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A A New twists in cake, pie contests

S a By Ashley Schrader their own category.
FREECON ULTA ION The LakerlL utz News Correspondent Also new this year, the contest will be
FREE ONSULATIONmove to the Lutz Senior Center. Previously, it
Fees Or Cos The annual Fourth of July cake and pie was at the Lutz Fire Department building,
ts contest in Lutz this year will have a few new but the volunteer fire department has since
Unless You W in ingredients. been replaced with a county crew and the
field. This year will be Wannamaker's "last hurHO LID From past experiences, contest coordina- rah," as the GFWC Lutz-Land 0' Lakes
tor Marilyn Wannamaker said she has Woman's Club member plans to turn over OMHOF observed that it was not fair to have a 4- the task of organizing the event to someone
A a Ayear-old compete against a 20-year-old.That new next year.At age 83 and after running
inspired the addition of a new category the contest for 12 years,Wannamaker said i.L Attorneys at L Now there will be three categories in- it's time to give someone else a turn. ASHLEY SCHRADERSTAFF PHOTOS
stead of two. It will break up adults 18 and The Lutz woman said she originally found Marilyn Wannamaker, who has coordinated
-e 0 *p corn older in their own group, with teens be- herself interested in the annual contest be- the cake and pie contest for the Lutz Fourth
tween 12 and 17 competing against each of July celebration for a dozen years, says
other, and children from 4 through 11 in See CAKE, page 14 this is her 'last hurrah' in that capacity.
1 813-868187.... Local events display

Fight To, Protect patriotic spirit on

1892, N., Dale. Mabry Hwy Ste101July 4 weekend
Luz, FLI

By Michael Murillo
mmuriffo@fakerfutznews. corn
7Local residents wanting to see fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July
acan enjoy them before, during and after the A 5 actual holiday.
Multiple venues will host fireworks
shows as part of special holiday celebrations
July 3-5, along with a number of other activities to help celebrate Independence Day in
Wesley Chapel and Land O' Lakes.
Those who want to celebrate early can
W..visit The Shops at Wiregrass, 28211 Paseo WDrive inWesley Chapel, on July 3.The shopping complex, home to around 100
different retailers, is the site of the third annual Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel
A Freedom Festival. Last year's event drew
around 30,000 people.
The free event begins at 5 p.m., and inCcludes a watermelon-eating contest and a bicycle-decorating contest. But one of the
highlights is a patriotic-themed pageant to
HON OREDm T /O SERVE{A COURTESY OF LIANE CARUSO crown Little Miss and Mr. Firecracker across

Lutz Guv'na candidate kiane Caruso has plenty of support for her campaign, including her several age groups. sister-in-law, Dr. Dae Sheridan, right, and her daughter, Lila. The pageant was a favorite in 2013, and
should be bigger this year, said Debbie
On to Detweiler, director of marketing for The
Paid Liahardne Caruso working to Shops.
"It's grown so much that we're having it
hosted up on the center court stage this
brand herself Lutz Guv'na year;' she said."It was a really popular part of
the event last year, and we want to make

By Michael Murillo See FIREWORKS, page 14 This is one in a series of stories profiling the
candidates for Lutz Guv'na.
Liane Caruso runs Limelight Marketing
Consultants, a full-service marketing firm ing up as a candidate for the ceremonial she started in 2009. title, given to the person who raises the
When she's working, Caruso always is most money during the campaign.The winDFlC Fkt0 24/7 Emergency A/C thinking about how to make something bet- ner will be announced during Lutz' annual
&f. & Plumbing Service ter known, bigger and more successful. Fourth of July celebration, and all monies
A/C LICENSE PLUMBING IC. Even as a candidate for Lutz Guv'na, she raised go to local organizations.
#CACPUI6647 #CFC1428982 can't take off her marketing hat. To help add a little marketing savvy to
"I would hope that one day this Guv'na the race, Caruso launched, thing could be a really big deal," she said." I which provides fundraising opportunities T *h *
know there's a lot of people who know for her campaign. But once the race ends, about it, but I'm finding that there a lot of she wants to see it grow into a site for local
-- people who don't know about it, and I businesses to make their presence known
W think what a great way to bring attention to to visitors and increase visibility for the COURTESY OF TONY MASELLA/OURTOWNFLA.COM
Lutz and the businesses of Lutz. community in general with news releases, The third annual Florida Hospital Wesley
"It's a great concept, and I hope that it business reviews, and a calendar of upcom- Chapel Freedom Festival at The Shops at only continues to grow Wiregrass features a fireworks display on
81 3-949-4445 Caruso decided to h-elp it grow by sign- See CARUSO, page 14 July 3 at 9 p.m.

You're on your
way to a speedy

Thanks for
making me ~
better, doc.

Mason Melanso and Peyton White, 6-year-old
Granh hilreno Dr. Michael & LindaCrv

Personal, outstanding patient care since 1983.
S(813) 996-9800B.C. MANION/STAFF PHOTO
A White Smile plays a Key Role in the Interviewing Process. Wesley Chapel poet Janet Watson encourages people of all ages to write poetry, to share
their observations of life, and to help to build connections.
Set your Graduate up for a
Bright Future with a Bright Smile!

Wesley Chapel woman aims

-rV j to encourage young poets

A 4 By B.C. Manion can be home-schooled or can attend private
We will do just that or public schools.The aim is to encourage
with the KoR Deep Bleaching- System! Maya Angelou's recent death captured the reading and writing of poetry.
headlines around the worldAnd that's a fit- "It's amazing how many young people Make an appointment today for your brighter smile! ting response, said JanetWatson, a poet who are interested in it. Unfortunately, a lot of
lives inWesley Chapel. teachers really don't have time to even give
8139498411 "I'm so pleased that the world has out the rules," said Watson, adding she un213 Crystal Grove Blvd Lutz, FL33548 paused for a moment to realize that poetry derstands how busy teachers are because
www.brittendentaLcom has value, and to mourn the passing of a she worked in schools for several years.
great poet," said Watson, a member of the But there are teachers who work with New River Poets group, which meets in their students on poetry and submit their Wesley Chapel. students' work for the contest.
Watson believes that poetry has tremen- "A lot of teachers tell me that it's very dous power, to help build understanding therapeutic (for students). Many of the and connections, teachers who are sending me work are
She compares poetry to photography sending me work from kids who are trouboth are capturing a moment in time. bled," Watson said. "They're writing about "Everybody has a voice, has a poetic death.They're writing about divorce.They're voice,"Watson said, but some people simply writing about relationships that break up. have never put their individual take on the These are very young kids." world into words. Watson thinks that many young people
When she's writing a poem, she uses all are interested in poetry, but may be unof her senses, aware of the state contest, which offers cash
"Not just to see, but to look; not to just prizes and the chance to be published in an hear, but to listen. That's what my poetry is anthology. about, and that's what I admire in other "Young people are very much into perpoets," said Watson, author of Eyes Open, formance poetry now. Rap is poetry," she said. Listening." Last year, the contest drew about 760 enPoetry offers everyone a chance for self- tries. Not a single one of those entries came expression. from Pasco County, however,Watson said,
Dr. Robinson, a Board Certified Optometric Physician, "It's all about sharing what we think and noting she hopes that will change this year.
how we're reacting in life,"Watson said. Watson will circulate the information has recently joined Eye Care Professionals. Stop by and That's one of the reasons Watson is in- about this year's youth poetry contest in late
meet him and join in welcoming him to our team! volved in an effort to encourage young August or early September. Contest rules
poets. She coordinates the young poet's also will be posted online at Authorized Dealer contest, which is affiliated with the Florida
State Poets Association. For additional information about the poThe contest is open for middle and high etry contest or New River Poets, contact school students throughout Florida. They Watson at

Prescription Lenses for Ooogle 0___________________0 L A S S Foundation offers tree-identifying book

How AvaiabLe The Laker/Lutz News Staff Report illustrations that depict natural colors,
shapes and textures.
The Arbor Day Foundation is offering a It also explains what to look for in the book that will help readers identify trees shape of leaves, differences in the leaf NEerIUEW O throughout Florida using a step-by-step stems and twig structures, and specific
CAN Loa o 1-75 process. characteristics of fruits, flowers, buds and
heEy C re 0 SR54 [ SR 56
T h esyrae La o "WhatTree is That?"is available for a $5 bark.

Professionals donation to the nonprofit group that spe- The book also is available in an online inof Tampa Bay, LLC cializes in tree planting. teractive version atArborDayorg.
Dr. Rick Robinson, Dr. David Scamard I The book features hand-drawn botanical To receive the book, send name, address
Board Certified Optometric Physicianso E DNI illustrations highlighting the distinctive char- and $5 for each copy to Arbor Day
Ltz FL3359acteristics of many tree species. Nature Foundation, 100ArborAve., Nebraska City,
24412 SR 54' uz L359.... lovers and professional arborists alike have NE, 68410.
81 3.949.7274 i5 Faebok called the book a must-have resource, ac- The book also can be ordered at
cording to a release. It's filled with frill-color ArborDayorg.

2. July 2, 2014 www.L.aker'

The Laker/Lutz News becomes a bigger paper on Aug. 6

By Diane Kortus ing things. It also enables expanded coverPublisher age for youth sports and adult recreation.
3. Two sections
This month marks the fifth year since Changing size allows us to print two
I've become publisher of The Laker/Lutz separate sections. The new B Section beNews, having assumed this role in 2009 comes a second front page to give more
when the recession was at its peak. prominence to feature stories. The back
Like most small business owners back page of the A Section becomes a high-prothen, I was faced with cutting staff and ex- file sports page.
penses as we adjusted to the dramatic With two sections, it is easy to share the
downturn in the economy. Business ana- paper. You can read the A Section, while
lysts called this "right sizing," but I mostly someone else in your family reads the B
remember it as a very difficult, even The.LXK x section.
painful, time to be managing a business. 4. Easy-to-find classifieds
Over the past five years my employees Our new B Section will house all classiand I worked hard to rebuild our business, fed pages, as well as our Best In Small
steadily making improvements to our con- Business Directory
tent and distribution. Our perseverance a. r" 5. More advertising circulars
has paid off, and today The Laker/Lutz The larger format means we can accept
News has more readers than anytime in more advertising circulars from major acour history. ..counts like Publix, Michaels,JCPenney and
Our papers are read by more than Ulta. Beginning in August, inserts from
64,000 residents in Lutz, Land O' Lakes, Beall's Outlet will be in the paper, and we
Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills and Dade City. expect other national retailers to follow
This readership represents an incredible 79 6. Bigger ads
percent household penetration three SUZANNE BEAUCHAINE/STAFF PHOTO Ad sizes in the larger format are 25 pertimes more than any other newspaper or The Laker/Lutz News publisher Diane Kortus shows off the new size of your local newspa- cent bigger than current sizes.A bigger ad magazine in our community. per beginning next month, adding six inches of length and bringing it in-line with the size of allows advertisers to include more offers
We could not have rebounded from the daily newspapers locally, and create more effective ads.This summer
economic collapse of the recession to the we are resizing ads of all current customers
promising outlook of today without the to their equivalent larger size in the new
support and commitment of our readers six inches longer, or 25 percent bigger, than about our communities and the great peo- format.
and advertisers.There was never a doubt the paper you are holding in your hands ple who live and work here. My staff and I are proud to have accomthat you wanted a strong community news- today. Here's why this change should mat- Changing our format to the same size as polished so much in the past five years. We paper, and for that we will be forever ter to you. daily newspapers communicates even greatly look forward to the new opportunithankful. 1. Credible newspaper; serious local more that The Laker/Lutz News are credi- ties we'll have with a larger format
And it's because of your continued be- news ble newspapers committed to reporting newspaper.
lief and support that we're able to In the past few years, we've begun writ- serious local news. As always, I welcome your ideas and
announce today a milestone that is one of ing more stories about growth and 2. More and bigger photos comments. If you want to talk, please call
the most significant improvements ever to development, new and expanding business- A larger size allows for more and bigger me at a time best for you after hours is
our papers. es, public and private education, and city photos.And photos help us tell you stories perfectly fine at (813) 909-2800 in the ofBeginning Aug. 6, we are increasing our and county government.This complements about special events and things to do, people fice, (813) 503-5213 on my cell, or send me size to that of a daily newspaper.We will be what we've always done, writing stories and organizations that do good and interest- an email at

Serving Pasco since 1981 / Serving Lutz since 1964

President & Publisher
Dane korus CAR WASH & LURE
EDITORIAL New Tampa Land O' Lakes

Location Location

17501 North Palms Village Place 24124 State Road 54
News Editor Community Editor Staff Writer Editorial Assistant 813.615.1333 813.949.7297

UNIMTE MNTLY introduce our

twillia....@lakerlutznw...... be...haine@lakerlutzw....... thompson@lakerlutzw........ NO CO NTRACTSM OTL
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ph: 813.909.2800 fax: 813.909.2802 DISTRIBUTION
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SUBSCRIPTIONS: Paid subscriptions available for those outside delivery area. Call 813-909-2800. CIRCULATION: If you did not receive your paper, or to stop your paper, call 727-530-5521. I p o p o. . .c
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www)LakerLutzNews corn I July 2,920141 3

Eagleston Blvd., and Wesley Chapel Honda is fees eliminated, making it easier for them to COACH SET TO at 27750 Wesley Chapel Blvd. do business in the state, according to elected CLOSE 70 STORES
officials. Coach Inc. ,the maker of high-end accesBUSIN S AVEX PROMOTES ONE, HIRES The Florida G.I. BiHl,which was signed by sories, handbags, shoes and clothing, says it
~~ ANOTHER Gov. Rick Scott in March, expands current wiHl close 70 retail stores, possibly by early
D IG ES It's a promotion and a new hire at Avex military and veteran fee waivers to include next year.
Homes'Avalon Park West in Wesley Chapel. spouses of military personnel.At the same Coach didn't tell investors which locations Laura Gahan was promoted to senior time, the deadline to apply for the fee they plan to close, but the company has a sales associate, and Yvette Fuertes was hired waivers has been extended from within 24 store locally atThe Shops atWiregrass, 28211 as a sales coordinator in the community. months of honorable discharge, to 60 Paseo Drive, Suite 160.
-Gahan has 12 years experience in new home months. The closure is part of what the NewYork- -sales, and joined Avalon Park West in 18 Also, active Florida National Guard mem- based company has called a multi-year
months ago as a sales associate. bers will now be reimbursed for continuing transformation plan that will be focused on a
Fuertes has a degree in commercial arts, education and examination fees, new global branding strategy centered on the
USED CARS COMING TO and more than 10 years experience in sales H.B. 7105 extends the current exemption, concept of "defining modern luxury," accordWESLEY CHAPEL and customer service, which was effective starting in 2012, from ing to a filing with the U.S. Securities and
Wesley Chapel Honda and Wesley Chapel Avex Homes is building 342 single-family initial licensing fees for honorably discharged Exchange Commtission.
Toyota are going to get quite a bit bigger. houses at Cypress Village atAvalon Park West, military veterans, and include spouses that Sales over the last nine months leading
The owner of the dealerships along State located on State Road 54, more than three were married to the soldiers at the time the into spring were down nearly 5 percent for Road 54, Williams Automotive Group, an- miles east of Interstate 75 inWesley Chapel. soldier was discharged from service, the company, according to public filings, dropnounced this week it will add a pre-owned More information about the fee waives as ping to $3.7 billion.
sales center to its existing facility. BANK OFFERS STUDENT well as other services offered to active mili- Coach operates 351 stores in North
It will use a little more than 1 acre of land SWEEPSTAKES tary, military spouses and veterans, can be America, according to its filings with init purchased last May for $1.35 million, ac- Fifth Third Bank has launched its annual found at MyFloridaLicensecom/m-il. vestors.The closures would account for nearly cording to county property records. It will be Student Banking Sweepstakes. 20 percent of its total retail outlets.
located on the corner of State Road 54 and Through Sept. 30, students who open a CONSTRUCTION BEGINS ON Old Pasco Road. checking account will be automatically en- CLARIDGE TOWNHOMES ANOTHER AVON AWARD
The latest expansion is part of an overall tered into a sweepstakes offering $10,000 Lennar Homes has broken ground on its FOR ROSIE HEIM
effort being made by the company this year, toward college tuition, newest community, Claridge Townhomes at Rosie Heim, a 17-year veteran selling
which also purchased the former Tampa Last year's winner was Tre'Watson, a rising Meadow Pointe. Avon in the Land 0' Lakes area, has received
Honda Land at 11000 N. Florida Ave., in football star atTamnpa Catholic High School. Construction is located off Meadow Point the company's Spirit ofAvonAward. Tampa, last March, shortening the name to For more information, visit Boulevard, just north of New Tampa in south- This recognition is for those who show simnplyTamnpa Honda. dents, emn Pasco County. incredible spirit and stands out above the
Williams Automotive was founded as The company has planned 88 town- rest, according to a release.They also build
Southeast Automotive Group in 2000, and VETERANS GET MORE LICENSING homes ranging from 1,200 to 1,600 square their own business professionally, and alonce owned several dealerships in Georgia, FEE WAIVERS feet, and will begin at $120,000. ways are courteously serving their
selling Toyota, Kia, Mitsubishi and Hyundai, Beginning this month, military personnel, Meadow Pointe is an 1,800-acre project customers. according to the company's website. veterans and military spouses seeking a pro- with a nature preserve, and an assortment of This is the third Spirit of Avon award
Wesley Chapel Toyota is located at 5300 fessional license in Florida will have several amenities. Heim has won.

YOU'LLNEVERFor residents living in unincorporated YOU'LLNEVERPasco with curbside trash service

Lift off at dawn weather permitting CHO SE & USE
3 hour adventure
including champagne breakfast YOUR OWAN CONTAINER
Relax and enjoy the sensational sights
Perfect for families, S I K R I
friends and loversPU ITA
Birthdays to bucket lists, come enjoy a ride. T E C R
Our baskets have doors for easy access. H C R
r ----------------------- nON YOUR
Just $164 for adults & $100 for kids haule or cal thecont
That's less than it costs to charter a fishing boat. 2 4lrorclhecut
L ----------------Jat 727-856-4539
www.gAmericanaCoonRides cornn

81 .439 07 W 005nfl 7 For more information go to
Locally* owe for- -- 16 yer by Lad0 ae eiet esc n o arn uliesdadisrd, click on recycling.

.iIMedIical JSA Medical Group Lutz

Adult Primary Care Office

23532 State Road 54, Lutz, FL 33559 1 (813) 909-1600 www.JSAMed icalICrou

Accepting New Patients Including Htumana Medicare
Advantage GoIdPlus Plan Memb~ers

I'Dr. Daniel Heirig For your convenine e offer many in-office series including:
am Day Appointmnt for Urgen Cae Detooy/ipsy Servces
Dr., Jerem~y Tharp--+ 24 Hour Phvsiia On-call Avilabirztv Diabetic and COPPD Education

Gulfside Hospice celebrates a quarter-century of care

By B.C. Manion in mind,Ward said.That center opened four certified nurse's aid. They help the patient years ago, with a goal to create a special envi- with everything from pain relief to personal
ronment. hygiene, as well as such issues as spiritual
In the beginning, it was known as Central When visitors arrive there, they walk guidance and family dynamics.
Gulfside Hospice, serving only patients in through a space that has the feel of an Italian "in the world in which we live, families are
New Port Richey piazza. Natural light pours through the sky- really having tough time s,"Ward said. "The reNow, a quarter-century later, it's known as light in the courtyard's high ceiling. A cession was so hard on people, and they're
Gulfside Hospice & Pasco Palliative Care, with collection of tables offers visitors a place to sit still trying to come out of it.And so you've got
about 1,500 admissions a year across Pasco and relax.A decorative fountain is the focal those financial factors and psychosocial isCounty. centerpiece of the room, sues, and now you add terminal illness on top
The organization has 14 locations, includ- Before residential architect Peter Horstman of it, and that's such a high-stress situation.
ing a corporate resource office in Land 0' designed the center, Gulfside told him what "And so, our social workers and chaplains
Lakes, clinical branch offices in New Port they were trying to achieve. -they are so highly involved in helping peoRichey and Dade City, four inpatient care cen- "We basically painted a picture of what it ple through these things"Ward said.
ters, five thrift shops, a bereavement center, was that we wanted patients and families and Medicare benefits can be used to reimand outreach counseling center. visitors to experience as soon as they walk burse hospice providers for patients who
It has about 265 employees, plus contract through the door,"Ward said, have a prognosis of six months or less,Ward
employees. People are walling into the center with a -said. Many patients, however, outlive their
No matter where it delivers services, lot on their minds and the goal is to make the prognosis and can continue to qualify for the
Gulfside has the same goals in mind, said surroundings pleasant and relaxing,Ward said. ll services.
Linda Ward, its president and chief executive Besides spacious patient rooms, the center B.C. MANION/STAFF PHOTO Many hospice providers, including
officer has a family room that looks out over a pond, Linda Ward, president and chief executive of Gulfside, also have a separate palliative care
"A lot of people think that hospice is a a place where visitors and patients can play Gulfside Hospice & Pasco Palliative Care, program, which aims to provide pain relief for place,"Ward said. "Hospice is a concept.The board games, a children's play room, and a will be among those celebrating the care patients who are not hospice-appropriate yet, concept is really comfort and quality peace, chapel, complete with stained glass windows, provider's 25th anniversary at a Founder's but ultimately will be,Ward said. dignity." Providing a quality environment is just one Day Breakfast on July 8. Those patients do not qualify for hospice
Across the country, about 90 percent of part of the equation,Ward said. benefits, but can qualify under Medicare Part
hospice patients choose to receive their care "You can have the most beautiful environ- explained. "They (patients) think, 'Oh, my B, which has benefits for people who have at home,Ward said. ment ever, but it's not everything. It's really gosh, they've called in hospice, that's it."' chronic illness,Ward said.
Gulfside delivers its hospice care in a wide not the most important thing"Ward said. Some doctors understand the value of re- As it celebrates its 25th anniversary, array of settings including retirement homes, Quality of care is vital, and that means hay- ferring patients to hospice when there's still Gulfside is planning for its future. nursing homes, assisted living facilities, apart- ing a capable staff that is committed to time for the patient to benefit from the avail- "Right now, we're looking at continued ments, or other residences, standalone serving patients,Ward said. able services, Ward said. During those final partnerships with other health care providers,
hospice centers wherever the person lives, Even though hospice has been around in stages, hospice can help not only the patient, to diversify us and grow our business,"Ward Ward said. Gulfside's team manages the pa- the United States since the 1970s and has but the patient's loved ones, too. said. tient's pain and symptoms, and assists the grown substantially since Medicare started Many patients, by they are referred for hos- Gulfside has an active palliative program patient with the emotional and spiritual as- covering it in the 1980s, some people still do pice, my only have a few days to live,Ward with Medical Center of Trinity, she said, noting pects of end-of-life issues, not understand what it is, Ward said. Some said. "That's when a disservice has been done it does about 30 palliative consults a month
It provides necessary medications as well health care professionals remain hesitant to to the person.The hospice experience is so with the hospital. Gulfside also has a close reas medical equipment and supplies. Its team make a hospice referral because they have much more than just the pain and symptom lationship with Florida Hospital Wesley coaches families in caring for patients and been trained to try to heal patients, and for control for the patient.That's the primary ii- Chapel. dealing with a wide array of issues that arise, them, hospice feels like an admission of fail- tial first goal get the person out of pain, Gulfside's residential center in Zephyrhills
When Gulfside was preparing to open a ure. immtediatelyThat's our No. 1 immediate task, has strong ties to Florida Hospital Zephyrhills,
residential care center in Zephyrhills, it took Some patients are even reluctant to accept "But then, it's a holistic approach" she said, Ward said. "Ninety-nine percent of all of our great care in making sure the center was de- a hospice referral. involving a team that includes a social worker, patients who come to this care center come
signed with its patients and their loved ones The term "hospice" can provoke fearWard a chaplain, a certified nurse, a physician and a from Florida Hospital Zephyrhills'"

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To Neighbors, Family and Friends

"Ou tehiin aroexet Since 2006, Cornerstone has installed more than 4,000 residential
an u nt so deedb, air conditioning units and very few customers have experienced
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98 of our c utm r hav arc in place to make things right.

DanaandJame SparsWho is the best A/C manufacturer?
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It's the installation team that assembles the unit at your home that makes the
difference. Proper installation and maintenance are more important to the
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customers are confused about what's the best A/C system for them. As highly HaigSse
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geographic region.15SeorHgr
4 We save you hundreds of dollars with incentives from manufacturers, power
companies and Cornerstone. ---Here to stay
Three generations of our family lives Land 0' Lakes. We'll be here to
I take care of any problem that may arise years from now.
We work 24/7
When you need cold air, you need it now.

#CAC1 81 6647 #CFC1 428982 1 1 M i lII

C",I e r AoW% Is ao

Security expert offers safety pointers at local AARP meeting

By B.C. Manion parking lots are signs.Another good idea is to have a large highly vulnerable dog bowl full of water near a door, he said.
places. When peo- Burglars don't like to encounter big
While criminals always are looking for ple go shopping, dogs when they're rifling through possesways to take advantage of others, there are they should seek a sions, he said.
plenty of things people can do to reduce parking space as It's also a good idea to leave a radio or
their chance of becoming a target. close to the store as television on, tuned to a talk show, to help
Many crimes occur because people possible. create the impression that someone is
make it easy for criminals, security expert It's important to home. Shatterproof windows, secure locks
Brian MacNeel told members of the Land 0' be aware of sur- and an alarm system are other good deterLakes chapter of the AARP at its June 27 roundings, and to rents, MacNeel said.
meeting. For instance, 38 percent of burgla- look for a parking Cellphones also can save lives, he said.
ries occur because someone left a door or spot in a well-lit Keep a cellphone on the night stand. If a
window open, and more than half of all cars space. Also, avoid burglar cuts the home's phone lines, somestolen had the keys in the ignition. parking next to a one with a cellphone can still call 911.
High-tech criminals also are oppor- truck with side A safety flashlight is another piece of
tunists.They send emails that look legitimate panels. % equipment that can save lives, MacNeel said.
because they cut and paste information When returning These flashlights are intended to prefrom genuine banks to create a document to their car, drivers vent people from being trapped in their car.
that looks authentic, MacNeel said. should be sure to They contain a blade that can cut the seat
Then they use that document to attempt have their keys out belt.The body can be used to break a pasto obtain private information from account and to check the senger window, and the light can help
holders. Once they have that, they access area around their passengers see their path to escape,
the accounts, steal the money and wire it to car for someone B.C. MANION/STAFF PHOTO MacNeel said.
an overseas account, who might be lurk- Brian MacNeel provided plenty of pointers to help members of the Be sure to choose a safety flashlight that
There's an easy way to avoid these kinds ing there. Check Land 0' Lakes AARP chapter protect themselves from would-be can be easily accessed from the driver's of scams, MacNeel told the crowd.Just don't the back seat be- intruders, as well as identify thieves and other criminals, seat. Some models are so large they must be send private information to anyone who fore getting into the carried in the trunk, providing little help
calls, sends a text or emails requesting it. car as well, MacNeel said. just get the other items in the purse, such as when a car is submerged in water, said People who do get this type of communica- It's a good idea to carry police-strength makeup, tissues and such. MacNeel, who works for Protech Security tion and are not sure if it's legitimate should pepper spray, he added.That can be sprayed Men, he suggested, should carry a sec- Solutions of Brandon.The company makes visit or call their bank using numbers at an attacker who is 10 to 15 feet away. ond wallet with just a small amount of cash free appearances before groups of all sizes known to be authentic. If someone tries to take a purse or wal- that they can toss away from themselves, to help people protect themselves.
Scammers have stolen billions of dollars let, let the robber have it, MacNeel said. When getting gas, be sure to roll up the Anyone who would like to book an apusing these kinds of scams, MacNeel said. People who try to hold on to these posses- windows, take keys and lock the door, pearance by MacNeel can reach him at
Another way to deter identity theft is to sions can end up being dragged and injured. MacNeel said. People running into the con- (813) 661-3700.
be sure to shred any pre-approved offer that Of course, another way to protect valu- venience shop to pick up an item often The Land 0' Lakes AARP Chapter also comes in the mail.Those documents contain ables is for women to carry a small pocket come back to find laptops, purses and other welcomes new members, and anyone who information about people that can be used purse that contains their money, identifica- items gone because they didn't lock their car. wishes to learn more about the organizato steal their identity, MacNeel said. tion and credit cards, he said.Women should The security expert also provided tips tion can reach Phyllis Bross, the chapter
He also offered tips for personal self-pro- put that in their pocket before they enter on how to prevent home burglaries. One of president, at (813) 996-1361, or they can tection. For instance, he told the crowd that the parking lot, then a purse snatcher would the best ways is to post "Beware of Dog" email her at

Personal Traning Studio... #r

On a Lake with a Rsort Feef

~H ar 4h of July

uor Freedom!!

It's Time to See & Feel Your Body Change

-1 ON 1 or GROUP TRAINING Trained over 4000 Local Women!

I -E

Call 813 -909-4939 Donna Diven,
Age 55
Client: Lynn Smith, Tuo Get 1st Place Winner of our
C6 Week Body Young Age of 74 Results! Transformation Challenge
Realtor in Lutz She Lost 27 lbs.!

You are 93% more likely to succeed with help then on your own

and we have a proven track record of success....
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ttehptv ing adhe a g...

attack,~an he chos St.r JoehsHsptlNrhorpi
St. Joseph's Hospital-Northsl n

Steve had chest pain, but he waited five days before goingto the hospital. After discovering that he'd had a heart attack, he chose St. Josep's Hospital-North to repairA the damage.

St. Joseph's Hospital-North specializes in treating heart attack patients and, when necessary, ensures rapid transfer to the catheterization lab for immediate treatment.

For a physician referral: (813) 644-6772

Wac0tv'0toya toehsot~r.W St. Joseph's
MO ath tev'sstryat tjsehsort~og. o, BayCare Hospital-North

Call for appointment: Subject to $3 medical, infectious & records fee. A
Cat Neuter: $35 Cat Spay: $45
Dog Neuter: Dog Spay:
up to 11 lbs $45 up to 11 lbs $55
12 33 lbs $50 12 22 lbs $60
(813) 949-4416 34- 66 lbs $60 23- 44 lbs $65
67 88 lbs $75 45 66 lbs $75
21515 VILLAGE LAKES 89 132 lbs $90 67 88 lbs $95
SHOPPING CENTER (Includes pre-anesthetic exam, 89 132 Ibs $110
LAND O'LAKES anesthesia, pain & antibiotic
(next to Beef 0' Brady's pre-medication). in old Wal-Mart Plaza) Dogs & cats must be healthy and current on vaccines & at
MONDAY-FRIDAY least 3 months old but not
8 AM- 6 PM more than 5 years old.
Dogs should be at least 5 lbs.
SATURDAY 8 AM 12 NOON Cats, 3 lbs.
Pets must not be pregnant &
CLOSED SUNDAY should be healthy.


In Office: Monday-Friday 1 2 pm 21515 VILLAGE LAKES SHOPPING CENTER

Sat., July 26th Sat., July 26th Introducing Tuxie
1 to 2 pm 2:30 to 3:30 pm Tuxie is the youngest of three rescues from Ryan and Roberta Beatty of
PET CITY MIDWAY FARM & RANCH Wesley Chapel. Just 10 months old, he loves playing with his older siblings
2119 Collier Pkwy LAND 0' LAKES 11520 US Hwy 41 o SPRING HILL and chasing toys up and down the stairs. Every morning he jumps on the
counter and meows for his milk. At night, he curls up in his owner's bed and comforts himself by sucking on his tail. He is very much loved. Rabies 1 yr $15.00 Rabies 3 yr $30.00
Feline Leukemia 2 yr $25.00 Canine Distemper Combo 3 yr $30.00 S u a p a i o y f pet
Feline Distemper Combo 3 yr $30.00 Bordetella/Kennel Cough $18.00 W a s p a

l- Like us on F Y -. B: CNI F PBIAON

Check out our Facebook page at

You'll find stories, things to do, specials, community photos and more.

Veterinarians Grooming o Breeding Training Supplies __ ..._. P e t S i t t e r s P e t s 4 S a l e _.....


srown'6 e s :-- n* LL

FENCED 3 ACRES WITH DOGGIE 5 rown'5 HappU Pet Sifting LLC
In home service, so your pets can stay in their Dogs play & 13-948-2400 familiar environment.
Walking, feeding, cleaning, playing,
e and administering any needed medication s o c ia liz e fo u r Oat W elco medig cla in lyig
times a day!s ..... N

t a y with any groom

da y o o c room I 19025 US HWY 41 N Lutz Exp. 12-31-14 813-777-8350

Hanoua Is?,4_ Here'sa

813.995.2212 wt naysz d
101 he uof*Ln 'Lks(81|3) wiha 12 week agreement in the Pet Station Directory*
www. H a p p yTa i I s P et Lod ge e n et "mUII Publications TheL KER Lu NEW (813) 909-2800 *NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY

8 I July 2, 2014, www. aker!utzNews corn




A Family Medical Practice Where You Always See A Doctor

Daisy is a great addition to any home Samantha Lindsay, M.D.
Board Certifi'ed in Family M'edicine
Daisy was found when someone put her on Craigslist complaining that a cat was hanging around his house and was sleeping in the garage, and 'needed the cat Focus on wellness & preventative medicine
gone. Luckily, another neighbor found that posting and went over and scooped .............................................................................
her up. She is a super lovey cat, and is so happy to be back indoors. She is front declawed, and is on a special veterinarian-recommended diet of urinary tract CONVENIENT LOCATION, MINIMUM WAIT food. She seems to get along well with dogs, and has no problem being around EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE $3
If you would like to invite Daisy into your family, email -WE ACCEPT MEDICARE
Cat Crusaders at For
information a other acats, N 0 R T H P 0 I N T E 16541 Pointe Village Drive, Suite 207. Lutz, FL 33558
more ifraonabout ohradoptable ctvisit PYIAN SR54 and the Suncoast Parkway) PHYSICIANS GROUP (813) 920-8300
Family Medicine Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri: 8:30 to 5 -Wed: 10 to 7

The best things in life are free I WANT SOMETHING
Free community
papers like the one
you're reading today
are thriving. In fact, free EN DB L
community publications have
been able to maintain nearly 99%
of their readership since the turn of
the millenium. We love the 15
neighborhoods we serve and we
couldn't do it without your support. A
Thank you!

~Visit eal br a an affordable price

Th-AE I uzNW 81 4-34o 181394930
-COMMUNITY- --:" Designed fo ...........l woo d-ac uttin g....b...
-" E.i.tasks ......d the ,h
E ) )T Lhsyt oee with protecti....apparel
[ M ONTH Inn......

PprUhoiV P Products a Service, Inc.

N to learn more 18905 N. Dale Mabry Lutz, FL 33548


www) July 2, 20141 9

What ,S '
Whas Happening

Your Community Calendar Submit 2 weeks in advance to: o All listings free of charge

HOST AN INTERNATIONAL register them online. Kids can bowl three
STUDENT free games every weekday from opening to
Education First's Educational Homestay 6 p.m., until Labor Day. For information or
Program is looking for eight more families Freedom Festival to register, visit AMEcom/university-lanes-fl.
in the Land O' Lakes,Wesley Chapel, Lutz The third annual Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Freedom
and NewTampa areas to host teen students Festival will be July 3 at The Shops at Wiregrass, 28211 Paseo VOLUNTEER FOR BOOKS
from Spain. Students will visit July 10 to Drive in Wesley Chapel. The celebration begins at 5 p.m., and FOR TROOPS
Aug. 5. Hosts provide a bed and meals. Host concludes with fireworks at 9 p.m. There will be a watermelon- Books for Troops needs volunteers to sort
family students can earn up to 60 hours eating contest, bicycle decorating contest, and Little Miss and and pack books in its storage unit at 54 Ucommunity service. For information, call Mr. Firecracker Pageant. For information, visit Store in Lutz. Day and evening
Karen Emerson at (813) 997-1531, or email a opportunities are available.All hours For program contributed are eligible for Presidential
information, visit EEedu/ehp. Sparklebration Service awards.The organization is
The annual Sparklebration festivities at the Pasco County Fairgrounds, approved for National Honor Society LEARN TO BUILD A WORM BIN 36722 State Road 52 in Dade City, will be July 4. Gates open at 3 p.m. service hours.To complete an online
Morning Star Fishermen, 33336 Old Saint The event includes hot dog and watermelon eating contests, bounce application, visit
Joe Road in Dade City, is offering an houses, and face painting. Fireworks are scheduled for 9:15 p.m.
introduction class to vermiculture and Admission is $5, and parking is an additional $5. Children younger than KIDS EARN A FREE BOOK
worm care July 3 at 7 p.m. Learn to start, 12 are free. For information, call (352) 567-6678, or visit Children in a reading level up to sixth grade
maintain and use a worm bin, as well as can earn a free book through Barnes &
how to feed worms and harvest castings. Noble by reading any eight books and
Cost is $25. For information, call Ara Connerton fireworks completing a reading log.The summer
McLeod at (352) 523-2722. The Connerton community located on U.S. 41 seven miles north of program runs through Sept. 2 at
State Road 54 in Land 0' Lakes, is hosting a free old-fashioned participating locations. Offer is good while LUTZ FOOD TRUCK RALLY Independence Day celebration July 5 starting at 5 p.m. The event will supplies last. Limit is one free book per
The Lutz Citizens' Coalition is hosting its include live music, games and prizes. Guests should bring blan- customer.
Lutz First Friday FoodTruck Rally July 4 kets and chairs. Food trucks and refreshments will be
from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., at Lutz Prep School, available. Model homes will be open for tours. Fireworks begin MORNING GROUP FITNESS
17951 U.S. 41. For information, visit Lutz at 9 p.m. The Oakstead Community, 3038 Oakstead
First Friday on Facebook, or Blvd., in Land O' Lakes,is offering a
Independence Day Festival morning group fitness class on Monday,
FREE ADMISSION TO Avalon Park West, 5227 Autumn Ridge Drive in Wesley Wednesday and Friday at 9 a.m.This is a
HISTORY CENTER 8 OChapel, will host its free Independence Day Festival July 5. low-impact class with cardio and resistant
The Tampa Bay History Center, 801 Old There will be bounce houses, food trucks, vendors, give- training. Cost is $5 per class. For
Water St.,in Tampa, is offering free aways, community performances, and a fireworks show information, call instructor Julie Brucker at
admission and extended hours July 4.There at 9 p.m. For information, call (813) 482-536]. (813) 996-7186.
will be uniformed re-enactors, and visitors
can watch the Channelside fireworks from VISIT WC CIVIL AIR PATROL
Cotanchobee Park.The center opens at 10 Wesley Chapel Cadet Squadron of CivilAir
a.m. For information, call (813) 228-0097, or Patrol, located at the North Tampa Aero Park
visit just off State Road 54, meets every
Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., next to the airport
COBB'S FREE KIDS SHOWS Ohangar. Cadets range from 12 to 21 years
Grove 16 Cobb Theatres, 6333Wesley ROTARY CLUB MEETS JULY 8 Premium sampling begins at 7 p.m.,and old, and senior members are 18 and older.
Grove Blvd., in Wesley Chapel is hosting its The Rotary Club of Lutz will meet July 8 at tickets are $70 in advance. Grand sampling For information and a schedule of activities, free summer kids shows at 10 a.m., every 7 a.m., at Heritage Harbor Golf & Country begins at 8 p.m., and tickets are $45. visit WesleyChapelCAPcom. TuesdayWednesday andThursday. Club, 19502 Heritage Harbor Parkway in Theater members save $5 off advance
Upcoming shows are "The Croods" and Lutz.A continental breakfast will be served tickets. Guests are invited to dress as their DONATE TO LIBRARY FRIENDS "Shark Tale"July 1-3, and "The Smurfs 2" and for $10. Guest speaker will be Shelton favorite character, or come in a "Loathing"- The Friends of the Land O' Lakes Library, "The SpongeBob Square Pants Movie" July Wood, president of Georgetown Wesleyan inspired costume. For information, visit 2818 Collier Parkway, are looking for new 8-10.All movies are rated PG. Doors open at University of the Americas. For information, members and gently used books. Books can
9:30 a.m. Schools, groups and camps are call (813) 857-7089. be donated at the libraryTuesday through
welcome. Same-day ticketing only. For VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL Saturday. New member applications can be
information, call (813) 948-5444. JOB FAIR AT LOLHS Heritage Church, 1854 Oak Grove Blvd.,in filled out at the library For information, call
The District School Board of Pasco County Lutz, is hosting "Jungle Safari"Vacation Bible (813) 929-1214. COUNTY OFFICES CLOSED JULY 4 will host a job fair July 9 from 2 p.m. to 6 School July 14-18 from 9 a.m. to noon, for
Pasco County government offices, including p.m., at Land O' Lakes High School, 20325 children 5 years through fifth grade. Cost is GIRLS SCOUTS constitutional offices and courts, will be Gator Lane. For information, visit $5 per child.To register online, visit SEEKING LEADERS closed July 4 for Independence Day, and For information, call (813) Girl Scouts ofWest Central Florida is
will reopen July 7.Also closed will be the 9094080. seeking troop leaders, both men and
tax collector's office, libraries, parks and TROPICAL PLANT FAIR women older than 18, to volunteer. Other
recreation centers, animal services, and The Botanical Gardens at University South SUMMER SEWING CLASSES opportunities include becoming a program
public transportation. For complete Florida, 12210 USF Pine Drive inTampa, will Sewing classes for beginner and or camp facilitator. For information, visit information, visit host a Tropical Plant Fair July 12 from 10 intermediate sewers are being offered in GSWCEorg/volunteer.
a.m. to 4 p.m.,and July 13 from 10 a.m. to 3 Lutz at Sophisticated Tailoring, located
NATIVE PLANT SOCIETY MEETS p.m.There will be an orchid lecture and behind McDonald's, at 18470 U.S. 41. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY
The Nature Coast Chapter of the Florida tropical plants for sale.Admission is $5. Classes start at $25. For information, call FeedingAmerica Tampa Bay-Suncoast Native Plant Society will meet July 8 at 7 Parking is free. For information, visit (813) 785-3177, or visit Branch, 5829 Ehren Cutoff in Land O' Lakes,
p.m., at the Land O' Lakes Community is looking for volunteers. Parents must
Center, 5401 Land O' Lakes Blvd.The topic accompany volunteers younger than 16.
will be "Native Plants/Native People."There TAMPA THEATRE FUNDRAISER FREE SUMMER BOWLING Volunteer hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.,
will be light refreshments and a native plant The Tampa Theatre, 711 N. Franklin St., in AMF University Lanes, 13109 N. 56th St., in Monday through Friday, as well as two drawing. For information, call (727) 376- downtown Tampa, will host its "Beer and Temple Terrace, is offering free bowling for Saturdays per month. For information, call 7663. Loathing in Las Vegas" fundraiser July 12. kids this summer when their parents (813) 929-0200.

I your very

fsand spa
hair nails massage facials full body waxing spa packages hair extensions keratin Jane Iredale make-up and Dermalogica Skin Care 1817 collier parkway, lutz 813 1/4

"10J July 2, 2014 www.L aker!

Land 0' Lakes Closed July 4 for Independence Day
B Frilzy Brothers One-Man Circus, 2:30 p,m,,
Branch Library July 7
* Baby Storytime, 11:30 a m. and 2:30 p.m., Bingorama, 2:30 pm., July 8
evey~hrsdy -Tech Boulevard, 6 p~m.,July 8
- Toddler Storytime, 10:15 am. and 10:45 am., Interactive Food Movie, 2:30 p,m,, July 9 every Friday Just Tape It, 3:30 p.m,, July 10
" Preschool Storytime, 11:30 am., every Friday Animal Stories of the Amazon Rainforest. Reading Buddies, 10 a.m., every Saturday 2:30 pm,, July 14 Alzheimer's Association/Caregiver Support, Tai Chi with Bonnie Birdsall, 6:15 p,m,, 11 am., July 2
- Elementary Summer Reading Club July 14, July 21 and July 28
Nursery Rhyme Olympics, 2:30 p.m., July 15
-"Mechanical Fish", 2 p.m., July 2 Musical Mayhem, 2:30 p.m., July 16
" Closed July 4 for Independence Day The library is located at 17808 Wayne Road in Teen Volunteer Training, 5:15 p, m, July 8 Odessa, and can be reached at (813) 273and July 22 3652. COURTESY OF NANCY BOSCHERT
- Elementary Summer Reading Club "Weather or Not," 2 p.m., July 9 Lutz Branch Library Dumpster dive' leads to treasure
" LOL Social Seniors, 10 am., July 10 Books We Love to Sing For Youngsters, 11:30 GFWC Lutz-Land O'Lakes Woman's Club has long been known to recycle and conserve for
Toddlere Ltorytomein10:15aYm.nande10:45a]m.,
Toddler Storytime, 0:1 and 5 aam. anm., July 22 the benefit of the environment and the community. Club members Aniko Solomonson,
July Presclyme 1 1a Juy1 July Closed July 4 for Independence Day shown, and Nancy Boschert recently took recycling to a new level by finding at least 150
J Preschool Storytime, 25 :30 a*m, July 1*1, Chess Do It at the Lutz Library, 1 p.m., July 5 children's books in a dumpster. The ladies weren't too proud to 'dumpster dive' in order to Jul n ume R g Online Genealogy Message Board and recover the books for various children's reading projects sponsored by the woman's club.
- Inbe-Tweeners Summer Reading Club Soia Mdinon Genel y 7 esg or n
"Rocking Box Robots," 2 p.m., July 11 PSho ed n oon July 7 and 2 Teen SRC She Blinded Me with Gaming, Puppet Show: "The Lorax," 1:30 am. and 2 Eleea y S e e ad n u -T Book Discussion: "Who Asked You?" by Terry
" Japanese Class, 3 p.m., July 12 and July 26 McMillian, 2 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., July 8 S Elementary Summer Reading Club "The M ABCs & 123s of Yoga, 11 am., July 9 9um m e r teen s ake t
July]c 6f TaigOe h ol, *. Puzzlemania, 2 p.m., July 9
JThursdayAfternoonMovie,]:]5p~m,,July17 Baby Time, 10:15a.m., July10, July17, July24
-Thu ir s ceuday s Aferoo Moi,15pm.,ndays,7 and July 31ch a fo te n to ak t e bu
and is located at 2818 Collier Parkway s t can Toddler Time, 11 a.m. July 10, July 17, July 24 be reaed at 81 929-1214 and July 31 The Laker/Lutz News Staff Report transportation needs'
b Friday Movie Matinee, 2 p.m., July 11 Passes are sold at all county libraries as

Austin Davis -Tail Waggin'Tutors,2 p.m.,July 12 Pasco County Public Transportation is of- well as the Pasco-Hernando State College
You Can Manage Diabetes, 11 am., July 15, firing students in the county a chance to bookstore. Public Library July 22 and July 29 ride the bus all summer for $20 in a special Fixed-route transit buses operate
" Baby Time, 11:30 a m. every Tuesday Story Time, 11:30 a.m., July 15 and July 29 rate throughAug. 31. throughout east and west Pasco, and along
" Fizz, Boom, Pop, 2:30 p.m., July 2 Astro Adventure, 2 p.m., July 15 "Students who have summer jobs can State Road 54. PCPT also operates the coun* Toddler Time, 10:30 am., July 3, July 10, Chair Yoga For All, 10:30 am., July 16 and use the bus and save a lot of money this ty's para-transit service for those unable to July 24 and July 31 July 30 summer," said Mike Carroll, PCPT's trans- ride the bus because of a verifiable disabili* Storytime, 11 a.m., July 3, Bingorama, 2 p.m., July 16 portation manager, in a release."It sure beats ty, environmental barrier or distance from a
" Storytime, 3 p. m., July 3, July 10, July 24 The library is located at 101 W Lutz Lake spending their hard-earned money on gas, route. and July 31 Fern Road, and can be reached at (813) and if they can't afford a vehicle. The stu- For more information on the Summer
* Viral Video, 3:30 p.m., July 3 273-3652. dent fare is a great choice to meet their Haul Pass, call (813) 235-6073.

k MA 26378/MM27542
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Tips to get fit this summer

Special to The LakerlLutz News

Everybody wants to be in shape for
bathing suit season. But all those fun seasonal activities from barbecues to vacations
to baseball games can derail a diet.
Here are some tips to help get fit:
It's tempting to leave healthy habits behind when heading out of town. But an off
week can permanently wreck a diet.
When possible, opt for active vacations,
such as camping trips or touring a city by
foot.Those planning a more sedentary getaway should stay somewhere with a fitness
Vacations can be rare, so don't sacrifice
all the treats of the trip. Prioritize mealtime
indulgences so that they can be enjoyed
mindfully. For travel days, pack healthy
snacks such as fresh fruit, nuts and yogurt as
alternatives to high-calorie airport or roadside food. WWW.CREATIVEOUTLET.COM
Daily Diet flours with healthy alternatives, like oat fiber
Ily iet and almond fiber. In one shot, calories will
It's important to assess whether the be cut, and protein and fiber intake would foods being eaten are those designed to
help someone "get fit" rather than merely be increased. If regular baking is unrealistic, elpcomege fight" rathexpers tan m look for brands that replace low-quality inencourage weight loss, experts said.exesvflusadugrubtueswh "Unfortunately, many fad diets can leave expensive flours and sugar substitutes with you feeling fatigued, sluggish or undernour- good-for-you alternatives. COURTESY OF DAVE PARKINSON ished," said Andrew Eckhardt, owner and Exercise founder of ThinSlim Foods, and a veteran Spring is a great opportunity to start a fitNow pouncing at the zoo 1 diet food consumer. ness regimen that can stick around all year.
l e s To eatright, don't starve. Stock up on One should strive to get at least 2.5 hours of

se rva I kitten f sisters fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy and lean a week of moderate-intensity aerobic physimeats.And while someone slimming down cal activity, preferably spread throughout Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo has welcomed the arrival of two African serval kittens that will or maintaining an already svelte figure might the week, according to the U.S. Department serve as outreach animal ambassadors for their species. The 10-week-old felines were born want to sacrifice favorite foods or carbs, of Health and Human Services. in March in Boise, Idaho, and relocated to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo in June. As outreach that's not always necessary. Additionally, incorporate muscle-strengtheducational animals, the servals will not be on exhibit, but trainers will work with the animals "Alternative foods can allow you to enjoy ening activities into a regimen to stay in a temporary habitat to allow guests to see the cats up close while learning more about favorite options without expending your strong, and improve metabolism.A workout them. In the wild, servals are found in dense forests and savannas along waterways through calorie budget in one meal," Eckhardt said. buddy can help stay motivated. sub-Saharan Africa. Try replacing standard cake or wheat -StatePoint

Schse uation *Fitness

.sports ACVW ESams
( -2 a '\...........c

L g RDyTampa's Lowry Park Zoo has worked with Community News
Looking for Rhythm DPublications for years to promote special events, new
Guitarist and a Singer exhibits/attractions and our summer camps. We find that
the equipment and a p location spot fop BACK O CHOOL! advertising to their loyal family readership in the Land 0' Lakesa
have all practice lO r and Lutz area to be a valuable part of our marketing mix."
IIJason Davis, Marketing Manager
Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, 813-935-8552
Cal fr Jaeden The LAKER /Lutz NEWS
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Summer tutoring programs in, 1 -----o---O- in the YOU ]DO t DISIW S
Reading SAT/ACT Prep -u50% OFF' i s Oriiwj
Math Study Skills Reading, Math or! e d iu c at i on & thi s te cmp for them
Writing K/Pre-K Readiness Study Skills Tests Ifyourhildloesart, hisisthecamp frthem
$75.00ogh1thGrd 4-A CT I\/V T E S7 Workshops will include expert instruction in a variety of
Pre-K through 12th Grade include pastels, acrylics, watercolor
I (rg. 149 i D recoryprint-making, sculpture, clay modeling and pottery painting.
i ~ ~(reg. $149) Directory ,

offer expires 7-15-14 U 9 4 Ua j
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12 July 2, 2014 www.L aker!

Mosquito-borne chikungunya cases on the rise

By B.C. Manion SouthAmericas and the Caribbean Islands, that can last for months or even years, To reduce the risk of contracting "and now very specifically, it's getting cos- Pullman said. chikungunya or other viruses spread by
er in the Americas." Other symptoms can include a high mosquitoes, when people are outdoors,
As more cases of people infected by the "Because of the geographic closeness, fever, headaches, visible swelling and joint they should be sure to wear mosquito rechikungunya virus are reported in Florida, the proximity to Florida, we've become pain. pellent on exposed skin, both day and
public health officials are spreading the very concerned that this is something we Some people are simply tired for a few night, advised Deanna Krautner, public inword about the need to take precautions. could have here locally," she said." So we days, Pullman said. Others have intestinal formation officer for the Pasco County
Chikungunya is spread by two mosqui- want to prevent that." symptoms. Health Department. It's
to species, Aedes aegypti and Aedes Cases continue to rise in Florida, but as There's no vaccine or, the also a good idea to wear
albopictus, both of which are found in of last week, the people who have been in- treatment, but people "Because 0f the lightweight pants and Florida. fected with the virus are those who have experiencing symptoms geographic long-sleeved shirts to re"It's a virus that's been around inAsia traveled to other places, Pullman said. can seek medical care ge gr duce potential exposure
and Africa for many, many years," said The virus is not transmitted from per- and receive medication closeness, the for mosquito bites.
Amanda Pullman, an epidemiologist with son to person directly, but is spread by for pain and fever, Residents also can
the Florida Department of Health in infected mosquitoes. Some people who Pullman said. People proximity to help reduce breeding
Hillsborough County. Only recently, it start- contract the virus have no symptoms at all, should go the hospital sites for mosquitoes.
ed spreading throughout Central and while others can have debilitating pain or see their doctor if Florida, we've "If you see standing
they suspect they have water of any sort, try to
chikungunya, to give the become very dump and cover,"
health department a bet- no n ,-l t Pullman said. Even the
ter chance of combating co rned laL smallest amount of standits spread. this is something ing water can be a
When a positive test problem. "A bottle cap in
comes back in we could ha ve someone's backyard can
Hillsborough County, for breed a hundred larvae."
instance, the mosquito here locally, she "Residents can go
control department heads t around their house and
out to eradicate mosqui- said. "So we want inspect where water is toes near the infected p v ,,I pooling. Try to empty
person's residence. By to preve t t t. those or cap those or flip
killing mosquitoes in the Amanda Pullman them over, so the water
vicinity, it decreases the doesn't pool," Krautner
possibility of local trans- said.
mission of the virus, Pullman said. If mosquitoes are biting, Krautner said, Preventing local transmission of chikun- it's a good idea to go indoors.Those leavgunya is especially important in Florida, ing windows open to enjoy an evening which is a heavy tourism state. "Given our breeze need to be sure their screens are in lifestyle here in Florida, lots of us like to be good repair. COURTESY OF U.S. CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION outside," Pullman said."There's all kinds of The bottom line, Krautner said, is to be This mosquito, an Aedes aegypti, is one of two species that transmits the chikungunya things at the beach and with the holidays aware that mosquitoes can carry viruses virus. Health officials are urging the public to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites to especially coming up, people spend a lot that make people ill, and people should do protect themselves from any of the illnesses that mosquitoes can transmit. of time outdoors." what they can to avoid being bit.

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www.L.akerLutzNews corn Jul 20 1 13

CARUSO, from page 1 don't have that luxury, and their website
Fourth of July cake and how they're found online is a first imand pie contest pression, or their first chance. If they're not
V,, ing events. found online they're essentially missing opThere are now three age groups for the Caruso is from Jacksonville, but spent portunity." Lutz Fourth of July cake and pie contest. time in Key West, where she met her hus- Local businesses that don't have a brickThey are adults, ages 18 and older; teens, band Larry.They decided that it wasn't the and-mortar location, but are still owned and between 12 and 17; and children, from 4 ideal place to raise children, so they moved run by people in the community, need a through ]1. to the area to be closer to family and enjoy strong online presence to gain exposure
The contest categories are the same the strong community presence.They have they might not get otherwise, she said. for each group, with the exception of an two children, Kyle, 5, and Lila, 2. Caruso's campaign has gone well, she additional category for men in the adult Caruso lives in Land O' Lakes and moved said, with plenty of fundraising efforts such age group, and for boys in the other two her business to Lutz last year, and is happy as raffles, themed parties and workshops, as age groups. The idea is to get the boys to have the important things in her life close well as combined events with multiple and men into the kitchen, said Marilyn to each other. Guv'na candidates.
Wannamaker contest coordinator. I've built my entire life within a 5-mile One of the fun things about the race is
Categories include best-decorated, radius, which I absolutely love," Caruso said. how supportive and friendly the candidates most patriotic, best cake tasting, best pie "I love the community and how supportive are with each other, she said. tasting, judge's favorite, and Guv'na's fa- they are of each other." With her constant focus on branding,
vorite, Philanthropy was another aspect about marketing and social media for clients
Those wishing to enter the contest must the race that drew her in, and with some ex- and a Guv'na campaign to run Caruso deliver their entries to the Lutz Senior perience in community races she helped doesn't make much room for idle time. But Center, 112 First Ave. NW, between 4 p.m. others campaign for king and queen of the Carusos enjoy local and state attractions and 7 p.m., on July 3, or between 6 a.m. Fantasy Fest, a 10-day celebration in Key (she admits to being "theme park junkies") and 7:30 am., on July 4. West she felt it was a good time to take a and spending time with local family.
shot at being Guv'na. While she sometimes travels out of the
In addition to helping local organizations state for business and has lived throughout FILE PHOO .with much-needed funds, Caruso wants her Florida, it's Land O' Lakes and Lutz, where
Sarah Robison gave her cake a festive feel, JUY4" FRI. CELEBRATION campaign to also focus on helping local Caruso lives and works, that feels like home.
attracting the highest bid from Mark Carnes, ,Ufi TRAIN DEPOT F A R K businesses expand their opportunities on "I wouldn't move back to Jacksonville, I
who p d hthe Internet. In conjunction with her probably wouldn't really live inTallahassee
wh pse it hraferth ucio.PIRADE-949716013 S ILoveLutz website, Caruso believes compa- although I loved it while I was there,"
CAKE+ BAKE 1 ,,-1 nies can utilize a strong Internet presence in Caruso said."Orlando and Tampa, to me, are
CAKE, from page 1 PIE CONTEST- 949-1482 conjunction with the face-to-face, personal pretty comparable, but KeyWest is very difrelationships they've built over the years in ferent.This is exactly the right place." cause she enjoys the opportunity to meet K'.51.I .RA Lutz. For more information about Caruso's
people in the community. Some competitors FAMLYWAg( FOOD BOTHS "Our entire world has shifted to technol- Lutz Guv'na campaign, visit
are new to the contest every year, while oth- FA']0 ALKnl 11:30 FO B ogy and online awareness. It's great those or search "Liane for Guv'na" on Facebook.
ers enter each year. people that have built their business off For more information about Limelight
Wilma Lewis typically enters four or five "30RACET T IOPN G WIJV t word of mouth and the good old-fashioned Marketing Consultants, call (813) 419-3777
decorated cakes each year and is expected CAKE AUCTION way," she said. "So many other businesses or visit
to do the same this yearWannamaker said. .j ,j-84-447- '--"-The Gaschlers like to make it a family affair.
Last year, Ron baked a hummingbird cake, This sign invites people to come celebrate Rebecca entered a chocolate chip confec- Independence Day in Lutz. Marilyn FIREWORKS, from page 1 Avalon Park West also wants to use the
tion, and Tracy made her famous five-pound Wannamaker hopes that lots of people bring event as an opportunity to showcase its neighapple pie. their pies and cakes to the annual contest. boyhood, which has around 70 occupied
The pie fetched $85, the highest price in more room for it" homes. With future planning allowing for
the cake and pie auction, which follows the Winners in each category will receive a Winners will be announced for partici- 4,800 homes to be built, the Independence parade each year. blue ribbon, pants in three separate categories:Ages 3 Day Festival allows the community to learn a
Adults and children entered about five- Size matters, too, according to the con- months to 1, ages 2 to 4, and ages 5 to 8. bit more about them, Muslin said.
dozen pies and cakes last year. This year, test organizer.The entries must be no larger The fireworks show begins at 9 Avalon Park West's town center will Wannamaker hopes to attract more entries, than 9-by-13 inches. p.m., with approximately $9,000 worth of serve as the focal point of the festival.
as the theme of the Independence Day cele- Once the contest is over, all pies and pyrotechnics on display. The event includes bounce houses, givebration is a salute to the volunteer cakes will be carried over to the front of the On July 4, the annual Sparklebration aways, community performances and food firefighters who served the community for train station for the auction. The money event will be held at the Pasco County trucks. More than 50 vendors are expected decades. raised by the sales go to different charities Fairgrounds, 36722 State Road 52 in Dade to be in attendance.A bicycle parade starts
Those wishing to enter the contest in the Lutz area. City. It includes a watermelon-eating con- at 5:30 p.m., and the fireworks begin at 9
should remember to think about the type of Besides generating money for good caus- test, a hot dog-eating contest and bounce p.m. icing they use because there is no refrigera- es, the cake and pie auction can be houses. That same day, Connerton, a community
tion in the judging areas,Wannamaker said. entertaining.Auctioneer Bob Moore will en- Gates open at 3 p.m. The fireworks located on U.S. 41 about seven miles
"We had one little boy who baked a large courage bidders, while Cheryl Benton begin at 9:15 p.m.The cost is $5 per person, north of State Road 54, will host a free Fifth cake that was a house and a village, and he carries the sweets around to give the crowd with children younger than 12 admitted of July event starting at 5 p.m. Its celebraused blueberry Jell-O for the lake," a good look at them. free. Parking also is $5. tion also is a chance to show off the
Wannamaker said. "Well, his lake became an Sometimes,Wannamaker said, the best bid- For anyone who missed the events on 8,000-acre community, which includes a ocean." ding wars involve parents and grandparents. July 3 and July 4, or wants to celebrate a little 3,000-acre nature preserve.
longer, there are a couple of local options the The celebration includes live music, following day.Avalon Park West, 5227 Autumn games, prizes, and bounce houses. Food Worry-free Pet Solutions Ridge Drive in Wesley Chapel, will host its trucks and refreshments will be available,
free Independence Day Festival on July 5. and guests are encouraged to bring chairs or From yard to door to couches and more. Guaranteed. According to Kristin Muslin, marketing blankets.The fireworks start at 9 p.m.
and events coordinator for Avalon Park West, For more information about the Freedom it's more important for the community to Festival at The Shops at Wiregrass, visit
h S l b Ie schedule an event when people can attend
than to make sure it falls on the Fourth of For more information about July eSparklebration at the Pasco County
"Having an event during the week is a lit- Fairgrounds, call (352) 567-6678, or visit F eBrand tie bit more difficult for a lot of people to

attend," Muslin said, noting that July 4 falls For more information about Avalon Park on a Friday this year." So it's kind of impor- West's Independence Day Festival, call (813) IN ... Itant for us to make it a little bit easier for 482-5361.
families to be able to spend time together For more information about Connerton's
-A on the weekend." Fifth of July event, visit

Sch dule a r ~ e I n e ro ssion a~ l Cuson*'izc-d Liwe scfcer
At 0o 1 1 &,l t~or~sul~ Insc Ml PWeffSic/ and ,p r

Invisible Fence of Florida
813-854-4014 Florida.InvisibleFence. corn

14t July 2, 2014 www.L aker!

ft Dennis Realty


1022 Land 0' Lakes Blvd. Lutz, FL 33549

,. I HAPPy

4th of July

from your friends

at Dennis Realty

Wilderness Lakes Preserve! Beautiful 5/3/3 with lots Seven Oaks Move-in Ready! Beautiful 4/3/2 on pond in Lake Heron Villa! Maintenance free w/a fantastic lot. Willow Bend! Amazing splitfloor plan this 4/2/3 has an Dupree Lakes! This 3/2/2 home offers a large great of privacy and features many upgrades including a huge gated Shoregrass located within the desirable Seven Oaks Kitchen & baths with granite counter tops, wood floors enormous master suite with his and hers walk-in cos- room overlooking the peaceful conservation/bird sanctucovered lana, sunroom (28X16) with windows all Community. Spacious 3 way split floor plan w soaring throughout, master suite downstairs with walk in closet, ets, dual sinks, garden tub with separate shower and ary, large foyer, split bedroom plan, vaulted ceilings, eat
around which can be removed, and a screened balcony ceilings & open plan. All new wide plank, textured, lam- tub with separate shower, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Car access to lanai! Open formal living room with sliders to in kitchen with breakfast bar, stainless steel appliances, on the second floorto sit and enjoy! $350K. (bir) nate wood flooring. $319.9K. (sho) garage and a loft upstairs. $175K. (kea) the screened lanai and views. $293K. (fox) and an inside utility room. $175K. (swe)

Wilderness Lake Preserve! Well-maintained 4/2.5/2 Custom Built Home in Cypress Cove! This 3/2.5/2 Dupree Lakes! Former Beazer Homes Construction Shores to Lake Padgett Estates! Honey stop the car! Unique Home in Whisper Run! This 4/2.5/2 features a
two story home offers a beautiful pond view. The kitchen spacious great room floor plan with custom ceramic tile, Supervisor's personal 3/2/2 home with his personal atten- The view is unbelievable! This 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car wood burning brick fireplace. The master bedroom leads opens up into the large family room which is separated vaulted ceilings, an incredible view of the pond and con- tion to details and subtle customizations completed during garage and 2 car carport home is located on the popular outto a private lanai that's in a fenced in area. It has large from the front open living room by the stairs leading to the servation area, dual master suites each with large walk- construction. Interior freshly painted and new carpets just Lake Saxon on a large lot at .4 acres. So bring your boat walk-in closets plus 2 extra closets for storage. No CDD, bedrooms. Screened back porch. $199.9K. (cit) in closets. $189K. (osp) installed & move in ready. $175K. (des) and put it in at the boat ramp! $339K. (ak) HOA or deed restrictions! $274.9K. (whi)

-31- 1 AAA

Palm Harbor Condo! First floor2/1 in excellent location Heritage Isles in Tampa! This open floor plan 2,523 River Forest Estates in Tampa! Nice 3/1 nearthe heart Eastwood in Brandon! This beautifully remodeled 5/3 College Heights in Dade City! Completely remodeled has an upgraded kitchen with 42" cabinets, black appli- Sq. Ft. one-story, 4/3/3 home sits partially on hole 16 of of Temple Terrace just blocks from the Hillsborough River. home boasts a spacious kitchen with lots new cabinetry, 3/2 is a real doll house on an extra-large lot. Spacious ances, coran counters, and an eat-in area. Spacious liv- the golf course and on conservation for maximum prva- Newer Roof, Newer AC system, stainless steel appliances, updated countertops and brand new stainless steel appli- open great room plan with laminate floors, gourmet ing room with sliders leading out to sunroom and a cy. Home features many upgrades: hardwood floors, tIle nice size yard, mostly fenced, no HOA or CDD fees and to ances and a breakfast nook. The massive living room is kitchen with custom cabinets and granite counter tops is large master suite with walk-in closet. $57.8K. (fox) in the wet areas, and crown molding. $269K. (pla) top it off no flood zone. $74K. (riv) perfect for any type of entertaining. $214.9K. (hom) all just minutes from St. Leo. $99K. (abb)

Brooksville Pool Home! A colorful and well- kept gar- Silver Oaks in Zephyrhills! This 3/2/2 is on and extra- Lakeview Knoll in Zephyrhills! This 3/2/1is on an extra- Pool Home at Province Lakes in Brandon! This Misty Woods Pool Home in Tarpon Springs! This den greets you as you enter this 3/2.5/2 home with large lot in a golf community, spacious open great room large fenced lot, spacious open great room floor plan, 3/2.5/2 home has been well-cared for and is certainly 4/3.5/3 with office has an outdoor kitchen with den/office located in The Cascades is a 55 plus communi- plan with vaulted ceilings, accent mirrors, formal dining large kitchen with lots of cabinets, new stainless steel side move-in ready. Filled with light, space and soaring ceilings, pavers overooking pasture with horses. The master suite ty. The home features a large great room, with 14' tray room, large kitchen, and new stainless steel refrigerator, by side refrigerator, range dishwasher, microwave, blinds, this two story property features a modern floor plan with is downstairs with a walk-in closet, shower, garden tub ceilings, a separate dining room. $269.9K. (tat) range, dishwasher, and microwave. $179.9K. (sil) ceiling fans and security. $119K. (arm) focus on an open family life style. $214.9K. (sco) with granite countertops & double vanities. $358K. (mis)

Coopers Pond! Gorgeous 41212 pool home in excellent con- Meadow Pointe Townhouse Ti Meirannstl 21 twn Cute Duplex Thi 3/2/1 bs brght and aiy Combinatin li- Terra del Sol! Immaculate 3/2/2 home the desirable lierra Del Westchester in Tampa! Fabulous 31312 nome in gated community, dition, floor plan has lots of living space with large living/dining name in gated Tullam epor plndwntis ihna i ing/dining rom area with spacius eat-n kithen with plenty of Sol community in Land 0 Lakes! Situated on a cul-de-sac street, beautil igt right feaor plan Farinal iving and dining ream como, room combination featuring cherry wood floors and a split bed- ream como is ideal frhiay ntraigadfrssyces cabinet and cunte spac has been fehl painted inside and and offering over 1600 Sq. Ft. so you will appreciate the care taken fly eqipped kitchen with lots af counter space and cabinetry room layout.$21 00/mo.(dol) to the screened lanai, private frant caurryard $1150/mo. (ba) out, new carpet, and ahuge fenced in yard' $1000/mo.(pen) throughout.There is aformal dining room.$1250/mo.(nar) includesindorlaundry winhwasneranddryer $1650/mo. (cyp)

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www. LakerLutzNewscorn July 2,2014 15

POLITICAL AGENDA host a Republican candidate meet and greet
/ N 1WWWWWWWWWWW July 10 at 7 p.m., at Wesley Chapel Hyundai,
1%lo e L o ok tt I~ jj E MAE o Candidates will have a chance to speak
~1 '-WILSON MKSIT A RACE frup to three minutes each beginning at
A N A D V E R T I S E R P R o F I L E It's been said that lightning cannot strike 7:30 p.m.
twice, and even if it could in the political
arena, it seems Pasco County commissioner STARKEY WINS AWARD
Henry Wilson isn't taking any chances. Pasco County commissioner Kathryn The District 4 incumbent, who originally Starkey was the local winner of the 2014
-Erdw nnn air conditioning, won his seat in 2010 despite being out- Florida Association of Counties Presidential
raised 19-to-i, has answered the fast AdvocacyAward.
lan i ~**,fundraising of his opponent, Mike Wells Jr., Starkey received the award for her work
heating and plumbing in LanfOL Ck with some big money of his own, with the FAC, especially as it launched its
Wilson raised a little more than $11,000 new federal advocacy program, according to during the first three weeks in June, more a release. Starkey's interest and knowledge by Mike Matthew Cornerstone did a rebranding than the $8,700 his entire campaign pulled of flood insurance issues helped the associaspecial to The Laker / Lutz News earlier this year. They hired a firm in four years ago. tion convey to Congress why flood
to create an old-school image that That brings Wilson to $35,010, still a little insurance reform was needed.
James and Dana Spears, owners portrayed their core values, ethics, more than half of what Wells has raised so As a result of this advocacy, Florida's of Cornerstone Pros, are fully honesty and quality work. far, $65,345. flood insurance story was told, and
prepredto ande al "Te fedbck romWilson is now looking outside of Pasco Congress ultimately passed legislation they
preare tohanle ll"Th fedbak fom to bring in those dollars. More than $5,600 say will help Floridians who were financially
of your air condi- our customers and of his revenue came from places like Tampa, impacted by the previous law. President
tioning, heating the community Largo and South Pasadena, and included Barack Obam signed the bill on March 2 1.
and plumbing has been excel- $2,000 from Pat Gassaway and his company, The PresidentialAdvocacyAward is given
needs. They lent," says Heidt Design, which contracts with the each year to county commissioners who
offer same-day Dana. county.Wilson received an additional $3,000 have shown exceptional leadership in partfrom Scott Andreasan, Edwin Rogers and nering with FAC to advance the legislative service, 24- This is truly Christine Barreiro, who all are associated agenda of counties.The Florida Association
hour emergency a family-owned with Heidt as well. of Counties has represented the diverse inservice, free esti- and operated busi- Wells did a little better on the fundraising terests of the state's counties for the past 85
mates for installation ness. They currently side in the first three months of June, how- years, emphasizing the importance of proand free second opinions, have five family members ever, picking up nearly $19,800. He also tecting home rule the concept that
received donations from Heidt and some of government closest to the people governs Cornerstone won the Angie's working for the company. "Our its employees, and about $8,150 from out- best.
List Super Service Award for 2012 children have to work for one year side the county. and 2013 and currently has over for someone else before they can The two will face off in anopen primary BILIRAKIS WANTS ALTERNATIVE
415 glowing reviews on Angie's work here," says Dana. "We want Aug26. MEDICINE FOR VETS
List. They also have an A+ rating them to know what it's like to FERISTOHEPLSU.S. Rep. Gus Bihirakis, R-Pahn Harbor, reFREERIDE TO HE PLLScently introduced what he is describing as
with the Better Business Bureau. work in the real world. That out- Pasco County Public Transportation will bipartisan legislation that will establish a
"Our goal as a company is cus- side experience will help them see do its part to help get out the vote by offer- commission to examine the Veterans Affairs' tomer service first," says Dana. the importance of happy employ- ing free rides to the polls on election days current therapy model and the potential
"We strive to provide exceptional ees and customers." for the upcoming cycle, benefits in incorporating complementary alservice at a fair price. We want to "We recently had an outside The deal was worked out between PCPT ternative therapies.
and county elections supervisor Brian The Creating Options for Veterans' go above and beyond customer's company do an anonymous Corley, and was approved by the Pasco Expedited Recovery Act, will eventually
expectations." employee survey," says Dana. County Commission last week, allow veterans have a range of options availThey started the business in "The employee feedback was out- On both primary day Aug. 26 and the able to them, Bilirakis said, including
2006. Before that, Dana worked standing. The survey company general election day Nov 4, voters who pres- outdoor sports, hyperbaric oxygen, accelerin commercial insurance for 15 was astounded at how satisfied our ent their voter information card will ride ated resolution and service dog therapies.
free to their local polling location.The goal "It is vital that veterans receive the care years; while James worked in air employees were. We work hard to is to encourage and promote participation they need, but it is important to recognize
conditioning and plumbing for 25 give our employees a good work in the election process, while also introduc- that one size does not fit all when disyears. In their previous jobs, Dana environment and keep them long- ing public transportation as a viable option cussing treatments for veterans the invisible learned about the value of cus- term." for travel throughout the county, said PCPT wounds endured from their service to our
tomer service, and James saw first- Dana was born and raised in director Michael Carroll. great nation;' Bilirakis said, in a release.
handthebenfitsof xcetioal Ltz.Shegradate frm Lnd ~ REUBLCAN LUBINVTESWhile many veterans may thrive under evihand he beefitsof exeptioal Luz. Sh graduate rom Lnd 0' REPdence-basedIVITtreatmentsedtplanst some, o maymynot
professional trade knowledge. Lakes High School and is a moth- CANDIDATES be as responsive to this traditional medical
One of their goals is to employ er of five. Two have graduated The Wesley Chapel Republican Club will care:'
local people and serve local cus- from Land 0 Lakes High School, ________________________________tomers. They rented their first two are still in high school, and
building just down the road, they now have a 2- year-old son. ~ lh A a f a ~ w o o e
moved to another as their business James was born and raised in W ilW a h rf r o o e by
grew, and recently got an opportu- Tampa. They are both very active st ew d ch mr of o m r e
nity to purchase their current in community support and want st ew d ch mrof o m r e
building. to give back more as they contin- The LakerL utz News Staff Report statewide organizaThey have 27 employees, Some ue to grow. tion, in a release.
of whom have been there since The Florida Chamber of Commerce has During that sesthey opened. "We have a wonder- named outgoing state Rep.WillWeatherford Sion, lawmakers
ful staff and dedicated people who >~its 2014 Most Valuable Legislator. passed 17 Florida
enjoy working here," says Dana. Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, was hon- chamber-backed pro"We added plumbing this year ored along with 40 members of the state business, pro-jobs
Legislature during a recent meeting in bills, and defeated
and hired two plumbers. OurMim.dznofwath goal is to have six plumbers The Florida Chamber presents the WilWahrod chamber said were
on staff witin a year."awards to lawmakers it says fought for pro- anti-uiesbl.
Their services include the jobs initiatives to help make the state's Weatherford championed difficult, but
service and maintenance of all businesses more competitive while creating necessary, issues like lawsuit abuse reform,
condtioingandheaingmore economic opportunities for Florida's pension reform and educational opportuniairfamilies, ties for students, the chamber said.
units. They also provide water UThe Most Valuable Legislator award hon- Local Distinguished Advocate award retreatment and testing services, 3ors a single lawmaker for his or her cipients included:
whole home re-pipes, stoppages, outstanding legislative leadership and will- *Sen. John Legg, R-Lutz, for champiand fixture installations. ingness to take a stand for free enterprise. oning digital learning, career and
The Distinguished Advocate award recog- professional education academies, and
nizes lawmakers who championed key school choice legislation as a means to imPLUBIN LI. /C ICESEbusiness agenda legislation as determined prove the state's school system.
#CFC1428982 A #CAC1816647 by the Florida chamber. *Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, for
Early during the 2014 legislative his work on state pension reform efforts,
process, the Florida chamber encouraged water policy initiatives and wage protection

Littlefield challenges experience Show us what you've got!

of his commission opponents Send us your news and photos
from your event for publication By Michael Hinman and I look forward to continuing to do so in in TheLaker! LutzNews. the weeks ahead?*
Robertson pointed out his recent selec- Send high quality photos to Former state Rep. Ken Littlefield does not tion by the very commission he wishes to
exactly need an armor truck to take his cam- join as a non-elected representative on Be sure to include a short description of the event and paign fundraising revenue to the bank, but Pasco's Restore Act Advisory Committee, the first and last names of everyone in your photo. that's not stopping him from trying to stand which helps manage funds related to the out in a crowded pri- Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. TheLAKER / LutzNEws
mary fed"The county expects to receive a signifi- w13.Lke9ut2ew00 o
Littlefield, who is 10 cant amount of money as a result of the ww.aeutesco
seeking the District 2 Gulf oil spill," Robertson said in a prepared
Pasco County statement. "We are currently in the process
Commission seat cur- of evaluating millions of dollars worth of
rently held by the projects to benefit the citizens of this coun-TO QU L Y
retiring Pat Mulieri, ty."
once again stumped : 9Littlefield was elected to the state HouseFA R P I E
in front of the in 1999 in a special election succeeding his
Republic an Club of Ken Littlefield brother, Carl Littlefield. He left the House in F S SE V C
Central Pasco during 2006, and had planned to join the Florida F S E V C
a regular meeting last week.While he talked Public Service Commission after receiving a Rimless Frames
about his work in Tallahassee, he also talked nomination by then outgoing Gov.Jeb Bush. Specialist
about how his primary opponents busi- When Charlie Crist assumed the governessman Mike Moore and financial analyst nor's office, however, he pulled Littlefield's Outside Prescriptions
Bob Robertson failed to stand up to his nomination, forcing him to return to the pri- te mCheerfully Accepted
experience. vate sector. I Use Your Own Frame?
"I'm the only one in the race that has the This is not the first time Littlefield has NO PROBLEM!
kind of experience that I just mentioned;' tried to knock down his opponent's success ota Littlefield told the Republican group."One in the political field. During a debate in a d kua mn mSPECIAL8 8
of the candidates coached soccer league, March, Littlefield jabbed Moore about his Shop an EIUh wEUUII DISCOUNTS FOR
and the other was elected to a (community 2010 loss to MatthewAbbott for a seat on VSP, EYEMED,
development district) before. And that's the county's Mosquito Control board. 0 a a AAA & AARP i.
about it. Littlefield's fundraising efforts picked up fl1 4. U I'2U
"And they are going to make a lot of a bit in the first three weeks of June, raisingAAC r rei
promises to you.You have the choice of ei- $1,600. That brings his campaign total to 24444 State Road 54 Lutz AC r~ei
ther voting for somebody who makes a lot $6,600, but is still afar cry from what Moore Immediate access at Hwy 54 entrance, F L1
of promises, or somebody who has the ex- has accomplished. next to Bosco's Pizza I'll FL_______ ___ 11___11________ ENTperience. Moore raised $4,700 during the same
Neither Moore nor Robertson was at the time, bringing his total above $85,200.
meeting, but both quickly defended their ex- Robertson raised just $ 310 during that periences when reached by The Laker/Lutz time, and now has pulled in just under News. $12,700.
"I've spent my career creating new jobs The winner of the Aug. 26 primary will D N A
and running a business;' Moore said in a pre- face off against Democrat Erika Remsberg in BERNIER D N A
pared response. "My wife, Lauren, and I are November.The Land 0' Lakes social worker LAND0' LAKES DENTAL ASSOCIATES
like so many others here in Pasco County had her best fundraising efforts to date over BRIAN BERNIER, DOS
who believe government is too big and the first three weeks of June, receiving takes too much. I've spent months sharing checks totaling more than $1,600. Her cam- WWW.BER-NLERDENTAL.COM
my background and experience with voters, paign total is just above $ 2, 100.
________________________________PLEASE CALL FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY!
Ae1A. LKittMINF~
Get all your favorite local
news stories online 81 01 1 2
FIRSTEvening and weekend F VISIT appointments available.
reeenaleo cshan asnocahvaue EPRES7/31/14. MOST INSURANCES ACCEPTED TheL-aker ILutzNews
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I. as I .6 : se

Community Sports

Your Neighborhood Sports Source

Teen headed to Canada for martial arts games

By Michael Murillo foot and broken his left foot. But
mmuriffo@fakerfuLznews. corn he's always eager to get back
from an injury, doing whatever
Ethan Dillon has a trip to Awork he can while he heals.
Canada planned for later this His fighting injuries might
year. He'll probably pack a jacket take a greater toll on his mother
and some long-sleeve shirts, than Dillon himself. While
He'll also bring his three Melony is supportive of her
black belts. son's martial arts career, and
Dillon, 14, of Lutz, is one of 60 travels with him to other counmartial arts athletes selected to tries to watch him compete, she
represent the United States at The hasn't gotten totally comfortable
Association For International with watching him get hit.
Sport for All World Martial Arts "It's really hard sometimes
Games, Sept. 3-7 at The Olympic when he's fighting for me to put
Oval in Richmond, British my mom hat over here and not
Columnbia.TAFISA has had World go, oh jeez, my son just got hit
Games every year since 1992, but really bad," she said.
September will be the organiza- While it can be tough on his
tion's first world games dedicated mother, getting hit isn't usually a
specifically to martial arts. problem for Dillon. In fact, he
Dillon owns a first-degree likes to give his opponent the
black belt from Krav Maga first strike, so he can absorb the
Martial Arts, a second-degree first blow and proceed with his
black belt from Extreme Martial own attack unfazed by his oppoArts and a second-degree black nent.
belt from Lee Jacobs Christian "It wakes me up, actually,"
Karate. His disciplines include Dillon said. "I actually laugh
karate, mixed martial arts, jiu- 4 sometimes when I get hit."
jits, te kan o an Krv ~'Getting hit in Canada is exMaga, a self-defense program pected, but it also will be
used by the Israeli Defense expensive. For Ethan and
Forces. Melony to make the trip, they'll
He also has a couple of green need around $4,500 to cover babelts and a white-yellow belt to MICHAEL MURILLO/STAFF PHOTO sic s like equipment and
round out his collection. Ethan Dillon, 14, of Lutz, will represent the United States at the TAFISA World Martial Arts Games in September. uniforms, flight and lodging.
While he earns plenty of ac- After fundraising efforts, he
colades, Dillon spends little time still needs to come up with
dwelling on them. "I enjoy the kata. It's a challenge, just be- a lot of effort and a busy schedule. On around $1,200 by the end of July.
"I don't look at it too long because cause the way my head is, I don't remember Mondays and Wednesdays, Dillon works on Dillon's family goes to a lot of effort to there's always someone out there trying to stuff very easily," he said. traditional martial arts. On Tuesdays and fulfill his busy schedule, with weekly trips to
get that, and if I want it I'm going to have to Dillon has been diagnosed with attention Thursdays, it's mixed martial arts, a sport Lakeland, Odessa and Sarasota for training. fight for it," he said, deficit disorder, making it sometimes harder that has gained popularity over the years His 7-year-old sister, Emma Dillon, and his
When he travels to Canada, he'll fight to for him to focus or remain still for long peni- due to high-profile professional leagues grandmother, Betty Dillon, are also big supdefend three world titles he won at the or- ods of time. But his mother, Melony Dillon, such as the Ultimate Fighting porters. ganization's 2012 World Games inAustria. said that a decade of martial arts has given Championship. While he works hard to excel and gain
TAFISA, which is recognized by the United Ethan a great deal of discipline and im- Fridays are private lessons, and Saturdays recognition, it's his family's support that Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural proved his concentration, allowing him to are spent with team training, helps keep him going. Organization and the International Olympic excel in areas on and off the mat. Most of those days also include weight "That helps quite a bit because I know Committee, operates under a" sports for all" Even his behavior and attitude is better training, and Dillon has to fit his education that there are some families that push their philosophy, and includes adult and child than most of his peers. in during the school year as well. Dillon is kids to do this, and then there are other
competitors of both genders. "I have to say, he's probably one of the home-schooled, which allows him some families that don't even support their kids
Dillon competes in both matches against better teenagers around," she said. "I see a flexibility with his schedule. But even his doing this at all," he said." It means a lot to opponents and through kata, a display of young man growing into being a really great day off, Sunday, is often spent doing some me." choreographed patterns of movements by young man. Not just with martial arts, but on physical activity, like paintball or swimming. For more information about Dillon and his himself. Of the two, it's the one he does the whole, being a nice productive citizen." Martial arts also has taken a toll on his fundraising, visit For alone that's hardest for him to master. Dillon's productivity on the mat requires body. Dillon has torn ligaments in his right information about TAFISA, visitTAFISA net.

SOFTBALL TEAM TO COMPETE beginning July 13.The camp is designed for STEINBRENNER BASKETBALL
IN OKEECHOBEE children entering first through sixth grade. CAMPS THIS SUMMER
The Wesley Chapel Sweetees Allstars, a The five-week camp will be recreational Steinbrenner High School, 5575 Lutz
*softball team of girls ages 5 to 7, will partici- and offer skill improvement in a positive en- Lake Fern Road, will host a basketball camp pate in the Dixie Softball State vironment, organizers said. The July 13 for boys and girls entering first through
SEND SPORTS NEWS TO MMURIL LO0LAKERLUTZNEWS.COM Chamnpionships,July 11-14 in Okeechobee. session will include an appearance by eighth grade July 7-10.
The team is looking for sponsors to help Denise Schilte-Brown, head coach of the Campers will receive instruction in funT-SHIRTS SUPPORT with expenses. women's soccer team at the University of damentals such as dribbling, passing and
CROSS-COUNTRY COACH For information, call William Teets at South Florida. defense, and will participate in skill-related
"I Run For Keppel"T-shirts are available (813) 363-8041. or email The camp runs from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 games.
to help support Land 0' Lakes High School a.m.The cost is $30, and includes a T-shirt, Awards will be given to group and gencross-country coach Kris Keppel, who is bat- CENTRAL FLORIDA OPEN water bottle and size four ball. der winners during the camp.
tling pancreatic cancer. CHAMPIONSHIP Children of deployed military personnel The cost is $90 per camper, with disThe shirts are $15 each, with all pro- Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club, 12900 can participate for free, and financial assis- counts given for multiple siblings. Same-day ceeds going to Keppel. Lake Jovita Blvd., in Dade City, will host the tance is available on a case-by-case basis. registration is $ 100.
For information or to make a donation, Central Florida Open Championship For information, call (813) 994-9363, or For information, call Steinbrenner coach call (813) 406-5730, or email Sept. 18-19. email J. R. Allen at (813) 792-5 13 1, or email warcarolyn~l Up to 144 of the top professional and am-
ateur golfers in central Florida are expected SENIOR SLO PITCH
REBELS LOSE TO MIAMI, to compete on the club's South course. REGISTRATION REBELS PLAY THE
RECORD NOW 6-2 Tee, range and custom flag sponsorships The Sbo Pitch Softball League, geared to- KNIGHTS IN JULY
The Tampa Bay Rebels, a semi-pro basket- are available, ward players older than 60, hosts The Tampa Bay Rebels, a semi-pro basketball team in the Florida Basketball For information, call Rick Weber at (352) registration every Friday beginning at 8:30 ball team, will play the Palm Beach Knights Association that plays its games at Freedom 588-9200, or email a.m., at the Land 0' Lakes Recreation on July 26 at Freedom High School, 17410 High School, fell to the Miami Midnites 115- Complex, 3932 Collier Parkway in Land 0' Commerce Park Blvd.

Ringworm, feline distemper

found at Pasco animal shelter

The Laker/Lutz News Staff Report from human to human.19
Anyone who suspects they have ring
the Pasco County Animal Shelter in the last The shelter also received a kitten this month may need to keep an extra close eye week that tested positive for panleukopenia, on their pet after ringworm and feline dis- or feline distemper.The virus infection is usutemper were found at the shelter ally found in kittens or young cats, especially
Officials there say the problems were dis- strays or even shelter kittens because they covered that could affect adoptions that have not had a chance to be vaccinated. took place between May 21 and June 24, al- Feline panleukopenia is so widespread though no symptoms of the diseases have that nearly all cats are exposed to it within been found on the dog side of the shelter their first year of life. It's a leading cause of
The ringworm started in a litter of aban- death in kittens simply because their imn
doned kittens brought in by an animal systems are often too weak to protect them, control officer, but it wasn't diagnosed until and the cats themselves are too young to reafter the ringworm had spread within the cat ceive the vaccine that would protect them. adoption isolation area.The shelter has since The virus causes vomiting, diarrhea, high isolated those areas, and is undergoing a fever, and sometimes sudden death in cats. COURTESY OF ANDREW DUNN
deep cleaning and disinfection, officials said. However, it does not pose a threat to humans.
Ringworm is not actually caused by a Those with any questions should contact L e
the skin, hair or nails. It starts as a red, scaly cated at 19640 Dogpatch Lane in Lane 0'in hn
patch or a bump, and may grow to look like Lakes, is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday Now that summer is here, Wesley Chapel High School was the site of a campus-wide a ring. It is contagious, and can be spread by and Saturday from noon to 4:30 p.m., and cleanup that included volunteers like Hector Burgos. The work spruces up the school, which direct contact from pets to humans, and Thursdays from noon to 6:30 p.m. will welcome students back in the fall.

Lopez and Meadows graduate from basic training

Suzanne D. Lopez and Corkey L. warfare principles and skills. and Daniel Lopez of Land 0 Lakes. She also is
Meadows graduated from basic military training Airmen who complete basic training earn the daughter of George Lopez, and granddaughat joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, San Antonio, four credits toward an associate's degree ter of Leonor Lopez, both of Glendale, New Texas as U.S SAir Force airmen. Both completed through the Community College of the Air York. an intensive, eight-week program that included Force. Meadows is a 2014 graduate of Wesley
training in military discipline and studies,Air Lopez is a 2013 graduate of Sunlake High Chapel High School, and is the son of Angele Force core values, physical fitness, and basic School and the daughter of Maria Lopez of Lutz Meadows ofWesley Chapel. Suzanne 0. Lopez

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August 6

The Laker/Lutz News will be six inches taller than the current newspaper you're holding.

We will be the same size as many daily newspapers.


Credible newspaper; serious local news A traditional size communicates even more that we're credible newspapers committed to reporting serious local news.

2. More and bigger photos Photos help us better tell stories about our community.

3. Two Sections
A new B Section becomes a second front page to give more prominence to feature stories. It also lets us use the back page of the A Section for a high-profile sports section.

4. Easy-To-Find Classifieds Our new B Section will house all classified pages, including our popular Best In Small Business Directory.

5. more advertising circulars The larger format allows us to accept more advertising circulars important to readers as more national retailers open stores in our community.

6. Bigger ads
Ad sizes will be 25% bigger than current sizes. And bigger ads mean advertisers can add more offers and have more space to promote their business or service.

-i ne LAKER / Lutz NEWS
mailing address: P.O. Box 479. Lutz. FL 33548

H E L HMANAGEMENT The Medical Center of Trinity, 9330 State Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church
The Medical Center of Trinity, 9330 State Road 54, offers the program "Healthy Eating Family Cancer Network meets the second Road 54, is hosting a chronic disease self- Every Day" beginning July 9 at 9 a.m., for 14 and fourth Thursday of the month in &management program July 7 at 9 a.m. it will weeks. Classes end Oct. 9. Rosary Hall, 2348 Collier Parkway in Land
&then meet weekly for the next six weeks. The program is designed to help people 0' Lakes, beginning at 7 p.m.
Topics include fatigue, pain, isolation, ex- improve the quality of their diets. Cancer survivors and caregivers are inercise, medications, communication, Seating is limited, and reservations are re- vited to attend. W E L E Snutrition and new treatments. quired. For information, call (813) 949-4565.
Class size is limited, and reservations are For information, call (727) 834-5630.
Sen helhnest required. NAMI OFFERS SUPPORT
new lkeluznwsco For information, call (727) 834-5630. SUMMER BLOOD DRIVE The Pasco County Chapter of National
Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, Alliance on Mental Illness offers two BREAST CANCER SUPPORT MS SUPPORT GROUP 14000 Fivay Road in Hudson, is hosting a sum- monthly support group meetings at 7 p.m.
Florida Cancer Affiliates will host a breast The Medical Center of Trinity, 9330 State mer blood drive July 10 from noon to 5 p.m. Family & Friends Support Meetings: cancer support group meeting July 3 at 6 Road 54, hosts a monthly support group for All donors will receive a wellness check- North Tampa Behavioral Health, 29910 p.m., at its New Port Richey center, 5500 those affected by multiple sclerosis, up and a beach towel. Photo ID is required. State Road 56 in Wesley Chapel, first and Little Road. The next meeting is July 8 at noon. Those who donate twice before Aug. 31 third Tuesday of each month.This group is
For information, call (727) 505-6379. Caregivers and family members are invit- can receive a free lunch offer from Outback for family and friends of those with mental ed. Steakhouse. illness.
NUTRITION AND DIABETES For information, call (727) 372-1568. To make an appointment online, visit NAMI Connections: NAMI Pasco
The Medical Center of Trinity, 9330 State, and use sponsor code Office, 6480 Jabo Plaza, 6480 Land 0' Lakes
Road 54, is hosting a class on nutrition and AUTISM SUPPORT 0OB034." Blvd., Land 0' Lakes, every Tuesday This
diabetes July 3 at 10 a.m. MONTHLY MEETING group is for those living with mental illThe class will teach the basic principles The Medical Center of Trinity, 9330 State GULFSIDE ORIENTATION ness.
of nutrition; meal timing; how carbohy- Road 54, is hosting Helping HANDs from Gulfside Hospice is hosting an orienta- For information, call (727) 992-9653. drates, proteins and fats can affect blood Hope for Autism and Neurological tion for new shop volunteers July 30 at 9 sugar; and how to make better food choices. Disorders, a support group for family mem- a.m., at the Lutz Thrift Shoppe, 1930 Land 0' SURVIVING CANCER SEMINAR
Seating is limited, and reservations are re- bers and friends impacted by autism. Lakes Blvd. Dr. Roberto Diaz from the H. Lee Moffitt
quired. The next monthly meeting is July 9 at 7 Volunteers must be at least 15 years old. Cancer Center & Research Institute will
For information, call (727) 834-5630. p.m. Space is limited, and reservations are re- speak on surviving cancer Sept. 25 at 7
For information, call Jonica Chittum at quired. p.m., at the Keystone Community Church,
DEPRESSION, BIPOLAR (813) 402-9442. For information, call Jennifer Ball or 2 1010 State Road 54, in Lutz.
EDUCATION Traceymhompson at (813) 780-1235. The program is free, and will cover new
The National Alliance on Mental Illness PAN MEETS AT SUNSET BAY treatments for cancer, and allow for a quesPasco County is offering a free education The Pasco Aging Network will meet FREE PREGNANCY CARE tion-and-answer period.
class called "Depression and Bipolar July 9 beginning at 8 a.m., at Villas at Sunset LifeChoices Women's Care, 15 27 N. Dale For information, call Walt Bockmiller, Awareness: From Diagnosis to Remission" Bay, 4331 Fiji Drive in New Port Richey. Mabry Highway, Suite 10 1 in Lutz, offers free chair of the Keystone Cancer Support July 7 at 7 p.m. at North Tampa Behavioral Breakfast will be served, and admission is pregnancy testing and limited obstetrical ul- Group, at (813) 527-8211, or call the Health, 29910 State Road 56 in Wesley free. trasounds to teens, women and couples Keystone Community Church at (813) 948Chapel. Guest speaker is attorney Tatiana Melnik facing an unplanned pregnancy 4522.
Guest speaker is Jason Tompkins, psy- on "Protecting Your Client's Confidential The center is open Monday from 9:30
chotherapist and chairman of the Tampa Bay Information. a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday -Health notes are run for free on a
chapter of the American Foundation for To RSVP, visit from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. space-available basis. Please send all inforSuicide Prevention. For information, call Jennifer Hess at (727) Appointments are recommended. mation at least two weeks before an event
To RSVP, visit 539-7550, ext. 229. For information, call (813) 948-7734. to news lakerlu tznews. com.

When the unexpected occurs, expect the best at Florida Hospital

Wesley Chapel. Our state-of-the-art emergency department features:

*Space specifically designed to boost speed, Dedicated digital imaging technology

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Hospital Wesley Chapel.





es PlZZA
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NEW 2 for $20 Menu Authentic Greek
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Baked Chicken, Stuffed Pepper & Tomato,
Gyro, Briam, Mousaka, Dolmades,
p 4 1 Spanakopita, Souviaki,
on 0 gdl.M Large Greek Salad w/Potato Salad
Tex Mex Sports Grill NEW! GLUTEN FREE ITEMS 813-909-2800
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Holloway's Farm Supply
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22. Julyv2.2014,

Mail in Your Game Page. L I 0 N S E S E C 0 N D A M F
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Complete this games page, fill out this form, and send the whole page to us M S H 0 o T S P U P I L S R L
for your chance to win 2 FREE MOSI tickets.
Mail to: Games Page, CommunityNewsPublications, E 0 0 N C E A A I 0 N T 0 E M
P.O. Box 479, Lutz, FL 33548 S H S T W I N R E R A K E E E
Entries must be received by the Monday following publication date

K MO R RM C L A I E RM N S Address: U E E E A S E I E A U O T P

SW I T C H D T I M T O S S O City: O E A R T H K D S O C I G A R


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E D / D R More Neighborhoods

el' GroceryS deliver FC Lic/Bonded/Ins
Prescriptions Best in Small Business Directory
Errand running Qj J 61,200 READERS IN LUTZ,
Plus much more LAND 0' LAKES & WESLEY CHAPEL
SoAs begn at ust,,4o,..wk"

We Deliver That! Chain Link, Wood, & PVC Fencing & All Repairs
813-997-3838 C The LAKER/ Lutz NEWS PAY NOTHING 813-886-85
_______________________(813) 909-2800 UNI1ATSID

"A Christian Company" Dueteronomy 6:5 TAYLOR GARAGE

Replacement Door
Hurricane Reinforement
Gustonflolidg LamRiNnTYateIB~4
"' Soi adodAlmjrbad INC. p.NYIA/OTRCO
dEngine Licensed Bonded Insured L Lic# GD0-19484

20 + Yer Exeiec & N W INSTALLS Residential Contractor
NEWnsd Remodels -Additions -New Construction Repair


24| July 2, 2014 www.L aker! utzNews corn

Best in Small Business

Mort an Handyman Services Mr. & Mrs. Fixit "Your Hney-D uy" Maintain Home Integrity uc
for everything under Over 25 years experience m teg ty
Qua/- a your rooff! WSatisfaction Guaranteed (81)
Pressure Washing Custom Tile Work 100/0o OCF
T Carpentry Windows Property Ceiling Fans & Plumbing for N4ew
Doors Paint Tile MaintenanceRotten Wood Repair
__C Pressure.Wah Garage Clean-up m : Rotten Wood Repair customers
C Pressure Wash Honey Do List Landscape/Fence Work
Anything Household Related Call for free estimate Coo.
Tony Morgan Family Operated Lic#RR-05433 813-408-6133 COMPLETE
813-408-6133 ICOMPLETE 813-996-5542 Licensed "No...............
_______,____. ., No Job Too Small
Carpentry Floors
1 9 2 3 5 Light Electrical/Plumbing Drywall
813-996-4253 00 Trim Work, Baseboards Pressure Washing
This is the only number *As a Veteran, All Veterans
you need for a .RECEIVE. 10% OFF

beautiful lawn 'OFF Jason Spears, Owner
owrncure LLC
with this ad (81 3)2816 8134174562
expires 12/31/14: 8 3) 528- II56
witht.------------- MCGEELAWNCARE813@AOL.COM "e1 si i [ C t

ri nWASH G rntuectcr Ao
813 99445 0 S Repair and Maintenance
............... cor n N W' Printers Copiers
NGPL Fax Machines
SAll Major brands 24 hr responses
What Does A Spectacular Plumbing Service Look Like? ( 3 We sell re-manufactured
SbWiprinters and fax machines Fully Capable Service, 24/7 215-3841 813-748-4354
Fuly apale Srvie, 4/7 : I "= t20 years experience
Free Second Opinions & Estimates 20 years experience
Fast, Same-Day _* Friendly, Family-Owned
Fair On Budget oa FE.o. IFEerial Rooling CARL MARTI icensed bonded insured
------- CAR MARUTIN inuia E~~E CCC 1325565
I *Must present couponattime SHINGLES TILE FLAT Licensed Insured qe
ofservice. Limitedtimeoffer. REPAIRS MAINTENANCE State Cert. #CCC 029597 C-t- 1 Y oo Y p1Y
*Plumbing only FREE ET
L,=56 L .... Call Ron, Chris, Ronnie FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED SINCE 1972
813.949.4445 Rooing Services, Inc & Jason Guaranteed Roof Repairs
BB Weacceptredit rds 100%financing. (813) 630-0800 818-998-2778

S O D Screening TEL& Big Trips, Small Trips, Three Day
Licensed nsu1149839 RUSE Getaways, 14 Day Exotic Adventures,
REPLACE YOUR Trips by Land, Sea, or Air, Certified Arborist Lic & Work Comp Insurd
LAWN NOW (813) 714-9668
Call for a Free Estimate
813-995-2717 Pool Enclosures
813905270 Screen Rooms.. Screen Rooms 7
5311 S.R. 54 New Port Richey Rescreening & Repairs -4822
1 1 1 1 1 l I I 'IIlI

Specializing in Dangerous Removals 6440 Fort King Road Zephyrhills
Tree Trimming 30 YEARS L\ i' 813.782.3513
Tree Removal EXPERIENCE 171 ,| l
Stump Grinding RELIABLE
Prep your trees now for hurricane season Now specializing in
813-991-6674 813-310-6674 Free Estimates Professional Installation

Get your ...--- 00
--- -200
local news O n al -indow
tre.a kt*
online at 11117
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s G @lakerlutznews .com
Send your news to:
www.L.akert~utzNews cornI July 2, 2014 21 5

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L e m IE One call, one price delivers suburban Tampa f
LOST! 8 YEAR OLD LOVE BIRD, lrpi D iipl 47,000 circulation
adorable, named Bella. She decided to Graphic Designer/Typesetter fly away from home, while being on my looking to relocate to Tampa s?
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2.61 July 2,20141 www. Laker!.utzNews corn

hands on Aviation Career. FAA ap- EARN YOUR HIGH School Diploma at trained as FAA certified Aviation Techni- trained as FAA certified Aviation Techni- check with the Better Business Bureau proved program. Financial aid for quali- home in a few short weeks. Work at your cian. Financial aid for qualified students. cian. Financial aid for qualified students. or Consumer Protection Agency before field students ? Housing & Job placement own pace. First Coast Academy. Nation- Housing and Job placement assistance. Housing and Job placement assistance, sending any money to any loan comassistance. CALL Aviation Institute of ally accredited. Call for free brochure. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance pany. (s) Maintenance 888-686-1704 (n) 1-800-658-1180, extension 82. 866-453-6204 (v) 844-210-3935 (x)
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LENn ii mluvJ


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* "aI EM

INCLUSIVE. Meals, transportation, Dahlonega, GA. GAS TOO HIGH? Spend activities daily. Short Leases. Monthly your vacation week in the North Georgia specials! Call (866) 338-2607 (n) Mountains! Ask About Our Weekly FREE ETE
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GEORGIA LAND SALE! Escape 3632 Land 0' Lakes Boulevard Land 0' Lakes, FL 34639
Storms, Hurricanes, Heat& High Taxes! l Centrally located between Wesley Chapel and Trinity
lacre-30acre homesites & mini-farms. rentra.l Sd enle
Amazing weather, Augusta Area. Low
taxes, soil tested, county approved. Starting $3200/acre. Financing w/low down
from $195/month. Owner
706-364-4200 (z)

Offering unbelievable deals on homes
and land in the beautiful NC mountains. Call for free brochures, foreclosures, and
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wooded, level building site and more 2.57acs 15,900 or 1.84acs 23,900.
1-866-738-5522 Hurry Won't Last! Brk BILL DAVIS MONICA BONN

Land 0' Lakes 1-800-996-2240 Wesley Chapel
3948 Lake Padgett Dr. 5806 Old Pasco Rd.
813-996-4747 ww.cbfla 813-973-2240
AV E TS ihi see virtual tors


HAVE 2 VILLAS in LAKE HERON SOUTH TAMPA CHARMER 4B1R2.5BA/3CG bohare ed units Nice Pool Home 3br/2ba/lcg Beaniil Lake Home in Lntz
3br/2ba/lcg $150,000. each Take a look $199,900. Sale Pending $339,000. Call Karen Hernandez 918-5765 Call Karen Hernandez 918-5765 Call Kathy Greaves 230-63L


open floor Lan BUYING SEASON 3br/2.5ba/2cg-2story Bank 3135 State Road 580 Suite 11
well maintained $204,900. owned, Sold "AS IS" $178,000., 0- I--- r[,k-r F7orida 34695
Call Giresh Sharma 600-7292 Call Lou Molnar 813-484-5211 S.afety, Ho, Flria 369

ADATAE ''-(727) 376-0530
-.An Indendenily Owned and Operated Memiber YEARS WwW.ALO HAKAI FLO ID .C M
of Coldwell Banker, Real Estate Corporation LOUIS MOLNAR. Broker I July 2, 2014 21 7

Club Connerton
11 0 MEa o i1

0, oM



tofce I". one ar/

observe our nation's independence. Connerton invites you to join us
in honoring our great country the day after too. On July 5th,
we're going to keep the celebration going by hosting a good old fashion
neighborhood party in our new town community including:

Live Music Food Trucks Bounce Houses
SBuild-A-Buddy Games Fireworks..

twicealpac inonee.r

So what are you waiting for? y t oi
Sign up today to be a part of the extended holiday event!

i8 hbJulv2o01

ver~~~~zpn~~ 0mmJ R~Iw MOTG AG E ~63J