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Finding Guide: A Guide to the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Papers
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: r v .,* ..si -

, sug If the eye 's table, and plenty to .4pare. 11e
said it, ivis .the most. fettle lazid he ever saw
I ivas slidivn sugar cane 1,8, feet high and as
hick a:s a.ingaWwhist ai2d planted Conly-last wh.
saff ofange;gro s foug miles long.
I dozi't:kTiew much hborit fiirming 6 t gil.
ei Ber@nce fbkt 1, at d lot oica.th Is

ubdift ad df fruit.
It aests't takW a civil exigineef to knoti th
vhere thefe is a swift-curi*ent that the 'water is run
mug down hill.
It does isot take a scieMist to know that six fee
of rich black.dirt..is not kindling wood or sulphur.
It doesn't take much:grey-mittter to apprecilit
the fact that when water is six feet over its natural
be.xiks that it is an overtow.
Tom Appleyard and the Times-Union and, the
Tampa Tribune and few othei's of Senator Humphry
and Editor Jordan's class may lioke fun at -that
jtinket.ing tour,.but they must admit, a few thitigs- --
reasoriable things. They are so blind to the jeal
facts in the inatter }hey d n't want to see r even

If Governor Broward stice Hs hi winning fis
fight for the drainage of ibe E14r lades and the
work is accorilplished., he will be the'bi gest man in
Florida, although when the woi-k it finished he will
to longer be governor, We send our big man to
the United States Senate. That is whats ailing the
Lioliticians. The'common people be damned if the
inti's can have the- proper representation ,in the
Senate. *

oi01rI~lsill one of the:.neatest agnd best
honse~~9hoe s in the alty. Hoiand eqld
ri 'tjLalneeverx war complete, TAddre'se
,~~~~ L loxk 272 - 85 4t-eo~w
'ROOMBI AND BOARD--ParhrPlace. corner
Sud.avenues.and 4th street north--over-
looka ysik--Mrs. P. Adrough, proprietor.
Address Postothee box 86.
FOR BAiLE~-AB No.- 4. Fox typewriter in as
good condition as hew--st abargain. In-
.. qdtre at this-ofaee.
room house, furnished with two bath-
rooms and elosets. Large grounds with
orange, grapetrulb, lemons and orher frit,.
The.most pleasant place in the city. Two
blocks from the postofilee- Prtue, $1,000)
for the season. Also a six-room house
furnished with bath and closet. Large
grounds wihb same fruits. Fine f'ocarIon;
caree bnockrs from ponlostce. Price esc
for the season. Also many other desira-
.ble places. Capt. J. F. Chase Real.E state
Agency: 100 Fourfh st. North, opposite
--newR POstogtloe, St.Pe tersbur&
.Iron RicmT-winter season, Nov. Is> co
::Maiy 1t, furnished tw story house :ou

I~ddr' 1(0Ifuag onneeed Iithot and
oltd .iater. Eleotria 11ghts. Wil urnish
S-ih thrits for two fammlee if reqluired but en-
. .cire house mail be leased to dne person.
Fo terms address GRaNUT AKIN
St. Petersbu rg, Fla.


hlfachines for rent or sale

R. J. COLE, "'tio^A'""

D. M/offit

SNurse rymIran

'For Sarle Several Thousand CITRUS
FRUFTS of Leading Varirietis

:;: ,:I~iii
~-r?:9r~ ~~:;~~ ~~
...; :.
I-:!ai;- :!!~c~ ...:

eis@ dire~rtisinig;
Ons:e'Get~a drdSerissaue.- :~
WLNTED-q0,000 leit `pt wide- boaidifs siid
d 000 feet oLSr's fromi old -blnefie. O .a..
arviey.1 ., -tt
Od; BBri OR :BENT 14.rooiff house well.
f~~~:urnished; thout Taimpa.Bay~, on Beac~b

d~tre. .. :
Dj* NY. ] ey, St.P e. explmgFla (1



i~- .ejr t fs ce; ': . : IT


le 'B:'nke es

1 utE~e or ten-
Yea. -

10** i_
miy.ha'ny( friends
hike anyP exhibit of
it;ur Blmid-Wiipte
's or, withi a vieJ
remillm or. ptke


e 6~r. dderr'::n nd



;zo bu~ild send

abbo *Boni-

etthat maysaave
i~in construction
1 planning.
itse Lpower boilet-
,. w~ith forty .fdot
:pply to or write
frman waterworks'
Itersburg, Fla.

!rs, the ~Palmetto
Pilfereburg Inde-
:sing the tjuestion

C whether a Mdr. Helen Inez Dale

t ~ ~ 22 b~D B~Third andl
ohen on the street, A .. .V~oice Cultuie
e. In .the mean-iN~
tillremains dead. A limited number of pupils desired ,go

r. 10f AONIC`-St. Pe~teraburg Lodge 189 F. &b
b' MI., meers on the let and Bd Tues-
e, Saturday night, days of each month at 7:80 p.m., In Pbell
ock, at Sm~ith & Blockr. Visiting ByFethren welome.
W. B. POPE, W. M..


.` cadetiipt"h ad we.b.h .oprfo;

the land, ifs: taxed ~~~~!-it all, shouald-ei ;taxe upona tl'e~

.. faRlue,.-im~d fliot- upon acreage. .The lands--in :'the
drainage dist-ict~,have not;Ml b en surveyede, athl.
uIn~trl draned a ujist valvation-cannot be plaed fipon
theina. .~. ..:
.It is said that the, legislature havingg g t ntid:
'mord-fands to the falw ~p~~syomans than, the i(tate
S'eve p4wned, i thI e hll Is-ite drained ~t~ sTill::f li dot
i~T:' : the at ~ of:~ drsi~~~~i~fr th'jtie b l o

-l-r of:Othe.lar Cs 'to- the siat~e s~tom the United- Sa e~s gvjb
'e t nlent, it wd provided tha t t he m orieys:d deri e~d:
from'the-sales of thle lands should be used .exclu
sivelyI, as for as necessary, to.the-rcldmingf -of ihe
lands. Nlowf; then, can: the funds be used legally'
for an3 other purpose, regardless of the possible out-
come of t~he suits? X nd how can any railroad
expect to recover in a court of law .or equity lands
bundr'eds of miles from its lines, .when the orily
.right the legislature had to grant the lands for the
encouraging of railroad building, wlas each alternate
section .wit~hin six miles on either side of the roads.
SThese fallacies are not against drainage, blit
:against the amenr~ment, passed by thbe legislature of
-Figrida; approvi~d by the governor, a~nd submitted
.to the people for iratificat~ion, or rejection. Howfever
~the peo~p as,.nidivatethe y should begin now, if they
hve not before,. to consider with the greatest~ of
.eare this impo~rtrnt question, rebuke efforts fi-om
-any one whomsoever to befuddle the issue, insist
that'it shall be presented to thl~em -fairly, put aside
prejudice and then go the polls arid v.ote a~s their
conscience shall dictate, either for the amendment
or' against it.

.;2ppa m; t an Ed.pi~~r 6 h d ni
i,, imp itl r da M l s
riofth~ pr ctobpieMoirgoui
~~aon i[bit'i: thc ag she, ahile iielat 1 pin ill
to a fairly re sentativeon ddtheG vn'
dise he sera tyash o11 1 v
oken to anauinc i e tosad
With t:ihe- elci n-b t.sx wek -aig
t bvefi the pr~plised e niEtuiaa enket
es .:1- rd. Th ustn a iqi ics9
1 nti bnteyr nwnifi

lierian still are, ~tthen opponenT 'ts of draiziag.
;to;thecharcte of the, Eveglaes and the.. possibili-'r'"

:l~degiselatr h t p the~m we~rr~sy~~ek tn. lTheEe-

T ~he qestion: of 1X wht ornot it wol be e

disusiob ofthe propose d' cnstitttioa amen~'s ;d-
.:I~ Mid creatingf the-boarC~ _~h d ofan.~~ -rImae -commi-ssionere
'-. wih-owr Whi wil edbl tett poee w
the~~~~~: work ofrciiaint hihteamsrto

It[thisbechred Itha~t,- te propoed .ame
: s~~t~filemet is ~ dan eois bc usef Bit puts~ i th~s'ie ; hands o
fiemen,.n thegvror oprll ae`h poer, attorney gen-A~
tPtera h~l, tresue and commsioer ofes agrcut ure o fsbii
the :o~~~stanthe-rbirr pouers to~ crae drainage dis-t
tictseaendlendvyl say tanot eceing.-e cens an.Te'ei
acre.o .sthes power is~o muc hmoe parla'o itorary-nd
d -.'~sangeous tahanp that conerreed un the coust
posthmyion. verhs of ~eah ounty athrizh them stnito
levy~ taxes n r aieorlwr auain o roe
? ind byThe asessior pork wevery prntiec wofl rea .or
~ 't~relaim ieE\erlafle" fr ti co rI fad


ul iantageous ;picire we had~ to
negies~ qualt'ity of

Ese 'and

o "share the ba gain with you,
he ok lats `you- can have
i~i~la~in at .

and p c~~k of prettlest

ot of Sideboards that are pret~-
Viesblle, which' will be sold at

Business -will be .immense this
ni will need a fewv iron beds to
ate your guests.' We have a
oselect:fromn. Mattresses by
dm. stock

received. Very pretty patterns. All
!ll times the lowest price to be found

carries such an assortment of rugs.
Sand see the patterns.- A peep at'
>nthe walls will convince ..ou that
her beiu ti fulIeffects. i n the assortmen t

lesope---verything for the traveler

house 'in Tani~pa carries any larger.



I ~C RPC '

_ _LI__





~;:i -.;:i ;~~::::; ;:.:3~ rlr :i: I;:~":.:i .;i:-;:::~ ::-i: i
~IY : I

:; ::":J~:
'-:~-: r
5;F.*' 1.1 ?;!: *.iii~i~ -~
, i r. -... .
:.;' .. ~ ir
I.~ii :.
i-'E i ,. ~i
s 1-:
.1 ; L
:r t'lj
r. ~ r.~m. .; C ~* .; I






tra~l asvenu .aBc~fripgy san b
a,,,,,dI (a'per or serit (1l

aan asq~ive l
ainue sbe:t
hirgie &

Id thdi

glaes Itwnt hl
itcn e. 9tsuhco l
repriev of' two-F' negod an t
situation amnienad te
mitue thtke pin Eut
oftepulci gnrl

e 11thh';li;p white an

u:p the r~v~er, all prop~tii ~ of;
thing ahead. un~i.~~~~~~*i~~
was a.rtght-angiqu o e
points to thie galley-wesit, And:'" t
some, we saw ahead of qs: a-pa of; eg-
~itwo' hundrectgeopheion thibankabtfr ''I':

1 just ~received by. E
i;ia.~- 11~~\~\

Ledthan 100s., R
Tor..ot or.o
P:~ eii it $5.00 Mif n t on t

Write or. .r new price list ofFert i BMofte~ ad d
our booklet '~HOWA W~E .CAME TO .MAKE FE
G*orsid boolilth,containing all thelatestformulas for borf I'-:.:i:j-'~
we cA RRY th'e LtARE T STO O:~z;::z~~, ii,
companjl in pi~e state and ~can iale. ]irofinpt; :i~li~

E. O. inte~r. Fetl
'J k sovll

B.** "~ SOLICIT YOU.'ijR 94T~
Prompt and Puncrual wvirb all Ordere

Ep *

ng~s, Fla.. Ma u:11r~th.ly Octoberi $, 1910~.

Illl~ l~l 111. 1 [ I r il 18 1 l I at r -

H.I 01. 1 \\

tllli ~ ~ er t:( ~ a Anneii~r
I'1RK TH IMl~ e tl Ln~ r a

IllrjL~rj~i npJ t.i bl-li III (TItilll irl

]-.' ('. Ar ld N,'I
CutIlil> tin r 01.4 ficul turl .I
'l ilis. 'I' N. U.B ola d

; vi:':*P
" ;k
;:.. r.


;~e*R-:r.. :.;n

laJi 111 1` s it. 1 II Lit\ adI .T:1.:1.41sil-
vlir,~ 11 1- 1111 ~11 a. ti I I "l. ~I: *PL Sqa Icti)*-
1rollo n'i- .lll'lll.r.In w !\J unusesus.... -
ille rd**.ll Iillll l and ~ ..sl r l ro 1.<- 14 ad~

Elstlilr ts. I\ 'L of ; Ill i i llel .nt l ear lf I ill:

Tile* $|>irit ill 1-largrl $.1|; II
ECOWilft@ ex-grakPI fulf GI Flash I III 11
(JC-IllOff.HIC" hollillie-e rs.= [$6 IIIE al
Sectre-s senate, r-nwarol unto r!i gr,--ar
beyond at 12:30 kiture.i::y Our 1. in
file DeSuro Smant..rman where he 11:01
been removed for the purps.Re of pe-.
formin.* an operation,
The entire state of Fineafat :< toldus
bowed in gnist for ti..- Is...-, ul this
great IL1till, Who WHS h friend and foealil:r-, who passessed a
emnt intellear. and who laur-Ill hi-

Will.*~ II-:riI.I b ils.' il IIl Ils ill ll Ilve II'( sr II, :11111 1t 11 -iW n*lf I( n.I*' (cgl r : 11 III= II, 1101 IT's~lli l d 1 III 11LIle
ut lr be rancl e Hli sl.l In, al y 1:. 1ots. (.m.*l1\ 1 In is..Ill the- Jr ch inrit.- :i lln I e
NLrrl h:lllrll Il:InIII Ill [Ilr Srillli 1* pl ed [l WIII us|111 ( I~ll. [ :1jilt CI-Fir si lll

N;Ulpuln oD Ill"=>lr l rr t WV.I- II1(1ndis iilt- gg. lJIad fttlicle .11l the IIIt:tilh I U l U
r1(11l ullt* *If` r il*. -Ir aff~ s I111-11 IIl. -[Infe llrit. JIllll ckl l)1. Jliiu~l litll utir e f it-
.rOcll'a l n :1119 et e priliti s s.l l M I I ~l ll- III I \I **I'g Mas III (LjlI II ilal.ll* Li III )lit)'.
Miltl lti1 4llal ill; lll ni*I:I *Isllr ** 2itI IIr ~ s 'I .1 l illH Iliable-. Ilb~I t I( fsp t1hl
rrclfita u li gh.*lmCI~ri.lried h r 8 /= ,111 in ne-- IJITI(( rn lr [ it CtUp III t~h estIIO. a

passatbler, useld +v inht( lipve* r ll.r toal) 1II Ifor, ~
mathj~~ of~ 198teruller utf.
4~rts. prOverr hist ;oil'ff A'e
turnedl from thle coni nation ofT thl t he pr~inglel inl him, cou~ralgr an his dth
National W~aterwi~SJy Assonalr tionl Iwrilon to their Int-resr. that be bha
held ,nRt Prdvidece. 11 R. i., and alll.l.-r belen TFrecnlly sllecteJ, to b4 their

Geolrgia i landir, whl~e heC b)~iII.-as th-1 people( of Florida,~ regulrdle~Ss
trick enl wirl i sir...~li.*P. carusd Irv I.siri cat~ l aIl~l.llinlrl t. wYI~rcI lking fo;

science~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~I wa (i t lelaeIi mi 1,dno--,rse Isle wans I;inrked Iv
ferinig;. Thelr best plly-sh~mits ni .Incl; anglular breaury and~ piuricy and to
sonville andl utcber cities wvere callredl generosity of mlinld andll hea r- twas ei
into conlsultation,, but otilell e1n1p li- ) lndedl[~ t il wiLoutii liie k o. II, wI
callons ser, inl ans.I Salurday nionalit-11 I bea Ircognize-do a1Illl hanlds that in LF.
it ~wandcuCleld tha1 an opcratoll ~ n rn vried reint~imals of lile be: meaisult
absulutely necessaly.. He w.a-- r** ;I-.uneat Flo~rlldn's greatest mug 1
moved to thle DebaitJ sanaxtoriun iol! hic generation.
the purpose, anld expired ?hiir:ly at It Ij (110 sense of the adthinoist rai
.eir being pinerd Ilupo ra r IIIHIIReoenu fIcersL 0I1 the state, a majority
table. - wiiom served as niembli-~s of hill
milnistrrtation tha~t the ulntimrr y des'
Resolutions b lof Gov\. Brrowatrd is a great aR
Governorar.1 Oninet.C( ( bhockllng public loss anid it is orderB
Ta~llaharssee, cIM., 1--,41 a aI.-aring a-, a mlark of rrspect to hi~s mnent
of ther golvrrnotl~ andJ riJI animlillistinl- r.1 thalt Lth flag at the state Capi
Live universe ofll the eventive deparr -I b displa? e-d at. Im,1lfmastL for Ile p, mient of the! state~ o 110rsda. lield in ad ofr thiirty days; rhar, all the offI
the exceiltlVB Oltire SHELIFORa l IO, I 1 -I tl i O itol b ~lr ~ da h Il

l lI h np ec ose .at, t e t
set for his funeral obsequies; thaP
engrossed copy of this memoriagr

bert,. 1910, thi deathi of the Hun.
841"Oal'o B. Brow~ard, former gover-




FOPImer G~overnor and Nomninee for

United States Senator Passed A=

wlay ILast Saturday at 12:30

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every day~ to, put, inl the 1.msh.,:

andc banki at parrt 1e rll .lrllll


President R.M W
a; M. V{


ow~n prices.

r & Alex~ander

U`-~ -

e Springs, Fla.


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!r) ~- Shall bei i; use.
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C. 5 31uh~!, 3 ..May *II

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y~a~r;tr ie stat- leg slh el

pig~ ~~~~: resmn'1Isce fe r
tl %fdiglie finel
is the oe pre; oede by -some -o
t g dfL~ ~id dw ndeinteprpbd hn
ge~ ditit. $.efirBogr.s uhrtyo h
ateeh -tatkff.iansgrewofKisimeeat

fi ht alainst rgaid~ge, :and woldloanyj~ th daia
lifi`~'idg~islj~i~atu~rej met and p'proprited te r-n
cluir sum.~e;. Tis oudofcore taj.r~~,l~n;; e prct~icall
all th-ta rmth oprainlns, steei

of acrs tha areon h;'rae thrax ok tanmina val-
lid~ikedion.bifte howi~ about~i the peole he es ofth
sg itate, the- smaU farmers .ad ro perdisaty h~oldr ofe

Trgao ethe eod proposition, i is nlyeefd ssary
~it 60oneto buy themug ato anylsithin stlke whtheyns
wi; FrIhoi be woth wlf~hez roperly recamd ad no oneen
.ljv~ldlanmnen thes ltt~ie~ ~oainds asul set-uies unil
Bt'ater weenoostacl~es in t wayl lof there drecama-

M Dur~~eing thelastui sesiond ~~ofterpriEesentatives,
ongresc~~ suman i C ulare of Gainesvle, itakroduced a
all wh~icht~ gro t as falpr as onu nitte of somre isor
toizs'if~nge btei'thes lon f 3,0000 tor txe. stae ofnd
Tlorid a, essr loa toi be p~aidy backou oe thel mo ney
denrivdfo he-iLe salesse of sthe lnd by the estate fe
re-~sScl~famato This woul in the lend thyrow theen
the cost back ae copon heateP andh owoul save Mr.
Clarkie's pharticar o friend theJc~k railrads fomia thel
heav ta propaosed to e leiede uon t~hem. Bes ides
Bttt, -the- bill -has never been passped, an thoeres no

adssianc that with evertt wl.d But ter fact. that r.
Clarkoe`ntodGucfed it andhg wokdfrite may b taken
as eidene wotha when boerlee h reelame at on of te
tEveweglaes prbactiale, and thr at* he~1R becleve th
stae' tuitl t the lathree iions of aceres endi-s go,
Gothrersa ~re ldepil, itoue

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te- j t o ig for
loors :'
i~r t"S 2 0 .0 0 IC-i~. f
$27 25,.~
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sell grads and vi ripus: vaue.Ths
...($.75 o $3

tyles and; pries

tr &- Son
rs and' HoeItters

Novender"T expect to r him. win a triumph
trictory in the.battle.ofthe ball@. .
Tifere:has been & lot. of good-patured fun poked
at.that junketirig tour, 'and it isAaid that the new
paper.men, who nevei* dug itatd anything.,,ex6ebt
kets of ilikcametack and expressedthemselibs-like
veteran engineers on a problem that has been fore-
most in the minds of the greatest minds: for ages.)
In.other words they settled in two days what fellows
with C. E,, A. B. ai d C. O. D. after their names
be en'i been able to straighten out since the.days a
fellow-came over herd looking for Dufy'is malt

I willadmitforethe benefit of the. anti-drainage
press, that what I saw was-simply a. lot of land that,
was beating Magnificent orange groves, and a nurn-:
ber-of deep loaded withiruit which wits spoiled by
oierflorns,: and I saw miles of cabbage palmetto,
growth, and a sea of saw grass, arid a big lake and
a crooked river. And I met intelligent toen of rich
red blood and I talked with these.
And from them I learned some things.
.John W. Newman, of Bellaire, a -neighbor of
ours, is chief engineer of the Drainage Commission.*
fit 18 3 he i-an attige from: Fort Myers, to Miami.
. Heistras liitleteeri dits in.making the..trip and-- was

Y!~ .~;~;'iL~`h'~~;"~"~;P' :;

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hl~i~4ers~il~e Imnet

~1' ed SwiO N est

Subscription Price $1.50 the yes




~~ ':tI:~~:-~;
'-:X. -r-.~i~s:

;~r .
-I r




St.PYetra~burg to be Honored (Friday) by
the Presence of theChief Exeentive of
State--Arrangemesnts Made to Entertain
P+ ~the Governor and Hi taff Royally.
Hon. Napoleon B. Broward,. Gov-
ernor of Florida, is the guest of
horior in St. Petersburg today. ;
Some time ago Governor Broward
promised to. vFisit the city before
the fall election and deliver an ac1-
dress on the subject of paramount
importance to the people of th~is
state at the present time, the ratifl-
cation or rejection of the proposed
constitutional amendment for the
eatablishment.of .a Sttate,'D2:age. -

including that of levying a special
tax upon lands In the drainlige dis-
. tricts. The peculiar significanced of
L MA FTAM.HOTEL. the proposed amendment lies in thle
~rclower ~;ho;vug.Lyouhavledf view oriend fact that its adoptioil would put in-
Bsathere oMdori~il poies.ommanu.argon.. othbe powet.of G~overnor Broward I
s un ~lis tth frtinl doorofb the Mnhattan* .and a commission -in sympathy -
.; --r idtl4 his addlininistra~tion, to begin, if
rib t, do rtl .their wee~.ds,,nobtt tocompl6iie, the work of drain-'
d 'es hi~gn if ~thiey- co,.idtt iti~g the Everk~l ades, the vast stretair'"''
he oblef ~agi~ed. Ito Milej of and covered Part of -the year -byrri~
6 ofndayv morning virs Lwater in the extreme southern paf:~~. .sPl
itbutipgr, .according to~ Mi*. of He state, where the state -owtqe a~~'~i
ehan'dbills all o~er the thfee. Aillons of mocres of.1Ed,;r4 '-
he Assiketance of bia.su li ed by the ad vdoottee of~ thiir
p~rsld, iig the peo-'lt e tq:~ ~ I

ant~li..ae s ;ade-a-tronhat~lk them to the stateagnainst tiitjii- ~~-is

o:Fa n9~E~r~t:~661 bs da rq'onst kg `Yi~Brewandve&! eieceo Lofeiorr: d ~ ?.;.r
it a~~~f9bindt on the oilled wee knd giia ti~ -berrilehbro to' fIii~ 181 ~ he :P
a~ 'inti esti to:piy payfo'I' tivelve -godBe to tikCpeoh 8 e;-he h~it- i'Zl I \:
ous.7trra ~,5-e e'i8. lly a ai oil~e- dCicif~i g other the st~Ziate finaki~i;'
18-6jeibi- Mor bihbbf -at all tisfies a clies~8 In favor bf the amendmbat
e the :ii6it-fo;liio to Whot; nh pi~Se

ihe. waielhi neo-'r f ~i~b ididreeiSd d at telyfain
t~lii thfoixlinolfat: f~i'kobl. 'T J.-B:~ Brown,.b hf- Tiftl-' :;
rd heir arrall ~sidfis- pa, a.eload r~ileid of .,thbe Gb~rove ors:.
aes - M s made i strdo::ng. kn4 ie Cireeident 'Of -the ndii ddW-i
a .~for th bich all a h~IIIAifte~idE~- int r hr soia!n
Cn 11 di d~F; fb :think -i iist, wit. Go'v'iini' 1Bio~iER~a
wis 4 tj ~ apifeae I!~ at6 nei'i frmdh
said for the year, me o to it addressed upon
htan ;queb-proi ;1 hsarivl. After conferene w~itbji
d the .~ft~P~i ac] Ofifjaith'~r8' d -o~ oher ,-papei~i:n --th,
q p -soo le Efhill 'Pete'rsbr i-g and a number of
he fe'Klor~itpound-( cit~nincl. incldf acting Mayor


-~j:YL~ I " ~~''"
' `1.
:'; j e
r ,II
,,. -.
:- : .- *--:-;~
~ti~i ,.;..

r*~U uj-

E L;lU ::. :

asusajt anorra hi.gJoperse
reli ~erea~'~ life grvei

cirle .of friends ll~ie
glad- to. see ;himn. Tril



or a y
on .~i~

companies .would loan the state le .. valuation~: o l~hilns i~
enough to carry on the work until sitate-of Fefda~a. WhB la~inoed ,
the legislature~met -and made the advidenot~ed'sellbing the;'la~nds to si
tax levy. The governor, however, tler~ii, and turningtepoed
could not see why the whole. statel the state rebool'fund\, utder t~he p
should be taxed to drain the, lands I hEion of,the state congtisit~iion ed;
in the Everglades any mo re.tha~n St. e ng suJSgese~s. .
Petersburg should be taxed ,th pave "LThis;. ,sasmuh yoixr busi 9d
streets in Largo, and thought the it msine" said the Governor if
sta e was doing its full duty paying c lusion. "WFSe have alreadyy~ gly)~
its proportion of Ithe land) ~actually away J ()00Oi,000 worth.;of pt1
to be drained;: R4 :ealled, attention la~nif, ana. ..am here to. warn
to the fact that in order to drain the of.the danger of loositiji the r
state lands it was necessary; to Do ~wor~y a~bdut me; Mroy ab8
drain~folr million aorei.: belonging yo IpC~~f yiaknlrrh
.to the land company r~aid wanted 61~ie'bxIn day -c'omes aroudih, i
them to paytheir p r~~tion.of the Brg will be g~~i~~' tof*
taix al~:ip~-: .0 .. .Iqe ens o

tilia;Wiiftral .ot~her a

by name, .and .4x ~e~j:~ himself m upon t i
forcibly dn-whatj.4e designated as b f wll az T ~~press
their misirepresenting~thbe issues and lau ehd aEfe
abusing him personally, he said: relci po odal t:e
"But.these papers tice not in St. lto a quas to C ~~r he;: oda~
Petersburg. Thank thie Lord, every :conie. ak ag ~~iiFre' 'e'io 1j
now and then I re~d something real re~pled ie wol to, it
refreshing from Eit. Petersburg, afraid~ hecoHe 1
whieb shows me this is au educated Ievre ybod to g r n i
commrunity." r.-. lt9ar the- mt ti8i
.T~e nets of congress granting te T~fidove r d.t Isrtylf 1
Evr8glades to4-h~e state in iBM4,was ~iakig or.T
read .as.w~ell a the resolutions a of ,r
the legislature, which were reported r`~~~~
favorably by a committee lof' which
hia.!grandfa~therr, JIohn Browiard, was
I'tn-einli'er, andr the: governog'~put ..up
a iverjy ~strong,..argumen, ::sed-op
the'.old, h~ard facts ajnd -th C:decis-
ij:itai pf .5~:,ti.s'upred codrrL~bfi > thki

heied~ifa in:' he;. informal apd
a dil~manerthart. makes him pop-
lairL from the state with his hearers.
~ol. McNamee, who was formerly
'`a president of St. Peteraburg and for
&:';~: w' ihile' served as our city attorney
anda membe;* of the statelegis~eture,
was welcomed back again by many
-of his old friends at the Bame time.
A~fter Judge Bell's graceful intro-
duction of Governor Broward, in
which he paid 'a tribute to the lat-
:teir's wvorth as a man, and expressed
th~e~'tonor conferred upon the city
r~'hi's visit~to sp~eak on a subject.of
v~ : qt ...infp4~j:orta noeatk~the-,:~a te, ~G o -
eror Broward. comisianced.-hie ad-

&'S:3:'si:te go enffor imeEa

:~i~~t~~: liaez e, owping to the short notice
:~,~i~t.r:~&:~jthje fiitended visit and the hour'of
~i~i: : the de; as small; not. Tore. than
fiwd hifiredilperhajiae gathere I in tbe
~~~~tar park Jtit it as th'orollybly; lppre-.
''iclaitive prne, ,abi it is safe to say
the g~d drior liad-the audience ivith
~~;~~:':' him.~, ;T~he :imalgeliskof 'the crowd
~~~~~:l~did 1 Qttri worry fim IHe was gt his
~~: - e ~E~;jis he illwayps is when' he has
n is elj~igpt~i auience to listen to
~;~~;-;i~~:~ ~ , eil nter; intq Abe spirit of his
8 lie h'pr. th~at erowd be sma.?11
~~F~~Z!~Fgericih b~r oor' edqcate~d or
83ioq v~hbey are iman
jgi? ~ ~ e wh~~io o edme: to; :hqirr. and
o-timeL.-p~revyps .thq
weA~n M r n .ai 4, no


~y~UR~LY~e T




right to grant the railroad cost-
nies was every alternate sectior-
ing within elx'-miles of the 1,j
and, under his contention, tha-
lions of acres bad been given
'without warrant or law.
His assault on the aru
~iajor Abrams, in which he IF
aqoresaid arguments all tq e
was the richest part of the.
and the most humorous
reading front the MIajor's a
a trip across "w~hat he wa-
the Everglades," he said
gver seen th

was an absurd~iite.T fire
Abrams at him he declared, ,t
r-eally the limit. t4
Ke disc~laimed any marvelous g
cogery 'if the feasibility of draini
thd Evrerglades, showing the for
gfiernors had tried to perform t
obl~iga'tions of the state to the f
'eral gover~nment,- and told of ti
Pifogress of t he work so far, in spi
of the attempts to stop it. Whatth
land -companies wanted, he said
was to delay the matter until th
cojulh elect an administration t
would deed .them the state- a
theplelaisi, in excess of. what
state actually owns, "a~nd then .1'o
ri~ what. the lands are wor~t~r
addirtg, ""when i-u`F~i~f^ TIW"To' uyy
them fraom these landgr;(rbbers." 1
Ttri governor had a recent prbi
of-'the Evergladles made by Jo
Newman of Bellair, who came
him to the meeting, from which
demonstrated many of the sal
points of the argument. MIr. Neu-
man is the only surveyor who eyei
iploted a civilian expedition across.
tieEverglades., Be covered again:
teoft repeated figures showing the
stigar production-of the world, and
claimed that from the:..haracter of
the soil in theEverglades, sixti
tons an acre of cane could 15e pro
duced, ad on li~alf .:amir acre
aloPI he Ve~i htdningh~g




ic law of the state, and prevent the
land companies from ever repealing
it through legislative lobbies, as
then it could only be done by a
joint resolution ratified. by the
people at the polls. Thii average
town council, he said, as well
as the tax assessors of various
counties, have more power than
that proposed to be conferred upon
the Drainage Commission, and he
believed a board composed of the
governor, the comptroller of the
state, the attorney general, the
commissioner of agriculture and the



(gades-Bynopula of Hla TamL-Fittingly
Enteratalmed Whlle Guest of the City.
Governor Napoleon B. Broward,
accomifanied by Hon. Robert Mc-
Nuee, arrived in the city on the
Independent Line Steamet*i Manatee
this morning (Frida in~sd was met

:' hi .t~Et. PetersburK.Board of Trade,
:i-.- in id Hon. D. Mof~f.,who,in the me-
toorric-chadged of~t~iesask few days
i~ ~n the city administration, found
.1\ im\: ~ selt again acting' mayor of the
v city. With the committee-the Pen-
.:~ i'nsula Guards, Company O, of the
E~ Second,Elorida. Infantry, who were
brought out by Capt. Ridgely in
.Rm;:~ 1i6nor of the commander-in-chief of
T th~e militia.
.'.td.On alighting at the passenger sta-
tion, the Governor and Hon. Rob-
ert MIcNamee were received by
Judge Bell and Ma~yor Mof~t, and
.If~:..- .were escorted to the carriage, front
t~ which they drove to the city park,

council or county tax assessor. He
stated that some time ago the land
syndicates offered to put up a dollar
an acre, far more than the maxi-
mum of ten cents tbat could be
levied under _the proposed armend-
ment, for all their lands if the state
would put up the same amount for
public lands, but for some reason
or other had backed down fi~com the
pr~position. The state, h'e said,
bas already contributed fly cents
an acre out of the internal improve-
ment fund for its share of the
drainage, and the passage of the
amendment would .just mean that
the land syndicates must come
;gKer~ii~~tfitess~~iFr~H- i1iiTheltit owns
three- million, and the. land com-
panies, the pjarchasers of the rall-
way land grants, four and a half
million acres. A.Lax of five cents
an acre on these lands for two
years and one cent an acre for the
next three years would is his opin-
ion be sufieilibt to build the six
dredges, and keep them hri operation
meanwhile raising enough money
to complete the entire work.
He cited the fact that My~.PVaus-
Agn~w of KLissimmee, counsel for
one of the land companies, had in-
formed the governor through State
Chemist Rose that if a half rnill.taxl
should be levied on all the propeftt7

: :the-company~-presennting arme**upon
-ibe arrival ofthelGov;ernor. At the
'paitk the band stand had been decor-
ated in the national colors by the
Imya ofibhe company, under the di-
rection of ex-~Mayor Thomas, chair-
Innan of the Reception Icommittee of
if eBoard of Trade, who held a
'iei~ting the night prevings and
Ge~ipleted arrangements for the re-
:r:.-.. I'?~:-a odand address Judge.Bellin-
:": -'.:t geefi1~~ d. Gov. Broward in a few
Whb~sen remarks..
~~F~.I eCLr~i governor readied the pink,
Zj~:I~IRt waii:~q~s~fired, and the recep-
to h~nmiteA pedeeeded to the
i tdad.$. W~idie wadting for
r *i~dienence to settle. Jodaae.:BeU


Florida Times Union

Sunday, October 2, 1910

'The Statge ~Press Peasp9._leaksP Hi~^BB'i~e&~

hearts of the pleopl1
amri N~ews-Record

SNews of the Ceath
B1. Browi3 ard Demoel
the Unilted States po
flashed to i~a upga y
caused genuine sada
where the deceased
and w-ell respected.
ha;s it been: thc ICIr'
such Ipeculiar sadnes
hard anld Ilatient sts
;hroml theU VerS loll
B Erowrardl had at last
of the goal for ~whil
so long and so vali
broad highway of vi
appointments and'
strenuous career leti
with the gateway to
jutst rheald of himn,
sight of` the hgoal
threshold of thle
fondest ambition
Capt. Browanrd
malnl in more1' sense
arose fromn the utm
through ar checkerced
built up a reputatfor
and stulrdy sItron

fiew regarded himi
tendler;` but he strue
andl was elected.

ambltion, was follow
later by a successful

be inninKct of te to

en tire polisitil are

throughl,~ou thn stt
>v him 'J:l :.ara. h



)A maker of Florida is dead. Na-
poleon Bonaparte Broward is gone*
but hre leaves behind him a record that
wlfl ue a grand` example for every
young man In this glorious state.
Florida born he lived sixty years of
;Iactive 11* filled with high Ideals, and
his latter yearsdectdtohed-
I eloprficent of the unbounded resource*
of hIs native state.
As a boy het worked on a farm. ]Later
as raftsmran on the St. Johns river
Thecn a yallor before the mast and from
he forecul et etadanie nby da ee
ofa lwho:1t on his native river. Dur-
SIng the Spanish war he sprang into
Sprominonce -by his daring feats as a
blocktade runner in his famous vessel
theo Three F~riends.
Meanntime he became interested in
politics and was elected sheriff of Du.
t. val county. Following that he went to
71m lo~tialaturc and' then -to the -gov.
ernor'a chair; where fhe found fame
awaiting him in the drainage of the
SThle death of Senator Mallory and
ble appolute successor, Bryanl, opened
the lists for a senatorial race, when in
the Drimaries he was the winning can-
didate, but thle race wits too much for
his remai~rkable strength and today he
lies arourned by a loving family of
Wife, eight laughters, an 14fant son
annd 0, bereaved state. .
SActive In pub~lic affairs, Capt. Brow-
1 ard enjoyed universall respect. While
:he had strong political enemies of per-
'~sonal eniemies he had none. Men dit-
-':fered with him in opinion who honored
L:him in his sincerity arid honest man~-
;I iThe 111story of the makers of Florida
will. contain the names of great men,
among the greatest of whom 'will be
SNapoleon Bon~aparte Broward.-W~~ept
Palm Beach Tropical Su'n.

Whatever may have been said ixi the
heat ofr political contest by opponents,
;no fair minded person ever In his own
heart questioned the honor or integrity
.of Broward, and no intelligent person
ever doubted his splendid natural abil-
Ity, his indomitable energy, his un-
Idaunted courage.
A leader of thought, action a~nd men,
In a time, state rind country that need
strong leaders, Broward had carved for
himself in the affairs of Florida a rllue,
which it is unlikely we shall see whol-,
ly tilled in many -a year.j8t.xPeters-
burg Times. 1

tom we was stricken down before reap-
Ing his rich harvest.
William James Bryan was the first
native born F~lor~idlan to ever occupy a
seat in the United States senate, Hel
was ~taken oft at the beginning of his
promising career. Napoleon Bonaparte
Broward was the first native born Flat-
Idian ever` to be chosenl by, the Florldsr
people to represent them in1 that augus~t
body. It appears that fate was too crualn
to takce him off before even taking his
The death ofl Broward will cause the
people of the entire country a pang of
deep disappointment anld lasting regretoar~slierod Ik
The story ofBowrslfeoaslk
a romance. His daring; acts wilth hIs (
Little steamer, the Thlree Friends, during
Ithe Cuban revolillon, his great adminis-
tration as gover-nor when he prose-
cuted his great Undertak~ing of. convert-
SIng th~e Flaridla E~verglades lands intoj
fertle 11elds against' all manner of obstHt-
cles, the recently recognized success of
his great work, and his rcent spec-
tacular race for the United States senate
had; made his name almost a household
word throughout the Co-lntry. Every,
body haid r'ead about B~rowardi andc every)-
body was expecting great things for himu
when he, should take his seat in the
His death terminated a career that
was one of tha most Dictureslue and
unique In American political life, a ca-
reer that was gle:.mingWith prospects
and was being watched in all parts of
the country with great expectations.
B~roward. is dead but he has builded
a monument in the hearts of the Florida
people that will endure forever.-Pensa-
cola Evening News.


It is not probable that the news of
the death of any public man has over
come to the people of Florida with such
a, shock as that received by thror tol
viayor the passing of Napoleon L. Br~ow-

-a clasp of his brawny handi, a smile
on his sunburned face for everyone--
the same to all, from the president of
the United. States to the deckhland on
the Three Friends. Now he lids dead,
and perhaps for the first thne many
people begin to realize how large heI
might have loomed in the nation's life.
Born in pDoverty, schooled in adversity,
winning his way unaided by wealth or
influence from the deck of a river scow I
to the governor's mansion, and with
greater honors within his grasp; Na-
aoo R. lBrewn w m o hn



1 --- l-- ---r--- - .r~-7~-

I)Y U e11 ut ,Los
N, 3. BROWARD. bier all patriotic Floridians must bow in
' Thelstate of Florida today islgrief- del peregrethhat schm t sobll planned ma
stricken over the dearth of one of her entrl.--Ocala Star, would have been one fill.d ,with honor
honored sons. .. to hlimself and usefulness to the state
TIhe passing of Napoleon B. Broward GO. RW R EDand to the nation.--diami Me~trojiolis.
in the prime of life, when he had just GOV,. BID AI E
:ralls~ na geat atmbion han hos sav cTyha 1 'cneews wms Seeie u thi at The death lod apoleonn 13Erowan1 l
in the United States senate, is inex. Gov. Napoleon B3. Browardl hadl died at over allFloridao. T'he news came first
pressibly: sad, 123 m. at his home In Jackcsonville, after as a shock. Thlen as the full signiti-
Mia ,death, under such circumstances, an illness of about two weekts.cncoftelsbgntobudr-
ritlll b3 sjncerelY regretted, even by his Everybody in Florida was not Napoleon stood, strong men evecrywvhere gave
most bitter political enemies. To hils B. Browartl's political friend, but no per'- way to exl~ressions of deep~est feeling
__friendd It can only appear in the light son could hlelp'but adlmir~e him as a man. .~andt, tears flowed freely front eyes that
of a heartless tragedy. for he had demonstrated that he pos- j aId seldom before been wet. In the
A born fighter, he successfully met sessedl those qualities wthichl maIke a death of Browatrd. F~loridan has ausi-
r. ." e..n so. r..1 hi. ar1.--OIRsarIe in the Elan. TSO hadl risen f1rom a. e~~nmon trained thetlo. n Of. kick* i;.ino.-t itmcn.
1n....ar J;I ~ -. na.*..T. to all Detoret one laborer to thle lugRhest political offce that Chosen by his party to r~epresent a
destroying angel, on the threshold of /the people of a state could bsestow, and great state in the upper branch of the
what promised to be a brilliant senal esven those who fought him in his ant- Greatest legislative body in tire worthl,
torial career. bition to become T~lril.i.,l States senator I his name stood out in the constellation
Broward is dead, but his life> andl wi r~~egret that Iiu ii.: hlas been ended lof greast Florlidans as the name of no
work will long continue to exert an borheadan opportunity to demon- other citizen does today. And wht n
influence In the affairs of his state, and strate what he could accomplish for his makes his Goath saddecr is the fact that
his public se..vices will be widely ap- people in the high office to which they the state itself had not yet been per-
precia~ted by coming_ generations. Flor- had called bilu. itdt 1c t fiilsa nte
da ad te Suth an ll ffod tolos Tothebereaved widow and children action of the pecople who had thus sig-
strong men~ likce Browa~rd, and' his un- the Sun joins'the whole people of Flor- nally honored him, and 110 himself hur I
timely death is a, cause for universal ida in extending, sympathy.-Gainesville not even tasted thle fruits of a victory
sorrow.-Ke~y West Citizen. Sun. which years of unre~mitting devotion
-----to the public interests hand destined
SENATOREIELECT BROWARD. 'DEATEI OF GOV.' BPOWARD. to be hia. The life of Napoleon B.
DEBD With the,exception of Col. Roosevelt, Broward is wort soetuy Iing Born in d
ex-Gov. Napoleon B., Brow nrd had sud- temdto oethscidod
E~x-Gov. N. B. Bloward died at 12:30 denly loomed up as the most picturesqlue sp'ent in an atmosphere of tragely
Saturday, aged 6i3. efgrei national affairs. and the n tera ougm hodgvn
It ws no general kown hat announcement of his death will be e-over to, a, battle for bread that wvould
ierft Ioum apl soes ubd j u sdc o ceived everywhere withl prof ound sor- nou d,denteat af 110lfe tlen mn il
trto weeks or more while at Fort George hetoyobllieraslotlkecontinuous struggled for better civ-ici
]island. Becoming seriously ill be went fition. Born about the time of thle end- :iocial and p~olitical conditions-tlhis, in
to ble home in Jacksonvillo a few days in fte ii a, eerybea h general, describes the career of t~e
egt, ad oneSat~urthly, as Shu %dousocom ba te aga iste overtysand reeet`r naly m fourns 1-l woman wrof tand bs a
DeSoto Sanatorium to bea oplerated on but! able to give him in her samre moments. an lancen in hisll home. lie and ti n
died 'while preparations were~ being as his father died when he was yet an bu 'edl dof~o of 111st ie~ld in ll

in.Te oenr' aint ase a cont Act with the wrld, ands hrao]e le a~l- front hrif4 toul 0 t 181 llhl 1
bie pubcrlshed a act of reolutial ofit I ways an texeumplar andtio modllfe ern cok n dci~fy firon a lly telu fnrther b
flagte will pl vrtlaed ptt tinl!ovnor, sembany nu re are this pronlon eIn th ec gIft~ of hi prty-durlrin all~, ocf
thrt ay.as a jokei but welltn~ hetokthenr i hstm thisn tim and iot n ll ftheser ilaces ~,
n. Thre death of N.B Boa rdne- removen~ aI nd hoe hs ailart with tlewouban n C le th fma wihosell dIcilrath is ~ mun dto day

a nreat figure from Florida. Not every/ attairs he madle his opponents sit up alt vr~nd wa .au example worthy thre conliblcnce

::"""' s wrest man who came' upY~; fromR coln d .id, a~;nd:~:al, the; impressio~:Ffrln hercdwt ihtta lo!n0ntc.tl aea made~n manoo everyhere NothiCrng h

strng leade rs. B;;nrsowar ha ve d fnhsorwnnin hi a nedb elho
.himelfr qsione the affirsof For idagrt a tlae infle ncel from the deckden of a ierso
whih i i unlike e sallse whl.toe C-nthed governs manse cion, ad with
bu~wrg Time no police e~o ten The Browards ITws ae ma fg whm .. ...
everdoutedlll splndi naura a Floriada wllp ever bhe proud ande mat whse
blery all patrioticl Floridian must bow
*orsa B.rh BRO ARD deep egr fnthat suhab lant and s e l. ~--- ... -
Th~be'sa of Flosrida odinay i gref- fuOl caree has coea~ ton sore uniel a
snatricen ovrthte Edeh cof ner ofa heer eon d.--OcalaStar wouldle hav ben n fledit onrhers fth eo
htonolead sos. Brn'r --. tove himself and useules toy thede stat wenit Nes-tc
Insel I hentlr ot1 poleonnd B rdward GOV.,nc BrOWAR DEAD andk t th naton-Mam Metopoia STIKN NS
reaflzed an grat ~ambition, thPt o av- cl'y~te la.'cn a wsti recive thnatthi Th et f aoenB DoadG
bung bieenselce to rersethssaeo 137 has'ar ca a. clou of gloma oro

at lboid rs.l servers icm tac REinsso abutt oud weet at Napoleon nd r gosb rvbeensiJie tts
mc.** blier Dliticl enmies To is B l Bro atTis oticaFl riind, bust now pe*Wyt xrsinso eps eln cue eun :
friend. It asonyapari h lightI) sonp coult thel't sc admire himas a mnd an er lwe sd rmcysta hretedcae
fahearsttles tfFriagey ,oa sgi fotcrhee had demotaed thas ut hel po-1ad seldom before l...:n wet. In the an el esouted.
Atie lovrn tlenter, h oloe sucsful met sessd thosel qualiie which maead hav of e rowad lrl hsss a t entec
n*.. ca on .T ir rct'rsaies n te ma. H ha risn fom a conman totte thim el .u ut hd*;lns am vto itize n. Att imriddh 100.1.ists
dTa-, png anset on thpoe thresholdo tepopeofaat old bsoand reto stae in the.-iim upper brancolfthhardad aints
toriallt. cAreer. bitiono thto a-toes beome Un teeied Stte sntohis name setoo out iaoen the c~onselatio Brwr hda ls
Tiron-rtrde is dea.0, bu hiprs lfe adwllrge ht his lit ly tIoelc fe haras been ende of~ grast F lorldan as theo uname sof no w of the goalforwhi
workh will lngte cotines serto ex'ert an v befre hoeo hd. anoportunityto diemon: oter citFoizen does today cAnd what so ogad o
; rrulluene i ral. ai of. hstteansrat what hoe oul Jaccromplsh; afoer hs maes hisk heat sadris the fact thatii b3 Jroa~sd. higwaof
HlJl pubn ller s-vesuc wi be widely ap- peolnes in the hi tofcetwhhteytettetelha oyt beens per- Ippointmnd ts~c an
da ad te Suth an 11 ffor tolos Tothe erevedwido an chldrnactio of the peopl ea who had hus sig-wthheatwy
trngl men ~like-l Browretd, avndb his un te Sund oIns-h wholea a peopl hao leor-nll htoonordhm ndh isl hesr staoad tof Tart. I
mctimely eth s Dltcausne fr iesaliai xedn ypty-ansil not even tsed the f whruit ofa.vicoysgtoftega
sorrow.-Keys Westica Citize. bu Sun Wich w yeaoosrcsos of un pemitin devoiong threshd of the wre-r
........-- t the publc ineress ha desine fon es ambitionr

of a ~9nr~~;I raged, With tha emecetonste of a Col Roosevt BRoard is wm J~olrt studying. Bon in man" in1 ore sensesd
i-~ ~~~~~ nr lnF h ucsul m esex-ov Napoleo B.liie NiBowr hade ud- the s of prolvert, hisrll chlhood arose':' i from thec utmoi
Ex-Cov N.1, B~~h- Brlowsrtad die at 1:3enl omdu stems itrsu pn na topeeo rgd hog ;ch
Entualal"., aged~iL t"3 uuo figu~~yeretp in our nationl tiaffis and thet ahsnd b teas, a at yon aod rcieivent a bl'uilit' up a reptaion
It,n wasnotgeerlly known that e anol L runceme of; htis d~l eath wil be8 Eret or toa ba tte ~oer ireado tat wold hand turdy salet re
was rle pount~ 1~ br a sredhadub snas ceived everwhee wl uiht hi profousnd o- ha eeafeat eailtv booyliof tle militd e'o th vlio a lnoun
two~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~'"- wek rmr hl tFr ere2h~tor beof, hnit ed reads almosto lik otinuous stro uggl te for beter ctivic ferwn reade him las
I 1.ls hRlecom na oon711{eii illre w ai tioo oivloatheet e ely n nendd socigralaandeoclitcalsa ndth --teohisothn tender buele estruckl
ago, and on Sturday, asthi dangreo coa btl gis oet n ee dol asnfrwdmawoes bo add o h
pi-llenin set1 ln, he was ue to Ia suchfr an eaducatn as htuisy modmn:other wasze de oa A w ate whichgan seeo ta
Dnncno Sat- naorsu tof be s opated on eu able toa gie himsin her plspa mometis. andh es nu-ileanh inde hs thnae ac undt brambitionwas ofolo
rdci-ed~ whil preparatins ere:ins aso his fathe ded when hewaytaboned onfidece t of hials rends and laetreruu bya succesfu
mde.ai h g~i a 1%fond wto infanTot.l Aferreaching mfovan's estate en hi einemies cpould not challenssge hith the deated one oft
The funmer l wa helw~d, ond his of oe up ied the humble peosiio of a cook i ntegiy. Forodhm opae fr o and oehmeft.~ utnela of the be
tnimlt jar:. hos, a guea~ concountvrat ad-9 on a teamboat. But althy.Gie whle e oto dvek hand oastheamerut ofravomy dek .ever knew Whinle
peopl fro all ver he sate dt wa gateringinteledtal stengt in hs had totug bat cptai and wner by he leislaure
he put.-1Ehe 8 Feet Of eSlution Of TO S An. exmlayhd oellf ro yand inallytorst nomne for Unite uondoubtel have be
spEcATOGI randfW regretB and the.BRWBD stat caio We eano his. caddc o.Satssntorhe highes of fioeo with Gov. Gicris o takl
flagE~~D will bediplye t al mntfr ovrnrm ny reare hsl pRoetension in thegift woft hs .atuyduing. alofn beginn ing of e tens
thirsy data. as o ke, but weo n he took~r the stump the i dstim an inery all s of hes laces... hads built the hope
S TE deah' o N. B. Broward- remov 2: es ndy sowed hi s faemilartywt picubilqe thd eman hse det isu mourned today en bitir upoial euaree
t Flrldan aree wit hi, bu ,tat b tae noice thesam as braa Ln- nd einulaton atof youngo .Amrcane throughout th stateil
wallr, a!' gratd man who cae1Dfr o n id, and thena imp arssio h man d e maho evr hee Ntin tatb hmsofth
humble conditions to th grats hnosamn thet gomm polwaamost e toa banyl ofo uscan now ay, would and vitorie s, reic
theO estate cuntl Fla.ed give, asf gov nor ad s emorabl isdat il e. eithaer add: or detrac fro thes mfamnn hee and oke orwar
Therecnt~am~lgnwasver titelve naors oie yhemesredwt up to ishndesr ud, and aon fe, wonfor thimwslf the congressofth
ieln fough but l perhas ano oane i o f tos resonsbiite an ee o oet ittoef.swo eehs insbter bow ote
two werel~ oppmosed tohscniaybtl his Douart an hs ol uo therg aond whoovu e sthu e so eterlig manly fewrome sphrded o
regvtshi dethjus a vitoy hd e~sopl ofhs e grwsrner, ic walst shon sclual n oitiei h ade honim wha-t he s, intiend. bT he remica
crwnedhim.full as uch s hi mo t b is. eletor n aoto the Unite d Stte matile n-i r l, be ermi tte d t oe pay triuecs of th lCa te.-Bo
aren supp orter.-Orlacndoll Citien.-y sena fthe by a direc voe ofl the people in t his meomor.Pna col sat ounal, trdiact natona ath
a ~ ~ -..... ?n o rudy dneo cm atl hard fout andrt strrng precimre ny. names Iew$stog tn v wihasbeen ro
ANc~lln AttE Gih a urie t. Tuhe anewspapern s throu houther cou n cen-cen n i BROWAR DEAD of athe cutsn
Di~~l Shnrrumt b oeatdonbu al try spred hmis faer sand his entrance i, gi ulclf.Hhdtou-abovenor.-amp Tol
colheA dhe th.-mphs ouns me~P: rse]3r as~i fthatbas ustl 1he 1 wastiooed a fr#- Thed statdee of Floida stnds toani -ae ya ucs
peope. hf Florida They had rece uiritrs.9 prawt e novrdi h rsneo h et AOE
vbat theyrn tahenh wa.s a period of resnt Srlyi hise teakingS ofit es ethate of ai ienee whoml iot so latnel 'hadTee a oro
frm hescupesan ruabls f oll-deahined t mloes nshiniong mark calle to one of the hihs flcscyFlr Satur
yeular.'Is vorrin aherea would b se nof abaienegtar1tradifnt Napole Fon B roward, former gov-Ioaaterwri
empton nel vase ofenegy i sct- on to mbour. hisuntimly takwing off eror dc and lnatl dtesnater omdel by e hisafernoon all ha
fBles fror evi.: ofies, whe n l the colsn-~ In, commo wihaltepol o lr at sit hiefrU iedSae 'si ish iatien
...----Iraw. ~ ~ ~ wa Ingr f.h epecudadi aths perin In lbowsl its head In grief ,snator died ina Jacksonvil and es whl husnsp
Inguldr ne, vted tor' :atr..? development and miglits theawrsd ind the uniersal-~ ayo.shrf olgsaott og thleir titoeughts to h
and malehri al s imiovm resltin of 1. rt.0 orw-claBne hn oe h a tuge up- ourns. l fo telos
w T yesi: ng exe?,ar nov. moe AteD. umeno tn ttnll fto hasne pfr Untd a n. Glchitro t
.Itna hnt 1:erC ahe mh ndante a iso r esled in nihe onone issuhoe VI ch fo~stren tsentT1orma il} ho a cle b n at he s
n*-ung po~ll he ics lan ncit rtethalf ann f goe nof, the Eerglardedhs, a rk which ors and rae sfle the stto i ary-utp ate gov .erinnior ha e attan
th e L~c t calrut ns -r .rk e .e3 4 an oo ern i m m n oo e n r l y d m tts e a th e p a a n e s m n yromtoe at i t y au n ed a chi e v e u~i p itnh oh tioo
pTile den. o0 th'. 918 Wll 80 On endr hog t a posdsesrnl tht months Mr. Board ws tessentiall o eees ndsi
abl:*, nd ust ow her is~n hghtno Gov Boward 's adminisraty ion pulace mrcn.Hsfiue Adhssbhar fee
ma whosel dgI~omlinance and pow er afi h make mcho beig opeaefultsst and fildohycasea s were chractersico the wofdec hen tlihe nwst of h
Flol~lan gred wth-imbutthawethk routine h ae afars. He started theAmria and asuato sfyuch arourise the ogotties
.dm, I rc'spemnsal w rhe cae loeirmchework which will be completedby ote diain he md aho vrywesect andthen love All raliz so iathf
h~ll~c ~jdlr~n t te geaes hP~.4 amnds and futue genperwatos i lmor.w of thuands of thse whno wer baorl nd itre;rj
mthn tl fal Slea seourdsa .mnjt, as in fr-hnohlloam toen toer adoed~ as dtac hrome this nate the tabletspot van
Lento us have poultc rater hny le ol his nasme 'highe upon th taegblets which 110 theuseht Brightto accomlish prid the futurecr
tcahav uspn.-Tampa Timeas* fey8ttry amei. Hise h repuation a ptos moe han mred his tovery mov n por ivae scf h Rungged, deteied
''ouhr bu -rlal-n- state-wide. e wa~gosbiiis atd onver ti ammen Btresi- will s ino public e. characndsbter bof Bro ta
FLORID w IOIBN ITSse LOSS denadiaybu ot hi of arthe waiters association Histn wor wlove h asign himg hi lac ftm ght wpell e emla
reIorct ia orn h death ofs a ictsr mostepl whih hs donger such` ad great anau-as the state ofilchia who st in mostio@ida. The heards
crnne dhtiishdsn. Thel newuh s thait cme lble work eaion arous the pnieol Stothe h machinll~ e pry teto drai the11rblad es, n oyas of Cp. rwo
ardet spporzr-OrlndoC~lze.- esatrabil t ofec hving unniit ah eolnd ao hre unemrtakiPns: 2itis grna psendo tbatilnto ea bt
th~~~~~ twice atraannnio u formity ind sthe n mprovment. oft iiiisfrteutIhigo .gesrnmer his chara e
came BDs E a ei hcktoREF many for v erse inth l re ~of h aerget may come- fro thtm s ecsa y hi chr netr. Butit
ver fw hd venlernd tathe as an smrall hls wase an con strcie mn d be Barie o N B. BroArd. to o oddg
,hI. andt af compehesiv fltelet Outar of eni tesae rae nth tt t e amiton to win
Ther toin he eat ofFloidas s uon thet nuuthres oldy of s soen~torhi an integal te of Foit, as and priv atect.sttadtob
tore-elect a rniCmh~l tuch of thne ineor the re is no me a ns ofitca knorlwingho ze n ancvrd oiiil gove re nor of the setar m ntP L O an uhldn
ntry.c s Ifrd any, ) had l acco pl hed cu in r ithataust bd.bti iw o .Bo ad wl esneey m und poe nrri
uch~s ase; Bhro~htwar di by his own st- hs u bel ic i trtcord as i gov erno tad b' by cthze n pep .of ith st ate whom it Icitizenshp and tha
rio a t h~ r~el 8 age subbe of 53.f Jut n t e ganth capacity fore dtil ahnd hi desre. sicerlely lo ooved, iges ofie Inte. FolinS
n~or-elet h\ad reavched wthe topnseof thet to comlsh things s for te.a commo tn Hisfuts pwillt be bridwhil hiS Frceu asn am cth
drill after st~ruggl(ing u tothe b eisot* gadrgood it m .y e judre that his reaewa at ite illv on nty waee eudru

wrr~ul. I ndive rrt**:n one illl*:ti wii l ls lionr r 10.11[- llI (150 I'--vl; i l- of l* Ilj .'li- Clll'r \.ns CI-Ia~lI Ins-1 mai111ns hlart
jlo 10It--I If .rnd usefulness t'o the state lamri News-ncrecrd by natur~e. To thlose who k~new Mmil luti-
\nd to rline natiion.-M-\iami Metrojolt H. -- mtl hr a ohigmr ..Irts
STRCKN I SGET & HEthnn, the wotnderfull rtrength~ of t~ens tha

.. ii dCi~l.I 1lli oI J l0D il so .o Ne~ws of thle Cc Eit ot IIon. Nlnpoleol j aj IllhP Ilto~ niS i .Il llti
.* s eI~ak Ten s te fll ignst-B. IDroward. Democratic lo~ninueefr vnwhnmtngwh lvyIrL
c.incr- If th.- lus hogan to be under- teUie ttssntuih wsmnsi i oiia aer1,(.*
-Illll-o, .* La o e.11-sa.--lns of deepest feeiiling caused genuine sadlness in1 th is clity hme hearth and wlm Iiin the-ot* 1.iniser
.~n.1 Iirs flowed,, freely from eyes thatwhr edcasd aswl known theewser wrmle i ~1.1 11P l.llll
11.1 F..II,le-r I, rore been wIet. In the and well respected. VEr-Y i~3'n rsuatly clas) an1d in1 his words1 of greetingB to a
I-or h f J .~.crd. F'ptllori h~as susr- I'as it been thle ciase g ifonltabtkedamnwh ws
1*..* .ra h, we 110*. io i-iiemcnt atie sU4' viabille, r noan ar u n...e *- Ii & (roictd anam true. i
he:.n t.c I hIl upaert tonc tore en ha sc' euirsdex.Atrklfp It: is commonly said thant when dethrl
rra *-at intheuper ranh f te hrdand Datient struggle,,omin t up removes a.m~an there area many to takea
in~ne*- leaiatve. bod inthe orl, fom theG very loryest rankls. C3Unt his place. The place of Na~poleon resy
I1.* nurse: pliood hilIt n the constellation Bjrowardl had at last come within sigh r il ee-o ae. hr rego
I ,I.1 1-c~ Il,ralians as the name of no ofthe goal for which he had fogh me ad stl vr-onen aion. Ther cstlit. but
or hei~r itll:n liises today. And what solong and so v;alorously. On tllkj thlere is none who cain fill abtsolutely the
mI rensr Ills .10.Ttil sadder is the fact that broad highway of victory, all the dils- nijhel in very heart that was h~eY DJy
ther Iate Iit.( nad not yet been per- appointments and' hardships of ** him.
IDated~ to, Ilace, its oflcial seal on the strenuous career left beh~ind him. anau .tonor~ed ass a former commandeir-in-`
.action of 1110 I*.i.,ple who had thus sig- with the gateway to a greaterr careetr clief of thle National Guard of Florlda.
Itally hono~rcl blim, and he himself hst just ahead of hfim. he is stricken ini IHewas laid to rest with military, UJn-
n Iot cven tasted the fruits of' a.victoryj sight of tho; goal and dies on tn" 'ors. H-is funeral was, the larirest' ieve
wic~lh .wa~r of unremitting devotionj threshold `of the realizartion of I'hlsa seen lin FloridaL. It; was but .n toke~n ol'
to the public Interests hadl destined fondest ambition- the esteemain w-hich he was h~eld.
to ro his. The life of NapoleonB.R. Capt. Broward was a remnaticatan n Beneath sunny blu~e skies fair. l;orrton
Bri\ward is wortrh studyingr.. Bprn in manl in more senses than one.. Flw~ will pur~sue her viry and will ere. lonr
the mi~ds of` I.overty, hris Childhood arose from the utmost obscurilty ann. become a state holding a, place b~ch in
eve~nt In an .atmosphere of tragedy through a checkered career, firadluallyr the sisterhood of the Union. The me.Tr.
land tears, a young manhood .given, built up~a reputation forrugg~ed wortrr/ i.meriodes will blossom with ferrtle
over to a battle for bread that would and sturdy strength of chlaracter-- fims Il;. monument to Napoleon br~on*.-
hnae defeated a boy of less militalit Wahen he announced his candidacy for ard,.
nlolllld. and a~n after-life thant was one governor of Florida; a~ comparaitivr. Beneath the soil of his beloved state
,contilnuous struggle for better civic, few regarded him a~s a. serious com e lep.Btte rasWic i e
.4:a.-l and political conditions--this, ill tender;' but he struck a popular chorn fond, lyhped Bto rhedalize illh come srue
\co-af describes theh care rt o he and was elected. One. unrsuccessful A nld in the name of Broward w~hill o
irET* frn wHe was stong sand bra candidacy for the United States sen-/ hold it place -of honor on the pag~.:. of'
an"d cleart--clean in his home life and ate, which seemed tehih fa lrd' itr.S. uutn eod
I!n ble public life.' Heha te n ambition, was followed only two yenrs
Ioundel~ confidence of his friends anti later by a succoasful candlidaev: ao E -O.3O AD BD
be eemis clfl no chllege ishe defated one of thle stroncrest me ** .de wans a r~ough and ready: pir-
llI 1-int.gri:. From orphlaned farmer boy and, one of the best senators Florlajsn u a otharea cidpe
Ito dcrck hand on a steamer, from dlecle .ever knew. While hiy formal election aol tale of dsrtrless, nd. hei~ ould go nor
hannd to tily boat captain and owner, by the legislature. would not uls. out fhswyt eromsrie o
frojm .ih* riff to legislator, then to gobv- taklen place until next April. He -womal his O frhies nandC spprlortes Onvi~ .th a
crner an~ finally to nominee for. United undoubtedly h~ave heonn Dloointed or of thle primary* he was .tol.1 of .L llastle
.: tllia %:nator, the highest office with- Gov. Grilchrist to takie hiis ant at' t" ilwos ahrheA r..esoe
In the~ -ift of his party--during all- of beginning of the term. Mallrch 4. 1-:" who a dfetlhe. LBrowa ri ;I ..1.C.1srt
this tim~e andl In all of these places-- had built the hopes and: plans of hI~is tak fsmoutmr eut
thle man whose death is mourned today entire political career udort ccuIPyIn I and thalnk that linocuttler gir .1-:~ .<..1
was,an exampgle~worthy the confidence that high ptost and his loyanl fricnrlr Andc he did, Mr. Bloroward 1..1 re-quesnl-
and einula~tion of iyouilK ,nmerican throughout the state.~ who hlave stoon j ible for ths worke now goall.; n Ill th.*
manhood4 ca or;. where. Nothing that by Ihim so faithfully through defearj dirainingi of the Everglades.q i-Ie n.Irci
we or an)' of us can now say, could and victories rejoiced In his success tncosyohsteoyht wr
either arid or detractr from the fame and looked forward with consciou t could y be on bhsteaus wteir walr \irari
whlich Napoleon B. Broward, single- pride to the record he would make lp cldown hill, but want defeatrrol rate r.v
handerid and alone, won for hims..*l the congress of the republic. It la H ithe people of the' state.., Treen he per
B ut theirs .f .us who wyere his friends bitter blow to them that he is removed sonlly wa-as responsible for rnr sv.lvance
and who lov,ed the sterling, manly .frqm the sphere of action just at tht" in, price of hundreds of thousandsr of
quatlties that made him what he was, time~. The remarkable political suo acres of land iln his state from ten cents.
may stlll be .permitted to pay tribute cess of Capt.* Broward had also, at- anl acre to twenty or th~ity. dollarsann

name has been prominent in the presP butr .1 dot alico.-St. Petersburg inde-
BR,0W ARDDEAD.B~ of the country since he 1as elected Ipendscri t.
*governor.--Tamps Tribune. .
The state of Florida stands today -
uncov\ercl in the presence of the death I NAPOLEON B. BIZOWARD).
~..Ia citizen whom it so latc1, .hadJ There wa~s sorrow in th'e heart of ev-l
called~ to one of the highest offices cry,'Florldian-Saturday' wheri ...r too
Within its power to bestow. w~res wvas borne the news of in. ialik
S~pi~ion.. Br~-ard forer of 'Unitedl States Senator-elect~ lar-ob...
Nap~h~n Bowadforergov-, lonapasrte B3rowardl in Jackrson\ I ~... 'Tlil
ernor and lately designated by hris' after.noon all that was morta: -t i .3~,
Itarty as its choice for United States distinguished citizen was 1 senator, died in Jackcsonvlle yester-i while thlousat ds paid s~il\ut tll~ul u I

c~e *r e wrc T. o o ha'~u~o es D nt moueade a and:h nossi iet e rrsegret~ .n,
w1mrican andug ase .suc aroused the- waen th*eer n s ofhis deahwsreev(
adm~lrnira t hg option, th resec anditfrt the loeAlraizdta er was a mant w~o
ofil thocusad off ithoe who. wl~ere bon hdwnhsrgtt rgtpaeo
iri rent aope is ma home, whi native thee tablet wtof t fam nil that hile
estate. wasl inor the pim ofde lie hrewe stl
oRuge an svrnc ovd .t nw ndt thi~ghert honors, ath himni
wh gb e salent rmfunru to comlsh n hefuur
markd his overy moven invmot private .a uge, termined a olac hone t. the
m~.n ilr Br--r wsn puli lf. haate o Boar wson ta
Historyan wil assign$ him his place mig welps~nl be emulater el ovvoom l**Ic. -
as~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~)er th stt flilwosti oiniin.Then hahiv.= bl:ners c...aireced dr-
themiachineyo Tan, the Evrld rigte yiear oft wrkano a tou tulL'
8 --r.-xt u ir lares with gra p s a d o the se uts.'l:.-1:w an
sibiis for the pte suiln of a ra tronger s charactr .1ntil thall wile had
sa .r** issa. wa I\\t-.1 oo nd th was oe of thea atter...-tre'~sts a

swit oed flan thrt must fnecraesariahs c haracter.o Butitw~a.= was* 6..- sctrlo wio N.ig B.i Broard tlcjione forl sodi omua~in Iso muchi~l nas it
Bon .- the .-tateln wh raed in th iont. 1iin. T- amidisn to win to br of use~c to III
,n integ;unlra l part of th it s rivt o .:1. r an al LL be s a fru rr 1.in;~ the~ develop
zonlllj o and official ~l. oeno of thgen" to r~esr. hnd uplal-ctln; of IIIII.II= n. C h11.* ot
sandI* ellic te. for senat.lor, Naoleor nd monwealh Ite w the~ amb~. ~ .ilon thu
D.~ Browar3d wil Nbe sincerely moure proves afator gin the making or [oo \\n

by the people. of the state whom b, citizenship and that can werll to emu-
sincerely loved. at1Red,
HIst faults will be buried, while his F'canceful as a fighter. determcrr nal In I
andyt virtues will live long in thy wlnhatator he undecrt~ooK. the tormetr uav- r


Florida Times Union

Sunday, October lo, 1910

E~TIAE 3;iB~E ijB TU~E~W BaO~lllSi :I~i

; : oEwrn ~F IBPO1~BBI:l~iE~liiBII


:r ormer Gtovernor ~an Nominee forl
United States Senate Passed Away
:1 :-'Yesterday at 12:30 ~O'Clookr.

Ma~de IWonderfu l Fighlt Against
SOverwhelming Odds But Death
jobbed Him of Laufrels.


ii~i. The fuuonel of Gov. Broward~cC
willII be hecld tomorrow ofternoon .








. r

jat 8 o'clock and the services wrllf,`
Ein all probability, be held at the~~
FirsWtt presbyterann church.
A military m sort omisating of3i
*)*the First battalion, First regt-'I
mentt N. GqF, wi ll be Inlattend-
Eance. +E .
ThespritofHon. Napole'on B.
Broward,~ ex-governor of Florida and ..
Democratic nominee to the United
States senate, passed into the .great
beyond at 12:30 o'lock yesterday at
the Desoto sanatorium, where she liad
been removed for the purpose of per- *
forming an operation.
The entire state of Florida is, today
bowed in. griet for the loss of ~this j
great man, who was respected by i
friend and foe alike, who possessed: a -
giant intellect, and who fought his'
way, rung by rung, up the ladder ofli
success, against overwhelming otdds.
untit he reached the top, only to' havye i
the laurels snatched from his out
stretched hand by the grim leaper
who Is no respecter of persons.
Nilpoleozi B. Broward was undoubt. .
Bdly one of the greatest men the i,
Souh hs eerproduced. Without ed* '
fication and financial resources: he r
battled singlehanded for a goal, to
reach which the barriers seemed im-
passarble, and would have been to one ;
shade of less sterner stuff.
His' career was a most ploturdequp
one and sino6 his nomination in the
-Demobratic primaries .last June had.
been halled' by the press of the coun-
try as a man of sound wisdom, daunt.
Tens y~ourage and rugged determinfa.
The governor had onlY -recezitly 'ro
turned from the convention of the Na' PORIER. G;OVERNO
tonal Waterways Assoofation, .held at
Prorvidence,. R. I., and after spending a
few days in Jacksonyille Droceeded to but they soon turned yellow and died.
his old home st~ Fort G~eorge island, The sugarcane, 'however, bid fare to be
where he becahie stricken with Jaunn a success, and Napoleon and his brother
dice, caused by gall stone trouble. He, pulled the shucks off of a stalk about
was ,removed. to his home in this. city once a day to see how many jqings had
last Tuesday and everything known to ripened, until they had countedl about
medical silence was done to alleviate seven or eight joints to the eralk,
Zris sufferings, The beat physicians of I Theore ias a path near the Irence,
Jacksonvllo and other cities were 'across which a tree had fallen, ihus
called litto consultation, but other "bjreaking down -the only .safeguard to
comp;l..-a-2.1r*: set in and yesterday this promising patch of sugarnane. The
s devina d ,that nn(lnam-jra.; 1.ecl a fa'den across the: Jr h ,t suih
thcn wras absolutely necessary;. Hce an~ anglfe, as to ithou a thov, of' i~lanr"



them. She had completed his brother a
but the illness of one of the children
Drevented the completion of Napoleon's,
but %te was determined to. wear his new
pants, when he rode to church the pext
Sunday with his little swe~etheart, (Mlr.
Geiger's; daughter) so he sewed the trous-i
ers himself. au a
p: rhen his brother wa-,s 12 YCars of age.z-
NaZnoleon wans Vr At th~'i timq')hr-* wen'lt `-I-.~~::~:
'nto a log cam~p ow~ned by' an ont.lc- Ma.rnest woolens
Theyl rafted loss ore. i~rh for a year. At
thslabor they bothl contracted fever oaoutwyer h
andl ague and their rndthroossea, on sailing vessess,
them on quite a journey from the north her, band onc. aftshi vese
side to. the soutul side of the river, where toer boats etc.,u ater whic
his farm and orange grove was situa~tPd. Splye Johns rvarious steam
Thdre they regained their health, St.frd Jons ierprs, tocIyg(
and later went to, work on his farm, sanford. Enerprse.ve May
for which services Napoleon )eceived sonille. ohe Sere Jone
$76 a. year and his brother $50.. This plto h t on a
was intended by their grandfather to OWVNER OF STEAL
be a great encouragement to them and At a later date, be.ant
they worked there .for two summers, Keye2s became ow-ners
attending a country public school, at i;.hlln were engaged In caj
Mill Cove~ during the winter season. Kers and mail between
Napoleoa earned his board by chop. Palatka, continuing In
ping wood, building rail fences, etc., until 1837, when he became(
for Mr. P. P. Lord. while his brother's operating a wood )ardf ir
was paid by his grandfather. La~teR in the year 1887, he
SCHOOL BOY'S~ TRIBOTE. "horiff of Dural country. to
A few yer g n fM.Lr'olred term of H. D, Holll
little boy "'whon a a Iee was agin appf~ in1S9 oi nted
teacher to wrirtona com stion by thds lemin ion 1889. for t of
Life of some great man, wrote the fole expdiratio fofh thersm o
lowing of Napoleon B. Broward, addt frtes
,, *elected and reelected repteatl
"Our teacher told us to write about twhen he was honored by
rat men. I am going to write about people, as a member of 1
hr I nrowanrd. He is a very Lgreat from Duvral county. After
ma, BLasat year ke ran for sherifb anld of the general assembly, hd
bea how enr. \Ven he- was a little ed a member of the state b
Hoo was used to dbhantd wihal hi oaheb Go. Jenn ass. w ~l.*h
E way. Now, b~ had faou Hae was aw s h ie fhs~h
pale faCe boy but. nmow lhe): in n .- n additnal to his Jl

- --ac ..- -. -- .

__Ii_ II__ LIU _~______ r



Tiribukte Ito N~. B. Broward

Editor Timps-Union: Dear Sir--Just a, few lines as
an humble tribute' to the memory of Napoleon B. .
I have known of Senator Broward' for the past
twelve years, but unfortunately enjoyed the privi-
lege of his acquaintance only a. short time.
It can truly be said that a great and good man has
passed away, but surelyy, never to be forgotten, as
his works and deeds must endure for generations.
To all men wvho are doers of things the greatest of v II~
:all -s the creatorsl of values, and in this Broward
had no peer; besides this, his acts were not inspired
with any selfish motives, but to do acts which would
do the~ rost good .to the greatest nuqiber was, it
ap ears, omret,ehiabbest aond only desir s f ay f

my acquaintanepCs In Chicag~o and other points in the
Northwest. Florida has suffered a heavy loss.
Thanking you kindlyfour yotu1space,

Late of Chicago, Ill

; S~uh has ever produced. Without ed*
gosction ana financial resources, he
battled singlehandedly for a goal, to
reath whichl the barriers seemed lzn-
paseable, and would have been to one
shade of less sterner stuff.
His career was a most Dicturesquo
one and since his nomination in thp
Demcratice primarlea .fast June had
been haileC. by the press of the coun-
try a~s a man of sound wisdom, daunt.
Inan icourage and rugged determina


I! to eead Imntr o th conalon o 7th N
tonal WaterwaYs Association, held as
Providence, R. I. and a terr peededg t
few days In Jactksonrtl Gp rgee lad, t

l weoldhe obemo astrickten with jaun.
10ce caused by gall steon trouble. Ho.
wa, removed. to his home In this city
*last ~Tuesday and overything known to
medical science was done to alleviate
his sufferings; The best physicians on
.).1. onrtl. anod aothe t ntebT wor /

cai,~ .hw.<- set in and yesterday

tk~n wap absolutely necessary. He s
wa c~s removed to the DeSoto sanatorium
f or the purpose, and expired shortly
af nter being placed upon the operating
; table.
Napoleon B. Broward was born In
D~uval county, near Jacksonyllle, April
19, 1857. W~hen he was but 4 yearp of
age his family removed to Hamilton
county, where they remained until
1867, when they returned to their
home 11\ this c6unty.- 1
IA: great transformation had -taken
I ploce. The old homestead and iences
that stood southeast. of the house were
burnede dernstheesdidentehxe to pohee 11ree

by shot and shell from the Union gunk
boats. The house and the ~batter?
which were on the so theast edge of
*; the farm. at thefimouth of Cedar creek*
i:had bee n fred upon,~ was here that
torpedoes had been set by the Confed-
erate ti~oops. The shores were strewn
With white pine lumber and spruce
caln;which.at, one time had con"
tstituted the cabin work of U~nion yea-
sels. 4 ...~ h.din
S The hig~hlands of h l amhd
grown Up In great olusterd of chin-
quapin bushes and live oak saplings,
some of~ them twenty feet high.. The
i lowlandan.p~re, oovered' with' dense
growth of tall gragsses and weeds, to-
gather with great clusters ,of myrtle
and other shrubs. It wasi at this time
j that No~poleon. .did his frst hard
work? "His father had fenced in the
field' and built a single pen log house,
into which the family moved a~t once.
: ~Pithout money to buy either mules,
horses or cattle, the3 began to 01ear
away the weeds, bushes and grass

Ino adton theayhd a garden ofe cab"
gus and anion. This wcorkpwashd tdoe

'%3.119" 1999 t si wt he oe
Ss passnge mesresh of sweedetc. while
hsua father eans busy secrn pesomete
th i ng fdtor them toa eat areo cb
gas an chid,. he s muchwa encouraed
at hiearIn his' mother, telofther adel
oiou hlorida-growna Irbishln poatoes,
padrln mte luury o ai eesparc.gu, which
stone but them ric enjyye.
THE CRP FAILED, n amo ourg
rr Adearsiti es ovearc el i hem an they
plante flour sackson .Irish potatoes,

brhich producedl one. A~t~ first the. Eng-
fish Lpeas were promising and beautiful,

but they soon turned yellow and died.
The sugarcane, however, bid fare to be
a success, and Napoleon and his brother
pulled the shucks off of a stalk abo l
once a day to see how many j fnts h d
ripened, until they had counted about
seven or eight joints to the stalr.
acThere wash sa path e ear athe !en, et
'breaking down the only.aafegiuard to
this :Dr.,ri Ine patch of suganroane. The

ain n;;le, as to i!urn a don.~c at narr ? r
cattle from the path into thle canre patch
and they, in one night, had almost de-
stroyed the family's fonrlest hopes.
They were not discouraged, however,
but Immediately went to work and re-
paired the fence,
The following year~the entire family
suffered from chills and fever. Being
dosed with tartar-emetic, ,a period of
cholagogue followed,- bitter enough to
have oured, but it .did not. Finally in
quest of health, they moved from ithe
old place to a. new one. The change and
the liberal use of whoat they had learned
was a new oure for fever and aqgue, rto-,
wit: quinine, restored them to their
wo ted strenngthhagaln u ith the ue oeu

to supply the table. His mother pro-
Oured a. cozdtract troyn an uncle, by which
they earned one cent each for making
11-2x12 inches water oak pins to be used
for rafting timber. Thus theL struggled
along until N~apoleon attained the age
of a dozen years, lacking two months,
at which time his beloved mother passed
away. They then moved~back to the old
Blroward hlomestead, where an' uncle and
two aunts lived. A few months later his
father died asnd his aunts moved to Jack*
sonville, taking his, sisters with them.
Napioleon and ~hisaprorther remained on
Lthe farm,` accoinplishing about as
much growing corn. and potatoes and
caring for the hogs, as two boys of their
age could be expected to do, In the ab*
sence of any directing: hand to aid and
enCourage them.' Each of them possessed
a dog and a gun. The woods abounded
in' deer, turkeys and squirrels, the hunt-
ing of which furnished them a profitable
and pleasing recreation.
I~Their nearest, neifghbor lIved two miles,
daistant. At itight they had to bar' the

eaten, they would lean their guns against
the wall, near' the head of the lied, and
place a bowlie knife in a. c of the
Ig e s w~thhn oeh. s a h

to prevent hearing the doleful sound of
the screech owl's crying, which the su-
~perstitious old darkles .had led them, to
believe wras.the omen of ill for~tune.
Thsey remained there for twO years.
visited occasionally by an uncle. Some-
times on the Sabbath day, they would
walk four mliles to 'visit -another uncle.
On one occasion his. brother and himself
wished' to accompany Mr. Abram Geiger
and his family to church on the follow-
Ing Sabba~th. Their aunt hatd~cut out a
new pair of linen trousers fOr each of

them. She had completed his brother's
but the Illness of one of the children
prevented the completion of 19apo'leon's,
but 410 was determined to, wear ble new
pants, when he rode to chutch the pext
Sunday with his little sm'eetheart, (1Vr.
Gelger's daughter) so he newed the trous-
3rs himself.
Wheln his bsrother wasz 12 ycars of age,

'nto:~ a lokg carry:l owned] by3 an unCl. ~~
Tllxy rfted logs for hIm forr a. year. At
this labor they bothl contracted fever
andf ague andi their g-randfather tool
them on quite a journey from the north
side to the soutul side of the river, where
his farm and.orange grove was Sitp~ated.
Thbjro they regained their health*
and later went to work on his farm*
for which services Napoleon )eceived
$75 a year and his brother $50.' This
wastiintended by their~ grandfather- to
be a great encouragement to them and
they worked there .for two summers,
attending a, country public school, at
Mill1 Cove dulring the winter season.
Napoleon earned his board by choD.

f Mr P. P. od whil hiesnbe the '
was~~~~~~ pi h gadahr
A few years ago one of Mr. Lord's
little boys, 'when requested by his
teacher to write a composition on the
life of some great man, wrote the fol-
lowing of Napoleon Bi. Broward.
"Our teacher told us to write about
great men. I am going to write about
Mr. N. B. Broward. He is.a. very great
man. Last year he -ran for sheriff and
beat Bowden. When he was a little
boy he used to fjoard with my father.
HeI was poor, agpd had to make his own
way. Now he is famous. He was a
pale face -boy, butbnow he Is a bi *
fat man, able to tork. He goes to
Cuba and carries powder .and shot and
dynamite to the Cubans. His boat is
called th~e .Three Friends. She can
oiltrun any other boat in the United
States. One time the Spanish boats got
after her and she whipped them all.
Spaniards are so' afraid of Mr. Browa~rd
and his boat that threy Noffre a b
reward for her c ue o h

Athrer Friemandsingi with hi gan-

service duttrin wthe summer mont hs, nd
inshe wintsr toarding with tshe' loingh
I housd ela knr, apt. Smmn ters tig
Fromt New Beowrlin he wenut to Cp

After. Seanow was o th ground
eigheen incheso deep, Nan lareo bocks
on~aficewerelying orabouttheshore. Far
froms home without mevdon t, shelter or
employm Neemnt hewa cnroanted wi th
teservioeusin probem fhw sume ots ain
11fene. Tuheole avenuof escapew was l
tnthe posibityr 1orfn seuing temploymet
hons a shoner---the only versse ot
at tom te-whB~riche wasto a to some
foreign cas.oury Would the cihnsaptan
ant this P ervie ord not eu, wnas uthe

""Ans'"D. now sn'arou n orthe -t u
buighenesshs e, and ferngtat s e blp-
ta cke with Ig~a cboughn spel as a re -
Irult hof whohopin coug, whiche was
tain ould thin him aa cfonsumpwtivh
Itrowardou stepped nor a onretooo sta
atinipc of watr tof scorntromlhiough n
Atnwa lkooed u I'mmattheocayvssl npotin
nak e* "Cmaptwiin, wa you want to abip
a maiicon?"y Tol he captain loe thm
wnnthi a ervines or. bt, wisth te
ureathBowr todte xmnain
tryiwn all thet whl e' tof h swlowis

feared mihts~le come upnhm before thes
testn~n was d over. ht's e
Tha~nks edtho cdtalhe drinkof wt~er hi
tnclwer wi as in then aftrmaiv, asand

Broward shipped int hi schr, oone to
thfne banks of Newfundrlnd whitherug
hen desird qtokl go toegaei the pur*n

sui ofn" cod fi captcin. There, wthile
c~jld in onife Kentuck n\eans~ andh King
tl'vn" aiNt .e _ktoly.t firsdloa phi s.

For about two years.
sea, on sailing vessel .,
ber, and on fishing vess
ter boats, etc., after )11
played on various steam
St. Johns river, touch
Sanford, Enterprise, MIa
sonville. HeI served one
pilot on the St, Johns I
At a later date, he 2
Ke as became ~owners
wrih were engaged in
ersrr and mail between
Palatka, continuing it
u t 16, when hdel erc

fiheriff of Duval county,
Dlred term of H. D. IT<
He was again appointed
Flemingp in 1889, for tw
expiration of this term I
a candidate for thle sa
elected and reelected reply
,when he was honored t
people, as a member o
frcim Duval county. At
iof the general assembly,
ed a member of the statr!
by Grov. Jennings, which
at the time of his deati
In additional to his D
he was engaged during~


thep cdtye c

beN praead

tib ts h
richly end
Sing hint
Shad serve
and execu
.'thle people
His admiil
marked b
tugrity, \F
rthe people<
p~olicies to
fore of th
II A-fter h
so great.
anld his d
recently l
the senate
all the pet
\ ment, wef
ice from
and high
anis don
nized oni a
he meantr
gene at1o

state, at I
ar d Is a 1

Sfta at th
for the pe
the capito
be furnish
be also ful



I ':


COTILmlRnder-ITE Chiei; *
B. Broward, Wqil! Be al

e6st Befitting $821.),

Ritalio 0R Es~ tb 2300710 060-
s are Issued--Flag td Ee

v. Napoleon B. Browarrd. whose
curred.shortly after ad6th yes-
will 'be buried'wtvlh- Ithilita~ry
As governor of the state of
Mr. Broward wds diso com -
in-chief of the N'ationit.Guard(
-ot respect, to his fdemoryr all
~CGizrd troops ast Post.Jck-
w~ll be parade~d, talking an' (1
art In the funsrhIl Ceremonfed
tributing those~mlltary :hon-
cribed for the cohtihtuohef;
:cit'onvlle-. are. .located: t read-
of the First brigade,,ali~o the
rastryr:,and the First bhttallon
SFirst infiantry. -3tigiacie and
ears have been tLsteud by the
,rig2ad8 .commalider, Col. Will-
ilad, PWhd Lieut. .Co1:-'Cromtrirsl
aptin~g poet. comthander.-l00-
out 0ll oftlors beloninging _t
statE as well ~as thoae;6f thei
.and regimeiital stkits, whosej
rters. a~re in.Jacksoavll~e.
s these, there will he (316 fheld
e ol the, First trattation: band,
pantry and ComPatrips A, BD~:
f. the battalion~ :,.
~neral in to' be held Monday at-
at z o'clock, but -thn tr~oore s'.
to assembleat the Zrdi~1 conn-
ry at 2 p. m. on' Mtohday.
eaversil orders' covering the
nt: are as folfowsi-:---
uarters - First Brlgade, -Jack-
F~la, GOt. 1, 101~~910-siedal Z~Oi'
Is wi~th ddOll regrbt .that thi$
,rigade. commander, Firbt brie
national' Guard of FlorFida, in*
the -death of. our .tormdi come
in-chlie, the Hon. Napoleon 33.
L,' in` thip city today.
e tineral servicost t wll ? takre
Sthis city .Mondey. attornoon,
3, 19)101 at 3 P. m.
e post coammnders. H~aional
of Fl"oPlda, atl~respectiver' atan
ill1 display the national colore
-mast. PFor-e spii~rot -of (itirty
It .of.respeat .to_ ,ur dece~aed
ie aotin: -poet" commhndoari Poslt
ville, is ordered to'-parade th)
is a ImiUtarTY escort at the Obb#

~d* oR Page 021, ~iti~di'NG

tinS and Trxmming
~d Trucks

;anl Hlarness Repairs

II;' ,\r:.i linduts~ry on ": tel: c!.rok, 13!v9, an I turin; thant time, embarked upon
i :1I o!: n1. ndl :53 a: pr~ re to be (1l TB pe oyo i
Sthle hei was Intecrested in th phosphateiilZ: ;njl- f n.-tte lu~ bm- Augl busliness at th~e head of the hTcbuni- ) glades, Y n thre inau jrurantion of this
11tnes ~r- river `i', on theC line of. Suwanneo and~l jNo:e~nt, `ie met wlthl rlerce oppositionl.
mila os-Columbial counties. In 1893, he nrnin bi!- lress and people alke treatedl th theory
he was sm- am connected withl the Nteamboat bus- w.ith detrision, but he never swervedl from
pa lynth Iness, having designed thce model and his purpose, axnd the work already com-. ~

atrans aar and sunerintended the' buildin= of this a. monument to his cltermnnation,
tub'. .pon the expiration of hils term as
In 1895, and for two succeeding yearn, governor, he became a candidate for the
OATS. he served as a member of theo Jncltson- Unilted States senate, to till the unlex- 20171107
Capt. David ville city council; arid. later, as a. volice ptlred term of the late Senator Stephen
steamboats commissioner of this city. B3. MTallory, Hon. W. J. Brya~n, who had 13016021
'igpassen- In 189JG. he was captnin of the steamerr Ibeen previously appofthtd by Gov. Brow-
tayport and Three F'riends on several of her trips. lard to fill this term, having died shortly '0
tIs business wrhile convey'ning war materials to the after his appointment.
Interested in Cubans. He achieved. national fame at He had as .his opponent the Hon. D3.
Jaeksonville, this time and experienced many thrillhts U. Fletcher, the present incumbent, and R
asappointed episodes. on W.BLmrit requiring tWo
fill the unex- During the years 1902 and 1903, lie was primaries to decide the result, Browrardl
d deceased. engaged In the wrecking business at K~ey and Fletcher, ithe latter winning byi a
herlyr by Gov. West, his family and ti~ssaslf, having small majority.
..i -. hAt te snt. athpr oo t bae tmopl rey hap ag ntless and undl. ouraged rBrownr LOCRI Bi

Ivutil190, lan10 Pho became a candidate for gov- Ih sat of nantoliaymoes P.thisT1e '" rde
hoe sof te ,,,, beforbthop n Pcrti I nma;ls e~hohi eropp nens.11 se.C'laudo
adjournnient 4Pt. 17. DPavis, of PalaLtka, former ment- now of Jacksonville, as well as Senator
was appoint- ber of congress, and one of Florida's
a~rdot ealh* ost brilliant men. HIs\defeat of* Davis Tlafro xG
stonhe held created a great~deal of surprise, as At the beginning of the campaign, it death oc~
Browvard's-strength hablibeen greatly u~n- w"s not buelieved by many that. Brow- terday,
tia1vocation,. derestilmated. .. ardl hadi much of a chance`, but again honors.
year 1890 In .,He served as governor from .1905 to he proved that his str~engthl wsa under- Florida
estimated, a~nd in,the first, primary he Irrtnder-l
: C 5:: 5. of Senator Tallat~erro, by less jKnd out
tita 100(v~oes.-National
The second primary ivas abtl ryl ~ovl
: ~there b~eing a great deal of bitterness Active p;
between the followers of: the two candl- a~nd con
_~i_ ~~ ll~ dates, though compat-atively little be- ore preset
ir ... n the principals themselves. ----Inr Jae
Iltios By overnr's Cbinet..-.. the votes were coutnteel. it was quarterk
By Gvernr'B abint ,Idfid t~ha~t Browa~rd had won by a com-. Firstelnt
Tojrtabl6 majority, and thle ambition of of tie
eOct. 1.-At a meeting of the governor.. ..1 lifetime had ~beeri realized, and tt'n post ord
ninistrative oficers of the executive de-' g~oal which he had sought had been won* acting b
the state of F'lorida, held in the executive on~;lly to Tay -down his life before he wnas thm ftF~L
ay, Octobter 1, 1910, the death of the I-Ion. ~~~~~~ abJle to enjoy the fruits of the well- Gibbons
Broward, former governor of Florida, in eandvictory., dering
Jacksonvl~le, a~t noon on the. first day of..'.: '.;. Na~poleonB 3oad eads fhsgnrl
announced, whereupon the following progressive -svorkr had made some ene- brigade
asunaltimously adopted, and ordered to .(mies, but his horiesty of purpose, his lof- headqua:
on the records of the e1xeutive office: ly alms a~nd' his consistency along polit- 11fesida
'tonaparte B3roward, a native of this state, 1981 lines were conceded by all. and state
6roghout his' 11fe he devoted the higih at- .He was discussed, perhaps, more than Etr~r. in
mind and heart with which he -was so any other Florldian, throughout the nn- .nd. F o
ked, which gave brilliant promise of snak-l 0108. andl his expeDditions to Cuba. on the
e of the nation's recognized gr'.t man, . Thlree Friendis, mad~e lmr c.na~tional The fu
his native state in both~ the legislative characteror. 'ternoon
ve departments, having .under 'the wi~llof. He~l wOp: a tru eSoutherinor and never ordered
ered fcur years as governor of Florida. ''l odgedl issues or swerved from his prin- tY armor
rationn of the affairs of tke state was ciplesr and gienertijons to coine will hear
indomitable energy and unquestioned in- pnd marvel at theo deeds and accomplish- The s
ita remarkable insight into the needs of: ments of Na~poleon B. BrowarC novemei
ndthe most faithful e~ffrt to carry out; H leaves, besides a loving 'ife, nine Headq
te tending to the present and future wel- childrenn to mnourn his loss, eight girls sonviile,
commonwealth,. and one; bpy. They are the Misses Dor; dera No.
retirement_ from ,the~ office of ioveinor, cas, Josephiri'e, ~Elsie. EnicT, Ella, Agnes, 1. It
Esthe faith of the people lix his coui'age Florida, E~lzabeth and Mrt. Napoleon B3. acting b
oton to their interests thilt he. had only Bro~viard, who 'beats his honored father'd gbnadw N
ri selected to be their repi~esent~t~ive'in n.nme. nounces
of the. United States, rId:vitich capacity .All ships in port are flying their, flais J'mandoer
le of Florida, regardless (if political align- at lialf mast,' in respect to the late CELpt- Broward
looking forward to many years of~ serv-- Browa.rd, as he was always known by 2. Th
.' Broward filled witlh honur to the state the river men. The flags on all of the place in
eit to himself. Dublic, and municipal .buldingsB are also October
stc life was marked by~aingulagr beauty at half mast. 3. Th
ndhis generosity of mindl and Zleart was I. GUard (
all whom he. knew. It wlll be recog- LIKE FIN'DING~ 1YONJEY. tionri, wI
hands that in the va~riedurelatlois of.1ife Read Volusia Park advertisement on at half-
1.is-one of ]Florida.'s greatest nien ocf ~his pape 5,- third section. It will pay you. dayst ou
R~ead it. i orm~es (
eseof the administrative officers of the 4. Th
iority of whom served as meinbers of his TH3E EBEST PR,0POSITION EVE1); Jackrson
on, that the untimely~dea~th of Grov. Brow- Free lots in the best location in Filor- troops a
atand shocking public loss, and it is or- ]
mark qf respect to his memory that the thRdeadtheavrismn n aefCoiit
atate capitol be displayed at hjlf-mast
oiodo thirty days: that all the office hr
be closed at the time set for* his funeral/
thatan engrossed copy of this memorial
Sto the ia~mily_ of the deceased and copies
Used to thGIr CRRIST, Governor, C ~l n S C r
.CLAY CRAWFORD, Secretary of State, ~ ans ~@ssa
ARKL TRAIMMEL~L, Attorney General,.
e. moon, Comptronler. Automobile and. Carriage Pamin
,.V. KNOTT, State Treasurer, ~~Bidr:o~:aos a
7.M. HOLLOWAY, Supt. Public Instruction, Bideso Wa nsn
.El. Mb'LLN,' Commissioner- of ABgriolultura Quck .e~i-evce Hin

:Corner Maina ~ ard

-- - *-- - -




i.;' 3
- .1

r. ~,1.. ---- -.



5, .4 r


ji:)-R IAN.I ABDS.


S'oal and. Asphalt Tracts May
Be ThE~ildled A~fter Locke
j:~:: :,~pa b~nep;i;i;;~ioimna tions.
A:I 'TN mi EirroN Oct 21.--(Specia.)
e-The"Quesdon at the sale of the he .
'gregated dealtand 'a hkllt. Ians oi
-' 'the Choastaw.and Chickaeaw Indians
t.heia~bobljd' up agpain.' The Indian of-
-r;. f lcee has'pointed oue that it is more
orI~~ " lessa Ip to Ma$. .Victor 17t. L6ckb,
R::^ 'supetintendent of the Five Civilized
:L trib 8, to make recommendations to
the nearetary oj' Interior as to what
to dj hand what action td take, and
t: hat secretary will then, take action,
.,il depending, of course, ; pojn the facts
ai~~'- Ls shown lay Looke.
,Not:, vey onago, Locke wrote that
i"owhits to the unlrettled condition of
frf :inanolal affairs arid the coq1 miners'
V'~. strikes ( Eie unsold cops and asphalt
rnII~ iner)L lrg~hla in the Choclaw and
Ck'titaeaw nations were not offered-
Sor tgle during~ the fiscal, geai end-
a:b-,:~ '~g June 30l, 1922." 9
Mlost of lan~d Sold. I
~i~~;;~~j.~;.:: ac~i: it~ ig to thes.Indian officie, the
::;E;ftIMU~~h ma~in' inightnectup ana

4 .~8ati the mshe' a r- puplne

titbut it wRIl not work;
where that the Gov~ternof
eaks he conrvinces the people
4 i~he is right, and is using the
timqnts ad ranced four Years
o byj those whrlo eae now fgiht
i~he d agqe amendment.

Mik:in ,.th~e limelight 3
9000~~e m.~ni J.= Biya~n.
ifal now shines edf
at~l i; !~herk Ught N'er
ad ~ieit the honries of .

Purchases 80,000 Acre Tracit In Foi

Former Mayor F. A. Slmno
now a resident of Denver, sends th .J
Tribune a clipping from the Eve~ning
Republican, of that city, which givefi
the following information:
"The Davie Realty compariy pf this
eitbr has just purchased 80,640 acre of
land in the Everglade swamps in Flor-~
ida, near Mdiami, for $400,000. One-half
the vast tract will be sold in 80-acye
plots to colonists and the remainder
will be kept for investment. 'The land
which is in afternate half townships,
were bought from tht6 state of Florida,
which agrees to reclaim the land free
of cost within two years.
Governor Broward of Florida.~ visited
R. P. Davie of the realty company of
that name, in this city, and was so im-
pressed with the success of the coin-
pany's fruit lands in Grand J'unction
that he used eirery effort to consum-
mate th~e elorida project. *.
Associated with Davie are J. -R. Mc-
Kiinnie, vice president; A. J. Bendie, Il
secretary and treasurer, and -El. C;
Sharer. Under the name of the'South- I
western Sugar and Land company, they
have already bought 15,00)0 acrekof
swamp land in Florida, which also .will
be reclaimed.
Huyler and Comfort, leading e~ndy
and ice cream manufacturers of th? Bapt I
get all their sugar from -sugar cane bl
grown in a 15,000)-acre tract 6whned b~y ).*
them in Florida. "--Tampa Tribune.


'~'Fe ~wan t;
l:an i~; hildi
~.. .:;~;ithe lunn~~

Sr edbocards

ty and' :s
:a b'argainl
,ITh tou i
I~: ,I- ~Csea:rs
;rib-: '~ie:.MS~i

inick~b -izi:this case. In every 6t~fi-i~ instaW
tcsfilure and abandorgment resillterl!\dl4tpid
ibopi~t I have seen muck ~lands grow go
'nd3i ring' th'e dry springs and early sum
b:etseaison.d-r~owned them ouff 'butt
~rin $8~5 to $80 worth of fertiizer .per aC
~tmtomatoesrunning from $60()to $1b~
0t:j worth of. fertilizer isn't 0gvery

'Ei en. .Here is the kin'g-be~e-ar
-~j~~j~i ges : The same ygar I,;sawf. .torkU
186 froM about four thou sand acres p;
erea his uch a. large: crop gr~own that r9
1~t~l'o 's to~mak~e it unproiitable to gather:
jit, aila iniiity that. were. Whipped did not pay'
da or gathering, packing, ete:, so that 'o
Bso lands if: droined, ~.to increase th# eg
pu'~t ~\iro~~'v~~oid ovrtokthe markets and klil
~~es off.. Therieis a:. large ntnber dfi ,
~C~dj~allucnty who are doing: well in the vee
the bvei-flows iteloS $d otherT draPbacks-kee
"2 .;t,; ..~UDi~V rthia the demand.)

gladeId is, so rich.: that t
ops as to force the- inalrket dw
r ad oe *orkeeps.the

err oildbes soKi't Fgiv
Asand' e'mployrme nt, :

r..lsB~~ji ~ g to the

J~une allotment of 13 Mlodel
tfhis week, enabling me..to
~el~ivery on three cars.

316 Wrest Monroe

~T -i :1-_;; .?

Ball Bearing
SFld~ing Gieal
B~all Bearing
~1~3~Shal Drive

June allotment of 13 M~odel
this week, enabling me to
leliv7ery on three cars.

316 West Monroe

Thle timles, AyaLlach:i~(Colaz Florida.

The ";lshingto. n Yerdict, Chipleg, Florida.
Cocoa and1~ nobiledige T'owe, C3ornon, Flo~rida.t
Tlhe freeze, Defaniak, Florl~ida
Trhe JPress, F~orth per:cs, Florida.
The _esseng~er, OracevilleJ~1 Florida.
Trhe rm..aer of iierty;:, Jua oIFr, Flo_0rida
The CIitien-Rep~orter, Lak~e C~ity, F~loridaL.
The irer.s, Lzkeslland, Florida.
The New: 'Enterpt~ rise, ::icdson~, Florida.
The Seliord, "anliatee, Florida.
The Free PreFSs, ::t::o, Flocrida.
Thne Nelws, M~onticello,, Florida.,
The Evening Strir, 0081&, Florida.
The ~ines-Herazld, Pala2tka, Florida.
The Bewsa, Palimetto, FLorida.
Thre Journal Pensirolat, Florida,.
Th~e "'rl~- or Ebounlt, y Herald, reerry, Floride~.
Th1e Cfourier, Plan; C~ityg, plorida.
The f"nteor, St., Augustine,2e Flor~ia.lR
Tfhe I~ndepeni~enn, t, GSt. uustine,, Florida
T~lhe T~imes, St. acu~~~;; 1tine,, Floila*lit
T~he TritiesF, ";rAsota, Flor~ida,
The? Florid a Advocatle, '.:ambulilla, FloreIda.
Thle HoSft:, Deta3nd, Flo~rida.

p- / ]I



is`: Eatest Pamphlet One Big Inaccuracy.

The. ai~ef abstacqterlati of Governor BrowRard'is .amended~at'once -la accor~danee ther~ewith. :If-1
iteeil it lt i led"Aslute lika Bte ."did any -hlobyn for hat 1111 it was rith
in~~l~ 3?unein tl, Fletalker," is the absimeo of fto, dl~bu.emrt r n no h av t e .
"e- srolute" 01r otherwise i~etaeeto bb o iw. Ih ~r the ~aats

;..of the St~ate Ezenutire Democratic Committree way Company to secure the paassge of an iniquit-'.~
Asffhur T. Wllams, who does not sgicak from ous Bill.
~~~~Ii does my oppanimt but froq pereapl: BROWAD'US C~ltrPAIGN FUQ~-:.
3 ,: Someone' has again been filling. the Gother_~
Rithi tunreliabile -Information as' evidenced, byit~t-t
~ (~,f~ (~i~i ~ ~ ~ 08 din St., Roo~m ,3, :;staterhent regarding my "inisinuatiion" abolit:
rduigmoney Ey-the use of his appeoin~t poj~,j.
-er and. use of public funds fors canipaian ue?::.;,.'
ir: :s~~~~ky Ist J ,)L.10t I inhde ife isuch statement or "inninuation~.'Z"Ie -.
a'~`~~~Pn Ttishrc~,n J ty '"' the.)@iit o-f finying wRhat I meandirectlyt and~pb :
tb ;c~ri iiest thatP giv you~the by:ibe inuilat:~i7on ot~ra ry to his applarent habit``.l:g
inde h `er a relatiab to~ your ap- :r hae ho~t-;bosted of Ijri riches. j- hi~:ra lv~'e
bef~re fk & -cmmisgision;.it the Ito bliupt'f. I hard told: the. whole rth-i
titeuesio ,o ajustmentr .of. Phds- wals riot.bound"6r obligated to any op rt
eebdteer~ratdiaand Searannah, I .;teret,l Euateional 15ank qlr Ra~lond'.Coing '~::
jr timeaihetioin ntit th~e.Fernandi- any" of thie exlelnseds of my: campaign,.
as Tade onteadedthat Phosphite Bow 'mae an efnhrt' to enrry. favor
wiisi a Fendiicse ozop~aed it pot ifI liy alludi~ng~to hiso
ni hitelnineal a j~kiha twere us a weahl .Jet at.'Saaipik lie-sidi t
Aled ~ ~ ~ ~ U ; eidkran he hy Th itd- ]o~l~lkr.a. Eh of .)
l~.~:e~~if 8 UoU,6pr ta-~la andhting ,tojbitpiilor arnd. ~it8: i

Board of T'rade, andl in thea~l1~l stnis -i "rllsl you mad
re e;hnls~ion you statqd.that you ap byt Conplress. It is one thing to luackme
:;l iih rest of the:Gty~O i ofacksonville anBother thing to une the appointing.4
;::rI d~'~tid atiri toith~ddrsfais thi oli Govqernoc toq reFrardfrec~ndaa

fekin Ducks For Sale.
yd a few'that, I will sell for
a pair. W e .ba~dtwo
tha~t, la ed 1]23 eggs this,

P sl: ~ rk eggs rjh~i!




Governor Browfard has issued
a circular to the people of Florida.
Sin reference to the proposed
;' drainage amendment to the con-
1 institution in wRhich he asks con-
.)t tr~ibutions in small amounts from
J the people at large to cover, the
fcost of placing the facts concern-:
Sinb. the .whole drainage matter
before the state, ~As it.s we

l_%~lrk largo land 0 anie
of Ghe East Coast ar~e up~et~aining
a newvs bureau for th11 express
pur~pose of sending-o~ut literature
opposidjg this amendment, aind\'s
"S'wdinowr, much of. it, is m~islea%-
ingr. We bejlirve 1 hat every voter
should carefully consider tbis
matter, andl be! fully informed
upron it before election day, an'd'
this cannot be done by reading
only one side. Whether you are
new for or against it, a sense of
justice anl fatin.ess should make
it desirable tlrat in so important
a master bs that the people
should be fnlly informed. The
expense thus far ~has be.n met
by GorverlnorL Dr awa~r~d p~ersonally
and in blinginfi the matter be-
for~e the pole he hll:las exp~endled
nearly $1,000 Oiil, of his OWDn
poclret.. 10 morel than enough is
remie t-i-over the necessary
expznse all amoirunts over 50 cents
will be r~eurnedl pror~ata

. :

~~' _.;?


L r

wiffinog yourr
ta~bbmtuab le
~iourse-. to .the
I "Da llas," re
;,said very quieb.
'lg, "you don't,
l?~nderstand, ah4.
yo~ gu refused to.
I~tr not me to et.
k~plain, so I call.
lie d~iy you may,
~ke you aire m -

ouw are .mistakeh
stead.of .me, 'Rri
.y3 Sour.Judgment

a;. It willbe o

beg1 in o-undelrstanl
a mran Alwyn Bj
nosy,-Gibbs, aindty
wright, I if~therdi
brhag Mlss ~ii~~
kcey"; ~. :ccl

sta sign of infetioritr) .what-
er Arh;i;;~en tested "

sigar :planltati efi~~~finer;
wrtsas `follo is~j3i~iB~i in-
ectioh o( th ga
lins 'I take in~ saying
atdtiring .mI recenlt trip to '
..ygur sugar
ris was great
oundtiry for the g

ttIh'ae' ever s
u.-lit~ivat~doi the yld should
I~e pial' Ito that of any other conn-
bn"6 the face of the globe."
I;What has been already done in
tlhe raising of~
on the small
have beendr
prise -show t
rtpaid many
pjart of the State ridequate for the
p od~uction. of -every pound of the
na~tiek's sugar, but it can be cov-
-ered with fruit orchards and vege-
table gardens. The 5,000i,000 acres
towhich I have referred, however,
represent only a small portion of-
jhissi~a'mp land, granted to Florida
tlI United Sta~tes on which mil-
ol~d;le 'risight. find homes
o cuptsons if it were properly
~i wh~jki it is possible to do
Minallall expense, consider-
ralue bf this land for' sette;le

ae, can make a better investment
lir. the.most lastirig good, than to 1
ler to support the childrefitn this ho:
in YSou can but know that it me
r f much in the way etdaily supper
this family of nearly fifty.
bhe gratefully receive silpplies in
irst wfay of rice, meat, lard, can
the goods,. syrup, potatoes, flour,
and Do not hesitate because of
l'es, small quantity. We are sup~po
nost largely by the many little.
ain We are enjoying a miuchi ne
ern rest in your _beautiful_ town.
ar-ly would be glad to have you come
iity. see us. WVe are enjoying the
R. forts and hsspitality of C'ondu
Id is WFilliams' lovely bome.
!nee Yours for the children,
MlRs. B. M. BE
chek For Deep Warear Harbors.
oad Boasting more deep water ha
stor than any State in the Union,-
the Imanifest that Florida, will have
ted. portant interest in the nextse
Sof of Congress than the appropriate
>me of the river and barber bill, com
foot ine which rumor now says t

wo ng fulti -_ea

diob ia -Tallahassee

: Betwegn a quarterr aind a b ie
Bf caniil 3eid'ing' directly out into.
theI~r riaestoward the big .lake
dis al ~idly~i biedn completed and the
ffb~4ge yit its po kerful machfuery

gon~ros~ lierofthed~edge
si dipsB.ew minutesi and
rij~~ e 's~d'i;gni* rd of mqck
k ati~~ii'teM i -imBe ~far _the
hsas sibliUshed ~a -record of cu t-
Iat la canM sentyr feet wide',
Sbahead and ten feet deep

EF't. Lauderdale. It will
Op wtir to ,assist the other
nq,4p~ completed.

'' I

:111 'Talkin
f When you come to C
Machine you are offered
genuidie Victor Victrola.
It is only the- lure
'induces merchants to tr
genuine Victor Victrola.
. There is less pro~t in
Victrola but: we have
that we're giving you t1
: recognized the world ovei
deserve the very best` thei
I ~Genuine Vkror \i
I for $25 and up. W


Milami, Fla., Roo. 10.--(By the As-
,aoelated Press).--A decialon II~ffect-
In~g title to four million acres, of land
adInvolving file. entire Everglales
wRas handed dlnby' Circuit Judge
8, Pldrre Branning today in the case
of Ralph A.:Horto~n ,versusi the ,truls-
tees or ,tte ..Iiiternb.1 Improvement
Fund, growling: out of the adoption
in 1912'by hetrustees of a maps
which"It was contended changed the
locations -of land sold" under the
original maD of 1905.
Judge Branning held .tbat after Lbi
tLrustees htsad 2ade deles according to
the original map of 1905, they had
no. right to adopt a new rmap which :
would change -the locatdons of lardde
a id according .to that~ map.. -
pIroximately one millions acres of Jar.l!I
were sold according to t~he original
mapr it is ,claimed, before the-tfclsl
teea-.-amended instructions in 191f:
for eurveying the Ecverglades gnd
ordered a -new ^inap made.~
The Clse was started July 30, 1920,
~by ]Wr. 110rtDo, who is ano owner -of
lad in 'the ,Evergladed and Is novJ
supervisor of the Broward Sputher'n
Drainage Distrlet. It was arguedl
last September..

I l.pg matipr.
,.The S8t. Petersburg Investme
SCo.-'s improvements on the el at
company dock commenced d.t~
weelc,'and the framework is up ?
the new freight and passenger c
pot at the end,~wh~ere the steap
Favorite and probably the Falo
winllunload. The company ar& -al
fi lling in their lots on the hayfac
south on Second avenue north,ald'
Stbe sidewalk to the warehous I
The following building.:perm:
were issued this week:
S8. M.Eddius, buildingl inMst
SL. B. Cooper, four room h~oul
3'lot 20, block 43.
MIrs. E. E. C. Rowland, Contrii
i. or Clarke builder, two porebelj, ba
L. and front, lot 3 of 32. ;
dE. WV. Willson, F. F. Sweet ..
tractor, to move house, lot 4, bl

I /St.'l~; Petersb~urg Indeperde~nt
sa s: T~'heanti-Bro~wards saythey
afir n.fiasor~of~h~e~ drainage propo-
~th'(on. They want to tax the whole
opefoi- thebenefit of the few."' If
itor. Powell draws his ideas of
wha~t~theL anti-drainage people de
~is from the local sentiment they
mut ave a Ipeculiar sort of shti-
randg people dow~n that way. Th
Anti-By o_wards" generally areop
iie8d to .drainage in itself, without
pgilrd- to who mayS pay for it, look-
in pon It A~s unnecessary inth
gr;isEe'nt _lo~eryn ne for settlers in
tfoie feirtil parts$of the state which
deb~not need drainage and they doubt
hit'I la feasible, any way. Ohr
o fta~vor drainage are opposed to
aUpng a'boarrd with sueb danger-
usand autocratic powers asth
posay aendment contemplates.
11~the ~Independent qisote
rph?--The Jacksonville
-~~rT "o.0 7c ** Z '


T; h~e~overnor is attempting to drain -the Ever-
~les ad 1 he state. treas~ury at the. sae Time.
fe. is i~io d~oybt a~thelatter .pi~jct 11 be a

r 5,e
~n;r~~ I

~~ ~

I,. -.

;; L.:"
~F :---:





'//// /



. .

ft is


- .*e ~.;,

Circulated by I. B. Hilson.

to Broward Is Getting Desperate.

7~~ -~F~I(C~-- --- -~-----L~ ~-~



1,uirnt to tile section in which I li\r I iuliported c**
Brwowrd loy~ally before he gave mne sher appointmntnr w
-, thle elevenithl hour reward o.r hope ofT it, btca~uie I thought hie wa.- a friend .
know -ln asc th~ East peo-ple anud for thle samet ren-rn I Ivow urpo~rt himn.
I, th.~ hlitter aniacksJ As Governior of FI...ridu, he~ has b**en loyas l rc is, thepe.l
II-. the State. 110 has end~eavore~d to, a rry outL eiery proaln
ar~gingp the Goverrnor mlade to thle peiopli. Most candidates Is~l mak latf'ormns to
Id are so nxllous to on; Mr. Br..wa~rd rriedI to pur his intor etrect. Thle entlir,
heS mn-~-t kin~...w to~ be he has bee-n G~overno~r he has been working fo~r thle gooud <
people, and he has bee~n foughlt on eve~rything by thle san, I
e thle primary rei- C~oast, Railroad interests that are new~ fighting him, and ha
rsonally refute these so nuanny years tried to domlinate the poli ries ofl Floridn
:ical headquarters, I Stanld by9 him and~ vote for him, not because of t.he ap
,piep ref awrlrxcerply Tnent Iie nlatil BU buthcueRS I10 Will test reipresrent the in[
...nn.of thle peocpl of Florida in thle United States Senate. D
be deceived by thle various at tslackinade on hliml by hlisens
Thiey made the samec or wrse chnanes whenll he was9 a enna
following letter for cGo\ernor, anrd you wrell ktnow that her sil~ecsfully i
ly Congressman thU l eP9e it erd b Utee a waitch onl evry ~
to Fletcher and I havse know~H~n Goernolr Browrard well for twi-nty year
w~ill froml timeli rl. tllme branlld as false s~uch err:ne~ous cun
charges as I hlear againft himl, as such decerption an(
sa H ts:e at, ri es tend to i jlre t e ;lrel ot the pe .ile orI F~lo 1

soncoun y, en- -
aG n.sror Bowar lee,. who up. st, h conadu ed s
htta.elwa aea becomes lrwad
rrsi~n* c - d~9 Lamasr in their e t rn ~~~.~i
to~ge fore thle people. l e
ino~:.lQ~~o onor ntein Govrnor Ip mi
;15 mde which charge him asmg
a m e the Florida East, Cd a 44g
onr o~f right nrtes :an
;!r ~a~1- th~e R~ailroad Comm~iss Wh. Bitav~
nev er- eta a speech ( he
padpe* i L which aco to

e h brit' pl m al
ala He duet i aded
*tr'nro tadiN
etch~ecjtl.a e r ia-i inhS
:6 t~h~e .mud-lshagaig.
es on.~xou Do you c
no" e!.~ is d b
sll re .soflown lte
~~~~,~~ ~ j'fesChb s
.. .eiii-~i rn an

'' "1 Br..w~ard hasi hiad a regular ait aunt with mie from time
to~ tirnll Ioer rlnl-e he haso been living in Ta~llab~ass.-e as ciov-
.*rnor. He. asa g ood many mother of myS cu--tomers, niow oweH me
ai drmall bill, whichr I exp*.*t from~l my' ptlh experrienc~e to. collect
wnthan a few daysd. The seltnunt of Gov. Br.;ward in myl stOre
hias beenl entire:1y rjatisfaitory to me`. If he wantsa aniything
molre I will be glad to r-ll it to him.
l o~urs truly,
(Signe~d) H. N. .SilEETIN(.'.
Mayl 4, 190a.

To the People of Florida:
Asi the day for thec primary a nroaihe
campnPigIIn ethiud** of the ring of politician--
I'loalst. Rairoad clrowd are easily reco~gnizell I
mader upl~lIonr ornor Browa t. .
Benrd, LarnurT and Fletcher are all chl
whith everything IIhe can1 healr about, an
vlandIer him that tiny mnake charges which t
absolltel'y fRl-t.e.
Ase the very' shortly timle inlter\ening befrc~
dore it inn'lsleRI1 for Gjovernor Broward to pe
charges, anid as I aml in charge of his poclit
wishl to, sbml~it tol thee~rtletrr of FloiridR ICO
a~roln) u~ Ifw let th r whichl Thave in my po-ure

Sengpor W. H; Miton writes the i
..concerning the charges made b
Lamar and pays his respects
To Trhe People-.- If .Ins-kl.son Counlt

\l'e are in rcei t uf your communnic~ationI dated lag -1,
190s,~ calling our attentLion to an art~ele prinited in The Mahion
Index Hecord of A\pril : 4~, 1110 which hlr. Hqls n i==g that he blrwr~.du a ''rk.n~ and vo' "t tC
coat3 and vejt werre nevr~ retulrned and- wfere- chargred to
himn (Hilson i and pabil for byS himl after Gov. Brownan~l I hai L..-n
askrd for the money son\lral timesr.
tr..ml rtcld uarn Trill givingyb:~ u e' ist..-~r".f th It 1r

Mr. Hijlson that Mr. Broward was a stranger to us, but that we
aclea A weqU it-et hian have the coat and vest and charge St to him
~.I(H i n). This we 'dit*dra our books show that there was a
X5. harge made for a."qpaQ, Iiiq vent," $12.50 in October, 1904
8 *In onr regular course of ~ business the bill was sent to Mr.
'Sis H~ileon. It was aeeryrpm month to month until January, 19014.
r-Mr. Hileon came into our store Mlth the bill we had been sendl-
sate ing him and asked us to take this item from our books and give
raki-s him credit for theamount',.etating that the cost pad vest wap
knade not for hirp,.th~at it was for God. Broward. We then charged
fiem- this "ceas ran~veal;" to Gov. Broanrd, January Is, 1905. ankor
i.q 4-$2.50,and as I aftesrwarde it was paid'for by Gov. B~QrPdw
Qa*e "We~ dee DPS~b inlst.4o Get6. Broward to say thle, ls-nag
.it~ip 5 eat~ements blive been made reflecting on Govr. B~rowarap
id at ~proptnege i la ing his obligations. Gov. Broward has g
tqJe5 runningeshonth~ .acouont i mor store 4ad our booha show
;3o~iisa that his settlemenfe have~~~siseen-emisfact to us. Hiis secounts
'"teal tP ke.8s~iet p-omat u-frmb i ts monthva~iae his inr~nauguratl
did" s she't pressiId4 te.hhi acrcoun~ t p~ on abi
Ad Yi~ toMap let 1988


ampuwamon on acucounc on uns4 qua~nguisned Amtity. whel~never
he stainjds a national conveuton~ of ~vernoi anld prmi n ent
menr be shareacts more attenltlo n for. has ability- Ind good plraci-
cal sense tIhaln aly other maln present.
There are nowH bills in the Nanonal Conlgre--a to put into: ef-
fee~t melasurel; suggesltd bly him and his efforts in~ these e..uven-
lions tJhat will be of great benetic to Fhnrida. And hie would
puit inito effet, n-- a Senastor of Florida, nlherr mcasurrs thiat
wou~~ld hie ofI grelt, benefit to uj.
Mlr. Lamnar, llsb for twenty year s aced anld Clinilned to
hie oni the people's made in Florida poldiic<, wheni hie was so
anxions to go, ro the U'nited States9 Senaltc thait b.- .r ltis friends
traded withl Mr. Triay and the Flagler fRlepublilenn element that
t~ry to control the Deolicricraeparty for lu-rl -uppol(rt., ThlenI he
knew I wo~uld? ht againer, him, and her nash-lr the rrion-- charge
of1 a tralde to destroy m uleceaanthifrh wl nw
I wul no sppot r the Seniate any mrani -aspportdc~ by the
EHRt Coast Railrasd people.
Mcr. Duncani C Fletchler adve~rtise-; a .n otorn<'3~ forI lihaiseme
Ea<~ Coasrt Railroad.
Beard's Foolish Charges
MrI. HIRIRI iF blel well krnownl for o~ne 1,i take his cantdldacy
seriouly, and I hlave relcady repllied to hli-- attacks. It he also
bieen charged b~y some ofT GovJeilrn Bloward'-~ oppnnelnic that, I
agreed tol Illen hinl ther money to mlake hi- campaign, fea~r tle
appointmentt rto thle U~nited State~s Senate. AllIof which i- abso-
lutely false. The only reasonl Idesired the position was the
honor it ehnnerre~d, andl there i no honor in a po~sitionl thought.
~n mlan woukic dare insult, Governor Broward by such anl offer.)
for he w~oubteC~ru~inlyl resent it.
I ennside~red thle alppontment as an honor to mue and a com-

week;, an~d "tiumebody" paid .Ere4FaHmpa Tribuna tor prrnulng
Hllte'dn s cha'rgesP, Blan~mbd "4imeoyid for'the Estmps -to maII
Ihe makecious diatribe all over Southi Florida.
Among other things, Lhis nowarnot..rious Editorial charges
that thle Governor owes~ Randolphl, -and Byrd and Co~lbns for
grocries, and that he refuses~ to pay these accoulnts. It charges
that, hre owes Sw~eeting for jewfelry, whieb account, he also refulses
to pay. It chiarg~es that hie owes MWr. John P. Roberts for hlouse
rent, which acco~uni, he lIke~wise refuaes to pay. Itaslso charges
that thle edlitor of the "Ilndex-Reenrd" once borrowed from M~r.
Aaronl L~ev a coat to be use~d by the Gjovernor, anid for which
coat the editor of the "Index-Record" eventually hiad to Pay.
Inquiry was made of the gu~enlmen whose namecs we~re
mentio~ned, asking them for as statement of the facts. I dlid not
see Mlr. Robe~ris, bult I amn Icliably informed that the G~ovrn-or
does owe himl a balance on a rent account, whlich is ev'idnclled
by a note, uipon which nole a partial payment, has beenl made-
Mlears. Collins, Randolph, Bsweting, Byrd and Levy speak
for themselves~ Their statements follow i
11Governor Brl-ward has had' a regular runlning account whirl
ue for solve time. TI`te recount, has been entirely satirfactoryr toI
usr. 11'e hav~e always been glad tu till all o~rders that Golvernor
Brow~ard sent to rour store, and we hopel to hiave himn continue to
give: us his valuable custom as long as he lives in Tallahlassee.
11'hile there is ant amo-unt due us, it is for recent purchases, aid
wet expect to collect this, juditing from Iour peastexpenolnces,
writhinl a reasonabhle time as usual.
1'ery truly your,
T. Hl. R.'L NDOL)PH &f ISON."~
Miay -1, lI~an.

Very respectfullyg,
~sy 5, 1908. (Bigned) LErVY BROB. .' .
Ebnimilr saaeeteenn~ frm othenri ar in my posse~ssiolpij;;
an este Ba oddle& it I wdfgldly produce- the letter.
'WErzakin for Byan to Die. -'
'i~an speeela P Fetinandina sud- in at-Pars
mad s ieji~s Gov. P.lca~ annou ~a.
Id sts so soog the d nator8eht Brypat,
,~oertrae chim of f rietalabp to. Senator Brsan
~5~ E~~oy knows beltter t~par -that. Brwwel
one olhis hist friends wa..1sid awq. P
athei principles fofr wich Bistiatr Brganlltq
: ar oinsiders enldh ap bl rw id
lioul&. be intemasting tois ,hh

b~ih h sd ilhC e:
".- h ap eniit~or: rader. Bt be is despWb-
ill If hpe should aot li~ ,tize I liope you will support me. 5y
think the "field" is beaten by me now, whether Benlatr 'f--
lives or should not live. But if he passaes away I should be
pleasedl, no you know, to hare your' support "
I believed that the majority of the people of Florida have
confidence in the absolute sincerity and faithfulness to dutg oT
Gov. Broward, and wrill not, permit themlselves to be deceived
by those who conceive their diuty tor be to rirculate, both1 di-
rectly and through hirelings, false and slanderous statements
about, himi.
I believe that Gov. Browrard measures up well by every
standard by w~hich a public se~rvant may be merasured. Hie hee
said that you w'ill ierve yourself best by- voting for that man
wh~o, by his past public acts, may be presumed to be capable
of rendering the best service to his people and his country.
This should be the tcest and I trust you will consfier it
fairly andl squarely.

JacksonvillP, Fla., M~ay 13th, 190.






Lamar and His Man Hilson Siuccessfully Answered---Tallahassee

Merchants WTrite Letters Exposing Falsehoods

'Lamar W7Crote for Milton's Support "in Case Senator Bryan Should Die"---Opposit

I I 11 111 11,...

_1_ _


7" i,'^, ,' -- v t







amby o I~ae~~n.aazig la

a :earec'ohes adefrp;wag
hane~s6- sne ersetrance. :at bul
ai~~ ~will` bring~ .ttelr tprfs- d.: Whatl~
;og' ataf~ dialbast Bh*Fanls" 3bfatfl o
.eqcoxpragementidq o~ th'ers. Trlokery;
on~ .way- and :-bad tisrtits -bark
i-n, thr e life' of:.ari Isrfap
and linsinua'tions enttf~B
gr 2nteh.~~ ,adit stan;, po pint lt

9".that, [prove;~d:upognj, trial -in oPe'ncou
et to e eArely Broupoppy. azid, '
al;.'erdek. trhe truth should ,
knwnyl ~t. :thd padllklrt tt li finvolunta y
Sserft~tEMe',addes e~xfatias ie-c!latixed( Le.
t' o~Te8iresrnky be'a~dvised= In fil~e' prem.>
: . Ii8+'8e; sti~opF !i..oer.Igisltin~ may b
cehrrcted: so, ds:e aftertailry .14 prevent i
Sobntinflanibe and Jf~.`ldloent agleh ae
Ibeing ngliked aud' ried ,upon per
Iur'ed 'testimo y, procqfed and pre--
exIliiled by' prosecuting: aficersl o~utaldl
the regularly almointed,' sieornt i
qu dUnited, Bta'tes attdriie a in
it ~j;ferenb t States, .the ;Congr'ess a
j4 eq f!a:?ik'advised, so rthat ieesar
18ilktoh..illay ~be had to: p~ievent
aua ueo of he law''departrneit ofth

E tor bo the Ilok ,Cotinne ..
ani by o mkie~ ne s4taid a~iihnini-
aqln; mana, but-I do thilik that A~bo
rrv~ lan so. W. J: Bryanl tol tqe, post-
8tj6~'Sj~:nitedl Stateb.. dishalol gavep 1
Wea~t,'stfifulue: to the .yoqng mneni of
:air $tate and d~ountby, It Sinriagr .whp
god'i ald clean records afe .woth \tpd
lihathonesJ atid' perseirbrance In bual-
Rpes #111 bring~,thieir rewafd. o Tbhingl
.amid- be .aei~d tgalnet. Bryan's' moral or
.pulj;p hakits, ariti his example s~allo
be encourageradist4 to oters. Trickery~
mean -siays -and bad lishits .bate
part in the alre of Mrr. BrYan -,49li
sluie. and Insinuations :althied at ilm
Ere .iaronry Now, rea.der domith say. I
a~ml ( ]B~ryadijte, as''l .am ~pOt yet poIDt-
foally.;~..: CONFE]D.: VETEPAN.'-lr


aFth Claima Li le Glant After Lobg
and Nofable Career in 1.egisla-
tive and Congressional 'Halle. ~

After lying for weeks between Ilfe
and death, former Senator G. G. Vest
passed peacefully away Tuesdly at
.Byreet Springl, Missouri. He had been
sonear death for some days that the
.and came without a struggle. He was
unconscious until about 2 a. m. Sun-
day morning,when he sank into a state
'of comb, from which he never aroused.
At the bedside whe~n the end came'
was his wife, Dr. Jarvis Cae family
physician, Senator Ve~st's son, Alexan-
~der, his daughter, Mrs. George P. B.
~ackson, and her husband, and M~rS.
"~i'honipson, a niece of Mrs. Yest.
Arrangements were made to tak;e
the remains to St. Louis forainterment
in the private car of Mr. A. A. Allen,
vice president and general manager of
the Mlissouri, Kansas and Texas rall-
George Grahain Vest was born at
Frankfort, Ky'., D~ecmber 6, 1830. He
was graduated at Central College,
Kentucky, in 1848, and at the law col-
lege of the Transylvania University at
Lexington, Ky., in 1853; removed the
same year to lifisouri and began the
practice of law in Central, Mo.
He was a n;@mber of the M~issourII
house of representatives in 1860-61;
was a- member of 'he house of repre-
sen~tativda~of the confederate congress
4r Cw'ea~rs and a! 3mpyijber of 'her
dc oriederate: penittp f~d on.,n ypar n

United Staks senate and was re-elect-
ed in 1885 and 1890.
He was in the M~issourtsenate when
the war broke out. He webt with the
sop and became a confederate sen-
Senator Vest's term expired March'
4 last, he having declined re-election.
He was the last member of the gov-
ernment of the confederacy "who was
at Age ,time a member of the congress
of tlik United States. During the pe-
riod of 'a generation he had been lone
of the strongest debaters upon the I
democratic side of the senate, and
commanded the respect as well as the
friendship of bla republican opponents.
Yest was old-fashioned in his ideas
and dress. He lived simply and died
rl poor man. He was addicted to old-
style' frock coats, broad slouch Tats
and long ties. His linen was immac-
ulate and his ties invariably black.
Yest was small In stature, sioif End
deliberate in moftement, andi never
lost his temper. In the senate, he was
regarded with veneration and when-
ever lie arose to speak every member
rurried to his place to Ulstan. He had
as many republican friends as demo-
crats, for all recognized that Vest. was
of the type of stateslrian who would
rather die than do the slightest dis-
honorable act.


;;~l: T~he sdrs of tbia wFeeks issue oftl
ne Rco~id will find on page 5, an* at
wr~ijtt~ezrby. Mr. A. R. Carh~i~t, of Bzo
heto .the- papet* calledl the ''Up- To-d
ted .~Farming," issued from Inldianapohel, In
.to.l Mr. Carllart n'rites on behalf of fr
a f- erit. in Flal. wh.io raise products th~atpc

il.net be held back ~crqp shipment in- e
d-pc~tanry of better ~prices. The public
nation unend is i~ssued,. by a btrocng ojrgs
ization know~rn as the ''Ameriian oi
at o Eqluity~," w~hose central otlices ,ae i
ldcated in Indianapolis. 9.
of The vobject of the or amznatio~n is
find, and put into pract~ife, home plan
which ,the products of the farm can
ana au~that pe .ayn e

STo thlose ~of our readersa that would k
adto ktnow moreo about this organi Lo
~Ihow~ itpopera~tes in thle mlarkects, whalt*)
believesy it can accomplish for Ltto. e~
"Iand what it has~ already accomllpla tlf
them~he, how the individuud farmelLr (n
promlote its -purprosea, wfe will aay th
ndthey9 canl obtain this inf'ormation bS ap
P- Plying t~o Mrr. C'arbart, Thle w~riteir d
at Inot profe~ss to know thle detailsa of tb
ho ork. N\or does hie feel confidentenougl
bethat ainy combinult.ion thaut it is possible
to form canl force Ypec'ified prices on an3
article that goes into the miaskets. It
at eSy to see' that farmers do nojt ge~t
ermuch for wrhat the-y raise as they behave
Sit 'is worth, w~hen measuredL by th
Samounit of labor audl money theyg bove to
expendJ in border to, p-roduce alJnd arke
eit. It is also earsy to -`ee that, if a raised
in~~.IL price 11 coude sellcuJred nd mauintuined
on any' article prduced, ~sy oill a certain
territory of country that nlow ruaises 100,
LA) crates of ojranges, which nhow se~ll:- at
r $2l.23 pe~r crate. of unlly 10J per cent, it
\'1 ouldi give 55`2,30') more money to bidis
aI tribute ovecr that territory. If a raieora

;~the Edlditor f TShe epucblicat:-
This failulre of thk sRv~ings babige of the
state to set up life listrlacre attachtierits,
umcpeding to the liermissive bill which has
bigsed! the Legislature, ~largely. o, !account
'of the-great pressure ~f the savings-bank.
league., may be welcomed.- by. thyk true'
friends of the- life- insura-eme interests of'
the people of the -dommonorealth.
Both the savings bank idiuratice ~bill
-and the '-counter ssuranco" bill, pronist-
ed by lur Higginsoin and othdra, ignore the
fact of all experience that wbat is Called
'"industrial insurane,"' insurance for poor
people Iri smal11 amounts and which must
bie p l by frequent instalments and per-
goallyI solicited, require~ for its succ~Ess
diliget canvassing aur] collection by
agents.: This additional coyst of insurance
must b~e paid by thre insured. It is not thlis
cost which has been- objeclt~d to but the
private fortunes which .bare been madey
the maangers of these companies, andy
whbich has unrighteously lucreased it. A
simple bill for state insurance was pre-
sented t~o the present Legislatur~e. It has
been, as was anticipated, referred to the
next G~eneral Court. This r~eferecbe will
not be treated as a mere~ matter of form,
baut we mean that the bill shall be' again
who now apparently neither wish to hear
the expression of public opinion upr Ito
exercise the wise foresight to anticipate
ite in directions in whieb all signs of the
Annses show that this opinion is trending.
shall come Jo a better mind.
The principle of state insurance has no
element of socialism about it and contains'
no -quality of paternalism. IT simply illu-
plies the safeguarding o~f a purely co-opler-
ative business which has not been safe-
guarded in private hands. Cauvassels and
collectors should be employet h s in New
-Zealiand tinder the auspices of the board
of state insurance trustees, acting under,
the authority. of the insurance commis-,
sioner, and the people may be trusted to see
that the expenses of their own. business
are not excestsive. There certainly woulld
be no personal graft in the matterl, andl
under our excellent civil-servi~e system
the administration of the business should
be sticient and reasonably economical.
liay I beg to refer your renders to an article
on the subject in the number of the No~ttl
A8merican Review for lIar 35
EnvIXo W~INsLow.
Boston, Maoy 20. .1907.

cials,.* It, was expected -that th'& service:
.perisibn:wmould nvlean additional outla;P
~of.-gbout $1iS.(,00000D annually, -biut.it' 18
now.eeun'atind that~the demand at.'the ea#;,
t-.willdt ht puie omllions below thpaee
.1CJlrtat.ement late ieseting n .connec-,
tion:pvtit the new aCt prCvidingg a serv-
scgedsiansiofor.Pednnsylania leteransi rt-
,shoive.that there affCvr y fe~w. of them
jrild ikse heeryOm~ovail by the federal
pension. lasrs to-'wh~ich. -hi state pendonm
?e supple~nental. Thbe.eeveral statea-have
gRenerallyr left thle, chrge entirely to the
. United -Statel--sezept, of conree, the
southern'states, whose confederate veter-
.as-. are ineligible for this. consideratidn
arid mpst be cared for .by their own peo
ple. It is evident that the state penlrton
wiill not add maany to the whole number
of: actual penelo'bers, though the predgre.
number who will 'be entitled to its ben-
eifits appears not to have been ascer-
tained. This- uncertainty, which has led
to widely varied estimates of the annual
expenditure that will be called for, is
one of the reasons strongly urged agalastt
the governor's approval of the act. In1
any case, it may be assumed that after
the roll has been once completed it will
diminish from year to'-rear, as each re-
enrring >Iemorial day brings its tribute t
.the-lengthening row of .grareaB.

[From the Chicago Advance.]
The marriage of W. El. Corer, president
of the steel trust, was-a case of pluto-
cratic polygamy. All the obstacles were
cleared out of the way by the brute force
of ueolimited money. The greatest dillculty
in the way was another wife, the woman
whom ths steel magnate had married when
he wfas poor ana who had stood faithfully by
him in the day of small things. But two
or three millions, more or less, settled her
backi into singleness of life. The court
of' the country, wpith the aBssitante of well-
paid lawyers, are equal to all such de-
liverances. End money brought another
wife, younger, more attrctive anti. nearer
the rapid pace of the putocratle set. A
minister was also6 fod to "solemnize"
the nuptials. .Theyr can always be found.
Unfortunately jn this came the man was a
Congregationalist. Of course he ban ble
explanations and reasons, They always.
do. But it must have put an awful strain
on the man's religious system. or at least
on the pla~e where his religious system



No. ~ D n0N.3 et ~een JacksonvJ
755p ... 905 a Lv Jacksonville. Fla
12 15 a ..... I2 p Lv. Sa van nah, Ga... ..
9 55 a ... 0 SS p Ar. Charlotte, N. C...
6 42 p .. 6 8 a Ar. Richmond, VaR...1
9 50 p... 9 50 a Ar. Washington, D.
.1117 p..~.....11 Sas Ar. Baltimore. Md...
2 35 a... 1 45 p Ar. ebil'adelphia, Pa.
6 308 a ... 15 p Ar. New YIork. N. Y.
SNos. 33 and 341--"Newf York and Floridla
Sleeping Car between Jacksonville anid New YI
Nos. SO end 30-"W2ashington and Florida
Sleeping Car between Jacrksonville and New-Y.
Through "The Le
7 B55 Lv. Jacksonville, Fls.,...-'... ...--.v.
12 15 aLv. IF~avennah, Gia.,. ....~....~.--....
600 a Ar. .Columlbia, 9. C.,-----------------
1.50 pAr. Baboville, N. C....~... .-~.~-.....
;2 37 pAr. Hot Springs, .N. C........... I
6 00 p Ar. Knonville, Tenn.,...-~.~~~.-....
8 15 n Ar Cinc~inuatiOhio. ~.....~.....~...
Nos. 29and 30--Pollman Dmawing Room and )
St. Louis, daily.

No. 113 Between Jacksonvilleo al
?45 p Lv. Jacksonville, So. Ry....
..2 500 a r. Macon, 18o. Ry....
..5208 a r. Atlanta, So. Ryg..~.
.9 450 a r. Chattanoooga, So. Ry....
....7 40 p Ar Cinciooati, Queen &r C
...'8 45 p Ly. Cincinnati, Big Four
.. .710 a Ar. Chicagro, Big Four
,_......8 35 p LY. Cincinnati, Penn. Lil
.710 a AP.Chicalo, Penn. Lu1
.8 45 p Lv. Cincinnati, C..H. &
..7-23 R Ar. Chicaro. C. H. & I
__-.1. 4 p Lo. Cincinati, C. H. & D
520 s Ar. Toledo, C. H. &D
...7 25 a Ar. Detroit, C. H. & D
...8 30 p Ly. Ciflainnati, Penn. Lio
....5 55 al Ar. Pittsburg, Penn. Lir
...9 30 p Lr. Cincinnati, Big Four.
..645 a Ar. Cleveland, Bie Four.
5 30 p Lv. Lexingtoon So. Ry...
.8 10 p Ar. Louieville, So. Ry._..
...7 32 a Ar. St.Louis, So Ry_...
Nos. 13 and 14--'The Florida Limited." D
Coaches and Pullman Sleeping Cars Bet ween J

No. sINo. 13 Between Jacksonvll
.._~ 7 45 p LY. Jachaonnvie Fla, So. 1
.____- 5208 Ar. Atlants, Ga., So. I
.... 201 aAr. Birmingham, Ala., So. I
....805 pAr. MIemphis, Tenn., Friec
....940 aAr. Kansas Cityg, Mo., Frise
Nos. 13 and 14 The Florida Limited." Da
J. C. LUOBR, District. Passenger Agen

THE B 12 1


-There is no reason

A eubeariber to Tasg Bran from down
the riser wifteena sos.follows:..
''Gan you not erithuee a litfle qirt
into no poor hipede to eland up adi
for our God-given rights to, Iransportatiotti
along these inland water wave from Keje
West to the month of the St.. Johns-river
at Mayport,?
"Is there, no wary to arouse publidt
sentiment 1q regard to that, enail-erarwl-
ing, land- ~bbing octopne called thle
Caa o"Lo, thj~ese tent-fe or thirty year
they hlave been doing five year' wo k'
and only half through yet!
"Ont of the way with such, and let,
as "hound"' our representatives in con-
grese until the appropriR00onII 18 lde
under river and harbor act, and the few
miles of sofr. mareh cut in very little
time, and the East Coass paradise will
be opened to navigation and cheap tran's-
portation to deep water. Then ourl Zeaut~i-
ful inland waters will be dotted with
thoneands of pleasueu craft, whfle their
occupants seat~ter their wealth far and
"Only open up the way and some-
thing will merely be doing."'
In reply tolbe above we will eny that
it is true that a great deal of unnecee-
eary time has been consumed in dredg-
ing thief Enet Coast canal, but it is said
that the darliest aloud bae a silver lining,
shrd it is asserted that, the out, from
MCiaml to St. A~gnestine will be completed
thswinter. In jushire to the canal com-
pjany we publishl t~he following paragraphs i
from the St. Augustine Record and the
The Record says:
"The dlredges operating as the St. Au-
gnertine end of the Ener. Conet canal are
now bus a mile and a half apart. They
are cutting their why towards each other
at a rapid speed, and if no more rock is
encountered the remnaining land will
soon be plowed through. The cutwill
be finished before December, at the
present, rate of progreesa."
The Homoeseeker for this month in a
lengthy article on theB canal, heightened
in effect by illulstratiqne along the route
of the canal enys:
"A uarer f century hRB elapsed
since-tewobrrk 6ln thse Floridas Comet Line
canal began. By nlext winter an import-
ant part of it will be completed when
inland navigation will be open fromt St.
Augustine to M~iami. A9s the Homeseeker
well observes in its handsomely illustrrt-
ed account, of it: ".9o quietly anid persis
tently has t~he work~ progressed that
great. etretchee have been added yearly
to thle waterway without she general
public hearing anght of or viewing the
work." Thre beant~y of the route will
make it popular with touriate and will
add to the frame of thle elate. "It is
reclaiming vast areas of swamIp land
which will be cultivated and settled."
New towne will spring up and new lands
be opened to the settler, increasing
greatly the general wealth. It is like
adding a new, navigable river to Florida,
one whose 30)0 miles or moreof channel
is nowheme less thansixt~y feet in width
and aix feet in depth at rpean low
No doubt the suggestion thar, the cut,
from St. Augustine to Maypors be dn
by the government is a good one, and
we firmly believe that the canal com-
pany, itself, will be willing rto nave rthe
government make that connecting link.
In thle meantime however let us possess
our soule with a little more patience and
see if thlat, mile anid a hlalf cut is not
fiihdbefore the legislature meetp next

:~le intpst of the L. 80 N.Th
Purpose of.this ff doubtless to
ai.;sd ~stem the tide of public
oppil (hft s section of the
i 1~rt: Wtill not wo~rk.
St~hat Ithe Govern~or
ow~aindle~ the tiebpid
~s~a~b; ~an is easing the~

iibotare slow fight-

t l~~: 0 1

L!C ~ nypti'e! 1iil
Sbe f idt~
sh 914 r. 194 ia~~l
~p,~r : ~ jD Gloi; Il

g..~. 19110.i
er N o

;' abar
.:,G (?'iiy I~

.: ,*-

From-all the reports reedipeg
~Governor Browgard laid' it over
H~ti. John Beard in tihe dhde in
Pi~snoola, last weel; Mir. Beatl'
agnejis to realize' it too,-~firo.te
fadt~f that be frants to try itakeg;
~if he can lirve time tor forlGilY
hims2lelf with some answers to
;the-Governor's arguments. An~d
,by the way we are~ till waiting
'for an answer to those questions
rxopdunded to the Times-Uliioli
abetwo weeks ago. The
me-nion said it was willing
to iscusq she sttion in a a

BRroward--The great.-heartedl are a de-.
lusion; and a anare. .
rStockton--I triedl to break a life-
long habit of-defeat--and failed.
.'Gilebrlist-Please apiece a rock ing-
Clhair on the Executive Mannsion veranda
'and pnais thep peanuts, Crlade.
IZEngle--It seems to M1B that I amu
not so'greitt Pa I~ haver imagoined MIY-
~SELP to bec.
:Barrs--Of the Three Friends I seem to
abe alone intact.
F~letcher-Walsiington look good to
I~naFonthsee-Now~, even jlail would not
silence my rpjoicinar.
Holt-Ilts a wrise political manager
wrho reketsl a winning e~ndridate.
The Timle Urnian-Silrne sometimes
hel ps.
Rev~r.* Mr. Bigh~amr-Hawo many dlisre-
ptblel!l people there ar1e in Floridla, to
be c rre.
Riev MrI. Boggs-A~lthlousb ineffective,
'that $300,1000 y~arn was a mlagnificerit
T'he Mtinisterial Alliance--Back to
our pullpits. bret~brep!; there 'wep may~
mak~le some converts.
Isaiah Coo~per--H gave me faiir yeam'
of ~life end. I weep ait 'oia downfrrll.~.

Arnple Se


That is o
Th~e Cba
from Savannnah
openings fo. thel

f In every ci
an opening for
interests; men
The secomt
stock is now r

Plain- Talk.
- Young Bryaan has had another say.
The- following is from the- Tampa.
Tribune: ''n myr ogialon abdut the.
meaniest anid most pottifogging charge
thni can be made against a man in
political life is that he will take ad-
ifantage of his position to advance the
Interests of one section, state, coun-
ty, citjy or side street."--Ocala Bau-i
ner. '

r her's contrrol d rl'in I!Ie fu:rber's I~. :
- concept Iby that :lr!re's consent. I:.-r'
Sdid be. beofoe sull j:,i.: Rnt'l ther r.i-
ther (beingr himself sui ju-Pi" a fi f.
then the son was emancilinr ue I_r :119
eimple opetrnon of the inw~. In these~
brgq\'Cdays the falber hadl Inl gI per-
ale~slot~ to scourge~ hlis Cbildre~n or to
Beud them. fretteird like s!:lves. to
t work; on his eState osr even to k;II l"l the.
t hoosinlg wbutsioever means for their
;taking ol'~ le thought proper.

Special Announcement Regarding the

orM menn

h~ah a host of followers and It is easy
t'o pjredict that the Irounols will be
one of the popular- resort hotela of the
* The ofty of klami was never In po-
s ition to care for.as many people as at
the present time, and there is every
::lrobabia.Ly that every~ house in the
city will1 be filled to overflowing through
the ~wint~r measdn.
'Elery twcoming train brings a large
Dumber of touriate, some who Have spenr
many winters here and others who are
OHcoming for the first time. yet the real
rush of the touritat has not come.

'Most of the help of t~be Royal Palm
aphotel has arrived and are busily engaged
aIrin gelttrg the house ready for the open-
seeIng next Saturday. Two car loads of
employee arrived here Saturday.

id.uation. The Japanese nweapaper~s are
waes emphatically moderate In all their no-
Ma tces of the agalr, and so far as the
Jiapan nation is concerned, there is, ab-
will solutely no reason for that reviv~al of
nlers the newspaper nolorlely In this coun-
uud Parte, Dec. 3.--Great Interest is man-
ifested here In the situation growing
th- lout of the exclusion of Japanent cbil-
onfl-- dren from the public school of San
ad- Pneanelsco. Some of the French reewapa-
Con- Ders take an -alarmin~g view of the
na- affair, owing to sensational statements
Ispan Itabled, tlidt a clash between Japan and
sit- Ithe United States is Inevitable.


H. D. Anllson, who la famllhsr with
:the conditions that prevall at the
sBtate asylum for the inane. 18 making
Is strong appeal to the triends of hu-
ananity for funds to give the lumates
-of the saylues.a pleasual Christmas.
He strongly urges all to contribute
.aomething, if it le only a small amount,
.or this woarthy object;
The suspicion 19 growing in the pub.
.11a mind .that the asylum is not con-
Anoted with a view to the well being
and comfort of those so unfortunate as p1
cto be confined there.
.~At best thell situation le deplorable
tend unhappy,. and anything that can
be done in relieving, it for only a
abort time, the terrible monotony of
their unpleasant surroundings would
afford at least one bright. moment In
the Ilves of thosp unaortunsttes, .
Many of our citizens here contributed
money and an effort will be made by
Adt. AliteOn to make a systematic can-
Paea idr aaddttonal funds.
Zhe Evening Reor~d hopes that the (
citi~aS Of Mtamly who are surrounded
by every, comfort and pleasure will con-
tribute liberally. To that end subscrip-
SCons will be received at the oflele, to
2ne turned over to the treasurer who
sha~l be appolated to dispose of them.

* 'Thne .federatioh of. Iabor of Blatimore,
Ebd.,"la gndo ard' a local strike of but-
chere anid ,000~)1(X to the strike


r;Unless t~the es-ths
gates ;to. it thd F:
.stand or .t state 1
:1statenients t Glo B
M hs Jack spegd~!~~c
the state.' as a~
malicious I--4s. wi~o
tion. Thheng
of. that s~ilob
: than the Ge~verno
~the last isage of thyJ
Sun. He ~zaiLq Q
Union, 1V opdl an
others h, n
This farf a te
"!state ,"a e
which ap u
knowledge~( ~ olic
TIimes-Union ha ~& en
warm under theicollar ar
matter should retract
.the blame %)gegy t ?




~ cs
p.ks~ ~I a .. : ..~
:B ~ .--::,

ti~~~~FL~. IJI-Ctl~-**l~ii-~~rj~
"- :..rZi-.


i- \Who Discusses Conn-
..1~ ;L~.r~..ll ila I1 Problems.

batI ;: e '

i~pg. I 2sati"


,, *

an ther
prd *i o av n ob.gve-aiiy t rou al1*at
setts rot bu h u iu'ftyies- tfdue-r faf a
Eng- chs tseetDIU OTT, g f f s
titr, "I had ~ ~ tttl nodut.tt .ep. eo rgbe o e d ca .I_ as in
*tha- 1 a oduto t" t e ltrc o.4M-lpouto, t
S t ph e ~n to ma -i..to g r e .h et e ac o o m l h

tppo-' 01. I n hog .estfgf-o -se I'~ hillllldl..I)I pa$ f of
ugh cetre ht hy b.e bfI.t(Tl d teg crs"s .t

e t cmmnwalth My caalse hqr fo wh vd.tg.lof

.ehri, s~a PII 4 tir ora e
)ro.15iny erDi qlyI eae'n willin~r-aUI~ o~
set I~ro in o t h viwr outc~~eo t eMserf-:g est mntarifl,,'ith fall is.;?e yj

tlhaLt I chapet d~ no dJ(04 thfe Lt. e 1*- (1 inp torder~r tat the Whbb
Irsh. natediqu a i sp.n., II per alL.. ed otn~ n.* Pae rodigibsus grftli
thatI poin e~," 10.aasachua ~ "hePe d-of wbrr at ofe Bayrteo pqys. -W
enal .hr~r: ** y hlaedt eally 11% thegsi in I stres pa'id bt'lf*'roi ts to ta:,n au
sing you,"the visitr is d ated St her~':top and bmle agsU pY I c te ig
tha1t i a'nvira fas'h in ardeU" re ,fed the at the bottom. Ther~le followe oomv rer
B,'4- governor, "isn Ib ith'kd sn,-b 2 lutio o f sbe pucat g issir
fugh- ment..ie WhatLe AshlLt's.nl fo' risr athroughs inresq a nd6c~l~:i
Il.* :ll teaui fte y ably tob conparnand ore aever
A. thi v as-lr:o r~tc l! tay.d vl es red.tan-44rs
~t e rA alontretends. And whba~l go~~f-cverra ('o1 1013 y sitL ase ot*( 1) Eaywq-es tr
ends a''tt~u"urthy begn I'be c
cE b ci'ra the;, IJaws tie atti, lie safd. 1= o ht ete di-
nit in g1-roopls hIrs; anda~uooie
:' Taith Moe y i the an, an i

lar b~lnr garr ~ Ii~lltrpntl'R~~soe aolmost a badhbs.Aclto
e~ov- sd ~ull~equ l Pft18 rispusnant. mo Thus; th~raye anparcnt the~
rue- ranr Cior oetlievist.nr Lbe dvLocae of lr rev lutio
5"t~~ in 'a~B n the DiffLtl the unthinking.b
th.pi Theebars are let down. A, changeedo
~~~Ias-~~~~~~~ Lbqught., Ij lea-,.I:hj o~ ai~ a chnge Pofl1t' heat,~~ wllt~

arra ...~:~;BS~~RP~~P s .B'Bd -:-l 'Jtitellcponsibilit ridges sto th loymer
p rdidstre epthye. Ther*- nxub to hie dve-
opCd Qbut .the parr ,of chasq quakewrpa
r. Vsi~b~Ld, tlhlye of what gaqda off th a or~b
cenantl ofrch Whegit, the. Jint
~~~~~~puIked"la~:h lri i "?etquea Jls sel al ateW

Ti La lag e. L'Je the ljnk'aws a lsom
,, !, e I in'lle II~ u ly o t aroyu re~un

;t. .Io~ 5 .a oll.h al
11~.osar r. in-n-a is
repyat ThsUeanree, ie
11 s lelt .h doaeo 'slto
.lale oti mmltr e-

in~'n te p~i~t-oi~ te unh~nln d
dh~a~ r s on hnbo
Lqrgh.acalec e!r llg
ti -art~~~r. A~n~ae

r ca~ o. ofi et

Seattle OPtical ('o. I
EstabUhsed 1ggg fe

r e~ph tz*st ndass e o
Op~: o4finteetartag

iSEA~SnE. n

r, Almrt~
_r~r 1" ~kp~

~"" --~S'a ,~. -~ -.--1


"' ri



i. r. i

1(1 yl for ~hlmaelf' t3onditlon al e

~~i~r~~tn a~ ttlrl ch~ r: ldif wh

erveg~ii ith T a e an

:~~ ~ ~ ~ mu c:4'~~sr~~~~ta~: tss~l

the r: Third.~r.- Argt~myrg ofI~W peuaina o- oe w w, t i ah*

eOn D1hmsl is ~chdisa BT
rerInTB~ OBP tros lU: .p...~ 11d: aLi

seas Hainga 'goo ptofesioal :

gnper~tiengso floodang,'ieldae.i

cated ~ ~ ~ ~ lck by hi emraledayo

serie. Dnasneo~tr ad
On ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ m~ arrive in EnlidIjr o

pitldlal and ws, hafterwardsd ifi~ cli SveL 9mtbt~t: gi.
1 ~ ~ ~ ~ 1~U~m o meducem~nl sevceet h ensdit
advaiie rifeatrly ws .due tp thed-rc .th~ PF'~i~ia~ a

put~~lAting oi a..va-wth'sri
,poshaln gidae.cus at .St.

Hopkins. Bostsrrsore. Thence he 'came~ of
wl~ Yeat, loatin Fe3.l~Tin eable in *910, .a

pras Hloih, spcaliigoo pg~onat,-

y'ould Rejoin HIr Owie'nd hr
Insr btantl othem entt of Ameias
Intother war Majnhs orly ME: emae a-
baen~ssaor tlo eCouap~t of. St James,
Dr.e b) aite 15les arke, to-laye.gri
tyrvie. o h mrc~?Epdto
arjr Force.onte Ti,wass d~tsnted bec
mdof ne strainemens-h't thtay
f**rs whdichs had berwn mad byqueen,
the Unedia Staesvc an at Br.Caaitain
uand cr itdmrans Fande dependence
nvcalon and mae 131a. aPptlcaion arl
WP u~nbalthig .,refulning, to this on
D.u3n LE,: f67 *1purpo~iijdaya,~a-,
rapted gi~tzi;lte.cltsed-ntdbh a`theU
Medi est errpeat Sydr~ meat ly di .
to Fianap. Bntir\' e Thnc :- car
Through thei n Din oelfa War.91
wHisfr s b e rvnij; buta- at cbthief E

Evn sta.ntl beo.r:1 n the To~. fAmrc

1'iatonge apdug wsitli hi~rcna '
th asslre ad teChamagte def t aes
he;;adqaters UlashPindte .ese. .Lattir
Ltransferra~ted a consultant in mloud-
cie o he; Thirty-s~evetit -bdiviin
thenlr Ohot~lnil uard and wth tBia
corpis wet though thddee gnan can
paign inclusive, the, notablear.tl-
toricI battlmefrn of Oude~tlnare fam
cWus fromL .rthe days of thes Dcuke
Fromed se~~t~l-;jrvic athe frntMao
f~lacer to Ba~srrd ho itbal, No. .Bl-
hato ofrne Frnc nda te.=m t
was freebmmeaded fo his4 l~ieutenan
colone ~ley, w-hich her subsequentlre-
tvhs yea whe: n hel wa se to I nl C oll

Tosent wth the Third Alrmyh ce:
ontoe teeake .charge of hea Lnd lu


i -- Iprl~




1 ~ ~It is not ]lkely, that there will be so'~~
much willingness to scoff at Captain o
Broward in his second race against Mr. mq
Davis. Captain Brownard conducted an K.11
educational campaign, placing before the (No.
people of the state many vital facts in M
connection with public matters. and in Jeric:
doing so he performed a dirtinc~t ser- eon\vi
vice. ness.
Captain Broward has a cleasn record as
a private citiz. n and as a public serv~ant. Line.
It is notic. d that several rpapers w-hich Eurl.
2: ~oppose him point signticantly to, the fset first
that lur. Daivis carried Ciptain BrOw- ar.
~~J ~ard's home count.\. Th els lnot Rroh
much to the credit ofi Mr. D~avis as it is weire
'bi ~to the Idisrditi of Dut il coulnty. Cap1- Hask~
tain Brow-ard has srcr:-a Du1.1ra~l nty
~~3 ~~~faihfuly it sn olff.=:r an~d as ilch is n
entitled to, thr-ir support i~nd 10t.i --ard Th~
therei is no~ doubt but thatL lie will get maltt-
JE In the next campnaign. R

people a :alsi 'hinsiu. -- dinnfl:L a-jb b III

fellow-citizclns upoin th. huitin I and ,
pr-rrnsolly. pl~lydged his: rsold thatL 14.4 D
Tmould gu3rd carefiully th public Intcr- L.A
-Ests., Isei lly the rmli derT of the2 lIl
stsrl-:'s public lands- He has alik.-d Mr. mark
Daris to define hi attitude upon thisl Fm
question. It is a notic-able fact that in .4Il
each and every Instance Mr~. Da.*1s has Me
not anjsered in plain language but has Pr.11
alwa)s made an e'.s~i\e reply or told a d
joke. Captain Broward has been plain the
and outspoken-and there's the differ- fort
ence between the two gentlemen. One andl
is in a position to Inale a. declaratlion rh
.and to pledg? himself rowthe people, anl .,,
their idteregsts. The other one has not Roy
depe so and it is naturally presumed that1as
he is not in a position to do so.ori
Captain Browanrd Is not giving up ame
position and asking the people to give es
him one paying balf as much, as Mdr. Da- Ivoa
vis Is doing, therefore he is in -a isition.
to make: pledges to the people, and the /,ille
people knowf that Csptain Broward will to
keep his Dledges. It is for this reason front
r.that Captain Broward surprised the ene-
my by, getting the hiighest vote III the- Hore
first primary. arid it is for this reason so1 to:
:that he wciill win in the second. It is fo
for these reasons that Captain Brow- Jas
i No.
ard and his friends sak the support of .il
the people. 106 1
c0 32 to
very man In the state Bhairid see to It Pa
that eax~i~jbj-it.,sTis..ot if he second pri-/
mary. Scheming men often depend up- But
on the indifference of the voters to- carry t er
.through their undesirable ends. Ta

ndRangeg, "i
BeT. PHONE4tia

IlA & C O.


and La Flor
de Garcia & Co.
Welequipped smoking room, where customer
newspapers, and periodicals are on* the t
SCent Goods

tor and Embalmer
yof All Kinds

Pennl. Phone 845;

oCone &Huber
ad Sale Stables,
and Itorgane Streets
is Bought, Sbold and
Iaree a pectaltty

. WsHINGT()N,` Feb.' 1..-Oklahome
a Texas com~blued continue tci ~shp:
Iply about one-h~alf Of the 011l proauke'd
Sin th8 'United States, and ~oil'nion' b'e'
lieve that the expansion of':the~flelds
.in those tQo states ivil thiidjj dirfir>
-'nish more crllde petrolell]# t(W'inal
qtr the remaidder of the ijnited States.
Production of oil for'the morith di
December,, 1921, by-lit~ates was ~as fol-
-Texas ,.....,............10,1113000

Oklahoma ......a...,,.... .0,715;000
Kansas ., ..,,;...,.,..,... .. 2,7i17,000
Louisiana ...,............. a,431iace
Wyoming ;........~....,..... 1,938,000
Arkaensas ....;.~.. ....., ..l,,; 1,000,00
Illnoi........ ...... .. 809,000 .
Ke'ntucky ;.;..t...;;;*~....L.s. 262,40Q1 .
WRest: VirginiL ~..,.;......... 674,000
Pennsylvaunia; .......... ... 590~~p 000
opio I.....;.4............ WhoodL
1Won'tana; ....z.......,. ti44 o
helw. oip..........~..!. .... go
gologdb- ;.....r.. .. 4.0 s ooo ;
.Ifenne~sse ...-...,......... oo!'r:

Rak Feb11. Shz-

t e oil pl iv
nye 1it snote h ne ad e

~'~~~ll~~~z,~"ljl ~ ~ tlgu' toe moene !to pay sal.--
t~~~9 la~~r ~f)6~thet- pp~~palies ;except dciillingfor
9~~~s"i:~l t (ni e k ialso ini~the west

s~- off i! 1is .money.: ~e .kill~.thteri knoir~ better next
Fe y 0est, 61 IClrPg'fieis 14hose silares. are
f ~~i~ Ii 1ereikr a ~:few~ disd fitestl oil companies; :that' pick
a 8:~si.- as 2 z; orisin.' 'Those: companies canroot. advertise

kihgo~~i c~n~~a 16~it of niptey; for ]liveSttlls aind will make more.
etiB affolbuMild~ heeserid. hteir motley to pickpockets. Inlvestors
e 9~n soin tl ig abolt ~the honestt companiese. .Ill this way,
I ~~now hogt totilf th~eii- mon'ej to work` where it wjll 'earn

CS lysaysabn'it. t te subject:

RI~~;:;rs,~rau l ni y ark ouort to. sell stock ass;d do

:,~ ~:h:d 'shdr e~t::~lt oilmrpan ~s at~a rapid 'rate.
a~~9 ~:~~tah ~:-Sp1 oftybfthe. promotpts. The
a, eg(. # fi.ert c mmnission,.to agens,
atilin~t ~i~ it y tht is' nai ionbn y:1eft

~o:f i~L9~~~j. t-herif n| (10

~~4ing TI Ish e com-
rn a abo:~".'' fit i

I lalei Ite f Riet I i agi5tin a.Mi'=ks' rc a
':-rri Sk t i pigh~t- Shlch cEantentS. -them.
T~~~~~~~~ ha ei iepiiyit h eirf il 'tY ~Jafe hostile to'; Waken; fe 'thby:minst. Jlp;
ride cir A-4ong~tirde. to: lidvise.in7e~stot-s .pf kedpih tee~~.'..ticket. `';he stricj~me is
oil comrpaSi1s. to kep out1Clii.t ifhav ;dodty w teslias pstst e sl
to lose theirr nibesF~tey. T'isjot o sati is W emort ya u i;i
ang a' 1et o.f laths fro r'~aestds -dir evat: the~ t 4, ilto '.C.9 Gaibe ais
?a4 wio anglee ingquity ~di: ompartuies~ that offc 9 canLLLd oir a ~pii lof m itid pes ~rjrei
ai seciturn tes . ." nig theo ep n ~s.d r o .th eser Ol
.ri No~ beenat;~~-o'lp;t 4 tFi any as u p hig to~f Te Grritk w~out th~e ~~t~o.vyte for h~im if ie..lived llI
fren tis e pa'gr kt he iro d,-ppm thf e Gsihter d~is~~ith
:.~ try to sell thear.ahardyto'~ff di pE/iistrots, thsq~ But it is` reported th~at Jdg~e darber- hasjI
stnewpvpaper wcrites -lettersikj'o~~ `iwgra estors..thaf* bought .a controllingg interest in the~ ljid Newsv, a
thgy .4hquld ]@P .thpir miostey or: buy sigres, 54 democrat daily newrspap~er of much inlflayiceP
btn:-. etie~sr,~rWw-tigan"~t4Mstl' I~rtuapid .War fg~ li 9getes oflthe eighth~ togriessibtl~f
.One~:~;t~~ aSk~ta).wr sI:4.-say that~ifhe had beed~ .;et~~ iggkeavi puzzled :at, ~the sjtuat'ion,
our warn~Pings he a.couldi.h~ive shr $3,004a Anostill. ,Wi~ll the Nint~-3f 'i mid, a ~-:,-? ment~ibsts$2,000 As'.the~ tol he ptid to prom~tefls: paper;, su~ppitt Juldge .Garber,jtsJ owrner,.i ihe' re-
'~for hiot aaiste~njag.:o out agg~estion that an invesi uedive~s Itb regablicah; raideltion? ra
-gaties first .and inves;tm~en't afE~nterard shoaok~e b ~ig wiill~the Kn~ i~t As sup~por-t tfhe aunttcratic a
'r the petiScy~ t. Folow... Acnother.- says he -boingt Fotiigidsioal bandidrate Ajad .tght Jude~ Ca~rbr. is
shars Ifor $L, Q.and.'cannot get un,~ivers to the reptbli'i~~, priticipal oiener of thle democratic' knidl an
letedralwhich a wil~vtes. the oil tepany.~.~ Ndw
hangit t inliffstimtjalikoest pi( ha s~ti nai3ii,peplirg,, vstet re of- the
cofpay, e i Tiyeiltld it:ittoi etia istfct .'gjkidng fort $natters~2 t dE twro

.. .. . utes of t m
.VrI A~c yB ~HE VQUTES. Inuves on Lqrider's.

Th.;'.ie chargyie often wi~de that the GOD-SPEED),\ SAY WE.I
people sc3~ldom u :lcoupj wlha~t. the are -
dinisg whn they vole of( conrstitu- TeOcaaB~anner very-p roperl(
tronal ~neiijta,, .nd that they calmmen~ds~; H. Dov'e AlW~ilato, o Mi(
dso st cookether ~the beait~ng of the va- andi, -sayig that he ~"ils sed~t
'r e, as. glanme ~ts~ proposed. ,' hM o~n~e and Ind.uatriorusly, caintg
'ifle rpple of Florida have just Ihhts talon~n ibs an effort to effect
l~erm~oneITagte th~at the .- barge is refo~rms in oulr insarme asylubn.'"
tacoerrect.. .hd. tha~t t~ carefully ba.neen did exist ;in take saylum.. w
we8g~h~~ e~ah ipputisn placed before' evidenced ,,b~Y. ddsclosrures mrde ly
themr quflg~~iep~ully. clinasider. the ~- th~e -l~egislartive commindthe. Howr ctsr
feet on the well-be~ing, of the state they home been, rectified, thin 7aper
bta~~efoethey volte, and that they vote has Inot beenm fat ~z. .A~.Ala
I Jutelligentlyr.i- "` ; ''wal uandersffeadf oo tends~ that the
From'ile Fridiurns which'are coan- remedy' 4f 'ths" ill habeen only
inrg in so, slowly, from,~ the election partiall and ~that`. ay more reforms
of Tuesday, It i3 leaLrned that the are need~.
voters Awrd~eclee theil rights with, If tfere je apg ny I on, earth, artY
d`8Mice~ andt iare drlacri~mirrtion.. insti~tution~ of'eltalt aJ l~ty,wthere the'
There were ABrve amendrments to"the tendenestir many9'?n giveaeet o'SBr
.-o3niistiilta to; be voted upoMn. sholwd Flso, it is to 'an anlum
The vo~te Whowe that thlgs w~hbich whose inmetee have 'been .atrickon
Ihad been the molst discussed- renelvved withl the dread disease t~hat, robs
the laivgeet ro anldj .the *espeabll t~hlelli .If IlShelr readqht a~nd a po~wrer
l' one o> .w~hichdaiir c~3amp X,w mddeda 'p~i~i Wheriselves. They alls
TPOE3Ved the lhighieit 740 lOf all. really the "holy ininoenits" of th~e
'I'he 4ntelliJSf4i.r voiroa 6a' made' ~worl~~jd, woe e nlote the marn,
np hs ~nod b to the reative value whom God beholds li'Sting h48 Ih~and
of the auffmendmnts and where he to fa~ure them orr falling in- hths do-
was tihe mo~t lultw~eetedt-and~the bes~t ing his ultm'ot fo~r the~m. when prlaed
prearebd.to r;ess blirndjell, voted under his coontro~l. "It were better.
amending to shda judgmn~nt. Itar thast Iman had he never been*
,,The reasilt is alreadyr known. P. bore."' May Mdr. Allison's efforts
The d~raanag~e eqplendiment walk de- result in, mucrh, good, 18 the earnest
fe~ated' because the votfers of F or- ~pragTer a g.l.--Ta~m p.,1 Tribuse.


Metals sent to ~anp part of the city. Regular Mieals and Lunches'ser
ed 6n short notice upd in the best style of the realinary art.
X32tes :.Lunches from 75 cents op;" Mleal tickets, az for $5-o
7Avenue MIO KEq, Propr.
11/ A11/I 1/c.A.,E;It T .EP
T. A. FEASTER, Proprietor.
M~ail Ordlers Receive Careful Attention.
one 28, z 3ry-zI3Ig Avenue''D. Miami, Florida.
P" bre .A. S. Duesberry

isds elser tale
Weals~' Sersd .at .AII Houra
ksand C/lofs e~erc~tants Dinner 35 cents
-~shsers and
~n in-ason.- P private Dinina Roo~m for Ladies

dvertise in The Evening Record



ON SALARYI LO NS +.......... ...
I ou bo.r.. Thtdny cooki on.~ a Builders Sell Several New. arvan narsac~mesamw

If ou brmw you. pay backr -1 'AB Fl, wese .nEs IWLI
ulr 2;:"; "ba sa tMQrl m*b Bay ltonap H.~ l 101 sa Ase 8sa
u* awr yo PPaYback~ &rr Harlem ., lion z,.s... MSovss.bs
say~beic harw & Co. mold tor H. W. Muliraitsonar
..a *a No. 140 West 222d u. 20180h '*
Two newr tesn-story Alan 011use wlH *PTII rL-
overiolr the Columbia Univereltty~rr~. (.r78
buildings from t~he Broadwara orlde. Inantel a Pmar son t AOt *dE
PRsterno Bma. filed plans for the a stain & Avrulln Nos. 258I-50 Divialues *
Sat., northeast~ crnesr at IRIdge 18.*
house yesterday. Each wth1 be 75x888 .4 450.:688 alan alla No af Eman grl *11
fl~he site le on the souhh side at 119th at. 20mlOo.IL
atreet, 250 test west off Broald~rwa. It Iathast At:Ians was No. slehs..eaap *

~Arhitect .Schewlln-dartds & 'ros. 'he *bI 4105 26Dear 25s. 600 oJlu
figure the croat ~ateL 500,000 Thehi- *4911 Herrick.d n J Bhr
elaes ana tte rzent clon wharouneda Glu A.l ]D Sowl HDM25 Ns. 50A-10 Watt *0
Bulldea ~cugra sel New Pleatte. or Albmenert, wo sd Not 211601 Mat l-Q *
H. Blega soeld re A.bg h Sybng tiuue Az a a.. 40z80.I1 Sor Mr Odbmper to
or lass, Nbs. 50l tog flean But 118h st. A. Natha tsn Gend .a. s NN
A1r 00.12. The hu sest &r Olner constrize- nM Arthu G. Tdullkr esld0. a 1115148
hg~~re 24lr av:; ]9.1stII.8, flo Isettili hih &~~
Jra~ 11bUen aond Carles Rubin ed td to a LEAllim. d-o a
Unv~erslr vaa groeenit o snapm. m Wrh t. DGone;, fhoryl Hlesunry B Ah.
is. B.ea Goodol @ on saI d o.58 es t d gn(1 CaleWht Ao da *
tlrh a., SI10 5,B wIts ourEtry~ dweling S: (Pac.: fr Hary '1Y. Has~an to En.
the~~~~~~~~I nel raNe ilanHlaly*Iamub Enith Non .0Wnt .ha~
W.11 Tt'bo88wanger is pleadent tar GaOre &Y~ht l Corire o M. 4'I
a rend No. r110. Wes -lath~C st:fr en
M.~ Il 'bo~hn & o. n ld hfor Beaaml Mesae 80 & Gohtes.,t M. rnM No.8*
to ~ Mk ot t six atDr ifLatN. OS1t g BId *0 Wet4t s. o gie 1
Jac~ .y we u rn m n~te a ch Rnbht MceC m Fisarik n anjntinwia D

I513,00 too.p Renflt CoFlats. *o TheB Gos&Gs Co.l~O leased fo r *
I. un.r Gor~th fler flieod Nh or the wtal rd e .bo~n O lil NoN ut .
Sn.. Inn has v w31 oste~ de.Mlh5 net ot fork Mv:m ars. An LH~ardto to Watr H.*
o17 at.. twov urHatol Voa Iry flr n tr I aa Stearna l ND. 31tde WisL ty-a at. I
286 D7HE PiiO feet w pest Id v.. 8, ]!Irll toy Charles H. AIty or Hen *I'I
6-stor flatesand is ars,568721:R r. 0.m~ Treor 1weIn No. 4823. Westa T8t- *
ownern C. CM. straub areBstuteat l55.000,e et. Cwith F. &o G. Pflrnmd 'Nbs. 174 III
FoNh our BIh ld~ecrs Get son. *o I8rroand Wat. to a: o Pemslvna Rber O. *
Tbav. 250. Noa. Uen02 e bouo h 50. ie Gurantee sste.i onuclm il o

Danige, @5000 t. 8nazi 'Pruar. C .h a~ boxh the so. dwesdta
Moigore Bouying in ote Bronz0. o s t n 6av.Ion esn
rn NLouis oos sold for Fanke M.llert soto E4a wilba Ms qa bank and I stoager war
Gan roo a. ci5x .-a fu-usor fants Norr. Ir Bef eea atrn ey for liforris~lgae and;
aeu 8.'"m"" pabl mrvaktor .P G( a^ As Mult eo ,2 bha. M1xlad eote u.r
Bwo-fr nitly house or. 2D2118 Holan av n*ofSuh6rt v.adIr o N.038
Getazlr: an Pa Svaltar cheot sold 00 for. Palie nothath con of .d Pov. an $ s. 10Q1c
brick Ibulse No 1800 Shkecan, oah Kaurme~anW N.10to Panslval Southa Clt .IL
A~1C. ShalakinpP. ~ & otssld500 n~P the THE AlCT*IC191 51RK
enbhasdetoM I~n~mh~ a Indel 316.40fonraj woma thestr Oans fely~a Bue
earya. aid o Cedar a, e s ourth of Bardblo 'lhare s ol b u merin thesaesroo wnas
avpre. t F' lrankBa. Ja6210 Con lythe ona sieo ma Thereul .as
2.of Harlaleo~ p ullc.5 o ut Cof. Randell) est. l toR~te L ByJBBHP IY-otD 94.1101
?0Iff s.tner though 60000 oahnca tide nrDi wnL arre. 28 eaounthwesta of Je
o e lre of d 216tsh at 1"east o S.b av.0. eTnd soldar at..nP B0914afnl.x10 tw-sor dwel
Art to N. Galnt. to~l Augusta Tagrn 183.350
A. ~ ~ ~ ~ ra~py Wensei anduclb wi. Scitcke sod o.Olrng T-D
"a~lunr Blo0(0Mho .ru-st Tmre MalM bonh H DA met on
B~lrox ude r flne I tese plans: 11ti et.. fieear l. 33.1.~~.~ Luut Vrno0.11; APldu
298ts RrLs. n**'ssd 100 test wesk atbo n II~."1 1 ea ad. 185th tod 180illi at, ald.DE
1'ran lo a r.. trwo-st u~ory r e d telaIn.1xte T 120 an bIlh L orhsie ea
S~i mand J a peber r'wner, Guaa to B Tislerat ar. 18at itwag wrlor s *L a nestr
Ecr.wr.h nlkardhi ee-t: 55000 dwelra~.9 b6 lmng Foerakn av., s r 1outh Iie. TO:lr,
Palerims av.. eas Ide.ml To f northof 11-on lot N=> 34 Ieno.D Of~x~ sonITLBILDIAr

te V OR house in 90tia~~aa \. Na Ka 1n6 house sio niSo~ withi a bjal
of Sh1.." atto n e ha 0mntsrs
eaurh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ dn Linu oo ManhazarsR oned many,~ is wa tICICN URKT
Ye v ou have been lokn forll~ yars lhRf",* Women'*4 Ih Ol'>or
for houe whch oun coul ca~bllJ a scoolv thos* wit ass soms kotm was: e
ar gd~~~ as:2010 o ~seplsie oartiaTheal decrmud wlnh an-sam
biCalltys onea.st construto Rn, artl~.ist ,,d Jnew eneFi... usu.beslan a ru es
nr) wantr andc Lhatln .hus earsn rr hoe Pon
deorton andI.I~"W hoi loation. ~~ ld. Our R L~~hl I tgegragngatr eggyg~I.
two-famly ossinteBonxe Io Austs Cr. Q3.nm.
met ou Wanseed-0mntsfo n a.Av a mera
where~ values~ areJ incd~lrleasn rapidly ran Ogr. no aoser an.r
rarln blocks m SL s.sc1eBre ar
tocr'ronvince yrou ha ti sl~a your cerEmar P.stn DAr use. 4 Wast 289
Eroope Parle61ars. whrfste Nnm. din ng-srot
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~iril st.nu-r sid. 10 ~er we I fi hn laed. IAhl sie Ilf.h usegn turnat for~D j
Carll or..rm~sr~ rm ~~lg writer mas ramnr. servaIory s sear OLIP, dd Bd
P~~nra-. a~m~er: 560 famely.n Lucr~lose a\if bglase sie b 0lcmtr
Plell HOLMEkS &ll.T~ FARNSW ORTH ropnd coN I7mey Is'~orlan aay; eamra

RE 99 BSAEFroaday, C( o i ."A ESTTEr .;EOR T.LE. "ITY:
New ork i. VAD RVEEN & C., ukes

New 2-Stoy ndBasemen
2-fams brr aic hoses. 12 rlon m. 3l~l ha bs
MOeY TOv LOA. rurnace leunt hard roo n ar m. cnurole i
THREE~~~~~~~~~rn 2-amlydtledhue. ullte ae and Iinewred;all asnse ralrs aid,
n at rapd te~ntt rrat-m; all assss ent il l Dric I-g7,000. e. a te~rms budi ng f, Ut #r
pai. bnesr onl 72dr arrt. r from 4n b ..lih s
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-family frarhe 25xi~ru. 5-d2ni 1- -lc ~ cnun
dec iratonail 51.100. n*;.sr csuta n. u 6 Are:rml rmu lo Ing rr pcps *y ~as an, f'5
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Fet or eesnc 4tas-0 rm onue noo Istur Ialon I th serun .5*@Us
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HO M E IN' & BliAL.TT O.,,rerns, I)P Mabus tderud r1albip Oull on ,rs
BROOKLYN.N bEst everh us. aasw mnts o L.r4s F n.

rnatouse ury annon. ~ en
M5,350 Tw-aml Brick, 285,350. OTTO boe. 2ro; SIGR BUIDE.sr
SJ.04,) fee 000, n .6oy 6dita 1 ,0 0 111 Rhd ".) E rilclat, ha lloo rnE Jul ngs l piggg
inethn.rc~a~ mrsh I iasrnmnienol, ile leatbule --------- --

vIoRlas S-i.Uary. daithe $1,45, adar, uiu Ieasy Frme, til sewing d 4bae;n all asn.r U rent.

Is~l j til- a Iin' 311 Ut T a I rl **r-a0.; U W o ebok f o ln
Guf ". ,o~n 'o b,; ".,.1o .uo,.e rrla upbnd 7Zoo sad
E. I UI . n CI awarm **n ma.~ pJ"La lot 4~Lrawinn Drlie and carrias..

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411:!. ~ ~ ~ ~ n .'II 1' uIrfeo r 710. riC1 ID~rcca n: ]fir blE
U N O h re I I. I f .lvs'.. He ir lrial n., n I~~Lnpr I~n Lh. Op8H.3 2111.gn)$11
~j~h~i-I I.1 1 *rd li Leuulitae l Italla l.~ I li 4th l cD~near .1 t j%rgd ~.nj91
.til~ .\ EIU. 1 ==. $...1 I rl r F as re and f... ra.-it 1"ro s e*d
1aaIII1 I*I LII as 41 usersons.(I~ $4~1 g;.u l**sri' .o~ onR uppli enallen to OlloJn'R O;D
pay 64.o n garment 11'S
InN~ I L Airls II<*. et!880n Ful 11 LifT. area ba an : ln *fuaarIll

-. ..1 pa e La:1.k 180.UD fIne 11a.1, 20510; dBsjirabl

it it l* i t..ina :* ~attlV a =nlu al .i. smIrirsE-narn nsorice si it.. rr
tii lia. I ral a ) I 1.AftIII ~ Iggy 1*'. 1, nl.00 ..s. l,h lou4l n r ga e
In.1a l id'0l .1h n Yril.14hy lLI'ms Ilan ner u ar.Mr Rl d af.~ br ne r,~
\1 I1 I 11.1.1411~ r.J v 11 .'*@1". l Flnl. **1 ]Ilsulnrrarn rlace. IIrn

p I.~ It*0 a.r .- I .Ir I I*s ill*k ab.usu. I eg 11 aLT` l!% RI!ILaDINU Iur woodw o~rk in J
S.:sist is~n soura~n r, g..elI~usIn... 1**** S Pr rulyltit. WII.IA MRR POW.
lil ~.1111..:J Iui 4 L:L ht"NIlot7, EJE I 1.5U rsell. (di farinYH
447 I =*t as sepA AHLY HOUSIEL near Broadway
a 1 ..9. n~u li ll.dictsfilry). Ful n l.l Inusli.rio Il aLp JeffeMOD
1 ~ ~ ~ ~ I~lll l 1 1 r ils A Fitja1 -1.a~irsl.g Ihln #bllr ,NT E ab~
**4 1 Pirre l..r *511 1.esmel .Ive. I'es1It C AT ION~ 15 Hroadway.
(Il tr nn s] tan.v ere.sn IUIA L nr:K IIT W154 Pwes-fwrursI
7(-~ -.- s '* D tnsa 0;tneS 1 m r~lrnarILE 25000.

Ihinl atI~A ltB sainarue Yst.,~b DisankirmN;` iiar


Seocity: ~acramr U~nited Hebrew Char-i
Josaph J. D~uisrligtn. Washingla. D. i
C., Lanwyer.
Charless A. 'lalpk~ind Boston, I~ass.,
former manager of time Mlural Life n-
I surance Comgeany *or M~assachuasets.
Cassius C. Shirley, Indimanapous. Ind. ,
ex-Atrorey-G~eneral of Inmalna. c
James D). Ph~elan, e-x-MJayiur of San
LU\ ES M'fRD rancisco and Chalirma~n 0.{ Le Bali
Francolsco (Elelief Cmmissian.

~T. Reid Pell, New York. President at
~Horace Bunch MarDaniel. Springfleld,
.N IN R L R- o. President of Union Nationed Ban-k.
J. Hampdlen Robib, New York, u~ellre- )
rary and trustee of Grctnw:ic~h Savings
I ~Justice C. Strawbridge. Philaelphia.
Peabody Clothier, murdiants.

Ilovement, Which Kidnaps and emanu a neg a q Pe-- =ars~i
~ug~hes, n~anamaker and G"'" ig Aumyotaruo?'Ao. nada..
!!a-wland Wing, Lrord St. Oswld,
15 of the .Nominees. Torkshrm. vEmsand, represeltnun arlt
Ish polloy-hailders.
PPl re Baudin. Paris. Tibastee, lex-
Cabinet 3Iinsister of P*Ibile WVorks. Pres-

t' M'CURDY OL~D GUARD mt Frcneh o.^u" -AZ\clens rere.n

EXPE;CTS .SURE D'EFEAT. The ulce rlcet ,u In n~nallnon
Lomposed at frifeen of ihe Internati
Comnzittee's nominees. Fifteen of t
present truerees of tled Mutuail, fpur a
~Polcy-Hol~ders'^C; ~ommittee Is the agency foale of hbb company.
M~r. Rusi~gse anld Mr. Wanamaker.

Now Certain hat Its Candl- t b.~ t ni commate.. ,n s'"at a
;1 nfksyor Adams of. Bui'o* Bmrdwa~
dates WIill i8e -Elected. .""y H. X;, De AU alm '1 ,e Ipd~~
i--Irine.9' 9R McC~urrc. It Tr lctuar
TV. L Pc I .T yrn~g D. P~hean. H rrnla
In a desperate effort to hold on to S ider, C Itewa t Sul b r Land
their offices In the M~utual LIle Insur- -) d
The fiftten raminis~t~rratio ren nm
ance Company, a seatio~n of the Pea- dna.Led are: Hugo Baring, Charles S.
body management, swhlob control the BarOwH'ilC'rus CurLs be Jrle tmDo'
agency force of the comrpany.~ put into Mla~rtr. Emory MncClintarck, Georgie P.
effect yesterday the #pbt hatched on Millk-c. Tho~maso MO Mul .DD Ihre enr.
MIonday, by nominating a trick third PhipFps, George C. Rand, Leroy Springs
ticket and filing it with the Superanten- and Lewis Gterr.
dent of Insurance at Alttiny. 'Ihq four agency men nominated are
As forecasted in Tne Worrdel yesterday George T; Dexter, wtho has ollar e of:
about half of the trick ,ticket is m~sad al be agents of the Edutduaala afes an '
up of candidates nominated by the In- second vle-Dresident of the loom~atly;
Lomrnatonal Polley-Hodldet' Cmrnmitere. Hr-nry E Dunean. w-ho has char6-e of:
Nirt consent wiit~n. boldly cpjnscripting all the foreign agents of the Oomoany,
Atfteen *Cf the mep drom that organjz.1- Biscoe Hindman, managing agent ofi the
tron, the backardl of 1,12el' tricktket Mutual at ~Louisville, and Frederich O.
plaed at the .head of their1st CSharli-s Paige, manager of the Mutual at .De-.
E. Hlgnes, Lhe Insurance investigator. tolr

sLRphgtale R1L rrede nt a babd' hi ed to le tb naoi .-nrtio a d.Fle
w'arnedl him em~phaumlcly- that urai~der n o ut statements to the neywspapers. The
consideration should his nrame be placed tygpeyrrit~ten statement lbe iufut'ilbed
on the tiwck, th'e ra totIr. sa78 In parit: .
IIagnes wass Dut throi =-, '"he wicakess o tshe. adlmlidaf,8ragot
'Pre M~utua-1l y~lotters ticket IS thdv IncluLsion of flfteen .110-t
on thoeiFr tiket Joh~n W h Cuwlvy trulstese;' and while wet havea
out ras knarwledge. I 's sel-cted4 iTften names Ifrom that. ticket
son, Thermas B., Is a wr, havel nc=:eptcd none wrho were ebosen
Inersnallon~sl l Committe: by ~Kr:hard A. yet;urdy.
on that body the J~mne "'e In~trests of the Wnas ~I appeal t. the Mutuarl's r~mresentatives
Mar'. ~Hunes reiterated i:irat torcuunhout the conlitry. They cannot
he told President Pwab. ay. irx-pect to re:ovrr their buslnrses so lonA Jt
that under not e:nsider itiil~~did he Is general dissatisfaction and suspicion el
srrve un the Mlutuail be' remain In the minds of 'the' insurinbg Ai
1 4e ajdzdd corat .he Jnlen(1 nputlty The be has mand caent have .
~teh lanw Dearing upon th@B nocnienen as manageent whibb
a view tq ba.ing his will be -charged, wIih being stlll domi-
from the ticket, he woul neted. by Dhe *old McICurdy~J trustees." .
courts. M~r. Hlunhes f 2oo t nb
ethis name off the ckpooy oHuh.
cesof law. ,.Another statement given out by ,Mr. o
Let Peabody In. Bard regard~mg the nomination of 5 r.

ard Oil, B. 1-f Hasrriman and ofruajr expecnsrtlon of ble accepting. To have
apbcOUnatlVB interests. It Was reDorted asked thdy In advanced *Le consent wuatil
t.Iat when Mlr. Peaubody :h31':leadned ths ave Ibeen Io bege asked* him to, take'
he raid the rlir- at.- to ViePeietsides in the differences within iflie otrk-
Limay ,eclnrok an GergeG. ex-pany. W~e ~refer to~tender him a nom-
t~er and basYIistd thu n beho lot ination san oprl;~~~rportunity to do a great
*E fo .51 Pombdy a r~e~ ticker. and his ~r ros F. --uuheam. rmanager of the
L i. .1 I . a I n i, . 1. I T n r -*

is .Irn Es.. c..-.nt s a, a II -- rr,.- li.:.ll.: *.l.i de s ann~i t lou d the
T@i riinan oft use4 ilth.r. tiketl IS r- "'TheF Iry of' fueloln she~ toon vftn beejn
gas!JL. 1 a rsictiinira .:.ar derIE31t for ~reirs the purpose of this latest
1,,.,,,,,,,, aiil stiics h. vilith ar- r : [r. D 1a'rste and Li.- entire
t1rns tru, rouse of (;cors'e F. Hask~r. trick in1 too MwlhiavPllan to, drlude the
eat,41.srus D .Tirll! rd. GOl. G. Ha~ve~n- pol ey-holders In thes Mutuatl company."
) cls. F.] rc Crmmiil Jamrz; N. Jair-
's C,'ii a nee I-ri~~~r...l J'dleinpy g g FIIT W F.I IIF
tc$r I\i~cI d ln. In~lnil~ T.t~he lusanl W~LL~ BE CLEA4N CUT.
Gai~nted upcn r ttninn Pontrrl after
rly; forther.mlnF elecrl..n.
It.. ~d~r~ aget of th. .11.tsIa.1~ whO wer Only Twoe T~ckects in th~e Field,
to elect to.2d lct, strati ticket fire tbe 17tanarezmlnt's and
ah:l Tn or iu na wthr ir as L. the Policy,-oIlders'.
ram njtP O to e 2 mslrj/st i i nso In the Newv Yirk DIfe the fight will
1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i Ith~l toyiirpal1*1 n t between the rprisent man-
Pr ildent rP~l~jl.ebd !ut In an ouot uin- ge~mcnt und the polwcy-hold~ers. wdth n
"om~i.rth~l Ie A' nhs hce. &Mrsn IJ t oultSide C'-lmollI.:at]CT.sru-nly two~ tirkets
C InCrdy. trust.*2- UFa<* iicd U~tin they' are In ther- field. Luhat of te adzrdlnls-
are thle viethms of a. trecherous pLo" tratlon and one filed yesterday try the
Neithelr be no~r Vicr-Plesident .110- Intenrnatonhal Pollop~hOldens' Committee.
C* ii :ke we 1!' makre arny explanation Yorrterd .* bei-nn the last day on which
D e~rnJ$, r of' 11r Penl.,-rl' and >Ir nn-o.rruntins can legally be flied. noa
lrlelaretrrela sa~i dile apparient de-ortion othrr thL~ketr cn be entelered Jn the race.
of em. Ti ocurdnt rar-'r.~ : d Irll The6 tw-erit-Toulr men naminated by
rn IR t'::~di 3e mirrinistration ricet\-. thle Intr'lSonatins rCommittee for tru-stee-
on k ,,rpr xt 51,,ri up.na. Fr. ieric R rourt irt, New York.
Ocivt t thir ei-M t.wrmalmber of thea frm of Coudert Bmell-
The nteunaount'Plket Fe'llllam F. Draper. HopedalP. Mlass..
Tlis* Inter~naucnal Commit~ec t11et' Its forwae~frly Unirti-d States Ambassador sc
t-ickets rt thi room.- oil.:e of the list- .Italy
at ~usJ nd. wite n Irv TIuralnc Flparuan Jo~hn W. Dunn, Newr Yosk, precedent
at Albant ahe in hlr-.l a eron b~or of Tool Interna.:Ional Steam Pump Co.
Lowin a.,l:~rle Lru the thir!sxmn E-n Frede-rich B. Lyndh, SL Paul. Mblnn..
tln sh O.nmre. th u tr n~rlnia :r r afoira atind Ctreasurer Northweaker
t~rustee Adlm th 1tdi.170Lof Buffe.Io. Isidbor Nerfman. New Orleans. La.,
Slllt Ancirer s. S..racuse, N. Y. senior member of banking firm of 141-
Ex-Crder~ jus-tle of Coulrt of Appeals. clon: Newsman & Sons. .New Orleanls,
Samurl S. Mcrrlure. Ardseye-on-Hua- La.
EOn N T Publsishr out ,McClure a Franels H. Legtsett, New York, Drea-
alaga~nl ident of Franels 3, Leggett, &
Cairmll S. Page, ex-Governor of Ver- Adolph Lewisohn, New York (repre-
mont. sentin~g the German plc-od
Edwin A. MIcAlpin. Ossining. N. Y., president of .United 3retal Blu

President est c". .~~' I "i ?I+, m~e *- ; -1 .. c. rnrnivn m r-;
Hienry- P. Scott, .'. rr.~ ; e-,1 13
Vice-Presi~dant of ...-t. Jnan n D IT r.Isal-11. 17 nm~rn oth11,
Trtut Co. q,.g. ., ,: : 310-rm.t m En insin ess
Wlilliam B. Lamear Tillai~rms.- T'l- :.T-n s XAi-*:sation.n
Cona'ressman and e x-.at o'nc--~~,-lls ~ vr* :.NwYr.'le
oA lorh Cperton Bmratonl EI:-mp 7sin n ~vo fTn r
VaL.i President of the Vilr inia Ear .1- 1>Wt C.tnPangn e
rtrnr.1 P. Pa~lleT. ^%!:c. Fll M~an- 1.'" re. -l"agi dretor" of the New
eager of N\~ationr a 3.1stles .-:e Castlng~ l..r: F.:r--wer.i s Co.
Oampainy. ha T Conrrsu.- Troy. N. T., presi-
Ge--ge P. HIl~tnn. Ahlt~iy, N T.. L1.I...di~ .1r m fne Lu.311.=w Ta~\ve Manufacturing
P:-=-Seick A fiBllnrd.,i .I1:on G-- Icalrge II Robinson. .1'e~ York vice-l

ncrn. N. Y., A-*elalr. Ingerson-!Rand n "':.*,ntL and alrect~r of1 S F. Hereardl
Stewart Shilito, ";rna ana. n.. Pvr-, Core. W. GulhneO. Mayor of Pitts-
Madet Merhats and Mnret burg, Pa.
Assadaton. S phe Farredly Newr York director
Alfrrr1 S-hifr. New Yorkr C~!- Ity n. Ale ofme~rt n Nrws _ompany..
ber of ft-m of Pileram & 1ee* m-c~r in Hre:,. TNiF To. E\inl> P-oe-.rt..
111110tm L. Fprl .!.II~ Arlitata Ga *Enrr o tre Newi- York Evein Post..
drnt rarl pe,-ld..-R2-k*: Ranklng ;7 Edar 8.5himj' n ~n~r -..
1Pt1 la M CD p:,.-,1:.nM N Y r nJ a emV Pla nrerlphia senior
Prk Boa.r! atd Tfrade an Trh~ns m b~ or Edwarrd B Smith & o.
iTor I:,n A. De Lims. New Y~ork. b por ke a

FL~~. all n C.Sm nz re JarN. Y.K seb~~n Hior m ? Cof Dt
writer Co.i pr-~ .. ." e Yanll~ A' Trg: n1 p ie
Herman C.Sideken Ne 0-.o-. n. rctr1inNvoi ak
rewinej tN. Gert~ anio mTell.: -br.!+ -
11s-mber of the firm of ~C~Lrossmas & Pred.~ rr R.r1sk Kretn .
Ilekken, Scffe tr.Phnts 7T7c 7 = ir .to C..f toNnoJ I ~lnter Cronts
Frame~ Tih o4 Nerr Yor'.l~:. Dr.l~--p B-k

dent of Park & Tifrd, wh Tesale .19Harwood-Banrnar. Liverpoo En~g
groans. lan.1 3Mmber ro Plrrs~m.-nt Rereserrnt-
Robert L P~-rvr Shff~alo. N. .. Pre. :n~P Brritsah pallte-holdera )
fier ofi Irn !Tf .:nlrersi ,L Traders' Na- Lecioat3 M-F~!l.i:2.,, P-r;. France, pres-
tional Bank. 1.10n! ofI TFsa.-rth-n' Internationale de l
Winllam L. Guithwh al New Yok 1Tittua!!:= .ryrepreentine French po:lky-
President of Chli r~.i~rl ,,wrn Stes2mshlD he.1. ~rs
Co. Its recast (.1 It. narrdnnath'ins n the
Wa!llas:v. H. Or.,tr.t Rl. Ba'Th-il- N Y. Mutual and New Yrrk Life La nter-
PP......] st n.- n,l?.i r ,:' Corn~mer I r .n l *TTlnsmitt 1?5sus- aq asttemen

aipthe Anrmstrong, law. lista Of eadidiatell
(110 New York Life and Mdurtual LIFe director
awere filed yesterday at Albrany; The election
11. be held in three months. Id rtshe mean .tim~
are will be sharp cotmpetiltion a~d poase$
haRp actice In the collection of Drrdgieeg.
The poliley*-bo~lderFs .o the~ two big co )ani
must decide for themlselv~s whether the preset
adminisltraftionss shall receive new leases of powqr
ior whether the Doicy-holders shall t~lke over t
control oj' their own business through their chosesp
reprselentithree. ,9
Titere. are~ two -New rork, Life tickets, hinging~
on the iiSUe whether or not the Dresent or
Per ins ma~nagemen.t sha~ll be continued. In the
Case of the Mlutual Life there are three tickets.
The administrattion ticket mesas the retention
of the old set of MecCurdy diretors. The Inte('
national Committee ticket contemplafes an enltire
change of litnagement. IThe third or agents'
ticket Involves the lopping off of the M~cCurdy
di entors and the retention of the present insur*
anoe organiza-tion.
In spite of such reorganization as followed the
B~oosures by the Armstrong committee, the
present, management of neither company has suc.-
peeded Ip winniug back popular confidence. The
demanld for sweopin% reforms is qtlll naslatest.
T.lhe polley-holdens ano have the opportunity to
say how far these reforms shall be rea~llile.

Tncra Is no dtic~ut some subtstnce; to: the claim tha
Free al~c~ol ual wll stimulate~ Ltrade That is onte at I
recognized p~ropercles

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Tha~s is why it has been ncs

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Today we make the 11UTUMIN PRO
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;CA M lPBELL--and the celebs
There is such a galaxy of musical
The new warerooms this Fall pl
The purchaser cannot fail toscu
terms suited to his convenience in pay
The INVITATION is equally cordi
you come merely to see, or to buy.

A. T. Sewr r Co.,~a c. JOAI

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Mio d ~i~oun~i;~:~~ 4.. a.-2a~~ d
Pbgrking 144# as,..4~i i thiiig
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lysicians as the BEST ~remedy for.
Cnd Whooping Cough because
~S,; The action of B~allard's Hore-
bMngn, itis adapted to infants, as well'
o f.t'emperament -and constitution.
arIiable~ :Testimoni

Chamber of Commerce
Votes to Withdraw.
--Letter to Goveirnor

(Continued From First Page)

as secretary, of the Chamber of Com
"At ta special meeting this after
noon pursuant to call as per copy
enclosed, the Obamber of Commercer
lheald E. A. DeFuniak. general frieldh
agent of the la & N. R. R. at Monlt
gomery and several Inem'bers of thlr
body lu opposition to any action bhat
might be construed a= animojity to~
the railroads or -tend to hinder them
from recoliping fro~m recent losses at
revenue duec to recent lose; of bu.El
ness. Obalrman Knapp of the Inter-
slate Commerce Comm~iselon was3
cited as hsvinig advised increased
rates became -o~f recent tr'ansDpors
tion conditions, and certainu of the re
cent lacliases were cited Io support
of the statement that the Incrrases
amounatedl to an avra'lge nf 1 rent per'
11.101 ov~er the ratesa of 1905. watell the
railroads in triar year voluntarily re-
duced. Rece~nt Increase in construr-
tin and mainitenance costs. and In
oltierah' rSxpnses under recent la~sl
by the =eneradl governments and an,
of the states. were al-o cited
'"li was finally or-dered on \ive voce
vote, any who mlay have been opposal
not voting, that the sEil'tary' be di-
Ireted to telegrayph GCovecrnor- Browaro
wilthdrawilng~ the letter of Augusjt
the memlbership as evidenced by the
attendance ha\'ing; faith In ttle capac
ity and jucrice oftlhe Inrers:tate Com I
ruerce Commisnion.. bein,7 crontent tol
aw~ait their action on any and all as
pects of the rate situallon presented
by the present acrJon3 before them,
andl being tanwilling to take any ai
tion that would add to the difficultle.=
presented the railroad. the courts ana
obe federal commission by t-he rcon
flict between the court presided ov~er
by Judge Speer and the Interstate
Commerce Commission.
"Respcrtf'ully yours,
"'G. A. W\\ATERnIlkN,





Citizens Who Favor Planks
in Democratic -Platform
Called Upon.


"Shall the People Rule," and
"'the Measure of Rewards,"'
Will Be the Chief Topics
of Norninee's Speech of

By Asjociated Press.
Fairriew Farmi. Lint~inr. Neh AIIg.
5.-Wi~'lliam J. Bryan tonight caused
to be given ..iu for publlication aIn ap,-
lleal for campiaign c~ontributions inr..m
rlitizens of the repubhile who favor the
following propositionn.
Tariff revision. Felction of U'nited
States se~natora by' oplarj11r v'ote, thl
guanrantee of` all nationni Ibank riepos-
its, destruction of' private mouooli es,
the pblihlcity 'of Lamlpalsn onr~3LIba-
thus oefore election day the adoption

The' Democratfd State executive committee has declared
N. B. Broward the nominee of the party for the oflke of
Governor at the next Blate election, and no good Democrat
should impugn that decialon.
In the opinion of the Times-Union, It was necessary to
wtnt for this verdlet before the result could be certain, since
there were charges aff~ctin~g the vote in certain counties
whiob left the decision of the people in dispute. But when
the committee speaker such doubts are laid to rest finally and
conipletely-Iln the South the Democrat must hold by his
party, ai by his country, and stand with Decatur in his
tonst--"My country--may she always he right, but my~ coun-
try, right or wrong." To us the party authorities speak for
the: party, and the Darty's voice is that of the people.
The Times-Union opposed Mlr. Broward. Tr did so because
of a conviction. that he- was not the fittest candidate for
the responsible posillon of Chief Executive of such a great
and growing Lltate as Florida--that, besides his own dernelen-
cies, he had been dwarfed and warped by factional afil-
tlons and had Imbilbed prejudices which would make a broad
and wise administration of the otlce wellnigh impossible to
him. In his past. he had given reason for the fear that he
would be Influenced by close political friendships now re-
pudlated by the people and Etrongly stamped with their dis-
approval-in which case these, and not N B. Broward, .vlll
prove the real Governor of Florlda.
But, In expressing these doubts, the Timer-U~nion is but
giving the reason of past opposition, and Is not precialming
[L .ourse for the future. With sincere Joy the Timer-UDion
wln rejoice to learn that we, and not the people, have made
the ml'stake; that Mr. Broward will be Governor in prolprln
eron, and that his course will vindicate fils electllrn by
giving us a wise. conservative and Democratic administra-
tion of the highl trust Imposed on him
Thle Times-Union opposed Candidate Broward for reasons
that seemed good and sumelent. But the Times-Union will
be glad to find that It can support and approve every Im-
portant act of the Democratic administration EooD to Bssume
the relps of power, and It wrill cordially to so it thle next
Governor of Florida will rise to the situation, be the Gov-
ernor of' all the people, and cast aside the narrow and be-
Iltttilng affiliations that have so long krpt hils encigies with-
In factional lines and allow his sympathiles to brondon with
his Dowers.
In the coming campelgn the nominee will be opposed by
a Republican of character, ability and influence. From this
writing the Times-Union le with the nominee of the Demo-
ermtle party In his trials, trusting all. believing all, hoping
with the strength that Is born of utter faith in its party and
he future of the State.

freque~ntly' IS born ,l:Fsuccss.; c~~~l Ke in ould not be raplidly Co
this truism, applicable as we~ll to the of thie Gov~ernment gett
r as to the sterner serx: prom~ptly in ten I'iars,
Is easy enough to be pleasant, used~ .:lrrr fo~r other Irr
'n Ilfe: fows along flke a song, Elemcn:s would be r
the mar, that's worth while einpse before the entir
man who <*an smile when evrerything taken u.--Brook~llynE.
,ojes dcad wrong "
Adlaies"Ilant Are 1
eat Errisaton Project in Wror- urlae--flelebrdeal
mingr. JdS ~.proverrbs hat~e
Ihwestern Wyoming's wild and won- fr emote aj ges -,nd
topographyr is to be the scenr t: of s or TtIs se~l l (1
engineering aells.Ity A recent a w'Orly.1 bla elaves nearrl
!if the irrigation reclamation so ~rv(]ice, Iig r~recazd. this r
ting aside 57.?50.000 for the iZnstrue-- re p phesy- that hisn
if a hiuge dalm and Irrigation wo~:rks orld~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ wine. The
4 hoshone- ?lver, In Wyromi~ng, lends thilp, en ther frst gr.
stto some Illrlri known1 Inv'est~ignsns Ir,k..a handful and.
hvr been 'mader in this.uninhabited Int.:. atEup in the pe
3epr A blrl.Jlef disssion oflr the work derri~ed him as a fale
Gov~ernment engineers during (11- things happen ewn
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Sgranite? canyon the iG-,vernment will *Oehr-ti sbte
Cement and stonerlam, as Immiva- llave-tts."1 Bel(rro a le
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18a great lake covering .1.all:' a.ro ing A~nothcr well-l
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feat The eolyan at the dam site is signile;s thnt if a man
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forming an acute inverted triangle French counterpart of
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h a srstem of runnels~ and ennals we EBay ""It is better
four miles in length tha~n rich.'. The Arat
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18of the Bennte and H-om~e co~mml'- lhe Nile and he will r
at month. Fre'derick II. NEWell, the in hiis mouth,. ivhlle
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by for most careful survess **W'e w.:uld come back to
lie Bald. "bulid :r BtorgE dim at proerb ppays. Gold
per nd of the Shoshone canyon anti.9,.nIui o








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