Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: September 18, 1862
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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~ -~- '~' ' - .-L. Ilr (11-TI~R*l 1I,I .* i -C----- C

nonx 1623, DIED 1661.
rel In Ier a Ir shed that thbe ien me oof
they oppose it.
2. Nothing betrays so much weakness of
understanding, as not to perceive the misery of
man suithout G7od. Nothing is a surer token of
e treme baseness offspirit,m han not to wial for

traly a coward, as he who acts bravely against

3. Under the Jewish economy, truth appeared
only mn figure; in heaven it is without veil; in
the Church it is veiled, but discerned by ite
correspondence to the figure. As the fgure was
first built upon truth, so the truth is now dls-
inguishable by the figure.
4. When the Scriptures speak of the Meassiah
as great and glorious, it is evident they refer to
has, edging the world, and not to his redeeming
it. r
5. H~ow delightful it is to behold, with theeys
of faith Darilus, G rrus, A exander, the R mhanst
knowiy n 1eote theI aspirin wtgh ek
knoig it, to prbometh glory ofte gospel

him, knows nothing, either in the order of the
world, or in himself. For not only do we know
nothing of God but by Jesus Christ, but we know
nothing of ourselves, also, but by Jesus Christ
7. A little thin coforts u beas little
thing af~icts us.
8. Many err the miore dangerously, because
they take a truth as the foundation of their
error. This mistake lies, not in the believing a.
falsehood, but in regarding one truth to the
exclusion of another,
re ret o grae rd a ,m yt i e lievin gthe
the Virgin, than the creation of the world. Is
it less easodu reproduce a human body than it
1a '1 poue hi p 1s
10. T story of the Church ought, in pro-
priety, toobe called thn historyroe lru apy w

should have nlo occasion to divert ourselves from
thinking of it.
12. O Lord, open 4ny heart; enter into this
rebellious place, that my sins have possessed.
They hold it in subjection; do thon enter, as
into the strong man's house; -but first bind the
strong and powerful enemy, wpho is the tyrant
over it, and take to thyself the treasures which
are there. Lord, take my afections, which the
world has robbed thee of ; spoil thou the world
of this treasure; or rather resume it to thyself,
for to thee it belongs; it is a tribute I oirre thee,
for thine own image is stamped upon it.
Ezw.-Bin intyroid~that has spread farther, con-
tinued longer, and left more visible marks of its
desolating power than the flood of Noah. One
generation' only was swept away with that ; but
how many generations have been swept with
this,eternityalonewPillreveal. Thatflooddestroy-
ed only the bodlies; this the souls of men. Ihi
a gre that has ruined more families than the
burning of Moscow in 1812, of London in 1666,
or of the cities of the plain in the time of Abra-
hamt. It is a famine in which more have per-
ished than all the famines of ancient or modern
date. It isa wuar that has never ceased since
the commencement of hostilities in the garden
of Eden, sa yetilnce that walketh in darkness,
and wasteth at noonday, a toppet, a wh~irlwoind, a
dtorm, an earthquake, and more fearful in its rava-
ges than any that have visited either earth ~or
sea; it is a di1ease more infectious than the lep-
rosy, and a plague more to be dreaded than all
the plagues of ~Eypt.. All the energies of men
and angels cannot overcome this universal evil.
Our only hope and help is in "Ohrist crucified."
Reader, if thou ars in danger of being destroyed
by this enemy, flee instantly to Christ, and by
faith lay hold on the h pe set before thee.
Tax Powns or fop.--The power of God knosis
no exceptions. It is absolute and unlimited,
and while it embraces the vast, it carries its re-
sistless influence to all the minute and unnoticed
diversities of existence. It reigns and operates
through all the secresies of the wisest man. It
gives birth to every purpose. It gives impulse to
every desire. It gives shape and color to every
conception. It wields an entire ascendancy over
every attribute of the mind; and the will, and
the fancy, and the understanding, with all1 the
countless variety of their hidden and fugitive
operations, are submitted to it. It gives move-
ment and direction through every one point in
the line of our pilgrimage. At no one moment
of time does it abandon us. It follows us to~the
hour of death, and it carries us to our place and
our everlasting destiny in the region beyond it.
It is true that no one gets to heaven, but he who
by holiness is meet for it. But the same Power
which carries us there, works in us the meetness.
And if we are conformed to the image of the
Saviour, it is by the energy of the same predee-
tinrating God, whose good pleasure it is to give
unto us the kingdom prepared for us before the
foundation of the world.-Dr. Chalmers.
SORROW AND SANCTIrrrIIONrox-We learn from
Pliny, that the ancient Romans "considered no
grain proper for divine service until it had been
parched." It required cleansing by fire, to
make it suftieiently pure for an offering to the
gods! So, even the behierng heart, that it may
lie without spot on the altar of consecration,
peeds to pass through "thed urnace of afaiotion."
It must "glorify the Lord in thefiree," to become
meet for the fellowship of Hfis glory. These
fires, though they may seem of earthly origin
and threaten to consume us, are all krindledand
regulated, and quenched by the Heavenly
Blefiner--burning not a moment 4fore He bills
itnot moment after His purpose ia accomplish-

e o gest ,bb neest gnie bIh on h er
obht Edawn wearier days," and life, i it had
no u arhyapet wu b olans,

For iherou ~hen thia. ~n Adocte.
The hirster bays tis re
Fieroogleams the sword an eye of Fate,
The voice orwar,the voice of Hate,
Thdand nod dpnd I hoth say ;
From these I turn-ah, sore distreat i
My headt, e f or e Ye m onry, bleede-
Oooed on ofriu up y r ie
au Ither, Thourdsost bring from grtes
Though drear the night, I will not weep
In christ I siebp
I sleep to dream of brighter days
Onaroabw f I d oend wh as I
My heart ithibadrul ghidnease quaes
The triumphs of our gallant anod
Te i te stent Pof an is dutn
In God we trust.
For the Southern Christian Advocate.

ThaT uan iO RboCE unto toul Os thsparks
fly upward," no one can reasonably doubt, who
gives current events but a passing observation.

only excite our sympathly, brit inspire the ques.
tion, Why is it thus with us? ad, whan, encecame
Bu n feam ?an Can it be that's wisely and go
we governed by the light of nature and human
reason, such questions would be utterly inexpli-
cQable; ~but we have a more sure frord of ~proph-
ec whereby we ma be gided in such mthe s
A d, ~et, notwithustaned g the Bible ima s. e
elicit uon this subject, th re are maygiv
errors uproad in the land t at harmans th wh m
ble followers of our Saviour. And we cannot
feestacontent to let them alone when so much is
In regard to the origin of af~ietions it is gen-
erally .admitted that there is a sense in which
all af~iction is the result of sin and the fall of
man. The direct causes are said to be satanic
agenpey, violation of the 1sers of nna re,hand
no doubt that the wicked one has power to
af~iot at times now, as he did in olden times.
MZany anoribe a great deal to him. The worst
and most active error at present, is an attempt
to resolve all physical aflietion into a violation
of the lws of nature. That a man may, and
does induce many of his afilictions by his own
imprudence, is frankly admitted; but when all
af~iotion is ascribed to this source, to the exclu-
sion of Providence, we transcend the boundsof
the Bible and let in a flood of infeelity not
easily arrested. It is one of the modes of Piov-
idence to attach certain punishments to certain
digressions from the laws of health; but this
does not exclude the direct interposition of God
when no such transgression has been committed.
One is the uniform and general course of Provi.
dence--the other the special anid direct. They
who make the laws of nature the sole cause of
man's afa~ietions, certainly -do not know that
such a theory was originated in the schools of
Hlume and Paine, or they would not be so
tenacious for these opinions. Afflictions are
frequently visited upon sinners in order to re:"
form them, or as punishments to makre them ex-
amples and a warning to others; but the right
eous are not brought, under this rule. The
afflictions of the righteous are many; and while
they bring quite a number of them upon thbem-
selves by their own improvidence and wicked-
ness, many are disciplinary visitations of Proyi.
dence. "Though atfliotion cometh not forth out
of the dust, neither doth trouble spring out of
the ground ; yet man is born unto trouble as the
8spaks By upward."-Job v. 6, T. Whence then
cometh af~iction ? The answer is found as fol-
lows: "Hle doth not willingly aflict.'--Lam. iii.
33. "I know, O Lord, that thy judgments are
right, and that thou, in faithfulness hast afflicted
me."--Ps. exix. 75. Such texts are aL complete
refutation of the oft repeated 'assertion that,
"God has nothing to do with ~aflictions."
Here the question comes up, why does God
afflect the righteous? and how isitobnsistent
with his goodness ? The only satisfactory an-
swer is, they are disciplinary and necessary for
their good under the present constitution of
things. It was with this view the Almighty sen-
tenced man."to eat bread by the sweat of his
fsee." The P~snmist says "It isgood for me
that I have been af~icted; that I might learn
thy statutes."~-Pa. exrix. 71. In verse 67 he
says, "Before I was f81icted I went astray; but
now have I kept thy word." The designof
afflictions was to correct the writer, and induce
him to keep the statutes of the Lord ; and he
declares the end was obtained. Then, why may
not the same means bring about the same results
now ? The apostle says: "Now no chastening
seemeth to be joyous for the present, butgre.
ons; but afterward it yieldeth the peaceable
fruits of righteousness." This is the ultimate
design of providential aficitions ; and if our Sa-
yiour was "made perfect through sufferings," as
the apostle boldly asserts, why may not his weak
and erring followers be benefitted ilike
manner ?
Afflictions are the furnace in which the good
man's virtues are to be tried and purified, and
hence the righteous "Lglory in tribulations "
knowing that "these light afliotions, which arel
but for a moment, work out?' for them "a~far
`more exceeding and eternal weight of glory."
And it is not beneath the dignity of the Father
thus to discipline and develop the graces of R~ie
children. Burely they who speak so much and
so confidently ot the lawsof nature, do nos speak
wisely, as their theory removes God from the
field ofaf~iction and leaves man to the mercy of
unfeeling and unintelligent laws, while the
Christian theory has a God in ali things to mod-
ify and reapply every agency that may purify
and enil ten the heart. If "ever gdn

afflictions often come from God; for Dlavid says,
''It is good for me that I have been attieted."


New Series--Vol.1i. No. 36

Then cheer up amficted ones, for in the chin, but still kept the field. They were the arrival of the reverend prelate, his delay was
"8abbid, a frowning Providence, then ordered to RaVance on the foe. ,While complained of, and its cause explained. H~is
Your pressn a iio mslay co rect many errors, an e ing td w to in his hi el bed aee d a ed moe a ynne ofthh mese god.coO
and refine and develop your grace untilyou are, severe on rn his elhobuler. They were thenhienengteomerbudhmshpl
lket raipne shooks hr eayfo th garner ind heaven, andeB'R leaving him on thk felw Wh e ddine and dismissed him from his service. Having
Let patie ncme hae hr pefet work ande thed ebnd and making ome effort to retire, althouo on this he addressed the bishop thus: "Now,
wi cme. emeber od s abe to un-seveelywounded, he received a fourth and my lord, if you please we will proceed." Iflielord -
dnl soa le yo ia thinm towrask ,oug eaa w idm tlr qhthe o wels.h He was in ship mithgreatmildness,hut tithessmotimewit

kal a~u lat doy oat mt aimd upn ere ny t tal bulet and ioonip dhi whill anly irr Lation or angeddtoward a fejloW-
thee to rest. Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly. of his sword and wato alone ahre ~unu he de wo udny eolcighmslsi,"y
SAt abour, eight o'clook, P. M., the field was lord,you are right;" and then sent for the offenl-
For thle southern Christian Advocate. regained and he was found in a dying condition, ing party, whose forgiveness and restoration to
LINES till, he was calm and happy: his first question favor he announced in terms of great kindness
04 ah wdeathl ohree mmsna dS% fMuc8swa n, Srrrwand to his Lieut. was, "H~ow does -Jhe battle go ?" and condescension.
W*sR hon fri nUeh bas le-en d f om h Cre~stors h, rle are me Orlous,' was the reply. HI die con-
herftha ersh fistee freole the blessed' giftl, Dbntd". Baid 110, for if I hadslml aAred lives, HE SHIALL BE SAVE~D."
obn, a hs r in L~mtocs ,rpe nT 1 e, m tohrda givthlemy al hrmey cond y ed l t .my he"I m the door; by me if any membenter i
strokled down the silkren hair, and printed first am not afraid to die. I will soon be at rest.,,esy issm p
The kiss paternal on the pure young brow, Over and over again he repeated these messages, ter. There is no word, so commonly used, with
Then k~neeling, with the gift within their arms, and died at about 8) o'clock, P. M., on the field so little apprehension of its full meaning, as this
dhe h enomef htt shde~o garac wh bhe tslan s at s his harshwere saluted Iword,r saluation.m ntexpresses something moee
The man, that they hand gotten I am the Lord.-- his life to secure. So died the Christian soldier know what we lose in losing heaven, before we
That he might p~rove a chrosen vessel, calt'd, on the bloody field of Cedar Run* cmrhend it. One mght be sird from we

When aged,t worn, exhused, thy had thought was a kind, e inugnsot, confidigusbnd, aner.d wothisb savng. Bu there isn mdlesg doesny
E'e asther plsidhad a legthletgo encure the almosioaroulv of his fahradelvoted fore the oul. fit es not suffer, w ie must hrejoce

The gospel standard, that ason's strong arm wife. As an elder brother, he was almost a within joy unspeakable and full of glory. If it
nhul atc dtalig an ao i e fterfoe the unn r' me dbes of the dantly iosnot rejoici msmt endinre such asuse of
Ah! httle did they deem, for him, their child, except his near relations will mourn his death paint. If there were no heaven, hell might be
.Of otherjield than that wheros Shephlerds tend more than his faithful negroes. The weary endurable. The bitterest r get inthe world of
The awaiting flokeli, and where thle pastorate in itinerant l0808 a, friend and a home. The er
To feed the Inmbe, at Christ's divine command. Church is deprived of an earnest, faithful mem- spirits will be excited by the sense of what has
Not th atE1 O sad hter and of bod, ber, and our country of as noble and brave a been lost. "If I had -not rejected Christ, and
he frp inth morenting ofe their lfe their loednatriot as ever drew the sword, or perished mn wanted my probation, what a glorious destiny I
or' ano bthi b odd amid kee lash orf anna nle cause of God, of jsieand of ruth. mhi ht thwv lad ith le ernt i thisi the
or wounded, dying.-Bt, ofthio no more-- THE BANK OF FAITH. "huh htwl~in h inrwt the ken
to la 93 pygipt, o th b n an wano olma smu yrm at a harvest oth11esj ndean Imight ha
The thoughts of home and holiness come up, as he draws out. The bankr does not aid him* Ily friends some of o stand to-day on the
Th on s, wpth their vry bings dann ins ildo, however much~ he may need, beyond what hes threshold ofthe kingdom The door as open,
Thuetrpttecirouls pnrouamitrheattle'e amoknn en, been put in. But there is one bank from which and Christ asks you to enter. You can enter
And the red ruin of the onsanguin'll eld. we may dmra though we have put nothing in it. ;I~i o ill. Yo ca eanwthot i o
~ en I sl lyr~adtnling i-haro, re rmit. I call it the Bank of Faith; and I explain just wil Thi y reo on an ic nw ou er ya u.

Proved faiththl to his covenant with their aires, Some years ago an old man died, and at his choice will remain, I cannot tell.
Hlis minsters. whlom, even though He slay, funeral a great multitude were gathered--some .come unto christ, ye weas
Yet, will they trust their covepant keeping God. to weep, some to look at his face once more. And he will give nq rest '
w11 hemh pardt seoeo eesd rio~ne, some to tell of his great skill as a physician, and Lieth oneynhistreasts
Unto his home and paradise ofjoy. all to speak a kind word about him. More than There, free from every sorrow,
There angel hearts shall e on rejoice to know five thousand blind people-mostly poor people Fo0 ai s to a n ,'e o'ro
sht arotim bltrih iro hi s te.t -had been restored to sight by his skill and .N' Iorw tt reS uthoke,
Ere yet, he winged his way to them, in Hneaen, care! Ife lived and died a poor .man, for he Your great, unchann g end
Father and mother, never more to part.\ nI. 3t. lived only to do good. Whnayug ah hos ao eca le eer be bren,
For the Southern Christian Advocate. Used to go to God in prayer for direction, for Wcosm m~h,"erF"~l g~ti od ir b
CAPT. ALBERT MENEFEEE. guidance and for aid. At the time when he R~e ~nn~~~t~bingadblivig
Br n. n. RxVanS, D. D. made up his mind that he must study and go to 8a no e ar too ert.'
In 18154 1%oeam e acqoauxme with Albes the University, in order to prepare himself to afogrestaboontocrave;
Mlenefee, the son of Mrd. Phula B. Musncis, oI be useful, he knew not where to go, or how to a -- "a 2'Aom tnm
Chambers co., Ala. He was then a student of get the money to pay the expenses. So he went Then coe ,ye hare ow Km;
La Grange College, Alabama, and a member of to God. A friend asked him where he intended come~rest upon his promise, -.
the Jumor Class. At the age of eleven years, to go. He replied "I dont know." "Oh," said Behiere, and be at peae.
deh nise u hitlpiousefsthr andd hsh duhost on she, "our neighbor, Mr. Tq is going toStrasburg; CARRYING FIRE-
toated cosqetoy then usiesso wdoed mothisheringo with him !" A few minutes later and Mr. T* "Hle carri es fre herever he goes," said W~esley
In looking over the few students whom I met .entered the room, and was greatly pleased to lof the indefatigable Grimshsaw. What higher
tin e College Chapel on the morning of my have young Stilling--for that was his name--go eulogium can be pronounced on the Christian
arrival, my attention was forcibly struck by the with him. "I wonder," said Stilling, "'from or the Christian minister? It is a privilege
appearance of a young man, about twenty-one w hat quarter my heavenly Father will provide which angels might sigh for. To kindle around
years of agwho blended in his countenance to me with money ?" us, along all our path of life, that flame of love
a remark~l degree the expeso rof inre li Forty six dollars was all be could raise. ~Meet-b Fto d which consumes sin and refines the soul,
younger macsin. was Ablbety Menefee, whm fun ing with unexpected delays when he got to wer worth athoursand age oftheinactivehea~ven,
upon acquaintance to be all that a most exprear Frankfort, acill three days from Strasburg, he pictured to themselves by many, who poorly
eive face indicated. As a sktudnt, he was punc- had but a single dollar left. He said nothing to and meanly conceive the inheritance reserved
tnal, docile, respectful. He acquired with any one, but went to his Bank of Faith, i. e. he for them as followers of Christ. WFe would so
readiness and retained with tenambty. A bold Iwent to God in prayer. He then went out to esteem it, were we in a, higher degree animated
and vigoronis thinker, he did notservilely follow walk the streets, praying as he walked. Soon b h prto h edr h a nee no
reh te, but o al im 5tantrqd estiorsts thought he met a merchant from the place of his own heaven, not to cease from labor, but only to
eoration .arrid aft his oewnn conclusions. His- residence. consummate the works H~e "began to do'~in the
power of analysis and his originality of thought WFhy, Stilling, what brought you here 1" days of His flesh--nay, to be more tha~n~ever
were especially exhibited in a masterly review "'I am going to Strasburg to study medicine." active for the souls of men.
which he wrote and delivered in answer to the "Where do you get your money to study with?" And what enabled Griotshaw to carry this
argumenteof Wayland against slavery. I well "1I have a rich father in heaven." heavenly fire everywhere? There can be but
remember the impression which this paper "1How much money have you on hand ?" one anwer: he possessed what Roman Catholic
made not onhy upon the Faculty of tihic Clege, "One dollar, sir." painters have chosen as the symbol of Augustine
sot eupo he moosir 1 tud ene in theo weta "So0! Well, I am one of your P~ather's stew- -he possessed "a naming nearl." The fire was
Soon after entering the senior year he wars alrds," and handed him thirty-threee dollars within him, burning too vehemently to be
happily converted and became an humble fol- With tears in his eyes, Srtilling says, quenched or covered over; and, therefore, it
lower of the meek and lowly Saviour. During "I am now rich enough ; I want no more." caught on -others. It has ever been so, that
the remainder of his College career, he was a A while after his thirty-three dollars were those who cherish fervency ot spirit impart it---
consistent member of the Church. and an again reduced to one. Again he laid his case that the inward flame is flane commuinicated-
example of diety to his associates. fe had the before his Father in earnest prayer. One morn- that woule ignite souls. If, therefore, we would
entire confidne oeb his associates and was the ing, his room-mate, Mr. T., said to him, carry this heavenly fire wherever we go, there

mer of I5 shpe graduated wit hnor,delive sym "Sttilling, I believe you did not bring match needs that we should be ourselves on fire--there
an address which for manly independence, money with you?" and offered him thirty dol- needs only thal. Oh, by faith, and prayer, and
strength of argument, and force of expression, lars in gold, which he thankfully accepted as the godly living, let us call down the kindling Spirit
placed him far above ordinary declaimers 4t answer to his prayers for aid. into our own hearts, and we shall find that other
College Commencements. Some months after this, the time arrived when hearts warm with the warmth, and coming near
In a few days after his graduation, he became he must pay the Leeturer's fee, or have his name the blaze are kindling too.-RXeligioru Herald.
the happy husband of tbs eldest daughter of struck off from the list of students. The mobile
hsmqe idnt lanbnd ent immediately to his must be paid by six o'clock, Thursday evening. CLERICAL RULES.
There he exercised a most beneficent influ- Thursday morning came, and the poor fellow Invoke Divine aid. Preach frequently, and
ence. He was class-leader, steward, superinten. had no money, and knew not where to get it, las one -having authority. Promote schools*
dent of the Sa~bbath-school. As leader of the He spent the whole day~itz the closet in prayer* Icharities, literature,. and good taste; nothing
prayer meeting, he often delivered exhortationse Five o'clockr came, and no money. His faith great can be accomplished without policy. Per-
with telling effect. His house was the home ofl began to fail. fe walked the room in aperspi- severe against discouragement. Kieep your
the itinerant, to whom he ministered with a ration, and with weeping. Some one knocked, temper. Employ leisure in study, and always -
generous ho vitality. He would gladly take "Gome in." It was the gentleman of whom he have some work on hand. Be punctual-and
care of an entr &athrly Confedence if neces- -eted the room, almost an entire stranger* methodical in business, and never procrastinate*

toegage ineyhee practice s a ien Sdnim a. on "IL called to see how you liked your room q" K~eep up eaclose connection with friends. Attend
Tennessee. It was soon found to the interest "IThank you sir; I like it very much." to forms. Never be in a hurry. Preserve self-
of thefirm, that he goto the .city of Memphis. "I thought would ask yon one other question. possession, and do note talked out of oonviction-
Here, with a growing practice and rapidly rising Ifave you brought any money with you?{(' Rise early, and be an economist of time. Main-
reputation he found his health giving way and Sitilling says he felt like the prophet, when the tain dignity without the -appearance of'pride;
returned to his farm in Alabama where -he angel took him by the hair of the head, and car- manner is something with everybody, and every-
remained happyr and useful until the breaking ried him to Babylonl I thought it adun. thing with some. Be guarded in discourse,
.ouath o the r H vi taen t, he f1tiv b "No, sir; I have no money." attentive and elow to speak. Never aquiesce in
duty to exigage ~actively in the service of his The gentleman looked at him with surprise; in immoral or pernicious opinions. Beware of
country. He volunteered as a private in the and at length said, ooein and pledges. Be not forward to
6th Ala., and was elected 1st Lieutenant. After "I see how it is; Gtod has sentmeto help you." assign reasons to those who have no right to
searing in this regimeikt till near the expiration Ke left the room, and returned -at once with demand them. Be not subservient nor timid in
of its term of enlistment, he returned home, forty dollars in gold. Stilling says he then felt manner, but manly and independent, firm and
raised a company, waselected its Captain and like Daniel in the lion's den, when the angel( decided. Thinknothiinginco~nductunimportant
ndedQ toV Al., wich upon its organization came to him. To the end of his long and mostly and indifferent. Be of no party. Be popular if
That r gimerint las ced in Jacheon's useful life, he always drew on the Bank of Fatpossible; but at any rate be respected. Remon.
Division, and was in the battle of Cedar Run. and it never failed him 1-8. &. TImes, state against abuses, when there is any chance
~A the incidents of Onpt. MIenetfee's death are FORGIVYENESS.--HI liajestf. 60erge IV., wish-i ofocorrecting them. 'Advissand encourage youth.
Paidnfutt interesting, you will allow me briefly ing to take the Lord a supper, sent for the BihpRather set than follow example. Observes great

ht r gimentearly in the engagemept of the I hi erod in a co T e mesngreconpomyn in d eba d

ansod wre orerdto L~cemsel Q & iahtedne y~ elrpsed before the Bishop arrived, and some lyou. And lastly, remember the Anal acut-
thisordr, apt.Menfeewassligtlywoudepirritation had been ma~nifeated by the king. On Bishop 11iddleton.


To l. XXV EIK.I.glj igh.U 117. (

Augusta, Ga., September 18, 1862.

*mlu *~ir~a gboeld; ad the enem retreated across nrhat had (11 not glory in men-orput our trust in armies; onom of these moden would-be Goisths wbhor have rce, nd w~hat their duty in penetcal godli
been our lines of defence when we held that but rather let us, with humble gratitude to Gfod about as much conte~mpt and with about as little nee,~ he ill be apt to fall into a heartless com-
Sfield, by the same road to Centreville, then Ifor what Re has enabled us to do, re-conseerate Hs onr toe ntroisern laphs, as thi netr sner of wtrords, ad secme, oveh and ov~er agan
rendered famous for the Manassas rout. On our our lives to Him, and continue our supplications We have had a siia 1 prec re peoting a set of steareotyeds spetehies, whic Is eve n-
JETiGUBTA, GAa., EPTEMBER 18.188a. centre were G~ens. A. P. Hill and Andersdn, and and gratitude offerings, until the last enemy mny of those in ou mChr, wh really oulght ann f nmninere* i snktn wlp ,e andrbaurres
-- Longstreet on our right. The enemy tried to shall have been driven from our soil, and He to know how to write. How few of our leadinS a higher type of wisdom to be a judicious classa-
AN OCCdASION $'OR TRIANKSGIVING. turnJackson's flank, and pressed him hard-- shall have made our enemies to be at peace men in the Conferences, or our first men in the leader than it does to be a general of an army..
Te are called upon as a people, this.week, by but the attack was repulsed and then he pushed with us. pulpit, ever write for the paper. They are The question raised by Mr. Yancey in the
the f resident of our Confederacy, to meet in our the eneniy hard. Then s heavy force was abamefully negligent of duty in this regard. Resolutions offered in the senate on the 21st
respectivee places of worship, and to unite in thrown against our right, consisting largely of DEATH OF MRS. W. M. WIGtHTMAN* And yet there is a dehnaird for the exercise of alt., in relation to the right of any citizen of an .
rendering thanks and praise to Almighty G~od, U.S. regulars--but they were instantly met and We are sure that the numerous friends of Dr* the pen upon our ablest and most experienced invaded State to strike at the enemy as oppor-

(in the recent triumphs of our arms;) and to good order. The correspondent of the Savan. in the announcement made in the commumes"- letter from an itinerant preacher, in which h'e perplexingproblemof sovereignty. Mr.Yancey
implore Him to conduct our country safely nah Republican says: tion we give below. But the trial falling upon one, asgholds t 6 the people are a erigs,i in their
through the fierils which surround us, to the "In this way the contest continued unntil' near who has lost the companion ofso many years of .I wish you would request our old experienced In ~div capac ity soeegd that theme ltiz
final attainment of the blessings of peace and una~e~tn theat oandne ~mo0sment of th eoe ti faithful oer anein azid for the Church, d re-acher toewr to a ser s orf art les in you pa te a pii ita onl sti:*
security." proceed d. Jackson pressed fowr ioosyo eesmah raners, etc., etc. I have learned a great many very~ people of this country are as much subjects as
Before this shall reach most of our readers, the the left; Hill and Adro did the ae in the Inumber of God's people to whom that service benetcial things from books written for preaichers, the serfs of Russia"' The question is a very
day appointed will havepassed ; but asgratitude centre; and as theylretired faster in that part of has ministered blessing. Thby should, they ]such as Blurray's LLPreachers and Preaching; patia one justnow-ass pressing and urgent
shul nt e erlya asin eoton bt me heel tbn hte o ghot, a e afily as- will send up their prayers, that the consolations ~Prteci~n r n edai~bnd be Times,'by yillr e as it isintricate and profound. The truth lies
ratheralasting sentiment, it mayserve toincrease "Jackson had at length bent his line around to of religion may abound to the bereaved husband, ec;but I haethought there could be articelsoeeranmutedicvrdndefed
and perpetuate our thankfulness, if we review the Sudley road, near the church of that name, and and to the orphaned children in this hour of written by such men as jishops Andrew, Pieree, Lgsaincno raeapltclo oen
briely te habo hichh aled or tis bout the same time the centre and right reached severest affliction. WVe are sure, that our Dr. Pierce and many others, ad pted to our coun- mental truth. It seems that in the settlement
public service. ry aschedld battle grour o~hfo t e Cofdrte sp nh brother would value, as beyond price, the believ- yt ritn an siu be pr nuiv e grdat xcsel ane i fsc usin the wuhrt ts orld of God haso not alye

~upon thateity fromithedirection ofWashington.. ofthedecision rendered there one year ago, they Bn, n blse we can assure him thttere the honappnes and phmros ty of ourcons;uentry; an tideon. lihow, ithsem mn may o hold very firmly

in S. C. and from Burnside's in N. C. were sent e ~gebrigh er~thear zerdetro ger ~ac ch- her him and his at the throne of grace. flow more reely or beautifully, would be doing n erly with other principles equally as binding.
to Frederickrsburg to reinforce him. His plan of glory rhposleep upon itphills, they sent upshout '~Wgta.D. Ded at arefnsbr' A evy, greIt ink a call made by you for somethingofoliclpresprgupjs iti ayOn
.was to occupy Gordonsville, out off~ communica.- fter,shout, that rose high above the might din Sept. 7th, in her 47th year, and after s.painful this kind, might call out something productive of emphasi~smg a prmoriple whieb is demonstrable,
tion between the valley of Virginia and Rich- and uproar, and sounded in th a of the aleady illness of nearly two weeks. This dispensation of great good." [We shall now see.]* and the other laying equal stress on some other
mond, and wait there till the shattered army of r 1 y y~,urn~sBi t r 1 sssedeutle roads c opris nco bring e ap dorwo~tora large prine Il which doeednoot inp reality antagoniise
McClellan ciouldtheomee round and join him. dsed ,ta tn eiea er~oi d ese of desolation to her immediate surviving Tax. REV. JOHN WESLET IIUNNICUTT, will be Icarried beyond its legitimate bounds. More de-

"1Stonewall" Jackson struck Ppe a blow e right, o toardsler Bull gRun t thel enem jdmant. yea' the mnsh e ad beenh mbatan tete rmmeeymn of the older'"""'""."L" ~,, preachers.of pends o rprstlmn fqetoso h
Cedar Run, that di~s once ed all his plans.M At i Ii aiin ~inpterb en mst ad, a erio ontl aifacin dte h ec chie th arb gh the Gdeorgia Conference. tWi i smaei ten ood 1 .auof this, than uon the result tof ptcd ed
mtoneou f 1mw up Jra ksohon's wa a se, and to OUO" is ba tre s weed hi todooeeethe to f Paod e e dofmrr empapitena fshlene. snicnarndb s el @ ee s yer hewe o nfedr otnrtn elo who 1ats 1s oceh M r.Yn i ateepoe t on
rout Pope before Mec~lellan could- join him. came to his rouelescu~~f~ean~o hatred noti~~p h o I n e d oanrdod rpn nf n studitin nal line ahe y~esr o qwetwo, quit hMCollegemried a ee they in Congess. General Tom bsme is sai
These~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~n moeetsidce oe fe frtad s, was heindeted orhis t oesape freteom utter nitap her par coniction s ofdu wallhrhe aesonmoesaemnhpmtePo
Auguto t oow the neigborhon' d of ,arrn ton ness prvetd aro efrt ad de o al ibean t aros ssgs are i tonCurh Fr eerlyersh hsben iin i in headiato o frerpliiclopo
beyod th Rapahanock whih rier h hel "Te enmy ecape aerss ull un dringthe hic, sh sai, dse a livd fo yeas." er redeicksurgVa.,ediing Fre-wil Bapistnent. An Joh C. recinrige, ne o th
for sme dys a hisline f deence Ker nigh, an moring ound im i a hrrie reteat, f ih be ndevti enw ifnd rgularra pper.Whenthe ederls tok th plae, h bestbalaced haraters ver rodued o thi
Lon stroement'scs of oure army came uadfr trtId a whe secnd btied for thie sae rodadfrom fult uof dte civing hers ,adof susiuti ng e conven rjoied gre tly th subight n of the "odCag," madte clsontinnt havng latest th o there satisfeton and
sveanc l atiller comats too pallace, aoss t 1tho etrcin The npe ro3i w kp time honsr fitn det eo ohse rd hn e cAd i t ntew fhhc ned
rivr.OnSauray te 3d GnsJaksnes aflrmvnell forehereCot I. Thebatler ofhanass bes and timidineprs psingeventoherin imteied, o Hunni. onset uenyeira te to ar tsh usbelgn- ing the Seniate. on. Jfohnmel lisnoinc l p-
Ewellt and A.P. Iilwih trheir divisions c osse has been. foughtg ovr an ralu odador e elgosexeine.Ad i hsiti osi n ladegs, ind t ohis 8tate, exil e f o e is thome
theyn rieroe tepasnok miles above Po es arm ad owe nem right e arm os have give us in the vicor.,, bl she faid, toh hatti th einent on easoltin He becausesur ofhsfieiy ote ot
its~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ai rar andat oneto Tueda night, the 26thar theyr the brige behindl hiteeeyrtetdol edr oesrkn h etmn h aehvevrlomnc tionsi anser toLcb ~ al her eminent m en s i vrpoue n this wr ClEb o
wer oe between him aind Washingtnce City, at toard Washingtoun, leaing aboua~endt~ 7,0 rsn-dur her larstilln essofte her entifre. relaceoPreshr"wofvr h upnino u el ntebtl fMnsa-scoadr
Manassaets Jucion.s Theuay defate here and brg-ers (who wee ped.arkole, Thnd thir cano in ch nig ;eslf of nhfsiden eing to m- Annuale Cofrences at ilt mor te peacefula, time, asevr leader wats. e Tohen E. C. ullchof End
adve osr twosent frombt Alex pandria tooin Pope, ou adn l i ed and ounde on the na subission toHias wll o hrdesie t b s amncti- Wegi e te rst wega ecivd. W ok nth othin fauldiedio of feve-on of "he rgh test jnewels
took 700 prisoners, several cannon and an larg field. Gen. Pope romte tof Gen, Lee1 stoandmit ebayheo~ riof pitnth hart sednas feeret ae iorth while t public they ovuthers fore do to e lAMtule
amount~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~ire osors u lrgpoioofM-mbulance tos wour lne toeoe bthlem Thianas beauty, aind goodnesaindglor to beitiae reaizends un niot suppoenl tha L Psroposition cart n bevrnd chiveali pit h Hen. AondB i Hon. ydn-
Clvell an's forcesil were athi Aendriaiin rse ,ba ogt, and Jako wasiou called Hunre ofr caraeeccmhe dOiret ios eion of God be nd thes dar rive ofsrousyetrtie ymay epuls t hamMoor, an timated by axll that wais geeous
beig etwenthe ad opean th rstof n ou gt froms Washingtn tocar them in, ryet on deah Meorie ofd distnte frinend med with more because of it oet, n oafod n nobl le-th inorrutibe Moore hasfll
isur ary an ot yuet a up, h the felbaktowrd ouy Ithe fortdesbh dy after the battey rthe ederal a r ndeo r astinh d eos tiofy sobmnv original tpc ftom uhtiatindi convrersti~on, l than Tennentme Loax that ardent f brien of ethds
forces about een hmils and Wahtook hisy position srgeon in chi efwrote to Gn ee ht 3,000 exp- drlo e atilesse of a fna re-nioine helaven It w rasfor isitrni wh aor th. It certaionly f ha l gien preahersanhih-ole d paasatris otlies low.
where~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~'" heit~n couldkeepin opendno comuito with ofterwuddwr e o ermvd aywnefl ontc o la vrting was exercio the ene tif not te teoengue.~ a Andr Woodwrd Bair, Martn, Peg. ues, Maysn
themajust wect of. theoldbfatte~ed ofr Manasss sil lyin (won the foeld,) and the w~asn without then howin outspoken wer ther moseto hidde x an fua id others. But of tuer Chrigtstian or braer
Plains. Popsen beomin Aeaware tha hon oe, ws mendic al store or food for the, nde without ac Eu f edesh t i wl; wf hra wer te sariti in iv AIBL.thi8 ~rtw emine.en Tonolutionk~ a a a alnta at ee .ero
flanke 7 pion te 25, left the linesof the Rap the m~ld eans of wreovin th em, Le oadi thed grae Hof Ch irist; i the time o te uose-benpo n the "war pah gi.H a e aon bounty.* Whilst I was ino caGe of thes
pahnock nd mace ac oadsMnsa Oures ow edadwune-mn hm tremity. Inf ammiont oe the rain some tie sornlved wonth wie repulscu of e omhe foro the Pope hrha ukloa on a fus
Juncion. Ou foce udr Gen Lotongstreet amlas! e som ofthinobes to moen ofem ou on fewrdpel hayoiefl tta otitnightiyiocpebse Stpased Fiaelit of evrdutyw,-s coment aind
did nt folow n hi trac, bu too thegeneal reubli, ar varouslyestiated It s reortedon en7P houta strggle ur or igh. oldirs, nd tat Vctor manul, te Kiig o promt m ttenanceon al themean of race
dire~~~~~h tionc ofio Ju so' rmogan camed down onr that some o ournsur ois say that b t b la ftlyt 8li te summesh t h 11 n m o om r nd a t b b The m a o ugne
bighbtpe hmadPp n th re ong o fm ahnt o ry e i, le ndast; and midst te pryestean rins, angd wteners mrevbol e Hfits Knoet oh t ete and afflec-theinon as fbew me hae flevrone.
aon arrodney woodyed dp-e fielled Thowrdsouh argtel toourt reaon afor gr atitude the God-ra l ast ofues ofthoinsean whouounded o her, she emne- uto. ngs a ary Wleucedanju binnghepatc
fare ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~or Gap,~e on Thusda 28th ofn Augst Mcem-ow-e thatu sosalals hud aeatne oe hejyo e od pl his advenureA late arrival frrom, Europ ene n ofax la, posetswrde Btterieng. ~The wa
elrcs, Sigutel's mie and Reosdvsons had been sent Isignal ai vhict wry.The t enem' lossi etimat ,0 nrsed c ia euo o avn wsayo is thatrni he t. tcrti has bendeetewon e nd broe ot;hers wasd aogth-saed ftirst, to volu
byer Poeto keep Lopngsre bck bunctio whe hd at 15,000 at east, ed and woundrmoed. Gaywneflt oiEN.o BRAGG evrtn taken prciseonter pe as ao priate Hoge Ad odwarBh an tiousl ha es hI touhto
sezdthem s Gapt andthey failed, anied on Friayas Ourl aryn prese the ird and atae. Ons Mou hn- G~O~~~bnltd~~~~~p_ GBQW~T~ pien. Braggtiiha has bengeal al e o hs Cm Jn .Mono theo 2dip Reiet .hmhwsneeyaed fr hiswelare! a

Plins rdp edmin a ase mb h edwa Imdia tn rr aghW n o temard nd et toe ah ofriend, recently pulihd, Getruhn. B whisel eeer .Mo te Cn oo oApebn oh r
dayankd o Thursday-buet the sto ins roun.Te the Rp h ens ontrmoinue hi era n them.the grc f at is the endofthi wa, hen our ms ed enene nm top the ontriuin ofth a bainch of the erved. Mco Aond. Whows mwanmr inol mren ofhae
But on Friay the eney came in orce; and e, countryopen to or army to ithin ten iles is seured, an elightenedublic judgnt shall Curch to ths war.-Chaleston Corier. gonein the sam way, the apers willnever tel
wucihsome aid forom nerGn Longstreet, again dro e of WahntnCtye andlexamndooria Geun. condem mced fterhearing to testimony o ife odes those- us-eannnlte.iigo /pom t inatellnc u.y on, in the 45th o Ala.e
diethem backso' ry and held thefied. Ouoss Mctelan noe owr comands sthem-n loner thel wh ae nowwt e aty and sotya h umrwnobl dhsefed ITaxy PRAhER OPn THvE 8. C.rad COFREC, s atepegie, O B9 rgi 9886,j
wasriht cnsiderable fi htie andi wouned Phope Arm of thed Potom-aqd-f thisb he Rapph, tannock tetse fort a r st of sue rwahnodhvie m hae ioce n hand colletons made for Bis hroP e eihen yheros old o-may, (5h Sept.) rase
telegraped thathe had ained a reat vitory ofTirginiabut the" Army f Defenc for officer, n justi eation f theirdishono, I shal Pierce are reuested t send tem to te 11.ev.tenderl, till ast year when wrk in te cotto
ssrwith M ss g however, of 8000 killed and wound. W ashing ton. uu esn o rtiuet ~d ttoier o no os mu r but e undeavo in silne oreenter Jae tcSatnug,8 rt y e, l feld shared, andus developed thim hras no
fae. Other Non rsdyther aof uutssytha thw On thets same day lour Ghoud gave usa sinald of m errheors nayeet shal enjo thed c ton- Esq.,olumbi, C.taria missEro edutonhanomuurdnere
Tells coige'sad it osdion s oforry ate thesen foredt hats had lcong he enseeki s tos estate it oss t.,cmecdbym atesaoa seso inthe City ofe Peftersur won thed 19h of Hery' Dunan bosetmren In ringfild Ilthew
marchs ma be udge of rom te decripion thehear of or county 7hec ueces f gov ben pxove na fo Qd by ovem er, 862.Bishp Ealy wil prside h m of moo heri his inte fat r seaen
ivnby Ppthkep Charlsto urier' bcorrut espondent : 500 thsvitory are perap hardl loness thno htsavdpol.N ame ol av xse n er DEHston i trryn fo ao w ithhi ather vand. m~any other kndrdlve, tenderl
Forze thenaa daysmr the topso bt o heeote wee omaymrewreegae o noha o aano e ms ailasw lana Rngod G.Mr.Gosnusd n ceise b ismthrthog
Generals~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~u inm th dac i es. I wa thefirsavatae blo stucor- then B onryg wi be mneTh gratlln magen they hav ith her, doaught6Oer, is the sameie place 9.nhineho ers ofrl widowh food as noble adrue I
monraghs; provde wi h onely up sn gle blankt as I ay Sin thee wobatls e une progrs of our Yes-an heraendood Geera wil obetek rthe it),r iy fone T~klof s t tousan
proteton~s against the heavy. dewse andel severen om armie ha beens fowad Weains canno give he shavem the thank of thuad bsdso al LBMACREPNDNE ere g one thealtar of Soutern libreryan
yii o t e r ti tb i t50mt the dtis ofteir fuarthnear veents. Thley who lo sobriet an itu n rdrfalx eive in-atbe ti baten rehtinandi reeo.y bholerooonnheo
0 hard bed anwther wimyth a rar e hand e htIsaconomca ren t movng o ed enem fort purpose ees ofwho have sense enporugh ie tof appreiate the rtcl Bodireo in frmy-Brownlow-Abundant Raine-Pro- r
interminglingofbacon; ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h handed the wholeate army wer conqus-no tom knos uonhi orgoer- onitono ourt coutry andle the wothesns visio co two o hm dtake ris o ers a tm Iaslanpod No.
Lnsrees to auff ioitj .woeupdt esstaledtarise ment rlwsbt the sum woGnrelst o$o ih fa ndsilndmb n fearful an contesteoer. e a theb chP&tso bi se 4 ldi4r etb ronlb p e tmbl. r t
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comlant asben har; arcesof wetyandhi t a o peceu sttlemrent aoft thes tinaes an ls i o ht ehsdnwe ev p fon g to else on sub et an uestionfesnx ug- o m tual affCoreach ~gother, near n seihbore
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far frm eng bhroken was elved too ai dgreofnd Teffots n ien cniusd thimaxtret success. that he8 may do tn itn .The fis lette of m, Sout, fromdsa Butl re Loge rownlo, thyu late) no tab ly hd neighbor a
enthusiasm ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .I whic foebddnthn but thebi vitor Forn thes succesesn of ou rsw ede owsimnel poptiularn o herabots andh o h s friend, wnhom many were a olwy ren adyt.ex
ut won. FryThe determinato inve to be; efatd Ge odnr thank giving Arm fe weeksn ago a lare i eud a nghnd bl jgmt sealICuch ond out not wis-Cullto provre a roal as e and defended wilst he pubrswlshed e tha san
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Joind Ppe a Maassa Juctio-thugh hos secion outof hichthe her benp Theire ios, an wnere stg fat mertionaed by the man his citiis ond clethe n mode and spiit of h ihenyasold- c pi t he a, reach ed instmingted
ws ome werestilln coing up fr om lndria;op driven of the wiomckns ndculyof theiRpehancr- dered toro their Souasther Prsbyer and in the wothy ingcasmeig suttetig ntea.Not o h ups fsirn ptepsi
and grpreparaton wee now madefra ied ded sta icoyI f'ir orrgtosin dignt he"Atiyo fn. e Not con-tibuers aid8 jsthemeor o t hei dihnrev Drshl poixtinent ofe relass-lteader them enom thase too f or enemielst yagantu, ihn which the faors
batt les, ih fevro5,00 to 80,000 milednd wond eac teshnt ihrbigthepepe f ht a neces- wa ha rmrdl a u w ek n which t ne edi peolmns geeall een G tcy Gappitanyug man wh o o wourc, ld "sbuatione ord dee uinton.'I Ofm couse
ide. All or forhesn hadonots comu, bt athoesr o hi w utn ththe haew of th axer were Inotn evnrihe b shl nomte contrb- a., csntocepteoioe;ma and a. mans once letraounds, wxs n usmure po ity, wr
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down timte delibertl to thes atack. Ater rd te ouldla theritryt hands v (m an threy would aHslntdo his eond atgwich we have hoften spr r odg se eiaelwAmnpoesigt ea iitro
at tw ocloc itn theou afternoon they ae for- tory could theyn butn shaekn ooupiedert int. Thyming houes land, aomne jus appeiatioen aofa the fluenche. Noty unfreqersntly the ls-edrto ouldnr wunagihl wori nd mprint~ld a I. praer d
ward, and t 3 P. M. he fight hd become hve frantoly insulte and brutaly injuredpublic prss, and aced scoordigly. They eves hurr thlough te examinaton, will cll upon dessed to te Almighty mtended eidently t
gaeneral alon dg a i of thre te mies.rpto The peae fl meu ai evenry wmen aond cilden.e hou ghvret, ter effort std In wriii for reaelid u soemme r ebr oaidhr they raffod pamusement to the vlgha,~re ad profane
ground wa that ofhsreso battle' of21st odn~ July, 1861. or berid of thems hagreat dlierstance dA tht tyve pp e. hoh ames cudn cv eistheia goe allHS tlin toehiand ing the da sasnd o l, wi h fter are ridy ofhe himnowTed Phile tdelphi
Jakon' let ways ni oer Budey Fordo bt or Bulle W~te d o give takst so many ofr theenaemid lenUh race,. and expos ing ther vntyank rf the fsoi n eei nns tme epril n aegvnhmafn osrie,
Run,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~mtes whereag~er thb Federalsrt ente the fieldy then ar disable for lieR eelf ed ptatrtnprgak o ss ~n;A!Nwi osse htitgod were bette frors th red re ad for his rahery ey ai hre thou
Ounrsl in te aexe ndedp rett mchntnl th dedireti on the bat-id e ld-but th a irt Glodi gxvmgk n theieo nor wl be mi ne Tre ial t he ham e in h le er, wagtriss h e pem b s tiecp ng e y ar wd hod t pu ye gh ru
ch fr e h ad n hnaey tn o l turn four vicemtiore ove them oferst o stkn fa such bi gn, shl evern tyo r poeunderrs, tha" to fie wr, euh s hith ertoinsatiab e m eaw. stram ond as i
left. It ro ssded wthe tur y si n~e b s l tnsro sfg t M n f e rme tee b r fon e d B near o be t wo a t tn e f m gr s om tu N rmea d c heo f r av an H o h en eial tol ch ek mi h em h webe o y he'i) is ue tier, a th e fa r.
easterly direction. The Fertydewrlsaeupro eosreouprwsoadtourrnn nio and aeor tolt ndie aa muoeu iow tt caano hise eaae pare ton tur aplpropd teie-o l, BABYLCREPNFC. o mers erm it n th t sisa a ouhrain.Te peasd
Maasst Jih;fuention mhe just gth iretioninto for ase idicating thai t whe an by cnqets. maey~ nh oewspa ie y pararaa viThey scdorn an sout th, ich p-astuldres. Unl ~essthneleademlie the n and pia reotatoeis will g crw finel nwa, andv mak u
whyicht tou dlines; had bens foc bys cnitheira-ad ion to ourtoa territory;abma~ butse we than God-riot ideaes a mch asa l rilrs ol h sgehsany nve fistntn i lssadtefl comle en sof apoisin chsrop.No,-
tadbempt tofank user onthea former aday Thnoiae tht Rei epn a bekt icsagra rma peom yTan eeoing to there mindy what is~oe taIwo aeses ught inaprci the ,wthtadig goddal is saidyBonow~un~n abort rt
severes inghing o tlookpace ton theold battlwee powqer whicht ha kpeded uor iour rui en. Le conduct eion s of our onaly, widthe out lenonterigwr fe sterpivlgi tanet fi the or orop, I tame disponese at IsadNo

september 18, 1862. 9 0 EI n Q Tistia i bb & tai 143

'k ZNThe osition by the Alabama Conference their posts and there is no necessity for the dis- 1Aasaonrs Aratar rT WILLIanrsastrnOn Ova Nzw MashB.--Northier pit erssay that
to Ilo j!~o tAn ew $2,000 atthi Oti e ofsolub nn oyf th Anp b Cofnes Ith is true Tuesday morning lst, ca alry force,oconsis ang Ma Y r Oe. O. Na MitcheHl isthT18 th to th coo3
.amount, in poe tedby na, I preume, generally; but their places have been supplied in most two companies of Va, and one of Ga, cavalry, in immediately repair to Hilton Head, 8. O. This is
and the F Iirl c dapofrenlcepC n easily divide the instances, and if they have not, the Conferences all numbering some 870 memd rli m ahte same creature who was eirpell d from Buell's
balance wi Louisiana. should be held, in order to meet the exigencies upon th nm tWilliamsburg, in which they army in N. Ala. for the outra~ges permittedan
I believe. ;ie Bishop has acknowledged nearly of the times, and provide for the forsaken Beoeeeded in ilnflcti~ pretty severe punishment on coountenanced against unoffending inhabitants.
aotP $(:u ole td o heet a p nmnnta on Ch ere no reason why. the Mississippi, Ala' n 6u sunriseu scout cae u wt Choe o he rive thi mnrir ho a Piltnl r yo Hsen c Ki e 8 4rk
the Madision Distriet. I presume the brethren bama, Georgia, F~lorida. South Carolina, North road.~ A brisk skirmish ensued, in which the Yan- aryi nst. m orin rrd, r tene: Tlee a:ro
on missions and poor circuits need not apply to Carolina, Rio Grande, Texas, E ist Texas, and keea were routed, leaving several of their number ohr lein en nausandjo ping t~i~thecon deatcuse Thr a
their people in this matter. Virginia Conferences may not meet and hold dead on the field. Our forces followed quickly hua p eereatdmtesotsaeo wny
The doctrine of retaliation at this time is spe- their sessions. These Conferences are going on afte them, ald soon entered the town, wDi~heqe th nodud l;a~La ddI~~ofnarY:Ts.( he ej
ially engagingi the public mind. I have not with their work,and though crippled they should encountered some eight hundred of the foe, whb tr.iumo ontheletint. he eope fomthesurounin
space here for an argumeist, but simply desire Inot be disbanded entirely.- The suspension of ired upon them from behind houses and other count frushed pdontaneou to seesive him. The 1 dies
to record my solemn protest against itin all its the Gleneral Conference was a necessity, because concealed points. The fight, which was a severe Jeh Morg as Rrivi3 rat Leiltudie the Ih t~instat.
forms. several of the Annual Conferences could not be one, lasted about fifeen minutes, when the enemy and was received with Ununiless enthusiram. CO.loncl
Our enemies have done wrong: we must not represented, and it would not be proper for the broke and ran in~t' th iecino tercapq soff e ,pturtrd ak lrort.dhpld~e teto ore
do wrong! in return. We occupy the defensive: balance to legislate for them in their absence, about a mile and a half below Williamsburg. ftlag ~h4ntYon thedm fteSate House. The elntemy evaeat d
if they violate right principles, I say let us starve but the Annual Conferences are not legislative Between the town and their camps they made th l hon the ngtof thl Eae 2dus. Our topwent in~vL p
firstl ando ow fn ad,daenid sucenhm ds hSoe v odis ad otn the e tmemb r ppcoul aohe Itd an dre wr mn disho btlb i tattm r ree 9 he 3nr a ne si ~~& en of fr
u Mwa l eoso fo de i e A n. an d I le ro a t n o ,h u i e sin r t h e b run c Q u the a T s de d u o cs mee im e i t l b h r an n atu rpa o e i p t e 1

the Lord." Respectfully, a infringement of their rights. /after a volley or two from their carbines they fled h aly a nt ~nJnishdmeascesu
P. P. 8xITra. I liope we will keep the Church together as I Fom !he 9old in confusion, leaving more dead and raid into Ohio. Gen. Mct~owa had made appites ion for a
Lake City, FPla., August 29th, 1862. far as aosible, and not dissolve all thea Confer- 'vaondo e bithe cane of or men. vTel ee pr :se i~numdbeerra en mm e for the Kentuckrians, wiho rejoining
enceen ecause the misfortunes of the war comte ansud olsto hi appe whenh they and found shelter nR .1e-nel nteto h$

rev v nr Ths GAr ontis oG cut, is a u oluto sis ad rek th e EndeCthh r We Oat a ud aude th ecomand o Dlne trod N dh~il.~~Bpf: 8 gar esl
lart taxx weeks wenhave 11d wo~ ver lneetn g mih t at2 11 thow dany t o eairtT n o f hEl t, ow he"o omb seix. Ou ls on ti adest as v ves a~~2~~~~i~dls
thirteen days--th rteen conversions and twrenty- Governmnent, because Ro ae of the State Legissl- that of the enemy not less than sixty killed and tenmt otoserSae
eight accessions to the Church. At H~opewell tures have been disbanded and their civil affairs .wounded. Beside hbese,our forces captured 110 Yan-
seven days-four conversions and four accessions. thrown into confusion by the triumphs of their kees and 16 contrabands, also 71 horses and some LE VI E Wl O F T HE A U GUB TA MA RKE T.*
At Thompson's school house near New Hope. enemies. By no means let the Church become 20 or 25 carbines. among the prisoners was one Prepared for the Southern,
nine days--fifteen or twenty conversions and disorganized any further than is forced upon us Colonel and the Military Governor of Williams- BY J. A. ANSLEY, 300 Broad Street.
twenty-five accession;: and at Smyrna, eleven by absolute necessity; let us hlold on in full con- burg named Campbell. Avaousta, (a., Augustl2th,1862.
days--three or fourr conversions and eleven ac- fidence that God will soon deliver both Church OraAnR Isri M~anrLaNn.--The Richmond Ba~cn-Firm in ric4PteS;.I:U an ean civ.Cent sitdes 50;
cessiona--ma.king in all at these four meetings andSaefo h power of ouur enemies, and Enqucirer of 11th says: From several parties who Rbe,6t4;as 6t 0 hudr,1o2
some thir~tY-five or forty ovrinsaogte peae be restored to our afflicted country. have arrived from the lines of the army on both 3 1 ;~Nt n40iennadnr, jnd41to42 inkege.
whites, an orwy-five white Dersons and twenty- .I'manswwm. sides of thePotomac, we hsav been able to gather Flou;r-Seg~larce nts38 o 35p bl
three colored a~dded to the Church. The meet- the following informa8tion:--The crossing of the r-1
ibng at TI 1pson' lichool house was condubte &CONFPERENCE C ~E TIEONS--FLA.CN. Po ase d 4 nt rde 1 ,hrdv,e ireossh ks in la us a
greatly blessed, and a revival influence now seems The timed' drFenihfr h oletos ob u as gt tL te~e cale 11sm atLsa ts b
tprevai al tond the sti ast mee ma en not u wd a he orpdhans,r n the tert ird att Pointi af Ros ala concentrating r ~ e re Raw to W Yellow Claified s toss;

three jomned the Church, making in all up to~ preachei-s and people will not forget their Frederick Oity. Since that time other portions of Moases--s~ltoc g Pricessfegal. Firm.
thi tme evntythee ccssinsto heChuchclaims. Hitherto, we have been paying these our army have crossed, and on Sunday last Gen. set-st ree. snses
for this yecsar. Let npope oeffr s thawe cannt worth andeu veryo needya~l climnt onl a ml e a'rmvdhshaquresfo eebr ocn
tha i ncesar 2 si~popr efot n te arofhope we will do better in future. that large numbers of Marylanders hatvjoined our y g l i f~ ne a5po6
Gtod's masters and people. Smnners yield as Our people have responded liberally and will- army since their advent into that State, most of stoom to $1.25.
readily and are as soundly converted as I ever ingly to the call for the support of our Bishops; them furnishing their own arms and a considerable Bustness qmite active in Produce and Heavy Groceries.
saw them mn times of peace, and Christians are and the most of them have pleny of money, quantity of ammunition. W~e learn from authen- ----- --
just as ba 8y.inLe nne fail to mak t~he effort. ad doet wan f use smoorine erb b o rn tic so nod hrat eu am sti Fr derick, hasu been A8ES TO O&SO DENTS
&ept. 9th, 1862* the' widows and orphans of ordeceased areobtained readily, and in abundance,! being was also ertcdited. Ag~fst;enm~ts ~ doo nobl ei
preachers. either presented to our officers or sold to us at the No adms, Tom Flee--The moneybf~Cyou ed swotlesin
EtNEVA cT., naA. CONF.-The ROv. 3. b. PROe Sin00 I Wrote last, we have been having some current prices, and Confederate money cheerfully reoo eppecudn esetfoyugien
qurely me tig, whe ee ha s~rio ~ tm athuhd meetncannot repor mnD adtons nk p being omen ande are msure tatillur omand Receipts and Acknowledgements next weekr.
The meetig wasp~rotracted for several days. I th hrh n u e ovrin,(o eers will pursue such a course as will tend to confirm A Y OUNG LADY CAPABLIC OF TEACH.i~-
rs 5~son o t j e mw e blaacee a n litu ma eri to o erat ns hue r h and to c ncili to still further the favorable dispo- tism i Tothel," ng~",~8p~he~~~e branh n
to the battle-field. The Church was greatly been stirred up and strengthened* bo ao dwn rjozk we~~ih oi~Tae me am sopfn Sept11.~x
revived, and now with her numbers swelled and We have just closed a m;eting of four dasR' risburg. His a l anrge ofP,20iw~nhaiat.Pla hni LM FEMALE COLLEGE, AT
strength mocreased, she goes out to battle with continuance at Norton's Creek in the Bellville dl'ntror HB2 bu1Omla2 tv ueem o@CLMI,. .Teeecssofti nttt
the great adversary* of mankind. And this is circuit, eight miles from Madison; and our to Phil'ande pis tht our easermys ur~~suing. T~~he distanceB.C byw ersm ensThe elet days of Otoer Inexttto
not the only place where we have had a revival brethren there have determined to have a Camp. ocnotm ia 2 ie to Philadeph tt u nl Udkgi tlphia. ~Ph f~iladod e~ s~tr~ule~suY ig lt, Fuel et coe., with
season, brae'tiu nearl alh round the circuiy- met us o Nsy o hm ne Ecao T IJtto0 l .s e c tin n ngi arte lasnshte chlati ya
buiteaag oe. Thug ea I pns yef u c te c2ho woeme r on ch hav i u ch 8n ee a rano Gitr and eveaait, P,~o edDrawing,

and rul itbeas a heailyupo th pepletha~t much good may result from the effort. stores, and t~oo to flight as our army pproached.---The FOUR(THROUNSD, MADISON DIST., FLA. CONF. -
throm h thie section as any that can be found. Yours tally, cit ses at Mary an were a ingore warg tr~cesoughouthe ieChuch msson8tockton Ot 4, 6: Hame~i.~toncicit Po
Provisions are highsand scarctehat thauan the Hept. 10th,.1862. P. P. SSar. foPseae srm aer m: fi~dalyn soth el r ~to du e inoii8 1 sat D feel

e Itsadn w l eths o i so many aoeto TH ADNADKEREA ITI T artnhu t~o~be a oaduen I ehre a odp i~qs o 3 r1s R~
has been collected for the last two years together, Celebrated its 42d Annive~sary, on Sunday, Z4th els's C~rnnPrn.-TeNwYr Nor 's Cre k eamp- jee n Ni~o o 12-6;: Acilla m e-
and will come out very well with my other col. August, 1862. a sermon ws~ias pecid at the Pres- Times says that the haul which Gen. Stuart made ke cuiov o.PP.BraP.E
lectione." bgterian Chureb, of Camdeo, f). G., by the Rev. 9. at Catlett's Station, on the Orange and Alexandria sept 18-3:.
I. Hay, at the usual hour of morning service, from Railroad, of Pope's papers, was.worth ten m llions ANTNED A JLADY 011th pvlEXPERI
B~RTOro CT., GI. Conr.--The Rev. D. J.Muyrick 2 Tim., iiu chapter, 15. In the evening, the Bociety of dollars to the South. The Central Presbytersan a. EXCE to teach inn fa f ithte rvve.

resulted in the accession of 74 members to the were read and confirmed, and the Society was informs him that of the 60,000 soldiers in his army, ap~~8sp ~ shlrhip e ly hi~l an~ aS~i
Church, and the membership unusurally blessed; addressed by the Rev. M. Brown, W. H. E. Wo~rk- 20,000 were, last week, in such a state of disaffee- saa,rnJ .H, e laWhtiedcuny G.stt
and such praying for our beloved Confederacy man.l Es.,and A. kK. Keuredy, ,Esq afe thc ion that they could not be trusted in a fight." sept. 18 -am.
and for the success of our armies in the field, Bibole Sctiey Besid haenu aounth Contribuated to Nonrawsseran Vrnetwla.-ABdviesa received A L4DY CO.MPET~FtNT TOTEAOCl ALL
you have perbas seldom if ever heard. I was thbe ga~enera pur oes adojcs the Smun octibuedtyth in Richmond give strong hope that the Pierpont of the English BrIlibos. and M~uaic, mishes to obe
yeatlly asste~ m this meeting by our local sum of one hundreddollars wmastoqtributed to make dyneaty in Northwestern Virginia will very soon t momncnuns mltciosi.A ra
rehe.They shall not lose their reward. Gen. D. H: Hill life member of the Confederate terminate its existence. Our forces are making box~'o.O., Charleston, o.Cs.
The rep'ival at Brandons, of which I wrote you states Bible Soc~iety ofcr r h inroads in that section which it is confidently be- p
two weeks ago, finally resulted in 61 accessions The Soelety elce fiesfrteens year, lieved will speedily end in ridding that portion of ANTBTE p- BY A YOUNG LADYP
to the Church. The two meetings have brought vis: C. J. Shannon, President.; J. B.u Ie shaw' the State of the disloyalty with which it has here- (,idaughter of a decease~l~d minister~ Situation as
into our Church 185 members; others were con- land J. 8. DePass, Vice Presirdents; W. H. R' tofore been cursed. A few dayssince Buckhannon, ~;ual.'"lP:,,l ath ra h sm t c)~~~~~ h s J~h 0 ac ts
verted who ha ejoine other Cw fles.Tt~od We ormst, fil ret T d Trasturer; Ex outivei Upsu c.7en I s, oeidm ogou uforcem andre ae seo tha

the oel of the meetin ~ Ctne Lg gbeyhBro C. WdBo~nney,KRev. WT. E. Hu6 n,J. F. Buther- hhe ganawhaidistr ct,Gard itisthou ht t ate ethi addre~ssanmediately,a~ sk~~~~~g doo.,Va
cate to our soldiers in the army."~ The following gentlemen were espcted Delegates Baltimore and Ohio and Northwestern Virginia
to represent the Society ilk the state Convention railroads As Gen. J. advanced, the loyal reopble grB ~~~en e Rev L i r cy DDbfr stop, N.
Panux cT., Ga. Cour.--The Rev. Gfeo. W. Clreso oasml nClmivz J. Shannon, f ted cnrxt wex cocie tke ha lis rf perio7 CPeteb;Ur Va.B nd Dr.Z. TBley, One Forest, Cumberland
wreites:a "Wne have jut whcle a othr wee ellent BoMn KeaT ap Rev. .H. Hay RerM Sa gh of time we would haves force suflicient to wipe out sept.1s-4w.
reval at Henersoos n, at which oie thee weure sve Elli t, and W. H.a Workman, the remains of Federalism in the West- VAUA LE PLNTAIO FOtematdsral
rl conersiteon andat 11 whiejorined the Churob Benediction was invokal by the Rev. Sn H. Hay, LaTE FRox E~sT TENNEsas..-E~0il tounHri' rv lle Tens, BL- fe o aeoneig A;B of~ PB theIO mot esia

eter ter i yt oo dhr e w~juo beln and the Soitya .w R. Wonnara, Sec'y. to olt. Sihsi Q Lgo hv ust rtned na ar 1 r a 2t3 L
devotion." ered Col. Cliff's bri adeof renegade Tennesseeans, oeon n rna ed osad.m 0570 ratvun~liY
near Jamestown, where a desperate fight ensued. water, ete., etc., 18 miles from 8 W ibt:P)~~h~lh oad.
dtINroN cr., GA~. CoNr.-The Rev. J. B. MO- FL~ f1~ Ih ift of the enemy were killed, and twenty pio-thu s s t ept. ]s-3 8. P. JONES, Post onice, Drayton,as.
Gehee writes:-" We have had some intaiesting $ ers and thirty horses captured,wthu
meetings in old Jones. Our last resulted in an the Confederates. Col. Cliff wasalso taken prisoner. C~PARTA~NBURR LLP N I E COLLIEtE.
sooessio of twenty-four whites, and thirteen onm "IsBL;,2 ~~i,~n~8~~~8t n e f l T.ekT~aH)~8B ~~s son ~b8 nYeev~n~ to b dhded lte
Cournandura Comoanses.-A/ bill was passed in the SenalLte tl 41e to time received, of their sta ving and disor ammced Faenlty and will ienente upon their duties at the opening of
Gra to a T Monn in Jauay A eoutio t d orn 3h unauton thd th rebbltyrhi partanburgdwi leaven
revivng Hs wok months ircut. W hav ifug si ppwia 2 e i fe ec si to2reso- ana yenael ror ou trops i ifeelinc, bu thik ut to o Th dayb nin, Octber Coumbi
had good mrta:-Peetingsp afur hurhes. heethe eeni a Sagef dia ruin2t n 4 rani1 akfe h hn sons uisf t u yo
reriving Hi, rdisposed of, the Senate wen into Execut~t~~p~~~~e ~ ;~~ ive sessioh~; n.~s Sept:~~eR~t;~:b.e 1&-4w. a onidne
SHALL TE ANNUA COFEENE n tteh n pi taem~edtwo rueluctides fdod t o LAuieTEeBn~~$l Euopto Thusds Sortin awanber sn riOUMI FMLECLLG.b.
had $o~ BE HELD ? eds a on ees."we, le ee anedn nrsjr e sr rg estatenrday.Do ~hey werehprinc palil itho8 the 1 h Exer ses f this ustid is s f, the Cll t esum do
Mr.EdiorI hve een intheAdvcat a" o ,Bor teh:~heelsrtedod a;~brill:e)eianta ro uint d bbaros tratmet by he Ynkee.-O lcialowin ze

orgaizaton o theChurh. N precherwoul tex c oe as men rayt o ireouin remn the GEN. jBRAG--hr isD he W d notHH~TJ~k~z knoW. E re, rRIIBa sMsrer
Sbe L une nyolgainto mi uponUA hiEREC s "tr al, was "' diseussed A substitted wasnd doptueed al 1 Ssedt a stirri0 Cng ddraes to isonr army, wen he fe BI fEBL FrCcOPanin ndDawn; Orcar an
work; ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ da. hecudno ehldacutal f f~ti~nl na td. Teirsof tmdhe an tohnave b hleasbrd o the Vrginay viToe ery.Tis is ated at fenfa r~ir~s v r onr ad on-
withdrew from ) ibcueotlglyponedho ogrdera of any Generale offiesrs witou te Er ia acordi Spanrtda th Augut. Hoe is seesidt h b heemaItla dValMs;Mr.ME rdyIsru
an dit,- nocarewole seredi that involved a tm uend rel oeorte rrenah tCrhgTn n ort hasi itlan thaty~=ra_4s~mu~ Nash-ro tronen Maan Work John~~s~ B.Blc, tead;Mr.E.
sacrdsiceson thm par of the p rneaho user. Thoe info~irmatinheo ta uond thpe a and whether a iny vileisn ha band n red-nte that itn isfratifyithng. ~ ..Prsdn n Poesr
dobtessino be pleased bu mny are n otso sltuels tnthee r~B O'qat ro esdeedu ad,,,,.e t ak,,of I~ fOehu Of Tannot fath the 8trnategy of thed ether EitiniEngshatelntsprcoatcer 00
fted wand may roegr each orange demsirable ThesU Bignbsal opto tedovid trefrthe pna o ;~tn :~ofoertca am TY usadnHip ahwt so.srm
ci at e ersan staion orbte ab e meeaof ao a eisigeonttedi sna~laa, temy bt zBsas re 8aLns, killg-0 a ft 1thulin eOtSp~ Guitarh~

appoinent w i stoul be perpetuate tee ora fours tha e ha o sdan e ti in forhepnmasteitor~f he excutidaong 114 entof te hres wton M aeruy say thel gnew stamr nrskr~Pemtle- ydpear s. S tome d staios ay not fel able to dsu- ienthe Cofdrt ryb n Gnrlote htrcetycm na oie was thetve-yn Ovito ORg 8ALE ROUSE'.l~"~~h~~ ANDus Lntb~~~in~o.O T 15~
rtteiudr pn obheratunde pnse r tmai pno e is ham~ toe asoluste:~sions i c wniryire1 idoes di i y otBalchn e de Sept d, Ga Myqt~ anddrasis Green H.Or G T R
work; tw charge may be bette acunitaed to b f;lJe~ sasn~he:~~d~tt I2~~ nth was steeP xn was rb:$ HO any qunity of pdr and bis rapne iher sie'g LNVLEFM L OLG.
en tb lemphro m ith bc e no egal bponed oglr :sodeeis~f; m0~t t f a to rgehs u6aniem r ezas de in bn/ iotbro. hi her dae Teand 1 h fd! and sUIqM ~ e no H ~i own 8* be 1
prese chrved from disorganization, d ing our evo T" Cleu manar~lns :tCle~~o:nn The ~ c~depoPrt thaIt Flord did nogut. fire~aia a gualhr rwbigsik es e 8aga u e~brs Term widll ope Feruar
lutrif onr struge; wer sal thube pre pahredt G~ren. Kirbd mith I. asy toppsithe CicinatR and She s Crhade o enemn killred or and two wouded N sh ep8i *rell-ow.; Do slel ~ewr. r. T DO Ase.
mov fowad wth h h llthos had dheman it suren der~,p~~~ o Ln th ihnst~., was t le- sesss savandone-saannah, soa i. is.-oriyng eD" lenvll, Alato.
mh achierno to Ch wel povie or ool rat sotwi tl h wr thae prs a rok Gread h boung a w ani n or ad e~nne a" ( OFFORD COLLEGE, BOUT OAR

ou nties ofpeae, m alle tr o u it satoa e oth true.. l Where amsd the lie oiate thrnlo Teu- e aannt eeithom nn e sr reg ino the Wsides r Poesro auesdne ae .crae n,
hean n~ea ne ene Cbfde~~ e to norrs t e r ac e
tas mom nd lay egrd work, te desiachers ae seat~~s er pape defrsh say oeTh cuboas then. .u t se. MPSdOO yrip hurs on our side. July IT.


East Alabama will have an average yield, and
that in consequnce of the extraordinary breadth
of land planted, there will be a large surplus;
and if we get possession of West and Mdiddle
Tennessee and K~entucky, corn ought to go down
to a very low price. JOSEPnB COTTRELL*

Feml eC lg i hped il bee readGb ale
Methodist people. He has hit the nail on the
head about commencements. I should be
pleased to see an entire reform, a rev lth on, i
you please, throughout our Chrhon tis su -
ject. Tableaux, it seems to me, is in plan vo-
lation of the Discipline, calculated to footer any
other than a Christian habit of thinking and
feeling among young people. J. B. C.'
Mr. Editor,-We are so constituted that we are
"" preciate the blessing of health, who has never
been sick, no one can duly appreciate the value
of true friendship, who has not been persecuted;
sunshine is more grateful after the dark and
dre:"?n"ght. T,"?pen insancs ar h run b
given by way of connecting this brief introdue-
tion with the main subject. Who can appreciate
An excursion abroad so highly as the teacher,
going, as he does, from a monotonous routineof
duties, and from sedentary habits ? How
pleasant, then, wasmy excurrion, Aug. 29th, to
Ball's Creek Camp Giround, Catawba county No.
Ca., and how pleasant my short stay upon that
conneerated spot. A few things, Mdr. Editor,
struck my attention, to which I beg leave to
. vThin is the largesteencam ment I ever saw,
ing, where, in too many cases, the few ent
and tA manty pon e. his fact has alred bgn
t rne ap- etngs unpopua rwii te
bounds of the Holaton Conference, and unless
there is a reform there on the subject this insti-
tution will soon be numberedd among the things
that were." But here I found probably between
one hundred and a hundred and fifty families
tented ; nd this, no doubt, was quite a falling
off from former years It gasta cod, nte evoen

sand souls, tented here one year 1
Thle people seem to have adopted the plan of
having every family to take care of itself ; and
it is the only plan by which this invaluable
institution can be perpetuated and rendered

. The occasion was honored with the pres-
ence ofDr. Leroy MI. Lee, of the Virginia Con-
ference, who is now a refugg from his home in
N~orfolk, and is spending te time in the wild
and romantic regions of Western North Carolina.
The "old man eloquent" seems to preach with
his accustomed energy, and with his intellectual
pwrs:"un m aie by Gme or 60 vse. It
a paralytic stroke at the last Virginia Confer-.
ence. H~e says his attack was neither paralytic
nor apoplectic, but that it was the result of severe
bals~e ia bdefo s, hy whichhisr8pinlem
recovered from it.
3. The attentive audience were entertained
with a very good quality of preaching. The
sermons were generally orthodox, plain,
practical, and attended with unctioil. I was

word is needed). All aimed to speak as the
oracles of Gtod. I heard some doctrine, which,
at the time, I could not heartily endorse, and I
design, atmy leisure, to search the Soriptures to
see if these things are so. For instance, it was
maintained, and ably too, that Christ endured
the whole quantum of suffering due the human
race. In another discourse the habit of applyinE
the neuter ponoun it to the Holy Spirit, was
severely condlemned. The auto to pneucma of Paul,
Romn. 8: 16. flashed across my mind a but the
u ilt I olwe th prehaln was gon,
chain of thoughts. In the same sermon, we
were told that the Spirit should never be called
an agent, that we should never speak of his
agency, asis very customary. A consideration
of these points, Mr. Editor, may claim a space
in your columns at no distant day.
es4. Last y, Is was imdprnesed with thisdidead
They have, no doubt, been instrumentalin
saving thousands of souls, who would not have
~beensaved without them. The protracted and
repeated exercises of these meetings tend to call
our thoughts and affections from the world, and
to fixthem uponGod. Hereworldlylanxieties die
away, and give place to thoughts and feelings
theatre ato mh tmoshtimbportant questi e f

Christians grow more serious, and sinners learn
to pray. Here the tempest-tossed and billow-
driven soul has oil poured upon the troubled
2 a peat cus criesh"Pealedbe tl, 2ealds th
earthly horizon contracts ; the spiritual horizon
expands ; spiritual and eternal verities, long hid

".Y~el wo:/sing t depar and ba wi&hCh Me
Church. It is good to be at a, camp-meeting-
it was very good to be at Ball's Creek. Glod's
work was revived, and many were saved from
sin. Bless God for a preached gospel, for Chris-
tian fellowship, and for the hope of heaven.
Dayepw Female Cole, Sep. '62. R. N. P


the 5th Fla. Regiment in camp. Many of the
soldiers manifested a deep interest in the meet-
tt8 hd loIse nhe dy befr ub xm ei
soldiers joined the Church after I left. That

are not a few Christian men in it, wshowill "hold
.fast tehe profession of their faith."
W ave just closed a very interesting meet
ing in Lake City. About three hundred soldiers
hae b eaheedm to hem the empo an* s h

lose. Their names will be sent to their homes,
and put u n theChuc recre I wol h

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tor ~ ~ I IM.@ ler ,s~ hflic ll ~H11e-i .~ (Mrfits news, u ntl* da w Ihatn.L,'l hb y mandm bached. ra}-rI: (Yhut you ma brt' IiPis b.Erorgd in *,... the;l~~ week i sh~e lead !~~Pirt em luly l~onh a ay mom nt rhant henmiy w~!lreas vnqusedOn Monday, fee~
aswie~erg, easad ie I..p he ee bc eciry nuda jrjrn.( men a t u lld hon l~o ner o hirb theu Ch rch anrd ao al ther bnlese Sanour. lege. .C marte l~; hen ptr v :~f~~a~;~rnHE;~l 1 42beehCI of batwo prm
wrru.-Jnr e ro arm past r nspt any cas immdiael perceptible tod ths tatl o o eteblve yalwoke hr niu ny g. o iee h1 I e nig is a el radns in
with with's t ings" sai Faih, asone scarce afer, apassge ev n inthatdense massof pe L. J Mood wasborn t th homeof h r era d- M s er. Towad th clos of uly, er g and* ilms 11andjof n hlau hs expressddhi
believing ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~Irm.a herg own words, but'i at enmit wit1 al ple waslr!.n cleared1 for to men,~ wh oefradprnsi ihpilS .,Nv d 88 ahr n w oe ut aeon a, visI~it t'-H~so wasin te ra eide a net the Lod' i ~be dthe. He wa
the wonrl in her Il bitrd rrealousy of heart. Pru- Prudence~ Hickson, lyngrigidlCA asi a lg o wodHrtlalie her.u ghtly, layui.. see~ he anda hter1~x parents, and ~lr kop oed that estnniteeedaindlvdl himos com anlonsie~narmforhs
dence ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~.. rubbed her arma andl looked steathil atpirta inth onulie ostono oe h sffrd ito, dedtoeloeTt wih erbt itl Anaad e mthrshu ccman tb aenhndbe nda ttntinaedi
Lqis frm a eplepic ip.The lad hr dwn mon semedfiled o al aoun he, rndeed er hemhom. T ths, he oyfllyconentd, earwinranr dar nesinmni Carl9 ded ga
"Witch Los wth Los! sadln111)R she at m l ast, the\5 0 m i jrnist rs h were.' gahere round. tC~~i'he u-j a favorie with al;wiet h s h n w tem r ob cueh rfte ro ie 00 lnelirti tLodste0 th1 d
s~otly, pul1ln a chilldishlii. fac ofsite at her p4it.~1 Be mothe came to he~-rP senfdbing up a l~a he ine howpr early an owadntyse t o~ hllJI 1 ollo thm CThe( ~ll~ moringPIII thelet, ssher inerr on iqLouGrryof hsmlor he been tauherdom aons
"~Oh, hs,? Prudnce Dont adyschwiln ry at e sigt f erl distorted child- lovedd all thatomz wasial goo an oy h emdrnabu etn hnsi eamssee-ifn
te~fr~ qckarible wo*(rds Lt m lokat hin arm.I Dr. Mate Pcame do f~~l~~l6romth putlpt andl stodndee like a olam knwhhmgh o t Iblrnl tr~ayCl fo claimed, "Oh, Iner as so~ happy. b~ inefore; "P~.~s Daveas Kz, f Cato oG. a onMrho
amsr.-yl for thyd huirt, o~nly!' g"ladI" tha Ihit-, has kpt oer her~c,l exorcisingbthedeil.Oin posseionasonel itte whle fro thC lle SaviouInir;Is fold jl;L go~ring hoe,. In oing~e home~lt)l." 1830 inhi Rhan"~~vur ph o., .C.and did nRihon
thee I..Fro disbein thlI11;I y moher ." accustomed toschsees h crowdb pressed Rlgiusinsr~uct ionsuI itedtobelagewasearl Fo r to week more th cetr o mnyAu ttihilertste nIT1Yb one.1 dY anb ~~ch~je

atoo;I~ lar tm I her- llr a uit. Band-bythel vioence of the ttcwa rmerifn wn6r helredoarvloebeoeogtochurchat shespokeofo eserv~piceofdt-heirounry lea~lrn him t~hotoess
-~r rr"f no tllsi bdad )s we~ Uesal iion an movmn spcs~ an o Bietl on al~ar e~ha ol Rein in b. nr rb ms.r win r he nmp sof dern. a new e m~~~::,Y~~ra en a e
called up c 'stin hr ong, saistr Justh at n thsc l mo- oer te, a n thsa ey en nlistednseda i f or th e~ sude ten alon with then it tle prayers ughher, se~d mySaviour. wanmts e tlos join they Chrh, fl m x otor arnd auld ~ P "e 4
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she had been, andte s eloayd si g "oor Hts1 Meanhil Dr.~e~rft Mther Pator Tapn ad ws vrred o eran ofo e wa he TeChrhdorhweeweent pnd umos Crsias ra o wdwan r
But deatishest ne or two sothr were eortingi Prdec to ase.-o ha aadtatwshrlstvstgh J. D.od omsinnarsno
Pacerubbdncer alon seed unoved btatiy any ree, if he onuldv psthe na of the ph sferson, the Sorie from tha~be Bible too, and h mo~ sheChurc and the dearlittle gavdpooe, untilher Twxs 3L Lasodoessorr ws bonAgutlth 8rhaE ied
thoughsconneted wih theslemn~m notonos witc, whoby infuence ver Saan, ha sub- early oved. er litle min was e ly stred boy was arriedthereno mor to leve'til amboi e V se28thdl86 o El che firs
sondKe olycosdeatonwa, ha ow jete te cild to suhi tortur las thatowhi wthg semany ofi the al att der, andamng thed her them roesurr tis eto morn. ll basttl, e.,i bfaror~e rihondsmi;~. Ko wasnm mers ofte b~art
she igtdl goi u wintc oir th stresand see sthest they had justh witesed gTheye bude ther speak rat learned "oinh Jl;wieu; "Lor thoe ho mnew One Fridy s eAug.8ther father partmed from av~'~:,~i eib hc. onG eldont e we kd e
eights, auln ear t~ihe naews an escpie fro ther Iin her nmeofther Lord..Rthewhispaedi u a name erlie how topay"and Why holdwe saretl andher t low attend ah cmpmeeing. Shey et watched hrhi al otadlvdfihIebra
teror, whihsh, rdne felt o adyschwiin at the presence of her fi h lo oc o xa stion.Noed ofhed foedar to a die," onnud special favries see long hifomtgttn theindo s hd roadie aw, and deat~'hremovehm easoetnansui
cousin. Se fod.lew up stairs .to f ind he r ow man con Msregatioix ould hero what itwans.Btoo th e shed lived Shemb knwhc nihto nl gre te ar b mess t en, litetouh. thney' dra med itp thfo e;"~ tw oi f a Iweal or n hirc loeso~
English girl had fi nisheljd Lher praer ad wasy dismaye, while Dr.Mather knowingnotm~ towhmloved ono herm lttle fcupturned~ told thist Tenxt, evenig, Sarda;sewsaltl heoein o n athu hit. T .E
spe~edilym single amng the ctllrowd aoig o hethemed beo nged cred. oui ler od listen s intheytold herofthe idod of Je a esuas, :l sikan onek Sunday and Monday, houghan s:t~thhe Roanar Ev n was~R ~ bonSIXLO D.1t,2andidin
due curseof tme, ut~searatly, ot tgeth r d "no ye oe Lrois BArlay fr th iher whodt of islven for, lttler cilren.s thinwretng seloe rios. Sheo shad nver ben. skbfrhe, had b~8oe~8dl sB;iongd to the~~i BatwIvicbeCapta D.Hn
bled `I and g frieed ud no t oc her covr tuh~ inpan Theor answfer was given rath b acond th anbys for b oa o s;peere d the m oalote a-hery moter' hea, sotht or than onc sh e whC r hri e laon, bhasliv rdro yan s nom ide tne
uepo herwenm cosn, u otered aittle beh rindtheo wrdl aovlthd-ough a low murmur went up from things, d whn w yar ldevr ite skdth da cil f h "felt that7:~p Glod Wa tra, oeimes ruhi t ose hn t
quiettear stelmg dwn hr fae, shd fo themany But ll fll bck, i faras fllingbackin Pimer or cild' boo she amesrossthatshee oingto tkeherome ow."Eler nswe W(I ebaneld ut lke te floofarverslway
man cuss ha ha ocure tis orin. uc a cod waes prtLosible, from LsBarclaye fncel~~sd,~ shoe wud bring it to .her mothr, lde. alway hether sa~moeNom',I think I will gestnea'i agou$ sahe so n tasi eare fthstr aiie n as rat,
-bT he metighosews ul o ufo ton hee b sooan loedonhr it ur srnghe o ea o ero te pety itues el, u P ntafai o ie"smllcilre omur isles My h Gd fth hs
and a itso etueshapen onsuh ocaxon, rie, anhorror Atl spae of omer feet, whroo ed ,qsh e o d in hist; and so retntier ears hr mem. She then tl~ol her mother hat h i d not, md ande ~ fahr nbl he otolvehrea o m
the geatet crod wa clos abot thedoor, no ossiilityof sace hd semed t be ot a ry, hat eforeany ne wa awae, sh coud go orge to pay, ut tht sh had skedGod t in nven
from te u fac thaet few sawer onsta theiirst, miuer hefor, lntet Loisstanding al on h sde, wth shroug ihte whoe hraerself, guided, byhe m ake her welifts werehjiswll She Cirh frequnm l~tly gron reur .day ear aa a atee ionq tohr
metraceherel there mighl Pot.the posibesagesmintos evryey ixted upnd her n ed fandread.y pctul reust reast though she were reading. This asked her mo ther ankd, aut to sing fo~orn heettanoogaTenn.Rcbon "~'
which, a theydZ coul edge themsls Yaet wthe Sher stoodlk npehlstnu-id, as if haa~eea hi ak ikn abit she, .continuled unttile wth'lilea faidor espewcially ifinain, ~sandModyevnng, bem E.theebhee li ohn167139 e'land so~~ion aroieethe f.t
weres imaten ath of ny arrivadls fro the ou llotsie i n adeam. She aich accrse aswths effort s on te pr fayecp ervd t i w sel fhel aske wht hymsknn sfhe donestire, he reped gaeheot aisatoeidpe r hs
s and pushed and usled, Faithin, L'oo and ter he were nthie sigahtr ofdando mspan! Her smooth, lerndy to read loe and the fo hr whorsh "Ther isahappy lad.Soons aftveer this, she ments that he was going to heaven with Chr st.
Lostil d the w wer fore d on" tbe acnp ous h lthy fc e r b ea e xonratedino shrivel n d to gte (i lowdt o o)sed mih be l bganto grow wors very rapdly her sufemst Sixua F.St, nybrte f h boewsbr
pladcmte vloer cente ote builovd ng, whre pallo, butshe outtrd, Lhnsnoft awordonlyh lo oroke found etled awyinsoe nookocrerorbemevygea, and hm s Iluc i t da ttowgards monting wer 2nT~d, 1841, ~j~~ic--rSi;7ande atnau Btti Ag2t, 8
there was o chactedwt of asoeat,bu ot stillspe wto a Maher b withun her dSlated, terid eysub da beloved. -e little ida booky ftoeltod that God hd berou er ho moe to dise, that Hemrcerlhiotheaemeigadnsm
stand. inSer aly toosd raround the. pult bengw Som oneehmsl said, "She iso hehuehl f hnto er adahafod Gdgveti hrfrs ufrigwul ehe at Wsi n thtteb r dohd r scon
in te mddl, anil lredy ocuped y to Grace chickson a uc God-ferin wo tatwih iman." Loi di erali e sister, whom se oved wths pss- strane ? evuein through thsdrkngt snsbth lneberred heirchountry a ~ds~efencein arc lat
other ministers, similal at tied stootsad holding Shey did nost wthnkbout Them, even they ol spea rss eed,: ttudloiqdbeenu; removd frmearth, as neo things els could doi. B~ a ed h ~th rand never seemfseiid;,p:~ tiecetin
ntror wit, lmshBt as i tley were gvmgo supprt les onherlo than on exanypston. presnt. She far andi, waboominge n ain th favoitrs lan bond Tifow ahd sizo'cok tshati boring, when hrohraopn.Tewreeakbyidadoei
inustedoeevingi.GaeHiko n e wig~tcoh! ad l thea silerglt tern wAvon an the the skye. Thisaa ardw blow topoor Ana:pos It bethng itl thadg beomedillcul, er granther two ,,, toi iahem. ea, waned woere umv alle-ee
son, sat deorusyin, n their Lown pew,~ therb dnerownngwoan. she b head e in, her bch idoo seeme like when r h art wouldbrea ars ofsh e s w uask ed he if sh re"ell r to m e n athe bls ed risews J*r.aodce ..r,-..... 2.~iP~ et .3. .-(p
shwngls tilhat tinheyhd aer rveealy from the wat Biarfo hie rd-at hoer in Englnd-r beor wher overd from her sighte ic uthre d rk gherave aiuo Thelpx herendn, ure ;.her sufferines." Se Grane, a O ..*1-.3 ..n an reaithful ..r..a,1 l
spexecution.l~ Yo ihnmosgth have Fin trached other nander yfl be foge rie ot her do. There l bust en a therwalds her no ther tldook o heru Bin k radil bowe hehand, andndgaspe, "Yesh sire mai abi eM.,,ofthel~ th~ l. and wasd in c
the inume o hou s e whe o ha~itnd be ien a t e hng-wssm vo c om oin-oerst go pape s; h er r and told erinsuo tharth iwas d who hiadl Jotuedatr siche r sad ih difc ul ppeety, "Iv os ~I; mand tal h is hod ee- atthetie h b,1eath tyhe atin
mge of the Inia witch by eplthely exrson tofther magistraJes of te town weavtfrei raing unheard who nl~s oever ditlcildwrong, ofth Svou'co die ihout. Suferg lodnger, aend Gik ode havn beloen woo th 8rand Inefehles ttnpla I. ng hsmen i
Fith epir ontenances. Tey were. tawe stren Iu hth e plit and cslthis orcig .wih h mneS. e loeal mand ared fo hrlite sistber andns ho hohd allou hears little life anserde her pryrs, neg Pnpe ar ch anty~a rkteied ouhee ey. Hi
uto erible repse whidB4 gle nt oc her crow pourg 'r.Maher aspoer wa gie ai hrb c hn:j happ bosh pe would beinheavn she drie oher dit akd oth fearild her h no.A oent ortwo moe wand itrepnweiditnruast ingthemrsati nohisfellow- tre
;8, at 1 p.:-~n,. ., of tose wh had nt atte- "TheIndian oman wo witshung Iis mor- tear, and aid, "li tryand nobry anymore,.and th angel had cme, he pure pirit hd edi d Tithd hisaatique& stitn tieshim th lastn
-po hduer -7 -. n.:, b lookeed a ll rtle s, and, ilex ingbe name cerai people whom shegi de se to man ot alhe ak" hnasi one h siigbad ndws wftn ts( h ucesal vn ie, n aseea ohre
cite, ad ferc. Abuzzwen rond he eet having se at the hormrbl meeting fror the ings into her mwote' hear he adedadwyt e ahrshm o ih aeet.H a obeslir ihmne
pingsht thea stranger mast er faho stood alongth wrship oft Satan, butk thefre is fnoln nameo osm,"dntyucl hrbcHae is s much a~ Sthus ened o f~n earth he shrt happyS~f~B and oelr. utk o h adeh dep & s Iady or r mekm
wthe Pasto Tappan mNEI thepli ws no~~ otnherbarly L.tdow up oldon the paer athuh eaire happierr tai isd Mhere. Afthspert this,~d keely useu ieo fiveyalrei n~ ine. monts an mnehmPadshmeoy tisan irusi rvtea
tha 7). Ctto Maherhimelf coe al te aricen ad the sight of the na smesof soe-" tho she feld n t: he loss herath never wav er ed, daS, "No," n to her languaero tat feied ince e l naonodr1gb
way from Bosto trow a lssit in purgn Salemdos opdsb of Aniterption-ad cosul dtion Ag tai Dr. btwhen weeks and month afer sh asw the her deat, "i that shapp Land, ase C t h ~as .8;H;-;ojj~I~j,-~~;-sb
irmtchei fac Mthe spoke .aw .n thde ofsdeso er nhrohrs ne ondhrane oc ih'cide hs f"ulone .
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