Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: August 2, 1867
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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ind from Dr. Pierce's sermon that he disap- fore-and if they have unwittingly broken the
$3 % $RS. proved of the notion of the last General Cond rules of our fellowship before, but will now en-
forence concerning class-meetings. This is in gage to abide by them, let this adjustment be
accordance with the doctrine of his sermon, reported in a church meeting as mutual, official
THOUGHTS ON METHODISM. that the pastor should have power to enforce and final, as to all that is past. But in every
obedience to the discipline of the church. case, let it be distinctly understood, that no
I1 .5,. .1 Ti .1. 1 ., .. Class examinations are of great importance to compromise of principle or of duty, on the part
p ,, , ., M . . I the pastor, in becoming acquainted with the of the church, can ever be recognized, as of an
(some say Morton) College, in allusion to au spiritual state of the church under his care, accepted member in it, and that if the church
ancient College of Physicians at Rome, who re. withe I 1. L .1 I grants time to such unsettled nainds-as I hope
duced the whole heahog art to a few plain prin- to *= it always will-until forbearance becomes inju"
eiples, and were remarkable for putting their an account." For want of chess meetings, our rious to the church by being construed into fel-
patients under regimen When Mr. Wesley soeleties have become "a rope of sand." lowship, yet let it be especially ruled, that no
made his little Book of Discipline, he staid he 1 believe that another part of our economy one is estimated by us as a bona fide member of
designed a few plain rules to govern a plain I II . .1 .. I our conununion until he or she pledges obedi
people, and as long as they continued dience to our articles of religion, and moral
I rules of Christina hfe and church communion
vae"fi"i" "one,,, passed a severe censure on them for cutting up and fellowship.
those few I I flicient, the cironits into little patabes. One reason I am, o. a Wesleyan Method,
Wise mpenin rueess ethue formularies of a given for it was, to give the preacher a better ist, but I n, I on account of our
I .1 rtion to their opportunity of visiting from house to house, article of faith, and of our superior moral dis-
eas1nthperoG neral Confer Instead of that, the preacher having his family eipline. But our moral discipline has been a
1824, (as I formed b Rev. H in the centre of a small circuit, could go home constant failure, from the day we laid down the
ence in was in y every night in the round, and generally did so; General Rules as the unvarying terms of mem-

I whereas. on n large four weeks' circuit, the bership, in our various churches Many of our
some- art of the Discipline, the Rev. Richard preacher would some part of his time be so far preachers ceased to require their charges to live
Reecepthen a delegate from the British Confer- irom horse he would have to stay with the according to the spirit of our General Rules,
ence, spoke on the occasion. He said 1 1 E , . not because they believed non observance would
dom of the British Conference had be I .. perpetuate as good Methodists as observance

m t niatnbynt it oftoDi e n fe wouldbbut becau nicop rile objectionof
them by Mr. Wesley, but th could never more variety in two preachers than one, it is same sort by a few of the trimmers already in
make it any better, and so wise concluded to . mth chu b. AgtainArntt atethh ec1ssa dTyespi ittehdeme Te ,

to earl To ee e Ilishlo8pnSohnee saji are put in charge, and not knowing much about the bane of Methodist churches in many of our
discipline, they have let it go down to the great fields of labor, would go to some other church,
injury of the church, where, if what they desired was not authorized
A remedy has been attempted. The candi- by church decisions, it was not recognized as of
date is examined on the Discipline in the Quar. Many of our in gathering
has been some alteration made in the Disciphne terly Conference. Two or three pertinent no- reach the conclusion that a

a every session of the General Conference from swersswjr slannit t witbh so pl To .. . ,
seriousmmaTr fnr le Cnnfmre one omi ose se case, he knows not what to do wnh a ou ht t name, weniest be a better rel..ance than
rules and regulations on half a million of mem- <>na laur weeks coast, the v T r* cher a run unpu;-.u deciplinary palso Indeed, 0:1
bers once in every four years-rules to which can be pa sub on older one, the is class or pread ever known to me-i
they did not subscribe when they became mom- cl, ra< ** = * rho church

,anhdowhich, rheape, they domTntisappro ed b ap cinverted b itra cl joth ;<0 ce s also by fl e few they get out, mid all of
members in our church may be a good reason and a at in charge of many aged, expenenced ther: to ny unra acque es:unate the whole
for the addition of a few plain rules; but the ( Imminus. who rec ture strong liut the amount of rail (way in the church, in some
evil consists in not knowing when and where to 1.:.1,0 who can a weave to hunsell canual iced sort, as of exact ru 0 to the numerical her so
sto lican I inve heard some say, our young a ** deleson of a .comet
19;.1 r .11 11 fa Divine and treachers can't tell me anyrbing hot what 1 a II *istory arid all close ol,
.. 1 . I the word, Dr kovw belore I hcheve the doing away of the ** *, its: the church has
fierce, in his sermon, hasidone the subject jus rd, the pr..bation of usembers in our charth, always run dowu in vaul goditues, to somewhat
tice from the authority of God's word; but, as won nose an injusy to the cause 1 Janual the exact pr..p a different opinion has prevailed to a large chush a seeker itwasabout twenly months nonwreal record .11ol share rs no say tone.
extent, I wish to a.11 C .1 in I once befa I scle that iny now were pardoned, dur. count Mr at heard a Presiding 1 II give in wl.Is h time I was under the fostering care dance Unit a rain church becomes intoxicated
is as his opinion, t: ==, I ... r and or rt.e enorch, b;es ed wub her enunsels and with the in gallient:mans, in that same degree
zealous, desiring to do sood, arel can speak prayers and the use of the ordenancesand <\cn due at ksona intoxicated with the to keelong
readily and I I = ...I. Nowour :ss: seeker eny.yed rbc colutuousan of aint nunu
Discipline : a ** II > profess to the choich a plum tonga r! Any posion to our
be moved by the Holy Ghost to preach. How wila are> wicked church was re base a pure pertinent are those lines of Mr. C. Wesley: rant tel to me TI bus been doubtle the thin so n vi r J, a pure church Unt a son"

is55t e most I b a t I o

" "i'""C"ithe e oanm joh sin { al n as I a od rul rk .ij 1 1. I li 0 a

I ot?" u':w chdirl heall a tl ya u: at e ietuy ap untmeans eth pe p all asse ---awl if othe 1 or atta an
importance of the '= 1 ru ,ally. advised them to join the church, of the urus, by the false and very col b cou
involved in it, and = they an with one exception deallood, upn column, th.a been e theic is a rap a mile of
nothil eshor1postle Paul, Woe is me if is as 0 0011 an---- re/ [L1r wasn a us c

1 preach not the gospel." It is doubtless 0 . I of others of a gate, agon-t the plc ence of are screenous virus
morally impossible for one who has never had a ink< special call from God to feel in the same degree to a 1.0 pual, where the suk are collectel to be riord;er ..1 ones and sureteracy of their charue
the weight of responsibility resting upon him as cared and pievided for J Desiv..v> ter Jet so have any reasnued acannot warn
those above alluded to. ingion this pant for years past, and conscruled
We have often seen with painful emotion st..utly that there h.ul never been a time when
what a light matter some preachers make of Church Membership---Its Obligations there
leaving the sacred duties of their pastoral work and Dutloa---No III. th its a* **
to attend to their own secular bneaness, or go a ,,, g,'" '
long journey to preach a popular sermon, or ( hurch onernberals: -whar is at / It ought tell lkeen a the a panelure. I know, mule
somedung else of a anniar nature, leaving the P their viomro on 11e runnurnal base, and any

Pek exposal to to co swho isoe at "Ie to to .au lie n g ar IT< en r 1 < he nd runnern jval tr
:.. I a., I can be no reasonable doubt care no nher spiranal interevis and of been swift to z that thousands of souls have perished through tho-c of hu eluldren, in me lur as the the neglect of their pastors. Again, I urge at- the order at God to consulate to this youri evole nce of untione for twenshambip How
tension to Dr. Fierees sermon, as well aulted to work-and that I a great way in my paron Sht!u.elist preachers 1.< n stu m ely n one ori
the present wants of the church The venerable "It:tl.: owmber user a sp so na Ll s ens-could 110 c clu n elves and so danect

an p So lorain hile address to t)120 3 si orth, mto which he or le cuters and .1 'Iy indc all 0

east use to the connexion so ansposed on the mail or e nr oi (10 ab rLe in but for (1.0 last fifty ye a
I.uritu, ub n I eunnot say jobjij al at / unf parison wh li v .r le

Here I would notice the wretched policy of * *** . I r .ul--are always r xrn} re til lic t

the old men, and ibilowed that of the young 01 ob do or, so church relatu.ns or sacr.ansent men, the consequence was the revolt of the ten :-0 le e he been the practice of wine, to ties a The of and rate tribes. I learned that Bishop Asbury once up bu :te to be to.ared th.* ,an now >. ro lin one at win r s. x that lives
gave the preachers in Conference ascrious lec- th, U.ur, b has by many passed <" in any I = to than
tureand lamented thatnearlyall thegreyheads unrn., w ar, he out of as un-a unrt ac than (10 re to as much
unmamon-which is fatally wrong in all or inue relicion n our oburth now, as there

I as he Bitbt ca r iP Iris 11 enrdurnilladid ad t tle c a(1 I lejel sa r ny < -
faithful services of her ministers, it rests on planus a line so a model case And I Ic ious good in our church, and ,ny pastor that
them with the weight of a moral obligation to now Amu. th a even of .s bougling preacher would say so, wouki 1:arm he Alethods (to char-
support them Many loud complaintshaveheen should I.ul to do has duty, so getung inember' acter .ar once W1.ile n is just as true, the
uttered from the pulpit and the press for want wra the charth, 01 nuking thein both appre every pateral prea..!wr among as who beneves
of such support. I think it would be better to hood :nd apprecure the moral oblagaton un the chscuane of the General Huies would on

Isceaustlx rs teoru cotur steeward and other pr edol < lay unchd at d accepted b)kirlicitn row su r pie and31 in laurauca, and
give ourselves continually to prayer and the torce 01 c.mmon Law Ibe eburebas constica really deserve km No man a cather lit or
ministry oftheword. I have heara it said that text ami :s known does not, can not existencept worthy t, he a noted with any unportaut later-
"such a brother is compelled to locate fbr want upon awJ wabin the * I out w .1 ror defend and hold that interest

oeskue e at heAl an n pervaemn jusas
There is no preachear in the oeda I a weak n do always todicates othcr hall be met v rebys Dical thoulinistertattrus

"f: :!?\::To nd hardest ru in kno a or type o 0 salact oned n marrt rrace tl toa

the bach or lu n (basuba "ral ,pt a at Ali id wouace pd as
n arol . . I an mental groumi
we raised six of them to be fully grown. I of 'lah>.1 al- Therefuse, if any man wr among as accepts
schooled them all at my own expense. Now, truders int its sau imary-umst and well exa nee warb this company, that tense wil tee, a by Leep:r at We trian Method sm-he
he can :o any who may please t> plead sur debonors hunself and damages us, unic-s he
done it without the most rigid economy-many 1, and .1 they will bonew'y deciare, that keeps t., on:: churer, and builds up and keeps up
times in the pulpit in rags-my family many to, wed ne ver bate been blerb alas, if they our elmsh, upon the orgone panciples of
days without meat-literally worn out with = = == ** way of self. 1 i thodut -p:runal Chr. teamly
long rides on an interior barse, not being able I . s * oracted at = dothculty in Leepurg up Metho.
to get a better. Many are not willing to make cl.. r had a coacht:ons of membership, then 8 sun reh; to a sensation -
such sacriftees and perform so large an amount le: them rare, without any of the fumes of lint to keep it up as a spar:tual house, an holy
of labor, and so retire from the work. Be it chara. or trul as or riche on our part 11 we prse rhood, to aller up spurnual storatices, accep
so; I can only pity them, as not knowing how to let theni in without taking their obingation to ruble to God, by Jo usehrot, he workof some
to its true value. Leep our rules, and they densur to our bright ul dithenity, but ty no means unpossible. Judeed,
t Paul, that the jurisdiction over them, in these cases of mooted it is my opinion that all the members of the
wiferings of the present time are not worthy to morality, I say their demurrer is good against church, *i 1 = =1 church in the
be compared with the glory that shall be re- us, as to Methodistic jurisdiction. I have way of .. ..I 1. : ..o desire to see
sealed in us. known for years that if these delinquents were the church put back again upon its old way.-
Of class meetings, I wish to say something to poise themselves on the ground that they And those among us who are now using the
The Rev. R. Reece, already alluded to, urged I church rather as a longe, than as an altar of
our preachers in America to a strict attention to I sacrifice or a temple of spiritual worship, may
class-meetings. He said that in Europe they a be, by the timely aid of the churehsaved. But
found them to be the sinews of the church. The II I -n if allowed to remain in the church and live in
Rev. G. Capers said they are like the ribs of a suited. I should let-and in as far as my pas the flesh-as many are now doing-the church
man's body, which protect the vital parts. But torate extends, my plan is to let every such is perverted into only a roore decent road to
cless-meetings have gone down among us We member separate from us, with no other entry ruin. The light that is in our infatuated people
have not bad a class-meeting in four or five than voluntary withdrawal. But if they prefer is darkness-and Oh! how great is that dark-
years, not by fault of the society, but simply to remain-as God grant they may-then let ness. What is to be hoped in a religion that at
because our preachers are not willing to render them take upon themselves the obligations of a last turns out to be a miserable network of ear-
that much service to the church. I was glad to Methodist-nover having formally done so be- nal woof on spiritual warp. They set out on a


religious sympathy, but like a foolish fly which, And then there was Maum Binah"-a tall,
by incantions fluttering about thespider's majes- vi I, I ** *I con.
tie court, is at last entangled and drawn in, and I ** I -- .1= IIa stress
finally ruined, so also will multitudes of our ear- -the second mother of my wife, for she had
-nally-minded Methodists perish, unless plucked been her nurse and adviser, from infancy up to
from the spider's web by wholesome discipline womanhood; and I have, time and again, seen
--- -- my wife throw her arms around the neatcleanly

RE])[INISCENCEB. old woman, with an affection and confidence that
was beautiful to see. Maum Binah was deeply
Manchester mission. and truly pious. She survived her old mistress
N and her young master and my wife many years
lifanchester Mission wasche In old age she was blind, and on the occasion
ring my stay of L ree years, I and not of my annual visits I always sought her out, in
and as I propose to give only a general, ions her cabin-and satat her feet to learn lessons of
a minute history of ouralissionary operatdis- patience and piety, i :'
there, I shall not trouble my readers wi longing desire, that I
tin Ions between the years 1836, 1837 and her old mistress, and the various members of the

A family, who had gone before to heaven. Many
s remarked before, the work extended grad an hour have I sat and talked with her thus,
naHy downstchde r erMinthobtl .1 1 and full many a prayer have we together sentup
to the throne of the heavenly grace. She is
which were connected with the Santee Circuit, there now-and I.......... And this was slavery,
as it then stood. and these are the relations, in many instances,
The great revivalto whieb reference has been which banded together the hearts of the whites
made, opened an effectual door at these two and colored in a bundle of Christian love.
Churches, for the preach of the word to the Where are we now?
ed people. At Re both, wg had large 1 '.- ... 4 "
1 regations, and many children under cate ep.r 1-.. .. si - 2
9 ,

ored, for many wiless ve andbelowand in the on w Pfe I II 3 .11 a
direction of Black River. And as many of the all, happy in religion and the hope of heaven-

ofdj {ee as the Inns hhaleow He We haveliseen what John and Binah were---a
my readers will pardon me for dwelling on these 4, ,, , 1 , ,
anored memories, with more than usual interest- conversation-sensible andsolid-and Brewing-
per owheth li-wl no e-a-1 won her of our to, whom his master would trust with moneyto
l' ' '* = my much any amount, and whose hearty "yah-e-yah,"
endeared brother so law, GabrielD.Rhodus, who was always infectious; and whose whole spirit
.= < boy; butd he and life has stamped him, in my judgment, as

deed rather a venerable lool in ownnan II e ro nto aliesInne a shaplai d o ni t
1 1 i I 1y cal how the cloud< or sal might blow, he lived
ann aud er.) .yed Jule. t anner, which I have rare
al elet II 1 rbJart- ly ten in any one ec
\ie whject or r *hereforeon Among the wL 11r asul )Its Con.
wsil not say but in nond e rol are d r is acute an c cult us a tel" er, h who ubsequently Ienause a local preacher, and
uoruperwr, at p ha ew equ. s in (bu his amiable wire, I nele am I arney, who after
department cle <1 I as 1 no r 2" many conilsets will, himself and the workl, we
usinew in to, aran or inteX hope c caped alily re carnal rest the I eter
esty and honor he has no uperior gack in Oliver, with hu ex<-lient wale and numerous
temper aud actionl.c is not robe trail J with f:smily of wel bred thabiven, la 1.rocle r John
be a he uners hn enemy well open I ,-1 t precious nanor and 1,torbs.i and
I, on to lirst v. scations oil to la us ..hKni ht, .. .. .
re nan pen )..vax Onuly one:stionnel tal re, . .
anal Irlends:Cad obeve all to the cause at 00.1, cornmun a 5 e
[an is universely fbe.c w:th th Ir creams. formed our covert .x
and Chrotion is you, alternately at lichoberb and ht Mark s
on houseIt I know, and theretonedthe a who The lauer Church was a recon.:nt of t!u old

41" su" Parish >y turn n Surnter th trau, uni had twin.
ar:s I 1 ir on erly been an I ve pal f harch I on many years
place: Aun to : 4. web e clea:u ayou-ly (18 b 1 Io a nopearard by;;en
lre It*, newsonnewhere lia:m:m Alaban eral can as is p sed ne, to hands of the
ennect was as was 1 ab krul as tirete .1 i. i i I

man randus at our or 1su inde a t j c 1 It(r (

or allestble water of alt-h a n al bl n ..acelaurniret
rt) hear how promp ly rt y create the c.stwhism
I and how sweetly rh y ung the many bynand
tamily are is jures s an sy no ne ry r <1 a5< wine a the yI I < na m: ed 2 y \ll ties

he ituar le worship 01 ( od it so rover likely that such
A little nore remote mu the Church bred a was n of rel runs macrest had never been
the sucer venerable, and erhap influenal man realized the:e before. I= .= = =
in the ('bur to unce that tune e. aa .. n e
< ile was born ** seribe the homoniandebrantonitectionwbich
ally we a man of pervaded the whe e awarounty, and the lrcedorn
a vi 1 p-** pe =< line a specoven of the ran use, and (b a it i .eal-
unl4 be ife ad in ? <.noses, and engine. I * of

4 1 I y, i" (1., actual experm c. of we 0 nuighb >
1.2 nj n > eee
attran slow or speech, but time urni 4 for le } re 11a re ihtinci/ n rron replaced
cu ed in ab Ins optown wal prialpled and by anotb us to hu Ice us, and per crved in .s remark rise old s re, and LIcre has been aarmed hand
oric of his y there li.r pass, yet
I = 8 be spe a place shine repand
a ol<( seco" I and th wr when of to amela

Can y who ul i 1 I to cal a have nor he n .h anshed by tune or ab

nid tu is day lowb I ars
a 11 Iv n su cel ad J> b on

I El 10 fl j r nearly all usurned ca th er or al j
dear her elf b

hearted as r ,run
my door on I..ry ae bee"
th a 1 h J ]ho
the local pa clar mentimal

and more II
j(bt h a er sI en r ejLay I haca, Atacinar
riod, but site has herously home the bustinen terly confere.ue a br I o; a in I 7, he arose
r 1, a I I wous mol*hrers, been mul wab mot h fee!ing r Ir si to his brethren
0 * all tir pact in the neighbor that he h:vi prounsed had mann offer b can
hood, patter by ininisterd to the no an and 1:ee:..)urri rint s: 110 wou!J pr
0, sympalls:zed with al

onel I ody to flu arve < in the innermist I
]>uted all in her power ro.nivance ills Langdoul. He said that the run. 1.><1 come and wub many
told has lived to see her pt, crty wasted-her tears he submined hi ca ern h bred re 110
eldest sus smoked to th den on of <. inr an 4Men an unl soncred a n 1 II al

4 olo a at 0 -L ch

cup fro a yj uc

herr n on rjrro ail^t r ( e n a citrol or
UI her alt al rs perhap. I on he not peak lor nro Charle son 0minet a po ec:J.: of
the sweet, not its the want Santee, and extending trarn .11str ty's Ferry up
of apprecules Good pure and gentle, she to 150 tieset.horboad 01 the celebrated
shared rny fate for o., years. und, then been; Springe IIcie our Pl anonents were on plan
senousoned by 0<< Lord and .11as:er, she entered tumna exclusively, ,an] we luld forth under
the portab of I ,; . 1 The
heateusweer ] . m . I we
shall I be there 10 the family of .Mr. tod tlu paral C.intcy, [ found that vieverton to the wants of an the Large cut negrow of
the aged 0.1 tree, on the pair of her servant whom at was saul, that they bad never heard
which was rule esco ther, when a many main season Morn
ples ofusatualconfidenceaed sympathy between it was .x late.rlous fiell, and one that owners and servants exured anywhere use for many of her servants were the best and most reliab c ordinary mouses of hunna conduct could have
I have ever known. I must mention two or no influence No money or reputation were to
three, as their example deserves to be placed on be made; and although we were kindly cuter-
everlasting record. tainted by planters and overseers, and socially
There was old "John, the Weaver,'' as he our position was all thateould be desired, yet we
was called, and his wife, Betty? John was could not but perceive that our work was not
as truthful and incorruptible, as any white man always appreciated; and we were often discour-
living. Ilewasa Christian of quietunpretend- aged by the stupidity and indifference of the
ing character. Faithful to his God and his colored people themselves. They were not tobe
mistress, he desired nothingon earth so much as corr, I .1 .1 1. ,, I l'
her prosperity; and nothing in beaven, but to of il
see God, and meet his old mistress there. He reli I
survived her many years and I hope-I was 0 ,, [ .1 1 hoped
goingto say-tbathe is still living. Butno, the tu a days.
present confusion aud breaking up of all the old Ihave.reason to beheve that such was the result-
family ties would make life a burthen to him; Amongst the planters there who patronized our
I therefore rather hope he is in heaven too, mission werethe Porchers, GaillardsLeQueux,

Couturiers, De Hays, Palmers and Marions.
These, as will be perceived, were all of French
extraction, and were the descendants of the
Huguenots, who fled from France, on account of
the persecutions which followed the revocation
of the edict of Names. Their descendants in-
herited many of the virtues of their ancestors,
They were wealthy, educated, and polished in
their manners; quick and impulsive in their
temper, and generally temperate and sober in
their habits.
I shall never forgetthekindly welcome which
we received, at the house of Mrs. Marion, the
widow of the adopted son of Gen. Francis Ma-
e the many pleasant hours spent in her
as le society and that of her children,
from herl learned many interesting facts in re.
lationtothedistinguishedfamily of her husband;
, 1 that the author of the
1 .i.,, ,"the Rev. Mr. Weems,
had drawn largely on his fancy for his facts.
It was a real sorrow to be told that the whole of
the introductory part of that mgst deligh ul

4 ... ,.... ., , ..,n ,r ,, a ,,, ,
' had taken, that he would not speak to him, un.,
til the day of his death. Still, Weems' Life
of Marion," is one of the most readable books,

fo hleboo nhg es cially, n the Isat de ghh
and once I heard a common dither, repeat page
after page of it th the gre(tel I ro.I pdd

alepe contae y at hie o enot Belle Isle"await.
ing the resurrectionmorn.

fin 3 anamemwrsor the methouseEpmeopal
10?, J lies than -Giace he unto you and
peace, from God the Father, ami from our Lord
Jesus Chrut

the * .. .
lobing the Plan of 14 capal l airmans for the
comin: > menstances. to address you a speelal message of
connel, of I mourawn
A sancy * of el e ( hurches
unikr our edir ii u< with cralitude and hope..
by on ble-me at uni w< leave been able to
.. . .**
(.,,rt at clery slapartment of rtw Church-nns
soon try I = = I, I II .
-..0.1 = * *1 = = I
there had been a remporary suspensson 01 oper
.mon IIowes of word up which been
ourned d..wn <.r dainized, been rdnilt or
re cred, and the work pro on in their Jeep
or y, our people have not th< pr)adu al w I li i <1

{1. j

uter a the communine where they were
upon preach
, = the)preence of

the 1 of mill User testmany to the word of his
place and many rhousant als have becu can
verre and added to the el.urch
No slyeven where wearenwthy checomplaint
of le ened us.ans used strastened re ..urces --
Ikwar brothren, 0: the tacorne a care and
a on to you, so hole plead J against God ou t
claims Aware bc she be:. n orne ea
sale, apparent Hun reaL to al-u ed .,, a cInak
of e-avel.,tune A m:e that a rush cons n.:.n
had can go a meet my tu well J. up The

ri er ne
n .,.1s a rac
b ve alway 1<<" propers:00 to she ple''
r her th so the pa on of hw levi
[he not si and ur;..coolented death which
h pre re or try

n now favored fortune co. wh "

col a ply b line won of the uti now n onM
a ru aba wins

us / in one a a 1.? incre uni more

al Irwn a use rs no down ir..rn the Gener

two to chauve
le 00.1 1:-le at flie ( b i.eb. 1,1=4 votes
were or It, 1= :* The,.1:< native vote
ten a los than the rt. unred three iourths of the
can as plc cut and to so.:, rhe insite falls
For conutrence wub the motion to introduce

Iallur ut<> c Analal .and U I Ibe I inued thee four:h being bees,
., Lay repre entarton,
therefore, accordan; to tI e p!an abunated and
approved because a part of the oreaute law of
the ( Inveh

anar < tr us. 1::.1,h 3 < so bi e estl no rul v. weth:0k at well al at be Church. with
sin ur unanina:v, has on a to regard
fl e rvanve sanger lu twen shown
on r

r car nee
on b ur b vote inr lhte ir-

jau t unt unly, unw e, m unpracocable le
he may 1.0 allow features o' thw.wometh.ded fact loose Je.,
if ever p led as Ia
that men hobbuz po
motion, sad walu-ut :0 wr or pres ure,
train wabout call in the brethren to have at
wIrb them On venant of the citan -races
then exsung, our a Math wu organ red as
Amer em wh is nonma trul'"uy, an.
in v, ri any nice .
of 1, ** inthm gave lot e
had, a slo thesesoils, to tena--nal un!wres and

.. .. .. 3 * *
contemplate different objects, and at their best
estate are not model 1. 2 -
n ., I
I s .. I <
what we propose to do-adapted, within certain
limits, the best means to the end. In all their
rules 1 1 . L regard was had
to our .. I 1, 1 si,
in form or substance, .. ....
world "It is not necessary that rites and cere-
monies should in all places be the same, or ex.
actly alike; for they have been always ddlerent,
and may be changed according to the diversity
of countries, times, and men a manners, so that
nothing be ordained against God's word? Or.
dining, changing, and abolishing, within these

limits, is lawful for "every particular Church,"
"so that all things may be done to edification.'
Our Church, under the blessing of its Divine
Head, has spread abroad into twenty-nine An-
nual Conferences, and taken on a breadth of
evangelical enterprise. For years, more or less
informally, her sense of need and propriety has
been evincing itself in the effort to bring the
laity into co operation with the ministry in ear-
rying forward this enlarged work, maintaining
the subsidiary interests which have gathered
about her, and in meeting the weighty responsi-
bilities and multifarious carea of the household
of faith. The mind of the Church has been
long maturing to thepresentconclusions. Hence,
the consent and quietaess with which thissoim.
portant measure has been inaugurated.
Now upon the laity will largely rest the re-
sponsibility of working it. Brethren, show your
seal for the Lord's house by leaving your farms,
your shops, your merchandise, your ofEees, and
other employment to attend the Annual and
General Conferences. We need not urge upon
you the duty of appointing, as re resentatives,
men proved and tried, large-min ed and large
hearted, who will count it no hardship to devote
the time and travel necessary to the discharge of
representative functions. Make a conscience of
this matter. Let there be a pause in the too

To ert ap nor le nastn Tn t sehroj of
the Church, which has aciaim on the best talent,

anad is field where true glory and immortality
The General Conference enacted a rule for
promoting the religiousinterestsof the freedmen,
concerning which we would say, that after
year's observation and partial trial, it seems to
be the best for doing whatever we can do for
this people. Beyond it we havenoother advice

on a tnhann tojg deby rcmm lour at
vanon We refer you to capline:
vu can What shall be done to pro-
more the lielrgrous Interests of the Colored

le 11, are 1. Let our colored nuctubdEs be
organized as separate pastool charges, where-
ever they prefer n, used thearnumbersuaay justi-
fy it
Let each pastoral charaeof colored mem-
bers have are own Quarterly conference, com-
posed of otheral rncuibers, asprovidedfor to the
helpline," et
1 rather proviswns are,;tven f oran ecclesiasti-
cal organarn ** occasion anayro-
quire, in due < = [ e whteb nothing to
to be 1. ** restrained We are to
do a or < ... . n the openings of Prove-
our design is to continue so the course here
bowl <]own Some progre s has been made la
11.0 or time and hterarv order-, the coe of colored preacher unread of
n h ]

ed 1 1 cof j ed
is and a club a pastwar col du e8jorn

ship to alienation from us, has shown symprotus
of a react on, and so several places they are re-
turning to us pastoral care, in many, they have

theorres, but simply that = s
sympathy and moral discipline which have hero-
tolore been so blessed to us and them
In rbis connection we call your attention to No 1, on the stue subject, adopted by
the General Conference, and published in its
Whereas, the conditson of the colored people
of the booth to now essentially chanced and
whereas, the interests of the wls re..nd colored
ple are niarcreall) depend or >oo the nucils

6 ee and artue of thw Irace, rb r we have l aul.
what ch 1 anb I E ch /o{zrnb
ha alwa s eton.ed to bcptj of end of that no
ple, a el 110 vindicated by rh cominuousland
successful exerrians rroute so their behalf to i
structing and evangeheng the n, and a is im-
portant that we should cautio t

"It ed These retain eral to our peopk
the or b anent of day wboul-, under proper
8 and unarworthy teachers, for the

Th a res ution, in spirir, requires what we

schools and teachers as at descries We aus
not want lor pubile openon to form t clf rapht
on is subject, but contabute to tr formation
Anphing hke the unacans of the e honestly
engaged 10 this work sea valation of the p edge
to each other, to the colored people, and to God.
lan niortilabucendlar@* nd polut oth rr up

sea, thi resolution challenges nograpathy, but
a tar as we may prevent it.iet no man or woman
be treated with less respect, on be thought the
less ol, merely because bcor she reaches a negro
chool Amonst such a prejudece from what
at r ta are arising. let us make coniumn cause

While we congratulate you oras;n of a more
intunate and visible unaun web u of other ce
clesiastical organizations holing the ause doc.

to a c 1 n 0 a
t liurch a co r Pro r eat ap. n

1 if

debir rn Method r rum a or too a
neglected places, but where on c. 0 re mous
abound and where the are faily preached, according to the stamiards
once held in cornrnon wnh us by the Church
which seuds thous The object of these intra
sunusu, therefor< if they preach Methodist 800-
trines only, is achism, El they bneg a new pos.
pel, at is here y in sonic communates they
. 4 nu-

< dbabalattes-all which evale am to be es-
4 by alliance unh UKni Ity an open mid
shocking prostitution to political partisanehip,
they have found doubtful foothold among some
who are ready to use a Church or any other 2n-
strument for the furtherance of their purposes.
Verygenerallyour ministers are betaginstrue.
ted in the hard lesson-to suffer need. They
are giving the gospel to the people in the same
spirit of faith that animated our apostoho ex-
emplars, who, though cast down, were not de-
= I .. lexed, they were never in despair.
I I been brought to our knowledge
recently, an nearly every Conference, of great
privations cheerfully borne. Brethren of the
ministry, if any do complain and are ready to
faint under these thInge, remember your vows
Have we really given up all for Christ? Do we

~_ _____~

Vol. xxx. No. 31

reference to Watson's Dictionary, as above;
Wesley'. Sermons. vol IV; Discipline; Hymn-
Book RiverseElements of Moral Philosophy

can n n i rwell bt

-- -


I deem the appointment of a fast day and of
a week of religious exercises, as of great impor-
tance. I think that it will result in great good
to' and to the country.
The call of the Bishops is founded on the
conviction, that the church needs to be greatly
stirred and baptised with the Holy Ghost,
both in a ministry and membership; and they
could think of no instrumentality so well calcu-
lated to bring about this desirable result, as the
holding such meetings as those contemplated,
It is des ned that there shall be an extraordi-
le to-
nary and united effort, calling the peop
gather in every portion of the Southern church,
to spend several days in religions exercises.
Let us all go up to the altars of God in the
spirit of honest self examination, can asion,
and supplicat r = if I ,, 1 1,
The church I r 1 = = -1 it *
time when she more needed help from God than
.r: and our country never was enshrouded
won a darker pall, than that which now covers
its future. We have trusted to political dema-

gun dand they have bro hthus we eil d
vastated the country and lail our homes and
our churches in ashes, and filled thousands of
graves with the best and bravest of the land,
has left the country cursed with a wide-spread
destruction of morals, such as follows always in
the wake of war. Men have learned to disre,
I debts -
gard the r . 1 1 .. are re.
pudiated vt.. ** opportunity,
theft upon a grand scale followed the close of
the war; the Yankees and Confederates for
once united, and.cotton stealin was regarded as
lack of
very allowable; and there was no very
specious reasons to justify the deed. Many a
man became suddenly rich, on what had been
stolen from his neighbor; and the deed was
winked at by many men of those county d the
more respectable and moral portion of the com-
munity. By such means, sterling integrity, the
only safe foundation of character, has been im.
paired. The wise provisions of the Discipline
d and un into debt often
1 h pr bdeb ity of syitrg. In consequence,
hard feelings and hard words abound among
r., I ._1 c. This of course leads to back.
li irit of love is not cultivated-
the narone otogrn esi forgotten rh us little
power with God.
Sinners all around are sinning and dying, and
sinking to perdition; anti yet the Christians
around them feel barely an occasional concern
for them. Yes, in many instances our own
children are going to ruin, yet it disturbs us not,
We sleep on, as though their souls were searcely
worth enri for
our burns. Thenweought to have built up our

H dra IInstitution edre ni o l>au a
land and negroes for our sons and daugh tera.

noboessure, weehad abniltso esen weth

bee ri a chm h on t chlym ovned t
less-but the gifts were generally measured
nicely, and were rarely in proportion to either
the importance of the object or the ability of
the subscriber.y of our rich men, we fear, have

not, as a general thing, made matters straight
with Godin reference to the proper use of their
and somewhat of the scourging with
wmen we are now being visited may have ref
erence to the past.
When we were prosperous, we worshipped
self ; and now that the sun of our glory has set,
we can searcely adapt ourselves to our altered

o or y nge op at tto fo enote
times, when they had plenty to wait on them.
Yet we must unlearn many of our former ways;
and I have no doubt we shall come u nob
2 7
to the work after a little more experience,
But we shall have need of help from God to
enable us to do all which will 'oe required of us,
But we must dwell a little longer upon the cou.
edition of matters in Church and State. Man
of us are gloomy, and have become prophets of
evil-full of all manner of bad things, such as
poverty and starvation. To be sure, they have
enough note; but oh! the dark, the gloomy fu.
.ture The seem to have fo otten that God
y rg
reigns, and has all the money and all the food
at his command.
The Government has made oaths so common,
that many reprd an Otth M Of no Vaine, and
8 an? t tl$ o g 2 as 2 it should
of position or b "7
Where I tusiny ality and power of the
church, as 0 once manifested itself among us,
in days past ? Have not the pulpit and the pen
declined in this respect ? Are there not man
amon wh 7
th g us, o never consecrate their houses by
e voice of the morning and evening prayer;
and yet they have knelt at our altars for many
years. Perhaps it may be worse. It may be,

Jesus ? Is it any wonder that so many crowd .
our churches, who have never known the joy of
pardoned sh-who have not yet received the gift
of the Holy Ghost ? O, brethre a that
anch a case, should you not, IIyoand alteery
mightily to God that He bestow upon you this a
crowning gift ?
God grant that the meetings in August may s

bedhe glorious tio the ovue ow gt echureohf
he Holy Ghost. Oh! that from'that meeting i
may date a universal revival of the work of the
Ioly Ghost. n
But in order that such ults
res may follow,
here are a few things to be considered through- c
ut the whole church: k
Let there be a universal burial of prejudice y
nd clearine of all hearts of malice and of all s
akind feel. a
angs. Let there be a general healing
f breaches and shaking hands in your hearts, t
o that when you come up to the meeting you T
ay enter upon.yourwork withan heart full of p
kindness and love to all. R be
emem r, that when

comprehend this matter of consecration? Are
we willing to hve poor for Christ's sake? Or
do we make it a condition of our fidelity that

f:i."."Abe well naScr e e e
murmur and rapino about it? Do we not take

,, ,, n ,, / e*/ utneer
make a merit of it
Eo far as we can see. the burden of the great
Methodist work in Ameries is upon us. We are
to abjure ambition and endure hardness. We
are to do God s work. As a Church, we have
nothing to do hot God's work. Original Meth-
odium proposed to itself this only-to spread
Scriptural holiness over the earth. Whenever
Churches, as such, begin to dabble in politics,
i i 1 ,1 le .nssT ut n fo

vor of the President against Congress, or vice
veract, they are already far gone from God. No
wonder, after this, if they should become so un-
scrupulous as to ask and demand that the par-
b rn wTh cil lia >r epowero n bCwarod
others. This deadness of conscience, this greed
1 ,h ,1....11, from
it . .. .. .. Pop-
confined to Popery alone.
11 political opinious have a right to
hear GorPs word at your month, and to share in
your kind and pastoral eare, without being re.
buked directly or indirectivexceptfor their sing
in determining which GoPs word is to be your
only 7. 1 1 ..
The " ' s 1 1 Church, South, is a
witness for the Bibia as the only and suf5cient
rule of faith and practice. 110< entire history
is an assertion of this that 110< existence has
just this
standard of morals,
faith. Against every system of philanthropy
that affects a higher spirit of benefteence than

& > gl to a nilese
olity of the eble is pu>e; to pretend anythi'F

sacting the mem
This is notitue
to abate our testimony adainst worldliness in all
its forms. Our Church has never faltered in its
teachings or modified its tone in relation to
dancing, theaters, the mandheture and sale of
ardent splits, drunkenness, revealing, and such
like, as demoralizing and fatal to godliness.-
Now, that we are threatened with these evils,
1-i ft 1, we renew our warnig-
stril attended with their
ancient testimony or blessing. The late rule of
the Ocoeral Conference concerning this means
of grace, deprived it of none of its edifying
power. We exhort preaches and people every-
where tonttend them, audif in any locality class
' "

Though the General Conference has not for-
mally introduced District Meetings into our
economy, they seem like other prudential regu-
]ations which have proved advantageous, to be
J. 3 .. . . I =1 wants and
nectional system Stations, circuits, da
alons must be taught thathoweverdiatinet, they
a , i T. .. .

3 .1
ration of discipline, and the like; and also, as
have been prospectively provided in several of
the Conferences, for the appointment of lay rep-
resenta vj o set a proper estimate on experi-

mental religion and the conununion of saints,
the love-feast is and will be a delight: the love-
feast held-not as the manner of some is, but,
as curruleadireetwith closed doorsto which, be-
sides tuembero6serion liersons only are adenittend
mloistrators of discipline to come back to it, in
ever rticular wherein a lax usage may have

Insist on a family altar in every house. No
substitute has over been fonud for family reli-

gxojinally, brothren, remember that rules and ,

v ,ti' it r. .. I disa.

tl i , r the perfecting of the

edifying of the body of is, t t ,n re the
us el unity of thel ch aradl Im knowlu

the measure of the stature of the fullness of
We propose that Frida., if,1. r *
I 1 0 -thatGodMuld

= 1 pirit upon us and
upon all flesh, that he would show us our sina
and help us, by a true repentance. to turn away
from them; that he would send forth laborers
Into his harvest, who may serve him more faith,

Ida cl 2 > 0 a ch7nds mtoo secr as
places; that he would grant us all those bles
sings, temporal and spiritual, we have need of
And we thrther propose that this day of special
p e-r-pr. I p---r 1 7,---4--1 wherever practi-
a [.1 I I : . the previ-
I 1 day till the
Sabbath following.
And now, bre ren, we commend you to God
and to the word of his grace, which is able to
build you up, and to gave you an inheritasee
among all them which are sanctified.
,TAlfEs O. ANDREw,
Roman PAlan,
GEo. F. PIEnca,
E. M. MAnvrw,
Aprill8, 1867,

By request we republish the Course of
The Bishops have the whole Course of Study
under revision; but the old one stands for the
resent Conference year, and perhaps the next.
0 will certainly not be disturbed this year. We
publish it below, with the studies that have been
prescribed, upon which those will be examined I
who apply for admission on trial into the trav-

.. ""vit::::Fregrit
Rules concerning the Duty of a Preacher as laid
down in the Discipline: Written Essay or Ser-
hast YEAR-The Bible: Historical and Bi.

rbTe I ndparjeo ede icoenato Watso a
with new Biblical Atlas, and Preacher's Tez
Rook; Wesley's Sermons, vol. I; Discipline
Hymn-Book, Clark's Preacher's Alanual; Wat'
so on i ales par II The logi le Com-

b. i . . Watson's
I. vol. II
I* I lysis
ifymn-flook; No idt's Elements of IT nity -
Watson's Institutes, part IV; Watson's Life of t
Wesley, and Observations on Southey; Essay
or Sermon, with reference to Qnackenbos's Ad-
vanced Course of Composition and Rhetorie.
Turno YEAR-The Bible: as to Dootrines, a
with reference to W I
Wesiey's Sermons, as i. .1r. ll, a .
Book; Watson a Institutes, part II; Whateley's o
Rhetoric; Essay or Sertuon, with reference to s
Vinet's Pastoral Theology. m
Focus YEAR.-The Bible, generally, with k

the Holy Ghost enme down on the day of Pen- preachers overywhere, the alnutus, the zealou
tecost, the disciples were all together with one Chastun bases of our church, are invoked
accord in one place. Again, inquire, "have I knd a helpm; hand The unbscrophone co

on wh ny m em do ha ghues and all lee ra ct atten, i:.y father" nunher, an
his household been fed and clothed ?" Remem- honor,.hy S40 for inh pen by any one of th
ber, that God requires thus much of you. .(, it a r I
FinaHy, have yo yoursdlering I ' '
neighbors, during these dayf o

every Christian man or woman I .. . .s .
set their house in order, so that is I now-none unni the o
blessing of God may rest on us all before the ganwarson of the .L.socianon-whsch annect l
meeting b ins. JAs. O. Anasw. 4.11 winter The pledge to is an annual pay
eg >( slo-ver, in the nature of she care, i

The Amerious District Meeting. news be a voluntary Jonsison few ye ur to yea
and of circurnstances at e to resuler also re

we k, ucuor a Poe tots e iohla Meeting last tl n .000 the at upra tw unt
before i
only regret that duty called us away to where one withduwa or du <, othrs may
close. It met at Fort Yalley, audUishopPierce sound to take Us- p see 160 point in to kee
presided. It had an eilicient secretary in A. A the subscription up to at host live humire
AdamsEsqbdf bAmericiss. The P.1 ,1Rev. C. names, from this imme onward, forever--
wett, een expecting ag ag swans well be use, to s lhes an areamersto"
-had zealously urged a general attendance of hals do th="
the delegates, and he and Rev.E. II. McGehee We awart request, mth mines ami pos
of the cinenit, had made every arrangement for ol!ices of those who will join in this great aw
a glorious meeting-but, we think, they had on.l and lasting work 10. the benelic of th
hardly anticipated the half that was felt and hurch and the of God We behere tha
seen, during the tour days the church was in an tellie c.anva< to, of all our churches from
council in Fort Valley. The half cannot be s board, as.] Man: the live ima
told. thed n...inhers in three months I et it b
17e do not propose to detail the proceedings so vie, and as will sode upon rhe othrt
-that will be done oilicially. But we think a
--- -
few things noted are worthy of special mention. A WEEK OF PRAYER. *
Were any prese..I al. Ale41 to rely
upon the zeal and of, .= I rI brethren The second to theul hunday m.lugust, incl
and doubted the policy of asking them to co. seve, =,braces the week squested to the linel.
erate with the ministryinbearingtheburdens ops Pastoral Address, last sprsue, as the wee
the church service, the last doubt must have for bolding July service to our churches, gone
been dispelled during tble meeting. These rally, if at all practicable Here as an occasio
brethren entered upon their duties with an in- c.elling lor the zedous labors of every preacher
telli reciation of their responsibility, and cshorter, class leader, member Where thes
prosecuted them with an ardor that greatly ea- can he no preaching, there can be prayer mee
dared them to the pastors present, and that eng-if not by d ay, yet by night-ef not with th
brought them all into the rich fellowship of .sidot the olficiary at the church, yet in private
kindred minds. We have learned that the houses-Christian ne*;,hbors recenag togethe
elosin sension-after we had left-when the and "comib:Laux one another and edtlying us
5 ,,
brethren were interchanging opinions as to the other
profit of the Meeting and, under its inspiration, Friday the 17th August, is the appointed da
renewing their vows of lidelity to each other and of fasting and prayer. This, at least, can b
to the church, was transcendental glorious. The universally observed. Let it be done-let it b
oferi seemed at once received by the Holy a true that. And on this day, it possible on n
ag I
Ghost other of the week, every congregation shou
The earnestness and deep sympathy of the meet, and engy member, not hindered by ins
brethren with all she interests of the church, perable diflieulties, should be present.
to We blish th k the "Bishops' Ad
appearedduringour stay, speelally at two poin repu la wee
worthy of mention, ghe educational Interests dress" to the churches. Some .have request
of the church were before the meeting, and it it, proposing to road it, on that day. At least
happened that several of the sons of Emory there is to be found, in the topics it touches on
College were there as delegates-with their for- an excellent basis for instruction and exhorta
naer beloved President, Bishop Pierce, in the tion. To amplify its themes judicionely-espe
Chair. Their hearts were fired by recollections cially where duty is urged-will be to make
of the past, and they made such pleas for suitable address, for he occasion.
"Alma Mater," and such pledges of support Of course, every body will read Bishop Au
hereafter, as must bring forth good fruit.- drew's remarks offered this week, on the day
Again; when the question of ministerial sup- and the proper services of the day. They
port, the building of parsonages and kindred search the heart; and, it were well, that thi
topless werenpseveral prominent laymen evinced should be a day of universal heart searchag.
in their feeling and telling speeches, such sym- We are convinced, that if weenlydo cur duty
thy with the minister and love for their pas- and the members of the Church come up as
rs as would make an a oice to serve unit to the work and service of God that second
such hearts. A fire has been kindled that many week in Augast will be a time long to heremem
waters will not quench. The case of one afflicted bered in this prorld and in heaven-
and absent brother, whose work had not done Let us p in advance, that it may be so, in
much and could do little for him, was mention- our private d options, in our family and socia
work, and has statement and that which followed

nodmna athyolay r law shner in the abas 8 ort of the Ministry.
deeply on the audience, that in a few minutes The Repoi f the Committee on the Suppor
and sp taneously as it were, a purse of $100 of the Ministry, presented by T. M. Furlow
was made up for him. 1 sq., of 4merious, to the Ameriens District

ser lat whatTsoh y astTh I leo ar n at a b u9 a
of the Spirit were presentat every service woubt this request-and also so strongly endorse the
give but a feeble idea of the prevailing and address that we make it do service in our edito-
sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost that rested rial columns-being short of "copy" of our

ser on v tpeodn ope a c asi s n ""uore, a totu r endbl rea n roe repto es c
the ordinary range of pulpit topics. All the situation. The Report anys
sermons we heard, up to Saturday right, would
have been appropriate to a camp meeting in the The reports of p 3 .. I
highest tide of revival. All specialities wcro veral a acrip ethe fue/, that whilst some
reserved for disession in the Meeting. The charges have done well towards the support of
sermone were devoted to religious experience their pastors and families for the present year,
and the daily practical duties of Christianity.- many have contributed but little to that object,
We have learned too, that this was the charac. up to this tame. We would not be understood
as implysug even a dereliction of duty on the

us iths a teach ag uph gthcana 1eseAas c le 1 lith nowho ecoficial du i 8 toenginch
blages of the church oilicers be made more pro stewards have, doubtless, done the best they
fitable, than in rekindling the flame of religious could, considering the many unpropitione* cir-
zeal and love in their hearts, by a fervent pre- cuinstances surrounding them. The desolations
of Cl of a recent war-a failure the past year, in the
sentation of the fundamental truths tris- crops, the consequent scarcity of provisions and
tian experience and practice. We consider all the imperative demand, thereby, for the use of
discussions of mooted questions and collateral r a.,r
topics in the pulpit on oneh oeensions as a mis- I*,, ,
take. A revival wave, we verily believe, will able and charitable, to meet the demands of
th their preachers, with anch a supply of money as
now sweep over this entire District from is was their woat or as is commensurate with their
Meeting, each as it has never experienced Le- religious duty and obligation.
fore. It is pro fle, however, that in some cases
We understand, that tholove-feast on Sunday under review, these evils might have been
morni was a Pentecoatal season. IftheFath- remedied, if not entirely relieved, by a proper,
ng well-digested system of operations. When the
ers of Methodism had risen from the dead and hearts of our0burch members are full of relig-
been present, they would scarce know that they ion and their purses well filled wsth money-
had been asleep a half country, so like was this means of supporting the preacher, can be ob-
to those occasions in which they led the worship tained with bat Rttle trouble and independent of
any particular well defined plan. But if the
of 2 e p rserce had preacned on Babbath reverse be true, then success can be obtained,
only throng arell orgammed system and by the
w dn uti ersed a ar the Lord's Supper exTrd economyvery b said aci le h of her
nicants, and great grace rested on the assembly. past history, has been wanting in system, order'
The rolls of such arrangement, as to her finances. The law of the
p a meeting cannot be com- church once phipulated an amount which a trav-
puted. Its influence will be felt by the entire a selling preacher might receive for support of
church in the District, and even beyond. What himself and htnily, but it rested with the sense
is yet to come of it cannot be told; for, though of mord obligation in the people served, whether
the.Districk Meeting closed its labors on Satur- they paid it or not. The contributions being
day, the roll ous servaces wer otracted and arholly voluntary and no legal obligation attach-

gh an Undlaes up oeg ere w ea nI st ha e eseh d pon a3
added to the Chure of Christ. through along lifethey have enjoyed the church,
participating freely no all its privileges, sharing
in its growth popular honor and esteem,
Emory College-Plan of Endowment. without its having cost them one dime
Bishop Pierce, in his communication, details tailVhilst we wonjddn havehth chur main-
simple plan for the perpetual endowment of yet we would have the moral law and the obli-
Emory College. The capital is not invested in gations of region so enforced and brought to
tocks, or lands, or bonds, but it is found in the bear upon church members, as to stimulate each

lose dd rh ree ledrhe e in rsd pne o)einstribut 2 an9ohe uw t g
n its perpetuation and growth to the largest in patriotism who, under ordinary cironmstances,
proportions of a first-elass College-and may we seeks to evade it. The law of Heaven demands
ot hope that their a name is legion." If that Christ's sheep should be fed, and it has in
unmastakeable language, bid his disciples go
Methodists love it-see its necessity to the suc- forth and preach his gospel in every land and to
ess of their church, and to the extension of the every creature. Are we not then forced to
ingdom of their Master, no endowment can question the religious sincerity of him, who is
ield a more certain income, or be based upon a loud an professions of love to Christ and his dia.
afer aeourity. ciples, yet who will, through mere avarice, with-
hold the means necessary to execute this great
Now, we beg that this list of five hundred- command, enacted in Heaven and promulgated
he immortal five hundred-be filled up atonee. on earth by Christ himself?
here is need for it, to give the Trustees a As professing Christians, we make it a point
roper basis for moving forward in the line of of religious bonor to pay our just debts when
contracted between man and man. We begin
uty they have marked out for themselves. The in due time to snake arrangements to meet

s I promptly our promises to pay, and we are morts ston, the t:mes, and the sersons responsibilitie
, lied, if not humbled, when we fat to do so I of the young n to a May his shadow neve
l 10e borrierraneniey and pay in anaul rea nees grow its "

d ,2,nr ndtnu 0 ( n tr no e r l one wrnipo did bu dre ort us
e of pleasure-leve lure onsly-train day to day, tin permlir, but us unitied your unnistry b
remnon verr-ovon o ne, so at I ...

that we do not owe 0mi .need be cause evou a by General John U Gordon His dierne we
f single dollar of intercut I al-bye, Mental and Moral The speech wa
We must be puntual so the payment of nor prunt ... yet orware, bold so its declassason o
r worldly contract to preserve enract our cre dit, auth, yet decreet and acheste an language
e best as no - the pre scher to most our contena nce unseen at abilfully I
t punclu ality as ob erved to neceson t' = 4 * lectric effect of it on
hous due ibe (ad of caven, an, our emello I..s brown.n, when alth the tire of battle in has
r, ** * * * = eye, I 1 * Methinks it could
a * = * have 1 = I 1 .*1 the confusson of abe

Providence shall ble-a us with f ruitlul harvests Ib lide other pens well narrare and descrshe and
and abundant means onlo ive I will come to more senous matters
e in paration hu< asked the elemn querimar 1 var and ars dreasters, 1:inary Colleen ha
p "wif a nian rob Cod! God hmmelf an-wers kst a bushut thousand dollars of its endow
d the < aestson from the conrts of II.aven "lint 1.
d no ljin nonenpr sor"ul < eral a It h as pt pays a very small develand Some
ed honor which you have secure!uits our., sa unitively tuainmend betore the washi count.) ahke demand tr We cannot afford to
t I four hone-sy has not been questunned by rhe l world lint God who sees your every noome t, un able Faculty, more apparama, more la
e who scans your every rhought, and know your bran-repers are nonded-a contingent lund
t evoy amon, pronounces you a robber, and pro wary to get and keep all these--we mus
aluces rise proof that 11xu she swerable, honous A 0, a. my ch, there a the rd Well
screen solelshly upon you Are)on, my broth. "Set J. p<>.rrJens
or, inclined in this andset cent of use court ni I propose a new plan I will not ask for hun
e leaven? II.ave you not withhdal-are 308 we <.r thousands-not now, perhaps never
now withbolding rathes and offerings, due God / 1 do not want your wayntal, you can keep to
line you ten carefoi and made baste, winn I coasM not ement at saliefactortly 11 I had at
you have gaihered your harvest to measure God a portion, and p!ace 10 an his garner. or can-hut I want wave interest, just a tele, arid
have you robbed him of he portions end used it it.r the -ake of system and ceriamlyletus form
\ou would a t, 300 an JEve..wire:v7 AssacrArros, have a Pres
not treat your ILitew Jent, beernary arol Treasurer, meet manually at
k ""n a r = &:ra. Oxlord, have a speech, a grand elebratiou

noiry 2p n Your Committee feels that there us a a py annually
, up among our people to the subject of \*Hq, Let all
e real support The mierenage of rdea< a tour natues to
plans, among the delegates to the mean, hu me at arra, or to 1)r EH .11yers, at Macon
developed the fact, thus in charges, where one No evioney will be adid for before Jonary
e systern has been adopted much greater wears st I be subsenber can pay quarterly, eems
e has attended the efforts of the stewards, slan annually, or usually, at ble own convenience
r where there has been wanung ovely ple wher All at once wal be best for the College The
e than the old baphazard systern of vo unrary plan will develope itself-the derals will be
contributions, and the Committee hate accord settled when we oaganise tbc Association
mgly digested a plan and oBer at to this meet- lapped to the minums-to the Methodists of
y ing, as one proper to be recommended to all 11 = s 1 : 3 .. I re-to the friends
e churches. -- I 0 '>cation. It is a
e [This plan will be published with other pro. little up grade just now, but motion will over-
o seedings of the Meeting. ED.] come resistance. Give us a start. The machine
d will run, if you will push. One shore, my
--- friend, just now. There, that will do-thank
REGISTERING LETTERS, you. Dr. Myers will report progress through
the Advocate.
The new system of transmitting registered Friends and brethren, if you do not rush to
d letters went into operation on the let instant- my side, I shall be compelled to won you with
A new style of canvass envelope, of large size line upon line. Be warned, and mak haste.
s and of an appearance to attract the attention of 9, y plEROE.
distributing clerks, has been introduced. The Sunshine, 22d Jady, 1867.
printed directions on these envelopes read as
fo loP tmasters, route agents, railway postoilice ex TVe join BishopuPiereetsin the le go abloone
a clerks and receiving clerks, handling this regis rg ge ,
tered package envelope while in transit, are re- throughout the Conferences Interested in the
- quired to keep a record of its number, post mark existence and work of Emory College.
with date), address, date of its receipt, and the E. H. Myers, Maeon, Ga

b f isme1fo tztMby them onRblankns and E.1 ans, Colu37abe G
s and railway postaffree ele will also take a re- C. W. Smith Macon, Ga.
ceipt for it (to be carefully preserved) when it W. C. Bass, Maeon, Ga.
, leaves their hands; and when such receipts J. W. Burke, Maeon, Ga.
a cannot be obtained at the time, there will be W. H. Mitchell, Macon, Ga.
placed in the pouch with this envelope a receipt W. F. Robison, Macon, Ga.
to be signed by the postmaster of the office at E. Saulsbury, Macon, Ga
- which the pouch is first opened. This receipt
the postmaster will sign, nud return it (directed
to the route agent or railway poetoSice clerk) by Union springs District Meeting.
l nexdma 1 rative arbret'erottletendhathy- The D.iskict Meethignion 8 s Dis-
Level, beginning on Thursday, lifty 11n7
'sterinthi w un til w kt tre ad -the Presi t321 odpee i ,, 4JouphhB. or eld

t hope our Agents will adopt it, wherever these deep regret at not beaug able to secure the atten.
envelopes have been introdneed, to send us even danot of one of the 10shops, as all were so en-
the smallest sum of money they can command. dl' glph ab inkan t

b w notmo aremittances for we are dread- o so a dsian

this year, but eirpressed the hope and purpose of
BTsuor Donant has returned from his long doingso next year. Rev. James W. Shores was
tour in the West. He is looking remarkably eleCjo nSi randd .nN.dilw3eA ant

o a nh Td on, Bi Cnus S a etheMI s
people. He reports most favorably of the condi Church Extension, Sunday Schools, and Re
tion and prospects of our church in the West. ligious Literature.
7, District Meetings he regards as destined to Cols. II. Peoples and R II. Powell from
take a most important place in our economy. neon e82p toStalmonGo Ca desolutson
The attendance of preachers and people, the increase of the number of Bishops, so as to have
questions discussed, and the information elicited at least one for every two Conferences. This
in regard to the whole workof the church, make was referred to a special Committee, which re-
these gatherings, in the estimationof the Bishop, ported 1vorably, and the recommendation was
moome e is iso ari icl ad her k a ing such a modifzeati a2a ution brelcom n
ding Elder anpervision of Districts, asto obviate
RANDOLPH MACON COLLraz.-At the recent so much useless traveland yeesecure the benefits
commencement of this excellent institution, the of the of free to the Church. This was referred
Degree of D. D. was conferred upon Rev. Bishop to the Committee on Church Extension, and in
blarvin, of Missouri, Reve.Nelson Head, W. W. the report of that Committee it is suggested that
Bennett and John E. Edwards, of Virginia, and instead of as now, the P. E. being at large
over the District, he be appointed to some Cir.
S. S. Rossell and John Poisall, of Baltimore; cuit or Station, and that two District-meetings
and the degree of LL. D. was conferred upon i i 1] 1 am si which meetings much
Rev. Bishop G. F. Pierce, of Georgia, and Rev. -if unted to the Quarterly
James F. Dowdell, President of E. Ala. College Conferences be transferred. This, with the
Auburn, Ala., all of the M. E. Church, South other items of the Report was adopted.
After the appointment of the Committees, the
pastors were called upon for a statement of the
BISHOP EARLY, we are glad to learn, says the condition of their several works, and each was
Richmond Christian Advocate, will attend some questioned freely and fully by the Meeting, so
of these meetings in our Conference, and give that when all had been brought out, the Com.
mittees had data upon which they could make
his mature wisdom, and valuable experience to their reports. Incidental to the statements of
aid the younger ministers and laymen who may one of the pastors, a spirited discussion sprung
be present. He is to attend such a meeting at up as to the relative duties and obligations of
Amberst Courthouse for the Lynchburg District. pastors and people. So full and eatisfactory was
the whole range of Church enterprise and econo-

ofl)R. HARRIsoeNis NzwG a----Thot no an gt to beeno a 1\7edtil this edisons
ferences is invited to the position made b upon the Reports of Standing Committees, only
prop y a little conversational discussion was had, except
Rev. W. P. Harrison, D. D.,respecting his pro" on the evil of buying, making and drinking
posed volume in defense of the Southern Meth- ardent spirits, and the Meeting rounded off its
odist Church, against all asenilants. labored in a most satisfactory manner, leaving not
a scrap of unfinished business upon the table,
Gurns DrsTalca MEETING.-Thepreachers Throughout there wasa promptness and brevity,
and delegates to this Meeting will please note a candor and deference, and, withal, a brotherly
dud i ni 0 odinoclude de Endh3ianbb8e ten Au> ee d rhr a e fo to prose

as at first announced. had felt and expressed misgivings relative to the
utility of such meetings were thoroughly con-
verted to their favor and went away, finally, ex.
pressing themselves as edified and strengthened,
weThe strictliy eligiousniservica d tt l oo
A. M., every day, except on the day the Meet-
mg convened.
EMORY COLLEGE* On Friday morning the opening sermon was

Afr. commone n ory IkgEe, ag suspended, I en 9s a 0 us nr
is living again. She has risen from the dead. the ministry from the word of God as ordained
Though stripped of her endowment, and now by Christ, nod vindicated the distribution and
bereaved of her President, her pulse of life as extension of ofteial function and prerogative, as
strong, her heart full of hope, and her future the exigencies of time and cironmatance have
bright with promise. The recent Commence- demanded new prudential and economic arran
ment was an interesting occasion. There was ments for carrying out the great central idea
an antebellum erowd in attendance. The rev- theGospel-"Theapread ofeariptural holiness.'
erend and venerable Trustees were on hand as He showed the parallel between the rise and
usual-fashion with her worshippers was there- development of the primitive Church and thatof
the surrounding country rallied as aforetime- Methodism-vindicating the late modification of
joy and gladness ruled the hour. The speakers the polity of the M. E. Church, South, by show-
acquitted themselves well, very well. The ing it to be a violation of no staple principle of
prices were delivered by Dr. Harrison, accompa- the society first organized around and under Mr.
med by a characteristic speech--sensible, unique Wesley. The sermon was forcible, perapienous,
and spirited. The bacoalaureate of the retiring and appropriate, and very materially qualilled
President was strong, appropriate to the ocea- the members of the convoution for their duties

s by so tamel clearing away the obstructions of
r theoretic oubt and mingiving The preacher
took high ground in behalf of educatmg our

e nFm5s e befo c re no them I eo
the Church as now to provide for this by 1 borni
contributions and by wree and prudent arrange-
nonouse duouardal)a are sno saflo ninend ree

s great salestinction
f On Saturday morning at 11 0 clock, the vene-
, rableStephen F Psiley preached from. "lo these
days the mournin of the Lord a house shall be
estabbehed upon the top of the mountains and
over the hills.&e Thasserman wave rare treat
('haste so styk wide so range of thought-Ibe
ddlivent mounts rs or devisions so printed and
blended togethe- .0 codent on ty as to give the

e a InMol I 1 Myron try: re lu
emed that the whole movement of the season
s was easy, unrnrnI and pkasing Ae jealous as
the writer is for the dignity and character of the
t blethodest parlost, he felt that he wonid have
he a edthe b rid jemi 8. In ft a an5

the Prembyvrian Church, concluded the services,
and it was specuHy gratelying to see how (1.0
vermon had otTected hun, as evinced an his
exhortation and hot prayer The above I have
wrsitco, with what Usshop Andrew has recently
sued to regard to pinning the ciforts of preacher<.
fully before my and a eye in than case the
preacher isaseptegenarran- oi thesuperannes seed
hat-and such mention of has sermon is use
spont xneous (those of a heart ad 1 1,
bent fined 110 so not connected
treet it was the first time I had ever heard
bun it to strange and unfortunate he to not
dailgrently located and circumstance are the
Conference But enough' Iallur th!ley writ
soon be beyond the reach of harnia that wight
now easely annooth modsoften the pillow oI repose
for has weary bend, and render the close vi bes
ble nare nrtlylesonu I r < 1 (ls solasth

these hoes should meet the eye of any of bus
old freeud<, or others, who desire in do a tno L
worthy deed of morared kuulness, let thern
enclose, (say, to Rev Joseph li Cottrcil, tL
Union Springs, Ala ) any contribunon they may,
for the love and honor of Christ, be prompted to
bestow it welibe-mercy twice blessed Such
contributions will come at a time mostooportune
ifsona fbrwarded, and whil be promptly remitte
or hand d to Father Paley This suggestro
ortganates with the writer, and comes alone from
I have felt free to mention these two sermons.
I should like to notice several others that grati-
fled me, but it might be injudicious.
The Baptists very kindly tendered their com-
modious Church to the Meeting, andon Sunday
it was occupied morning, afternoon, and night-
Cottrell preaching at 11, I. I. Tatmn at 3, and
F. T. J. Brandon at night.
At the close of the sermon at night the sacra-
ment of the Lord's Supper wasadministeredand
the season was solemn and profitable. At the
Methodist Church in the morning at 9 o'clock,
Col. Richard H.Powell addressed the children
of he Sabbath Schoollin a most apdrobpyl e and

W. Shores in a few remarks which I heard
much commended. The writer, being called
, 4 ., him.
I *** I .- L lai the vicinity

e is rs om it can ri @.and
Every station, cironit and mission in the Dis-
trich was represented. Two pastors alone failed
to be present-Rev. B L. Seaman from Green-
ville Circuit, who started but was taken elek on
the way, and Rev. M. F. Leach from Mt. Ida,
whosenbsencewas unexplained. The Delegates
elected to the Annual Conference are: R. II.
Powell, from Union Springs station; F. A.Bos-
well, from Union Ct ; Rutledge, from Mill-
v ev. Flemming, from Brundridge

Springs; Lucios Roberts, of Greenville; W
p rsdlen f e, of Orion; Rev. Rylander, of
The weather was favorable, and the crowd
large from the fast. On Sabbath, it seemed as
a on anor theatre edee of poepulaten

eter ams in an around the Rdap isttlChurch was

consumed about two hours,
order were hadinandoutof the Church. Reve
J. F. Dickinson and Biggs preached for the

dS 6gs I un ridhg a
tested for it, but failed.
Eva Port.Aus
July 24th, 1867.

Wofford College Commencement
Atr. Editor: It was our privilege to attend
the late Commencement of Woford College.
We did nos reach Spartanburg in time to bear

ommTe ment Serm aRev. Dr.aWhit
rable discourse, from Pror. zix. 27.
On Monday evening the 8th inst., there was
an address before a certain Association by Prof.
Jae. H. Carlisle, in which the Professor most
forcibly showed that Scientific men, that Math.
ematies, that Triangles, that "The United States
Coast Survey" had for example more to do with
getting a box of goods from New York via
Charleston to Spartanburg than perhaps one in
one thousand had supposed. This address re-
cently delivered before a certain "Literary
Club" was pronounced a masterly eKort. It
will certainly bear repetition.
On Tuesday evening, we were favored with a
Concert by the young ladies of the Spartanburg
Female College, assisted by Prof. Warren Du-
Pre of Wofford College and others.
Then followed the address by Rev. Prof. Les.
ter who most eloquently maintained that "The
true end of study consists in the leading out
and the discipline of the mind in order to ap-
prehend truth and attain the highest and best
ends of human existence. And that the pro-
gress in the acientific w rld ran earallel tb
made in the moral apd religious world."
on Wednesday evening, Commencement day,
a large and appreciative audience convened so
the College Chapel, and after singing and pray-
er, the President, Rev. Dr. Shipp, announced
that we would now have an oration by J. Adoll
phus Poster. Theme, "The stone that is fitted
thr the wall will not be left in the way.''

t t f thedfo nda e phba

every man, and the first class men are not
The other oration was by J. W. Shipp, son
of the President. Theme, "The Land we love "

1 vel in o rda ha o a
and an indomitable energy and perseverance, 2n
order that her "mountains and hillamiaht break
forth into singing, and her deserts rejoice and

whoe e o3t o a ec e n mep
creditable, as well to the Facultyas to the young
men themselves.
After a most impressive Bacealaureate consist
ing of appropriate passages from the word of
Inspiration, a Bible was resented to J. Adol-
phus Foster and one to / W. Shipp, and then
the diplomas of graduation.
The Annual Report by the Faculty exhibited
marked profrolency, commendable decorum, and
abighmoral character on the part of the students.
The Rev. A. A. Porter, D. D., was then in-
troduced to the audience to deliver the "Annual
Literary Addreas," which was equal to the occa-
nion, and not unworthy of the title just b*stowed.
The Dr. discoursed upon "The uses of educated
men," and his argument was decidedly conclu-


_ ..~-~=~ _____________________________~_~____ i




2, 18

sive that an educated man had something more special prayer that the grace of God may so fill To the Members of the Mobile Conference, rents*relpr ted denialsor var ramon, is doubt Columbus Distnet Chro me se8 W CU3BEDGE. W. HA 6 T
important to occupy his time than making mon- the hearts of the people of Homer and the sur- The time of holding the next session of the trade generally .= = . FREATED BY CITBBEDGE & HAZLEIIUgT,
ey-that in the closet chamber of the pale faced rounding country, that every dealer in this soul. Mobile Conference is changed from Nov. 20t"' 14 Jo l' "' 1 * "
student, is conceived the thought which moves destroying beverage will have to abandon it for to Dec 11th.; on which day the Conference the rum rs ol ar, prevalenton the e . .*,9 D R. M. TV OODR IT F BANKERS AND BROKERS,
the world, a more laudable occupation. Intemperance has a.n Lason.
This brings us to the close of the Commence- done, and is still doing, much against the cause 11 W2mirMAN. wisbout foundation COLUMBUS, GEORGIA, second street, 19IACON, GA
ment exercises, which, if not equal to those of of religion in this country. -- Charleston Distriet. k.I. * .. . .. .. ome -
former ocessionspresentedatleast some striking Before closing the meeting, we established a - THE TEMPORAL Pown or as Poss -T re manours. -:o:- . , ,
points of resemblance. church of thirty-f ive members. Twenty 8 th I his.,. of a

men Imd c li r at to a coo I aidn t r che meeti pnotTkhneonumber owed by events t a 0 bade the arose . .... ....... ... 7 oeOoDReUz tFe 3nULeDotrRaES CT starve ma on on a 9

s mnant c t -sPeese tlit i cooem Godj neell lan ne 5 s o ru e nent ped to thei l apal hrone. Lear r .. ,, DISEASEB OF LONG STANDING, C ..
and the formation of amoral and religious char- byterian brethren with us, and abo for the very Last Moments of Maximilian amanneed : ,,* na.m..., >. . . .. .
acter it occupies the first rank. Asan evidence zealous and eficient labors of our beloved alls .
of this it wqs stated in the Faculty's Report, brother, W. T. Caldwell, who remained until 31 ieuilieuxicant apers abound in de i our Italian e rsespondence rat Gari- SE 1VI NG MACHINE 8! .... .
I as -r.,g a I the meeting closed. h"O, magnify tl Lord with the Matamorns Ranchero g = 1 the Party of Action have been inte y it it Li
me, and let us exale is name to e H. Euis, ticulars. We quote: this exent 50T THE OHEAPEST, BUT THE BEST

College duty, and that no member of the Fae- 19 \hen tne to clp tieos sethten < eota n the prelude to tI e sea movem t ph 0 il FAMILY MACHINE EVER MADE! i , amorian remak astitute,

.,hd h5r a he an ny a udo n durne EN E.5 PT LL O A.MPi ITyo r tn Ch o^oo' Ithen uventnofmth Capu his sdthedEni undertnikt b licae awTo em sof h

The location of the College being favorable Q. M. for Campbellton Ct., Montgomery Confer. looking at the heavens, said to Lieutenant Or strength and determination of the revolutionary . . ... vi).: *, ,, ...r IN SUC-
for the benefit of mountain breezesandmountain ence, held at Mt. Zion, was qrotracted two weeks tega, one of his defenders, What beautiful party. The French l (
water, and mountain health, and the item of and resulted in the conversion of 25souls; the heavens! It is such as I desired for the hour ing of impending du . =* 1 I is any
board in the best families, and tuition, being addition of SS to the Church; the reclaiming of of my death"-when they . Id by treaty to protect the Pope an
eacI ust about til ee r ee taoos le lodj to entt ree r af he iCn an I is, of tdi as d in the most ele- uel fail t keepish eun me t tl pa .,PN\ .

his son to Wolford College or to the preparatory is prosperous. Five necessful Sunday Schools .. going to a party. They started leon returns his troopsto Ron- -1 &
school under the instruction of the Faculty ? contribute to its prosperity. The Pastor-Bro. de la Campana, in a square of evaenated a half year ago. Ir 1 1 ,
How gratifying to the South Carolina Confer Thos. II. Timmons-is energetically and elHel. 4,000 men under arms. to a point distant I :t 1 r t 1, as 6 .1 . . .

n or ig Irealthee sti 2a It we n From Marianna I hOn on thiM one hundurednpdaecesdfrorn tthhee e wh e I the olie Powela will see o it t .
the Temple of Janus loudly echoes within her Meeting will be held at thine ace-commencing pinee for the execution having been selected Radical shall govern the St
classic hallsstill standsMinerva-like, to dis- Fridaybefore2dSundayinSeptember. Bishop beforehand. MinrIhn Washington College. emannarewwe
pense the blessings of science and letters and Wightman has been advised of it and is expected The Emperor got down from the carriage, a 1 ABINGDON, VA.
true wisdom to generations yet unborn. To to attend, though we have failed to hear from and marching, wrth heal Domestic Ma.
God be all the praise! H. him up to date. ness, and shaking the ' F N [.1 i' IHE PATRONAGE OF THE
his hands in a very natural mannerinquired unstarr.= ', (. 4 ... Morenceueshoosectsureasouth,
who were the soldiers that were to fire upon ... .1 ... weekNs.fortheensul earbesins the Situation BVanted.

AfrLEstl a -er sm oh a gehny rmost ChT x n Two o I imand to eno. e 3i not ii heen 6 ,ulichanged. 1 3 . .. IsthF a is ,a c an e na ST CEIER, 01 A tGR DU e OF
excellent Advocate to make a few remarks. I = la a Valley; and his cause received oution, said to the Emperor that he regretted and quiet. Turpentine, 58. ,, ,,, we a re ar.
and you now about the 20th subscriber for the much attention. The best possible provisions thinking that he might die with resentment to 8 50. Stocks heavy. Mc Is
present year. This subscriber as an old gentle- were made for the organization of the colored ward him as commanding the ,, '82 coupons, 111.
man liv ag on Waceamaw River i the bounds people under the new plan. The preaching to that he had to comply with his 3 New Ourmans, July 29.- p assurnesuan EMORY COLLEGE.

s ea t te yPued hapsm yn fr. them as larger eedMuebean rustfulofbood. therh de thate dit dpeppended up Ill atwith low Middlings25; receipts . . .. ,q HE EXERCISES OF THIS INSTITU-
some time He is seventy three years of age' Many sought, and some found the Saviour. going to be done. The Emperor, with admi see or and his wife is the same age. There is not a The prospects of success were very encouraglug. ble frackness, said: "Chald, a soldier must L Ca a mob -
better plowman an the neighborhood than this always comply with his orders. I thank you moderate demand 50 to 51
old man. They make a decent support-live with all my heart 1 .. 1 ..
well by their own manual labor. He has sold Mr. Santana, KY.-The Rev. J. Rand I exact that you = .= dull and nominal; ch
a fine hog worth $6 for $3 on a short credit to writes, July 2, 1887: "We have had several have been given to you or('orn duH and we \ SCHOOL VISITOR.
pay for the Advocate, additions to the Church in this charge during IIc then approached Generals Miranson and
You are now calling for money and 1000 the spring. Our colored people are remainsug Mejis, embraced them cordially three titr .
moresubscribers. Yoneangetbothandwillhave with us. They lost their church during the "In a few moments we TERMS:
toth before very long, if every true friend to war-an Indiana regiment destroyed it-..= , ,, ,i world." Miramon and May .aretn year.......................socens
the old Advocate will do what I have promised they have a new church nearly finished-a did as Maximilian. At that moment Maximili, hams 22 to 23 Lard qu ..en veeopies recone year
myself to do, vb: the best they can-useevery colored M. E. Church, South. Brother Sam occupied the centre; turning to Miramon, . 20 -Cotton hand 6 2-a camerni A en for
means they can for its advancement. I present Keas, a very reliable colored elder is their said, "General, a brave man is admired ide rm -- a-some persons are anienag twentrave or
its claims almost everywhere I go, in the family preacher." monarchs; I want to give you the post an ',, , TV Al TED .
circle, by the roadside. If the three Conferen honor," and placed him in the centre. Then
ces would rally to the help of the good old Advo Bisuor PAINE, says the Memphis Christian turning to Mejia, he said, a General, what ply C. ri, ree i s bel cr, gt Id4d na YOUNG LADY, PROFICIENT IN
cate, you might get all of your money by the Advocate, has appointed the Rev. J. M. Hamp. not rewarded on this earth will be in heaven Mixed, 1 12 8 11 d

yd cov add w ene ton pressidiDj e der rhite so lorre rpaeoplaepin t wasn a d use, w changed Uncon tcadv;aiu{ w e annot v 0 MABON 111 N

co to dat MissionaryCollections 01tht ulnewae r titasoatzgers i 1 a la do RandolphIIWaconOollege, Churches anal Families.

na vd I y fe we th xAao a enoon an ou npl e. Lard frm.13. Buk nea IE NEXT SESSION OF THIS COL- re lia i i* iNJSII ,

nown so H n me v -sh he bojad is re ti gr de El on an a t a a ,o c . .. .

o ce on t atdhee ano on cu lied alyothm 0 azzubsionuhe e co w to day su isnb wi n moderate de ad sales bale *

lue la o h thath a ny still contia na 8 1 li en as t go in my power, and to s ad . .. i : -. 1000 MACOM WHOLEHALE MARKET.
ov mipreva s. your work as pastoral Please to be particular not having been abandoned by my true a I J 5) t Corrected by Jewett & Snider,

it I r a5e r et so a eec\ hn ts up a e e te Je is / amorn te 920. Heat on ra n at ru erm .n I on U PI - oraman co m6f a t, Eazone son nants
terrTEoiy; pe'rtips'TIT4-trferint baywiof, "tpr to vb & startismum done." Yours, &c J B. McFannig The oilicers gave ind-signidytik tb""I q .. L ., pt wirl
JAs. H. TAns. Augs2(] See'y Domestic Board. fkeddanddhe rison sly street deon use Moull / losed firm at 23 IB on 4 onegan c amassaur awmar -- re L / . us Exua ramny

Revival in Homer rouit, North Georgia To the Preaches hMahassee District, I to sol rs wer heu call ldr rs o n cultCr hot 4 abow y. receipts 25--- H P nowmann, carr. I ,,E I li* 181uo. (nw sus r
rence. Florida Conference. peror by the doctor who was to embahn li r

Mr. Editor: In the language of David, we Dear Brethren: Permit us to call
ur at- body. Foreign Markets.

tention to the following duty of a Presiding
Elder, whicheannotbo perfectlydone without
your co operation. The requirement is as fol.
lows: "To procure at the fourth Quarterly
Meeting full statistics from every charge, to be
reported at the Annual Conference, in case the
Preacherin chargeshalifailtomakehisreport"
Flease have your statistical reports ready for
us at our fourth Quarterly Meeting.
Yours fraternally,

Grills District Meeting-Change.
ro the preacher and Delegates to the ornan Distrms

was c Breth IlearnfromBish Pi
that it will be m ossible for him to I wif"
on e first Sunday niSepteThern; bu he e

Barnesy I is by ..ght before the
fourth 1 .
Dr ** the sermon
on Wednesday night. opening
GEo. C. CLAnx, P. E.

Exatriot Meetings.
Bishop Wightman will attend a District Meet-
ingatGadedenAla.,on the11th July. One
at Columbian, Ala., on the 18th July. One
at Auburn, Ala, on the 5th Sept. One at Un-
iontownnAla3, on the 11sh Sept.


Amerious District Meeting, So. Ga. Conference
Will convene in Fort Valley, Wednesday
evenIng, July 24th, Bishop Pierce presiding.-
The introductory sermon will be preached by
Rev. E. H. Myers, D. D., on Wednesday night
24th. Delegates expecting to attend will please
notify Rev. E. H. McGehee, at an early day.-
We trust that all will be there in the spirit of
prayer and zeal.
July 19-3w CHAs. R. Jawarr.

Marion District. So.Ca. Conference.

ly snectingot e memD t iot I e rd
Darlington, commencing Wednesday

op Early is expected to preside.
R. J. Born, P. E.

Funds Exhausted.
The "emall amount" of money for supply-

hug bSund sojdB oto demtitutHsedhools
brethren, until I can get more money! This is
my answer to all applicants.
Br.Aurs Sxwn, Agent,
S.S. Soolety, South Ga. Conference.

District He ga Distriot

Da no eea on an m t2

Camp Meeting at e I notsc E

July 2G-3w

, *




... ..
I no usine nnd Enurial nIn
u. ....>.-0 n..........I


would exclaim, "O, that men would praise the
Lord for his goodness and for his wonderial
works to the children of men." "The Lord
has done great things for us whereof we are
Of the manifestation of his love to us in
this sootion, I feel it my duty to writethat
others may rejoice with us, and that those who
r 01 .1 .. .. sy take
I li feeble

On the fifth Sabbath in June, Rev. W. T.
Caldwell, from the Gainesville Circuitvisited
us, with an understanding that we would have
meetings together on Saturday and Sunday at

asuSedt tan o onlifo}dla1yals FI in
Habersham county, which are well known as

o mostaublime ami beautiful er?

many of our good brethren at New Salem, I
felt it to be my duty to change the meeting to
Homer, knowing that Brother Caldwell would
acquiesce in any change I might make for the
good of the church.
Homer, for a small country town, has been
noted sw the irrolivian of its inhabitants,
The .r only religious de.
nomination that had, prior to ... .
organization or house of worsh I' s
very next and comfortable house, the use of
which they tendered to us on the first and
third Sabbaths in each month, which we have

young, were irreligious et th t"
heard the gospel preached, and were, therefore,
ready for the word, which is a the power of
God to salvation to every one that believeth.,,
On Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday,
Brother Caldwell preached, and the Spirit of
God was so manifestly present, moving upon the
heartsof the people, that we both felt that God
had a more important work for us to do than to
take a pleasure trip to the Falls. Accordingly
we appointed prayer-meeting Monday, 9 A. M.,
. I ; as ight, which was the order of
: < =1. days and nights in sueees.
sion. The interesting the meeting condoned to
deepen and widen from day to day, and from
night to night.
maA u(bhmtheeng n ha eest t ir a
threshing wheat, and laying by corn, which is

Often when penitents were invited to the
altar for prayer, more than two thirds of the
congregation seemed to come, and often they
came sking with deedpoenatitTin armuste

seen penitents more deeply convicted, as a gen-

eo eastnbut flow servifresup sedo I out
no morexact number of conversions is not

known, supposed to be not less than Afty or
sixty. Some of the best young men and ladies
of the town and country were happily converted,
as well as some of the worst, in the common
evilsof the day.

soTghhet d b ewho erold inioxicati gal qu s

t n areal y h unne p

axeng, reso nguok clTe a busint 8 as soon as
pray for this young convert, and also to offer

at rus muses, usu.
Losnow, July 28, 3 v. M.-Consols closed
steady, Uti Bonds 7 4
FRANxvour, July 28 --lionda 75). Bread-

, , ,, _

s.. rin H. r, r ri N rrl. Ra. $.aIr.
,, a .. s.. ,, ,



anner ana onesse.-we anate another, userst so

, .

" " ***


-4 -- -

Afy Beloved Charlotte:
If God permit that your health get better,
and you should read these few lines, you will
learn the emeltywith which fate has stricken
me since your departure for Europe. You took
ri you, not only my heart, but say good
Why did I not give heed to your
voice? So many untoward events! Alas! so
many sudden blows have shattered all my hopes,

.. -- I I I I *

hand, which has weighed so hea : -
Adleu, adie Your poo awN .

'Ro iminav or who v.npress *
I I I viole.= =1 = .
not be left alone for moment,
ly endeavoring to destroy herself
tervals she has sane moments, in I s

., ma .3., ........... .. ..
oresco exrngaituages..

mater wo.cos on : an is

OHEAPH Y M 15 5! mjteven--nvery sun.

,ft ops and peror.

; easanonstin coatti
- . e one them ousatre-


E 6 I


J W BURK E & CO .,


: -

Sash, BHnds and Door .
Wholesale Furniture Manuts r
REPAmiss or ALL KINos'
By ansvitan wooD

Collinswerile luslimit,


/ i r .. . .
. , ,, ,.

clares: "I do not want to live. I
to such a life as this. Where i
Shall I never see him again ? 's ,
dead, and yet I still live Not . .. 1 .. .
hour passes but what she deman 1 I & ,
busband. In I
and it is -
husband long.-Vienna Post. ,,

a sn. amme cam , w as v F 4 -r rs:, ...4 aul.
Vienna, July 23.-Great p ,
beingmadehereforthereceptior I 91I****. I11I 1.11n**I .1
If all the rlans are carried out, *. . . . s. .
II * ** ., .. .

h met with in either a a ..r. = wrr.ny
Trieste, July 23.- 1 ... ,
Norara has sailed front .
with orders to bring b
mains of Maximilian,
Paris, Jdy -11 ,
I ,
1 I -

org ie 1 AC K Ca OBEL .
rently reported

the Reform bi . *
The House of *
church rates The Bear Puru:.u a on it.a c ans

mi I ten It ly offers to gar,
Rome with national troops to : BURKE 8 WEEKLY FOR BOYS AND GIRLS,

In du 2 b x-King Otho, of Greece, inahand.omequartoore.ghepage"'
die of measles.. -T. e Sultan arrived and is ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, splendidly Inuatrated

is ' I I Francis Joseph. The from July sad to July seen.
official journal of this eity says itisthe right and -- n," (,
interest of Napoleon to enforce the treaty of ,va cotter 1soan 1 -:o:-
Prague. The same paper says the Czar has sent to ar TERMS
a letter to the King of Prussia to the same


th ex or \. o arrantanactisand neenue are air sever

nested tates and tChina in bri ing a cargo of .. ,, ,, , . runner, e.ana2 .vw unnan a co.
London, July 29.-PThe sincerily of the Moni- -- I J wood, e ns waurero. Pubboners,

onAmastom enxc conname.

- ..

.... ...ii... mn. rs.,

nion us, ... .... .. g



gi .




on wars

w arms

now us,


d after I had re- be sick and die?" "No, dear,
ived thos6 colle )aid w bo as a stopSd h q stin unften edit day t

of you swear ey "' h! I k sh. I
AN. dumb beasjp. Then] I changed abeo eay a & w whyOyou are of ai You are hiding
a tearful con- under God's wings. Oh! wbat a nice place to

na ga in 6 as I kne all of Am had hide! ought ofdtbatilas you eatdo laelchap
maistening a httle, I said again, 'Now, .. .. .. I r 1, ri ria or anything

oi ut wearB e huenc ery an throat a Yes, Lizzie," I said, a room for you and for
was choked so that he could not speak. Finally every one who wishes to come. Oh! he longs

ec et c I heare nakmota 0 anm h eT tn> st et o I u
ined and Christian people, and away back in the eine in his own blood. Used as he is to the mu

aro'II I'lle h a t eyou couldHuot coof heav ,willail\tsbelio} so rt ousiannia

wets in ur tarred aud fgeasy clothes, on haere to hear your chiMi v ee ce

oe naenedsbuu eandnd etsas tand wkith our whohn heartithosonlyroc ous w
ny hel>ere dourselves a wa 0 on thoot w t at tlud glad tur I 1, r 1

d Tll I soue ust enaer.rona 'I ve Presbyterian,

nbe rearsient 1 ,dw 081 e n rd la d nm ITP AND DOING
afraid of me and themselves than sheep with a
wolf arCn e efo inned, "I used to tell ,

the boys, when they wanted to break my rules,
and would come with resolute and angry faces,
and doubled fists, and loaded whip-stocks, to tell
me that they would not stand my tyranny,
'Certainly, boys, you can break all my rules, but
P ne first! You can
if you want to; it

one man, and you h a o a r embuerf a

uuch7takeb Illmy ra f Ne gpetohple t a

Lloabyek s truelorn I ri ,
that way that they did 1

edtPfee unjen 1 It ok aftheson I
was doubtful whether I was touching the earth , .

nioy. thes leomeda a naldsuch tim
would have to move II obould put my hand ,
unde. = 1 a tile. Whether it
was I .. .. . .11 faith or not, I don't
Confederate know; but it was a mighty strong thing," put work abeyourownsolvatom

the Confed- Rev. TT 1 .i 1 .... i - ------
is facts were in the A Happy Heart
the anny, which Hearts and Homes : ,
ernment at the a We must, before closing, say a word about 1 i n1 1 . cli ri '
They cover the the sunshine that is cast over our own homes by L '
eniestmy. of th little words and actions. Some men-some It was a very handsome arrow, and was the pride

II .. .. .Ii pree een eta e s e el hePar, astdhen, otlet adrse a n rb
will ever be pro March wind. E sat rehgIon ought e3es

or ti eth dusake adpai afrail It 0' d tit, darling," I said, but Im
udes our trans. < men whose entrance into 11+ watched me anxiously for a few moments,
i < thesrown dwelhug casts a painful restraint over and then said, cheerfully:
I their households; and they are not vielous or "'1 = 1 F can't fix it,
brutal men either. Unt they have no sunshion I'll
ber of troops at about there. They have no sympathy with the Wesn't that a brave, sunshiny heart ? And
.. 1 .. I troubles, and no ready attentiveness to promote that made me think of a dear little girl, only
I is .1 .. ( .. .= I Their chil- three years old, whom I once saw bringing out
y to the or I q .1 la so eir money her choicest playthings to amuse a little home
.. to gladden far av ,, li ., but they stek cousin. Among the rest was a Intle trunk,
= *** is 1 . their own homes. with hands of gilt paper for straps---a very pret-
a begin to sympathize with ty toy; but careless little Fred espped the lid
* - I If betbre you expend so much on too far back, and broke it ofE 110 burst out
is the utmost the heathen. As my dear friend, Dr. James with a cry of fright, but little Minnie, with her
r period. The W. Alexander, used to say, 'Begin at home, own eyes full of tears, said:
uty at any one and work outward. If you do not love your "Never mind, Freddie, just see what a can.
ief period, was ownwifedonot pretend to so much love for '
ablybeaddeda the people on the other side of the globe.' 1* .ci III 11 -
aus, and bush- Don t let so much worry and irritation drizzle a few years ago, but we have a great many such
ee periods of a like a Scotch mist into your own family circle, sweet memories to keep of her
The Army of 1. : 1 . r ,, -t --7 7 ,, 1 ,, I ., little children, and you
, was the great .. *c will r, <.1.- I . everywhere you go.--
At only three , as .If Little Corporal.
er 100,000 men kinduess in your own aboes, and under your own -- -- ---
these reports, hat! Keep vour heart in the love ofLGodzed
an throus r sunlight fidimon ery humj s to rC At a festal party of old and 7 the ques-

military merits how can he prove that he is one of his dis I tion was asked, which sensor


Vol. xxx. No. 81


. *

,, ,",


REET,...........................CHARLEBTON, 8. O


a, canarneston, 5. c.

Ive. 147 malaten-rmane, x. T.
n.A.xATruews, Tues.A.unows, F.L.unocKETT
Georgia. Georgia. Virgmia.



as saw swnwar, overs as, ss:w vonK.

ini the n,



-- -

J. 11. MOBSON,
Co us mis n is n M er ch an t,




cher rr as ree t, exac on, 0 a.,

Tr go wasanoosis, unusans, eman
---- ==** a Ts 7

FireProof Warehouse, No, 6, CamphilBt.


FLomi 117th2 r lie or corroN, eaAIN, BAcon
ea.orders for Baggreg, xope and Family suppves
promptly alled.
Th Us 0 CAsa AnvANeva mee on prose. a

Sc patronage of their friends and the pubHe


g} indy in the
. . pr

* Into



Windo w GInse and Putt 7,


AprB 5-1y ROBERT H. TATE TD teGa.



ne E Price

ubBtURe sEMa eO




sa Ler exhibit the least impatience-she was he provided 0bAnt ha so Tax

1 4 que <111 1 tood heal fa husintrad t< th idow audaea th" SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE1

being "not afraid to dic," and mainfested a per- moots with no where else in all his course. To TIIIRTIETH VOLUhi1
11 of Heaven. Having death he was entirely resigned, for he felt his F lils WELL KNOWN 1 1 1 1..:**1 e
a her end was peace Saytour near as I inst before he .ramay newarever, commencesturn.. ... ..
May the others meet her there. Fluesu I rt ob: >rkher/ I I tlTt stic ch

Wigan G. Cnawrong son of IEli ha 0 BVesleyan Female College,
and 1 as born in L n coo MAcoN, monoxA. ,*

a\ Jut 7, 1807. I died at Cotton Yalley, F TEll0 THIRTIETH ANNUAL SESSIO
His fkther removed to Jasper co, Ga., while

0 man 1 .nflut Here he was reared toi . .

t ,to utter a profane word. In 1837, In
n oved to ac n cl Ti ii < 01 1) was or ,

5ht 16i es 1 n At us a 1

l i
haim t wditna a rn 1 ti jt
it i
presence ss to remove all doubt Hence brward
120 was the isord's-a decided Chr sa 110

"njijrall dillidenti n pl eat cauf
and hainihi 1 1 1 ni
salt for his great
self much waid His illne."
s short usindvery ckar-

unt litdour A aght cit six s-

hthujis 0 tilj nt a no ni y

std) r fhllen. Alay the Lord a ft ( he

hin.ANTIIONY BRANTLEYdledin Madison
co., Fla, March 29.
I r I I Irajot d tl a)Me t

time to his death he lived without reproach,

other important an< responsible positions in the
ri ., 1 TT

. met with a better home
, ,, 4 . .. his hospitable roof. 110
was a good and useful man. Itis neighbors wel
miss him; the chureb will unss him, and his
family mourns a loss that earth lie died peacefully. When roused the

ix)medqe n oquT I an I hi 1" I
struggled to utter the words, could not, nodded
soutin I athen passed quietly away to his

R. H. IIownEN.

IIs l



TIae New Sab athk School Singing



r, ,, ,g, so

>ol Music free every month.

--- -
- secretary, Treasurer.

4. L


.". ill tRrER8Sa gAaNDe r oAe Re it

.. xedoor to therostomeeanesee a

11 4 1 D 4 1 D POWER LOO M I!


r nee as


By Weaving all their Goods for Home Wear on the



MutumnaY antler, MAcox, GA.'

wrountense.o unuse.



an any ma. i

fit for
Manassas, sups

kg w n

not fewer than
, 1, 1 dd in

g .

1 ,, I

lly had on the
00. And when
day with about

de f 11 y
ly about 60,000

--7-- -- y:-

,, I I 1

000. Yet with
eek would not

, I .. ....o, ,
era was dr

hinthts doewith


The Muster Rolls of the
Y fbe strjobere ond
elaborate article on 1 ..i
erate array during a
drawn ftom the muster-rolls of
fell into the hands of the Gov
downhil of the E .
period extendir: I .. rev
arms sin ilt
near y as complete as ally that

dh wzal a n cdd a : ..
c.v. it *04 the article prel

It will be seen that the num
the East and ,< I
and that no I .. I 3
ever transferred from one arm
The gro, . 1 1' s
time on . 11 .
was only when, by
grave," every male = = =
in the army. Half a million
nominally enrolled at any othe
greatest number present fbr d
time, and that for i a br
300,000; to which I ..I pro
few thousand rangers, parties
whackers. There were not thr
mouth when they had 250,000.
Northern . I = to
strength =
periods did it for a month nilab
present for duty. A study of
sologoiner v e iti onsurm
war in this department and the
of the different commanders, th

Citeelar to ite. Thu f
duty," feared to advance toward

December they 1 3 I *
reached .1 a i. with
100,000 men, he was for a
check by Magrud w la ad

Yorktown for a fort
to assail th.* E * 1 *1

*****-*l Confederates actua
whole Peninsula less than 50,0
he finally reached the Claickahon
ute ve, see tbbeed ot
87 00, fick ad well, probab

decided, an a
feebleness of his subsequent -=
ginia has been overlooked. '
of July, he had reached the R

ade Ily80a esenclo 41
this great preponderance 11sil
ali .1 1 .
J .. .. I I I I

rL t 45,( h Ubniew Gen
explicab fr Unilee ad ki

much stronger than his enemy.

, *


ler, a 21 1 ' '
son die I .. 1 1 .
's and two days
she jo:ued the St. James AI. E. .
Church, in Augusta Young and full of hope,
4 I I j--e b -- to taste of the pure, deep
Proverbially kind and af Adam at s.TaosisoNM.D.
inness am moon, as
a , n ,
,,,, , g , .,, a The Church of the strangers,
- rr 01- +--li th now in the city of the
mingles her song with NEW YORK'
Ileaven. Angels have
crowned her with ar immortal crown She REV. DR. DEliMS, Pastor.
was a reat sufferet, yet she murmured not-
Suftly, calmly she b gone to rest. A Thd 0 PP SITING NEW YORK
husband mourns over a devoted wife-hut not
without the hope of eting her in a bar
world. -1 -
and glorians morn, 9 en w ,
agnia. L. EC

SeAt 1 8 2, al e 1 ,1,T 8 tant. Jurset-0

Th 1 li a tgtwo h ur IR totilo a w. Arab EY. Ps Julinsous.w
prayer until she reached the golden e y. Or I COTTON GINS.

so ,aybthithojthekpasj1 htlir other spiritual powers fully developed. Months
Combination of SkillandPracticalExperience.

dH s ade -
I precious chil- r 111E UNDEF -5. as ** is 11 0.. .. !-
dren, and was meet to enter a home enriched *
wiar the joys of heaven, and beautified by the

upo wl om a the burden of four score years

Hefo ek is dthe had noticedds gr hoo[tatel
spring comes, and in the soft air the buds are

b sas m Tthe trees and tthey{/so d ,
when the summer comes and covers the trees
with its heavy foliage, and singing birds are all

shde an en 10
on tints, I thick, how beautiful is amonn!
And when it is were winter and there is neither

sPI fl 81 ht nasy i. 1 .1 i
I .1 . .. i. F Lif>.

A CusurviVIEw or THINos.-" llow dis-

math yu so dtat 100 his companion,
Ah!" replied the other, I was reflecting
on the uselessness of our being filled; for let
us go away ever so full, we always come back

emptD Ib
way!"eardmteheotor ta to' v nyr
thought that, however empty we come we al-
waysgor.. .*.=1 ** *, thatlight,
and you -- 0 1 I -

getJ Ir La LI< drout anh oi c

el e t n id fle ch
ml r e g ni a e pl .h vi e

se ein'and a can a 1 zetr e

BEWARE OF HIM Beware of whom? A

n y

and speaks wicked things. I*

goo rltelldou his name? Iti\


Children are more hurt by indiscriminate,
1 = 1. : obaln rea n hi enoe

1 .11 * I of a grown person,
added to the faults of chi dhood. Nothing about

e yb I f a

= = 1 r
. I ble moroseness.

eager i atl, isy yr stlio from scho
his heart, and Number One cries out, "(* .
left the door open I do wish you .1

Ilff ro eyo res1 lo na rndt soelsoosnk
I tell yonhtroowipePyourefeet?"tl jNoo ir

you learn to hang it up ?" "Don a
put your slate there; that isn't the place for it.,
" How dirty your hands are; what have you
been doing?" "Don't sit on that chair; you'll

bi a li elo r bouncing. '4Mercy! hoff
it " There if : I ** r 1 ,,
coat! Dear me, what a boy!" "Don't
so loud; your .1 ., 1 my

ed 'rokeo > tr r 1

m, that ha ked the sM f mydrj1 ted e

sh wt ec 0 if an of the rown


From are town nonars a any can be made on 8.


r -ar

. . .



Notlargerthan aeommonBreakfastTable.

Of GoodMaterialand Handsomely Varnished,


Every thing is Performed by Turning a Crank,




I a qC OMPA N7

Apr a-trear

Late *
N.0 v . .

COMMISSION 111.+ r .1'< le
No. 188 Pearl Strees . 1-. 5 we

:I: :

J E ^so.

Miss MAurnA Starbarar.cow died in Chat
tahrochee20 Ga., May,16th, 15707, in the 22
For more than a year before her death she
had been sorely nillicted. Abortion of the time
her condition was such that she could not be
turned upon her bed But early in life she had

}ion of the gospel'

die, andenterupon the
saint's eternal rest W. G. II.

Tr of Respect

hoAt an n hof N Rive T 1
pro abl2 e iot a tnls p a Id it hty God

el v I 00 courdnidst

, a Bro

2 nu r 1

were passed ]

Junel5th 1867.

m:PllrmwG noD'g w1on I)xSrarCu,

Power of Gentleness and Right. u rius tofoseri m alon n J ,,
Rev. Dr. Bellows. in a letter to the Liberal would they be any better natured about it than
Christian, during his Western tour, relates an heis? Nobuttheyaregrown-uppeople they

era the hadawithra ut2ro md v

about lifty live, a 1 brought ------

upeone a whites and thewii {$lt,
dians, has passed his life in teaming freight to
the advance-posts of our struggling civilization

ront r a why cen ar h e A NICE HIDING-PLACE.
natIve superiority, he had become a large owner One morning I went to my pleasant school-
of teams ad cleaderline tsraTect itae (a fdh meaenfwi hm sea 1 daT b fe

n otted ny to He now cold chdeathand others I rysickr
bands of forty or sixty men under his direction, 1. T
men of the roughest and most violent obaracter, schoo bedchildren were weeping bitterly as
men who camr n h ci ofkne, drunken, qua sa innt in, antea !d ienmica qusGkely to me,

barbarous, yet he allowed no swearing, no drink- a 1 bel I ta le Fe do? Do you think we

angha ] 12 n reed ruths I touched the bell gearly as a signal for the
had never yet struck or received a blow or ree o n of the school, and when they had all

soert idtob c sp e k ess d ierrfe of . I leir seats, Isaid:
1 i ..i 1 death of your mates, and fear that yo t n ay

a do an of you haveoasked me* If7ted
byl wrbuen contrast, to ke and whida he him w I tu I ot Waq im lalf on

dea g teh caprent of rismism methoOdnoa firs Ilelie ened ea rly, while I readbtheinin
certain occasion they had said to him, We words asked that the Comforter would carry his
can't help swearing He replied, "Instead a message to their hearts. They all seemed bush-
that I will prove to you that under certain ear- ed by the sweet words of the Psalaxist, and the
cumstances on can't swear, however hard you morning lessons went on as usual.

maymtat, an ool ntbo to hei k il camet titoou, and d :1it' engir named Liz
I I .. .. . . o .r .es afraid of the diphtheria "No," I answered.
e- 3 ... Ial -l ns.... y .. I 0 Well, wouldn't you, if you thought you would

ro b 1 1l LO U~E TA 'P RI-


REY, THOB. M. LYNan, died on the 19th of
Jast April, at Nixburg, Coosa co., Ala.

dan ear oEL m. H. dMr E ral ungest walkO L was neV Of stron constitutiondx

1 Cullodeend June 18th, 1867, after protracted is a etliSc let August, 1824, was conve
8, ag year ed in 1840, near Oxford, licen ed to preach Oct.
She was remarkable from her childhood, for 20, 1845, joined the Conference in 1840, and
r conCiention st othe ruth, and was asEor i d d in 18. adaHe wa Br on

adte strictlest requi ri ossessing this fun- Penescola, where his health failed. He joined
not trprs a that she, in v yce j i s a sent to ownd3
came the subject of converting grace At ten 1863, when his health again failca. He was a

she at ne hE. cr o ale{e 8 ifBe ntlou o ieantd wee ni

tive, sheof her hiu Avo tiohn am t to tecejaedTy Ideleje 0 al eppar I she
ious excitement that many Chri n do, yet warmly lov. 1 1 I 1 ? P 1

a chance rejaiced calmly, thou constantly is lamenin du .
of 5 m owoeurs-mw ed as onee aot tt (ch ri fm t tt

just as bright young womanhood bloomed a gyet heSart, diseemed often to be almost inspired.-
her, and a future radiant with promisewasbefore and faithfill fl a I .
her-just as "life's opening scenes brightened not one would recall him to earth, fbr all who
as she approached them," consumption claimed knew him, know that he is where the wished

do son7 i eun or ib blieghtus uc 1 asem
whole period of her protracted and paluful sick- We deeply sympathize with his 1 .. I -
ness, the writer who was often with her, never and children, but feel corident I = = = .


s. z. MonenY ,
emanyhirerson county, as telsrs .ieweeksniaerMaeonas e

ncATES: June sm*
Entry and Henry College

a ce" ,sr WASHINGTON CO., VA.

none, or can monet y le rage rineextan ano a at on e



so em w ,




* as co-

H '" 'o,
, * -
. Key: CARTES DE VIS122,
'" trone
- ) w. W BENNET
I June 1 2m 1015 Main Sn Rue a rd

re J. w. una"a o
. I worasquee or we ve enorses
one inar si


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