Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: October 8, 1921
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Detan WIlliams Talks.
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OCTOBER 8, 1l1.


AON ad BE MINISTER TO SIAM NlW OrK. -R.ming lItense
Joyible meeting of oewqaper goan of pains ftr many yer. Mils Catherne n
Delawlar lMaryland and Virginls was iawrponer. editor of tile lrooklys Lead-
held in this city Ieptmitaher 20th and WASHINGTON, 0e1. .-A. ea fr and uthiow of wveral chlldreti's
ith,. which elimbrd muehem ofa the sissemea.. at o l slated o eight hooks. learned lasnt tindy that It was
Del.-Mar.Vs Prean Aaoelatio. Iavl- Amie .a la tatitms were blmed by the mayer of .. sad ld-watld seeh4 wta. Iiwet when site wls a child.
REsJtn and a umioher of business Too wtkehs sag iher went tot the
Ietma and a large attendance was maN d tt l a nolen lohit hol i t milital. An X- aly pi e-
pi .ma "aw oafai Iamamltlagta dlll wi d llklra tare rvirmlil it, l.I Milheded I In ime
The visitors. held several bhan'i er rMoter ao tla Hladiag admitasatlid* liBoalue of her almoinen. An lpeiinatio 'n
saMiMeI%. lid tinoe were pleasant ~. Amsg its mis woase Iam wits imperforltfrl. lier renmdillon Ihen me
etll event. onI It program. enaimie. 0(we a5ammasaed wwas r Rds 3. pr iwariau fd sIlilmlimed transfulonII wia
Ia ha Ianquet. ltd atmitimllle and DBrIdli, publisher of th DPlly Etsr- tIhrhi resmortl Is.
ha t ride, fli ernior Ilchle oif Mairy- pries, Oegam C'r., O s. ad .i- At lnst relpris MOll Iawrentpc
land was preMsnt at the lmanquet atlld dat of h Nallilsl jIid i.al A. o-IIsowed sim iti of ilm.rim.emet und sie
dailml ar I hn ddre I. O therer sp kert alall. to be mhidte to $llM. i fiin 1 th r lel llhi.re tIhBe of whie l:
were John K. I'alit. of Baltimore. NH. h~ remitntmrem that wies
3. hmanimian ,f I asiton and A. Il1 I .h.id nur king a do"ll d dr e she hall
iasn oa the Cumbothrild ( Sit*lt s .tlo f e Cumberlande ) Time A s. t I Edilltorial A ulatiion. In at sea (Mis I.awreinie's ip l rralit and bi-
i n route to the mineethg tif the Pres1 grit phiil keitlh lippeaireid Iit The
TRITTa TOongress of the World, which masets Auxilllnry of July 2d.)
M ATE [WN Sott the lith. Mr. Brodie will on next
11dW eIdedlly afternoon address the
ltenaotionml Comity Among Jouronal-
Istm." Thin address will he printed il
a-a-nn -a-a-a.n ^^BThe Auxiliary next week. to be en- `i41r NITAD

ORG IZATION ll"il i:: -'.-, l TIME BY EOITlOR
jryed ly oll who realize the merlot, an fo airisRs the @alhe en
IIrimessi of the beetinf of tile Itreon I Litm stlt. Uerth of
O ZEDWARD 5. 8RODIE. COigers of the World at Honolulu.) nolumhis. w ioSn tha
_. |F U. WIall r .. thd In n 1h t .e July.
Sertbes of South Dakota, NM- Not tisv i esL.Th prslo Densr coua d tav I
brai~ and JOWl BoOt J. Co e e of th ommon ---- ..tourn.ll. of ability. a lt.... of ....
P. O'Furey Presldent. he C llege Of the Common Friend W. Richardson Formally 'wis o .."son soil as am.
Announces Candidacy for
from ::, ; it-sm People and Its Faculty the Governor CLEAN Aip.VETI
ten h oderllt Sh lkt hu ll orh- I C-LE ADV ERTISI
Sti ore Tn rito-lne Editrial Afit inm- my M.RS. MARIE O ONNELL WEEKES, me,,an s.. A..i.n sI...... ..
lion, we lh.l.- IntoI a ierlnentm Editr of the Norfolk (Nab.) Prea. wt il Uhi Itlrn Cal fornia dI- UU I
orgicanitlimn with thil tld.lI of IAri ll .i n io.lred nt ai I I u L I
-. .t.n... i. I e ... .. 1- AElilet ChambeR
rernltitts t I'mlm rct id o h lemi)l at tr'b he rcent meetinpe f r nt i. oitt a tmta. ready to liear thl e other rf C tmitmtve i m 'sihelfr 2l61t Ar
tlo of illltrm' itn llill lliti lm i on f t Tnims;."' *tlisior" i Ana shim i 1kn il 1imtt ni l
h. mle t en 1 Imim;llm t hePl-mi i rm s m t aitiym k Wi i rlely i a. nd to ri rmht lid ti malke amel ds. oodly|. sli rmiml i o i tiilnni. etr f l e f ti
ltln h le l N.. i,'il r am lo n u ait ly imi Ci o, n he in.M r. tnl. rwi e w inb c n-lkl o .rI thi et. In Ne im hm wh ei we faell to vot ed t tile d umlol es of Ir t S:e
wns tols 11mh' i llletmotiih -lmt lte fmhlnlAmltmem fill. 4' mldlxll for mluer.l. .from
Au itrll |tl imit w int mllim | .a A ttno-ne- t son n. i ld 1. is h r i i poolt.i -tmi-imi otto n o) e Iml t i l.no ur n ers In EO lsai oe .-n Re it l a I r
ln... vit.lr. J. I'. trl'lur.'y, or Hlirt- l ,|,I ,. mve ..l t, S a Deit A e. a -...
Ihltihm. N... N in .'eitem prm'hsilt: Wiit 1i I tile lmliml pmttlptt fore t In i 'ai li*'mpn Jiohin E. KIIimi. ilitiir of tie Ilt,. Speaker Defines Advertiing as
If-nll- Tril.t. -f .u'lto-, it. IP., vl0 tIl rO.t iy life of AlmTrica If It in Nehrin ak we Mlse erw emills. erwm, wtan for flirt lllh l tittle Iei-mled "Good News About Good
p.rtslidehlt. aidI JIoin WI I'ren.y, of itmrk is 111i t tie inountlry impre t Amnelrll' i "' i dlr"' it li e different, und wil le we impe.sh.llit of Iit l lm'litll.,mi itidil tli Un vl
ltiali, I. mm-ntry atm trnter. h s' of ii'tmship is bult Upon a like idllatrt ad ,ent imen ti mm mhlr mt 'rm. tno m illm s Goods"-Yet Undeveloped.
T'i'e n a-w oillhlti- l wner Imlum. dlh. ily in-. fioundtllii whn llese lit ototi Is a fret' fiirt they luy, the. e lime ll do I lln t Fi rst i li .irte-nilil. nlll Mii iir. --
s hntti ist .lt r. i 'lt'lwiey as ii y 'v. std Un lrmt-ii'll, unlistlidirl st l imot'sure up with tlie fleeliit of gtnti'- Iltllitin i mlF s(ts.: oi. imil mimelrt.lilIit. IVlll'A (.l.- W. FranI k Meti.lurs,
-hritmo iof II.. nielin lby J'ohll I rm |.n+%, |inPl n nlim llbld olli llleuntry )inrIo, Ti ltlotl.in that lnllmllmn ih we know we j, i . t II|t|-s|m I' i, AkIs l l 'i-I.i: hrd i "fi t' nt lv rllr' in titlll
lnmrin|rry climainot timmtrUy dit or i In himself it haitll-, ilvt' n-ndtrim thi enimlliimlllty nd tihe mhr-irrsiihlit, I-:. .. Wil./T r, .SI l ih II [ I 'lit'-. A0wition of tme i o llhe fatlure, of th thlr' hnt l d y'm iillt 111 Ait m lltit i ast Iltllakr lH ll tlt' it l ltlut hinr u rni l ui.ii l.n lwvrf : ni tmiiry l asi.miit-ihll im m r'. In It ] oilrtet ti tIm Exe ti h'
Wsinii aet II. mlw.r oif Mi r. Mari or th1 Iltill, e homl Mo i i. To hi nh. w'. I h s wimm- tle ", m ll mlill gen oraml t rli i, .I..1. re li- 1Ih11ii1: l1 s Iimhii Ih in m l IIHt'i l Sh-rnimll, Ui| ltimt
W'-k-,s of llte N rfulk (N-li.) Iitrs. 1i lmulmh asl to t .illllthillng, w e '- ir o tir llll l Ull m' lir t m t slllU in mm of Il l -i. ,. m: ,. .,t ,iv, ruimm iii n -rr I I \i i.riit. e m i i. rri. mimmi l i lo In tie
taking f+,r Iie r lmem jst, "T"i (t'lilltrie *'lifm. lI t-m y mllUitd i Utrmi ot f ll. il t Iii. lll. llt it ll nll Ctii l l lilltl i lll*- 'st ilt r .iini lmlm . lihsi, i h : 1 11 K ri m l', flii r \kiii" m s tlih li Ii mliy lmiontlh for
iof 'ith C mioiii t i miii It' l'm.'. iI'1 f1 l mlll.Tn, rs ir lh i .of lie A mr.il Ira l' i Visli N.is N ,- : J. 11. l il ll 1 i .*'1
llmnity." (This i m ser | I iiilislm rr.illlhllt ftv llit it l who wroit ll :l i.'tlig a lltm '|iimil.p itn a stilt'- ,..smimh l:itnlrpyi.-; 'riri:i, ll,-mi'll, I "Tj'iil mm1i4< nlmi h.iilmn n litItrt
l.*wli,.hm I ll is-.l tlrof T'li Alil- mrni il oli Mil if immtl l rlihli n. tIn i Im kllnl ull ni l. ii m io Ci lrli | garde llihil.m Ite nrd: .rIliln I. .:m iiiim-r. 'i.iill ii :i li ..t l .hr ,-lm, In e i.'rlrnm
illary). ('nmtn tfitt iimt,. tli it In our o Ml irlini o ii n. M mo I ll I- it hril1 limn hilo illlr l m lmlitr- i N -,.\m; <'hi.rk Is, t11* ii 1 iii *l\h.1-i il1." -I :if sil. "It ImhlisI aid-
ti. I.. .'rsl .ii ttmlll i .. In.h. -lt i luw. lI ,iu l tlh s lniiuimi v of tin. | r i s khlls of i 1il iln, Int whl r lllu f |m i I ''. l illi ,1I J. .1. PI ih l."ln i-n i-imim ho bi' i. i 'f, ..im l It I.,
mar-tin ry -f lit lown r smn' Aseoo in- in thti' Atllt'ri tm tll iem of thlilns. im it llilllit 'itllh linm i. iL iikilll: for I I ll- j ii i rI.-ihrmi.ni. h hl is ii o ii nlhiil n i]. mmrtllt nt
tlH n, 5.1kv m1i "WIti lil tlrgiilla ]tio it is mI ll ti ir illepl r tlh tlll. In llimr v'miit'lI iLirhulllliuri wit ini lli r |Ii r li 'rlit. i las n lli iilm .ll, Ti m l l .- mi ll r ,y. .il. .ilk. il-.-- lry, its tlimll ip.m -
('An Ik." ni r rtirmi d tr.smll vn of tt I nntilytl s In III not ti i lh i .o- if' Net'nskl il ltirt i Uitllrlll lipri, i m l i i iii i1 hi't1 l ts ot f i t m,.l, l il. r lim i i ., n ..] l "
organizatimil tmi iiny Ihuiltm s. di ird tflil, llhlntlIritld, llltnny-smltioi dl mlintl- J M t N-riils k runk Miik Igh I llfillt 1ir |.. i il i- i riiii. lulrll..il p rti l .
lutm tlle t.11i thmit ll eimliep r oni re rite' >tmllan illly hl nmolmnh tlhi mlli-il. fo. I l li.. Iln iit.t, in iiern. i h .iiir *i l r. l.,f 1 u 01.1 i. I I' it-,i |,,l-ll, m .m br mh s n.h, l l Olvn-I I ls
Amnonw tiho linih t I. -ttimiiiplllh II. lion f Atm rin, IniiA t tlip lilo.h t, hrlt- ianr b l". lunit IIImI olh er Arlll i i. Whii ilm limluii.l hii ilnl nili rill llml, l uli a sl pi,' lli' mrtlir ily mstr-
Follo n ll d 'lllI t t tUs I tn ,l, wholtmsolim e nd Illlteo lll lnt i n k- or lif t-im -fil lml liMllr', iii stis tal.s r;is timitr Im.-n.i .;,. IT.hI lT t tirti.ls
thlle sltitM 'loumrthid for thi finlr. ly nt'wmliiin'r of thil vllhluot, tImm i j itmi m ml newsipn"i r t l l li llih i lin' lilmInOK ih im.m li'ftrnioii : 1lh ii limin: m l -t rirlimm lh, ir m IT,-r to- imlverlmin'n
wllime liley t it -e pm Iis or lhit fai s illtr ciyllm., l i i kld tioM l 'ir*. lmr-nm iliiimsiiill it -.iii 11 M ii in. mi iu:.i l, itmn m n mimrmlt' imn tlh.y
anms -llm lllm III t it' trilll tllllni. [Ex-Pei.lih0nt Wll n wilhd tlhat hiu Means-U by Kind. Not Number. mtil ihi o'I Imt tm ln- lil.ui + 1 'li.- hi l lt h i m l ll-imilm l li, l. i sl iker mimd;
Sonqult at Best Club. whl l llre tilllhy. %Io lie I II i:i..t -, T'il im i il lim limit-i rlil piit- r*h immti l iitlh I t .1 m ii imIiil' I mir ii. hlut II trlitNr hklei'.i ari* tiun-
A t i o 'i + ,l .-k h e l m li m lmlt r l lj.n .1t tf li r pm t m i h mi m 'i m mlltd i al ho r lel, w it o h -i m ti ll c h i I ,.' m le m | -. -i,,,] r ',,- , l h t ,,-mh i l l i.. ir .l 1. m l miniiio1 r, l killers o .
)"l|llnllly of Ihf 'lininlh r if 'ri- I'"v r kiiwn ll1 t, hin1s nU- r w lil,- l. l, ,riv i; )n,,i ue ,^ 1 il -'ii.n l'.nlr-nill llrfir) H l l.i,+., Ur- Irulpulous Adv rtllr Pamu .
thirn' oll i .mm ir il' limlt Club ll. kt o- 1thi mhtitg t oi Ilf. It i tu l ni.. mli ,||i wi |im 1i it h emm i. Rcirl tii mmr Go.rmihth t ot i 1.', Ii- i-iIim mi' iim i U IIrll.mlm n.mlir
i hmll i t lll i ute, t iibrl m ln. lim im- U ii f il' ihm mim whi m v h11 m hle. Thi'i n ii. l s mri i n m..lh, itnm l l ihi mo'4 tin ll fii m l.i r f m ii* .- ii iiiimi i *.tiIs mmmii s iilImIt m roal
ptpmir met itioid Ilimir feittnms. I tIme er entry pre- imimst n ul l i si em wii is imiinm t. -0 II mu milI imsm s1 1. to ... .. in iimii/iiii immimins
)1. L VOf r1 h1-. fair M.h. ll.l. .11 fI l .l Arl"l.l I tr l lt n. 1r'h, l It lllll '' \. 1l ll It III lf "r illI tI I Richardson for l ve-., .' 1,] I 'lr ,ll l I in i ltl lir+n
nd li l r hf *n m rlilit Ell.- w- t i,si C lots tn the People. Is I m l.-lim. n . i uii ll ii i ltl ir i, l i ii .i'in mi i l m i te i ir ll i i rli li i f
time aimlia l, mnmiInsie s.1h il, mr t 'ihi mi timiri ,it iit' mmii l1voms *i,-- i. h0-w h ILk:i. Ii- i in- ii l Sii i l bMll itm id my pa"mi.lims's. i ih, i, i i-I I. I-ini ,mIrii, m ftmi hi 1. li-i
IL. I. t' nmm tlln. i hi II. KEmlly mf tilt in in t lume tri lii in mmi If I1 ih I ll hm, Ir h;i iiii lifii I; lim l . .I in i i miii r i i l',i i ii-nl1.ir : l. -
linux thy TrlI itm o'. mlil.d Piil i .f Mi i th rii, clmh lll < n iltlhr r, I bmt e ht iti- m tl .h t- I h h r1 hii 1i. i n l it::r Ir i+ Ilu it he l mm' IW i m I, iI' ii m ].ti iin i r ,, i- l ,iI' v
:l gl oif -i nitm l l n. t r t i t mm tqfill ml ll'o r.l of 1h, l liA lmlr sn lol Im llr '. k ,im- lh h h .dI ..h l m er l 'd i lll m irm. .ih l ll' i m' rl-'mrmlm i r nmlmm l r ,. . i-' il
time vieitsor mimmimmnmi to he m tes tsh m limhe lmh iostmhmrs. ill it liin th. irlm iitrmil -mmmiii ii is uouri h i 'm.-.. .m s in- I i s iii i f ii m limi t it,,ii"
rM| Itt for the ll .ll t l mm iI., 1 li' jnl re lll ns mm lli t i leltolss -. i ii iir I, i. ,, ], :ii- mrih lm..iimil r n.iil i ti uri '. ,im" l ti rrI.I..I. i I.i in t lnn .
Prnlei ni m hl i.ln.aw on thii s nsnml undi irtl-c d l day wern timii, my p'n l. W. icr i f -sIndt or hilf ovlm r tlis fatmir l i ii t.w i.r el i r il litll] .i. l i o iiill or i lh l this m m .tmim', I i. i h .'iim l im. i l s f im ,- m ii 5 iitinl<
llnm klnrg. It .. l.gri.ulur- a l dl i or iilttr im i nkHit Imltlll 'otfum ls o i .llm,, lll,-- 0 ,,i l, 1 hii ,l f, h lll h..I ..t I ..ll,.l | l... iii i"t is ftrm l m imi' ,m r. 11 m...l i mill.m. m +- .
at time Su 1th t lNkolft tilmi t'mllteolit, of atii eitmu t, Ullhotlii l mtll h m l r hrm- itry m im l roioim im ..t lim m iii s- r miiiii fmr i minit m i' ii i i iml un I m'il. i it .
slma It. ('. R lldtIling of 1it. P all, t ll lni.. Ilghtinif f Ir tlart y, right unl jt thi me* 1U l' 1t-llltrl,' ll.l h ihmr imi rmritll imi m t i i.1- .'i mu- if irte-i Ifit I oi mi.ii n
el tiiiv, s I'ntlrtry of tIme N ti tn, l iot" luinll llltin if lmlltl ioii nl ll I.m r,> I 1t t, llm e -iii ..11 mm 'i ly. I I lh i' im in, l st ilsl.. ni byf i 1 m i ,l i*r m i i ti.. h r. l l. mi-t
Itlitorilt Ats ,-illtoi.it. itoi tirk AN w ll ns iiblmi Ii'i I f-1m' l- '* u I rillyi m ii mly i-lt "- m -mi i-iln f mi I itim01y i-#- 1i i li- il s Ih.. m m I 'r l[olm 1 Mntr
In Attendance. iio i*ni. It l. il, th l. t ill- elr llnii f I. .illlyml lr lhl h I. 11 nl.r ,Iinnl 1 h... *i -ii' -- t mIm" m ii ,< I .,rl i k
of l ro.- aIth I il mrI.%l it' i I i li i il I... to hI" ll l'.ii. i Iilium' IsIII- Ill 'o t I l jt iit .. m.Isss 1 ,t..s.s '1i iiilm .>
iiluanmim me t f h mr hI msi ttkh:id. Ihi, I- lIri i io t im -l.m to sll.1m t i s. pi lelpll Andl> Il r I i. i 1 .' ii 1 i ... -in'l-., i i, mi. ...-. N li e sh. inl '
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5tr-P tet; A' T. lu-ceetram, IrsiMn, in.,
M r emdi Mrs. W tlh l- hte in e yoa s t l e tkilhme m h f h. li ,i ilt llh n h-i. l Im n IsmU td l in- 1. l it n piiitir omi n ti h- rl h llto ii' :.it l lh n Ir- I llmm lnis iihm ier| ii-r i i'nm rlllto
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tttos-hoe Halla liM. dii e li ti rtl f e m lmie* rmlm I lihmrhl s, -liH lm m i 1m- h iTm i i o h mnTl linl
i W Anel i A.li W. t"Ir -m E tr lm ml2 m e i ?I i..t It! I, n in ti s. m o i tme 4
P au s r 'Ues IanuJ. .Wso *ma lS.? KItmim Ii .... i tmr .hhm ..- l rm.I .,.,ll.i.. hy .li i ........... t f Ir -.

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IiS A tl na Fanner.a rll t ihll.- 1>," li, hofonl. I
A.~(hmad Pamer.) +FRENCH NEWSPAPERS TO ili.- .
I 00 Imn't make ton or year woot tlotsr-. mettyr A better poser: status n Ias l' i I
Iti t had pmo tlit. of lea i. solil ia toa. smbitesn-thot' who he ams..om. MAINTAIN PRE .ENT PRICES ,.,, i.ilmt ,, . sh i
eany I the country-ald rememIntr In tho publellt'l billMe. --l liimmh.- iitr. r -f rinetth." hI il.
an It Na the s a t In wihll Tell hute whest ha ha a goe te p1 1iitt.-A d -sllmnl im i i l. +'lii, llm Il, .ilion t Iibi i 'm
~.Y ~ i~55htIt I __ td It b e ensred- T ot m al r wra te lir e t Isemto lat eamo reh n
M R e lat rim t htie -.eM o s mlf are-nin t tprpi iif I ........r. to ri111 i wlol r krn gl U Tl I
m It ee m iho oat lmaerthat oil an n attaci e window dim- r.. 'i 'le y itft me,,th 0r i sr n. ...i ... mii- hi ti-
helsept afl ead ht givasit epgport and a. or d iri to sh less o.ri lio r t, At a I sil lns r l I-~h "riM rli- ., rl,,, fad oh
he lb eit. aw whether it ah It a nt te eal the Print it .
0"6-sin bese 7 wat akal a t a e t dtt enitl e. nth OW- 'noirlimtmo fIitee tli if ti "Wt tim-mm Il l l l t'imi- I .. i i. i.il...i.h.i. 0 h
el sea htogo pt~o 0 t tent ost ostian.es, At bloatll that ohl% 0-m Jsm t three etmin.i.mt I- 1 '. ii i' is I I ion.

h allh easemgouSl 5 Me o i ifi attsuteocea" 1 ,inim itirt'it, l tint 3 cente femim. tir.' i slims is Im,' h mit fit m ini l omounla
-rai I.ri- at e ilt Iw t'., Sltmm',.

TIHEI'lrn.If41iER* XIARY. -- --AUXLI --RY

t.Till... l I t-l I .I ,.I t Nyl hill ot it. , a
Cm snt-to-Cast Ce lews and ossip 4 INewsuayper$ ad

|! W ARiOrA1,. ,. O f lb..Pl.nh, l I, n e ^ ^ *, ;,. *; ".i; j ',,ii" l ';^ "A ^ ^dW 'K |
ARIZONAD in l4 S M a ea

Ii ... : - O,.i:l,,I," O,,,,, ..ti.. .., ...i. ........... ,,; t,,,,,, wilts,,, iN>.fiTI ..;.. w. t yr ni g Ist I a n-J Ss e f 1
.1,O ,. ,oH i. .I r 0 r- F r i,.'I.fflnn,'t~d with lira Urlf oe tl rotl'lht
b. ... .... r la. M V.rT. n -rl ) NEW M us Waiti

'* "i'' ' ''' 1 ^ .II I .' J'" i ,""'' .. i'.'l',lr I,'I"'I .' r III 'll t I I I fdr l .. 1*r1 l .,kkf.'p. fo r l ..ll.1 1 W K*-r onhti r g ltl. fipi ll"I baa la
. ;1,:"''l:, .. .. f ii,, .. 1' ;,. ,1.. .w.. .o... ..5 lu t.e, ,il 'n" ", wf if f M lK ilill ,1il r,.r hIi i nlo ais ioe. tle awn h
FLORIDA. s-tt wt
SI- ] ' .. ' HAW AII. i. I I' .I .o 1,, will 1. .1 .|. ,,0 I I 0 Ma ls it.Bi.ll II 'I i ll i bll i bt I il Max iba L

1 rt "l.0* ii", 1 i, .' ' 'l ,IoI I Kln.il 1 ... ol,, ,, ,..ol il tdtl',hll- I" .0"'iilforiniy,;as""t e'eoh eh, n. h M w f ,
..0 .. Lt D ll .... .- ,ltk . 1 ll o i hl, anio V in h eTh.. it g
01, iH101". '' t'.1 0,.1,d ' ' i I' . -I ii I h ll, l, ll.l l r l ,' "llllloai fIII 1" 11 l. l 'df .. .tln'i.es coldwhothVll i"let p bl.sl^i*onie eh*e N W o
A CALIFORNIA .. ? ,I 4, '> h 1..., . lN fIAN lfii ni- 1..i r a l,'l l'.Io"r of ." lh, Mti01 Jr h1.,,fitrl 't Jotto is sewrll n elbar
C h s m "aI',. P, 'If or a or niteI t I. ', ,, 1 Niarl a. oi.r l-' t. o. slIn
t' I, l,| 1,, C R I 1... . ifO nd .,,. .i..i .l O l Mln o I. ,ll ,lll l tll 'lli 110 0 1 l.. h i o inet n, '
W.i,' l i o i0,, I ,. 0 1 .. .. i, boiol , .l 'l 's on e on t'h Dbt" Y os Bi n N Sid a i InkdIa dou l
dil Rockwell = 1t. sayd.F

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O I.'i i i, ,, r* I I',' y ,, ... .I. t, ",.t f el, 'ffe in,,de ,la in ih .t- '1tI .1 I,, n ' ,', 1 1r;' 1'...0..1l h1 i' l t N o hI A OT
( i l, nol,,;1, o O 'in, i ,,",'lnr'l II. o t l hfil 'o rlte I11,l.l. 0 Io'T*,'. f.1. 10 11'1 .11T n. 0 ',,,,kh i t I wo u nty-^ birthda

.1,'4 mtre, If 0 tinestof c i "T E SPIRT OE C A R DS g
*. . t. ll ... .. I w i. f-t pr o eldu i tionT o- r lo a ,. . .. ,, .. a. .
Ed t I I. .l.urliea, ,h .tow hun ,. ....n" "'. ra I. f th, n tepribe o ..i. s ,.=n.t li I .. 11. rl li.ne k sU hl C-
d.. ,i l 1ro t' bl ve, .. r , ,ii 'i t 'n ,i t s o w on tIhe ll I o. ,l ... .,, ,r s ae I o for "Si onla
iST E R N N E W S P A P ERR U N....N'IIA .-0,,Ii.nheelln' Ri ,. b... .

5.1 *. 1 111 11 1 i 'ol.,l ;ml 1 1 aol wn I001,-,, "f ; 1111.; t i. l1 ltm., o i l n.f v e at .
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a1 eve I en If ...e k.nd iever nd ,. i.,ntlll w ,n if el ,h . b as .....l of anrs le w i tb whlc ad n
'". I;' I I 1'' ,l, i ,'o ulh o s Y a e dN U .i. i 0 folio 1.1,i to 0,,, r1511 i i , n lh se i f.r iti to 'If,;;
-. .... .noe,00. f.,, II. ....,of nii.flol. lI.ao ofso

dI';.l h ,li 1 spll nd, lcer loe, by ... l0 i 0-lol ^l It Of lot.li r S.l'*%io i ,., plne 10" it
hi hI .. It, I1 '11, w In.. ..... 0.. . . ... .. o l. . .'le h i

I'l % - 'I, ,o k B,, ,ou a e t o u, n I nh,0 1 1ll uI nd ,, Cannri Blo di ans

:1 lia w th, e piuon ". lo l,, i, ,, i l I.. I-.l. 0 I, o 0.0 hIIonnal .

t'" ," r'> W ... ti . S l f o a l i p in i I N D t A N f o Itl.r I M O N T A N A |.. hill* ,. I sslas
'III 4 ,. _diiIn i. I" I...' tha there wa,

"..0 .. ..... I .r J..i: wt hI lo
-..- W E T ER i E .-S i N Iio h lln inloalt Lt.r
r2 of e II,.' iltrooroosOtkh
... ,,...... .. . I i g . 1l,,, ,l .-.l, .. .-,,,. .o. "soo the
fiAn:tii0., t ,, i I. ,ato s e
I I 'K N .. MASSACHUS.TTS '.i "1ll''' '.... hl'::! .1 I. If t.l. I,. er t ro rr-
ojl .d ll.. .T ....... . .i I ,1 ,.,r, i i l
Ill' K d I'i"*'.!i o;.%','. 0 hI.l;, ofInn i -i1 leo

o.. . . ...,, t by us'-' You h" , ave observed..... the .. :, ,, l 'l d ,u loo ,,-q 1 ,, 5 tK. t h. r a -.d fo

M,, h rro"..., o e, nt line nf t le '1 I S m. 1 I an ill, thou h a
w e. .... a n other lion'n th la d0 wh r -t s r l would t i' ... .. . to ho rdo .t.f, ,,
to s,' ..t 1 .t.'... it ';n S h ile,,, Is. . In-di m

makeChNnEEditions the most hmostskillfu erst e be e at ro I,.. 1Li. L 11w nho fe ei i n weal
1 [i:" hitild o f tex erts in clor. p resseor .h Mi ,rl' ........ ill. og n. CiJ N w ap
..... .o. I ..... ,rros .sy ....t e o
v e r ever"11lot...o.......... r....0. hold. for........
toR thArD. -I A14e I .S.Yo.r... with 7. S iat..r

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ns of Mr. lwln dir l." ;t "%W*mr ld'h a th at'" wwpts easdmalb oda

ar K. Uum rc t Z nr AA .
-klla u d 0o b I n i
Smna o t of l th NTA rt 1bd i Oo.

e ol.tll, ht0 wll 0a0 l er h ee C IaOut
a, Kn1. UI umn0 .o 0 0e r .461
tb. 110rM0 *ourenoW6 by jl b.
Thrmr- labor Gas.d 140r: l -
isrck. Iou..e .m am b. the of mmll
Adr rnd wito Lof the Tbroetam (IS.)
A 114l.-ioteelot 1 the bi. ld0o County
Journal 1t Crwby has boon pUlrobaed
dol, 10bl m *I eumea by Calvtla An.
dralt. fr ao0 4ie t il*blIh of
t.. N ofIn, Miller. ndrlst will
boi. .tiV oro a t -Rrlby pcbo
I|a.ilII .. ad w1il 1 _1iv a brother In
llrier of 0thu Minor plant.
Th offIue of thei Ureon Sprlnol Echo
I.r o.u lnipraocd by tlil uddlton of
u new front. Editor Kcnm n inv le
r..dr.r to "callt ald ama 1hw nsic. w
llHrt and ROlilO U. Plryant hbvo pur-
.hl0.d blo'k for lh* lhom0 of the
lluoaUKllby oUipuhllin,. eind thboufh
1iu ooou on protnit quirtors dot not
opliro (or somne Ilme. ili, nRw loctlion
will be put in *iaope for caupancy by
thi n ewoaapiTr ilti. hal new A s I .
_' vry. =irabr, lo.tio,.. (aci. the
It. P. Crawford. for rsv eil ybro
publbilir of thl I Ukwood Nws. has
old ti. N.,W and Job "mos to E. N.
Ptovsr. who I. at prant mnyor of
UInkwod. Mr. Siovr ha hbd prevot
Iu nrwA.pa.r A.priernce nnd hie sc-
tive manaliment of ti Now. will not
I, alt0etll*.r new to him. Mr. Craw-
ford h w ao wnt to UIhwuod from UV -
ion. I., h l ,h1ht controlllif Intor-
.it In the emi.-wr.kly Ohio Palriot
at lobuln *nd bN will *o0on movo ho
foily back 10to his old boh. town.
wlrro he will lok. over the Actinv
tanel..rn ent of th. Patriot.
l Mb Aol-er (uldlan Moys: *Thb
Ouardlim okpowldac rooopt oa n.
nouncmarnt by thI moillagA of the
propooad now Irm iratlo JournIlltl0o
ve.um, the Oklethe"o DolOanl.
witch I. to sita biblmth "t T=.
November SOtb. udr tbko editOrll
iuldf 4c0 of HOII. IL HI w. Gf
ui. rome ooa~fOin from t-t
district, with KI B O==th&l, Ml MM.
elt1 .dlitor. Mr. 11How04rd iM to
be n prut1il lte., d t boav.
TournllmB boforo hto onlfsd Co.
Iriu.e Th. DnomlOt 4. to b. i s0ek.
lyo Ad with Mr. IHo wr'l onMtlvo.
eXperlenC I lM tlolol polltl. It
ohnuld mokI highly Ilt=tlrlln*nd-
dillon to ih1 fourth 0U6at is l0s-
hbos. It will lino probsdIty 60mve
very drldedly tho nowaspl nin In
'int ronr .elo.lm dwIslrot I. plT-
letllorlr In TaIll."
i. R.nion Hind. i411tO ofa =ul1
P.Inr Now. hbo Juet rtunmod om o
11vi.11t to Ih Hlott*. 11 .olopp. or0
In lionlolu en route horn..
John Widlon. i11.1or or the Ibllrl
.nlfrprlre. h1a r-c-vrd the rndoroe-
int of boll, 0.0nHlor0 Xerlln and
N,,rhrk for Inyo.....n ... register.
.f he elinlld 1tt,. a Ilnd n01*1 at
lireoary. Th, appointment will romw
iill for approrlal 0t the .0ennlot tolon
al 1:i,,rern. Mr 11 idlon friends
nr0 e.00,,h .1,0t ho will rece-e. the
An th In In lto week'. Atotllelr

tl. b O. b T. l I.
by n lgllghrdlo edlnrhs OO thn e A .
C,. .. l odill. 4..o r l0t iy,
isbib 3. P r oftoer as lt to he ..4 .

no. filrl iasy ery m 1wih ela for
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Ute bUod Io noniet roundd with
f. A. Pretr. Of ti.l POnO Jtch N4e5w l.

C. II 1101.h of lilhau tkh 11Ha.l4 'a4d
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llkhl, m 1 W41 0 .=hoble. to Oboat aipn
Nro. I. W. o i,. omilr. of 4dltor lkbl
1or thd loUl M 4 womn 1 AN
city ,loit im, ndn rl o rll w jdo to
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Th. NepihI Tra0s*New.." mildly o-
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Imastentl 01 Hlur N40rry 11. Parker.
I ULs0t 0 a1f 0 ti r y l bisle o hu t.
hrl .... 1t. 1yi5n1tio
Ed ltore ota tn vrybf~t wlile Upfolro
bo i b n ln0 i JOrluly f1 t0or In 0 the l.fl
a.d proyl amr Ilre0 i rd. b wlooic llarkb
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ulty of.lnr1 000h 0r 00 hif P0run
Throw olMer. Jn B.ttr hor. nothde, At-.
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to hekton 00 itdoi 004 owear itIM
It beil fur. m -it t tltye b wlve o s to
Ih o IN0. Tho Aouri-llry .tend. to
Editor l'orbker It, very bst Waishe. for
continued aoue *A..

onsit-tIry tlhssemttr whih, ban
boe, t horsehold wor n4p* oiTn
sonitly sine the memory of w mn
Noth not to the rontrsro. suspended.
The publbhev". John Rit. nif04 iO.,
moed Atheir pa n t ll 11te V. P. I. 6
Blackstone. Whetr they 0re lrllsI
their full time to lthe coil wor
004 i1hao4 Of J~orr.ll. Tb. 0sf.
blK I"lo taken lo he. I matter up. andA
publisher from wpest Vlrninla tl IN.
poled tlO n it 00 new pylor Ibr.
within tile net mon th0 ,
The Kante. News hI. Joel noVe04
tI new lluarters which aiffrd more
r- anndi canveni4.nl orronk til- of-
h .ant. .a well no n slreet-.0 el4 10.
1,h nw ltial.,.r ofthe Mukwon-
..,t1,10. Jh.hf n laioa.L i. lanning. 00
Adding 1`w Ptallilllto I e th 1,1l0
luOlltry werkly 11nl1. in '4lIovoonlo.
IDelilitad U lb rI..
R.P 1F0w, rH of the WIImnOI,.10
n w.r w01 ,1k k arh.n,.tr!.y write. 0on
I.ton l-'ran.bo ,t, .* om Nore
Ihoin 11l01. lh d with th0 1 0. I'M0l.t
to,,,,,. Nlr). rId.f n0-, wile, th11.r
tol. K+l~ l +,Knllwork Alnln.

Cwdd Jwbs Naumi md Cahweaa 1

A Pan-Paoelfe Expalition rom0ane crild, and his grandflather, IGeOrle W.
culmlnrllated Iat week when MiluI Gri e P'roml,to for over fly ye r wna pub-
Ida Morrill, danthletr of Mr. and Mrs. Ilh,,r of the Quin.uy (lw.) PIatro.
Kirner II. Morrill of (Okland. Callf.. Mr. lrev.oltt hb al ways lmon active
was married to Carl F. Prescott of in "hic aiffalro and holds a law degree
Weyorloth. Hoam. froIll North inboIrn] College,. ut never
The bride hbu for several years hI ll pcthcli at the or. He tfrsat went
ber connected with the recreation de- to Cullftorila In 1915 and entered filthe
partment of thel city of Oakland, nnd Is World Wr with an ambulance unit
a Nlece of Maurice Grllh. recently ttachlied to the 910t division; was at
appointed by President Ilarding as Ille hIttll of 14t. M llel. Argonne. and
marshal of the Sotond Alaskan dri. aw service itn Belglum until thle arm.-
I04ct. 4he alnio 1 a niece of Evelth iblil.r.
Grnlth of 0rimtl.h-1tllins Press. Boe. The newlyweds will Ite nt home at
ton. WV.itolltlth, Mhoos., ufler JanuHry It,
Mr. Prescott 4I of a newspaper falm- In fhie meoiitlhane uiklg a Irlp through
Ily. and I a ,m of Frank n. a 'lic W"n *l oth nd v"il ni. a,,, ,,K Mr.
tile A. Preottt of Wrymouth. Nax.., l'rciialt'n lIlalneiu Inlefrttli In Texaon
the fotmner being publisher and editor lefor, r turning to MUasMuahuietti viai
of the Weymouth Ga0sette and Trans- 1hl cnut coast.

1 0 f Norh o -ob o w,--
-'-11 4 ,i l walay dler, 1 d vWern
It m 1,0mer Silh followiuitn *v-
AT.DRtrH--Malcolm J. Aldrlch. It Kll-Mrt, J..me. .. Kinr. wll,
year. old. former editor of the Fair- *,' lul0 vrliflnf mana.,,r of Ihl
moni (Minn.) 0 ,ntlnel 0nd later 1dl- lI.,,,<.1ih tIll,) Tim] b -Journal. d1pd
toar f th,, MirlIn .Iuunty Independent, rOI hl Wlh,. b, InI tk .0n hy ambu-
alio publoIhed (a Palrmont. died at il", I a lohnllal In Clinton. lu.
ahi homw 0t Poirmont on hmeptymbr iA i-J,,i0in In Kin. vfoorut 1 on
301h. lI- won w m bmhr of thl dOhool fi 1t,1,1 .. h,1 e B n. Klu W001. Wro klh.d a
ho0rd of h~i town f1 r lwf.nty-four ol ,l-l,,llhI .' ,l.l',1* .V II, .1ol.
y.ar,. former oIly tre.m0ur0r. lnd ,a, ('. 11a. a,.'0l tO I,. irllmo r.a
promint in .Nxenloahe nd church 00. ..I hv frInl.tnl, e 5r
rl'TRllilT.-John W0t.t'rlrilt. 96 y-*.i- old ITe .wa e0plny0ed 0 "the
_ _00r old. .,0rmr ,dllor of th1+ U.n- '1,l l-w, r.11- 1 If# ,t., rlrl lier+

=0U tT- 0.4 ......C 6*0.
hinge o bon. from anw
ahouo. I l01 h* World War Ab wo
0o the .I of thr Jornchl, ""lp N o
antd pubicite y 0rk l tur lhrly Iii
4r.100 01,4 oth er wr _rcil1t64, hn
Nw*lt to Collfornl two year. sho.
MitI l. .- ..r. lirtnal T pp
Mtro,. preunlnonl itt thi lndluta
Nxwepalp*r Wonron'o 'alut. piuer
worker for woman'so u0ff0r *nd on
of tll boel-known wwt- In I h state
Ithrouh her o,'w0p0il. r rteOnlealOs
and itpolical n rollviii, dod at her
tlsme near Ny.r.,lls. |nd., Gepl.wber
3d. in hbr 0rd lOr' Althouagi out-
in or hni till .. M0, d t0
trl I fur s*om .I tint from an incur-
nble dlia Nro. -Mr.- wu. througtl
rearbknbly itr1n0 w11l iowor. able to
wallinl n 0 1 0 l'oi I I h n up to.
1ld AI r' t cld 0 1 li a.t., 1 r t ilik
It .rhsid elJ .. , .i who idIk

reivold on A dvan4 d *lili.ton 0at I,'
old l.0d0Ka N nreln l.,l.oe. It wia
il tol ; that m1ill 1 *1110 J*l r. 'tllruK 0.
ulr I In l, llila l if 0 rk nd fb w

In whl.h *nhe did IlItI .Ii) ar. Ilow-
uIo Ih,0 r01 ll0 1 ll11 'hrl hr Hrl"i.
nltrh for th,- It,,.kl.- 1rli unf- 1 00n
.lTr ,at lind flnl.0 rll.1,, i llhnol ,u-1 .
l)nroierat arnnt (nn .rrI, .,ffrKe.
dolng villoInt 00r1h -', l,r l1.r party I,
l, nd onle. mieRttll.- to,0 Im ~il,
IPr..OItd MorolilI .,1 ,*. Hn0 VrAN -
tflro ronentlion. MI M.0ore wOtt 1.0
a hrIwihl. unny tIIllilson 0nd wlh
wam rt-l"'tid In .H i, h1,. wril rn for
publication. Allh w *..Ildoerd .s
,on*, f ,tih most lI'li. nlit women In
the itate.
l'uFImll.-A0ron II POwer. for-
mor n.w1polIitr m0n ir ;11n nPrnnolo.
rr_.no nnd N.w YVrk m1.mhr 0,f h.
'lx-- of *It. onlv,.rlv r California.
.nd for yeArm on Ithi amtff of the Man
l0ranlsio (hronii, .d.ild recently *t
hl. hom, In h 'r.,',itlt Arll.. For
limo he w editor of ia.- Urocers' Ad-
v0 10e Jn Ban Frn'i,'o, OItter he
foiindetIhr Mer, hnnh '" 'o11atlon lu-
rlnl and ololdil.lhrl o hranch In N1. w
York. Ton yelr, t.l) Ih. wot *n ,0w
York. where hbe I...m a il. Powers
then rletItrned 1o 'Hlfiroin no nd INVr
Ioaled In 1. T.ooll AIrls.. where hc.
hemope xerltHroy of Hi.. Chamber of
C'ommer of that *h 'v and hans pll-
Ilhed for mnny *.ir R monthly
prriodlnl called tl..( Vlnrali Men.-
line. Mr. powers wo,, prominent In
the Rlo -publienn ou allnl .f .the ll.
Iof Arliona nd *t n i tlime *le.erd onI
ona nf Ihe 1tl aai commlline. I Wial
Member of E-pItolhr ld:, of Mf -
oon, of Ran VFroanr lil nil- funeral
W.I rondlucted by IIIh It.... 0 It Pre-
SAnInRONT.--F'r IV. 1 0' nrRent. edi-
tor of Ihp Irorkttmn Mnll.) F;lr
N-w,. nd for to10n, eo,ro < rnarmf,,r-
with t h l, Itodlin ltfrnldied nt hi,
o1,. 1n ;-h,11h00 It. i ,dmbIr I;.".
+,o ar, t W~ li 1,m l,+,r, oM, IlIt
w00 w.eI know, 1i0 .t lumorl 00.
r l ,, h ]r, ,1;. v r 0 '
IT .1-ii'- -1 301 John, editor
or lb. \.,.-r rt.lnrl-

rllh. SMr. pt .l,iiiii lhl l A fHn ll but 1
few day0. If, i o>rIved ty lihr
BT'rlKbKT'r-J,1,fr1, +1. 01r,01*. for.
I r1f1 rd 111d.1 TII., In'l'n, dh1 ont .1.
h1,lm- in Rlelalr. Md,. 0lt week. 0n00.
000 .1 1000 f 00 1,01 ,,,.,.

Dor l Rlfly A'. rA oAnduel.i IA e
ikmr0ata wllit.h hb ild bout 0 r0.
it.y.. Iin wh.,0", wo Ot..osol deled with
llla* A.d-r*n .ld.) .nlrpril,.
OWlll.-.T,ltdndtry 14w0f1, 55 I146or
an0l 0411,,r 11 ,iton Publo IsJbrdry
lnIinhr ,'o tor0 ofboiyn erle t.oS
mi..rh Ir o... i ht.. ... n i. t

et'Mtl 'Tbi-ltn in I dar 4r We 0-n
Itllyn 0d ol Alan. h pIh' l o lh h4il.
ieaI ltwnlliy. Io ht .w 110ur0. OS Ihe

rJOnlH H.I |..iS...InlA Mr. WT.EmC lh


01.,1l0TINlo N. .K1,6l.-- r00 II1l, tirol
lhllh 0 1n ll.l011* ilIl Ihl, lilt hll ll l(O t
Ifilr 1 l0 ,l fl.t i, .Ir, -, I n rallr lil- .l
ll, 0 i+ iii.+ l, tnt itli f innll 101 ,.10
Rll4n m, .II i, l tir fiol r ti h lI liy tii s

r -t c b 11 a r. ti l r *tot ob. r mo, a. a
'o lin l alli llohlllll rl" i a Ine llurlil -
fani oleol, l1 iHour if lall rlr Io llur-
rlm. n l n rll rlnlheg Il r or Ili Callh-
ridge llad.c. Ilhe.r. W.o 6. laIl fr
mol-lllnllandl f..lla +ill g I Iha -+rvlux
olf n iiiiI ho 4mlblhf|t dlfinlirr. nhort lulks
laollfyinll I t Iln. c...hill Ih which
Mr. and MIrl. lirrlei nr. held y tln
inllhrie Wrf ell e oloe1 bn f orle we
hly lcrtainli nf tlhlr tmnlthira. C. ,.
Kevin of Ilhe IAaiinl Advocamte Actied am
muter of ceiTnionln. It was n Rllll.
A1lt o6C06 lo nil all enjoyed It Vry
muOh AMr. lrs has ben In the
new|ll|pr lnldnye. In Cedar omisnl
olaner than any Otler pullinhetr, hb-
on 0 conduct palpere at both Itln-
dolph andIl elien before going to
Colrlde,. wlih,,r he hal been for tie
put twenty yeas.

onEEILEY. r Oil.OI. Journalltle
writing, which h I ftKiui te i, ille m11
riculum at CloaIrdO State Tefclhff
Coon1mi at nremley for fie last couple
of y1nrI, will Ih lle c.ulinn year i* dI-
1r1t00 00y a Pracilcbl newspaper man
of fnlty y<.n1i' experience.
.John IIf l. llaw, I fo0iinor meroeor ot
tiln' inff of til- It.'ky Moutinil New.
l' ppa'tIdly al-poll i-iltloni at f le rolh'g. I. to fil the
hednl of Hie hcltmnmInt of Journlallim.
Thln new Ine.lla|c of the facfility at
ll,- T-ne-hnrm' (Cllcont| halt workedl nl
idll imr |I~lll<>r-4 hl ('lihor:iill mll for feer
ynlre UIIM tilln lihi 4 tIillar fnil erdl-
thI1hil uwrllcr an flhe Il'unho V'hIrflnln.
lh ic rll hM pWIi il | p .iiladelplhia.

Agree and Disagree

There is one point on which practically all really big news-

paper editors agree and that is, the need of feature material.

Look over almost any newspaper that is edited by a man who

is in the $25,000 or more a year class and you will find in it

something in the way of distinctive feature material.

There is as wide a variety of features as there are subjects

on which to write about, and one point on which these $25,000

editors disagree is, which of the vast number of features that

are offered is the best, and they judge each feature that is of-

fered from the viewpoint of what will appeal to the special

class or classes of people from which they are attempting to

secure the bulk of their circulation. The editors of either the

New York American or the Chicago American would not look

for the same class of features that would appeal to the editors

of the New York Evening Post or the Chicago Evening Post be-

cause the majority of the readers of these papers are radically

different in class.

Some of these editors would pronounce, and in fact have

pronounced, "Vamps Who Made History" a prize winner in the

line of feature material, because such a series appeals strongly

to their class of readers. Others would not consider such a

series as compared in quality with Stories of Great Scouts."

So it goes throughout all the wide range of feature material,

and so it should go. The editor should be the judge not of what

he likes as reading matter, but of what the people he is appeal-

ing to will like; what will make his paper more attractive to

them than some other paper.

You will find in almost every large city where the destinies of

the newspapers are presided over by men drawing large sala-

ries, that some newspapers sell for a higher price than others.

You will not always agree that the higher priced paper is the

best one, and it may not be, from your viewpoint, but it is from

the viewpoint of a very large number of the people of the city

in which it is printed, and they buy it in spite of the price be-

cause it carries the feature material they want.

And all of this tells you to study the people of your com-

munity and give them in your columns that which will make

the strongest appeal to them. In doing that you get the benefit

of the advice of the $25,000 or more a year editor without put-

ting him on your payroll.

The editor of the ready-print using newspaper is in a spe-

cially fortunate position in this matter of selecting feature

material because he has at his command such a wide varie-

ty of subjects to select from. He has a choice throughout the

year of features that embrace 'almost every conceivable sub-

ject, and it is always his privilege to say which he wants, and

which he does not want.

If you have not been studying this subject of feature mate-

rial for your paper-the kind of feature material that will ap-

peal to readers of your paper-it is time you were doing

so. Until you get into your columns some of this class of read-

ing matter you are not making the modern newspaper, and are

not following the lead of the men who are paid big salaries for

knowing what the people want to read. You are not getting the

benefit of the ability of the $25,000 a year editor without put-

ting him on your pay roll.

TWW PUnt-- APAILOAWT. li_---,^=.
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hpublih rwi a1llellilnon t ilw idver. il grandla ind -grandmn have dIo- W HO'S W HO S l u
. I -lil .ll IIw i nleret i ofr ilw features. s ,d with it uand even then he may m After LIIwsemo ia l
ffsM i 49 rI0.1 *I- "" 11, of" a 'I"1 "|il"r. fiLol th allt I More I -.
W te....rn N.We ppr UIlo n i,,, firmly iualiof colo" lU the i*,"" i',* *rllt g a""E T U r h te im Nwi" l a M il t N r et
QuallW Neweppwr rvic I.' h el i. 11to aure the h ide1d bia ba g It. II t esm bu enMd 6 Ot |
A r ll ii'h illll. i h Al t llht b III mnltl eas,*A s, oile y finger I-ises l itth el f
S A >. .,ma a1 'i xil '. i u lll, ri 1 1a i i pl h a o -h hl

i-rl ,i msldhd, th rf er-ithe fou s ime t p oy on atY u
cnialer IN ils Mlm ,,,,.r ,,i|,,l lnl i ,.rsi.r..lly h.. Lele *6k* of WWU. I w ,,,,t| s).t mniathi(t. l lehlen Inovded n red w anfd itle tha r
hist9 S= Iu -visa ban art epe of IM
36 S s~l, A ll se ah nrltl u osr ll rlutli r et e Aoki ofai a i 1i r o cl, li s imao ,ll..p f r b nt ow c s.e
iSe s, t. I>, Ind oul ll.l I I LI. ...>..I I ll 1.. lmcit e d n t wel g |,k.l a 1 r in;l l& ieO ls l i Iat NMa an d dk -sht I be"

Isutraas nAoolly .;.o a"r^ : y. cn I.Iam rlt i s p on l t eointts inn an ifem Iu I Ow"n; ds vr e fr e g Mont
ICWM ll, mienll to"*h f- bte* i oll h .r l|r I 'o- h ay |O l ikely tI |evib- that li I'se a h* In e N
O l .oa l ...EN ..P.A ... *,. ".......... l ..d. M1 I ,,f o I .. '. hi ,, I a. Thu oh t I aw

g a F 4a w C f r11 1e so I -f i d I i l l l ll[rl F ln i l n e l lae- l lom d u o. i 1e imn d o h s m mlh l N r l 'l l N w o ff"ltrfe f o ti e s I i ,
iDM-l l R.MIM 4It.. UHIlllllli llllN. & "lbtlrlll..l lt It m.. IIlllll I II. i l lll lll*llr ta f Mr *I --l -I. IT -*rl* ul d --.. I
!tan sm tS st ::. .. 1u s I,,, vor e.-i in g easse 1, ;I t ell a S1. IK ELM

MI.s M.* i u... Itsl. a .- a lld l l at .I, ll--. l Lh .1 . l Blo,1 1t l |1.i]. Iu iolwl ty which l h Aw, tas O
S L ,l bli t i m IM.. kl p -* 'iih n *Si lh lWest wi %rh 1 byt h ill N.r .1 "ba
rm A .M *.. I'mlWIll .I0 Jim Dton t I .f1*rd, i lhe it. f. ii
Nlow N$11 1437-1 BI W "l O1il l -ltll. N. l llk ll.. II -g ll hl. 11 llil itk fite b M b
Hh.3 1 J-. .Ii S 1112 111.1e i r. i U e .mn wim l lP IIi~ h t o I ..f lb.an ll l 11.e 1 I l. lt l. I- .. s. fr I ll ll l
alam ss i Ip ll.. i nC)Mf t p o ir alflw himla- fom.i lt ai l e subsrh ib ller s e Iad tha1t wloullt hll hgulf uk oii 1 i t he h i h a' .h I
ril. IeT. mi e a nd Payi ng ||l Ie. ai i .'. h1. to*,iar t lral ft. ll,-: 1w a ltl U d a wile l', dIwtll
L .&A Al A youth, OW saisM- OL1 i rlmrtl 11.1. It easy p ... be to ou olan -,oh ". oo..of

M i. In o 261i Cr an y~A -011t -tli Hi 'i rli Ie.ll l as. hI h I illt .I hiII rH
f Io ll l.l,,ll. ..n .,t, 11. .6 1. altl fir t. l i., lr l .. ll o r Ih3 l ... .l l, .ll|l hn \..i r :s-r

I louts init lu t I1 ,l ll itr wit r I l Is .hte I It l b y to a og a le t iilnlfr Nl-o i h -it ft Thh h lwitetl Oft wIi albo- my
cun* r rI ltar im mllltir oT ili,.' .n t II lik Imh Im..1 l i ic l'ihn l A l ldu| bt Jl Imrei I hter.prs TiI.I im.r, wlt lllB i*blllUl. i.f MiI Wall lr, .l. liti.l I ii w i 'il ,:
fr_*III i i -E. A Lr.--lA ((., .) I~.rN. rpulc s Fir illte lle , ail s h e i Nltl arllle' hy l h l 'li r li- li.6 II .w "R.r. ;hll .w,.,Ils. Il. fo lo

OUA ~ m f r O AWf t I whhw o inWI e owap IL ew th is o u it C ofe i em t ne olde I.. une N w I non I in con t
.. r 0 1W 2 1 .f IS a , 1 pap e i r wll. Is- A d... I. i .1 ll l t l *r l i 1,r.. I lll.I l ln lll ll.

Ocll tobern -, DO1,M ETH INo WO Rile t 0t.
1___ -1 'I _ ..l. il tr e cr c1 a . r ei fI l.'llllr 111. l..ry ,t hII. In? In I.i I0 llelill "r Ii., oft i. filI III' t lhl,
'-- hl '' l l' l .ml'M' T l' llTqim 1k .i tro ll1il l lil, rtwltk. \**'I *Tll llrl...' 11 lllilill...r .,f Tilt- lll.rlllll .i\l.r 1.T ."l..ilr ir lh..I. hrk; ;|
Ofa tO Ho ll ",,: ,,,- lr ,h ,.. ......... ndl l Ik. lek- | h ... ..hmdl. L. .iF.orll ,'f- iV'1 I.. .. ,Ir-, el';;,',ll'.... I.'r .h / o^tI
LOWA Nr it" o f I : :,k1 AlndlM e o- -1. .p the a' d other fare. -, > thaln ka' bkicf tilIei s I, l

Inilll l i I li li1n hi I lmiii , u plkI p ill.o 41 J bltol hie 1.. t a\ i i e of aigo s il lo., a. i i 1.. 1. 1 huri il . ... i i ji rt ((utH
.li ,lli:, IIloll ll ln h1.1- i ,. .ill r,- | ; 1-J4--0 . .. IV nof l in dllmkiu I ) t l t: e, i i1. ..I Iit. ]ii. ai $i to I 1. iio of Jim.

i ln ,- 1. .I Ih,, ",,i I, ire p sllsl, to lIn ent i .l It 0. t. F RE ANt .
o, ,, w ich d ito Sw o9 a ad hi f l>ll e s- l i l ,u 1 ,i O i ol e 1,, ,,i, !' IIn l r

II 111 th woth 11111wordsN lo, following they wlo, pitd nwrn-n dt Thi ItI T. r ni

.that ito comes f o interesting of the hnsm ofu
foms I. "a bl i I that oth i e s modes 'Itar vt ble se- sha ll o Is-. u Id.-A to i tot finl his o-
i 1s I I& T h m T wil n Oni w ] I .II. .r. m- n. Y, .........11 ." .,I I....l (,a
|,..n ,,l h Ilih. ii l,",'11, l *,* o i n.1 .iiid ( r ld 11 '* Ih 1' \\ l ]il, l l Ii lh f r, 1 1.h h, l ir h ,,,,1, i, If n i I ,i . ,,

' 'illl ,Mll .. Ih.,.. aO ,OT iN F nl, free ai w ro e I- d ft I t so f, the i-,, Into,,., Ir ,,% flood lar O.- R iE 1 ,.
" I l ri 1", . il .il I r ,1e I ,I h ,I T ,,i il o ther I brl, o I.p liloool Thre fi ]r, *ll 1 i]h,.. ill T ,o I of' '1 I ir c lor s orI a i n1 l i nii d hh r
O ffill, to Ho n l l . +I11 h 1,. M1. i .,i I. an l ln, .T. N. l ,, ,, noel wh uia i ls l l tio r /k '*- aIrl l ll i n l 11 I l h i I 1 .ilr I. l l, ita ( I I

lh h I ,. I' i I! y ll I.,'rnl i 1 h,' o I*'II:o f to l i t 111, then In le spo ah s em of ,ft llile --lh sa dn thh fac that the pillll I l I l lh Ill' t Jk f c arlr e
, I *. .I .... O,' ,1 i iI i tI.i .i ... l a. Trhil f le ino ly w rnsd il. I .lllri-r.dl h l 1h i .i |.l, ii I r i -hr k I r ll. I .rI
.1.- i ]. i t Iftl -l 0-') ,lll I l 1bI ,i I to in .ad ik- T ,t a Io .,..i, . I I l.r. I o d

In '% e i nl.t I 1 PI[ "144h i t III ii u [I I I i o I a utin to y bo mt und pertak in Is I pri- tI Ii I, lo t k ai 1.1 r I~o If* n . ll.r to ha' I
l...l .-t. .. .il..... il, .1 iollth r is 1'A. ..l .i I.... p o (l I I h T l .l li lt 1 1- , ., , 'd of

s a' 11t ~1. 'ew .. in a : i il m l mel t pll- r o If blem ld eo to l bt more than Iiout s ,ribl rh WIi a m harp ofl' l{
o Il. . l il ,., 1, i. a u t11 1 t. e d t oi a, rd t r l li h i rl .I i i l i l
, .,, T "' s I, h ,--r r . r i l a n P ess . 11, n wi ll tiat ll Mhisltae l l , I. ll, l, ,,, i 11. |sh I | I . ,1, ,. i r -h 1 .1I I, I..., I ,1 I. l,.r WnIllfr. i\lls I.
asil u' "1*ted ke D" WiOI' Ti lY I". i l I h i ll crler l i t. k pe o ll. I I tihck t d n '* hll, eI h 1 ,. 11 ; + 'hil,, r , ,| it I !" 1 i 1 Iu h ii0.l .li
Il ,.. I . 1.i.1rT .11111. i,., 1i.. .. 1,, 1. i I ri. li l t ll hr .d . ... I *1 .. I .. |h'. ., , r l I Iii l 'I l

'ii b* .... I t, m' ... o . I ',, "1 .... .... .. e t ow n .....p .. .. 'e.. .. p rl o- w erl io an .e eW..t F 1 i I t e . .. *' l ."1 t'1 l -lr i |-.l,.. .,. .. l I .... . ./ ,l- i'l.il lrlll,,h I .. pl r.d.i. ,,lit d
,,in i im I,',m ,l, ,i ],.,i thnl t1,t. i . I.. ,i,. If. nr up o n t o m Ia d th le Ier ,d y ,,I"s 1 i" i h ,, '> l-wIa I 'ler ltnr, I" .' *I r ,, ,. ,I -i 1 1,. u 1": '> Il. ,*,. ,h n ni n i a a1ll I

Yw o u r "lr e,, r, i nii I n, I hAr,,, 1., ,,i missn. U 11te. ,,,, .W e o fp* thi -l . ller. i l l Ih t ,'i r11, h 1i i lr r. 1 I,, ,,. r no r,, I ., :h! lln i i i,, i, i wi r h rM

ufu. 1s e g i .. .... n tlen ot l may l tvy Al N.
Tnrl" ll,.w r." Ip p "L ll 'f L R I r i ** a on e ll llll, ., ni ,ll ,, l re li b. '. III.i ,,1,1 i i.f. r ih i n
Nlll.. l ll,. i| ,,r . JI* F,,, ,. t r s ,i ],,I -ll d b o e io I I ( io > .l 't"|llI I > .w lI Itrn .
i ll li t b r I di "iti r" ,rer. c ri er h rs t, i.e, .. eI .th at llea > t o e .i l l. i t, 1 n Ii..m I 'rng I i t r in li"' Ii In t
t h. *;)1.l:,. t r nl p *il ailr h 1 Ipu iih., ,,1 1 i h':,. h.;L. i, m l the
n. Hli d l .. rd..io . . .. his i,]l ,, a p .o | *** i *l .. *il l t pii., I vii, T Ie a *" 1 r. ..l,,r 1. ot in n i

createst amount which I.: ask a. w..Hrfi, li .....1. .ro ... ..rn *e k tol .1n ll, .1 .I. .-oflmg, so" huI i .n..n m ll a m d J
k |.i ,l hil I I' ,, hl. I lir l."llalh | ll ed is B I t ering to a l d. lo ".lt ll ll"". -I *t ii i il fntlirr .h .duia thI'I r r. ".. i i. i a1 f
o ra,|,|,, .1 l. l.i, ",,, h, i h I" h' I I I r .i .. lil .. ....||..,n. lt Ih'l III l i ir r- l ~l i S,.lil ,,.r itlt b .. .. hner cn I h lil 1 1, | | r l> | ll I

1,1,l r ,,lrn d va1 r ,I u i I -,li, ,,.,, .|.I ii ..A hihat ,1 ,oes . . ,; [ 1 I,, ,,, ,I. ,. h1, l r.h o i l l,
. \,,.lh IIii,,.. .l iiiiii/iiiii .iii I II 1,, ,I, ii l il. l Ii UII II n ^i I I ki. ivb- ll, .%.i" -l .i;,,,l,.-ll | , iI; ,* \\;:,h;r. ;\li r ;*- ***' I,, l'* i '*, ^. ; I lll ih W
I *',r'.lhI lh.' ,, It a. afe r lll.l ::0,li ....r... l h. dih,, I it if1l ,,,lll,., l ,i ,. ,,, ,, l, ; .I '", r l l r n i h i h l. oi s t

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--lB LO hA i hrl Itio.'eiW t.i hiis liwlt i; l b '. e n u nii andi 1 lhu !T t a uin. Ihil al >.ll ar h v thisi a i..r h' ', *t I, 1 .l llll" "I ll Ir. Pin o I

lBMiwha tlHoihil ih.lid n y "Ehtion.r .theU ,;e-,. bu ~t end iil l e *. ei- i. '''ii"l lptrol'n" t MIll a. p li l ira 1'lelI 1 1'' .e 1, Ifb I** 1: l*l Iii., r 1. flipii,.! iin
w iii uI' hul, li,,, o1,t,.i ,,I It ki .l, i o I l.; r i . f r h*o ru,:;r, .a.Ir iJ Ti.,,s wie sli"; q. %a1 a Il.:umbr C;fm fn Adve t i's ts

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ed. ..1 .i.i.. r .o 'I Plln. tl ,.. KI . .. hW I I... wh it o il mil e N I t il i illsv l b a p ill, n i...I..... t r- i. .i.. ..t liy 'Hint P... 11 n n\, -1 "i fe a l

ilty 111,yr, 1".ml ,;l orr Il, . we go fi clo. W Ill n ld aI "t 1a ol1 bi llh k Iin l J i ; ) r.. ill a
lIlllllqlt Ir,,lll ) ,,Iro h ,I ,,ll) ll is II l..- .\, If or tooI,,%1 dIya il ]lll.i i h i t i ii r r r i i ',,r ll

The o the nly t hin n ffora tk oft e m, 1,1epreril I- Iv i aO e t n al lon ae
,,l .l.a '.l n t ,, l hin th, hl .,.l l. 't. l .. .. at . ,,I i I. .i time to Siig it a tot pu l p r t r . & on 0 l .. fs cal .
Slllh t I .il, Ih, t i ifi.... i, ,,,ii hi I I,, l. iI 'l hrw i I | '' . e n h l kth t. t I'ii- h
,.,ti ll hlifi o.i III. illa io ,I I N,- r. Mr. liurli I. vwtl FA
,;cs ne" other,+ things wort,.h1%rf' ai r .li. If d IfI file Il l o wl e

frTo II. It I A hk ni of i i' m thatl' .' t11 ll ....thei ...... ;.!.. h, I,. in. .1 1. w .... i,, IlM l .. l. l.,n li 10 .. . t t
loliflo,, Will hlnu Its auto.... A r Ib-mli list laid

tlllh~rli i- hh,..,i f,rll1 iil lnrh,. ,1f ."l \ ", IIII' Ill*lill I I.N I" IIll..- -I l il 1 i,., iu t i' 1 ,1iil I "k thir II I*
.l.w i Ih l,.r;,i c,,t, T i- l ,il,,..hi .1",,ii *"; '" "?, li., Ind l l l iv l l,rr,,. I0ir ;f llI Mia, (,o,. ihl, log. If ,,., ow hi ,,uiith Ii'm
hi,.. .I 1o ~llr r I h i. iFarl*n, .hIio ,., oHe hl -1 Is iltrtfll L l I Wea l I I a 'I. I, 1f 1111. fr -Ir

I oo' r I) llll y :,h ,. ,," .' .. ",-,o,'we, ,, ,, b a I "1""-' of"m d '..ogil ,f 1,,, L t. o(, 1i ,', "o." initia -i
pi'l l *Ng'ltir tolli hsa .1 the. ii.. ivhiigitI to hall mlim l

Th.. ii -a M i t. Th. way, 11 ,,' ,,f i ,, hi Mil1 i* hlt Ir'> ." Il Bnllphri. llto Is pi i.i l i, iofw "ill l l io,,t L ^ kliI'lnlMr .L-y r. SIninhl so
rit article In^li^ iil 1".. hi i. f ,i.., A.MP

I Advgst. Onftw Km H at 31 0 IS Cei..

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h ol at l @ilaW. CW.. Vlit . WesinM. IaaIat and Ita ciri uon.
ni.. a..... 1 a 1 el e ... m. s-i l In. TIlt plant Ilirouahout is a model of nItmIa and *lea-u.ny.
plime .W. imoWb. U1ed mp la frnam. The Rlpubllkan*Advoeato 1la th weekly eodlt Itin oMa. llCta
iiks n p al I Ihof t 0i model. plantt l with th, d48ly", nd M11r. Woodhll dtiota lle th pollcoie of both.
u.sa i -s p ... u.as V n .o.wh. n Uew Advocote building i an Imporsai at ddim to
I < b Wn I. s l pl. wt.y M.M Pm b e o-o.. s .- w owpepr arktiou and MIe. W naed lto Ien a be
lad m ad taoat m . sad up-to-date Jb dne pas-tirunt "mI 'n ths up" 'hN n h im reds t T e..
bthmle tb U o.tIm g A< l. sIV d InO.e- P rM r to run Irm Th. Evening Advocalt a WNU sondlaoted tlIatII-
itwelve o @In ?u pseie AeInth m N Ip a. .a.ln. d ly. quilt. lONIy.

MISSOURI EDITORS IN COLLEGE OF THE COMMON dueolng mo e0ouaimnliy than other
-(Co usi -- P On..) .. fonunatlo. the newpapimr, to help lad
liasn. of MslnOi's nationally-know n llo ni"pUlor e"nk. Iuit .l ter h '*". "" l """ " st of s
blavith rem it i wlO w oln Itouht. have a titi. |l|er man I lltie Unllted prodlleiOl. It Is upI i, s to help mll-
fut of lita dil .I w I n. trioli, all, n ti l U I-. iiilll r 1n oar Nov.- Msoo At len'a aseatest problem that
and made their gay dellglhtful iie. 'T51l. HI lll i.ili,.l r our lleulte na tl 0ov.- s f &lor e ltnw tfllr losrsllsr. 'Tihe firmn-
O f IftI.. .1rmor. Alil farusro of t11 Nte brolk Cr Is le o ly .1"n In 1i n lu lia
At tihe hS .l.in.y .I0 lln utelstln h1 .1 5 till IIl l. of Unilsl. un Slar. l w ih wh tll. 1 s -i e sl, e w llng is, -usla o
f.illiowli dlll e tmo wa t eleclts for the lii"l''ill. l n o i rol lll n t. a sitk for h 1loonss p r nu loup
Mi.itli e a r: Prdds entll Fi. Fe l hlle n1ill 1-aiil.l r, .1111 ... n lste leial- 1" y pa thy s lit t.hrll no l Ol. Ie
Tril.un. rlharyville; vsie-l .reoili.nt, s lt l nu .. le ..lll .oiti)'l wll wih llll lp l t ;, I'i t slly OI s ll
MI1ii ilMarguerite 1eltd. Alivrll-r, 1out ln lll r. t j u lu ,, I r. e ,u r s y oill tile t S
I'.,, .l : mlo r er, II. It. iw. 5 r ... i.. it io ,, ,,a r,il'lsld, and jute-11 '". I. ,' ,,,""l "f I's l o nt let l ve.
T i'l, i.',r lll irl on; ret on lliir t il .l,'-l lhl1l1 0'. Or. ) inlr Kl.ill) 3 u1sr Ioer- COity and Prileni a l.
l ry. l'- esti U Hlirri lon. Nonrlh M ls 1si1. .'i ,r {.lr,.lr. yu lr 'Co ire .v*,s u1 l llyl. l ,,-iot|lerw IN lile f rit
.isiiiiio,. niltllllss i; wh r -lniMdtih llK i IMl n l sur i'litis .. al< il 3i11 Luff V llllow I in"llIs-"ll Mtlr'-in 'I f llfnrurloltli n.
rlm r',iry .u il.l I. StI pel. Atcilllon COl- Klisa.r it. Iito Wllle. Allllle iun. 1 s It to It l-le i llllie l lol 'll o tihliiot l w ll s
ty M ll.1. 1 ii t o 1h1 I inplooto. If, of N lrl' i lo ', lll'rollr'. It I. I I ', nis ter it pubh|lc
A. iiislilItI I' lshoil l t lr 1112s O- h iir o lu;ir, ll>tinrl, Ollr JI-. (o'T'uii,.v. 'pl'li -it, ths1 lusllilh liti e or tClhine wllsh
tl.lllhll i 1 nIiil 0ia l'risi h lly iir llrs,.y v N llh rll.,i W ill I.|11>v II|. 1" l o15 i '.. It rlihoull lii ti o fhr ile
.1. W s. n l; rlullls uof TKis sllll. ln ll 'Wlt I r, .vo Ir I ll, rl. llll 'llh'y, I l;'"rl' o rIl < lu Iaulw s. hllnll InI tI lht
tllil-r. 1 ism ll I s ih i te h lls lllt ItI|s .IHi I .t tr ls tll s 'r, l r, i 'll r 5 h l fI '"'r Iprl lle I i rt,'i Il- illll)ni tI|h
l 1' lIlis, is tls- mi-',o t -11rvt' A -- I s,.5. -ir li..nlg- ,iT 1' pse 1is s '- Is- insisT li'li 4'ft l d',lsrt :l::::I ollup.
to? r n-f i 1 11. i i..... g w irtliv-- i i.ll s i i ofi r u f i li t o sirs l i's' 11 illii li'l I li try, ul ii
f.... ..... ,,,,, ..... ... ,, ,,: . .. ..... .. ........ un it, .... w : .... .. 0-": I it
Revolution Adopted . ,,i' ll llrl : tth Iri lls. t II l '>r s1n, ii er -f illlir snll-
I It lk i i A.i i ..I :... i'" "1 ; l i il'*, lI"s iiil i l'l',v ailugli'l. Ir ili ii.llI 0."l-t"
I..I lh 1 I, ll.lhIs.s o Si lllll < t 'i', I yI t.ts- 'l- Ll'0 ,.lle i's'rlh rll -*IiIni ,.slls } iiiiii TII| l i'"lldll**le.i lhl 'i sh i l ll- ll I. 'I w ho
l '; r l W a y tII I I' l'T l ' f llw or Z 1 l b y It 1 0 1. NI o ri, l ,tl rl ,-I [ .- I i l r l I ln, M ll fl hrl ;I l ll l vllU l I. r-

l'i l.tt, l .lsIslsssloflll l a hle .,, .. ......... ... ".. i .. ..... .......,,, ,.... .. ,4...... .. . ..... .. . ..... ,. ,,

l aipn r i'sll I tohcul-s "I inol M < i0.ir.r oi'l ritils. 1| 1 ti y ll ilh b.4 ".i'i" n our"tI lisosil sIs1 i s ,, anid-niil if ie wo l, Li. T w.i'lt Is I

; ,l t l ol, u"lr oi' l ; sol s ii, l l s. II th. hi ll sl lll tinl. lr i fu.sll l I','ll | r lll h~s l s l |.i l srsi's i..
'wIi'rso. 01, I sn.l o !r0,1 r hw .hlIt I t d hl i tr ri' l ii his hll TI l st r li l, ti' l
O "'lli ".l 'a I" "l 'll.'4"l of I' I II .-'l' Ts ll ll il'l s-]lls" .c '.i rlsl-l s Il0 ,l I1 .. .
I"o I' 'th,' s ls'nlly lii Il f li-' ,l ;i*t I .. lls I. ..I.. 1 1 1 ,i l s t, ir lll.t h t llll,
l '' a ll ill !y! ll l l. l'l "" ll, ',rlll I. I I- -II 'ihlino hlh |l llshe il .. Io i l' o.

Ii isIi iU n el Itt h t b a dsl n yiI. i ll, llh l i llls' Ist .Ilt *i lll t l. "snllf ll ts s ll h h r Tiito ^lls wlyI, f h

l.hr ,'l'vh2 l T el".ir r"", '*"""- ""*""'. IIt"n"aw non "" 0trl w'mhy r'Iibull le '1"hlhe' l l ol < l l r iltlK p i10" .,r | ->ll
ion{ IVh II. ......... ... looti-, 1llr1h,. Ii

leissl i~i l bh.' b orlnK ih ll. o nit B. ile lulilslislsllu.0 i li n is i nil ss li K it l IrIlir, r ilslls lsilt l Oi tio I I II ii lllilhi l' it l
h'r,,".. .ar i .. i-.. t L -. n I II~f u" "I I "1111 so lst. I ll sr r th
siprt ied .o l. s. C oi .,n l h W w l.. ni.,l,,, ,I l .rl wt s lu ,i ri ll.e i II I.rl lh.I.i l htllp' .l' u itlt Wrhl
"l ..h d 0 I hrol oriel ou ldhel o- pise rl Ii, rsis II iyttiI TII llls' I IIIsi si 'i It 'ir mull".
Orll.l I. n oi.w or ethe ss hitC issi t 1h1 rrnl p etl tide tl r ,iitt li on sll l i sss T

  • s ,,ir 0 ( ord I hao e It n ln l o n .. suro l it.. Il ahi t. f l'lnk. i tll n I *It ll itill o t ltt
    n ol thn-1 a oi tsn h. I t ,or ni .. ..lWh s .'r l i i f iso < i r sie .-. I
    t'; e r idnr u ir, mal Ah d *rnli, thoan lh t.-Io wl .ml r I N- lv h |,lit a ICid ,i 1 li, i,r, i. It fo!
    .If ih< w hShould lb y h olrm~n f In 11 .r hi' fniv l hlll ku lnit, Irvr.t ni a w lir ll vt Ipillr alh l pri .llllI hu lrs i

    Inil n ls.. eI M i ttrlt-lr ..i ldsth. l "a',"n "n "l lli r s '.sTI l"i t ", r-r ia liii l ,llhl ,r ,f i rl
    'ttel s. thi.I"t en d .t *liiii, Itolii ]i l l ll l fs oh ptf ii i ii f Ii l .llor l flll ti i lsr-
    ".- nl. t hhl hl onore ,f he b -in dir lrt iT llle linr hfnllI il li h nu h of a lehill si lbllot a f I. lrlo..l
    ro i.t. ;s thi e t l Ienr l oorest wt l.h
    Visr-it 11 ,0 tue wiodos. da otito d 'sni pi Ais W.ls i (i.- Tiii f.os "leiss- r titltsis r i r.
    Irnl, Ch eni ta. .C ni. l.mn dl.to d in Itl, iiyi. Il I sill' hull lis. i th lvs el i. I0 tif i hr mJt- i u. ih Q ti ur il ytll s-.
    It lr oti h It l l i i i l ii ii hin i t
    tItns-s IpsO'l eln e lhu. honored. too tt erlts-r T illst w- ster ili mshs iitilt f ritliast ifo hlll etallues toIo ti- t-lllh

    th'w* use nInd ero dl Tht l -thl I ilriln me tou the en e Imin" n mad eol
    t nl- ve >. bt h e. i thoenortdou. r it st lmnlet lCa si'ts olr lliso. l ira sIslit, Wt il st li lli, 's slll-

    R. 1 .1 4' 'that s-m.s.e I ol or gts nr t -e
    1ns.l l tiisn II .to holn iet In b- th e tghI e t l al sl t iss mst.Isf fth e world, hl t ll'wput t that onsi i
    Sf Tn In l e s Ill word I h s ain i ll io i t e m ths e f s hrel ll l if e lol lty e s e fplkept all, r ,o I.

    n Cl.I m In1ton Iri hold nIt II with .,II f .Xeiomi lown. h al held Into- t o . ,l oif ii 1r.
    5ssllTmhln. tOn ml S-nl lent ro on 10r1 little.. 'ni, f*litlise ills loisii His .Iss*. ths-tlsll-.r' sl'hst1'slit, irlts i ll.
    i e .ImI, m 0 herI In- otAl'b e. St. hlt -s nrs-w 0bit. vi It l :iit fillst- o sit i lt "' 0 Tll tells 10 .
    I Itlll mor ren-reeorlnt.ilsa ft II] som l ten-
    O.li.. lt ilt tno I m -i ritli at thw m noure hows ofeeid tp sir-Isr s.,ltlll itl, Isl ,I.
    or hl nl. f t i. tIII tfuSSrlhir I. the hony-lttlll Nrsbtl' ti I i The tll lsp ti tly of hl oitot dtrit--i :i
    '"lir t'- t." 10 en"n It three d -1 stands tall aI nsi Itls, tIn a lIdit Iusr- sll-. ss iss sl l ilo I-s11_to ts-le rt'.
    sld 1f-0n two dit -I rdy tor the hlther. T h loiallu It faovlMy.tn tl OT tie 1nitomo.
    ~ lI n n mhs- elml Ie t h r m 11tir latsr IeI n velvety hi1ll.. Int i i1% thenl i ll no Jr m.rter
    i t he im tIo h e hhinlrm of gren C5, f" it"lst mlUf til flrl s e ud *eIin ee r., iIs all iit hl Ii uIs lh. ,
    I IM ,nse.iO. .mlln Is o It s lb tabs-nin rwin .lss-li. Tuee lii| maring lstil h r lhl r li tf tit--
    r l Isw". snetled to the Prom"o % i1 1., p- b l 1n of 0111.
    Csreo fIa thm W.i. ait lomolulu.o lnI nrl n r It fill wilth whiat into Atmtltn r fses-fslieri, w is iles 1ul. .xi,
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    Ilrlfl ao P PIO II ~ Pria" Again. flo remittent still garden amF Clent In IICi toit a w5analali IIbule to tIle I010e0
    Itil11i.tN.--iharlrn oewnopoltrom hav's- liooel,' while ms-lam o he 1110sm and eoel, pape-r linmu:
    VnIn a nnssallsd an Ins'ws-s-o hl ps se-l. il orm own fair ttanl 11l1ig17, hofi-'
    7IHy by h lle fet that thi CI of of lhe finolt lhat Nont smll in N.elbn- hn. I nd isn non. or slars I -. I uo t li
    printnh I"01481u. ills Inm Wlsll- t tOw'si. In i-wln Cioai In Iskthi tlhmknor hs 1t t -inrt o ta iaribtlsd lho n hoilto.
    ty lin. ow what It woo Ibeforse lie tian the s-lt of prodlus-tio, drsinni And IAOsmlllm.l- s ans niy" rots-.
    War. the fores.. oT the land In idte spair ani e Oslr-S an thand nUgit. oV as-totem
    wsosemllmn I to the bhnkruptec court. AC ,wilh he p5 y -n s-an,
    Tb. rnialn tInt Vs-ain psselm "s-'r nomlletlime1 ta a nulidei'a gIrant. This persd-lon. enwpsupa-l"N" mm.
    bs-awn dol,_ l misgm w brC1 w It. Waaas hae On
    -4olaImnis Ion..d. NaT .r in the three 0tatm0 besome th1 fear- to.... ha mon't he. hi .. .
    hlast shewmpln. Itte sympathetle co- m .' neo aenrhls eaed am n scr~
    operator and friend of the Amennemo Hit lnn er .1) anrto lsiilnw;
    ASOCATION CALENDARI tn-m. I have always lihed to think H*'s 0olltoklma, r-nnlsLa, sne.
    of Amerlica an (a mer nosoal to lhe 1.,0 Iksntoel. H%' = tur dnsh.
    5101. crI fot freedom and Jolllee from ihe nt tao a 'hoald. they0 m..
    Cr I eppmed people so the "rid. it te ..t -.w- gi. s- .
    ontabt. 4, j ..t a th b dutYa qpe Write., to help loethea he boht !Wd te wtrn

    Plroductionl, hethful end aneos-n. Tn = by the delt w9 te a rbitratoan
    a tedit ba d lit actual i, with- ... .,
    o w. It C. Q iloly o t the iu asfh Ps-ane I 0alyplma

    lo the s*l Of rdh duetiL. He -. ihe mmmodt il fritnersol

    =0M or Bo eat of hu ". do p fs-lO pants i the In.
    1J L" W &WJ 6fh tL& gall or VI tVi VMalI toMp s-ea of at "' 3ob for flll i-
    am.1111so" a" o .l as B..


    Your Big Opportunity!

    Get behind the movement and make the most of Home
    Town Paper Week."
    The man or woman who originated the idea of setting apart
    certain days or a special week t) furthering by combined action
    a definite purpose, was a genius in his or her understanding of
    psychology-the trend of human nature and the operations of
    the human mind.
    In the first place this discoverer knew the value of a slogan,
    a phrase which by sufficient repetition would impress itself on the
    consciousness of readers or hearers. With the idea implanted in
    the minds of people, it only required execution to get the desired
    results. The leader might be a newspaper or a public speaker, or
    a number of each. The general public could be depended upon
    to act like the traditional flock of sheep and follow the leaders.
    Concentration upon certain days or a specified week in
    which to put the idea into definite effect serves the purpose of
    fixing a date in the public mini-giving it something to look
    forward to, to expect. There naturally is more interest in a
    week of observances than in those of a day; so the setting apart
    of a week has served a more useful purpose and accomplished
    greater results.
    These special weeks have never failed. One of the most suc-
    cessful, started in humor and triviality, was "Straight Seam
    Week" of last summer, which in iuced the girls all over the coun-
    try to pay a little extra attention to the matter of making their
    hosiery conform to geometrical principles; thereby vastly im-
    proving urban scenery, and increasing their own attractions.
    The idea took hold at once, all the men watched it grow and are
    still maintaining a strict surveillance in the hope that it will not
    Various objects have been f uthered by a systematic utiliza-
    tion of the special week idea. It is only fair that the publisher
    who is always deserving and ne ils this sort of assistance about
    as much as any other object, enterprise or individual in the com-
    munity at large, should become the beneficiary of it.

    "Subscribe for the Home Town

    Paper Week"
    is an occasion and a movement which deserve whole-hearted
    support everywhere. It is good for the home town itself; for
    without exception, the best and most prosperous communities
    are those which support most liberally the local publishers. In
    this nation are hundreds of thousands of people who would ap-
    preciate more news from the old home town than they receive in
    the frequent letters of relatives and friends. In many cases pa-
    pers have been established sines they moved away and they
    don't know whom to address; or the absent ones have been too
    busy to sit down and send in their subscriptions, or they have
    not been sufficiently reminded of it.
    There is an enormous subscription field and a great oppor-
    tunity to advertise the home town among these former residents.
    Make the movement of "Subscribe for the Home Town Paper"
    during the week of November 7-12 a national one and it not only
    will result in largely increased local subscriptions, but it will
    reach the attention of the majority of the former residents.
    many of whom are homesick for the old town or keenly anxious
    for news concerning it.
    Our service is at your disposal in assisting the movement
    and securing for you the greatest measure of results from "Sub-
    scribe to Your Home Town Paper Week." We have prepared
    two special releases, each comprising six full columns of mate-
    rial devoted to the movement an d the occasion.
    Release No. 1, consists of specially prepared articles, poems,
    cartoons and illustrations all devoted to the home town paper
    and designed to have a direct effect in producing subscriptions.
    Among its features are articles signed by well known writers, a
    three-column cartoon by Kettner and a single-coluihn Mickie
    comic. The reading matter rang es from a few lines to a column
    and half in length. The price of the release to either plate or
    mat users is $1.50.
    Release No. 2, consists largely of display advertising with a
    small amount of reading matter. The ads are in one, two and
    three-column measure and range in depth from two to eight
    inches. There are two single-col mn Mickie comics and the ma-
    jority of the displays are spee'ally illustrated. Every display
    and every line in the release is devoted to the home town paper
    and to assisting the "Subscribe for the Home Town Paper
    Week." The price of the release in either plates or mats is $1.50.
    Get this material now and use it liberally in addition to your
    other efforts



    S Coney *and Times Moves Into Its New Home

    i 1 , i ,, .i- ,i f l t i I ll n .I

    'Ik II, ni ni''1 . + h I '

    New Journalism Quarters at Kansas University ASSOC
    1 All Newipapers in Polk County, Plor
    S ida, Represented at Crooked

    IA l .1 ..'i' ]1, ... ...-* ry i. '. n l t .

    f fi ts i rI i l l -,- ,r r', , ilt,, ,
    S24i11. WI
    K u O E Llidi' i ty, nn ih ..I I nlklie. Fil
    L IlUSlRSlhSI'l Ti'IT' Il. ,I I ling turi1

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    IUI C~lasses~ Nolw G~roupen d in al nl, +lo , + i l ,, .Jl, 11+ ',1 ',Ii~ ',lr' \.,r

    Building Devoted Entirely i *r i .. .. I '' '. r ;, i .., ..
    to the Department. .... . .. ;l I. ,'

    -n 111 11 1 lii ".. ... Ili .I h .' .... 1,

    i','.uil 1111 t '. ''' LIST OF LATE SERIALS
    Cli'"''i l.I i ,uu. ,'d -' h fli "'i h, 1 h"' 'r''--,'" Fiction That Will Hold Old Sub-
    ll ii''i', .I .' i'. h ,- ,,,h ,,',,, h 1 ,.,' ,, scribers and M ake
    oil^uu,.id ';"';! ^ I" ;:,I: .' "; di :: i:, New Ones.
    J'.t. r .I. h i r \ r .... i.I. ,GAL. V I.i. Ih T,
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    ord iiu t I 1 ,l l i I 1 II I'T dli 'I''' I,.i'Iliii ih' I In ''Ii .1 II'

    Pigs is Pigs
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    otle duly i-li-1t i .i. ... in type Metal the proper ingredi- .......
    Twiety.Onm Courses ents must he there if they give A dI 1
    rlme iii iiioi r oif .luiiii'i nul 'I.Iii uiT"rk ultifaction, I '', ISa is c I .on.

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    'hi ,,: nii iI ll il ... ..Ii Ii .... is chemically pure and stocks ' 'I "
    5l't' .I- ''ii i i1t 1 i'r-Il.'' I.i .i. li in W e 5fnd i'hh" iii I its quality end ll *~ I I' '. N d i
    tll*' i'jiih"ih'ii ii'"ii ii><>i j1piii ii I lsitshe repeat ,'tder% we are 'ge ing ,,'I I .I' i.I.A I'
    r ,n l 1-'". I' I' i. I 1 I' how many c, intntedCo. toel r. ,* 'I' '' u ii i"lusto-.I I .mers..
    i M "k S i I TI't, i." T I'l','"'1 lh r '' T .,
    wii.tii Aa 'nI 'u. om~i Your Rush Ore 7
    S in. 'ililll 1 tiil i II ] i, ir -l o i

    w met rua,,l : luxK fl, ort. .., $. WETERN NlW1PAP.R UNI ON'"."
    Ji Uiioii-i-i1 iliS'+ i It.:.i "t) I
    ,,, ....... ,, ,,,.. ........ ,,, ........................ WESTERN .. UNION.

    -e awa.**t


    Black Diamond

    Comes In

    Your Ink Troubles Go Out

    Ife la*W ifwldfslu a P"'

    Sold Only With a "Money Back Guarantee"

    Place a Trial Order With Our Nearest Office

    Omhal KManmas ONy bafllaim

    illUIrR~lR CI~r *^M.Sim-"O--1-- ___t Help Want" Help WantoJ

    IPPO R 1 N,,ITYFORt md p g Aia iI $1 1 L.ar I_ .. _ ,
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    Recent Effort Whoic Was Mr. BticeSa tS Ilt t1. he expect a~dnaana aaaacat, ii.. -itM '"'"*""1"" ';." a-a pa -"& ;.; i:uw".. t s;Ea ;;?.aaaabu ;.aattaata
    Successful In Every Way. eaiuti lied mi hint itut fur itheM uu- B B CI) ;;AT;l;, K Plioab^a 1n snna ea eass as. Priaan. itt:; sacs*
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    4' tm W ".. ' -.4 4 4 4,, 01 :` :. '. ', .l N ', o 1 I .. ".1 1 4 1 lI'' 4 1, .l. . 0 0 o .. .L ml4 1 ~ 1 1 1 4 m 5 14,. 1 u .l 4 s l 4 4 .8 .40.
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    4 114.41 '`,'.!;-;`r I = ..1 !!1.11 41111. I. '.b I 1 01112 .AN1
    4' I A'N 'IN 1 01 .4' A '- I...".. '110 I.. . t I i ,v 1 ,711A- 1 5 1 111 1.' I_ ..... l 'I 4. 11 1 4II., It A413* 4* 2 4 4 4 01 444 .4. -1.1 2I& .41,414 P to**o .4.
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    .1 It.. I 0l.l ., .r -'I,,--,,, 4 '''.', ,,--'.- . ': 114"1, !-4*45 I'?;".. .
    ,4. k.1 001.0'"1I440--I4.1.I.I I --11 A N4 .4 I' I' 1 tI' .. 1p l . I A II '".._ y W A

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    I 0 1 ,14114*,,;,,, r ( 1' . 1 .' I'I 'I '.' t '' N' .'.' I" I" -m- .5 1 l' ,.. O311 .,o,,.A4 .. ,- I., ,.,.,. ...4.
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    3 1, 4 0. 4 4 1 2 4 4 1 4 l l I 'l i I 0 R 1 A 4. 1 1 I I I ..' . 1'41 ,T. 1 4 N 1 o =44 4 5 1 1 2 1 1 l '4 A 4 4 4 7
    41.1 '54114 .'l AIl I, I I'~ t,11 '1 .1 1,!. l - . ... .

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    I. ..... ...... ', 0 I.rll' .104,- -- I1 I' . ,, ',l ,111 41 42104, 4 _, I
    11.111 =,, 0'1.1111:1."","., ., 111 a2'-l4011""0 1,21 4111 _,o. 1101 t' .1 ,5.0444";,, ,l.,W -,
    I.4 l, A l -l 1 M 1. 0 1 0 ." o,; I'l l'. '1 4 II, ,,10 ,4,,, "0 lt.,; I.']d al 4' o. I, -,
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    1 N.4 01%.-4' 01111' %.--0' 01 4 1 0 .-I044 .." .. '1I 1. 11. 0.4 II ,, .I'l''' i- -j.,o 'l .-, ". _- - ,o,, lI. o s.* 4 4 4 0 1 31.17
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    .41. 4101= 4.41. 11.'ll,.,! .I I l. 0''l 'o ... '' l l l I I. 1 A4 41 11 4 1'11 4 .1 10 ." .,11 1. 1 t
    .. 1. I "', .''" t M a h n r .,I, ,,, .,, ,o ' ' . . I1 .. Il' 0 0 1 1 0 I l. 4 I~ I.2

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    -1 1 --. -.,, I.4 41. - Il~l, .-.lI _- 1 1. .......l' ,l ll 0 I' I II I. ., I''l l 11 I 'I l:! !.4 ,, o .o,-I,--,-, It. I..a*114*4

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    It,,, "I 1 It'..., , .-... .- 'l .II -4 .. 18 I4! -o4'4 t. 5t.4
    1 II... 1-1 I.,.- -1." I. . . . . .,I,.. -M ".I
    .. ..I I 1 0' I '--'A.--, l1 -'1 I'I' -.l ..- t I 01211
    llI I , I..,I l._ .- , ," . ,, .,.,' ; I .I I 1 1 : I .!_ _ 1 . L ,, 44 1 1 4, v l l. 1 l. .4 oov7 10 4* 44

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    !: .. .:_ ,,,, I,1. I A1 10- I .1 I -. 1. --I t . - f .11 mzM I tI4 1 0 1 4 T l,.llo,.I -- 410-I --Il1.1114*e**.7f

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    21.11 .4..ll 1 2I 4.~ 4.43
    ,:,;- I I1 1. I '. ,L .. ,, I 'u A. ..... II '' l II -*414. 4A0-O 5441, IM* 0.4SOLD
    . -. ,-, .. .. o fi e :''"!M'''4,5 I ,q~. 't 14-.10. 'I' .4'Sl41114..24
    W"~s H.* "1 1 ,, I, - t'1 1. I .. *r &*- '_

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    -4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I I.:.I.I. I. 1 4'--."-.,' 41.,,, .4 ,,01 1 1I. 1 1 -1I" .I 1 -, .. .0'T II .ll.5.4 I~~ "'1I"11110 4 4o*.3' ._.5*
    31.4, M 4 1 ... _.. 0" I I ., 1,-011 '_ _,.4 041'N I 17 12I1-l ' ,A ';: ;, l` II'2 4.lI..,1 1l, .II I 15.'l RII'P' T1 40 % 1 0.41-9 TN -NDl N t11. W M 0
    11 IL'"ll" I. 1 :-1'' -' I l ' I. It"1.4 .0; w .. 1 .' I .I., f. 4 w.- A, TA 34dd 'm5.,
    I* 14-.41 A..I_ ..4 .. ''1140 ,III7!:,, I.:! ." .... 11 .. "'' ', 1 1 1 3,",,% I I- Ih -] 1 f t '- I" I 4 --r- .2.45
    0151 141 -,'_ ... :" I. .'II'", 1 ..1.1 ''I 01 11 ,; . 14 1 1 4 41 41 1 1' ,. l $Is4 F01 16
    1*1. 4*5',. .. 14111 ", .1' "", ". 1, I .' 1'.,l 1-1: 4..'*" .TR. DJ,, t.414A ".l .I "- -1-o"oIos *1P 4 msA l.l.
    % ':, . ., '': ,,. 1 '. 1 1. 1 .''' 1, I' I1. 1V1 II. IS4 l4 42..ll. l 0 1 2 1 .1 5 .47 0 I

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    "II , .. 1. I "' ' IL 'd ".: 0 1 I1 I', 414 - 1.4.4 I" "I 441' 14 `;. I, 1(
    1, ``I.,' ; ,,: ,:, 'l' ' NI ", 1 I II '. Pla nt .r S al loO,0 l o 1 .1 wt40 4. 2
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    __ __ : : . :- I I et O '',4-,,, 1 : .14 14 O tt I tI I. .1 "I, II 410014' ....... 4 .o 0j.04.I
    20-14.T 01tA144 1- 111- Il I'~l I I 0 ,6 lllll'' :1.11 o~ I S ..
    .r.1. 11 1, II :'' l ,140..IIl' I T1.,11 I .,! . .." ,, .. M A
    ''N.-..`U.1.,- t,'::", """ I., I..,,,, i. I' I 04 0.o '.l2. 011I .. .*..t* II.*
    V11. lo'ol, .11, 4 I' .00. .4. -'l' I1. I,, ," 10.' '.1144,'."'.144 ;1..0 .4 .4 I I '.4 1111111, "I. 400 .0.* 101t5 II tr,l ,.tl ,, ..41. 4 ..40. 44;. 4,... -- 540 -
    *01. -~o 4141040.1 I ` I1. ;I 4, 44.'- 0' .1. ,001 ',_ -4 !. I :.I ;!' ,r , ;, 414 ;,.. 4101. 110.1 I 1,11110 41.1 1 l"1 q .7 4.444V
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    I" I "" 111 I 4* I- 1, 1 .... .,, -,,,!,'o;,;' 1.-t.- 1 m
    I_34 ...",'4 4445.44004MW,! 42.447 ,', I'5.. I '.. ;, 7I4 4444 'p .444 .. .4*10 5..5 0 1? f Ea..., :--*,
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    *0 14 0 4I l4o 4 5 b 1 ..4 ..* .41 141, 14 II I I~ ,l ,!:m e,.4211t IOs*. 20 ..4s I4.44e l'I01'525 45 44.4 4 .RCN 4 4 540 * M .410I I. __ 11-1.. "" 1 ..40 ...7-.4-

    6.04:,1:l,;. 5. ,45 4.43. aloe. Io -- "".. I.0.445*.440 3, I3 .04*51. r '1 I55 '. .-o1 S 1; 1.Ir.,. At .-w

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