Environmental geology series, Gainesville sheet ( FGS: Map series 79 )
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Title: Environmental geology series, Gainesville sheet ( FGS: Map series 79 )
Series Title: ( FGS: Map series 79 )
Physical Description: 1 map : col. ; 47 x 80 cm. on sheet 56 x 87 cm.
Scale: Scale 1:250,000
Language: English
Creator: Knapp, Michael S
Florida -- Bureau of Geology
Florida Geological Survey
Publisher: Florida Dept. of Natural Resources, Bureau of Geology
Place of Publication: Tallahassee
Publication Date: 1978
Subjects / Keywords: Geology -- Maps -- Florida -- Gainesville Region   ( lcsh )
Land use -- Maps -- Florida -- Gainesville Region   ( lcsh )
Maps -- Gainesville Region (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Geology -- 1:250,000 -- Florida -- Gainesville Region -- 1978   ( local )
Land use -- Gainesville Region -- 1:250,000 -- Florida -- 1978   ( local )
Geology -- 1:250,000 -- Florida -- Gainesville Region -- 1978   ( local )
Geology -- 1:250,000 -- Gainesville Region (Fla.) -- 1978   ( local )
1:250,000 -- Florida -- Gainesville Region -- 1978   ( local )
1:250,000 -- Gainesville Region (Fla.) -- 1978   ( local )
Land use -- 1:250,000 -- Florida -- Gainesville Region -- 1978   ( local )
Land use -- 1:250,000 -- Gainesville Region (Fla.) -- 1978   ( local )
Genre: government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
single map   ( marcgt )
Maps   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Florida -- Alachua County -- Gainesville
Polygon: 30 x -84, 29 x -84, 29 x -82, 30 x -82 ( Map Coverage )
Statement of Responsibility: by Michael S. Knapp
Bibliography: "References."
General Note: Relief shown by contours and spot heights. Depths shown by bathymetric isolines.
General Note: Text, 3 cross sections, and ancillary map on verso
General Note: Includes location map and township grid.
Funding: Map series (Florida. Bureau of Geology) ;
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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The author dedicated the work to the public domain by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law and all related or neighboring legal rights he or she had in the work, to the extent allowable by law.
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notis - AJJ6978
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"SR.AR. u,.t. 6M T


De_-opment of guidelines -or w-se management of Florida' natural

be based upon adequate geologic data for sudc lields as waste disposal,

eat re o f Teure Taage mnow las n the m anagement irghay e ighrmtl geologT c

2l0d T les lmaopng pndsbot 70 mieads wd re.l hetre y Lnvo n centra m penin
ao r eprode tsied e asiv1del a nud o1t the 1-1rea1 M and 1 o11 un-1

po m -s U n a I abo e19no arle 9 is d uCts tgla ns the I ls t
on.9rve R. dge, III rpo -hillsd B intendged wig l asonse G a a bao

op oflort h nurnu o 2 G Nolog rahy r hed a ouatoe spo w deahS
9oloa 9 1 1ur91e and l uhs e 9pul o 191 1o11 Stat eson e nvic g l
In dI 9 11s mapda Badfor -o dt wh 33 ur an, bnd9-
s 1o 1yi1 Te1nse, to he sialy trined st th e tesnaee l 4 U n Ion.
34.2 ,, Pro, 3 711 1. 1 1- 1 -.l, .1 11%, 1 -1 d 091a,1

-tk196o f anre s19 ag w as the Oc ,nli just o f t uIhe -. zIons t1 9 th11e

it tle d -n g l -1ogs t c 70ypon s _apind winser d a er6 incal c nto pophulan

9nra1 1r0o 1cu 70 o and o other im poesato proviadte w t 9h 1 wi 1r e a
In U .ds I l I ad ot allIubhsthed o and npubhs da I t. Iles

Inut re abld F reat ora t o-Bgy plus pueddhhdnd freps U S
1o81n Col Su1 rny nd19 a the hu C untr Sg9a9 ns1 e I s I

LowsnsesTe ra nrd ln n 18 9s9 t r1 0nd C rld ik 9 t.1e U 1er ti,


a T he rei n oth e aial ovr f i -sdy dpIo a d iby a su --N,
ft9e -o -Ter 11 kown a1The o]I pal1 9,phlt o1, 0. Iigh TIn s -uc ture1 1

yas dt-e d LI oc ated b one t19 at 5ins "t -1les1 Le e o aty c Tily
1 s,230 1s l and. 1 a bo-9 E 70 kie 1 d1 e, -0 eope d P eo l p eAi1 nsul9 r

unopalty Eocene a nd nheof, ramnette onwSepColutember 5wi6, 19a5t0rS e
1a -19s10ed 19t901y 9 po0 t -1ap I Mi-ensoe yn .u.Ger
sed a- Ili nn rIng the dIne -nd I llgl ond areas

Tuhe Io 1a119 p1 y d1sins11 th- m11 are p c d
sunnL Ton h L e th uo I d 1- 5e urph faures t.

..9111ta11 0,9 0the a1ea1an a 01 9)1111 9, 111
B 9,oks 9 -tidg,, FarIfd OI ll, Bel[ Ridge, HbiI Spitg Gap, D-6

G a9p S. e- and 199 h Hill, Mar Hdl, u- P t R g, a nt t I

91 N19 9 Highlad 1T Ca-stal17 sanos 1 0osi e1wl9uch f t9res1
t Ith e 119 19Cle 1, --- O1and 19P 19 19 -, 9 IIy 1-h and, th p -1

L7 b II9sIa -1 III 011199 11a 19 9pr119 III
_est by I If Mexio ..d U. -s by t h. If

910, o1 lb,,,- 301 No111t 291 Norh Th c I -.
II9 9- -,0 II LIy DL9Ie, G-19his,, A h O011-e -ount1 oy
p919ly show9n Taylo, L9 ayette. S 11991 Co 0b1, I Bradord,II

1are the9Su10ne, S 9t 1,,1. 0 01119, andi W0thlaoche 1

Most1f the119d, however, -1-1tain 1ewe residen ts i 1ta r1, e -1-e1 u
11,1 pop utIII n i, con ntr9d 9111 d III me1or le d 1910 01nsu
by ,c..nty I Aqlh,1 104,764 wth111, 61 1 ,ra, Mario 69,030 wt1,

19 wh119 _ra, Bradford 14,21 1 1 13 1 "1, 11 U -
9,1190-911 11 1 -1 1ol 1inelthe 196,dn--s -t1hhe19 i ensus

Ga9nes9 9 he]' gest 1 dfase11 t w M-11 y in th11I ar Its



reslted Io ..i dep t ng ,ie E.- epoh (deposted fro

58 to 36 mllon years ago) and tIe Ogocene epoch (depo I ted from 36 lo

nds and clays (1111deposited 1from 25 mon years ago9 to pre111) of variable
9h10n w, h ...... .. e1,11 n1 g 9g1pod If on bly thicker
01 9 Iu Mos II th e Ipose iIt eng I the Iate Eo-ene O0a1 a
Group, although, I te 11. iIlnlty of Gulf Hammock hr e exposu1,es of1
thIe iate Middle Eoene Avon Pak Limestone Tie Avon Park Limestone
9is Ih old cppmb Ifr ion I F1lor id. T Ih Tetiay li m 1wn
p in ti "'p aa b elon" I. th e L.mI ston1 If Ohgole

n. Ie L Couty Is -ns-dy

and mmas They an als be very finely rystalIne and occasionally
C Ihmnatd (le.t inusg siltton ith be ant reaso e t the b IIIdolomite

ha-nd Tie coues repng ated .. tis ia, t latd fl II Avn

Park L ieste I., Pl neromes ts Ga orale folohge d poslote moe tern oA-on

21ark Lmesne1 ed111 by erIo 0951) 1,s "te9 0 asal bRr eys.do

W eilterst c ld he desrU I ep Is ae tran d etreeno e s awd-ppar ntl
Io.loa-d --js Iand Io eo t h-, maknin g It h e y odifyth recog nh e I s
Cn s1owtern9 conunu s l-ie III 111 so lo ca bh e des9d
eds in so u theLn Lestounty arough o at the p Ao area a L mestone

n Thu e ht n t h is posed `- partst sads111 clye 011111 I Df y sD .
ada ylor coi nltti .eing e qate d l h l tones hd t holog eans that le ,n y

Iitn I ocat hetpo1a1 -b ho111 t., 9en11111 ely wll d ar111 y Ie
a 1one Io 11, -olomite ,,d I wilhibi dfff ng deers f 11111h9

Tora In Te 1 cuyth hmstonperio ee, Tossgy P11 aocene a1ge a1 -

T1g he1 1' f 1ne1 f to 90 m u and an s1ts rph1, units v l01mos9 the en0,9e
ptere ands ereonymad p werey bey iandantiehd aun I.
-Iwse D1 1 1 Co ..ty 991Id Ih S, h 9t-111,1 Ri911 It a I

This, en. 11 in9ormally t 111ed t e e o 11 mbe and o, t-

th e Inh e loda exenin gs e d int o Tyo un11 y thre dimstinct lom1te.1

ghlwand nara y f iddy -e-11-st d Johns a R hve Ie-to 11 .-e lof 0
91e W 1h11 1191 1r 1, ey 1`1 -11o11119e 9ar1 111t

S19,1, nh a -d y others be1ng1,g 1 Uh C, ya,,l Ri119 T1t, Cryst
R10 9 I -mt- -ps o-t tem e 0-y o1 1te11 P-hah era
Laye,111, DI and Gllct9cou es t 0 I. theste AG-a and 19t91

Cr R n Wlh.i-1n1 I-19-1w 1 teisoelth1 logy11 y1

L TI- it-l -1 n u 1- I ol bia a-d Suwann,0 -,n1-1 and i1

9lt1od11 Th1 h11 st s 1111 1911- o 1 111h -1a -r y
hn It- io et191911) y ti Ii h bn sh d

9,1id h11]9and 191 1, ith -r, A Io are mmonly 1 1.ae -,111
s1ed ients o1 Mio -n 19,g o 9pe1119ly, a9M 9 IIIII 9 1hd 11I
H11.1wth I .r- ,11 I, -pe.d dn 11191 p I. 1 1119h11, q91111 nt 1 n1
I. p0 rts If -Ion CI ty Ti1 e 1 4-ho I, I1 I -ery 1 t1 er, 091 o11g1 1
119 11909 19 9- t 9011, dd Itd~, lyy nd, 1 1ndy 91 ys,
-Imts d ---n, h e d wIth 1phosphate1 gras

i, apparently a de111 y lut.on1 d -,11ty I 1 .1 -1,1g L- T1 0

T" e rn porin "of ieI p I "' thpysiogaphi p -
known as tie Gulf Coasal Lowlands Te lowlands begin at 1 e pre111 nt1
astlhne and e-tend t d to eastern GlchlSt, central Levy- and enral
Suwannee counties, _undedr b thett di,, e. t etit If i th
Low ,nds the1 e ar ,1 ral iver valley y lowlands and I-hre mar, e terra e
Theil terra s and asse11 1ed shorelines, beg, g wit the youngest, are
tie Sidver Blut. Pamhco, and Wicomico.
T1he S1 Bluff sho111 e s 11 ns-Idered to at aIn ,elvalon of 1 0,

-.-1c1ed with 911111 119 9 Th. m.-sh11 .11, etendig bit. 1 I1

I0 -1m d primay If Pl 1es n t rnt I I n In I --die9 ndrl i
by stones nd dolomites t a sallow depth In Diie, County, the Sde
ltn e a s ma d a n as ctr III e I in mle and S, als u 0i. r- -d by
masta] marshes The Saiver Bluff terrain is Try arrow n the portion to

Tbc P(15 1 hid h pr bly an taine 0a -t and t25 1ee,
e a disllntCt mark on Taylor County in the near arraneme t a Flats
. 15I 1.o 50 R1 t i1 11 dunes 11 that parallel e a st Tr e toe of h1 s strand
.m.e is marked bya e10-1 o nT Ioeto nemditi tath erc, S11-cdr Bi

In D e 1 Coun ly the9 Pamho e dipmen ts less well de1 e 1 d, bu tPI, licrra
-a P, 0 id9r9d tP e 19t bitween-111 1t -oo and 2519 eo,.011

The Northern ty d 111 91 d hio e ot y Ithai pe er alles th 9 n e
1ie it Die- Conty Itho mgh 11 1n be0 t 1 as e wII, nIo-therI P-Lh

1-l e9, ul does 1 wit. u. w e ll cors Su1ingL o n to -1 the g d aern 1

athe Alanune Ls a nd C rsins al ovey s the orrac e.san rean el

aneat4 aounte6 th and e o f sande an lmedan se etusom res, odu alg letone
ti There Venit pro 5bly le create p -e-tw n Ihes nrhe Levy,

doutly d, nlt c nt thle lhr iston d theology II IDsItn CPnlt
by ver v ley o shre l R ge and tIe n le nRd sern h I 1ont1
111 t1st 9 9not o9 the0 9on1 91111f m a nd 9 o cup ying 9 ntal
Leym9 on1 s9 l aswm py9e wetrekon s the W aec0c91 91- I I. 9I 1l9r

-on ler Flats and embankmd eLam go Pamo nts I tle di-es f
(14 911e 1 the-e Ti s h) s well ey m pfed b suntklae [99 e T I,0, aI l -l
d y m norlh to. Gtdrtt Co9 un..I 1cosing tIIe -nd 11th1 lo I a 1 endn
9I9 01 i1ty ol9 c 1w 1, 11 S-1 1 nd 9 a t i R i- T the i lhlgy .t,
Wlalall Al 1I'ill 1 9 "I i 9- I L l o ny a res Lon o nd I0 1- 1- t1 .. sy -d,
111 9o91 beig 19,-ldby T1n19 th.n..1Levy0n1I1l ... ...9l
"elsI Wh \ 91110 I. 9s 1u9e9 Le1t on. Verno 95 a1 nd Wh i
911979y lntcd ,1,l110,l)1i un1at h ,ty 1 uv 1lllowV e 1951 prml9o9n
0&d O .les 9 11967) --1019d III 9101090 01111were 91spos 1

919t9i) thr 9 is 119dthe I 1 wneln W -e1-on 1`lt 111-1 ediyll, 1
Clnefland hu I 1ii 111t9e ha oslbee 9R0de i 11no 111iT lhng sum po
y 1, the relate 1111ns du1ng Wd 9 c 1 11 th- 1. l-t1 o 1,e 1
9191m I II )1d, 9 IJd id Lon1 h 19 nd -1- .) ]].Jl.) ,Ny

and .u....[la e ou me, )lncfsnT 91eo le ..1 1'am t repo a e d b,,

B11er1en 1h 1 9u sclla nd L ol P 9l1mt n ll1d .(te lana d I lt,
test Jbded mean to teoel bn the wmaothey re Rweren ted by the s-nd

1111101 190 91hl10 .1199 111 1 111111 -.
111191y 1r1- Iid h010 1 -1 1 119 9,1) d as 11999119 I0
b0 9199I I, h 9e rok- )111 )99 -II drn, -- 001 0I. 0

T b1 0 bent1 h ln se end n111 1 1 the northen e I fre t

-1 1 -o1, 119 e 1 r 1.1 1 dge9 n eastwl d 119 1r1 s1nted t) 1
h 191d SaOnlli ) 9T 1 0 0t1e 91ns -ldos In 9ola I
inhea urel [ I n d regI zer th e en lan e Vhtoloey1 nnhgh Sp ,n,

(m9p, Dullo G 11p,1 o s1 ed I ie ild 9 ls S--dem Uplani -,
11ll B M -a il l,, n d g Iot on ldil It.- 1,ll1 10 -1 I'9

The1 b okv ,l1ing9ec cs t 11n, eatu 9 re1 19 o9 9 0 m s g
rs d jdcd to tI c In d Ihd pthlo w er a l toune T he,
drt, er ro n, w ch n t hr o g eeys p are a. i s s e .in lo me long

a ry nta i needhr0t 1Cont Thew t. ro11i t -,1 otthe k tl

on Lht od pm and] U edbth eW ts Ind mol th -th taprso w
1nds, 0tl9 11,90 b, 1arel s1ul. It ns R.-111-1 1 9 11910s I.1lit

9,olut 111-9l - the t11119911 11 glands 9191 w the0,1 0 mr 1h9,n

to 0themhh prs T- 11-91 m1,11, b he Santa ..o through th OLto
911 9n 0I9 n 09
90l 1 9ll, 11t19 0 1,91 119919119' 119[1 h lah 11 Hil9 ,,Ier i,,d

t19 911g1, 11tile 1 r 1111i 1 11i1 111 I99 91Dunelo 1 I 11G -
T1. 1 .1 1a'h.9111, 91-1d I t9119 f0t.a1es bro 0011em 10111,1

Marten 99 9o1t199t)1 hthd,,, ,1 11gII I- P 9,11. 91111 1 01111

Fairfie1d IhlT I Olnd-- VI d ye 1 ,n 1-91-r 9 11111 TheO 91111s1xtrt

111,9 md 9,1 h s,1l 11 9 W-- il0 1y n Oe .a M1 ,el 9 l 0 es1 n m 'e

1111 II yi 911L99 n911111 t 0099 0l eatuir- 1 1

1a11i .- I eI I. ab ou t .-1 I1 ]~ -1 1n 1 aa w h b

IIIe Nar, itn Colmbia County ThI S-t 171 R-ve dh~ppear -d low
Sntra I'I Rie ne s ch annel n tiI
pointsof dCtppea9 acn and 9appe 1an 1 The rIver fl.ws m hls channel
at tIme If -ey h~ig wae

At Thomas 1-rm m northern Gdchnst County, an ammblage .1
Mionne and Phso~nn terrestrial vertebrate remains were found mo tie chyey
i.- 909,9 ph 10 __ -t, 1111011 01111 19111 ,9 0 I yi
1nds o, the Al111c1 ua 1 o1maon Tis 1 IIes a good Indit9on 0 ta9 at 0east9
parts of thie OcaLa High area wre above ma level during Mloane time and
were emg surrounded by an inll t the marie sediments The. aras

.y veencn nnected It-irm a smaI pI nsuhi which jo ed t, larger

M 1o9 1 n -Phce0 eP9 t t1 ston a sasgres1 d hO usI .111 t0ea -1

the elevated Mioene adaments with the formation ol shorelimes and oftdioie

tins process The core b- the ridge Is ompowd of Mto -ne wdtmets, whicl
were probably deposited an a coastal lagoon or brackeslh rwer The Western
Vallc, and Guit CoastlM low]nds pro mbly are boundaries to tilts feature
M car Miocene As I me progresed the surrounding limestone plums

Lr Imestone pulrr in, opernon are or 0v e,i Ptil-eceinal
11111--111 I, t1 -1101 011. 11, 1111 11 110, I 1-dip.1

were ed 9d I Iower 9 a11m on II Mt-9anth M rne 1 d omns Th r Phio.
Ple111111e -s t110 dr- ead th asan si y thesMioene lIm-eat st .M- icswr
a, t 9 1he1 a1o1 9-they 111101 1e1a1d -oI 9 11 9 tona I lo
- -ned ond h .d bar rnd ol se Iastal fea urs o

M91 11 10191 a1e 1ep9o9I1 ated by w111 us rte 1 rye1-1 I1f hh
uta lify hin-t-onmard rk ano pble phorno -a I- e mIp-etusy been
1I'0d 1-1 19'l'l99m -1- L I]ahr 1 ,ist and a1 t 1en ounies TLe a.11

ain Ibundantoo d laOcit olnea mined lono aton i 83adhrockly
Lim e,9 09oston te 9a111 9ed are,1 9 1 1re h 1ae e en 1 eistenc1me 1 n1 9
bo -dtie .eine mnhem Ison -d d Qro a
1111 ~ ~ ~ ~~~~- -,1 .I 11 19111 I19911 011-1 90111

1 ,lub n tb u e d1, 1 0l l I'd 999 9 Il9y by bl 09l9 1 1 1 T 9e 1 o- 1

1901901io, 111, 91119199,111911)9111 111111l1-

bmonpicmarel tlpsed juot roa bst 0 iCluenn Jnd aumerous somoall quares r
_dr '= .e o..... .
iedon 91, I 9oO h -ay9 1--nld 1llml 1I0 11-Y1 Ia

d 19 1 erro9ad 919 aewarimth 1ondstunrs a1

IP w119110)1 19911oe9911-11- n1 th0111919

sm eth m e as r po g te subsuocr et h ls a d rq l u 1 t
pe19 11911bbe o 1o icl 9po 1t9ae ] Td w9ithin t heo1 lypey 9nd 9

.,,,,I' Il.lgll .91911191191lt it P

_he b i i-the'unconfmedaqln which nothas er po ton t fiea area the
1-1910.-I 11t PIAId 991.d1 lI 11, I,99911 1 111
111 111 -d1 11199

991111 ll,111110199., 91119111
demopohe re deropg bured nd poe exa s olemb pors ate contdmaqg method
eald o h e d red r o us aI th

rea aTheeA~. I Irmsanell tc i r o psts c cn wtd n ier n~ b y rmgn c n ty~ ut
hl/ g lnd- nl s yrom ,Ill n ma d A deua onlut ers dotnhro c L nevy I

ampforidan unontupeam ne~ as tow e sutbrn m 88nd hmsard croc

throuphae wJ rlz ned n ear w D icrlo imetne an9 Altougl em te atus

(leard erock b ph tlhae milta nn nd oex wtensvl thereo h tih e preent tiympernos
powphrl bmg dmentd m the mapo wate ers m eowRda
en g d 9 un11o o- 0 e11 m 1 d9 m1ned o-oy11 andt 1111, 1.

.......1 1t 9 11b9t Ir1eguate y 99er mthol 11 d me, -andr011cneov
hmonle ae C~~ose It west e t nll- n -It it ornl to loca birit ces

t 9 u 1m te ordcon o e -o1,tnr s- 1 t111
.O)i th1n -- h d t o 1tern u11 fo the flurary In bIte9

n water 1, the1 d-u-sr 11 .1 -,r 1 the 1o11n 19 t 1ont

-o -d 1 -9i I- 1in ll s. e aI Ied It w -ahe 11119 9e
099 bI 1,11111-1099 .1- Th -111111 1-9991 -1119
If1 t1a0, ro-e the 1911 o911 1- l 0 nder t199 -1,11111
of ph lravlt h towar p Iate p- ,llg p.-, -I sprng wets dlae Td
med rn hih -nprssbufaewtrI ald anI aqurr abd ,h e s defined-

A -1 n t 1a 9e l th, a11I 1 1p ,9 91,11ied -II. to1, 11 .els 9 s f e,
ai. h n nf9ind1111 quifer, 9hI9h t I- be1 1 91h111 eII 1 0111 lhd
a Tmosphee tI h oe 1,1 -- -g spa' it o e hn qi

Anther I p I- f -l s d aqi19 r- w1 hh t, n 11 1-1 t1d b101
p191 y Iayey ind, an dy ,hays, -n1 s cnded .. -nhn1d
9 19 9 hee r n d by -, I, 991 9 t e tpe Id 9 -1
A..he good --rc It grond Ite -n III, -. e ist, e ],I eonda-
alte- aquld" Ti* n" e .S retictd t. the ldgh ind res A Ies
i-pot-- -n-n.nd dqinil,, e ist n the sutl-la -n deport ot fe a
aa Ti ', n s1 temed J, -11at 11r I1.01 1au nd t ore 09119n 119r
Iit un-delin by 1Ie 1-ae -dd .r .ndy hly, oft,, highad u
The I -eden Aquiferts I, m- -d primaily ofpereal hd to,
-h, dolom .1 o-f1 T I,age. In t9 nr1,1 e1ster .1 p n h ma II

:1-dIon A110e I, uder -- ,onditionsI -od e-eh .
reai e.y Impermeabl, 1lye t 101ent9 andth -1 t It IheI west
_9p 9r 11 I t9b19 condit1ons, Th1 Ilo1 dan II i 9 I- ehag

through 1-1-11ed 10911110 hIet1one1 -nd d 9l11te tt III0
sur-ace or9a1e -19, 19ne 99 by 9 1-hiay,9 ,1 ..d. Th9 Fl11dan A1uif-9
-] eevs ehrel ro stale perchd aqier lkes, and II-am ,h-r
th, imemal di-nl, supoti gt th-e -d-,re -Iv -ee brechdd
A-owm dowwad -1r-ao .1 1-,e Another -etho If recarg t.
the Iqu-, I, by dh inll Ito Pe truh t~he -~lly I~perIous
o-dy'mg -mets it h ao ae nguti [el, Rechag,

-pg, n,. I-ivr and up-ad over.lying -,ay aufr
The IIsIl- .ids mt wate frmt.. I pe p- r -1 t the 1-1-ortda Aquife m
III ..p Ie ae rdomatb --tu and -anamb--te Ind

,b-u 1000 parts lay r-e
The -e d. y artsia aqifers" -e -Id w llu the blyey n

Icu wtm th d-whr Io ato n 1h fo o thin dis-ont-.,u
-~soe olmtmd -11 s 1e 1, bes hitch -srruded by reGti-eb
i dire-l clyyd ady cla. '

-,b,,e I lowe -ha th Itble I tII ovelyting Id-mnt. it ...rcev
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1 Levy County Township 14S, Range 16E, Section 28 Northeast quarter
of Northeast quarterI DIte L-me & Stone Compny quarry 12 m-les -utl
Iammock on U S. 19. A sity dolomtte -wr ..t-edded t
reain and I -y hd id.. dolomite re d _h _ibot
of 1tliw1 1posu11 s ar-e rom the Avon Park Nime tone
2 CIu Counyl Townlp 17S. Range 16L. Section 11 Norths quarter
of Southeast quarter, Dohme quarry ust uh 1 Barge Canal on Us 19

Dolome nodules, 9 t1e crystals and e ds are abundant m excavated

99191 011111 d m e knd 1111 1te 119hi 9s locale 1t I 1 1 Uper
4 Uii C11ount Townshlp IS, Range 181, Secion 9 No thwes9 qte
oI Southwest quarter, 9 t1r9 a br 1dge on 1 214h1. 919 r, m10 rt
nterms a anatral bade w hisil_ t 79l A --nellwe1t1g oa lormed by

5 TUyon Count-y Townshnp 8S, Range 101, Setion 3, Northwest qu-
fl Northeast quarter, Iust oI Highway 5] at Stemhatche i ells A dolonnic
lens mlormally called tIh "Stemhatchee Dolomite Membr" .1 t0, Ocala
Group is expend m fie riveI bed and banks


Clark. W Mlsg R. I Mcnkc. C G, Id Ca1 .1 11, 1964,

horinda I'lorida Geological Survey Report ol Investigation No 35,
170 p
,rard, 9 w, Jr, 1968. T 'he 9,olo oj TAU he a1 h 1-6. 647 dane
li huna C( oiiur Florar Masters Thesis$ Unlvrsny of I lorda. in

M 19is A 99, 9 ,9 I -d 9 1i,7 1 i 71 dilon Tle

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.ll....r art I ti or dan Aqufler Flori Fld Florida Bi a ofI
P Ing1), 1 MapSei s No 14
9e5non R 1O 15 l1 ) ,-lo-l1' d e, 33 C 1156
",g-dgIal S1l9-91 B0IIhn 0 N. 33, 256 p
0111 9). 1 91970- The ho e e ra11 IIt Io
0)Iu .91 Gclg) B1k1t N. 51 164 1 9


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