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Title: Triay House
Series Title: Progress Photos Book No. 1
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Restora ration Negotiations are moving for- Preparations were made for the
Commission authorized the pur- ward successfully and it appears official visit to Mexico on March
chase of the Bennett property that an agreement will be reach- fifth, led by Commission Chair-
yesterday at their regular meet- ed soon to fulfill the Spanish gov- man H. E. Wolfe, to extend an
ing, adjusting the budget to pro- ernment's requirements. invitation to the Mexican govern-
vide the necessary funds to buy Recognition we a-ade of the ment to construction of an exhib-
the property from the owners, hard work Pier on has itiori center for the 400th anni-
Charles Bennett and Buel Baker. done in effo this versary celebration The Mexi-
The Bennett land is located on land. can govfrnmenta reported to
the east side of St. George Street Supt. Bertb e Na- have e essed st in such a
south of the Galleogos house, and tional Par. .ed be- project' I ow to St.
plans call for the construction of fore the co ported Augustine several ago.
a historic home on the area in on plans f rcels of Mr. Ne -...o a. med the
the near future, Earle Newton, land whi therly of commission. dent Fern-
executive director, announced. Castillo D r relocated ando Belau of Peru has
Reporting on other restoration by the par agreed to r a delegation
projects, Mr. Newton stated that Roberts b restoration from the United'States to discuss
preliminary work has begun on agency that one small parcel of plans for a similar plan, and the
erecting a structure on the Benet- land adjoins the Bennett property president of Peru has also accept-
erectg a structure on the Beneted an invitation to visit St. Au.
Dow property, pointing out that on the east and that 'the park gustine in 1965, during the cele-
the materials of the old house service would sell this to the res- bration.
which had been standing there toration agency if it purchases
are being used in the building of the Bennett property, giving the
a new structure. restoration agency frontage on
Work on the Parks Hotel prop- Castillo Drive after its relocation.
erty, purchased seVeo months An additional small parcel of
ago, will begin soo" e execu- land which will be south of the
tive director re Qa he said relocated road is located at the
that the co i opeful corner of Charlotte and Cuna
this will be o t "dis- streets and Roberts informed the
tinguished pro d a e res- restoration group that the park
toration project k service plans to-:c duct archaeo-
Concerning th tein build- logical work .'il site to de-
ing on King Str e commis- termine if a .,bl. the's shop
sioners were info that it is once existed th e his work
not known yet whether the build- will be done, he during the
ing can be converted or must be relocation of Cas.. l)rive, hope-
torn down. Announcement of the fully soon after Day, and
intended purchase of this proper- added that pla the parcel
ty was made earlier in the week will be determ"i the basis
when the Board of Trustees of of the findings e archaeo-
the Internal Improvement Fund logical work. '.:
granted a $200,000 loan to the A resolution 6i thanks was also
St. Augustine Historical Restora- extended to Mr. Roberts and the
tion and Preservation Commis- National Park Service for their
sion for the purchase of the prop- help in the entire restoration
erty to house a Florida exhibi- project.
tion center for the 400th anni- The commissioners stressed
versary celebration, that plans must be formulated
A special tribute was paid to now for the advertising of St.
Senator Verle Pope for the im- Augustine's 400th anniversary
portent part he played in helping 1 celebration, and it was suggested
to obtain the Bernstein proper- that definite plans be made with
ty. the Florida Development Corn-
Executive Director Newton in- mission, as well as contacting air-
formed the commission that an lines, trainlines, buslines and
agreement has been reached with various Florida attractions to se-
the Weinstein family for the cure their aid in the advertising
purchase of property at the cor- of the quadricentennial celebra-
ner of Hypolita and St. George tion.
Streets. This is the intended lo-
cation for -. reaction of the'
Spania exhibition
'enter. Newton
stated that still
under o
an ad tL
.Weinst6 .j.g...t..
the trana 6tion.

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AUG 1962


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