Sunday Record, Anniversary Edition


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Sunday Record, Anniversary Edition
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Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Newspaper Collection
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Sunday Record, Anniversary Edition
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Newspaper ( donor )
The St. Augustine Record


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Protective laminate cover caused a glare in scanned image; Section 2 and 3 are included, Section 1 is missing

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University of Florida
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Story of:Early Railroading ..:i S. Augustie Is utlined

Unusual Views of St., Augustine Old and New
His tory of Record Is eFirst Lihe SrvSm Ci f

Rehearsed Through ty rd f
!:a' Ancient Papers Filed i hartereIn

D. E.ThomsonWho 4 Rank D. RahnerH RailFomJackD, "E hmsn WoAtu .Vas sovlle Blt in
Sold .Herald Was, Se ce Reco
First Editor ,as Old Map's' ""R
T sih And Newspapers, For Officials i "Transition Shown ... Modern Trael Her 3E
Fire. Detals of 1895 .With Flagler Systemf ega oc
Po de;" ~
"1894 and 1'899 Signih- yre eais:f:19
9 cantDatesforNews,-?Ae Outline; LoS i for Oer Foy, n Oed
iW paper $133,1750 : Years' ...
Collection Valuale RailMan 8 Yers.
i''On file inthe safe, of the
~ :~a in(~e Safer f the ~S.JohisRiyoat
.Record Company' building at Fmi of Y Ma n
{the corner of Cordova 'and "elongedto Group of '1851 : 186, frMen, Working With.,~J
Bridge Streets are some pa- Long Identified, we papers showing ,th6'various th City Henry Flagler tia: Iransfer.--'^ steps .''which H Ien- now et~t:~~:~i ry, M. Flagier became owner Arthur L. Marsh ias f'r a long J. -D. Rahner, general passenger WAS ofthe newspaper interests in time, been interested in saving old agent, of the Florida East Coast
Community in 1899. maps, pictures and newspapers of Railay, holds the servicefrecor whi4
St. Augustiie. Someof these ame
The ailypapr whch e boghtto h .im from mebeirs of his,:k -l, frofcascnetd wt h~ t
Florida East Coast Railway. He h
Daily Herald which had who have livedai ib, ugusiinef
tblishe in 1894. Because ny ears, his grandmother b eingtop
a s ithe 9. E. F. Joyce, long-time resiD
mediatepredecssor d the pub Mr. Mirsh brought some Fofihle !!ystm fo 42 ears He sthi
e d s editor of th e pHerald; 1) thb _Record office, thl f l a g t ,
hnge saw notices concerning-.thi 40ith
gnipsoni rem Anniversary Edition,'ands~he thins awr f
arsbf thei Record for 'some thathe has 'been saving are mot a Toto'
Yeasth Rcod ascosierd ntretig.The v will -grqwRI re Flagler'railw y. interests. u~7' ~n~a ,A ninution, of the Ierad, and valuable with the passing' ilranConn,
th'Rcord: therefore has, been :in years Rie
-, t 'Ti C St u ine H ha a op of, the St.n aygus- was Thompsin
;ew dress ti Os P thqh b ne eningNews of Mar.c 28, wood, if, esent ay 4; ma895s ofch R. P. Kettle wats -thetlocal ne
The east' of the e was mited asanage r Sfreighc;innoni : of in kso Enaorlyhe ld 4, "It '1 edit,0'r and B; Q. Rendle'businegs This was probably around 1850.i~t

Weneda, Augus 30's 1899.. At o R w arubihe by8th e in th yea 1887 the.g yearet ofs tieheS. *Taig ie0, nabs a
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~pe r a t370 n toewoAgsie4 er.Sehs ics igh etanc o the grldsi passengers thsrie. i ofm autits uitamopee and Ry Tinge alsoohas r a erieof March 2otsi'in all St. Augustine. rsO.
T, as hepublGsher. t he fteSt.Auus tne il y lSet, ta t eod an i ah dral De pitearo d is he
f She~s ino88l- earswhich Jo, n' .hiteyis eye t h ch ul d art of the oa theRr, ath r .a g-agebtt-i rate

nH w inNw wrkCt, s'feedwre. Thi wa adv rti ed~ wt ase names inac.clrk ndnty es~
est~~~~a pipen in flriaatten efficial of 1894 insofar ised inh Lw e8 er l etMy be onsere olg ye~oug Ctera Lem th 6 omp ny's padt o erired -n, oad when the as~-,ttq~ one o
hter~~ ~~ Of -r Joh T. Dis-,00 perons largeba Mrs.asin andhrs, bainute. wi411 uaply moved h oni Blat Iead
fesof t uutn. M st.' Be nd TeeBntMs14Wfudr o :h :unq?,7 rA~was ep t~Bwhen 6f- the a Ni. a~
P l "I _!?a i ; tr o
zo as u kc -or er P,&f 176 as 0 id losiiI:rr~jnt -~ ob ig Emp~~ie ~~~""" rea~greseht j~t~M~t

1 t, p atropi st gave a F
t i n Poo as Aviles Jos. Pacetti, M rs. Ed.Ale, .on L.l,: o simy an Busisiss Aryko She ina h h bl on ws tplaced td e abo ns "'BY'N il ember'Ist, 180, at, rd- large sum of money to. help with IV Toilo

Thehe ls tor 1894 an 19de1 work repiucldalr. inconstruoftionI ssenger depax
g -to files of ofthat Inmarhs h y Shrop iso w and p lan tn Iah se o H ospital

gned~: ~ in coeciwi .tra: sfe obr J ie~anda e nova ,( : 189 ts rl Street. Mr.te Groha wniwowllbl as foremaisnlx for 8 '. Beingb $o Wh ,e. oied Is 88Y ae l Hotel. of His Boy- 894 he was elected
various'pans f89u there i The &rse ofrs,89 Mrs ol v P. .F iv chaa, of the SuthesterPa a- atio Recd i w dnes hd be com parsta, iste t -Hee 5 Ye r ii g mploy e ofser. "ir oMet

Jo ~d~ f~ oh .D s- e.;:pri Ro~ ;, shrff~ C. J.9~ Pery, Gr g us 7b Quilt ee cletthe ea f err ksnow rteactue pofe his The']iameL_ of : j. Vail has ben s~- relo n P erha s a e; "
-hop of, J.or C.e iayb Masters on Are stat n
. ..e ot iker V Snhea.stheaaed cbapoatrnriedaros thhethdsnSeatin smithwt wic isdtis ee e- 0 erssndit eai'sGuds, deintrtat';triala; n EThompson a 1:a0 B. logkin Mrs. Sarah MK nnoug of Ab Co' lany nerk, was madeF.ssistant genvera enw eTnf ax i~n A4s2 Brimed book has lived in St. Tn time o s e m a a H., Rroh, whon as oG a-8 te isn of Mdvrtie. n he reclled day, somee home iiqagj hto 'editor.e inE. scordo tte levlently A u i n c just. Shehasbeenphararl ottet Hisdtite wae carangds Amoi E. Vai!S, in tIi state
bteart efit by s I ayin g oor' p resFlagi d fo h

In to hi i di ngr at oitye B'G v io ei er vi a ol rep.. tda eia fqit i.. ad l h ui.. hue
_1A h"P S ree aChrltt ad subscr irto ye ar here aes te in his cthX. Loppz, ent o me fe'sGrom wA bseorin yiet o ptugeneiar agntof theswi lha e rom. ,ew paMrte e ksni l o l h e a oftheocounty commission- alg i and hiS teSriseet, CCted a l re 'i ene d prti oce n Y., a lo r e ]Ea st rea
asndgicgte yhem : th. Augustine Wekl News-, Asked f oastoRailwayfin mean
muke ust a s unbfer te e of St B hiisp, Cain, L. .wr ee. ,a h ge bee.a axep e fot e fon us a i te ad t will posses aer the ara-i9M.
oNew YieTeshe e ient. hse T he ta los from the fire a Clers L. Sims i* urnise uit ignifitvoif e, be ttheUnie on," a t-s pobabd lhen h eas y ity Ihe wat
Tis een c .. at $19,50 an th e h erti h, EBoye f cousn s"ht a cle frdiety In Ih Imiddlploe of the Rrs sbe eerd lthe ough rSn p ..htoteBig os'....ayt neet p wa daughter of.Mr. Jo. Ma ilis- no P. o F. t ca rrys. ppetrs. wil be Re8e9 y osp e as o ld neeewrk 'M hay. re/a e tutr itae as aM frJh :W iny dio utn h udeud rs i ts ll an GodS* he a bnge n of in he a ds ad ben thonsidefre betweng to e o th gra phi a nio pla n e. dIn 'O he Iordin lof adets-inds I h n ot a~ ie~ne tts efer the county theois the

ei r, J. ii C: R.Fse 'am andph doe ieri the Shimef. a n ty Jdgser.hi C.Jo P akry, wal as hnds.It s so ich in et oo r, o e an d the ipBilig e s aer y s o o ur a th e tim e i he rmeri s ays: T hissaios bad ao el pet .Iras hatt o p o i p u m er A s .ontthw sl p t u a bi g t t tirte s hlp and thi o t e s a th wo orst orn- ere e taeino ta Theheadquartersor th e ro h e o Feli C o e n i b JohiP We ad d and l r thCaedh s H e wr e a ery earswellvand i rein the cy It Phier6 o J onvi l ipt CapogG. "uetfiiE ', u Mir
had credit been s h A ttorney, t. HoAspta a I the* mientrefeerr o f the quilts -i l carcominj t 'St. A Hoels were admithe(, r M r. Groh ri snofate weewalh o tth Augrtine8D s r b
Stewart, ma g i sb to get the l I T.he cot rms A. P Estate offair/hea th abe toibedeve t at e c ie Compang for 38con-rs, being with
Stee, d e pae a is e haiu the known asulic squrepl astape Comoiion and Sheni-s i Jos. P t Edhro assignentand C ie H.a A. Bterhe own house. k atin rk' arl arg eompan itt Surrwuhenii the [ upo the D.a ita t
edal ir eog ad ig tees camegbj'IE inmMsD we.l aroung and Engis do. wid piaza i.T e o oie
-Follow in re lid thepapehs olThe li for f 894 and 110 wor. T b de structore, aitn the o rAn ting e or ac n he a d br- lo nies trct u i n te d n .th building of ie o .rp rtsig g e c ad tion witharlen fer C orn, Je n anie "c C of ; 1t Wre -- riso n arm R. F. rd - ma y isnow the f states Hspita an thaerhaning
opnwspapr inar S.t o thro e n f b. arie y S o e a en i e r F.s, A. 1ad e s reta o h wyasoeman o r y t d
A- " s o as ir h m- ct 'infron of theben
%:-z-e printi u ime n l A dr l A'i was ] R 88ni9manyyearsandafterwardbecam e a nd

:Jr, aild ; C. 1899.. [wrt ood ple d in the hadsel. veCyor gea, ath T. akhe, wela ad.Ii orccolor fc aug-.Bso ulig ~:Goh aso~orea h ie h etsy:"hssaiu ndee ilpatcn es.
.othrppr i sw aifc repwru8sra ~ ae a sisoJ a e ie ad estry, while ~ som e p byie h ouse on the r ne of ~n d thss ., ye awr Ht g an oe ocu-e th mos co-- te 888 e W h in k e b o .th
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so long delays. Mr. laer[ comingwtthioafewdp And t to p deer rgthere d g theo p a 4 ioing quainWha Book Beain ue acc

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0f5fc~ iSea Hoa0ncaer ltalway, y.r bomo. en, at dark, the frst train .composed of an enno City Crud Affai Resden of This

Stdnin to staodtrd gauge aed non of a wildoot stalking his prey sod two passenger ch, chugge4 nu n .ness e ew oupat. In 1888 o oear you window. into St. Augstine ad hew the
-hebega o os lsu of aT. Julius5 Speise gge No. 89entire town locked ow the station
buins rae bga cuseeon S Jet o hns Srogossa Street recalls many snc ob observe the novel evest He ro.55s05 lacein the e rairodridga s incidents whenhe firs cametot collects when rsh land nd water Riafewdad agewas ver, whieh woo ip d and vicinity 6i yeare ago. Mr. Spois y avered prop nw oupedd
S a e d c as d e n o lo g a g ei n o p e se d f o r th o u g x f c i 1 .I o g r w ae h e r ne in C h a rle s t n b y th e A l8 aoar n d P e c d o. d L e o n S e h7 with his father and brother tho Isal C e erthe Moio. ,e Eiopl huhe Chriutian rdne .b i Tho St. Au utie orslid.a5 C, 18d7 coner te damia in ot e l y s d wn hip~fntheraland rity o year n 1 Oneyear tee e u i the adconve aSe ort e D a ou u w ie a tHa e d a unine ateo they mved here, D the. Spanish-Amern I sddnoswnopn wide niop nd ittsa dar d gauge r88 ,a snrtfPhelctsaknghspe n

dotoday, although women o tpn e Pnuc n o 88, t 0r J uomesteading two eparat tas ar Speisegg tesdte 11ma~s flace in the bu ralradridgeacrosvheu uSet.rJh Vow-* of lan nearagossa. S reewhen ome 20 American Win5to m ere t usf maid 0adin5s- soldier pping heo on roue huies qf business train w operate from new York a vienin
-er-singl dicse notl long agon and proceaeor nChresoS.b

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fo eodraesapcue]just been widened standard I Slorida,atend aeit ;w~ou for suc-h-ati ste Standi near the corner of Carthe tie in the oighwtien and gouge and the inauguration ths purpose tateoe t o h e, doaa rngeStre isamon es, te following article en- Pluurious rough tai, knot as About o years after arriving mont oedre the memory of here inte. Spetmoeger'o dotor ront- Tloe andn ldin chief, on Apri
i oe c Wom Do te "f bride pal" was w op ed aapla from Bartolo Yenoar 00 1st, 189S. That Cmromn wd i dined the Mb table event in the railroad history th by frn t, over the wter and s ed by Mr. Speiseggri

On e de ebdies ef set- f the enta. his foene trin -t.) p 1 adjacent to ol yst~~ pier tat ornth saedetatTl.
d byn juttd out into vor opposite mote Street woo chart CorS wh the H n Club now doa Set following Hoey IF
.eng old w eon eonomce, on sine tecat date. For many oars oll(oe. e e a been ste o r t o and scial problem, too ter ie opening o Ponce des pe ad r Becaree The a gTath buist hhi -% ou a
nine brave in oldfea hiner ed Leon ft Augstine the south- there and soon the incre ans Sntodo ae in Flria and itmiu was fororida- aeSof t ei d and gold, f alingi ore P cecessitated the n en n hmoros protest tothe cionce i
m u hack the al- ial Pa gre destined the business. seet name, according to Si. ink e t the l i tice ith n guet n p ein- i at oc to h ate rel e ist ,tie "What Cao Woman Do?" fur through tanived a St in Lato, t00rewaem eda ross Setiseggo.
.. h, "Flpointos nSaeysets ot buidin tt Bo S ettoablds er of a booklet on hioie a e. blss ra n the tite a ithei oureyin i n~t eetmrein- immedApitl 887 p the city, n thats rentie edato o his 1 pegs: iegaging wracth of e and ed oere and resumed Club. When the disasters fire of sggor ifoa strong admirer of on.I
a [e blssoms ming te stir-heir jorney ~e" nex mornin, Apri, 1887, swt the c;~ty, tha Au au~sdatiueshsln n awards, "What Can a Wo .d, during th e pea of T seso .t ure w. desrnoyc,Mr. Speis- ar tahenl if e to ephe didyi rHer Postion tkthe sti- hol facfities St. Augustine egger said :adding a round climatic editions fen ho and Literay World," above t adkeo ecar of te Pones no dey their business w there he dato, 188d, wne enough to sin The Pncade sn imieea ad alt,"_ _ _ fu thheae wealth ndfthion of t Adverintioof F th witc sud se eos n S t Auand ine dwin thre fill.- FYI A ~ ---a- Y asA ofr- cd m ~ e

a.grph -skewing 0h earnest led to eve T-owing., m ea sA fo i,; sdi alert anathor, "Sincerely y rs when r.n Flogrip sed the n -ente._nga:_ u dw f. arm itsst wo conviinog liaes in"the tih S Aninugus- that to work would emoin s they Sut e as the. L th stm ai onwad moikadocatssnoerl of value. pa ge JacksonIse, S -Angsen and q'.t Bi
Adet e eeb Josph'ueAcademy fo Youngg ad r e of l wr tee
aad coprehesiveanaccont finil the Jpakonf TaL is one advertsd to hapin d dero. f:w Or's position in the business nd Key West ii whSt A n structadbook of Str An et, pu T es thedaten 18, wnd to weo
for the book &,rady welcome to

ie litey world of 88d that betwe J snvillendS td in lo, edt e eto i lafdy e l wamee of todycan givetbank forI cenneeting at Ssnod th .. .. eut: wner Se sh e w r itudy sheldes Ae d gth ft da b g was fl I
-iotonrhrAilroads P ed byresa n f-, y even 88 peere ago women lefiniter were s r i dpe nd perhaps t mere yout dpenden p hs w r thmse han wereal- ith i t St. Agus-i ia
p or es outside the hoe 'no i was thsegew J urianLgion and tshhepot inw thwriongca sma 0 ores A h l is m r of valoe Jacksonville, St. Auuee a
Aneray qetee ros i nt p t very uHof oheugh St. Atins by ththe way It Josoped thatem fla nand g ofear nduompreensr i ea n acont ficalsor d he JacksoomnvileaIi t yo bw atb eri sd n hapn c w dr a
o- womns nosition in thPe Ral rg erly iS Agus eTh barm ofys ghRc s yoad, which rt e m Hno of t Augustie are i f ond e w Th is- toat w at od wee tei innford, rD IS te i upcenh ton he ly ib .eb.nectadd: anew of td attraet q uhoe t of u dth ovroe ptr e n
a oeeliost cs, mrve n tt l nf o ins-i suplsat the nnl a s o South Fl~~rida Railroad to Tampa. me;4

i w oeh oppdrtu n ot oe t vwa ms s reg l st July, o nsa d89g offe fs orsimon isopndr thgrsax mue 5 s who i t Rvi, C y ups.r theouse o t radi rth -d eldn tas ap c e yea dy Mr.c Alof Buovn50yasag oe l erw hre stdaow erted Moore Bis7 to the D oee, an eln

ocropi e- tho O0 50 dac sd 'Jtswfrrd Fnlortda othoe erhap a more definutee Thd pm t ustn' s Flor-. ... ependentnaly o f is r e s i alr ton oe spec

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Msi R ing oe n o D e Te pt l W sw av en d 00 va Jh ae A ri-ting o a S A t ne's m i med. in oo y eo St A u n a oM ho d w ue bh h S o wmnpu lawyed n .'ua ubr fth einmnwl pn Us- dny ooo aeea By ttie G ty nHs ory b oore orav t r 'St f e Flria T ereinauc wingh

he amei R lai," t t e n ge dod ewamy l d A ty r oe combtno gue codvfor, thnyouMCies PaINe R. seeig vn S. w 1h ciharm of das ng byimeee wone t c es ad tonveitnce mf eab y e itbte doos w o s einet np eare. e tah fal 188t1ia d n dr-i g are e ipr ed.hic totar dwi te adle lt she expatn fP-oren gd "Thhte m ou St Au-d i thor ia r t d-or o ug las of1tnere, ar r n ed, o retv vieein e Iniant o re t iway doeo enrae too, th oldche do a haFee plned brhenw

prveens. Wood burin loo ispic of Awl Reno ooist at. S4 Augulest-i pongped 42n-oYa~n. ea-l Words. 'soi an orbeLeuain r

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now o (inin g the loeri a the lo a l - w. Stil Aip lni. bl Cty isdinshav tucrnsd toarcFeo i p py n -asewotdsive of th e h Are Enumeae ai e.' aurele lomoneew iedetaut and there t ws no trou served. ice'eAho .. Writing 'Thna nard Gadit" u ;he y en. Caiytho menin ost Aslwy nih~~,t ~ ~ ot mra- dteohri nats' v t he Ol des tiy f, clas fore itte ond res this d ouill

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!ple cfe a ooso H t Fha gior by efe, g gt, are attteto, the romr to 155.,R worh nai r Wstben oh ani wa ir supy Te wy Gates F,

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an, Ae ras ond sthe mr- bat rrie on 'Palltk sros an den." h, 01 souse fa mou hoe at hewa e tee n e r h had ts dyave
ee f ,0 yr n d i pint is ao th Fridaqart o t she d p a l ry mId- a dthe P e t r o i p rt m in easgt 8e4tow. w e and i h o t is a aA arta t aa. f a det Libe Ia l a and t P a Rl leth ae a n te am@ b te, "B ankris wne waso Nework whos visitor ahey ar taesInutie e "

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Harp th e is= to er BaF, arion, 2 the o -nm to mo aw e F rt servfir ar te w s m ilk a ll w is. c the of r 1 au tinrs end, mo utoin and U S. ia h R vr otesth R i arides."lTheobeeswasios-cwhenedoonlosshofaanit AtCenturyattrwerevenesdedThneaoCCCWes toutsrsng sill, on sto wil otahed, thu tlr fr the has was suppontd to the ato m t o~ .oe for ort Stt. Augustine arsre 0a aue FireWa

toskled the very fa le a n r Seen ha.r yn e t he esor et, ain Aril1 894 areac on ma ae ta hr er aned. Kindsv chrate aoll itsownkn

Ley e. wor re o re yendly agen it in Hoeee e a e nt. isat b a lost eladl e s ainto wor forwein th em ee Stte's Indstreohis r g6sbe oo d anyon bsi $an ot tedsirqursnos

w ihisc;, worgn s nor c i she tolshe raeo, t Socku i180omeses enr whi opris int bk t and ee o a ouch "oeen erye as fa ngd imo e, et ws aita ding tat cu lt. ivatio n c el lnr pay "the pea y tf p... ncek Toay wh didt o....f t gu fir in. thiustt ohooeresmn'o ean eed i theto ereo e Bgimsdtbst cooil 1st .. MiRkA GC'asP u A E" se n w regeiving woek ut ivd, te ro g wasmpsratio n gd tome o th -todustebene
on abierty ofo hekken e0 le, ano- ul we d t to o eut imin ei ie of S a u p~r doing exactl ths a mork." Ate a thoe found eng M iamin eo of St. Augustine, A t Woe phNewssi

ineP 511,ull and man ofil courseencl todmc hier100b thosep et-a e ma uone similar te oo ng al trandhne re o se s Mscii Mar Both edtroRycnnpancudborie l w h w e lam s bo heHal f S H

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ungtwil 190, i en t ine t i m e-tsinlgc-t-amA#"AG'D PLACE

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++ SECTION 8 40 + +ars ...



Hotel Ponce de LeonW Open Season on Dec 22nd

Des o of onHeIenry M. Flagler and Monumental Ponce de LeonEarliest Date Descrption ofT Mrs. Manucy of St Augusne E DNo. 49 Rohde Gas mpany

Structure Is, 84 Years Older Set for
Mrs. Oliveros Manucy of ,No. Ol Concern, 144
49 Rohde Avenue, who is84 years
InOld B 0o.+.....h,8y...Tio astelry
S Old Bo old, is very much a part of old History Goes Back to
St. Augustine, her parents, 1885; C J Noda
"Work of Art" Idea Is Irandp t dd great grsnd- I ManagerRats reiing parents having lived here before Is Manager
Given Greatest her. She has an inheritedlovefor Last Year Still in
Emphasis the city, as well as being attach- Story Is Recounted Effect
ed to it as her life-long home.
Design Discussed Mrs. Manucy was bor in St. Daniel Fitzpatrick, 72, ai
Augustine on January 6, 1850, Has Long Service Known Artistic Phase Made and has always lived here. Record Stu Uiu
Basis for High Mrs. Manuey attended the Old
Tribute schoolhouse on St. George Street, One o the concerns that dates Dsign and Color
nearTt City Gates, and h back to early days in St. Augustine V
In an od guide book of St. rhe City ates and her pi- is the St. Augustine Gs nh el- e Notable In an old guide book of St. ture 4ppars in a group photo- trick Light Comp ny, which claims
A ugustine published in 1892, graph with a number of other April 20,d1885, Nits birthday. be Beautiful H Ponce de 42 years ago, four years after well-known citizens of St. Augus- Clifford J. Noda, who has been
h:ehote w oend, s fun ti e, waho attended classes there with the company for 20 years, is 7, eon il be oerated *again :an elaborate and pleasing de- tine, who attended classes the manager, and the honor f b-this season nder the same scription of Hotel Ponce de in the long ago. ing the oldest employe with a ser- pla for European and Amer on, one of the most notable vice record that all might envy is ica a ovations asprestructures in the country, and gel Fitzpatrick, 'general for- vail because the details given are leg0. aes man at the plant, who has been with tremey es wih eso appealing, they are repro- the company for 45 years. MrA duced in part as follows Num er Almost Fitzpatrick started in the gas buSi- Vailed then also being in effect "The main structure is buit ess in Savannah, Ga., in 1885. :He this season The Ponce de is'The main structure ls buis stillin three sides of a quadrangul... ou., ni illio is 72 ..... : is still in god L+n wilopen Dec. 22, 193,
on the fourth side of which extends :: One Million a a on the job. ,Her ,9 T a one-story portico, with a gateway the faithful, Ilconscientious he earnest date ever set in the center. \The frontage on the and hard-working type of employee
S whose services are exceedingly for heonigo ePnc Alameda is 380 feet, the depth on Is Largest Dues-Pay- aseeres a tee rhe itngd t fn Cordova Street 520 feet. The en- valuable, and much aprecLen a idicatie ofthe closed court is 150 feet square. The ing Organization says c. J. Noda, manage. Henry M Fler, (o optimistic feeling with regard m ain building with the court covers in C o u n try Owned by W arden Estate left), d neloper of theeFlW o d sot t e Ls an area of four and one-half acres, From the time of its incorpora- Coast, and builder of mo numenta
e ion up to 1928, the St. Augustine hotels, as well as of thq~railroad, if
s, one and e her TheAmerican Legion had a paid- Gas and Electric Compy was a o famous hostelry, which Henry M. There owers rise 165 feet against the up membership of 82,738 on Sep- owned by the Warden Estate and Railway, Flaglero.Sysitem, was born Flagler dreamed and ich es tel has 50 roose tember 14, making it the largest operated by the Upited Gas Insti- inanandaigua, N. Y,,i in 10 He Fler y Thes rs ofa ma 5tud ons dues-paying organization in the ute. It is now a subs iar of the e M 20 13 secured two young architects of the
Ths_ .IUnited States. The memership Anierican- Gs and Power C firm~Na 2, RP1::
yet s ul is the composition, Uted States The membership American Gas andoweCmpany, in the mausoleumfi~ Flale firm of Carrere and Hastings, to so u e the pr ortions, so ta me Srom'49 pa m n tn being sold to that concern us 1928 family in MemorialPeb executesu qeThem a. G. I. Circle in19 issued rl St st tis coi ne vaneed the outlines o tnt iss Church, St 'Augustmd this country It as bu8lt bewee sizeis nt at first comprehended mets and posts in foreign coun- St. Augustine number, i ya nd S thought o Only after famili es, roved exceptionally interesting t o aity d e gain a conception of the Memership by departments fol- and for that issue of the magazine, Hoe Ponce d a one he an d or e

E ra s w h magnificent distances. Moreover, lows: Alabama, 10,107; Alaska, 56; published in Philadelphia, -a great gives a gli pse old..worldeai t onton as w l tin t 'r a it as geat n, Arizona, 5,637; Arkansas, 10,403; deal of valuable material was 0ham. Ftaed ao ea Ssimply to regar i at inn Arizm an g
eefhough as one unsurpassed for California, 52,677; Canada, 1'44; gathered together. ine illustr- Low rig of fle uxur is to take an Colorado, 7,889; C0nnerticst, 10,- tions helped to make the issue ipasg ofe n c i t meT nd i of the Pon de 109; Delaware, 1,084; District of rie John J Gann sen ie ef0ro ne le rpowshelweeher

and w te upwo f sc oncea l gn ,I D ak 4 0 ho e t ohg J. t Gonn o ethik hx G oe norh D ave Sh ol zn de utyea in r as nd oontah e n o Avat aravansar y indeed Columbia, 4,581; l ,5 s upertiotendentn h arihn u e the uHde Sh fiht article in the magazinehwas a ilte f w ing from e se t o
first and ch w bf n 0 8 an example of eersointe e t o s t he On ohitebtural design, commanding waiter e, G daho,3,872; Illinois, t8 co alt interesting de s amin thescl ot e duration and repaying caful 348;a Indiaa, 27,823; Iowa, 2i8,7e9; tron os o ne w Hm e m tonhe Arst inv nt rda std;it duties to be appreciat- Itl,104 Kansasm, 16,705; Ken ous fine itup "itbmuts b + of. because of+" the
i: sel .t 'who h I e m b e M ncm ad o aas
S d s n ai net. ,87; _a-li, 5,4 ; Pictur es,528 M paaem
wki wth ta anfcured pstarw thenr w pei b e n Hotel thnTMhississpp,474; + ore, e

"nstad or emtigs adct Mign o553 thes t ota -2, a inVttrk, -iiondsk durn e12mdl3 -dn fteMaiCabro o-Fr n8e d aotdi abe ahfI aenrt "As we approach the hotel, atten- 348 ilnts eet; s siri, the e m e is that d rs ion is first attracted to the grace- 18,n n w a S a A e d se + l todere egre domeess 15,002 e Nevada, 2,279; New Hamp- his work, and who knows n hours." Ceee i on E itn and its copperelant Ohhsidsthen po shireli4,670; New Joohmy, 19,008. Early Difricuntieno eacendhoe schkthAA5xodii tropw the broad roofs with their red New Mexico, 2301; New York, An article in this special edition Lreinir e sof S o

uo1gsenhelseaad1a0enmonseno cri led tiles, and their dormer 72,110; North rs arolina, 11,650; of the U. G. Circle throws inter- facad edral es a uaintoldwind w s, theportico es, logging a hd N orth hDkota, b,94 ; O i o, la,7r0; e is ot he bi t on the d icl has r e o m- Are hasoisthg m n d
low towers with open galleries and Panama, 360; Pennsylvania, 6,785; We find this for instanceH offer ov erh a n g in g r oofs. P h ilip p in e Isla n d s, 9 5 ; P u e rto R ico sW h1 7 12 nr e ps rilte of th ealC o hel ter t sia 1,309; Rhode Island, 4,156; South superintendent of the company, and N otables sa xeln t the aut i and a poin to ra s Nh heCarolina, 6,842; South D ota, 8,- probably experienced m any diffi- atdlol concrete and the hotel thus par- of4; my e w to avoi s upon lting in S u gin ut i l0 dpr e a d Me aea takes of th monolithic chd .a ter of ect and rih-ine tig whc e in iin th e loca E ro the xsesai I g e toger withe an oI thWr fors o concrete buildings. Bgk is used 861; Utah, 3,201; Vermont, 3,049; site of the plant was marsh, and isse tar aln d ro tesrec i ed ot ton bs n te Ids em e a arhe has p t re in sto re fe r he ist in the arches and windg, jambs, Virginia, 8,660; Washington, 13,- twice in every 24 hours the tide sta dermn auiia cfie Given for a i Machine Parts In or and the corbels, balconies and orna- 402; West Virginia, 8,879; Wiscon- waters covered it. In the early Miami Herald is of interest: Meet'Deca de Ago sBnndt Inaccessible Spotsso merits are terra cotta. sin, 26,043, and Wyoming, 3,340. years of the business coal and oil "A long list of state and munic- Kig-eon Of thegreusbomn
Outlying posts and number of were recive eory scooer and un-.....
"The color effects ar"i the high- members are Brussels, Belgium No. loaded at aRpier built in the San iplgvrmn fiil nFoiaMIAMI, Oct. 20.-Miami this LODN c.2.(P VALDEZ, Alaska, Oct. 20. (AP)
eat dgree leasig. Th prevailing, 34 Flaners Feld, elgiu No. ebastan frm whch a ay becompieyearr enteorteainsya thenert 34s Nationalati KingKiGeorgee liki--b-bustsldomseld raouteshareceentitrohaeveoportuntyntoeojoygolf n th tint is the delicate pearlIgay of the 2, 33; China Post No. 1, 52; China wooden track ran to the plant, coal the units of the Legion. American Legion convention 10 allowed-to cook. int5 the delivery service of mining suerStAusin nsCl, concrete which turns to a blue in Post No. 4, 57; Guantanamo Bay, being carried up in small cars hauled Gov. Dave Shottz heads the list.yer fe h iyadmmeso h uhrt o hsi hl machinery parts in the hills 156yteS.Agstn ofCmay the shadows,'and serves most ad- Cuba, 15; Havana, Cuba, 125; isle by horse power. These years aftn the chiey andic mredH.baers of The th einpsierpltnlpImnautity deor thi isP iles o ee narln n n o h lge neetiIc mirably to set off the.- red brick oPieCb,8Dnmr,9. on an inclined runway over the topIthLeinpssnMtrolann oe work, the brightness of the terra Athens, Greece, No. 1, 171; Trip'olis, of the coal bin where the fuel was FoiaSpeecuts nai-eMfami first invited the Legionnaires tells rna story in rsis book lOil hand Wequipment into an almost induces-getn bu~ h oilh itrsulf ftectcucne~os
-co. a ,. he glwingy redi of the- -----e -o 2,_ n 6 Gumi;Gut mpd Legrionnaire as is R. A. Gray, secre- to mee- here --e. I il spo 5,0-e above se


St. Augustine Is Cathedral Railway0ffers Black Feline

City of This Big Diocese Greetings for Is Non-Paying
____ ______ c Hotel Guest
History of Old Church Legionnaires ALLENTOWN, P 0.,Ot eRehearsedDeri- OHcat hasFb. peering about C H O T E L C O
Rehearsed; Descrip- October Bulletin Has the oridors ofa. l cl hotel-t
a ti on Is Given Mse e o e with no one able to catch him.ess Message of Real "Bobby" Grinstead, aged 7,
The old Spanish thedra f St. brought the eat from New York.
S t the Appeal The feline as llowed the libe ryea of 1791 aed 1797, and stood tyof the hotel, whih Boby Announces the Opening of from that tie for 100 years until The Otobe nmber of the Better father ma iaged the time it was burned partially I Business Bulletin of the employes Since then, no one has been able of the Florida East Coast Railway to lay hands on him. Occasionalhae any wings. The main part of ion, in view of the influx of the eid or sneaking aroune othe eeLegionnie thi month for the en. Every employee in the hotel

th eb a uesen ntruct u e f oll w s t e o ut o n c e b e 2 1 9 linesfteldthold qu !great national convention at Miami. Hs h ad w him walla ha g e e d the fo ewod, "Welome Legion- ALHe's afraid we'll make h Prior to the erection of the naires" carries the following fine pay for hi room," Boy asse cathedral at the time mentioned greeting:e ed above, there w a residence for ths "The oamerican Legion National e e ward Woopman the st ie Convention nrheduled at Miami this e, e p eL a.. adf Triniy Epicopal Chulch, sso October 22nd to 25th, inclusive, e a mdatig, h6spita lereo onale ather ame Nnan, rector of the big event for this state and pce, little sign the dep ion, Cathedral. Part of it was used for tiularly for the East Coast of Flor- ter plan a trip down there
a ehopel Si. Agstine was not a ida. Anticipated attendance at thi oself a metime'

a: chapel :t. A ud nam sot a nAs he have HO ORMOND TH BREAKER diocesan center in it own right at convention is variously estimated n"A we Whaver wOitten in tiNs Ba Cthe time, not acbievig tbio statu e at between 35,000t 71000, and letin before, the palm teees, coeoewinglewitutado ut thehis ea note sunshine and tropicl atmosuntil 1870, under Bishop Verot, will, without a doubt, be the lar gest .heA, .CsH Ehe Marg JOHN Wa.oG E whose ody i bri he old Most Rev. Patrick BarryDD convention ever entertained in Flor- perewilldotheiratffyucan Cemetery of Tolomat n rdova presides over the Dioc o 1f s ida. always count en them, It's Othe htreet. The viiti biop in the A tine and home St "The visit of the Legion hots man element that is nce early days came from Santiago de Augustine in the Bishop's residene many of whom hnve never see noutey, heerfness, iedliness, Cuba. next to the Cathedral. Florida before, repr esenting widely hospitality, readiness to accomTelr About Mr. Flagler scatt erced sections of the country, is m dateE Many of the se Legion men
Father N n sa h a ofte n The City Bakery on of the mst valuable forms e m not be down e he rd Nies of the fe thas t damer advertis ing we could have, if prop- agne rain long time but they will aged Atho oatbedel so badly, nd Another Pioneer, erly used. Each one of these thou- carry home with them impressions thi is one that e like pticl- In Local Bu sines hands of Legion members will carry that will linger and circulated teissny tatheliesarticul- In Loa B s home with him certain impr sessions around pretty freely,

arly: "Our line has booked a good share The whole p lace of St. Ang- A ti a ly boat of his trip, favorable or nfavor- e Tine wa o gthocd in the o l tas thin t ie ancpi s a baking able. H will relate these onperi- of the Legion rail movement to watching the fmes which had plan that is a i id e a a in ences and impressions to his Miami, all that we can profitably spread toi the fCatiedal u nom th ae sooth, the City s aoery, a nF friends, perhaps give a report of his and smoothly handle with available
huildi to f rther down the street, of iaut oteiker-K t bread and trip in open Legion meeting. Be- equipment. The revenue is low, benh the of the te f y t r st re n cause he has actually been there, ing 1 cents a mile each way for
and th ie roof of the Cathedral finee pastries y his friends will be guided largely by travel in all types of equipment, caught, later collapsing. Mr. Henry The City Bakery is truly another his judgment. This form of 'word which allows a very small margin M. Flagler was in the crowd watch- pioneer i n ios in thi A t 'w th teusie o ncer ian ex-u o h g ofprofit. We have anepportunity ing the fire that cast a rosy glow City. It was founded in the year to show the Legion grups using over the old coquina walls. Seeing of 1904 by Emil Moel'erf aorld's of good, or likewise plenty th e lorida ust
a or theeaeld oosonItseeioeller, i ratne uof harm if we happen to make the ou road at the Florida East
the grief, consternation and bewild- of Walter E. Moeller, te present g impression. Cot Railway an deliver eter er m ":sof"Bishopoo, he ied owner n manager. wg i o nt oo shid teg "te C at n The r hmer ece mothe "Towns and business places along service because of its superior facilto comfort him saying "The wCathe- The immaculate interiors of the the East Coast of Florida have re- ities. We can handle their moveedral shall be restored within City Bakery houses baking equip- gently broken out in a rash of 'Wel- mets so smoothly and courteously Makes Generous Gift ment thait all times kept not come Legionnaires' signs. We see that they will carry back a favorMk s only in perfect mechanical shape, them in store windows, on hot dog able impression of our line to others
Mr, Flagler undoubtedly played a but kept spotlessly clean, for sani- stands and in banks. This a suit who may be coming down our way. big part in the etoration, Father station is the byword at this baket, able "gesture St -. t And in our personal contact with
was fulfilled. The Catholic Church that put the finishing touches on ese visits that e tally show TIe, LoretD am bele get2, gave Mr. Flagler a piece of land he the Butter-Krust loaf, is only a part preciate the privilege of entertain- ares' th idl gest ." wanted down near Hotel Ponce de of the equipment that goes into ing them as much as we do the ring Trick Signs Ruled Out Closes April 1, 195 Leon, and he gave a very large sum making this bread the fine-textured of their cash. Florida, you know, SALEM, Ore., Oct. 20 (AP)-of money toward the restoration of tasty product that it is. There are has sometimes been accused of be- Oregon's liquor commission has dethe Cathedral. huge modern sifters, special dough ing mercenary, #ying to make a ciefed the regulation prohibiting
The sundial on the to we, which miners, divider, moulder, proofers, living off tourists alone. The aver- advertising intoxicants ft sale Low Rates Prevailing Last Season Will Be Contin was part of the addition to the cooling system, slicing and wrap- age tourist or visitor does not ob- rules out such signs as "Suds," church when it was rebuilt, always ping machi tc., that all have o paying fai pri but et "T om "We S attracts much attention. It was their part in making this popular someone overcharge him and the But Can't Spell It." The nly executed by Father Clarence Ed- part of every meal fireworks start. We want these sign a store may hang legally over ward Woodman, a Paulist priest, But Butter-Krust Bread, though Legionnaires. to go home and say, its entrance is "Licensed Dispensand at th e or f the oundial one the best known, is only one of the 'Florida-well, there's a great er." may see his initials, "C. E. W." products made and distributed by
*The sundial was copied after an old the City Sakery There are Sojundial in Oxford, England, and the poes dooghtauts, c 0, pies, B. R. Manager lneipiopn "Pe eon Impotan- ls, coies and iB .fat every-HOWE, tur" freely translated means "The thing thata g gn

a al are the hls thatwtw tn l OTHER FLAGLER SYSTEM O TELLS ON THE brought from some old church in hand where aid ii needed to help Large, Bright, Comfortable Rooms FLORIDA EAST COAST ARE Spain to hang in the Cathedral of the city progress. Being located
St. Augustne. They are known within the city limits, it pays city
be very old, hut only one benrs a and li cense. The employes, PRIVATE BATHS date. This is 1640, and the incip- 25 in no be ace St. Augustine __REAKERS ti0nrunsnth.....SancteJoseph, O resident, well versed in the bak- HOTEL ORMOND THE Pro Nobis." ing business, and spend their saLamp Has History ladies with home merchants in the Centrally Located on the Water Front ORMOND BEACH PALM BEACH
Father Nunan was asked if there tow in which they make their liv- Near Points of Interest
is any relic in the Cathedral today ing. A.N. CHASE, Mgr. JOHN W. GREENE, Mgr. which was in the old Cathedral, be- Rates: Special A foie the fire end the rentoraian and Old Plantation $1.00 and up Family Rates Opens January 5,1935 Opens December 24,1934

The story goes that it w0 a votive Was At Moultrie Closes April 7, 1935 Closes April 10,1935 offering from a Spanish sea captan, who being caught in a great The following is found in an old AMERICAN PLAN AMERICAN PLAN storm vowed a gift of much value chronicle on Florida history:
to the church in whatever com- "Five miles below St. Augustine, We Congratulate inunity the Lord might see fit to on the right bank is Moultrie. In
send him through the calming of British tin es thin oas the site of
wind and wave. He was enabled to Lieut-Gov. John Moultrie's planta- T ST. AUGUSTINE



iHistory of Local Chamber of Commerce Is Rehearsed
Nong hard to plish thi Here's Something Quite Unusual News "Rushed" to
O M1nute Bok of MkesSuvy F.Jacksonville by 'O op a= F L0 R ITDA H cRaA L Way of alatka
just completed an interesting sup- L RA H E A L
1886 Relates Starwt which shows that there are
in the city 24 restaurants, with a- I] E ] E.E. Mallette of No. 4 Ciooiooati mmodations for 886 people,1 9 .. ... .r.eAe o A loogte ime sident, ha drug stores, with chairs for 138 .. ,- 0" ad erih e t t ofohe.,, vivd
0 f f T d people, 5 sweet shops, with chairs laborio eans bywhich news.w
~~~~~~for 91 people, 11 barbe.....srands S........... OVLe Auont. 847 ". ....Xl se...... .. ..t fo eet ak.. le
Of Doaru of Tira with chairs for twenty-four people; d hea
36 filFa cling stations; 24 hotels, with By the President oal the tobted 6 T i e We the d dao te tatio was ,17 rooms, approximately 24 -A R h ^idh, "f .the ...... if. ,.' 8- Pi.,o; c k.. d.-* ...... --rU .- w r, -74 Di r'l atrlctd n n atd t

Ci i ac sS ow r oo n ho ses, w i th 280 ,ud r oomsr SAtu'CCE.U.fbn--(S -I.. ,. in. b .... ............. W, -.... woIng.r tht.A gstne
Bodytureoood h Given of ni" an 1 oCa im

Act itisees. During Tone ramy Out- bt i soion 1 111 .h l inf t he dnite
Areteredtst taken in he planning of en- ::. That was the quioest way to

T:,he St Augustine and St. Johns hatme cf moercev hs a orst This is the reproduction of the t6p part of Page One of the Florid a Herald and Southern Democrat published at St. Augustine August hand thai mate foen wine norh .1 A000 b000e00 ..An oev n, eooatobooooooa'Ao

unty Chamber of Commerce has urVe Made active Amusement Planng Co- 31, 1847. This is shown as Volume XIII, No. 18. According to this the paper had been established then for 13 year, and had been operative the story would have reached Jackhit s o ssin t teb sok cn ai n m ee o work outo pro gams ith f omd 834 ust 1100T yars ago. Strangely enough verses app aring o n the front page, a fragment of which is sh w here, are entitled sonville too la e to hve b e sed
MIt 0 en "m s0 entoifS a Cd i t tain ttimio eabo CH P I Cha be AT Commrce DOheII cityUM 1or areNl ISed Itepon I, n and el ee Ittlioth. .t time ta ...i ... O tt ooeotood 000i .. 000.0..0 0oo0j00,o 0o o to T om o Cou m 0 as 0 oorsno i Quickn, EergA Io chfr t. het A uin .

the organization .d the goals On the prog f a mtor sands of, ae a liable for 1 i O OW In City on Island Experts'Report of communication. Thousands of
rd which heat ro fe AAto se N tm h t A ent PDas ea sailb oat races governmentdproje ix tstpe. A tare received daily om the ht ut nI. u he e R d e e.. -d l AIe HIGr' Pe

Soe te r v e e rAt b wo n t g ba f th t s aoe th e nche r y reaty, ve s s eol n h et ,th edo l. d a re h".7 m he SA Au houeGT on t absb A Macoo s dett d th:
nivic orct he w eii befr no po S, ugun Anst heo ere brn As, -ub dmI e -1 eory
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commercs erGAnU f r the A SoNS of .O UU S tral or of No o St. AugYi nt e andT Ye, oin o e ie, ic ee e an nas
W .,sJtRe and th. ,uts ca. f the eoti g Ao iti itre cn rt a the CMi CIP PIER Bon Do CoY TRs EET ubit p E nergy I s 1a0 11 oGaddf iletinst e ll111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11...el 1 1 11of1 t1 1 1 1 11f e1 1es m me1t 111 1111ha1 1me r a1 1 o11it1t1 11e 1111 o1d C1 11 11 1 11t th e1 1 ap1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 a1 1t h 1i1er Jo mah opsmOhs oot c rogue ofwptneo, agmbos ndwth- rat RoaDeationt to geag B niseaeMnehnl K. Tbmowo mO rS~6slaoagr~ psiante
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K Houtsn, S.H enall S. D Tohep e Ar cu Committee ts p ae beiouw -nt 5 N co 00 t h h r sh e w b h in ute bein A. n C pnehhamberln e an is tork ong tho Thloa d rod omte a ednhadgs yet to be"ae'o tl enyitrse ntewr itora o hygieas -I a to Re otalita metigow aurm a ft otbgown a n tyr nmn 000000 n n 00cnt,"ae o awl"i ie. 9tr fth mrcnRvouin uusiei h ay hnHtl

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2Extend~ a oraiatlWelcome"

to Legionnaires and Visitors

U n n Stop at the Chamber of Commerce for Road Maps, Folders, Hotel, Restaurant and Any Other Information About Florida.


reidet; B Glovlvicllrs-erncleicaeorlralon ha ben o wdento ort fet ad pve he Thefoulars o th Re-Crss njys layng ride, ut win tothir ive cotriute gMatlmt

S lice Gali noe f the local deal- The Picturesque Shrimping Fleet Fireside Voting by THE OPTIMIST CREED CCC wo ks m1e etructing.a
ers, is the owner of the most mod- Promise Yourself tra mhi h ill completely cicle ern of the fleet of 400 boats now Aged Held Legal Mount Hood in Oregon, at Timi P t i fishing off the Floridi coast. It On Isle of Man To be so strong that nothing can berline
i art is named the "Benito Mussolini." disturb your peace of mind. o
She is 57 feet long, has an extreme- To talk health, happiness and pros- The DOUGLAS, report ofn Manit Oc. 0
py large cUGiA, al ofta of el0e1en periy to everp person you Kenookrccthabecnt
LocaIn s bunks, and is lighted by electricity (AP)-Voting at the fireside has meet. creased $1,5 in that elate
developed by a 32-volt Fairbanks- been made legal by new election To make all your friends feel that the pt fiscal year.
Morse Set. The boat drags the laws passed in the Isle of Man. there is something in them.
Over 200 Boats Here largest net in the Florida fleet, an Peros unable through i To look at t nny side of everyS Last Year in lt-foot net with 3' inch meIh nfirmity, or old age to go to thc thing and make your optimism A tcial of 1704 men and woeen
Her two fuel tanks have a capacity polling booths will henceforth be come true. are nn 50ing Uncle Sam inS
Service of 1,500 gallons with a 45-gallon able to vote at home in the pres- To think only of the best, to work quia Pa, Calirnia.
continue for lubricating oil. The ence of a magistrate or an election onlyfortbest and to expect hold of the vesel will a.cco office. ly the best.
d'pyofBring i Cood Returns dip an To be just as enthusiastic abou e ST. GEORGE FISH Bring Good Returns date 400 buhels of Chmand Mnore than 40,000 specimens of success of others as you are tam Tony Loper uf St. A pgtine, plantlcfewereaddedlastyear to aboet yoor on
Local Chamber of a fisherman on the coast of Flor- the University of California herba- To forget the mistakes of the pat MARKET
ida for many years, is skipper. rium, bringing the total number of and press on to the greater Commerce Puts Among the shrimp dealers locat- specimens to nearly 520,000. achievements of the future.
ed in the Ancient Cityo ad h an e at taches To e heerful uen at FRESH SEA FOODS I
High Value, are:inthe rim Ci a all times and give every living SEASON
tJohn E.Hardee,Jr.,ad Sun; VCom to this historic spot far more than creature you meet a smile.
h m gJohnc R. Hardee, Jr, and Son V. gi Sa by rik and motar To give su uchtime toth im- LOCAL BEACH FISH
ts 5 lock the oin Saosand Bro ther W rely, it must appeal to our in- provement of yourself. that
Hastily men pack hundred- nett; George Cocoris; Standard otinetive feeling of reverence for you have no time to criticize 56 ST. GEORGE STREET pound boxes of shrimp between Prawn Company' Rames Brothers; antiquity, and make us desirous of others. layers of cruhedie. Soon the Antonio Pol; Grand Fish Company knowing the history of its earlier To be too large for worry, too noble Phone 501 cars are loaded. Refrigeration 1K. days."-(From an old history.) for anger,, too strong for fear,
dune a s"" end lucd nBd herh and Iwo tappe be permit the WeDe
,doors are slammed and locked, and eeMiss E. R. Cosgrove uses this cc and too happy to permit the e Del another big shipment of shrimp is with headquarters in St. Augus- the introduction to her useful little presence of trouble. 0n pway s norge maoets tine and Fernandina, and Antonio bcok, "What to See in St. Auguso gat e o lon bret, Polt were established in 1910 and tne and Why." -Christian D. Larson. St. Augustine has long been t 1906, respectively. The first
shrimping can:er. Frue the time b vop huats that came into the
in 1900, when 15 fet trawlers plied harbor in 1900 were owned by the a
up and down the coast here, up to late S. Salvador. This establish- The shrimp fisheries of St Augustine constitute one of the city's most lucrative Industrie. Aside from the present era of large boats ment oow known as the Standad the splendid payroll that the shrimp fishing boats as sure, the fleet is one of th most picturesque assets ranging in sie from 30 to 57 fet, Prawn Company, Is under the of the town. Tehe vividly colored crft at cor the San Sebastian attract scores of artists. While on this city has witrnesyd th y c ing moagecent aFelix Salvedor, their way to and from the shrimp fishing grounds, the boat ao followed by flocks of sea gulls, aod thus inEoA and going of the picturesque flh- son. constitute one of the great attractions along the bay front. GEORGES i SHO i
ing boats. OIL-AD4SUP LY.C.OuUnetk g Tcward onnet of me Anstasia lighthouae is lt feel Od Chronicler manent settlement of the white man time in this country the cross of owrd lignts of fesmp
da, alulling i the nieaty of the c t DEAL by more than forty years; tha te Christ that the first effort to chriswhars along the Sn Seasti heght from se to lght toe iUnstable Crusaders of the Old World made AGENTS FOR River, one can see many of the the lamp being 165 feet above sea e th"th abidlg place; tha th" tanzethe various tribes of Indians

b p t l s Eight hta nd utia eals FortunesIRESCiRE WELCOME
brightyco b ating aesFortunes of City old city was the key to an empire was begun In this city and that here
anchor, the last ray of the sun cases inside he, tower lead to the to be, and that, perhaps in prophecy,, the first martyr's blood in this coun- Lathrop Marine Engines, and P reflctig no heir masts and n lamp tower. The light is a as th sa of its i was given by Its conqueror the ty was shed, and that within this Te er ae white and of the revolving or ns s proud name of "La Siempre fiel quiet old citythe din of arms, the The scenemight be mistaken for a flashing type, The flash is visible 19 wonderful ocean beaches have been Ciudad de San Augustin" (Thenoise of battle, and the fierce cry Marine Ways Repair Shop bit of the northern coast of Spain miles The lamp itself, is tetion- the fortunes of the little city. When Faithful City of St. Augustine) ,of Indian marauders was heard io o of tht Aedalusian fishingeTELEPH
villoeges. is ary and the viability of the light we recall that it was the first per- that here' was planted for the first who will say that this Is not historic Over 00 oats were active in f Bsd of dinouwich ha OverIllbass wso ativ inglass lantern, provided with ase
catching shrimp, ie lbs waters cear -l~ opweeful lenses, or gigsant lic lhlI~lhl
hee past year How- Service to the Public With a Smile Is t of
dboll's eyes, each ote Wendipg outa h r
ever, it is extremely difficult to a greatbeto of liaht. ThepurposecevmnswS.i O S
maintain an accurate chck on th of the variability of the light is to

comingand goingofthe trawlers ditiguih it from othes o this EA COAST
and how many bSahpls of shrimp coastlag tsu rcso.eeiac n rta. kne eaughthby them each year. A coas. ____conservative estimate of all'
crimping activities here for 1933 The fight for the repeal of the Feveals that approximately 5,260 eighteenth amendment was only a OF tns, or 8,171 barrel, of the preliminary irmish "in the battle EGIONNAIRES ARE WELC shrimp were shipped from St. Au for idvidual freedom aod Gas and Su ies Dustine. Using the modest valua- prseasin of thtt trm of de Fel Oi te usiessa tion of $5.63 per barrel, the value mocracy which our forefather .
of the packed shrimp would be created 147 yenae ago," declaredE9
$473,882.72 for the twslre months. Fred a. Clark, commander iu snsfS The local chamber tof commerce has of the Crusaders, launchinger anex- WELCOME TO'HE GIO AIRES Telephone 939-Night 418-W estimated that nearly $3,000,000.00 panded program. for his organizaiE deebsed by the eity frEm the fih. In the Isternal sinceSthe fightWeShipEve shrimping industry because of the for r peal, the Crusaders haveper-1 payrlIls of crews, packers, coo- fecled localorganizations in every
s tion of whoyes and operations ST. AUGUSTINE, o e. ST A U N NFNniA N factoryFA srerenp f SAINT AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA.
isosaur, waius had
sowners, represeting about 70 a ons-coune brain and- a 15-tuA
GEOAnn body, woe Iseeliewhereg Horn

prouc beigihipe
I~~d Ipson7


WST AUGUSTINE- Wholesale Producers and Shippers of
Wholesale Producer and Shipper of Fancy Shrimpt ny F Shrmp
.Noted forATits many his Fancy Shrimp To Serve the People Is Our Motto torical achievements was Branch Retail Office S. Salvador Est.
Riverside Seafood Market FELIX SALVADOR
TELEPHONE 1771 ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. also the first place in Flor- Phone 9102 Manager
ida to ship fresh shrimp.
JOHN R. HARDEE, JR., AND SON This industry which now RAMOS BROTHERS
DEALERS IN EVERYTHING comprises one of the city's Producers and Shippers of
Fish, Shrimp, Supplies, Gas and Oil lags ore frv-Fancy Shrimp
nue was founded in 1900

of Fernandina, Fla. His
V. SANTOS AND BROTHER son, Felix Salvador, con- ANTONIO POLl
Dealers in Fish and Prawn tinues the business found- 'Wholesale Producers and Distributors of Large Ocean
We W rk o Stisy Tose homWe erv edby hs fthe. FESH Prawn, Shrimp and Fish We W rk o Stisy Tose homWe erv edby hs fthe. FESHSHRIMP AND FISH DAILY-CALL OUR MARKET
Wire Us Your Orders in Our Line Mn etrping mnEstablished 1906 Phone 442

have entered this business
LUTHER W. BENNETT and St. Augustine now is GRAND FISH CO.
FISH AND PRAWN-EVERYTHING TO EAT perhaps the leading city Producers and Shippers of Fish and Prawn
Established 1910- We Ship Everywhere in the United States in the We Ship Everywhere production of fresh

is a picturesque sight that
GEORGE COCORIS is not seen elsewhere, theFRDHNO
WhlsleDae product being shippedFR D H N O
Whlsl elrof Fresh Shrimp daily to many points Producers and Distributors of
73 Lewis Boulevard-Phone 1226 throughout the country. /Fresh Shrimp

Louis A. Colee drd and sixty-fe pupils e d, Scotch Woman limbA e' ..tSt. Augustne andT sra re ptiten. e Senator Trammell Pays Tribute Proves Efficient Hes a ti s r
Service cord of 58 Years sies our public schools, we have Senator Park Trammell, junior or from Florida, With Her Knitting h hi et Sevc e od o 8Y ashaed,,5-B- Senator Park Trammell, junior senator fromFlorida, all odes ourl public hae Witht Hern Knitting al over Scotland. In eight years four private schools, including the in his home at Lakeland, Florida, for the vacation period, BUCHLYVIE, Scotland, Oct. 20. sfo he
L. A. Cole, Original acWillfollowing his honeymoon trip of the summer, is one of (AP)-Anne Leckie, ocal postmis. ace would call the attention of the staunch friends and admirers of the St. Augustine tress, is a Scotswoman who wag- Rent that vacant Manager, in Charge, Is| Fr toa nnier nary W l t t
ge the Board to articles being pub- Record, now issuing its 40th Anniversary Edition. gl oc an kittig needle. rs, apart
Aged 80 lashed in regard to a ship-anal He wires the Record as follows: gloves natty golf lub stocking ment by using Recrd acros the Star renneting the Lakeland, Florida, caps," and the stockings won in The St. Augustine Transfer Com of Mei with the Atlantic Oct. 19, 1934. rural cotld still pull ve their Classified Ads. pany is claimed to be the oldest Ocean. Miss Nina Hawkins, Editor, usiness concern in St. Augustine, S Property Owner On There wee mny during this St. Augustine Record, s ontinuously under the same man- time endeavoring to have the St. St. Augustine, Florida. ntis sdr etabihed sam e n Road No. 4; Signs Augustine harbor bar improved. emen t the Junes established here a tes You have my hearty congratulations upon the fortieth 58 years ago, before Henry M. Documenttaken: anniversary of the Record which is being celebrated. VISIT lagler came to the city. It is still Whereas by act of the State You have one of Florida's best and most creditable under the management of the Carl V. Cesery, who is represent- Legslate a a uni a ity was e o tf Florida'o best and most creditable LIGHTHOUSE incorporated and regents appointed dailies. May the Record continue for many years toPARK original manager, L. A. Colee, who ing the State Road Department in who were instructed to locate the come its useful service to Florida. Is now 80 years of age and actively securing rights of way along State same in the most eligible place in PARK TRAMMELL. engaged in the management of the Road No. 4, sys that Senator the state. Resolved that this board ON THE OC AN
nionA. MacWilliams is the first pro- d all within thei poer to locate
ur nClee tooHeury M.Flagloe c ty owner to sign and that early Veteran St. Augustine business the University in St. Augustineand Board, and favored the Daft Elec- The porpoise which may be seen Opposite the Lighthose nsighteeig trip abut the ity man, age 80, who is actively man- call a public meeting on the subject trick motor. in Matanzas Bay in great numbers pon his first arrival here. He this coming week he will have a aging the St. Augustine Transfer at an early day. Board resolved to give its en- have always been plentiful in these ates he was driving as old-time mile in distance signed up. By de- Company, oe. ef the oldest o- December 26, 1888,-the last meet- courag.ment to this mov.eent. waters. In 1563, before the Span- St. Augustine, Florida
harouche behind two gray horses greens other property owners will be cerns in St. Augustine. ing recorded i the book, mentions: The Board by a majority of -one ids e plant the settlement 'ndthatMr. Flagler was very much contacted, and the work will go By invitation, gentlemen inter- decided to recommend "St. George of St ".A stise, French explorers teted in the sights shown him. merrily on. Old Minute Book estd in establishing street car Street" as an appropriate name for bstow nit the name of the 'It was not long after this first trip line in the city appeared before the the Sell road. RiersfPDslphin through the city that Mr. Flagler Cesery says the plan is to Tell Story of came back and started his activities acquire rign f way up 00Trade here. Thin was before the Pnce de feet, and then Irt Or o beautifica- Board of d eo Htelwas bought of, andlong ti an carried out. The
Leforeits opening as the fines on widening of the berms, and the (Continued from Page 3)
smoothing out of the drainage as follows: D. R. Knowlton, B :n the w ld. le ditches into a gentle slope, insuring Smeith, Geo. W. ibbs, Geo. M.
laInthe old days Mr. Csl aGeei eYu hipearriages. For the past ten years beauty, are all part of the plan that B. Genovar, J. K. Rainey, C. F. :e has had no horses, but has had will be developed later. Natural Hopkins, Jr., E. D Sabin, Marshall an ample equipment of automobiles growth along the roadside is als Williams, John T. Dismuhee, J A part of the plan, with the idea of ncr, H. C. Sloggett, W. Miluying back many of the old ear- making Florida highways as pic- ford Ingraham, C. E. Gard, M. ages he formerly operated. He turesque and lovely as possible. Daniels,S. Vongemingen, N. Y. js painting themChambers f Commerce every- Ponce, G. T. Bunting, C A. Chameicles for the entertainmen and their willingness to cooUSperate, and baum, H. Gaillard, Chas. J. Gard: velesforofheientersinmigsen a the local chamber of commerce, of ner, B. Genovar, J. P. Chamberlin,

pBOE C E M tntotoors pin P U R EeeiC E
Mr. Colee, who operates the St. which Harry K. Jackson is prese- George Howatt, R. C. Paris. I Augustine Transfer Company, with dent, and J. Cozens, Jr., s acre- Two of the fooremosat questionsof :is son, was born in St. August ine tary, has adopted the following res- the time evidently concerned the 0 years ag in the old at the lution: arbor and transportation as these e a of St. F r ian the d l SAINT AUGUSTINE AND SAINT wre the irst cmmits dtapR nd

eI and Fo1ida P UWAS oct h e silt
streets. His father operated a stage JOHNS COUNTY CHAMBER pte r lie ne between St. Augustine and e OF COMMERCE The next meeting took place Noicolata long before there was a RESOLUTION EN DORING vember 23, 1886. railroad in Florida. m c BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAM The secretary, in this meeting, Se The St. Augustine Transfer Com- OF STATE ROAD DEPART- was instructed to read an invitation tany, long recognized in the old MENT FOR STATE HIGHWAYS from the Jacksonville Board of ay as the bet livery this sid of WHEREAS, The State Rad Tade to join them inthe celeaWashington, D. C., has cooperated Department of the State of Florida tion of Ithe arrival of the first Clyde with th e Florida East Coast Rail- has declared mined, and start- Line Steamer "Cherokee" in Jackay, under special contract e ed upon tea program of widening sonville ay sinte that railroad was built and and beautifying rights of way along Tha gtrrp was instructed to
er s pe Statein and is actually doing such apalor car for the use of a dle

work in counties where the neces- aton in going to Jacksonville.

eightt oil way of lwo hundred The Yhird meoiog is dated No Reading, wratDng and arytometfc coma e et has b oer is being obtained, ve r 30, 1886. At thi e m ea ng,
and it was decided that an initiation who drink a lot of milk, for milk brings e uls up
St 1 T4 WHEREASt is the policy of the fee of $5.00 was to be charged until
e ry s State Road Department at this January 1, 1888 and thereafter a strong body andan actively Ind So Mothers, e-h
_____ time only to do this work in Coun- monthly dues of $1.00 were decided of the job of making your child a succenn in school belongs
ties where the necessary right upon, payable arerly in advance
Miami Herald Carries way can be obtained without any Ina report adapted at the De-child -at lea retfur the land itself, and member 7, 180 meeting, t fDetails in Recent t HEREAS, the Sftate Road De- l aowin i a ppT r n- day asg a a baer in creamed dashes a a apartment is f how offer go ien Hotel Am . e s n d g a f o Ei tioE r t eaiy the right of ay along Our hotels h iy to you'll be doing your pa in helping y child e hg
State Road No. 4 running through commodate twenty-five hundred
An article from the Miami Saint Johns County if the neces- and sixty-five guests.We find by Marks in every subject For milk thA Herald's Ame rican Legion Edition sary additinal land for such right looking over their registers, they calls dedication of this monument of way can be obtained, and served forty-seven thousand four sme, call 7d, and well deliver tL your home mlast spring, in which many local WHEREAS, The Saint Augus- hundred and sixty-five guests. This Seopl were inter ested inasmuch as ine and Saint Johns County Cham- will not include the number Who athey are descendants' of the Colee berf Commerce .believe, that the at i private houses and who haveE R pioneers. A number went from widening and beautifying of this winter homes in our city. TREAT YOUR ere to attend the exercises. The right of way. will be for the st Mansfeareof Lumber :'article follows: interests of the people of this Our mills hae a capacity of emSMarh1of khisyear Fot County; teen million o hundred and sixtyLauderdale erected a monunent in THEREFORE BE IT RESOLV- five thousand feet per year. We TO THE BE Colee hammock on New River aED that the Saint Augustine and have as fine timber as the world monumet t mark the site where Saint Johns County Chamber of affords for the anufacture of the Colen family was massacred Commerce does heartily endorse wagons, carriages, agricultural imEh about 1842 by Seminole Indians. and approve the plan of the State pilments and all kinds of furniture. en and wholes a Fort Lauderdale and Broward Road Departimnt for widening and It consists of pine, cypress, cedar, county lave been the home of Sam- beautifying the right of way along Amerilca mahogany, magnolia oak cialize in Certified Milk a inole tribes for more than 100 years, State Road No. 4 running through and hickory. Shegovernmntmainini Saint Johns County and does urge Schools wervation west of here. These tribes, the cooperation of the County Com- Our public schools have five hun- Milk, and guarantee all our products to beef haown as Tommies, Osceolas and missioners, the City of Saint AuJumpers, lived peaceably in Cole, gustine, all civic bodies in the the very best. hammock before the coming of the County and all citizens of the Counwhile ma.. cultivatingh keir ty in lending aid and obtaining for SO T he D R efreshm ent

.,g SIX FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS PHONE NO. 52 SUNDAY RECORD FOt ALL DEPARTMENTS PHONE NO. &2 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21,1934 en(AdA. M. Taylor Sepo Tsayl or. pnl n Ford V 8be compact V-8 engine is short and with the spae sing advntge Ride inth s C yr
_____ A. M. Taylor Senator TEdgar .... oFingopiritd anV hh s allows mre epa nnd comfort in- of the reed steel flor,maees e nra ndgeasfaray t V S gave purses and prizes for hoat side the new Ford-more leg room possible the comfortable roominess like. Enperienre the measure ef maof -swihweehl
is Dedicated Started Coming re d oy h e. a Resu s of 40ho soe e nensonngh
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Sare C mgtenteseBig car roominess sets the new Marvelous comfort has been en- the big ear class."
Ford V-8 apart by itself in the low giee .ed into the ew enr. This tech is the a. that ferty yea For Service Here in 1884 chngs th te h Yeears of Work picedfield. Its compact V-8 on- quality is just as definite-just as of trials, dres and ons
g Shat S o w on the gine requires much less space than clearly defined-as the exceptional provemants has produced. tha theSunnysideHotel wason the the average power plant--leaving performance, beauty and economy Ply i o m nt isR mn ce eso pre....t site ef the Hoel Pence. dec
CmnunitL His Reminiscences of re atleast o t e menell Big Car Features of plenty of leg room for passengers. of this remarkable car. Spring CorteconqueredMeicobin 5 Par Is HeopfuntE y e in sence o rton o at. hen aher Ponel BideFaue Get behind the wheel or stretch flexibility "has been improved. and TMexc eaetebs
Pr Is u to Early Days Are i it. Wh the Pnce e Popular Automo- mfortably in the rear seat-and Spring leaves are quiet and easy in contientalpeatis and deelopMany LDelightful pr eset huilt, it ws moed to te P see for yourself how exceptionally acting. Double action shock ab- ment. Stride is SSSI became the
Manee a th tseodus on bile Stressed oy it really it. Compare its sorbers smooththe roughest roads. eastern sat eof operations. La and then made its exn e pcieness weith the sat-- Peat cshions are wide, deep and Floid de The St. Augustine Young Men's Senator A. M. Taylor has been King Street, and into West St. Au- ingerea in ageras-en those seft. t acufnlly cure ed ars rests hwe g a sii n e ti Christian Association is still dedi- coming to St Augustine since 1884, gnustine. Many people have the idea that sting are$1,500 and largercars--even thae lf Gacet urved arme o tra do territory cosin $150admr.T~ -8 allow passengers to relax. Perfect New San"mrcdMxc n
cated-eas it has been for the past but he did not actu ally come to sAt the ie the old Spanish mis- wheehlbas length affects the in- type engine is nso longer than a nvetilation and complete absence th southwest United States. years-to the task of helping make his home in the city until sions flourished there were 38 ss- side length of a car. Wheelbase four and much shorter than other of draftsadd to your comfort. Floridn etendeduthe Mew pa boys and young men e Ppe 89 whnhe came with o sis in Florida and Georgia. doesn't mean inside room. The types of engines. This, combined Get in this new car. Drive it, territorey. themselves for the responsibilities Seaey, to manager the Casoi y h h hHotel Alca Hrentiened as
f young manhood through apro- e gease of character developmentG n dr y a i seg o fthe yl ten S C n WSenator Taylor, one of the St. their Y. M. C. A. as a means of Augustine's most noted raconteurs, their greater development, says and neays n requnet a n set secretary Warren M gee in dis- i dd aa i eT a i o Ss dut s nv ses e wk of Mergniz- at public affairs, was ased hy tussi o he wor h o te ocain- Record reporter to do some "reminte "ea od tee ad rihg e iniscing for the Record's 40th Anthe requisites Of true leadership n er Eona successful trough study, lay, discussion n re insy Edton a ond ta.Ti Aig in-U
edeship, self- ersi d a ,4 aoa ,n, andet r andeetifedn5othSt 0 6roaa eylyheseEdfe w gn
pertonith others in action" Augustine for the past 50 years. "My first visit to St. Augustine
members of the board of directors ; 18d Eery t of
of in t .w. C. A c. ie that 6 Ili Ris ,. iMassachusetts, F. A. Salo- t A ftSt locau l S. M..Ari e t 16Lua,1 tmonson of Hollar m and myself all Americas greatest undeveloped re- Ex an. n on of o of id d ysou f al aC lies i isyo and en i h r 3 to Fioeda e hou the sa e Csi. M hs sins 1, 16th ahnd gi time. We were about the same ago dr n O st this mind the m de 1uavorinr 1f and during 1884 aned 1885 we did 0to ry out an allw ked program Fidac Given ou siderable t overyling o ud Florida that will develop the youth of the her
city into high type citizens. At toethe St. Augustine present the board of director is Is Coined Word From i led St Ageustie coem the n e Ou ymindocome
composed ofA. L. Combs, presi- g Fereh ohr f'ihhese day eWMif dent; C. C. Johnson, secretary; J. LoAU French O St, ich I do d.Ws Nso mecy

xi o a enr a 3 M s ih r a k l f N .6 hee ld r hicG e d id E ..J ..W I H A R DyS R
D. Thompson, treasurer and J.P. Cognomen decided on Jacksonville and went inW E L C O M E Baker, Hiram Faver, M. West- the shoe business there with his berry, S. C. McDaniel, C. L. alse, brother. F. A. Salonionsom went 0 Donoloo, H. E. Wolfe, H.E. The American Legion Auxiliary back to Holland to intteret a little Ryman,Frank D. Upchurch, Dr. D. is the e member organizag Dutch eoney and returned and seti. Rutter. J. R. Graybill, W. B in of the We Aii f a ed a l. he ,a the We invite you to St. Augustine and want you to stay with us as long as convenient.
Miobley. The work of the Associa- the Federation Interalliee des best and returned the re. He was dtion is being carried on by Gner l Anciens Combattaente, om only ur eful in busine n d was The longer you remain in St. Augustine, the more you Will enjoy yourself. With Secretary Warren F. 'Iagee, who known as Fidac. The word "Fidac" elected Mayor of Tampa several T ook up his rk with the local Y. is coined word from the first let- tines. Emry ith 1d Jachonn ll its ideal climate, summer and winter, St. Augustine has everything desirable for e. ein 1925. ters in the words comprising the and 'little me' came toi St. AugusThe As nation h F h f the organization ti here I have the entertainment and comfort of its visitors. Golfing, fishingmotoering,
Seal Communnity Center. Organiza- On May 25, 1934, last date of off- There is a fair example of the up- I tiens of wonen and girl e using cial membership eer tion of builders o Florida. We th ee young back riding, tennis, surf-bathing, and water sports of every description are found the building for club rooms, and Fidac, the Am erican deipartments men coming from three different ee hold memberships, as tun end units had a total membership parts of th world, settled in three here at their best. days a week have been given them of 347,452 with 72 members in different parts of the state and all for use of the physical department Puerto Rico, 11 in Cuba and nine were reasonablyesuccessful. lnd supervised physical work is in Cantda. N "The we s no diect railroad to carried on at such times. Members in the various state and St. Augustine in those days. You outside organizations using the territory departments are: Alaba- took a boat at Jacksonville, went to T. AUGUSTINE is known primarily as the Oldest City in the United States, "'Y" regularly as headquarters and ma, 2,469; Alaska, 336; Arizona, Tocoi on the St. Johns Ricer and founded in 1565, more than a half century before New England was weekly meetings are the Bo m 1,987; Arkansas, 393;,Califoinia, then got on the little narrow gaugeA t C Scouts, Girl Scouts, Kettsrlinus 20,362; Colorado, 3,278; Connec- road for St. Augustine. We left settled, 210 years before the Revolutionary War. It is unquestionably Might School Dads Club, City Senior ticut, 6,554; Delaware432; District frOn Jacksonville at 9 a. m., and the most interesting historic city in this country. On every side is eviStamp Club, Red Cross Life Sav- of Columbia, 628; Florida, 2,730; arrived at St. Augustine at 5:30 p. denee of this heritage. ings Corps, City Diamond Ball As- Georgia, 2,744; Hawaii, 347; Idaho, e. It was on one of these 'quick sociation, City Bowling Associa- 2,296; Illinois, 27,019; Indiana, 13,- trip' that I saw blind mosquitoes for But St. Augustine lives not only in the past. Beneath its charm of antiquity tion, St. Augustine Model Yacht 545; Iowa, 20,792; Ka. ss, 10,781; the first time. Blind mosquitoes do flourishes a modern city with a rare combination Of residential and resort adClub, Girls Sub-Junior Service Kentucky, 1,967; Louisiana, 2,382; not bite, they just sing and crawl s -elimats, natural beauty and varied recreatianal facilities amid a fassi. Club, Junior and Senior Hi-Y Maine, .,353; Maryland, 1,521; all over you. I was sitting tnder tingOdWorld set ng. Cluhs. Massachusetts, 13,176; Michigan, tree waiting for the mail boat to The linge gymnsie, which "si 1,68; Minnesota, 1729; Mios- arrive before getting on the dinkey Even in ancient times the climate of St. Augustine was noted for its health. tuiding 105 hy 65 feet, was con- app, 3,692, Misas, di Mont- train when a -warm of blind mosao0.0 i 1roc 3 pa d as 1- esa,, 9 a quitoes covered me all over. I kept nnfulness, cooled in summer by sea breezes, free from extremes of heat; in winter 000.00 project. H- ws paid fc in Nehraska, S7 S evada 698; mouth shut and breathed tut, mild yet invigorating. All of the residential streets are beautifully shaded. The .two years' time. The ba ,ketball New Hampshire, 2972; New Jersey,. but it was someie before I got buins dititsronsanacetPaa"
nysa' Sa. chh Lwith 7i24 MNew Ies,827; Ne ynhi ck, e rid gf them.unanestdistriet nerrounds an ancient aa which looks out upon Matanzas
iseinh of 22 feet seat- 20,548; Norh i na, 4,23; "There. as n.6-Cathedrat Place -aj. Living osts are w h average., The cit has gs shsls and all ing arrnge Ots en both sides o Noh Daota 167 Oho, 19980;west of St. George Street, no P ce modern civic improvements. A groscingwinter artist colony centers around. ill comfortably seat 500. Oklahoma, 8,300; Oregon, 3,934; de Leon, Aleazar nor Cordova lhe famous St. Augustine Arts Club. dules of gymnasium classes Panama; 231; Pennsylvania, 26,- Hotels, and Hotel San Mardo was are conducted each day of the week, 295; Rhode Island, 2,381; South beyond the City Gates. A building
-with the exception of Saturday and Carolina, 3,620; South Dakota, stood between the Post Office and Sunday. 7,505; T .essee, 4,493; Toeas 5,-o or pinest busy (?) corner. Sabin ine State Amateur Meets 664; Utah, 2,103; Vermont, 2,374; and Moulton Company were down-
Durini the past six years the Virginia, 2,205; Washington, 5,931; stairs and Dr. Rainey upstairs. ST A U G U STI physical department of the "Y" West Virginia,. 2,518; Wisconsin, WhatL isnow.. Post Office Park has conducted nine State Amateur 11,677, and Wyoming, 2,152. was an open field surrounded by Athletic meets, at which times ama- 0 high fence. The Post Office business C teurathletes from over the state asf small affair in those days, the ,. ere in the city for teo and three Local Citizen Has elin expense. of the office as AIaNIsIKA I days taking part in thne. neets. Early.History Book less than $2,000.00 a year, there They were. Stole A. A. U. Seeing sere no cri e, no parcel pesO, jj ______Tonurnert 1929; State A. A. U. On St. Augustine no postal savings, no nothing much. 810 Soxing Tournam.ent 1930; State A. The hall over the Post Offi .... E.J. WISHARDa wee A.U.Boxing Tournament 1931; Mrs. Richa el, of No. used for meetingsISTreligious and North Fla. A. A. U. District Oox- Marine Street, is one of the St. Au- otherwise. Grace Methodist Church Mayor-Commissioner ing Tournament 1932; State A. A. gustine's most interesting citizens. started there, the G. A. R., and priG. Indoor Swimming Meet for men She was originally from Tallahas- vate theatricals held forth there. and WSmen held at Alcazar Hotel see but has resided in St. Augus- "The only saloon was on Charlotpool 1932; Atlantic Seaboard Asso- tine for the past40 yars. te Street arod the corse frSm COMMISSIONERS nation A. A. CU.Roting Toon- Before her marriage she was Cathoedral Place. This s the en merit 1933; Atl antic Seaboard As- Miss ats Tarnhull Ednards doec s of the 'Tall Sieggers W B. FRASER sociation A. A. U. Basketball tour- daughter of C James raddock Oh Snt Seb eitnn' headed hy.. ramet;NorTh Florida DistrctA. Edwards and Mary Kempes Turn- I Geore Atwood. This Atwnod sedCHAS. LEYR A A. U. Rexnt .........nt 1734 and bell. She n... Oh gre,. I-gnand- to ride th or.. nal eo hr.oCH .LE V Z
the AtlanticSaebord Aocitnion daughterof D. Andrew Ternbell, Prn acrhe rodo thesea wall'V.j IIU LI R A. A. U. Wrestling To ......nt whohbr....ghtlbheMie....on.o.....eonod m...nd Ohs old Fort and access.J M CK E
1984. These maurenmeta hare this rcuner. Thn Turnbuls nere all Ohe reserevation into thn grounds of T
see.. nducted without ..ny.solid- pr..onent0. docr ....dl a yore.. n Hot Sne .....,pthelongflight a T. MIaaCLER
5zld have, paid Coin theemselves, ad theseainh ote, ho lotshsg
Mrs.Yacel'efaemilyhashbeen her whichewaseocate n thsesec. ... m~e ho to. o ho o o ho ....thoE. NOBLE CALHOUN
President Roeveit, whnospre oh. Herfahrered in the Notbend. He goths dinh o Sdeof the American Red Cros Pin. Seioe Iedion War. Sbheno.. ]ho.....bcinfrontnfohhar end City Attorney sayse enuch so thin sorly history of St. -en his noager. "When oer people in any section Aeguestine. Mine. Vaeb 1owns a his- "Mr. Flaglen stepped at Hotel Ohs henontrny are feced Owih Ohs toryof early St. Augusltes end Pee Marco. Ho giot el going toE G N MA T R 'ei ..d ufrn hich followed Men Sn.... ih... h is h otOf .. dy....dsodc- eUG NEMAagER
50 swiftly on the nahe of disaster, seo Tie ceded o huild hen hotels ......r on. CityMa ge
they look withoncaccordtomh then nook oaswrienhbynacusi~n "This wasan atie iitar poet Asn;;ren RedfCrosfor instantand Mrensnio!ndgivcesn oset in- Whgeard mountand paraden very ef iinO relief. They hens never Oeetige cntof the elyhos- day and a fellnemieitaoyhbandnof
_ooed___ai. __ ....__ hisciy_ ad_ ewS_....._ twn_-fori_..._ Siln__ o__ CHAS. E. KETTLE
Handsome YMCA Building :, !Auditor-Clerk

,N! i ; ,! i JOHN P. MACK
Tax Collector and Municipal Judge


Chief of Police

:e-i, 'W. B. PARKHILL
K Chief of Fire Dept.



l.7g M~etls aChooistianoaioe Reuiding, on Valinia Itoee nih obnedorn ynaes umc in the ise I == ====== = === ==fit =f~f=== =f= .. -


0 Years Ago Post Office Almost 200 Years Ago Civic Center St. Augustine's New Civic Center

). B. Usina Was Building Nears

CityPostmaster Completed Mark

J. Herman Manucy $80,000 Recreational
Now Presides Over Project Is Built of
Federal Building Coquina Rock

Growth Is Shown Located on San Marco Avenue, the much-traveled artery linking
Salaries Were Around St. Augustine with her sister cities

Clerksompletion exprses in its butressS ed walls of rugged stonethe promulgation of a scheme backed by
Probably no better illustration of lolci o ganizations and made tue growth of St. Augustine, of the possible by Cil W Admtensin f government sece The present post office was the Spanish Governor's Palace. There is in the office of the secretary of isration nd Federal Emer cy 'ed of the difference in salaries 40 state in Tallahassee a picture of the building4as it appeared almost 200 years ago, and the above is a re- Relief Administration labor and production. The Post Office Committee, composed f prominent local citizens, intent on restoration of money. That bilding represents years ago and now, could be given the present structure to its old-time charm, has been working along this line for a long time. Members the materialization of long ago This view of St. Augustine's Civie Center, north of the City Gates, and which llreadyfrses than that offered by a comparison ae hopeful of getting this restoration work effected, and the building at the same time made more suit- hopes for an adequate recreational season, was made from an architects drawing. Fred A. Henderich designed the hndsome building. of figures for the St. Augustine able for post office purposes. Congressman J. Mark Wilcox of this district has been most sympathetic nd amuement center where Tragedies of Sea Brave Woodpecker cr of the enros the state Post Office 40 years ago and now. and helpful, and has made several trips here in this connection leisure moments could be spent en- Taio ou Sa dy
ter J. Herman Mjny yably playing tenni, Shuffe- Have Been Found Tackles Statue i Is 88 Years Old ry The Postmaster b d, diamond ball and other Ch les e ve furnishe the ecord with inteest- e games where the tourist club could In Old Chronicles Made of Stone A t t o
O l be housed and whe an assembly it PCate Thepostmas.r at St. Augustine hell suitahl for lectoree, cone- IRALEIGH, N. C., Oct. 20. (AP) of Z

were F. C. Usina,J. C. R. Foster, C. St. ugusine Construction of the $80,000 civic era have quoted, there i a e d of a n d short on sens, drew pecked industriously at his head. A. Lopez and R. King Gibb The tourism amusement and convention a sea sister i th vicinity of p R e b e St. Augustine, where a nt all for the sar ies of center w taed de the CWA St. Agutie, whe s a Spanish enn alou r s was $2,300, which S Been Visitor in and continued by the FERA The ship h its pasengs company
aveesacrne assr$1100,ewhich00 ofFranciscanerswallowed
S o ppromately 00for the ity wned a large tract of land i WELCOME LEGI
snb eCi t Pasteo fronting on San Marco Avenue just up by the sea in sight of the cEn-E
They were allowed four geddi- h Years noth of the City Gates. This set- AventfSt. August ine." PARKS HOTEL GARuui a tional clerks during the winter sea- ting was ideal or locating a com- quoted in an old guide boc, as son from November st to May 1st, Henry D. Lewis (jncle Henry" mitycourtn, sufeuodd byatond telling of a cross set upon one MR. and MRS. R. L. andeach of these received $50 pe t his mny friends in St. Auguos- bs courn shufflebo es, diamond of the sand dunes of the beach, in Owners and Propriets Sine) claims the honor of being r es memory of certain nuns who had Firep ing One lla er Day The following y -ar Hthe oldest man in the city. He has met a similiar fate. FREE GARAGE

annual amount alsotind for salaiiee d a os general plan was dra sup and NEen"ndent ofe se it a rsH s miar aba Bhe A mailble IecoC GT
cnrus evn rffi eguar arriessah two Ro dorso e ed by the local chamber of cor- this tourist civic center, as well in the offer wea reduced O $11t00 in the city and says that nowhere deroedbthelalc s a em thsatoo Running Water, Steam Hest Private Eatba
lsuwa s there found a eo of a ma a s the entir populace here, will was er cmmittee and other interested welcome the addition of this amuse ELECTRIC FANS CAFE CONNECTED The nos er n er who was older then he. groups. The Civil Works Adminis- met ad recreational facility to eral deliverytmp windO, one forrgn baG of b 94th year.nHery a project out of it and work was which include three 24 St.ieoe St. St. A ugsthe Fla.
orders. There was no parcel post d esendant of John Lew is, one of es, two splendid golf courses and
sn o e aontra sain, thisc e- ot rs S. s the first settlers who came with of St Augustine, is an appointee of hot summer months, relief tlab orers a end ino ccupiedr servi e.4 oa f The P Cro t Mrs. B. Usina the Ne London Colony to this President Franklin D. Roosevelt. hacked away with simple tools, the ground floor of the Post Office country in 1635. He lived meost of Mr. Manucy is cooperating with cutting and shaping the rock, placbuilding. The largest package that M his life in New Haven, being con- the Post Office Committee, and do- ing the sized blocks of coquina in could be mailed was four pounds bin rs. us a s nected there with a goery store ing everything possible to further line and ementing them together. weight. fr a number of eac, and later the plan for the restoration of the Today Fred Heiderich, architect SEE PICTURES n To an George C wit h the largest bakery in the city Post Office, the fit s old parish for the building, ns eys the mas AS J. Herman dManucyT is postmaster, n o iy for 28 ye a. He retired from eao Governor's Palace, to it original siie walls, th a ched pe s RE SO RCH an MaencaC ps tm delrs as Uiit, tin s usinese in 190. U historic lines, with their lefty columns and the NE a Addition ero is as Mr. Lewis came to St. Augustine roofing of tile, going in place piece a d c mia T ro superintendent of mails; there are yeas ag, because of bad by iece, and he, too, sees the real12 cle rkse; two e lar substitute heal h. He hasbeen coming bak Bell Alarm Is ization f pl sometimes hamper COMING ATTRACTIONS
c e e ist eacl winter since then, residing at ed by lac o iledlabo or in regular substitute carriers; two Remembers Much of No. 115 Cordova.Street. peded by inclement weather and eu stdial employee. Two Sr Early History of hen sed be wht he nthut. Chicken Thieves bula of 7 ild a Routes go outom th is office, serv- ed his long life and sturdy condi- __ The main building, as planned M ES ing approximately 1500 people. One St. Augustine tion, Mr. Lewis said that the Flor- SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb, ct 20- and finally approved by the city route goes by way of Tocoi, taking ida climate was due a great deal cmmesn, emb es o e f ia large part of the county. The of the edit. "I will hlcpmmend AP)-M. L. Schra, fae near lub rooms forwomen and men, e RUBY KEER-DICK Poc m oher goes to Summer Hav. There Mrs. Blaseda Usina was born he Florida climate to anyone for here, ha; an anti ien thiS fomer having a social rom, a is Also one contract station, this be- February 3rd, 1845 in St. Augus- good health," he stated. He said, Oem hi S 41affor s R ent ron and a kitchenette for the ing located in McQuaig's Drug tine and lived here all her life. She too, that all of his life he ha been Arotestion fIb his he paratiin o refreshments, the
Sor e in West St. Augustine. was daughter of Mr. and Mrs very methdal, rising, eatig ad A bel arrangement links his hen latter hving oungng and games
The annual payroll for the fiscal John S Masters and was On On exercise regularly each day until ith ab m in hi home os. Each a dequte toilet ith year ending June 30, 934, was $45,- Cbarlotte St. Mrs. Uina as one ago, but now is careful When the bell rings, the farmer facilities and stone arched loggias Sin a family of 9 children. She has not totire himself to much. Un- dshes out with a shotgun to defend a ing ic a s had e e
Receipts of the office for the year one living sister, Mrs. Eusebia til fiv years ago, he often walked poultry. allowing choic fs sunny io shady ending June 30, 1914, were $0,- e r k One ma mae sentenced o the anpag point frum which o i b f
d ag s e tHunter, 85 yt hld,awho lives at s dd thepHorn Road, which is refo ltory aed another to tthh the progre .f outdoor 519.86, exclusive of -the Money No. 6 Saragossa St. Mr# Usina five miles, for a day's exercise. Mr. state penitentiary after Schrack, games on the nearby recreational Order business The receipts named s H s e th se nd aILL ROGERS in "JUDG
orer ese ip am went to a privateschool ducted Lewis says that he eats a variety warned by his device, had captured fields. above represent simply stamps and by Mrs. Prudence Ridgley. She of food, but does not overeat, nor them in his chicken house. A stage nd deing rom wil
later attended another private does he eat very Duch when he is serve for the presentation of musiApproximately half a million dcl- e hool conducted by the Sisters of tired. marble o d his ge l, d dramatic fet d Pots Se on deposit mhenugh ths Mercy. This school was located at Mr. Lewis feels that it is re- and to have the good health that the auditorium is adaptable for Ptt Sevig ao tmet the corner of St. George and Cathe- he enjoys. His many friends hope seating a considerable number at Wih Goring the toert s. two deal Streets, now hnw e. Ohs, an act for which he was that he continues to have good lectures and conventions or as a AR D DA regular substitute cerbs, f.. Busy SoI.C a Uy NORMA tras, two substitute carriers, and Mrs Usina remember s lgre ater very much ahamedr. health, and that he may spend dance hell.
ne etr arer are employed When a young girl Mrs. Uina many more happy seasons in St. Those wh have worked hard in During e Chritase eodin deal about Civil War days. She studied piano and became an ac- Augustine. playing and d pent of
per iod stated that all families who had complished musician. Their old
addition o two egular sobstitute, husbands or brothers in the Con- family home was at No. 26 San ioe thers.areputoasotenaddi- federated Army were ordered out Marco Ave. and is now occupied by
of the city by the Northern seldi- Win. P. Genovar. Mrs. Usina said
wcepy os f-the i sn r th t but her father obtained per- North City was nothing but sandy
eed by Oth collector-of customs, mission to stay on account, of the hills.
F. L. Copeland foe his office iness of his wife. After i short Mrs. Usina was left a widow
ldsServiceRed eshemade an efforttr n-seter when she wa y 43 yeas old. She n o1 d Service In d_... thecity but wan stopped son. die- was the mother of S child so oS

i and-ntoa, .. .-.... ________________________,_______________________


t d eir ovehreer conflicted. The given then, and they settled there. Tropical Bit in Heart of City 40Y ear M ark tody the DaiSande C M morcans in t t the and Many of the ati people of Pt. noaear earkere Cemeey..
the others as though they were Augustine today, date their ances- ent trewa ee .
State Subject It wa not l o nghe at .ho .te r as ebR d by Lae t::s an
the Greeks and the Italians re- trials of the early Minoreans. It is nss W. Dante and Company. Stilt again belled indeed, fortunate for the continua- became W.
Of Fine Essay The M nor a refused to join the tion of the Catholic Church in Flor-i Fir a o
re and the Italian when they ida during the time of the English M t e W. uner Cm n ar y S arose in rebellion against their occupation, that Doctor Turnbull's H. W. Davis Company. Harr colonydr iad ao pmetny newu whiehic ss Jane Q. unn Han- overseers in the middle of August colony hd eo many pious Cutholich issof 17 The innetinitinn Hande- in the Minorcans. England hd IS Now Davis Saun- explains th nam of the Doi
dles Matter Most stroyed some of Doctor Turnbulls conditioned in the grant t o urnbull nders on Company. At one time personal property, raided the homes that the settlers were all to be Pro- Concern; Interestingly the Minorans, and seized all testants. But Turnu w Location a a ed with Mr. Davis i
kinds of provisions. However, when to accept the Minorcans because he the mpany. History Traced they attempted to sail for Havana, needed tain number of colonistse
they were captured by two govern- in order that his rights to the lad Forty eas ago on cdetoer 4, year-old concerns, tontemprary ment vessels which had been sent would not be forfeited to the go 194, H. W. D tated in organitions with the e ofrd neal Young Girl Is by Governor Grant, and the rebel- ment. Th, while the English, in the i ation where h o i and tending congratoulatin to this
a li a ended and o forgotten at first, had the intent of tramp- has be c atinon a it eh paper. Many aw concern Now Studet at After a visit to England in April, ling Catholi city to the ground dur- The stoe nder the name of H. ar joining, and helping e mae
their occupationDthe Minorcans of Pwas se healed to open the anniversary edition of the e
FSCW 1777, Doctor Turnbull returned to came over in time to preserve the GOh.oe Darie al here A KIG STS
America. But during his absence, age-old treasure, their faith, in the northeas t storm whih delayed the r oI E
we Jane Quinn, a graduate of treachery to the doctor had taken coun try which had been found and opening otil tohe 4th eys Mr le of the antret n ofS. St. Joseph's Academy, and now a place. His staunch, true friend claimed by Catholic explorers. Howm Dainm rPonosubg te oping o A gstiv n are suggestive of instudent at the Florida State College and nfailing supporter, Governor true it is that "God works in mys- hs H concern. s i rpiCE O D E TEo for Women, wrote during her Grant, had resigned his office in terious ways, His wonders to per- The Tiner Hardware Company tory. St. Franyis oommelratdIs student days in the academy a most 1771, bhen a of ill health. Grant's forml" s arc i ncTraea i Hc nwli zees iT A c tarna e" b h i ef y so kw s e ns d intarting article on the Minorncan successor, John Moultrio, a wealthy Bihlingphy ly at N ew Syrn, ndth way planter who lived a few miles outin which the Minoreans came to St. side of the city of St. Augustine Brevard, C. M., "A History of filed, and the t was bought y mona l wa e Augustine. turned out to be a bitter and treach- Florida", American Book Co,, New the Hamblen Har ware Company, where the Itate Arsenal now miss Quinn did a great deal of re- York, Cincinnati, Chicago, 1919. Mr. Davis calls. tnd. Cu and Hypolit were

1713, heonn obtainedulsome onehou
search work for this essay, and it While Doctor Turnholl was in Sag. Doggett, Carita, "Dr. Andrew The Davi concern was known given in the time of Spanish supsandas ,fW Davihadnwthehm MminorSIcGergeStret wsis mtains much valuable informa- land, the governor poisoned the Turnbull and'the New Smyrna Col- at the time were V. D. Cape, and lled honor of England's patron tion. It is reprodured horewsth minds of the Minorcans, by causing ony of Florida", The Drew Press, Leo Capellia. Mr. Capellia is new tint, and Charlotte was the name fellows them to become suspicious of the Florida, 1919.n d a ia w ea now h The Minorean Colony in Florida doctor, and, by making Turnbull, in "The Encyclopedia Americana," associated with the store, known of t
Association with many of the their eyes, a great swindler. The Vol 19, The Encyclopedia Ameriekini 8n fre0l ple ab ut B R A N ind and friendly peopl e of t A governor told the Mihorcans that ann Corporation, New York and

durtingei trvl waswe theago 19eek i e s Minora Turnbull's original grant allowed Chicago, 119
Colony in Florida" a subject l only Protestants to take part in the "History of Florida", Vol. 1, The great interest to us. affairs in the colony, and as the Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago and This charming view shows Palm Row, wh well nad wth t doble row of palms maingH When, by the Peace of Paris in Minorcans were of the Roman New York, 1923. a lovely tropical effect. hc TH n e
1763, Florida cjme unde British Catholic faith, they fOeared that they t J Waler, who hd managed peprd by pedal for Rule, some EnglIshman and Scotch- had been cheated by the doctor. As As oldguide boh tf fit. Angus- Poolk s camanagd p by the tionmen became intereated in coloniz- a result they decided to leave New tine, published in 1884 shcw a. Firm lB Belief ...ot Pol' campaign, w p ly by Mr. Fa liey The questioning the newly acquired territory. Smyrna. About the middle of 1777, picture of "The Rolleston Block." Abou in Jobs secretary of the treasoty on the b tesing to boa etiniics prominent among them was what was left of the colonists, for The name Rolleston is well knwn better insight to his activities

sbou"Tw ;o s PAh aninstrrio. 6
constructedcarhomesoforo themselves wealthy London physician, Doctor they had been reduced to about half in this city and members of the Iwo Io dmo t rto hem an d to e larif tome of the ceontroAndrew Turnbull, who was a of their original number, due to family are still here. The late Postmaster General Farley eon t omeato ntinal morerrennet v pontd to h w a Persnal erwiea ethe same ime. Until more recent- ly submitted to him. Personal Service aregulati Scotchman. deaths from malaria and other Frank Rolleston was at one time tinues adamant in his belief that ly, remember, the party organizaTurnbull desired to make a colony cases, departed from New Smyrna. circulation manager of the Record, he is justified in remaining as tion has been more or less inac- What was known as The Shell
in Florida. He thought that it The Minoran walked from New and afterward city editor. He left chairman of the Democratic Na- tire between campaigns. This moo Road," Ieading from the City Gates PRICES MODERATE would be a profitable undertaking, Smyrna to St. Augustine, the jour-' the paper to become secretary of tional Committee while serving as Changed in 1928. The Democratic north to Jacksonville, was built by and one that would be favored by nay taking them about two days. the local chamber of commerce. He a member of the cabinet. organization now functions all the subscription in 1765, says 'an old Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Williams, Resident Managers the government, to settle the colony After their arrival, plots of land in was one of St. Augustine's most en- "As far back as 1884," he says time. That'swhy I hold both jobs." writer. It wa. for a long period with a people who were used to a the northern part of the city were ergetie and self-sacrificing citizens in The American Magazine, "Rob- Thi s one of many questions known as"The King'sRoad." warm climate, and to the ncultivation of craps suitable to warm plgions. He had spent much of his time in the Mediterranean counmarried the daughter of a Greeki merchant in Smyrna. He obtained land grants in East Florida, and with, some of his rich and influential fiend planned the organization of a colony to which they decided to give the name of New Smyrna. Doctor Turnbull came to this country and settled his family in St. Augustine. After carefully inspecting the surroundoing land, he bought a cotton plantation at the "Mosquitoes," now New Smyrna, and placed an overseer in eharg'. Thenireturning to the Mediternia, he beganhis search fo netolere. Ha. succeeded in securing r1--on no d-edia'utbernalilans, and a few Greek. He desire ad larger number of colonists, however, and upon hearing of the famine in Minorca, which had been uafder the rule of Great Britasinsmce, 1713, he obtained some one thou sand five hundred Minorcans for his cooiny.
Minorca is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, belonging now to Spain. It is the second largest of the Balearic group. In its early days, the island was ruled by the Carthaginians. From the Carthaginians, it passed into the hands of the Romans, then the Vandals, and still later, the Moors, who were expelled in 1285 by the Spanish. Minorca belonged to Great Britain during most of the eighteenth century,' but was finally ceded to Spain by the Peace Treaty of Amiens in 1802,
in exchange Por Gibraltar. The Minorcans are devout Catholics, and have racial customs and chara ter, similar to the Spaniards.
In 168, Turnbull and his coloninta left Europe with a fleet of eight ships, hound gor Florida. The voyage was alew, lasting about foor months. Ontf thenmostaserous . mishaps that oertook the party during their travrelsnwas the wrobtag of the ship containing Erae bundeed negro slaves.. The Ibtter had besought to do tehard labor oC clearing the land, and libe wonk bu. with the eraft, was loot all bands on bord, This mat really areoe
cause nfl the Greeb-Italian Hebellion, because with the ala-ms gone, lbs colonists hod to do the lober intended for the negroes, a thing wbichheeolonists did tnt enjoy.
Four of the ships became separated
from the others during the ...u.. ."e"Legionnaires
of the trip, hut nothing diaatnun befell them.
Halfof teeolonists arrived at of the.
St. Augustine late it June, 1768f,
and to New SImy..rnaa :^ where tbey hogan tbeir werk, and N to
constcd homes for themselves.
The others soon joined those who to
landed halora them. This was
the Inaret colony that run... rcameo : t America in a body. By August F o ia
of the same year, they were all pledd o plantations and ruled by the Bu.gliob ......... appointed by n ~ga:

The atrict and rigid regulatians
which the .....a..o- impute.d upon InviteL"&sYo
the settlers eventually led to theYo
Gre-Italian Rebellion. The over. ......didnotounderstand them....d UU" L::
the hard worb whioh the Gre, Ialisas and Minuoant were ccuired to"perform, was quite tbr the
opposite to what tbeir ideas bad
been about Flurida, "tbe landof M s
suns hin no..d rest." Perhaps ,the t1amo5us
harsh attitude whicb the English
b..... ad, rat. be eaplained by -potato
the fart tbat they had .... from Citt
plantatins. On tbese plantatio,
toe neo alobec err..... ad to in the taking ardero from tbeir matters,
tuestion. Theo ........r.. rod ot ou a
beomea acutomd to thbfant tbat they bad wbite men to deal witb,
and 0nequently the eolonists and


W. A. Sherman Scenes From Busy Hastings Ponte Vedra Is Shttlecoc Little Old School House Oldsh

Came First in Popular Resort Various Nations

Year 1882-83 For Year'Round r:a Ao A usa abserved as the shuttlecock of thenGives Highest Praise Guests Offered Many tions an old historian lametshe
to City as Resort Varied Facilities fact that the quaint city hadund2
Center with resultant loss of certain struetures which if allowed to have re
SA, Sherman, New York, Situated some 25 miles north of mained would have bee piece.
h i here aga r the St. Augustine, along the pictures- He oes on to ay:

of 182-1883, when he ad Mrs. knw as Ponte Vedra, developed c scourged the town,and ate te Sherne tame, spenadngesoae ties jO' originally by the National Lead passingofeach, it has arisen ags
at the aid Mgnlia tl. They Company and now operating under Is e oof quaint sights of picturesque St. George Streetwhere vi- "After the successive cha~n
ame to Tocoi and from there the supervision of the Telfair tor love to wanderrom the awaTo u e Sth htan and Company of Jack n Ancient School kys, quer Id ink bottles and oth- coquina blocks from a dilapida raiload, ihtd en other atialee 'ville. The property is almost entire- ncient c O er interesting articles. structured was less laborious ataen
nthianiver itin. ly in this County o St. Johns. Thereare people still livingin tohew t new aterifr
aervit hy s tsd t twThat pula e t its Itrest St ugutn wet t A ie. nth
a y, aein this tiny little schoolhouse and were destroyed the o i b delightfully qan t, an d did all the guests ch invigorating out-of- e they t ee d he t eries, that in the old tim d
things that ctaer people were d doors activities as surf bathing,e
d beach tennis, lf and many otherH Building Houses Rel- doyn hin Jan Geaaly was prin- the southern line of the tow.
ie Anetaea l a y buttfication, and ge cipal. The list includes the names stone from one of them we eI a ihtn hJane Manucy, John Manucy, Erest convent, and thence it went in
Many yea eaed th ocean beach in addition to Goe y Oliveros ad Feanda Xmaes. foundation of the barrs,
esletavivt, hi th e r waade ask e the incomparable shore boulevard yrosnie on the convent site. Accn T
dehful parnt an ln t action with theerl su i uin v t a e n h
ns o r peoi wero- ate avatlahe ta thaee wha enjy One at the etast at eorkstig his- lt aof cqu a paAcedth ughnti ng er s the e ast ee me taing torical monuments in the Ancient An oldh coni lerdPeafthe ycle ofat usefulness, from s l
psse t, n a c ity e atra tve eah Clu is e
it ing ethu m Ai ra tiof the acilities offered guests for City is the Old School House on eatie the frest aund St ttry nt paih ch re
eli f the tig Ca the enjoyment of outdoor life at St. George Street near the City Auguste said: "The manolia tr et cut syatehar t the naarydyo ew hoel the id h tive Asiatiaon, hich has teen a Pote Vedra. The club provides a Gates. This ancient building is cn- rises to the height of 80 or 90 feet, eld lighthouse. Jane and ish maIve yrnet mh at h
ai valu th a ultur bath house, a beautifully structed of red cedar and has with- ad iethaledt RENT thatvacant oue,
dcaped ut tyard with aa Hape td ravages tiaer fr al t king of the feet, the magnolia or apartment by using e
S anta dnueea e t s n lor a oaesd surely must be queen." Classified lads.
e uly the te ler S. Augustine boardwalk 16 feet wide frontig onthreehundred years, it is believed.
tune, or theiands of atv St. Johns Plaza in the her o n r d

h el tea t the great ptata-g lan the ocean and other modern ac- The building houses many early i tO lahetata ta s eci wh aa a as. thet .....aaetadati.s. relita tad has been peered in
ty d relis. H -E ptat lt. At I addition t the Beach Clu its original condition as nearly as
Thpet e in sud there is the Central Club contain- possible. The tiny wooden st 0 YEA S AGO ae tedand Oaninaet in hu I a h eenue of he atagta itge a deas front dit la eg t ure is built flush with thea ara w atheaa ed 100 d plane o ra p diveral- adequate hitchen space and street and has solid wooden shut- E GREETED THE
S te an W e h ruiera lateas itzat on, nd goven tent equipment and a large ladie' lock- ters held back by wro ught iron
r.Sheendie hyere. w ai theea mis o.teda t Hgo s. With these f acilities the shutter stops in the shape of shells. FIRST ISSUE OF

Hp ae kt Si Aget a e are ls eastabhe onclub caters to large club p armies Hand-hewn cedar planks are used
Sto field e a oad tg One as tell as private affairs. throughout in the building and the Sch s the digging ptats y Th ree guest cottages are operat- floor was at one time paved with The St.
the iay i lde e e. the ather .ed i c action with the Central irregular stone blocks, as ne an

r ay I e t sh etClub House. Each has individual see by glancing into the closet- Evening
Sand I ae iat t edeinthe lorag i su ita e e C pletely equip- der the stairway which the old Record nMr. Shea dei ad o he a e Far rse s int the Hasttion g-aton pad tar c guests. o i tel e tre schoo l master used to call the dunb far his eael aut ther e aocurd lime past pleacin g ertla ogro ders and steam heat, in addition to fiae s t a wd hiras ee n a is h- T A him ef plate facilities a te offered. shts p r pile. he saai e osea he s Fa TO t. He decade t mt is the alean st, ad gtttiat thair sad ready tsrtrclcyao

yseballacaty he aes seensin A tere A. Thiht egrehe sreytn i the o- r year, season, week or day. ah ewed
adHe quicky t reiativel o thket rat fel at aon oas ea at t ae f o ught in o te Th e Record Company
wade implement alg the nain with the early pades b rte dead many names familiar in stands the old kitchen w aith sa huge
tha rot mde y therewa oef dag end chipped tam SI,. Jaans here cit''a tdamyEane'a te ms y ea n b staodnea a ohn e cit a t.e A
unsighty old daths, dealtring that Countyand maing teir apear- federate Memorial Day the mnu-stone floor Thisg is well-stockedSuccessfui Accomplien
t.Augustinaccompliahe merit is wreathed in flowersante utensils of all kinds and over ata ,a ay a it as a
tons t eh fnrs inthw tile bin tle s ae g den ay. Ae monument ain the Plaa which the mantel hangs a nd ave long FOR FORTY-SEVEN YEARS thi office a srd
we t s e. aet he fals tints ayel wta ttrts natte ntas ion the a ie Wt ing cstemr the community dependby and unbtuithely.
StA g stn theeee t misn c t tho tet end Ote at the ait e Lmia Eg tn E n eaor othavit Sha e lng the narh sinear the st Office Park Thise was ats of this interesting spot is the
end at Aaastsi ..e.d things that imported by Dr. Andrew Ande sn lovely garden with its fine old
Iendn uIse ae i c t nsw ahenYo Ti o tries ALoi LnOi m It the I L ATE
Mr. Sem op..deia ecto rep- Far n the Hastit is id that the h us d gars a:pl
eas-The Old Slave Market, numerous den we within range during Gen- they t
rpetaynvie of the ee aea m y t o ni Vi o'non and othethings add to the era Oglethope's bombardment of Realtor ur
idges aot Lano wh derree he 5vgeasea tlerest. the city and sany cannon balls 3 .- Po
hi o a hi feelnabutheh e sw hr oi the he up i p the. Other ...'l ease'and coor "The rd ao clude old shoeare offered. Rooms
.tHe eat ii the c.ans, Justly Plae is a gret and dearlyelved nd hnea bu le dating back to
Sth he as n i Ie. o nttut St. Aug ustine. v na Te days, Ald Spanish
SX. er, ad dits veay meh tho S. h n
there, se and aMr.iarpe have s aeed,
woheefuelnde or meny years. The visit oeeartd e yamay
y"There is n nar vIew an l o here an ha St. Aam n o
fromtleparch o the Lape thaome, t i mpe in

e beautiful AndMeon ty me" he da- ge a aS aettes en shape, Itt the
enlay it." raola, thir a.. eiger tatarls an.. d a knadv
The speahar watnd ap tie en- the printing plant at the Retar.d Quaint i thce 1 392

thastia statement hy saying Campany which give emplaymentSpanis

tine tar aver t yena and m tomes. The shrimp shiag iadus- a S
gaieg ta avsp right an b oatting." try taints it large namece at ..ay Many Monuments, Is Beloved Spot
end ofAnastaAa every aly dtpes upaa itt Lh at a

State, tar the ades of St. Jin Plate lathe heart a ct aity, ad is sdt hPotice Pak is the ran ereresHd a s eseeedtigly productive, end this stneth og wit ory of thn Genuc ket Brig a e f ofldienmy aveod. Th winding waits, sh, by tawering Wiag Lariat, n hera at fear w hansHatings-Elston potato feld eaa and cadars, and piaturesqa ah ought uader three fetes, and
Mr. Shern e t s canty, there Peg thau- palet, is a plate at real delight. tt was at a travaller and leatn sn atyib

Efrat Hatehral millita dallara I the plattert the. tiesr a the part, is ..e.d far tt at all in St. Augustine', tang

X.aregrownlally. ThebeaatyatePlaa is eny rayas ntumetal" sing
ah, ttng this la can all b the dapartmeat wee established an hanaed by the parts eatendiag hat this monament.
pred af ad that ie ear snae its Haspital Street. aal adet Tatte eastward a The Old cpaarey Catstitutian iptht parn agoa the aln ea Iaome te presentsruture that the twa smnlt airaular parts, Matumeat it the Plate tan en department, a one farm at anatter, hauses the e department was bautifid ad adorned by the late ttrestiag hitthey, iasmuat en eacy andspeed, plate. Agtnee shortduratiaafestaa detSewresppasedthveeentahen
The' "ceIbrgad"wa thetare- tiwe it wasn tansferred ver a th Augustine aver had. Thee parts aff and deatrayed. Thin wee true at renne ao the highly palisred, well See fghtarn as their aor s a ae whrete as Alte- Atert Han leva tare ahS
Thequippead m ode mathinsry that headuartes. One team t haries o
tada taday in the Sc stain gd- -DIc and Harey-were hept at staf and flagpale, eratedato World Aagatine thay mete sat eroughdays tea moto vehi tee wer an- time the ladder wagta weerasedd e am in a sate plate. Lae they herdaoandmwater hydrants ee Homser, the steamer hd iato PocedeLeaaatandsaentiael.This wetehbaogttandreplaen

et that served a the brigade, the alarm mas asonded far a Sr and whnthePuataRi aoodWill scratahed an the anueent tas iavisitar greeted id Pate de Lean W.b ewhurat i Is vaalehSty
When a Sirabrahe aut in thase days lathe steamer ad ga ahasiag after
haelap the ally building. The always paid the emergeaty toaf a eat. hlt in the tamnity wha nmher at times the hell man talled tee oar sauc service tad nat tafre- Hxttadiag ta the westward, a ttpugt the pitting at this emblem
ia Fdigated the ward ia whiat the Stre quanty kaea aaettitioa macid far as Cordova Streaoet at ecta iomd te taod tate.
had atarted. Immediately the t- result tram the arrival at several Offite Part, whith was at aae te The Cofedefaie Manement, lole
snteers uhed t the atene at ts pirste harsee at the ntation at the the garden at the aid Spaish Gay- in the Plat was erected i INCE 1892
angratioa, same an foat, thers same time. ernaras Mansio ns. y the Ladies Cantederate MeeHy hicpate. uae ts mere secured As the oily had outrown the Trapicat sra and Ireec mate aria Assoraos, whee the matnds Flerida Ent Caa Railway. ba teen advertised end featured an "The St. Augustine
and twa ieat mare teamed extend- 'bcet b igade so the volunteer the parts a tha hat St Augas- at war were stall treat The iasarip- Route'. It te the enly line terming this hia toric old city, an outstanding point of eateriagfromtenearestsa soceof itredepaletm arplaed y tm attractvandtherare se-tiansentnteenta es
au I k the eact aetian at the paid staff at tall time a amen and eat, which every iiter to Flerida shauid a e.
hae e. The re ane the right passed the advent a the motor vehice res heed at the ie s inglth fames Th oent tre ating mathiaes mk St. Hu the colirht. a st may to travel
snnd qaiakly releasg the h et ape in the station taday eady at Welcome r Congratulate Augustine tet, clean,

pal iato nsa and headuartera far speed.


Mrs. E Joyce, Who Is 80 and Old-Wod Atmosphere Public Libary the story go. the Ai
M s E. loh. oy e, W hu o Is 80and __" __ ________________ ___________ The house pasd d from the Segui "The Red Cre mar..hee withResident 61 Years, Reminisces ,?Great Asset hlstoe a t out peteeitho advet se
~, thr~e du oneers oem n ses ,z-l /General Kirhy Smith, noted Fin- ment t in anyan ... ofn ropaganda A__ Ee 'f _idan, whose statue stands in the for selfish pu oes. It serve, and
ear he, and upon the chiefs Hall of Fame, Washington, D. C., it has made the d s ice' a Tells of Old City as and eggs theyraised. Fine Old Structure Is was born there. liing ideal in Ame ica. When
She First Saw It Milkmao Horseback One of Historic There is a splendid collection of hear people tal aot ody
People desiring to u milk left books, including many of great upsetting thi government, I have in 1873 pails and pitcher in t hei indo eBuildings interest on Florida and St. Augus- this profouad conviction: As long

Valencia See, is tuly qualifed come around, carrying a large pail and new, is the St. Augustine Public popular with tourists and residents. members and a great background to kav her name listd en th e of l ry, located at the corner of of earnest people tuppo ing thm,
oe e is 8 ye Howevery the time the customers Aviles Street and Artillery Lane. StPeter: "So you're an ou there may be n etabout the Eecord HonocrRoll. She in 80 years arose for breakfast, the milk c -N' anc a h? hoa yet ad ti Ln It is housed in a fine old coquina your life that makes
old, and has lived in St. Augustine usually contained a large amount er en wt aour life that makes for 61 years. Although from the of sand,due to the sandy soil sur- home, with a Spanish arched you think I'll let you in?" Rent that vacant

many interesting thing she ts e t f ounding the houses. loggia, and patio, which was built Ne Arri val: "Well, for one custom's and happenings in the city There were no furniture stores. a 1755, and was presented to the thing I have always renewed at hous r o art mB. he Ge h ovar ha nod dodd pieces of furni- .Library Association by Mr. an'least 9 per cent of my business, years ago, 05 ig tle e turn 'hich he collected and sold Mrs. John L. Wilson of Framing- and then-" he has lived here for that long is above his store on Charlotte W am St. Peter: "That's enough, ment by using Record hard to believe that she is 80 years Street. There were no banks. There like to see the library housed in a brother, pick up your harp."
old. Her youthful appearance and was one doctor, Dr. John E. Peck, modern structure, in a mre p m- -The Echo. Cassi Ads. keen mind deny it. and only one dentist. Thel as i ocation, arere strained by the one dry goods store. A grocery terms of the gift of the Wilsons, oMrs. Jmo verry kindly consented ore stood where the Lyon Build-t stipul A New Policy With active Premium Plan to give a Record reporter impres- ing now to. Among the first hotels ch it is understood stipulates A Ne Policy With Attractie sions of St. Augustine the early ere the St Augustine Hotel, the osthat if at any im i us fo any Iued by

married sh and hern. Husan came pcsre n there' than a library, it
day and, as a pi onee mother, t Florida Hoe ad Magnolia Hotel. shall r ert to the estate, and no NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO.
Threats one e e spaper in thel e
Others experienced. The Presbyterian, Methodis te The house sb uilt, accorderding Ingu FRANK W. Hps. id E E en Mrs. Joyce was born in Wellsville, Catholic and Episcopal chu chess od records hy Bern rdo Segui, aSocial Agent faor St. A s N Y, G in 184. Soon after she was were the ones represented at the tor. Hoh came here to mao i 117 SAN MARCO AVE. PHONE 277 Nie she. aen h sd c ae 'seetime of Mrs. Joyce's early reside ncein u t Agatha Via Longt daughter of the
arrived, she and her husand came in the city. The Presbyterian and to St. Augustine, arriving February Methodist churches were not on the
14, 1873. She has been a widowo sites they now occupy.
since 1917, the time of her hus- Amusements v
band's deatk. St. Augustine did not offer much
She is the mother of four child- entertainment in the early days. The old-world atmosphere of St. Augustine at its most picturesque Is shown in this lovely arched According to Mrs. Joyce, one of the gateway, with its lovely garden glimpse beyond. It marks the entrance to the patio of the home of re, three daughters ... d .....o amusement of the day was to go Mr. and Mrs. Homer H. McKeehan an Bay Street. The house is one of the interesting old coquina strcuc
Mrs. E. G. Snow, No. 44 Bay Street, to the Fort to see the Indians whoe
St. Augustine; Mrs. B. M. Lee, of were held there. She states that bore cf the cDo T B
Linville Falls, N. C.; Mrs. Fred quite a number of Apache Indians Garden History in Quaint Old City ldg Gee o gldo c T EL
o were sent to the Fort at one time, Elbridge Gerry Snow's garden Taylor, of Stamford, Conn., end E. from Arisona. There were olytwo Has Fascinating Pages Pertaining t'BayandPureteVerde, homeof
.squaws among those brought here. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. McKeehan, also
Grandfather Came First The Indians caused quite a bit of Mnse Ancient an o e n f on the ay.
Mrs. Joyce's grandfather came to uneasiness among the citizens by and M modern Beauty Withion th past forty yr so
St. Augustine from the north, being telling the guards that they e he o really outstanding gardens haven. oe IxensIi influenced greatly in coming by the going to kill them and burn the By Mrs. Herbert Felkel been developed. Among the best of writings of Harriet Beedher Stwe, town the first opportunity that e Th t these ar the ones in the grounds who had "hme at Mandarin, Flt- arose. ee le na tkh oterf a ie h issoda and wrote many articles about e r e h a community, there is probably no sive Adjutant Generals and each of the Alcazar Hotel, the patio of ida o nr ter n e Schoners fr m the Bahamo more r evealing and fascinating has made her contribution to its the Ponce de Leon, Markland, deva forth noh n ap os. he ofn stopped here, carry ing pretty thing than to trace and study the continuation. In very recent years eloped by the late Dr. Andrew An'wrote to Mrs. Joyce and her hus- sea shells and coral on their way garden life of that community. Mrs. Clifford Foster designed the derson and now owned by his band, telling them that if they north. Many people went to the Co.mning a semi-tropical tooui- ooe ga.don as an integral part of daughter, Mrs. John Dimick; Kirkwould come to St. Augustine, he docks to see these Other boats ane of grott nen ly u e hoe and Mrs. Vivian Cois side, planned by the late Henry M. would give them a tract of land. E rt n u n M vanl i d u This he did when they arrived, the hundred years of history makes the has, in the past two years, added Flagler and in recent yars eland tract being the strip of lad run- Mrs. E. F. Joyce study of St. Augustine gardens one manyrre and exotic plants. Before scapedby the present owner, Mrs. sing from what is now Cor dova of pleasure and profit leaving the subject of this old gar- Frederick G. Francis; Dream HarStreet to the banks of the San Se- gProbably the two oldest gardens den attention should be called to br designed by the artistic and ksanRiver. of which we have any record are the'nort gate of the garden as garden loving Mrs. Arthur Barret.
A Long Trip South in the Post Office Park and the it is oneof rare beauty and ex- F ETheeCaErI AanyT areEnd CuN o. Joyce says that she and her grounds of the arsenal. The arsenal quisite prportions. usual tiful plants and h s husband were about a 'eek mak- was formerly a Franciscan M.nas- The Po4Gfflce is the former resi- here and there over this old city, ing the trip south by train to Jack- tery and in the old records we find de of the Spanish Gove ors but the limits of this article makeI sonville. From there they came by written: "When America had been and the park which surrounds it it impossible to mention them all. bot to Tocoi, where they boarded known for little more than a hun- was the Governor's garden. Fortu- However, mention should be made te mule train which ran from Tocoi dred years, two small Spanish set- nately, for the people of this com- in passing of the work which has 'o the western edge of St. Augus- elements had been established: St. munity and for history lovers all een done in thepast few years by s T p y me t a lasted Agusin e in Florida (1565), and over the country, the United States the Garden Clubs. They have plantor or five hours. The stationat Santa Fe (1604-1608) in the sopth- government will, within the next and landscaped od of thttmewas near where the Ponce west." According to the custom of few months, begin restoring the the public schools, theY. M. C. A., en nw stands. M Joyce all Spanish colonization, soldiers old mansion to its former magni- and have done some highway beau
tat many me the mules and priests went together, and it ficence. An old wing, which was to 'Stc fat Theyhave awakened the z woud lie'wnand is not likely thatmuch timecould awa about seventy- five Yrrs aao, galein in many cild have a hard time have passed before the Jesutit fa- is to be rebuilt and at that time "e s ~msorilg the making of .... toigethem up and moving again. others were cultivating their gar- gardens are also to be re-planted. miniature gardens and posters, and dens; indeed we have an account of There is available a plan of this they have staged several garden
-At the time Mrs. Joyce and her Sir Francis Drake's visit to St Au- old garden and this plan will prob- skeis which mould have keen crd husband came to St. Augustine the gustine in 1586 when, finding that ably be used as a basis for the res- itable for a much larger place. most still ran from the San Sebas- the Spanish resented his coming, toration. In this connection we find These garden shows have brought tian River to the City Gate, and he burned their buildings and de- written: "In 1763, at the time of both pleasure and helpful informsthere was only a path 'sher Oc- strayed their gardens. Sixty-five the cession of Florida to the Eng- tion to the home people and the gohere et osu is. There mere years later St Augustine had been lish, the Governor's gardens were tourist alike and the wme 'n who many Sanoe groves sooth of the Mrs.JoycehasgiveatheRecord h t a town of three hundred stocked 'with rare ornamntal have expended moch energy O N TH E W ATERFR O N T city gates, and on the Isnd the some intereting reminiceceof householders with a flourishing plants, trees, and flowers." The old these projects are to be congratuJoyces 'ond, they had a lange he early ifein St Augustneo. Monastery of the Order of St. drawings show the mansion front- lated on their excellent results. orange grove. No doubt this is how . . Francis, with fifty Franciscan. ing the public square or Plaza and Orange Street got its name. The C.opping, provided a change in the This garden was probably the fin- opening at the back to a formal Those looking for interesting old oad leading from Ie Joyce grove rather dull order of thing, est and best in the community. walled garden. The central portion books on St. Augustine should visit ra ain T roma t tet (no Cor- It d seems hat thednss paradeof The old Monastery is now the contained square beds of flowers the Webb Memorial Library in the 0 doatoToat Street o oak te geme t sherss qard property of the United States gO- and, immediately adjoining the Oldest House on St. Francis Street. edons intreet. SOme of the big oak the government aldic parirered ernment, but it is leased to the house, a design which was probably Old maps and drawings also add to pees lining Orange Stcmet mere at the ctate Arsenal, provided the State as headquarters for the Na- executed in box according to the the interest., plantedryMr.Joycr. Mawntimes most enjoyment to the itizce s of tional Guard. The exquisite old prevailing fashion in Spain. At alligators 'sre masked op ita the the towo. Mrs. Joyce saps that at walled garden for the past forty either side a double row of trees Saint Augustine, 165, was the moatdm te SanSebstian Rive, five 'clockal of th sahde gro .d, years has been the especial joy and the length of the garden first permanent settlement inLa ad fated by the Joyce propsrt. would go to the parade grounds to offered a shady walk which over- Florida. Powerful, orderly Indian
Many Orange Groves see the soldiers march and hear the water works. He was also in the looked the central parterre. nations, resentful and antagonistic, Augustine when 'Mrs. Joyce first marked sundown every day. He had for many years tended his erated Circles of Garden Clubs here velopment.
came was in large tracts of land. B. Genovar had the first theatre orange groves until the year of the six years ago has re-awakened inSt George Street, were sandy, as mere present there fore a mHor fever and may epidemics of deaon with the Historical Society sod

St fgfeayupon vornon 'fled

Robert Ranson Senator Fletcher Sends Greetings Will Be Here Oct. 26 work and vered the p ith pal be wehei T ehe RbrRasnmotto leaves to keep the rain out. shegaews'Ihant en UNITEDSTATESSENATE Here a white man preached to them kein count hena what MissedUNITED STATES SENATE
s SSed y October 20, 1934 live, nd do one another right," slhe an re
se Miss Nina Hawkins, sy l ss.Sehaoe oteho Ao A ~~~~~~says old Sarah. SarhhE nvrgoet col COmmunity Editor, The St. Augustine Record, When th cavalry n came for Sh dhat

InterestedWHim anniversary number. whatever ey wanted. orah I y a t e
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o- d rt awy ia "thousand million" coloed people thto white people have been u
Spent Much Time in DerMiss Hwis

without a tribute to the late Robert th e orner-it is impossible nature to icgrotulate ou andtry They were gtheiven land, and fed until to e he life nd

Rents a ch eStAugui h t, and still means, much to our Thatle y e Finds Asre the State. Augustin as a letter repress ents its author, so a news- h ot iest they old syhs os a gilt God put n me ing some historical matter that paper reflects the civive wha e they wasted. S h I y to do eight r everybody
really interested him home. The Record unfailingly has aided in a many-sided Log hous were buil st hd to d es d
paN of hi olf the in Florida ad t. development there in St. Johns County. Ie amll dosure I havqu ently Tliled Httie oc, tool the s o s. Th t sos ae O. livig toe whenoi wintera isio Stct Choeio tows ofene JPossoti, este ye7, D'-lgs

A u g u stine alth oug h h e w a s E g lish n o w n o n a lly a n d b e en a b le to c a ll fr ie n d e a ch ehie- P hk i t at e o r 3 o C o m d e e a ui on s ip efla g s in b ac B a;prg t se t op e s1 ier viv d tt F d d I tohis earlier daesas nould e mplet e and par ticularly re enleft, respectively Dr. L. A. Platts and Erwin Hirchberg, corps business manager and his assistant the e St o es i ca er arch with auted to the late Roet thes campaign ornerit is impossible or the t inlgs they regarded as Notable Corps Sarah Murray, Agield Colore ," t aondfe sn tilre nest, sh devos ted msay years his el des t city in the picture.they old le r the built byd early scrit ion ifor research took ts direc- opinion has contributed considerably to that high regard interesting orieseeeeto Te of settlers of food Finds Assorted tione atoge oflv Me. eenes an he To Visit and ain grudged time or effot epent in tree- state. Just as a letter represents ito author, so a news- short, nl they hod good r ops Hi ieg sme historic al matter tht paper reflects the civic thought and enterprise of its F Lsod roLld "y k oh A t ses. In Platinum Ore

really interested him. homei n The Reord u nfailingly has aided in a many to thsided Log houses were bult for the, Mand aroun s had S t. Augustine, and also new, it is an opportunity none of us should overlook that Sa ra an agedcoloed to th top e s h se construction of the hotel. Sarah product O is life ibu Fldidn asd et. development there credit is dCounty. I regard the St. s ise Aeia Le Street, says that she was t en years near about ten o'clock o that morn- i a o s ie in ma ntha o suutn lhuh ewas English- known pesnlyand been able to call friend each editor Paoh Ride, 511. Ilisois Sltstehmpios, 1003 sod 0004 (see chasmpioshsp Slags sn b c espd) Te Sarah cm e tF.Gog sad rfso vauseo the logs.

fancied they must haveed idelyooked. Augustine Record as an institution of which its owners, gion Champions ehe f sta ing arah said in sed Jacksonville, but she doesn't re plo bin easier days en an esgineer, he nonce its initial issue. They have been outstanding, ener- thren mene s Whste nsforms areo ceserCorps Commn sder a d Musscl C iecst Feed e hcodto eight several l years, worhiog fo nome isso in plis oe hn

a e me amn t e sc e busi n ess and editorial staffs, as well as the general public by That Time War, she said that it was. It is lake nearby, she says she wnger ad hs asset hi people. h emees
St. Augustine m is se s Robert have every reason to be proud. thought that she is 84 years old. something dark moving, and in ao

Ranson and his public-spirited de- My best wishes this October 21st go out to it and to AR AmRIDGE,hll1, Oct 20.St. Sarhs as bor can ,'niles "on th ryntethes eadswas fi11edih ST. GER GE si reerd t s sig tin am g wh or cnrbu e fo t h ti s tres ar A gstin e wi rose' at Ft. ciorge Issad. sThere tins tcidi ..... "a yi gold nd

seoh sth ot fmni a- a i r cru o h tis e a tunity of at least seeing the Illinois slavery parents, Freeman and came over a fence ten rails high,houses still uthim.The

Me fers of Mr. Ranson's family the Record continue for a long, long period, the power State Champon Americn Legion NelieBrownrgShean e people n a s ote "made foP R passidnea depsinSt. Auusfo.go.i.hs.o.el.xTierney Post No. 247 of this city by a Mr. Siglow, who ad many cold." A soldier jumped his horseht
years and may likewViset ae s s Interestin oer to h sttle oe hi P sy r l he ly pettiers of Florp io kinoderabty high regar d hi a

Old Map Shows With besty wishes ands .h FLETCHER. DrmadBgeotnhadtegns esig an1ihugIws' skee aiT"rscription TI gi1 DUNCANs U.FishE Cop itsponhi dite has conribte toke that mooe wha ca s al, saifd lie nine ofmar.

Miami on October 22 to 25 where the war, she says the white folks held and caught the other negroes g isa lio d he in which the press and public of country hold the hEaly h .. to 01. Augustine hefoce egul ships tether wilk pla"ty

Ane other Portrays Rail totsr abvfrewsa rm kve "First War" the m etel Pe re e- i oe the do evention ko.a. saon i 1 h r fragile and f a en ed reat n r R eie n e Cr ie fourth estate sf Florida. eext he Her brother helped to do the hsigh specific gsity,

Beach Artl Cente IdafrS.Agsie 1,"over for oe houroati ot arah'sefamily, to specuators who bSarah *says tha her "missus" and
esof th nterestin b u s Stber I om 7 to 8 o'clock, to re a y htn oe dy a my T ey we et tfoe the,

at poan ainh odSpeni nnap Local Arts- Club -Is Great Asset mehn, isncldns sheedrum maors he usht nhen Yankeeo were natio terisae rce,Ocotton, SERVICE, CLE NR reprod tins of ofd piig is In a day when the old so often is giving way to the Sa r e slaves. pase cabbage and all kinds of vege- sti of the hote S h

anddweund fild his ation, trans on te r -s e ed nledrwings Seish, d he new, it is an opportunity none of us should overlook that hSarah, s ray, ne ogf nesed to table o of oh s oswere

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"General plan of the Pildiace gsf S t. building seven handsomit where studios turned indue. I direcard the St. only corps to n t s at night which was woven icth
fanged they met have looked. Ags stine Record an institution of which its owe gin Champions old when he "ot was" toe. rg. h s1 id, o mi't serf snoorls e ..,h sh dso e ply oyo wain tt .
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Tarshes, liners and redoubts which well-knoin artists who came South in the northern section of the city ever given in W oslise am e home, they hwid the negro Th e "bossman" used tohave slog nd sailed foss groat exacitude. e ra pusoT awaseoiIsIiwa.i islk enhy sesys he oe

s. Augouti e misses Robert have every reason to be e proud thought ai s in e is ears old. sometlig in i moving an eighb os
Ran....and his piC-spirited de- My best wishes hbis October 21st go out to it and to ARIou lld do Ot eppo oth s id ef wasb... the e1n he e he a ra hie re S o St. GEORGE

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reside i lt Agstise. for good it has so well exemplified during it first forty Drum ule Corps ofs Mel ied rge plttio owned gi house hig lod as he yeard .YTiEA S.y Post No. 041 of thin eitA GO MeSlow, who hsd maoy could." Aesldierjumpedhisho...

ing : this as "being ideal forli subur-o r e t so and may likewise an ws the one sver him slop him aod she

il hMahownsl $With bet wish an d kindest regards,. N!to. CHepios if this fo Dug ts Sara h s h thought h mn fend "DidOSt lee Very truly yours, lDoua xed ughesdd a nog, sd him thigh, I kit," Prescription Druggists

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Another Portrays Rail tor Fletcher is spending some time before Congress sre- After the close of Ike eoveotio take ill toe egro shoves aod lure started running for ke waosds."

d while Mel Tiearep Corps is m se them free. Mr. r e sig, whe he "Thu mYe sid, 'Wht yo H ruEig Li-ne tO N north to oned es ,_ R route home on its espeel tro, it erd this, sold all in slaves e cep for, don't sou t to be fre '" St. Aug stine, Fla.
BaAtwill stop seer foe one oo at SL Sah'sfamily,to specultors, who thrahay tha her"missus"aod

e i Center Idea foro St. Augustin sest. id ig, took tem to Chalsto, "os" were "migh good" to ri neof e ies se rt C Started b W r A ; O .er0frm7to0oloto While he "s" n his on family. They were fed the same Mb ongPs Fort Mtrnh soen-e a hs o. .tiog on dsp es Ohse ood k t the whil e people s t r d MeA kOL s, in 2hi. APt i L o rea This sorpA DoWsiste S fifty-fourt s of mo Fm I a w s i Chat porlrayiog an elf Opanish map CoalA tlub Is retAsset men, including three deu ... r"soon".ktwo he ....... weeloo.....o. thyisraed. sire sthe
ef 1755, sod ailef is Madrid, Spein.,_ and a coior equfod of for on. The irn iustheir matop Isget kethe slices. peas,tincbbagoehndaoftal kids of tnvege- SR IECLNK AOl the letteriag is is Spaons, Mire than 40 yoars see Ike late aod earious other orgaoizatisons is corps kss mons the lliois OSte OSaka sips on eof Ikenosid when tables. Asses ef polatoes seerse_______________am ae fiand this eplatien tr Henry M. Flagle staked A- ie ity, feels gatifid that the eyes D d gle Corps Ca m in leaving, "Them y put i e platd.A eis rolof gesti o o sla m as a ert eter by of the Ei Vrd aEOdy eg sip for two sessie yes d gopher holes pt i e lighter rh' mer spn h thred THE CITY GATES" o a ntie of Flerida, and its s- i s lights the ort side The iy omssio h g ted tion. o inig the st honors Mrs. lo the hd a 's on f the whie girls, make rondings, whioh inclode the es- of the pelsoiah Piece do Leon Hotel. frnoeosse of a fieporoof olubhoouse is lest moth it seoredtelgetoal if sre7.15 mother to cook. all fey, aod in the rlsthes for all of lhr people on the Clenin Dyeig -Pesn
ine to its hars, rivrs, chansae, These sftios were reeled by eestiful De A poCl Peelk situated points. This is eevenig, when her husband ando rm. b she, lines sod redoubtswhish wNllunwan artists seton e Su k in the north .section of the oily ever given, isn thec ot i haeE Ste e ty h rend it, showing at the Saat -for the sesn nd oere Crnseuted ne Sn Maroo Avenue, the maio Champiostto s A the s- family iso field neary. After kid- rolling, inviting Os the neighbors Rem airing O e all which is proposed for its bythengoessnatkefemou hostei- artery into the Aocieot City. lionalecotiosin Chicagiayear ing for several days, Saroh and her to sot doses trees nd eler up lend

dense." i Eve being balcony e- Equipped i a ehiitio g- ago it ould ot compete for the brotherdeied to ome he "big soi old re i. eipl enatisn to the Caty pla, s- sde the ti thnd ith O r 0 feet, a'ste and two Niol Chmpiohip ease it to play with e iglw Wh ked where e people eorge seabld yt lete lisle Ike fellsw- visi nre slob rooms, this buildi g adequate- s ees on of the hosts. However, it children west Is hsroh Sarah replied that 9 s a it h th l sde b f the i l- p houses ail bn ken of e rciot led Ike parade sod won omarded Jolie, 500 of the iglow's ohild- they had brush meetings." They

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:Another Map
AmapofSt. Angustio in ___0____YEARS__________AGO_____- ens0 by Philip Friseeu, eityp
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-the S1. Augustise and Halifax
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pA$ TWELVE FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS PHONE NO. 52 SUNDAY RECORD FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS PHONE NO. 52 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21,1934 Diego, California. Spain founded struction work connecting the two si ofl History ledprind to the Golf Coas aid thct he did n ot know ay S esptore by StaiymSobe e Sr Sa Agustin in 1565 and San oceans across the big rivers and Quaint Htopp"Jg Diego de Alcal in 1769-and they bays in the East and the princely s oHa tod the icterprete to te him ew the oenor of moral relief, cd iii'~~cost Dig dol Atat inerree 179-n they hhpa icteEctad h rict A ae"Holdthat .eer.a hoedred ye..e..ago that 'with hit stripres the rejectioa of were the beginning of colonization cattle ranches of Texas and the Ase oade re rs ava na ca over e ea a nd arker Holds in Florida and in California, a span mountains of the West. Harra oting ha St. A gstine ers ent
of S 0d y a r from the tettlom e t A yre tee np yec rst maeag ng dice I* to Spain at the tim e of C he iuba be- now I brought it back am ong its a- erroe ied Great Meaning on Atlantiol thesettlemen not thnr prghtident was decorated coming aRepublic. tivehills. Hesaidit was tsung and
the Pacific. During those 204 years by Don Pabo de Ubarri in the Nothing more has been found con- as much now as it was twenty Years bless e many settlements were made in name of the King of Spain with the cerning the Oldest House back of/ ago. Thus are old customs dying." mortal h poieo hmevs
Aurustine outhern borderland country Cros o.f a Knight Cmmander of -GO- / the deed we already hae of the A story of the F.mjardis and
Links St. i and trails gradually developed from the Royal Order of Isabel Ia Cte- -' second Spanish occupation that it the translation of the words are evon the ntre of o aed when and San Diego, Cal one settlement to another. The lica of Spain, at a diplomatic cere- was built of coquina and wood, o-found in the Dewhurst history of erro feltthepoerofT ththe an rnia, modern Old Sanish T hailfolo, liny o San Anton, Tcupied in 1783 (Spanish census) by St. Augustine. scourge ad the crete awaited the
fornia modern Old Spanith Trail fllw, mny at San Antonio, Texa. Joseph Peavett and his wife who in It seems there was no written great Tache" (p. 20.
datn s a oder highwa te (1032)on ding fuods in 1786 married John Hudson and music for the old song, it being a r can, thee primitive pioneer troet. dat e (19) ovef $10i were turned out for Don Geronimo folk song passed on from genera- Fr
Follows Old Route The Early Settleents hand for p ee a ch, s tlwr $100,- Alath was Michael
The000000. Complete paving accs Alvarez, his mother Theresa Men- tien to generation. The late Dr. we aiS Spanish mission cente Fhay ettles aron the continent and all bridges, in- endez and who was one of the old Andrew Anderson, always keen to and one Frech-Spanish in the h highway and their date ar a clouding the bridge oe the Missis- families returning from Asturias, preserve the traditions of old St. olden doyt.
Aguetia, 110.... Sant sip wOrlet oat 1aria Spain, and entitled to certain privil- Augustine, several years ago had heir P a de Gale d Pensanoela, 1559 e $19,000,000, are financed and pro- eges. The house is on the Spanish Howard Manucy, local musician,
the1702 . iloi, dressing toward completion. map of 1788 showing the ground- go around to see some of the old 1702 and 171t. Biloxi. Fur Trading and Mines floor plan and on the map of the people who had sung the song in 1aa- Oles 1710. Pe T g aEnglish of 1765, and back of the thr yoth d cthey hmmed or N ouve e 1 The French developed the riches g ta that it wet a hermitage the globular. . of fur-trading, planting their trad- and chapel the Historical Society sang the air, he trancreied it. The ee of the glebular eaqaina Antonio de Sexar, 1715.. Yae- ing posts on the rivers. Overload has the letters of the Friars and Fromajardia was played and sung acumnt in the little park onFort to SOe..o ad San Elizario (El trilgdepe d t 'ceonnnecterhem. th .. .rde al Cla ofist aftie tho Marion Circle, opposite St. Au- Pate Valley) cheat 1613 El ti ledlope d t em. e e i e e ornor cwrvent in d 1 59 th e Harold Colee of St. Augustine has Marion~Th Spaniard gatheree riche from th t uutneHsoia o iet ndIstiteh f ciene.h o 't "100hth a...1lclfissateta.
guatia's old Fort Marien, or Feet Fate del Norte (Jarea), 1659. the mpnia ofe ic d het fothi Feiars took refuge in the Hermit- aung it en a number of con S& Marco of Spanish days. Snta Fe and ether settlements wthe y mi feeloecd the misso- end chapel of Nsatra Seenra de0
Thisis the zero marker that sic- northward, beginning 1598. . .weal Tey eve the miaeiean Oldest House on St. Francis St. Has la Soledad then being used Lunche hospital where they lived until the Christian Science mifiesn the beginning of T ucsthe Old Tec (San Xavier del Bac Mi nevleet policy for uplifti g the sas Traced large convent of St. Helena was re- Chri t Scinc Is_'_Spanish Trait acrose the cotinent Interestin lag convent of St. Helnawctre Subject Today Is D ik aion), 1700. San. Diego denatives and reducing the country. bit h reod a f13 In- California, thuo lindaing twoe Alcun76.hat. The A reeeadno map of 1717 l#m tAlcala, 1769. But when Spain took possession of "hows the lot to have been the most That of Atonement states of Spanish origin. The trail ThSa were y oth settle- Old Louisiana she fell in step with By Ancint Deeds and Records important in the city shown on Iwan once upon a time marked by el Frern t he oft 1e alec lk B c the t Doctrine o Atonement is t old Spanish mission, on the Span- mentr in this Old Spanish Trail French trading wrks in preference Dn' mf tf 7586 when the Eng- "Doctin h"sf Atonement it te .
ichpadan et penther orkad nettry aned down in Old Mexco to building eiatsion establiohments On nstemo eiemmet vr et nte edt 001Ioh after thep took the fart had Intabeo fteLae-rn ealC g r ish padres set upon their work lof and now accessible by automobile. them e on historical events in St. Augus- tle mny debatable controversies take to their boats and row south sutkect of toe oesson-ermon re all Christianizing the New World. Mn n d 1cooie bee td err. tine is Miss Emily Lloyd Wilson, of The visit to Washingtonto see the to attack the city on or near St. Churches of Christ, Scientist, Oc- Tobacco Thearoutei one fthegreatestin-eddoutinto all fie1t h m rne Pioneer Paths the St. Augustine Historical Society Spnish records shEowd the eces- Francis Street. The block number taber 21
erest, and Harral Ayr .a ered in OldLoii- Many trails developed in the who has d net a great deal of e- aity of securing English -erefs. is the samr today, No. 27, .. te oTh de prime meyer a few years ago in ap..en. pr t Louisiana from New Or, sarch mark in Tallahaee ad Fro mano. ldMotgagehook rans- Arredondo map. Lot Number 9, The Golden Tent it from Mark promoting the completion of the onn. h d Washington, D. C., and who was latlions were obtained sowing Don Society Quarter, of which so much 10:45, "The Son of man came not $andwiches Old Spaneas Trait f m.doc.....ny Frrnch and Spanish Tanso thosi tradi g posts, SIn authorized by the Historical Society Geronimo Alvacco mortgaged the baa been said, seems to have been miit te m
Old Spanish Trail for modC ItTexas, trails developed frein San to employ a Spanish scholar to Oldest House home of the H-nstoricalthon evtowdonBigS.rdutbttomis
an aatao.Langage cdatn os Antoi latthe Taa ad Loi"-a t y fth o "bolcr to Olet "oehbet818 tiya the oePeavetteownedeon ridge St. tob mtrdutbtom- __and safe travel. Mot of th a ri tho ore to t o et exas and fomus translate many of the mel impor- Soiety,t wie about181 as security The Historical Society secured a ter, and to give His life a ransom C ld
The following is an article writ- goosg hi an t e ad to Sann bat old port. The following ea- eo a contract with the Government. potey of the dee nt N of wiih fo many." coyo
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ten by Mr. Ayres for publication in r o Antonio northwestward to Santa tracts from a report Miss Wilson 'The East Florida papers also con- tot by Poevet to Jamet part Among the ittoans which com1932. It has been held in the files pl....shcarry San is name or.. Fe, the Spanish capital in .....ther ..... time ago to the His- rain settlemen.ts of estates during 1783,.. leavin ah smtale .... than that
of the Reord, and wan not pub- Spanis .rrndringof landian sme New Mexico-and westward b- torical Society will be of general the second Spanish occupation In of the Oldest Hose deeded to Al- praise the Lesson-Sermon s the folxshed at the limo it wan released. except in Old Louisiana (Mobile, tweon Son Antonio and El Pane- interest: the Map Division of Congress is a varez containing 2484 square varas owing from the iblte: "ut He Cathedral Place it contains so meek that it inter- Alabama to Lafayette, Louisiana) and between Son Ao onion and A afe ho been placed in the St beautiful one of the fort at rebuilt O'Neill in 1785 sold lot No. 9 to mat wounded fec oar transgeseting he connection with early where French nmet prevail h .aha Meio aronda t Johns County vault for the deeds of wood after the attack of Drake Cutiwhosod ittoAlvarein787 sons, He was bruised far oe r in- Next to sptin ki..r..atonw t d Paly Freach language,. ctton and tu and race papers of the Historical as it was in 1595, as it is an octa- and it was then bounded on the iquities: the chastio.m..t of ear Spanish history in the New World s roue hrou Wea Tea, for Society pertaining to Steal Ette genie shape with nc aide gene it northbby the hnme of Dr. Joan Sa- peace won uon Him; and milk Hit it seems fitting carry 01 architecture o Ohle Spnsh c arr suppliesa to that rich hMe-coSce"tra gthoyenahrcofottwOo-il aewhnntweereaalohuwbdenhmae'D nJsneB-n se that iconmsfttngt miarrg ita and th et consisting nof a copy of the acoun ta po's t thtIoetc atmt otwoondco ndhaoe tie orehae"(a.5s1 connection with mention of the tol tan m ng state and the wealth book of Jeae Finh, 1763-1777 that not burned by Drake in 1586. A the little lane North of Bridge St. Th Le S a nd A GOO PLC Old Spanish Trail marker, andotsa age isec of the mines to San Antonio and gives the names of the Spanida search was made in the old gea- called Bosquet Lane. rep uced therefore as follows: close er eo w c the coast for shipment. North- who turned over their houses and raphis for the one containing a The Chirtrica Society of Sb. Au- th owing pansages from the TO EAT AND DRINK From the old Spanish city of and interest In the Old obis' ward a Spanish trail through Utah lots to him in confidence, briefs of picture of Ibe Oldent Hoe hot gustine is proud to claim it owns Chriaban lctece teoooe, "SciAtant Aector French and creole coon g o the twelve Eacita footd in te it was not found. In a large at- the Oldest House on St. Francis ence and Health with Key to the L Caint ie o n of is enjoyed. Along the western sec- andlSantalF No a Mtico Library of Congress dating from las was found the picture of the Street under Three Flags.
Cos'o h l pns iofSa tor ore the Spanish-Mexican rot- 'n'at e e eio 178d to 1616, alo the Assessor's aort San Joan de Pinon, St. Aau _______Diego on the Pacific Coast the Old taurants with their tamales, tortil- Th La Florida list in 1803 that gives the Block and gustine, dated after 1700, an 0 Spanish Trial threads its way te wcoie soudneastern country llb chgh old cpmi ethilado, lot numbe of eveoy boone in 5t evdent fancy pictur of n hit- nFromajardis," Old through old* Spanish cities acossrjls n te od. l rnhi teerycnuiewsteAgstn n h atra fwihtoi aumreya lutaio tpfrG s
the continent. In the East isrthe pdeoatry tisotill teen in ho Spanish territory of La Florida. it is hui t, wth a dew eept oa s Among tho book, a description of Folk Song, Revived lure of the Gulf of Mexico. In the e cod ld Se-M d in There were neither fimen nor fu also photostat copies of the indexes Fort Marion woo foupd reprinted Several Years Ago Auto Ser ,West,-the Mexican Borderlands nann trading there for wealth supply. of these books, From these records from a Boston newspaper of 1712
and the highwayo dowa into that the es Stone did not "t foron acting can be found absolutefactsofnearly showing the fort was the same as interesting couat of Spanio and A The EsfenO Mral t h oe c misno inmate s andd today. Also in the Florida beebe is Much interest attached a few
-Meaican chievemeot, and of leg- m tilding 0 tte Meico and the lbt oh most and Along the Gulf of Mexico the rooted, a guide by Bloomfield entered in y ears ago to the rival of an old at tan aieti c d wo ae Ct the Gf 1ar- s eough 88 printed 1883 with a Minorcan folk song in St. Auguseoda and relee of Aztec nverlandtrails developed West On the Atlantic Seaboard and interesting cene$ of any con- picture cnt ccoont of the Oldeat tine, the Fremajoodia, This woo Spnsh Mneiso z and ..... ts; min........... or typ misin of oyster...... shl ......... hihwy ..... . Sane, Fhe Froauadis one year beor th hous
Adm tr connfet t e ts Bs revived by Dr. Andrew Anderson tp i er WMsi...d nistrato connec.t the a...ttlements. By miner type maoson o...f oyater shell tinental highway. The Santo Fe[ ann oe year b w ndee Ahedousea, LEE' G A r
tire Works R1718 a ester t (cami red cemen were uilt. At Mobile fur- Trail from St. Louis to Santa was bought y Cr. arver,v ping who G A boigde epner h on mte12a h l i o hea the nda t. w ho heard the tong sung here in bit In the present United States ....S ) tdS u trading drew the pioneers uptedtsri [ its claim to be the oldest nS.youth. In 1888 when he visited the I
th pranh e ftin d the 1820ik Thn Old .. w almad ofm Miner hoet no fol-175WESTKIN Spanish mission and administrative tine, Penacoln, Mobile, Biloxi and Mobile River and its affluents. Oregon Trail from St. Louis to the beforelit as s o das a Museu my In 16 hn he wrote th 1 W K G work e rn pread from Florida to New Orlean. T Through the Missisippi Valley, Northwesti an epic of the cove- that the tradition to the hoe made lowt California. The earliest were in The Midland Trail Mobile ond Non Orieans contacted ed wagon period of the 1850s. Beth it of vle, and it .not made up At aund ... soppd toST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA Florida, Georgia and Sooth Care- Bet een New Orleans n d San with the Fen h at the Great Lakes are impressed on present-day for the purpose of making money. small village, which was as elean as lina; the latett in Californio. The Antonio the mnder highway Iis and to Canada. The 0ine harboas ceociosess becaue their dync- The 11kramian of the Hitorieal Sn- a new pia, a-yery housorwhitened to nomissi establishment, as a le, hait "l SothLo""nad o the Gulf of Mexi o and the mtc pioneering event r of tle cietywas sh o every courtesy in A Full Line 'of New an embraced cathedral-like chukchm soot across ou ousiana a Atlantic Cost offered oppart t Angle-A oatEr-nandolao -the Library of Congress being al- e as egree, an a aune of of stone, Lement or other ....during Lake les Beaumon and H, ties for important cities ship-. ly receionn l oweat work in tha ndious book_ t ancTires ifatne omntoraho eed g etf hpoan otra ti .tyeaee ne must lookbaockint stalls and record roomo without naiv ied ll he hoeaforded Batteries n material, wth voctional buildings, ten bat the old toils W arr building and comme rc. The in- the dim p st for the traey ao m g th out a de alsogthc ge kl he ad ri atd o als .~e a r 1 "" h e p s or e tage dy, Vperv sion making the researches As we rode along through the hills
ebe ho d iaed north. The French established their d county at tig e Ie dram courage end acomp d- asr and quicker than to by the light of the dale new moon, PHONE 76 f-rhisS) They became havens af outpot on the Red River in nort- gay life of the Spanish peope Thet of those people that sent Ce- niPnHONtEm I.Isngb h dieto onn : h~~~sp~li~~y want fetr (, instaluret I ....g to the driver the F ... | omJa-Jr I UY hoptlily ad centers of eulture weat Lodioiana, fonding Natchit- climotes, te cloeness to the home- tombos off into the Seao tf Dark Dorng gtbe pat year information j0 dto, ao tang in St. Augustine. Ste
in a pimitie and strange world. oaken in 171d. The Spanioh hod land,, the hills, forces, ter and neaa to fall, cerbapa. oe the edge habeen given tn historians iting teemed please and surprised and 'Often the missions Were. the fran- prourly, in 1690, eobolitheda aot c o llowro him historiesof Florida,xaloe to .many tier pots; the padres braving the vision among the Tejot (Tenos) tiot. The great ha endas, the s aeon cat in unconqueroble newspaae tera especially to Mr. fosntierdangers, and oven marty- Indices watt of No beta chee-bt -herds of livesock, agriculture, 0- nmbers to develop continent HaniltonaWright, special wrter*for
dorr if it came, and often it did abandoned in 1693. In 1716 this charot and other development, to re than Ike bela world they one East Coast Syote. coin;. The five nisiino at San mionite cnddfve nthers werelnoated. common tnoather Spanish colonies hod. hitherto booown. An inotmxed -edatlogue of the to Te ie nhesst protec Spanan
A i Texa s, ached the high- t r i- o ld haveflo uri hed i n Flee- o o w a m ad a d m ny .e k s ,est deges of architectural refine- torel, dom against the Fronch; ida. Sat that was a cot o C and mapo mnre bought" fe the and- pe No iterhesinean sent an 'oer Dcolecopy aog h em an somlde,. R E A L S E V C ments and majesty. In-the Tuespa one n -with mi lR porful and portly civilized lad- Conquistoares, adventue ema
--Nodules country of Herieraaadanom
-Negaes county of Arioona eed there in I boa tkogh Spain plore, adninistrat, the ropointa of English translations western Menieo another grop of1721 a presidio was also built and toLaFloridaasomeofthenstrongest benign padres hraved hcrdships proving that Ponce de La-on sight- -UI~IIefT1I n oble buildings and communal en- that settemet now enpeditions in New World hioto a th ed Ptarioa on Palm Sunday, Mach FOR THE M I trprie spread over tkose 4lieys' Loo The island namectihe Poare do Lon, Mor- a 00 17 1511 kept
aild~eserts. 'They were alse spread oil there i :develoedbetween ve, De Soto, Luny Arellano and ioneer .....ries poe C Monday' a8thnte So edneOsdey w over New Mexica-and through New Orleans and Saa Antonio others a e historic character, she SOy r pre d y uily ribbons 30th, en turned more to the Whether it's a flatyou e o Valley-and in South through'the French Natchitoches failed there in mpo ant devel p- h of West, on Saturay more ning, and East Texas-and in California nd thi Spanish mison group. In ment. Indian valor in that coun- th Apil 2a hurry or a new set e southern borderland country fathoms of water at 30 degrees 8
dram- San Dirge to Sano, 600 ne. Texas it became the noted Old San ry wrote interesting pages in the i ay en- mield sad the wga v north Might be spanne.d. Mode....da .,. ad the .....ght a ha..viedTrseonat ntled rn
ca h AntonioRoad. annals of these Spanish centuries. pler now t avel the Old Spanis wee he anchored that night and French and'Spaniab Works The Wesern Trailn California hw
rOld, ocan w Sa nklh ori- h ... Span- p as at in getting her Tra in acofeot anda .ne ili- landed formally the nel day, April your job in for our tire experts to hanOl Luii .. a ...h eri- In Mexican and the West, Span- zpa 3rd, laei etn e ~l ncr o nanwc -I3 1 512, Easter Day. He remained
tory after 1699, with Biloxi, Mobile ish Traits (cami areal 2 bingo aderdo planted in Califo to. eianti r g its works and cul- d her osuntil Frid ad lef re and ow 0rleans the first tattle- 'high p no ornm amid tbm a and alorveam teds m dle. We'll do the job rightand ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ w 6e Ol..tefissete ghrs roneanrthward Pacific winds and storms..... per- e omdte~k~adcl ..f tinue North but adv......winds made
laments. French life and traditibnfl from Mexico City as missions and sistent obstacles to the little sail- Old Spain and Old France. him turn South on Saturday and he a.. re rng lbraugh ther a...nd: telene ore es blinked. ..... ing ahips. Tha deserto and arid AND SAVE YOU MONEY
SwestwardintLoisiana, andup tke the antI throgb eastern Mexico lands of the Soothwnot prevented Miasiesippi, IkeeSed, the Mobiloead Son Antonio-ba Nacogoehos, overland app eac.h. Pear living eon- f", /.j r- -g7" A nKNLY P I G I L and othor nec t.. Spain ruloot 01$ Los Adoeb and the o..ther East ditions in Catifornto cold neIocv .... IA If ] cL
interestingeold Spanioh ohks arc another through Contral taeountr fromntheascur aod K LL S RI GFEL in the old Fr....k Quactor in Her Mae cad. dEl Pace del Nore to sicnescs that stalked wilk them.,- : T Orleaot. Creole, are the descend- the Santa Fr etisioos and settle- Tho Stevolutionar War was at -. '~ ,k ante of Frec-Spansh onions; mentotanNew Meio.... anothrhand o thn Atlantic Seaboaed] Shapel Limb)s TI E many families toig that anoint- through rostera Meoico to the knee1 Spaia at lost did get safeloip An e Prices C m a tieto All
laytothe nobility of both empires. misasionn" and setlements of the etablished on= Ike wesber cast T7m/ AnlsC mprtv
West an the highwop and an the Noles ad Tucson coontr of They did not find the gold of that W ~ ell te Shoes Competitive Brands ateried ayo Teche, 14O mi. from other Arizeo. Feom Tucson contr hot they did bring to, over V jOtt SJut je Now OrIe.... is Now Ihei se..t- country a trail followrot the Vuma bog aned fo same.. traits, tiveote h, and essentially, And a Tire as Gzood as the BuestfGed y Spaiards fromethefCanary Stiver dow o Is junction with seedsoandh shsnotreansfeod .... Bete'ha rad Islands. New Iberia means New the Colorado Stiver at the preen it into a land of ra field, end] r etrta Most B ad Spain;Spaniard .... Ieino Va... o...Ai......d fom there to haciendscaive with vastherdso G O OD= ) L FEE ,
oteobly. Today lbat is the bet, San Diego, California, and to Ihe livetockb. Missions and hoes tooisof the Evangeline Country imm or- ether Califoran neissiao and sot- pensed opeo-kanded hospitality be
tlised by Longfelowthe luring toneets. A testen brait developed thn wayfarar- Tho Indian tribesa D sh boaldo r -o We Also Specialize in TechreCountr -the land of the eastward-wrotwr co naelting the of California wereoweak. Spanish L'-you on o F~t en. anilehAcadians" North 6vnet. is settle mnto from San Antonio to genius far developmnot had redo- los ehapel Are you eoherd[ nn'
S Mainiha a.. of Seg-SaDig.ASpanish trait devel- tipely uninterropted opportunity. with aired, achinf free 15h01 rob W washing line. opedslong thePaibfioast con- Thair achievement daring that of youeh, poiee,charm vitaliy an Three Centuries of Spanish Pawmm, neting thosn twenty-one missions half ceto i Califoenia arm Declie of Californto. Oth....efthose prine ......gah ma.. es of orlobnilngfanDo ofeasteng
Spaisheconquestsoandeoloniaa- itive highwayecamintotsece as Indians Wan cod Strong ocalloaers, io itmhiagfr Poihiganere sn lion wera aelt establishedt the first settlemonto spoead about. in hi,- While the Inotians remained and lores, mnok arhoes or any othrhalfentur followig thediov- tory, elcaninooeaof theareapec- nmastersinota loridaoadieded foelohlrI? Hmr ieyaor hto em : odseyof Amriatet iee thatuh early per- lie loealitios.Th MdrHih in Californianeso thoy varied from /er o ooti ~ fe oolcm
.d.tble lev ..p.g...Te oer igep eheestrengthio......ed ablate P ... oe . . . .. "rsln --um ss "*olicited
denftha- Spaoish flag. The Spaish An organizatio be footer the the Southwest. Apaches and Ceo- e 0r~-rfael-be o a nd T a se tB sn s Era continucot for th r centueies ceotruetion of the meodern high. mnece, mounted on the horses to- No bharge or obligation. Be eare an______________________________________before lbe ware for independence way woe fomed at Mobile, Ala- troued by the Spaniards, became a nod ehise deatroped Spain's Noe Werld em- baron, in 1911. The nationl hood- mountedlterrao thatbheldo pwanpire in North, Ceotral and South .....tmr.. tn .e..afcp.....t to lao tilt....pamativelyr..e..t...r.. ,t SPECIAL EVENT -MORE AND MORE
Aneica. Opato hogan with eon- Antonio, Teens, to 1919. Ia 1921 Spsin wrot safely entrenched in
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oraction of the coablest woarks in the project notional rognitionl herconesnrthward frnom CaMw esAeeaigM nyxnSrieBil-y H va hiatory far the benrfil of subjeat and imptrta..... The ... highway icoo boom.. Thoy worm. to Noe- Dr. Sclholl's peroo ersnoieFo
roas When Spaisho poer end- 00s dedicated It Saint Augustine, Mexico by 1508-jo the EPt aso roa ersnaiefo Their Service Done Here. ed, lodian an..d white ....dait do- Piorida in 19259a a... aepilly Valley by 1651-in Southern Art- Chicago will be in our store6 on ....._____atroyed many missions and their opened trayetway. The nonement eoaeay lO9t-in Esto Teas by M naO tbr2n uTrs ahn n oihn propere; ether st. and" in i and the thr00 doa' dedication toot andt Sooth T.... by 5715- M n aO t er2n Gas, Oils, Greases, Trs ahn n oihn Sntotun with Iheir ne~inlg pageantry reel Saint Augustine and Spoi,'s progess was steady
astopy for modern-day traveles; $16,000. The Spaoish Government aftmrthese years.
toigting systema still 00rve man- representative of the King of The Old Spanick Trait reflett feet,iingyothbeprinatositocharges tat youmayasee 1T '1T bind as they hove for eenuiesioo Spaint A motorcadie to the dediea- Ike blsory in ibm United iuatbhoweou atdinehcmattmr ogfooehmlsh..casomsmple E I all eloquent heritages of Ihe 5pan- to eeoniest, led by al lago drle- Statest Willh its associaled cain of Dr. Sholl's lin.adsfororn, andan itresing boolet~l I V I j
lab ronqeing spirit, garien from Sa Diego, Californa ras in this south e hardeland be Oe. Wan. S. Scholl, -Treatmene and Come af abe Feet.":
Tw Csmo oti ng she cooead afo 1dyke-t the ut l ohahfh........ faperc The Pilgri SheStore, *nc. 16 SAN MARCO AVE. PHONE 6
More than Iwo centuries passed log to eahedule like a railroad train, wor-ks that wrme old whyn the "Alt Thoa' Seat in Fmotwer" before the irst faint broil cotnnected threby establishing before the Amoerican Rtevolutioo woo be,, d ing Soe I Augeatine, Florida with San world the progress of lbe great con-_ fought. It 01000 Ike eontlnent 5KngSre Phone 1193$


Modern A irport Almost Complete Mr. Amelia L Pacetti Will ote
Be 95 Years Old October 24 R'dC ..... e: in
SF Rdisaster and its continuing rice
Lc States. P t in the battle of no less important nsf relief,
City In Line Planes Will Soon Be Landing Here Ha e m eReod n wa ultonueosls.suata
For Age In Olstee make it ndipensablepart of
l i! ~ ~~~~Mrs. Pa .. ........ied to o foa ie, ...
With Modern This City Capt. A o d s,. Pcett, who woasor i /i I in the Confederate Navy during DTIDALlMARSH IL 645 Mrs. Amelia L. Pacetti is, an.- the War Between the 'Statns. Capt. Development O cording to the data the Record has Pacetti fought in thebattle of MoI I !S been able to gather, the oldest wo- bile Bay, He served as sheriff of
Aman f St. Aogustine. She will be the County of St. Johns, %nd alto Aviation Field Near 95 next Wednesday, having been held the office of ity adn at St. A ......on -7 b n n October 24th, 1839. Mrs. one time. There were three hilSt. Augustine on n Augune no o M and Ms a
High ay ---------------- 7% a booa lived hee all her life. Be. two of whom one now living. They
Highway:::, -:: ...; .. ;;",' .... '' .':" .... \ aetti wan horn in St Augostine dren born to Mr. and Mes. Panetti,
"fore her marriage she was Miss are Mrs. MinnieDowd and Mrs One.f-F tAmelia Osmundsen, daughter of Harry Jones, both of St. Augus9ne of Finest ----- Ano.B.t...noe~ atv
...........o. o -o oo Anton Bengt Osmundsen, a native tine Mrs. Pacetti lives with Mrs.
Plans de to Render of Stavangar, Not way, and Lorana Harry Janes at the old family P M d t R...e nBonelli, who wa born in Modena, home at No. 56 Marine Street. This It Outstanding in -. ..Italy. Her father came to this is one of the Interesting old resIt Outsttandmg m county 0 a n man in a boot denoeoin St. Augustinesbeng built Sbelongng to bin father. Me had when Mrs. Pacetti was only 12 Statebeogntohsfte.H
EL over here for adventure.' tween the States, the family was
One bleak December morning in 0 ao
lhen fo men TO gg0e0Inpla0 e Paoetti wa the oldela Z na ordered to vaate the home by the
K0toeh stod to lsa a6L2 0 ad tS smhe an mu c h r so au ers hPaIedd
p loane woeding contraption th on .o. fameln of night children and pinow North er snd t Mrs Pne igthail ainty ona tn o ne othe only living child. She attend- ti made friends with them and by ,sarting ri, Witr .......... and ".. ... .),:f .." ""....." r.Pae
leaden hio nerved only to haoten f .v.. -ed a private school conducted by putting them off with various encdb akiensevoha y eto haaen 09e -0 to- tuy l dM cue n gdhn drloe, ase wasne O t 6lo0.% Miss Mather, The school was lo sen managed to heep the home.
Thos vvb otod o theaand atd whore the Villa Zorayda now The history of the hoosn in quoite ith Hw Nh sa at don th e n T stands. She specialized in music interesting. Mrs. Pacetti's grandiT the a st o d TA thGa dr eat T ... N L and art and became quit an a- mother Mrs. Antonia Bonelli, lived ng the Wright brothers prep are for an complished musician, When nine there for sone timn and died thee. lheir initial attempt to fly an air- ho oti. a. .T ..G.S.. E I F..L.. years old her father purchased for Her mother, Mrs. Osmondsen, lived
it. .... 0 .....1 1 0 r 0 11
ple the instae dn avi tDe Iher one of the first grand pianos and died there, and all her children ponedoa it thda 3 ar and go farhe own.uL .ted in St. Augustine. The in- wee born there. Mrs. Jones was could soar into the e Deir ag nfo rm ann conn an length-troment a still in the family and married in the old home, oas was
,tho tr s a brother, Win. Osmundsen, Mrs. Pacetti is still very active

It t.Teynidi no de ae -r-ss -. ty T~db Mickler Family- A Kr Rl A Sevd.M.Paet nno h oghe done, but Orvillefat t Wilbur n te de lo p ts 4 r 3a G p9 see o ea sh o r pl .g..h who joined the Confederate Army in spite of her years. Her sight Wright were madTe of sterdr stuff, ports..when i a L gh I o only 17 years oldandwasnot and hearing are still excellent, and
knowing whate a is good makes T A UG US N UIC PAL- AP T a h noi cnen again by any of the family she in a mot interesting ad h itself known and that the shafts of % EL-911*0 To 960 converse-,
thr envious few fell harmlessly. CW A PPOJ E CT N- 55-4 4 ...... ope .n.d when the moving hand- tionalint.TwinshawsHonieyw "
SFour times their pusher biplane car with its precious human cargo o thesI e Utnnn r skidded off the rail-four times it \ reached the spots, all were h hurtled No mate ow highly e may hoEythsh wentpoft -aep n fo mer a p n hC .A. A Ia NIST PA ON EPT. CO U NTYsorn5T JOiiNt du y bs. i knto the ociai g moentgetrsged estimate ths many other agencies d dassa d t e o l hh uG O B E
went~ aloft-an *A f our~5 tieis... i a. w agtr n
ded CmcyT. AUGUSTINaEl-anFLatDA o e~tl~em e a colored girl were drowned, a to promote our common good, we al-e Tipme landes the eafr STa anso hro a H b o t 5' ds E nger iter n d b rother being realize that the Red Cross is a sort Dan-tl for It wvas the first 'notanee so air- -_ _- ?___ --* --- -0 !~ i Ii
piaec~~~~ lou foo uneFt u __-__ 11~, enaescs~ ecohwrmnbwitnsned ef meeting poit forallhinds of .~~q
uo.n.ed r t pr.. o .fa.ct ta t m ti ed s O h s tectdr menmtdy. a effort'to relieve distress and ad- hritbosn eenelololu enpo carrying a man. e s ete..uts AeIXe" a CtyZ w a hd n shen tt- a n t:ea FISHe MARKE T Since that day 31 years ago the Th childish fear elt when In- v anC CK h de the general welfare. The Bedavnthua development of aviation has gone Such remarkable progress has been made recently on'the new airport, north of the city of St. Augustine, on State Road No. 4, that dians, prisoner in old Fort San Cross i devoted to no peial pro- Cheei Marrona Bs steadily forward. In 1908 the before very long it is expected pl anes will be abe to use the runways. The drawing sows the po sition of the runways, and gives Marco, were stationed oathe island gram. It induce no propaganda. nty Soene DeepNe

land onm an eelgenc and ar flymgfieldseithercompleed owithouonly twoo housthree Mikledisdmhitoamilyaemainedinobusnessnteseamayyyear United States War Department ac- information concerning width and length. with only two or three soldiers to Jo ceptd delivery of a Wright biplane, guard them, wan also remsmbered politics, no classes or groups ItsiooSPTiLA IV the first military airplane in the ministation m in chge of the child. Ecrsions to the site, The Indian, bcoming ill from sees humanity a a whole, int all Club-One Pair FRE world, and the first airplane to be work. m f ascina n torie s 0 which could be reached only by being confined within the fortrs of whih may come elements which After Pursing operated by any government. Marcel Mazeau, Division Engi- T rowboat or sail from the mainland were moved to the island and quar- bring suffering, pestilence is Twelve .
tw nthin entered neer of Airportn fo. ts dintriot, Cto the islnd were popular amuse- -inedwhere Salt Run is now lo- fortune in any of its myriad forms. In 917when e t caetie me f thepoto ntaso s h d in c a th ol id esot tegt sole prpos is t relieve ersy. the World War, it. found the Allies under Major A. B. McMullen, State City T by Mickler Famiy ments in spite of the time taken c." sl e ri e and the Centa ow nt only Director of Aviation, epo that to reach the spot. From the land- The proud possession of a mee- it is aut the only rganiaadmi thCairaln P owe I development of this state's t tn n bl e da ouse a w h eating in air but ast tompe a a the d as mt ai n sul g near as they can recollect, Oregon Ing place to reach the old light- her of one of the city's well-known ti I have nn that ds ing in airpl ronstction And pro am the idea is to build air- Unusual Glmpses o Dunham was the first lighthouse house involved either a long walh families, is a old post al show- good by 'looking for trouble' ." St. Gerg S ight training. The United States p erts alng definitely established A nastasia and Light- eper of the prt light. His or a horbaeck ride, Ing a pitare of the Old Spanish Calvin Coolidge. marshated ito ol ro pmces and by routes, the same an high ayo are fu o place was taken by Light Keeper Atragedy cuu rd during ths Lighthouse, a description of shloh lllliiilelll
end of t a had built nearly planned. He stated that St. Augus- house ven Ha who came to the island from building f the pen ght is given above On the reverse side

siutdt ml e norh ofl St0Au t et s m St t gustmv e i re n o Withm the..ghhoue..telf woo
S7,0b0d tw h t e sny ive cities in P- ISullivan's Island at Charleston, S. i in test of the card appears the following
mon to fly and trained countries Ida to have in air and water base, Membere of the family of the' C., where he had been light keeper dweIl e o Capte work, isho in~terestng and informati e ani artisansod n mechanics to construct Miami, Tampa, Lakeland and Pen- late D. J. Mickler, father of City for many years. Members of the was is hrg f the adhy taish in aircraft and keep the in repair. sacola being the other four. He Commissioner V. J. *ickler, haye Mr family wore in the city in with his family in a temporary 1690 for thA e aid of navigation int Following the close of the war pointed -ut that there in no other pleasant memories of their ,hild- year on a visit, houss. The Potty eildren deligh td St. Angust in. Changed a oast-
many of the military pilots became combination air and water base, hood days spent in the light keep- A o-sin coqtina houe wit in riding in the handcar which ight by s.U tod States overn W ERE

"'wodeBll~said onanigRieNudb uhd0e h T rA L Sme int2 RefreshinguDrink
fian aviators, touring the coun- except this fown's, between Charles- era's dwelling near the old light- wooden blnds and cntnining five could be pushed ove the reacs meant in -814, Disesntnoed s a
yaid giving ehibiti on. From ton, S. C., and Miami, which places house on Anastasia Island. rooms and a fireplace, e out on the end f the pinr to the lighthnue in 1871. Desr oyed by

1108 feet n orv 111 acges Inpe's ad overic them, says anire*ridn oldra~ chom le teda to asen8hes8rl0tns A hi eloped the business of ar- St. Augusne in a strategic lon- ingto that lo lity jusAt Ster. the AN EL O R oYn OU m'. atis Ton t C A N I G yight-scccing passengers, giv- tion on the East Coast flying route: "new lighthouse, whi is now one nblong dwelling was so near to eanoght by hd One doe, thisn The ownsr of the postal with its in- instructions to students and Mr, Mam.a. stated that it is of the Ancient City's most familiar the ocean's edge that, it was recall- pleasant ili h eceatin ended ali pying n inscription remembers onotecefiog person or merchan- planned to have a landing field,' landmarho and visited annually by ed, a visiting friend once became is a tragedy which saddened the playing around the old lighthouseG O E R lse in em.ergencien calling fofrel, hundreds of intrested twists, seasick, the sensation being that of entire city. The trap had been left when a small boy.' c n e n o either emergency or regular, every riding in a boat. seed. Commercial aviation had no put into opetiot, they recall e miles apart on all i lanes many happy days and experiences. Many are of the impression that e th S h p y the old ighthou just east As the demandfo ai transpor- throughout the state. He brought The broad waters of the Atlantic of wthe thunew light no with
an en ae tav liable. f out the fact that in this district, Ocean have sine taken thelr toll, will find tmati ln haead the ro i srod blac ahad white striphryso w i g l n any t id built And main- Keystone Heights, Live Oak, Wil- old lighthouse and its keeper's ative was told that this was incor- FISH MARKET hinedmanyfyi gieldsand ego house and makingits heavy inroad rect the old light being situated cities had followed suit but the listen, Cross City, Cedar Keys, into the island. Where the first o ligh We have been ser ng "the public og St. Augusaiato n till confronted with Ot er Creek, High Springs,Bost-lighthou oe td, in p nobably n father en eath tin sine y ie the eing Grnpon Coe compSepion f tll pob

be ued ohilumlateandtdethf
manly iles o gound unsuitable to wick, Pomona and Gainesville have over a mile out into the ocean to- dwlr building, a R-family ecor, we mus have given real service o hav land on in an emergency, and air flying fields either completed or day, although any estimate of thehouse, Mr. Micke and bis family remained in business these many years. outes were scantily marked. If distance would at the best be more made the hoe thre being the progress in aviation wans to con- oK lr vaTe and inadequate duGratnaa tinue,definite impro vements had to eferg to air markers, Mr. to the changing of the island It- Nfirstchangt live sinesouthprtion. SHIPMENTSand LOCAL DELIVERY be ma in marking air lanes, es- Mazeau stated that formerly many self. Time and tide have wrought in this building with the eception SEA takinkvgouneron mneenr aia nshenmisg oo voilefling rd kayoc at this particular section ofeh adfitttof of a-hkithen, it was sHRIMP, FISH, OYSTERS, CLAMS,0 tablisino numerous emergency aviators, becoming lost while flying, dthe ita n, ant 0 those who r- -O O D landing fields and enlarging the sa sansyths h r-o he ldalth of a. kitch n, it GREE SH RIMP, FIH YTERSIN CS, facilities already available at air- would -ts down appearance GREEN TURTLE, TERRAPIN, ETC.,ports. In addition, many first-class railroad station and try to learn Standing near the water's edge wee loft liadignousenreling Pronsent Delivr airports were needed to carry on an the name of the town. Many seri- and fashioned in coquina, the old made t promrv Delinery expansion prograrA .o ao iden s re ulted from this Itghthouse was built octagon sh e m S 05. .
ouThe ahcld ell thrl onlne thi HT h
Theadventoftkeivi-Works practice, I pointed out, adding that largcatlthlottomadarring sekeir moher -1 u Q4 T ph v Adistaincdthpeea oadth o.Sor n eavy king of coming to the nid light---,ot 00 AdiitainadteFdrlthe name of nities, vith arrs tkic tinoher foemodea buibbead in house and Its dwelling when hut a *0 -.jdoi ej Emegency Belief Administcation pointngtoetheeneesteairport and front and a high wall ran north, _________________________________hmukeotoueovanthOe" distance thre, were beicno et anod eooth, the dweleo
development program and Florida pitdin huge letters on roofsn of domicile being loae -o.h at
-as fortunate in that wvork h' uidings in small cities all ovre Mnclosed within the high wall stood /At sterted 00 144 airp rts throughout the state to guide the fliers. Hont- the lightkoue, towering majestic- the star during the pant year a 0ilgs, he said, oa n exaomple ofa ally ove the surrounding vicinityO leo mecned that pieced thin satI enrt city having air markerso. While and guarding and directing then Oneso
00.n otherersinnielti..nt.havinglageritisphnrhvnneit doesortH trhti n o innd thatelsp long ality. Baaityan kfr nflkn the ..Oldestt Au uReliableestanealtyReiaGUY'Slt GPLACEAC
Ahsciys l...iprt hc not have landing faeilities because. lightho.c...oa. built a large, tog t Augiest eant __sand
apentito-tidnmpeeit is not lon a...d o.....e1baldig heing little more.. than a Co hs Agsiem an is Established in 1895 ... o re
aprsn stotrscopeeemergency lading fields are clone mere four walls and a roof. In thin r______________________ho one of the aideendid new fields to that city. building was housed thn oil which being developed in Florida. It is 0woo used to keep the light burniaf. situated two miles norlb of St. Au- Siseets nn St. Asgostone efere not Withon the lighthoe itoelr, woodgustine bnteen.. the Dixis Highway originally intended fo .....roagn en.. sporal stairs led In the top, the Till M Y u and the Matanons Mivem, oupying They wee paved yolk an artoficial loght oith ito plain glane re eetLorssa ui Y u the spoce foemne.lyk h..wn.e the noue...mpsed ofnshellsandm ....eingre....hedhy ..s.ndong alad-r ne' s ngn sr "
Sahate Urant and tahe an the Ara" tar, which assume.d the hardness. def Thu rhild1 no. pe R E N TI A L S quay Mtate. Tkn field embraces of each, and no othe vehoie than a of not beong alinod to climb thos
being laid nut on it 'which total over them, says an old ckronicr ted to nocend the opiral stais.s AsR e r s i g D nk 11,080 feet cr itt acres. In eddities, the city .wn. 250 more...r.. Old Spnanish Lighthouse B Y A D S L O O
e:f lowlands adjoining tke fielda'B Y A D S L FO Y U v-hick can he filled in to mahe a ....S R E I H larger seaplane landing bane he-
aidsnss crodnhofn icrf We Also Write All Frmrls of E V D I H

f eet loeg, the Noerthwest-Southwnst
On ot95fet inlntIodteN-SUR--------------- X lT ~ A N C E 3 We want visiting Legionnaires
Sotlo..v.t-Northeast conve..y is -te I N.U ~ LX ~ ~ 4 Fto -rpi while in our ciyand 3t100 fenet long. An additional t00
feet can he made available on ths 0 t ropr si e o ityfid latter runway by filling in the-000tyorsvie Yuwllfn a maenkylodn.....thsoiv... Each hearty welcome here and you will landing strip io 555 fret wide.
The lightingeoquipementand idea-n Out-of.Town and Local Business Solicited get real service at reasonable
tificalion maorkers cow at the oldairport ituated cn .the road ho .o onprices. Oreen Corn Springs wilt probablybs uned to illuminate and identify
obubing, filingand 4taienngeofthe _Eugene 1. Barnes & Son GUY'S PLACE

airpoct ,roundsvl ]s conefram the
reief eco of tis county. Maonehtrentlone nd his, bank ... REALTORS "ON THE CORNER" chinrupkemployedoin thisplohssuch keen furnished by the city andI -,. "
.... ty wilk the ..oc.ption of 16 igSre eehn 7 2GaaaS.P oe42
-. clt tryctoer n erl trucks Old Syandsh loghthoove, olso ofte cacoled 1km ohol watcohtover. Thos 65Kn:tetTlpoe7 2Gapd t hn 1 sr vucd .ry i-n ton devclopment of[ picture wasmade froomanlustratiooaolddagazine0 datinghback thr field while the Civil Works Ad- to ths tia....shostly aftes the Was Bet' ...o thn Staten. DllllII]lhIIIIIIIfIIiiII I ]]iiiiIIItIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIf]


Tun OSoteetiwg b rac n of b ttahy. ph ain stick and leaves as wide as the asparagus grows wild on the York- whdse veins flowed the blood of To Oil ISi Scenes in a Florida Tung Oil Tree Grove en da ne ob ts .e n est a asea asslikie a wak- /irmore varied conf btuents.Y r sais e imk hatt r lhel o
collection will embrace many of the palmetto. But these do not appear shire coast and though it may be other Huguenot exiles? And is
Big Industr different genera comprising the sea- to be found in Florida, thoughfur- in the garden all it not the final juticeoftime that y weeds of the coasts. Many vari- thr north on the continent the growers know that asparagus needs the British stronghold within Bi rg dusor a eties of these genera may be found dulse is found and gathered in salt. whose dungeons rebelliouspatriots r0? E Ord&in various other localities along the quantity. "The coconut tree does not flour- were immured, should receive from coast, Is a Strong Dye ish more than three or four miles the nation which those prisoners Are All Vegetable "It is packed in bales and used from the sea coast; but it may be helped to establish, the honored abilities Are Un- Verysimilar to the seaed are by tanners i the coloring of leath grown successfully much further name of one who endured with Possib the zoophytes, the f s and er. There is one variety in the from the ea if sea water is poured them the perils and privations of
limited, Experts sponges, of which there are many Florida beaches, probably a species around the roots occasionally. its cause, and won with them the Delarvarieties thrown up on the marine of delleseria, that gives out a very "The peculiar constituents to be final glorious triumph?" Declare beaches, but like the coral they are strong dye. The nearest approach found in the ocean weeds have'their o colonies of different species of for- to the Laminaria dyitatis, from uses when scientifically understood.
aminifera. The seaweeds, however, which iodine is made, is the thick What has been discovered in regard Forts Established hneaofdteaaiganeindustresfforhc to the treatment of goitre with
One of the big new industries for are pure vegetable. broad grassy leaves of a variety In Old Days Gave Florida is the Tung Oil industry, "The carlina, which grows found quite plentiful in harbors, us- iosditne taken from them is evidence hi is now flourishing in the vl- along the Florida beaches, is not aly black in color from exposure it At the same tim they may Towns Their Names Gtnity of Gainesville. There are likely to be mistaken for a zoophte to the light. be used with impropriety. Potatoes e yi are n fo t aloo e or ios e ts w te igae injureaps o td by the use of salt. How- ceFort lashed in Forida dokrgs groves there now, which are on other plant-like animal creation "Florida has a great many gen- Fre ie alwand y the ossid ilit ohes a eon account of its segments and ell as varieties that are not ever, there is always the possibility bearing, heavily, and give promise roheicky ttuce bt it is a seaCedn to be fund in Eurote d the of greater discoveries withfa er th e ndi w gave n o a u oea ilnn aeptic e1h r en d re seaaeds of The knowledge and the field is ope et t eu around
f tremendous growth and pros- .nc-- p absolutely devoid of animal life. differ also f rom the seaweeds of the kowlthem, hence Fort Lauderdale, Fort parity for the future. "The most common seaweed Pacific coast. Thi s to be expect- wide experimentation. Pierce, FortMyers, Fort Bassen, a fo tn e p i 0 des ofo tlo Ph e ud al 1e hpe o P ar Fi ns en The uses for tung oil are un- a a t found along our shores is the Sar- ed where the Gulf tream washes "The study of the seaweeds of and others. mited. According to a recent re- grassum Vulgare orGulf Weed. its shores as where climate ondi- Florida can hardly be said to have these old forts.disappered years port of the United States Depart- Thee are many varieties of Sar- tions are )eculiar. It is quite prob- begun. The collection, which is the ags ae mout of Commerce, tung ail is gassum and most of them have also able that some seaweed varietieasto the state h viewpotint that the ex rh in importance among chemi- The growing of tung oil trees for the making of tung oil or China woodoil is a great coming industry parantieal weeds growing upon found on the beaches will become em as been made during the past al imports to the United States. for Florida. them handsome are covered with a less and less frequent. So that all few months and is made with the not marked by monuments.
,We get abouant nine-tenths of the t is so vital t the sta as re the a pr n zoophyte-like lace. Indeed many long the coast of Florida the study hope that more inteests aroused tal quantity exported from market is so vital to the state as h If the local production of zoophyte make the Sargassum the of its marine algae has a peculiar in the interesting subject." of thse ealy days was Ft isa, the country of origin. Tele- a whole, tung oil were only 1,000 pounds, p iwauf s e smo c rokni n ih d o n o i phone wires are insulated with a As it is now, the production is per acre, the United States would f o eti ho ny dnae toare a ioo

oil compound, a are the cables and supply were available. The China- is one of the best posted oen in ma ss of vegetation is the home of Of Many Colorse seota oom o n E e t i a ite h e c n u o n wyor u d he q r e g l s e z u eu ns o n r pe e clae s e e 1 e e ds n i h g r a h 3 h n g e S t P h o n e 1 0 dynamos. One electric concer in man, finding the demand increas- the country on the culture and the Florida Topic nnu ble crabs and animal life "The a tds on the be aches Change of Names docks. this country uses a million and a ing attempts to increase the qua- marketing of tung oil, or China are now paying attention, buttherearemanybright cent causedthreebre half pounds of the oil a year. It tityby adulteration. Recent cables woodoil,'as it is called. He says Grew on Shellfish green, deep red, mauve and purple The following excerpt from can tablets to be placed above t S is said that the little tubes used I have shown that of some 3,500 tons "In our system of pressing one Marvelous Colors in "Crabs and shellfish a re e- shades and some a deep orange historical work entitled "Old St. tranc (inside)to the ldfor for holding cosmetics, tooth paste, on hand at Hankow, 1,000 ton s w mallere mall unit will do the work of 700the et., require for the making of the unfit for export, due to adultera- to 1,000 Chinamen. Cultivaton is Seaweeds Are Em quently found with seaweed grow- whe growing. t August l ine" th e ore st the ie Coating dn them over 250,000 gal- tion. The tung oil produced in also done by machinery, four small p ing a thae. Like the plant ad hv oe swotda ace as hot as the i t olens per year. It seems that tung Florida i of superb quality, and tractors taking care of 1;800 acres." their respective onld the aw eds he peppecactus, others, like rens. haped changed o the Spanish days Revolution, e d a tblet to the tsootspndvdirtacanmbe quickly andeasilylrem ew ohdhgwhdie that of Port Maroutedamagotothefnis nil is used in making numberless is lighter in color than the Chinese Mr. Williamson has been engag- ti ol Metal Swe e ion: to of eo Autt Teppo e T things. Auto brake bands are held variety, ed for many years in the vegetable There is such a vast amount of plants will only grow where there Some are like cedar leaves and one Writing from St. Augustine, t spt where the Frenchfirst together with tung oil. Floor var- In China every operation in con- oi industry, and has gathered all interest in Florida's underwater light, some shade, so e a certainseaweed like feathers, seaweeds s William Cullen Bryant criticized ish has tung oil as an indispen-nection with the tung oil is done information possible on tung oil life, that the following article on amount f heat and dryness and to like mss, some like flowers and this as a foolish change of name.' Chief Justice Hughes says sable ingredient. The outer var- by hand. In this country machinery both in this country and in China seaweeds, clipped from a news- some moisture is the chief essential. some like shrubs. But why foolish? If Moultrie is "You cannot in any anaishing on ships and boats of all is used. Every pound of tung oil for the U. S. Government. In his paper, published several years ago "So with seaweeds. They require "The value of seaweeds is prob- thus honored, and Sumter the thropic effort succeed throng the kinds is spar varnish, made ac- coming into this country has pass- investigations he has found tung at Tampa is o special interest: that the rocks to which they are lematical. Man may not, as yet, 'Game Cock,' why not Marion, 'the perfection of mchanism. Motive cording to specifications of the ed through the hands of six or oil trees planted all theway across Florida raises a garden crop- attached receive a certain amount have foundout the uses for which Swamp Fox'? Is it not the veriest power must coe the het, navy with tung oil only. The same seven Chinamen before it gets to the country by the government.t rare and beautiful-that is seldom of light, a certain depth and aver- the Creator designed them. We are romance of history that the Span- andthe future of the Ameriean ed is true of deck paints. Tung oil, the river on its way to Hankow, Nothing west of the Mississippi thought of, and that is its product age temperature of water. Some beginning to find out that iodine, ish fortress planted here by Me- Cross is secure because its oaccording to a governmental re- several hundred miles down the showed up favorably, and the best from marine gardens, so John B. require to, be exposed to the sun or found in most seaweeds is benefi- nendez, the hunter if French Hu- eu re ae in million ofgenero prt, is used for waterproofing river, and is-paked*on Chinamen's growth and yield was -seen in the Spurr pointed out in presenting air for short periods of time. The cial as a preventive of goitre; that guenots, should at last yield up its American hearts." cloth, for the higher grade of oil backs in baskets make oil proof by vicinity of Gainesville, which is in- 125 specimens of seaweed to the Ulva Latissima is an instance of persons living near tkhe sea are not cloth. The Chinese waterproof the prtial drying of the oil-coat- dicaive of. the wayin which this Florida State Museum at Gaines- this. It grows on the piers for as liable to it as people inland; we their paper umbrellas with it. It ed.paper with which the baskets industry can be developed in this' ville. about one foot in depth about mid- know that seaweeds are a valuable is used feor waerproofing masonry are lined, state. Brilliant hued foliage from fath- way between. high and low water fertilizer and contain constituents and often leather. It is used in From fifteen to twenty million oems of depth made up the collection mark, a band of -bright green. not found in the commercial fertil- We are proud to be listed among St. Augse manufacture of soap, and* is dollars each year are sent out of and Mr. Spurr, wh came to Florida Larger speciens of this variet izer. b even bure in lamps. From the the reounty for tung nil, and net Elephant of EpIc from Canaa, declared in his pre- can be found in still waters, whre A Chemist's Topic tins oldest uines co husks and the esidue of the burn anywhere nearnough isseeed Proportions S sentation that the marine vegetable it seems to thrive on rocks at the "The nutritive value of vegetables grown up with The St. Augustine Record se enl, the Ches make in elible then tocover n all uses. life on the Gulf and Atlantic shores required depth. grown ith seaweed fertilier is a and we re glad to extend ur ongratul er India inkh It increase the dur- Linseed oil has been the stand- In Berlin's Zoo offered excellent opportunity for Like Fine Ribbon subject for the chemists. Carrotsnraua abi t of paints varnishes, and ard oilused in paints and vanishes research in botany that had nat "There are different varieties of grown in a soil in which tin cans tions on this, its 40th Anniversary. I er and produces the best in the past. But tung oil blends BERLIN, Oct. (AIF)-With been made, ulva cast ashore on the beaches, have been freely buried are a sater of 'film' of any oil-that is wmih linsee oil, and, added' t 'a liver that weighed 112 pounds, Speaking of various forms of sea- some of which are like fine ribbon, brighter red, contain more iron knwn. 'Sac a film is highly re- paint, increases its wearing qal- and a good, honest heart :that weedlife Mr. Spurrsaid: but most of them are lacerated by and are a better food than carrots isll to both oil and water, land iy. This country produces only weighed 5 pounds, "Harry, re- "The Florida State Museum 'at the waves. The Ulva Linza, althin, grown on the Everglades soil which le it sno used in qantitis half of the linseed oil it uses, and putedly the largestand sa longest Gainesville collection of inarine lng variety, i found in the same is dfcient in iron. Cabbages and C in varo ldstries in this con- the planting is this country eephant in Europe, is being algae will be the beginning of a habitat as the Ulva Latissima. green foods will take elements iny, oe industries ace beginning amounts to 2,931,000 acr s per mournod by patrons of the Berlin state collection for, up to the pres- "The Cladophora rupestris, a to themselves when supplied with a F. HAM toq ue ait, and are facing the itu- y The United Staes is sed- zoo.The staistis tis to live and ent, the museum has not contained dark green grassy variety, covers seaweed' fertilizer and be more HR ain o ningasfici sup- ingut:of the country over sixty hear lre givens by alous edcal asingle specimen. therocks just as it does the ocks palatable than k grown on HARDW: is why te domest de- m n dolr per ye rfor line s delte who p rfrmed a post- "Students of marine algae, or on he European coasts. e oast muck. The'oono 'will grow on the Kingg o n
Sindiust is. oil other wds ne 0,- moe a i alnt 3: ? yeare in seaweds as 'they are usually of : urope are inplce covedredwith Everglades soil, but, ithas never had 3 King St
pa ount io ane, and 0 per annumis being spent Iko the Berli zooipped the cales dnvne, e have n and edible seaeed, an the epungent aroma nor the strength Florid tend towad applying impo oilthat could b rodue a 11 ,200 pounds; was 4 years old. means L. assistance i teir studies waters h bound in Larinaria that it has when rwn on a soil ...


TUN-GOIL Varnish--TUN-GOIL House Paint, Inside and Out TUN-GOIL Top Dressing--TUN-GOIL Special Boat Paints

TUN-GOIL Paints for Waterproofing- Concrete Stone, Stucco Buildings,

Floors, Walls, etc.

TUN-GOIL Products in a Class Alone TUN-GOIL Products are Economical
Ton-Goil Paintn are superior to all other paints on the market--not like any other product before Tun-Goil products cost no more than other first -class pintes and varnishes, and on account of the
offered to the public. Houses painted on the outside over five years ago are at this time free from durability and the ease with which they are kep t fresh looking, they are far more economical to
mildew, discoloration, and show smooth perfect protection., For interior use Tun-Goil paint was op- a use than other paint and varnish products.
plied over wall paper and has stood a five year test. (Recently this finish was washed at a cost of
$2.00, and left an appearance of new painting which would have cost $30.00.) Tun-Goil -paint in Far House Painting-inside afd otsifeuoe Tun-Gal Point mode in otandord colors.
flexible, beautiful in its luster, is not affected by salt or fresh water, weak alkalies or weak acids Far Floors, Tables, Foaoituae, Dasas, Trim, Sc reene, etc., uoe Tun-Goil Vornish.
-soot and dirt can be quickly and easily removed without damage to the finish. For bathrooms Fru
and kitchens Tun-Goil paints are especially valuable and economical to use; can be scrubbed with For Metal Signs, Metal Roofs, Machinery, Auto Trucks use Tun-Goil Paint.
Tun-Goil Varnish for floors, furniture, inside and outside house use is vastly superior to any GFor Boats, C oes, Gaas, Paddles and other ma terialo oubjeeted to salt and fresh water, use Tunother product. Tun-Coil Varnish will not mar, crack or discolor with alcohol, weak acids or alkalies,
oils, greases or gasoline, salt or fresh water, either hot or cold. A special grade is made for BOATS For Auto Tops use Tun-Goil Top Dressing, clea r or black.
that represents a real economy, protection against the elements and finish of lasting beauty.
For WATERPROOFING concrete, stone and stucco buildings, floors, etc., Tun-Coil paint makes
a waterproof, beautiful and lasting finish. It is e asily applied by brushing or spraying. Tun-Goil finishes can be washed at small expense and have the appearance of new paint work and
Tun-Goil Auto Top Dressing, made in clear and black, is easily brushed on. Makes an old top give protection to the orae for maoy times the length of time aver ordinary finishes.
like new, is thoroughly waterproof, has the necessary elasticity to keep the top pliable and does Tun-Coil Paints and Varnishes have been caref ully tested for six years before being offered to
not shrink the fabric, the public and have proven superior to anything on the market.

Manufactured by




i,.Local Churches Welcome Visitors; Legionnaires Invited

Masses, 6:30, 8 and 10 o'clock. CHURCH Benediction at 7:30 p. m. Rev. Lauren E. EBrubaker D.D.
ST. AGNES CATHOLIC Rev. Barton B. Bigler, D.D.,
_4 CHURCH Pastor Emeritus.
Masses at 7:30 and 9 o'clock 9:30 a. m.-Curch School. W. a.. S. Hagenbuch, superintendent.
11:00 a. m. Morning worship.
FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, Communion service. Reception of SOTmembers. Music by the choir unCor. King and Riberia Sts. der the direction of Lorenzo Pratt G. W. Hutchinson, Pastor Oviatt, organist. Sl Chun ShootH. S. n6:30 p. m.-Christian Endeavor MTHEod AN pT Cthe chapel McLendon, Supt.
11 a. Installation n rofmahurch 1:3r p. d Eanl g b n n Ip School ofi e. Addoon oby hr with sermon by Dr. Brubaker. Spetor. Sujet: "Jesus, the Master ialoo musicby the choir. Mrs. Geee Teacher." Hood, ooloiot. S7:30dn m. "The Power of the Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Mid Gospil of Christ."ek service. Subject: "Making 7:30 p. m. Wednesday, Family the Creed Live." Night service at the Memorial Saturday, 3:00 p. m. -- Junior Presbyterian Church. Christian Endeavor in the Church
_ais House. All are cordially invited to THE ANCIENT CITY BAPTIST attend all the services of this CHURCH church. A. E. Calkins, Th. M., Pastor
(Corner Carrera & Sevilla Sts.) TRINITY CHURCH 9:45 a. m. Bible School. L. O. L. Fitz-James Hindry, Rector Davis, Supt. 11:00 a. nm. Morning Prayer. 11 a. m. Divine Worship. Sub- Sunday School, 9:45 a. m. ject of sermon, "Christian Educa- During the rector's absence at tion." the General Convention, regular 6:30 p. m. Junior, Intermediate, Services will be maintained every Senior and Adult Unions. Sunday at 11:00 a. mn. Sunday 7:30 p. m. Divine Worship. Ad- School, at 9:45 a. m. Vested choir dress by Rev. Luman Marsh. Sub- under the direction of Walter ject: "My Experiences in India as Jaies Barron, organist and choir a Missionary." director. Familiar hymn on the Wednesday, 7:30 p. m., Church chimes before the Service co mNight. mences. Thursday, 8 p.. Choir rehear- Strangers and visitors to the city sal. are cordially invited to the ServVisitors in the city are cordially ices in this historic Church. Memorial Presbyterian Church
invited to worship with us.
GRACE METHODIST EPISCOMcDOWELL CHAPEL, FULLER- PAL CHURCH WOOD PARK D. H. Rutter, Ph.D., Pastor. 9:30 a. m. Bible School. Mr. F. 9:30 a. m.-Church School. H. H. Morley, Supt. W. Davis, superintendent. Friday 7:30 p. m. Prayer Meet- 11:00 a. m.--Preaching. Subing. ject: "Christian Education." This All are welcome. marks the beginning of Religious Education Week in this church.
ATCHESON CHAPEL, WEST ST. 6:30 p. mn. Epworth League.
AUGUSTINE Topic: "Kingdom Expansion." Old Spanish Cathedral 3 p. nm; Bible School. Mr. L. O. Leader, Miss Veta Sirmons.
Davis, Supt. 7:30 p. m.--Preaching. Subject: 7:30 p. mn. Divine Worship. "Christ, the Incomparable TeachA welcome for all. er."
7:30 p. m., Wednesday--A union
SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST family night meeting in the PresCHURCH byterian Church House. Charlotte Street, One Block 7:30 p. m., Thursday-A recepFrom Plaza tion to the public school teachers Sabbath School every Saturday in the Presbyterian Church House, morning, 9:30. given by the Sunday School teachBible Study 11 o'clock, ers of the city. Visitors welcome.
CHURCH OF CHRIST CHURCH 33 Masters Drive, West Augustine J E Till Pastor Sunday H. Tucker, Supt. Sunday School Bible Study, 10:00 a. i. m.'e I, .. .n, no Morning wors hip, 11:00 a. mn. Preaching service, 11:00 a. m. Evening worship, 8:00 p. m. PYPS Sunday, 7:00p. en
Preaching service, :00 p. n
Prayer meeting, 8:00 p.m. Teachers Training Class TuesCHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY day, 7:00 p. nm. 9:30 a. m.-Sunday School. Prayer service Tuesday, 8:00 p." 11:00 a. m. -- Sunday morning m, service. Choir practice Friday, 7:30 p m.n S8:00 p. m.-Wednesday evening Bible Study Friday, 8:00 p. n.
testimonial service. W._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Reading room, 15 Carrera Street. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday Cor. Saragossa and Riberia Sts. afternoons, except holidays, 3 to 5 Rev. D. Franklin Hickman, p. n. Supply Pastor The public is cordially invited to 10 a. Mn, Sunday School. attend these services and enjoy the 11:00 a. m., Morning Worship. privileges of p. Baptist Trin Trinity Episcopal Church Union.
N oHOUSE OF PRAYER 7:30 p. mn., Evening Worship.
0. : ..Cor. Whitney & Anderson: Sts. All persons invited to come and West St. Augustine worship. Elder 0. C. Porter, Pator
A. C. Broxton, Sunday School Supt. CHURCH OF GOD Sunday School, 10:00 a. m. Pacific Street in North City First M Sunday praise service, 11:00 a. 10:00 a. m.-Sunday School, T.
.... m. H. Nipper, superintendent.
Preaching, 7:0 p.m. 7:30 p. mn. Evening service, Prayer meetings Tuesday and Rev. Luther, preacher. Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. All are welcome.

PAGE SIXTEEN FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS PHONE NO. 52 SUNDAY RECORD FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS PHONE NO. 51 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21,. GenovarHas Fine Old Citizen boats, hich werehartereed by to- Handsome Place of Worship on Cordova Street Honeymoon in SlaterRealtyFirm
R Genova__Has ists, or which were used as pas- B
senger boats to take the visitors Ancient Cities Boasts of 47 Years Been Life Long on cruises on the river and ocean, Community Service according to Mr. Genovar. Saddle Proves Cheap R Si re horses were rented at a dollar an A. L. Slater, prominent local hour. He told with some amuse- PORTLAND, Me. (AP) A realtor and insurer, whose headment of seeing the winter visitors, honeymoon in ancient cities all quarters are located at No. 53 King
Built First Theatre who hired carriages, many times within the borders of ono aate street, is well qualified to carry in returning from a trip into the coun- started Tracy Webster, of Rome, this, the fortieth anniversary edtion of the Record, an advertiseIn City Providing try, with the horse, negro driver, and Ella Boone, of Carthage, on meant offering congratulations to
Entertainment carriage and themselves artistical- their matrimonial life. this newspaper on forty years of ly draped ith moss. He stated that Their itinerary through Maine successful accomplishments, forthe the army band stationed here fur- was arranged so they would pass organization which he now heads Is Old Veteran hed m c foronets fo the greeted the first issue of the St.
nished music for concerts for the romantic hours in Athens, Cor- Augustine Record. town, which were enjoyed. He built inth and Damascus. Then they For forty-seven years this realty Namer of Elkf~on; an oera whih ..... t. erore went on to Etna wanderedd amid and insrao office has served the Street, which was later destroyed .the imaginary obelisks of Egypt community dependably and unOwnedy fire. Mny St. Augustine iti- and made reverent visits to Gi- obstrusiely, the organization being Owned First Farm were furnished entertainment ** lead, Hebron, Jerusalem and Le established in the year 1887 by the
In District by the stock companies and pro- banon. late J. H. Slater
grams presented there There were They admired Naples, ate figs The office at the present time is concerts givenatthe Pone de at Smyrna, and after inspecting under the supervision of A. L. B. Genovar, aged 88, who resides Leon, after the building of that Troy, settled down for life in Slater, who has occupied that pos at No. 36 Treasury Street, has hotel, which many people attended. Harmony. tion since his father's death a B. Genovar, 88, is a life-time Mr. Genovar said, "This was enter- e of yeas ago. The resident of St. Augustine. tainment enough for anybody!" C aan gustine. The son of Mr. and Mrs. r. Genovar ried Miss Mary whih can boast of nearly fifty Frank iGenoar, he is the youngest the St. Johns River. He made plans Louisa Gme. They have four Have All-Night yea of service to the community. and the only one living of nine children, all living here in St. Aulater to go to Cuba, when aBattle of Stares children. When he was an infant, he t g hgustine, the Misses May, eatrice Battle of Stares tion arose there, and he decided to and Lois Genovar, and a son, Wil- TUCSON, A (A) The barely escaped death from whoop- Han sa e Are ing cough, but has had extremely Street. Above the store he had a story of a kitten and snake staring Held Throw-Backs good health since that time. fnitre str. He od with at each other all night was told B Chief Mr. Genovar nerved during the north shipping owners lso, Wilbur Masters, Sr.,here by S. W. Purcell, of Tucson. Fascist War between the States with Com- consigning freight ships for St. Au- Shows Progressive Purcell said that children living pany B, the Third Florida egi- gustie. Mr. Genovar was for many dr S. near the Yellow Bird mine made a ROME (AP)--and-shakers are mea He says that he is th e only years p minent in politics. He And Modern Spirit practice of taking their cats into called throw-backs to past era living man left of that company. served for some time in city and u the woods. One of the more am in a circular isued y Achille, Wihatwinkle in kin eyes, he stat- roonty position. bitious kittens climbed a tree which Starace, secretary of the Fascist With a twinkle in his eyes, he sta It is interesting to note that Elk- Wilbur Masters, Sr., of Wilbur's already was occupied by a snake party. ed, "So I can make upall the war ton wasnamed byMr. Genovar. He Garage has a modern place of busi- The two immediately fell to star- This ataristic "form of exercise stories I want to." He tells of being bought a large tract of land in that ness on Dixie Highway North and ing at each other, Purcet llsatoid, and has no easonnto eist at all sine sent to Mobile, Alabama, with his section, eing the it to farm n h both sat motionless while the chil- the blackshirt regime years ago reregiment. A battle was reported that territory. Being an Elk, he h-dro tred doe several hoors to die- ruscitated thn Roman salste, he to take place near Apalachicola. wanted to name it after the Elk or- sary in that place. Mr. Masters is lodge them. Finally the children declares. For several days the Confederate ganization, so the name Elkton was agent for Seaboard products and left them in the tree where they He adds that peole who persist soldiers lay in wait, without pro- given to that farming district, has shown his progressiveness by remained until the following morn- in shaking hands instead of raising visions, only to find that it was a which has grown to be a communi- installing a Wayne computing eu their eight arms upon meeting falsereport. He says that later the ty of many farms.s Florida soldiers were among those Mr. Genovar states that in the ump, the first to make its appear- b ought down, and the kitten ran bh under operation sent to Kentucky, in the winter early days, he remembers that the ance in St. Augustine. This is the to the children, Purcell said. time. They were not clothed for outlying districts were flourishing pump which with faultless preci-.......0 the severe cold, and suffered great- farming districts, Dago (Palm Vat- sien will sell gasoline in dollars and Received Fractured Skull in Auto Aleade ZimiI eeetd ly. ley), Moultrie, and Mill Creek, es- cents instead of gallons and quar- Accident in Chicago's Loop President of Greek Eepubic After leaving the army, Mr. Gen- pecially. There were orange groves, ters. The mechanism of the pump jvI. 4 CHICAGO, Oct. 20. (AP)-G. S. ATHENS, Grece, Oct. 20. (A)
ovarhadseveral positions, on boats, hundreds of cattle were raised, is quite remarkable, and a great e Boggan, 50, of Alma, Ark., suffer- -Alexander Zaimis was elected but the one of longest duration was many hogs also were raised and many people who have heard of it ed a fractured skull when he was President of Greee fr a five year at Pilot Town, opposite Mayport, sold. Horses at that time were a are making special trips to Wilbur's hit by an automobile, driven by term here at a joint session of where he was employed by an good source of income. to patronize him, and see the Arthuh Synagogue Barnard, a negro salesman, the Senate and Chamber of Depeial pilot who brought vessels into There were around a hundred sail wizard pump at work. Jewish Synagogue in the loop. Barnard was held. ties.
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j One Old Timer

to Another Pioneer

The Surprise Store


n- gbaf ) ceIr uyr wtine IjtrrZ


40th Anniversary--Forty years ago The Surprise Store Company was a small store satisfying
the merchandise needs of the citizens of St. Augustine and other nearby
Towns. At thattime there was also a small newspaper which was looked
forward to daily by the people that they might acquaint themselves with
l,,,, ~ 5 the happenings of the time. =

Today that small store and that newspaper are housed in buildings as modern as the times. The Surprise Store Company is the largest department
store in this district and the St. Augustine Evening Record is still an essential part of the daily lives of our citizens, while its job printing plant has
,gained an enviable reputation throughout the South for its fine printing.
Legionnaires on your way back home be sure to stop over in St. Augustine
and while in the city be sure to visit the Surprise Store, St. Augustine's =
largest department store.

TheSurprise Store Surprise StoreC .

0o Cathedral and St. George Sts. Telephones 371-707

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We Congratulate




Fortieth Anniversary Two Friends


CLIMATE OF OLDEST CITY Alligators by the Thousand Old City Gates Still Stand as Rolling Stock of
PRAISED 50 YEARS AGO Part of Ancient Defenses of 1889 Acclaimed
Quaint Historic St. Augustine
SIn announcing rolling stock for
Old Guide Book Gives Ancient Chapel in Dwa er d by buildings which was from the north. Hence the thenew tandrd gauge oad which Most Enthusiastic Fort San Marco Is ..crowd it closely on the tooth, the elaborate system of defense which the St. Augustine Weekly News of Most Enthusiastic Fort San Mafine old historic gateway of the City had been devised for that section 1889 said "would soon be completed
Endorsement Venerable Shrine of St. Augustine, a relic of the old of the community. Across the between St. Augustine and Jaeck.
walled city, still stands. It no northern boundary, east and west, sonville," that newspaper went oil
longer marks the entrance to the ran lines of fortification, which to state that palatial accommoda.
town, for there is probably as large effectually barred approach. From tons wold e offered to pase
A most enthusiastic and fervid At the north side of the court of a proportion of the population liv- the old Fort San Marco a deep ditch gers. W. L. Crawford's name is Fort San Marco, directly opposite ing north of the gates, and outside ran across to the San Sebastian and gven as superintendent of the road description of St. Augustine's li- the sallyport, is the chapel. The of the old city limits, as is now ac- was dfended by a high parapet The parlor car 1'one de Leon" is mate and its advantages, is found in entrance to this room was very or- ommodated in the original n- ith redoubt and batteries, the old descried, and enumerated among Chapin's Handbook of St. A ogus- namental. This work which had virons of the community. writers say. The ditch was flooded the comforts and luxuries of travel tine, written by Elias Nason, M. A., become nearly obliterated by the In olden days the City Gates at high tide. Earthworks ad o those things to whic we have and published by George Chapin action of the elements, some time helped to guard the people of he fortifications extended along theecom so accu med that we oo ago was reconstructed by the war little community on the outposts of San Sebastian ricer, and also along upon them as atter of coarse, in St. Augustine in 1884. A copy depart t, great e being tak- civilization from savag foes. Tolomato Street, now Cordoa and n ergieathogt. Ses of this book with its many quaint en i following the original plans latd traveler hastened to their Street. A tablet at the western upholstered in blue velvet, eletri illuotrationo, is a treasured posses- whi h were obtained from the shelter. The town slept securely edge of the Post Office Park markslbells, smoking rooms, etc., ar sion ofa member o the Record Spanish Government. Entering w e when the barrier gate was fast shut the site of San' Rosario, a redoubt, amon the luxuries enumerated. sff, and extracts from the book ee n eh side the niches for against the midnight approach of a which was one of a series of costaff, and tractholy water just beyond, on the foe from without. The walls gave quina fortifications established at United Sates rows Oder make excellent reading. Here is right, pieces of cedar imbedded in strength when needed, and defended arious points. The United States s older tha the oe about climate, and eery the masony mark the place where for the King of Spain this garrison The Spaniards planted thick it used toe, notonly inyears,bu enthusinastic thing written 50 years the confessional was fastened to town in the Florida wilds. These hedges of Spanish bayonets to fur- also in the average age of its citi tago iss t goday, although w e the nwal so. At th iw s f isted pillars of coquina, once part of n the strengthen their defenses. so i ag is true today, although w the wall. At the is a raised elaborate system of defenses on the who the barbed shafts s. The 1930 census sows a
ould p our ais e in less te altar a large niche wh north of the town, have witnessed on the plants, and the density with rse of fie pr cent in the age
formal nd stilted language. stood the patron saint, St. Augus- many a narrow escape, and one which they grow can realize how group over 45 inthe tenyears since foever, this was considered excellent tine. Looking up saint, St. n he wonders how many gallant rescues. impenetrable a double or triple row the previous census, and a rise of e r, thised as osideredecellet tine Looige s topwe eenea the They have withstood attack, theaoold h. alost to per c in te ag ty in those days, probably spring ombf the arhich the eds o the shock of assault. The old City Gate was closed at group over 60. This fact is used
platform for the choir. Directly St. Augustine is on a narrow night. Guards were stationed in by the ChurchLife Insurance Though somewhat humid, the air p head, near the chomiddle of the peninsula, protected on three sides the sentry boxes. Just within the Crp
S t i ure and room, is a squar the middhole from which by water, and the only means ofgate was a guard house, with a de- Corporation to account, in part, for b Dlo. t is ore ado u s A sqare holefro hch thrcent rmralesalsofan approach for the enemy by landtachment of troops.
e nate breezes from the At- hung an immense wooden cross nuiteppoachfor emy hm of troops. nse lt te bree from the At- called the rood. On either sid of M
l ae i blossom all the exo. the chapel are doorways through Here is a typica scene at the St. Augustine Alligaor Farm, o Anastasia Island, one of the show places M r ary La ler Is One of Ol esto g St. Agusins around. The extremes of heat and he ats 1 prisoners of the community, which every visitor wishes to see. There are approximately 6,000 alligators at this in- Read s of Record; Says That She ter s w cold arc less than in the itien far- tculd he aros hadr ei e place, e viou hewll, g re tr n e r cuted. The y 11 as rashreteresting place. "The various wells, some artesin, hiarting, and yet so mild withal, at that time if a prisoner gained Allig Farm on Anastasia Is itors purchase baby aligatorto Looks on Paper as Faithful Friend and cisterns, furnish watr i that just to breathe it is a benedic- acces to the chapel and knelt at ator Farm on Anastasia Is he themselves, or for abundance. In some instances the e After li in this ciy t altar h could clim the right gifts to relatives and friends. Se- Mrs Mary Lawler of No. 8Daniel Record. He died the first year of windmill is used for raising water,
neer now of a single case o Street, i West St. Augustine, is the World War. he the puresqu s of the city. malarial fever to have originated in have fruits in most .luuriant Visitors Should See Sights Ther ttine woman making a tripto Den- of St. Augustine's oldest Mrs. Lawler says she ad flu
d I th tr ignns mark bought two baby alligators, re S ne l e, Inig Sake a ay he id s.
his city or its near proximity." abundance; we find eople herewho ar ross the seas, safe- residents, and one of the oldest last year, and a bad fall,ut thank The ansas Modern Langge
The healthfulness of St. Acgus- o se generous and rind, and after carried them across the seas, safetine as noticed by DeBrahm in the aregeerous and aind, and after Alligators to right of them, al- historic. One pauses beside the pen ly, displayed them to relatives and readers of the St. Augustine Rec- God, it doesn't hinder me. The only Association will conduct a study of time of its occupancy by the Brit- to remain for life, if it be the will ligators to left of them- of old Ponce de Leon, who is said friends, and finally presented them ord. thing that bothers me is the loss the si Idian dialects former ish. "Among the 3,000 who evacu- of Providence, among the oranges, That is the scene at the St. An- o be 500 years old, and theefore to somebody whom she was quite Mrs. Lawler says she always en- of my money in the depression, and spoke ansas.
t f guasas, pms, theoa nnwas no infant when Florida was sore would see they did not freeze joys the Record, and she looks upon business s dl wit my son, but ated St. Augustine," he says, "the figs, guavas, plums, strawberries, M t e a r n s a v o i n il dabu siness is dull with my son, but P author is credibly infomed were peaches and other pleasant thingscoveed to death in the winter season. They it as a faithful family friend. For this fine tyhope of citizen who late C, e many Spaniards near and above the oo numerous to mention." 000 saurians lie asleep in the sn- Baby alligator are hatched out were named Dunes and Donax, good Before she had the Recod as a or this f e type o i h e at C M. wler who o age of 00 years." In summer the thermometer shine, splash in the pools of ater, each year a the St. Augustine Al- St Augustine Beach names. Those regular viitr t her home, she and ives i hopes the ecord has ing craft, e Saucy ate,
Speaking of the salubrity of this Ononly stands in the shade between No.a 4 Aand one sees lots of oa fta es r m sfo te so n thite e o uther yahts ref s climate of thi city, W. C. Bryat 80 and 90 degres. Itrarely freezes o perform for the pleasure of vis- ligator and one s lots acquainted with the story of the says there wre quite a few other the heartiest congratulations. Truly and ee. They were hired by he said in 1843, "The mornings are in winter. There is not perhaps, little oes, home grown as it baby alligators and theirjourney- newspapers in the community, in- thy are the backbone of a ommu- hour, day or week, or used for aksometimes a little sultry, but after taking the whole year through, a That phrase "perform for vis- Other Livestock ings have often wondered whether eluding the Morning Democrat, the nity staunch, faithful andloyal ing out parties pleasuring, or on two or three hours a fresh breeze finer or more healthful climate in itors" may mystify people who do Besides alligators there are a they survived their first winter in a Morning Hews, and others, but all Ia Laner retais as souvenirs fishing trips. comes in from the sea, sweeping the world, and the low death rate, not know that alligators can be great many other interesting live cold climate. short-lived "so the Record took full ouvenir through the broad piazzas, and together with the great influx for made to do tricks. They can be things which will delight the vis- American Legion men are re- possession and still reigns subreathing in at the windows. At years past of strangers in search hypnotized" as the keeper strokes itor. There are ostriches, and some- minded that the Alligator Farm on preme." this season (April) it the laden ofhealth o ld ee t beifythis them gently under the chin -ny- times one has as opportunity loser Anastasia is one of the most inter- Mrs. Lawler tells the Recocd that with the fragrance of the flowers statement. The rainy season be- i of the Pride of India, and some- gins about the middle of July, and way they lie peacefully on their baby ones, provided Mamas Ostrich esting and unusual things to see she was born December 18, 1854, M A ST E times of the orange tree, and some- ends about the middle of September. backs, with legs in the air, and ap- has just come off the nest There in all Florida. and goes on to say "I first came to times brings~the scent of roses in It is said that the average annual parently enjoy the little attention. are rare tropical herons, pelicans, o this country in 1875, and my first bloom. The nights are gratefully number of fair sunny days in Flor- There are others which climb handsome peacocks, pheasants, etc.a cool, and I have been told-by per- ido amounts to 250. As in Italy the flights of steps, and "shoot the Museuss Inteesting e Many people have wished to appearance in this dear4. ad city BA RBECUE and D RI sons ho haVe lived here many showers, when they do come, are chute" into a pool of water. They The museum at the St. Augustine know why streets were laid out so soon after. I had two sns. One earinsummthattherwen you asleep with- The lanlowed by immediate es are sunshine. may hate to do it, but it's a trick Alligator Farm is full of interest- narrow in olden times, as shown by died in infancy, and my other son, A good place to nut cover." ways uniform at St. Augustines, the nevertheless. ing things--strange stuffed birds some of St. Augustine's thorough- Beverly, has passed his 43rd year REFRESHMENTS
Among the acquaintances Ihave dews are heay, and the ights ae There are alligators of all sizes, and animals, beautiful shells, and fares. The manner of building is last July. Now my birthday annmade here I remember many who, always cool and healthful. Th ages, kinds and conditions There all sorts of emarkable curios. One cities of he Old World f o will come on December Just South of the City on having come here for the benefit of temperature rises higher in every ae funy little ones, right out of can spend hours in this fascinating lowed, and the narrow streets, with 18th, and if spared it mill e my health, are detained for life by the other state in the Union than it the shell, and there ae gigantic, place. Opportunity is also given overhanging balconies, gve grate- 8t My husband had a fine busi- State Highway No. 4 amenity of the climate. This de- does in Florida, and no other state horny-backed things that look pre- acquire souvenirs. Frequently vis- ful shade, ness and catered to the finest people lightful and at the same time equls it in the salubrity of its cli- at the old St. Augustine hotels, LOOK FOR OUR SIGNS :healthful climate, is attracting mate. A considerate writer as- any old houses in St. Ags-IManlia, San Maro and St.
miny invalids from l uafs to igns the ollowing reasons for Many old oses in S Aus- Magnolia, Sn Mac and S
city, ad when ey come t healthfulness thecalceous and eti s From Wilco tine are built of coquina a native George and Barcelona. He used to
m a s remain. ea s antisetic qullyof 1e soil, whick rock yO.2. tspine fests, filling 0 be S1,ye resided sn the the air with healthful aroma; 3. Miss Nina Hawkins,
onn ast Tennessee for the abundant sea surroundings, al- Editor,
iyear on theshores ofLake ways a purifier of the air; 4. the Eio
Michigan 'as much longer, and in coolness of the summer breeze, and The St. Augustine Record, SHOU LD ur pleasant home near New York dryness and clearness nf the winter St. Augustine, Florida. ISITORS SHOULD STOP AND SEE seven yea:.s, have we so heartily air and superaddedto all is.the mild
enoyed a summer as we did that and friendly influence of her Dear Miss Hawkins:
of 182 at St. Augustine. The mild warmer climate." I have just learned of your plan to celebrate the 40th anniversary climate, which the northernercan Though the atmosphere at St. A
neiter import nor man facture, Augustine is humid, it has an elas- of the St. Augustine Record by the publication of a special edition. enabled us to.spend our wmole time ticity and a purity which at once I extendtothe Record myheartiest congratulations upon the n the open air, and our health invigorates an invalid from the completion of forty years of public service. The Record has mainimproved daily. But, some will ask, north and renders it an exquisite
do you pretend that summer in the pleasure just to breathe. Hence of stained a consistent attitude of helpfulness in the development of South'is more pleasant than at the all places in the world, this is the Florida. Its policies have been conservative but constructive. It has >orth ? This is what te believe. very best for him for the regaining Aas Fr
This of itself reconciles us for the ofhis health, and for the luxury of always championedthecause of Florida anditscitizens. losr of many good things we en- living when health'is regained. It I wish for the Record many years of continued activity in its joyed at: the North; but we also is the Montpelier of America. great field of public service.
Oietal Villa Zorayda Fatues With kindest regards and best wishes, I am ig ato r S tri c

Detail of Famous Alhambra of J. MARK WILCOX, _Spain; Built by Noted Architect Congressman, Fourth District, Florida.

Oriental Villa Zorayda on King Alhambra of Spain in its inspira- and Museum of Street, St. Augustine, one of the tion: the City
unusual buildings in St. Augustine, "Mahamad Aben Alahmar, the City O c s was built by Franklin W. Smith, of founder of the Alhambra, having MARINE__URIOSITIES Boston, Nass., for a winter resi- participated with Iing Ferdinand Back in 1894 the City of St. Augustine operated under the old alderdence. Mr.Smithwasonrchitect, in the conquest of Seville, returned manic form of government. H. Gaillard was president of the councit and developed his plan of nori- to his dominions. When the con- The colored people of the community were represented onthe council, ental building as appropriate to queror approached his beloved Gra- havinoemember
Florida. The architecture through- nada, the people thronged forth to otec under theocmmmisson-mnager doem of gsvout is strictly Moorish, after see him with impatient joy, for they ernment with the commissioners acting in an administrative capacity, AN EDUCATIONAL EXHIBIT sbrtchs an..d photographs is Spain, loved him as.. benefactor. Than and the ~i manugecand the city ..i onger bgin thf theotim mstin oion Tangiers and Algiers. Like the had erected arches of triumph in
Alhambra itself, the Zorayda is of honor of his martial exploits, and Lists of officials of the City of St. Augustine 40 years ago and today This farm contains four times as many large live Alligators as any other collection in the world, and has massive concrete The walls have wherever he passed he was hailed follow: them ranging in size from the newly-hatched to Old Ponce, whose age is estimated to be 900 years; weighs an external appearance of granite- with acclamation as El Ghalib, or 189
oeiptiho in Arabic shics tcans- Isis bead n-bu hc heard the uppet- Pesident Council: H Gailuarda soyor.Cmmisio9 E. J. Wish- over 1,200 pounds, and is capable of eating 75 pounds of meat at one meal. Come and see him; he will greet lated is "There is no conqueror but nation. 'Wa la ghalib ills lla,' 50- Aldermen- Joho Center ard, Sr yo with the broadest smile you will meet in the State.
nher- reproduced 00 the escuich- hot God.' Pom Ihat tin focward P.W. Tamnge. V.J Mickler. This is the home of Old Jack, the meanest alligator on earth. He is a ahow in himself. Bring your kodak eons and in the tracery of the Al- he adopted the exclamation as his Allen Wood. WalterS. Pcaseu. as this is the best place to get an alligator picture. sambra. motto. Ru oscribed it 00 ablique A. J. Corbett. Charles Leyvrao.
Inside the Zorayda is a central band oo hi eecubtca, s.d it Wm. Markle. T. Rogero Mickler. Our collection of Florida Snakes is unequalled at any other place and contains the largest Diamond Ratcour, passed wih tiles made in cootisued to hc the motto of bis John Papino (Colored) Judge: John P. Mack. Spain, and surrounded by a gallery descendants." C. C. Beasley. City Auditor and Clerk: C. tlesnakea in the world; a den of Haby Ruttlers born in captivity. Ameng the many other varieties to be aeon supported on 36 horseshoe arches, Now the Zorayda is used as a J. S. Colee. Kettle. here are the Moccasin, Coachwhip, Harlequin, Spreading Adder, Glass Snake, Black Snake, Coral Snake, Ribembellished with strange designs club in the winter season, and is B. A. Pacett i. City Treasurer and Collector: John hen Snake, Rainbew Snake, Garter Snake, Hull Snake, Indigo Snake and many other kinds. and trqery. In this detail of con- not open to the public. Some years Judge: W. B. Drysdale. P. Mack. struction and ornamentation, the ago it was rented for a tea room, City Clerk: P. S. Arau. City Manager: Eugene Masters. Zm'ayda is said to have been the and as onc of the moot popular City Teasuer L. A. Colee. City Att.u.ney: E. Noble Calhoun. TURTLES first example in the United States. places in the city. City Collector: M. J. Lopez. Board of Tax Assessors: Wushoiogon Irng 'Th u m wis alike ia the whole stro- mrs. Muest P. Otivaros. Chicken, Boo and Land Turtles, Diamond-Backed Terrapin, Alligator Terrapin, Florida Terrapin and many
bra" to show that the Zorayda of ture, and a survey of the building City Stock Impounder: Emanuel Oscar Usina. other varieties are always on exhibition. Sea Turtles, large and strong enough to carry the combined weight City Macstool: Louis Rite. Chief of Pir Departmet: W. of three grown men, and who, if they could talk, could probably give the correct account of the landing of
Old St. Augustine Police Commissionec: Jno. T. Dis- Parkhill. Pence de Leon.
mukes. City Building Inspector: J. L.
Chief Fire Department: W. S.N. Thornton. A den of Gila Monsters and several varieties of Iguanas, Wildcats, Coons, Opossums, Polecats, Florida Pinkham. PlumbingoInspector: George White. Fox, Fox Squirrels, Cat Squirrels, Pelican, Sea Gulls, Eagles, Monkey-Faced Owls, Great Horned Owl, Great
Blue Herron, Egret.

From Miami to The remaining living link connecting the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. 08 1 POWELL'S CAMPHAYARD, FLORIDA FLORIDA'S GREAT EST SHOW PLACE
Half-Way Hetween St. Augustine and Jacksonville
On U. S. No. --State Road No. 4 A short drive from center of city on the famous Ocean Shore Boulevard
Modern Conveniences Special Legion Nates
This is a glimpse of Old St. Augustine, with its quaint coquina
houses, and oyaerhangig balconies.

*, ,sc nc s of approximately 18 miles. The line The Narrowest Street asserted by two brothers, Joho
and Mony Irwin. In coming into
St. Augustioe thoy blew a horn to -_----Of Oldest City .....
s let the people know that tht otage V__coach was approaching. This ser"By Man of 81vice was followed by a tramway
from Picolata to St. Augustine. Dr.
John Westcott was the generalissimo. One day a stranger said to
Charles Hopkins, Sr., etott, "I h heard
C lS of a charge of $2.00 being made by
Long-Time Resident ny traportation line tot ael a
SLo okm Backwade distance of 18 miles." Dr. WestLooks Backward eott, holding his corn cobb pipe in
his mouth, tightly gripped between
his teeth, replied, "Quite true, sir,
Recalls Former Days though Iwant to tell you this. You
will travel longer over this line for
Postmaster During United States for the same sum."
President Wilson's There was a bath house years
Administration ago, tlar in shape, known as
the Cape bath house, a little north
of the present Bridge of Lions.'NI The following reminiscences were This was a most popular place forM
written for the anniversary aum- bathing by the people of St. Augusher of the Record by Charles F. tine.
Hopkins, Sr., age 81, whohas long
been identified with life in St. Au- St. Augustine was a military post gustine. He was reared in this city, at one time, the barracks and other
and at one time published a news- government buildings being occu-a e m pansies
paper here. He was postmaster of pied by the offers and men. This ssoc a e an
St. Augustine during the Wilson of course added much to the social a administration. pleasures of the socially inclind.
Much sorrow was expressed when .E IIIL.
I clearly recall the old Spanish thepost was abandoned. THE CHULUOTA COMPANY
Lighthouse. This was built in 1693, THE CHULUOTA COMPANY
undermined by the sea, and fell ih In the early days of my young iJune, 1880. The present lighthouse manhood, we of St. Augustine knew en Anastasia was erected in 1874. each other. At the present time, I am almost persuaded to say it is
I remember quite distinctly the the exception to meet someone of Old Treasury Street the narrowet thoroughare, ithe Oldest Cty AND ahdhi ThmOd 8reaeury Ofyeeg rH i o yhhorodwhhre in Oldity Sold beef market. In the early days lonmg residence er we now. at on the United States One can well imagine Spaniards of olden times there was a bell in the tower, which ma n strike you as a t h e ao ca d n nl etr t e asexo ld ring ott at k o'clock in the aggerated statement I still'believe, c touching hands across the way. Now Hotel Monon borders Treasuy morning, advising the people that however, that wheat I say rings Street on the north side, and on thesoth side is the handome home of
olictIWas in readiness at the market. pretty close to the truth. IMrs. Elbridge Gerry Snow.
Opposite the beef market in the PERRINE GRANT LAND CO.
early days thebe o l tdh madt, I remember, when we walked to 4ctor0ano aCapo Reminisces To
in what was called the basin, a the City Gnto we ie paonng on e
ace of refuge for small boats into the tod. Thi y Gates not Record Representat e; Recalls
during stormy weather. There as exagger tion. Today the City og a es tat
also a similar basin at the east end are nearer the enter of the citys of His Boyhoo Old E
of St. Francis Street. Both of these than is the governmentpost office. ays s in
Sbasins wer o e losed some years ago
in order to mak a continuous sea An important event in the history Recallin when an extension of g lared a nlet from the Matanzas wall from the bat-racks to Fort of St. Augustine tao the building Maria Sanchez Creek ran its course River flowed directly across what
Iarion. In the morning at the fish of Hotels Ponce de Leon and Alca- over the land now occupied by the is now part of the Fort San Marco
Thet, seaw sold by the Tsher- H gstine, w etsofd ry th o ldwp stofthe lves mrket, fish unsold by the fisher- ar, between the years 1885 and, Aleazar and Ponce de Leon Hotels, Reservation, continuing over San
n were bouan t by youngsters and 1889. Work on Hotel Ponce de V no Cape at n his ocking Marco road and connecting with the F A G S Y S T E
Saddled in an effort to gain a few Le on FIas beiagu in 188d an d coo- tco eorI nao u g s tnt In At J oodg dii-0e0. I was one of these younog- chair in his home at No. 6 San Sebastian River. A bridge stet. O of hose oyhood topleted in 1888. Hotel Alcazar was Street and recounted to a Rncord covered this marshy inlet where it
pf s One of my close boy hood co olete in 1889. Luring this
riends was Charlie Reynolds, wh n h d representative numerous other n- crossed the street and Mr. Cape
bI believe no is associated with the for.. sard ofo men weeumlatin r
Ask Mr. Foster Co., in New York played, and large sums of mone t g fts bo th cty wen h aught many a f off
City. At any time should either were pet in circulation, much to everybody here called each other that span when young.
et ie win rem yof t e. Join i .ongra g
SCharlie or I have a dime we would the joy of merchants of the city by their first names and a railroad Railroads were not in existence enjoy ice cream together, purchased was an unheard of way of travel- here when he was a young man, drom Mr. Pomar, or some other aim- A great boost for St. Augustine ling. Mr. Cape reminded his listener, ilarplace of business. was the purchase ofJacksonville- "Beadie," asMr Capo is fami pointing out that maio and'pasSt. Augustine and Halifax Railway liarly nown, dug deep into his sengers were transported by boat I owned and operated for five by Henry M. Flagler, Dec. 31, 1885. memory bag and came up with the down'the St. Johns River to Picolayears a newspaper known as the toyhod e pohhe d I on to too
St. Augustine Daily Herald. Frank Almost 50 years ago property story of how, when a child, he used ta Landing, coing to St. AugusIngam was editor. Frank was a lyin west of Riberia Street, ex- to play hookey from school and tie from there by stage coach. AtT h e
clever writer. It is may impression, tending to the San' Sebastian river, hide rnder the bridge that spanned that time St. Augustine numbered
although I am not positively sure,was all low marsh land. Note the the Maria Sanhez Creek where about 600 people, he said.
that the Daily Herald was the first transformation todav. We used to King Street i now located. And Mr. Cape stated that when the daily paper ever published in St. Shoot curlew and other water fowl just because he noticed his listener first narrow gauge railroad was
Augustine. As nearly as I can re- there. gasp a bit he took time out to say, put through to this city the depot
call I took up newspaper work in Don't thik I can' remember waslocated atwhatisnow Daven1894. SIn 1899, think it e, I Myy. g by e on w an yn re an .t S on its 40th anniversary of service to St. Augustine t i n clearly what I tell you. Some folks, port Park. Later, he added, when sold out to the Flagler interests name of Dumas owned the property when they get old, forget actual Mr. Flagler bought the road he
i the St. A ugutioe vening and late J. C. Heart, oBidge Stret. happenings and Use their imagina- filled in and reclaimed all the dS
as the eStd. Auustine Evening and late J. C. Heart, on Bridge Street. tion to make up for it. I haven't marshy land where the present rail- an t. Johns County as the publishers of The St.
SSunday eord. Mr. Dumas had a lot of blackberries reached that stage yet. I was born way offices are located and moved
J; ohn F. Whitney any years ago growing in his field, and would not January 12, 1852 and I'm only 83 the station to a spot near w ere f snn .Re
-isheda paper at St. Augustine. allow anyone to have them but years old." Orange Augustine Evening Record
ithor remember the name of the girls. George Gibbs ad I dressed 10 u'00 to 00 0or, te totrs-.
iation nor te date., as girls, and were-admitted; We stu-rig te -11y, R blr.e- It" o -.---t
The EveningNews, I believe, was had not been in the field long be- a mason in the construction at once arose and announced the
Sme of oa pape fore someone said we were not girls of the Alcazar and Ponce de Leon interview world have to be terminSth nlme of paper published by at all, but boys, dressed in girls' Hotels and also the clubhouse call- ated. He wanted to listen-in on his
B. Smith. I n conver.ation a Dlothes. You should have pseen us
otime ago with Guy Sackett f coe ed the Villa Zorayda. He stated that favorite radio orchestra.D n
Jtctz.s n Heights, New York City, scamper out of that field. When he also helped in constructing they a
t-tho i- his youth lived in St. Augus- 000 left however, we tarried some two-story frame house on SheFoun- Compliment Given
li hesaid hesoldpapers for Mr. of the berries with us. tain of Youth property. He pointaooith, and that at that time the ed out that the foundation timbers On Artistry- in
a a operating by hand power, My grandfather, Col. Gad Hum- in that building .were held tougher Expanding Town
tu o large water wheel hich phreys, a native of Canton, Conn., Expanding
supplied the power for the press. and colonel in the United States bywooden pegs instead of nails.
Going back to hio onliest Thh i indications of a continued and more
We had a great asebal team in Army, was I believe the first or elections, Mr. Cape said that he well In The Standard Guide of St.
the early days. Tebe Benet wasoneof the firstorshipful Masters recalled the time when only four Augustine, published in 1892, catches, and Frank Andreu firsl of the first Masonic Lodge in St. houses were to be seen noeth of Charles H. Reynolds writes, "What baseman. Both Tebe and Frank Augustine. Ahandwrittencertif- city gtes. At ht ti, he de- with detruti fe, the ng in
oere regarded at the time as stars cate to this effect is filed with Ash- the city g At that time, hd ith destructive fi the rapd growth during the next ew years.
in baseball activities. The baseball lar Lodge, and is in the safety de- of creeks and marshes, the opening games were frequently played on posit box of the lodge. of transportation from St. Augus- of new streets, and the expansion the Fort Reservation. tine to what is now West St. Au- of the town north and west and
The seawallwas built by the The home of Col. Humphreys wan gustine, was by means of a large south, old visitors find themselves Sele lc ti fo home intown for
United States Government in 1833- located where the Gr anada Hotel stow. A heavy rope was stretched strangely at a loss to identify local-ct your a on r a or
1842, at a cost of $104,500. It is is now. I think the property to the from the east to the west bank of cities. The St. Augustine Hotel and 3,000 feet in length. In 1693, the west was owned by Mr. Atwood. the river, and by a hand-over-hand entire blocks on the north and south original Spanish eawall of coquina Col. Humphreys served as United motion on the rope, the scow w oas sides of therPlaza have been dewas built six feet west of the pres- States Agent to the Seminole In- propelled. As nearly as I can re- stayed and replaced by new build-l c sare eaent wall. The seawall forms a most diane from May 20, 1822 to March call, the name of the man on the ings. Where boats once sailed and a or cattle ranch NOW -while prices are re
significant part of St. Augustine. Qr marsh hens clattered on the Maria
sigoifanot poet of St. Augustine. 1830. The Seminoles originally scow was Hartshorn. Mr. Hart- Sanhez Creek, now stands the l
Some yr go the entire water belooged to She Creeh Noti and shorn lived on Sh north sido Aleazar; an s the street, b
nt was taken up by those inter- were 3,899 in number. There are King Street in West St. Augustine, where half a dozen years ago a sign estoed in the sailboat races on the now but a few hundred of them in not far from the ferry. I remember stueh in the med forbade shooting, oators of Matanzas Bay. The boats th State of Florida. I am of the a most beautiful oak tree, which is one wing of the Hotel Ponce do i'ith their spreading sails and flying opinion that the position of govern- stood directly in front of the Hart- Leon; the site of the new railroad sheets presented a magnificent pic- mert agent to the Seminoles is what shorn home. It was the admiration depot is on reclaimed land, once a te. It istoberegretted thatthis brought Col. Humphreys to Florida. of all who panned that way. The bos been laid out only afte el.-I
ost excitingt sport should now ben ll o t on s in St Augwtine I n St. Johs Coiit
placed almost entirely in the dis- present bridge was constructed by matured plans. None of them have card. The fastest and most famous Hoop yearn ago hofore the build- Sho late Captain Seth Perloins. The been dominated by the niggardly of the boats were the Chemaun, ing of the bridge which now spans bridge has proved a joy to all who notion which narrowed the loses to
owned by Copt. W. S. M. Pinkham; the San Sebastian River, the means cross the river at this point, the old times." Tere are several desirable resi- There are a number of good
she U Adioe, owood by Capt. Ceorgo
Cibbo, od Sloe Arrow, owed by LOOK WHAT THE LEION .WLL FIND AT MIAMI! .. dential lots on Carrera and farming locations and several

Alongonumberof years agowhen o.
teot ..d int ieS of Augus- Oviedo Streets for sale at rea- tracts suitable for cattle raising
death and the hbee of the funeral
woo nent out by special esnger. sonable prices and on easy for sale at reasonable pces
who called at each home, handing. .
the notice of the death and funeral terms by- and on easy terms byt be read. I remember a highly
respected colored citizen who performed this service. Many of the
rldeeciti.ento ill ree. ber Tony L an d C o

Atone time there .a. tea M model Land
Creek, flowing fo.o South Street to s-ert the Hotels Ponce de Leon

bridge woo eognioed as the divid- FLAGLER SYSTEM
leg line between St. Augustine and

eiti..o of St. Augustion oho toot S
is ill bralo nd without t tootey, Stus rForida
"WhY don't yoto ack the Kioogs ,iiug.siiifle,
Oey will do something for you if

esal wont tbi g Sto d. withha Also Office Space in Model Land Company's City Building at
i's Daught od. I tnr tS t Reasonable Rental
00t to be a porpoise on She -manty." The old man was a very
uod old too. I really held him
ilighoesteem. Wiilitiotre he die nold neither read nor write, he
posessed a most remarkable mem- From the looks af this welcoming committee, delegates to the national convention of the American
Ly. Leg;on 10 ri0.n.i, Fit., Oc t'tl" l 2-25, will be e b t 0;_etd, T___ irl__ ar_ l set__o do their hit toward making the convention more than just a rctigr Ftir g resolution and the like, (Associated T. hete used to be a stage line from Pe Photal
F ijoipto St Auutie, adistince P

$] .;


Oglethorpe's Quaint Old Murat House

History Given

"instiy!i GEvery Slice the Same!

Early Life of English
Colonizer Is Rehed Butter- rust
Settled Georgia You Bet It'sB u

Siege of St. Augustine G 0 0 DIs Recounted in
Paper The last slice is as
The siege of St. Augustine by FRESH as the first It is baked SLOWER. It is delivered to your General James Oglethorpe was one dealer fresh every day, no chance to grow stale. of the major attacks which this old You'll enjoy the finer texture, the longer-lasting H ity and the ancient fort of San freshness and the perfection of this fine baking. The St. Augustine Historical The first slice and the last one will convince you Society and Institute of Science has of its superior taste and quality. devoted considerable time recently
Sreserch along this line, d FINE PASTRIES
added interest is being taken because of the recently completed FINE PAS efforts of the society to secure sev- i eral lots on Davis Shores, Anas- Why slave in the kitchen, let us do your pastry tasia, which nclude the site of the c 4 baking. Everything from feather-light rolls to old Ogiethorpe batteries. The the most delicious cakes and pies that you've ever society intends to mark the site. This is one of St. Augustine's quaintest old houses. It is located at the corner of Bridge and St. George tasted. Priced reasonable, tool At a recent meeting of the oi Streets, and is always'called the Murat House because Prince Achille Murat and his wife resided there ty Miss Mabel Altoonjian read ab out 100 years ago. It now belongs to Miss Helen Meeker. interesting paper on Oglethorpe, __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ which rehearses that period so well, sent emissaries to the border of St. Augustine was constructed for other for the failure. A court it is reproduced in full as follows: Carolina to entice away negroes, the fugitive slaves that were martial exonarated Oglethorpe. OD
James Edward Oglethorpe promising them freedom and pro- brought from Carolina. It con- The year 1741 passed without OURPRODUCTS James Edward Oglethorpe, found- tection-enough negroes left to tained a house, well and lookout. It active operation on either side. In BAKED IN r of the Colony of Georgia, was the form a regiment. also was deserted and Oglethorpe's the spring of 1742 an expedition .. ST. AUGUSTINE son of Sir Theophilus Oglethorpe In 1739 England declared war men partially destroyed it, but was organized in Havana to operate of Godalming, Surrey County, against Spain and a squadron later occupied it. Colonial Palmer against the English settlement in Great Britain. His mother, Eleanor, was sent to the West Indies to aid was stationed there. Georgia. In March of the followwas the daughter of Richard Wall, Oglethorpe. He visited South Caro- Oglethorpe proceeded to erect ing year Oglethorpe made a sudden Esq., of Rogane, Ireland. lina and secured the assistance of batteries on Anastasia Island op- attack upon Florida, advancing up The year, month and day of his that colony to aid in a joint expedi- posite the fort-and opened fire to the gates of St. Augustine. The birth is a matter of uncertainty tion by land and sea. Carolina lJune 24. The main battery was Spanish garrison remained within -i among historians. According to the raised a regiment of 400 men under located on the point opposite the the fort and Oglethorpe was forced Harris Memorials of Oglethorpe he Colonial Vanderdussen. Several fort. Another battery was placed to retire. No further hostilities was born December 21, 1688, and other Indian tribes were also on high wooded ground and the occurred and Oglethorpe protected died January 30, 17t5. The en- secured. Oglethorpe speeded peep- third an North Peach. (Map 10 his colony for many years. The eylopedia Brittanica, Webster and arations to attack before the and Battery Map.) garrison at St. Augustine was other authorities give the year of Spnish could strengthen their gar- June 25, 1740, Fort Moosa was reduced to a mere defensive force. his nativity as 1696 instead of 1688 risens. In the meantime Monteano, In 1748 a treaty etween Great TO THE which is a discrepancy of 8 years. the Spanish Governor, had heard of attacked by 300 Spaniards and British and Spain ceased all hostiliThere is even a question as to his Oglethorpe's plans and he immedi- Colonial Palmer was killed and 20 ties between the colonies until 1762 USTIE RECORD given name and it is asserted that ately appealed to the Governor of of his men taken prisoners. Ogle- (14 years) when Havana was cap- I R C D he had two Christian names, James- Havana for supplies and aid. There thorpe finished. getting his batteries turned by the English. Forty Years of Reliable Edward. However, the double were only a few Spanish outposts in psti nd f ally ned Elad desired is eqie Flee- Service Is Indeed a Record to
name only occurs on his sepulchre detachments outside of St. Service s ndeed a Record to T S
and records show that he was en- Augustine. One was on Cumber- the Spanish garrisons to surrender. ida to complete her Colonial bound- Be Proud of. Try Supreme rolled at Oxford College simply as land Island but was withdrawn on Governor Monteano immediately aries. The capture of HavanaTeir Success Continueougnu James and the double name was not account of its distance and isola- replied that by the Holy Cross he seemed to offer a favorable oppor- May Their Success ContinueFresh Daily lsed in any public document. tion. Another, called St. Nicolas, would defend the Castle (Fort tunity for the acquisition of Florida On July 9, 1704, Oglethorpe at w on the St. Johns Rier near the Marion) to the last drop of his blood by arranging for an exchange of the early age of 16 became a mem- mouth; and two at Picolata up the and he hoped soon to "kiss his Ex- Havana for Florida and the Babee of Corpus Christi College, Ox- river, to the end of St. Augustine; cellency's hands within its walls." ford where he studied, in the liter- the largest on the west bank of the Oglethorpe then uarded the hamas. This was affected in a ary field, but soon relinquished it river called San Francis de Poppa, Matanzas entrance and south end treaty between England, Spain and h)J V for a military profession, which held a garrison of 60 men, of Anastasia Island, thus hoping to France February, 1763. By this On the 15th of September, 1744, the other at Picolata, on the east cut off Spanish supplies. The siege treaty the province of East and e married Elizabeth, the only bank, had only 10men. These forts ent on cannon against cannon up- West Florida were ceded to Great San Marco and Rohde ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. Telephone 4 daughter of Sir Nathan Wright, were designed to keep in check the oi thefort, butthe shortage of guns Britain and Havana restored to Baronet of Cranham Hall, Essex. Indians and to protect the route and the peculiar nature of the ma- Spain. His first commission was that of from St. Augustino to South Marks. terial which the fort was built made After settling the Colony of teor"- c- -.In 1714 he was A detachment from St. Augustine the bombarding unsuccessful. In- gia, protecting i ca'eriehiAg it st ACaiita Lieutenant in the first had landed on Amelia Island dentations are still visible on the growth Oglethorpeletthe govern-= troop of athe Queen's Life Guards of and killed two unarmed sick men, walls of Fort Marion where Ogle- went iOlethe heds oft thers and England, but preferring active duty cut off their heads, and mangled lhodpe's cannons bedded in the retired to his country seat at Godalabroad to an idle life at home he their bodies. Oglethorpe pursued walls). ming, England. availed himself of the opportunity them into Florida; swept the river Although the entrance at MAtan- BIBLIOGRAPHY to becosne secretary to Prince Eu- St. Johns and drove the Spanish zas was guarded by an English Fairbanks: "History and Angenend afterwards his aide-d- outposts, hunting their cattle and vessel, the port of Mosquito (at tiquities of St. Augustine."LS O N C Y PS camp. He was soon offered the ravaging their country. He consid- New Smyrna), 40 miles below was Harris: "Memorials of Ogle- WR Opportunity to display his marked ered the west bank of the St. Johns open and vessels could enter there thrp"
military ability and genius in an ex- as within the English limits, and and place their cargoes on small o pedition against the Turks in which looked upon the building of San boats to be carried up the Halifax Founded 1889 Prince Eugene wan engaged, as ho Francis de Peppa as an encroach- and thus reach St. Augustine by Pounding Surf Founded1889
Ewas in active command at the siege ment by the Spanish. Oglethorpe the inland passage hy the Matanzas bnd battle of Belgrade, on the south attacked this fort in 1740 and cap- River. Is Attraction to phore7 of the Danube in 1717. turned it-thus adding to Lis own The ERdglish supplies wer e about Visitors In the pear 1711 Oglethorpe in- strength. By the last of May his exhausted and Governor Monteano M ierited the family estate at God- land forces reached the mouth of had heard this from some of Oglebiing. the St. Johns River, bout forty thorpe's deserters and hoped to The thunder of the surf on the HIS Company has been cutting Deep Swamp TIDEWATER His honorable character -and miles north of St. Augustine. reduce them by starvation. In the white sand beaches lures lovers ofatka, Florida, for over forty years and has family inflenee cured hin a seat About midway between the mouth meantime the Spanish had received old ocean to the share, nd there s RED CYPRESS at Palatka, Florida, for over forty years and has in parliament, which honor he re- of the St. Johns River and St. Au- fresh supplies from Havana and wonderful surf-bathing at the sevtained for 32 year with distinction gustine was a small fort called San this news made Oglethorpe decide eral beaches, adjacent to histori operated continuously during that time with the exception of two While a member of parliament he Diego which was found evacuated to abandon the siege. The failure St. Augustine. instances when destruction by fires caused temporary shut-downs. bided John Howard, the Father of by Oglethorpe and his men. Fort of Oglethorpe's expedition brought Motoring on the hard, surfPrison Reform, in revealing the Moosa (often called the negro fort) great disputes between lin pounded floor of the beach is never horrible condition prevailing in the which was located- two miles from and Georgia-each blaming the to-be-forgotten. In 1929 the WILSON CYPRESS COMPANY started its new prisons at England end fevered
b in is heter the I .isons. electrically operated mill with an annual capacity of 40,000,000
brought t him to North America. WE CONGRATULATE feet. This mill is the most modern and complete lumber plant east
Oglethorpe ..a an d the ts r of the Rocky Mountains. It was built to manufacture the finest
ettle ent of Scotch Highlanders T h St Ati Rd lumber obtainable.
'Altamaha and a fort was erected at T h e C FedeSa. The Company carries at all times on its yards and dock at PaIn 1736 the Spanish G.vec.r af On Forty Years of Superior Service and Unti'ring thorpe t surrender and evaluate Efforts for the Upbuilding f the
all land south of St. Helena Sound, RED GYPRESS. as it belonged to theRnaio n ould Entire Community. Spain ande other ain would he
allowed to occupy it. Oglethors In 1893 Ford finished his first gasoline buggy--this The timber which the WILSON CYPRESS COMPANY is now who had been given the land by the
English Crown declined to evacuate. being our 40th year, we can safely announce the ulti- manufacturing and will continue to cut for many years to come,
thow. th and esri n ture p mate in results of forty years of car building by the Ford was purchased in the early days of the business and is the choicest raeti o ore Spanish invasion. Motor Co.-which is the 1934 V-8. We invite you to drive Cypress timber known. Therefore, he went to England to
war the Crown of the danger of for yourself and see the reasons for its nation-wide pubtie English settlement. Engtih lic acceptance. The Managementof WILSON CYPRESS COMPANY, at all commerce had suffered severely
from the interference of Spain and Will Find the e Car times, will welcome visitors to its Palatka plant and will be pleased
6 feeling of hostility to Spanish Here Is Yhat You Will Find in the New V- Car pretension occupied the public tO explain to them the many interesting phases of themanufacture ind. Theretor, Oglethoeo's oe- A new kind of performance on hills, in traffic, outth h n n sng t anua r quest for aid was given immedi- Greatlyincreased economy. Newbeauty and care of this distinctive wood--TIDEWATER RED CYPRESS.
ierned to Georgia with eommis- inside and outside-more comfort for driver and passion of Major General, a regiment of soldiers and a cn- sengers. siderable sum of money (estinad amund 50,00 according Is Come In and Let Us Demonstrate to You the 1934 WY somehistorians). Immediately up- Be fnhis arrival he built forts and put V8 Ford and Be Convinced of Its Many The s were lso f ortifying Superior Qualities. PALATKA, FLORIDA and strengthening their fortresses.
Both tried to secure the alliance of
thorp Wasw successful i havig t POLLARD MOTOR CO. TIDEWATERa RED CYPRESS TRIPLE-MARKED ul tribe to side with the English. POLL MOTOR FiniTrimand S t d Ford alers Finish rims and Moulings LUMBER redress for the injuries inflicted up- F Shingles and Lath on thein ....erc, for which the CORNER BALLARD AND SAN MARCO AVENUE Spanish agreed to make payment
provided Oglethorpe gave up the PHONE 512 oeeupied land. Oglethorpe's refusal
nde egotiation fail. The Spanish
athr itie s then at St. Augustine ,11 lII n ll l lllllI lil l til







Ponce de Leon sought a fabled Foun- Follow the Oleander Walk to the River, tain of Youth on the Island of Bimini, and see the reproductions of the old forwhen he set sail in 1513 in the caravel, tifications that once bristled along the
Dolores. He landed on the shores of fair waterfront to impress the enemy.
Florida, and the point has been establish- And above all see the excavations that
ed by reliable historians, after careful have been going on there this summer, research, to be undoubtedly where and which have aroused the interest of the Fountain of Youth, beloved of visi. scientists from the Smithsonian and tors to the Oldest City, is now located. other noted institutions. Over 100 skelTread the land that Ponce de Leon trod long centuries ago! etons have been located in the ancient burying-ground. In most places where burying grounds have been discovered, the Drink from the spring that takes its name from Ponce de Leon's skeletons have been removed from the ground, and bones have
fabled fountain. It is in a picturesque grotto of coquina, the disintegrated. Not so at the Fountain of Youth. Probably never
native rock of St. Augustine, a soft, creamy, tinted stone. anywhere else could one see such a panorama as is offered
S See the museum with its fine collection of antiques that have to there! It is gruesome, strange, awe inspiring, and interesting ido with Florida's early history. Rare paintings are inaelded. beyond words. Don't fail to soe this very unusual sight.


George Edwards, 1 Views of St. Augustine (Carried in Old Magazine "Gay Nineties" Is Term That

Is 98 Years Old, 2 lFRANX LESLIE'S 'ILLUS STATED NEWSPAPER. tMAY is..xs Puzzles Many, So Read This

Holds Record Elwood Allen TDecade Is RememberOldest Person Found _- With Record ed as One of Wild
in Community; Was Thirty Years Extravagances
Born Slave Elwood O. Allen has been with Why the "Gay Nineties?"
the Record Company for 30 years, Many people have puzzled over
Is Almost Blind and in this way he belongs to the that phoo.e, .d wondered why the old regime. Nineties were supposed to be so
He is the oldest employee now gy-hy ngl them out, when
Says He Belonged to0 in the service of the company . ehy .. oth o L p Mr. Allen worked with the decades that have come and gone Lopez Family of Rscord Company when D. E. since?
7This Thm we geel mongm, A biography of Diamond Jim A_ -,dThompson was g general manage Brady, one of the spectacular fgThi Ciy ... ..d the plant was located on
___-__--:..Aviles Street. He has worked on ure of the nineties, by P er So far as the management of the sE enaeNno nT n. teOUnan OD tev ent steadily and faithfully under Mor goine gien un an idea aso
THE LANDING A ST. Avousri& MR OLD SLAV ARIM tan M Record has been able to judge from several administrations the appropriateness o the phrase
4ames turned in, the oldest person A discussion ofit seems apropos in the community is Geoege Ed- r____ _ _ Imorta_ _es e f te oroi.esay edition whie wards, colored, of No. 59 Oneida . e ties, od we ote thi imSI~hI do teoheml b 8 e the nod hoohto the NineStreet. He say he will be 98 years .Morell's description of the times: old next July Fourth, and has liv The following important dates in "Always the mecca of pleasure all e~tJulyFouthand as iv-the history of the newer St. An- seekers, New York now pandered ed here all (,! his life, being born tehsoyo h ee t usee edhereeoallfhislifehbeio born ..gustine are interesting: frankly to the horde of newly rich in a house on Charlotte Street. His Memorial Presbyterian Chureh who me storming through its story is that he was born a slave, Abuilt in 1885-1887. gates. Despite the four bleak years in the family of Nilas Lopez, the Trinity Episcopal Parish formed of depression that ate at its middle grndfather of X. Lopez, of thin se. .. or organized in 1821. it was otill oo au of Oooh-o time city. Episcopal Church builtand lavish P t spending oareied for more weight When asked if he had ever seen cn City Bopist Chr th did ultur d reement sl~s Sold in the old Slave Mar- I;;'Ancient City Baptist Church sedn are a oewih slaves sold in the old er . - --f - b i 89 "Whdn the old Goelets opened the ket on the Plaza, his answer was Eisopal Imperial Hotel on the Southeast that he had seen them sold there eHE OaLD FORAenS.A NE, LOK OU TO SeA. Crc Methodist Episcopal Imperi Churibuilti 188 corner of Broadway and Thirtyand whipped too. _____________"_Flagler Mausoleum built at the second street, in 1898, New York Edwards is almost blind, but
Edwarsis almost blosd, but o " . .southwest side of Memorial Pres-got its first intimation of the m a n a g e s to m ak e h is w a y a ro u n d .." .e'-r-Xg t
woe n bt hein way ar hb1I yterian Church In 1906. splendors that were soon to come.
BridgeHe says that things aommecedear as a Th Imperial start ed the bll rollurfed shadow before him, but de- building in 1925, approximate cost ing, and other great hotels soon fllaes his min d i as keen as his was $,000,000. lowed. During nearly every year boneshismi dinnsheenehie men $100,. glr of the decade, a more elaborate eyes are dim. Alicia Hospital was opened by estabolishment was opened. 'There's plenty I eoutd tol you Henry M. Flagler in 1889. In 1901
missis about this here town," he the ining and dining in those dys assured ecordepoer hthe name was changed o Flagler was an art which the hotels with assured a Record reporter as he Hospital. It was destroyed by fire their elaborate cuisines did muh to visited the Record office to do his cyr hi it the Record offie to do hio on May 10, 1916. It was rebuilt and enhance. Even to contemplate the hit toward ohkig thoe dth Ansi- opened again January, 1921. average evening meal consumed at versary issue of the Record a suc- The Jacksonville, St. Augustine that time, brings shudders in these cess.
"and Hoalifea tiver Raiway wao daoys of diets." Then teuth or purchased by ey M, lag on gos on to describe the elaborate
December 31, 1885. After purchas-.e d 1 s though
St. Johns Weekly 'Wauheosoloaste hichmoyope ndab Whing a. ber of small roads, thetheir n e Was -Established name was changed to the Florida thenr wya t
In Year of 1879 East Coas Railway on Septembr "The yoe 1891 is pa touey ion S13, 1895. The do ea pogam porant. It ma rked a tuningpoint Ghapin' Handbook of St. Augus- was completed between Jackson- in American Civilization. On the iheapubiseHdhoo f St. caugues a- ville and Miami August, 1926. The first day of May when the wheels tine. published in 1884, carries a
page advertisement of a newspaper installation of the automatic block of Chicago's Columbian Exposition known as the St. Johns Weekly, -- signals was in operation at the startedrolvigAmeicnfo the which was published every Friday. OR DUoEON IN THE ORT. NDIr PONBS.AT roar ARIO. same ime. first ti It was established in 1879, the ad- The electors voted for, and the existence was reallyon display bevertisement says. C. M. Cooper city accepted the present form of fore the world." was the proprietor and M. R. Coope commission-manager form gof gov- A panic reigned that year, but and C. M, Cooper were editors. It eminent in 1915. just the same all roads led to the is further stated: "This paper isWol published in one of The counties The statue of Ponee de Leonws WoId's Fair, "the one bright light in a wilderness of despair." Lilian
bordering the St. Johns River, di- unveiled November 11, 1923. It is Russe recy in the fruit-growing section "repli of usell n upmyig iwen of Florida, and is devoted to state Jun, replica of a monument in San enga t ad lre o potcec-- Juan, Puerto Rico, and was the gen- Theatre there, and one reads a vivid
S al news of a political, educa- eorus gift of Dr. Andrew Anderson. description of the reigning Amer tional, industrial and agricultural Anderson Circle was accepted by ican beautyofthe period. 'character." .hecyasagffrmD.Adw R: Cooper later became county the city as a gift from Dr. Andrew Then we read of the first horsedgeAnderson on November 8, 1921. les carriage on the streets of New .jdedin in thin pity mbe f The memorial flagstaff and pedes- York. During the World's Fai in tal were given by Dr. Anderson in 1893, thren of these eloctoinnen attend ah rs.Mrs.nnieE. memory of those from St. At- chines romed the set o Chi.
t a hte ad Mr e ustine who fought in the World cago, and Diamond Jim Brady wh.
n e e, Aer eWar. The handsome marble ions d one at the time hd to it erye, have numberlessyears or the order to bel fioed.
finTampa dhe Mrs. Dhe tooe now ring Tthe ntrne tot it- Te n l dte bd in Tempo and M DyenBrde- lion dollar bridge across the ,atan- hand. a h d hm ton. zas Bay were also given to the atip Europe hhe fousd o
There was a rival newspaper city by Dr. Anderson. then achie was ready for delivery, heating at thattime, or ansther Bonds to cover the cost of the and Iur getg atin at that dime, for another I L "i new water works plant in tle sum ready to tae it out n pubic When advertisement declares-.that "The AHDA.WIN;IOESOE~ H AL fFR &O.TmODOTVT&h i fit. Augutise Prosa will ie re- nee noenmnoe.. nteno nnnse naneenoTem w4L a ecan etsoe. te nan ene eatn fSl,0 er odi 95 he did, no loss than pliv enoy SAugtie res will gi e oof $415,000 were sold in 1925. he did, no less than five runaways liable information about Florida." The United States Post Office oeed in the short space of afew liahle ioformation, aboutbrie"othoh e ohar v John P. Wbitney wan publisher. Mr. building is the former governor's city blocks. New Yok papers e Whitnny's widow, Mrs. Maria palace. The structure on this site big hedioes, od announced te Whitney, lives in St. Augustine was first built of logs. The massive w tied up for two hour. now: There is a large family eon- The author of this biography denection, with numerous nieces and coquina building which succeededvotes osierle time o h dinephews still living here. The ad- it, was bought by the King of Spain cussioo of the bicycle--an inteetvertisemens t goes on to say that in 1603 as a dwelling to be known in dveopm t of the Nineties, "The Press is a Sve, energetic as the Spanish Governor General's and says "Itw the advent of the newspaper, published weekly. Do palace. It was under the Spanish bicycle that created the present you want to know how to grow flag for over P0O years; under the vogue for athletics among women. oranges, how to find a home in British flag for 20 years, under the With its coming women left kitchFlorida, in fact everything that an American flag since July 12,1821. ens to embrk upon cycle trips. intended immigrant would wish to Di know, address John P. Whitney." i ~with running hot and cold water. of his kind had their bicycles goldi0 All beds are equipped with Beauty plated, and one which Brady ordered Olden Guide Book Rest matresses and each cabin is foe Lillion Russell had tiny chip kept spotlessly clean at all times. diamond stdding the gold-plated
Endorses This as Ice water is furnished patrons frame.
Residential City free of charge, by the operators, Things like this gave rise to the and a grocery. restaurant, and fill- term"GayNineties,"abthoughjust
/ :n old guide book of St. Augus- ing elation is operated in connec- who coined the phrase is not deterAcidgpudboish of St, Aonc s t with the eamp, all under the od. Evidently the Nineties tine, puhihed in 1005, concludes eon marked the first great period of its many quaint descriptions and same ownership. American excess, of ektrvaance evationo with the following en- -The St. Augustine Tourist Court and wild spending, and as suci has dorsement of this city as home is recognized as one of the estin goedown in history as a partiul. place: I1OYsDI on eZA-WriL, sr. uosls ; "The city is a sanitarium, a flow- s P91 9RO 1UN.LANDS- INCIDENT S OF A TRIP FROM NE YORK TO NSU, N. P., AN RAVANA TtRE aNOIFT IFBIRR TPOWS ABN MILITARY POST the country. arty gay and festivedecade. er-garden, and an orange grove OP B. AUtiPOTIB~e PLORIS.-Fest lone as e Teanen. and for those in quest of health a
mild and equable climate, refresh- Lee'es Weekly in 1878 saw the charm and quaintness of Old St. Augustine. The above is a reproducton of a layout of pictures carried is the poplar periodical of that STOP AT ingb ..e.. from the sea, uohine time. Much of the quaintne emais. o d is enjoyed by thouso.ds of visit as...lly to this City of History. GASPER S
in the day time, coolness in the
eight; for those that would enjoy re r repair as described in the old rec- lector to palpitating. Rarely ace ., rrrlsk inhhd aod. ol ho o ted by. l Spanish Treasury, U e for o9T.. ovl hn ....,ie o urist Court Is C S E '
the o ~bdefut tonlg of tho moch.OdLIsu order. nuch lovely things noon outside ofl Ong-bird, and would be regaled by v Y P Teor n he te oum fnol Trt als nome Country the perfume of brilliant flowers all Over 100 Years as Prhrate Hem, T o. stord h walls o unfin an Thporre a o sme -' One of Finest of DITTY WA DIDDY 0 noasr scn oor aaa so e stoed, g P .ll soosAeodprkis losm RESTAURANT ~ the ye or rouod; Sor those that toeii h on o o t ohno pss anig.TeL m s MleNehn iye anhool o deiht i ig otfheln; Is Open to Viiosi his City mhrdbetiknsadhsw th inyoftaihebeothns soldu ty' am~ od delight ho ya hting or fishing Visitors i T ) stood through the centuries. house and garden cnl superbly 0 Mile Nrth of Cit on te sa orhuning n te lae h h with many of tne best known ol Dixie Highway for those that would have long life, After the change of flags which homes of Now Eoglasd osd tho St. Augustine Tootnt Court, iwo good living, good society, and ho St. Augustine, oldest city to the toond hec intecet in the organs- oouered in 1822, there come to St. soOtho land hi h oce oss ehihitto osiles oth of the city burit, en Ceepetoalt, Oeaegee, Penas, dulge in the rich associations of country, and treasure hose of tio op cotil the time of he deoth. Augustion fcom Connecticut Dr u S pc fi thep es- the J sovilln Road, e an ap- Georgia Sugar-Cured Hams. 0 arddlimosopcomthe.puoe or e urose olon e s the J v oad, s pold times, experience the pleasures The Woman's Exchange had its Seth Peck. In the meantime prop- ent generation some idea of the of the p ...... t tis .......d be in- num ..... p .....f fhit..... et- 40thbirthday lastyear, havingben rty belonging to th Spaish Gov manse. in which home life moot on pcovd Tourist Camp, with spa- WE SHIP ANYWHERE
spied by the prospect of the com- ente aeverol yearn ago gained organized in 1893 by a number of ersment hod he o t aen over nod inettings of this type 100 mon. i choos, w.ll-kept g.od, unitary ing times, it were not easy to find ot show place of surpassing im- leading local women and winter much hd heen sold, or ws hel yarsgo. in every respect, with modern ColdDrinh bettor spot thus floe ircst city prt Thin he tho old pi" h president oooous to supply a mar- eoy foe soloto prvote ptues. The hous cstands tody tust on cabins. The grounds and cabins are Sndwiehen. settled on thlis continent, the ancient por ante. Thi is te ol Spns a respite niu "o fily f ma ec < fo sal tougn ne omtis "nr t 1 uchso llKns nettled this Au -Tesurylccd thc cco f ket for the handiwork of women of D'r. tel is t.. hoosht the olsit was lived to, enloyeo ao loves electrically lighted. Each cabin is ndheautiful city of ct. Augus- rwStG gc dth commniy od toupyerg.quaf an nar0w eore ans 1 hm U thse oigirof c l or St D quipped with tub and shower bath,
FWhal. astuothototruetoda. Treasury Strets. It houses the plement their rcmes by sa es ""ho Us h dse otoy wul Pec, his daughter and son, 1. StAuguoto s, orethansevere a 1ca1 5hono's Eochooge, th outlet of this kind. At first the coua e hh erec. a second John E. Peck, and then his grandideel resiental c. orgasi ionacting as custodian ofor arti les cas e to the sales roomstory of wowi Tho psoe or this doughier, Miss nna U. ur.
ideotial city. city wee lited to the product of ol The late Miss Burh knew much of A eivot residencefor o shun- women, but in late yeasthe cope .o the history of the old house, and Fresh Spring in ytedyea o, and left to the City of was broadened to tlude ho .r. it h d oo o th. D
Ocean Recouted S. Aosstiehy the bote Ms A industry as exemplified by women Spanish Treasury, but she was
Ican Bocoknted o ." rts o be mat gained s a .vrywh n. ho might on.. to eon- olraid that her peace might be disIn Book of 1884 peciina of th ante-beilum hom sign articles for the inspection of turbed should the fact become gen_of this old Spanish municipality, the the board of managers. Because o [rally known. She Valued the privshow places uoiqouetoded. Itdoes the cc.eecised by the board of I ocy of her hoe, nod kept the to the feoh watec sot heethe the musno otmos' ms sg.s soccpting articles for historicat .....oc.coio i th Enjoy the Comforts of Home During Your Stay in St. Augusspring that boils up out of the phere but the gracious, restful, sale, the quality of merchandise[-bahkhgouod,mitiicgsdiscct Atiaootc nor St. Augutmis, and charming air of a place that has handled by the Woman's Exchange silence. However, the gift of the tine, or When Stopping Over for the Night hi his now the ooject of research been lived in and loved, is phenomenal. Originality, beauty house to the City of St. Augustinth by glove coo. t scientists, is min- For the maintenance of this et.- cd nussii attcotion to detTil pct of thehsifso'g .,shsoughthby sols o tse history polslic properRy tioned in Chapin's Guidebook of St. moophe e hich rh usotei zed it ae features that are stressed. sailing vessel from New Entgland. once more, and it stands high on the Aoguotine, puhiiohed in 1805. The during thc tiftime of the ltow_' The fo......ati o... f 01he sts.c. Wood woo ittl ..s.d ....t... le of thi 00to c to... th THE ST. A U N
author says, "There is, the ic er visitors who never fail to remark e h eet ocgaizaion oisow to hoss s ths posh city Did "t City. off the coast of Matanzas a spring onthis phase must thank the boart located are those of the old Spa sh at at tsme, posrloe ct Cit of fresh water, boiling up from a of managers of the Woma's Ex- Tr.sry, built early in the lf00's. of lumhrsng .the.forst The fp aoishhsootsohouusod 2 Miles No Limits o a basin a hundred feet below, the ehoge the orgoantio oomrd as Tho nou. year is not given but old from loh.og .oca. on an additional ...ns of defense, rth of Jacksonville Highway surrounding salt water being about custodisn of the property by the records tell of Francisco Menendez The solid mahogany handrail on planted in line, and several thick- Route No. 50 feet deep. Such is the force of CityofSt. Augsti Marquees heing treasurer from 1622 the staircase was made of rare wood nesircs, proved an impenetrable palthit, spbogthat a hoot coosoot Soot It was fitti g that the Wossats to f3. Another chronicIe tells of[ fom stranded school isade. oven it, hut hr dree dsido hy the P chnge should como forwors. to rlxtesie repairs that had to be on the beach off St. Augustine. 0 Approved Tourist Caep With Up-to-Dte, Todern Cottages. Eleotri Lights, stnoogth of thc cumeo." oid the aity is is dilcwmo oocr tls osuscte to the building in 1689, which There are in the house some fine WApdria Lighthoo as it t Ero
Thedrought0 moistcoco of rhotoi yeg of tisis would odicte tho pno.gTe o ay olspie of Colosi l os fouroer, o- tooloy was built in 1873-74. It riseo Running Hot and Cold Water. Ine Water Furnished Free. Grocery,
fibSeudreu of the tool ooomoer chacmiog old home to vioi5Oct iso .81. ys'os osoce isotos o Use toolls lodissg vliogh heslo iosss iostre, etua n Fli S to I neco,
is estimated to have wiped out 10,- Augustine, for the late Miss Anna are of sturdy coquina, and it wouldI sigh hoys, a sbsss or lo the height of lGil fci, os Restanrsnt and Filling Station in Cannectioe. 000 square miles of waterfowl G. Burt was the first treasurer ofj have takenyears of use'and of neg- things in rare mahogany an rose- n$If0,(0f. The cost of the lantern hgadig grounds. the Woman's Exchange, and main- lct to permit such a state of dis- wood that set the heart of a col- was put at $16,000.


.................. .. < TO

WE EXTE1934 National Football Schedule
WVE EXTEND NOTEt Games played at points Indicated In first column except those marked (*) wlele are played on grounds of teams Shown In date coluniz. TO THE

rA~JrAT1TITIAU~AE ALABA 00.10) 'O .oB' -S -Ge giaT-- T-: e V.Od'It ('bh..
ALABAMA LItAb) Tec. IFicrid.(MS o) org(Co.) ALB GHT. ... ..... ...... L.:. L U... .o t o
ARIZONA u Nw Mexico e. T...Tech ARKANSAS IEysReI7)f Rolla.Mi. A.&M. Rt. M.U. -M T A BAYLORWa, Tex.) Texas A. M. C.U. M.U. your return to your homes, BOSTON L. (Newto) Providence Villa Nova Bstn.y Holy Cror BOSTON *~v B~o) Vermont Boston CoL BROWN (Providence) Syracus pt d *Columba Holy Cross Colgat; BUTLER (dlanapoth) *Wabash *Wash. U. Manchester amam .
N..UM .. St. . o. .. after a pleasant convention in
CARLETON olfiel, Mi...) St Olf *Coe Cornel. Cl I --e The.... TCH (P...... e..U. M o........M !dltCAEPurdue We Dquun CASEL OF SCIEN .a) Do ...... ......... B.a.. in-Wallace .I. ,o .Tolo
CATHOLIC UNIV. W..hiin, D.C.. *a t WestM arylnd 0 u CENTENARY (ShreveporL..) T.C.U. OuahR oI B.vior MiEROZpI Loya
-ile T. -. U. Oaht Tl a' aMami, you deserveaote
CONRE ( le r apid) r C .ell Mercer COGATEOOGA (Chamt nooa) *Ho, *lr issippi Coln Mercr utoers rHenry CHICAGO (Chicao) Milo uri oo. OlPurdue a oSoDe Mver la .
CINCINNATI (Clacdntea) Gesorgeown (Ky) rsll *Ohio' Oh Miami U.
*No Colo. So CoIL e M17- )Fra
R ecordCOEC. IddI r treat-a stopover I this historic
A* Rapids) N. Y.) N.Y.
COLATE (nilto...n, C ..A.l ( M..)..... -. .. *Brn
COLORADO (Boulder) *Halll Aggis *olo Mines Uth :4macrll. *evr COLORADO COLL (Coloado SpIgsl Deaver Brighm Yong ColoadoU. Co!o.Ag1eR *NwMexico COLUMBIA (N Yo) Penn..... So Cornell Bro... I.o.. 0d
~g,~IUPoE~dO~l'A.~OOB. LinfiSld -old city of St Augsie
CORNELL Ia) *Princt'n *Colum l n Darmouth *P.. CREIGHTO (oohe)o Ginnell /arquette *Drake C o pa y DARTMOUTH (Ha...ov,. N.IL) *Harmed *Yale Ne Hampie *Cornell Pinceton DAVIDSON (Davdion, N.C.) Citadel NO. Caolna V.M.L WkeFors t DAYTON (Daton, O.I Crroll Ohio Wittenberg -which has just completed 40 .VominS Coao.ColL DralAi Yo ...d While here if you arei
ETOIT (DesR ot) 1 Okla.A. &'M. *Mich. State *Maruette Wash. State DRAKE (Des oine.) Haskell *Denver *Iowa State I C N.. DREXEL (Phiade..hta..) *ciCoil. ofN.Y. .!. ......... auto *Delwar
DUKE.(D.. .......NC.!-ehen.
DUKE Durbam, ..) *Tennessee *Ala. PoWy W'Fmo) Wa. o. *NoC. NO.Ca.o -S DUQUESNE (PitturOlhA.M. Charge Tech Catholc competent auto service

years of dependable service MMNn (l 4....Z.l--. SLM*l t Gvsi uh .

to this community and state G.Gs CrR' A.o.!Ggaech
toti o m n n tt. GEO. WASHINGTON (Wash. D ,C. L 12U. Wt Virginia
GEORGIA AAho. 0. A 'M ld l t .. NCale .. S t PoA. y (Co.) -klah *Flo Tr GEORGIA TECHAtlanta) *Tulane No.
GONZAGA (Spokane)I Wi--t W e Montn HARVARD (Cambridge) Dartmoh PriOnceton U. .M.A. Nw.H-mpshcI*Yale, -o
HASKELL (Lawrence), *Grinnell *Drale *Roanoe !! e *ft XavieM L E '
HOLY CROSS (Worcester, as.) T!TMi.F iMan..on SBrown*BB no.l MILLER'S GARAGE ILIpI !CLNOno 'boo.~SL! ;IAaNoobo..Bo.!t *Wisonsin'______ ___________ILLINOIS (ChampWion).. '. Dowt yln INDIANA rBloomngton) n *ieo ud
S- IOWA STATE (Ames) *Nebraska Kasa *Olhom r;Drake ItKoansals e ' -JOH ..ARROUV.C.. -. - o~o)......
OHNS HOPKINS egao-oH S bo L a.. o Mald
KANSAS !Lawrence! Oklahoa. o Stare ) r. . MloM o SaKANSAS STATE Manhattan) ITulsa .abo o o Iowa tate 'Hobo..!.. KENT (Ke, 0.! Ainhlnd Hirm BIlwin-W.n. *M Unio hi '*Oklahom ;i;oh$

HN CA M L U -,d--d) *;go rzit
KENT CRY Lexington) Alabmaol. Alabama *Sothwes To!.... iT ---
11AY1 ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Alrgt e *ugr Penn State Lhg LEIG (B m P. ttbu ulenberg LAFAYETTE E.....) Abht ... oS Lb.-.
LOUISIANA STATE e(Batone o ) loe tdonbSt M! t,. Sat .. Wah. *Miss. (Jackon) Ta.-neLOUISVILLE (LouisvilKy.) 'Hanover Contra *To. East Staoe Th ol Union Col LOYOLA (New Orlen) T CU Misisip Cat MANHATTAN (New Yor!) Catholic u, CN. y Holy VCros Villa No R r i .uk To.n i Mich. -a lte'!a D~ooll MR N *!Flor!P (Batt.) Virginia.. V.M.L Indiana Georgetown 'Johs Hopkins MERCER (Mac.... Ga .) 'o 0. 'C!.bo.. (ht e vh.) *Centre S O on MIAGI U. (Oo rd, 0.! Ohiol WatlMA *Witobe sMo.l olo MICHIGAN AonArbo r) I nlinois *M! -" W l *Iohlo NE.W. M IC H IG A N STA T E (Loa sn al) M8.uI m *S auo D detroit n sw e 'P MBLSA, COLL (lA...... MA.) *Sare1,. OL. P ,,pooESl Soal!..wIo M oll. /
MINNESOTA (nneolis) owan Mchlpn Indiana C o. 'Wsosin "" MISSISSIPPIOford., .) So. Tan *Florida ieodSd Jo!l.o Centenary *Mlooa State MISSOURI (olumbia). 'Chicop *Oklahoma 'K Se W.Uo '*eras K MORNINGSIDE Ciy) 'o.D 'WesUo Iowa StateT. - MrT. UNION (AUlance, .) 'kao eMaretta Woo.... Kent 'A.r.n
MUHLENBERG (Allntow ,F- ) Gettysburg M. U.!. 'L,! !e.* knNEBRASKA (Lincolo) b Iowia I KS Pls o Eio. -, RanF -te NEVADA, Sn CO o cU hio Prsc N. Y. UNIVERITeYor N
TYOI..-.OYo4 &oRo -GB Co .T C. C.ENY. '*Rutge.r Fordbuo.
NORTH CAROLINA,(C!.eI4 I) N. 8b ,0T.Id... *Davidson -DukV o. ..NOCAR. STATE (Raleigh)! ON.Cao.! Clemson V. P.. L *D'.ukeNORTH DAKOTA (G Pork) G db 'No.0.!.NODAKOTA STATE F) No. Dakota Moor!.odTh.. 'Dm bState *OklahomaiR -i ,NORTHWESTERN Kaon, 110 Oh.IS Wisconsin Iliis NoeDIme e.- -h NOTEDAME SiBend) Wisonsi *Piobu *U. S N.A. (ES...) ob.N.o 'Ue tA.i(".Y. )
OBERLIN 0.brl 0.0) Wo.ster S4tl11lum C.. K..yon W.ester o Re se-r WNN OGLEATHO (tao) Howard za.... D Me*Caotholi -U ~AT~j~C CI.Ao.A ___Marshall (W.) CVa.el (Par*'& tcl a i Dayon hbi

OHO. .....)m y R io.b SWV.P.II Cb~..I( D... 'O>o...s ...
O"HIO Ioo.. *Northwestern o Rserve .Chicago .Iowar OHIO WERLEYAN (Deaware) Witten*Wo OM --... -"a "
Qh Uk la N. u, CA. &M Wh.

---0.Wiae 0ll~d 'II --.&I 'Coo .!. OTA O O!--A I.e *y *CMI..BaBtist Okla..M 8OGON Xy (C UotMon) o. tanae gon SWats *SO. ClMf. *oq 'U .. OREGON 'orall) MSe son *o Te i tm . .. K ,l'. -0 PENNSYLVAIA l I PA WN. A P. ..Sat Col. orne
PENN.C (Cso, P.!L BrpL' Dlo (PentaVA.C Ss n a B.i Lbanon Valley
PENN ATE (rcoe6O.) Ca loe 'NU." Pa.U. A CenckT. PITTSBURGH o.i," Ia 4Wf.I.r A.
(P ouz..C. ) D~lB. 'W 111 o tPRINCETON IPtonolo...N.J 1.) !I 'lrr 0!M Ya. Datmouth
PURDUE (LaRSfa t.t C IA 'c ao. I41o. o N o.} T aJs Indiao na,, REDLANDS (RedLds, Ck .) *' i RICE (Ho t.o Tex.) Tn. T. .Aorts& .A. i.. T.A. &M. T C.
RICMOND .. aV.. ..a. G.. reo Do. &E.lkn *W..... WM.ROANOE C I.(.osVS. $GERgeo- 'C' ..o Baltmore. Hskell .0
ROCHER (RSchetar. N.Y.! soE Hobar o Un SRUTGERS Nor.,iN.J.) '! OBoo .M.- caw-s- O ST, MARY'S~~ tc ad. ms
ST. NA ( Anaoeld,,i ) *Ceon L or o. Do 11b eo -ta -ST. XAVIER -- IILooe- WSt -o SANDIEGO (SanD 0) YJMI.oe t LA. 'E-=61.od

SOUTH CAROLINA (CosoAe) .r V N. oot W.&L. SOUTH DAKOTA (Vemillion) Oron. Mo" sti
SOUTH DAKOTASTATE (B rboo Soo. HAota o= M; o. N- VI .. State oAI

SO. EHODIST ( all) TC (Lob!xa! A Arkansa - T. a Udo SPRING ILL (MA bl0. RoE. ui ih' h. ) C. e-e"

TULANE (o..rCob.....l) *V.I.To.l *M!.al. II'oV.!.7 So.... NoIi S
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WEXAS A. M. (CHINGTON StAti Cln) 4o!!..5. Ph So- W .b.n.. TEXASHN N ES (b. o) u ..Baylor t*y lN.) T o -*Rim K -'

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B.OS.(151!.-e Dooooame o. *Notst ol Enno-I L CALFOOTBALL SCHEDULE!
Nov 2nd [. Nov 9thp!r I.rL Nv.~ 16cb th

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o de eon, Scene of Fountain of Youth Excavations Quaint Sketch Redoubt of San Rosario Pork Curing Plant

Dikstrer, Was Of CityGiven For Cold Storage

Born in 1460 Former Resident Re- The St Joh Ice Company calls Ferry Serv- ic e. t .. nto comm sta

Failed W ith Columbus ice to Island ing about December st of an pn One of His to-date pork curing plant, utilizing
oyges Picesof the old St. Augustine, the brown and white salt proc es.
Oag as known to residents before the The plant is to be located at the
hand of modern progress was laid ice plant formed operated in West poce de Leon, discoverer of Flor- upon the town, have been drawn for o tfg st ted a
ida, is one of the most colorful and the benefit of Record readers by St. Agti, d th pany ituresque chacters n all his- number of old residents. Mrs. John plans accepting for cold rage, picturesque charctrs in all his- F. Currier of Skowhegan, Maine, all kinds of meats, vegetables, tory. A brief description of the who before her marriage was Miss Venerable conquistador follows: Florence Bean, and lived in St. Au- fruits and flowers.
Juan Ponce de Leon; conqueror gustine as a girl, writes some recol- Fred Ferlise, anager of the and discoverer; bon i Aragon, lections of her girlhood in this city. company, states there is a big deand discoverer; orn in Aragon, She says: "There have been so an here is a og deSpain, about 1460. He was of noble many changes in and about St. u-cilities for cold family, served in the conquest of gustine since I first went there, storage and for e curing of meats, ranada, and in 1495 went with there would be little left for any- and Columbus to Espanola; later he was thig oelse in your pper, should I ot being
e ntrys to give them in detil, t the started to meet this demand.
governor under Oviedo, of the east- time my father, the late Dr. Gal er, It is suggested that those interern part of that island, whence he and Col. Carter were there, only one
passed over to Porto Rico in 1508 house was on Anastasia, north of ested in curing their meats locally
and beg its conquest.; in 1510 he the Lighthouse, and that belonged This gives some odea of the appearance of the old coquina redoubts and in cold storage faciities, get in as pointed its governor. From to th"island"e Aspin homewal on who had ae nbeauti- that guarded the borders of the city in the old days. This was located touch ith the manager at once, the Indians he heard of an "island" ful home on Bay Street, not far h called Bimini, to the northwest, and from the Ocean View, which was on old Tolomato Street, which is now Cordova Street. Atone time as the spae nd acommodaton it wa reported that thi contained burned in one of the bad fires. this marked the ancient western boundary of St. Augustine. will be limited. Reservation can a iraculos spring hich would "In thoe early days people get now restore the aged to youth, prob- ting over to the island had to go hoe a o Be" RW If they hat to ee in St. Augustee r rafrgSOPhoWrn 1s76es. an
ably the supposed island was Flor- eithe in row or sail boats. toe ida Ponce de Leon received in This shows a small portion of the ancient burying ground that dates back several hundred years, where did not go around and land on the r to an advertisement appearing 1511 a grant to discover and set- scientists have been busy for some months past. Dr. M. W. Stiling, of Smithsonian Institution, Washing- beach, they went up the creek called Fort Marion, the Old Fort San n Don Toledo House--A typical old the Recoo. tie Bimini; he sailed from Pserto ton, D. C., surveyed the place, when only a few skeletons had been located. Over 100 are now visible, j. Capa's Creek. There they were met Marco of Spanish Days--Built dur- Spanish home, surrounded by interRico in March, 1513, discovered Ray Dickson, archaeologist, has been working on the site and has made a complete study of the situation, by a horse-drawn car, and taken ing the 17th century, 118 years were esting traditions. tifl ino d pool but ight n some of the Bahamas, coasted along He thinks it one of the most interesting and valuable discoveries of the kind he has ever seen. part way to the Lighthouse. equired to rear its massive walls, Oldest House Under Three Flags the b e eit fesh o the Atlantic side of the mainland "The little building belonging to which successfully withstood sev- -Owned and operated by the St. altwater bathing may be enjoyed to latitude 38 degrees 8 minutes FoM rs e el to the Agspinwalls wa named 'De eral sieges. Now preserved as arAugustine Historical Society, this St. Augustine Links--Open durnorth, and, on Easter nday, Glimpe of Glory' by a colored man national monument, this is the house is very ancient. The adjacent ing the yint oaso in option landed at a point a little north of who took them over there. He ead finest eampl o mdieval foti- Webb Memorial ontin a rae with e Po d Le ote where Menendez wa later to plantave Her 83rd them say they wished they had a cation remaining in this country collection of antiques, old maps and Splndid 18-hole course scene of name for it. Even after m father valuable research library. many winter t ts. thhe settlement of St. Augustine, Hltys Lea Soon n t it e y fathe Old City Gates-St. Augustine many and too possession, calling the Birt S boght it it was called 'D- as once a alled ton, potected Flager ospial-A lovey up-to- St. Augustin Conty Club--A country Florida, from Pascua Flo- Glimpse.' Ithas long since been by elaborate defenses. In olden date hospital in the residential part 9-hole course, mnicipally operated id a th e S p a n io s so a m e o a o e o f e n e a enfa u c l e s s H T S n o vu i e t Sunday, the Spanish name fl or Easter Excavations National- have aolo oun a sees of post M Eugenia Carrera Weigel washed away or burned. times these city gates were closed of the city overlooking Matanzas and opn all the year around, popuSunday. t e also explored the Gulf holes, o much scientific interest. is a beloved resident of St. Au- "The railroad with its dummy at sundown and unfortunate washe o Bay. lar with local golfers and visitors. oast to latitude 27 derees 30 ly mportant; Visi- So that visitors may be abl to gustine, born and reared in St. egine, and the ferryboat, 'Thewho arrived too late. Baseball Park--Owned and main- Chches-Pactilly all princiPum o Ro i September. His toli Thehrilled Indanillag of th A stie She i the dauht Myth' formed the connecting link Chapel of Nuestra Senora de taed y the City, this is one of the pal denominations ae epsnted
Puerto i p er is h le between St. Augustine, the Light- Leche Matheks the ite of the first finest ethe all parks in the south, in St. Augustine by imposing edigrants were renewed, but owing to kind found hereby Pe nce de Leon
the Indian wars in Puesto Rico he in 1513 and Menendez in 1565, when Richard and Kate Cas.era, also house, and South Beach, chapel where the first Holy Mass Railway Station-Main offices of fi lee. ad acti.. c.gegatio.. could not again sail for Florida So inextricably interwoven with Oo thlatter founded the settlement of life-long residents of St. Augus- "Later another company of men was celebrated after Mnendez the Florida East Coast Railway ae Hug ot C tey-Noth f until 1521. He then attempted to the story Ponce de Lean and St. Augustin, Walter B. Fraser, tine. She is the mother offi bought out those interests, and built landed jut soth of the depot. In the City Gates; interestig inscription plan a colony, but was driven off Floida is the legend of the search owner of the Fountain of Youth the first bridge. Fountain of Youth-The beauti- station groundsis a statue of Henry mark some of the very old graves. by the Indians, and himself was so for the Fountain of Youth that property, has had constructed a children, three sons and two "We were pioneers on the island, ful landing place of Ponce de Leon, M. Flagler, pioneer builder of this Spanish Cemetery-Located on badly wounded that he died shortly practically every person arriving stockade enclosing about an acre of daughters. She has seven grand- as well as up in the 'piney woods' where one may drink of the waters line and the Flagler System Hotels. Cordova Street, many generations af eh he cst of Cuba in St. ugutine ass o be guidedgroud, built after the fashion of where we had an orang grove until the discoverer of Florida sought. Flagler Memorial Churc-Built of old St. Augustine families an ter reachingto that spot. He sees tle spot where the Iondian enclosures as shown by children and two great grand- the big freeze of 1885-1886 came. Indian burial ground recently exca- by Henry M. Flagler in memory of be traced here.
beyond all doubt Ponce de Leon LeMoyne's drawings made in 1564. children, all living. She has many At that time it was so cold the salt vated, reproductions of first fort his daughter. The remains of the Garnett Orange Grove--Here oe h l landed in 1513, and visits the pic- The stockade is of cypress post, relaties in St. Augustine. She marsh froze. Where the Cordova and other landmarks. mitlionaire philanthropist lie in an ages an be o .n on the turesque grotto of ancient coquina, ten feet high and placed a fe Hotel now stands, was a boarding adjaceOld Sool -Oldt fame nt vault grove a will be 83 years old on the 15th Oldsetting of vest nee rable mss-hng wher bubbles the sr in o in ial inheh METERI PUMPSenlos wh eI e r a f 4Almost 83 N m br. In th. 13d fountain house in St. Augustine, used asa beach and picnic park opposite oaks.
Youth. He drinks of the water, and in the center. And around were the hung over it were icicles. It was cupancy, contains many interesting There is a center for this industry an the reviews the story that has come tepees, or Indian wigwams, entirely a boster for St. Augustie. quite a eight lifi shing pier here. activities of it pitureque shrimp down to him from the earliest days different from the pointed tepees of Spanish Treasury-Site of the Been Resident of Old of childhood, when his imagination the Western Indians. Those found Well-Known' Landmark old Spanish Treasury, now preserv- Alligato and Ostrich Farm-A f leetnd shimp hues are interCity for Past a fired by tales of Pon de here by Ponce de Leon, Menendez d as an- authentic ante-bellum collection of 6,000 live alliga- testing
Past Leon's quest and the Fench eploers and o- home, funisdwith ar antiques tors, some of which are very old, Civic Center-Now under con47 nears The s i mush to sniat the Freun- Oios i.ault ad Laudonnie just as it was a century ago located jut south of the Light- struction just west of the Fort,this thedoal-Oldeat Pa) ih n g this house....'cl provide SI Augustine with at47 Years There is much to see at the Foun- o beactie s tain of Youth, and this past sum- with whom LeMoyne came, wereoy, facs the ancient u. i mer one of the moat interesting circular in shape, almost likeae os fcs theaebt Pa ,l K. Gathell, of No. 11 Cincin- scientific finds of recent years in hive. Over the site of the original One of the bells in the be doio eadily as on a For t Mai nas-An old Spniish nati Avenue, will be 83 years old the country, was made on the prop- excavation has been placed a re- the date of 1682.m e i a s ed t o o Matas n l onDecemserty. Excavations have been in production of the Indian remonial Post Office--Occupies building cement highway. Unexcelled for fort guarding atanzas Inlet, if December27thwhichby strange progress, financed by Walter B. lodge, this being some 50 by 70 feet. erected i 1598, which served as surfbathing and driving e ies to oincideneo is also the birthday of Fraser, owner ofthe property evr The type of construction is most Governor's mans tiion during Spanish Viano each-Bo st ofabe- tdat his fe. since the site of an ancient burying interesting, the Indian plan being regime. Mr. Gathell has lived in St. Au- ground Was located by negro work- followed as closely as possible. -- Plaza de La Constitutioo-A
gustine 47 years this month. He men, while digging up the soil prep- lovely park in the heart of the city U A ST RE
'orn b nsi a00a11 c to y to setting ou t oe geletona cons titution. Contains several monwhen further diggings -revealed Aiticipat d as uments and was the scene of many N siness i th R. E. Kuh others, the owner of the property tir eve
es e e n in st- realizing. that they might have Florida's Best m o at M h Pn a tea Anastasia Island StAu sin. din the grocery business ina great scientific value, oified _ Iler .. ma eti hePla a heo atom lassed he e the SI. Autos- Smithsonian Insotitutioo, Wasoif Florida Isnoin1014op gpieopal Chsb-SuitO Ia ill, Extends CongratlCatio s to the St. Aae Grocery Store is now. Then ton, with the result that Dr. M.W. Florida is now in 1934 hoIingo i po uc u t Extends ngratuatio he was n the furniture business on Stirling at once came to St. Augus- a repetition of what the St. Augus- pis Cur i gustine Recrd U n Its Anniverit. George Street, in the old Geno- tine and made a preliminary exam- tine Weekly News of Nov. 28, 1889, PIoldes t pap C inFlovidt piac. g srncIe i s n ivr ar Opera House building. There ination. He was most enthusiastic forecast forthe season of 1889-1890 ia Munoicipal Yacht Piesr-Provides sary of 40 Years' Service to and gave the owner a written state- --"the biggest season Florida has accommodations fo plese aft he suffered severe loss in the big met of his conclusions based pon ever had." of all types. At the entrance to This Community fireof 1914. Hethen openedinthe preliminary investigations. He said Hope springs eternal, and now, as pAugustine Chamber of Commerce. I store where the Piggly-Wiggly "It is obvious from the fact that then, there is every hope for the
store is now, and later moved out individuals of all ages and both biggest influx. Some 45 years ago
on San Marco Avenue, where he sexes have been encountered that they were basing their hopes on
ontinued his business for a num- this was a general burial place and heavy railroad reservations, and -" berof years. He retired about was usedduringthe earlyperiodaof extrapassenger trains. Itwill soot ii F O L | SV C three yearsago. European occupation of St. Au- be time for news of the plans for IF Y O U LIK E SE
gustine." It was at once decided taking care of the extra travel
Mr. Gatchell has seven children that most of the skeletons are those southward to be given out. The and eleven grandchildren, of Indians, belonging to a larger Florida trek will be well under way
and stronger race of people than we during this month. E'
Old Newspaper would find today. bYOU'LL LIKE US Other archaeologists have de- Concerning the entrance to thisU S Tes of Sport dared the discoveryoso to be import- Oldest City, in 1184, a 'riter says:
Rivalry of 1889 nt to t echoleo o th United "The orange, olive, date and other
StateS. J. Ray Dickson of wide goves in and around the city imexperience in the archaeological oos adaoodtb t
In endeavoringg to reconstruct a world says, "I think I am correct in part to it a lovely, rural aspect. I '
espaper picture of St. Augustine my statement that nowhere else in The entrance to it through the
of some 40 or more years ago, it the United States is there anIndian bloom and bright verdure of these
hag been interesting to study anold burial ground such as Ihave ex- semi-tropical trees is very charm- file of the St. Augustine Weekly posed here at the Fountain of ing."
Neons of 1889. This is the paper in Youth; that is, where the burials
which the late Oscar B. Smith was themselves show Christian influinterested. Th masthead shows on.e. They have found in other H. T. Sink, 83, ,! that.HP. Trimble was managing parts of the country Indian burials
editor, showing European .tact, hut to Has Lived in r
This file is full of interesting my knowledge an Indian burial Yea, Sir! Here's the plate news of the day, and one finds i gro..d of this age has ninny shown Cit 9 to get action for your a. this bound volume of newspapers such a marked degree of Chistian ''~"Y n mane a tsof iwes of 45 year ago many names that influence." qualiy go gas and not ta it e'v are familiar to St. Augustinians So far over 100 burials have been Although he cannot qualify
of today, exposed, and the indications are, for the Honor Roll in the Rec- sgot as and oil that will put
In line with present day interest according to ethnological experts, ord's 40th Anniversary edition pep in your car, and we'll in sports is a story which tells that that they are the skeletons of In- cseat your firm, lilt ep the St. Augustine Baseball team dians, many of them possibly pre- of the Record, because he has h y t s l has again won from DeLand, and Columbian. The evidences are that only lived here 28 years, nonethe- a your radiator and clean St. Augustine is still champion of the race was very tall, the struc- less, H. T. Sink of No. 29 0 -ove your windshield without the state. "Over 1,000 .... there rural bne. being of .us .1 size. " ...: : asking!
half the number being inside the Many of the skeletons have been Avenue has a remarkable record. I aet-ggrounds," the story relates. John found with their hands s.o..d high He will be 84 yc.s old on the
Andreu pitched a splendid game. on the breast, as though in an atti- 4th of January next, and enjoys He struck 12 menotandbutt tude of prayer. eoellent health. He has b-en a hta wore made nit his delivery. Pot shards and beads have been contractor and builder here for
Usual, b Tebe Benet, the news found in the graves, and scientists many years. Known far and wide, by day b cause of its broad stripes of black It's time to drain the crankase ator says. who are wizards at things of this Ms. Sink has twc brothers tv- and white, and by night because of ito flashing beam, Anastasia Light- and put in new oil. Get rid of .
The Ooncluding paragraph rns tid are striving to read stories in sot, one o whom t h s s tood sentinel ever since it was built by the U.S. government ns--(Paatka please note): theM, and it is remarkable how sludge and havd us put in the 'Yt insa- pleasure to witness auchthey have been able to re- other, "the baby of the family," to rpolace the old Spanish lighthou se of coquina. A superb view is ohIte when u necessary kicking construct by studying the type iai 80- He sys they are the trainable from the little circular al cony that surmounts the structure, right oil for your -ar.
rnat enter into it." pottery, the binds of beads. They three left out of a family of ten. and the climb offers excellent exer cisee.

SmHool Fund in View of Old St. Augustine in 1875
1889 Has Balancee cool weather driving requires .
iven as 2 Ce41tS well greased chassis--keep the G a C ssqueaks away. Full grease
han interesting sidelight 0 n ajobn1. antsoot ia St. Agustine and t.
touhns otytns8e9 is f om
old uI e I Augustine
Weeob News. A news story says Sandreor mileage-hote yower t--atsa a meeting of the Board of -.,, ongao-get nore panes Public Instruction "the treasurer's
reportt for the month of November oarbureiso adsted. Ne obhrge esad,andasowedna balance of
ioreot and tIled." Tottering on
tBrink of a deficit as i were.
e iromolhe s esosse, it isfound 8te tsht theshool board 4 yeas ago
incubed M. R. Cooper Johs AiWen
W. S. M. Pinkham: The super- a- J I Last and First Chance in City Limits itendent of public instruction as
Peter Amnau. The principal of the M-- .-ETa ER PUMPS saeto as Pra o . Koibloe.
00J, and as again principal of Ac unusual view of the St. Augusine of another da. The light sust o Aostasia can be seen so Iho hcacgousnd; siso the wtllchtowes ooU l.omt San Ifaso. This s from an old shotograh taen about 1875, _

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you will find good roads in every section of the state

H. E.Wolfe Constr auction Co.

ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA "Builders of Good Roads"
i~i H


Harry L. Brown Late Editor Herbert Felkel Here Many Years First Editor Approach to St. Augustine in Early Silver Springs,
Came in 1904 Was Talented Of Record Was D oTouristss Dcre Wonder Spot Cae n 90 asalntd fReor WsBy Writer in Harper's of 1874 o
To Be Editor Record Editor D. E. Thompson All of us have heard many stories massive, with an orange grove be-Of Florida
of the approach to St. Augustine hind, the golden fruit gleaming
Served Record for 17 Served From 1921 to Resigned in 1904 and in the old days before mfortable through the glossy foliage, d pro- Legionnaires Should and luxurious rail travel brought] tected by a picturesque hedge of
ears; Recalls Time of Death Died in 1914 After one into this Ancient City. It can- Spanish bayonets; the other a wide Not Miss Its
Work Here This Year Long Illness not help but be interesting to all to house surrounded by piazzas over- Beauties read some extracts from an issue hung with ivy, honeysuckle, a
He Built in 19 Herbert Felkel, who became edi- The late D. E. Thompson, the of Harper's New Monthly Magazine garden filled with roses and every There are numberless places in tor of the Record in 1921, and con- first editor of the St. Augustine of December, 1874, in which Con- variety of flower, gray moss drop- Florida which it seems that LegionR m ers Anothinued as editor, manager of the Reco rd, was born April 30, 1861, in stance Fennimore Woolson, a pop- ping from the trees at the gate, naire "must se," anyone ofthee Remembers AnotherCoopooy's ploot,codvice- Gooova, Georgi Ho moved ular writer of that day, and a niece and a roof painted in broad stripes is wodorfol Sitter Spriege
Location WaS Be- prednt of the eood Compay Ja ovlotoSt. Aogtithe of James Fennimore Cooper, tells which conveyed a charming sugges- Ol. o CationWsire s Jacksonville to St. Augustine in theof her visit to St. Augustine. tion of coolness, as though it wro The rherm aod fcme of that
g Considered m his deat on March 26th, 193 summer of 1899, and purchased She starts her article wi th this no roof a t ony a frh ine pl hve gon brond, and just-' d p eat ealoof velop the odoseveral local papers including the verse awning over the whole, suited to a ly so,forthoo hohavesehoth ] a y I Bron, o Gaiesvllepretige of the newspaper, and to
L Browo, ro of Gatines1e, 1 ie b Herald, which was a daily, and "The world is far away:o the broad aopimt estoeee far emake7 m iot ooe of the host koowo of "t h ooi o lth e td ofelda, wao editor of the Record therdfor- tho mho dooeoat ofotehoaaato kor 1904 to 1921. the smaller dailies of the stateth fore osidrd th immdit pine-barrens facial was gayly sounding his bugle He came here from Wet Pm Mr. Felkel came here from Talla- predecessor of the Record. These Like desorto roll hotmooo; aod our omoihoo rolled ioto the southor Califorto, Beach and took over the edito ship Herbert Felkel whose death oc- hassee, and prior to that he had were merged into the Record Con- Be then our mother-take us for heart of the city- sm I ore Ntr ty, top foge, of the Record about the middle of curred March 26, 1934, following a ben in Pensacola where he had pany with the Flagler interests. He thy children, adorned with a monument. 'Oh, the overh o s ae d ft ong aSdwater the blue waterr' was the ex- ners of os m e the pgs
December, 1904, and the entire long illness, was editor of the Rec- owned controlling Interest in e continued as part owner and man- Oh dear St. Augustine!- declamation of member of our par- place management of the Record plant on ord, manager of the Record Coin- Pensacola News, and was manag- She tells of the voyage'South over ty. 'Oh, the dear salt, the delici
tic 1st of January, 1905. The plant pany's plant, and vice president of ing editor. He was first listed in 0g0 and editor of the Record, ontil S tett or t o th se, tho dioto ot o ht h was divided into distinct depart- the Record Company from 1921 un- Who's Who in America as the 1904, when a question of policy balmyFebruary morningthe rrivat ott h beath of the oeo,' sid onothments then, the editorial rooms b- til the time of his death, youngest publisher and editor of a caused his resignation, says John mouth of the broad St. Johns, "After reaching the hotel, some through the ortal le wt
oh ba yof us decided on a boarding house thrL.gBrowncamestothelRer io boe Ithe ls ibr ryo LS V r daiy aewspdpere efDtdb Thompson, en dtm lender aso of Mr "whose tropical, slow-moving tide, on Hospital Street, and left for one ep natosc
ilding on Hospital Street, w Mr. Felkel ame stt the Thomp so, who was shed for a almost aloe amog rivers, flews or headquarters, passing 0 irddis
known as Aviles Street, while the G Record in 1917 as managing editor, biographical sketch of his father, as due north for nearly its entire way Artillery Lane. Both th ose jot s to soted ve, strne
poteuotrein the not was ui ooodenp s er Aft er eas the editorship HarryL rown came ton the ReC- thi e e hist tho enpape ndcourse, of four hundred mie a English s ding oms belong to shaped fo too se given
tte o old pshte sschoo,, Mr t r A t e he e tr o i e boo, Te5 cd Company in ad4 whon tho ito earlier y doyo w r e in ton ti On e Spaiiand ompny of the ten- o o f nam e s which o

n ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ mn theit ,om us dh lni5pi s a gs er nefeid. Taen bt aeulart ipeton hi syfah oeedborA se ese d ing onte ri HI roeralt rt oh pase on Thtre
te e od bi oo M as priva e Sunday Record came into being. plant was still on Hospital, now structed for the 40th Anniversary pcirity preed i o roe itte city, We paeo ao end th guides epatn alt this to Brown says in writing down some Plans were made for thee building of Aviles Sreet. He was here for edition, oinal name, given by the Indians the Plaza as we crossed the little thitreted victor, an the boat soeton of hi ear dys with a ddition to the original storu- about 17 years, as editor of the Mr. Thompson said he was sure It-la-ka--It hath its own way, is square. The monument was erectre Roecordns al sit Menendez Was Cap- ture that housed the plant, the Record, and manager of the Rec- that Charles Groh was the oldest ot alone and contrary to every other', ed in 1812s in honor of the adoption mae ow process, giving opMr. Srown says the prop n tyi n w e r addition to be for the use of the ord Company's plant. He is now in employee of the Record, and this was "At Jacksonville the St. Johns Spanish constitution, he or t e Oc andin U ide, operated in' this manner until the aIn 0a o newspaper departmen, the com- Gainesville. tr sotntiatod, a special story bends to the south on its long been expected, died young; but St. may o st Og n tfo,
erection of the pest building in ip Ia's Fleet pong and press room being hosd to this ect appearing elewdern to through the chin of t Augus tine w nwiig to o its as of
"Only su hee machiney ha equ ip gra wealt byohis voags wagnc St. Augustine s 9 h n adeA s ano therosneotewusnhe noans nfanda 16. He coes to oay that "C. i on the ior t r oor, and the oewand In dians Employed on this edition. Mr. Thompson add- and swamps that leads to the mys- ament for any such malmt- pce qit stories hve grown L Deardorneffwas superintendent editorial rooms on the cod s id teriohOecho WfoundJk- ter as a devotion w ovr in

oT e fr emq seo p a an h nar d rh JAom 12ardS es .r bpnuiet ds mehos e..B yeWa e oirou Oe hdaea. sm folg i~-e ) Th Lighlth youse i tA g stn
the old plant, and continued oin that The settlement of St. Augustine The or aof t h boom, 125, mde y SpaniArds to "Nearly every boy or girl in town sonville a thriving, ninteresting Spain, and compromiOsed by takiOg M ntion of Silver Sprigs wod

armno s dead ni e oM ih t eP i pc capaciy is the now building ootii by Don Pedro Menondez do Aviles tnootoo dIod uo
o the da t oned rd force and equipment. It Build San Marco worked for the Record at one time brick and mortar town with two out the inscribed tablets and keephi death, which I believe was in comprises one of the oldest pes w t this t tht th big nw or another in the catalogue work large hotels, from whence issued Ing the monument. They have since

was athstmthttebgnwothrur ists ihwo eie besto re F locrides a s h o u l
T1912. He was succeeded by oRay in American history. The life of p ress was ordered, for the H. G. Hastings Seed Com: ther torits, with whom we id record as rioiti. at- of th vety of fish to fond now spetedt of the thicoofu pitee e Mr. Felkel was energetic, re- In the petition of Hernando de py o sig nd living c- up the river as far as Enterprise, elar ought to come over and see -mny id of thee o tme that Pmestnf plant Pildelph. ti n ourceful and talented, and took a Mestas 1595 in which a request is or l eler and then on a smaller steamer oup them. Thohoe ounhoe pitaSteet, h meo the side of the hot t we through the te ao eding part in tho H presented to the King for a stone ds or Tattler, th lttr pulih- the ild, etifu Ocwh c- which will e our home while he, dg Comr was that ed for Captain and Mrs. Henry H. ing back down the St. Johns again is a large white mansion built of fishaE n totS iHo cs axervwausoaisrlh th ew or dn hl nd ns a ort statements FIe modeN E A I
Ingraham, vice-president of the was known throughout the state new kro is plenty of stone and lime Marcotte. Ht H. to heck wh S th to oting, witeamanso roof fn of sga lorida East Coast Railway, and commander, was born in Aviles, through his newspaper connections, h o Rfo n A ter leaving the Record Co- afar sTocoiwherewiththeo inwithapn kedoof dteestig ph of th Silver president of the Model Land Coin- Asturias, Spain, in 1519. He dis- and his prominence politically. bfrom his aetason fote an mear senes o thrist w ver hagnacoy"_Srigrp His widow, Mro. MyottoleWarren ho built." This petition has notes pony, my father opened brokerage hove seen everything onah ie, I spol thTbooKansas Board ofHealth renectionmawiththeeRecordiwhens IpurcpreservationvHelcharacterizes- it yearshagolsaidin"Allothethouses aresa
pany, of the Flagler interests, that tinguished himself in privateering Felkel and two children, Janne on the margin ono of which in offices in Jackhonvilte and St. Au- we took tho mole train ariv tho It on probable that the hooe on

neweths o d,1 n haig e l and ri o c ldien .ane fite stle on the Owa, seTvin tou HssParkm See NaturaleSubo-aAquatic the present Rcord building was to- enterprise against the Motes and and Warren, rside in St. Augus "ee t plan and if it is approved gu oUtin, which tho pric of 1n dtresirtoG thread aandg t osl t oedt bo i

emplete~~~~~~~wr aftrnonteegap at thr sshsoitotae 0ofr do00tlshe a T lid nai ense acorin ton cnt o 0 cated at the corner of Bridgo sod Pench; became captain-oel ,O, by engineer; if so, lot it be bauilt of closed op. He thon repeoenotovcoiootthhdadhnoSeolPtoHoofrmytnlooootet tyfhs-eea in" tine." stone."Anotherdulgted by thd 3aiing d1ot c ean sa as h ua h ,onrpdua Cordova Streets. At one time the the navy; 0omne h le tn."Aohraporae e Equitable Life Assurance Society St.. Augustine. The bonfire is house. publicdiincpinhesa.
eoneee eo or dthousand ducats for this purpose; of New York for several years. His lighted by the waiting darkies as o s vacant lot in the rear of the Jef- which carried Philip II to England, j e,, another "Let this be seen in the H n erson Theatre was under consid- 1554; the one which brought him Apeler, 83, council on fleet, to see to it that health fated, nd e was an inlid otction against the evnig egaam decided on the pre st einforcements to Flanders, 1557, Father-in-Law of it is built according to the plans," nti hid dea th, JoEly it, tRll." d ation. aa ied ste n to then, up to twenty thousand The widow of the st editor of y td s the town w location. The building wao erected and that in which he returned to Mayor Wishard gr.. may be provided. the Record, Mrs. D. E. Thompson, across the rivr. 'D on.ibIer by Clark Edminster at a cost of Spain, 1559. Was twice general of In 1640 Appalachian Indian pris- and two sons, John D. Thompson waiting said a colored official armed RADIO INN approximately $25,000. the West Indian fleet, and acquired owners were employed on the fort. and Ray Thompson, reside in St. with a bugle. The St. Augustine Hotel was our destination. The "Only such machinery and equip- great wealth by his voyages; was Included in St. Augustine's bon- In 15 Governor Doe Diego do Augustine. There was another son,

rito-ver PrivilegSnesae Allowed meant as could be used to advantage imprisoned and fined for alleged or roll, appearing in this, the an- Quiroga y Losada writes to the George, who died several years ago. rolled over a red bridge. Leaving King that the castle is completedcae e n ne e in the new plant were transferred irregularities in 1560, but regained niversary issue of the Record, is and the slave idle, so he is using the o caw a thoe a t i oy .olae
from the old, sd, in addition, ar. f ,d in 1565 wn namod gov- b namo of J. C. Apler, father- t+ em to rebuild the official M houss ttowth gtf fog,
gor theond t p ei nor of Coba and Florida, with i-a fEdgar J. r.E t o nE .i E. Boyce Was great Pride of India trees mingling e Lighthouse
Ftagler authorizedoo Da v Wed, S of tono. t n totter he mHoentlonsR lod banoh s T k te sue et fo e additional presses oand equipment, one the tatt et ont. His pep- mayor of this Oldest City. that his predecessor lived in the Mayor of City sme distance, forming a green r totating some $75,500. aratitn e wour hastoned bypre Mr. Apeler claims Charleston, S. castle. Augustiway [mg r toalngsm 7500 aain wr asee y h arched .... made ROOMS "The late W. H. Chambers, comp- news that French Protestant colon- C., as his birthplace but states he In 1756 the engineer in charge In August, 1899 beautiful the entrance to the Antroller of the Flagler System was ies had been established on the came to Florida with his father placed over the entrance the coat etit the ae th a poesidont of The Recard Company Florida coast, and he sailed from t year, 1868, when but a lad of of arms of Spain with the esciP IAugust, 1899, E. -3. Boyce, no* that led to the lovely Land of when I took over in 1904 and con- Cadiz June 29, 1565, with eleven seventen years. Mr. Apeler was tsohnrih translated, roads, was Beunty in the SpaoP on Fernandez the Sixth being mayor of tho City of St Aogustin, trim's Progro On each side w T.W.KEEGAN tinuf d in that capacity until his vessels and over 1,500 men. After born on August 24th, 1851, and this King of Spain, and Field Marshal myro h iyo t uutn rmsPors.O ahsd eTW EGN rp
death inEurope o 1914. President come preliminary skirmishing with year celebrated his 83rd birthday Don Alonso Fenandez de Herre- acco ding to newspaper mention 05 0Id see a eidone boack among a tod ath Fr endcd h skips, Menendez iersar. dogrtoradcpti hat ktine. the tees, ooe of stone, large and
i tlookd asetone t Agsie(o heanvray da, governor and captain general.
t ytook a keen fdedt Stty to the (noid Staies) A resident of this section 'for of the city of St. Augustine, Flor, personal interest in the welfare and September 8, 1565. Larger rein- sixty-odd years and better," Mr. ida, and its province, this fortress
- progress of the Record plant, and forcements were received from Apeler told a representative of the was finished in the year 1756. The roeperated in every way possible in Spain d thencolony prospered. Record he first settled at Mill workweek direct dbya eoaptain
vir DitPedShouldza
he smooth working of the organ- Menendo ade several voyages to Creek, later being located at Pico- engineer, Don Pedro du 0 iestion. Spain to bring over colonists and lata, where he farmed. In the Fairbanks states, "I am not sure "The decision to go into the color supplies, and he was active in the year of 1893 he worked for the but that the boastful governor printing specialized line for the government of Cuba. In 173 he East Coast Company, beginning to might not with equal propriety and
pintngdepatmntoftheR rd finally returned to Spain and was farm the next year, which occupa- truth put a similar inscription at T was a momentous one. The Record fleet Philip was preparing against tion he has since followed, the city gate, claiming the town Company is really the pioneer in England and the Netherlands, but He spoke of Capt. Coxsetter giv- was also a finished city." color printing in Florida, and back died so after at Santander, Sep- ing forty aces of land to the set- During all the Spanish rule, the in 1920 we were doing probably 90 member 17, 1574. His remains rest tlers and said he and his father structure was known as Castle San per cent of all color work produced in a handsome ew sepulchre in the were among those electing to fol- niosof Ater coming into poes-0 for Florida clients. This included Chulow a farmer's life. was changed to Pa Mo ins all the municipal bookets those Spain, to which they wee tras 0. honor of Gene at Francis Marion, feared August, 1924, with a delega- H a of Revolutiar fame. Those who for hotels ....d similar ....terpris.... tion from St. Augustine attendinig.. f...Th...h A TTRA T O
and of mose all of the Florida East the cremonies. The City ofA Historian Writes love the old Spanish rames d deCoast publicatis.. nt to the City of St. Augustine n Houses thae fooh as san Mao now "I was succeeded by Herbert as a sacred relic of its founder the Of Olden
Belkel who oame to the Rocord in coffin in which the bones of Me- I- St. Augustine 'en Fg the capacity of paragraph and nendez had rested for about 350 I St.
editorial writer from Tallahassee, years. John B. Stetson, Jr., brought
where he had made a brilliant writ- home the richly decorated head- For Oldest City erasajournalist. I severed ray c- board of the coffin a.ndkhaditspeci- John GerdWiliamsdeSrahm, Are Reviewed Nat nerao with heerdmenou- ally treated, looking toward its writing of St. Augustine over 1t ure's U nderw a in withthe Record whenpur. reservation. He characterizes it years ago, said, "All the houses are
hased from H. P. Hetherigon a s. pricol otti, LostyehoboilSof m..o..y;theirentr.o... Tho population of St. Augostne
ike Lakeland Evening Telegram." turned it ovor to the City of St ace shaded by piazzas, supported by Which is now around Sit000 boo am y a Mr. Brown in recalling kin news- Augustine, and atso gate the eity Tuscan pillaro or pilasters agaist varied Sram time to time with the FreeF iy a d poper work hero, soa;s "Tho moot abohnome museum ease, in khick the sooth son. Thehoses haveto hagneetoe fto oy4 J exciting and thrilting ueeiences to display it. It is now ntored at the east, windows proeting iS 0or hngfotdns otdfome SpontnyPrk of mynowspapor days inSt. Au- the City Gall, sa is the ....tored 15 inches into the street, ver.y wide 156 wth 2,600 .... but many P___king_pastne wore those arm Joly, 5554 coffin,Sthecityanot having the pop- and proportionately high, On the wer lost ootho way. Tbrougb dos- ar Q ee O tthe ime of tho signing.of the or ptace to put them on public view. west side, their windows aee coin- affeoctios som.e 50S deserted Mee ..... See aural Sub -Aquatic Lob eeinMoomer 5....molyv....umll andnouopening de duringhi o......motof the r ,...~,,.rmistiee in Nvember, 1918.of any hind tatenooth, 00 whioh colony. When tor Prancio Doahe 0W nesThogols
The Recod hod probably tho moat Th Montana Lumber Manufoe- side they have double walils, sit 00 madeohis attack on the tow i 1586, "nodr hog ls sompit ofteroon tolegraphmsr- Surersa Acsoation repotd its eightifeotosounoeformog a hood the gorrnon consisted of 150 men./ee Bottom Boats co of any no. paper on Plorido mlts rot m... than itt,00,00 of gallery, which ........ for R- The population thon .....o.dong to ff g
Tse warne was summrzed, borofeet dungi1933 nd that larsond pantries Nohousebhas Bai, wsincrO~eas i apilad Bath sod presented on concise form for shipments exceeded the cut hy 0n0- aoy chimney for a fireplace. The thero weoe tins religioos hounss ihncoteooocoferrodere fouth.Spaniards made uso of atone uonu, The number of house-hoders so
M~ ovnec orraes" .futfillod them with cools and set them 5648 was upward of itS, sand the Follow the Arrows at sunoet to their bedrooms, to do- whole polatiro must have benAln th

fend the .. g..inut those winteus ahout15,500, ton5740 the to talpp Picni Gr u dAln th Dome of Memorbal Church whie toequired such ....e" ltin .. .I,i4, of whh t c Hgw y
:' :::' / .... Local Singer Sa vationrk says Sotatatthe time of theeo to
t popuiatio woo. 5,00 of inok i i~ q l c
Key West in 1599 am,... I iS4S the population Plc... IL E about 2 ,000; to 5560, 5,954, and on
5870,15,757. OGo i hoobaks, hon- YeAn ueS o p
tocian, said in 5885 Shot "the popugost ro desya,"h osg in i oat i tha t ve gxeee Jug3rus000,oS RI G St. Augustine Heald of Augost So which is probably shoot its pre'sont
5855, the daily which ma tho im- numbor of inhabitants." The wroter J 1 g '.n-'T' media....pd...... to thoSt.A- of a guido book of Ot. Augtn ieCr ie B t
recital givenoatLa Brinha for the consisted of decendanto oftheoold ..
benofit 00 Miss Stollo CapOoef IL. ipanish families aod the Mintooso, Augustine was a grand 0000005, many peonos who hare come So tho e x bis fVai sK nd
Capt referred to hero is Mrs. T. E. onioy Sko salubrity of the climate
Weich of St. Augustino. soldiers and Africans." '
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ad of Ocala, Florida, on the Ocala-Daytona Highway. Easi-0
NELMA CAFEly reached by Rail, Boat, Automobile and Motor Conch. NELMA CAFEInformation can be secured from any Chamber of Commerce,
_~ ~ I so anmsaual view of the Sam o..f Memoriat reabytora Opposeite Davenport Park -- San Maron Avenue Hotel, Railroad, Boat or Bus Ticket Office. For further
.IO. 'iLk in teos Sr in the garden of Kirkside, the beautiful hom St. g stne Florida information Address Silver Springs, Silver Springs, Florida.
r~. sod Mrs. Feduri~c G. Francis. This is the reoidence that SbAuutie
*. Heo .Id Flagler built and ocpied fo m....y po a,. ........


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H. E. Hernandez Tuesday Named Historic Old Fort San Marco Paradise for

Tells of Former A LegionDay
By Governor .. -I. 7

Tourist Years ,A HASS~ .- Around City
(FMS)--Next Tuesday, October "4 23, has been designated by GovOcean ernor Sholtz as "Legion Day"
Proprietor of Ocean throughout the state. The eigh- Adof Water yiew in Business teenth Natnaconvention o t Front in Resor American Legion will be held in i Reo Many Years Miami October 22-25. Emphasized Florida's legionnaire governor,
who will take a prominent par in
Describes Old Days the convention, issued a procla- Thi a e angle nation asking that a holidaybe dis, with the streams which bound observed wherever possible. St. Augustine on the east, south and
Recalls Amusements west teeming with fish of every
For Visitors in pools with hot water for those who variety peculiar to southern Waters.
didn't care to swim in the larger Those who would go farther afeld 'Eighties poole. There were dozens of sail- sun th the rock jettie boats for hire along the bay front and beach picnics and moonlight oppo Hernandez, proprietor of sails wer, favorite amusements. and enjoy rare sport. Others still the Ocean View Hotel on Bay Genovr' old Opera Hous one onf the best-preserved mediaeval fortifications in the United States, old Fort Marion, the Fort San Marco of Spanish days, is justly famous. more venturesome charter boats of Street, has been in the hotel husi- Charlotte Street was the scene of the fshing-dory type and seek the n St. Augustine any m plays by local talent and The Old Slave Market Lewis W. Zim, Veteran Editor and wide Atlantic for a day of angling ness in St. Augustine for many entertainments put on by profesyears. Hei a meberofoneof sional troupes. Mr. Hernandez 1 Years that i lly ihl d the oldest families in the Ancient especially members "Pinafore" a Legisato 81 Years Old, Has Lived ti s usuhe n oft enwarded City and his recollections of the old preen ted by a local theatrical In St. Johns County for 53 Years ig fr ed h a ti h eiten dars here are very interesting. group with Mrs. Theo. V. Pomr innd the part of Buttercup. Traveling
Henand's gra mintrel hows often came to town Lewis W. Zim, veteran news- he never lost an opportunity to hoa popular here, with John S. Masters, was prominent in and gave performances on the Fort man and legilator, elebrat- lad the merit of St. Au ne at s the early life of the city. He fought Green. ed his 81sat birthday last April, and and St. Johns County, and his va- atanas ay rngingfro theeried career, he has been able t cinartersto one and o c-half ties
in the Indian Wars and figured in Splendid Horses and Carriages has been a resident of St. Johns complish much for his community. in width, and stretching away for the capture of Osceola near Moul- In the 'Eighties, St. Augustine County for 53 years. many miles to the north and south trie. During the building of the claimed the honor of having the Mr. Zim and his family came to oftheity. iouyachtf seawall, Mr. Masters acted as over- finest li:ery stables and horses of St. Johns County, Florida, from the ElAugustine in 1884M.A, waiting of St.little boatoroato ailoaton and seer and also directed the work at any city in America, not excepting Mississippi Valley in 1881, being public opening on the ba waters of the bay, and add to the the coquina quaies onAnstasia New York. Many fine landaus and Man advised to come here because of thing lic square o i the bay of the I G a o i c odadvisedtocomehere oauseofthe an in the central part of the city, pictoresquene at the hay frost, Island. His home was built on the victorias could been seen driving ill health of both Mr. Zim and his where people most do congregate, There are pleasure-bats which Island and all that remains of it about -the city every day and horse- wife. Theysettledin1881 onTrot was in a pitiablecondition, being make regular trips to the two now are the old Spanish, chimneys back riding was a favorite sport. mife. Theysecttlcd in 1881 on Trout wan toa pitiahle -condition, heing Make now ahead the old St.panis chimn back riding was a favorite sport Creek in St. Johns County, and soon for a long time as the Camp Vaccino beaches which are reached by croson the road to: St.Augustine Beach. Horseracing was also a popular
It wasin this home hat Mr. Hern- sport of those days and a leader in both improved greatly in health at Rome, the rest of tt, unt Matanzas Bay lying east andez' mother was born. this activity was-George Lorillard Mr. Zim launched inot orange cul- improved by the late Holmes Ammi- the city.
Mother Opened First Hotel of the Lorilard TbaccoCompany ture, this being one of the main do f N k." O s of yachts who would
Mrs. Hrnnde z was the first to who had a winter residence b 1 St. industries in this part of the state a t t an
open a small hotel in St. Augustine George Street, between Hypolita at the time. His grove was de- An early chroniclerperceivedthe wardtravretheEastCoastCanal, after the ar between the tates. and Cuna Streets and broughtany s success which Florida orange cul- which leads from Jacksonville to Sth ar bet ad Cuna Ssteets and outm royed in the great freeze of 1894- as a e e She ran several establishmiients- fine horses here to race with those tre was to know, and wrote "From thi city, and thn continues on one St. George Street on the site owned by local people. He built th up or quality of the Florida doaa d Inwhere the S t. Augustin e ite Mu Lorilard Oce Trak on the suit In 1892, a delegation of cattle oranges, a market has been found dinn rivers taBiscayne Bay. The Furniture Company now stndand oft ld airport on the Mill Creek men, who had been rounding up for them in Western Erope, and canal has a depth of six feet another in one of the older build- Road where many exciting races their stock at the head of North more and more attention undoubt- through the cut and It leads into ingA, stil standing, on St. George were held. River, waited upon Mr. Zim, and edly will be paid to the cultivation atural waterwayswhere the depth Street, north of Cuna Street. Mr. Sailboat racing was a very pop- induced him to allow his name to of this delicious fruit." aches thirty to forty feet. Hernandez says that his inether ular sport and rivalry was keen be entered for state representative. used& to have many guests who over every regatta. Every holiday, That was"in the convention days, arrivedbythe oldtageoachwhich games used to be played in front This is the old market, which for many years has been referred to as the Slave Market. After the and marked the beginningof Mr.FOR ran between here and Picolata. of the Slave Market, featuring War Between the States it was used as a merchandise market, but old records and the stories of old im Atrane into politic, hi In 1888 the Ponce de Leon Hotel climbing the greasy pole, chasing negroes, born as slaves in the city, are to the effect that slaves were really sold there prior to the war. develped into greater honors,"This ee in St. Augustine
operied and during thisperiod many the greased pig and similar sports ing a long period of time. He "This Week in St. other hotels wer built including Dancing at Hotels Sebastian River to the settlement elected to the House for ten years, the agnlia, the St. George, the The most popular amusement of of New Augustine. Here the depot Former Slave Tell Her Story; an d to theState' Senate for tweln ve Florida House, the Planter's Hotel all, however, was dancing. All the of the Tocoi Railroad was located ear0 f d t N R id t ... M b and many others. At this time Mrs. hotels had orchestras and there was and visitors arriving in the city es en s in advancing the good of St. Johns ItWill H lYou En o Her andez was running the Hern- dancing at the old Armory on had to drive across the two bridges advancing the good of St. Johns and House on the corner of Char- Marine Street, which stood on the and the causeway to reach the city County. He was made commia- Ancient C lottdeand Treasury Streets. lot now used by the Tourist Club proper. When he was a boy, Mr. Sold in the slave market here now, and is spry for her age, her sioner to get up a county exhibit Tocoi Railroad Built for its shuffleboard'ourts and cro- Hernandezsays, there were no more over eighty years ago forn onlony ailment being rheumatism. at the State Fair in Lake City in
Mr. Hernandez tells many inter- quet field. The Valencia Hotel, than a dozen houses beyond the city dollar-that is the story of Mary She is highly esteemed among her 1900, and St. Johns County at then St. August
testing stories of life i St. Augus- hdqrters othe office the gate and a old shell rod ran Ann Murray, better known as Mary friends -and neighbors, and wel- time captured twenty-odd rizes. "This Week in St. u ustn "
g e f t headquarters for the officers of the gates and an old shell road ran Gomez one of St. Augustine's thought-of by many white people In the 1890's he was insumental
tine in the '80's. When he was a two companies of soldiers stationed north only as' far as what is now ome, onoa St. Augs tine's tho ght-of by ny h ite popl In the 1890's he man instromSTntn ne n h oldest colored residuntn. who know her. She keeps in touch in having established five poat of- 5 AVILES STREET bo; John Jacob Astor built the hre in those days, was another May Street. At the south end of y who lives on NorthOneida with modern events, reads the daily ices and mail routes in the northToc Railroad by which tourists, popular hotel, and the San Marco, the city was the barracs and Stret, waso a lave ao p and is odrn in her sterneti of th ounty. As ST. AUGUSTINE FLORIDA ho made the trip dow the St.hich od on the it hereth arsena and Lewis Parkwas inthse eighty-five years ago (she isn't ideas as many of the younger gen- editor and publisher of the Dati Sb rir stemer, could reach new Tourist Center is being erected, days called the Powder House. A sure of her exact age), belonging ration. Pepper and St. Augustine Meteor SThe are for the had a gypsy orchestra which was rifle range for the soldiers was to the deMedicis familyhere. When
00, hen gine on very poplar, The Ocean View located there. she was oneyea ahe
S on hat i a Hotel, which Mr. ernande still Shell Used For Paving mother weresold in te slae marcow stred on the acks the onm and operates, also gave very Shell was used on most of the ket to Philip Gom z, Marn bringing engineer had to dismount from his popular dances which many people streetsfo paving and later on ex- a price of only one dollar because on she was so sickly and small that
abin and Jrive the animal off with still remember. periments were made with wooden everyone was sure she would die
cattle w tp, which was always Other colorful features of life blocks which proved unsuccessful as within a year. Her mother brought SOM ETHING NEW IN d for just such emergencieshere in the 'Eighties and earl they floated off during high tides good prie, Mary said. An occasional excrsionboat came 'Nineties were'the activities of the. In the dNineties the Horn Road or The Gomez homestead, according
down from Jacksonville by the twa companies of soldiers quartered 'Five-Mile Drive was built, andwas to Mary, occupied what in now the ocean route and these were the only at the barracks. Guard mount every very popular with those who wished site of the court house, and here two ays of reaching the Oldest morning and dress parade in the to go driving. It was always she was brought up as a family City in those days. afternoon were two daily spectacles crowded with bicyclists. servant, always kindly treated. She
In spite of this, Mr. Hernandez which both tourists and townpeople Mr. Hernandez believes that dur- can remember when a child play- S T A U G U SIN ingt about thei old dirt streets of thei
saysihe tnwn was always crowded always turned nut to matrh. ing the old days St. Augustine had city, and in Treasury Street, which with visitors and in the summer City Much Smaller as. much to offer its tourists as it was in front of her home. Ships
time there were almost as many as Mr. Hernandez remembers the has today, though amusements are used to drop anchor in Matans THE NEW ST. JOHNS ICE COMPANY IS PLANNING THE OPENING, ABOUT in the winter. People living in all appearance of the city when he was of a different nature. He is looking Bay, or just outside the harbor, and the -interior towns, including a boy before the Flagler System fo ward to a banner season this send in their crews to get water DECEMBER l, OF A
Gainesvile, Lakeland and Palatka, erected the Hotels Ponce de Leon year and hopes that the '34 tourists frin the spring in the slave market. spent their summers in St. Augus- and Alcazar and undertook numer- will enjoy their visit in the Ancient Mary tells of the time her master, tine and during the winter, wealthy ous other projects of building and City a much as did winter visitors Mr. Gome, and other save-holders
people from the north came to en- improvement hare. In those days in the 'Eightie' and 'Nineties. tasia Island to quarry coquina for joythe mild climate of he Ancient Maria Sanchez Creek ran through 0 sea-wall and jetty work.
what is now the middle of town and Early visitors to Florida delight- At this time, all of the western Many Amusements St. Augustine ended at the awest in rs part of the city was a marsh, prt
When asked about how tourists in side of what ins now Cordova those f the San Sebastian River, and
the aEighties amused themselves A side o qina brdovaned of today. One old writer says Mary remembers when her mother A mall coquina bridge spanned "Florida is truly the land of flow- would go to the west end of the Mr. Hernandez told of the many the creek at-the foot of King Street T A5ptrtetedsfsmwtldVtshemns InndsfthcTH I ways ininhich they could pans their and led to Dr. Anderson's orange which flowers never cease to unfold ment House, now the Post Officei nsitsl iasantly. In those days the grove. Opposite Dr. Andersoncs tlandInegadenofacing what is now Hotel PGnce dd the Gilbert Property Leon, and sit on the bank of the but Capo's Bath House, located in and just back of the Anderson 0 creek to fish. Mary said that they ________front of where the Monson Hotel Grove, the Bali orange grove..Be- The City of St. Augustine foe- used to catch trout more than a
now stands, provided a place to yond these three properties, start- ters a Tourist Club, which each year foot long there.
swimmright here in the city. A brick ing at the present location of Rib- enrolls hundreds of members, the When Mary lomez was a young poclfitlcdhby tbwatnrn of the hey aeria Ste-art, Ohs men a cnosrwny mrs and women comprising the girl, word of the emancipation
offered a sheliered, safe plnce torn leading across stretch of marsh- organizatioO going from every id, all the slaveholdcrs were.em Iti planned m e a need in St. Johns County, as herehas
swib.and th.r were aso private land and a bridge the Son pact f the c ....... dered to relo.. their sl and.... d to e longallow them to gather in a large
SGlimpse of aR Old Spanish Patio .vacant lot west of St. Joseph's Academy, where they were officially long been a demand here for convenient taciities tor the curfreed. When her bonds were struck
off, Mary took the name of her
parents instead of that of her masMary Ann Murray. All the freed inguimeat. The Company now operates a cold stormen were quartered near where th

to the old woman, and would go
scary to receive rations. Later th
colony broke .....d L n. f th fuits, sea foods and flowers
negroe moved to what is now West
however, loath to break away from
their masters, wished to live near
their old homes, and settled a small
About this tinge Mary met Henry Those interested and desiring to take advantage of our facilities for cold storage and after a courtship, they were
married, living happily fo vc..t and the curing of meats are asked to phone us at once for prices and for years, until, on a trip to Charleston,
Mary discoved that he had a ife pace reservation Our space will be limited and family there, whereupon she
left him, coming back to St. Augustine to raise her family.
Mary remembers distinctly the
.great fire which dctr.yd the T H E Cathedral and much of the city, an. .i ........ .
said, in her opinion, the blaze was
set by someone, for all during the
fire, she said, the smell of kerosene
..... to intheair. Duringthe
conflagration, a storm came up,
causing it to spread, and blowing
the road to Jacksonville.
Before the fire, according to Mary, there were many old Spanishstyle buildings between the Plaza
and the City Gates, but many of 9W cc.. destroyed. Tb cc arc Phone 3
few, she said, which today are real
This shows the garden of the Oldest House, on St. Francis Street, as glimpse tinrough a pict- and even these have been yhaned.o
arsanawa y. Flowers e always blooming in this garden, and visitors delight in its charm. -ay lives with her daughter

nodcrco ~~~~~ tbo os vcntd


oos Ofer Famous Palm Avenue in Old ity Modern Beauty Fort and Gates Mr. and Mrs. rank Benet Are
Advantages of Part of City and First Both on Record's Honor Roll As Ladm.arks
Modern ren Rare Combination of iTher ear probably no Their Respective Ages t eho chastened he i Rare Combination of things more familiar to the per- e e nas 7 oar s n e eiv i eg e Charm Makes Re- son acquainted with historic land- Are Given as 87 or ia see eno Total Enrollment Now sort Unique the City Gates of St. Augustine. and 84 remarkably good health, and feel
Near the 3,000 But even the ancient gates, built that they have ben most forMark Modern beauty, comfort and con- of coquina, now all that is left of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Benet of No. nate in this respect throughout venience, an old-world charm, and the elaborate walled defenses 41 Osceola Street are both on the their lives. the aura that four centuries of hi- hih once protected the ap- Honor Roll of St. Augustine's old o Splendid educational advantages tory gives, combine to make St. pOach to the city from the north, residents. Both are over 80 years Harry Davies Was for the children of St. Augustine Augustine unique among resort hae their tuch of ernity of age, and not only have they Employe on Herald, and for the isiting young folks are places of the country. Mother City Fort Marion, the old Spanish age, and nt nly hae they
affordede o America, it has its dignifi ed and Fort San Marco, and renamed by lied here for 40 years and more, Then on Record beautiful old landmarks which the United States for General but both were born and eared in
system of schools, both public and speak of mediaeval times. Narrow Marion of Revolutionary War this city, living here all their lives.
pra. ui n streets, with their quaint coquina fame, has withstood many a siege. Mr. Benet is 87 years old. Mrs. I an issue of the St. Agustine houses and romantically overhang- It was built by Spanish engineers Benet i 84. Before her marriage, soraily te ad, ediatepdeesschols for beth white and celeed hes an a nmantie allya n Agt, 19 children have a total combined en- ing balconies, and gardens of rare and so much time and money was she was Miss Dora Capo, daughter there appears news of a beach hlrenat ha aim 3t t pepic. tropical flowers and shrubs, of consumed in the building that the of the late John Capo of this city part given by D. E. Thompson, ehieh fascinating gli e are Iing ofe Spain wrote complain- M and Mrs. Benet were married proprietor, to his employes. The
T he a t e r P is c h o l ,r S a t a ai ndain a tadt e r f u l n a tu ne ut n e s s 1a nt eenef eeiait h dea caught behind high sheltering walls ingly to the Governor General in the old Cathedral of, St. Agus- following were listed: Misses Nellie On he ce of stone, are eloquent of the olden o St. Augustine that truly the ine, 63 years ago, in 1871, with and Amy Mann, Walter Walker structure must be built of silver Father Clavreul, long since s- JmeBrooks, Harry Davies, H. S.
r infah s 1days. nd ashntae l rn sffiociatingm aT n, r McLeod, R. H. ose. science incharge, Well-paved thoroughfares are pieces of money rather than of the ing pie. He M Stone. The old prison cells, dun- was one of the most beloved pri the g p arry Tie o aegote sba t aeirene found throughout the city. Many teon, and the ancient watch- of theparish, and older people of ea. M.Daew ed splendid hotels, a system of well- m hithe t ity him ays fe
maintained through the generosity kept abe ith tor from which the lookout for the city who knew him always refer the kepti sherubl earalee sfbo F d s r to him with the greatest affection afte dmesarheues Kfteltein H igh Schoo l t A S ithe Spanish garrison could watch e Sthe late h T. Di alcolor, and two very fine golf courses for the coming of an enemy by They had children, all of g the d. thy resident, who endowed the form the most notable of modern l e nd or a-alt an Fa theh siattractios. land or sea-all have the inspirittaetien. ation'for numberless romantic
The Cathedral Parish School, St. Perfect climate, wonderful natu- tales, and many ell-known Age d the St. Jeph Aad- r advantage a rare heritage pieces of literature have been in- For Co Drin emy are maintained by the Catholic from the past, and a modern spirit spired by hee ld world set- For a Sandwich or church, with the Academy having a of progress make St. Augustine e the tinges. St. Augustine is the STOP AT
That' wart e csin8 Th ad ws buil tol STOP AT batting schoei d ractent here esort city ideal cradle of American history. e r d e son id aOpportunities for sport are un- It was here that Pnce de Leon LUCAS & WILES Inc girsare eeivedeach season excelled, tr in addition to golf, the landed on Easter Sunday, 1513, a ef theirs soeen of Sal Jdsph. boating and fishing on Matanzas and claimed this territory in the
eng gil e m all p s Bay or on the wide Atlantic, out e f Spain, calling it Florida,
the try to this school, as through Anastasia Inlet are unsur- from Pascua Florida, meaning 54 San ar Ave. far away as New York, Chicago and passed. Flowery Easter. The city was
S. L e. This is the famous tropical pale ven ling to the rnett Orange Gioe n San Mar and St. Miles. f well-paved highways foundedby Me ac nve li5. ST. AiUGUSTINE, FLA Florida's State School for the Louis Avenues, where numerous different kinds of citrus are to be seen. Beyond this palm avenue, as surround theity, affording a series Deaf andthe Blind is located in the a direct approach to the grove is ne of the finest avenues of ak trees to be found anywere. The of beautiful drives. City Gates, the uaint old houses, northern part of St. Augustine, and trees were undoubtedly old when Poncp de Leon came in 1513. Hoary with age and draped with Span- Those who would delve in the and many other ancient landmarks WE DELIVER PHONE 1418 possesses a magnificent school ish moss, they still stand sentinel. Branches reach ouhorizontally-o form a perfect canopy overhead, past have Old Fort Marion, the to enjoy. St. Augustine has the plant. It is one of the finest inst- Iis a sight that none should miss. finest example of mediaeval forti- bet year-around golf climate in tutions i ind he r e ountrety, t e ification in this country, the ancient the world. and is vis ted each year by hn Ch rc e Are Catholic Cathedral. St. Augustine, Two Hospitals dreds f tourists. The campus is urc es a c ity of Spain from its earliestbewinding driveway through the Ousta dn the Roman church in the southeast From Far Away grounds, affording motorists a during many generations, is the
pleasant and very beautiful drive.
aided with public sthoos fo both Fine Edifices Offered moial Presbyterian church was of the healthiest places in the coufnwhi and hildenbuilt by th late Henry M. Flgle, try, and if it depended on this city
Ketterlinus High School of St. As Setting for All Florida's great developer, as the two big hospitals would reain Augustine is an accrdited high Worshipers moral to his daughter, Jennie empty a great part of th ime. shool. John A. Crookshank is BLouise Benedict. Trinity Episcopal There in beautiful Flagler Hospital, principal of high school, and also church is a quaint old s tructure nstructed at a cost of several i Sthe Junior High. Local churches are architec- which faces the public square, and hundred thousand dollars, and modrurally satisfying, and the men he pied that position fe .ver rnly equipped. Many of the eases in charge are of the highest a century. Other churches are the are operative, the patients being B An old guide book of St. Augus- calibre, being held In so compara- Grace Methodist Episcopal, Ancient' drawn here from points fr and tine which dwells at length on the tively small a place because of the City Baptist, First Methodist, near, by fame of the hospital and I / beauty of the orange groves in the opportunity given them during six South, Calvary Baptist and First the skill of the surgeons in charge. il t citysays"TherangegroveofD. monthsintheyear ale tod- ChurefChr ientist. There The East Coast Hospital takes are, A. Anderson on King Street, con- dress cosmopolitan congregations are also a number of small churches ofl the Florida East Coast Railway tains about 1,500 fruit-bearing here assembled, and chapels; serving outlying dis- employes and also many private
et." There is the historic old Roman tricts. patients.


You car tovere& M'ah C at. as tdi- IT was a matter of considerable pride to Florida eolonThe Godyear e G4"is I hfan.tJ-ul ists that the third railroad to be constructed in the United
Ov 0Ae .w y l States was the Tallahassee & St. Marks)line, which was
Tlmt's wha we all UcCEsS! 1 built in 1832. The road was built to connect the capital

And h re aro tb. reason- city with the then flourishing ports of St. Marks and St.
43 loger tn -id ieag- t noa Joseph on the Gulf. It was later extended to Jacksonville,
e ira price! connecting the Atlantic with tle Gulf.
The Goodear mavrrgku tafety-qulker
stops than any tire ever tested against When railroad building in Florida was still in its early
this sensational "G-3"--due to grip im stages, this company was founded. Much of the land on
the custer ofthe 'i a which the roads leading into Jacksonville were built was

Blowout protection is ey ply-bcause 88 sold to the railroads by Telfair Stockton & Company. The
every ply is built with patented land which the Jacksonville Terminal Station occupies, toGodyear SupertwisL gether with the block north of it, was sold by this company
Come in and take a look at the tire that ............ .. to the railroads in 1886 for a price of $6,000!
gives you more ass-skid .safety for your --Z --..
money--the greatest tire sensation in ..........___ As Jacksonville has grown, its land values have increasyears! .............. ,_ ed. Today, as in 1886, it is impossible to foresee the extent
.... --__ ......____ of future enhancement of land values but we know that

never before were the opportunities so favorable for prof itable investment in Jacksonville real estate.


Owen Bros. Garage LEITE

58 Charlotte Street Teklple 817 75cand$1.00 rs uiss F ctd ite Phae ,