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Finding Guide: A Guide to the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Papers
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To The!i~ se:::Iocratric Yotrcsa of the!r State'l~ ii 210:S~:ida~:-

In thje D~emocraiic: ':.ima~r~ry ,;.ell~ '. 9Iecv

voiroo, :her l!ilhest~ nZumber8:j rceCived! by~ ci-t or o~f t:..o can;:dii'~ tes

run~ i:!;: for Ujnitcr :CO: .~tae :;onaltoir; T oco o-vn h

nexZ-t i:.k.es t vote. Thejzrefore, our n,.~e:Io ..i:il ih L.o only~ tw-o,

one o~f ':hichol muste be voted for in the Jo :;.a.::cr~atiic jrjiS:.aryr to

be: held j'une@ 1Gth;.

SI: ar ijnco~rely, :;r;t~ful Io thle -peopl, c a~ t-e movetSr3l coun-~

ties of the Jtt o td o: heceitioc vote~ given me in
blo irstprin::7.I recons;ize the~ f'act thti a ntmrl

-:unraa~nal tribute..,' :-ut- that"- th vte c e;; did becauad -Ihey

,lmie:ved ;in te.L:. .'i..ciples repr~contedct by me on; thei atung~ and

inZ my~ ;ca rsso printed anrd sen-i outJ toi thie :;eople. Z I:cs:elin as .i.'oC

"' i2:.z people that~ if nom~linted- andi electedl Un!i~ted States Soatrrzor

from-: hisr :Itate, I will: do all in:-: Fny c power to cl_ ato legisla-

that~z -ill1 r~efersl andi benefiit la~ i:raGoverniing@ ou f~inalcial r:_--:ntem;;

thalt' I shiall~f r.~~~ tha~t thelr Unii:.ed SOf tenI enter u-,oi-~na~an of~

co~nstructinjl;~ cbgan a sys3tem of` coastal cana~ls-b.7 whiic;: tIhe mazny

in~land.i. stircamsa .thant nlear~jly/ p;~;~arllel our coastis shal3: be con-

nected: upi anel; be ma3dte la~vi;-abl2e for crafts of r~eacoialet.,t @ize,
1e avyr
for tranSPorCtingi f;`i~reigh ;35id; fo theC convgen~ioce ofi all ourr

p~eople, TLhe 'benefits o:I suvclh aL syTStei u are var~:- nuzi:v.;ous.

I will3 also dto all int .;:.- p~owers to enact legislation that willl

opecn 'upf our 3Labors tsn~a-e t~o thei oPen? sea, mak5inig them ~availa'ble

not only For commemrcial pui~rposes, buit as; harvenas and 3.1aces of

.cc:-M~,C fro~ ~stiorms.

I will fto all ;in m~y power Ito secuLre app;ropria~tions for dcee:-en-

ing and :::;Jki .:::@ai~ vigabl our inland drivers andr their tribu!tariesr

tha-t thley may. beco a se~rvi~ceable means for beraing muchl of ou~r

inland1% ommrerce 7to the sports ofi export,

I will do what I can to secure the passage of a national

drainage law such as the one now before the Senate of the United

States, introduced by Committee of the Senate, and which has the

support; of the N~ational Drainage Congress; by which the fund
derived by the United States from the sale of public lands will

constitute a national drqi~nage fund, and by whliich law the Sec-
retary of the Interior msea authorized to make contracts with

either of the States or with counties, with cities, or writh

private individuals or corporations, to drain swamp lahas; the

money to' be refunded in ten annual inistallments without interest,
the Government being secured under contract by-ar~lien upon. the
as much
lands reclaimed. I believe the Government has Bhe power and

right to take water off of land that has too much water on it,as

it has to put water on land which is otherwise too dry for

cultivation, as it is doing now ini the great West, where 0~
reclaimed millions of acres and have under way twenty-six propo-

sitions embracig~g the expenditure of a hundred millions of dol-


I will do what I can to have enacted a lawir, or to put in

motion such action as will prevent the control of the prices of

the naval stores produced in this State, which tends always by

manipulation to reduce the price paid the producer and to increase

the price paid by the consumer. The prices that now prevail are
artificially maintained at the lowest poi int that the operators
can ~ossilbly live by combinations of capital. This should be

p prevented and the ordinary law of supply anad demand be permitted
to control instead. If this is done, I believe that the prices

will range from thirty to forty per cent higher than they do now.

I assure you that if elected your Senator, I shall not

exrploit the great office to which I aspire to my advantage but that
I shall find joy only in the work tlat I shall successfully accom-

plish for the benefit of our people and the State.


You have buat twzo o'f these great offices to give, one no and

one two years from now. They are offices of six years term. m

A mistake would be too costly; we want our work done now. Six

years wasted would hean that a tremendous proportion of the

business life of our people has been lost so far as they could

be benefit~ted by improvements made through their general government

I assure you that my joy will be in proportion to my a~chievern

ment in your behalf.


"8 .f hirve concludoDi :oo ac onaiat O~~.rc;lP'for~ "overn10 orIZ

of you~r ::tete,' in tho20 demBoorous~ ::rinorIesn to beholr~d this3
:,onr, X con~sidor it but ri t; thato I ab~ouldi inr'orn~ yo !'.:fln
:.cantor ofourL.n I a m
t u7ns bor-n in deo out,-----18-

my~ fa~ther: wasn------"toto3 ~ on, hin~ o~lc~upation inl..--------
un~ to iha! time ol' the! r. I0: ontoro6 thn ivil at in, th~e
ce.city- ob------------. .';ito- Eht-her's dionth, tbo d8Van~tE3

titic ve.r ben- over, 'ith none~ ofr thiR w:orldc's Coo60 t~o nn-
goy, n; -o 'hO'ri, FDi::tOrs 'endf broth:OErs OTom and C.'olfair, _oved
to v:reta~nville. i: was then----years old andi centZ to, work

:-o'o et-- 'Be~~l ;lon0rout:hr I bees:: e shtlesman s 8 1.1Pin

:Tain alon the ::t. Jo na `ve~r a~ndi in other p~ortions of
''loria; I omne next r?;lnyed by te~l be klin- fisrn of-----------
writo youz carenr in o~rganisinr banksD and operratinrgr therm---
u~rinyp theao yearFI, I, dfid at. r ounld in eistarbI
lishini- a chlurch anld 'annday-r-ohool, for whi-hR I here a Croat

att;~~hr~ohnt, ~put fCroquently in contcn t ith9;I th~ose engagd iln
nolities in"t~he! Etote, T I:O though thate coulA improvPe ug~n

i : :1


aome :of them by selectine moro patriotic, punre and -intelligent

men.--Here detail the conventions attended by you aitt; acks~on-

villo and St. Augustfine and ot~her~ places.

"his brourhlt me fin2-11y into ounty and City pol-

itiers to some extent. I uns selected a member of the Boar~d

of :Publio WorrksU~-----time rhen: I wnt into the office

first;, the only brink, psavomant wasr laid between Pridge and aTaf

Sts. lrp to that time, two ~or thnree streets had been plaved

for a few7 blocks in length r~ith oppress blocks, and tEhe only

other ysublio imp~rovement wa~s that of a small waternofrks plant

a~nd a sewerage and water sysatem, coverninE a small portionn

of the then old oifty. :M rseollection is that the cost of

, al of it was about $800,0'O 0.Tose wrho had been foremost

in thei development of thie city, up to that time were----------;

I appeared before a legi~sstlave coramittee, with

I.easrs. Rarra, Broward--nami9a n g wh~oever you ca~n rememlrber--.

askinG for a change in our charter, as at thati time our

~city officals we~rre composed ~larely of nsegroes, and the

netroes being largely in the majority as electors, the intel-

ligent white peoDle who did Ego into 6tficre, of both political

patties, waere comp~elle to make sna1h concessions in the so-

leOtion of C8944 paes and minor officiala,-~that the govpera.r

nespt waes very unstatis~factory The Municipl~ jadge wlas a

negro of Iruch. intelliigence,- bat it was very grinding to the

white people that; the PManici~~Pa judge oWhent be a negrel the


i -.~~;~':: .:.. -' c
:: ~e4






__ i

TCarshal of the City was a negro; one of the Sergeants of 'olice
wras a negro; one of the jalors wasc a nerol; the mahn'jL who wrk-
edi the city prisoners w~as a negro; one of~ the police commsis3-
sioners wpas a negro; and tmany of the po~licomen andl connoil.
I apear-f ed, together wilth !:esers. Surbridge, .'J; E.~
B3uc!an, if. A, Rull2, J. B arre, ariLsry Clark, anld "I. D. sronar4,
now rrovrnor of the State, before a committees of both houses
of the legislature, asirnE that our city charter be so changed
that we could have a- more a'trazctive Cit~y Eovetrnmetlr, and1 that
we might inangurahte the many ~tzprov0emnnts that were patently
necessary. Tfhe legilslation was enacted and the forn of 807~-
ernement waes changed, bu~t there were many go ~od ~people whoA
disliked the form of governemnt, after the Australian~ ballot
syseom had become~ known to a fewJ people, another charter bill
wars prepared by Mr. J. 2. Barra, oprovidin fo~r the Anatral'ian
ballot system for -the City, and8 providing for the inanxance of
-a msillion- dollars wotth of bondxis by the City of JaQcksonTi~lle,

DrrovidinE the citizens voted for it, which thiey did. The l~eia-
laturo enacrted this ~law, the people voted fo-irsth bonds and pat:
'the advcate~d of the meatrsne in #11 charge, andt whIlfe wre wrer
*endea~voring to sell1 the bon2ds, a strange inoident ha~PpenedI wbich
retarded oSur imp~rovements for severrol ye~ars.
One of our honrest poliamrenr, looking~ ar~ounf the Cas
Abbe~Sll - on the osharges, with a viewP to Dsrotecting proersty etc.,
no~tticed threaghn a- window ona a aasht, several geople paingJt
eards for money.~ 1e went off sa~pl ftalkted wit onet of -has eagneate

officers, ~and they together waited on the w~harf and~ when the
card players w~alked ashore, arrested a~ll. They wcere in-

fluential men and felt vey mnuob enragoll at hbeng arrested.
bOn of them, who is now; a Citizen2 of ChiCago cand was then, for
prepaRred complaint
that matter, wwwy9atww@~ and aeoured the serVICes of one of those

Iho was playing, who was a very ablo lawryer, to enjoin ther salet
of Cifty bonds, which he did, atnd our City goveornmet~nt, I b~ein the
Chairmsn olf the Board of Publie ':orkrs at the times, w~-as comrrpolled

to take the suit to the Supreme Courxt of the United States a~nd

r~in it before we could sell. the bond~s.--nriteo here your artLi-

cJipation and what; happened.--- Cho aided in povinG, aBowring
and watering the fity, putting up oalectric li-ht plant, water-
rrorks etc.
I amr now a contractor a~nd am -uttfing down p~avements

in the CiEty, contract Eamou~ntlng to------- and riglht here it is
well to say that if you hcve notied that an ilnvestigations of
the City books hast~ been made very reorn~tly, that it wras done at

the instance only of those who desired to prevent as from
becoming gea yor Goernor, as they w~ere satisrfied from all ndit-

cations that you would3 make me suach. conferences have been

very froqurentlyr held between e committee of the lvresent City

government ean Senator Sarms of Volaslia Codnt2y, a rogepesenative~ of

the F. E,. .,n~' who is su~Lpprtin g one of myr oppo~nents I andor
attnd the~ they have failed to find anything wrong being donrej
that they are desperate, an~ I- do not knowB wha there eXtC3 moee

will bes: burt sufficea it to sany that they are not easily d~owneda


and the people mnat be ever on their eaard.
In 1888, nith the hope of preventing the domina~tion
.of polities bry land grant railro~as, the conltrollin(; spirtis of
which thought theyp saw sconthinC else that the peoplo had that
weas desirable that they should have, p~urchased from :'3r. Cha.lt
Jlonesr & BrFother, the Floridat TimestiUnion, a new~spaper p cblished
at Jacksonville.~ -The same~ corporations then, through surbscrip-
tions'and stporrt aided in puablishing; several other newspa2Epers
one at a time, thinklnrg to break down the Timess-Fnionr and its
friend. The flight lasted for nearly ten-years. Dulring~ this
period, Ih. 91alage secured some of the bonds thed, hadl been Ise
aned tQ secure mbony to purchase the pa~per anda liqupeante its
debt. :'r. ?lgesrr then meade kniown to my~ brothers and mysg -
self thlat the bonds were due and payable, and that he anasr have
the moneg or he would sell up the paper, but that he would buy
it from us, adeacting all the obtigations etc. Eyr brothers and
I summoned our friends and played the whoale m~atte bet'ore thems
and showed that the throo of us held~a lar~g portion ofthe stodk
and a matenr of bonds, butf that we were wrilling: to ran the -ried:
ofi all our etocks ifaf orFriends weasld tcae newtWr I M,~is paying us-
money for them, w~ith which to purchase the old, as we felt that th
this nowapapesr, possessing: contractsf with the Assotaleted Prees
Co. would be a tremenduous powerr it it shonlfl fall into the.
heads of th19Qeese6taad grant corpoat~iongp andI we felt that It

wPo~Uldbe a grea a ramt snfy d3a~bold~ Wh ap~er be tak~lenrawa tam~ ~.~-:


suppoTZing the peoplle and aid in their o~pression. The friends
who conc'lutde to aid us in this crils weore Hessrs. ?.. C. Cochroll,
SS., C. M., Cooperl, then member of Congrosaz ;cohn C. Cooper, F. B.
Genorva, T~imn urphy~i, '". A., 1)ell, A. '.~: Barraz TI. ". Clak, J I
Berrrs, G-overn~Ior ?arrs and T2. D. KPight.
?ne of mry britherr and m1 et :'r. 7lagler and told him
that we h~ad- ancluded not: to sellf the pape~r, but to take up the
bonds. H~e than stated to us9 thatA herreet~tote the fact that we
wrould not sell the paper, but that as we~ had. conoluded not to
he would substitute new: bonds for the old ores, wfhich was8 donPe.
DningIT the flight for the sup2remEoyc of the newespape~r,:, "r. Flage
compl~ained very bitterly of nsomethings~ which were published;
he insisting thkat he oul sell. 98 us otitt at once. I wrP~ot him a
letter which I considered cyrite a Brave letter for a pyoor mnfpn
strugg~Zing to h~ld his preop~ertg, but the lat~ter pa~rt of the
letter is now. I' am told, being~ oirculated with a view~ to in.-
juring me, on tccount of some la~ntage that is employed there
by me, and wJhich wsas used rwith a view to dete~ring: him from his
purplose until wre could gea money to pay him.a-
Eany~ indu1c~menrts have9 been offPered me~ in the course of
my life in a very delicate wayT, nevetObhele89 s~s wth the ~purposee in
view off stopping; me~ fro figtSing the balttler of th ecmmaon people
in the locality in wthich I liv8e, aga in the S~taec so far as*I
wgs iablel the puarpo~ser being to involvede me in Bnas~rtaeas wifth the

in suc~hc w~ay thatf I wotea of nesesstyr be oetpelled to keep
still.~3 I have ben browght~ several tiaewm rzeaset As ~athe verge et ~.

i ;
~~s~-~: "

Yote for.H~. 'L. E~roi:nsrdl or ther ;Rnioiedt :tes~:~;'enarte onTunlie

16h, 8 veni ,ha7..C 30 .':8: (lor aL.i' unio?: the-1 L-t aple asn

ce --c ir of r~ tha wa c ito
ii)d.coo ~ (3., o (r--_L 0l~ r" c.0, orC :e '..i r' 0

':. r .in

i. . L *

.~, Vic

: as

r tr J~ 1 '-on r :Tohnn t -r-11.rnar .5,~~

~~3 no ~ Lr! Li-Cl k irTIT CF! F.1 ncLeto-ls notthos. r:07 then two

I.l .n to.

it in~ Huztbblr?1s1 1::;l.' .;:'j-7.0 know as followfu-

13 7::
1 *,0'
a 0--'
: 6

1- ndounelr EstL; anR "rootor in .IAftri-r lt,-~
at- ret.. ....... ...JE sonv::cj-~ill o, 11:..

Z:,a6, : a nto t i

i' Olt'i;j;'::ri"i "~ilt
::75; i

.~ .

i1 . a no

lor il

ri:l "

I 1



1 ..

,_ O *0 1

i T

1 a 1 up

v:*. .1. 0 ,

:but I know this to be one of the methods of the: supporters of

cta-ndard.. oil.





d r
. ~d,


ri .

:z :

: :-:; ii6

i -" j


i-- ~ '' '



.. .


.~i **

n n

. 1 0 co C c.10... I .

-; `~-:"P

I: I" 2~` P":3ilC j)
i i

ii ,

~ .-r .,.P 1

O? :,r:~;- c ~

;`i`iTi:?i: ".`-1C C.I`TIC`I

.ask 6o a 02 01 be in
~h: `.ll- 111R i"

6 :r~ "`i-.. 71i '.'


. J :


a , -n,


'1-iIr I-: -- --:~'?-:~r -"r .---. -;. -, -


1~ -"~-'1 9

:..... L

~-i: -.i`:-- f- "" e


i'nver casenin n -in navi-r ',1

tL n or in ivoi .' on i 10.n? rivorn, : n



"' in



: : .;. -- :-r cu 1 0

bui; little Re en .' -on- :.P,,ria

rwit"i;i! I;he c7.iople, lhut :;:i1: :ze ':.:71:it 01i8 i.:". C? an a var to : 1

::on .. -. t0 ..; :. -thli~a s:i12h C ,n : ii: Yr:- E.n.i- ?-r~;i- 1

r'l? 'jhis Dymp. ' l ;r d cz--'nl h n t : 1 i u lo ,1 f i..u

ei ln -i07 ..: 0. 1 0 d . ^o ed 2

i s-: . r or r" l r; 1

1, :; L': ..,' .-..fT .iC 1' '2 .r .. ..

on:". '`"

, .1 i : 141 3

iiI~ ~,

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