Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: December 20, 1867
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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Rev. Tracy R. Walsh.
This honored memberof the South Carolina
Confereasedeparted this life in the town of Ben-
netterille, 8. C., on the 20th October, 1867.
For more than forty y are he was a standard.
bearer for Christand that long period his
character, both private and oAoial, was unstain,
ed by a single blot.
Of commanding presence and deportment, he
was wherever seen a model specimen of the dig.
unified Christian minister. The purity and con.
sistency of his private life imparted a momen.
tum to his pulpit ministrations which secured
for him a distinguished measure of necess in
winning.souls to Christ. Eschewing all adorn.
nient, his sermons, which embraced generally
the exposition and enforcement of some cardin-
at doctrine or duty of the gospel, were marked
1 .. .sE ... and directness; 0 1 a 1 .
.s . .* I uncommon comps.. .
ume, they were usually delivered in ,,
tion of the Spirit and with power, ti. r
were uniformly impressed with the speaker a
e ti -. -f the truth of what he was
.. ., -=.e. of his whole demean.
or in the pulpit, being: "I believed, therefore
have I spoken." The estimation in which our
lamented brother was held by the authorities of
the Church is evident from the importance of
the charges to which he was assigned; while
his brethren of the Conference testilled their
appreciation of his dignity and worth by elect.
lism to preside over their deliberations in
sa Bishop. Called, andehosen
and tanhtul," he has been summoned from among
us, and his name passes from the roll of the
Conferencebuthis memory will linger long with
his brethren, an inspiration and incentive to all
that is manly and heroloin the Christian minis-
Licensed to preach in September, 1827, he
was admitted on trial in the S. C. Conference
in January, 1830. In February,'82, he was re-
eeived into the Conference and ordained Deacon
by Bishop Hedding, and two years afterward he
received Elder'sorders fromthebands of Bishop
Yielding to the solicitation of friends and re.
1: : .s he believed to the indications of
he located after traveling for seven
years and assumed chargeof the Marion Acade.
my. For thirteen years he discharged the duties
of this position to the entire satisfaction of the
patrons of the school, while the impress of his
sterlingeharactor waspermanentlystamped upon
many, perhaps mostof the youthful minds com
emitted to his training,
Nor did this long htatus in his itinerant his-
tory leave a corresponding blank in his ministe-
rial record. Duringallthis period he was abun.
dant an labors-performing in addition to his
scholastic duties an amount of pulpit and paro-
chial work seldom exceeded by a regular pastor,
Re-entering the Conference at the close of
'49, he continued to travel until'52, when he
was elected to the Presidency of Carolina Fe-
male College, and was regularly assigned by the
Bishop to that position until the close of 1860.
Endowed in a marked degree with the peculiar
qualities requisite for a successful instructor of
youth, and the superintendency of a literary
institution of high gradehe vindicatedtbrough-
out his administration the wisdom of those who
had choose him to preside over the interest of

tied by hearing a feeble voice. which appeared
to come from behind one of the broken doors
that opened upon the I II. : .. ,. Does
your book tell of the si J I I leanseth
from all sin ?" For the moment the visitor was
too absorbed in the case of the hardened sinner
before him to answer the inquiry, and is was
repeated in urgent and thrilling tones: Tell
me, ch 11. 4 ., i 1 11 of the blood
which I d
The visitor pushed open the door, and center
the room. It was a wretched place, wholly des-
titute of furniture except a three-legged stool,
anda bundle of straw an a corner, upon which
were stretched the wasted hmbs of an aged
woman. When the visitor entered, she raised
herself upon one elbow, fixed her eyes eagerly
upon him, and repeated her former question .
I- I' I '* "*

..i :

* I' "
the energy of her voice and manner as she re-
plied: "What do I want to know of it! Man,
I am dy2ng; I am going to stand naked before
God. I have been a wicked woman, a very
wicked woman, all my life. I shall have to
answer for everything T have done;" and she
groaned bitterly as the thought of a lifetime's
Inequity seemed to crose her soul. But once,
She continued, "once years ago, I came by the
door of a church, and I went in, I don't know
what for; I was soon out again; but one word I
heard there I have never forgot. It was some.
thing about blood which cleanseth from all sin.
Oh! if I could hear of it now! Tell me, tell
me, if there is anything about that blood in
3 1 1 T. Ti , -
I, =1 1 -1 * 11 ; I
to devour the words, and when he paused she
exclaimed: "Read more, read more." He read
the Sd chapter-a slight noise made ham look
? '
1 '
ly turned away, the visitor could perceive tears
rolling down his cheeks. The visitor read the
El = = 3 = '. I 0 I ' s
I ' I I
shen she would not let him go till he promised
to come again next day. He never from that
time missed a day reading to her until she died
six weeks afterward; and very blessed was it to
see how, almost from the first, she seemed to
find peace by believag in Jesus. Every day
the son followed the visitor into his mother's
room, nad listened in silence, but not in indiffer-
ence. On the day of her funeral, he beckoned
himto one sideasthey were filling up the grave,
and said: "Sir,1have been thinking that there
is nothing I should so much like as to spend the
rest of my life in telling others of the blood
which cleanseth from all sin "
Thus the = = I I 1 41 ..'
the blood of I L
it. Thus grasped, when all else is gone, it has
power to sustain the drowning spirit, and lift it
up above the floods that are going over it. Thus
it breaks the heart of stone, which nothing else
could touch, and tures the abandoned persecutor
into the zealous teacher of Christianity. Ex
xi: 13; Lev. xvii: 11, Isa. liii: 4-7;
Matt. xxvi: 28; Rom. v: 93 izi: 25: Eph. i:

"Ask and it Shall be Given Unto You." Touch not. Taste not." 8peak to that Young Man.
The late Governor Briggs, of Massachusetts, So the Spirit saidto good Descou H-- one
was a well known and able advocate of total morning, as he noticed a strange youth enter
. . abstinence from all intoxicating drinks." He the Sabbath-school.
told me that he was once accosted bya lady at a The young man had a pleasant, open face, Letter from Bev. Young J. Allen.
large and fashionable party, who said, as he de- and a full, frank eye, which glanced rather sadly Afr. Editor,-I send you this, a letter from
*. g clined a glass of wine: "Really, Governor around, as if seeking a friend. brother Allen of China, which I hope you will
Briggs, I think you are a little fanatical on this I will wait awhile, thought the deacon, and publish. I send is to you because it concerns
a center granta smewher, anghter way subject. What possible harm can a glass of not be too oiliolous. Just then the superin- chieily the preachers of the Georgia Conference,
Wefamtheneathd eburldo .0f the day- Wine do, taken at parties and weddings, with tendent goes totheatrangerand leads him to the though much of its contents ought to be consid-
one's friends ?" Governor Briggs replied, "If class of Deacon H--. ered by all the preacher in the Southern Meth-
.. . .., .... = 1 I shall have to speak now, thought thedencom odist Church. Brother A. is an excellent mis-
,, a ,n a ,, ,, ,,,_ I Why act I so loth? After welcoming the new sionary, and is rapidly growing in the esteem of
.. ** I II 1- ..1 .. = scholar, who seemed tobe a stranger to the city, both missionaries and the natives. Surely his
the number of victims to intemperance in each the teacher said, own Conference has not forgotten him. Can the
family, and can then come back to me and say "Have you any friends here?" Georgia Conference allow such a man to anifer?
Anesmissputer. si: < "Not one," was the reply. The Foreign Boardseemounable to do anything
i. g "Did you leave your best friend behind ?" for the China Mission; it has sent but one small
', J- " others from an and so common and so dreadful, Yes, I left a widowed mother in my country remittance this year. The Southern Baptist
I will take wine with you if you wish me to do home." Board supports 15 missionaries in Africa, and
so, for I know you are a reasonable woman, but I do not mean her," said the deacon. "You several in China. Cannot the Southern Metho-
**. e. ** *** I feel very sure you will come back agreeing have a better friend--your Saviour. Do you dist Church sustain onesmallmission in Chinal
with me that 'touch not, late not,' is the only know him?" The Southern Baptist Board operates at home
safe rule." A sad shake of the head was the only answer. in the same territory with ne-has to contend
I li 1 (P ni 1 8, a My young friend, you will need Christ in with the same difliculties, yet does ten times as
, ,, ,,, ..- this wicked city. Will you not seek him, even much for its foreign missions as we do for ours.
on this first Sabbath in the city?" I know whereof I aHirm. What is the matter
era always exaggerate dangers " I will try," he answered. with our Church?
's.ay down thynter a dthyhearnre She went, and in half an hour returned pale, Then the good deacon tried, in a few earnest, I call your attention specially to what brother
rinwar them. .- * her eyes filled with tears, exclaiming: O Gov- loving words, to point out the way to Christ. A. says as to the manner of taking up missiona-
e-. F i ,il . i. me to do such "Thank you," said r .. : : a II rv collections. I endorse every word he utters.
a .. : . ., a ,,, ,it I the Sabbath school. I si .. I at I have had the same experience. Our people
d I lu ',, ** words.'> will not give to an indefinite object, or contri-
.. . ,,. * does not number one victim, and some have had uI shall pray for you," said the deacon. "God bute money to go they know not where. I also
--- all their brightest and best fall by it-fathers, bless you endorse what brother A. says in reference tosup.
"FOR JESUB' BAKE." husbands, children; it is too dreadful to think In a few days the stranger was a brother be. port from a particular Conference. Every Con-
We love him because he first loved us, and of. I would not have believed it. You are loved in Christ, and a fellow-laborer in every forence in the Southern Methodist Church ought
we serve him because he first served us. We right, and I will never ask you again to drink good work. In a few month he had left his to support a missionary in some field. It is time
are Christians now in consequence of his love wine, nor ever call you fanatical for not taking clerkship and entered a neighboring college to we were improving in this matter.
and service for us. There are many reasons it." prepare for the gospel ministry. In a few years W. G. E. Ouurnount.
why we should obey the will of God, but none Let any one think over the victims of in- he stood in the Sabbath-school, where he had Abingdon, Ya., Dec. 6, 1867.
so potent as that embraced in the words, "For temperance he has known, and he will be con- once been a strangerand toldineloquent words
Jesus' sake." It was by the love of Christ that vinced that infinite wisdom wrote this warning: of the way in which he had been led.
our hearts were melted, and we constrained to a Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, a The faithful words of Deacon H-," he Afy dear Brother Ou^## 9Aam-Your letter
yield to the ministry of ': 1. was from r ;. .1 his color in the cup, when it said, in conclusion, were blessed to my conver- Just arrived in time for me to avail of the West
drinking at the fountain it 1 .. a fullness .= right. At the last it bitethlike sion. I was longing for a friend, and he held Pacific mail to answer it. I wrote also by last
that we were enabled to rejoice with joy un- s . I 1 1 si up Christ to me. Continue to seek out the mail via that route, in answer to your previously
speakable and full of glory young men, my friends, when they come as received letter. Though you were not indebted
Why do we love and labor in the cause of re- the late Major 3---, who a also a wans a strangers into your midst." to me, be assured that I am always glad to hear
ligion if it be not for the love we bear him who vocate of total abstinence, told me about a din A few weeks more and a large company were from you, and will not alight any interest or
Arst loved us? It is possible that we may try ner he once took with Judge -, a man of assembled in the city, to witness the ordination attentions you may at any time favor me with,
to be Christians from the lowest motives. Many is .. . 1 ] .i . i . ] .. a missionary to the far East. There he is still Indeed I am quite without any correspondents
an not, which to the world appears fair and good, 4 ., .. I is . 1 . .r laboring, winning many heathen souls to Christ. at home. They all seem to have forgotten me
is, in reality, the result of a selfish purpose.- table, and when Major B-- declined it, say- Will there not be stars in the deacon's crown of long ago, and even any own Conference has ban-
Sometimes more habit leads us to the outward ing, "I am a believer in the 'total abstinence' rejoicing? Ished my name from its rolls and left me solitary
performance of worship. Some feel that they rule," the Judge replied; "How can a man of Deacon II-- still labors in the same Sab. and alone, perhaps living, perhaps dead, nobody
must be connected with the church because it is your sense and moderation adopt such an ex- bath school, and has long since learned ever to seems to care. Under such circumstances I am
respectable. Multitudes travel in the path of treme opinion ? One glass of wine a day never obey the Spirit's voice when it says, "Run, often constrained to ask who knows or cares any-
outward duty from themostsordid and unspirit- hurt anybody yet, and never will; andhe drank apeak to that young man." thing about the China Mission, for if the very
nal motives. The fire never burns in sueb his a one glass," and so did each of his three laborers be so soon forgotten and banished from
hearts, love never sparkles in their eyes, because noble, promising sons who sat with him at the ,, the records by their friends, how can we expect
they are under law, and not under grace-under table. My father's years were not prolonged to The Lord Liveth* their labors to be had in remembrance by the
Sinai, and not under Calvary- threescore; but long before he died Judge-- There dwelt in the east of Sealand a pious Church.
To be a disciple of the highest style, our mo- and his three sons had gone down to that grave elergyman, who had presided for a number of Brother Yates and I sometimes hold sad com.
tives must be of the most spiritual order-love over which our heavenly Father has written, years over a sma 1 1 tunnion together on these and kindred subjects.
for Christ. Unless we seek hire by spiritual "No drunkard shall inherit the Kingdom of in the midst of We have both come to the conclusion that our
service, we will be unable to bear the burdens God."-American Messenger, he was suddenly removed by death, leaving be- mission work will never revive and prosper un-
of life. Let the soul feel and believe that "for hind him a wife and a number of helpless chil- less a different management obtain at home. His
me the Saviour died," and there will be a con- What Breaks Down Young Men dren. The small stipend allowed him by his Board has a large mission in Africa of 15 mb.
stant joy and support. Aml afflicted, and shall congregation had been barely sullicient to meet sionaries, a mission in Canton, one at Shanghai,
I not, with the wondrous cross before my eyes, It is a commonly received notion that hard the current expenses of his family; and at his and one in Tung Chow, yet they have been paid
bear it patiently, if not obeerfully ? Am Iper- study is the unhealthy element of college life death no visible means were left for their sup- up the present year's salary, and are hopeful,
secured for rig teousness' sake, and shall I not But from tables of the mortality of Harvard port. The death of her husband preyed deeply while we are scarcely able to set one foot before
endure it such con. University, collected by Prof. Pierce from the upon the heart of the poor afflicted widow; the other, and our way is so dark that even

spit sufdranod each obt% inferior in scholarship. Every prehens o ter ]$y her lonely fireside she sat, the heart ed, when Icon m5late sthe so lebof
him? Has your010SG Rdherea00to Christ en- One -L I 4 II I I .. 1,._ 5,. ber forlorn si .:. r agg rting our poor feeble mission in
abled you] to see the fingers of his providence that a little son, a boy of five years of age, entered the China. There is woeful friction in our machia-
guiding all the threads of your life? Do you injure one, late hours and rum punches use up 1 1, . r I;. .1 -, ..mewhere, and I am inclined to think it
1. 1 .1 .. .1 ., work together for good E Rae- 1. .u the Board. Our domestic nod foreign
== = 1 *= J .' 3 Dis .. me until recently were combined and no
This, then, is the key to wind th< .. Is a swift and sure destroyer, and every , a .. I I .. 2 .r=. often confused and even at the present,
our lives with-the love of Christ. . nan who follows it as as the early flower a the gent: I I I= L -- to they should be entirely separate and dis-
then, we may say, "For me to live is Christ" exposed to untimely frost. Those who have accense of ' a -t a re i.. =, the collections are authorized to be taken
to labor in his vineyard, to suffer his afflictive --- 1 1 i- ti path of vice are named di consolate and shoost heart broken mother. together and the confusion perpetuated. The
dispensations-all, all shall be done or suffered .' - ". many-enough to com A gleam of heavenly radiance lighted up, for a people like to know, demand to know, and have
''for Jesus' sake.n vince every nontiate that he has no security moment, her pale features, I 1. I 1. I = s -1. becomes of their money.
that he shall escape a similar fate. Lack of lier little bov, and pressing a 1r al. . i .- 3 .1 11 .; re them
The Twenty-Third Psalm. sleep each night, high living, and plenty of bosom, she exclaimed : "No, no, my son, God assure the peo; I us. 0 .. =. I .. eball
The piece of paper which would sui5ce to "smashers," make war upon every function of is not dead; he still lives, and promises to be a have the direction, and be appropriated as they
write the 23d Psalm upon, would not be large the human body. The brains, the heart, the Father to the fatherless, a Husband to the wid- specify-but they, the people, say, it has not
enough for a common title deed; and yet that i 1. the spine, the limbs, tbe bones, ow. His promises are sure and steadfast, and been done, and when I was authorized to lift
psalm, if it expresses our experience, is worth n y part and faculty-are over upon them I will firmly and implicitly rely."- collections before sailing for China, I met with
infinitely more than is conveyed, or secured, by tasked, worn and weakened by the terrific ener Her tears were 1 f that complaint everywhere, they would not, they
all the registries of deeds under the sun. We gy of I * Il .. ever hushed, 1* = [. ** = 1 said, contribute one cent to go into doubtful
are, eachof us, to see a time when we shall feel until, I .. r dence was not misplaced. T .. .. 1 ds, but as I had been appointed to China,
the truth of this. If but these few first words house = over which her husband had ' i. is .. I they could pay it into my hands directly for
of the psalm are true in my case, if "the Lord oay. Fast young alan, right about generously settled upon her a handsome annuity, the purposes of the mission there, they would
is my shepherd," all the rest of the pealm is a by which she was enabled to support her family, do so cheerfully. I have seen general mission-
record, a promise, a pledge, of past, presentand Christ and Binners* not only comfortably, but genteelly. The tal- ary collections taken where from a million to
future good. 1 . .1 1 t stratum of human na. ents of her 3 I two million dollars were represented in the
There are six things declared by Christ to be tur v idea of the value of brought the 1 Church, and the enormous sum of nine dollars
characteristic of the relations which he and his man. I' i i. 1 I out of the retisseof them high and honorable stations in society. raised, and why? There must bean echo some-
people austain to each other as Shepherd and soelety. I a II things with great, it -- where. At the very same places Iraised collee-
sheep: was pointed one by Lord Macaulay that in an The Two Homes, tions amounting to more than a hundred dollars,
(M she heatrhmy voice." english ca nilashe3ish nexqu ti an One thing which constitutes intemperance e he ooer stu oound e halgift
3. And they follow me." of the pieces of glass rejected by his master, such a pre-eminent ourse is ir I 1,>;. it, (but of course I was not in need, and would
4 "And I give them eternal life." and it was so far superior to every other in the over the family. It is the not accept, except in the name of the mission, to

Audbthe all never perish 'out of my I .. 1 1 1. itto tradhion, the envious oiflice of the faini constit 1 g tinurturei all e et oTlodp t h'rbaendinsisteidd
hand." All the builders of society had rejected the 1 ". I 1 1 which our nature is capa- it, but it was reported. Whether all these things
Here we fand directions to duty as well as "sinners," and made the painted window of the ble. And when all is moving har soniously in have root and foundation or not, I cannot say,
promises of future good. "righteous." A new builder came; his plan the family citele, the- v They think they have and act accordingly My
e a co ee n i recess The alm r I hatu h B rdw atte

st darhj t htehe u ATd miss our borrowed trouble with regard to the rejected stone. Men had always cared for the 1 never, as you yourself know only too well, been
manner of our departure out of the world, and .. .1 1 .1. I 11 ghteous; it was left Inke the dew, and sunshine, and mild breath of half supported, nor will it ever be in the future,
he solicitous only with regard to the right dis- . .. . .. --Ecce Deus, spring upon the waiting gardens. But let the unless a different policy obtain at home. At
charge of present duty. We read, Precious father become Intemperate, and desolation fol. present I amfarseparated, by means of a distant
in the alght of the Lord is the death of his *u lows. The calm mankiness that sat upon his Board, from my own Conference and all those who
saints." The death of everyehildof hisis with Enduring In ence, brow is gone, the toother's eye fills with tears of oughttobeexpectedtoremembertneandmywork
God an object of unspeakablpinterest; his own Time, change, absence, distance, break of no ** I ' ' in their prayers and contribute for therupport of
honor is concerned in it; its influence on sur- genuine relations. The love which the inter. I II ' 1 1 = 1 .. .' the same. Iam not alone in these views. Bro.
vivors is of great importance; it will be among position of a continent or an ocean can dim, derness. Y. shares them heartily with me, and be even
the means by which God accomplishes several, which the separation of years can alter, never goes farther, and says that he would be willing
it may be many, purposes of providence, but was love. I had a friend once, a woman, who Fault-Finders- to trust hisaupportand that of bie personal work
especially of his grace. "No man dieth to was the friend of my betternatu e-who taught A man .i ,il, E 1 fault, habitually on to two or three individual churches who know
himself" Great interests are involved in r thought the alert J = = ='; vice, without ever him and are interested in him, rather than en-
death, beyond his own personal welfare. Now, ' '1. I howed me bestowing a thought on whatsoever things are dure the doubts, anxieties and suspense, conse-
if we have lived for God, he will make our death the joy of worth and progress-one whose soul true and lovely and of good report, is as nobody quent upon the oiEae of the Board.
the object of his especial care, and will honor it would choose to deny, morally halt and maimed. Let us be placed in vital contact with our
by being the means of promoting his glory. ' -' '" One half of his faculties, and that the most people who know us and follow us in their pray-
Inste ther rueldof glicomy a hensions )as 'but is as near me to days el d 11 c < ed td i th les nai ,have ancient at in our work d a to

t itChrist m% in gnifiehd inI on 11 inl, tl e acts pe I rn, 1 Tre, er and brambles. as oaf b azno n tas a ae natCe e
has been a walking with God, "Thou art with ences which come from her mind to mine. If $1EERNEss -Meekness is love at school; it would not be extravagant to beheve that each
me" w 11 beevailperfecjdwarrant now and in death n yhear ceadnnot pa ea jem jo e Sa lotzhresd il le ni gCt I an h ede Tsd ru o represented h re 3aomt
our friends leave us for another world, they are himself-learning to fear, and distrust, and ab. I believe that I have personal friends enough
The Religious Newspaper. lesawith us outwardly, but morewithus anward- her himself It is the disciple practicing the in Georgia who are not only able, even now, but
The winter season, with its long, cheerful ly. We carry them w th us in our heart, sweet and self emptying lesson of putting on would be willing to devolope a hearty and liber-
Areside evenings is at hand, and there are may the Lord Jesus, and finding all his righteousness al co-operation with me here and set up my per-
families who have no religious newspapers to Gon's DEOREES.-ROr men to a 1 in that righteous Other. It is the disciple monal work beyond the fatal contingencies of the
read. It would then be well for them to supply itionaS o li r w dl is ne r us ad learning the defects of his own character, and past-and what is true la my case would be true
the want without delay. 8, the taking hints, from hostile as well as friendly an others.
Next to the Bible, the religious newspaper is in our hearts, is as if a manhwantdeering in monitors. It is the disciple praying and watch- Iknow that this is a delicate subject, and was
the best and most profitable investment that can wdd ea, ja rkh< et resolve to even in improvement of his talents, the mel- once told by a member of the Board that it
be made, and he as a stranger to the power and th which h t r .,, I ' s temper, and the amehoration of would not do to entertain it, but circumstances
influence of the press who has failed to learn course by e stars e canno wb It is the loving Christian at the alter cases and facts are not to be ignored.
this important fact. Better, therefore, banish only g. ,r I ...7 ,eh bcts as 8aviour's feet, learningof him who ismeek and By adopting ench a plan and having my sala-
from the household some of the superfluities of at han ... I I < 1 <1 .: etter lowly, and finding rest for his own soul. ry and other expenses forwarded directly by
l life, and procure that which will give food to and more certain direction.-Tillotson. the Treasurerof my own Conference, the people,
the immortal mind. He is a glutton that Kansass.-Watty saying are as easily lost the chureb, wonid have an opportunity to know
- only for ti r 1, ,..1 .ii . .. .1 caree A PEOULIAR MODE OF WARFARE.-St. Am' as the pearls clipped off a broken string; but a what I am doug and what is being done for me.
: It is true 1 .. 1, I. I "* ' word of kindness is seldom spoken in vain. It They would soon learn that they were interest-
r ^ hat is Good, and we can read it." is a seed which, even when dropped by chance, ed in the misaxon work of Chtna and that knowl-
e 11 .3- II truth of the remark, but those as th he, "are our prayers and rs; wi deeP springs up allower. edge would not only do them good, but it would
o who care nothing for the religious newspaper, for our persecutors, we pray for them; and after so identify them with the misexonary as that he
, don't read the Bible! The reader of the Bible this manner do we fight against our enemies." Saints are not so much afrold of suffering as would never feel himself alone, but backed up
I is always a patron of the religions press, for he ---- they are of inning; in suffering the offence is and encouraged in his work.
f knows the value of a religious paper in the ENVY.-The eclipsing of another's sun, done to na, but in sinning the offence is done to I retrospect the past with abame and confu-
family. makes not your own shine more brightly. God. alon of face, and am appalled as the thin and

$RK $RS.
A Plan 8 ested
Man and varied are plans for Church
Anance that have been osedand with which
ex eriment has been ; ad yet, I believe
iln th I
heocuarn e 8, }nr les epl so un enhae
rough and tumble of this world's affairs, if we
allow Church finances depend upon mere
hap-hazard donations, or a sually solicited con-
tributions, they will be apt to be miserably ne-
looted, and fall far short of any standard what-
ver. To accomplish anything of consequence
we must needs have a plan and carry it out,
If it is very desirable to have the monetary
matters of our circuits and stations move smooth_
ly and meet all the demands-let us consider
how to proceed, and then bravely proceed tone-
complish it. Hear a plan suggested by an ex.
rienced steward, and modified by a pastor of
e Mont Conference
First, e e Board of Stewards make .
proper assessment to the pastor, presiding elder,
and general Church expenses. This amount
with a fair me in, is then to be apportioned
r r which be doneb the
1 a Co an ttee appo uted
by theChurch-meeting. No matter which does
it, the plan into maketheassessments allmonth-
ly, have them ratilled by the Church-meeting,
and collected monthly. In the == I
consists the secret of the plan. i, ,,
A t made of h
noteth can bassessmenollected so much bp
ft to accuneu o the endeof them ar, will
most probably, not be paid at all. There are
thousands of excelleatmembers in our churches
who could not conveniently pay twenty-four dol-
larsatan one timebut whocouldeasilypay two
dollarser monthinthe year. Wehavethou
do of ry members, from whom it would
endiAcu to gollect five dollars at one time.
but who would cheerfully and easily pay forty
cents eve month, if called on.
There i7but one im sediment to this plan
and that is the carelessnpess and indiference of
stewards. It is an easy matter for a steward
who has buta dozen or twenty names on his list,
h th but it leet.
to a de thee I ofainsmaonnd (1eworki rntes ded.

ed, dear brother on a steward of the
Ch r h? Consider aren res onsibility to the
eat Head of the Ch rch. Lpet not the cause
5 salvation anifer by our want of diligence
Do th work pl ce for another man.
e ,or give DE EOsco.

Be of Good Comfort-
Religion was designed to make man happy
Its very nature is such that when its graces
adorn and its spirit permeates the human soul,
peace-" the peace of God that passeth all un-
derstanding"-keeps the mind and heart. It
does not remove the dilBoulties of life; it does
not exempt its votaries from affliction, pain, sor-
row and death but it gives the comfort that
springs from conscious security in dangers, and
triumphs over diBiculty and evil in every form.
Faith-trustinGod-while it underliesallother
graces, giving strength to Christian character,
sheds light over heart and mind; a light whose
radiance is neverdinued by cloud or storm, and

raw a e ep on a olo g
We may not always stand with Moses on
Pisgah and look out with rapturous gaze upon
the fair land of our heavenly Canaan; but we
may always see the "pillarof cloudy day and
fire by night," which assures us of the Divine
presence, and feel that wI. 1 .1 ... ir 1
presence" leads us, it is w 'i-
at once our glorious privilege and unquestiona-
ble duty-" Rejoice in the Lord alway, and
again 1 say rejoice," and in order to do this:
" Trust ye in the Lord for ever"; for he will
" keep him in perfect peace whose mind is staid
on" Him; because hetrusteth in Him."
We live in troublous times. Thousands are
despondent, many despairing, from the state of
our country. Itis indeedin a fearful condition.
The masses are moving, led by men who have
excited the wild =
of our nature; I J II 1 1.. 0 I
the turbulent political elements can only be fttly
represented in prophetic language-as "the sea
and the waves roaring." No one can be an in-
diterent spectatorof this wild commotion in the
political world. No one can, if he would, re
3 I *"
I =1.* 1
Christians of t::. 1, ] 1 .1
them fix upon il .ci

g m nomthtehen loe ti ofe p treth Hej
one and setteth up another." "The wrath of
man shall praise him, and the remainder of

r r 112 estrainflole His eyes run to Id
strong 2n behalf of those whose hearts are per-
feet towards him," and now when "the enemy
would come in as b flood" and fear cause our

rs no9; t fo

aoo erhaeutlfull of confidence 2n Om pg
the earth be removed and the mountainsearried
into the midst of the sea, yet will we not fear,
for the Lord of Hosts as with us, the God of
Jaeob is our refuge." If every Christian would
not only ask, but trust God with his country's
welfarehe would natiruphiestrength and come
and save us." Insteadof despair and weeping,
the Church would present the inspiring specta-
el f .1...*.... 1, I 1 1 .1 i. '
t***= ly
s. He IJ 1 g 1.- r (- ..e'*
And as it as our privzlege to commit this great
ease of trouble to God, until it is no longer a
trouble, so should we every other. "Be careful
for nothing; but in everything, by prayer and
application, let your requests be made known
unto God." Commit life and property-family

rfrieds --into keepmgl et ea

Re o n I ,in God, bt ese at tune "
th ngs work to5et ear good to n thalilo
nor aming eyee o can cry be]pre the
away runnbehavinatear

. *
., _

Follow the example of good old trusting Job,
whose faith was such, that he said: thoughhe
slay me, yet will I trust him." Only thus can
you "be of good comfort." Only through a
constant, unwavering reliance upon the At
mighty Father," can you "regoneexnhim alway.
Remember, too, that the Joy of the Lord as
thy strength." The happy Christian is strong
-to work, to suffer, to do and bear for Christ;
the despondent never succeed. O, then, my
brother! be trustful, be happy!
n of farfin
G. H. WELLa.

i upil n rd id in t
lectureroom and from the pulpit, to impress
upon them the paramountimportanceof personal
piety. His success is attested by the fact that
few if any passed from his tutorship with the
diploma of the institution without carrying with
them likewise a spiritual certiAcate of meetness
for the Kingdom of Heaven-
At the close of >00 he resigned the Presiden-
gyof th Co le e, and received appointment in
a It until the end of
.ne prior to his death,
his health was visibly deoliningand the shrink
ing proportions of his portly frame gave palpa-
ble evidence of the steady and rapid ravages of
disease. Possessed however of an indomitable
will and a devotedness to the claims of hiabigh
vocation which death alone could quench, he
continued to preach long after his friends and
1 . I .:.. I : Though extreme-
I I .== II = s District meeting at
Wadesboro, and contributed largely by his coun-
sels and pulpit labor to the success of that oe
casion. Never free from pain, and frequentlJ
, . I ..'ll filled his appoint
*, 1, ....... ...- meeting of the third
quarterly conference for his circuit, which was
held on the31st August. Appreciating hascon-
the conference with entire unanimity
3 a resolution requesting him to suspend

I sh f a Tt h atnok eth ea
ren for their considerate kindness in atterances
broken by emotion, but expressed the hope that

it tui1ir n ous L.forTh es lu ppilr
it, however, overborne by the pressure of its
dissolving tabernacle, was force to sueenanb,
and even then his last sermon had been preach-

tp on / ery a til qaweek
c adest smes oe rntaitthe thhmt Tmi h
be terminated by death, a wish that was imme-
diately accompanied by expressions of submas-
aion to the willof God. The testimonyof those
who mloistered at his bedside is, that throughout
his illooss, and during the most acute paroxysm
of pain, he expressed perfect resignation to the
Divine will and unfaltering confidence in the
anificiency of Christ (his Almighty Friend,"
as he was wonttoaddress him) fochissalvation.
The nature of his death, (dropsy of the chest)
was such as to produce for a day or two preced-
ing his death, a condition of stupor-the voice
of prayer, however, seemed always potent to
rally his consciousness, and elicit tokens of ap-
proval. Just before he breathed his last, in ae-
cordance with arequesthe had previously made,
his sorrowing friends gathered around his bed

ainnd staon hoe bene 'lirwedet ma ci t lig
utteranc of ea deps to e i p t th

away to enjoy forever the sweeter music of the
redeeined in Heaven,


The Cleansing Blood.
A visitor among the poor was one day climb-
ing the broken staircase which led to a rret in
one of the worst parts of London, who his at.
tendon was arrested by a man of peculiarly
ferocious and repulsive countenance, who stood
upon the landing-place,1eaning with folded arms
against the wall. There was something about
the man's appearance which made the visitor
shudder, and his first impulse was to go back,
He made an efort, however, to get into cover,
station with him, and told him that he came
there with the desire to do him good and to see
him happy, and that the book he held in his
hand contained the secret of all b iness,
The ruffian shook him of as if he haThpeen a
viper, and bade him begone with his nonsense,
or he would kick him down-stairs. While the
visitor was endeavoring with gentleness and pa
tience to argue the point with him, he was star-

Death Abolished.
OurSaviourJesusehnst hath abohshed death-H.Lar
,. 20
Abolished death ?'>
Have we not, then, all to die ?
Yes, certainly that end is before all the liv-
ing. Death, or its equivalent-death, for all
generations save one; its equivalent, a change
equal to death I which
shall be alive I is our
portion, thi . 1 1 1 ri
has done hs. ... .. I I .= r.
one univen .1 I * I .
appointed s* I 3
Not, then, until the morning of Christ's Ad-
ii P. I 1 I 1 .. I
..rII II 7 .. As .n ,
abolished by Christs works below, in prinexple
and in promise; abolished by Christ's death for
sin, in virtue and power; Death shall not be
abolished (it is the same word) in act and in
deed, until the dead shall be raised incorrupti
ble, and we (the then living) shall be changed
into the same image.
Not for purposes of dreamy contemplation or
indolent praise shallwe be cladin the great day
,. i .. I I ., I
. .. . -

al in r con sadw at all be our part and
lot in this abolition and destruction of the last
enemy of man?
ti The 18 El 1 iur a oediPth set uTi i-
of death which Christ our Saviour wrought by
His own death?
Have webroughbour sinstollimtobe blotted
out? HaveyewlTo cour volinorthatf

, If not, we are still (in our inmost souls) sub
*, ,,, a I
, a .
black gate, 1. == .*** *. "
consequence --
quences-of the things done in the body; of
evil done, and good left undone; of man dis-
arded or injured, of God forgotten, despised,

t ... Christ's; if, that is, we have
seriously come to Him for pardon, and seriously
devoted ourselves to Him fbr grace; then we
are sharers is it = r death and the
grave, and 1-1 .11 be revealed,
we shall be glad also with exceeding jof-
God give us all a place in that blessed home,
of which it is written, The former thtugs are
passed away," ad a there shall be no death!''-
Good Words

Christian Cheerfulness.l God
Christian el e ess is onoLaet ch cheer.

the gos eleb
Luther translated
John behold the
ig1te visions of tl e New Jerusalem in Pat.
mos; Bunyan, in latter days, composed his Pil
grim in confinement. There is a very impres-
sive power in Christian happiness on those who
see it from without. It is asunshine amid drip
ping clouds-a Sabbath heart in a week-day
body, and Sabbath speech amidst the dialeets o
Babel. It is brightest when all around is black
est. When our natural affection cease their
music, we then hear sung out of the sky unt
terable melodies which our car hath not learned;
when the world is all gloom, a regenerated sou
treads glories out of every pebble, and sees the
stars as arteries along which pulsations of felici
ty reach him. He can say with Habukkuk
"Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither
shall fruit be in the vines; the labor of th
clive shall fail, and the fields shall yield n
meas; the flock shall be out off from the fold
and there shall be no herd in the stalls, yet
will rejoice in the Lord, I will joyin the God o
my salvation "

- i ii I----~-- I ----- --------~ ~ ~~_~_~~ ~~ -


* 1. W I
I \V I

I No.51

Sylvan Grove, To be applied.
Geneva, 11 I
15ig Crack I 1 1. .,
Carro Garde
Milton, Pennaeoland Navy Yard, J A Parker,
CAvow UnmatcT-A West, PE,
Camden, TK Armatrong.
lliack s And, TS Armistcad,
Orak Hib, ES Smith,
Snow Hill, To be supplied by DJ Wright.
I'arun vilk. 31 J Lane
=1 J Hunter.
I .IL Skipper,
Evearabia Mission, To be supplied.
Monroeville, N Gillis; F Walker, Sup.
Mount Pleasant, W W Graham.
W J Davis, transferred to Little Rock Confer-
W II Carter, transferred to Mobile Conference.
RE Cary, tiansferred to Mobile Conference.

a accordance with a time-honored custom,
no Advocate will be issued during the Christmas
week. To all our patrons we extend the con-
gratulations of the season, and wish them "a
merry Chrimous and "a happy New Year."

The South Garolina Conference.

ho no htax de al n me s Thi Codnay
ence; but we aredi appointed. They had not
come to hard at the time we felt compelled to
go to pre s. This we greatly regret, but cannot
re nedy the after

Now Advertisements.
Krant city INSURANCE CollPANY.-Live
Stock insured against theft, etc.
for Bris
fanusuran (.Y. C.) PEMALE COLLEGE.-
Announcement forl868.
L ment for 1 ,S.
.lT e riny marr68cuoom, Athens, G .-
Unreastrr or GEGRou.-Announcement
for NOR, "drith ofter for gratuitous education on
certain can lone.
A GascATE of Exony Controm is seeking
a sitation. So advertisement.
500 uses wANTED.

an r vl ado 0 cee-following
By war and its d . 1 ii I
10 t use Annded the .. to

7 as Co n at *Re I iv e adand8 th
. i It
.r. it
.vi 3 .
] : a . . 11- 1.--
de:.t, an able F euIty, more apparatus, more li-
brary-repaits are needed-a contingent fund
is necerely to pa and keep all taxese-toe must
have unacy. Oh, there's the sub." Well,
<&T day;ecawlans
I propose a new plan: I will not ask for hun-
dreds or thousands-not now, perhaps never.
I do not want your capital; you can keep it.
I could not lurest it satisfactorily if I had it.
Keep it course i-trade on it-do the best you
1-> r ad

n a T ecan jo, chf aPlry t
xiort bove a speaebba g ad ee bratica

Now, then, 1 popose to le one of jive hundred
(ve r.lfe.tion to pc thousand) to pay annually
$20 for the sull oJ of Emory College. Let all
who escort this pro usition send ti eir names to
me at Sp cla, or to Dr. E. H. Myers, at Macon,
No will be asked for before January
vast subscriber can pay quarterly, semi-

anln a car a mail ,e fhis ownO< nienchee
plan w it developed itself-the details will be
settled whlen ear ani the sociCion


ce ee eju ne d annoti ewillaohier-
will run, if you will push. One above, my
friend, just now. There, that will do-thank
you. Dr. Myers will report progress through
the Advocate.
Friends and brethren, if you do not rush to

nite n ifhall ecompne d to wo a ewith

Sunshine, 22,1 July, 1867.

anal e id2 ] isMp Pierce in the I (ceulabioove
throughout the interested in the
existerre and work of Emory College.



t fr *II as 3 . I 9, I ,, 1 .1, 1 1 Eklers ? The relauous condoned. .1 8 Ford, James Dun.
ghastly shadow that is now projected into the A repor attli ,, I 11 .. I I s .. I I II Howets, EA wedy, CL Hazes, J 11 Robinson, Daud Bla- I
uncertain futur of th sna massalouNashville = on Booksand Poliodi. I S Hweet, L 11 Greenleaf,.1 T Welsh lot, Jacob 11 Owens, 11 P Fitchfard, W W

, ., ,, ,, cals Who are re-admitted: W D Buwy. CA Grain, C Hriford, TO Coleman.
dv ate, "It.. ,, ,, ,, q I . There was also a letter from the Agent in Urowell, JH Harris 11 W Stewart, E J Houtz, A report upon the resolutions from the North

shall .1 1 *. 1 I and disowned." Are reference to old debt of the Publishing House, SH Hweet. re ented by the Board
there no numing mothersin Israel to take charge and aplan ta liquidate themmesubmiticawhich M' F Jones was admitted on trial. = ] change in the divis-
of this o h or shall it be left to ine and was, that the 2.300 nativu ministers purchase President Smith, of Eniory C ollege, present- ion of oblicants upon the Conference fund, as
dieaneradpical nduawept Busp will de- $60 eachof books, nod by this method thecntire ed a report an reference to the institution under requested by the said Conference Lt was ad
aist chains are ., I .. I must say indebtedness could be met. Bishop Fieroc en- his charge. I I 1 an unexpre- opted
thougmya prisoner, I .. In am in the forced the plan by a few pertinent remarks, and ted year of p 1 to committee Gen A II Coiquit com Special Committee,
prison of hopo and not of despair. Hence I 1. 'tri 1 on education, 11
comfort myself and wait in patience, the decis. I President Smith uncompanied thesepart within . * .. --
ion of the counsellors. L > a ir .. as .. earnestspeechinbehalfaf theizeportanceofthis e
YouNo J. Arts. General Conference Thr the Inst ten years was excellent institution. 110 spoke of its triumph property of the two Conferences
Sha hai, China, Oct. 15, 1867. made, and the Rev JP Duncan appointed to in the paul, of its present success, and its future Also, a report in reference to an action of the
take subscriptions for thesume, prospects He urged that the friends of Emo North Georgia Conference of the J L Graves
The interests of the Home Monthly, a maga. ry come up at once to her help, and no fears and accepts the recommendation of that body-
zine published at Nashville, Tena., by Rev E need be entertained of Both reports were adopted.
u I (18 171 Ot@C. E Starke, was presented by the Bishop and Dr Another paper fron a : I us Conference adjourned
McFerrin, and referred to the Committee on from WM Russell. I I ** '
Books and Periodicals, on education, MISSIONARY ANNIVERSARY-
MACON, GEORGIA.DECEMBER20 1867 Dr F H "i : 1 Burke's Weekly" The name of S. Anthony was called, and he The exercises were opened by Rev.Walter .
to the : Conference, Rev J made a personatexphluation, and he was granted Bracham.
----- F Duncan, agent, a superannuated rehtion. The President, Rev JE Evans, called it
DEAD TO BIK. The Bishop asked-Who remain on Trial ? Conference adjourned with brediction the reports of the Treasurer, and of tbo Board.
To die to sin, is a strong metaphor. In nat- The names of the ri 1 1 11 L - Under the care of the Conference there have
ural death, ttere isdasPeo npleteherea alse a rae e pCssedandtheywerecon 1 e h Bunday-Scho 1 nu^ re dren abu thee elvee issionars sa sing tist

between any two worlds of being. The mode The Committee on Nominations reported the Fere out in full f The Secretary, Dr WP Harrison had his re-

ath nuPs p to existence, is totally unlike Po ag a Fe spok of bus vejor childrC lq ijo e liby Rev JOA Clark, being too feeble
being in the future state, usual be as distinct Presidents; GON 11m 1)onellTreasinei; W loved to be with childsa thei: bright eyes ,
from those which govern the material part of P Harrison. He rotary, an run> 6-ed run \ nt ed wor urgent appeal reached the hearts of all who lis-
man, as the laws of spirit are distinct from the 36nagers-, W Tel ey, LB Paine, N li under their influence, I re was none who tcued It clearlpet forth time nioralde titution
laws of matter. Hence, to die to sin, which in Ousley, Geo C Clarke, it II IIowren, DD Cox' loved them more al of the country, reveahug facts starthug as well
JOA Clarke. M Rylander, WM Sessions, Dr as deplorable one whole county, not a hun.
(be law of dep"t e els separat eoth body H Y'imler'v o 8 1 are ey, DN MeWil. tel antg ure arcond I beentdoi, lut of tysiles from ava ab, wansdwihhout a minilse

ain, and to place them under the government of liano, TT Christian 0 A Fulwood, 11 D Moore, lier children she should be juely proud. The districts of country where children have grown
the law of spiritual life. These two govern. J B McGehoo, Geo C Clarke. LC Bryan, A J m usa lon * , up to manhood without ever hearing a sermon.
ments are totaly dissimilar from and antagonis- ee ,S MP Har in II le 11> Or Hollins- power and goodness What is to become of It abo depicted the privations and hardships
tie to each oth r. Oneia represented as a King- Cornines on Enterrox -EH Myers..T those children I
dom of utter darkness, and the other as aKing- OA Clarke, RW Dixon, (' PTones, James statminen and At the close of the reading Rishop Pierce was
dom of marvellous light,-one as a reak of Jackson, W II Hohinson A II Colquitt. stutelaevat tlice/@n t v rr thque pn" introduced, and commended the report to the
misery, the other as a realm of pleasure,-one / fTn ano jrk V Pr id nj cessity so pressing as now, for the proper edues e hujd)dbn and and eca to
anagovernment of themostgrioding and abject P Duncan, 2d Vice President; IS Hopkins, tion of the children 15< future abry of the body and mind, haling not only the physical
rassalage to eternal tyranny, and the other as a Pecretary; J country and of the church depend upon the labor to perform, which alouc was arduous, but

nma dI eand jioSyrn obediene 1 .Dake. IA Iti A 1 rn m av looups a ft mir 11 st yr or a 1 e of < ;te x eat30i alit ucl n
the Destroyer of good, and the other is presided I Dr Bonehel e, 0 Gee, D 11 but who eevera thi o olie 1 gl over by the Creator of all virtue and happiness. McNeil, J T C do welllected to been willing that our children should make a 11cFerriu was then inttoduced, and made
Allourrace are naturally born into the first, and Elder's orders. le eflected' a strong speech, which was admirable undto the
individuals of the race are spiritually born into The Confbrance then went into the examina- the point. The result was the raising of about six
the last through faith in Christ and the power tion of the ch tractoraf EMers, when the 1Alow hundred and fifty dollars.
of his Spirit. ine were called nod pa 4: W Knox, A 31 Judge Jackson, of Macon, was intioduced
Therefore, the death to ein and the resurre, an, DR Met tham JamesMy Austil h He said no thought was worthy of < xpression, Itern D.xx
tion to righteen news and eternal life, are as E /eanatifQ WH Mellon, a ed and superannu that was not the result of labor, nei not ex Conferenoc opened with religious service by

muedethe coffee of certain tpreserasse velawstas 3 1) Moreh 1) An \d \ 'llanguage. He had resolved rchosen as the place of holding
soul into a separate existence, are the effects of lane, CA Moore, I PeNee 2, EH bi J 01 the word H. B. Treadwell and U. Y. Neidlinger, local
certain prescribel laws. The only difference is M Bonnell, R B Les or, JE Evan -13 jitt education is to lead out, so the effect
thatht a atnarret nod a teme atoperative jolm, J A)nA ti ri W WO in, W W , , 19,431 Sta t us paran8d 117t to Tr e
by ; 1 4 and nature, physical, intellectual, and aneal When hers; local preachers 210 whites, 54 colored, S.
the last are physical and work byvirtueof physi- A J de: .1 I .T e nr do parents conunence to dev 4>nc th physical School oflicers and teachers, 1,533 whites, 83
cal agents which man cannot successfully resist. 12 1 th, Jamison Senife, Denj/avie3 Baldwin, organization of theirehildren ? lu inbucy tech colored. scholara 9003 whites, 1.040 colored
From which it becomes evident that it behooves .lT Turner, J T Ainswonh, T F Tignor, D O' it to crawl, and wail- Then tl immisatual 1arious committeeareportedandtheir reports
every man to search out and obey those moral Driscoll, TT Christian, CH Jewers. 11 hou were a scussed and received,
laws, the voluntary use of which he may make After the usud notices the Conference ad- si developuter ud3 towards rep ted 86 087 &
ourned with the Bendiction by Rev Dr 1 8 14 the most insportanterall I he wing and your
eflicacious in raising himself from moral death The speaker told of li Lklaun Cap
into moral life, and in securing hissoulandbody a xson whose waters divide, ide of with respect to the interests of the Insatuth us
from the Kingdom of satan, and translating secoxo Mr. the slope and forming the headwatex, of the under the care of the Confer them to the Kingdom of Heaven beautiful Manannah. which floaby on to1 into 0. I . I & I
The Conference was opened with religious the Atlantic, and part fully upon the other F 3 .1 *
THE SOUL DEAD exercises by Dr J B McFerrin. side of the mountain, running into the tributa- t I I
The roll use called and a number who were ,, I
Sinner, your soul is morally dead within you absent on yesterday responded to their nausea. . . I , T s 11 * *
-very dead. There it lies, with the pallor of T1e minutes ] , 1 : benefit of preacher a pis ar were passed.
death upo I it. It is h essda d cold as an. Chrisej1 Tdooeate, es/is ,T. 11. Burke herwise winald hwye t 1 a uti er ee r

meapair. Itsney < e sealed to tIe ini ht and on tasSt 5,t5he ei le (lic the aTelwas mt an l e wi 3to
beauty of heaven. Its bosom thrills not with self sustaining. Refend to the Cominattee on ment for ruction. It cous -
the electric currents of holy sensibility, nor its Books and Periodials. menaced at gave the stream a J. T. Payne was located at his own request.
chords to the touch of angelic fingers. Its A columunicationfsom the citions of Decour proper direction. It is not the mind, as has Arreavoo.v.-Opened with reupons service
county in reference to th 1 I'emale been said, that makes the ines but the soul by J E. Evans.
heart keeps not time to the notes of supernal College was subnutted. .. I Cookr- These children should be trained for haven, 16molutions of thanks to pastors, citizens,
joy, nor beats in unison with its Creator s love. ence relinquished all claim to the same. Ikier- for being thus trained they will be al tl e better wit roads, etcwere adopted; and to Col. Wilbur
Its eara are closed to every sound from the red to the Committee on Education. citizens of earth, for a contribution to 31ssons of 8130.
a here of theTitumortal good.holNor reason, nor A report from the Trustees of the Wesleya thiThie ea r dwel a no n 31 1 1 joanrdwas elected Secretary of the
ag, nor a y-nor percep- , , a incident: After singing and prayer, by Samuel Antho.

tl itner care for ete at1h ppi5sst co mm ied tif m Flst erred to the A or Gener e etua udufronr a ny, the app i to no re a a fict P. E
awake it from the death of sin ? Who can clothe Thomasville, Ga, we received and referred to went in acarch of a : N MacDonell.
it with the God-like attributes of spiritual life the committee on edu t on. refer a document Cld o ft n tb uti he tl v .. 11 i. H Ilowren ) D Cox
andimperishableholiness ? "I," saith Jesus, "Is concerning the education of ministers, to the ever beheld in one cornerof the church were a *1 Stokes.
the resurrection and the life; I, the mighty to committee on education without reading. It obildren and an Rothel, 8 8 Rweet.
save; I, the Crestorof all spirits and the Giver was so referred. 2 I 3 I passed her sev- TYaynesboro, IS Hopkins
of all good; I breathe my Spirit upon it!" Lo, Esshop Pierce referred I ., I =1 summer, was reading a chaper from Alexander, TB Lanier
look at the wondrous miracle! The -el thh the property held in can 1 When finished she knelt in prayer, Louieville, DR McWahams, fl D Murphy.

a edded'I tailve- let irit tha -d.1.e great herly, Jas Jae20n tra conids ttee a ing ad wch inal rae naem tetFM 01,5.1 3d I tinjiorgau.
Creator could do such a stupendous work ? It -' 1< 7 exist, as service ad ex- To be a plied
must be confessed that nothing short of Omnip claimed, "how good God xa; when the boys went . .. uldin up
otence can gather the elements of the dead and the Nor h Geoigia Conference, in rf rnj e na ney la. 1 ] >IAcox D ruler-0has. R Jewett, P. E.
dissolved body, and reorganize them Intasympa- the distribution of Conference Claimants, was turned. This morning ny Unshaud pecunied Alacon-
t graoban bea co to t b 1 G r ii er a ot t5come;athe my eas here, and I had Jefferson r Strp J Blakdy Smi .Burke.

Say A report in reference to the division of prop- diers have done me no harm, and I have heard rr
iour ty tdi een mnage from the Son of God, uh! how good Ocmulgee Mission To beaupphed.

SOUTH GEORGIA CONFERENCE ence, was referred to t ,In namittee Dr JE McFerrin was then introduced, and 11awkinevdle Mission, W F Robison.
This body met at the LeetureRoom of Trini. A paper from Rev reference to made a charneteristic speech, full of thought, ort Y e EAH McGehee.

tylM B hChurche S uthheon ednTsdaj f District meetings, phe Sm oe grl li ido er i nesirtakref ed lirs ote Hea wil eJ I tzStewart
ence was opened with reading the 4th Chapter Rev Mr Evans, President of the Board r er who is now ex2hty-three years old, and ha" Macon Circuit, W C Bass.
of First Timothy and singing the hymn, begin- DomestieMissionspresented a constitution fro. whose are Knoxvale AT Ti ...1 1
ning- the Board of Managers. The old constitution Methodist ministers, and usini tets' wive"um II Pres't,
"Happy the soulatoJesusjoined of the Georgia Conference 'I ] .. e was the a glect of the re-
Upon the roll call, it appeared that several was adopted, with only a ft q , the houselcold Iditor S. C. Advocate, EH Myers.
members were absent-various reasons, -- F ' "' 1.. Cormanus Dislate-H. B. Lester, P. E.
. .. re I 1, a , , Columbus-St Luke, JE Evans.
money to meet the expense of travel prinexpally Fulwood in reference to Collinsworth Institute sa ui o Ti 3 I read to J a St Paul, AM Wyou.
being given for their absence- at Talbotton. Referred to committee on ednea addit I I aditio s of ee\ ( Girard and I I I 1RLittlejohn.
The following are the lay-delegates: tion. bership were as follows: bluscogee, ST I
SAVANNAH DISTRIOT.-General Geo P Har. On motion of G G N MacDonell, a commit Any person by the payment of one dollar Pleasant Grove, \ W Tidwell.

2L MBU sr TA D Easo amB Jon oeae a boldre as fo to o]ae i mi E could nToa 0 mdboTaforthoene yo Ir bne orby 2ato e 31 asj@tho ofne applied.
8 Wallace, GAB Domier, JR Kimbrough, money for the various interests of the church* life members Talbotton, Robt W Dixon-

ber r R 3 orA I oe lee .JLWim. C TVbo e admitted on tri 7--1 m HW 1%, recTree e hiannounctlde Imos ) r t al o AV nor
MAaoN Disualar-James Jackson, Dr H Hayes, Stephen D Clements. Lumpkin and Pleasant Valley, WS Baker.
Wimberly, Dr LB Bouchelle, Joel H Hines. Who remain on trial?-John M Potter, in - . .. : Stewart, W G Elanson.
Ainalous Distaxca.-Dr WH Hollimbend, Nathan Tally was discontinued at his ownre- 221; number of ofteers and teachers, 1,616 Buena Vista, Geo T, Ernbry
WH Robinson, ME Rylander, Dr WA quest- number of scholars, 10,049; number of books Caseta, D O'Driscoll.
Mathews. Who are admitted into full connection? The and requisites, 26,896. Analous Disantor-J B MeGehee, P. E.
BAINBRIDGE DISTRET.-8 8 Sweet, General following were called and received: J M Stokes, America, CP Jones.
AH Colquitt, LC Bryan, B Gee. CJ Oliver, R J Corley, and they were elected rounan DAy. Bethel, Geo Bright
Bauxewicx Distalot.-A J Bessent, W 31 to Elders' orders. Rel ducted Magnolia Springs, Benj F Breedlove.
Sessions, DU McNeil, ECC Dart. J W Traywick reported, as "absorbed" by D igious services con by liev JP Oglethorpe and Montezuma, J M Marshall.
The Conference then proceeded to appoint a the M. E.Church RF Evanswas also elected a nation of character of elders r Swift Creek Mission, To be supplied.
Secretary and assistant, and the Revs JBlakely to Elders' orders di led audesumed, Worth and Irwin Mission, To be supplied.

A Nh Td HicD Mo arze, wer a Knox, A 31 ThThe e mion rendlf 11lders as ru edG G NB nameks8 ee aillowrenj rhk ltea 8 n, tow Jrley.A Cook.
Wynn, R J Carley. N MacDonell, JP Duncan, WMD Bond, B F Har ennopH D blOudeyG W F KennedyL Ilandolph, J W Mills-
On Booxs in PsaloorcALs.-Gen AH Breedlove, EAH McGehee, EP Birch, J M AR Byrd, J Bool rdlaw, ag JIeadr w Florence, SR Wearer.

on rk RV x ,q8R8e weTtB Harben, oe ai tJJMorganWTMc- dinan Imml L ithMt a Dawn T1AChristilan.
ON BIBLE CAUSE -Rev JOA Clarke, Gen theC farence adjourned, with benediction by Harris, J J Giles, A W Harris, PG Harris. es Eliaville, RF Williamson.

PNH zon, v Tail William McGehee, W op. The Committee on nominations made a final Al n[ In Frawalor-GeoC Clarke, P E.
11 Robinson, and OP Jones. rman Mr. repThe Conetitution of the Fund of Special I i. J Dean,
A resolution was offered by Rev J B Smith, The Conference was opened with religious ex- Relief .. 3 i. ID Bond.
that a committee of three ministers and two lay ercises by President Bounell Man.: .. ) 1 1 1 1 1 IT li T Harris
members be appointed, to be known no Nomina- The minutes were read and approved. EE is *I . I, -11 :- I
ting Committee, which was adopted, and the fol- What local preachers are elected Deacons ? W Mills and CR Jewett. "*, ** *
lowmog were apponted : Rev Jan E Evans, J The following persons were elected: Daniel The Constitution of the Preacher's Aid So- Oelocknee Mission, RF Evans.
W Mills, J 8 Key, J M Chambers, A J Bessent. H H<,berts, I J Wood, J F McKimmie, SE : ,, Iso adop a **. *I al. 1 Morgan, RW Flournoy.
A communication from Dr J B McFerrin, Bassett, IL Avant, J Jobson, J N Hudson, A 1 S Ken '1 ,, Colquitt, To be supplied.
Secretary of the Board of Domestic Missions, Holeombe. JOA Cook, TT (, ., Trinity and Blakely, JH Harris.
was read and referred to the Committee on Do. The following colored persons were also eleo nedy. Fort Gaines, Benj J Baldwin.
meetic Missions, tod Deacons: J Staley, A James, B Thomp The following were appointed as a Board of Groovereville, J W Talley.

reta report was roead fran Dr E W Schon, See- son, A Jackson, R Nicholson, A Gadeden, W Managers of the Preachers' Children's Aid So- Bausewrox DIsraver-J W Simmons, P E.
was eforred to thecommi toer onutMxsatone, and PraceCahndC Ashley-received from the African ciety: Brunswick and St. Marya, R J Codey.
Dr J M Bonnell Presid bject. JOA Cook, Walter Knox, CP Jones, Dr Center Village, To be supplied.
Female College, was electe7t8oati hena See %tan of An e all)r AL Hamilton, President EH Myers, James Jackson, J L Wimberly, J WaynesviHe, ND Morehouse.
of the Confe ge, was referred to the M Bonnell. J Dootor Town Mission, WM Kennedy.
ry rance. committee on education. The listof Superannuates was called and their ( Holmeaville, SG Childs.

I Tampa Station, Wm it Turner.
Clear Water Circuit, Tobe supplied.
Hernando Circuit, One to be supplied, SW
Carson, Sup'y.
Sunder Circuit, To be supplied.
OcAr.A Dis'r-Theaphilus W. Moore, P E.

.. In
Yolusia Mission, To be supplied.
* aston, Isana 3Juuden.
rings Cireme, David L Branning.
** . Orcuit, John C Luy.
II Circult, Elius J Knight, J Penny,

a = Itobert Hi
.. ., James Of
Middleburg Circuit, Ernest Cruin
Reuben H. Lucky transferred to South Geor-
gia Conference, and appointed Agent American
Bible Society.
F. A. BRANCH, Sec'y

Montgomery Conference
.. JU ilitor,-With t is
note I send y u

trwin, To be eupphed.
Stockton, M .1 = II
Nashville, J 1
Yaldoctu, J J Giles
Quitman, J M Hendry.
blerven, P 0 Harris
Moultrie, To be supplied.
ArtrawAuA 1)wanior-L B Payne, P E.
Hinesville, J 8 antell.
Darien and McIntosh, Wm Hayes.
Bryan Mission, To be supplied.
Statesham Oh, To be supplied by W II Rogers.
Statesboro Mission, WH Wylly.
Dublin, Ti
Mt Verne a
Jacksonvill 4 !* I
Reideville, WM Watts.
Pulaski and Wileox Mission, Tobe applied.
6 8. Ament, L Presco.

. : a : In 3 si :
I < ill
1 I I = = * r.
and Supernumerary at Wesicy Chapel.

h o C
OL Smithtransferred to N Ga. Conference and g

Wappointed 19 Tinion Cs, Tallahas coen e nice, tio a r a wd en wa'f on odbjee
.1amison Swife, transferredto Montgomery Con der too d^redat arp surezlo yrnae 200 e

Ti x}Ta en, transferred to illinois Conference. M Be& s e ud" ion ne, much businjt
Fox vantty (coLORED) Dismics tied
=, ac BLnd son. easB sholp Wi nine p aded willionha usual

Perry Jan Staley .1 beauty and power;
.. the conto lation
BAINumbus (coroun) orararce mp
Bainbridge C ored learge, Adam Benton of 1) summer was present, and by invi-

Fowhown CarouIt. Robt Nicholson he Conference his useourse on
Thomaeville, thrney Tnompson t It was instructive and satisfac-
Dun auville Circuit, Auset n Jach n. or fl. Redford, Agent of the Publishing
House, was with us a day or two, and stirred
1 I I ,, i. I Ep the hearts of the r -+ v -- a tiew

', ap sl totzhi p]rr and zeal.. were
. Price. Our colleerious for mission and orber pur
poses were behind those of last year, yet they
TArnouo (conoan) orsranet were remarkable comadering the condition of

toji e ii er e taWheonli teece areer I

on iv ii .,, I e are(." to localecuf15m"
31t Zion, a : . ops's, salary and superannuated widows and or,
phans, it approximates thirty one hundred dol.
south Carolina Conference lar in were weeived on trial, and two by trans-
Dear Adrocate: After a long and . fer, three located, two were strtebri from the
jouracy 7 0 1 1* = Morganton, N I roll, three transferred to other confmence, two
seat of * Conference. This is discontinued, and two died-
abeautiful place-in full view of theBlueRidge Membership-increase of whites, one thou
ad e ec ob t nR only n ad it so red-deer ameojh s

road is under contract to connect it with the Infants baptized, nine hundred and twenty-
East Tenne ce and Virginia Railroad. I am three; adults, two thousand, four hundred and

e of or a, adralfHe n er flBtfoni, ninSet aday-school reports give the following in-
circuit I traveled I need not say that I men a crease: eixty-five schools, three hundred and
cordial welcome in this kind family. May God ninetymight teachers, and three thorand, five
bless them for their hospitality hundred and sixteen scholars.
The Conference tact at 0 o'clock on the 11th These facts wdl give you an idea of ouc true
inst, Bishop Doggettin the chair. F. A. Mood condition. We who occupy the ground are
was elected Secretary. F. '1 K .... 1 0. A. gratified to know that the Church has moved
1)ar >y, and J. Lander, a 11 pro- on steadily and successfully amid financial dis-
ceedings of the first two days were confined to aster and political depression. Our ministers
organizing, appointing committees, reading re- are nearly all young men, and they work for
ports and communicallous from 1' 1. L = Christ with a surprising devotion. A number
Missionary Secretaries, ete, and -- I of these preached faithfully and received but
character of Eldels. little pecuoiary aid, *,i 1 ,; .. i 1
Brother F. A. Mood preached the annual ser- and have gone to th = .* la : 3
nion to the Conference. It was an able dis- fidence. JonN MATHEws, Sec.
course-full of beautiful thoughts-all calcu
lated to winter t, instruct and encourage young Montgomery Conference Appointments.

I 11 1 ..1 lose of 310NToo seny Disantor-MS Andrews, P E.
ar s li wi ll e 9PTne I., ed.b" """ -

I 1 ,, ,, J TV T I "I .: Bible Society.
morrow, 1 Aubu = 4. .1 1 I ** II, Agent EA
this point College
Aboyanton, D e. 12, 1867 Tuskegee, OR Blue.
BB Ross.
I * I Circuit, To be supplied.

Ilb wenty-f urth sheess onMof h Fi ida n Op 13 Hi liG enhnol" D Pitt P cipaluof
*>, 1867. Bishop George F. Oak Bowery, EU Norton. Colored Circuit S

cul esi he way of ma fbtCme ethe)dae Rus rf I Lockhart.
li ,. . . Loachapoka, L F Dowdell. J A Pace, Sup.

W 310Kay, Tho!ua/ K. Leona Ch. trial- Usu.x Sraises Ths'T--J B Cottrell, P E.
Rembeam, David L. Branning and Elias J. ,. Perry.
7 "I "* 1 I *
necti ri S.1yner was admitted into full com Greenville circuit, BL Selman.
Millville, II 31 Gillis.
Th plhiDus W. Mooredwas readmitt >It Ida, RN Rowell.

c a anoesn s 1 dr e E th9utl MissioDe , W If
p er"
The following local preachers were ordained -

JeER us DaHj Br ndA u 11 To ,ker 10cathers
File Rama, R Scales.
Josi JI 100 Willis la uo _ol M Hudson, P. E.

The Supernumerary preachers are: John Prattvill A J 15
emy, tephen W. parson, Steat uGardner, e, r "Creek, SA Pilley, GR

n, ., ... are Edwin L. T. Blake, ralk
3 Roberts and Archicald oistu TL Dealer, So

n of the preachers have died during the la atoy, WH Edwards.

The statistical report showsan increase d412 Tallassee, RA Timmons.
white members, and 32 white preachers, and a Lowndeaboro and Hayneville, B F Perry.
decrease of 917 colored members, and 25 color- Pleasant Hill, EA West; PR McCrary, .
ed preachera. LAFAYETTE DISTRICT-J T Curry, PE
There have been 383 white infants, 311 white LaFayette, EL Loveless,
adults, 37 colored infants, and 86 colored adults Fredonia, L GR Wragans.
baptized. Wedowee Mission, W D Nicholson,
The Board of Finance settled with the widows -
and orphans at the rate of 34 cents in the dol-
lar. 41 I
The next Conference will be held at Jackson. )upree, Sup.

vilTehe appointments are as follows: 2olbii ,31'o plied.
TALLAHASSEE Dis'r-W. F. EasterlingPE_ blontevallo, RS Woodward.

gl assee Station, James OB neh\ < James le al I ent er T TalAeyBridges.
Leon Circuit, Sa el Woodbery. Eufaula, Wm Shappard
Gadsden Circuit, Thos K Leonard. Glennville, R B Crawford.
Concordia Circuit, Robert S McCook, S Gard. Clayton and Louisville, WH Ellison.
ner, Supernumerary. Hamiter, M 0 Turrentine.
Waukulia Circuit, Enoch H Giles. Villula, JP Dickinson.
Liberty Circuit, To be supplied. Perote, W II Wild.
Waukeenah . I >. 1 11 1: a a .. Enon and Midway, WK Norton.
Aucilla Miss an .. .1 l., Lawrenceville, J W Solomon.
Union Circuit, To be supplied. Clopton circuit, To be supplied by J LOliver.
Monticello Station, Josepbus Anderson. Chanabatchie, J Senife.
Apa hbeorla Station, To be supplied by U St. G Anana D Talar-T Moody, P E.

Quincy Station, Andrew J. Woldridge. Gadsden colored circult, To be supplied.
Taylor and Lafayette Mission, Tobesupplied. Lebanon, P K Brialey.

gkAOKSONVIILEoDI T-- e.B. eks ,PE. VanrBn nqleTri oWilliams.
Fernandina Station, Was Davies. Cedar Bluff, J Meely.
Nassau and Duvall Mission, Erastue B Dun, aiFH V t p;p Sampler, Sup.

i 1. . .. .. i. I .. .ss. Ashrille Mission, To be supplied.
.... n ... I r us, I 1 JACKSONV1LLE DIST'r-L W Wilson, P E.
= > 1. on. Jacksonville, T G Slaughter.
Newnannille Station, Elijah 8 Tyner, J J Alexandria, To be supplied by WM Taylor.
Sealed, Sup'y Coosa River Mission, H Young.
Anderson and Lake Butler Mission, Thos R White Plains, CL Dobbs.
Earneth. Talladega, FT J Brandon.
Houston Circuit, Robert L Wiggins. Talladega circuit, WR Kirk.
Maoison Circuit, Charles H Bernheim. Harpereville, DS McDonald
Bellville Circuit, Wm Williams. Fayetteville, D Dunean; HC Stone, Sup.
Lafayette Mission, To be supplied. MARIANNA DISTRICT-W B DennisP E.
TAMPA DISTRICT-Wm. E. Collier, P. E. Marianon, E B McClelland.
Key West Station, Frederio RC Ellis. Greenwood, AN Gallespie.
Manatee Station, Edward F Gates. Calhoua, WR Talley,
Pease Creek Circuit, To be supplied. Campbellton, B F Blow.
Hillaboro Circuit, To be supplied. I Gordon, L Patterson,
Bartow Circuit, Wm C Jourdan. Haw Ridge, WH Sampey.


Burke's Weekly for Boys and Girls,
Is published every Saturday, in Maeon, Ga,
and is filled with beautiful stories, poems, anee.
dotes, lite, and is one of the handsomest illus-
trated PAPERS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, ever publish.
ed in America. Price only two dollars a yes


for single subscribers. Throo copies for 80 citizen, in a ?, 1 ,,;1, 1 1 with Femine, Sterons introduced a bill awarding recon true and the Northern people, and surrendering, as MARRIED. Eggygges])TY OF GEORGIA. I BERRIE25f
ClubsandSab aths or coup liednaet ry li an. T .r. .... .. Warw"a oin a 8.9111 ill to t p is cillusTag f j, ie-third a thrj Totta anda .. r allP SECOND JElthl OF THE SIXTY- Classical and English School,

..,;,1 ] =;.E. 1.ei ...uabersatitched and put mitted.--Mr. Sherman called up the bill ex. a I voters lbr the new legislate over us, 10 the domination of a * ,* FFERSITS FACILITIES TO THE PUJ
-.g ... raul.iI covers, empting cotton grown after 1887 from taxes. . of the votes cast.-- ixed class 01 emancipated slaves, who a .
Preachers are re ested t = .. .. ll* said the necessity for the bill was apparent. The Judielary Coun :Iicated to can out any of the training, babits, or had
for every oneh au riber t* 4. .- .. The people of the South desired to know before tinue 1110 examination rewardine Maryland's Re self government . .. .... -
will be allowed 50 cents- ** making preparations for nextyear's crop wheth- publican Government.-The House went into a Disclaims all hostility to the blach ... ,
and keep balance for commission. Here is a er the tax would be repealed, as otherwise is Committee of the Whole, and after receiving * * -
chance for our brethren to make something would be scarce worth their while to plant. The Exceutive cannunications, adjourned - . WANTED
whilothey helps to interest the young. Speci- matter ought to be decided before the holidays, Dec. 18.-10 the Senate, anternorial from the --1 = 1** is -1 -- SITUATION IN A COLLEGE ACAD-
men numbers sent on application. Address, for that reason. Mr. Morrill thought they had Noriblk Board of trade, favoring a repent of I = .. * = 1 a * I e .I.
J. W. Bear & Co., better have the wholesubjectof taxeabefore the the cotton tax, was tabled -A Ineniorial of should make all men equal before the r ," MulydbbTuf on *
Publishes, Senate at once, and not by piecemeal. It was a citizens of Azkansas, allirming that outbreaks this Convention distinctly declares that the gov. - ------ -- ---- Nov sea Allendateaouthcarama.
tf Haeon, Ga. ims on brI emanufactured cottonp satuld are imminentl from in vast announctp Id titthue oment o themStat bee ubj t at it re ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, UNIVERSITY HIGH 8011000' Wanted

BUBBCBIPTIONS EXPIRED. bill would be deferred. Mr. Johnson gave cotton tax was discussed, after which the Presi. trol, and surrage should still be regulated so as rromme noto nee as THENs, GA.
Subscribers whose subscriptions have expired, notice that he proposed to amend the bill by ex. dent's message regarding Gen. Hancock was to continue both under the control and direction LAD c (30MPETENT 30 TEACH
or are about to expire, will please notice the tempting the present crop from tax. Mr. Pome- read, when, amid considerable confusion as to of the white race. HE PREPARATORY DEPARTMENT
change made on their papers in the address- roy thought the taxahouldertainly be removed. its disposition, the Senate adjourned. 6. That the people of Virginia will co operate or was n o... .=.*
Instead of the usual printed date after each Even Northern men could not remuneratively In the House, a bill for the relief of soldiers with all men throughout the country, of what" UIVIVERSITY OF GEORGIA
name, there now appears in each case above raise cotton now. To relieve this year'serop, who deserted, was reported by the Military ever name or party, who will labor toreatore .-1. r....... ...-.-
mentioned, opposite each printed name, certain however, would not benefit the producer, as the Committee, and provoked discussion. It was Constitutional Union States, and continue its no re
black, illegible marke, intended to indicate the cotton had generally left his hands. If it did, contended that it restored officers who abandon- government under the control of the white race. na AHOMESCHOOL-BoarderabecomemembrsofthePren- .. . ..
expiration of subscription, and meant besides as he would support the amendment. The bill ed the Union for the Confederate army at the A resolution was adopted authoratug the Fzom Florida conference identstamily,
a request to renew. For instance instead of was postponed to Monday.--The Senate then conamencement of the war. The House went Central Committee to take steps for testing the ar so Exunorsms nuesuman, .us. Ison, ason. Spartanburg Female College.
printingasheretoforesay, "Peter Sloan, Decem/ went into executive session, and soon afterward into Committee on the State of the Union. The constitutionally of the reconstruction acts in the - ., canuar.souton neations
her 1867"-the address now stands- adjourned till Monday. Hancock message was read amid cousiderable United States Supreme Court, app itE17 T. HUNTER, President. HE FALL TERM WILL OPEN OCTO.
"Peter Sloan **="* *' In the House, Mr. Eliot presented the memo- confusion and ordered to be printed.-The Re. In the discussion on this resolution, General or we 1. MITcastL, see, see. umversay aca. . .
In all these cases we beft subscription be rial of representatives of the yearly meeting of construction Committees bill was resumed. Mr. Imboden, who had sued out a mandamus against
promptly renewed, or else we shall be compelled the religious Society of Friends in New Eng. Stevens withdrew the section of the billincreas- General Schofield, stated that his casewithsimi- Louisburg Female College,
to discontinue sending the paper, whleb necessi land, representing the interest that Friends have the Southern States lar ones relative to suffrage 2n Alabama and
ty we shall regret, always felt in the welfare of the Indians, and a so a 37-a strict party Mississippi, would be carried to the Supreme . . . or Frankun county, No. ca. . C .
It ifha a bee s da rm ir tiaonud at ef cerjl}j ISfe5d do tith amajlort Court. POREIGN E SPRING SESSION OF 1868 WILL I cusana
tbi If ft rl\rerd a eeneceom 8 o, nr ed I to of erof votin e on it 0 di Paris, Dec 12-The Moniteur -
increase the number of judicial districts in ,i . .2 1868 Conference negotiations continue, 3 .1 1 .
Texas. Referred to the Judiciary committee. I votes on renewed confidence. Deew-em
Congress --Mr. Kerr, offered a resolution instruct. Constitutions shall give certifientes to Congs -T. : 11 .1. .i, Tai _. nomsouu scores conference
WashingtonDec.10-IntheSenateacom- ing the committeeon Waysand Meanstoin. men-The Presidents message is his11 I -1 .1=1 = 1 I>*1 2 *, 8oilm north in Inuar
munication from the Secretary of the Treasury, quire into the expediency of amending the in. laudatory of Hancock a Order No. 40, and I. II I 1.0 ." .== a *
stating that Mr. Cooper occupied the Assistant tdrnal revenue law so as to exempt from pay- 7 ?on, Dec. 13-Noon.-Severa : .. I - . -
Secretaryship under the act of 1797, was refer- ment of stamp duty all oilicial bonds executed a who participated in the cent . E .. . '... ---
red to the Finance Committee --Memorial to, or for the use of, religious, charitable, or be- .f the executed Fenians at De 11 esleyan Female College,
from the New York Chamber of Commeree rela- nevolent societies. Adopted.--The house friends of law and of jr stice throughout the Sunday, and marched in the funeral p . . donalA
tive to the resumption of specie payments, re- went into Committee of the Whole on the state country. Of such an act as his, as such a time, have been placed under arrest, and w li 1 MAcow, a .
ferret to the Finance Committee.-The Presi- of the Union for general debase. Mr. Van it is but fit that its dignity should be vindica- mediately tried by court-martial. . . . i. On r THIRTIETH ANNUAL SESSION
dent was called on for the correspondence rela- Trump spoke in condemnation of the late im, ted and its virtue proclaimed, so that its value Dublin, Dec. 12-The Lord L eu. .
tive to the recognition a I II. < * peachment project, and was followed by Mr. as an example may not be lost to the nation." Ireland has issued , i. .. ;,, a
Great Britain, of the a : 3 .. --- Lawrence, of Ohio, who defended it. Mr. Wood- -- public funerals : = 1 I ... so . ,
Mr. Wilson introduc-i 1 Fit -- - .- 7-"* ward made a brief argument on the law of im- Georgia Convention-Relief. treason at Manebeater seditious and prohibiting -- -
cal disability from .51.1 .. .. 11 I I =* peachinent, arguing that the word "misdemea- Atlanta, Dec.12.-The Convention passed a such demonstrations in future LaGrange Female College,
gave notice of an amendment to the reconstrue nor," as used in the Constitution, means not a relief ordinauee to-d. T. I al CPr ,1. London, Dec 13.-Adaringattempt was made LaGrange, Ga.
tion acts, providing that all persons offering to violation of law; but misconductinoffice, know look of Richmood, = = . I I .. to to-day to release the recently convicted Fenian, u HE SPRING TERM OF THIS POPU- De q is canre not of astrument/ vo
voteon the adoption of the Constitutions, wi ] 1 1. ... to the prejudice of the public or of it ordained, etc., that from and after the passage Col.Burkewho is eonlined in Clerkenwell prison. , as ausigno
not possess the qualifications required b. = .= 3 J. .1 Mr. Garfield inquired whether, if of this ordinance, all levies which have becu or Powder was placed beneath one of the prison grs.E T. Crowe Teach cor PetrumenalMasta
utes prior to the rebellion, shall possess one of the President were not defended by some law, may be made under executions issued from any walls, and was exploded, it is supposed, by one cassors won ANwar sEssioN.
three qualifientions. First, service in the army defining what constituted a misdemeanor, he Court of this State, shall be suspended, until of Eurke's confederates The whole side of the ea e-s or .; ..- qs ..
of the United States for at least one year; see- was not at the mercy of two-thirds of the Sen- thia Convention shall have taken, or refused to wall was blown out. The force of the explo-
ond, ability to read and understand the nature ate, who might declare him guilty of misdemea- take final action upon the question of relief ; sion was so great that three adjoining buildings Tallahassee Dist, Fla. Conf--1stRound s. . .. *
of anoath; thirdpossession of8230 freehold norin oflicewithout regard either tocommon andthatall sales under execution inviolation were destroyed. Many persons were injured, ANTED.
in his own or hiswife's right. This was offered lawar common sense. Mr. Woodward held that of this ordinance, shall be null, void and of no and it is feared some lives were lost. The ex- * A GRADUATE OF EMORY COLLEGE, *
as an amendment to Mr. Wilac. . .n J. of .' ament held his otlice effect.--The Supreme Court of ,l , ,,i :. r, :Iitating the 1 . .. . 2g
a majority of votes, instead is I I . II I ,: power, and remarked ing declared that the Stay Lawof fined man
those registered, necessary to I r of corrupt of5cials last Legislature is unconstitutiot the breach - --
tutions -Mr. Wilson said he did not know remaining unimpeached than there was of men nance, which it is understood will be enforced in the wall. 11e has been removed to a place Augusta District TVANTED. . " a ,
that it would be necessary to press his bill.- who had been faithfulin offleebeingimpeached. by Gen. Pope, colonianding this military dis- of greater security. The explosion was tremen- A SITUATION (PERMANENTLY PRE-
Mr. Davis said that this was a white man's gov- The committee was further addressed by Mr. trict, will operate as a bar to all legal notion dous in its efect. The prison walls a 3 1 - . . WOFFORD COLLEGE,
ernment, and ever would be; the free men of Ela in condetonation of the President's course, upon private debts, until I E-- e, I if-7 st a mass of rui e PARTANBURG C. H., SoUTH hael.INA
this country would never consent to have a and by Mr. Kerr in advocacy of the extension further. The first son onor the Fourteentacone sate Year
President forced on them by negro electoral of the judiciary system of the United States, ---- sionder ini 1.1 5 ex nTwas gusin efi
votes. He wanted this issue to come quickly, rendered necessary by recent decisions and by Tanamiss RAirnoAn Accinar.-A -- weston, assour..
and invited Wilson to press on with hi 1 ii ... .. -11 of admiralty cases, and particularly fearful accident occurred Dec. 11, at Ha I
Stewart said negro suffrage would a I. r the establishmentof another term of I I 11 r -ld, on the line of the \ss. Rome District-No. Ga. Conference Bowdon Collegiate Institution,
issue next fall, and proceeded to defend the He- the United States courts at New Albany, Indi- = .. I .2 The bridge was burned man were seen to roll a barrel, which doubtless
construction Acts. Doohttle's amendment was ana, for which he had already introdileed a bill, on Sunday morning, and during the week about contained powder, under the place where the ramnoon connents as sowoom, cannoxJ. coussyas. re or
referred to the Judiciary Committee.-Drake's which has been referred to the Judiciary corn- one hundred men had been engaged on rearing repairs were being made Shortly afterwards . ., un. co. M. mannesoN, Presurant.
concurrent resolution censuring the President mittee. The committee rose, and the House, at a trestle work fbr temporary use. Most of a ** ,,, .,, .
for the language used towards Congress in his halfpastfive, adjourned till Monday. employes having dined at Northfield, were so RiflE NEXT TERM OF THIS INSTITU-
message, was made the special order for Thurs- Dec. 16.-In the Senate, a petition from turning to work, about one and a half mile from ed on suspicion. The exertement is so great 1 nos well team on, thouth or lanuary,
day. Drake in an elaborate speech, assailed the Vermont was presented asking that National town, in a passenger car, which, being backed that itIs impossible to obtain any correctnecount
President bitterly, and in the course of his re- Eank stock be exempted from local taxation. up to the works, by some inconceivable forget- of the casualties.
marks alluding to negro voters, said they were --Bills were introduced to tax the Na- fulness of the engineer, proceeding at a rapid Paris, Dec. 10.-Itis reported that the Corps
now as much superior to the white trash tional Banks, continuing the officers of the rate, did not check the speed until too late, and Legislatif will soon be dissolved by Napoleon,
around them as the white trash was superior to Freedmen's Bureau, and a memorial adverse to the car, with seventy to a hundred men, was and new elections held b January. Good Business and PracticalEduoation,
the negro when he was in slavery-After an reducing Gen. Howard and Sickles, allof which backed off the abutinent into the river below, rehensions aracom wooLassan namme.
executive session the Senate adjourned. were referred.-The cotton tax repeal was re. distance of aixty feet, the tender follow Naples, in Atlan a In rs., Corrected by Jerrett & 8nider.
In the Ak..o, after the manipt of Executive samed Mr. Morrill argued adversely, contest- The number of casualties is appallaug, he Govern- anna comms .p"sassa, an urances aware
communications, which were of but little gener ing Commissioner Wells' positions, and offered men being killed instantly, and three or fou on sons are gsven tax n put neceipts
al importance, the Speaker announced the Re an amendment exempting from duty imported more died soon after. About the same number ?.-Apparently organized at- op--our
e- ] E- e to r 1pril, 1868. He ridiculed the idea were injured, some fatally and others alightly, tempts have been made to burn the various ware-
Inpetition, and proceeded to show The casualties consist of broken arms, ? """son The outrage is attributed to Fenian" Zearda or a an anon
or /- 1. / .. ., I that al encarrogCedbr ught hands, dislocations, cuts, burns, and bruises Lordon, /ej elP- A anat duitro-glyce-
I 4. _.. 41 the war proved that the Montgomery, Dec 12.-The Advertiser of rine exploded today while being reasoved by .
of his having furnished eigars and wine to the 1... I F. I monopoly in cotton. He this morning publishes a preamble and resolu- the pollee of Lynn. Several were killed and -
committees at the public expense -Stevena' read letters from army officers and other North, nearly the whole party injured] 1 fas supposed "a
confiscation bill of last session came up, when ern men showing that cotton culture had resulted i. II sus. GMfin Distnet ,. rn neax s so per bushe
several speeches were made in opposition to it. in absolute loss and that a continuation of the
Postponed to the 21st of January.--A con- tax must destroy it. Mr. Fessend... us I r 1 = she delegates to the ... .. ......
current resolution was adopted to adjourn from immediate action. Mr. Johnson's : a * .. < the purview of their
the 20th inat. to the 6th of January. House applying the exemption to this year's crop was duties and instructions, and framed a Constitu- Water is plenty a
adjourned, amended by making exempt , I; .1 1 1, St E tersburU ' \s i ,, . .
Dec. 11.-In the &nate, petitions from im- to the stock in the hands of p s. .. I == .= . .1 I 3 I = 1 r 3
mense numbers of naturalizedcitizenscomplain- no claims for taxes already paid shall be enter- seas of Alabama, and characterized in every a
ing of grievances and asking for their rights to tained by the courts. Mr. Johnson accepted feature by a fiendish motive of revenge and peril the peace of Europe andon .
be defined by law-referred to Coramittee on the first amendment, but rejected the second on hatred; and Paris, Dec. 18.--The Monitour publishes a Hentucky Insurance Company oaxon To a excusas. n... . r. ...
Foreign Relations.-Anthony introduced a the ground thatahould the taxbe ultimately be Resolved 1. That in the opinion of this Coun- Police circular placing the press under a more
bill declaring null and void all confiscation and proved unconatitutional, the claimants should oil the said Constitution is an infamous fraud rigorous censorship. or a.
forfeiture .. . I I, lit is -- 1 1 1 < 1 11. _11: .. ee of an upon th .Ir r si , a f the State, and OHicial documents show that diplomatic ne- a. . q
referred I .11 n only to willif c. II I 1. in the debase. gotiations relative to the Alabama claims is Louisville, Kentucky. ,s--sm ,
introduce 1 .= i. .: .. ** II =1 t ter was ment of the white raeo, and destruction of the closed-both parties adhering to the. r. . . -
Ferry property.-fiberman introduced a bill postponed. The Senate wentimo executivenes- black. Domestic Markets Assues, anir sonswer. . . esonson.xo. Emery and Henry College, **r
providing that all balance from captured oraban- sion, and adjourned. = . I . I .. I na, use as ratsonna wasursavon com ry, va.
d ed r erty, bemdtebpositedit o auTh r bill8u j i ece 0 a nmd e enja si ' 84 so ioenald1 Ro t (0 to dneabettqetriet W. P. LED HVAeH INKLE, President. N THE Gru OF JANUARY ZiEXT, WE

law. Sher an stateddhat the amount reached regard to District Schools to pay bounties to manner whatever, to this nefarious scheme to Sales 2200 bales at 151; Flour dull, State 3 60 vouswA ranc conn wr.
several ,-:1 J ty , ,. 1 .. ., destroy at one fell swoop the peace, happiness, tolo 75; Southern 10 25 tol4 50; Wheat firm; soon a rg -
which b 11 i. . A I s... . = = 1 = and prosperity, fbr all time to come, of the Corn dull; Park heavy at 20 80; Lard, Gro. SSUESmPOLICIES AG AINST H i. E
osing of several hundred thousand dollars- admiralty jurisdictions in certain cases; to ea- whole people of the State of Alabama series and Naval Stores quiet; Turpentine 51to ..
he bill was postponed.-Sumner presented tablish and declare certain bridges on the New Resolvel3 That we, as Union Republicans 52; Rosin 2 63 to 2 67; Freights lower-cot- . ... : .
a memorial from General Brisbee and thirty Orleane and Chattanooga Railroad post routes; and as members 0 .1 '1 r .. :1* ton, snil ), steam I; Governments closed firm. nonoussyourmierests.rocurs * .
thousand Kentucky negroes, containing an alic- to abolish the bonded warehouse system.- United States of '62 coupons 81; Gold 34k. arresosize sorwarns issTITUTzoNs." KENTUCKY WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY
nation which Mr. Davis pronounced false and Mr. Bingham, of Missourt, offered a resolution ing and Union loving colored men of Alabama CuAassesTos, Dec. 18.-Cotton dull, lower v..
mendacious libels on Kentucky. The memorial with a lengthy preamble whleh resolves, First, to unite with us in our efforts to dareas also .) ] ': i 1 1 iii;. .. 14(3 sales 2,200 D.eso-az As matersear non own ... Icy.
was referred.-Morrill's bill to raxse legal ten- That the House of Representatives will never adoption of this Constitution, which 3 2
ders to par, came up. Morrill delivered an consent to take one retrograde step froan its ad. ,1 1 : ** Constitutional I. I , -, l* 18 --Cotton quiet, steady; 44 M. II E IDT,
elaborate speech. Adjourned. vanced position in I .:,4 .11 I .. . = between the two races, middling 144; sales 1000; receipts 2537
In the House, several members rose to person- the cause of equal r., 3 as .. It all the ends of good govern AcoverA, Dee. 18 Cotton maket quiet at Druggist and Dealer in .
ad 5. I = stI = success of the reconstructzonacts so far gives no ment. 14 f ddE pland
: 5-= .=. =I e. si. I .. I reason to doubt that, under their provisions, the Resolved 4. That we denounce as contempt C vNAjuguDec. 8.-Flour dull; Corn xcerosen. La.nsbouga 0.dete winanw own, ..
ly abused.-Judiciary Committee reported restoration of the rebel States will be success- ble an effort on the part of a few of the mem- ft 87 to 88; Pork, old, 20 1
back the bill relative to the government of the fully carried out and accomplished, and they hera of this Colincil, who are mere politteal ad- gra 1 o 11(. ; new, 2 3 connER wnerARIE AND STATE BTREETS, | ..
rebel States, and it was referred to the Recc ventures, to break up the same, because the3 Monum, Dec. 18.-Cotton active with gene- MAVAwman, oA.

8 1 ronaffCorm re v el com .. : I .. ., I = i ifulled tommake it subservient to their vile ralde nd; tfirabmiddling 14 full; sales THE ATTENTION OF WHOLESALE n
army weekly.-Committee on Clanus reported passed under the operation of the previous quea- The above resolutions are puttorth by an New Oannes, Dec. IB.-Cotton advanced; be sold ,
adversely to the petition of citizens of Cham- tion by astrid party vote: Yeas, 111; Nays, thority of 11 T ,., a a tsue copy of the Orleans 15; sales 4000; receipts 2266; ex- a * Dec la-sm
bereburgfor compensation for damages done by 33-The House went into Committee of the minutes of J signed by the Sec- ports 6470 :.- I ib 1 I; common 81to9 I
McCaueland's raiders.-Washburne opposed Whole on the Deficiency Appropriation bill, rotary primetocho I.I I.., Molassesunchang WAREHOUSE CHARESTON PRIDE CURRENT.
Mr. Soward's territorial purchases; a general passed the bill and adjourned. Serious divisions lu the Radical ranks are ed; Flour dull er 9 75; Corn niet and firm FAce TY.
debate ensued. Adjourned. Dec. 17.-In the Senate, Mr. 8berman re- raking place in other sections of the State at 1 15; Oats dufl and unchan d; Lard un. T CHARLES TAYLOR, AM MD en rose a na a e vies on, sc
Dec. 12.-In the Senate, Sherman reported ported a bill for funding the public debt. Its atr colored men fbr .1 .: Imaged; Pork very dull and OOMMISSION HERCHA1YT. 11
the House bill for repealing the cotton tax consideration was postponed until after the holi- tio I I Conservative Club commercial, 44} to 45 .
The joint resolution cenauring the President was days. A resolution calling on the President for clares 2ts object to be, New York sight I discount To use vianters and merchants or merge..
resumed, Johnson having the floor.-The instruction to oilicers, under the Act of 1862, First. The cultivation of a spirit of mutual Gold 37
Senate refused eonourrence in the House reso- = ebellion and punish treason, with confidence and good feeling between the two T TENDER YOU MY THANKS FOR PAST .
lation to adjourn, until the striking of the word =1 r money realized and the names of races South, without which there can be neither Foreign Markets. 1 . -
white from the District laws become a law.- viet rus, was adopted.-Mr. Davis offered a peace, prosperity, or repose to either. LIVERPOOL, Dec. 18.-Cotton closed firm and ^ Ism ooidro sor to e pphed)
The Senate had an executive session and ad- 1 .. for aggregate expenditures of Second. To support in the approaching elec- rather more active; Uplands Ti, Orleans 71; averrox.
mourned. Bureau since 1865. Several tion the policy of our own tried people, neigh- Dec. I I 1 = Is .1 , ..
In the House, the Committee on Commerce Senators objected. Much of the disbursements bars, and friends, whose capital furnish us em. 12,000 II ,.. I 4 3 'Ian les eetn-sm
was directed to inquire into the propriety of were for white refugees. Pendang the discus- ployment, and whose roofs shelters, in prefer. advices unfavorable. Other markets steadvand .
changing the Marine Hospital from Padneah to sion, the morning hour expired and the repeal ence to that inaugurated by strangers and their unchanged Chronio Dis ease a .
Cairo.--The Committee on Roads and Ca- of the cotton tax was resumed. Mr. Conkling, allies. HAvAnA, Dec.10.-Sterling 13# premium;
nals was directed to inquire into the expediency of New York, proceeded to say that a helping Third. To discourage, by all means in our Federal currency 231 to 251 discount; Gold 24 TREATED av
of appropriating money for a canal around the hand bad been extended to these destitute com- power, that war of races which evil counsels premium; ... .. 1 .- .) .= 0ardenas at an D R. M. WOODR II FF -
falls of the Oh o on the Indians side.--The munities. The direct tax had been suspended and ignorance seem to be hastening, and which, advance; I 1.....,; 2 1 reals.
Committee on Ways and Means was directed to in all the insurreetionary Statesand the tax had once inaugurated, will result in our certain and counsus, ozoneIA,
anquire sato the expediency of taxing crests- been removed from sugar, machinery and other speedy destruction. Partisan Life with Mosby -:o:-
coatsofarms-worn on household furniture.-- articles which pertained to that community. Richmond Dec.12.-The Conservative Con- I \R. WOODRUFF WOULD RESPECT- lol arent and 4.u.n*dunn .
Ashley, of Ohio, offered a bill relating to the He would say now that it would have been much mention met this morning. The committee re- BY MAJon JouN scoTT 17 rallygivenouceshat he continues to treat .
eed en'son F m sA refer dota e are entthesedpetohple i oneholdthe retiesoof ported adeori of 9re Ilutions, which were unani- Of Fauqueer, Virguna, late C. 8 A. DISEASES OF LONG STANDING II I li itb

to facilitate the reconstruction of the Southern ernment had let them alone. If they had stop- 1. Recognizes that by the ress1. ini 1 i..*1 1: 11 =..t .. i. 4!'. I .
States--Mr. Maynardofered a resolution pro- ped swaggering and talking about representa- slavery has been abolished, and it L. 2-
viding that diplomatic and consular representa- tion in Congress, and gone to work to build up sire of the people of Virginia to 4 1.. *-. * .
tives to Hayti and other African governments their impoverished section, they would to day ery again a people emornipsone] by abs av new n ,, , ,
be selected from degrees. Referredtothe Com- have been much happier and so would wd If war, and by amendr ... . . * *
mittee on Foreign AEairs. Mr. Schenek made this tax was taken off, it would wipe out the United States. . I -
a point of order that under the Constitution no $20,000,000 of revenue-and they knew not 2. Asserts therigi
distinction should be made. The Speaker said where to go to replace it. Mr. C. indicated a to the Union, and d = sort carouns unnk notes.
the point was well taken.--A resolution was disposition to vote for a reduction of the tax, faith to perform her
adopted, urging the reduction of the army to the but maintained that the proper course was to 3. Protests again,
smalless possible limit.--The Committee on postpone the bill until February or March, when in any way not deft .. I 2 1 . . , BB 51 IL D.
Ways and Means was instructed to inquire into the whole subject of revenue would be up, and tution. , , a .. t in .. ... in Li
the expediency of destroying liquors seized for gave notice of his intention to make a motion 4. Adopts the I ... I on r I . . . . at
hands; and removing the income tax from in- to that effect. Mr. Morton said that cotton adopted at Cooper I
comes not exceeding $2,500.-Executive should not be e tirely exempt from the burdens mihtary government I I : , /.
documents were presented, and the House went of Governmens The discussion assumed a ~ damentalideas of on c. I. 3 ... *, .. -
into the Committee of the Whole. litical ture. The subject was postponed for which is to subject I =* , / /, , ,, -
Dec 13.-In the Senate, Mr. Wilson presen- onutive session, and Senate adjourned. States to the rule o . .. I .... -.; 1 1. .
ed a memorial from John Warren, an American In the House, after the general bnainess, Mr. alavery, is abhoren = .I. .* .. 1 ......k... 5 ,g" .._,., , .. an.r

~ ~-------- Ir_ _1_ __.--I--

Vol. xxx. No. 51

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I our multiplications and additions for surviving relative and friends be asrready to R. D. WALKER & CO,
not only save many but save also a good deal a small mistake where the figures are so many = - ,, I

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had for money, and he invents expenditure in ti me tra zel n o il ko ,51junt a mi lion Dn. JAMEs W. YARHROUtill, diedon the 23d
order to pass the time -1/en;y Taylor 5 hours, and 20 minutes at the is . Oct., 1867, at the readence of his brother, J. . .. .. touERT 9 wALKER
Ti 3 no man could possiblydo." F. Yarbrough, in Lee co., Ala., aged 43 years,
is 1 I .. demonstrates to you, my 9 months and 11 days. Tailoring Olothing! Yarns!
1 (II1i. son, that some things which, in our ignorance, For a number of years, he practiced his pro-
seem to be upon experiment feas - -=1 ***** I' ERRING & LEYDEN RECEIVE ALL
found to be 3 n .. a not impracticable. ry < 0 1.. a ae the latest styles of awsand son
If Adam instead 3 I * I com- visited this section in hope of its restoration,
THE LIBRARY. mouced counting f I his but it continued, after his arrival rapidly to de- READY-MADE CLOTHING,
Ilow very few young people feel sufficiently being and continued until now, he cline, until 1 1 3 I I .*
shon1rful for the chant-gree thru eko yf e I .l-out two I written. 1 * . I , ,
I I. I I this, my son. How I
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wrecked sailor might tell them of the dangers . 1 1 ** c loulate Saviour's love, and perfect resignation to the . . -

WOMAN'S WEAR. I 1 I 11 m blt r a 0 Itler-h age ndh sorrow e other ne r not or the celeinated new use
A hat or bonnot is intended to protect the fought and bled; and a merchant might speak I near to wait upon, and to comfort him in his BADEN BADEN TRUNKS
I a I : == It is also intended to of the barbarous people with whom he had tra last moments, "weepnotas those without hope,
=1 as to keep on in the ded; but these opportunities could not often but rather rejoice with all his dear kindred and g .
wind, and yet not press painfully upon the fore- occur, so that whatever was paring an the wide o much time would be consumed in counting friends, in the cheering prospect of a blessed . ,
head or crown. Pray, ladies, if you value your world, they could know but very little about it. . I ... . .' of safety that re-union in the Heavenly land.
own care, and therefore, more or less, the comfort Few people could then afford to buy written 10 what is now J. F. DOWDELL
of all about you, have the courage to remember books, and still fewer were learned enough to I >urs Ths s
*sir wi -- 4 b ---,il fo ee on 0 write them. oor and Me JAllES JOHNaoN, of Randolph co, died very VINCENT R. TOMMEY, JOSEPH 8. STEWART
How different is the case now! If a young li e suddenly in Mitchell co., Oct. 7, 1867, in hia Newtoneo.,sa. oxford, am..
your right to person wishes to know all about his own country , , I , _, 79th year. TOMMEY & STEWART,
personal comfort, though you may wish to deny -its mountains, rivers, productions as d manu- day if every contract must be settled only in He was converted in 1826 or'27; soon there-
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We will now skip to the fbet. I said some__ I remote t countries, or of the At a recent a ricult a bir he l atur 5 open-hearted almost to a thult. He died away ESPECTFULLY call the attenition of Mer

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few are wonse than unions and corns; yet thoso ( oast, the Indian of ( anada, tbc flottentot of of to spaniel speeles. On the f ar" 1 ly-retired to bed in usual health. In the night
troublesome swollings and excrescences are South Africa, and the F:squirnaux of North his traveling companion, hearing him make an
wholly produced by "F* shoes. A woman America, are all brought before us 20 books; we unusual noise, asked him what was the matter;
wishes to have small = I, and so, not being see their pictures, we fourn how they act in war also be he said he believed he would choke to death.-
..te Chinese, to effect her object at and peace, and are able to form a more correct perish. A puppy dog, Ilis friend got him on a chair, asked him if he ,

pair of tight h s or in I le uts no, ide of th in habit un 1 1 1 the extent "g I was su ject to tihe like, hic answered never, ver
about. The consequence is that her feet look of countries, the height vi inountalus, the no after another they twstled aroinia inu, uilt also ready. 1 WEA1Eu. omic one THE
large, for the attention a drawn to the suiallaces length of rivers, and with he acanal I warmth of

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looser than she ever not a 1 .. he had round the worbl, travellers unght visit di tant tection, and from that time he never fbrsloos unanimously adopted
only acquienced in what nature La i : her, climes, the whale might he harpooned in blic '
and worn shoes which fitted the ** you o thl 4, th bital muella i I partner Iris self- the ( I & I THE SOUTH
want a shoe to ifit youlj t> no 01 the builalo in Amerlea, the giraffe in the desert, inal sed duty 1 1 1: 1 1 .ted in a I< v arable friend, J v. 1k or R Wilsu, a mousanson as saurone,

I a5h no ker tratco will i ng-t 'likjji1 itmt es a fl{tottStt@ tors saw liI ".ND RETAIL DEAL-
because two feet are never alike in si 0 and 3c record d in hools, we know, or may know, |ul it was annusing to watch their move ne t / .

a epe though th al>el o the s we ac It is front books that we learn the history of and it was also interesting to observe the care cohPER,
unlike.tre anil 1 mtnjdue it owhetheb.
ra pa 1 .. is 1 aok t Iku wh it the n mission r5ds g n c.I ncy{er b so R. Walsh, truth 10 on f its n oat c usia-

and of the different school catablished in dif. nestled under him for protection, tent and zealous advocates; the Church of
ir of outs which, with their tumed in toes forest parts of the world. Without books we Chris1teo n t vipl ( c tdonaebloejh -

ed r abd '8nat d and indefixtigablet as re that has eve,
that 0 is advisable in wetds ather to wea vcl3ut though Imoks inheatrma on, our deceased broth10r our ..g I 1 o >.u.asonson.

TIour. may purchase a few, but they cannot buy all REV. THOS, MCMILLAN, was born May 10, BVoolfolk & Anderson,
stion theydesire. 1786, and passed peacefully into his eternal rest
Tobacco and Disease. I ** I I < and Christian- at Aiken, S. C, Nov. 8, 1867. 1- P 11 e widow ,> WAREHOUSE
Mr T., 1 1 ]. .. . 1 can hearted peopic have set up lending libraries of His early convictions were powerful, and his a page in1the Record Book of this
find ....( ..= I .1 I 1. r the I .. I.. I. I = 1 & of sins forgiven was elcar and satis. -wo-
Fre h Aca n1weeod 31 in sent on the shelves are well stocked with books arrang- tested I pr erist a el i cer y h r of our departed brotz COMM IS SION MERCHANT S.

opiFi %ata e tobtaeeaccohiTmo r eithe ed a orde hool and family libraries thus make Aletledists aut a teime enditree trted h chiouh I E RESPECTFULLY TENDER OUR
to students, and sows the seeds of many fatal 2teasyto young people toacquircusefulinforma- but despraed and persecuted people. None but
disorders. It is interdicted, if we mistake not a to them if the most determined and sincere seekers after a .
in the Polytechnie School. One of the mem-' I py, salvation asked fellowship at their altars. Often J. L. BREEDEN, Sec'y. . .. I advance. made o"
bers of the Academy of Medicine, in a very when amuse a g.nee m.t money spent, has he related how the faith and charity of that sepesent Wool I rexfr e a

is t rn novain m excenate m e o a E. JOHNSTON & CO WHOLESALE DRUG HOUSE !

einsanit n rnerala ar ysis, paraplegia), and I is not read ng allrt booksiinhtehemw rldth good unmoved f sixty years, ei e d tT WA.TC ETES, JEWELET HE SUBSCRIRERS HAVE CONVERT-
ItmaybessidinrepythattheTurksGreeks : -1. happy. True meetsssnveranusnverriateaware, unad1 un 3. I n2ciilwemreedon

edl ungarmneda is erate amodk 9 andBC oninon t at in kno wthhaetn i about 35 ye rs. 1. ..1 1 1 1 EXOLUSIVE
M. Jolly accounts for their exemption by the book, which sets the worthiest object before to labor for the c .. I
fact that the tobacco used by them is of a much flo an supplies you with the beat motive to -- PIANO FORTES OF THE BEST MAKERS. WHOLESALEH OU 5 E,

ne dr a pio 1. than th almoks rot n Emesamorled tent fi l i i tt stre go n himfaitaluf le an evg1 Ex & wasons LucK swr" orage, neason we cal., Perrnanery,

re is ab n see e rather p sot e a e fe 1 e 1 noo hthaboobkefor d ristheo, before his deathhohe wrnode thd M HINE NEEDLES, and an die late improvements for Soaps, Painterouse Putty, Glass'

mdso a in caseisplainenough, beb Httlaeacq inteldowith Bi2eisbsoo etheLordI uhbo a s adyo, WATCHESandJEWELRYrepairedatshoitnotice. andallarbalesusualyfoundina
and evidently physiological In all the region piford us passing entertainment or knowledge during the first part of his sickness concerning Emnavisonose WELL STOCKED DRUG ESTABLISHMENT,

th i i en ha o of b te tin s i ern lai lie Biblfaiitsh c aT as Car< 1 CASH PAID FOR OLD SILVER, or taken in Exchange,

i rmo ndpelrfixmes deeping a y their is inlOhrist Jbe s II 1 owe rr eoci ig th ID S AND, r Mulberry street, 3 doors above p ed
fare i sobnot ni life thheemselvesof d the eta nge r cam into e /ld, sa vati to som itMadd ut ht e ea o consistent BYING TO N > 8 HOTE L, onfire, I urnoffsx anna mu so arrie
intellect of the East, tobacco may one day prove a .. .. rs; t affords counsel in lived and died a true and tried p triarch of Oherry Street, Macon, Ga A. A. SolsonoNs a co.
in he est tim poison of life itself 'i ) aTi omr3u ift I --1 us HIS NEW AND ELEGANT HOTEL IS seven, a usept us,1sor.

.. Luse...I gain. A. J. STons. --

that ralysis is n aki g rapi advance SISTER ADELINE \rARN, wife of Mr. Gabriel "I .* To AH Who Use the Plow.
under the abuseof alcohol and tobacco. There What should you say of a traveller who had 1 arn was born Feb. 3, 181:3, and Col. --- ------ HE GRAND ESSENTIAL TO AGRI-
has been an enormous increase of insanity and to enter a strange c . I .. I liligent leton Dist., S. C., Nov. 4, 1867. MALLON & FR IE RSO N, T wgeangren

.. ... .

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ClergyMBRIt'M POflift Hiltry

vera 68.





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us. r at or an. na..krupt Law-m law
J. a glixE & co, .vacuraan.

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at Jazz.> slacans, Ja.,ar ex
The STANDARD ake phy of the Grear

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meancateskin exa.nemand aware... Invented by
OOLGATEsold by all Dealers. OctW-sus

Commission and Forwarding Merchant,
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va nishes, cotton and woolen waste, Moss, ag-
gang, Prounce, ete, etc.,

. "

ROBERT H TATE41, Druggest,

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vaxNAH, GEunalA.

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, , 4,
one out. Jose mi.
JOHN c. EvLL & CO,


Bagging, Rope, Cotton, &0.

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