Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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 Material Information
Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: March 30, 1866
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00102121
Volume ID: VID00035
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 24261451
lccn - sn 91099152
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"El. H. MYERS, D.D., EDITOR. .


_ ______~__

M acon G a, rda M a c 3 18 0 W o e u be ,14 7

w.4mst .Ee atitshe**("ourse
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br.=:.. .a -ns. 8 e any than rite, rr 0 .1 ..any, aab ret so rown on's
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Lir 1,.14 n.1 Or resiscre .H. broush fl
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r.,s st.3.1 bol, argelbts = How letrpressina.
,3,,] ,,ur $,...>ur wr.y>.n tl..? up..o EILII
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,,,,,ar.rry, Mr. r: .viry tr- ar., rjr wall,
everIs..L.:,maycar..calal.,ewh. 1,ar his
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rarr =-al..h an :try ...t.y..r? [n ..rse h.ur
,: rn; L. L.r... :tu ent... x rr-il .:.f
,j or,,3.Jtuar. ,"win..t. minswas to al-
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Ita was thema -: of all th. scan.hls we
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c..-an y <,- a., y...-s us an-
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Amersu. L.;al ro she cer.--terur on ..I ts ..tsor.:L. he was also calling 1.* ur,; .; n
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ar cer.r arragement, Ihe bri-di to Irr...n

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ebur h, a twillassimi.o abo 4..,.1 Rein p
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tru=. 12.19 a nir,=r all, us.:.T,. p.:ar.ibil inars
Carr .ce smraded I...lay que..put -
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sks 11.,,> [.0 I alar..i.
Rentars ct r.I.:r.m ar.. lies 80.1 [ .gy]ralli jaHD Its :1 /
L.o,-down .arn 4 u All --1 ch.: 111. L
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ele, sharon be ra..aas culp. an, at st.
0...1, Spar E
A e.grasil a p ilthidf ied 1.Ir..o. .. I
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diplans the Amer.en, chumb ha .1,<.<
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1**. I ar., F,...ty 911.* a. ELL (.1.1, a ..,,3
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.1 lia to 1-< : .5.1.ata le...:r. L 1 e
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wr- 1 n :u. ag
ac, ru ...
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.vs u ,' ** IT. 9 s', if, r I I .

Qu00ttspillittlIT. 1 .. .na. *an r Ir
rk me..r 1 th Eq.p .1. n arol ,r..iend

PROW[ OREENSBORO', ALA. t a churb b 6 ., \ e a la th a r up

Afr. L i.e. r : Alabama blerbed sm- tar a 0 the place. I ru ye y the this .ea grow-
thus$.*ush.rn churcis-hus Lst ^rn< r my own. Itasted it due unctors of the
(3 1.rl;I.s it a ornament and us*> [ un r al if a r ur me **rkli West rn ani Manages Rsilr14.Ti

Isle.:10, ,.1.141,f..autherfices.,*.feeld, ur
tyr...r.:d 4 III .: a Late inp to, vbe is. shop n ni n oral i.I. 1. murers we are not orag on em:0th y. 1120
terr,,,,,ar a .ca pratsany.... It....ish he re- "br re ri 1 mail th: aat go.>.2 li.i.ea neivereplea., ri su per ones;.-
c....r.=4 to l.:.r. Jan...1u ...r. fr.:.rn the truar.ed, am n: a n to re I., ah son larlicle .... se.. nee-led
are symptones or the do.-as.: ursdar d ier O r, and of ... rui ro eart.r ..n toolb-r .hrub as use P T..,,
),.3 int..:.r -1, let phydesid..bilily 0 dd a C Elil under es) b:4.It-m :tt u .wl our Fa q afterb a r=ary,
E-1 I.,raturd isulfar mist Est thry lor tr rapern Lu le 4. or br her, we or Any ran ab.1

pain." PROM PORT VALLEY r r.-II r 5 .r.bese a tu. i vg
It ia not uni tr.r.:o nto n r LL. r us. r si= rur.ery a the 8 eve-a by ve ra .il
ofinykte eneral.I. ..oJ, I o 1.==, no3 la ** G. unit rain ar, ssach oth:., a
adicientd:re 1.1 II. I b--pe, *r, ir y Ash I re 1. 1 1 p. .4 IA., .\rs at ni. I also En-a-1rania's Dr. su r q
willbe dor. L. ,,rn mp r d. I 0 us r et. anke of curse r-serar.rg are e ,werew.,,f :...

"Cob ofo | b .r. man ..rurancina.,rao.:1 u s. Eme-a-a. ur..s r sh= surp.e*s..f thatroca-
death I hav6 lost, ivhas 1 a et ur. 1. p..In, n..r 1. c the ... <-ro, come lor; ....3 mis.enal too a sor-
sincere and devoted 1cu: it, n r.-r... s.. .I. 1. 0 ps. r* ..r .Ip :. le II. rime if.= red*
late r gort ...f last year 1-- .5, ,;-st..I .11 ra rt 7 as ..e useum reavorw ar. to- re <:.oJr est am w.:.ald
e.,I o.....r.r, akind or p bar at -ar frr a so I ce. ac, 1,,1 ,r.stop yf..r:issarlar...e Ibomb 1
his stay widius was nor 1... u ...1 .r ... re -r... ,., Ir ris. -hJ n = ud .:os .i rdrn Wear her..r.
to beg me to spend as much t hi... 8,. I rn. Ir r, S .r 1 it r..s 0 .1.0 .sI . rI n. It i line 1. ever
as I .:..ut1 < *TI SF 10 Cours...I.t..] flls.r. I la. mir,+ 1. r 1.<: a Gr. I I1.1 1 r-.1 Mo., I II.4 man ..1 tra erpr...*'I.:n Lt.,
edwithhim, he Wasul lu-Ir***u n 1 ..-real .0. T.erosend,.....; A.=r-r Ir 4. i.rar loomor w he
triumvirate that rt..n [ can rt .0, air. r Da.: r.. .co..r 0 a 1. Ip tl. mt any-money. ide
Bench of Alabel., I ,ca zav e rise n rs.- m.... .3.1 me a as .-0 1. on as
Ifearbeforewe =inal
as Collier, Orze...J und "" ""' "' as ra.1 0, a sl ., ..a r abat ( star
cited aghin.. it*.., no u a ... .. Lu m.rl le n.:.1, J naRli & ala="I tri rs i. 10GI [ta.I
of our church-that .. 11 su. un pl0 .1 a m., J rur .-ra tr .r 1,. J.
years before their ds o a r u ur 0: n ,-rt lo-ou sur : c... we r W. L.
mi.r. .11.. si 4- . .... ix, .au ral- r r.. r ,,q*- j 3..,,[ r. - B x.:c. Ove.:r.s
ts. ...<.:,4...0 b. ..2 a... ee 1;* U.-,r 1.9 t, so tra ,,.,g., .,, a ,- Ir- 0 c.e ve. .1 w .. a
EufO GI in .. Lore U. 1 ep JO on).rI gk 101. ut it I Inke sk i c..9uld
N 11,,..3, 1 fr ..3: .r. 8 ... .1 0 .- ., .1 tance gr tee.-- to 4.11. car, on
th-Ir: a 3 cr=. or a peer e..:.3;nt that.e...el.0 money,,
and f l. ... ry LA .il. b.r so n .It r. is inm
jealous Methodists, they were perfe r on. Bra. I .r se gr as Eut or rim >re = el.a c .Ic red m. m
.from bigotry. rt., sl...). .. .e the ep<.. annistain aur. churchsuffere :nabedewh*.1 se1.rn 1- an ade ey thei rmer asn.r they
Judge Ormond was an em..aust auri-t- ... ca n n. ten r .vast. ad" have too in as m or-usp a and so
decisionsareep..k..o of asr.n.zrk..blyetc.r ra.,n 0.3 c..r hr her. rueat: gave w v R.- :FL-
and just. '1'. 1,., grear loyd dilities LL,- see r .. ers..ail Ir. g ac. ..0 lipr ... LA .wl..i .......

a xellAl ru jndI y Pus.I .. .1.. .ms.....------- ra ro r
ra 1 at v r ut or b -1 .

oils, 11 .v. rr..
in lient .
it n ra. It 1

b ly .u r. r
4115, eT rn.
tees of t 1.. I I ... inJ st I
also of I ut 2.. -1. I
Alabarne i L b 1. le- .. in I dec .
tedpi ri . . t, u 0-1 .1 <- m:-t h.

o ot on ^ r r tr a r .. I 1, r L ... L. .. L 3 FI su.s i. I
e MP .. .. -.... e I 2. ..rca cer
Btib be l. -- u.e.. l. .. 1 .. . wa r.. In n, .0 n-s p r
that "gr. to ., .. ,,,.......:2 ..b or :rn, a N-a I 0 .icn .-2 sisr
whereof a r L-- r lies t. orou 1,.
shallan of theauditheiki b rukou. Bu t re sect sip. rat r-isLL L
Main, its ..: 5. is.n, as ui cr-1.5 --:ci What matters how or was. .. I, ut? inelancholy; aqd ev .
One is the crown 1-- as<. go ,sts and snow sums a h :,..0 of t .r 1.*, 19 a <
Oneisthetar.Ibutgloriousrace' .Mr..=e .<.;al.In re r Ll, si-, nier.s... i.5 Ir
Whatever beoutstartingplace; '9
late.- J io.:.-.e.r, to ->*1 as 1.148 m..e evi b lains M
Tisrat us.e Anne LJ )**Fl n..-J .ind b:= alarm *r r . .
I am obliged to some one for is copy .... ? that impressi ... u r r, I r; .ll. I or .
four excellent and well-timed discocr .u 1 0 shreh .3 ...

es daud 1 x gs 01 ekr /.. can e ac s Bu.: can 7 us Cr. 0 .
hope your example wit be imitate h , 4 At a ri cork IP. L r .-
our ministers who are sidequate to t .3, .. .za 1, a .s pressed a = L
cate and diBiculatask, "they, may- I do ed th a of th 1..3, .
not flatter- consider your sermon a model en . 1.. rIa
in this line I wish a copy of it could be How tu .- r -bl -1 ,,
placed in every family in our land. A ser when it .s. r 1- 1 ., on aI
anon of this sort pught to be written wigh I had beep 1 r 1 1 ...... 1 I
great carp 1 d*L 1* I 1. unusual sol r 161
emnity. yr ..; rs an exce lent

lbt.. 1, fr. I ' ua & to I -
greattaskol on c.:. -m.1 I ,Tr er oa use / ., [=47L E
the misral pl .*2 ,... 1.1 '" J. 1, App vu mi.
..J..a...all so.,s.rr Thert,...,, TuemisoldBuckewherethelandevery
y so many now persistent Tesist the where teemed wills p enty, anti offlunce .8 Please publish the 1 II. co. r...
Holy Spirit, and decline tl 11.5 ..I a -, :rr ** a ==2.1 happy homes, lution
the gospel, is because their * twit noiV rob i & and i suins. A wort y I s u'... 1 0.1 ..n e.
aeareg and obtuilded by drink inid adbsuch. va i .. 1 0 1. ..3..... a l., v.r, a
cry-than which noth tig more eEeetually ar .. it p... In I we ,,. r : ;,,
andeertainlystisures railwin thisworldend it .. .x it, r .- .,,r .;ud (Us... ;,, ..
damnationin the world to come. TYelldoes ,4,,, or .r, 11,.:< Mr.
the prophet day, **W1xorkedour ant akisittake and a gra u G. rpa s. c tarms pe 1 ..h Ii. ril J.- .....r2.- ad
away the hesit!" culiarly : a s., Eu i. 0.. r: is good old d... .ar.r u to an r, 11.- use I
I an(gladto h-- .. ina.1s'ir red mr Gueunoble 014pop., si, c.12. . .. I .r.r I rd .mily [.7 .
fested in your column in 11 rap 1 thereds to befo.19th .*li to or . us..a L r up
that es tu on ec nolpy and as zeuch that is excellem, awis to be L. Ti at distillat on of sq irit

h a ... folid amphy the aim s number of people contrary td the General Rules of the D SW
phiy too mug . t er W1 ) I r t 1 1 T , n idiousdistire n

a en ce try bentrierrds .1-,.1, The rT,. .c la c) .1,.r
the wed of I 1, ...r, . o agd Citrk and of t .s .a...or, 1. J J.ur..
and rLe 12 F **1 1 ar re- to r

Jer one a 1 : etalanded me erence to the distillation and drinkhig ota

r all at th n y .a . / That the reneher by char
by th h .. more or ess, a 4 1 to read hese resolutions
Confe ertic 0 r strikilig to us, I was curious to knowssome . ,... a ,,, <, ,r. and
solemnly thingdquatethe nimed art Valicy, ard on them if e4pedients
thisor of th . op it quiry.le reed that is was givenAD the Resolved, I I.,r a1..: r .1, i, In pub-
mergetheir br place-purglyhyaccidd2t; Tyevaileywas lisliediathe .11vour
p,...,,......rua n l i. 01p originallydollownasFoxtelley.Whenity Li [ inP.E.
J.rub all. 0 D. .. u plielbioil v aid(*the Digiftheatrfor B na fista Ga.

aathii 6isiln 4eatat


Vol. XXIX.-Tfo 13.


a r an abo (uneradL e m Treare useded- cast h rd shouhi be r; it. <*r.Isr.el a he- l in th. cc.irid ad .p th J re other ammon n,. To IL 8 we reply, that
en as or,- ...mps. ar..,:,r,.2 e..n t we or over., .. c... To.- ru, r:r were-- 11 --A slent.r of b. G. .rg.a r. revelor;.:.n t..bring in th. a truer, would
.:ni v. d imus, asur. It in .<.an .c,-=,.nets, read c.I th.- .>..;--rs..;- s.... rc..) 1. lar {,ra ren.:.: will leave the earns and rail- be worse then dangerous, 6.r as, sq.elation,
gradually in ethers, until e I...c.:.m.> .auch a Lor pre... ners so.i prival.: menabou rin.3, r< .6 ars.s (..ll.... som,= c.1,.ur pr.:rachers especially ecolesiastical, thaepanders to the
Church as that GI due ape ..II. ann e, b..vb .,tel run-1 to u,3.1. I.. ol.. y it. .1, .-,pl n. pasural ared asal. rang .:.e. ...person our Wr.:I., and e ..:.r. rhere willbe a resur- while; then trudge along with their faith- gards use orr, ,,.1 usqul, the engraftment
th grount a inf r( i.; y,-a llaic, b. 11.1 up rared res.ys...o ,*1 Lin: .-1... **III Go C C 1114th fr21 wivro nif et.:-,:rib,4 childresider a move of them would so militate agains6the nnxty
pilly, lie *:rthru Supplyin Os* 6pair--- aci .1.,rs, Fra..[.,rol rn..Dr.:, 10-:< nar:rr.c,_- Cl a hundred male., by pr@ate COnVeyanOW Of ORYOrganismastO Impair,1nstendofin-
non :-upp.-ning parts of th. e. unity p.aser m.--:[iog*, *3 .1 all a r ment, mil al in the dred of wirare r, and enter a dilapidit crease, the moral efficiency of the church.
such marernI rs, ear, 11. so n .u .intran, at a me I. 1.1, it Iru w. c....a a 0..0: ted parsonage with empty plates, broken Wise legislationwillregard the unity of the,
to abenas. Ir .w ..r ..rt a ..] r br, a no r rnar, sI le it su *E:L* e -.nd shattered furniture of race oburch parathount to other minor conexdera-
1.1 L:I th. c... ..I .:2 b .r terer.... I so a ur-> nume...r..j li.. n..:. r.urol al r.- circuit withsomeTimothy for tions, and thesitate before it widens the
.ilvil..i .ar.. n pa -ru and us., ...r finis GL.. r .0 ..ur rsar.:-tr y as1 sis...r weeks, seeking board for a wife and one or breaches already begun. It will restore a
11..1.1. It., ye r uI ii..ld ul..a-- 1.p 11,. ...l a... <-8,,-4 .,opi,... ....1.11.1< r., nill. it silecess, mywordfor commonfellowshiptoeitylindeountryMeth-
Inc. L. 0 -:3r*.s E us a: 1!> Pl 5p*i. 1 ..-, a bus..l. lull ..ti so 0... ml n, ;r enanch t create Va fe. odism, to class meeting and non-elass meet-
re h r. erli visit un; Ir, or da ar.J Y p., :ra... u to II 1 rely,,, ib .i- c.. f..r r c.; .varound*ants, to disciplinary and anti-
3 ,,,, .....rI,. in ce.r tn r, II. 1.. I ... .. l.. r as r- [,., B..r :.11 rms o.u b endor 1 t... .. .3r .is.. Unary charges, to a local and itiner-
...ans.h...0,- 0 b..o ref...n ..o ... ,.1,..:, ..r.r..rb L...i rsb J inal ..e; r.d :.,m. ,, arr mini-try, and, moulding all into one,
I.r..o ..r I..rrr... ...ra.r., sl. L to er.... .r *1 0 F.r-ra. In an color t...rl ris,-rn with mighty force agamst the
.0 ..II.(.; !-- under 8.: vb.' i. pp r I., 1 r ill r lu.. to 1), r .. 4..... loss as r..r.: It Ir.:.r.:1,.:.14s of sm. In matters merely mo-
.ro L. th..r.: Le par..r, aun. l...-c. L ke.r a LI "*n '*-',;en r L-.. L .2p .Jul, r ra..r.chm ni e..uld affordalittlelarger
nor I 18. r L : .ll? r .......tresh-r-arl, or .th.ur rt .t I.B.rryest..< I..4cring ill-founded preju-
,, ,,, 3, l... ; [ ,r ;: ....r, he waI e... r. t. .rue .1.. <, ..r w ti.:.r .nz the chair of self denial.
3 nod rn at r..,;I.1 pr *A Ikhamber of to George Center 1,. III-larol .hs lish N.:.w e. st. L= ad re r Us childeca al. ..old ence," can enenge.-No. 1. o .:..wins:., a at ... c.e.. -- ary r.:. Ir tre.y illert..:diers acknowledgethat God
t.. re .-1. Eh eb..r b e..ul Mr n a ....r p.-w her n rantly beer, 6 miways emphashes and necenta the proper
ular muntist! If 0th E^', wh er n .gur it sr Ily grolli"C r.. =e. 5... rr.m:h re r,. at chan:. t th. menteerEhip w..rda in*i syllables, and tbat, consequently,
cond r .:.tam ..r.: and al rac n usu are a m.r al. ..ur, st..- pr.:ss:r.r ar..s ..rur. in Irk, rr.nnna Fle b re nt e..nI nc.1 11.6 worshippers to
..rn n ts ee at m..:r II pr ..:ibl- *10. ..1 our .:hurch, .. .4 p. ..1 .mn me E .1.1. pu pose'/ .Ternalern or f:.m.; ever stressed modes
'..0-..0 .... an.1 1 Lace r, .1 it,: si- .0 bc .2 ,.:5. This feverish ou.} 1. m p....1s..r, andfor these
[ h. ,f ji.t.. .. L......| 20.1 II,<. Orgral., i..fig .) .r .r . GL p 1 -t *:ldng.? 'ai [ 15 an ..ur prairat 76880118, 811(1 Bome Ot 078, they have a slight
.1 bit. Es..i 1 1.. a 7 ca n, e cr..p..o enr.. a rhe r us er..ur II..-..l..I. t.:...J..:1.1/u:.1 and *I flandi.e..was recon vineyardins>m.: [.1. Itfrequentlyoc- rharp.3..n.....rn..scribestheirprayers;
rt... pa car n .].1 .r. well. rt.. and ..1 pa n...user, us, nori al.. 1.1 t. cursthitan bunat.1.4 I minister has ir, roaking :-, m proposed radicalehange
or ar..1 1 rs. I'.x rt. old 14.. L de: th. r, ..r.: =0 18 c..:-re I.,n.1 ..t iII the 1.. moving in lan t ar. the *J.L.:.ilr. are greafer, and the change,
p are, as and tl.r...r r y wok I sgide...o the ..ib r !.gr [ rrq1 ar,.( Undi,:.1 marJ preeiofts fits *.rei I.nd,. instead of introducinga "conservative" ele-
....rn r..a ..rr 'll work .r le 1 0.1 .. th 1 .... msons, our per 6..1.:.,< [to tas. c. 31, b.: usent, will impart moie friction to the entire
..s a .:r.,i, sc....d :.. I.,ll..- ** I 31. m r .- r-rra. c.:.1, so.J ? .sn:---n,,.s machinery. Take, for instance, this adop-
ad b. r:.x Conference" through his longra zg..,- th.: 1..s. w.Th metaphysical or see. tion of an extended Pastorate. In all
1 1 1 -rate I find indeh to admire, and rev tarian fire brands to their tails, in stiltsh a 6httrity I must say, that the greatesteryfor
e rs.:.-1...c.t.1.riolmusteonfessthatIthinic waynstoconsumetheripecoria. Seethe thiscomestpnotfromyhepeopleootfrom
. ,, . re r ct....1,r a.g.I.:.; us- time to better advan- effects of our presentpolityin many sections the older ininisters, not from the brethren
. . ... 3 c. y r .7 He userl hardly complainif Itakethe g ..r orgia, \there we have whd move in mid-winter, through sleet,
vert el...r b v., .x..: 1.1....< =.It r... prme ples that he has 3. r we .r the last teri0- t..... htoris and snow, and who reach their char-
pr. ...Ir rails. r l...r q obs, .:11, --us .,,. r, ala m. r... -the e began as early in the 1 1.1 -s ar..] .) themselves homeless, breadless
,, ,,.,, , e..... / *** R" '7 1 [.0 .. -tri a ls rarr wish ..iber li n c..i r...o I..:., but from obarges tonnecti:d
.r the in I sh ; e..a., ..1...1, Irn s. .t.. r r. rh. pr..p. .r. E... .1.10. ... r,..n i.ur cr. Ir. anu lar ir. rt.. r sr by rol personages well furnished,
..u .11. usuld to .guer a n..II any is ti:. r au. ..t ...ur Isur.:1., he 01..1 I 11 1.- th, We falve kept up u.. I... warmed and dinnered for the pastor. That
ulr.. p.J nor na..11s..r T.:,,...n f..r ..pp:- rr. 6. prop.:. @.1 prea.:h ac-off..n a sh ar..sp un. is elegant. I admire it. Ilive in a City
.1 La rh. Lat.. v. in ru].? t..- is.r.:.1,=. n ., krulE.g..rar, rs. .] [n l..ur.-i (..r .10r.. 2 m. ra-and all (t.,r fine ..t Parsoriage, and am not surprised that our
last th lia b pi Id th e 5 pr s..o.u .g or Ir. II., I r that it .4 Isred [tt mir-.r..Tri al...,r par.:.r;s *.n incur ars ris ..:.r .., es, wisest aird best brethren, feasted on con-
....1 .s..r b ., L rr fr .. a., b. .rn. ..) phat I rush dr. He to King-? wb=-T" L:- ause MI bra larg ...t..uar I_111. r has. serves, ,b .41.3 1. rea to conclude thata pro-
-- L, b.e / ... 01 . y ers..rut... r. i.e. rr up,. .,p...r, rh. re... .:.can.: .n wash East, b pr..a Wr.; I r._. traction would make them more conserva-
" a '., .. ,de., r..i the:. n...l war pe.t -r vi new they number four tive., Turkey dinners, brethren, are terrible

...aur g .1. t-or Irrl b r .vi a sual -, sc. Is. But it must remain logia, and generally oppose emotion to ad-
c..:. L. .0,.12.. .11 ... noro .1 rI,- me.) ,, a he contrary is e l.... 1 ord But anotry a ..dewhat will be
all .v y 1 c....A If l.. an. sir- c. a a **Jr .-3 ish desire fo obange." Can the:.: t.- re 0... pra.acil working of the measure? We
n,,, Tu 0.:.. l b.: g ., e.. n. It change mother ner en t A. -J. 11, ,r...r.-r, a will embarrass iand weaken the
U.. 1 In sh ar p. rs E. never est.r;r the he iritends e- episcopacy, drive of a valliable class of itin-
.1 ll.. e u.. r E. rer.3rr L si ..r., **1 ..rn.b users I..r change, To the Delegates to the General on- erants, disaffect locaL ministers excluded
p...>..fs r IG.. 5 rd ). ib.- 1..ell alu ....-posed changes of our crerwoor" me H. E CraturersSourn. fromallahanceattherall ...tthe .m.I..ed.
].ra tr (1.. I ar C rd.1 rar. .h .-stry -r., ur.) .:1.zrope whatever. This L. .1br:rian -5.phierry, 1.1.-: as.r izeditinerants, anddooremanychurchesto
,s... .-< a. .r..r iss..r .,,.us., 1, el...Ta ben he -sys 0.*woul1co- .3,,, Is..r t*.and... su.II E...toaz.- ..r .. =1 1 e. = zonservativeminis-
11 re am a..:5 rpr e.rrlines..I._ a.rinrhe*I.eloved torerbr, is h a raph ..alueshes but..*unar:-:r.-r..ser .Junha leta...-sythatwithallthe
,an .]it .i..r sh I .ir... !.:.-1. 3.1.11 e of gr. rs.n:* fthe pro ., In sangic, and at. nc.,-ly ice.g.ushe excellencies of other oburebes, Methodism
.ad .1 rn I n It .r :m l....... !.an.=> A..J .c ;.sr arts.r s wer...t. ,,,,,4 r phra : This is <..<..}1.12 J .0 rt. coinbines in her general supefiatendency,
r. ...p r...t all.. I <.:..3.. ni .0. r..u.r our ,.:C..v v.r, bar and ran...ran c.t Romish Divines, in modern her unflinching, petietrating itinerary, her
to r th* c 1 fth.= .:he.. "ecub, r and unnour, ra, th.r.1 .1,ari.:1 .c effusions painting 91u ..1.1 err.. 1...alily, her ch a us.:.aine,
a 1 t .1 ur^ L /r... ., .*>..-- t I oberals, .1.a certain articles thsr mak .nd. Jul p..rd.....ra, b.:r ? re least re an /rur.r.I., ..,ri- .. e'the .ne it .per.u..n r .0 nor. re I.v.rul ana.icro.:.Jartral;.n,
r k .r I ( I II. Lear ry I ..ur thrall, ard <.. b...r ir .5 hurch, th *II. bu? 3( near-dnal ec.bthpR eat
t then, and 11 t or t at .rtrer. .11 .:1.- .r When the Obureh ..I Englar..3 z, ,at he red debe horse." "I fear question the propriety of patching the outfit
..- a .r sq met .0.2 us. ..elus.:4 11.< us of .:hur.M. s... *. 2. re v.:.nn th. reeks earn .,tT ring presents." with scraps borrowed from neighbors B, E,
Br iti d to r.n..r I ad its culan...o.2 own whe- werc ende r..spread *.:r'P "A progressive age" isan old tinglician- L, or P. Yea more, I aball be mistaken if
u uses th.: pe .pl sorts! ... Ou r th Inc..i, they repa red has reinforced m any a sinking cause-rec- a beautiful and lastingaddition of the afore-
But ** 1 lim r .1 he Ce. r .. C. of. r to the up.:r. rear pub. r. d br;,* soc. id dered ministers she-.fle.=, menar, ..t or c.. u 2.irr a ..r...f sh. ard or ara...i..Lus ar.. .0; and lay pre .ch ritless, wives essr.ns:.ant, J.sidr..n due the abdityof a Generid Conference.
,g 0:: all.:abset.w ...air. s..funr...vals..n bedient, husbands moneyless, nod so.:a ty Brethrenyoicneed not hope to satisfy
b. re wh uI. t r.:rus n, ( Alish.:J her, 1. u ages. .1 lary soulless In thh c:ue we cann...t ae.*.:.rd t..* and save everybody. Some people will pre-
rn r, wale who ul.1 1, [.4 us.10 church no the r.. ult of th.,< it he economed, but our resp.el- ferthe light and showy to theeolid and say-
runne part ...I st ork. F I rrecularath th.--m chang.- or ce*..comy 1811) refuse to consider it tantamount to ing; and some ministers will exhaust the

1. I.sre Lean sl. .1 ..r .rr ri.-c.1.4 p. Mr 19.--1.-7 lan....I...1 c.grd' enor .rtosuck grave rsud elocklianat es neal e*:mparaor Ip Brethren,80taeof us
.. e all.. br : and ..0 . I L*i ord rs; au[..:racecrs.2.Enri I...r to c..n "El I are lifelb di a choice---I thought of
.J. : 1 Id , b. La .. . "rs. ...c. Ar, we upp..,e U.ur all 0'' An moswer to 0 ese .4> -r .ca w 11 rev. a : prel.:rmor / There are several doors
us 0.: : p .10 . G.x ill c.I s rn:10 dr ... the favored fallacy." F re at to th thr.ugh abt-haMethodistmay bemustered

. Ir .l..rl....1 sm a ... lit to shape its then p ad j /. t joe puls t yovelition.
I or Ir -m rt.: p.reqt church in ,,,, or wroteor L. o ..1 by lexicographers. I refer to the

n p..ach e no us t N...s b rn -0, and III, el.. t ..r it.. Ly way of .1 ..nes.u -.1 ,,,al and -oral rizbt. -1..r .u aren are church althardoor.
1.. ..r..I.ur.:ts..:: 6.0 th.-re a 1.u r .1 th .....ux unt..r..c.. v., ,,,,ac laur 1.2 -r...r II, pr..rat...*r humisingnot to wrife agaiquatiLeon,
r < IE: or ...r- <=1 1. .-, wh.:.o.:g *in is providence, it E... am r..:.:6. r , 0 and prope -lur II.4 G.4tees ,. says write, reaffirming my love fit
r ...r =<.5 .0 ...r ub. I ab Lord's work be done byue, to sep> : m .n Such r tass so 1. ed to church and all the brethren, and pray
1. r ree, and rt .ni 1 ..r. L. n Methodist Ep J Chur. 1. ,, are or the ur. r, . Be blessing of God upon our General

It .Nu.a pr. 11. -.4, .1 3.. 4.1 .:q pr rage. I was a rr* ,,t ,pin \\'.al.: wh no at .IeBeMcGEEEEB.
.. p .,r, r.> sl... character, ur..s men appr. 1 ." It is a ,. ab c. p and or ni 15th.
-1 a.1 Juin e w.= prep....< E. devote an- that ..11, ,e n .:.1 11-rb use, lt .. en p...:r e- 01 at a.

Ef.P. n/r .(s..unr rher. ..di and, iortoore ,2 TheFpascopacy---LayRepresetanon
ance: and abu st, pr. .:rst m.w. I.r further philosophy, poetry, statomanshpamischel
ch re-us **lb.-.a -r<.uth I aba c.r -' arly casum al-. El *(mist.r.un.;s In a former ornels, I insisted upon the
WHAT WB NEED. ,3, ,r, 4:.< wideb renerates to ..ur 1.miness lbr a we and amusemeqis, a Pr of rankany suph changes in our

In my hurrabl.: jul me et no py*Irer runs. it! bodisru be b.en exiled also child of p.,,3, ,,,-5. Ltd by the general parklyEIS, landsmeld.n law, RS WOld'I Befuri O (fle
1..riour ...:.dd L.efull our church, than to Prud.iew.e; ..0.];( marr.have we is...i tr a.nlJ rl.e a.:..4uitili..n ..l parasblir.did R.Ja<- *.Larch, the ilifluence and leerselata of the
anu:urne sJ.< .:Gang.< pr..p...d by s...aze ...I' gr. cr h say, :r .r limbs ar, ea ::,1 ,,,,. 3,.4 4,..( ce. the enIIuf Chrasian char. Pastorare Torg.:rl that. without destroy-
).>ur corr.. p..n.icial 1 1.2<. rountly c..o. and suff, st... le admit **I ity. Unfortunan-ly, lbletimdum, like..rher ing or .mparice the eKtoler>cy of the Itin-
v.-r...l wirb brethr- rs fl.:.g. van. us pullions jurrher gr..ath ur sprand-n Bar ly deere ,3,astaunksas. partakes largely of thirs prog. erancy thisqught to be done, "wherever it
...f th...g. :=ud rb y anuar. Ily <-.near in were tender ass.einion, ash the moth ,., as. 10 astracting the jace of an ecsa, mightbefoundtobeneeded?'. This brings
rho E.ela-1, the the .:xt.-c.,n:.o .,r am pe.,,. churchat rhe ri cof Week sun Aleth.alem, c., rye, the gral.c-in goring **the was per as to the que lion, who shall determine
ral term, well neersue us ins.. e- a recau..nal and alsant she s parat..n 1.1 rh. Mu church* eens"-in brother going to hw two. the maner or neceivity, or proprury? Lin-
sons, arad le sh.: ialumer. ..verthrur of ib., cl in !"H, and yn theaemoves wer.- n.=v- thbr-In stenin: Cheelrcus apd theatre questic.ra..bly theappostingpr.urertheBish-
itineriney Whsic wer.---->rd re-thus .Ian,. .r regar-Je-i as fewerob J..eir fu change, in 1..arning to waits-in thisse, anda has ops.
arose f...r eb.ange, purity of masse and he.g. unle-a it were by ..ur .:m a..' dred other daings, wears inimple enough to But can they, under thi: preferat orgard-
rely of purpose, we bel..-ce that the acc om. But let us apply this.risk m t-:- the ez* conclude abu Ikletheina sulEciently ap. ization, he suffiesently aforniEd of th0 WADIA
; pk-lament .th..r ot=;- -c mil 0..: 0..= men of toass*,n 01 rhe parroral rerm In N.w Or prc.1 m res the spirit of the age. of eachlocality, to be able to determine
car ..tarch its traorrspt.s .d leanni and on F...r..i:n ar,.1is. no.rse m.anor H re no might rela to a clue of cerem,,. abat questi..o amellip otly? I think not,
la the past, ab.: great w.,,k abs has, the term had..:n lengrhen.-d .:ul Ind inar ni.-:- ter re ep.eir.-us and lasts sinful than the *'id brace, I would ade...esidan increase of
and until -&.0,; for use salwar-c.n ..r the ly. Our eder..r-, gents, and pr. R.rue r-.ul as from which,0...J food us the r us.1,ar, even L.> :,1,= assigning ofline
work), ar:.unarntin las...r of,, Assors are all...,s g., renairs in sh sum ,st,., lecalle-ins**EL spr.>JAr.pneraliso. R.,very C...altrence. But that w..uld be
my, th I caro...t t.. an:w.-r J. I Ms. :.1. situation year iii r year: an.] pl the irit lion cer th. -arth." But our baptismal adoptin; time **di,. san" plan. Well, sup-
l wave repud.:J al..: ..ur then. racy is our ru.r 1-nar bo ary test vb..ught ..rI -a ..0 relanes me. Years agows pro. pose it is---;s there anystain la the term,
pr.o., d...1, ar.. s..o tar r., b. spot.e...3, as val macess.. 11,.: a ch of a Everbia ,,.,tenouns., the men p...n.p andglory "diodessu"or "doxes.-"alsat asoobjection-
e ..fdurizes auth.:.e.c;-, I<.1.-0. .1l., sh. at.:.1 *J.:Mrs t...r..h.0 ." Ind ..1 ate preample1,..I rh. world --.and surely no minister or able? I cannot perceive if. Our Blishops
s my pr..,=s...I reerdr sad I t.-- rs...xs.ay iam in.1.-ar..rary appy a to .J., use call member would woo forms from whiqh a nowhavo certhinConferenceriassignedthem
r., ab ange it.,,., 0 -0 I "ie the ord .:.f ed both ways. The preacher maystay one happy revolution divorced us, and, which, annually, inst thus far at least, it may be
e God .i., lone on it..: 13.1.1 is the a na., yearnotmorethantwo at the furthest.--- afterallaienotonlyunproductiveinheart, justly tenced, diricesan. The only difli-
y and the 7.011.1 is in al. L. .]ru [gs 1.-r (,,. AI,.3 why? Because he will wear out--the results but satick of the "speechless sym edly in theldway under the presentprder
t triedandintendt.1,resp.inerour warf r.: p.:.glelovea chimge-adiversiryat Ukral Luis of departed piety." We do wellic .:.frkup.4, thatit Ir "dfocede"ititerrife-
t al -r as to be sought after; variety is ts.. ep..: LI ..,,,.jr About us the apostolic adnionition, really ... nreasse, they stro unable to
Our Itinerant q. so is a ts. .. It sp...,t.1,.3 life, especially in the itinerary. ,This course. "and be ye not contormed to this world. c.cqul., ar.) knowlE ig.> of the condition and
9 so, h f .. p., .x o :, ... el,. p..) .51 he sh. pr. ..1.. c to roam about year after But the phrase may have a relative hear- wantsof theiespeedyechurebesb3xtthioggh
. 50 ..t 0 or, U.. -32,.. r ply for evan- :-ar, us..] t...J. A le11.. , so a 1..a., an race: Let it alone dolence, and lips up .r. 2 la r I ..r.... P* Inuse of some of the attrgetixagod useful body of Presiding Elders. I would change
, l b. J 4 bee of liiir claura lqit co( a while. This it.a cast glass is rise best qbarAeteyistics that popularise and ephere this whole batter). bf dispetising with the

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one,=" pr.:-ins, three, ab..:La th..ugh Irus in
ti.*m- Ir.,a, 8.< .nly pr..v..-:ass., and m., a
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radial. 11. 6.)+: ** Lst III., nc.t "'
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then 11.81 ..the uph..ti tra r;.m. Ir..j. 11-
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K.E.g.1..n.. as rc..II 1 ...r ll..: .. rl.1, .re] a.,-r...
by carry II...;nsp.:1 r sh...ue.r-t., wh o art. r-
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ster. But 1... c.....r.:rt :sneer, to th.: IsureI
wellas. /.:Hr Tm--, 1..: <...:.ra furn 102 1..
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put us i.r.3 ut th.= EU abl.elament a
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er.abl.. ,t..J.r..lthy mmist.:rs as in.- .1.Jar..
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lb,- G..rto r:...I ....Jazars..a .1 popular.
thisten.ed, 00.m .mm.: an, n..r ...ayres=.
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New Oricans, wh.. may 1.0 e..nt.E.o .1.n the
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careasts were large, embr eing four week
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Presiding, arri upp.> il sh-:*p b:th thr.. nl herevr.. rrs~aeri up one esprrnonc I.Ya drlrlkl~r hbusbndso .:r oured bid serr,r.:.o Hie 1.8r~r ared rw ~ h ti l~lab8o lhp
for each C~jil ll..r.....:. :,~ r b e.l*,tni ror1nA AFinto Larlhr r an p~r.- ibe er t o~dolla t.come~., I.:ild yratl C~lPrIp rlow-. andl .jll lil; d r.l lD3.r t n.r- d ... se:,urlr.1ac lIsnthl are.1sC1ilhd but cm1 r~sibcon iiarestthou:
.amongst the chlurochs, would liarn ,Pr biri ac..inr,. time cemt.n.r j v. rl-s. rand all .v...u ''r-`'' Iq ut. dt..:r...0 1+ptt..h.. sr1, Ilurer. n 801 sel bm- star h erl ha~lsl bee rrullld ro l uses se
Air. rsls an s d cjodalersn .gi~r~ I.,li I,. TeI-w r fd rn s W ota tt H=r.r.s1.4 p.... .:u t ns. luer (1 aYl.:.J.*\\t u =-I te.....n .. e at~ th- h, a prt I'gen ir.I h, r~E. l i hny me.Ma
enhr, .ad .1.8 .3pr.J-nupo th un e rmin i the ne s rI .r 1,c u. ar l-d >r;c He. a st- r 11 1-r d7 ..fjd m n ,' {.nbli .eo .*aa e r!1litnt heh nsrf h eoe
9uBuch change s.:.uidj w...k vs sav insplecl that Ithe e lrt w..uIl. rsut r i n -e na Ra lt, I 1..:-,1 so r deno ne or h nIfealr fln rs idt l rni mglt.u olsidedw nea
to the obtirohy, both i me-try and men, tha m'" rblyl refrm 160 henrits or 1...< lbu iillures;~ mnt'o *.-1 Ibi firiends ? nil..c. t.01 t.< ram.haer,r.g. lii lter shin- al fiond.h.: .*ca1 m~merry phich dltoops' to accepc
and besides' 1.ey.,ad. a dloutr, Iih.: wth:bj nrea,., rlt by)outrtiftheebr luarro ian r.~...n I n..*u.1 is bst Illllsl o. FI May G.:.l Ii.J .ode d have use- y n Uh p. .r ;rh-l e~~l C few f Int wanderin ) (g l) rao praye
more agile andl E..m l:.r r A~le iupp..rt ..f th.. arld ) e,C, .,,r Ilen-p-r:ra bw ha ...r, v.F. n l. d.0. s :, an esu. os d pas. Yt the ariale Ah ugl e pastB
Episcopacy. 1 La~rr lbrlyg I~it...uht Ih rI TIr. bundred vaelrljian can over weih Ib r ..p rllurelra Iin [ .l na 1b liairmer I Il ites.:l Itrll, *Ind lalre I... tir mlit re.. LDI t (.. .. l r h re ne
there wise too lilrl4 irnlte~lr ??urse he ormai t ful Pr-.. .*1n nee a Men s an b* rt. p.i I of [If nur II: s o TA, 11. Ir I 1 a..IJ IR 0 i ?and ? ...41~ ti ul p -I(t BU: MAOl.ktrJ and Ilso mo-miser.-1ip, arni thdr bo rdI rm. and Ih? Protesternr w.rld no e b-.e~c t..oad~ly to~ ti..s~ Ldr rcl .r Au h , t= roa F p 20i1 b scli0 l;. Jsg pr. d

uolrain hi!***Mul.LI:.l,~ unhl i be ud hsy aII 111 L l tll).3 Dall~r Flrp:rdiO ,b it s Ir n it m s fl r l Il. , tI meioi d utG Iui Lll .btrilv~iin thr~retb r oftedrb ea Ol'..unted llothii PEran grav-

self to my mind, thar of Lry4 it. pr.'-,, n II n --llm a ks. ..r. ;l g ..ri ll d lcvl II t aj .rt. I1 r-ln r ...: L 1 rlicrl rb *Ch IL.b t h e Ir~ling rdp- Ihu rt.,, 4= end ds,- Mr. rsu .lar. u)Dl~bintrl
Station inthe~feneral Conferencq. Irr..L.:.dvs I'iI or or pas.,;.:ra te r..ll-.1l **g. o r I. reBVived and started out onamore elorioul II nt" I'1. derd Ior ra ra. neal thu. hi the I hre rla.L. >s a rt th pan-
w~here thefen danme ntl a llow ofl it.* :bunts I rlj~ u~itate. r,-de v'IIb~g vion.=s. v r ..aJ u .. oral..r r .,O 'su~a e-, .: *i e. r bu ..c.n.-, o .r, [..Jfrea~ im s h v b
into be enacted, Ithin k it istd he ur-la s whii b I.98 sent~ r r..i l p..w r and ''ospel i a s.:.T l liaLRk b. t m I ..rnrr ...ld c.ll sill. I orb 1.<- IE ; I h s.-p ;c he blsta n-rpe
tionable rigLt of thememberfihij? tor IC rlly eros. or v~r, and to the [*r. ..,F l i.lh j ..ucre:Sirs:.o my ainry.. L, ani a 1.:< Ill .a:.Iann scene had
represented; and I rmea.:-rly ue.r.lrl c..llr rela i~li trl -1 r! e va?- *~ ~ [ n so s*,.e sn at= .t th. o t .4 di e.r m s mtihe :r t .pace of
wa ve otherwise. So In a th Arnnull r ,,,,,.r thesealessons from r1..r sdal n hncrws a mnts
('.nra r:r ... iscne-rn~d. I t bin,; :.(alf l1, h:*i r .r (.7tal:-ln rol etliio one suppose 10@ ,.a .s...i t -n~o lo; !..0 LII...a 'b. I;.1$ l. ls.. I lan. n h:: e

I nw apprOdehaB slll.).:t lhl I t* r nlou.i.p Th3 Sunday MI~orng's Dream. l's eulao. .I
gives me ,more anxetysh.. all I o 1( 1 to i r lly ; ..L i.d .mr..irP hly- r.. s -r3rn. t ,.1 se o r5.des of ~t- Iileir.ran c .;..1i b *glj,- or .i':rl, u ru r~ro car ~efull rhopr
.rest: I ljlu-1. -1.l rise p.0 ..Ish.I. r which ivolvir mean,; .... .l: ... i .110.l, til lli ln ..9, rh r th~, ree.-; sche.1.m :h, I ysoh II thepul. enab~p of the

fore, .r~n.l.a..-,....4.a tr.: -raligr:l? L..j..odl r As r t =<> rr of~ God's truth r so. pero iie.J..w t my .-2;i .:hi r,~ and,~ as lp n, wear ms" a
control, ours has been apinr..1, .i?-ot G i' th. an.-C 1 usehl : Ih .ir.;. ~ I ac ***2r l~ b a Stood i~lr ,pl:morl war r ;o iii. ,,: Qlla t ..l b e- - --- -
orgammastlon. Those cironmstances no on- pel to preach, brood ve lli;:! . ; r noy..r l~ ue.I .Londo lb( Ij. qr rn l tor ih..ll pl11 ,eli~ l RllrI1 rO~~O Pid
ger ttavaron us, and I tlih ink ourAnnnual and GTenards t'annmbrpnF? Ic SFar ~lb~ *I,. 1... ;:.:. h1. iilll:l ab:l -?i ; hlj u:.1:.. na lk toPonae a
yiromptly to ;~., ,i--t 5 ..1.0i,..1.. thlegreal commtisson. G o na I l0w i uy 1 ..1 .su --. n ln .. iif ..a I.r .1 *1in u <1 lirt rl to. ber tooth-
at ra)in ,I..,r.. r 1- I h and tireach t~he eoi; .=Ir.c r .. UIt~ e 11.eI L.. lII .;.:.ur pared.. :l..ach` a ;re I a .r p ..5 5 1 si .~.~"... ri~ .. r. :. aut l LQR I a
r. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i' .1r....r.t$.L.uTs..i 1.krra .rs..a i s u.egiibingo their Phitnes, ind die fa iif hi, .1 ...1! pra r, I. iI~ hrm
Corld as its 1l!' t '.. y.c ii,.-~~ 1 .nr. d .,l. al..; p r.r.; .r s d awvakened. within me amintense L.u ..~ Ihrun I, u rl.3 .t ad .u>:n? se e oh
objea't, thert L..t b tn :. ... :: o .:.M c .ir

with no Prefix1.. n I I .1...u-ba 1: 1 l1. l as IIrr.r ; im el rup , ,I~.e..teady or h rbe re..r. l..o i~ .* -. s u r o1 .t *i~ d~~

..1 i. ..1=........ .1 I.. ... r it. ,; a el r i ...s gr of the bells, a-,.1l a ; o n~e r r..J Ibll 1 .0IIIYi *.Y1 L ru .l K u v. **t-aI IknOw
notc for intelligene isasuffcicint .us : r.n -z ....- *...1 my eyes, and ....rl.-.i r.~.y ''' .... arser r n?; ie sa r; v.141 l n m ns
tee, that it will be properly dispoe)DS~ 1 and Ihe estab islemenin~f christiani2Sr wishes by picturiigr to rn ,l rII. :1.,.1. ar. 1,. 0 1 s-r -sed P1i* nd TJy. .rrdyad
LaYmaN: Whatever tends most to promote these die enues of blossodmjng 1.2 ha .3I...ra- e..r. ,..< h. r 0:rmm
Floria ,, ii . '. ~. I' signs, let us receive and nurture. Let till church, and t'he run v.;ai thatr ii:.ubs1 itr be a rt o hup r p, ni? r ur. us r .ae

CAN WE ~I~lNlTAIN OUR ZION ? t u.ieIa2t d~rA.fI. l .r: emdt akhg.s*I naoa. La, In I ai i bl.l erll
IfGo e o rs w oca b c I -. r I or : I.- r. according asby Ir; tl.; tj 1. .ia churchyarp e rvn:4 ,, ate . .. .E.r, enr[
Whether or ndt the Methbodist 4piscopak ai eeld An e s ..;. r;egrws :....rt. 1 Int It i7* ''
UCbulch, Stinl4 shell be able to maintain is u t, t erofo em n tom e cur by o eie .lb h : r ,u. i La ..1 th-...,. .. 1 n jb.>.Jr
presEnt positions aionog thle cburches n risd pmi hand. Il t~ ..r dr"" ** me t t e..res 1,~ at rl~ 1 Ish .s
this country, sad make rdvancemuent, is a L..1 I ', h o bL;l I teir at ..I ~ i esses, pssil Lhe [. .. ....r .r i. 1I up-st 1 atl rb~ ne worlla u ld
ipxetaticin which i now ca s)lantly prerti a r'tance, the g ipel cf ObriefetuLeet ofel go r.ide is~ C ainlystr ~en to wo. t dll 1i j no t.--, a ) rwat i .lmei.z
Aib.,1 tivle mn onso ics Couron ; that qe preach nothing but ~esus :>rs..D. 1 a est hto th he .t iie 0~ 1;1, Irj
Jil a~ttiv lc stake is inv solvd in h hitadhm oe.,- n s-a ,. I:s., c1 in tragglers, hurip; .I. h m : r- N x cr many rhil.Jren us.
c. st r.rc is Go ith o?~r .4 the ,,l~~n~e r;ns.aia e f..l:I tr n .as .llrr therr -lri latet:I wa left .e Inr~rce 1s. w n opy n.up p i..r M sK ty ''e

ch" "2,"Or RBcryd bis fee na o;- dLirin ald .~ b .n e
b. I thse etioa 64 toanswr-- .b. TT.<--- lo exam -. 1 .... "1-mi 1 J.r .ar ..1? sodI. -race, plu bef.r:re Lt. .r Eo t rl .f[eso maI J~''" .'''p :I.. i [ l rwrd a ru hem "c uilr e 11.4 fo un-
~resent .".~ etbsh et, and~ s re offuure" arc ...1. Ran, top simil to" c rs oin- r.... l.... .r er hs..u p.I h d .u .10 tn cldrllr liv ~ l tail~L so Lheipe-te Mac.
P'.. sure for .' us perpetual recgmtofros~tuwhip byfct :iorreverpqp~iie, oru ~ 1-;, bL~'L r~LI~l our. -. K~r~i ~i ~no:
pr'ogresis. ofpnd church Iim, who~l l alon hah p v rt ai eo r a nbi i =Gr.. .r*. 0... l eu d / eH W J S S C M
Tr~rhe vaIotpualos Oa-o~srr *c~ ~ ~ -rl I:olly destiny <11r ,. .: .ani.?I:, iP1~t'. ==ni of rlr.~n Ih-I1 li..t.I.- FllLb l~il ibdi
discussed i the A vcte d rn Es h. latIm so o .6 r..r.,. ut.ip el. ine cind 5 sq t hre, i ld- t r. -< n 1.e rlinF l' e
pee es unaglsmet urd Jf 1uur A~ Ti.-" IPRN'RVV 11.a If .r. r r, to .1- .Yie~~ t -ar, It i," gyhsi
fore~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~o II. s p .. I all1 ..rec thtqeo inrese ini l. 1. i...vr0?~ .. In ,, .- .6 o 1 h tpIae ttl

decouser e nthe 1 n cale .. r.. ve\ tia me n lnho i~sts tp onsde ac.-.l .r 1 .1. ~. l r it.... *1~ s:i ... ,be ..I k meer da Re-siwl
utwri ea time edtrito hi ai i fm eatbst i u t igg :,0. .., on.. i n. e.i vs o
ei mak ngre r n et t eh st r < u se f ur ard I (1 *WI.t..1ur. ..J.:u .r. n ., n ,s E...b .-. 1. ru or .r o l 1, g, ,> lef u
d~ism jatartrthd eat ho W esley ,,,,. .,,. ,,,., ,.rl..r eIr r i.o l s. '.ur r,. II rs ..,,1 1 r. 1 to .0 r-s ,*t;bow 1
an u tan e a o gse e dsu h a h ,a s r s: 5 0. d. s s i ..o rl. a r h w rs ,1. 1 1- i l cu .L!>. s ar a ut" a.. h ltl
" cus tob ita iyo o nst. L; p. u J.It I h t.- ei1r fth- d ..r l.. 3 q re.J,. .,:.ou .. :.1 a a.ry ncuo elo ld j h h rew c l
wh~~b nosucdo Prvdnc sd*- H E'a. ru1,,ar.- .... b.c 1 ust.-,1.. ek ad ""'L.:n;*na'sI.~n ewsm d

ofconf atruson." e2 te tinr I: '. Nus o oura d human ii util..o u us.:.r~ 1, .: s ... Lua,,g ..u a.3. t.-i ..1 re) l..l. ''. A;' L.. c hes +l ;?~~ act. unt uel. a it on r Te i r
Gimire iaft k ev ent uinsr o Need fl low tie wit entire success rl1 0 l..- I1.- r> I.~ ****1 I1.< ..r its.- ir..,*lu th d ol. 1 tor l. .~. II ntra .4.-. al.rc a lcl hu
th ius county hamo eived and bu lin tl aci- Lf m n :.' ...- . "Mr., w ih aln sed nhg l ..l ., ;q ,,, ,, ,, s, =,;4tha,

s~lekia reaigaious da e omintons on this W illwit I-ipilY iil r n.,1 .i ...i nou ..I.r p.- .r : o: ie r.rn ,t b .rs. e rts (.,<.-. I ... r .J.::-u' nP '"l: we < o hd
iiinn Pr vi F '1 1. I cil ar fcu tja ld .. :..oie .r..r sI t.d.ue u. h- .r 1. irl. a I, .,rr :~. ln .}n30,2, le-l 1,3..~ I ,J.. ruae n:
co. ie. so 3 r et b ca e ob r y he ns f 1 ** -. El ** i- ** 0 4 11 . i L u1 b .. [12 I.- .. .r.. 0. m ,b. rW n y b s on

them, dvn the mi st of llths fhere is no it retired ain om iseied hais o but- head 1. rs.... ..,..t ..1th rI 1~(., ngos 'togl t t-s.h bL1-e>m et
tsmet; ,, Ts o ik r--m ty in olthe n great bjet a igeyart it hiasacom lihe muh It.. II..w Il.: an.] ( Pia. I~c ,r i the er.t, 1. p ... n I. ..I u m ry o r- ,;.and li.'1. , i no ,
bh ? ~utl' ha tp., evr .s- an d giropsil eed. h~as givny. a rept from .. \ly anitad or w s--.r aln --Idend. -.1 .a .il. -sas. In11p .- igie' =a. v ae

monunetaison mother sie;noubli~lnt~l there chrmes Resacues a f deboee rn the e vol e sometimes r unk let d i...6 t'-il~~ I wrrans. ). peG.3! r..h.1ltf.t'.E a rlos e
we~ligre infus on~ nod veioutbs sget~ios. \lichant ig ote vettfor saiingle mnh n A r 1.C r.nour. 1 ro 1mi, t. < w .n0.~~ meie 0 het s t..y watrr.r


1) (L:s r rally enall.: J b. a haven rn, an
SQl C (15 131[ 380121 1. of those wI,.... be red reta

have a re r., and b..:aa., so unli her st
Af ICE N, GA., MA R if 150 ,,,aus. ..I truth-which.;oly v.e are so kang
never aders in a fair .J. :u -son
A WORD OF CAUT ON. 9, g a in sh ad m..ccus.:ny
Dear Bro .-r:-I rer..J 1 ft as fully as he d....s, and rI,,ak thu us ad
greald-alofarter,.r, andme y 1.:1r vice onth;ssubje.*t d..x-.rru,:.maid..rus...o
e J):L j ] But we her.= on..el...r re-.ea Ourfr..:
ec n me va li1 bad n n. represenra a is.;.; ..1,,-, .3( ..xcell.:nt, as==
ten ad r t, I n .3 to party aim @.1 514 failblul pr.-sh, rs, when ..m n..r ter t
T. cs... .11 as.., e..i st-out tra... Lutor >>> rappr her..i rho,r II.< r. s...ns for
we.ld at.;rk she ni g my la ruin, ar. th*. 9 30 *1 IG lb 0.:.1,[, r:.( 11).;t ..=A=:sm, QC.. W
687. 3 citry.fs bra =* 0 EL 10 Lee EA 141.1 519 I EU 1, a 0 W.:.[. I. [ (
r I 1 ata .. rms, kne ..r it.,n 1,[, st....ta sl they vsil pu ..t
-our. st 11> ely r si><..edru g..Iar ani.*,t-a
Barse year cr it uses sinva4t C no .el. .I. ,is 1. ..m. ..r its el, c.,4.:, pr...(....ed
wenu..esse ahea: to.. I r.
bud giseti*Mai.eday and themany a..u.oc. ,,3.1, t].,: .. 9,3.( ... 1.01 -1.. rs -
a would work a.ra .r..- n wea or 2 to. r. Is. alw1; si e ..ri ,,,,.,,1 th... I "

I .. imatona 1 up.... I st at -which is gr.:a b..0,...i w.IMn .2 5.1
snar..s rf the towns, orri in.v. a c.:a to a, century. abas aban;<, th- 12.:
Pastors net p, I r r, ten as that have be-=n on not L.= agmn Oth,,
inuou... m v.yrs1-r....m.r..-,year..r..hunt a will,.n.apers or us, lurward and tak
And ye, w hour ...napher.I a c.:n so **1.1 c.r. the.t places C..ns unit.- r. are ide me,
to such pr.c .near.<=, E Al P Sparta, 1 The y Late Ibc.r youth, n...1.Jh. life and of

1-,<.. oil., tr .(.,ar a 1-a :.g.. The masses addressed to them a
gra ...,0 .4 one p-rsud-th.: naul.,.Jr. c.r assag to ols r
First, nd..r.g inepr act.,ra F.:.rmerly we net, because loop unsure... th ...nine.. i
exam.wsi nees .. r war... : .a.a. are .:.E. 'lb. pham..phy thm a wa re:--,.
looped sole it r ..<.17. t .1, a ..el;, no. tt. 8 treau and I,3.1 ..f tr. so,; th. .3..
str. d...-plansana so...r n D. .a.:u rc. Led a cy...o.u >.-2-11-: I -,c..j ..E ...

r jo tr -.. r utarg .1.11 laul.i 1.:on.,.2 ly 1.. r he a 1.....]: ...r ..n
us, <.1us.. su r ir a re In. ,,rr. Isrman..: p-:r...l ? Int .rt .. nill na...
Iraneour, ..r .. m. g E.. meely rt..m .1; r.:. rro came of th
us., pr...:o. re .s., to t .:t la 1 1 ag.., ,,,.1 cy.: nati co tr :Ia.. L. c J--- perhaps
say N.- .t 0, r -ar r recal. not .st, but to ;rad.ol a .. ania .1..
--e ..say, as + .. meer F rt? .:c.;,. ii.; must u.. ., rur..s.d *,.:,0, ...r 1...

so to a .jat 1 e-ca r the besppp.:,rar..rc e.,,.>tt-re.1u 1,,, n
In-rader.. a .e,u ac ,,. ,ar.:s hav,..use,-.ardial.bmiles<... .ne
comm.c .,r ,a r..,.r...f on- ... In r
am., see it it :<.10. cr 0 la N. or ask .;ur lu. red can .1 t.. believed
bar.1 c. tre.r. .=u... no a at ty reas..o.misle man, rhat all who favo
them w. 0 t..t 3 i.r bc . c.ut a on ..ur p..l.1; of .. them
few c.m a.. 1,.; a :ur ...nd us,- p m.J.:ime to ,a..., rupted an
ar j .. ./ a.r si, sport il... .. .I 1.. Can
ly ato . -.- u at r r not as many compl. .r us 1... ut...
mac. r. 1.,,. L Ir na wa mr. ri..m., sell-den,.r. a .1 r .. r. ,,,, ,,
frr ea e..ur on r.e..2 9 .: ac see, be I.und us..a. In, us.nt...r a.m ce
but w ..3 mar tac.m .u..r a so us..r ..pp .. 0 : to ths., ps. e.nt ..r-:
sects ..:irtra no .. p.." =0... e 1. mg
have r n cam.t arra.J ..ut wr.; .odel.ral, arms pr..t.I.. p .:2..1,.:.> its [ts
sq r .. an ,\\, / oil., ..ri-> / 1 v.miu..- re on, an .ur
1.el.ere so a lan mn un ... use t.r..tin.r, at lent ds.. At :-r 12. u J.:c.
army o:tser: a m 'i o. p.a *,lt, r so its na, 3,< to ..La.isal3 Win *LL E E
we must .r-i estate c.E.r p le .:.; .0 ...2 c. solison. He all ..:0ame other to ai-

.1 p a 2.n ice tr 2.-,. co-a--m;a -as 4-.... c..Ily, ab rows belitt
ut,. Now, w s; ac h'vehi. c. conster r..i un-ru. purnyof the
pants, unt me y or car peopse are act po ad in.metry, 11.*.1 th.-, base ...jr.:.. 14.1 14.1,.
and e..p.mally son if a., is re armn 1 sy. era.o.1.rd ...f ex..elicate I. r is, Law lab..e. d au
tire, and here no 1....< more user, at a or p.a.-r...rd duts..s as Is.chrally, b are be.:n .,,
point. Wr.ateur assagra a sy 1..s me a 1.r arts wave to also adams: situdies at,
econ.:my, we met .co..:1car atecur p. Inve st.:.ed by lb.= ..lsess-na..:tings 0.5 bang,

ah oc / / and held as canny us than is any as year,
to be am arsilsely 1. 11 pp. .1 r/. IT mmy as lb, great n as ol' st ..: sho ug.p...a.= star.r
.houserb Ema.:norr.prareas.says..c.1 news AMugainth5 J Pliascals.
and perit out..:-n as t, is no ezer e.] ar* ere l.:..I the n..*..ssity lor a pure, spareleal
* make.g in.1.mal thenc ... acts... th as re- sail m tr. I i.:. L c ..r. c..o.:.ienst.I up. in tl., rum :r y-r. ra covers,1, bule. c.. I.

Ti ar, .rr nor I .,tcany of c ar <.uc. Imnala-Insp. Due as; ..0 base .:
cle 1 si> ract Nor heg all; but we that they n..ulJ not rei <*., it th claur ts
traw. L a.1.21 n.1 1 ... nmray grap- *ut,,*/ i., br...uchr k....k to lbe **...11 pull
open. Car a s -a n Ar. to C ral..r.E..e >.,r basis, on ., ex-. I.a.J.-.s si ,,ut*I

[. rn y a r"an am r m,, abor war un.narre d ..0.1 st h..m.
male a t...t. .. .-rer; on r..a. Its... Ineware.1 a
There a tanage a 6.0 I took ru 1.1 ..-to at -s,.aud, knew.; no as
meas: Iran u su r...s.acco ur., ..i.. r s.:,3. els clu 1 ..1.1 11.:lb Jous, r
er.s. Ts..ruge-aweto .e.t ca.a ... L.y sur..,l.,rn..0>...0,onl.,....rc.ru1mal
ference as to wa. n or I w- it. made fa. Ltd, a ...f ...!.1 /
tr an, uA, gr use. email, or n if to not a no, the fault net t....o

tries, a ti n g. L Ace u .. and us cal sun .?, .stay us...r than that at ease who sp.
yresener, as her, a to no trans t -. so pose thus lia h-r to ex ble.:
halt was rmtut-, and yet a na... fr a.r, er. The ladue 1.<, .0 th.. ru nla.t a g tJ
EE so brounglaLD 1.?a bid...( I'.0 [ a[ GL- (Jan & 3*:4 bcyJO*l (1511 Eg6 Wheri these
terlyup rus..taums.,r. .nt try ,,, as of -u..caaon vail, andwesuit
ray ca... r;- <<6= J. ,,< ,., ..,,,...i,,,.; e,' or sink doiver, till

trassit...g somers byasmeanet of to se w nic oizt ofalght, .The question hes
and le*. v.t*M uEpd him 11 th ey El ( swe. estra fact Shal WC E017B OF & POttft to Old
rr an use usereas t..,tween s.,c.t r, or a P and ...,c fury... .. A, and
cour-reas e, areas oney.pealtanarnew en, standeathwa.miallwlsewoul-Jarymenew
mine of two a; comm ne.-s pr. ..arms meth.:..h, adapt...i t., the age, unt.I we are

b nro or .nr Jer ap as, exanct; or =.5..11 we try a.mar tisand ***'
the tr..miah..p "fr as wali gave a Let to illustra--. In.:..ummon with our
fair chance isr junce.r.cad .0 mass of apped, st brother, we coolended for ** ches..d
lar, ree t..a stra...a no nau.:n And int el.>or.s" darkg the exam.auran of abaracter
appeals from Iceal preart.rr. g before atom- Why del we b.xb ful < B.-esus.= n t..came
unues of use am a number. no lauga pussible to namirmain the old *FI*

ru e or a at r de. I tum, with...ial d...m; sidence to
ana but Isle goal. ion, wherever theConferews sat.. Our lai-
In regard to the v21,:.zi passage are by would be with us- -felt-it a right, in re-
proposed, latthere be no re...ty no 0. Ir. s.,n turn for us.: bsparalty exc.:n-led E, us; and
Andangerous. Towe are ass suggeusers mar we c ad not maints.u ...ur positk.n ag..anet
ly, andIMa you to prian LL, 1.6 arty which (b H .au un Tists &.4 b. re all 1,,61. wrong

kus ea in or it, th tt. n. ra -bu 0 rent 1--.. the cl.sar, a But, Thave perhapa v.r.c:en n .re w II undsnake to ch ang ttus pubi opin-
tran you well par...nd y n ar J. I tr.,agra lun ? WL., .1.. .[: W.: rug returri to
an I na.2 ocessar, to = nu on I e. ua man ..L. = 1 Ju*rs, stra q,, .r as p.:.,able 1 odo it;
thque.(iiggestions- but is it probable that any Oonference, will
Yongs, etc, -. run the risk of offending whole communities
The above is part of a letter froman ex- of M.itle...i;,t, -and if they shouldedo so,
sellent audlabories, takerer, no for when would n.x ,',.2 1,-- a loss equal to the gain
ps have great respect, alth..u 5 we differ following our restore liog of the old plan ?
with him widely in op7ulun .in some points. Would pur brother I ca.,11alie 1.1, resp -a
We publish the I, it.:r, ts.... us b .ugh too sit,,i;ty, if lefs solely to.himselfta decide ?
m.ident to .sp o:hs. (abl e, is ra. Mr- We pr man- not. Newpig this.difficulty;

Thete hisaltrays owned, orJ.tan Libra,
6 ijaly Bilion to D[rris li laradue il[.. ...rblDt'r LO
16-. bereb E.> wh..h one 1.el.:.r,;s Te. be a
memb r of **the true church has base so-
sign 4 ..o as C-iminal to hurtsDo galollon 1.3-, son:LE consfers, and Unit E61-
J..mfound th..r .an, nr.the n.-tic.r.,she.
th. ,,;r, th. moth.-cly arms
,, e irus: thumb," (...r wirb the traq,

the. offices or functions exercised in the
ap..srdle church "God hath serin the
an'ts, ag..: ggy, pkphy, teacher him
', gale of shelling, helgisq governments,
.3, wr:-ide, car tongues Now, of all these
6DI10WmelltB Op 0111009, 080 Onif, that0f
Wrg a [.sy age if gy gg g gpgggQg
theG.unJersand heroesof the primitive
church, with their liceiliar powers, have
no..shed. leaving as their representatives,
Is..t any act or meet *5...0 of mes, but their
""*' -1 br umiscri silk* by1il Teach,
[4 gr 3 0, 0..[ because thef ilkidted in the
test but beenuse their office, from its
nuar a-si fr.mthe condition of human
'er .1 datill. Theoilicehashow-
'rur..J ae an tmportant change. At
ph r rhe a rM. o t.>..b..r -e.g..J:.1 immedi-
are c.,rrn, rs.. u....r with the apostles, and
received miraouloils aids, and thus enjoyed
n..:40s..f Iri....wlsage p.:.=e.: .d by none of
his isnecessore The Chrhthe minister
0 .w a,:.nly sppr.....:h rb. sp....rles as other
5 ELu n, through their writings)
sad he has no other aid from above in inter.

J.regso be than every true Chrfbtian en-
'."* 1.1. mise of the Holy Spirit, the
--room ..1 pr..aness, is us.I.3 w.1)....3r dis.
""', <.1 ec.;ry ...15.78 or
turnisab..per ver.r.gly imi.....itisal)ivine
help: and to -.ce sl..I.shes an.:...-m;ai equal-
among all. 18 ir. positole thusany man,
withaclearcomprehensionof the pepaliar-
My ..1 th. 7.r.mance church, ena look back
1... it .< an irr....2rible form ..r ple, can re
gard any church form as essential to salva.
Po 1 -1-.: 1.:- or ..xtwardbrdinances,
re flu-.r.n sea, an imliortance to
be enroper 4 with+bot which behngs to the
insulat.1.: ..:rlairm: J.sractsna of holi-
[,.<4 ar..3, ro,: Neg y..3r.ry.:- beart and
life, Obrist s spiritof love toward God and
man,-this is all ib all. This is the only
essential thing. The church is important
.,ly all ru 011. rs to thisandevery church
.:- G .calli a.s is s good one, no matter
L:.we.r als r,..r abore at grewup; nomat-
aa unr it w...rst,;ps...coits knkes or on
its feet) or whether Its ministers are or-
dained by pope, bishops, presbyter or #eo-
ple; these are secondary things, and of no
comparative moment The church which
..p.:ns into heaven fa that, and that only, in
wbs.:6 the spirar -..f bour as divelts.; The
<621. 6 Wis...e.:berrib:p re .s to God's ear is
abat, and abat wily. where the soul ascends.
Nomitter whether itist uher-:.1 in Cathe-

sird. r barn, stattier it at so silence, or
son up its voiceblendedwith theharmo-
ily otwfulLorchestra, whether th@inister
speaks from carefully prepared notes, or
frontairmediate, feivent, irrepressiblesug-
gestions. If God be loved, and Jeans
tionsbemeekly and wisely heard, and the

.mn purpose grow up to do all duty
than (be true end ardleeburchisaramenal
"This is none other than the hoasp of God,
the gate of heatren.f Ee0,

THE AMENna HoNomales.-Thfi Week-
ly Recordof Obarleston, 8. O., makes"a
,,,,jp, ,,,.>aplaurst of ourself-wthour, how-
ea r, ments..el.ig name:,-for act giving1)
,,,,per .:c -d.t bar a entain paragraph, at the
..0 r; n-- 1.r...sdly intime;o; that we stra.
,,7; ,,.7 Em naming the gaper to
var rus.Fr ille, it does not asy. H is
meanneysis, upon false grounds. "We must
hastento recover the favorof a Weekly
Record. We <(noted a statement front tbo
Record, andgave it due credit, at the time,
It was no true as we ascertained by alet.
ter from the gentleman whose name was
mentioned-and so said in our isatie of
9th March--by saygg, "The paper from
whiehwelearned,''eto,, elfases sa sled 10 an indisposition to
expose our con9emporary's mistake) ist that
ivedid not say, "'I'he Weekly Record of
Oharlestori was mishiformed," eto. This
would have been givisig the B sord due
ere4itfor its incorrect abatemove The
eggq4, 60 6Yor, is that we did not glye if
credit for the correction-for it didnorreof
it in its paper of 10th Maroh-published at
ter We had corrected it. If the Secord will
abow how it can make out this our copeo-
.tion okme after the other-March 9th after
March10th-we willidake furthernoknowl-
edgments. ,d(proll- Before impuppg un-
worthy motives to anorter, he enro that he
has done that on which the imputation is

issue pf the paper leaves the allice, the
Editor, with our brothers Key and Orum-
lay, will have Jett Maeon for New Orleans.
The editorial chair will be vacated for a
while. Who oceiples ib next will be a
question for the General Confereinee to de-
terinjuri. The Editor expects to op his
readers fully advised.ef plxe proosedings of
the Conference.

I _Ll I I 1 ~

y w
lar shall to .1.:.0.. La more re resmain as
e tr now are-or gr..w w..rse, asithey will
- di ..r r:arn r try ,some now m..bod 1 EE
curiv.- celera the s*I.:-Fed grace, nam.if*
'' '' idthful rain..ury and the she.cough ru'-
, quaintan.:e of II..? preshling c.IE ?er watt. his
- practured IT ran 4.11 heenate as 1.1 the
rarms answer?
i We carrainly w..uld b.- Ird tc, scene such
o exped cut as h-,wan:ak...-hep V.c ad On-


I..r..n- he naul si fr he to restrp, ab si ,,,,, ,,,[,,,1 Fr...G ased Chrisia,.
ru co s. *:zanonu am e. r. e-sal..o no I .night t un shd.Thurch,", ,fe wer,-
inty= s -Ib ( if a B. :*DA linkleL r:r {.1 yr.] .J.:*.II. 1.. th. *u 60
Ot c. us. ..( .3 . g..ri 1. [ ...ld On L 0 1',[ .. .11,ar y rinG e. al. =. J"r.D.,r,
,...h L.u= they cour can ..1us. t..:cas I t -: u:.: rollia..t...rer he :h..r..h **
10, 1..] e..and do.u purp..ia in so 1 .r.,; Pr. r ..r *,rc rt,.. r r 11 ...o
IL.r it, and abas Et...y canr r a,- hable pion.ica. ? (in;s;an.1, .].. 0...[ ...-
t.. r-, -.=..1 she ac..- ...ek ne m.r ong U.7..0, In: y.:.ur ..b r2..r c bu n es.,,
i *:-*0 I **aurag '6 +.*1.* E- m ural. ,ou re.>.ear.: it, i. to.itan ...
so.t...i is >.3 ag.= go al; chany:.2 m as oy los- Iron, th.: ministers of their "church,>' Sal-
p.:.rrsor paniculars. u.r..:.0 is made to than thr-..u:Is /..eruin
Now at.*: Ye t 11.rits in this illus- ,,,7,, -,,,,0, abr.:..s b panviedu rite- admin e-
tru...n any be generally applied to clan ..r.:.1 by prop.rif functiorman i.
re-ef aci,.5, l..*controversialpreachingto has re.n am.>n: den.,anuaric.ns .0 xtuch 8, b
or Jr..... ar..] other matters oil which a ex:1.i-1we chams ar.= n...t set up, you w II
much strus .9 laid. lilso =.11 re we 11ena 1.11 me a the I.J. a the an an .s ou r sustmr
on their l..rm.-r p...we ? We a-II ventee 10 particular "obtreb shar, ,Is where .. so
any, thus .f those whol,.:here so th, ,IJ sys thu i.:-mahan: 1..:.1 i.'ts..atean par.
can and who claim To t..= ac. the mraj.:.rray ,ay...fheart and lif..s tr.2.1.1 the way.:-Is 1-
H* Di-rantr:lb.uthey well v.uian
secocedully and than at all now.. n.,w a Th...errorwe ashio..xp...o. El n. t, se>
.1 c.r.e.. .3. J, Ibcy 0.11 C0.1 allan; co st;.,cs stan threar'ssp.r.r, a*Mast'. oria.., .:.r
water .0 the adv.:..:M.s IT:.r change L.x cl.. abs:Chnstct.,,2.L.. grear,
the majonly lead off in their kne and we end <.t..ur r..i.g.or.; one.:.nly ..:5.rr01 thin .
will I...The .:[...ely \\'hen shall the revival <.4 ilan sil e..rb.-r ther.g. ar.- .usp...ct a say
L....;a t L. L cr..:il or brother begin it- as inienceany to it..s in the ' 0 ..
L..t us.u .1 ...r.. Isanas..U t.) preaching against the Mount, which must certainly be taken
immersion, Calvinistia, etc.-let him spel as the conipendititn of his doctribes on nior2
all who wear a breast pin, or finger ring, or al and pr acrical qs it.. ra,, .Testis said noth- II..cors-1 r, him "layasides' all ing st.c..netar-church, e...r.I.ix.rars.11..rg
Th* 0 *.t airmanectings-let hhn en- orhis disci
ples bying down anywhere a

,s:Sints pria T..r .ca ...r;so..:u..:.n, ..r 4 ritual
for its worship. Nor ought this to surprise
us. It was the very thing to be expected
in such religion asOhristianity in.1 ..t
was intended to educate a particular nation,
half civilized and surrounded with the
gr985est idolatry, and accordingly it hedged
themin by makiplied and rigid forms. But
Christianity proposes na its grand aim; to
spread theinward, spiritual worship ofGod
though all nations, in all so.:- 9 f,
under all varieties of Emy.- .v. resear,
nind conditions arol :-.a. han 1.:...: son.,r
Ye sys..sel r....:...elics..;ts.-it a .:.urrina
gas ... E,,,,.,;ally when we .:..r J.; that
a ,,,j,.-t.ned to.:adure [bt..u:h on n:. t.)
get ozi all, to blead inelf meals new Ic.r n .:.1,
so.nery,,.4 met, st.,, my,,,...,,,,,, ,
of [Fr., ra., it ear.n.n be eq.e.:1. J re. or in
an immutable mode of administration but
must have its modes of words p and com-
munion to conform themselves silently and
gradually tu the wants and progress ofhit
Inanity. Theritesand arrangementswhielt
suit one period.Ic..e their eigo;Ii...ace or ef-
fkkneylo-another. Thef....2nwhichmin-
inter EO 11**5 mend now, may f.:11sr Irdere-
after, and must give place to ,its free un-
fohling. A system wanting this freedom
and flexibility would carry stroTig proof in
itsell of not b/ag intendid 12 Mail.rail
aces-punce Itad paulineer:e. ft Ti ..0.: pr.:../
':4 Clunt a bann.; come to** aba.t all nz-
tions,'? that, lie did not institute for all na
tious anti all timesa precise machinery or
forms and outward rules, that he entered
into no minute.legislation as to the worshiP
outwardconcerns to be own,..J by use sp.c
itJud progressofsancessiveages. Conse-
1.icalli, no parth:ular order <.1 the church
can we is mental to No church
can prest,-od obst n.s manualson is defined
and ordained in theSeriptures. so plainly
andutideniably that whoever forsakesit
d.s.. palpd-lc proofordisobediegoe toGod.
' embracedby theirheat
bers with equhl rehgtous reverence, and this
assures us that in all, God's favor may be
It is worthy of remark that from the ne-
case.yor sho es e, the church assumed ad
Brit afau which itcotild not long retain-
it wri gurerned by the apostles who had
foundedit, men who knew Chrish personal"
,ly, and received the truth from his lips, and
witnessed his resurrection, and were on-
richedabove all men by the miraculouiU
lum.natues and s..h of His Spirit; These
prusaded over the church with an authority
peculiar to themselves, and to which none
after them could with any reason pretamin
They under son..] "the mind of Christ" as
none could do but those who had enjoyed
so close an intime:y wsth HM; and not on-
ly were they seat forth, with miraculous
power, but, by imposttion of their hands,
Amilar gifts of the Sp;Eit wereconferredon
**ch as. Inc.s presease of inspired apostles
and supernatural.powere gave to the primi.
tive church obvious and important disting.
tions, separating it, widely from the form
which it was afterwards to asinuman Of
this we have a regnarkable-proof in ap2s.
sage otPaul, inwhich hp;sots before as





force the ascapane as itis, andJet all like.
used d 'h him do the huse, nid in th,
-tc==* *I O*ialer.x,.: apply the its a ad, te'
=-il **them, an. them Jo lb
Cain he db all this? Can we all 1.:- In r
doit, except by stripping ourselves almost
bare of members, and beginning with a
handful to do the work of a century over
ad ** "d all-ae hav.e done except what
a laul up en beason-tsepanoug, too, with
malawas adopted by our fathers because
they eutral the team 9, fallen sale desuetude
2.2 e #5.3 times 1 qe ..ulgr..cvo them, and
M.A..-i tq, ta, real bs.:.ause rise; as.r.- proved
tabl. ,0 pal.....hical pun..aples-but
5 "'-HP ( fathers, wiser thari we,
a re i s...1 sh,.,n asse.*ea hal Let our broth-
c. nous Wr usehile leget the love Le
I haruralli nd p....p. My is.=a for the old sy--
tem, because of its past glory, and lookills
tothipresent state of souety, and virbat it
demands-and seestry toill enforce all its

| rallunal Jrmands ing.ssaulus--and consid-
er b...w 1..: would-ser= be called to doit,-
go secut a..w, on the ba.;s gi
I -a dayth will inve forever. We are
pral; emic shat such a process of thought
.<.11 t...nd Lau.,a wry n, srly along side of
>;an- 0..@ e II.:d ** raised-,'' for h&is awise
man, er..] n,-14 pretuteles will bring lian to
br ... n..Ins...ns *

And there xa another reason for change.
g, q,3,., ,,,0 ..I 1.11: agd death, iq the end.
IE *=. or. the...1.. Isxudno-church to be hand-
3 dear. ths...u,.,b g..nerations to .come i-1 di_
ruc te-..cor n..a u as w.- weal.1.sli desire;
4 so p..I.Ey El u there is no danger of
ist...,r. .at.ort.-4byastrongetariansminion
.ients. I as put too, no ad4.ked
the change 1, als.= pr...:r.-=> ..f the age,
that it will eventually draw ac, itself all that
pe, ..,ga ,aa pure unaddit.=rn.-d blesh.>
,4,,,,,a ab., cnament Whs..h all J...u
have, absorption or expansion? 01.,....1;
in its pr near. form, no.1 making >.:.0.0 <.I.
you please) radical changes in your polity,
you are choosing between its extinction
and its perpetuity. I)o what yo\t will, all
will not ta., phwed. Many perhaps .will
leave us, decide as we may. Abill we so
star .as to are abe abip, though pub of the
crew leap overboad, or no as to wreck the
ety, nod lose bean n and all th*s cretat the
same time? Again, we asy, this is the
chologwe are called oQto make;
Let our brother and all who think with
him ponder these thoughts.

Un. TaoxAs B. SARGENT, of the East
BaltimQre Conference, at iti late aessiod
wasloaated at his owarequest. We dono}
us..w has purposes, but we hope that he
will join us. A letter from him-some time
back informed us, that he expected to be
present at our General Conference whsch
we very much hope he.will be.

NOTICE 60 Applig2DES for that school, ad--
vertising for teacher recentlyin the Adoo.
cate. The place has.hpen filled; and my
ar at applicanta tor the place.


ItilllB. Eity Of Fasting and frayer,
Gen. E. K. Scott, Commissioner of the Freed- The. Ministers and members of the South
man's Bureau, in south Carolina, in a com- carolina conference are reminded that FRIDAY,
inunicat ntero bliCharle ton News, clines n Ar ,r as apart as as #61 Fasting

Okronicle J.:rl...r.u,- !.. a.: it. c. l...c o n, rawa l General Conference and theimportantquestions
containing a 1....1-*1-1 rn.'a.. it .... Hairy relative to church polity that will be brought
of the inhabitants of that State, is a forgery, before it. F. A. MOOD,
he never having written such a letter. The in. She'y S. 0: Confereneu.

not of ass i I o the p a sK of Char aton, si ..-: 22, 1866.
parap-book and the in m: aa ..r, ..I IV[ARRIEID
The report of the shader General of 15 ,t Methodistchdurch IERdbl0 A. M PCh

ev o he et La eben i' ha s h entucky, to Mise FAsiflE Te. COLDERT, Of %841-
4,000,000, of which 1,160,000 ives profit. Nashville Advocate please copy.
The number of letters delivered wait 679,048,- On the 27th February, by Rev. A. G. Demp-
822; az\d of those, 170,000,000, ere ri *.7. TI to MissLAva Live
in Lo ** Tai Talhot Co., Ga March 20, 1866, by Rev.

The New York Times says n -1 1. *. n, Dr. J A. HICKMAN, Of 018$ 11-
is received that the planters o ''-'^- to Miss EnxA E. 8ANDIFORD, of Eu-
e own rneofro atth ." By R Jesse Wood, at the residence of Mr.

directing that the emancipados or 21stive Afri- Stephen Pace, Miss AxtiPAca, his daughter, to
cans .. is ... l.. to sh. pm ....ce er..... be Mr. J. J. Four, of Cotton Valley, Ala.
By Rev. J. W. Simmons. March 14th, War. J.
lamH a b 8 nt th annanted cosox to as AitAxpqMuaran, all of Han-
hands, it was f- --3, -..ulan ....II, arJ .:
agricultural int.m. The ,.. ,J. DELEGATES TO THE GENERAL
issued in Octo.*e ir:r. 1us put1.. CONFERENCE
been delayed by the Captain General., M. E. CHURCH, SOUTH,

Senator Wilson of Massachusetts very hon- To be held .in New drleans on Wednes*
estly admits, in reply to a question, that the ad- day, 4th of April, 1866.
additional constitutionalamendmentratifiedby the 4 KENTUCKY CONFERENCE.-R. :111DGF,, O
States does not confer upostCongress the power Rand, SL R9bertson, E Johnson and LD
,to impose negro snifrage upon any.State in the He e rittBeserves-Geo W Maley and Geo

Ue dolledsitys it had it would notbhave BeL rusvWL E CONFERKROR.- DD, EW
people. R>dford. Reserves-G W 3 nah"sild Wm
If Morrison.
Nlt f rds u ratifloation t learn to ene gMISSOUIRI ONFERENWCA MA 703 dM
small p x as to be up again. The Memphis and B II Spencer. Reserves-HoraceBrown,
Ar9ursays that on last Monday he appeared ,Wm A Mayhew and Wm M Newland,
up.n the streets apparently enjoying good spir, S P smos c orr sRGe oA
i.s with the return of health and strength, ton and John P Peery. Reserves-TM Fin-
Edward Bates, of St. Louis, who was Attorney ney and Josiah Godby.
General under President Lincoln, has writteRD EA E N NN RETT De
strong letter against the vetoed Freedmen's bill- Joo W ilanner, 8 D Baldwin, A LP Green,
He nds eth o ab b obk FA ,'lo aS o I n

and white Mooney. and William Burr. Reservea-FS
, Petway, RP Resom and 8 P Whi ten.
The Pall Mall Gazette gives publicity to a re- OIATOCO FERENG.--- D
port that the Government of the United States Atkins and John McTeer. Ireserver-Rich
is negotiating wxth that of Greece for the pur ard N Price and Carol Long.
chase of an island in the Algian archipelagoes MEMPHYS 0. NFERENGE -T LBoswell, GW.
a commercial depot. D pa is M B acknw 1. 3 I -r .Jo

A Cincinnati paper says that Idabo has a Frrilliay Bynum and LD Mull4ns. Re--
population of 30,090, and not a minister of the errves-S W Moore, JH Brooks and Thos
gospel in the whole territory. Joyner,
MissIssIPPI CONFERENCE.-Levi ?16700,
Woman's Honor to the Gallant Dead Joo. G. Jones. W. 11 W .r 10..8 El U. Mont-
The following article, contrilnited originally Tam na K / 1. 1. II.artington, J.
to the Columbus Sun, has been seat to u by 2 Lout ranA Convanswea.--J O Keener,
lady. It contains the language of the heart Linue Parker, Joseph B Walker Robert 3
and willepeak for itself: Harp and WEM Linfield. Reserves-NA
Corannus, GA., March lo, 1866. Cravens and J A Ivey.
Messrs. Editors: The ladies are now, did E-TERN VIESINIA CONPERENCE.-@. MAN
ve been fordseveral 474m 1 dnia user J e le a TV Kennedy. Benerves-

ing that portion of = he ::L, cea...... cr .3 to -* ** ** e -LM Lee, DS
the memory of on c...uwa ,a...s, 0 st'n..L S.mant,.Ja ADuncanNel-
but we feel it an 1.ell.....rse.1 as >cl; ...1, .. I wr er th ..5, st' 11' P.-racts, FE Edwards, I
be set apart annually for its especial attention. O Granbery: GW JAngliorne, PA Peter-
Wecannotraisemonumentalshaftsandinscribe son and L Rosser. Reserves-Paul White-
thereon their many deedsof heroism, but we can head, Sam's Reid ind Jos H Davis,
keep alive the memory of the debt we owe them, Norn CARolawA CONFERENCE 7 Reid,
by at least dedicating one day in each year to OF Deems, NHD Wilson, WH Bobbitt,
re o8r et sesi wittT7re Re DLBSN h a nd BarR r d
and the Ladies throughout the South, to aid us Wm Oloss
in our efforts to set apart a certain day to be Sourn Canoz.nix 0oirusance.-Whitefoord
..t... 3 ...... 0.< 1. m a. i... .. *,. S.nith, AM Saipgi, WA Gamswell, HAO
j r a Walker, 8 II Browne. 8 J Boyd, Jos Stacy,
our martyred dead with flowers. (We would TV H FI rn. .c s..J 1,,2, fl.:>. R<.ervea-
propose the -----day of April, as at that tima J W 1 -5 1 11 P .at at .1 LL 1 51. uzon.
our land may be t .21 Th.] rt.< ** r r *

") )e e 1. ad., J 0 . Evans, 15 HMes A Thilann, o 8
pired aniid the a 1. Ir r-- a 1 .- and WR Bradham. Reservea-K II P ram.
cause. -We'lLe own alike the honored resting IA Means, J Blakeley Smith and J 55 Hm-
on f e knort e s,7nza Virgnu tuMommsOO19FERENex.-Thos O Bummers
..,.3 tr,. I,. r I alual.privates who adorned our I WH Wightman, J Hamilton, PP Neely,
ranks-an did their duty, ar.1. all ........... AH Mitobell, R K.Hargrove and T W
gratittide. Lettheaoldiers'gr.a. = can' Dorman, Reserveir-W Kurrah and DG
at least be the Southern Meces to whose shrine Chiloway.
v. rr. n, ... 2. us e.[. :.. MONTOOMERYCONTERENGE,-REMOffelf6,
r .n .r I- us 1 .. e... OR BITu WHEll onbWSAA dcCarty, BB

I it on brisli c rem ofphite me 1 1 2.1..* es -- dCD Oliver.
for their beloved bodies, we would invoke the ..0. L e... .ie us. ---Josephus Kader-
aid of the most thrilling eloquence throughout sI E* .r)1. 0 d
8 is -1 ura r ecin o 1 nod NB Oasley. I

t our grarious 8 them "O soon as les.Dexander,.Jno.

their country 1. i. I r.--I ** **;1. de- Mail pa, A Davidson, Wm McK Lambdin,
mand the sacrifice, is no longer a question at Tr., of v.1 7 G Thn, Josiah Whipple,
discussion with us. We leave that for the fu- 11.*, 1. .1, R or IE Feranson. o hes
ture nations to decide. That it.vas demanded, Easy as s: CL .. ankin.-W H, Hg g
that they nobly responded, and fell holy sacti- John Bi uns.,, J hI i.uckley, TW P Mo-
frees upon their country's altar, and are there- Kitisy and W 3 bcok.
a= !=.1 to their couritry's gratitude, none nicANsTAs Cows Ex. Andrew Hunter
Tr., p....xd banner under which they rallied 11 us PI achtf e Jan E Cott. and AR Win-

dehfense of hee noblesE cause for hietaheboes 8, c ; wel so I o krry3r.
furled forever. The country for which they' T. :.erald and .1 C Surnmous. Recrm.a---0
suffered a ul e has no na% rs1 a sun( F.stler and E K hillier.

ments sq not howbo madeto 4ohonor to their -,1simity his snow Co-NFeasa..'s -
meanorie but the veriest radical that ever ,, BALTIMonzOONFERENCE.--SamuelEOg-
traced his n to nu t81Ps et vi e it o ag. e had e

of paying honor to thosewho died defending stoo.
the life, h Ror agd happin str n ev Woxxx. Reserveir-J. S. Gardner, J. Poigall, alid
8. Roggrse
PUBuc Dan -Washington, March 1.-The
following is a statement of the public debt on Le pk n Di user,- Second Bound.
the 1st of March, 1866: Lumpkin and Green Hill, at Greep Hill,

de / I'....,-;r.g ... I. i.1, ruit 1,177 ^?? GI "O 1"ar a l7bbe d whn a r and 3e
980,50: @red men $985979 64 de L i. I C Saidrena, pr a 1 D
-,.rr ,, ... .u and eunency, Ct at Salem. April21st and .. 1, si 8
pe 7,,< r f oice s lens9ts psue t A rli .r .3d.M.
..... ut r p 411 .1. L 6.h; R4ndolph, May 12th and 18th.

el t. t, a he Ts be attat Le iinot re i s
lines Macaz.I.oan o'elcek A. M.
Secretary of as T(easury. Is. J.Dairus P. E.

BranoP ANDREW.-ife 11&VGr enjoyed, CHA)1LO'l'TE, N.O.-The Weekly Record, Covenn'T BE $OUGHT. -1 private
says the Epicsopal Methodist, of /thd 14th published sit Charleston, S. C., by Reva. letter infamrus, that a preacher in the
inst., a memorable visit from oxir beloved F. A. Mood, and U. 8. Bird, omtains a Giorgia douference was oEered a salary of
bishop Andrew, than whom no ope is more letter from is correspondent which says: fl.'I.a=.1 en gold, if he would sell himself to
endeared to the Southern Methodist heart. I spent a Sabbath not long sineein Obar- the Northern .Methodists, and do their dis-
We rejoice that it has been in his power to lotte, N.C., aind sawat the Methodist Epis- c.rer.r..ang us.*rk I.,r them. His noble an-
spend.several weeks in the city of Balti copal Churob oneof the largest and most sw. r was ** II.; moneypetit*h with the#."
more, \rliere we trust, by his wise. counsels interesting looki or pregal"onind d9 Noralso Nsw.-FOld Man," a sensible
and conciliatory spirit, good has been ac- pastor, Rev. W. 0. Power, has raised a writer in the St Louis Advocath, says: This
complished in behalf of our cause. We large amount of money I.x 1 times) to thing of making obaziges in the economyof a

pa So ti rop) t i agriena n nd tuw lbe ie by 8 a er me ip rta a mn9g e
oity. He reached Riebmond on Friday Inst, oery a com r 8 a no m 1 toWhatm n eis int t
tild to disr; astonishment performed three For some t me there has been quite a deep
ptiblic services, on Sunday, to the great religious interest manifest iri the cop ega- eice dh hh v bne i 0 unt yhtablei t
delight of the congregations, and with com- -0 dcre h b bn war. go, .,,..r., mi. tl....: changes in her
parative ease to himself. H... (or a..h..J. ut I was tl cre. Eleven, I think, were sk.. a i. r.r and somein doctrine ? A few uhard-
the Broad Street Methodist I i......b :.r .!.. in full fellowship into the church, ]r. r. to 1= .auls have soon mur.3 4. Lt. 1..1
en o'clock, addressed the Methodist Sab. ceivan them, Mr. Power used the form A few far-seeing men in n ot ....: ,
bath School Union, at the same. place at three o'clock, P.1\f., and n. ceremony was conducted with great solem- things that were doing them an injury, im
tenary Church, at half past, seven o's ck, ,,,9, ,,,.1 made a deep .impression on the ptqving many others, and.adding stero features
at night. We witnessed the two last ser- congregation. Many Methodists now ex- to their economy. The result is, they now ce..
vices, and can bear testimony to their hap. press regret that the preachers generally cupy a very enviablepotition amorg the lead-,
py influence upon the hearers. The ser. do not use something of the kind, so as to ing churches of the country. It was only
mon at Centenary was eminently chafacter- th w as inuch ilntere aroundesucho an oc-, these clia esithiat save tirhat Chur a wn
isticof our venerable patriarch. It possess- Sunday school of nearly 200 pupils. Not not accomplished without considerable excite-
ed many features of that strength, freedom, long lunce they organized a Philanthropic ment And controversy; but they now resp a
and pathos, for which he has always been ico 8 etr ea but t ngon e rich reward. Other churches might be in'
so remarkable. He was occasionally ex" administering to the poor and sick. Every stanced, but it is unnecessary*
ceedingly touching in the deep spirituality afternoon you might see two or more of
of his remarks, apd in his allusions to his these angels of mercy going on their errand a
age and the close of .his eventful life._ of love. The Lord blees those people of
Knowing him as long and as nifectionately thra one: they are doing a great and good CongressionaL
as we hirv&done, we could not repress our ...
emotions as we contemplated t..s us ....= NORTHERN METHODISM IN CHARLES- ASHINGTON, March 21.-The Senate to-day,
hero in the cause of Christ hastening to- Ton.---We are informed by the Weekly passeid a ill toaprionvitde oU thelpunishment.
wards the peaceful termination of an extra- Recoid, of Charleston StC., that the Meth- crime of forging the United States securitiesis
ordinary enroer. He will probably visit odist Episcopal Church (North) have made made punishable by ten years imprisonment.
our church no more, But he has left a arrangements for the purchase of the Went- The House passed the Consular and Diplo.
sweet memorial behind him. May his sun, worth-street Baptist Church in Charleston, made Appropriation bill; also the bill to facial.
which has been so signally beset with the The Record adds: It is a handsome and hate commercial, military and plistal communi-
clouds and storms of his day, decline with a commodious building, and will afford pleas- cation between the several States.
severity and a splendor equal to the steadi- ant accommodation to the blacks, the only WAsurnarox, March 26.-The Senate was
ness and the grarideur of its course through class of persons who have connected them ccupied to-dayin thediscuassionndof a solution
the heAvens. He leaves to-day, on his wiy selves with that denomination in this citY- Friday by arriking out the rateof Mr.8tocktont
to the General Conference, where we hope The Record in another paragraph writes: of New Jersey, on his own right to a seat, and
t.omeethinit once more in the flesh. "We are informed by the Rev. T. W. refused, by a vote of 22 to 18, to refer the ques.
Lewis, that the Methodist Episcopal Church tion again to the Judiciary Committee. Mr.
PROSPECTS OF THE EALTIMORE CONFER- (North), will shortly publish a weekly in Trumbull, Chairman of the Judiciary Commit-
ENCE.--8ince the formal union of the Bal- Charleston of the Christian Advocate fami- tee, made a speech declaring Mr. Stockton le.
timore Conference with the Methodist Epis- ly. Mr. Lewis is no longer the Pastor, gall entitledto his seat. The question is still
copal Church, South, there has been a most but the Presiding Elder to the blacks in WAenixorox March 27th.-The President
remar -ee an won state o ings this section. Bishop Baker will visit this transmitted to the Senate to-day his veto mes-
developed among the Methodists of Mary" irock about1st April.'> sage of the civil rights bill, the various pro-
land. Whole communities, whigh, for so *, visions of which are subjected to a rigid exami-
long a the have remained quieton the sub- WEEKLY TELEGRAPH, liOUBTONTEXAS. nation, and the reasons for disapproval given in
ject of their church relations, have wheel- We.learn that our old friend and confrere, detail. The President says the bill intervenes
ed into line in the M. E. Church, South. Rev. C. C. Gillespie rmerly Editor of the .between capital and labek, meth unezigrf to
settle tiitestions of political economy through
It is said; 4n the very best authority, claat N. O. and 'f'eins doocates, is now the the agency of numerous officials whose interest
thirty or forty Southern Methodist minis- working Editor of a large quarto weekly of it will be to ferment discord betireen the races,
ters, are now in demand tor supply the so. 12 pages, published in Houston, Texas. for as the breach widens their eniployment will
cities that have already been partially The paper gives ample evidence of his skill I continue, and when it is closed their occupation
formed aratorytotheirunionwithSouth, and industry. If my body wants a good will be gone. The bill also trenches on the
prep h i :1sts of the States, and would have a central-
ern Methodism. How is this demand to be Texas paper, he can.find it in to li :.:. Mc Gradarny ThePresidentfreelyrecognizes
met? All over the StAte of Matyland, and Tele9roph. We would state the pre L... II. ..-4.1, to protect the freedom and will
do it d th the I g p n,
even in the State of Pennsylvania, strong we not n e terms in 2 pagj cheerfully co-operate with Congress in any
and influential bodies of Methodists, hereto- sent us; wherefore we suspect that 4 pages measure necessary for the purpose which ac.
fore in connection with the minority of the of advertisements also properly belong to the cords with the provisions of the Federal Con-
Baltimore Conference, with the East Balti- paper-maltingl6 pages in all. . s ion
more Conference and with thaPhiladelphia The Senate to-day unseated Mr. Stookton, of
DR. THOMAs E. Boss Jn.-We are New Jersey, (Democrat), by a majority of one.
Conference, have signified their purpose and gratified to see the announcement in the The present Legislature is Republican, and will
intention to place themselves under.the Bal- .,- ..3! .1!- e:- 5 r, th..r at at c.10...r krv.14 therefore elect a man of their own party in his
timore Conference of the Methodist Epis- 1 place-
copal Church, South, just as soon as = t...y <.1 EL -1.2.11, [ 'II. ann F. ]!..(..1, ..Ir I' In the House a report was made by the Re.
oan be furnished w'th pastors. The inter- dwar1ds tdriv th Drs Dogget and netrubtion Coininittee covering the ee denc8
est on this subject is intense, and wherefrer ter the first of July n....t on 1 reen:.v...1 to the desire of the peopleof the South they are
the preachers of the Baltimore Opnference 15altimore. We congratulate the Linis-r re there)itorationof civil government, and they
present themselves in the towns, villages and subscribers upon this iceession of E tipon the policypt the President as the one
and country placesthey find the controlling strength, for Dr. Bond wields a powerful which would most clearly and surely re-estab-
element, in the Methodist Societies, ready lish it.
to unite with Southern Methodism. Late Ivrezican News
The impulse in this direction, far exaceds THE REY. M. ORUMLEY has been -
any anticipation that had been indulged by away from his chitrge a few weeks. making nlatetMexicarecorr ondent sult time the
the most sangu ne and.hopeful of the lead- collections in behalf of bia church, First 11th of December. Two days previous Jmires,
ers in this movement. The only difficulty Street, Macon, which is embarrassed by who was notifiedof their naming, made adored
tynt now presents inielf was to the method debt. H.. .1;rti,. ps. r $2,000, loan of $10,000 on the population of that un-
by which these people aball be promptly abd has promise of some more to follow. happy tdwn, and, accompanied by his embinet
supplied with pasters.-Episcopal Metho- He went as far as New York, th..u:L be a sara .. to
dist. spent a larger portion of his time with our the twenty days that Chihuahua was occupied
excellent brethren in Louisville, Ky:; than by Juarez $50,000 were stricken at the mint,
BETHEL CHURCH, CHARLESTON.-The an where else. He was kindly received and merchants have paid over $15,000.
re orts presented to the Quarterl Confer- 7
every where, and had a pleasant trip, and Although the roads from Take are guarded
ence of Bethel MethodistEpiscopalOhurch? returns in excellent health and spirited. by fourteen luzndred men, it does not insure
South, in Charleston, says the Weekly Re- security of person or prTperty. Atrocities r,
cord, Rev. J. T. Wightman, Pastor, were of ArstlCTIVE.--We learn that our excel- .. c.1, u seto a in a 1.- -e....
the most gratifying character. During the lent friend, Opl. James M. Chambers, has ~n dir a c. so eetraveler counted foure
. Quarter enditig in February, fifty-eight recently been seriously afflicted. He. had of Mendes'if Ideutenants, has carried cruelty
persons were received into the Church, by an attack of paralysis, which for m time so far as to hang an entire .0..1. 3,
letter and ,otherwlae, ten were admitted on alarmed his friends. .But the last:news we child about four yearp of ag-. }*-1 ..ub at' "'
trial, and several conversions were reported, have from him informs us that he is.better, al large.
Large congregations are is attendance, and and that hopes are entertaineddf his recove- There is not a yillage inhalmed on the Santa
a Sunday school of about one hundred chil- ry. We sincerely hope he may reefer, for 13arbars road. Some of them have been de-
dren and twenty oilicers and teachers, in a his death would a public calamity, and our o ,db a se thCe a at d the last
prosperous condition. The Church elasseil .church in Georgia would lose one of its subdue thirty-seven French soldiers. No per-
were represented as well attended, especially most devoted and influential members, son insecure there, and a great many are leav-
the two-one for young men and the other 0 ing, and yet-there are not more than four or
for ladies A GE DISTRICT.-T.n the appoint. five hundred residents in the city. ,
young .. ments of the Kentucky Oonference, M. E. -

THE MEMPHIS ADVOCATE has been re Church, (North) we find the following ap- South American News
vived by our old fiend, Rev. Samuel Wat. pointments: Western Embecky .Mksion Aspinwall dates of the 15th inst have been
son, and has appeared once more on our ta., District, O. B. Parsons; Bowling Green -eceived at New York. Tqo Spanish frigates
ble, with its old familiar face. Itis bound Mission, to be supplied; Bowling Green -"eeam re at 1si ale b elf j
to succeed with its energetic chief. He Oplored Mission to be supplied 3 Milburn as 2 o ra., ..ti cs.,,.. Gr..] defensive. Tera
takes true ground'as a obampion of the i um to be supplied; J. 8, Caldwell and if *1.. as ... a., 1,.. sun share in the war.
church against all tom and we wish him mars measurnarice an Western Geor- Thaeolumbian Congress hps rejected the pro-
abundant exceess. gia. .position to


with innoceime or safety. The dethoral-
ization of a people's iastes and feelinUs toill
keep pace with that of their daily language.
Some of our renders can remember a page
ofhistor Ilkstratingthis. Thirtyyesisshgo
Jackbowning began to Write good plain
strong English, for the most part Butle,
and a host of admirers and imitators,.gravi-
lated downward. They flooded the edun-
ify with volumes (appropriately illiestrated
with bideous distortions abd calicatures'for
pictures), in whieb coarseness, stratiotd azi
pressions, flippancy and irreverence took the
place of humor and wit,
aAnd the land stank, so numerous was
the fry "
Sidney Smith, Washington Irving and
others have found our mother tongue in its
simplicity and purity, sufficient for all their
needs-able to expresstheirpurest thoughts,
their dearest and mosthumorousconce tions
II or.7 one has a message for our eople
w L.s.:E cannot be delivered without mangling
z,,,j abusin our noble lan erb is
,-,,,,1,1 be better for him n euPler azT at
all Just now when all.thingsseentourge
us to begin as from a new point of departure
in literature as in other fields of effort, there
is nothing to be gained; and much every
way to be lost, by yielding to this style of
a nd..: w t. ..h ** has increased,.is increasing
rar..i .:..>.1. t.. t..a diminished." We .wotild
t....r d.y.ri .: ... ar exhausted country of a sin-
gle resource or gift, which any of her abil-
dren can bring to strenghen or adora her in
any respect. The statesman, the moralist,
the ready writer. the private citizen,
each find his work and reward. And t
will gladly welcome as allies all who can
Come with the rare endowment of htimor and
wit. The capacity to latigh, and to.cause
laughter, like every other part of par myste-.
rious nature, has its uses. Our ,peo le are
happily endowed with the ability to mihgle
tears and laughter. But sore will be idie
disappointmept, and hurtful will be the re-
ton of It ee tr obe hea eagerly
ag uglung
I there steps forth only a-

How A Alan FREEZES O bEATH.-M. Pot10130
lately read an interesting paper on this imbjeek
before theFrench Academy of Science; the au.
ther's inferences are as follows:
1. That the first rd c. i-* Froduced by
cold is a contraction r **,. --4 .11. ,, vessels to
such an extent that a globule, of blood cannot
enter; these vessels, thereforeremain complete-
2 '1 seeded phenomenon is an alteration of
0... blood globules which amounts to their com-
piete disorganization
3. Every animal completely frozesi is abso-
lutely dead, and no power can reinimate it. .
4. When only a part is frozen, that part is
de r e r fr s not extensive, and only
a few disorganized blool globules pass into cir-
culation, the animal may recover.
6. But if, on the soutrary, the frozen part is
of considerable extent then also man --i mbered
glo lesh d, ap y 118 a use
For this reason ashair fronea animal may
live along time if maintained in the condition,
since altered globules do not get into the circu-
tion;pbu 6 p rapidly as ,soon as the

ti.,In all cases of congelation, deathis dueto
the alteration of the blood globules, and not to
any 9. is m..s rs tr us er.- 1.... the 14ss ra-
pidly a frozen part is thawed, the more slowly
$he altered globules find their way into the cir-
culation, 4 e gar1eater the chances of the re-
7 *
Imocr.-A Theory.-At a late meeting of a
scientific society in England, Mr. H. Q. Atkin-
lion read a paper on an idiot familyof Down-
ham, Norfolk, which comprised itve. children-
four boys and a girl-all idiots, so low as to be
scarcely above the brules. Their father was a
man of low intellect, but he kept. 4 public
house and brought up these poor creatures to
maturity; and the mother was a woman'er weak
Dr. Billard, in commenting upon this paper,
e 4 h hadnloosely ud et es j of i

syidfluenaea acting on due individual at birth,
so ] .,,,,,..,,..,.3 i., a theory. In stro neylum as
E. s,= ..s to ..4, nearly all the idiots, no
a -c e. r ..t s. me continually suchin -suck-
ing either their tongues, or fingers, or bed-
othes. Thisbar e early aTidape I a

only to be got frim sticking. The baby went
.en making ad .. 4 ..: g ; . ,,.3 la,.. .. ....] .. ,
*" """'. ** " *"
mach, or etcreat re, and ade a
the same family, when the parents were of full
mental development.
Dr. Gibb confirmed this View, and said that it
was'now greyeby engaging the attention of the

Pro so n, as emg of high probability and im-
stirra we Tanius.-DeanTrench, in one of his
books, enows how the meaning of words has
been, changed in the course of the ages. He
2es a rtallaofor 000 atchas 0 t
pt.honor, has,,become an epithet of raild re-
g... .ch, and how the wqrd "silly," once coinca-
.2. t with **happy," or "blessed," has reached
it sigRification ney imparted to it. It took
urees to ere rtheichangdees in tehreekwor
...0,,..1 c..<.. ...s man hay a year---a re-
markstle ol.... .-, I the rapid progress
re...3. ar tr .. ...0, Half a year rigo the
definition of copperhead was one who "dis-
igr d Eqsadehnt.Pre iod not' m
year ago, to difer with the Administration
c. am hostility to the Government, treason,
r -r 11. Now it is held to mean steadfast-
ness of pairpose, Jidelity to principle, love of
co\ is lee{s a fi o is worth anything,
it teaches ihat the use of epithets is absurd and
pr ,-,.0 ..,.1 the proofor the weakness of a
*1.el. resorts to them. It shows, too,
an yhen n an s Aiuso l efune s,
and, so feturns,.not merely to plague the in-
New York Advertiser.

,p-1 111111, Going where ?" she anys, lifting up I used to think that Pd been about some ti- sorts, came a dream of hanging to th a ]
her head. dy buildings down our way, but what was senifold-pole, expecting every moment to be
London," I days; and then I began to the tidiest on 'em to the Londah gobs I was one's last-
think about what going to London meant, put on I Jobs where the scafolding must I cim't say, either, how long I hung; but
From Didtens'a"AHiheTearRound." 90r, mind for, itdidn't mean a ap in a have costhundrediinponhundredsofpounds feeling ir kr.;rl thatI was going, Imade
IN JEOPARDY. .ronqjacket makingup a.bundle clean more than the house, lar..1, nod < erythur*v one lu:-r try I..r it. Thought of stay poor
otarrien I.-oter or won. -1 m3ke::r..her, and thenshovin his stick else put together, of the t.;g,-q1pin el b,.1 lass, and seemed to see her a looking at me
ar- ach the La. r and *Ii. king I ...ror as ever worked upom I used, too, to thiQk I in a widdefs dapy and thert I clenched my
I'm a bricklayerlam; and what a rn re, l....ul.J..r, ar..3 rher. stuar.. to 1. *1, ... E.** was pretty strong in the head; but I soon teethhard, and tried to get on to where the
a good wortman. Down in the .un try, p..ot-r and at..s ,.:.3.1 up--ord:., wl.;3. began to sing small here,-specially when I end of the pol was fastened. I got one
people asn't so particular sh.:.ut L.. dir. hk.: a L.I.>.-ki.,r.) N... ,r me are e..rase- bad been up about a week and was puton hadd over the hard brickis, alld booked my
ttades distinotas they are in the great toiras. ;hang else. It rr ...or br c kir.; .gp a I.J; 111- a big hotel. Right up so high: that one fingers arid held oa; their I got the other
This may be seen any day in a general shop, tle houfe as two; 1.. km -.2.:mnann peo- turned quite orcepy, and usedto get thipk- hand over, and tried to climb up, all a) cheer
where, as one m2ght say, you cab get any- ple, in course-had been a saving up for ing what would be the consequence if a from below eneouraged me but rity feet
thing, from halfa quarter of :-urser up r s> years, to make soug; xt meant half breek- sharp puff. fw:r.1 e...n... and ..p-t..a.:'s1.11- and knees slipped over the articoth bricks,
born lantern; and down again c.. a Ing a poor.sunple lass's held to part with lance. le b ar:1.. b. ...1, n Irh. r, and in spite of every efoi-a they hung down
of short-out brads,-welly down is the cotin- this little thing and that little thing; tear- that such a .1n..t.*.a ?...1.1..r ...t 4. all .1.1 p...k a straight sit last, and I felt sharp quiver run
try I've done a bitol a job tow'and then as Ing up the nest that took so long a building, could have to. ri t..mir ..p I., us,3.1 whis..ut throtagh me as- slowly, slowly, my hands
a mason 3 and not so badly neither, Ishould and was allus so soug arter a cold day's cru re I snapping those at the bottobx opened, by fingers straightened, and, with
suppose, for I got pretty well paid consider- work. I the clean little windowss, hk. . In a; reeds or tobacco pipes; but I eyes blinded and bloodshot, I fell!
ing, and didn't hear more than the usual and then at the bright kettle on the shiny suppose thern as builds them knows best -Pell what seemed to be an enormous
amonotof growing' arter it was done,--which black hob, and then at the werry small fire what shorild be done, and what they'll bear. disrur..,, rt...u,.-h it w as.:.r.1y I., the rs.- sr els;**,
able of a deal. Ours ain't the most agree- as there wasand then fust at one thing, and But though I did not like it much, I took a n. re,s, t ri km ar..s :...:.1 h A. n by
ves, audif it warn'tfor recollecting then at ariother, all so clean and neat ;...:.,3 care set to mention is to iny less, for the: <<.neussi...... =- ral web a cro be .=
little aboixt the dignityof labor, and such- and homely, and all showing howproud my I knew she would have been on the fidget 3 he d.- I plinks up.v. aburb Ily call kept
like, one would often grtimble more than Insa was of em' all, and then I thought a all day if Ihad told her. ( in stair pli...-s, bar ass, at..:.r end.J..II.=.J r.:*
one ddese rt....r.. .*1 whic .20,: up r., London real- By degreerI gateto att.r..I r all pr tr v rs, ar the edge that iti seemed to me thht the
Some time ago,.it don't matter to you, ly a .1 rne s,,, as ] pp.- a is m., 0 have been well, and we began to feel e. bar -cr rle.] .n .:.ur re it. motion oh my part would niake them
nor me, nor yet anybody else> Just when it also ..b In and fu.rur tod poorly, one room. Not that we m...-li ht..l it, t.ur el.p, and send me off again,
was, work was precious slack down our way, :,,.1 1 Eq ale..:... o ......1 r.> sell it, for Pm then it was werrypleasantto goin the crowd I wars too exhausted And frightened to
-all th gs considered; I sir,'t g;; 1> stish a :.9 su..c. tell you ere our way is. A di, e. rr** k I Well, a met...r a J seemed to come good wage too, jest as I had seen it when ing whether I was much harbor not. The
week had been all I'd been ut.I.. c.. :.:r r..r I over my eyes, and my head went down upon setting' in my place at home. We still call- first thing as recalled me to myself was the
quite two months; so Mary, that's my wife, my knees, and I cried like a school-boy- ed It home, for we couldn't get to feel that voice of a man who came up a ladder elese
used to pirich and screw, and screw and But it went of, for my Ises was kneeling a- we were at home in London, and Polly she at hand; and I could see that he had arope
nob, and keep on squeezing shil ag arter : side me in a minute, And got my thick old said she never should, after having a little and pulley with him, which he soon had
illing out of the long stocking, Il at last head I.r***r her :1....ail..r. so.] t n a-do ag house of her own; but, as there was only hooked on td the ladder.
ag .t 1. Ltt laet, erm sTatef om d e uldsi i i jrd. '. Our tb selves, we made things pretty com- "Hold on, matee," says he. "Iflthrow

ing down with a good hearty spring, it fell on wonderful well up there; and so we ta - you the end of th rope, cail you tie is round
softly and jest like a piece of cotton that was ed it over for long enough, while she made CHAPTER III.-IN JEOPARDY. JOR
emply. And then, poor lass, she harigs on believe to be so cheerful, and knelt at my The big hstel was getting on at a tremen- I'll try," I says. So he akes a noose,
to my neck, and burst outa-crying that piti- side, a-cipheritig away,-a-putting down a dous rate, for there was a strong body on us and pulling enough rope through the blook,
ful, that Fm blest if Ididn't want my nose naught for herself, and a-carrying I don't at work, and it used to make me think of heshies it to me, but it was not far enough.
bl..wir.: one.g .4.12.1..I ..Is un. ..s Ihadn't know how much for me,-till I glowed up, the loads upon loads of stuf the hotelswal- So he tries agam and agrun, and at last I
mind.-.1 th* -,:rc a.c g 30.1 p.r>. ng; not a under the discovery that whether'work was lowed up, and how much more it would take manages to ketch hold on it. But now, as
bit of it. ifirst week we went without our plenty, or whether work was slack, I, Bill before it was fished. One day when I was soon as I tried tomqve, it seemed asit some-
paddit. Well, that wasn'# much. See Stook-christened William-wastichin my bricklaying up at the top, Idon't know how n adble ru.,g di. an w at6was
on.1 we .k we stopped my half pints o'beer good wife, manyfeetfrom the ground, andIneveruged
Thod s..:1. I pu' '**) liipe out. Mary kep That was something like a thought, tl a to care to look to see, for fear of turning emboards down, shd of course me with

& I oul e me an ky esC was, anddseeme tp stifen me up,11a d, nod I aittlcaa oTa bt110a ahreeelaar "Tell them to hold tight by the rope,"
to make up for it. Butthings didn't look stone as mus nto a ow Ik fold shook and quivered, while wherever says I; and he passed the word, while I got
up and, in spiteof all the screwing, we got threoTr emeojt oandej ay a to Po there was a loose rope it rattled and beat bott rms phroughhthe noose, .and told brm
du n c.:. the bottom of thealdeklug, as I said and I was in a lodging in London. against the poles as if it was impatient of could not have gotit over my hpeadn thoug
Jest now. .......... .. bexag tied there, and wanted to break loose akin b -
I hadn'tibuch cared for the pinching, but cirArrza II.-IN WORK. and be off. m "No[thteheoards shp. all
it wasimy poor lass as got pinched the mcat, It blew at last so werry hard that Ishould 7,, , e says, are you rea-
and she was a getting paler and thinner ev- Next mornifig I was up at five, and made have been precious glad of an excuse to get dys;
ery day, till I couldn't ahear to see it. I myself smart; not fine, but clean, and look- down; but I couldn't well leave my work, All right," I sayi, flirrly, J..r I felt as
sun out o' the, *n..i .1.:.= 0 1.. .Tenkins's ing as if I wasn't afraid of work; and I finds and the old hands didn't seem to mind it Tu3ehT d iwas Ce 8a sT an rft
yard, where I'd-L..:.... at w..ik In L. I soon my way to one of the big workshops, where much, so I kept at it. Whenever the.wind atch of th 6 on in .
found Jenkins; and Isays to him, Gover- the bell was a-ringing for six o'clock, and blows now, and I shut my eyes, I can call it so e rbpe as i 6 to my r I'
nor,"I says,"this won't do, you know; a the men was a-scuffling in; while a chap all back again: the creaking and quivering above the elbows, and then I swung back"
man can't live upon wind.'' with a book was on the look-out to time the of the poles, the rattling of the boards, the wards and forwards in the air, while, with a
True for you, Bill Stock," he says. late ones, for stopping on pay-day outof their howling and whistling of the gale as it crash, away went the boards upon which I
"And a man can't keep his wife upon wages,-which is but fair, yer know, for if swept savagely by, in a rage because it could had beenda .0:. h
wind Isays. two hundred men lost a quarter of an hour not sweep us away. co see any more, nor ear any
went on and spoke as fair as a man could atbping stif in a year. Well, there was a sometimes, on thq ground; and I have seen Isuppose I was lowered down- and took to
speak; and said he hadn't a job he could couple more chapa like me abandingue the -folks pretty)zagl driven to turn a corner the hospital, where they put my brokenriba
put spe on, or he.would have done it in a' gate, come to see.if they could get took on; Bo it may be guessed what sort of fun is i., or inino tie, and it trasn3 s wer
mmute. "I'm werry sorry, Bill,'' he says, and one of 'em alips lu, and comes out again right up on a spidery scafold, where a man k "
"but iftimes don't mend, I tell you what directly a-swearing and growling like any- is expected to work with both hands, and it too a pr alan.. L.ef..r. 1 torald 8
Fm a-going to do." thing, and then t'ather goesin, and he comes hold on by nothing, and that, tori, where a on to a high scaffold igasix without feeling
a What's that ?" I says. a-swearing too, and then I feels my heart go single step backwards would be-there, it's ""Pd ory; but, you know, "use is
& Go.upito London, he sys "and if sinking down ever so low. So leays to the a thing as allus makes me nervous to talk Polly showed me the stocking, t'other
I was a young man like you, I wouldn'tstop fust,- about. day & I .3,
starving down here, when they are giving Any chance for a job ? I says. It was getting to be somewhere about fi/fan a to y it hapr.ned w.:.o r-
first class wages up there, and when there's Go to-" somewhere, he says, outing halfpast three, andl was working hard, so d r us.--. k--p.. .0.1 s-...ra's p[.-n'I)
building going on all around, as thick as up rough; so I asks t'other one. as to keep from thinking about the storm, an Ms .**. 1 ..en. b>p HI... ...rgaral:-- the
thick, and good big jobs, tbD : hotels, And 0 Any chance ofa job? I says. when all at once I happened to turn my strikes, it strikes me they don't know what
railways, and bridges, lindallsorts." "Not a 1.s', he says, turning his head, and see that the men was a scuffling belag out of work in like..; But,.elong o'
I faces round sharp, and walks of home; back, ami re:r5 the fust one; and down the ladders as hard as they could go. "^, one.feels tempted very Inuch
for;when afeller'shungry and closeup ,itlays I must say as they looked a pretty pair of And then, before I had time to think, there to go down in the country again, but d9n't
hold on his temper, as well as on his stum- blacks, was a loud orash, and a large piece of the like to, for fear o' rhirs a 0.4 thraing out
mick, more especially when there's somebody so T .:r..94 there for quite five minutes scafolding gave way, and swept with it welly and Polly .5,.5, *Lot well enough
belonging to him in the same fix. So I m.....J..asn; what to do; wiurl..:r I shotild go poles, boards, and bricks, right into the open alone, Bill." So I kee a werry well satis-
walks of honiewhere If als 31 r ya 1-...k.ra in and ask for m e.1f, ..r 4.. and ir y sons.. space below. dj an werry com .
wery tred-eyed; and I makes no more ado, where else: -I .J..Jrs't Ill... to. Ias, orn-r ... .02 I leaped up at a pole which projected wroni the weekly a--., a
but I gels my pipe, RDR 6mptibB the bit o' two men refused. All at once a tall sharp. from the roof above me, just over my Bill Ai'p vs. The King's.English
dust thei*e was in the bottom o' the jar into eyed man comes oilt of a sided place, and head, caught it, and hung suspended, justas '
it, lights up, and sits down aside of Mary, looks at me quite fierce. the boards upon which Istood but an instant Messrs. Editors: Ifa commonplace mid
and puts my arm around her, jest as I used Now, my man,'? he says, a what's your before gave way, and fell on to the next (your humble servant for enmple) abould
in old courting times; and then begins smo- business ? What do you want ? '' stage, some twenty feet below. Tightly meet in the streets of Rome, Ga.; the well
hing an' thinking. Werry slow as to the Job, sir, says 1. clasping the rough fir pole, I clung for life. known writer named above, and should be-
fuist, werry fast as to the second; as smoking' Then why didn't you come in and ask ?" Think ? I did think. I thought hun. gin gravely to lecture him about his peculiar
66sts money, and the dust was dry; whereas he says. dieds of things in a few seconds, as I shug style, a rich scene would probably emisue,
thinking came cheap jest then,-and it's Saw.two turned back, I says.. my eyes and began to pray, for I felt as I Imagine even a "serene" Qualick repr...ving
surprising how yer can think on an empty O, we don't want such as them here, could not hold on long, andI knew Ishould ha -" Fr*,-r 3 William Harp! th -- nall-1 bi
inside. I suppose it's because there's plen- he says, but there's plenty of work for fall first ori the stage below, when the boards -0**Fe *3..;..i ir, thy compositions, or ye
ty o' room for the thoughts to work in.. men who mean it; and then be looks would either give way, or shoot ne of agaiti <*II do o**..r. Its.:e before :1.1 0 e. a rs./'-
Well I hadn't been setting' above minute through me almost. FI suppose you do with a spring, and then I knew there would even his grairity would so c.:-1, t.. pr.....(
like this, when my lass lays her head on my mean it, ch ? be a crowaround something upon the ground against the answer he would receive. Now,
boulder, and though she trouldn't let me ** Give us hold of a trowel, says I, spit- and the police coming with a stretcher,: Mr. Editor, I have go ambition to figure in
see it, I knoyed she was a-giving way; but I ting in both hands. "Oreep out, mate, and come down the any such comedy. I have not the slightest
didn't takano notice. Perhaps I held her Bricklayer? says he, smiling. rope," cried a voice from below. I turned wish at purpose to "draw fire" ..r tT, ,3,.
a little bit tighter; and there Isat thinking a Right," says I. my head, so that I could just see that the rilla writer. Far from it. If t:2. ** 8.... -ar.
and watching the thin smoke, till Icould see a Front the county ? '' says he. pole I was hanging to had a block at the Senator'' ever approaches me armed with
buildings, and scaffolds, and heaps of bricks, Yes, says I. end, through which ran a rope for drawing his yes, I.will instaqtly f' harmanize," at
and blocks of stone, and could almost hear a Work slack theref' says he light things up and down to the soafold.-- say pl.:e, .:.0 urry (-ran*, or no wjihout
the ring o' the trowels, and the sar jar" o' Awful, i' says I, For an instant I dared not move; thein, setus3. A's-1;* tia sh, end..Jly, without
the big stone saws; and there was men a You'll do,'' says he. "Here, Jones, raising myself, I went hand over hand to. say preder y ... MTen lans.,n, i.:.,-spre afear,
running up and down the ladders, and the put this fellow in number four lot." ward the pulley, and in so..rh-r instant I A st 1. elsruph: 5mi wruings tas.u injurs.,
gangers a-giving their orders, and all seem- If you'll believe me, I could have taken should have grasped it; when i heard a rush- are injuring now, our Janguage an J le.>-
ed so plain Nat I began to grow warm. hold of him and hugged him; but Ididn't, ing sound andf .0 ..reiking .:.Ta wheel, as ture. His first letters were good, alulost
And I her ps on smoking till it seemed as for I kept it for Polly. the rope went qurmusg r br. ugh, and was fkultless in their kind. The Humor was in
though I was of a great crowd o' men Well,-I wonder L..w tim..s Eve g-:.e. -th, might of the longer side having th. ;.].es:-, a the very th.:.ught Linem*riv=:-:s,
staggihground a little square wooden office said well, since I begun!-I was in work dra ; .1 rt.s ..viser through. As thupg 1 ar.d its<-:1 r.- li na re I. IL.e litre:. che-a-
place, and being called in one at a time,; now, andImeantto keep it. Didn'timike * board it fall, perhaps a hundred ed unusual<....u, su. .1..I language, and un-
and I.xiouldeee them a-takia' their sit-and- the bricks and mortaffly I My hodman did and ally I ..r. pommpaspr gbEl Ifteer
thirty shillings and two pounds apiece, as his day's work that day, if he never did it As the rope fell, andIhung there, Icould did riot rise to a b.;b aryI.-...r wr..zine, cla,
fast as a clerk could book it. And then all afore. Then some of ti,. To a L-.,,an to take hear a regular shriek from those below; but were at least u..rt as law men com.) Inve
at once it seemed to fade away like-a fog in it up, and got to chailing; one saya there'd nobody stirred to my assistance, for I was written. The r influence was, to a, certain
the sun; and I keps on drawing; but noth- soon be no work left; and another says, I'd beyond help then; but I seemed to grow extent, good. theat ,a...:ess has .nile.]
ang come, and I found my pipe was out, and better have a couple o' Paddies to keep me stronger with the danger, though my arms ouf scores of .co.r r..rst' q vb., most early
there was nothing left to light agen. So I & ..c., one for brick and another for mortar felt as if r hg, m:r- b. to.; wrenched out of copy all their blots and weakitesses used-
knocks the ashes out,-what there was on -,s 5.1< one fellow makes himself precious un.. their sockets, and my nerves as if they were nothing else. And the writer of these.let
'em,--and then I breaks the pipe up, bit by pleasant, by keeping on goia "puf! pd!" torn with hot irons. Sobbing for breath, I ters himself (ifsoute recent specimens are
bit, and puts all the pieces in my pocket,- like asteam-ifigin', because I workedso fast. crept in again till I was over the stage first, not forgeries) has come dgwn to their level
right-hapd trapsers-packet. But I let them chaf as long as they liked; then elose into the face of the building, and and is "siding and abetting" them in ab.-ir
"What for ?" says you. and bluse-by I comes to be working along, there I hung. .Once I tried to gdt some efforts to' tecopstruct''thelingliab lang ago.
Nothing' at all, as I knows on; but that's side of my steam-ingin friendand jest as hold -c.;rb my fe, I the smoothbrickslet They seem:.:. to.ut, that if they can write
what I did; and I am a-telling you arkr I.--'.1 t... 0 going it a little extra, Isays to my toes slip .....r 10 .:> directly. Then I to enett..o: which is not good sense, it must
happened. Perhaps it was because I felt liim quietly,- trilid to.get a leg over the pole, do as to climb be good noisense=that to outrage grammar
knoomfortablerithnothingto rattlein my "Ever been ontofworkmatey?" upandsittifere; but the time wasgovely i. t,:..ilgray,1:.
pocket. Howsomever my mind was made a Not to signify," he says. for that. I had hung toolongandivas now t., wr.... run.niv. No.-w lbe I*Iws win..ts r..-
up;andbr: 1,rening, and 1. Line as cheer- "'Cause if ever you are, and comedown growing weaker. ..y u,., straipps a wr.ers; re asnecessaryasase,
fulas if fd in ani tising Julbrsis to. take werry close ta the ground; yoit'll be aa glad I cadedescrit.: .sizat l I. Ir. All i kr...w asid iss wt...*n r. frn
on Saturday Isaysto her as wasby myside, to handle the trewel agatn as I am." He is, that it wds hor, t.L:, arri than I. n air..r. our tongues; or direct on p. r --tal r r n.i
-"Pollyzmy lass, I'm a-going upto Lon- ,didn'tpilffanymorethatdaynot asIbeerd, wardsI used t=- 4-3resp up in 1**1 ub a in reftned or good society.**:4 abia
Job1" London work was something fresh to me, scream; for so sure as I was a little out o' can be violated habitdly or even frequest-


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WholesAle and Retail Dealer in all kinds of .

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Hardware Cufler &0.,

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Wholesale and Retail Dealers in

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J. W. BETRKE & Co.
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J. 17. BURKE & CO.,
March e. soakenemana stadone
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Died near Bennetc.,r.114,S O.,Ool.2d;1865,
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the fervent effeau prays 5
in the weakness.of ibe flesh.
On Wednesday, Feb. 14th, ,mi
the idqa that he had liot long to live, he re
dolviid to visit onsof his abnis, W. Grehn Bell
in Bandersfille, Washington county. He
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the erjoyment of his usual health-but never-
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an, Er, seen I L.uds 3 ladd and be fu ll noto We
lap ci death Ele usesp by t.". d.ur ; Od

Ophur tu at.d I en to a on He
in the Ld fr a her. re; pan, 6 th"
Spark, thathey may not Irom usu. In ra as 3
their workr.Jofoll..wthem." C J.
Died on the Ithh of Feb, in Sumter Dis-
trict,8.k)., Banan ALLrTHI COAftMAlf. Blil-
est ilaug ter ,,tE P. Comhman, of Gorge-
town IEtriot.
She joined the 4. E. Church in Aug 1857
from vkhich time uhtil her dead, l., r
and conduct were grabed with all that is be u


hadfhiration a ila n. eramiwit no
q.nghtlyar.I s, r>os, waswell nor v.
us. Ital kra...wle.10.-, an.j ect.r .Lr...1--.i rra nta tur
.1 fa arad price .ia., Itad...3 ab 1.-1.
Wif*B ELFaklG hiri tandLilut did610aLi**Is 6
that le, pure, rs.Lie r.n i lovely .0 we mann ...I..r
seter ** cr.e unto butt..*or..n..r race
named her tut t' irus --.
nation truly sublime and affecting. She dited
calmly troung it, her Silvionr. And agree
had the law ingral v.1,sq.e.r.r.; itecentsdf the
name on .1.,.2. d.el away or. her lips, when her
gentle spirit jomed ia the anthem of his pratae
inthechristian'a homain glory.



FOr (110 POCket

Holding 6, It, 16 or 3' P clues.


anall quario.

DI, -like f:-O Pietures


nedium size:

Holding 40 and 5(EPictures

Oblong style

Holding 80 and 100 Pietures


Stuarto Edition:
Holding 200 Pictures.


.Royal Quarto Edition:

Holding 200 Pietures.


Royal lano. Editson:



Of Confederate Generals"

Stinguished dropeasD PerB011a

Pancy Heads & Sketches,

0. O

Priceof PlainPh.< .0els.each

Or$2perdozen. COlOred 0tBJead1,or

$4 ()er 40208.

Call SINE GERIR Ile RA the 00 E 81078 Of

2d Street, next to Baptist Church.


Ever brought to Macon.

seen sa..... le, ..... .

th I.i;. 3 i .halers .arad -.** r NAll**N il. R E EADER;
a NT. i.E.lli E.,
BL NK BOOK rel E re-
Cap Day Books--Lilf bound TTI PEtDE *
'sa., r..
1..4,L J 3 litaksFEREl L EsNINI.F GI,1jill
Cap1* I i: --lull **I Elifoll I al.? To GI if if }].
c..i......3.-- ,, ,,,-, memo
D D F.,.L,.ball..r L ClarksPil01 LLiith IN LfiGL1 liGP.15
emy Lanas.Ru.t.,r, I.u M.kin
Ism s. L lark a Pis.LCl 10.5 L G P.11thl LR : ,
yes, ap E. c.,3. r., Ionteith's IIISTORY OR UNITED STATES:
La.r. t..u 6 andEu by uAug E*. I,

Cap uarto pay Books L BliRHE aL CO.
,,., ,.

L.upu.r ma areLedger Fi.iR GR.11'EllTOLL CIP.0LFL.1TION.

my ., a.argers Leone circussion
Medills.11,ranslur. .5, .ti 6 I 1., rway(sc.? E.4prical..-J. if ..auar.Let.*...T.2
Journals, ledgers and Accords. **'" "dAH.ROAD TRAllW S
Large Rock of m .,,,,, n.g r r .ca v.

I'llS liE Ali llliblilll im. E ver Passenger
I.mir.....t LE. pl B H. .ar - ,
Lan E. I Ir. in, 1: 01E OLL R P
flas1f L ur.. p.T.ur ala .
H e. ot.] Spl.t Eng La as
01.srax N. o ,., .
islank E*r us.P ib of Exc ange .

L.a:c. 1... Ou r 5 .f GOLD PENS inth

,x an; ea
won. anas, I arge a
]Tos. and 5, Bmall Gent s

ME inik as ra..,&

leYRieRL Ocial Sine;
THEffl ,'.:LS AND Co .-I..,u.l.:. [9
A Sermon for the Timers.
or m. n. strans, e. >
The reasons forpub hg this Sermongregavenia
3 .




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oa s anz
, ,, "

9 an sy by
1- neil Tools, if,
gitit' se"ni



wmmitmo No. 10

Patent. COT *IO N.


No.70BeekmanSt.,Ne York,
si, q .. PATENT
Genuine Wh tens e Cards.

= e-
ourmw or sas sousme

so sensor to .. ......s....... ...... ...........Inse sa w

Oincinnatl, . . Ohio

g d 5

Envracroscos or


Fourteenth Streets,
twn Rudh and Pi th Bireets,


ur es@ r
TB Ti T.*RYa .5TIOND***E .
.. ii RE ESTi-+ 8*
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iiLL T 10 BTalFirir
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.a ..r..gis, .cr....
HIC IBILE T iiif 0
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$2 Spardoo
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EI. t wo F .
LEricle "- TEi Fr
'reir so
:n. Pr..*L. p
L aUCh jAT Dt wNa f.
---- -

(al Books? School Books!


Bed Rooms and Hospitals, especially who
sickness has been of a contagious character,
SmallPox, Bearlet Fever, Measles or Cholera, .
uld be purified by sprinkling over walls,


6 e ..d ad s
n tag irom r : 3 ru n e.f
ly ultect plen u-

or 3 r
v. c. 2..< r a viaa J
e". 3 tr ,4 go...,, 3,- in =rs a briefer,
eedcashwith sub oriptions. Send at soon as you

fareh3 Addr usMANGUM, FlatRiversit.C.


VA -g1-- 1.. q .5
TYriting Paper Ruled thd Plain.
News, Book and Wrapping,
Printer's Cards, Ink, Bronze, etd.
Blank Be 1. E are --p-.s in 2 Sr gle dial n
Ti'abiter Stre 2, Crwelturati, Ohio

1 EW STI 1110 MATai

r, .
.. . . 2 st
Straw Hat Department.

P.. r
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T,. .r

I tDI Olti, rEOR IA.
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a ? Tilst rare. 4 flank.mis,
Pl .1 11 AIL 8, at NDUN AP-

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_eI rits I..r wasuson, as,
aide L n* -JE F .nns-a at II.u 1...5 d .1 gi,
2. a M.: .: C
F c..-em

100 Agents Wanted

31 G r;.3, (; ..... .- ( e:.u
ft ..Jo a. md
4 a r I f r 4
. e. arms

. cr 0... ...:.

for la re vt twelve lines or less,

indlR ER 111111 What becomes ofthe Speole ? b AUGUSTA PRICE CURRENT,
v We all know that there is a constant flow of Reported idPoorreeteCda mitahs o re ading Marol the
specid to the countries of the East, but ye never Street. or,
The Case of Admiral fiemmes' heat of any of it getting back again. This has MACox WHOLESALE lilARKET' Bagging and Rope sho
A Washington correspondent says: The his' alWays been the case, or at leisst as far back ad OrricsDairr Evance Manton, Go . Fri .. floo
tory of the cise of the Confederate Admiral its h6Ye any account of, and the constanteet- 3racon, 3rareh28,1866. ,, FL
Bemmes is briefly this : After his arrest the ting of this tide if metal in that direction, and Cotton.---The improved feeling noticed in our last 7 ** 9 0
matter was referred to the legal pflioer of 1.0 what booemes of it, has puzzled more than one reporcprevailed until the beginising df the present Bill r- 4. L
navy departattent.forinvestigation. Theollicers of our finanolal savans. In the time Plitty, week, and ..r q. .. tr f*, as resi. ..5, 1 as en...... ...74 h.......... ......... 6

at8th nKeoansage a ro a ab the exportation of precious metals from the ie e d ,tl re I ashnim6ti n n61 mr Candles-Av .. ...e ,
Colonel Bollea, solicitor and judge-advocate of a Hum 6 u 0 j .r ; c. ar. re *r re . .1 ... .... ...
use .h., or asrar, c.r 4 r J .1 11.11 *v.*.1.eot .1 c.11 year 1800 the amount of silver sent.Eastward or. f is r, us e g... c.* ly *vr..s.n Oheese-State .,,,.,, .. ...... 2 e
the in, sic II. .rst..arnals..r..t shoPre...inal. annually was between twenty-five and thirty thesepricesandwecottinuetoquote: EnglishDairy .....BD.. liar
The Pr ..1 I .va e4 p>....i 1-- army Irial of C.;n- million of dollars. The exportation of the pre- o a son 223c ents coffee-Rio............,,g lb ..... 8 /848

tion of the rules of war. It tras proposed by than $35,00(1,000 per annum, of si.:.1. c.11 t ur The stock of Cotton on hand in this city and East corn 31, I e................... 1 . 1 600
themarydepairtmehttotiySeninicefordestroy- ono-eighthpartwas insilver. As us.*present MaconotLMondaywase,765bales. Onek*.--- . Itt \Sc..
ing lighthouses; for buining merchant vessele the balance of the imports and exports of gold Bacan.-Stocks ample, with only a moderate de- utter...........g lb...... ..,,...,18c.,
without bringing them to port flir adjudicition and silver in favor of the East is calenlkted at mand. We quoteCIdar Sides 22@28c; Hama25cents' 3.0 1 3 .. .. ..-.. ]. It .3 ... S
byapri eenur an fho unen e from sixty to eighty millioxis of dollars per a 4- e so ty consibues equal to the demand II..u-p Fancy., ...........9 Ib,,,... ...... 0 e

L annum, or more than the total yield of all the which is lim ted to small orders.. We still quote Pridle 8 11 T. .. II 00
ge ie yl o9m n ed lb bdo g v ol otahredin ti 1 { 1. eat 22@28e. according to quality.good de r --.5 Ty. rI 5 a 00 P
before a mixed court of military shd naval oHi- Millaume the French st that the 1 anand, at knchanged --:., - 4.1 50@gle oo; I 7
aers The President referred the document to economic yp- Ulr 51=. ... ?11 50; Extra Family $15 00@516 00-as L r I
the Attorney General for an opinion upon the tians hide away nearly twenty millions of dol- .. r =' 1. I *,cks we quote Flue, $6 00; SupetBue, a a p so1. $.2 /
points of the carie, and he decided that the parole lars annually. The Emperord of Morocco hold *7 Shi Extra $7 ED. is..1, I 25e
of Semmes is binding upon the Government oas liedw hh 1 d ly m e in a lo a ; a sm I STda@yl im 19alin. . nKeg .. .......... .$11

7 d oe e6n on he a peror is said to have filled seventeen, and 10 CornoMe mm5a $1c60 bynthee a the demand, Molnese P3nt Rico.... Gat.................
says: "We have reason to believe, on good an have another in course of being filled. Morocoo prices unchan edvis: $175 $2 00 -accordingto quan- .
thority, that the course adopted in the cisse of never parts with the money it receives; and it tity. Potato r sh ........ But.... .. ..a so
Semmes indicates the policy of the Government is said, on the part of respectable witnesses, also.-i . :n c . ; r -, I;.. Ricy... . .1 er
in the case of Jefferson Davis, though the day hat more than $850,000,000 are boarded away rev... a a. .s. *.. ..3. *. 0 1.*3 l' Salt---1,
of his libergon from prison may still be that country, and that the Emperor's treasure Coffee.-Rio is in ample supply, and there is a good r 1.. .
far distant. If, however, after the legal resto- ib of the vahle of ab least $200,000,000. deinand at unchanged rates, viz: Medium 840, Prime p 1* 0 re .
ration of peace by the presidential prochama- M'~.---- see use its ut little Java on the ntarkdt, and we quote 'reers.... ...
tion, use prem courtnde a i d ta t as The It h Ro d T mes at Isie m saEialta--P ices areuntchan d Sal)rs of Livurpoodin Corrox.-Marketstill du1, whhemall sales.

Virginia, there would probably be no interfere. of realestate should look to the payment of the Sc. Virginia, in barrels, ofT bushels, Sbby the quantity CHARLESTON PRICE URRllikT,
enoe tipon the part of the Executive.,, UnitediSta.tes direc ta t msnel f rh atS g and Holasses.-Weesqi oe 110 Corrected for the week ending Moreh 28,from the Daily S
p 6, je south Carounian.
Trade with Honduras. feiturb of their property The law provides ugar21c; CrushedandPow e2d0' c 10 Itacon- .
Before the war, for a nuniber of years, there that this tax shall be paid within sixty dayS Sorghum Syrup, 53c; Country Gune, 85@90c. Syrup in I .. ..
was a ir .3.. L = ...1 New Orleans and affer the openitig of the qflices of collection in good demand. Lard. ..
Belize ...* Pr. .=1. if aa-14, Campeachy, coast any eity or county. Pish.-Mackerel are acarea and inst ood deman .. .. **
line, small sail vessels being the medium of The tax is tweity-seven cents on one hundred at ncha ag db o'iz No.N1 in ki $1 50;bN r . 0

1".in.. zq qsod I 2;a nmyNo.8, soa
settledia British Honduras; and, so far as heard tax of ten per cent" Candles.- Supply ample. We quote Star29e; Ada- .
from, have done very well. We have before If not paid at One end, of sixty days, the ihanuneseesse; primesperm9001Parafinesoc. C --0
published, says ihe New Orleans Picayune, that property, according to the act of Congress Butter and cheese.---we quote Northern Butter ...
the popular impression about the country, as to passed in 1862, is forfeited, and will be seized at05@70c; Country 45@50c. No demand except in a r
its being made up of swamps, sluggish streams, and sold by the Government. It would be wise, "m as priTlus slockaof Cheese la flight, with nal e
fth only for mahogany cutting, unhealthy, etc ___ therefore, for one and all to attend to this tax. Western ReserveSBe; Hamburg29e.
was erroneous. The coast is low and swampy, Tsa CASE OF LAMAR.-A powerful in- Potatoes.-The supply of Irisih is large, with a

"" .. 1';:11. ; ":::"ri ty b ugh e nue n E po an Wu spep W .esenchanged. We
other tropical products; while.the British au- I esid A of he aL m ,h RGp blij, Iron.-t e 1 t ,81ock light. Dn e... .... nrd. ....... ..... ..85e
thorities oFer liberal terms of inducement to New York, for certain alleged attempts to de- 4tonin:. . r, a ., -- :L ...s wi se U. E.p -- .u
Bettlers, especially agriculturalists. fraud the Government. The conviction, it will be mand. 1 =: * It 12 . ., . run -., pl, 1".4
These remaike are insidental to the visit of a remembered, was before a military court, and 100. Axests dozen TranoChaina,$150gpair; both '
the friends of Lamar contended that it was not in good supply. 1 r F

a line of steamships between New Orleans and tion beforeit now, and the President may await quote Binekin :re,= an IN 00@$1 150 asto quality; in

fdo so odu & not The trips fbstwh vessel s ni n as p n 6 lb too a 181 50 i Green, in chests, 81 2541 75; I
Belize. They might take Onson, Sisal, Campea- and was doing.-Cor. Philadelphia Ledger, 15th, aint an OHs -W qulowd Lin ed2 $2 25 C
abyand otherports Mong that coast, all of A New er Glass--8by10,$80Dperbor;10byl2,5000;12byl4 HE SUBSCRIBERS MANUFAQ-
which formerly had a considerable trade with It was Bishop Horne's pinion that there was $10 50;212 by IS, all 50; 11 by 15, $10 00; 25 by 35, $20; P t I REVOLVING Double andBlugle Cyhn-

We notice in the latest number of the Colo- do bettermoralistthan the newspaper. He says: Bagging and Rope.-WsquoteGunny,87@40e; BED AND PLATEN POWER PRIESSES FOR
nist (the Belize official paper) that Gov, Austin The follies, vices, and consequent miseries of Kentualgat 87@40; Richardson's green 1qafRope21 Book, Job and (Diard Printing.
has capedthe attention of the Colonial Legisla- Inultitu so displfonet n 11rtewspape stare.n centob co.o o mollio)ek ample Farn PA o Steam Engines, B. 3 -
the Assembly to the importance of aiding in ,others from the rock on which they have been Prime as 51.25. choice $1...) : er I. c . .
the establishing of mail communications with shipwrecked. What more powerful dissuasive (17 Pr vi 10 e ** I
ITew Orleana, via llavana, in order to have more from suspicio i adk u9de as t earning^ H.des.- am 4 -.= f*r y H. 2-a 1-. ac r /rr \ o
rapid postal connection with England. He re- duel? What caution more likely to be effective sea cents pm. .. . E of
commends New Orleans over New York, because against gambling and profligacy, tlAn the Leather.-Tn fair supply as I T.: .
of the short ses voylige of four days, in smooth mournful relation of an execution, or the fate ens o isceo t5tS1e.e SerP on a on SW E&ilWay RB(1 NOWBpaper PreSS, .ut\, r..... IL fril" olispiria5euicidenWhhadiners noon KipSkine,$54gdozen;Sole30@45cyB;PrimeOak Andtheir
supple 3 ( .. so i...k r- -ic r. a. Na es, houses, and furniture? Only take a Bole, 48@500; Skirting 60s. WE; Bridle $45@$659 SING LE LARG3 O YLINDE'R
Or 5 and consider it well, pay for it, and doDeamestics.-Maeon Sheetings, 29@3004 Augusta ll thD PRI,1TilC Ill.St illhF.

the perce 1 c.6r c le .51 rqr. ulnual.r,. to epidemic of the nattireof thecattledis- >., e.... so a..:,s*sues rar. ,,
forests ws.T re up 1 to -1 as.. r..r tr.." s ee .a England has appeared in Cuba. It is Biscuits.-soda and Butter are in good supply, * r*".
indus of hindi *3 lit r .vid.-1 a---st I can ur ally rs:- alie I congrena Large numbers of oxen have and wequateaccording toquantlyat15@18oppound .. 2 . .
sultfrom morexegular and quickly communica- died within twenty-four hours after heing at- niscenaneons.- a **(. 1,
tion with our Nortli American cousina.'s tacked. When a beast dies the farmers watch Concentrated Polash, 9 case, 817 00, r I c ;
the carrion crows, and if they donot immedi- ConcentratedLye, case, 816 00.
We notice inthe Colonist's list of imports and ately attack the body; brush and fuel are heaped Lump Potash, (anisil packages) $18 00.
reports from the 2d to the 8th February, the up, and it is burned. No preventive of this Lump Potashin cash $14 0016 Co. I u ..
linalog arian ? a-24..r.Ins, deer skins, in. disease to yet discovered. There are always 9- 1,, ...t., $17 .ne pound papers,$15 00- their add ess
large numbers of green ties about the carcas- .E.=r .4 5 7 *
o to is eers ci a sesnandtheir: bile-is infirious, if not fatal to .0 F .*as-?- ky-, St 50. Fu .
elothes-lines, eigars, gin, cherry cordial, ele, .l... on- .r. .
earthenware, mahogany, four, pork, brandy, A CARD. *7 pa -.2 94-<,. 7
ironyots, etc., et?- To Georgia Capitalists. (.. :.. 0, st.-

Businesis Mazhis. ar. .porti ri o th eo mi deo i thne s. Pio e intspe done
Reverendorse, sign, or accept a note, draft, war, are autYering for lack of food, and unless 1* 5 ""
or bill, for any body, rich or poor, for any speedily relieved must surer more, perhaps Pickles galtonsgdozen,$15 00,
amount which you cannot afford to lose. If elarve. Their more fortunate and benevolent 1 -ta .*.>*r is I
itbacoxpes necessary that you should, in the ...i.>..r b 3--w 20.5 fr =1. c. L.... .. 1. 5 an ..- e. z.-' 1: *
courseofbusinesstressetionsreciprocatewith a r-. I.. r. .r it.-, 13 L 1ri er run a II usu
one or more persons the liability, which z ,,, ye 1-g..ass....rnsors,.g..p.,, ... r.*k.? -al.=.- Far ->.->>8) so @*4
theoeremonyof endorningpapermaidepaya- ,. q,,, ,,,,,,.0,,, ....r, Candy, ** Citymade,1ppound,45cepts. 8 8 Rie80 1Eto.rionwith
ble at a lear.k, < let the individual's with in tbo Treasury. 'I'hey have authe led the Candy, Fancy FrenchW pound,(& cents Other innia1 r rr e By ,TORN
whom v .u E. .. Such an intercourse, b@ borrowing of money, upon the most satisfactory ** * it **- -I a. 41* .
menof in--iJ 3 a r, of inexperience prus ,,.,,,g., butit wiltrequire time to have thg c..rst.....nt,-pp .... n T\EELl: ,Lu Fell..s shadCdllege.

de de r to of the apacula.lor on epar stan exe ute int Bucke 5 TS 9 d on BEL EVE THERE IS NO LIT-
any condition, and never enter into specula' their suffering will be terribly intensified. I well Buckets, $18 co, AL an or 7.
tionayourself, on the strength of borrowed cap am ready And anxious to act, but lack the means, Long Handle Shovels, 4)8 00. er ? - A cr
ital. In the 01ty, in which this caution was In the same of patriotism and humanity I ap. Long Handle ManuroForks,$10 00 r.r
written, there are several men who twelve peal to you to furnish them. It will be a good ShortKandle Shovels, $17 00.
months since were worth from twenty-Ave pecuntary investment, and something more, a 8bortKandleSpades $1700.

tion in setton, pork ad stocks, that reduced five, or thirty years. as you prefer, with seven Enyelopesg M. 5 00@$7 00 es
them topthisir present condition. They have. per cent. interest. You soill do well, and THB Wrapply T.c ..Fli li 13 p- r .tre a J. us
our com assion if is tr., -, or,.3 as ban a ruined RUNGRY WILL DO BETTER. Spam8 r .. -"ppa u 3 h ? r pr tr. ri
prodigalaud all other val.m or error. They All editors friendly to the object, will please Alam-s pound soc. w. I o .. ar e,

tor's house is built upon stilts, and a prudent > .. ., . . .. ,,.3 N L iT.
man will pass it on the opposite side of the ing tendency. Spee e dull 4ud declinic ith little *Br stol Septembers 1784
atree ad in its fall he too should be crushed The Atlantace e laige c oa s from a en- demand. noses.
Ed The Proprietors of the El LY RECORD
tleman who obtained his information from Col. '" r . .,2 . ru
BaowxLow Givia vP mu Passmana.-In W. lf. Wadley, President of the Centrallioad, * . . .r
a recent letter of 13rotrulow to a Pennsylvonia that by tite first of April there will remain in- ., 3 C .
Opugressman, hi writes: -complete oftly forly-four miles of the road; and spears. c .
Whein I put the President in nomination thab by.tlio first of June the entire line will be "
at Baltimore for the Vice Presidency, I.,fdit rpady for the passage of 0. = Ir F. .. ?... ,a, . . .
that he had go thoroughly committed hfibes1f to facort. Great credit is 1... I it., 3 ,, I
tothe Union catue,-ared balbeen so badly
treated by the rebels, it was impres'ble for him the energy he has displayed in bridging order r. . n,
everto get round t.o them again, butI give him out of chaos, and the traveling public will not Naw7 n C, - I alsoJ .
up as lost to theXTraion party, and as the man ite slow in awarding it to him while being ap sales of 900 bales Freights quiet; on otton .. 7 tr.e whoisbesttoheadtheRebelsandDemocratii," ,ttedoverthatadmirabletindof railway. InLis...p..,1,5.1031>$.3 11.1quotedruhop e.-curnus... 2 tr ann -

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