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FRE h_1 E I V A ,21


A A Plantation Palms Golf Club closes

S By Michael Hinman tion at Plantation Palms to act swiftly to tect not only its residents, but the private
FREE CONSULTATION golfcours as wel..
Fees Or Cos Unless you're a resident, a guest or a ven- "While not our property and not our
todor, anyone thing about trying to get into legal responsibility, (the golf course) is a critUnes Y u in the Plantation Palms community off Collier ical component of our neighborhood," the1
Parkway should think again. board, led by president David Gunsteens,
The community is on lockdown, even said in a written statement to The HOLL A during the day.And it's all because the golf Laker/Lutz News. "Many of our residents

course has shut down ... again, purchased their homes here because of the
BOMHO Nine months after closing for a week, excellent golf course. Not only that, but one
KAPRA NOS] Plantation Palms Golf Club has shuttered its of the benefits all of us enjoy in living in a
A links, and this time there's no telling when it golf course community, whether golf enthu- It's closed again. Plantation Palms Golf Club
i.LJ Atre at L might reopen. has shut down the course, and it's not clear
That's forced the homeowners associa- See GOLF, page 14 when it will reopen.

owl 'Oklahoma!'

Sat Straz features

h To Pt Lutz actor, dancer

By Michael Murillo
mmurilo@lakerlutznews com

(oeIr Sl & ale Mabry) The play may be called "Oklahoma! but
some of its cast members call Lutz home.
Walk Wel e The Patel Conservatory is presenting the
311asitta C11" (fue famous Rodgers and Hammerstein musical
okbook from May 1 through May 10 at the David A.
Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Art's Teco
-Theater, 1010 N. Macnnes Place in Tampa.
The production features students in grades
'9 9 five through 12, as well as some professional
"Oklahoma!" is the story of Curly
McLain, his love interest Laurey Williams,
,,and his rival,Jud Fry. Set in the territory of
9 's Oklahoma in 1906 as the area approaches
statehood, those characters and others re-solve their romantic relationships with a social dance as a backdrop.
B.C. MANION/STAFF PHOTO It has enjoyed several runs on Broadway Seventeen local authors will gather at Barnes & Noble at The Shops at Wiregrass May 17 and London's West End, as well as national from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., to sell their books and chat with patrons. tours, film and audio recordings since its
N obl offe first run in 1943.
Among the 60 performers in the play are
Barnes & Noble offers siblings Ryan and Victoria Santello of Lutz.
Ryan plays Curly McLain, the show's leading

otJshowcase tor 'oca' authors man.Victoria is a featured dancer.
11W Els Eo l a I a uth s They're both excited to be part of the
St. joseph's production.
Hospital-North By B.C. Manion at different locations in the store, with a sprin- "I love doing it because it's a rush of enBayCare Health System kling of genres at each table, Brouillard said. ergy. So many people are watching you, and
I'll have a teen book maybe next to they're all enjoying it," 15-year-old Victoria If you're looking for a new recipe, want maybe one of the cooking books and the said.
to make a quilt, are in the mood for a little quilting book, something like that;' he said. After opening night, she offered this asdark humor or want to be inspired, a selec- Some authors have been there before, sessment:"It went well." tion of books by local authors may appeal to such as Leigh Kenyon, a teenager who you. wrote "The Zebra Riders," and See OKLAHOMA!, page 14
Seventeen local authors will Madonna Jervis Wise, a retired
gather at Barnes & Noble at The educator who has written severShops atWiregrass May 17 from 2 al books, including "Wildcat
p.m. to 4 p.m., to offer their Creek Kids,"" Sam & Company,"
works for sale, chat with potential and "Juanita in Blue." She's also
patrons, and sign books. co-author of "Kachina and the
"It's Barnes & Noble's way to Bully.
recognize the community," said Evelyn Johnson-Taylor, a
CLAIR. Fkt[O 24/7 Emergency A/C Paul Brouillard, assistant store Check out a selec- women's ministry leader, will be
WfWDL. & Plumbing Service manager at the bookstore, which tion from Janet there with her book "A Woman's
A/C LICENSE PLUMBING IC. is located at 28152 Paseo Drive in Watson's, "The Call, Living a Life of Purpose."
Wesley Chapel. "Our customers Artist;' on page 14. Those interested in learning are readers.A lot of them aspire to quilt can pick up some pointto be authors and have their ers from Elizabeth Dackson,
books for sale in our store. So this is a great author of "Becoming a Confident Quilter." 4A4~way to get the authors who are local to our Guy Cote will offer his book "Long Live
-store." the King: Book One of the Charlemagne COURTESY OF THE PATEL CONSERVATORY
i It's a fun event for the authors, Brouillard Saga:' Milt Harris will have three titles avail- Lutz resident Ryan Santello takes on the added. Besides having a chance to sell their able, a book for young readers called"Foxy lead role of Curly in 'Oklahoma!' which wraps work, they get to talk to customers and to Roxy" a self-help guide titled"Ceilings" and up its run this week at the David A. Straz Jr. network with each other. Center for the Performing Arts. His sister,
81 3-949-4445 The store will set the writers up in clusters See SHOWCA SE, page 14 Victoria, is a featured dancer in the play.

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2 May 7, 20 I www...akr'utzNew,.,om

Mourners brave rain to remember fallen officers

By Michael Hinman "While this number is
mhinman@fakerfuLznews. corn gratifying somewhat, one
life is still too many," he said. t "
It's said that J. Edgar Hoover himself trav- "We as leaders continue to
eled from Washington, D.C., to Dade City, to work hard to provide our
remember prohibition agent John Van officers with the awareness
Waters. and training they need to .
The 46-year-old U.S. Department of confront the many dangers
Justice officer was killed alongside Pasco they are facing. We must s o
County constable Arthur Crenshaw on strive to create a new culOct. 4,1922, in an ambush soon after investi- ture of safety in law E
gating an illegal distillery near Dade City. .enforcement that addresses .
They were just the second and third law the elements of our job that /
enforcement officers killed in the line of we can control, such as driv- F .
duty at the time, but would eventually be- ing habits. F
come a part of a list that now totals eight Two of Pasco's deaths
who paid the ultimate price in protecting Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said that were from automobile accithe people of Pasco County. the men being honored showed courage, dents, including the most
And those same people who benefit that'when there was a fight or flight situa- recent, Hernando County
from that protection refuse to let them be tion, they did not run in fear, they fought' Sheriff's deputy John MICHAEL HINMAN/STAFF PHOTOS
forgotten as the Pasco County Sheriff's Mecklenburg, who was Pasco County sheriff's deputies salute during ceremonies
Office and other law enforcement agencies "It is truly a special day for us," Sheriff killed during a high-speed remembering law enforcement officers who were killed in the
celebrated their lives during a memorial Chris Nocco told the crowd of spectators chase on U.S. 41 in 2011 that line of duty during the last century or so. service May 2 in front of the Historic Dade who stood in a steady downpour to honor crossed into Pasco County. City Courthouse. the officers. "In a world where so many Pasco County Sheriff's deputy John Bradford-Jean Crooks, who was just 23 in
times we get McCabe also died on U.S. 41, but in 1948, May 1998 when he was slain by a man who
wrapped up in the while responding to a call about stolen had earlier killed two Tampa Police
petty little things of grove heaters. Department officers and a young boy. Brad
life, this is a moment "On this day, let us remember these men Crooks, as he was known by, never had a that we can reflect not by how they died, but how they walked chance to get out of his car, was shot and upon what is most among us, and whose lives they enriched in killed on the off-ramp of Interstate 75 into
.................. important. a thousand ways by their very existence," Wesley Chapel.
.. Last year, the said U.S. Circuit Court judge William Burgess And then there was the first officer ever

3 death toll for law en- III, after reading the roll call of the fallen offi- killed in Pasco in the line of duty. Sheldon
forcement officers cers. Nicks was working with his father, Fivay
killed in the line of Those officers honored also included Lt. town marshal H. Robert Nicks, to serve a duty dropped to its Charles "Bo" Harrison, who was killed warrant.When the man they were serving
lowest numbers in June 1, 2003, while doing surveillance near a realized he was being arrested, he pulled a
more than 50 years. Dade City nightclub.A sniper, whose only gun.The younger Nicks jumped in front of And while those are goal reportedly was to shoot a police offi- the bullet, saving his father, but died on May statistics that should cer, hid in the nearby woods, and shot 8,1909. be celebrated, Dade Harrison in the back. Harrison, who was 56, "None of whom we honor today can be City Police Chief Ray was just 15 days away from retirement after defined by their deaths," Florida Highway Officers salute a wreath featuring pictures of law enforcement offi- Velboom warned that 31 years of service. Patrol Capt. Kristina Quenneville said."But
cers who lost their lives in the line of duty in Pasco County during work to protect offi- Also remembered was a member of the by what is forever imprinted on the lives its long history. cers is still needed. Florida Highway Patrol, Trooper James and hearts of those they have touched."


Dr maya* L. Reese,
the Hearing Aid Expert

President & Publisher rena 2

JC Audiology & Hearing Aids 1541 Dale Mabry Hwy., Ste 201. Lutz

News Editor Community Editor Staff Writer Editorial Assistant


There have been so many changes in how dentistry is practiced since we opened our dental office 25 years ago in Land 0' Lakes. We want to use this dedicated space in TERRI WILLIAMSON SUZANNE BEAUCHAINE CAROLYN BENNETT RACHELTHOMPSON The Laker and Lutz News to answer questions we are frequently asked and to share
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MATTHEW MISTRETTA STEFANIE BLRLINGAME MARY EBERHARD KATHY WELTON A Whitening agents only affect stains embedded within the enamel pellicle (the
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LOCATION WEBSITE/FACEBOOK True bleaching agents will also remove stains on the outside of your teeth. The differ3632 Land O' Lakes Blvd. Suite 102 Land 0' Lakes, FL 34639
MAIL ence is a true bleaching agent will penetrate the tooth's enamel and cause a change in
R 0. Box 479 Lutz, FL 33548 EMAIL the tooth's color affecting the dentin layer of your teeth (the inside). The bleaching
PHONE/FAX affect comes from either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the active ingreph: 813.909.2800 fax: 813.909.2802 DISTRIBUTION
IT SUPPORT SunsetAdvertising Distributors 727.530.5521 dient. Use of a true bleaching product will give a more dramatic change in tooth color STEVE MISTRETTA and longer stability. With the help of your dentist you can a brighter smile in no time.
SUBSCRIPTIONS: Paid subscriptions available for those outside delivery area. Call 813- 9092800.
CIRCULATION: If you did not receive your paper, or to stop your paper, call 727-530-5521. VERIFICAnON
NEWS DEADLINE: Thursday at noon. CLASSIFIED DEADLINE: Friday at noon. DISPLAY AD DEADLINE: Thursday, 5 p.m.
EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS: Suggestions for news content and coverage are welcome and e-mails are invited. Publisher reserves the right to edit H AWLEY DENTAL ASSOCIATES and/or reject any editorial and advertising content.
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: We welcm commun......ity topics in the 250-word range. Please. include daytime phon num....ber. Opinion ex...presseddby81 94 BI E ( 83
thle writers are their own and do not reflect thle opinion of thle publisher. ADVERTISING ERRORS: Publisher is not responsible for errors in advertising beyond the cost of space for the first insertion, or for the validity of81 4 B I E ( 83 MEMBER: Central Pasco Chamber, Wesley ChapelIChamber, Zephyrhills Chamber, Dade City Chamber, Florida Press Association, Free Community 9 7 9 S 4 L n '~L k sL t
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Advertising and editorial content copyright 2014 Commun...ity News Publications.. Reproduction in whole or in part is forbidden without prior wr..itten n w v n a ~ o permission from thle publisher.

www. Lake I May 7, 2014, 3

Schools rack up awards for good performance

The Laker/Lutz News Staff Report Pasco schools receiving awards were:
-Pasco High, $138,375
Public schools in Hillsborough County Oakstead Elementary, $ 107,492 earned nearly $8.5 million and Pasco County Double Branch Elementary, $83,617 $2.7 million in Florida School Recognition Long Middle, $160,838 Program awards, according to figures released Wiregrass Ranch High, $193,549 itby the Florida Department of Education. Sunlake High, $153,626
Schools eligible to receive the recogni- Veterans Elementary, $80,196 tion awards include those receiving an A Connerton Elementary, $86,881 school grade; those improving at least one Pine View Middle, $90,207 letter grade from the previous year; those Lake Myrtle Elementary, $66,713 improving more than one school grade and Sand Pine Elementary, $63,254 sustaining the improvement the following Wesley Chapel Elementary, $62,054 year; or alternative schools meeting state im- Seven Oaks Elementary, $94,966 provement criteria. Academy at the Farm, $38,982
Award distributions are based on $ 100 Countryside Montessori, $23,200 per full-time equivalent student for each eli- imagine School at land 0'LUkes, gible school. $63,360
Hillsborough schools receiving awards The Florida Lottery provides the prolocally were: gram's funding, and the legislation that
Benito Middle, $107,383 created it authorizes the school's staff and
Chiles Elementary, $78,259 school advisory council to decide how to
Clark Elementary, $82,957 use the funds.
Hammond Elementary, $69,7 10 The money can be used for bonuses for
Liberty Middle, $110,342 the faculty and staff, for educational equip- Lutz Elementary, $58,750 ment or materials, or for temporary
Maniscalco Elementary, $54,156 personnel to help the school maintain or
Martinez Middle, $ 108,800 improve student performance.
Schwarzkopf Elementary: $60,163 If bonuses are awarded, the staff and advif Tampa Palms Elementary, $76,953 sory team decide who receives them and how
Does every house in your neighbor- Wharton High, $236,050 much each person receives, according to the
hood have the same door hanger with Walker Middle Magnet, $80,066 state Department of Education's website.
the same problems circled?

Lan 0'Laks Banc Lirar *Teen Volunteer Training, 5:15 p.m., May 13
Look closely at the printing. Are check Lad0 ae rnhLbay and May 27
marks and circles pre-printed to claim *Baby Storytime, 1]:30 a m. and 2:30 p.m., Teen Advisory Board, 6 p.m., May 13 and
ever ThusdayMay 27
yourlaw haschich bgsmolecrik- Preschool Storylime, 1]:30 a m. every Friday -Computer Skills, 10 am., May 14
ets, fungus and fertilization problems? Reading Buddies, 10 am., every Saturday Friday Afternoon Movie, 1: 15 p.m., May 16
*Alzheimer's Association /Ca regiver Support, *CoderDojo Tampa Bay Area,]]1 a.m. May 17 11 a.m., May 7 *Kids Crafts, 2p.m., Mayl17
Hasyou neghbrhod eencan *LOL Social Seniors, 10 a.m., May 8 Young Adult Book Share, 2 p.m., May 17
vassd b woker wih n lan cre- Toddler Time, 10 a.m., May 10 Family Night Out, 6:30 p.m., May 20
vase y ores it o aw ar Tween Gaming, 2 p.m., May 10 *Land 0' Lakes Book Club, 1:30 p.m., May 21
knowledge who are paid to check off Chess Club, 2 p.m., May 10 and May 24 The library is located at 2818 Collier Parkway It
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Forget finance, B.A. Arnot finds his sweet spot

in Zephyrhills is just a short jaunt from his
Lake Bernadette home. From time to time, Getting to know
Gn people will find Arnot carrying his clubs,
to n looking to master each hole. B.A. Arnot

OW Injury explains the change in his golf
plans, but what happened to a career in fi- What are you watching on TV?
You nance? There have been tons of shows on that
"I don't think I would've ever been good everyone likes, but I tend to only watch TV
By Michael Hinman behind a desk,"Arnot said."I'm used to being on Wednesday nights when I'm off. So the on my feet and walking around, because at shows I'm watching are "Burn Notice" and
the end of the day, it all comes down to cus- "Suits."
tomer service for me:' What music group makes you turn up
here may be about a dozen differ- But Arnot doesn't like the word "cus- the radio?
ent cuts of steak, but the ways to tomer," however. Nirvana. Or really anything on 102.5 The
prepare it are almost endless. "'Guest'is a better word," he said."It's all Bone.
Think about Bubba Blue's long list of shrimp about the guest, and taking care of the recipes in the film "Forrest Gump," and re- guest." If you could spend a week anywhere?
place all of it with all the types of steak that In 1994, LongHorn was a young restau- I would go to St. Andrews Links, the golf
exist, rant chain that was more "roadhouse" style. course in Scotland. It's the most famous
B.A. Arnot has watched thousands of The complete menu was found on a chalk- course in the world.
steaks carried from his kitchen to customers board when customers arrived, and each at his LongHorn Steakhouse location on table offered complimentary peanuts the Best golfing movie?
Tampa's Westshore Boulevard. Rancher's shells of which were welcomed on top of MICHAEL HINMAN/STAFF PHOTO "The Legend of Bagger Vance."
Sirloin. Outlaw Ribeye. Flo's Filet. There's the wooden floors, crunching under the B.A. Arnot doesn't mind the long commute never a shortage of meat. servers' feet. from his home in Zephyrhills to LongHorn
And for the last 20 years,Arnot has dedi- Arnot had worked at a Burger King Steakhouse in Tampa's Westshore district, he's not working.
cated his professional career to making sure when he was a teenager, and Bennigan's in He's worked with the restaurant since the Arnot also carves out a little time for hungry customers walk away satisfied from college. But at LongHorn, he was still start- days when guests still threw discarded himself in the middle of the week, where he the restaurant chain. But his job as managing ing at entry level, first as a host, and then as peanut shells on the floor, can enjoy a round of golf, or simply work on partner is not exactly the career Arnot ex- a server, peanutshellsonthe_______ projects at home.
pected to find himself in back in his college Yet, the manager at his LongHorn saw And as the LongHorn chain expands,
days at the University of South Florida. something inArnot. He saw a leader. nity arises. He's a big believer in hiring from Arnot hopes to expand with it. His ultimate
"My degree is in finance,"Arnot said one "After a year-and-a-half here, I got offered within, goal is to become a regional director of oprecent afternoon before the Saturday dinner a chance to go into management, so I did," During almost all of that time,Arnot has rations, although such a job might mean rush." I was on the USF golf team, too, and I he said. commuted the nearly 40 miles from his moving. Moving up is a long-term plan, like
was even thinking about maybe turning Arnot would continue to work at the home to the restaurant. Even when the Dale waiting until his youngest daughter is on
pro." LongHorn location on North Dale Mabry Mabry location closed down and moved to her way to college.
In fact, if the Super Bowl and a major Highway, until he became a kitchen manag- nearby Westshore Boulevard, it was still a "Yeah, 10 years would be my goal to golfing event ever ended up on the same er at a new location in Citrus Park in 1999. haul. move ahead,"Arnot said. "But who knows.
night,Arnot might have to read about foot- Just two years later, he was back at the Dale But he doesn't let all that travel time and It's hard to predict." ball's biggest game in the newspaper the Mabry location, now as its managing part- long hours at the restaurant interfere with And Arnot should know. Just 20 years next morning.The only reason why he isn't ner. making time for his wife a manager at a ago, LongHorn was supposed to be a quick
pursuing that dream is an injury that pre- Arnot gives back the same way he re- Fifth Third Bank and three daughters, stop on the road toward a banking job. vents him from playing as much as he likes. ceived nearly two decades ago. He looks for ages 16, 14, and 8. He takes turns getting his Instead, he's focused his career on the indusOf course, that does not mean Arnot manager material from the staff he hires, kids around to their various activities, and try, and still has a lot more he wants to never plays. Silverado Golf & Country Club and promotes them whenever the opportu- making sure he's home for dinner the nights accomplish.

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www? J May 7, 2014 5

North East Tampa Women in Business will
BUSI host a pancake breakfast fundraiser May 17
~from 8 am. to 11 am. at Lexington Oaks Di Golf Club, 26133 Lexington Oaks Blvd., inV
The cost is $ 10 per person, and includes
raffles. Money raised will help fund two
$500 scholarships the organization gives in
a 0 December.
- For information, email debholley@netzero net, or call (813) 45 1-8023.W MARTIN TO LEAD SAINT LEO
Saint Leo University has launched a new TO ZEPHYRH ILLS L1 ~a
Communication-Marketing-Multimedia A developer that wanted to add another COURTESY OF PASCO COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR'S OFFICE
Industry Advisory Council, with Summer recreational vehicle park to State Road 54 Burke retires from tax collector's office
Martin from the Pasco Economic just west of Zephyrhills, has been convinced Cathy Burke, center, is retiring from the Pasco County Tax Collector's Office after 11 Development Council, elected as chair- to build a new apartment complex instead. years of service. Tax Collector Mike Fasano, left, and Dade City office manager Michelle woman. Terrace Investors LLC were scheduled to Vnuehnrdhr
The council's mission is to serve as an appear in front of the Pasco County Vnuehnrdhr advisory body, working collaboratively with Commission May 6 seeking a rezoning of a the instructional faculty and students by 14-acre piece of property on New River Cost is $15 for members, and $18 for guests, each year, according to a release. providing ideas and opinions on matters Road next to Terrace Park Mobile Home if purchased byluesday before the meeting. The banquet is set for Sept. 2 at concerning the industry, and to help ad- Park, so that it could build a 228-unit project. To register, visit Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel. vance the department's strategic plan. Terrace Investors bought the vacant land For information, call (813) 600-9848. Sponsorships range from $500 to $7,500.
"Talent is always No. 1 on a company's in 1999 for $240,000, according to the Pasco For information, call (813) 926-0827, ext.
wish list when choosing a location for its County Property Appraiser. Steve McConihay GRNSNT NEN226, or email, by July 1. business;' said Martin, in a release."This is a owns the company, and in 2012 also pro- WITH CESSNA great opportunity for industry professionals posed to replace a 138-lot RV park with a Joshua Cherok, the grandson of Leon and MORE JOBS COMING TO REGION to weigh in on the skills they would like to 230-unit apartment complex in Largo, ac- Shirley Cherok of Land 0' Lakes, has accept- The Tampa Bay market gained 30,000 see future graduates have as it relates to cording to published reports. ed a summer internship wit Cessna Aircraft new jobs in March, while the unemploytheir business and the field of marketing, His new project there, called Boulevard Co., in Wichita, Kansas. ment rate locally dropped by 1 percentage
communication and multimedia." Apartments, secured $30 million in financing He will work as a customer support rep- point to 7.5 percent.
Martin joined the PEDC in 2012, and has just last month. resentative wit the engine events The numbers were released by Gov. Rick
since helped the organization win four The commission's decision on the rezon- management team. Scott's office, and included gains in areas
awards recognizing its marketing efforts. She ing request was not available by the time Cherok will graduate in December from like professional and business services with also serves on the Tampa Bay Partnership's The Laker/Lutz News went to press. Kent State University in Ohio with a bache- 9,000 new jobs, and trade and transportaRegional Marketing Council, and in 2012, lor's degree in aeronautics. tion with 6,400 new jobs. Manufacturing
participated as a member of the LEVENT TO SPEAK AT had 4, 100 new jobs.
Communications Action Group for the WOMEN-N-CHARGE PEDC NEEDS BANQUET SPONSORS The region was first among the state
Tampa Bay Host Committee. Women-n-Charge will have its next meet- The Pasco Economic Development metropolitan areas when it came to online
"Saint Leo University is preparing stu- ing June 6 at 11:30 a.m., at Pebble Creek Council is seeking sponsors for its annual job demand with 41,076 openings.That indents for future jobs, and we want to stay on Country Club, 10550 Regents Park Drive in appreciation banquet. cluded nearly 10,500 openings in science, the cutting edge;' said Michael Nastanski, Tampa. The 28-year-old event allows the organi- technology, engineering and mathematics
dean of Saint Leo's Donald R.Tapia School of Guest speaker is business strategist and zation to recognize those who help keep STEM jobs that are considered high wage Business, in a release. "We look forward to author Tammy Levent, who will talk about the Pasco County economy strong and and high skill. working with industry professionals to de- how to create successful strategic partner- growing, and is typically attended by more The unemployment rate statewide in velop the Tampa Bay region's talent:' ships in this economy than 600 business and community leaders March was 6.3 percent.

*STANDARD PACIFIC HOMES Homes that turn every day into a special occasion.

A T1 W I R E G R A S S a1

Intro duccs

Th 1e Artistry of Home

At Estancia, connection to nature begins at

home, where innovative designs integrate 7

indoor/outdoor living, and most home sites

overlook preserves, lakes or nature trails.

So your new Standard Pacific Home is also
75 ACI
your escape to everyday discoveries, anytime ETNI

tranquility, and priceless time with family and

friends. We call it The Artistry of Home'; you'll ~

call it an incredible place to come home to.

Now Selling
New homes from the $200Os to $600Os.
Visit or call (813) 642-7769

AARP launches initiative to help defeat scammers

By B.C. Man ion tionally involved because happen to you. "
bcmanion@lakerlutznews. corn that makes them more Keep your credit cards and Social
vulnerable, Henry said. Security number in a place where others Protect yourself with When it comes to being One common ploy in- can't get to them, she added. Check your these tips from AARP
scammed, virtually everyone is volves an email or a call credit reports to be sure they are accurate.
at risk, said Claudette Henry, the that claims to be from a "Be real careful about your mail and
featured speaker at a recent relative needing help. It's how you handle your mail.You don't want DotcaryurSilSertyad
Land 0' Lakes AARP chapter best to hang up the to throw stuff out in the trash with infor- Shred sensitive information
meeting. phone and verify that in- mation from credit card companies, offers
Because identity theft and fomto-rmaohr o vnyornm n drs, er Limit the number of credit cards
fraud are so pervasive, the AARP source, said." Shred the information. Don't put it you carry
has launched the Fraud Watch There are other out there. People go through your trash try- Keep copies of your credit cards,
Network to combat the prob- scams that claim to offer ing to get information."
lem. Last year, an estimated 12.6 investment opportuni- Also, be careful in returning calls when front and back, in case they are stolen
million Americans were the vic- ties, such as oil and gas you don't recognize the numbers, she said. Watch for missing bills
tims of identity theft, Henry A stock options, she said. "If you don't know who's calling you,
said, citing AARP materials. One victim lost $40,000. don't call them," Henry advised. Monitor your accounts carefully
AARP's Fraud Watch Cluet er It can happen to Ginny Sibley, a bank officer for American Do your homework before making
Network aims to help people of CudteHnyanyone," Henry said. Momentum Bank, offered this advice:
all ages, not only members of Some criminals use "When you're traveling, please use a credit investments
the AARP, Henry said. threats and intimidation to try to get what card, not your debit card*" Review your free credit report once
"We're trying to protect you against they want. "The latest scam involves calls or Scammers can do serious damage once a year phone, email and mail scams," Henry said. emails that claim they're from the IRS," she they get someone's checking account num"If you receive a phone call or email from said. "They're not going to call or email. ber, Sibley said. Do not carry your check card codes
anyone saying that your checking account They're going to send you a letter. Don't be "What they do, is they set up an exact or passwords or bank account or credit card or PayPal, or fooled*" time throughout the whole United States
anything that you do has been compro- A caller attempted the IRS scam on and they compromise your number," she Do not choose obvious passwords,
mnised, and you need to respond, do not." Steve Dierking of Lutz, who was at the said. "At that moment, they use the cards, such as a birthdate, phone number,
Instead, contact the company that sent AARP meeting. the plastic into the machine. You could consecutive numbers or the like
the communication to make sure it is legiti- I had the IRS call me a month ago and have five, six transactions at the same time. -Ifyurcieaspcosemldnt mate, she said, they said they had audited me over the last When buying gas, be sure to click the Ifyureceive ao piciumid o
"If it is from the bank, they'll address seven years. I owed $ 3,400," Dierking said, clear button after your transaction, Sibleyrepntoi
you by name, not just your email account, I had one hour to give it to them.And, if I added. Avoid conducting personal or financial
or say,'Dear Member; or anything like that," didn't, they were sending the sheriff out to Robert Brown took that advice a step business on shared or public computers Henry saidIf you receive a phone call and pick me up. farther vrwrleshtpt
it says,'To verify your account, press 1.' Do "So, I said,'I have to get back to you, be- "Any tine I use my debit or credit cardorvewilsshtps not do it. cause I don't have that cash.' I called the when I get gas, I go inside and swipe it," Protect your mail
Another common scam involves mes- sheriff," Dierking told the crowd, said Brown, a independent associate of
sages that say someone won a lottery There are persistent scammers, who use LegalShield. I always go inside. Do not give out personal information to
"Anytime you receive information that harassment to try to get their way The Land 0' Lakes chapter of the AARP telemarketers
you've won a lottery, you've won a prize "The best thing you can do is get on the welcomes new members.Annual dues are -Check out a charity before donating if you have to pay taxes up front, or a quail- phone with the authorities," Henry said. $10 per person.Anyone interested in learn- bygigt hrt~to g fication fee, or a document fee it's a "Put an answering machine on your phone ing more can email Phyllis E. Bross, chapter bygit Charity at .or or scam. Don't fall for it," Henry said, or block your phone calls. If all else fails, president, at, or leave Caiyaiao~r
Con artists attempt to get people emo- change your phone number. Don't let this a voicemail at (813) 996-1361.

It's Time for Mom to Take Care of HER Health & Fitness

Being a Healthy & Fit Mom is a GREAT Example for your Children of Any Age
*You lake Care of Everyone Else Let US Help lake Care of You!*

-Women only in a private studio

Place you feel comfortable A,,In her

Nutlition & lifestyle coaching mni d

-Friendship & camaraderie 501s

1 -on-i or group training

-Fun & positive atmosphere
-Feel important, not like a "number)

"One of the best

experiences of my life!"
Angela Lutz

See MORE inspiring pictures on our website.

.. .*.Lost 401 b.

Call NOW to Reserve your Ae4
Body Transformation Analysis
*First 5 People Get a Free Upgrade

813-909-4939 Fat Loss &*Fitness~ Expert

Why do women love our studio? MANY REASONS ... here are a few...
*It's all natural *Private studio for women *Not like the "other" gyms *Learn how to eat for life *Around other women like them in their 40's, 50's & 60's *It's a place they can have "me" time


Call for appointment: Subject to $3 medical, infectious & records fee. A d op t A *
Cat Neuter: $35 Cat Spay: $45
Dog Neuter: Dog Spay: O R
up to 11 lbs $45 up to 11 lbs $55
12- 33 lbs $50 12- 22 lbs $60
(813) 949-4416 34- 66 lbs $60 23- 44 lbs $65
67 88 Ibs $75 45 66 Ibs $75
21515 VILLAGE LAKES 89 132 lbs $90 67 88 lbs $95 SHOPPING CENTER (Includes pre-anesthetic exam, 89 132 Ibs $110 LAND O'LAKES anesthesia, pain & antibiotic (next to Beef 0' Brady's pre-medication).
in old Wal-Mart Plaza) Dogs & cats must be healthy
and current on vaccines & at
MONDAY-FRIDAY least 3 months old but not
8AM-6 PM more than 5 years old.
8 Dogs should be at least 5 lbs. I ..
SATURDAY 8AM -12 NOON Cats, 3 lbs.
Pets must not be pregnant &
CLOSED SUNDAY should be healthy.

In Office: Monday-Friday 1 2 pm

Sat., May 24th Sat., May 24th
1 to 2 pm 2:30 to 3:30 pm
E .. .ow ... .c.A loving foot warmer for you
PET CITY MIDWAY FARM & RANCH A lvn o tw r e o o
2119 Collier Pkwy LAND 0' LAKES 11520 US Hwy 41 SPRING HILL
Mazy is a sweet 1-year-old girl. She was found as a stray by a nice lady, and she's now in search of a forever home. She's so happy to be inside, and loves Rabies 1 yr $15.00 Rabies 3 yr $30.00 sleeping in a warm bed. Mazy will even warm your feet during cold nights.
Feline Leukemia 2 yr $25.00 Canine Distemper Combo 3 yr $30.00 If you would like to invite Mazy into your family, e-mail Feline Distemper Combo 3 yr $30.00 Bordetella/Kennel Cough $18.00 Cat Crusaders at w w w. g e n For more information about other adoptable cats, visit
j- Like us on

Check out our Facebook page at
You'll find stories, things to do, specials, community photos and more.

Veterinarians 0 Grooming
Breeding # Training # Supplies
P Pet Sitters 9 Pets 4 Sale ___STATIeN> II N
u~~~1' : oil : u : *- '


Dogs play & 813-948-2400
socialize four Cats Welcome 00i FR EE UP -S IZE
tma da on any size ad!
with any groom with a 12 week agreement in the Pet Station Directory*

day ..... . e 1 19025 US HWY 41 N. Lutz Exp.:12-31-14
HappUTaiI _.. n s..
Hap_ -i14 V IS FORAY
Z. o i = 'Midi TIME ONLY!
813.995.222 (813) 909-2800 /Luz EW
10014 Ehren Cutoff Land 0" Lakes CommuThnLAKRyILNteNEW
www. [qq7-6115 -.ulcain *NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY

8 May 7, 2014 www.L.aker!.utzNews corn

2 Wash Baseboards 2 Wash Floors 6
2 Wash Windows 2 Disinfect Bathrooms
11 Treat Yourself...Hire Maid Brigade!

:0- $30 OFF 'iriy Cleaning
Includes 2 Professionally !Vlaid Brigade
Trained Maids for 1-1i2 hours :OU ............
Over 3 hours of deaning (or 3 labor hours)
Some restrictions apply. Call for Some restrictions apply. Call for
____details. Expires 5-15-14 details. Expires5-15-14 __--
I Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Sat 9am-3pm Closed Sun and major holidays
: ll. -~l'l.. lI a

COURTESY OF SPRING ENGINEERING Providing affordable generic prices
New tax office location under way
Progress is being made quickly of the new Pasco County Tax Collector's Office location that 3 D S $ ( w y s i is being constructed in Lutz. Studwork and plumbing are under way, and furniture is being put together for the office. It will be located at Compark 75 Center, 4610 Pet Lane, near the entrance to the Grand Oaks community on Wesley Chapel Boulevard. It is expected to open by summer. Accepts most insurances Medicine counseling available
-~t'tFd tPi - ., rAi ,, - *. -;E. rFJ 'J, D~ tI'rF"

-~ 0

FEATURING 370 Physicians!

CALL 888-741 -5119 Regional Medical Center
or visit Bayonet Point
urcal ernaM275 Shell's Feed & Garden Supply
...- a AFamily Owned & Operated Since 1961
AA A A MASAG A 9513 Nebraska Avenue Tampa, FL 33612
We effectively treat symptoms that cause acute and chronic pain. 813.932.9775
if you are in pain or just want to relieve stress. Check us out, we can help!
[20% OFF first time customer: W W .SheI F i fe e c m
17886 N. U.S. Hwy. 41 Lutz, FL 33549
(Heritage Station)
813-948-6300 1bDS 5/31/14
,Shell's Feed & Garden Supply Inc.
Gift Certificates 1 OLB $9.95 ($2 off)
20LB $16.95 ($3 off)
to Pamper Mom 40LB $24.95 ($5 off)

0U $3.5
Purina Mills.
s W .Pn a & Shell's Wild Bird Food
s AND FEEDERS Earthboxes available in green or terra cotta
...s .... DOG & CAT
$ 199 onthsFOOD W se PINE STRAW
Great for ground cover, mulch & walk ways
i *' i Areg. $4.95 U ET1FE

2346 Raden Dr..* Land 0' Lakes (Behind Wendy's) BY EiFE
www5 May7,2014 9

What Happening

Your Community Calendar Submit 2 weeks in advance to: o All listings free of charge

PACA MEETING a survivor or caregiver, call Lilly Fontanez at
The Pasco Alliance of Community -(813) 770-4354. For information, visit
Associations will meet May 8 at 7 p.m., at the
Land O' Lakes Community Center, 5401 Land
O' Lakes Blvd. Guest speaker is Pasco County SEUSSICAL AUDITIONS
elections supervisor Brian Corley. For Celebrate mom pajama party New Tampa Players is hosting auditions for
information, call Ron Litts at (813) 475456 1. "Seussical:The Musical" May 17 from 4 p.m.
Join a Girls Night Out Mother's Day Celebration Pajama Party May 9 from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 to 6:30 p.m., May 18 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., SOUNDS OF SPRING AT OLOR p m., at Copperstone Executive Suites, 3632 Land O Lakes Blvd., in Land 0' Lakes. There will be and May 19 from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at
The Christ Renew His Parish group at Our free dinner, cake, champagne, coffee, massages, music, and gift card giveaways. Participants CrossPointe Church of the Nazarene, 919 Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church, 2348 can don their pajamas for a contest. To RSVPcall Lisa Rogers at (813) 458-9672, or email Dubuel Road in Lutz. Performances are in Collier Parkway in Land O' Lakes,will August. For information and character
present theWesley ChapelWind Ensemble descriptions, email
in a "Sensational Sounds of Spring" concert M other's Day conference, or visit
May 9 at 7:30 p.m.,in Rosary Hall. Water's Edge Community Church, 30200 Overpass Road in Wesley Chapel, will host "Mothers
Admission is a canned food item for the and Mentors for Christ" May 10 from 10 a m. to 2 p.m. There will be guest speakers and a comchurch's pantry. For information, call (813) plimentary lunch. For reservations or directions, call Patty Fitzpatrick at (813) 528-8565. PASCO FIASCO RALLY 949-4565. MPasco Fiasco, the activist group that
MOSI's Mother's Day opposes the proposed elevated toll road
LUTZ GUV'NA DEBATE The Museum of Science & Industry will grant mothers free general admission, with the pur- along the State Road 54/56 corridor, is
Candidates for the next honorary Lutz chase of a child's admission, May 10 and May 11. The promotion is limited to one offer per staging a rally May 19 beginning at 7 p.m. at
Guv'na will tell their tall tales at a debate household. Other restrictions may apply. For information, call (813) 987-6000, or visit Sunlake High School, 3023 Sunlake Blvd.,in May 10 at 2 p.m. at the Old Lutz School, Land O' Lakes. For information, visit
18819 N. U.S. 41.This year's candidates are Puppets for Christ
Susan Gulash from Gulash Graphics,Jerome The youth ministry Puppets for Christ will perform a Mother's Day show "Wildfire" May 11 at 6:30 Smalls from Soccer Gemz, Cindy Perkins p.m., at Van Dyke United Methodist, 17030 Lakeshore Road in Lutz. This is a musical black light FREE SCRAPBOOK DAY from Back in Health, Liane Caruso from performance. Admission is free, however donations will be accepted. Dessert will follow the Myrtle Lake Baptist Church, 2017 Reigler Limelight Marketing Consultants, and Jay show For information, call (813) 968-3983. Road in Land O' Lakes, will be the site for a
Muffly, whose candidacy is being sponsored free scrapbook day May 24 from 9 a.m. to 6
by the Lutz-Land O' LakesWoman's Club. p.m. Participants are asked to bring their
The annual race raises money for local SENIOR RESOURCE FAIR butterflies, cake, and flowers to beautify the own supplies,lunch and snacks. Space is
organizations and charitable causes. IN ZEPHYRHILLS garden in honor of loved ones. For limited. For information, call Jo Anne Shaffer
U. S Rep Gus Bilirakis, R-Palm Harbor will information, email at (813) 996-1185, or Penny Benitez at
USPS FOOD DRIVE host a free senior resource fair May 12 from (813) 323-1867.
The U.S. Postal Service will have its annual 10 a.m. to noon at the Alice Hall Community Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive May 10To Center, 38116 FifthAve., in Zephyrhfills. PINNING CEREMONY MEMORIAL DAY PARADE
donate, place a box or can of nonperishable Senior citizens will be able to pick up FOR VETERANS Knights of Columbus Assembly 2741 and
food next to the mailbox before mail arrives information on a number of issues including Gulfside Hospice will host a community Council 8104 will present their inaugural May 10. Carriers will collect food donations, health and wellness, nutrition, home health veterans pinning ceremony in honor of Memorial Day parade May 26 starting at 8 and deliver them to local community food services, and identity protection tips. Armed Forces Day and as part of the We a.m.The route will start at Dupree Lakes banks,pantries and shelters. HonorVeterans program May 17 at 9:30 a.m., Boulevard off Collier Parkway, and end at
NATIVE PLANT SOCIETY at Harley-Davidson of New Port Richey, 5817 the Baldomero Lopez Memorial Veterans
LAWN INSECT SEMINAR PROGRAM State Road 54.Veterans will be presented Nursing Home on Parkway Boulevard,in
Pasco Cooperative Extension Service will The Nature Coast Chapter of the Florida with a flag pin and certificate of recognition. Land O' Lakes. For information on offer a free seminar on getting rid of lawn Native Plant Society will host "A Journey This is a free event. For information, call Kelly participation, call Bob Barbero at (813) 995insects May 10 at 9 a.m., at the Land O' Lakes from 'MyWildflower Garden' and Back into Milner at (800) 561-4883. 2736, or EdAguila at (813) 995-0973.
Community Center, 5401 Land O' Lakes theWoods" by Jeanne Parks May 13 at 7
Blvd. Participants can discover how to p.m., at the Land O' Lakes Community MASS OF HEALING GOODWILL AND DINOSAURS
identify and control what's bugging their Center, 5401 Land O' Lakes Blvd.There will St. James the Apostle Church Chapel, 8400 Donors who drop off clothing or household lawn. For information, call (813) 996-2411. be light refreshments and a native plant Monarch Drive in Port Richey, will host a items at any Goodwill Industries-Suncoast drawing. For information, call (727) 376- Morning of Hope and Healing & Mass of donation site before May 31 will receive a WINE FESTIVAL 7663. Remembrance May 17 at 10 a.m., for those coupon good for two free children's tickets
Florida Estates Winery, 25241 State Road 52 who have suffered a pregnancy loss due to to Dinosaur World, 5145 HarveyTew Road
near Land O' Lakes,will host a wine festival EMBROIDERS' GUILD POTLUCK miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant death, in- in Plant City, with paid adult admissions,
May 10 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.The event is The Gulfview Chapter of the Embroiders' vitro loss or abortion. Participants will while supplies last. Coupons can be pet-friendly and will include vendors, live Guild ofAmerica will host a potluck receive a flower to represent each loss. redeemed through July 31. For a list of entertainment and sample wine offerings, luncheon May 14 at The Lakeside Club, To register, call (813) 924-4173 or (727) donation sites, visit For information, call (813) 996-2 113. 12606 Shadow Ridge Road in Hudson. 534-5729.
There will be a variety of Mother's Day VISIT WC CIVIL AIR PATROL
POPS IN THE PARK stitching projects shown. For information, STEINBRENNER RELAY FOR LIFE Wesley Chapel Cadet Squadron of CivilAir
The Florida Orchestra will present its "Pops call Betty Brandt at (727) 856-3643. Steinbrenner High School, 5575 W Lutz Patrol, located at the NorthTampaAero Park in the Park" picnic under the stars at Curtis Lake Fern Road in Lutz, will host the just off State Road 54, meets every
Hixon Park, 600 N.Ashley Drive inTampa, GARDEN FEST AT CONNERTON American Cancer Society's Relay For Life Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.,next to the airport
May 11 at 7:30 p.m. Guests should bring ConnertonAssisted Living and Memory May 17-18, beginning with opening hangar. Cadets range from 12 to 21 years
canned goods for Tampa Bay Harvest's food Care, 21021 Betel Palm Lane in Land 0' ceremonies on the first day at 2 p.m. to old, and senior members are 18 and older. drive.Admission to the concert is free. For Lakes, will host its Garden Fest May 15 at 2 form a team or to volunteer, email For information and a schedule of activities, information, visit p.m.There will be a release of 30 To register as visit WesleyChapelCAPcom.

A muia blac ligh pefomac / I 'I i

For once you were full of
darkness, but now you have I M D M 1 2
light from the Lord, So live as U Mo
people of light! For this light 1 L R L
within yon pro dices only what
is good anid right and true.
Ejphesians :8-9 'is u '* 5

10f May 7, 2014 www.L aker

Our FLOORS Best Price in Town
Carpet your entire house
/ h$799.00 $ 5O
OL77sq.ft. OLY 78q 3.ft.
$6.99 per sq. yard $6.99 per sq. yard
:: 8534 N. Nebraska Ave.
Mon-En S:farn 6pm Sat 8ro- m prn-.


the Beautiful AND SAVE

World MONEY .
WE OFFER A WIDE SELECTION OF: A round Yout Chicken Waterers Feeders Baby Chicks Baby Bunnies
Custom Chicken Coops & Rabbit Hutches
Specializes in hot air balloon adventures throughout the LIGHT, PORTABLE, EASY TO CLEAN
East Pasco and Northern Hillsborough county areas
*Operating in hot air balloon rides since 1998.
Great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements, Weddings.
Traditional champagne toast and a light brunch.
Great pilots and excellent crew
Cal toayto oo f.,f Holloway's Farm Supply
Call today to book OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
your next adventure! 813-949-6809
813-243-9507 14 3036 Land 0' Lakes Blvd. (US 41)
m (US 41, just south of Hungry Harry's BBQ) os -WE0s.- STO-- SO
wwwa erian~allonrdesHOURS: 9-6 WEEKDAYS* 9-5 SATURDAY* 9-3 SUNDAY

28t Anna GofTunmn

The Central
AWARDS...... .......... ....

Regi on Noon
Shotgun Start 1 P Ml

HERJAGE HRBORIn celebration of Men's Health Month, we invite you to join us for afree 19502 Heritage Harbor Men's Health Seminar focusing on health and wellness topics for men.
Parkway Lutz, FL 33558
$70 individual 10:00AM MEN'S HEART HEALTH
$260 Team of Four Chetan Khamare, MD, Cardiologist
Includes greens fees, car,
Range balls & BBQ Awards Dinner
11:15AM THE TRUTH ABOUT LOW TESTOSTERONE mylOObanki i r Jonathan Yousef, DO, Family Medicine

Brent Sullivan, MD, Urologist

www! .ker~ut~ew~co I ay7, 2014 11

POLITICAL AGENDA Strategic Image Management in Jensen Tallahassee, but it appears the man holding fundraising to report.
_________________________ Beach for what was described as "design, that seat right now state Rep. Mark Wilson has spent just $350, leaving him a
SEND POLITICAL NEWS TO MHINMAN@LAKERLUTZNEWS.COM print, mail pre-session survey" Danish, D-Tampa is starting to gain some lot of room to mount a financial defense of He spent another $2,300 on a telephone ground. his seat. But he will have only until the
THE GROVE AVAILABLE town hail, according to state election Harrison raised $5,950 in March, down August primary to do it, since both he and
FOR EARLY VOTING records, and $3,125 with Capitol Consulting slightly from his $6,500 average, according Wells are Republicans.
Pasco County has added a new early vot- out of Odessa. to state election records. Dani sh, however,
ing location for the upcoming Aug. 26 Janet Cruz, D-Tampa, kept pace with her pulled in $5,750 of his own, topping his BURGESS DOMINATES HOUSE
primary and the regular Nov 4 general elec- fundraising despite drawing an opponent, $4,700 average. FUNDRAISING
tion, finding room at The Grove at Wesley raising $6,750 in March. She now has accu- Yet, Harrison still leads the fundraising Former Zephyrhills mayor Danny Chapel. mulated $76,300, with $43,000 of it in the battle with just under $78,000 compared to Burgess is showing he can raise money for
The location, on the west side of bank. Danish's $66,750. But when it comes to bigger campaigns as he continues to pound
Interstate 75 and north of State Road 54, who has the most money available right his opponents when it comes to fundraiswill join other locations that include the POLL WORKERS NEEDED FOR now, that would be Danish with $52,000 in ing.
Land 0' Lakes Library, New River Library AUGUST, NOVEMBER ELECTIONS the bank, compared to Harrison's $37,500. Burgess, a Republican who wants to reand East Pasco Government Center mn Dade Energetic? Service-oriented? Then the place House Speaker Will Weatherford,
city. Pasco County supervisor of elections may MOBILE HOURS FOR ROSS R-Wesley Chapel, in Tallahassee, raised
"The need for an additional location re- be looking for you. U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Lakeland, will $5,600 in March to bring his total to nearly
flects the growth and economic upswing of Poll workers are needed for both the pri- host mobile office hours May 13 from 2:30 $40,750. His primary challenger, Minnie that area in recent years;' said Pasco elec- mary election Aug. 26 and the general p.m. to 3:30 p.m., at the Lutz Library, 101 W Diaz, pulled in $365 in donations during the tions supervisor Brian Corley, in a release, election Nov. 4. Positions are paid, but po- Lutz Lake Fern Road in Lutz. same time, bringing her campaign a total of "We are grateful to Genesis Real Estate for tential candidates will need to be able to Other dates in Lutz include June 10, July $2,860, and only a few hundred dollars in providing this location to serve Wesley stand, bend, stoop, lift approximately 30 8,Aug. 12, Sept. 9, Oct. 14 and Dec. 9. the bank. Chapel voters at no cost to the taxpayers of pounds, and have normal vision and manual For more information, call (863) 644- Burgess received checks from the likes Pasco County:' and physical dexterity. 8215, or (813) 752-4790. of Oakley Transport executive vice presiExpansion of early voting sites was made Applicants also need to write and read dent Ronald Oakley and Wesley Chapel
possible by the passing of H.B. 7013 last English, have an email address, and be able WILSON TAKING WELLS Dentistry on State Road 54. However, most
year, Corley said. to work the entire day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. CHALLENGE SERIOUSLY of the money Burgess raised in March
All positions receive mandatory paid Pasco County Commissioner Henry some $3,000 worth came from
RAULERSON, CRUZ HAVE OPPOSITE- training the month preceding both the pri- Wilson is taking advantage of the fact that political action committees, supported by
FEELING CAMPAIGN MONTHS mary and general elections, he announced his re-election plans early, es- companies and organizations like AT&T and
State Rep. Dan Raulerson, R-Plant City, For information, call (800) 851-8754, or pecially now that his challenger is a United States Sugar Corp.
didn't raise any money for his unopposed visit candidate with strong name recognition in Beverly Ledbetter, the only Democrat in
re-election campaign in March, but he did Mike Wells Jr. the race so far, raised $ 1,850 in March, bringspend a lot of it. DANISH GAINS FUNDRAISING Wilson raised $1,9 10 in March, bringing ing her total to just under $6,000. Barring
Raulerson paid out more than $12,500 mn GROUND ON HARRISON his total campaign war chest to a little over anyone else entering the race, she'll face the
March well above his monthly average of Former state Rep. Shawn Harrison is $ 19,000.Wells, who announced his candi- winner of the August primary between $900 with more than half of it going to doing what he can to regain a seat in date earlier this month, would not have any Burgess and Diaz in November.



813-909-2800 *Fax 813-909-2802 I The LAKER Lutz News I

ORt -----L------------- a Do twh eSOQ Dtse s
A unique, creative learnig program focused on the arts in an innovative, fun-filled,
structured, & therapeuti envionmen for children with special needs.
MscTherapy Occupational Therapy Quee for a4 Day
MusicalTeay-Sec hrp Help your child gmow academically during a time when most students digress. Treat the mfost imfportant wofflan
Phyica Thrap *Spech herpyTo enroll, call 8 13-909-9204 or visit in1 your life to something 1km & different!
TUES, WED, THURS 9 AM-1 2 PM WWW* THEREADINGC ORNER. ORG Remfemer making MotersDavpresents en
Session 1: June 10 June 19 (6-12 year aids) von were a W Bring those fehlnp
Session 2: June 24 July 3 (13-18 year aids) &n
Session 3: July 8 July 17 (6-12 year aids) back when you paint a speoi gilt
Season 4 Jul 22- July 31 (13-18 year aids)
Session 5: Aug 5 -Aug 14 (6-12 year aids) Looherg Day ORbhnythm ndnak a
TPAC Camp will address: Communication, Social Skills, Guitarist and a Singer m om 0 fa
Balance & Coordination, Sensory Processing, Wehave all the equipment and a practice location. p,11s.17or
Attention Span, Fine & Gross Moror Skills, and morepitfo11,
Hours: Mon -Sat 10-10 0 Sun 1-10
Call~~lI afe ,n f 15357 Amberly Drive's Tarmpa, FL 33647
_________________________352-___428-8586 pot ncnuded www.youdothedishes.comn

Kid ',Kidsnf fxflfl%!'V Ultimate Summer Camp
N~w Directory is backl'a

CAM ~ S UJM MER Reserve your spot

today and get a

Limied Saceson any size adl*
Kind rgaten 12yeas -12 week agreement required*

TIRME1 ON11111fL!

Florida first state to officially demand single-subject convention

By Michael Hinman by the states. However, if Congress doesn't introduce such an amendment which
supporters of this movement believe
The first step in many to call the nation's Congress wouldn't do then the fallback
first Constitutional convention in nearly 230 position is to have states call for the convenyears is on its way to Washington D.C., after tion directly.
a proposal from state Sen.Wilton Simpson The passage of the memorial was great
earned approval from both the Florida news for W Spider Webb Jr., a former
House and Florida Senate. Tallahassee lobbyist who founded the acS.M. 368 calls for a convention that tivist group Single SubjectAmendment.
would amend the U.S. Constitution, demand- "Both parties are guilty about the use of
ing the U.S. Congress only consider and pass riders'Webb said in January. "We are not trybills with a single subject. The goal is to ing to give Congress a black eye. We are
eliminate the many unrelated riders that get trying to improve the way Americans view
attached to bills, amendments that may not Congress."
have been passed otherwise on their own. Webb now plans to take the newly ap"This is about having the federal govern- proved memorial to the national stage as he
ment start conducting themselves in a tries to convince other states to do the same
professional manner," Simpson, R-Trilby, told thing.
The Laker/Lutz News back in January "Most "If Florida passes this, then other states
of the frustration we have with our govern- will take a more serious look at this,"
ment is that you have something like a Simpson said earlier this year. "Doing a
spending bill in Congress.They always add Constitutional amendment is such a large
on several hundred millions of dollars of task, I think it will pick up momentum as
something that has nothing to do with the COURTESY OF SINGLE SUBJECT AMENDMENT more states pass it."
subject they are dealing with.And as a citi- State Sen. Wilton Simpson, right, is pushing for a convention to propose amendments to the Many state governments already prevent zen of the state of Florida, I am tired of our U.S. Constitution, and did his part to get Florida on board the nationwide push. He's joined riders on bills, either by requiring bills to be federal government being operated this in his efforts by former Tallahassee lobbyistW. Spider Webb Jr., center, and Florida Senate single-subject, or giving governors the way." president Don Gaetz. power to veto specific portions of a bill, and
What made it through the Legislature is approving the rest.
not necessarily a bill, but instead a "memori- should start making travel plans.At least 33 that is typically not used. In fact, the last President Bill Clinton tried to accomplish al." It demonstrates Florida's support of a other states will have to pass similar or iden- time a convention was called this way, it was this at the federal level with a line-item veto specific measure, in this case calling for a tical memorials before such a convention 1787, and that was to write the U.S. act introduced by Republican U.S. Sen. Bob Constitutional convention, and does not re- could be scheduled. Constitution itself in Philadelphia. Dole in 1996. However, the U.S. Supreme
quire the signature of Gov. Rick Scott. A convention is just one way to propose Congress can propose Constitutional Court declared that law unconstitutional in
However, that does not mean delegates amendments to the Constitution, but one amendments, and then have them ratified 1998.



813-909-2800 Fax 813-909-2802 / The LAKER Lutz News /

ART FEST 2014 Yoga Summer Camp Registration Open I Call Today
I I Improves Strength& Flexibility
You OO er II %6Helps Balance Mind & Body
s Increases Self Confidence at P A E
ST E JYJYM\)IOJI. Y O G Builds Concentration
If your child loves art, this is the camp for them. Creates a Positive Self Image ies
Workshops will inc1!Ilude e 1 i ll I v iety of N ou dishes Creativity Outdoor Recreation
a tIst mledi urns, to incGlude pse ryiS va r(oo 4.Reduces StressGus oeattf"
pr nt miak in SUI[le, Gkay modeling and pottely paiing Teaches Self Love &Acceptance Specal Interest Clbs
'Builds Coordination & Balance .AdMc oa
hi[ti q K' D S Develops Self Discipline & Control
sesslon J" (1 tilroghace Enightening kids andparents through And Most Importantly... All Special Activities and Field Trips INCLUDED!
JUNE 1-0, ,B-ce is 0..ous journey ofself dis c..Swimming To locate a PLACE
Bowlig site near you, call
JUY71,2-5PBS Super Why Character Presentation (813) 7942298
A-G-S 4-8 I Huck's Lost Mine (727) 774-2298
NAAMo Rc n Star Lab Exhibition (352) 524-2298
i i .~Astro Skate Fe
SSchools Center forthe Arts Movie Day (indud .ALL id .rips
(ild aI !'1lla rls)j And much, much more! dsp, ....)
2014 Summer Dates and Hours $20 non-refundable
Call 813-975-1700 .......... .ne 9-August 15 (6:30 .. 6:00 p.m.) registration
to reserve your spot Ages 5 to 12 $60weekly, per child
15357 AMBERLY DRIVE, TAMPA (813) 973-7300 n ssoo Bo,..D P ,uOur Lady of The Rosary Catholic Church presents:

amp mystery is a faith based summer camp w er
children can experience fun activities and the outdoors.

Open to children 5 to 12 years old.
7:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M.
Week long sessions beginJune 9th and end August 8th.
You choose the weeks you would like to attend! ) C DM TTELAE U M RDYC M

For more information call 813-948-5999 12331 Collier Parkway. Land O'Lakes, FL 34639 813-948-7600

or visit our website at,.a.a Convenient to New Tampa, Lutz, Carrolwood, Odessa, Trinity, and Wesley Chapel

www.L I May 7,27014 13

OKLAHOMA!, from page 1 As a Florida native, a country accent isn't HA Tc ukiIn e t nU
__ _ __ his natural speaking style, but he focused o HA T enco rages iker toCI iaiw us
maintaining his pronunciation and is now
Her performance requires a consider- able to keep it consistently. In fact, Ryan said The Laker/Lutz News Staff Report HART also partners with local cycling able amount of enthusiastic dancing, so ft's it takes time to lose it when each perform- groups to support the bicycle-transit inteimportant that she has the right mindset ance is finished, so he'll still be talking like In recognition of National Bike Month in gration. In addition, the HART lost and going on stage each night. Since she does- his character is the car or at home that May, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit is found program donates unclaimed bikes to n't play a specific character, Victoria night. highlighting its bike rack program on buses the local charity, God's Pedal Power, so they
created one in her mind so she would Kara Goldberg, the play's stage manager, throughout its service area, can be refurbished and provided to chilhave a role to play while dancing. The said the Santellos' hard work is paying off. And for those who might be riding fold- dren and people in need within the character has a flirty, bubbly personality, While Victoria might not have a lead acting ing bikes, these can actually be brought into community. and she uses that identity to get the most role, Goldberg said that a featured dancer re- a HART bus or HARTFlex van as long as Over the past 12 years, HART has conout of her dancing and help convey the quires at least as much rehearsal time and they are in a carrying bag, officials said. tributed approximately 2,000 bicycles. story effort as any other part.The way the play is Users of bicycles with larger wheels, howev- There are dozens of free bike racks
For his part, 17-year-old Ryan had to chal- set up, dancing is integral to the play's er should continue using the bicycle rack, throughout the HART transit system as well, lenge himself to take on the lead role. He progress. Each HART bus and HARTFlex van ac- many located in bus shelters as well as some
watched Hugh Jackman's take on Curly "She and all the other lead dancers, they commodates two single-seat, two-wheel Park-n-Ride facilities. HART officials say they
from the 1999 film around 30 times, revisit- help to tell story;' Goldberg said. "They do a bicycles, work to promote the growth in cycling
ing certain scenes over and over.That was in great job of that. I'm up in the lighting Within the past two years, HART riders around Tampa, and seek proactive, long-term addition to the hours of rehearsals each booth, and I see her always on' when she's have boarded buses and vans with bikes solutions to accommodate a growing marweek in the months leading up to opening on stage. She's always in character, and that's more than 440,000 times.With cycling sea- ket of transit users who travel by bike. night. really something that we need in this show son coming into full swing, between the Meanwhile, HART strives to ensure safe
Both Santellos attend Steinbrenner High. in particular' beginning of May and the end of October, biking by educating the public with tips
Victoria said she appreciates being able And while this was the first play where HART buses will average 20,000 bike board- about how to protect themselves while cyto perform with her brother and watch him she's worked with Ryan, Goldberg has taken ings per month, cling, and also securely store their bikes.
grow as an actor. She admits she was unsure note of his ability and work ethic. By combining two modes of carbon-re- For a complete list of bicycle activities how Ryan would fare in his first leading "I can tell that he's doing his home- ducing transportation, it is possible to throughout the Tampa Bay area, visit role, but was happy to see him grow into work;' she said. "When you're an actor you reduce the impact on the shared environ- TampaBayCyclecom. For information on the part successfully have to do your homework, you have to ment while also greatly increasing one's the HART Bikes on Buses program, visit
"When we were in rehearsal, I would al- look up words you don't know in the range of travel, according to a release. GoHARTorg. ways be nervous for him,"Victoria said. "He's script and you have to study your lines realdoing really well. He's come a long way ly well: *________________________"__________from the first rehearsal:' With just a little encouragement, he was
Ryan also is impressed with his sister's soon rehearsing off-book, meaning he didn't GO LF from page 1 Control won a judgment against the golf
performance. Since dancing takes so much have to refer to a script to practice. Course last January for more than $9,000. work and energy, he didn't want her getting Goldberg, who has been involved in the- MJS Golf did have some good news last
hurt or struggling with the dances. But ater for about 15 years, said at first she siasts or not, is the strength in property week, howeverA proposed $13,000 penalty those concerns were put to rest once he wasn't sure how the play would turn out value, issued against it by the Southwest Florida
saw her on stage. since it had so many young performers. But "So when the golf course is impacted Water Management District last September
"She's doing awesome. Before the show, I once she saw the dress rehearsal, she knew negatively, it has a detrimental effect on all was reduced to $2,000. The agency, more didn't know she could dance like that;' he everyone was ready, and has been im- of us' commonly known as Swiftmud, had origisaid, pressed as both a stage manager and a fan of The golf course is not maintained by the nally claimed the company overpumped
For Ryan, the hardest part wasn't the the theater. HOA, but instead by a private group, MJS water in 2012. However, officials later detersinging or learning all the necessary lines. It And the Santellos have been a big part of Golf Club LLC, which has struggled to keep mined that there was a leak in the reclaimed was the way he had to say them, that. They're doing great;' she said. I just the 156-acre course open. Golf swings water system, and MJS simply failed to notify
"It's the accent. It's easy to get, but it's think that they really enjoy performing?" stopped for a week last August in what one Swiftmud it had to switch to the potable hard to keep for a two-and-a-half hour For information, call (813) 229-7827 or of the owners,Jason Ray, described at the water system. show," he said. visit time as a perfect storm of bad luck. Ray, Osceola and McDonald purchased
"It was just a culmination of a lot of the golf course at 23253 Plantation Palms things that led up to the closing, but mostly Blvd., in May 2011 through a $ 2.18 million the economy;' Ray said at the time. "It's been mortgage from Native American Bank of too hot, and it's been raining, and the culmii- Denver. The three have Native American M a y isnation of all that just resulted in not a lot of roots, according to a 2012 story published
M a y ispeople playing golf Summertime is always in Indian Country Today The trio was one of
tough for all the golf courses:' the first non-tribal groups to get a guaranS e t e r e a r n happened this time, no one is sharing. Ray, serves Native Americans.

M o n th who is part of MJS Golf Club with Mitch The 875-home community's HOA is not
Osceola and Steve McDonald, did not return only keeping outsiders away, but also is calls on Monday before The Laker/Lutz working to make sure its residents know News went to press. they can't use the golf course.
One thing is for certain: Bills were rack- "It is important that we continue to reing up for the golf course. Several liens spect the golf course as a private property' against Plantation Palms have been filed in the board said in a statement. "None of us recent months, according to county records, have the right to free golf or to use the including a $2,915 claim from Omega Field course as an additional to our backyards.We Enterprises for trimming 83 pahn trees. encourage all homeowners to pul together Pasco County filed two liens of its own during this time, and do whatever we can to Last month totaling $5,300 for solid waste promote and protect the integrity of the
disposal, and Lake Masters Aquatic Weed golf course property'

SHOWCASE, from page 1 Readers drawn to poetI ry may want to pick up
the cookbook "Just Friggin' Cook: a copy of "Eyes Open,
JULIE G. LEWERENZ,Au.D. Gail Yip-Chuck's book, "The New Life Listening," by Janet
Bor etiidi AdooyDiet:A New Way of Eating and Being;' shares Watson, at the Barnes &
Boar Cetifed n Adioogyher message for diet and health, with the Noble author gathering
aimn of helping readers transform their lives. May 17 at The Shops at
Jamie Elizabeth Tingen's book,"Butterfly viregrass.
Messages;' is a story about second chances. Here's a selection from her book:

~an k0 ri"'reconnections enabled through social media The Artist
and of rekindled romance among former His studio was under the basement stafs, che ke l te sweethearts who have found each other a next to shelves of canned tomatoes,
che ked lat divorce or the death of a spouse. beneath the foundation window through
Call and schedule your appointment today! If you enjoy dark humor," The Funeral which he could watch leaves scuttling by
Portrait" by Vincent Vinas, may be right up His day-]ob at the factory shared space
813.280.7400 ~your alley wh r rw ohsoyad with thoughts of going home,
photography may want to check out the ofrwhatbhe'd kethe r le p in rig work of R.Wayne Ayres, author of "Florida's armmee ae h alyi pig
?P* Au olavGrand Hotels from the Gilded Age" and"~ St. His assembly line labor supported us,

ft Dennis Realty


1022 Land 0' Lakes Blvd. Lutz, FL 33549

Mint Condition in Sable Ridge! This 3/2/2 plus office Lexington Oaks Pool Home! Grand 4/3.5/3 with den or Fox Ridge Two Story! Completely remodeled 3/2.5/2 Lake Padgett Pines Pool Home! Newly renovated 3/2/2 Tierra Del Sol in Mint Condition! Beautiful 5/3/2 with
*s located on an extra-large corner lot. Features spa- 5th bedroom has spacious formal dining room and love- on1.2 acre property. Huge family room with vaulted cel- I n Eagle Island with formal dining and living rooms, cus- new paint, new carpet, new tile and new AC system. cious open great room floor plan with custom tie and ly living room with sliders to screened lanai and heated Inge, extra-large kitchen with custom cabinets, granite tom kitchen with solid wood cabinets, new stainless Formal living and dining rooms, large family room with vaulted ceilngs, extra-large kitchen with custom cabl- pool and spa. Luxurious master sulte has dual sink, gar- counter tops and new stainless steel appliances. Large steel appliances, 2 closet pantries and a breakfast nook. views of conservation area, kitchen has custom cabinets, te backsplash, & gas appliances. $169K. (rod) den tub and a separate shower. $265K.(sl) master bedroom is downstairs. $209K. (mea) Additional shed for extra storage. $215K. (swa) nets and upgraded Maytag appliances. $199K. (tol)

Oakstead Villa! Beautiful maintenancefree 3/2/2vla In Willow Bend! Fabulous 4/2.5/3 home plus office Sable Ridge Beauul 3/2/2 plus office, formal ling Over 1 Acre in Mewdowbrook Estates! This 3/2/2 has Two Story in Dupree Lakes! Beautful 5/3.5/3 with
a gated community. No need to budget for yard work, located on a conservation lot. Formal living room and room and dining room with vaulted ceilings, large family formal living room and dining room with hardwood 3208sf, this home has plenty of space plusthere is a huge exterior pant or new roof at ths home' Convenently dnng room wth vaulted ceIngs and arched plant room with custom built in entertainment center, large floors, large family room, gourmet kitchen wth custom bonus room! The master suite son the firstfloorand the
located minutes from the Suncoast P y & 175 makes shelves, large family room with wood burning fireplace kitchen with upgraded stainless steel appliances and cabinets, granite counter tops and a separate wet bar. other4 bedrooms along with 2 baths and the bonus room
getting to Tampa a breeze. $168.9K. (tor and an extra-large kitchen. $299.9K. (son) breakfast nook, and extra-large master suite. $169K. (mar) No HOA Fee or CDD Fee! $249K. (in) are on the second floor. $279K. (can)


Palm Harbor Condo! First floor2/1 In excellent location Seffner Pool Home! Spacious 4/2/2 with a fabulous 7.5 Acres in Brooksville! Amazing 4/2/2 home on pure Pebble Creek Village! Fabulous 4/2/2 with a newer Seminole Heights North! Charm ing 1926 3/3/3 newly
has an upgraded kitchen with 42" cabinets, black appli- open floor plan. Large kitchen with ample counter and rolling hills in the country. This huge home has been com- roof, new Energy Star AC, new underground Irrigation renovated bungalow with gleaming hardwood floors ances, corlan counters, and an eat-in area. Spacious lv- cabinet space, family room, formal dining room, and an pletely remodeled with new floors, walls, ceilings, doors, system and completely repainted In Immaculate condi- throughoutthe living and dining rooms. Ktchen was comIng room with sliders leading out to sunroom and a Impressive master suite and you will appreciate the dual lighting fixtures, bathrooms and kitchen. Luxurious mas- tion for you to move-right-in". Kitchen features a huge pletely remodeled in 2013. This is a very unique property. large master suite with walk-in closet. $58.8K. (fox) sinks, garden tub and separate shower. $220K. (nut) ter suite on the main level. $289.9K. (whi) eat-in kitchen with upgraded appliances. $197K. (peb) Call for more info. $245K. (par

Lake Le Clare Pool Home! Beautiful 5/4/2 on a fabu- Half Acre in Spring Hill! Beautifully designed 5/4/3with Beautiful Home in Spring Hill! This 3/2/2 is in great Heritage Lake in New Port Richey! Very well main- Highland Park in Largo! Adorable remodeled 2 bedous lake, gourmet kitchen with custom glass tile back easy access to the Suncoast Pkwy., SR 52, and over 3600 condition. Enter foyerto living and dining rooms with lam- tained home with open floor plan situated on a beautiful room, 1 bath, 1 car carport only a few miles to white splash, stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, Sq. Ft. of heated living space. The huge kitchen features a inate flooring, soaring ceilings, and an open kitchen plan wooded lot. Features include 2 bedrooms, full baths, for- sandy beaches. Spacious great room, fenced yard, and and wine frdge. Master suite with walk-in closet and pool large island, 42" cabinets, granite countertops, and mea- with all appliances included. Master suite is spit from mal living/dining room, oversized family room, large hastleand woodfloorsthroughouthome. Nofloodinsuraccess all on 1.67 acres of property. $824.9K. (hat) sures approximately 16X14. $410K. (ser) other bedrooms. $130K. (nor) kitchen, and lots of storage space. $144.9K. car) dance required and no HOA fees! $99.9K.

M A 8 A A

Wilderness Lake Preserve Pool Home! Gorgeous 5/4/3 plus Apex Lake Estates! This 3/2/2 home sits on just over 1 acre Over an Acre of Land! This is a wonderful place to watch the Carpenters Run! This pretty 3/2/2 home offers a great open Grand Oaks Pool Home! This 4/3/2 home with 2148 sq ft of den has it all, a nice tiled entranceway with a large office/den with and is a one of a kind property. Located on Lake Burell this prop- deer romping in the pasture early in the morning as you sip your floor plan with attractive laminate cherry wood flooring in living space The home is faces the east and has no neighbors across French doors and wood floors upon entering, then leads to a spa- erty has it all. The front of the house faces the lake and the back coffee or have breakfast on the huge deck of your manufactured main areas of home. Tall ceilings and openness provides a the street The back yard features a fully fenced yard with privacy fence cious family room and lots of natural light. $2650/mo. nig) yard is fenced in and very, very large. $1695/mo. (lak) 2/2 home with over1100 Sq. Ft. of living space. $900/mo. (spr) good layout for entertaining. $1300/mo. (cop) plus a large in-ground pool and large covered lanai $1795/mo. (wil)

Suncoast Pointe Villages! mmaculate and modelperfectthis Meadow Pointe Townhome! This 3/2.5 has ceramic tle Meadow Pointe! Quality built 4/3.5/2plus abonus room (could Lexington Oaks Village Pool Home! This beautiful Westchester in Tampa! Fabulous3/3/2 home in gated community, 3/lnm is situated on a cul-de-sac The spacious kitchen features an flooring on the entire downstairs level, iving/dining area, family be 5th bedroom) on pond/conservation lot. Master ensuite feature 4/2/3 home is located in a desirable community. This home beautiful eight bright floor plan Formal giving and dining room combo, abundance of beaufl oakcabineyand counter space Mastersuite room/kitchen combo offers a gorgeous conservation view. Bonus spiders leadingtolanai, his and hers walk-in closets, double vanities is situated on a ul De Sac and backs up to conservation and fully equipped kitchen with lots of counter space and cabinetry oersaprvate bathroomwith awalk-in closet $1200/mo ifyf roomuIoltisidealforan upsirsden oroffice. $1200/mo. (tul and separate garden tub and shower $19991 (for) a large pond. $2150/mo. (ris) includes indoor laundrywith washer andd ryer $1700/mo. yp

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Call for a full list of services 813.949.5842

www. .akerLutzNews co rnI May 7, 01 41 115

[4 weekly breast cancer support group every
H EALTH other Thursday at the New Port Richey center, 5500 Little Road. -W.
Ilk The next meeting is May 8 at 6 p.m.

The group will offer open discussion on I
a variety of topics. Light refreshments will
be served.A
For information, call (727) 372-9159.
WELLNESSHealth care professionals
Sen helt nest & Alzheimer's
nes akrutnes eo The University of South Florida Byrd
Alzheimer's Institute, 4001 E. Fletcher Ave.,
Diane Ricca recipient in Tampa, will host "Alzheimer's Disease:
of humanitarian award What Health Care Professionals Need to
Regional Medical Know" May 9 at 8 a.m.
Center Bayonet Point The program will award three hours of i
recently presented credit for health care professionals. Topics
Diane Ricca with the include driving and dementia, creating a safe
2013 Frist Volunteer environment, and medication safety issues. '
Humanitarian Award. Cost is $40 per person. Space is limited CUTS FDRSRMI
Ricca has volun- and registration is required. CUTS FDRSRMGI
teered at Bayonet For information, call Mady Ernst at (813)
Poin sice Jly 006,1 .Peddling sweets for veterans
accumulating more Diane Ricca The GFWC Lutz-Land 0' Lakes Woman's Club recently had a bake sale to benefit the Baldomero
than 20,000 merit Hospice's Grief's Journey Lopez State Veterans Nursing Home residents' petty cash fund. The proceeds will allow the vethours. Her work includes the gift shop as HPH Hospice will offer an eight-week erans to take a shopping trip for personal items or visit a fast food restaurant. Taking part in the well as the volunteer board of directors at Grief's Journey group Tuesdays at 6:30 P.M., bake sale were, from left, Donna Losch, Sharon Bard and Lonna Vizzari. large. starting May 13 at the Marliere Hospice Care
Ricca also volunteers with the Sun Coast Center, 6801 Rowan Road in New Port
Health and Education Foundation, All Richey MS support group women and all patients, according to a reAround Kids Foundation, and various other The program is free, however registra- The Medical Center of Trinity, 9330 State lease. charities. tion is required. Road 54, offers a monthly support group on The award is based on patient satisfacFor information, call (800) 486-8784. the second Tuesday of each month at noon, tion, clinical excellence, and women's needs CoDA meets in Trinity for those affected by multiple sclerosis, when it comes to treatment and quality hosThe Medical Center of Trinity hosts the Heart healthy nutrition The next meeting is May 13. Caregivers pital experience, said Delia Passi, chief
Co-Dependence Anonymous group every The Heart Institute at Regional Medical and family members are invited, executive and founder of WomenCertified,
Thursday at 7 p.m., at 5637 Marine Parkway Center Bayonet Point will offer the class For information, call (727) 372-1568. home of the Women's Choice Award. in New Port Richey "Heart Healthy Nutrition: Eating for a
Upcoming meetings are May 8, May 15, Healthy Heart" May 13 at 1 p.m., at the Rao Medical Center of Trinity one of Childbirth course
May 22 and May 29. Musunuru Conference Center, 14000 Fivay best for ER care The obstetrics program at Medical
This group focuses on the common pur- Road in Hudson. The Medical Center of Trinity has re- Center of Trinity, 9330 State Road 54, is offerpose of developing healthy relationships. Participants can learn eating habits to ceived the Women's Choice Award as one of ing a six-week prepared childbirth class
For information, call (727) 816-8678 or help prevent and treat heart disease, food America's best hospitals in emergency care. beginning May 14.
(727) 858-3013. label reading, recipe modification and more. The award identifies the nation's best The class will meet one night per week
Seating is limited, and reservations are re- health care institutions and signifies the cen- at 7 p.m. Breast cancer support quired. ter's commitment for creating an Cost is $70.
Florida Cancer Mftilates is offering a bi- For information, call (727) 869-5498. extraordinary health care experience for For information, call (727) 834-5630.

Orthopedics 6- Sports Medicine Institute

healthcare partner you can trust Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel. As a leading provider of orthopedic services in the community, we continually seek out new technologies and advanced surgical techniques to ensure our patients have access to the best orthopedic care available.

Our Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute provides comprehensive care from outpatient
services to surgery and recovery. We offer:

Dedicated team of orthopedic experts All private, spacious patient rooms
Modern facility designed to promote Outpatient Rehabilitation onsite
your recovery and ease stress State-of-the-art Outpatient Imaging
Advanced operating rooms Pre-surgery Joint Education Program
Cutting-edge surgical procedures Orthopedic and Sports Medicine physicians onsite

Exclusive hospital of the Exclusive Healthcare Provider of the Health & Wellness Partner of the


Public weighs in on Pasco 's future parks and rec plan

By B.C. ManionI I .-I- -'
bcmanion@fakerfutznews. corn

When residents consider the future of Pasco County's parks and recreation's programs and facilities, they have plenty of suggestions for the county to consider.
Some want to see more opportunities such as pathways to enjoy the beauty of natural areas owned by the Southwest Florida Water Management District.
Others want to create a "blue way;' providing water access to coastal areas.
Some think more should be done to encourage gatherings on large green spaces, to*'N ''4
foster a greater sense of community.And, some want to do a better job of marketing the county's gems, such as the rolling hills of Dade City. Having a picnic is a popular way to spend
These were just a few thoughts that time at a Pasco County park.
popped up during a discussion last week at the Land 0' Lakes Community Center, where David Barth, of AECOM Technology 1!;g
Corp., asked those gathered to help define what steps could be taken to help Pasco PHOTOS COURTESY OF PASCO COUNTY PARKS AND RECREATION
County become a premier county where Pasco County has a broad array of parks and recreational facilities, including nature trails. people want to live, work and locate their The county is in the midst of creating a new master plan. MlU11 llil
The county hired AECOM, a professional "We need to understand what's happen- looking at current and desired levels of servconsulting firm, for $ 125,000 to develop a ing today," he said."What are the priorities in ice. The work also will include a random 10-year comprehensive parks and recreation 2014?" survey to solicit public sentiment.
sidered in a broad sense, Barth told the whether plans made before are still rele- the public session is the shortage of athletic Childsrent okigfo plactoun epy t catin crowd of about two dozen. vant, and whether there are emerging forms fields for youth sports, a complaint that has anasortmnto paru nd rceqipn ats
"It's important to understand lifestyle of recreation that the county may want to been raised repeatedly in recent years. AsPacConyprsnderatnfcite. and demographics;' Barth said. For instance, consider the county puts together a plan, it must conpark planning in urban areas is different The May 1 workshop was one of three sider the costs of implementation and ue for several months.As the work goes on than it is in suburban or rural places. Since public sessions, but is just a small part of the various funding options for carrying out the and the vision for the plan solidifies, debates Pasco is a mix, different considerations must planning effort.A steering committee made plan, county parks and recreation director are likely to intensify over program and fadibe made for different areas. up of various stakeholders also weighed in Rick Buckman said. ity priorities and how to pay for the plan.
The planning also must consider existing and there will be a random survey conduct- Essentially, there are two payment plans. The Pasco County Commission will have facilities and programs not only those ed to collect more information. One involves using existing revenues to "pay final say over the long-range plan and deciwhich belong to the county, but also those Gathering input from people is just one as you go: The other involves coming up sions regarding how to pay for it, including which are part of the public realm, includ- part of the process.The work also involves with additional revenues, which could in- using existing revenues or seeking additioning schools, museums and libraries, Barth evaluating current conditions, using demo- dlude additional taxes, Barth said. al support through new taxes, more said. graphic information, considering trends, and Planning efforts are expected to contin- public-private partnerships or other means.

IA a AThe most important things in your life are
5 your family, your health and your home.
Ist it nice to know there's a place where you can focus on raising your family in a GLIP9~ healthy environment that's an exceptional
/ value too? That place is Connerton, a
community in the heart of Pasco County. Our homes start at just under $200,000 from quality builders like MI Homes, IT, 7,qFRWHomes by WestBay, Ryland Homes and Taylor Morrison.

Connerton is more than a great value, it's a A world of amenities like a 3,000-acre nature
preserve with wetlands, lakes and miles of boardwalks and nature trails. There's also a fitness center, sporting fields, social gatherings, yoga classes and an aquatic
4 center bubbling over with fin.

When it comes to the most important things in life, Connerton has everything It,,you want at a price you can live with.


0 :e

Community Sports

Your Neighborhood Sports Source

Two games, two wins, no hits for Saint Leo junior

By Michael Murillo and in college it's all the dominant players
mmuriffo@fakerfutznews. corn As a competitor, Ehlers said earning th e
victory was more important than preserving
Saint Leo University softball coach John the no-hitter. Competing in the tough
Conway was so focused on the score of a re- Sunshine State Conference means every
cent contest, he wasn't paying full attention game matters, and conference games are
to the game's stats. even more important. So taking two from
It was only after the Lions had secured a fellow SSC member Florida Southern was
tight 1-0 victory over Florida Southern particularly satisfying.
College that he found out something inter- Her strong junior year campaign is also a
esting: His pitcher, Ashley Ehlers, hadn't source of pride for Ehlers because she
given up many hits, comes from a family of softball players. Her
In fact, she didn't give up any younger sister, Aubrey, is a pitcher for
"I didn't know it was a no-hitter until the Dunedin High School, and was excited to
game was over," Conway said, "My pitching hear about the no-hitter.
coach had to tell me it was a no-hitter." "She thought it was so awesome," Ehlers
Ehlers struck out two and walked three said. "My little sister looks up to me so
to give Saint Leo the first game of a double- much. Everything that I do in my success, I
header against the Moccasins on April 19. It want her to see that and know that she can
also boosted her record to 11-5 on the year. do that as well."
Conway may not have realized what was Her older sisterAmber, was also a pitcher
happening at the time, but he's not sur- when she attended Hillsborough
prised Ehlers, a junior, came through for the Community College, and was proud to hear
Lions when the team needed strong pitch- about her little sister's accomplishment.
ing. Ehlers said the confidence she gained
"She's one of these pitchers who works from the no-hitter would likely carry over
very hard," he said." She has gotten better COURTESY OF MIKE CARLSON into future games, and it did: She earned anevery year that she's been here." Saint Leo University junior Ashley Ehlers threw a no-hitter in game one of a doubleheader other victory against Barry University the
The game's score probably added some against Florida Southern College last month. In the second game, she came on in relief to following weekend.
pressure for Ehlers because it was a close record another victory. Her own no-hitter aside, Ehlers also was
contest with little room for error, Conway impressed with Tabel's pitching in the secsaid. One mistake might not only have cost no-hit ball, pitching 8-1/3 innings before the Ehlers the winning pitcher of record in both ond game, which would have marked her the no-hitter, but cost Saint Leo the Moccasins finally registered a couple of hits, games. another no-hitter if the Lions had scored in
game as well.That she preserved the no-hit- With the game still a scoreless tie in the Ehlers had pitched no-hitters in high regulation. ter and the win makes the accomplishment 10th inning, Saint Leo went back to Ehlers school, but recording one at the college "She threw an awesome game," Ehlers even more impressive, for some extra work and she responded level was special for her said.
But there were more impressive accom- with another inning without giving up any "I feel like this one means a lot more," And Conway agrees.
plishments for the Lions and Ehlers that day hits. That proved to be enough, as the Lions she said. "In high school there are only a "I just think both my pitchers were In the second game, pitcher Alana Tabel broke through in the bottom of the 10th in- couple of girls on every high school team throwing a good game that day," he said. went above and beyond a game's worth of ning to claim a second 1-0 victory, and make who are going to college (and play softball), "They both were on."

ISenior Sports looking for participants cludes a T-shirt and an opportunity to cheer ages and skill levels.
Senior Sports is looking for interested with the varsity team at a game. For information, call Jeanette Marcus at
tennis and volleyball players who live in For information, email coach Pennye (813) 417-0061, or e-mail
*Pasco County. Garcia at
VA I M For information, call Walt Bockmiller at
SENDSPORTSNEWSTOMMURILLO@LAKERLUTZNEWS.COM (813) 527-8211. Saint Leo baseball camp May 10 Central Pasco Chamber golf
The Saint Leo baseball team will host a tourney May 16
Rotary club looking for bowlers one-day camp May 10 for high school stu- The Central Pasco Chamber of
New date for Zephyrhills Scramble The Dade City Rotary Club needs two dents. Campers will receive one-on-one Commerce will have its 28thAnnual Golf
The ninth annual Zephyrhills Scramble more bowlers for its "Chamber Champs" instruction and evaluation in areas such as Tournament May 16 at the Heritage Harbor has been moved to May 16 at 1 p.m. team. hitting, fielding and base running. Golf Course, 19502 Heritage Harbor
It will still be at the Silverado Golf & The team will participate in the 2014 The cost is $100 per camper, and in- Parkway in Lutz.The shotgun start is 1 pm. Country Club, 36841 Clubhouse Drive in Rotary Bowl May 22 at Pin Chasers, 6816 cludes lunch. The cost is $70 for individuals, or $260
Zephyrhills. Gall Blvd., in Zephyrhills. For information, call Lee Parks at (3 52) for a foursome. It includes greens fees, cart,
The event benefits programs such as Z- The event begins at 6 p.m., and includes 588-8841, or e-mail range balls and a barbecue awards dinner. Kids and Student Citizen of the Month.The a silent auction, pizza and cash prizes. Sponsorships are still available.
cost is $ 100 per golfer, or $500 for a corpo- Cost is $40 per bowler. Senior Sbo Pitch registration For information, call (813) 909-2722, or erate team. For information, call (352) 567-3769, or The Sbo Pitch Softball League, geared to- mail
Player registration runs through May 15. email John Moors at juber@dadecitycham- ward players older than 60, hosts registration
For information, call (813) 782-1913, or every Friday beginning at 8:30 a.m., at the Steinbrenner basketball camps
visit Land 0' Lakes Recreation Complex, 3932 this summer
Soccer camp highlights Collier Parkway in Land 0' Lakes. Steinbrenner High School, 5575 Lutz Lake
5K Foam Fest Spanish style Teams will be balanced, and play Friday Fern Road, will host two basketball camps
The Little Everglades Ranch, 17951 Ejje SoccerAcademy is accepting regis- mornings, this summer for boys and girls entering first
Hamilton Road in Dade City, will be the site trations for its Tiki-Taka Day Camps this For information, call Walt Bockmiller at through eighth grade.The first will be June of the 5K Foam Fest on May 10 from 7 am, summer at 3032 Coller Parkway in Land 0' (813) 527-8211. 16-19, and the second will be July 7- 10.
to 4 p.m. Lakes. Campers will receive instruction in funRegister online or on race day for $85. The camps are named for Spanish-style Steinbrenner golf tourney May 17 damentals such as dribbling, passing and Spectators are free. Parking is $ 10 per vehi- soccer that emphasizes short, crisp passing, The Steinbrenner High School football defense, and will participate in skill-related cle. and ball control. Coaches from Spain's soc- team will have its fifth annual golf tourna- games. Awards will be given to group and
No pets, coolers, outside food or bever- cer leagues will be on hand, and select ment May 17 at the Heritage Harbor Golf gender winners during the camp.
ages. attendees could be chosen to travel and Course, 19502 Heritage Harbor Parkway in The cost is $90 per camper, with disFor information, visit showcase their talents in Spain. Lutz. counts given for multiple siblings. Same-day
The camps will be July 14-18 and July 2 1- The event, which benefits Warriors foot- registration is $ 100. Volleyball camps in June and July 25. ball, will include an auction with both live For information, call Steinbrenner coach
Gaither High School, 16200 N. Dale For information, c all (8 13) 3 5 5-667 1, or and silent bidding. J. R. Allen at (8 13) 7 92-5 13 1,or e-mail warMabry Highway, will host volleyball camps visit ProSoccerSpaincom. Registration begins in the clubhouse at
twice weekly this summer. noon with a shotgun start at 1 p.m.
The middle school camp runs from June Cheer clinic at Sunlake Sponsorships also are available. For inform- Drive 'Fore' Technology golf tourney
9 through July 16 on Mondays and The state champion Sunilake High School tion, visit Seven Oaks Elementary School will host
Wednesdays, and the high school camp will cheerleading team will host a Little Seahawk its Drive" Fore "Technology golf tournament
run from June 10 through July 17 on Cheer Clinic over four days in Julymhe event Doubles tennis players sought May 17 at Lexington Oaks Golf Club, 26133


101's Poore closes out track career with trip to state

By Michael Murillo Jake Poore's track had consequences outside the sport. pectations to help motivate his teammates,
mmuriffo@fakerfutznews. corn hard work has "I was working so hard," he said.Even on and he would reference Schmiitz during his
paid off in his my easy days I was so tired and had to get my regular prayers before meets. Land 0' Lakes High School senior Jake senior season, sleep in, and made sure I did my schoolwork He credits the coach with helping him
Poore added several titles to his track and entering state whenever I had a chance. I lost some friends, improve his abilities and become a more
field resume this past season: Conference competition I guess, because I couldn't go hang out. successful athlete.
champion. District champion. Regional as a confer- But he said the results in competition He wasn't the best track runner earlier in
champion. State qualifier and sixth-place fin- ence, district made the sacrifice worth it. his track career, Poore admits. But his hard
isher for Class 3A for the two-mile run. f and regional Those results included a strong showing work and dedication paid off, and he'll leave
But a late-season injury almost prevented L IL champion. His in state competition.Although he finished Land 0' Lakes a conference, district and reit from happening. two-mile time sixth, that ranking is deceiving due to the gional champion. But that's not the end of his
"I hyper-extended my knee, and that was at state was caliber of competition in Class 3A. If Poore running career: He'll attend the University of
five days before the district meet. I couldn't good for sixth had been in one of the other divisions, he Tampa in the fall with an athletic scholareven walk after the race," Poore said." The COURTESY OF TEDD THOMAS place. would have been state champion. ship, a new challenge in collegiate-level track,
doctor was saying that I might not be able And while the 4-x-800 team finished and a desire to reach the Olympic Games in
to run, and I was telling her,'I'm going up to A day of gym workouts with cross-train- 15th, he was thrilled with his time of 1 2016, held in Rio de Janeiro. the starting line no matter what because if I ing and maybe a light run is what Poore minute, 57 seconds. Away from meets, he'll take a pre-med
don't, my season is over."' considers "easy"They only get more difficult Another motivator for his successful year course load with a goal of becoming an
His knee improved, and he went on to from there, with a warm-up, off-track runs, in- and for the entire team, which enjoyed anesthesiologist when he graduates. And win district and regional competitions and terval workouts with short rests, and another conference and district titles was the since college doesn't start until later this compete in his individual category as well run and cool-down making up a "hard" day memory of Bill Schmitz, a track coach at year, he's looking forward to a long break as the 4-x-800 relay The idea was to make practice so chal- Land 0' Lakes High School, who died last from his regular regimen before his summer
That Poore was able to recover so quick- lenging that actual competition seemed year. Poore and his friends wore "We Run training long by his standards, anyway. ly is a testament to his work ethic and easier by comparison, he said. Only once For Schmitz "T-shirts during the year, and fol- "I have two weeks off, and then I start rigorous training regimen. This season he every couple of weeks did he allow himself lowed through on team goals the coach set working out for college," he said. "I'm going broke down his workouts into what he la- a day with absolutely nothing on his sched- before he died, to get right back in it. It's just another day at
bels "easy,""medium" and "hard" days. ule, and Poore admitted his dedication to As captain, Poore used the coach's ex- work for me."

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We print the names of every graduating
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Lutz News: Steinbrenner and Freedom
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This is the first time most teens will see their name in print1p
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Highreaershp ad log self ifeYou will find success in all you do.
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3 photos, school name & logo and 40-50 words
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Ads will publish in the May 28th edition of the The Laker or Lutz News

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*, May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month
We often view the sun's harmful rays as the primary cause of skin cancer, due to the fact that it is often found on parts of the body that receive the most sun exposure. While this may be true of some bodily skin cancers, t this does not hold true for those that arise on the skin of the feet.


New Tampa Land O' Lakes
Location Location
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NEW is proud to
price and Wash Unfortunately, the skin of the feet is often overlooked during
as much asyou like routine medical examinations, and for this reason it important that the
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9 Plantar Fasciitis 9 Bursitis 9 Tendonitis F Diabetic Foot Ulcers 9 Foot, Ankle & Heel Pain
*with.p.r.h e of pWilliam Trabulsi, D.P.M.
R 0Podiatric Physician
PWI 813-406-4806
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"i IN PL, -- 813-949-4445

20n May 7, 2014 www. Laker'

Tips for celebrating

Mother's Day on a budget

The Laker/Lutz News Staff Report

With Mother's Day around the corner,
people are thinking of ways to show their
appreciation for their mom.
But those on a budget are in luck, because some "discount experts" at Dollar
General are sharing helpful advice.
o Breakfast in bed: Every mom deserves
some time to relax.Why not begin Mother's COURTESY OF SPOTMATIKPHOTC-FOTOLIA.CCM Day by pampering her with breakfast in bed? Making mom feel special on Mother's Day IL- I
Don't forget to make the breakfast complete doesn't require a lot of money. with a card, and a cup of coffee. Sarah Haberl receives Redken color certification
o Watch it grow: Spend Mother's Day mix with all the appropriate kitchen utenafternoon making memories with mom by sils, the gift could translate into some quality Sarah Haberl, a stylist at Cameo "It's quite an honor. Once you pass picking out a new planter with gardening time with mom in the kitchen. Salon & Spa in Lutz, recently became a the tests, Redken essentially deems tools, soil and seeds.As the plants grow, it Tell the birds: Get mom a themed Redken Certified Haircolorist. She joins you an expert in color and backs up will help remind her of the children who birdhouse with birdseed, or consider mak- an elite group of just 2,700 people in the your heightened level of professional gave it to her. ing a birdhouse together as an afternoon world who have earned this prestigious knowledge," said Sarah.
o Bake and make: Update and brighten arts and crafts project. Either way, help her certification. Sarah, who has been a stylist at
mom's kitchen with things like oven mitts, find the best place in the yard to enjoy the "There's a certain level of acclaim Cameo for five years, has been paskitchen towels and such. Many can be colorful and beautiful birds that could soon associated with being a Redken sionate about hair for most of her life. bought inexpensively at places like Dollar be frequent visitors. General.Byincluding a cupcake or browne -StatePoint Certified Haircolorist," said Olav Maim, "When the opportunity to do someowner of Cameo Salon, along with his thing bigger arose, I knew I wanted to

wife Lori. "Members of this elite group take the plunge," she said. "Certification are recognized for their expertise and gives me the qualifications to educate n commitment toexcellence." my peers, and most importantly, to conTo receive her color certification, tinue to do what I love in a better, more Sarah participated in a six-month pro- knowledgeable and unique way. The Laker/Lutz News Staff Report Data from the survey is combined from gram to learn every facet about "And to me, my color certification is
its random, scientific National Citizen Redken's color lines. Along with this worth its weight in gold because my It's survey time in Pasco County again, as Survey, and provides input for prioritizing course work, she also participated in guests are the ones who benefit the government officials look to get feedback planning efforts and budget allocations. practicum workshops, which entailed most and truly fuel my fire." from residents and businesses about the fu- The survey is open online through setting up, mixing, applying and cleanture of the county. May 31, and can be accessed online at ing, per Nedken's show standards.
The 2014 Citizen Survey includes ques- IIn November, Sarah went to
tions about quality of life, speed of growth, Visitors to the site can provide feedback N i n um er went t o crime and safety, public transit, recycling, and at any time as well through the customer Nashville and underwent three days of cmi0 general services, according to a release from comment card available on the site, or by testing with stylists from across the the county. It also asks questions about the sending an email to customerservice@pas- country. Her results came in 10 weeks 813 7411 State Road 54/56 corridor, where an unso- later, when she learned she passed the cameosllonspa._
licited bid to build an estimated $2.2 billion A direct link to the survey is available at rigorous program. 1817 collier parkway, lutz elevated toll road has been proposed.

I I9

Book your Tee Times
f}Golf & CoutrY Club

20% OFF Round of Golf
OnlyVad beore 12 p.m. Restctios appiy PLEASE CALL FOR YOUR
League play available "Know/millgiv... APPOINTMENT TODAY!
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7924 Melogold Circle, Land o' Lakes, FL 34637 Round of Golf
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8 1 3 .9 9 6 .0 1 6 1 The patient nno ig o ofuso pag paont or b ro rso for a pammont for ant oth o o.a.inaton or
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e p a y 7, pr sx h. R a y n b y G s s pro I wt ty a

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Win MOSI Tickets. 1 15
Complete this games page, fill out this form, and send the whole page to us 16 17 14
for your chance to win 2 FREE MOSI tickets. 20 2 1 22
Mail to: Games Page, CommunityNewsPublications, 21
P.O. Box 479, Lutz, FL 33548 25
Entries must be received by the Monday following publication date 27 29 30



38 39 40
Name: 41 42 345 46 47

_________________________________ 48 4950 51

Address:56 58

TO'61l 62

64 6
ACROSS Conference 61. "... or !" 21. Chinese brunch with
Zip: 1. Wine holder 31. Quark flavor 62. Bad marks tea
5. Bean counter, for 33. Outer covering of 63. Tear with violent 25. V=IR, physics (2 short eyeball force wds)
8. Destiny 36. Indiscriminate in 64. Undertake, with 28. Almond
13. The "A" of ABM selection "out" 32. Pleasingly entertained
4 2 14. Part man, part goat 38. Dravidian language 65. Comparative word 34. Two of the same kind
15. Betelgeuse's con- in central India 35. Artificial bait
8 2 3 6 stellation 40. Madagascan DOWN 36. Lacking refinement
16. Favoring neither prosimian primate 1. False rumor 37. Potter
2 8 6 3 side in a dispute 41. "Tarzan" extra 2. Deficiency of red blood 38. American songbird
18. Move, as a plant 42. Antares, for one cells 39. Gourmet
7 9 2 8 19. Ancient jar with 44. Mountain summits 3. Daze 43. Armor plates protecttwo handles and a nar- 48. Bird's beak 4. Friends and neighbors ing the upper thighs
row neck 49. Embankment to 5. Cooked squid 45. Hook up
7 3 9 20. "-to Billie Joe" prevent shore erosion 6. Afghan monetary unit 46. Monetary unit of
22. "_ moment" 51. "Sesame Street" 7. Tom, Dick or Harry Czech Republic
9 8 2 5 23. "Flying Down to watcher 8. "M*A*S*H" setting 47. Hot
-- 52. Trick taker, often 9. we having fun 49. Fills
3 8 6 5 24. Fertilizer ingredient 53. Infomercials, e.g. yet?" 50. Channel
26. Anger, e.g. 54. Baton wielder 10. Retorts quickly 55. Clash
6 4 2 27. Challenged some- 56. Kind of trip 11. Sillier 57. "Acid"
one to do something 58. Minnesota's capital 12. Feeler 59. A pint, maybe
29. "Beg pardon (2 wds) 14. Kind of team
2 9 30. Big 60. Clear, as a disk 17. Obstructive driver SEE SOLUTIONS, PAGE 26


iOS ia non profit, community-based institution and a leader in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education dedicated to making a difference in people's Wl'es by making science real.
02014 & TIM Discovery Commnications, [[C. Al rights reserved. AglhB~t r The EplosivExhibithon s organized by [DC, GMC--A, Discovery and MSi, Chicago. MythBusters Developed and Preduced by Beyond [ntran entn Limied

Bonsai, Lucky Bamboo *11
and Oriental Feng Shui Gift Shop 0
ai Enjoy a visit to our Oriental You Like

Gardens and Koi pond \e Treat Famiy!
A full selection of Bonsai trees,
lucky bamboo and accessories #Sv oe nDVA o on
'" Save Money on DIY Aboveground
Gift wrapping & cards included and Inground Pool Kits & Supplies
Gift certificates available
Feng Shui and Oriental Gift Shop # A Great Way to Spend Time Together!
Bonsai Accessories
Shipping available anywhere # Excellent Customer Service. Ships Fast!
(83)9 02 #Family Owned &Operated Sinc 90

esGarden, In. [

www.L.aker[ I May 7, 2014 23

Best in Small Business
81-0920 Fa 81-0920 Th LAE LuzNw esi ed~aeltnw~

LIC# CMC1249603 Local &
-_Family Owned
,, & Operated
24/7 Heating & Air Conditioning

.......... .6 RENA YES

Locally owned & operated by Mg.wiIt!f E
Teresa & Todd Boudreau uM
Ask about CFAIR. F
Geothermal Air Conditioning t ll
Financing available

ICENSE 21-P lint Clean & Skm
#CAC1 8 1 667 F A*Coiom gaming aUANTIM Dirty COiS? $5
1Loose Connections? pJ J DiRE service call System 9 $80
FREE* service call Clogged Drain Lines? Value
MUST MENTION THIS AD with AC repair Cleaning & Checkup 1 Low Refrigerant? EaefO4
$39.95 PLEASE PRESENT COUPON TO TECH. Not available for
present coupon at same day service. Cannot be combined with other offer
time of service. Can not Includes 1 lb. Freon. Can not Piceisperunit.Systemmustbe inworingcondition. m
combine with other coupons. combine with other coupons. j IERNA'sealing&Cooingl813-948-6355wwwslernMr.m

S 81339474 ESTIMATES as

MWEACCEPT IVIOre Neighborhoods
ALUMINUM _-__......Sor
813-996-2883 OP Customes
Specializing in Custom Pool Enclosures
* Screen Enclosures Best in Small Business Directory
* Vinyl & Glass Windows _* Car Ports Repairs Slabs 61,200 READERS IN LUTZ,
State License CRC 1329806 ---NORMAN REMINGTON Ads begin at just $40/wk 0
P.O. Box 2006 Land 0'Lakes, FL 34639 Community News en.0 V L Publicatons First Time Cleaning
The LAKER / Lutz NEWS Must present coupon. Not tobe L
(813) 909-2800 : combined with any other offers.
Cleaning done by Owner Satisfaction Guaranteed
lIDA'S BUSINESS Free Estimates No Contracts Required
FRE E CLENleaning Service Bonded 35 yrs experience
NED =. SERVIC "We Do It All, No Job To Small!" T Open 24hrs/7 Days a week Licensed & Insured
10%/o OFF 19 yrs. Experience / Honest &
FOR NEW CLIENTS Dependable/ Licensed & Insured mobile 727.485 .5736 office 727.372.1072

C A, Jgff

Family Dental, Dental Implants & Orthodontics NOT A HAND AN Residential / Commercial
P c D a D. D e Service Upgrade Remodeling
Repairing water damaged ceilings & walls. Licne Generator-TransferSwitch
Retexturing, Popcorn removal, Room Additions. (#EC13005404)
SCracks, holes, plaster & stucco repair. andinsured Hook-up Special
wp d l 2 yer FREE ESTIMATES AFFORDABLE, QUALITY WORK 30 yrs. Experience / Quality Work / Free Estimates
Our Motto: Integrity, Quality, Friendship -*
Now Accepting Credit Cards State Certified SCC,31149699 We Keep Appointments W w w W e s I e y C h a p e I E I e c t r i c n e t

SGrocery Delivery H ElD FENC FREE ESTIMATES "A Christian Company" Dueteronomy 6:5
Lic/Bonded/Ins g J
Errand running
Plus much more

We Deliver That! Chain Link, Wood, & PVC Fencing & All Repairs
813-997-3838 UN THING SATISFIED! 13-886 8

TAYLOR GARAGE ON THE LEVEL, INC. "Your Honey-Do Guy" Licensed Bonded Insured Lic# GDI-09484
A-plu scrccc 0 Custom Tile Work & Repairs
A TLOR Residential Contractor Window & Door Replacement & NEW IN STALLS
SRemodels Additions New Construction Repair Electrical & Plumbing
Replacement 1OOl Call Dan or Joi for all your home repairs Landscape/Fence Work A A A
Hnknehfreet813.205.7190 0
Huiritone Re3i3 nti nien Bonded. Licened* nure Lic# CRC1328640

24 May 7, 2014 www.LakerLutzNews.corn

Best in Small Business
813-909-2800 Fax 813-909-2802 TeLKRutNwsclassif ieds@Iakerl

moran Handyman Services --\----for everything under 5
Qua y your roof!
Carpentry Windows
Crajitsman :low!?,nidew
raJfsman' Doors- Paint* Tile
LC Pressure Wash
aAll The Laker/Lutz News emails are now LLC

Tony Morgan Family Operated Lic#RR-05433 with this ad 428-1156 813-996-5542 Sendyournews -------------- MCGEELAWNCARE813@AOL.COM

Mr. & Mrs. Fixit 8139964253 RK Liberty-Ann
Over 25 years experience 813 _R96-425 PAINTINGL
Satisfaction Guaranteed This is the only number FREE ESTIMATES Painting, Inc.
Pressure Washing yOu need Licensed Bonded Insured
Prpet yuneed for a 813928.5589
(ragneDnlan-up b eau tifu l law n ",= =ITRR N RREUR ENN
Garage Clean-up El ThW Pressure Washing
Wall Paper Removal & Hanging RESI DENTIAL & COMMERCIAL Honey Do List b eautifu l p INTERIOR & EXTERIOR PRESSURE CLEANING
Quality Painting at a Pr
Callfo free estimate Reasonable Price eT
813-408-6133 6 05- J "
SI ,,, I

SFamily OwnedPRESSU E fAA\
00!'o ~ & Operated rWASH G oirin ctcr Ato
.. ...... Of f fRepair and Maintenance
Printers Copiers
TP Fax Machines
arlN All Major brands 24 hr responses
T 1 We sell re-manufactured
I___ R. _____f___ printers and fax machines
oo n -T" .n- m215-3841 813-748-4354
20 years experience
V Full Service Plumbing
V Free Secondpinin FREE '
V 24/7 Emergency Service SERVICE Stoppages, Leaks, Water Filtration J L C CALL .On InerialRoofing CARL MARTIN licensed bonded 1325565
m Free Estimates on Re-Pipes i c Om InsT I imperial In.R
Plumbing Inspections 7O O IN Conracor
Cotatp Inc.m SPlumbing Maintenance Plans REROOFING METAL
V Hot Water Heaters SHINGLES TILE FLAT Licensed Insured
H REPAIRS MAINTENANCE State Cert. #CCC 029597 Tc'-1"l))-i l Y00 Y'L))1 CENSE Must presntcoupon FREE ESTIMATES
Call Ron, Chris, Ronnie
o ing Services, Inc & Jason Guaranteed Roof Repairs
i (813) 630-0800 18-800-2778 66

Tate Pierce BUSINESS
S O D "e D IR E C TO RY RAVEL& Big Trips, Small Trips, Three Day
ISCC 131149839CRUISE Getaways, 14 Day Exotic Adventures,
Trips by Land, Sea, or Air,
LAWNNOW (813) 714-9668 WORKS FOR US!
Call for a Free Estimate Pool Enclosures I started my ad in The Best in Small ,
813-995-2717 Poolrin Trvncetloslureseayrve~yho~o Screen Rooms Business Directory this past October. Not
3904 Land 0' Lakes Blvd (Hwy 41 81&Repir4hae6cll2bu5i
1.6 MILES NORH OF STATE ROAD escreening & Repairs only have my calls doubled, but lately, it seems like EVERY call I get comes from my ad in The Laker & Lutz News! Don't S

T.C. WOOD .change a thing! B Shue
Specializing in Dangerous Removals Kevin Kasten
STree Trimming 30YEARS Owner, Kasten Handyman
Tree Removal EXPERIENCE Onr atnHnya
Tree Removal AST & 813-909-7959
Stump Grinding RELIABLE
P rep you tre s n w fo h u rica e s ason i: ".........................................................................................................................................................................
Prep your trees now for hurricane season,,
Licensed & Insured ."The LAKER / Lutz NEWS
Call for FREE Estimate Community News Publications
813-991-6674 813-310-6674 813.909.2800

local news = 1 li 6440 Fort King Road Zephyrhills a indow
localnews813.782.3513 'Wno

on1ieJi aill tre ents
online at
Now specializing in !G
Free Estimates Professional Installation
www. Lake rLutzNews cornI May7, 2014l 2 5

813-909-2800 Fax 813-909-2802


iENRA EMPLOYMENT One call, one price delivers suburban Tampa I
s .I47,000 Circulation
Yad1SlIsJ im0ls nt ________ _______S_ Receptionist CLASSIFIED RATES,..

., ,. .W W anted Liner Ads .. ........... starting at $48 per week

COMMUNITY YARD SALE Are you a positive, happy Display Ads ... .......... starting at $68 per week
Stonegate Community Yard Sale, person who likes people?
Saturday, May 1Oth, 8am to 2pm. Located [ Good at multi-asking?
on SR54, just East of Land 0' Lakes Blvd. No certification necessary Want to work close to home in a
ESTATE SALE: 8716 EHREN CUTOFF 1-2 years experience preferred caring, family-owned business? FREE 'garage sale' ads
Saturday, May 10, 8:00 am 2:00 pm Immediate employment opportunities Get 3 lines of text FREE Additional lines just $4 each
Everything goes, no offer ref used Flexible Hours days, evenings &/o r weekends) Cornerstone A/C & Plumbing No commercial ads, based on space availability @ Free ads WILL NOTbe accepted byphone
GREAT SALE! &sHernas o C nes needs a full-time receptionist who
5144 Parkway Blvd., & also assists with customer service. MM DEADLINE: FRIDAY, 12 NOON C
near Pineview Schools. (813)
SATURDAY, MAY 10, 8-12. are (8 963-0618 Excellent phone and clerical skills To place your ad... are required. Experience in an fax: 813-909-2802 or email: office setting is a plus. mail:
G E CommunityNewsPublications

Private Women's Christian Personal Call Dana at
Training Studio in Land 0' Lakes, owned
by Samantha Taylor. Prior training 949-4445
experience a plus, a positive attitude,
a tamplaer oganized, dependable &
have a passion for helping women. _ __ $1,000 WEEKLY!! MAILING Brochures TIMESHARE OPC POSITIONS Hilton
To apply,- / D From Home. Helping home workers since Head Island. East coast's #1 island pt 2001. Genuine Opportunity. NO Experi- nation! Housing to experienced OPC's!
rat Please no phone calls or walk-ins. FREE PILLS WITH EVERY ORDER! VIA- ence Required. Start Immediately. Over 25,000 produced in past 3 years!
GRA 100mg, CIALIS 20mg (s) Call JIM 843-247-1941 or DON
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area ASAP is in search of work. Hometime. Orientation Sign On Bonus.
CDL-A Required 1-888-592-4752. SAPA OWN YOUR OWN Medical Alert Coi20+ years experience. *(s) pany. Be the 1st and Only Distributor in
Former employee of W5WU ATTN DRIVERS: BRING a Passenger your area! Unlimited $ return. Small investThe Laker/Lutz News. = A l@ $$$ Up to 50 cpm $$$ BCBS Insurance + ment required. Call toll free
401 K + Pet & Rider Full Benefits + 1-844-225-1200. (x) REFERENCES AVAILABLE Quality Hometime Orientation Sign On
UP 11~ii UBonus CDL-A Req 1-888-592-4752
Meta Hargrett (s)
i i home. Call Toll Free 1-800-585-5873 for
__________ FREE Infor Pack and catalog. Website:
$1000 WEEKLY PAID IN ADVANCE!!! htt:// (u)
for our company. FREE Supplies! PT/FT. NEED 18-24 energetic people to travel No Experience Needed! with young successful business group. (n) Paid travel. No experience necessary 3 4 6 5 7 1 9 8 2 DRIVER TRAINEES NEEDED NOW! $500-$750 weekly. 702-468-7890 (u) OUR
PqI S 1 R I1 NBecome a driver for Werner Enterprises. $500 TO $1000 WEEKLY MAILING OUR
8 9 7 2 4 3 1 6 5 Earn $800 per week! Local CDL Training BROCHURES & POSTCARDS + ON- RETIRE TO KENTUCKY's BlueGrass
A M MO N E A S N E 1-877-214-3624 (x) LINE DATA ENTRY WORK. Experience Country! Enjoy maintenance free living!Unnecessaryl BRAND NEW LUXURY HOMES Beautiful D R E D H E N 1 8 HELP WANTED EARN Extra income As-67v) 3 BR, 3 BA, 1,800 sf, from the low $200's.
11C--- --- --- --sembling C D cases From Home. Call our Lowest price per sq ft in the area! Mild cliP R I u S 7 2 4 1 3 8 6 5 9 Live Operators Now! No experience DISCOUNT AUTO INSURANCE Instant mate, low taxes, minutes to shopping, dinUGU L Necessary 1-800-405-7619 EXT 2605 Quote Save up to 70% in 5 Minutes All ing, medical & Keeneland Horse Racing.
AP E 9 1 8 6 2 5 7 4 3 (n) Credit Types. Call 888-296-3040 now. (v) Perfect for retirement/2nd home. Call now
4 7 3 9 8 6 5 2 1 HELP WANTED!!! $575/weekly for details: 877-333-2412, X 121
'A t **Mailing Brochures/Assembling! (x)
_S iS N P 4" 5 6 4 2 Products At Home Online DATA ENTRY
36ERASIEN I= L ou've G tIt! Positions Available.! ______________E NJ [DIb (v)
ATTN: DRIVERS! $$$ Top Pay $$$ Be a DISH TV RETAILER -SAVE! Starting
11b LJ dName, Not a Number Quality Home Time! $19.99/month (for 12 months.) FREE Prey BCBS + 401k + Pet & Rider Orientation mium Movie Channels. FREE Equipment,
Sign On Bonus CDL-A 877-258-8782 (x) Installation & Activation. CALL, COMSA E A L S LEW a tsIt1 AVERITT APPROVED NEW PAY IN- PARE LOCAL DEALS! 1-800-351-0850.
The Stonegate Community is DRIVERS! Get Home EVERY Week + Ex- DIRECTV, INTERNET, & Phone From
cellent Benefits. CDL-A req. $69.99/mo + Free 3 Months: HBO
having its annual Yard Sale! 888-362-8608 Check Out The Pay Starz9 SHOWTIME9 CINEMAX9+ FREE
TheLaker/LutzNews Increase for Students! Apply rGENIE 4 Room Upgrade + NFL SUNDAY
T k t @ EOE Females, mi- TICKET! Limited time offer. 888-248-5961
norities, protected veterans and individu- (n)
Classified als with disabilities are encouraged to
apply. (x) ORDER DISH NETWORK Satellite TV
Located on SR54, just 1.26 miles West 813.909.2800 HIRING ONE TON and 3/4 Ton Pickup and Internet Starting at $19.99! Free Inof Land 0' Lakes Blvd (41) trucks to deliver RV's. 100/mile Sign-on stallation, Hopper DVR and 5 Free
of Bonus, 4 Terminals & 8 Backhaul Loca- Premium Movie Channels!
tions. Call 866-764-1601 or Call 800-597-2464 (n) (x) *REDUCE YOUR CABLE BILL* Get a 4NOW HIRING OTR CDLA Drivers. New Room All-Digital Satellite system installed Pay Package and $2500 Sign-On Bonus for FREE! Programming starting at $19.99Mostly 5-10 days out, full benefits, achiev- /MO. FREE HD/DVR upgrade for new able bonuses. Call for details callers. CALL NOW 1-800-795-1315
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(x) DISH TV RETAILER. Starting at $19.99GREAT MONEY FROM HOME! With Our /month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed InterYAR Free Mailer Program Live Operators On net starting at $14.95/month (where avail______________________ Duty Now 1-800-707-1810 EX 401 Or able.) SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY
-SALE C___ 813-909-2800 Visit (z) Installation! CALL Now! 1-800-351-0850
I I(s)
S itDISH TV RETAILER. Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where availC HA D E Unable ) SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 1-800-351-0850 (s)
Novena DISH TV RETAILER. Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where avail! M ILY FA RM S I Our Lady ~~~~~~~~Prayer to aain AL w1- 65-6(vable.) a~na$49/~~~hraa SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY In41FAMILY FARMS Ladyaton CALL Now! 1-800-615-4064(v

Sof the
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ADVERTISE TO 10 Million Homes across
As yor lovng, tustfl chid I ak thi favr...Otain or m astwllUapurePeartetheouAr Paceiyuroaein oer014ccom As yur ovig, rusfulchid I sk hisfavr..Obtin or m aswel, apur hert, munity newspapers, with circulation totalil|JlltH Llll.llKl.v&,MlSlti~ll[ Hthat my entire life may give glory to God, ing over 10 million homes. Contact Inde.O0Mary conceived without sin, pendent Free Papers of America I FPA at
Amen. pr;afous who harcurse toyoat or visit
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2,6 I May 7, 2014 www.L aker!

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S813-909-2800- Fax 813-909-2802

APits m hiwclassifieds@lakerl M


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*_ i

Join orthopedic surgeon Dr. Dennis Jones for an
interactive discussion regarding the latest advances
in joint replacement surgery, and learn whether
joint replacement surgery is right for you.

A question and answer session will follow
the seminar.

FREE SEMINAR I FREE PARKING I REFRESHMENTS PROVIDED St. Joseph's Hospital-North Garden Lobby Classroom 4211 Van Dyke Road I Lutz Reserve your space:
4 w (813) 644-6772
0 BayCare St. Joseph's Hospital-North

28 May 7, 2014 wwwLaker' utzNews oom