Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: December 4, 1862
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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'K "c.~.s'


Vol. XX.-Whole No 1928. Augusta, Ga;, December 4, 1862. New Series-Vol.1. --No.47

f orlithoSm ernChri.iuaAdvoloc.te friend ili whom I trusted, which did eat of my was a refuge front the storm ; most every the Saviour extend his compassionate arms;!the sand." "What of that," said the devil,
SU'.,F -I it i I :- .' i;TII CAROLINA bIreat, hah. lifted up his heel .,,.1r1, me." word he uttered, daring that tremendous scene, the Holy Ohoct itsy be, is striving with you; theirr soul were all saved." "I drove the east
*-l r .. (Psalms I41, .) ir. Porter i .g that was prayer; prayer the most earnest, i. r..-- *'. i .... praying for you; the angels are wind.", aid another, "against a ship freighted
S xo. iJ.-Reo. JAMES E. Git.E. )avidl wrote thse of Ahitlo, hol, that it had no urgent-'repeated, continued, proceedir,g t .. . .. i oicne overyou: and are you only with Chrostians. and they were.all drowned."
.Rev. James E, Gnn was wellt educated, reference to Judas." Mr. Glenin the recesses of his soul-private, sli'.y- ind'mf-rent? ii ..i r,"' .,, I thedevil, "theirsoulswere
though not learned. Ws able to think steadily, John li, 18, wherein the Saviour, unquestiont- prayer for deliverance-prayer for strength- Di you plead your pressing -' .....'-,.. . ,1 I .r .., years tried to geta sigle
continuouisly, profoundly. Detfiient in inate- hly speaking of Judas, says: "But that the above everything, prayer fi' resignation.-- Whatengagements? Thisistheprm.,' I .- 'i I.. :t.., ... a third, "andIsucceeded
rials, hut the materials at eonauan.d ,were work- S-ripture might be fillilled, He tat eateth alay. of life-the only thing worth livn.,,',.r ', .i ,r, i 1,n. 1 .". -Then the devil shouted,"
ed with masterly ability. 1 e could forge more bread with me hath lifted up his heel against this neglected, whatever else is attended to or continues Luther, "and the night stars ofhell
thought-, grand thoughts, too, some of them; out me." "Now "said Mr. f lenn, "the controversy .. obtained, life is lost; all -is lot forever. sing for joy."
o' "ri,. i...-',. of learning nmd information is no longer between Mr. Porter and myself. PREPARE ''l. >ME1ET THY GOD. Areyou waitinsfr ;imoreconvenientseason ?
,,'r r. I s esr known. Thii power e sIy,< 'le Psalmist, had nno rf'rence to Judas. Solemn aldmon.'. Towhoam is it addressed? ,What, e ,i ,.ave you to believe that you will ---. "ll----
is the exponeai. of tulrnt. Ma'eover, he had, St. John tells s that the Saviour testified to Reader, it is addrc'sed to you. It may be the ev,.'r -l: such a season ? The present is all THE LIGHT-HOUSE KEEPER.
*genius-the creative f.unlt.y Such : 8 .. ..'1 ..- otherwise. I lew, it for Mr. Porter last Itia the God of infinite mre.v will ever give the lime of which you are sure: the future may T " .
no not to bho"judged by ,rdliy rulc.''es, .i .., i tln to settle." Abuit 1824, while you. Hes hassoften spoken to vy l,teforo: some- be in eternity. If not. it may find you sur-. Adistinguihedtravellernarratesthefollowing
ore ident:etm m at CalBs I combed up itot
comet, whose orbit sweeps be.- oyd llorbits of Stephen Oin was tarbching a "atOld 'w'hlcrntol'," times in thn language of .itenin a ", sometimes rounded with more hindrances, and more ce: ing at Calais, I climbed up ito
ordinary stars, and wls<1'o h thi ot'en I imi s seems there waB se"nt out, a not lie thi;t thire would hbe in tihe tender tones of invitation nnd promise. callous to every impresison of truth. God, in i. 1. '1 "-. and conversed with the keeper.
more luminousalter hij lep arliit. Isttoughs at Dc dfllr, on crlain illy, a l min who lie In s ai wereoriginial, ]eeuiiir, inimitabli; romclimes would take any text iilthat milht, he sehct.d by miin. --iy hisj.Igment., and lbyhis meriees. 've you up to your own lusts, and swear, in "go ou. Never! impossible!" he cried,.with
rough hon; .I... ... hew or pol- the "partilists" themselves, sm show in thirly lli- next call niy lie from the th rone of jndg- hiis wrath, that you shall never enter hi rest, sort of consternation at the bare hypothesis.
ished, they all 1.t .1 .. .... .. v I ..... ',,,,,,,,. is. hat there was .no future punishment. month: 0, then, asyou value your immortal soul, 0, how ma. y beaeons warn you of the dan- .." aid fe, i. .i..n... tothe ocean, "yonder,
weretaken. f :. .. ..T. .;, |. selected for him Math..25, 4(: To-I'day, if you will. hear h voice hardennot ger oft elay How many blighted hopes and where nothing can be seen, thet are ships
others, but w .. a .. ' i J' "'These shall go away into everlasting pninsh- your hoart." 'Prp'epre to meet thyGod." ruined souls admonish .you to prepare now going by to every parteoftheworld. If,to-night
mind they b ,r, i .. r. r.,ment, but the righteous into life eternal." The Considertlie certaintyof the event Youmug It falls from tihe 'gasping lips of 1 .Iip one of mv hiurners were togo out, within six
have been washed down by the floods of past universalist, supp-osing he was in a country meeLGod. Othereventsmaybeddoubtful other sinner, and comes up in-toies of ....-,,,1. ..n, I ..i... .i '.'... .. letter, perhaps from India,
generations-bul. tl!e ictii,us was uot seen on wlero no one could. read Greek, commenced by meetings may niver take place; but from this despair from the bottomless pit : "--,,' ." .... perhaps from someplace
the surface. It. was. well singled or formed, eiticising the original. HIere, said Mr. Glen thern is no escape: "We inmust all appear bforc nieet ty God." It is echoed from heaven and I ever' heard of, saying, onslihanight,atsuch
anintegral ..., , this -stament, and read the verse., Ie the judgment seat of Chris." "So Ihen every earth, from time and eternity, and from the an ho'r, the ligh iof Calais burned dim, the
ly existing .... .., .,ed 't., be excused, Ibut Mr. G. woutl nmot oneo f u' shall give an a-count of himself to vo,)ice of your own conciene within, "Prepare waltchman neglected his post, and vessels were
exposition of ,Roiit. i.h, 21: "1j1.tu not. the lexui so him. Fialiy, he w.,s forced to confess God." Willing or unwilling, prcprred or un- to met thy God." Now in this accepted time, in danger. A' A, sir, sometimes in the dark
potter power over the y, une lump, to hat hecld not read Greek. Didn't know a prenarel, you must appear in the presence of this day ofsavation; make your peace with ghts, inthe stormy weather, lookouttose,
make one vessel unto hotu, p another unsto letter inethe book. M-M. Glenn then sked Mr. Go I. God. and feel as -f the eyes of the whole world were
dishonor."': HIe said : "Y'is.l he i," make of 0!m to retd for the man's information. When Th is meeting may take place soon-it cannot I will indulge the thought that your careless looking tt my light. Go out! Burn diml 0,
h .'m- ... .. .. ,l.iu or S earth- Mr. Olin had read, h clle, attention to the be very tar dist:an.. If delayed to old age, it mind at length begins to think, and your hard nevT'er
>, a"r. .. ... .. .. t I otlur less, ', i, ,t the same word (ailion) was sed in will. s'on m arrive. The iervening yearsare lost heart to feel, and that you begin to inquire, lhat keeper truly felt the a responsibility of
b I'I E t 1. .' i iI vvesSel jus, 1. .. ,, I Ito the duration of the punishment of in comparison wit etenity. Buti ou may never "What shall I to be saved hparonwit position His dy was to keep lights con-
S' ,.- '.1 .. *. vitnian theory: for the witkcd and t fh felicity of the righteous. see old age; you may ever see another year; Most gladly would I endeavor to answer ih.. ii' "...g gdirig the night, tor the guid-
r,"** a,- 1.1 l-. i ... i, ,,. as a vessel maker." 'The uniyers.list was silenced, and left instantly isvy, another day, another hour may usher your question. If then, a single serious thought '' .
The exposition- is Watson's. Bst i .i parts unknown." soul into the presence of your Judge. arisen in your mind, cherish it. As you value l i m a light-kouae keeper. The
who heard Glenu would have said i. '...t i.. i.t nmat lie confessed that Mr. Glenn was Consilder whom you are to meet. Not a man your soul, let it not go till it has led you to world is enveloped in moral darkness. This ni
his own. It is o like ,L, ; t ie says. once badly, worst'td, in controversy, at Middle likeoyourselfS: noitn unel, howeverexulted.hut leace aid safety. Now form the purpose at not merely at incident or attribute of its condi-
He had read'Weslev, ..., Clark, GCoike," in Barbour co., Ala. He made a: strong God the infinite Crcator and Governor of thie once, that prer,,atiou to meet God shall, from ions, but its essence and principal element. It
and Young's Night Th ughits with ieat atten- ;,,'iig, lut on baptism. Mir. Roqucmore, the 'universe : a BIeing who.o majesty and glory fill this moment, be the great t business of life. Look isa darkness that pervades and overshadows all
tion and profit. M3Ioe miolder boo,,ksla he had Hard Shell, replied, foaming and ranting. No the highest seraph with awe: a. q, being of perfect up to God to confirm this purpose. Fall iat human society.
little use for. Considered most of ihem superfi- ,,', : '. I :... ;.: ,i of fuss and passion. holiness, inflexible justice, unchanging truth, as once before Godl, and with a broken and peni-
cial and worthless. I asked him once, why ,.i i .y , i r -.. I r.eech as that," said well as boundless goodnes-s and mercy. Reader, tent heart confess your sins, and resolve, in his
did not read more. "Because," said he, I can Mr. G. "Very well" Mr. ., wi b T myt nvr hv ckno- strength, utterly and forever to forsake them. T W "S ."-The thouhtfl reader
.. fid but few books to suit me. L .... ..... us, I have no desire to e crow over a fallen len ed 'lini as such: ihou mayest never have Implore his forgiveness, and yield yourself up olthe Psalms cannot have failed to ask -himself
said 'that he had in his own min l l tr. .1,,i l. ,, It wms in vain that the Rev. James chosen himai tlhy portion: yet he is thy Creator, to be his servant forever. what the word, 'ela' ineans. It is a'Hebrew
'ihas ru .1 books vere made of. '.` -0 i. ,., i. who was present, represer ted to Mr. It. thy ]eserver, thiy Saviour and ,Judge. On himn Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Witho..i r,... I .. r. i the ti.'r isr:lat'.re. the Pitle
when we reQd theliproductions <: .'. .... I ".... .... his friends that he and thov were so foolish thou art entirely dependent: to liim indebted hirm you are lost. "There is no other nan., ..n-- l...:r'i., .-. I i.a3,. n [Ltv 'uand it from
to our own. Better not" read at all'. as not to ktow wlisn they were defeated. They ftkevery blessing : and thou art accountable for under heaven given among men whereby we tie.r .n..r.'..i .l-a:.-j e ment a. l.:. il ,2r0TCer
ItTo, r .. i .i. i. .. i .... i ., i:.1 .,. '. iory, and do to this day. the use thou hast made fall his gifts. Artthou 'ust besaved." Trust in him with. all .,:.ur ;g -n..,i..:.r. i.'- and nm..r et Ihe
why I. I.L L-i' : ._-.-i. ,i i'.r- ... I .. '. .., I mention the estimation in ready to appear in his presence? He ,, **i 1 'ounare safe. "His blood 'in'er .....lI ..cs. t,.-r,tatiorr 1,e ,'o the word the
geneea.' .....i ,r:. .i., .', i . i, I | held by his. cotemporaries. He tojudgment! "The voice of the archar .0 *,,,.i .r,- I ,- 'i:ily .,r.. i i,:l .--:r r.g ... .:.u a, '. .-.., ',,.. Rit.r.. K.mehi r.'gard.
f ie'nI -. :t...,' .., i .s the spiritual father of Stephen Olin. lie the trump o it G iu, n;, noiunce I is approach. re, you y need na-t Ir ,r .;. ta I..m I i.. ..n. ,1 a. n I.: l. iate the voice. -The voice of
plead -tu .l' [.ir. I'. l.. ... |. i ..r1 ti numerous other spiritual childirel, but to "'ichoto, he .o:; 'i i 'o.1'I." bTh startled self has said, "Il .m tat e.:.o.ith ur,. .. ne I .l] nth '-tu, ,r,r translation appears 'to have
No sin u i..1,.... lt '. .. '. >. ..-,,.1' tho spiritual father offsuch a man, as8 Dr. Olin world look up in r-m'irzerent: hthe millions of in no wise cast out." Go, now and commit regarded it as a musical or rythmical note.
L-.- t-ru i...u;l', .' ......... r,; ,; .: .... W- se worsthw an ordinary life of ministerial success. the dead are wal:prl and stand before the Judge your condemned and polluted soul to his hands, Heiner regarded it as indicating a change of
e' c n .''ir ).I -. s -, ,-s. *. L. t .... ,I ., i-. i -. ,i .. .. ,. '" .1: .:.r him as "a great and good in silent and awful expectation ; and, thou and you will fnd "how freely Jestis can for tone; Matheson, as aa musical note, equivalent
ten years, w'r,i...u 1 i.,1r.. -for 1. I. ''. .,, ,,,,, I i...' Dannelly used to say, "if among them, reader. The books are opened, give." to the word repeat. According to Luther, aid
and love. ts. 'i o. t .t... one i, l 1 ..I .. 1... ti,,' I. i. ....i .- ... has imagination he would and the dead are judged out of the things that And now, my friend, lIt .' i.,ui .,:I..:.n'.:. ,:,.r: .i qiralent t lheeselamtaLon: .,'e..,
'any .subject, much less a bioit l'. i .b'ir t-' ,'.- i. ,t..-t ri. 1. ,,f theage." are written in the books, every one according to Whatever it is, it is recorded in i.i.res and if en: ,sr.: .' .' eib'_means,'Lettheinstruments
such feelings. Is Jobh.i les 'ih.i. , 1. IT.2. CIncuIIr RTIDEa. his deeds, you will meet it at the i],' .I,, Wi it il pay -.. .i .e,; -ip' Weacher resgar-a i
-historian than Matthew because he loyed his Say not with the cavillers of "the last days," with joy or grief? ,.,,rmi.,' r i.; ,,.,w*..,da tup, m" eoui 'I
Master more? Indeed, Jslo'hs Gospel is the "Where is the promise of his coming?" "The ", n.., ,, ex am ,,n- all the ieserry.four
better delineation because the mere loving. For the Southern Christiai Advocate. day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night." rb."-' i, i. B.i'H i, fhe o,,id o&curl-, re`olgraes .

The reason he did not nmake a gredfor im- QUESTIONS FOR THE TIMES--A WORD
pression m=y be found in the greeat blunder of TO '"JUSTICE."
his life. In the priimeof rmaihod he oeatd. It I shall have i. 't.-. ;h T,-
was a great mistake. Fle w',s damtuged by it tice." 1 haven't ':.u" I uc -.J, .t u' '. .r,,
spiritually and temporally. After his location in six.ardti-ls. These questio.- i 1.. i.'...I.. .
he moved to Alabama acnd engaged island ci A. possibly could, tE... tu, !].:.I, 1
speculations. But he'vas no business 'man; was regard to eacl.of them hais b -.. ..r..-,...r .-i
carried away by < (. r i ii i -rtl.- taken. I could ot have,beer. n.- '.. plI.t ,it
ty of tho virgin g p. I, ' ** ,.- mystatements and arguments, and have cer-
where, especially in a new country ; some were t'inlly treated no one with injustice. There can
disposed to, blame him for their lb-ses: mean- be no difficulty in replying to what I have
while, hbehimself failed. Slander, which, like written, arising out of its obscurity or in-
death loves a shining markI, shot his envenomed deliniteness.
hi i t .. i-r.' ,., ". i II., -u... -., I scussion of religious subjects, I had
o,. .*, I I r. .. i' 5. . :. 5 that it was proper to appeal to the
de i. i st-'i I' u h.' -'*' i,- .. free Scriptures, and not having time and space to
Sfr,'... -. iit 1 .., '-m.. ri- ..i .. i" ,: i with transcrib) the whole Bible, I considered it legiti-
an a un.-t,:r.i. I o I J '. ..i the mate to give some of those particular portions
fo t---: ,. i,-i. r 1. .r i . m :t ik.'-:i I" t .ires which sustained my views.
is r' . .. ..... IL .-Ji b,- .-'A.J L.. -e passages, I rea i i i.. i i .
g e r s o -. .I.. ,t , ,, ,I . I , ", , th . , , 1 , ,, .. e. '.--.I ,t ..
local 1 -. 1, i- r, -u I i. t hi h to I could not ]- '. .. .-. .. ...', unless I had
tread: 'u .' , -. : I, ., oeis left the "Law and the Testimony" entirely out
mi if I it .1 -i 1' i,, ., the of the question.
family (, I, ... ,, .,,i .. '1 we Tihe reader will hardly agree Aith "Justice"
eat--wherewithal phlll we be clothed ?"' All that. "Inquirer's quotations of isolated passages those noble men who thus in a l prove f.ouiing." 1- it notn manifest that conulu-
strait bet-wixt two," have nevertheless Fleered sive pr'-oo mu:y ) eilffected in this way ? For
'safely. But if a soan is calle' of uod to the example. yoe., quote that "Jesus Christ, by the
ministry that is his vocation. lie willuccceed grace of God, tasted death for every m an,"
better at that tba at. anything else. If hI together withahflidozen other coguate passages.
imagines :he oould succeed better at law, or pol- Does this amount to nothing ? or, have you not
itics, or a nthinig eise, he is mistaken, -or else established the fact that Ohristdied for all menn?
Gad never called him to the ministry. I have I know of no writer on Christian doctrine who
never knoivm u a man who succeeded as a minis- does not proceed by reasoning from the Scrip-
ter to suctesd at anything else. lie .may seem tures. .
for awhile to h~ on the road to siBcess. But If [ have criticised any one's views, the onusis
sooner or later od twill show' him and the world upon lhin. Lot him defend himself by showing
that le is the better judge of his qualific tons. that my reasoning is unsound.
I hold that God calls every man lto some special I have written the truth-in accordance with
work. i i. has made none of hui creatures in the 'IMethodistia view, s I apprehend. I have
vain. .' ni.u :iti' ;,ii.'. I t 'omething. written plainly, but, as I trust, with a i'ucristian
I on,'e' il-.=: n r ,r i L. .I i .* -. s spirit 'Tliu who have read the articles will
,.n: ,.-... h I l'. But ,. ,, .i' -.i "t: t .. .i1 -. L-..L- or not they breathe the spirit of
-...u l [ is. t llo's hr ...i... ii : ''" ' '* "I '' dictation. Therefore, I shall not
-. i il.a I- .'= .1 no wonder, for lhoi ws fit "changotin y coarse" in anything that may
for nothing else. God calls inen,'by their on- hereafter be written. The articles are extant.
dowments, andi by Ilis providonice, to th" ordi- I have taken the "liberly" to write them ; -and
i 1. ,t, il.. i, e eahe eof a preacher JIe "Ju.tice," or any one else, i :at"libertq" to reply,
.u.1*' L.,' '1,,. i- I l' of thie -Spirit. 'te work or not, as may be deemed best.
a man ii called to'is his, no other will suit him. '. t'inta.
James E, (llenn felt himself set especially for _
the del'ene'o the Ituth wA taught by the. Moth-
odist I give a sample or two of his controver'- DA i ti..s ...--.. .,.'- : I. distress await
p.s' ', HIe is deb the question of us all. t 'i ,,,. i . .'::t pass through
irl ,' .... nerseveriape with Rev. Mr. Por- the world without I ,i'..,; i, [,.aIa I'.': i i'
"n.:r ,..t ta Prehbyterian Churceh-c nteudiug in outi Laord's examt, ..-. ... I. I uC t .i. L ..ur
,that.Jaius sestas itu apqstat.t : "i'hosc thsirt-thou in the inmot severe and almost trying of these
jgavest me l l ave kept, atid .,,net of tohern i- occsi"otia; fIlicted, yet resigned : grieved and
lost, but the ist .of prd ,.',--'. '" Now, as the vwosuied, yet submissive ; not insensible f ur
Father gave .) udas to the -a..,. for anI :.:'', i al-" .r,. but increasing the ardor and fe., n.
b'e niu.t h-.:. belonged .to the Father. If, at cy of our prayer in proportion to the rair an'J
ith-. in.,. I. Wre the son of perdition, there acuteness of our feelings. But whatever mas r
must have beein collusion of fraud-an eoffrt to the fortuuin of our. lives, one great extremity,
ts'sat t.ia f.thilss of perditionpofhi ason. LMore- at least, the hour of approachilig death, is'cer-
over,tlh'ra i, ,a ..L,.'ge vi.ln. 4,of.his conver- taitly to be passed through. What ought, then,
sionthanof ,ay iu-.r.',. 'Davidsaidin to occupy us 'What can then support usa?
prophetic reference tQ hims "Mine own.familiar, Prayer, prayer, with our blessed Lord himself,

The day of death will be to you the day of.judg-
ment; the sentence of which will be confirmed
amid the pomp and splendors of the final scene.
HIow fearful will be the consequences it found'
uPr[" -i ..* *I 1, '' -'.ame and confusion, what
,:..,-,., r. 1 pair will overwhelm the
.r....' r rr .1 ti.hered into the presence
.' 1 i ... ...,,,, .i .', with all its neglected
opportunities, its unheeded calls and warnings
and invitations full in recollection What self
reproaches, what bitter regrets, what agonies of
remorse will convulse and tear the soul. But
the righteous sentence must ibe pronounced!
"Depart from nme ye cursed into everlasting fire,
prepared for the devil and his angels." O,what
a pang of insufferable woo does i ....- .r.:.:
strike through the soul! and yet .. i I...' i:
beginning of sorrows. It is'ai ii I .:*' le
w o irm th a t ir,. -, 1 . in d f ,, t ..' ,i ,: u .-. ,
quenched. ...... r now finds himself in the
hands of the Omnipotent God, beneath rt..,-e,
all . .1-u,...: wrath he must sink fcr. .-r
Resistance is vain; tears areof no avail. Repen-
tance now somes too late. The day of probation
is closed ; his doom is sealed. And oh what a
doom '
R Bani-hmntont.frotl heaven, a.nd eternal misery
in hell! Yes, the bright abodes of purity aund
peace, where saints and angels, ,;,, .i ,i. ,,
prices and joys in'sweet, andholy -iI.. 'i.., .
shall never see, except, "tar off," and only to
,a-,'.,f, his pain. Separated for ever from
.i ri. ,. gooud and holy, his dwelling is among
th e i ,,. i l t ... I.. I r..r '' . l c iifl Y. i
devil. .' I,r,, I 1- I -.I i, I : ,' .
lovely feature, "l ..i il . i, r,,,' ... ,... i
Scenes of horror and sounds of woe, themourn-.
ful fruits of sin, such as eye has not seen, i..:..
imagination conceived, mfice htis eye and his ear
in every direction : it is indeed "a place of1 tor-
ment." Hope, that sweet solace amid the trials
of this lifo, now dio.s. Eternal punishment is
written on all sides of this infernal '* *. 1
is echoed in all the i- : the lc.i.
Reader, is this to be your portion ? Itwill be,
unless you listen tr i1, 1 ,, .. in 1,, .....
addrres-'l to you- .- 1.,. I i 1 i. I. .I '
Can y<,i be so thoughtless, so rash, so hardened,
as to neglect, it? Will you give heed to the
admonition of an earthly friend, and not listen
to "Him who speaks fro', -i ., r. \,.'11 0,,'
prepare in sumuter for fur i .1 ,. r ,i,:
inahealtli for sickness; in youth ft ,'.r'a,, s.'
ing age ;-prepare for every earthly (..-',i'i-. :wIle ,
and yet no preparation for eternity Vi'ili you
-.-1 s..- ;a habitation for the body, wAhich kinust
' i .:' humble to i'., I ,. I..oiCe t: u ?V.:
dyintig sirit? W ill **i .. to i.. L ith
chief magistrateo of the -nation, and ',..r,. j,-
-,, 1-.,, .., n,. ,.[ ,.i theJudgeof all?
iw h. l .' t'?:- ,:'t | ," .r.- ,,, l .:'.u. u1 .1 n)
ti. 1 l il-,l T l. .' n --I n It i .tr I r I.. i..' v rt I i Lh
1.:.r r 1- ..- J ... II',r i l .l i V -h . J I ,I-. l IuiC
,o' this life? Are '' ., ..tth ,. .t i ...,,r.1i- rt., I
arice the endless I- '' ,..'t ,i,- d,u. atr,.r I .
S no, you cannot st.,1 [1, ... :ii.. .. b e -a i
Whythen, not 'min,tly l jour-.i'i
and your duty ? God is now calling upon y :,a,

Whenever we enier .i ra;lio.'d cAl ., it.a. o
days, it is a mystery to us n bh r,-.: ,1! i t'. pi.'opl
can be coming from, with. i i. -:n r. ..n,-
to, and what all this moving about ban be :-r.
Whenever we reflect how many persons have
had to-give ul it.eir old amipl.oyr.n i..l i.s
remove their l'rr .l-r.. from h.:.raa t.?n a'.;* and'
distant places. rr. L.'r. ,ear all i- ,or.nmon
necessities of hid- ino-I r , .'.a 1 i-ry Ui
how they all manage to live.
.Whenever we-hear of exemplifications of, ex-
tortion and' ovetousness, it is q;mnystery'to us
how these things can be practised amongst a
people or upon a people who are exhibiting so
i,..:li high patriotic principle and feeling.
Bat there is a greater mystery to be seen at
tk pr.::, '.i time than any one of these. It is
ie.' a.., I ,. n .man or woman who can be cheer-
ful or even gay at such a time as this, without a
I.:,,.i hope in the mercy of Cod through
,'l -r,. ind without a corresponding confidence
,n Ui *l .i' ..iu:o i t.t.rriti'.i. ou' all things. For
,,,s'.i i . t.5 A.-Arhui" r.'. hopeful, for God
is at the helm. We have suffered rtr-c.:..s
losses in common with the whole .' n.. .,ri t,.
but wre are happy, for we have peace -r hi..',
and whatever shall betide us we know and are
. it will all be well; well for us, and well
ii. ..-, our anchor is within the veil. But
reader, if you have not your foundation on the
Rock of Ages how do your hopes abide all the
sorrow a.nd darkness of these days and liow can
v'u iI 1,. i .M, ".' '- . Preanl, Iytt c .

e x p .- *, ..:it J.. -- ** *, ** i I I' .. ,
The press is only free to its editors, and I 'I, .
whom its editors believe to have good ground n.,
,1 1. -. tho public, and something to
-, . .'i public has an i.i-..-- I si h i ,1 .
would recommend those I. It, i *. ai-r* if
,1; ,1. .i consider the, i..I.h),. ,. ; .,: 1 ,
i ,:, ;. are made for the Ir c1.- '. ,-
read, an tti 'ot for the small l r:- ,l,-. A 1.,1
write. The .'-1-,a rh : '.ia ,b Ini inii. ahul.- II.-. I r
a newspaper, 1,. Is.-' i' t-r.''.ri' I.I uri-dr'some .,,,:, mr ,'.tn li le iiu ti.'ll i. tablishli his
, ...i. nilli s n i.,tlr..l -n Iu l i ui l [i. ti e ..i. g- p ,-"'.s -
that iIlt.i-\ : ,ai- L.- ir....ilt r ,ii i. *- .:. ,ulan falu ',
hr, I re ulsn I 1 h ,il..i,'- ir'... -, whiCit ougit is0
h-e. : Ip l 'oi : hst 1n:t, n. -* .a,:L I ;lin.L
buthr e'dit,' who poruntii tm ito I"" .r ur'.ier
e.t.gri n ua l h-:r r hi ,' C.IUmi .prdrinfl e upa :-n LI,.'
ii'ttai I' tf',ur el ti,'ua.nar,.l olher peopl'[e 1.)
i.i~ .u3l r .- l ,. ,.r l oIl. 'e '? I'"y f ewlditort .act
Imbu A ..

,iS.. ,lr. aeral tW peJ a ,l i.f m rajon.. to
.Jeb ov.h th' "ie '.all. fior aid. and p ,rai r to
i ,,' h-,-r-i ,a- A .1 ,d e.rhe f twab en 'ra
r. :. ,' I[ )not I'-, theI im p ,-rata. "U rr J h ,:ve h .'
,r..j th : : <;.-, ti.ll e Tn-I .t ad. rlcir es .) G3.1J that
is.- r'.,1.1 ,-rsi'ir ,r d L.i.arr' ei.: The word
st.I r. i U.-S.. inl-, D ti_ ,gA .r'- tfrtump 4ta
SI.l tr F'- pt:u Is q tl. ,-,-.olr', he lanks i an
t br.' ',i al[.r...- r."rn uS' se f.r H i u .!.o . -': .tlng
the ,-:.urr.. rf th. -iner.r-ed insuunen.e arjd aela.h
a vigorous blast of trumpet. .

',..u,,' -L-:arr. to be working F .e-."-. r ,. the word, and not
hearers only, deceiving your own souls." It is
very striking to see the usefulness of" some
Christians. Are there none of you -who know
what to be selfish in your Christianity ?
You have seen a selfish 'child go into a secret
place to enjoy some delicious morsel undisttirb-
ed by -his companions, So itt is with some
Christians. .They feed upon Chrn;t an- fi.trge-
nesi; ,but it is alone, and'all tor tiieuEtele,6.
A.r iItI r. -. 1b.i. .:.,t C.1 w o a'san enjoy being
a I,, .nr, %Ir, .-'I.ur lar -.z't trends not ;-and '
.,tI . i r ,l :-' -nk ln 'See, here you
have got work to do. When Christ fo(ond you,
ie said, '.... oi k in my vineyard." What
were you hi 'i' for, if it was not for you to
spread salvation ? WhVat blessed for ? 0 my
Chrisiiap friends how little you live as if you
were the servants of Christ How much idle
time and idle talk you have ? This is not like. a
,',,:., ..-%'arnt HO" ua-r., ilnDgs Jou hIave to. .
.1 .. .,1 p i'--r. ir.-w i.ur O bhriut and his
people Tlht is not h1, -'. i va. r .--.JM 't.'g,. ,

';.-' '. .L a. f 'V-u Il hat you are oon
*'r ..-* : children ?" aLsked a lady of a Sabbath "
: 'ii.l ihh..l, i Js ., t know," he answered;
rI .......' li c.. my Saviour was a great
n:ri .r. i .[-,'.i.. r..-. see him.'. low he is
r^. ,, ,, !i .Yve to do 'nuiu, ', .,r'.d i love not to "
iI .11.. i.. hiasake, likealsdoformytAthera
u' "' '." HLers indeed was that
.. r i ,,ir ...i.l, n s- .l.i.:h is the root 6f Il
.e r. .

DoNs'i ChtuAminL.-He is a fool that grumbles
r .-v. ,-\ litll ma-c r.... Pat dibv .1_-t 1. 1-l
r'..rAar.i, i- r, t IU rnJ ....d n.a'rim. Don't run
sIoul i.rJ iLtI ,it la*.|LanaesOe Lan.t you Lave' (been
...'riitrnt.e. i'eMolh' d' di,a lilhe in havr un'cr'
tul,hir ].'pih fril,,,quanaL.ance. Potert is lfke
1a ,.,rt,.-i--i., L it 1earne,: If in ? Le face. arnd it

Suns, . \r,. IA rou..

SELi(NO lHzauiu.-U eLoradday iterndon,
--- Andres Fullu.r ieroeivigso't of hsis hearer.e la,
S-'inre~.' Cul'i-i.b -r"The del,"' ays be drcs), as s..',on i Io bhad read has trt,
TI. I, ,i r. I -I g.r.:'. as ni.ersar-. at which ILI S itiasK th. m ile thiLrc. mes- .gm asl.t ihe h.iid. of
uaair.r .., i, a e trovertd tu report the reasau- the pullrL, eallli.g .uu, "'%'L.L! a.1ep aipre'ady t
,'lith.Cr Ctrerl mleiions," *1 ts loose ta ewJdd I am ouicn afrtid I should preach you aleep..
beSi.m ..) Ib dsos'rt,"saiddone, -on a caravan of but the failtcaDno Le mine to day, for I hbve
Chinaturi, and their bon are now bleaching on not y>t began I


o't crn ust ~o c at

Vol. XXV. No.47

- _- __ = -- ------i5--------
: .__ dissipated and go to ruin, or rush into specula- by the Government -in the transmission and the College to be in a most encouraging condi- 8S Petty;- Percy's Creek and Tunica, E A-
I O tra iSla detl tion and become heartless worshippers of ivery and opening of the mails interferes tion, with a good prospect of being soon relieved Flowers; Laurel ill,i tGodfrey; P A John. .
jTt eeswith the=_m worship of God, withdraws many from from its financial embarrassment. The report Son and S T Stnny, in the Army.
AUGUSA -_ l4:mmon. i religious contemplation, deprives others of states that a muiificent donation of a valuable FAYETTE Dis.-Benj Jones, P E; Fayette ct,
.-.-- Now, Christian. friends, we ask you to reflect moral and religious culture, and furnishes an platatio th G F Thompson, H Yungblood; Suth Jef-
AUGUSTA, GA, DECEMBER 4. 182. seriously on the claims of your ministers, as example of impiety which tends to demoralize .1an on wor at least six thousand dollars' person colored mission, W'B Johnson; North
___- __________-_ .._ God's servants, to your confidence and sup- our people. The right minded will readily dis- ad been made to the Cllege by Rev. Charles Jefferson colored mission, N Coffee; *Wahing-
THOUGTS FO THE TIMS port The preacher feeling his obligations to tinguish between the usual mail service which Fisher, of Chattahoochoe county. 4 just tribute ton ct, W Wadsworth; Coles Creek colored.
THOUGHTS FO TE TIMES he preacher eelig his obligaons may be stopped one day in seven without is paid to the Rev. G. J. Pearce, the able and mission, J G Jones; Adams colored mission,
We have as yet scarely seen the half of the God has devoted himself entirely to the work material detriment to any one, nd those works efficient President. On motion, the report was J D Willis; Meadville, R A.Sibley;. Scotland
evils which this war is bringing on us. To be of blessing you and your children, and he has a of necessity and charity which may and ought referred to the Committee on Education. and colored mission. W G Millsaps, ,I B Bowen ;
sure there is sorrow enough, and poverty and family who ar a as dear to him as am yours to be done under the Divine license. "It is 'he Committee appointed to nominate the Bayou Pierre G W. Alexander, N Cornell
lack of bread enough; in many, very ayto you. His family must have it home and food lawful to do good onil the Sabbath day." Exinlng Committee for the next four Lyears, ws; rt is an c;miSsin ,
instances we have extortion and bankruptcy and clothing; his children must be educated, --------- ---- reported as follows: Le ; or Drake, J C Taylor, A Wheato be

enough, sad sufficient manifestations of heart and as he devotes time and talent s to the work THE GORGIA CONFERENCE. For class of first year-WWm. F. Cook, W. J. in the Army. -
esnoug, a n Cotr ,t n m. ce Vfsaving you and your household, God expects Potter, J. M. Dickey. VICKSBURO DIST.-J Lusk, P B ; Vicksburg,
lessness to make us sick of earth and most of its to minister to him iu temporal things, and This body met in Macon on the 20th Novern- Flor class of second year-E. H. Myers, A. T. W Harrington; Warren ct, H F Johnson;
ssociationf the; yet thesihe are not all, nor even a if you fail, will certainly hold you to a strict er. Bishop Andrew, on taking the chair, Mann, Walter Knox. North Warren. G D Wade; Clinton et, .H
T tithe of the evils wich we suffer from the war. if you u mods reminded the brethren that he went out from For class of third year-Jno. H. Caldwell, G. Shelton, S K Russ; Clinton colored mission, J.
There are many other evils serious in their o o curse this Conference and that he felt great pleasure C. Clarke, J. B. McGehee. S Harris; Raymond and Spring Ridge, W
results, yet not so prominent in the eyes of the isJA A in meeting them nce more. His remarks were Fr class of fourth year- W. J. Scott, J. B. in the Army;ckso Brandon nd ankin t. Haplain
world. The minds of men are so universally o t A. 'brief but touching, and found a response in the Jackson, A. M. Wynn. Lewis; Concord ct, A B Nicholson, C H Mar-
absorbed with the incidents and fortunes of the -- hearts of those he addressed. A very consideras- The report was adopted. shall, in Confederate service; J W Jones, in
war, that there seems to he but little room for SUNDAY MAILS. hble majority of the members answered to the The candidates for admission into the travel- the Army. .
We are hopeful crou Cnfederacy, so longasro a J S h ws e d ling connection were called up, examined and GRENVILL. DIST.-W P Barton, P E;; Greern-
any other subject of thought or conversation, We are hopeful of our Confederacy, so long as roll call, and ,i ii,-l, Smith was elected addressed y the Bishop in an' earnest and ville.. Joseph Ward; Greenville colored mission.
as can be easily seen by an attentive observation we see indications that honesty, uprightness, Secretary, and G. 4. N: MacDonell and E. P. aflectiosate manner. W T Asbford; Bolivar and colored mission, J
.of the various groups with which you may and a sense of our obligations to God, lie at the Birch, Assistant Secretaries. The usual Confer- Wm. Asbury Dodge, W. F. Holland, Win. Curtis; Middle Deer Creek, J McLenon;
happen to mingle throughout the week an foundation of our institutions. We cannot be a ence committees were then appointed. Dunlsp, J. 0. A. Sparks, John F. Ellison and Chamberlai; Sflower, T W Flowers.end
even n abbath day. Now under all the free people, unless we are a moral--a religious The report of the Book Committee on the Benjamin J. Baldwin were admitted on trial: Yazoo DiSTr-H J Harris, P E; iYazoo city, -
circumstances connected with this state of people-and, more than that, unless we are business of'the Depository was presented. It John ". Lowrey was admitted, into full con- B Robertson: Yazoo cc, J W Mcrary; Mt Oi -
things, it is hardly to be expected that the such We shall not deserve freedom. We are shows the Depository tobe in a most prosperous section, and elected to deacon's orders. W. vet et. F M Featherston ; Big Black cold mits,
Church will not be loser to a large extent, and rejoiced to see that our Government has begun" condition. The ret gains of the business for W. Oslin was admitted into full connection. R W Lambuth; Ebenezer ct, H- Williamson; )!
we fear that this is the fact, in too many res- to exhibit signs of looking to God's ,aw as the the last eighteen months amount to nearly Geo. W. L. Anthony, continued on trial, to go Lexington and RichlandT C Parish ; Holmes
pects. basis of legislation-and that there is some hope twelve thousand dollars. Much credit is due to before Committee of both years. Thos. H. -et, L Ercanbrack; Black Hawk er, J D Newsom;
In the first place, thousands of our best men ; that the enormous evil of Sunday mails will e the energy and perseverance of the Agent, Rev. Stewart was calle and passed. W. J. Parks Carolltn et SD Aike, J T Burke; Green- .
Private members, class-leader, stewards, and ultimately removed Memorials asking this J.. W Burke, who hias notony succeeded in. C. W. y A. M. Wynn, Ja. L. Pierce and STARKILLEDIST-J G Carlisle E; Strville
pieven preachers, travelling and local, have left di te e r es th sustaining the business during these troublous S. Anthony were appointed a Committee to con- and Pierce chapel, A Hines Octibbeha, 0
I home and the home chrchesl and their aces tribute t religious dty-were present times, but has made it a source of revenue to isder the propriety of holding a session of the Woodward; Winona, L Kendall; Bankston ct,
home and the home churches, ad their last Congress and referred to a Committee. We the Church, and this, too, without practicing General Conference in April next. G Jackson; Greensboro' ct, T W Castles; Web-
in many respects could not be properly supplied, learn from the Central Presbyterian, that the extortion or monopoly. The report was received A donation -from Mrs. Flournoy, of $100 was ster ot, H Townsend; Attala. W P- Tiel ;u..-,n .
because the men thus drawn off to the field of Committee reported through the Hon. Mr. and accepted, received, and ordered. to be placed in the hands McWillis col'd mission, H D Berry; i .* I'-uck
militant strife have been generally our most Chilton early in last April, and their report was The Conference proceeded to the regular min- of the Stewards, and a letter of thanks to be in the Army. .
energetic, enterprising and useful men ; and read a flst and a second time, and, with the ute business, when the sixth question was called. written by the Secretary. SHARON'DIST-J M Pugh, P E; Sharon, T ML
the subtraction of so large a body of talent, accompanying bill, ordered to be printed and Who are the deacons of oneyear ? Under this The annual meeting of the Book Committee Ward. W nL C Hunnicut, J oW Adams, supernu
enterprise and wealth, must needs cripple the police in the Calendar. question the names of Gibson C. Andrews, was changed to the first Wednesday in October. merary; Cantmission, G Andrews; ivierston and
Church in a large number of her operations. The bill reported provides for the repeal of Ebenezer G. Murrah, Joseph .T Singleton, Henry L. Jewett was elected a member of the col'd miss, S W Spear, HCopeland; amdent,
Again, the tendency fa state of things in l so much of the existing law, as requires the Attious G. Haygood, Rob't F. Williamson, and Book Committee, to fill the vacancy occasioned H Montgomery, J K Hamblen; Carthage, J D
which war is the chiefsubject of thoughtandglo- mails of the Confderte States, or any of them Levi P. Neese, were called, examined and by the death of Robt. A. Smith. Shaw; Philadelphia, W R Rainey; Decatur, T
rification is to exalt military studies and pursuits mm passed to the class of the fourth year. Robert The examination of Elders was then taken up, W Hines, A J Smith, supernumerary; ills-
above every thing else, and thus have ut little to be transported, opened, distributed, or deliv- I. Rogers continued in class of third year. and the following were calle,, examined and bore', J N Walker; GW Boyles in the army.
room for the cultivationofmeekness, humility ered onthe first dayofthe week, commonly Marshall G. Jenkins and Samford Leaketogo passed: Josiah Lewis, A. T. Mann, J. H. PAULINO D,--. TI- Vb l.,,inlton. P E;
and faith and love which constitute called Sunday. No action has been taken on before Committee of third and fourth years, at Caldwell, Win. Biker, Walter Knox, D. .R. Handsboro', M '.... ..n.., m. I ier-
gentleness and faith and love which constitute the report, because the bill was not reached in next Conference. Charles M. Smith, superan- McWilliams, R. J. Harwell, Robert B. Lester, chant; Westvih'-. V % il- ri". '1: . A
Vance. WrWl(,ra-n oft.h.blesse J I; ,.na- .ttr;
the religion of the blessed Jesus; and as these regular order of business before the adjourn- nuated. D. W. Calhoun, Win. A. Florence, Jas. M ugosm miss, -o: .i. . I' ,I r,,J ,- -. ,rd
do not thrive well in a warlike atmosphere, ment of Congress. It may he expected to be The ninth question was then taken up-who Austin, Rob't A. Connor, John W. McGehee, Moore's Plantation, D Hays. ".. n
there is great danger of losing, or at least, very taken up next winter. are elected to elder's orders? Ans. Chas. A. Sam'l A. Clarke, Thomas 1-. Jordan; W. H. BaooHAvEDIsr -TPrice, PE; Br....h -
greatly abating the spirituality and thUe power "There seems," adds the Presityterian,"to be no Moore, Ed. A. H. McGehee, Thos. B. Ladier, Potter, Win. M. Crumley and E. II. Myers. J Carr, P E Green, supernumerary : M.m. ..'.o "
of the religion of the Church,. ans subtracting special call at this time for a discussion of the John J. Morgan, James L. Lupo. John Murphy SArunnar Nov. 20, 1862. J J Clark; Crystal Spring,.W Finen il.imo"
very materially from the respect which many fundamental principles involved. But there is and John .F. Berry. Olin S.. Means, continued The Conference was opened with religious ville, A Day;. Pearl River, E H Moseger:.
professed Christians in the Confederacy have for one thin belonging to this document which in class of fourth year at his o reque exercisesby Dr. A. L. P. rn The minutesof Amite, D W ilehay, C A McNeil; Franklin
all the institutions in the Church, and especially should be regarded in our country with peculiar The superannuated preachers were called, and the preceding session wrd' read and approved. splied, W E allard; German miss, A GotCt-
for the ministers of religion. Our people are gratifiction. We refer to the respect and F. W. Baggerly, EliBennett, Jesse W. Carroll, W. R. Branham asked the Conference to give call; N B Youngand G J Mortimer in th.
so entirely taken up with soldiers and battles, reverence with which the Sabbath and the inti- James Dunwody, Windsor Graham, Alexander direction to a certain amount, of money contri- Army.
and the making provision for the supply of the tutions ofwreligion are spoken of This is a Gordon, Charles I. Hays, James Hunter, John buted for the. China Mission. It was directed CLIrTO:- D.sT- J NVm-rl-- P E ; Clintooi. W
necessities of our gallant army, that they can unions ofrelgion are spoken of. This is good Knight, J. J. M. Mpp, W. B. McHan, James that it be paid over to the Missionary Treasurer, i .m i- -.. .,.J ..I . J L I.,r-
scarcely regard the wants of the ministry d example in the beginning four nationallife; Quillian, J. B. C. Quillian, Edmund W. Rey- to be used for general missionary purposes. ".P- ',, H -si.*, .n Psa.r F: rm.,.nd
serving r their regard or their aid Nohin may t eer be followed as long as life hal nolds, John H. Robinson, John Simmons, W. A. Rogers, adeacon, was called, passedand '- n, ., .e H .
serving either their regard or theiraid. Nothing last Claiborne Trussell, Alen admitted into ul connection. .. I .
short of a solder or an officer can satisfy them Toall this, we trust every patriotic citizen Turner, Wyatt Brooks, were called, passed and The question was then asked, what local ',4 '- '--u m" hb- 1. i' e l j :. -
orbe deemed worthy of honom m hel so thatwill utter a fervent amen,"-and, more than continued in that -relation. Sam'l J. Bellah preachers are elected to deacon's orders. Ans- N. m.-' f 'ren'h .'.ignt ,-.* r wne Rvt-,l ,e
laborer thatin God's anyvineyard willmniter and use this, urge every representative, as he values and John P. Howell, were put on the effective wer: Emeory F. Anderson, John A. Thacker, Wind. and Christian Haversack. :
laborer in Gods vineyard willenot be more than their favor, to vote for the bill. The Committee, list-Jacob R. Ow~t, supernumerary. C. Hughes, John C. Cucher, Jaimes N. Sullivar, I I I
half supported by the people, or whose souls after answering objections to the discontinuance TanisDAv, NovEMmBa 27th. Jeptha Smith, George R. Prk, Win. P. Rivers, ----..
he had been laboring; and the people on many ot the mails, which grow out of a state of war, The Conference convened at 9 o'clock, Bishop Wm A Marshall, Jacob S Geiger, Isaac Ellis, 8' S : MONT.ES UNDER THE CLOUD: .
circuits, I have-reason to fear, have urged their wisely may : the chair. i.;..b.41 M Hui.. r,.u,- .1 f-.ii L:.!_ph E. ridfl.. No. IX. '
preachers to quit them and entes the army, Superadded to all this,'the fact that our Gov- W. H. Potter, W. J. Parks and G. J. Pearce i..,i.m ..... -" .' ,.in E 1. ...", I" i r, A fier having. been convicted of the :heinous. -
without any respect to what was to .be the ernment in the commencement of its career, in were appointed a.Committee to nominate the i.l.,n uaren J.:tr n i ..,,r. i.n.r. W .i..,.i. oi waivingour pocket handkerchief' to '
result in the influence on the flock or the circuit the midst of the bloody struggle for t"e mainte- Examining Committee for the next. four years. Luke'R McNamar, Miles C Jordan, WP Jordan, Southern troops, we were ordered to the county
committed to their pastor's care. Sometimes, nance of our rights, had paused to pay a tribute On applicationr,'the credentials ofkDaniel Gart- and Wm Scay. jail. The sensation produced by this order was
it isto be feared, their spurious patriotic pleas to virtue and religion, would present a spectacle man, formerly a local deacon, now residing in What local preachers are elected to elder's ail ml, ;rt is L,. that which one feels
sla t b f hei utie ea of the morally sublime, that would stand forth Alabama, were restored. orders.? Answer; Bryan Roberts, James W e.,, to 1.;- ,.-. when you.are not
were the result of a perfect Willingness to be as a beacon light to the Christian nations of the a P-ere and A. Wgt P-k- Wn FR-d, aes PHnd o asat
excused from the support of the preacher-for earth ; would show that as nalio, 'we honor ames L.Pece and A. rg were appont Prs W Fenerson, J certain whether it w i come up to arei." not
some of them possibly reasoned thus: the State not God with our lips, when our hcarrt, are far ed a Committee on periodicals. t Smith, Wm a Booth, Ransford Andrews. above your bead. ..
Sand the war taxes and the speculator's tax, nd from Him ;" would furnish psoof ofthesincerity E. H. Myers, editor Southlern Christian Ad-ocatc, A memorial was presented from the official From tun ,-,.ur h',,.: wlter6 , we-r, e n.i. I r
andof our profession of reliance upon the favor and presented a report, showing the condition of members of the HM. E. Church at Rome, Ga., could look out upon the spot where I waseorn,
the clothing of the soldiers cost about as much guidance of Him who "holtis the destinies of said paper, which was referred to the Committee recommending the readmission of Rev. Michael and up to the old'Seminary, on the hill, where
as we can spare, and we can get along without all nations in H:s hands," and who honors on periodicals. A Clonts, into the travelling connection, and the I had gone to school when a child. The Semi-
I the preacher for a short time. They seem to them that honor Him." J. W. Yarbrough presented fifty dollars, a restoration of his certificates of ordination. He naryis built upon the site of the old fort that
have lost all respect for the sacredness of the Whatever, therefore, may b the action othe donation from Mrs. A. G. Mizell, of Powder was readmitted, and it was ordered that his stood therein thefirstsetlementoftheuntry;
House as to its concurrence in the views of the Springs, to burd as the e'onfrence directs. certificatesof ordination ie rested. th a e f on
ministerial character, and only inquire, whether Committee, they feel that in thus plainly and Sping, to be used as the Conference directs. certificates of ordination hemrestored. and I doubt not but that my brave, ft-loving '
the preacher is ready and able to do the duties Nfan kly laying them before the representatives The Conference directed that it be turned over The Trustees ofGrifinu Female College present- Grandfather had, from its entrenchments, fired
of the soldier; if so, away with him to the of the people, they have discharged their duty to the Editor of the 8. C. Advocate, to be used ed their report, showing the prosperous condition ,,..p.-ra Tial. in.: imii then lurked abotnt the
battle-field. It is not unlikely, thet the to themselves, their: country and their God. for the benefit of our soldiers, of said College. Referred to Committee on Ed- hull. a .ji .-r-.tu-I Harrodsburg. More ,im- -
preachers themselves in many instance are to Their adoption or rejection is with the Congress. The unfinished minute business of yesterday ucation. mediately under my eye was the newer Acade
lame for thestimate of minsteria charac The opposteofhese views ave hitherto obtan- was taken up, and the following persons of the The examination of the ci,, I.., .. 1.. my wre my chlren h i goe o e ol;ad
blame for this estimate shown mineral ch aridity whe as cendency i rnothe o isld G overnt, and third year class were called, passed and con- was then taken up, and the following werecalled that the links ,. .,n ..h.,n mght o kept. up,
in abandoning their charges and in raising regi- we msy not decide, the finger ,l tihe Almighty tinned to fourth year : W. C. D. Perry, Britton and passed: Robt W Bighanm, Wmin J Parks, the plan of. til.- jl .t,,i w., were to be .
ments and companies, who are to follow their as inscribed upon its walls Mene, Tekol, Sanders, James D. Anthony-the two latter to Joseph S Key, Winm Turner, Henry Cranford, lodged had neen drawn by my father. -.
ments and companies, who are to follow their Upharsin." May the Confederate States profit 1o before the Committee of third and fourth Jafaes L Pierce, Jaimes Jones, Marshall F Mals- We were first ordered to the criminal's cell,
.ead to the tented field, thus placing them in by the example, and while eschewing all bigotry, years at next Conference. Brother Sanders by, W J Cotter, James M Dickey, Jno T Norris, but as it was found necessary in case .of putting
the same category as other men, laying aide whether political or religious, and all attempts holds the rank of 1st Lieutenant in the army, Freeman F Reynolds, John H Grogan, Wm T. us there to purchase new beds, and as it was -
the dress and habits of the ministers of the God to violate the rights of conscience, early learn, and was severely wounded in the face at the Normap, Robt W Dixon,Wm Foote, Lewis B thought that the treasury of the United States "
of grace, and clothing themselves military tt he only sure basis o national oserity battle of Sharpsburg. He is rapidly recovering Payne, Cicero A Mitchell, Goodman Hughes, could not bear that expense in addition tothe
costume, that the people have come to regard morality and religion, as taught in the revealed from his wound. He is a brave soldier and a Millord G Hamby, David T Holmes, Joseph other expenses of the war, it was determined to .
the ministry in the same light, as any other will of God, and that the Great Lawgiver will useful minister. CL .',,l... r ,.'- : I T'higpen, John W Glenn, let the: i,,a ". .:.-.r b.: rn. a .pr,e on-
avocation ; and thus the people lose all proper not suffer these principles to be violated with George Kramer was elected to elder's orders. o1L.-; W i ,%'..... I- 'Whitfield Anthony, r1,1 Ti ven,-,,n.. -.1 .r _,* ..r.,a:..'t,.1... Sho rery,.
estimate of the sacredness of the character of impunity. The fears expressed in reports upop The following were received into full connec- Myrick, Beni J Arbogast, F S L Howell, John kin il -p...r,.J h.r h.-ri..- if I, ;. bht,! .Ls' *
the ministers of Jesus and, of course, under this subject heretofore submitted to the old tion and elected to deacon's orders: Norman Strickland, John W Brady, Geo G Smith, J,':.* ,'- ii t..-rr,..- ,,sri .-1, i1 ,..I e ,s W in-:ress-.
the ministers of Jesus and, of course, under. Congress, that should the Government repeal a D. Moorhouse, Henry D. -Murphy, Wesley Lane, W- Yarbrough, W J Scott, Geo G N M V T,,i .ell a .. i.u : r t. ,. -t .
vilue to a very great extent all he labors of the law requiring large number of its citizens to James R. Smt,,,m F.-. i .\. Seale, Thomas J. David Blalock, George Bright, Win if Lc,L, tmt .,i;.,,r government of Kentu- *y migh,
ministry and the institutions of the Church, violate the Christian Sabbath, it would be the Embry,' an- -.,, It mte, Morgan Calloway, John E Sentol, Alexander Graham, A Dea- slumber withoutfear of an streak. t ,
which it will be feared, must stand or fall With beginning of a series of acts which would end in Robe
wih it thie union of Church and State, and entail upon Robert N. Andrews, Robert H. Jones, James T. ours, John TI Mashburn, supernumerary: Geo W There was an old piano in the room, .and my
-the character of .her ministers. Now, we fear the people all the persecution and horrors of the Lowe, and John ..~.eynolds were continued in Yarbrough. daughters gave all the proof which music could
that the effect of all these things will be most Spanish inquisition, are utte ly groundless and class of second year. Hezekiah H. Porter, was Noah I Pailmer located at his own request. furnish, that they were inot "fit f9r treason's'
disastrous, as regards the people who act and unworthy of patriots and Christian statesmen, discontinued at "his own request. Josiah Har- James HIIReese reported as having died during stratagems and spoils." The foiiiul' J, pri5soers"
feel thus, and the whole Church. We greatly The several States not only decline to pass laws key, of this class, died early in the year. the year. A good man and a useful minister up stairs sent down a request ilu.t itey w.:.uld ,
fear a large increase of money-loving when of Sabb but Who are continued on trial? Benjamin W. has fallen. play and sing. "Dixie ;" and ot.c -m ed -
there is already too much of m oney-lovingf the its vioatio, and these have been enforced for Williams, Isaac S. T, Hopkins, W. A. J. Fulton, After the usual announcements the Confer- permission of the guardthey thundered itout .
preachers and their families will not be more many years. Why have not religious persecu- J. W. Neese, Addison J. Jarrall, John K. Leak, ence adjourned. The melody fit- is. t, .ch mbser. of' the pisot;, "
than half supported, and will have to quit their tion, the "holy inquisition," and the "Auto da Franklin A, Robison, Geo. S. Johnson, Win. B. and floated :;i .,,i ,r,.o ihe .i'srnt.,as. .
Fields of labor, and go home to raise bread for fe," found a place in some of them? The co Merritt, (to be examined in course of study for IAbutmia... ght. % e,- -m door. And hiy
mon law, which is said to be "the perfection of first and second years.) J. Tabor Payne, James THE MISSISSIPPI CONFERENCE. downt slep u .n a r .- matrrm'., imchb the
"their families. Bt lastly and above all, I fear reason,' has always deferred to the Christian L. Fowler, Leonidas I. Redding, Win. W Sfew- Bishop Pierce reins-ned -from the Mississippi jailer's wife was so kindaso to lend the United t .
p b ea s a al w ay s d ef er r d to t h e CL o w le r L e o n id as R. R e d d in g W i W S te w M I l cs t i mt d i T i o ws i s o i r c rthee -f r o t
the curse of God on the Church and country ; Sabbath, and sternly declares all contracts made art Conerence in time" to spends fa days at the States for theocaion.. ..-
for e can hardly expect a blessingollowutely void. Why has not pr- The examination of character of supernumer- session of the Georgia Conference. He reports In the night I awoke. It seemed-to pe lin
while place his, cause in such an inferior 'str- seIutond followed its behest? Not! Such enm- b
while place cause itiesad crueties result donationss thatforget ary preachers was taken up, and the following that the first mentioned body held a very I,,. Sier'- sarling was .gng:r, oe myhead. *
tion, as this conduct will place it. God." They spring up when phrenzied fanati- were called,, passed and continued in that rela- ant session in Jackson, Miss. Quite a car, i ge r.ut i r.,r, i :- ou." The feelng
We have intimated a fear, that in many cism has supplanted vital piety, and when tion: nnm... of hm he were present-e- I ge n m-- .n--E ow." perienoingfor
instances, the people have reged their pastors "bigotry has murdered religion to frighten fools Alexander Means, Young F. Tignor, Miller number of the preachers were'present-pe.,p, .- .I -n. orh xperieno ig for
to the field of conflict, because they desired to with her ghost." It is to forestall and prevent H. White, Jesse R. Littlejohn, Wm. F. Coriley, the usual average-although some sections ohl .:.r.:- r ,.* r u
be rid of the expense of supporting them; bu such results that your Committee would urge Jackson Rush, David Crenshaw. John M. the Conference have been greatly harrassed by Monday mo.r;1 r sre calledd uponwel to -
perhaps a mistaken of supatriotism may avebut upon Congress, thus early in the evou entful hito Bright was located. James B. Payne, was pass- the enemy The financial conditi f en I. he Pr t Ms l arrodbug. We
prompted the course. They have desired to see old Government, requiring the Sabbath to be ed. and put on th effective list. Conference hadsuffered very considrbtel:., .v b,.Ne ,i awith wbl l.,rt.,ude we cr.ld. an. soon
our armies strengthened, arid have persuaded violated. The example thus furnished of res- On motion it was resolved, that the Conference reason-of the troubles of the times. 'I l. cm,. f. -.. ..,ele on lLr a to Lo -s.ville---"ithe.
themselves that the Church can dispense with pect to piety and religion would permeate spend the hour between twelve and one o'clock, on the Conference fund were very 1 mrgv. ,ldr low-e-i ,J epih--. 1.ker .lepth -till thrie'lening"
t t a society and stimulate individuals to more order- on Monday next, in prayer for peace.for our the fund itself was meager, and-the bli ....l.r, d.,.. J..- .u i,."
thelaborsofher ministers fora time. Butwhat ly and virtuous lives.It i impossible to eti- country, and thatthe citizens be invited to join collection was small. Of course.. it,, .,,e -f .r .li.sp. S.lon %h., a. l , u i. i HI -,.i,-
- has been the result in most instances,, where mate the beneficent effects of such a moral with us in the exercises. things, though sd, istohe ails-. t s!,m burJteI.. u,',,1seapi.,tcub ,he ,o IAuii
.. the field of Christian conflict has been abandon. reform upon the masses of our population. One- e I F.iAY, NOVEEni 28th unthap he -oun sh on ti ge tlbmi o t
I -ed, by those who are the appointed leaders of of the wisest and best of men* was wont to say- F, N 2th u condition of the country. Bishop and consideration Of geeintLmar,
Sthe Lod's h ? Silent abats, derte "A Sabbath well spent brings a week of contest, The Conference convened at 9 o'clock, A. M. Pierce has furnished the following list df From some detention o the rol, 'we did -
the Lod's hosts n Silent Sabbaths, desert And a health for the toils o the morrow; Religious exercises were conducted by ev. Dr. ArPOINTs S. n.i av in Lou.urill ,insJ I,, o'clock at Lt.
temples; and all the institutions of the church While a Sabbath profaned, whate'ermay be gained, Sasnett. The mr.utc. oi mtb pr.:,.ari- ; session Nrcaz DIs.-W B Hines, P E' Natez, W. .r -, D ,.r, ,,rimr.hbus. and proctd i.., ; -
neglected, the missionary cause inured in all itg Is a certain forerunner of sorrow." were read and approved. G H Clinton; Kingston, W H Watkins B Buffa the Gal ll:u ose, ,stsere l1e tlatlered ouaselve 1..
claims Sunday-schools abandoned or neglect- However this may be, its needless profanation The Trustees of the LaGrange Female College lo, r, D No,isorti', WTC,vuille. C G Anidremsa: shtoul- be sc.''ited with rooms on ite '
ed;the ypung grow up careless and indifferent -- I presented their report, showing the praeUt Wooduilie color-. macson, L F Mullena: Wil .ame flour perhaps, with Gen Bo.ble. A.h .
to the claims of the Church; and either become "ir-M atthew Rate. % condition of the institution. IThe report show kinson, I' W Brown, Wilkmnson colored mi-sion, foolish afiranti I Theomnibushavingstopped, ---

4,- .- ^


mt~C i,.0
'1 '5~~~

*il.ZI.i e5'i ~,Ntji-t, -~

December 4, 1862,

.instead of hearing the accustomed, "Walk out
ladies," we were stunned by a boy bawling at
the top of his voice, "Drive to the military
prison !" A young gentleman from Harrods-
burg, who was also a prisoner, turned to one.of
my daughters and said, Miss L. will you have
'hot beefsteak for breakfast in the Mforning ?"
S We drove to the Military Prison, where we
- were introduced to Maj. Harney, who seemed
to consider our coming more surprising than
agreeable. He said to us in the tone of "one
S, ho had been ,,osie..1 neirlv to death." "La-
dies, Idon't Ir now owait vi Jo with you;' I have
no place to put-you I I'do wish you would not
do things to have yourselves arrested !" We
I politely n -pres:e-i our riefrti., and awaited his,
.orders. At inngil, he,- etd *'Go to the United
SStates Hotel." We assented, being captivated
'- -by the name, but before we were fairly out of
the door, Sc.m .-ne ruadfiflp iiiit our baggage
had blen h0-ft sr ilj- Gall tliOs.. .. "Well," he
rePjined, "go to the Ghal li .-,.j '" Never was
Hood's poorer gil mort vrjeapr.,i. Ihan he--
"Anywhere, anywhere,
Out' of the world'"-
read '"Ut ol my rrf:r." rintead. We entered
the omnibus once m, ry, %r.,I drove back to the
Galt House. There we were told that a supper
should be ordered for us, and two rooms. We
were not hungry, but considering that a few
items more of expense might break the United
States, We thought we would try the experiment
and take supper. Uncle Sam, however, bore
the charge's, so rcr, braely. Whsthber the bill
w. wrever really paid for theo upper r. 1 am unable
to aey. I pre.iume. however, in -.,Lne way or
L.ethr. I hais til ft Immiedl&il, after tee.,
somewhat to our surprise, a Capt. 'Dillard
walked up to us, and informed us that in con-
sequence of a recent order we could not stay at
the Gait House, but that if wi would follow him
he would conduct us to another place-whether
that place was the dungeons of the1 Inquisition,
;- oi to the underground railroad to be spirited
awafa upr.on it, we could not decide. Neverthe-
less we followed him, guarded by six men with
gunsaand bayonets. As we walked along the
ler ft treO :,c. of 'o ri 11 ., p-iar the h..ur of
madnipht, ,iurrtour-d.d tby tr.o,'e shti, i e men,
with it.,-r oliitrTing ",in--, I ih.:u:ht how
dreadful m-t e t het ,r.-.,i,.'- of one woman
alone, and so surrounded. I, however, had my
children around me; I knew they were not
faint-hearted, and my soul was filled with an
inr:\pr,.r j.--. as I reflected "we have no
pi wmit,l ',- '1i-fortunate men who surround
us; we belong toa country, of whosegovernment,
5f whose people, we may justly be. proud."
At last, we found ourselves, like Tony Lump-
kin, at the spot whence we started. Once more
entiertd the miliiarry prison, once more were
S invited [, ie Iiice, while the "Council of the
Ten" took our case under consideration. A 'iin
we are told to follow Capt. Dillard. We blindly
followed him. a' l.:.-l.:.we the Ghost,we
knownot t owhatlirii l.h:uiui !.'-. in-rut:.
however, :Iiiied l:..r u. tir.s -I-r.tfri I:, -i
night) at the Craughn House. Whit s-ir tn'-ie
wassecuredto the Federal'fore' t i1 atl it.-
marchings and counter-mirchiting' am unable
to say; I suppose, as usual they gained a
Wefounid ibe C'rauglhn H.:ra e. ,-.y comfort-
able bbowding hoie. .,ndI intI. treated with
every atteltio and c:ouic)' t.', i :.u proprietor
Sand landlady. .
"For two days we o: e 'r.l'.n :..iir r.:,>m.
and then through. rli, c--irt-i- ..., I,:- PIcvo.i
Marshal wereallowc-i Hi-. liberty .21 ito i.-.u.i.e.
on parole. We were visited by our friends from
S-forty miles around, and' still in my -ir r, .i
hearts I bless those who said to us: "E- i.rm .i
never give a pledge of allegiance to the United
States :
We were detained a week., Our friends did
all they could for us. Oaur case it seems, must
have been thrown into the hands of every
officer in the. city. Capt. McDowell, whom we
did not see, but whom I doubt not is a failcl
man, thought we ought to be release-i A,
Judge Bullock, wboo, i kIn-:.r I: bt a l -rib r.
we are under masv : l Ior ,ij.:,=cu arnd
The F'r-.cotn Ms,,bil dercu n.i.- ofusapledge
ineteadofthe oath. It was all the same; of
course, we rejected it. One day he came in the
parlor and said : "'Have %,:-t Mnad. ajI v0:.d r t.,r.t
upon that subject ?" I 1'i1- .'sa .H 'i,- ',.:..
seen my note to Gen. Boyle ?'" 'Yes.', "Th1 i."
I replied, "is all I can say, sir.", "Then," he
rejoined, and his eye gleaffed with triumph,
"Gen. Boyle has also made up. his mind and
orders that you be sent to Camp Chase. It is no
hotel; Madam, but only a large field, with
thousands of Aen in it. You and your daugh-
ters will there be confined, .-p:r' i l, rn open
tents or shanties. It is no ft pl ic 'u,:., o lady."
"Then," replied L. "the responsibility rests
with the United States Officers and not with us."
As lie left he. threw this Parthian arrow: '"
think it ridiculous for women to interfere in
tnatters of government."- J


Conference draws near. In a few days the
brethren will greet each other again, after the
vicissitudes of another year. It richly compen-
sates a true hearted Methodist preacher for all
the trials and difficulties of a year's itinerancy,
to mingle for a week amongst those who are of
the same mind, and heart, and purpose, It
would be a very serious obstacle me h;hc would
prevent your corre'.-p.neut goingg up to Con-
ference." I hbae heard of le deOLatlh f but one
of our preachers this year. T. J. Koger will not
again meet in Conference with us. Few of our
t umber would be more mi..ed. Averypeculiar
man in appearance, and a peculiarly true and
earnestsoul,.he was most highly esteemed by us
all.. Few men ever loved the Church better or
were more. at home: in her councils or at her
altars. Ife was popular among his brethren, and
p.pulr .mini j tise" teot le. Perfectly fearless,,

ie-jcct he wia r- a', :. )On the battle field of
Perryville, he fell, attesting his devotion to hs
native South. He wan one of thefew men who
could have gone on to any position in !he ,er.
S vice in which, he fell, and afterwards havec ome
S tLe workof a Methodist preached. Ouo
- bright, sunny spirit leas-we'll niss and lament
him. Several of our preachers are in the Army
Captains-several as Chaplains. May God
preserve them.

~0ut~ern ~~r-iztiau ~,~bocate

In this region all has been quiet and prosper-
ous this year. An abundance of food.for man
and beast has been made, end the people seem
to have any quantity of money. Indeed, money
making was never easier. All a man has to do
when he wants it, is to go to a printing office
and have some printed. A few cowhides or a
barrel, of cider will do as a basis of issue. In
taking up Missionary and Conference collections,
it is astonishing how many different issues are
found, even in the "back country." They may
be quickly exchanged for Confederate notes,
however; so these causes may not suffer if the
preachers are particular. I have endeavored to
give proper emphasis to the importance of our
Church meeting fully the claims upon the Con-
ference fund, and a little better yield has resul-
ted. It is to be regretted that a sure method is
not adopted to meet these claims. The Louis-
iana Conference is the only one that has done
it, thus far. -
The history of the Church in this regard is
most mortifying and disgraceful. As rich a
Church as ours meeting a little over half of a
claim so slender, and yet,'so sacred I
It is now apprehended by many intelligent
men, that a strong effort at reconstruction will
be made by the Democratic party of the North,
within a.short time. If'there is any disposition
to meet favorably such an effort, by any at the
-South, it has not manifested itself.
If the South goes back, it will be at a sacrifice
of all that her true statesmen have contended
for, aside from Slavery-for the negro question
was not the cause, but the occasion of the dissolu-
tion 01 the old government. ...
M,:-i sincerely and devoutly should we now
pray: Rord, lead us not into temptation-
deliver us from evil." May God raise up states-
men competent to solve the grave, political pro-
blems which it were well to solve in advance of
their practical .settlement.
Gen. Bragg's Kentucky campaign is the
theme of every tongue, and of every pen. What
a host of military geniuses-strategists-we
have, at home. Gen. Bragg has shown himself a
patriot-bold, fearless, independent, constant,
We cannot tell yet whether his apparent mis-
takes may not have been anything else. Of one
thing we feel sure. Had his army been shatter-
ed by a victory over Buell, a la Sharpsburg,
Rosencrantz with reinforcements could-Van
Dorn's army brippled-have come along down
into the Gulf States ad libertim. Bragg's army,
in good trim, where it is, is better than Bragg's
army half destroyed-the remnant with tattered
flags victorious.
From another field of labor, Mr. Editor, I hope
to drop you a few lines of correspondence during
the next Conference year. During the past two
years I have endeavored to serve the Church on
this circuit. Some souls have been converted,
and remain steadfast. Many warm attachments
have been formed, not to be dissolved even by
death. lirom the city of Tuscaloosa, with a large
fl,niily--ie ncurcey alive-down the river to
M -L Ail ..p. :.ain 10o Montgomery, then on the
i ..Ir.. 'I across into Georgia, and back into Ala.
t.,in iu the dead of the winter, I reached my
work, finding no parsonage, or other provision
made for the preacher. A cordial greeting at
General M. D.. Guerry's home, where a sick,
travel worn family were as kindly entertained
for 'two weeks as family ever was, softened the
aspect of things somewhat,; and in a little while
a cosy, .clever little home, comfortably furnish-
l :.[ l.i i- pirabher, was provided through the
xrrnl.'.n princially of General G., the brethren
as L '.r-rn i.trtly co-operating, as can be found
in the Conference. And, oh I the precious
Ct'r rll t, women, of this little village, who have
met, anr prayed, and wept, and rejoiced to-
gathr., "ye are in my heart to live and to die
wui, )ou." Receive the blessings and gratitude
of a .1 ~i -f.Al ii;ntrant and hi., I emilv.
"/ *,i, -.!'J J.saj'LP B. COTTrELL.

Mr. .Editor,-I should long since have ac-
knowledged the receipt of the package of your,
interesting papers, that you from week to week
sent me, for gratuitous distribution in camp;
but I have neglected to do so.
Suffice it to say, that they have been received
and distributed so as read by as many as
possible. They have been thankfully received

tude, for his arduous labors and efforts to save
sinners from the wrath to come. May the good
Lord continue graciously the good work begun'l

Ou s of ti 1t t ch.


Prince Gortsechakoff, of Russia, replies that the pro- TO TrE PREACHERS OF THE ALABAMA COV. '
posed mediation would bo the cause of arriving at I am authorized by the President of the great Sehers
rIail~jolMsedingfrom thirplaretoMontgomery,
result opposed to pacification. If, however. notify the Preachers, that the will e charged nl hf
France should persist in her intention of mindiation, price on their ay t and frothe seat f C re
and England should acqules&e in her course, "in- Mfoxile, Oct. 29th,IST. Tgo. W. Donai.
structions shall be sent to Baron Stosekel, the Rue-
standMinister at Washington, to lend the French TOT1E PREACHECE OFTHE FLORIDACONFERENCE
i M t t t o fficalod ie e Dear rechrene-Those of you who coie 10 Conference in
and English Minister, if nt Li offcialaid, atleast, private conveyances will pleaseal tth arsone,where
hil moral support you will learn your homes during the ession. Taose who
conime by the R.I's will be met at the depot. The brethren
awle ien biging their wives with'them' wll plea let
me kenow of the fart, beforehand. The Chairano- of Ohsea
Examining Committees can learn from me after arriving
MARRIED, here the places where they are to meet their classes.
November 20th. hr th I Rev Paul Derrick. Ma Tnn Te D J. 0. BxSCs.

Mr. Editor,-In the account I gave you of the
revival at Roswell, I said that "some of them
have been turned out of, employment for no
other crime than that of serving God," (or at least
no other crime has been alleged.) Since then I
learn that there are other causes for their being
turned out of employment. You will please give
the above a place in your paper, and oblige
G. L. W. ANTirnxY.
Alpharetta, Ga., Nov,20th, 1862.

IoN CIRCUIT, LA. Coxy.-The Rev. R. Parvin
writes: We have just closed an interesting
camp meeting on Boeuff River, FranklinParish,
La. Sixty five accessions, colored and white,-
fifteen subscribers for the Advocate, their names
down, and money paid in, a fcw..sintutes. All
our people want to know over here is, whether
they can get it or not. The Lord is doing great
things for us in North Louisiana. The people
love camp meeting, and I hope they will keep
it up. Our preachers preached with power to
the hearts and consciences of the people. The
audience large and attentive. All, went on in
harmony, and I hope its benefit will be felt
many days to come. You will please tell that
brother of the La. Conference, who has inquired
of you when and where the La. Conference
meets, that it meets in Bastrop, Morehouse
Parish, 11th Dec., 1862. From what I can learn
from various sources, the preachers will be there,
(the most of them), expecting to attend to the
regular business of the Conference. One of our
old preachers, who has been preaching long in
this country, has gone to his reward-(brother
Moses Davis.) His bereaved family has our
sympathies and prayers.

Wilson writes: I am now closing my labors on
this circuit. Upon the whole, it has been a
very pleasant year. We have had no general
revival of religion; yet some souls have been
converted to God. Some interesting meetings
have been held, especially one at Pleasant
Grove, which continued five days. Our last
quarterly meeting was held at the same place-
a pretty good 'meeting. About thirty have
joined on probation. One young man has been
licensed to preach, and recommended to the
Annual Conference. The missionary collection
on this circuit is larger than formerly-being
$70. My Conference collection is also.good. I
am far behind in quarterage ; but then I reckon
I'll get enough to make "tongue and buckle
meet." This is a pleasant country, and the
people are kind. I leave the circuit, hoping a
good preacher may be sent to labor on this work
for 1862.

REVIVAL TN TuE ARMgx.-A surgeon in the Con-
federate Army of thb Potoinac, whose letter to a
friend in this city is nowhefore us, says :,"Under
"*ev. Dr. Stiles and thea regimental chaplains, a
religious revival has been going on in Jackson's
corps for several weeks, and there has been a
large number of conversions. I saw the Doctor
a few minutes yesterday morning, as our army
was leaving camp. He travels in a topsulky,
and seems to stand camp life very well."--A
chaplain states that there have been seventy
cases of hopeful conversion in the 37th North
Carolina Regiment, since it came to Virginia,
and that a good state of religious feeling con-
tinues. This Regiment has been in sixteen
battles. The moral condition of the army is
thought to be better than it has ever been before.

A GOOD CAMP MEETIN.-The Rev. M. Pucket,
of the S. C. Conference, writes : We have been
blest recently with a most gracious revival of
religion, priTcipally'among the young people.
There were forty four accessions to the Church,
and equally as many conversions. It was oneof
the best camp meetings I have ever attended.

TWxNTY DOLLARS sent to this office in payment
of subscriptions to the Advocate will entitle the per-
son sending it to a copy of the paper for one year.
Here is an opportunity for active ain industrious
preachers, elam-leaders, young brethren, and the
preacher's wife and those most successful of agents,
-young Christian women-to aid a good work for
the Church-keeping its paper alive-and tc suppy
themselves with a fund of useful information.

OmcxnAeu.-The secular papers and some of the religious
charge for inserting obituary notices. Wedonot. Wethink
it right to give a columnor two weekly to commemorating
the virtues, useful lives and happy deaths of eminent saints.
This should be the purpose of the obituary department of a

The Com tnittaeofArragementsearnestlyrequesttiatthe
caidldtiest for admission into the Conference, and local can.
didatea for "Orders," will immediately notify u of their in-
tentiou to attend Conference. And all members of Confer-
once who do not intend to attend Conference will greatly
oblige os if they will let ua know of that fact. gemiers of
Conference coming on the Rail Road will be met at the
P' i. i i, ... r ...oe in private conveyance, Will

., ,.-, :... 'a -..,r, 3f.* .
* I have received information from the President of the
Moi,.r',e I F Railroad. thatithasbeen made a standing
. .,r...,r ''. our ministers going by said road to Conf.
i. ;., i ... but nothing on their return. TheSecretary
aof uonarence will issue retain tickets.
Those members of the Conference who do not expect to
attend will immediately inform me by letter for obvious
reasons. 0. D. OLraa, P. E.
Aucburi Nov. 10,1862.
T SOUrn CAROLuxA COeranoeN meets in Spartan brge'
S. C., on lltlhDecember, 1862.
IT r,- i -. l.'-r ,. i, n-.,-il .u T |l,r i :,e.. FPierI
T r.. ...Li. i. ii
Bishop Andrew, Selma, Ala.
Bishop Paine, Aberdeen, Miss.
Bishop Pierce, Culverton, Ga.
Bishop Early, Lynchbuorg, Va.

I CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE.-The undersiVned propo
ses publishing, in the city of Knoxville, the akove styled
paper, 24 by 32, at ThreeDollars per annim, invariably in
advance, to Lte devoted wholly and exclusively to the interests
of the olaton Conference. and the advancement ofthe abuse
ofihriatianitv within itsjrisdtction. It will be strictly a
refotions .lournal. and will studiously eschew everything in.
the shape of partisan politics but at the same time will not
ignore the great cause of human freedom in which our
people, throughout our Confederacy are now struggling, and
will aim to give the .current news of the day. It wilt be
edited and controlled by Rev. C. W. Charlton.
Itis d-ired that its regular issues commence by the 1st
day of January, 1803, at the farthest; and, to this end, an
earnest appeal is mad to the preachers throughout the Con-
ference, to use all laudable efforts to obtain one thousand
subscribers for the paper, and send them promptly forward
to the editor and proprietor, to whom all communications
and remittances must be sent. All papers friendly to the
undertaking are respectfully asked to give this Prospectus
one or more insertions. D. SULLINS,
In behalf of Pub. Con;
f.r 7- 1. i.,

religious paper. Irrelevant facts-minute details-state-
ments of no general interest-facts known to all their ac-I TANTED-IN JANUARY,. 1863, IN A
quaitauoes and not important to be known to others should V s.mail SCHOOL a l ltdy of experience, competent to
be o satted- as all apostrophes on death and dying and teach Music, Mathematics, Latin, Drawng and. Painting.
the sorrow of relatives. Fet area that wehaveroom for Be en.reQuired. Addres Union prins, .
-important facts, briefly stated. From tn to thirty lines 4-3t Unin prng, Ala.
will be allowed each obituary notlse-according to the age,
position, standing and inefulness of the subject, n tee A YOUNG LADY, OF OME XPERI-.
chaurc. If writers will not confne themselves to these ENCE, desires a situation as TEACHER in -afamily.
liits-nd few do-we abridge far them. A to child- Sheis capable f teaching the usual Englishbranches, atin,
i-and Moaas the Piano. Satisfactory reference gven."
ren, we can findromm for no more than the mere mention Address L.P. M, Box,
of their eath. Dee. 4-8t. Bennettlevi S. C.

UN ..ENT. MONEY... ER, (permanently), by a native Virginian, (single,
UKCu N' MONEYx. and discharged from. war), educated at the University of
Acuas Ass SsenlMus are requested to noet particularly Virginia, of six or eight years' experience in teaching the
what we say her. English branches, Mathematics, Latin; Greek andFrenbh,in
Within a week our per-maker has advanced his paper god schools and academies. References, etc. given when
s33 percent. It would now cost the office one-halff ofhe desired. Stating kind of school, number of scholars, etc.,
yeany subscription to sendbank sheet of papr weekly to address "BATCH,"
subscribers. Wil the other half pay for al the work we do Nov. 27-2. Foreyth, Gen.
An0aensheett Not unless we have a very tage list of sub-
sonbera, and gel rox ct o' toe $2.00 subscription. We
.at "Sat d ei s ber n A YOUNG LADY O-' EXPERIENCE,
no asiorreet money-noneth time anot bnahble in Au .'r 7, *". i*: l: er .1 :... ad n.o;i .' '; 5 d.1ri.t aseO
Send Confldeae; Notnon d the bills of regular aeh,-- .- ..'.'- ., ... t E.. li r.
eanki in South Carolina adG.orgia; or ofthc Roving' i. ifl l s ... ..'..rTu g, .n Add,-.i
atitutions ofAugusthnad arsa, te Western and., ..' t 1 '. ., 'tr ,
tic Road andthCity Couilsof Augusta and Ch.lO B uneitc.l,, A C.
ten. Send no private banker'h. i,--or other ehinptastors -.... ---_-------
o-Nor WB-Ifother moneyis-oent. we sallbheo bliged'-T I -B LADY, WHO IS AN .
toreeve itatfrom25to50 -et discount, according to .' .
it ue n Augusta, and gve credit to toeo becriber, lor n1 v. ..r -- i ...'-r ,.- ...ocen 1 r .c
w1ame baiih spr ose Matbemttics, French, Drawing and Muam, a utnatin aen
An 'in ar re ruested to inform subecribers of thio t. Teacher in some Institntion or private family. The.mot
Os know which of the saseribera they order for have sent VIRGI-IAI
each m oney, and w hat bills th ey su Nov. 1 .-6. Gordon, He.


CONFEDERATE STATES, Augusta, Ga., Nov. 18, 1862.
R A Hamilton, Petersburg, Va, Life Member, $1 .n
James E Cuthbert, do do .
TT Broks, do do" .
Mrs Daniel Dobson, do do ,e"
RD MeDlvate, do do- o, iSu
Wm C James, do do w .**'
A C Harrison do do
David Oalender, do do :" .-
Mrs A E Martin, do do ".i,
GB Jones, do do
Dr Thomas Withers, do d 3000
D'Ary Paul, do do 30 OQ
Fliiabeth Paul, do do 30 tO
D'Arcy W Paul, do do 30 0
Samuel B Paul, do do 30 00
SR Bishop, do do 30
R M Dunlap, do do 30 00
Mr R M Dunlap, do do 30 00
John Stevenson, do do 80 00
Martha D Stevenson, do do 30 00
,M'.. Tnhi tovenson. do do 3n cc

a m. ,,' H i ."Ir -. oi L r rr ,.
. y, 1 .. L .. I ...-,r en,.r i. i :[ r as re n .o&i
Iy .. r ,.. -t e
Nov. 13-5w. Tahbotbn, a.
J 11 "" "- -- .z i: .,* I -: ."- :,rf tr5. Is, c.iiep ?r
. L .t' :,,'." l i, r ". ,l i a I Ae if 0.l, -
Z' f a L E. la,-

tueation m a sChoor or nBm oam.tly. M AM =.'i
tesac the nsual Englisbhbranches,tusio and the Elements
of Latin. Good references given. Address, setnitg slary,
lengh ofterms, ett,, B hoMie L.,
3bey. e-6. Beoaettsvle, S.C.

a Situation as Teacher in some School, Academy, or
Janu yor February iext "

,,n 0[ ,sr%.3. i] tby numoners o nthe men,M' -............-. ... .".. .-oeeproposes to' a,..'. .-5.-s....- ........I -
rni I t,,r .rlr.ltbly read by many. Shouhl FOM- Vi 'mInA.-Five commissioned officers RjbertLesi%, do do 30 boardfor tebefit of ney F
h .n d I i r,, r pe ig h ty -fi verp r iv a tespwar ege ai ide l ae] b %"yGsi e.a ne l c.yWJKu en isw I]A l d do d eo 30 0 0 S o ld0 0r sth a t dro esr in th e v ic inity in W h e n Msh e tea c h e s.
hxus,,,ln,:re prLage sbedelayed, thy are Hampton'sCavalry, on the28th'N..-r-T. Ya. ,i .,c F '-..I.. do do 000 Sept. 25--1Ow. Lexngen, a.
anxiously inquired for. Being s0 Situated that kees made a raid into Groenbrier yan' ljJ' i. areI.] ," g"a". ds ,'20 00
we have no chaplain or regular religious services, captured 100 of Jenkins' Cavalry ar, I E.. a.,r,.:s, Fa, i di-..-0, 0 do d 10 o 'ASSVILLE FEMALE COLLEGE WILL
t makes 'the Advocate doubly welcome in its together with all their accoutrems,,i. '.e .r.,.a. do do e 10 open for Students second Mon. JanBGA,
isits. I hope you will be able to continue Richmond, Va., Dec. 1.-Advices from above Andrew eoown. do do 10 00
ending it tous. state that the enemy is fortifying opposite Freder- P F Co bill, do do 0 0 ANTDA LAY TO TEACH M)
ieksburg, but show no disposition to make anrimme- Revo V Wcnfree, do do ANT ", ,LA DY- inTEA0H MTul
It I a siurcenof gratification to many Out' J.o do do F
It is a source of gratification to many of us diatoe attack. There ono no ws of importance from avid Dohnan. do do-' .. "i.-I Y .r e uto n .
here to receive and peruse its contents. M, any the army.-The Ridbmond Examiner, o: ..: 1. F ii T.,., r : -. educationnee apy.
of the deaths recorded in its columns, from time says that the rush for Confederate bonds is r. i.r.1 i.',,". .-.. -. i nassa, co., oa.
to time, are of friends and acquaintances; and ous. From all sections of the Confederacy. i,.... .- ',_ .- J _________
it gladdens our heart to be assured thatthey D pouring in for investment, and thae '..,,..r ,.. r ,r,..i cFt' OL LEGE, SOUTH CAIRO-
m maintained the faith to the last, am id the toils, delivery of st no w wo day are hnd h to. ' -- "'. ,, -. ,, u. .- bra. ].
the temptations, the privations and the turmoils FRos Mioses Pr.iMoh Aa., i A "- '-' i '' ',. '; .. .I r.- ,'-'. F'R.OM& .,,. I.D(,'.,.. "'.I C N.
of camp, and met the last enemy with the same .p ; i -1,5 I.. ie -. 1 . u,i,.h r:.:- r-o i L...: .A,.'ao,, ,, ,,"a.cs.....-.r ,i r ...M. .. Pr,-
courage and fortitude, with which they me, the ert, -iax-l '.i,-'l- i. .,,,. N .- _.i i, v itI, L r .r T. r .,.r 6 -i ..... i o: i
enem y of their coun try upon the field of m ortal there 3s .:,- ma"v at r,.-., ] .r . Zi. Tal, at. iA r s. -' '" -" i' -" '. ,l-. ,",,'. ., . -... j. '. s-"' ...s .. r "q ..
strife. Their last and complete victory en- ter pla'1. si *, cui..J l., N' P-t .., R, n .,: .,' i.. T,D.-' '' ,oi.i.,rt. ". ... ,i
rthnd 1'nd arna ;,.^; *:: s f oo, o
courages us and strengthens for the conflict, and underchspt itharn bC..f 'Ite Pd--. .;- '-sIC, til th r ,: iumo '.5 5.,
inspires us with fresh oourage. beyond t..riruli tc, eVia .-t fi ne .. -o .T. M c.. i, 1250 8TBOOKDEOTR.
May your valuable paper be supported in its Federa. ....r.n m tin H .-r...I.Ii i.', Ot.h.. ei.Jr.. -. ; ... A C.0 Ch s- o A, A. .
heavenly mission, and may it continue to cirou- to the tuaI., l... i ,r . .. vt. It ..JJe.:1f....1 ,,r.. K. .. i .',- xM'i_...,w .. l.r, 'rC, hrch, 8.00 -
late E ast an d W est, N orth and S ou th of our tu cky RNi, ... l N ,I .. '. -. .c.. .. .. ,','. ., k g e, .. .1' .. i pr, ..
beloved Confederacy, impartingjoy andcomfort LATE BOM r OEROPFR.-Riclmond, Va.,eNov. .. d'o, sO; li,6i.. 10
to many a drooping heart. And may you be 0th-Northem n aper of Nov. 27th, have been i eu, ,. ."'" .'' B ., '
blessed and preserved in your labor of lo, received here. uroyn de l 'uvs,- the French a L B rC., 1N. l AND AND
,y love. sIinieter of Foreign.Affairs, addressedaadispatchtoa S, ,ILd. ore,, _L B-..KS, Lrc.,IN.)
the pray. I ). (5ur unseot1h servant, the French ambassadors at London and St. Peters- rl o s C.i-.M oo Bret.. ., '. .-
R. M. GLAZE. burg, dated Paris, Oct. 0t1, in which he refers to -.,;,.y c5 Charlotte, Nc, ', l ,.. ...E....aAi. ge.t, i '- .. -'r- -";
.Poiotaigo, AI. '., Nov. 18th, 1862, the painful interest with which Europe haswatched h* .r- 5 ,eg. ta=l..ieat_
the struggle ragingin America. Eu,'.. 1-.p.,- a'. -4a 46 on O
hassuffIed from the consequi-.,-,A- e MA:.J 0 J. N.. ROBSO ..,
Rv A N C whttc'haadriedup one ofthenHl-t, iisU ,l .'II..( s00
REIvaLs^iCAU .--TheRevSamuelS. Smith of public wealth. Te neutri, .,rt.l e;s. ,. 2O COMMISSION iERCH.AT1,.
Chaplain 60th Regiment Ga. Volunteers, writes IFrance, and other powers, oug', r.. ,.I thnr u .,\ .: c. ,.r.-i- .... i ,.,,,.,. .. 1 -s8 I Jo. esEast say, Charleston, s C.
from "Army of Northern Virginia," camp near service to the two parties to th,, ...r,.,ity balpr ,'.r .g ',''... 101 ATICULAR -ATTENTION.
Front Royal, Nov. 14th,-1868: Thinking that them outof the position hiec .. w a ,- "E h .. .& *.- Ti r,,. e o, T L and.
parents and others having friends and children i he opposes urge an Arisglan, Russia ont, s .. e'. .c...i .i ,.' L. Bas
ithe army, wouldlike to hea of their spiritual during which every act of hostility, direct or indi Previouslyreported, H A r.
welfare, I drop this note for publication in your rect, should cease, at sea, as well as on land. Thi. S i tPi9 .:. ',,ce Es n_. N.._lue' n.
valuable paper. About the first and middle ofc armn.ii.,e .i;hbl. ;f r .r srany, be renewed forI E---- ----C. A R -a. Y BYSA1T
tobe e 1 1'f- hcr Bal IF!, PRE dEH-;,w rRE CO E-& ..B O., ^ BA .S MIT : ..
Octoberweholdaseriesofmeetings in camusi., .r h-r. .d. E l -t. l'l, it "i" ".ly. TO PtEia P "- LS M- -C" "RAlR -MIT
..--, Iten,1 r,:.. attlUilel-lo GhFthe -'r,- -o ne 0.10CR ACTO RS,
DJuringtheprogressof thatmeetingmany.sotul s t i-L ,-i iQ'. .--e-."rl I L- r L G,. ,.rn.-I 1 I.. rh. t--IIL, aesus a ,:rcf.,- S- ouV a .. a. ...
vt. reutwed and neoe-ui -aera ware ma l 'Lt 9can8,'.a',n iHAP'.) t.c FOlRW A R 11NG UE ,.FE H AX %-Tur _.
rn m rv L' "% , ..... I r 1 -.......... I ': ...........S'b^ -,'"^;^ ^ FORW ARLlNG ERCHANTS.
,ha eu 1 LI 5' "- d 11. In he alsl r w ,w us r, lu i ,.. lt a it h-r. .,, 0 I.. r &.e. 7r a,- e ,. i ,r.i r..- jj.-..- : ,.ic., e '., '_.' .'c .t' a"s s c rlO tae 0t t.
e Io dLd lino Jaid to.t ) witvab seseror reltg on -m... t La ope a tat the t F ..-a.l .I ...-rr.m t M -1 .rr'. yS. -,ag-r. O. .. .-. i .. I. . .5,. aco c arsn. .. .
The hke was hardly ever before witnessed i wodlia-eIept tIr p "pS'a."i.. t- rhIbrF l. rcea, -.. r, u.s b r. eL.e W .,' a .a'.-c;eE eo. r. M e =.
camps." I wasbl sedm, '.. ...the. a t- e" I thereftr, the '.. t. t t n. V ..%6.. 't ti.i tc.. .. r.. nii.. f. u. r o e hm a 1 ,mm!;.... 55 . .. Jg'- -enl
Rev. Dr. Joseph Stiae, of the Presha* yea n o Suselwi.tha greater I, cha t .0 ,1 ,W l u s ra, p ase.or,. o w IC lf Co Sei O n, .u
Church, to whom the army owes 4 debt of grat-. its being accepted by ti.e two .., pn o... '.ans. .a .p. ". .
= . .- : ... ... . : .- > ... .. .. ._< .: + .. : . -++ .7

'-.4 -~


X= =e and Mrse Trai, C WoLs, all ofti Matthew Parish, 8
November 17th, at the residence of Col A J Lane. near
Sparta, by Rev Thomas T Christian, Mn JAMsE Bse and Mnrs
ELaIzATH Buecmze.
November 2Uth, 18602, by Rev C E Land. Mn W 8 HORTO and
Ms s J E 0 V Huaiss, all of Lancaster Dist, S C.

Prepared for the Southern Christan Advoeste,
BY J. A. ANSLEY, S00 Broad Stree..
S AUGUST, GA., -Nobemerb S7th, 1862.
Bacone-Searce and prices have advanced. ,.
Lard--S.arer, prime lote 05c.
Wheat- has been sold in limited parcem at $6% to $7
Wiie,and)5e to $S for Red
Fli 0 to $42 with activ demand.
Core-Corn scarce. $1.90 to $2.
M.e-$1.80 to. $L90. .
Pes--Sacks included, $1 50180 buehel.
yc-Sacks .included, $3.50@4.00 v bushel.
Feather-Scarce. 5 0 cents lb.
Butter-0 to $1.00 cents B. .
Cbtton-Pnees from 16 to 17 cents
Sugars-RA v 40 to 50. Clarified 65 to 0c..
Molasese-Stock light. Prices$2 S0i gal. Firm.
art-Scarce. Liverpool $125 to $175 B Vsek; Virginia and
other kinds $60 to $65 per sack.
Coffee-Scarce. 52.5 Sl.
Chfetors-so cents.
Bi e-7 to 8ts. n ib.
Tobacco has experienced -ome more enquiry and sales
with an active demand. '
Business quite a .ve in Produce and Heavy Groceries:





.. '. ..... . ...V o' X" N o _t 1 . 2 '

For ,theBSouthlern christian Advocate. that initiatory case to eminence in his profee- ing and at the communion ehl was found table Providence of G.d, boon called away. Being of the M. E. Church. Tlhroughall liaer little
THE DOCTOR AND THE DOG. son, he was led more than ever to endorse .he regularly, when well enough to attend ; and lid, genero aand mlsocd in disposition, he was w e life ae id been earnestly pious-the daughter "
1 sentiment ofl the ard plpeosopher-that mercy "regretted at tile hst communion that s was respected end beloved by those who knew him. of a minister, blessed With a pious mother, she
BY MRS. iARrT. is twice e blessed in blessing him that gives and too nnwell to be present. irnsbytrin Church, his upright o nd cotnietent rized highly her p .i ,i-.g.. e h -rose of
(A Tale Founded on Fect.) him that takes;" and also, more than ever, was She borehersickness with Christian fortitude walk showed his to be the life of faith, andb ,, r', ir' L. I,,,u h,.an.l ., i,. ..ei .n.i *-l spirit.
"The quality ofmerey inotsatrained'" he induced to follow the example of Him who and submitted patiently to. the afflictionof bis friendsthe.. .r.. -..,.,. eunce that ".,' .',r., r,,'ri-. laiJ~),g ,rl..!tasr il. eh rL:stl
In the town of Lexington, we shall call it, '-* ',.r'.re this wind to the shorn lamb." Divine Providence. .-Iertestimony with regard their loss ais his .. s... ,.,: r.: ... ~ ,.,.J|.- O, eriM bi'.at i:,ich i MTe '"*
therehad occurred that reom ntic, unmodern I ,-r '1;: ,ud her hope of futurer fe_'. _it ., n. e- r,s -,r,ers. her pilgrim-

while attending the medical lectures of that REMEDY FOR DIPTIIEIA. was ready to depart, ani said she was almost J. Do was born in Abbeville Dit., '. w.
place' had oceasks i" ..-- i-. 4,'enlt., )r,] then Taklea handfulof alder root, the same quan- home." No fear disturbed hermind; no dout S. C Aug. 14, 1829, and diedin Bartow co., Ga., .--.-- ..--- .
took'occasionto la5 al,,l, ,I. ,:.':,llage o0 the tityofdogwoodroot, andthe same quantityof interrupted her peace. Almost angelic while attheresidenceof hisfather-in-law,G.H. Gilreath, ..
widow Lester; where, since the death of her persimmon root. Boil them' with a pint of living, else is gone to join the angels and Oct. 26, 1862. . . .' I'. 'l ors' Flen.r
husband, she had ,. ..,i..aJ hi ob -us., but re- vinegar down to a half pint, then atd a s -.1 .,l heaven. .Her father died :,..* r, 'rI -r I. I t n. l' .. .. ord A ... ,r d ,i *,.ir. i i fat... 5n the
peotablepoverty, dependingforsupportmai,.nly, e, smalll lump of alum and a:.t- i.- - ..i. a fewyearsa ago, and now Lilly nas ,,, ,.- ,, ,,,,,..,... .i intesews -emberofthe
0ueaa'---I.-e_. r .,,I.r s t. l' ,_,. _1,,,,_-, _,-, -.. *.', a,,_ Brotheer F.was a. piou-s memberof the M. E.
04 the exertions of her lovely daughter, Louisa. i.,.r,. ... I use asa gargle. i **l li .1 the heavenly home. We shall unasroming, but a sincsr. .'5* 5*- i F. r "'* I,. Church. ii Ir al s.: 'a d1,....,seai hn'bin'd. He
Lou, before Sthe ral e.i'nli. s:fthr father'sefailure We find the above prescription extensively miles her in the clasc meeting, at the communion a devoted follower of the Saviour. A few hours cen', .. dt .'r "E. h rc r n..... Tihed an l he r t
and.death, i... "-l. ..r. excellent education, published as a remedy that is said to have -1-.. 1.. l,, .. ..-. in the Sabbath-school, but she is with before hit death, he said God was with him to corn- i, ,' I ." ..... 'ir i 'rr. I r tirt 10si Lbe e
This was the only one remaining for the pecu- good in diptheria. It is a harmless ,s,:1.'. ,.. r,,: ,,,r.:is triumphant inheaven. Hers was a fort d bles.o hHis sky weeelear aoe ,. :i. ,,r .o ,, ,.- h.lrO e. ... t pies e... r ri, a..a
niary benefit of his widow and orphan, of the good remedy in cases of common c. 'p-"-:--... *"* .** ** cheerful piety, a peaceful, happy breathed bis last he told the friends, God was still would say. Lea u........ al 51 mIS I,' s"l '1 :1
many investments he had made in his days of "sore throat," which constitute the "diptheria" death, iand we know that she's at rest where i..a,, ,I"r. i, -s. l .,- I.- ..r: I- .a. affect. we never :eeS h-r. ..: r len- Ba-. tal . u."
wealth. ofmostphysiciasswho are famous for curing sorrow is no more. l...-.. r,. asi ..r .... l :' ... '. May .. 5 Wa" .
When Doctor Osborne was introduced, by a the malady, as well as of theunprofessional. Then to theyoung wesay : h ~ .,. ' ,. .- ,J. ..,i.- for .
mutual friend, to sweet Lou Lester, he felt, from Below we give another prescription which has "Come, while the morning of thy life is glowing, God, and meet him in heaves. C. A. COOWi.. .
that moment, she was his "destiny;" so he lon been before the people, and is entitled to Ere the dim phantoms tlhou art chasing die : ----- M.J. JAMES HARVEY DINOLEo J.. wans s na
yielded to it, with the best grace imaginable, confidence, and trial, in the absence of a skill- Ere the gay spell which earth is'round thee throw- a cf Clarendon dis., S. C., and -.s>e r t. h.
.True, with some prudent young gentlemen, ful physician. .ing Ms. EMMA G.-wife of -Dr. nfoC Hled '. are.o, A -.. n ds that he shouldbeclassed with
oi.h ,',. G Dr.idtteSo b ,iing0..,,r ... :,, ndthsat he1should-belaosed twith

entire lack of that they facetiously entitle ir." ,/,,',,.r .x, , a ,, s- fl.- .1. I-r. ...-.Ir, r,, J. thccrimson from asunsetsky ; daughter of J o S.Coonmbs, L..- ... A.,. e. a tri i,..I. .* ..f her sons. .
.inght have operated as quite drawback v th na-.rk ..l t[e, ,1,. I i -r., .Alr -.. .,,, . ,-,,: L-... .,ir butshadows,savea promisegiven, decease .died inhBainbridge, >.., ... s.. n ote .-. hgd scarcely pealed
puddings of affection. Not so, in the cas .... ,,r'.. ,, f.,rm, ..n .... f .... rrai,,. ,;, ih Which lights the future with a fadeless ray ; l. t a"DOa, borei, ,',". i., Augustase educated r. m .. hr hies. Ms e was- fod
our unsophisticated young Doctor. He esteem- increases gradually until b.' 1..,..'' ,,, r ,r,. .* O, touch the sceptre !- win a hope .in heaven, .t Montpelier, Ga; ,.r i. r the last fourteen or \iis ..r i.: \ r.-, e, -.1C' He was elected 2nd o
aed Lou a mint in her own person, a mine of to death. It is sometimes accompanied with Come, turn thy spiritfrom the world away fifteen years, prier to her death, was a resident of .1 ,,,, e. i .'r r."i. -G woan e einced superior
never failing joy and blessing, weighed against ulceration and great bodily prostration. To pre- JOSEPHUS AxDESOic. Bainbridge. She joined the fMethodist Church s, ,af,,- .. r ,,r .]. ~.G-r aoJ Lean iduIrI l
which, all the "filthy lucre" in the world, were vent the formation of me Fambrane is to arrest _____ me ix r sn ars .The last hours of r c.-.n l ar*,1 is. ... .
but as dust in the balance. So, the Doctor and and cure the disease. The Cincinnati fress patience underuffOring, fervor ofloveandevotio sal esteem ... and confiden.'-r ''e' '' n 'e r ..
Lou.v ere married one day-a day ,',..-.' ilt i g,.. ,-. 11, ,lowing .iample remedy In the S. KAITE eBaR, only daughter of 'v. J. W. to God, and a clear, laright hope of heaven. will After' the first battle of Manaseaas, in which he
they could noai Illr.k .:.f all.-.yin, i. p,rf.,:ect t.lsa iarls~ .ira--c .-.r the complaint, which is always and Sarah Barr, died i n Edgefield District, So. never be forgotten by i s. ".. .... .... r... ., r,. '. *.*-s .*r.rd r. .r .,-h he was'wvunuled in
a., t ,.-ir,g onre f...s. the morrt:.x s.,,mp,,:,i by a soreness, and.swelling of the Ca,., of typhoid fever on 14th Nov., n vs g'eouhc. ,"amI ,f t ,-'a-. ,, .. . .-I s.. ..r hln-t ~j af t e iTe
.t -.. -r m r.cL-, L,.u- :lo.t ,ug t her mau i l. .r-..I let t. patient use a. simple solution of year and seven months. e that le. aped her lip, ca sure her friendI r''thatthelove .. '-st e....urg i .I,. ae .. r Il . s e
sic pupils, >ie l r iI re. L- ..n r. .bh a he few f i t a rd ,i sar, as a gargle, every fifteen min- Little Kate was a model among children of rGd lr ti. ,,, i.e .:r .he . r t '' ..1 Cu. r ii' i. ,', .r ,b l i., a 'l... Sr.? 4 M lh D. ,i
fees t Doctor received, as "a young Doctor." utes. 'At the same time moisten a piece of hers a e for propriety rf conduct, bothathome -, ti :.. -.r .. .1.. .. i _-L Hlrsl, w,.Ia- .a.. ,. .d*s-r .il. -besr' L 'ol.
still continued to "makeboth endameet." ,ta ff,'-,srl .; h a ;.'s-lui,.n.-ri. *- las ime kind, made and abroad. At Church, where she lovod to be, .. .... -, ,. .d i r L.r' rl-.a ten I
the failuate of the old lady's health, with Ihse- ,.. .ari 5-i :i.. Iptsieri a ,. .r, and bind it shIe was ever at her mother's side from choice, e ..lp, 'H," .r :,. I r,, ,- 11F...i,' ih-t lr as.m. He
,approaching necessity of Lou's being obliged to around his throat, renewing it as often as the anrd behaved like one of matured piety and I Jona Lucius BEsa it oBl sen'of James G. aid '.. ,eeI.-.'," .i ,.-.d b,,ir f aisi: flean ,i- '
give up for a season her pupils, were making gargle is administered, and in the meanwhile, years. While her sorrowing parents lament Laura lI. Yarn, was born Feb. 25th, 1851, and ,r, i i. : I -. .I I,, ,* .el.Frping. H.e a '.el.:vd
poverty at last, a more palpable and painful sprinkle fine salt between the flannel and the their loss, they rejoice in her gain. J. S. C. died Nov. 19th, 1802. L,, oli -, J ..ri, l r u, v-.. -. kir'.i. t.oaurt-
calamity than it had ever been before. In fact, neck.. pUse inwardly some Ionic or stimulant, He was.' ,-'r:' a .. .. |.. -I. .':-.I. ,. :.', i' : ,, .:,, .. i .aL.-r, h. c.,
our young Doctor, his wile and mother-in-law, either separately, or f the prostration be great, t o--"-- .n wes r-.ya spr.ghtly ra. r.." ar.r. ,,-, 't.. .-. ,.:'.. -, i. i ..-.. .. .. r... Ii, ram
were feeling rather uncomfortable and gloomy, use both together. The treatment as may be Itewass gn la as r.. f teb ,l.',f, ,- ,,n -*' .*,,.r a,.aroul.r.-C sLl...,rg .II'
in view of the future and its discouraging pros- seen, is simple, and if used in the earlier stages ge class.L-a He loved the hymns, the lessons, and his.: '... ...-. .... ... -.. s .... .. rr r . ''.
pects looming up before them. of the disease, will effects complete cure. prayers that were taught him there, and they ... --,a S i -.., i ,n h.rt,..r r I a... a' t.
In the town of Lexington resided old Mrs. a source of comfort to his young heart in the time noutho, noa]8ie0ionM tJEfcu wa, rd H Er.. ia t3
Morton, a wealthy widow, and without children, --- .. ------ --- ----- of his suffering and death. When not prevented at good aoiesior., i-, eu-.m.:ala .r at.j h ,,
the utocrattofan extensive circle offriendsp .e rc. C sro h or.t by extreme paie, he would sing those songsos. sad '.'.n it,S pr,.e as1 .,i
the autocrat of an xtensiv a cne waoffriend, a pd s a. I i. n. U MRS. EI. born in lift hisa heart and voiee in prayer. And thus he i r, l-. itse .ir. ...rr a te e so .-1. -pIs .s le h
relatives and connections. She was nd, arid Claiorn co, Ala.. on 7th De., 1823, anddied on passed away to the bosom r i ,,,,r t. l' r.-.- It ..e s .- hI ..e wr .a,. t. I.. s.le -.. -
in her way, generous; but she had her notions the 8th Nov., 1802. .aid, "of such is the Kingd '.. .i .i ...... .: h-r ,o ,' *> 'i, .I '11 ',n" 'h-y n [ns n
and peculiarities, and these it was the interest For twelve years she had been a consistent mem- 1'. r a..,.' ...i r a a..- II, :'l A .A,,' .-." r \e
of this.]trgesurrounding cirleofhers, tohumor Fomrthe SouthernChristiaAdvoeatse. berof the .tE. Church, nodas deut w hristian.y fteY-rs,- l h-',, -t- w'r e`.-iwa t.stTe ec"a .
and respect, aware, that by tie s eoursed they AN EXAMPLE OF EARLY PIETY. deprived of threprivileges of pulficworship, butherO - g.., ,,,g ..tah,-m.,n.n I,1e .na,.esnTe.: su .rr, ,r
Iad Ie-,, t t ,,. t.e ...- Sn,.'.., if not .:....arirn-ou True religion is always beautiful,but loveliest her tobo there. She sought no excuses Ibr nn- in Winchester, Va., Oct, ...on, '-, ofpneumo- I.,..y S- ..i-..-. It, lar.Jst.,'-.p, n a .
consent, called "creaking door," :"r n I t y g. It adorns wealth, enriches ttdane, but under the prompting of an arnet monia, aged 87 years. le. ... r.. '. n Th.. .n..-e
onlfse .'.n ur. al d r-ik.1 -ins d 1-i l .. r n*r|" per t, -h..::r' ar d comforts ege ; but pie ty, str ove to overcome reallhindrances, andoften Lastspring hewent ,. i V;.:. as a recruit. r ,,i..,r ,. alu i i.=de r ,. r'es- tl-aed rm' -
1~,r i i ne.a -yiam p- L,- F.i,' i t -r s ~ Ia.- iil oerni angelic in youth. It ssaSppArcd in th e congregation suffering suc h physi- He could have been .: .m I g th Caoaptaincy or a,,. '. t r.i' pr tre s i r" r F.n w ht "Ih .
,,- l .u. tb h nl r_,, .l. r,, E., r. uib Ihe('ov"or er ,'".* l]-rL-; ur,.r. r.r,l admiration. Cooper was fuand zsi out Sdhewasdil entawn helek fin ppor-th-j i meueB~nc t hof .oe' Corpahy toel.rmtiin a oe iat w on dd..ih...e ep, a,-Dayhe ', .l b,..-r lran. .n
family physician. In short, shle hd Leen wht h.l rnote miratio. aod ei was ril co e w a d iligent in seeing opperl th-ieat e, but ae Copany fia orromingat Ihome oat noble --.s- ,r-. ..-si .. L .,atr, b-r. .-ar., .an'
"the faculty" facetiously and significantly style b correcwheube wrote: i tun itiC rto od, Fev considering hor4nrtros, none d : -i .a' t e -i-" t v ,- k : l d. h ".. - .- orn to ns-
"a fat patient.' While in one of her intervals "Grace is a plant, where'er it grows', did more. fo; s- Church and the poor. Her devo 5, 'i a1 .. aI'..:B...... I ..- ... ... .M P -r, -
of invalidism, on visit one day to a friend liv- Of pure and heavenly root, tion to Cris. v..s sen nsud bnutifully illustrated came out of them -safe. r. i,, .J.ri.r, .tr, ,:e m .
ing a little oit oftown, the f.rly t l, BI t faest in the youngessows. around her oa ireside. It was there, in the "do- at Gokesbury has lost its host member. From : ,, "
were; sarittled by'oaowr, terrible herief r t[,e ,ar And yieldst tehe uhest fruit meestic stoe- tI -y,', thast lher Chrisi la rn character one who was wis-i .ras, .,. ,,- r .- -... f .: I .A ie T i:i7, VI .)i .F KIMPE CT
.werestartled by terrible e rie. a ..r I" ,:.g r, .( Ant yie s rtme tces t nrit. shone brighleis and was most potnue nt for good. that he died in ;-.:., .. A.'. --, '... l 1. *.- ...i ,,. r.a J.., it... F I s i.. _art|r,,l .Com '.Ie,
pain proceeding from the l.-ei'r yard s,, elas And this, Prayer ads f.Aiths, coupled with a firm, yet mild regard to his wi. ,r I ,, 1r. ,.I i ,..... , .. -., s,,r,..,-. Cir.I A l .
house. These. were occasioned by a painful "Virtue with peculiar charms api-.1 t. discipline served to draw her whole family heaven i1.-.I.> ... It.. i. Ir G. I ar, i s.7o ,,,,,.ra- .. ,,r B. -e..i; Fait.-r ,,a. .-, Uisio-..
accident that had ;. "- "..' is wa ere .r, l Groawnedwishthe garland of life a hloomilng pare t, a s 1,- , ... i a r u thei n I r N li' ies" G d' II .' ., a .,r.-. 'e. a- .e .r. t. a le Ht
belonging to h.- i ,.ran.-,,,l' fot years." in the parent Well mia theb children of such a --- - -- . ,r c "d .,. '
hadbeenrunovel y p.:--ung ,.. aib,5 l,, I BDore the time of Cowper, Francis Quarles had Motib ai, che ranisa h cea,,s me .,,y forever I. Wr ._., Br-. s..e D,,.-,:I -aM ,u,- e.nd. s .d.:
some of the bones appeared to he aru ined aunl s wri lten: eNotwithata dining her lons continued ill health and SaJ' . .F,, .i i: ...-'', I LsttI a i ,s,'. ,,,-y* .,- Q.,sr..-rly. C uL.-.- -
broken. What was to be done? Te a wr frquntsvrttck, : . ,.,ed
quired surgical skill; but would it n t he c n. "Thrice happy he whose downy ag had ben expectedly. So alarm s. t. ....... i .t.,,r,.-,.r ., D. t-. '.'. '- t . . r. v ... -..,* .. .. U- ,-, .... *. rIy (i- ',.n5 -r . .r.i
sidered by one of thefuli ra,., I ,,o s r M R. ,at ,i. ms -ae.. -r- Ir.. sheprimeofsi physician said: s s tll l ,, ,ida.,"-,hit. 1.' L ,,i: battle of Mianes .. .b.... 'l ..f ,,,.a,,,: -,,,,,, tr Me. ,rr tr , r.
D.'s rather an insult, tc sa,;r ser l,m f,:, adogI .Ac-e- bri s -a ..r. a tastefeftr th taewl sh e a 1.,. A tearing thee service he .Ja :l."". 1 s.r: ; a .. ... c i- s. i. er i. ..i ht -
W while debating the point, rather at a loss for "e er i reator y u occupied her ,.a, ,. ... ,,rt .-a i .. W i..;. Ir..,l' ,ia' s ., ,, [., t. S. .' h." 5,. ... 2 T., a .,.-r t. .r I ,. r. ,,sry s r
whom to send of the learned faculty, whoshonuld And since the days of either, Eliza Cook, has she was not ......... ..aL.-.., i., .. u. u u -iiy .,i...i s. F. .r ',,.* y5,. 5. ,'>. ,:i.- u. 5 .5 n.i 'f i. ,L .. .. ,.. .. ., ,-ns .,- n ..- r- [.-: : ] i.: ad-
at that m om ent be passing by, but our youn- said a a .. .. i .' . ".,,-u i 5 ,.r.:. .' i r, ,.,. nr. .. ofthe M E. O. I church ; ; .`a r-I ; .- -, | ,,. -, | ,, ,-aI,, .. ,. l i i .:.., .1 ,11 .i ,,r..,- and
S, ol r, i .- l .... and sorrowing friends of usfulness as a class-leader and at.,:r .t ...".1rr ,, ,, ,,,,. , r.r ... .r c a,, r I.I.. rv.
Dr. Osborne, who, hearing the yelling of the "Live that thy young aldglwingbreast, what isof more value still, an unblemished Chris. of'Suoday-se.. .1. 1. l is.- a .. ..a s' : ... . . ,, ,."-.a .-. o,,r .. %., i ok
poor animal with the fractured foot, stopped to Can think of death without a sigh, tian life. OC As. A. FULwoon. lauding that '. r,,, ..1. ...i ,r, ," r t :,. . -... ..1 1, r.-rr.L.. .. a. -.r ,
inquire into the cause of the demonstration; And be assured that life is best eth to the people of God." t1 '-m... a s :" ir." r. ai.. .L:.nd s
anrd when informed of it, he immediately prof- Which finds us least afraidto die."-- -; esoltins beconveyed by 'n. 5 ' Tr,. to our.
feared his semoices to relieve the canine sufferer This is the language, these the sentiments, of Sen'r T 0tMA E. I0LLoIoG, of Co. E, 14th .tweahi hrd----S avedsistern 18 ,a.,.d:ir, a..] Is ,-i i, ,hei ,
The operation, to the most unitiated eye, was true poets ; and poets are possessed of ,...: i ,, s., and son of Mr. George and Caro- SISTER AZY fMITH, was born in Vz .. : d ,, under the..-t- ,., bsreave-
a nice one, .i.4u'i" r., a' i tshhll a..,o'uient s.,.. idea of the beautiful. Piety- is 'therel.S-- l,. a,.... )f Coal mountain, Forsyth co, Ga., 9th, 1790, married to ero. Wm. DW .,i,,,, -, und . a- .h.
tenderness,' .,. I s, ul ,!-.. ,:.ur ri:unr,, i ,:,, .,an most beautiful typeof youthful character i, la ' -.' N: 41t, 1841. -' Sept., 1817, and died in Jackson co., ,, ,: l 2d, -
happened to possess in an eminent degree,, as greatest charm the young cau possess, the beat hoeo -- f-i, ,',, ,, ,.r., aI -i, -r..I,,-te ,and t asn .,h aP12. .
swas soon cle. UmanifeatedCihe e -NH..Ma.ib.It y a w ia d hoed a. h..i iandclass F-i t ihr, an..a. v csh teiwas I's .I
wassoonlearly ese ,-, they can wea It is a ad mistake room were places familiar with him. When about M. l. .,,. ..I Antioch. Her ,, 1. i a -i. r ,:.F .Pr
managed by him so successfully. Soon, the re- Iom some young perso-ns, who are led tobelieve 15 ye-,,d .,_ 1 ; d the M. E.. C ,,, I. n'., ., ad, ,,., u 1.r..i ,.e ... r ;.;,.-.-i .. J ,.1 ., -,,. ,, in .y ,r. .-.
Lived ia kr. ..i *lLa.,i 1.:....-kh I 1 : ,6t. ia,,,r with ch ',,l,5,,.,' ;, r,.., .,,I',,t ;. .. e desirable, but soon .,. -, i., .1 ,,,,s-.1 a satisfactory a,-..--,.., .. -c -.- ...',.- ,... ,. i ,rs,5 ,, ,.. e. i .. r ,,1 -, -,- a .. [.r ,.,1 : .; a ', ...
glisteni., .- .hi le A ost,. s- l s a r.l r ii- e .. r ..i t-,r yment. It is ahis ncreptasneA with G ed, and continued in the fel- Jesus; yet enabled at all times ( I i I, t .I rIAer. It5. W- .i C
attempting to lick the Doctor's hand. 'The very different: it is the greatest ornament of lowshie of the Chaurch till his death He lov-ed "Thy will be done." Her dying a ..I r ,. ,- -a..iCr Ii .:s., .s i.
whole scene had been interesting and affecting; the young, the richest treassureof the aged, and socredhist rvicesy for thedefence i, 1 , y in She now spectacleeps wof ll-mor sublhe sleeps ,' J .. "I ; V ,,' i', t.
the poor dumb, suffering, but at length relieved to all who embrace it a fountain of the purest July, 181i, went to tW Vdefn;,c *.-, in Sh n l. o i se w lo.r .h osp*: i. a.,a. r s'g m "'
itandgraulbrehIinrelligent, pleasure.,,toenoebehJuly,,t.i,..sereqentltI --------_---- -,,,,-, 5..r h,,. Hl.e, .,rla.. Is
and gratefulbrute; thentleany,inteigent, peaure. Itenoblesthe nature, elevates the mand, and wasin the :. l.r, c ,,, ,,,,. ,,,r I ,,... "
skillful young physician, ministering so prompt- mind, cheers the heart, purifies tihe I--.-:.-,:. .nd ltin fights, proved ., ,J ..1., ..r ..r.. -- esled, 1st That while we '- ." i.' il :, '
ly, so tenderly, so efficiently, then, refusing. so fixes wit hin a strong faith in .-.:.. ... l a u anrtss and on the 'h c..: r ni,, ,,, a . .. .. I . i r i..,, .. .i... .;i]..f I i. .1.. a a
decidedly, the large fee held out to hin by the good hope of heavenly felicity. Meas he ftten e l t swo e m l,-,pmi. i.. .r. ra rom._15 ta.1 r .. ,m, ..._ b, .-.- e ,.- s- $ .:
obliged owner of the dog, on the conclusion n of Youthful piety removes many i : : ,fe .t, 0t having received the fatal ball. Th e ,.a .. ..a L i:rs .D. joined the M. I ,:.,,,-.r ;,a. .,-, r. I .- r T" .. ., .,- D Wt ,
the operation. No! no!" said our '' half starv- from the Way to success in life, establishes an man in his 21st year, of as much .... i. ly member until his death. He was a good ,, r,.. ,- I,,.. '. D, wr. are
ed" young Doctor "excuse me from accepting enviable character for worth and integrity which fitness to the country as any; of good mind- neighbor, a loving, faithful husband, a kind and I, ,,, , ,a,, r,, ;. .r r, n Ei. sa li
any remuneration for a case like this, so out of is of great value i n any profession, and secures noble, generous, and honorable in n is,. 1, p..,a .re, .. . r, ..',.1. ,. I ',,,,, i. ,..a tr,e a'-,-. threL e tklu- 5.-] e q.rlo'. .In
theregularpractice. Is rewarded sufficiently, for its possessor a host oftrue friends, besides .and deportmen J. H 1. ,,,_, r,,. ... c-.- .. I' 5 .. t._ B A, "it.r .h t.. l,- .h.,. t,- .~ rg,.-:ad, t.,.
by having been of service to poor Tray. I will the prom isef of G" -,'ripe .; providence. -, ,sr.-.a t ,:-.s. Cs i h ..*... , ',-, ,.-_ rs,. -,, .a s ,C .-
call again to-morrow, and see how the poor ,Trsee h y, -,.a dovdersr mHeleaves .wife as.. CA i r..t i .,. r:- r,, ,, ,r.. ,rria.lo .t.
fellow is getting on. Good day." Little did the Thi"Gce hapysal. .i whohears Wi ,. ..frha omas and Elizabeth his loes. .. a.i a f I .s ..-'I:a -. .
.elige;s's warningIvoice, ris, I--- - a, s..-a.' ,' .-.--1_.._-_I. .-s :; r -fa; t ,.,, i s a. "a
one who had proffered the fee know how much And who, celestial wisdom makes L. egimesn, died is :., t e r ,i , ri- Lt. ,",'-'si-I-a ,a a- -..-i-a
the poor Doctor needed it. "Well," said heto Hi'ayolcoc. I''---- ---,i -fs n-iL in. .. ,5- ,1 -.. n ,1 1n., in s--.a a- -r .... ..
his wife, on his return home from his profes- me ear.y, ou.y cnxoicame. \ ,,, hne, .... h. M M L C. tyP,., ui .len'te.-.of Wm.a i,- ,,,' -.u Ts,.s. r, -,..l.,, t.., ,r,a'.t e
sional visit of that day, e if b my own species will Let me give you an example ofyouthfll piety, So tru ever bent ha ,r r, i y P :, i ,I c-. ".,.... :,.-u, f .ia. r.',re,-.:- e is.7 -, ,. '
notgivemeopportunity of evincing to themmy onethat csme under my own ot.,-tra... .,rr.,n e. v .perdhitted .f sa r,,. lr;s. -t,. .s a i, i s. ,, ,. nhi.- Is;r. '.-,. I -a.r-i a -...-y tei' Cr,, te. irmt-e'
medical skill, I am thankful I have beenallowed example of one of the sweetest an.- an.-.', hilpr, -,' I ,.: , . m. ,r t ......1 *I ,.r's' T,., ,,,,, L .r, p5, i: ,, .. ;,,, ...
to prove it on a poor beast. Thank God! I can girls ever saw, one beautiful rn :-lr.. ;en.......,.I _- ,. I P'.I.,, r. Ian,- -.., Ialt pi-..- H-. ,t *,.rJi ':.. J T. T.T aasF. F i'
be of service to anything." in spirit. Sue ch life as hers deserves a perma *,: r. i- ..- id.. l ,s i ,w ._-r I ily:I '. .r,- ".mr;-*, ,,, .\' ,.. m.. d,. ar a..- i, f.. T tam (C.. H Coosocs, See'y. ". I .
One of the most observant and interested of nent record, for, as old 1Bernard Barton said i: petea to ... .s- '.. .l, .',i ,.N 1 ,'"'."" I ....-,-. ,nsi; .bil- s .. ,- .. '" .. "
the spectators of that scene, in which figured as "Heavep lisasabout cs in our infancy I home to e en, and I believe when e left t'is P. L. HmanA. --- -
principal of the dramatics personal," the Doctor Ifso, we should not with indifference meet unfrienii,- 'i iI .-. .t r- I-s.. arms. Yet it ___,--- i piF LTEOF Pi_,'_T.
and the dog, was old Mrs. Morton. The whole Aught that recalls a memory so sweet lii ead -.,,. li -ae:. l-a, ..'ing in a distant . ,_ 1. n.. . . .
behaviour of the Doctor is his treatment of his As ne of bright adearly ay gone by a, ...... h ,, s orsne m relahve Tyr was b n ta rris c ,.. sI .-.. a r r 1.- hm 1
canine case, was to her .ignilicant of his ch arac- Sarahb Jane Budd, was born July the 1 th, ':..... i -... . t.:..I.,-,- f ',.,.. 'st ,s r ned by pious pare-,r a r. l , I ,.s.,e. ,--. .I-r'n s' ... hb r.: ..r-., .. ,UI C-.rcsi -
ter.. "'A merciful man is erciful to his beast." 1848, in Monticello,sFla., and died Nov. 12th, I he thus dealt with us in l -e ..I rr- CI ,,r,-,r, .s,..I , t.-ri boy, moved with h?: [,i-s ic. *M '.. '" ,S .- ., Jr a*u Br.a.-, Et i. 'a rem.-
heyoungDotor'sonducthadunostentaionsly 1862. Her parents Win. Budd, Jr., dec'd, and I hope it may proe to .. al ..-. teeed i defee .. un r
exhibit, hat has been even called "the dai- Margaret Budd, were pious, and gave her the sorrow for himn, Ax IgTIMATEa FIacanti.. taken sick, carried to the l..un,,.n ''..'a,,,i,, a a .. Bl 5'e. :ruriere.
ling attributeof Deity" mercy: and, besides, he benefit of a good example andreligious training. ... __ Tenn., and there died Aug. I -t... r bc... hun. r.-g .ain
had proven himself possessed of sonse of the Lilly (this was her pet name) was inmany e never had made a p:,U.,he:ms u ..l ,pelui- ,, ,-.r-, s i,-s .,- Ih... :,, doAth sll tr,( ",|11. .-.
chest distinguishing marks of a first rate physi- respects a remarkable child. She. was never EuLIZ H. H.ANKI`S. wife of Dr. Summerfield orftr. e.,f, tdh la'as-," -'.j tm. r ,. ki,,,r--- rl'a.- i, '..i s-r i--el
pian. 'He shall be ay Doctor too," said theold knowri to utter a falsehood, and was scrupulous- Hancine. died at look's Hammock, Sept .0th. inrs. a sIte aa r D rd s, 'LD(,I(. ISat.sIer.'-hs
lady. "He was not above hbeng Doctor to a ly truthful. She was gentle, amiable, and kind- t i hef a nerel c- e..h. sem er fs, t ihe t C' .. ._ _I, th ,,, i r r l, y s t ,,rssien ha.d so t a i-:.,by r '
peer dog, and I will not he above being his ly attentive in everygood office, wthirang ard Church some seven or" eght yers,. and exhibited ,,.,o .....-,aL.. an a.u-.e d ensr,-,,. 5..
patient, for these future. t waiting assiduously in the sick room, and affec- in all her Aets, the clearest evidence that she was a Jass M: WINCHeSTEr, of CIpt Turner'- '.0. ard--ie sati-si'*.,' Ir, etcl'l.ui -5.ran- .
Our young Doctor's fortune was c ide. Tho a al.-snle.l mr.n;iasr;in t.) a alrwantsofothers. Her child of God. As a wife, she was. irsJ,:-. sit a.l-nt 4, 5i.. il r. Nr. .. .. w ilil e ai. II,. ..,,r,d h. .'rmnil., ly sar efflei-r.a aIr.- ,,.--.
1o ld lady's example weslaws etoheroircl- a- ,;,s ., ., ras , .., ,r ,I:,.r order, so beautifully is implied- in the trm, assa ss-itsI ,, ul ar.l it Sr. t, t,ur M.l..on ;t b i..a 1I, I- u s c. i..' rI ,I, 5..1.1,:A i riti-, a io
andihfluential one. Patients poured in [eEs .ui r." and. -isly as h-r disposition and o obedient, aso sister, truly afieciaon a'., .. -,e, i-sr-, id s sa siluableas ong man da n, rf ,i 'ui a de.s I.cs' arsl'
multiplied Lou had nolongerto teach, w en sl,. -st 'as her character. lnn that could bhe t f relied ustpat t iob -led-. M. L. aur-..:h,,:, tcud n,J prl p e. r c,-.telg,-:n .. ,r. rI'.-,.-, .lr,,i.-s .,.i. thes, rs .. h -i r-' ,.
she was ailing; and the old lady, her mother. n ar srthe death f her father, the late pae sfdt bt, to that 'ethat ..,i .. tC,.r passed .s avs .n.hs r ,r. i i i I
had no more to trouble about how to make the William Budd, Jr., Lilly professed religion and -. "as. "I._ e_ , .', r '. h T5:.,h I,, r-n. :at.lli be bltsh ,
pot boil. The rich Doctor, at the head of his onthe 19th of October, 1859, was receivedinto _______- -___--- --_'-__" A B ..-<.. -. ,
profession, never ceased to remember that he the Methodist Chauceh. When she joined she i dest "daughter of Rev. E. A H. W-. B s, Qom- .
owed,under Providence, his success: in life, to said it was "not for six months but for life." ited in8 os ta .o., rGa, on O a Aien e died d neargh linton, Le .. : I.BT ,s. I -. .,
the humble instrumentalitof'the wounded foot Her piety was exemplary, and her conduct was Thus in the very prime of manh6of h te hope June 22 n d, 18M, aged about 12 years. A true copy f lhe r T,. u.rd t .
of "poor dog Tray;" and .by.. remiiee of consistt with her profession. In class meet- and comfort of a loving family, has in the macrn- She had been tor about four years a member aJ L. FooaZs, -d. Se etar.

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