and fall th.ngion it. sidoutknowwhatthe
Im.I.c= .:sil Inem/1 It brid no ribbon on Br aid t.yHanswanderedontillhe gottothegreat
oiitaide; her silinwl was very thin, and wrapped docks of Amsterdam. He as amazed at the size
tightly around he andehe had nota of the great ships, and at the number ofthemsets,

a or a oro r o e5e & 1
version, rest, and began to watch the sailors as theytunload-
What wquld you lik6, my dailing Asi ed it. It had just come in from the E Ind 4,
th another litt! hit then, hr dar- and as fun outs heTwe f ce 4 # phor an1
no war me a r. *\1..4 abe raps, the sugar andqoffee and popper, and placed them on
hug. ..nd the want c.: use bsi.1, made a the shore. Ah! thoughtHana, "I wishl knew
ger, b what is ibe name of the f .rtunate mar, who owns
o w- Id you !!ke my larI ag;" she we er., 36 ed sooneo %etw I
.....M,"dL ZA I raw.. 0, said Bans Iobimself, **efcourse
.0 .t... 8 must be be, and no wonder that be can live in

g., nip d pped m red ink, a twoor three into a very glo.any at, and to to nk how no unl

c. th ar. to warid.dhov o he a
9,1 better man me others w.ch9beansiful th, i.bo6p as < w long,%ed h
sed real hairl No, it was cheap, lbar neavy.
^> abe posated to st. Allatonce, however, he saw a new sight which
They went into the store. I followed.: called his tlioughtsaway from himself There enme
"Whatistheprice of that doll in the cor- roundthecorneragreatfuneralprocession. Itwas
ner ?" plain that it must be some very rich man, for the
**'Teh'tietts? wastheanswer. numberofhorsesandtheffneolothingoftheunder.
The poor wpman's eyes fell, and a Took of takers, and the fishearriages, sad the great plumes
anguish came over her face, and tears rolled and the heavily draped hearse, assured him that it
down-hem cheeks, as she came out of the store. must be so. He stopped with his hat in his hand,
She took the little girlie her armis, and stood, and feltapity as every goodmanshoulddofor those
still looking in the window at the doll. "My who had been left behind. Wh'en the lo@kproces-
darling," shesaid, "your mother has but five mawas lustw a illabs ennduredj f a
unn rtee ; hea j\ 0 db i y jhof i oA mm1nas n

I'd rather not have one, if if ). u e.11 not cry. ied eund lad 1thabade th uieth #e2
I only want to see you happy. T have got a tion to the question of the honest German, he just
nice dinner for to-morrow let true .1..11 go.' answered, Kannitverstan. "O dear, dear,"thought.
Isaw the Mother press in.- 1.1110 on., 10 her Hans, a then poor Mr. Kannitverstan is desit
heart, sad heard her sob outAhe words, "God for all hisrichedfor allhisgreat house, and great
bless you, my child." (nd I thought there was ship, ht;bas had to diejAskas I shall have to some
another there, though unseen, that pressed the time. Foor man, there he lies, and all his money
little child to his heartandgave her his bles- can only buy him a shroud ands bunch of roseina-
agag. Such a child alway has the blessings of ries tolay on his breast! I am sorry, I can't envy
the GreatnFather of children, who came dovin him. The poor fellow found his way back to the
from heaven one christmas to die for them. tavern, sat down to a & alice of black bread and
Just then, a gentleman who had seen what Limburg cheese, and afterward when he was
assed, took the little chisd by the hand into tempted to wish he was richer than he was, he
Phe store, and bought her a very handsome doll, thought of poor Mr. Kaunitverstan away in Am-
and gave her a Christmas present besides. It sterdam.-Congregationalist.
made the child and her mother happy, and I
have of n heap himm etnhat toL 1it *** BE NOT FAITHLESS BITT BELIEVING*

ou think making others happy won't make The Lord has died: despond not. The Lord ha
you happy, just try it7-Falkner* risen: doubt hot. The Lord is exalted: fear not The
CROWN HIM LORD OF ALL. Lord reigneth: hediate not. The Lord returneth:
A Sunday school teacher was dying. The delay not. Believe, and that with all simlicity and
with all joy. Believe, and bring before him thee


For the sountern Chrisolan Advocate. all-diew4 togelfisswiffy $zezi dbid in the
THE REV. MoARt'Y,0LIVER. villaqu 0 Twearay Dirggan, arid Zi>fferialf, that
On 2& Ju 1865, the Rev. McArty Oliver Led 19.4 on the remmrs:of Stirrah (Indian corn) l
ne hed bl$ left by the Jocuats, and the night before That
departed this lifb, having nearly reao 1went v more d..i from the ame
90thyear of age. gosur two week. .goab ya re users to a
110 was born in Virginia. 18 father moved terrrel e.rrent all ar..,ra .T 10. but 61.11 w.itour,
to South Carolizia while he was quite young, says. The town ur .e.'- eval unn -area
Kerethe family suffered from the robberies of Icessiken. ALl sis*'PS 40[8 in UK OP. hil qi. Earnet,

at Nasty Siz, where he remained eme ..s ore, all so va.n. I.x al.e more sher
monabs. Some time after his reloia... to me:s d the more seemed retruse Ir.,r biding places,
to Georgi a settling in FIbert county, ne ir Pr.-,'.FI or,1..s use.;, grew in age, so they it, med togr.:- v
river. Here McArty Oi.ver man. .1 5. na in munitude. and r..n-...3s the east sroto rsere
Clark,0.t ?l"'9tiwhealsocamelrora1. pass, sh ch he on nI.-.rme 8loa le toof

he remained until he died. they bare rather to e.afaned their des ru. I 0
He was converted at night at his brother to me our..r cr rden, .:.1 rate.ut tl re

erfully to his heart. He was filled with inex. trees, devoured, and these beautiful gardens
pressible rejiturewhilehislipsulteredpraises 1.>oli Illient.1;eb tren...rta in enter.
to God. Rejoined theMethodistChurchilihis r garden .16 ute of the the art .:6--3 -
24thyearundertheRev.Alex.McCainandtook ,, j/nT II ru Im ,- so ,ru a L.*:
up family prayer at once. Lgbe felt that a ,,we tal bar. 1 1atr me were employed to ve, p
"dispeziastionotthegospe: wasc:.zumsted to themofftodrwartnet.anav. or born them;I
him"and he went forth to his w6rk without but we lound them a .1.....-1 destrabes them,
00DferriBg With 1988 &DA $1004/' In e 100&} Ghap. in. V. ree 1 I'bs 7 Elihis not break ,their
ranks.of the ministryhe has toiled long, faith_ mass Who can *.:.8.1 the v.:rd of God, when

e-:.;-::a,::::-=. :::: boe o o
the pleasure of entertaining this mair of God closed again, an marobed forward through
under his own roof, and ever spoke of him in hedges and ditches, As if united by some mys,
terms of the highest admiration. He was of serious power, causing therd to open before man
terwards ordained elder by Bishop Andrew, and to close again as soon as they had parised
Whdin lie held ip the greatest affection while he him. On the 14th ira turn they Ic.rce.d ther
lived way me the gr.rd. n *Isry r; all human alarl
Often has the writer Tistened with -J.-l:ght as by. r 8qt mt exte E t no e .
.1.4.:raption of abs Eret proud on re b bern. us it re c.. Inc use-
also ..rt.a. d Broad rrer, e:.rrasse or ---- a at

powerful Jimmy Russell, the earnest and use- ing, orly aw e in bed e g or wri
uH d t q I h sl b ara their noise to

tenedto those princes in our Israel, then it of many w ro, dm hio th ..
their youth, Lovick Pierce, and James O. An- on and about yog. At meals I am kept busy
drew. 'The history of early Methodism em- driving themayay; while I drive half a dozen
bracing seasons of wonderful displays of grace away from tile bread, as many fyill jump into
possessedwhenrelated by him, a.chitzhing thesugarbasmorevenintoacup of teaetc.,
It and when undressing they leap out of our very
nov6 y. clotheawithoutaurhaving known that they
He often spoke of his Broad river assopia- were there.
tions and acquaintances which were inade up News have just reached us from Nablous. The
of the Gilmers the Marks, the McGehees the! olive trees in those mountains have all been
Barnetts, the Remberts, and others---many of stripped, and near'the river Oudge the scil ii> so
whom he married and baptized, thickly covered with these creatures that
As a man, he was honest, industrious, and many of thannimals led there to drizik refuse
b n elat.asHeans kH hueaHty, inn An hoe et rede a to a A o

have ever met with. He seemed to be an Is- Every native whabitant has been ordered by the
reality indeed, in whom there was no guxie. government to brmg fifteen pounds weight of
Perhaps it is not too much to say, of him, that locusts daily, and those who do not are fined 1
he fived and died without an enemy. If he sterling each tune.
had one it is not known to the writer. His
habits wege strictl te erate, livin -without From the St. Louis Christian Advocate.
the use of tobacco in any of its forms, and only EAST TEXAS CONFERENLE. 0
using spirituous liquors under an imperative
necessity. He was habituallya very early riser. The East Texas Conference met on ther 11th
As a preacher, he was plain, practical, imag- inst.-the time appointed by the last Confer-
( &thetic .&BA 6878886. 20 10Ved 11.+ ence-because the appointmentsof the Bishops
ina ive, P were not received in time to become generally
souls for whom the Saviour died; which he known. Rev. W. H Hughes was;elected Presi
manifested in his punctual attendapee upon dent. The attendance was large, and all bush
his appointments, and his urgent and tender nest -was transactea pleasantly and harmo
algeals o the rtohe brac the mercy and phr- o ly rT e eme e eies d he Umesd em

As the head pf a fantily, he was watchful to dmeet ttale emergencies were readily devised
over it, affectionate, and exemplary. All his a On th subject of Sunday-sehools, the follow-
children were reared about the family altar, ing resolution was adopted:
upozi which the fires of a sincere and humble That, as a. Conference, we will organize Sun
devotion were never extinguished. Singing the day-schools m everynezghborhood where wecan
- =F--an.1-. -- StBlifk LS"IB TS"e 151"de'liffiBTE es
holy exercises by no means to be omitted- wherever practicable; and that we will
Only within a few years has he been prevent- those Sunday-schools and Bible classes our gure
ed from worshipping in the house of God, so al superintendence,
which he regretted as one of the greatest depril 1.0 educat.on I are, -- -ts01 the Church were
vations ofhislife. Though his manlyalid erect ^{ I dr RI tn- FeTal nSemin r
form was bound under the weight of disease Rev. James Graham. McKings College, near
and years, yethe exhibited hardly any of the Cirsrk r;11e. bas 81,0 .0 .ac.. 1. p. r
symptomsofdotage. Hismemory was singus alson*Drang ther-ar 8.,, T.11 F M. ,,
larly retentive, andhis heart fresh and affec. if a Iqisviv, n rn 0.: 1, ..
tionate. anda usetal laborer in the Master's a us
But, his race is run. When I reached h A resolution was adopted appointin a com
house I found that death was stamping \s seal mittee to project and carry into execution, as
upon his visage. Putting my hand in hia, I far as possible, before next session of Confer-
ask him if he knew me. He repl.ed, ;. "Ps, ence, a plan for }he establishment of a school
11 4# where ine childr. n ...1 .t.urant rea. ramsr. ance
doyoufellthatyouwl osolely il ;Inth ..2mildstes for the us.ra.--rri ck beau*steri
going home, to die more. witnour charge.
As the evening shadows began to lengthen (g 7 su .IL ..:2, has been published for
over the earth and thesundisappear, he asked some time past. Its editor, Rev. J. E. Carne
"is it not time for prayer?'? As, we sang, he was granted a locationst this session of th
attemptedtounitewithus, and in river he Conference. 4
would respond "amen," every new and then. Rev, E MMarvin was in attendance at the Con-
When we c3psedalse offered prayer to God for for nee, ai prea wid rre at me during, to
the county and the church, and forjhat "peace By request of the citizens of Parisphpe is ro-
which passeth understanding." Soon, strength trading the meeting, agd with good results
and voice failed, and the weary wheehi of life There have been several converalons;and the
stood still, and we stood beside the dead. Then interestof the meeting is etill inefeasmg.
did we realize, that "precious in the sight of The following are the appointments:
the Lord is the death of His saint ,; SAN AUGUSTINE DIST,- 2 But 0, P 6) $RD
Farewell, thou guileless one. Many whom Augustine circuit, Joe--ch Pond 160* Bsis
thou hast known have welcomed thee to Keny. J C Woolem; Newton, =. L* Fanth.e.:: 4,.-r,
gn, and many will follow thee thither. 3 1 8* ge re: li.-It.g ra lledI Mat hew.. Re11rose,
oC. D. Ourn. JR Polloway, N W.ud or
Macif ul. Din -L IT Penran, FE f l.. :ba I
station, EM Marvin; Marshall c.rcut. L.tan
THEPLAGUEOF LOCUSTS. Mathis; EiysianFieldsRA ..u160.6 to
A letter dated at Jaffs, (Palestine,) Julie 20 eGdMcAliSte;i F H n
dear m il t e ro :twice cuit, Jn Patilk.- La C I. PL

oa e be ng a

b 4 thatab b & ville, I'R Edla; McK.e. One to be or
I er, 6 .user, it uses o serve ey urie J li McLanear.. Po !.:.1, .1 H alk r: H
11 eco---Irees so ine soiTates nure st ear Grove, J L At gal, .4.albu. L ad, DLL k\ eyes. 11+ a an. p-2:-sale E Lowe, sop. machel,, nJ s* ut ab.c.ugh SmaxAK Dm.- J Miladi yi
he 12cs. .cs Inc.uwanas d.ggang Isr 11=.. ge: Shatio M Neel Bh rn

tuAa si er e in8gml g t r AW i ng il ,mm abb L
servedaecu ulatingi gaef e b and e cut W ag W shtTr u na

thus seen they began to leap, and manife ed WA Shook; Rockw 11, JH 31sub MeR.r -
the coming calamity and invasion of the fearful ney, J W Ghalk; Wm Allen; T. or la
army, as described soemphaticidly in Joel ii. Shaw: Birdville, WM fittg.
The people now began tosweep them together PALE 01NILDIST.-3 Fields, 2 Alesfine
and bury or burn them in ditches dug for us.. Elattoo Trac A ism . ab stan. circuit, D 7
purpose;.butalltolittleorno effect, andas .."urt.-n.Rail.erariou Pbl.SanttPuik.:au;t
they grew a little larger the ellent of their mul. t... E,- cup, 11=-1. Ta,, 13 , .T .1 Senace : Ty _
titude t egan to be seen, and ch.- cocu.I.g ,:,,2-- le. WI Persy Athen it 13 N.eels, finit-:-n a
trophy could not be mistaken. in-- rox.i= a= r., D, Ku ago. c. c.. t-- supple. > 1. TH
covered with them, all marching in regular Neely
lines, like armies of soldiers, with their leaders (q.iHI T Di 7 -WI thD2 IIChat FI ,0[*="[.
in front, and alltheopposition of man to arrest ett. re..:rs: li 8 Ph I p., r rees a career. J AI

epy3 se no he plantscase ar..u S at I C r .
near them, and then entering the towns ad J WP If K.rey. Pr... jer of U. E 0. C.:.1-
vdlages consumed the Vietuals, etc., in the lege; Jo Gent).us, Pr-a der. t Pari- I mul Ir.,
market and streets, ,by degrees forcing them- stitute.. Tull.-a .1,wma B. .iecau-,
selvesintothehousesooyeringthdwallsoutside - aswell as inside. Itaeemsthateverything which agt.e..s TulEc-, I 51 Bucal.-y I 11 P hlo-
is moistened by their saliva is poisoned for the 2 .E zi, WA Shook. 't
cattle that feedon the remains Which are left Next Conference to be bold at Marcil all.

Iset me not die beforelI've done for Thee
gt earthly workr, whatever it may be.
On I1 me not hence with swslnunflf~lled;

Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: December 14, 1865
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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Volume ID: VID00032
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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~II -~C ~

gry.R y ..),- ca r rRi.'El XTEN91i.= N. a mar ked feature in our operations. Ther ware
The Comma lace on Chureb Extension recom the peculiar care ofthe Church, and up a the
m--nd that stem let or Financial Plan be chang- last useIou, this field of evang=bed labor was
10 or ,as to read as 1.:-il.-ters, viz increasing .0 ntere I. A year ago, he Static--
1. Itshall be the any or the Churen Extens lic b it. (.:.rt intnre or., 1,. d a
s1on Committeein c.:.aur.cison rath .commit- overnight. Includsue other C>uferences com-
tee of two from the Board of 3f mager: of the prised scushin she Ind.r ..r its asse. so appears,
3fia.el:Eary Foelery, Bio fr.:.m abe Joant Board of comparing Churen Lati-l;.:s ..t). she census,
farance, two from the of Managers of thathe had gather.ei .nto churen membership
.5unday School Sociery. ts Iain at disch e ut of every ofithe wh le adult fling
or soon of the .5 anual C.:-rderence atar amount" result of brailgelical labor directed toward the
shall be. collected during the ensuing Confer- asses. It re a record w hieb to on high, and
ence year, for abe me veral named above. w.II go down to history conjunction with the Pscrid.nZ Eldessor our last annual Report aboes, besides the
elieveral Diaracts, to apportion the ernme to col r op su us re p ussian rounu
880VBFAX CASrg68 Within.the OODierORCO Clusively to peo le of rolor, supphed by French-
trfet:Andeachpreacherinehargeshs11.furnah erstrom the ourgomery conference. These
his successor vub rtle amount impportioned to missions were on the Isrge plantanonaand
said charge. The d at a stair ...r. .:.1 the fund at contained .'. a members, and I 9.51 children
the Conference rer t r. Ph he made 0.1 y}h oil undes it r y ITe

e r eL a ba re n tr is note ofotheeo1
-- rnum "s disorgani ed. None of the Missionaries
nwas return to them,

na / .nc t..uth L nheo auTor and r b man &
meeting, and by cre't'y H.mht.I. I rt rand induce chriorian consideration, to labor as much as
those who m.y t....: roman..i t.. --ur ps.E.:.rt.I use, ever for the salvation of the negroes. But, that
to adopt proper views of the institution and to dis- for the present, we cannot continue our former
charge their duty la referee to ig plan of operations is evident from the foUow..
rervan ANxtreamalies Ing : ,,
On ]-ra pres as he of oral, 5- us1 in. .-c, r to :-)laves once
quesus, Car as<=-, an.2 As ilk.3, a Age illore Or 1888 fO 11IOS4pport Misitonary.
ductions which they present to its zhembers, espP ger led the int.tuare depend, nee and responsi-
ciallytotheyoung, b.Inty bhe we a(la.7mals.; and me negroeswhkh

and beloved sister, Mrs. 3. .. /and a on we extend of all ecolesiastical reckonang And sh... d.s-
to the bereaved family 61 M re Di- our kindest position in dniting and unstabrlity conunues.
ad moR adMionsto sympathia.- ,ro qrs o uni se

Resolved, That the first Fridayin April, and the them, are not able as make any rehaule pledges
first Friday in September, are set apart as days of to this effect at the lame our *annu11 appqput-
Phestdn anedn Humil in and Prayer throughout ments of pranchers.are made; for they kney
A CATECHISM. 01 F L dB 04 AL 6 y W 88
Whereas, It is important to e.....r ur ;f .rmity of at all for time enesiang year.
action in all things afecting b 101. r. E I ur .4. For obvious reasons, the treasury ofthp
Chterch, therefore, be it 3final.mary Socisfy is not in a condition apan
Resolved, 1. That we hereby request our Dele- wb.ets do prednetate dralks for the support of the
a r e d ph IC o

Discipline of our Church, to be used in the prop- from abe negrose inemselves..
er it tra n:.0 fe 0. .1.1: Tr .il m.:n.I. c.h.g. .c' Tree if. cr oi use .rails. nees and events of the
tt.Resol ed 2 T 7 be also ibstiructed to pre- J.ser ye r upon she re ligious cond.Ilba of the
--rat 1.* to 2 a to v re-: importance of insertine cope, af measured by our staLlb ICS.
a E.... .ID .. tar. I -:m 1.. r to r... pt.,c 19 a e it r cap a ar.bdu a ere
I m-mber rate full .:<.*m to.t. it...ur a to on. may soon be a favorable rackson. While the
anial..o wa rar.e. ......Ee. if il I PLE Like mint*M*F6k..p of abis conference, during

I a ar. C ine year, has ar.erywed *2 1 as
t- e. ab have :: I ab an.. -- fro so e. normrs 7 a 6 av

ca ar...p .nt Leon B.-rred by pastorsin connection with
snear good, whues. In everal instances there has been an
Resolved, 2. That to ubje@ of prov ding .nerease oi membership noder these e;rcum-
the p 1 of L 1 a n .[,, a ce a h she ea rthe re 6**
pding Elders. untly of ano celeared congregal.cans, are reported
Resolved, 3. That LL Qu . to very favorably of.
withinourboundsaras r 3 at .< ., Our Coul-rence Missionary Society, ap*
preach and exhort to suitable < 3 p . preciating the .mpoktance of this subject and
Ior as may be done consistently a a detering to get all the aformation trearing on
the States, Ibe case and seeing Ihe propriety of being
cana rt r I.. uide by interenceshfrom a broad array of

tion:TL: ar.ater sketr:n ke:a.c. E F .s. y <.red p...ple 1 4-.1 more immodardely come. The

by:azeely in, renam: rr r...n.t.:: B et.. T.--olI of these lbree missions spent in elicsung
2. 'I'heenlargement of the power s I true t.... .a Pertinent incia from ever arter and in thor-
by rescinding the present restricioil uport their ough dpecu.:,.on has doub en brought us all to
authority which forbids to..m 1.: r-ture am abt-r one mmdon this subject.
to the same pastorate for 1. c;;-, p. c...( Irist. [we, The priticipal colored church isnd congrega*
years. tion of the Conferencepwithdrew three months
3. Tin .0.:...(- LL*.0s" (l*.userBE int* 100 EgORDijOinedthemBelves toareligiORBOE Bam
higher I. gs, la to t....azes I aba L n..r..u. ization, composed exclusively of people of eir
..i. L re la 9.: a 1> I, i.e. c a. Tr own color, known as the Afrloan Methodist
Reio ed To at I be usb C, r aonC ..0 r..r orn. Epe ce )a Ghure h3he isecession has
2tbe ( IT re 11 so..: a [>.1 Io Ir; 1.:. to Your Committee, h the light before them,
recommend inat, .n case similar defections fols
UNION WITH THE M. E. CHURCH' IOW, they be areated with kinditeband forbear-
Resolved. That in the judgment of the South ance, and ready acknowledgment of all their
Carent ac ral 0. the ll Chur..0,5...urn,...ught rights in the premipes. We believe their best
o u r/21:no.:t ad separate r te t a he ethis ho 17
SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE. bemadekomain to them by the realbeneAt re*

to past six months. paredness for the situation in which, wit out
Resolved, 2. That we still feel an abiding inter, their own rooming, they find themselves.
estin the paper, as the oilicial organ of our Confer. Be hist patient toward them, and by all
ence, and that wd will renew;our efforts for its sup- humane an ristian reasons try to help them
port in this, the time of its greatest calamity, to a better fortunepng to a better future than
a severe philosophy of all the facts seems to
In conclusion your committee submit thefo1
'en deli'elations of the Church to losing Resolutions:
Resolved 1. That we recommend, under the
Te sy p:.;ra-c.1 ta ilts Ento consid. pecunarcuamptancess, to the Bubop or Presi-
eral on ar als..ras.: the Mar had IT -i-. Opil dent of the Co.r.ierence not to apposer manasona-

2e o ds.u o adolor. jd.. un 0 Tah a al 4 e a ( e pra -
so report thereon, beatgave to ...t at the 81 LI.Jers;Iand Preachers in charge of of
lowing: edisra and star sons be required to do all they
A gr t ba 1 -0 07><*-, rees the last can, an eupplying the Gospel lo the colored peo-
se **or. Cl our Car re..-rn. .r. he call attitude ple si rc.ver they are necessible, and mannaiub
tmy ic. I, Antt. ric.rracr n.s to Fe d gd onlinant and organi.:slion o e
yearer ..r war e, re am.ces t-s t.a uc.-r.. Lut's. Re., ..J 2. hat we reconunepd lo three who
I'sugdom is not e:.f tra. pe r b.I. The relations of employ Freedmen a literal co-o erauon with
its tracters .re sprratual, and are not ne- sema- me Conference an out to above rese- out her 1.. th.- en 2. 3 and rhaur t..r..ces of lubon.
earthly governments. 1to [..:0 3 and rise free 8....' .. That we cornalder it a duty or ent
1, go : edo it.< u r, a a=.anybi no t, an "mour To e I,% I, b-

were compe.nerat Ac :nr. 01 the Aponoric bath er e.. In t.eorganized for the enefn or the
Cr urched.. and the M. tt.:.1,. L Chureb colored obddren and youth whEreV6F pholl04
Soutra hu gEs'tailed if# 11snsLir EsErd [ singe tale.10 hichthey may sO (Bdg 60 fl p
one ir t., rs, r :.,1.1 so.S c 0..1 lor both from abe of a so].Geauan r 14.00, ar

'oe ot recognize as a fesulif of the late Rc ,,id 4. That we recommend to our I
revolu on any n. e t..r a 1 ange on abe to our enar ce and uncouragement day

enranan tener..I. e and a if rts. rney were seatl on sold obtwho r was her joy and as-
me 3 na he b has of God and redeemed by negis a a due or that the solaser was
thA edn r jjl r a rPche late revo- own bu.b and, wno had been reported moh b
Intion meets as so use .u.Le of our missions wounded to batile, and lor whose dea a
among them. These mustone nave ever been several months agourned I


A wake, 0 soul, a he r r sl.netin
Thy life la rapidly completing, E
Time with eternity 1.1meeting,
Snon comes the nght.
Th lbudion, id ill m.

t Do right, a rght.

Though clouds thyfirmament o ad,
Andtem estaborstaroundthy (

ThoNhao feite een t foliage
And though hopes and fears
Lie buried 'ne gathering yous---
Do right, do right.

T E la d e SW 4 brerstE.
The valley and the soadow us deals, *
WitDrambowdarms abaH clasp the storm,-
ight, 0 right.

R'."' .".'"d e w .
orTisabedementol II.e-
Act.on is I ht.

o h iji atris

Life as r.os #.11 a desting dream,
A meteor dash, arnishow gleam,
A bubble on the sloating Etream;
For e a ok otr every hour
In eDer passi word a power-
ght, igh .
Of lifeis full of solemn thought,
And noble deeds-if nobly wrought_
Wsthfearfulremarquences fraught,

D= right, do right.


The Committee on Education present the follow
ingreport of the condition of the several lastitu.
tionsof learning under the patronage of the South
Carolina Conference, founded on the papers re_

wrone LI. ril n rn ANavae ingLE
phe twelfth scholastic year commenced in
Woford Oollege on Monday the 4th day of Sep-
tember last, anticipating by a month the usual
time of opening the exercises in the furtherance of
theinterests of the Higly School winth u strid -:ct -
ductedunderthapersonal supervision of the 0'ae.
alty in addition to the senal instriction gived to

? Til a so of abe Spar r .g\
forthepresentscholastie yearunderthemisnage-
meetof the Faculty of Wofford Gollege, in accor.
Asnee with a ofrealarissued on the 22d July, 1865.
The session opezied in Wofford College with flat-
tering prospects. In addition to the usual nuniber
of students in the preparatory school, three College
classes Presh Soph
were organized, viz: men, omore,
slid Junior. The deportment of the students has
been throughout} the year unexceptionable, and
their progreesh studying satisfactory-

studies only, qnd will award to such, su.Int.I., in a .
monials of their attainments.
TheSpartanbtarg Pemale Gollege under the air- -
enmstances, enjoys a flattering patreusgo, and it is
conildentl ected that in a few months, lar _
accessions be made to both IHistitutionp t
facultyof Woford Gollege.-AM ShippPres~
ident and Professor of Mental and Moral Science;
D Danean, A M, Professor Anelent Languages;
W Smith, D D,1Prof English Literature) W Du-
pree, A M. Prof Natural Bolence; JH Carlisle, A
. M, Prof Mat)1ematics.
frustees.-H AG Walker, AM Shipp, WA
Gamewell, JE Pickett, O Betts, WP Mouzon, R
R Mood, RWoford, W .J T Miller, 8 Bobo, JH
Dogan, GW Williams, Robt Byee"
coLonna radALE epLLaez*

ing possession, we saw thant was absolutely impos-
sible, without incurring a debt which we could not
meet, to resume at any given proxtmate time our
regular exercises. Moreover, so complete was thG
impoverishment of our city and country, that we
could see nothing to encourage us in the hope that
by Any efort oak our parteeventhe immediate, pres
sing liabilities, the annual laterest on our faide<1
debt, niach less the current expenses which would
of necessity, be large, oonid be met. The debt of
$16,000 is yet unastiated, and for the two years
ending let Oct. 1865, the interest is yet unpaT4,
swelling thq Aole to a sum which we saw must
risik the are of the corporation, and, perhaps,
force it into market, With this conviction, isfter
various suggestions, and the matureet deltimration,
werentedthepropertyto Mr.T8Nickersonofour
city, to be ased sa a Hotel for a deAnite term or
years, herindertaking to repair the damage which
ithedgiffered during theapring and summer, and
to pay us arent which would21ok only meet our in
mbdiate demandsbutprevideas with some mens
to begin operations when the country shall, in a
measure, have reecurered from the albou cat thelate
war of devastation. The remnant of our furniture,
weleftinhishandshavingmadean arrangement
which willmakeit avaSable to us, or at least, so--
enreite fair market value. We are satisted that
-onr course will result in saving the College to the

ests of our trust, qildhope when it is viewed from
the standwpoint, which we all how occupy, we will
meet the approval of the Conference, and have the
assurance that we still have*Its unabated conit-

T re vers...--R J B yd, J W North, AM Chrsit.*
her J Stacy, 0 11 yritchard, W B Fleming
W G Cannon. TR Walall, N Tally, C Taylor, F
A Mood, E J Mearnardle, DJ Blumons, R Br yce
Dr J W Parker, Gen William Wallaoo, an .7 8
Prest.:.ra, E J ArLLur, Rial North, RD Sent., S O
Tally Eng., A 1 Dubard, W Glaze, Dr AG Tah
ly, Dr OB Miot, E JScott.
*vanouss vanar a coulcom.
This institution, notwithstanding the devastairg
ET,-:La ri the late war, and its adverse intluenc
ap.:n u e minds of our people, had during the dra
Minion of the present year one hundred and twen
El P'4.ile on ne-:untof the presence of typhold
Intr in theon muelty, the President wasinduqrei
ten close the see on one week earlsor thBD llSrj 6600
egontainplated. Four of thopupils fell victimat.,
thingreatdestroyer. OneintheGollege, oneb..ard
ing iit the campus, aind twb at their homes.
The present session has opened with brighter
^ r a -
Lam, thoseneraldoes of property incidentio war,
th- derangement n our ilitanoial sper6tions,

.ir a t.Td uc a class of our
Its number in-aw receiving Instruction in the
College, is abovetorty, twenty--three of whom are
boarders, with a certaiit pr6spect of continued in-
The health of the College Jand combianity has,
during he sessioff, been ugnterrupted. The bull-
ding lias und. r,:.cut repairs which look to healy
and comfort.
The Stewar 's Apartment in under the immedi

linaFemale College is in a reg arkably prosperous
condition; audit is hoped and believed thatby the

af 2ie>o MM nt to UcitS 1pdange, a
zealous effort on the part of the Conference and the
friends of religious instruction, this Institution,
wfich has been ablessing to so many hearts andso
many homes-to the Church and to the country,
will, under the fostering care of this body, contin-
ne to reflect the light of a.sanctified education, and
the sweet influence of our holy religion upon the
minds and hearts of scores and hundreds of our

Iny 97 8 E Grifflth, President; JE
Blankenship, A H., Prof Natural Science and
Mathematics; Mrs Griffith, teacher in Preparatory
Department; Mrs E J Cannon, Principal in Musics
al Department; Mrs Blankenship, Principal in
Ornamental Department.
Board of birustees.-Col William G Smith, EG
KnightEsq., Thos WKendall, WO8mith, Wm?
Kendall, Calvin Wooly.

r.-k*mira9. M#limpl'P...w.. Fr..,
F *Iic; 111.r...ftheWadesboro' District, the
pr a. r,. re or arc-- ...( the Wadesboro' circuit, the
Wadesboro' station and thoAnsonville circuit, are
E**< v' IM--rs>.
This Institution commenced its present 80110149-
tic year very successfully under the circumstances;
but eagly in the year the country around, becameso
threatened with invasion, thatitwas found necessa'
ry to return the young ladies from a distance, to

lege, whiob, after the resignation of the Rev. RN
Price, had declined to thaposition of a village
school, was elevated to as equality, with the liest
Institutions of learn in our coun
The Rev Gr 7 Round, A M., was, on the retires
ment of Mr Stacy, unadmously elected President
Underhisjudieious superintendoney the exercises
were continued on the non-resident plan, with a
zeal and devotion to the interests of thg College
which have brought the Trustees and the whole
community, undermanyobligatlpas to him. He has,
with the aid.of his associates, conducted the Institu-
tion safely almost to the terminatio f th 6
no e present
dehool year. a

th -hope that teireamstances dwill soon su3
that the College, having survived the w rmwilliong

J Itatherford, Shell, 8 P Dula, NA Powell, Presi'
ding Elderof Shelby Dietrict, Preachers in charge
of Lenoir.
This school was under the supervision of Rev J
K Studevant during the past year, but the number
ofstudents beinginsuffielenstoyleld him a support'
he resignist the Reletorship in the month of Bept.
The School Board appointed for his enacessor Wm
W 8mith, by whom the schools condneted; The
patronage8i small, b it is hoped that the prospects
on w soon improve, and itsform
er prosperity and success will be regained*
In conclusion, the Committee ofer for adoption
by the Conference the following resolution, vis:
we a a as bod hr in minis
of giving stripct attention to the moral and religious
as well as the mtellectual education of our people
in this trying period 9ur country's history, and.
that we will.continue with increased seal to sustain
andbuildity in every p saticable way, the inter-
t no e h onf a e.of learning under

Tas Ray. BAMust. Towasaxa was born 1'
Marlboro' Dist.8. O., Oct. 29,4814, and died in
Philadelphia of inflammation of the bowels, July
ad, 1865, after an illnessi of only forty-eight hours.

ly taken this young stranger into his tent, and was
rewarded fothis thoughtful hospitality by his hap-
97 conversion. We have frequently heard our de*,
parted brother relate in love-feast, the incidents of
this great event in als life, with so much clearneq

. and feeling 15to leave ne doubt as to its Boripturst
, character, 1
He eitt:r-d the as preach"
, or in the begentain.* of U.-- Center. now year of l886.
In his flfth year howlui aCationed in Gamden, dus
ring whieb was mc.-t happily married
to Miss Marita f alls..1.1.r-t daughter of J.:-in 1est
Esq., of Columbia. 3 -er red many e-fthe most
importan\charges ofithe Conference during the
thirty years of his ministry, in all of which, his la-
e borts were blessed moreor less, and in most of them
t he was favored with gracious revivals. For three
. years he was a Missignery to the peopleof color on
the Congaree Rivei, and during three years he
servedtheppgdecenocef5cientlyss Traeli"agent
7' 0 RF 50t&B2 WOrk, ETOL TOWHS6HA
contracted ambrg desire fortlie circulatioRof
Agent, and it was during this latter terra of, ser-
vice that he laid the foupdation of what afterwards

hewasaccomplifihingidnebg--d Ele-wma.:hw+,ru
bemissedamong usmttancapa.:.tyas in one r r. In
tions.inOi al rdwo 1 thorough Met

wellastochristianexperience; and yet his views
were large and liberal th regard to progress an
Ohurch extension. He was an earnest, sound and
practical preacher, and was pre-eminently a prac-
tical man. He wrought results. The charpe serv.:.]
by him evidenced to his succensore-to all, trust's
wise, jealous, practical, sceeptable and [successful
Methodist preacher had been there, so that it has
often been remarked of him, that he always left
hischargeimproved. And thoughhe wasnotin

was he not always the Mast friefid of his brethren of
the Conference, aiding them in every possible way,

eo pei 1 e h Tum n a sh are
how much he has done in this way.
His greatly bereaved wife; testifies that he bore
the death of his nobleson in the warn and the sub-
sequent loss of the largest portion of his earthly
goods, with Christian obeerfulness, frequently say-
ing, "It is all for the bist-"
Bro. Townsend was on his way home from the
forth, where he had been on business, when he
disease, which b illiattheakillof

of 6mily and brethren at home, by several Metho.
dist friends in Philadelphis. An attached friend
of another faith-a Jewish Rabbi-was with him in
his last hours, and wrote that though very feeble,
he said, **Iconfide inmy Samour, and put ra.; res.;
faiirely sn Him;" and in hisJast lueid n...m. Du.
he Wxclaimed, "O my Savio@rt O Jesus .. <>
vidur." He i*ests fromfris labors?
a fi:?, i.>.th 0/21 June 5thflf Ei.
joinedute M.E Church, South, Octobr lul5,
1846, and was converted near *'Fork Creek ruent'
house" in the same district, May 10)h 1842, was

h o 0 af ednes il and so r e
111arly to the orders of Deacon and Elder in the
Brother Ogburn as re-appointed ad the last Con-
ference, to the.Society Hill Mission, but early in
the year it being found impracticable to continue
to prach longer on his work be accepted a chap-

s e 11 ess d igw ic he ws terly qons,
seious, he passed, as we b ieve, to at state ere
Ae smoke and din of battle are never known.-
Brother Ogburn was fortunate in securing the re-
gard and affection of the people among whom he
labored; ass e rag =.0.2 .4u.. a .0 ui(deport-
ment; ag ..:-si pr. a.D..r no t a;.......1 m""

The Committee on Periodicals beg leave to
make the following report:
We have received some moneys for 166 5 ...T.
em Christian Advocate, which will be irn nam111= J
to the Editor.
Envinjg carefully considered the exhibit of
the business of the Tut.11hing 1.:......<, ma.], by

we are assured by him that the property will
in all probability, soon be restored to us *
Nevertheless, we beg leave to report as our
deliberate opinionthatthe publication of books
on large scale-as conducted at Nashville-
liasbeen unfortunate; andsin the estimation of
many of our people, it is an unwarranted blend.
ing of coinme.rcial enterprise with the spiritual
ends for which the Church of Christ was estab-
We therefore would respectfally suggest that
this Annual Conference instruct our delegates
to the approaching General Conference to use
their best endeavors to secure such action on
the partoftheGenerat Conferenceaswillapeed-
ily and safely discontinue such plan of publica-
tion; andprovide amore simple and legiti-
mate method, viz : The appointment of an
agency to accomplish the same object, at some
commerciald center with thaleast possible ex-
Whyahould our people be required to pay or as for a Hi ran book whichpould
be hrousned r ar tirry e nr .
We furthermore beg leave to remind the
ConferencethatTownsend& North of Colum
biapuroluised the stock of our Depository in

hr Im dv 6 sws as aD Coniferetice re.
ga 11y epo ryag .

favorable terms.
35'oreover, it should not be overlooked, that
upon the prosperity of this House depends its
ability to pay the debts they owe 1.0 ur., as a
Conference and as individuals.


Vol. XXVIII.-No. 29. Macon, Ga., Thursday
December 14, 1865. New Series.-No. 182

'''Un~r^^-^- ~u ~n u'l'nnjnn~



end$ to retrooede to the Georgia Conference
that part of the Stay of Georgia now embraced
inthehounds of the Florida Conference was

Lowing was also adopted:
Resolved, That the removal of the Rev 8 P
Richardson from the bounds of the Flor;d
Conference, is regarded by us with sincere re-
gret; and that in the missiowwhloh takes him

e oenate n ae as urrehetpm mi
and all divine blessings upon himself and his
family; and that we part with him, sincerely

pie thadin the providence of God, he may
The afe no e ards settled with the

dowel and orphans at the rate of 35 cents on
Our next Conference will held at Quiney,

o leds.have requested the Bishops to appoint
our Confei*ence sessions to begin hereafter on
Thursday, so that the Committees of'Examina-
tion may have from Tuesday 10 AH till Thurs-
day, to opnduct the eicamination gradergrad-
ates. I send the appointments below.
F. A. BRANCH, Sec'Y.
Tik.LAHASSEE Dist.-Taos. H. CAPERS, P. E.
Tallahassee Station and Colored Charge-J O
Leon Circuit-(0 Ley.
eon Colored Exasion-3 W Jackson.
Ga nS O AFM rling.
Liberty-3 G Worley.
Waukulla-E H Giles-

ent probation condition of church membership
the modification, or abolitionof the Presiding
derre stemh e pt nkin edomunet in the
meOn mt tonT it bte u-
w ic weree tid a inbyd e num..
chirdothrizedphy kinlinessatid courtesy, as they
frere distinguished by'earnesinessand ability. It
was a leasing featured in all the discusalone,
b y an o efeh@ fdte
On the third day of the session, the Rev.
I) h B.h arge r as n efo C ,
and was received ith riat cordiality by his
n beano sa usin nee my
T84m a a u r 8etra neMetrd
all those questions that have engendered strife
and imimosities between (he two great branches
eth Methodi t family, Nort dS
ern brethren, and hence is a ways a welcome
villifor to our Conferenceas he is an honored
guest in our families. The Rev. Alpheus Wil-
Addro 3 n by e d d h
ferance on the second day of the session, and
was received with a hearty welcome.
The Rev. Samuel Register of the Baltimore
OD Of 1100 (illnfl7glBIE, a hn e
tion thilishe opport ity had been afforded him
to be present with that body. He informed the
Conference that that portion of the Baltimore
Conference to which he belonged, claimed tobe
n mi .or, 1 r7j to n tpyr ha
ers, arid about ten thousand members; and that
when the Baltimore Conference shall assemble

gg $8


Beaettingains are partfoularl noticed in the
Scriptures. David, the Psalmist of the Old
Testament, and Paul, the epistolary Apostle of

len oen es Barelveryemphat I
enemies, they areenbtlest; andhencethe need
of constant and anxious watchfulness last they
overpower our hearts. Sometimes, these sins
are the offspring of constitutionaldbia at oth-

sa moet in ne 4 ye eykpokebhom the foorn
of oircumstances as the result of time and
place. But whatever their origin, they are all
alike in their obstinate inclination to get the
mastery over our nature. They are the favor-
xte instruments of Satan, his right-hand wea-
pons in the fierce combat waged against the
soul and itainteresta.
One of the besetting sins of the day is a low
and carnal view of Providence. Long ago, Sa-
tan originated the idea:,"Doth Job fear God for
fantght?" and most aeduously has the Father of
Lies labored to engraft this flattering lie upon
the stook ofhuman belief., It is esIientially the
satania view of Providence and its logic almply
is, are good men because of ine me-
essary rewards that they hope to receive. Un-
fortunately for our experience, Satan has many
believers in this doctrine of his theolo y, and a
and havoemakes he even among e ea sam
In impressing this cardinal point of unbelief
upon their soulii. Trills awaraw at reviaenos
are disappointing to our ,expectations, we
straightway tend to the antaniedogma and veri=
ly conclude that we serve God .for naught.-
Vanity and pride may have been rebuked; am-
bition thwarted presumption checked; false
and pernicious Hopes crushed; and affections
that might have proved ruinous, have been
mercifidly blighted; butin all this, we see only
our short-sighted interest and utterly forget
that(goodness would cease to be goodness if it
spoiled us, by indulging our tastea and passions
in evil gratifications.
Such being the peculiar temptation of these
troubled days, we should guard ourselves by
the study of the Seriptures, and by fervent
prayer against the inroadsi of this sin. If men
lose faith in Providence, they are certain to lose
faith in Jesus Christ. And on the other hand,
just as they cleave to Kim-as their personal
Lord and Redeemer, so will they relit calmly
and hopefully upon all the acts, of his nove-
reign providence. Job:was severely tried by
Providence. His tremenduorts struggle was
with thejustice and gooddess of Providence--
And the same conflict in very many Christian
spirits is now progressing, and the issues for
b Aoer atmbe pt to 4 knoa be
ers in the certainty of salutary results,-to
abide the darkness and ysit for the light in the
fixedagaurance that Providence will vindicate
his course. The evilapirit of unbelief that in-
a &ML, Ad es
sad especially must no allowance be"'given to
suggestions tliatimpeach the infinite rhetitude
of the divine administration. In the calm con-
fidence that lightss sown for the righteous and

e eupri in;hear let our
days wherein thou hast ailioted na, and the
years wherein we have seen evil;" and we rest
satisfied that the answer to this will
prove the answer to all our perplexing questions
on the subjects of Providential dealizipp.

This Conference coinmenced its twenty-see-
ondsession at Madison Court House, Florida,
Now 29th, 1865, 2 George F.;Pierce pre--
The attendance was not very large, owing to
the general derangement.of our finances and
conveniences of travel.
We received Wm 8 Rice on'on trial. And
Elijah 8 Timer, admitted on trial at the late
session of the Georgia Conference, was trans-

e kr dr rF i o t 1, a combe,!JM Pot-
ter, AV Hanit, JOA Sparks, and DL Bran
nin. AT Hollyman, GB Swann, Wm A Me
Law, discontinued at their own request. GR
Fisher was discontinued.
Oscar A Myers was admitted..into full con-
nection and ordained Deacon.
GP Jones was received by transfer from the
North Osrolina Conference.
J MBrid John
ges. R Harwell and George C
Andrews, were locatedat their own request,
The superannuated preachers are RH Luck.
ey, Wm W Griffin, ELT Blake, At Bedell
Taylor, TO Goleman, D Roberts a 1
C Raiford and
R LHeOook. L
WmL Hu rphy, aman o prayer, of faith .nd
of seal, a good and useful preacher, died du
ring theyear in great triumph.
Josepbus Anderson, 8 P Richardson, John W
Mills an Sanil Woodbery were elected 4glegates
to the General Conference. The reserves are
TH Oapers and NB Oneley '
or statistice show as morease in whites in
folloonnection480; on probation 93; colored
on probation 136, and local preachers 11 d
a decrease of colated in full connection o 9.
The Committee on Periodicals reported the
following, which were unanimously adopted
Resolved, 1st. That we heart '
0 f the Geo ly concur in the
no ion o rgia Conference in the treass
for of the proprietary interest of the Southern
Christian Advocate to J W Burke & Co. 4
that we will unite with the Confereziae in r-
ryLog out the articles of agreement with said

th ut r use all diligence to give
n vocate an extensive
roulation within our bounds.
3d. That the thanks of this Conference are
due, and hereby tendered the Rev Kr ,
for his seal and Abbey
eats f energy, in takingeare of the
upr o Church, vested in the Publish
ing Rouse at Nashrille.
A resolution to request the
,General Opnfer.

We find in the St. Louia Advpeatea letter from
Bey.E. M. Marvingivingnocountofthe death

3 h. 3e ya rad we

Archin Noo er^rohna, and gan his arse
gone to Texu, but died at his father's in Ar'
Isan: scholar, an eloquent preacher a polished

am 'enteassys
8 at Ye in he eitI tkwas laina dnests
understood him. The power of his sermons
consisted in the importance of the matter, the
01 rmC atidn fds nd of unique
ele o tiin him n her a ster
prayer, receivmg constantly fresh accessi6ns of
strength from the fountam of it. He we adbo-
man is onlo Tpitingffooened t
results of his ministry in a twofold manner. In
the first place, it gave his w.:.rdabune mme
force. w dicame from his lipabce g %eir

brought 2 bified ers otf rejudice and ob-
duracy, and crashing itito the conscience like
dmf so na eo AcMs r
man, his godly example, his pure spirit, made
his very presence a sermon. Alan doubled not
that his words were fi*om the bears. He wsha
livizig illustration of his 0 ff d shrine. B
viras 6 a "soudbgo fw a attrac eath to es,

puls ve.
Th6 deeply- e lne Christiankich not
I ht, buPhe is He had a solidity of a
the person.

nionmena. Oh I how his friends loved him I
He had but to touch a man and he was fasten-
ecl" iMdmea what his life had promised.
It was, indeed, ine triumph of life over death,
Ke entered into the Joy of his Lord. The ex-
ceeding great reward was given. The gates of
immodrahtwar t on open and the ran-
Tna MAcow DAILYPArans.-Therehasrecent.,
ly been quite an editorial revolution in the Ma-
con newspaper ofHoes. The Telegraph has
changed hands and is now the property of
Messrs, W.A. Reid, & Co. The editors are of
the old Geo a panel-James R.19need, Esq.,
Armerly of wannak Republican, and Rev.
S. Boylcin, late of the Christian Inder. They
are too well and favorably kno h to need a
word from us. This same may be said of Joseph
Clisby, Esq., who made fame for himself, as
editor of the Telegraph, which he ably conduct-
ed for some years, and who now has become
editor of the Journal and Messenger, still under
the proprietorship of 8. Rose & Co. It affords
us supreme gratification to know that the Ms-
con daily papers are to be conducted by gentle-
men, whose unimpeachable integrity, and
whose high toned moral character, give warrant
that the highest and best interests of the com-
munity will be promoted through the press.
There is a power in their hands which we feel
persuaded will not be restricted to advano-
ingonly thecommercialeconomicalandpolitical
i er at ot coun whileTx moral conr

these gentlemen warrants us in expecting, that
they will take a high position on all moral
questions, and will give no countenance to
any man or association of men, whose labors
a edi ooralizing-whodaremnot ow m nh
Girs ENTERPRISEs.-Some of the papers have
long columns, advertising these m k gifts. A
righteous judgment respecting titent has been

rearl asbe forliecorder of8Nashrillee dIn
pendant, $5, each, on the ground that they are
lotteries under another name. The city At-
torney in his argument contended that these
enterprises were''games of chance," and quot-
ed from decisions of Supreme Corirt of Tennes-
see?&s follows :
Whenever mblicy or other valuable things
is hazarded, and may be lost, or more than the
value obtained, and de endant on chance, the
transaction is gambling." "Disposing of prop-
erty by lottery, is m every ponit of view, a
most o iious species of gaming, without a shade
ow of.-:s.:ue any u ab.:.eld n.x b- punished."
TL.- 1-c-:.rder .0 Empear.g the doe, declared
that he could "not regard such transactions as
any thingshoit of gaming." Let our readers
keep a lear of thdm.
Jun Pustranisa HOUSE,-The NAShril Gas.
ette noticing the dismissal of the civil suit
agaimiteour Pub fishing useco enced over
three years since, to confiscate a portion of the
property of the Southern Methodist Publishing
House, by the United States District Attorney,
was yesterday dismissed by the Government'
The r markbweh8ich JudgeeTrig onkd

very favorable to the institution, and showed
vgry clearly that if the suit had not been dis-
missed, it would have been decided against the
Goveritinent. He was understood to say, inso
many words, that he could not see any reason
why the property was seized in the first place.
It is indeed a most remarkable Instance of the
freams of the law.
of the resumption of the :regular duties of this
Institution may. be found in these columns.
We are informed by pr. Lipacomb, that he is
earnestly at work endeavoring to make proviso
sion far4he present and prospectirseducation
al wants of the late-a rk in which the
. pro
pubhc will wi thout doubt sustain him.

. COKESBURY Sonoor..-This Institution-one of
the earliest founded by our Church-resumes
operations in February under the Rectership of
Rev. Samuel B. Jones, so well and favorably
known, as formerly conueded with the Institu-
tion.-See advertisement,
THI* Ni 11$.
CONGRESS met OR 21.:.ra da y th6 4ik ID8thDis
The Republicans have.everything their own
way. The Southerg Representatives were de-
nied admission, in the person of Majrnard, of
Tennessee, a "loyal" an, a friend of Governor
Johnson. Colfax kak leoted Speaker. Legis-
lative acts b t lin et tchh fdear.

4 r
,j, for ." i ormed h
-ne ? -,,J. cr had order 4 I re.visional Gov.
gressmen elect have not yet received their T
warrants. The 18ib .Lraunty his been fixed for e
to so.nrr.= In:0 *Joy-,I st 1,+ allowed. The con- t
.r.min:mral standment slaverphas b
t.e. n paned by [be L..palature-also a bill al- t
ion....g neer... a to In cases where they ,,
us cancer r ed. The Lef ulature will adiourn g
for a month a

Monticello simon ana colored adharge-S
- ja 1 -(To be a -
dison and Obe Lau pH L)Smith. '
J Madison Circui MA Clonts.
( Taylor and Lafayette Mission-(To e.sup.)
JAcKsonval.a DIsrarct-R L WIsarNs, P. E.
Jackson le and Colored Charge-F A Branch.
St Johns ircuit-(To be supplied.)
, jrdn na trac kn-TA Grahamt.g
Lake City Station-A T dridge.
Houston Circuit-(To be plied.)
Suwannee-A Johnson, W Ocain,
Ramilton-G Johnson, J Carraway (sup.) .4
Golumbia-Wm Davies.
Newnansville Station-0 P Murdock.
Volusia Mission-(To be supplied.)
TAurA DIstmov-3 J SEALY, P. E.
Tampa and Clear Water Station and Colored
gClbTo em Ea lored Charge-Wm C
Manatee Station-E F Gates.
Key West-8 Gardner.
Hernando Miaston and Golored Charge-8 W
Sumpter Circuit-I Munden.
Orange Mission----(To be sup lied.)
Crystal Biver Circuite--M G enkins, J W Ben-
Le% n yd Bullook.
Marion-E 8 Tiner.
Micanopy-Wm H Turner,

Ba idn n a sTt n 6 izz.I.saPd colored
T i Gru tJ o lored Ch e-F R 0
Ellis arg
Blakeley-EB Duncan, JH N Low, (sup'y.)
Colquitt-P M Wilson.
S John' M Potter.

Camilla Circuit-Wm M Kennedy.
De C i HoT ebe supplied.)
Thomasville Station-3 Anderson.
Spring Kill Station-R W Flournoy.
QUrrum IM balce---dN arb rE.e-8 G
Grooveraville-J J Giles.
Quitman and Valdosta Station-(To be sup-
Morren Circuit-J M Hendry.
Moultrie-A V Mann,
Valdosta-(To be supplied.)
Nashrille-A W Harris,
Little River-bTo be supplied.)
Clinch-Wm Rice.
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Williani, OP Jones.
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Ho esovTI Oircuit-H R Fielding, AR Byrd
(Sup'y.) '
Exunswick-3 OA Sparks.
Centrevillage-Wm Williams,
Ockmulgee-J D Mauldin.
Irwin Mission-(Tobe simpplied.)
Sunday School Agent-G W Fagg.

As or r tn AAs nSB e o[for

From the Richmond Chistian Advocate and the
Episcopal Methodist we gather some interesting
Acts respecting the earlier days of the session
of this body. The Conference had not adjourn-
ed when the last reports were forwarded,
At 9 o'clock promptly, on the 22& Nov., Bishop
Early called the Conference to order. On the
first day a large portion of the members of the
Conference were present. When it was ro-
posed to have a committee on the state ofpthe
Church, the Bishop intimated that such com
mittees sometimes went outside of their appro-
priate province to consider subjects having re-
spect to the legislation of the Church.
Brief EpiscopaladdresswasmadebyBisho
Early, in which he reminded the preachers opf
the duties before them, the necessity.of conse-
cration to God, and the work-of the ministry;
referred to the embarrassing circumstances that
during the last four years made it needfulto de.
part somewhat from theasageand law in making
the appointments; but the Bishop intimated
that now if any of the preachers did not feel
fully prepared to accep appointment without
embarrassment, and fu resolved to attend to
them, they should sig it at once.
The matters before Conference wereof
efn r h Td\ -
reachers, fully appreciating -J., as,, a the
hurch, and the relation of the Conference to
questions of vital significance, do
their best to promote the prosperity of South-
ern Methodism. The various eeelesiastical
amenaments which have been discussed in
several anitual Conferences and in our rel tous
so 8, we Ally and tly usi ,

14 dig9anyof the su "a
sions. For t keon ioustratead wedisco
to tneproceedings as published,
Amon the committee raised wais one on the
&ate of to GAurek. To this committee various
resolutions, memorials and other papers were
referred, bearing more or less directly on car.
tainmodifloationsof thepresentuan secono-
thyand government of the Chure ; such as
the extension of the present term the pas-
toratW; the numerical increase at the strength
of the Episcopacy; the abrogation of the pres- f

i-~ 1--_ :. .7 .. ..~.;.,r--


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of "Basil,", "Antonin," etc. For sale by

b st el aidPrice f .', "intereer .n the
"Dead8eor on moreMI tern as th lott

honors are those abich no incident can take
away-thehonors that are conferred by Love

E ELACK CLIFr.BudOther 'dlories on the

mara es P A. L. .rE.eAuthoress of6"Ole
W. Burke & Do. Price $1,60.
There is no more popular writer of storied for
the young than A. li, O. E. They are thorough-
ly rel gi ne. These 11 tra ions of a rat.Ice

echooPand children's library.
New STORIES. By A. L. O. E. For sale by J.
W. Burke &; Co. Price $1,50,
We can pass a like commendation on this
book as upon the above named. The stories
areso good, that we are disposed to publish
some cI lbem for our own little readers, and
will perhaps give them a specimen or two after
a little.
Starrma STONES, A BOD for the YORDg. Ef
the author "Village Missionaries." For Sale
by J. W. Burke & Co. Price $1,50.
This book will interest and instruct the young
in true religion. He t..r.e la healthful-ils
delightful-one c.r two of them smong the L.e-I
we have seen for a long time.
NELLIE OF TRTRO. By the author of VMS; Or
the ChJd .2 .upon. For sale by J. W.
Dark. . Pr..:a t.e tain.
It has been a long timesince so refreshing a
religious story has fallenintoour hands. Profes-
sors of religion-even preachers, may learn
some capital lessons from it. There is great
delicacy in the handling of different religions
characters, showing how that grace developes
natural characteristies-dges not desiroy them
-so that (even truly religious people may
be very much unlike each other, in tireir meth-
ods of doing good. This is a lesson that some
persons ivill not learn-for they would have
every body come to one standard 1, ...r [ber will
not acknowledge their reas***)D-Anni Lhar stand.
ard musthe3nst their on n. We hears ny com
mend the book.
The following aelion was taken in this
Church, recently, in respeel to the of
'i'he committee, to whom was referred the
presentation of spew system, to meet the finan-
cial wants of the church, and the better pro-
motion of order, submit for your consideration
the following suggestions and resolutions:
We therefore suggest--
1st. That there be flo anotion for the pews
th2dpr ente be permitted to select
their pew, or retain those they have been ac-
customed to occupy, paying therefore the as-
sessment imposed by the Board of Stewards,
tor the rsu ortnof th ePast & meeting the
Ed. That the pews be numbered during the
present week.
'CI ah.u, osha c it *jr emi to rebify the
take the notes, payable quarterly for the rent
of he sah Ae Treasurer be authorized to
rocure a suitable Note Book, to be used in tak-
fliffialTf Kn1Es
diagram of the pews be neatly framed for the
use of the church.
olved, a

may desire to worship with them, a cordial in
aviation to occupy any of their pews.
Resolved, 2d. That we brill be ha py toex-
tend to members of the several chure es in this
c.ty and tis...e. nor counseled oth any c IIurch
ine priv.I. g.- of rearmy was oth us.
R. adven, A. Tel ine proceedange of this be spread upon the laurnals of the
C nure n and-publmbed in abe day papers.
.UI or .4.2..6 respectfully .ubmated.
D. M Woonver,
Dr. W. W. FLEWEM.EN, Commallu-e.
Th.. 1.. rdes..ggesilone arid resolutions were
sourarm sly adopted, and harmonized the
It is argued that the plan adopted contams
all the advantages of .the pew system without
any of its evils, inthatthera are no distinctions,
made between rich and poor-the psws being
assessed according to the ability of the occu-
pant, and not according to the value of the
is further a ne5that thbt8hystepjd es
families sitting together, it secureis better be-
heyior among the young people.

FOREIGN RELATIONS.-The PrBBident 8008 20%
a eaTo rbd finitU Sm lae tessa as ton
France. He says nothing by which e future
may be forecast as to whether we shall have
peace or war. There are unsettled difficulties
with England-foreign nations avanot to dis-
turb the reposeof this continent, this is about
what we learn from the Message. Not a word
about Mexicoeicept, it may be, by inainnation,
It need Matter TittTe with the South, whether
it be peace or war. We have nothing to loseby
war; and a war would not perhaps be as afBios
tive ps the peace we have, under the grindips
oppression of "an irresponsible populace, who
hard u to Le he ar t' core. We couldtrustthe
PH n 2*-nt and ahe Canartut....n; but these are
not the powers to which we are now subject. It
a foreign war sh6ulareplace them in authority,
and give us once moore a government of opn.
stitutional laws, we day even welcome it, as a
means desigizedby Providezice so.reastate us
in the union as a free people. The mockery
of our republic our union is too bitter to be even
as jest of absolutists, as it must be, in its pre.
sent and prospective condition. Ireland and
Poland and Venicenre a heaven to the South-
ernStates in this great nation of freemen I
Psassorrrow In EAsT TENNasn.-The Gonsti.
tution of th6 United SidBB guarBHieGS thetight to
all men to worship Godaceording to the dictates of
their own conscience. Bath appears thatpores ect
fipsid to this provision of that oonment in not
Tennesee, wherett is o enlyazittishamefully violas
ed. Members andmmletersofthe Southern Meth-
t OuTpeh are pee objee r indi 16*
e m 2 hi r hm 1 32f

ro I eo ofo r e a nto exer-
xsesed and ridden on a radi The Bish vouch6s
o him as being a good man and wort minister.
hisis the treatment to which he is s eeted be-
muse, like hosts of other good men, he dhered to
he Southern cause during th*, war Will nothing
edonetorestorethereignof orderandjustice to
hat distracted conittry? Will not President Jobs--
..n 7, us, muse rights and are
uaranted so tran semanarr, pe.y.Is there that Lhey
re perndated to =-opy d**wners.

~_ ___~

diershark x4thodilst Bislion, their appointments.
A pleasant expression of their kind feelings
as indulged by selveral membdrsMf to Con
a ndee 1 red TTr gre t grmeification is re
contemplated union of the Baltimore Confer
ence with the Southern Church.
The following resolutions were passed utiani-
moue8 ed, 1, That this Conference reciprocate
the sentiments expressed by our brother of the
Baltimore Conference; that we tender to our
brethren of that Conference our most cordial
Christian affections, and that we affectionately
invite thein to embrace an early opportunity to
Church, South, with which the they are already
un ted n e2ntlT t ympathDy and affection.
Irereb ointeda Fraternal segeng ratn a
tend h p approaching session of the Baltimore
Conference, to held at Alexandria, in March,
18 he committee on the State of the Church
reported in part as follows, which report was adops
The state of the church has been submitted
to the consideration of your committee at a
period of her history, and under circumstances
of so peculiar a character, as to make it a subject
of profound and solemn interest. She has just
emerged from the midst of a condition of so-
d t iresn le mo hp owi hofh@
divinely appointed mission. That the church
his suffered in various ways in this state of
things cannot be denied. Yet in the midst of
al to gh al ,n rchiurteeh a lived. thGod has
midst of war her mission of lo#e has been
crowned with success. We mourn the loss of
v stand %Tetee odrn e so ur
above. We rejoice to hail back to peadeful
om those who have survived,
.and of promoting
is progressing under the manifest blessings of
God. "And whosoever is wise, and will observe
these things, even they shall understand the

po t tnhde eSor he dais anw i n
form of Christianity in the land. That career
we trust will be more glorious than her glorious
past. But that it may beso, great questions of
policy must be met and settled with is just
adaptation to the circumstances which by the
providence of God now invest us. Thus to
adapt the policy, and workings of the church,
we think, is the paramount duty at in.:-> Mac
in the solemn present are charge I man the rd
sponsibility, giving shape, color, and.J.--1,E.y 1. =
the future. To meet this responsibility we have
need to pray that God wouldendow the councils
of the church witli the wisdom of "Issachar, who
had understanding of the times, to know what
IsrSaoel oughtt ado."reat questions have been
brought to the notice of your committee by
memorials and other papers referred to them by
this Conference. To these papers we have given
carefulsonsideration, and with a most gratify
ing unAnimity, we recommend to this Con-
ference that they Instruct their delegates

pnr tN h 1 n i d
lowing resolutions, which have licen adopted by
your committee:
Resolved, 1, That the plan of our itinerant
general superintendency"ought tobe preserved,
azulow recommend to the Generals ferea e
the Bishops "to travel rough the connection
at large in order to preach and oversee the
apiritualand temporal affairs of the Church.n
Resolved, 2, That this Conference do recom-
mend to the GeneralConferenceito alter the law
fixing the limit of the pastoral term, so as to
make said limit three or four years, as the
General Conference fany prefer.
Resolved, 3, That Use ofice of Presiding Elder
is indispensable to the harmoniousandefficient
working of our itinerant system.
Resolved, 4, Thatinoug adgment the time
has fully come whed the general Conference |
fbould inaugurate prompt measures for the,
introduction of laymen into the Legislative and
Executive Councils of the Church in such form,
and under such regulations and limitations as
may be deemed judicious and not in conflict
with the genius of Methodism.
P. A.Peterson ofNredthe following amend-
ment to the fourth resolution; which was
Provided, however, that the aelion of the
General Conference on this subjectaball nothe-
me leawbuntil c care in bl Chreefaurthsof
On motion of Leonidas Rosser, seconded by
J. E. Davis, the following amendment was pro-
posed to the original fourth resolution: As
shall restrain their (laymen) valuable services
to the management of thetemporal interests of
the church-and on the discussion of the
amendment, the Conference adjourifede

So 0
v r sourns Rev

above named body to the Advocate for publies-
tion as early as usual. We received them just .
as we were closing up last week's paper; and
give them in full this week, which is as early
as we could publish them.
1)a. Suxxxas,,as we learn from the Messenger
f Selma, Ala., is now stationed in that city.
This is all we have heard from the Mobile Con-

'"E'"MN ME2 N2 Ba nne aRe r
. ones, on.

Schonberg <,.rt 7..-- .1 -re a r 1 4

e $ adqe bar]de barj tr n ide

assoT o me..
Adele, by Julinaqavanaugh
Titootab's Letters, Gold Feb Bitter SWept, M as Gilbert a
eer b nKBllan Book

e a bf on Games, e.

1 1 4 L o M 61 b

a 6, e o a M cofo


1 This old abd well esiallashed religious fami-
weekly, entering apon its Twater-xurrk
also take knew form and adapt it-
self more ully tobthe 7 nts'and tastes of he

In combinaton with
(Lately J. W.Burke & 04's Mercantile Hirror.)
Thus by an arrangement made by the Georgia
Annual Conference with J. W, Burke & Co.,
THE Soutung CERISTHE ApYOCATE, becomes a
doublefapervr-onehalf devoted as heretofore
to Religion and the Church; and done half to

T feature, Solena Art, the ews, the Markets
Th this form, it is proposed to make it equal
to any Family Newspaper in the bountry-be-
2ng all that family Grantltakes la one News.

with other Newpapers, where several are taken

The price being only

licac- 1 --
I I elEm ty am 10 to

And as such
It hopes that a generous public will give it a
liberal patronage. It is onlfr by such a patron"
Rg0, thRE 10 088 he Sustained at thiB price*
Any person sendingin subscriptionsto the
amountof$30 00,willbe entitled to a copy,
free for one year.
For three months, - - One Dollar
For seven months, -. - Two Dollars. *
For one year, - - Three Dollars
E. H. MIns, D. D., Editor,
Macon, Georgia
Dec. 7-tf '


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series- so that the whole schootean stud5the same lesson.

T)O sch P yantoQRution 00k.
Lo g NotesmN s
Teachers Class Books. 1-2-3.


Inday 0400 & Supplied oa the meal .Fiberalferms.
a 13 1 bound inmuelinandin a a t-
Commissioned by the Hargeon General in ? lar Order," May 13th, 1865.

0 a dehen in lengh,

a tk e to e o o o
oi non e obto his mon it he can

e at hk mn sh ed fromn b sm 4 ad
NeArlTe a lljrae ie to iro dress
Nov 30-5w COTTON GINS wison. .

the Manufacture of Cotton Gins. Those Planters who
who adqire a gets make or eins would do me the ravor
AT. If t w 1 pa ut so ,k wMI no at I

orders directed to PratevIHe, Ala., will receive promptat
noideemitnecessa dt mydan hi infavorofmy
asse, I anade on

47. Tilf 2 RE S 4f. O O.,
Second Greet, next to Baptist Church,
At & CON G.4
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Dodds, Greenleafa, Loomis*, Golburn's, Ae.
Grammers.---Smith's, Towers', Bullion's, Batler's, Bar=
ton d4d B 2, ries of Latin and Greek Text.

g D 8 & da n e ab mis's
an e, has efs at v ofth brl ,

23,son 24; Butk et. oar, ec. J 81, 23 ens at
engter, Jan. 8, (18); ElautoPlren ad, Reed Rio
or es.,Cout Housele Jatn.vlo 18b8,14; eWbelryet
o7 18; 2 evigtn 1 inetyo8x Feb. I aP, a5 Ln
Cokesaburyot., MAnrew Chael Fe. 0,1.
Nov~ ~ ~ W Bi--w 8s Baowmaa, P. E.

Nov 80--8w
iBp rt bn rdyH c IB a rt, Jan. 7 2;2 ; r
renton ot, at Warrenton; Fell. 8, 4; Glassoook et,
at Bethel, Feb. 10, 11; Milledpevll ad Bethel.
st i d~gevle Fetbd h8; 4 n afunto ,
Mission, at Goncord, March 10, 11; County Line,
at Mt opHe, Mar. 17, 18. J. Lawls, E.

C~b_~WY19~-I~PIR~------ I



URiVersity Of OOrgiSt.

A. A. LIPSCOMB, D. D. Chancellor.
P. H. MELL, D. D.Vice Chancellor.
Professor of Criticism d'Political Economy.

Professor of Moral and HentalPhilosophy.
Professor ifathematice, Civil Engingering and Astronomy.

Profeaeroor of 4te on Ch mt an n .olog .

ememuoriculatuden orib d a w Tfe the Un on
IrTeguitards ex dee 4 as heretoforek ad the
pri o erep inc nd data n hadvbong
Good boarding can be obtained at T Dollars per
m Asava secretary.


Mr. 1,-, ha at Sofm Iled a good "coon
dog," and it so chanced that the "coon dog
had a short tail. Sam had a dog too, but poor
Joler had the misfortune to have a long tail,
and as Sam Maid, was "no acoonnt for coons," so
nothing would do Sam, but Mr. S-must bob

k lo a 'g d no o 'og's" to
wasdoneandtherewasquitea radical ohange
n Joler's looks at least; yet this change in
Joler'aelooks brought Sam no more "ooons

o/d] o8u ye r ana 2gue o
Large congregations assembled there weekly
at the sig 1, to rin ingPoerthe el n

said village concluded "to run an opposition

oe mlunt htino t utu e asa
which very soon they attributed to the want of
a bell, especially because the other church had
one. Wellthebellwas bought.,-brGated and
rung, rang, r but the people did not come.

q to anguu no is "oooou e This
accomplished. The results in both eases teamed

hth sme---just nothing, as to the ends for

in h orhlis easilyg febneat.m T sera days
and I fear that this leaven is so at work i th

changes. It is my decided opinion, that some

e th ae f eo 4,and au., J
Iraore secure the laudable end shey are ar,
view, than the chat-a above stated.
It musily happens, that when changes begin
to be made in church matters, Yory few agree
as to precisely what is to be done, and yet each
one thinks his plan is best. Let us illustrate
this Bro. A- adys, "lety have a change>>
"Agreed," says Bro. E-- Yes; we are for
a change," say Bros. C--- and D-----. But
lo! wheattheirwants are all told, no two of
themwishpreciselythe same thing; and yet
Bro. B---- is sure that 11 30.1 change at all you
had just as we I change it to suit his views and
please his fancy, as to accommodate Brock ----,
Bros. C- and D- think the same. Bro.
A ---- thinks this thing time re eLould -be R
change; butin that none. But Lro. 8- thinkB
precisely the opposite. There is a homely
adage, that we had best not raise the devil un-
less we have power to lay him. Next week look
for particulars. P*
VInoma Courantica--DELEGATES.- 086 %6"
fore going to preys we have received further
news from the Virgmxa Conference.g 193ishop
Early continued some preachers the third and
fourth years in their work. The following are
the Delegates to the Geqeral Conference: L. M.
Lee, it 2. Logger, Wm. A.South. Tas. A.Dun.
. can, Nten Head. W. W. DearseIr J. E. Ed.
wards J. C. Gran ri' ,o e TV. LR s n paAg

Whitehead, Samuel Reid and Jos. H. Davis.
Read the advertisement under this heqd, and
see what the readers of }he Advocate may expect
anot epyearsed to make it the lar at paper, at

the priceoqhree Dollars a year- at is pub-
lished in theSouth, that it may be emphatical-
ly e oorman's r ow. Ir"titfut-ttr"1111f

ye r-and every nght ink aggoodman will
a Opdu
journal, combining also the prinexpal valuable
n he n a sp ye y
be sustained buly by a large subscription list and by a

li ee ste f re. confidently hope that
17 U

be a blessing to those upon whom fortune's fa-
rs h cenot been bestowed a h I a pan


amoun n 8 r Anon ee 00eme a a86u I
annuated preachers, widows and orphang of
preachers, and deficient preachers, be appor-

oAugusta District $1760
so ga


Rome 500
Griffin 440

n 110


The Mountain Gem Series.
luh Be JohuMToonf emionut to a four
exU leer enMa of L ," "cush go g to Min," "The
The Child's Bible StorieB.

Ee gpr 8lo ot 0 e. so.Illustrations.
"k histoof gm rience. Illustratedbysketches
Light and Shade. Bet Mrs. Les1ie,
Po to boo $ t, with ten splendia In.

a rif'ata qq ,hdo a at
The Model Mother.

o "It an o 409 "ti"a orancommon
"Ti not pl ic interest. Il ustrated.
he atoaf rn a 1 tM j can hoo eor
0 te1the Jail. Chlld Angel, etc. A narrative work
Ev ap D r eSm o at .
m restie, as 'or Tim the Beissors Grinder, Sequelto
Ber at n er.ed nearkete. Ill.
K e Elmore, or Light in Darkness.
: o ?TS BR brbinF8 ilhf61 rn Trhnee so as Willie
O b 4 re t atter1egtandpower. Abook
E lenheDan C t.R ses Ya e Ill.

Or the D af Boy a Triumph. By Ray. W. M. Thayer. Ill.
to' m he B
------g ,C-,;qr,;;s an;
T ne r e 101-1.
p. er s. n .. .. un. r < P:..

By Mr.A E.Porter. This Y, I ., .& in facts
which took place in New E...: sa ( In .
Tim, The Soissors-Grinder, ,
P 6 amndC r and ad m. I us ate llust,
Will Collins.
MissH.B.MeKeeverAuthorof Edith'sManistrysun-
Newe 0 I treated.
A.L.0 E. Splendidly Illustrated.
186010864 1of the Child Angel. By the Author of Oppo-
site th ail. IIInstrated
By the n of Elles Daere, Ca b. Russel's Watchword,
Old Red House, Blind Ethan, ettep Illustrated.
Step ingStones-
iy e an h ofVillageillssionaries. A splendid juvenile.
The Brother's Choice.
ydhHonuthor fe Russel's Watchword, and the Old
The Organ-Grinder,

,8" ;* "f-"4 11"'>
By the author ofTim the Sciss$rs Grinder. Illustrated.
Milly's Taper,
Or What can I do? By Miss H. B. KeKeever
B e h ofthien M see! INe@ed.
The Soldier's Return.
Anarrativeworkthat isseldom equaledininterest. Ill
va, or the Swedish Sunday School. Illust

Th a he oo C ynAdams. Illustrated

ther Pr 2A erned. Illustrated.
Daisey Deane.
By the author of Grace Bale. Illustrate&.
The Plounced Robe and What it Cost-
By Mu a5=".peTe er uldlor of WiltColli1ue AT ok
Lelia Arns:-na use M unts.u .
Gilyou'n r c.c. I, a
H I **n's Gas..
The pg ..,3,,.
L ItheO iene sah yldrD.D. Illustrated.
Filled with t ng illustrations of the ower of divine
ndix oPho an anzn little children;
Or the Tempter and the Tempted. Illustrated.
I aLee, or Rest for the Weary. Illustrated.
Hs y wh se a oho90d wasuspentt in the

Beautifully Illustrated.
Lkey pm, a writer of rare excellence. Ill.
wwatUseaml? Illustrated.
The Factory Girls.
AO ou ara e. (Fully Illustriated.
neo most greed writers:of the age
In large ty e. A devotional work of great excellence.
oods F -r Inu rated

he Jail, utoinep e, ete Ill. rs.,am-smster,.... su.
he a r Kemlock Ridge, Robert Walton, ele. Ill
Or g 18mo. Illustrated.

s ast .rd of Trdh. By the author of Hillside Farm.
Robert Walton, or The Great Idea. Illustrated.
Charley Adams, The Morning Laborer. Illust.
Hdme e e Illtustrated. A book for the family. Ill.
And W it Contained. Illustrated.
A book for Girls. Fully Illustrated. .
Our Father in Reaven.
A narrative work of great teriderness and power. Illust

r if . 0 it
C d Ye.
r 1/I rs Iat.F-l'c.g. 111.
,,,, 7,,,,.., ,,
r .
at r etc. Illustrated
Ah use n eY kzfrB &less omba r adue @
Joe Carton
or the Loat'Key. A book for boys. Illinitrated.
Rosecottage. A beautiful3nvenile. Illust.
la L an or The Yews. Illustrated.

no's('s,"Ok Days. Beantifully Written and fally illust
A story to ... e. .re ......,r or orace sale, carrie
Amson, e... 1 ..a. .. c.o . mustrated,
The Prairie FloWer.

Pie as 4 aid thue ut of Joe Carton, Ho

stenth so e q reservans, etc
II untrated
Carrie All SO
Or in the Vhieyar By the author of Grace Hale.
O ro in v t d Illustrated.

Hopkins. Illustrated.
To a n rs, and Othern8tories. Illust

Mr Subscriptions to8. O Advocate from November

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Jo a ern t deb aloFkL y art etL kM Ba e
GL BarTycsa.
0 t Kre a 01 itP$3 e it a9 d9GW ptee $1t
D- x $ to re li n rDavi 6 JR Danforth 2
As ine y vies une 8u

a AFrederlek8
WAGamewell$12 AGrayso; RWGable a to debit
D arn k17 da WEBuHby o 3;BJW
rs NM Hunt a;dC 5 Jno A Hadp r 8; A Hanby 8; Jno T
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at t, r r # ;2 oed

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ra 111 Reeves ts PM Ryburn 30 to credit. B F Ross 8; F
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7 xa n $11, 0 Taylor S; J G Tison 81; J W Turner

a & o e a
V--S L Varnnni 81.

Eclectic 1YIagazine.

o r e t
e a sennotrTai t niesw a so ta
works from which selectionsare made:

t th iew, ev n Mondes,
o usul nicee Review, enh Ms an
e inatoeurkevie am r salournal,
Dublin University M gazine, Edinbur h Review
Art Journal, London stionaldeview*

number eMs go th e me ara f

a eenoa n Jeaenyd a Iningteach year
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th Tra le, 0 erE en, Teachers, an# Clubs supplied on
favorable ter .H. BID1 ELL,5 Beekman St., New York.
Nov 80-*87


I 0 g 1

13, 14; Atlants Trinity, Jan.1 Ch2a0p; West
Newton, ConyersIsh. 27.28;Powdersprings,

r 10 a ee eb 1A 1 Al her it

25; Lawrenceville, Pleasant Hill, March 3, 4
Decatur, Corinth, March 10 1 .

Dec. 14, Sw. 2 P. E.
e 3


7 le Ot. tP t Gme 1 ., HIGH 80HOOL.
Ellaville, at place appointed, Jan. 27. 28; La-
nier, at place appointed, Feb. 3, 4; Vlenna, at exqexbsee 1 oon ebsta Hshe Confe nYi'"
Travellers Rest, Feb. 10, 11; Isabella, at pPace You mn prepare for s elsea in at e 7 ey'

8. Annoxt, P. E. PR68PECTUS FOR THE
Grifilli, Jan. 6, Ti Forsyth, Jane 13, 14; Jones- TTis designed to featre this paper in Cincinnatl, the first
boro et, Jonesboro, Jan. 20, 21; McDonough et, ,I. week in Januarp186S. It will sup ork the Methodist
McDopough, Jan. 27, 28: Jackson et, Jackson, Piscopa hurchn a his dea gn dean p a edl
Feb. 8, a t lie et, bd ;dq eulno & y I at amson d ing injured by an

re mrtred)dMao ice o Mon icellas r 2o5 eans oo b e a f
Saturday, ther6th of JanuaryW. P. CooK, P. 2, ee fritr ey

Yet most Iwattashpirit of content,
tTowh o orinitwtish a spent;

And by thp power to dothy holy
doth ria t

Subdueit, I rd I let my etition bo,
**O!makemerisefulinthsworldofthi e'
In ways according to th5w31 ot mine
istian Worl^
"Pledge with n our -rd- des n bv ." c. .1

i.p.e.i.e me.
The beautiful bride grew pale the decisive
hour had come. She pressed 1.. -6 i. L; .ii
together, and the leaves of 1,. I is...i I r,. m: In
trembled on her pure brow; l., I .: me
quicker, and her heartbeat wilder.
Y. s.36tion,1sy as:.], i.:.ur cropl: 01

Pda #terd th cm nx
seriously irefrange upon the r. 1
in your own house act as ye a u

Marion's principles were 1 -s.. I

2:?io%::P:.';n'.8 t life
a alon L bt is- ad t* up,[ ,
t ed down to a w.>mun's < minor : a
Postrarag a br.rnming be r, it re -ir ni'L
tempting em.I.-s to.r sia M r.*.n E t. .. 0 > <\:
pale, too.igra mars c.-moved. r.A .r 1,,t.,j
enools not or t.,,-tt, 1,. ,-, .,,is 9 an I
cept..dab. equal t.umper-ni.e...- stl.:.b-,
lips. But scarcely had shis done so, who, over?
hand was arrest--J by her pl. I.:iraq -: 1,.I.. r...... ,
of "Oh I how trr at-1-- ?"
What is it ?" oried one and all, thronging
together, for she had slowly carried the glass at
arm's length and was fixedly regarding it as

CA oom d a
will tell you. I see," she added elowly pointing
one Jeweled finger at the sparkling ruby liquid,
"a sight that beggars all description; and yet
listen; I will paint it for you If I can. It is a
lonely spot* tall mountains, crowned wiEh ver'
date, rise in awful sublimity aroxina; a rive*
runs through, and bright flowers grow to the
water's edge. There is a thick warm mistthat
the sun seeks vainly to pierce; trers, lofty and
' beautifal, wave to the airy motion of the birdh;
but there group of India asin : I L... flit to
and fro with something Uk-- a t.:... .p :... their
dark brew; and in their midst lies a mauly
form, but his cheek, heiw deathly his eyes
wild with thp fitful fire of fever. One friend
stands beside him, nay, I should say kneels;
fr e is billowing that poor heAd trpoxi his

Genius in ruins. Oh I the high;hog ok-

b g ? L ho death mar it, an e
see him clasp hiffhands! hear his thrilling
shrieks for life I mark how he catches at the
form of his companion, im to be saved.
Oh I see him call piteousI
see n er as a
for his sister- --his only sister-the twid of his

so d-weeping for him in his distalit native
See I' ish xci d while the bridal -
ty shrank backethe Tatasted ivine trembN g
in their faltering graspi, and the Judge fell powered, fxpon his sisat, "see his arms are
lifted to heaven; he prays, how wijdlyMu"

mdre lehdth hr hesw p ahwe-strick-
en, the dark men move silently away, and leave
the living and dying together."
There was a hush in that princely parlor,
broken only by what seemed a smothered sob
froms e maply bosom: The bride stood yet
up with quivering hps, and tears stealing
to coatwardedge ofher lashes. Her beau.,
tiful arm had lost its tension, and the glass,
with its little troubled ref2 waves, came slowly
towards the range of her vision. She spoke
again; every lip was mute. Her voice was low,
faint, yet awfully distinct; she still fixed her
sorrowfill glance upon the wille cup.

comis evenmgdnh r bthe gr m nh
forehd.upHe moves not; his eyes are set in
their sockets; dim are their pieromg glances;
in vain his friend whispers the name of father
and sister-death is there. Death and no soft

hadd a le oe to b as a sathhue iml
he is dead in
A groan ran through the assembly, so vivid
was her description, so, unearthly her look, so
inspired her manner, that what she described
seemed actually to have taken place then and
there. They noticed also, that the bridegroom
hidhis faceifthis hands, and was weeping.
"DeadPCshe repeatedagem, herr iv-
aring fbaste and fast weroiceo2 nd

i oni th dyrithout aMsh oudT hey ,
d m h 4 p a

while the tears rated down her beautiful
cheeks, father shall I drink ibnow?,,
The formoftheold Judge was convulifed wills
agony. He raised his head, but in a smothered
votee he faltered-"No, no my child, in God's

mon p ces n.iM ye stearfule wa hn =

'aith en p Tme losit blio ri
e at thefragffients o crystal she turned to th@

cohropany saying:-" Let no friend hereafter
Yes the, tempt me to peral my soul for
wind. Not firmer the everlasting hills than my
resolve, God helping menever Lotonobor taste
thatterriblepoison. Andheto whomIhave
given my hand ; who watered over my broth-
er's dying form in that last solemn hour, and
buried the dear wanderer there by the river, in
that ladd of gold, will, I trust, sustain me in
th tresolve. Will you not. mybusband ?"

her is glistening eyes, his sad, sweet smile was

at he q. ed anr w hand when an tour
ner took part in the entertainment of the
too al guests, no one could fail to read that he,
so bad determined to dash the enemy at once
never a who were present at that weddhig. can
Many feet the impression so solemnly made,
that hour foreswore the sqeial glass.

manwarrrunswwwsrnmenaatTrstry ure ---mellihily
requirements pf thy soul; trust, and look upwAg.
Believe, and bging before him the wants of thy
iriends, both for biidy and soul: trust, and look ap-
ward. Believe, and brisig liefore him the wants of
Uni.e.:t. trust, ada look tipward. Believe, and
1.r.n.- at .,ra him the wants of the world: and stl1
trustingly look upward. ** The night cometh and
alsothemorning." SoontheLordaballreturnand
thoushalt welcome him, thoh and all the saints;
any, earth itself, and all that dwell therein. Then
occupy till he come; and if before that day dawn
thou art called to rest, lie down to pleep in hope of
a blessed resurretion,,and the coming of the Lord
with ten thousand of his saints. Even so, Lord
Jesus, come quickly?

Moral low is anslagous tophystentlaw.Itis a prin-
eiple ofseience thatin receding froma luminous
bdoyitalighedecreasesnotinproportion to the
d*stance but as the squares of it Twice as far, it
is four times as dark. Is not this also asqiritas
al law, anddoes it not account for the thiek darks
ness, whleh comes so soon upon a man, who has
turned away from the true light? The velocity of
falling bodies increases in the ,asme ratio Bo
whenaman falls from virtue, he continues to fall,
With a fearfull inOEO&Bing speed, Moral decentis
thelawof natureandsupernaturalpowerisneeded
to reverse this law, and enable him to reasoend
and "possess bia native seat." The descent to holl
us easy: but to retrace one'sateps, and regain the
prain...n or,..,,Esti, this is labor, this if holly But
He tras..r for divine hel is never unneeded
presstowrrds the mark,-confedrate Baptist

tMAny EU EN HESNU Wdife othMr. GM e
b H e r, a

her and p. Lee. We all not auempt any eulo-
gy to memory of our loved one---trut those who
Mr on her best still in El it is but jud, to say, that
to her nature she was energena, Eruthful, annaere
and AIL*euonate--hercharacter had been re5ued
by sill.erion, and her heartared hands were ever

others. s

Ainal, Faand I.gooardliede he 7
year, surviving her knobandr three married
daughter and numerous grand children.
Her Infe has led its enduring memorials.
Br-r anic1160[ qulair 80.1 *prighily remained un-
named to the last. Her energy wasremarkan
a knoo-t robust and v.gorous constitualoo. Her
will, resolute and unyielamg, bore her most
ebeerf ully lbrough a widowhood of early 25
JEmbu, alleadEd Willi mord LibD ordinary res on-
sabitanet, and ones Ever cheerful and fa of
hope-, her companionship was most delidghtfo

da 2 odwT oa enr8 He )in b
EDiful. Ed& Ilf todillf-devotion 10 1110011 011,
and na c..-rvices, uniform and happy abrsatian
sper.erace, were her enaractarastro trance. And
IbEAeremalDbt Untal the "well done" of the
Master Inueduced nor to the ,joys of heaven.
Suob a charneter and life as joyone legacy 4
theohnrott. Jos. S.

of Jesus and his mighty Love filed his heart
with a joy I cannot describe. Just before he
i o telt ne to his sub he w was.
Pr r -'
2.1 ..s could not say, for no strength had
he so speak more. His child looked with earn-
est ga fe 2n his face, and said :
,sh Iinsaymy fansor;'
..... An r.gony .:.: to know
1to ASri last r.-quest. and she .0.1 .
. c..:.cas tuber, no tr y to roll me what
3' "Yebug /->u = .eb me to
The dying teacher rallied all his strength and
finally murmured:
"Bring-forth-the royaldiadem,
And crown him Lord orall."
And as these words.died away upon his lips
his soul flew up tojom the g rand c.:.mpany in
heaven, which is ever a tang crowns at (13,>
feet of -ta.=:.* and 4.0; bralidaystas to
God and 1be L mt.

u oudl ken pd a hmnchil r ad
comes ? If so, learn to live loving, honormg,
andpiaising Jesus. Learn to love him, so that
your heart will ever sing-
so I Ec.c.: r. rit, th- r yal l.aism
Arms <.2... 0 ba., L..r 1 ca .0 **'

With the abs- tp .gi er:, ,u9 iration which
God seems often g e-m ar can .b so 5 when near
their parting hour, a beaur .1 mins:1--r of Christ-
the Rev. Bartholompw L rengt.-trauntrnngtt,=a..i
0.1 .:0 forced his peopl. to ..o., ol be last .-er a..:.u.
It at I als star uet, as val-y..( tr obsJ.
rt i ut a to a. I emneft hmdy ..w am\

TD. -..rds a br.r repeanag.** the
t, Mar y n Ot.rsunn,
c p .,r inual inse ., Jo.;&. wson va ring.
r r J. 2, amural r..-r r <, I.:.inst last e..rthat.
N r I*,t.niv r. Do d.ut-t at true elf...acy
r... 1.1- 8 1.ut the 4 pulling risis:.n of

( th: a wr .2nds r.

rti wirra.uu,,
a-a -2 us1. rr- r'1, as"
t 2. pi-. it s.,<. red the aba.s.
re:Ilulli as a1.r..i.:Mid failer.g ash=ep
r" Tuned. Ir.-idaung L briding
4. .@[.3 e.I th,- isua*ca--y, she everagr the
1. butat- ut..rms.....rall trungse....p.d
I al.. 00.3 as st=-- 01=> 1-.. to 2.0
to- 1.0; 0.2 aura us., turnght of LAh*
11 H lb 5 Ga* pe, lbnt it I r so all sJ the
1 n, I b.uld do.3 true; war.- n.-arly na pe.,rr

vt.r I ad
. ra st. .3. o [Gal LBay {.io 0.,[ U.;rn. 7.4 ddh
t ., v2. tc r y than I. I neyet wish to thip
a .-, than abat thousands of saints on earth
-car,--ar.,rt.-G.>.iina lly entrut.houglal
r -ur-- U.vy = I' E='rs all tra., pr,,.-,> so Him that
E th an truea. La well and to do as his good pleas-
n -J. Rular.u

- -4-;=;111111


It wais Christman eve. New York eity wash11 There wastrnee an honeit German ho wanted to
ife and bitstle. Everybody was getting ready see a litttoof the northern world, and so left hia lit*, *
o keep christmas. Everybody was happy.- Me village Tottlingen, and setone on foot for Am-
The ears came in loaded with daughters, sons, sterdam, the great and rich capital of Holland, fle
brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers-all coming knew not sword of Datell,'and quite forgot, that *
home to opend the holidays. I walked down the people donotspeak German, but quite a differ
Broadway. Every poor man seems to be carry- eat language. When he arrived as Amsterdam he
in home a turkey. Little bobys were loaded wondered through the inestreete in smazemeDEAt

dolls, drums, trumpets, puzzles, and all such c.n i ab r ch.:urts ne and Ibe cc-sti- marole pr.laces.
things as children love. were being bouGr t al a 500 th $" hi plCitar bl 185 b*N'Coul 660 ithiB. Trae
great to. I wasted a lull hour at ar.snuy els.:P* rers whi.iews worsharge6tr than the Irent doc.r of be.
to un could et an.rt.edy to sell me so.m intle nea.e an Test 7,
two ht1stye Unleg.rlthat bk a Atlastb onldnote InPgs an a entleman

hink that is truejusttry it. .p t he man wh- ab secoated was prob
Lhadmade my purchases, and was on my at na al s

w, an ngkvery she -was oor by her en r, e. o at* being ur.ierstand. Thomood
poorwomban.had an enough on to keep her Germ r, r..:weveradnet rac.wthemananswered
rjas .:.ra cool e.3mraer de.,, and Iben it wad thing bittethe sme of the rich man, but stood
r.nt .. .9be had men a Ic.rlornlook..too. 8114 e.nanagrointth honest andthe ghtwhatash ph n c.1.2
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