Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: March 25, 1922
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,l i n the Coummewictb 0m14. t..l. F. Farrel, editor of the Hertal

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il... irti,.l, of l MM I mi aIS for the p UMi of e ii cli 7tr p t i rate47, an. uh.i smt frit.i ih N what I Whlil ,ir s,. I liril. il N.D..iantr.iir
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in atr,. t"l apMItr eI a I oE irr EAat which was oeoneimsd at Nc]elh li atkt. Like Theoldore Roos.
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shfrt.elmiuel.. Ie .r tt, lthsw auy-es THE L ELIIU E IWE5LU *agus abs which toie the nailroed clismae. New pep ond vot 'g wag pet
i't -, 'ereliy the t t lac le e A t int mpnie to heIdle surc pt ckes in lt, his boyly which hal Never left

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I i.Ia.rL. h i t o lter's et a h t I et ir i o t.. o o-lllr qutlr I fti l I I o( nt I t t h .f h nto y milon. At llhlI e hism.e I ,,, -. :ir ir.hw 'llle North De akt il

wekgnl otedd iS NeckS (. la M ownsa Ilotoi- l 5 seem .0-" of the .*" -, ll; ad ek pi of th T i".'i to ndvl t "l" wh h "*",' I 111 "*"e I ""* "*"
_rarca ll af thMr a 4mmet hia esOakld i tAn the a-. e ny way by the Post Oicrde Depart. Other Oc leea .
SmllO tls ads t ft- M S. i e m th m lnl t. r o e e Ir, re s ell., aitor of the W 1111,.
Mic iaie w-otes r shewpteth s bea e tih M wti tl es Bty WRIGHT A. PATTERSON. A Note of Warn iteI. tiat Herald. o hee h Chflsn l l .ii'dent,-
as lie t M .mene Pow Miie le t a es 1 -. 114 of tile Plot
tal1., pieis edeee. adv es d Mpp alg m ren Were sia few if s he as The big publishinog interests of the nation have launrhela another In the piot I have perionia I al l '. Ila. ,.illr of the Pi.
lh of r t the asee nmet l c am a iIgn for the purpose of securing cheaper postage raes, an ult i n le el tl ol whelt I i tl a .. "f l id wI an r atial l. nretiay..lt l. u lrei .

I1,. l.a,,, silalte el i t btt le ll In dln> b, the* Pw Iitt *I tee ikym ta.o- ., th "p"" o n*tlo Mll l r n r t I d.- r et of the pUllli. s aari ,,f c._ la* t_ i e
- .e *lo eua .e o l e a nt tt ie to scure tlhe repeal of the it system low. Iaeo- ant Ti te ctantr Pfy. ]11i :.-1try lly ir w l) .oli.e e isO rt ally [i the I la ne

l..n a..ea Isicese the goettemi OIRTES 0 PAPER HELD BY the t they bane learned it is noa praeticol to ignore uii intletee of liii i aa "aatsie wiatia tite 1. %ilo Indoale ntlaaia .
a inae this competition with ICC TO BE UUREASONABLE the smatter daily and weekly newnloapers is vialetiab- the efforts that eaieaan. Ih- been eoa-iaa I -1 The eaaialave larieal rstoaiiwed
4 rinii m norl teeri -- --- xm rw in tdre to o urth e Ai t t the ho puhlllArl of thr s re asill sIr i TO CONFER IN STI 11 LOUIS
Boat Trip Jesu lnd. W lsiNGTON, D. a -The rat r '" M b ailing prebeiinn- t af the Natianal Eriitoricl eaain ieiee hai.. fi aea n ir ai.fre-; Tlini",i alia

l.... .r:,i..b n e W', It-.a O Lr iel Oi IC L TOA m O TS IIl Mi PwIaape en anpos f ien, m.t i-altl ln nny i sll o I1or it.e Ith ills I Iia i t.
a*riw** oi a atrltrp fnlm r M l do m of w ans ha p. nation. wai invite p ll lel attend. a a ferece 1f the paulishing magnat r l Inet s s- a e I. i irlf theI wSt hil l tl'a, ..a a l ..
a, o willis of t i Wl t e f iWA Weca .-Atl orlg po in held I n Waa ingetn lM s few Wer. nt hl I h h Is l h o rl e i minL p tm P taIe. I have fe. l tlI nn f,,tr ii,, atil.e. y aa. lill a.1 li..ll in .f
l..>.. I t lr if at lt e o l ee foie tn WMi e ia Sad M ichigan toi Iif h o bt lhe wa t llpr e t Id I I r ait m l rthods I re the llnnlhn h f i ll l.rin l I l.,lll. l.I l ane l .n .irhiy. r l
a ,.|.|-sta 'r i -d Ift wJel ions eeetisat i s u lnthwest, ware r letinl wasll tid) d t l to h tht ar t rLiip. l fift alar ist r wolt i rl i nill ..' 1 i. la iiIr i aa.la. 'aa,. rl tia i n ai t.

4 1-. r r*l i r M M u LM n. Zl -- Ill of B ITlllilti". IIM> illl MIl ao attmM IIImee reat. t itl1 vast tln"h ,lh y of the pubI"in 1X I .r.........l.... ',I,....... I l.... i i...r........ f ...N ....
.l.eain t rnl g l h fuolf t e Ull h eld ier oa e le eal undu llyM p O- tlter dose io Cor idt It the time e if lrthe entry daily a w lt iy press. nuatity daily unft pwekly a l- r iii ts Iwiilrl hia i..nt i.l in t Ir.-
~~t a ~e O dial, as betwe cities lcee d On the regular quarterly m eetin of the Peresa ly I d st fi ll e ttelt the ior k i w el mllh l ill tit ln llrilla i ,f l th' i.lll li ll

t in iit tl Hotlha, II I t nh s | At thin time t lk l i iW I-A .a l li t i r i ll il l ,It. lel..111
-,0, i nri I liete la sate ttmerfe p tIsland D ly bryn t tlm Ak tseti n.at, a eatile lu hi, ior .. t n Alme- .s ie e trying toa i ntue a notae 1. t.oa .N n. ... ..e .. .. In thI. ........ r
Selected a this tri m oil After laylt dow the Iitallag. ield smi mrty of the N. dll wt tas o the a Is bln- u? n t e lll os e 'if li ai' aV --

UuIw m t i m kl to id e, dle .ld pt tl ,h lira It m~ m m ^ ^ S S ; A i .r^ the.. .r .1-1 t.,| I i t;h;a N *A M E O F P R O P O S E D P A P E R
Cew e @ m eel pricls whie it was beld A. was lrlted to mited this Cia w d the t a ersseeatria- t rt a oe tthe e p i er oiL:, ', i un A S m

"ir I. W*intlu e. sl c I 7 MI o aft- Mi_ I a sao hah ot fIT lleaTse teab hlt t e- oa.aaa... =t ha-e eaol-e p. Wrl,, ofht IN th ln I N NU"
lo.s.eWill., m, t ts She ceS ftere e te ag e wa preset The s t' t ihe ed erti bo orrwh thil w*ast w i t osam c n ed i.s to ih...' n Ie. A. sMill lhe ahel ,t lie .at ra.o-
Ilhiha irenc i A aal t e l li, eeodot ct new rate s ltreetere theI eignldm ein lI g was held at the i a-- of Mr their ta o an t by lo rrrdt on te lar of th twreoe t o ..ia i I it,.' 'I. Oin tle Turtle eiaa tAil eao1,. A. s.to
'ia ls" pe tMi really ed i l n lt T the i in h f a lR mll M. W. mi e tr,.e ,l .nslg. t; .r.I ,n t.s u r l .t m ,,mte ll,. t t,

pei i c-fly t ellar e t I (Wlm fn M d mo p. Tna Whe leotl tol B a e, the hig Intereest Ino laa'aaa clwoeiiy t

,,,,mnl,..nll, .. m m *' e- ', ".. P' ,,aA,,i t l-l ,ll .i 1,1,,,,
"al as las. It was bIeont i lt i l ain wo dfe o rt orp iemi sett Jne Dally Trlese d s os f thFe F.i t i not hos the O n ti te es ppo nd hipotilhloepllma o tlaala, ,r y
11-0 e ti while ocicis we t eilta tie. 1 but to Ihave in readises by tIhr wets ptest at the "me- e tie lresn the paee of the publde a lfrt

Il.- h alea-eSass-aL m'alstii 1 il- mllm m flN u IR then al e-nrU ndi UHE BYprIoR tr a wttl oe nTi a i,,,f,, dPlfl ...l ,1
s A "lrI.- tay mreh lee t S tim w stedi. l t et rt ta AT o m Am Gefdee t h untry te -- ."s w a TRADE COMPOSITION SHOPS
u 5S< Melli"vey, m er S Oi Ll. eaerative l lecestary of the All Mc ted I t ll t e l. hOTt the .- pui thI teres am ulr. hm E n th r,,,S

1itol oif thIe w t Sol- OFFICAL mUt BOOST Bi lh ape r, t the eeasi ft e of tie noat ane eti itin mt i. any im n the T CONFER IN M.ST. LOUIS.

-'-,*, ,, -" ""* ..-_.. -- -" ,"_ __ "R DE E" E UB hI, ,i..I..... o .i.
't l With tuicary N iewepips Metie of the WCrtis pbtliemtlse. hly aem but attempting to otle ii a liupmi eT ym el within the t illen
t N L1tiy sof the Wi r Oseftt Mi.WAIKM W iN.-As oial rt- it we explalsed to Mr. rotating te loduese of the country e i NVR. lnt-Fo I-s. f r ,.1.1 Pinit sma t I ni willt thai I; Ma
i o ws i hlave splae es a e e- CGee Sam for the Wise tsla Press Acerte-s that the puhidlats lateres' e wlaheal that It esmant be usedl oaileot theean taletians of is olaharit,-i.- I altoo 1t pi t sat an uaciiisuriy lrInt
a 'aa-vrlo a eat &tec Its Ad den- is hei ie islated by biotom lta stey at thi thee to po before C k. -esl the imee ome to a tha-w their rr a l referenee week of *.r- iii- I snle ia l iih alei his .111 1.-
tic sc esitble to be p t Lis H. mmerme o Rist ne with stoI Mll to rede heia S ste a ransi .it Ia ible that tic im leado IN business. lrat mli i h i tei- Lim r i t oa
its Is. eole r the S gteeat ste d wiho hais hriatened it Tihe Holrs. charges so t -eas de sm cnetr b ist har bill ltroduced will ..k faor thl fa o thill life io the ochky ,i i ls . itoria s i Ntl.h' ..I
e hiiniquaae ot the Maceels Tem s. WI- The puhiletlis will be mailed ioct sit to repeat or modify the nose ieno re0t0a1t11 ts the preset matteints aere a k hleta aptar ed by a IL-i ahy will he ton i car aa.J.0 Ow i tn.
t l p aster s tagealk assan-it to r pp W taIs. isut, regoterless of what action in of the teaver Preet Club. Iiii o pitaliy -f the A t. Lah mi' Ba t .ils aIsIa 'Iih.
Ctaiat mally r. als aot ti wh*tth m ttfl taken as uch a hi wi, t will he but a Iae new tori, when inothe.1l 5, I l to w std e 1..,a.o a 4-Ial
Thell105esset tr.e Roollwowhe r S mhe tlttg it Citing.a W how-i tiste win the rent pirpoa e T atef iIn s 1i the ltreer public Itilicar, in a'atoi ta arual.-isiilsiaL pllia
I - -by mo.tinhal ese l-a s at wbee Mr. Wallst Oelet te ash- lark Of all this preventt effort will be is Mhe It'eted State and with i if oill i. e an.- t, I' I -ascr-s at the
COTTRELL, FA MI= will be to [prisc a the Wi& ogte it witS Mt e lttw c committee mf shown e W in that t nee it wlt the I edllng oetpltaollls daily na-os warning I...essin ai aiaa 2i.
llu l tT hat "be di ni e pet m iste r N SL A. t titel th a op5 t I he to o I sle f ar the e tmo nstt7 tress Rue tieiers. Po a hanody refere nse. i
L 1t6l e to bina tobe the wit pee ole e e t at oppose the his pastlalatoc itf these m eadictandg in i, OF PROPOSED ER
ttL-ftie fames o atth Is k" oa Ivean Te pfftoent. a W e-l I loteens. fhr teprtoltleit rot. will he t et -a.aaa. : A ri O S PA PER
i.. 'a the tt. a c lw e e aites boeem &am a Is lat but slow sh med paiai Sof which to I.. body tie Tls .1 the lie inme. F sank IL While f ilie IN WASHINGTON IN COURT
teiliit s o ag th e I s e asr O sts pre w i Per peaell l e astle re sitl th resen w- A Pitt ffice Department iatemecti Teenn Pot waeletedsi p l i-alas -
iiab Psut h5 S cdS p he ac he St mw Slow Ics atele se t po tw spe e tialnted mtiii read of t he article wil fare president of the e rli sl Vi'Artt ro l.'ll% Wrs a a. erat
aiass s lof *t cl it gits igeu. 1 ic peiA t ied tha w p t p fbil e espIadltade of te emet is s etla lion aru tS rS e yleey to s 1. as : I eta at stia.e m stw, iia iaao-
It w the f155 mei Is tow m alsii gptt In doiemasto SWie a A ati~t 'fieatleet with this idlij a itf sNeWed-a otimatid W.d eOwsO ranlas o hia er r ahli 0 aaeioe t ala-t c ah.r
It It. L Mr. sogld as do N o mi utniti waA lS the oettuje Thne `1 ew big psinhhe Ie s ot the rlaest it shows leht in s 111 ti e me I'nk J. eMete the Ili-iaaer at ifaThlie lh'inrohlini Aa,'I-a fair-
is his xe Test eo5a M SlW aameti s i tS emc ee wete ml e o g AAA 1 sb is qte wellSStte e rees etipt te fosetr miea d-clims mail nmos itoed ny wa oftee. Uire-pOrEDlTOa o a ia and ae.aaseiaf .a,.a dlaliily a"arol
eat .. u.io wise ity-two -ub. to pinc lo ame topm wiel lhast- led to La o cost1at1tier Islc e tal io Ia Myer if i the Poirer l an in.. #aeriaah. a- 1m ital
n sisue uemle sd I. Mains e deaciSt t tm me t will piec o ths S paosilr e eopisdtur of the pamsni t etfle T l- ot he Tae llee rW H t o-tse s mo naia r I ehllia i eal tot nain, l t sia' l'ean"
It" ri =lm' L n W N wM e sItR e ob, aeeek-a isd a t th inised taetate mperthas a prd Isi i9t It i entatced and boms stagper tinlast, t'o ito- tlnl 'ese I otlierh
lo.fe re itigh dali Is. md I 1 __.th
wselatashly pstle to No 10 diga gpdw N thu aone @ mie Th hei k Sthat S t g e it tie tht S ene o st ai eds e fomie at. rpa-lelaie tarha l tatai a ilaaa
ca *N Pasip me aleli Mo = 1e100e Pon 00e Despew Si r a 5 o. MnU WIN wit ent to 4M pi' CP est 1,of p if tie' it amegot a 'eraasOlt
trtdy wa isc-Is 2 Meti it edo S l t year n a8~ iefatd kS act eapesrs tet itS m of to m depart REDO OFTEd un t te w-ll ics t nhie olbitae i
I.. ..l.er INN I5 d&eled lee g s S it- M ogg IsgSgoingth e S of that Neo is rei aie d by thessds UP"= BY TO EDITOR Air .we lt oif oo ...as dlreltasl, Io
Pa teolle a i fs a d ese $im sue d mfg li S q bhi Sdt h a s as be of imo no td II is the JS. trtt listp er secretary ots
whe 1 10. Lcqfli it a as Sc ...ais *Ic- St**.p t SOfal T WAR m e. is do do eett ad TROT. Nf. T-Te rigtt sl ., sa a require hiss to rota. the sea li-la
pg otf asume Is we ose elsage fl t i at ca s "fI Sf tiles u s mpe doS by lS sa t a stal Ofite S oI tesille Ia Amtericaan Is bliseblsg Compeny. Ilhm ace

he scom -gga ho Suim S te een so no iat So ace S at a Ul gfhey th e ti.1 per. u it tise ita a t Wet 'asll
aow a -A rf P na as DOWN" s ta ato"* W INe- 00 eti at Weas A ugs .the of the MyMS rem"" P5 agg-


".ast-to.Coast Newks adl (iossjp ~ Aelwypeu

S1. I forn ALABAMA. 1II, itt,, t r, or. II.uu Wlne i, lllh.o.r alinla toi 'aI O U MA, 10i FOR CHIM NA
*I i.. 01.1.1l lol.. tel.r ltao W0n0 a ul~tle TI. ll.i:',,..ton Buy News wi i OO i tsk. l It~eu o.i"i"r.lorotlo. b.Ottnk lIt., biott c.tt.u.iiin ]in lil 5eteoHa end patroln of says^ t!< Ia l fSS il ^^
a Itt, at.. t4 pr os "to I tt u0' ---.* .1 k it I ,otro ot .u t0I Opa V heI.t,,P Ohlntfr i tdii to 2fI
iIltl .Rte. a1 1 '..11 te ,.h n d lb.tu t ,lI*tle0 11 (tI ,.l' .tr d ,11 t I. l tot d by ,'r1 Lady lt is". nnms WNW runS
Lp t o.oblltM e
I. lt.t. I. ..... 1. I iiS1 It'd. t O 1, 0 k *0 eE S
,I.t tolyn tt r l to .l.... Id o 11. pr- a :. e. ui .1 T1r-1,- Con. 58Md

. .. .....;] 'rl I I iI IL i, ,, i w u '' I do'.h n bes f ides palletb Ih'll b so Cell to

t Atoot~, ot 11 t '~ot at I ., Ot t~lS St. .1 1,0 IotILtb.010ItSO eW OtIltt a O tI 01 II,' Itt.h. tflr lh t S'Io I,i Ii I , 4 lb.d 't ,I, snilo .ed ltitt Hour tIrMle 11n1 the II t~tul0
It let)XV i +x+Ul~ VI~l III* ,1. i, i I 01 0 Ottnx t.t+ tt,n t, IiIr+ e Jl tk im ,Itl* ll It Ito y,tgytI IlqtIII Tsleo.4 01 'II+ totl tear. toO1 tolauo es. Ud t ,o q
I toutlb. taro 5+.11 lb. Tr tnrmart. IIt, .It tOO i i 01 rt e II...tI *l ol+ .,,1 t ,,O .111,1,1 "I dl 11 et to I ItO 00 Ortlsn I:, J,IItt Metull~ tOU ltplOlr s t101C lotun 12. 5020 I al -.l M M

syis i^ '^^ -jrw'^^^^ by.te "? LT^-^ "3d"^ Lad N.PJ1 Obly'^
^y~~~1 1%.i. built'^" April, b.rd., airi.,?"2 pn gusi- go<4^ ^* i f
iI, .1.. lo.t t .ko l >rit r it t',. tI"J* lulo. t.! t? 1 ,1t..lt^ l,,1 o t.t "h l trll, 'I^l+l.l^l" th ..h u r 1 htl Onlh the ltoWnPILvtft Fees cflS*
I'n s b kI y I00 .t01 ll Pt K.101d, 1 t i ?ttI II.,t tI ll ln 0 o11 1 'k T ro y 111, 11., Trou 11td 10 n h 5 n n tjHgas
f It 0 0 ol i r tb.hl ItMiA Itt, ii1 n u bin mr I 0tt 1 I rln. 1.10( 11TIM t .. i tb. t I umt.llic t nel iby III e O, r, t tth li t. ntll BtIIU hi rty Clotnw Postlos. ltg"
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We HevN si Tool You Needl "" &0. |Ua-e
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This cut shows a fac *imil in reduced size of our latest release of Clean
Up, Paint Up display. The series contains 15 illustrated ads and a six.
coha ei E dealing with all phases of this seamsae matter. Price

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IroI elitnl pipers, the PI-
I ,' i Mi,,rl- r, will return. I S cets
'I ', -t ithli paper edvocerd from I
*^ J.,iliier 3 1. ltl. Thr morn-
S .. i the I'terlot. which oe aI-
i ,. I-lry circulated outside of
'.. 1I mm h'tl New lttmp~htr#. ro.
r I <* .1 r ils, and will continulte at
1 l ,r..tAdt rll r `it F mleit -I
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* ,.. hl,.lth. K. 1', RuIh of Olen
Ir.r Il- ,sualWnded eubll.ralion I
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l' ,i', ,.'r Jilh work only."
I I,. rc l.al editor of lha lue-
',",i ., ,'ir.ii It oeersti Flemlnt ton.b
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I't 'r 11 L. Illnton of the rnelenn rn-
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I ,, it.. 1 ede in the planLt.
--, .'1 ii of Marsh lith the ClOOI
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otettes seT^aKL n'o are.^ -ni y In the newspaper field ef tii

be Mkehll

@i n Ipm sl

SArizona Vists New York and Shows

Up the Big-Town Gunmen and Thugs

XERE is a serial which
offers a valuable sug-
gestion to the cities. If
Clay Lindsay, a sweet
tempered, sunny son
of a sunny land could
make such monkeys of the
bad men of New York, what
could a selected bunch of the
courageous types who have
made the Southwest the saf-
est for life and property of
any portion of the United
States, do toward improving
conditions in the eastern cen-
ters? If William McLeod
Raine has drawn his hero
true to life-and we think he
has drawn him much more
truly than the average hero
of a western novel they
could do a lot.
Yes sir! A lone cowboy, a
complete stranger to city
ways, outwits the most dan-
gerous gangsters and beats
them all hollow. For real
thrills-the wholesome kind
that sets the blood tingling-
we can recommend "The Big-
Town Round Up" above any-
thing that recently has ap-
peared in fiction. Although
Lindsay's operations mostly
were conducted in a street

twelve miles long, he was
somewhat hampered for el-
bow room; nevertheless he
grew accustomed to it as a
range and found that it was
capable of producing varie-
ties of excitement which beat
a cattle stampede or a cloud-

The redoubtable Lindsay
might have found his visit to
the metropolis more peaceful
if, in addition to his own trou-
bles, he had not undertaken
to ride herd on a couple of
other strangers, male and fe-
male, from the West, who
needed looking after. Woven
with the adventures of this
sage brush Sir Galahad are
an enticing romance, and a
glorious girl of a type not
often met in novels. She was
a pampered child of wealth
who had had a taste of life in
the great open and the mem-
ory called to her continually.
It was a sacrifice to give up
luxuries and social position in
response to her heart, but
Lindsay was irresistible and
the final chapter shows us a
honeymoon not in Europe,
not in any Big Town, but in
the Big West.

"The Big-Town Round Up," now ready for serial
release, is complete including chapter synopsis and
displays for advance announcement in 72 columns.
The cut used in this ad is part of the display material.
Price for the use of plates, $21.00.

Clman, mmu s a4 th iag wh a emingI leve.4 est; wranm
Ig thor who stam I the reom rank of western iwnellsts


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