Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: February 25, 1922
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Slitt bbui eberti' 1zxiiarav
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CURSE l HElS [ Members of the South Dakota Pr s m ocation at Sioux Falls ] MIESITEDITORS



ot asiastio Meatng at Water. a Construotive Work Don at
town WOe Attealmd ad Two-Day Sesion-W. L
Lavishly Entartilied. Verity Chose Presindent.
W t'1 !ii"WN, N. Y-It may beatl meeting f tle Mhineooa dl*
r ,in ..s rs old, but It aselU Iy teal AImoela on was held at the
, yini. t I.h..llh |e|d r oe e West Hotel In this ell ay oAl Friday and
l "the Northern New Yo(rk P Seatarday, February 17th sad 18th. and
,fual n, t .l IIw at H lotel Weegdlo Interest was one of the moot succelme
,FIti"ruiril tlh d Y kth. a A hi meetings ever held by the m oela.
cose .,,i.ern New Ylt Pros A s'tlon.
iti,, s ord ol whlet it ma The invention opened Friday more-
w t e 'r at; ft mberthiplal ale Inl, with inese ill publishers and
Shu I very few (eal ime their ladies In attendance, and the vTio
r nti thl ,n t sx tnll o r) el at w ItRorl we wewelcoaed to the city by
tper mel l ithn it lll l rite rll Mayoe (Georse I Leach. Vice-Prel.I
for~p;4 iiiiit luie 11tor ehlt rla t bee debt W. K. Verity responded to lth ad-
onelloet S we wayri f a 53 tie water Ifl "KMfl00=Wp far cities of more thn 1.10 popet dress of pIcore, following whIsk
".....+ -= .- E. S. 1511 IH a, EDlIRS "" -" - ,, "o o.+...-,_.
Saemi',ti tostSh I p s enta The hEe Lietp eu, h du1e c-o me t hea annual address of Proeideon
a m t iei asslocei Ips LIIIUN u Ienk oant te Int s to elet the beat
tte l aaiesor date eI me l mA edIa moas sad A Pi* mntseto n tobio o derio g e l es h Phil Ilarh of New Ulm. In which e
lsmalt toe a Psteo e nt 'n ? Jianupary 19, mk and = th trh b p
,-n1.te .,3I sfforta m, l ofI lsljtl popsd P elne o aa ert, iRr r d oll ait to ne reo amended tlon made for needed la.-
oaf rcitl rlla J" PHES IEI o( wmflut*l tliiift[L J 1 rtary LuIa a Zlmmtoenan, 11r- pavement In legilatiou affecting the
. m her.., tbll erved nl tha. t h rI The W em lttee am th code o i W,. l. at ofi r h. Wreppern atte' new"pe
atol ~f. a t.l tise latllg w .r the ethlc m adi al p at h H. Ml, ei u 'c t tresA Ihn I "r ...l.l a

H, '.! .. n_ thill II n. hldto ih l l. t lin l. w .h rtid 0ht I "t CO B th" secrtta rIII J." Rl C s in r ll" r.i lea
.._.l ti-,i n, foierthe wiae aU th.er, A r it e 1. Pints to hbe ro nimi will er o n hi ahis el lreaort, which waS followed

torn .r f;.r 1hL fll. l ] l. lltlllltlrv. r niina lttiflell.v t Od I. l. li li l.liht u I-1nt l t o |n \ ld w| l b e il" ollr- Mlr rn ". lh
___oieti E IT R Pea,, Peal M H. H.a toi More, IT f H IV A T l by a paper on Ciluliry Corrroaponil-
I o" n .ls o l Wloc d ll l, l>.. l o llPer la Ae de, r ohr111. and: A. L S lti vet% pA en Ila i'l lo al r J t. T Wio of tie. HBlanerd
Tl,, e l A. Wrilgtht, Vermillion. The Jud". a' To bI tie i -n e of the Tr i ull e.
T..,, ngI. t i, Mage a.- i ed Assoo at ion A rdlopts a Code of iowesrl 'pos se la me. Program Just Issued Rio, In TIl. lleg of journ olla at the Univer- %A the omFriy elrnnion erecoli t Nelltl
it rlIi ha it @,M i te i e tIr lege h wer Igmi a t O
f tli. llhi nim t pr.ll t linvla l l El 11in, 0, rol itI .i and Several .ld o 'etie were aio a In the it andi Varl ty- Canquetn ll Univtrsitfquette I wnl.t'llom of W orf'I. mil ,n e Faro m
r I editors .llle e ladies were enter- h I |veIIty lli r, r t i l. a nI I1.. r 1- "Tile n lot.
tl .l t]li.- l W.l edl old r.e which n Ir lBrr t.ad AdldesJ h | "I oli ride lli n t itl e lcity nd by thle Joulna. Prices fir the A est wll One. e "m:lel- ""'"""ili NIII whint
hal r, ti '11 tll tifter eInli ertIal a- K t t greater pinrrliec. ct of nlla-nsd. nl lly li tl win II. rtu -ih ry ailf tr N tf n d t,. : i'. l or thl A .in-i
The---nt -I--h SIOUXl FALLS IIIll t I C' lt r-sd A iur S orni "Adve r-
fili.- I: l ile n T llr a niri- |,g' . llT-r ( id i lie fela uro tlke of ithe at- o] t .T E. l aiI ril ltc ii I t lll.h fl. it li 1 I Io l"r l 'illilr 0 <'l l" i l

l.ii i is r as0ili e Nl l it. n cl n uf i t iohiien f c r a li > 1 I. I I th ,t r s iinii il iiir 11111f rl l mn i i hiii lisl ll Il' 11 t a hi it
l I oen iif tti rlo n mltomlimig mi f mum i. I I lkI' lll le'rl lit -llaln ullii tle i la- tly-it- h liy Cite- f lir phrt miter imiepinis eg mifl time IVacon- them. il 1 11 l oi ltoi.11 1t i Ti l . li- l 1l0,
t ; 11, tile gaUoei the o oitAll ai r i I .. . a ol.' I in m I.. i iimlim of Itimlat (ily. ilsim. teiph ii -a Ao. ml, i iit s b l S y win l I i I l if litt' tll tmoIi, I
0"5'Is'I.si ^ tiBh n rlt lii i'hli-mi' mi'i t 'iiiii'co, 1. !liilmil mt Ile tmia.m 'Teiliamne die- l'eolmm-ml miti i'o-io om Sier.- c l'm-.'ii.imie I. mimii-i1-
--, am ', lh ,,II Im, y ( tins. iim lim i m1 c i l imml t l1ll. l e it mln mii ite ",olm im ml i "II ]l a im-re ek T utleo i Z mlli im e a iim li l in 'i, is fl
ilm.I e lmligl tc Ili- m ia-it w rimlm 4t tilihm mi ', l lilWr 1-mil'og o
i mt., D.. ,a ,,o a tl, .le a.i iIm itr m im i III r ml>,ier file n t ;li i ih. t tr 'f ahr r .t a A ... I, l, '

... 1. l T II.m.. .l.l.. Lf Jr l...llt vuI' ll ]o l e tf it I nIlf *. n nI1 or ie- t -tsI

Ah.r i.,, ,,.T,,, i,, ,,r,,, he i hr,,,, ,...r it din', iemoc rati Na tial Cha li ani r' r, + n1 i" ,
1 a h ai. H l the ning 1 wea r l t e'n io n for the t e
. .'1 ,,,t, it A IT f t l.m .ii l r". p .lin. lktlt C. itl ati i- l t r, I' Illmt T hmn ohlo.n i llt h io till- ti, a ll t1n .f :iIa,,hl itn 1ere b ht I n foo,
r t IIiii m -, i mm inmll mer t iii2,1 ,i iirnii ti'oi t he h u Idt tiiheil I Ao rem .f alttien ingt ini Ai IEk F ACl
"c .' ....i.. .. ii.. m .....as. .. .....i. ..... Nuiew'-o i m .im AX'" ..t. I.mi md"ii i l .t ii.. ..... ... M N w p e InT u Eo mER S .iciif. iiir.e. .e-i.1

Sli-li-i3inlam mI chli Il-silt. h'. mriis-Iifrm llmier mh sa ".e ilotunthai ito . .. We el r Wi ol r r I1.ol

iP I' ii..m,,, l-i mii' laon l -t %in e w i tm Im-hI '--o i- ..- h'tri-l. if dt'rl. i ii immtim r l c B l s 'ItioeeAo t ra- 'c-l a 1 u c sfl One t.1 i'. ll ii .lli,."ih tmm imtlim- 011,
1bo,.' w i Ml.iiti Bnoien M o. dl k m ndralb 'it mii' ol tai mlmm 11 ITSlt tl$th, I F IE.D o .It 'ft"'
Raseletiaret.d b r m-lt-c m imo' mit Nimem fi- or 1. iitti
Sl nlt. I i lKllll r ton ctlId. ao'ot. lit- c,, 'toll oomi InI. I o. y" th m c Iot'n witmoh icnimoc larg t it m t lll irs U lm l s. i,,w if ta .* ,,def lr.e i

lits ily0M e tml. in c.gl Too eIf If v 1l"t "O, I l Week atmli Corell te Univers. i itoy h ii 'i .,.[ ,, .. l. .n ,,i,,,i. .a mui c . Ii
1Atnm. l i tat 1o ial Ot'i-fl I inioJaIa1- n 4 de-e aeing 55* ( l rde brllb okoI O toonkemithenthin oitmici Suc'cessfuld One. 'lie mn'at mite to-it-.i
"i o illi n th e old i- Kfder, ile 0 1-n. JV 'i ll-ma Eto t t ifo L M i. IIxn I ": ih e c onduc}. t- n'i n l filh l ll edior "*t*"l ni.
,a thMil 1!o+1tIPTh f trhe ttn tino tt Kic Iil l hl0e RItDtDY f.m t o- e P St. I'oao ol V. ar i i inre lW rtlo lf iin ing u l f thy

tl, tl thelt i el l 0 alt.ta tc im ed it ori lT m oiehe nhuti U lEU t inKtl ii IM t stmmieil the iltnllikl oiiettittr Ihil oni 11d in 01 l i li' t m ..ilha r it. ilt-I .
t- 11 NeW .lplt asr Public Necslit ysl- '- iia m ther n -! -i t a m nIc -tn i. iti I N---,-idt hlllte ) -tl p .", I" slut l' l' r. It I m n. l il ill.H III i n- liti e l ]
.............. ....... .. ... ...... .'..... HELLoR EL T D :Y

dnitiii 1n. tlIt lnd tir l-le r as i-i* VWe t -- Ilit m lhIn tea i -m h EIIIE l -i-ac in tom. J. WMt lt n .Ii
Whii o o nell C K o 1I0tc n- -0l h A 'l---ti o tal i Of lpos oc iwnt e w 'e oit icim-ti.a b ln Te eithr l o e

...... -t..i.. t.' i" m i" m ill.. . .. ..m. M gEM TIC "'i m .t.a.. ici" Nm.oe. ..m. i't-c' ''+ +' ........ .. ...
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S 1 ho- uni i fyh ?teh n h i"~he i-it- Mlt- - -ntT-ou-, Ti.-i~v iratl b- ,hl.ir Utrlli --- t11- B ling i f iMl' t ii l ll

a., "^ '^S^^S~i if i-.... v 'mdy l -1 V.. F. HIL LER E-- - - - - - BYi sum -illi
sealc t.i -.-ur I-1-toll I tN'i f - - wb-, now aI-. f in A_-n1 ,1.l. ei . I T e.
. . .E O...tha.t e ital .I-teims'. ci'-. -.-l.t tcili .....i tile Thin[ DVANCES UNIQUE T. HEORIE
Te-it "r I i-tiiiti'ti.Iiamli cti-m o M-rTcAll. mitit- tlt- - - I 4 _. Al iiti Ii .,Ill: -. .n.- -
til- ,.- i r t mtl -l I Anlo. 0 1, ,-I a5- hi I i- .., -.1i Ma ... itl" Ieo Institut IhM 1 rt-
ht- in mli' Is, gm g'., ,. .. t It 0 I 'i t ilri, .l-.ttimie, iitm l--l f ii il t' a Iuti l -%- Illes at f Il ml:,tl A -,,
tone 'I -l,,, ,-+I lfor-inthin Im i ne flllI. h,, it.t t,,i .iiiflt lit"lht.cmi-tmtimmt. ii, h1 mti ..l i ti Nl ii I I, li-- .r[it til l'.r ".
l1:udl, -Ii t h r. l Ing n-Icmie hit' welmll AN c he i-lm. lilt N. T.h l i i bulc .- -! l i ii .,- Ii .. .....r
,Tic.I ic-,olem-,olon slatted,,ImI+ekn mtliti m i l li-i l-s i if l 111113- I i lO ((aonttitoiIa@_I.. )1110 vor,,r+e %lilt F lti l't
n i ag s-Ilk r- Ibm iii l me-1mra.e4 mait 1-.,' 1i ( I J. ci i. fla til,,,r 1h,
.....a.. .. prouf !m .. 1 -o .smte.."ts.... .f .e. .o.n m Fi- I n, SItm.. t- i 1 ,-
fight .. .... Fn Itt. 1'Io e'was Tr1h'ui - 'I n1m.-tuuumi l mi te.. IlIi -lndto ,mmil-
.oIT I l on...an t he W elekly itisoht 1101. Mio- notlmeo a.o'I . .. ... i- ,. "0v'r Ii- -yIQ I l m tile.. -t,.. , .
5 1 I-mim NDem Ale r Prtet ,of t the N ti.od al m ao I i. flume lolh a rI V ,Ii t .. .. ... it
I54 1m 1 of b p pt be 4d follwed y f ir, mmr tw Il- t ,menitmro m" tthe t tl loIret v -
"ot Is Fl ta e Prn al S eat tter his'. r, at'taI coI V ten Pni ....I.. .. I, c lc t
N xtm e et ane wr I ei s i t M n I I' hd I-
Ilas J,,11 To e .ri l e Iak frnls ih. 0-e-,e;rtle s ei n and a tomeltion po ii ho lb. p ocket ot11nc

As, lii cth um t ibfleta lr lIre r ad h1 wee h ltr.e y :- I l P h:, Twinemt t lfc. c tmI I'h i. 1.tvii l fto loi-
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le ." fc &o leth e s rt at g ..'- sp. oilr. e l'hteset g lWemen: .iiIIu-t*,e ,teralme*,Iu]-:

WeAd0 et l megrowt a g t. e was iht.. be d he posee ,t 'flue laterREPRE oIEn asItH oP E wo .i 5 ,lli Ili.sIli 1 i11-
I sli gesion sI t ar ted a o t sradlwo1 a lieder f ile, Iam e h w e utihil I. lir .1101 .mi t lt llmi-il

,tt15i of.the atrnid wieheetooa. A,.. byAth lt o 1,--r I.. t o, t o ...... ...
0-0 omome uet t0an t adr 11;14n Wi ale turkey atitlt" lo lnlt+illC nnhe ollicoielmim
-m1'tT Apses. S. Welt wasalis hi S !tl lme of IcTi eTh cnt..ennt wl te lde sogtot cItlc o .
I stII sO sel te Weekly oed )l emo r l tlls oa wmoi. S etdry leeki cItI Itiert is
m owlemm Alm s S most of h tel et e0 andegiavel t mo.th e aTill- Ie ClassA h. these fo n a me ho rt l ai Phint s* ,no t m, l t.... uI eo y'r I 'mIth%
PahS mm abets sp So Ie ad d w hre n U ik wetiokm byi havion% pret a lot 'I Tile sis the' wmi lt h sIa 11:'do.1 t it n I. m tkes
I moss- ..es at him a ms at sm es.en m.e o iOw ;-n-en ed io th m tsdsm! Z,. ...at Sad.C. D ....am e.n..e

on"th,ll-aallb Aollf Governorll lulll 111 II1 --R1- I sltolmle I- I ceJall nd jmem litern J ukiU l hlad l 111OWOP IllCl8 l~m ll~ lao tNtll15O Wllrmm.I I4 leb on h "clrhtuota d ,o- 1e~.(I.nt~m flll IH, il~l~ lJ tll to ii;k

Tu rvPULIInina AUIIuAwT.

S(bast-to-Coast News aw Eossj (( e perpsl ald ie4rW f t
ARIZONA na,' .i, ,,' ll. .." .ser.. fitaa ......ir" r i: I. MAKING O000 AS PUBLISHER a f: r uraik r i *B1a ua.a"s. a -
i n* 'f".h li t 1 -. ta f M A K I N 'Gr .G1OiO, C A L I F O R N I A Dh h & I r a 1h7A j9 : t a |' 'a t It -s

I ll" llw I...
, r. Ki -a. ,iI. I at ut l n Ar ... n i ...i t p , i, ti, a fh.. i. t ali. ,.., I l(.k.a iii l alsfai ia a a ,,a,-it -" ,. i.. .t .... .n.... .... .... .. .... a l. i...... I a.... .. .... .. .... ......... Ala .l. . lII a ...... 1. ....t wi t 1 .. -* a
li'.- - lt .( I b . ... . a.*, bi. I ,ll . .s ,aa.a l la t o oWllia l pi .,l a al. tI a all
.-I........ .ts. ... .. ... K S .. ..... .S...s uls s a s..
SIt'I,,ai.ookt pi hr it h a e M i I- hest asitaa l li
1;ll IlnldPi IFu.r IilloII mr4 w 2 IN,
\- .Ir I,. iiii aa o Wf Is teb nlr. a t oi i ret I.. aa ii.n.Ftdn i h rl. ii i .>l I yOs ,llA.lThla. prs aa l m lt M . H

1ih,11,r ., th pr.,s .to S u i. a d,,1.f t dd t pfl, ha.t.,isil wsa ,,iits,.a' b; i- ..'" *wH r iRU. ~ I.. n t .,. 1l l3,.. ; IIOU I.
I ais biiIr .fc r epr W s e atit t, t rI, tr ll .lh IIfias s a M. a re m i ai illi l t r m sad a thata
::1. .::n:" "ii". I ":"'G n't ",1h dor -~ how ;: -

.n .i .. aI --. n o -,'di '.t na 9i1 .raWahi ti..a .... . t y. a h
.,I b. i&, o 1.01 i

Si .... .. . .... . .a ....mi. l. ... a tt s P i .. i; ",. I. ... r .. hS p t. ... ... si i ... .. ..ll ..e a t i t.s ... . ,t t a.t
" I" u. t "a i ,.lti tlt ,t lrh *. It. -iI ""I hl s "al--ri 'ihl ir t I, dl a oin M I N f. iial b taa iver before. Tti li ia aaa sl I-i-rnfts a t tsli aritar. ] n a aS f M O TA N A
Ilk I ain.f h h bnit..I ailtbMfir t rt ir A N a

I l,'- -" i- t. i '. -. 1 r I. r i- '. b-'tn w ih r'l.lu I n tln t.. tt w h .o It I a M r im u o t r e t d a n a I 1 ill . o ra fa l . a a s t
in.. n. .-.h, irnitrholoi Itt I aewirtth .Gr uientd uo. fl.f ii. w ..ha. Ill- i W anh l u a 'ii

.. .. hi ,. i .. . -., ,... l,, .w.. sl i tai .b. pt.i. ';.t.. ;..t.bil.lalt ,11;^ ;; .' ..... 81, .l dl > .11 il w sla a. rrai"itS S-S iis'is MIISSl OURI "" --w
II .. nl n oho B u" u g h oa.l W l Iek n wh a .ro n0 0 n .= z ah
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tin's- i.,l'sin ..'itt t,l..al B h han..' --iba Iiei-a- l ,irid". I,. ti-i hil-i i tI, .r 11i canb., "pare an haur Il lrom the r. a

1.1 tir sn4.I .K.n tatIniit mnnl hief l. llll lb-it, .l a.l itrr Ni i I -- nin... IsI tr lilSt i t i,, *a ti- st n -'u'I". l rlI t'
Sou1 n t r ll u . I 1" ' lI Ii b ,M l 1' M-I
h, l, in n bf i. athif i MR' r. V. ii i ary t s-Ih IrIow, alt r t i -t m hI l
-tl ... .. ..... ..
chanae for ful in a man who lll.ovesb k birds. .
14-- I .... ... .. ...Ig.. ......... ... . .

a, H-n Aelar E a B.. 1h. fnth i l. t.1 bp I I 1 l l ,l. i as o
.tr.. t ua I, Ma .. . t' -. It paoo ha m... .. . n.la a i t .
l-rt. An ri I -all of l Wat t r rnt N 1 a .*s.l | l 1.. i l- MtII |A I st
.-.1 A p .r.it..It .I .-t H .. t- an qat- It-It h ei l tl ti o.t aa Irrrn, l1. rrlT iril l iBur a i 1i =i a i tANsA A.
rADO.a t i l l nIh I ll ad I tani n I emn tth Um M t I 1 wi i -nah aD MONTANA
.IoA ...not Ilul. Wn t n t, to A.r Ma is
l .I' I. I, .zr Ith a Ibi lt IIh1.all1. I P , rIp=la -. h .1 I
.r r lkA BIAay .dw1. A. C ia i da-* ..n. L a;ana Isi ah r .1nasa l

!-iiased t en pwelde a ..l*:^ i] ^ ... a
-utm a r l b ... l .l i1.a. .. i.-...s tl,,i I l l l *o- i It h i ll II t I h e r "ld i i i bh f
by, I.I.l.t. ..... .. ... . = I al;. .... ... .. flok

peh. SolJ .,Islas fr.. 6 o1 ,as. the service ad b, a1,t
.o11Ism L .t :t 8.k .ie I=. h8 cI w z It l r 1l i
l .tia trs I a a l tm r e -i b-., i t . a nla a.it U s in s a i -a a lai h i The T
-- b.. a tr it Mll nabp ras- +n i ri teasw il rn isn

i .h I,,t, mlar unr.,- |..r...a t i ..p A '... W;i i. a I..' .:f n ,. 'n i" So a, r lIr.' r l

r h a a h as a r s e s i l l .. i r' bt i -b i f ....a.. J a shs r1 Lni' 41.-1 + m n -i- r h IIt 'b"ll. b '.I b r *s"i" tI I I>d ,..,,la, i a>.e apb nw htt. h s l T I i lhr s d' e'a iit. |"I .l, artk ulrra -NiE R3
-iiit a -nay i r I i.a nA- --l i .I. . I nd l I 11.1.6 .1i h i .
w e-tb-ns a~ 1si a N e~Innp r n~i lmiorat-an n a I .......ta a l ahtc.al i I.al M ins i s wn t,1 I 1I 1, 1 t, ,*l fa h a ats b I el
Wt n iti a i I Ir' l. .".. ..... t .i.a Is I.a w A b,.a.il5 s i .i.......iS S
lE U etna,,a l-t n ish is,1. aiit ,ilai ,aaaa1 sad ir. ih =..i hMatn as a dita r A t wa ii Oats. haa it h 1 sId

II-o b. b. otb .. l1 hsts-u. .w.|"nl t asi lsf ad I f X.1 li. 1l f

"rl i 2".,Mh a, '-r. his a".... ha1 m I.a iai t a i ca lies J ata h b,,i a. nrl. 1a y thr l
d.. f ho. ii a- i n-iad a d b t at, b e loa as-s

I, U., ,, i FO IDA. b1.. ,, ,.,. .... i, ;. : ^ / .... S .h I -. al," I M` 3 a a;* fd1."
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ol in la ne int he l at hh mbaI'ia a-.itIu,,.,,,,,an. iie a, sitamb.. hy aiia .Ltt rai. Wr POLL w n d
ASpeciali f r r i h t o a ,. i 1 tIn itA'si ire.ps.e pir Ih te is-riT c tilt- r alt all ai t-Z
is inenl hs ont ha bhee ablest te o mot ptri csand bm to IV.lisie .iA

hont ei t' ins-uin Ii tu. i rk "i t i i of the sat i poin of service, in easn.nitsni I).
- - - - - - - t.imml a.li;-. I- i Ito baib-b tp ttsn dIVu.-Wina aii.se yaann.ts


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S,, I*.ll.~ holntnd mIniomlalll

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S. ". Z ,, I" lie en lt mlliollow i

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tol. +oiei, an. hmsanir
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isori.r, i ... l t'r hl'i. r aw ima t.
J'l,'in" *' *,-, b hii-< tMl II k cilkt
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1+.r.1 I e1.i, tho lie n e Wh ola
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li ~,,,, I,o.,ii, lIan 0* Chit lemlit.

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Ih ,r I. ,,* s a .i o t. t 1 IT1 li m o
P. lH' 1, dh:.j I., tW T~iltaCl IfMl

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No. -ri a ~Ink n. aeW-*

I.. Ith lollablite i0 flie, l
I i. ia M nr Mlnt wmth n

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tt ., p1 I llalht. lin~ms soOll Ioe nan
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U al- lo-I.y''ll'.t 'b|>SIn W tSal~im 0dW "t
t.,i,;.,:I,..":i.,;,lop 7o h.onoi as --s

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tell I. I ,sio sojhnmiae

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JO i l,- .nhtor ati. tIalo bm l- at
1. b.,rl |>, ll. lM Nl*h.

i k e , norC. K. t ot
bi ,, 1" ,01s U oiai is toise u.
li"* *i0 li "l ti do lrlth.
I n, l lr rta. r. nll n sI tea
s'a ., ii.... ....l.... w. lan. a -."
Mwn *I l":ilot inoiih d O ir orrtn nfl.
e' IHI ,,.1 ,1t,r, || t ,). 0. C| 51 o i t.u| |

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l-. ~r(..tf tan .MII r ...
mtn""'"i tih r of Oh ORoNUe* W

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tin _''""**oh w -M 1U

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The J-Uin 1 tevnies .aoihtnt1e I.
alsel Wib blobe ."oasior. l
Sin.. Totere. cohllRobw a wi Buli. istwo
W. a. Jobio. w, ho Wa. ftillr wMWaled
ith th Ch aser olt ito Iot Not l Io lrl.
P4i-' ilbrtill nnrt i in C. s o cl to
to. l'ohltblBC Cled o r o *I it e f It tib



M.erh 1.4 -Wilntr mottne at the Wln.
ormhil Ir AMwotlaton at Mlwaukor.
Malrh i.-iMtina of the Poit CouA. t
ree. Aoelatlo at Mulberry. Pla.
April 2--MSloe oat she loll Vallt
oirtslal A3 lawo on at orany salr.n
Maor El.-Mretna of the Kanu atdl.
filll A-latloo *t Lawnc.
MiNe tl"-tseilrn of thil Eleventh DRo.
met Prem A-lotiatlon at Douelas,. U
Jlly 1l.1-ht, tln. at ihe East T-n.
aoooicenrc Aoochatlon at LAIolr'ulLus.


Santl hr Railway Company It nr-
raniing tIw Intnrstate eItltorlol tnlln-
portotlianm for bona A tonl anId their Immediate family tIl
attend tile annual lnveniitOn of tlhe
Olklhonlh Ediltorilal Asooelatlon at
Pooar CIty on May 12th and 13tlh. the
same a hlii. been dotme tofr several
year. The largest crowd ever hit a
preos meeting Is expeted and Clyde
K. Muehmlrh of the Ponea News ad-
visee that everything Is helng done to
make the toelinig a big sauces. Come
,iut! L gt' 10o!

e had. sevol~oon,t
oel nto. isblorn

and F, H. Mc wfL_ Manager.

C HIHCT IZ "all. o court, will dote
hittll t l al t tthe welfl re of he
ee th lowa eilors a1ed pnd blia h aeo tat
te B IsIy aIn o" eriIna that the aott he
WItI Ete l It6 to have at he ItrmImrd woe
h who ti so thloroumhly remlellatioun aulI
hhle to devote hia time, to kinw hi ntl
of the sllociatio Is al i oi.r agsw...i
i.a He has hoNil industriously and
ut 'lllllNmty in tle intaT iS of lat
owlrnr Klall a Spmk e r t i,,ae pubt herm .ni hau aormils .o.
UN Baqet--SMith of Win. groet s**d in their behalf.
The Klantl pre ldnent is n e wih.
terr t l telld Presldent. t lo b en ...o.. h of the .iciall board flw
-- i 11 ll llllr if I. r.s He publrhtes mie
DER MOINeR. IA.-Tlim annual of thle itolnigt iwtisppers i. Iolowu.
meeting of tbh Iowa Prel Aiiwclatlm lie i. Iilento ely interested in the 'wel.
whlib was held In De M ain In.stl am of tihe craft, and to know hllm I
week was onell the orwn ic Cessful o ela llee that he will give a good io,
natliinl evetr hIel. The attendance counting of his stewardshlp a. cblie
das larger then ever before. ofiler of the association for the conu-
veiry" year, the ialff rl, and Field In yeour.
edaretary CIwell a t uldip to brinK Th board of direion ar: T. W.
to the members nuitlher of It:nen, li.- "Purcell, Illampton Chrolncle; 0. I.
n rtn hur and v ental liitngr t it the l. Itor lle, Waukou I rtWp r; J. amed. C f
flire al prligre uf lie. Iuwi uewe- tiy llok Itapldi ltielew; E P. liarT
palerns. ri.a, Oaklind Atcrl; Ind. K. P. Dald.
Title yIr Thuropliy wia ilven over ride, l.oomleld DeaorTaLt. 0. L, Ci-
to dalll T li idied two well, tdd e cHretury, o. to be lWs. Amagi
Friday eveof the i r, dlrumed to the lldtor unilder ai new coIiand Tillieul
pro heldln le 'l d It W lr., of the

On T liurdly evnln tlhe edintorm were named a m ftTloi; .
and jof tillen ofvlhn Ii.lot l.erd o ) Beat fnola l eamlowier mekuap.
mntoiKalli tnl by C.l oli a Frlinklli of enr id T ti une Ki-tlla U nou, a H.l
St thmom PIaper Comipailny In a talk Lriu e dnd ald ea ma t otld.
on the use of fine pollw" nti the sil (b) Main h.aS-ieH s'k y oro'rk h si
pliationhe of tehe m rmu lln olorr ham fiollile ientlon. ihubaurt
sy ste m as a p p illM to p rlnllti.1. E lpow ter lad W ool bia w s, T w s r.
Ntba blel oat anqu tate. rilati onnih. Ak 'ft inlal.
Friday evening. are.i held. l ifre Y ito. Tl tr, rof the i it.o 1p fan
Des ilot ('aCpllnal IHilllg tlnmrtmraster.. All A

temor Kendiall, Tlhncor llooilng, oLa. I -,6u t. nomi a hlIngpl
C oI. Ilan(.rd UacrXhI.r hied of the my r3-liarlnt bUl0hotZ =l .htho
American I.ciflm of lhe Unilt lollStea! y now Sal *. o =iej r".'w
llHarvy IIInIIi. editor ot tei RegIl& Immedialtl. I h.v round (Eu Ur
|T r lIl Trihune: alnld Jam .i G illel ple ,story n- osmt In l lm 5 Spll hoM h
former preNidelt of the nreolatlon, olad i.oIborllth e a I tnld aiin onas.-
replied In behaif of tile alm-itlOtio. to. Cgns '. nor .. UlU
Resalt f Electlion.
E. .t. Smlth, lpillllaher of tilhe 'tilia Iron th. s I . t outfl
Witlernt hallonlln. was elected ble. bhot pri'llril It ispodo a a d
president: Gierfe F. Tucker, Wehbter W To`ne linnI phl.l.. =ld.


Kdl O I ntt 0f t3A% Jido- ComntY N-
M,0..r0 s lto to r *o i tIr-M
l. lN n.iIe 0
0* .1. 0 W, b e1o. i a hel -I- aIsta
A T lu n w 1 I B T. lbll s
I r w0l.. tiC i. the kM 01 a is.bId
to An aU^its I h 1= S
sells. as -iao C.r
L D. IN _f 00 wn s h- t

bisotoOs. -
no: ?n.ne
sot.. so.. 0000 000


Note that this year's St. Patrick features reproduced above in one-
fourth sil, reAlet much of the new pOltion of Ireland among na-
tios. Price of the am eo material in plates or mats, $1.75



ubhiteh r' Auxtlart

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ualtut l. "1 ul P M ita Pa ilrti
taitn- ciitor 1 ul-i t Ptr Y*mi t )

l'. uibit''l is

i .i .. ..... t. ..
ItY tiac. Iii i i'. i.Ii ii it p w.

1 11 i t..11 l Nu't i Al.
Sc i t ta t h'. Itnra.i i 1 e

AIII II t it i i l .l ... ...
SFebruary 2, 1912.

a .- .,I I., .h ld
Lets Have the Truth.

En Passant
.pe kin l f F Ih".nc,
rAft 1 ti iI iii. It Ni.i ii

i l nr In Aif r i t i ti m l
Ile i it i'i iiii I- iuiil I frr iin
tu u-u-u. hI u- I le t tii ri, LU ' a.

-I ly I'ilnr.,. "- c lu Tech. I o. t iD '
-,iri It iu -qll tiLLi' tidhs i I it ,I"

''IL L.JI lit l L l h h
, i I tu' u," h r
- i-t r I u.-I -f -lI'- lhi rIi. l \lii i

'Irl ..11 -. iii wl .' a 'n l c h ti -I'l
l n. :li[ e l it..-i i th e ii ldit.

'irelV-u--a Pt''Lusan.u .1t
-t lull k u-lul -,. o, i utn, ,, i.-

I-c r't tluhtr- hi iti ,, I It : h 11. lho-

-cciiiI lhihih l1,.' t ,tii llt ti It, ii. i i ll
l Iu- ie lit cl- ( 1 ii tiepe uthl t ,

lit iSd ciutikei- Iiiiu-i-uu ii'
-ilt I rtill--i h iii.,ii T Ih Ii il rl Doi h It

t-AoE oAlP atn,-Ih N." o. fl

SFEkATlURES i l l-. -

PULISHERS HAV PROBLEMS. pa." Iinj theI Newspaper | .U
,-ti.. 1t... .... Nf ... .; .... T", aS S.... i.r to- .Iitin iliplay i nd la m Uorld a m
*.., i.a n l ,t.ii ,, Ali. ciih'! wh! Alert p h i l I.ont tli.ret-ld to former a1 Li t raBB W d B Et
l-. pAi.'1 L Iici L i ll Wt n til.el wi th at appeall, the girt of I I u u um L L n i
,ih I,1 I,,lns ilm,
cit lll .1 jt,:1 r II ll .lhi.;ll. la:' ground that his a.w tel S a I,, ,iii lilo l lllt 1111 1i1i tit' l lo-
; I home intitutio and eah d- l, tie of1 the l i, by ita ll.-lditi-, Ab olit of ZoM Sy m
.... ... ...t..t.. ..'.i ..-. i it rvi of the *support of t CIa r tht ,r l. rI '- l ti A 'r A k for. but O .
su n, tmeit. it abhet the Ine olea t,. i -, tI." l tl iiii oll Lower Rate on Advertll tingtl
.1 r,. .... rourI n ia-Ie. which publisher c.c *. ,,,- ..,+ t.n Ig lh r
,1. produce. Statlsecs m.. in *1.,.l ',. ;,lt ji'g-,3 fti }h ectul (t"ll. Ral'te. On.--hulr -alolS hlS
.i4 lh hace found that such argemalnts l r. al 411111l.140 l ots

Of course the *v uo t> '' ", w 1 t r l I l | ..ie aunist "" " I n" r l |
heIs. lost their fc ei hemast t .. I Ie l- 1 i tt- a lIt |iii -Itiiu al )Itt .. Ii Jaianury fth
apohic will 2o whp p -' it- c -1144lltop11 ei llc.l for thle it'urit e sag
ii cu,, lead. and wh or e i t can gel the ri itlL I. i N rti i I iiii i l h to I l u

p, is en eset to the tommuelin L I h .L i'' I L' illt iti1thlll, .iil a Ititr hllllItlI lth
lllit I ,- J desirst public support. ,,IF i ,- aultl 1i. ,II I l ll 0 U rl c iet, ou

eh, public w which d les nol tea tho t i ILL ii-- L II i l-1] y I iI rlltuici i ll..,ili tile llle 00 ad re iii iiai
h I+, L' li, |.| it is good business. o support the u.. I,, I lii. -I, ttluCra.l. 'IIr. 1 l Iltlellh l l lrllual a i-olo of Athe u
L I .. .i i local publications is decidedlr be- r "t. ,,' ,i -.,. Tp h, a.i ..- lilli Il ilIttirhll A oa.clihlla. out ls.
u.L .hi ; .. > ,l hind the lltes. Nt comaut llt a i I l, i d i- I lRl i .,l OBERT SITEWART. fitiL' ii it" 0011 i lctll-' o lmlrcu*cc u IZ *l
I c pltely indiffrrent to the ad. -, .-- ,, 1 ,, ., hlOB RT T W llll. Ii. lou bthe'nu U( iltk'eIs, t
al ntfage of having local naewap- ltl t l l 1..uii-ihr of h. a hIl- lillatl .
l1?hlh' ,i .,,l .; iT \. ,o., ,t .r.. '' ]h., "[,,r"lr ",- ", l 'rTh .h ..--I',, l. i 1 lhrnlhh I,.].-r. li. at A d hli
i L ,~ rI. p sl There harc ,lays a few at 1 I I. I- 1 r it i li iI i N-' rtrt 1f what ol cl-rmedl at i,
least, with sulfcient ht sinc;s tense ll I l,' l ir f,l u l-ld .l-. iill i, fluu tIlt '. 11 1. ai gi 'l t, tou t it tis
.ll -l h h 'L 'i l h to appre ilate these ady s tages L i;iL t' iii lllr ji ti li l' l i I h ill ia luh e i -ii i Iii lt II, kh o' ii h it ta ii e i tiltc llint l wi
t llh. w o .n. be induced toa ua 1:r t e L h h ill' ., i ltad. Lai- ii ltL I t i iL h l 'l i' I I licelln i a'i i ii. .,.
r t t eLI- L ii.L.'lli'l i1 ,I I ti,' ic l i li :ii, l llt W ti Nkioi itiIiir1Ioi to-,
The publisher's strongest arel- Give Them Local Interest. 1,- ii.i,,1. h ,,,, :,,i ; ,. I c.,.. t-ii Ii... i t..n i tie ,ii...illg .a iu
S i 'll I I"' l" l" ment elaist in the merlt It his )11' f tlal i I ,i t; i L i t- lal l i .il' ..- l.'iL i -l. r nt t ht tit lt iiil'l ot on I- Ubroury ial
pulllicatioh the Iack ft i.- ah al Ia-of S K T ho ra gg,,
rendering the community. Let hit r' c 'rI-I 111 Ii i I ..... ii 1 ii i,, ,, ,, Thl.ia.
I l has- I e his calling tl a cn the fach1t t I. M d
h .., i ..n I" I th t h e i il ; in th t e h I ,.ll l ti 1 .h a lli lt. S't -" -011.1 I .iii .-i- ,iX. |t,." .\ Ito- l' hIh, ntc lllc l elle u ti t l l S d
c o m me usily ; th a t h e is g iv in g a ce r- mi. l i l ti t l i h t I-- i I iI i I i I' I, I .l I 'i II I i' lt I' I t t l t 1 t111 1 l rrt 'e lit
1-,1 "1 1 ii .',it1l X 11i L i i i. i i a i ttiatil' T i un ,4 .I huao1111s.
-' ,'I1i- I'd saII... portion at the news eof thre I' t 1 ,i'i'' ,llnt L 1". r'c ,lh' i..i it 11'i h ,tii i ,-,,i d i i:i i t i i'. l i u a t tIIi ii IItI IIe, l 'lithut A.
I 1. ri ll I t outside world, that he I. arrry lis i lt'oitiei, lniiic luti' Il lL T ]'i .-n .i.'|l ii. ii it rilly Ii. 1 1". iliel n culive neirrtuy
I departnenta and features that re -tlil-. iilljti ll r. rt-ilii'Iiil. t[il i,. r.* i .ll Itn ti* '1 1.I tI"o Niilinit iutlliter' Ancwulatis n. Nw
ii, I1J ii. l .'. ifiili I Ii ii
.. h t I, Ir'd .f th, entert]aiins and af Informatll l Iohl u' li fti.' oi Ir al.lt hil th ill i PP).11 1 r1+ I. f, \ h ut l ii L n i,,I lh. '1 rk lth, lt,-ri'o 'l Itr-no.
iI It,:i, 1 t 71h of value that he is providing a me li- -.t it lrilllnt ., publiIt th e PLtltl, tlLt :r lip I i ,,' t, i N-L It ml iTit'c aceret ry I A,
n i : ttum for advertisers to reach mseto* ,, --. ) l,,,,|,i ,. (;.i,,l fatiu 1 ,il1 ,l 1f ni ti .I.u ars..
I ,r l\l in.r., lt ,I'ay ha>', mers, thus performing a service to -hl th, t-t B ., vtrl.- rTeltl l li lh, .i, ,,i..' l i .. 1 ,I, i , 1- A. I.. illl..ri m neer Am r
i l.. l l i-i t 1,i I ,Iit r l i 'l h o t oll h o d v e rtiso ra sa d cn u tteo m ele r. i, .Ieriti-c ll ill thiu 1110 ll u c S l '. r l I i- '* I II t i i *i I -il I ti- 'il" N tl l' ui r li'uh11 ho '1 l r I A ss.o -l all
ii u L'eIahlt' Liii h tE irttii Every progressive community Itilt i. I --i ft tlii C N tu rk- t hi aholy ittair f.
wish. to be advertised l yrlad it iii il i l ,1,h ,L l r i 1'. t. <'til I inellllnll llll ei r I
--ordrs. One of the,,, tre gest I i i a I n l I linilhtlll-tllltll At illlhltihli,.
rhots in the publisherr. Iol er is It -I t I ". .i ii ti t -'. I ''. L'... I. I.- 1.. . A. 1.. 11Mll r, 1r .Ihl t tllh l tl i
t o she rfa t that his paper acs the I h, haI r l, l tIh l ,,' o I I .. I'- .- A. Av 'h-;lt ho. 1 c 4ra- u k. NkL
S L et erJ best posiible publicity medium for e Lu- tlaLi mltll it .I i l i i s Ul i'' I ,, llly 1 i tlitth.t Ile
the community. He can say, which i- I Ii Tll -, ll. II" 1 I t i rc- I . i i r n. At cii', I.uli, I.
SttaIl. I.o lu i. t .T is perfectly y Itrue, th t! o h r us ali1 i M i'l'lh-ita -I Ni .,,
world judges a city. town or e m. v MI ''L.I- I ii ',i'ii I l- 1. Il.., i i II. *' II'titallle., seutitll- rettay
i" munily by its local anew pap rsa. i -,,,:-." ', ', ;.. tl 1 ... \ \,li- i i, ,- .i.liii:l i'illltlril Auoil- l L. R,
l and the publishers cannot t lle 1 .i.iI.-i , 11l I'i.t -.
S ,', the newspaper. interesting, at. 1 l P 1 I I i. Ih *, ,iii .u II i- 'h1 l'lCl onf- ti eta it w11
S \ I . , -.. tractive and good advertisements 1 J .-- i ; 1 ..-. hi:,; tI'. lll il III it-k tnul relrtan f &
S,. , i for the cities, tow n ., atn., s I "-- it 'i i I . .. lh e I, y Y ti l Ii l appell
S Ii I I~ '[d they have public co-operation- I- '4r Iniik- I Iii Ii 11 -ltll lrl l rI
: I L . ...L' p u b l i c "p a t r a g e M .]1 t 't II I I i,, I r , h-i- I t I t i ok f tl e r atd eall
L, L LLi u -.... I ,: ,: p e,tG d, puaitc plto- e ,1 '.,, .lll. .tl.l, ,,lll.,I i llllltr l.. ito |T- .iu ltu
..Lo.. .. .. a. community fail to I*up.. . .I . I l acirng n t.ic E.o. M
to, ,s'sIped:.II, r i lIA If": 1 I+ t 'i-1t-'.I "1i,'J I 'I i l t," er I'l"''t 'h .. Oi li i t, b tiii.i

i iIn l ii i lL i a hrt time thew ide-awoh e ol lih t tm t.:hi' hl -i-,-- -l .' .. ui t iI to lrnit
ii i,3 .cir ir 'l .detl ', ,,, -- rsid lit will begin to n ot. a fail.- i i :, 1 ,1 ; i 1. J.-.1-l I 11 11 11,ni 1li I -i at Intsw
L I t~ii ofIi I i ine cni ommun ity atiIvity a d ,u i. I" Li L, t -l it I ''' I' I 1 Ir I
li,- l; ,n hb fore very loag in prosperity. 11,- l"u1 l- I-t ''i, -i, ii + ii, i, , '. ,I i t Jae I '+ 'I - ii lilt t in t te MI t
Tli. i i, i r ', I ,, fi ,r 4 T h- c w.ida .-o w .k indivldula will ,til I*1 i- .. .'..:-. .i' ,.I '.."'. u c h i ,. h -,' h"itI 'ullu i n i 11 11Uit lAIt
,.,r. l , .. ..the. bhegiasi hustling around to so- tI .I: I.IIIi\ I 1.1 l.ll \Ill ., lh.| r...,I ,lt ; i I h.nettllI
.ll I r' I : I"l it't.. -. cure another newspaper. It hai "It i '1'lI I i'.1 '-'* ''*' l l 'hll iit i o u.;t io'i lll ily. 11,1. p ca y lnlt'ce alt
en'l proven 1 hundreds of in. t1i,',itil i11 l,1 ii l "l ll -i" -n".h i ,,r I. it ,".
i t11 I t eii i-i. The ah. olutue necssity of II,- ti -l i lI i ' II tI'dl. t i ii o nt l l th. ...... !
local newspapers and consequently ri t l i- L-t l .i .i.. .i.. Iii li ii, f|r-t Aet l t t o r the rMOOI
h l , I t h e a b so lul ote e c e s s it y o f p r o v id in g a ci d, I f, I, ,I I s w i t h 1, o f t h- I,, 1ni' i I):i ] P r i A s o cAlle
1lPh 1 1 iN them the means of livelihood, have .f .l, -i I.- I i, ,i -' I' 'r 'c il hti otiihi o l i i t i. atddretmd I
'-I i -I ',., ,1 ,n been so thoroughly demonsltrted , , I i .h .' .ll Ill 1,1-- f I P
-- that the publish-r should sill his I I \ \V\' 'i-li ,. i iil' + Sil]t.rr l. l'..lrt it
paper on that basi. and on it. N' ., I '., ,i. ,L ,I ''1 I l'lhlr -- --
o rit.s., and not ...es t to the se.. ',,, ... , ... ,, -,-t- .i . i t- u l .,li COMMUNITY PAPER
Bharia-" e pinlea of support fr .I i I -. I'ii .. .. . "- I ,':,,,.u A SERVICE FAC I
home institution. i ,i- -hit- ;1 |i h-h r l .i c ,,, ,i,,,i ,,ni ,,' i....l h,,,t n .. ,l t nu ---t P;sre On I

',,,t ,.--c ,' .A, tu, ,1 W hen M erit Counts. ],,itr t,, -i,+ l'i] t i l ,,L it. TI.. *'i, i, .II" l i,, it .l i, ii.i, Iht i llc,i l.rllc m,. f U
' Ii' i i "utt. 1i r' i' c i i, I -r I, I ,1 r. f t li. e l 'I'- [ t i t ll a I .
l . l n, r l: ,l ] . r, ;i!, \ t i- r. i l r I th fall - '11 f .ill 1~ | ticI l, I" n. po t i tatn l l
'l e iIll" r1, T l la rflrv r ,1 :f, i s hno l+n o 0rn ll .1 r 0+ 1 1 1

r.l.':,.', :\,-i i 't \I it i It. i 1. e a d m-r | spLBW P.,, i .,.;h ,,- ,' 'it , I 1..- \ I \ i ' I .S
i .-. i a 1 I -, i-, rl in l1lit it [truth .1 lIll itt u11 -uul.al"h7

I-I-- u (.st jcl, i III hthi h talII, t, , r i I l,; ,, Iuw I a 11 il. I l.rc.

dii, i-. i I t tl t ii i i , l 1 tir tl t, i- i, I I f t t t S O l ii
NiL-c'.;.' o l ri- Itl-il .i t litt ill id--. 'lip- ti-h of V,, | Oi ill l-.> l irll : in' l th ,r I ll l t,, i h .,h,, 11dc I'1- i- r l' v lto Itit. fillt- h TllhOtt iitl.ii-irli Icetltle s S

I, r';, ^ sot', r tt. t, it hi i\,. ,miii' 1 ii i b ] 1 t h r- ,] ',l rir Ire I 1ll Io l l' t ti, i h `c rl.. i ..It l lrt t a Pr s to i f Ht t
'i i "I I i ,u t i t, "' t ,it t' I ,i .h I nh d rii.i i ti 'i t ti l L u Itltrh ll,'i 1- t rLii, I t lititi. ,,fr tter o, I nca feat1 t, h ptrlt e e
I. h t l I a" .it.ili r, .t cuicoill 3,-or.'r o'. mr" .. 1. 1 A IIIlc |l llt ih i ill .tlu il rll nd th ',llel.
I i., li.t,,.,l l ri.C |>,;,l l ih. t',, l ii., t ti eu tt l lh '.Hn li +r1 11"i.h* It ti- itll.lo tr 't i;I, 'pi' i h l r '1 it o'il trhi--.-il p frmtd |g
'alt-t I. N .. h.tii t ,oti lrr t it of fa.l 0

._ .r i i 4 'rllrl ..... F o-.. -i t-. i-l .......t-I. .. it t tu tut fur lioc o .- r lh '.i f ll lh nr n a .t In H it ie

DEMOCRATIC EDITORS ii .,I' ii+l r i ulet-u -tli To it l.I if il... ii... il---L. P.i t tlh-llt IItt,? f l +lhu u the tiec fieat peiWO th l e
lip i l '-I., M, ,hit + t"h p1 l" ii i ,r ,.i ,,I di1l.e tti h*"+H--a it t Irfe iio rel i t I t r t o'ulnahltlll c St t

,. ,, Ii.. ,Ii i,,. P ,i, v ,,, ::.l :iuJi,,l+, :,, :ir. ','til-, r lh. ll- io la c s a i ul S.-T I-'u-, .-1Ittl nluit ,ticeo-n,,.ih C lturi hc l Itrn.e \tor h c-.id q
Sll i, t..utu,- ?i )hit. t- I 1u' 1 r 0. I 111 c1,111il l I. I r'll. 1, 1 i lo. ll r ntn111 h in sitsa N l th e

lI.I. ....I I-,i r''1 II I .1o. frttllt. u.f II. 11 I 0 l.ll. l ,,t l i- ti MODERN JOURNALt M." I, a Ii ,u l of ,l lop r nfl tm wn. thilr.
.l,.r ,,,l I ,-I, "I 'in r ,1 t. r,,, 11:M. :ii ViM l-l I s i,,S r t tt-T T ht t' itt- l.in I r r in .ito to thte Int t *at
.1 111, I l I p. w illl" I-u i. l ll tll ry IT. ,I1 T t' ti Ilt. A oi r I 1u u c ltt i l..flte Inilty laplrto which eIMe .d
l. ..,l. il. M , ..-. lln l r ..lrlnll 1 I f,.lrln r r.. |4 ...,., ,,, 'he,
New Officer.. irlil. nt l u.. au i. |,.|r: Ii i1 1H.t.- leIr.J,.r liy aituulry tuilly new.- /A ..) paper ln.lit0te wma held, d l
i--i -'up it It I lb I c it-c lo vhiniitit' I- tain-r ou -th li-c f-ill an oe-il.r aa jf l p citer e ven snnshihte o
IhcIill I--; 1 fi' ' l i II or -y 1i o t l t-d -t ilil l fI I p1pr l t ap eaace ed itw

. HELLER PRESIDENT OF Ii. '.l .,t ,ir il-t , l, .i ] I c trll- Ii lt t.r. .. .r -h tp. ,I I ttI' I etr ,an- Sthile 1.." d
lDEMOCRATIC EDITORS NiIt Phlilfr' Tht- lb t.i- Il. Ih c holir, oltn ct I t-i Itnw lo te hh n 1 11 t f wa I e tTruerd

I i.. .l.. "-l i'i l' t ri lf i t 11 irriuipnniii.ti bi kiil f mnw cc ii i.
': .T f II ir rlli ntl t i r It Nvla woht n w'o1 t hl f fr.t ue" .pr l A n t- i e.u r ilftol E -1 ft
r1 ,. 1 II. .',, ,' 1 l 11r i ,,.r;ll t "T1A ii, l..iI .I er .l i -- -- l.fl ht il r ,' in Dlyfi Comitrry ,,p tir -M i "n-s \Vel h
.F or. a .f P r s ........ ..1. .,,1 ... I. n li vr ...l iwh '11 )r... r ity Iar th h1rlTEM D, NoIlM

1 'i.li r' t .. i I ', n lithiiL- te r ii tIer Yui tr T' uo, fc. ictefl itltlriet? It 'no- tite O lteti l prtnt tO e nl i vI i v c-c rte wnmra l hte
S il ni llin. "H S our of v f h py." If t .. h l' I"e r n, l h th wi tl H l t.
Trr iituir.r. t l th. lli.iiuo tht c wh ot r ion tlulllll. nI Anrty t i t ywaM w e' l iS o e a, f te ri ls F l IhT, otandn Of f
fuer ir a ,f ,cnr hint.. ff S litnkt fnmn wh wol arry Pofntn n I fdtti f
lHi ii- ..iu.. thiii.l ,,n ..u l IIuouunu.IIl l <.r l i ..f r l.l,. IIi [ir., ii, cen Ihr yt hre ,e 7ier5 wo li Ice hoedl th w ,r thn i ,m t ltr^ et ti Isco o l I t1 pNIl Iin t
o icltn Iiut ,, ll nfiliie i J lt o i Vl 0. I l iumirt toM triee ditllnruih, I in ql nliltr. from thXe rl- tIn notion n nt to a trreendoan the OrIent. ewA
sumimrT ut .,tuli1 i-t iull.].. I "pladid ittltortl Dparlmrnt. bet weosm ef tli sret. e Ttst ofo i h theen In the sheer ta t
I, -1 . f la dllo u Him prohl f bn libS ll bit at



,i,,,io ititltCio by AIll.oo A. IBI
it'. it'.'0o *rithe Crown 1M-Int (I"
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h1 lla'ltlallci'u. llc 'W h il athi l I l Astriool
I,,,,, .: lilolilottllllu. lIa| fttlha r w Ia n on
'lli. ,i,11 ottoulhl IM of lltlolro I.

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S 0lprittl entoll i t. i i, 0.to
I,- i I t..' i.. 'i..h t.

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t o. nut i t, 1 on r It x.
I_, rt ,too O. t. d ,t.1" htt
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ha i+ a of alel,,, l f H
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,f ah wlao to' tot 000 Om.o
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tnat d t o l io n iil< l l ilhi r l ni l m o a 1 l
i+w .ler'liir. jmblishrs aillnd Ul-lnll .1^

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a' 0is Keen:
oI n .h > a lt i O it illt tt It .K Itl t

r t.. i .*I l.uw i .th (for a lad most of the old folks know it) l
00illUni+ It ti crtin. oh , utr, to.ot' _
..o ..... ................... (fee a l---ooht ol dhe old folks know it) so d

"ln lIla lhi stilt tIo~all to I
du, tln a[ the pawpr and dll a ul;

0A0 ..... o, ti... o'. th,. It is likely that every line, every ad and all is read
ni1,t o1- 1 s o t1i I..at.; every week by 750 citizens of Oakwood.
w u ta crnr an Inch. an. H % praor tlolt th I rtIs tilslill lrt(o l to lo

aSd., ,peo rol t,.ooter ao ., That characteristic of people to read every line of
'o. di tepot, a-t apors I nt It, .1 the home paper gives it an advertising pull that is

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pnh 3.oeliiitl I o l .he l om +.',,' nl,
Paper of larger o rm ulUtion, o ne wilh
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orlrnltlonil mu. t be rommilind in n*
oi'" Ttotw OI nod shtoot=:-I, t Oakwood merchants have in The Oracle the means of broadening their
", l.riolsa wie. ahle to comi...a.. l trade territory. Piked roads would go a long way toward bringing the far.
T t.. .ttormki to Editor sanad n- mers from near Buffalo and Fairfield, but nothing to compare with bargains
Itolar. whith el tos If U r p o t t -1 tp t It
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tonesHo hno ao E u ofas w= 1 W Ikwood Ors Mo a n MW i= Mon Mhan Earn Hs Board and Keep
a ss- beN"g05 = 5 MA

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snard to th nor. by tom et s.e,.
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"TItafl Snl rola n s cn loullthl uss ttl Ut tI .l>h 1 tls.t t. I..to.r..r ttl>r.. d

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Int.o. uner he tolta notion thltt l tll A TINllll t him .itnId, HI r Bis Al R ToE
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o ho t qono aodvto~ co l Steon.utatn s '... ......... ....... ... Promotion Planl, Biflt Board Adi
s" T t ..orl y *, p~r.. M a Ste onowi*z GiveM iMtlonstra- *"'., ,"' .. . .. .. I ... role.
a o p a 1 un i 1. .' 'nl I .1 r. 'v'.it,, ,h I... vertising, Chain Gro y
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t... .s., ,a, l ti I,,.. ..t.u ,,l-vi ........ m. .r.. >.k,, a ,,id ,, Stores, Have Attention.
I. n. in Inr.. -r (N. D.) for Devils Wlake. t. l .. ao,, .. t uo i Ot .. t II .'.' m....l. r r ml .

t l t.. I I,.' ;,. it ; tw t wch.oo tool' hot loin lo roo riot ti Ittbtl i' NORTHERN N. Y. ASSN., fr liih tilt i,, .. i.trnn i .t ll l tttr
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sti-da.il* .d to"t o rld arth ohr alto' ati notj t uai l ( at no .. l a lt'' ti:t ttttt ttit I I inlr
. l,----. --- Alll tle lt kn t ll lr' . or roI A

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t1i'i .t oIl' ooclo' h I t Iho r .rf la lie t iI1otat or i tr I'' I lo.' 1' t I I
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tb 'ar nih o r oita 10 w l It n lof ttr e Io ttitol to ilrr rie T 1to hlt r 'it. I. qatentt a o Inr
thll oo o -Inro.. by It 1s1 a'l.'tt t 0rt 1 I ll it'r ath ol i'at tr' a teitll a i
Ih 'ttrl itl.o s altr tatt ttoit tat- f a ff a ir lht
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I7 ti.h.w Atl tto ktto tc o III lt l. I' 6.la" 'n"t fatRI toot In l.t"oa -oc o- I .tl ..h Iii' I-to o ltn
M it F E.n T P ID Ii .,h ll 1.. c tlolrl loot ailla l l a t t tt a t ol o 1 1 o rot Jtan- Iot r t A an- a Ai siii i

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,I .I th lt -."tti l ta' ti It athnd to' ol Itotlly lallr h a n utt whatnit i tiiii' ii' ham i n.

Sr Ic. lb-s, My feor fhathe or mI,. would be d with tirati e. w l 7. W Weekly Kauw City Star. d Floyd d at f dpatreUt at gM
l i.i i Iwold bia I ou ',, t tims tI-- be-'- .l, l.YW &.t AtihNtm Ii. N It. ll. measilel editor et the at the Univeraily ot Wa iligt.
Pro&tMo 1 e11i You get from Il. mney a u Thi lnl ouneimnt brought ohler osulitin: = 5sv.lulB. Cn. Brim, i r tad i lillluwo af ar nt al
hI hsi e ln.i pridilng It." lie sikl 1a alirilaris to the Journal, so that now ,t1e- iflri, BA-N a CVhall, who (s l td,
y DW MJ. [I toniikr I lir* on a quiret-page the alderi lto lg olatreld is equal to M ,,ielrr ihld llo a H ow rI W| dit a l eto fn ti ormi t
Uter SIee. (Id. Jmaal [ for slx ii..iillthe aid lie ouldimp i-tr toltim ill time nriwlepti of loit: r;*,o b rt P d Fe.l. neak Wealgtr e PI-Fe. a rdr ctr ha *Fn
Sut I il. I ad ml at d alt the loIme of thie year liaerl iiag, I believe, with the I i'r : Tity's d amd li '" KALAMA. WAPM.-rooup 5 r of the tlal d hbyi. blla e '
irit.llle I il.ertinlg wlll t bring rl I ait Prriot d ie uiked me to i m nlli eilr 1 i r r t t liir., tH l l It le .lillge t.i contel t iwer: .1 T. Washinllln l tate P t Atimn ateelatio1 W. s *ll alinufarttiel aft mant
Sll im i lar r e Iiri m l il iml serllmimr l oI' iii li m llrliltn l fi A r iti(. for I h l.d ulilt iy i ul ita s ell as hitl. i,.rrlrik, idllter of file lhill ld laws held aitn l impor tant bushinel n n eating urial. r lirMl. l we lll t p it im nC ,
il i.ihnl i.ir. I try li ke*e lm|i li es li ile I'' il' h tht wilt la thoains ril ir l 'iny, aI, II. J. W lers, d lllort of ithe here II n time Iltl. Prof. Fred W. Ken. Ills, I'lark le a ld Wahkllakls esuatl
ii,liin.' l in 'lling imiae. to an ud. 'illr" Oiem' 0 mOtlllll from e an lit f II ii h

I.' I I at ii I I is e d Weekes Cmpe at t
i* ^",S, t t eat AolItim ii Ztril i it i s ti,, i tm it^ ; r; l S f m P iZE I,etimeiiotmmm!,mim ,,ililcrmo andi NWe t
1 .' ...i. I ,,, t miinl w a. .. ii..ll, e aid r I t ii'"ih -, bin r hi I ru ol t Iof Aim li ., Manhrttan I so Wlk
.. .e b y ml,, i ....Is. I .,,mlefor, l. Te i .. How inexorably time -moves! Some of us
i i t id.anl Ini -h.,;l;rls.;f: I i I.... .. I haven't finished paying for winter clothes
WA I.h ', I mll i l lmmm l t iiiit the I. ol .'i e m m ,mtm liF i mmii m i 1"l'hi tiii oi r
;m mi memio III, ; ;n ente ini heIn^ I..;"."^ I m a'. mmmoit.,mmien d- | for the missus and now she is thinking of a
alt Iheir m ,lio ilull rtriiin for m ii r llii I 19 t Nm'i y.irk ,' I I in .. l' illlmo are
adi ertmimI l:oA e,. h Ii I i inr i ,mm th, I1 1 .h- i W.
l t b ig llltin ior te i orunlllmma w ll tfr. ,'a, lil s m lnhrim m ni 'I 1.llse.,Trl
ihtl unrtlm r. In Nt w Yi ork. reo lvmm ll l i.m mmre tainmiy il 'year. T ',,i'ii'n,',' I m .' fl i 1idor -
qluetioia iilnte from i le general l lilvmer h first. lrl week he l .l lI .i . ..
mllilt iiinaginer ln which a number of ini.mo,UuIri that he haml I..iiilii .. kir publl- Nnw Slri n
tuo ll.ni ill li.tll ..lia, i t. .1 t if m lm i li. i f r 1t. e year ml. il I .. . .1i'.il l... ... '. ..il'ed a fmomi lliows
m.r mlle. oizr and -t0.1 s oI f typi e anil ertisinig anun would "illt i llil It; itha,tii ii inf.diAiim ft- i nt.
ilmterill t.n I im ll it ll e were i k d.
'11 I,, lii u al imutmi Le ke l mi anoint.
mimme l iii i nilm'rl Blime nls l qoe stl -o.
itne qilmlmnii in, "l An i .t n mmty iO
Ito mmtli tils.. Imin iir lmal pupierr? The
.wer it. I iii'.t '1 ai m'-t mi But it's great stuff for the merchants and not at all a calamity
.t:o. i)r .n.] I klimnw I get resits frmmn to publishers who will garner in the advertising; and think of
iruimlar .iim.rtiaiming, for euotmmm er 11 the assistance rendered by*a good Spring Fashion Service--an
*oine to the slnore wth the cirniire r expert's contribution to publishers' needs!
In Ihtir tiandam; iut they hamve tie 'r
imuolit a copy of the Paper to Ine" Forehanded merchants are showing spring goods. If not already
I imiml to him: "If you wih 1nme tBI started, the advertising campaign on millinery, dress materials
.nxwer that. you may sny to y.our aml. and ready-to-wear articles will soon be under way.
vertilsgi delmprment that although
you lmave been spending about t.i4il To assist the movement and help yourself and advertisers, you
year advertising In the JouiinI. l it i will need a service which contains the latest information regard-
mIy judoment them y al hsve i nely = ing women's styles, attractively illustrated and practically set
tho th at mwyynyIt. Ym mt rn mo t m forth. Such a service is available in a special series of Spring
m, i. snnetis two paiOe i m. t1 lini Fashion cuts with appropriate descriptive text, which we an
mim11 ioten have from a inhmound m t'm now releasing. It is prepared by Julia Bottomley and needs no
itirme tholsan ild hatrimk frmm the li further recommendation; for this lady gets fashion's deerewe
fmroo. Yon do linth at Irregiiir ainter-I first-hand and knows how to present them best to serve the
tnss the submsribers forget you a re requirements of newspapers, advertisers and the public.
1,n eti m.tenc' mle T) im m ie m. um I y iem lit
i: :Ie tt.,It uitmin itme ritt Represents the Latest Modes
emlmimeh n Io imlmress ir m llinmht m I t im mim

In stoc*
r at all branches
a trial box Price in line with market

Shipped in any quantity

Western Newspaper Union

The modes illustrated and described are those which leading
designers and makers are following. As reflected in ready-to-
wear articles, they are the kind which the jobbers of the coun-
try have sold and which your dealers have stocked.
In the service will be found 22 single-column illustrations made
from attractive living models, specially posed to show the char-
acter, style and details of each garment to the best advantage.
The text describes materials, etc. Can you imagine a more
timely or effective service?

The release makes iz columns of material, $2.00
which is supplied either In plates or mats, for a-J

Order Before Someone Else in Your Territory Beats You to It!


U1ilu 11llliliIIlllUHII nn1 IIluIllluIIIIIIIIII |U l fl||IIIIIIifllm nili ii tiliflMNII~IIli ilnnillm i fllliufIIII II littigM-g


This Gifted Woman Writes

for Your Ready-Print Service

Our Woman's Feature is the best series of short fashion articles to be had for newspaper use. The
author prepares each "story" with consideration for style, modesty and economy as related to the
needs, desires and limited buying facilities of the woman in the small city, the town and the rural
district, and it ls Western Newspaper Union service exclusively.

S'RS. JULIA BOTTOMLEY. who writes the
Sl.: to fashion features for the Western Newspaper
.|i U CUnmIn, hba been for years ome of the best
m known style experts in the United States.
I She ia aeociate editor of one of the leading
trade Journals, a periodical that circulates
among wihotinlers, retailers and profeslonal milliner
and dresmakers, preparing the Important textbooko"
department- instructing the people who are in the btial*
neas how to make certain styles and what materials to use.
Befoe the world conflict, Mrf Bottonley went every
Spring and fall to Peria, to study styles and to keep in
teuch with the great dressmaklng and millinery house
of the Fremh capital. Sine then she ha o been ikeenff
in touch by correspondence. In the United State. he il
frequently called into consultation by the executives of
the leadtin wholesale and retail houses ot New York
and Chicamo.
lure. Bottiniley haa lived in a small tows. She han
been in the direMmaking andi mltlinery business in a
minall town, and wai sueessful at it. She knows small
town and mantle city people, their tastes and needs. She
known the small town storem and the kinds of goeds they
carry. tier ideas are sensible. That means hne always
counsels giod teats and economy in writing for the public.
After tenmiderable fluttering and several flanking
movement of strategic importance, the interviewer fin-
ally managed to shos the quaint little Lady of Charm
into a big chair beside his desk. Yes, a dear litUe Lady
of Charm out uf a story book-a type you might find in
a novel by Thomas Nelson Pare or by Booth Tarkington
or by the late F. Hopkinaion Smih.
She enema to represent the old school of courtly.
does Mrs. Bottomley. Slender, rather fragile. you'd uay;
s'nsltive and sweet voiced; of kindly impules and gndtle
manner-with a franh gase oet of motherly blue eyes
that make a man ashamed of himlif on general princi-
plus. The trace of southern accent In her speech would
remind you of Nastille, Tenn.-for that is the city of
her birth and rearins.

She tells you her soul is wrapped up in-fashions
for women! But when she hals one on and told you all
about It you know that fashions for women are to her
what harmony, melody, counterpoint, canon and theory
of music are to the composer, grand opera to the singer,
sunsets to the landscape artist, moonlight and the per-
fume of lilac mn a spring evening to lovers.
To MuIN. Bottomley Jahlos for women are ementially
modest, tasteful, simple, economical and becoming to the
SI want to help educate women," ohe nays, to knew
what In met becoming to them in colors, shap and style
of all garment-the frock, cloak, hat glove, iheoesi ad
fashion of doing up the hair. The woman who tia studa
he f know she doea not obtain beat effect by follow-
ing slavshly this and that passing fancy In styli. be
knows she mult adapt certain style to ouit her pculilr
circntane-s-her tlure, complexion and may.
"And in writing taihlon features for Wten Ne-
paper Union servicee" he o on, 1 always plaitens
myself a a woman Il a uitU elly or town who wal Ie
find heMef dreaseod i the bet style of the seas*e as
matter where she may go. I consider the seort of CtIes
a lady would wear, her ability to buy dre massteeial
and the depth of her pocketbook. When I my Ia aa
article that certain gads will cost about a dollar a yd,
for Instance, I have made due allowance and it imam
the actual cost will e something lea thean a dellr a
yard at lAn to= the country over.
I"You now, I ed to live in a small town-ya lai
Colorado, out is the aleey lord melon country- hd ta
nicest-oh, lust a loely nilllmery shop iand a ieammh
or in with me. We enisyad it much mid so did eveny
bodLy.a, We made memm, tlae
-.m Bottomley lia ow is In IorM whem shi
fashion showe ha-eld i thise cosu".y
When ssahing wet 7ee cslder for WNU RallyW
Senles, be eare to a "Wema's Pleatr," IlS b
one of the most vli m s y a m
teom s or from any othar amne.


A LEKLY moiraiion to
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1*n.qtti liii *Auviwte.'UC H RI- H aO I ra e n -- ufM R hat's OnllorbhiOO pr'olsrl. iira ready. Ia Cflo'"'tWr-n 0 0u00 eho Ibofaoeht citd a tnt ra.~bla at anoos ed osa
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H~l. ,t'1,. W*tf illl>M>II IH ll or thle u ) *l> gywhirr ftllV q|U llp~itl whirt **f *V* Illnr I~i+Pr^.loM TO Ilv A^ .-i
too.I 1 hug>"B weoosrial f~or cle A. 0. Mona..: of floj LovnWa Her. |hs row',;:4lll. room l^^ w~l:M14 a nd= e.. coot, aaN C =ioc we' ar a ia l tAlo t, a
...... ..... . ... .... ... He ...-a,[ or At .... -- S *... ..... .-,` ,7-,. !-.;- I W -3
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tier 1 BTOli ret i fits adI Urge floe ipios. G.A.' w (AC. its .I )t NilAll .Sl lR >11 tI W AiWNT Do l l, a""" AI .r 'i
A-a WA rF L JO ,!MOi lM a5iolooe Ore, for 'IttoaooiteOl 4.o'-l o *eOO
n,,,u, nih tren 1 *'" m lltd lkf An A "Lkeelt. Lowrence lselrtuy. | i t-rtaaiwi day II IIOtRta osuw or r aiai WA oeIa: o dy ro d end tfre aoroh aile- Wrict .Ivlv lull qtialiocaiUio
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S s a s'.~r St 1.it,. w.th II ... I.t si t H. niI.~ IsS~ Y, i;seom.,!7 t 1 5 sa d 55.M Ni aM A I
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hal shi attei lirad -5555 ,r~ .14 old ,~a~b'i Iin A's- ,8M ,~- .. 355 :!,.,4 'l.

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