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Laker (Zephyrhills edition)
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Title: Laker (Zephyrhills edition)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Community News Publications
Place of Publication: Lutz, FL
Publication Date: 07-20-2011
Copyright Date: 2010
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Pasco -- Zephyrhills
United States -- Florida -- Pasco -- Dade City
Coordinates: 28.237222 x -82.179444 ( Place of Publication )
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TheLAKER JULY 20,2011 FREE Zephyrhills/Dade City EditionBy Zack Petersonzpeterson@cnewspubs.comDon Vanderlaan was just 16 when he walked his way into a recruiting office.A few minutes later,he walked out,turned the corner and forged the necessary paperwork needed to be sworn in to the U.S.Navy. Within 30 minutes,Vanderlaan had volunteered his services to the United States during World War II. "The hardest part was telling my parents,"the Zephyrhills resident chuckled. Now 84,Vanderlaan's services for his country are being honored.Along with 24 other men,Vanderlaan recently visited Washington, visit war memorials,all courtesy of the Honor Flight West Central Florida program. The cost? Free. Honor Flight started in 2005 as a national program determined to provide "honor flights"for American veterans.These veterans were given the opportunity to visit war memorials in Washington a single day. In 2010,the Honor Flight West Central Florida was established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to provide local veterans this reflective privilege. "We're losing a thousand World War II veterans every day,"Vanderlaan said."They're trying to take everyone they can." The inaugural flight left Tampa International Airport at roughly 6 in the morning,with all 25 veterans aboard accompanied by their "guardians"and medical staff. To accommodate for any critical health conditions,the Honor Flight program asThe Honor Flight group together in Washington D.C. Only 25 veterans and 25 guardians total attended the inaugural flight on May 3. The subsequent flight in June carried nearly triple the number of participants. (Photos courtesy of Pat Vanderlaan)Honor Flight recognizes WWII veterans Don Vanderlaan stands by the World War II memorial during his trip from Honor Flight, where he had the opportunity to honor deceased veterans. Now, he hopes to bring more recognition to this free experience available to all U.S. veterans. "It doesn't cost a nickel," Vanderlaan said. See HONOR,page11 For more information about Honor Flight West Central Florida,call (727) 498-6079 or visit their website, Oakley files for Pasco District 1 seatBy Kyle LoJaconoklojacono@cnewspubs.comFor the second consecutive time, Pasco County Commissioner Ted Schrader will face a long-time supporter in the Republican primary. In 2008 it was San Antonio developer John Nicolette,and now it is Zephyrhills citrus grower and cattle rancher Ronald Oakley. Oakley,65,said he supported Schrader's conservative leadership he brought to county District 1, which covers most of east Pasco,but now wants the commissioner's job.He filed the paperwork at the end of June for next year's primary. Oakley said the decision to run was not because of anything he specifically disagreed with Schrader on. "It's nothing like that,"Oakley said. "There isn't a grudge or anything like that.I decided I needed to run and this would likely be my last chance to do so.I just happen to live in the same district as Ted." Pasco's five commissioners must live in the district they represent,but are elected by all county voters for a four-year term. Oakley said his main goal,if elected, will be to decrease the size of government to help streamline things like permitting to help business flourish. Oakley also served on the Southwest Florida Water Management District,commonly called Swiftmud,since 2007 and was the organization's chairman last year, but resigned in May in part because of Dade City Voldemort' casts spell at movieJosh Espinoza gets hit with a magic spell from "Voldemort," played by Annie Hall. Both Dade City residents were at the midnight showing of the final movie in the Harry Potter series at the Cobb Theatres Grove 16 in Wesley Chapel. (Photo by Anthony V. Masella Jr. of By B.C.Manionbcmanion@cnewspubs.comThe new sheriff in town wants to harness the tools of modern technology,along with good old-fashioned tips from citizens, to help his office fight crime. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco unveiled a new survey last week that seeks community feedback to help his office develop its long-range plan. The survey,posted at,seeks public feedback on 11 questions. "We want to hear from you,"Nocco said. "What makes a good's sheriff's office? What do you expect out of your sheriff's office?"How many districts do you want? To those of you who live in the Wesley Chapel area,do you expect another sheriff's office there?"The survey asks respondents to rate how satisfied they are with the department's performance,to identify their top three neighborhood concerns,to identify top priorities for the sheriff's office and to state their major community concerns in the future. Other queries seek feedback on what attributes make a great sheriff's office and ask for top criticisms of the department's work. "I believe in servant leadership,"Nocco said,explaining why it's important to hear from the community to help him chart his department's future direction. His organizational chart has him at the bottom and citizens at the top,the sheriff added. He said he subscribes to the sentiment expressed by legendary football coach, Vince Lombardi,who once said:"People who work together will win,whether it be against complex football defenses or the problems of modern society." While inviting the community's participation in setting his department's goals, Nocco made it clear that criminals are not welcome in Pasco County. "We're going to set a tone here in Pasco County that we don't accept crime here. Crime will not be tolerated. "It's about being on the offensive.I will never have a day when we are intimidated by criminals,"he said.Addressing members of the Pasco Alliance of Community Associations on July 14,Nocco said information gleaned from citizens can help the department prevent and solve crimes."We don't have enough deputies to walk a beat in every one of your neighborhoods," Nocco told the community leaders."What we do have is the ability for you to give us the information.We need your input.We need to know what's going on in your neighborhood." The department's website has a place where people can provide tips to the office, which can then take that information and begin tracking the leads.Go to the department's website and click on ILP tips.The department will use information provided by residents,combined with their own surveillance efforts,to help identify patterns.Often,something that seems trivial can be the key to unlocking information that can prevent or solve a crime,Nocco said. One of the biggest problems that Pasco County faces is crime related to the abuse of prescription pills. "Every neighborhood we go into,no matter where you are they could be half-million homes,they could be lower-income everybody is affected by it. "Pinellas (County) is No.1 in the state for children born on prescription pills.Pasco (County) is No.2,"he said. "Seventy to 80 percent of our crime is prescription-pill related.Your burglaries, your robberies,your car thefts it all goesPasco Sheriff seeks public input to help set goals Chris Nocco Ronald OakleySee OAKLEY,page11 See SHERIFF,page11


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New Patients Welcome Most Insurance Plans AcceptedConveniently located by Sam's Club27510 Cashford Circle Wesley Chapel look your very best this summer cameo c a m e o hair nails massage facials full body waxing spa packages hair extensions keratin 1817 collier parkway,lutz the absolute salon813 948 7411 keratin express treatmentnext day shampoo lasts 6-8 weeks *additional charge for long hair just$8500* shimmer with salon services Pasco County resident wants to shake up 2012 electionsBy Kyle LoJaconoklojacono@cnewspubs.comBy his own admission,Land O'Lakes resident Scott Keller is a political novice. The 49-year-old database administrator hasn't held any political office in his life not even in high school. Keller said that is one of his strengths and why he decided to run for president of the United States in 2012.He did file to run for the U.S.House in the 2010 election cycle as a Republican,but backed out in early 2009. For 2012,he has his eyes on a big prize. Keller submitted the paperwork to become an official write-in candidate for president and is running without a party affiliation.He is his currently working on a petition so his name appears on the ballot. Keller and his wife of seven years,Nora, have three children together,Isabella, Marcus and Pricilla,and have another baby due in February.Keller also has a 14-year-old daughter,Julie. His father James H.Keller served in the U.S.Army for 30 years and retired as a brigadier general.Keller said he also served six years in the Navy. The Laker and Lutz News recently spoke with Keller about his political run. Q: What made you decide to run?A: Like a lot of people,I was looking at the candidates and it was so disappointing, because we have to have better options. People say that all the time.They know there is something wrong,but they can't quite put their finger on it.I decided at that point,I have to run.If no one else is going to get out there and say those things,then I have to.Q: Why did you want to run for president instead of a smaller position first?A: I don't want to get into legislation.I want to be sharing ideas.How people can join together to accomplish things.I feel the position as president,or just part of the campaign,raises a lot of awareness to the real issues.Hopefully I'll be able to force some discussion about these issues,even if I don't win.Q: So it wouldn't crush you if you lost? A: I don't care if I lose,as long as the information is getting out there. As long as people see the power they have if they work together and stop this sinking ship.Start being our best and being the example for the world.We need to decide what we need to focus on.Is it really profit? People work 40,50,80 hours a week,and they don't ask why.Why are they working so much? Where are we going in such a hurry? What's our goal? Are we just chasing a profit? Just to pay a bill? Electricity could be free if we just cooperated.If we came together, could we come up with a way to make electricity without charging them? I think we could do it. Q: Would that be possible with everyone out there? A: We've got a baby on the way,due in February.We don't have insurance,and people hear that and think we're going to be a leach on society.So having a new member of society is seen as a leach on society? That doesn't make sense.Why is adding another person,who could do great things,invent things or whatever,why is that a bad thing? We have poverty because we haven't given those people options. Q: What do you think the end result would be from something like that?A: There's no telling,but I think 7 billion people joining together for good would only mean great things.What's possible with 7 billion people holding hands to see what they can do together? We're too busy bickering about who made the most money and what stock did what.Who knows where this spaceship Earth is going.I know I'd rather go through it with everyone contributing.Q: So you have no party affiliation at all? A: No party affiliation.I really agree with some things from both sides.Everyone really wants the basic things.We want peace, we want education for our kids,healthy food,healthcare and we don't want to be out of work losing our homes.It's the same basic things,with the Democrats wanting big government running things and Republicans wanting big business running everything.We're big on this side and big on this side,and the little guy gets left out. Q: What kind of beliefs do you have then? A: I'd say I'm kind of a moderate,but on a different vector.No more left versus right and I don't like to think of it as a linear scale.The answers might be above the normal scale and that might be why no one in Washington can see them.It's about involving the people and not using the same broken model.We have 300 million people in this country and 7 billion in the world,so what makes us think that 500 people in Washington have all the answers. Q: It seems like you want to take the focus off of the central government even though you're making a run at the White House. Is that correct? A: Right,and we can get all the local officials in on it.Mayors,county commissions, community leaders,like Rotary clubs.There are enough options at their fingertips,but they're just not aware of what they can do. Part of this campaign is about waking people up. Q: How would you empower those people? A: The big thing is listening to and working with those groups and local governments.I'm not saying I have all the answers.I'm coming in sharing how people have the answers out there in the community.I'm not even empowering them.I'm showing them they have power already and they need to use it. Tampa Bay could become the model for everybody else.People could say look what they did when they involved everyone.They eliminated poverty by helping those people to contribute to making us all better.Don't look down on them.I've been there.I've been to the food pantries.We had to go there for our food.It's not that people don't want to work,but they don't get enough to pay for their homes. Q: It seems like you see the answers as being with the people and not any politician, right?A: Absolutely.Understand the solutions are right there in front of your face.Stop making this about who can make the most money and who can get people to donate the most money.And don't wait for the next election.Start with the solutions on a local level now.You can't change Congress overnight,but you can do something at home.Maybe not in one night,but in a few weeks you can certainly make an impact.For more information on Keller's campaign,visit Scott Keller with his wife, Nora, and their three children, Isabella, Marcus and Pricilla. (Photo courtesy of Keller)Scott Keller's run for the White House 813-909-2800 / THE LAKER July 20,2011 2


YOU MAY NOT BE IN IT FORTHE MONEY NEED Just because youve chosen the path of God instead of the money trail doesnt mean you should forsake your “nancial future. Thats where we come in. Were MMBB. For over 100 years weve been oering investment, retirement and insurance bene“ts just for those who serve the church, both ordained and lay. To learn more about us and our “nancial products, visit or call 1-800-986-6222. Isnt it time your money started working as hard as you?REAL PLANNING, REAL SOLUTIONS. THATS OUR CALLING. / 813-909-2800 THE LAKER July 20,2011 3 Editor's Note:Our summer intern,Zack Peterson of Lutz,spent the last week of June working as a camp counselor at Muscular Dystrophy Association summer camp.His camper,Justin Scull,was from Zephyrhills. By Zack Petersonzpeterson@cnewspubs.comIt's a good day when you can walk on your own two feet,when you can get up on your own in the morning,walk to the mirror and ready yourself for the day's upcoming events in the glass reflection. For you and I,that's a good day. But for a child with muscular dystrophy, a good day is anything but.A good day is not falling down in school;a good day is brushing your teeth on your own;a good day is not feeling the effects of a degenerative neuromuscular disease tear at your bones. A good day is just making it through the day.Twenty-four hours a day,365 days a year, children with muscular dystrophy everywhere must learn to cope with the burdens of life,instead of living it.Many don't have the luxury to walk,take care of themselves, even operate in everyday situations that you or I might find commonplace. Most of us don't even know.We have no idea how lucky we are to have two functioning legs.We have no idea that children with muscular dystrophy are diagnosed every day in our own communities. What we also don't know is how we're helping them every day. I had no idea how much support existed for this disease until three years ago,when my track coach introduced me to a program known as MDA summer camp. Since 1955,the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) has helped bring joy to the lives of children with MD for a week during the summertime by providing them with an unforgettable camp experience. MDA supports more than 80 camps nationwide and helps countless children build experiences that will last a lifetime. My journey with MDA summer camp started those three years ago at the Rotary's Camp Florida in Brandon,a haven for campers from around the area that's offered its facilities for the past 12 years.There,I met some of the most courageous kids anyone could have the opportunity to meet. They're just like you and I normal people looking for what inspires them most in the world. As it turns out,they're a gem of inspiration for everyone who attends MDA camp,whether they're a counselor or a camper. MDA summer camp puts you in a unique one-on-one position as the counselor of a child with MD;essentially,you're their caretaker for a week. For some children who still have the ability to walk,this means watching over them;for others who have limited mobility or need wheelchairs to move around,this means helping them take care of basic bodily needs, like showering or using the bathroom.It gives counselors the opportunity to bond with his/her camper when you lift them into bed or ensure that their teeth are clean;it also gives campers the ability to trust in the world again.For those five days at summer camp,they are released from whatever hardships they struggle with on a daily basis at home. I wasn't sure what to expect that first year.I naively thought to myself,"How much activity can we do with children who have mobile difficulty?" After five days of swimming,archery, pine wood derby,fishing and even swinging,I was ready to be proven wrong.These kids could do anything.Each year I come back to MDA camp,I have an even better experience than the last.This year,my camper happened to be from Zephyrhills.His name is Justin Scull,a 13-year-old boy diagnosed with Becker MD; he's also the 13-year-old boy with the biggest heart I've ever seen. My very first encounter with Justin was heart-wrenching almost.He was lifting his younger brother and sister up and down, laughing and smiling,bringing light and happiness to all around. He did all this in spite of the fact that he suffers from a very serious disease that slowly wastes away at his muscles every day;in spite of the fact that one day,he could be sitting in a wheelchair at the age of 30 watching young children play freely the way he once did. MDA camp just passed this summer, squeezing itself into the final week of June and the first day of July;and I can easily say Justin and I experienced one of the greatest weeks either one of us could possibly hope to have this summer. Whether it was swinging together right after dinner ended or paddle-boating on the camp's lake,Justin and I each learned a little something from each other. We taught each other how to enjoy the little things. It's easy to speak about things you know nothing of,particularly when you're just an observant bystander,but when your heart's there when you learn to really love what you have from these kids it's not just easy,it's genuine. My only hope is that everyone can cherish the love "Jerry's Kids"instill the way I have.And I can only hope that you won't just wait for it to come looking for you;I hope that you'll reach out a hand to those in need,to those who live right in your community,to those who want love,care and compassion just like you. Zack Peterson, alongside Justin Scull and his brother and sister, David and Angelina Scull, after checking in for the first day of camp. (Photo courtesy of the MDA)Camp gives children an experience to cherish Muscular Dystrophy Association(727) 577-1700


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(813) 788-2007 (813)788-2007 Three locations to serve you Threelocationstoserveyou Largo € Tampa € Zephyrhills Largo€Tampa€Zephyrhills Once A Day Cialis Now Available $51.84 /mo. Send business news to BETTY CAKES CAKE SHOP OPENS IN DOWNTOWN DADE CITYBetty Cakes Cake Shop opened in downtown Dade City on July 15 at 37941 Meridian Ave.,according to the shop's Facebook page. Vickie West,a long-time caterer in Pasco County,owns the shop.She is married to David West,former executive director of the Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce. The cake shop serves cake in a wide assortment of flavors. Cakes and cake by the slice are available in the cafŽ,located across from the Historic Pasco County Courthouse next to Kafe Kokopelli.The shop also serves coffee,tea and smoothies.For more information,call (352) 437-4898 or look for the shop on Facebook.WESLEY MAYOR'S RACE BEGINSCandidates for the Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce's mayor's race will be announced at the chamber's July mixer at 6 p.m.Thursday,July 21,at Hampton Inn & Suites,2740 Cypress Ridge Blvd. The mixer is hosted by The Laker and cosponsored by the Hampton Inn,Wesley Chapel Toyota Honda and Texas Roadhouse.RYLAND HOMES GRAND OPENING IN WESLEY CHAPELRyland Homes will host a grand opening on Aug.13 to showcase its New Marco model home at Ashton Oaks,which is off SR 54,in Wesley Chapel. The Marco model home features three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths.It has 1,908 square feet of living space an d a two-car garage. Ryland Homes plans to build 70 new three-,fourand five-bedroom single-family homes at Ashton Oaks,ranging from 1,2742,259 square feet,with prices beginning in the low $100s.To find out more,go to'S WEBSITE WINS HONORThe Pasco Economic Development Council's website,,has received the 2011 Promotional and Marketing Innovation award for best website by Florida Economic Development Council (FEDC). The FEDC awards competition honors the finest in marketing and communication best practices for economic development organizations throughout Florida. Submissions in the website category were judged for creativity,quality,originality and substance.WESLEY CHAPEL NETWORKING OPPORTUNITYThe Wesley Chapel Business Forum and Networking group will meet from 8-10 a.m. Monday at the Lexington Oaks Golf Club, 26133 Lexington Oaks Wesley Chapel. The group meets on Monday mornings to help build referral partnerships.The meeting is free,but coffee and breakfast are available for purchase.For more information,contact John Roth (813) 377-2622 or OPENS NEW LOCATION IN LAND O' LAKESBradenton-based Bealls has consolidated stores in Lutz and Land O'Lakes to create a single Bealls Outlet at 21703 Village Lakes Shopping Center Drive in Land O'Lakes. The 27,500-square-foot store,which opened on July 11,has greater depth in all departments except for the home department,which was a stand-alone store in Lutz, said Bill Webster,director of public and government affairs for Bealls. Despite the still sluggish economy,the company believes that Land O'Lakes is a strong mar k et for t h e company,We b ster sai d The store replaced a portion of the former Wal-Mart location at the plaza,on SR 54 just east of US 41.MEXICAN RESTAURANT IN LUTZ RESCHEDULES OPENINGElsa's Mexican Restaurant and Sports Cantina,a new restaurant at 18450 N.US 41, has scheduled its opening day for Aug.1. The restaurant is "imported from Ohio," where it has four locations in Dayton,with another set to open in August.All locations are owned and operated by Bill Hemmert and his family from Dayton,Ohio. Like the other Elsa's,the Lutz restaurant's menu will feature Mexican foods,as well as hamburgers,pizza and wings.Its claim to fame in the drinks department is its "Bad Juan Margarita." The restaurant is located in the space previously occupied by Weck's American Grill.MOSI HAS NEW CLOSED CAPTIONINGThe Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) is now offering a new closed captioning system for its standard IMAX films. The system attaches into the seat cup holders inside the IMAX Dome Theatre.Anyone who would like to use the system should ask an IMAX staff member for details.MOSI is located at 4801 E.Fowler Tampa.BANK CREATES ROBERT D. SUMNER BOARD ROOMThe First National Bank of Pasco has honored the memory of Robert D.Sumner by creating the Robert D.Sumner Board Room. In a news release,Andy Gibbs,chairman of the bank's board,said:"We deeply mourn the passing of Bobby Sumner who has been such a large part of our bank.Robert D. Sumner served as a member of this board from Feb.21,1996 to May 25,2011;as president of the Holding Company since March 20,2008;and as our president and CEO of the bank since April 16,2009." In recognition of Sumner's contributions, the bank's board renamed its Dade City Board Room the Robert D.Sumner BoardRoom.


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Publisher reserves the right to edit and/or reject any editorial and advertising content.LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: We welcome community topics in the 250-word range. Please include daytime phone number.Opinions expressed by the writers are their own and do not reflect the opinion of the publisher.ERRORS: Publisher is not responsible for errors in advertising beyond the cost of space for the first insertion, or for the validity of claims made by advertisers.MEMBER: Central Pasco Chamber, Wesley ChapelChamber, Zephyrhills Chamber, Dade City Chamber, Florida Press Association, Free Community Newspapers of Florida, Southeast Advertising Publishers Association, Association of Free Community Papers.Contents copyright 2011 Community News Publications. Reproduction in whole or in part is forbidden without prior written perm ission from the publisher. 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Martin, DDS, MSORTHODONTICSChildren & Adults www.christinamartindds.com2234 Native Woods Lane Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 813.929.6700BEHIND SAM'S CLUB Food Addicts in Recovery groupAnyone having trouble controlling their eating,are either under or overweight or are obsessed about dieting,may be interested in attending Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous-Zephyrhills.The group meets on Thursdays from 7-8:30 East Pasco Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 7329 Dairy Road in Zephyrhills.There are no dues,fees or weigh-ins.For more information, Medicare successfullyThe Florida Department of Elder Affairs' Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders (SHINE) program,in partnership with the Pasco County Extension and Pasco Regional Medical Center,are teaming up to help people understand their healthcare options. SHINE provides information and counseling resources that train volunteers to provide free,confidential healthcare advice to Florida's seniors and the disabled,particularly about Medicare. Medicare is a government health insurance program administered by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It is the largest health insurance service in the country,with about 40 million Americans participating.To be eligible,people must be a United States citizen and meet certain requirements. SHINE will lead three programs in the coming months about Medicare: --Medicare 101 on Friday,July 22 --Medicare drug plan on Friday,Aug.26 --Medicare advantage on Friday,Sept.23 Each class is at Pasco Regional,Fort King Road in Dade City,from 10-11 a.m.Call Patty Richter at (352) 518-1087 to reserve a seat. Light refreshments will be served.Text to find out ER wait timePeople who want to know how long the wait time is at Pasco Regional Medical Center's emergency room can now send a text to find out.The texting option is the latest development in the hospital's ER Extra campaign.If you want to know how long the wait time is,just text your zip code to ERTIME (378463) and you will receive the ER wait time at Pasco Regional Medical Center.Arthritis volunteers neededTampa Medical Group is seeking volunteers older than 18 who have rheumatoid arthritis and are not doing well on current treatment to participate in a one-year clinical trial.Those interested should call (813) 875-9742.Memory study participants neededThe University of South Florida's School of Aging Studies and Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair are seeking 120 healthy men and women ages 65-85 who have not been diagnosed with memory disorder for a 10-week clinical trial.Those interested should call Kerri Rawson at (813) 974-6873 or email Center's Project QuitMoffitt Cancer Center is seeking smokers for a quit-smoking study funded by the National Cancer Institute called Project Quit.The study will compare different booklets to see how well each program helps people quit and stay off tobacco.For more information,call (813) 954-2548.Volunteer for Gulfside RegionalGulfside Regional Hospice needs volunteers to help care for patients,with phone calls and to do office work.For more information,call (727) 845-5707.Good Samaritan Health ClinicVolunteers are needed to help answer phones,do filing,make photocopies,schedule appointments and count pills at the Good Samaritan Health Clinic.For more information,call (727) 848-7789.HEALTH & WELLNESS


ZEPHYRHILLSSATURDAYNIGHTCRUISEDOWNTOWNZEPHYRHILLSFor more information please contact Main Street Zephyrhills,Inc.813-780-1414 (intersection of 301 and 54 West on 5th Ave.)July 23rd4:00-8:00 p.m.No Entry Fee Food 50s & 60s Music Entertainment 50/50 Raffle Cars,Cars & More Cars CAR SHOW 4th Saturday of Every Month Main Street Zephyrhills Sparkman Chevrolet The City of Zephyrhills Progress Energy The Laker Pasco Roadrunners Bullfrog Performance Fast Forward Race Engines JLP Motor Sports,Inc. Drew Ben Hudgins,P.A. Rigsby's Auto Parts & Sales,Inc. One Stop Resto Shop CF Industries Village Inn St. Petersburg TimesDoor Prizes for Registered AttendeesSponsors:813-909-2800 / THE LAKER July 20,2011 6 Circle your answers & mail to: Cobb Theatre Trivia ContestThe Laker / Lutz News 1930 Land O'Lakes Blvd., Suite 14 Lutz, FL33549WINNERS WILL RECEIVE 2 MOVIE TICKETS DEADLINE TO SUBMIT IS 8-3-11Tickets have no cash value. Non-refundable. Name:_____________________________________________________________Parent Name(s)_________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City:_______________________________________________Zip:_____________________Phone:_______________________________ Age:________________________________________________Grade:________________________ School:________________________________________________________________Interests:___________________________________813.948.5444www.cobbtheatres.com6333 Wesley Grove Blvd. Wesley Chapel, FL33544 How well do you know Harry Potter?Try answering the following questions. 1. All the students at Hogwarts must have a familiar or a pet. What is the name of Harry Potter's pet owl? A. Hoot Hoot B. Hedwig C. Mr. Owl 2. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry, Ron, and Hermione drink this potion in order to change their appearance and sneak into Sltherin. What potion did they drink? A. Polyjuice Potion B. Liquid Luck C. Draught of Living Death 3. These creatures are the guardians of Azkaban. They consume the happiness and fond memories leaving you soulless and empty. What are the creatures called? A. Lawyers B. Centaurs C. Dementors 4. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry receives a special gift that he has used throughout the series to sneak around Hogwarts and spy on others. What was this special gift? A. Invisibility potion B. Nimbus 2000 C. Cloak of Invisibility 5. Sirius Black was accused of helping Lord Voldemort and sentenced to imprisonment at Azkaban. What creature was he able to transform into? A. Wolf B. Werewolf C. Bat 6. The Order of the Phoenix was created by Albus Dumbledore to stop Voldemort and his followers. Whose house did they use as their secret meeting place? A. Severus Snape B. Alastor Moody C. Sirius Black 7.Dumbledore and Harry discover that Voldemort has been able to create this in order to live forever. What did he create?A. The Sorcerer's Stone B. Horcruxes C. Immortality Potion8. The Triwizard Tournament is a competition in which candidates place their name in the Goblet of Fire in order to be picked as one of three champions and also must be a certain age. What happens to Fred and George Weasley when they try to put their names in the Goblet of Fire?A. They are turned into babies B. They get picked as championsC. They get cursed and grow white hair and a beard9. What is the name of the game that includes Chasers, Beaters, a Keeper, and a Seeker? A. Triwizard Tournament B. Quidditch C. Wizard's Chess 10. What was Voldemort's name when he was going to school at Hogwarts? A. Tom Riddle B. Riddly Scott C. John Jones MOVIE TRIVIA CONTEST Your Community Calendar Submit 2 weeks in advance to: All listings free of charge What's Happening What s Happening JOIN THE CLUB NEW TAMPA ROTARYThe Rotary Club of New Tampa will host guest speaker SAIC John Joyce,U.S.Secret Service at its July 22 meeting.The topic is counterfeiting of U.S.currency.Regular weekly club breakfast is at 7 a.m.Friday mornings at the Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club,5811 Tampa Palms Blvd.For information,call Karen Fraiser at (813) 3752663 or visit MEETThe Newcomers of Northwest Hillsborough will meet at 11:30 a.m.July 21 at Bahama Breeze,3045 N.Rocky Point Drive in Tampa. For reservations and cost,visit SOCIETYThe Tampa Bay Orchid Society will meet at the Tampa Garden Club,2629 Bayshore Blvd.,July 21.Guest speaker is Glen Gross of Gross Orchids in Lakeland on the topic of building quality mounted orchids.Doors open at 6 p.m.;meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. Refreshments provided.Bloom table for education segment.For information,call (813) 876-8495 or visitwww.tampabayorchiddsociety.shutterfly.comOUT AND ABOUT FREE KIDS MOVIESCobb Theatres Grove 16 will host free summer kids shows at 10 a.m.every Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday.Doors open at 9:30 a.m.Same day ticketing only. The movies on July 26,27 and 28 are Yogi Bear and Narnia:Voyage of the Dawn Treader.Grove 16 is located at 6333 Wesley Grove Wesley Chapel.For information,call (813) 948-5444.MISSIONARIES TO SPEAKRichland Baptist Church,40510 Stewart Road in Zephyrhills,will host African missionaries Rex and Melinda Guynn July 24 at the 11 a.m.and 6 p.m.service.They will speak on their experiences in Northern Uganda.For information,call (352) 5672990 or visit COMEDIANBentley Commons,38130 Pretty Pond Road in Zephyrhills,will host Keith Manson and his unique musical comedy show at 3:45 p.m.July 29.Light refreshments served. Admission is free.For information,call (813) 779-4501.JASON DOWD EXHIBITInternational Exhibiting Artist Jason Dowd, of Lutz,will display his photographic artwork at Rudolph's Gallery in Tarpon Springs from 1-5 p.m.July 23.Admission is free.The gallery is located at 39340 US 19. For information,call the gallery at (727) 934-6666.For information about Jason Dowd,visit OF SUMMER BASHMOSI will host an End of Summer Bash for teens ages 12-17 from 6:30-11:30 p.m.Aug. 5.The event includes music,movies,gaming and activities,Rock Band group and dancing.Participants can take the ropes course challenge and play laser tag in the exhibits.Parents can drop off their teen. Cost is $33 or $25 for MOS members.MOSI is located at 4801 E.Fowler Ave.For information,call (813) 987-6000. CHAMBER MIXERThe Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce will host a mixer at 6 p.m.July 21 at Hampton Inn & Suites,2740 Cypress Ridge Wesley Chapel.This is an evening of networking, socializing and the announcement of mayoral candidates for 2011-2012.For information,call (813) 994-8534 or visit THE GREATER W ESLEYCHAPELChamber of Commerce Follow us on facebook


DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS COME VISIT US AT OUR BRAND NEW FACILITY!!!23633 Venezia Drive, Land O' LakesAt the intersection of SR54 & Livingston RegisterNOW!DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS Summer Dance & Gymnastics classes are currently in session,but it's not too late to join us! We also have Summer Gymnastics Camp through August 12! Fall classes begin August 18. Reserve your spot today! Have your Birthday Party,Play Group or Field Trip at The Dance & Gymnastics Academy!COME JOIN THE FUN! WE ALSO OFFER: BOY'S GYMNASTICS TUMBLING CLASSES HOMESCHOOL CLASSES CHEERLEADER OPEN GYM FRIDAY NIGHT OPEN GYM BIRTHDAY PARTIES 813-949-7875 DGATAMPA.COM DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS DANCE GYMNASTICS / 813-909-2800 THE LAKER July 20,2011 7 PLAN YOUR NEXT BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH USYou supply the kids and the cake, and we will do the rest. We can provide the entertainment, drinks, food and fun. We even clean up. For availability and pricing, give us a call at 813.948.5444 P L BIRT HD Y ou su p an W e can drinks, f o o F or ava i a c DATE NIGHT? DINNER DATE? MOVIE DATE? ALL UNDER ONE ROOF AT THE GROVE CINBISTROMust be 21 or over to drink alcohol and enjoy the CinBistro in-theatre experience. Please arrive 30 minutes before showtime. 6333 Wesley Grove Blvd., Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 Near I-75 & SR54 | | www.CobbCineBistro.comGROVE 16 & 813.406.48771641 LAND O' LAKES BLVDwww.DesignThreeInteriors.comSOUTH OF SR 54 ON WEST SIDE OF US 41 WINDOW TREATMENTS / FLOOR COVERINGS / FURNITURE / UPHOLSTERY ACCESSORIES / PAINT AND WALLPAPER / ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Remake your home to what you always wanted Affordable decorating that can be done in steps / Costs less than you think FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATIONSBy Kyle LoJaconoklojacono@cnewspubs.comThis week will look into how LeHeup Hill,McLeod,Meridian Avenue,Prospect and Saint Leo got their names. (1) LEHEUP HILL is named after William A.LeHeup Sr.,who was born in Kingston,Ontario.He came to Florida from Wisconsin in 1911 and moved to east Pasco County with his eight children. The hill with his name is located between Zephyrhills and Dade City,just east of Fort King Road and Lake Pasadena.It was on that very hill where,in 1909,Howard Jeffries signed the contract to buy 35,000 acres of land from James Lee Greer.That land today is Zephyrhills. LeHeup's son William A."Bill"LeHeup lived in the area until he died on April 13, 2003 at age 98. (2) MCLEOD is the original name for Trilby,which is located north of Dade City. The area was first settled in 1879 by William McLeod and his sons Daniel,Eligah,William Jr.and Freeman.The last name was adopted as the town's name,but was changed to Macon and eventually Trilby. (3) MERIDIAN AVENUE is the name for SR 52 through downtown Dade City.It was named by the surveyor,whose name is lost to time,who platted the streets of the city. The surveyor picked the name of his hometown Meridian,Miss. for the title. (4) PROSPECT is the area around Prospect Road in Dade City just east of Saint Leo.It got its name from Prospect Branch Arbor Church,where many sects of Christians came together to worship.The original church was located next to a large spring that has since dried up. (5) SAINT LEO the town is located between San Antonio and Dade City on SR 52. Saint Leo College,now university,and Abbey are within the town's borders and are named for three Leos. The first Leo is Pope Saint Leo I the Great.He was the pope who fended off Attila the Hun from the gates of Rome in 452.Secondly,the reigning pontiff at the time the college opened was Pope Leo XIII. Lastly Leo Haid,who accepted responsibility for the Florida mission in 1889 from Saint Vincent Archabbey.Haid (1849-1924) made the decision to found the college and bargained with Judge Edmund Dunne for the 36 acres on which it was built. Haid got a charter for the college from the state,oversaw its construction and served as its first president from 1890-94. For additional information on these areas and how they got their names,visit The Laker and the Lutz News series on how historic places were named will continue throughout the summer.Information is provided by interviews with Pasco County historian Jeff Miller of and the West Pasco Historical Society.See how Ten Cent Road,Tommytown, Trilcoochee,Trilby and Wesley Chapel got their names next week.WHAT'S IN A NAMELearn history from Leheup to Saint Leo


Your Neighborhood Sports Source Community SportsCommunity Sports Isner claims first title of 2011Wesley Chapel resident John Isner won the Campbell's Hall of Fame Tennis Championships on the grass at Newport,R.I. on July 10,his first title of the year and his second all time. Isner,26,claimed the crown by defeating Olivier Rochus 6-3,7-6(7),moving his career record to 100-80.He is 2-4 all time in championship matches. The 6-foot-9 Isner took a late wild card entry into the event,which forced him to miss his brother Nathan's wedding on July 9 in Virginia. "I didn't want to miss Nathan's wedding, but he understood I would only miss it if I made the semis," Isner said."It worked out and this is a great start to the summer series going into the U.S.Open." The ATP reports the finals between Isner and Rochus,who is 5-foot-6,had the biggest height differential between opponents.It took Isner 1 hour and 42 minutes to dispatch the Belgian. Isner had five break points in the first set, but failed to convert on five more opportunities in the second.The right-handed Isner prevailed thanks in part to his big serve,which helped him post 22 aces."I don't think I've ever had a better week serving," said Isner."I'm fortunate to have that weapon and I was in a groove for five matches. It carried me to the championship here."The victory moves Isner up 10 spots in the ATP world rankings from No.46 to 36.Wiregrass Ranch baseball campWiregrass Ranch baseball coach Jeff Swymer will lead a camp at the Bulls baseball field,2909 Mansfield Wesley Chapel,Aug.5-7.The times are 4-7 p.m.Aug.5,10 a.m.-4 p.m.Aug.6 and 1-5 p.m.Aug.7.The cost is $75 per participant .Swymer said the three-day camp will cover all aspects of the game,not just one specific position.He added players will be encouraged to work in as many different position groups as possible.For more information or to sign up, email Swymer at Angels make world seriesThe Angels all-star team of the Wesley Chapel Athletic Association (WCAA) won the Florida Dixie softball championship to advance to the world series in South Hill,Va.July 29Aug 3.The squad is looking for donations to help pay for the trip to the event.Anyone interested in helping the team should email Michelle Perez at donations will go toward travel expenses for the team,including gas,lodging and food.For more information on the WCAA softball program, visit Lightning softball tryoutsLutz Lightning 2000,a 10-and-under girls fastpitch travel softball team,will have tryouts during July.All positions will be evaluated,includingpitchers and utility players.Tryouts are at the Oscar Cooler Sports Complex,770 W.Lutz Lake Fern Road in Lutz.Dates and times are:Sunday,July 17 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Friday,July 22 from 6-8 p.m. Sunday,July 24 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. For more information,email coach Ron,call(813) 355-2013or volleyball golf eventThe third annual Steinbrenner High School Volleyball Golf Tournament and Silent Auction Fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday,Aug.13 starting at 8 Heritage Harbor Golf and Country Club,19502 Heritage Harbor Parkway in Lutz.All the money earned will go toward the volleyball program,which has won two district championships since the school opened in 2009 and amassed a 42-15 record.As a public school,contributions will not only help purchase needed equipment and pay for expenses,but also bring favorable attention to local businesses or individuals that participate.For more information,visit,or email Dave Bame at or call (813) 769-3007.Kyle LoJacono can be reached at (813) 909-2800 or John Isner won the Campbell's Hall of Fame Tennis Championships, his first title of 2011. (File photo) SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS CHECK THIS OUT 813-909-2800 / THE LAKER July 20,2011 8 By Kyle LoJaconoklojacono@cnewspubs.comThe high school football season is still weeks away,but the Wiregrass Ranch football team already scored its first victory of the year. The Bulls took first place at the third annual Northside Christian Lineman's Challenge on June 11 at the St.Petersburg private school's campus.It is the second time Wiregrass Ranch has claimed the title at the event,following a win in 2009. "We knew what events to expect because we've been in it before,but this was an entire new lineup of players,so they were unaware of how it worked,"said Bulls football coach Jeremy Shobe.He then added,"We're proud of these young men and knew that they would do well.We know their true potential and it is a good confidence boost for us going into this season." Shobe said he likes the Northside Christian event because it gives the linemen a chance to have real competition during the summer.The skills position players can play against other teams in the 7-on-7 summer league,but the players up front go months without any real opposition from the spring game in May until summer workouts in August. "We focus on every group and develop each unit to their full potential,but we wanted to give the linemen some love because they don't get to play 7-on-7 and have fun all summer like the skill players,"Shobe said. Wiregrass Ranch sent six players to the challenge:Edmond Boateng,Ben Botteron, John Coyne,Travis Manecke,Justin Scamardo and Jacob Sniezyk. "It was really nice to get out there and show what we can do,"Boeteng said."It was really good to get a chance to work together there.We all love being around each other and this just shows what working hard does.Everyone has been working hard to get better this summer." The event measures player's skill, strength and ability to work as a unit.Some of the competitions at the challenge included bench press,five-man sled drive,plate stack,farmer carry,tire flip,medicine ball toss and team relay. The victory comes as a bit of a surprise, as the Bulls are replacing several linemen,including Noah Ravenna who signed the program's first Division I scholarship to play at Jacksonville University in the fall. Boateng,a senior-to-be,was named the Most Valuable Lineman at the event despite it being the first time he had participated in the challenge. "That was very humbling,"Boateng said. "It shows me that I can do this as long as I keep pushing." Shobe said of Boateng's work at the challenge,"I'm happy for Edmond and it's good for him to see what we expect from him, and what he can become if he believes in himself,his teammatesand works hard." Both Boateng and Shobe predict the victory may give the Bulls momentum going into the fall season.Wiregrass Ranch moves up in classification into Class 7A-District 7 this year with five Hillsborough County teams."We know the challenges that lie ahead for us and are working hard and are anxious to compete in our tough schedule and new district,"Shobe said."We believe in each other and will always work to be our best."Wiregrass Ranch will play its kickoff classic preseason game on Friday,Aug.26 at home against St.Petersburg at 7 p.m.The Bulls first regular season contest is at crosstown rival Wesley Chapel on Friday,Sept.2 at 7:30 p.m. By Kyle LoJaconoklojacono@cnewspubs.comThe Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) has reduced the fines levied against Wiregrass Ranch High involving illegal recruiting within the Bulls girls basketball program.FHSAA spokesman Seth Polansky said the school will only have to pay a total of $6,275. Wiregrass Ranch was originally fined $12,525 for 10 violations.Principal Ray Bonti sent a letter to the FHSAA that included six corrective actions his school was taking as a result of the investigation into the Bulls'program.The letter asked for leniency in the fines,but did not appeal any of the findings by the FHSAA. Polansky said FHSAA executive director Roger Dearing and associate executive director Denarvise Thornton cut the fines because of the actions taken by the Bulls, which included new policies to use Wiregrass Ranch facilities as well as members of the athletic program taking compliance seminars. Wiregrass Ranch was originally given four $2,500 fines,a $400 fine and had to pay back the FHSAA $2,125,which is half the money spent to conduct its investigation. The new total fine of $6,275 includes the money needed to probe into the Bulls'program. The investigation into Wiregrass Ranch girls basketball involved the illegal recruitment of Briahanna Jackson,who attended the school at the end of her junior and beginning of her senior years.She has since graduated from Freedom High in Hillsborough County.Jackson will attend IMG Basketball Academy in Bradenton on a full scholarship this year,which will allow her to continue growing as a basketball player while taking classes designed to help on college entrance exams,according to her mother Cathleen Grippe.Of the violations,Wiregrass Ranch girls basketball coach Greg Finkel,who has coached the program since the school opened five years ago,was found to have falsified information given to the FHSAA and was not fully cooperative with the investigation. Finkel resigned as the Bulls coach on July 7,but will remain as a driver's education instructor.He said he has been a coach for the last 20 years.Wiregrass Ranch's athletic program is on probation for one year,ending June 1,2012. The Bulls girls basketball program received two years of probation,ending June 1,2013, and was also forced to forfeit two games Jackson played in during the 2010-11 season.Wiregrass Ranch fines reducedBulls linemen shine at area competition Seen from left are Wiregrass Ranch players Travis Manecke, Ben Botteron, Jacob Sniezyk, John Coyne and Edmond Boateng at the Northside Christian Lineman's Challenge. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Shobe)


Weare seeking submissions for Athlete of the Week!Anyone may make submissions: parents, coaches, teachers or athletes. Submissions can be anyone or any team from any sport. Athletes need not have won awards to be recognized.Send your submissions to AAA all stars finish as district runner-upThe AAAall-star baseball team from the Wesley Chapel Athletic Association (WCAA) came in second place at the District 6 tournament. The all stars went 3-2 in districts, beating Ridge Manor 17-2, South Lake 13-3 and San Antonio 7-0. Spring Hill American got the better of the WCAA13-6 in the title game. Players are ages 9-10, and include: Logan Bryant, Elijah Crawford, Ryan Cuff, Dariel Fregio, Yoniel Gomez, Jacob Lang, Trevor Maxwell, Jalenn Mead, Daniel Rodriguez, Yullean Torrellas, Bryce Torres and Andrew Wrage. Coaches include Kenny Maxwell, Carmelo Torres and Jeff Wrage. (Photo courtesy of Marcy Maxwell) / 813-909-2800 THE LAKER July 20,2011 9 Come Experience Life At Westbrooke ManorWe Don't Just Care For You, WeCater ToYou.(813) 782-44176701 Dairy Rd Zephyrhills,FL 33542 "A Fun Place To Call Home!" Michelle Capps 813-503-7359Order Your Team's Fall Shirts Locally 3-5 Day Turn Around No Set-Up Fee No Minimum to Buy The"T"Zone SAVE $5000 Custom Shirts Custom Graphics Transfers Athletic Appeal Special Events Screen Printing ALL DOGS  ALL BREEDS ANY AGE  ANY TEMPERAMENTSpecializing In Private Training in Your HomeBoard &Train FREE Dog Socialization Class FREE In-Home Evaluations WE CAN TRAIN ANY DOG! 813-951-4480  Vaccinations, Heartworm Testing, Flea and Heartworm Products Spay & Neuter by Appointment Walk In Shot Clinics on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 12 -2 www.plannedpethoodpasco.org5053 Gall Blvd. Zephyrhills 813 779 7000 Non-Profit Spay, Neuter and Vaccination Clinic Veterinarians Grooming Breeding Training Supplies Pet Sitters Pets 4 Sale PET STATION 18875 State Rd 54 &GROOMINGPet Grooming $5.00 OffFIRST GROOMINGOpen 7 days a week Send us a picture and information on your favorite pet!Write a story about why your pet is special and include a photo with names on the back and mail to:Pet of the W eek P.O. Box 479, Lutz, FL 33548 E-mail: ATTN: Pet of the Week PETof theWEEK By Kyle LoJaconoklojacono@cnewspubs.comWiregrass Ranch junior-to-be lacrosse player Leo Thomas Casey Jr.stood at centerfield with the Bulls tied with cross-town rival Wesley Chapel 6-6 at the Summer Shooters game on June 18. Casey was picked to take the braveheart, where each team has one player and a goalie,to try and break the tie.All he had to do was get past the one defender and score on the Wildcats goalie and the Bulls would leave victorious.However,Casey is a defenseman who hadn't ever even attempted a braveheart before."My teammates chose me to go in for the braveheart tiebreaker,"Casey said."As I took the field I thought this should be interesting because I had never even taken a face-off before.The whistle blew,and I knew I only had one shot at the goal.I was too tired from playing the full game to run back down the field to defend the other player's shot."Casey got the ground ball and took off toward the net. "This would be my only chance to score,"Casey said."I dodged right,took the shot and hoped for the best." Casey started his approach to the net and got past Wesley Chapel defender Gordon Rouche and found an opening in the lower left corner of the net and put a shot past goalie Marc Ward. "I heard screaming and yelling,so I turned around and my entire team was running at me and tackled me into a dog pile and were going crazy because I made the shot,"Casey said. Casey also plays for an elite travel team called the Tampa Tribe,which plays at Wesley Chapel District Park.He plans on playing long pole defense for the Bulls lacrosse club next season.SPORTS Leo Thomas Casey Jr. as he scored the braveheart goal that put Wiregrass Ranch past Wesley Chapel. (Photos courtesy of Kyle Barsness)Casey leads Bulls past Wildcats


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the political run.He said his other main goal will be to ensure Pasco will have a sustainable water supply. "I do find that strange and ironic," Schrader,55,said."I don't understand why he would bring up the size of government. I've had a history of lowering property taxes.Swiftmud hasn't." Oakley grew up in Dade City,graduated from Pasco High and has a bachelor's degree in accounting from Carson-Newman College in Tennessee.He owns several citrus groves with the name Oakley Groves Inc., raises cattle and owns a trucking company. Oakley was appointed to Swiftmud by former Gov.Charlie Crist and said,"Being on the board was one of the most humbling things I've done.It's a big responsibility because we make sure everyone in the district has water for farming and daily living." Swiftmud covers all or parts of 16 counties from Levy and Marion in the north to Charlotte in the south,including all of Hillsborough and Pasco.Members of the board are unpaid. Oakley said if elected he will seek a spot on the board of directors for Tampa Bay Water,the regional suppler of water for unincorporated Pasco,Hillsborough and Pinellas counties and the cities of New Port Richey,Tampa and St.Petersburg.Schrader isOAKLEY,from page 1American Legion Post 26 put forth were enough to send two other supporters Pat Vanderlaan,Don's wife;and friend Charlotte Crumb. Pat Vanderlaan and Crumb applied to be guardians for the program at the same time Don did.However,they weren't processed in time to be a part of the inaugural flight.Instead,they were invited to take part in another flight,one that carried 71 veterans,almost three times the number of the first flight."It was incredibly organized,"Crumb said."They helped with food,with drinks, with anything really." Vanderlaan and Crumb found volunteering to be a "very rewarding"experience. Crumb partnered with Leonard Greenwood,a veteran from Frostproof, while Vanderlaan assumed responsibility for Louis Masi of St.Petersburg. "We didn't actually meet our veterans till the morning of,"Vanderlaan said.But after a day of patriotic sentiments and emotional memories,special friendships were formed that would last a lifetime.There are an estimated 32,000 veterans residing in the Honor Flight West Central Florida coverage area that the organization wishes to include in this memorable experience.To honor each veteran in the manner they deserve,Honor Flight hopes to take up as many veterans as they can. Cash for CoinsHAVE ACOIN COLLECTION YOU WANTTO SELL?Fair prices paid for pre 1964 Gold & Silver U.S. CoinsCHARLIE'S COINS & COLLECTIBLESCall Charlie Proctor813-780-18585529 8th Street, Zephyrhills20 years in the same locationSTOP IN & VISIT OUR NEW STORE! Gold & Silver at an All Time High! / 813-909-2800 THE LAKER July 20,2011 11 Easy and Convenient Weight Loss"I have never had any diet work like this before. It's been effortless."-Apana Mumma;Lost 80 lbs.THE FRANK CLINIC OF CHIROPRACTIC & NATURAL HEALTH CARE38040 Daughtery Road Zephyrhills,FL Apana Mumma AFTER Apana Mumma BEFORE FREE ESTIMATESon all installations A/C & GasSales  Service  Installation Lenny Bahr Kevin BahrOwnersVisit Any Of Our 3 Locations For The Lowest Prices In Town! Mon-Fri 8am-5pm € Sat 8am-Noon352-567-767815229 US Hwy 301 € Dade City, FLMon-Fri 8am-5pm € Sat 8am-Noon 813-782-50134441 Allen Rd. € Zephyrhills, FL $1OFF Propane Cylinder Fill20 30 lb.Limit one per person, per visit. Expires 07-30-11.$5OFF A/C Maintenance CheckLimit one per person, per visit. Expires 07-30-11.$100OFFNew A/C InstallLimit one per person, per visit. Expires 07-30-11. 37940 Live Oak Ave Dade City 352.523.0055 www.kafekokopelli.comHOURS: TUES THURS 11AM-9PM FRI SAT 11AM-10PM CLOSED SUNDAY & MONDAY An incredible dining experience in an atmosphere so unique,you'll never forget it. PATIO NOW OPEN Sunset Menu 4-6pm everyday starting at $7.99 Happy Hour 4-7 Daily extensive Wine List 3rd Wednesday of Every Month house wines $3.00 a glass Magician every Tuesday & Saturday 6 9pmDaily & Weekly Specials on Catering & Party Rooms Available signs a guardian to each veteran,a caretaker for the day,as well as a wheelchair to any veteran who requires its use.Those volunteer caretakers pay their own way,about $400 each. After a full day in Washington,D.C.touring the war memorials,veterans are greeted back in Tampa by a parade of people welcoming them back home.Waving American flags greeted their eyes,grateful cheers rang in their ears and passionate handshakes gripped every veteran returning home from the memorable journey. "I don't think there was one veteran who had a dry eye,"Vanderlaan said of the special welcoming. Before any veteran and guardian could participate in the honor flight program,they had to first fill out an application that included questions pertaining to the veterans' branch of service,their present address and any medications that they may take. It was about a year and a half ago that Vanderlaan filled out his application;he almost dismissed the idea when he never heard back from the organization. But when he finally got word from the organization,Vanderlaan knew this was a program he wanted to bring light to."There are so many people who don't know this exists,"Vanderlaan said."It's very well organized,and it's a very emotional trip too."There are so many veterans in this area that should know and experience it.It's too well kept of a secret." Vanderlaan first spread the news to American Legion Post 26,located in Plant City.As the Sergeant-at-Arms of the organization,Vanderlaan encouraged Post 26 to donate to the project and spread the word. Although the Honor Flight West Central Florida program receives most of its significant donations from Southwest Airlines and Bright House Networks,the contributionsHONOR,from page 1back to prescription pills,"Nocco said. It's a problem that must be addressed, Nocco said. "Criminals should not feel like that they have the upper hand.We should not allow drug dealers to run our neighborhoods." Nocco encouraged residents to check out his department's improved website.It'sSHERIFF,from page 1currently on that board serving as one of Pasco's representatives. Schrader filed to run for his fourth and,he says,final term early in June.He said he has counted on Oakley and his family as supporters since he first successfully ran for the commission in 2000. Schrader received more than $928 in contributions from the Oakleys in 2008,according to county records. Schrader's family has a long history in Pasco's politics as his grandfather,Arthur Schrader,served as the District 1 commissioner for more than 20 years. Bill Bunting,Pasco's GOP state committeeman,said it will be an "interesting race" that could divide the east Pasco political establishment. "They both have political experience," Bunting said."Ted as a county commissioner and Ron as the head of Swiftmud.They've both got good credentials and having competition is a good thing." The Republican primary for the spot is in August 2012.So far,no Democrat has filed to run.The Pasco Commission currently has no Democrats. Ted Schrader easier to navigate and information on the site can be useful,he said. The information can be used to help make a case to help attract businesses or residents to an area,he said,noting there is a direct link between public safety and economic development. "If Pasco County is going to grow economically,it has to be a safe county,"Nocco said. Get all your favorite local news stories onlinewww.cnewspubs.comThe Laker / Lutz News Pat Vanderlaan stands with her veteran, Louis Masi. Pasco County's five districts. (File image)


813-909-2800 / THE LAKER July 20,2011 12 Gastroenterology"It ain't just your Mama's cooking anymore," is a favorite saying of Dr. Barry Frank of Florida Medical Clinic, who reports that the clinic's nine GI doctors are seeing triple the number of patients with GERD or acid reflux disease compared to 20 years ago. "Fully 35% of our practice centers on patients who complain of severe heart burn, belching and a bitter taste after eating," said Dr. Frank, a gastroenterologist for 31 years. Southern fried cooking and rich desserts are not the cause of most indigestion problems. "It's all the fast food and prepared and processed food that we eat today, and also how fast we eat our meals," he said.An overweight culture is another reason why doctors are seeing so many cases of GERD. "An amazing 60 percent of Americans are overweight today," said Dr. Frank. "Poor eating habits, eating too fast and being overweight all contribute to indigestion and GERD."GERD is a serious illness that can cause great discomfort and lead to pre-cancerous conditions. "People with GERD can slow down many of their symptoms by losing weight and eliminating coffee, caffeinated sodas, peppermint and alcohol from their diet. We also tell people not to lay down to watch TV or nap after eating because the body needs to be upright to properly digest its food," said Dr. Frank.Medical SpotlightAsk the Doctor What is GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)? It happens when acid and partially digested food in the stomach refluxes, or comes back up into the esophagus. It may develop by eating too quickly, eating before you go to bed, eating spicy foods and/or by eating large portions. Certain foods and beverages can make GERD worse, including chocolate, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, fatty foods, peppermint and licorice. What are its symptoms? Dry cough, sour taste in the throat and heartburn that feels like a burning chest pain and often moves upward toward the throat. In severe cases, GERD may lead to esophageal erosion, ulcers and tooth decay. How is it diagnosed? Usually by an upper endoscopy, which is a thin scope that goes down through the mouth to look at the esophagus, stomach and the small intestine. It allows doctors to evaluate the lining of the esophagus in a simple outpatient procedure. How is it treated? Most commonly by lifestyle modifications, medications, surgery or a combination. If GERD goes untreated, it can lead to Barrett's Esophagus, which damages the lining of the esophagus and increases risk of pre-cancer to the esophagus. More questions? Call Dr. Frank's office at (813) 972-2324. Who's whoBarry Frank, M.D. was born and raised in Oklahoma and has been a resident of Florida since 1975. He was exposed to the world of medicine through his pediatrician father. He attended the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine and began the first four years of his medical career in academics as an assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of South Florida. Dr. Frank has been a physician at Florida Medical Clinic since 2001 and says joining the clinic has opened many opportunities for his practice. One of his favorite aspects of being a doctor is oneon-one interaction with patients. Dr. Barry Frank serves on the board of directors for Florida Medical Clinic as well as the board for the Clinic's Foundation of Caring. He is also the medical director of Florida Medical Clinic's North Tampa Ambulatory Endoscopy Center. He has been married for 36 years and has two adult children. He enjoys all sports, especially baseball, and loves to challenge anyone to a round of golf. DADE CITY 13417 U.S. Highway 301 / ZEPHYRHILLS 38135 Market Square WESLEY CHAPEL 27343 Wesley Chapel Blvd. / LAND O'LAKES 2100 Via Bella Blvd. 813-780-8440 Foundation of CaringPaint Your Heart Out MeetDr. Barry Frank Once again,Team FMC came together and participated in the 23rd annual Paint Your Heart Out Tampa event.Twenty-one volunteers included employees and family members of Florida Medical Clinic,as well as staff from one of FMC's vendors,David Dugay of Docusource,who headed up a team of five volunteers from his company. Paint Your Heart Out is a City of Tampa program that brings together citizens,businesses,clubs and civic organizations to lend their helping hand to assist low-income,elderly citizens in our community.Over the past 22 years,volunteers have painted the homes of more than 2,200 grateful and deserving homeowners. The day was spent scraping, painting and,of course,sweating. Ms.Mattie Kendrick,retired from Hillsborough County School District,was the proud homeowner who the FMC team helped.She was truly surprised to see that in addition to having her home painted,a new garden was added to her front yard. Chris and Jessica Clement (Tampa Lab) donated flowers,potting soil,mulch and a lot of hard work to create a garden at the base of a tree.Other beds were mulched and when the painting was finished, the entire home and yard were beautiful. It was a rewarding day of hard work,new friendships and treasured memories.In a sign of sincere appreciation,Ms.Kendrick hugged each of the volunteers who worked on her home and garden. The next Foundation event is the annual bowling fundraiser on Sept. 24 at Pin Chasers in Zephyrhills. The Foundation is looking for community bowling teams and leagues to participate in this fun event,as well as corporate sponsors.To help, please contact the Foundation of Caring Office at (813) 783-9932. Florida Medical Clinic's Foundation of Caring was established in 2005 when Sheri Schwab, the charity's founding president, approached the Clinic's senior management about creating a foundation. In the five years since its inception,the FMC Foundation of Caring has collected more than $1 million in donations,a vast majority which came from clinic doctors and employees.Some of the organizations the Foundation has supported include: East Pasco Habitat for Humanity Take Stock in Children Sunrise of Pasco,Inc. Lewis Abraham Lacoochee Boys & Girls Club Layla's House Starting Right,Now! East Pasco Meals on Wheels Support Our Troops "Our employees'commitment to give back'to our community has been extraordinary,"said Joe Delatorre,chief executive officer of Florida Medical Clinic."One hundred percent of our doctors have donated to the Foundation and of the monies collected,97 percent has been given to various community projects." Dr. Barry Frank consults with a patient who suffers from GERD.Working together forGOOD HEALTHThe Laker / Lutz News& Employees and friends of Florida Medical Clinic volunteer at community events and fundraisers throughout the year and have lots of fun working together to make a difference in so many lives. AIR CONDITIONING AIR CONDITIONING Licensed Bonded &Insured Lic# CAC 1816647SERVING OUR CUSTOMERS WITH QUALITY,HONESTY & INTEGRITY SALES SERVICE INSTALLATION FAMILY OWNED &"A"Rated BBB A/C Company FREE*ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT W/13 SEER OR HIGHER SYSTEM*Must present coupon at time of service. 1 coupon per visit. FREE ESTIMATES12 MONTHS NO INTEREST FINANCING $20 OFF*SERVICE CALL WITH A/C REPAIR*Must present coupon at time of service. 1 coupon per visit.77 POINTCLEANING & CHECKUP $49.95*includes written system evaluation*6 month breakdown guarantee or $49.95 credit to repairs AIR CONDITIONING State Certified CAC1815947

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Better Bringing AT&T customers a stronger network faster. AT&T customers, including those who join us from T-Mobile, will see significant service improvements from the merger. The addition of T-Mobiles spectrum resources and thousands of cell sites will quickly increase capacity and coverage, resulting in better call reliability and data speeds. Mobile data traffic on AT&Ts network has grown 8,000% over the last four years. With tablets, cloud computing, and a new generation of bandwidth-hungry devices on the horizon, demand is expected to increase an additional 8-10 times by 2015. Integrating T-Mobiles network resources, while continuing AT&Ts network investment, is the surest, fastest, and most efficient way to meet this challenge. Continued innovation for T-Mobile customers. Through the integration with AT&T, T-Mobile customers can continue to enjoy innovative technologies, devices, and services for many years to come. They will have the freedom to keep their existing pricing plans and phones, and will benefit in the future with expanded capabilities. T-Mobile customers will also benefit from network enhancements „ such as improved coverage in remote regions and access to AT&Ts planned next generation networks. Reaching more of Florida with LTE. LTE technology is a super-fast way to connect to the Internet. The combination of AT&T and T-Mobile will allow AT&T to expand its LTE wireless broadband network to cover over 98% of Florida residents. That means onemillion more people in Florida, many in small towns and rural areas, will get access to LTE due to the merger. Our customers will get a stronger network. Thestate will get a new choice for broadband. And more of Florida will get access to a cutting-edge wireless network and all the opportunities it brings. 2011 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. / 813-909-2800 THE LAKER July 20,2011 15


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Habla Espa–ol352-567-671138300 Dick Jarrett WayJust off us Hwy 98 By-Pass in Dade CitySALES: Monday-Friday 8:30am-7:00pm Saturday 8:30am5:00pm SERVICE: Monday-Friday 7:00am6:00pm Saturday 7:30am2:00pm Closed Sunday OVER 150 PRE-OWNED THE BEST OF THE BEST STOP IN & SEE ORShop online 24/7 @ 2010 FORD MUSTANG GT PREMIUM 8906$24,995 2011 FORD MUSTANG PREMIUM 20528A$24,995 2009 FORD FOCUS20597A$13,995 2000 FORD WINDSTAR WAGON 12033A$7,995 2011 FORD RANGERA8888A$19,995 2008 FORD FOCUS SES12018A$12,995 2009 FORD FOCUS20584A$13,995 2008 FORD ESCAPE20539A$15,995 2010 FORD F-150 XL20632A$16,995 2008 FORD F-150 FX2P8909$19,995 2008 MERCURY MARINER12009A$14,995 2006 MERCURY MILAN20356B$9,995 2010 FORD EDGE12019A$26,495 2008 FORD F-15020669A$24,995 2008 FORD ESCAPEP8917$16,995 2005 FORD FOCUS20543D$8,995 2010 FORD FLEX 20524B$28,995 2008 LINCOLN MKX8944$26,995 2010 FORD TAURUS20432A$28,995 2010 MERCURY MARINERP8920$23,995 2009 MERCURY MARINERP8910A$15,995 2007 GMC SIERRA 1500 CLASSICP8923A$18,995 2010 LINCOLN MKS8922$26,995 2003 CHEVY SILVERADO 2500HD20300B$9,995 2008 LINCOLN MKZA8921$20,995 2008 CHEVY SILVERADO 1500 12024A$16,995 2007 SATURN VUE20593A$11,995 2002 CHEVY S-10 A8882C$7,995 2010 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY P8948$16,995 2004 JEEP LIBERTY#A8918A$8,995 See dealer for details. All sales prices plus tax, title, tags & $499 dealer fee. / 813-909-2800 THE LAKER July 20,2011 17


813-909-2800 / THE LAKER July 20,2011 18 BIGTYPE.EASYREAD.FASTRESULTS. 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Christmas in JulyDonation Drive Donate new, unwrapped toys and monetary gis during the special Christmas in July community event at St. Josephs Childrens Hospital. For a detailed wish list, visit Friday, July 22, 7am-3pm St. Josephs Childrens Hospital, Main Entrance Circular Driveway Childrens Type 1 DiabetesHow to Keep Your Child on Track Managing Type 1 Diabetes Learn how to manage type 1 diabetes at a panel discussion with our pediatric specialists and dietitians. Our experts will review food choices at home and in school, carb counting, insulin pumps, and new technologies for children with type 1 diabetes. ursday, August 4, 5:30pm Shuchi Shah, MD; Cate White, RN, CDE; Ashley Daub, RD St. Josephs Childrens Specialty Center at Mease Countryside Hospital ursday, August 18, 5:30pm Terry DeClue, MD; Beth Blocker, RN; Ashley Daub, RD St. Josephs Hospital, Medical Arts Building, Auditorium Choosing a Safe BackpackIs Your Childs Backpack Weighing em Down? Backpacks are helpful for transferring schoolbooks, supplies and lunches from home to school and back again. However, the type and size of your childs backpack could be causing headaches, back pain and other health issues. Join pediatric orthopedic surgeon David Siambanes, DO, as he discusses backpack pain and healthissues, treatments and how to select and use a backpack. ursday, August 4, 6pm St. Josephs Hospital, Medical Arts Building, Auditorium Installing Your Car Seat CorrectlyDid You Know Seven Out of 10 Car Seats Are Used Incorrectly? Make an appointment and nd out how to correctly install your car seat and make necessary corrections. Bring your vehicle owners manual and the car seat instructions. Wednesday, August 10, 9:30-11:30am St. Josephs Childrens Hospital, Main Entrance Circular Driveway Dealing With EmergenciesShould You Stay or Should You Go to the ER? Join pediatric emergency medicine physician Manuel Carmona, MD, to learn when to take your child to the ER and what you need to have in your home medicine cabinet to treat emergencies. Bring your child and their teddy bear so they can learn how to treat their bears emergencies during our Teddy Bear Clinic. Friday, August 12, 1-2pm St. Josephs Hospital, Medical Arts Building, Auditorium Child Safety Store CelebrationJoin Us For Some Fun, e Safety Store is Turning One Its a birthday celebration! Enjoy cupcakes, arts and cras for kids, and receive 20% oyour purchase at e Safety Store. Friday, August 12, 2-4pm St. Josephs Childrens Hospital, Lobby Choosing the Right SportWhats Right for My Child and How to Prevent Injuries Soccer or football … what sport is right for my child? Join pediatric orthopedic surgeon Timothy Bradley, MD, to learn how choosing the right sport may help prevent injuries and what you can do to avoid sports-related injuries. Monday, August 15, 6pm St. Josephs Hospital, Medical Arts Building, Auditorium Your New BabyWhat to Expect Aer Bringing Your Baby Home Join pediatrician Jamie Mallah, MD, to learn what to expect when you bring your new baby home, what is normal and what is not, and when to contact your pediatrician. Find out what to expect from your pediatrician and what your pediatrician expects from you. ursday, September 8, 6:30pm St. Josephs Hospital-North, Garden Lobby Classroom BC111366-0711 ANNUAL CHILDRENS HEALTH AND WELLNESS SEMINAR SERIES M onth of the Child HEALTHY CHILDREN ARE HAPPY CHILDREN St. Josephs Childrens Hospital 3001 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Tampa St. Josephs Hospital Medical Arts Building 3003 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Tampa St. Josephs Hospital-North 4211 Van Dyke Road, Lutz St. Josephs Childrens Specialty Center at Mease Countryside Hospital Morton Plant Mease Professional Center North 3253 McMullen Booth Road, Suite 100, Clearwater Locations Brin g Your ChildSpace is limited. Register today: or 813-909-2800 / THE LAKER July 20,2011 20

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