Group Title: Correspondence, Business and Legal Papers
Title: Correspondence, Business and Legal Papers: November, 1907
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Title: Correspondence, Business and Legal Papers: November, 1907
Series Title: Correspondence, Business and Legal Papers
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Publication Date: 11/1/1907
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Box: 5A
Folder: Correspondence, Business and Legal Papers
Subject: Broward, Napoleon Bonaparte, 1857-1910.
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Horr. n, Lncl.n Hal~ley~,

C1xamide~nt ofR S.tson(rZ~ n Unims;i

T hFeyrw~.?;lh enal;, nT toi you chio

GoverI Unlition, boa~r; tcr. fo (JosephI~in

clst,4sonn ~niLve's~ity: :fir' team- ortMng Mer

I emfr plul-F t;O kno that- she 8)1. iS

he4r, 10.12~ to her enefl enco-s : ?;0:~~. hers? ::h

'hanki.nt- yout in advatne.s I b-e

tgc 17h,-107

ch er;ful-adnd has taken



9, J

. Governor


Irno embery 2, 1907.

.,alP.nct, p718. ,

of y ur te chers ha ro in '.1 "r: F. no LF~II~'.i.ni.1C

O~~~~~~~~~a~~~~ 8 7 1 > 1 0 n 00 1P : .

-5~~~~~.7h; .1 ?+ -.1 -p ri1 o

-nr',;-~ d jit? T .0:H5 -,o n: I~*c:? ~ IE ~~r -et l; .*T 7fi O

-0trf rhrTo 17 '~~fTcCi`n ,;C .frt ,-ncsotoy

L.. 1 i .1 E; <: 11 As r= d~~ate 8 3c-tgst -Pro

.ai r ii... rr o n t O,- T-il l l o a a d t h

EI / oero

a .' C

A ttorn ey.
624 Madison A venue
PHONE S. 1082

ovington, Ky;.... act.. 28th.~ 19 09.

Jon. B. B. Bror~erP

Your :letter of the 21st, alt. Kas found in1 mZY d.VG'l olj m
arrival, fr~om Sault ~tre Maie, Onltcriew I really int~enled to
wrrite to you ait once, but business ves p rESSJing m~y ttention,) So very
much that, I neglected to fexpress ;ma high aprovil~, of- it dreceptio~n.
I wa~s only h-ome a d;ay or tw end then wenit to Pa~ducah,
KentuckSy, to attend the- Gra.nd LadyF, Fr~ights of Sythli-:: B!Etine, s
there I taken a trip to Cairo, Illinoils, whi-ch irs about forty miles
from Paducaah, while in Cairo, I lernled *V~thgct ur cnd thle Pcesidenat
were in St, Louris* II veas rwelly~ di~s::!appointmen' t;O leve Ca7iror
before yocur p-rty arrived, the- City~ waB bcing~ deco~rltird for you all,
I si~lth i he Hotel Bolina7y and rlic hed~ th--4t .yir We~fir cP stecamer
would arrive before' I left Forta Tcducefh, at E i tzhed toC ~Ee you rrd

the p..rt;y beforE: 3 rr?-uTHEi fe~n- t6 lerD.r OU P19 ZirYE tr f* 18 %
attepzd our Grand Lodge Session.
Well, I~t dis nt enjoy my~ tbrip tod Saullt St:~e.e 10ln~~Sri, th~is
summer Ps nulch1 --s did. agrtrip to 19ear Cld. Florice 1 st came 7. I
faile- to Get the bettIngE fe; tur::c, in FloidBa. thle o~lint:e~ i the

best, the WOLEtf IS PRUeP rOg ti.E FFGPle PS ruled Dr;E:1 'nh% ~tlhEY' Ey T

this part of thef Unite;' States evepybasyr weats to gE~t the best, Of

gl ~X.. HU7TCHINS,
A ttornetsy.
624 Madison Avenue.
PHONE S. 1982

Covington, Ky.,-Oct. ..28th, 19 OT.

hils neighbo~cr, so no wornder `the- larth~ is sa cold.
Downx in FlorPide? v:teys the trange blowomso Bloom, tbhe
people anrmt that way.* I e~pct to rspendt this wilnter in Tallah~assee
or Pense.colo an rvbile there I will visit the .State House, IX was
glad to learn that you and yc~ur family h~e enjoyed yourse-lves and
visited the Jamestown Exosition, Mewr York, Wasihington and had a
pleasant stey anong the Mountains of N~orth Carolina~, a~nd thlat you
all returned home to entertain your fritendis i.n Florlida's Newr
Governor's Mansion, now I meu so phonsed th.-t MErs. Browa~rd its
Mistress of thzat Newr Mansion, th-.t I just dantt kno hlow to express
my appreciation to her. I pr~esnted yocur ~letter to gr wife and
she tells me that she ~is eredy to visilt Ploride, sO you can erryet
us to pass through Tallahassees beflre Yo~U lease the! Governor's
Mansion and. I willL h~ve]Af 1 rt;G~lrj oys~ rva-nover pl ----'~' pe on
the pian~o, and if his mother ?is feeling wrell, she will sing one
song f;or the Browa~rd family.~
Ropping you will soon be United Strates Senetor, that you and
your` faily are wrell and thrt I mny hect ra SMyou sorme time soon
I remain,
Your SincerPely Friend.,

on.~~a : vid".\~,n7e

''n)r i'vrno fa"7~

court0:108 rhovn we by ou : a -'. , c. 0.8 I' 1 ,

;an~~~~~~~~~ th3t:.V-1:r-(rrT,.:- .* C, t tx ioi f-,

:not.i .inl' me .

an oaveroct, atR a ost~ of :,E00 bu Istet o Ua

thtl:sf I ~~ ma nd hint thel wh~o o~f the~r overn? oant, "cer rhichr +T3:ble,

please accept rav thanks~.

Governnor !'avid~ R, Tenois, "R.

I w~ill :;r~ite you~ '_ n.1n in i.h: near1 fultulr9 Inonrrnint; the

busainne ss orsfiorr 0 .- wiih I tr..fie !.ith ;;-on. r havec bee. sio An-

-'mi;r; very tr~ill,o

*It OJYlr

. ": 181 0881

.en r frind ?'ll:-

-c re:-~r Fici r. pr-,: h7ii: t::n! 7. t .o-, ,,

;l 1) -. + 81;** .>,"-3 bt- 9'*

t-,; r t;% i ; -lr t o ''n -. -01,'7" ; --

no rna~ +-I ths no~s;:hr ,Pi~X,~L~~(C r~ic ~r!lr

~rit1.870T T win-- -~ hRa---i tant ..n. i y a

r .chrll "hF pled torj~ see you.

':ith kind X~rar**rds

7: hope you~ and you~r fami.ly ar n wXll,

Your e- very~ t~rlyp

0, / I


NRl P BRA wa agyg

Tallahassee, Pla

Dear Governor:

EIinclosed herewith I send you jleter~i wh~ich is self

e-xplan~tiory. I woulld like? to get up to~ Taiahasssee to talk over

rma~t-ers with~r yr:r teor; the? extra session is cGljed, if it is to

'oe called, a:-d if you cai. app~oint time~ tat i~t; ou.ld suit youi

for me to goJ otl->r thanl the early palrt of rest Week,. I wist; Y-u

co-ld do so.

17ith~ re u:40- and "est, wishes",

Your ver t`;frul,


Hlon .4, 1907.
H-on. Ii. B3. iDro:al:1,

T:ll.t assee~3r! Flan.

Do;:.2~ Gover lor : -

All*~r :1 no acT_:!lovrlol; -0 t*c receipt of --oul~: letter of H~ov.2,

codl~:tI ni.G- a choo-k f~: : .7.1.51, inx re y-our, daughter Jos~ephS1ino 7-vowed.-?~~,

It will pleasr-e y-ou to knowr tl a;t "ro) all. think weall of :.ins Josephine;ne

that:2 she hiasr ioder. a JmeatZ acquaintanlces and friends. "'e shltlL strive

to adtv -.ukl~r her 7edul-ationz as much as possxible.


Aov. 4, 1907.

;r r: . Channyg,~
33owlinen ar~k, Fai. :

In :IaknoTwbrled~ne reen~ipt of youlr este-~3~ med! favor o-f

October 15jth, Y.ill say~ tiha: I reg~re~t .Fxceedijngly, t~hat I3 coul: n~t

answEr your letter earlier.

If yvour w:ill ,ronopti 8 for: t~he usa -of t~he ramone, Zer an-

num, foar anyl~ fom one t.o twl! o years, fand wi~l jl ntify mel Oto hat

ePffoot, at an1 early dhte6, 1 \ [1.1 sndeaor t;o h:ve ~tlhe money sacctely.

1-:ned, and heres on~ given goodi rsecu~r~i~t, .or the! arme79;.~ I

n..e it myself F:nd; give, youl cunrity, or -2-lead $t; t~fo none elSIre:

h e ivin- yfn maourity.

IP 3?rert; fo know; that. your heat~!h is not. ;-Ood. I : -

hopeF t~hact yon: ;il soon recover ri.a ~~rnin

"ithi sin~ern rega~rds and bes~t; r~i~sks

Yo1T urs ~ver truly,



~~7 **4
~/r or

27L~~~1C &J
~ci/~e q* 7-~ cn~Z1L~
0~17yLrc~ifdaC ,I-4 7
~/4 LJ/y 4e
A /AA -


ATL.ANTA, Feb 2, 1907.
The Geoganaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hasbough the name and po
G/ ~ ~~November 5, 1907. A"'", d Ihrid t a nn n them
* /1 '* News---- ard we wil travel at praesen under the
....L.r :name of The Atlanta Geoman and Nerws.
)J he paxhin-advance subsenbers to The
,gNews will receive he Georsmn.andh
i"~ i. a._ dds omethin: lk 2000 baddaoa circula-
tion to The Georgia.n, akns ou circulabon
al preentsamething user 7.000. Ther In-
cludes som duplcates and samples thal adjI
--- have to be cut off aseono as we set to it.
. C' in ad~dnon to our oreent Hearse wuer direc
"/ rom New York and Washnston over whnrh
we have been receiving 20,000 want aday
at a cost of $380 a week, we have aai
. ( abte ecldusie ten-year franchise o the Pub-
*J .-c 4. La. alherePress, wirh. no srv over 500 dasly
Paner in Ihe United Slale
,t A Tinrmpurchsegves usthe arget ewsf
En.~~crd N.rm L.~ Brwad f s,?",","
i' .lmotal physical Em ~ilityt mk
Sreater newspaper forh South than is olffeed
Executives Office, stodyney .eAbt Oopan ndNe
,dwt~o representd an invesment of neady
Tallahassee, Fla.

M~y dear Go9vernor:-

You -have by this time received our

personal invitation to atterld the Great banquet given

me on Saturday night at which some 500 representative

southern people will be present.

In behalf of Mir. Soely and mfyaelf I

want to prefer to you the personal request to be present

and to let us tax you for a five :linutes expression of

the good will of Florida toward my mission in Nesw York.

For the sake of old times I hope you will come. Please

let me know if you will,

Cordially yours,

P. 8. Please reduce your remarks to ~writing as we /wish

to preserve them in printed form.

J. T. G.

ATLANTA GERA.... sooqooo
POUTATO .. ***.***,...... .000 MIZJDs sllrBTCA RAIIro.ROD....... 4,500
HOMES.0 .-9 .. *****-***** IE rExaeaO RI L Y .e .- - 40

i TallahasseP a,Nov~f~,1907.

Dear Sir:-

At the request 6f Myiss Gertrude Dzainlynski,who is a blood

relation of mine,I came to your city today to investigate thre m~at-

ter regartding the derogatory remarks made about her and ascribed
top Prof;A A.A.Murphree!. Innedia~tely upon may arrival I drove out to

the Bloridal Femarle College to, see Prof.M~urphreezexplained top him my

mission and requested a statement from him, regarding this matter.

He denied most poai~tively that he had ever made any remarks against

the character or good name of Miss Dz~ialy~nski.

I an informed that Mliss Daintlynski,my cousin,wabs refused a po-

sition in your office on account of the statement alleged to have

been made by Prf.M~urphreer and as thre gentlemarn positively and most

emphatically denies that he! has made any such staterment,I as satis-
fied that any reports reflecting upon her have come from sam~e one

who has a personal grievanrce against her rand whe is afraid to come
out itn the open and makre these remaarks.a
I trust that your Ekeelleincy will pardon my taking; up so much

of your raluable time,but,as yo~u well know,a woman's reputation is
her most valuable asset and the faintest breath of suspicion will

damage her in the eyes of her associates and the public ;at large,
and any encouragement or sanction on your part in this particular

instance will hurt :Miss Dzsialynski,beth financially and socially,

for years to come.


Yourr with great resspect,


" .Per onAl."n

Nor 6, 1907 .

:'r, Lee Copy,

Jacksonv~il e '"orwi/ng'P` & Wreaking Con.,

J~roksronvillej,. F18
Lear Sir:--i

I x. eatF~j to be ~In ,ma!~k!r nonvills in a few; d~y~s. I will

not~ify youa a day~ olr so beR~fore leave hercl for there.

i'3th klnd regard~s,

Youra very trulp,

1 : Gove. rCarnor.





...TU G S...

(- J/

~',~v CM ~~~
~a~i~~L~L, ki7k~

4~b;7~f,~P*M.~7hyu/a~~ ~( ,t~sU arc/_laJ

n~ X

L7G~ a~

~1~L 7LO

~ P r-
~ZL/ ~f~ctcCC


~-t -L~jA.LC~:

~z/ ;t"j~

~i7-e~uv iP~uf~L;nL~ ~d/ ~


~tc~z;h ~ -~c~C~

~t i-~~




Jacksonville, Flori~da


Nov. 6, 1907.

Iron. Thlos. J. L. BRown.7

;iear rSir:
;r. Brice: is er aV~$.inxious th I shOutld pa the note

for ;800D., nAdorce~d by yourialf a~nd Mr~. J. A. Knight, someR
timer r.ag. I findi it almost impossible for m to pay the note
a-t t~his time,~ ani' I would appreciater it ve~rr anh if you would nee
r. ;mndght and you~ aqnd he viSit the Bank and ask Mr. Enge~ to
rpermaitf the notes to be renewed8 for~ say 93 days. ByT that t~ims,
I ;-i7. ll endeavo t~o takeF care Q1f it.: I ould not ask this, Jif
it; wrasz practicahs ble orme t~o taRke earFsf t~he note) without a~rdr
serious~ inconvenienaea.' :r .-TricF~-e robably~~ considers wPhat ap-
ea~rs to~ be- inatlnte~n~tin to s the noteto be indliffePrence, but I
was~ awaj wheirn t:he note camel due, and7 Iplatr I neglecrted at~tending
to itr as promptly as I ~Shou'ld bare.
hajknkin youz in ad~vanne, .I bFeg ~to retmain,
Yo2Urs verY tru!ly,

Governor .

Ho6n. ;. ::rd~oc~k Bu9firs, i'.:.

Jacksonvillq, 718.

Dear friend~ Barrs:--

In reply ton yo~ur eakendc~c ~nlle++,a~rP iOvf Noeber. end~, till

any that I regret exoydF.inyly_ththa I c~ould not~ be in Jac~ksonville,~

as 9[~Requeted, a~nd as~ I hadc p~romiiaise to b, to n~eat ;:1, Rus~hhit~i,

but I frlmun t~hat night; thrat, a large~l n'iu'!be~ Of~ adttoY'?Erne wereto~

appertn before ths .?ta:t~e Boanrd of ."'ariaons on Chu~rsday,~ some wejre

already on the, way, t~here~forec it; wasb .iiimposs"!ible fobr m t~o crer~ as~

it would h~ave ben necessary to have di~lsapponte the attorneys

from sever~:1X portions of thelF !Sntat,'h Ju wre tol aPpea!R7 befo7re the~


'"'tl~hwt best ishsw,

You~rs ve~ry truly,

./ Governxo-ri

Florida Midwinter International Exposition


JACKSONVILL~. ~LORIDA. J1;2~Lp;/;. ~2' I P~~
cct~z~c83. ~-L~/a~aL~ I ~LcL-c~-~*~e~e~t~~~ ~sh

-cZ.~CL ~p

~ZrL SZR*L~i~ .
/ J;.P rl ~c~~ Z~P~;
i. hJ -r-~-ra;~-s~ I r ~L~
I- -, I
I! ~;Sil F.~
II! n Ir;rlrrir~ a~ iks; "'-
~ 5~L-C
~-~e ~G

~r~ ~Fe~ ~-- ~P~Cc~5 -bL~Z;e
~h/C~LC~C ~LCY~- ~/3
~Z-t~t ~U~C~UY C_/
~kr"ec~c ~,,


~u6ry~ ~

Iv4 4 c
lJ~ -----" ~
"-~ f~
~? ~~_/L- -2~~:


~zcc-~Y~-~ ~c~yc~~

~-aw, --~-;s~
~ ~s~-~-~L~C~~~n .

-ib --~_~"

~C~L~rLL~ I
L~7~C~ L/*~j~**lc~L~L~L~L~L~L~L~L~L~L~L~L~L~ ''T' 3~

&~Z~i"c-e --yLt.;~_~4~i~ 'IZ=C.
:,,.- m _ I/,,~;L: ~Lg"9- .clZc)r~ZrXiUiicl.

,~;7,ZSt,~L. aStt-~fL*-.~CL/c~;f-~
t~Lr=L ~L ~Zci*SZZ~- ~L-Y~i~
~f~e, ~7L~iLcei ~Z~L~L~r ~^--L~C~ JbL~le~e Q&r^~Z -Ylr
si;i p~ ~--d~ u~ie~


a^-~: i~=- ~yP-UP ;X~c~eL~, ~---~t

~ ~NL. ~~55~
& .~-----~' "~"e
~pZ~c- v~-c~-~ Ci

_7yCT~ ~i~

L"; r ~=7 (Z"~;t-~7C~e

aa ,c5Lti4"~:: LIL~CI
~-Yc(t --

.emora~ndum :,- a

Although this letter at the start may seem undly2.:j long Pt is
o -,.an _im~pIohtan~nttl statement oft fac and op ini ons re speoct inE the Drailnage
SScheme,f'rom theo Wa~shi-ngton point of view,aznd I hope that :Iou~~ will. fj~nd
it convenient and agreeable to rad it al c~arefully..

I am tempted to have it written. over but I: still think it is no-t
advisable to let another hand writre it,a~nd as I would not be apIt on
second effort to make it any better or neater, I am. going to let it
go to you as it is,for if you oan read and understand itsexplicit and
implied information I amn sure it will prove of interest atnd value to
yfa personally,off icially and politically-in mor-i !wr~9 eays N mte-wra than
one.Tfo mnak-e sure that the letter will reach you I shall register it.

Wash ing ton, -
November 9 07.

C v ~~ -vr









...R -


;.~ ; t.


..J ..-- I

J: I

? .

o P


i Ll I
RX7fl ~1~2~ *~

s',. /



.4~LI ~







/tl" :I-i.

3 v *sL_/ C~r!
7 /P
r~ ~r( I



ii 1:
~Y:~ ~


r C4
~r .(~V C~I


t:. :"Z '"

- ,:'



~: !"'Li, j-b~;~


i L'vL2/



C ;IS n, r?:T-~, r
ii I~CI'.. d~~.--v Iv:


~ :J( "
3 .i~n I-,
3-rl Z


~,: ~clv



rz CT~ /;-~i

~~~~w ~ on y~.,'l;~

~i~ ADgo


~ -y~
~Litc ;C~'~

WA ~p~


J3/I ,~' L

!Cl n t

/G~Pnn ~


vbi@ ~

GA & / C

S`-- -'
- 1~-

~Cr~r~au~, LL

O :


Th~e Cha~pin,
141t~5 Chapin Stdeet,N.W.
Washington ,D).C. November 8th.l3907.

My dear Gove~rnor:P-
I have had a very important conversation on drainage matters
with Mr W~rigiht,wrhich I am authorized to makre known $o you in confidence,as it
might result in very serious embarrassment to him if he should be suspectedof
undue partiality in matters of" advice on this subject. So you will of course
treat this letter in strict confidence so far as the source of the information
I send to you,is concerned,and may I beg that you-will not place it'on the
open files.
To-d~ay Mr W., phoned to me that he would likre to have a. thlk
with me andr we met at a hotol at 1 o'clock. You will doubtless remember that
he was out of the city when I called at his office day before yesterday and
it was agreed that I should have notice of his return to the city,hence his
telephone message today.
He wrote t~o ;you on Saturday last,th~e 2nd I think,a.nd urgdd
you to come up to thie Dr~aina~ge- Congress on N~ovember 26,26 and 2a,but he did
not fool at liberty to tell you wYhy he wanted to see you. Of course your yre-
sence at the D~rainage Chngress is to be desired for an~y reasons,but your com-
ing North about that ti~me,#####t in M5r Wrrigh.t's opinion would undoubtedly be
of incalculable advantage to the State of Florida,an~d,I may add,to yourself
as wellrbot~h personally and politicallyzeapecially if you could manage,(as in
justice to yourself and the State you shou~ld,)to time your arrival here about
the time Mr Elliot,the head of the Dratinage Service, is listed to return to
W~ashington from his present trip WnhrpaLgh Northrern Loulisiana, on the: 19th inst.
The reason for this I sifted out of a story of facts and conditions too long
to write in detail,but suffice it to ~say briefllylthat wh2en. Mr Elliot returns
decision will~lb hareachasd as to-the##### dirctio which, the present waiting
drainage force will take.
That waiting force should right now be in Florida at work
on the task which Mr Wright has mapped out in his mind,but canot move a peg
until.Ur Elliot the newly in~stalled head of the Draina.ge Service comes back
to Washington and decides where and when the waiiting force shall go to work-
in Florida or elsewhere.
I am told that last year the Missouri Pacific Railroad,gbt
up an exrpeditioawith a special car or 'traini- MRETE100%R~tt conalderable only ex-on
pense,tak~in~g representative s of tlhe Agricu~ltural Departmre~nt through~ northern
Lousiatna. ,M;isincipp~ri andi Arkara:::s. ~~ltal~l~;~no17-;i d~.:;C erad. thr ncheFme wrorl:dd.
so well1 that the expedition was repeated this y;ear,M~r Elliot hiimself going
along in place of Mlr wVright who last time made a Inumber of Sp~eehesF1 to thle
people who were aessembled at various places to hear the adver'ti~se talks on
agricultural matters in general but drainage matters in particular. dA a, rec
sylt thze people of tho~se sections are pretty well wrbrked up and3 enth~used over
thle drainagte sche~me,and I am told in great confidence that a plan is now on
foot to get a sepafate appropriation made by Congress of i50.000. for drain-
ago" work in northern Lousianal this: coming session., To help that shemo along
it is believed 'that thousandss of letters will be pouredl upon CongressJ and th-e
Agrricultu~ral Department''irwhlich to say the least will tenld to impress upo~rn thle
federal ;authorities the fact,or alleged fact,thatt the people of that sectinn,
are more interested and13 more vitally concerned in drairnage: than an other

J.A.D.to Governor B.
which of course would not be true. Nevzerthfeless th danger would be in its
effect to divert attention, from Florida at ti tm,which is avery imp~or-.
ten an vitally urgent time to resue the ###~~ii~ federal work in, the vicinity
of th-e E~verglades,an~d Mr Wright is afraid that the # federal drainage
f-rce which he ha~sd hoped to have att work in Floridal before this,may be sent
to the northern L~ouisiangpand Arkansas section,and he -himself may~ be ordesdd
there in charge. This in :-Ir W's opinion,(and mine),wpould be fraught with
very serious consequences to thre drainage plans in Florida,atnd besides wold
p7revent his carrying out his ambitions to help you in the great work of dlrain-
ing theB Evetrilad~es.
Ho!w. of course if you come up hlere by or before the 19th instant,(wh~en Mr
El~lio-t; i to return here),you will undoubtedly be able to exert good in-
flluence~ on. both. TEliot anod- the Secretary of Agriculture, espec ially as I: amn
led to believe that by that time I. shall be possessed of useful confidential
info:ztrmatio for you to use in your talks;but aside from all that you may be
ab>le to do0 after you~~r arrival hrere,even now you might help th~e cause by
getting the two Florida Senators an~d suchof the Congressman and other
prominent men including+ 'E4~nr7lr -r3G;e State officials,and especially all the ca~bi-.
1~C eicals1tC net?.cialsyto write short urgent letters to the Secretary of Agricultneje,
requesting that the Dru''inage9 Eng'-i~ineer be allowed to come to Florida,eto,lB tc.
Those Statel officials ou~~,ht to be glad to get on the Draiznage wagon:l now
because~!5 i~t must be dk~ear to them that the question of drainag~e of swramp and
o.erlfl, wed leads has become one of the mos-t conspi cuourslty important public~t
amlentionaz;a.~vi every day gr~bwin mr and mzoreT~aor. Indeed Governor, I
cant see whyi',,(anld !I.r Wrighlt thinks as I: do),--I say I cannot see why you do
not request to have Mr Wright sent to Florida to talk to the people C44 Inda2
matters,say for example on the stuty and uses of the abil and its ?da.ptaLI
ability to raising certain thiingsy~and casuall:; talking up drainage~aa he
could and, could do,in a manner that wouldc stgac~sria your a~rgumentslt~ and sus~-
tain you before the people of the State. Congressmanl Hobson recently tried
this plan in. Alarbaana,and Congressma~n Small in H.OC. anSI~ T m told that the
several representatives of the 'AgricLltulturl Department that went to those
States talked3 so well to the people ha~t consideraible~ enthsusiasmn has been
awakened amongs1~',t them.l There3 Will be occasions at the-mid-wrinter znld State
fairs,when probably such_ talks might be of a~dvarntagge,but of course -that is
a matter about which you wNill beat knowr,arnd I beg not to be~ considentejd pre-
sump~tious in mgking the suggestion.
If you find it impyracticable to come to iWashington by the 19th instant,
it would be well for you to telepsach and write to the Secrtry f Ari
culture as wePrll- as to ~the Chb3ef of the DraiinaE~ Service,repJ~esting that t~he
largerd peasible force be put to work in Florida as soon. aWt possible to carry
on the codsr work boegEun by the drainag~e service last year. Conlfident.ikly~. I
will tell you that Mdr Wright has some big wcork mapped out for Florida a~nd
he is ambitious to do it himself but he seems to fear that there will be
a successful effort made to witch him off,anld may be leave Florida with
only nominal federal help this coming winter.
There is a greajr deal more to tell you but inasmuch as I am myr own ty
writer I do not feel equal to writing more at this time. I can say this i
Ld di tion. however r ; thle dr?.ilnge people are bound to recognize~ FloriLda as the!
bigge.sit and most p-ranising~ field to workI i~n,and- thsy know that ulnless thley
make some show of' wo~rk dowrn there a~t o~nCe~there may~ bep groundsl1~ folr the charge
of inconsistency~, rv.Gln thie d-rainage bill comes up in Congtesa th~is Ysesion.Is
is alreadyT inoiYI to some;F fe-.v tha~t pol3itics has~ en~tere!d,a I atm in~formed, in-
to the matter o~ ~aziTarigni ngork~ing~ parties of' theL fedrl:4?1 drainage~ serv~iog,
sad I told :'r Urigh~t todayt~ thait I could conceive of no weaker policy~ for
th1e Department to zidopt thansi that ofi yielding to? polit'ical pressures ##~ in
]matters which shlould~ bs ?alon tontrolls d by, th;e scie~tifi c and~ profnssion31
knowledge of the~ #~ expert dralLinae service men. I insisted tha~t

J.A.,D. to Governor B.

no matter what may be the nature tbr abrength of mere so-called politicala.
influenge"tor political "pulluin or from other sections,it would not only < 1
unjust___ ht mot nwse let th~e fact appear that Florida with her lazrge
area of drainable land go by the board simply because other sectionghnad
political representatives near the throne oft action here. Mfore than one
fo~u-rtho heetr ang or da~inal land lies in Florida,and~ one of
,the stronlgest argumtentasin flavor of federal gov~ernmental help for its drain-
agSe is found in thne promrise of what Florida is likely to do for the United
States (MM in.the single matter of Sugar supply alone. It goes without
arguent th-erefore,that whatever be the experimeneital or -##########o
permanent scheme of the Federal Drainage Servion; inl the tentative or the
:permanent work of reclaiming ',L/h#############over.Flowed, awamp or flooded
lanids in the U.S. o1rda is entitled to come fir t for its large share of
deserved attentio~n'nfot only on account of its pro rafa cazaclaime but because
th~e work: already done in Florida w~ohid likely go to waste if not continued
now24and in the opinion of the experts of the epadtment o giutr h
~E-e had charge of the preliminary investigations,eto, in the vicinity of
the Everglades,that is the most promising field of labor,an ought to be
left in ch~a'rge of the same men?.who have developed t~he scheme of the Everghadares
drainage,especially as those men are interested in the work and are biiu
to extend and complete it.
For your private information I will say that Mr Wright would prefer to be
allowed to take exclus'~~vive charge of whatever the~t U.S. g~overmet ingendsj to
do,but the jealous anxiety of oithe~r sections isa threoatening to diverthi
from that work., Not only is he one of the best expe~--~rtsT ls3prte butt
what is most important to you,dear Governor,he is your fren and admnirer,anld
not # besides believing in the drainage scheme in Alorida be~ieves n you
I think: when you and I meet we can evolve a plan to keep 't~r V~richlt on thgs
workr,for I thinbk everybody will agree that 19 is better to leave in charge.,F
of the Federal patrt of the w~orkr in the Everglad~essa mel whdo is inl symp~ath-y
TI th $ State plans and is willing to work and col-rp~en?.te withi the~ Governor
and3 his ##### chosen, agent,. Confidential ly--that is more than ever in
confidence-If have been informed 46## $$#Tinillel yod~ in te samne way),that
while TMr W. was in Florida #####tffE certain parties tried to get from him a
statement adverse to your plns, and I am putting it very mildly,when I
say thcht ml, :fo at~m impresseda me with th~e fact that you did not know w~hoaC '
yor ri-d ~ei loia fcus I: did not tczke that as an intention
to cast any reflection on Florida,but onlyr as indicating what I happen al-
ready to know,that some of the most smilirtg abrt o political aspiralts asee
aiways ready with a knife uip the? sleeve for I$200 ;~rju~it of~ course you under-
stanrd all this yourself,and I hope you will pa hon whatever excessive zeal
impels me to force it upon your attehtion at this time.
I beg your pardcbn for thisj long and ram~bing letter,but omHow970~ it sc.mdd
important fr me to tell your a3Ll that I: had heard in thils mattter,andc some of
t~he impressions the as h~lere had given me. Of course'1 could have condensed
myT letter but I am not an expert type-writer,arnd I deemed it wise to write
this letter ##~C with my. ownn hand on account of the confidences that concern
others,and wrhih might vi~tailly affect therm if my s ta t eemen~sts el ne
other es--unfriendlys eyes inpart~icula;r. Mr W. sseems to th-in that I: am
on thie ## right path to help you in tIs mat-ter, and I shower~Id him your letter
ausking me to call and giving the reasons therefor,which seemed to please him.
We are to have other conferences soon if occasion demands,and meanwhile as
soon as he gets a reply to his recent letter to you,he intends to write
to you again. He says however that it is not wise for hrim to attemlb t o
expLain matters to you in office letters which would-be agtbject to anyrbody al
scmrting,aznd I think you cmr understand from that th~e necessity for cnr-ng~
here yourself soon to talk with. him,and then do just exactly as he advises

J.A.D. to Governor B.

you to do for I a~m. uro that with his inside informnaionshe knows ~ati
best to do,anzd I: feel sure that h~e cah, be' trusted as a loya f friend of
Floida draina~ge and yourself.,

Pretty soon I will writes to you another important letter on the importancer
of getting several. of the Dlrainage service men to Florida soon. Congressman
Hobsn ater had fiht ith ecrtary\'1lson had four men detailed to go
into k## w= his conl'rcasional district in Ailabssna,and Congressmatn Small did
the same thing in B.C. and it pa believed that thi~t pla~n has helped not cbl~y
to enlig ign Ag gulace but poularize the drainage scheme,and this is not
w%-hat the Federal governent desires and needs right nowr,but ats I tike it the
State of Florida also needs it and you desire it. -Really Governor if you
coufld get two or three good Agricultural mendw in Florida now or soon,rith
M~r W. at their head there or here,I: can foresee for you a great change in
public sentiment in the sections that have opposed your plans,and there would
be a great tidal wave of popularity that could and would,if pyo will let it,
cacmp you from the ##~ Executine Office into the U.S.Senate,asnd for that reason
wont you permit me to ask you to go slow right nrow on anyy promise that might
commit gou to support anybody for ~the U.S.Senate. I knowr that this sort of
advice is not exactly in the line of thne confidehtial advice I am supposed
to offer to you as your "Confidental Mii~taryy Advisern but I choose to cED-
nect it with military advice because the best help I could do gor the Flnfida
military would be in t~he line of keeping you in political powster to help it.

HIoldcing myself always at your service,believe me deatr Governor with offirbialt
respect and warmeat personal regards,
Sincerely your friend,

Honoratble N.B.Broward,
Governor Of Florhida,
Tallazhassee, Fla.

C)APITAL, $20, 00

TAMPA, FLA. 'TI'v. 8, 1907.

,-, 1.h issee, Pla.

IMy dear c;overnor,-

:l;Ledi-tely ?: on!- receirt~ of --::Pr

letter I w:.n'~ to see Jack Eniiett o:ri held a corfereLnce

-.ith 7_i:., in tik~ch . discol.::sel the situation. John

"rce absol!.e~ly refus-r to sene::~ the~ note. Jack tells

we tUhat he ::-rate; --cu; to this effect so0: c '..-:- a 2::, a~n. I

aim now telling you in confidence not, to R3lice the note

r~atter to worry you in the least, as it wvill be paid at

maturit-, at thia ~'.1 :rovi :s John '-,ico' still tr.Gists.

I would .,,_gest thlat; ycr: -rite ".r. '"_-'ce and

i"Ynform him( thlat it rwill be: ..L-rsscib-le for --ou. to '':

up Cthe n~ote in~side of~L ninrety da~ys, an:21 ;7l not all:' the

-tther to .::TY:': you at all2, as Jack: has ;-naure?1 mpe t'.t

the matter will be ta!en care of h~ere.

I w~ill be in 0::-.12s nert; Thu~rs~a~y, afndi bc :1. to

see you then.

I am ;.--ry r.u-h; afraid tra~t Bryan and. St~ockton

both running for Senator anrd Goaranr~~ ran- -:tively will1

bean toe cifeat of both. Thei -..:0tl~e in South F~lorida

wuill not stan1 for it, =n? i believe the fee~lin_ in '' .7

florida will1 be the ::r-.s- they do not thiink thst the '-c

OAPITAL, $150,ooo-oo


Sana ars :.r.1 the Governor shoulld be from? one City. It

2CouE too c: Et ikc the "hog".

Gil~christ is :lisir a r-~est deal of f'rereth

in this County. I ::z.:" of a? number of oury political

friFT.. .-' -to three months .:-o declaredd t!:rt...elvea~ as

o~:ppt..o to lilChriSt Yl Oiw f ..~-;ing hiij C.Tn'C:dac

on account of: Sne jacksonville confa~ination.,

Youl --- have some friends here waho adlvi~s you

differently, but I an czonf:: 1qut they i_ 1;:.ot adc~vise you

+ruly other than I are nowv mriting you.

As I stated '-rfore, don't allow th^ niote rather

to worIry yrou for one moment, and I wrill see: you a~t Oca~la

ojn '-1:'1" 1 y.

.'ith kilnd re rday99 I 0.v.,:

Pr e s i den t

Perm Mo. 2L60.
ROBERT O. CLOWRY, President and General Manager.

ReeiersNo 4Tme~~ Fie Check

Your letter just received notiftring me that rn invitation
h'ad been sent" me to attend A banqluet in honor oi' )ourself It
i-s impossible for mb to leave at this ti..ie. I rejoice t~ht
you,myn friend for years,who Hae s-o loved by Florida p~eopnle,
have so conducated yourself and so impressed upon the Aimerican
people your natural greatno es f' mindi and heart that. you hG~ve
been selected by the most diseaening man in the newepaper
wo0rld to edit the greatest newspaper in the United StnteE.
Congratulations and best wishes.


SEklt the following message subject to the terms
on back hereof, which are hereby agreed to.


Hon.John Temple Graves.


"Io guard against mistakes or delays, the sender of a message should order it 'REPEATED; thalt is ;
telegraphed back ~to the originating of~ee for comparison. For this, one-half the regular rate is charged
in addition. It is agreed between the sender of the following message and this: Gompany,,that said
Company shall not be liable for mistakes or delays in the transmission or delivery, or for non-delivery of
,any UNREPE'ATED message, beyond the amount received for sending the sanie; tsor for mistakes or delays
in hetrnsisio or delivery, or for~non-delivery of any REPEATED message, beyond fifty times the sum
received for sending the same, unless specially insured, nor in any case for delays arising from unavoidable
interruption in the working of its lines, or for errors in cipher or obscure messages. And this Company Li
hereby made the agent of tlie sender, without liability, to forward any message over the lines of any othero
Company when necessary to reach its destination. ''
Correctness in the transmission of a message to any point on the lines of this Company can be xxsunn.
by contract in writing, stating agreed amount of risk, and payment of premium thereon, at the following
rates, in addition to the usual charge for repeated messages, viz, one per cent. for any distance not exceebd-
rng ;,000 miles, and two per cent. for any greater distance. No employee of the Comp~any is authorized pr..
?Iary the foregoing.
No responsibility regarding messages attaches to this Company until Ithe same are presented and6
accepted at one of its transmitting offices; and if a message is sent to such onfce by one of tht Companf2'~
messengerss, he acts for-that purpose as the agent of the sender. -
Messages will be delivered free within the established free delivery limits of the terminal office. e
deliveryy at a greater distance, a special charge will be made to cover the cost of such delivery. ,
The Company will not be liable for damages or statutory penalties in agy case where the claim iS
Bort presented in writing within sixty days after the message as filed with the Corispany for transmission,
ROBERT C, CLOWRY, President and General MVanages


NIovi 13, 31907, -

T. R. Bopd-F. G. Go.,

St., L~ouis, Mo.;

Gesnt;lemen:n: --

I besg tot enclosed hernpwith ch~ook 4or 25.00~l, to do we

n~ost ofl ovevcoait; bought; from your f~irrm for m~ by Mr C~olling~c

Thomp~7son,, while I wast~ in ::t. LouiS.;

Vrynx res 01tfully,~l



.--~-R.'. S. V P.

TPhe VewL K~imboll House Is the Place.
Saturday Evrening,
NVovember Ninth, Is the 'Date.

i; : ~ ~


"pers Conal. "

:lov. 3.P., 19-"7.

Governor ChPan. S. Deneer,

Dear Governori:

'lphase RCago~t m? thank3~s Ror jkrindly Fannaing mno our manage

]it, ats I ha~ve jus~t; fi~~reae ~thei offbin.

'. receivedi t~he! panphlt, prepared~! by JudgePF Tay':lor, on-

nolose in your InterX.

I he~revi~th~ e~ncose to, yoni a1 nan-hlett; co~nti~nirg wat:

. gadre!wrsedto t~he anmocrPatir: aotcerP of 'lorid. hi p.h.

r.n, mqiled3 tol everp x~~tregiised ite voter i~n ~hth ':tlat. you

Gill notices that; thej platfornl- covers~ that; portion-l1: oP ~th~c psh-~1

.phlet between-!Pacn a~ir and~ nilne~ten. 01 ouatei

especially on page weight, to~ !-;r uFeasons forT fa~Voring di~r-ec

p~rimryLV Tr~ther thaln c~onventions. .as n~oet o n

of m~y inaulgu~lral add1.re~ss On par1~en two rind tE1i~hree,~! P.)m S11 flee~-

tshat my imp~resaionn weres, after beinrr nominated~, al~s t t~he va:lu

oR the primaries~ aet. I+ am also se~ndinF you 9 nopy1 of my; message~I

t~o thet ,.egi.S~latue of 1905. 7r On pae .7.1 and 31, you! \.11 notion~~

over~'nor Chan 2 Dnen "?,

rI'.1ted PII reC!CoTmmedainsi~~l)? \"re: xcgt~regadn primairy eLctcrion lwawn ta.

also send !rou my me~nSa *e t~O theif lnegis~late ofp 19J)7, Pas

Irorn.~oi ,=>ed, Un: youi Imay ne3' my vieva~ a~ FJxTReSPa to -the! l(egil~ture

on-the~1 8subject of raC~lilRoa laRiaS~tl.-stn and espanially!.:j my~ re-

cloncrEndatio~', in on thelF art~i~F,act o~f: har Xlrfac~ roPAds, whiC1 lh subjeekP

hadic tirrc tor relan therqri would7Z~ bF? Bgnlad f,7i yOuIwou ~gie me.an ex-

,-rF1ssion of the subjec~rt, as~ to ;rolr viewrls on the! same~ subjeo~4 a

r 'II will.. sed his; ~~~T~.lrtur: by- expjress,,~ PRs it: in ratherr hea~~Vy'

'i'th s-;ince:rs regaRCds,;


''IrST.'onal. .

General .gentr, Tqu~itab;le :.ife usra.~nFnces Socetl',

Jacksonvnille, 'F'iV.

an htIhnan no, objec-tion!~ f:? ::;Zr- .ClStatirZ *.Ff + T hr non r.1-.'n

17-r,00 v-ntl Q,1nr! ies,~~'iF under Wh r.:iatbe*n m.-.1 "

pl-n :Iithj~ th u1 al ie'.srne mne




S9py. B. B.Erowrard,

Tallahass~ee Fla.

My;J Dear Givernor,

I: wish to put a little advertisement in2 the Times Union

in referene! to our new Newr York State Standard policy written on

theConvertible and Rienewable Term plan, se~nlPar to the one I had

thle pleasure of seeling; to you.

TPlhis letter is to ask if you would object to my mention-

ing the fact, in my advertisement, that "Our Governor has given his

endorsement of this policy by taking one for ;15,000. I would not

care to put this advertisements in the paper without younr permission.

"ith test wishes and kindest rewards, I am,.

Ylours truly,

Ci rGene ral Agent.



1 .


Philadelphia, Pa., '-._ ~~- 1r li I 9"

Hon. ~ E. TProward.,

a~E t:nclose fstatem:en-t of ye --r' Ridpti~ ac~col.n-t,, and areT ted

macilng draft on o'n! for 10.00C~ -,',:c:;; -to! Frst Si7ationals %Ean ofj :c,;r

01:.Please arrange toa pay collePction proirpTlly uponr presentation.



Dea Sir:; ~r

The azppendled address is submittedl for ylour considieration:
Vetryl truly y'ours,
/ YI, JAS. D. PORTER, Chairman.

Thle committee appointedt by the convention held in Nashville,. Tenn., Novembter 12, 1907, for
the purpose of consjidering~ the nomination of a Southern Demnocrat for the presidetncy? of the Urnited
States, make this address to the Democrats of the nation :
The Democratic party had its birth in the South. Thomuas Je~fersonl, whbo w~as the founder of
the party and the original promulgator of Democraltic principles, w~as a Southern manl. The greatest
successes of the party were under the leadership of Southe~rn mein, yect for mreljr than half a century-
the South has furnished no Democratic candidate for thle president. The natio-nal Democratic party
has nominated no Southern man for the first place ojn thle presidential ticket since: it was led b! James
K. Polk, in l844. During all these years the South has f'urnished a mnajority of the, electoral votes
in behalf of No~rthern candidates, and claimed nothing for itself.
W~e approach the subject in no sectional spirit. The Soutlh is n~o oultl!.ing province and the
recognitioni of a Southern man would, more ~than anything else, emphasize the unity of the nation.
The spirit that inspires this movement is entirely national. The executive anld cabinet officers and
our diplomatic representatives abroad for many years hlavce co~me from one section of the nation and to
continue that-policy would be to give.the government an aspect of secitionalism. The full andl free
participation of the South in all a~f~airs of the gove~rnme~tnt would obliterate that idea. It is with
a view of accomplishing this desirable result that th~is movelment is begun.
We do not wish, to nominate a rinan unless he stands p~re-emi nen tly- for state~smanship and execu-
tive ability, but we have a firm and abiding belief that there are manny menl of that character in the
South. The freer conditions would develop men w~ho would measure up to the standards of the
founders of Democracy and the men of those times~ when Southern statesmanship attracted the atten-
tion of the world. In all qualities of leadership the South is not behind other sections, anld at this
particular time it has men eilual to the best that the past hias produed.
As Southern,Dbinocrats, we present this claim of the So~uth~ to the Democrats of the nations and
ask their sympathy? and support, and ask that they remember thle fidelity with which the Southl has
always ad hcred to the Democraticcause. The Democracy of the South is entirely free from thle domina
tion of corporate'interest and predatory wealth. At thle same time the South has always been re-
garded as fhe bulwarke of conservatism, and ther victory of the Democratic party- under Southern
leadership would mean the restoration of the government to those principles which were laid down by
the foutiders of the republic wPhen that government was conside~red best which govetrned least.
The convention, which this committee represents, adopted unanim-ously a resolution pledging
itself to work for the selection of delegates from Tennejsse to- the National Democratic Con\ention in
1908 in favor of the nomination of a Southern man for President, and we ask the Democrats of every
State in the Union to cooperate with us in bringingr about this decsirable end. This mov~ement is
entirely impersonal and not in the interest of any special candidlate. Our sole desire is to present the
South as the best source from which an available candidate can be drawnl.
E. SjHAP.\D,
W7. R. WasER,


___ ---- --- --:: -V
a. A. BOONE. C. F. TOUmTON, Ph. 6.
~c~c~~ C~7i~~ ~~/L~7amj/ic~llv~;
-:- ~a~cmacr~Oj~ nsl~t;~llicictnd -.-
Agenh Tor the C~lrbNld' "nqw$-Err" Lnuer.
~ ~ FI,-'l-~n~q~9O3_
a~ ~ ~ a ,mRwcc~-c~
~4135 ~4SL 41"C~"
~ (i~v c~S~
\ "rc- ~;
4cc\t~b~z .c~JLr q B~P c~jt7
"c~~ ~t-,o~--
r;., 9 cc6~;gt~~

-el~-LL- -tT~ /19 Cl~.~t~y (~i~_eT



.. : -

"Heronl. ..~novmbe~ X1, 1907.

:Iou.e ;:. r. Sil::on,

.~tlanager '.estcrn :Tnion Palegra.h Co,,

;Icksonvi~ll??o, 1Pc.

:r haver bi~ln; n~een ~,infre t~ha :Ir. ,, D. GoodKwin in an ap-

!iiF.nt -fo yon:; for appoi~ninent Ra pe DSRato at TaX~R~tllahas ee,
it;ar l~other ointi iPal7.~RlahneXsco ~refe~Frred, the app;~o~n;~~intm to)

sai.fd OSfiless~ hathe underA youtr mananef~rl.nt;. .: Irtco~mmand :r.

Goo~:rin to youi 89 at~ruth:~.i'ulr;, honnorabhle man, andt I should~ be gltd

if your ;oulr .frni-Sshf hi~m ;ith a position whe~never~ an opening

.ith wincer F-t~rd e reg rds ndi b~rf at hesw,

'voulrs very- tr uly,

Dj~ 0 " 7rr0R%.


"Pe~Srsonal~." *

8ovembe~sr BFS, 190'?

M~r. ,Iohn R. DodgeE,

~RP~kAdnvills. Pla.

In rseuly in yourZf ~9lettrJ o~f "ovemberltlS ~Gi~th :7.t.1 :SAy

next; v:;ek. :i.r' t;hAt isF no~t ,=.at is ":;~r5atr;-,. -ar ilyson o bine

suit, an; youI Ron fit.

rear:'x;* r pn-t: ;fully,

I ov 12, 1907 .

Gov. :, 7. Browlard,

Tall~]aha~ se, 7La.

Thie Peoples Feill~: ande.rri;st Company71: haPs turned. over to n7e o

collection o-ur noti; dat" '" ;' 21st, i95, 1907, fo ':1_,000., p,;ayale sixctu da;'

after into( with. interest afPt;er mat~urity ati the~l rate; of ten pl~r cer t whi~ich

notj~e -r~1o--ides for aI attorney'ts feer ofI ten ~pr-r cent~l, and. all. cosjts and.)

expnse o~]SF! collctl;ior~; also L'01.ll- not~ed~ae~a, J1mIe 17,1'907, fo~r 1.515.,

pa:abile~ sixt:.r da;s a-t~er J'iate w ilh like~ i~nher 1-Sft, attLorne:-a:.s 19's, costs

and~ :-:paul~ses of collect ic n,.

These notes, as;~j; 3rou no, are lonG past due. Th~e president of~ thze

bank7 Ia.s also handed; m-e somile! correspondi~lle nce in connlecti j rio t:.1t th~se notes

includ.,ing your leti;"r of" j:tobe! r Inth~, i -rbic yo~17: Jul Etated a ..j hop!edl to

see h.ima in a few'. dayrs,' al:;o co:;: of hiis lett rll o~f geltorer! 31s~t;, toC 1you

instrlction~s are~, a-r- t;3e president w lrzote :you.. on Octol~i-or 31st, thart. the

nlotes wol if~i have' tor be: pa)idj not. la~t thanr theL' 10itl of !lovrember,~, andr? t!-at

the~ a:-ij.orne_. of the bank halbvet nis hreoe uo h

n~oteis beini: paid` at onlce, oi:;1~l~therise 3I shll have t;o tak~e sulc.i rnecessar;-

steps as in~stru~ctleaa by;:.i.hbankI. 'Di total am~olint now di.:ee Ici. it interest
to theF banl.Ofk on hse? not.es' is .i ,i Th a ai;lrt of a t~t rney's fees

providepd in thep nites is i0//?'. ; /309. ~




;o:0vember :S 1, 3.909~,

S0 19 rr at ,
0, t n, .

A. yc TH :; 9-

r' I -: r il r.,-

r* r71 ~n I T

war,~. b r a r

0-1 : 1,--7 jn : !

; in -3 r ,
f.'m: r .t 1

he .'t r re ur -

.:n .4n ti u fi

cm .12 M ng ;?-vin

'our nine ft on ,

*nymr3:-ona19.*~ `3oramnber ,S0th, 19'W, .

nrfcoi .n~ OFfenediate, ini?~ .ht',~;

I? -- n 13. .. "'I .r. r

.~r ro h.in as?~" "oo ''nd @o Rd

or~~~- 1.- n.S 17 8.. Ir!ne ride
main. ~- ri .:! itna~ia 11-: same o ner 3
L .. Me .-.e, lie se le,"1.5

-7o.10,"9, -10aip,21yn


NovaP~bar !6, IR3.91

. :q ,. . C nn ,

o~ r. .t t

r It.; hero r:ton ;:q '0 %.UI t

)TIOlig, **,

i~opi.. R ovn!aber BT, 190r

'Non. ., ~ ~ iF~r E. 'C ro:4.r

jouri! ltcterci; of~ ?.1.0 I.:-t ine-t. has bee~n received, and in

rfreply- I ? ve t:o -my~ ~Ita tl.osrc i:- upon file in the office of

I'< Lroan~ of; rolls~1 applications for the; sonl surveyso of boh

Peno-'n r'Iasc ;:nuit~ie:., blnrida. B ~oth of thnse applic-

ationrsl ;..a ~ithe (nr~oersenrert of hocn. : ,a. t:~jEl.prkmn.i On ecoount

o f th-e frlmt~edl retlulrces: rf fl :o ;!ureaul r1.uad the~ Iany other 6.0-

~NUAm^ n ;:ta-do up;Ton t, it 'H~he b-r it pssible no far3 t. undor-

tak~e those~ urvey n, jlut .. h8ve t" !Ia1Ture pvOu t~ha:t, ove c:onrdder-

atiton . il11 he .givenr the rapplico1.io in planning; futurre ,..rk,

n.iX ;i 011 very gladi i. receOive ? or added-iO e~ndorumlnt of. thes

I[ hL vci tlte honolr to bte,

;cry riEspOet furl.J3y,

,ctir. ocratext.

Tanvember-29, 1909
(. 0r-
4 lF ':nirer 9P eclt~_ ~~~'lt Z l ~V~~r
"3, i~ds~ce n n C~~l;:Kone.IC~l'.~n~r,.~-a L r:1R~)ni ~rrr

~t~ t~ nrlrta ~nth -ute f11;l ~FrI~ri~t` 1;;e

T~to% 3~he orri 18 on is in reed ofh your ltciter of Zovembere

'3, addressed -?to Commirt;. TiC-sinr~. enany, .0in bsnt

the cfity, i oRrtnletionr~ to.i cthe! o mattevarr of .: th .iy~;:prloet~ o~T f :rs.

:at)tle a4 :-.danst crft.hrR ;Itatisthr~ic ronf; rithec: ~ m:'icot 01 il

ledro thrroughot~ir the~l- !ooathern etite

In reply you re non-. htti or~so ne

dat of Noeme 18 197 sudAcrifct uhrs


-opponql .OT Pher 30, 1907.

r, Tim 1-Gdf**F.,

of 8 ar-rille, .1_ ,

M.7 ..'.7 & *

T bo(* 1.0 e.shise y1h'"*(:.*x-f ";avequor BTOUKld iS 8982" 17.10

the <.1-?.;, but; v., e--pedi,.hic hone by the End of -mne:-:tor, at

.3.5.:h f.i-lo I will 0,....1 ,-in ca ina to your ihvor of -,over:-

:* r E 1: h ;

or re.-n.nett.ully, -


I r

~,,,, x au~iVkaf& 14ov. 28, 1907.

;ion i. 1,. lroIard,

Tallah!assee, Ila .

Irours or; nov. 22nd, inj regard.l to Ilotes ,;ivnl to thle Pe~oples

Bankl .:. Trust icompanyl' receivedl during myl~ ab~se!ce front the~l Ci~t:,'. I nlote

thlat Iyou~ will attend.ii to th~e rIr-.t~ter by Catur~i~~dayo th~i s wreek. i f th'e

matt~ler is siettiled ;rt thait theelL, it w~ill 1:?e perf-ectl: satisiactory: t~o mec.

I am acting inr connection withh thiis m~t~t~eer of bu.sinesss as th~e at-

torney~ for theF bank', andc sh~all be~ve toi threat it; as any:. othelrr piece of

bjus ne ss Leit:-ler t:e bank~, nlor in *sel hass any: ~.s.s~ire~- whate-ver- to

Wiilliamls insists th:t thei~ Loan~ b:e paid.

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