The Howey tribune ( January 1928 )


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The Howey tribune
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W.J. Howey Co. ( Howey-In-The-Hills Fla )
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I This is a Howey-in-the-Hill Year

The Home oE the Greatest

Y- T Developmenk
H OWE RIBU In" the Entire World

V L. 11-N .O. 1... ..


Z .W .NP r .. .a i 11.F, f
ea S.- .1iest .N .ow1 anc~ela on Receipts1-- -R "i NEQ k -
At Dinner In M mR educ 'Howey -the-Hil'- pFF-GRADES. HpWEY PLANNING FOR
___'Home-Made Prepar~ations Will Be Second. in Size91PF-GZD S H W Y PA NN O
One U ndred- tqtajned At peses Post OJffie Doublin Over Lat 9 to the Howey Mansion ;
0 se re ".t:rced .. THIS WIDER. FIELD. FINE JUICE FAC,
Gathering Where New Cit- w other Will Likely Mcve Uj A Nt.cN powey-in-the-Hills is stepping out TlR w D M L T ,
y W W. g t..
4%u F.uit Is Described e question the cost o The Rank Of Third Cla. some this season in the way of build- TORY NOW BEING COMPLLETED, WHILE
nit _tig new hoies. The largest residence MARKETING PLANS IO A I
( ...''. Miaii Hrald) of fruit production is a v r Receipts for postage for the q built is th at of Dr. Tay-
'" ? i :."Oie Read, of "Arkansaw Travel- portant one in Florida at this time. ter, 6ndinz Decembei 31 at Ho w- being built is that of Dr. ay-U RWAY T
Sae.' .in'vteran writer and lectur- One of the items that enters into in-the-Hills were more than do This oe will be second in size TRIBUTIN W LL UNWAY. T. ETE.,
'' t n t dinner th& expense of producing citrus ..uaeo toe H :TEansion. e-
or. wa a ". "estlast at ."citrus anouit fa th i s ame only toheHowey I t is
square 9eiruhe t oi peun preor AMA DAYTONA BEACJ-, 1IEESBURQ
i n th e ir o tel. W ." 4 Howey fruit is the cost of oil emulsion. d tring 192 6. T he 'last t. *., '. inme.': hom ofcord D fO Tl L E E
Piketo thD yintaw Hotel. W.arLT.zutC
1 906 canc+llatiieisn' am+iintJ(! "t' ... bho e o" C. M. Ii e'ndr- AiiH R ii 20
S told nearly 100 p rominent Miamians Proprietary emulsions sell for $788 anoute r6oWA D cmeTHER dThREi REPORT ING qo
S:.. of a grapefruit that has been devel- about 50 cents per gallon and n cancellations for the year.-97 pied, while the homes .B. HGi. BUSINESS. LETTERS POUR IN TELL-
: ' "not as delicious some cases as high as 85 cents. The were sufficient to warrant a rd son Lawrence are coming C I II T -
":: '".. ."hih is not ony as d u thld son and J. W. Lawrence are coming
a app i ny citrus fruit progressive grower naturally wonders clahs p00f office here and steps have along in fne shape, according to Al- ING OF WIDE-SPREAD USE OF JUICES.
A -adaapetizing as aycaogifiesae codnt A
:' ,but is also a remedy for dia- how he can reduce the cost and at the been taken looking to that end.' lan A. Murray, local. building con- __------- .... .
:+ ..o.n tacorinehageof hebuidigs
etes and high blood pressure. Mr. same time obtain efficient insecti- '. tractor, in charge of the buildings. SUNSHINE AND CITAUSU
eisdeveloper of Howey-in-the- cides. BOARD OF TRADE Mr. Murray, also'built the Pinkerton I That the Howey idea of canning
." .. i : I :i
I"l a community near Leesburg, Many years ago, one grower de- SPONSORING WHITE WAYZ. residence. Ocala S-tar pure juices of citrus fruits, and mar-
cidL ed r waso oneessarj to "eon- FOR HiOWEY-IN-THE-HILLS: VW E. Boyce, who built and owns is fast cohfxig in for a new Ie4nj them on a wide !cale, is fil-
:: + scided that'it was neces-ary to econ- FOR .owEY N'THE'I th. oy b k t O g C r and valuable' distincon In-keep_ ng 'nga
that8it. thedBohae block,' the Orange Courtan ibl&' S h .- k '', i vie e
omize by making 'his own emulsion, a vanac In keeping ing long elt want,
The grapefruit, the merits of continued do so for over Will Be Along Palm Avenue For apartments and several addition! e presen.trend of affairsher by the hundreds o letters receive
Abou Oe n On-afM i nename' will li, ve to .be capgea.J~m pationg o.f the stores, and from.
i. were accidently discovered, 15 years. He used about the same About One And One-Half Mie. buildings and store houses here, is m wil bae to b changed '. n
..... r .;.d ....^ ,& not sure whether he will erect an ad- mthe 'Peninsua Stre"ft o nhoe i 'a-o stor e s, andfo
s ,,| :been recognized by physicians formula and the same materials as Also Central To The Post Office uo, the p t ans, story men ano
91! 'poy i yi n Iditional' apartint 'house this season. o . ... e ryo
--ohes- fct from e rywalkq
mdi asso-iation Mr. have been mentioned in numerous t he ae o Ht Tr i fad from.every.walk ..
et" of .. id a 'o to.. M vi 1. The Howey Board ofienoftm t Trad de sunshine and citrus and what dfstin- life' These ehtte'is'are purely volun-
Mid, and a process had been devised...i. . ... Unttd tae a- Tho ar
id, and a process ha beend aet of h Agricltue. d articles cided to go right after the ieEon.' jst, been completed and are being ...... an are singig praises' of the
Way.. ... ..and juice canbe o f a White Aa e autified from the exterior. t aed physicians of tecountyare ty ne sigt th
:whichf th Whte Way for gow
,,-.b ,wihteplpad.rm a e.. for"Hwe-t f learning and saying of them. mnan whona thef 'oresiguu to see
'w ih te u a d uie cn le published "in ~the t~t6 -hdrticUltuial of . a.,White e .. --: : : .: .... +,:.. .. .
Ca .lnned and. kept fresh for years pess. The formula is as follows: lls. It was only a day or two ago that that there exisd, even in Floriaa,
o., 2yhonpressaisase.ue for a d Ianc w a o . ..
14 ,rctn oil g t MEYE LEMON t.,:..., ,.
'c .will insure a ntinuous sup- Lbricating .. Palm Avenue for a stance LEMONS we published a communication from a great demand or pure fruit juices.
pyte a r oundu mile aadm .s .... ... pnN
Water- ..... wlcs1 gallon one and one half mires and1v r Dr. Charles Northbn, Ocala, to the Pne prominent *Navy officer
',.;.- ... ilFy the year round.. .. Water .2. p gon extend along Central to iPost 'That the Meyer lemon can be sue- of th samecity, inwhich he wrtes t he aSentily spe -
Mr. Howey gave history .of theft u.tei ents in Office. sslly grown in Florida appears to ... .. cn. e.'ing which he ites. "'. o.n 'n y s
Mr. Howey gave a o th i etit eal ocr d 'With tiii ii- Tunch by suk0tit
:. citrus industry he is fostering and T i e Board of Trade wile have been conclusively demonstrated ng two gaes'f gapefrt jui
a receptacle and pump twice with a Ti o f bination and what they mean and can ing gsf juice
im'plpined p."-careful *-" *. a nd.. erl additioti al i :.T.. K. Godbey, of Waldo, Florida, b a f lh-vers ine y r, ree heatfi
&A 1::.. b, . .. . u'c& it pbimp'. A is 'not neicessary to vr [bm d to 0" " hi ft o ui .... ... t" b "hfrotf
.. e budding stock *mpr ug- :."S h c and beautification itojeatio an
...":I" .. .. r. .. i .heai]th-preservers."-
of." "be is h material..'pri mon Th..e tr e t a recent issue. of the .r of com es an r' 6..
te ,q.ualityas. well as.the..quantity When used to 200 galldns ofwater the spring months. The t is bulb culture. Mr. Godbey reent number 4 iens *comes word' ok ,.
th nloranges and ogra fruit tand sen samples of the the ed- .- 'o f ..p
oranges grapefruit this will make a spray containipig #p- ... o cet ln, .th the fnd 1e' the Michigan State MIedicaJ locwe.y encourageinte an4 praise. woman,
tlold how the; hmpr'yement thus 'o 1. e t1ke car bif"the fast g6row OP,,'^ there wascaiged antMial be having suff, fr y:ars from ,
i ,.-.. t woop'years...fro..m -. .-..G .lor
p:rou cuT. r uiao e ~ 'st f ohelettrried an's artil le bysnro.e. d.'" "'" ..r.. i i"
proxiii; t^rwes Ok at^ bnelivrdt Ii sr cona there owaer cang nyddhroS^ ^ ^ a V8!Wt h ^ rfi ^ ^s ^ *'-
e tertutoaseidibflo on1 bho A -pro',Ai 4 it was said:I
f.ui.the emu esio a abot o es of 94 -" H owy to tis c"n he euf'o'e of dioa. us :, fru it s Tn g l o u
o I A ao cn t h er Chi nHda, g.. a .-s .e 'day . o your w onde a
con tsLyo. c hal adiet ieresd in d in tor the fr uits, particularly grapefruit,. asentsW co.'aW a ool
P d'y .... :~e "'atm V .... We c '""+ '
tit f.. l ue .. "t, 6 .-at 4. 'I' All ... ..~;JjIfulI u t hs
y.n- tod value .o. To he ..sta ,dd to. ..e.o.t6 mo-he commercial arIcle me rill. .ta.o medical agent has been I on ta.,., W .. d 1 .
piree her in 1908. 1 hv growneorit "ua* :.., ie :i
citrus groe ned bThe f fi1 is pdrlioend'tb his sheud at aAo Her things this 1m .lace f a ceera ypeas to the medical profds: Uuer ice eiuient quand -
e are p-roducing fruit now for re ot 1ot op ank, an g ti o o m r t
fcost f x 18 cejits a gallon. The e hul-" are the 'fo lowing: "A bare aflnd a r. 's y e. son" ,ete, in Flrd e paper'
Sno eone need 'apoclogize," skid .. 41 c he sop a dru yes 0 t re p q`% On f te
ce non, when cmet oStES unp-to-date storet shop, it r-uut
.lowey, ,-aria it sliawy h so Ba i emeeme- a e yep wwie o l y st te-.. s .... ..received'om-e.
kr wy.:lowy h"nduder for materials, or about 3A'.e cents per add candv kitchen, as WolI as s&l crops and- i --as w.- e nt has been made by Dr. .Emil th t ;g t-e rcvWes e.
ere nature of 22 degrees without the loss ir REiy of. T he IO k1fo who pidtth0
:n er... h es s o iatnt there iso never a soern ndtnal shops and stores. The of i o aI w ite e. iewi er'r .j
.1-tio at the top. Tte bet gwe buy ere ctdt "er H we d th as tat a iaigeide. rL-ao e attus tr6roie" touf.rA'
t- ..0: aL wh o cas anef ahe rI f r i une s en a-e.'e
; .odUcts are always in demand. Andtie soap used in the emulsion for 6 inerected near the Howey eod if thi as hat o'a ane aThe ter. . V ppu .
where to arenr. o always, in demand And ... r: 1 ..,'. -....
lier need be vnt ao earofoerpodu-' cet a er fot ep thround. the materia n en-ho tsafe. .I..ostofi s uset int to be for 6 .elt.. ..t .,- where no. .
ref the ant qust and ou .verprod_ too is almoed An. I.t.e is full of W.'es.
i:: e o a c cents per pound. The material should the Lake Harris bridge guaran creas has tno lace orn ciron ca, re avinut
titon of citrus fruits. When there is not cost any grower more than 18 or to the people here adequate service. of the finest quality.' areaQ r n' a pe
Aft excess it is the result of under f 9 cents per gallon. This makes awtotal of three filling The frt o th eyer emon ee t ractd]. Thae ideko
isM...e pear -S. v ehe o f. ise ry thing that Mr. Gofbey cims exists, will become- sugar T ina f"a P'i -lite ,' ce t '. "
.'" ibution, not over production." 'n -ptati .iieo in the ftown. it Te f.thin e r th e is da is in at r du .tin o l c ree over g . "or reaC I"'"r.
......,j,.i :6R d by the fo terperattem 7 da p the uesual out -dpurneB
for it. The fact the tree isP M. e not dSnr. h ".a Ie, :i 'i f-,
W: $ J.t Lawrence, who is associated ANTS I 'D AIPR die damaged apd by te lw tfit Jrpics Yor r desing onavl e:-i
"'": "; .K IL L A N T S IN SE E D B E D S 'o d'11't an 'j~ I'ape it g .
w. :;:.:. tith Mr. HoweyRdCbs in the development __ pHOWEY I OR 22 degrees should encourage iesi- proper soil conditions eaten aicyi.:- and. bo.. .'t" s uc -
d i: :s 'e cvtreoes ess, sned p rthe work -- i .r e-e '"r a ad ii aS E ,t e it h of .tnd e s t at umaaoi s -
," e t n it said t he w.... tork . n ften get i.e seed atbeds and sdhntsdf )n ii ca I etral Florida to ite nit i of oDr. .ojnbE ti r e

;;,;, 'e vd^ elosaid l he li wnes .adar o ua xei etSain alyfo iiy eh v er i si ae h td r 6N 'yo pur ctu rur'ucs h fo rmut laxn&
,::. ea d e thi tir bon omec of le'd with soil conditions. an4 pdi uee
4"e latest en awaay the seed. Besides ka a - "i -m form r t inFoiduir owne ls cn owt eFd onelsiyk.tha n dts .e "c

:t ~ Hers w a i c readn iinue t ; h eni r anet +iklt i t he Iocr -il d t 3i0 nwe smid& so eti ng Ak FLO3D Ietw eiee nMs Florida warst b froimiNd sor i y c oiifi- an MBcaf f e mp e nts a -
ietfic sel g. .. ..He told apw scien- bdge ir._n d m. th es .ac. bio. "hic i 129... .. ..L.. ..... ..... T 'tions whi ch mae to e frund Sit e tat, hi e wa l offef.r fi e ,n,. wl_".. :.

I id~yisted a. prjala ci B'rsbe B~'n'oey~yo getEk' -sae rijs flx, and Tfte ee ppyashon wed codui.-- tha In I-- P "Wh.hye~aien'~re
tifid selecffofi"Bf ithbbier thes i reason a d'thabie 1'lfltt wde ifroy tlthe e g i n oetdritd. deirn.. aEY .anI -, C .f ,a,, l .,he .. .. iI- ,
increase S sd 6ductidn fo 4hd eae A a o ay lang s fely. Tthe agtpoh ,.c th at wae . s d orasnpouty of uyng ti pure Ju *e

i: ;; ": s.: of" =e. r==' 'l'' : .... .: /...'.. :. ... '' " .. .. .. .'. J:in un ~p o h a pap o 'b uj 2per b xp e A be fore w aa pl yo~e~ngaa3hi H~e o ..... ,", |^ f .. ..adcta nd -t^ g.... ". i^
teao .e prduton i0 ant .nests near i s coret as a marker of white eters 15- stand, Ta. coc0 p law Flraearrietago be founfoioal cn odit'it '
e r _n'" ":, ts n L RIA,
.: ou~ds til e .acre. to100[ onqs. ..anrw,:,ttneui .'. ..,i -, kee ut, r pwe nt r- *t r
Ill- Ore .na t h sor.r W. a.n o r *. .. - - o t e io t e a Lp i't. ii hFlorlda i1pefectxp .alid an ti4 that had e t e Jpien ie l pr30s0rv fb:' r..... :6 'no 6p ..r i t

.....e.. ed+ ... .. -. .., ...,. ". a soluion madbe J)y mixing together. frbun a llistance of 00Q feet ue s out any ianoage ]-'eenpe at all j eJi tee_.b.
; Cao.fin exl aif.f li wa tsruto oi Go.. a- ... .. ... .. Bo mis 4usty'; he nowtly promised topei "om fer
411"... i ,- an ounce of -oa-I o r -odim e- ai n C ,Ofl o the Orlando and without any preacher or wheri unmees these men are s- a' avenue of escape hi% the n-
+,,.. .. .... . anide and h gallon of watei, To ap- A'irlihes Tnc., hias rdc~fitly 'inspected other performing ahiy iiarriage, takqen.--n4 it is pretty sure thM hat d1m~eupulois". ." "i6k"' stand .. .fel~aoW.ho'r ...
tJif .d a nei gho h'4 beeui
i:," :~ ... e..gpriyntn lon ago anor to pro-i

in anh efor to pa r eo ply, with a stick punch a hole about' the Howey airport and pronounces I f that be Bolshevism make thd are tot-9--smnshne and citrus possess elioied that he was selling -."
4..i 'ce: a c~" otto w ithl a bll" so hna rde thaten a foot deep through the main en- lit safe. I most of it. "herapeutic.e. vahies, that ire not, .. .6b be. juice. Mr.'a~ ..... "'felt;'' "at. h "r{'
o trance to the ant .1est and pourI too hglily esteemed. Ind there is id- .hhfye To 4iy o, 4of
increase_ __ __ __ __ __ _ -P-1...

antableponfuls here that sunshine and citrus can j. of jireliniinry advertising, but it
destroy the fiber of the cotton. tion. a u r be found i such quantity and per- eould see tiatr had tap1peq res-
p.,:. I .. ... .. e 1*i -_e l 'ldaa tqi'h t oad g~ A s rvr oir thd tha itii endl e fo :T

""y onhavg s a fri 'e surface solid. Tbe gas given off will 'Dr. 'Northern h- sd ee ..... store,. s tar .. have. u#tli"gy a
hande .t leter "" ~J~i1! Q~h;4xit h M d~ink betkthgjbeye '16e pla"' -ce' baWtetd to the fo"~n c' om th wil- p~onlma ntic action in th laed'tdutb iirces r tweceoo 'slute telefe on-S ,.Sigif rado n o hevr erietQ Fo; tr ter-atils nti' ubetof -' ng.;c wt ied-
T~d '8 In ... b hi in s n . ..

-hr fwtrate tm9D gale e -nd -6l ael cu Jlacors o 7 juat one Flore, er ;ar otid vegables, sohio which bya mreat over R- Mc of
.e n oo t should- be ve at Nao .ona- Advocate f 7 .... ... t.ip. havea..,.. be m. ,, at a
"a: ou Ic I ". .. and without an- -ieay he u me are pi'- Pr d- t -.-A
-.' was issiikdafobselie gto eart in tie inoriinmg w~hen yers a g: E. Cite. so-ie of the Oereai *otk .'e
lk.. "ea g EL. i sth p, k1 kbl"0bg hibs" e'eti an h' 1" 1 1: F. "-. av nu of escap ','- the hav o e

sai meet of theatarets ar home. Val nuA y Waers havd. rved tha enpatd that o rangs ind lemons are an itid by sur -' thi .. bbt t ier' in
.. .. tin aeimlse bn ahe efford emupts orkah les ehr haete
cotto W ith a bol so hard tthuawe

..... th ......ope-Re in Chambersbirg, bisUpd tatb'e sed in tb se produced in flotid1 and .btne Portions of Loiiana in and medical men iii 'tha to0enibit Unio t .e 't'' b : Mademart-nha
ro 9$ hoC ty .way, but is uiore expeaftsive and is great perfection and abundance. f not now, certainly versities of thb cointry. plan of' rqdesi tli guarandeet
i ;ety b. 40...

tthxt Aay td-" hfghl in'amable.-Prrof :j IC Wat- soon, Florida albn+ nihi nmade to sippl the United ..-'. that ...' : b.itn c' of b
:', ~ %"' "" the fiber ofd thie c to.. ... .t a o n o n e o o e c n

thor and got pretty well acquaint- son, entomologist, Florida Agricul- States with these delicious fruits, now imported praci- PAGE HOUDINI found m a milfin fa]ons of Howet
e B. e.said he -had won a dollar on tural Experiment Station. pally from Sicily. We have heard it estimated that dur-r"es-"-'--" d ruj 3ra es. The c "'

'.. on a footballgame between the.. ing the last year about 50,000 boxes of oranges and lem- Thomas Hardin, 'veteran Howey.' .ht hs 71 4dn il'it ".
:. and Navy, -and the debt, MOnls wei brought from 1he Mediterranean at a cost of ous driver, hauled --opas- w".-.....,'o ru ia.e as .t o
:1,z!'unpaid, hias: become outlawed.IMODERNY FILI "TTIout;'$100,000. and the remittances were probably made sengers aind a Ford and H {ic owvgr wl'eath ofs
s.poi er as..y agkne yoW Howey gtroei reah rft
-0nfrt theei-in-thee- slid kill feel 'e, i.

MrReadreplied. AND DUPLE* APARTMEWT hifly in cash. It would certainly be an object to give ,r _eii arthes ls .d A 'ie itte. w
1: 4< e M. Shut s and had seen -this money to our southern farmers in Florida, or else- not tow the orak or BuickZ th'y sees,-A fii .'weyplana c
n.t...g of:him for a.long"time:a dAa Mray, local contractordwhere, if, by an additional duty, it could bedoIne. The were inside the big International.Jrake in a fee niultions. -lt...
u.. ha" ist e .. ;. .. y..! Ie I 1 1 a e ... a t t a W I e b ... at -
wai`1':-'-ib *6-' a'Jarie, h ~ 'orgry rjgzab haveT bee -is

,."He:..:.t.. oo., t Al Hai A~sz. Turray lo ea coinpltratr dv-f$.e twy~id o'J'teu n ed- - r~rm~~ gny ia
Td. o etie a !I(& e d thr b witi- it ; j h en j. 't o & t o in eso me" t- the -t " t, ha ve b y ertao H Yterestc
'd: "He t ,"". .Ydd h '.-,iit ,.il le inwey are' ale bi~r ri~ fl~iy n f le 'r't 5~

.- .,: e wi t i bombe.
ifm-s., an z. atis t n odes, 'a, r j u" 'i) v Q I 1 r I .FA"-F- t 'z.
4 rt 'like the:Sutiidaid Oil t- M Si" i calls'Tttentlon to thd Turther fact that where ace'.- ....,,; ....t. the b:. o .
.. .. ,Iibs21" -' 'h -as onehun dr tlits ao the entire hited States onsumed .The greatin 's .e' .yo.Ui ;'. a "...... p ...... ', i.
;n r.Rad .Id. ev+a S tiP----.-..- ,out 59;0o0p ..boxe of pxrapges ap.q' le'pon. (.-.a-pefrpi then truly" hitI Whh .to .dls4 t .tj J;:/i,,liqi'tig- eiSC$,_.d hla.i'd :: -
U bjsu- ee4db "pl useA inndh oinle.a

produced ta -id- en'gu o), wjmch a n of 4ouJ $2 per bPc pre- Aane -.. aidtig Hbw#- i' d"the
s.." and is. "I' "..ttk of "" hl ii t... g.- u a anee

:' hn .'i4Ait n ,mon i'"d .lt1Ae HabmtHwey-in-the-Hills, vail~d, n0Wtth~ 'atigle 'dit~ 'ot -New-York frequ~tlf takes hi-the-Hllls teni. DIII witli-": 0"t. vite o s[l"t ikrai~xe6t 44
s!.of[.bt e id oran 5000 bxesina mgl tyat knaerg pnucd of than hiimself" ti~mz~l '+l bllt b b3%Etf:l]t + dg f[Vto %&il:v' 4I
r fthe Southman: olth~e .negro bu eddmake friends frayen- 50,000 .-e. i.a sinle.,.,' .' a.+ # i+ '+_
own aowell There'was:.pathos terpries with which he is connected. $5 per box. This certainly shows some increase in consump- tie oeda" idt"W) r "l
,. ashumor inthe:stories,". andi W. H. Burwell, president Of the tion in the hundred years. Likewise the hope expressed that I 4iadi ':iip. r bjie .'Ub dV- .1 Oit.' -al .' "
fl,1kt*~*f M~.Wfl ; jjf~ r- so~onis,4gx blorid lne rstr prodzin t'to Maad tI 4Ipadl Seaktd stl h tihS4 *o 91C dl4Wfl 3abdh'- " en. ppm r'utca,t eiiosts. .'- Golf and Shakespeare. -Ju a sbon nui~umanly Pma il. ......


Published Monthly, at Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida
By The W. J. Howey Company
RAY A. FRAME------------------..........................----..........................................----Editor


(Glermont Press)
All who were in Howey Sunday
made mental tribute, if not audible
praise, to the man who made possible
so enjoyable and pretentious an
event. .
A certain thrill went through the
audience at the announcement that
so far as is known, this was the first

range for their departure without 'tion for a man who has surmounted
definite, efficient and cautions plan- all obstacles and who is daily ac-
ning, and this is exactly what trans- complhishing what he sets out to do.
pired in Howey on Sunday. Certainly W. J. Howey is one of
However, this outstanding achieve- the political leaders of the county.
meant of this particular part of Any man who pays taxes, or whose
Howey's development cannot possibly friends pay taxes, on 82,000 acres of
shroud the other and more important land made hundreds ;of times more
parts, valuable through his efforts, is en-
When it is considered that in a few titled to have a voice in matters af-
short years W. J. Howey has been Ipfetinz his holding .lprtainlv W. J.

~I _- I attempt to produce opera under con- the dynamic force behind an effort
9WHAT IS HOWEY-IN-THE-HILLS?" editions such as surrounded Sunday's that has converted thousands of
An ad in the Saint Petersburg Times, placed there by Bi presentation. Another thrill came at acres of Florida wilderness into val-
An d ] th SantPetersburg Times, placed there by Bill..... ..
enmuirasks the question printed above. Sure enough, what is the magnitdde of the crowd. various able, productive, agricultural and
enmnuir ask the et.,. t.. estimates were made at from 25,000 citrus developments, when it is re-
-t? It is a sort of co-operative community with a program that upwards as. the numer of people membered that the greatly enhanced
has gone the ordinary co-operative one better. It is co-operation Upwapresent. valuations that thbtable ovgreatly enhanced 82,000
with a punch. It is co-operation with a binding clause that those Witnout a . w valuations attributable over 82,000
co-operating must continue to co-operate. That clause is binding of the qu estion this wsa one acresdirectly made possible the im-
because it spells profit to the man who co-operates. The owner- oftl-e most specemcuar mr o1 puo- proved roads that are now the~boast
becauship of a Howey grofit to the man who co-operertificate to success. The ownership of licity ever secured by a Florida con- of the entire southern end of the
ship of a Howey grove is a certificate to success. The ownership of cradi u n fmn htcutwe ti eebrdta
binds one, economically, to the greatest program cern, and is but one of many that county, when it is remembered that
of p rofit making that has ever been setin motion. Men who paid have evolved from the fertile brain thousands of people have been
6f profit making that has 'evdr been set in motion. Men who paidofWJ.Hwyadhseicntbugtnotisetonster-
$1,000.00 per acre for a young Howey grove will live to see the of w. J. Howey and his efficient brought into this section as the re-
time when-that grove will bring, on the open market, $15,000.00 corps of associates, sult of Howey's efforts, many of
per acre-and the grove will be a good buy at that price. It will Probably more commendation came whom do much of their trading in
be a good uy:because it will pay a greater dividend than any to Mr. Howey and his associates Clermont, attend services here, affili-
bond, any mortgage, or any parree d stock. A fact is a stubborn from the manner in which this vast ate with fraternal organizations, and
b'on'd, any mortgage, or any preferred stock. A fact is a stubborn
thing. It is a fact that Howey groves are paying, almost, fabulous crowd was handled than from the are almost an intricate part of busi-
profits. The day will soon come when a Howey grove, will sell at entertainment itself. It is no small ness and social life, the yappings and
task to bning thousands of automo- wailings of those who criticize W. 3.
its fair worth-$15,000.00 per acre. If you have assets not paying baesk to biing torand of automo- wailsngs of thos ho iti e ieW. J
real dividends better see your attorney and ask him to turn such bes, and still more thousands of Howey without admitting the inest-
Sassets. into cash and place that cash in a Howey grove. Cit- people into a community over three imable service he has been to the
rus fruits will come into their own in the near future. When that main entrances, entertain them so state, county and Clermont as a
time comes real good citrus lands will bring prices heretofore un- royally for several hours, and ar- whole, become buried in the admira-
heard of for land/.There is not much land in America-or the
world for that matter-suitable for real citrus production. The _ __ __ __ __ ___ _
wise investor should be looking about for what suitable land is
left for citrus production.
"'' In our November issue we penned an editorial on Florida pol-
itics. Evidently we touched proud flesh for that editorial was re-
..,. '.: printed jn several papers in Florida- and finally reached the
::. i Hoosier state'and interested the editor of a chain store: system of i I i I O
n ::' newspaperss who printed it in all his papers and wrote uis a person-
S!..:. .. al letter besides. The only point we brought out in that editorial
:: : was that when Florida accumulated enough common sense to
.:': ditch the-Democratic party for a spell the state would get nearly The old, half cared for, individual
..,:....... inig it asked fromthe Federal government.. We were born groves, owned by. some individual who
S thesonof aDemocrat-aConfederate veteranproduct of the ioned thumb and finger way, are worth
:: ....:1dSouith, but we confess that we can't see a bit of sense in hold-e
S": ng ::d,:niAinto 'a'sytem that has.dragged the South into the mire these corn or wheat land to be found anywhere
a1d..:.i. tyyears.. TheS QUid S.uth means solid ivoy.. in the thinking handicaps, better investments from the in
tof.:".Po. our aoiatomy. It .means absolutely thingg else. What is and bond on th m r t t
m'-entally solid about voting the same ticket year after year when d ons on e makt toay.
h"., prty of that ticket thinks about as much of us as though we
wdtep-child? There is ottobe found a single
y0a.of'intelligence i: so doing. The Republicin party, by the way "'
aEi~jtyf"ht has'.shown:some adroitness, .looks upon us as hope- T hI
gp ..The Democratic party, a party that appropriately took the Ii JI i
't:ackss as 'its. symb kspnus as eig sfe.-. But we are ' '
ig .fi `;--h`-e-'s .o!e a:".-bu ch f"... .. pletons..In thun- :'"
:ieierhopeless nraf w aeabunchf simpletons.. In thun- A Howey- grove is a part of da liage uni
Sde.ringl.oes.commnense suponutokt rid: of this: time-
.::;or;nidea., e'ieed & purfhtive. "'"Sblid South!" it is absolutely cultivation and marketing. An organizat
.....Wusea.S: -; .. "' .' ":' .. care to each individual tree in eachidivid
nuv:nx"1 INOE BRIEF fertilizers, spraying materials etc., are b
AntE g 'ha .'k OsWetc., areEb,
.I-:N" f',t:J' V ,n--n w~nOxay dow below what h'm Ib
| i v.ueajh r:day we,:gota -liettrfomthe editor of a -tabloid pa- down below what the small buyer-w
i.. n::p lFr a'l"h d.. me, Kindlyi'prepare for us an fact this wholesale method of purchasin
'5 ord ttgowey plan bf ctrus culture ables the Howey organizations to lower t
I i iod fi "' whichwe repied a "TheiHowey plan from about 80c per box to around 20c per
l4t bn.4toldln'.fle~ssthiah-`50w is-that W. 3. Howey takes
; 7"" th9in, seed.anid stands by until trde-ripened fruit from that tiny enjoy the extra profit.
'd,^^^?^ enjoy the extra profit. *
'In theJihands fthe.satisfied consumer." "
i :ieknew ".Howey he Would not'require the details.
tg,.: 4: in would-fillup all the gaps. To know W. 3. Howey
0sufficieiit.- would naturally; know that 'he, in stand-
ry~tingks s&ag of the program, every, point where T J
s!b!tooJ*b. every phase. of the business. :That he knew every .
eytey^ two.yar'ct, thea
carl a nea. toI y std tah man The individual grove owner is at the m
~ ,;- ~' we';b" not fthod on-ilot pavrtg ofhm.a eisanoe
enigmaPr, bem that stump the average man brings a cheerful tion that markets his fruit. That selling o
Sn.lefr0 |,0nce we went to him with, what we thought to
eia.serw $pler. We told it to him. -His answer was a broad goes to the big commission man who also
P :. : i D6t :serious,!' he said? Well,. we thought, if that distributor who takes a profit-finally to
..snfd henwe confess we don't recognize a real task when profit of all. The Howey 'plan eliminates
e ; eetit fad.e. ftbace. Howey's .philosophyis that if you will just wholesalers and retailers-you get as an i
ll ^ur: ^Adi wholesalers and retailers-you get,. as an. i:
-,.tuna.d .cioudo..hver.the opposite- side is.' bright. And it' does
$:.setii .:: 4li,': l through the years his hardest problem. hasbeen. these several factors rake in. Does it not s
LX.: ^i,. g-,6't-ers ,to. seem the other side of the dark clouded He has with all its s is a sucs from th
to. -e theh mother handicapsisaucesfo h ring business all his life. When a. problem presents w ld e nmoep fia eThr i
I: t "its Itf. 4tha-nugly face.he turns the thing. upside down. Should would be even more profitable? There is
iC::n .." Kiddnieet iii, in an angry mood, that old ferocious Cap-
...e. o.:i..,. I.king like Santa Claus-for Mr. Howey would
SiE^:".... ; The~iQpP^a Safe /
in R:4An -him and bring that -best to the front.
':":.: .... . i :.,' ....T h e S a fe
Al p:art4:: ..:f t:.:". .,,::i.l..the"United States outside of Florida produced
.:.-:4;:.". 41,20,00;0b'bxes of grapefruit in 1927. Florida produced
0O006xeding-'t hesame year. Florida's grapefruit is so With all these advantages it is no won
farliea fht'prduced in California that a comparison can does not hesitate in guaranteeing that yo
.... . h ,:roduced in California .that ac m e
nt dCif..orn.i.a.. .good grapefruit customer of Florida a loss to you-the least you can possibly g(
.......Growers nd.;others in.Califdriia now discourage the planting of i i iti.glires,.as not profitablee. when-the fruit must compete on y investment, with principal and
with. .'..... I1-iiF6rida fruit. Grapefruit is comparatively a new product grove does ot pay for itself and be yours ai
i.i.:...on.'.:::OlOy:.ashort whle ago it was impossible to pur- number of crops have been sold from you]
i jefrmit other thanin the. larger markets. Since it came on local attorney read it.
t|i bai for it has been phenomenal.. And the price local attorney read it
^ "has"bini steadily advancing. It is not speculating too widely when
'we:...,::::sa.. : that the -Americn markets alone will, in the course of a
: ew.'. ": .yearsbe demandig. 50,000,000 boxes of Florida grapefruit .'^-Y
:: ani.u:::a:ThegraUpefr.: euit industry, is bound to become. Florida's S um i
-w'n.::.:tstanding single, industry. .The man who buys a good young
-:graefr:.ig:,:r:o:, enowneed haven worry of the future insofar as
...,."finances are concerned...-
..':. ..". .: < ..THE EKEY:WEST SUBMARINE BASE The old individual grove is a success fr(
.!.-:." *..It'is, ell.--kown to old sea fighters that the enemy does not er a profit. In fact an orange grove can ha,
oem!-l ::-im.,":coS. a.fd(^ate:in which to wage war-nor does he select an matter if but half cared for. The Howey <
t : ?., pprp.iia m.:time.He, fightseunder all conditions, when war comes, fitsentificall maretd the culls r
*..-:'. Usually:ncUSOld waters; Well, to train our sea fighters in a mild, al- fruit scientiically marketed, the culls turi
-. 'most-tropicaclimate, and then turn them loose to attack an en- resents one of the surest, safest, most attrn
'l.^.emy during January in the colder regions of the Atlantic or Pacif- ket. Money is lazy unless you put it at worl
mc "ii, would be doing them an injustice. So argues the Navy heads.
.:;.Our next naval'battle maybe in tropical seas. In that case it other tangible assets not working fast enc
ii1:'::. -,:. "i. would be-:wise. strategy to -have a submarine contingent familiar turn the cash into a Howey grove.
:":;: .: with the, peculiarities. of.:tropical .waters. Alligators can fight like
,:..: the dKii-in::.warm:waters-butin an ice pond they would be harm- -
S less Ota r submarine, fighters should bealligators and polar bears,-
.:.::-::i .metaphorically speaking. :

Howey looks out for the section
which he has spent years and hun-
dreds of thousands of dollars to make.
iCertainly he is constantly alert to
Secure improvements and concessions
that will make it better.
It is the opinion of the Press that
the sooner people of this section come
to study and learn the real Howey-
not the flamboyant Howey of grand
opera-but the Howey of unending
acres of unsurpassed development,
the sooner the whole of South Lake
county will come to a new realization
of the meaning of prosperity.
The Press makes this assertion and
this tribute without any motive -ex-
cept giving credit where credit is
due. The total income the Press re-
ceives from Howey's organization
from one year's end to the next is
a check for $2.00 for a subscription.
Our commercial printing department
has not for several years produced a

'For Yourself

I grove is a fair investment. These old
Must cultivate his grove in theo'ld. fash-
i many times more per acre thatiihe best
in America. They are, 'I With';.,1 :their
come stadpoint than 90%6of the stocks

it A Howey Grove

t individually, ownedi-but co-operative in
ion of horticultural expert;gti idividWual .-'
uhlly owned grove. Tractors:, mule'teams,
ought on a large scale bringing the price
ho cares for a small grove must pay. In
g materials and cultivating the grove en-
he cost of production of the quality fruit
box. You as an individual grove owner

. :' '.,

4 A

-. -'.1

*\.: ,

: ;: ... ;

* : */ -" h<
* ...''m ^
.:": -:-.. :, .

":. *:: i: ;":

' ." .*- .H

.- / '. 'i

eting Plan

ercy, so to speak, of the selling organiza-
rganization takes a profit-then the fruit
Lakes a profit-thence to the wholesale
the retailer who extracts the greatest
all, these agencies, commission men,
nd-ividual grove owner, all the profit
tand to reason that if the individual grove
e standpoint of profit that a Howey grove
absolutely no guess about a Howey grove

ty Clause

der that a large securities corporation
ur Howey investment will not represent
et, under this guarantee, is 6% per annum
terest all returned to you if your Howey
t no cost to you Whatever after a certain
r grove. Read this guarantee-have your


)m the standpoint of returning to its own-
rdly do other than return some profit-no
groves, being scientifically cared for, the
ned into profit through by-products, rep-
ictive investments on the American mar-
.If you have bonds, stocks, real estate or
)ugh you should turn them into cash and

"I- -

single sheet of paper for that organ-
ization. And this explanation is not a
bid for patronage. The Press has
done very well without it, and will
continue to do so.
We mention it solely to impress
upon readers of the Press that suci
endorsement of W. J. Howey and
his efforts as we are able to makes
personally or through the Press, is d
conscientious verdict, possibly more
emphatic because of those facts,
which will become more and more
plainly indicated as years pass.
It might also keep the Doctor away.
"With a grapefruit produced in
Florida that is a remedy for diabetes
how will this do for a slogan- Eat a
grapefruit each morn and make the
mortician forlorn. P. S. These under-
taker persons now call themselves
morticians."-Miami Herald.
Georgia paper calls one of our fine
Florida towns "Howdy-in-the-Hills."
-Times-Union. "Dont see How-ey
could make such a blunder." County
Seat Times. Howey-in-the-Hell does
that Georgia paper get that way?
The Oriental fears not death. He
submerges self in the Universe-
forgets self entirely. He was not in-
tended to be a land salesman.





. .. ':' :.'

., ...

I, -.,. : _..

' f '




Howey-in-the-Hills tract hovers territory
Sof nearly 160 square miles.'Sixty thousand
Acres of this territory is the most ideal
Topography and soil that can probably be
found any where in the 'world for the
growth of citrus. The turkey oak covering
these hills with often a wild plum tree is
f the sure evidence of the best citrus land.
SUnder this top soil is a heavy strata of
..'. S red oxide-of-iron clay, while the top soil
S" itself has a greater degree of bacteri-action
S* than probably any other tract in the state
of Florida. Here while hunting for game,
.: Mr. Howey 'bad the dream of a "Citrus
S.. Empire."'

K!1Here9 wyou have the beginning of the cit-
rug cycle. Selecting seeds from the native
rough lemon, they aire then planted in seed-
B- beds fbr the;:DiIU-hgb6Yo e frs stesfn
I h- i Ahs~is ttto carryte*: rangeland the
|| I^graKibud of the tree'.,, Here, you. have
;: =' :" beginning of scientific selection
in hand.picking the seeds to begin with.

5P ...... system is far the best for hill soil.

3:.. .

S II+t t ..^ ;, ..:'."'.." ...

!'.,+< :(/ /[ ^ "
. " S.^ . . . . .

Howey-in-the-Hills leaves nothing to
: guess work.. In building a complete citrus
e:.:..cycle, each -link: inthe te hain must be per-
fectly 'forged.: We never build nursery sell, we.dnly build them to succeed.
Sr- -:: In putting. a wall-of guaranteed security
around yur investment, we are interested
tit~l': s* .: ^^:'.'not'oxilyfor'our clients but for ourselves
i?^- *;;^';-:.,as wells' 'to persistently see that no "Break
SJK ,, ,, ;c.6i+'Down" ever happens in.any phase of the

*~y :-:^- : completed cycle.'
it?,:: ^ *^ ".N..'.^;" CR.... G .... ..HE BABES IN.' ".

"-' F *':':"g*-:^.:l*'' of N.RS erY
.-..,.s i :'t . . .

a-.' =

..1.. ,

9 ';""'!"'' "" ":"
:h .:" N. ;THlE NUSERYIG E

*:' : rekaI.'-'horticulfunrist comes to believe
i; ".hat trees are almost human so thoroughly
'' they respond to patient kindness. You
S".ecannot raise".'pedigreed nursery trees like
Si, i littlete rva, I'wo"4growed up." If you desire
.- .;..yor. ultimate 'grove to take plenteous care
=3 f yu,..ot.-yo..,U must persistently care for
S:"every feature of its need, especially in the
beginning. .... .
;MUWiIu~ liIIII l IiiiliglmI~imilgimHIIIIgmIm

....... ..I .I .




This is a day of science in business. Mergers and combines are
everywhere in evidence. Chain stores today control the grocery
industry, while Henry Ford, General Motors, Standard Oil and
others have shown the way to greater profits through scientific
organization and the controlling of the raw materials. At
Howey-in-the-Hills science plus is the motto. Science from the
seedbed to the satisfied consumer. With ample facilities, with
a 60-000-acre unit, backed by adequate capital, with 20-years
of success in Florida citrus means that Mr. Howey is not guessing
when he signs a bonifide guarantee that you c a n n o t lose one
penny of principal or interest in a Howey investment. Study
this chart and then write to W. J. Howey Company, Howey-in-
the-Hills, Florida, for further literature which will go into de-
tail. Better still arrange for a visit to Howey-in-the-Hills, the
home of the world's largest citrus empire. Prices for the 1927-
28 crop have averaged $3.05 net per box on the tree to the in-
dividual owner of an Howey pedigreed grove.


Proper budding of the little tree is the
most significant feature in scientific citrus
selection. That bud carries within it much
of the future destiny of success or medio-
crity of the grove. Here you may have the
same results of up-breeding as in animal
husbandry, poultry or agriculture. The
pedigreed sire and dam is potentially pres-
ent in scientific b u d d i n g in citrus
fruit. In every tree in every grove at
Howey-in-the-Hills, you have the blue-
blIood of aristocracy, t ie roya strain of

Here the nursery tree, after three or
four years of patient, persistent care, is
to be placed in its final setting in the grove.
Again, scientific selection operates in
choosing only perfect trees and discarding
the deformed. In the man's left hand is a
club foot. It could never. be efficient,
therefore, in spite of all the labor and cost,
it must be discarded. In selling only suc-
cess at Howey-in-the-Hills, we cannot af-
ford to gamble with any inefficiency.

Proper planting is an art in itself. No
air pockets can be left about the crown
feeders or taproot. It must be puddled in
perfect. Behind this planting crew, the
expert inspector will soon follow and de-
tect the slightest inefficiency. If one or a
thousand of such is found, it is instantly
pulled and another spot crew resets it. In
a big efficiency system, comprehending
thousands of acres which must succeed, we
cannot gamble on any guess work. The
cheapest factor 'in. efficiency is high priced
inspection and Howey-in-the-Hills has
plenty of it.:

Taking care of groves in thousand acre
units is not only more efficient because of
standardization and specialization, but is
Less expensive in production costs. No "Jack
of all trades" in Howey-in-the-Hills groves.
Each. crew does one thing and that one
thing efficiently. This makes possible the
production of the finest quality fruit known
on ten-box trees for 20 cents per box cost.

Here the expert pickers are at work.
The golden fruit is placed in fruit boxes
preparatory to grading and cleaning in our
own packing plants. You could make good
money on groves if you were adsured each
year a minimum of one dollar per box on
the tree but in the Howey efficiency system
of marketing direct to consumer, you can
expect an average minimum of three dol-
lars per box on the tree. With 20 cents
cost and three dollars received, it is easy
to compute the marvelous profits in scien-
tifically handled groves.

In our coordinated system, it is a policy
rigidly enforced that every fruit that en
ters a marketable package shall be strict
ly A No. 1. If you desire to build up a
reputation in trade-mark selling, you must
keep the confidence of the public at any
cost. Every package of fruit that leaves
Howey-in-the-Hills is absolutely guaran-
teed whether it is one box or a train load.
"Cats and-dogs" must be left out of he
package. Some provision had to be made
to utilize profitably these seconds and the
next picture gives the answer.

NO. 11I
The contents of culls are relatively just
as valuable as the first quality fruit of
good appearance. We have now found a
process to _can. th'e ,juices of both .grape-
fruit and oranges without depletion or ad-
dition, thus conserving all the native taste
and freshness indefinitely and our slogan
will be "Not an atom of dope in a million
gallons". This is probably the most revolu-
tionary discovery in modern citrus and
Howey did it.

The cycle is thus completed clear up to
the consumer trade. The Howey system
will become as much a household word as
any of the great chain stores in America.
The days of consignment and auction sell-
ing fruit have gone, and the day when a
staple necessity which is growing in con-
sumer demand more rapidly than any
other, and in which there are but two
states where quantity production of fruit
is possible, this staple shall have an estab-
lished price -and' the grower shall get his
legitimate share of the profit..

NO. 13,
The Howey system from the seed
to the selling and from the owner to
the consumer, now consummates in a
plenteous pay-roll check for the Howey
grove owner. This young man, W. S. Mare,
is the head of the accounting department
at Howey-in-the-Hills, and in all'his ardu-
ous duties, no single event brings him
greater joy than to mail a handsome check
to our owners. It is. the -royal feeling of a
consummated service well done- 'Satisfied
and happy clients are the greatest asset
of the Howey system.




i :r


SI Iwuii.l







Manufacturers Record, Baltimore
W. J. Howey, president of W. J.
.Howey Company of Howey, Fla.,
wtch is developing a iast ctrus in-
duistry on the basis of ownership of
About 60,000 acres of citrus land, of
which 12,000 or more acres are al-
ready in groves, in the course of a
letter to the Manufacturers Record
"I -have always maintained that the
citrus industry was a business and
not a situation, or a job to be de-
serted with the ring of a gong-or the
punching of a clock. Some people
raise oranges, bpt don't sell them;
abme' people- sel- orangertibut 'don't
raise them; some people grow trees,
b1.t not fruit; most of them, and
practically all of them, do a part of
the thing, but no one completes the
ctcle.' Some people, for instance,
ise pursery stock, but not trees.
S"Npw, all of these operations are
related and 'should be brought under
one regime, and that is precisely
w_4at 'we are doing, to-wit: Produ.c-
ing our own nursery stock, carefully
selecting budwood, transplanting the
tree from the nursery into the grove
and properly nourishing and cultiv-
pting this tree, and the fruit produc-
iiion is carefully built up so as to
produce the best possible quality
fruit known to science at the mo-
mnent. Thus, through our packing
iouse we will cull heavily all of the
fruit which goes into a box, so that
4i yone who buys E box of Howey-in-
1he-Hills fruit will know that they
yre getting' quality to the fullest ex-
Vent If the word. The fruit which
4oes i;ot go into a box is made up
into by-products; with us, it will go
u.o juices.
S"In',order to maintain an even flow
9.f this distribution, we will open
drink stands throughout the country,
sufficient in number to cope with
..i production which is made here.
These ;drink stands:wll in them-
e.. Elyes, educate and be the means of
.: I % o. -, . .~ ..-
bringing about the distribution of
o. Jee uices- to' the family, in much
sam.:":. .. 'se as milk'is' now *'distributed-
by.':" .Il .' dairy"comipaii ies. 'In 'this, way
".m..m a'. i '. mymintain:the integrity ofhis
.::.. pack We, ourselves, will:sell. our
4 .', fuit in the pack direct to' the con-
s ine r tn half'- ori full: boxes', as' desir-
r;-'i':.: e'and set the price at th. source the
., : :..: :.. sr.e s a manufactured: article.'!

.; : J"'" ____. ..
S (Leesburg Commercial)
... It is: probable that of the sixtf or
i.... oe.. people, who heard W. J. Howey
t". ttli th KITanis" club just what has
..:%.. b done on the hills across Lake
aE: ii is i and just what is contemplat-
eA"i. in ;the coming dozen years that
W ibe required. to carry the plans
: . t gugi to their;.conclusion, not more
*.: .. tl .. ten had ever realized what a
:.:.' stenous proposition there is in
t4: ..,. 'making, much less the great de-
.: veopnient that has, already taken
i:;; pjacee,, ... : ,
.:. ... ayroll and sp.plies for the der
velpnment work total $118,000 a
nionth 'at present. '
i.1" .." l a nhli;.'trus trees of the
highest' qu y, g-9wing, now. Three
:... iotrees. in the great plan.
i. . 'Oand -a al million' dollars de-
p dn : .I po ..db ird s 09 .<. the year.
:g., li. January.l; i027, and of this:
2.i:i .0 18S0 in'.;TLesburg' .
Ten.,sepag a, c md'rpotated cor-
^^i ~ ~ -f -.^1^ 1 "T?0^ 1 1,^
S. p ms tor business firms ,fo,, handle
t:;. ". ."t o ey interests in Lake county.
.. 300 emiployes and families
0;. ..nployes living in the.. Orrange
s:s.m:;.;. .os.o subdivision which is set
apj:.t:.... aKfpr this .urpose. ,
:" .'. .;J Evetually an income expected of
$S:Q:0: '.0 : .,. 090;P'p(,000 to $45,000,000 annually
?. '... o : f~omncitrus fruits' in. the Howey pro-
jdct .. '.UJ9cl largest single citrus unit .in
,....' tile:';W.ld now and the. contemplated
. .:'. ".o.. '". j-p~oeet'. far surpassing the wildest
..:. ;.: ..,, dre..mss of any. other developer.
:: ^*..^.: ...eSs are:..the high spots' briefly
4;:4i:":. : ;.:' .'. Did you know those facts?
,.'::eo;.i.s:; that 'while we knew
sqiii^.. .iSi 'thenii-'the total staggered us.
B m*;l.j::;i...;-;.: j .knew .W. J. Howey several
'.!i;".. ..*y $sl .fore .either of us cast'hLib'-t.
iAi:.i, .. e . C... Gounttt'td je n axe iot tuz:.-:
'~iT!:.':': pr.':igEA that- he has accomplished
j:!:'^. ,:^3<;- :.0:..: o an',.bas--tlreamed- ljne. same
i. :'.S'ii,:, ttu,]sssdevdMhtl- tess .n'i.ot
p:'q;:a;;j "i:, ".. '" G", )"Ip ,

;etlyn...,' cJiiyi' t' lanl~l.aid
0:[",';:~~']; '.,B.',: : LW.v t! n A! .u!te'[.f
:; .:".',,' .:..... .. t ..: "".. .. ... .. .1i. t

155$. 'is'*h ISt'J s accomplishingI
Am ...... ... l-_" f .llo.

l .. .... '

Right in the Heart of Florida

Florida-Times Union
Florida folks travel about some-
where in their own state and, al-
though the most of them are fairly
well informed regarding conditibons
and affairs, they are sometimes mov-
ed to exclaim over the discoveries
Made on a trip. The editor of the
Sarasota Herald was telling of a vis-
it to Howey-in-the-Hills the other
day and almost waxed poetic in liis
remarks about things "in t'he heart
of Florida." On the way to Howey-
in-the-Hills we traveled about 220
miles;every foot of the way on hard-
surfaced roads," he said. "The fine
highways of Florida cannot be too
highly praised. They make easily ac-
cessible all the cities and towns in
the stifte and offer to the public dd-
lightful motor trips. There is now no
reason why anyone coming into
this state-with an automobile, or be-
ing in it and possessing one, should
fail to find a great deal of enjoy-
ment in motoring."
The Sarasota newspaperman talk-
ed considerably of the section
through which he passed oh his trip,
and of the fertile section where
there' were evidences of progress and
development on all sides. "Agricul-
ture here seems to have reached a
higher state of development than
anywhere else," he suggests, and his
observation of the splendid citrus
groves in Polk and Lake counties left
him enthusiastic over the outlook.
"The impression one gets going
through the heart of Florida is that
Florida is economically sound," he
says. No one could tour the central
part of the state and not be convinc-
ed of this -fact, besides being im-
I pressed with the substantial develop-
ment and great possibilities of Flor-
Later the wandering editor tells of
the enterprise and success being se-
:cured by W. J. Howey, the head and
front of the splendid Howey-in-the
Hills& project. Quoting the article, in
'part, as'fo0.ows will indicate the way-
in' *which' a Florida man discusses a
plan that seems to be developing
wd derfull:. for the betterment of
'the state 'and encouragement of
'others' with capital and ability.
Mr..:Howey has possessed him-
self..of 102;000 acres of the hill
coutity ind, at the present time,
has some 12,000 acres in bear-
ing orange and grapefruit
groves. He has perfected an or-
ganization that has standardiz-
ed the citrus industry from the
selection of the seed to the mar-
keting of the product, even pro-
viding a market for the by-pro-
ducts of the grove. Strange as it
may seem, it is yet true he is in-
suring' his grove owners $3 a
box on their first-grade citrus
product on the trees and offer-
igE them an investment under
conditions which preclude the
p'osssibflity of failure. The
beauty of the country in the
neighborhood of Howey-in-the
Hills, hill and valleys alternat-
in,'indc lakes nestling in the
bosom of every valley, is inde-
scribable. For a two or three
days' outing, we have seen noth-
ing in Florida to equal a trip
through. Lake and Polk coun-
ties, and nothing so reassuring.
In a story such as has just been
told there is nothing to be put down
as "boosting." It is merely the. ob-
servation of a Florida man who has
been moved to praise and explain to
some. extent things which are going
on at a little distance from his place
nf huninpR. AnT i- ie wnrtlh mm-'a go

Probably no development in Florida has created such a wide
interest as has Howey-in the Hills. Editors from Maine to Cali-
fornia have written editorials about W. J. Howey and his develop-
ment. This is unpaid for approval. Such editorial comment can not
be bought at any price. To all these editors who have voluntarily
placed the stamp of approval on Howey and Howey-in-the-Hills
we can only promise that we will strive to carry on in the future
as in the past. We are obsessed with a genuine desire of meriting
their approbation. Below we reproduce a few samples of editorial
comment. We could fill this entire paper with voluntary editorials
concerning us but space will not permit.


Manufacturers Record, Baltimore
Impetus for the citrus industry of
Florida is indicated in an announce-
ment by W. J. Howey, developer of
a 60,000-acre orange grove tract
known as Howey-in-the-Hills, that
bottled orange and grapefruit juice
from that tract will be distributed in
every market center in he country,
from Maine to Denver, Col., during
the present tourist season and from
that time on. Under Mr. Howey and


From Tampa Tribune
Much has been said and something
done about the opportunity for a
profitable industry in the prepara-
tion and marketing of the juice of
Florida oranges and grapefruit. Var-
ious plants have engaged in this en-
terprise, but not an a scale of nation-
al importance.
We learn with pleasure that W. J.
Howey, able developer, is turning his
thoughts and money to this industry.

W. A. Kenmuir, manager, more than He is to erect a large citrus juice
500 men and women of the organiza- plant at Howey, extracting the juice
tion 'have perfected the system for from the fruit of the large groves in
such distribution, that vicinity, and putting it up in
"We are now taking leases in five-gallon containers, to be market-
cities all over the country for dis- ed throughout the country. Mr. How-
tribution centers," said Mr. Howey. ey has devoted much time and study
"We shall cover all Florida by truck to the proper preparation of these
distribution and will ship in carload juices and be has planned his plaint
lots to the distribution centers in as the result of this careful investi-
other states. We now are prepared to gation. A marketing organization
-begin in short time the distribution covering the entire country is being
of orange juice and the juice of formed.
grapefruit in Florida and the cities Florida orange and grapefruit
'6f the Southeastern States." juice in five-gallon containers ought
As Mr. Howey sees it, "the prob- to prove to be a popular product-
lem for the successful future of the and ought to be a pleasant surprise
citrus indiuitry in Florida is to elim- to the tA'irsty' public, especially in
inate about one third of the crop the large cities, now served with syn-
from the boxed fruit that goes into thetic "juiceW, no ingredient of which
the. market-not because there is a grows on a tree.
surplus, by any means, but to work .-. -
up the high standard of the Florida HOWEY'qS CITRUS ROUND-UP
fruit that is necessary to maintain '-
the integrity of the Florida brand." (Orlando Reporter-Star)
The process, Mr. Howey adds, does W. J. Howey, head of the great
not destroy the original flavor and Lake County citrus develop-
value of the juices, and tests have meant, has, apparently, decided to
shown that the juice will keep forsettle for once and all time the cit
at least three years, retaining vita- rus marketing situation insofar as
mins A, B, and C, so important in his development is concerned' He
orange and grapefruit juice. has already opened eight retail
Possibilities for a great foreign Forda, whil plans for
....stores in Florida, while plans for
market were indicated by Mr. Howey aout mr ar ud, n,-
in 6 s t a t e m e n t t h a t ]a s t s e a s o n h . . .. . . . ..e "
in a statement that last season he eluding two in Orlando. Mr: Howey
shipped a carload of oranges-to En- g en
.. .. "has thus gone to the nimit of modern
gland, with. a simple statement that mareting. Were he to.stop with but
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ mreig - l"e ,* r.,=* be t so,,p with ,.,b
he could duplicate the sample for 103 soe in F id h;s enterprise
years and had received an order by wouldhardly cal f editorial in
cable for 100,000 boxes---too large this paer, ut his pla calls for the
an order to be filled at that time o. pein o a ha ofstores that will
_- ... ,opening of a chainorstores that wil
Arrangements have been made by rival the great chain store systems'
Mr. Howey for special parties of vis- of the county-and-tiese stores wi
itors from New York, Philadelphia, sl y Fodfu an F orid
sell only.Florida fruit and FllOriU
Pittsburg, New Castle and Allen- .i.e 4iths-l, .ne Xi'.'.:_I
juices in themselves one 6o fne
town, Pa., Chicago and St. Louis, to most vala A A .dvertisnidits lo.ida.
take in St. Petersburg and Tampa could is for.Here is: a man with.
and the groves at Howey-in-the-Hills. vision an'ptal sufficient .Icarry

CREDIT TO LEESBURG through a igantic pla of citrus pro-
duction and citrus marketing-a plan
------------ ".1r-" ..i.'-"- *1.-";
Ebound to e 6of the greatest possible
Editor Comercial: benefit to Florida as' a whole, dnd es-
You print an article from the e.cia t.o citrus rowingg section.
Ipecially t0 the c6trus-krowiligseetion.
Ocqla Star relative to James M. Cox he state. It is tre ^ his plan en-
ordering a box of the anti-diabetic i,,, nif,;o+o,.- n, -t4i,,,o... +h,'
LirL eA3mVnaZ eqtflheO, midd**'A*leman.Uth

grapefruit for a friend of his and say
that the inquiry reached Lake county
through the county chamber of com-
merce. This is not exactly correct as
the inquiry came to us via Jeff
Thomas of the. Leesburg chamber.
That was the second order within a
fortnight that reached us via Lees-
burg.. The story was originally pre-
pared by me and I left out the name
if W. J. Howey Company so that

suggesting conditions and chances such papers as the Tampa Tribune,
than a great deal of advertising iafidbal-moraoc ovqo ETA- OTTA'
which must be discounted 'by the and others hardboiled, would print it.
readers through the habit of allowing The story has been added to and ta-
Fn, i-..,i- -_A ke j ---'ion from until; i nnira l iokmui h.l-tar

jobber and the retailer, as well as
the broker, for he does not employ
any of these men in the production
and sale of his fruit. From the time
of planting the seed in his own nurs-
eries to that of selling the mature.
fruit in his retail store-hlie 'care's for
every phase of th' business. Few
men are' financially able to carry
through a plan so gigantic, but nev-
ertheless, Mr. Howey 4, apparently,
doing the state of Florida a great
service in thus convincing a skeptic-
al world that Florida citrus is Flori-
da's real gift ot health and profit

iufr mucti vuolr and extreme lavont- 1---'** YL --A.". ; J --A. - -r-U-" ---- to te naiauo. ne has been aule,-
ism when engAged in exploiting any- than the original, for which I am it is reliably stated, to pay his indiv-
thing. The localities have often bie gratefutil.' I just wanted to make this dual grove owers over $.00 per
described and Mi. Howey's plans and corrct.iom in- drder that Leesburg, box net .on the trte eor t rhe .ft pro-
accomplishment have been disepssed and its efficient secretary, would get duced andp .od by W' organization,
t A ,I i i t, ld 'b" n/ ' "'' ga .
at length, On many occasion; iu .cret This t1 pet o4'o .qlig Prp!
th1- Hrai1Jslds story is differetR, and . ay A. Frame, and juices will meet a ral situation
wil afrad'attention that:i. vva- Howey-mn-the-Hils, Fla. in Florida. It has been opely charag-
ble .. .' -Leesburg Commercial., ed that $he goog -fruit h sAWprpe9 p.9
b--..i ..i-. -- ____When the Sta'r ieeived' Ir.' Cox'a of the state ad. ouly th cu.s offer-
?0".l 4 re 1;-3- WHEN GIiRLS ARE. reuest for a &bb of grapefruit ed in the local i.rkets In tii vhain
.E""Iam the mot' df 3 gro4 at Hogwey-in-ths-His; Jeff store meJhod of marketing& How-
r I.bys and four. irls. Thomas name popped into our mindey will do th double serveQ.e
. I 'bLy s a n d r i F, F 1 1.. . . 'r i e y w d ti l, o r.eI t e
boys pre,'god-;.mbitious men y gt off and the next mail train car- citrus iniutyo wide in the -
o ~ ~ ~ ~ M rig,'t. .... d ..... .....Ao ,try of A.... 1, g .ra:
Tampa Tjpue/ A7 rcl a 6opy pf bkr.'&x' letter to ket by enlprgip e c-urr mpt Be 9d'ers See It, S ioH. Mm. He promptly a cknbwlgead ay- hav- and be w k give to he co...o1 .Mrs.III)
:..--i :. e t S.con ing forwardea''i .to 'owey an the Florida fist quality 'fwiii c wl
fIorg't, "'Firame, Ocala was the former governor '6 Ohio very likely, be appreciated and will be a much
trtig,.nz.-Pot.of tgimxh, j 1Jbn t.een .ttk.z p tbpzrs t=a-b. on0. .pAa.,-tEttd ismje t tbaa stlfo. k
yop' ,pszng sroupd 'frutt for ds .'But dot. onlo sta$,.
'-S~fui f5311''W mi' '


Tampa Times
If the opening of the Howey store
in Tampa, where will be sold grape-
fruit and oranges and their juices,
meant only another branch added to
the business of the Howey enterpris-
es it would only be of interest to the
promoters of that enterprise and
those who have invested in it-a
matter for the advertising column!
and not for editorial discussion. It
means very much more than that, if
we make no mistake.
It means that something has been
done which demonstrates a fact that
should be highly encouraging to Flor-
ida's greatest industry and, there-
fore, something that is of much mo-
ment'to Florida. It cannot be gain-
said whatever affects the citrus. in-.
dustry if this state for either good
or bad likewise effects Florida.
First, and it is made first because
it is the most important thing al-but
it-but because it is really of a chaini
store system which it' 'is intended
shall cover the principal' markets'of
the United States, selling quality,
tree-ripened, Floridh aplefrUit" an'd
oranges. It is inevitable that the ad-
vertising value of such stores to Flor-
ida citrus products must be great. Of
course the Howey organization is
primarily looking out for itself and
its own interests in this venture. At
the same time, much advantage is
bound to result to Florida and' her
citrus'growers from it.
Last, because it is what is really
important and impressive, this event
marks the working out of a complete
program relative to citrus. It shows
that it is possible to so co-ordinate
the citrus industry as to start with
the seed and end with every piece of
fruit put upon the market in an at-
tractive way and saleable condition.
This latter is accomplished by the
straight sale of the other--tait


Lake County Citizen
While citrus men and organiza-
tions all over the state have been
grappling with what seemed to be
a herculean task, that of profitably
marketing the state's citrus crop, W.
J. Howey was moving along quietly
with a program that would take care
of all the fruit produced in thd tate
and twice as much-and sell 'that
fruit at top prices through the most
successful plan known to merchan-
disers-the chain store system.
W. J. Howey has rounded out his
plan to a point where he controls
every factor entering' into the busi-
ness. He produces his own nursery
stock, employes his own hortidultur-
ist, cultivates his own groves, picks,
pack%, cul]s and sells his own friiit
turns the off-grade or cull fruit,
which is just is good as any fhdi
grown except for the exterior "ap-
pearance, into by-products through
his own plants erected for that piur
pose. He has capital and visio. ''He
has been able to sell all his choice
fruit this season at a price equaling6
$3.00 per box net on the tree. Ti.
fte has done through his own direct
selling organization, for he does -it1
employ citrus selling organization'
to sell any part of his fruit. When
the great Howey development is fully
mature he will be producing double
the amount of fruit produced in the
entire state at the present time. His
chain store system will then rival
some of the national chain store
systems, now in existence. it. -is
estimated that the fruit froi. -hisb
60,000" acres will, when bearing
at full capacity, bring something like
$300,000,000 annually at retail A
system of stores doing this amount
of business annually will represent
one of America's biggest chain sys-


(Groyeland Graphic)

which is off-color, undersized, slight, The W. J. Howey Company, devel-
ly blemished, but the juiced of whicir opera of'-Howey-Ir-The-Hills, said %d
is as sweet and full of b'6luad]e t b'& bthe..largest citrus d'i eOopment in:
'and medicinal qualities as' any in the word, as' recently employed
form 6f juice. '" i""' the traphic Pess to print 2:,0O.'
. n I (-1 1, i.5.i '%P
beautifulu booklets descriptive of the
One of the greatest drawbacks to 60,00 acrek of 'hills," lakes and'
citrus profits has been the disposi- gres at Howey Sometinie ago :we
tion of the off-fruit. It is:ciaired by read an'ed-torni from the T' i ampa
the Howey organization that it has a TnbunIe, probal. tie 'tte's out-
ne',proabl"",fleiihich s :oi
process which extracts the juice of standing daiypaper,- ich so'ke
such, cans or bottles it and preserves highly of Mr. Hqwey and whkt he
it indefinitely-as pleasant of taste was'doing for Florida. Last night .we
as when it was first taken out of tuned in and listened to Mr. PI. P.
the golden jackets of oranges and Owen, Jr., manager of the Jaciksoi-
grapefruit. The samples of such Kill eChamber of Commerce praise.
juice which were served to those Howey and his great developinent.
gathered Monday night's opening A news item published in many'"llor-
of the Howey store in Tampa cer- ida papers is before us. This story
tainly indicated that this is true. tells of huge grove sales beingi made
That being accomplished, there jat Howey during the closing weeks
ought to follow an increased demand. of the season. Some few 'Week agp
for Florida citrus juices. It is not to' it was announced that the H1oy
be thought that they will not prove company had purchased the largest
prime favorites with the public which order of tractors ever before pur-.
is such a large consumer of soft chased by a Florida concern. On S.ii-
4riksd I fact it is not too much of day, March 6th, we saw a cro 4 of
a stretch of the imagination to en-, ,."-- P ple at Howey listen to
vision the day when Florida citrus 'an' open ar performance of .i.n
juces will be this nation's most pop- ePra give fre by Mr. Howey. ord
uler druk. This can be expected to *Y9' tF0t Wr- Howey expect s to
come when people have, through ad- p.t .apprpmpatel. y .QpO addition-
vertising and from tasting, come to' al acres to citrus thin season .We
know the pure delight and: the great ). PO P .. to motor through the
benefit to be derived from drinking .great Howey tract about .each fort-
them. That such is no idle antdipa,- igt. w see prog.r.. on very
ti6n was proven by Tuesday's exper- sii.e. T he ...ppgt th t comes to us. .
ience of the Howey store'ini Tampa. .s this: can Florida do other th go
On that day-the first one that these f..rd.. w4 such men as.. ...
juices were available to the public Howey and the many others' like
-more than 800 different people him at the helm? It cannot. Hdwey.
In-The-Hills is a close nezighb1 r4
partook of them, it was revealed by close -hb of
accurate count. Gioveland. 'We are both in the
With only quality fruit offered for county 6f Lake. Both in the idg
'sectioni of Florida-t at section' 7"
sale in the original stat aid the state which has often bee# re-
bother put upon the market in the the state which as often be r
form of juice, which can be supplied fetred to as, "The Land of. Ac-
every day in the year, instad of h. iPused Fact.' Howey-n-the
~. 11 "IJlsi we s~lute you.
ing left to go to waste, anew era ap- .' c pie Fact. o -
pears to have dawned for' citrus.'The
Howey interests have demonstrated GAPFRUIT JUICES
that this can be done.In doing so they "I hayve visied your properties at
have in our own opinion rendered a Howey-m-t'he-Hills and have Vateih
definite- and valuable Public merv- ;of -tiheHowey fruit and I am convine-
ice. a d that theii isn't ay other suehi da
----- yelbpment in the entire Sbuth that
S, compares with HOWEY-IN-THE],
My book might be stolen," p'id HL& I mke my noon mial on two
-1" .... I VS;I nikemy no-n. -. a ont -.0
the philosopher. "Nay," said Neitche, tgfis'.s *oft aH'wey-in-the-Hills ape-
"Those hereabouts are real estate t uic purc-sed t your lFapk-
- .. . .. ,- 1 : ... 'r 1a f. ..17,, ,.-t
men,- and do not read." o s HeanS Statioi AniI
"I ]inStree Tama Healh Station
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