Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: August 23, 1867
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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Volume ID: VID00051
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Yol. XXX.-No. 34.

Ibtl!# (It ff.

^ na'"
01 ti, war y avaicated to or. A. Means-tor awing, my

"I adethbuttheworaoronr
i"i21 ss newer
no armn suremientiesarmy,
nonamms. The ro watermainthemaze, ,
no me greenanny ann itssuroud
M / 2 as ra,
Buo a shy woratoreverstands,

no reje,
thenow-storm anvesthemos oms hame,
May tr up un than
3 treason, teriasm ,

tory IT st ashore

Thermryoun labousiumbenriginw,
Butand: Day word forever stan*'
whee rs on, cher ledhopeshodead,
O ( d p dgeo rts
xuantonasorst 2 a,1sor.


In the Ldvo e of 21 June na co i

Let the lesson be short, (ten or twenty verses)

ace70bj,) te he to bi family is not the

br tot oas t le sh t a nolessojet I
objection wever, as observable
that no I or long, is used i"

d a vt in lins nt esniinnitline

t on rtb seen als
God a Booki ca tolerate lon strings from some

o os 10 Did not Wedy n his
family visits read and expound portions of God's

wocurld autDil o t 3rthe peo louabN : "
advise every Methodist preacher to go from
o se oa vast ea s ab toutil e pile cow.orn

and Ilim cructiled as a present Savtour? I
they not advise a perusal of the Reform I
Faster," a book written by Richard Baxter,
whose example also, -
Paulte ed its lor an exhort ion dehvered at

: I 1 1. 1 Ti. ? Did not
went from house to house reading the word
the Lord, singing, praying nod exhorting too
y 1 oubt we rest bro better timesp more wid

uld visit more, and talkant s ab t 1 +-tt- -- -F- + God and
.= oason and

creature"---aw n ag overy man and a g
every man so all wisdom"-alaruang the dying
people to a sense of their danger and earnewely
1 .ie wrath to come?
upon these earnest
efforts to dissentiniate rehgion among the poo lo,


Afr ft of Dealension in the Churchi .

r at n ch at large. Be it so3 3
subje 6 01 s to othw more thi s

t L1 cachers i thoGeorgi( r aren e

to shoulder. I think that, if while the Doctor

1 k seto ,s slbui eloo n
no, rev km her y t tivit rent d a nort

t m this report made at the Dist otments g

tensive work of God in progress Now
1 P I *> ps of

i a : si . 1

ry that tl causes f decline 1 uq 5e pointe
I is a ' I *' '* "
iss- .. n *

to cultivate the ground, but they neglect their
and destroy much

For the Cl urch to prosper, it is necessary

ion, r chanty, in alth, in p its a vmearsa

up con rh sal L da ao ythoepal ier
but out ofit he 1 weak and like another man-
bis conversation light and volf ple 1 tatil

seti e < yll n fall below t t of

e ices col r Wesley foundduezof a so
for their coldness. St. Paul said the people sat
down to eat and drink, and rose up to play. But
what shall we say when our preachers do that.
Sonse of them have done it-I hope but few.
Another cause of declension in the Church is
want of faithful concert of . : her
ministers., Happy for the I = ra her
1 I work hand to hand,
1 = I I of But in many in-
atances, it is not so. One preacher is a working
man. He searches out and occupies all the va-
eant ground he can find; but his successor
throws it all out, perhaps don't even go to see
what the prospect is. Perhaps this working
man has had a revival on his work; but his aue-
eessor, through his negleet, lets it all die out-


Macot a., Friday,1ugust 23, 1867. Whole Number 1621

r . -1 a [ rus -. . 2 ., thoughtt crime ? The Spirit instantly forsook that anz- to any further utterances. The celebrated phi- on me He don't let you play cards eitherdoes
= ious heart. The countenance, no longer clouded losopher and Christian, John Locke, wrote avol- he ?"
3. us -' I ,, s 1 o they sa former placid ume to prove, by an accurate induction, that the "No; he never touched a card or a glass of
unl nourishment. The word of God, attended absolute despotism, having no law, or security not general sins ? Sordid, grasphy selfishness I 1 sin were lone historic and epistolary books of the New Tes- wine; and his boys have all promised todo as he
by the influences of the Holy Spirit, nourishes of life or propertyanve thewillof the conqueror. Influences tens of thousands, so hat for gain, He was often af talent were written either to prove or illustrate 1 its 1 ,
the souls of the saints. As new born babes, de- I T 1. I the they disregard solemn obligation, truth and terwards in the midatof revival seasons, but no the proposition that Jesusis the Christ, the Son
sire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may 1.. I they b . I of God.
1 -T Peter ii. 2. See also Ephesians eder. That future is dark with promise-the g ** ding ? '
s doctrine should not only be I I u.ilated doned scan, he two la u posed into the world of a No, nor prussic acid.'
purebur secuterly suprated 10 cannot be for of hope garded be rh..nsurels now' how I brly via purst SABBATH EVENING "Well, poor fellow! Ipity you: you're hav-
er "* "' ""*- Inted IJsw ui.uli of towet 6 t breaking wat Grace not Ihe lioly Sparnt of f ind, whereby ing a sober old life."
in the land thousans of our ) into the day oJ redemption.,_ linwwonderfully thefichn;-sof theplousheart "Idon't want your pity," replied Unrry.-
t mine rains in be three derstand tin. rewe lor such naptonousProv I men are blit tries or ilun link 'I strue with man brinonue with the divrne anslatests..ns Who "My father does much fbr our pleasure, and he
amusins arrount the services of their pastor .1 3 = camence-- substance 'msh harlor th:a km experraced a change of heart. bul has I hathe's
He laa1.1uncetoldmethatchecircuitpres] a r 21 of fleeaf-. Reckonthenu:uberorll.,a *b.ecws.kidness been struck with the unisonoI heownsubdued if = I = gotoNew
ash alth orani cane to preach at ha Church for of no n. We have found ach among the "breaks ..ur, or dow III,.:, voilen it ml, and CIIILDIIOOD FOR CHRIST. chugs, with the holy COrn of a P.abbalh even York and live before he can secure pleasure for
but(bree rious the whoic year Can we expect educatcJ and the I;-norant, the a then look at th. remn or But oi than 111 hat Or ing Ihe death like artliness that has needed himself or us. We must be off now.
IIw wars 01 bad to go on prosperously under the serious Ilence thm p:=per 1 I flow many are rners:y n 0..1' .No heart ..r soul ty as to t realian people are so often upon a chrasitan community, na (Inc la 0 streak , ,
oeb us inagement as this I behave that not to demonstrate the justice 01 Providence by any in thesertice 01 Weem shern that, Acprical about the early conversion oftheirown of clo my slay dies away in she dicant west, Ink '
ea es, as had as the above, have ne- train of reasoning, so r to explain the mysteries at case = = = 1ruly children They prescot rheni to God so due seems to such the heart, and almostsell les pulst- theatre; and the other to report at horne the
curred yout enanor he denial that a smiliar .* = ** 1 = out ol 1 s = bo th.r rite of anfant haptism They that their tions At ueb au bour, how pleavou the erne> question, "Is your father a hypocrite?"
thuprevaledwalargeatent ...* '- '-laterruly = agedhu- tionateparedqibecontemplationof c:srrh Nowthematterresolvesitself intothatsim-
I . r no L r prudent smanagement.) have had who are humb y dearons of solving God and inc rhe m oral comI r>.mstom jund it unt it myly lov ly and durab c The) open their u.elder I ht, as can by one sis countless ork yet encourage and frequent the theatre and like
close <1:!< In many ones the car honounc the jhune ill:ster To them we re fal se al..) .. stead how^ called ra hm peep from a pas on pre u in rn one-sect .ar the protracred meet pt at in plaire r term what at have aul belor the 1 ord a sort ice, low Josiall served passing sh id .ws runvening with more th a thur drinks which they avowedly condemn, hypo-
n a .. ur u:1 us a IrI I, .uin us.l r, in I how J smo war II .he... ..mi b my area ch evin.= crites ? Let us think of this, and beware how
on as the sowantry ages. to read and solemuly besof (.ed Now walk by toth had, . * ** 1 si / a lb a ra. ristumble the young who may be seeking
akr the war.h in our Descephne, .. . Ie you cm on the subject at ir or-, wal I sy y a oil JIer si
r II.e ordination oi Eukrs ** 1 As word, es: * = = when you must erve, readies, :Mid a you conu. to anywries ton or use line ..pprom I AnEifective Temperance Specoh.
aa body And if at shall not comprehend, hid&:I rhan;-4 11. h as not re each thoue chnid. rn which to val 1: r < no
hq.penthesonochurcharanymemberthereof vealed-knowthis."the.Indy alithenoth; * = rher " Inkeface 1sthe hadmornight::atheraround "AspeechaspeechfromWilton,"criotthe
alatake any hurt or hinderunce by reason of wa#durgh," Imust 6,.,, roiseciallyal,- thecurrband LWe to their m.penetrableted thoughtlessfellows.
\out neph a ve know the greatness of the We may venture some suggestions or, I they will be vain man, arol the works of haranitt "He can't make a speech on cold water. I
(on.r. ,,3 ::'so the horrible #unishinent that dutlieultsubjee: suited in the wars of in oron, am] etden bysorr.c 9 17,,,on revivalso- them at out floru view. and the featen are defyhim,"saidone oftheirnumber.
will enw< 1: ad the whole service. Thus with whom we have conver edon ab and weehard enocern:ng a La n and to pul! thnence, and then rescued .and received into the studded wab the recher gene, arui sh "My friends," began Wilton.
niany will take hunt and hmderance" from such endeavor to keep hard by the word of tied down,:wl toh so t, :i st r allen turn from inhi oI < brrst' Thousands of pious parents are profound as the mansions of the dead-- a TI---- 1--,. I II ( .. cried
Defer there can be no doubt lion generally assume that the ne-uccessful their eval, I wai pm I alumi that I thought cow.auntine just the fearful mistake rhem all, we can. if we will but cio pitiful
1 Isave haul orne with tuy own care charg must be wrone .01hers..ns to than are evi to do mil Surely they ought not to doubt that as soon tal asson to an else, and >Lut out each ,, [ton is
ne the preacher with paritahty, as not caring deaces of God a as plea ure. the sinfulness of Anal I here, by the na chtid as ad enough t Le a wilful senner it, my sound, hear (60 voice of God to this I ar.s on his feet."
for their souts as he did for the souls of other< the sullerer ** * v it when she duty oi is old enough to be a volumary obsestian As Use of he own creation. gently whapering-- The comrade they called Wilton was a young
Just here I wish to put in a word iter old Meth bade him * = 1 Po thought easy of y ee The a on as itauthmently old to chon c the wrong to & n, do ;&ro, yet use thy Am r man some twenty-three years of age. Upon his
We beheved that God ordinarily car has **miserable cornt >rters, when they argued aggregate <1 11. ulatal em. makes up the suns 1 wid enough to eboose the ri hr if a child of _ face, within his eyes, a settled melancholy rest-
rees on bus work through watruments, and that his hypocracy and sinfulne a b suffering* of nal cal n a rI;< a.m are d irobvidual ven years knows what it counatt a >In, at ed; his manners were as grave as those of an
we on br to am our instrutuentshties to the ex Irons the same premises, we won d conclude repentana .. .:.1 some .ne Thu a an it arol code a THE ROPE OF FAITH. old man. He was often called "Wilton the
son of our al.,I ry but we never forgot that it Abel and Joseph. and clue proper< and rights mic on asy : we am drunt., Steady," on account of has quiet adherence to
.. ad we were Le loorn plat up m ,) w I e the pr inf)(1 or In..w 1 t r t > r I I 43rne a r

could at our regular * clect have Let u who L r 1. n k to other at .4 n learn to love a unscrab e no a the pau of connelson lic sanded to come,

ni 0 work to I as wee I destrandl to at or earni 0 tr <.1 liere t f>runit or 1 0 ther at a 11 un a wn a ad fh t a go t a h m si' "" In vain his company one tempted him wid the
the Church on all the other parts of the car him d ddered clhe ea put of theire pow all be w 0: to nz t II can a e 04 n et, sere 0 Ave 0: e ulj am < g p c idrit

I wdi gue one case na a specunen to show -. . . 1. I bers commandu cr Now the e three Pre>wher cravel and hollowed his b nd a | 3 weresol-
what the faith of the preachers was. In 1824, 3 .. a .. I _1. . diom empty. I
rateleod on the atereee circuit with That r a fld1111 RT I II II marrow and pith of true piety. Remember, t.

pilo s wl e evivalbcomro ced ata gmeein oveth he chasteneth.' thatlGod a spirit a rs his t pernatu21 alwosin at th lie 110! whose's down there?" ,/. committed a ass
mecklenburg countyN. C -preachingon week But does not God af11iet individuals for the r 'I'HE PRAYER OF SUBMISSION. .. n: I O minister, a poor sinner; a miserable Wilton saw already many .. almost
days, writer tl t eihn et I o hthi2 enps/an a les esnTe ens teh a LAh at n ena sand i ives g & evident of sin' How came you there, my poor brother ? how to inebriation; manymoeye i ul their

, ,i itI .nest lieve we got aH 1 re tied mewles .. good for the edification on 2 . ,al I I this at all, it mus he only makes her a purer, .. I the sid earnest tones of his voice.
the Church for the preacher to remain long on be done with an enlarged degree of charity.- Boys wril be boys, but th a cannot aueceed of yourself I'll send , I la brother, a brirght
1 1 1 .i ame people We can scarcely venture in ordinary cases a
I 1.1 I 1 the Church judgment upon our fellow, which would condemn I I 1 = 1 at, ily carole centered. He
1 i j ] .i r th.s enr p letio ea sof vindio wherever in the the earliest, consulouly make the greatest attain, in he was -1Serisit e, gentle-hearted, rudgt

I patiblewith that charity that "thinkethnoevil ments and reach the highest usefulness in after rope.) "Now, then, it must be down to you I = al in
, , of St. P I 1. .. .. F. == . I ad life. And if they die in chudhood, they have Lay hold 'of the only hope set before you.'- .' corn resolved of are a
n 1 i r bestor 3 . .1 .1 II as edge won the unfading crown. Have you got hold now : I = be a secret one, and
which were of the naturoof the visitation. His conscience, I am so weak I can hardly grasp it; but I we were each to carry from our homes, if

al 8 tw Id a ilo ptoh to ten i ired dre eat m tlicenlight ed by the y qa thet2ne idw in, y own D., Pastoral Watchfulness. thi A ve got od pri nowhat us help this ye ions and 1 a 0 ec le
the pastorate from two to four years. I 1 me," or, enable him to We are to take heed unto all the flock. No poor slanor up. Oh, how heavy 110 is. Why, bright and flowing liquors, we were all young
known, in a numberof cases, when a . The question is one indivulual in a parish is to be considered as be. = besides yourself hanging on and tn user had never lasted
was two years on the same circuit, he was not of little mome allhetions neith or as beyond our pastoral care. If out wInc. * ** disinchanon caused
as useful the second year as the first. Paul call for its 3 I li have the public ministrations are well attended, and sues >od works of by natural dislike, or whether it na. intuition

dantnedda t Intecedes a to omemaft clearest possible ligh givejxio that I le s down Down with idm,"rl hey 11 break 1 dk ims to no ld it as dangeronjtote bil

r d.laid the foundation and another built then we can decide the ches at rbf un fi n every path Bermons, are s]OW In deri DI are preescotnat our ro roll, if I must, I must; but sure they 1
I oncchad a colleague whose stookofoubjects tions. We may, aye will, "rejoice in tribula- manent bencilt from them; and man d would do me some good bert drunk it friend
was nearlycxhausted in six months. 110 com tion." Job was so sure 4 i What shall we th a nolo ?- The preacher continued to represent the lift- could not have set themselves more inge iously

tinual f et po ig ht anT er rbeluct uned, "though he sla; .. Open to them such men, that the Church is but su j xo iebt t tilxj@ax rok 1 n is sts n jh to us
driewns ....,,7,- Perhaps we are justified in asserting that na to attend the; I ascendant: conduct. I knew he had a manuscript p can at
7 , , , ,1 most of our preachers tional calamities, wars, pestilence and famines it is their own this, their blood be upon thei, Why, what is the matter now? What are home, that had heon pronounced remark:ble by
can do better than that now. But I think but are invariably the visiting of the sins of the own heads? Oh, no I None of us, I am sure you struggling with? competent critics; I knew he could improvise
few of our preachers have a sufficient variety of people upon them by I I = God. He does , ,, a Doubts and fears. I am afraid I cannot almost without mental effort, and expeewd un-
I arest the same people thus punish people. I and her sister ---- hold on. . II ..I= 1 done by a change of cities "anifering the vengeance of fire," the Grieving the spirit-An lucident. a partof our astoral ad. "Lay firmer hold of the rope. Doubts and stine I dread more than I decad death-his
preachers. Egyptians drowned in the Red Sea, the whole 4-we can upt so leave . . r.ith. But what brain would be quickened, and we should he
All those evils above pointed out might be hi ory of Isrrael, filling up the measure of ini- Many years agio, one of the Western chyeljes than to perish. Their absenting themselves 1 . unt is it now ?" Ichanued, perhaps amazed at the exhibitions of
remedied by a return to old Methodism. Dr. .1 r 1 from the public ordinances of religion is addi- master; and I

n el he e th te ne of le to he"th th seen cht & Tradie to re ice with joy 1 r a 0 0 of t lio a 1 sy c audnu ing, the wine stupefied insit latest Lui

ye messe or of lusewratnhhitsh)coar t yofw t n tt oluorto dero is -- O shall fkil! with drink and excitebeat; he alone we im-
DUNwoDr. the as from this that the nation suffering hearts. Very inalitwho had tell meet tly loved ok dread thing has ha 1 ratet se de Ph as i

IS GOD PITNISKING USP the 1 our wardor itset"ttendantsd es il^ near I for ti r so su e 1 ci in' t ta he ever t is Ir torn as o wici hen t'alilenial dared ta< him
ir an c. n warm -orkh n e we here adornel from 11 the interesting young men They were special soula ,s the devil himself has gripped me. He ibund out to consequence of tbo troub e we
The Providence of God isunsearehable, His , , friends and companions of each other. One of ab s . . Oh, minister! 1'm lost! om jr blyoasnwe a
'up pas a t o me said by our conquerors and ourselves.e, tth them especially wt r porte d pe u fearredelemedt bellereuipon the e itement in tl errongregation place him----h6is andCmebrts our ee a

the darknows and clouds that encompass hi seder d20irt 11 011er, too, was deeply can 11 j ad tool is loa tm ecliarishioners has and the minister, seizing his opportunity, cons platelys pe morning I was awakened by the
of li the i of Di c querorsas ume to le better tae fa d. G r d nd52xioiF 0 r on o comes me accompeuied by a eline un y ci' ow, lads, of us all pray and ii ddot in L white 1 er it ustood over

mysteries of Providence, and demonstrate by pe uliar people, because they w ea81 "ful al delay-to avail then solves of all the mean rted rlson is, and again when t =. Captain is poor bCther
reason its unerring justice, to within the r power to aid them in his f a reflect-tooin tle a eeflectarnal 1 demon or a knew t/e truth soon e ough.
JustifythewaysofGod kman" If it be admittedthat war is the I have done all that I reasonably might have Strainin at and lifti th covered consciot a r .7
is a task can severe pe h t il a t u en olmquit!e uAtttie next i itatio et a a A w pi any race e no wo a awe y f ent tlleswasdstill h Ing.-

implicitly on the wo: *- s I that, "all not the whole country North and South, crip among those Saviour By rent surface. Then, with greateficot, be uttered the a y
I ,. I blued all a res t a edatb azaticon, anaee he hla 1 in favor of words, Lada, he a safe I he' sab < Theredhe ble id,

and we become ssati ed unless we can see t fa tionott the Lord. Nor die THE TRUE FOUNDATION. yets cursed stu Ye dh e f
reason, for God a dealings towards us, his we all its precious promises" made to much, long remain Thou sthecuristthesonor the Eving coa"-Matthew ruined as noble an intellect as ever was ready

h e oa hiop rufkoenda storm e we un t toHGo a dan unre rved surriefed Every system has its centre. That centre ia "IS YOUE FATHER A HYPOCRITE P" to diod.bat y titl el natsdand f lib c see

vhr a fa sh I exnp a Dels I w, tim0 e eo neb wee unsue ear ad lad r he 1)II istial a e n is real ePlarheystem ned a t oy of a obleeen to theo era, II ?" d por arth hate w th a ch a dead a hving
the finice n e ee ecomprehendkthe i pa of a le t prod in sin to bright rld where 'ither lldtC 3 n terToheC t i yit mds a la a Is adfTooo e tehde la azesnenh co enae e sl> d at one n all the

his ways:" and we are allowed to anchor our Nor does it follow that our conquerors are ., ae voted in the law of Horeb, so every Christian Church a [ Watchman and Reflec tor.
arts t "tt ae rn I cr few n ntane re better than we. Was Babylon better than Ti . t the call for the e ot v onsufrage of heart and life for a Ho! what of that?" replied the other.

Bi e fo ur o rt exp e en of a h w "zest p d ea s so v eme odie to to Tibe centre of the Gospel and 1120 founds on 3ar 1mbembe do ver hi nw til h j of Isdrwo I intuneedr ices lieries

nshal r atoi we o br at e am I a5rn eo o I t it 0 i ooze su hio d bi] B e, at t )huem eno ip h a t he <3so ht too r mur rer 2n w she Irear the hot teps of en-

trabledarknessthatcoversthesedepths;wemay castoff of God- be, eternal interests were aspended. , going last night, though he made believe he stlanidn 1 les cheekatedclenchedtwords
listen with trembling hearts to the ever-rolling The true cause of all our troubles is to be Spirit of God, through the instrumental . , ,g. didn't. I'm going to the Black Crook, too. I'm the mitted rie as a
thunder of the "wheels and living creatures,'> found in the sins of the people. We have been the word, was leading him to the Cross. The perfect volume of the science of happiness bound to see the elephant!" Justice darps not
that dwell in that mysterious darkness; but we and are still a nation of sinners, and there we name after our Lord. Jesus pro- Do you suppose your father's a hypocrite ?" days of which the painting testified, the sanctu-
must resist every temptation to plunge out into God's wrath lieth heavy upon us. The 1. I = 1 : = < = I us 11 5 bimself the Alpha and Omega of the asked Harry, with an expression of honest won- *. .. which retriourion was
that realm of the unsearehable. Happy he, guage of the anetent prophets describing savaca literature. As the hundred circulating der in his face.
who, content with what is revealed, cares not for condition of Judea and the cause of that state, decided. The most critical moment in that orbs shine and move by the hght and power of A hyTcrite ?" cried the other, his face of that safety a
the bidden things that belong to God! may be applied with literal truth to our own tean's existence has arrived. And, not being the sun, so the whole horipture, from the promise a No; he ain'tso mean as when ressed I . .. ... a- . e-- ..
We are led to these reflections by the events land. By swearing and lylug, and killing ad 1 ,* thd seed of the woman to the apocalyptic tree Jesus'pfect,
of the past seven years, and the shadows of stealing, and committing adultery, they break 1 f lifewelates to him willy greater or lesser r E 11 1
coming ones which darken the present. We out, and blood toucheth blood. Therefore shall setness.
have witnessed the spectacle of millions ofpeo. the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth I The Scripture formula in the heading is -r a E -' "
ple nagerting a right they had been taught to re- therein shall languish." e. g I = g ar ,* i* -. historical and 1 .. .1 ,- ...... ,, ri L :. I at .; I I .*1 II.. 1 2 .
gard as the fundamental principle of their gov- Profanity: we are a profane people, if we a r .. i. -, e al Q n, g a, 4, ,, - = 1. .- ,,.. I .. -.,, we
ernmen the rightof self-government--ppeal- pronounce senteone apon the wholeby the char- la 5 = -i was .1 0.- a-a .ir-nlike ... A., basis in I .5 e =*, to a ar. 4, EI-, an d.2 .. *1.- anch Obristians as To lobef manistabbor. There cannot be
ing to God as the airbit., wrwenear cause, and noter of very canny. We may safely say, that 5 r 2 .0; r.I I...a L.* * **=" =r s. all t.- r- .. I jun I =.* bell-orowhen 1.**,. any good gained, or advanta5e kept, without
defending itasithe persistency and valor never one out of every ten, openly pEQftBOp God's And what were the consequences of this great elaborate that point in extense before paceeding Fm glad I've got nobody to put a retrait-jacket perpetual struggle a oil.

....a.....**** '"'"" "5 ---

) aalke thusban

du'a lt,

_ ___i= ~ iLj _


Southern Literary Institute, Mrs r;. *
Hube McLeod, has renewed a , The stimulus whin, sets a 1 .

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gives one full scholarship to her native race are now attended with art imrr . ace us harven for such a wretch and on t he
Florida, which includes the czpense of board and thus, to standard of their attainments be crease of interest. Members .. occasion of the annual worship in behalf of his
and all the branches taught in the Institute.-- raised, and \be measure of their usefulness be pTio a i rdali o ong if ze is mouser who had died several years since, they

ValuSetS400 a . I unw med, h e bi at proeache aC and the interest of the Redeemer's kingelona ills afdnfu nber are e procure and in thought b mwouhi n beh a haall
classles and Mathematics. Value $100. Ap- true progress as tas watild be. hicasina *= my | I ] ..r, in vain. And further: the family had some
plicalians should be addressed immediately to fours truly, T i Jiless the Lord, O .1-1 a , ,, .. ,-- property in the city, the annual rent of which
the Principal of the Institute, or the Ladies' Jous Tnrow. . I benefits" I r. was divided between them, this young man
Southern Relief Association of Baltimore. Goatanank August, 1887 a Itouser Thuran. be neasthe to utse o(j0 aers e an a r th d h mpd
-- - '-9 Amongst these subscribers are earpenters, plas
Change of Time of Conferences FROM WESTERN GEORGI Farriorville, Ala.-s. 8. Celebration. terers, bricklayers and painters. The parson during these trials and can bear witness to the
Air Editor: Many oC t tTeach s have Atr. Edue: As an occasional report from Mr. Editor: The Simday-school at Farrior' q st heat eajledle re a reetrawl t equaranty wi which he bore allethesehthingsh

ill I rence different sations of the country may be inter- up to assist us, or must the poor Apalachicola I nises of the Gos-
I . *I . u w p ease an to mer- of your readers, I will submit a I < II I 5 1 preacher repair the parsonage himself out of the a of like precious
upon a small portion of West- is I' ' amounts subscribed for his support, and himself fhith. Amen. Yours truly,
FloridaDec.6th : In toviomitbo eat tal li .arwhhichaulapproprivate , ,, ,,,andTI@3s onP ShanghaiMay28d,1 TwoJ.ALLEN.
South Ga., Dee. 11ta. Pi the heahh god, and the crops for better than and the cholass answered, present, or came for- to our help? This is lbr the Church to decide.
Aug 23-3w G F. not ordinary. The wheat crop was injured on the ward and repeated portions of Scripture which , ,, , ,, I A Few Questions About Educating
grey lands by the late cool spring, bl I. they had committed to memory, and .some of the- is I I =, a = . Preachers,

- rPo is to ano theer afinwill produce. yn eat 1 fdu 18d7land every sustance giv . 1 , .1 thetshtrue utd Opght not a man, looking to a profession by
II? f l. lishiIll.' And the only ddlieulty in the way of a bountiful These exercises were interspersed with sing the poor lendeth to the Lord; and that which whs ni ., . I I .1 -

supply of provisions, is the large number of ing. The address was delivered by the writer, will He pay him again s What pen
acces devoted to canton. The bread supplies in which he showed the origin and design of I this text? Is it the word of God which pays
LETTER FROM THE COUNTRY. II 1 I I fitriners adhere Sabbath schools by Robt liaikes, and that their or not ? Is He worthy of belief or not ? Is Ought a man desirous of preparing himself
A us a rn2 no revi% or has heed too successful in rallying la ti eason .- 7 of the thrtning interests of inid that holy volume was presented to the attention C. II. Maanent. debt for = = = By this vo-
are close of the of the audience and its worth and execlience" 4 alachicolo use Gth 181 cation (not prde.ssion) he does not expect to
Mr. Edder: I have told you about our love use home conumended. After the address the School and p Any 17. usake money The most lukewarm would be
et mellu ention one live at horne, the vi irars partook of a sumptuous dinner shocked at the proposition of making money,

/is tl e ca <>fa large Church lic IT ob n or out ill sit olimeal reduce st anti y '( St in I ee to otwrvas oi le I asAp LETTER PROM CHINA, l>ei 8 Itr i me t 1 theber a Suppere has it id 101 ejeal 20< oct n etic utt si stabideo a 1 pr( 1 c qu t I rly q th; ra an u luen (In ir of one, will you

, a promdeny elder at a quarterly a of retic i p esons will 1 and t ol ,IF Rhodes nu nbers, those for Jany. 25th and Feb latj not get back an equivalent in the iwansed
Ithou h within three us les j er >ux in the future J. W. Buouses having miscarried. pleasure and b talk of his ininisterialuervice to

int peno rn e air tzwonilders hdave beerjg lure it aim ed {oa r atilt is certaier ana collent pape adl;1 ed you\ 1 1 tur it the good this servant of God

lor v me, n el ers Ice pastors theT al 01 ducers But whatever ny be the future of the Sabbath-School Celebration at Whites- a section of country with which, as also with does, by reason of increased power through his
der I country, we have great cause for gratitude to vale, Harris County, Ga many of its contributors, I have more or less education, be due largely to your instrumen
Not , God for the present prospect of a provision AIr Editor: We respectfully ask for a small 1 = = 1 I troy tality (
to conduct a sacramental scivice, shhcush the crap 0 freedulen 3 11 space in the good old Advocate to say a few The on:ws from the churches" contair
elements were psepared, because he did not (9 words about our colobration We hke to hear I i , I
.. I 1 t on et wh n al I ni tu The agitation of registry from a her schools, and snppose other readers trhand is e

16v the e brethren last tion and voling seems to pure them rather a like to hear from ours. The same aggressive to soo you are enjoying, at least, the iderry of in time
1 the solemnit es of their or defiant attitude, and wil nuHtate ery much PRI lu luss nual ; 1or e car I as the blessed gospel, and that great revivals, with Would you like to have a partnership and
dination ? Ilow unpressivethe essons from the aganist I :not wr year, I enw be much interest manifested in the Sabbath- numerous conversions and accessions to the shares in
at the U< [the I i crrks crafaunas much great h1 Idea Convention for the Circuit in n9 to ta d a natir t ziDi e to si\udents wh a r arial a' e

women. who wese raised I and never . I of celebrations. The Goshen and Israel to Egypt a
know how to do anything cho, now regard is as . .* I New Hope united in so is Christianity to this
will ensue 1s it the duty of an older tc : 1 to be ibund in the corn field, the celebration, winch camelieff on the ]st of hearts are filled with loathing an ] 1 I clothing.
r th etrirGe and stenannon th clothe their ownit us li sildo nd << enit @ o ha'ChehBaptist so a was so inv\ aTee r co byast ods mainumerable titIlow much la thi In for a y I ? Two or

lais heart he was truleinglled, accor no to the the wages of their husbands thr a support. r poetal le demonstratil 1 The Rev J. J yet without the true God, affects all piety yet is Are there any worthy y nr 8 n -- ~ no
will of our Lord Jesus Christ, to the order of ' ' ' ... t th most impious, believes in all spirits yet is desti- of good mind and morals.- l* s i;
eiders?" Did he solemnly vow to do the duties 1 phich afterwards were with tute of the one .1 1 r . I C all those who know them, desirous but unable to
of 1 is oA the L< r ohd innuanded," I ** of our people are anxious for a atdie a doe II<>()ni one s ,l p3 f their ancient suge lpfi t ttlmi alssetlry obwl ocaten, enel order to

Ilero is negligence and wrong wherchy the elevation and prosperity, but they can do I to be present to dehver the ad- I fear it will be many a day yet before the Who will pledge the amount necessary to
spouse of Christ" "takes hurt and hindrance intle until the dress However, Wilbur P. Lit Esq, who word of the Lord shall have free course and be send one of ther^ ----7 -en to a Methodist
These things ought not so to be to sitr up ennot had been invited to speak in the a moon, took glorified among this people. Iloweverthat will College, in ordow = I.- to equip him for
I once know a local preacher who surrendered to put the nepo above the white man mil result Judge Bigham sa eand sd gave an equent be determined perhaps as much by the attitude the Miethodist Perhaps you can
Iris licimse, because he had made up his nond in wat inl\ it th ye n kitnee "e rajn an very a gr "then repaired to the grove> Ts I schprobes)ath a tr yby y 2 f twoforone year; or of one

who never a on of their own color, they have taken no steps where a bountiful table was spread with good are not without encouragement in our labors, yet Can you do as much goal with the samemon-
jet 1 I is ways and mend them If to leave our church. It is our earnest desire to I All were made welcome. The I think any great measure of success, that is, ey in any other way ? Think of it. The idea
ought to give up his ee them able to set up for themselves, accord. prepared the excellent dinner success approximating anything like the appa- will bear .1 . I < -el. ..
parchments. I to our form of discipline, took their places along the long table, each one rent and expressed expectations of the church, Send; = =* s .. . r :,, 3
let him be \fe are laboring to advance the several inter- remaining about where her own provisions were is simply impossible and would partake more of Advocate, and you will be put
spare his conscience the awful vows that must ests of the church as circumstances will admit placed. This had a tendency to preserve order the character of .. .. ., I .. .. . ...... 1, t on with the instrument by which, under God's
recede his ordination. At some points there is a considerable degree of * '*' bor to accomplish la .. = the salvation of souls,
P This is a subject of no small moment. In. interest in our weekly class and prayer-meetings. I would like for the church to examine her 1 ** Ia a J when you are dead.
quiry will reveal the fact, that there are many At our regular appointments the Lord very 130. pass off in a more orderly manner. We re- title to such expectations. What has she done
country churches that have never had this sue- quently pours out his Spirit in large measure, turned to the church and had some more delight to guarantee them ? It strikes me, that the
rament one time; that a great many local elders convincing sinners and gladdening the hearts of ful singing and two inxpromptu speeches-one heart and soul of the church has never been ful- The British Wesleyan Conference.
.1 1 ( ) .1 believers. At II:muteon, there is nare than from Hev Mr Pahner; inlit were some g interested and engaged in the prosecution The British Wesleyan Conference commenced

3 in kand further didat3even some unu euiomement of Disci ine than usual develops some good things for the little talks. I were su e a his laston Il r e i 2 tn al ression in Bristol, England, on
ly exceptional service, never considering that had cases in a tangible form, and quickens the Altogether, it was one of I amold orderly, essential to its success, but in one like this Rev. William Arthur, President of the Confer-
neglect here is a failure to keep a sokmn vow, >t all.enrchaveeca ed then nestion cas r, or min s on made upon et' doubly so, and when there is no faith, there will ence, in the chair. The following are the chief
and to ob gChree n Instan7mi net h churches sa urone where I ha not yet be schools and the spectators, I think, were very t1ee h b f nob : Purge its a of the Day and Sunday school statistical

sad thin that su ine ua fai /rs t ter on I he la rt rus

Then how enlpable are those who carry t keys usidious enemy of I ., descend upon the precious seed th have sown. r useb 5 502, @ e 0131

no etdon 2sthehdooz o th so means per etual arrathan men betti ir own verdict. This convse AvUnst Sd, 1867. identified wi int in seleedt classes, 16,433, nerease 624.1%Teach
denin Rouse for withbulding the wine from the always results in a verdict against the use of prosecution I . . .= 1 to give it scicatay, 73.5e5e ,inic a increase ; in
people-what of tbo Protestant miuieter who intoxicating Equors among chur h-memb s, The Lord DrawsNigh to Us. preference in the minds of the church over the schools, 34,592. The
withbolds all? unlesbin cases a necessity; an a ver eee domestic missions which are as needy and de- out and putting forward suitable young persons

to asT, masFiredoun rdt ex it or 3. .1 engine Revival at Creek Stand. I d I .1 1 r . 1 .. ] ,
frequently sought as a more matter of minis. About twenty conversions up to last accounts would seek abroad that which lieth even before
trial promotion? Does one say, Judge not?" and the work still going on under Bro. John C. its own door, yet I do feel anxious and zealous diate erection of the new chapel at Westminster
I answer, Christ commands us to judge-" by to the insp Carter, under whose inarnstry the meeting be- for the success of the work which the aburch was decided u on
their fruits ye shall know them The niere intry "in ' ' ' gan. I was compelled to leave to attend 11 1 i .. 3 would have her evince her The Rev. T omas Jackson delivered an ad.
''imposition of hands > i 1 1 we need more thus anything che at this time- quarterly meeting at Cotton Valley. The 1. 1. ..I ." triumph by suitable efforts dress, at the close of which he submitted a reso-
ing gilk Then, if I It amounts to very little to preach a people to 1 . Yesterday I lution, declaring it to be the conviction of the
or dtelelaring, on his soul, that he fee death, if wie can induce them to rpiactice es, at t tehed is rlpri he a w Cont ence, th no h8eum forest tension of

ded(cated to the usinistries of this order, ,and then embarrassment and debt. Bro, L. has the in- ,, .. , g
see him habunally and ever negleetful of the is no time to seek bomb proof positions in tbo is terpretershi to the Municipal Council in the not expressly provide for the instruction of the
special duties portaining to his of church Every man is needed at the front. children in the truths of the Bible.

bmthl do n u t i Our youngd tch ent an\ 0 ilt c h of prayer, are obsery eGovernment Sch wh,1x coecu7es th a earl al een on on
that "the lessons," the laying on of hands," no them, "I have written unto you, ing it at three points, so far as I can hear. cept Sabbati li neut with that Methodist children were kept out of Gov-
the prayers, the vows and thopa cbmouts, si ni young man, becgmse ye are and have Yours, B. 3. Ross. the school 3 .. ... laboas to ernment school unless they would attend the
ty inhaely more than a more brevet to in overcome the wicked one a ** sanctified fastruce circuit, Ala, August 12, 1867. any great extent, and ever if it did, I have Sunday schools of the Establishment, was unan-
<11 rit ta afa a il at < urs r v53inv luable, but even nature ALPHARETTA, NottT11 GEORGIA CONFEl r y ly c n imously ndepted, isl(se2Lth, the Missionary

him "Doctor at D vinity,' or ** Fellow of the motto should he, "Old men for Royal Societies" I venture to say, and I say young men for labor." If the entire church 10th:-We are having at this place, a most city chapel as usual, I bbath to to income o e Society
it torqius tl or fQuistaund Ust < sc t 1 Icecidt3t us act ve so vice,11.ulnysnof a rus out urdjti theslIol Spiriton(}ur preach in the chapel I == 1 visit 100,000 had bee

are in their recommendation, and that our An- voice of an:my waters and Saturday and Sunday. The interest manifested I)istriot.s; 3200 more than had ever been re-
alual Conferences take too usuch for granted in saying. Alh-1ujah: for the .' indneed Bro. Adams, the I 1 Elder, to . . a I conved before. This thhe really dependable
theirelectious to orders. 10imbecommon theory tent : 1 Shy the Lucd release rus protract the meeting, and = = II progress, tion under Christrau teachers, whom we have sourcenot come. d ac d from re-
that if a man be fit to preach he is also fit to ad from = *** of the flesh and spirit, and with increasing interest. Up to this (Sasurday determined to instruct with a view to becoming? gifts, wr oul not be cal la
Ininister the sacraments. But if a quarterly enable us to perfect hohness in the fearof God. morning), the eighth day .i . ., twen- evangelists. Had we sufficient means, we might
can etneu2 t uc ai o a ivicj4 lic I in Chuman bonds, L. J. Unix. ty seven7have joined the reach is ne a 1 in an Others of our you g men in a t defi i. . in 3 ,

the Annual Conference should codorse the blun- 15milton, Ga, Aug.13, 1867. ,i lower counties. But its subscriptions to o Is ae unt.eic epfo I thMtotoebe paid
der by ordaining him, and thus virtudly put it our meeting is still progressing. We had just aions, with a 1 I == 1 the Board to =1 first li o
., li I 1 1 t f it Lt is REVIVAL IN CHERAW, S. C closed a four days' meeting, where much good make suitable . I the proper 1 I received at

wick a certificate of ordination. I li tr ple are li it eae eltardl was no tl tM in la earn a nd, w sch ma to two church i in a pr orcf our --1 cle non r, .4 ,

a to the glorious revival news, ** pouring to press forwardiu the causeof '* healthy state, and there has been unusual inter- o carry on c war rican Methodist E
removed. Into your paper, lip here at I we have est manifested recently on the part of outsiders was introduced td
Moreover, 1 .. .1 1 1 . lately witnessed a. TArnor CruculT, S. G. CONFERENCE.-The Last quarter I haptized the infant no do an address.

Oneifo mactu a .. I .. eI ly Ghost inhan earnestly laboring and Rev. C. A. Fulwood writes: God la with us. Our native usistant Wong, b Mr. W. M'Arthur brought forward a resolus
ing" is meant all the work of apreacher, mybe praying for at 1 =, but it seemed .. : a ath, 821 bath before I. ** oference
it will do; but if it mean simply what quarter- as if all our . ivall; as if the throughout that portion of the country I < titted four adults to a 1, s. to
ly conferences mean when they vote a brother -1 it I had forgotten us. But towards the as the Valley of Talbot Indications are favor, 1 1 Sabbath another. di cu
"license tol\lpreacalitia licaargrument 1 am on1 c. st month, a new wins oil to1 8 10ed of of 6 surche dr : 1 1 e hope soon, fron present ide nsonsbwhjorn mi,) was loft to the consideration of the Con-

I in ptrenchu dandisexh that neas a elper t rise in the distance, ad gradual! e >t (1 d usd with othe earl stind the latter rain" -- On Thursday, July 25th, the election of

local preacher-has won many "seals," and yet (110 whole sky; the heavens read, the Lord pirit ntlerop alif the C ow hgr t unt nirsitory impressed, but who hesitate to enter a relation Thdce ri e:ee r erretnodfo < : 'Ehe votes
may have no proper qualifications for "admuns- case down, and the nountairis flow down at hi will come up to the full measure of their duty. which severs them from all thath dear in "old 15; Dr. Jobson, 15; S. R. Hall, 21; Jobt

: . si n I or ely tk ee a re Newmany cT, S. G. CONFERENCE.-The wh enhd re ss Inbd rie d ay ee ee 13odfordul me rt Secretary was

orders shaply because adpeeavious eabyli eTs towar o rr ture ord G a : a ,, , ,, , ri Idi d des n bewe I set -e TV Il ueshonz e Ovedn8 votes; L.

preacher." I believe that great mischief has not in vain in the Lal" No A I I closed a meet- opinion, that nearly all those who do not at all
grown out of the view we have been consider, six have been sounity convened I result being believe in idolatry or its rites, most generally The Baltimore Camp Meetang.
sug, and that it ought to be amended or aban. Chure a py number are 14 neecssions and 19 conversions. We are an- 1..
doned. some I of anners" a ticipating glorious times this fall. This large and importantmeeting commenced
I am satisfied =1 = .1 7 11 this place. But nour they are "horne again; peace the prescribed sto\ns. It is by no on Friday, the 2d instant, near Reisterstown,

Imp enadher is a helper to the pastor. 1 tteel tnhdotl1 est dt9 Idilabrnatdh Another achicola. me aThr transd ne j no u my e a stin enh e Intlet9hfrom thetoity, ader he
say that, is to put no discount upon hun. It is side Holy Fatherkeep, through Thine own motheateralFriendsor Exonanatruesons of Jesus where there is so much to be given up and so aiding Elder of the Baltimore Disonet, and the
simply the statement of a fact; provided, that unnie, those whom Then I much to be dreaded from such a step. Last Rev. S. P. Etchison, preacher in charge of the
the local preacher haareally answered his proper The service on the ast g 1, I our Since I made my first appeal up to this December I baptized a young man about twen. Circuit.
"call." If God called hits to be a }>astor, as protracted meeting wanery interesting. After time, I have received but four dollars for our ty seven years old, who has had unusual trial of On Sunday the congregation is said to have
local preacher he as out of his phee; if not- the sermon, candidate for baptism were called parsonage and Church. ,Where are our self- his faith and Oracerity. His usele was been the largest ever wnoessed in Baisimore
and it is not the order of Providence to operate I = .. . .' denyi^U Christians ? Where is the evidence of property and as he was childless, or at least county, and the deepest interest was observed
outside of the Church-then, he is onlied to be that "we love Him beesuse He first loved us ?" had no son, he had intimated his intention to throughout the day. The Rev. Dr. Keener, of
a helper of the pastor Certainly this was Mr. Rev, Thomas Ecome, of Amoni f:on whom, Listen to the exhortation of the Apostle, excit- adopt this young man and make him heirof his New Orlettus, and the Rev. J. Poinal pteached
Wesley's view; it is the theory and practice of wife the Rev. A. J. Stafford, of Darlington, we ing to liberality for the poor saints at Jerusalem: property, his object being to provide in him and to Immense numences at the regular appoxat-
Methodism, and I believe strat it has apostolic had received valuabkassistance during the re- uFor ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus through his descendants some one to minister ments, morning and afternoon; and the Rev.
uanction. vival. Then forty a the new converts, who Christ, that though He was rich, yet for our the amous=alsites. On hearing that the young Dr. Bargeneof the VirginiaConferencepreached
May I say, in emselusion, that the General were present, occupied the front of the Church, eakes He became poor, than ye, through lian man whose name IS May Kw' Ohang had de. in the evening. The preparatory services at 8
Conference did the Church a great service in and were formally received into our connexton- poverty, might be rich.'= Oh! for a little more termined to join theChurob, he***onearepealed A. M., were conducted by the Rev. J. E. Car-


under hre pastoral care be provided with just as
9 Jill [1 many of our publications as their circumstances
will allow and they can be induced to purchase

dGCST 23,186 --especially let them be well provided with
31ACON, GEORGIA, ' Hymn-books, Disciplines, Catechism, Wesley's
Sermons, Pamphlets for the People, and such
The Milledfrille District Meeting. Other works as their character and condition
We had onepteasure of being present two or may suggest, including, of course our periodical
three days;tst was k at this meeting, held in literature
Forsyth. Rev. J. C. Sinanone, P. E., had or-
ganized the meeting, when Dishop Pierce ar- ADVICE.
rived and took the abair. These were about Dr. Summers seems to have friends, both ca.
fifty preachers and delegates present, though the puble and very free with advice, and he isgrate-
District was not fully represented, partly, we ful-as we judge from the paragraph below from
presume, on account of the very heavy rains of his pen. This veteran editor has learneddoubt-
last week interfeing with the movements of less, by long experience, that there is a host of
those chosen- editors in embryo, who
Theusualcommitteeswereappointedthough Anawatetheirewefin atanrunwan,
but one or two had reported when we left. A and, therefore, he cannot be surprised at their
day was devoted to .. searching examination into kmd purpose to teach harn how to discharge his
the state at the Chuach. Nothing appeared duties. Itis said, that every man thinks him
diJfering ; ready fauln what has been developed self qunhfied to keep a botel, drive a wagon and
in other no othods ad Uke character. In some edit a paper-especially the last. If some of
respects, in some of the charges, the Church them are anong our f ricade, ought not we edi
has improved this ear a little, and there is tors to be grateful! So Dr. 8. says, and thus
promise, for tunher auprovenient; but yet there he discharges his subtof gratitude .
is, in too many pha sa lack of perse nal chris We areathankful to almost overy one who
tian activity, of meal for God, and of a high --- -- t - t
standard of spirnual religion There have been '
few revtvals in the Detrtet; though there is a an interest in our welthre, and this ought to che.
gradual growth ut -oute points-inuch slower, it our gratitude It cannot be denied the son e
however, thou a throughly healthy state would 4 ii 1, I enad

Opublic religion services were interesting 1 si" but would take upon b sell 100 di
Large congregature waited upon die usinistra- Alothinks I see the chief of the \arches, who,
tion of the waid wab apparcat edification. A overy morning at the resurg ofAurorn, walks our
large bushout..c was tu it in the grove near the at r, Iencoa se real church--whica w too small for the cougrega- narkalde that men are so prmu tohgive advj1
tions-and tne services were quite in I cy arely d
meeting style. The interest continued to sau" horses; but $ ac taso
to the end, and we learn that the meeting will a : morality; without having
be protracted during the present week. We studied it, we believe ourselves very learned, and
trust that we shall bc able to report a great and II . I .. Ii > world Thus
general revival, and Ibat good influences have found za cycry
gone out front this nicating through "slug dnCnMotock 0 r
District, which will insult in a great awakening der a season.'' Nevertheless, it is a blessing to
in the Church, and fbe conversion of very many blaeve friend wh \ill glite

The delegates to lhe Annual Conference are, the heart; so doth the sweeness of a loan a
Hon. AM Speer. D. Rover Adams, Thomas friend by hearty counsel."
Jefferson Stuithand Rev. T. G.Scott Alternate -
Nathan U. Barnett, Wm C. Redding, R W. The Appeal from Apalachicola.
Bonner and Rev. MA Maddox. The second appealso the friends of our Churel2
for onedollar-or more if itean be spared-from
A CONTRAST. the Apalachieola Church is published this week
Follower of Child, you have the warning from omb um ca eof rneat 181 0 1 ca 1
the enered Word, that years must exceed the the aggregate is large. A little money, a little
righteousness of the Sovibes and Pharisees.- trouble to envelope it, and drop it into the post
They wele street in their outward observance of oiBee, from each one of our readers who can
the laws of Mosen--exact in their tichinR spare $1 00 without feellug it sensibly, would
of mint, and anise, and culumin--zealous so save a worthy preacher and his family from suf
what they mistook for God's service, and seem fering. Who is ready to lead to the Lord, by
ingly jealous thr he honor. They bent their giving to the poor ?
necks to theyoke of their spiritual tash-masters,
and their*backs to the ever-increasing burden
of rel b TI chart THE EMORY EscowarENT FUND Gaows.-
igious a servance. reir ies were It is cheering to see the readiness wzth which
ostentaliously numerous, conspicuous andmaill- it
cent. They clothed the naked, fed the hungry, many respond to Eishop Pieree's propose ion.-
visited the sick, cared f>r the orphan and the 13ut, lu the natureof thecaseitmilkgrowmuch
widow by pubtle a who intend to
of common brotherhood for all the indi oor subscribe to it will get as many names as they
of their own nation, in a public man gent pBut can and send them on without delay Do not

uIrl c ar ei d ticanionnity be we giv sons lasm thoerthe er se.f ul 1
public charities they nursed a consurnrnate and gives quickly, gives twice." A little painstak
destructive selfishness, which met, as it deserved, ingon thepartoffriendsandfavorersof the move-
this stinging rebuke of Him who could read nient will soon awell the list of the Immortal

ylos coat tl r ei re
friends of 10mory College ? Who shall say ?-

"Wo unto you, seabes and Pharisees, hypo- We are pleased to see that Dr. Seniors pub-
crites! for ye devent widows' houses, and ibr a lashes Bishop Pierce's letter entire, and speaks
pretense make long prayers: therefore ye shall of the plan for the proposed Endowment as
receive the greater daunation!" "well worth consideration in regard to other in-
Sueb was the bitter, senthing denunciation situations? The plan has received the com-
that our Lord poured upon the astonished scribes mendation of judicious and successful business
and Pharisees, when outward religious deport- men, in many parts of the State. Who will
give another dowe?
ment was so minutely exact, but whose hearts
were known to hans to be so unscrupulouslyvile, THE WEEx or PRAYER -We have reason to
and their secret sets so man trous. believe, that this week's appointed religious ser-

to dise d anitrile2 liefh atg ea sees at fnast have been observed in our Chanel
man's outward d poitment confbrms to the chari- notices in the secular papers of meetings being
tres of life, he has attained to citizenship in the held in very many towns and cities, and we have
Kingdom of God, and entitled lumself to all its learned of other meetings in country churches
pri iF ges red nunines lowe andr re licower r ilce inn us reo greegations niteadidinh

of the holy Redeuner, must be of a different there were no remarkable demonstrations of in
type and character from the proudpresumptuous terest yet we can but hope, that this waiting
self righteousness of the senbes and Pharisees upon God has not been in vain. The indica-

nu y unap is to ans of1testing t oens ens Sabbad wa rante14n the can inuanep of
when he declaree- By their fruits ye aball tors being nided by the Rev. John P. Duncan,
know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, whose presencein Macon revives, in him and
or fies of thistles ? Even so a good tree can- others, many reminiscences of days "lang syne"
not bring forth evil fruit, nor can a corrupt tree when he served the fathers of this generation
bring forth good fruit s The seribes and Phari- -
sece, hke all the merely nominal disciples of REPORT THE REVIVALS -It is greatly en-
Christ, brought fouh only the semblance of couraging to the Church to hear of whatever
fruit. Like the beautiful apple of the Dead good work is in progress throughout our bounds.
Sea, it crumbled and threw out its offensive dust, We always glad to have from the preachers
at our Lord's touch. 11ad their moral powers repo a of the revivals in their churches. The
been raised from their natural ruin, and the presiding elders would do a good service, by
spiritual energy of righteousness been imparted seudingup, after a round, a smumary of the re-

at wal>y the I mSo dthw leather whole subssol t eequa e sat tolri au wil ap
Moses, and their most scent motives and acts, ed by most gracious revivals at all points, and
as well as their daily and public words and that we shall have the pleasure of presenting to
works, would have been the just exponents-the the churches a glorious record of good done.
most infullible tests-of that brinony.
Therefore, the rehgious hfe of the Christian, THE PRIVATE CORRESPONDENTs of Rev. J.
to be true and to mince his resurrection to a W. Burke are informed that he is nortabsent
new spiritual experience by the Holy Ghost, in New York, which will account for their let-

mxuanaturi 1 teoubts ghte usnessan with ters remaining unanswered.
name for good nib etions, words and works New Advertxsements.
-the performance from the heart of the J. C. Bur.I. & Co., ST. Loms.-This is the
sweet and holy clunities of universal brother-

w lithe profe or d not Ox ut ne no e b ht t est tau odr f h 0

moui he inv tive I rdue I d the rov sio gathered up in Miss rI for thei'
sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful out- turn by ern peop .
hardly, but are widen full of dead men's bones L. J GUILMAerm & Co., of Savannah,
and of all uncleanness!" offer their services to the public as Cotton Fac-
tors and General Commission Merchants

On Cnunca Lineanuax.-The Nas/ville to HunING &nlawns of Arhantas e adv
Christian Advocate enters a complaint against several Factories Weed's Se Machine
Methodists, which, we fear, will apply in more fring
sections than those lxe has visited. We join the Company, etc., etc.
editorin the advice Dr Henys: We THE GREAT AL MA S
T Auric II, AND EAnowne
have ... recondv ..wmding worship in church. ROUTE.-This route affords superior advantages
ea, where it seemed to us, not one in ten was to parties going North,
provided with a Hymn-hook. We have visited
Methodist families in which senteely one of our
Church publications can be found. This is a DoNATION or SenotAnsme-We have re.
ceived a circular signed by Mrs maj. C. How-
crying evil, and it must be remedied withoutde- ard, President S. n, Association of Maryland.
lay. Let every preacher see that all the people from which we learn that the Principal of the

__ ~ __~rrP"~lr~t~jlZePo~F~ L- a -~

TVosleyan Female College



NEXT SESSION OF TITIS N T .. .u;-ason a as w- wr- navo

. asicast namenyoars .

Rybeen full PAY.MENTS
m the on
us (MDEMIC e I


thas37,000,0so con-oned1862, sense..m sm2re..a wa
son. So great was the eoneourse that it you. I)r. Myers will report progress through tion to be held at Montgomery on the -Canon quief ,an 1 lung sales 950 Joatr G. BULL & CO
was found necessary to appoint an additional theAdvocate. September. 08 ----Flour, Staa 7 00all 80;
preachede fr those he we /lost it stoj >.- my I I 11 em .Id root rue j ter han dar
The Rev. Mr. Atkins, of tbo Holston Confers line upon line. Be warned, and make haste. immense, and cotton corn quat; not] to US 01,10 biu00. Provis ^na maters m
ence, addre sad tt, vast usaltando actsdo of G. F. PIERUE. -The Cournaissioner of internal limonue ha dedined if 3 .Naval stores
the enclosure, who listened wife profitund atton- Sunshine, 22d Jedy, 1867. made the following decision: Any per on hav- Ions and procerw quiet and firm, Bagging, Rope Cotton, &0.
tron. .1 I without the slightest Dear Bro. Alyers ce the day of its or. p op ITsetsatu e nt in an it a unch age a :t 10 -Flour ilrui, but gar-Plantation orders nued carerally.

tho ands of people .1 3 a : a -, 1 SGri it em n de )Us r at augue ly Nosensurnoommunemannours. mo.
perfect, This was attributable to the admirable -nith the authorities, interests and destinies tor must note date and fact on margin of the No. 1, led 0 1 es 3. Go n lion and
and simple rules adopted by the Presiding El- of Even Col.LEam; and isuowthe onlyre. instrument. ThoColector must remit fbeson searce; No 1, 8 On <\ul 50. Mess e.>.nemanarm. Joemanar. ..w.anessorra
der a rb-i al"ockeyaEsq c afds a- mainin imm rf tboo g rn i zatr t evideve that thostTp wa or0 3 n, i n ;tshtolul L. J. GUILMARTIN & CO"

city* venerable and honored man, whose name will
In addiction to the preachers named, the con- stand frst upon the newlyunfulded scroll of the the instrument BALTIMont, 10.-Couoo, demand CO T TO N FAC TORS
1 n Asvored with sermons from '- Endowment Association," and surrounded by Richmond, Aulust 14.-IIou. John Foudleton, light arxces unchanged. Coffee
I al, Rev. Dr. Huston, Rev other devoted friends of the noble enterprise, of Culpeper county, a former member of Com steady.1 plour at and unchanged; onliers -ne-

ns It3e Dr x o glV I on Rev.F o t as i..] .1 : li I have most a lead a de] ervd )e General Commission Herdlants,
testant Church ir2 Alabarea, and others been taken t6 their rest in Heaven, he knelt tered. Corn huber; white 1 12al 15; yellow savANNAu, Geones.
The sacrament was administered on Tuesday amid the solemn stillness of the then unbroken of Fairfax, who arrived here last night, under 1 17al 20. On declined 2n"c; receipts large I
large number of communi- forest, whose noiseless quiet was only occasion arrest for having violated the Civil Ripthts Bill at 70275; don p, M. SP "^- i.- --,e-i. raseran an q.xmade a co; "E'it's order.
ministers being present.- ally interrupted by the notes of the song-bird, in re Provisions bull
Dr. L. D. 11uston prcuched on the occasion, or the bank of the squirrel, to dedicate, by bap for n ** shoulders rib sides 15); elear rib 162 wanaging nowanarcon ricaconstancyonhana -a

,}ss a id I teh to o uteb r e Inteo sescr ionartatgma db7enli titution a: it .1 I al oth parties had been I at Salti; Western 13}. Whisky as m
1 ** ,' Christianity, is voke the 10stering care and patronage of the 11 1 15.-Ornaba dates give MACON, COLUMBUS, ALBANY, EUFAULA,

taken place up to the hour t/at ne 3pr ad Go a t our ever be forgotten ? No, never. ,, 1) 1 r Fort Kearney.sts le 450r int _
audtheracetingwasinsprovin ininterestat Sincephateventfuloccasionmostoftheatrength , ,, ,, ,, ,,, Westherhotand ,
every step of its progre and vigor of his days have been spent in the behind wagons and fought sur ourceImur when
throughout has beco cruly 1-- service of the rising ( *I 2 even now, reinforcements arrived and they drove the Sussmal Angust 10 -Cotton dull with ---

itiant qu tijo t# e been els inesTi dC 32 teli s ra) it ekeences aw kened ] he your" .1 T at na ixtyl aa umseeixsoled re n < uram ; I nation nominally unchanged; DOUBLE DAILY TRAINS FROM AUGUSTA!
place in the n ni trations of those ukon of God associat one, and the vivid recollection of te jor Powell, who commanded the foraging party, AunusvA, August 10 -Cotton very stiff but ------

1 tus, I ll JesTheylic e leT titcompeerscn rgtehleargenconjtia k its attributQudj uccessfulresistancetoloug:- : ketv i us e or7: rITE GREAT ATLANTIC SEAi.**.1
wah that ai dbt 1 1 0 1 ex rra sel 1 New Orleans, August 10 -A telegram * So far: h id Irom, the re-

delicient resources. And now, having survived Gen. Gqulire anys that the Indians attacked Buf cent raine have done no serious damage to the .
true religior the desolation of a ruinous war, and with hope- falo 8prangs, Texas, and were repulsod The crops.
Elethodist Church in a in language of our ful prospects of a speedy andhealthnal rejuvena. Austrian steamer Ehzabeth has arzxved wi xa blourts, An at 10 -No sales of estton re-
venerable fl under, we ay, "But of all, God is tion, he hails the timely and judicious plan pro- lehanged; receipts A NEW AND PAST SCHEDULE
with us."-Brdlincore Epinopal Nethodid* posed for its completion, by our beloved Bishop on warn.
Piace-- a fidan wonrthydthheob d son d merchant steamer, as Admiral Tegethoff will 50N eO .

Distric1)i c I t Savarn h ]Sa- ntcht 2 f h rouforetd el t e3at Io a T The annual Fenian

tries South Georgia Confetence, will be held frat voluntary contributors to the proposed En- compauses an or or 60; a ** **** ** "alus new rda- ... 4 ..... .
downient t 82828 .
liacon in fai demand, and too supply light; coiso nouragerive race

A canip-nucting will do be held for the rooms of Emory College, he still clings to the Ke o Orleans, August TT --GeneralSiberidan's idersL1jd /raj 2 i Louisvilic Cilonit, at Mount Moriah, commenc- peothatdet ni atmoun 607%en tio a I I .* * -. * *, .

an Circuit the anticipated fund wxil soon enable her faithful Poreign Markets. I .
1 ... Br an count cornmene' Board of Trust to repair the dilapidated build- members. Boards of Registration alo ordered
ings; restore and enlarge her injured, but still to commence the revision of the rolls and final ex me rumm coi
Also, a camp meeting for the Reileville Cir- aplesuithof c unt ca and y a 1 .=-- < : ., ,., t 1 1 1 Loscow, August 19, noon Consols firm at some soUTH smve. Lear
emt, at the n I II cou y' e- i--i; .- generation, when he designated. The other provisions of the order DA -- .me

those motines. invited to attoud all I ' A. MEANs.

no is er .iv io tol nd t its a We join Eishop Pierce in the pledge above treated at any of the voting products on tite day ... ... .1 ... -
earla hual jot n would u eeits g c cide latit election, heoffenn se 111b un) n Ac ... -.: - ... .. New yar

Aug. 26-3w govick Pierce, Columbits, Ga. Lancaster, 16, Aulust 17.-Rev. P. W.
E. II. Myers, Macon, Ga. Reales, senior member of the Lutheran Synod
"fo the TravelingPreachersof the several J. E. Evans, Columbus, Ga. c. I I 1 I .
Annual Conferences of the M E- J. 8 Key, Macon, Ga. ] : g, .
Church, South* C. W. Smith Macon, Ga ty-one years. ,
W. C. Bass Macon, Ga. Wash?"Iton, August 19 The President has *
Dear Bretigeu:- The time is ra dly ap- J. W. Burke, Macon, Ga. assigned Gen. Thomas to the command of the

, ,, W. II Mitchell, Macon, Ga. 5th Distriot; Gen. Hancock to the Department : ,
W. F. Robison, Maoon, Ga. of the Cumberland, and Gen. Sheridan to the ,
tension to the impc E Maeon, Ga Department of the Missouri. Necessary orders
J 1 Macon, Ga. will be issued from the War Department
e nscious tf tho difficultics3 ea ine e Nt n a ebt MilCe el ceor so euTyme t o a A Plantation for Maje*
Atlanta, Ga I 4, as Chief
erable ar ount could le raised for the c consiof I America, Ga. : is and Aban. A31 UNABLE TO GIVE ANY PER-
A. A. Adams, doned Lands.
mi 1 ye no wish to write a lengthy appeal Charles R Jewett, ,
on this subject. Its great importance can but Geo. P. N. MacDonell, Cuba News, *
be apparent to all Atlanta, Ga- Noo York, August 15.-A Havana letter of MARRIED.
Ernory Winship, Macon, Ga. the 10th sa
ys that a serious riot took place at *


l l

LaGrange Femae Colege,
LAnanor, ex.
Spartanburg Female College.

5 Emery and Henry CoHege


h us d 11 U

e paya e m ancroneyan a i s
sis no

Mecklenburg Female College,

EsIDENT.; AmericRR Female Institute,


sis ame. Prose sanimore, ma.

be reemened sept. nth sw, wan the renowmp

. Situation TVanted.


Walis M Russell,
Wro. II. Chambers,
Arminius Wright,
el S. Stewart,
Goo Kramer,

SkaMen ,Thomas,
31xas Emma B. Lipsoomb,

Im WbS nunons.
G. E Fier Jr.,

II L Middlebrooks
. Turner,

Du ey ILammond,

J T. Lin,
A ex. M. Speer,

s. J. Smith,
W fl Thompson,
T J. Howard,
A Perkins,
E. F Lawson.
John P. Duncan,
James I. Snider,
Alfred II. Colquitt,

rc '

r great loss. In many Conferences but little
has been done toward the present support of
zoissions, or the payment of the old debt.
We feel most deeply on this subject-and

th iruliv uallourn oe inteested han
can but have the most ardent desire for greater
efforbeupon th part of till oa Ine omestic

missions should be kept separate, and in that
scanner be reported to the different Annual C 0-

for sincerely hope for a favorable report from
each Conference OFo8r n lissions.

The Greenville District Meeting

on' 11 be held at Ande sonSCnd /ink P
ber. . = attenance of the
otheial membership within the District
Rev W. South, D. D., and Prof. J. II. Car
lislo will be with us.
A. B. Smarnaus, P. E.
Aug9 Gw]

Ilainbridge District Meeting, South Ga.Conf
I .. . . 1 1 he:d at Albany,
com II 1, before the 2nd
Lod...v in are ad v

Bishop Andrew expects to visit our section souto
We would rejoice to see him at

J. W. Mirras, P. E.

500 muses wAmen.
Friends and respoml will n inic and post-office,

lost ouc hedied th,

mentbComputall yI al ivle and tth t
I the
We cannot afford to
have an able Presi.

rs n exnodro appar tus, neo hd

races ary t I . II ** al

MA 1pde test a an: I will not ask for hun-
dreds or thousands-not now, perhaps never
I do not want your en : n keep xt.

( Ti ur cl< ttriedo on it-do the b satd
can-but I want some interestnjust a latle, and
for the sake of system and containty, let us form
an Enowainst Association, have a Presi-
dent, Secretary and Treasurer, meet annually at
Oxford, have a speechba gmad I

bl e tore coo to be one f fee hundred
(no objection to fee thousand)
620 f>r the support of Eurory I *
who acoopt this pro:osition send their name to

et a b e on uarterlysemi-
11 . li ,0 this town convenier chee

plan will developed itself-the I be
settled we

Geora p achers and inembers-to the friends
s of Methodism and religious ednestion It is a
little up grade 6 ation will over-
c e redst in on will push. On sehnnushine

friend, just now. There, that will do-thank

au y m.
- -- - ---

Up o ***4++ .

axconT wuo assas manav T.

earnan at or ora cerjusan.


o e 4 arsesse Adamanunemase, patmosperm
mus cause.-we one a a newra. 40


, , -


th aginandralobsod Aud-ti 8 it

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, TVodeyan Female Institute
v20m Aux tars u mma s to up n J.80 t is. sTAUNToN, vA.

Oxford, Ga.


I wrousas car us >=stan rn


Avousex raxcan conaExt.

Matanzas during a bull ilght. 4 no
acy has been discovered at
and most 4 the leaders arrested.
Island of Cul, I
.. I sunk.

Mexican News.

HN 15.--41exican advices he
A tria under th z of 2.oby which con-
viction follows identification. Vidal is cloself

toonfined. Marqu s.was emptured at the Hay-

revolted at d emptied the capture of a aspect
train, but filed, and is now marching on Mata-

Bainbridge, Ga.
Columbus, Ga.
Augusta, Ga.
Atlanta, Ga.
Madison, Ga.
O or Ga.

St. 5 .

p Talbot n, Ga.
Forsyth, Ga.


Eato on, Ga.

Monticello, Ga.

Colaparchee, Ga.

Waynesboro, Ga.
Ameriens, Ga.
Macon, Ga
Newton, Ga.

no asn of the lumn saw and came cockwatchan et. , ,

ESPECTFULLY call the attention of Mer* wM. A HannIn .
94w stanceva.

, , ..



own <
171 be pubbbed ada place, tune, and price determined
a ws:Exty PArren. RandolphHacon College


e ..




London, Aulust 15.-It is raining through. --
out England. Orangellurg Thurict-3. 0. Conference.
1 1* -li 1 .. .1 1 ,
tl I rue I n news,
large opposition gains.
-Garibaldi is at Sienna, renewing ,

tio 1foo ar>uno laO soar 'asha, co .
rug in Candia, has resign .
-- a Dentuark and a
--The Roman Cathohe Cathedral at Frank- Macon District -So. Ga. Conference.
fort, built m 1425, as burned.
--The Grand Turk has returned to Constan- comm rours.
Land, is quaran
indignan many man man plannea bc
].1 a uperorof Austria. ------ - -- --'"-""""""""arine

// joint inqui- Tailoring Olothing! Yarns!
-The Queen has signed the Reform Bill. ERRINC' 1 TI 7 1' I' '11
St Peteraburg, August 17.--00mmodore e
a .1 11 T READI'-!si i...'; a .h

1" -P.rliament will be pro
n **
r aG ettensa sh n e, f rPar's I BEST r

1 0 of France, the 14m ror a I

burg aon thed State dinner Rent

Buist were also there. Conference
eigns on the 19th.
-The shore end of the Cuban cable wasane BAL I -
cessfully landed at Key West on the 3d instant,
and on the 4th twenty miles were paid out and
attached to the buay in one hundred and thirty r
fathoms of water. The cable fleet then -

oweddedto the3ubanic a 61 2 ttheashoreo
, ,,, , I 3,, .. o' n eon CO-P 4 It .. 3 *

hundred FIE UNI*i .. ..
eparing to , I
sphee the two ends at the boy at seven o'clock

Ta s,7 0 ep tehfus amilnedfrounth GRAY, BEDELL

weeen necesdullywe attiba bg anpgplingifbr to
cure it.

Domestic markets.
ame ns e, susan.
Nxw Yonic, A.gust 19 -Stocks dull a :
or a 9Tne %4d5 erh cent.10, re r
al. Heavy shipment of boads last week, some .

A Couranon:---A sentence of the letter of
Col. Jana 51 Chambers as printed needs cor-
rection As it reads it would appear that he
contributed *twa thousand dollars" to the En-
dowmentraisedby Rev.J.O.A.(11ark; where-
asit should road ''ten thousand dollars." We
discovered the mistakewhilethepaper was going
through the press last week, but too late to ear-
rect it


. --- ~

Registration in Georgia.

legusta, August 13.-Registration returns
47 counties gives about sixty thousand

dms 3cfor aherblack sidihousanwhair
the whites are largely in the ascendant no re-
turns have yet been handed in, though large
numbers of whites have not registered. It is
believed that when the returns come in from all
tim diistricts th white voters a 111 have a clear

Reportec1Robbery e T, S. Treasury

of 110rk, August 13.---A reported to cry
lish I I < 3* l*, I : .= I
con= = = ** I 1 = ** *
get la .. r . . us i_. L
Note Company. The paper contains a longarti-
ele on the subject, embracing three points:
Crxnunal and rcek(eq misi"anagement, enor
, "I '
duplicate coupons. Itinsis finally that
too uo unment is ignorant of the amonutof


va urn e aw ag d nd uinh t
the Ltlantic States. G at dam evas oneerail-

quant visits between the War and E ecl j
Departments to day The questions, however
relate to minordetails. The assignment of Gea.
Thomas to the 5th Distriot, may be regarded as
fix .County mphings are beingheld in Alabama

o elect delegates to the Conservative Conven-

* u l 5 1I u s n

Maninsol rmo cnavs

xn: ats

1 1~11


I songa c roxA

. ,

. .. nu TEnn.

- * -- c.... r """ ". ,," ,;>.ns*.anages ..taunts. a .


. ... ,,


HE FALl TERM w 11 open on 7

. *



_ ___ ___~ ~- .~_ .~=.__ -..-- ---- -------=4~_


Vol. xxx. Ivo. 84


&#'er.., a "nt......, a ors.wrors



e. xes Pears street, - mw York,



Ings nasinnerwoonas... . e,



can ..ames Puer wa e men an one now, and

""","".ns, unemesome, m to a no

rows Ev a wrswAar,
Auguemi w lit iia.
Its MATTunws. Tilos.A nuowN, F.L.BuccKETT
norms. Georgia. virginia.



so saw swanna, overs ax, sawronx.

set a 2.0

a Cosmadeon cottouconsignenothm

. sprose-em



J. 11. ROBSON,
Co an anis s io n Hercha n1,



c saerry, in.**n, 0a.,

Al R E 3


A AA EAL J. a sernits w. H.POTTER.

winnuousexNo consissiosmanonwas.
FireProof Warehouses No.6, CamphilSt.



@9,0 ders for Bagging, Rope and Fam0y Supphee
Frompely ailed
rum uson, cASH ADVANCES made on produce m
Sc patronaAe of their friends and the pubhe





W in do w Glass and Putt y,


For.autow sy


Apru say savannah, on




see astreet, JmAC ,GA r ] .. I In I..i

, . ,

, , , i -

---- -
0.w.massEY. r s.Jonasonsan


Combhtation of skillandPracticallixperience


* *



unexanxwo oome wan alsPATou.

sancormo mario sham

,, ,

,, ,,.




xon D IN







, a




d "Are ryour rer .1 : it could add noahin o his charactejd f n

for hee sad or(n rks, uttheTidby he itint on y hisyear befo eddbe2tlas er a to le

dnaneaning Ohi so d errejanon iu 0 omy a tirea nautto- a va of inpa

8 e tl ee o'clock this morning, a e sit ar e 00 rs wt hi st n rst a I
not deep for the pain Rest! leave that sick room unimpresed with the power
"Then you felt a rest in your heart while your and genuineness of his relig ot. Another good
body was so restless." man gone to his rest.

on bear me to read now ?" Caxwrone,

selflesdead dhi bl have <=nhjydn ton> Mns Swan Rimac ,Fwife of Mrik art a
third palm; aid at every expression of poise O'llarn. was born May 12th 1843, and died
in it she looked an "amen." July 11th, 1887. *
Once when she seemed alittle revived and ,, ,, . q ,, '

n ni vern -atni el I 4 11 early development of youth. She abodient
"Yes; I liall say one to you, it you like 3 to her parents, kind to her brothers and sisters,
and she began quickly- and punctual in attendance at Church. In that

rrioutw ri life was so misch in keeping wit

4( ci s 2ake an open profession ofsavin

clin ( rLstland coon h self wilti 1
She went through the whole hymn till she grated in the regularity of religious habit
came to the words- tempers the power of Divine grace, to

us coupe on vocare vnse and embellish human character after the I
when henrealit ten a th on I le I t at

tinue. faeod by time. Hardisease was of soc

"tl et iis the sti of denitI} t ht at a ter ashp ec ded e pkossibilky cr i .
Claisfew arks of this kind calmed her, and r not idlinion additi ratestimony to

she sail ii . 1 .1 il birth to her first born a short time before her
4, 1 death; but the mother was not permitted
had it printed on the cover; the book was look upon the face of her child in life; nor d

er, he ded" n thescD g art e ndjstibabo all sep ift9m et troe tir

eveOybodyn I 1 e rlie died Ieven, and t1 gother i
a What is use matter to day, more pain ?"

theT S.J so DdK ontisli mAbbevilleDist,
IIe had been a consistent member of the M.
E. Church, for more than thirty years. In hou-
i a gularly, but I esty, industry and economy, he was seldom if
ed nor hatened-never. Oh, if I< evo & In IIis at int ed fe

th Iler friend said entdlyG"'HowHamiable to word ip, while his love to the church was mani
can say your soul thirsts and longs for them."

heen wcat attently, and you will join the always found welcome nad a cot foretatble home.

Cljfaba i its much was said; but however the subject of severe bodily afflietion, often suf

as a 1 to e ehr no I a f
ay re II ..I 1 His faith
ue son arise, Wh ch of the two at es n> in God and his hope of a blessed immortality

if alteacher in such a school should read it one edeisteadfast tol te end. To him death
i 1 ttle victory. In th : .=a. 1 1 1.1.. I his be

it twed wifekibads lotsf analifectronate husband li
fli own t ee. nell a ded for Sarah A zen, or 1 the church a faith too ry a gooc

whodiedi .i _1.ato = 1 sittin 110avenhangainedanotherin bitaTnt.KIL
the dying a : > had then

li 1 r shpeae HENRY H Bowrass, was bornin Morge:
starting up, as the solemn bell sent its mournful Ga, 1801, and died 2n Mauty co., Tenn., .
I. == < ..r II lage. 66th year.

and the anthem of rdwhoedie inir lo g pre uedi e al s 3 I a tT .
from the writer's lips, "Amen! Blessing, and of 22 he atten 1 i y, a
glory, and a I 1 .1 i . meeting at the I -, . I whe .
orandpow I,. . der peculiar circumstances, he was comatus
ever and ever. Amen "- Sunday at Home. and joined the M. E Church, of which he -
man edrarnaeful and easistentmember until his

,, , , , ,, ,
BR[{ He was very punctual in his family devotions,
a cir j rair e famil ecl at
WM C.SMITu Jr.,diedatAthensGa.,on8th He always almost withealt excep on made his

d f a nofra en 6 nchH11h c see La m ness acqil r r ow

attlilessedh tSheltmetalrulblliousp en ,heS la chthil r as hallsubject of ninch pa
His parents removed with ) .1 i 1 i]d afoa n any yenit th etennulpar on pr
>am in Jandneryi all the ad intagie ctil la unt ti hope, they ha 0 eu ed

rously upon I *

pt g he Law as his profession, 10863, Th oil, I < ni le 21a n
a entered college at Tusealoosa, and there, from 1867 after a protracted illness, aged "

0 sus o 0 i od b 1\wluch sheCepe in the

1 r i. 1 1 des. Whether in of I e i .

she u I w
a n, hoscardent patriot- I
isus could not be respainedhe was found by all c .
I ** = nm in

teen ,, 1808, entered the claimed wi
Soph I .1 II iJniversity of Geor- heaven, my
by that great and good man, |
unb, who, in a letter written to I
i parents after his death, says: "This sad

no unTimSno2ay v gu le by esdeT red 0
very all. At that time he was taken with a con. Passedb
gestive chill, under the effectsof which he sank. WHEREA
The death of .such a son w li 1 . ii r in His ins 5 .
to you. I cateemed hm or midst on t .
all qual c

/ere ha ee/mar d by manly pr see u has nos
by that high sense of rectitude which proceeds
from inn y a adtpure senbiment. dt kings a n h h

home the lifeless remains of so noble a youn

la e Lt1e as rd sa ee f pw h
2 ourtesyand mj
- 1 ons of 1 fe, and
i. 4 11 4. 1 .
- I 1. I. 8 Record
behalf of our Lodge we mourn, with you, the Resolve< T .1, a
loss of a lesother whose future omi do emd d r ea

in full hophe of a as Mth weaminglecour te i others, we Ct abo

b ofaHol a to o rth u ad u sa

tioniof his y 0 somrad sandrf lends w ve 4th Resolution respecting publication in S. C
13th July, and he was buried at Fellowship AdvoRate. C. D. Roons,
with Masonic honors. The committee appoint- gSAussY, Superintendent,
ed by F 1 rf 1: 1 ,r. is.. expres-
sive of I
Resol I I ** l' s ==1 1 1 tVm. C.
Smith our Lodge has lost a worthy brother, his IMPORTANT TO ALL!
parents a dutiful son, and society a bright and Another Great American Invention.
useful ornament.
Resolved Sd, That he was an ornament to the Ti T7 l'll ..1,,
Lodge and to our whole fraternity, an able 1 .
friend to education and virtue, and hence useful
to the world.
W H. Paurra. and others,


SAMUEL MCOLURKEN, was born in Laurens
Dist, S. C, 14th June, 1813; removed to Ala.,

,ea cem tOo hi d it wilco8,aJuly .

e ever pre h whohastr ed . .
he e ch e o

the White Plains et, whose loss would have a n .-rr .... .... .
been more deerly felt. No fulsome paneryric
is needed or will be written. Those who knew .
him not would aos heod it, and with his friends . , ., -,


. . .



RAF a qu ofA e es


-- - -

on n. Ru 1 no "nnsw own, a rT sun







Easter Understood EmiertoOpera ,an mdreLRen
Do"r Ev22cilarantiages over,

n w..vm, on es.,, anna, *, nam, w.w no

Ar iN .I a-a s p.. I i. st am i.!..... .

adry. al"o on s as a bfe on on s ionfu uand
to t ITetn th unanduchisels podishbiand teb
The Conolusica of the Whole Matter. eftta ndh oeuness o re ,kan sa
arrant me' fixed and unchanging in the solid marble. So

a as n sneno s ten g comes Em most thousand acre of thought and will and effort
shape the features and expressions of the soul.

Hono poa s ove, pmto a asmbribe thabits oldfinised
fabian et{ a el said ic wears tho likeness of

War run So is BLUE-It is generaly

s tuthatuthe bhajm e idskyhPi
seems to be conSrtued by the intensity of the
color during the u oist weatherof summerwhen
3 ,, a , ..

m /enof at r1a pa erSc es t at
this iewcr rrectavlleli lifouredin rt

of analysis, by which the most minute substan
ces, even when at a distance, can be detected,
that the squeous vapor of the annosphere ab-

tr a I to ie

color of the sky. The instrument also proves

etr scholorhis due t mqdeton nr
flections from the d*aceof an infinity of drops,


The following is from Reveries of a Bache Cnour.- Wring a lincu cloth-cotton will
lor byp r ndwithout some sort of religion odbut linen is pre raldeera ttri adeswa ar

a ,b tlxan a reup batedhet f t-ball of des place it up the chr11d r e set 6
eternity-a flame without heat, a :- 0.. ,, a , ,, with hot stones if neces-

ayci nae rtivathoutpperfunidehisAomo andoc erpwithuplentyotof edeic he n
to this I ' ' wakes up that it has even a cold. It acts like
ness, or n = *' *' a charm.
anchor called thith, is a drift and a wreck! A
man ma chnnssly inueta sort n rbaltrea __ __

mr a et er afodm a mlp a splat spherr2 gA'
ing manve, can find no basis in any other sys-

my a 1 bar a r g a stfAlan n THE TWO PRIZES
in such or h r nas fu"a and reputation "Who will get the prize?" said a group of

ve nlierth e tar t in s th ro nteoisanothe a bathey tood I the
abiding in love-tha et 1, " tall slim girl; "she is such a t.

eTT 1 nta diseij e Ir -1 .' Indies, and the master says shelie the bestacholar
reakplike an army .ith cannon ? Who can hecshas. I li
bestow its all but the holy soul, tied to what is ar,"< 1. I * = 1 ** 11 .=

n ourt eo se irti tic nz t or to rulest girl I ever saw, and I hope she won't get
echo the thought with energy, and hallow it with "She must if she has got the most good
atear? mh I idl, bmjebes eejhnesia, rp

Catching Sharks in the South Pacillo, not let her hear you talking of her a And

A remarkable mode of a 1 : I arks is SarahooA en se[et r ro h tihem, on yes on
practiced by the natives = .. I Mr. was a girl of delicate appearance, her counte-
Pritchard says: At one end of the island as a nance very thoughtful, but an expression of

h a un rtobu dise te d eoevishnesse pa veryvisi
the sharks breed, and are regularly fed. As ter, soon settled the question that was raised in
they are veryiprolific-I ha siews as man as the orch-Sarah Anne had the first rize.

, _,. as, er But there was another child whose ability was
any feast is going on among the natives, sharks saferiorerto 8 whileFhrerun perk si espir

rnjs erToutcompletiahe variety of food, her schoolmates, and diligence to do her best in
Provided with a strone rope and ,i.. was given, not inferior
tw or three y ung run staretoH Sarah Anne was well pleased with her prize

sharks, throw over but after but until the all tleedeleond wasgivw obtatheln her c

BT :"E'lfiSiE'9 ;"6;:""$ ""'= d kn]9HI nobo di unh ofb
end rith.itheir heads just out o the j. 20ses clwas ides a goe

end of the ro e wh ch he holds in his hin ne required for her, and was answered by sever

E s td 8sh I seal en era a sl ease, ne am, sh doesn to sect see m
il, a da wei e c ska pedim it so shame that is = a prize as

sw fely rises to 11 vas shocked, but on the Monday

r I 1 I 1 la to teh te a went to see her, and found her mother, who had

b omes he] ess then with a st epsues lie e)oPu tlier child ine eunge t ite a
gether, afrer a monsent's spell, the shark = ee gifts," said the

ounts a be can ent as 8 a urel lom e al se n al
.110 hand who I I think more of conduct than mere lesson

from the canoe, quietly turns his tail to the in- Immoing's
qder---and on shps the noose before he knows thPI d a e a on 11 ye alldhat
ere prevent her daughter from returning if she
thought fit.
But Sarah Anne did not tkink fit-she r
A WOLTDERFUL WATCH* too much otTended; her schoolmates were

The Mechanio's Magazine says: A remark-
able tanechanicaidcurio y has r cent en 0- of mart s. Thie la was, however, greatly

a member of Parliament, -an 1 al- nod and grieved; she had long seen that the Scripture
made expressly for him by =1 : which Sarah Anne learnt with such ease
Cole, the celebrated London 1, aI in her head, her I -th shut
unique pocket chronometer has a silver dial, on against them; and she ci = = II, a; per-

e gh er I

-- that is to fochangedsawhen theylhoa at whaldishe remaineddn the scho eantd heta th of
her teacher.
Itselfal rhtle it t oi tl al sh ageAboius twho ye rstafter shhee Md final 1.leftC her

r years plaung of great pain an her hap joint, she was
without re ir oev okbe sets d h nt to thaebh------ In rd rseh vISskkne

ner. The dial is arranged in five circlesand theretwenty-sevenweeksandatlasedischarged,
within the largest (the hour circle) there is a completed outuof he i t te.e, before her

be ers..i. +win ,or and phw old friend, the lady from the school, saw her;
the I I when she did, she was struck with the change in
cert, I 1 her exp ession-so gentle, so lowly,

a t on t he ni lioa2jsn ad me oan aend nes tehear dlbe hier school, her slackd

oackebe nvenie ly wornoin threeent mn h kno led of t b aL aheat the

-" i: Si'.? Wha h a ea er
WHAT KOPE DID. tar e work of grace in the heart is really the

It stole on its pimons to the bed of disease: same in all-there is conviction of sin, hatred
the sufferer's frown became a smile, the emblem of it, faith in Jesus, and joy and peace in be.
of peace and love. living. There is love of God, of His word, of
It went to the house of mourning, and from His people. There was, therefore, nothing new
the lips of sorrow there came sweet and cheers nor striking in the case of Sarah Anne, except
ful songs, to those who had seen it throughout, especially
It laid itshandupon thearmofthepoor wretch her faithful friend who had taught her, borne
which stretebed forth at the command of un- wsth her, prayed for her, and now rejorced with
holy impulse, and saved him from disgrace and her; she could any with a full heart, "Truly
this is the finger of God."
it 44 11 II I ng thing in the bosom of "My child," she said to the sick girl on her
it --. 11.4 -1. m tarried long after the first visit to her, "how is it with you ?"
1. .... II ? coming, and saved her "Very bad ana'am, very bad."
from desolation and the "care that killeth." "Do you tunic you anan get better?"
It hovered about the head of the youth who "No, ma'am, I doubt I ahm.'q nor wars
had become the Ishmact of society, and led him fell fast. afraid to diets
on to workshwhich evj1 nenem andpea sae of No n ur but tears

N e, at boh !n ei Tenepit ' I .jwithen-

h bel Id teonsCen noensethnatJeseusdio forut e

ar i iaTb da you and billows. Sie )ofe ch ise so f their son A.I) you
day No CHAMOTER.-Did you ever watch "Then you believe in Him ? You conid not
lot r slowly fashiontag a buman county. love him if you did not."
? It is not moulded at once. It is not At another time, after having read to her,

. . r


i ii -

r 3 .1. . s*

::: I


900 agexuar neomrnon meania t is e.

Of GoodMaterialandHandsomelyVarnished.


I rh*.... Performed by Turninga Crank.

LO*.* 1: 1 *. ... i . a
7 .. r enlar mu or ceaDescrspove caren-
. . r wearmg,




us -in PnATT, Agent,





. .

. .

, . ,.


x s THostsowx.o.,
Maeon, on.

p is i. 1. E
. , , ,,, ,tErr, MAcoN, U< OPPOSITE

, ,,

To AH Who Use the PIow.


.. .

. "

= Munray,
a county, on

. . ., ",


Chronic Diseases




to a t n


, g

-?(ll L BlvilOR.


corummus, GEORGIA.


Augsm) IateorwasanvineTenn.

Mash, Blinds agg Doors,
Wholesale Furniture Manufactory.
By onevitts wooD,
June74m Wharf Skeet MoonGo

.. ,. ,
. ,, ,, /
** -
...ia ... as ....1-, ''
*-01* I ... -.- e, a .. J. oams.

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