Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: November 29, 1867
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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Volume ID: VID00061
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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aniker~n hLis~jlti~~an dstt

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The Angels of Heaven and o a

There dwell thearstborn sonsof light
neyond theasureaty,
No night, andnoto-morrow
$$ Newmtryeixme,
r $, 1,

Ther'rero dintaioriou. stments.


wr them sent spine.,

And war of God.

Nom"r res ..

Thefollowe at r sala
They fought and taumphed 6 re'
And bear with them above,
Their e50ship andth Ir love,

with owaran.,nevert

And then the text- 1he great day of his About LocalPreahers, Btcwards and the -.1 1. 1 1 1 11 ,1.8, "There inactivity, while you, fresh and vigorous from bushel of potatoes, abushel of apples, and a va-
$Rf E GR$. wrath as come, and who hall be able to stand ?" Church. * II r Christian exercise, are about toenterwhere the fire burns. riety of other things, and Ia
The multandes bend and bow and cry for mercy I= 1 .. =- *1 1 1.. loveliness that she did not possess' Ti r ----. 1 "Inm so cold Comfort- a wagon, started for the I
I -many did not-they now cry for drops of wa. She retained her rocural and phpical powers .1 .. -11, I bout to enjoy more comfort A load of wood, for which I paid three dollars,
r .1 i I = The altar of straw-olz with but little abatement of vigor, until taken -you say, "Come to .1 C. I .. preceded me. An hour's drive brought both
rth. Stewards Thhee etDuticaEandu cow I . I a ; as always be rement- . .. with her final illness; and even then, her mind go to work, exercise 3 ' I "., 2 loads in frontofthe house, and when myexplan-
stewar Ph h, bered-was the celestral, attractive spot. And ., 1 churchess or societies was unclouded, except when under the influence thus give your heart an opportunity to act--- ation was given, there were weteyes and warmer

II (qonho dai h 1 there I fell prostrate on any face, weeping, how- . I 1 : I what is apportioned of opiutes. Stop yo. .. :... IT goes in to the fire, hearts in the parties. The widow wept also for
ofa most important character. Isag-my heart a nest of hissing, repulsive vi- to one I i -d or ap_ ri 1 f her noble warma 1 1 ther, gace to work joy and the children joined to, while I, finding
What are those duties? pers-my eyes bloodshot-my voice husky with portion. I s to their n . I . .. . ..I warmth by in fine spirlts. You can easily learn what to my feelings too much for my strength, had to
It is his du the first the sereams and lamentations of despairing agony. several = todd be, ti I I 1 = 2 d mellowed do. Place youself on the anony esde of the gave way also to tears. The act was one that
17> r place, rece eurch The stran reached came along-hfted my all right; but at the same inue is it right, that in the school of adversity, they lent a peculiar church, you will never get warm by standing in gave me a new spiritual start, and when the
rence ger p ,, ,- charm to her old a c. Her picty was deep, uni. the cold-take your heart where the fire burn- preacher came back I thought the discourse one

alone, and to no oe else.. Inkshts the stewar Cle, soad, pensiv a to is *, ,. forts, and entirely free from every thing that eth, and where it was first warmed into life and of the most eloquent I had ever listened to.--
necessary rov2afons-for him, he must in most the Infinite Une inspired and enabled me. In. as fisr as my knowledge extends. I : n. Her end was peace,- love begin to exercise vigorously every facultyof The change was in myself, not in him or gas
cases sufferP They must make arrar. ementafor stantly, my feet were on the Rock-a new soug i si v to do? when all loca. 4,. -ta., who die in the Lord, yea the mand in the service of God, and you w 11 preaching.---Christian Times.
him to live, to have a home, either i a parson -load gone-angel faces all around--ray night make (pardon tthbeeefunctions of their office, do htl it w .m their labors, NC rnhe e tT Ie Irimh The ngs.

a rs ee ne e beef re sCTvTe arundesda oco Cl cAn ra leanto se ... .. their seenlar interest/ CHAs. A. FULwoon, toore we love Him, the more we willdofor Him. onI was stan n nu a el hafae /

n n orkco orm tr mi seela teenu7ar y 3roa 1 xdt Crning, my venerable alepmother was fe Ptlh thav tthfurCs su(t eirTwne nm as ca TRACT ANECDOTE. une. N r us wasalar relump of lilae bushes,

" I "" o ii'.::i''d h re ajue ei otog qua , he to and hand and d ir a their aeppf i men ird n ir IT 17 I i . 1 Tr .. black a ra ently h b 3ut init
Have him a home pro. aburch. Shali 1meet her in heaved on that account. They of necessity have to be ., r p. reality, just like the flat squalling of an old cat
kid b rm r({ urru, e we instodra ifhe ngine f,,i 1,..1 m gepat "TIOKETED"CKTJRCHREMBERS , ashay'anh"t continued h irdisthat

else)wil attend t t fordone and aid tha ob a ints all abirtl2 1% ulife, pur- n out of the itinerants do, on our small mhuaege 1 ejetkott et attire no ern no t ased ilierry. Oi : togeth makingasuch aihtorrille n ise "

askeetarrangementso relhis a hpe upo ii kCo eerand Black3oucea madn neran ajao soi tt marry on protrtact dm etin9 of nveersion Itheykeaoncludedhatu st eo rob rv nashdepherd eding some th'sd she I think aband a burnLtchat, too!ba

1 0 b 11 aundm8abouol hhl n res a writing my dear stepmother's obituary a ne s, e t a.wa5 f omadthtehie that adnan 2 usrtdo c.xdvicted d converted at le ads er," said the c. ( : thercolor is nothing to this so eech."
for it. You must, in the first place, according Her industry. Childless-independent com- result is, that their pecuniary interests suffer that, they think they have ticket which, under ing him out to the notice = foniuch at present to defendhthe
to the requirements of the Discipline estimate petency-no domestle resposibilitice-work- largely. And some preach where they hold ordinary circumstances, will carry them through. "he is one of the abrewdest characters that Tutr1 am confidents an ji ebTo snof her.
as to his table and other expenses, for the con- work-was h a --'*' I their members p and are assessed, as much as Their salvation is not altogether sure. A man have la the district." lon you wt er

as th yI so o dd-kr h 1 married hr 11 a I ca 0 mn aic adr no be e n so I t k mM a
nd support, so thatbh ma bp ab gers he memwrboulgliwriankl e r she da s each ie is it right, that these laborious And ey are like a n thlat is ridmg in th him, and gave him a a so ealrnshPlanguaget aba of a k bdr ot a won e aln wh

nt can nt f anoxutousecare uth afa dl kdniltears a henev {h ana mone bat d escri rg omdpreacher(hahould be asses ,ndwh ooverh[t ce support, and, then, if he should be wasteful or 1, whet hey so largely are the dispensers awakened, I saw that I was a sinner, and trust- "I have swallowed it repeat thenote of every bird with which she
extravagant, the responsibility and blame will ed my soul in the hands of Christ." Yes, you "Well, Peter, if I now give you an Irish Bi was acquainted, robin, aparrow, oriole, and the
at be lai at your do ru rgr yo h e- latest feathered pate fo the I end, and for some membership of the Cl hn hau a llthadd have Masted it te debate hereere o tied.t it ble will yu swallow talm ? n your honor's like, and withtenrprising accurate@ b e more

a full support, dead woman s hai F such to pay quarterage, let alone assessing them Are there not hundreds and thousands who are debt for it, I'll buy it from you" 8be allo3edenajnatiland seemed

buPt si tMs lx7aartealaryoraldowane rTehorsesp edtokeepup .1 .1 1,, ni necordingtom eI pecumary wocrehas theya lih tugeinjustdheisave todu"toeadoffee a Doh thh ep e sir?" bi P tellan '2aidmystrangerfriend,0what
yte stop there, he will suffer want. But you EQUITY. into a state of apprenticeship and journey-work The missionary replied : "The price I ask is not nite the thrussings so ighthally is
I must raise the means to supply his wants, and ** * ',. Nov. 16,1867. on the temple of the soul, and he is to build on th2s-when God shall strike the light and love "91hat bird."
pay up the salary promised. This you are to Her housekeeping Neatness-ckadiness- ------------ right foundations, and carry up its completion of it into your heart, that you will teach six You C t boeum ing fun of me. You
do by an assessment on the membership, accord. order-every thing in its place-all duated- MRs, MARTHA BIRCK. with its various apartments-instead of feeling men like yourself to love the Bible." Peter don't pretend to that the homely 11
ing to their ability to pay, or by the renting of the furniture and iloors waxed and rubbed-and "The -* < 11 ] ..1 ,il - p -r that they have entered upon a work which will agreed to accept it on these terms bird we heard ye erday, and this !in ra naT
pews, or by some other mode, zoost likely to she superintending all. iab." T task their perseverance and patience-they say, Some time -- 1 .Te missionary, ac- the same!"
raise the means, from the membership or con- Her mental powers-she was passionately fond ,,,, . //,, ,,, //, "I have a hope"-as asleepy traveler, when the companies by I had occasion to "I do truly, and to convince on I will throw
gregation. When this is done, and the mem- of reading. Blair a Sermona-5 volumes-she cross the Kerry mountains. They sehout on this Ia sto to the t d drive h d

a byr u florrth coni th no dh en t, mha e eTis a.wb tpag" een us reasure to the church, and a bleasing ticket, 5 ." Arsd wl en sermons are preached Niclerhaa7nnjust as dtehdef ra --- sh t h red e, d outan you
you mayafter faithful efforts oft repeated toeol- 1 ... ... .. I ., 1 would deliver Though dead, and their bodies entombed, to them that should excite in them alarm as to a countryman on the way before them; and the Mrs. Cat bird, making directly for theqi ed
lect these means and fail, he relieved, to a large there is an important eense in which they still their own condition, they say, "That was a good assionary, on overtaking hun, recognized him where she began again to scream, M Yanh!
extent, of the solemn responsibility of rainint RobertRurns-WalterScott. None that ever l., .1 . ,ar sermon, but I have a hope;" as much as to say, at once as Peter, who also knew hun, and ex-
means to anpport the man of God, sent to your heard her on swyet b pp sons from Tom mi .. I ,, to me, for I have a tick- claimed: "& it you, sir ? Your reverenceis sl la- gentleman looked on in amazement.
church azul people with e worrd fe and sal" S)hanter .htPRodb toye eest and felicitycof aradise, their amoral et In of r words, is there not this kind of con, "Thankyou, Peter. What are you doing here a This bird," said I, issh ha leehr t,

you can be blameless, if able yourself to do a ventional feeling that the ebureh is a mode of so ea y that is her home; but there she never notes a
great deal more than perhaps under ordinary ,, ,, ,,,, , ... ed ; conveyance, and is responsible for every arcel lal am doing wihatbis honest, your reverence pleasant note. I should think her husband
treH tao OS foul 8 1 6 I ed, Ve enofha bes atfd eeathe a r nos 9ai s a durhan fa h, meenknessagenil hjet/S aptut in sech r ,d edt dbopdadre asked the missionary. 'hoen j doid he, an her 1 ttle ones tr eblge

and making the Church She commanded her sons to drag Morria into innumerable "pureaweetand gentle influences,,, and thousands of men seem to have such au Come on, sir, and you shall see. away from home, upin the lofty tree, you see
morally, responsible for her presence. Says Scott It is inconceivable, which they have put I operation, conspire to idea. It used to be believed, that when a man On they went, and soonrenched the top of the how agreeable she can be, and how sweetly she

3'd h e n e nu in a mone au c o u n n a

t i. .. .. the household which meets every evePO at tai b tr r n meee res
prayer! Happy are they who let of such people, some fathers and mothers, so
t2me to meet, and even to antle pate his wants. masses of crimened arrow You could live and | value. All who do in Christ Jesus dese ve an Pleasures which the Christian Must without uniting in sup- easily pleased, smiling and pleasant away from
In ortdo b adfbt ar tt a aeTu i otu I oralle closing record lm it is with on nion, I wish it were n a xjo re a rythreaym echneter es a estheiart own

to be regularly orgammed, immediately before or ,, son of religion to have family prayer. We

at rothe ap oiel byac acue b rieen yme e, buassh g-aulive bpartakeof--y theTIexokdabof lethe serving re in Th ea tt pro3prietyof hiehyo are sonestime a w n ns an or 1 t aneAs ie
an treasurer has passed over the sun. A huge rock was and simple gospel faith, maintained without the out danger that example may lead others I- tiwe are a ey turn out so horne that one would think they were uncom.

starr enextmiportantthin i oilh cus etT t odhitacin 2 cet ce -dt: ing sq .1 .,,. n .1 ea ,h intol i]ve1n ose in hil n xiv.ul5. ., meal lo@pe t a netstheyar disco

id3ade, ete, and jthben mont y, say the first last death shriek, with a loud hallo of vindictive religion has been tried--thoroughly tested, and you will grieve weak Christians wh disa v J Iovely So with children; I know many like
y ri eae go bY triumph, above si has been "found unto praise, and honor, and them; touch more those which Christians uni- . / our cat-bird with her two songs, lively, cheerful,
he Cha r I EG seary, and let tre0 one tie70Ver 11im, and the unit that ites ]Ory,"- and hence, we come to regard them versall5y co < 011 1 Cor. viii. 12, 13. Rom a matte! of great importance. Let me 11 and well-bred among strangers, but the momen

finauece By this means an interest will be I I 1 ri any x. what Philip Henry used to do. He was .
kept up in the minds of the Board, and they d* tual and heavenly radiance, as shines tl e sun thlV. Th e which have the taint of an upon ister, and of course had mure time to t than so? s i.. . . .- .rt &
will 1 1pr dxto dottheliir du d en redno2 to'@ier b neu I I tra80r a ri ore]uinss2t i s mainmi le g Those whichti ( a 2oud2pac lgoh tf w le isj inl urse etxp n n The Lord's Day at Kome-

usiaetion, such as we exhibit an our TalleyrandMarieAntoinettePrincessElizabeth, ing and action, a titute to identify youin taste and it chapter by chapter, and necompanying xt by up. --,is r--t ? his holy day which
wo 3 b on, we never will succeed in accom- King Louis XVL, Reign of Terror, scenes of a . . : ,whdetheircounsels varld, from arch you should ira or at reason he gave for we .1 es Dr. Hamilton,

I on nes ste ,r on 30 ad a6 1 are oplTu I rue go uCt e mas1t ryl e d nah itsehd done; and all 1 ( ; wit d
we feel that when we Ex an allowance for our St. Fi -, i. ,ii .i 1 I .1 The late Mrs. Martha Birch of Pleasant Hill, 0 ps1. P was a distinct wit 4. r = when it breaks
tor, we colatr paddebtdthat dbe paid, famil . . .. 1 1. Talbot co, Ga., was one of this class. She de- or vsi.Those into which -r-t --- Tour and worshipped God. in elemental peace, withbalmy breath and cloud-

it. 1 fear that many of Godse ministers hCI Marengo, Wagram, Austerlitz, his stupendous parted this life in full assurance of faith, after religion, without incongru I ', on Church Music. less beauty We rejoice when it departs with
suffered, I ld and h distress of mind Invasion of Russia, the sea of ilame that rolled an illness of seven days continuance, on the 8th which you cannot ask God a blessing, Col. iii 81 the tranquillity of a sunset which is disturbed
rom co unger, over Moscow, the terrible retreat, passage of the of May hat, in the 74th year of her age. She 17 in which A gen eman who was travoiing in Germany by no angry blast or tempest rack. Yet more
and we have not been able to make full proofof Beressna, those fierce Cossacks, the perilous es- was born a : 1 i 1 11 aces of a Ch made the inquiry, in an important place in which do we rejoice when the tumult of the people is
their n in stry, on account of our unfaithfulness cape of the Emperor and Caubneourt, and then parents, I I 1*. = * 2 Tod, Natt.v. 16 and in which t 3 be on the Sabbath, in which still. The collisions of life no longer chafe.

he j b r thr stewart nowut Waterloo-how deeply interested have I often for their cultivation, intelligence, urbanity and breathe the atmo phere of Christ'syopre enn eph II be likel o hear the best mu- The dizzy wheels of society stop. City, village,
y ng up' been, as she reviewed all thoso, wealth. Her father was a leading citizen in his Col. iii. 11 > me. e answer was: e do not have any temple and house, lie bathed in an unearthly
ourselves the question, in the fear of God, have English monarchs. My stepmother% memory section of the State, and as might have been ex- music in church." Son what surprised, he calm.
we > t it e If ot I nusene one unlive was so tenaloious, that she would detail with e pe ed, gavee his c idren as throuC an on ae Fromthnchristianobserver, a1su dd or a m dwj is rmTs a ce ress 11 I; . por hi)Droenu

us go to work promptly and in good earnest and 2 I II I = r I == . country could afford. And as a result, they all "I AM SO COLD." od to have no idea that it was music; it was a respect it? Is it the memorial of your roof-
sovereigns, from the Ileptarchy down to the pre- took respectable, and some of I 1 , a uI am so cold," said a member of the Church version --- n ines --insis mi 1- tree? Is every duty and pleasure, journey and
E *' sent popular ruler. ed positions in society. Th .1, = = = = to Rev. -, of N. Y. His reply was at least = to it ? Do you let them see
realize and so impress upon the Church, the British Classies-Johnson's Livesofthe Poets sketch was married to Mr. Charles Clay Bireh, remarkable. "You are so cold-why are you ate plac . suffered to interfere with it ?
fact, that the salary due the preacher, is a debt, a favorite volume, Gray's Elegy, a household in 1813. Within a few years after marriage cold at all? What business have you to be so sake. . .... 21 1 = =.hemin the peculiaritiesof your
I I I . ..r.- d an em. Johnson's indignant letter to ('hester. 1 1 I . Danville,1 Sa0, edomew t id arnican bgo gb tdno on smgin reiMan a root t ol jee ut droot oft fail dDoyondmpressupon them the ordinan

will be dishonored as a church, if not condemn- I * It was at this what will become of you-what do you think of but religious. The most rhetorically elegant day is the life of Christian families."
ed I 1 Ga.,Nov.11,1867Woonaurs. oratical patronage. period that the tide of prosperity with them yourself, and what does God think of you? prayers are not necessarily the best by any
The secret and unchronicled annals of many ,1 ] ] iii . 1 1 .;. L Cold I so cold! Cold in your love; cold in A Simple Explanation.
MY BTEPHOTHER I a woman-if intellectual culture and literary \* I = 1 *I .- I .. I ..s r her your service; cold in your prayers,-so cold! The late Mr. William Greenfield was once in
What a mournful, chequered history is hu- facilities had been enjoyed-would have revealed eldest son was yet unassuaged, she was called How can you be ? Was the Lord Jesus Christ llot hymns; enth manner wineh most effee- company, at the house of a friend with a gentle-
man life That greatest earthly lose-the death the genius of a Madame DeStael or Hannah suddenly and unexpectedly to part with her hus- cold in his love for you, when he suffered his bey engage it eart o e congregations man of deistical principles a stranger to him,
of my poor, dear mother-occurred when I was More. band. He had returned to Milledgeville to .. =1. I .x Hell? Has is t, thoug may musical egance. who put to him the following, among many oth-
alad. SI aces nad gihute le luaile sk keepeam.ery r as tab1eonw nhaperhfeet tra2nsact eiomeaybaslturess, add hilewi a eaw which he preserved on fron dy ugyour fe, ca Kow to Avoid Calumny. er q stions} give me the reason why Jesus

tideless, shoreless woe !" The tumultuous wa- mentionangher intimate acquaintance with all hours. Dying thus without any premonitronsof cold when he converted you-blotted out all It any one speak ill of thee," said Epie- Christ is called the Word? What is meant by
ters have been tossing m almost wrecked vessel I.. . .. 1. .- Ti I =, King Lear, Corio- his change, his secular matters were left in an your sins-oumbesed you with his children, and tetus, consider whether he hath truth on has ever eluce 1 I Iar II 1, = oe Henry, Othello, .1 1 -1 -. 1 3 . I .vhen the bade his angels rejoice over you? Has the Son side, and if so, reform thyself that his censured hit Greedeld, unconesions of the motive or
What memories crowd the history, since my Macbeth. She could repeat many thrilling pas. I = was as- of God been cold to you one hour since that mayinhot affect thee." When Annihmander was the skeptical principles of the inquirer, replied
father's last marriage. He sleeps in his narrow sages. a her five moment, and have you not greater reason, and ,,a a is singing, with the mild simplicity and decision by which
bed, on the banks of the Chattahoochee. M Her death. She breathed her last in Lafap orphan children were reduced to comparative more reasons to love Him more to-day, than you Ah, .ar .1 I .. = = to sing bet- his character was marked,
excellent friend and brother, Rev. Mr. Cunning ette, Ala, the 19th of October, I think in her poverty. She, who had been raised in affluence, ever had? Did you ever think what a sin it is ter." ] 1. I .. . that he had many ene "I suppose as words are the medium of com-
bate, of LaGrange, received him incohischurch 80th year. I did not learn of herdiness, till her and had lived up to this time in the enjoyment to be 'so cold?' All this was spoken in a rapid mies wb a so a lum, said "It is no mate- munication between us, the term is used in the
IIe died in its communion death was announced. Of the particulars-her of plenty and elegauce, was now placed noder manner, and in tones intensely harsh. ter; I shall life so that none will believe them. enored Scriptures to demonstrate that He is the
suffering, sayings, hopes, I have not not been the necessity of providing, as best she could, Whether this mode of address would be asef. Hearing at another time, that an intimate friend only medium between God and man; I know no
. . .. .. informed. for herself andherdependent family. But with fective as the loving look of Jesus upon the sin- offi 1 ] I ri 1 said, other reason."
. Oh! what an eventful history! Amid eeelem al ? .. :,. .1 til = ning Peter may be questioned, but there is cer- I e. d not The deist's mouth was shut.

ne c t mu h P le u t r n a to tl grea 0 aig e tai ly c eas. .id Pittall nwe we a)e uluon1fe .'otru e otd a n Stop Blowing and Go to Work.
Her first husband was Dr. Donald Stewart of of the AlmightyRedeemer-the great substance eating her children for usefulness and heaven. but the reverse. 3d. Its presence is not a ne- man for that great and only relief against the Let me commend to some of our brethren a
Edinburgh, temporary of Dr. Hugh Blair of the glorious Scriptures-who was the chief She succeeded, and succeeded avell. She lived cessity. 4th. It is indeed, a sin and a shame, pains of calumny. ehild's version of a sermon delivered in Chica-

He Cs a leman profo d learnia r re71a her favorite preacher, the venerated d on1erh I reared,)1ibeus.11hy nea- and tan ofenf el at edo a se e na Chnching a Bermon. aon eT /d beTa iv ringed, y 1
boro, N. C. Ibe ame 1 student the2 Farewell, my dear old stepmother. If Ihave choice, and settled in life. through him it may greatly harm the unconvert I heard a sermon once from a venerable itin- serve him, not with breath alone, but also with
of the late Gov. J. M. Merehead. Rev. J. W. ever caused your now cold and quiet heart, one She possessed aclear, vigorous intellect, which ed. What power can compare with that gen erant preacher, on benevolence. I thought the the hands and the feet." One of the audience,
Childs, brother in-law to Bishop Early, was pang, on my knees, I implore God's merciful had been thoroughly cultivated in youth, and uine, warm love ? Geh. Complaints and confess effort very feeble, but one thing impressed me a leading home his little boy of ex or seven
2* IT = iness in one man, forgiveness. I neverintentionaly wounded your richly stored with useful knowledge. Though sions are no auhatitute, as many seem to think, little. "Go,"said kg, "and no sournisa after years, asked him if he understood anything in
a -g....I so consecration to sensibilities. I have a most vivid remembrance fond of reading, and cherishing a taste for liter- for warm love to Christ and his diseiples. "I I have done preaching. Have it to say when I the sermon.
Christ. of my first interview, 30 years ago. But itisall ary puranits, she was eminently practical, and am so cold!" It does not sound well, and it is come back, four weeks hence, that you have "O yee! I hear preaching now-a-days,
The camp-meetingenme onin 1833. Found over now. You are done with the duties, an. devoted to domestic duties. not well. 7th. "But, once more, what are we done something, and my word and God's word "Well, what did you hear tbts morning?
myself in company with other students, hitting guish, tears of life. It is only a question of "The gift of poesy" was hers in a degree that to do?" This is a strange question for a child for it, you will be a better and a happier man.,, "The unaster sal we abould stop blowing
in the crowded grove time. A few feverish, perturbed, precarious might have rendered her, under other circum- of God to ask, and for years to be asking. 8th. I knew a poor widow living on the edge of some and go to work.-Oh tian anner.
,,ood'astenous templain moments, and Itoo will go to sleep, like youon stances, eminent. Her oldest surviving son, Something ought to be done, for you are not woods, about a mile frote my home. Her hus-
Wesatandgazed and listened. HarkI What that cheerless, damp, icy couch. Ihad rather (Rev. E. P. Birch) is doubtless indebted to her really fit to be la the Church;-nor"are you fit band had been dead two or three years, and, Yielding in Little Things,
hymn is that-in the expurgation of the Hymn be ready for that final anclothing and inevitable, for his remarkable poetical genius, to be in heaven with Jesus, with a cold heart. with three helpless little girls, she had a hard Mr. Fry says: We ought to make it an ob-
Book-omitted; and so is that other-'Vain charnel repose, than be the heit to all the dia. Three different persons writing of "Mother Do something. "What ?" you ask. Get your conflict with poverty. I had often spoken kind- ject, in conversation and in conduct, to endeavor
man thy fond pursuits forbear," and I, with dems of earth. I deposit this humble little Birch," (as she was familiarly called in her own heart warm,-complaining, confessing, and sigh- ly to her, a thought my duty ended when the tq oblige those we are with; and rather to make
others, am sorry. The hymn was, garland, on my dear stepmother's tomb. immediate circle) concur in the statement, that ing, has long enough been a chilling substitute. words were uttered; but when the sermon of the pleasure ag others our object, than our own.
.. ..r ., I doubt notthat she will receive monumental "she was the purest, noblest, lovelicat model of In a winter's day you see your brother standing the old white-headed preacher was done, the I am clear it as a great virtue to be able, con-
-* ***** ,, perpetuity. J. P. D. a Christian lady-the most patient, kind, and at the North-East corner of the house, chilled resolution was to go and do something. Next stantly, to yield in little things: it begeta the
x ." ". ...1,,... ..", '" """ Americus, Ga. unselfish being they ever knew." And another by the cold blasts from without, and by his own day I visited the cellar, and IDeasured out a same spirit in others, and renders life happy."


*r of rt as on,
wxsh rewandreebiopowers,
With he and fea

a red,

Ta@ vi n fr not la,
r n a i",,
To build up good

d I weak on ever]

The5*and who so alers
here sigh he orphans lone;

withw e wan ps,
Anf akingovert
Thenwatchuman angl angels

rouRhm yswear a ht

na mar a n,
Godshel w01,
opi a at
The.earetearth rightenjeweip,

Are thegra ie. gloom

Townity 2 arerever*

Rollonrotonbleetdayof God
Redemption's mormagbrighi!
0 boo8 on ho.Ohalluse,

And wee do t straseforever!


rhon*rer as tm he me end,
Eachbud andblossomthandidablend,
nach meand shrubanatree,

seengardenthatthy.kin erseptanna
Each beautiful parterre
', ,, ,,

Full well thylearn'dbotamelore
The. and meadow, knew
Then to r ,wond'rtrgPawthe/pore
.r mesm iv atthat few

Of that poor waysid= weed,
or, neath its tiny capsule lia,
Its / ,rt o ed ass read
G an m ,tha m Inghoveral,
Edthenwithrevrence thoudadstealt
6$r i re,
U where monart, He hath saw,

wenjammenanterpan my)hana,
no escoo ITanoPo 1,
Though eench'd the Herbalsall,
Tingow anior or again,
A smoutropa tomplar.'
ra le statoutscause
on-sthenthatanseneetuni or

A. int it'
xayonen hope so now;

r ear,
As thineit did, my kiend, now gone;
Th no dhPnas he alone,
When shipwreek 4 on our strand,
RAh that had countless friends for thee,
In every tree and Hower,
Theyweretothee bsetcompanys
noremorethanweaux or power.
They were 0 thee, downto old age,
In poverers townie,
a edh I at ran.
Bleststare] man worse.1,
rolesausanto nm,

massible, as u


_ I_ I_ _I

Vol. xxx. No. 48



preparing to become teachers in music, art, II I s .,;.1, 1 I for you to teach bother ora Christian widow, who is not able to ally back to their same fields of labor, full r
em languages, etc. They enjoy pleasant to the white, and to caunon the I a pay for it. If lyoustbink it worth reading, do ho e an oonb cl as very hospitably enter-
intercourse with some of the best families, and the other, that he be not puffed up with vain- your part town 3 airing it. tanned by th people of the town. . .
are very happy. Mr. S. proposes to return glory, remembering that what God has done, by
about the lastof January, nod he would be very an unalterable decree, no living man, or set of DR. HouINo'6 FRIENDs have not forgotten ,
elad to add a considerable number to his happy men can undo; and inasmuch as lue has made him in his distress. It is pleasant to be made even by the irreligious The preaching was val-
family. He can be addressed at Columbus, Ga. the two races of diffent color and seent it is but the means of conveying to him the apontaneous nable It was a tune of . the writer.
reasonable, at lease, that our social taste be, in offerlogs of loving Christian hearts. But for On Sabbath before the . we had a
A WORD OF REMONSTRANCE. some degree respected. Were this done by all the general poverty we are persuaded that the sermon from Rev Bro Thompson of Jefferson,
our leaders in Church and State, Idoubtnot the blethodistaof G d Alab who hi fiorn Deut. xxxit 11, As an e gic stirreth up
We are grieved every day in reading articles intelligent portion of our colored people would corgia an nma, ghly lier nest,"ete -that was equal to any thing I
in the daily papers. The blacks have not done prize it as a great boon % their suce. Teach appreciate Dr. 3. would soon afford him ample have heard since I kit I 3 is n
well, in forsating their natural allies, the resi- them, also, so feel themselves as a people, thr relief. Since we last reported, we have received I < be a . 1 may
dent whites. They have stored into associa. above the 'lowle inh liitet mlen" that wish and forwarded to him, the following sums:- tedly in the it and
tions inimical to us, and are aspiring to a con- 0 rumb}otives. I \om sor Through Rev II J Adama 825; through Rev preached much to rixel3asniration of t le
trol that will, if obtained, be their ruin and that approximated the duty JE Godfrey 83; through Y L G Harris $153 He is an accomplished pulpit orator Ileopl 1
of the country. But they are ignorant and de- It would seem, however, that you do not wish through Dr L Pieree 840; throc-h W Mondon I I F 1 ly the people here. He is
bass ad manipulated as they arch tdh or deo dtbhrejiletissea e a u9a tr coct er CA ac S MsT 85; Air J On Sabbath, the Bishop preached for us a

taken the position they have. They are to be too un rdtp uir s anwlat e runnia vo Miss 8 $5; T J C $5; VC 083; Anony- ici j ex I, pitied; and yet volumes of shuse are poured myself very readily. If I had reason to th nic rocus $1; .3 E G, Ala, SG; JE 81' youthatuntoove:yonethat hathahallbe given,"
out on them, whose only effect in to exasperate they knew no better, I would have Instructed etc. He vindicated the prenexple an the text
them, and widen the breach between the races, them better in the kindest, Chri tian manner TuAT BLAcx MAux.-The "black mark" is Elis illustrations were forcible. He could 0
It is a mistake to suppose that they'd not ossible. Had Ibolieved it impudence in them, a notification to subscriberathat the time for re- casily understood by the common people
know how contemptuously editors sometimes dan r ebuuk d edunnbtt tl oth ame new lilia come round.wr ense che elster nelor, rise attention ofolthe audience is e3denof 0-
write respecting them. There are plenty men people present, both winto and black, would have placed a black mark against my name- Imps, that out one talent had well nigh been
to read these eflusions to them. The papers are have said, amen unemployed. There were great scarchings of
taken into their pu pits and there read to them, Allow we slow, sir, to ask you as honest a Now I don't like black marks, nod never did, heart." Ile told us one impressive aneedote
and when ri n. 0 1 -ns vers.,ropha usg question as you have asked me. Suppose you when I was a school girl. It always grieved me He said, he knew a man who, when he first be-
zr the y 1,ur aabl ie 1 es adde our house to have r be sa, o tso I send youThreem r eto peeachuwasSpoune ful du e ul. M y
And it is doing it, more and more, every day ted to it Two or three I 3 married a lady of wealth. Her relations per
It is unnecessary to deal in these sweeping invec- take their seats at the table. What would you hoping that all your subscribers who have a anaded him that the itinerancy was a small bush
thus. It is unmanly. The subjects of thous do? Flease answer as pyinly as J have done black marL may do the same, and that you may ness for his talents 110 located-built a man-
cannot answer. They should be reasound with, If you would allow all to cat topther at your get a thousand new subscribers." The example sion or palace in eight 0- ,i ts of
taught the truth, and spoken of kindly, in conv table and sit together in your parlor. I then is ecod, the wish is good-the greenbacks very Mini ne e his Lo 's ioney. A'
pas ion for their ignorance and delusion your taste 1 We join our sister in "hope. a time, he was persuaded to return to the work

edtW do not 0 opinion now proffered, that the course of treat- tl usirh d mu ni s nh@ o ye edpirnotteb preachers, widows and orphans, in Mulberry St. emblies his hebaed would becomethzTod sayin
ment here deprecated is fraught with evil and ancient usages which we have so long recog- Church, Macou. Without pressure or other Once I want I :i
only evil. Let those who may not have thought nized ? Why not? solicitation than the fair and faithful present. not; now you--
upon this subject, reflect, that vituperation and One word more and I will close. You say tion of the claims of these beneficiaries of this He died soon after.
ridicule often hurt far worse than personal vio- you are at a loss, sir, whether to commiserate fund, the con tion ontaneously andeheer. T I . n Monday
lence. As they themselves would be the first any misfortune or in nulifluant at Tm as b fully contribu about T500-a 1- .s a niel ** *pn," cuatory
to depreeate harsh treaknent of the masses of 1 e- I I si = 11 But I tribution for the times, the circuu == i I was often
the freedmen, let thout not indulge in a style of wish you to understand that I reassin in the 31 church, the poverty of the people 1,, voice to that
inveetive that is harder to bear and perhaps E. Church, first, because I believe in its de- .ustthat otheretzargesw:u 11Indoned with
more likely to foster hatred towards the whites, r ja nd fhornzbtxt an j> tdrit o rs I .1 = =1 eause, the rite 3.. .ro
and to lead to evil results, than even violence has been a mother to me and mine. I love its _ and useful ministry,
towards their persons. membe ship and respect its ministers and rulers- New Advertisements. As the result of the labors of the ministry in
I taught by its able teach- KENTecur WEsLEYAN UNIvzasnY.-Our our midst, about twenty have joined the Church

TuHEe wD ce ty tR N1 thern (as sl I I no set into the church. I friend, Dr. Charles Taylor, makes his an- --seyberal of them vancedhua yeara5t I ndue tab
Methodist Female College, at Athens, East Ten- the closer to it and potect its purity; and if nouncement of this Justitution this week, with bled; others that were very amiable, in gueir
nessee, had announced that the Normal Depart- a- .. I = 1 full Boarndde tilostreuction 1 e nad I b oa u or lwhlo oinerdee non
ment was "open to all, irrespective of color, de firm and combat it. In the second place, I am Institution a decided success. bless the Church.
desiring to be teachers," we doubted whether not now and never have been a secessionist Our coun l., ,. 1.1.-.
public sentiment, even in E. Tenuessee, was a My doctrine is that or . I 1: BERRIEN CLASSICAI AND ENation Sonoon, The wheat ; ,
I once knew: "Lay 1 2, *1 I I Dr. R. W. Lovett, Principal. For terms, etc, than enough to seed the State
e repa d r elane omrelan nt ti 0. gr na onuet1 nkobechoosenrtyou see adverti oment. BriUht Star, Texas,8 A G. Corrom

on etirceeatts eNr iceroo e a to- T .it 'If t' <:li, +j woNT( vi in I.elorners -The Spra Letter Fra Charlotte, N. C.
nee not long since, held in E. Tennessee, the though boasting much "learning," have sprung January. See the advertisement of the Prin- "I
up after me. I doubt not I could go to tbo r II. D. O Ed I ** .* 1 == I, ,
m idouwht telpreach rs came togetherA s ihn, ISr nu thy Ido e witShu the ci 1,A Ia Wars the Summerlin Insti- laife bore is characterized by a degree of Ibusi-
who left our church and joined theirs about the not because you dictate it. I love y Southor tute, Bartow, So Fla. See advertisement. urce2iba Inct ds jredpr i ath eisth allylT
close of tbc war published an article, animad- i. .1 ] I ,, PLE TREES FOR BALE.-See the a s are kept well stocked, and the streeterare
verting upon this innovation upon old customer Mrs. Mary S. Dailey, McDon

HeE ero nita as degra t the whi of h lathat was an unworthyhmenu ough, Ga ] vtin tthis cr 1 edpneumn a

.. r = al. .1 . .. .. ?course

ome plau hereby the ople in le
I i. .. 1 .. an object particular-
-= li it is right the party
urnishing the money should have something
for its use.
Yours truly, }I. E.

1 .. .1..11 1, he .s
,, .
~ ..3 a
< sy school books at eatalogue paces
2. The omeers shall consist of a President,
(who s the preacher so clus ) ban a

y canfere asurer, tashall constitut the
d rde the bwk nodu toem taffaire

of 3 .. .11 1 raised by subscriptino
eaceto eik[ are half neiDed er to o(
1 '. o ., 1 c..r subscribe $11>
2 .. so a qud the
I = -e one-half
the profits tha may be made annually, the other

4. 1= = ., ** < a la ly conference the exact situation of the Deposi-
tory, stating the amount of money and books on
hand-and also the amount of money raised by

isslmug stock certificates, and the value of books
5. The Treasurer shall take char of the
funds, pay for books as ordered. No boTks are to
be Lou ht or sold on credit; but stockholders
if they see proper or wish to do so may take out
their stock in books, at catalogue prices, any
tin th wish a to themaparation 01 ICe

di ahI ha bp ind by e r euperrdo

stock, as honetoforee roeo a TVhen theDe-
hand to be distributed to the stockholders in
proportion to the amount of stock held by each.

Emory College.
Mr. Editor: Ernory College has done, and is
still doing, a great deal, that we may have
a thoroughly educated ministry. Her effortag

en]e h }d, itwith 3ce i for sh has
who have made ablie laisters of J s I avy

try wit 11 my mi 0, t ase amount in
ny ork, ti t 'f othe coll trons. Ad my

bicased us in some portions of the ideville
Otrcuit. Yours in Chrie
B. E. L. T unions.

IIAw R Dos, ALA. The Rev J A. Parke

-' ** -c 3 an
gractously revived, and some added to it. The
I r.* want of carnal bless-
i . isis 1 1 .= ..I Godis with them.

To the Members of the 8. inference.
Dear Brethren: Permit me to say that the
Financial Plan of the Conference, makes it the

no atheBoPr th es f turni n re

ence has said of the M. E. Church, South, that
b JU RF d 4 [ G1 111 d Af J 1 1 "the representative ministers and members"
bishops inclined, of course, "are incapacitated
fbr the work of civil, social and religious regen-
31ACOX, GEORGIA, NOVEMBER 20, 1867. creation. They have rejected the fundamental
mosals of the go pol As well might Judas and
FURTHER MISHEPRESENTATIONS Caiaphas have become nicumbers of the apostolic
We have received a note from a member of college, as for tl e Embops of the Church, South.
one of our Conferences, saying:- to re-enter in their lorner state the church they
have sought to destroy Seek "union" indeed
0- is hero with .Tudes and Campha "Courtesy quoths
at E Chure a Will use the woni, of We reading that,

abe pur se 1. 11 Church, South. The pohey Will Dr. Car: ph ac sad his paper to his
of these endem*ri s is to deny any purpose of missionatics in the South They do not seem
schi au, and cr< . .1 o they are to have found that he long ago 1863-wrote:

idno dtty the 1 1 {her (ih I not treat "We earnestly hope car church authouties will

cei orn y ould be our make va Ice t re ir t sxac ti > 'Soule nd
poses of the 31 their class. Nor will they learo, that he very
they have heon r ticle on this su ect,, recently refused to nubb b acommunication from
please get up, an at bj . one of hi, own church, favoring amon, sayin
We would be surprised at -, for his mis that it was not., as we presume tE e writer are
representation, did we not know that lie is very red "Hear in and
rantja ndot k toe ritab a li up churches oua7: on ited in one Church
wilful falsehoods. 11/s mind, at least do Iat change.
a Perhaps -- will be eni.ghtened if he reads
It is time, that the Bishops and official editors what Dr. Carxy wrote a few1 he ince direct.
should instruct their emis aries to tell the truth I h

p ag motmek tw b t y on p ex t as 't leitine 1 0 '^oftegrathm d norp
less those better intainwd doubt his veracity,
begin to think that they are liars-and, conse- when he Ar ges 11 no to deavoy ex, is not the
quantly, sent by the father of lies, and this will < nimus of ti 0 Northein Church. Hear the
not be creditable. Why cannot they be lu* t N. Y. alicial. A "it is
nished with the resolutions of the Northern nin that no orarie t ei t an turned
Bishops-their only oricial action respecting betwecu the two chuadn and that alshatever
"alo wheein e e, 0 cohe sub OC arch> e n o ildit a un

cy," he proceeds to wr a

"The Methodism of the South needs to be re-

1 I =1
in danger of

adi ir 1 cti ii il h lo1e for tC
the acts of their late Octeral Conference, most
of the distinctive features of Nethodium have
been elminated train their organization. TYe

their ministers Let us he ready to give them
the Methodism of
of our history, in
it nd in form, is it e or has twen. Ilith

1)oubtless the honest but very ignorant -
has not seen that his employers entertain good
hopes of hereafter getting such Congressional ac-

(dm2,andsu judici 1de isloosfrom are uptr
houses which "discourtesy" now closes to hine
Had he read the great otheial he might have
learned, that one of the shining lights of the
"border'' declares through that paper, respecting
timd chnou of t terSupreme Court, that gave us

ult is a decialon, that the loyal statesmen and
jurists of the South, who are struggling to re

ve hereby extend a cordwl
welcome to all n easters and members, of what-

abrfe 8 ly < a 1 /
capline; and we declare our desire to labor in
whatever way we are able, and to promote the
unity and prosperity of our common cause

bl h p'Cht t fa as a
may be opened to us, and which give promise of
success, and that our mission shall be alike to
the white and colored population.

Sou3se e othat tom orn bret rend lthe
that, an accordance with the directims of our
General Ognference, we sha jhe int artirto

: = 1 II be necessary to care for the
people, irrespective of color, who shall place
themselves under o -- --1 provide for
such ministers as .1 1 1 by our An-

nualr 1 solutions it is plain to see
1. That the Bishops disclaim all authority to
"originate plans of union;" hence can not
do it.
2. That they "occupy" the Southern States,
y the mt^try, invitingdleeir "loSal br bron

(their) charge,"if they willdo this on the basis
of our (their) loyal anti-slavery Discipline."

a too for e at km n ers us *
draw out of it the "loyal brethren,"-that is, to
"disinteg ate and at orb.'lVI nis what t

told this, before he brings them to abame ?
The Bish a declare themsel
adhere strictiopto the provisions at u a
line, and the directions of the General Confer-

^ 2 /
N. Y. Methodist, as follow:
"The Methodist Episeopal Church may be
said to ai fill areousedhto ...

Compwakened attention, and the letters recaut
ly published from our brethren, who are occupy
ing manalons in the Southern States, have creat

1 o 1 urldshop ar ut i
roe, in a communication furnished to all the
church payers, rephes that we have a policy.
1. The last General Conference so amended
the Constitution of our Missionary Society, that,
in addition to foreign and domestic missions, as
before existing, a thud class is now provided for,
namely: 'Missions in the United States and Ter
ritories not 1 .1 . . .*
Annual Con I I a
Conference, 1864, pp 197, 108; Constitution of
Missionary Pociety, Art zii)
2 310mbers e. A [eding to any or
gelical be recened a al 04on hp wirb us!,y
Y^"'5 's or a> flic usual no us

Church, South,
may be recured mu our a arch on use < 8.<

es el at r Jr & 1 < l ian e



erruor es y of the Annual

eson a ce when n an it w r
era onin nor re e Joan ] <,e"

from the I 11*v 9 truck
mplytry < ute n unn our <

4 ti The Gerwrd I

OPu trace cej I < em nro our Annual
kne ojeereo v ra if are c roa nly point to
ples is sPullicientl pre and prine'
signed to meet tI ce rusta 1ey were de

ten lieTttl{ f 11 wr ter son hall

edle b ardrvji bt are /ii
not a unson ; I 3
dateneton q,6, m on pri

have dead, I FL / A ,, n/ tr An,,/ Th

make haste d aff he often proved arself a good .
Here again the ulca of ounion a clearly re-
pudiated, and "absorposon distinctiv avowed,
Of course, the absort.nou must be preced d by
an equivalent disintegranon Wilhobody show
this to and see hun to telling the truth,
a at impo arbic for to bear whatsoule of
bus conferences have sold about these peopic
against whom he complains, Or want of courtesy
to him as a representative of ha Church? Has
he yet to learn, that the New En and
gl Confer-

I utted State published a rejoinder, which he sends to us at home and abroad, and tcan sayn, "if thy heart SUBSCRIPTIONS EXPIRED what of Broadway, N. Y. cm t
ti hm t e
jonu tw
o t ether
Perhaps --- is not one of these angry loyal einas, trl tu e 't stint rat G rgia AustinsMill H kivesco, Kot 1A orfhabsc rtst eo isubsc options have expired, 11 e po31stio of I is pp e This ned isr see la a at ru
"an, and does not intend "to ripup"anything- not get at the truth respecting theirown aburch change made on their papers in the addre 7 morary and Rep r unuated mmistersthewidows
unless it be his own reputation either fbr proper from other sources, we comply with the writers Instead of the usual printed date after gl , 1 eeeased members of the eat
intwmation orp un tl t the unsophistica ed at lyn I e tahte a t i nandes e We So e is coppoo it spir6tee ce wieddo ea do y&tans of those

- did not see Bishop Clark, when he was matters. ety had been organized in (bo ple marks, intended to indicate the furnished a palatial residence, at a cost doubt t ill furnish3the CBonard with

"o' o int, ": An therM err 7 d'LoyalAgMeillo- fenum n ce n an go e- xpirati /of sulacriptiosy adm t ib le of tave e or fift eo elm Ind dir ad e 11 593
stipendiary fbily as to his own purposes If In the Knoxville Whig of the 6th instant, ence printing as heretofore, say, "Peter Sloan, Octo- cent private residences in the land rate the amount the charge is every case rsetphae
Dr. Cobloigh is good authority, does not ] The object of this Soelety is to afford pecu ber 1867"-the address now stands- Nor are the bustuess men behind in energy .' 13ishp d label i "Bish 's Fun and
agree with the Enhop, Dis. Reid, Pearne and : , ,, niary aid to young men. in order to their obtain- "Peter Sloan ..........,, enterprise and effort. I label be a{est, '- Can olidatedopFund," tla
Others, for the Doctor writes . regard to white and colored minis ing an education preptaCt the work uthe In all these cases we be, subscription be mammoth brick store-i each easefully, inseparateenvelopes. his e
"Bishop Clarknecompanied by Dr<. Reid and ters communing together at our late anna itinerant ministry in I orecommended by the promptly renewed, or else we shall be compelled ready for ooccups ity is su arted by a fer- estly and respectfully asked, tbacthese funds be
Pearne, J F. Chalfunt, and others, visited Gen- Copneerence.the ndise tf ole ed I * **. * * a = nue sending the paper, which necessi- trie beek country, with untold resources. adm the hands of the Board, the frrat day
' in t The colored por" st:-n or., neers respect-

trute obj t of s I her All mem r of the Tennesisee Annual Enrke'se 1 and Girls, ful taeaci orts six churches and ionnde m roe e r a on I loe
of eflboting a union with the Church, South; I I a I I 1. d als to Is published every Saturday, in Macon, Ga, sion chapel The Presbytenan house of wor sendup their report and money by the Presiding
but when he came to be a sured that such was that subject ear a on g I and is killed with beautiful stories, poems, anee ship is one of the 2nostadmirable eburch edifiecs JOders.
not the object, but that a was for the simple Brother Pearne admits that the charge of here shall be constituted by giving their notes dotes, ete, and is one of the handsomest illus- I have seen. And the Methodist church Sumte 8. O, Nov. 13 MSTAcY, Ch'n.
purpose of preaching the Gospel, and gathering communing with the colored brothren is true for one hundred dollars, each payable in ten trate/ PAPERS I L a li I li t presenting so unposing an exterior, r, .
the loyal people who us 1 to corne into our Fi -. -s .. . I .,. I L hows an elegance of interior finish,
fold, he was peally and delighted. ( I want I i..;anotseen surpassed The cushiomng Tur The+,awar" Conference convenes Dec.
The General does unt believe that a union of * I I I ..1- 1 I very lib' throughout the audience ball is handsome sect 5th, I .. Members and visitors
the two chuzehes, with too spirit heretofore udence on the art of the colored breth may be formed into an Auxiliary Society, havir g eral terms. All I I I year will of cosily material, and the carpets are of the most 1 1 Railroad will report at the Ticket
manifested, is cither pcactic>bt or desirable. It b that I wpuld be sl ren' exclusive control of ,is be supplied with back numbers stitched and put ,, I , I have a = Depot. Those who come by pri-
is the opinion also of some of the wheat states- arge ow to prefer against members thereof : 1 : up in beautiful illuminated covers , . .' =1 :hurches vate conveyance will report at atore of L. Ed-
men of this part of the country, acquainted with any humble minister white or black. Who ever ..s I ,: .-1 E- -. the current year Preachers are requested t = *- I are comfortable, wards & Sons, Chambers street, South of R. R.
the record and sphit of the two churches that ,, then to be dis. for every cash subscriber .. *- I a There are three institutions of learning here .T. W. GLENN, Pastor.
I \va< the duty or you e bre!her In p sh it uni be w e.. o ... a to 4 ., Em as was or them to awar <:0ar orn L:r <\cr\ bius 6<. he a I'roardent, who shall be I res:ding lad-n of ' 1 son, is in a prosperous condition, and is THE FLORIDA CONTERENCE.
to v at rb n re p aa un .1 rhe ..II done in downer and ed onler Nashrille Distreet, weree:ry. pastor oi Tuin ' a ag much for the cause of education The TITE MEMBERS OF THE FLORIDA CONFER-
qn...u .tA ll and 1' Unt the all War. ca soul :hese hu;eonew Street Ederfacid, an*I Trea.m.r to be etected -' = I I 1 II -, aI I : .. 1 .1 =, I I. where
hand spent returns n Ibc utter f I'y conce ,, well enrorine1 not or km a the to 1.< 11e sees on of the Annual Csaler nee Ti,, Pubbelwrs 11 1 .1 .1 ri s the membersof the ansses to be examined will
What 1. -- ro I.> rl.) ar or run.e r repr b ler wo unc:te 1 'ne. t ad sh I ch b P tr 11 .11aeon, Ga , , also be informed th e of the time ir e

I 1 wady at a no wing or 2 I I 1 1* I I ...r : 1.*. Anderson of
a he wral Pope 1 dunn; the useon 01 tonal purposes. The Faculty is complete and the time Ibr examination of their several Com-
n -ousemw; I' unaugurning ush an unnate ai an I docu4.2 the jhstrict Confereec 59 competent. During the session justcommeneed, Inittees so that all necessary arrangements may
*b 30ar 1 new b than who use as : J he Presidents at both ( ourerence and nearly one hundred and twenty pupils have been be made. . 1 Elders will also forward
a wouskr if - ukes fe 11erboxim and sure a ni :.. 0 or e!ass lbstr et Socierses Lul pre We at uil met enrolled-among them quite a number from immediately 1. = lay delegates.
and he 1.0 inch of no n her n here and the 1,rth lot drew .01 drails, and are h reby eastainted Trtan y, Texas Conference. South Carollus and Georgia. The government G. W. TAYLoR,
authoray wals hu: ni at i R. seestiv sw '" as realr, of the I b.r w a re toll ears for the collecuen at tunas !or 11.0 to 11, Elan -The Trinav conference winelt of the Institution appears mild but firm-ap- C. G. FirE, Committee.
advt ( 1 ru the but 1lazy 0 e, In ny q le no.] Uses acketics, then all inds edicated willan phur r up on Uth notaber, and adjourned Faculty and pupils, and allseerusatisfied, cheer-
The .11ethodot; I 'our (thm n any throv back the a on..n ., <, ad shelt bounds to be paid to the T ca urer of the on the I til 14 the Eshop had not arrival 1 1 1 1 ,, D 1 ,i F I i To the Members of the S. C. Conference.
su do -0 th L --- set Ir were ready. st need b., so oc rtsen Junid collected to a Its I bar lane (foruntly at abo Georola verse in that lane age. inhe 1 1 mi g nm n an etr train con-
t no enta at, or DU lu 0 cich Here regiored within the sur 1, the ,g The gills are required to dress in uniform, nects with that of the 8 0.R. R, atKingsville,
which rbey have be. n colleered wa which lessons expense and serves to check any at 12 o'clock si. Close connection is made at
MethoJnrq is now evolen ly I. Ide ce. a bounds of said Astract, such surp a disposition to enravagance. 4 ..,od ,,0 ,,on" Columbia and Charlotte, reaching Salisbury at
on u our a es, our mothese, our rs and also to be turned over to the C ul< inilneuce has pervaded the l o'clock A. 31. The train from Saliebury to
5 our danst ter Do n a {.el have no feel. un r The Conference and thatact Rev lies shall rsd no w ot r a Ic new all a h ennddmta y Iers are now seriously Morganton3I d sSalisburydat 6a ayt
in regaid a my charze of oth = I ad Goodison The latter sent this sees impressed reaching Morganton at 13 o'clock >I.-twenty-

tb t this is, to a one 1 hypocrisy, 1>c 0 to vt I be a ri c to tend ol redhra n all (1 i di <1. \ 1 healbe hacalitty of ta s ta toon s\sipr elrbially four hours frowniKingsville to Morganton
practree was ever known to me in this li 1.ach appheansfornal shall be required to With all its advantages, Mecklenburg Female :1 3, .* I it 3, tr so
a . . *out all countrydursu,; the 10 \care deal I huse been a give obe Treasurer frona whern he way remote ,
' s of the communicant of the .11 E Church Ibree lands, has note for all money so ived, wlucts to she ludians .. = cont- al . I . L ..,,, I et.,
roes a. Or, r wha ty rd a ed >Lvery, at ),ars at that note I re:mind in the N..rd., a the note shall be placed n, due humis do a or aher wra:. ret lanned midst of > thir
y no o ly. !< re I on Ch cli w do y her"ruffer 'Ps t hall tuT< us it to p et /Al lord.. sur ed othhnk) 87 le) bper bu ha l sof view. qrours in inste, . I point 1 I 1 r I .ii Mor-
n gr e 11 al al :tr slic "Ielus 900 st to Irun \TeTan Ithe a 1 ci Jer aig vals There are evident Nov.13th, 1867. ITINERANT. a certi are from Iresid tT ner, C

but I air public yea we b re make an black coph behese that becomes superannuated in the unerant ShopsP O, N. C. R. R, must be obtained
0 wil a pand a so not only ye Northern ines are better friends to rhern such note shall be cancelled-otherwho to unu operates senously, in the way of procuring Kow to Get Books- and exhibited at the ticket ofBees. This will
c. 1 1 pub 0..0. but than we of the web arose when they b re good for value reactred books for babbath donals We have a kind of Mr. Editor:-During and since the .1 .1 . if half fare.
a oi reper rs t the Nan..od twen raised-a th ng that et ni know is 7 No part of the funds co .ectc
rd, a th re n traf cle ae lured 7. ( F el nor of can holuj(< @ air (1 c n s < le ch I
w) .ut le i re b al r r)his A J Your (ca inves arenoul*r o'e abrid)too 11 the or down, utPoiMan prae sodsin n y < the announfpf drunkenness Who does not rejoice the merchants doinnot k 1 L 1 i Charlotte, N O., Nov. 8, 1867-Nov 29-2w
of the .11ssi n try 500 cry where they near expect to have the:r 1 Alas' poor -- We opine, that if im corn. wounded You arupercenewly ask I amber herein before provided fe' bad health or other dvableries, took a superou- purchase of goods, the So. Ga. Conference.
Ini-s on runs thus, so all be long before any 16tes nd myself juandy, Dr JE we belreve a neerary or superannuated relation. I have thought of the plan that I herewith The Ministers of the South Georgia Confer-
colored man has a soul, .3 If we behere Chrwe "I arerise Reurse of Tile L'.us n, wrrst Two only were adinstred no trial Noble enclose, to rernedy to some extent the dimeulty. ence who will not attend its approsebing session,
en eman who re pece I.emself will feel lik has redonied hirre, id it we StalvatinNo rest IT "-You borrow it young men, the to sacnhee their worldly pros I have mentioned it to quite a number of our Dec.11th, will please notify us at the earliest
extending him he courtesy other ( brienan man will go to Ileavou, -let' some your neighbor, do you, or drop in pects, for labor .aul satforing a > 7 I d Bro. day. We desire the Presiding Elders to send
animacrs receive thr pass current so no v.untry, 0: wlaul we have one of these little ones which behave na where it is, may be at the V 0, and real and stinerant, were ordained no Babbath The that I should drawit up and send to you. ly. Visiting brethren from the North Georgia
knowk 1 ** * . are able to take it, and you get 8:on a worth Among thee. I netwed venerable men, local Annual Conference, and recommend that the ference, and local pzeachers who expect to at-
Tm. Itry 11 31 8.<* si.e.ns, recent y return. answ of good from the Advocare, and so nor having preachers and lay members Among the latter preacher in charge should organize itat the first tend the Conference tobeordainedwill all please
ed from lierho, pas ad an hear or two in the swer an subsenbers enough to pay expenses is this was Abram Obappel, long and favorably known quarterly conference. inform us forthwith,
office this week He tells us that be left his as hunt s lit? Honet d >t 83 00 7 But in Geogra, who had traveled 70 or 40 nales, I suppose that in almost any circuit on this A. M. WYNN,
school in ilourseh 4 Tri and I would respecifully engest to you (assun, I rag ly a you n< owe though now nearly 70 year of age to join the plan an amount of money sufEeient could be R. J. Commar,
tog con alon e young la- ing that you believe do name thing) that as a' why pay for it, when 1 read st, every week.- councils of the Church. The session was one raised to keep up a pretty good supply of books, C. J. Oz.xvas.
Qies are making fast progress--some of them teacher of righteousness and a professed leader Take it for somebody else. Send it to a poor of great harmony. The preachers went gener- at least as large as would be needed. Should Nov. 1, 1867.


At Millersburg, Bou mur. to., KY-
4P """




_ _
Ill.Eli t


* ,

_ I _I_ _II _li



November ~29, 1867

e theTun a t / Fath Tile venu of which Davis' jury is to Annual Co en t8t b h 1hd chSouth, BYING TO NJS HOTE L,
Dr. L. P eree w li preach a Sermon to the sworn in.-11r. Robinson York, in be selected, are one-third colored me"
Conference T i th Dec, troduced a resolutic Cherry street, Macon, Ga*
fronal he vill tus it negie of *- I MEXICO. 1 she remains . HIS NEW AND ELEGANT HOTEL IS

return the member of the Confersce f co, if of -a the Mexi- , .. . ,,. ,
they have paid I Ti are reported to be in a
and wall get a considering all the cir-

on P. 1 p pa <
A. M., each day. Nov 20-3, ilson a=u unced in the IIts se that the Judi- I II I 1868. 1868 -o-
r 3. 0. Conference at morganton 9 1 enue see delegation to I -General Escohedo was still at the capital J W BURK E & 0 0 .,

mi i gthe R R. from Salisbury to Charleston, the Democrats, elicited an ry b rung, It was eported tly a vi ion fe encral et SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN A0YOCATE I exacow, ex.,

1867 A.0 8. Itjd y as 1fu7 ny 38whie1hhe e c@ened pcidnunes were do the al rt to kn 1 Tm .n..mOurron.E. HAUN30 AKEN THE GENERAL
era oted nay. .&djourn toMond ^ q, MS OLD AN WELL ESTABLISH- ORAND SQUARE AND UPRIGHT

Candidates for admission into the South Geor. The treasury was reported to be empty ause 4 1* ra 1 o sourr m.
please be in place to be ex . .. -- v --...
a I before the commencement to inquire into the ezipediency of reducing the From China. , ,, ,
of the Conference, 1. SAN FRANcisco, Nov. 19 -Advices from ,, 7* .
J. E. EvANs, Ch'nCommittee 1 I *, -. 1 1 li 2 Shanghai to October 17, received by ste: I
Nov 29-2w was introduced and referred -Edward Dun- state that junkmen at the mouth of the
bar, editor of the Globe, was ordered before the have : .1 reat hostility to all
Georgia Teachers' Association, bar of the Senate for contempt. Senate ad- 4-r-r I Admiral Kuppel

in'f 1 ext . r th 'c 8 till e he got1rn e House, a resolution was adopted that American steame Vach adt seal o no e -
day of December next in the City Thil, at 10 no consumittee shall incur any expense hereafter, and trouble was anticipated. The Tartar chief RATEs or ADvERTIslNo phoo a sea ra v applies
o'clock, A. M. A number of carenally prepared without the further order of the House.- has again, as usual, escaped the Imperial troops, Fors.quare tw ve enor on ,, ,, -
reports from distinguished teachers wril be nre- Boutwell, accond memberef the Judiciary Corn- and It is believed he wril this winter form a SPACE.
seated, and Unportant business will be transact- inittee, roa to report the testimony taken by the junction wnh other rebels, and again threaten
ed. AU teachers in the State are invited to at- e na .12 , ,
tend. E = = I '
cess) to 0.... the outposts. Every one is contracting.
roads. H. H. TecKER, I .. I ** *.. 1 * II SAN FRANcisco, Nov. 19.-The American,
President and ex otholo 10 accordance with the testimony herewith sub- . . I i 1s forced the Chinese , '
Chairman of Executive Committac. 2nitted, and the view of the law herewith pre- 2 .* i t- .
Nov. 22-2w at tl h o Tr d nt f U iine Stat 1 . . 3 , samear lianuma nisea sew rak prides

i., of high crimes and misdemeanors, in g. I 1 1 . . .. . *scripts.. or is unean a traces or
EMORY ENDOWMENT ABSOCIATION* It closes with the resolutions: Re tect the n- ___ ralled Apple Trees for Sale. Few sea

Friends of bu to 1 aTIE be following That Andrew Johnson be e Terrifle Hurricane. HAVE A FEW THOUSAND GRAFTED . a so
and respond with name and post-othe. I disappr at Te spe crin t ea e 4 ble r le d 1 5 )o ng ,eonh .. *. ase

losBy jTo I e ment. Comparatively little is left, and that I clud declare that the case ed four hours, and destroyed nearly all one I ess
little as yet pays a very small divided. Some before us present by the testimony, and meas- ping in harbor. No American vessels a
fL . asI I = 1 It II .1 I a at lbel-a exisis 1,,.1 ,>orted. Commercio street, St. Domingo .. at 1045 I HOOL HOOlit!
s in ruins. There was no news from the ,, . Too
nor. r n ..*. in I. N i i n i ..

School BVanted for ISOS.
4 .


b ta o N D A 4 r,

Spartanburg FenaaIc College.


**** *

g go ran felHale COile Cy


venartment. .vo

caxams von AssuAL sEssioN.




so, ce. no s.. nannmpt Iaw-m law
a J w suxxE & co, Macess on.

9 ( E \@5,

Macox wnotasAz.E MAnswr.
Corrected by Jewett & Snider,
annan comm \ 8 t, ei ". names.
corses-our quotations are grea tax unram seceipts



qu-sz aspers.hei.


Baeon-+ e Ib -- n

G H. lil E IDT,


Drugs and Druggists' Sundrles,
sessman, us.





I37 0:..; as arr.*


. sooni or lr Itimsit asn

re son unems


do without it. We must have an able Presi niterposition of the Ho ue at d recommend the
dent, an able Faculty, more apparatus, more li adoption of the lbllowing:-Resplved, That the
brary-repairs are needed-a contingent fund .1udiciary Committee be discharged from the
a e get and keoCall these---me a 1unitecrf Enedldji too tt e 3toe7dS tCaac
'Nil desperandum." that the reabject be laid on the table. Marshall,
I propose a new plan: I will not ask for hun- on behalf of himself a ] i i. ,1. toi they
dreds or thousands-not now, perhaps never tully concurred in tk l ... .. 11 & by
I do not want your capital; you can keep it, charman Wilson, and also concurred eatirely
I could not invest it satisthetorily if 1 had it.
Keep it yourself--trade on it-do the best you . .. ,, I a a .
can-but I want some intotest, just a Gale, and I
for the sake of system and certainty, let us form duced him nod Mr. Eldridge to submit the
an EnownsT Associnion, have a Premi third report. The reports were laid on the table
dent, Searetary and Treasurer, meet annually at and ordered printed, and Made the special order
Ortord, have a speech, a grand celebration- for Wednesday, of next week.-A bill to sus.
become a living member of a live Gallege. pond civil officeradoring impeachment was re-
Now, then, 1 propose to be one of five hundwd
iousand) I .g. . I [, I I . :I ,
Emory to reconsider the vote of reference, and to table
who seeept this proposition send their mines to LLo vote of reconsideration, which fastens the
me at Sparta, or to Dr. E. H. Myers, at Macon Lill in the Judiciary Committee, and removetit
No money will be asked for before Januar9 Warn the arbitrary control of the House, was re.
next. The subscriber can pay qunitelly, ten Blaine's
annuallybor a uallybe is convenij 1 .1 F .1d I opposition

plan will developed itself-the I * I be .1 is
settled when we organize the Association. 1 si ,, ,i
I appeal to the ammut-to the MethodRts of

litti a to olution adopted, 1
come russiance. Give us a start. The un.ehine on condition of the : ..
will run, if you will push. One qhove, my chaeof territory is inexpedient, and the House
friend, just now. There, that will no-thank holds itself under no obligation to vote money

uA D Myers will report progress throunk for such a purpose. House adjourned.
Friends and brethren, if you do not ru h to

e on lesball b ecompeHedata wor3 u utt News Items,
G. F. PITAcE. Charkston, AN. 20.-The ship Goleonds
Anahine, 22d Ju(q, 1867. has sailed hence for Monrovia, carrying three
hundq4 and twenty
We join Bishop Pierce in the pledge above -- he election : I quiet.
mado, and won]d urge its general circulation, Tne vot ag was confused to the negroes. Ac-

tuceo nPwo(onfin nees inter d in the 51 m the ter
suedh .** I ..11


to Unsta, Ga., AM 20 -General Pope has
it e adrder to he r oastiruct neronbion

Countyonicatinnajv e elect he

meets at Macon on the 5th of December.

in CO stonA% 21.---A negradra


. .


V V or thesuownsgimepostage pota, rarons norma.

ex 20, nmm m:.e.
litris, November ID.-The Senate and *. .
1 . . Ti 1 1 Ti Em,
., I b.
I 1 1. I engi.
have laid out, and the Pontifical troops are build
. . .. I works of defence at all approach
= = .ud these fortifications are rapidly
approaching completion.
London, Novend>er 20.-A dispatch from
Constantinople states that the Sultan is seriously
litra, Nov. .**-1 .
ed that the . .- Pl... = I ** e
has proposed to the Emperor Nay I
United States be represented in t* .
eral Conference,
Ilorence, Abernber 20.-The ,
*1 = *he Frc '
It pleases the Ital-
ultimate gratin ,
the ishes of Ita m i oi d.

21.-Parliament of : 5
y. The Queen hopes that Napoleon was
complications by an early withdrawal of
the Roman expedition.

idel it I
Organized violence and
where it must be suppre II ** **
the law.-Addresses fr I
* I ** I j

thousand extra policemen nod large nuAr of
troops are at Manchester to preserve
pending the executions.
Florence, Aby. 23.-Diet meets Dec
Ratazzi wJl be president.
London, Eov 22.-It is: . 7
uKe d no more tha. *I

was I .

lar f su kef tjutheoldand ew
ters There are seven streams of lava in

flo onchester, AN. 23.-Allen Lark
was hung to day; all quies at the executio


or rk a n et
at 54 to 55; Hosin dull, 83
0 ikr

To ~rParent and Gua~rdians'



e--< e-membran

veral the/ (kissewrol sail
sackhouror Leeor the M. Jan Prayer

. sk-'

.manua-wormand Mus eby armN rton.

. .



. ,

/ ,


.. .


Ilrilliantly Illustrated and Elegantly Printed.

Now resusuzNo


mela he Rie scour recans ro smuAY sonoux.s.

I ?ae si nutic
acia each each
_ st an n at a cent.
.. 1 20 o= sq

dress.....i... ....

summortiocooriessmaybes symananeourra o

, ,

restooeach. Adamen

reparea wata san. section ana co-operation


Partisan Life with Hosby,

ces,' she

Classical and Englisla Schooly



Situation Wanted,

recomile v .
Nov u-sw

Situations TVanted,





Go ) to 4
I meet for six months at hard labor. Sales 1,800 bales. 1 1

e t | + the house of his counsel, Robert
expected his arrivalto-daynot 5,784 li
even his counsel. 113 counsel, to night, deny
the report thiatthey ha anUi tioonof3 commonuMolases? -Cotton v *

** II .. health, and quite cheerful. Tr@ ea.Sales 364 batesat 15 tol

o n 3 a e timate SAvANNAu, Nov. 25--Cotton on
for s is seventy-seven mil- I to le. Middlings 1510.
lions. He says that Sherman's opinion is that
peace with the Indians is fully established. Stop- Foreign Markets.
page of pay from soldiers in favor of sutlers is or an numments
discontinu 1 . .. eagth of the regu- I -, -
t- }is- 1 1 ( I J 1 1 0 I
I 1. **I if

/ I I II r I I .. MARKED.

enty II 1 ,, ..
.. ,
eralarap ,,
five thous I .
soldiond II . ,
the ind i

not arrive
tiialwill .
Chase w li . *
any. *

sees. (* . . .

for the prevention, also arrived to-day. Mr.
Davis streaded Saint Paul's Church this morn- DIED.

BY MAJOR .TOHN SCOTT> Norlb--bw AHenueSouthCarous
<< vaugmer, nranna, late 0 e. A

, , ,, .

. . I

.. . . E

v olesalet ene n a




American Female Institute,


,, , | ,

THIS arreasse ..
derfa. FromLexing nGa.
war owxtett .
are seats carolin
Onor asmaybehadat *


, *

'.r a n, . .

. .


DIAiT 1 11 ,

Congress* 25 -The U. 9 l' we
WashinIton, Nov. 21.-Roth Houses of Conj not opened at all to-day, nor did i _., a . ., .
gress convened at noon to-day. There being a same his seat, upon the train arr
quorum in each, they proceeded to business. 1. ... I a - scott s Monthly Magazin
In the com.>, coural nothinna sworn promit. . . ... | HE FOURTH VOLUME OF
edinelue. I *I ** 1 o0100 T 1 T'-1-,---47 .. I, a 1 videly-known .* *soeiommoneedun
plainingula .1 = f out -geiLLEE MENT5*
dtpr unsunicateTe document and reports a 1 .. ..... .
: a r .1 ? = Tax.- pear at the Court House, but will be there to- . ..

-31r Edmunds introduced a resolution that Lee. Gan . .. si .. -ri i.
ii i. .. I .. ..i 2 aloawitess. Ex-oves. .11- . ., .

and Gen Francis H. Smith, of I
of Tennessee, were referred to the Executive rived to day. Judge Underwood to .1,, , si , .. s.
Committee. Pending the report Mr.Butler will upon the prayerof Gen. J. D.Imb : .. , ,
be excluded. Same propositice --9- damus to compel Gen. Schofseld to a ..
Messra. Stokes and Mullen was 3 I .L. I in to vote. It is returnable on the 31= s .It / "" ,

:: I



Vol. xxx. No. 48





< Thus traveling backwards, every past inci- few days after his attack, when he seemed to
dent of any life conned to g use amous my recol- have a premonition of a , ; 1 We
leo - e- i; not, however, spoke of his recovery .. I I [ ha
in but the picture never he well in this worldbut uphon t
filled up with every minute and coltateral fea flie desire and prayer then waff: 1 r'se ilil86
ture: in short, the whole pevod of my esist- be resigned to his Heavenly
ence seemed to be placed before me in a kind of Subsequently he was I leased by the
panoramic review, and each ac of it seemed to presence and expport Orace. His
be accompanied by a consciousness of right or prayer was answered, hissoutrejoiced. 11e spoke
wrong, or by some reflection on its cause or its in admiration of the 1st Psalm, joined in sing-
consc which had been 100: fbrgotten then crowded in- .** ^ e n 19
.thecharacterof re I . pimaneousn

fini'd11ay inC a3 this I son chof t shalmosen 2 aba ce; i the midst of great1 lycsoun nu<
aken x t oild, ard thus le compell- his support was ample; he has one to his r"'.

J. 11. ROBSON,
n. w cusance, w ntstanutsr
Co na In is 8 ton Herchan 1, CUBBEDOiE A IL4ZLEllURST,

warman I es r He a a xjarsenesor BANKERS AND BROKERS,
seconastreet, maco1vox

, , --
. r r r ,

19hrblennd stone Hanuthetory,


wearresnary metwo.ussonarcansavannanaan.



. inton
. vomes "
. ..7 Ronal D. wALKER

Tailoring Olothing! Yarns!



p rev a


.1 --

anss-em 4 -

Newtoneo.,as odord, os.


soon.ns or sun sanzas an .


Atthealgnof the Mill Bawand dame CockWLibehal St.

ESPECTFUILY eall the attention of Mer-



one or rus


5 to ve II ouses

aromanson a sawrone,

ERR an
swo" oum op,

ankinantPs ner admas, corrux,

curiE userussismwoooons

>,oc the

', ~


comannea wins elyeartne recommewed ror me

armathakenorreases.nacandren. Invemeany
cox.nern ato, w.v.
sea my au mann., oesnam



vo time exancess ana merchants or userges.


.. .= * = =

wn, D. R. MILLER,

commission and Forwarding merchant,
^.. wounts as, assm n=ma In
maneservanananroe suppues, wasasson.,
vanishe., cotton and woolen waste, nowBag-

a g .. .







Savannah, Ga.



son.40sandson, nroadwaywewrom

1 ANDERSON & SON, --- -


as str..t, .ners to and sparks. Grammars and school classics
k Bulliou's Englah, Latin and Greek Grammars


o me i) t 01 t 1i
our ex TwoMAs H. Evaurn, was born in Chowan
istence, in which there is no real cause or inter co., N, C, Feb. 28d 1805, died in Lumpkin,
ruption ? But, however that may be, one cir Stewart co., Ga., Nov.14, 1867.
. , , a a I Brother E. lived a number of years in West
., .. I Florida, but for many yesis past, in Lumpkin.
He was for many y the M. E. Church, South, a good man, a friend
nothing of their early strength, of the church, and of the ministry. He and
and at any oth:r period intouse interest and aw- his faithibl wife will be greatly missed by the
ful anxiety would have nes exerted by the mere l church, and especially at the parsonage. He
probability that I was110army on the threshold noted as steward fbr a number of years. He
of eternity; 10t at that inexplicable moment, was truly"a rnan of sorrows and acquainted
when I had a full conviction that I had already with grief." Last year he went to Texas and
crossed that threshda, not a single thought remained a month or two, and on his way home
,,,,,,,,,,,,, wandered 11.00 the future: I was wrapt entirely at Columbus, heard that his dear wife was dead
In the past, and buried. This was a heavy b ow on his sor-
"Thelength oftimethat was occupied by rowfulspirit. li
this deluge of ideas, or rather the shortness of stunning stroke
timeinto which theyworecondensedIcannot .. tands-
now state wish precision; ye certainly two : .. *I sick of
CAN MAN FORGET? minutes could not have elapsed from the too- 1 r . II ** r 1 II .xifennis
ment of suffocation to that of pm home hauled -- .= I It he was
The following I *' I I ' up." Later /,om Admiral to Dr. very patient. A strtourne or escaped his lips.

in:"seription IYrAlg 4 19/r J Barrow'eAutobiography, Hesaj r"ebwoulddrathe die -ti -. ,,, ,
The fleeting accidents of man's life, and its FF around him weeping, he would look at us and
external shows, may indeed be irrelate and in- tell us not to do so, his time had not come yet.

neja j 1se or ankary puncipleadwhif d, He suffered so much from ekestoj utobtut
determanedcent is livedeightdayswithout

grandeur a human unity ERE ARE THEY? A a >un(t ujka a onfuluii t 6
greatly to be liolated, or its ultimate repose to This is the 1 '. I r .>po- all, he was calm and peaceful-said his way was

e su o ar tT v i ns sition, written a by clear.of TYhas he could ar ly talkhCant
convulsioudia the strugglie fgradualal"fibea- hi unlaodn thall ea trio halPePr lood wassust g ter2/mtopressherhand. He

/fe use a da hadrapt3 is she? ubtless at e whe@ea idok da idg r sp ndu ward with "

childish experience. The lady is still living mor Vb sarhi 2stion th s is, and how deeply at heswanted to go and be with b dseaPwifeed

andea the imlel. hrj 1 ec ni io f it weighs upon the hears Where are the play- away our dear sorrowful brother Many of the
eppicism Accord ng tol my pm t bee a sourdchi h hoolmajeand reeaclkeers and thhejn o eeset, d and tin nuC
11 .. . he fell nto one Some are dead and gone to the land of their brother!" I bespeak anmlerest in these prayem
o its de at poo a Eventual j a e od as lyxt nb 1 0 de all Iggf mradeceased brother. May

tr I h ae no les of the "Ah! Mns MARY C. E rumosrtA, wife of Cyrus

t Tell she hiddd seen d wittdn the io God in he en; while, if we do a r itfi Idn aaru r r na n
hapsha eve h no or aar have 10 rt duty, we will meet them so e ermty Other in f the P. E Church

stage of this descom, ab ow seemed to stnke are ina i tanst drouaries solu re so < So h, from her you h and her urup e tionab e

ti In a mo ment, in the or ea n e e t 3,3< u ga set r
twi li astdU I i in in giving them good heabb they 1 ilow the never known 1

selves, not as a succo on, but as parts of a fashion, and go into the son cry of the wicked '"

2x el lit tk v nfelid a at na ny is th I die and hav ti) d dH ac n and I l[ n

ligh lilic ed for a season but hers po ed I i \vb av taj le}ud when wearedead lun shadtj ab'lle d t se sh
celestial vision upon the br a so that her con- entd rbee a itour f ie a who wacare are editnesot aje a to lea tion
aneedote was crearel my ally at the time by des ass 1 T CAPT DANIEL BIR 7 3. II .

rers cs But, 6 sich hatit} ri | 1852, and died Oct 24th, 1807 S. C., in September 1
ea le port wr ties I hto sm jo 1 t i m 6 tr] c g a5 did

taneity of arrangement under which the past teachers. lier ble was a be utiful ilust ation ent year 1 1 tilled
eventsofhfe-thoughinfactnenocessi --had ib also d reards at Ofa slji j I "a, lways
formed their dread line of revel eson. Is avan amiable deportment in all the re nation of hfe. faithful in the discharge of duty, and retaining

,,, of Indeed, "none knew her butto love her Eu- e confidence and respect of those who knew
resurrection fbr what had so long dept he the di f o an iem sn ni 1 a id"bl--

by life gress in le nr the strolar's i

ai n f . =1 1 wward. I *** 1 lu" re
the pall ,, , ,, . i 1 the pupds of the
theatre are ets so la pupil, as also at the Give o be de tl n a I I men.

for it is repeated, and ten thousand times repeat 1 aI onvert r and a w1ndEM1 co sical strength was exhausted Or n

es e en vi tl e a to on South. Herillnesswassuddeusevereandbrief able brother has gone to his reward. Let us
writings of grief or joy whteh have inscribed -of but three days' duration; but Death did follow has example, and meet him in the home
themselves enocessivJ.,r upon the palimpsest of not surprise her, nor did she fear his approach. above. J. ANDxasoN.
your brain; and hke the animal leaves of abo- The writer was pernated to woop and pray and
al fo the | : I * I Mas. HARRIET ELIZABETH BIRDsoNG,
r g n rests' s 1 Ehmabeth Clarke, was

1 ina vocoveredupelehotheri/ forenedt- ' " Vaon the 8thDee,

r t bButchPs reli 8 doep mb 1 bt1 a Saviour, calmly and sulmissively m3 don !vin2T 37 d I
i They are not dead, but she said to her agonized parents and weeping 14th of Oct. 1867.
friends, If it is God's will,1am willing to die." When a child, her parents died, but she
ig in Portsmouth harbor,; Taen she called succeasively to her bedside her sought the favor and protection of her Heaven-
is familiar enough to students of mental phil titcher, mother, brothers and sistersand three of ly Father, and joined the church, when quite
osophy, but I give it here for the sake of tbo her classmates, and gave them her dying admo- 1 1 I 1 '

a on e ittlpa mi 1 i no a he en." Two of lier class/stes who h He ast iluess was protr eted, whicl she

.1 1 1 Io rativeewrt weptbesideherwarefoodof dancing: to them bore with Christian fortitude. With a mind

no anom ss orce estth b nWo as o she said-" Lulamquineda nly re I b eaasto hm ee n n ,0 eeho ledes ed
ented orally ometime before. After giving the last, farewell admonition and keep the solemn her husband to raise their children for God-
re- pledge given totheredyingolassmate and friend and children, husband, and all to meet her in
I .1 vident- Heaven, then died as a Christian philosopher.

m eWithhetl v etndt bublmin attempts mak ad ag re ad domessad mansi rise tl > d lwife, a good mother, a goodLChristian
wa s ..' L al Oity seemed to burst upon her enraptured s...woorrow. s.a.msaso"

fame- sil h-po a 1 4. 1-.11 c.netion ceased- simi and ailsinthehor hand while her eyes Woolfolk & Anderson,
ar.1 ( s . I r, these facts claimed in restacy-' I I - I I --- WAREHOUBE
w., ror sup / .i 120 haftder any le- see Aunty anid my httle bBrother." Then,

witnessed the I .. an interval of osom, she gently'
such agitation adrownipg person Ls too much oo- COMMISSION MERCHANT 8.

"Not so, however, with the facts which im-
mediately ensued : my mind had then under. I '. 11.1' I woonvor x & ANoseson,
gone the auddeurevolution whroh appeared to septs em attrastreeteraconan-
you so remarkable, and all the circumstances of
which are now as vividly fresh in my inemoryan i
if they had occurred but yesterday. From the Jous W. IfANsoN, was born March 28, 1794, E. J. JOIINSTON & CO.,
o t thatt it to adns le oh m Cohambia co., Ga., and died Oct. 20, 1867, in asians IN

plete allocation, a calm feelingof Ac most per- i For more than half a century he had been a WATOIS ES, JEWEL ELY,
feet tranquillity superseded the previous tumul- member of the M. E. I I *- chen., snver and snver mated ware,
tnous sensations: it might be called apathy, tained a consistent -
1 - 117 of an exchable or fervid = .'*11 I I I i* 5 * itself by a punctual dis- ,, ,,
of beingrescued, ourwishy * I charge of all his religious duties. The fire
On the contrary, my sensations were now of never died out on the family altar, the closet PIANO FORTES OF THE BEST MAKERS.

n imarking of that d til h ch wi always filled and tle 803 Ar 1 < RM 3LER Sc WILSON's LOCK STHCH

were thus deadened not so the mind: its activio spreadof theGospeldrewfrombin comparat vely aq INE NEEDLES, and an the late improvements for

1 lar l andbw n coa51 atti us O n 0 VES adJ WELRY prepared at abort noties.

often at considerable CASIIPAIDFOROLDSILVERorkkeninExchange.

ion. The course of the a thoughts I can c en hi day Often was is 1 "do si ee rb Mulberry sheet, ac
now in a great measure retrace: the event which . I = character stic wa un- an as re a
had just taken place-lbe awkwardnessthathad man., industry c 1 '

poduced it--the bu tin it must have occasioT4 No Excuse for Bind Writing'
et. -' was nothing to do, sanarroslas savans or exanassum.
tion e ather--the tI jri ci v 2 0 a n she a itew dsmio hi n ur
sand other circumstances minutely associated praise is in all lips. I doubt whether there can
with home, were the first series of reflections one be found to disapprove the man in all the e . . -
thatoeourred. Theythentook a widerrange: community where he has lived for over fifty WRI toT dReaspostpardonreempbef
ouriant cruise-a former voyage and shipwreck years. His health for a year or more had been
-my school, the progress I had made thereand giving intimations of the close of life, and when one ounar. Three sever Two near..
i haddmisapoeunt---and even all my boy- e uree mebth I ad eer a tandanh searnes, sendr 18 eE o CO8T

ect stoc
part, ,,


on A varonx Praw.

cos. ; * --;, ang anintroducti..
Ast. .. . .. .... ... -,.g .

1:xactsesINANALYelsANDPAssive, see.
enixurtesoFLATisoRAMMAR $150.
-r .rr res

La ni q 1 njreo ne um too 11 me ann .ua

so s I d orLATIN LESSONS, for begin-
Ex acrusintriscoxeoserroxqaspeenother..-
mu are. 61 so. Key separate, Maehere only,
CASARS COMMENTaRIES, with notes, voesbulary and
gi. vannotesarareferences. sno.
cic . . .. r- .....

Irix xsusavicaroxAnywanynopsie--soupages.
COOPrhaYIRGILwith valuable Enghsh news. M W.
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To All Who Use the Plow.

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J. W. BURKEI & 00.,

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