Ias Citizen; Is Long- city there has evolved, during near- pa t sosi htstainappieable te Ten Citizens.. ly fate enturies, a coltural tredt- t he Rett s5.Ag, intm t The wo hn C Mrm, president Scott M Loftin former United tion that is extraordinarily rich in .pesrot moment. The ord estor o f Carnegie Institution, of Wash- TimeResident States Senator,and Past President s eon-profit, rpa atcosgeentent and vartetyt. It hasb of St. probably always contain some ingtan, D. C., whose interest and tn asthet.Augustieis- derivedfrmthemanydiverserle- aaat w till scoff at idealism, who will A uiesupport of the Restoration Program ofJudge David A. Do of the Ame. ...nP, t ori al Preservatin and Restora- merits that have come into contact sple n d bnt o precedents and methods Whsp of tDsvtd Pg Wunho, he has been identifed with the t.en Ascto f h e with each other on this spot. 17th and 1th and early 10th reationed by usage odtime wo, S St. Auustine Will incas en much, has addressrd a ft t Ps a R Peespecial message to the people of St. prr sdnt of the St. Augustin Pro- S aih s to L will use to dare in loh ahead, Become Center for Augustine through this Restoration tgrmal locely and Institute af ra fo St. A utine fromPthe inthe prg am f P erati tn, English, and aboriginal Amcity ashot an dIwho will argue that things have I Science, and vice president of the very beginning, being a member of and Restoration for t. Augus erican cultures, as well as many Castilo do San Maras, whieb is gon to far in certain directions Students sam ite peasd te ea St. Augustine Historical Preserva- Mayor Walter B. Fraser's National tine, includes the following: For- traits from other regions of the now e of the nt eamplef hi permit the re-charting of the _"I am much pleased to learn that tion and Restoration Association, Committee, feels very keenly the mer U. S. Senator Scott M. Lof United States have been fused into medieval cnstrution to the Unitcerse, and who will say that Jthe Legislature ihas edaoupassed was asked It make a statement importance of the Restoration a truly geat tradition. ed St cange is impracticable and unnec- 00 fthe measurs luding cogulatoy ac e c eghisrraation to the Ros- Plon tie, prodcnt; Judge David R. eat t .a aaboltd essa. The idealim oftheRestora- St. Augustine Historical Preserva- and appropriations, relating to the toration Program, his answer had PAsI president of the St. Augus- Dunham, vice president; X.. "It is this cultural tradition that at ion Program may be open to the tion and Restoration Association, St. Augustine historical and de- all the' enthusiasm that might be tne Historical Preservation and Pellicer, secretary-treasurer. imparts to Saint Augustine that moathi ers ctructe onnet sme kind of cynicism. and one of the members of Mayor velopment program. The Whole expected from a man who has de- Restoatl Ascati, th gas- personality that distinguishes t with the a Sebasti e aunately, eat ooly far them- Far's National Committee on country is watching St. Augustine voted so much of his time to the ization which will officially handleA M
selves but or some of the Na- Preservation and Restoration from with great interest and the effect of preservation of the history of St details of the pogra here, Mr. H.Westberry, erle A. Pope, parent to the discerning visit city a o et ~ aal ftefrem the moetof his arrvl lctitn ate anroe s gtt
tin's nest historical resources, its inception last October, sets the work already done is havingits Augustine over a period ad of yeas. Loftis anfuttal tht hairn of theboo county f ro inine the mo is al oat ah citizens of St. Augustine are forth the benefits of the Restore- eeove theUnited States and Stne lha estorati pet leaders of the project in St. Au- commissioners; J. W. Hoffma Se addition is perhaps thcinost iain o imbuad with the same spititwhich tion Plan, as he sees them, as fol- in other countries u I am sure that broached, Judge Dunham has been gustine, in arousing sentiment in Mrs. Neil Dickman, Miss Nina r y uaae t a Withi asa d filled our forefathers with an lows: what is done with the fine Program even more generous with his time, the Senate and the House of the commnusty wch nhaet ios a spr it eaaerness for changed and ia- The restoration of St. Augustin at St. Augustine will have favor- and has devoted a great deal of 1937 Legislature for the passage of H awbins, Jo E. ckering. asset rhc it is a Wit t
pro vd conditions. Personal sacrifi- and its development as a national able influence on the whole develop- attention to various phases, includ- legislation that appropriates $50,- This corporation has the right nor political crises nor even bombs lan age, aehiteca, eastem esaned coaniones they wera historic site will not only bring an meint of Florida. I wish you to ing the legal angles that entered candestoy. babi a l cefndnot enien t haey~n aw ~ sere ie a ia~m sn m stl a0 amm setdi ace at e am dsf h Rs o o cep gits ofoney, prop-~ ata sa flitwerehyta e o e e r n o t know that I planning to pyh into program, including necesCery r n rom et tctton e ft m dits hndaoliei perfectlyram wilin eto '~~t ausshee, for th inrae ubro vstr otiThe history of this cu lwer ~ h yuhOf :
,etterda.ys to come. city but it will bring a large num- vigorously as possible the coperk legislation at Tallahatsee. Judge Tr. Lotin, when asked for a taditionis of transendent inter- ships
Durng the Americn Revolution beof permanent residents to this tien of Carnegie Institution a-o nham's statement, made in his 0 men t 6 corning his views od ration program. Dr. Verne E. est and may be studied in many s Spain dbud, there were dark hous, moments of area. Te 'historic project wii not other scientific agencies in further- official capacity, als as a private to i cluor in this Chatelain has been named exec- ways, from many points of view; itos of doas obscured vision, and lisheartening only provide a physical picture of ing this important worl. citizen, follows: Restoratin Edition of e record, tie secretary for the group, and for the tradition itself is the sum w sedine affo tete experiences, when the weaker soul history that will tell the story of "In St. Augustine what you are "St. Augustine and its citizens said unqualifiedly that he considers is directing the program. ane statn ef hal epite ncleorl f oapa Sfatered and lost their courage. But this region back through 500 or 600 attempting to do is to create a have been presented with a won- the present plan St. Augustine's manifestaes of human enistenc e anew'freedom held the young na- years but it will become the capital perspective of the history of the derful opportunity. The foresight finest opportunity since Her -of religion, o education, of art Thefondaoandbdrocf tion enthralled. They had signed for all information of the Spanish city in its relationship to the city, of Mayor Walter B. Fraser and orris Flagl.r rams here, and Ni W t s and i icand literature, ofloe of new 1atn as laid here asa their an Emanipation Prmlama- clonization of this part of the New the state, the nation and the world, the interest of the Carnegie Insti- launched his wonderful program the beautiful, of recreation and sltof the ttrapid lead- o h -in-declartng that certain condi- World. "When I came to St. Augustine tution and of Dr. John C. Merriam that was to give this Oldest City [ play, and of the amenities of daily Chrisnohe d Ceo in Sf51, Dn tions that bad held them in ecos- The latter feature will tend to it was with the feeling that there of said Institution -rs..lted in the some of its greatest treasures .r life. Joan omic, social and political bondage bring here a great number of his- was here an important work to do formation of a National Commit- Speaking along this line, Mr. Were Taken "Any plan tobring out the his- Don Padre Mendes de Aviles in in the part n ge forver. torians and writers whowill find at in which our staff at Carnegie tee for the Preservation and Res- Loftin says that Mr. Flagler had topical values of any town must be With something of the same at- their disposal originals a. copies Institution might help by gather- totation of this historic city. a deep Ioe for this Oldest Cit, Ai Lea S rase van a....s e A town In 1505
ttude St. A egustine must'face its of every piece of data in the world ing facts and putting them together "To the St. Augustine Historical and that he always appreciated to Cvic L er is a living thing. It is not in the Florid a tn bo eli present problem; without holding gathered and catalogued under one in such a way as to maintain the Society and Institute of Science the the utmost its quaintness. He felt strictest sense a museum nor the dollars, aed the Spanish peopta stedfastly to the idealism of a roof. It will open up a vast field value of the history of St. Angus- Preservato and ugs tin ofRsta o that old buildings whio dated from stage of a theater. Certain bosses soon] e to ari d batter community and improved for research work since it means tine. historic. St. Augustine is of vital i- Eglish speaking people tale tbeir conditions for the future to be that the student, writer, scientist "I am glad to have a part in the portance. The aims, objects and tons were most valuable and should pierce of whirl the Old Spanish place gained by the Restoration Program, and historian will be able to find great program being carrie' on by Purpose o the Society will thereby be saved for posterity. It was be- Citizens Did Patrol Treasury, (Anna G. Burt House) The bisor of lbs past fate enthere can be no freedom from the here what is now scattered in you. You have my good wishs reach their fullest realizatin. F r cause Mr. Elagler sensed the for- is' one of the finest examples juries haoee e and, shackles that' have retarded this archives Cuba, Spain, France, Eng- and my prayers, for prayer must over a half century this Society eign flavor of St. Augustine, the Duty I have cver een. Put yes cannot appar mmnitgrowahb hertfo land and -Washington. company great works if they are las been struggling with its li c ha of its little aid ho..ns....d _efeasntawniehiuy..i.dof its a tln crei h as Sr
comuniy' growth heetfoe ;ltefc whtnro t eetisgi old os and freez1 ear ast tomutwi int an n giepinqe okdn yhrd
St. Augustine is making on July A great number of these profes- to be done in the right way." idmeans, and to in e faceao t a n na teI its i m a r ft, e Patrol reports of 1837, iffysaro pant. Itmastliveitolifedeco- the p 4, 1937, a Declaration-of Indepen- sional groups will spend long 0- mightappeartesm as almoetin- a hits deamin sPlazathti as
fene bfoe tc yesoftlrard, atd of time hera, becoe per- Inapmplturtr b a mmountable obtaales, ta preorvye willior to paur out lie million, are, alawed that with thc evar- ooiramadbntrcl valeare adtael lss
tasrtruly as aeyoung nation did menant e sids residents for a-reasonable Rev. H.P. C e e V. 0, Ca Aane cot ladmar opendng so ainhly that's f cds peasant possibility of Indians ap- ae he brought out with inter- the Snt permanent bite sett6 years ago. Whether it makes length of time. While this group o p re o a and historic stes and to collect and marvelled at his prodigal programfri i isgow." met hat is the d yaag Wu loogtimep pietintheodCathedral make available for future genera- of expenditures. "However" Mr. men of the City of St. Augustine Stateo of Ameia also forthe role Slgood on that Declaration is de-will form a smlipermaontcolony, here he refers to the records of tions all historical data auh has Loftin cotinued, "he broughtth were usually willing to take their A s fi she played to paving the ay for pendnt altogethcer uon its having the geatet number of pnrmanen ma' o r tur Ir e nih ace.Mn aisnew e a otron its ca e re ts ber of ern marriages performed by the Priest, books, maps and oth cords re- sands upon thousands of people to t the nit etches. Many Ra n er e ciiliatioontsontinet Sthe same devotion to its cauna no residents will be madn up of a er- Father Pedro Camps who accom- lating to the early history of Flor- St. Augustine, and started the small slips of paper are into tye lb rh th in e of her olisa oboe era displayed. Stahis who lile to live i the patied the Minorean colony from ida and St. Augustine. Florida winter sunshine cult, which vault tbat were turned in te the and i dueadsaeStt whlktli i ir e g from mayor or judge after each night. a reiigious Ieaders.
hishadow of the past because of a hi sal from Port Mahon until ive ial Noni am gi o people he ion r-n- Db portin ar tt ni gh, W (u les oar sti, e hirdus i~inoran Reidents charmthat ....not be found inI Thed distressine number .usneof deaths mitten,an wlthe Carnegict th annstitutem-h rainb rinoen numbers. hri.... iun is.Ma. aino orhnig, ho1d n Day en he.. a. thi of. bth at encst
... norcandenResideentsesmodern cities, i ..o matter ie hew t great e tells yrnNew loninyrna lsoCitoyo and ualoee aCityl ofeSt.r.AFlgaerleoendendheallehadber i"Mr. Pitngioearleoereeorialtheinloneehade beennndtwicerdeirrhinhistolOfffeaoot strhseandpsthin ~'Have Every Right To arthaeoveniences. following their arrival in Si. Au-aece neetdi rsra fhsrira nfrhrsuh osnie asron eprytha nsirht.
Feel Greatest Pride in Europa where this writer lied gustie, these last due to the heed- gionie andrstadte wlbs pisret o i airas furlMaiad the south h W es eie as uythaieigt.heritaga ha loot hi this great so______ o Pari sbips ofurefat New myres,~ lionaof resoratio weeb is fallMiamiendothe tedKeDWest. artoioCanortendSDrneomPractNorthStream Activeas isio laitnispltne prhisprseerala
____ for mare tban teo years. nP a tretfrohiphefdured at ie f rai maral aedffleanciaIloupporte an o- had a beautiful home in Pain seein U. S. service so they wsre ta e ean fti nia
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ooreooItAuolahaereached 50,000. Of thia number it] 1777age t or in r 11m "Naturally there will be di'r i rsdne Ki -ie inS. maot servoed, wter .W Well-knw ra at fLg :soeevery right tormepridentlceselvse oe h is fate to say that iat least half] 11, 31the bride ma ies diffninasto e r bia n reegutine, Kihifes t a ,Jh .Fnae r od lotd trCo sps~ somegfhtherumanqearwmanshossogh ouhquararnenrtanelf se-h-ohe maenrpndseetofarffpr.eAnoRtheerellyahhuowhrnr.PFag-orffnstanceFr taeio NatheoNnalaa oem baremadisruuaaiazedlinrSofParssraherahandweliina nt was ceptati,, P. 5. Domas, mhtauttas it e e faredto f t Autns hr b m ad eetos cam oPrs emrignweas-thehni builin c ation and restoration, hut we en Ireoating, Spaish baauly InS ee Aaua ih we ero-Nfe ro aoe c lonats haer fac siing thew f ausePtd buildigs. Limitations e nd should adjust thee diffnrsncestrpclsligwibwodsp-V as nearlyosatisfoctorilyhioealas plemenolthe quaint complicity of Venanoo Snbhez, Win. Travers Whtacnrswih astafmeeiaot.ssis members of them enlistef le the Thare s tee uodeaiable altracto -osbe n epn nve h the aciginal Oldest Cily, and and Morris Tooler whose wife at nonfitions lbs North River, and the will moot likely build bach ibs ald ra yeliot troo and foughlto lbo n d e boi rI Biothtaetrog ter
anricharmooor withthingbravery.r Big manojcie ftewoepaaltestrip from Tolomalo to ihe presrnied for many years begioniog will the San Sebastian River. This aiEImwemae asioognz e of ur.ld.itya.paf eats tro nipules See Sebantian StRr .t ong Oraoge to the first Spaoisl occu pation... nofult mwil e...a.itate that the
Menieoeof lbs Miooca Pais to live in seine narrow street Em hasized Cf beauty end charm but seau oadcahaoinpaea.Sreweco h it Imagioe the North River alive with old bridge at ihs City Oeas ha rm
po Claionlf he bome island and theehheoretmillions hers, patrolsa .feltha teya paclogo eolberotolroerSoehigledsentoiomlliruhertafsfoands eismaoaedlontrcteuadimalacq reeloc
: 1astne toths cunry hee h greon e ualse an oer "h h ain and the world will eomc nd revivified what wvas a quiet, oto h ret h patos o from as far as Polo to the hridges built access the moat in ontioted en the eanks of the Col- to live oral fear hi seine great b averfamily archives andhistory to seeandvsi,ntmrelybcaue sleepy little lowe. mooteteeio nhvigp ss vrlfwihwr oae rdrt eoooostai a oial Army. Ororgc Ferragut saw henher or isfustetelist of the pine. that should have been included of its elimata or thal thay have rood "The peesent plon of the Car- es. The report slip was hams-made bil eweal Portn whierre l bloafu aterfrdreonccmmdt tani Say distinguiahef service in the War of rot day oo a modnrn up-ta-fate toi this edition of the Record, the somewhere in history "that St. Au- ngie Inotitution, in cooperation anf the last column woo devoted to oetenlheFranth SetcrethbatiuwterotnBa the Revolution Inter to the Span- boulevard. Thousands of Americaose purpose of wbich is to arouse gustine is the oldest city in the wjtb Mayor Welter P. Frayn,o the "occurreneso". So that column the noh Sroe, also similiarrconstrurtien is FloAridan onflt the Wareof coming to Paris to live, foroob inhirest to the Restoration Pro- Uoited Staten, hat beeauoen bera City of St. Auguatitoo and sscitt- Ios frequent report twae nothingg Often there mms meal rivalry Ornga Street.
Floidaandals intheWarofscarces of modern conveonecs to grain undetahen hy Carnegie lheycacan ete l ityeasetwas zenoyts ofarreahing, and era oradinary." Anoteroniglt"a amongtheraftomeneofwhomtheae Mosilihelyinany ofithestreets 1911. Pet wheo his name and sara- which ihey were sccustomcd in the Iostitution, in cooperation with mhn the Spaoiardo fleet founded it fraghtle o aetjo a thsconntyhawe boidige ad pfired o frI ha moldtbe seea rmoing hh nypwrud r w ill bae rhad oertiwitbe difertu ices have bee ufOrgotten, famewas reUnitwtaeShcatoy liVeain amehouse or/ sethe City o mbrf St. Auguetine,th a e e nd as it rei through the nentu- people o e in mtoity motae wea vra edcfied o d hisowa the the og e n the ony owe ndrti ofrmtel and oheranginga~irs
fisedt aira of asthe U.SFavyu same to true ta London, Florence, timitatioos even to a nrespar fully feel through it prosperity mao who woo nmed 00 Ibe patrol ihe lide heiog of prime importance replaced, with signs regulated, sir. Miroy amiraloo h U N ay Venice end Some, all of which hate of this nize. 000 aod will emits agoa opon the had] "gaon tos Cat et." Seaon aotim o theurfts holf ihAlcelromcsedaaha ayMnr a a to St. Au- lag merican colonies.a It has loon oimpty impaoible City Authorities May people hero.eo ttonwoteS.bShojnatveagm elcao insthe old cityhlmits wlleo ci iiw gustina diing the frot Spaeishb I larr A et .. nS.Ags]t olwalteit...rn ed "Pram time to lime S have heard Pridge, thc other in thn Ctty Cou... Kiogas Laofng up.. the North lihely ha pieced uoforgrounf._Pars
"regimea, .hThe wamItreawifte~bie l b t hrilsamsitAug e- ol oflthwattelopet g b ..tae F eel Some Sympathy nho Oh e frma few who fear the cii Smin,.apd the mere.. several Rivr was...on important poi is with orange firers, Somes- and
Perpatiwho teatcoolly ha Scot iar. Thra is vitually o eidw aid that rdisrpupasdmcmhha ofvtetlawsptatalc drrspond hatsvastappealsfartanmreatsosethenwtpatheimvement, erficueatyropite ateopi ubbehruh aeydand uontinia mayor of St. Augstn after .the setting left io thn United Stalin.' stuff end special assistant have For Officials Of 1855 aod ....nnping eceha re. to hr not. one dutrol..d tutilo legs brorfeato rofeot1 odld etepaea
Spaniel ieft Ploridao the second There will be a demand hre far old heeo at worh far the past six ___ oeItibi e nsft ad out cptolrs tni seemdt no t losmbein rejafthdowngere o ighmot"kly tot e th plwbe Silime, was a Misomea Isabel Prrjehouse, not 00wgorTat tactgnewlweShaOasrahatiarotogetherion pall was listed an taleader end ........otrtd iie he old. It ..e..a1mateial. It.......d that ft. Auguotio ....thoritio ma..y thoai;thewholae poge......illhe sod'enhthm oigpcya oppwcyo eochaoflnrsntta
much property is- rcdi her may seem odd to the people hare evary ioteresting storod followed feel rome sympathy faa the oily canefully varked nut to thn inter- time to get a oap before ereafast, and the Englinh cotined to out on Alo, to all probability, old elis afthatlpeoplewant tolivenan od upiled tomor and moreuique ruersaoft1855inocneton wth estofetallcnecroed that noap- a thne othRiaer.aetntairidtasr
(erri e. R..)dsHstga modernized inside)when the ore.. .. g t value ...howiog the erase-. fthehalf d....pitetrauce..lhat par- 100t Y a O oofhalolu.he...emonothe kaie ucihoains hoewl
naom e e cod' Hs ogrm e (which can be thoroughly situatioos; alo geoneaogies of their efforts to rid lhe city of some prelheson n e ed b e f el1t. 1('IY ars go n lohir years there mere strom decorated the tree aed parksas
_____ en many "marhie holts' at their die- current of the races to this little had hoot ordered condemerd, tad of time, possihly ten pearl. rofto wre stilt of prime impor- he brought herr from Cola, Spats
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ol f ....twrthtilupeou A.hnrdyas a u', OnMy, ne old mitt for yor was.. loeat- tahe tho plocs of the old relies that Augustior, to Novemhber, 157, says graon of and to the post and they the cosoado of the world. Geoorge Waohington" hr istructed pcopenunly chrd man wetilyh 87 gute tGeo lltor was abedothsuhhe.ofhecnhhvIessednaprmI. that heme there 'arc 11 married will cams here. Thretrio SooraIsno osinad o"ulowfrhihthodd-he rooeeraoionaofathracitizsnsamsoooooaportotpattalacatyataxesthttorolddarcahefeasyoenotoeePineoSteetn.oAugustineebyasouveniripowaorht taborern without thc soldiers eod will being not ooty inceeod heat- "omis"o the ecord is moot coped buitdino oneo era nat- vital. hod heren colleted, hut he camn- A pictuerueitwhich shaosthe Thiewillthelpacreatrnel amosphere soma of them are married. Eal 01 his St. Augustioe hut a healthy apologetic, offeriog this 'edition dna tot, it breg a puhtic ouisance "I em confident of the lutuce of plained thai "name however have reooaioo of the machinery of a sow- for thec old that emeins hero and laborr oo setloc mongthem us af feirahe grwthof the onspaper as en indicatioo afd endangeriog the puhlic safety. St. Augoistine if the progranowt made no retuon of slates." ml hspciuo itwstneooaioobto ilb
about enugh land to make a med-a of tho type of material thot to Oor George Wshingitonwa otilt launched tsacared through, a-ill Inti37 here plinly wasn't muh booated on lhr share between the door. tam sire gren, which, foe what There moo a Lieutenoat Cocer- herc, utnerying lhe modern onatheswcrosdecwhen inl1887lln theoappraoaland ooeationof the uoe of eso streets in St. Augus- northesideofthe fortiandtheDar. For intance all the rooms i oeman aloonecao dig with a hor, asr of Ftorifa bach to the eartieot strata of life which apparently city council deocrtbed tho lot at people, end aositnoerthat is cam- tine Corna committee of three of row propertyenlno thln hm, PortfoSaeeroseanberfornied is enough fan him, erpecialty, as times,mWhogot investigated aodwas moves aloog no it fans to ether tieen, Pay and Marine Steets at ing from outside, thesounciliwreoamed toaeethat nd foe yinars the remnants of the throughout with sid oil lamps, hoif of eaeoy day s occupied in found guiltp of dioschnl coo- ettices Set thre are feep-mav- leiog the sila of o pool which wvat a 'facetlp whsen ac viny tha di,- weeds that were growing very high wheel hung thre Thio mill ha- choirs, wlna easho and all ether grinding the coca which to to hr duet. Hr mull ho the fleet enile onr curcenots, with hundredo of mencsace to public health. Ueorfe asters of lco luausto fe cyas with is some streets ayesra polled up. onged Ii W. J. Royns. Meal luouber furoiohiots typical of the earlier eate that day, Coo it cannot he hept Three yeacs' coin fauna Plocida was the inhitanto heing desceodanto Wathingon oat ownsir, thce cccocdo cd houes cing ilad dayowni tod il 01c "thsikl urason" ao ovat nxported as well ao logs. Sea- entuies. Thirse relies ioay he ohgcoicr coohedffor thcoext day, ihensentcee pronouncedon hicm. He of thcos alierccnttlerstwhonhad ntate,of saidlo ndcherohivagcai aba awhole chavaciervof tha uinol appcoacing aod tc ci council coalof theolderppoewhoaived gained friio Cuba, Spanoor South ilati a freat and nantaoro mop have bnen glad to get away a pact in creotiag the St. Aufus- ws ordered to bare Ohis lot fillet sicceta changed, thy aullooh lo of St. Auguotine decided thot "lime oaroond "Punhin Hill" recoil that America. Fucnishings foc the old Sto lil y hood. No more to aboutlhat tioebut threeyeoaarsou live of aother day, ahic on inpaproelyoiia l0dcas or- loocy folaeaoicg dcadesn- bcfucaiohed suchtpersonabohtnare theochildrenaplayedi nohenruinsoof Chapel inthb'octs'oye otained I la bcauoe each one to alone of hos joh map not have heen 00 haae saught 10 porhotoa On hio lilac of the liecord's series of cuss hn progorac ohich Coarccgie uonetobuy t to thowointotheirn e Ooldobheelf thentaawiilleas i it Srcaethrdralsofrom Cubanoathe With has hoe." plseusing, edition. itogoama. in willing to sonsaor is undertakn" .premises,'" wino a mnsery-goround. .(Coatinoad so Page C-I)


Suggested Restoration Plan For Old St. Augustine



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T heplanaofdevelopeentfor St. Agustie, Floida, giveeoneidera- secured and will continue to seocure through dontSion and othereneans the moat;,followingt heancient def eelierunioog eeaoead west, and their generaleovironenet,eeodte develop aunoity oftreaeeet adee,tiote to the following objeotivee: First, civi orgeizatin and control, adequate reeourcee with which to finance the plan ae well ae to conduct a peomoenade on either side of the beidge-head o Anaetasia Island terpretation through educational uee of the esame; Second, to ornate an and~eecond, physical elements of the pln, the general tourist buninss within this historical area. Thie corpora- immediately facing the Matanzae River end noerlnnhing the nity of atmoephore having elemsents of haste hietorical acoosaoy and a high deCivc Oganzaton nd ontoltion will hove charge of the eotrance etetion fentures, the disemoination St. Auguetioe. (Theee proseenadee are not ehown on the shove soap.) gree of esthetie harmoony and heouty; Third, to facoditate the smovemoent Civietiep ogr ni ie aded onroleaspcso teC of information to the vieitor, the conduct of guide ervioe, the general le) The development of certain parhing enoentration aeas, soch of visitors, to inoease their opportunity to enjoy ie leisurely centesople'~~e stte pegra wil h hadle coer he uepeeeof he itymanagement of parhing lots, the development of recreetional footuros as B-l, B-2, B-i, and B-f, having at their purpose the hringiog of tion the natural beauty aed the hietorical esouroee of St. Auguetine, oft. Augustine. Every teter, of the plan depended epon the willing and parehe in cooperation with other agencies already etabhished for ones within comfortable proximity of the principal husiness districts and to develop high ecreatinat feateree in the deivee, houlevarde, and eon1ealion of the cities themselves, apes their ability in see clearly that purpose, the dealing with the individual owners of historic huild- ci St. Augustine as well as the aocient historical section shown on heaches; Fourth to stimulate a development in St. Augustine among thni r ownefutul oltace ast acprtai ofteratedo prgra o and utgs, whore the visitor will go, and is shoot, the general conduct of the the map, as C-i and C-S.ciceuhanetrgopsodnivulsfeopatvatvtonuh thireertun whchomlce witcrtaindfeatresofpee rv oalitieno business teatucres of the program. (ft The development of other soned aeas including several in- as those elating to garden cluhs, the development of an set olony and
a~dtorit lie.Physiesi Eleemens ef the Pisn porter nt residential distrits, the series feom D-1 to D-5, inctusive hay- other creative wrinteildoart and history, in the singing of
ese.caeful revision of the City Chaeter bee been worked out with the The physical elements of the plan involve the following considers- tog important relationship, especially from the esthetic standpoint to pageansart exhibits, other special exhibits, histeeical ptlgrimages, hiscogntan athriy o te loid SateLeisatreaswel a te ios:othernareas andtatuesof the poposed pa. torical programs, historic pnomimesand theatricals, andspeil econnct ad uthett oftheFloidaStat Loisltur, a wel a th tine:(g) The development of a system of traffic circulation, involving the eisen and commemoratIve holidays such as teestos, days in Old Spain, eupcsoed declaration by the Legielatue involving the principle of' (a) The treatment of soned areas A-i, C-i and C-S of the attached feneeal use of boulevard delves, the limited 000 within restricted orean Pnoee de Leon celebrations, toueist activities, and many other-special en~oent domain in its elationship is the conseervatin of hietorie map. This to the district, generally speaking, within the defense lines of automobiles eneept as specially permitted, and the putting of ema- eveote and features which will lend enter sand deama in the natural setbouee, sites, and romaine, in the interet of the public welfare, Au- of the nid city, bounded on the north by the moat, the City Gates and phasis us walking tours specially within the naeans deignated as A-l, tin-gd in it wusille a bn htruthe edium ior tteg nda theroy alan has beea seed from the same hodyteor cooing in prevent Fcleort Earo eervatoon, on the west by the noeth and soth defense C-i and C-S. Thoenmlote exclusion of automobile traffic ts owhr ti d enbli city ailld esuc oat the sitg tof this rgmn Pitch
tl. agrof destruction or the alteration nt historic buildings, Lihe- lines which ran along Cordova Street, on the south by St. Prancis Street, contemplated on ay existing steet in St. Auguatine. ohr develop in him acncoseso h enn fti rga;Ffh
ihydogerto eceuage creative activity in the develnpmectnt ofa consciousness nf, Ott, by zoning, possible' alteration sod change inconsistent with ibe and on the eat by the Matansas River-feont. tht The development of an historical museum presenting in objec- and a deatre in preserve, the folk traditinons shille, and hnme manufacgeneral Restoraticn plane, of husiness places, resideneces and various tht The development of parh-like areas, indicated on map as the tive fashion the complete story of St. Augustine from its aboriginal be- string of handierafte, such as linen sod lace making the preservatioe t of ueotoccprivate propety within thelimi"t faa ffectdhy seiesarom A-ltn A-9, ginnisg up tomdentims, fatuing priod rooms ach containing ofttraditinnal domcestnods and disbes snd the trditionnlstoies ltthaproge.m..will be regulated, is this cnetion itr sld be noted let The development of certain heos..ds and drive ou..tlined on dioramas,..mdels, pictuee....obaets of explanatin an..d artifacts fvaos
rocoa grup naBERl ofEP which~YI1~ pegamb loca Stsota Socet can Y

thitta ..the pianusonpropose othe hteyimplifieation otfmtraffic the rmovaleO : en;lf the map. in heavy. blob met oul e rvs sags ibe pitr of concertion ands desit frthc e nt ucha grousisn a nd wibrh p artciam tona isbt h Soetya ]otiny teprhandlcnu io n o touerots ayh t~e evelpment oefo (d) The development of certain promenades, at for instance, a mattes of written historical materinle and archeological "fdade" die- itelt should develop new fields of worthwhile investigation and interbg!o theorce anlwtin ttuit n the ineligntpy.ct propcod boardwnath feature along the entice waterfront of the soned covered thus tar and to be discovered in the research activities aecom- et; nd Siothtdeloanpraeadeiiieisryndubcotl itcclvlc ihntectaeas C-i and C-i, extension of which may include the front of Poet panying the general program of development herente. ,io n S t o dusievowlop aeae adefntiv bita y phssad plice-rm vi.A semi-public busineses coation has born chartered, having a close Marion grounds and the parh-lihe area A-f as indicated on the map; The objects of this program of physical development are: Pirst to ton uistgo aiece whichre wi tate xacc utiv of alhe llfsou cc.loonshp to the cty government. Thie ogaizatin has aleady alec a promenade along Orange Stereet, paralleling the City Gates and pot the major historical aras in their proper setting, to relate them nof trial in c uni rcisordin te ebutveauyndte.
Mig dy~ ~~ ott shown all visitors in the eity. Woe'th forme.d poet ct the piotore. Governor Moore Of gov.....r..sod, when thnt didn't Prince Murat's Duel That ....olted i h ere ".. htt ...Egihpol
gue] Y nar y W orth's name gives Ii its, prom- It was a .. noain ouse t fte South Carolina Led ...dh...dionagoinst St.o n h erosrao httee eeEgibpnl
M 1 Y li eanrtll n aswl todalteing~:~dt Niho andllg ciing ib hogsdi 1- .t 7fi t T a Bu Of The tNo. i6 Mactao Steet alteration an..d additions that hav be.. ..A ..t.. tho...t move, With His NegbrAt llg eiing c foodantlngs nt h tit cntury iS Aa
i dB u e r has had a long career as a place bee s m ade from tim e to tim e, w ith E~ x p e dt ion In 1702z W hen Its ed bac h in Carolina, T allah assee R ecou n ted ofs et t M mb tur t e fr iendisgac tio n i sm shw no byste d i r n e f aiy o7 ob reMAION ie I E u Y ., .

n ccsign of weakness,,suchoas come ioore wasn't hailed as ahero,and woant~rtoatsstcEgiha h iie h iy W ort M ansion, tan. ca te Union Hotel ever yone Levingio ..o..irolled tohoe for t" ASUGoi ....t .....c.. tim e nh called the legislator to.. -The sor of. lone duel inTert dfinofM aththePnc]....WlamCtofhese
at importancesaong arrivals team some years, during which he most c n oero ae Mooe gete cn re ogetmoney voed Palorida conccerns Prince Achille would preserve his honor and satia- of"Mae, mba saiu thirty years tbe nortb was taben to his house, have made additions toe in the cf Sooth Carolina came down and In pay the 5,S00 pound debt, there MuraL. Miss Mary Graft, of Man- fcinmudb ldygetd Ol Houte Still Stur- When Worth terst liood thee, he Court reccrdt ace papect in a suit tried to tahc the city in 170i2 but followed confusion and violence, farmn, cc prepaccng a paper on Accordingly they met, each to/agn, was in a vessel bound for sh rhoughthbynaneigho ordmgs t both in the assembly hcuse and all "Duelling is Teovitorial Plorida," avenge his honor Morat tered his ]South Carolina, but mioting their was DespitorNumirous after ht d-esulin. frm. what happened to Carleston after thog h tet fCalsaincluded the account as used by pistlend a h ot M o mh art m er swa nig bi ot;h ratesuwindgw ato thL e itione's io t 1 hog hesreso hretn Ellen Call Long in 'Florida imged, an thitg Mto the lir ttle msany woe drowne but he. and ii: Changts BrvdS,42 Washingtongder. .. Gneam.od W hen uso .. by building tan clote to it. -ogtbc r daya'hGa woman.was.bnoched dawn c.......""It descr.ibes tho duel as haeatin ah ogotda

rev rigadier Genera When T

the War hetween the State en..ded, Tho otrof thedWotbHcca T... g,0 overnorfhad haut vtedei during the ciotiag,. in bee.ow home,. fought on the ....akirts of Talla- ho sadly ...marbed 'Ah Mr. 'Mc e threebagthte
.aelybave thnameecaytf Wateeni-aCL T ol e aiong and valuatle one ,1 pona oStot h erdi n hrbedrsbreaomnee awereteecPineMuo adCmb oubremduoe ah o yidne.Scefecgosa
any'c sni-lw ol .T.w~ tion afoinst St Augustine hut he uutotoauiat uhc oM.M~m.Te rp eghrme I will bare all my lifc." ]in Spanish vesaels, others died her,. Sai te~Uilder~saniof theouines dating Sprague, mae thc military bead it if t could all be gathered together, loch all thc ahips here, and all his su'fteijrist uha x hot cm T woraoere neaahofrM, -- Thia mao turned Roman Catholic it ncedwt th emp.ia aooaton gc- East Plorida. Tho house then he- 'supplies and ammunition, When ho teat that Oldminon thinbs fit to butcameo' rs ots. So s Mr.s HayCp a frueys-admridaSaihwmno
mn~eeaetdwt hm i-came the social centre at the city, The Scast iron tote to bc chipped got bach to Charleston, the colony quote the account in his history of custom then toe had no money and tdyylnighdsmscb wham he had seven children and is lnj.' Tenardy was a Spaniard of and an English visitor in St. Au- in Titusville was in i87i, cod was was tilt0 pounds in debt--all his the British Colonies in America, had no meat in his smohe house to d "fan otleer in the garciso,. He vat 0~inene yet no one bat hietori- guehine has left an attractive de- shipped hy muter to Deep Creek at fault, hecauce, historians say, pitdi w n ohangos" aen ettgbrTeaose aehscifitertr"Cc uhbr
-enlbhcsedtdihsecriptico f a sene ha its great thorhno~hianyo~oeonoc thtid-for you,hbutyuo hall notworh- escape fromhiscontiecment inssheenrecd adadaped himelf
.5. ul h General Worth drawing room, when Met, Sprague transporoed treer the sandy roads, a cc get control of Indian trode for e 0c atheb Record's Histogram tahe the holiday, and when S get cage-Local in old SO. Augustins hao Spanish control in Si, Augustine oneofth paints of inter- was cntertaining afd old Madame distance at it6miles. Ihis awn pofit, after ho became series.t)h ec c ilietaan"ppr bu fi A ." -t o o r gn apr lr
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for shortening. Butter wsnot of diuhadcip sfrtr
Mrs. Ponce Tells Typical Old Spanish Chimney Visitor Here One Of St. Augustine's Distinctions fvenmentioned by any one of them gh and p a in giving directions. One very old Fo
Concerns Old Song And Cakes, Both cook mde a yeast-aised dough. All thornghly, naing half a nap af Ofused "lighten ing" and for modern sugar to ne small egg. Flavor with Of Which Are Known As Fromajardis ooks that must be baking powder cinna l. E ___________ aith half as n uch allowed to a n.p Bakeatae pastry shells slightly In Emergency Od Customs SIt. Augustine has a rare distina- ter did not open, a aot .n..pli- f flourd as pes I standard bak- before pufling a .a h aufficint filltion thataconcern a song and cakes. mentary line ws literally shouted npdbiscuit rules call fo.ingto reach the top edge f t .The Fromajardis song is sung to at the house. Often the doorwayMix with milk. Roll the astry crimped shells when cooked. Was Dug and Cooked as gMany Have Religious Sig- get the fromajardis cakes. Which fraaned the head of the family who quite thin. Cut in rounds the sizethe shells have been baked on the S" startedfirthasn'bn sa brought not only traysof the Fro- af aa a ane. Cata ns oo scnlybafo filling, Other Food Supplies nificane as Carried yet. although philologists a y- aadi s a and ip, on one half. This cross yisthe ver y short time under a gas flame ing to determine the derivaiaon and but a jug of homemade wine. These Easter season and also adds to the will ha naficiant. Is tha aid meahod Ran Short apperane o the to, snce he sp
Out story of the word itself. people were not hard liquor drink anyeasa of lbs lap, ninca nba a lpiinbging a siupnnasa was gin
The song is Minoan and the ersa but amost every family had its iing i psd pa f filling before finishIn spaking d-ti an okry, A traveller in Florida around ca es are also. Both were br o g ht ho ead e nina and lhe From a- through the cross -iile cooking, ing sa king Als, s osn s oo In.spoa.olg of old-tiin cy oup h ad e wne and t' On one half put a spoonful, or as placedooo
lMrs. Eduare ,( Poace, of No. midnn10 1850 arrived in St. Augustine when a aal AnistayOine b an bai h aigh fillfg, the idiny b f b n s
tX- ily o b tr ed o th muh asone ishs oftbt filing
M enetls fa mde th l ob s ea "Christmas was at band." The of anis asNe sna aine bitas a bst Siye aah sl d t lbs Iabn an c ss af oe f e ll s fli bal ed usiag Tany 51555, lhnn. I ala I Ii" Is lbs ~~years an Nenw Smyrnna beforeasay- beat. Staris are stil lai fh aslsss n afns b biasyh ade utl a us ce hu ar inet ith, to the old of houses,~tj s,'i", ;~n
llce o r carnival was on, and he describes ing to St. Augustine where for 150 where the wife and her maid would filling. Wet thi edges of the dough tart Eslls. Thin filling a ha hept
actual ay of Coontie or Comptiee
in St. Angutine Her father, noisy masquerading parties of years these people and their des- be baking in the out-door brick oven slightly and pinch both edges to- evasen da sas an nids r f
in St. ugustine. Her father, O
Andres Xisnlies, was living on hhe o anipan foasaveraldaybfasrSa- sth. s asitsdssbs

Occupied tie Gibes house duringEa s agi as y [ much of the War Between the teVri.vr ; States. drs. Ponce was only a ILanpada b qin ab a n I ane s ap ba eggs, beating wail sftes j apiig5
bullCid ad-sb feilneg ban thanir cntnt, they gatheaed asng anestmhan calle for ageinalh shatandwh dding nab. PFlansr wil ntmeg isbir
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homesa fhe ocpans fain muchna danc- had land hialr baskets and bags orashfan, cinnaa m s. csa n at tbsp dsme sa fan sis nt ief n hs mbs of anged tf lb lbains as Aul. Again aould gg sa anesed instead saet sintis as e h as Ia bt watch igt pat t Miaornc cthin d aint.on ma n a 6k eeil sfe go n ga the nanl sila lbs is e anit t nsi ls oh dr in mo being Tueradingundremoyousv-sivoidently lbe traelle did nsf id in t. Augan (b17731783l a a tsi s ad up by a tAb sposa If foa r a o thet tolo sre wnheg ta bir cabs ngt lan Thesoldiers seemed alwaysig hun- the s false o f can at amin s Briti y s1 ninasngig faaor bes ns dea- a nqan.t sm ilk This in larss s g n b
Lzl, wanting something to eat and
fin'nnlbsnada ~ll psapsltswash" ab 'hbcanngessfronn pesonal inflaenceddbynmannesnd bbsof lightaof if. tasty aS aouase. Add failt sand Ib d llhnsbapnaaav her e;mother made little pies, potatonartv-tteaconbewsteraiehms.Ntlleear, Spins nsWies. that lbs sstdis fahas fail na l t nngb ansit has finpiessoieds, hat ny as.lHdiers gnaennbynannayyewitnessnv:pasav- fasain Balearic Islands. 5Somn dinsard wilk changes is haspiln avor. Cheesenin suhdishsnee ad .
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--Horse cakes" at 5 cents each were rn lt.......... r ng ... tin aad wlsk't fiasnhean Ga lilee, and praff Is..ssgbAd sal a s a lly l .... dranac. Man.ot Hh b aet
heriners nothe mad aroused pies, enotato toene touhe theer filin asit oaihtoiy

big somllerS orse cakes, it steems,0iskdgal o the lbs" he a is hnaek pes bgan apere te csom as fn alndis ito n ge ov aein yw rt raih gv rrd swill dt as ewrsemodflsse nsry adkes s owd eedsd slng ls ing theFrom ajarhisl akIs. bmase ad It hiesm g h aveoysdanre ghesfe nsuchdiCne
hhsag assed fo a hoe s ar hid ninss ls fir tis ta ns lt lbs inay mebdths of n the i 11 te pshar lb On ri the com and pilad tin os wtn
Pn thing sit wan cld hal gn nn badingta mas- prodigy t again amftar ei takss ad the recipes finally giaeen ha Tesut may b aaDsM fals kinn. pinn
aTayaP Sepal s the olde pan- Ts wh we lot e had fihans bs liv, aile ailing fop t ae b sl of any eal days ad when eeded ay Th
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tave not been able to explain ita o wee n Spanish nts. On a roin ga dinoa-ck until nwas ndtapse the enough to tfshen the ruillitnnst h betai hMs. wa er beyond saying it was a root and The fireplace in old days wan very ant is lbs dsmesti pinras Whenvasa unsuspicis person groups alan began appeasing ha- ns o lbs a pldest nation allect ts shese ts lboid orstewed. However, it may be notd from theold iron cooking pot on thehearth. Th 1ou ap sp n sas alt which has been in this ol md relic -now forms part of an old wall rat lb at of l garden. bin. b a nsia n e fd i dsin di that be u aWi poplatesuity o baos, Fo a- and tha d
listed by a number. There is'a This was all that wan llso Hlassie Clat's blase an thin sits. She thislbeing faols ad b mpa ds af thinni ae h os inorca s Iailie thheay f JI Tanier, an aroid, t he root of which was a woman of considerable means andwomen ding l lbs 1a11 mtds g nayn ts en l f s heFapa an ltrol nrhsa ho wth his is eaten in the West Indies. Fur- lishaocupation. A rriving athe again aote the t ae douh m ay g be ueed fot--motheroffe. acrnapdnimXitanone. is ne h lbs.. ntindiTan.a" Pt Thlis oaplchimey....prperadjoingn r l d i sh n s- t sn s smaiging bsens aot h e bees caie and le des- dThe miansy be next to the atesets lbs rsarcmay show it was Lt beaten egg, nll in caksr naal, siblerepisalsofthe ditimn s of the tajahdin d navoed pea. r e pasty faso dirpes pced tnaseryhsoi s Tust in frt o pstry plana iets. ash found here. Apparently it was well AbsOiUi yin deep hotfafisnti lightbrowa. whs probably realiaed ha was nut.o e Virgis. Thsn fllawed a ay ha sicbss.' shssld ha sailed en thinnen fan Beset lienk be bloepani S.FacsSret rh ed. Meraial nbrwar. Sercae numere aond lights tae thes.a etngfrh

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wAt toines lbs kainns owrn i ye daily pSe se ermate casin attention in ts carnia spirit. o relrshments being handed ont seemss a asnbet es making pow- nasabatsebe s the she talls ing, ssIaoi andtif tn St.ts hard-presssd for simple supplies. so e r as desired-Mn. Fed Tetaa, E. O af te aed's Histsram and, afte a a t sttes, den bisnit ula and pin sanst. fin tins. If o baed a eet too a ts ge bs wie ds.sibrd ben baOeoa ntree 6an2, Sasaggnna St. seris.) theasa brhiefwait. If thshut- Old pesple aS counse used honglard pan lasssp lbs edge, aS the ssnnd f ate described hows her mother, rs.
John Capo, boiled corn cobs to' get City' s arimp
he water to use as basis for a
starter of raised doughs.
When articles as food beeeame Record's Prize-Winning
vea searce and difficult In aqale, RciesAe.
rInsna ay baa attes s Recipes Are Rethe bys would go into the woods produced
ad dig oontie, the Beot from
which the Indiana made their subslits for bread. It grew very Abslute top is athe Pried nShrimp
plentifully and still does, bat it is of St. Augustine. Since attention
a slow long process preparing it was called 18 months ago io the
dese.ibed nad Shrier nt age sl
to umath '
one mornig she ad gone mabd rinp nw athe RESTO A ON an the sner where some cousins lived 'St. Augutine Shrimp' and at the
a watched her aunt parch corn same time it developedthat the
Sgrid upr coffee. Wen they Fried Shrimp served here were unsat dews In breakfast thee was like any served elsewhere and
parched corne asee, hominy gaitsad long saeten ing and when she sperior to all others, hardly a perreached o she started crymg. s slays is the sity bat learns M O ea father wanted to know what about tis Paied Shramp when it Is
was te matter. po she wept out time, t eat.
-ou the a rstb th hing to Writers whi have nn here to

eat. Then herfather sent a lot of
things to he cusin'sa se eandbh meet be Pied Shrimp have sent
oan aouldnt understand it anil 11sam tit many qealrta ofd the
tosd be the small egil nied be-, eontr along wit h counts of
a se they ad so little to et But se of the most noted cooks.
wlae the Xnanies family rie not
so wel off as some peopl et the the lcity a have their
had enough and to spare if her farrite resorts and their ar te
father toght Ineeded. Ad go- eooabs. Argumen pro anden get
ing far coontie was nly wh a settled l trying them onc
igs idn't eaive kasin time. s. After she grew up and maraled a e ed ie wa
Mirs. Pancealls that at onetime Butrinr aey qf the whole
he and r mter csaed in Ie thing Isthat the city realizes that
aise Beplace,-a asst tne side, Bthe less a sitable passage from the
other at the opposite side. ocean into the arbor is provided
One seas ning much used was ob- soan the Fried tShrimp of St. An
tainedby drying peppers in the sun. gstine ill become a thing a the ida igh-gad bee al la beedig They were first split and theseeds F hdpi Polty raising iars prn n n te s lor da. removed. Sometimes they. would past. Cntnualy the e s biad bils Iative saWS be put ain a slow oven to hurry the heard, Why doesn't the inlet sitadrying but having them in the sun tion which surrounds the' fleet
was best. Next they would be a million-doll business with con- RESTORATION for the Ancient Diversify your' crops -Gsraw eppounAded fine in a mortar. Mrs. V. dtant danger, constitut e an 'emer. Caps of No. 73 SanMarco Ave. gay' for prompt government City ot St. Augustine that the his. products-eed the urpus and has ahand-made copper mortarand nation just as much as aome othele tory of the first permanent-settle- Sil building cver cnps to livepelethat belonged to Mrs. Venan- situations are claassed, e open tt
cio Cape. In this the dried papers p emergeny expenditure'?' meet of see great United States --Mintain e garden patch wer pounded to obtain powder Meantime ft. Augustine and the mpy be preserved ie tangible term, t ail s-Hm sn for seasoning. Both sweetand fiery shrimp men and the Shrimp cooks
hinds wou Id b prepared continue namingg shrimp cookery for the benefit of the people of the bs vegetables sd fruits is season Anoterr pepper preparation wase natinelly famous.
to put a ripe red pimento in a cup In a nap recipe contest con- Nation. sill -keep the phtry stocked: adpsur hir t nae ni te- duted by thae Rord twn dishes ssir so. his, be sttle and moat the ed af the nti. This pas t. wean judged the twa n t istinened t aslos 'palaws" and sona tise fit. A gsti disna he inan MODERNIZATION tea i uhiskass see sesassap an thtem attng dishes hena a tint wasn inp ainnsrr," nd F i d Flends teenn tbat lbp map pield A fanety of aTnRten nforslaie-Eta nnngla n tiersifyte yo a business basis. Cawa u en nawde in Sbionp. Twe thousand fiden -a
insaednie iin af fasora fr ItsV sustaining these two and stee mane end batten snaps aed preside and dratnags ntt i h 55555. oly tbessdaaln. pains shiap neipes hans anind sass to he l seIte sgenmnt t of St. Aut ie t r the tpnrodu marketing others an"ESTORATIONIS IVEN a d ire p peepar 'erey ennrtheal farmer. g e s bto-matntina grdn atable STRT HYe MAYOR OF ti Sthi A' ad ndhi anomr fanined peone cat.e
THIS CITY OF HISTORY asie B tip naed the shrimp i cah m
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Th ins Plaa nsnid is mlie c s e FIRST PRIZE SHoRIMP meet, inealdng saietitir methdam otbear f dshes ed a int as Shri RECIPe t gee the must sat uf the sil aed
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Sigt line again an it s se did thri mp all is te, nadin sian main tasters. Maag asso farm O It is swggestd tbat ay sOld seriA t alwpginaest arn. Cus grawn estigate the naming, settle faisAnd in sike nhanns il bsa l i duil sos the pintste Pry as t a s butat sidis a5T IIhe ily aighn lio e again ba n sWa Take Z bailH f tap sen merchant his mte. Moke andn ssbe rsh, as an as pts balpief. Caknu ignd tiber ge pnss nibla, ithea ditnaing the room anioan hhea m pa Adni pspp aa iee hasinass-heep a eat aned ties fffeerad in load. Fr farther salculei In a-ll a da n. shm a n ennil. I -spamematins the a rrk and make intiamatioe sheet gthe taneiteyp
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Valuable Early Cathedral Records Are To Be Restore
Oldest ChurchPriceless Manuscripts Catholics Recall Churchman Enthusiastic George Burt's WinterOf839-40W PceMncpt Enthihrtic Wi WI ,auoaa.,~Perilous Tlime; Indianls
Manuscripts In Vivid History House Stands Were Roaming Again
T St tIn New W orld Out As Relica Thperiloust timeof 1839or St.Augustine1840
United States I e o vi_ ho 5, St. Ao4o tio
and vicinity.
Story of Cathedral of St. Th Indi . ere roaming again.
Saved From Demolition
DatJust before Thanksgiving Day Go to 1763 in 14 Augustine Interest as Other Structures FosFrancis Robeo, mo 0 oh,
o tingly Told Were Lost (his is the spelling followed in the Volumes city .ds) and Diego HerBy Jane Quinn nandez presented their account for BEYOND PRICE The history of the Catholic oelg- At No. 105 St. George Street is $9. They had acted as "express to ion in America date from the an old coquina house, the only one ayby water to the military post founding bf St. Augustine, August that was saved when the ruthless a Adoleotedo, Podoo beoometookbpoooesoofoSt.Oeorgoetbb do otbt'e0 oo Restoration and Archives 28, 1565, by Adelantado, Pedro boom took posesion of St. George at thehead of North River news of
Menendez de Aviles. Many diffi- Street from Treasury to Couna and the near approach of the Indians." Officials Are Co- culties and hardships were endured all the old historic houses were torn "Mayor Antonio Alvarez had:
oeai by the pioneer Catholics in the new down to make way for the type of communicated to the Governor operating land, and it was not until after building now occupying their sites. fears of the citizens some injury to the retrocession of Florida by Eng- This house, which instantly at- the city would result should Indian One of the outstanding features land to Spain in 1784 that a per- tracts attention, was only kept from
of the tAuguostineReotoation ts manent place of worship was con- destruction through determination prison loatd t fo" ts o tio of She St. Augus- structed of which the pious could of A. L. Slater and Miss Anna G. The Governor answered medithe preservato fteS.Ags
tine Parish Records, the oldest bejustly proud. Burt's co-operation. Although Miss ately but as the answer was not manuscript church records in the A ishe Catholic prost, Rev. Burt's name is attached to the Old read into the record, only "filed,"
aUnited States, comprising fourteen Michael O'Reily, was a man of Spanish Treasury, where She spent we can't know what he said. But
volumes of history of baptisms, energy and foresight who realized much of her life and her declining about
confirmations, marriages and the need for an edifice befitting the years Miss Burt's father owned No. about this time a ship was coming
deaths, the ..liest volume begi- dignity of the Catholic religion, and, 105 St. George Street, and her girl- dn ones
ning with the year 1594. T through his efforts, ork on the hood was passed there. Her inter- d s
covers the period from 1594 to 1763. Cathedral was started est in old homes was keen and when ofo comple w tated in 1797, and sbitb
The baptismal records contain full completed in 1797, and was built by Mr. Slater wanted to take No. 105
names and addresses of parents, permission of the king of Spain St. George and preserve it from $25.10 for 2 beols of bread and grandparents and godparents of at a cost of $16,602. Partly Spanish following theway all the other old One cheese furnished a detachment each child, for mhich reason it is a and partly Moorish i architecture buildings along tere had gone,cue of Mr. E. T. Jenckes at the
neaoical record of unrecedent- i the building was built of coquina Miss Burt came to his aid. Al- time he was surrounded by Ingeealogical record of unplrecedent- ti,,adpotyMotbtoooiotomeho a ouoddby
ed importance Also there can be and stood it was for ninety though this house is all coquina, dians.
traced the migration of families and years until in 1887, it was partly and has never even had the stone S
their geographic origin, an invalu- destroyed by fire. However the floors overlaid with plank floors, 20th, that t least the citizens.
able aid to the understanding of the well-constructed walls were left Mr. Slater considered the ght ae light assurance of
various race elements of which the standing and were used in the re- shingles of the roof a fire hazard, moto tht
early St. Augustine colony was building of the Cathedral. Moss a foot 4og ho state ge m oat Chrs ma de t homposed. .'- Thee eod wom -aton foms a of the present Such growths as that may have was orderedfor protection of the
These records we're worm-eaten.
:and in such fragile condition as to Cathedral, was in the shape of a given rise to the statement of one city and neighborhood.
be almost unavailable either to These are specimen pages of the oldest church records in the United rectangle, 120 feet long and 42 feet old author who said plants gre on (One of the Record's Histogram
student o la nbutloo lbrough States, kept in vaults of the Cathedral of St. Augustine. Many would wide, with two long sides running eSt. Agutries.
the cooperation of Restoration o- have been lost forever, unless the work of restoration had been under- north and south. The windows Afireproof oof was next put on cials and the National Archive it taken, a wonderful pece of service which was made possible only placed about sixteen feet above the the old house. Only an apparent icia ad thse ho goun, wee sall nd oundd, irale hsae it l wh n agnlarn will be possible to put them in a through the influence of the Carnegie Institution officials and those who ground, wore small and rounded, icl mdeo ed it we to S Mogoli
permanent form by new processes they were .able to interest through the program now underway in St. like the loopholes di Hotel burned. With a tall wood Fail to Visit
of treatment recently perfected by Augustine in connection with preservation and restoration of historic castle. Most Rev. Patrick Barry, Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine, building overshadowing it at the the United States Bureau of Stand- relics. The facade, which formed the member of the National Committee for the Preservation and Restora- north, Mr. Slater still felt the old
ard, and now used for the first southern exposure of the old tio of istoric St. Augustineo, who has made a glogoin endorsement house needed more protection. The d H
tme in the National Archives Shrine OfNuestra Senora DeLa Leche Church, and which now gives the of the Preservation and Restoration Program in St. Augustine. Again Miss, Burt agreed and these
Establishment. Cathedral its unique and antiquated result was the high brick wall that
When Floida was ceded to Eng- iS On Site Of Ancient Chapel Of mproe is Moorish on style, with lts Catholic Leader Issues Fine u ies o
northa s t Poe a l ifie an :re
land in 1763, the St. Augustine re- M ohio on o ht al Leade Iumb
ords were taken on the Ship "Our Nombre De Dis, Beloved Of Faithful Y In th w s of th d pose a firewl for the old house.
an y N m r eD oB lv dO at f poshremelf nicesadothouufetig Lady of the Light"to H.o.a. by rtohs about four feet high tatem ent M ur5'sfather, George Burt, Spaniards evacuating the town. and two wide, and smaIler opening State ent O n R restoration made many investments in St. Au____________ anduain two mid,, an oml ootg, nm
There these volumes were placed in One of the most historic spots erection of the present Cathedral. directly above. Each of these gustine and was leading sho
a dungeon here they were allowed in St. Augustine is the beautiful Nothing remained of the two chap- niches is furnished with'a bell; and dl l kee..per in the 1840'. In one issue to mould and rot until they were shrine of Nuestra Senora de la els except the old oundation and before the fire of 1887, these bells Says Progress Made on Birthplace O eof the Florida HIerald and Demorat
brought back to the Parish in 1783 Leche, for on its sacred ground, the desire of the old inhabitants to were rung thrice daily for the Program hiGratifying dlrst atle oeum in 8er7. al
when Florida was retroceded to Don Pedro Menendez landed to some day restore their little chapel Angelus, for ringing out the glad Gratify g First Native columns in 1847.
Spain. found the city on September 8, and bring back their statue which tidings of marriage or the baptism to Him A o This house with it, old rooms
The Right Reverend Monsignor 1565, the feast of the Nativity of had found a resting place in the of a new-born child, and for tolling A tor ought makes attractive studio and gift
Same Nunan of St. A ugustine, the Blessed Virgin. A rude chapel Church of St. Teresa at Havana, the deaths of the faithful. Theshop oatios ti n f
Dr. John C. e tam president and altao were erected and the Cub mod of ringing was primitive. By Most Rev. Patrick Barry, ISt pobe ht h p locations. Carnegie Institution of Washing- great Spanish Admiral knelt and In 1848 Father Madeore, the Urchins stood on a small porch Bishop of St. Augustine. Is it p ibe that the first aton and Dr. ern Cho tlain kised Co, his followers do- Pri pet attached to the back of the facade The progress of the Progrr for tive born author was born on Hyton and Dr. Verne E. Chatelain kssed the Cross, his followers do Parish priest, memorialized th brought to the attention of Dr. ig likewise. There then followed Congress of the united States for near the niches and pulled the ropes the Restoration of Histori St. Au- polita Street? Francisco de
Waldo G. Leland, Director of the the celebration of the Holy Mass the return to the church .of the fastened to the clappers. All of gustine aleady achieved is a Floencia was born in St. Augus- At Your S i
a that began the service of the property taken from it at the time these bells are old, but the most source of deep satisfaction to me tine in1619 He became the firstYou ervce
Amcan to i of Lrned Sto,N- thap mooa t od andvic abed Bthepop oySte Afomotio patwthe ihelo hetooonw-
eties, the unprecedented impotac Church in the new land for all e- of the purchase of Florida by the ancient is the one in the western as it is to all members of the Cath- native American Jesuit and pub
of thee doments. Dr. land in tris o cms. United States in 1821. The claim opening which bears the date 1682 olic faith.
ofr brought the matter to the On f holy op onsec rated by was denied for a technical reason. and is probably the oldest bell in Carnegie Institution of Wash- -shed many volumes on history DAY AND NIGHT
--,tn o the ma r tonr the sacrifice On t the Mass, a little ws de isor a th i this country. It formerly boned ington is a great scientific aandhis- nd theology. The listing of hish tioo of Or. 0. W. Conr e sacoific of l Mass, a litle oIn 1872, Bishop Veot,the first to an earlier church. Bolom :,, toal organization, the splendid production and their editions, Archivist ofthe United States, Na- chapel was erected and called Bishop of St.'Augustine, purchased bells, where there is now placed a work and far-reaching results of requires nine om ns *.bibStional Archives, Washington, D C. Nombre de Dio--Name of God,-- the site of the original chapel 'od statu of St. Augustin o ocolus a b i o, ., Dos-Mm, f od, ls itsoflbsoogiel bapl fstatue of St. Augustine, man form- who,, maoy activities I have come Ilgoaphy, Hto had aoher, whs now g the p- in this manner to preserve for fu- Mombre de Dis and erected there- erly located a clock. to appreciate. It was indeed or
Operation. dertakig their p re- ture generations the landing place on a small chapel to mark the The main eotnc o th Ca- tunate for St. Augustine tha Dr. Cat Jan Florencia There
Upon the completion of this of Menendez and the site of the shared spot. This chapel was blown thedral is the doorway of the orig- Merriam and Dr. Chatelain and were a number of families of
Swork, two photographic copies will First Mass. down in a storm later, and it was inal facade, which has its own spe- their able advisory group cooper- Florencias in the city at various il ce Seric be made, one to be deposited in the In Madrid in 1598, a pious Span- not until 1915 that Bishop Michael cial antique beauty with two stately ating with officials of this city, times. One lived on St. George Ambulance "
National Archives and the other to ard seeing a drnken soldier ir- J. Curey, through the generosity columns on eitler side and n un- mr interested in the great pr0b- Stet, north of Bridge. A sebe presented to the St. Augustine reverently displaying a small stat- of Mrs, Amelia McL. Hardin re- usual gable of irregular architec- lem here, and it is more important end lived just south of Treasury,
Historical Society. The manuscript ue of the Blessed Virgin feeding stored the chapel to its present ture. Horizontal rather than ver- still that they were willing to un- 00 St. George Steet. But a
originals, after being poocessed and the infant Saviour, bought it for a beautiful lines, tical lines as well as the open stone- dertake the direction of the Resto- Francis do Flotreia lived oan GRANADA ST
treated, will be returned to the small sum and erected a small During recent years there has work mark the style-of this facade ration Program. Their decision to Hypolita Street in the last house
Cathedral. Probably no single de- shrine for it in his home. Before been placed 0r the inner door of as definitely Moorish. participate insures sound historical on th west sid,, near Tolomato. ELEPHONES-- 6
posit of source materials upon the long the wife of the Spaniard be- the historic Cathedral a beautiful Within the old church, which was results and a status for the pro- Further research may determine
earliest period of the history of St. came desperately ill. Earnestly little painting depicting the shrine not a Cathedral until 1870, there gram in -the Nation that it Would where the first native author did
Augustine possesses the deep in- the couple prayed before the shrine, and in the clouds forming part of were two galleries near the main probably be impossible to secure seethe light of day.
trinsic value of the Parish R.coods, In answer to their prayers, the the picture is a copy of the famous entrance, the upper one for the in any other way.
and their restoration as a part of birth of a beautiful baby boy, nurs- painting of, the First Mass that was choir and the other for the colored Thus St. Augustine is the direct the great program now being in- ed by the joyous mother. A mir- in the Cathedral before the disas- people. The north end of the beneficiary of these activities of auguated to preserve the history acle, indeed! trous fire of 1887. church consisted of the sanctuary in Carnegie Institution, the value of
of this Spanish center to of. STh or
of this Spanish center is of.ignicant hey named the statue then The facade of the little chapel is which stood a woodenaltar in front which in the years to come our comutmost; importance. It is signiicnt Te
to add"that the NationalArchives Nuestra Seiora de la Leche y thoroughly .Spanish. Above the of which hung a beautiful sanctu- muoitywill more and more etaintO add t National Arhiv Bu en Par"--Our Lady of the broad doors is a niche with a ary lamp of hammered silver, gift ly recognize.
other early local history manuscript Milk and Happy Delivery. In in- statue of St. Francis, appropriate of a Spanish seaman. This seaman Ours i a magnificent storyseries, besides that of the St. Au- creasing numbers the faithful came since the whole region was made was caught in a great steom and spread over many pages of history I .
gustinerecords, those of thefamous to pray; Heaven vouchsafed other Christian mainly by early Francis- vowed to present a gift to the and involving a long period of R 0
Boston Town Records. similar miracles and so the couple can missionaries and among their church in whatever place the Lord time. To that narrative the conSociety Aids built a chapel especially for it, at- martyrs one laid down his life here. would send him if he were saved. tributions of the Catholic Church
The St. Augustine Historical tached to St. Martin's onastery. Within there is a simple altar with He reached the harbor of St. Au- have been so conspicuous that every
Society has taken offioal action to The statue m osc.ed on the antique iron work, o.fix and gustih in safety. This reli as shol .e alizes the impossibility INVESTME NT BANKERS
pay $500 for the cost of material first day of the reign of Philip III, candles; on either side small star- in the old Cathedral before the fire. of separating the threads of elfor two photostatic sets, comprising new King of Spain, and so he paid ues of the Blessed Virgin with the In a ocossouthwest of 00- gious history from the rest. What 4,090 pages, of the St. Augustine all the expenses of the solemn pro- Child, Saint Martin and the beggar. trance as the Baptistry. It was a glorious part was played by the
Parish Records, the oldest in Amer- session to the new shrine. The There are other churchly orna- here that was kept the Crucifix Catholic Fathers .in spreading Raiotrred Dealers Under State and Fedra[ taws
ica. The National Archives, Wash- pomp and splendor were almost be- meots from beyond the seas and saved at the time of the sacking of Christianity to the early Indians, ington, D. C., which is already yond belief. From its new chapel soft-toned Stations of the Cross. the chapel of Nuestra Senora de la and how powerful an influence did u'nndertaking the great work of pro- its fame spread continually; for Instead of pews one finds simple Lehe in 1725. r the Church trough all of its stages
ce.. is th originals of tho o- yars lthe ......of Spai as... l poiedio o...f do polished mood. From Chapin's Handbook of St. of development play in supplying OVER TW ENTY YEARS EXPERI ENCE
ahlo doumoots, has agreed boo- asothereopotanmotheos,sought E ear 0 Low Sunday Augustine, 1887, we read: "There is the strength and the character to
operate with the Historical Society, Our Lady's special aid. Pilgrimage to La Lehe. Shri 0 a painting of considerable m.itt osothwhiteo eldNoT o tlomSol ofTwhitLI
Father Nunan and the Restoration Between 1602 and 1620 a replica enr There is Mass at an open-air the walls (of the Cathedral) which men in what is 00 the United THE IIVESTMENT FiELD
officials on a non-commercial basis of the miraculous statue was abbe and benediction to which the represents the landing of the Statesl Already the Restoration in this important work of photo- broughtto St. Augustine andplaced faithful walk in solemn and won- Spaniards in Florida and the cele- officials have recognized the value statingthe old .cods. Under the in the Shrine of Mombre de Dies derfulproecession. Reverently each baton of the first Mass". Des- of th eliest Church records of
terms of the agreement National which in time was named the chapel pilgrim stands or kneels a moment perate efforts to save this painting America-our own Parish Records, Specializing in Florida Municipls
Archives will receive for its files of Nuestra Senora de la Leohe. In in mystic peace before the one- in the fre of '87 were in vain. dating erm 1594-and have given
one photostatic set, while the St. its simple surroundings this replica time shrine of Nuestra Senora de The Cathedral was rebuilt in 1888 assistance and encouragement in
Augustine Historical Society in re- was venerated no less sincerely than la Leche y Buen Parto. and has remained, with few working out the plans by which and Local Securifies
turn for its contribution of $500 the image in Madrid. changes, to the present day with its they are being saved for the genSwill h o ooobled S o e one.. photo- Cnel P almer atoad St. Au-ind H me ancient facade and olddoest walls as etions to follow. What a sdplenstatic copy to ho devoted So tha guatne in 1716 and probably the n siey Home sturdy as they were when the old did thing this is--and how imperSt. Augustine Historical Society only ornaments saved from the church was solemnly dedicated tent to all Catholics as wall as to YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO CALL ON US FOR A DISCUSSION Library. Thiu a. .ngeme.t will cape woo. the Statue of La Leche Pict o m Septemer8, 1797. the students ....ywhe. aad othmake tho reod aailable to the and the Crucifix. The chapel, be- S c uresque o eed itoe..stod to history. This OF YOUR INVESTMENT PROBLEMS
St. Augustine Historical Restora- ing built of coquina was confiscated heMquas op is doe Hwd 007 thiog alone sto an omea of iln that tion, and to the other students and and used as a battery by the Eng- h has boughS the end bt Ohs Mseotioo Peece-m So the
those generally interested by plac- ]ish from which to shell Fort San Historic Background of Dr. Robert Catherwood and the
insg the second set in the National Marco. On March 3, 1718 CeabSan t ueoo to ee foe
A1 hbe 5s WashingtonsD.o. Soon Sb, loerpl of St. Augusin Abte~S, Wohiogosn, D.oC., it will Gornno of Augustnthe o eris t ae o will be called upon in areferen-be t
Be poosi'bl foe a greet'mony Amer- another attack by the English, or- Indicate Fernando de la M. Arredondo dum election to make decisions for
Ican aod foreign students to make dered the chapel to be dismantled Eeyn e c a on h
use of these rare historical docu- ad erected within the Second Line tvemy name to chain of e this commuoit, whioc will hie Sments. Dr. Chatelain regards the of Defense on the south side of La When the wisteria blooms, and through the years, indicates im- t remodouo impeta ce in f sieg
solution of this problem as well Leche (now Hospital Creek). The its sprays hang from every friend- potent position. F the Sobrc wefeo of oo citiur,
aigh ideal and extremely fortunate reconstructed chapel was built ly support; when the clusters DUoing the English control of St. as well as effects touching vitally For the Purchase of Securities
at this time. The action of the along more substantial lines than f fringe the wall and balcony the Augustine for 20 years, one of the the historic heritage of the entire Hiotorial Society ho emod as "a the original having several addi- Lindsley house at No. 214 St.George ing's council was Dr. Catherwood. Nation and therefore of great invery splendid piece of cooperation tiona! rooms besides the main body Street, needs no lure of storied his- The coquina construction of the terest to all of the United States.
with the Church, National Archives of the shrine, and a steeple that tory to surround it with appeal, two stories is said to be some of I am confident that we will not fail and the Restoration alike." could be seen from some distance. This is knomn, however, to be in the best stone work remaining. The in ou civic responsibilities at this Into this Second Chapel of La Leche all certainty a house of the first third story of wood shows marked moment of great decision. Listed in the census of St. Au- was placed the replica of the statue Spanish occupation, and to have be- changes in design.
gustineof 1783 is Andreas Pacetti, now famous in its own right, longed to a family related to Men- The grounds south and west of In the Asieoto as drawn up bem p endez himself. the house have a picturesque man- tween the King and Menendez who m "Napoles", who must have had n1763 Florida wasceded to hn Sp d w away er and have been a favorite with founded St. Augustine in 1565, it
o good business, if he was able to Moglood by Spain and the treaty the first time, de la Puente lists the older photographer and artists. was included that there would be in
support a mis and our children as cqreduir that the inhabitants de- this as a "house of stone of Don Mos. Horace Lindsley has shown Florida 2 or 3 towns of at least 100 Corespondents of Fenner and Beane; llembers New York Stck Exchange
a "Peruke maker". Apparently clare allegiance to the British Horruitiner y Puero." "Twenty-five on oppeoCtoto onoidocotio t obhyitooto ond 1 loe heaso of peruke-making must have been Crown or leave the city. The Span- years later, when de la Roque cam- Oreseotof moey of tho old touc- stee, weedwithmoat and drawfairly profitable for he "had two lards left carrying the statue with pleted his detailed map and census oural features, bridge.
and three-quarters acres of land, them to Havana on the ship "Our of properties existing five years First Notional Buildin0 emplm Tatr Buildi,
house and lot of his own on St. Lady of the Light." after the Spaniards came back, the Bm T e i
andrge Stood, a home ond two Whperolpoidy wsetoeededo o heusc ofSt. Augustine, Fla. Daytona Beah, Fl.
Osfoes". Spate to 1784, iooooticolly oil the "good ceeditio' aed poeety of MlA 5TER' St AgaSeo Fa,- Dstos eoh F, fegnrinabtnt rtrndto Sond Don Fooocisco entolgo. The con- R S A R N
Whee the cony of Virginia was their shrine of Nuestra Senora de dition in which de la Roque gives
s etled at aomestown in 1607, mark- la Leche a mass of ruins. No at- it indicates that either it must have Hypolita and Spanish Streets
tg the first permanent Mnglis tempt was made to restore the~been recently repaired or else Howsstflement on these shores, St. Au- chapel as the statue was not ard, who was the English secre- GOOD, TASTY MEALS AT POPULAR PRICES
eqetine, which was settled in 1565, brought back, so in 1791 the 00- tary, was hunting for extra eonsid- TRY OUR SPANISH COOKING
w s 4 ears old. maintg stones were used in the eration. Four years before de la

w 4 vna nr


lagler Hotels Here Are Veritable Olden Spanish Palaces

So sands of tourists for years to come. Juan Hernandez. Value G w The Fatio Hu se is probably the From the time Ilise Fatio to In most pictured house in the city possession of the house it began to
Sam ,.efdZ~::i~ii cai~i:~ II Anonymous 7P rn e h ai os pbbl e o t im s Fi ok
-a:- se", Laln VerusesThat Does His Work since it started its liteeey and quir e pbicity especially theegh tistic career long before artists and the wiwelar oes oca erses tThat John Wells could ....age isr
In W ar Throehe Welts cld manage hees in St. Augustine aed they had Wool Miss Wool ent much Sprint two "Books," pamphlets chosen the PFatio House as their time here and constantly referredto more correctly described, in 1784 centre. the house and her life in it. Other
Fine Architetral T Lltnng Words Portray i St Augutine,,whec the twn Taken in its entirety, this is one writers began to look for Miss FaFine Architectural Tra of the most satisfactory examples tio's. Artists arrived. Before Aunt glown Charm of Garden Set- wasin such an agitated condition of second Spanish construction Louisa died in 1875, the house had ditions Are Being Pre- with British trying to leave and that can be studied. The arrange- achieved a reputation thatthe years
served Here lG ii ting Here the Spanish already in the city, ment of the stairways, the oly increase. It is now oned by speaks volumes for the printer's trances into the terrace, the heavy Judge David R. Dunham a nephew walls of coquina, its low-placed win- of Miss Fatio, and president of the
The writer of the following poem courage. dws on the first floor, the court St. A stie Hito al Societ. PRAISE IS GIVEN One' of them is styled "Thefirst
wassaid t have been a member of of the is styled "The from which access is had to the old Each winter it is favored by arthe staff of one of the St. Augus- Case of the Inhabitants of Flor- kitchen with its built-in oven for ists and craftsmen for studios,
Declared to Be Among hine banks. He received an inherit- ida." baking, its huge fireplace for cook- while one of the very picturesque The ecod wa anessa, a ing, the slave room attached, every- gift shops has been housed there for ance of sufficient amount so that he The second was an essay, a ing, theermattahed, every giftshp Great Treasures of folio of 50 pages, by Samuel dale thing about the house from the someyears. Itis one of thehigh resigned his position and went to who wrote "On the Nature and small balcony on the front to the spots duing teSpaishiesaf This City It'ly to live. He died in Florence Principles of Publick Credit galleries upstairs combine to pro- the Federated Circles of the Garden where his grave has been visited Etc." It was printed for the au- duce the Mediterranean effect. Club each year, and imaginative While modern warfare is being several times by St. Augustine thor by John Wells and the only Earliest ownership of the house people often wonder if spirits of old kriown copy has been in the ew itself attaches to Andres Ximanes Spaniards return to join the revels inoked with its destructive forces friends. The anonymous N. to York Public Library. The author early in the second Spanish occu- of the Fiesta ight. to destroy beauty of architecture whom the verses are addressed is was one of the refugees from and significance of history in Old still living, however, and has been Charleston. Spin, St. Augustine can point with a visitor in St. Augustine within the pride tsome of the finest types of past year. sato u I Spanish architecture, given to this N Fa o House Is Best Wishes of commnsitythregh the enteprise Dreamily smoking my cigarette ..... ity through the enterprises 'Mid the fragrant odor of migno- Fin Sp cimen vision, and initiative of Henry Mot- 'I ette fe dei risen Flagler. Mr. Flagler looked I alone and the midnight star at the quaint Spanish buildings, the Keep watch in the court oeGULF O L CORPORATION narrow streets, and sparkling blue Magnificent Hotel Ponce de Leon, built by Henry M. Flagler, and opened in January of 1888. The Aleazar. Long Known for Its GULF OIL CORP of the waters, and visualized archi- hotel has just celebrated its 50th season. No whispered word of false co- Numerous Charming teetere of a more elaborate nature qeette than ever had been ued in this -r No heartfelt thre-no vain re- Features little city by the sea. He commie- get; e Mesrs. Nauzht save the smoke of that sionedyoung architects, the sel .... When Miss Louisa Fatio, Aunt PHONE S62 Carrere and Hastings, to go te o small cigar Whe Miss L A t Spain, and get ideas for such strce- In the moonlight court of the Louisa in friendly salutation tures asohvisualized. The results rAlcazar. bought the house on the corner of Hospital Street and Green Lane C B. ercer, DistribUtor
see the superh Hotels Pease de
are t he superb Hotels Ponce de A clock proclaims the midnight Alley frequently called Gee B ercer, Din leon and laStreet, in 1855, from Sarah Anderthe Alameda. They are t in Th r s fraught with her4 1 son, she could hardly have anticiof garden, and each one has its pic- The aie is caught ith he favs
teq ailsori its iss adete flower paled that it would heceme famous, )uequ atio, its loggias, and adta e w aewu~ b
turesque r there strains of an old guitar ad thatei would b e distinctive towers. They complete In the m oonlight court of theme l the picture of Spanish loveliness I the m l cazar.f the offered by the beautiful Hotel Alca Cordova across the way, which So I sit and wait till te clock antedated the Flagler era, and later strikes ad at till the lfour became past of the Flaglee peeppart of the Flagler prop- There's a distant sound of an erties. Further down ing Street door is the purely Moorish structure, Slowly her window sings ajarNO Villa Zorayda, built after the theme InSlwly he moonlight court of the of one of the towers of Alhambra Ale NO.oI Alcazar.
of Spain.
These buildings sa all given And there in the caemeit far TY E ITE heartiest praise by Dr. Verne The colorful outlines of Hotel Alcazar and Hotel Cordova fill in the picture of Spanish charm in the above Chatelain, director of the Restorea- heart of the Oldest City, I see the form of my longlost love tion Program aid declared perfect Nlo are parted-they never of their type. They are declared floor which was large enough to ae s pated-thy to be treasures which add to allw f gd-sied sleep I the moonlight court of fame of St. Augustine, and assets sl Ina on u o famcsst.Agatiss,d 5 d'th .'- ~~~f~frooms. Miss Amey Macmillen is Alcazar. which will grow dearer with the no considering -restoring the stairs gh yersastheSpaishsettinghere. to their original position and mak- Farewell sweet love, our heats years as the Spa heartsg rstrig he tars is strengthened, and additional ingharmonizing alterations. I have met, visitors come s seek St. Augustine this third story, the floor consists Why idle pang-why cais reas a laboratory of history. It will of emelywid d, st ret? be a laboratory for artists and which, it is said, are so long they Ialne and themidnight star architects as well, it is indicated. extend the entire lenth of the Keep watch in the court o the In fact theappeal is so wide, and house mre than 30 feet, withpt Alcaza.r, the interestso diversified, it would a break. MONOCLE. seem that this Oldest City; as the Three fireplaces, one in the dinprogram progresses, i have its ing room on the ground floor, and ure for every person whether .n to above in the draig camd Historian Spends business or pleasure bent an adjoining apartment were the e In State Securing
0 ~~only means of heating and until me In Sta Recent years no additional heating Data On
arrangements were used. These D On Old Missions fireplaces have that peculiar caA tP St eo orge parity for throwing out warmth One Of the meant tryingg evi r g that the old Spanish firepces pro d O ... f the m tentri esbe ing ... .
A 44evide where ever they still remain tered upon St. Aulgustine and FlorIs Interest nthe city. ids,historially, is the s y of
Is Of Interest K -, ..The Matcmillens had spent their the early mission sites in this state first winter here in the oli house at being made by Dr. Maynard Geiger, 1
~~No. 56 Marine Street, which was noted Franciscan historian of the O
Relic o i First Spanish right in the then social centre of Catholic University of America in e aggso' C -oKc the city, the Barracks and army of- Washinton, D. C. Dr. Geiger &, 9 $ O~on, I~t's Ijl- into a~group in that seceio Wshingtonspn, D. C. Dr. Geigery~ -;Q~~~O G~~COccupation, It's In- ficial life gathering many visitors visited St. Augustine fo some days i .
into a-group in that section. this past spring, and also spent _40 -Xpl vo,
dicated When it was decided they would some little time at Rollins College, e" &
make St. Augustine their home, Winter Park. He was accopanied kavl GcthinP uThe s h h h heirloom furniture from theirhi by Robert R. Otis of the Georgia V e.5o' .500',- - The largest house in the block b- Rhode Island home was shipped Archeological Society, who has been d 8 e tween Cuna Street and Burial Alley down and found admirable setting assisting in that part of the work -0 k to the north at the time of the de- in the old Aguilar house. The girls which relates to Florida and Geor- ,e pt5pO. e i partureofthe Spaniardsin 1763be- of the family became leaders in gia. X longed to Captain Don Raymunds the younge set. People of note who Dr. Geiger's latest contribution. o Psp of nt wOhE Arrivas. Somsetimes his ame is DrstftAo tsfsdae-i h Geiger's latest costrihutics -5 'Ts V .i9s.
-ri .... Sometimes hi ..... is came to St. Augustine found a con- ho.
spelled Arribas, v and b being in- genial atmosphere in the Macmillen hraneiscan Conquest of Florida, "The terehangeable 'in many instances. ho.e. e Csqce t c id sd lr d t5'r'% ,"O The housewas described as of co- from 1573 to 1618" is declared by 5 ~, Q a .5' There are a number of museum Dr. A. J. Hanna of Rollins College &Ns ccn and the neighborhood must pieces is various rooms. The din- losA. Haa sf Rlls College have been particularly desirable, i h shing table is one of the finest double schlaly eti as not a house of wood was listed on pedestal Duncan Phyfe specimens tion yet made to the ecclesiatical -, .+ tis west side of the block, when The Cordova Building, at one ime the Hotel Alcazsa A nnex dy gd dges deislar history of the state. In addition to knw adby goijdesdclrdhis work in Florida, D~r. Geige ....%
de la Puente made his official cen- very much a part of the picture of foreign beauty in the Oldest City to equal that in the Museum in a s e wis eof hoses -f th- Kingc f -p. cc may ac noted r em the Mualceuem ad arched Ioggias chews aho esa Asihas had married into the Avers these being ints meeting details of the structure, a d haia teahe ,r a ceTe.oecc- Fathes ehyibEegelhadt is his or Abero family and his relative asc vs ices pi... great work of restoring the Misowned houses on both north and In the fireplaces are superb and- Californa.
sth eah id, ie another c AISrirons and the drawing room fire- The present historical studies s d n a nad sseach woh, is Fids,
.t..t. 7I/'idfe-aot p a eao. which must of cease center about Real.Te ose r__ Mot Interesting In City p e .......
The hence figured is a stasac- Theolaid coqsina wall surh had a St. Augustine, will be furthered by ton with Jesse Fish, the English woed frame above it from which the Restoration program, and will agnt to whom so many Spaniards
sold their property in confidence Dates Btc o First Occu- not mean he would give up the suspended the bucket that brought bring great numbers here, intent acd hete espy is t e r Dat es Bachouse in town. It was very co up such fine water. Not a flavor of upo following through a plan of we pain and England made it p ion of Spanish portable. To be sure it may have sulphur, Miss Amey Marmillen such magnitude. The favors shon suffered from various cannonad- says, as she recalls the water Was St. Augstihe hy Csagie Sestineessary for the Spaniards to sell Here ings as the Macmillen family have s oo aeelwaycs tti, sad the pscal iclecest cameyve As afles sestiag the eld h shown by Dr. John C. Merriam,
within a+ stated ie. flt cc their _dug out numbers of grapesho t cih Ad after r ent it hose president of arnegie Institution return to control 20 tears later, theyfoeodceshedddicwlls ey pide f aie isslitutiec Dec Rayeede's se~ondec seeed When CeL. Aedrew T. Macmulles what might have been a detached last become Macmillen property, will fecs the attention af scathe property for his mother, Ur- camefromlewEngland and moved kitchen or slave house. Also in the Possibly the Macmillens take the lists and other notables upon this sula de Arrives, his father being his family into the old Naples yel- garden was dug up the brutal iron palm as renting one house for more Oldest City. dead and his mother being in Cuba. low house at No. 224 St. George gag which was on display in Fort than half s century and making alTadeo mariedMaria Gracia Per- Street the drawing room on the San Marcos many years, terations and repairs themselves. pondering how she can get someSssoroase ycsr. The sisters, Miss Amey and Miss one who can reproduce that exact pall, a daughter of Dose Isabel cecnd flree was a picte is hlue The frost entrance was through Anne Macmillen maintain the same faseiating tint of Naples yellow
St. asio sad m uc rsy sear light flie pale The wslls wee a door opening off St. George St. hospitable atmosphere that drew of the old house. For a long time by. When Father Hassett's census white but the ceiling showed lovely directly into the room used for a everyone of note to the old house a piece of the old yellow wall at the wss made in 1793, there were two leformal dining room. Now this door when the Ponce de Leon and the rear df the house was kept. Conchildres is the Acrivac fleece, lii- Ia the gardeo'at~ the west ef has been closed. The middle win- Alrazar were in the height of the sultation after consultation was tle Ursela, two years old, Snamed Ithe fleee rows of the bitter sour domon the east end of the house is Flagler fame. Whenever one of held with workmen, hoping to get fee the paternal grandmother, and orange the true Seville orange, in place of the entrance door. Im- the old group visits St. Augustine, the exact tint. Once the house got .Maria Isabel, enly two months old, hung heavy with golden fruit and mediately after moving into the a return to the Macmillen house is a coat of red which wasn't at all in baring the Isabel for her mother's the grounds extended to Maria house, Col. Macmillen decided to ne of the pleasantfeatures of the harmony, How was the ochre premother. Sanchez Creek where the Macmil- mahe the entrance through a gate- sy psred, cc blended, In gire the hose Across the street was Dona Eu- lea children ceaxed many little" fish ay at the sooth of the hose And Miss AmeyMacmien is til such a lively persolity l genia de Yta y Salazar, a widow from the shallow waters, whee the fich fleer is the pss f 586 years Tadeo Arrivat' aunt The house revealed many fe- way to the door into the hall, from rom tte Aro family, lures marking it as originally in- which the stairway leads to the The present porch ofer the side- tended for peses of more than scood flo.. Possibly at .se Tongo S C M-ugustXne Th ps sa t perchseeh ie average social position 'n the first distant time this wasan opc .....t TO See t.COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS AND EXCLUSIE wali ish sea tha wles cessas profSpanish occupation. The Aguilars or terrace room as traces of two the open halesy, oios thmoap d ranked high. Mariana de la Roaue archo .y be found now on the AGENTS FOR THE ROYAL TYPEWRITER FOR ST. JOHNS, the old fheec wall side the stairs. The banister wails ef the nersihure do stairs let, etioeing its tile roof and of t hois air i ch tfed sil See the many attractive points of interest from one can section where f there now is a Juan Aguilar living in it. Later piece of ohosy oh Isard mitf of our Horse-Drawn Carriages. Hail one of the drivers, PUTNAM, FLAGLER AND VOLUSIA COUNTIES, FLORIDA iasies' g e sho nw the title is cfirmed to Dee Juan or phone our office for this service.
Oisa g f me at e o f Rodrigue who is supposed to have Under the wood floors is the hard O pictueef that side ef St. married Aguiar's daughter, Fran- packed rock floor that preceded Oee Street gives a good view of cisca, wood in most houses. When an atthe atr eet wall with ti large gate Goe Rodri dribeshimself t p .as mdeto ut electric wir- St Augustine deter through which catrace was as "having sufficient number ofing into the house contractors were
had to the terrace at the south of slaves is dedicate himself te unable to get through the huge end was a shuttered porch room so cattle and also to aid in the main- they worked through the coquina.
:favoe by he older amilies. The tnance f his larg familyy" Also AA6A~ smallR1OIN almost cicua stairwayT St~Geote Street balcony was not hehe stated he was "one of the San- leads from small room onNGSTON eaunti :eent yaeas and the ish inhabitants who have sacrificed second Seer to ihe unfinished space, TAXI SERVICE interior of the stories still themselves in the service of said making a third foor. Because of ctate interesting indications o vic eigtetreettmehi ogfct ocr cfii, THEATRE LOBBY ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. : tage o ithre bunidiain o province during the turbulent times his large family Colonel Macmillenl the ee of ioe 4 .Gildiog. which have taken place in it." had these inconvenient s stairs tahen 30 GRANADA ST. PHONE 39
This cm~is Na. dflt.Gogc Eres ifDos Rodrigueec o-sreadyi poe e te cs ton iteed e oo hirt UtEet.cea e hon iod o, it dd out andl moved to another place to
Street ~ ~~~~to create a cattle hacienda, it d~ rvd etracs otetid


Carnegie Institution Staff Workers Make Statements
Archeolog Has Alert Manucy of the nation an.d ..... tration leanor Bees onCa
ofAoh oq giop ,,o io Die Institution of WashA fe l H St. Augustine Restoration Staff Albert M anucy of thoqu ooiootn ood oooootootooy Eleanor Beeson 0"ooi o Ioogrdnttto of Woohof a great mass of collected mater- ington is releasing shortly a story
AH i a SmFuseudm librar o o te e oa thS Important Part Has mportant ot .. o oooo ibooy ot St. Au- Sets Forth Idea This stoy wit b .ynoiatiod
gustine will be invaluable to student throughout the country, as well a
-R ti-Ihi to and layman alike, as well as aiding f hg t.edig 0 it Restoration r ase Of W or gk in e p eating the histortay of St. Au- Of estoraon orain ledit u in ot o
InRetrain hseO W r O esoato all citieadi ilas esn
gostine clearly and emphatically. abroad.
The compilation of a bibliogra- ared here also with beautiful itHistorical Division Ac- phy, that is, a list of writto ood Director of Public Rela- lustrations fordistribution 000the W. J. Winter in Charge tivities Mean Tracing study of the problem at hand, is o tions Has Wide Vieeop of the United States of This Phase for rF of the preliminary steps in plan- f 0 ing d of that Pof hsPas fr for Mnaterial ning this collection. This informa- St. Afuguine a to oftt th in Program | bea i 0yonttofonooot Eoo rt, uh outy,inenjoymentoandin odotion may be obtained from several beaut,
a sources: the Carnegie Guides, one Eleanor B Carroll, who cationot advantages apsooting to Ahoogyof the most important regarding came here some months ago, and the earnest student or the most pott oono:u -it iontot --- guoio'ott onnc ,oonone o no. t- u-our:tt 000500000 Ofneon lao esn-arlwocainlagnagsapaig Archeology plays its important gustine's native sons, and for some St. Augustine; Library catalogs, fell under the spell of St. Agus- casual layman, and as this interest part in conecto n with Historical time pst connected with the His- and many books from the hibliogra- tine, deciding to remain here, has grows through an understanding Restoratio. says W. J i torial Division Activities of phi which pertinen itdms may the title of director of public re- of this program, prominent sttooti st erwhoup. y ho Carnegie Istitution program here be extracted. lations with the Restoration Sta and great organizations will be inInstitution staff g p in connection with the Preservation here. She sums up her impres- terested to come here and not only In order that this phase may be and Restoration of Historic St. Au- To Gather Material
brought out in its proper relation- nd Rtoton of itoi St. Au- T tttsions of the Restoration Program witness the development of this iot ot a ole, W.J. ogustine, has discussed the impor- When bibliographical work has as follows: great project but will take active f e otinu-V. o.tance o f his part of the work in progressd sufficiently, an attempt "The St. Augustine Historical part in the futhering ofit" Winter has written the followingconcinwtsafacvte. r
for the Restoration Issu f the connection with stff activities. Mr. is made to procure the material or Restoration is, in the final analySManucy says: copies thereof from the various de- sis, a great educational program Ruth E. Harris Of Record: "When the St. Augustine Histor- positories in which it is to be found. which, through the preservation Archeology and Its Connection with ical Survey was inaugurated in Documents, books, maps, pictorial and proper presentation of its his- RestorationStaff Has Aohotoy Restoration etoto December 1936, the organization material are gradually accumulat- toric remains in an appropriate
W. J Winter was, among other things, faced with ing and as they accumulate, re- harmonious setting, is endeavoring Secreteeial Position
When most of us think of arch- the task of accumulating sufficient search becomes more intensive, to make history more real and uneology we bring to mind a pictur data to lay before Mayor Fraser's broadening to include various fields derstandable to student and lay- Ruth E. hialn, in connection of excavating ancient Greek cities, National Committee to indicate in accordance with the extent of the man alike by means of actual con- with her work for Carnegie Instiexploring Egyptian tombs or dig- whether or not the St. Augustine roterial at hand. tact with the objective reality of tution, and the Restoration Proging up Indian mounds. Yet, due area was worth of profound study, Mention of work already accom- that history. A program of na- gram, says: consideration shows us that there is and whether there were available polished o g tion-wide publicity is essential to "My secretarial work for the St. little, if any, fundamental difference sufficient o0m toto t hesso 0 to this outline of procedu re. the presentation of this great plan Augustine Restoration includes takbetween digging for information in to conduct the study. Nor was it Th Hitorical Division has for the to the public, that they may learn ing dictation, handling correspona ot hatis 4000 years old or do- prctiable to collect material in- meostoclD s n of uhot t g doo nd u-tltch do ndo phoootrndnpi~~g in one that is approximately drisciaey thmwrkof t part lent its attention to corn- of what is being done and will be deuce adtlpoecla n~ep s. - k. -d discriminately:do y the work of the pilation of master bibliography acomplished in the future that ing all ods filed so that thoy 00. 400=s old. Therema bewrit- Survey had to be planed in such a including: listings of primary they may take advantage of thebe quickly referred to. Most imtrecords concerning both of these Staff of the St. Augustine Historical Restoration, after an inspection tour of the beautiful old Sanchez way that if the Restoration pro- sources, written and pictorial and great opportunities being offered portent of the work accomplished but a dditional and valuable in- House, the restoration of which Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lewis are undertaking in cooperation with the Restora- gram progressed further, there ont por ith n hito th fo tdy nd enym t. formation, comes from the ground tion office. Reading from left to ;right: Rogers Johnson, engineer; W. A. Woodell, work foreman; Blanche wouldbe no hiatus in the labor and porid; d temporary wt a pot sy and enjoyment was getting out the Fact Find ing period; secondary sources, pertin- "(Many stories with accompany- Report and the Recommended Plan
itself. The methods applied are Reyes, typist; W. J, Winter, archeologist; Ruth Harris, secretary; Dr. Veme E. Chatelain, director; Albert the data already gathered ight be n ial but of later date; nota- ing pictures have appeared already for Hitr i Rototation which essentially the same in both cases. Manucy, historian; Vera Smith, typist; Reece Bowen, engineer: Eleanor Beeson, director of public relations. a groundwork for the studies to fot- tion and litintgo of likely opoot- 0 0u0 in tding itio 00 ubot to tho Rotont It bas boon u-ott deonotontod lw nnwppr nlaigcte vrwr
t w dn t o- tories; notations on material in all the entire Nation. In many of these Committee at its meeting inSt. Auin the las few years that historical tae who hn h durig hi po Those ends were accomplished. important Florida libraries; of ma- far cities are citizens who are un- gusting on March 2.
ea fwrtt oral except in places where they have Reece Bowen's service stations during this period, During the three months' period, jor national repositories the Lib- aware of the rich historical back- The most interesting partof my research from written records alone been eliminated by the activities of 47 States were represented, in ad- from December to March, the Sur- rary of Congress has received most oud of St. Augustine and the workhascomefrom the peoplewith is not sufficient to form a complete the white man. Known village Family Ca e dition to many from the District vey staff had been organized into scrupulous attention; of foreign great plan for Restoration, which whom I ve come in contact. Not andaccurate picture. Even where sites are within the city limits of Fam ame of Columbia, Canada and Cuba. three research DivisionsArcheo- archives, the work is tentatively would be of paramount interest to onl the famous and learned scientwrittea reorodo 00000 plentiful and So. Augustinteo.oot00 noo os brooooo tttaoAca-ooioOe obt oooot otdho 00000iotoo ont~hf000 otaadoot
aeqitte, eord y s eem pl uenttly Ea tiono hir ite Here In 1856 A41.64% of total cars o ming to St. logical, Engineering and Historical, complete int the Archivest of Indies them. St. Augustine, as the site of ists who have come to St. Augusreceive a tValuablh e supplement Excavations in historic t n tine, averaged a stay of 2.83 and had accumulated a mass of at Seville, Spain, in Cuban archives, the first permanent white settlement tine in connection with this prothe application of the city have brought to light arch- Reece Bowen, member of the days; the average visitor stopping heterogenous data which were in Mexican archives, in British on the Atlantic Seaboard is the birth- gram have made my work inspiring th applition rhogc eological material of a prehistoric at hotels made a stay of 1.86 days; collated and incorporated into re- archives (to 1783), and in Paris place of the Nation and, as such its and interesting, but also thegreat method to the sites concerned. natue in interesting quantities. Canegie Restoration staff, says: the ratio of torists travelling by ports fo presentation. archives. colorful history is the heritage of number of local people ho have, In the matter of restoration tohish ti "St. Augustine and St. Johns train was 1.5 greater than by bus, o line with the pan-scientiafic every one of its cities. This fact of th
I to mat wo- oaon t There has been butlittle written County with its great beauty and and those by dar 25 tioes greater method of research advocated for ar ma e oy fo 2s ot h tmtos f of or a nicrd o g o
TheremY ois a well-knodubly examplertant concerning the prehistoric archeol- historical background, always than by bus; cars parked from 6 the o pursitof study inthis are, rd he n made, each naming being point to th pople ta the tn to hunt p d Pennsylvania, where one of their ogy of Florida and of this area in has fascinated me and I am a. mn. to 11 p. m. on Ray, St. Fran- the otff ditoons t d t noo the written source, summ of thio country that they mayome o nd ptue which ong particular. Only a beginning has proud that itis my home. Ihave cis, St. George Cordova, King, (wrta i on s noion bow where possible) its content an g t potne of St e todwyndh ght eriont hitotobeen made in a systematic study. A always wanted to dosomethingto Cathedral Streets, San Marco Cir- cooperation. This discussion, how- is oe ugustine irt of t e to a ad ouh
constructed from supposedly ac- complete historical survey could stimulate th idea of pe ing cet, Orange Street and the Mao ever, deals solely with the work offonvalue' and tating uwhereo it is to5 be great Nation and so to themselves. toricalt research. There haveObeen complete andtorical ysu y ad we te Rag: the Historical Division, since Eng- fO0 It t also hotg pointed nut that a nuobeo of ihe osdet inhabitants curate and complete written rec well include n its archeological the historical landmarks as my nolia Hotel parking lot, showeda ineriag and Arorheoloo oti hr is al e deat neata wba h o the pst brano
ords, well stdied byhnaty orians thand phase complete studies of the grandfather found them in the ratio of three Florida cars to o needing and Archeological activi- d t ri y e here exist all the grat natural who by oog into h pt nd chiteots. Unfortunately fqr their mounds and village sites inandnear at hi t h et visitor, a fact which indicates that ties are explained elsewhere on this card indicates variously either adatage of a magnificent water giving enighte g formation year186atwfront with its beaches, its sailing, from their reminiscences of St. Aupkeptical individual dug into the n St. Augustine. listed his own home of hewn the local cars of b usiness men are page. documents which may include asbt f ishi oth ohe 00 h e asd i o was orot oo0 original i duldin o Recent Work Within the City logs on the banks of the St. now preventing existing parking Much Florida Material many as 200 papers. In other words, its fishing; that here are spendid gusti e a i r in t o oiginasite ofo old udig d A number of property owners Johns River. St. Augustine,with facilities and are preventing the ithee eit hundred of thoeods eah of the 3,5600 cards may repr- cellent golf courses; hunting ten- ward the Restoration Pro gram. expobsed the foundations which were hav gve te esortin ffceth sledi' o'eigt f tsci- hee xit unres f hosadseah f he3,00cadsma rpr- elen of ouse; unin, en, ar have given the Restoration office the splendid foresight of its cit- visitor more or less from enjoy- n t sent a possible average of 500 docuoonger visible above ground. A permission to conduct exploratory izens and cooperation of Carne- ing St. Augustine. of documents, books, maps and pic- ments. Approximately 1,500 of the atructed building was ll wrong and torial materials important to Flor- total 5,000 cards lst se ondary maeohtho showed that the on seaationon their gonds. These gir Inotitotn, to beonog oe "The gre000 0number of oisting idaa Histo00 Ccrnps li0t elyondaryeto NwYrOiids History. Comparatively little tra .. ok rtei... :,. .eSnt follow the oigin sal an at ground include vacant lots; resi- of the most interesting historial cars were from New York Ohio, of that vast amount of material has terial, many books ittein recent adll The n e origf on is that dece yards and other types of laboratories of the country. Pennsyvania, ichigan, New Jer- ever been utilized for study, pr- years on phases of Florida history.
a poet Ec te stes has lvaia MihianNe Je- evr benutiizd fr tud, er
the docuentary research st property. Each of these sie o "As one of the engineers of soy, Illinois, Massachusetts, Indi- haps for the reason that it is widely Aside from the bibliographical ghandinha itheaation or o ie tn dotb I the Retotion p have ana, Georgia, and the District of scattered and not readily accessible, work, two definite research probgo hand in hand with eon he ite piled from which to determine the bee detailed to the drawing up Ca other physical Work on the sites advisability and priority of exava- been detailed to the drawing tup Cuiite to adoisahitity anod trority of en 000 s Mootyng bet tooeonatog O no
involved. Neither should tryto get tion. Selection from this list of of 0s urein speeriing "The average number of cars and tre and extent of thi type 0a0 0 reo heCi a tet on in aong wiyhoa o lthe sother asd way hog"spis05ad0 need.e tisetord osrcinaddtriigtetr n xeto hstp ae-cneto ihteCt ae ra along without the other and to- ontuction od nitog passengers passing over the four ia are the Carnegie Institution of available records ha been insitesis wae byhe4 000glocations of 0 found- ys per day from 6 a. m to ant on pubiatio toh vestigated to reveal historical degeter they should achieve as In a number of cases a "sap- 00000 000000 foda fo 6atho. M.rt to p.igo pub wer asti fo nearly a complete suces a ling" process is used. It is believed tails of the moat bridge. Even humanly possible. to be advisable to onduct tial ex- restoration of historic na- u ory. These oe aeth te o important from the stand____________________________ments." poCyl t of the Restoration program It appears thatan archeological cavations in a number of different Cars result ofnany years'workin major
study of the area in and near StI types of sites. These are only ex- Over Anastasia archival repositories in Europe and is the beginning of an architectural 'Augustine might be divided as fol- tensive enough to determine the Boulevard ........ 1101 2648 the Americas, and indicate in on- study which involves analysis of lws content and possibilities of such r"Dixie Highway- cise form the general nature and existing historic buildings. Find- MA A. Prebistorico sites and Johe if g a- So ........... 1287 2969 extent of materials within those re- ings derived from this study are
A. Prehistoric sites and to see if further excava. Outside of City. tion is ua nra ted. L oratoer Engi Tells "Dixie Highway- positories. From the immense essential to the development of the ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA.
Ea pls ad wonds shell it be made to completely explore E neer Tels North .... ..... 8146 amount of material included in the St. Augustine program.
heaps a Sand lmoug itens, hn any sites that have passed the "Vilano Beach Carnegie Guides, a beginning was COMPLETE MARINE RAILWAY
heaps o village sites, gteot. oh w Of His Labo Road ........... 02 626 made of extracting the matter per-, In 1845 there was going to be an
radius of tenty mile. A good example of this "sap- (Of course it should be remem- tinent to the St. Augustine vicinity. election and a announcement in the
In City: ling" is seen in the site at 5 bereOd that this traffi s urvey was Results-of this study clearly e Florida Herald says "electors in MAC INE SHOP
Examples: Known sites, such Marine Street, owned nd occupied taken when the tide of travel was phasized the fact that the majority the various precincts will be onas Tolomato village area. by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jane. Details Give Evidence of definitely northward. In other of primary source records import- titled to vote for Justices of the
Possible sites, determined There are several reasons for the words, winter visitors were return- ant to St. Augustine history exist Peace as follows: St. Augustine, BRASS BRONZE
from old records andfrom re- selection of 56 Marine Street as a Careful, Thorough ing home from Florida). not in Florida and the United two Justices; North River, one; mains, pottery, etc., oundf sitefr exploratory excavation. The "The total number of cars check- States, but in Mexico, Cuba, Picolata, one; Moccasin Branch,
thr tporeentc., on sie- repoaor xaain h Foundation PO N R
there at present, family has resided there for several ed showed: Canada, the Bahamas, Spain, En one; Palatka, one, and Matanzas,
B. Historic: generations, and are familiar with "Florida licenses (not of St. Au- land, France and Italy. Eventually, one. Nice lot of J. P. jobs in 1845.
the history of the house before their One of the most significant gustine) 1455, photographic copies of these records o SOutside City arrival. The house itself is quite tasks in connection with the Res- "Other State licenses, 27574. will be mae d and concentrated in a C & Co. of S AgsExamples: Fort Peyton and bld, at least in part. The building toration Program is that under- "It is planned to prepare a full museum library at St. Augustine, tine, had 150 dozen bottles of Soda AGENTS FOR
Oglethorpe's Battery posi- is partially coquina and that see- taken by Rogers Johnsbon, engineer. report and charts showing this in- where it will be available to the W e to sell in 184 "Sodater Fotf ao n t
tioni. tion compares closely in age with Mr. Johnson details his work as formation together with other student.
2. In City: any other old structure in the city. follows: data now being assembled upon the e Local Data Used in pint bottles being p ortableSa Sebastian Rier particularly adapted to excursions,
Any sites selected by istor- Various artifacts have come to "As engineer of the St. Au- traff onions n S Agtine." In the preliminary work progr t ready for im AN traf c onitonsinSt Agutin."am ec. asbengmeiae M RIE NGNE ians in connection with their light from time to time in the yard. gustine Historical Restoration, oy 0 historical material available locally use and not inferior to the Foun- AN E
documentary research. An old Spanish bit, a knife, bits of duties have been outlined by the TWO Staff Members was not neglected: a sizeable col- ain itself," t o the Fa o-veNDE99-Da
SExamples: City Moat site, i on nd old glao w.are have been director as follow.u the collection election of historically valuable pic- stated. Theft t.or 0 eye op Sr.p-H N
Dragoon Lot, 56 Marine Street, found by the occupants of the house, and study, in connection with the Classify Data And trial matter, sketches and photo- rills, Lemon,' Ginger, Cayenne, DIESEL ENGINES 3-W Nite
Fort Marin Moat, Northern Blocks of coquina bordering a flow- historian, of all existing maps of graphs, was brought together Qune t. Soft dr fDefense Lines, etc. er bed in the back yard were taken this paoticuar area forCheck Guide Material t oos oo d b t ther is- I a td p n Thtnto fhegotfrowu a foundation hoo l tedateeko n tn o ho w is equally well indicated in all of where in the yard. A shed adjin-the wakiog of a to g e detait- .0.0. h and ols action of Engin iog ioision i oltog thesetypeofsite ingthooseintheoeisnow dmapoft. Augtine a data form part of the workat the maps of value in the study. GSn the SO. Ao ...toi 0000,00000. tn..oo.pythe site of the oldkhic boo, diate c ;oot the peparation..... Reot ....ion staff off ce. Peon Smitherat eoaluation of tootl historicat !i
oteteo archologiaita 0v 0000worapan tfucall tddand fornmsvthin hrer~ice boo the wes0 of detoited ptone, oss-s~eottono aod aod Btancbe Ropos aewooheos who collectino was made to the oiewtyp ft t t o, ay ho soon that this oit proects a4 then speriion of oe- The fotowog state 0 of ther a particutar study of oxisting histyps f its enioed O cureSo it proile ofe proose construction have this part of program in hand. point of the proposed program, and
the work of the aroheologiot wost offere interesting possibilities, pairs upon existing structures; the ob hs of ioteoeoto tori sites aod itdings as aroied e in onnton Also, the present owners and oc- supervision as work foreman for noad fn o osib inthe oerit b.. e At .... r es t do ad no0 p the doaftiog of reporto to the "ntho ith t latto Onoot 004 photogra phioly tooono coae bet uc shueeu p atnndnioueooto oo gaotoh onsfo obw
00000dof h ,w ght the iggiog thooe that we wished, director on highways leading into rne n d paot i y to the ouo ooooding pheto iesty
000000s and rnitry opeuiprnent cannot speak too highly of the St, Augustine and its streets, for Aoern ltoannodhtwas t o- he h itogt he suies ofre ood the thke. Itwmst he tn 000000- most gratifying aid extended to us the consideration of traffic control ooute pot that as catted Flor- co noe sdjoom. 0uc tion with that of the orchiteot ho hy Mr. Jooes and the wrnmbers of the keeping of records of the ac d tO enotp do ys t hoS inorned yogarding building hisffwmiy, c00o bontshoig tho Sinonta 0 c on-Gideo of thoeegreat masses of of the tteo informa0tion, inoideotplans, material hardware, etc. It wook oo bo juotifed 0 edition of the ok including daily o otat to foreign arc aOly, are fo the 000es of Mis must be in conection with that of expectations, though not exactly in balancs; general supervision n- hae the hiotorian doing dfo..... tory the rn...... anticipated. Wo haoe der the Direotno...of ott field proh- Insiotion of Waohingto naftoo woohed paiostohiogty to OL. Augs-I vtsY u oV si
fin chckngthouh hee ude trenllblckwthn heliit o t .. tdyofeah otadler I I" qt g t seoooh theott, norobog lb- onodfow fondotono han en-0000of the eto ation P ogonno.00 ofitnoe000b obttneheyfo000000.AI iesY u oV st
alt rn.n.o of inf ormation-yielding facto. taboo for tho oeecigO the Gof... ti to...oetyfobna
popero. The nocheologist himself The possibility of nouomerohab- tiog oho data 0000000r foo on to- rlno tetoo d the istory 00d re- o c ity, to hetr its the teof sould boeeto hnleallattrs original remains had not occurred telligent planning and co rltof rting to ttoida hiotoop nndd- structue h ouie th. ui pertaining to aboriginal sites and to us when we began work. Many traffic in the area affected by the diog Oho tofoonatioo 0 to b op h oatooiat oxoaoatod. All of these pieces of Indian mat0eriat haoe boon prograno, tootudiog a study of tho unl norde wihtbarefiledforfouoe tss in noieot tirnes. A feuw tspeoialioto coo wake goof uoe olso fouof, howoee, iooluditog etone, sioe nd tooation of parkiog Fon the date and oubjt 0sample studios of this soot, 0nff- n l'ecm sY ut of any old pictures that woo he oh- bone and clay objects and thou- The dataaloeado collected shows er on t to okawillgeotoet to show possibilitiot of this dm uinabte nd thin to 0 sourc0 of in- sondo of foagments of 00000r0- tho number of cars visiting St. An- in bt nethod of ocha
f.. notion that 0 00...ooolooked. to ... of Ohio wateoiat to 0000 old, gustioe fo.. .. on Stoao oo.. dofon...ioo. Guido to. the Archive si- ot...g h ..o prnaton po0 -. .
In the mater of rcooding Ohio dating baok before Oh ong of poitot tho0 cmati i donOp, Woetxico gto, a n Loi h t ho
aceogclwrthenierand Colunobus. Aotifaoto of tho white estnove the entire ouantry 00 -o oo ua o PastwellocLMwsSoW ooa oSW
photogo..pherplay i p.... anparto..rn....ppeao in qoaotitio no..d thou-.00 Canada nd Cuba dooing theb oorn.. Itd. With mno.oo..oddttioo .... to ./ ~

Exc oainsadapa ance o o ooeridcvering a range of several period fom ac 22 tO April "Bibliographical cards are beng items comprise a doonft concrete
ott things rnotioood tn Sielf not hoodoed yearo. 1030. Soh data wilt ho used in made from the index of East Flor- material which, together with findshould be pictuoed as a pnot of a We foot fortunate tonscuoiog the poubtio retatioos programo to do Oaport to toe Manooooipt togs fon otheoo aotiotieso of the compete ecor, frm ths on sit matrialrunnng endig ou infrmaton rgardng Dvisin fthe ibrry o ConressSurvy, ws lad onthe tables It is hoped that in the foregoing through all periods from aborigfinal St. Augustine and the Restoration i ahntn ai o ute td n eeo-6 A A C V N E I N IN T U UTN
n idea has been conveyed concer- Things showing such aprojoct. It t ptanned to ondtct SANmMARCOiAVENUE-INtANCIENTaSTtAUGUSTINE tog the eon for doing nbch noptto rangeoofttomehadhbe..o. aoher moth of troic 00- of 00. Joh,,o Couoty Aoohio.o...... One of the uttimate object .on of
elogicat u-nk h ...000..tion with pelted to one fr a on. ber of ogoth i l the fall of 1t37 as uelt tat oogor Ohe histora'o u-.oh 0 o So WHISREY-WINE-CORDIALS--GIN--BEER
the restontin of SL Aoguottoe and different sites hot haodty from one. at the end of the first year of the mitts, and family, ocdo haoe bec ugfstine study is the compilation cooerono the noaoneo and attitude Of the ottesow 00 n 00 le st me 0 program. Thu coparatv SI- nodo. Historical boots on St. Au- of a comprehensive e and definitive in which this work is conducted. appear to be definitely of certain ure can be prepared to ascertain gustine haoo hooo hibtiographod no history of tho oictoity. Of AoiginRean periods, some Spanish, some ab- the variation and increasing tourism wells short histories of points of ity, achievement of this will only
SAt thetime ofthe coig of the origioat. An pmi0ght surprise 00 traffic 000 aesuott of Ohe Retora- itrtoiottoeCty. beopossettheclntion ofta
bhite no.o. the 0. A g. ti .... byyielding manteri a of otter tio Poo ....odfo. J S operat 00. 0 package
perod, s as"Newspaper and magazine items long-range program. Aiefo u-at inhabited ho toibes of the periodo, no boo No. 55 Maoine "Retative to his roffic snrey aod artictes 00 S. Aufustine hit- the extreme ontrinscta of 00h oo s Ti ocun otook. The Tirnucoo woe Stoeet. Whateoe they 0000 he, iI should like to take this opportune" tory and the Restoration are cut a work in itself, there are countlesssw osely reteod to Oho Musbbognt, ts boliovod that ouo noethod of work ty to thank the hotel and rooming out and systematically pasted in a incidental advantages which accrue stock tut olong oorvotioe toneoan of r co lator noricat to tche otate to povngf itself sooood on4oatoabte hooso popyoeotors, Oho servtco hufe ctiyping hoot, Tbs oaloohto no the task gooo fooward. thao cooe Oho Catusa to tho oooth, no it boo to tho pooL stotionoowncrs0aod atlceto tcdfo Archeologically this section is a Fivo oxcavtion protects have obwtc cnorrers andr information s being preserved not The ic,, of achieving cuco inapr dsic utr r e oly for future reference but is be- tion of tech a noserc elaborate se-u it epnsv noat of adioto nctc noon..oo- bo ......ductedsoo fa. Inaodditio .. ...tfty ...p....od ton obtaioog to ....od datty to ..o.....tion with iodeed ......e..oo hu g.oo...t.. oooo.. oo 4ed but offering an.un..oolled 6
tending aong the coat from Palo to the onedioussed above, work thes dtan forus. t to iodooe oouort." spehg t Bach ho th ..ooth of the St. Johns has also been done in the Dragoon to k..u- that to ttc o ooodoo t pod.o b of ooen i. This is characterize by the Lot on Cocodova Street, owned b o r work we wee refAusd assist- A belief persisted here fot t mn n t owing otodyo occreoe o oogonde ofonatie TtoopoooRypor ooltyoitnoo00byocandoatfas- yon dteit to th- osewock osn iboo Voubh o y t 0 nd oothreesctons of the od City u-boo- etoo woo ce accordod oplo cotocco to St. Augustine, it 0000 oty So h case of S. Augustine ohh stampeod sometimes cod- Roat whichfornoertyooon s ho did cooperation, nocescarcv,joustbtorte go.c to th' deo pmenoct, tecottectonoof doaaA yPr f eCt
-arked. Sood' oods nd ohelb City Gates fom the Sot-to Oho "Thtistfcsurvey disccosed h trat,togo to the dtototo otoldMrernth o o aaoon imortnce. ht 00ound.. .ocoor througout thc noon, too tobaotian Rioor. fottowiog oesultso of 0000 catliog nOatoo znd doiok fooom to weoll. Auooustine tosotry to conoceioed as


Quaint Social Customs Marked Courtship And Marriage
that date. The first hoaae emen- pesoa in a stone houee reefed with Funeral Invitations Are silk bee aged, ehite fer Soldiers From Transfer of Florida From Bride's Dowry ted in t eers tooneloa eon g, o d nte Preserved In oRecords od
~~~~~~~~~~~the site of the present Webb Memo- with trees among other property Prsre nRcrs linen cohadcridfo os iN thl dF und Sp Aff d M i g Rdl 1797ria~ib .... Bilding. I own freee" It fronted on the street t ..o cuit .. h
Northland Found Spain Affected M arriages Recounted In 1797 The transdati do elate ppite the Chan a d Of Historical Society facer, thin
"Dona Honoria Clark, widow and was "bounded east and west by methodbeingscuplulyheserv resident of this city, declares that other hatf DontGhimo A-It. Au Girls Alluring Customs Changed Due To Fashions Of 1873 Translation Is Given From wheeasn a f the eer ice of God bare. "ae A e the I ed by all amilieS of standing.
ourLord and His Holy Mother the Six hundred pesos was the value nubhe ei secitatioe that were ndien Ccctons Conditions; Benet Pa- Archives of Historical Captain of Infantry and Senior Ad- placed on Francis and Isabel, two et o to attend f s in the Amg f the India a I tribe Many Weddings per Is Quoted jutant of this Fort, Don Antonio slaes. The remaining 783 pesos city Amn g th e in e that n th e mce
any eddingsoSolem-ciety Matama hen contracted te mercy was to bc cvered by another heeeaused atti eo the dath ew a e gan ife heehan be n iz e d F o llo w in g G e t e th e ch eg e i e a th or t aoc e Mi go the r dh ean a e f ar- ev e wyh ich eh e ti n d and th es pd gedy o icce A l na e w h e oce aow ed the died a nt eral d eath ; b t if h e h ad

a___ nd .eties risieg e portion or dot for the bride's par- ter of the lawful marriage I main- was dead but had evidently not re- The natives libad their emec

henIthenocietemaulteethearde-bnmbetoTheyidetected require Many arriages took place be- of hch properties, functions of It e p i e e h etomary for the .. be chh
taeec mbr f the ce the Roman Catholic Church were cents to provide has fallen into the rained with Don Thomas Clark mained a widow as she isnamed

army ant St. Augustine girls dur- much interrupted for some years discard except in rare cases there now deceased, and for the purpose the 'deceased Don Honoria Cue- nouncement of death and funeral estyad re aeltoptide
ing the time the army was station This particularly affected marri- are plenty of bridegrooms who of consummating it as soon as nec- mins.' Margarita has become a to be handsomely engrossed on a suspici wme. The ad
intheity ater peanetatine- es. let a iessary permission of His Majesty widow also and she is living in white card. Down one side would the right etwm t ed in n ity adter bace cde- ages. would be pleased to find their ex- (whom God preserve) can precede Trinidad in Cuba, from which town be arranged a wide ribbon, black the c4mmon peepla bed only one.
dlare s In tn lldh o Father Clar penses for a married existenceas it seeing that it has been ordered her agent makes a sale of this
Ifto a did't hke cryn. 'Up In the year. 122...T E B R O GI T H P -wasn't the fault of the officers or rages were performed strictly in provided for as the Senior Ad- that wives of said officers meet 'hese ppeite the Cuen Ba
enlisted men. Sometimes the girls accordance with the prescription of nt Don Antoeio Matama of St have a dowry sufficient to meet the racks' to Francisco Pellicer. THE BARLOW G
wer inclined to he eoquttish and the Cocil at Treat. Thr e expense of matrimony there must "Honoria Clark is one of the limwer d th e ish d thre conci e h Augustine was in January, 1797 be set aside 60,000 reals sterling to ited number of old St. Augustine IT'S DIFFERENT
hmd e Spani pride e c nea acutine po baling tfmt The Webb Memorial Library of the satisfaction of the Governors of women of whom we have any satise n r e an d te the m ath- bfo nd it .a e fe n impede ae nt the St. Augustine Historical So- the Military Loan Office and with factory am n t of details."
ee a tod d hoe u be hob t ond it wa n p rien and pn a mental pr- iety has in its archives a transla- this I consign by these presents in (One69 ST. GEORG'ST.
recea to ad hoa eoldtashe foret the prieto hin ain pe- tion of an Insurance of Dowry of the form most approved by law 1617 Series.)
ihth y hadhadplentyOl f aed the ceremony h
before the colored race was freed., nce o tweo witnesses at Mass.
Mrs. B. says Mr. A. kept a little The nconettracting parties receive a cd
store and the officers wold come the nuptial blessing and holy co .
there hoping te a an o et a hnce union. After the change of flag
visit ith his very pr etty daugh- tfrom 1822-1832, hardly any mar
ter. rage was performed Whose banns
"I' heard her tell" said Mrs. were published or Mass celebrated.
B. 'how she would be washing Only thing mentioned is the pres- A gentleman of fashion in St.
they had to do anything, both for ce s a itneend mutual Augoustine of over 60 years ago
e ao sndbecauseto few colored consen t r actin n rtia es be wore this natty little straw bonnet women wanted to ework after they fore the officiatineg,pries t. When with h eis dress clothes. This is a were given freedom. The officers the priest married non-Catholics, picture of the late F. M. Clark, could see plainly into the windows who did not embrace the faith, he use of which is permitted by the
-f the house at the street level. acted merely in capacity of a Gov- family. ".When the officer would be heard ernment official and he required
talking with her father, Margarita only mutual cean e Br oide
might h r obbing clothes She'd Aong i no ot
drop them, run upstairs, quick, put ancestors supplied by Laurence V.,or
on herccantilld, grab her tan Sndi tenet at Waonington in compSluea
sitting singing away and fanning data on the Benet he ..nd family Was Important
herself as if there was nothing else of St. Augustine thre was includfor her in life. When the officer ed a copy of marriage lines of that
would be heard asking to ee her, Pedro tenet iwh wn at a King's Officers Had to
Margar ita wold say to the old "Kipng Benet.". This paper etehr uerinta ne t hea r .ma h o oldn't le e them a wedding during the data mention h Be Maintained in
'Puss a I'm not at home' and led by F~ather Claw'eul and conthe officer could both hear and see forms to the description ihn suy Suitable Style a Oh
her. athe'd try it again in a few him in its renditions.
day." The br idegroom in the wedding In arranging a marriage, the
0--e described wan the great-grandfath- matter of the prospective bride's er of the well known writers, dowry wasE of prime importance, Stephen Vincent Benet and Wil- sometimes it n.e. e if the bride eEast naam Mona tenet mattered little, only her dowry,
o The following iap apapy a the particularly as the King of Spain
mnaaeertaeciferemeo: insisted upon his officers being
Thas ursday the 12th Feb. 1823 properly supported when it came or t s f performing all the duties to having to maintain ahe...hold
Kno As u pertaining to celibacy and other etablishmett. One Iner finds
necessary formalities before me the marriage settlements in which the undersigned, and finding no impedi- bridegroom bestows anything on Recreational Center of meant whatever, I Don Juan Nepo- hin bride.
City During Old finiary Curate o hsprs hrhSaih i eantco .... c lSo
museno Gomez, deputy and bene- In 1793 there appears In the a d Oarmat this pariah mChur e Spanish ec ffitia legcl notie ea
Days and province of St. Augustine; a bond being given for the daughFlorida, received the mutual con- ter of ntonio Fernandez. A marko th d 0 re k sent of Don 'Pedro Bnet, singleiae w ei a nged ewith
Along the edge of the San Se- native of this parish, legitimate erita afala Ferandez and
hatian, at the astern herder at ason of Don Esteban Benet, native Don Manuel de Castilla, Captin
St Agstina, wa the Co, a ca- of the suburbs of St. Felipe in the third Reg. Cuba. The sum of 60,000J
creational enter-as it were. Where Isle af Minorca, and of D. Catalina reales was involved. The dowry Riberia Street was described Herandet, native of this city, and included a two-story ho on hat as "beach." Here riding parties ef D. Juana Hernandez, elso sin- is now the naant lot, corer of St. found a desirable rendezvous. How ple and native of this district ae andTreary Str GEORGE STREET early this hecamea gathering place daughter of Gon Rafael Hernan- the dewey arrangement man anhasn't bean compieely daterled. de, native of the suburbs of St. plated, Col. Don Antonio FernanBut quite old chronicles also de- Felipe in the aboe named Isle Of dez was not in the province sp anscribe driving afternoons on the Minorca, and of Maria Triay na- thority in given his witt Dona Viebeach, east of'the San Sebastian, tine of the Parish of Cindadela, on toriana Guillem to permit the marTh en e a ayate aaIln.Te eeter iea at her daughter and the Cap- 0 THAT you might shop in greater freedom from hot suitrydays and In order "The ouner et ad may athe same Island. They gave their
oreakrcheePrtygrsmutual' consent, by word present 'tain. Ten years later they sell this 0 THA yo-ih hpi rae reo rm tslr asadh re
at the a maw wre ascead by nPf- which mcakea a real legitimate mcar- boone. i
o bhe hare. rtty pheor mftei- ridest by wmdia ..... e at ta.. Tn e l that we might keep up with the pace that today's moderns demand, we have ere in their aft or ridas. Gwen riale Gee Padre tenet renamed dowries are rerardad to just completed air-conditioning our spacious shop. We cordially invite you to the usual destination far chart iolenly er hi legitimate wife G. daughter at the int Penado wrid happened thener a onntins Jana HereBenet forand her' legitimatesa v Segus nd these includeueeye al visit us and inspect this new convenience, the first in St. Augustine.
rnriding parties. spouse, in my preee and the wit- pa dt. paide be h..en exB.G~vr hsreetel r-nespected to provide her house servB. Ge var.h reeatdy reaoenegt wo were Jose Hernandez ants at least.
atad ham pony racee accong the and Maria Triay, neighbors of this Genaceerie clarke deribcd beayo ten erstd O the citye I advised them to visit the in a dowry for her daughter the
beac totheeas ofthepreentParish as soon as possible to re-nesiyosasfngteKns
Y. M. C. A. location. Another man, ceive the nuptial benediction. offices as to the aie a the King's ee determining that the Sac Sebas- They know the Christian Doc- properties she Is offering as her tian, and not Cordova Street, was trine etc and Ihereby sign in n daughter's potion. Among themh' AOO
the western boundepr of the city, eaid day and year. was a house that stood just west CA
uneae acoiae poof hatwhe Joan a eccecena omes. th ld tem ttnAthe youths bhad a fight on to he of the Oldest House of the St. Ausettled with blows they would go call horse races "on the Cubo." The gustine Historical Society on St.
vear to the Cubo, beyond the beach place evidently got its name from Franine in St ies er a
margin, because that was outside the small redoubt or sentry house mentlonedrinthins eor.
police jurisdiction. As an added that marked the western end of the Eent apply fornleenion- C oo ling F ash io n s note he says once the chief of po- line of defence extending from b and. lice lived" at the corner of Orange Fort San Marcos to the Sante- band. and Riberia and they always made bastian River. Frequent refcrencea care the fight was pulled off be- aee in nary aid official .....dste Legislative Lack Left K ynd bin house. Many people re thin "Cub". Matrimonial Situation e A Don of Old St. Agustine In Bad Way h 1845e a
thecctrccnii itatacina e-oterhi f or a-od tio there Lucill ai
Being a Melation at soe et the tar one beaver hat end the name Aegatrinea "iuin m lae lette hrlo shoppers atteLcleShop actual Gisborseccents at a Gentle- chopheeper included in that bill one placable etate in 184t5 according : aa Militia Officer end a Ciil of the rare liquor items "1 pat. to the Florida Herald quoeting the -handsomely made frocks in materials to Official, necaeary to the proper Monongahela whiskey at 51.50". Paeacola Gazette. Maintenance et hic Apperance an Scotetislanos items seem They bring eat that "The lawn of delightthe feminine heart, chic mlieyto ageOcsosmr. hn etr at $5, mhite kid gloen-a at 87ina and ties the marrying at persons withStaot enery can wee. saluted an white atockings at 6i2to. Ha had eat a licence obtained tromc theadr mldysh dtun gbec war i
Pon in that ticce. Bat Gee R. one pair at painte that ran op to Cinch at the Court at the County, aonm ad hed tnigbahW a ; was rightfully entitle o it use $13. Often the Gee bad itoael to where the marriage ic to be ante- f or senior bahnsheer lnei n
inee a do toe etcoae Tailahease, end once appaently heybated" The laWconaty the ctnan-e~e:[
elaicc reached bach to nary early tond ha man not deed toe whet- clan of the Lcgisate hen-a done other dainties that every woman appreci-/ / dapyi at St Augastineas settlemenrit, tverteinment he was tnnited awmith the ConyCut fe forand h ilt teem a Taltabasnee the fist Monday of October neat ates. You'llthru ly e oy p usn
What did itcctmcefte1830s tailor appears toe oe pain blue and han-c net assigned to any of-z t. apa numbly gor d Geaer o Lahin pantalons $13, 1 stocb and 1 pr. racer the date- at issuing marriage truhormn tlsi ais ern Poi ma e tooramde a a. suspenders 13.75.lies."truhormn syesnlae'waig
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tern,: Possilysometfhis items sotd him 3 nate. at the Scotsdhat asten-oerror himselt tafr cigars crane rather treauent, Chiettains, 3 nate. Children o te a tat areae an ngtfn ; botHi he drank propao-ioatetylp Aby that naomes eosting only itunbandy towaitnfranthernseshis atgaraecosmptin ii des eat 37in cents each, end a nvome at elan at the legislature that he had Sappear in hia carefully filed am- Conersatlons en Chemistrymwas $1, better call en eatra' nessin to eounts and, tarea man at hen cennee- bth ad$.5fpaPae ok.rmd h ak Raceon, either he wan abstemious or Therai atfe a rayerou oohar e medteea nice had canoe private .......e ep...het ....amacaonbgca e -ls ruh n l.C = e S ~
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cttheei: a aefigureb bta jacket as him a dollar a day and bin borne It ab ben told hoer the EnglesT enand ahalf cntsme,$6i.75. teed wanted crers ain muhoper brought in ibe brike ad h e L u ilerh o S i awed inore pants at the $6.62lt day, while "terre for aelt end materlate to build the barcachs at M dr Sr eos~ pair nopher caoen....c"c wa I5c. Thece .....t.A usi..dth......The Ancient City's Mo enStore
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-5t Pai enJa bonytieak:ts $1.71. Re" Pal in all tins articles charged teec. ,, 9 daltidgodhandkerchiefs not one mention in made at a shict. And ihe Genr agores o do. $3175, tor taand d... R id the aoe at the boone oae lain ehat changes orighel he
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A Fertile Country--Extends its Welcome to Thos


We are proud of our Historic background. St. Johns County once included all of Florida east of the Suwannee River, and is the oldest county in the State. St. Augustine, the county seat, is the oldest town in the United States. The county now has 461,055 acres, with 56,046 acres in farms. The average elevation of the county is about 27 feet.
The soil survey of 1917 showed 25 soil types, one-fifth of which is Bladen fine sand. It is in this soil that the fIrish potato, for which St. Johns County is famous, is grown so extensively.

Facts On the Irish Potato Indu St. .Jol

Section has the highest land value in the State, based on figures from the Federal Land Bank.

16,000 acres of Irish potatoes planted in this section as an average each year.

600,000 barrels of potatoes harvested, sold and shipped from section every year.

$3,000,000 gross receipts from potatoes shipped.

St. Johns Count

VERLE A. POPE, Chains#
H. H. BAILEY, Commissioner
M. H. BISHOP, Commissioner

After Comparison You Are Invited t




Who Are Cooperating in the

historic St. Augustine

SThe principal field crops grown aret Sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes,
corn, sugar cane, and forage crops. Watermelons, and all truck crops are produced on a commercial scale of importance, and oranges, grape-.
fruit, grapes, peaches, Japanese persimmons, pears, plums and pecans
are grown.
Beef cattle and poultry thrive in this area. Excellent County
Schools and hard-surfaced roads are conductive to ideal living conditions.

-the Hastings-Elkton District of inityl

Potatoes are shipped to points from Cuba to Alaska.

There are four sawmills, four millworking plants and three
cooperage plants in the county, also one wagon, auto and truck body factory, eleven naval stores plants and one boat building establishment.
Six commercial fisheries are operated, and the fishing industry is of major importance, St. Augustine being the center of the Shrimp industry in the country. Building permits for the county were highest dur'
ing the past fiscal year that has been experienced for several years.


Wheanty Commissioners

WALTER E. MOELLER, Commissioner
L. O. DAVIS, Commissioner

lie Your Home In St. Johns County

C-10 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORDSUNDAY, JULY4,1937 Chopped onion was cooked in the scathing editorial he displayed
H chopped white meat slowly and the a mentip for hepon the preet
History of Newspapers of Heading of Old St. Augustine Newspaper hit. The tripe w a cot in email dced i eadric
at21ly hrth frThe cowp to.. 12 e d.. e age to ist dEarl Days Is Rehearsed
Early Days IsRehearspieces and required but brief cook-dmamong oand advice i s in. The chitterlings were cut in them ie n orge to cehat the
pieces. Oe vrryold easoningused vanity f women, "their extra..ually carrieddthe and pow- in this woo "rignum" of the canoe in putting on their backs East Florida Gazette der of the National political strug- rose flowered wild plant growing most
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Of Revolution for instance, of the commerce of 4M rtlu eskll Many American women borrowed their s, nd their ne, diS Revolution the Port of St. Augustine, of the theidea of using rignum in soups mon eti gold." Thiimild
arrival of distinguished visitors, trr Pl a-h and stews and dried the leaves for quoati ompred with ch f By Verne E. Chatelan, Director of like Ralph Waldo Emerson, William use between its growths. theed
te Sc. Aguy sie oistrial Cullen Bryant and Prince Murat, of .astsy. auroen, eoGnaa -il r" HE oL.
t A u i n h an Florida land 'boom s and the ro- N ad a VDe sam *? *.=k -as *I& One of the oldest citizens deRe eorethin mce of the free l o then bYig cares he recalls when an old word a 8ORS R tI ins Spa is C o ery- Of ongeO0 o~oeo~ am ta ndnethalash n 3 rooed Ods toeo n hes unae t the OI or Gun ingas andn Men ,aSoCPo.n g ah l s eo es h a a on31 the streete
The early newspapers of Florida offered to hungry and covetous men ed R.h B ovPreT kdefS JN ped Eor dea 5o, WlcamrPe D to nli S 0a00 o Pf c oay ne ro onm amon te i et s ge ftm f. fen ht ro t he gr tr cthT a Givete A s h S. nor eed raad cnrs. E on ite c aft vaoo atnyts ow coo d Ca wo Maimnot drad end St. Augsir, of which at least ar th through th e ice h Ale h ro at r t Te I
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one, "Th e ost Florida ette", st rngt0enig of frtifica- 1:0 u s0h o eOnlanc ssa r o hee c r 1f, hen Auna- was ohn cid teTespe
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ican Revolution, ore a considerable potations for the struggle with the IiitiOrered,. oooJ00 porton ionooooooooo 0... "lled ..... Ade three listi ....ioito1 gmSpoolaroao7eon& hO a ld, PM i
and to wh cam th al t h r r week, the add colored woman would M ANY source of information regarding the redoubtable Seminoles, determined Itap r hes o thend oel .F i o usk sa o c n %e or o,

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which Pnce de Leon so optly d em W io. refugee whites cod blacks ne" 'l .. e .""u.n W. c olhlucl. h ma ao l 0 E0o a or amdeclt Soal t IV sw ad ,
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Nearly eerp phea s of lif e in this n e ther still, the student hnf ears f mb. a v 6 00'in. ar. 0 do oos 1. o ; ... .. .oo or,,o 0 .. 0 v .. Ba i sBa S"tro, Aeetp.cos iro nL kte
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already acquired arespcechle and moot, the business, the religous, Youthful0. 00000E0d0itoro Scores~o0 ~oOsoOooos O O 00 '',~1~o5oo DU SOE
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deit" s ths instigation of the ipso when the Restoration hogan Tden esn City T H a S o ltod C ay Ki
"editor". No modern linotype its wok of reclaiming it fr o1;i- Oldest ld Days Ago it eA height youth aged 12 peae St. Augustine, Florida

hia er d o h o r s chil d J T e lear t lawyer B n H uses adr rA eme s eneltdreeivd named Theodore N. W hitney
mares outh. oon:Th ....Rmi.lingfOneslwas.r.Pri 86 pubished a.. sl Weekly paper in
ad m e oeok a eoe r d a h e eDumm e a e tn of oid on dS A uregus
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editors like Bejmin Pranklin a and arithmetic to L ate, Germ sn, tortion now under way in St. A period thci the mere cantring of angrandmothers made it and how htcher to town often fond hercontemporary of oke Wells, Jr., oFench, Spanish, philosophy and gustie, and in order that some a horse hardly seems sufficient to they wish they could taste some scM with "wht was' lft". The COUNT UPON US TO COOPERATE AT ALL TIMES
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not yet joined the parade of E g of this gre t center of Spanish- y Daniel Rinton, AM., M.D. a ic. Almost within the same .W en te cit a d srigen ws delicacies of the c ins of the S opp
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-Ia 1183 the British ad hy the found in this new world sanctuary aing among the in ofreeing acts hveo re lte kefor Mrser e ore twoe dis esnt y e w ere
Treaty f Paris agreed s wpitidraw hallowed hy th names of Po tce de made by e Mr. Hoover: 0 hs Reye s. Whenathnsu'w a e wo ahe r s ed ere t
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the Ss was alien ithe days 00eore an the ac Augustine to $t.00; distanole i awh iner, weekly, Reading room at disk, hut any butcher in St. Augus1-earmiles, By eompett it has horn the editors office, 28 cents a week oc wili explain the parto of the C
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of themein jofnais. the frin Not "Excessive" During so arely a reofishes the wheels Spaniards in Florida (1ses, the of A ec hoad Feen o- st rke apde oplmett le With hest,puliThed hy Columhus e w, stance we discone that the nly Century Ago In City a meot onpleaspaet o en the Jarkesuntile, Foela Sewall, She l aaithoutz eit c Ink e at or iag o asnge s, euial f to a.e esf St. Aug ustin e E48 is
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aeon to SinGuyCarlo n on 873e as of morel a a cntary ago. St. Asgtio a founded in 1565, by Pedro Mec-a
hisodetisns the origins ar enw to In January, 1822, a lady named it otels: e orida Houso (deor end d re, a Spanish o lidier, horn on ke
eafound. St Guywas at onetime Betsy Wigons sued Wm. Lenlie a poor), Magnolta Houe, fin picea city of Avils. Thr ste origoially
Gorernor of Canada Thus ar the de e Pora his ccrs, e amancit g ground eo ccly fitted pl. Ahaut choon was sooth of where the city thread of history complicated, afd to $600, also "Par easing, hocr d$4.55 per day, sight ofedution hy now sando, hut the subsequent must he oncaelled n e are to ond attentions in saic ess youi th e month, peat (lvs o) a for was Bp acted
study the remae of te Ploridas. ceid, James, S yeats, at $d0 per Boarding Houesii e s. Ah ht, the pr n spat. It rBcevedts The Library of Congr es has annum, $200." Mo s Patio Mrs. Gardner Mor. nam he la or Meendee fil1 saw deemed this material impopat In 1811 Mahc and John Leo Bra, Miss oummitt. Ccrges the cocste o Pltraton Pt. Augus
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and the press in Fthe commuoty. about 17f0, travellingu a far south sa
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of the "Florida Herald and South- George. Hewas also ofr modern tas rti to oldrge St. August
en temoccat" published in ft. Au- tine, hot went no furt hr sooth $ ;
disover that is editors believed Piorida was nor sparseiy settled, "='
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political rcrictions and that rival dcys. TH C ROF....eeesoft.rsntr-guhiohobc sheets ...e. uas the 'Si. Acgustine Upon his coer co....kt, Bertram. TOAY~ AND the interest of the public of the U. S. A,
News'" published between 1828 and prepared a report for the King of centered on Old St. Augustine, tu reotora7846, mccc something iess than Rngland, ainothch ho mentioned'OsleBos ar'TUA D T' 0
sto00T is thai moot editors of that ordinary star" wrre to he found in ST. AUGUSTINE'S tIETin find preusetin. Stpod oiakr arutoday coa-tied oneor 00seoeimes two Ike oea aer Pt. Augustine. Hoehyiv- proi obnto.Yu
hig pistols ....oloatly while gather... poithed a hack in 176, telling of E S 'Ti A U Ri A. N "r A CITY t OF HISTORY mobile an..d proof, too,..of the pity in which
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themselves off to so-nc other region, A four--page noepaper, caiied] A SPECIALTY SeTe nDslyA
remote indeed from the beefient 'The Eaxamioer" was puhlished atI climateand environment ofpt. Au- PortMaoncinelP62,duriogothoe o
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lesse me 1k tes redito.s ad little ahc asa 12"x8"-" cod cono- EVERY COMPORT EVERY CONVENIENCE 142 KING STREET ST0 AUGUSTINE, FLA. p~ro roiorofthcmodroaintedartles ofo encragceel
Ameoicon press. for he Northero cause. on ropy, SPRRO ZRPATOS, Manager
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Fist H It Juice Of Plants Used .. o they ar tented v ith Drugs Of Indians Of in e Ale o .. e. d Three Representatives rst ospia To Cure Fevers And "The above comes from Swanton's North America Made mous as Of Medical Society History of the Creek India a.. sercUh a~t a period when Spain ,vas
Local M medical Study Established In Allay Ache Of Wounds Their Neighbors." Subject Of Volume eozed p, Work To Get D
science. He had the privilege of
"oh - ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~0 --ll.eti accouse ofi t1d Ciy na...... t, ..ive ....f Medical Facilities Of Fr....the book entitled "Drugs. being able ..... mkethe firs .........i- The .. ...f... ..
fwh ot mrcnlda ent of the value anti poec of Joh.on tyMdslAsoiL
Is Interesting Phase This Old City Ea D Hee ere enpi nte by early 1 by 1
Spnishnonist .... ern tby tery Early Days Here Were othNrhAmicnIda"col- drugs on their arr.ival fromnthe which h aaio }i Saish crednistes withar that juie letted by Heber W. Youngken, we New World. He gives detailed de- pageinlddD'JonSe,.
R e tor on an Oldest House Used as of plant hey also did their Aidedfid pp ius ani ing list of animal s aipti ... use of aarsapeilla Dr. ro A. Lo od, wounds, unless the letter were drugs used by the early Indian in- and sassafras among many others, rn Dt Oan Such In Year mortal. They employed simples, of Because the early history of St. eluding: rattlesnake, beaver, pig, ani his treatise oil tobacco is re- Officeh

To avesee ofHeecce e e e e o san u a 1orom thDli e Seprvsnies ft OU T e s Of 1599 which they were acquainted with Augustine was largely military and cricket, lizzar, lispider and owl. gardepd as a classic. Florida, as an eA ts NumarumNoabWcienaal it1 Ebecause, during the first Spanish el InStudy wilothneat nmid. Whceen ith pa tbhhe Mony rf s a e drugh p n o o t by phieii- oxact ne oe n u co for several of the timeiil Health Factors Believed Two i a suffered from a bilious attack, tohey nt he occupation, the worki o if the Catholic an Inst io g an d c ovr i th ifomi Sospitas The first hospital ever designed drank a draught composed of a missionaries was an intimate part tive man are still used in medicine drugs,is men tined i thi b present D. To ave Been Of exclusively fo that use within the common plant called guhai, or ate of the activities of the Colonists, it today such as: jalap, castor oil
importance Here Ful present limits of the United States the herb itself; after which he is believed that it will be found that bean, sanguinaria, America hellee eA e w ul la H ill medialy vied hsbili. That the medical facilities of the Cdoolon- btb Propt Delivery) T I n E isAccredited S a h at t hpid- i ily id hvi Mile pipe dascar ip pvped, tws the only medicament which ists during these periods was largethu eb onI EN Gett iTh e O.F.., in "The Frelniio n hey usei.d and th, hee p P nled ly sailed Ly the milit ...ip ... icm i pc, icoric ad pep-MpiiC Edi
UT e G E Conquest of Florida," states that in doctors' except experienced old ss and by ihe Catholic mission. permit.
f its two modern hospitals, 1600 Governor Canzo built the women, or priests acquainted with Another record, which i i MODERN CLE
ien Fagler Hospital and East Coast Santa Barbara Hospital out of his tie secret virtue of herbs. "They Traces f old plantation activities believed will be of great interest to West King St.-Telephone 54 tists To Cooperate Hospital. own funds and which comprised have none of our delicacies" states are still Po be found in the Pah this study of medical history is the

ve Aou line ispmpiciepemihigaua namcta iha dsix beds and decently appointed as aln old record, and as they have Valley area. Robert Angas, en dp- py Both are. splendidly equipped, a hospital". The site of this toe- neither the perfu.....of Araby nor i .... in charge of the NainlBd ..M... p hc .. First-Class Cleaning en
pwith modern appliances of all pital has not been discovered. fumigations nor foreignn spices at Lead Company interests there, being translated by the SmithsonAnit seie tP ih pipdi chalne o in P in the treat- "The Oldest House" was in se their disposition, they content them- states that engineers in going over ian Institution and which covers 200 Pressing iS. Anud ine i t iug mdi biy ment of disease, and in surgery. as a hospital in 1599 and was called selves with what their country the section, in connection with drugs used by the Aztecs. It was phi acimitiie i Medigl Hiiiy, Flagler Hospital ad East the Hospital of Our Lady of Sl- produces and live happily in better Put Vedra developments, have S h cp Min C i m ie h se p opiy o 5 ude (from the Archives of Indies, health to a more robust old age. come across remains ild i Li i 155 by Ni l MODERN, UP-TO-DATE METHODS
Seville, Spain). Various dishes and different foods dykes on the Mickler propery ar Monardes while a student at th SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ppipin. Progr a alra dy hie' hidn Thi 1764 mp by ra Ap a n Puiped to satisfy ihiie po Phhi hiid pf Guno Rive, Jispit Coligi oP Vir Cuz. P t In R saone and there is little doubt thatP
ii study ,will uncover factors Both are splendidly staffed, and Eliio de a Puentep showsUn a hospital n
p ehih of consequence in th A e fully accredited, being on the on Square l, lot N. 233, on Avies general history of St. Augustine, list of institutions of the kind Street, which Awas formerly caOled ani wi therefore be a invaluable e recognized by the American Col- Hospital Streetn This hospitalwas tpive i c t e Phinin the oiAguni n bigi recalled Casn de Piedra del Rey que pitorica i Restoratin tProgram, nas lege of Surgeons. Serva de Hospital or The House ofS nell as to the study and practice of The story of medicine through Stone of the King which n Served as i medicine p the years here would not ibe con a Hospital.
I studying the hist p o-.f Rhn...i plete winhut putting emphasis A 1788 map by Marianodn in
i oii o i i have nmod P hsieta T HE
badtan. e ne c f nor i i and on these modern developments of the site of the present Lewis Park. delopmetp h ould bee onsid ered r f .The Real Hospital de Nuesra ilits relationship to all others. Signora de Guadalupe or the Royal Factors, at first sight, that may ap- Hospital of our Lady of Guadalupe, pean uit be f minr imp t p an e or ne.Stretching a U in existen nhere in 1784 and Snv iein Puondi en in ditir- from nil we in lear wnn p miliary mnn h de tiniy o alaityi or i hopitalin. a l n tio Foru plid i n utory 1s Tol Hospital Creek doubtless took its posil tP AuiIN the TaSrieranf name from a hospital which was C o f Ce
il Ph u o arnq P on R OI GS N WIEC Nlocated approximately at the northmalaria, was controlled. Th~e
S nal changed i nternh- Emphasis Put on Diet of en extremity of Oseola Street.
ing efects of which Phinot be de- Herbs for Increase Medical Practices Of
determined. In Stature Joins AU Florida
The history of medicinep i Former Civilizations
therefore be considered in the St. p Twined With Religion Augustine Historical Restoration The following from Swanton's Program, in its relationship to "Early History of the Creek Indians other fact pu-n h as climate, giu- and Their Neighbors"i in of iteinLt (Fion tSP Procnidingn nf the and the R est of the N ation in graphy, agriculture, transportation, In a letter from Gomara to his Unind iStates National Museum.) etc., which helped to determine the Majesty, King of Spain, we read: The Egyptians who, according development of the locality. "I now come to the fact which will to Pliny, were the originators of the
The outline for this medical sur- appear incredible to your majesty. healing art, named mythological vey includes a study of: the Indian You already know that the ruler of deities as the first physicians. The concept of medicine at the time of this region (Inzignanin) isatyrant Greeks andRoans als ....igned Menindezo d c inp g sucp r of gigantic size. How does it hap- 4. medicine e.P. its founded nnd hi main tn e ip, hosing, Sud, pin that only he and his wife have nupporP P. ipi.i...ii g.g.ds and
tat o s attained this extraordinary size? goddesses, and the first remedies of
tcn twithcis, No one of their subjects has e- the people of these countries were pare, end mi panb i ..... d isi- plained this Pu nt, but I have qu es. $magic". It is not surprising then, eases; mepdicai prohblnts and facili- tuoniS the ipnpinin Ayiiun, n ei that the Indiansn also apsopiated Phi tiesofthe en lyIndiannwithiregard un and responsible mn whohad tehnique of nedicine with the ofto thie medicine man, ceremonials, his information from those who fices of religious worship; that the drpg$ used, methods of medical shared with him the cost of the ex- physipins PP thin rncp ntreatment surgical instruments ant pedition. I likewise questioned the nep5 pith the prehhd r thnatdrias and methods of surgical n.....nt, Frnisnco, to whom the their rnntdien were principally m changes in the Indian neighbors had spoken. Neither
concept of medicine which resulted stature nor birth has given these m ic Sfro contact with the colonists; pIpnces the advantage of size as an Mediampncthenvainntus h tSAeU concept of medicine in Spain in hereditary gift; they have acquired snnt anong Phn warious tibhsn 1565; medical problems and facili- it by artifice. 'While they are still While nothing attaining to the ti o Menendez force during the in their cradles and in charge of dignity of science existed, still in voyage to Florida and until his re- their nurses, experts in the matter medicine the Indians used faculties turn to Spain in: i5rar, .and of the are' called, who by the applicationreut as icimporting and crrect as .-conists from 1566-1763; changes of certain herbs, soften their young those achieved by other races in a In he concept of disease in Spain bones. During a period of several hi statu by cultu nduring the period of colonization days they rub the limbs of the child high maei pP iultuinl ndv-nuuand its eff ects upon the problems with these herbs) until the b ones mrt
an acilities of the colonist; con- become as soft as wax. They then cept of medicine in England at the rapidly bend them in such wise that Superstition Played time of the English Occipation in the infant is almost killed. AfterFlorida 1763-1783 as well .. p ed- wmrds they feed the nu un foods Large Part In Cures ON HER ican problems and facilities of the of special virtue. The chiId is colonists during that period; a ct- wrapped in warm covers, the nurse Of Primitive Indians patison between -the problems and gives it her breast an& revives it
facilities of the English and Spanish with her milk, thus gifted with When taken sick the Indian of clonists; changes, if any, that strengthening properties. After the time of the early colonists was oc rred in the concept of medicine some days of rest the lamentable particularly prone to superstition in Spain dur ing Phi English ocuap- ntap5 p5 strething Phihnsteeised heir phyn dairn-e rdoinitered tion; medical problems and facili- given anew. Such is the explana- their simple and secret cures with tirs pf the colonists 1783-1820; tion given by the servant, Francis- a variety of strange ceremonies and to ra tio n a n d P re se rv a tio n P ro g r
changes in medical problems and co Chicorana. magp c a hi fi pient failities resulting from English "Thi Dunn of La Conception, with courage and confidence and are occupation and evacuation; medi- whm I Save mentioned, received sometimes attended with happy cine in the United States in 1819 from the Indians stolen in the es- effects", recorded Hewatt in the whin Florida was acquired by the sel that was saved, explanations dif- early sixteenth century. "In MediUnited States; medical problems fering from those furnished to cie, or the Nature of the Simples, an facilities of the locality 1820- Ayllon and his associates. These some have an exquisite knowledge; 1885; development of medicalmed- explanations dealt with medica- and in the cure of Seorbutick and uctitn in the United States and its ments and other means used for in- Malignant Distempers are admieffect upon'the problems and f acili- creasing the size. There was no able; in all External Diseases they ties of the locality; changes in torturing of the bones, but a very suck the part affected with many medical problems resulting from stimulating diet composed of incantations, Philtre and Charms: the effects of the War Between the crushed herbs was used. The diet In Amorous Intrigues they are exIte. win gien principally at the a p excellent either to procure Loe or Restnorptiopupn pP P.. hi pberty, n-hip it in natunn'n:? PP atred; They .........n-f .u...ud
Sm pitui oniituuoiginlitisipart dency todevelopmd a n im n iniievey ofiheiirnrtswhich oP Phie p ;ppsed phian will in Phi ovr ~ ~into m es P abmud hones, by lonpgEmperienpe nun religiusly npetphbliphintn mof amedical mpueum Certainly it isnextraordin-ary act trannsmitted innS conveyed i nwithip Phis hpspital. Thin....... ut h ....ntpn.....nbehnwhatisntpld tinned Limpn t inn ..... m...ition to YOUR TRADITIONS CULTURE MODERN PROwi5 pupnip a collectioi uP: mpeci- abmit these heihs mmd iP their hid- anothr n-r hip hpn hoesili'd in
uPn Sidrgn in usein St. Au- deSiu ulidhbelearnnedlIwould thin Facultymrnheld ingreatiVnpp$n ti m arly daP Syn inS willingly heieme in theiu eficc, rtinum mn-S Esteem."P classifid inS arrangd according We unrtandthmtuunlyiheings to hpe histmori periods i... PPllowed t .... thent, Sum iP pip- GRESSIVENESS AND WA RMTH OF. HOSPITALITY
whphSipP..ti.ih ..mnp ls dae t .....t ii Pm Article On Medicine Of ..
Pipwhiti~wr useiid hip igsimphobtin Phi recipe Ppr thin dint h PPv h/ explgn in g iP e oii g in would hi guilty PP Pupeimp, ppr he Early Days Here To Phi luplit Prg whdipS it gis w Phi wmherpbPqp Pihmg A pa thp spiy Pi hih it gm .... inthe u Phappy PuP equ the ip. m pea In Magazine ALL COMBINE TO tmSURE SAINT AUGUSTiNE'S
pmc perid ad i-psiiin uein repatit forwhtuisnsworh. Yprediine,its piac intmodenutheua- excellency mayybelieveiiSum niL." Thrugh Phi kindns pP Op.
petc;rpoutimns uP sprgicai p rncpi Packardeitor of"npmti;np ngplnninpY nsof Vdieal History"unarticle, FUTURE AS A MECCA FOR FLORIDIANS AND FOR imstrpuen aud sriamaealy.E.K. Burneip, uP Phi idinueum putiiupng theuplanof the ncomitten lmutures, splints, dressiig matr fthe Anteripan Imdin Niw Tuik uP the St. Jmhn Conty MediimI se)in p in h locality Snriug City- rn, Irinn W. Stieiby, oP Eli Society Por Phi ntudy of ntedicam Phi vaious hintoric periods an Lilly upS Cu., has already sent a hintory, in relint Puhi IL. ApcPlassiSe p.....dingly; mid meidical popet pibuibiiogrmphy uP workh .... gupitine estopmti....will hi piuh- VISITORS FROM THE WORLD OVER .
Ppxts mmd rePeuence wirks used hy lipid Pp Indiapntmedicine, In pila- uid in ppniary innsuP P hi AnPhe" phymicimnm uP Spain, Eugland Pimp Pp Phi wuuh pn coopeioimpn rilpf Medical Himtuny, Phi hint and America duimg Phi historic with Phi Mapyo Clii it in planned known o Journals coveringnmeical peripds, including ors on Indian pp X-ray nil ihelutuns Pu ascertain history, Thus pi rench thn libmeidiine in thin regiuoinmm xav-ehit dippases uP Phi biune eisteies ndmuse us nt mall Phi ntiShup boe uhuwiug pathological chmnges and Porwapd these fitms PpPhi Mayo iPa societies, asspciatipns mud coluPfp5 Snoth p5d uiseapsei Cind Pupnjuyrinp nprin pisy CgipPPihinfprmuysppSdyyppsa__similar____study_____e__e___of__this____country____and___Europe._Srou, X-iay ptudies uP excamated pP prehistic poe h om ntPhi Sout On-, Packprd ftrtheir statP in p hone shonhpg pathological changers Central pimP uP Phi Umitid Stae, leter in Di, Juhi Spnmeru "I will uP idises ur inuryi, aruanged has rucuntly humeenopleted hy Phi hi vnip ginS Pp di aytbing I ppm chuonologicualiy anud claiumiemd ac- Myo Cltnuc. Pu Puprther Phi pupS worh.' uprin to historic periods. A guide
Pu thu pexihit wil ilio hi puepaued.
Amonig those indimiduls puS Pustituns whimS hume shuwu interPhis mediii ..... i s ....u p ORRSiN HARDWARE Ii. Pucknud, edipor o the Aunals if
Mdil Histury; CDirS Wisslip, L
:Ph.D., urtotui pchieP p5 Phe AntiMcn ...fNtrli ...;Florida State Chamber of Com ec
Libun...y, Washinguu.... DC .;. Ltug PAINTS 0 GLAss o mm e c
Wem iahiugimon D, C.; Will T.
Induy, iP Phi Mussachusettm Cil
PeruianpMdicaliAssociaiti, New
I7>w York City; Juhn 5. Wright, of P R IN O D EA Lilly Ci.,' Indianapolis, imP SO TIG GO D Pu i n authority ou Indian mepdiciie; ibm secretary oP the Mediiil
misuary Apsociation New~ Yoik
Cupy; Pihe Director pp 'the New yprk! 219 W. King St. Phone 1312 Apadumy pP Mudicinp; Di, E. WakSfiuPS, uP ibm dipartmen u5 pp
31-riy, Miyo Clii, Rochesie, N. ________________________

Little Old Schoolhouse In 1878 R. L. Irwin HasHouse State School Is Lotteries Authorized eraiseh erytup. scheme
Early Grant To Lay Tracks Over Century Ago; appropriate, any sum of money not r Money For Education T d dig ten toho of.d dolrs to
On St. Geore For Street Car Line s Remembered Money For Education becol to ablreed
In Education maintenance of such free schools."
SSho placeIn EducatiotiPeople ho thio lotte ries might The ee oco nee o s de Does ae y one no n jnt o of the evidences of modern b by the state or by cities for public schools which the act states, happened to the following grant? Bathieducatio i this Oldet City i the aid of various departments or "till the transfer of Florid to the IsSeAogt 2, 178, L. IwnGreat In- the very fine school plant of the projects, might refer to a clause United States were maintained at presented a petition to the St. Au- Florida State School for the Deaf in an act approved by the legisla- the expense of the town" Gro th of Education t Council to lay tracks stitution and the Blind, established tere ture of Florida more than a ceonEducation on King Street from Charlotte to some 50 years ago. The enroll- tury ago. If anything came of the lottery ~Thrott h Yearsa the western boundary of the city ment now is over 300. The school On February 15, 1834, the legis- ity to the City of St. Agt run a street car, fare for pas- If there is a memory dearer than term is from September to May. lators voted: "Be it enacted, that tine, eino mention made ofit. ndicatedsengers 10 cents, trunks 10 cents. others to the grandfathers and The state of Florida provides it shall and may be lawful for the (One of the Recor's Histogra The petition was granted on motion grandmothers of St. Augustine, it generously for its handicapped mayor and aldermen of said city to series.)
When the Mino colonists fin- i ome f thi eqest? is the fond recollection of the old children, and the curriculum ofally "were lo in St Augustine Amongthoomunicationnond come of this C house, usually d esribed d is wonderfully varied, and ong woh cthe w en t lith ythis T Ie Tcomplete, with everything p- IfIts ELECTRICAL Its Ihe ith tion by the istorical R ds nd State the"R nd e. sible being offered to give both which had rown in the trying Archives Surveys in the city vault The management apparently was boys and girls an opportunity for years at Nn n deprived of was a communication from Henry
ee os. n nize nee d M. Flagler at a later date setting very precis nand strict but le ae tioal ozna miar ar- S O
for the children to be out his reasons for not favoring the accommodtig. One high tide nd of the school.
better fitted to ake their way i This quaint little old schoolhouse, carefully preserved, Is located placing of a street railway on King would be allotted to the feminine ident the hool I Street in the location epecified bY hethe.n..hile thSALESeFmeGeAIREeE th e near the City Gates, and is visited annually by thousands of touristed wihaly hy thorbndt of tto S r e to u a ns ca I 1836 Post Office Also, 0-e lo ne of tho le nen roi H oco d enen et t ion w the next high tide. In 1836 Post Office S were to live was this City of History. sons are so sound even at this time O .SH L A MA N S O Engli. Wi e d that the letter reveals the writer's Pobably this resulted in some co Department Rendered HOUSEHOLD AND COMMERCIAL REFRIGERAn. t en an Is Made For Gardens farsighted trH e y and in pecl bth pe- Bills For Postage TORS AND AIR-CONDITIONING UNITS
S settlement English (One of the Record's Histogram ads but nobody seems to mind thatFOR EVERY PURPOSE lead toor bnon adopted by the g series.) at all
A a e w non of thIt mi Here is a bill sent to a familyG e AND
in St. Augustine in September, EASY 'ND
ti ek Italian or Minorcan. Spring Of 1840Had bathing business in the round bth 183:"1 quarter postage newspaThat tler should be a little
oo for the youngerchildren was Natural Hammock Land son slve quarters, known as one Lighter Note; Petition ouse, no thing teve e- pe 1 q. potage on Choli RANGES AND ntt eosOe ond thoe Used By Colored f the oldestand largestT slave plan- l g described Mr. Capo would Miscellany .20, Letter postage due WA Auo-othe beth boone fot pertien of 18% c. (signed) E. Wallen, P. M. W dig te p iful pilgritge0 gS plettione, oned w oIn the sam e dlof business CO WATER heo din Net painy u toStudents b Cone hlnt ed girls at a dime each providing there Prs are half a dozen similar quar- SE S EATER from New Smyrna to St. Augustine iby oonel John M. Hanson, who And yet that bad 1839-40 winter were twenty in the crowd. Then terly bills sent out by the postmaswas Juan Gianopl. Almost every came to Florida from New Eng- of which we hear so much inOld any lady did appear it would be ter. The quarter postage on newsoe ight Gianoplys held The negro was introduced to this land to engage in the Indian Wars St. Augustine had its spring. It te. The arte potae n ne EMERSON ELECTRIC FANS members ofthat party andthat the country through St. Augustine, and and who afterard became one of must have been very much in the all right. She gained admittance. pspes did n eot ybut the letter andA Local Recor Is 1824 Chrsle engi.postage did. One job the latter Gianoply hoe, kon n "The t it is inSt. .tine that he the largest slave owners in the airt for on the 7th of April, 1840, When their allottedti p day Postmaster isn't troubled with! CRC Oldest School Houe,'" and beloved in in s i obet some Ofnd Darius Allen pdted hispt I UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC by residents and tourists alike to- s receiving the finest in educa- the boys and girls who study to- "for leave to build a public bathdidn't pay what did the day, should become a place for the tional advantages, through the day at the Normal Institute are house o the waters of Matanzas so that the boys could have their P. M. do next? Hold all mail until children to start learning English work of Prof o N. W. Collier of defendants of those ealaen ho Rine ." The petition w eud and tnn aot the bath. And .as one m- er e paid? AA n c Si FOR EVERT was not surprising. the Florida Normal and Industrial once toiled as bondsmen in the "leave granted to the said Darius an says "You had to have a real I HOUSEHOLD NE Some of the children who attend- Intitute The program of the In- sugarcane fields. Allen for the same for five years bath dress and be covered up." athe Clareul writes that at ed school there later dcib r Some of the facts connected with from May st next to be built at One old man says the water was ithe first baptism per ormed out- AMERICAN BLOWER Ve lati Fans old man who did not teach ay more. stitute n going hand in hand with the place and its one-time owner a distance of 50 yards north or just as pure and clear as the side St. Augustine in January-Feb- for omes and Stores Another Gianopy, some of the the principles of the St. Augustine are colored with romance. Colonel south of the present fort." ocean. It flowed through the bath ary, 1787, on a Mission at the St. ALL NATIONALLY NOWN boys said, was their teacher in a Hitorical Restoration, for there Hanson's bother was a staunch Ad ithin five weeks the ive house which was slat-ided and Johns River, Father O'Reilly gives ALL NATIONALLY KNOWN AND READY FO Sch b y ing has been deeloped at the Inti- abolitionist and his home just out- men including the musician of every so often Mr. Capo had the among names of the baptized a YOUR INSPECTION AT TH late s. A y ling, al- aside of Boston was one of the stat- Forbes' Savannah troops of actors bottom scraped clean and load of white girl seven years old at point lauded to a a daughter of old Juan tute a pl for a great construe ion of the Underground Railway were ambushed and killed on their nice fresh sand brought in nd pt of death fom a wound inflicted by O. A. MAGNUSSON O. Gianoply, seems most often refer- tine project in the development of in Fugitive Slave Law days, while way to the city from Pieolata on the bottom, an Indian, adding "Pericranium ab red to She is the first maried a Tropical Garden, which promises down here in Florida the Colonel Wa thi St. Augustine's first If you want to feel genuine n- Indo spoliatum". The unfortunate 130 St. George St St Augustine, woman nown to have been made a to become famous, if the original was holding the negro as chattel. public bath house? What was the hsism among the generation child had been scalped. free dealer in S. Augustine. idea can be carried out. The plan Today, the granddaughter of the etiquette of the public bath? that hadn't learned about this sun
Fleet Public School abolitionist brother is a winter A month late the city accepted bathing matte just mention Capo's
for this has been deeloped by Dr. resident of St. Augustine and is 50 of the 100 muskets offered them bath house. Inidentally if new Another of the earliest school H J. Stockman, graduate land- the school's loyal, and helpful by the secretary of war. A mu- residents would like to kno where was established in the early 70's,
ld resideta say. It was a frame scape engineer of the University of friend. ket rack was built in the council it was, it was right in front of building on Aviles Street. This Ghent, Belgium. The plan is pic- Under the sheltering boughs of room for them. what now is the Monson Hotel. school ma ed by fom t nd colorful, including the grand old oaks two and three ne of the Record's Histogram (One of the Record's series of the public, donations from t Hwo and ar half miles of winding time log meeting house and sevwealthy citizens and supplemMented l nd enable o ellogaabiyillb epod ed by the George Peabody fund, was canon Weldip u poorly equipped, in coonparison to small boats and gondolas, which It is planned to reconstruct the Automobiles Tires and Tubes Ony-Aretplene Welding the schools of today. This continued ill be propelled by students act- original mansion of the owner of Machine Shop Connected to be a graded school, even after ing -as guides and serenading the the plantation here nearby maybe the establishment of public schools visitor with old negro songs as the found the original ancient coquina EQUIPPED WITH THE LATEST HIGH-PRESSURB throughout the state in 1885, until boat glides through this tropical ell and the emains of the old ALEMITE GREASING OUTFIT
athe a o e beuty. As a focal point in the sugar mill that produced syrup and Knibloeinth eea lynineties. Under system of canals, there exists a ugar inthed .of sla p.
his administration a high school in small island which according to J1 S. Butterfield's Garage
addition to the grammar school was the plan mill sereasanot-od- Putnam Was Mayor COMPLETE WRECKING SERVICE established, door theatre, 'where choruses of B. A. Putnam was mayor in 1856 14-HOUR SERVICE 137 KING ST. PHONE 2 re e than 500 students will sing when the City Con .il decided to
When the choolsere coded thei old-time negro spirituals, send a Memorial to Congress re- Car Glasses Installed While You Wait-Dueo Painting during the early school history of The plan also calls for five-ahd- questing a donation of public propthe city, the upper grades were a-half miles of hard-surfaced road- erty for a Seminary of Learning in The Home of SERVICE on All Makes of Cars taken to the top floor of the Post way, three-and-a-half miles of St. Augustine. Ho. D L. Yulee Office building where classes were walks suitable for pedestrians and was in Congress from Florida at held for some time. wheel chairs, that time. Among the trustees General Trucking-Household Moving a Specialty Today the schools in the county, One of the most colorful aspects named were George R. Fairbanks AGENTS FR GR -ATSOUTHERN and L. & L. which are taking care of the educa- of this project as planned will be and Hon. McQueen McIntosh, Judge FR-IET LINES tional needs of the young people, the rehabilitation of the old Han- of the United States District Court.
-nclude: Xetterlinus High School,
Fullerwood Grammar School, West
Augustine School, Mill Creek Connolidated School, Hastings High
and Graded School, Orange Street
Grammar School, and the following IS THE WORD! Catholic schools: St. Joseph's Academy, Cathedral Parish School, and
St. Agnes Parochial School; also
St. Joseph's Convent School nea See Our New Engin
These have the most modern SeerOurin engine d
equipment, also efficient staffs of teacheee and are rated as excellent
insttitons of learning. The acarde R OAYThe most complete and modern lubicaton deprtWoman's Right To Be meant in St. Augustine is now at your spousal Horn you can rest in comfort while watheng the lubrcaFree Dealer Not New; tion process which was developed end perfcted by
Local Record Is 1824 Chrysler engineers. Using the latest pressure equipment, Mr. Van Lindsey will lubriate eve point
While many women have felt C with the correct grade of greas recomn.ended that their right in Florida to be- by the manufacturer of your ear You are aosured come a free dealer and handle their of a complete lubrication when you brng your car own properties under legal to the moot complete equipped statute was some advance in their h se d p n f

etc." This moo in JO _- 1814 U -4tuseay.Ad

y B M e bRestoration Leaders and Legislators Gather "T .e ine tt enatrat. iByn t1 tiitwin d line f oun -- "T ie By Firel'l the inhabitat were. inanevu pairing teta ..
.tt of mind, othat we any f..winlnn ed in aSt Augunfi
ounty ar em ers loud calls and huyingfet pp ith St.
~~~~heard in the streets at night, pen- on i.Tw mewreaesd Is Slogan For ple jumped from bd in ala.... th htheadd ndhie i
,,n t n Augustin~Ale r te seon ...... w..ithin a jail....ondhgigea
week people warned "Look out for in b! el oepepetidt
C oop erate In Local St. ugus tine e third." But weespassed and connect t d in
gradually that feeling was dying with the su d firebug pot.
Flame Has Been Oldest out, It was Dnncnmber before the in in. he SnM dtrctin
next occurrence, It has been dif- The 1914 firn that opleted thn
R estorationCity's Most Brutal it to get this exact date fixed. nt f ht ind o ~~~~~~~Finally Col. W. A. Ma(;Williamns ChaloteSre' itrsuns

Committees Work Un- force said zoning ordinance or or- E se e as it absolutl be one of th dst buIdig dinances upon approval and rati- -witnes,. in a suit in 'volving papers Sreadtedvsainsee
ceasingly to Achieve o bythe qualified electors of t APPALLING h ein it C s comlte n the i d
the City of St. Augustidn Flor- during the April fire. He saw athat tnnt dnn in thin finn nns the Their Goal dn bulletin posted "Explosion and fire ne t thn nnrth cnnn nf Sty nnd
Tht tG ctt o nie te Wonder Is That So Much in tbe Hamblen a n te." Te ay in nhinh as th o Tous AAnthti nctnron tidlt iiif the of Hitony, the foitmnr gneat archltectualU~ati~n contr~ldslgnand lmitkind o~f ma-theAs Colonel and Mrs. MacWilliams drMsu.Ti os a'su
ARE SUCCESSFUL esn, Remains as Can Be were living upstairs in the buildterial, height, size and location ofingnrftrrnd toit tnt nhnnk and from td Spanish titme builing andstrctues hreaterSeen Today andadi niligh ian tnutue i at i he couldn't get back to St. Augus- htd iined Jan Loslye neor t egislators Active And erected; the regulation and control tine quick enough. There was an ing the Panton, Forbes, Lesliem Ao s the use and alteration of pres- ny explosion in the paint room of thethat
Accomplish Much for i in ndhe motttet thep
for hi oafnd stt a Hamblen Company for the start. Spoaish tatipatian. fin

:::otna ltd n:fd mhe nnbth
b Co i t assi to be hereafter erected and u t Augas ti i sie s ushow estruction of every- ot t
d J un id onuled asnd drits of national evacuations explain in thing oni Charlotte and present coul t reio t tht fire.
fin the, alteration andaingi nai vorkinhgttinethtvarouseas-ue th e t h nfn 19 tgreathe Ails Stat t Atiey Lan aind The Magn olia otm firen, in hich S trt hses of the Re- p nt buildings or structures or trial in the city, brutal fires ac- along the BSay fint. Ruins t htt ton t e a ew eil o the

beti aea ohse yf nne M.s L. Stp e s Hedbar "a5on(hol
o*ainPormhv en most portions thereof, which are in con- cd tbeteApn hos
Ceion go hn in t withn the zoning ordinance or Honodity i phyOiamt- ei ided t o thoApind i h oe ohanstn he c pying the tevtT Rhoan and Kit Strbt heilto- ugnthrnApterienaf th Dlstc Hdu iortat, and of greatest ait t in othCits ity of St. A- uments and a great void where ings are consumed. The city jail at north y Hypita S t, t y
in h a in g the S ga n Florid as well as the there should be quantities of per- the corner of the alley and Aviles StGlougenswotsymSphi
h C inty A i ti creation, determination and estab- tr e nl records. street, where is now the ChinOese Stretth tnD topein tos m etere on aquie suh lishment and regulation andptar
ctt ele aren th and res- Ii ieti a SIndians fired parts of St. Augus- laundry, was l levelled. At the itii Thit ite dIdn'tnem tao e t ii business, reoidentinain hist-tltbnih nontrthtcnern ofAtilleryndftltitnthttt bol
dnH. Saunde n ing, 1ni onf e tried to mbu ntnf~iTi Harry e torical, park, pavintni
and J. H Turnerdid wondrful bolevard reas anddistrics :ridtine. Pirates tidobun the en- Aviles street is seen the tower of daysatreeyfraprin
n .He un er b id n u m bourd e a na t tire city. Eneies of every nation the fire engine house, the city wnntnoul e ton t fifighte nd h in getting thu aoOF FnIC- ERSinati:n thFof. i
tor ghn eoe edtheUNIO LRiuts Tea c ato Ant th tused t t torch. In 1599 the gov- council at that time meeting in the qip nt the pt t. Si 'tininnhrnopughhet197LegnuThe Charter Act furthermore uthnithe tity h, Fo hri n iigt gfor the o a mtin p ,e the gatiAn n erne despair because of the second story where dne
sigt in ih he Ro aui th or nanct O orinan on t of 1nid nm y tn aDhPthep tisn.fletushtnttstoricalnestoration torit in carrying o the or inae F oda t f t la as iert Frm e stin f lec orie halsoel. There of sindgia otit h tnusesf t t d pnfi iittrhibitions where Meeting i Taliahassee to b C with Govtn Find P Conentshenacmd the hintoiti ht i ng ornted i optheirnn an mer fas tter oat-aon fiO he.Se oth o,
e ati h r to a Oe n tho the f to ve- I ng into law the Appropriation Bill which made available $50,000 of state funds for the Preservation and uriitg.h ai es te ine of atrac a uno
An outine of the workit of theo s opo o un it Restoration of Old St. A ougustin, n sval tle dofth uRton Cohma ontfnCothmomelgic oe otes the of ed prisoner t who had jrst been butChiW..P hiln dthis tei m pa fonds ,eh s eeWe tenn enlpt nt o hi ea oS thon ,t f e hria .e'
l mt f o e, a ho paokin tt b th wrea inst otu tal in getti ng through ev ilpot go itiion at Tlain h i n Spain of the great need f w ore put in the jail and h res to uting

oraelmit o teCtyof s et. Au ral ale r s shva d f ct at 1 mot la isa io fe he lhase icu ingt bisaboueyncs rythvehenondd o-p ain
n making the survey for the a a Shi ae d that provide the machinery o the programut and the appropriation measure. Governor Cone is shown durable buildings here. Continuing are still recalled. C
Sti nd restoration of St. and dghtn l n seatel at hisdesk, affixing his signature to the historic do nin wt. Standing, left to right t e Dr. Vne i into th nn t century, thn e Another fi attack happened in party. tah tein
5ug.ustine, it becmin that Chatelain, director of tht Restoration Proti ...; Mayor Walter B. Fr.a-tnt Repreenitative H..n H. Sut ont.n. teat antsion to oin a. Otto-1895 with a sizeable damage listed, t.nt.tdtt t gn..t pid iny
tan a gistit so dhel a n eat t he dhi t anad the sh d fo'er U. S. Senator Scott M. Loftin, Reprn atin J. int nd vtat Pntd endi- thorpe didn't spare the city and itsit a nuber n1898 n ot entn n d
pnran tho titresito Stion hn in ft intie yoldb re-psnsg t fU ei t E tn S tr tie cu ig ndic ieee s in ct c n it t atn the ne e l e ion

n nainldmarhs, t f iUn dtemAna le ahen irman sus Rs yoiatv of at0ih i f n as 1Clebsrtodn o nry some few y esao a fre stills fonrmd Mis
ty fn toricileont qu i n o. hins tori doumlnt nhiehans gua tid f tinPto t tash Imon g our peop An t s t the oportuSn hdRit prnt Mitennl t p n
noU teoBar Association was e- an h riht oor uies. n p support and endorsement of the plan given by the State of Florida, the 1i937 Legislature, and the Chief story of fire continued. But noth- Mary Bentley's mother. The faro- tin to in ep op withbnl y he ire eenutoanion, cubcoto or t i tehe Ee1wek wS.Au sietaeifnfnl ngve ostio t a f alth be i o a g ti"onby ordinanceP iosr ordinancestof r txecetove. < oing could surpass the damages ily were living in the Palmetto thet
-fnatun Pnubgeam it appoin t Co the brctini a c it i e ie cno ught t the od ity in the ail Hd tielih they htd hisght and idn. nittees fulit et aabership t o le objet in thing fo r td ming, n neor I Heads Bar 1 Blues Popular Group ugat t fn m .0 t Eanti, hich wis t td hno the pun- A t traft the s iIp f tor pas- n toliday thanks had been given GeneralentDoreaHotelstynSe.aim taobon gesthatitDefigurtdsd aage by ni gfthe Legislature. Two holding and maintingingi overa Of Military, ent eta w at rs
-.omg te hy r apint o ne T ireidin and otstining noh Bar OfMlayroldy hi far hit aid during a fitt. Bentley oent tin anidow nittho lonn ntetty en n
wires otan.y poles, object or thing Of Feast Is Recorded But the city was tried by fire tt wutt side of hen nraom in timer it naii that any.h.. being composed of Curtis C Coxe, within the limits of the City of St. Head the limit of endurance starting in see a blaze start n a gunny sack matiaie et ioi
hairn ni, E. N. Calhoun, Cha. C' 1878. That year J fiUe in the e oe Mathis Ray.nd Carrli Davt Augustine, Flornid aid t ta pel t The "Flrida Innddent fi- uen Bridge Street section Bav Lane atud ith niied haninge that te 19 EiiihtnoHLStpotby legal action the laning if all lhdbestcinawdo-fte
R.Duntamft and t Ann in- Seh ns, bn ionn i nat Group, Speaks nun plainty pito popular nnvint ne bu n ins tinte tnd homes bldinut acrossnh e in ley win n- h oln pd T.oyn objects or thingsd,nhero and Diiuse th n ofsth Atiguineuring o f p inentfamlie. Sret henin o hofficio. The other Coit- h badly yn. S stret, hner isf Onigee OrM
-i le, wasOholmonsofT. w. r A o ra e the poles objects or th ing Young Attorney Discusses Ithe favrofthe ulingpots. aOn In April the great i dtaing The fire department wasO persuaded Wl Pha oir Pey, F k w. L- o, N eegal Phases of a ucd Dat 155e a the St. Augustine Hotel necessi- to stop long enough on their, way Hn : tt0waltt PndJophseinkoonn Finanly tb Chartoo At ts- | tion fo he oinflry C tated rebuilding of the Cathedral. to the San Marco Hotel beyond the FOR SALE and FOR RENT
hatelain worked with both com- nf the pohitin, 00ltinand Program atpany" ftr himself and the Alder-It an inaly ntppd at nun n Pots tn r, tn pit aut tho mites, Control by ordinance o ordinances | imn fin hi o h ABfin To reasur Street. Only one life h ining sack. But the great San GOOD VALUES moen in dine nith tbe SBjues Thn a s in t hto oaaMroHtl alwo ulig
Necessary Bills were drafted of 'the construction, erection, main- M. L. Stephens, president of the M committee from the Blues which p~iwash in, thet. fAugustn as darooe. tal wood evildireythese two Committees and sub- tenance and use of any and all St. Johns County Bar Association, presented this invitation to a New ot-elt inth SA was n d oomed. It wn idingr
ittod to gielatnon ton nin- signs, illboars or dispiays ofi any has been working earnestly in con- Year's feast comprised "Paul Ar- lntl. iernbdy V BeyeMoMeau gS Veryli saitied otuney indeed nil ps nature 'o .a.nd upon the street nt nti h t Rith the Restoration pro- inn .. Burton Williamt .... ino nfl buied by the S ...ent So-shortly the in...n trtin on.. 131wCadova -Pn 9a6"W
toe Bills nere enhanced itt law of the City of St. Augustine, Flor- gram bcas. h e feels that it is Lpe C L idg i down th t coast on the F. E. C.h yhe cluof thntOtnu idn an. d iver d upon the prop-tfraugt -with treendous good for I and iartolo Pacett." The Alder b
all flowing lea e ety of any individual, person, firm, the community. men accepted and that was all the inofn toha oned in the seI
awptt..bwhbdinrec- n.opi atini o aoi ation situated Mr. Stephnn to president of the tuansacted at that i ine f tt time. In th ..... 11BO N IT '
indirectly affected the Resto- within the limits of the City of St. bar association has appointed the nob hen the St. Auguntine itel SAugustine, Florida, as well as pro- special legal committee which has The Blues must have had sub- fire took place a fire broke out i
'*' Ac i the i .. ....... idinj for thl egxicise of the pow-. oneuh splendid work i t- t thing as t ngi n d again it was in the night, at STUDIO OF DANCING
nestoratiut and maintance tr if emitett domtin, noon p- netio wit legislti, batten tin tl n nthree the City Onion, oeulting in li nttni
ludounn iet nflJS COMPENSATION, chnges, an ither neat's nhtone $100l,000i. It was only soppedAlTye D
ofacent landmarks and certain eme yearse later, and celebrathedslt Fsourth Alls Typesl of isDaench e he... CtY10,00Gt .... t ....linlynstppdf[liAl yps f acig a
h u kid f prety n publi and the taking of the fee title tohelped to lay the groundwork for of July fitting m appar when ropes were attached to theo n
and priding fn property orany rtght, Pt semyn t ogt the Restottnio Pr M Leslie Stepntes president of ntty Thi timnet int mnn an av tf a building nt tot SPECIAL CLASSES FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN w r onitm flu tomain by tho interest therein less than the fee, At the request of the editor of the St Joins County I ar Associa-t n initat Pt the Ble n f SuiIt Alloy amd St BONITA RICHARDSON,(Inat uetor
tthe citietonRi ndpnliticnl heneey or n the sepen rt e esoradM.Stpensdiscusses tin ben atn mott I "to bcu a.tth tt GeorgSteetndthh iding wa
iin theft acquire such tion, restoratin and main nnce here "The Legal Aspects of the operative in te legal ph asessr- (One of the Record's series of thrown down into the alley. Now 168 San Marco Avenue Telephone 3-W
ofis landm sit Ht ian nt ten estotionand Pntnatio Plan nnundnintpmin n w iik i-i t
bin td 1uondthuspann ea i od e g oet tien y n ts bis o- ntion a uPrsrailan it, Histograms.) there were intimations that fireThisiontds theto ni t oIn otigananinni ff anois& and t tin an m intu- Scenic ..atp., ecreational on "Th oo fa .nh-ni iittoonuii n iot Iini ot historinai I i ent bdua is TL P-1- lo iento tIF utility, orta hable phi- f the Nationaty oft tine fn the ildings ant pnoperty, and fin thu tae pie at ieu ni onona o other unsul features, Survey and the Development of the appropriation of $50,000 by the
of the power of eminent domai| for the elimination of signs, bill- Historical Resource, of St. Augus- -iute to in unt fnn tint wnnn nn If Yos Lik Florida Yu'll Lote S. when necessary by the state and boards or similar mediums of dis- tine recommended that the sug- being carried oni under the prothe tieal subdivisions in ord'- play, for the relocating an the plato- tested plan of develop t for St gnram. Thin nnmmittee tlso drafted ..BAD 'r to take and preserve and restore mrto vredwrsudr uutn hudgv osdr-teCnurn b'ouinapo-BADO IKTIS ntient landmarks, sites, buildings t ooned nn nden- Augutiu shuld gin- nina- tho Cantrnt i olution OFFICERS:B W' nd er gropeoy.Tuhiding a und, and for the relocating or ion it the following objectives: ing and endorsing tie plan. These nd the ponty. Thin Btl ts the razing of the poles, objects or frst civic organization and control, cminittees were also active in o-L
-drafted was general in its nature, things upnwicARd ie REIENHRMH A~ lfe inoenne oita i upon whihaid winresare and second, physical elements of curing the passage of these bills
painting the finte f Florida, en a strung, within the corporate i its thi pin and said resolution, and, as a result, CtitnitL. 01
bihole nd nut merely St. Augun- of the City of St Augustine i, "The first objective involved a mint at thei na ted hy te toN e. GRoYeILL .t
atine. However, it was necessary Under the Charter Act authority careful revision of the city charter l a ee-PeaEtNTt JOHI 'its itho ron heillaeriginenifonthe oeatin of a Trus- with the consent and authority of In doing this work it became
itndctionmageal eeship for any money and prop- the legislature, as well as the ex- necessary to make a careful study SWEN GRF WILA a local character in order to in- erty, real or personal, collected for peddeclartionbythengisia- ofthenity'nhantenandth moiii- saneatu reite passage, and finally en- the ue adbenefitofthe City, Or ture o inig the principle of enmi- tution and laws of Florida and other iLMER A. DAVIS
cited, it applies only to St. Johns for the use, observation, education, nent domain in its relationship to states, as well as the federal con- TE o W. county. health, benefit, pleasure and gen- the conservation of historic houses, uti.ttian and lan, and aiimtn hie
The next measure passed bythe eral welfare of the citizens of sites and remains in the interest of the decisions of the Florida ,Su- A.K. DRINKARD;
egislature was a Resolution by the City of St. Augustine, Flor- the public welfare. Authority for premnie Court and 'other court of NATION CUtIm a tt L whichh the State of Florida formally ida, and for the restoration, the proper zoning to control the last resort, both state and federal.," endorsed the preservation and res- Preservatioi and maintenance Of danger of destruction, the altera- Much time has been spent in acioration program for the City of ancient or historical landmarks, ion or reconstruction of historic complishing these things. The St. Augustine, Florida. Thin en- sites remainst, ci..teries, giants, buildings absolutely imI value of the tonvicet rn.dered is JUNIOR CHAMBER oJ COMMERCE dorsment . supported in A very military work, mnmments, l..- ponatino under theplan. LiMnnin, gmmat. Toaterial way as the Legislature tons, buildings and other property otning under the plan, innoewd In accepting li r-sponsihility
-npptpnmlitg$SSlifi~liOfin the nitete i hituolal nu zonint ipun ihe plooin, ied an pnaceping thnns nesnonib iity
water passed an appropriation Bill, or objects of historical or antiquar- features of possible alteration and and peering these services, theFlorida apprpritin $5,00.00for t an. interestnor value, scettnchngenf.busiinessmonm reinSt JhsCounty BarnAssociation-ttusie 1rd oprp iof naryin g on th Ronth- beauty, scientific interest, recre- dances and regulation if use of pri- has demonstrated the willingness. ration Program in St. Augustine, national utility, remarkable pheno- vate property within the zoned of its members to cooperate in this' and when the Governor uf the menu or Other unusual features f nroo, haning fin itt purpse tie program benaus thiP believe fhnt State approoed thin appopiaition the City of St. Augustine, pnomid- siempfliniain nit trafic, lbsenntioval evony SnatauS ofbe plan depumensJl th 9' ill thn neffetnofitheation wo ing thatesuch money and property~ tugulynan 4tnomihipntmtntin19put37tfh fiefinitenly topat tin State nf Flon- nhal tnot be subject to n held whae-on nit it tiny in, the fin- nitizns tihemtelnns if hanmony and tidnbehind tia ltettooatiaonora, liablen tan any ulaiem, itdetednessn, nelopement it bhaomony, thn popon sunceta an In attoid thu piannted fit a fiancnipl way and In tautjudgmnnt, nmrtgaige, an lien whith hndlinig uS tunists and tho itlti- program in St. Augusin.' Dr. Vonno fi. Chatolain, Diretor, 50,oo0lil.0ol available Sun the work.ii ba hunt beno ight be obtained by genii eoration and presetvatioiu"
tsInend igt ha e Ctyo eSt.sAurto ay penrsofirm, uotmonation or no- uS nil itoricalsien and valunt Pet Dog, Tip, Who Had st. Augustine Hstorical. Restoration, punriin igth teh e wmorn eocintiotn against thn City nfl SC. within tin nity. An tiportant tomauhuit in carrying on li uiAugustine, Floridni. tune nf the pitt attn involned the Averted Former Blaze st. Augustine, Flonidas
-npreservation nd reotnortin, Itnodon thnt the prooperty south crenliun uS a sntti-pmic business Lost His Life In Fire 'fnothur net drafted by thin mintl migbt ho anquired tur thn purpo corpoationiiaing antctloeietinliouitittne no patted by tie Legis- uS pretservation and re.tonntion, ship in tie nity guottuneni, which
laenndthenCityCharter,oe- mayhbe clearod oftanypoutstanding culd sncure though donaition nind finn. Canr, wnho owied thuinhos Dear Dr, hatoelains pe ling nnntain.. tit.... elating t ..u....guinnt ta.e, B ill utin ........ depuat ......nn......p thn propenty uS Jnudge, li ...i
thpower nd mone uf zoning panned giving aitioiity In pope with whini to inane nerlain tnt- fcnentian in Sty wthoicht
'teCity and alo amends Section Stat Officetrs fun lie reomission linen it tie pln, nd whinh wuld wasn badly danoagud ire oitif It iS with a deeap sns o1 satisfaction that .t Junior Pn uSpe the City .nAIn antnnoad cncelnnlataon of outstndiog hint nht-go uS the generial nunduct 1857, lint hum- little dug "Tip" in
-aid inneu thi cq it y npuSI.ase tanes on ninth popenty. nfl the bauins teaturen uS the prm- thu ilaze. Tho St. Johns Couty Chatbor of Commterce notns tht beginning of the work of rosturing gint devi io bepues onhio, The foegoing legislation ante gnamn. Anther lipotant oelnooni Weeklp it Apnil if.,1887, whinh fingift. or t coneqnaton iun Stoa t or totheeore tin legal stirutr if the puan innolned lt quetiomnuvted almost ito entire inet the and proteftng St. Augustine's colorful pant.'
eunal uproertn nrany eten fun Iho caroying in uS tin panuroe nf ttaxes un bistorin bmidings and lire, narrint the following tittle pn ig puasmpnty an inapes thint nfl tie Reoatonn Proggrat. property, mttrT that will appeal in ding tuo In order to acfomiplisih this work nfl hitorinal restoration, nituatn within o without thn co "Thn tast imupor-tnceo tthe toa secso h rosa gles of tSe epeaeaaeo h orte imis f te Ctyof t. u.Valuable Relics Of Restoraition and Pneservtnion pin tact ta a tii n-stn ni the liiel- :ti boueyncsayt aeteubuddo-prto gustinn, fmon flthose, ptuniosen and needt it the City of St. EarlY Day Shipped pocn, thnmefore, reaidily be tin and struntiom uS tine insidnence if Mns.
nrealized. Carnn, but numb in really the nato, af ivory citizen in St. Augustine aind St. Johns County, nd Augusitino, Ploida, and upon Ibm To Bahama Islands "tAt time request nfl tin City lit- ad tbhnin in genuito umournig
-onqisition uS name, to held, sneula imuu uoouin h nugtetumhn Siu wn art happpy tn porctive that this spirit prevails.
tinnge unini, nti lote dunto ft. Johnm Cunty Sto Associatiun happy itoubmhod. Third favoritn
unbcangge, omntgage, pledge to Thin 10 t tsampie it wip St. An- untooi to penforim, withuit haiti-dug, 'Tip., so wnel bnown in Tho Jaygeos are exstroemely istornsted in this work. 55 tthenwise dispone uS and entiber gustine lanis tinny reis nfl fmu- nhange, thu grutt amount nfl lngal tis city, although takemnoptutudly thn satie. unto occmpatitons that mn-mad bane wnonb nennssary Ia he dan. Tiwo Suom liii burning building, perished have had the pleasure af nn-aperating in a numobor uf noble Thit nut ato declanni that the intereit today it tiny cuud in re- cotimitteos a-opt appointed, tnt in reuning, until liii nruel flaties
pnoresunation, nentorntioin and m-in-caimed. nonsiting if Curtis C. Coxt, Hip., nut uff thi exit and pump' 'Tip' pur- acihinveosnts int this Commtunity, and tin Ponce do lean tinanue uf thn City of St. Augue- Uniden date if Apnil 3, 1785, theoe chainrman, Judge Chat. C. hiathit, ishend. Nut nmny petit aigo, by 11mm tinie's anient latndmanrks eit, it a recond that 'em thu Spanish in., tid Mussrs. Paynomnd Cnaroll saganity at thin sami ding, 'Tip, a Celebrations at ase feow yours ags are Still fond sorins buildings, nremaitns mud ther prop- guonment denlinud ti purihase Danid H.dDmhammanomd S. N. Cai- cnlagrution, whicb might have onrty mf histoninal in anitiqaian in- pewn tud beum uS thn church in Si. huni, and ob then onsmisting of proved patie a disnastrous mm thn aong our people and, should thn opportunity present itself, tierest, if ncenici inauty, neunea- Angutine nnd ato a fiue engine, T. H. Micklnr, Rip., chairmnan Cmi. mini mno nit- nun cnb iling, mmmi tinl muoucintiftic tility, remuark- Totyn siippnd thunem lb Shaha- W. A. MaWiims, ant Mnssrs" P. aneried. Tihrough thu ncnoelessans we know St. Auguttino will enj oy this evont again. nile pheonaoe' nusm-alnnmas nforniuse ot nwtnthatt H Pnnnry,Prnulimwattoand Joseph fat senontin thefnan anti ito it toutatures, it a puhlic ate, fun thn being muitt hy thuetloyiloemigrntsmm." Pimnoso. Othern membersn it thu the soreromi in the n-up ml Pint. Pleuse lint us aiiure you ut our ever readineit to aept tbeation, education, health, White tie Britith" nenoed to nrue han otno asstitmd in theor fi att'a residence naighitip thein thu pin lasueo, henefit amid getnal wit- in Pitrida anl Spaniaids reumedin tinein cotnmitee. the comnn i tmittee iea ofig t ma ani ts aintl, an opportuinity tn be idontifiod autivaly with this splendid funr, of ian citizons, govenmntmm in 178, it wat wt-ot mine ttn -chimamnmhip at Mn. Vigian, watchbful Tip' nip mihe Thn Charter Ant it aditimi put. iato 1785 before the Spamnish gin- Cuo finaited tm ncensary nchar- dangen ad et p sumnh a bunt- uf prograt. ifites Sill pomner nd athority Ia enorm ao thin to hid Santa-nil toIn teramnmn mmd bilm San pant- istress mtt thi attetiomnofl Euti ont thu City uf SI, Augustinen, lt lint ofl thn tbousads it depart- age bn thn teilture reltii tin wandm Haueunts anm matracted, flttorida, mmto biuness presidential, 1mng Britinsh refugnis, muoueror te impmrtan t quetiomns at tin aid bi them lt finn tnmuasubdutd. lith ivory giod wish for thn auccess of this work, wni are jular;'torical, anemn, puprpanbsa~ringaea Tutnyn utmaining until thn ant date pmoe of oenfint dommint, tailing Itas regarded thounamoset forininnimduhnnniaanenoand traffi reguattions, and tint tunaten escape, and to faithmful 'Tip' Sinoeroiy, tund districts and combinationsn It would he interosting In find drnafted ihe chmariun of the St. Au- win accurded oil pnniseo aid glory. fiboheref, by ordinne to ordinanes nout it thn pewts nt-i still in nervice guntite Histoinai Preservation amfd Whime droapping uaun eau o poou tid tume rm tiomeltm titan, which said ofui- ]in thin new 1mm-u the enoignants Restorttin Ansociation (a man- 'Tipm' ii is Snafyniu in knw titan ST AUGUSTINE JUIOR IHAMBiER IF COMMERCE Sanoe or ordinance taut be tub- fromm St. Anitiine nittiod aid it pm-ait corporation). limp ncommit- Pun Snind Joshuma Slubu siuieed Ot'!itteni to the pqulified olectore of [the hull sti nalls to inors-iplin th tbeeu umn dth nhahimatini ofi. im saing fpom tin tlannin i fauPe (ity at St. AugutineiFPorida, [islndui chumrnh. Minklr draufted itmo nnessar btimmoim tint. 'Cling'.,n ph wi mis lint to uatificatiomn orreecion, and bu(ne mf tin Renord'm series uS fan pnasun hn tint einnlaitturl- nomste, han crossedth Pitte uneamn, ,bihntnnpte Hui.listograams.) tireiatimthemyimrtn ustionsmofuievea times." _________________________________________

THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD SUNDAY, JULY 4,1937 C Typical Garden Charm In Oldest City I ecv:ad ....s.. and wit t Ge City Managerti d high ..... mls me
R a o ptte n oa to he hearts arden rag l-wed by time, the beightfgo
of the Spanish. Notable too, are a lost pt mete agin-fo e .n,,,e .n d I ...... ..... ......: .... : .. .. largeceycad and alovely I ti d ,...... .. ngc
$ t e ........ ~tee, he Koeh'euteria formosna eWneig rua .. which, showing yellow bypsy sings ad d eOutlined
September, displthe e ink bladder- feyep
Iik fruitsed / whc N..... e. beh.lin ing ga
10 c l Ntieheand Dee mber. By Presidegnt'e httiieeti
IIJ -.tea servedieinnod garddneto
Another garden with a historic the euic ef aSpnith ohesti ii: : i .... ~~~~~~~~~~eting is that of Bar-1__:ii~so ice ee.. hsi ob on nh
Garden Circle Leaders eks, or the State Arsenal, on the A vivities of Circles Heret is te he d
in' Splendid Civic Military Reservation on Marine Are Summed Up h eight annual Fiesta.
in Splendid GiG ~~~Street. No ueseedeaseeros garde, B ITehiletPee iti t Prog-ain it is hidden from the street by high Briefly The i nt F i t ith ways a etro ttatowt
stone walls, the original coquina its prfusieeefgiyfe e aid B Ge Clth offitilwalls of the old Franciscan Monas- By Mrs. George Miller, potted elect, ted tteedit ithe TheGiedtitthi Si. Ahgus tery, built of stone in 1603 after the President of the Federated Garden native ciiimesfthe vaioptie Gardeneoei ng handlt o frame structure of 1593 had been Circles vines if od Si. t i n eet exte n d s w meti h. t e v i d e s t r o y e d b y fi r e T h is o ld g a r d e n Fe G e e d e, theli estrt i p i- t te veeth ih w i r en iciit uae ted en theh le F memh rhip it theGift s
wihn pesr'he work' that roatialystatdonte le
waters of Matanzas Bay, is prob- Club one needs no background of ericeefeeds, myhe oght heiig or it pee ti ancestors or of wealth-but a love quaint highly deted little
oi iti t o Sbit s i f flowers, a love of beauty,eed an htps, hits d i g the ete ig a restore its fine old architecture. W e earnest desire to do his part in for- c SP i nh s ppe is se ved tee g y
te e htOther gardens exist, both old and warding the work in his community hit h t ee leg those new, some as green oases hiddenand State. Git. lines ourselves for a number of behind the facade* of a business hehied te fecedeif he Ines 19ed etere Gwgree you Cghardenfet
-ears, and are happy to think that street lined with shops, some slop- Ii 1912 there ice fee gatden :antsu ly Sclemed by ewe taeey we ed to ac- ing to the marshes loved by Sidneyclubs in Florida, each in a different i wide-eyed ehilde, jostle Clu section of the State, each unaware Upon City Manager Eugene Mas- gayly puinted Ipesish ets frem
eopliish ha now become possible Lanier. The Oldest City is neces- of the other. In 1924 Mrs. Arthur tears devolves numerous tasks of which mey hi puchused iee sem ttPx tRestection Flute. sailyeatityof seceechantmeet, Os Noeetri P8 35, e a idmot secret e nandm etigl Cummer (Founder and first Presi- a varied nature in connection with and theMin ke f e tc i m h me, ad te thecre i ts g dent of the garden club in Jackson- running the city. As a native son nowhere hit in Si. Augusteeitted t iote city mishich we sub-, ville) with great vision and fore- of St. Augustine, Mr, Masters is FromajrdisadheseetCispe titeitg ttti reguilty elaw he sight, make the first effort towards heart and soul for the Restoration traditionslly haked ft ike Em
ilit etieh lw b the formation of a State Federation Program, which he feels will make season. A Tio m Ceier aunes aeie to limit and pr....ibe the M 1 A A L ofgarden elubs, which .egaeization this city the mist sought-out mu- ...s
Cc. tee: m.....ih o rin desnihed rcIvuac nf krt was perfected in 1925. nicipality in the land. hat mis ..y if tfib
u it. This etaitton dis husig Ab Ar Under the able leadership oif Miss festivties f ike fter-oon sef Thi resluio wa ben Julia Hopkins (Mrs. Arthur Sac-F t I G studied hv a special committee of The above gies se indication of the foreign chsm her.s se the patios and gardens ef re ia Jue rp. t. ebut See esta Is ai, the Cometission when the present old St. Augustine. Are rInu keet), Mrs. 11. N. Rpdeiksghu ad taste Is Gay The iflg f project begaa.tip if inteesed mimes, a please In 1934, in an effort to revive M Federated Garden Club of St. Au- g hung vluge, whether it ifte Sssg Spanish and Min...c. tradition. Five Gardens Of Old St. Augustine that of St. Joseph's Cinv it on nar- Citys r m bein was orgtnee in .M 192f, Eventtag iI .... d atofpies its i
customs and festivals, which were row St. George Street. A walk bigcmoe ftreCrls eut
fast being forgotten in St. Augus- By Marjorie Mesker Collins curving from the central court with Work with the young people in patio, it puppet-shim, pihuSh iii we ineegetated whit hit he- i ihtetteigcctites ede fTestp lud ts t ielte Aegel Guardian, leeds to Two -Local ,Clubs Long SC. Aegesine is earried on tfleeegfl Garden Club Sponsors Die Quee iee uCl etf itiee eel Fnaugrte whih e._come our annual Fiesta which we With the intense general interest borders of Turks cap, Oleander and itshe g e urdally lead to Wo Clbog te puuline scos, arid othrouil Gre Clb Sos slow-ceilnDnQioeroeat4foentefte~i$od
call "A Day In Old Spain." Its in the restoretio itS pesertion palms, are approximately what lines traditional to convene gardens. Leaders Along Tb he pehit csedte pepti Colorful hwue e evet increasing poptlarity mill of St. Augustine, and the new plans th cite tranqeit Here log, netw, pa ide if Lines at the Fumes Shims. Reulising the Old Man tike it necesr y anot her yeet, eto fe thu heauifyneg it this Oldeet htium duys. Interesting to the gay annuals, also dahlias, Shasta children of today are the men and S vived,py flte eoloum ae eh tie oesc anhe stre eet, oe t let City, garden-loes e\er enhe- heerticulteist is s piceste i-ld daisies and fairy lilies, are separat- women of tomorrow, Junior Garden of a immeoabpast iseapied cue Fietan li moree theis day. tistelly planting w ede o i iee re e t ie spite, the Aeen- ed by paths of closely-clipped turf. Two groups, which can and Clubs are being formed for a child Gayest and most characterist ic on the ds if Chis guy FieC a Thle throngs whe pressed their mey the teplaeting if older tees- Yet ei tsieweetue fe lg tae et edtdi fti ueecuitteec sielee ihsie e h eeeue fteOds iyi fetyh l ptwle ut 1
throgh or gy litle tret wee itshold b remmbeed tat oelmsh dicrona, leavshen 1A high coquina wall, bordered on should have a vital influence on inculcated with a love for the celebration of the Oldest City isthe Day InOdSpihchyay
through t gy lit eet mete it shild he reeered that tey crhed gite 'th a delightfe the inside with oleanders, Austra- the Preservation and Restoration beautiful in nature and in art and Fiesta, A Day In Old Spain, spn- attects C he Oldest City th a......cing of what to expect next garden ilready exist, sme hidden rUmaetic fegrasce. Old mytle lian Oaks and palms, lends privacy of Old St. Augustie are these with an appreciation of a well- e.. d by the Federated Circles of sand fe eli pue-s if the state.
year, with increased popularity'and away behind high walls, some a de- trees and date palms stand as they to this quiet enclosure, whose paths which have to do with music and ordered town can scarcely fild in the Garden Club of St. Augustine advertisement. light toievery passer-by. did in 1863, when the garden was all lead to a little circular shrine at art. That means that the St. Ce- that same heart thought.' mean and in the early Spring of each year. Our planting of dogwood and Two old gardens most fortunately mentioned by a traveler writing for the farther end, that of Our Lady of cilia Club, leading musical club in low. For this occasion narrow Aviles Accosdig C s u write in us 1BTS Sedhud trees mill add ti th ise in o the pehic Te tse of these i arer'u Maazinhes ie of the Lourdes. The Virgin of this shrine th.e commuity, and theSt. Augus- The Garden Club of St. Augustine Street, in the heart of the old magazine si .... hssdrgu men if een Maco Aet e ae d is in Old Speaish Tre... y ind if the lely gar dee s of t gis reewn. e e as brought to the .cnvn t sixty- tinet Arts Club, which developed has sponsored three times the Spanish section of St. Augustine, app-e.ed ad geroud cut ihesme keeping with the Resteation Flee. Oldest Geese. The Treasey garden, seemed i this istic setting has three yars go from Le Puy, the art center at Dt ..enport Park fiesta: "A Day in Old Spain," a gay is trunsfoemed inte a little SpAaish time w f d yS sie In addition to this, we have ar- watched ier fy the guardian become tee if the delightful its- France, by eight French sisters. are looked upon as leaders in these and colo ful event reproducingrai a bdd if fil Agressr th ltuu it oo tio eAGeans it et t t seeple i e e Cee, as time f the "seson" is St. Aegis- Planted about with roses, and over- lines. Spanish festival day, and held on ahakguind of old houses with tuenedsose pet on suits if aialea plats at heenf lealmost untouched during ties
cost as one of our contributions to the changes of the past century. Its grown with morning-glory vines, The collection and presentation quaint old Aviles Street. wesisgieg bles, sussy song. the developitet of beauty in the gay and casual flower-beds, its wi- The garden of the Oldest Huse, *the little shrine dominates the long of old folk songs is a logical out- The snual Flower Show is givcity. The fatthat on the day Of let-edged paths, and its enclosing with its naive painted statues, ol lovely garden, while in turn, the growth of the musical project; also ing an impetus to the growing of our last sale, all of our plants were Spanish wishing-well, and quaint Virgin seems to smile in benedic- the furtherance of musical enter- especially beautiful speeimens of soldoutbefore11 s qest of the Gardwe Cb, these iostch tion on the flowers which are, after tainments, etc., for the pleasure f wes d shus d gde
ie evidence.e f a whole. m. desire w e ef t he it pest- sic ou s e -giw i, ns t so diffe it m those inalyh rem-ved. prvne o f wh i ito bin u the muialanningGad flwe enroragems. R OET N C V on the part .of cue itizens t is- Pe hle peast few moets, The withthe ubiqutous wild the fsr-uway pacevie from' whieh tie so bCuilding up the musics The Gaeden Glub encoirages sue opeete with the Gardee Club. Cherokee Citele, astsspial en sese e usd liesly pIlse driwsy she aer. spirit locally. In these phases the From FeertoC yie me Site spit- deavot, flee sponsoeed a weekly witfi'mimoiis. In speukineg it the About half a blckf from the St. Cecilia Clubi would logically as gutidesn ws imangbtifud piaeSEILD T- U IGSRVC sited Garden Contests, both for broadcast of Garden Notes. Over wild fig, or "money-vine", ie in- Bridge of Lions, situatedon the bay sume leadership. Mrs. H. ughgardens teutesysf theprizes SPECIAL DIET NURS private gardens and for filling Station WFOY, through the court- ieresutng io note how the oild gray which once had the romantic nae is president of this club which the stations. A very generous conri- esy it the maagemint, edio lis- rots o nthe vne have h ere fasten- of the Bay of Dolphins, is a pie- now about 30 years old. change Bank were awarded at our hettee this year fy The Exchange enrs may fear, in addiotie to ed themselessutthe foudtiins turestue old huss end garden The St. Augustine Arts Club has The Garden Chu Is aleo greatly OPEN YEAR DAY & NIGHT Bank made it possible for our notes on gardening, eminent speakf the old gTeyfhsusettihey seem characteristic of that old St. A proved its worth to this community interested in the Civic and Conserpizes to he if ery teal appeal. irs on such subjects as bird ce- d p i t d gustie which it is the purpose in numberless ways, and during the nation work in St. Augustine, seekThis, with our....ual Fier erva..tion, Florida wild flowers, Traditi .says, "Carry a lea of this the Restoresion Cc preserve. The pest several years eks fees insis- isgts preserve what is ild undloveShow, is bringing about a gradual plant and tree conservation, as vine in your pocket, and you wil house, now owned by Homer Me- mental in attracting scores of new ly thus making our work coincide aakening of inteesi i beautifi- willa fas on the Bestution seet alWaysoeewmsney.' Enclosehedy Keehan, was rebuilt according to people here, among them artists of with the Restoration Program. in. itself, hit f r igh stieon e wls and oerlshed fy the original plan in 1887 the same note from the summer art centers The Garden Club welcomes the I ke -mtter uf sig r Wh avee the su e oou wes. the balny ef the historic hiuse, year in which the older h.use was of Provincetown, Mass., aed Ogun- Restoratise aed wishes it scess, we have made a beginning at maybe,wefhavetriedtomeeue- this somantic garden with its destroyed fy fle Aeuodga set quit, Mate. aed with willingly aid the wish in ANN E. ROBERTSON Davenport Park, a lovely geen.seules ae influence fr beauty, i s beautiful turf, flsweing trees end tea bfreautiful vne-grwn cuten As may he ned feom the pie- what everwasy pssibh. inteeval in the confusion if'signs conevation aed protectius. I shrub s, aed gay beds of old-fash- srch whicfh dates fr-om the secnd lutes appeng is this ise of the "And enw ie colusion, de I e 9 CHARLOTTE STR along San Marco Avenue. There goes without saying, that the'Res- taned flowers, deserves more than a Spanish occupation, leads to a tiny Record, this Oldest City abounds in commend you and me and all of us
-.o -ay watch the children play station Project has our support passing visit. walled garden of great charm. Here beautiful, picturesque and quaint to the keeping of a happy ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. withoufin s oiff, ee n o d peratie- in ieteeypos- An interesting garden which may an old brick walk curves about a places, which make it a veritable humble spirit, such as the love ofa isiguleg sigi, fleeause, tthe re- sile. be seen by special permission is plot of grass bordered by clipped artists' paradise. garden ought surely to engender."


of Citizens and Settlers is respectfully invited to this Establishment which, it is presumed, they
will find a matter of convenience and advantage for they have on hand lists of properties for sale and rent in St. Augustine. This Establishment is maintained on the North side of The Plaza across from the Spanish Governor's Mansion. They
hope, by strict attention to business, to continue the Patronage so liberally bestowed upon their Establishment in the past.

@ uln triber respectfully I oJIre: In St. Augustine Settlers will find an

inform their Friends and the Public in general of lots for -- air of culture and refinement, an old world atmosphere,

sale In Davis Shores on Anastasia Island Immediately gardens filled with sub-tropical flowers and shrubs, a

= across Matanzas River from Th~e Plaza. Ladies and climate unequalled, and many engagements to fill lei:: Gentlemen and Private Families settling here will enjoy sure hours.

refreshing ocean breezes in perfect harmony. Inquiries regarding St. Augustine are respectfully re-

Here in 1586 thle Freebooter, SIr Fransls Drake, sigh~tedi quested from prospective Settlers.

the Old Watchtower, landed with a piece of ordnance and
opened fire on Fort San Marco; here the Buccaneer Davts
later landed to pillage the Town; here Oglethorpe placed
his batteries in 1742 and laid siege toISt. Augustine for

twenty-seven days; and here the old Spanish Governor This Establish~ment also issues insurances of all kinds
took- Ladies of the Town on picnics, which act caused against fire, wind, perils of the sea, etc., and represents
complaint to the King of Spain. old, reliable companies."

Surveys will be shown and prices discussed on application.

(The Above Advertisement Is In the Form Used 100 Years Ago)


P.O0. BOX 168
O t Tbe Restoration Plan includes Boulevar'ds witb gardens anti parkwtays on Davis Shores. A large recreational pal-k adjacent will further add to the attractiveness of tbis section. The proposed building restrictions will do much toward making this a beautiful,
harmonious residential district.

.. . . i a t, i e te .-

a illiams Is Speaks Emphatically Washington Oaks, Beautiful Old Augusti e'd have ji d they ROSES BY MOONLIGHT were of the family of Ananias, A Rose Garden by Moonlight was
By~lia sI jutprevaictors. Wehave Soundtofiolyhoiolotot to Estate, Is Now Being Restored By plenty of summer fruits, and al sufficiently beautiful to lure winter ti living prices to rson able than visitors in St. Augustin o troll or Restoration's Owners, Mr. And Mrs. Owen D. Young ha bn pected. As we had out San M Au to the turn Vii P gplanne.d ......nt t- the moun.tains that lead to the pla....wher an.. old
in August and often while there man had created lovely effects with
Vital Program By Esther C. Webb longed to be back in St. Angus" Washington Oaks, the winter ward creating one of the show tine's fine air. We continued on to his cherished roses. A description Petate of Mor. atd Mr. Oon Dlaces on the North Florida Coast. Washington. When returning we says, "At the north end of a green Past President of Flor- estate of Mr. and Mrs. Owen D e fat tat ith ois nhstca w11ehe iid for hvng toim be odtno- edda i a st P r e si d e n t o f F l o r- Y oun g is situ ated on th e O ocean T h e So t th t it i t o n h i t o tt o er piti d o h o ig to o t h- la n e b ordered a t th e far en d w ith isda Senate Voices His t d pot, and that they are preserving fore winter started. Nobody would cedars was the Rose Garden. The ida Senate Voices His Shr olvr e ie ot n cetaig the natural believe us that we were cooler in
Belief uof M At n eaout 25 miles beauty, brings it, perh ih i roses grt hn b1 ht n to south of St. Augustine. their realising it, in keeping with They knew it was impossible. high hedges and blossomed all the It oy to t The Restoration Project in nearby Florida was way down south. year round. They were all asleep Speaking out of a deep love for Its ve. T name ofseems hito invite St. Augustine. "We are now starting on atsec- o obtirtes, fll htote St. Augustine t hat has deepe nede. The n ame of Washington is e e n creamy beauties, delicate white al:mo:sw a ynonym h o tiro IdaV creamy

fu r nthe d m n o f his cer o m- myser tot e rsflneuy odha y d a e
nan r ntd s I i t f a l. f y e o h pit ality PI hunting fo o fort totry Sit H S IR". lo Yi hA i a Iss
sttidec here of th a yersna odwlitoquina lint th hot St eat o o io t d Sh Ok ho foltowiog egh ACTUAL EXPERIENCE rsid .A......f f.. 52 o.ymmer eases S o Augusti and its splendid the Souoio de Malmaison is also OF WALTON JACKSON, Colonel W. A. MacWilliams, former .always been an emblem of protec- beaches." named.
tPresident of the Se tandveter tive strength. What dark 1t M ha 0i of GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA legislator ft o mo Shot sqotrtoo M artins; Praise of s century, says he is of the optin- lie buried beneath those handsometo e ioon tlat the Restoration Program i oaks can oolyn be Aojetod, ht absolutely vital to the welfare and the thought of their possibility adds en ol ma e
further development of this cor-' mystery y to the restful beaut y of nh r W "tt Ch.dtofel W. A. MacWilli.., p0st the plat.. Little rttoains to tell am earth and soul for it", C ol- president of the Florida Sena d e m a at A t Breezes Here nef c al said about this onel Mac Williams said when discus- a re1dt nh fdo e r, se thd tal of foeu hditd s t s o

ugus h eaj r h sint here fryet ar88, liov ohromolight g aWash Stigt a f ma P H inP eCors
sing the program with a representa- the P reservation and Restoration old well, its coquinao walls lined with With Heat of new true
teof the Rod Program is atbsolutely nescessCary e maiden hair fem, mockths our cur- asi o s s
StOanding at a window of the order to preserve e tho quaintness of osty as w eo lno ii drpthe admr WashingtonOw it saees money

ostytS as matga "< het ot ndepalthus16ST EOGaS.STnUGSINFl o p i c kncmole Courthouse, overlookThing old Char- St. Augustine. od htaothsfa itn Mw. od Mt. o Mt of lotte Street, Colonel MacWillioams ad b iontha e d a na-aicnta ae ah deevn an minised recalling interesOating old wtaters have mirrored. No doubt No. 166 Bay Street, who are here and stays white." ead at the ho ts oo the street which he said ps Le stint Spanish gtandee took his for thei d to.W..d ...... .h h greatwaone o0 f the tosat picturesqutt o nc de Le n bride there to whisper lys of l pleased at the summer climate Sy st t h h
thooghfao So h food o y You h lfof St. Augustine. They address a a s a t oTt start of ou s esame ooity a on old E ou .A C e a.eia, Is ch a d comfortwhen the threat letter to the editor of the Rypoad, cties n ao iet e a ution of a oterrifying, unexlored country in which they say: Colonel MacWilliams recalled the Histo t seemed too great to face. "We have found s dUmmer in St. devaotating effecOs of the Sote that L e t History tells Shot 200 Sot Augustiot to thoooghly delightful
guspt scmh a tess th outtof Rtistort s0 ton that we wish everyone could know sepastti fthroh that reha t in r1 first of Ribault's shiptot.cked that tvot if St. Augustine is in a

e Na ht the he s mi h As cmeoaino h vn f p ot atbak acl
So that oh hd of n s crew, took refuge on the southern semi-tropical State its summer Slat, _r ciag y douiog t p g Pageantry C o m m e m o- shoretof Matanzas Inlet on Sept. months provide more coolness and

tine, especiallydirrne MOTIO PICT RES PLA IN CON.6.Mnndz nt ( cofr hnpacsmc ate yeas-,swhenthe deirefor modern rt oh Waot ot yearssthn tdstre o otsrn- rates Great Happenings Meoendoz, o th mthnorth. anWespent winter before izatioh set in, but fire has been a ern shore, with only 70 me, rep- last here and liked the city so much cruel foe both in 1887 and in 1914, In Oldest City resented his forces as being much that we oatod toohk it
Sed use at se stronger than they were and su home. We decided with some tre-T
Colonel MWillis, o needed in persuading th Fch pidatioto m to h s
da i pi The Ponce to Celebration, ugno tot remin ly hin tol give some graphic descriptions of HutuIott to suoreoder, only So t ot t the city as first knew it, is one famous in the annals of the Oldest murder them upon their arrival. that we could be more comfortable of the staunchest friends St. Au- City, one of the most notable fetes One of their number escaped to tell in St. Augustine than in the north. gustine has. .. los done a great or pageants in the country, dates the tale. Tto dayo lttr, Rihoolt Wa lad heard of people ho doal fo tShe comunity t ta s hath moth faotho St tho or- and his remaining force of 350 ar- said that when they went north in Stroller, 4-thred chifon, covers a lot of e sod t se tht wiordio oa much frer thouh ao- rived. This time only 149 consent- July they wanted to get back to
try moth to sot the Restorttion ged to surrender of whom all but 16 a cool place. Of course we didn't ground in sm rt style. For street, campus or program pushed through. words of early Spanish pageantry of met death at the hands of the Span- really believe them. But we de- work you'll find it staunch and dependable,i TWO COATS of pain were put on my MY lh The veteran legislator and sttor- this nature are more or less obscure, iards. The remaining 200 retreated cided to remain and find out for yet olw as flattering and sheer. Improved house instead of the usual three--this white sey recalls it was 52 years ago this it has been established that one of South through those lovely Oaks, ourselves. We planned to go to Custom-Fit Top saved us time, labor and money. paint that is styino t S s. past February that he came to St. the first Ponce de Leon Celebrations cedars, and palms. Some lost their the mountains In August and later Augustine .1rom Baltimore, Mary- was held here in the year 1888, with lives either by drowing in trying to Washington our home for many Fashion Page Colors: land. He has be a member of the Frank Genovar in the role of the to cross Mosquito Inlet, or at the years. We took a house here on ol Forida Bar for almost as long, he principal character. Pageantry is hands of Indians. The others fin- the bay front and when the first Pastel Beige se Home Owners everywhere can make having been admitted June 11, 1885. based on historic fact. ally surrendered to Menendez at supposed hot spell came we were Swingtime
0Given with considerable success! Cape Canaveral. amazed. It was lovely. Even if Sunback such savings ... let us giveyuth es
n -u this beautiful and picturesque Byra Wand got from the King the thtomtter did 1 there TrendS
City of History, the celebrations of Spain, Washington Oaks became were breezes from the river, from SK ANY ONE who's used the new ooo ttothe oone er commemorate the landing of Don the property of n and remained in the cean-nights just made ...eforae g Juan Pon e deo Ltemd Eatet Sot- the ee b tily r oo pus pg. S a tots to hot s lnew Devoe -Coat Sys- old pIt s Tho second dy in ad the found ng of 25 years. A daughter of this impossible nights of Washington. temr; the answer will be theo is borilat w orScity 52 years later by Don Pdo family married Dr. John Washing- We'd known nothing like it ein the ehRsolts pelove that it ioteb s e ndez de Aviles. ton; hmocy th name, Washington we thor line. And it kept right on. dfs misgt 50 iE l st o
oi e a e i t w l a r l A common point S CiA For years prior to the World Oaks. During a sojourn in a for- Fact is, if anyone had told us in saves ls at t rc n
sa l-a e ar these colorful festivals were eign country, it is said their home Washington just what w would painting costs-laststwice as evil
_given, the Ponce de Leon Celebra- was destroyed by fire, never to be find summer weather like in St. long pinteel
Stion presented in the Spring of 1,923 rebuilt.logaorirypnt
Ss marking the. first staged since the Since that time the property has The reason? Two different Gt all the f s. Come in
CdTh ins Y rrumle of guns announcedthe war. changed hands several times, final- paints are used-each devel- md let as po tn you that
Around Conditions Into this particular fiesta was ly to be bought by Mr. anMrs. hoped for a special purpose you home con look letter crowded all the gaiety, beauty and Young. They replace the usual three thar MostFavorable harpo ssible. Acenefrom the As far as possible M. d Mrs.
Pne Sh Loon Cesmeation was Ytoung have left untouched the coats ofc the same paint. The sam5et8fym a se Col.L.BtleU Any o d this pst sin h beauty of their majestic t first paint seals th e pores in moeRyon o nt teoy soas s of Dr. John C. Merriam, president retreat. Perhaps the most beauti-Cniond$.0AY
tfred, who i s ha...ident oa St. Is EER-,i Inetai o teh A0 N
Augustine, and a community leader, esio of his visitRt, e ful note they have added is theF Employ a Repable Paintd-nvest through his finework for Kiwanis, Plovely crystal clear pool,Cwhich is tllother groups, is ardent in his The first day of the magniieent so natural in its irregularity and sio oo eight soermt Anh three-day fete, which always at its setting of moss-covered stones J
gnpasiies fdelihti oatg SoAt- tracts throngs of out-of-town and that, coming upon it suddenly, one gustinos olimstic advsntages, both out-of-state visitors to St. Angus- pausesinvoluntarily in admiration. s o soer d winter. tine, portrays the coming of Ponts Like a gem in a perfect setting,
Colonel Butler ins special inter- de Lson and his richly clad retinuoo the shallow waters rising from a iw given to a Record represents- sailing up ths le waters of the hidden spring move so slowly over
on this soubjoot sayso Matanzas Bay aboard their Span- the uneven, jade green, algae-cov>'Nearly fifty years ago, or to be ish caravel.
e ct, in 1889, my father's family A commemoration of the event of ipple. Dipping ha to to nte came to St. Augustine to spend the the coming of that hardy soldier, pected lagoons, winding around an summer at one of the beaches south explorer and colonizer-brave, but island, wisteria planted, and con- BRING THE LATEST AND FINEST IN otihe city. We hada most attrac- cruel and relentless Menende z, veging at last in a narrow stores Sloe season, boating, fishing, surf founder of the city in 1565-marks to find its way into the Matanzas bathing, and keeping cool. the second day, while the conclud- River, its charm is indescribable. MOTION PICTURES, PLAYING CON-"During my thirty-five years of ing festivities, rich in historic lore O the one shore giant native Army service my duties have and tradition, depict the beautiful ferns four feet high lend a tropical worried me to virtually all sections Changing of Flags ceremony. Dif- aspect, while, across the way ca- CURRENT WITH AND AHEAD OF NEW oftthe country including five years' fervent banners which in turn have ladium, viburnum, native myrtle, rkidenee in our tropical posses- floated over the old grey r mymparts
sons, and this experiene hs of Fort Marion formerly Fort San Boston fern and bananas are reprompted a preference for the coast. Mareos, are -flung to the breeze fted. In the tente a totely YORK AND OTHER METROPOLITAN the banner of Spain, the Union Jack statue of four dolphins leaping in
"After retiring from active GS- of Great Britain, the Stars and the surf provokes delightful specuenment service I visited all the Stripes of the U. S. A. latio to to whether the stat0 0000 CITIES. pieces along the coast from Gulfport, mode for Slo pool, o the pool iss., to St. Petersburg and Miami, Other effective features of the mae for the to, With ooy Fl.....ndBruns.wick, G.....nd thePo.... de Leon Celebration, which~ eviene ofgotaste anWistic..yT e e s "l c
plnce that appealed to em the moot last was held in 1930, include the toldetoe of good ta S aristio anett a otear oinly e most gala Spanish Costume BaIls, street apteciatio out oo, it is notP altos s.l-the-yen.esidsses dnces, the coronation of the b oso lea n that M. Young Presented With e tiful Spanish Queen, attended by is the sculptress.
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Older than Ft. Marion...

'o As. ou A,1


e The rich,' antique beauty and charm of St. Augustine have._ Stephen Gray, 'Benjamin Franklin and many others were experideveloped through five centuries while her people have felt the in- menting with this same unbridled power while St. Augustine was fluences of four different nations, flourishing under first Spanish rule. Seven years after the United States purchased Florida, George Green developed a mathematical In 1513 Ponce de Leon first set foot on' the land that is now the theory of electrostatics. Some five years before the beginning of "Ancient City" and found a "Fountain of Youth." Not until 1565 the Ponce de Leon Hotel's construction, Edison and others brought
was the city founded. A few years later French Huguenots were out the incandescent lamp.
fighting for possession, and the ramparts of a now ancient fort
took shape. The "Ancient City" offers to a modern world a great resort unsurpassed for its hospitality and rich in a setting of historical Other dates stand out in her history .1763, when the Spanish landmarks.
ceded Florida to England; 1783, when the territory again came under the Spanish flag; 1821, when Florida became a part of the United States; and 1885, date of the beginning of the Ponce de
Leon Hotel, symbol of the modern St. Augustine.

The ancients knew of lightning and other strange forces, but little did they suspect the real power and uses of the force now known as electricity. While St. Augustine was being founded, William Gilbert was demonstrating effects of this mysterious phenomenon by W 0 R T H S 0 M U C H-C 0 STS 50 LITTLE
means of crude apparatus he had constructed.

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