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St. Augustine Record, Historical Restoration Issue
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The St. Augustine Record


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Complete World News by RESTORATION
It RESTORATION I la Leased Wire Report of ISSUE
Associated Press Section A

,VOL. XLV. NO. 7While It's News"ST19


Heavy Guard Safe And Sane SceneBritain Warsof Searh for Missing Fliers
Heavy Guard' Storm Halts Searchng
WatchwordFroh u t After Two-Hour

By the Associated Press N PACIFIC Wk~iedrl'ad Spanish Crisis Crf Afte T t's make it safe and sane. iii Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
That was the watchword in F~jj!~j~
sS scores of citiestodayas officials Violation of Territorial ght From Honolulu strove to forestall death and injuryin the annual Independence Day celebrainaIapada Integrity Will Not BeFlg t ro Yodth- Arrested fo AI- y celebration
They aught to keep dangerous Tolerated "G r
legedly Hurling Dyna- firenbrks from inexpert hands by iiiii_'
mite at T laa m Thay Only Coast Guard Cutter Itasca Left to Resume Dislaw and police vigilance. They IV' ..... 'i oRsueDs
mite at Train sponsored supervised displays in ENGLAND couraging Quest in South Pacific for Famous
public parks and stadia. _.._..___m
During the double holiday onAviatrix and Her Navigator TWO OTHERS HELD July 4 and 5 last year, the na- Mediterranean Still Held _______J___ tion counted 346 fatalitie. Elev- "Main Arterial Road" i iiil RECURRING "SSREPRTBOLSTER HOPES Ford wotor Company en of them w a....ttributed to
d Cmayfireworks, 208 to traffic acci- AU Sorct
Ford Motor Crb 208 n ra a Not "Shortcut" .... .fb i5ia~ RECRRING"SOS" EPORTSBOLST ER HOPES Challenges NLRB's dents, 90 to drowning and the
Challenges NLRB's remainderns to sundry an other'causes. so Searchers Put Little Faith in Supposed Messages
Powe of Authority Goverment statisticians fig- "ONDON, July 3. (AP)--British From "Flying Laboratory"; Assert No Convinc.
ured that celebrators would ig- traders reminded a tense Erp
nite $7,500,0 worth of Ameri- tda that retain rarng ing Proof She and Noonan Remain Alive Sy lbsr Asaaaiated Preas aan-made explosives in commeo- compel respect for her rights and By The aaiatea P,,,,
( ~ B h A s s o c ia t e d P r e s s c a n m d B yls i e T h e A s s o c a t edJ STOWN, Pa., July 3. rating the 161st anniversary of interests and that violation of the Asce es
State police threw a heavy gard the signing of the Declaration eit in ity of pan around Bethlehem Steel's HONOLULU, July 3.---Ccanees for She rescue of ost Amelia Earsieged Cambria works tonight aft- included in those interests, would ;. art and her navigator, Fred Nnan, diihed today to airedhesarir a 21ork .ag ftr- includedinthanaanteana 1 n". .a aS., turned a big naval flying boat away fromath ea iagaany tha er ohe arret of a 21-year-old fo- lrteGuard cutter Itasca t ....aa its di....gnqstantha
mer stee worker for aftegedy Drv Prime Minister Nacile Chain- Caa aa d aa hurling dynamite at a freight train berlainand Foreign Secretary An- Pacific. coming from the plant nd o party Eeaarrig raparts of SO c Eal wl N-Nilyfrom the helpless plane bore up te[ a~~ asai orsm h
State Police Capt. William A. Turns .trong oden their aetht i r rin ebro S aaii caned it reonm the Clark said the youth, Ernest Lay- their hearers believed they were directors. kapn of rlatvea and f srae, bat kant to, of Jhnto, told him he drt of the far-flnng sarcha From Oakland, Calif., George iheand Germ.*.iiii 6P:~li~iii
Threw three lighted sticks of dyna- Toward Church a .: A long distance naval flying boat RIadiStationm eae bra mite at the frh ti bu sped out of Honolulu on a 1500-a athourly messages to MissEart "aamehow failed explode." cleared one of his chief aimt is to eight to thai sce but turned hart in
Capt.i Clark immediately Declared to HavebFin nredanno ATALA..back aftr ightiog a osn, sleet anda na
atrengtened police guards aod bady drtte Satng lightning strms two hours htnam based that her initi s, all water supplies, pipe lines and in Spy Plots for Ger- bai rea" ItaThe Itasca, which temorarily"AE,"b adat n he o ailroad property in the area. ny Japan, PolandT ro" Top phatas rhow Ama E 1a utstaading aviatrix and her navigator, Frd Nn- had abandoned th hunt andre followed by "SOS. Land or water Ilalra~roe n har~. many, Jaan, Poland plete as idly s possible" irt ure o lTid sad osr North Suh, Two other men were taken into siooso rame an, who were forced d oath, ph theworld flight in an 80,000 commercial trans- turned to Howland Island Sn server a th" ody for question. MOSCOW, July 3. (AP)-TheThe smaller mH id e faed er search for the missing fliers is cncentrated, as a ae dfor larga er matio, H aid he aped Mi E atc
f a the lower map a i, along with correspondio'gdatro Son sal at immediately hrgaa combing the might
Clark oidLayton asserted Soviet Union's drive against ene- ei of New Guinea, aa abut Holand Il agadidica he lcatinand
e beeapproached by two mies of the state today turned hesitation." 1 s c wn whether
aies i live the rJastiss Earha came down Friday.
men o him do thm a tgly against the church, Prot- Eden, at oght, na k Naval authorities considererde naL ~g h~; ~ei~l &o, &ole~ ~e~i~oic ~ ussNaval authorities co ife' avo, rtu him where. slant, Cathand Ruasian 0t- ire, gave reingI Pladat Brtain plight of the seeing a H ai the Pan-Pcifi r
find ahe, ta tbd id d m Sh g Aamelia Planned precarious that they orde oran bdmp 4 that
trai Offiia newsapaper published ritarialintegrt y of Sparn and hr destroyers and io aircraft tndr Ea ht
.W.Jonevice presidentafte wainga hat churches were in the Medi terranean open s man T to take up stations along 0its return h
oh of Railay Taimn, l ith Fascism and Capital- a radio 3) uoasrro& par mmrn nas ado iastm, paioim, t ace myi reminer The battleship Colorado, car la
r;* niima ,,, andmas spiA -nd'W re ckeA un-2~
a afe t~ 55a traele o.h Brtisgone n ano tL.., ag theeacatapul ];ner ailed, on aI P. in 6m(30'p m. fn a hOe for l al ea
Sn Uo.r 4'aan Ainna ai Sm. ng atni-en ,a
reanae rarn gh"n.n- .vsion atGale le f. Ln o
era ,t Tmb speI in be.f reaas asbo fnadr anl Sen aslnd toa ;ai

i ster AISVI, Fla, Julyba- A, C Jf h
.5 herapan o I an ~wrlanra lniaI otraTb, fa~~n I ec rea docaaed GANSILFaJl .lant mts, b dplanr e Oakland Tibunerad go d e
rThei iesea h prke oi that B blider Punmm disclosed tAd Taahe a ta r
cult belivcult otbetievd that theya pub- mdif bes Simb-b ino pai p1wife,. Pal mAPr m dieli taay P0 ,aceaar .
an ~have nny p& an any nuch aSkae ainit ervk, Sib, a, aoaid that She Mednie anrean is a "min euatmant and mai tenance divi- -Tha ai s naw nI Inn tha&t his da ang r. Amelia Ea- oat anbor al'; Ir bind tle a a "aad l n id a rdeoas arderd t fuel to ha plansad to gire up rcd. rachd au cinsn. ar
kin"acily eanailet North haaiaiagfighteaftea ati Meanwhlo, the ,I rea e i posd C Onard h unera.
rika Iadejaie M hrmes ar' onl xIslnd Naval AirStation here, a oiplifd aa of a rand-te-wad na uruer radio Signs had aeen SanFranciso effotspi p mnn was: "vr Iays sai aesd and"ondemneda Vladi-Elsd Agust 1 war efin atins wer mad, to got fighi heard any dir err si a she rends.
vokseen hhre today as sera nf Se sin eqandeno of raft abad Putnam said be and Mi, E Tamdipasa sdicninas nfh s odill alwasie dyna- Pactic Star recently disclosed be ofloati to maintain tbr intef- playera mid thay bad reciad the 8800-Sncas hdascaS rfo auld baa, any
O ys beire faasdb their bnd bern 181 ra uoirnsa rf ritais of tbnt royaoh. diuchacga nOiicar rotiln td Para Mstg; an, bombing to a nanmal life in Soothe Calt E autoi ad t hat Il 610as a CI~~atkl-aealleged pisand eerithe Dclaigtattheil as dat e
-it-work movements through- aussianal East in rrhnt mntke. the natcame afaicaalacdpriad ant pea radunau ienia at t h anabe in area. The 500 bilocyclea and that the I asna
nut!- en7 elo :ieaaatu- The condemnedd" cle gmen, it of weak govuasment," be nddrd, 0n 90laa~e weonth is c aira ill paain.-.0 ade.tmorw "I- yenta d ha e sru-te ai so b t hl is e Russia4 Far East inreen nts

.t" ms al fourshw of said had been spies who "conceal- "in thos tr.ubl.d atrn o thnt She aos would be definily Th Leign as to a left f o been the islet andh Cr'U tnd t
Smass meetings for to- ed ehid priests robes," acively elmente of aou inde hav a The Coast Guard atan Fra50 prepared plots against officials O eraa af tIn- lo and awainesvile h t IUV -vbH iC ome a u e
follie a annoncd far the ta ndthea smns Pied.n locally in the fa i divinipn Sn Oaotared planned In pre for t he
atwn, acee of Pethlehem _____ astPat'. teration bar not bacs cnoe ride oarmatrfyi" the payr qae receiving word that the British monitoring stations. Oficers exstatement, diaone an the ast.tbe iie oO h Oddprmnt ih~ewsode acle n h

S''strike-gir Cambcia Wake, AFlnenh enOtePtnradio stlin in the Nur Islands planned that should Mis Ear art
a'- Youngstown, Warren and picked up a message n the EarO 0., where Naional Guards- T S k hpriod after" paret ssa a f i nshin trip bad hen auc astful, Unsaying "A ip adat they might he able to
fnorg ah e andriyo e0itie nasineentia. Ean reclione of then Ioai Drs aatsill. Ha ladand Iotland alre. she Oald aav cre d all Sb, in 9ightahead,' p, hp lbs signal.
m y enforced peace during the innineds"seeeeamot."rps-ick____u_______he___signals._____yeea rshir oaly lsrvad. Both portipe in c ann thnr are Sc Sh' over. Tb, mrage wasta untimed and Out of Honolulu, the battleship arsb_ "Tnar_ot oaf it was unintelli ible but knows it'a "IShhad beenn braisfdaram t.o ath i was.. butla Cais eardamen torsead by Sbl Navyd
OIT, July 3. (AP)-T n he b n f completely around S, wtrld. the British station was quoted as colorado was ordered by the Navy
woa Company challungad e dob Britahn or Shr ooald nut rent untiloh, was rata Sb tne Fimrid Sn Mipa
undertaing."cadytiay.eanwh Ecahht',s Afnsyngayeawieying thr pl.. to aid in an
N satia srela- te d d n e a EdenEaeclaredhBritainar" t Ie he"',s"life.drem n of a round- h w md
tolen Noats bI a rela-d"Bt with Shin flight staged ma This station is on almost a direct rpanie bunt
i, with employes it ode- Florida Citrus Industry a gs ries tion Mpss inh. see Th toa as seea a
ie aos engagedd is local pro. propha1rnls that the n-vg rnouta and bard her Thurday as waa pressd into the aean t bombing

.to Be First Goal of Or- Sian palaulacosnd Spain he drippad notices__effective__on_"that awnr pa. bat Shabin will b e ive At 10 a my taotera Standard
e.ig a.She will always have be she passed within 60 miles of Hur- task from the Hawaiian Islands.
e an NLB complai nizatioChestt wigsetenin p tannd
allegmlabor practices on wic ganizatin Chest Tiiua b, he unSuccessful searching plane Time today, Carl Pierson and Walats set forr Tuesday the gaugh secrcne Faid this ditremn- mar epctacla fh rpd on r ng the annow and ter McMenamy, amateur radio
i t pany died all its allo- TAMPA, Fa., July g. (AP no mad demrcretiit high ltitde. Snow is perators, sid atlos Angeles they how ad Talahasse wer to te eff ct eady t ,630 a.m. to orrow afte havig stod by t thehalf

ann and nosertad it should hr The oanization chast of the unknown at owland Island, only heard Amelin's a wn voice speak her
t caAmerican Federation of Labor, cowl- Inoerbs 50 miles from the equator.' plan call wrs, "KHAQQ"
eformaanswer signed by leted to compete with the national I Flan aronel Rescue workers sa idthe sun there "I recognize Miss E arhart's
ccrrow, e prad r ed ots witofls oteneiraira an le a S 'd' Plane wd a ival v Sb
ennr, Ford personnel di- hofteCIOillbond contifavrinhicaetgiwould be great haard t o survival voice from conversations I had with ;saaid Ford employes whoin Florida next week, the State hi idceasvdSip.tandtain rae qof anyone exposed to its merciless her," Pierson said.p
:and chased union or aniers Federation of Labor announced to- strange uthald in th be erian onesid oc oarh r d t hequatorialray Reports c indicated But Coast Guartdsmen in on
Johnstown, scene of Bethlehem 0 alone, and has not been limited io Putnam, No more jumps over moni tod. ifte

pin Igairs May 26 "were at day, with unionizing of worked peninsula. F
ln t aes r i s dps v sv rn- Lxntn sha eig -- region of the hunt. lack of word increased c ia fncern aned at ongtw, Warren ander tever perio clearh war." ocend Ameai the u ar- dt eiythsad fe

tnioni 0, heeNtod "ard AL Jan S, Brla WhSeearchers put little faith in re- they released the last three tmean unlaful onspiry S o r- The cmpaig a started with- Holiday Week-End Of juries When Monoplane ports ofamateurradiooperators of sages known definitely o he
an aur arit" i th a e a ys tn to hr fidt- F. D.R. Outlied;To Mors nplane partsb lafa ataaadaor atne af- re enw eintey 10il bae
icanse airiot." nueCah next few days is to be fi- se supposed messages from the Ear- cme from Miss Earhart. All three
ie tian a dozen union mei- nanced by the national organiza- Make Only One Talk seated the was noa canacing the airnt yestioy le shne
fighting which attendd dis- tive committee of the state federa- ONEONTA, N. ., July (AP proof that she and Noonan remain- a fuel supply almt e j~ -t~ated fr injuies ater tin un"It had been her life dream touknown

an of handbills in their tionwith Charles E. Silva of Tam- HYDE PAR N. Y., July 3.- isa Hawkin e hree person died in fame and a ed alive, haunted.
iPign to organize the 89,300 pa,'first vice president of the state (AP)-President Roosevelt made lto fourth w severely injured today t th radio mesags purport- At 2:12 p. m. Eastern Standard
O0yes of the huge Ford Plantin group, in charge. his only speaking engagement of The fT.Augustine Rebrt when an airplane crashed and ing Sc came from the lost twin- Timre Friday, she had reported the 'ia Dearbc... The NLRB The .state federation ecoa.end- the Indepndeore Day holidays to- ST d...d..d rtida bfrals ity of andi .00"li in her
rahint charged the namynny mdtha campaign at its annual con- day when he accepted an inittion despite official skepticism. $80,000 "Fying Laboratory" sayc espnsiility for what it mention at Lakeland, Fila., and the to attend a churcl fair at ML. Dear Miss awkna: H. H. Lynn, f0, of Morris, N. Y., Paul Mantz, Misa Earhart's tech- ng no land was in sight. Despite founderelftt tecomtte ofhlb Lyon Mafacturing nioal advisor, expressed Ibm nosaic- ti aok olMna a d maiios n bual dealswrelettote omite.Marion, on the west bank of the founder of te~n auatrn ia dioepesdtecni-ti eot al.atMs
"airnd brutalaThe National Federation through Hudson, Monday afternoons h Company, trailer manufacturers, tion that two Los Angeles amateur Earhaa technical advier'far the
o" ___President Wiiliaum Gron agreed to- Tomorrow he will attend services It gives ma pleasure as governor and owner of the cabin monoplane. wireless operators had really picked flight, said at Burbank Calif., he
Contents of This day to allocate the necessean- here at S. James Episcopal Church, and as a prlato ailluen of the Steti as- Plants Copruin Gtorgc Stad 43 N- up a masoogfrom She plane and fall coofidoat abe had reached name
Restoration Issue p Silva said. w erehe as bean s atowatioYorratlfrioa ls its wink, N.Y., Army Air Carps re- that Misaarhcaadlhernaviga oaul atoll and Sara if shn hod ot Nesfa wn ill Ina oorowit Danforon eml gar ainich aftekin purpose h preara-atoa and renlstao of sre flier and pilot of Ibm pnc.ane toad srarhe an atoa en lbs Sheotwo-manrubbernraftcould float ihoiaad -itialan lanmars- ia 0t Augusie. bins. Dorothea asea, 30, of Suth Pacific."idfntl. tion --Regular haw raid W ashndoects er So ..te n-ill am fa thecWite Houseineiit. leolaCatiang MoalHitol ae aidi~ ane bypc te cmlee aflKil nadarwupor henWit Endinott, N. Y. Searchern said they had reason Fankly concerned, Miss Ear. eoaio5narial1 pages.________ IS osees So man S n o as- lbss-al Mrs. Pianen's usbnd, Arthur, to beliere thn Inst inessage from hack', publisher-husband, Deorge Sos-a~an Nrn-lfl~ assua Oficialaplanilt myr Iapare S Ia pr~maly, 15 sallarsa d, wanrepprrdneahoareeaaivd:the a.aemametad1a41a.aenetodayPanmn mPutnmewatodrfnwmre Section B--Histericaland Res- henoeek.rsledualys, ts-as a l n Sopse ir preevienes4 arepr eds.ceve (7:15 a. in. EST). St Sas Froancisco although hr canSecio C-Hstrialan Rs-CoL-H. L. Butler o5. Qis s oun noreuathers ann ear-ly settleas, toslthrougl The accidre nr cur-red nI what in But amuaeur listenesiniated tinued t hod ot hop, af baa nlid o piai n k e sm c nt pa e r, And poine lfar C e T o Scce ed ed B ; D illu h a r gr m knawn on "P ark's Hill," when they had hened ep ont, at 0 4 a. mote r ce.
Section DPietre eeti Suceedd ByDillF na oasmy poits at hirsotai.a the motor stiled at appaoaimalely in., 9:55 a. m. and 10 a. in., EST., Eves mare stackliag, Putnam Srntun -pictur o encoa pnit ToWlae-orners c Plshoul be prseeds ann ti's aitizens 500 fart: A witce snid tho pilot indicating Shiny mere from She said, war Monte' belief that in Sb, JACSOVILEPla, uly1. as St Aluguntine Sofether wtih timo assleane as-ersasSwng She ship bout and started so piano ... "bachgrund" af Sb, radio calls wh~ich oadanatisnortsa cal-NILEFa. Jll3y thes unrnegls'arsSiuts srs So 5e cammenfed s-Sn nonsei down, whben the motor stack- Oerpre ercgie iscudb er htsuddlk ehrn-lapager.einfu.xtac- TALLAHASSEE, Pla., July 1. (APIW.A. MnMullea, Jr., assist- thela perassat allvy Is seeing lhaS SlIm work ed again. .dh obr'SOS KAin sayin "KHAQQ She ror a n iapinena hengie
Sactian E-Agrinullural Tobloid, IAP)-Dovernor Cane aoday ap- ant adminisirutor af director af ases norwann. Ho Shea rersumed bn course, hauOEAQSS HQ O." Mnoifrc onmh e tbliobed by permissinaonf Nathoa paoted Nra. Edward B. GUnan of oporotions for the Flarido WPA,thpanbiaIcaadnmiwaToareheulltaegiclindMsErntbdbogt [aye, Commissioaer of Agicul- Miami and Col. H. L. Puaer of SO. rsigned today So accept appoint. an happy ta haye Sal r salol pock ine smans i a reeman ncamoid ion Th fa the atr fgifun hiere bis pEfawnsar y a aruh
a- aeAngustine to district welfarerboard ment as Pinellas County en.giacer. SnSmSnyen-ltraennanesetSya .....awrdfgbhoomtorifu-cnlSalwenhngalnauTa or ma erbSan- naaner incir areas. Hr saidha w.. Id tab are. hissay .........m..... S t ..iaesm ColoSnahnin Dir AS ntg an otteaapted l,F70-milr flighI ply an l an..d had riggd up an
pae.Tnd cdJbN olay ata laoeFuTe-SnsY yua NEW YORK, July 3. (AP)-Col. So Howland Islan4. Tho airplanec otor in sunk cass
i i.adto oteabrc as... ILS Augooti .... aba dcnliaed ... ardmS J fl.f.... fT... Adminaistao S rn P. Inra J agobrchik, ,Odewd her dytera or eNmarn crgeuy adibs drnignert.m
ge ncom ic tab loid in clo oa points e nsl J. i l f n ~ r y o u less t bh an a o n t hb ft r h e a a tn rsa b u ttio nl a d t h I a n cauM a t z e pl a d. Grandtota 174.pagecs. Tbhe enoave P. W. Hocranew b acting assistant oddminie- cm-o iled to Congress fnr formning a returned la the islad intcadiag te Aa alerS nyc wou kept by nill And St. Auguetines Largestn fWilcooau ppintmnnt aonn-S taorianadditinto continuing his fP/ac "e enrfrleincroaontoradue fermainc terehgafs a Passipua relarncrad ora Soak.wic rnspapcr in Ill Yeas aof His- stable of District 2, Gilnhri S presenS duties as head af Sb, WPAerltxsoafrunmdermotr erhncat.Firef IisErhradNoanok. r.- County. finance dapartmeat.. an elaatric namor be invented, thu flying hnat ta gal narugh ron along Ia f.~y as a distness signal.


State aspect | t These City Commissioners Direct St. Augustine's Destinies And Endorse The Restoration ,Thanks Given Ie S.bAuGuste
Has Appeal To...iti yThis City Of History
Says Colee Who Assistedt"e A
FederalWiesPoet oh
published nFoia snwaal
Head of Florida Cham- Many Have Shown Live- able at the offce of the St Aughs.
tine andS.JhsCut hme
ber of Commerce ly Interest and of co, h ny Casm
Shows Interest Cooperated scored e ission is now nioeinnb limneePTERi SF
which H i
"If it's good for Florid wae RC SSincere thanks of all connected exhaust Da Ume RV b
for it" u is the slogan of Colonel Uwith the gathering of material to ground st Aenrit h a nd Harold Colee, president of the
State Chamber of Commerce, and make this Restoration Historical written n M av Jn lle 12a abition of ton tehtr0h& prean in St.
it is for that reason, ... as Iel as for Vero fte ..d...... :ne .Caean iet.. h
his ardent love of Old St.eAgus- d every person who has aided in home city, that Colmnel uDe huge work. Many people have St. C O oles is so interested in e re- idea how much some small fact FL ervation and Restoration of the ea helped. It m ay have been only of th2 i t s ne 77 Owesip Ofublc rdsuidade trprgassaa name, a place, a little frhobutnit and sobeosO
Colonel Colee points out that his- aatra g e to I idt oer ne c 0o 55 0 torically Florida is exactly 424 Sattc L tt mae s Gorr eA ne ar s Sa e an m o years Id because It was on Easter 1r4:15pm-c onrncinhs o r ny Yo e r Nc Sunday March 27, 1513, that Ponce everyone working on the edition has of ea
de Leon sighted these shores, later been striving. Sometimes a sugsad ens ou h b 1sbgn leMelyn Dugls*esto Ja ee mapodg Go 1e Loan piction BANSFEMay landing at the site of what is now Busldon nga P r in Iteito N S P ga ma 4 St. Augustine. He points to the MAYOR W. B. FRASER C.PS. SMITH CHARLES LEYVRZ GLEN THOMPSON RAY V. WILSON orT R LwI Program of the last few years that possibly would have some know
rs d e F lo rid a th s . .t-ta lk e d ni a nt it s net d ed to or r ob ora te a lr ea d y A R E s T O R AT I n ora s .) a pp d th te aoe f fis e o tb ts al r S u A secured, but not accepted, incidents. D I S U E ouint ard F LeuStofnr aof t o o s Such suggestions have sometimes equable climate, balmy brezs The....pose-of This-Issue Fourth of July Week-En~d In St. Augustine opened up historical lines to ToTrpDal
ets uevromesday arv e un r -o n ,an nra r ar wl coti t hable to be entirely included in aou Leave P R iC e
behes, vitamin-loaded fruits and AN EDITORIAL Official Program for Jycee-Sponsored Celebration Ame MacmillenMr hal vegtbes .... gloous ......shineya of subjects must be taken up. Many andP.M

n g hpb oe obepat t tl enb n uM Mo CM r a ie Mh y e n e s A u1 g u st W in t all these combine to make Florida The purpose of this Restoration Issue of the Record is to ct o c e y a o ver F ou uth en- arouse further interest in the program that calls for the Pre oierv- arnA aided in the work have really
joyed by more than 1,600,000 year- t on and Restoration of Historic St. Augustine. nhrsira NafYonhnusnysic dparuento whyartatentsetproved of great help. The collection e a

ron eiets n necsof pletnanaas nteestiguatposibl The se ounty Com m n ers S o Members of Lyon Family local churches. r iof material for this is 20000vstranuly" gnrlpicturesqu...... is something that haobenmuenis Y weeks and months of intensive re-. Fldroth
The head of the State Chamber cussed during past years. But one, by one, we have seen ancient Aided in Develomn 1:00 pm-State-wide invitation Skeet Shoot on Davis Shores, search especially along personal of Commerce feels that the pres- landmarks vanish. Streets have been widened to take care of the m, under auspces of St. Johns County Sportsmen's lines. This issue brings together EATC STO ent program for St. Augustine is modern demands of traffic. Apprehension and alarm marked Thzere League. 1W. L. Dubbs in charge. formerly unrecorded facts. That it FLRD

has been possible ~~CirlesMeto oi head enGvn giutrlSaitc
one that will arouse nation-wide in- the attitude of all who cherish the ancient aspect of St. Augustine. has-be0 m Sibatrgtao Mtna ayudrdreto f d e possbe toie dly thingnes bee terest, and bring visitors in in- Only fear was felt for the future, and the ultimate outcome. 2rosai pn uiesieSnmmilodoregat on Manads Byuto-wnde ection of Data to Raifal frindl wilnnsso creasing numbers to this great ProsyrWitrB rsrha h iinofaNtoa a c andu ie s sike Sa K n' Com5m odr C.C. Spds Ou-ftw ene. everyone, and it is felt that if this a Tt a frdissue was three times as big people
state. the Legisarese gratiiain Cmitewihsol ecagdwt h ako eiig Road, El Camino Real of the old : "enminute program by Red Bird Rhythm Band, would still be helping unfold here-Cllo Wrt @hn h Lgsltrepssed the ways and means to save St. Augustine from the devastating hand 'Spanish days. This road~was fol. in Plaza. Miss Bertha Williams, director. tofore not recognized facts of value.
appropraon measure. of $50,000 of change and modernt. Fortunately Dr. John C. Merriam, loed o reach 'Ae old -ou= homes andzou~n.o do .. ..

for te Resoratin, an has hown residnt o Carngie Istituion, viordr hsbt.enrusene errace.TTHE o Pe GRIMd SHOEn his fine support of, the Preserve- several occasions, had come, with others of his staff, to know wara ofn th c -t and his cancer; orchestra. Dedicated to late J. A. Lew. St. Augustine people do produce StAu sinF.
ward and Retoato program her an. ....scmuiyfo hti hsbe;wati snw when cooperation spurs them on. FalrSse
inadsoain mn prwaaeeynsoetiscmuiyfo.hti hsbe;wati snw One of the interesting dbvelop- At the Jefferson Theatre: "I Met Him In Paris", with Claudette Restoration is going to be wonder- 20Ct lg hn 7
and what it should be, preserved, -restored and maintained as an ments in North City (that area Colbert, Robert Young and Melvyn Doanglas. uwihscafon to.
~~~~historical laboratory, where the story of the centuries might be north of the City Gaes startedu it uc udain
Ownership Of Public read, studied, and enjoyed. With Dr. Merriamas chairman of w hen i Sn 180 W. LO.yDA VSgR. If anyone has b n omitted from the committee, the work of te group was progressive. A pre- family fromr the north. A't first MONDA this list, who feels they have beenI AAISBUH
Land Remained In liminary survey was. mde ....der the directi....of Dr. Verne E. the spn ol t wine here. of help, ples .......ider thanks ...are t O0
.. ....... Chatelain, and ....epted at .....eting at Hotel Po.... de Leo pnloy~e n ~ ee 10:00 am-Baby Contest and Parade in Pla.... Prizes be awar.ded. given just the ...... So....of the
Very Confused State Marh 2d. Sinc the time effort and money have been put into Aftr a.... short reiec a h outhn- Mrs. Joe Foster in charge.lwhhepda:
task of coriatin n settn up te prgrm e Ctofwest corner ofS.Gog n peopewhhepda: ownrsippf hatwan teme St Agutinshe outye f t.n ohsoheSt. Auusinesiter-.ride tretsMr Lyn uil acot-130am-thlti pogrm.t.Lghhoue ark GeassPle Mrrad Ms.GeogeAlbers
"pbicnd" remainedin.a erye ca Scie"ty-'nd a nube of busines grup an d individuals tge at te nort h corner of what is Sensational Water Carnival by Voluntee Red Crs Mae Andreu, -Mrs. E. S. Ashton, MnyPopl
cfusd coditio fo may yer hav avnced funds. Carnegie Institution has given aid fimanciai no Hop St, an a ac ieSvnorps and wit "ing Neptune and his Ms naAn r.Lr a
coAn otho ino an er erwse anva suple th sevie of... th direto.. Avenue. Two of the date palms he court" present. Various athletic events in which men, Averette.
after the transfer of Florida to the pnltewsaraspna eve mearcr Inted aestill standing in.... womn and children ma ...iipt. Mis Mar Benlyy Mrr SiCaur C.e
gstine at one tim ....dercd all per- bill appropriating $50,000 for the Pre.....ation and Restoration mnth.."ontese hc i 4:15 pro-Florida tote League baseball Lewis Park. V.wlM.Dr Benet, Wahig urD C. r.. Srie
s ons havighouses on city lands to Plan. Oter necessary, legislation also wasg passed. Thne .State occupied by City Manag~er IEug ee / 'rno u s t uutn ait.V eeW sigo ,C"M
moethe at oc.Agai repeat- hsmteery -Rstoration demand with an unquaifie affirms. Masters and his fgmti-y Mr.eon Brandt rs. asr Bsoone theeate as iRNTBAK is sufiintydak
....e ... ... iv-ea action.e R. s. Baker, yChester(r s on heeatr s t ssufiin Ddrk R BkeChstr eet 'oldT.Go52 irtNaioalBnkB.g
edly they are occupied with renting iv a o.and his brother baid a strip of land lb at d'1 f .Y )'" Butler. Hus86 --o --' buildings of the City on public lands. It is to set forth all these facts; also to emphasize how much be ddElapb"1 e o t .orat displa of firework s et. of from Davisus n bounded b ospm Cree on te Shores Sal o"htdgs an ote lih rers- M.angr.Vn. ao'Ms
Each year some of the most desir- history there is here to be brought out, developed, and followed east, and the San Sebastian o the r ts% by o Su-Jnor; Seric Club du ring firewrs- Carln an Mr.D. ape, Mrs. able lots were leased at auction up, that the Restoration Issue is being published, and sent out west. The small uhgbtr, ha Isa oen, yfonor (rvocees Jycee frgziorus Louisn Cao r.and Mr. a r.
*hen a new set of aldermen came in. to thousands. of interested people the country over. thei ""ittle rowboatld wud be .ndefraying celeratn reens! s ses. Cook p, Mrs andh Ch amb ero Sometimes only $2 or. $3 might be St. Augustine is a national treasure. It is vital that we let able at high tide togeevstartight ;. .
nemae e oraciy pcenerthe nation know what we are doing, and what is contemplated., off the Toad. But, smtimes the At the Jefferson Theatre: Final showings of "I Met Him In hisneta, Coty Clerk Hira E.Kttead the center of town for one year. We hope that the Restoration Issue will play its part in this tide went out with a ush, wh]en .Paris" featuring Claudette Colbert, -Robert Young, er and his staff, Mrs. John L. &~nEn t they didn't pass up any g eat program. Mr. Lyon would signal ,"hr i to Melvyn Dougles.
chanes.Why he omenshold tem ut~t wold b ir 2osibl totr, Jerome Cape, Brigadier General L behance. out fo cne oesnot a- I the bcki anwoudhere s . Vivian Collins, and Mrs, Collins,
pea. sil the wer th mos c a b net7Ae tar- Eleanor Beeson-Carroll, Louis A. auaci osin en overe.h os ing place with the; Colee. : /
Aoneoouncilmeein in June Buiding Permits In Members of hei f Hastings News Photographers 'Cle
onecoucn ee~g i No. 99q Sa r co '' .v Mrs. Neil Dickman, Mrs. J.: T.
motion .... made to "arrange 0 "OB. Ja~,nei: iOi; i n T~ Dismukes, B. Deyo, Mrs. W. W.
__ _. ,: An.. dncent ulty Total $7.710 &. .w Is e W. a. ge .... now H. W ." Dai,

fence .... the n t of he se re: R: : :m .. .. C ese ont d J she P.Doge
Anitbe motoi whurc ato arrang vic _e an The patyld.4icen ie ... opleys and, go--pooahe Me Reor and Erwin.a wi r, tog o eaeo te2 plctin Rece loed Ch rch n will be' nrad Eleue 0.. Upea~ loe se n emr, jo ... hot iot n ew.s Mr ...R. os Rte, rs. Ltie~ o h
public gr'und* t,~iato iuknS nS atoe hinWO h u-GnrlD nt bohr~ at f ar spolis -os -thag e e on r newsl totthe Flahepi rt.,rsMod '
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ s 63, ofRcod' the Memoriail and's otllng 7 t0 de1velopd ht. iBar....... tolan M. ndMrs JhnHut otuat t haeradth asis- rMrHasyA.Joes
i'jgn 9arcts., . ... Th pr~Wty d~ s ahken winner at dw ays and goo photograhersSU
thid a th S ~ hi 'Prsbytrian Chrc a 1:0ohef] ouse l: ats o.r Kettle Marbeo h. PRICE'S kgen M rs. n i Ggoir t th sprang and~t ; afterward enjde arer most r t : membrs r.anMr.WR.HtsChle
&ut ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ms o'cloc thsLynngwloebra-Aeunwsocpeda. yO thlM4ee Tuqoesd a ,he h clin ...... r uin es ind St. a lst nersiborhoodo The sub- erl Dent, lbethg wnfohedresports. Thos .atteing er-any tynew .. fSuustaff. ... opkns r., MaudHart-i
"fo 4 fee hui grun ocupe ew ofte seronepae nte o h iegad h will be: "Ion enrlU t r est- Mt An r. Kernnuaile, s Theseraind es oraticlrl Aley millnHrane, Mrs.hres by mie ssponer. I Auutn Ispcigu fte2 er Us.e oirwl reraig to ya nnoute ar an a rd Stele J. W. Campbellforne to haed th aist th" uneMssNny utr
*(Oet bfithf eorder~ies ofd rbuildn permi xesie Sr wic muts totaln $771 speia music unguder Behh directiont andta l~M' dHunt.e~g a a.... Mrs.. Hy, A.s PauoMnes,.ra .Hstgrms) r ad rs JhnMr.Joh r KettlHerner E.c
Cunty Jeun ... e hag anth to o wit... Grac e oo will be the olost. on Weneda afte oo n rnoon whe it.o .... r in the roducion o o theKahe

mg me ssessenv r1L o 1937p g f th v bl op- Apermi was obtain by rs noo, St Then.HastingsachPotatoteyrspnt te newgrn offr St.aregiestsiitu an J.NodaR .uRs.nMosigno Th onycmisoeswill wor on homeste and buildinsgsn. o, m A nce roof il to plae on th fo 1the lif guads whowl be onads' th Flrd lneshl thei its Prsrvto an Retrto h ames in Ray MrsH. Cheese stucur at eNoy 18 Sa oava ezwsr ao e du t on t e Ligtcre e Par an St anua metig Ths mee i ongs Prgam far and o wine. In thi Most r. Pa ul ickr rsho .o meoe ri efl tomrow i acord Prba t h ost expensivebt Sfttwich a mut toew $ 70 o b. her ugusdtane Jak todkaric July 4 rtdMhereFat f tor es"F V anceaith the lasssmns the journ eof co m enz o-structinwsgatdo0.D JeBurg as reeie 7 eii wer wel atene and [ i he, the buies cnetodhi esae as O ieose of y r. a nd stn .
sio an t 10y opmrow, Juy 5th Guards waermonterett the muent Tu-dyofM.adrsLan Fre- tribue toe s Johne Maorns. M.Cthrn i unetilere d at a .n .,e whien olfe who is. ong o i enve $200 to orep ace de y roof onite net will be on dutydy as f oll os kille work E...t 0iv...Mis Mn r elr equlzto meeting.. wil .... No. 29 Weasrciedpr sont veine atn ei Lihhouse Park, Toed EMchholly and men. wharos. Fach eren Mis of lerosiyMaaeEgnMses .... ae hih th tentaiv ma. ~e: h f ted strtr oae $27 Are-roofn en. Jack hnsponi from 12 ...... tore tis astings as Tr..naa etiiae RA.r P ..... M iss osa t
buge wilhetae u ndcn 9Sn MoN Aeue. An permoWitne wand givnhgSeets Thisi 7 p . Wle .....~a John.d erel iro Mr s. an .... ........ Prsr"EdadMrs. Kenet Bale re noted phtgahro ahn-Pcl etaffe,'AslbU~ert
sdrd the Weqaatime t- othe e~mt, d~ aaealin y wih ohe re- l thi oeigta e a t $10 Boesbroold from 10 a. n. to 12 tuWire onTra y rolf leftr to ton .. .. .. C. asia iswrigPne a Ms Geor e k M r.
_n th$sesetrl o 9 700 arn fthe .C as give- pue.r i w as tertfined iMs noon'. EAugst Beach Sonny Miea m Beach wher pi t he pents ean T grtfro" aC .NdlR.Rv osgo wl be p arted an d tomis ermissionNo. 15rdvac teetl roof Banhatl forriso thepos ui l ch Jfi er o m e aynboh holiBdays. tion;y n uins als he foalaswig lca rma J a tis an, Rv. J.'~ H.Oeefeu,
again terassn s. It is esimte t coti th nighbor on loe ul he old ba nd Jac Kat ric k, fro r. an Mrs Georg F d ssf t r pel F. Vic"to h t Pmr, P. th ics f. Ausiner .
ATERA T JAKS hoodE of $ 1,00 0 .st9anM r uctsrert at o. 7 M lace tet Ic to7P odayfrmJy6 the r ds July ermnont wrth gus s ecur ing A. hesl e dCaer i s.ilb Ersne Rieynos, Mise ai
-pcte that Y number of citzen A...--.a- Th ... wll ItL_ bou___ V__ Mrs Srace ....e tr eet YM CAp -wllho d ing .. osed Mrs.A- .-4.- Rgtff -- A itx- ar a ____a ..,..--- -

SUNDAY, JULY 4. 1937 THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD A-3 53 Marriages Rev. C. W. Marlin Iof the state. Mr. Marlin formerly Six Surveying Crews at Thy Thnk A out he O~u, uring AppontedChapain s....ved as past Department.. Chap-t
Wihat They Think About the' occ Appointed Chaplain of Ka e.prmn Are Measuring Farms; Photo Views of Old St. Augustine, Florida
nring 2 h no a aom l sr ob Acreage Is Computed! So d In Sets Made On Gloss P A sin ri d
tos t hti n e, weo ulM month O f June dtt Reak o. wor. Inrdenlvi n bha c n tes
r o t oration epast of his appointment to the office of Record M monday During t past month County 1 fo r C c hs t a t F a n n A check-up on marriages dur- Department Chaplain of General rl seon, presi- place in J o e d ing the month of June showed Crder No. 1 United States Spanish lTomorrow, Juy 5th, being cele- Agen.Loonl Blntcn has had six Others of Historical Interest.-Larger Whe ........ roving Restoration tion of many of the fea- that 53 lic...... for nuptials War Veterans. for" the year.. ]brated generally.. a1.. holiday, be- surveying crews~:? II measrin theHNG 5PRRL
i nep o r ter es d t io n eda n um e o f t h e b u t a ls o t h e p e n thn ta k nit d e ith ha d e b y C c a u s e th e G lo r io u s F o u rth P A S S E D O N fs t o sAlthough this is a surprisingly made W. W. Marshall of Fort Sunday this year, will be a holiday are cooperating in the federal gov- Your Roll Developed and One Printwr t s ib l n s rg alOI T E F M F X R thought th s Restoration program l member, th marital toll was Lauderdale and w unexpected by also at the Record plant. This n e S 1937 Soil Conservation Returned Promptly PostaaiudesrshhNy would ean... St. Augustine and s... not ...f such t. featug us- ater b one during th month Mr. -Marlin, in view of the fact that means that the staff "has a day Pr set n
the nation, eany gladly expressed as wilo spoil the beautiful pattern of May. Of the 53 licenses issued he has been unable to attend any off" after the strenuous work in P o y rin ahe t .om of the

Retoato bee accomlish 1ue $er 69r $ 69tiaerx rea g saegad a e O up
gather t.he opinion.% of a repre...ta- of what all this means. to St. Au- 6 Sgt. Ge....or...gie....i.. ft ..gnztonhl ... io Shtdysthire.....eigt osbe oo l ol tms ...I i... :.....iig2,a t Coda1y... i...ka ... hrfr h.... l enl tra77g rma~cuar e~i[t3 t ...Sre.S.A
Mrscolored. Chaplain will take him to all parts issue of the Record tomorrow. measured.son.our Sou o the opnso this gustine, we should take one word In delving back into the records great m:stricaleproject, upon which f our logan: 'Cooperation.' of past m...ths, it was found that the eyes of the nation are focused,
flo :Miss Elizabeth Thomps... presi- place in Jun of'37 excee..ded the
Chester E. Ben et harbor master: dentof the Junior Service League: June brides of last year by 18 as "The citizens of St. Au h e "If the Restoration plan is com-RER should get behind the Restoration plated f our historic s otss36e program with every bit of help and long forgotten will come back Other facts of interest brought cooperation that is in their power. being. The acie t atmosphere ofut on the subject reveal that in
do believe the program, if carried our city will become even more at- Deemeeolas ear 48 e .
through, will mean to this great tractive for our many visitors." married. The low for 1936 showed little town what a blood transfusion ny 19 e newlyweds, thisnumber
e b .. o st dedae cesib ilittoheb s ort means to a patient. I do hope it Mrs. S. G. Glickstein, owner of or 28-daymonth of February.

%vill ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ F l Coursety"loa des hp
"I think it is one of the biggest e
Maurice O'Brien, St. George things ever undertaken in St. Au- S E R V I C S T O R
Street merchant: gustine. I am fo the program Take Place Monday aIts the greatest thing since wholeheartedly. I will gladly co- G A in The F l i Frso ADl rv
built Hotel Ponce de Leon. operate in any way possible andTHE TEXACOtSTATIOtBU N NEL Every wan, woman and child in St. feel that the majority of oSt. end to be held in the city starting Fl A\ugutin hudb o t A town dents will do likewise." today with the Fourth, a twentycan't stand still-it must go back- one gun salute will be fired at the
wSUard or forward. I would recom- RState Arsenal at high noon Mon- CO. mend a mass meeting for women MO rs rank hearly ouewfe:o day. This bit of military glamor "fcusIamhatlinfvrwill undoubtedly add much color to :.. ,for the purpose of explaining the of the Restoration as I feel every- this patriotic occasion.
ire a in detail to them. Getnthem one should be. Restoring and pre-F lined a for it and they will con- serving the lovely old buildings tine wils be greatly sbEenefited byR v-inca the .".." here is to me lik savin a przds..." Quality Rubber at Lower Cosd!:: ..
masterpiece for posterity. When Moe Efc nt auf t igu Mrs. Charlotte Stead, clerk in a the program is completed St. All- Mrs. J. R. Vaughn, owner of a :local jewelry store: gustine will present a living pic- local Eficentel:daturi :"I am heartily in fa.....of the t ....of past civilizations, and will "I think the Resto....tion of StoerDsriuin.ot
interested in the old pla.... of inter- important cultural centers... this improvement. Being the Mother THESE SAVINGS PASSED ON TO est here and in the Old World at- continent. It will truly be unique City of the United States, it should mosphere, and these should be pre- among the cities of the world." be brought back to its original, C ...... dfor future genera.tio.... The YOUJ IN THE FORM OF EXTRA
-R~estoration can certainly do us no arneiceemoeofwith its quaint balconies overhangCLwec ikeemlyofing the streets and the quaint little V L E TN XT AC S"harm and may be of untold value the *Florida East Coast Railway windows. The city will be a great A U SA O X R O T
-to the city, as it will result in valu- offices: attraction to tourists.. To attract ,.ble advertising all over the oun- "If the program of Restoration is the attention of tourists and keep sPANN orFutho uytipa o t ry.") carried out as I understand it, there them in the city is something which PLte ANNINGo yoursl FourthfMiiy ripplin
is no question but that St. Augus- St. Augustine needs."fete AEYo orel n aiyb elcn
Dr. Herbert E. White, prominent "yr smooth, worn tires with a set of new Firestone localphysician: The Firestone Auto $ 9 Stanrkd Tires! Fireston ma..kes great savings by S"Webster defines the word 'res- A:Radio with 6 Metal oontoling rubber and cotton supplies at their sources, t0ration' as the act of reclaiming, Tue$-30D1i m ~ mrece~t atatrl mtos by'selling in br nging back to its former Speaker Exclusive Such oueta itiuincssaelwr ? trength,, rebuilding, healing, or Sound Diffusion vi I +,. The ie:.rvge are p~ase on rlto o s an e for.o
.;Curing. In the vast Restoration Sytm. m C",oI""d :eealtsae ott o te raO project underway here there is a EXTRA VALU ES."
patfrevery one to do It shudT 9XTRA POUNDS OF RUBBER to every be a matter of personal pride with pndis of cord. Extra v alue AT NO'EXTRA COST.
-every man, woman and child, here =: - - ROT1ECTION AGAINST BLOWOUTS, because. to help in reclaiming from the dust *ipnta aosptne ietn rcs, of ages the original implements of Gg ~ p g thtfaospaetd ietoePocs,
living in our Ancient, City; in makes these tires, run up to 28 degrees cooler. By this, .bringing back to its former strength process, every ftber of every cord in every ply is the best i art, literature .,and saturated and coated wiith pure liquid rubber, mus eicdngof our originalretri inhabitants;Counterctng internal friction and heat that ordinarl 7 in oreb u destromsty tire life. Extra safety AT NO XXTRA COST.
important of our ancient landmarks.PRTT N ISTPUCURS In banding ourselves together for Kifcause under the tread are two extra layers ofs !the' common good of our beloved .. Coer wrm e wilk col ib Gum-Dipped cords. Extra ire strength AT N ..i fbmO o iml .e.. ..
.ity the....will ..... the healing of MEad trctv msral.MaeK EXTRA COST.
y~~~~Tioe tatios theou curin PRal OTECTION AGAINST SKIDD1ING, ot. o! pettiness and selfishness. In thisCOCEa breast rd' cinfcfydsgedo w;ay alone will the true aims of the compel 'SEDANS r~n hs ag' Era ~e T O ~ma~d~~h ld, tt Restoration be aceomplishelt." prvn thi danger Ettr-. saeur AT NO 69 6 EXTRA COST
"Mrs. Roy H-allmn ... Flor~ida East :a, ... ... $16 $3: Don' take chance witwrntires on youor tr~ .. rtteve
Coast Railway office employe: rp O:I ell A "The Restoration program fJl rp.ji h irsoeSV truly acntructive plan and one rowlith a set of newr Fiieston Sftdard rlthat will be of inestirmable value to 1 .. St. Augustine. We have always Attractive black i]rs-tcys o ieele
enjoed nd eenprou ofSt.An-and silver
.... in .......... of+ it .. naua fabicoid with, DON'T, RISK YOUR LIFEre t n
beauty and charm, Old World, at- n eIW cottonfiler. ONT I W RN IESTAD D mosphere, and-exceptionally good Ideal for car, ON TH;O IE yeax-round climate, and we are beach or cottage. DO YOU KNOW F(:RPSENE ;R
ileges with those from other See-. QUET Io+ ..*.....~cotth tions of this country and abroad." Q 3.9-1 children?.. 5X.
(bliffordl J, Noda, manager of the ORTHAT a million m wer inueXt55-7...... 5 St. Augustine Gas 'Company: 1,C MrA A L AT more than, 40,M0 of theedeathisand HAYDT "I have followed with great inter- intrses were caused directly by pundures 4.75.9...,,.. t. +eat the development of the plan -for Stee encased porceln" al~~hnd sidding d to unsafe #iT5.21 4
and am glad to give it my endore CONV NIEN inultin Maintains ment, and to assure the committee temperature, of my hearty support. If the plan 9; to 10 hours. 9 SC"$I 1 is carried out as outlined in the St. THE FORT GATLIN Is JU ms SAugustine Record, I can see it will $.8 2294.751........0 not only add greatly to the beauty at hotel of quiet dignity,I of .... city, but will mean...uch to 40ire l n every line of business in the eom- rfnmnadpesn munity." surroundings. One hun- Bel o.tif 0 Rm Ih ecio of .
a.A.E alnptor of the "-dred fifty guest rooms, Sturdy mnotors-- wor tire CI whc s eT Nt

oRev. A.Em a kin pos sibl form sucetil to so, io agans 30 'Anisuaizth hist onfi. Auus- winte viitr r hecon

vast panorama as dramatic and colorful as Social Security Board. She was aT. AUGUS00 e o OLDE a CrITY anything that has transpired anywhere in the tumled down for lack of necessary Ver
SPoded i wh qualifications Glass protested re- Congressman Hendricks Interested
fs Pa. enende d~e Avles Swl 'hemently to Frank Bass, fell nn
St. Augustine has a transcendent oppor- Virginian and executive officer of a e ae s e tunity to put to the front its superb historical hthe SSB, but to no avail. gress a ric t e snts t ith
background in the form of drama, with the c ae i l e ie th H lower house of the United States Congress, shows his aays keen m1 nouncesod the closing of its bufranch o stage setting being re-created, directed, and interest in St. Augustine by sending the following message of ed town. tHe hit the ceilig. I congratulation for publication in the Restoration Issue of the tion, who know so thoroughly just how this heated exchange with Bane before o y
should be done. They have told us how we |w O# the Appropriations Committee, he "It was with a great deal of satisfaction that I noted Governor ea n hlp We m y have s s hwt s oaw r charged that the shut-down was Cone hd igned the ill fo an appopritine of 50,000 for the I Member of Retocan help. We may have been somewhat slow ordered "out of spite" and to pun- rpose of the Restoration of the City of St. Augustine. Of course, to seize the magnitude of the project, and to erSO iah him. you know that it is a water of pride t th ration Group e show the Carnegie Institution that we are U Bane vigorously denied this. He youngest man in the United States House of Representatives rewith them heart and soul. However, we feel explained that after the office was pesentig the Oldest City in th Uited Sates, ad I do not A. Pop, hair of th thdBdd Bng ny nthedibea uhat Caregie Istitutis c the Sate of Florida cold o
that the people are thoroughly awakened WASHINGTON, July I3.-The opened the Budget Bureau cut the b to ee tu t now. This Restoration Issue of The St. Au- Pesident will present some extra- do's funds and 0 ahes o l ho th St. hohis toty, is a moeb ordinary statistics on family in- different parts of the country had and of more interest to the citizens of the entire country, than the St.AugstieHitoicPrs gustine Record, in which so many of our citi- coe in his frthcoming ofireside to Be abandoned tempoariy. Heow- "I trust the citizens of St. Augustine will feel free to call upon zens and other Floridians have shown the radio talk on plans to rais the ever, Bane added, thugh eono-s oti t greatest interest, and to which they have standard of living of the "one- ies that ers under way it was me a time to opat i this did prog Mr. Pop h mst waters given their liberal advertising support, is thirdof the nation that is ill-nour- planned to re-establish these o f- prisigofth usies m e toib ie of ished, ill-housed and ill-clad." ices of the nity, dot a grat Oldt O.arpsu. t .i... 5.. the best possible evidence of our wholehearted he data will disclose that actu- Despite this explanation, hen Teachers deal of tim to cii ad s
NINmA WKINS. Editor acceptance of the program, and our keen de- ally far more than one-third of the the Board's appropriation bill atr intens
in Ro a sire to help put through a program of preser- population is existing at levels be- emerged from Glass's committee it tion.
dR ce Prsident fd e M. vSation and restoration commensurate with low the barest minimum standards. contained two id aimed sqare- B ng Co es
E n te re d pn d m m tt e Feb r 1 8 9 4, B i C i T e if t e w l a h
a e Oie s S t w sgustine. Floda b der the mAct the vivid action of the' past. The President's eures will h lt Bane. $500-a-yea i, n ei W
ro a rc eve.r peow9. t thbased on the most comprehensive
.. so Men and women of this Oldest City, who ny of its kind e de in thet ase in salary voted him by the p i tht it
Publisted Smr morning and ea afternooasm, ept can proudly claim descent from those early U. S. It has been in progress for House and the second ed all or an ears T t f hs e, sif t eor m
saturday. colonists, soldiers and adventurers, may well months under the direction of Dr. Board employees receiving more its l of hiril marital, sio s
oradrr than $5,000 a year to be confirmed information on the Restorationaythat amfoi sutes ipt3o O a tifs a o cs a month. have leading parts in the drama of the pres- Isador Lubin, brilliant head of th the Senate. This extraordinary 0 e ti es e ts
$L76 the Quarter- o ot 60 e T a a ent. They are ready, active, and eager. The oau of Labor Statistics. provision opened the way -for vetion; d betiful pitus, is ing as ei
ST ar White-collar WPA workers col- Glass to axe Bane's appointment. Ostriches, Marine peci- hiled ith joy by chool-teach. Augusti, that to c the The Asoiated Pre is lus entitled to the us rest of us, who cannot claim St Augustine as lected the information in personal Members of the House Appropri- ti territory.
or otublition of news aths redited to or an ancestral home, but love it as the city of interviews. Approximately 250,000 ations Committee tried to delete mensAlso Exhibited Through the interest of Mrs. "H
se ot eruiss herery e min er a ath lain t s le ecemi it THet sa mini ie f e o
semi oise Afo t ihs a a ase b ti. t oe our adoption, and our deepest devotion, are L families wee intserrgated is fty the a en.dmests it 1 fe9e cs, hot g l lyte Pactti, e of the local ointing out tho tr e sdous pta.
equallyenthusiastic. citie. Th Glass refused to budge. To litcm ity sned qucstinmairen wore thes the emainde of bill they Sn- f teO -All- goods tfehe arn coWent 50. As- thrnsgunthehpUieFautiydcteas.
lis e ot n ot h i oie o ame uth Be yond the drama, pageantry and beauty, analyzed and charted by another ally agreed to them. When the gator Farm on Anastasia Island gustine, who is attending sum- cie; dmar d th restoration

rieerede to hse tou te cv sef cou bs e f i h F
maia consful ressn, ana terity, restored in ouch a way that it may When the President, at his e- approval these was a stom of of the outatanding tourist attrae- Floridp, Gaineilie, a great ho opest here as Caroegie Insau
Se as s its ea t coeee ac t est press cfrO e, evaled hio angry protest members deo- tins in St..ugustine. ny orders have e plced by tion, ad othe ogiatis ad b tuc cats e o s.. th....... .. C s ttg hae n te er o ed to al- igtesnd amendment asa Startig with only a recy few sclNtea r. Oeftfet- idiidalsthatweoreealy
esor ten t .................. s The Oldest City. We see it as a community ready bad some of the preliminary bald raid on the civil service. alligators and several cuiosities, cinating things to teachers of in nt, and ther will be o
tor nd orr ....................... 5. justly famous from the Atlantic to the Pa- reports before him. One of these Committee members made no the farm was first located at old Florida history is the "Progres- turning bac; h vast am t of
A ig 5 rtso t ........................... cific, from Canada's borders to the Gulf of contained the following "sample" defence of the rider, placed re- South Beach, or hat is known as sive History Page." This is Page publicity to gie St. Augtie
Job Printing Dea t ....................... 5 Mexico: in short, this nation's most talked- figures on the proportion of fami- sponsibility on the shoulders of St, Augustine Beach. It was owned One of Section B. It may be seen and St. Johns County, and the
lies whose total income in 1936 Glass and his fellow Senate con- by George Reddington and Felix by following the page straight great ic e i tv i this diA Bible Thought For Today of-city; Florida's greatest treasure, and big- was less than $1,250, the minimum fces. Amid much muttering the Fire and was just recently pur- across from left o right that rectio
GIVING AND RECEIVING-Give, and it gest asset considered essential for "bare sub. House finally approved the bill, and chased by Irvine Drysdale and F. the outstanding events in Flor- "Surely these ae good e sistence." Glass had his revenge on Bane and Charles Usina, Jr. ida and St. Augustine history sons for the esotin ad my shall be given unto you; good measure, Are we for the Preservation and Restora- Sub-Subsistence Families the Board.
F re nchq I a . 5A h l t g w w h av e b een f follow ed out in se- un quaprop ertydofeM rntLop ez. pressed down, and shaken together, and run- am? YESoI Duuque, Itoal.. .52% Note-Since the passage of the moved in 1921 to the beautiful site bosnce floe ut is e is ang ever, shall men give into your bosom. of total fmilis teyosue Glass has told fbisdds of ovdin 55 it sOh eadio shote qolb this historic pae is
nd ovr p al hisSpringfield, M .............. 50 % Bane that he has changed his mind on p tich i so tands, st south
For with te same measure that ye mete Full of Stars Haverhill, Mass. ........... 45 that he will not oppose Bane's con- B l or Beeso-Caoll f the sys Florida's Stwt Ciam f
withal it shall be measured to iyouS again.- "Where the air is full of sunlight and the Bellingham Wash ...... 45% finmtion and will trv to restore The farm is said to contain twice Restoration Staff. Com r Lukse 6:38. flag is full of stars", wrote Dr. Henry Van Mobile, Al... 44% his pay increase in some other as many large live alligators as any Ausine68. Itfisechanu Aole whites only) supply bill. other collection in the world, the Dyke in his verses "America For Me". New Britain, Con ........... 43% Earth Houses 'gators ranging in size from the
Credo There is no time when we should forget Newcastle, Pa.3% Resettlement Administration has newly hatched to Old Ponce, whose CRUTC FIELD-HANDLY ELECTRIC CO. It seems that now the time has come for that flag full of stars, and what it means to Providence, R. I. ....... ...42% received thousands of inquiries re- age is estimated to be 900 years; ELECTRIC WIRING AND SUPPLIES
Muncie, Ind ................ 40% garding the practicability of build- weighs over 1,200 pounds, and is
St. Augustine citizens to affirm their faith in us as a people. It is thehope and the promise Aberdeen, Wash....... % ing houses of "rammed earth." capable of eating 75 pounds of WESTINGHOUSE AND HOT POINT PRODUCTS the Restoration Program, and to accept it in of all that men and women hold dear-free- Pueblo, Colo ............. 7% This is a house made by filling meat at one meal. This is also the
full, without reservations, whether or not dom, liberty, justice. This July Fourth is the Denver, Colo ................. 35% earth into a wooden form and then home of Old Jack, said to be the Phone 465 155 St. George Street
certain phases of it appeal to them. anniversary of a nation's birth, when accept- Columbia, S. C ... ....I 32% tamping it s aso to former solid meanest alligate ona earth, o is ec whites rlye mails. It differ ff the ade a showing himself, an of the freak
The need for this is obvious. ance of a Declaration of Independence changed Omaha, Nebr .... 31% house, which is made of mud bricks alligator, having five legs and no Unless we accept the plan as outlined, we the history of the world. "We love our land Fast Action and is more expensive. tail. In all. it is estimated there PLAZA PACKAGE STORE can scarcely expect Carnegie Institution, and for what she is, and what she is to be." She Certain bigcoal operaCtors lost no The Resettlement Administration are over 6,000 live alligators in the its allied groups, or wealthy people who might can fulfill her destiny only if her citizens time in throwing a monkey-wrench has built seven of these rammed collection. Wines-Liquorsthrsu p continue ts hold the fins ideal of patri into the works of the new Bitumin- earth houses in a suburb of Birm- Twenty-six ostriches, ori'nally FOR PROMPT DELIVERY, PHONE 158 become interested in it sous Coal Commission. ingham, Alabama. They are not brought from Africa and Arabia, to be willing to put up funds. t laid down by our forefathers, who helped to Shortly before June 21, the date mere walls with a thatch roof, but are kept on this farm also, for ex- 14 Cathedral Pleas "He who hesitates is lost" certainly applies bring this nation into being. Now is the time on which the code became effective neat bungalows with plumbing and hibition. Since Mr. Usina and Mr. to such an important plan as the Preserva- for a re-dedication to those splendid loyalties, and the Commission assumed juris- electricity. Drysdale have taken over the farm
tion and Restoration Program of Old St. Au- and noble principles that were cherished by ators in a private deal with oev- taps, so that the partially complet- conditioned and re-located, form- RUTHANA gustine. We must definitely commit our- the patriots who led the way in the formation eral railroads suddenly announced ed houses suffered some erosion ingWEAVE GIFT SHOP selves to a course of action if we are to bene- of these United States of America. an increase in the price of coal. By during the winter. However, pr bition. Is Old Fatie Heuse this maneuver they jumped the visional experiments indicate thatI it by the tremendous possibilities that lie inaugated The Museum of Marine Curiosiahead. To do anything else is unthinkable. Sunday Is the golden clasp that binds to- eves a p ric boost before its Reg- mthod by whir an individual ati i cossectio a i'h the farm, SN NE o ner rieoost bes r d m ho e th whiss n at housing one of the largest and SUCCESS IN RESTORATIO
For months now we have talked Preservation gether the volume of the week.-Longfellow. latory control began build a home with his own hand its eat osilectins of mane spescimens and Restoration-Rof Historic St Augustine. Bepresentative Chaunceyi W. are continuing. is the Soth, is of eat educaThe Restoration offices have been open to Some men are having the time of their Reed of West Chicago, IlL, aasd Merry-Go-Round tioal v'nue. Mere the sites iI visitors at all times. All questions have been lives these days. There are so many things Representative Leslie C. Aresl ot n t Since Dr. Francis Townsend fin many specimens of giant fish WHEN IN ST. AU answered fully, honestly, with an evident de- coming up for them to b against. Melvin, Ill., have given a new st s arted denouncing the President att other smaller wareis of the sire ts acquin) every person with the acope on old congressional practi e. on the Supreme Cour issue, re- seA,o toenumerus t mention.On DINE AT s Quite a few members of) the ceipts to the national headquarters fithelrgestSus Fsheve ldaght
of the program Certainly, we all want price control. We House distribute free to newspa- of his old-age pension organization is o display the sd one of the

gustneaand kept up when we are selling. their own authoring, but most em- The action of Donald R. Ricberg, sea) ever caught. This catch was interest in this community, must stand stead- ploy a ghost writer. one-time "Assistant President", in featured in Ripley's "Believe It Or 31 King St.oppsite the Historic Floss de h Constitacios
fast now, and subscribe to the program with Ten and Twenty Arends and Reed are not only in sending congressional committees Not," is acknowledged by Field a heartfelt Credo (I believe). the latter category, but they use a statement assailing the wage- and Stream and the American MuThere can be no halfway measures. the same articles. Arends puts out hour regulation bill aroused much seum of Natural History, and is r.The Being Items From the S. AugustineRecord a Score his piece in his district (the 17th) adverse comment on Capitol Hill. the largest on government record. program as a whole must be accepted and of Years Ago as Well as a Decade Ago under the caption "Inside News of It was hinted that Richberg used The Barracuda was landod by WHY SUFFER WITH PAINFUL FEET? worked out in its entirety. The thing can Congress", and Reed in his dis- this indirect method of attack be- Chester Benet of this city off the and mustbe seen as a whole, we are told. Ten Years Ago strict (the l1th) uses the title "Con- cause he feared a personal ap- lower coast of Florida and meas- You Coo Get Relief at Some people feel that if there could have bee' Miss Carol Whitney, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. F. S. identical word for o. w ould ca y him open to a s p i 02 pounds he n ca egh. planned and done a small area at a time, they Whitney, with a party of friends from Ann Arbor, To avoid further embarrassment grilling on his operations as NRA An old Indian dug-out canoe, Foot Specialist in Attendance at All Times would be better satisfied. However, the pro- Mich., sailed Wednesday on the Empress of France it looks as if the boys will have to boss .... The recent sale of Tri- excavated from a depth of six feet SHOES REPAIRED AND FITTED BY EXPERTS Th pary had to get themselves another ghost writ- rough (N. Y.) Bridge Authority on the Pablo marshes in this courange planning. We must look ahead for ten days on the St. Lawrence, having a stop at Toronto. them exert himself a little more. Government a $525,000 profit, was museum features, and also attractyears, or perhaps longer. Only in that Way They expect to land in Fr Tuesday and before Reenge handled by Frank Kuehl, young ing much attention there is a bar- FOR R LANDMARK" can a satisfactory program be mapped out. returning home will visit that country, England, Administration office holders RFC counsel. Kuehl was brought Yei of petrified pork, probably datNow is the time for our affirmation of Italy, OesmaayjHolcand, Belgium and Swittteslas had better think twice before* step- to the RFC from Wisconsin by te ing back to nome esly ship rec
Now thefimeororairmaithoftlyer and, Bping on the touchy toes of Senator late Commissioner John J. Blaine on our coast. Formerly Kno s Post Camp Pint
_aith. Carter Glass ... Michael J. LaPadua, SEC ac- Visitors at the St. Augustine- Tourist Campandor PostCottaeCamp Since the building of a network of new roads all The testy, 79-pear-old Vireginian countant and former aide to Fer- O -I

A h

_.f = Thomas Keegan for several weeks. Of Lesson Sermon In ElecinM da
1;770 Personals Crs hrhTdyA
i~~~~i ~~and d r.---)mn oson, Newton, are enjoying a CrsChchT day dClbwlbehdMnAniprntetngo e
Miss Thelma Rogers, and little two weeks' vacation on Anastasia day ofgh tae 8s ocock
Robbie Daniels are expected to ar- Island and are pleasantly located W[2. ) "God" is the subjetofhee-husatwihie ehoUot ie today from Mullins, S. C at Radio Inn. syNOPSISN When Kay Cran- of holding Kay in his arms as they son-sermon in all Churches Of of an
Sdes Lazy Nine ranchhouse rode back to the ranch. Christ, Scientist, todayan e

dS- oo b e Ih 1 ythS e s o hf ar a n s o oal n a sdn n
:00 a. m, aad bor Redncd iaos ewidlngo Gew ee le coni
Mrs. G. B. Daniels of this citye 1rs. J. P. Bazemore and child- The Golden Text is from Jude charternhptr6iior teysihad has been spending the past two owner of the Flying Six, tries to hand and she sprang lightly up be-:5,T h nyws o u re Sarah and Billy, have left f bu her ranch and talks ou mar- fore him, her own heightened color
THE CTHEDAL PNTECOTAL OLINSS moths n Mulins ith is gand-a visit with relatives and friends rage. But Kay hates him and is attesting to the fact that his emo- Saviour, be glory and majesty, Lordndtoarealdased Masses at 6:30 and 9 a. m. CHURCH parents. at points in Georgia, Alabama and determined to keep her ranch tion had communicated itself to dominion and power, both now and aboea"(ICrn291)
Vesper Services at 7:30 p.m. J. E. Till, Pastor m-o-- North Carolina. and rebuild. Is a jolt that the in- her.

ES US EST ST. SE Tukr OSuPeeaniKnhoosdaerandGif
o M.T ROIC S Sn mern S trden Mr. and Mrs. F. L Triay left surance money has t o ot th d eenr TO Rh e ese.e" T]
ST. RCH o 9:CATHOLIC Sunday School 0. Friday- afternoon for Durant, Mr. and Mrs.-J. 0. Miller, Mr. mortgage. Ted Gaynor, a puncher lence across the mesa that was be- Among the citations which corm- the floigpsaefo h
SOklahoma, to visit Mrs. Triay's and Mrs. Glenn Hardee of this city Ka t hired impulsively, stirs the ginning to take on the intenser prise the lesson-sermon is the fD- Chrisse Sein ely
Masses at 7:30 and 9 o'clock a.m. 11:00 a. m., Preaching Service. sister, Mrs. R. B. Lignoski. They and Mr. and Mrs. Charles DeWitt outo e to cut its own timber and colors and lengthened shadows of lowing from the Bible: "Thine fence
7:0 p. m., P . S. expect to return to St. Augustine of Spartanburg, S. C. are spending rebuild without pa Riding to late afternoon. Sri e Ser pCHRCH 8:00 p. m, edne .' Pray e w --e-- today in Daytona visiting Mr. De- buy the only available timber Kay leaned confidingly against Lord, is the greatness, and the "GoSers3oMC.(RCe sinnesotofye. i
CHUR.CHlis 8:00. Pasor S ric., We.A.ay Prayer 0a mn hs Witt's relatives. land, Kay is lassoed by Scrap Ted, and his arm involuntarily power, and the glory, and the vic- is Hisoees...Alesi h A.E-akn,-o--Psor evc.W A elrws mn hs Johnson, a Fly/ing Six puncher. tightened around her. Somehow tory, and the majesty; for all that measueo: h niie n oh i(Corner aCarrera iandolSevilla Sts.)o FIRST METHODIST CHURCH attending the synod in Miami the Betty Lamont leaves today for Ted gets the option for Kay and there seemed to be no need for is in the heaven and in the earth ing'ls a xrs o"(p 6 9:5aai, pt.; Soo. L 0.nsass Cor. Riberia and King Streets past week. Chicago, Ill., where she will visit rescues her from Scrapls un- words, and sweet as the gay corn- isthine; thine is the kingdom, 0 and36)
DaiSp. .J ans si- Shelby A. Wilson, Pastor he rteBl aot rm wanted, brutal attentions. panionship of the morning's ride

han r. GieaCckalStae.Godlnd
1:00a. m., Divine Worship. Se t- Church School 9:45. Mr. Ed- Mr. and Mrs.-George Reynolds, e t r he t ll to a t edend Ye him t t n
n oward G. Hood, General Superint- of Jacksonville, and Mr. and Mrs. loyd to spend some time with h- meant infinitely more, G Lo W. A. Robinson and L Mais, of frteersbouthaph 6:30 p. m., Baptist Train' e 1lla s The sunset colors were flooding i g el p ti t S Ortega, will spend the Fourth of --o-- n Unexpected Visitor the sky as they neared the ranch

hpast r..O JuOR r ke hre u as gust esofetp t e eso e 4
1e0t o r m ge t i c e C o m m u n hsendn cga tth os 1h so s g t ee.7 K n g S .P o n 4
S.tonin A iWs pet hnha M e aWs 1 ,u. s. rSeheon ovJuy eren thee- end o13 sOaektsottv Lou at r d'sagher Supple Tologuieighuerptydge, endi. dik
Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Young People's Meeting 7 p. m r. Mrs.Helen Guenther. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Masters, is erved
Adult Unions. Union Service in Ancient City Kahrn visiting her grandmother Mrs. W breath, as Ted stood panting to say goodbye to you here. I must

eonmwalmyurs.ort- oe
p. m. Divine Worship. Union Baptist Church, 8 p. m. Mrs. Mamie Laverett is leaving D. Mann, in Pineview, Gao. for a moment. Thf e Yo utahy.
Tuviea in p.i m.herch oo d-we etn O'clhock- Jersey City, N, J., after spending Miss Cora Desselberxer is visit- over to her and took bhck the gun husky voice A 9il longing to kiss
e .Choir rehearsal Thursday 8 several months here with her broth- in her cousin, Miss Cleone rom her trembling hand. Kay before he released her swept
Wednesday 6: 30 p. m. Teachers' o'clock. era, Ed. Hanson and Fred Manson. Schwarts, in South Jacksonville. "It'll be some time before he over him, but even as he struggled
iai 5 caer stree. You will find a cordial welcome The former's daughter, Miss Mry MA CO e tomes to." In spite of his effort to y ed from his arm, olwdb ryrST in this church. Strangers and Ann Hanson, who has been spend-MaiyanFrdiCo,7ya-seyithsvcehwdteef spng hl otegou.

Made5das ooe ainM roysmooenoStdAugustine Floridar.N exigtl To HomegruOur Plac Is ome Thursday 7:30 p. m. choir Re- visitors invited to worship here. ing the past two weeks here, will old twins of Mr. and M~rs. H E. fect of the emotional and physical "When wlyou be back?" Kay's accompany her aunt north. Cox, of Atlanta, have arrived for a Drdeal he had just been through. voice, was as low and vibrant with hearsal. service ndrenj th M N Cr S Mrs. Arthur Manucy, organist; CHURCH OF JES-S CHR1ST OF ---- visit of three weeks at the borne "The sooner we get off, the better. suppreed ds ahes, hean
S LATTER DAY SAINTS The Misses Mil Dean, Mildred of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Dodd. Mr. Unless I miss my guess,ODERNAUTO-h IN THE OE A N

orerdonFrIN FLORIDAt h
N director. Corner of Cuna and St. George Corbett, Frances Borun, and Ethel Cox, wnoeis regional treasurer of moose from ne'l r to aedter a long H e e
in elo her Streets Corbett were visitors in Jackson- the HomeOwners Loan, accoman- something, then changed his mind Visitors in the city are cordially in- Sunday School at 10 a.Vm. ville yesterday led the children here, and wiN re- Aoon's doings."
nated th thrship ia s. CHand picked upthe reins
itd o orhi wthus Evening Service at 7:30 a. m. 0-- main throughout the holiday. He slipped the gun in his holster, "Goodby." He wheeled abruptly,
--Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Powell left --- and'stepped over to' Scrap John- and Kay watched him ride into the ATCHESON CHAPEL, WEST ST. SEVENTH VATr ADATIST Friday for Jacksonville and other Walter Johnson of Atlanta, Ga. son's horse, thht had been patient- sunset. A strange premnonition:sudAUGUSTINE CHURCH points to spend the Fourth of July is the week-end guest of Mr' Qn ly waiting at some distance from denly tightened her throat. Would Choose a Grand Gift 2:30 p.m., Stry Hou. Cbarette Sreet, ns RIO weekend. -Mrs. thL. Misyandhrs. Clrasthefrayhis rein overeisrnec-lhebrallycb backthrethreddays
3:00 p. m., Bible School. L.O0. From Plaza --- Johnson. Pcigu h enTdhn ledter hl es n
Davis, Supt.; Homer Duggar, as- Sabbath Sahool 6Vmr7 Satffrday Dr. and Mrs. Reddin Britt and ---- them over the pommel of the sad- dramatic encounter seemed like a FrmO .Cleto1
distant. morning, 9:80. Mr. and Mrs. Paul-Burns have re- Mrs. Carson Bretts and two il- dle. Then he gave the horse a sharp dream. All are welcome. Bible Study 11 o'edosL turned from an interesting trip in dien, and her sister' Miss Pat Pow- blow on the flank, sending him off Turning swiftly, she walked past DesrSt nLvl Visitors welcome. the west. Mr. and Mrs. Burns were era, of Miami, have arrived for an acosteea the charred ruins of the ranchNwShdsoEnml McDOWELL CHAPEL, FULLER- trs Fort istdth, Texas n r. extend isit wierens of h rd wl hrs WOOD PARK PRIMITIVE B APTIIST CHURCH Mrs Forist e Wo the Texas en MrBr and e M is Pwherens Mr.himT goodbrand work kout Ihis lstiff- osng the bunknouse ihea cin~esreto tbeT
9:45 a. m., Bible School. F.H1. Corner Whitney and Anderson Sts., tennial at Dallas, Texas, and also in and Mrs* R.T oes hy nm ess," he observed grimly, glanc- alone for a few minutes, before ac- d
RT.Pwr.Tecaeing at the unconscious figure on the counting for her absence to the desrstlk hs a MreSupt.; W.J. Hardee, assis- West Augustine Nueva Lared, 'Mexico. here to 'be near Mrs. Powers, who griety as hel cand back toKa.bos.tanty, Services held *first Sunday of 0-- is a patient in Flagler Hospital. "How about our gettlve underes 7:5p.m, racigby W. H. every month. Mr. and Mrs. George A. Miller, ---Ready To Investigate a]eicuefo
74p.mPecig 11:00 ...... church services; Rev. Jr., of Philadelphia, Pa. are..... Mr... d. Mrs. Van Lindsey, Jr., *ay? 75
Gree.mefrl G. D. Taylor of St. Augustine, pas- riving today to spend'Several days and Miss Eyelyn Bradford are ie- enorou wit!" Kath e w re ofA L walkBed withher thogs Kani ter pt A ecm o l. tor. here with Mr. Miller's mnothek, Mrs. toring today to Gainesville, where that she was struggling with. "That mindedly fixed on the browning

Geore A Mileron Wst ingthey will spend the day as guests man has the option on our timber- bunch grass at her feet. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH MEMORIAL LUTHERAN Street. of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. "Hill. Theylndrihteeinispct" "HloTeeyuae"
SreCorner Riberia and Saragossa HUR 0 -- were accompanied by Miss Mary Ted stared, at her lin bewilder- A hearty voice startled her out Give the Couple an Electric Clock
i~dHeis hetret~ea ofth Boyt~nerevRibric.G. tele~ndSaago~aastr t Mr. and Mrs. A. Pierce Evans Hill, who has been spending, the merit. Was her mind giving under. of her reverie, and glancing up, she
"AdH sthe Cheadofh." B od Re.. .Sl,Sud stor! left yesterday for Albany, Ga., 13ast week here at the Lindsey i the strain? saw the. tall figure of a man wait- modernand traditional designs in metal teCuc. 100a. dySh. where they will spend the week-end home, Miss Bradford" expects to "No, he hasn't, Kay," he soothed, ing for her on the -cabin steps. glass, enamel and wood, all with nation.o Ha. msupritndent Sco. 11c:0.0 m., Divingeo' Serve and Monday. leave tomorrnwv for Savannah, Ga., as he led his horse over to her. Reluctantly relinquishing er ally known movements. Modern designs
Go a superintendent .S. Ms. 6:0 P. mn.,~ Youn Peolesgh-- wh ....she will ....nd a we~ek a-, the "I'll1tell you about that on the way desire for solitude, she hli4 priced as lo .... -$s9
toassatAprnenet it.Ms .D.I madduh uest of her aunt, Mrs. R. L., Gen- home." forward, and recognized Tom Run- $6.911
n:0 a. m.,Morning worship. Union Service in k ncient City ter, Miss Isabella Ingraham, who try. ,But he has!" Kay declared pas- yons the waiting figure."5-ieCoeeSris Sermon by C. C., Johnson., Baptist Church. has been attending Sarah Law;. sionately, gazing with fascinated Sayl I couldn't wait any longer :30 0p. m., B.T. U. Senior, Adult, Thursday, 7 p. m., choir rehear- rence College at Bronxville, N. Y., Mr. and Mrs4.-Leslie Chambers horror at the inert figure stretched to come over and tell you how b~ad ilSle
Juirand Intermediate- All in- sal. arrived home from New York on and son, David. are leaving this on the meta. "He got it by trickery, I feel about all this!" He waved vited to the Training Union. .Saturday morning. Miss, Eliza- morning" for Fort Lauderdale where and if you won't take it away from toward the ruins of the ranch ",eea trciedsgsi ..7:45p, .. Evening worship. Ser- CHURCH OF -CHRIST beth Ingraham, who accom.partied they will spend the holiday week- him, I'm goingtoil'' hos as hecm down the steps ..... .fineqaiypae e n
men by C. C. Johnson. 33 Masters Drive, West Augustine her mother to 'New York'several end. "Wait a minute!" Ted seizedI to meet her. His eyes, as they rest- u cofe o, ua n
7:45 p. in., Wednesday, Prayer J. C. Mason, Minister. wek gi eann hr o, ---both her hands in one of his, as he ed on her brilliant coloring, and Cremr3Godlnd
sevc.Sunday be'ihhranMs rhrMisLlinYcrvradle umbled with the other 4 ot a pa- the flush still in her cheeks from a 4
mothr, rs.G. S Stven, lft o rifle his pockets," he added,saedmrtothyadnte
come 1146 a =,Lords Spper hoe, Rveriew-on the- fourishng it triumphantly before ridge.
8:00 in. Preching Jams, te norh tobe gne th reminde her "I hd"tosticoaroudcupyondruGiv apCcktaldSe Wedneday nar Rihmond Va. f thesumme. Mis Mac~egor Withamazeent, ay rasherentil vewas"elievd," h explined MEMORIL PREBYTERAN 0 ill wrk inMordkn's Bllet t eye overthe mmoranum of"or Id have been ov er sooner."- oensaeta n Augue. ewsta i ... Tyaregss the attofidm
S. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ut Mrs.hch Aruhur itss Hera eyeso spakle wihe-oeros urtdw!
11-s.00 a m., o stn woripl we- ity C om issa ion home of M an I. o hr n Mrs Arol Ste eymour ef ,a dt eclrfoddh r I kn ft og tI mgtb monby Dr B ub ke S ecal T .av.S ss on C are. -0of WahigtnD.C. h vearivdmheksatthsmurheaeid nc oes mehepoTmuun onbo me m c b e, chi :er the di.- od~ 0r hone Rierie -o h- e toespenda v caternon of two wes Tdt ogto foror herdpm to Iv n t akin wthe Ta reto f L r n o P at O it T e ct o m si n wl et M s .L alt ewthnth for e aegne t s, rand that. fo e an o ou s u a h
M:00 Grace HodPros. hs iht e chi g. sesra nter Mis i zabeth Vs. e et .' W. A.Sy orttterbre ietC m uin b n os, arnd lo oks e mightyktilSe
MEO. noonTEIA a t esa o'coc for theer purpos Maheego will amazeent a week with rea ed" Iwsrlee, eellie, m 6:3o~ ~ ~ ~~ 8p p. m.ItrmdaeChitano aeeiigte rl etn. from t e an frd. Mrs Seym il our are ormerints I a Syethan tho os.hpin nt
Endeavor in ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ihheopetr'nm thihpped House assesor. Thoor ilme red eew ilb neetdadaothsvstt l a'"o ertu tog-as Serl laver' f Yo n Ppl r's Christian on-cag ai at o'clock on Tsexuesa af M r W 8 Jhn- B. Wili m to e ar ofS t ei r psnew inr Ctyhe Waren "I no h niga ytig"h adear' 9:a. in.,h Churp hol. W teon tos tak up thpfrt arn of csonien arespend in the "Iec dt e oS.A on't om a i hateetoy ithl a~ cuis
9: m. Unio Serct th ter. Th wekl meti g ustinke. d The re ts Wilams ch giet gatr~r afAg't o enyubut piecesooua da 1t:00~~~~~~~~~~~~ beatin tonh osie-CtyCmiso oeo r.adMs .Lodi s gux ye torke wit,"h aded, lowuebrnfhsvetdo l y pa All ar invitd to al the ervice day nght.aa7no'cock, isteaddofFMrsSWillimsis hemfomer Misd'tlad Mrs.W. J.ocouirechermsomas heefoled theprecios willbearmevestigting.
mort~~ hy Lucy Srakr.Seia ladr of thi ciy ents Mr.o hugtImgt e j ,
-ofithis churchi unde Mledi onay. insin t .. o hintover thD e-n. i., pae a er eensutit inrther podecet of Ph,18,Hr@d evad PN :CAG CON recio > Lreno rat Oiat. hecit cmmisinRwussie ll Cuming,- s.Laltdent augt tho isp a stuentatin the m e esds t!oeton! r PAYMENTSy WE19Ke benakngih
Re.C W. Marin Pato to aLis te summera se csson e nierrs A. A.S~ua oe sit stomngvbion Tank Kauy e parrie wit Tok mihyean 9:F0yhrv ch S e rch ol. er H.~ ain W. clc omteu of Floida wi spending week mith Vla on W gna0Kl ylfastigo tet ..di athog hi .... d the thr out ispeciton eof Tfie saDai ge0p.m ner sueite ndenit.a o ec es B ridte ta iend riend gstn. rs. Seyo r r h o me rein e ntsrk eatte nde athre reuhingio n o te ed gse yn. This Ther -wil beusln an meetin oan rtise enoug toC yin the spendse nyu~se th pas twoe ok F~ ile t
Endavo and trs. W.rc Hugheso have boar aflt Ore as-- tIgM efaiyThrwrebou eyCurchfelsforunte
scholn eoarpalte hmeia of H..+ o ok dv.. W. Ofs Mr. Lato wil.. reks h ... he wiguest...tdan buthsvsi oOlof ,"' nttinigMnyinssh Se irae D.. t ..d sfl ivr At~
Di lavson nstasi sland Thurs- return ed fro ao vacation inh Hig Louk id~~ ie Harm. .ei p... 12 emesnfthe fail frmin..... scatlntdsigr
da ev00 at 7:30 Comion Seric aa surris tomncinN n ahuG. Ty. vaiu seons of athn aboutpe$-nea choi sadire a cauos. e apicesrt .0 cint ity Baptis accomanh. ho-- byteretingr this reuyo wi" hasadded, 'Alordinvaton is o icde i o t ar -v A11.r in evie Commn all e he r e icesh snoe Miss Magret Msvitchel ehis1-fasnghseeonhrhpye-aigtaths dayotrfre N o, Pttr
Ionsevie.I uthnice, heMisesEmly J e, ns, and s the Eas MC eithen for the tfoure yhearecs afwviitos turistsganieng s 5T, wae
Subject of th araeo is TnlyadBtyJa osffmlswioth stong vriond whre Kypriswt o 'n
6:30 SorhoLu. W. t an Gerg Wate Law Calond, Gseoria. th e f week- nigt-o-- DevrClo. whog ttet oughthip tsereit ies announced. avis. genra ueitnet Becomes T-ut end ina It Auutie Mis Vigii Kel Veft last I kd r VdP.


SWant Ad Pat W

LOOK FOR YOUR NAME! 7. SPECIAL NOTICES Deathill be made in Evergreen CemeTROUS-R-FORMR restores ta ll bearers, chosen from the in- Senator Claude Pepper Writes HOT BREAD tiette friends ad play F d L il;ates of
he length and tailored meas- Fred L Avril; the young boy, will be: Eugene U. S. Senator Claude Pepper writes the editor of the St. Augus- AND ROLLS
Ge SEEt tva a rsFuneral Today Tick t, ohderick ltn, a
urements to trousers. No ex- Walton, Frederick Chauin, Ha- tine Record a cordial letter witfi regard to the Restoration Pro- to 7 P M Daly ta. cost. Available at Bay T old Shuler, Jr., Calvin Shuler, John- gram and the Restoration Issue of this newspaper. He ys
Cleaning & Press Shop, u e a ny Zeigler, Rodeck Norton, George "I have followed with the greatest interest the proposal to TO SEE Phone 118. J4-6t-p oen, 2 u s Lre an. restore St. Augustie a ed am itenseiy gratifed that the Legis- e r
Johnny Mone, Saragossa St. Beloved Resident Had The btd will ie in state at the lature has made an appropriation for this very worthy object. (Net to Qualty Food Sto) Fohnny Il Saragoa Sv home from 2 o'clock this afternoon Having recently been to Williamsburg, Virginia, and sen the re- ridge Phone
THE BEACON on the beach, spe- Been Ill for Several until the hour of the services. Fu- markable restoration there, I am the more anxious that our City Lial Sunday dinner. Shrmp, Fish, eral arrangements are under the of St. Augustine, far antedating Williamsburg, should be rest. ored, Chicken, Dessert, Coffee, 50c. Months direction of the Key-McCabe Fu- and should have the just recognition to which it would be entitled OU H ust oeral H e. tirely distinctive in the whole United State. We of Florida B TL LINES J of Leoe s d LPark, always are immensely proud of the precious heritage which Florida, a b. Jc Fred L Avri, wel-loved resident u through St. Augustine, ejoys and I am anxious i y possible

ITO E 8. SERVICES "........ du..e 0or as a mber of oys preparing y to be of help in this great undertaking." re el n e

HWITH A SERICE yapaseeda y ht 12:30 RH
CARGO OF OOD PLUMS INGurlque U pe- No. 28 Water Street, his death ter- Fo n eino Radio 90 iuetMelodiet U AN both at Libby Plumbing Com- months. He mo 54 yes d. c Florida eap 9:45 Musicin a Sentimental Mood.
S NEW pNay, BeernordGinty, Phone f t ierl soer willat held thi 1a0 i Sit fEE
Te A I J4-6t-c aefte or ot 5 o'clock from th re- At o n o- aa Monday, July 5th, 1937 Phon Fiis Real Estate Sale idence on Water Street and the Programs Mood o 5t19 10. ea PE av r Se body will lie in state there from w 7:00 Good Mtrhig FOR SALE-oem bcgalo Jd o'lok this afternoon until the hour Leave Tuesday Morning 7:30 The Singing Cowboys.

O aooFORd eAgiLE--I L. b e. Ieterenet mill be WFOY 7:45 Todsy'm Alra T RM garage, good condition Lot of the f rr i n aio mLg AFoNd the AU S50x150o $500.00. Apply Elmer made in the family plot in Ever- at 830 u drIC PrA N & COEAY Davis or any realtor. J2-3t-c. green Cemetery with the Craig YMCA Building Sunday, July 4th, 1937 9:00 Transradio News.ITon Funeral Home in charge. 1 0 Ttra

M n r .C Mr. Avril was b April 5, 8:00 Good Morning. 9:30e FifteentMusical Moments. C 1883, in Nashville, Tenn. He was noys planning to attend Camp 8:15 Funny Paper Party. The de Club

WATE The Manden for Rwi
FOR SALE-S e e desirable tried on October 21, 1914, to Miss Win-Co-Ma are busy making last- 8:45 Waltz Favorites. 10:00 Town Topics with Nancy Lee. Davis Shores lots, priced to sell. Jessie May Parker In Birmingham, minute preparations for the open- 9:00 Ho to Church-RevStele, 10:15 Whats Nem.
Terms or Cash. Manucy-Colee in which city he was connected ing which will be on Tuesday. The, Realty, Inc., 124 Charlotte St, with the Southern Expressand the eager campers will leave the YMCA Lutheran Memorial Church. 10:30 Morning Concert. DorothyLAMOUR, Phone 563. J43t-e Pratt Consolidated Coal and Iron building at 8:30 o'clock Tuesday 9:30 Today's Almanac. 11:00 Music of Spain. DOYLE'S AUTO
3.Company. He me t St Agu- morning, in a bus whih 9:45 Variety. 11:15 Musil iet

11:3 Farm 5-onhsilan oan-21d3,Me sSensept
FO SALE OR RENT-FurMred tine in 1925 and since thattime has cured through the courtesy of 11:30 Farm Flashest home, 8 rooms, 3 lots, lawn, been associated with the H. E. County Superintendent of Public 10:00 Organ Echoes. 11:45 With The Band Masters. Gilbert, ROLAND palm s, rge and grapefruit Wolfe Construction Company. He Instruction D. D. Corbett. 10:15 Fifteen Musical Moments. 12:00 Tic Tacking Ar..nd the xARNt MORLEY trees, or pe myrtle hedge, hibi- Es a member of the G Metho- Th e Fl b le d signed 10:30 World Entertains. Clock.B E.
LIONEL ATWILL two garages, private dock. Ad- the Maoic order. Holton, Bobby Hunt, Bobby Tony, Chureh, Rev. L. E. Brubaker. 1:00 Music Box, dress Box "P", care this news- Known for his genial, friendly Robert Pacetti, Bill Smith, Bobby 12:00 Luncheon Serenade. 1:30 Gypsy Trails. Mons Aeees-O Charlotte St HEL E N MA C I ppe r. 34-t-p manner, the deceased had a wide Reid, Richard Hol.a, Billy Hobbs, 12:30 Song Souvenirs. 1:00 In The Soln. Phone 117 A Paru t 3 Rcircle of friends throughout the Billy Barnett, Ross Dunham, 12:45 To Ti e. 2:30 Vaoieties, Seetifie Body Masge

Scity to whom his death will mean Frank Day, Eugene Patterson Carlfurnished .
inessbuilding. Couldbeonvert- a great loss. 1:00 Gypsy Ensemble. :4 Organ Melodies. El C t Bath ed i 9 bedoms, large liing re iee Bryant, Jack Buell, Harry Costa, 1:30 Memoirs of a Concert Master 3:00 Minute Man.
Ter suie the id, thi Delmer Conley, Gale Traxer, Jr., 2:00 America on Parade. 3:30 Afternoon Concert. All Teaten s ede the Nroom, and restat. This prop- 4-year-ld daughter, Jann, Is- Albert Hod ges, Steat R sell, 2:30 Old Quartet. 4:00 Four O'clock Tunes. Sopisio of Php an
OPENING WEDNESDAY erty is for sale or rent. Manucy- ter, Mrs. B. C. Hassett of Miami Harry Rice, ., Emmett Pacetti, 2:45 Dancing Moods., 4:15 Music Balads, M AND MRS. E RO Colee Realty. Inc., 124 Cherotte and a niece and nephew, May and Jr. and Joe Anderson ofBunnell. 3:00 Weld Varieties. 4:30 Cocktail HrE
AT THE JE T3 M P T WoiFFLL- Two tukloads of equipment 3:30 Songs We Love. 5:00 HollywoSod n Paerade. M FOR SALE Desirab Oresidence U were sent to camp Thursday, and 3:45 In The Music Hall. good condition, Almeria St., at Ralph Rouse, 13, Dies camp leaders, K. P.'s and the camp 4:00 Light Opera. nearyTne eEN ft tn ENT D. rice price. M uy-Colee PAfter Short Illness r o t along to put the mp 4:30 Musical Variety. ETION COOK T Realty, Inc., 124 Charlotte St., I shape for the boys. Two sail- 5:00 The Meistro Presents.
Ten names appear inserted between the Want-Ads. Read each Phone 563. 34-St- Services Monday At 3 boats, two canoes and a row boat 5:15 Sunday Tea Dance. All Pe
of them and, if yers is pesent, then being this Page to the -were also taken, these to be used 5:30 Dinner Concert.
.Roph Neton Rouse, 13-year-old 6:30 Dinner Music. AS FAST AS 0AS-AS CLEAN AS a complimentary ticket to the Jefferson Theatre. FOR SALE-Five-room bungalow, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rouse, Lru t 7:50 Concert Under the Stars. ELECTRICITY-NO SMOKE OR ODOR Araquay Park, at a sacrifice of Anastasia Island, passed away The camp staff, assiting Direc- 7:00 Moncrietes. POSITIVELY NO TICKETS GIVEN AFTER S P. M. price. Manucy-Colee Realty, late Friday afternoon at a local tor Warren Msgee, includes: Mur- 8:30 MUnical evareiens t Cit Inc., 124 Charlotte St., Phone 56.3 hospital, following a short illness. ray Sigman, Robbie Johnson, J. C. B:00 Unioe Sevice--Anoent CityRs J4-It-c The youngster had lived in St. Williams, George WhiteansJo Baptist Chuesh. St Augustine Paint and Hdw. Co.
____Augustine for the past eight years, Iees. 11 St. George St. Teleshoee 220
Fraternal Cards coming here with his parentsefro Those parents h is enroll Shelbyville, Ind. He was a student their boys at this late date may do Salaries Bought Palmetto Lodge, No. 25 School, and attended Sunday School list may be secured at the Y ofie 5.00 to 550.00 Refinish Your Woodwork With A regular meeting of Palmetto at the Grace M. E. Church. Monday. Mr. Magee states that W a nLodge, No. 25, . F., will be Ralph is survived by his bereav- parents will find this a reasonably Money for Salaried People u En held this evening in the Fraternal ed parents, one sister, Caroline, and priced vacation forga boy, under No Endorseent--No Mortgage Building, Charlotte Street at 7:30 a brother, Harry His grandineth- splendid supervision, with good
4. FOR SALE-MISC. o'clock. All, mehbs ...... urged to Mrs. Curtis W..asson, of food, a healthy climate and no NO DELAY WATERSP
-Classified Advertising hs -- attend. J4-Adv. ville, and an uncle and aunt, mosua Itos Makes it en :ytoeafyhsmsaetd Typwiteo5rs o and Mrs. Harry Fields, of this,4ity, WILLIAMS FINANCE CO. woodwork. DriessnsO hams-ass at Adding Machines also survive I, Clean out your attic ssaly enu hoor
Cash egistees Regular 'meeting of izpah Funeral services will be 11 d Bishop's Bldg.
ONe 20 WORDS OR LESS $1.0 o and SL.0t Web Lodge, No. 23, K. of P. Tuesday Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock sell those unwanted arti- Entrance 170 St. George St. SERVICE PAINT &GLASS COMPANY BUYS ONE evening at 7:30 in K. of P. Hall. from the residence, with Rev. C. des through the Record HOURS 8 to 6 PHONE 129 WALL PAPEt-AUTO G1S ITALLID I insertion 4040 All Makes Rented and paired Election of officers. Visitors in- W. Main, pastor of the Grace M WALL P R O
3 Insertions ........ 7040 We De Duplicator Work ted. J4-Adv. E. Church, officiating Intermet Want-Adsi. St. George and Treasury Streets
Form Letters, Circulars, etc.
Insertions ...... $1.00 ABERNETHY'S .....-.........-.....
Claasified advertisements i0lSt. George St. Phone 888
counting ovee twenty words cost J27-0t-. THE GUMPS- CROCODILE TEARS as follows: 2- per word for ons Virgil Hartley, Moultrie St.
insertion, 3le per word for V I,
six insertions. Typewriters, The World's Num- OW|EN HE MN UI HE DEC A T Y
Advertiseaents fsr wsee-day hr L. Famous for "Touch Con- WAS MAR, RIED,YOU SHOULD HAV TURN ON THE TEARS- YOU HVEA S N E M FI insertions must be in the Record trol," ease of operation, quietness HA-HAwAS IN HUMA NATUR ?YOU office by 11 A. M.. For Sunday and superior work. Invite a dem- ME ACT SURPRISED! HA-HA IAS I DO I LOOK "DASHED NVIEVER TOLD ME YOU WER insertion they must be in e onstration and compare the re. DIDN'T KNOW THAT ZROW- IDEATEN TO EARTH i YOU'VEE ALMOST MARRIED-I CAN NE VER Record office by 4:30 P. X. Sat- salts. Langston Office Supply OLD FOOL MAD A WIFE -HE'S ENOU H COOT M TRUST ANOTHER I3UTI urday d d Co., Exclusive Agent, J23-tf-c. JUyT. THE TYPE -"R Ntca MANass subject to collection on the- 5. WANTED
ayof first ...tia ... WANTED-Man for Rawleigh liii' i'.i a
3. Automobfleu For Sale Route. Route will be peanent if you are a hustler. For partic.CADILLAC 5-passenger sedan, A-1 ulars write Rawleigh's, Dept. condition. Party leaning town, FAG-210-103, Memphis, Tenn. / will sell for cash at sacrifice J4-p

f .


Davis Fans 11 Islets As Saints Score Fourth Win In Row

F Take O n A Start to the Major Leagues President's Cup Tourney

FraHCISmen Take
r rancismen $ Next Summer Golf Event

Orlando In Holiday I At St. Augustine Links ,rn~~1 nf n ayV .. ."1..

e-s FoiaState League l
Won Lost Pot. Members to Compete forPo e
Sanford. .4 31 597 fmnG o
Tilt Here Tomorrow l..... ...45 31 .92 J. W. Hoffman Trophy;Stle
Palatka .....44 31 .58 New Tourney
St. Augustine.,..40 36 .529
Play at Daytona Today; Home Club Sweeps Sanford e Land 3 .4 t. Auo Lks Bill Mier" Is N
Series; Starr Turns in Twelfth Win, 3-2; Early Leesburg .........32 42 .432 Countr Club will start its first
Attack Gives Home Club 4 to 2 Win Yesterday Orlando :. 24 50 .24 on dsTu Perpetuated in Card
By Harvey Lopez A. American League from Thursday through Sunday. Story A s i i o o o t e Won Lost Pot President J W. Hoffman. genial
t o t. ight, sne Fdn back on the ffiring line Nework 41 22 .651 head of the St Augustine Cot Bridg hasnt quite drive god
ob exct, theSt. Augustine Saints have b acome th s ofearedclub .Chicago..ia 38 27 .585 Clrb oill Fl daandoe te oven oo
n the Florida State League. m 6a Detroit .......L .. 36 28 .563 wth a shywhill s e knoe 1 u d, n
Yesterday the Francismen rung d 3 u o"Boston ........ ... 33 26 .559 ath J W Ho Preshdets isn' r ert Mickl er y l
up their fourth straight win behind riflce: Rodgers. Double play: Cleveland ....... 30 30 .500 Cap. This tourna nt will he an back tnhe ahle to espluis a poker neesa. tional striheot horliegC uiot Roggeri to Priohaed. rU .Washington ...... 29 34 .460 annual event to b played at this hand that gave t. Angasthos fao
thesesational chri d 2, a a St. Lis. 21 40 .244 tioe uaeh year asd thu trophy will is aro Florida f W hitey Davis, who whiffed 11g n bases: 0. Chicag a St L u ( n a a e0; ha d cl l Ctan M
in in turning back the Dytona Sanord 6. Bases on balls: off Philadelphia 20 41 .28 be an individual prius. The wi on s-t h 90riofioals hy Star Brain-l N e S e S ers feetops asd will tiedoa The Fout of July will he adI/ k out. by Crisfield 6, Brain- National League not have to submit it for future If pan dost know what a 161 celere at Lw T a y e 7 A o lo A aWon Lost Pet. play. Each successive president Michler is, theask itr ger Sfte .ith a Florida air i nW BiDgs g an d e l Chicago ......... 41 24 .631 will be called on fora similar cup rertra Micler They wille

n afs can st e i d BUaisde ildnits:edo C heltia~s r reaep ty xayoto-ow prse hcg 0S.Lus5
State Leagu e g between the n40 26 .606 to he played for hy oeAership of
SAuguse Sain t ad tho off Sta i 9 ining 6 and 2 ruls a y w St i 3 28 .056 this clah
t ieHlh it by pitcher: by Starr (Ruggeio) Staf. C s 0o0S .......00 00 20 10-6 t1Sa s0est eleost siinhmaesu pi
Orlando Galls. Hithy por s a rins. Pittsburgh'....3 35 29 .547 The event itself will be cnduct- hand fnr which their grasdfathr

u a ishdBel nn. 26 10i.Fi44 edosetee thxederoubaslchap-rvieion Capteint1WilliemnHtedlerheeald The holiday contest is slated Passed ball: Head. Winning pitch- Brooklyn ......... 28 5 .444 d under the persad.l supervision Cap
eeginat3 co h r: Starr. Losing pitcher: Cris- Boston ........... 28 37 .431 of the tournament committee and
to b g 3 o'lock. h field. Umpi.... Peters and -Mc- M Cincinnati 21 3 .97 Professional Art. Man.y. Con- sacric m a s. apth
Ths management of the local fd th on :e AnetenadaMoo
l pointed ot that toemo rrnow Lauln. Time of game 555. Philadelphia ...... 25 40 .385 testants will be divided into flights rher ed o e 4 earu ld a
will t be Ladies Dayt Be- trays Baa dere I- an will play all individual matches uver wet ak a Bill ick
ing Monday is celebratedas the Daytona A B BH POA E Games Today in flights with no handicaup. Con- let. If he did, ody ever h Fourth, ladies will have to pay Grait, of...... 1 0 tesans will be required to turn in t He gotarosdFlria
to see the contest. All other walker, ss 4 0 0 0 o ards for all mathe s nesd all light r
Monday during the season will Martin, c-3b 4 1 2 3 3 1 card Aericun Leaguei r ll e ivhen ahandiap 90'ght ar
oren die ayA r :adrrne a1 e2h3ofbyoun go a a n me tte new "ou
tbe observed as "Ladies' Day." Sanders, e 3 0 3 3 1 0 New York at Washington. in the actual play for the trophy reputon as the original of th SWith the Saints riding on top Fash, lb ....... 3 0 1 12 0 0 Philadelphia at Boston (2) President Hoffman expressed "Bill Michr" had preceded him |of a sensational winning streak, IIHoldstock, If ...400100DeriatCelnd() hmsfaswlpesdwthhehi
a big crowd is expected to greet Wein, 2b ....... 4 0 0 3 3 0L hDrcoit at oL uie (2) atiesfkee players watched 'hi Oench2a42t0LLoHigh2Saoti therfamiess clohand heyre a Gradethe Francismen at Lewis Park Nehls, 3b ...... 2 0 0 0 1 eae h d closely y captain Micke tomorrow xJackson, B ... 2 0 0 2 a1 0tuea ian coned the opportunity to inaugu- would dicurd asyhwsg, s
S Charkutp ..... 4 0 0 0 c2 0 o atinar seate ate this forthcoming event. Of the grasdss my I er to try t

rainard~p-. ... 0 Ga ee- b ddnn bal Uea iaIjouwlhnfidotfrorefwy Oldomol n is s elln sork asts inde emesjstafl
ach lsla ds,5 to 2. The ho T gme tts . 352 2416 Boston at Philadelphia (2) Clubs hnCe td members lst a fill to a d king ad ha

c rae byi nin rt .00 00o00- Sorro nights The scheduledi tosut2ouicoe
oh l corae h St Augustin AB R BH PO A fc events and MrW HBffma. was.tiAn
lyb batse lngStoDaytona ea tc ss announced.
itaventhg to D 1 1 1 Pittsburgh at Chicago (2). takes this opportunity to urge hitched the naoe 'A Bill Mickler
today for a turn engageest PiFtzgerald, cf .. 4 2 2 1 0 0 2. those delinquents to take part in the to that sort ef a hasd.
se Islets at o'clock. Gonsorcik, I ... 4- 0 2 0 0 0 Yesterday's Results forecoming tournament. As for NOt lssg ago a prominent atao.
George Starr turned in is Swindell rf .... 2 1 1 1 0" the Links, after the recent rains, heyret ighomefrmMasa
in of the crent seso 'Cats 3b .... 3 o at a 0so t *e o rF dS eg f s o th .. .
Sas lrd Friday eight as the can 3 0 0 1 1 0 Rse eFa no player could ask for a better chusetts told Captais Miekbera s 0 1 oria a eage gol course to cut his divots on. gradsnnu that ose sight whes Saints staged a three-run rally i Zupanic, lb .. 3 0 0 9 1 0 st' u -s -.. S ties 4; Daytona Beach Many of the club's golfers who are was is on a friendly pskur party
the eighth for a 3 to 2 decision and Gentry, 2b 3 0 1 3 gating their firs taste of this sort nearBstnter a cle.answep of the series with the Davis,p....... 3 0 0 2 5 0 Playsg lLtua erc ant (l is- goltdag their fr taste of thi un- of osto, her vy bm was s.ding Sunford Lookouta. ] -. .. / -2 ns. e ; r basdo oS coopetitin are improvingby a strasger ts him, hr waa amauud
ledn Sanfere Atkots 3 -oo-s-- leaps asdhbounds. Some of the vet- touasetepa reerin
Starr's masterful performance Totals 29 5 8 27 11 0 on O Ct2; Sanford 1. erans, wis sn thet ways.of the as- to Is hasdasABill Mrh
is the Celery City was even better-I Batied for Nehls in 6th. Gainesville 2; Palatha 1. nest game, have bees fored to The
ed by the blond Saint righthander Score by innings: Is connection with the Fourth of move out of the way of fastereim- hearing ahsat the old man whom
at the home pastures yesterday. Dayt ......... 100 001 000-2 Game Slated petitionbi en tBkare"e.t Igrnhan pudn
Davis displayed a world of stuff St. Augustine ... 300 100 0 -5 Ge t y Has ". ./ -"-d e y ceaon big s eesore Besyehladelhia 7. Tour sstl h m Bue completed, Pro fasdion.
and had the Islets swinging at air Runs batted in: Sanders, Gonsor- Park- Ge C g e y tesace big spossoro Neosa League poste ree lgha n tha
alb the afternoon. He missed tying /ik 2, Cates, Fash, Swindell. Two- m shoot will be staged at the range Pittsburg 5; Chicago 10. board, and expect s first St.
the loop strikeout record by two base hits: Gonsorcik, Cates. Stolen Strong Club Gains ed hod on Davis Shores this after Poon St. Louis 2 C Cincinnati 8 h(10 President's Cup initial event to oneAgathe Ga ted T whiffs. bases: Gonsorcik, Stock. Double Te ni with all markames invited he com- innings). ieve at least eight flights. dat ithas sot heendesided wheth
Stan Charkat, tha Islanders plays; Charkut to Martin, Walker o t l h atnThe St. Augustine Links and othee cops will he played S Dyoa8StAuutn3.BssDaytona Beach thi afternoon bat- yAmern nLeague. suthaw didn' do so bad him-toaWein Posh. Left on bases. Although he Saintv ~ r tAeisswiLea ute Country. C .hs th moeu of thi sume orptstheua
f hut the Saints ade the eight aytona 8,. ILAugusts 3.. Bases .a.....a.Beach. n. The shoot will start at I o'clock Philadp 2 Bo 8. two more beautiful trophies re- schedule f winter erets. Ts
ita off his husknh g coant Theyen balls-off: Davis eg Charhut 2 Oling the Islanders, iocal Sans can WIMBLEDON, Eng., July with a t of valnbb pr"ze being Det 5; Clevlan S calved from the north. These cues will he annuncedhithis peaa
bunched four for three runs in the Strck o y: Davis 11 Charhut Prk (.A were osce the property of the old little later date.
opening frame and then coasted Hit byt ptober-,ay: tarhut ir t re
home beh nd Davis' ce hurting (Swindell). Wild pitches; Charkut The Florida East Coast Rail way greatest pe...ool trmmph n Woe- Many oat-of-town por a e Chicago 10; St. Louis,5.
George Stock started the home Umpires: Lnhr and Ery. Time of Clerks, who have bees winning b leon's losg history today when, expected to compete with a large 0
club off in-the initial round with a game: 1:40. games right and lt of la will with some lively assistance from delegation d to reee ov from Legion Oaseball stron amaeur nne fom th Geelg action e.uTe t cohns ounty fro meon Basesa
single through short. On the St- 0. take on the Palatka Merchants, a his felow-Ca ofirnians, Gene Mako Jaoksonville The eJohns County Game On Tsuesday, CO
and- Jerry Fitzgerald shot a Indan Fishing Habits strong amateur nine from the Ge and Alce Marble, he added the ortses League sod the local
single to center, driving Stock to- Ciy ,. ;.h hd in the Amrca
id. Jurry wunt -ts second on O 1695 Are Outlined The Fourth of July tilt is sched- ensdouhi aao ooxn doules Hycees are handling details for Le s n uche io has
tiduos Jeorywioto co nd boht trr e wo pest rdiy s 4eio yei baea. Th as
gosnders'throd whnto third n- By Shipwrecked arty aled to get under way at 3 o'clock champinships to the singles crown lie big skeet shoot. been h fted or this week, t was
rne.scrdweAnyG- BySiwekdPryad isepected to attract many h wnyesterday. announced yesterday The am
soek uppoorsof the crack lo .. o=oa sm., Fredo r Has Wins ~o o ~ ~ r
'iorik all but tore the cover off the se Tho Oaklad, Calif., red-headFe a W slatd o Monday at the Sa arco ball. He lashed a double to the left A scene described by a ship- pures. dominance of the closing day's play Colle w Field will be played at 2 o'clock on
field flower gardens. Gonsorrik wr p yash hcw Although several of the Clerks overshadowed Dorothy Round's Cl eg Titl Wednesday instead.
stale third hy an eyelash and wreck ed n shows h have gone to Asheville, N. C., with hat bach-Iustre victory over OAMONT, Pa., July 3 (APWss th w Coast Indians fhe 1695. The the Railway diamond ball team, Jadwigo Jedrzejowska of Poland, Tall and handsome Freddie Haas, Golfers Must
mun when Billy Catet punched a account says "The Cassekey sent additional talent has been rounded 6-2, 2-6, 7-5, in the womens singles of Louisiana State, wound up three . ..
lea single to center. Jack Owens his Son with a striking Stafftothu up for today's engagement th final. spoctacar ycars ef University Qualify Today
ended the rally by grounding into Inlet to Stoike fish for as which Palata. Teamed with Mabo, the cow king competition today by whipping his
a doble play, was pefre ihgetdxe- The Clerks were nosed cat, 6 to of, tennis eooased England's Davis teammate, Paul Leslie, for the Na- The deadliso for posting qualifyISt. Augustine picked up a run in p w d by So In Mateo at thu latter's fold Cap pair, Geergo Patrick Hughes onal Intercollegiste Golf Chea x- sng scores is the "King Of Swingthe fourth on Charkut's wildness .. 'for some of ns walked down yesterday. Beth, sides bolted out and Clifford R ny ocd Davys Tuch- pionahip. The ore was 5 and 1& sters" tournament at the Municipal asdBill Cates' double. Dave Swim- with him and though we looked l hits, with the Railway unable ey completely out of shape to win As a sophomore, Haas, son of a Links ends today with a good dell was hit by a pitched ball and eaestly wh he threwbis Staff to bold an early 4 to 2 lead. the men's doubles crown at 6-0, New Orleans professional barged number of local golfers already on
Cates followed with a double down from him, o uld net see aFi at Sc..ebyissings: 6-4, 8-8, 6-1. A little later, Budge into the finals before he was stop- the firing line.
plng at tied an te blow. Then,' io h Timne he saw it, and brought at HE pe cored Miss Marble, United ped. A year ago he was medalist, Pat ens of the nine-hole course wit Vi d Zoaniea the la iTen, Sre e th En of h fClerks- 009 004 010-5 11 6 Stot worn's tite-bolder, to as.. and lost to Leslie in the late rounds. are invited to qualify today and h Vic Zupai at the platter, it on Shore on the End o his Staff. t .001 13 6 11 4 easy 6-4, 6-1, triumph over Yvon Today, after it seemed several compete in the handicap event. A Chakut hit the grandstand with Sometimes he would run swiftly Sa aeo .. x-6 Petra and Mme. Simone Mathieu of times that he was a gonner Fred- number of valuable prizes, have
Aftr going hitless and runs pusu a ish and seldom sessed Selph and Glisson. France for the nixed doublescham- die produced a great rally in the been donated for the various winlor the nent three -ronds, the when he dar4 at him. n H Sole.o L BuckandE Sobo... pionsbsp, to In neo.....
Francises. bunched three hits off hears he got as macy fish as wnuld the Islander southpaw for their serve twenty Mmn. There wure fifth run. Jerry Fitsgernld oat- others also fishing at the same tome,
ve loundeoshro AS FREE AND CO L A
as infield hit and advanrdceto third so that Fish was plenty; but the
is -AndyG G c ik'shct anletn se fou Con iti .st. nayed no I c montor. Dave Swindeil scred Jer- hasgry stomsaobsforusoeamongstB op with abigle to cnter eh t Ls YOUR.. .BIRTHDAY SUITI
gles todo theirecoring. Manager
Jimmey Panders drv .... e an .. ..Idian lol..a n B r Beah sloeks for spomweor this[ Islander ran with a single to left ans Burned Off ssssors oo od-ie re in thu opening fra..e.and Herb Woods In Order To ./ -.,o',

-, Fauh'ainfliedbhitnear the second as -s.. .
from third in the sixth.,se es man with tho at da sSrove out The method of 'hunting .among Wl o theee usgles for a perfect after- the prieflttive Indiana here was to
noe., Both Go...or.ihand Cares burnthegras..nendosfroesthe A L BE H ...rappud eat a double and a single fields preparatooT to cultivatson,
and Fitzgerbd chimed is with a od"gh al ""
The Islandr .......ittodtw ... with firo so that the de ... lId s 7ls.Ide!l fa~r sort, bcaus ilh
roru. which did sot figure in the docksoanderahbits,fleeing fromit scoring, while the poppy Saints fell into their hands. This anrt of played orroriess ball. husting wan called hurbemelas.
--- Thn they ontored the forests inptnedfsehadIssosad
Fri's days Ban ore porn. it sf hears,. biso an..d lioon-*ls ais bcmsasoti
AB R BI PO A E arrowe. Thiasnmanner of hunting
Stork, an ..1.. 0 3 3 3 5 was ralled ojo. Whatever they
Pitugeraldcg. ..5 1 1 1 0 0 ......din eiter way they broughbt l~l
Gooseorib,' IS. ..9 1 0 1 5 0 tothep pinripal oaoique, who divided loeBnhdsIr-ao itr.
Iwhodell a-f. 1y 1 0i mogtoti
Zepr,6 : .. h 4 0 0 1 Hs ihSoegaret Thacker rA NOTE ABOUT OUR ,, ,.. ,,o., !
Des r 4 21yasihcr
....n.. gaon toipned the wee.kly s-e ,/ A Inysutment for evrda lss war. "
Totals.3 10' 27 16 3" Athatidsodai with a highof94

Bedgers, 3b ... 1 th f1 ....00 at tho Ribo..ia Streot indoor Trd-n o e ifoUSdiles r _______Lengeton, r-f. 41 1200 ngoet" rrnf J.. ..... give ua Si nersn ook eSseed sue Ms ... If D...ean 93, Rob trDean 93,Joceff Pag e haenreniseto
RPe r.4.. 1 1 3 0 0 9, Woo. Chnrles Bloc 81, nd Bob- "Safty-Tsted" ruirees he-"" i romn Pri' 'ck,"er.d::: b g by Reid 81. Seeore heiug offered for sale ....... Oldsmebile es nweepsng thi Oldest Caty with us finer pe reanee, roes-
Bassoj, of. --.: o % 0N imodBl iag yout that the aed car y ou pa~r foot, safety and savant'. Yeal ihe the e...y way it handles, its mossy fine r|V m[
ag:i,9...N imn alfirst-alass shepe. Se"Safety- frena n ...d its ..r.n.miral rest. Come is, ash to drive nn. Oldsmobile 6 or 8. |[Baioe,p :..... 0 0000 Gamee On ModyTestd" Usced ......hile... .' """ 1" s atr
aeewilrr ndavnd el.s...of.ea.res.. in ak, mad You will ihen find out fer yourself why Oldsmobile isselln so Soo in ...""-"
:: : -- ..... Tb aibo amodbo ad price. Easy 0. M. A. C. terms. St. Augustine. =[ r f"|
Sewre by innings: coeoy oightL Tho, scheduled t utpe see
i ;anor ...... 00003000-2 adobhde tP. S a e .of 14 CHARLOTTE ST. J A C K ...D U N N I n c TELEPHONE' 420 fi AfR-RAL LACE[ TELBPislt 4
RuBns batted h 30n:-latin, Owens and tbe Junior Ordcr has bedn
totCaes, Buogrlo. Two-bosr bits: postponed so thaet players anl fanso
-i~ Star. Tir-bose 1:10 Martin. ean enjoy thec Pourth of Jaly bell- W.BH. "SUGAR" MICKLRR, Manager
Ptclen bases: Irviodell, Cares. See- day, it wasanoned.


National Park They Care for Local Laundry Needs I New Note Given Water Plant To t ai h, Carnegie Institu- AuutietR o kB. ryD
S I c lc -1 --. ....... A St eTa s Be F ihd ] Dr-n C .Herberl i :Kahler, 'sdnNational D., IsoofS.Agtne CuiloLe[edsn'ieash:
Sevc'J laeSae T Be Finished Park ServiceSt. Augustinte, Dla aDo G
Service's Place As State Takes ns Hr DavidR.Dunham,"preidet, CoiiA
This Summer St. Augustine Historical Society. ington, D.iC.
Is Important "Up Archeology W Stirlingu h e co eti gg ose hief Is m o a p c e og nAutwtht..peto director Federal Writers' Project, S omiani t ofthe 9172,000 extension and Jakovle Fla.uhsmnIsttto Wsig
Jacks___ ,ronville Fla. tnnD.C'
improvement program to the Hto Wilbr C. al, hair n, D. William E. Ligeach ro Looms U~p in Local r-Ma PP son tuhbu lo-via. Hanl cara ri moens he ope ain soa o Phase With flor- city's wate mros, St. Augus- C far issin o C nsration and f .f hiatr t the Uneri
ture; Cooperation Is ida Aiding St. Angus- tine will ha ohat is promised Dev1op....t, Richmond, Virginia. of Po... ylania, Philadelphia, Pa.'
as pure, palatable water, much Hon. Scott M. Loftin, former JohnE. Pirhoring, editor, St. Au. Vital tine Program softer than the water now i use. United States senator, St. Aagus-| gusting Ohserar.,
:hThe modern water plant, with tire and Jacksonville, Florida. Hon.atr.raermayoro The National Park Serice, which t ro e at Miss Nina Hawkins, editor, St. St. Agtin. has in charge t t national mon- By R. L. Dowling, itfltatioqipmontandothr ments here. Forts San Marcos and Commissioner of Conservation up-to-date improvements, is a far Matanzas, and also the ancient City TALLAHASSEE, July 3-A new cry from the primitive wells of oat. a..o. St. I r gtit thg note has b truck i arheologyI the early Spaniards. This is the posoile pa for St. Ag t, Owith the state participating in the type of asset St. Augustia ea smay St. Augustine Restoration prog ram. be o ope fowing While archeology is a study of the welcome anO d will ever strive to ST. AUh. Ti AND ITS a tstircstom, aultaesecure, despite the interest in the

Sento Andew SendsN Mesag Librt Bel ToTM ArCHSO
PLAC T I T NAT IONAL and resources, a modern phase ist Preservat ion and Restoration
PAR1K PICTURE beingg entered into with archeolo- Program that will insure the
By Isabelt e lorence Story, li gntothtae i keeping of the quaint aspect of or dtarr-a-Chi e. Nats arao mr modern city, alive and p rogt essinag, the city.
Service h seeking a story of its founding and The improved water plant is a
aFlor st ha M ore n tse Nationai "e ral ging long forgotten f dact r. Vern E. C a e project, with ane ttrightt a ti o Paihs rce adpi e "i fgo stil ott a bla h t h al grand ot of $77,000 being made fo The tie. is Such as to' add luster to an t u' 0 and eh a mta. t toa iy, and $95,000 loan healeady illustrious aggregation of o tuo th Stat hy Ltgislati aon- ag made, this loan to be repaidos

Workr Aroun Citye Gate IsgiMlORRYSn
sceni a.d historical arta, ea t- actment is assisting with the St. Oat of watrorks rh... .
tried throughout the United States Agustine Historical Restoration. ST OR T and e ahi tolthe far -o ff terri- dIn additiW idasheologists froostheat n 1 t n l toria of Hawaii and Alaska. oBoard of Constration will, it is The old .;panish forts-Castle scontemplt atd n h had at work San Marcos (to anticipate a little combing the findings from nearby e ]

i e on the eate of ofenltue ar ATK NG G1'oA5 E R
go tbar tter of .a...lata.. ta o ...t.a. ith camel's hair brush, ] cope Sn own m
g o y yars and Fort seeking to awaken once more the
iMat an -Fort Jteff ort, itn its spirit of th t ly Spaniards who J Borrys as ntic location an S the Dry Tor- discovered ths hiatct arca, tha Mayor Fraser's Group t a ogas W atch ofa M an 4 aSir to- no on aS the flAt u Site settleme t t ns hun intret 00 valued This group of coteo a n ie .composed of the route who see that one's laundry is properly on the North Americdn continent. ras S ro collected and distributed in the St. Augustine Soft Water Laundry uild- aur t e mamhr. 0 te cyte a reire dand ofe ib tod the StAetoSOtrfsly iaandered Thor at fl southern at Has National Repre-Remo sending definite periods in our na- give prompt delivay to the patron's home. The dri..., from left to right, are: EarlGreen, James Hoey, with a do artment of Archeology sentaton Sae .tional pageant of history The Carl Roberts, Howard Wood, and Louie Thomas. Hobson T. Cone is the proprietor of the St. Augustine and we are proud that Florida is S e\ eglode National P ith Soft Water Laundry which is a local organization employing a large number f St. Augustine men and one. The Florida Archeogial Some idea of the scope of the Natropical atmosphere will add a uni- rmvey was created by the Legisla- tional Committee for the Preservaque nte to the galaxy oyf sceic ture of 1935 and placed under the ti and Restoration of Historic St. area now under the protection of r h o Shate Board of Conseration by ex- Augustine is given through the folUoria Sam. Senator Bel10 t At project the NtinaSenator Andrews Sends Message ote toder late Iha same year. lowing list of names, all of these TIME MAR AMonu.....t StemNai aB Heard To Thio Deoartmeot has beta active people having actopted the invitaLoe Fsien e e an te m s oke
Mo.o mt Syst on f taio o nal U.S. Senator C. O. Andrees i among the dignitaries artorg fa D To- Dor seane at tat T. tion of Mayor Walter B. Frae, f A 4n rserat ions ao national senicfi- the editor ofthe St. Augustine Record to.offer congratulations ont d tae spero 00 St. Agtne, to cm committee

an werepatment of..A. ieuomeus00tSneoAanstiiet iveRcooinc1934tePlymouthE Two-Door WSedan. eae from thi e standpoint of scenic the Restoration Issue of this newspaper, news of which reached men n rae county and a lihe um- members. Mayor Fraser formed hearty, eetifil sn ahis- him in Washington. ber in Hillsborough county; to-day the committee last Summer, and Years ago it took Weeks and, in istae, moth, for
tory, and archeology. The National Historic Relic Will Be 90 men are still delving into the two meetings have been held, one in
Parks are great wilderness areas- Senator Andrews in this connection says secrets of early man in Florida Washington lt Otor, ad one good news to travel across the country. Then me th bits of primeVal America as our am indeed very happy that the Florida State Legislature re- Struck In Old Phila- Hllorough. cord ha een S Agshine on M h d, of railroads, teehon, and airplane. he ame improforefathers first saw it. Many of cently passed a bill providing for the appropriation of $50,000 to demphia made of excavations directed by this year, me t o them, notably the Grand Canyon, cart on this work. St. Augustine is not only an enchanting and state archeologists in DeSoto, Volu- Natioa Cmmit today the world or n contain scientific features of tre- picturesque city, but is, in my opinion an historic shrine that should aia, Wakuta and JNaisoncounies. Do, John C. Merriam, prsidte t, JA ahloga. suron co0niL ErR 'SGnA CIT EaR Ysin
m Aendous interest in the story of be revered by all the citizens of our great nation. The work that PHILADELPHIA, Pa., July 3. An atN heologian tHre t on- Carnegie Institution of Washing- E, o S. E LA each building. is being done in preserving and restoring it should create a a- template coring the entire a t o We, rogress.... W The National Monuments, of tonal treasure, and during the many years to come I am sure that The entire nation will hear the Lib- between the St. Johns river and the Dr. Verne S. Chatelain, director our customers . with new ideas to fashion, with arm ideas which there are more than seventy, your efforts will bring pleasure to those who are to follow in erty Bell, which proclaimed Amer- coast from the mouth of the Halifax of the St. Augustine Historical Res- n are historic, prehistoric, or scientific our footsteps, ichn independence on July 4, i776, river on the soto Ih mouth f toato. i eery field nf merchadisg con ia character, Also ti the Pstem "It was with considerable pride recently that I told a group of ring again on the Fourth of July in the St. Johns in Duval County. All Hon. Joshua C. Chase, president, advantage of every modern means ofcmmuiatioandras, na ted States Senatos that the whcle of North America formany mounds will be marked and maps Florida Historical Society, Winter portation to keep in constant Onset with what to happening to national Historical Parks, Batlild yearo appeared nder the aame 'Floridat on the only a ntic a program of The American Legion and charts made with a short de- Park, Fla. Sites, and several other area of map f the ew wod" which will be carried over the coast- scription of each aboriginal settle- Hon. John J. Tigert, president, the retail world so that you, r om my j varit as classifications, t mainoy ma Atdnewy old hy to-coast network of the Columbia meant. This will be of vital impor- Uiversity of Florida, Gainesville, the lates fashions at ary low cost aous lastoictionst. Int sceic Senator Andrews concludes his congratulatory letter by saying: BracsigSte.Iwi!bthfae oheRtrtonpgama a.h let a vy
go th ewstoi toert is stai "I toote you and Ihe pope of St. Auogustine of the heot wishes Broadcasting System. It willhbethe lanoato the Restorationprogramoat Plo. Neapitoar tweme pihed sei ao se oreears mig t. to o f he it wshes first time in history that the ha- St. Augustine and will interest all Hon. H. J. Eckenrode, director, ,the ges r er ofonerwhsefoo ear mgrahedntoFlorida whe itawagsoy a tion has heard the historic bell on scholars of early Floridiana. There Division of History and Archaethe Blue Ridge Parkway, now under the anniversary of the day it tolled are literally hundreds of ancient ology, Richmond, Virginia. con.truction between the Shna- the birhoth aS Ihe .ontry. Indian village sites in the proposed Son. Harry F. Byrd, United doah National Park to Virginia and The program will be broadcast areaand encnvations in some of the States Senator from Virginia, thenaGreat Smoky orMuntainscNari.. fokAr u it ta sIrom Independe.... Hall, originat- mare promising ....nds will un-WahngoUnited States. .Senate Building, 1u a
tiosial Pooh in North Carolisa and W ork'A round a ityGates Is ing in the same room in which the doubtedly uncover much of scientific Washington D.C.R Y enssee Dr. mk oaas a fo stedntMloiial pobigmad ila Unierlaest Ena o tod esrS.G O G TT E SR Citynessee Declaration of Independence was and historic value. Do. Merbert S. S Of kcen interest at this lime of signed and the Constitution of the This work of the Conservation of history, University of California, e yer iher ahte of PPart Of Rt ro ect United States was adopted. Much Board will b moade with th t CO hBerkeley, California. the National Resources Board, J of the furnishings which occupied operation and co-sponsorship of Dr. A, V. Kidder, division of kinwhich met with the hearty approval a the room on both of those historic Carnegie Institution of Washingaf the National Park Senice, for Idea Will Be Given of Old one af the mai parking lots t .so ru osiots ore still there and 'ili be ton, D. C., in charge of all retA .aAle inclusion of another new type from St George Street to Cordov idramnatiationsincnec- liosworkatSt.Augstine tis tservation to the National Fork Fortified Military and from Hypolita to Treasury for tion with Ike broadcast. hoped that a ncw St. Augustine ait
1 y t m t e Nt i ona B e a c h P r .T h e b r o a d c a s t h p d t a a n w S A u s i e w i llbe f r 3
Syapm-Ihe National Stack Path, Town the convosience of residents and .he hsOadcast will he far 10 arise from the ruins of the old; Disappeoaa of the primitive |tourists. This-area Will be properly mointes, egianing promphtly at2 henpia g all the modars adantges g beach, before the onslaught of bath. landscaped and strained from the o'clock Eastern Daylight Saving and adding the charm asddo sly
stands, gas station ohan o h o-dof line of defense to tht anrient atyp street by trees and shrus, andfrom Time, which is 1 o'clock 3aste f the eatly Dons, il des pions, ledt o the sggas of St. Augustine is th first 'a there the visitor ca oven..iently Standard Time, 12 Noon C Pnt o Pbing Iho heart of a living __ 'desriptionsat Pedt o tphe es traction m of r aorsit ..t mas historic areas Standard Time, 11 a.m, Mo atn c city, welding the past with the
tion ~ ~ ~ reosruto proaet Fedra visi S t hmanisocars. t i
on soideoprotection be stor ic t te t. On completion of the above-men- Standard Time, and 10 a. m. Paciffi prent, archeology is taking a degiventosas pet u tu d Atne H l Re sto ed projecs the recntructio Standard Time. tided step forward steches f ah on he ocean The history of St Augusti wil lntinae to its teafronts, the Gulf of Mexico, and primarily that of a military outpost, pram a p Great bet, to protect by sea the plate fleet SIGHT-SEpINf Sa tott conneion, the beaches of bearing gold ad silverfromMexico motmvaro, and I's Rn E St. Augustine are a source of t Spain, and o maintain Sp oish sto arsAT KENTUCKY JI'S BAR nzentt t isitoa from boundaries from encroachment of "nSee Green River, Old Mint Springs and Sugar Creek; the Old OR pools o the ...try, partitualty French andEnglishfromtheNorth. Drum ad Cobb's Creek; Crab Orchard and the Wilkins Family. the streth on Anastasia Island be- in theref toast ti that r..- Gve n Jim will slow yot the Town Tarna of Old Kentucky and it will tween the city's two National Monu- toration should begin at the City m i bring back memories of long ago. 42 Granada Street. Phone 412.
met n iaoBahSi. Gates ent. rance to the firs little hass GiBA INGn
men0 and VilCno Seats Spit own at the line o 1 def and focal IT R reafio n lo iSp, when Congress passed point of its development.
what is now known as the Antiqui- To Recreation
ties Act, giving authority to the The completed d reconntructionwill
President of the United States "to present K one fctreENTUCKY JIat'n BAR Iheamain entrances In '1S old oily, ...... declartay pulic proclamation his- Tity. Community Progress Is AND PACKAGE STORE doric landmarks, historic and p- Themoat restoration is on the prohistoric structures, and other ob gram and along this line will be Watchword of Many We Deliver Phone 412 developed the great earthen de- 4 rnd t t uutnFa
jets of historic or scientific interest 12 Granada St. 'St. Augstine, Fla. that are situated upon lands owned lopped with paisaodes, plant- Citizens o controlled by the overnment of ed with Spanish baotnd inter- __the Unbted Ste nto ha atonal ocepted at intervals with redoubts Two structures to which St. AutheUnte Seo, natio na mounted with guns. Already the usnepiswthrdeas conmono on" So, g othe.old coquia os.t bridge to the City gustine poi with priden the PcrI Moritn, For Matanzast Ie it trtktting to the recreational forth- iiij and Fort Jeffron Naona Mnas Gates has been uncovered and re- ties here are the Civic Center,with T1+ andstored and the work will proceed meats eventually were established, rapidly to completia. 0 0topu, an g aea beind the City Gatos Mons Christian Associntion Btildats then was enacted the low wail henbeacleardao alanachro- ing whc' sawndru on
establishing Ike Notional PnrS nislt buildings, taking of that sec muniy whet Ths aY"ndasftswim-'p
Seric. Tatleisltin dfiestio agret ar asa ro erback-rigpool, ad there is, is addition, tte dual fanclion of the ateraice in ground In this historic nite. An- n Inrge sepatate gymnasium btildregardlaotheonatioanlparhs, mon- brant buildings in Oho'r wilt Sttchega s teritdettand....toderoitsp......a.d andttsttidaraed en g Ton ta e nl.. is loed /0.'' 1 f
superaisionin tese aordst't0con- ally many oflhetfrstllittlehoue qtarter for~ 3he ToCishlu dur- '; (t"",
serre the scenery and the natural on SI. George Street bhn h
and historic ohjocIs and Iho mild Dotes will Sr reconstorctd. Fom ing the season, tand daily ativities life Iherin and to provide for he Cona to the Plaza on 5t. George anThere.adplyrudso h enjoymn olf the. s ansoch man- Sbtet, it is not panned Ic develop city areanumerousoandwll locted ......dibysucri....... iltllaa..a literal ....n..ooructo, hat oratradh...ihtewogllnk UD
te upat'ed rot1 o bte ettjoymen oalterlc ~ t aades of 1t exin' 'and thesnab bach restor, olfiks
of fur g 'ati S ......... bildingsin orderI o develop he entertainrt and ... t.....tionnlfnc- A
Theritest epoti-ha-n data i old orld 01s osphere of this nar- ilitieso smertnd winter. th itatyt/l oio t taiponloaad roo coieoas ret. Sooial advatages areanumerous.
motuet 0 ysbt i' 11137. Itt At- Work an the loaely old Soothes The Rotary and Kiwanis Cltbs too
gutb of tat atrnde atbhority Scant, described elsewhere in this the otstandiag seraice cluhs fo to Preslint St...o..t. lto....a. ltei.. is rapidly. This "ei7diint h ..yfa "S L
ardor of te prvioas June 10, ol trtion prjet marid n tadditonrous Ihe wmany Sha-eM EL U E
Th ainlpr n ouetM.adMs.W .Lwsi o hi uirSrie maasu hardLLRS UE atvitieso of Ot Federal Goaen- opmration witS 1t architects, Pilot Clb an melt as many nlothr ,_:. m........0000 otioidotod under 1t tngn.....noadhialoH ....ofoheRes- frar.....l, oharitable tand churohkt B ~ m rg
Natioal Parl, Setace of 1t Dr- toratian saof, dtmonstrates 1t .partoeot of Ihe Inteor. Sy the crea0 oossihilitie afar iodiials t riaboT S ui... onL okF r od e ea rs eonsolidato, Ihe aousa parks participate in and he port of this Cony Chamberaf Com0me0r andLokF rD d e ea r' (hiltary toparnatc1tio lione goal program whiltehI at1tJno h e OCmec
milbaoyaos~olioolocoacrnstime developing a hoe in whiacot orunceasingly far the good of Bu eedbeS a of ablitary iterest, battlefitld mill he ornstll aodetrot conaei thet community, aod tate oganizasilos wotity of national presera- e'e of healing, tight, kitchens and lions of Ithitkid toad to make 1his tion to..d allied ode" Ike bathsa with noalt....aion afth IR o
jurisdihtcti Ik te War Deportmlent original historic rharacter of tketitlean ideolc coommonitth y toon netwhich 1935 Dodge Four-Door Sedan
cotk teoce" rodtona Io numets Scyt fal o c tt on o ciieswooe hays ao drfor 1935 Dodge Fo-Door Sedan B ~ ~ athino 101 c~tou onat i tonal Sp i atcture otico nO te iltsyo t and o n ay s grs of adorst rod hrIeforas riul tot e a th mainentans npt- aneit 1914 Plymouth Four-Door Sedan
adinstrd y h Fret Servi cto c hityer ate t tip ooh poras
of the Departmet of Agrioultr) tareoue caotm will clot cut in- .1914 Plymouth Two-Door Sedan. aeloowrec sot'aottfrrrti; as tote fartatlion regarding aha Rertorathe part o ty.....o of Ike Nations t, including pompieta and guide Lillian' 1930 Ford Four-Door Sedan Capital and h otol oif tot10f seceats we!1 s infcorton re-a nI 13 or op tto FecraI boiidinogs. In Washing. carding all hotels,... t e
loot and a fci telewre various asemato oered in St. I 1914 Pontiac Two-Door Sedan
DO icioro als. o is the or that Aogahou. rs a
1te Ntiaonal Poal, Serv'ice in that II is ploanntd to dooelap shortly LADIES' 1913 Austin CoupeAFrs Dal momentous year of 1133 waos thin to 51A RStAu sin take a ypaoinet tort to the emor- betotifti adm~iaatrat builin, RED -1912 Auburn Custom Sedan FAVORITE FOR I gency relir rocoom Sy proaiding will, office an..d ..t...r...o.s, R A YTO-WEAR 1914 DogeA1u-TntTruc
projcts ton Citlilian Coaseraation anstouned. At Ftrt hMatanzas an- 13 og TnTuk5 ER Coo:ps Campys. for Public Worka other addainistration building was and Civil Workso; nd, later, 0 on construtted, Ihe historic old fool cc- Special Prices on I partiiationtoioa the ..........etf paired to ia....'. itt IL R S G R G C IT YA K E R Y

and Fetral Emergency Solirf. meoits, doocos constorctd totohpoct ono sWro rcooaaco orohot ftc l- AlMrhnieSt. Augastinet shaore to Ohio too- possibi lteotsriocei toe n~ ear
00001 hos inciuded soome S80,000 futuoe, tad o road woith, rapi Sult Throughouit July 9O RIRIA ST. PHONE 77 wart of yederal project, oaindy to otahe 9t. Aogutines loeautiful ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. WALTER E. MOELLER, Prop. ST. AUGUSTINE, FLAPahic Worko. At Fool Mlarian a beatlo accessible at Mataotoos Inlet. ______________

Gifted Women TiKing's Brother Gossips Of
Contribute To Life In This Oldest City
Record Issue Served on Council of nor t the,ti they who
Poetry and Art Join Governorr Makes Racy "ih aste ap e, ased Poetry and Art Join Comments me,"itoa Macaat if yox Wc
Hands; Result Is acomi .n He her in a ha
e Frederick George Mulcaster, a there o t e A utn eoddnhhae brother to King George the Third, the othard that did ot expect Lived in St. Augustine during the you. Hrliedit ageatpity
LOCAL THEME tw ,4or early part, at Aleast, of the Britisha te ad olde di ap ~~~~~~occupation of Florida. He took the pointe.Tyalhdrsovdt a dpa00aSce of De Brahm, as engineer make ahu8oSniOh aMdisarinate "tAnwhen the latter was taken away their ho a oon a y ca Old St. Augustine Present- from Florida, and he served o th aho. t o this a" (the cSed in Artistic STA IG TINE a 's Ca a il part of the is o iagt the CoM i AH sS d He was a verbose letter write r. The ernor o i
Fashion THE: OLDEST CITY letter he wrote to Brig. General lutely Tay he .e aorGrant, former Govxnor of East no o ithefop iko pate
A met ciusual coatriterion to C it e je utb h.t ti oue i.B G R A P N
,* ..... ot~uio @ 0,0 lt '-0 / 9aiForida, Se ....haoh the following ork. GC....... G .aa.t's hills
Do esto Fion se o r You leg eS we s e q extracta e take tould fill a page good. Soti he d had thi etati se of the a ito a sti ess str e as sLe and a half of the Record. The let- b rgai t aay he paid i fll. Au u utise te"od, in whichS poety t t w ptured by the R luti o e and art join hands, is made by d sry forces on its wa by sea to tinue to ooat eoMarjori e Meeker Collins (Mrs. Viv- a Grant in BosCoato Rnd is printed eral resetrtve. a ianCollins, and Celia Cregor Reidh ep Co pe s o F r L e (Mrs J.M. T. eid .... gfte lU 9 VI )W eepaloog wth. eaofohret. do S ace.a.y posapecto t
trat wi ste readddoc tm t dateted St. Ax- h iante nttd. tio ho.sor dYaee (sidents of this city. gifteda0)I5[ gustine, in the American State Pa- with 'hy and hi,' 'time enogh'
The collaboration of these two To r pro gave a canner yesI women, so well known in the field rs.t wax e eptember 2s ty75, teday to the 14th oficer and some of literature an art, has prod uced that Mulcaster dated his letter full O s eers s te tr for the Record and its readers the N e a s f of news of people Grant knew in gvgae John
pentation 0fer t Oldeand CpotyicnoeuPt.Aini ahooAughuesSt. Augustine. "Catherwood," he trial ad for thi presentationn ....of tolthis Oldest oCcity, Ur de Se'N :U sOet~ 9 tOunR writes, "and his lady live in state PurPoseb..... rmMuti
and beautiful illustrations which so es.. 5_s es it ec Wifi" by themselves. They seldom see kin aook, Ned, and the molatto aptly portray the Spanish the .f h Iany oae." Catheooodo.doe .Hete. How haoer he

he eBi h nuo Iinenns St. A eugustisne. n te c.ou and was a member of the Gover- he iseayhimrylffosodyk"oas Mrs. Collins, who writn Order o cwti rt r c aI trn tto tt tive Couil ThERu onwedh y the name of Marjorie Meeker, is a -T l s B Mors. Ho aci l. y at No. 214 at Py e e Go o e ae e member of Poetry Society of Amer- Wh~en alt W u r grot 1 uncL 7 .JMs oaeLnse t O 24a an' ...ltl bu ica, Midland Authors, the Colum- -5-ULO St. George Street toas probably and kin lady axd thei foggixg thc
al, Mi and otha it adin W where the Catherwoods were living negroe, a. The tho xe can ue, O, Irxanf the aede s o "ERE AL CE GTeaoafen g of the ho aS goe St ti Aimerican Pen Women. One-volume Tv eeesweeer The aca passes, nor can reach fior tir s how Cath o d owneoxhip. The good. t old th dyng of hex po.... "Coler of Water,"a 'i-. Ic l..u ~ JC tt f hwCt .. ...hp h od h odLvtsadyug
was polished hy oorntan. Ma h Water" letter was being sent in the "charge etsotalk ofgoigto nadin was pulihof hin who found your waters, of Capt. Chas. Fordyce of the 14th the Lofthoone, hot the Coserno is of he .c...c has appeared in such 0 W e raij wals atid towers Regiment who go es... to Virginia ...y .s.... to it, athoogh ax
magazines as Harper's, Outlook, .kwith a detachment. He has h coo a e gi a aept kin heing Saturday Review, and New Repub- s tiq ktdt a iscoverer for two years'past one of a cabinet fearfl Lesitt telling hic relation liC Her poemn als appena in a Who a i ,r3 junto consisting of the padre" of the ife ha leads." nmbrfstadard, ho oi es. o0- tll{lU ~n r"n mu, / l llq~~-t (this probably was the Rev. Forbes) ProbbyteG.... oy Mrx. Reid, woho in president of (Y mid nalw -L 1 the Iof wers. _"and myself, where the state of had his way foe to soe crde the St. Augustine Arts Club, has 'Nub, the Province and its w lfare are later the Lesitts hao. thet ..a.h
*e .many h.o.n. He .wood cuts r, OddulyN considered. He of ou is hors len. 6f St. Augustine are nationally fa- Nor can +h iht new ecno mar tre or o well acquainted with the charac- Moloaater, 000 of wosa soons as inUS, she having taken numerous tees ad had he heen here in y00 hor S g pri and awards it art exhibitions f M e, where ft flw worIdi teshn at time I am confident he would have twoo his children home to Ragwith these lovely presentation. been.. frequent guest in the Print land. The detail work of the border which -Rood hae small eharor in the toted, they ara to go to school as
The tal ak oithehooa thorNor an d. waetre-spoeep aoo gaod adrto in -hatl Ihre intenda sets off Mrs. Collins' ex- Nor sh r a L z te auste Anad tr lJe p wicked bottle." ag ieituly, i svtey and rthy of i ,caA 4 irs That St. Augustine had a strike to gise the that they may hattac caeful study. St in interesting to Of ''ti ~at the foot appears. Heitt, the ha ahle to halp themfrseve wohen nw that thea ce deorxatioans The nojw l hq,~ H a ,n r t tonemasoa, ouldn't get, to woork, theyga-o. were taken from some if the beaufxl Spanish tiles in the Villa Zo- Vjbrtstn ssi. ..r_- 0_ q~unafen, you whose, a and 1 T[CH m
Mr. aso~ss-i f our flags are 9nmbols grave asf n Dt
Mrs. Lawson As Laywhose TaIRt h n be =,a d heart hea T l
onmef new uoup A ieria yoti bum*,Special Writer WWI. Outhe nqewue[ LAi you.t b hn a BRIDGE & GRANADA PHONE d
Does Fine Work Moujbi st Meeker
We Invite You n
She Develops "Unwritten History of St. spection of Our
- Augustine" Stock of Home
The Record has been fortunate in
having as one of the special writers Furnishin for this Restoration Edition Mrs.
.N. .Lawsoa of this cit. Mrs.
awo, who has made her home
here fo eome years, began her
newspapep wo. as Kate Swan, and "EVERYTHING as a feature writer became well
known in New York and Washing- FOR TOUR eo,D. C.PShe wasoneoofthe women
witers of that day who knew the ROME" late Arthur Brisbane personally, H
and witnessed his meteoric rise to
fame and fortune. _--E l"r Mrs. Lawson has been doing someP a r
unusual research work during the (Copyright 1937 by Marjorie Meeker ad C. Cregor Reid. All rights reserved.) past several years in St. Augustine.
She is a member of the St. Augus- have smiled to see the ornate vetine Historical Society, and also has H istorical Records Survey hicles illustrated on the advertis- Com fortless. W idow" Seeks
served as an officer of that organ- ing folder from which e ordered. ization. F c tso years she -has A rr The early attempt at ordering by c For been program chairman, and has And Archives Group mail was otasccs forth car- Compensation For Lo ss done otstanding work that has riage was not according to the pi-attracted widespread attention. Her tore When it was received and the attention has been directed par- Work Is of Assistance to in the worm-eaten packages of pa- official fumed. ticularly toward family histories toration P raiol loaf ago The St. Augustine fire depart- Old Records of 1783 In- wi c note the comfortlesss widow's"
an. iorahis.Sh brought Restoration Program era deposite has qut reai laug oonnag appraisals carefully. The constant a7 ad iogaphi. h h forgotten civil and criminal actions. t ldds had quite a gh e dicate Value Put on drift through, in and out of St. together a most valuable collection Here Among other items found in the day when they were shown an old Augustine explains the variety of 6f these, which give a picture of life county files were priceless original poster illustrating fire equipment Furnishings periods and designs formerly to be of earlier generations inStAugus- Spanish frantn, originanbgirth whiohsamcmanofactorerhadfond- met with here in all household artine; also present an idea of color- In the early months of 1936 the tipatn ofancestors of prom ceat by nt to an Anciant City Pr cam- tioca. Ox One occasion while work ful backgrounds, with their charm WPA established two historical St. Augustine fal~ilies in the pany. It showed all hand-pulled Mistress Ann Cameron was ask- was starting on a St. George Stret of days bang since gone by. It is surveys in St. Augustine which were eighteenth century; maps disclosing hose carts and hand operated water ing compensation for losses result- site a buried cache of china of many indeed fortunate for St. Augustine destined to have an important value the exaat eoation of Sor ifications pomp equipm af an a whole that Mra. Lawson han- to the later orgaxiced Ph. Aogostine maintained hy the Sritish during Alaos ith scr insifhts into OF ro hedpaENeo teBr DURINGws u it. oe fi hbeought to this work a visid sense Historical Restoration Progrem. their occopation of Florida, and "ths good old days" wax interooixed "k in "bl5. The Caera dameto saty 1re in a id. Onre Snew .1eIS thea piotctral, the de..matto arid .Of thx two.. co..op prajeac, data twhich r.. oarate ords theaorigin al thecfrstharte...f Sh.Aogostintinb770and Ann"be- eagYbafeoly's dcsdndaat se "theoxnusual. She hen talked with etarted when the Restoration was psred written hsor for die-o St. Aogostine with the sigsatoren caome a comfotseswidoowin 1782. twso chairs that had been xold hack ald people of Ph. Aogostine, and hac yet an idea taking form in. thn the State. strloniofoksriaoxatd.tsr roSesspymtfanmefhcinNwRgadPmtmeatai ean chown intidmate family aecords, minds of Sorward-looking oitizens, Whoa the wochers of Ohe Sorseys paua eadn riabe th d, y ote othaeodoo ."asbootn ete n hAgcete family traoe an......d kalpsakes. the Hinsoical Re..or.da hega ox. the city ...o..ds, the ...... byiog Pixane s-eraoeI anns.o~ hilled~ira her rcet of Mahxgany da met these too chaire ix a
ky hstii Sodans. Threded2 poxnds, 7 shillings, 6 penice, a here of a newr arquaintanae. They
Oxt of these sha hac rcstruted toreye, c nation-owida work, end inerstn deeopetsrsutd through tall so oute dvidence of "liganavia bedstead at 4 pounds toere chic to hop them hank. stories of other days that hasoe a uvythe othea ac rjthewhiStatetArchiceoatenstheg doosab~ipmpetrso~thfad h tero -n gref ofyloI0silns u te esed
asslh of....o... papa...sThs-kirko hada fesnr, smalalpox and othc dpodem-toccoxtiteibgslnthnseas
facts axd Seatces gbeaned have keen ofFoiand together Shep prom- acoumolated Sor a centory and a ics, one ro-kwirk diseasrs wan called the "higanasita" and. Thefc ic a The Knepper of Pro-esiosc in Ph gaaeouly cheched and re-cheched, Icthoareal rantrihotioan hy the qoartea. The -roomes of the afft- "thec strangeres fcsar." largo tahbl, a mahogany tea Sahbl, Aogoctine, who wan Jouan Ximenea, andtheyoa repeseta athenticopains- National Casernmont to the Ph. nab city records, hase heen welt The workers of that wo curseps 6 chairs, a' corner copboar 4woakh in159,kadtpoid dnationse to taking s w.awo hasas on'mc Aogostiae~e program. hs w precersvead arc a credit to city hase also listed hondrcds of doca- only 17 shillings, and a email iaon- Indian vsitoas whsm the gsoernor is.5t Malac.e researhcnhao o matrkst he porphwee admtinistd afnr- officials, Itis emphasized. meotso 00standard printed report ing ta. She axplitns sho hadnt ar dhurchheads were tringtxoahdld
alehieanerk orka locrat.scy, wirkceoadoixit d fom Accidantally presecrd toax sorh forms so that they tolt ha asailahi sold these artines hecaose she in Sriendship. Ix tea daps that year x4 ing aid ouse5 of St. Aogostinse onecoffice, wasto search otoad aprcious daoment as alttr ilirariensdovrtheextireatiox foud onypaiads aere bidding the heir of TolomatoacameatoP St. ~ gettingdownoinhboorkadwhtethe raro...d scattered prisately .....d w'ritta an..d signed hy Jaffe..... for p r.....intcte....d ir..s..arrhin end altar nhe sold a toa tahbclaor Aogustine with thrd r...mpaxio..c. t D '
faochat recordsashow. Herrcare- historicaltmaterial antocelas ts Oasis whenhe wasP Seretary of St.AogostineHixstory. 2shillingcand6pececthatrrost lThe Keeper of Proisionc gaeG K s-el work is soething for which the catalogoue the police rcosdc aS the War Sod the Unitcd S taoes before Fverp effort hao bden made to heo-- axe pound 15 shilinogs and6 them 45 poondc aS fxou and Jean 0 oe ,ts ,a wholeacommuitynshouldhaethank- aonty end city, to make thcm heaharame aermaentlyoenshrined asscmlcilogounosedrecordsad pecrcshe wooidn't gisnthem any wac giscnxlothinghbcauseohehad
fu.available for historical rarc h, historically as the Presideot of the ix atm casces- ohelvs hase heex morc. lately accomxpande misaioary axn i The PRECISI ON Wealch
* Thc bate Miss Amonda Sroohs MVora than a hundred yars ago Confadarate States of Arerica0 provided at the axpease of the coo- Coltors of sorh-at atiqu milax a trip to several Indian sillages.woeSt oSpainto gat what she railed Indians usad a systemo of keepong Workcrx in all the roonties ois e. _APPY indeed is eke hride ine aok later pohlished "The Ua a... rots in their dealings with the Florida hose b en..t.r.inf Thc officialsof thc Sorvey tipect H t who....ies haendee...
witten History aS Ph. Aogostie." khite oxn s-hich ooas rhlidd trial of direct interest anod appli. to comopte the sorsey io this ri hch r~ us y '*~.roalseao--Crrmle Mra. Lawsons has remained hero "chalks." Possibly nowhere in the cation to thief rits. The Histonral historicat fid in St..Agtine, SERI CE IlivewrL... u orlt in Ph. Aogostine, and thr-ough her United States wold a s uiter hose Rerords and Statc Archivs box- which is one rf the mast important seetinisnw n dsintv oiginal, catiss work she hoc foond aothoritative information on scys employed a Spaoish tranosiator ix the United Statcs. HA oaEENca OURes- sWCHO RDnne .. pered in heepongowith year developed ox her a. a aount en the nature of these chaikc hefore who rerantly prepare4 a litt of horal hosinessmen, coontreand HApur5.5 ja.Vsn~xse aese..ei r ne aed dieisive canwritteno history of Ph. Aogos- it s-es hroght to light ix Ph. Au- '"Deription of the Plao ot the oiL- officials have expressed their tine" xthaol.. dbee not i note taie ..... City of St. Aogustine, Est Plor- app rciotion ofthe ....iso a... gi-o .....(SIN 1919 gifen which youwillenjey steSor om in this editioon xl the ho the coonty rc ords wax found ida, Yeor oti 1708", a copy rf wshirch y Ohe Historical SRords and State JA1I I-ing . and youbll else ha inRecrdandthrug paersfild nt nlydetile eidence of a be Aotreasurcd in the offires of Arhiveo Sorveysoot only finan-trstdiousylhnw wik the Ph. Aogustinec Historical larga rattle deal which waa kept the P Augostioe Historical Sea- riallp ..o. sI1 ao hy fivin fempIoP.-Gas--hceeaehe eociety and Institotoel ofcence. account of hy this meothod of chalks, toratiox. The original Spaniok drf mn to ioca ores, hot frthe Today, uta n11,sriei our moatiptt ceGruedrn ah s yi a nabeow SThe intercsting biographical hot therc wan also foond a featie of this list s-ax found is the or- aking of these prices records .' .- f$ ...P.. or an ltaSa $ 75 . Came
sehes f xloaex, the stories of of the chalkhs usad hettoeen Indians rhises of the State of Floridaa~ avaiabe to a stodnad lamn mirsson # iaedsecemrcmpeteshocwieg. eld hoouses, ad fasrinating fatoily and thc s-kite mn hou-cr. Taloahaee. -- We hasr modern eqoipment end ycars as- experience, hictorids, also tha Histogramo, and Tha Indian who sold these rattle Sore of the pars resacted io Otnce upon a time, 0o Mra. J. P. o h otipratfoti htw r hot seine unusual "hot"hbiefitema s a aprincexs,siaterofaifmos thedcity recordtsawreamusing and Cadge of No. PP Molbei-, ptret bttems motnt fat s ha wIae/bl t ecn. rof asOl sait, oeprosdnt h icf eit w~an ioood thet shc others pathetic. Ia 000 ca a city cay-a, Ohe action around torost, s-lox the motorist service. .-Warpsoooey
ofti l tCty arcx cordttct rooertv. in Ph. official ordered abahy c arriageoand Pine and Mulberry Streets east toWearynuusay
ra. Lawscoon rontrihotion to this Augostine which, in the light xl somehow his Correspondenca nor- the moarsh end tovcr was kooxn an Or shop to ready at all time for any automotiveSirsccto sfda edition xl tie Record, while a mem- these discoseries, hen a foscinatixg sisvd in Ike oof rogoc oPoi il"dsi ih t rpix owe o atxrio al55 E M monedselcto p eis her xf the stafP of this nowspaper history, papers. Esenmthe ong-.imrrst o nin itst ,-c itidnorroishg it rpis s hnyuwatsriecle3.ToERMallo moons an iongms fer the pact few wenks. This particular instooae only oa r "rtoatt id oostcaoneloa.s. ato aAdcleds log ocamet oof o....xy o..oscrcd i the cet G -moaEN A P EETRIC REFRIGERATORS Adetie weddlinginse.
in e Ph. Aogostine orange coort records i" the fireproof Tires, Tabes, Giaolineand Ole, hcesoes antaCagePie slo s$50
g...... ibdor..xg..jicwhichss s...o.tsof the cerk of cirruitroor.t,| C H U R G e te hit e
was "orcaoionally sold in small hase hoeouav-ailable hbeas thr L.GC. PUSONT ON DIXIE HIGHWAXY
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pagettacdtho two oo ixnivrrl ro.P o lv oed Wrerking Sarvoira Talephane 5tt "AXT THR OLD CITY GATES" JEWEl ER piece of vitegar io tire Britioh ioxroxour reideedhbsthre
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Two rotestant An Eager Worker Indian Fashions Showed

Churches Pass Colorful Love Of Display

Century Mark Jewels, Feathers, Stones, Florida Literature Is
Beads and Tattoos Far Older Than That
LThey Are Trinity Episco- Were Leaders Of Virginia Colony
pal and Memorial
Presbyterian The man of today contents him- Literature of Florida antedates self with perhaps a class ring, fra- that of Virginia, first permanent
St. Auguetine has nueroee fine ternal pin, tie and collar pin and English Colony, by many years.
husine has gnuer e ftne puts fancy studs in his dress shirt It seems that literature in Virchurches, which guarantee to ret b Ticn Indin, gini beg ith Cpt Jhn 4ents and visitors an opportunity tofrnbtteTmua Ini, nabgnwthCpinJn dttennthe churches of their choice. regaling himself for war or love, Smith, Elizabethan adventurer, and wo-.
Fttend erlietti ath i c decked himself out with all the colonist, who wrote several naval Fre erliet tinen the Cntholi grandeur of a movie queen. Feeth- books after the founding of the Church carried the torch of faith, er ornaments were used in the hair settlement at Jamestown in 1607. and the story of Christianity, into and ornaments of beads, coppers, Literature of Florida began with this community colored stones, bones, and, in laer its discovery by Juan Ponce de tent chr chens ithee eonity he- times, brass and silver, were worn Leon, in 1513. Herrera, who wrote gen their einisty. Other nheve not only there but on the breech- of Ponce de Len's voyagings and
come and built beautiful or simple clut end other articles of clothing, discoveries, and recounted the acedifices during the years. Short- about the neck, banging from the nneplihentefotheripenishexage of space makes it impossible to ears, and about the waist and pl e nt, s of the most exeiee speialeateetinetoehetnu- Mrs. Neil Dickman, who is a wrists and sometimes about the e n cnn eo the meet inbev e e atetint the n- neeneh ci the Heleclpteaerly Spenish wreiters merous churches of the community, ember of the Historical Preset- arms and ankles. Pearls were He w ea nedSicialhistgrier
all of which of course should be nation and Restoration Assoca- highly prized throughout the entire to the papnihehing, and s tgivee preenedieti of St. Augustine, has shown Southeast and seem to have been the i h nnn stgi en prestve deees interir inrsthien the right to secure all his informawork and influence. Special space tie eeem nhenheeso- partially monopolized by thehie tie from the correspondence and is given elsewhere to the Cathedral, ration Program and has been work- and upper classes (as today). Shell oficial den so the Spenish
an t thrCahli paeso teing eagerly for it, as she consid- urg n
en t ether Catholic phase o e the rng eegeeal te te community, and gergetSe were distributed as widely bing.
comniy Heeaethetwoelocal erntnett snmmtn enaspeerle.
Protestant Churches, whose his- to the state and nation. Peculiar to the Timucan of Flortories run back for more than a ida were small oblong fish-bladders all the duties of the church, but century. They are Trinity Epi-Mrsn which when inflated shine like had difficulty in obtaining necencopal and Memorial Presbyterian: Mrs.-e ickma pearls and which, being dyed red, scary provision, some finally being Trinity Episcopal Church look like a light-colred carbuncle. brought to him by friendly sailors
Probably ene f the meet inter-i U a a n Natchez bees we brelets work- from Cuba. Then seems to be eno eating things about Trinity Parish Enthusastic ed out of the ribs of deer and the records of any part Father Camps is that it possesses a church build- Florida Indians employed fish teeth may have taken in the decision to ing which stands on a historic site. for that purpose. Tattooing was quit New Smyrna's terrors, but it During the period Florida was in Feels Restoration Pro- practically universal, and, -from is evident he agreed withhis flock the poseennien of Oreet Beitain
(17t3-1781ithe sevieese the gram Is Vital to Old- what most writers tell us, it would and came to St. Augustine with seem that art found a peculiarly them. Father Claeul has said
Chedh n nglend were i engla Ir est City high expression through the me- that Father Camps told of holding held in haeilding, net a u heuch, dium of tattooings. services in private homes. One menhih ith beenaideneobtedly On the authority of one of his tined is that of Juan Carreras. stood upon the actual spot where Mrs. Neil Dickman, one of the officers, Laudonniere reports that There was a Juan Carreras who Trinity Church now stands. This two women members of the St. Au- Onathaqua and Hstaqua, two lived at the corner of Fort Alley building was called the English gustine Historical Preservation and Oheq nd n cn, ie lnd St e e ci One Al Constitution House. Restoration Association, feels very chiefs living near 0cies Siver, and it. George St. end nothee in In October of the year 1821, the keenly the importance of the Re- Fhia painted their fee black described living en the wee nide Young Men's Missionary Society of toration Program for this Oldest while the other Timucuan chiefs of St. George, close by the first one. Charleston, S. C., sent a minister City. When asked to give her views used red. The Indians of Florida But from many allusions to the here to organize a parish, and in of the program, she spoke as fol- allowed their finger and toe nails Capilla Minorquin it is clear Fa1825 we find the vestry applying to lows to an interviewer: to grow very long. ther Camps and his congregation the city for a lease of the lot upon "In a new country, where there Moccasins -were worn wthrgheeet e n g e s l chapel. Pentof. which to erect a church. The lot are so few old shrines, and the the Southeast by the Indians when Siebert in hie Loyalist of Enst bad been put into the possession of policy has been, every few years, to travelling but'A home they wetFlorida mentions "the little decothe city by the United States gee- tear down buildings, and put up iig- barefoot much of the time. Mec- rated chapel of the Minorcans." A ermnent with authority to rent it gee ne, tin w derfl thing I casinos for common wear were made man close by the building still
outan us te rntforciy pr-have such a movement as the of elk skin, but those of deerskin standing says about fifty years ago
pee end they released their title Cernegie Restoratin plan in t.were used for dress occasions. he saw the niches in the walls for
teeo$1, ti hyrlesdter il a ne Restoration______atheeorlee.
The enerstene Trnity Augustine. th
hu r s tone of T825. "We, who love beauty a d as- It is even possible to fix dates 'Chrcods laidineJu t 1825. association of the past, have deplored when it was the Capilla Minorcan. etryb shnw ailding nd $3,- the passing of the ancient Spanish Littl In the Spanish census of 1784, ref8110 whih en netidee mend f Si-houses,...d the great changes we rene is made to "Juan Gianopoli, e0e0twhihwnodte eeedsufi-nw e seeeennin thenaro teetst. aw~ netiveeofiMree.whonhasnewife, I ai ts cient to build such a church as.... eh v ...... n ih e ...... tree I/ Of inorcans 3 slatve n of .. hres an l..ivesn P d ts
desired and 4id was beingesnght "We b iten ished at the sought sl... d Inn be m. end linen erno tieir brethren in the north, old part of the city had been neds e in n .e end lot ois n neenN ehechurch ....... for divi e n. mny European cities ae, d inter sting the Minorquin church." "Harry's New York Bar"
ship in June, 1831. that we could have kept intact the Again in the same yea, the
The original church was 36 feet quaint houses with the overhanging Spanish escrituras say on e th
eher ottee f A ngut Joseph Stout Irenserred wide by 50 feet long. Building op.- balconies, and the charm of the past
ration, were slow in'those days that prvades all old places. Walls Believed Standing Io "Juin PSnchez Soq eina hnuse In Havaa It'sand in May, t832, the interinn wee "N comes our opportunity that At 81 St, George; wth lot bounded by a flat roofed lo nn o" plasterd, and three years later all tilenable us to make St. Augus- house, which is the Minorcan windows and the heads for the tine bfe of the outstanding cities in History Tra"ed church." deem ee made for $2011, the mn- Ameriea, forno other place in the A ipnish cene lint mentions I ee teeiehieg alt the meteria untry hes sueh historic back- on Pege 23 "L oeno Cepe n pro- In ST.AUGUSTINE It'sThe ork 61! the w menin ai- grond end suche.t nar beauties Walls of the Capilta Mcreinie feccion es sacristan de la Capilla leg fend e nd pin in tfrnish Io enhance it. are believed yet standing at No. 81 Minorquin". Here we have both the cheurchis eideetthionght the "Whet different element have St. Oeori Street. Thin i the en- the nhapel and the nanrint. Alse yearn. made their impress upon St. Au- quina building in which Father is known from another list that Around 1850 the chancel, was gustine-Indian, Spanish, French Pedro Camps took refuge with his the house Lorenzo Cape lived in G I K S F M U built out and a vestry room added and English; it, would he criminal faithful Parish of San Pedro when was immediately in the rear of the
at the side. Aeew lecturn, clergy not to preserve andre-create these the Minorca colonies fled fronill- capilla. A deed book in the couty stalls and furniture generally wre epochs for the coming generations, fated plantations of New Smyrna court house contains several ___r_
-provided and the eost wansefraed so that they may see history in its to the protection f the English references to this building. In ole chiefly through the efforts of the unfolding in a country where every- governor in St. Augustine. In this the same property transferred t ladies by the products ofitheir in- thing seems new, I building, the Catholic faith was Juan Sanchez in 1704 is being t stry. "The old Frt again ll take a kept alive until the return of the transferred and is "bounded on the In the Cool of the
In 1902, thechurch wnnpreetical- dominant place in appropriate sur- Spaniards to rule in St. Augustine north by house formerly occupied ly rebuilt at acost of $I1,000 The rundings; the Cathedral will stand once more; to open their church as a church for the Mahonica." only part of tleoriginal church now forth, not overshadowed by build- and restore its ministrations to the There are m ny tusins to FLORIDA EVENINGS With standing is Ie north preh and ings that'take rom iti dignity and devout. Father Camps, -e .e of them tower, with the walls ofthe nbrth beauty, and the old streets once When the Minorcan colony sailed promising rather dramatic haptransept and baptstry., The old more echo to the sound of many from Pot Mahon, they were en- penings. Whenhe diedinl17i0bin You'll Find Our tndlhe new were artisticaly and feet, untrammeled by the automo- anep dby youngpie, Fe- will she n he had enjed unmabutifully comined, and te biles that throng and fill them an there Pedro Camps. In New .myr- bounded cnfidene o inf yhis parish. AIDEWALK church has now the proper cruc- that all their charm is lost. na there was a small church. The Some oil proeisins are to be orm shape, a d a seetingecapacity "We must feel that a great herit priest had kept,faitful records of tound in the court house here. S of over 500. It was consecrated by age is ours, to pass on to those who hisflock from the hour they sailed Just what condition the entire the-Rt. Roe. Edwin G. Weed, D. D. are to come after us; it is such from the Baearic Island. In it are caplla is in at present hasn't been BinhopeP Plorida, April~ tP105. things that inspire love ten neen- naes enfn bebies ber at sea, named yet baee up, bet enough eftIhe C F
Building was started on a parish try, civic pride and desire to know Buenventura, several of them. In walls is standing to make the site.
school in 1857, on a lot to the rear the history of our land; so let us New Smyrna he tried to carry out interesting. Most o of the church which had been pur- trust that all who love St. AuguRchased the previous year. lie ill tebe pe end help Ic me
Memorial Presbyterian Church ntireiter a hie et nationel InvitigP
The Presbyterian Church of St. i re anthtng ofPRtiRAM
Augustine also had a noble and in- pride."
aspiring history which began with the organization of the nhurch on Tales Of Pirates Are
June 10th, 1824. Prior n tht
time, records show that there an Part Of Old DaysnPehbytej le Inniety nft. Anguie~alff'seiPn"as Soit~lrd,,n-t.alA- SRcoddLoal Glick's reputation assures you
On January let, 1811, the eomeer- Interring In piraten, Kidd, Dre, c % c.--Othat you 11l receive the hgetof etone et thn resbytein Chernh Gasparilla are thren en omm-onlyhiges wee leid, the icunued having menioned. IL. Aegusine, ho-quality liur.When one of our eN' bend ncolletedifrom persns mn .i ever, wee cnnineally menaed liuos nUR perle of the United Platen. The atneched eccor-ding In nldesel pert bartenders mixes your favorite ehureh membership gew e teadily orde aeaileble. epic ofmn
adabout 1811 a Sndey School Thinb ci thin little plece be cocktil for you, yourpic of in waeenrtanined. I isienenesing te CaptiPie,ea Bhamaepivteer
nole Ihat eleven. were..edmitted In ...m elong in l683, under- the Wilb E T R Dadyuwl o membership in 1841, bet thet amren- Prench ftag end attempted In need ilb ET R Dadyuwl o ilin wee adopted stipelating thet IL. Augustine. He wee driven netf th~at you have at last found the spot eleven apl~ly Sen edmineion In the hnwev-er end aenged himself by
that the applinetien in made With mede the Cerodine coest bin heed-..t pn htpesn or the bnowledge end permission n quarters. A either inmous pirt
the 0wne or Naser." ship wee me Pain's enmpeny
let tON. a nhepel em Senday Inbonl then encersion.L Tn-ompeuse beroom with Inwem Per the hell, wan lontint to the notorieee Ceptainn-n-nbeilt edjining the eld nbucheb at n Nichel Landrenssen whose ellen wan
cent of $3,0S. Thin chapel be en.. "Breha" in the expeditin. 'Brehe'AC m lt in fO l h intereting history tor it wee may- n-eanptured lbren years laer byACo pee ie fOnyh edfrmmitnriialesitennonl the~ Armeda de Beeloeneto end
IL. Oen-ge Ptreet in 1877 toenpoiet bented with bin n..mpeni ..,VtrgS.A gsinen.? Finest Domestic a d Ia bech oetlhe Pent Otfie, Pacint Cer- "P1rate" wee a dnsignation re- iiigS.A gsie n re deo-n Street. Thi.i'nmewesdne qently cnn~aydenrmgithe Eegby the Indlee .. e..t here irom the lhenptiewnenigne--then you, can buy that ported Wines and Liquors. wenteapisners net waradwere sesnweeheldeupnmerthe loide ender eomeand ot CnpL.It. H. coast. Seerlold menif S Pratt. In 1888 the chapel wee gustinee cea ntl pirate etcriesnn
ngain movedtoa lot inn Nrh City cerning enoueters, en late en the
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Inheo Cntyl18 I tnb a ten r see ld thiesb hbnr. -ned eceine the tent in lee bhed ituntdy e weyoo Ba de Tmernln$0mn0n
nd later wee sold by the Pnhool church web thee changed In "Thesrve r nyutrs Boaerd te the Pister on et. Jeseph Nemerial Pesbyterien Gburh." e "ic .. Ai" nyemIe Inn Neren end il came in et an a etand nI either eelrence me! the Wi" lil clnn parto te prohilnschoolplanthch werebitteromblocksnlak- Steycekd C ni PL. Age. en.. trom the wals oS the eld ehheeRlir cheke F a m o usCrewThe present beeutiful church ee PL. Georetre et. ll gesn -Sde
building wee erected in l89P by Thee teem me little bend ot Pine w lt rain..Rdao Henry N. Plagler, in lovingmremem- men end eight womene in 1824 Ibe
brance ci his dtaughter, Jennie church bee eweon n elstrog em- fleebed eui . Ni melter Narch 21, 1880. The nme ot the wonmee end children, m ht itesevcyorque
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otr Here Many Years desiption of the happenings fo- and paintedwhiteto suitthebride's ..s. ti in Augusti
Potato Origin weemnv. No Imagination Needed For Relic Of Wreck de nesdo madadeiwn t A d
Here lowing this wreck, which took place, fancy. Now, however, it has been of the past of the little girla 1?o-- Oahe said, about 23 miles off the coast stained brown But after all thee was building tepees from cu
In This County Tales Of Treasure Finds Is Cherished In opposite Daytona in 1878. Only 18 years the material is of such fine has. Only the olde esidete
In This County X H ls p h T ie i inds I e d C survived of the 200 persons aboard quality that there is hardly a break knew the aod a en a a
: ,| ,ffiP ,.|ut] X. Lpez HoldsSpanish"-H VJ~a the Vera Cruz.. Thes surv...ivors. in it. It brings back the stor ..... .started M.. hae' eua
Is Recalled X. Lopez Holds Spanish all parts of the city flocked and ome apos e brought o St. Augusti f th t tragedies of the for it eg. e
Rece ne iedste Reae A id i o a odies of the shipwrecked washed local coast within present n es h that the asking i wDoubloon, Which Came signed, a ed quit eet C rashe te buried, as many of aies .s etin, hteast asha epee

assrletlya h spyi hna ~ s nBihd ening stt t vde etas nint oed ofM.anhr..D apo ularte wee they nd hen cshaeehewst d ns ni aeLsi sn n n ars. The H.Ewin eeaeE u- oe ws t dtt n e o n them had to be on or back of the I closes T Im E Mrs. W. H. Erwin Remem-From Old House liin oe to he ratinOe wa tatedomVr Cu beach bills where they had been Curramooshas was the odd name novatesho wiPinwa n

b rs o he livng ls do hes ot nwhasio eastwaautM SIeT M ber How Spaulding Rose to have secure ae d box of con atins Found in 1878 Still found, anyhere from Cape Cana- given to the wild coffee bus hes that massf c h and the s h ea a several to Fernandina. grew so freely in unoccupied lots would ps n lrthat in dhre, oad Received Name A Spanish doubloon in possession wiech ane snt Wahin fo Does Duty Barrels of lard, boxes of white about St. Augustine. Mrset. Beatrice it with d oshan g ~~of X. Lopez is tangible proof thatexhn.
Ssno inagihin at The destruction of the old house bacon, barrels of flour, casks of Shaw Chapel of Ontaeo, Oregon, to the oynter fatn at tea tide, pun N ynei dne at her ad hat-e l h eo th wine, bolts of calico, sheeting, tick- is writing a book about her child- ap theacurneaoohns and nahe an Ni of N-o. Mrs. W. .... treet-i story ofa dis.......tef real gold wansbni dih n atorderbof a"i. u h w- A ei often ek theVen iag, lanes,e igrs created furniture hood in Florida. The Sh spent oyste.
infd2s f n decided "Cntee han reserve in the d a seemingly endless assortment i hm Ne t asa seg im money when an old house on Bridge Mountjoy", who had bought the he f Man an. ery mently as he is phyai- Street between Mar in and Char- placeintending ta has a finewinter dMrs. V. 0. Cnpa ofnatien en thrs tn the heash ti ea. The aint cam e a S t. An- i-ttw as nd onab t8 90. h ae put on the lot. Nothing fur- at No. 73 San Marco Avenue and is to be gathered up by coast and back g rti ce at the lie rn Mc o s m folkw ay enhe. a s m oT o t Ndr r p, the .A. whita ero tn Ms. Lepe wit tn the d in e ha en learned of the lady in fine condition still. A confort- V. D. Capo's father, Venancio
S e heor her later movements except able bamboo rocking chair is one Capo, was a pilot and among the IS New York. White who was for display in the coin collecti en p people can't recall hearing o f her of Mrs. Capo's cherished posses- salvage that came to him was n this g.rolling down at Dunn's Lake ananged by Mrs. R. N. Dickman in a n nai te od S.B. White, whn oa a broker, the strong ens f the Old Spanish Ass. Leon Chi.dy.a. citing n wa hai F yr it wa TIME uilt a railroad from Daytona to the Teasury, the Burt Ho... It S st lihe anastasiaLighd the Capo home. Then it asee-S h A that th d he had een ne Record last year, gave a detailed gated to a store Nroom. When Mr. St. Johns River. When it was sold, said there still are several other owned by a priest and that it was nd Ms.V. nanne aid
SG. White took the Hasttigs pieces yet in the city. The greater mentioned t an a he n M a ee ae POPU.R AND CLASSICAl MUSIC TAGHT nt. Mean- amount finallyiooetainehisasisentnto equest., among the roomers having been Mr. 40 years ago the bride bad her eyeRAN CLSIL oeM. an t D A. Whiten d Mrs. W. H. Erwin at 90 yearsof a ntllynhtainedwaen te Records show such ownership at and Mrs. H. W. Davis. The loca- on this old chair of which she knew the De. Mhean- Washington to be exchanged fo this corner and a will is in the files, tion was known for a time as Arm- the story. She told her husband uErwins had started a grove at age recalls early agricultural days Magaet Mfhfoud'ly i s rivt ntt a d .ee ere fren nut. S n t earone waith which the purchtng Dr. John Vedder, owner of the strong!s Corner, but wtheh from how much she would like the chair. an r tc o power of people werte more familiar Vedder Museum on corner of Bay ownership of the house cen nThe bridegro om told his father ad 5 St Gege Stee hClub W rk .r Lopez describes his acaisi- andTreasy, hadlivedin the hoate actionn with a store narby icn't Venac io Capo said certainly the 1h5 St.4-J wiho was from Illinois, after gar- Is tion of this Spanish gold piece. He and Mrs. Vedder had rented rooms, clea. bride could have. it. It was scraped deting ahe nt Hastings, an- was workinad in a store on Cathedral iianced he knew that land would Place near the bank when a colored hke potato s ps- and he na gl- a ann, whd he knewl wel, anteh e t !ng to try it. A man named Spauld- h and the eet ante used to come to SIt. Augustine know w hat the thing hehad found tio swerptates t the hnte. They oL on might be. It still bore traces oft were particularly good potatoes, sandinahihit had laid 'mn = and Mr. Erwin got Spaulding to yeas nd Mr. Lopez decided the

Genovart rkou STATEMENTOFuCONDITION ip him seed potatoes. These Fine Program Carried est niea t sene coled he had dd crop in Hastings ltend and a atthe ank. When theri tedn an t)bir popularity increased they be- On; Many Young found out how much he 'couId get S cne known as the Spaulding Rose. in trade, he tnid hnw he had ce That is how that potato got its Folks Helped a se the piece. h ntae. Meantime Mrs. Erwin's He was one of two or three men AE T heather laughed at the idea of pota- An indication of the progress working for the city trash man who e
to crops at Hastings and said he spirit of Sit. Johns County is given had been rating away remains of was going to makne ricen. He soon through the continuing program the d house at what was called feund the labor question didn't of 4-H Club work oe period of Aarmstrong' C ner. The men ha awf .any .neTy making in rice, 22 yeas.T benhovelingdebrisn y marnd c he went back to logging. U. G. The program in Florida is 25 the hig fireplace and had edy White afterward became one of the year old this year, so it may be carted several loads outer to nPine g otato fan see of thin .stion. sess that St. Johns County was Street and San Mr en AgnenieAe, 1
And now Warren Erwin, son of one of the pioneer counties of the where fill was being made. The s. W. H. Erwin, has pioneered in state in adopting the 4-H Club ac- finder had just happened to get aising unusual cut flowers for tivitis for its rural young folks. hold of this dirty chunkas the rear pping successfully and it is due They have proved a blessing to end of the dump cart wasletting t is "initiative that the superb del- thousands of girls ad boys during out thecat conte ts. phinium stalks and tints were first those years, the influence being As soon as word leaked out of :tivated in thi : ti. widespread. Girls have bec r the finding of the gold coin and theB c better homemakers, finer and more placewhere Athes cart load of earth Joseph Ranti Recalls efficient housekeepers; while others had been dumped the fill at Pine RG T H E Y EA RS i lI l I I I l I i I l I l I l II I I lIhave been helped in busiI I I I I l lI Ind San MI II l l II l besieged by
Story Connected With reers by the wholesome training gold hunters. Probably eseny bit of ,Crcke in cholhose gven Day hae b....ide inthe moved debris .... finally sifted,
Bvn y hase keen aided in thyesddhi acinlpate Cricket In Schoolhouse nmerless ways, and many of much of it over and over as the -I
_them have been encouraged determination of the treasure teakThere is a littl ool o r ticket through the 4-H Club work, and ere increased with the finding of ia the old schoolhouse on St. scholarships offered by interested each coin. Gaorge Street. Joseph Ranti says organizations, to stay on the farm, Meantime at the old house an Many years of participation in the business life of ais lather made it for the little after they have received special- other scene of even more excitement diighter, Jane. The Rantis were ized agricultural training. was progress. The great chimney our community have given us knowledge of local needs, iving then in a house on the north Since 1915 when the work was placewhich was being torn down is side of Cuna between Charlotte started here, signal honors have described as having a double wall friendly understanding of those we serve, in and St. George and every morning keen-taken by both boys and girls, construction with earth filling e- and faith Joseph had to go with little Jane Out-of-state trips have been won; Iween. It was from this filling that and carry this stool to the school scholarships, medals, and prize most of the fifteen hundred dollars our common future which can be acquired in no other hause up by the City Gates where have been awarded to St. Johns worth of coin was taken. Mary Darling was teaching then County young folks. The neighbors and people from From there Joseph would go Eve y year at the annual Short
te his school in a building at the Courses conducted at University of
east side of the Cathedral where he Florida, Gainesville, and Florida
says his teaches wac a Juan Cia-State College Ins We..., Talia- 7y000 ACRES As the Anastasia Lighlhouse offers guidance and nays his leashes wan Jean Ginnpty. hassee, girls and boys who are leadaf ih ehn the el-H Cl have taken Afterfscahoolshnenhad e past nIepennea ekad* I service to those at sea, so does The St. I itstool from'Aton ...h~hereig school room iandsd'takei paparts iniathether~ograms4-ofe sfteeh~work enpand F AMsrcettoe tesod sTh S. Augustine Nait hoeacah 'night. Ranti said it play that ass offesed these Ap- 12i 1 L 1BaksftAu sin i-wasn't wise to 1 there ov..... proximately 40 young folks attend tional Bank provide safety and service in banking wright. these courses annually, through banking
nighL a the Lopeain o C he hoaed of L A JL2
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Points f Inteest As Camps are held each summer, N
Points Of Interest As Cphere the boys and girls have FOR SALE We are glad to be part of the business life of a beautiListed In Rail Folder programs of recreation and supernvise study t theing sbjes th 7 ful City so rich in history. We believe the Restoration
follow out the line of work toJ 7,000 acres of the very
Among attractions mentioned in which the 4-H Clubsare dedicated, finest loam, clapeafe twill greatly the thccharmiofetCity, w a~efe fteJcsnilS.The work for the boys consists rgamwlgralenacthcamofurC yil Austine and Halifax River Trans- wfstr a s the huccenaieta cut-over Florida land, and at
A salne an turning fosessec ineageiselpastateon Cnompany. wereasesal e k eaaeeta s~ abat 25% af actual necrth
pbtaio Cmpn. er svealture; the development of ag~o o ut2o cta ot provide fitting portrayal, of our centuries of'romantic that have vanished froni the pros- livestock program, afid treasonable terms t the7 e pt list of noted points. "The C en- is. aight person. Locatedlamles history, and many to visit or to live tury" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ b attractingt ha s ihtprsn Lcte mie
als described as the "Old Hats- The girls are being aided to be west of the thriving city of horsn Oak." Thin as on ated -in gram in directed In home econo- St. Augustine, 4 miles east a here will add vigor andheaith to our economic life. a M ugstne n theert f mice, home beautification budget- the beautiful St. Johns River, ANASTASIA LIGHTHOUSE a Mr. Hartshorn and traces of the making, canning, gardening, and and only 4 mites from rail s N ASAIe e ITSE
remained afor some time after. poultryeraising. The use ofinative transportation. Artesian Marking the entrnce to the Port of St. Augustine, Ana Casa Cola, it is said, used to be pati al a n em- wells and drainage both coastwise vessels on their course. A 20,000 candlepower ligh arouch visited location. The story phasized also.itbem19ilsosa.Tsmdrnwchwrws ul a as hsle apea The teny The entire county is reached easily and economically ies heans 19 aile tse. This modeenewcheower ees buile ieighth tu se.laceha
laithrough this fine and constructive available. Served by State late in the first Spanish occupatin program carried on by Miss Anna Road No. 8, running east and
sI f i athnE. Heist, county home demonstraare to be found in old courthouse in agent, and Li Blih at, and St. Johns River records. 4.-D-4 toagnadLoi lth ScncHhwyN.4nrh
Sat where wa the Bridge at county agent. The communities Scic Highwap Ne 47 earth Sighs? s...shedinetedeMactinge, Elkte cad. dseath. $25,00diatrect S T T M N FnOD T O And Oennvas Peek? Moccasin Brsanch, Moultrie, Rises- achool adjoinieg. an trcangle
______ dall Tneekl BOrangee ita between the aitcea at St. AtuA E\-E F C O D T O 'Jonathan Dickinsone land, Sampsn, i/ea Valley, Weal gustine, Greta Case SpriagsU E 0 93
'Being Shipwrecked On liL Auguetne.' Palatka tad Jaeksonsille. U E3,13 Coast, Records Terrors fes...ed them ..e..a..ies, stood eel Land equal te, er better thanRISU CSLA IIT S
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ted St.usAigaetiee. F t. P. 0. Ens 615

Here Since 1873 0 d Treasury Archways Of Old Treasury Aslar Lodge Florida Oranges Are City Council In 1857 Orange Street Mentioned In 1579 In Was Called Upon To

Section Given Is Fascinating Had Predecessor Letter From Menendez Consider Fine Arts To Mrs Joyc Histric Sp t Bac In 16 Regardingte appearance... he AOoo ....
To Mrs. Joyce Historic Spot Back In 1768 Fret oagte ad th eAppa ty the olit
Jerick Davis, writing for the Florida council of St. Augustine had to n16 Acres In Old Walled Rooms Are Filled With Present Group Will Ob- Historical Quarterly, -says: "The swe. In April, 057, they seem
City Property of Rare and Beautiful serve 50th Birthday earliest mention of the orange in have considered a fine art argue City Property of Rare and Beautiful et y Florida in available records is a ment. It will interest members of Young Bride Furnishings Next Year letter from Pedro Menendez de the local fine arts group. The mn
O/IgAAshlar Lodge No. 98 F. and A. Aviles, who founded St. Augustine utes record "Application tfor lea
SViginiaEdad ., is planning to celebrate half a in 1566, to the Audiencia of Santo to sell paintings does not, in esi

ou e cto m e th e a t act of le a d br eB yav e a mVe ei rea c inop a e d b w md wh oE s oan i m o r c eb ae P h l on rs o c n oao du s f v l e n w t T he onf n A Th e century of existence, during the Domingo, dated St. Augustine, mtion of the oni, me nder h oAn the ne dacfan ot pededin

meol ma nto possession of Barol Po de Ho smo f v r n nT e 1 9 r m s o e a d c q i a st e rt r f t e S ani s t t e t Snext year. While this ma the April 2, 1579, and stating: 'There thea rter of ct n ot, F. F. Joyse of No. 62 Vatenca actual chartered operations of Ashi. da thy e ort rs. Joyealen ia yTiletaheeuesveal ntuesofteeldTrasryisitnlveauenoboeatsincrclainnufrenlyrearsebutthmLb-ofAslaoifASgmner At the ornerAuthen cergData
oneasofy Strneetinemet oce t odgeithynme di no-hogioinglar Lodge, it by no means indine o ding totheir oinion,heonsidStreet reveals detail of proper one of St. Augustine's most activese e Business districts, stands one of the at them were no Monie ndgeo Cit of Spin in St. An tine, send c ettyspeaingaha o veopnt of the tie. here previously. B. F. Robinson, such as figs,pomegrnatenges, peddler, aodg to the intention "Mrs. Joyce came to St. A ogus- Ancient City's oldest and most in- secretary, of Ashlar Lodge, states grapes in great quantity. There are ofttela whhm snde ine i 1873n, as a young bride. teresting buildings, the Old Span- t hat the First Masonic Lodge in St. numerous mulberries from mulber- waro d eanem Te o Her grandma there was already in ish Treasury, or the Anna G. Burt tugustine received its charter s Cse ad ad Houseas it s someimes kown. om the Do-and Lodge of Soottand Itmobe sl nfertataeo
Florida, and sent word to Mrs. Hoseaitiometimsnwn t and eo a tmayesafey eedthatO.haing n ditin inthese Joyce that if she and her husband Presented to the city by its late Dath 5 as owid a ange trees were growing in St. A oe em and diemiss the an "Grant's East Florida Lodge." gustine as early as 1575. In their ject"
would come to St. Augustine, he owner, Miss Bur the Old Spanish Petition was made by James Grant would give them a tract of land. Mrs. E. F. Joyde came here as a Treasury is operated by the Wom- who was Governor of the Province tong Sent occupation of tour ida- ttwho heeatsen o o
Tomato bride, and lived in historic section a's Exchange, and its rooms, filled of East Florida, Henry Cunning- nearly t o haem- w th ea o heaThin gift was the Tlmttrcham tate Senior Woo-den of Ithe Spaniardo seem see to have de- ings onteeno fteapi extending from the present Cor- tin and Mason and the Joyces still with ante-bellum furniture and oth- ran Ltdge of Soottand and so- veloped orange groves for revenue, cation and thin decision. ts tne dora to Riberia, then called Woodal held some of the land. er interesting exhibits, dra then, who at that tim t eaind o th Engis is Street. Thstratimetionedas Names of the redoubts that ap- dreds of visitors each year. ere reiden, of the Proinceo d-ng their settlement of Florida groupnfhstchessoofwhih Street Thstatlomnioe sw reidants o e vice biisof h orneaa omr (n fte eod eis 1av'ng been sold by Juan Elixio de pear on this map are Tolomato at The tdxhouse possesses a gtam- at Florid This ledge hecme in to discove the possi- hea Auente as attorney etr Antonio the street of that name, Del Centro eititina of the oranee a alamAr AREni OPPD TUNTs
in in front of the Joyce home and op- oo hito.not mention it but this extinction asset" joy, tl, o the end of the ot posite the Mason lot at the ex- ronanee of the time of the Span- t Lodge followed an
Spanish occupation. It had finally .em est was the Cubo. The iards, when it was built in the yearwas coincident practically with I =0
to po o owder House lot of over ten acres 1690 from stone and coquina, as the return of the Spanish to the ctonm tphi t e n s5 show and atno in catted ThehttewathhokA T TCI I\T 0erod at p cblic outo m sal D n ode i. one of the city' tore hose to ity.
Whenrs adn o l tewahwicwan amass- tSeveral Lodges speangsup and0 14and the deed went from B. henr rs Jyce describes St. hoTd th. Ut hih. ... ...] ogs spag up ad r
yeidohS to Mrs. Joyce. t. dbyth e erli sttlers inFlorida. flourished intermittentty ho en GUIDE

HISTOIC AASTAIA IL AN Byte time Mrs. Joyce s Ag uti of hr ry yea The i n 132, after assingO to he ahove mentioned LUdge and the
given the Orange Street tract con- picturesque and dramatic pictures en ars 1Ofsre antrain, it woas presavent ioe' T eu s Esh editions one ripening or homes to come to mindat once. She hasal- purchased ry an American physi- i a worked Under Dispensation 0 whicuOne of the most tfascinatang sf the ld hoPsa tea u st nte C eotek Ldr g hae o a apper in that coer of the otd way prettve ain oun m eatmest cian Dr Seth Peck, who made it whichthepubi htcasentraneis the Old SpannshkTreasury at the comnes doring the latterepar of 1087 and
miitr city. and wauangcturesmur his home for a number of years. of St. George and Treasury Streets. The old garden is a thing of joy, was chartered by the Grand LodgeII| and attractive place for a home. of her family have acquired the It was through his granddaughter, and ass of ts ra on the old spice tree, sometimes called the of Florida January 11888.

samefeeingandhav frelyplaed ad oe o ittrasuesse rst o usAe ,a Fuite e -h u Much of it was in old orange groves same feeling and havfeery paced Miss Bart, that it became the prop- frankincense tree. Age and the prevailing winds are responsible for Among several prized momenoltheir ae maps and paper at the erty of the City of St.Augustine. its gaunt and twisted limbs. The arched loggia may be seen in the toes in the archives of Ashlar T h or oui ndary wal s th service of the, Restoration Iedition In 1702 a disastrous fire swept the Cite n, D The Nocth bonar a ___e__odge____sa___avel__made rmtI]
"street running from the St. Se- of the Record.' building, and the upper floor o background of this a gavel mde frotim- BYS ORK//CORORAED Willn rBe Grantedof to Uthe bastian to the moat or dich of the 0 t wood wan added. In those days it rigate Constellation, which wan
t the hot. Bathing Suit Styles was impossible to secure building in the old Spanish Treasury a num- Royalist Sympathizer taid in 175 wken Dege Washing.
fort"P and on the streeY ears. S hy wark of the town-is raised and the Of 1858 Brought Here mntii from nearby forests be- her of small Spanish dolls, which sain Pedn ln o Wapeeng
ditch, forming the north line of for- o e cause of the depredatione of the Mrs. Dickman presented. The dolls, Found St. Augustine tont whi as ie n eial e Indians, so every piece of lumber in pairs, are costumed according to L tifications of the city of Sain Au- By Harper's Monthly had to te brought from New Eng- the various styles and cuntoms pro- Haven In Revolution members in a fragment of etone gustine." -The'bld redoubts added funds for the futeac of it boys w i to the dramatic features of the land by sailing vese. vailig i the diS Ceo rent C ees of O iSBn

ISOLATED ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ whc HOMEd An Oranzaio Conisin of thKebesoiATRnODgECEXELN site. Edicts of fashion ws brought The house today is filled with Spain. They ae dis a A refuge in ust St. Augus- oIhioH aGn othe d si tof SingOA The Joyces hove always been to St. Augustine by Harper's Now cane and beautiful furniture, bric- miniature hull Sight aren, and tine have been to one Thomna part of the stone used in the eon- O, connected with basic improvement Monthly Magazine. In 1858, ladies a-b.c and pictures, brought to fur- make a most interesting ]ehihit Coo Brown who preferred English eon- ato-otion of the original Temple. projects in the city and could vis- who ventured into the ocean or nish it when Dr. Peck and his fam- toemkn oro h optitcpsiiiisdrn
onfuur pssiilti... er is rve thing must have been thril- ily presided there. Authentic exam-.. theot win Ug of he'busi, d o ,l~aroi~s~blte Brn Ashlar Lodge in its 50 years has
inafuture psiities ander wine rivorhbatig mothvRostrl' eo o- too nm senrwn evolutinonary Wan times. Bnown hnad an influentinl careen and hns direction. Some of the-.. trees' led by the beautiful bathing dress ples of colonial furniture brought ing, the Woman's Exchange shop is described as living near Augusta, included in its membership many alongtthe present Orange Street pictured inthe June number of the down from Connecticut as part of located. Long ago, t he only Oa when he used his tongue free- f n h h t th wore planted by Mr. Joyce. magazine. 'There in no copy of this Mrs. Peck's dowry are true museum drug store in the Ancient Cit y ne h d en f notnhe eoe pooc. ated in this Spot. 'In anter .0 Hisnihos held a e # ncity from other Lodges. 1 ien e Indiane volume in the Wehb Memorial pieces. co py 1 0 imprisoned nt tisFont, Mo-. Joyce Library S, hot theIedare eve ral in One of the most attractive Sea- room, where the Junior Service to discuss Brown's "acasi and The present Worshipful Master
ty.sne tth otMs tJoycesldear isbar its tout League now opeate anr uttn friendly remarks nbout the Lib- of Ashlar is A. L. Sigman So-. i looked 'out to .... squaws in .... private collections in the city. t .....of the Old Tr.......y is its lo.... League now. operates a circulatingUrS...y ers Otdh L-o Ahais. .imnS.
chickenn yard -- just picking up The description says, "A bathing l trde, d wt h a re tr hic a l d D osecks off i e w a- er s. u. They decid ed o n d e of f ren pthe rs feathers to use in their handwork. dress at first sight may appear to tes, dote palms and nortle, which rated. should be given a coat of tar and plenty sf friend ypatiiers
Thee n-s eedalpai ofmonos ti henodthedoainof ashonwer egrown toghere wen Dr. Peck I Theold house in afavocito gatn- feathoe. Sot Snows managed to and becamee a must relentless en- I There art several pair of moccas- lie beyond the domain' of fashion. esre growin ignminou treamen emy oftheRvluio.
li here by those Indian Still there is no rson why this ed the property in 1832. ring place in the winter duringthe eoratn..ouch ignominios treatment smy of the Revolutio." S thto hod top tyn Ttaop. a d-fasi n fluor heds tea hour. Many large affairs, both by hurried flight to British protec- (One of the Record's Histogram Authentic Data women and some of the decorations should not be pretty as well as ap- wnd eod-pashini make this benefits and private afternoon en- tion in St. Augustine. Here he had seriesO) Sinave eslted yrom d. ips to ate h moe o h d we flal patio garden one of the most at- tortainmentS are given in the patio| ..... .. the Joyce poultry yard. rate may be made of delaine flannel tractive in St. Augustine. and the lower rooms of he buildThe sixteen acres originally or anysimilar material edged with Inside the building is the strong ing, and almost every afternoon B.C. SCHULZ C. B. MAY| acquired were held intact for some a darker shade of the same; or of room of the treasury where there finds groups of winter visitors and yearn, while it beame inceang- bombaet, th a fringe of u is no o diplay n iste reting rostonts having afternoon ten' lyedent that Orange Street shot ove ed th the ateriaof toonof old co oois ichdate hicks servediby the Woman's I would make fine residential prop- thedress tith pellets of lead in the to the year 1483. Several in the SEhange. E o erty. In due time the tract was lower skirt. This latter material exhibit were dug from 'od founda- Truly, one of St. Augustines 214 CHARLOTTE STREET WRITE CHAMB divided. The old map shows among will be found quite available." tons and other hiding places here most interesting sactures, the C REPAIR 0 Augutide
th se w o c uie sts ee n d sen an f o en w o n St ug sin .Old Tre s r ... . l worth nu er CLEANING :- PRESSING --: -- AIRING St A ug stine :F~
Speissegers, Mrs. Davis, George wore such a bathing dress who Through tie couresy of Ms. u isitai bh tonto iegar den 1for Copies 0 Eastman Bailey and Cooper, C. E. crave a sensation can achieve a Neil Dickman, one of St. Augus- duingthenta h ad o oli PHONE 118 Johnsn P. Hutett and S. Woodal, thrill i she wid model a duplicate tine's prominent residents the Ju- through it intereitin ind hig=ori .1I Hulett and Burgess, Parker, Mar on any St. Augutine beach. nioro Sorice League is splaying ronms.





.............. -Large Community House,
,-........Three Bunk Houses, ElecII. --I,, ,,tric Power Plant, Caretak- ,, ,un , '-.wse ..... / er's House, Fifteen-Thou,- sandUtallon Cistern,. -Dock

........ :, on River, Etc.

I Enlarged ea of aloe Boys Work Cane, indiaeting th. neleve'7huond-fomt frionen on eAlantic Ocnen nd hiotanza,

.Y5 W ~ f .....Cf? ........ cel Will Be Granted to the

o 7, r,,,. ,-o.4 Mo ,e,,e, Propero Parties Overa

a Period of 20 Years.
Si.:,, ' "

This property was developed by the St. Augustine Rotary Club for a Boy Scout Camp, the need for which has been eliminated. The sale of this property

is desired to provide funds for the furtherance of its boys' work activities.
ISOLATED HOME An Organiation Cnsisting of she Members of WTR ODBAH XELN

Noted Historian 'Is Officer group. Betee Anotonio at the at hott oog opooh
Dr. Lingelbach Bartola Genovar, Aged 91, Was Responsibility cn o St. thoen
Sthe corner of St. Francis were at tradition. Wo do knoo thatu
S P lit ""' "" 'ooleast thooo Co, possibly an- boo ....o.. ontothocibifsu
W 0f~~h ly UpT Citither ficientyt ....d...
Early Theatrical M agnate Up To Citizens oh al air of the h fo to th o o o aI 0 Writes Of rhase 9 nara
___:LiX ohich Murat's nooo is giv .. o to i
Helped to Give Amuse-T Theatre Pioneer Says e cer ,ts quest ion astao w wto aohoois e -too ityct hah
~ ~~~~~~~~~~~sonsible for its smallreieethaanperncofemnny
ment to Past Gen- in such good taste in the design. The The isgoodoreoontohbiovethat little Calcony up in the end peak o hio e o he rincetooie ah Seo
Late Victorian Era in erations People of Oldest, City is not lik a.y other i ...ining in nole kaos Opportunity the city. Meob e of the Coo o.hooo.o.... St. Augustine Fasci- 1 Witho h9 ..d t familyhdi k90 aoo orooodsdo itdod. .t
foooooDeidedotoso thoan oaodmoooddous wastioooooohtotot nates Him action ood participation in public to Decide .oot so 00a tioo th hoooo was tiooo to goio io Modroiduabity iewth
__ _affairs, Bartola Genovar is a perfect ownedh P rinc M urot,h bothoooao p aoiog yoa o 00 tg et s ho a frequent guest, and it is possible stop oe o ucen dne
encyclopedia of information about Who oe anoWthell the prfgrt t ayi h tmosfheolodipl FLAGLER PERIOD St. Augustine. In addition to his too tho Rtstoraton ooo hthoorented part of the house for a ti o efid h 0 oooooooooorioh hsoidohooo- t tto Aooot o oo d motion suceed edgeiof ....... of his father's ..... X. L. Pellic...., nativ....born. local
This City Became Fore- d hi inc hooed a- X L h oatoton to Ho te Go. oationo'whiohiolddooevorabof b aokoo, anfoseotar -treasurert FO
teSo.Augustin Historiocal oo SA LE
most American Spausually he is referred to as "B. and Restoration AssociaHe Points Out Geoa"adteeaepet ftion, answered emrihatically that
people who think anyone should t oo decii ot ooll ihotle Located an U. S. No. 1-three blocks from Past Officeo twothedcsoret ctdonU S0.0 No0. ooto the peoplr
understand who is referred to if of this Oldest City. He says, think- story house with fourteen rooms; equipped now for throe sportDo. W i io am E. Liog el a h 00noted oy S o i oo to 0 5 ob o to m oats Can easily he consorted in o Tourist H om e. O wner will
Dr ila .tnebcntdone simply says "Bee" in mention- ing along this line: ments. ? Ca.... ecovredit
historian, and a...mber of Mayor in.r g ... In my judgment it will succee.d, sell for $10,000, easy terms.
Water B. Fraser's National Com- The Genovars live o provided the people of this city deittee fo the Poosoovation aod Spanish-looking house on Treasury sire it to; if the) do not, itwill surely WRITE 136 ING ST., OR TELHON 91. Rett f itoPrsrvi andu Dr. William E. Lingelbach, noted Street and Mr. Genovar takes pride fail. Dr Mee'ra stated emphat- X. L. Pellicer, local banker who stotio of Hito St. Ag educator, writer, historian and in the flowering shrubs and vines all ically, that the participation of the is secretary-teasurer of the St. tine, has written a most interesting author, is enthusiastic over the Res- about it. But best of all are the Institution depended entirely upon, Augustine Historical Preservation message for the Restoration Issue toration Program. He writes espe- roses that seem forever blooming he wishes of the pope of St. Au- an Restoration Association. Mr. of the Record, taking a phase which obally of the glamor of the Flagler odo th oo oae theio owr- gustine Pellicer is one of the most ardent SoyeThion.oErato gives them. Or, 91, -ho was a io- "The Carnegie Institution of proponents of the Restoration WHILE IN ST. AUG I he foels has hod hot scan ta "oTaotre t sMie a ehoaro neer in the theatre line in St. Au- Washington is a great scientific and movement. Hrstine being a theatrical magnate historical organization which has oitty-ioDON'T FAIL TO'ioyITaTHh
THE LATE Speissegger's Is Old face, for not least among his num- of the bong ago. Groaoo Dpeoa She oodeoco of Oho Aoeoiot o
VICTORIAN ERA Drug Firm, Successor o.i oso...poots r...n. those tnhisgatoti Oogoohito 1000ioioohig o O L OlISI TH ouo odd toe0 t o House is still remembered by many people. The scope of tleir work is i ti idea, t h o 0ri VITRA R rgFrScesr intended for the entertain.....t of of, the older .....idents of the com-.... wold-wide .... tr........h is .ucn- n e tensuion after... hvn a
By Dr. William E. Lingelbachdtdo malinosooh 00000 duted extensive ooseorch, pla F i
::n hestdyofhitoywhthr To Genovar And Lopez St. Augustine. Mr. Genovar firmly untdceaogmay lnsThmeeits stamp of approval upon it.m
to thn study of histoop, ohether believes that everybody should give fact that they accepted the offer of it o fidno haosloa it hoe the history of civilization as a plenty of time to enjoyment in life the City of St. Augustioo to mke ohI 0000. c o f Cog at yholeit or tt o ticulath eoo Dh Lngi namea~ ofCanrant usumo NaL. or institution, the recent In 1872 Bartola Genovar and J. and he has had a share in seeing an historical survey is sufficient in- associated with the program it will piod Di. pt 0 he veoy slightly opez, a druggist, opened the that St. Augustine had the best that anis rants diction of their interest. Its suooood. When Oho citi 00. u m petrid 'is argoted sltogetherl second drug store in St. Augustine could be provided. pooeidod D. Mein d t c teare tratdornglcedbloeeo r soitor.Morimodc osooehao asktogve exopreoo their bi f ldLf Thmo outhi.i...if....this beiog ut oar gain st"ao t ho" hehe rlembersf its board art mero..bers appme to the plan by their vote, The Exh
moy of p stil houe. o Lope, u youth, wo theat t "ha", whihe Pof the National Committe i would be splendid gesture to
themdso to peo n itiate a the clerk. This grain house, which you like to call it, ons located on in Florida f tho prsotoen Why, th rfore, trt became the St. Augustine old Charlotte Street which for some approved the plan Submitted by the this great philanthropic oa iza-i
-orry about its history? Curiously Yacht Club House, was at the site years had been the business section Governor Never Signed E. Chatelain, whoris also a member ingajority." enough, this attitude for a long time of the western foot of what is 00w of the towon, re if many people of the Caonegie Institution. This 0 Just Across the Bridge of Lions aloof profes- the Bridge of Lions, according to did have their homes on both sides Any Documents Af- plan has been given further study osonol historians. Hstoy that 000 information given the Record. of it. It was only a few steps from Di n i
aoLna hito-as T.sor W.a wassgg- dogit the family homo of the Geoaa ter coDrionkingpbooodo O, Murat HouseIsB0.C CH )
not a hundred years old wa0 notore- T. W. Speissegger, a druggist, the sa t oer of te e spia nditioofbo Rood, I B.. CRICHLOW, Curator garded as history. Even profesoroo.ame from Charleston, S. C., to tthao C.tohst ..... had be rlotte -- thatpeopl m. study it cad com
ofthesubjectbadthe terity to Mill Creek, Floida, in the sommoo codC Hohoo to a cath thes w to ietic opo
anouncehoursesh delig'ith the of 1565. He owme as tor cs oltd bosiness io on oldcoqoinaohoseo Goveoooro White, t oir rule ppn tuit 0ati toeir todo- pociat One Of______Charm___________antStfy y....... A io history Piooa Weretbe forts re. A O-h tas ide of to strt when h the second Spanish regime, was ion a-tograoti f ristoratioland insto oiftg oear%. A e ittog h e decided to put up a good sized two- credited with making some huge 0n progra0 of oestoratioo ond W P t 'n in our colleges usually ended With though he came to settle and raise story wood building on the west grants of land. One of t 00 was preservation of an historic'city, the the Civil War, or possibly Reco- an orange grove, he temporarily side. In the lower part he had his for 30,000 acres described as on like of which has not been attempt- Part of otruction. In England, the battle Of taught school. Later he came to business having many vessel leads Tampa Bay and in some notations ed elsewhere in the world. Canova Family Wafotel ooo stheodeadineforomany St.Augustine andin b875booght haoaboowyooobooT acadooaooooo aoaPni V as ater was tnheddielf may Sot Augste o oa and 85buh of stock shipped in from time to as "Tampa". This grant caused a "To many of us this seems to b nCt
th e Fra n rnched itsel70. ot the r asre isered time. Mr. Genovar's account of genuine investigation after the a stupendous undertaking, too biTh Io a i A C R E A the Fro-Pru sian 000 Aoart ini the C etenolt the in which he received United Statos cme into Florida for this little tows 00 attempt. Tb,
Fotnty, a opte 5, 175,shipments of prunes in barrels, and Pedro Miranda was trying to question is asked-where is the If the attri coquina house hs occurred in this respect. As a Autographic Register, and the whichwould be chopped out with a have the grant allowed to him by. money coming from to accomplish result of the recognition of the eve- National Director, which were de- hatchet, is told to illustrate the dif- the new controL Miranda de- this ideal plan? I will answer that c p e an rihwe Stcoret ow of F R S iotinooypooooaoat hstooo poitodin to aohioo ofobo atobo tqouestoionooootethedif-ohrrooaoooatoswMirndd d-eOhogfotand 000ri0dgeo Streetsoot was bolaF O iutionary processes of historic posited in the archives of terence between store'keeping then scribes himself as A second pilot on 000stion no Do. Mloom eoooooodas demurely distinctive as now, itl races, the attitude that history SmithsonianInstitutionatWashing- and modern methods. the bar having been promoted after a similar question that was put to i 0000 to uostand Oha0 Poo 1,400 acres of land suitah mouhb something remote and d-e ton, D. C. The fiom was originally If store keepers object nowadays serving long time at the oars. him on the occasion of the National b, iosc ua oo ha no e 4 Commtte bet~g soetin remot plan issaine-e teCnoa
tahoed faro the psentha tarelay known as T. W. Speissegger and to shops keeping miscellaneous The evidence presents a vivid foibte od poctihle the boo Aho Murato So o gracont ain en60 aeen disappoaed. Inits steadtheoeas fSon,. Now it is known as Speis- stocks of goods, Mr. Genovar says picture of pressure on Governor peof oe St. Augustine, w od aeFoi b t i n e come an interpretation of history as Begger's, the Old Drug Store. It those store keepers ought to go Wttite for distribution of land eoe matt of S oooocog oitl the other 840 acres. In vicinity of school house a continuing process right down wn semodin tootho to ofbaofn t mat oo 'it Unte States. o t h into the poesernt. r The story of a ay cod Homboe Streets and spoils. Much eff o o wa made to work itself out From that state- In the escrituras of 1803, Goveronto n notion is regarded as thwent through the 1887 fire. It is OUpstairs in this building w dot o gat to h d o ment I drew the inference that in nor Enrique White makes an offi- and about twelve miles from St Augustine.
Upcumeit ingrntt Miand. hsjodgmna OOprogamOas pIOn- iaolto AtootoCaooofa
life history of a living organism now located in a building at the dodod a good hall, where enter- Modern hand-writing experts would "from the day when man first made did the place his home down through oooeeo of Orange cond Coodoa 50 0000 gioo bolt d dwhoe onto, M joyed the efforts. For further information and price write P. 0.
Sorewtn which was built in 1886. el.oomayohsasa"peahas such a deep significance upon This lot extended from St, George successive generations to our own bhld. To 0000 thio woo 00 '00000 One witness closely associated the early formation of the Ameri- Street, its east front, to the marsh
time. Its history is, studied in the house" in the language of that time. with tho governor's offio described 000 epublic, will draw 00000C0 Box 290, St. Augustine, FnOthda. light of its present characteristics south became a part of the history When this building went up in the overno ofae sc man repu c, bot praw est f M ariaSace Crez as and peculiarities as well as in rela- of St.Augustine. Furthermore,the flames, his next amusement venture too Geno as 000 slo b man foom sut y a source, both pIitate we0s, dnd Bartolon t r wo tion to its geography, soil, climatetory of St.o Augustine forthis pe- w e realtheatre ron St. George no matter "how much e drank in sule pot entirely because the plan The Canovas were a numerous andproximity tonighbors,and the oiodoeveninits declioeralels Strt noorth of Treasooy Stoaet thomoftenhoonbho idabony oooioyhocaofo ToCooow ipact of those o l ia toric closely that of other placs ..ofthe where the St. Aooo noiine Paino an d-cueat hda..................fter drinking." Asignd 8 3-P E O P L E IT C H E D F R O
forces of national and world history. same type far removed from the Hardware Company occupies a White's geoeoal repotatono or is this view of history and the influences operating in the history building that followed the theatre. boo ePE O PLEpW IT C H E D FR O historic process that underlies the of the State. It reveals the play of This theatre of Mr. Genovar's was land granting showed he was
booc coneption t progoamfor cutural iofluens of a ationl edtoaccommodate the best against such huge grants as the,
bai ... toni teporam io ... ltc it f ........ fir thena investigadioo
the pi0servatia and 'rto -it--n -,f oract-, and tho sry 'of St. Au- to of traveling companies. It Miond itue t ainvenstigaton St.Augustine. It will seekto bring gustine reflects a significant frag- had full stage equipment of the run0 ito We'y otsoe doaibs so to light facts and.....ditions of the went of the largea d more om- tim ...d the audinc ...o provide g Wite's onoiu e sigran
past heretofore little known or neg- plex pattern of our whole national with regular folding theatre Se o at s0 0h 0000 grantatsH ected, preserving everything that history. The appearance of Emma Abbott In one case i0 os insinuated that reveals the life and culture of the With these conceptions clearly in here was an unqualified success. a grant paper could not have been city as a living community, and in- mind, the St. Augustine Restoration Joseph Jefferson did Rip van in the papers in the secretary's ofOegrating it with the narrative his- has before it a task of real signifi- Winle here. Such companies as ice until after a period when it AR torly from the da....when the Indian ....... in America ....oial and cul- Al Fields Minstrels and Jim Corbett 'could have bee ...... there in lk night Y A
buried their dead in urns, through tural history, as well as the prob- the ring champion in "After Dark" when papers and office were not the Spanish, French,.British and lem of preservation and restoration weoe..o...f good audi ences On o uarded in goo ..o o
successive American periods down in the nation's oldest and most pic- ve successful date wasawek (One of the Reord's sere oRef to the present. It can attain its turesque historic communities. The that John Templeton's troupe play- Histograms.) Read W hat Some of Them Say..
-m aximum ... .... ly ....cooper- problem s of the "Flagler period' ed here in light ope a at "popular
ative enterprise of the city, the callfor the 'cooperation of the best prices." Mr. Gr.oa. mootioned Lion Skins Sacred Dodge Saves Them M on state, historical societies. Founda- talents of the historian, economist, that Templeton himself had two tions, and individual scholars and sociologist, architect, and engineer, wives among the performers. His To Feminine Members scientists unite, all directing theit if it is to be properly done.' When first wife was from Palatka. They T THE past year, 140,836 w efforts toward the common objec- completed, it will of itself find its wer diced aod be married agoin. Of Trihe Martyr Says g. prople hawnawitnhedfrom high-proond naos, 000os tive not only of preserving and in place in the history not only of the wu o ditohed wife as 0e000 ienr.r tODdg-r-- nhsr morn stfcto from Dodge part restoring what remains of* the city and the community, but also of talented and Templeton hired her "we'll ave$70 before the yearateos to Dogethso n patbti eigttta pla Gldys Macrt addition to the thousands ta rmmr xesv tti toittatpa- o atio itoy, for the company in which was his In the days of the early Indian s out," s Our "I've umped ough ning and building fo the future will The record is not found, as for second wife also. when the job of the modiste and Barn of ChicagO. U 0 Ie in harmony with the spirit and the earlier periods, in archaeologi- Not'ig won snood when Ohio went no fartfeo than Orajo o0. 8 ore r i es o was 0t 00 ju cab upssto Dodgo ownos who fteo ownnrrportig 05 to the traditions of the past. cat remains and archives, but in theatre building was destroyed so ping and killing wild game and mere ge0tt000n 000 0 00 sati de ner
Being a student of recent history, pamphlets, circulars, advertising Mr. Genovar has no souvenir pro- hanging the skins to dry, there tooeg eDodge. 0r oi 0 say ahoy il drwno h 2 iothher my own particular interest Was first folders, newspapers, real estateand goo coo hot Dodge! soroogopto 2e h tth c grains. Possibly there may be some existed nevertheless a distinction anf lubrication costs ar MO hess, I insist on a car crbtDde arostd in Stb Aoguotie through tan eordo, ci cod political do o b met with in the city as people betmen the ladies of fashion ond lownor.... t. ong on goas New Dodge owaes, whosagsonti. oi stody of the ctuor ofl ad soo- meann pls, mayo, photographs atar0 examining old papers once the beau brummels of the day for mileage. That's whyI previously thought they lubrictio und pkeop! logic implicationo of Eoropoao and pictures, boildiog plano, hotels, more we leaos from te account of Peter witachedtoDodge. I'm a heuat 00so00 of the Coobobad nd railroods and bridges,o arhiteotural m~nbeo wero'also hold to this Maotyr that the women wore bo etn 0000 Omiesa~ coltotfod ohgtnhooeh son so Wieshade otype.A Aogito ma0ny reomaios, booboo acountsmemoirs, boildingand it wasafaoriteowith ohins, hot the moo hod the otri00,i-0 a o oal.-R finacar as Doge,ooahat sown of iho Dondge ooes ooeca choracteristics, Oho Lote- diaries ond otbor biogoaphionl dota doooers until 0h ieo t e eeo ern h kn fali?!l .Hlms-o n og aig ngs io hspg!Te oei to'itorian-Era hod op pedilection for associated with the realioatio of structiownr, wno ~ d-lg ofhe wain theasto ofal W. gele, tirenOgs ang onpguoil no thia peanl diThis coe t 000r substaotial, weolitoodeof,, Flogler's "f ...w" of Sb. Aogo 00scdahopwl oo nsna wtto 000o wao.....iated wih ierob tine." The Po..o. do the S han offsnt thn dliffnro.... ic 1030 Dodge. Take tho free
oporiogs, botks and cures. An a oule, Hotel Alcaonr, 'ith its oolpkuoous~I~ ro oftu og l onoyto-r ih r Oke appoinoto... tosow.... ichb andoswmmig pool ....itarioo co...d ? PRIINCE MURAT I 0000 yc.. thn ato o rn y.... nyr hat-e Dg eIoxoorious, peooaded by ao 00tm0s- hosyitals, prooidod with minea ooottaly os temles hanfoeUouIeeshooDdg phey at.. poprity aod repcti-O oprig bths far tnvlido ad OF E HOUSEth. .11..ptti...! ..ho
Oo oooo ars they traded in! 0ou too, oan switcbtoDodge
goaodparonto. Sy con0rast with the Chorch like the Roman Coatbolso Cooner Sb. George and Boidge Streets tts~oaoaaon ale Par0k, Me. 000I 0 0mgttn2 oie HoMap another nw Dodgo cod save oey toopooheo onof oo C0's"rsoaofooooriva er oadret-o OPEN ALL SUMMER 00 0000 ass ~o 0 os _oa diff.....t as day in foam..oigh. doo......od ...... the railroad .... DOROTHY P. HARRIS, Mgo. 0oa0go0~m: Oo 00h0 time OhavOh tho...O 0 .00 ae nd am ..... ounsnaN ka...
It isth's period itotbhistory of aooch hiotoic mooument for __ear."oTahfsdt- LanoheOP.M-,DDoe.T ft. Augostiner ohic is tome0timos tboir period 0s00r0 the Pyrapnids of _rakat unhFn-ODne called tho "Flagler yeriof" that boo Egypt for the hiotoy of the Ptol- FAMOUS FR hEAFOODS, STEAKS AND SOUTHERN DISHES o....d tho speioltit.....t ofoaemysso ho ...tlo an..d owalled1
ciologiots ood architocto. I0to sOh history of hnighthood cod foodal-0 period an whioh Sb. Aogostine, tow. Fotemoorey aremore throuoghbtheworkof Mr.HenryM. aooessibarestl i~lse, andc If Flagter,o beam,'soototpeak, nooperlyooodfred i ocononuo nso150' slyt teooo....AoiaopforOalong tio............. booke Wh Srorg
hotoa piwr to.. i th~e great to....wto....- motimoe they coo.......wg th, 00000 en eac n o
motton of Floridaointo themos przdpossessionsof theootywnot ~ acu gM popolarboeath resort ofthr nation. only an typo, of Amoricon Spanish
Tho stoop of Mo. Flogera partner arohitectore,h butemindoos inostoneA oftJohnoD. Rockefeller, Sr frombhis and mortar of ow ago of increasing E __ ~ foost appearance to SO. Augustine to woealth and letsore when the biags
55sf, ooer fifty yearn ago, in too of indootry cod finance 0w0ere a, thoeo
well knowo taoberepetedhr. ascednt. Eoen thooccori~oeso Hom
Tiredaodeovooriog foom aoeer those mid-vittorian Spas, are al-I ilns ho ws oro than 0scolby ready objeots of root historical dou
sucoeptilto thepeculiar charm and shouldb madea partwoab th and possibilitirs of St. Augustioe. awboe program of oonoervation. TI, Good Furnituretison, whbiobh 0000ve lost Bight'of schoolhouse to Ameorico h a 0treas'oadundethinfluooce ofowhichka urete posesionwmb of toc migh new Sb. Aogoostine dooeopod asif well hr Ohe env'yfoany rommuooty
by o th....gie of Aladdin's tomp. boO so istok hospiot gioven ho lao- -Priced itbecm othe Queow of Amerioan toer. Wi~thkhe"Foo" it iosa topiq heath reorts0 ohiok inoloded suohbcau ofitsoageuaoarth City Gateo
renowned plocon 00 Saroagaor thae Foot of theitoo and ott coo of
Sprigand thThouadlands ra cultural aod hisooricl 00g
New Jersoy. Ito spectacular rie Srom thloal tadonthVITTH
quent deline roflect tio arr- thattooct eaizes o the exr ordiORETHarTH ahlo 00000r not ooly tho oiso cod watooal adoanotagos of St. Aogus LE aST-PiCDiO~l" declinofwthisotypeobf ..or.thota atine. Ito, itswto fine...e1 soto o/mto i, ooao,00000 000 -......T...... 5r-i]
logical dvolopmn ooinAmrioan markabe beachsitsexcelletf fa- O EB atoest,nhrouahoom" soaitoryi, citities for inoan food ... boain LUXURIOUSe ..................n..
oooerewer,ofourse, speclwndosiling,candits ooperb harbor-L- 1 fdi UUI U b aaa odngmno 00.......... d ditiobhot~f~otort o otpoo~ttol.. .. ... l ... twichdido..... 0M u and F r iu e C =
01010 onheelipoe oftSt.Augusine 0000p tloo fisceoning oye of .PlagI lerr iu e o liIL L 'thiho......pculiarto Flrida and ....dhioforitl. Alth c ... ......illtB O I L S GRG
r.Floglor. Sot ero ow extensions present0 aod, properoly doooloped 119. G orgo St. St. Auguotino, Flo.
00 tho Florida Eost Coast Railway wilocl reeacgainthepractiooa,om Teehoe7 t:o Miami afd Key Wost ood the soy, Oh, "profit"-ootioes ofFa-9RieaS. ekift of toeot and oapiool to the boo's "Dream of St. Aogustine." 90Rhri t

A-1te ee i lthe tttg ttf te
rs. E. Snow One of City's Showplaces t M i I l. i,,a- Quaint Old Spanish House Old San Carlos The
liam H. Atkins; for City Marshal. Mo ti att A- ..... "John Papino; for City Collector, -e.
Has Abstract 0f "Edward J. Houston; for City Ase Ackh., Has Abstract Of A. A. Papy; for City Trea House Is Truly ieta Mit.
urer, James W. Allen. S.B Cit. I. ,QdeMe te hafeer Over 100 Years did ll uaint Edifice o
unexpired term as alderman tiqe ad gift hp the

Ownership Is Traced in Fine Honesty Given O ned by Montgomery g t
Papers Dating Back Emphasis In Olden Sisters; Garden Is ndsa rpr tei
to 1834 Records Of Florida Rare Spot fet is very lovely. Mia Mtg

A ver interestin g abst act dOsrit-1 t
Sc t1834, is the onethaat Various early records of Florida One of the quaint and picturesque washoat
tag hach to 053, to the toe chat t Oritate tntet aupitio chat pas- houses h y the Giet Se s ie the Garden ef covers the property of Mrs. E. G. ihtae thto old houses in the city is thet Sano e
BaStreet. Atthistime ibly a few men were rather more Carlos House, located on narroweasu Anoth
a large number of families had selfishly shrewd than actuated by Treasury Street. time, MissMoge ho de
ases on this section of land, ac- honesty in days of old This i ned by the Montgomery olletion the of
4th quarter of the year 1834, and Augustine. Sisters, who operate a gift shop, He peatioN
rter of the year 1836, by Here is proof that fine honesty San Carlos Hause on Treaury Steeet, -narete street of this Od- carry unusual things that ap- a
Ben. Cleet and B. Ce nts, Villa Zoraydaon King Street, the private h of a noted didestandi high places. This est City,has atmosphereand great charm. The garden at the rearis peal to the discriminating. Thea appecated h laal geo commonly called the Clements of architect, Franklin Waldo Smith, is now a showplace and museum t instance concerns one of the most a fascinating feature. house is buil t of coquina, first dislore frot the City gS. A s hars rmieot diutinctiee features hhich make it well worth seeno, faaorasc a heahm of ot mhincw ity.c e n Aas daaa Isln od, e are
ti s u "Whereas Sam'l Betts deceased Early Indians Suffered Old City Records Are tS to 1dm 0 hr Geo a e Mae. oe. he v illa e ayda late merchant of the city of Ha- tld, in 1580 by Gov. omo ara o tatn L S tre et Ma s e a Purely s mvaah was a partner of the third Hair To Be ,Pulled Baffling; Details Of tines Avendano. The exact date of L
cae oe Marinte Street ee Moorish I De sign; Arches part in the mercantile house of Fer- n construction is not known but this ELECTRIC WIRING Joseph Cabateheeha; heirs of A. n And nd de Maa ATedoo of By Roots Writer Says Entries Tantalizing Berta, Jane Naeao, heirs o C. T r es Othe said ity aod the aid Bets t el o of the ty, aod i il di
il . Je Faeish, heirshaig had ao aetile of eo- Mpa of today aho plat of Old wtritOers n St. Augustine lay reetly on the street, as wet te APPLIANCES o t Jda E r, ad ohe af taid paetmeg hit then deal ofthedailyhaeight Joseph Sanchez, Joseph Cabat- Lovely Villa Zorayda, o a would ay ae have beom heirs and devisees consequently tahe consolation from the early great stess upon itt healthfulness, eaelie houses, chlecha, Antonio Berta, John Leslie show plate, ad muse.., impart of residents." having no evidete of the tights Indian. who, aetording to Hewat: saying Chat people eame here -from A delightful surprise is the gaeand the Hernandez property. South t td So it is evidet the late Franklin of the said etts this is to ac- "To appearance the men have no other sections of the state, espeeal- den of this old house. Between two Kelat fgatr of this, the property be Waldo Smith was one of the first knowledge that the said Bets as beards nor hair on their ead, ex- ly during the months of July Au- interesting old buildings is walk Joseph Ponts, and Margaret Cook. Old St. Augustine. The property s exponents of preservation, a pro- a partner and entitled to one-third cept a round tuft on its crown, but t ad S to 18.05 eetiot of thiproperty owned now by Mr. and Mrs. A. S. gram on which St. Augustine is part of the said concern when the this defect is not natural to tay gust ande pteaer, that they wth streches of greenswarad on S.C.A. ad Grnaw were conveyed to B., E. Cart and M ellat. now launched,with Carnegie Insti- accounts are sttled and paid and people are given to believe, but the might aid maaria from the either side leading to the garden adi Company. Also a section was trans- ie a tt De" e of Th atution cooperating. recovered likewise one-third pae effiet of art, it being customary marshes. The fresh sea breeze in the rear. An old spinning wheel a feared from John Peck to Burroughs Mrs. Na Smih Muryea, o e of the benefit which will result among them to tear out each hair which comes out every morning and garden jars add a quaint note, E. Carr. (John Peck was one of Mill, Stockbridge, Mass., tells us to the said firm of one tract of land by the root" th d"Th t" hl th h th e to oo weee the partners of the firme of B. E. that thin wee built by hera y aot Of 1887 granted by the Sanish g.oeet Ort the other hand from the y name Do. h l ro ue rn gae e Co a il & CaeIDun 1813 tthohr the late Franklin Waldo Carries Names Probably to Allaecha territory province of count of Ayllloo of the l edand flwer beds. Theg a e ful aFintlliting item appe yy Smith whose di y of Florida ori a e 2n a of "the.he" ea .a that the hait jeet efers to the n nana teehs gi e g f h a tt oft the troe
ing from Buroughs E. Ca te and ... t. atuFuotin antedatedaHenry Known To Many Today December ighteet hundred and of the men twas brown and hung to g these shores as "a great ,. A sandstone jar, ma de probSophia R. Carr, his wife to Peter i eighteen to F. M. Arredono o their heels. While on the Other aquarium," ad id that ee aly 00 yea ago, adhe old Mlrrysad nng ew ..y soio p ear s. can beid sure tht whatev you buys is o the ig"h- c B. Dumas, "All those certain Mr Smith ititfohishoea An od h o 17 kept e- lvt a. t A hand, t threttn of Tihe, the rom there were "freighted with eia well are uat features Housestad Lots, 'Fute, an Ms Dure, a eial toryv- dntly because it fC d hbok Joseph Fenwck, 7 April, 1813, '. habitants wore distinctive priest the germs of health- productive of which link the past with modern E Ngr Sla p, theater f b olt n o t ste and Impotrta MAed bde
state to i oftail er s -fathea woo a a a d ig ayfor of beauty.
ioee at the fo al Slave a"he says t Record by Mrs. E. F. Joyce. It Augustine ate notable frot early hy that neighhots. They aut that SC Augustine still runs true to gomery Sisters have been intersoe ed Loti d the "It was built about a lovely showed thatJohnG. Long and Dr. times, including that Arredondo hair eaavng only two locks gow fo adi s knownft tad ideas ested in maintaining, peering E.,B. KORST store and Buildings thereon, sit- patio, its upper gallery supported Andrew Andefsn evidently were whose, name is linked to construe ng on t er t temples, whi are one of the most healthful cities to and restoring historic locations in
E te City by Moorish arches which, as were candidates for mayor. Aldermanic tion of parts of Castl this vicinity. Their fine work in Etabiahad 1514 of St. Augustine, on the tide t -lls Y wet. o ad ith ties aaiaa ee 0. S. Papy, Itte (One of the Reor d's Histogram Moot eastern andians soak- (One of the Record's Histogram connection with the T easury of Charlotte, and extending tae eplia the Alha lee, s Whitney, E ye ei ed thehair in ear grease. Series.) Street property is evidence of this. though Teay Steet, and Low A ba. Tile N for floors and wainscotsyDi a.pted by the 5 ogh, were madeexpressly in Spain; rugs
Another ta ... a Cein and furnishings we imported
A awas a a from Spain and northern Africa. -"April, 1869, from B. E. Carr and Gay embroideries fell from the
SSophia R. Carr to Daniel M. Edgar, et
aInn SA pNaMt R VlUe 2i Stinr e lent perfume and color, and a asmal y lot or parcel of land lying eat banana tree, its wide leaveimmediately South of the described unbroken bywind, shed a pale green # lot and used as an alley-way being light from the center of the court.
,three fB a nd eeinhe s nt" Appleton, and Coetpny pubn Say at MeteaSteet anteedin, lished an edition de luxe 'entitled
Northwardly from the Northeast 'Artistic Homes, of the United
corner of the Stone House, the States' and said of this house 'It is
present residence of Burrough s E the only Moorish house inAmericaa,
Carr, and extending back along the its whole aspect one of curiouss
linoe of the bone. Privilege of 'the beauty. It is massive yet not heavy.
North window in the Stone House It m st be an extremely commonoverlooking theAlley and eaves of place and imetaginative person
said house being reserved." who can look up at the facade of
Fator ive ontecetie weeksb ins no a nd re t thii tothin

-arried a notice of sale, to be sold architecture and thee ornamentaof the Coqthouse in St. Augustine, aoors; they are absolute facsimi- - '
the property across the street from lea, and the visitor is safe in giv- "
the Courthouse described as the ing himself up to the admiration "
real estate belonging to the Estate and nthusint which -he will feel.
of Christina Hill oSanahez, ituated Jusa in such places did those won- .
and bounded on the west by Char- derful people put just such traeeryW
urty Lane, on the East by the lan such arcets rse in their cours; U R etney of Edgar M. Edgar and on the such dark, rich paint in the
south by the land of Misses Pink- same marvellous geometrical fighat. In 1905 Mrs. Eliza B. Joseph, ureSa dorned their walls. Itis like
wife wf B. Joseph acquired allt ath g e Program Is Making Histo

0 and wished to purohase it Se e a -and Arthur is ready to serve refreshments Florida Clays Were Irge sum, but the off ee was de- f
Used In Old-Time Ms. uryea in he memoirs re- of the highest quality to the many addiWedgewood Potteries calln that her father foreseeing St.
Auguntine future begged that a tonal thousandsof visitors who are committee o architects be formed
With gift shop in town showing which would control all future eonnepeodeet"on af Wedgawond ble struetion. She says he realized that comin wise continue to come
know tht in The Florida Stte and lovely wts of vital importance e- to the shrine of our Nation's Geological Survey, 15th annual re- and equally important wa- the th Shrine. ...... par of 1824 entitled "A Repo na neesithotatohave all new a onsuethe Clayat of Fleei dt atid that tita onfore to the Spanish style
Ca a, life oJiab Wedgewon d an Of a hihoecte, creating s lowly A. aaaot Ca given ef Floida alty theougbhthe yeas uniqe city of Mai @ btng osd in Wedgewd pots t art e taste, suitable to the clietate,
thin early doe the re itish on- whch wan ikte that ia Spain,. wh"e
nation of Florid&, the M oort and uthe Spaniaea had
The late Rober Rtnsoa stand leared what etanner a* binding

In Aelo tey tha wit ee t froantati on an ben

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G n r lC llins State Arsenal Formerly Site Of Monastery h a t ide t immin from heing a tion o their old lands and G general Collin l oa for the bats and t -hey weeivin upon.. th.... The Arnu ..... re
General nsolsd in Mrs. Segui's shop. Mi.e .ly a listed and in 1788 F i WILBUR'S GARAGE An% s o aun-m -,rnau North no ....... an on.....r a tels hueo heW L U '
ellsmaking lufa hats for which there tideo St. rgeSt wit North Sn Marcoee was a great craze at one time as: no building between his house and their light openwork fibre made the fortified line and city gates. GENERAL REPAIR SOP them particularly adapted to Auwre a poinent in city Tire ..d Tubes, Aleciting, Washi., Plhhtn, A .......s Story of Site ad e T and T Wh ng o sig Accessories Miss Arnau is one of the limited 1 as mayor rather than officiate in number of descendants of second handing St. Augustine over to the Phene 311 24 HOUR WRECKER S
De c I a r e s Reservation regime families who are still hold- IFederal army.. Box 1081
Unique; None Like
It In Country
By Adelaide Sanchez
From a Franciscan. Monastery to
the headquarters of the Military
Department of the State of Florida
--such is the interesting contrast
and authentic history presented by
the State Arsenal.
Located in the southern part of Scity overlooking Matanzas Bay
up whi h sailed Juan Ponce de Leon, Pedro Menendez de Aviles, Sir
Francis Drake and other colorful
figures of history, the present State
Arsenal enjoys a unique distinction

and isL cogfiCedh os raoei IN V ST s e N F
standing properties in the United S Rre \ States.IN E TN '

In the words of the present offitcial head of the state military de- St
partment, Brig. Gen. Vivan Collins,
adjutant general of Flodido, the
local State Arsenal is "the most rontic of all ltry rservations." This interesting old building, with sturdy alls of coquina, is one of the historic treasures of St. Aueariang of ut thi tatem e th is gustine, withites story running back to the Spanish origins of this Oldest City.

ernot t sttmentir dife the e9atka
following outline, in which an effort standing, the dramatic defeats and Civic Worker not only for today, but for future has been made to recreate from va- triumphs of the Indian, Spaniard, generations. This constant stream ribus files, records and histories, an British and American in turn have of tourists to our city will bring authentic picture of the structures left little imprint. business to our citizens. which occupied the site. Today, the modernly equipped "Both as a citizen of the comThe property in St. Augustine headquarters are occupied by 17 of- unity and as a member of the known as St. Francis Barracks now icers and employes. The large St. Augustine Preset-vation and the State Arsenal for the Florida warehouse in the rear of the pp- RestorationAssoiatin,Idesietu National Guard, ery contains surplus military Atores urge upon the citizenry of this city, Florida in 1907 by the Federal Go- sufficient for mobilization needs in a complete and hoemniout coupe
erement, in whoe posseioithd case of emergency. In this onnec- as irit in the accomplishment reme since its purchase from tin it is interesting to note thatt e thiswondetulplou. Theeisn Spain in 1821. from these administrative head- influence in any community more First records of this property as quarters of the National Guard of potent and powerful for the accomverified from old Spanish docu- Florida, are controlled the activities plishment of good than that of the ments, relate that the Franciscan of a total strength of 2,568 soldiers ine dprofessionallttenoad Monastery Nuestra Senora de la distributed throughout the State of -itizns enea ly, uto elashly tondConoepcion originally occupied the Flotida. t ther ftr the purpose of y-pot, having been built of logs in tgtiogrthe rtherpurwesfooftfrth the year 1588. Destroyed by fig I m rting th .l welfa 7f the
and fortifitto. hree yearsS later the King of Spain uent 800 M t S o .... dsoteAugustine and mould them into 1610 selected the newly-built wood M aria Sanc l

solidegoAtoyhethettooageeat pur bnent as the C mpituld House of pose in iem, of E xrryg ot to a final and h r en FOR REN Ton sion-the the tProvince of Santa Eleno de la Is Still Lost palr;aloplteyf Florida. The Stat A n as itpis
According to John Lee Williams A TN O
in his history of Florida, "it was Miss Anna Arnau Is herethat the See of Rome chartered Legend of Christening of M. H. Westberry, immediate past Ohio great religious prceeundot E residoot of tho St. Augusttn and StillLivingOnLand "Belief n St. Augustine and Full the order of the Francison All F rlu- St. Johns County Chamber of Cm- Granted To Her Family the minor establishments through- sive Tale mere, who heatily endorses the out the province wore represented Rosttration Frogom. Cooperation the at the great Franciscan house in St. Mitt Atna Aenau lovs in t totAugustine. St ha n sid that M tage on Spanish Street that is on Augutin." I ha b hat The origi of the name. of eMerarioah rp... h ... r g am I n I v st e tI h
in 1634, 35 priests and an..berof Sanehez Creek seems quite lost. M H YR YJ erry part of the ptorty tho Arotut Program Is An Investment In the laymen were attached to the Fran- Mona Senohes ntem to he hen owned for long years, starting in ciscan Mo...ttery, ministering to 44or MariaSanch........sochavebeecupatito.a A e
setteentse.teente ctad manu u a Mary Smith d Stu 1 Miss Ara's family owed cod Future That We Ar Happy to settlemottts hetme... the city and many. ofrtheta either thettose....dSpniht..optnn
Chesapeehe Boy. They ore said tt owned lend that tos "htunded tn lived in the coquina house on St. hesonaverted 30,000 or more In- the wett hy Maria Sancheu Creeh" Pin Geo ge Street,'k o a s the dis.. r to s bant b Ma ria Sanchez Wenek"nto Old Curiosity Shop. Make," During the War of the Spanish on sme wendh aare fequntlydeed- The garden was at the south of Succession in 1702, Governor Moore ing ouhlands. the were ant deedof South Carolina attacked the city h Urges Unselfish Coopera- one of the old grapevines was still Then there was Augustus Pou-UreUnefs Co er-teoueadnilqteecty on October 22 burned the convent jod h we uho h adt living in Miss Arnau's present and, with true medieval rear, d tod who owned muoh of the lad tion in Securing Great dtthat -os at the moot of
stroyed the convent library valued h e hrn tad tf there Hi gBenefits th o td woqui tta ho e. sto thle southern end' ofithe 'creek.' His e(ft h lcqia .. ? U H a d J C I K R N
at600poundssterling. However, wife was also .aria Sanchez. Be-, Miss Arnau states, as did the the property remained in the pos- tweeathetaallitisquiteonfuing. N.H. W e ,pastsidcnt late Mrs. George Gib~b-, that tieR session of the Spanish Gooernmcent The earliest allusion probably isi of the St. Augustine and St. Johns yoriou of the houst ttrth oftho until 1763 When by treaty with Eng- n map of 1737 made by Arredon- County Chamber of Commerce, and big the Old Curinst hoaus rtot of land Olodd Cuioiyeaosed to beonet land Flurida ceased to helong to do where the creek is listed us member of the St. Augustine His- but one story in height. When t he Spain. Maria Sanchez. Butitstruoigin toeicat Peeroati and ResttruFor years during this Spanish 'ie etill left ftr deteemiation tion A s rociation, oitts tho aroful house was divided into two huldOccupation, Appalachian Indians Possibly there is a legendary study that has gone into the mak- mn Miss A ewnu doen th wuw any higs rndew inoth k n.i and convicts from Mexico had been Maria, and her fate may have been ing of the plan for the Restoration gardens. Among others, lufas hun employed in re-building the Monas- tragic enough toform basis for the Program. He emphasizes the won- frots. Am en h bother haug tery.' Native Coquina rock was legend that appeared in a magazine detful opportunity that has come ottt5 W e r uased, this being quarried on Anas- in 1874, but the form and expres- through the program, and the in- Arnau says she made them into tesia Island and ferried across the sion and sentiments hardly seem finite possibilities for St. Augustine b hlue wate fthehbay. what might be hoped for. Here it and urges unselfish cooperation. In an effort to protect church is as printed in the course of an His full statement follows:
property from being sezdyte article written by Constance Feni- "The proposed plan of restoring British, the Spanish Government more Woolson. and preserving the City of St. Auconveyed the convent of St. Francis Mrs. Neil Dickman has had gustine is being carried to the peoolfoe theosum o $1 English Cath' photographs made of a possible ple in this issue of the Record, in scene illustrating the legend and a very complete way. This plan ever, the Bnitish Goverament chose they are on display in the Old Span- has been adopted by the National to ignore this agreement Finding ish Treasury and Women's Ex- Cnmmittee, the various local comthat the convent had- the best well- change.Cmitte, n t th itt o sota water in the city, Major Moncrief hittees, and the City Gummssion, of the British Army converted it The Legendef Maria Sanchez after much study and a great deal into military barracks. The excel- Creek of hard work extending over the M lent well mentioned in early ac- period of the past year. It is very counts has not run dry from that Maria Sanchez comprehensive-taking into conday to this. Her dug-out launches, sideration not only the restoration St. Augustine was returned to And down the stream to catch and preservation of certain hisSpaio hy the tryon ,te sotaetnrasht taheshtrmway total httildings and oites, hut alto ayfllte A Spaniohtaaiden,
_propetyhbeinfg ocupie brak hcashaelteaohne otntemptatitg a soned and melt hy theSpaish feom that ytar to Wtoasoteet pendiy Ti imate 1821lwhen itmwaspurchasedhbythe Whe.e...igfallsshehlfosher the edi oity. uThe s t nd-e-o0h United Startto.and used aa a Mili- trawls to the hey. 'ngs mnille cduaty d et oed tary Postby thegooenmenthonoeo o hatroy with the gtnerat CongreSt. -aneosBareachsehe- Maria Senchezth utetopoeft ~lV ~ E caeeaMilitaeyReervatioooand a Who, not to put too fius aptinttyotlwtdutn ho
year lterwas ocoupiedah a mill-i s orathenhnbrow' we areoseig to rtstoeandp prSSeES-~Ief O~ Oay posthbyuaeegimentcof Light A norhe, serUIR.S LCc -"; Artilley ..m..lenig a military poet Aretady humming, "St. Augustia iUsr'ta .
until Septembher 15, 1900. It men Ooth hean awup that 5pantoh .thiog thud 0o uthor city an thtus. OIL" on August, 1907, that the the u... maiden fee frum town. cotunt.y.told puesibly o..o-that G L R I E~
State of Ploride ftr the use of the Maeia Sanohez, now hao a plantto estoreuandp pr-"S~, NainlGuand end the ofiie of Caught in the hranohts see tis histtry, romance end tiondjal t eat changfed o That sweetly detup eross a beauty which is outs atton Thts
the prgustne frm Taltahasee crot ee a dtw tho cotot it the greatest opportunity that has
Th 5rsetSate Arseal 'not That eelm spetatonr eerh hnokdat the duor toSt. Auoely tocupies the alto of a Francis- The atligatte, guttitne. We cantnot attord to alltw anMtnastey itealsoseroedas ao Dthospythen uait tocall his it to slp thrtoughoourtgrasp. St. oahode foe year of the orphans end mete, who rults the roost. Augfstine needsothit program fo Sisters of the Covent, Churchand unt eoomit stndptot. Theftl-St. MarytsHomt maintandhbythe She comes and crautnchts Sllment of tbis rettoratiott ort-SstersofLt. oph intJaonvlle Mariu Saneheoz gram mtaus,thatemploymont wil and destroydhbythe deastatiug Whiethtat atdtcrahsthefetle e hfurithdtuageat pereotage ireof MaylSS901 Thte ophans huohantd meeklychews, of ottrpoputlatio oera prodtof and Sisters toereimttediatelyt trno- How couldd they eut hoe, noverul yersto It tutther meoo ftrred tothetonventhbuldingsohere, That sentrita that St. Attgusttnoe mill betomea thefire ftrtuutely otcurrittg on the Whose sttry atilt doth maht quitt Histotricad Mrcca for the people of feitt ytofshoto vaation. How- ttlthe Spunish Muse? the Uited Stttesaodt thewoltd ee, thee huldings had to he v-- cattedhbytht opening of schol is
-Otohee st peemisoion wao thtained SERV1 IC E L AN R Ifrtin tht popnr authoritines for
shmt aeretmpoary useo ofst. rorio Ba...attho, whith theyAtt C yGae 00eupled for ant your before return.A h ut aes-7 1 The mneoh h...k uilding man RELIABLE, PROMPT SERVICE, FRE[E DELIVERY -J o O 'ie--q l *

'gutted hyfire ia Pe.. ete tf 1915 " 1A; e
anefr slomuen ramitds o at n eeeEapelEpr uhaoi
!:greatnesa and prtsnnt ntglect o 2 ST. GEORGE ST. TELEPHONE Be395 ~I

Jono 14, 1951, the State Legiltute_____________________________' app toe.d an appropriations of $40- ______________________O_______-_O__O__055 fo'Ohs reai aud ....ttrutitn (A of the uttcotue. F. A. Hottingo- T E C worth, oal arithiteot ondor the J diretton of the lato Adjutant Get-li ofnes f ne o otteoefcns-emtahee e anoShre.Moeekmceee.r storructutre.,rMs taOeot rtos~

The transfep of Military Hoad- alesll.Trehdees apeulsIcmltl esse.0TW O L
iquartes to thio Ancient City hat Water View from erery segle. $fS.00 per mesth. Availuhle A DI 'V R0
[ oOOOvenc hut foe strategic reu- astil Novembsr Ist. F R Otso. The State Arteoual as-it it
eno amirty alled p os n RT 24StMROArO EEHN I9 1SEV 1C 0HTSAICI Failing interest to visitore, On the WRT 2 A AC V. RTLPOE58 123 SAN MARCO AVENUE "EVC TH TS IFESTELEPHONE 896

Proclamation Daily Cross Word Pule Early Banking [ Committee Member Fine Statement No Meeting Of Union Services Tonight Executive Board At'BpitCuc

Is Issued By Ao S luongl odr Pu .. t... IS Indicated Is Given By E t Th
ACOS SoetsoofFpdo'ePaoi 13. muttrs. TherCI-~gnBye will he no meeting of tho The Union Service will ho hold
I IseoBrogly BUT ARES PAY Is. Giantt Eecutive Board of the Woman's this Svening at tho Anent City JE.WBHoffmanf Auxiliaryof Meoral Pesbyer eBaptin~ohtolh t Seo rae rpent it....... dars tre B Re arhJW H IMa ianou lirChurch tomorrow, a because ytofBaisChrht8ocokwh
Mayor Fraser Botanical ABy Research J. W the holiday, it is announced. Allk of the Mayor0Frser.AP AB N laVEaE circles of the church will meet in church presiding. Rev S. Witrees OIB BA FAN h25e poosss htto
Cormooused. FLY CIOTE RAPT -17 esi Sy Restoration ProjectnMody Jol th, atihovo sn So thoFs .E h h Declares Holiday, Urging s m7 o A T PEt iE Story of Panton, Leslie, Says Restoration Project n hu par how on, t te ir th .
IS. Back of the tot A5 T I S HE curches nMnaJl 2h twihSotwl eie h emn u
Citizens to Join in 6. Resisting Pres- UTMOST P EON 5. Mno side. Forbes Shows Wealth Should Have Ardent tie M. J. e. See ei oni wil under th di ectin of Se o t pletth e ofth tdy book. M.. AU hr D. May, oh sec of t E A Oog Cbernon T L MO Onv.n aat of Material S torganist, and Owen Griff, choi control ast Nas res, om s e kin a '

gu e br n 1a t i.0 00 T R aPoOiesSO. o t aor _Le e L b y To hieor ani thoe e 1 hog anoo 20. Ring sharply MENhAeG TE PAL Librar Tof Mayor-Commissioner Walter B. L Protective expen L This very brief account of the .W.ient cHto is of tho e M e .p ootTign u Hs L covering P AL 3. Americ influential house of Panton, Les- nt itin of Ag Close Until October Iod. The icO is odily inFraser has issued da proclamation, Final i. Cf r ilt E EYeE Indiaen hlie, Fohes hs boon petphed s closely identified with the Restora- toed to ttn SOhs service. declaring tomorrow, Monday, July 25 Musical note sL Timber tree of obes h b ee es i n a t he ni0 o Senie Teaue Lith, e t and 27. In excess the Pacifi request of a local banker. an ti o ner o th e fact hi e l 1 r o snMd fnttoneningohs othof ft iy iWthHOldWpihyTrfosoy, JSktohatwsetmsbisfenteoio edid
calling on the citizens of St.* Au- x. ewcoartion f Slnd Panton, Leslie, Forbes figured in w e e m ano o h t ku Ldies a-t th od3o On 8o t P L F tho r0ra to tho City of StC A- t th o rnero St. George and nf sniol is thi only stag, sad
gustine to join in the local cele- Sportive or or a ite of 4 or the British occupation and was the an i e He brtion. The proclamation o is as 7a ynl.t Unite addss a. first lionsed trading hoso in these If that oe f as t Oro w
Eos 3 aie Olet Lo The H eho do gloss Flor ido under tha second Spanish sOf thhve th holhr ed the summer months, reopeningD on
C onirs s rone nou something 4. Glacial snow regime. Historians designated them port of every citizen of St. Augus- October 4th. Those who have books
RContM ION C ie.y O Jes p a asidnsi agents of Spain. In sact e asked to return them TesBy tho MayorCmisi... P the ss .... "liy soo~rt DR 3eyll 5 B eOrn taly g .Rsei c fchm ain t is the proposed plan o FR Let and h T h oatd toe noat period hhe tno City of R. A.sine, Foida 0 ss o gis ti eed s hs d t atin. I doubt if very many ofd o 1. n.

Wmyo t ugsie lrdow a ll Gass oa rd, m nh0r s or e:3 ro o
0. Ont th oce..... .. es.sin af dramtist King of Spain was in debt to t is rai w i m Whereas, Sunday, July 4, A. D. sily disgust T. Press py- Arssan s hs d uthS i ebu s I ealie ht it ill ltiatly 0 0 53 p 1937, is the natal day of our geat 0. Wise men from 2. Metalliferot meant 50. Town Is doln, this cenditios still o listing mean to every individual citizen and
d it an the East rock L aves out Pera asylndakf the city itself, and how fortunate we Opponents Clad in White To
and Chrient nation, the grat- is small islands 3. Evergreen 9. Arabian seaport 52. Title of a when Spain finally relinquished the Model Land Company of this are to have the Carnegie Instity.ion Stage Duel With Tomatoes
78 .. f dS. r Si- shrub 10. CanwhI ba s l aer-iaoas
nation which has known over a ntione se sads the only on 6s. War aviator of city, is a member of the St. Augus- back of the program, which, with INDIO, Calif., July 3. (AP)-F. hondeed ye o...f peace with its toe coastal are din fd I ts suit In rco This firm has been referred to tine Historical Pe se. ovation d thehelpofeveryitiaen, actically A. Fnend accnaed E. J. Graee nf hundedyas ofpeahe yihis. ands perfmea an hd SO., Pr ed as the first "banking house" in Restoration Assnoiation, and one asses the success of the Tnst es s nu0 hn g toans. he alengeds

northerly amountutoerlessithanr5000 poundseForbesnhistory. maycbecunlolled
notel"n othrynihos Florida. The building they o .....of the enthusiastic endo.......of the ",,To me itucmeason of two him to a due]. Their seconds chose
and / ;2 13 1/7 8 q? 4 /0 pied on Charlotte Street has been Restoration Progan-. things-Progress with Restoratio oserripe tomatoessa the weapons 239 Sss MaroaAe. Whereas; it is due and fitting, described as the "first bank" also orrmi"sw r and accept Garbed in white, the men aet
meet and proper, that the mother eh- as the Bslhsh ar- w eoa an es on efot sh in hit Onea nPhase 124 city of the nation should celebrate /2 /3 ri the Entransactions." Texchange- Hospital Notes_ hat eoes to us without any lefort stand ia 10-ont res 10 feet the birthday of our homeland, and eet Tedn Ntgohings and satisfied. apot adet go o thee ints.
& and eedit foe individuals as "Ianot unmindful of the fact The spots i ell h inosch as thi geathoiday falls -5 as for the government. No such that ay inonvined i to i th ose o institution as a modern bank was in Mrs. W. H. Westberry, of Jak- any eall ays deing ohe peogcelebration, I shall designate istene at that ti. sonille, who has been receiving reany f the wok, hut I thinke nday, July 5, A. D. 1937, for the pur- i8 I ,2o exWhile neh attentie has hn toeatntrat Ohe sstiCoast Hos- aael ees eady-o-Wear Fashions poses of civic celebrations in the given to extensive operations ef the pital fee a ren nkhe, is nso at to have' se thing ..f interest to City of St. Augustine, Florida. Zi 22 2 23 24 2.5 firmin other sections'of the Flor- the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. show theapeople of the Nation, and Therefore, I, Walter B. Fraser, idas none has been given to the on d make St. Augustine the show place T Mayor-Commissioner of the City Se valuable source material relatingWmts of the i
of St. Augustine, Florida, by vir-q t the Agstine eanh -hi Mrs. J. B. Fickling, of Washing- of she onitld States.

tue ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ sel and covre withace logs ands Spais mo/ locatede yMssEiyWisn at rgamoehnre ecnt n stue of h e o isa awst 2 3was located bh y Miss EAs incly Wilnon ton Street, was admitted to the "Therefore, let us all back the Corner St. Geoarge rand ita Ss the State of Florida "m vested, 32 3 4 35' Before the American Revolution oast Hospital yesterday et the Caenegie Istitution shown do hereby proclaim and declare three young Scots meeting in the Porter Higginbotham returned bht aeCan dons." Monday, July 5, A. D. 19,7, as a Carolinas had started Indian trade. to his home in Bunnelt Friday from wh holiday in the City of St. Angus- 3( 37 3 8 1 When the "Rebels" gained power Flagler Hospital, where he had been
tine, Florida, ad I l o the three Scotchmen found the a patient for several weeks. Joint Convocation Of

tainbes equipedaRadonStatonslinAmeric.aHere alos efiin good citizens to join snch 40 0 41 42 43 44 Carolis nsaf, eane to St.Au- Mrs. F. S. Hawley And infant Masons WillBe Held celebration, and it is requested that gustine, made themselves useful to daughter expect to return to their
Tgustine, Florida d ho celebrate this 7 8 presents and successful trade with this afternoon from the Flagler wonderful da in the hisoi e af ~ the Indins. Hospir o A m ont cosivation of St. Auournion', nds tha al ear- 4 4o4 2 1.3 The firm consisted of William Albert Birch returned to his hlomeguiieCatroRserixAn n-endclein suchcasPanton, John Leslie and Thomas onn Shenandoah Street Friday from cient Accepted Scottish Rite of
may be permitted. 54 Forbes. Leslie was the one who Flagler Hospital. Freemasonry, and the Jacksonville In soitneos whereof, the seal of. remained in St. Augustine, repre- Friends here of Talmadge Ben- chapter will be held here tomorrow theCity of St. Augustine, Florida renting tho firs. When ths Span- nett will reat to'lean that ho is isTthe Fraternat Buildiog t 1- p
i ahereunto ffid. bac wide business a patient in the East Coast Hos- n., t which tiv o lass of 36 WALTER B. FRASER had been built up with, it seemed, apital, weehisbngtreated for candidates'will receive the degrees.

gold, plate of the famous FrechPrncss
Mayor-Comsnnsioso _________________________ ain-ostsulimtited resources. hor o inushustaidOf thdiesssi20 aeciothsr d non ATTEST: s The Spanish government had while working on a steam shovel from Jacksonville. CHAS. E. KETTLE, Claudette Colbert Lovely Heroine made no provision for presats for o a Ta l- Joloownnqle a DAVIS City Auditor and Clerk. the Indians who at once began cm- b tWeen Titusville and Tal- Folloigaanettp m iadge is the son of Mr and Mrs. at which the local chapter ill be SHORES SundayOf "I Met Him In Paris," Romantic ing to St. Augstne when the A. B. Bennett, of No. 15 Clark hosts, the conferring of deokbes To Continue Comedy Opening At Jefferson Today p tued to Fanton, L ese L A of Jachksoville MaThg Snndy StpedesotohSuryed theonPend sterling.", In Pwnton'a sill ho sons will arrive heo ton-rron
The Sunday School at Trinity t n so:ns30rig ther tomorrow Episcopal Church will continue The special brand of humor that Paris on her vacation, is the object ians friendly to the Spanish at a states "he has frequently received ncsring, scoring thei teams asd thesentsofethesSpanishkgeveehetent-'sdiratnn."Vinitoostseasewplcthd
throughout the sun-n- months Claudette Colbert hos n-ade her of the affections of both Douglas time when the colonies to the north thanks of the Spanih goverm e on-," ca points along the eacast As ICE COLD tt rector, Re. Arend T. Eyleown sparkles throughout 'S Met and Young, who portray, respec- were desirous of turning the nd- It is possible to bring only a few a fo sou an Miastae announced yesterday. The Sun- Him in Paris," brilliant comedy- tively, a playwright and a novelist. ians against the Spanish settle- of the many angles of the Panton, All candidates and the ne-mhes AT CITY PRICES Sy School meets every Sunday romance which opens today at the Both men are masters, ofthe gen- ments. Zespedes needed their Leslie, Forbes story into this acof the 15th degree tean iining at 9:40 o'loch. Jefferon Theatre. tie art of the "gag" but discover tinted aid nod royal decre iss ount. Especially connected With .o h tOh Mas alt AeG
. With two leading men, Melvyn that the innocent little "gal from by the king authorized the fS t St. Augustine nas the admis ion in the Fratena Building Hy 11:45 ATLAN Flock Of Sheep Proes Douglas and RBobert Young, fight- back hom' is just a shade too fast continue its business without ak- into th firm of John Fores, p.M.
Undoing Of Salt Highway ing to win Miss Colbert's affect- On ths comeback for them. ing an oath of allegiance simply brother of ThomaS Forbes, ne of 'P R
RICHMOND, Va., July 3. (AP) ion, "I Met Him in Paris" offers The, action ofthe filmis at whirl. signifying their nhedience. They the original three. I the e G N DANCINGN
-Virginia's experiment with salt a double guarantee of sparkling wind pace; the trio of stars is n-re aio exempted from cti ning JohnForbes was only a junior roads was very successful said situations and bright dialogue to whirled from Paris to Switzerland import taxes and had other firm mrber in the Mohile hanch Meets Tuesday0 highway depart-ent officials e- Othe legion of Cober 0 foss n-h and then back again to Paris. But leges. All members of the 5rn ho no. Yet when the original threecT cept fsr the sheep. A fioch ound thrilled to her earlier comedy hits, no matter where they are, both men families, all en-ployes and thete are dead and John Forbes is one of The Past Noble Grands Associa- DeliciDus Food BHLI section of road is whihalt was "It Happe One Night" and "The find the tie -and the inclination families need not swear a nce e t -ilso t the h 15o Ca eig tried as a binder, and ticked Gilded Li." -to keep right on the trail of the to Spain. alltheigthree, as tof is o FRIED SHRIMP STEAKS hig holes in the surface befo e In "I Met Him in Paris," Miss girl- John Leslie occpied s alaw suit i 8 that resuIedin a Moeller on Rohde Avenue. A good they could be driven away. Colbert, young American girl in In a flurry of some of the most coquina house belonging t ent 1ilg rendered against attendance of the membership is FROG LEGS, SANDWICHES breath-taking winter sport scenes King located at Ohe northwest co- Venanci Son soznf St. Augustine sqestd,. ever brought to-the screen, both ner of Bay and Tresury Al.. A a otor of t ill of John. Signs That Tell the Story try to sweop Miss-Colbert off her he was the king's reqognieed Cssn- Ferbes do bhois nisi'Sor $2,202,049.
feet, but the manage only to con- cial agent, this probably gave r The aged executor was directed to ADVERTISINGfuse her so n-.chthat she can't de to the house being alluded to as turn all assets of John Fnrhe, incide which one of'them she loves. the treaser's. sLl kept u to for "to be distributed to the F l ASh flees hock to Paio resolve large establi hment nhicI deelop- long list of impatient heir claimto forget them both, but the per- ed into a veritable hive of drama. ants. It was a big shockto the Window, Wall Glass, Board, sstent young swains pursue her The fi .soon owned a large prop- enecutor but'late as it was
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"I Met Him in Paris" is grand in which much of the firm's busi- Sanchez the sae judge who
and Outdoor Advertising.. comedy, grand fun and a fast-moy- oess was conducted. So large was signed the two milln dollar order
Did th aked arn.o Claudette the total of the St. Augustine suspended its immediate operation.
P C M branch operations that in 1796 These sketchy facts give only a Colbet, Mely Dougls, Robert Panton in, his will estimated "My faint indication of the interesting
78 St. George St. hn 586 Young sod Oh halansce of the east
78__St.___George___ S__._ Pho__ e_586_ ouate a sne, o Wse Ra share of the profits with the prop- possibilities when the SO Augusgles' direction is tops, a y thereto belonging cannot tine portion, of the Panton, Leslie, gh ircto istoamount to less than 5000 pounds Forbes historynay be unrolled.
Catholic Daughters
There's A Hearty Welcome Meet Tuesday Night
Lee & Sterling The regular business meeting of
F UN, oA- nlhhlTdthe local court, Catholic Daughters- ---- SU~and 1 Sha y at 8o'clock, atthesCDof
of America will be held Tuesday
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At Lighthouse Park Taty of Access To TODAY AND MONDAY --t
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LIGHTHOUSE PARK Et. ad arhitet a e ngcaedinse
building____tefootoftheMusic ~~ipal Yaoht Pie. ,.
i HIS qualot old "tabby" house, built of oyter
stells ond coveed with logo aod Spanioli moos, located
in the Fountain of Youth Park, has the appearance of

Spaniards-yet it furnishes a covering to one of the
hoot equipped Radio Stations in America. tiers, almost
i. L Illl in the shadow of the First White Settlement in the

George Hotel may aceapy the bridal chamber ofmotoerofA rincvlzao.
Ohs "Gold Hone of Parin", sow 0n exhibit.
Breakfast will be nerved on crested china and
gold plate of the famous French Princess.
Thes ar..ticles loand by the Royal Hansm ....

ST' GEORGE HTEiIL -' l.,,;. ,, s