Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: October 15, 1921
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i axiliara

Mod I nMM l -ir endwl r I nifllr I nil riiir-
FIFT*d'I'H TBA2-XO. 49. Oft0TOBERa 191t. PRICE 0.00 A YEAN.

1111LUMl Pesident of the Natima udiufal Asolaulep aWd Edlur amd Pblbher of the Moiral Eterpries, Oreo* City, Oeir-. I ILL I IN .IltUU
FO EITaI < iratUhl Hgoolut B-te ne o athU PrnPoln Ochr.es or the Worl, Wdn.eda. octolbr IS, iM.) T R 1 1
FRO tis hexlt nnlversary of ti elSe of the Wold i do not think it does. I h5llevl llie ],r... regl s the
War their will iunt in WunhlnitMi, at tz ell ot Pielt".. opinion of the leading flonds In finy nutlo"i. and that the
---^-denut Hrdilln. a Mfntrenin which we aIll hope will be renders of the i press. thus obtaining the 1-elilu m torih ----,
E.l-al- to Pr CMI En tlhe h@.,,ng of the blalgst new th' thN newspaper, serbl thre view and ,o tufn public, opiniVe ons Sme- Pi -a tli, to Be
Deeg t r 011M1 of the w.rld have evmr hen prlvlleged to print. Thill t;use the riders, iMnstead of abnrrhting tlw views of ws liht P C t
joy Fa 0 iewd s sory If eveiti work out as we devowtiy wish, will leader are Impressed with the Inevltuhle olmneq.ue... CsWi-roll TOO"
Goldm ant Ciy. tell of th" iret oentrl move of the markU no. atone for I r of sne event tlolh lh irnn, In ll. new rn. 0tBe Oiuminun
-- ploce, but to Ind war few all tinm, and so public opinion lis formed in that way. As ex-
1%\ FIANCI -CO-After tie won- It there '" fiem littlng to ae that perhaps one of n|iml0d of thi Iatter method of crystallling the publicL| 1 _-o TA- e ib me
, rip which ho tt from C1 t hM iln"rtant anlje-ts hibt the editors of tle world lad I miht cite the news of tile 14 lflck oan Fort P"ut l.go heI-"dDr(ll.P ssA. h
... to Kunlals inty Mi h e ef ghild" here Can dsuiau Is, whtM c M pe of t wfre the Amerclan Civil War, r thile news of the ex- sg ot theo Inland Daily P t Amos.
;, ,*hi Nun oe trai to th smele wold to anterlll ld in the movement for permstia p ium that sansk the b stttwMp aHle lia invaas hadnl sIitlo L illbe ed Chi o Thge da ndle
to,, r Alhlnizuq *ues. then te a l. b*eat Pm Dco? ipH before tIN SpanlA nlmb.A fTk wl r. StuCel B oile, CUIO, Tuedaly a"
', ohv' Molb nit, t S We can do man7 th"nis, tllow edioi Not only ) Aft" reading each of th1M new Itrms, the people i'Vedn ay. Octelober 18th and IIh
8,I l t rang we prhn tthe news If the gathering at WashingtoHn, declared, "Tis mnJbn war," and pubilc bphdn wa Irelde. t John Bundlm e 1I eomplttiM
9 i, the l 'htl t, d -arriyli tith g ind sred amewon, our r nder fairly mod equmrely the cr.stllled. a very interesting progrie for thi
14 the i,, wmpTCow-gr DO, :NdI1 "" *" "* '1M <"l> ^ ^ ^ ** cry.uillb".*''""v"l ""''"
,, ; 8, 8ht bth iru lmO = the dhllmentesnt onainosn, explaiilnin the dim. o, I my. the ewsppa- heh o pr of a &tiok- month's needing, and a ...mbZ of
,iri roel' i ober .~ ~eti that must he overcome, the jeulo lMi that must ereat public opinlon. Th newlpa|rs ilnaeo beoe their new cndldates for membersip will
1 an, Frani" Know0 Howl be tillld and the distamnst that must be quletsl, so fov. rdermn a dally dlest, Ih one form or ainher, of the lu- he voted upof. MeetorP wlU eenve
a Fi letie ato m4l t ie 1 og ar spp to our c1tional n.rel.rentatlves at that met. tha-lnn health, of the reltitea the nathllm boro to other at 10 a. mn. arhl day, with a lIaeMim
l M...t..entl h les It we |n m o murle furtnlr. In short we Mln Nikk nations, of the teellm g toward the homie nations of the Ot 12:30, as usual.
I.,,ait u1,. Is M.hn, N. w yrk, peace permanent in thist world, or we can nullify the me. rest eat the world. This lnfarmatln. uipn which publle Print paper contracts for 1922 will
i n a,. -ntatill. l, and Wleblt, oiBlpihinhent of the Washington cm tenoce, whatever opla lo is baud, soMld dboe all else 1e ac-urate. Un. he up for cm.deratl.i, and the proof
l -.... even Mldld l nd Iof l t M they may be. 9"ftoMtit y, we must all admit It. It in lot alwaliys ae- ,dent liha cured the anlitame oit
h .i; t 11. rfl i pt on of the 1~0 eai Ito "t War. --* crit-and out of the laueoiracls maltny evll comei. Proident oeele of the Ceudlin Ex.
.. r t- lie rli Comnirme of th ell I do ntlea i k hattlly. I &m not an Idelllt. Nor We all know how losccurLel-i-mark tile. I do not miy port Crompany ilnd A. L Dawo. Me-
\ m,,,1,1 Ito li liill lly t nh te r.* sel a endlvoriiI li> a ly lutnithi ni' 1 y1 0. lInt wule- bmti uth u but Inaccur. cle -we ll know how nluccur- rwtary of the Celndllan Pulp and P.-
.. I.. hmIi r < Comm Uere. f thiml "tlll oy," ainllthinli n tht I nilo d. well. I tick In nies s M allgen dor public feeling at ele-tim s. The oppsl- pote Ar.m.'.in en, h lll th holding impoe.
1 -.ll,.itlr, iy their OW n rdml 'n- lern t. '*T'le pir of fhll- world hasl It In Its Plower tio lilm lant iis always made to ipiar in Ilhe wrong and hlnt polltionsl in the he print Indstry of
Sr r vi i l mr ,101 wair an I m I ""it teo make twfore you is that L L BRO I. our own party In the right. And It oi lre In Whhich Canaila, 'ho will give vallablile Inifor-
1h, i e.ay ih rer epritenelld te. we P ot stil ly supp .rt l l e fhrts fitr inrmatentperu m that L ODI. succeeul la mouldiis public -ilklua depaed motion in connection with this mt-
:I : n l.I tlii" Ty were nlrptured will be iiAde "ll W ulidl on; tla but lht we. ii ellitors, resolve to do our partl in in t success of our party lit tile Polln. ter.
F, F1 'riinrl*asc. making war ani lno|nllbility In tile future. Inslst That Pace* la Right Olherm who will appear oan the pro-
Si. in ha wias th ir al You will uesiit.. Iw fi hlt der vollhut litst Ins 't ]lc i lonl i tnlt < ef Ihe pros. war Applyly this Snme thing to war. Only Instead ;f linlitin thliat we are right 1rnn e of Ih2. n tingn ar':
"*"*i" ~would lie a v.ry illthruill iling to rncarry iun. War I no longer d4clareld nl llih ninny r wroni, It ls Inlut ht bpit ae 1 rilht. K. P. Adler, cih Irlan of Iht print
Met by Com itte* oiiinnirrlin by al om.lutl rIler". Wair, % hln1. it i ilrll. i enlteredl inlo at I do nl lot urueu tlht we ul aciid hle umeltsts. lit t,.ry qi tiilon hlimi two pa ier iniinltl'e, who will report.
"1 .. lilmr, puhlillers and o their t ehat, ili of lf III(repre, ltative latlly that I li ll ls.odereon giovirn lnlit of every ables, fille( it should lie tia duly of the presm, In nul illiiiirnti-nadll lli te. It, Johlln L. Sturtevlnit of the Itilcord-
ilroitli Ms of I.'ll Alu rian news- civilll, lin lo TO l llT h rirt.rlltallve govenlll t r niie .nstl l lo pubill opinllm not only present both i odes, hbot lit point out tile errllih ,-; of war. HO th.t Ih.rlni, W n1t1 i .. i., lli hlve a pa-
- e Il at I'oillt Ilichm nAd And it Inlss ullli illlln o inio lt h Ih e h lpre n-lilel at lhe Mailne time tihe lir i |le may Ill i sle whehr hlllh lle 14 wm rl tllh i PoiIlrlh. -loswever, If llr |,r o1 "Prins 1'liupr Silntlll"n.l"
I .. -I .I o mtllltllll upon their a Rt preal ll lelf, very Illrdiily, fonril |>lile opinh m. I orI,- >1. 11 |il-uy I.n nrl w.rld plice, ll I It i llii 11- I w ri l you to .r I, *], inhicr ... < rnittee,. of the Irlllllind
.1 ltr lllla brou th down PRan l erhu ti re pol e, who think ft presfis refleca pulllc opinion. I di|lllh.m will Illt deelo-l t to rilsl; anid we will olt ({o*,iiull l on tie *) S g ill |11 it,- i rst rmplort, anld- will glvo
Si .. a I o *I a'll ferry l ult Im hllinrl: nllhll.for i twW II tin
',f IIilr, Posita. They were Uii.h 101 hhih will ihutlh i h ivels
... ,.. rry.... i' n l' l" KYI VA UM PAPM C lG HARDING URGES PEACE FLI D P PERS TO DETROIT TIMES SOLD AND .I ........ .. '' ", ... .. . ,.i
,1 ,,,, ... ,i.. i, ,n,,. y wii,,." rON PRESS CONGRESS BRISBANE REPORTED BUYER l..". 0. ,.",ii
l l, .,,.l..r lur ,-hbllit of Ihe (Iham O R S i_ .C 1,. .,, 1. 9 ci, i ommiltte will
.. I llli..irr.;: ~~Iyori Jael,, Historic Eieaver Argu@. Funded in AS.IN.t.T|| A ,1 and Rit bbon. for P a .s at I .ilK T tr..t T il I. I- iW r|..r'l.
In. .11.. ,,,,,l ,,,rli W. F y, point. IM0, Hought by Argue Pub. Co. r, .it thrnal.; .".hlle d1o.ri .ll d ted Fishr at Jacksonvl o llle. n .il. : w p rh o W a Ilrn N MnnI.
::;:.,; o b" rn" ,' ;i,, IAt :..l nA T wi H r AIJu .- I;.. ...;I;I 11t*o- I -'l '1 % y (Lli si l i; il
Ill. u*nt*el* in the. partY ware wh~ich I11n. l..,. iTn it' *t r 1h'*' Ibitl. d*er lumiling nteld n nlri ly.~lll to riunk*, arals'1 eintly ulv I11, *ekly nes oue*,w ].m' ipu it wa* repl.rtl*, i.n rthur I li- \*r r l-, Iilrac.'"
I, t h',ti o nWO'll n 'l .1 phlette h El c Ver An l u h. ,la l I 1o ,htll *-ire tt*I 1 l akr*n iriiliinll ain ', .1. i,.,',ni .te. i i1 ,,; P. i,,,v l|iser lnn, Tih p r I l rrnh l' l llhr n .7 y 1. I n'. .-. TriJhllr. I ., r r.e
,-l nlicl hl~y tne~rl ~r. of Il'e geI- 0I tiIIL orninill.l. Th l .nit r <. e" i ,|' I'llli '|,.' ]ii i of ,t h., i. lI r Il r NP1o a.r ]!., llV.A...l.
m t di- e In aerc 10o rr r' Ad .i I III .%r,;I I lo ist. I'."

h tier Prmisite to the'^] Ofl .own ;Uin w l~l P nrblhel' '""" 'll,; ^ ^tt^/ !;'I^ '"1^' '' '' ^ i" ll tt ^ "^th Ii^tdnao "'h etn^..d"inpopry h nsperno alr'le I 1: "l;"Shi;,^k ,.,IX..r ..l! .l,,p.ne
...... .......... ,le ',,,,,,.,. , ,, ,,, ,. .. . . .. . .. . . .... I I ', .. ... I-, . ... . ... I ... ... 11,,1 ..,. ,1 I] ",,ra
I*" .'f' " wy "i (*E vilh Iut . : l'ra ,l. ^. 1 II ] "".w l l ia c,,.lld. I : l ' ; "* ~l c L 1n Ill i Ih p r., ',,' Ino 1- I* I*- *, t I ..... ".t U-i o. T' 1l.
jcb,." "'n I.,J I'll tI prbl V,,h

S|pe~~ake~~rs at LuPhll ii r r ol nr wni f e m ld h and il.le ] iI,,,. 'Il.n %l ir Ihti- i""

... hurn of tl ir sl rFrenhen frl e* |.,,.,,m;n thii ,,|.,I.u ihua th a ll i tir- twll wlil een the heat lidlr f il l r bbl he|, ,,Wh,,, |. ],|| |i ],.o l liill th 1 I
-Ir ... h,,,o welcome, alwas In I- u l r., r e,,, .||, over n enIrn Ind "e tern l t ar I , Vh iool It
f Ilfali,. sewelpai. ra ; pery k a 'Ire a bly ane ,,,]reo i at piratI and endeavorse ,f ll RI. ], n. and m.d,.1 will Te mion "Uu'r O< .H.v -11a- i .1 04
1 1. 1.y, Ian W alter W( lly y ieri ird m e It.IhIIh i. re ", d els e s o m h h mc b ly hPith .. h r... i tly a...l the s ate The- So i.ls I l ," r

of < hr lli Inivenily or Mlanurl's ri,.h h,, ,,.n.ilitiiii fey." failr f .r lliree *ilnlill! palpers In the ^lllllllllIl~ f |i er chi ntr11. hanl]-| dn ai t th 111 torei.
.. ,f frtin n and p de t of fla tT he r A rT .1 re l ent The Pr eiden tl m e. sa. e w0. alnh v r u s ..- ,n 1" I 'r h rl1 ." : 1

r,..n ,,rhwy llir* Iiit Wegh of thn Ii r '.r 14, i. l ,.ll,.ng Iin. l Inas in hr e ,or m piveiol of a l l etlltohriner it Tnna ofr, prla< i r..ll fo r llt tribu-r tennl BI hl o.i. ii itetr-
,,-,o1 V. a ale ,,fld .iwi Under- It Is "lurdl to Iil w- n'lh e,.er mil I.,, of 1iioc t' Io, 1r-

"ll y1 ll ir. V. r, w.tn of th- ,.luiinl, Ia. t., w l i.. ftorr ehalr. Rnmll reast un-iy ng "'.. h dlin g of f.ar Pit: *l r.i It rlinr. I >-.
S l..n I.lliy TlIe h. uiarie. | i. a ,,.eri n of the W. 1rl. 1 War, q l ely n -I-- --- I I liw, re h. ndi I rhi p a pno for the o ir nlhok hllheli, tlianl
l ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l ...l ,,li, of ll 'n~e U'lr i i i, l r, , I . i ^ Im urnlTDDC lwrlt l"""'">d 1" ,H q""1 |" I" "' i+^ ^ r,'l Iii h.l Till k .rrrl<,.lkhn..l
I M, n alii., t rnfl Ihe" r ;,, :,<;,:: ;,i ,:Ti I i llH 115f5 IIW hd HITM S I 1 '"ti i ll. crli n r Ick1 h l'k
I .In lri til... A llis.il ,~l, on F. ,, arti, |.. --- will h Ofl... -, fr.. men ovin out tt I .r I er nm' c L little R ic klt J
,l* lr. .tl. la i d mrf llln ii ll l .. K r n tr. *r,* I.. Iw .t'" h invitation Ot to outive Com. of "lh i r* r r in t lo, r. Iley-,~i I, .' u o, fa Mi |n tl'tr. I. I-
l t. (I.. ii il t e F..lder n ot f puldic o r u.i ll.pn ,,, r, i, ,,i|hI, ; pi, he p ]y t he fnt r. Thhl e conte.. i lkirh y n Ij Ihinrn In
I.Mr .. ie v ryhll l lnsl In i I not bly i.i ''r fo r mie 1.ii2o-r I sI tel .r wll en llr tf Inv d.u ld 'r | e .,; -.f l n.hiln | .Io l It
f IrIIn I I e'sII, I n' .lh r ; l i he .a f iii-f laln H lli ;n Ie lteSr I w r llSdrnJ ll Wil ll I iii el lh e llln ofl l I i r ri In Ii nl. lr wlrl h lln
l h .. Si e tef l Wl r an llt It .r W iIl. iii|ti for her r c i tll he neIel d h n eetne o o tIle i t llW t. for hum by b,,h e rly a.ld tle fa.il. ma IN I i . I I PIoor ].in.r I it
nllvy." lrldfly il'll MlIIIIII' .1 II I a D I k.' l-, I I., dll- hla,,fh l if I I... Pro.llls,

oi n ll lol expre-litht v iew. tenvrh a i lr elllhlle of hlrr wie ex ll. et Mr. D You,., g Wm s. .ien Irn Pule r.nry. cha nl rrn. h a rrl o |.h- 1 WABASH VALLEY AD CLUBS o hl h. it. ."l.W i I.I .P`. Il h l h11I. -l.,la

ll t,,he ,ieleae.. Mr. de ;i;;:;;u;; lo l^- ;r-i^r nad a at nH ^"i BUESTS OF SPENCER, IND. ^M f^ ^ : .. :\- ";;,; q
m r,,l 1 ; i nl s m l en Wll lhe PAr llt In tlee esh,,rn ItI rrilor,. h taeh Ii I(t1 e o I I, I I N Te .lll,,I iI.1i ri or ti n r"I. ir i. Ii I d.l l, r Il- Wfmh *
r (eI uhs o 1 iI --- -- attF ttf firt ra rI norl a c nrrhoalull ni.n,14 of sIwee w ,,k l n. fr ,- I' i i *l,,H l'* r f
Pa VET Rad R88r y. TO R E -r 1,s .., ,,
o. It ll e' n rl UCTlR1U It.. aI* e I l PU I I from the "."- publisher of the ulh Hono liulu D i e Flllll Bl, lf1 ll r Il h l kstll Aln l I I 'I,.II l i'"l" T,'h' l !En 4'I K.I EI TO Dtl~~l I ESlh I N STORE THIN' IUFn --.: I --. IIw~.lid r eh< lrli pr~ll z~~)iee i~l ,.r theW~ riiX .i.! Im~ i 'i ,i A ii,r Nrol..". l .-..11. lr i lll |-'l. i~Ion
...... role .... Cr'" --" .." .. '"I I ASKSt "" I I liE S II "'" "' ll"i rim ll n"l llll. llnl.r-.I"lIlllltr o 1 rl ""' *~ i .l'" ll hlll.' "" i) I'i" ' l" "'" hl. h'*,hl
ntI h Ir wih the de rilEl MAoRI-n org B. ro k. t kre n SIII. hle otl her instariin t 1ll l erre l l ln, .| llvil, in Inhilll ,e rll r Ih h tI ..I I I I i ii
i Pill' ir tl WII liw nd i., nwlla Tn r l l W al r ver bn n for er we x ed imlr i i in frIi Tcla I.l.n l rii" l 1andpll ll n r of l frlf I l,,il 1. fl a ,ll,.1 c

', hsl brlolul h t a cllk, orll. "ed hlrf rn r I'iI' r I'rul ican. the plen g Bmo reir. lr tow I r III IIIII .. ll r rnl nl, Io ir, llhr y, l.hyh1r uir' h'"'l n' l '" II
II'h.-'l; l!,rl l I d llrop "ed dead letll r .l while I. n ---- --- ,lre llbr l l .l l Ponandd: K.hi| hh 'ii and. ,1,r .! tIoc J hpa r l t., I'.'
)'I',' 31% it. to'e"r,," .' of m.like Wo ld Wa,'."" boo ng nown Soai aa price';,,;::;,;, ,,,1 f";r '.h'
. lI', hxirllahu ini miiiii l'r) lhll ore I n Ii lh l llls lly. llllell~ e rv l In h i e-ru' IIO n wI'.'T ll.-.lenhrT ,, I hU wlllber hiil lua n th tlll vrlly Iie u~n lld-i "" -, "in"l ""f 'l l ] i'r'n I lll*'*Ill'hll .-'. III
i, ,, t e,.l. r ii hi o3rn l ln w ii ii ii arned t Ie pri nterr l tr ad In the MEET AT 0ELWEIN TODAY y.peak.h l wn h .lln ril..'" .l". r lllher In Ihe t..... l Mhe r s9 i II Ino, lll..l l" ll.r-
"' ll'Ilrl, igr ,tena r -s-Ie rl, nari of the Newhorfprt lli hl. the -A M l unrhrll I lirl l r ll r1 e enl l I l other will EM.S .1' JJ r. -i1 k .aiildr,, ol,

.n lun a uS l ell-r sllne omhwhert e rarre Vn the OR LWEIN. IA.-A mieetli n of ll, e trn,. le.lr*in l Ii, oftblhlr ilhrelgatlr ,hll i .L ql ith prian l.. I rlirhr Mr, niltl.- rtl a* n
h* I' II fI a luInmUelfII, I the trade. IIl was for mnyn years I i rt r- of the Fi ftl h low,, r l dstrict nl w |iiinlh mee, ll, wrr hlr d In the r.l.Y f lly lo l 1 ,' i. tiit .i l .i. ,, 11t 11 ,1 at'l1l
-, ti h lh. you takeIimpeited with newlpaleI r h 11 Esex pa|r conference ha s een arranini enulrt w lnultnwle reth hyikllliopnnil will ,la Illil thhm hl; .1 I II- iinr "il'l h 11 n 'l I I ii1. i l "y 1
I n'o' IIhi. e bl *in 'Bl hl rtinm' le t ed l i In Everett knd for for Oltober 15th, lnd the .ountrIo f m h pliin. for lbltrr uul nire d io. lh. h I of i.iii. t. lo |] 11 -- ,1'1, . i 8 II r i l A.Iv i I1'.I
n ..'. ;;m,;f hrefW tte thelast a atmaer or years w s In rhiif of plainer. .ayette, Black Ilawki, lliartnei ti ngi.1,1In the year lo .,m r. n .T afte r l |,,,.|,|h p, thiri~ unt ...,. ro ..f :!* r.L e.
to lam*u i",,.;~ "i*n !S .. l the Everett lRepubilein, While lhere an *nd lelaware will lbe larlude lr..nl re.,mrel lt. the Slintr |rk. where nroi ceitr.ir1. 8milh n. l,.n n tahIi 1 1. nali ri,,,.- .*ii.. .1. i' n tii uish.r of
t.i l.. v e usiv But modes that he was madea emben r of the heard of Newsipaper problems of the current Ihr Indlie of llne town.hud' lirepredi'n no oe ,111y aire entithlat to -, i ni/r lii Hi- Tri.m"i* '.1 ili or tn**
, S SS ? S ee of tle 1 rlln Aemoral 11- ~me will have ten on *nd le 'l u p o i r ,.nllliwi of fri e intl.. .. .hii i ..1,m.i ml ri

1. *, h .,l sti, blr- ali rr nd wal* ,djutant of eIes A. ruiuiedl by tlhe confereisla nrkelho itnui n rfere, >nli n( lh in i h n i l I ll r 1|. mr ll his l i no 1" r rn
*n i. t i y llt l w the Seld a et ry. | in ll lin l..rn h kr lill 11. of aei,,, n,,, | ih iiii l,, l., it 11 I ,ti. ,ii.f *. r -irnl \ -.
ri.,,, nln 3l 5 -- ,____ __ ,|e fowl. of .lrin.>lirle ,l1 l lhl lllp1 u. I,. i., am ll .I s. h l.
-t, ,mwolllof l ,ta m no r y i I-r hI

S' ; r''t~ ^ I I A rsi i t is DI feel Mction Trit III h a l ay l oloit If r , i, ,r,. kal..s, ..- i I l-l i.ilr
f .......; ,.Aa.... M" E OTE ra mer. M ASSA HUS TT I.... .r. Init ti Cab-w le"^ ""d ^q I ...... of .... qa.. to, r.. | |.f .. .1. l 0,s an.sal It..i

puc a ris Ore bintt s It .Jriio Sitst** at nol,;;. I;and file pr*a will led h rGo ero If 9 .. In r h h l r lhe

1drg. ggdgl ,ourhorse teages ae Iviipa--he*Petthey ou nat :1 ^ "-.
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til.I l i n, Ii ,, ,. ,, NORTH CAROLINA.
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pess is ca milse fatd wal
d"M a IU5 mal
an 111 IBM 41112

t me way or your m~rutmaus campaign. many
publishers are preparing to start this now or
early in November.

Holiday Feature No. 10-
is a new departure in that it is prepared by the
eminent expert Julia Bottomey, thereby insuring
quality and artistic value. Its contents are "Pretty
Things that Can Be Made at Home"-the sort
of articles which women and girls will wish to be
busy on at once-gifts of distindion and individ.
quality adapted to home manufadure. The bulk of
materials have to be purchased and this feature
will encourage early Chrismas shopping and early
and longer advertising. Twenty.four singlescolumn
cuts and text. Plates or mats, f2.0o.

Holiday Features Nos. 13 and 14-
are made up of short features, short stories, Milus.
treated comics and miscellany, attradively boarded
or otherwise decorated, as dealing with Christmas
and leading up to the holiday season. They arm
designed to create an early interest in Chrisons;
to promote an earlier and on y longer
adveising season and to stimulate d shop
ping. Each release contains six fi column of
mesrial and the price of each in plates, is $1.s2.
3StEt ht Suiuerw Wa reminder UI yo
sdElan e Snd PAP mim


S' ... . FIction That WIN Hold Old ib-
.. ,I..... i ,':",;,i, scrlbers and Make
HBre is a gift beg that may Im de- i ... i i New Ones.
blended on to pinar ano-ne who fl i Ie ,, I nn... i ... ,
fortunate enough to rpM ve It anIl d is Tii, riio i vil l |.t.Aol b I M
pulted l i itli.,r me. or womIll It ,. ni i i . ,, I .ce in.. ha, hellir. o l nor In.pl.llflk ilf
will snswvr many pun *os lid r. .. i '. i l. I ,i . I.I. l e *ltoareall U p.,I
quire .only i tke.net, S Ienath of lllk i ......... n it, "i l t. .rln Thl, a..i alni.. im B
fo e top, llk cord fr ltenep I t*e* rl, nr h rn i ,, T ,i: n WRII'KKIU by r ops t h a sr
.ad m shll .lk row. nar trimtl,. lr t . a. b- w. 11A b n
make It. I n larer sil. It make .. i i n ,,i,. i r .ii,, h loan lw l .,r gLintso re
attractive luandrl bkle. i .. :,- . , h t I'i.- l )I'MMOl t D. C
l .liIr i i n M ... .. h u'hlu'i "e hrc'i t -alnki]b tItoen tot iteM Ak g. O

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PlIt. hi t el u i nel iM 01 iu w th on i1 of
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l bs M ew art Ot painting with irlenmo @Rc r I e1
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Tkooi r nd h ludSit ooSu hst 51,,nm of S'lttubat'd ;l. lh. s!toa;si b.1 v.I' 0S ho.osw 5n1. thu. 1000 c Ib. Di Osit Me. hi(> thul sM siw~l bu as S S hiuS"^ Ssshr.. ..i li;iBliiutiy J u

"',n,, ...i' .o SV~fV ~ ..to ir .ha.. ."h2t~b'l S^ ^.'1^'C"~ *""* S E-'^ .'B[ IRO-IWI OUT WRINKLES OF
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W.lil l l. P. .S AI .heo.sttylssi ue ,si d wt t he lM.C I tI t iwnt.Ir CI .t .. .,ul ,u o n tI ss
by Ir. An- Pr... as t-romd ;trot ti m ashwl or the sseru.wereiull edwai ue
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, h tioio t ( wsil l~tm ush) t5tfor the ulusr u h s utltsK shmi on lrdith.r I t John N o r.rwens wohs b thu owner Iis 5t. ilox fomrplse of s Sr Ih members mEn th i d w s f
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l4tai. ,odave h'Tributne._ Nbys F.Ai w Rs ll s flitth ults CEssuit

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I- I.ti n rounder of te old F lr5 i. C it1 i rly thu i i ri Si orit S th d y T Wt. bord Time w : iN. M.I Kntoprl. Who'll e the next lt on 'ilily. he 4th, y a mjor
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Newspaper Values in Names
ta -0 lo0.1.rl If ofi,.ll the100llaC MaleNslt huato hcl.Ou ypusi T ,, I. il tNss s Itfss 15 berofi
tort~1 haiu,.leti ~tutristl alo ol ~~bllSd lru1 trm j iyeoti.botpbso, lTbis sht.t Osiliul t.om ssorha.Pl.iiiO ftoeisi ht S el
br~~ ~~~ m b s ro l cd lu i w i p e C A eal in t uya r A ti h Ol .A Heard 110.0 the holo Ills tod S t~o wi risi Pulaski.tt itstes ofy toao a Ilsora
III.oouitu it ls i ~ tioil their urrirl,te otn ho I b010 tilep j soil dig. .tllrctwoS w abStii.Ostd lt uitWyilliamerun Sls.50t osh ti oy." iuseuItL tt
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Nesppe Vaue in Names:X

The American reading public-your public-knows such
people as Peter P. Kyne, Booth Tarkington, H.' G. Wells,
Nellie Maxwell, James C. Young, Mary Graham Bonner,
Sir Gilbert Parker, Irving Bacheller, Edward G. Lowry,
Elmo Scott Watson, Kathleen Norris, Douglas Malloch, John
Kendrick Bangs, Randall Parrish, Edward W. Pickard, Ed-
ward B. Clark, George Agne& Chamberlain, and many others.
The reading public knows these people, and knows and ap-
preciates their work.

The $25,000 or more a year editors know the public knows
these people, and they know that such names as contributors
to their newspapers mean prestige and circulation. They are
continuously telling the public-including your public-that
their columns contain the productions of such people as these
because such names assist materially in attracting the sub-
scription dollars to the cash drawers of their papers.

The names of such writers as contributors are not the bread
and meat of the newspaper menu, but they are the salads, the
apple pie,the iee cream and other delicacies that make the
meal palatable and appetizing.

The $25,000 editors have learned that something more than
bread and meat is essential to newspaper circulation and news-
paper success. They know a greater number of the people-
including your people-will be attracted by the varied and ap-
petizing neuplaper meal than by one that consists only of bread
and meat.

These $25,000 editors are telling you this in every issue of
their papers. They are telling it in actions which speak louder
than words. They are telling it by printing the productions of
such writers, and by doing this they are rapidly pulling the
public-including your public--to their newspapers. By the
liberal use of the productions of writers with whom the public
is familiar, and whose work it appreciates, they are building
the tremendous circulation of which their papers boast, circu-
lation that extends into your community, because your peo-
ple are attracted by the delicacies that the city papers are of-
fering and that you are not.

In this matter of the salads, the apple pie, the ice cream and
other delicacies of the newspaper menu, the ready-print using
publisher has a decided advantage over his home print com-
petitor because he has at his command, without any additional
coAt, the productions of just such people, writers whose pro-
ductions are known and appreciated wherever the English lan-
guage is read.

Why not profit from this lesson the $25,000 or more a year
editors are giving you? You can easily get the benefit of their
experience and their high-priced ability without putting them
on your pay roll. You can do this by simply following their lead
and putting into your newspaper the things they are using as
subscription builders and profit makers.

The $25,000 editors know and you know they know, and they
offer you the opportunity of profiting by their experience and
their ability if you will but follow their example.


publialrr '..uxitarg .. I .. WHOS WHO Current Comme
p~bl| ih 4 u.' ... .. i "**.WS**n ul... ui..i, u iIL;f th., ,,'ri, U . ... I
,.F E A T U R E S [.I fi ,,.'.]"'........le Us. ,TM rar. |o

Western Newspaper Union '' I'; FEATURES n., ,lTur r Newspa Literary THu FIOUnTH SAl
Q quality Newspapir Service ,*. of, ',, 1 ,' I:, '",; to do.md Ii.e, rl f i.-. lj. [Mining essentialJo .A L
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tI Hs I a :. l4l Mtrt .illI '' metht 1d y of time eliculatise ass t e reII* I oa+%r rlll dlln.h
tllteen rtat2..1 hit l ATrv l rim tl C l' I ti i In, n ti- .se Ill,' 1 iii n in slt-from Kltct ner ho
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Nfl at N. A ll. 2 DI lh V.. llaT NiS l Noial cain Ia Ilss l. li.i -1, .- 4 I, Fill- Zi,n.ii liiik t ht k llinat hi s sl
i t jl e. N fa. n i a yih coy. ll .f rthre r fe o b v i .k i lt II ,,it w ill in a *lil 11 i1 ., ->l i n i | th il 'l. lliels is l th e i
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SWleMM t.ei' l/iuc r 211 ntSSW. Tilltll. 1i1l ri L ., iIlI i'alnl I-. il I l..lI rI, r' n be. *ip you >cIt ien 4,,tira. Yea earlinearsirlh til" i | the il- 1hli.. i.llliucc aiiil lii IIq I t l Ihn, Ite'ral bisa B to eat is
St PAl. In.. 'ltlh rad
f Actll Fal,L. PWaNnhtie l1 i+r ,rI 7'iiii ,, i I r.r A,.n',,l cadt te caaan whytiny pll. If.er r fur wIch atih r l li r. Wlr *-I .. H. THOCAhi rdren thli.. n.'.." 1 ., In atoshes al

--+ i+., ,5 il2 i of lhe It "r hi l*n to ,o t' e tllh oan y tc e work el t 'w an aIti, .if Oc roi, rh. if irril, ThiI. it. liliiil r a ll nic mn t l it l. ii ti t 'lhllrttli m aih t te a
tSeeciil a l M hP T in N a ,L. rl,.+ in- llailm iut i i, n it-i lhic others; but ainas pratlnicly all r i tilumin ii t' i ir (.rk.) -l isl'l*h r f. ihrminii r, t i iio l ha l I "pro
iea a tf - I i hn' I .k ii p roi. li ,en In n i- eii ,iii e d u e atio is basie d a p e s thea w a k n i', an i i'dv e rtinin g I b ely' 1 Ir h l lh i le T re l l I-ii I' J. u l ll t -i ch e balccei t, w as

Now d.IlI dNtera..2 bWewd copyla er E a sti,,iwic. The Prlik s.rveM nt r ...... tr 1f ( ,. I f ourtk- knows bi l eWe Wiat
iAB N lt .Aiii,, an i, lh, ei- .'y Iii'l, ** ath*rr* e-tii aso wh hen tht.',,il l w i- ;t k r r litit e anat It. isadi at:

1a1 i r atiri sa.... ar Ai t T 'n t ,ir Electtd juIt s eret. i. a ditrelc l -I Cash ed in on Dollar Day el. Tln .i..nn'.c it tn'. Ar.ir' ria ii
Ir l> ii., 11 H .1 t lr. ." A ll l. 4. ea di ngde.lils be lwr n 2eIlropi Titic by s Itnil I ar t (Ira. (ch. 1l N r hanl t" < '' i, i lt t Itar L d I
tiIs ,1 ,. ralail ise. period e and eat dews thir dblaa hi, i lll 'll'. |I,'l, ChC la. (il ie.. ..n m ,iiii triin tl V.is ,,,2i Si si rt a t e. lnrthlelf ltt b l tl rtath e a
2ureen at. aicalo leiitaotYoutyn lteeralf, 1 will t a y I n l1w a n the macdeea

II r, l 1l 1.d applied lay th. d..rtlsll Il, ,n 1, M\ Irka h.. | r Il .l r..r Ha seI
:'That Kind of Perenom. j rses is biala sad w hit, t ptllhe 'i ,r 1 l I i. tre p arrieil a it tli' lfl lflitlili. et et reanlit cit t a tar.

.llt ,. . .I W- . i l ] Ia e CKIE SAYS. a l. il.t t |l lls .l i th ey .l I tla ei' h n *;ill-l teIMlat .l S
"d-- Al wl i: a ; fr th a g wrtn ill sill. ,i e t
l**r .re do ti+ m ll'r 'i ulT, i ,:0 .1 h i id. i.f It. 1. 1,i 1i', ih sate
811tii 11 j .I D.iIl ht 1 It I I s.. gr l '. o py all'. .I fr lif t 'k nt-iIr 8 1uh r t hr llilh. atiil ill the tl of i., i-r aih I I will tar i'clnhl m i as h It
Ni," 1 \'1,,1 ki ,,PI 6 rimt,, 1 fiiw. .u 4tlh. tii an. ildini rttnre y r i I r si aa r e a l ik-r Sr. nn J tr tht''rI tlan tone as
hl,'hi,,'n I ~ia I li''ii-r.-',ti,, t- ii i irj t tamal e l asa n tt a1 ldinldeaaltye llt. bia hedi to 'hb nil, Ill i-i.. I wIit

,i,,r.r.,i j,,, it ,' r ,ii ,1 , , i.t ,,i t eel ed ; ailO at r the a a di la n e r is is. C a sh e d in o n D O lla r D a y T.ll ... ii ," i ,'l i'* ,.lu t 'i, rti ;.;, "i I t
N. il-. Al 1.m922i.t IM ..et ing. I"1tt -''aOd' l ni .1. -ri- ''r'ii l I" imi iWiri' t t:K ii iIklwhr'd J, anof herf
nirl-,I i -4, Iia "o Ier1 i "1i Ai, ,I ,l l,.I ile , ,r. i' pne.sllt- aanleandt etaatthe rill 111 .... o li r \. ilirlai t ll eI, ile h ,, it 1Stu 1 h dlrll i iiir tei n il 1 r
tit h 1r"= I a, ta. anl i, :, i'd *l ate h a a ra a, t 1 "'rr, 'r '. I t alr theii r.r. i lu I ,lia ,n n.
lit liti Kin of cii.- pb,,ti',l ki,,il' in tiiiii wtiaaia d in iplt lac I.' n l F ei pg -, ,irrie a iIf f i n u a'i n'in. 'liiii,'i.. Al irettlblit c t he modem

iilir l ].ill ,,i .' ~.o ,r il. t d applied hy the adlrktialag cad felo1 ib. om. ii f '1- Kil nui llt t l l l 1l t l nl |l lna i tc m i I lte tnr ania
hll inii l ,,Ihi, hi. ,-in 1,i1 .. 'l ,it ,i ICKIE SAYS. n iralltlto n mbn tlt e l ar \ r) it in an ---u---- "l'',,,,ii ii lhit fIi i 'i t l,.,i. ti i t* IC"L" a. PIrt .ri r, l"
A'i nBrat Nor lw aI i i fa Bet "'In of ,r ..l.. 1 n'': ,. i. i., i l r th n il late a..n a, tA.
Ii,.. i. II 'lll,,.rll :tls l Illr S tral..a.du al l. i, p l ,, l n ta ri sad ' '' '- i I ii 'iht li-, 'C .t "i.' 11.11 w il n lbe rlnJrit' madlar< Puc Al
Film. C 1 6, AlA i Y apyl e rtipinp ad cruth.llii "'.a Aultoget eirt, ren

isi-ai in. Ttie) a the o II abealu erisd se yarn i' ifi II, hut "ii ih nitl ni tDl n. 'lini.lt nilh li, i 'nn ( jini t te A
Vlil' i I hi l' fl, I..Il l lill Ill 1 0' 1 t h ll lldl. In Sir nd ,,. ',. ,,lr'ti "a, Iiff rI than Atn .,ie II.-
ir, . ..... I',l I"..1h*, i ,' Pll"'. let.l...l: me In Cashed ; in...' ..;.. on Dollar.,..l., ,:,......S. I f?

rlinil In.li i' I l.,,. i. B i log1 Ora rphy t

lii', 0,,u ial, | .Tl. a. li e tblili dt l .th Irl,,l e li. l' te,, nk n ." h''c I ,. hr1 *iue t tha ia i wew.

li iruv ),lf, l ,*"" "le al ap i e by them o v our t piyli i. ian r |, pnb *llln pb. '. li- rl |" l'l edi' ll l fr Her
"Iir."r I IMlIS I t. Itf hi l I i .t .., 170r Ill I tirna I qrl' it,
I.enii I I ,, ,,daptabii .ieliisth for- h l I t i ,,n M ylattteC,
N .Aim 1 2 Mlier e t, ,ing.] u. I, h i a i' 1,ht ilJ ,1 l t. r w1- Ad-
III0- "1. r1' ...Plot. ~...l oitl i I. hor (J th,\-fi'.-lh h.Ii.in nam t I-. it ij .it tun 5. hlllle

1liiijustion that III.In I,' @fil iititi' 'InrtI ',r '1r ".b t ii III S
,u.iiy Ku 1ie foj i ALi M sm llri Toed. 1 t yilnoi J sml, I-" .f h l r lai dThl-irin i l l a.i n

ait-li ', I ..erii ,, ,,l,,, It 'ltyIin pri n e m i I'I il l\ 1 -n4 1 and I 1 Cin final.
:I.. A ~ .9'I i'i Mini t .I.I I Ilitri nti, f l ,LI,.l- , h l r r7t n ,r r l i ti-. 't 1 t I' I I.... ..

-O It-jil-. '' Pw P h m d a ii, p t thmthou Ii. inf k ''tir Th
A ai n -loll ke h o '' t i' It- lUSo h, ah il I i l i si,,, ,, ihiiii t O ii ,i SL EP YI N I E, YE 0 D IT SEllSnr

Cnnapn 'ii tH I ting j -ityi Methods.,. .... fly ,t. Wiln whIP -1 Nf,) FW.t n.1 -F! (MIM.) ae

r I 'ii- 1 rf n th i 1,1 wh i ll It
Ni.ui .'ru ra i ll, 'E. A h 1 2 M i 'l l tata n Ealy. II ,,mr1 l lr1 f i I. h i ii e .,,, iJ l
"il ilipi ....,.

grulty It l. in, It1,, lJ lI ii-- it a n, o I g* i, t.
I"te-'tt I I n 111 1 tha i t l n tr.uo t -. tIN I \\ tInf e

., -, ,, ,.. ,, alit, io hmin .? ,Ire It- ., .a.,,a,

al larl1ll
.. .... I ..... I


Now. U I "w Psn o*rC ] *II IElTA PRESS


Wage Reduction Favored--E
COUNTRY PRBSS A POTENT trial Chair Presented to J i.
Powg.. C Morrison of Motrris.
-- .II
sy Clayton T. Rand, Publit ef *i I>olllls .I"NN.-'s oiventh lDitrl t I
Niohata D ~nFfi5re, Paltash 16llttol *lnt on rttm t n"' I re,Ia. favoring a W
Mtl- and Vies P l-d5 of ww-luell,,'inn s innl r i.. y .li i r ..le. ect ilih. a
the N. l l. *,nA. ff M gig9lt ment faf cl mtmn ord !.+ll .lr week. anlf w
tooik attic inn ml mourn tine f l rntiet
of tnilnl I n ,fcnl tnlturinlg emnnern M
uml.hin pirnted s nti al oery to their w
report ohntnt lno thrntughiout ithe c1S" 1I
e. ahaye glltare h t.ow part of the pi le port l of the Catskill i. Y.) try. ti tnir onunl fill aiething Ihei l In
t.mordare. ahb tok pla n c tcmher Nth anto wan eanc nt tmu'h enJoyed here ',II 'thti .ler 71. tht d8t.
by the Nearedar orsesaaaitao, includlnga number of en tty correslcondentl.. (In llni file ocno'iiiet I.
-- i:- -_- t r I_ ia l l,, .. J.'. Mlorrimson of tile
S INTERNATIONAL COMITY i1e *of tit Pai'e l't ....... ar...l .mc I or "rit 'I rl no.. ie ..I n tillorhii 'heir
AMONGting iJ A what ha s hln termed the in rtv, ,itnll of lit. work hi b1h. lf of
GUS JOUH AUST thSieater on th ,e m etnext war. Certain it is tie I s eA r Dirot ho n ft tit,. state
S(comt ied 1" ean bring a l tills oar, it we let and tinll. Tile pI ,entllhtn f.llt. o d
tato plead fr pn ae. Whatl then. r iapers voice aitnd maonify thile a hiutqll.l ceried at tine Weast central
must te da en loualea and mi umlertandi ng e i f ll Agriculture, mnl was ar-
.Assurte, U1nIh d N tihe ipeiqle whose ltormel rlin till I rtng.d ftr 1y the ltn rrbi e Iein grllln
In the Ieet plate, let i in lat on ae. mean. Bul t i we tdo that we will have iit, of. tIi irtoelt lnt t in ilwt.h w oing
unrate. neotlknledl news. Let I.u an woll hands the bhlotll It thlne l w ile m ide l, Ludwig I cli tle of t ie M nte-
handle lth ev,.tl of tUe day that our wil pariah in esonflet. and chargetO videi Ne s, retiring lremident of thei
etlekera will me that the world is a against u will be the loe that war will 8etnlt Iisirilt aonmoclal til.
ereat Ifamil a of 1teoles. interIplen.l. bring to the world. T'lit. ihrltin n onf tile liawl aon
eat on w other ftr the ir nnni But I do sno believe we will permit entlnel adidtreia d tile 1ed.n dnleidl ta-
n-.c. s1t as begin wiith gmid will this w arll nt a ue I know we o n de lit% If T ie t'llt i cand the ediltor lad
twaow S all, a wirld nelghb nrs. Let iaeevent It. nnd I hop l bI hae covineed o clist 1 E. lMiller of the arhiml pgve i
s reierate that the p erity of t Ym that we canM prevent it. AntdI in short talk ni tlie aiinl of tile school
C Y ptwltt dt ohnt tile I:l uofse t le ,th anklal you for your attention, I want and piahlited lat sonme If the results ob.
CLAYTON T. RAND. that l n ndatlio n M hlonte tn another to ay thiat I believe we will all go Coined during the perl"l the sriool hlet
.r i .art Ilotalinlg' request In whai lt it sall do or iall not ti. femin here eonvineed of our high. beet inn Ilwraltll.n Following nill. the
hk rhml.rl l h. Ir em ollt W S h l o 1 Y"" ha ve. hlll I ,I l l iet y or dl i t. nd tl hat her efor"l th wn e will NalItlIhn 'dltra spent on limr I pell st
S nn.i rinte. Perapoe We : i ny base in nrn One p ntM our paper to build up internation. lig fin' Ibuilding and equipmlent Iprovid-
i..*, I .i I lln tllani n lln f the o*itnr.l aynou of hv. at good will and pea.e, and inot to idl there for maldern agricl ltural edAl
. 0 .i 1 I..,ro I s ilns t me .r lh. undary dispute n oerln .t h a ,io, >la noe a labl lale piunlll l M that will lead cation. t
sttr n it II .ll r k t III -holo, ny ll-Rhe r sI"ntnltlirr dilrute It"iei it t n a niitn. in til. i rll trlll r path. Let nuo really U l ln tile return to town 'lnriday eve-
hot i tnn'doi thelmtlnoiiem. hi' ing ever a Ytiatatel.ilotlyittI to lh liking that were all neighbors In the world, nlng. Ilns for thie drive for funds for
ti 1.i -,t' iiit,, r .,lt, rt,il ,n a of e it h -il- e. and aill nl is ttllier and lake the belt of it. the it huel iowling a etllOlrial tfund, aS
,' In "t innn t inve had to fCin a number of yearto ) y Is hnin I they ioruilt to the Orveilth Dhitrit.
fill- lotil I: wris a to a numb "II It d o lst S N il ome of MIr. Dowling, were out.
th -' i o s.- smini tiroll i ano. tb nnhnt gosi lun it if flor te SAN FRANCISC0 HAS lited by J. it. L.1andy, chairman tn the
,,tn ..0I.'...l... lo.n,,,l ,,n ,t, t.net i ,, ,,,u.p,.., l,, .n,,r tl, t W E C FOR E.ITORS .anwiirnni n,,rlnttee, at an Infoersal
i nn' i *I innli ha uilpon thie f ir letion t' ne lrting a t tile Comenrctial Club.
. ... 'u p i r ..ll I. m dt- i n u il noll i nlie fr tIhmlnll t l drop dil". n' atins.te4 trom P e a I Statle Printer Talki.
,' I T,1 inSai nlll.. n' .iturday morning shol in- Mtl "1t nltl tl'n tingn nelll nn in. tl il rnc i a l in or w d Tnlt n n
tni h n~ i ,, inJ.nnlu.lln on t irt i d.tl i. f ln I- hli n t. illtn'Illtn'ir. ln.)ni' l ahow loin chat no hint. here inneta ic etlil g enlrlnli ellltn
anttIrrlna..o ant i oa lur'. deo wll iinlneni eit i C'n'h'k. t the gu iion ttn rclsi
S i ,nin III ,iL. tin a iodn. nlly G Iat Opportunitilo aw a in w n nt i antw t a w ttn. AI)d it n delu k i tithe Conueril
ionll. :I irnn ili.lll anll..t all r. io r l Ilo lo e n m te t lll o -Ol r. ill or 'ou . o be il n w n to 1 hthi lou t *tin se New Lecl
11 Inn, e iti-'iero'Iin'tl ty 'ill n. ] tllnil" itmeen nl iu n ll.tH iu l li n f t.r the r' ni I in no mln n iV'> A schiot o.'lslati r trc that on the a,. of
1,r .,., ,. Tie N. i.. A. is .nn or lli i>.ticW nn nlin i tievilsn It t. a w ntni i nt i y n we wsn It' u aa thie F nnini nlllln Plri uting Pr in L t finl
go t tall ia Idll week. t il n ti l e ginnli pistol If other sin and co e Lank C o k n sos a ~nt l hItowli itinucted my Mr. lorriml h, mani
In'. i imt ers oted it.h 1 ii. r r l ln titi he Jo s doirntillt Wi elcomnd by Mayor. ua dleinm itl to if the "et Irnldet'is" (itf
t, .r' --i II th ir hind. end. it tine "itetne. lnrll n, IIh" satlnr l feltons- n.l n,| lintih,11 ref, rril to Stil Fran- th e t. t ico l pret .nt llrriedl thie mir t-
ful i -nll they ire no' getting a lnor print Inhe Ius v len he lie h t ismc usi thl, "city thrive deoltru)ell ond g .ll l '.lin tlle aft, rn.rni .
i '. | n in l nntltnll hii phn in f.n' i at il te house r t a n iil t in. tnd lln ll -.lno c li nte r al un A t In t fl rI .llnt. ih S o n. E E Tl ow.
i ilne country elitor nteeds r s.i ni .onn ltinn.g's mht it poouec l in J E .sn ltlt t' l .tiltine tnaiiois l 1,1 ni tca e W nltn "I G e itte-Iteol rter.
i .. ""' t il, t i e ilfr iti Itn. ilnii r in in l ,n i n r -mlito It iklln r. i' 'on tn liyn entt f t lo t fornere t it' lieo t if the tie a i.

? 1 I, nD hi, 9 N on .. .11 n!I ;Iu
cm .. '. i nn t n rcsl I itl.,'.. o r a in s n...n.inlin ir' tiniro. In'n'" iOtn to t allt u r ''' t g'.'s tn.l
eo"1,,' ' s Ii 1 lntinii gs. Dunn s bek ifl t t I nl h I s,, .tinlt i i nr it( ina l- ur i iin t, il .he tlm' t nc Ii t lilnll o f t i ihi .t, i. el i ovtl n, t rll heo I t. h rn il
ni.e, -i n l l l lr. .I i, i i lf llln Ii ll -is nn l t Ia .utr oilher h1 ly u nilhl ennaa swgncti le cil u on the n.. tl iur nt intl nitlh te | rl isdinilt t ll

il I ii. li ni. lnh i tnnlr. innn t, i 1,11" ,. r in l. rin it i intl lnr iillnn *i w itll.lrs i M it frtl l inot o lt. I llnt I th' i. P"tll if ,ll l tin t ihe l el tln t ino
i .; tin nitt., i i :r I tini t-n ni t c nn rn ea s fItie n r n in n i ii o
nit :itit h in O t om iou to nA i t ine, to ynI'.a "i ln r i i i t. n i it ion I'l

T, I i ll i l linal l llt lr ul, l at. hv et1,. |t rir l u ld n rlin t a lilrr e llw 1 th it rlli)t u Ik Tli lI W p th l e l of
litli .r , i r.n. ifiictl i. ni. 1 .'-iin I f gp nit ei ng Ieln t r.nI "i iPirnll nn I i, rt a tot a o he IIminimrn r ri-
t"i -I i-. tInn I ie inln II, i sei ft Pnre vi. t hat Itr t i, t th ue tt o it iih i, Next Mea ting at Da wonw .
II.in inti i niil Ilt li in i tis ntionn nn nni t' s o u i n t tw tinr n theIn it nrlitnie do ti inansnu'Imnt n na s tine iniel tn-

If lnt "rr II" In,,mldl n i c tp r 1 111's brwl I 1t n l u w n l on w hr o m ")..o n ICi I -
n .' inn. hI nt r at I. di -h tt ri t al'lI i r c' t Iii atno. nitihr I wlh' netl lottit inm t III Ill, IIt tl ii n ttlo n
..I ,,. .L f iie i t t'n in ll lte tr lt i f ti Irt a ltoi nn like t mitt inti l CL. 'e ,n l
'sini'' IiLi i nn tIill itt n ,[i innnit. 1tuthu e t Ith lntnIIlnlnt ofi ni t .hnii mer. "Ti'i n ,o n c i wo on r. tI hi Siw t. h ,l'l n line t it i h,, mm i III g-
i ',l '.' 1 I I ll ininnn inn l I1 W .n" It anfil II-', tint 'l lhnerilillit. to att ....r .no. I hl nto thKin unln *o -g.e T
i.se .i,. l. ilt I ,I pl t e.l o n tor at .Iit'tt .t li ni,,, t lin t' iriio nt Al it-
le i in tit ti a i e o t a t o n v h r anin n i is neot i iorolul l it n i
T. ,t 1 lt re is. fu r .Ieni 4, r hillf' u lI litm c n e, ir ittp Ite mnl sl I. t i ll l t h ,s nten i' I I ... .. '. I k 1. htnna.- 'in i' l tt o '
.. .. I I ,I n t ni t n e Lat toiden oule Prasal. rA iue tc ri v t Itens Par 'dthi .i t It ir .Yt 17- n.l. tiu l idn

f ,,. c o ther t ,S ,b ,,s at .. r be s l, ,,, -,o'j "". a I t" ,, ,,nt. C. , ,,e. *"',
t i ll. ,i'i I ii. I n., tintfo ri. ot.n n t e n I n i.n Th e pi i S '.- i n t.n no h ,v, ito I
if ntIi... 1,1. ,,rl oIt t rlt g Int wrln '- t in h' o -rh, lr h.'. in i i K t t ldr. iwh I I The. s pr estii rnt.

el>*.. ,, ini Ln n tl tl nit i mit k l*', 'ntYin'C' ltad|*;i I 'id' M iini l ler nlf| "'ltM"n i' 'a, oPe n e",c..,
"i f ol l ingn l uL i t ind -Wr h t h s I f I I (tu l i i g BIn t ii o l h o t h te li I nt "i t to' d iai a
tit h rr ll m o ld I p -ub r rni o n, ti I r

h*"* i. 1 > all, Mrartk y a u ra t w o 'li. t nt o nn init ton than n i n M s "i rL ,
t. .-i- .. -ni,,, r.ili. .n n.l pi n nir t,,, .l m l t. .. ni i OC iATI CAENiA ,
U KILL RE URnoEII tienu ,, ..n . ..n..nit-ls. me n n.. . it, ....i. m ini.............. ........ ...... . .r.eO .... ....* s on.tu of. he |.

Blh"v- Chat ,Ieave io ma ny M harm inas W S!!!S 'o Solu w it
S n................r i mt r t . .n... I. A ...' i
it ip --- St, Slns,. ,o .. in t in.t .t. inn ,r. h, I. . S. "l,' Ict n. ni' ", i
ro h I Sita ', ih ti lil. n line in Wandrfalul Opportuonity. Inn, lit ITo, b .. wi.
I. Ine ptts t nM th l animal ,I ti ,nalin e.n ..m.ilm t .. In s oi .. r, .n... I at, ra.n .,,mly I ,,'
i tI l r h. tu l lile Op snd Tl p r1 rsn t niio i i,, 1 r'ct. ,h, tn.l I*-
Nin e tinth t nim litr b ls In n ln'n st'e mvnrni i' s w ith ji eae i' ; o n r,' Charet.. s 'I. A S rt .u.i.t..... In .
o ni i't ii. 0ln m l the b e re.tlItliegt cl tthi b|mtttlimMnil iaih'lin i it, be.l of i v ini nt. ii .,, .n,
lt i it' it p t tng mnti th tal n st , Am Ditni, rI .ni t
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to. i r r n e\aoti'n itimr te il iAm n
i . ...i ... I . .. fn rc n ,l nn -i t.+." gl lil' n i tIi t. n i Io h icA yo I i .*. . .
lI n i ti n n l m i tinn m m , mmcm' h t t o ni n ir I o 1 nin'o '', I,* r i i ir a n I g
t'1i ii nn'e nn l m n ~ll i'.,,Inh'. iiesirtmn n f Ites'.. Dean Williame Talks. I ]ni ''thlmutomllt.'' mlli i' i 1-
Btut I t i edltin it. ln ntie ''m mli of'ltnntls'i m' is a dfiuihi"'I I,l, .A fi le IIn l h itin 'i i . ,, Inn ,1i1
I71nn- ,i;,,91. .i t ...... Ji' e'. Oil fnlll 1he mi1nlli of it finm nllr ni ly"' iniml 'a nilnhnnim Intaertedt -Iit h i d,n a h,1s inn N.i ",luill Vii, i ;h'ii -
mm.. l i" i "'"L l X l'ti Liii' ;ii ttnnimlnliiniiiimoUn still fntur-solnturen inn Illm hithe Ihlnt ihnl clrtin ,4t 1il int' .l.11 nit ihi trnllih IlL' tit'nti. UaIni
I~lrk! I, +, l int+, l, 'in nh rln'tro, I s, m itt You ltr eadi ng noldll'i t nt ini ntt'i thli t ohonldl 'in nut Imtlimm iniml ilmcilut.
en iP d Bil n10nnh I'. I". Ilneoe iimtnJse nils nit y r geo at iy. that nholh
1h.',,. I i miI Boo). Ilolt. Inn 't. n1nMi nn.-I liy r ltoed Itver I i e I tint 'ilt t'icer gus" tntent mmnl s iuictre W tint tns Gazette Morning Piper.
i .mtri nmmI lineinInIl. It me theno. In iihle tint Ihe h midtlnity tutu ohound cincinler- I htJ.-l.. lm t Intt hn in n il itl,'
It, grave er im, iswhen tlie pre.n nit tile Da i. iPO'N' l
I'in I t ,on r dlnn r Io cml ii un. I tn gere tent w one k fudr "Wi n ," I w an a ch ild I w as tC ulght inn;', !,iag w h Ion l th'. it ii+ tinr nttel
CmkqTI., II ','In i ininmtinotlm o at thoe I oin. It 1a flen mhat we ren prevent mhat if I should erntlnue to do right i1 ce telmremn tl ii i' Most 1. n- ln hInI'
tItilinnnm.~ Inni, ma D aing cre He war, by tfie n qe of igaoot Judgment In I shmhld pant ithrtingh the IonIi lte intnt nut line ilarty, to he trmtmtferred to
iohith I la t d1, lnl g 1nhle tldnipiltn by wle col'n. en limte ws y to PAnibll .,r" Ccolonel hum' I tit fIeld.
ill ii~I n ti. iai agae A d Imy accurate aewa nf what mln amonrete. "I woe not told tlhat I
ii. Ia going 0o. olneil:dd evner isaie through It In 1ini A
it ,Heavy RaePenlWbtlity. ife or hat a eeptittn conmitte ASSOCIATION CALENDAR
III n r n &visitIt hall We have a heavy Aeqmi0 blllty to would meet ao and entertain us so ocTOSER.
ui 'cia n fees, fellow Elts. "Oft In the mid- splendidly. Ip$ one tregret in that I Omtlah. 141I.-PIes. Conlg.. at the
have to leave so manny eleanging lies worItI ionqmolA Itocim.
pie behind. I think an well of lin ii, ,rm-t. Ia l tto y m iite Anac'
Feoneleos that I Intend to visit it ohe htla-Aecssm rteseot em
"Son Il Frenelneo In the beot beloved in.toor. ,..-C.nl lows Ireza Am.
elty In the world." wes Dr. V. ....... 'I he .m-.n e.
Ma" Now Subwri r 41sortaian esstrhbutlen to the praise, tye Inmetlet or o
"The Sen Franelmen Chamber of Corn. tt lli lte b i o, terburi. e t n.
mere tannde for the elvig betterment trmer i ishrlne nrcac Aaaohtmtca. e D
I l.. ile holhllehei at the Iadepa d 5 ([Ir ) 1 Xsabs S of Callifornln." MaHan City.
'la". U NCipinsted asIv t oat di Ot hIn W ead h ee ticleatn the ancty at aovemaar NOVgMii.
Piel r ~yn I T pt.-eetI- tt1 1 ot the Pokl
1,,,l -rdef %.fl +w th eh WicWie brat h o I a*Mttisln With em o the MeostlT." Chenlm K. Field, who rtinty nltneorn' Aomnletlui.n. Hartiw.
thir it;t Irneinlg atets, h thu ild day theis earl Ibnd beat wadMrm weteoa ed lel aetest an so behalf of ole
h ht .n ., i ef She I ya rt e the isteeaaIntlvl tha- t 1 the maM lnM of the Parl'e e'it, l Teneth ttrt l'rt' Aenetnitien at
6,1'lh'l -,, nrew thirty w tblar a Oe r te asO trsth Of the gee s aid. "No plap 0 gafaster part than 'n n ao
1,,6,r. "f running in do glyded. d p withant any per- we, the Patblm It of N the fed' Assoca tLed t 111= l ce sf to.
lint .,h 'll'lhio e dig Sml a IS hort 0 1 aud atlaon of the sw"Nd,0 JANUARY.
mZoeledt oftaMIkA~g delegtes L eeeo at Idn

IIa Lh
ehen t Oelead Stame CNveati
UreS Publielty In Reilolse Week.
DENVERt.-Publility am a neans of
rousing Interest In reliiutisa work
an advoratoed by qiMake'rm at the
Iate crunetnlni of t le r0111ilhn Eit-
eovtnr. ineliirg t tit tnminnii t.nnail-
'my o 'hrlatlati rcilurlei. tN'h-t.er 'm.
"t*(rllatinn imllenain r a anything
ie hllIs )'*u l lYo t Icas 'iillnlii c niin t mile.
redl wiulth t ii alerntlolin." mun.il II1.
.lein i1urti o1 f i 'ltni sln prilnig. iad-
reaMing the 'esnvniitlani iti after.
IAIn W ieon. "Tih' T lnihl its atimning
MaIer, r ai in a imsft-ru'hil..nint chMiar.
iii take Ymur meiomise iinormn surl.y
nil effectively to Itie Ilen I t of tIle
world thaun any other ageinI. "
"The flrt adlvertimer ws li;,i." aidl
[In Helen KIrgenit of 'unr Colll0 .
ii altu, spoke inn the vIalie if adlver,
cing as I nipianit. of dilra ing new
enehmers lim I 'irlolimon I Enhinnuir.
"Hie advertiselI will tlie Illinng


Short Stories

Next to the serial, what one feature has been
most largely responsible for the success of pub-
lications with wide circulation; in fact, has done
most to build up the big circulations? Hasn't it
been short stories?
So well recognized is the value of the short story
that the name "story" has affixed itself even to
the news articles of a publication. This came
about largely through the policy of the great
editor, Charles A. Dana, who insisted that the
features in news articles carried by the New
York Sun should be brought out and that the
whole should receive a literary treatment; ac-
cordingly The Sun had a distinction possessed
by no other newspaper and undoubtedly was
the most readable journal of its day. The stand-
ard of The Sun could hardly be maintained un-
der the demands of modern metropolitan news-
paper production, but the word "stories" has
endured as a title for news articles.
The success of serials is largely due to the fact
that the size of the installments conforms to that
of short stories. If you were to print an entire
novel in your paper, few would read it; but the
fact that you print it in serial installments of a
few columns each, makes it convenient and ap-
pealing to nearly all of your readers.
Short stories of literary quality, complete in one
column, two columns or one page, are supplied
by this service. Many of them are by well known
writers, and others among the authors who write
them, will be well known in time, for they must
be able to turn out good stories; otherwise this
service will not accept them.

We are prepared to supply you with six
single-column stories for $1.50; three dou-
ble-column stories or a full-page story, at
the same price and to keep them coming
fast enough to meet your needs. Make it a
standing order and you can depend upon
uninterrupted service.

Western Newspaper.Union


Make Profits for Printers S

Does Your Busincss Need a Stimulant? 9
The WNU oraninatnnn I, pro-videdf mrns o.r I 1' ln
to supply your cuslmtt rs ; lnd u>llh riiwere unh .in inds- h
vidu.l GREETING \ilD) SRVICE-profiitable .to. in
and inexpensive to thlum. I
This Senrice Consists of
A complete temple book showing the latest engraved
deosa in apropriat tcolormingexprcting
Afolder contalaing a iollec*lion of ve'ne and i nsri ingi
that you can to sour customer as suggeMinnt for
thatir V. Thel hlae en elected and prepared by
twrian who ase a knack for beat expesinga
A pricell n d by the pblltshers of the FRANK.
LIN PRINia O PRICE LIS which show. the price.
at which the vetoua greeting card. should he oldj tI
yaw motinoa. which will enable you to enjoy
A at" of pepTae dlvertniement In "Ready to, U."
*rt plpiaed that can he Incrted in your paper and
cb to you this businame.
for smll d klk tnd * e m m rrilt write mo
asp ef the flimoc jiei.. of the t
Western Newspaper Union
W.esr DeNW pe sto n inh

Western Paper Co., omaha

bIhb tno tlract the tlnmllelIo at M
anl J'cll isernlwel Clherlianlity Is
Ihe In.it mltl In tIe fatMinl of tibe al.
tiludnl. If A. it.iertllM rieet to hal
huntllhmn ilhll.lt w shoulMid adverti
to fill our churellro atid heal aouln."
New Indiana Paper.
EIl.tOi l,. I..-El m.io I to have
11 slrn nmIiiiin |In,l. Ii'inm'ratic In
illll tire t roil f nu l llthi will
IIn>|tm'nr c II lilt iiiniilltnL rf iii Ititmniner l'hltn
IU.'t'*tr11li> tnh lllltn' nlnitlniimt'cW tt tnt Ito.
ilmi' On Itirlhi.vnY. |illlth' rMltr of the
Wttkly'imii 'Tio IillnM'rate inavn
Itil whiitlnl a iii a rl'y nrgtsl hers for
inmure tI ml ii year.

Wot Virginia Paper Changee.
NESW T T'MiiKi.ANI.' W. VA.-The
'li.ll, n wou.kly neW-paimer which lhas
IHeein illimel nd pullmhedl hy Mlltlna
I'erler. In1no cehllngeld nasstigenswnit.
Italymiind Wi. Rolth of BIldtol. Pa., bhs
taken charge.


We ll"ma o pemIt Hdlmna.te and eo.ep a Seoot
I ot bonmahe. Orde br ostr osoi that cantet

Bu 1ii iuIIiiIiIlf f lIM IIIImIIIImIIIIiiIIIIIIIIII I M iiIlIu IlI lhiii IIIIII l llUiii IIiiii




.i n. 11r. T.
P| [r 'illt. ell IItl pir h i.M
PAI PER l i 1hoi l :'i Fil Qlhj

Frank K. Barnes Has Been Comrn. i n Newsboy of 15 Whoe Brilliant
posing Room Foreman for 30 Service in France Took His
ar on Portland Pr ;' Life, to Be Honwed.

1 PI1 A R ...........r.. M. .'"' .... I T O AS.O A ....,,
1 1. i. he |,tlll 1l j 1.1.4 II Je l l |''

'lilr d lhl. ;f.l'. ii Niumber of Joura, i llim Otudll n t 2 l Pier II'll rinclil 'I
olin r l IR r n Cast Mo3r Thn. Last Yaur. l.. ia
Tln he o i b in Po ill i e lriIl 11 in I li e 1 I r is II'll ltig II i'l'i '
tlo td ltnr .momb II t ,ill ih. wWi TIt-rt-A 1 1 f i I i lli 1.. l,: irs 5 us| .

lm be h tll f frr s I. 11 10rll u tli- l.' sll tlli l l ti | t ov r t li roll i Iw ir t ll I i l t b y tmll e I'.
I . ""n ........ ... ...... olCr U ,dl H" l l l Sl I ........l Hi... i.... ... ... n.... .
ol, of re i. A. l t til e l ri t B lil' i l. I- Ai 'Nenii i tr] ni. i f 1 l l.i 3 11 i t'r .li
'lIe 11 4 i r. ld lu 1 -i i s i 'if N ber i .l lh 3l'lr fiiet nt'ls. O, oub IIP o fl or icam l*ri .,
Ili' 1-ilrl. ; lr h lit I*Iri I-, -ent i or e Thi n l is "!lle r. e l .. .
thien. l -is .r i l ll Wl "ItII e 'l'il "l i r" h d lill y the WI lirt li h.,lI" ei' ,li. lr. o .i.ai. ret l.
i'le I iinlti l, m111 t lh- nTiis r ll I. eit' il Jot i nin P tl l ar l .i. m it. i .'il I .t l.1 lI. i 'ti0ll ir *
Ir11' K io i n If ii C hunge let lin'r I i iir l 141fro1m rtlarrtm't l r- i V ii i liii i iii i,
TIlls r o llerl I lI l by iri on e 'lie univeri lty. irl- h u I, i.tIh'ih r 11to iil. i-,
.rlier llln l l 1l h like 'tilklor. T.1. i. rou1 e in m e-w .w.hi Kinc. removinii i" h)e lr*'< II h 117 ii1r-nti, o In t1,he ,in fm7r \,7lr.in A ".lh, whlil.l i- to
Ihldiln owned Ih, iov.rnor te rllix er. l l l In the iw0-h unldrii ltell.1I ,hi ;,i..i1 .1 i r 1i.1i- r'.t !iin tl (x tre <
l Monument |llunr-. I r y dlol (*ofu Jh lintilln. Ah t l %I* "i|i r ll. i 0 l i n Ir till 'n h iav Mr.
Mr. l an kinrn, l tli 1.' i ..In are "ret i l, ying <,p.iyreratll in.g enedlllt t ,lrl.m m3 t1.. i; l Ii h ; h. id-u In
jiob M -e il nnu ted ill, l the Pro-, b Iln nfi n, including porillt I ,rk |I -, ii | i, WWin II| i. hlll Iik, fir.
Ilns he subhed and Minldly loollline I in hl.e depa.rtinern illllting I.riit -I ,t.i i ,. foi I, I|akk.r -
rulwiar ember l of he crew. lir c t i iT3ry, l iold t am e le.l Ing ti o wtrii, te iln. '.1 3 .illic A lrUIIi," hd .i wa I.l
to I cillty frolin ihp1|re the lti e tre r Ilcles for Hunridy newl iprl Tribute by Chl.dt.ass
$it 6 irti an set ... II 'ullfnila In ulf d i rm ioiodncl 1ixhtt i re 91- 1 l|i. r M blent (1.t1 6lil6 pald A tr
Inb youth, retu ,ning nt" l Ior nnl t -h .nlil. ini l the coullli ry e l'II tIIr oIr ly..I h- sill )ih Ii rs", .ilA:
tM r .f 14. A ln l iad en h 'er i., iillni 0h ur1 n. "t, t tPly t. ,lito t n r.l idre e
ior an iapp ntice, ftltr. l.r111 hil rl lH il tl tiiluiludents colo from lithr i.rtI : ll in. hevrythiin.
tilon o and ie. wim linlirmll r mrin i .oll r n-e and uiver idlles th i rii, It i, 1111 t.x in.ri. .l 1 4. lkh r t ile
lto wIork Monday lr nin. llSi ept.nl i r onl ib urnaliraln lu W ciriin. Sinnt u, .t im'n1 prtl i t noI life wi ll 1.
1m 387il. llf I nstitutions frnl l ll i chI1 2 he0 I ,, itl ,nrl I t o are' Aml d ei.rl .
l t ar Baseball Player,. it o rv i..i r t . ,I" ,, ro r .i.tl'. o lS e itrli I.
or ank .r iw nto a Wni;r'i. hi.n h I -1ly4 s tunont in f rom Ither ih I ia.tt w 11 1 han.sru ,.

1,;" ;1;i itti i''"iIIitl i lit i121419!ll of1

,,-rpl.iytr -f ol1 Socks Path of GomrALs
-ma,-It G o o 1AIA NE L- ar l ltcan'Ilo d. Si'
teili., ll l Veteran Prls Operator D I than A n *rl- l e .lll ,
Iel lE. lln. ay. llrI hi wl.T +tlmn lv r in .tlirliMttan iP l ii.. l o. o no 1i to ib i. life do h

W.w r 't fteet s Inohi ow n yard Hn
I r. n ni e l l.> '.l I )"h. T l i f1.-1 l',, l th .. on In t:r1 1 lhl ,h t o" 1 it r, a i .,

S .>ni l ,a l f kni i..r Iil l. ,,, ne.r A I r I '"'het h c lein' ll*-beeis mts bad l ns.,

Wononl. th< n cl ll t r o. W NU v l- M t l hOU I rogst'. 'ot I ir lno 11 t Il.
wl E Inolmi ectllls ia e ii 1 pItgt). Ae Wh n I'lluri lic ld tlo Iiitoro

Always "On thi Job. l. i I' 'i t l II vo
M r b 1irn s `"dil si. ellhl1l p ath two loil ee fo w e i

th i ...r oI f l i oI y rore o ues a h I I, i

t aeS pIace In lpt e -mre wY m, MEMOt I
leagrom Oklahoma P lh n 'ir Par
No.,in r oie ll Ia l .n .... ori n- -
en l.ull Ii.rIr tmo.L-l Pa fr I rn llti
r- irt, 1,. ..,rt it 1 n' "'I'd
...... O. .l. P.+lONO IN LOUS.. tiLE

o nll: .l nti !'. ll rnhl ', uil l fl I y | .I hIl Is I t r J i0 v lh li y. ( iS l > r B. n i f

lt "ThI t Ilnktll* c l le. D .moi c t '' h a rIer all ed h fnd mI Im ly o1 I 1nv htmrnt II'."
f olry m r 1 it O rrho P ub 1. h > l r Iiin l lor,S h.%,ci lat i,-r h.er.-

fl i ielio r t l th,. lit n | ri) ldlir t lon io ? hI rlor thel) lhIratI lnt ofi n) k r IIfOQU i Ali' U T,, r- kS"' h e
rl.ut which e hr U- off, o( prearingx We puti l t-r th i story." |Hr Iomirlty I.t. rre ,w In .|.. . I'
Hirlle fi, i ,riso. Irn- of thol lItlil It- i n tle mlir. helrri, H nni n. to is plan el u it ofr]
Ii o Ihlr l |> f I li h lre h on o 1 ip ld-ila soIIII I.|in, idbli*d f I kind In the worMl'l wi lt h in i ily
rl iIn liE I It ilnr onsl leli yiI irliintr t rh Iii-r .let 111e r I I I--d I'oy hn pr n itling I of ,ltl ) Non N ltei lanl
l"Tlel e1 and o"f t Five CIvolifr Tribesi lu tit of lint In lic, Akl, Sler at
_, i in l Ih,. li DIn+ otIJtHparlty t 1(10 anii h eve,,,ry ItlnIt -ty*"
1. beilll) W.I.. llrlll I too 1,, i l,.r s s t e1ry .\ At~ ia fnI l,- A .-.' To1.

ho l'Bt i"l.InAi ITh r4W Ie lr of a Dmoc )it wea L P erly nt.r.pe
S,,,, ,,, Io _.. ",, Ild lr,, -y.r .t WIL o. th.t MEM l -Rme

i.ry t 1,,, r r I, it I, so,, wetnunob.rn' l ,',,I, hA d LS en tep.
lotice Air. ,- I - lari oh it tht> T ,*, IJiAI kin g l l.tIII t ill I,,r' ,,e t of

-Among u ..o tf WNU Linotype Metal you In bra, *d I It l(. di kl

:: ;i Un red States. Ch omit s y pe. ct, o aIheb'., a wll ra ler s = eet od
roth li tok ao m Fir "ligTyp r uibese or. h ..t... paper.. a

mii0 t pla9 e the, pr1nt thop ofi Anwto- tri f, pe ..

JOUKNAU .NN W AT.A I rolled. Of I1rd1 eedmer M bit w alab MEo W li -i I"
ILL. STATE UUIVEITlY, l.ey.ra k tM1 Il utlg ast -m IeI
lILI ANA. 11.1 -I w. tFr .'1k .wol rritiig 'ee m u in ae iilna bf o ib n an Ur
i, il r sil y reading ainid r gie Ilum A WiN .
0415100 It t it Io'.'.imiel~ ofito liteli,In 1 d3? inl editoial writing mild mae daughter m nl r In
finit'Ititll~ii? It illilli itS lIt. i stdII yll ng 'li ithe a illi y of Almirill Jour. bo a i ling a IM
The lgrtao i.0 irellllllilt 1t I in juri oi luill.I wimy no w f Dimle %i ,
. rtr II". )ra1bll11 W. tmlit Is director tb. world's Weiss, sod m
..,lt, ,f Ill lhliill. I. ul.liliii'.ld 141 Of 1tb Unilve lty's couple In joirial. l t. Tb body m"
,.,ir. A t iil of Wil il lldh, IN .i. l In tl ikaI for I-w l .

New Mickie Series
Release No. 11, the one you have been asking about, of in-
ile-column Mickies is ready. If your reservation is not al-
ready in, better write today, or, better still, wire your order
to the office with which you do business. The series inures
you one of these inimitable and business-pulling cuts for
each of twenty-four consecutive issues.
MICKIE SAYS Mickie never falls MICKIE SAYS
to deliver the goods
t ohu.3 rww paeo wa and his wages are wnUmect As
IM-aoOtu sti'mios itnsieignifcant corn- uN on" %w't0M lMi
Sit.tMe'eMiaal pared with the tvat iwdas lusexIm
I ,l~M `tMU* I t /S amount of work he cows*i % va W-
P[m'tN ul tS does and the reve- A, I0Mt tsst tlam
nue he produces. atRi4ws mw"H
SHe solicits job 0 oftat
Sprinting and col-.
lects the bills; jol-
lies advertisers and
subscribers, helps
to chase away pests,
deliver short, pithy
sermons to business I
men; gives the pa-
*sa& per publicity in oth- .. Cuh
er towns and corn- m
munities and makes 9 1t"l 111
I himself useful in
other way too nu-
merous for men-

*I %loop Series of 24 cuts, in
Splates or mt st, $t2.00 a1




Uses More News Ink Than Any

Other One Consumer



Why Don't You Use It Too?

Packid Ia 8 aod 10-lb. Cama -8 and 80-lb. Kits-IHM a. ad Baels

Sold Only on "Money Back Graremntoe"

Oder frhv our e seest eto


Onos "C. *m OWm am c. w aimevs mtoCa
~~* *.Q ^. to

imp inS oP 31 Tn Left (AD -bmuabt.WM Wabd tbWad HbWami
@C'sil--WNt ACOW^^em----nl !1L2-iK^Wi191urrSS?: LOCATION WANTUD OhMTSMTNI P00 rESSMAUN
S-.b w rwiliil- ." AAZGlsg for H, Wf ellIo11 lOw
ait a m .all b.T .' A sa.. bI ar-nt fosa' A. miart
Mp' ltAtN AN iIlmN U--ruu cisasa so od.r, Ad apa= a--twZt. ho SwIft iJ"t a1 k At t ss o r n w tat

I-ro.u lws w ais m Is ... A 5 Iad aaw.pa. w..- am. r ,,. -t A.M.="A.n ,'0 -11 W.

,.II I'otar Of i dt u a '..a alt ;wvIm l41'swp rlun a RiWL L i law aarl wa sl( 11w-1ta wist wuiuk wat ir- l h 1wa 0- alt 4 Hirptr fllao D HiN-ij'
* n ital cit Ot*aka.' 21St*> tO haS.'rtot r~~ adamt 1a gTe fc Aily NttIi tat... VIta Lausf-.Mi h rluli ralah-lr i ltl *o*,l- wad a0 'asS
WN~~t5 OaScnt. viltt AMe N~iatYOS trdl 9 1EAiA.m Par, A~shi

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:1 ,,,'ll" 1.1,",.,.,..:.... l I I ,:, ',"""" """ I...- ". ,_, r-7,; ,,- v i l I N -1 1.111- I' Kil

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