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Title: Gallegos House
Series Title: Progress Photos Book No. 1
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"Thbe St. Augustine Historical
Retoration and Preservation
Cio'inission will begin work on
its third ro ect reconstruction
o the J a Martinez Gal-
legos e Saweek, at the
corner -rge Street and
Fsrt a stand on land
p" e Cbmmission
froh:, Richard Parks
al7d -used as a park-
i lo F he Parks Hotel.
.=The construction will be en-
tirely different th n anything
previously undertaki according
t5 Earle W. Neyto, Executive
13rectpr of the Commission. The
oginal building waIf "tabby",
a-method of constr ftion com-
ztlpn in the Spanish period before
1263 but not used 'thereafter.

S Archeolo fo
-house on forneoe

There are no known tabby houses
among the many historic houses
scattered throughout the city.
The reconstruction will therefore
illustrate a hitherto unknown
style of historic building.
The Gallegos house will also
be the only example of "first
Spanish" architecture in the city.
While many houses still standing
were built before 1763, all have
been extensively altered and add-
ed to, and in physical appearance
resemble the architecture of the
English and second Spanish pe-
It will have a flat tabby roof
as well as walls, and will have
Spanish casement windows, rath-
er than the "double hung" type
popularized by the English and

undations of early Spanish
parking lot.

used throughout the second Span-
ish period. Entrance will be
through the south side courtyard
with no windows on the north
wall, in accordance with Spanish
Particularly int be
the method of coob-
ert H. Steinbac lgist
and building sup re-
ports that the ori hods
will be used in raisin build-
ing. Thus, for a period of a week,
a craft demonstration of Spanish
colonial building technique will
be given by the Commission
building crew on the site.
The Spaniards mixed their
oyster shell and lime tabby much
like modern cement, and used it
similarly. But it cured slowly.
Hence only a small portion, per-
haps 14 inches in height, the
width of boards available at that
time, was poured. Forms were
removed later, raised, and an ad-
ditional 14 inches poured.
Because of the instability of
the material at first, a post and
beam frame was erected of wood,
to hold the roof, and the tabby
poured right around it. Commis-
sion workmen will do the same.
Door fraines of cedar, which
were completed this week, will
be thrust into the ground in the
same manner, before pouring. A
loggia, or porch, will be added on
the south side.
In addition to the Gallegos
house, which shows on de la
Puente's 1764 map, two other
houses stood on the property.
Lorenzo Gomez a frame
house, and S l -:Mh.,lerrera
a stone (co chae-
ologist Ste' tempo-
rary halt t r these
houses this H 6 the new-
ly discovered foundations of one
ran off the lot and underneath

the adinink hoise to the south, al for the county tax roll in ex- era and speculators who have re-
This is'r ied by Attorney cess of $20,000. Newton had pro- cently increased the alleged value
Charle jt iwho expects to tested to the County Commission of their property over known ap-
remov house shortly. the high larni appraisals by Hun- bious
Bees. iswates an aa pro-
comp *"The
the e ta r. D com-
Mr. u -.. ne, or
his p .'t ,wed if it
Bot expect ro litd-by such an ovei-- p&rfa- I ering. The
b de ft shop, per- al, Mr. Parks supported the Comrn- Commission is prepared to pay
haps a a paper-making missions appeal as owner," New- fair market appraisals, and will
demonstration. ton said. Parks accepted a sale not be permitted by the. state to
Mr. Newton paid special trib- at a price which would reflect pay more." The Act establishing
ute to Richard Parks, former the $150.00 per front foot ap- the Commission gives it powers
owner of the land, which was pur- praisal recommended by the of condemnation where reason-
chased by the Commission for Commission. "His attitude con- able- settlements by negotiation
$16,000 despite a recent apprais-. trasts markedly with some own- cannot be accomplished.

Drawings by Historian Albert Manucy show Post-And-Tabby
Building-a Tabby Wall (right).

GALLEGOS HOUSE--A simple two room "tabby" house illustrates
Spanish architecture and life in the "first" Spanish period--before
English influence. Reconstructed on original foundations, it and
the Ribera House are alone in the purity of Spanish architecture--
all other original houses have been modified by the English, the
Minorcans or Americans to a special "St. Augustine" architecture
not purely Spanish.


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