Title: Outbreak at St. Thomas in the East
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Title: Outbreak at St. Thomas in the East
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that Mse, Gordon-hl ad mista The
assured them was not thevafetaaB
wsonrmatiod.L *--< e
.)I:Ti'rhamelnchMytv wents of tbat andd
Adys mnet now be tiabl uiot fKce
preliminary, disorder .- On. tho 4th ".I x
ehaiged with ausaltag- a woman, was tuicd44f
,'B anBkd fiaed four shiig6and.Ced.co s Or
Sca d to him, and told, him to pay the,a In
cots, -aad th akt~ntined to malk a
codd*4. Heflas rakbdtbid of by'r wais
rnea!d -;atMid *tteapt ito Arert him ira
S l ablrwr sme beatefS lAftet order e
Acvspmal mamse fSbrti but this -ad so
wMft the subsequeanbdisturbMnmoes asioftea st
s3.fa as;"-it bhag of some latest it-hNia
S ~usMally age attendance.,ati.l.tlhd
D ogas waa voe of te riots -ea thea mtA
das after m and naeteds othew Ola" 80 aMt.o
'-* gnodrr w in wh ieb tr cormp ~ind. iWt ~t
a sedJorrot~eat and declare* that, i
ar ala eirrdAot .
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60wolexibepa to fWojP ot the'!0~;~LB;;j~~k
imat" -Saw)ZUi4 misty w. Wflight 4 oq. r.
saiRWd or drpgged from their hidingtplace, Jltwi"

.~n~os~d ~ iPj~i4~c I*Qhahe 4soo~a an51 ~rel~oaMi
r !uip~*. An Att~mI t*
~tf. jk wzae~c4~pxaini~g rQg Abro~c a~~q i
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of PO*P~ Colaudv".t* P sr.
"IWI~O. :fr~J~P~jP 43'

charge ,g ..c pvlicity .in the murders of,,
on; lHp reported that their guilt wia'
,te.tele either to take or leavt them, hei
s~ T" wenty-three more were shot.next day..
'iS a circumstance occurredwhich created,mucli
t'iersy. A reputed Obeah-n an was tried by c9urt-
and convicted. One of the favourite assertions:
.people has been that Buckra can't hurt them"
Hobbs directed him to be placed on a hill-side, abo
hundred yards from the firing party. The bullets a
almost instantaneous death, and it is stated that the .q
o0 the minds of the prisoners was so great, that,
colonel felt at liberty to release a considerable. nu
then in his camp, many of whom were heard to. say
never would believe in Obeah again. Nearly one-ba
the houses burnt during martial law were in the distj
'which Colonel Hobbs operated, and in all sixty-q
peisons were put to death.'
For many years previous to these occurrences Cot
Hobbs had borne the name of being not only a;,
hearted man but one of deep Christian feelig. Hr.
a lively interest in thq welfare of his soldiers,
Kingston he was known as one who heartily sywa
with the social and religious movement of the d..
S ju g s conduct during this trying tie, let it
that e conducted his optations. i
ey and g 4wolle 1 -ivers; t
v.cut off rpmai% 4of
iiatct of the utbreak iotal strengh
in.urget^#; and that his first deapatc remve,,to.
hgd elicited a reply calculated to convey t
leniency to the guilty-was hot to be. exet
ijor-geaecal, in a letter received on the xst,.,
ap m~ib pleased by your adopting a 4esced,o
trc captured rebeb. 3
A few feeks after the'ves a or the
commission, Colonel HFl s robb sae fo.en
S viovly shown signs'of mn

.hielf .ov d t

"Report o Roy p. 1.
S., bid., p. 4. 4.


SWhile ate meaawpe-
neihbtW6fidod offo1t=,1y
I tie~ a.sa p. gaged in the extret
thd tilad8 Eighty-nine 'persons
Smrtal and executed, many were
them about twenty women. The in
nient wa reprobated by the royal co
they admit the difficult position in
wasMplaced, as he offered these people
would give up the property it was proved
Another serious matter in connection wth
the lawlessness of certain black soldiq-s.
heth on the marchwith his detachmX
dead bodies at difrent places on the
bAqd of six or seven black soldiers, not h ad broken loose. It was this fact thqt
sensational story, told in England, abN L
dead..bodies." Another nqgro desert
ten. pise aone 4 taken from
ot in e to
dld. S soldiers ioto

w 'S (rie'n out with, a los' o
:Waboht the only. aet at
of troops : one shot onl h
"(eo~rt oq ityai CsqtfiM" pr

3 ArjktttI

44i ** HISTDoI.W jvl@c

mfWed _stone. Gut. ge..
io the hute '* ri.
:forty-one cottages were buiat
w aan old resident in the colony,6,'
shouldd a all cases be leftfor.women ad
Tarrington and Stoney Gat a sort of
irbteo trowp across the .rad, which wa.

*any reports were circulated relative to the
thle Maroons. It seems that twenty-five prso
wre pit to death by them; and with respetid
,ogggpat Bath, which at first were very a
is oply, justice to Colonel Fyfe to say, that as'
he kifivpd, he, gave positive orders to discon
pMcticQe. It w.s here that under the superin
ofl aji.a upgie rate, but before Colonel yfe's a
,tSiroap d which wires were twisted, were nsdd f.
pWpahment of men. No language is sufficient stc
use in ondemnation of such barbarity.
,This outline includes all that can.be of interest
respect to the plans taken to suppress the Wi
The .Oal commissioners observed, respecting th
"by.the prompt and rapid manner In whiph the
vquap were oecuted, the outbreak was ov*rib

iA oiq ed.iost sonsation dy
Qi~ti~a_ Zpdo etl after .rom 32,0
Eyr eat .to Morna n Eifrtfa
Wa)H tCa ensLls. During1lis UnaS b c eor
the. sWtQ o Kingston, was urged by Mr. W
a Jr.. Hosack, members of the executive sWn
*a I'r. Gordon. Dr. Bowerbaok thennt Wt
,OGleat C0qnnor, who objected to its hit.oa
yrif that, he had not a, single soldier to
Pffia g a disturbance. .
... ,nr e.wa F e tain ed by many that serious i

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kevpwg z co;fPjii~t mi' n

-.1WID8 Wl' Caltmonicatio n~S~
Sguarding R k~~t~ l~
Inten, e whe qreti
were deposited. '~1
gyrip returned from Morant y o.
0 d dthe arrest of Mr.G
or a$ rdqtive's, and a his r"
iocG.was, a8 9 visited ht
M:Lmu e tdtbho-kousi of the gensIk
kr.. erbank accompanied him to
Was. thin taken on board the
-ALakAi go wvm- ith tao

~ -n
gt00 rrai~cctinn. A:t I&.

IlrApbul doqaAy~d
8" ervidlome. tat'
*W -Q1 thd&L6, ftf or*Ardedi~
to, Nolskint,'hibaP~rr~~
vd-.!e 4CcaitY-V -

S .;trt'aitteld to the secretary of state for war
military secretary at the Horse Guards, a
S d mhslts-relating to the transaction, and in
.tri ernor's approval of the sentence, adds, "
... 14tly coincide" It is pleasing to be able to
i. 'd u of this deplorable event, that the s
.' cd ignities offered to Mr. Gordon at the
execution are unfounded.'
During the month, of martial law eighty-five
appear to have been put to death without trial,
cases wantonly, in others under the impression
act was justified. Three-hundred and fifty-four
suffered death after trial by court-martial. In a
S six hundred were flogged, and about one
cotp es were burnt.
S' i n the tidings of the outbreak reached Cibabi,
S governor-general immediately despatched two vessels
war with an offer of assistance, which was coo
declined. Admiral Sir James Hope afterwards
in the Duncan, from Canada, with troops, but not,
t required they soon returmd, as a Fenisa outteak
.that colony seemed to -be impending. A yeves-
been despatched to Barbadoes at thd cotfnencmeat
Sthe insurrection, which had then returned with
u a*&aglih. and of a West Indian regiment. These
epdi.located in different districts f -the island
u -'wal as felt and troops seemed desirable. .. i
Te tidings~ the outbreak fBrt reached England
Aterica by the Atlantic telegralh, and itoiward
middle of November the despatches of. the
and major-general were received. Very different,
were awakened by these communications. By sonsJ
conduct*a the authorities was praised in the
terms;, and old stories 6f negt E city and ,
nes aWtte bevived : the enemies of the race ingined
g Bot they had at last proved the truth of every
as to thefoly of emancipation, On the other ba
raeth6 s murders at Morant Bay and elsewhwce,
"' eibb2 fierings of hundreds-.'oft woman and ch
i id "i the bush, amid the: inclemencies of; tpe.
. : ^ peril of their lives, and eof what.toT ai|
M oman is darer thaan.:ie< wrand.f
T .";, **.A l of( appdalComnIasdlonSuIqP.p^3 4 ',i'sH I


indgnatidUt St e retributimBa kIdle
th5eseatne at of Mr. Gordon. i -
.Mrnt rpn it'- hi opening speneh ,*
bodiesea ty i November, used langnJ
his pbitliot should have done; for he tit!
thb com4actof men he was pleated to
thbopist," bdt he spoke also of the mis
misguided counsel of certain ministers i4
soWI hbcaled," hd proceeded to say :',
exapenaiand teaching is to be the s
redteteann etie conduct of a single nonli
comneRted with an English society or't i
Eyre ad.not the least warrant. Only a
tlhi:outbreak there had been a serious aft
Sthe leaders in a native Baptist chapel et
beatuse.two Engish ministers-had beeui
a er.vie in one of their chapels.. 1,c
was the ar et eed. 'rL '.i '

i tat4the1
h he iththIe iw its.6ats I
.M. CardweB 'in'&is frstt depatch,
Wim4(dmdda'G tt, -and asked for pl
and ot*fpuintd q ;buht 4rw latatse

SiifP recorder of the City of.
. ....i., 0Recor of Leeds.. -
totact 'as goinratr: of.
-Atof <-the troops A during^
I id ;rtil :the ftial decisitot c a
. giii/~jp^ nditampn. -.r.;(*4 > 0.4
Smadakm'., d Yd 'd n'.i'
C. onqplt-te d. impartial -an br. IA
.- *.- *

k~t A'S

.1 4

~ ]afected by the reen o~ x.
r'a T evTal-EngM ewapar
the utmost pubtlety gives 0a
go. The commission as or
vowm, on Tuesday, the .231d of Ja.
S0ot .without intermission, nil the sau,
;n. l Mina ssioners also visited Morant Bay
G' t, and took evidence. Mr. Rusts
Separate court at Woraat Bay, Bath, and M
and ,Mr. Maule at Monldaads, Leith HI,,.
and again at Morant Bay. Fifty-eoe -ays in
aspe in -the exan=nato of seven almundred.l
.. Tt 'coammIsd% e oes, in their
to the, facilities tbich were afforded
.'for ti pteae W tb n of -that.inqa
4' most exhaustive one. From their report
the -kts 'stated in the preceding pages, re
i? and its. suppreaon, have been.
C tC yet remain to ~ae-otied.c- -
i respect to the-6wr~tsmartial, they aM-
$.A -reat majority of cgsesf th&. evideafra
tRtiabstle in character, .and- qufte-vBsli"ci t a
a!diuw g of th cacrt. Ezeeptioa was w
S:o.eprl cases esid0.,that of Mr. Oordon,
S64.ci d- adi tw4t, u served ~*i epit'
S $at 'O.r &t Pt AgtooD he* idtate1
was 4(a d nbtA'&%.objpe&abtd
*iwas moet distant fruwaithee ltto
EBigaLior Nelson was located. ',Yet 4
sqa addithat Qtbervidooe eewms to'have,
iQ L cases ,bayo ndtiwat appeared At tbhe
uW*I cthey alose-forae4 their opimiodi; ald t
0~S Wti terOthe bvid4ke. appear mMoltlid
f. Aqioa n r was proved: iacidaetaly in t
heir own ivquiry.3 A very considers
Uts#,' -4ppismpn qent patsad coldd Inot be .
tw of te co rtS id notb.extd.
,t ie a .rtiallaw0 w ch hat cllA
s ease had spetWi -

l.', ' .


41 t hawe been,

a! a~a' nd a1~rosrzr of

no" t fiscbrdt rdwicEgla-60

-w tug

I~Y~aavoomiaae 6-bo* kt b
;tbarioWW"Amod 9*46

~p~tla icWWImi io. ob"rb


but, ob

~ ropy to pgprollt
:~aohd~s 00 ~~s W

490 F: .> I

..Y *tednnlysbeen partially
a Ae-.steae. nor had any-or
.,,4qtl the conduct of o:ficersm
.gWieb period of.martial law. Yet '%iW
smint, while giving Mr. Eyre full
-of his conduct to which credit is
the result of the .inquiry, to
S oalbat conduct." Mr. Eyre waa am
S restored to the government, ad .f:ao
Storks continuecPto rle the colony. iat'
The commissioners had exprsed
.o rebellion had been put down and 4ts'a
Spuahled,." dietious might and oaughtto
tak vourts-amartial should discontim .krhi*
Stht soaersn in custody have been, Ia&i~tl
14 ithe, ordinary tribune" This weoldla
much diference in the number executedpaa
th4nbien already: proclaimed to all ,I* .M"
Smurdmesa s. But. Mr. Eyre's own ',aniSr
S thiWipinio. He told tl* legislative btiS~i
speech, that "within tlhee days froJemthi
of 'the rebellion reaching Kingsten -itw-
S, andiammed -in : within a .week ditsw e
Yetk that bhis position may be fairly
addeSt at-.i.t had)eipvedeid
S.coufs beideouldas
.f tflurost all areand himk; canitt bjj
cour.that he adopted t Mthe
gained ground, dr brokenart t
were. those in high positions who woealdr
e odible for whatever consequenows
T l uigrnartial law, a number lofi
ig:ermAly *inownaspoltical'piionn t
Some fdt.hese.were Hiytianu whohaddl
revolutionary projects with respect. -k
A, w mcintdaght ismnd,;butwbhPby ae,
eual ewpe not :nreaoablA1suspdt
:iariwirtb b otbreakin atn aick.s

.~a d- twenty mi~..qi|,t
^ ^, -. M jRppartal Rj
i" 43P IdP~dal
"1~8i9~sd rCOarMVg



be hrig these
-dnsiderbd bb Iidd

-, slight Munterces s
~traicr comaplicity in ttiU
Wrrhqbh.F6~dZNtar O I UrrdCT wsas proved~
d some -wee Impreisonetr
WhrIle maratial law was stili in
wrna ~gawoned~. Mi-rEyre, In his'
aw~i5,a ~he mst eulogistic ternr 4

0a4Zatgsd upOn th, dange to whk~b
bd~.aawm. .t.8il ez~Pmed. The W~a~dB
otrr *~s~sr~. bt n. course op

ha tto

kts g sentence es ate
ofiao~iis mnt were alsoil
,mftw mp 0 y nbp ~ cBl
J4 for complicity insd
wbkiP~e~c~e bf nwderwas Pov4-w
otmim enene to -iscamentOIB~.F~
wmp. mwqtmd. Mr,.EM.;n hid

beopa~vo ift exposed; The Wais
:Iii~ri~d qb'j~and tioOLR~t
ondm* e.m' .oe.cmuW
q`mtbe tleli

Sb plaed -he s'a "e
4d .the imperial g9vern t
ber Majlety slahou as~sw entire
oftiu6i.wof( the lb and, and by or
oztrwi e, .conduct its, affairs, uch.,,
force. aa4 cioct of law.
.N o.doubt the members of the.
anticipated a cootinuance of place and
zacw order of things: indeed, they, tbrw
efect.'. But, if the British .govermept.
Mr(.Eyre's .conduct, they coaud 1st reinst
,whbo 4eSdbe .abhis'respoasible advi
MMbl wtrosd wed by the.eec.ttive co
r iaMip wiU,fully justify the change whih
lp x epipwered thae governor to dptain in
arreeld W iodag natial law. Anotbeapro
.foraitwre of the real or personal, etate.of
vict of treason.or Jeloy drig,.th, r
povided for, the trial of o ce.cWn
rbbellio by military tribunals aMeer
a epfd. All *thse,werle.disallowed r.tWh
The most abourd of all measures. wa
AJie ipoirt4 ol.,sale, .sad of the

tilihook,t Mr. Wtwo d .a ro
te. dooum:shoubf be, loeAdi
-pswatice during this a-eston, when 4hpTp
Ssbanom. of discuUlsIn.: This ill,. tgetbaeu
Eart the MaMronsi 4oLt also -wa aAeteroewhich,ari th
SdaN f--iof Abe rts.. I..t f 4 ia
j .^Qoerarter^ thi o r A^te.he afitttt flgQjMM

, '4. ,,*> 'tir B., .

".% Am... ,
Iva- ew:


safety; and andtlt~ez
I~f unla~ktul oaths. B~FIo~~

m h hkving patriotically ialalhzeb
N;i theliMoryof the'wot*

i~thE! ~act~fices ~Vhii had
ki. tL Storks arrived, on' the 61
~i t~~iifl n c iled thre legislature to~g
to tW 'IL 'ne40eSary tb car~y'oV t
ill ra rml comsafety; and
rt M dI~ repn e eut~itIe w
e season, afptare
bt cies. Whiah had
&Sori arieo'te6


'~~~ I:s; ~
r' '
~ks',i .... :~~~
~ .. .~ (Pji~~IL~~ ~;$;I] ~;i~! C:5~.ti17'

C~r .~ -1'1


/1;; rwe.a

a. 4 ; iI

.7.~.=-c 7~-~*- c c~f"~r -`7I



SEyr to reimburse him for- the expenses og
OCpa occaiSion Mr. RusseBG Grt poiGf nte
Sex-gm% nor had remained in ignorance of
mot painful atrocities in the repression
brought to light by the investigations of
, commission.1 '.
I Jamaica, Mr. Gordon Ramsay, who had- s
extreme severity as provost-marshal during N
was charged with the crime of murder at St.
the East, but the grand jury threw out the bill. 1
was subsequently adduced by Sir J. P: Grant aO oh
for the abolition of grand juries in Jamaica.* '
S* A dozen English officers of high rank were awin
to hold a court-martial on two officers, who wI*e
f' ully ordering the shooting of three mep i
,,i Teak The court sat for several weeks, btt tb
i w not proved. That the men were shot was i
able, but by whose orders was not clear.
'' Some inquiries were also instituted into th*t
those who had suffered loss by the military ocS
the district, and compensation given to a



1 .0i*t

In August, x866, Sir J. P. Grant am:rvw
Jamaica.. He was well known as an In
ai his appointment was very generally
cases of society throughout the island.
give, to the. laws passed by the assembly te
atii .dthe. onstitution by the imperial parliaq
"c to make provision for the Govermet of
By .the exercise of the powers thue.conferred
qppen, an order in council w as paed a the zxl
e4* blbhing a legislative Oon iin jamtsia, coi
s 1t. in "Timle," m .
an Boo r f-. 87l71. 18. "7 ." , O P cavi@ S

:_ ; ..;._ ... ^

I .
plud .`



t. t..,'i

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