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Title: Dominica herald
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Language: English
Creator: Allfrey, P. Shand ( Phyllis Shand )
Allfrey, P. Shand ( Phyllis Shand )
Publisher: Dominica Herald
Place of Publication: Roseau, Dominica
Roseau, Dominica
Publication Date: March 28, 1964
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Dominica -- Newspapers   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1955? Cf. caption.
General Note: Editor, <1963-1964>: Phyllis Shand Allfrey.
General Note: "For the General Welfare of the People of Dominica, the further advancement of the West Indies and the Caribbean Area as a whole."
General Note: Description based on: Jan. 12, 1963; title from caption.
General Note: Last issue consulted: December 31, 1964.
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162 EAST 7 STR

The Fiiiest Paopl,
(For the General Welfare oF the People of Domini


Martinique Welcome Marvellous
WHILE H. M. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's
presence was causing gratification to Dominicans last
Sunday, on a similarly dry and peerless day in the i eight,
bouring island of Martinique, France's greatest survivor cf
World War II arrived on foot at the Savannah to be wel,
corned by tumultuous cries of "Vive de Gaulle !" There
were 60,000 people waiting.
T h e President of the 01 Cannona
French Republic (but he01 Cannonde
prefers to be addressed as Befcreland, a deafening
"mon G6&ral") look ed cannonade of io1 shots blazed
robust, sunburned and con, from a l;itle hill overhead, so
fident, and spoke in clear near that the flashes were like
happy voice. He was lightning and leaves of near-
accompanied by his wife, by trees burs: into the air like
Madame Yvonne de Gaulle, butterflies. This was foij
who wore : navy blue dress lowed by a 2z-gun salute
and hat; she sat iext to the from the Jeanne d'Arc. A
Roman Catholic Archbishop flight of helicopters buzzed
Monsignor Varin de Brune, around in formation. All
li T'e MLat ire,'de Gaulle the roads through which
,n' .to visit General de Gaulle pasted had
I 1lvy

Orphan children and the I
general hospital.
Martinique Costumes t
Martinique's welcome for e
the General exceeded the e
most sanguine expectations.
After he had made his first I
speech, pent-up crowds broke t
the barriers and advanced to'
embrace him. Police and f
gendarmarie got the President r
back to his car with good, (
natured firmness. In the C
harbour the battleships Jeanne
d'Arc, Resoluee7 Victor Schoel,
scher as well as two mine'
sweepers, beflagged private W
craft, and a little white yacht t
with orange sails made ar
background for the rostrum, a
before which shone t he c
doublebarred "croix de Lor,
raine" symbol of Free
France. Tiny girls in Mar'/
tiniquan costume de chemise (
and larger ladies similarly
attired but wearing tricolour
foulards added to the brilli,
ance, vhich was enhanced
by a smart parade of marines
from the fleet, people coming
fiom Church waving palms,
primary schoolchildren whose
paper flags cracked like e
whips, and the 33rd Colonial
Infantry Regiment preceded
by military band and stand-
ard bearer.

nonds and all crevices and
bumps eliminated; all muni/
:ipal walls were freshly pain,
ed: some indeed were paint-
ed twice, to obliterate scrawls
)f "autonomie". In fact the
anticipated disturbances by
pro-independence demonstra,
ors were minimal, although
here is a strong movement in
avour of internal self/govern,
nent. The natural courtesy
of Martiniquans triumphed
over agitation during de
Gaulle's visit.
Aime Cesaire's Reception
On Sunday night there
were two receptions one at
he town hall, where newly
returned Mayor Aime Cesaire
mnd the City Council wel-
:omed the President, and
where HERALD Editor Mrs.
Allfrey had the pleasure of
being presented by Cesaire to
General de Gaulle; the second
was a tremendous official,
Cant. on page io

Siiti The ickhet Sonl
ca, the further -'dv. ncement of the West Indies and the Caribbean Area as a whole)


Fauna Flora Sur-
vey Of Dominica
Bredin-Archbold Project
In January, the Smithsohian
Instctution of Washington, D. C.,
U.S.A., initiated a three year study
of the flora and fauna of Dominica.
Because of the extensive forests maat
still cover much of the Island, the
scientiLts at the Smithsonian consider
the current survey of animal and
plant life here both timely and im,
portant timely because the forest
lands are fist g.virg way to the in-
roads of the saw and agriculture,
important because a record of the
original life on Dominica should be
preserved for posterity. Further-
mort, a knowledge of-what was
here when man first arrivedwill be
essential to our understanding of the
prehistorical invasions of the Island
by both plants and animals.
The Survey, which is to extend
over a period of three years, will in-
volve the participation of some 5o
scientists from the Smithsonian and

"Otfer institutions oit earnig in the
United States. Presently, there are
four specialists working on the Is,
land: Dr. D. F. Bray, Professor
of Entomology, University of' Dela
ware, is studying certain groups of
insects; Dr. H. H. Hobbs, Jr, Dr.
H. E. Robinson, and Dr. R. L.
Zusi, all from the Smithsonian, are
making observations on the fresh,
water shrimps and crabs, the lower
plains (liverworts and mosses), and
the birds, respectively. Accomn
paying them is Dr. Hobbs' son, a
student at the University of Rich-
mond, who is interested in the na-
tive mammals.
In April, the present group will
be replaced in the survey by four
members of the staffof the Smith,
sonian, two of whom will remain
through the month of April and
two who will be here until they are
replaced in July. 'Iheir interests
are in echinoderms, insects, and fo-,
wering plants.
Headquarters for the Survey, de-
si g n a t e d the Bredin-Archbold-
Smithsonian Biological Survey of
Dominica, are at Clarke Hall.
Partial support for the project has
been provided by Mr, Bruce Bredin
of Wilmington, Delaware, and Mr.
John E Archbold of Springfield,
Dominica, and Upperville, Virginia.



A Bridge Between All Faiths
Bishop Speaks At W. H. S.
HISTORY WAS made in Rose;iu on Tuesday night,
March 24th, when the Roman Catholic Bishop of
Roseau, His Lordship Bishop Boghaert, C. Ss. R. gave a
talk in the Assembly Hall of the Wesley High School on
religious matters, accompanied or the platform by the
Methodist Sup-rintendent Rev. F. A. Roberts, and the
Head of the Anglican Church in Dominica, Canon Lane.

It was a far cry from the
.'religious riots" in Domin.
ica of October i8th 1847 !!
Speaking on his two Ecu-
menical Council visits to
Rome in. 1962 and 1963,
Bishop Boghaert said "Christ
himself wants the reun on
of all Christians and it is up
to us to work to that end".
Despite the rain, a consi-
derable crowd of Protestants
attended the meeting which
was 'opened by the singing of
the hymn "Christ from
whom all blessings flow"
L' 1 -* 4 I- %

C nuR.' ,L V _T& U L. T I lyllll
Book, followed by a prayer
by Canon Lane.

Letter From John Wesley
Bishop Boghaert referred
at the start of his address to
a letter written to the then
Pope by the founder of the
Methodist C h u r ch, Rev.
John Wesley, pleading reli-
gious tolerance. "The
whole world," said the Bis,
hop of Rcseau, "has been
following the deliberations of
the Ecumenical Council pre,
sided over by Pope John
XXIII and later Pope Paul
VI". He referred to the
twenty Ecumenical Councils
held previously and g a v e
many statistics of the num-
ber of prelates attending this
last Council, including 76
non/Catholics. His tal k
was illustrated with slides,
some of which portrayed the
strangely bearded and garbed
patriarchs of branches of the
Christian Church, such as
the Ethiopian, Greek and
Russian Orthodox Churches.
"The Individual Soul"
The distinguished speaker touched
on various aspects of the 70 items
on the agenda of the last Council,
particularly on changes in the litur-
gy and the optional use of the vern-
acular (local language) instead of
Latin for those parts of the service in

which the congregation participated:
the attitude of the Church to the
Jews was also discussed, and the
position of womep.
Listening Methodists werein ag-
reement with the Bishop's statement
,tat "i: was the business of the min
dividual soul to find' 'his own way
t3 God"-this stress on the indivi-
dual having been long a theologi-
cal doctrine of the followers of John
Miss M. Beswick, B.A.,.Head-
mistress of !he Wesley High School
gave the vote of thanks fbr a most
heartwarming evening, .whichi de-
monatrated superlatively that reli-
gious toleraAce and the drawing to-
gether of Christians "everywhi?- i.S'

coming to pass.

Mayor Ignored
N ORDER to disabuse the minds of
the citizens of'Roseau and also to
avoid further queries of me, I wish
to inform the general public that the
Mayor of Roseau was not invited to
meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
The Queen Mother at the p a rt y
convened for that purpose at
Government House on Sunday 22nd
March, 1964.
Issued by the Office of His Wor-
ship the Mayor, Roseau. 24th March,

Message from
Queen Mother
Her Majesty Queen Eliza/
beth, the Queen Mother, sent
the following telegram on
"His Honour Lieutenant
Colonel Alec Lovelace, Gov-
ernment House, DOMINICA.
I am so very pleased that
it was possible for me to pay
a brief visit to Dominica. I
have greatly enjoyed seeing
something of your beautiful
island and was greatly touch,
ed by the warmth of the
welcome which I have re,
(Cont. on page io)

--- i '



-Ucr ~ ~~~~ l" T Lr

-~-- -- ----~--

Apologetic Defensiveness
Last Week's D. L, P.;Meeting physics master Hopkins, say-
ing that nonDominicans of
The deferred meeting of merit and integrity were
the D. L.,P. at the foct of welcomed regardkss of col,
Federation Drive.on Friday our. "You can attack a
night last week was mainly Dominican in any way you
of a defensive nature, answer, like", he said, "But do not
ing the attacks of the DUPP spit on him or kick him -
the previous wek. that is the way we feel and
Only outstanding speaker you cannot change us".
was the Chief. Minister who The fact that the boy in
started by explainingthe mis- question had been 'brought
representation of his budget up in Barbados and that :his
by Opposition. Leader Elkin guardian was a member of
Henry. Justifying the repay, the Party Executive was not'
ment of $350,000 to the mentioned.

U. K. Treasury, he stated
that this was. to re-establish
t.f -... f r '..'- ^

The Presmont Case

nct mention Springer's other
prophesy of the assassina/
tion of -President Kennedy,
nor the fact that the DLP
lent him their Allfreypre,
sented public address system
and the. use of their office.)
Previously, w:th Arnold
Active in the chair, Mrs
Mabel Moir James had
waffled on for 'nearly three,
quarters of an hour with
some completely inaccurate
information ahau the high
cost of sugar (hot due as
she said to blizzards ruin,
ing the beet crop,' but due
mostly, to the withdrawal
from the Free World market
of nine million tons of Cu,

iie craUt.Ii o( uoinica after ban cane sugar by U. S.
overspending during the time Continuing on the expul' b oot). .
of the Baron ,Government sion theme, he mentioned the 'oyc t)
and that, in any case, some Presmont case (citing him as
of the money was C. D. & a person who "made no "Always In Limelight"
W. funds which could be visible contribution to the
applied to new projects. island") and inferring, that Minister Stevens answered
On the "$ govern the Goverent nmnt had expelled some of Baron's statements
taurit, he explained that figure the so-c a 11 ed "Harvard on Federation by saying that
es of $io were placed under Group" (who actually left. none of the present govern"
various heads, so that if and, voluntarily after quarelling ment had had anything to
when money became avail, with Presmont). He did at do with the building of the:
abkf there would be an ac/ least make a tardy attempt to W. Federation b u t
counting heiad.w"hich would explain reasons (mostly wis, Baron hid. He talked a'lot
enable the-go.vernment to g dom after the even, for about Stevens saying "I have
ahead without further con- Presmcnt's expulsion with always been the imeight
sulation with the Secretary of the timeehonoured smear of, since I first jined the teach
State. A precedent from "connected with Comm" in g profession in 192".
DUPP Governmentr days nism". "We ran out Rev. He also announced that
- i l------- ..,Sp gr ai-ea _Go0enment were _prep.arIng-
LeBlanc gibed at Baron, he alked politics, prophesy- a Publiheah: t Act which
comparing the low cost.of ing that the U. S.:A. should would .iake't he C.ental
ministerial travel in 1963 be careful or it y.ould turn Government rsporsible for
with that during the DUPP Communist in' IS65 (he did (Cont. on. 9)
regime saying "When I go **---*.....
abroad, I look for Domini, '
cans- I haveno store o go FREE SIX HOT-CROSS B NS
and look.for agencies for". S S i BUNS i
Federation Non-Statement at any Eric's Bread Depet
STouching, on the timber
industry ("we are not export- I Just take the plastic bag yo jr SYL-
ing logs for others to process: ANIA-FREH icken cortes in
the mullmust be here, if we V TODAY Redeem the empty bag fori
have to wait three years") the BUN !Be sure the- bag is ma
required full membership of BUNS! (Besure the bag is marked g
required full membership of in red Get the best-tasting chicken
Dominica of the Caribbean world at: THE PHOENIX
Organisation, and his epar- in the world' at:-'tTHE PHOENIX,
tOrganisation, and hoi epar BARON'S, CHARLES SELF-SERVICE,
ture as Regional Councilof GOODWILL SUPER MARKET,
Ministers' representative to GOODWILL S U P E R MARKET,
Ministers reresentauve to HECTOR S or ELI'S GROCERY
St. Vincent for the meeting
of the Regional Research IRT_-__T.0G _
Council, he then explained P TS T -T S ....GO T
the Government's position IM AN D Y N iS
about making a statement on
Federation. Or, look for Mr. Poule in Roseau TODAY.
"We want independence",
he said, "but it is best done YLV FRES
it we 'all get together in a YLANIA FRE
Federation". "Now we are
waiting for the U.K. to show G
its hand" he said,.explaiing FRYING CHICKEN
that the S.O.S. had asked _
them to keep the nature of
their financial requirements Dominica's Most Moutl-Watering Product!
confidential after the last M
Aatigua conference. S y V A N IA P O U LTRY FAR MS
Next the C. M. tried to Imperial Road-Roseau. Tel: 224-5 Rings
justify t he expulsion of v..,-..'-..,.T.r... t_ .rT _......._ .

SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 19'64:-

World Land Speed Record Attempt In May

." *. ', . " .

Mr. Donald Campbell, the British driver, is to
make an attempt on the world land speed record in
Australia on the second or third week in MIy.
Speaking in London he s:id that he would be
flying to Australia shortly.' He expects that by that
time his team will have assembled in Australia, and
he hopes to start trial runs about 24th April, build/
ing up for the bid in May..
-. And This Is "Bluebird"

... .. . ... _
4' 1.

-the car in which he hopes to set up a new world land
speed record on the salt flats of Lake Eyre, South Aus,
tralia. Campbell hopes to achieve a new record at over
400 miles per hour. The present record of 394 miles
per hour was set by the late John Cobb of Britain in 1947.
FORD Prefect No. 899
licensed and taxed: trial run anytime
Any reasonable offer accepted
Contact : M. Durand
Herald Printery




Did you ever notice the salesmen who visit Roseau in July selling
Christmas toys, cloth, bells and bows to the merchants? Fully six months
ahead of the actual season. Well, right now the Dominica Citrus As-
sociation should be out with a plan to sell theit oranges and grapefruit...
-even though they won't actually have fruit to ship until lte August or
September. It will be too, late to find the buyers when its packing time
and the lament will go out once more: "Oh, I wish I could sell my
oranges . its such a pity they must rot when they are such delicious
oranges and the whole world love nice juicy oranges ... "
Is there a man-with-aplan to market the 50,000 boxes of the
world's best grapefruit . and 5,000 boxes of better-than-average
oranges? Or is the real trouble in the old' fashioned idea that since we
have superior fruit the buyers will "beat a path to our door" . don't
we realize that old adage abour a "better mouse trap" is the bunk in
1964? And are we so utterly naive that we believe a shipping concern
that will carry our fruit to England is also going to go out of their way
to get us fair prices once the fruit is landed. Do the schooners that carry
our copra to Barbados fight,for a higher price for us after they get it there
Does L. Rose & Co. rely on the Harrison Line to sell their lime jui-e
once they have transported it overseas for then? Of course not!
We are no different than the thousands of other businesses : and the
one thing needed today for a successful operation is MARKETING
AND SALES. If the boys who catch the 'ti Ton off Scotts Head
just bring the fish ashore, the people would not have 'ti Ton! It takes
a small army offish mongers to carry the catch to the people and this is
ordinary marketing and selling! But the market for our excellent grape,
fruit is thousands of miles away .., we can't afford to send our able local
hucksters to the States and England to sell the fruit .. and if we could
we would be assured of good sales. What can we do, then? Is there
a man-witha-plan?
(Cont. on page 9)

University Of The West Indies
APPLiCAHIONS are invited for the post.of Assistant Lecturer'or Se-
Snior Lecturer in Economics in the College of Arts -nd Science,

Dautudue. D..man so La. a S/

sible thereafter.
Salary scales; a assistant Lecturer iz;aoo x 50 1,350 Lecturer
1,45oxgo r,8zro st 8-- z,2g90; Senior Lecturer
x,95o x, 90-- ~ 2,940, Ch.ild allowance (limited
to t hr-e'; : children) zSo for the first child, roo for the
second'child, 5o for the third child. F. S. S. U. Housing allowance
of ro% of salary, or if available, unfurnished accommodation will be
let by the University at so% of salary. Up to five full passages on appoint-
ment, on normal termination and on study leave (once every three years).
Detailed applications (6 'copies) giving full particulars of qualifica-
tions and experience, date of birth and the names of three referees should be
sent by April 30, 1964, by persons living in the Americts and the Carib,
bean area to the Registrar, University of the West Indies, Kingston 7,
Jamaica, and by all o t h e r persons to the Secretary, Inter-Univer,
sity Council for Higher Education Overseas, 33 Bedford Place, London,
W.C I. Further particulars may be obtained similarly.
March 28

APPLICATIONS are invited from University Graduates (West Indians)
A for the post of Secretary to the Appointment Board. The appo in,
ment is for three years in the first instance and the successful applicant will
be expected to take up his appointment on July i, 1964, or as soon as
possible thereafter.
Salary in the scale 1,450 x 60 -- r,81o x 8o 2,290.
Child allowance (limited to three children) rSo for first child, ioo for
second, 5o for third. F.S S.U. Housing allowance of io% of salary,
or, if available, unfurnished accommodation will be let by the Universi-y
at 10% of salary. Up to five full passages on appointment, on normal
termination, and on study leave (once every three years).
Applications (six copies; giving full particulars of qualifications and
experiences, date of birth, marital status, and the names of three referees
should be sent, not later than April 30, 1964 to the Registrar, University
of the West Indies, Kingston 7, Jamaica. Further particulars may be ob-
tained similarly.
For West Indians living in the United States, Canada, or the United
Kingdom further particulars may be obtained as follows:
United States: The Embassies for Jamaica and for Trinidad and Tobago
Canada: The High Commissioners for Jamaica and for Trinidad
and Tobago.
U.K. The High Commissioner for Jamaica and for Trinidad
and Tobago,
and the Acting Commissioner for the Eastern Carib,
bean Territories.
Mar. 28

Bird Visits
THE President of the A n,
tigua Trades and Labour
Union and Chief Minister
of the country, Mr. V. C.
Biri, visited Martinique.
He also said that other Minis,
ters of his Government shall
be visiting that country since
"the people of the West In-
dies are one." He said that
on his visit to the country he
met French investors who are
willing to invest in Antigua
but who wanted to know if
the Government would wel/
come French investors. Mr.
Bird said that he assured
them that French investors
will be given the same sup-
port and opportunities as are
extended to investors of other
nationalities. Mr. Bird re,
minded the people of Anti,
gua that whatever the coun,
try has achieved in terms of
economic and social develop,
ment was due to the support
and guidance of the Trade
Union Movement of the
country. The people as a
whole should therefore give
greater support to a move,
ment which has done so
much for the community.
( f rom -C.C.L_. _C ea

11.3.4 )

Young energetic man to handle the
sales of Phillips' Radios, Stoves,
and all Phillips products. Some
practical knowledge of Radio s,
Appliances, etc. is beneficial.
Suitable person might be required
to take special studies abroad.
Apply In writing to:
A capable person to handle our
proposed New Books' bept. Must
have good knowledge of School
Books, Magazines, a n d all other
Types of Books, etc. for sale to
the public. Also some knowledge
of popular records is helpful.
Suitable person might be required
to take special studies abroad.
Apply in writing to:
A young man with some practical
knowledge of work d o n e in a
Work Shop, such as Pipe Fitting,
Electrical Repairs, Iron Work; etc.
to work as an assistant in our
New Refrigeration a n d Electrical
Repairs Work Shop.
We are willing to give suitable
person further training here and if
necessary abroad.
Apply in writing to:
Feb. 29- March 28
2-oz. Tins 72
I..---- J-..-- JL.... n nA4 .e... .

S University Of The West Indies

N ITS first three years the Faculty of Engineering has been soundly
established and well equipped. The first class of undergraduates
will receive their degrees this June. As this time some of the staff who
have helped to build the Faculty are returning to other posts.
It is now desired to advance and accelerate the further development of
the Faculty, both in the undergraduate area and in the post-graduate
area. Applications are sought, from suitably qualified persons, both to-
fill the vacancies lefi by returning staff and to take up new positions
which must be filled to the challenge of continued development.
Appointments are to be made in the areas of chemical, civil, electrical
and mechat.ical engineering in the range from Lecturer to Senior Lectur-
er to Professor, depending upon qualifications.
Salaries: Professors-in the range 3,050 4,000oo; Senior Lect-
turer 1,95o x 90 -- 2,940; Lecturrs 1,450 x 60 1,81o
x 80 2,290. Child allowance (limited to three children) 150 for
the. first child, roo for the second child, and 56 for the third child.
F.S.S.U. Housing allowance of 10% of salary ot, ifavailab!e, unfurn-
ished accommodation will be let by the University at Io% of salary. Up
to five full passages on appointment and on normal termination and on,
study leave (once every three years).
Detailed applications (to copies) giving full particulars of qualifica-
tions and experience, date of birth and names of three referees should be
sent by 3oth April, 1964, by persons living in the Americas and Carib-
bean area, to the RegisZrar, University of the West Indiess Kingston 7,
Jamaica, and by all other persons to the Secretary Inter-University Coun-
cil for Higher Education Overseas, 29 Woburn Square, London W.C.I.
Further particulars may be obtained in the United States and Can-
ada from Dean Mordell, Faculty of Engineering, McGill- University,,
Montreal, Canada; in the Caribbean Area and South America from the
Registrar and in other areas from the Secretary of the Inter-Universiy
Mar. 28


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inirouutiory unier, uuy one -- --
tin get 1 Tin Dutch Baby Advertisers are asked to submit copy

Ma. r i-Apl FREE. by noon on Wednesdays

~I~~ I



P-1-CE FOUA, ~


31 New Street, Roseau. Tel. 307
Published by j. MARGARTSON CHARLES, Propri'tor
U.K. & European Representative Colin Turner (London) Ltd.
122, Shaftesbury Ave London W. 1.
Annual Slbscriptions: Town 85.00 Country S6.00
Overseas (Surface Mail) $7.50



i(IlY GOD, my GOD, how French you
are!" those were the first words
spoken by General de Gaulle, President of
the French Republic, to a Martiniquan.
crowd last Sunday: a Fort de France
crowd nearly as large as the total popular,
tion of Dominica.
There are many Dominicans who have
climbed aboard the good ship Colombie in
the dark of night to visit France, often
inspired by deep interest and curiosity; they
number far more than those who, at one-
tenth the cost and about onefiftieth of
travel time (ihilusive of the long drive to
out airport) have aerially crossed the sap,
phire Caribbean and touched down in a
tropical France next door where the cli,
mate, the scenery and the countenances of
the population would make any one of us
feel completely at home.
This editorial is not a tourist brochure.
It is simply a note of wonder that we sis,
:r--i'lan-aic^ afoaf' .^ e -o,.
True, we Dominicans hive a little com,
merce with northern Guadeloupe, but
hardly any informative or cultural links
with either four French-speaking neigh,
bours. This is quite fantastic in a
modern age when the cry is "one world."
Recently, however, a few things have
happened to break the ridiculous isolation.
One is the strengthening of the Caribbean
Organisation, which encompasses all the
main regional language groups. Another
is the mutual interest of both British and
French territories in technical developments
in agriculture. A third, and in the long
run the most important, is the increasing,
ly cordial attitude of the very young (both
French and British nationals) towards each
other. If youth was given more oppor,
tunity to become acquainted, ties of under,
standing and exchange of ideas would
rapidly develop. The Martinique Girl
Guides who greeted Lady Baden Powell
at Lamantin airport seemed every bit as
affectionate towards her as the Girl Guides
of Dominica. It was not by hazard that
General de Gaulle made his longest and
best touring speech to a massed gathering

Dominica in August during the 0i
mid-summer holidays, and students 0
from the Leewards and Windward
Islands will be taking part.
Subjects included in this practi-
cal training course will be labour
legislation, collective bargaining,
grievance machinery and 1rade
Unions and democracy.
Thanking you for space.
I am
Yours faithfully,
General Secretary. D.T.U.

of youngsters at the Girls' High School Feeder Road
in Martinique.ear Madam
Some of us may say, "yes, but going Plear Maaam
to Martinique wouldn't be a change It i easevalual
is too near". That is a fallacy! The me spce in your valuable
change is so definite:- from the taste of column to,submit thefollow,
food and drink to the sound of words -- ing.
that is sometimes ashock to look around COME LET US GO
and see the same coconut fronds waving, SUKEY.
the same hibiscus and alam- nda, the same The public are, hereby
bananas shooting. For the world of notified that there will be a
Martinique is a tropical French world, grand Dance at the New
as even the autonomists would admit. School Room at Coulibistrie
C.'L. R. James once said in a Portof, on the 30th March coming
Spain hbrary "I will always be pro, in aid of the Coulibistrie
British, because the English language is an Feeder Road commencing at
indispensable part of myself." It is in- 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.
escapable, the flow of words like the flow Music will be supplied by
of blood, the accent of the mother tongue; the Colihaut U. S. Band.
overflowing into the gestures and habits of Ladies 750 Gents $1.oo
life. We sympathise with nationals who Come one Come all.
desire i nt er n a self-government and You will get all your coni
independence for their islands; after all, venience, Drinks,' Food, etc.
,have we not been plodding along the Thank you,
same trail for years ? Of course, being SUKEY
patoisspeaking to some extent, we may This should really be an ad-
be more dualst in our ,ingual attitude' vertisement-hut we print it fret
than- our neighbours of the French' -this time-Ed.
Antilles. But we may all appreciate what
C. L. R. James s a i d, and appreciate
the fact that Martnique's greatest man of Chief Minister
letters (Aim6 Cesaire) is at the same time Fire Appeal Fund
a strong believer in autonomy and a man
who told de Gaulle that Martinique's Madam,
problems should be solved "within the -Hon. E.O. LeBlanc, Chief
framework of France." Minister has launched a fire appeal
There lies, then, a fascinating world fund for the v i c ti m s of the last
,Roseau fife wh;ch took place some-
right at our doorstep, in which the vigour osie in February this year.ce some
of Africa and the finesse of France have Please permit me, madam, through
splendidly combined. The editor of this this medium, to ask our honourable
newspaper would like to make a sug, Mr. Chief Minister how much did
gestion to those who are planning to exhe personally contribute towards this
ges the France of old Europe: e fire app cal fund ? e ? a for it is just
plore the France of old Europe: see etiquette and common knowledge
Martinique first See Guadeloupe too that our, Chief Minister's na me
Know your neighbours should head the list and his donation
Not alone our joint stormy interwoven made know to the general public,
history, which is starred with names like inasmuch as he launched the ap,
Rodney and de Grasse, d'Esnambuc and When Dr. Eri Williams launched
Thomas Warner, but our interwoven the hurricane relief fund for Tobago
future, make closer acquaintance in our last year, Dr. William's name headed
time deeply important. the lst with a donation of $1,000
/4- doatin o__,%00

People's Post skilled Officials with the necessary
o s P ability to meet management on
Correspondents are asked t( submit theirfull names and addresses as equal terms. Unless you have an
age untee of goodfaith, but not necessarily for publication. Letters should enlightened membership, fully aware
be as sho, as possible. Controversial political letters will not be pub. of the broa a ra
Iished anonymously. Views expressed in People's Post do not necessarily the broad aims o Trade Union
reflect the policy of the Editor or the Proprietor. ism, one of which is to taks an act,
ive role in the life of the country,
TU. Seminar the Dominica Trade Union during you are likely to have a dormant
the last visit by Brother B.B. Black Organisation or institution, coming
Here In August Assistance Secretary C.C,L, (Edu to life only when an increase in
Madam Editor, cation) he said. wages is sought."
- At discussion with "Trade Union Education is vital He further stated that the C.C.L.
the Executive Board members of Iif you are to produce leaders and is planning to have a seminnr in

that is man).
Where is your donation Mr. Le,
blanc e .
Do please come out and tell the pub-
lie h* h h . U... hveAUirJLU.,

ympian Veteran

General Charles de Gaulle,
President of France, who has
just returned to Paris after a
triumphal tour of the French
West Indies, French Guiana
and Mexico.

R.C Bishops
Against Bantu Bill
CP:- The Conference of Roman
Catholic Bishops of South Africa
said that the Bantu Laws Amend-
ment Bill now before Parliament is
"negation of social morality and
Christian thinking". The bill deals
with the control of "blacks" outside
the United Party and Progressive


,,c noIw mucII yUu inave tonateFt- its
the PRINCIPLE involved Mr. FOR SALE
Chief Minister Baron would cer- VOLKSWAGEN No, 778
tainly have.come forward as a man in good condition. Any
Signed "'EYER" reasonable offer will be
Signed E "accepted,
HERALD ! Mar. 21-28.




; -c-



Washington, March i1- "This is a freedom wh
A victory for rhe rights of a the court holds to be rec
free press. aqy to full and uninhib
This is how the New discussion and debate
York Times describes the de' public affairs. But it is
cision of the U.S. Supreme a freedom, especially in
Court Monday reversing a case of the press, which n
$5oo,ooo libel judgement be exercised with much
against the paper and four and restraint."
Negro ministers. The Chicago Trib
The case arose from an which also filed a brief
advertisement placed in the behalf of the New
Times on March 29, 1960. Times, called t he cot
The advertisement sought to action "another milestone
raise funds for civil rights the long fight for freedom
causes and attacked condi, the press and freedom
tions as they affected race re/ speech."
lations in parts cf the South. "The effect of the d
A Montgomery, Alabama sion," the Times said, "is
official, claiming he had been reaffirm the ccnstitutic
defamed, was awarded $500, rignit of every citizen to
ooo by an Arabama jury. ticize government and o
The Supreme Court officials of government.
ruling held in effect that a (USIS)
public official cannot recover
libel damaged for criticisms ____
of bis conduct of public
business unless he proves that Voltaire Replac
the criticisms were made with Richelieu
deliberate malice.
By this ruling even a false By Darsie Gillie, Manchester Gu
statement about public offi, ian (Britain)
cials would be protected, un-
less made with actual malice. The new Io-franc bank
Certain details of the Times wih Votaire replacing Rich
is at last in circulation. It
advertisement were conced-d curiously mediocre Voltaire,'
to bi.e'N. ---,- 4 thebank vf.c "..U.. 'JaI
The corit decision said stations in putting the subve
that unrlimnitd libel -awards mocker in such a place.
in cases where'public ofhcials That the Bank of France po
are criticized would cnganger public men more convincingly
are criticized would endanger poets or pamphleteers is the
the freedom to comment on that can be said, but we al
official conduct, protected by knew that from the comfort
free speech and free press dull, bourgeois Racine that
provisions of the U.S. Con replaced the gay, smiling Henr
p s f on the 5ofranc note. One
situation. only look forward with trepid
No Survivro the Corneille that will te
al the brilliant young Bonaoar
Said Justice Brennan, de, th. soo.franc note in a few mo
livering the court's opinion, time.
he ll of fear and tiidity Voltaire, in a red jacket and
"the pall of fear and tirridita quill pen in his hand, seer
imposed upon those who be doing his best to reassure
would give voice to public and arbuions souls.
criticism is an atmosphere in But hold the note up to the
which the first amendment and look at the watermark o
s c s i ,, round white space; here you
freedoms cannot survive see another Voltaire, the moc
"It is an increasingly irm cadaverous head of his old age
portant function of the we all know.
press", the Times said ______
editorially yesterday, "to en, Ho
courage the free giveandtake Hovercraft's
of ideas and, above all, to be 200-Mile Reco
free to express criticism of
public officials and public Journey
policies. This is all part of
the lifeblood of a democracy. A 200,mile sea jou
by a 70opassenger West,
Necessary Freedom SR. N2 hovercraft has se
The WASHINGTON STAR: new record it was annoui
"For the first time the recently.
court has held that the first Coasting o ff Sout
amendment's guarantees of England the machine
free press and free speech 5 ft. waves, averaged
confer an immunity from the m. p. h. and set up
ordinary libel or slander suit longest nonstop hover
involving statements made trip yet.
about public officials ... A Westland spokes

said that the total mileage
logged by their machines is
which now equal to circumnavigat,
ing the earth.
i gess At the tme cf the break,
of up of the W. I. Federal
also Government, a long-term
the plan was about to be drawn
S up f)r use of hovercraft to
Slink the West Indian islands.
care T he Hydrofoil skimming
ne speedboat was also earlier
in considered for that purpose
York but was at the time, insuffi,
s ciently developed. A Hy,
is drofoil Service has just been
I of inaugurated between England
f and the Channel Islands
a distance of over thirty
eci, miles.
s to Another Press Baron
)nal LONDON, Mar, 13 CP:--Earl of
cri, Longford and Lord Balfour ofIIn,
other chrye sponsored Baron Thomson
,, ofFlett (newspaper ---oon Roy
SThomson) when he n.H s his first
appearance in the House -Lords



is a
as if
y IV
te on
!s to
n the
e that

on Wednesday. The Roy Thomson
Group owns several Caribbean
newspapers including the Trinidad

rd only

et a
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hern Hood Flour.
met er, tastier br
46 Flour makes
craf ROBIN

sman J.

Fire Relief
Hono- rable Chitf Minis-
tvr and Minister of Finance,
Mr. E. O. Le Blan c, oni
behalf of the' Government of
Dominica, grat e f 1 1 y ac-
knowledges receipt of the
following contributions made
to the Chief Minister Fire
Relief Fund:-
Messrs. Geest Industries
(W. L) L t d., $1oo.oo;
An Anonymous d o n o r,
$5.00; Officers and Members
Labour Party, $92.25; Miss
EdFne Joseph, $5.00; The
Dominica HERALD, $20.00;
Mr. J. J. Copland, $5.oo;
Mr. C. J. L. Dupig ny,
O. B. E., $25.00. (GIS)

You can now get your
UERDAI atJl R nvr's

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_ ___ ~I ___


University Of The
West Indies
Applications are invited for
the post of Soil Chemist in
the Regional Research Cen,
tre at the Univer,ity of the
West Indies, Trinidad. The
successful applicant will be
part of a research team and
will be required to devote
some cf his time to the
supervision of the laboratory
dealing with analysis of soils
plants and related biological
material. An interest in
agronomy is desirable but
not essential. The appoint,
ment is for the period ending
3 (St July, 1966, but may be
for three years in the first ir,/
stance. Appointment will
Le made in the Lecturer or
Assistant Lecturer scAe.
Salary scales: Lecturer
/,450 x 60 1,810 X
8o 2,290; Assistant
Lecturer 1,2oo x o5 -
1,350. Child allowance
(limited to tree children)
'150 for first child, ioo
for second, o50 for third.
F.S.S.U. Housing allow,
ance of io% of salary or, if
available, u n fu rn i s h e d
accommodation will be let
by the University at ro%
of salary. Up to five full
passages on appointment, on

normal termmatnon, and on
study leave (on.e every three
Detailed applications (six
copies) giving particulars of
qualifications and experience,
date of birth, and the names
of three referees should be
sent by May 4, L964 by per,
scns living in the Americas
and the Caribbean area to
the Registrar, University of
the West Indies Kingston 7,
Jamaica, and by all other
persons tothe Secretary, In,
ter-University Council for
Higher Education Overseas,
23 Bedford Place, London
W.C.I. Further particular;
may be obtained similarly.
Mar 28

I University Of The
West Indies

Applications are invited
for the post of Plant Physio-
logist at the Regional Re,
search Centre, Trinidad.
The successful applicant v. ill
be required to participate in
a programme of research on
bananas with particular
reference to nutrition, timing
of crop production and
pruning, A Plant Physio.
logist w i t h considerable
experience would be pre,
ferred. Appointment will
begin one of the following
grades Assistant Lecturer,
Lecturer, or Senior Lecturer.
The appointment is f o r
the period ending July 31,
1966, but may be for three
years in the first instance.
Salary sc al e: Assistant
L e c t u r er ,200 x 50 -
1,350; Lecturer 1,450 x
60 1,80o x 80 2,
290; Senior Lecturer I,
950 x 90 2,940 per
annum. Child allowance
(limited to three children)
150 for fi st child, 100
for second child, 50o for
third child. F. S. S. U.
Housing allowance of io%
of salary of basic salary, or if
.... ,,l-i,1,o fi ,,nirtx'lhpi- aeTomn/

modatioi will be let by the
University at o0% of basic
salary. Up to five full pas,
sages on -appointment, on
normal termination, and on
Study leave.
Detailed application (six
copies) giving full particulars
of qualifications and expe,
rience, date of birth and the
names of three referees should
be sent by May 4, I964. by
persons living the Americas
and the Caribbean area, to
the Registrar, University of
the West Indies, Kingston 7,
Jamai:a, and by all other
persons to the Secretary, Inter,
University C o u n c i for
Higher Education Overseas,



Sewers, Face Basins, Cast Iron
land Fittings, Felt Roofing, Rim I
iDead Locks, Tee and Butt H
Kitchen Sinks, Bass Brooms, R
,Putty, Spades, Shovels, Forks,
jet'c., etc.



i I"

33 Bedford Place London
W. C. I. Further particulars
may be obtained similarly.
Mar. 28

Applications For
Liquor Licences

To the Magistrate Dist "F" & the
Chief of Police.
siding at Castle Bruce Parish of
St. David do hereby give you no'
twice that it is my intention to apl-/
at the Magistrate's Court to be held
at Castle Bruce on Monday the 6th
day of April 1964 ensuing for a re-
tail LIQUOR LICSNCE in respect of
nmy remises at C'astle BrPrce Parich

To the Magistrate Dist. "F" & the cf St. David.
Chief of Police. Dated the 9th day of March 1964
ing at Delice! Parish of St. Patrick _
do hereby give you notice that it is
my intention to apply at the Magis- To t'ne Magistrate Dist "G" &
rate's Court to be- held at Delices Chief of Police
on Monday the 13th day of April I, Nellie Baptiste now residing at
1964 ensuing for a Retail LIQUOR Vieille Case Parish of St. Andrew
LICENCE in respecL of my premises do hereby give you notice that it is
at Delies Parish of St. Patrick. "iy intention to apply at the Magis-
Dated the i8th day ofMarch 1964 trate's Court to be held at Ports,
PHILLIP E. JOSEPH mouh on Saturday, the 4th day of
Mar. 21- -Apr. 4 April 1964, ensuing for a retail
LIQUOR LICENCE in respect to my
premises at Vieille Case Parish of
To the Magistrate Dist. "F" & Chief St. Andrew
of Police. Dated the Izth day of March

ding at La Plain: Parish of St. Pat-
rick do hereby give,o i notice that it is
my intention to apply at the Magis-
trate's Court to be neld at La Plaine
on Wednesday, Ihe I5th day ofApril
1964, ensuing for a retail LIQUOR
LICENCE in respect of my premises
at La Plaine PauIsh of St. Patrick.
Dated the i6th day of March 1964,
March 21, 28 Apr. 4

Tour Results
Caribbean Banana Association
Arising out of the
CARIBoSponsored Guade-
loupe Tour, plans fo r far,
reaching co-operation in
mark-ting, research an-
quality standards are n ow
being promoted with the aim
of eveitu : establishment of a
Caribbean Association of
Banana Growers. Annth-r
recommendation was that the
Central Secretariat of the
Catibbean Organization, ;n
cooperation with other Inter,
national agencies, should be
used as a clearing house for
standardisation of statistics on

the banana industry,
proper planning cannot
hdie iiti rirt


NELLIE BAPTISTE c mparable statistical data.
Mar.,14-28 (Cont. on page 8)
Schedule of Applications for Certificates of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for the week ending the 21st day of March 1964
Nature of- Request whether for
Date of Request Person Presenting Certificate of Title or Noting
______ _______ thereon or Caveat

Request dated Franklia Charles

Requestfor the issue of a First Cer-
e tacifit of Title in res ec a

portion of land in St. Joseph part of
ie Magistrate Dist. "E" and the 25th Feb., 1964 by his Solicitor Sayers Estate, in the Vilage and
of Police Parish of St, Joseph, containing
SofPolice, Presented Vanya Dupigny 976 square feet' and bounded -as
CoxoN L'HOMME now re- 16th March, 1964 *, n.-_ folwi. .
Sat Pond-Casse- ~-Pa-ii- o t.at a-.So -m-- -Paul, South by heirs of Anthony
do hereby give you notice Charles, East by heirs of Sevnith
t is my intention to at the Ma, Day Adventist Churh and West byheirs of Edmond Harry.
:e's Court to be held at Roseau Registrar's Office, (Sgd) J. V. JiAN PIERRE
ursdy th 2nd d of April Registra'rofTtles.
hursdayth- nd day of April NOTE:-Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a Certi-
,ensuing for a retail LIQUOR ficate of Fitle on the above application may enter a Caveat in the above
NCE in respect of my premises office within six weeks from the date of the first appearance of the
nd Casse Parish of St. Pauls. above Schedule in the DOMINICA HERALD newspaperpubl;shed in this
ed the 7th d ,xon Ltoe on any owner or occupier of adjoining land in respect of which the appli-
,XON 'HOMME. cation is made.
04-28 Mar 21-28



2RD -" 20.00 ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,,
S4 H 20.00 ,, ,, ,, ,, ,
TH 10.00 1 ,, ,
4TH 10.00 ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,
7 $195.00

Mar 7-May 9

) SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1964

av- ari




~~~~IL I~~)S*MCIf P-W~ltILMg



Easter Conierence Of D.T.U,

TIE Nineteenth Annual Confer-
etuce to be held at the Roseau
Mixed School on Easter unc.ay will
be supported by the General Secte-
tary of the Caribbean Congress of
Labour. Mr. Osmond Dyce, who
will be arriving the day before.
Eight brrinches, representing about
7,000 members, are sending delegates.
SProposals. put fortard b both
the Technical, Cle ical and Com-
mercial Woikers Union and the
Dominica Trade Union, for the for-
mation of a Trade Union Congress
in Dominica have been temporarily
shelved. One reason is that the
D.T.U. feel that their energies should
be spent more on an organisational
d:i/e, and the o0ter is a feeling that
the TCCWU would not accept
affiliation with the CCL
(a sine qua non for the DTU who
affiliate through CCL/ORIT to the
International Federat on of Free
Trade Unions: the TCCWU is
affiliated to the International Federa/
tion of Christian Trade Unions.)

Jamaican T,U.C. Leaves

THE strong rivalry between the
two Internationals (IFCTU and
ICFTU) in the Caribbean, in which
the Christian T.U. regional crgani-
sation CLASC is accused of play,
ing the Communist line and in turn
derounces ORIT and the C'L for
"playing the emplcy:r's game", cli-
maxed in Jamaica last year when the
originally leftist TUC of Jamaica.
denounced CLASC, joined up

WIlll Inl-IW tuullsl YV VL&3 OW
(affiliated to Mankly's party, the
PNP) and has now applied for
CCL-ORIT/ICFTU affiliation.

Cans Farmers Confer
With Distillers
A week ago the DTU executive
and the Cane Farmers Association
met representatives of the five rum
distilleries of Belfast, Macouchcrie,
Canefield, Chcckhall and Bagatelle
in an effort to agree upon a fixed
and equitable method of payment for
their product. Different conversions
to estimate the sugar content are used
by the different distilleries,
After a cordial discussion, with
Labour Commissioner Bruney in the
chair, it was agreed basically th: t juice
would be estimated on a basis or the
syrup at a figure of 40 Baum6 and
the price for that sugar content ag,
reed after consultations at a later date.
Representing the distilleries were
Mr. Newton Shillingford, Mr. E.
Nassief, Mr.. Fitz Shillingford and
Mr. Edward (A.C.) Shiliingford.
The Cane Farmers section of the
DTU were represented by Mr.
Philip Bob, Chairman, Mr. Roy
Laronde, Secretary and Messrs
Norry Vidal and Edward Sampson.
Interunion Struggle In B.G.
The end is not yet in sight in the
violent struggle between the two
unions representing the sugar work,
ers of British Guiana. The CCLo
affiliated Manpower Citizens
Association is being challenged by
the Jaganites who have formed the
British Guiana Sugar Producers'
Union. The latter have started
wildcat strikes all over the sugar

belt, with great violence and many
casualties, in an endeavour to show
that their union has the loyalty of
the majority of the workers rather
than the MPCA which is presently
recognized as the bargaining agent
with the employers.

News From Africa
Trade Unionists are concerned
since, rfter the recent arrry mutiny
in Tanganytka, President Nyerrer
has decreed that there shall be only
one un:on in the country, The
National Un;on of Tauganyika
Workers, The old Tanganyika
Federation of Labour was affiliated
to the ICFTU.
In Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta's
Government has moved to try and
stop the spread of unemployment by
agreeing with the Employers Federa,
tion that private employers should
increase their labour forces by ro%:
government and public services will
employ an additional 15% more
""------g-- -,-

Wesley Village
Council Storm
Mr. Fred A. Colberg Herry
who had been acting Secretary to
the Wesley Village Council handed
all documents and stationeries of
the Council to the Chairman te/
cently. He co n t en ds that Mr.
Christian, Social Welfare ,Officer,
came to an irrelevant conclusion
(when he drove his car up to Wes-
ley on i2th March 1964) in settling
a dispute caused by a resolution
drawnup- by. he Chairman Mr.
n 1 T-T Ri-r,-i. nnA h;mzrlf"

"That the Council in its infancy
could not do without a permanent
or stabled Secretary" seeing that
Mrs. V. Robin, Secretary of the
Council, had accepted the post of
Head Mistress of the Belles Govern-
ment School.
Mrs. Christian accused the
Chairman and Mr. Henry of hav,
ing taken the wrong procedure-to
which they agreed to a certain ex,
tent. Mr. Henry said that "Mr.
Christian in addressing the council
to the effect, exhibited some flat,
rared psychological stunts and thus
persuaded some of the members of
the council to side with him and
more so to oppose the resolution to
which the entire council strongly
agreed three weeks ago." Mr.
Henry openly accused the council
of bias and threat ied to resign.
He went on to say that had it not
been for the bias of the Councillors,
Mr. Christian would not have over,
ruled the resolution.
He also accused Mr. Christian for
not having, used his discretion--see,
ing that the Council is about to
undertake road construction etc the
Chairman-Secretary quorum will
occur most often then the Mrs.
Robir's resignation, to the Council
as Secretary, was not necessarily a
matter which should be based on
rules and regulations but on mutual
When Mr. Christian was asked
"who will do the secretarial worle
of the Council during the Secre.
tary's absence since the Assistant
Secretary has refused to do it." He
replied "anyone at any meeting in
which the Secretary is absent can be
nominated to do the Secretarial
Mr. Henry is strongly opposed to

this and so also is the chairman for
they both are conscious of the
fact that the members of
the Council cannot do the Secre-
tarial work.
This now leaves the council in a
stormy and rottering position. Mr.
Henry said that Mr.. Christian's
attitudes were not good and that
everything showed glaring preference
on behalf of the secrezarv but who
will do her work Then has the
council a, secretary.
He concluded 'I will remain on
the council until my time i, ended
to see if Mr. Christian will not
accept the resolution" THAT THE
Contr. F.A.C.H.

D. T. U. Resolu-
tion On Banana
The fOllowing important resolu,
tion concerning rehabilitation of the
banana industry after the 1963
hurricane damage and the formation
of an Easter Caribbean Federation
is on theagenda of the Dominica
Trade Union's Easter Sunday Confe,
WHEREAS the Dcminica
Banana Growers' Associa
tion estimated in September,
1963 Dominica's banana
1 o s s e s at an island/wide
average of 8o% or m o r e
(Vide D/ca. HERALD o f
Sept. 28,63)
WHEREAS in his message
1I f I.*

His Honour the Administra/
tor Colonel Alec Lovelace
Xcllowing 'his tour of the
island confirmed that he had
been able to observe the very
severe damage done to the
island's principal crops as a
result of the passage to Hur-
ricane Edith on 25th Sept.
63 (Vide Dca. HERALD of
Oct. 5)
WHEREAS the A c t i n g
Chief Minister on behalf of
the Government of Domin-
ica extended his si n c ere
sympathy to all those "who
in one way or other have
suffered loss or damage to
their property as a result of
the violent gale which swept
this island on Wednesday
morning of the 25th Sept. ,
63 (Vide D'ca. HERALD of
Oct. 5)
WHEREAS t he Political
Leader of the OPPOSITION
PARTY confirms the extent
of damage done when he
"Hurricane Edith has
ravaged our economic base
and in so doing dealt one of
the severest blows in recent
times to our economy: Relia,
ble estimates have placed the
loss on the Banana Industry
at 80% of all plantings"
(Vide D/ca. HERALD of
Oct. 5) (Cont. p. Io)

We print below the report of the controversial talk by Mr. S. P. Richards,
given last month to the Dawbiney Literary Club. This was inadvertently
omitted from cur issue of Feb. 27.-,Ed.


THE tumultuous applause,
which followed his forty-
five minute talk exemplified
the fact that his 50-strong
audience were throughly con-
vinced t h at Commercial
Banks are fleecing and
capitalising reduudantly on
the underdeveloped countries,
w he n Mr. S. P. Richards,
University of the West Indies
graduate in Economics and
History addressed the Daw,
biney Literary Club on "The
Role of Commercial Banks
in Underdeveloped Coun,
tries", recently at the new
premises of the Dominica
Grammar School.
Profit Motive
"The principal Commer,/
cial Banks in underdeveloped
territories are usually branches
of expatriate banks (Barclays
and Royal in Dominica)
commanding hu g e inter,
national resources; and oper,
ating under a system as the
Currency Board system can
do almost anything to the

motive alone is- the factor
influencing the decision of a
Commercial Banking firm to
establish a branch in an

underdeveloped country (this
may come as a bit of a Qhock
regarding such immensely re/
spectabl' institutions)" he
Enumerating the effects of
the operations of Commercial
Banks on underdeveloped
economics he stated that these
Banks operate as though the
countries are part of the
metropolitan area, they do rot
consider t he territories as
separate entities. As a re,
sult the policy of these ex/;
patriate banks is det'erimnined
by Head Offices primarily.
with regard to monetary ni6 n
editions prevailing in -the
country with the Head Office
and ignoring the needs of the
poor countries. The local.
rate of interest in the territory
is a function- of the rate of
interest in the overseas money
markets rather" than a. result
of internal economic foices-
Similkrly, the total volut me -qf
business undertaken in any
country is determined by de/
cisions in its head office -aid

nection with demand for
credit, or the state of output
and employment in the over/
seas territory.
(To be concluded.)


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Dominica At Her Best
Queen Mother Ashore Twice
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother was so enchanted
by her swift glimpse of Dominica at midday on Sunday
that she took a trip up to Pont Cass6e in the late afternoon.
After a number of broadcast statements that it was
not known whether Her Majesty would be coming ashore,
and warning everyone to stand by their radios for news at
I.o pm, in actuality the Queen Mother stepped ashore on
the Roscau jetty at exactly 12.30 p.m. on Sunday.
Persons up Federation Driie had a magnificent view
of the Brittania steaming into Woodbridge Bay at around
II.30, and soon after this H. H. The Administrator Col,
Alec Lovelace and Mrs Lovelace went on board.
Met Ministers
When Her Majesty stepped ashcre an hour later, three
cheers were raised by the Canadian Teacher Trainer group,
she met Ministers Stevens and Didier, and cameras were
active all around. Looking considerably less than her 62
years the Queen Mother went straight into the waiting car
and was driven off for a quick run past the Court House,
through the Gardens, round the parking space of the new
Grammar School, thence up the steep St. Aroment Hill
and down to the P. M. Hospital where the entourage
paused for a brief minute before going down to Govern,
ment House.
At G. H there were introductions to Mr. Justice St.
Bernard, The Right Rev. Arnold Boghaert, Bishop of
Roseau, and other notables. Exactly seventy minutes later,
Her Majesty was again aboard the Royal Barge heading for
tbh Royal Yacht Brittania. Col. and Mrs. Lovelace accom,
panied ftefor lunch on board.
ThIeQuten Mother looked charming in a white
bouffon frock and typical Hartnelldesigned white/feathered
hat. Her two ladies/in/waiting wore similar hats.
Trip To Pont Gassee

Her afternoon trip started just before five o'clock and
consisted of a tour in peerless weather up the Layou Park
Road to the Administrators Cottage down the Castle
Bruce Road and back via the twisting Imperial Road as
dusk fell. Her Majesty's trip was blessed with blue skies,
cloudless views of the mountains and a magnificent sunset
(we hope she saw the wonderful emerald drop). She did
notleave the jetty to return to the Britania until after 8.00
but a magnificant half-moon illuminated everything and we
can surely say that Dominica offered her the best of her
beauty.H.M. received presents of grapefruit, limes and a
grass mat.
,Dominicans from the North saw the Royal Yacht in
the morning when she steamed slowly through Prince
Rupert's Bay on her way South to Roseau.

Guadeloupe Tour Results
(Continued from page 6)

More Research Needed
To organize the establish,
ment of a Banana Research
Working Party, M. Guyot,
Director of the IFAC Sta,
tion in Guadeloupe, has been
appointed chairman of a
small steering committee.
The fields of study to be
coveredeai: (zi) Nematodes
and borers (2) Sigatoka (3)
Soil pathogenes which attack
the b a n a n ap a n t (4)
Standardisation of research
and sampling techniques for
nutrition studies (5) Joint
publication on deficiency
symptoms in banana plants

(6) Clearing house for infor,
nation on quality studies (7)
Exchange ofinformation on
ecology and fertilizer require,
Marketing Information
Concern was felt about
the possibility of m a r k e t
saturation with increasing
reduction and a need was
felt for better information and
statistical analyses of market
trends, improved advertising,
and the general collection,
collation and dissemination
of information from the
soil to the consumer and

from the mat to the shop
The Industry In Martinique
An intrr-sing document,
in French, was distributed
during the Guadeloupe
Study Tour giving some de,
tails of the progress of the
industry in Martinique. Un-
like Guadeloupe, in which
everyone emplovs his own
shipping agenr, Martinique
has been organised in much
the same way as the Wind,
ward Islands in that the
growers unified in August
1962 to form "La Soci&t
d'Interet Collecr.if Agricole
Bananiere de la Martinique"
known as SICABAM.
As a result the growers
were able to ob-aii- an over,
all freight contract resulting
in considerable reduction in
costs, a proper control of cut,
ting to suit ripening (cutting
out almost entirely rejects of
unsatisfactory f uit) and a
means whereby unacceptable
fruit is considered by an offi/
cial control commission.
Stabilization Fund
SICABAM have been
able to obtairi fixed quotas
for the Fre:cl i market and
organised a "compensatory
reserve" based on a cess on.
bananas seit to metropolitan
z 67T - t i./ --, :A6]-

to stabilize the standard of
living of the farmers and
guard against fluctuations in
foreign prices.
Exports have been de,
veloped to Italy, Switzerland,
Ireland and the U.K. since
1962 but especially to the
U.S.A. where the more un,
certain market is compensated
for by the U.S. demand for
a better quality (and higher
priced) fruit. Great stress is
now being placed through,
out Martinique on quality
and conditioning. SICA-
BAM is planning:an ex,
pending production with the
U.S. able to absorb the extra
tonnage -- a target of 25o,
ooo metric tons per annum
is aimed at.
More Sales By "Hands"
It is noticeable that crating
and cartoning of "hands" is
becoming an increasingre,
quirement, especially for the
U.S. and Swiss market (and
even in France itself). For
nine months of 1963, about
30% of production was
plain wrapped stems, 30%
diothene stems, 20% in wood
crates and 20% in cartons.
The article goes on to
state that the combined pro-
duction of Martinique and
Guadeloupe now r an ks

fourth in the world. De- thanks to purchases by
spite the three hurricanes last SICA BAM from their Afri-
year, they were able to meet can colleagues in Ivory Coast
their contract requirements and Cameroon.

( Teachers & Students of History,
For ( Trade Unionists & Politicians,
(Those who Care about the Future

The Rise o' West Indian

(ii Biography of Sir Grantley Adams)
A Book By a Wfest Indian, About a West Indian, For
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Cont. from page 3

We had a very colourful of these and ether "nice
dream the other night. It things" will Dominica lose
was all about an island/wide as tie after tie is cut with
art show. The scere was England?
the inside of the new Gram, Speaking of solidarity in
mar school auditorium and the West Indies, whatever
the walls were covered with happened to that v er y
paintings done by local laudable suggestion that there
artists. And there were be a Caribbean Common
other exhibits too: handcraft, Market.. This idea, it would
sculpture; even a handmade seem, might produce much
Carib canoe was on display. greater economic benefits for
There were prizes for the members of the "Silly Six"
best in each class . people Federation, than the Federa,
came from all over to se.: this tiodnitself! What we want
huge art show and there were and need is trade to become
television cameramen there financially independent rather
making a film that would be than politically independent.
shown over BBC/TV in Who is going to be the
London! courageous person to. cam,
Admission chargeto visit paign for removing all trade
the show was 25z and the barriers with the French
money was to be used to buy islands, and, yes, with the
Madame Narodny a fine British ones too? So they
piano! It was a very nice say!
dream. It would be even
nicer if it could come true! ai Raffle
One of our better polite, axi R
cians is leaving the island Postponed
next week to attend a month/. .
long course in Parliamentary Owing.to the slcw res/
Procedure in London. At pose the raffle of Tcaxi
this very nmiute one of No. 443, scheduled for Easter
-Dom;nca's mr,t ,ble Cus, Monid.y has been postponed

-. until A,:gus
months course in Customs Moond; ., it
House Work in, Trinidad. ti"s w-2( by
Several men f.50 -nhe: island Giddihgs ,
have attended other Crown, Lane, Good
spons red. training courses. Ifsuffcier
What we wonder is: if there before then,
is a Federation or if (heaven ment of an.
forbid!) we become indepen, the draw
dent, will Dominicans get public.
invitations to attend these Averl
improvement sessions? This Adv
is a very miner benefit to I Asked
derive frora being a British copy
Colony bu t a mighty
important one. How many 0 W(

t EadL Holiday
was announced
MI. McDonald
)f 40, Princess
it tickets are sold
an announce,'
earlier date for
will be made

tisers Are
To Submit
By Noon



(Cont from page 2)
str e: sanitation --a dig at
the DUPP controlled Roseau
Town Couccil.
.Trade and Production
Minister D'creay again
brought up the Hark Forrard
redberring, and gave details
of the Government Fisheries
Scheme.. He was ,having a
break, in that fish is plentiful
at the moment, although
mostly caught with inshore
seines at Soufriere rather than
from outboard-motored boats.
Option On Timber
We had news tha. a
Canadian,firm had asked for
an exclusive option on ou-
timber rights until Decermber
this year, with detailed plans
ready in .July and also that
the Pumice Mining Ordine
ance would give the go ahcar


, ATURDAY/,MARCH 28, 1964

to the firm already working
here. After a threat "we
want nobody who will play
double swi ch we will
put out all traitors', a state,
ment of support for the cane,
farmers and a brief mention
of quotas for bananas on the
U.K. market for non-Com,
monwealth countries, he gave
place to the C. M.

Banana Shipment


Exports Ist Jan. to 4th March, 1964
Total exports to 19th March, 1964
Total exports to 19th March, 963
Decrease 1964 compared with 1963

3,730 "
: "..;. Ti j t


------9----<.---- ----.--,-------
Magistrate's Court, District "E", Roseau

TAKE NOTICE that there will be a special court on Thursday,
the second day of April, 1964, at 9 o'clock in the forenoon, at
Roseau, for the purpose of receiving -nd considering applications far
certificates for licences and the renewal of licences to sell liquor in the
said district.
Dated at Roseau this 18th day of March, 1964.
Magistrate, District "E".
G.O. 33, Mar. 28

Dominica Banana Growers Association

With reference to the notice given in The Dominica HERALD of
14th March. 1964, of the holding of the Annual General Meeting of the
Association at the Carib Cinema, Roseau, on Monday 27th April, 1964,
it Is hereby further notified that the meeting will commence at
10 A. M. (instead of 11 a.m.)
A. 0. BOYD

Mar 28





SThe meeting, which was
atrenced by a srraller crowd
Than the DUPP meeting a
v week earlier, ended just before
midi-ight with a half-hearted
Singing of the cld Labour
SParty Song, which had not
Before been sung by the
* DLP since their inglorious
move of expelling t he i r

of 19th March 1964:

w I


SkTURDAY, MARCH 28, 1964


Blackburn Thrash St. Joseph

THE Blackburn vs St. Joseph en-
c o a n t e r last weekend at the
Botanical Gardens was almost a one,
sided affair. Win n n n g the toss
Blackburn amassed 214 runs in just
over 2- hrs against bowling which
never looked very penetrative. Ron-
aid Osborne topped the batting con-
tributions with a well played 49, in
an innings which showed plenty
character and good timing. Einstein
Shillingford and Eddison Joseph got
37 apiece and the middle and lower
order batsmen gave worthy support
with timely contributions to tne effect
that the batting side never looked in
serioaz trotb!e.
Clayton R, Shillingford varied
pace and spin extremely cleverly to
finish with a full bag of 7 for 72.
St. Joseph went in to bat about 45
mit.utes before close of play and the
openers settled very cicely. But that
was while Nesty was erratic. As
soon as he found a length they were
in serious trouble. A parade of
batsmen in and out of the pavilion
ensued and by 6 o'clock 8 wickets
had fallen for a paltry 41 runs. On
resumption Clayton Shillingford
thumped Nesty for 17 in an over
and brightened up things consider,
bly, but was caught and bowled the
next over for a-go6d 28 and thelside
was all out for 86.
Asked to follow on, St, Joseph
did-fitrle better in the second inn-
ings, totalling 95 of which Ravalier
made an undefeated 36. Clem John
and Einstein Shillingford shared the

Frank Worrell's Visit
THE celebrated West Indian
ricrketer Sir Frank Worrell will visit
Dominica from u n d a y 5th to
Thursday 9th April and the high,
light of his stay will be a benefit
.match engaging two local sides with
Sir Frank playing on one of these
sides. This match takes place at
the Botanical Gardens on Monday
and Tuesday afternoon from .30o p.m
It is rumoured that Conrad Hunte,
ViceCaptain to Worrell on the re-
cent West Indies tour of England
may be here around that time alsoin
which case we would be extremely
fortunate to see both of these world,
wide cricketing figures in action.
This is a time for the selectors to
survey the best talent in the island
and select the two strongestt and well
balanced teams that can be found in
.h..----Anumi alndn

This Club will be the guest of the
Antigua Sugar Factory Spoits Club
which is the leading one in that is-
land. and will eng-ge in a cricket
match, a football match and many
indoor sports including table-tennis.
-- ----a--- --

De Gaulle
(Cont. from p. i)
society affair of over xooo
guests at the Prefecture, at
which Mme. de Gaulle wore
a gown of aquamarine tissue
with matching scarf, and
petite Mme. Valere, wife of
the gallant leader of the Op,
position, wore a Grecian/
style gown of heavy wh;te
satin with black flowers in
her hair and delicate black
slippers. On Monday .he
Navy was host, with r:cept,
ions aboard the Jeanne d'Arc
and at the Officers' Club.
No account of this triumph,
hal tour by the great hero-
politician would be com,
plete without mention of the
Prefect (M. Raphael Petit)'s
kindness and of Professor
Pierre Lucette's role in help,
ing a Dominican visitor of no
official importance to go
everywhere in record time,
and see everything desired.
Lucette, who ,is now in
Puerto Rico seeing his rela,
tiveninl aw Mr. C. F.
Beaurcgard preparatory to a
tour of St. Kitts, Antigua
and Dominica, acted at
Press photographer for the
Dominica HERALD and also
for the Advocate: some
of his photographs will be
published by us later. An
account of the Editor's recep'
tion by the Ca r i b b e a n
Friends Club and meeting
with Mr. Oliver Norris must
also be deferred for space

France Prestigieux

mese quarters anu uou cn uu
display. It is hoped that very large Two of the most revealing
crowds fromthe country and Roseau appearances of the General
will be in attendance. The funds were reserved for his last day,
are in aid of building a University Monday, when he entered
Centre for Dominica and there will he new housing settlement
be a raffle of a cricket bat personally e new housing s en
autographed by Sir Frank. of fivefloor flats called Briant
and saw a banner waving:
"We want to stay French".
DUE to constru.-tion work in Thousands of tiny school,
connection with the Easter Monday children greeted him with a
Fair highlighting a Donkey Derby song. In his speeches the
the Windsor'Park has ben out of General referred constandy to
use as a cricket venue for the last referred constantly to
week and remains so for yet another the fact that France had
week. never been so prestigieux (a
difficult word to translate),
Blackburn To Tour Antigua he also stressed the word
THE Blackburn Sports Club is "ensemble" when speaking of
touring Antigua this Easter weekend. the forward progress of the

French nation, and told the News From those whose homes have
young people, "France is been damagedndand those
pledged to do a lot for her All Over who have suffered losses in
children, but she expects their, cultivations" V i de
them to do something for her DUNCAN Sandys has invited the HERALD Oct. 12)
as well." government concerned in the pro-
as we posed Eastern Caribbean Federation WHEREAS the Govern,
General KiiSSes Headmistress to meet in London next month but meant in its Press Release No.
It was at the Girls High School has (he stated in the House of 254/63 made clear the bass
that he received the most charming Commons Monday) received no re- approved by Her M,-jesty's
ovation by some 6ooo ppils from plies as et ENGLAND S Gre.t r J
all over Martinque (the High Train R o b b e r y Tual (costing S.O.S. for the issue of ferti,
School has 1800 students). After o0oooo) ended with nine men lizers up to /the amount of
kissing the Headmis:ress, Mile Nar, guilty and one adjudged "not gull $350,000 to meet the imme,
dal, he spoke a; length to the ty" after the jury had been cut for diate rehabilitation require,
massed yoush groups acout Martin, two days. Quarter of a milicn m'nts of the Banana Indus,
ique's future: "We shall go forward has been recovered of the total
..if you vish! The future ofthe amount stolen of 2iM, Eight ry (Vide Dca. HERALD
entire country comes from the cha, others are to be tried tor complicity* Oct. 25-64)
racer of the French ensemble national UNITED Nations peacekeeping force WHEREAS it is deemed
...all.the doors are open, but the fu, i" Cyprus became operational at necessary (in the interest of
tu:e depends on you, the youth of 0300 hrs. GMT yesterday* PRESI .
France .." And men, after his DENT Johnson has expressed his the industry as a whe if the
earnest words, he led the young deep regret at the inabihry of the present effort to rehabilitate it
people in singing the Marseillaise, U.S-A. and Panama to settle their is to prove effective) to adhere
but his voice (sl.grtiy off key) was diffirencies over the Panama Canal* as much as possible to the
soon drowned by the most magnm- VILLAGE Council Electons take terms on which the allocation
ficient singing of their national an- place in Woodford Hill next Tues, has been made b Her Ma,
them that anyone in Martinique had day, Atkinson on .April 7, Coli- as
ever heard. It was goodbye to a haut on April 9 and Paix iouche jesty's SO.S.
great hero, an Olympian: after Ma, on April 14th; this will bring th: AND WH E R E A S in
dame de Gaulle (dressed in dotted number of Village Councils up to NOTICE issued by the D. B.
grey with plumey hat and pearls) had xI"* C.A. (Vide Dca. HERALD
been extricated from her admirers, -Feb. 1964) the people of
the cavalcade drove straight to the New Ext Do a 5 964) tlhe tpeolt it
airport. De Gaulle carried away W XA E ra- Doninica are t.l that it has
with him a gifi book of poems Mural Centre been decided by S.O.S. to
written byDr Daniel. lhaly of have the second DISTRIBU,
Dominican, Martinique origin. Sir Frank Worrel To Launch TION OF FERTILIZER made
SAppeal atfull cost to the growers
ueen Mother It is hoped that some time in the who in the Govt. Press Re,
Future the Ex'ra sural Depart,, lease NTo 254e63 we"re classi-
(Cont. fro p. 1) ment of the University of the West e ee ()i
.. wn build'n fled under the, categories (b)
To which His Honour Indies will have its own building in
ow c s onouro eau. Plans to provide seminar Estates between ioo and...5o
the .Administrator replied. _as. ^ an,-.i. ",-!,." ". =-'0:.- m Sy-
follows:- and other offices will be put into of cost and (c) Estates below
"On behalf cf the Gov, effect ifDominicans everywhere res 50 acres-owners to be pro/
emrnment and people of Dorr. pond to the appeal for funds for vided with fertilizers free of
inica I wish to express our h.s important cause. cost
ica I wish o exprThe suggestion, put recently ycost.
sincere thanks for Your Hot. W S. Stevens to UW.I. WHEREAS according to the above,
Majesty's gracious telegram. VicePrincipal Philip Sherlock, mentioned notice the final decision
Your visit has given great was accepted in principle by Go, asto the terms and scope cfassis,
pleasure to Dominica a:d vernment on Mr. Stevens' return tance from the British Government
will long be remembered and to that end the Princess Alice for the rehabilitation of the Banana
ll Appeal Fund (started in 955) has Industry has yet to come from the
We all hope that Your been resuscitated with a committee S.O.S.
Majesty will enjoy the re, headed by Miss Eigenia Charles WHEREAS the rehabilitation of
mainder of the tour in the and consisting ofKeith Alleyne Esq. this major industry of the island
Caribbean." -(GIS) Q.C., Dr. Elizabeth Mueller, will be much retarded if the meas-
SMajor C.M. Thomson and Messrs. ures outlined by Goveinmenr in
E IN THF NEWS T. Coulthard, John Bully, M.B.E., this connection are to. be substan-
PEOPLE IN THE NEWS Jefferson Charles, B Sc.. S.P. Rich- tially curtailed.
"BISH" Lartique co., ards, B.A., Oliver Green, Clem BE IT RESOLVED THAT this 19th
firmed in the post of Collec, Dupigny and C.G. Philip. Annual Conference of the Domin,
fr t ot of C l The visit here from April 5/9 of ica Trade Union approach Her
tor of Customs ERIC Sir Frank Worrell, famed Windies Magesty's Government through the
Williams, P. M. of Trinidad Test Cricketer Captain and War, ICFTU and the British TUC
had talks this week with den of Irvine Hall of the U,W.I., with the view to getting implement.
S. o. S. Duncan Sandys in isthe oc cas ion for the formal ed(with minor modifications in
London after completing his munching of the Princess Alice the interests of the Industry, the
London after completing his Appeal. It is hoped that the pro, S.O.S's original decision to assist
African Tour CHIEF Min, posed UWI ExtraMural Centre this Colony in the manner herein-
ister LeBlanc a t t e n d ed will help to provide more under, mentioned in order that the econ-
Regional Research Centre graduate awards for Dominica. omy, of this island which for many
meeting in St. Vincent this years has been unable to balance its
meeting in St. Vincent this budget may not suffer a crippling
week DOCTOR McDonald D. T. U. setback.
Benjamin senior economist Da. nl in AND BE IT.MOREOVER RESOLVED
OAS in Panama here for 'Resolutin that copies of this RESOLUTION be
Easter visit to his father Mr. (Cont. from page 7) forwarded to the Government of
HEEA 7T Dominica and to the Chief Ministers
Simeon Benjamin WHEREAS the the C Min of the Leeward and Windward
--- -- sister in his broadcast of Islands looking forward to setting
J. Astaphan & Co. Tuesday, 8th Oct,63 inform, up on a proper basis a Federation
announce that:- ed the people of Dominica that will help bring to the inhabit-
of the steps taken by Govern- ants of the several islands concerned
The Robin Hood flour with the ice menh "in search of financial that abundant life which has been
Cream Servers offer is also obtain, e .n promised by the O hE whose incar
able from:-- J. Royer, Marie assistance and otherwise in nation was intended for man's salva-
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