Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: October 1, 1921
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tb tttli!W n' xiliara
Mll Tlinl>u I-l lNwnijir p/~llrm Ir TM tMIU

llE TMHIT FilM Orl a a mDism Capo o A ve] MM "MITIFIAE IDFERTISIN
AIEH I II Mll TM traMioo a M t Frale. Ml Frank 1riggis of Sh1awnsi Kidn laped FK IIN
W Nam indiin Hawaii a Gien N6 lote Of Warbles.
CO01LUM1B1A. M4).-.At lh! request rgllol., lght A dlho r .1 tim Shawnee
W MI of mainland delegate I I' mi Mortniii .... ..... .11 ..doneErtier wi thTi
onglea wofthe World wll am will. L t ile Klt Klinx Kl1. lh.. iiht of >Pp-
H IM o to re..rele.t thlr travel l llthie Ilo-B tomnlbr l ilt hl.. l Ill, .I. ldnapldl C I N
iunt trip aind who with to ao to tlse and alle Is. ti.. wlw if the kian.-
Orbint. Mr. Wilke, hllirmnu of the men's te lAing. lh, rehrived a tele-
I bati r th ndr Iin 1 ,Jllonaih I,,-- aid, n to n Dhr elegates to National letter
&sodtl lhteiN rg of Journalists :aTl..n l it nil o ah 1J lso Nt ki n tl ba + 1 t .1n to akchurll h
WorMld Has Ever Known Iio.t-,iiri ..i r .,nir wIi m11 I lle, thr, , inke i ,. i,, ., ii ihii.'' Business Clubs' M0ting Do-
In ilts Itinelary l ri tel: pill stis and A, T O .w T ......i. 1t. And bae k to Si hn.-
to Be In Ho llu. pImbul o ierlI JOfn. 1 ( 'hills fS o Pd h ee. .trenp :,11 ieliil.r of tile Klt. nounio, Adsol
A p -- ll h PhIlse 1ili' e lIin tll. -1" 1i already il oilint rmoutlih parald thle M in.s.
fI)Lt' MtlrlA, Ma i 1.--trt r 10s.. the lhni anads everni r fairrviihl for the o, iohlen"e wasi d s.h. but the (riI- [ Ni t.-At che nnnuhl ('fer
,11 by of hlo airrival in Honolulu uof the party levingl llin thull follow nto gw i "lowe t l doth n o t wl llw hei i tit' uiinelxl.." w.ih t ire-
dilegat ole to t l< i ry.e i'uag w of lth il ans of the li i1s s1. I 111i b iut in t ithI w h' l I nl frthi if ll t il rl, I f "t; if I allis Al. r t h r id:
W ld will w, I rt fro m for mal m.) P..r. e will l te akrt n the b4et r allied fI ure,, at their' mriting place. ( llh* of tile W" orld.ut whih l0gui.
ul,., ri u i l 8 o .r n p-k its l the eve iala whlchb eat ils the ovl eni ce of W e Isl llndaed 1t..l li .l l l e was 'rl in thirty-lhll- f thi. ricill cities
Atl ill lwiman >Hiill owhtic will to e lira membirn of tihe part. The Mrll. dripe It r a park nlil i hl toe "il i I tu weri. wr.il. e fuk
hltoid at that time III the theraie romm Ing date will he about lt;tZ 30th, Us .apintl"n." H. -, Wanted t, f illeJ'l l J di. adwrtli er WI l t J
.,of olnl pintUer, addroesew of w@:el-e ill which eals t.e party will arrive Ilnf wri al r-l tor l se Shawn- i srdj dl i. l rs.
*will lhe delivered Jy liverna arrin-' yokoham A .io Novemb.er 10th. Toka aS tllun Ihe U EAllow'.t Ia Kil I.h Irlird, r1- it he
Itn u nd m tlwh rx of th ile awall Kti l r i thW yo.. ll1. good Tl4 edo (,..) ellh, unhi that in T .led i

;"In"; *a 14,1in ki Natonaist andll l k-1, tilelpaper In f. 'I ;, I All ^
luland m lnmitti Kohe will he v*is ted ty rall. The M r -i s, ind fa lilig .,. the Kll he hl.ti ll i hrr h1. p d
lirt loelig d ll- l n 1th. party will than go to thile ippl. wap D 2.0ltro n l ai 1 lA. nwiel PIhllp Iwto t riir oniu' a thrill, llerhant t Ilte
Tim atrwbasIinets bonwllleheld and after a ftwelay max In Manila .: id flint thi- i .1p rli-rso wer on-
alll it. followlg mo in. lntllllrode pr toe IHl -ang aig t u vi sit ingY A. Oea AK Hatin toge B lte-Ti"nex and teacher kno llilt l the elilerk: that theyl
llhrr alddrlllss will be H ide, Ip t. r Inn.,t South.iern Chilinal. lit thm north. aaf W A ANI I TOKl O m OmKA. in.,.n,|R ge TAIlll,- n t l rlllni r1ltxneeuliiiit tOF TO W ANDl 66A"

10 .-.o~k In i..iim ilii!"i~ a n *--i-i ,liil..l -rlll llit itli I+ eatl d if e mt tlee amnio nd Peking will Ie seein amonii the other Mr. Watans be Is the Mf.rat I wl newspaper oarill.AbXMp dondent to M ,lh. l in JOu il oll ill n lieII% f o to hont ,P.lt e ll h to ti e Up (an' twltret m O bl
t11e f'r" il Wa e of the cogres will clti n of pelfitl lintirest to .sllte. United states for the purpose of "eoering" the arm. confere seI, and was i t l n it Invied ioll ti JM tllon oue.l girs, ind more c pele llks' l obleked
Sprlesultled by ite program c it. tourists .a..ni the piartl. y will il from appe while being welcomed by the new.pap m wh cm t| TI. t 1 l WhiteThe IntItion wa acieptied unan'iy tip o, advertised goods to se If. the
Ie. A special meigI. will be pre. Ph inilla late in D.lement, r. frrlilun at Hosae. t lmu |ly. gool| fulfilled the advlertimment. It.
ll i lleld rlll l (.by ll.lverner rri on |h, P Fran.e.> tie l t ee i I n J. I.-. t is i, dentlly x- l ed that at Toledo there I retrl ation whichis ein-
Inn I abildwor of tbe i11 1rise 4(.) later, A moies detailed nlrlr hr -e i,l nr' o f i th.r Iiivre *will I be t|I .. pl nd e plarlnl twni r thll b llid :
ilTpi de i l lt the p s ntal laor will il..'l. th n i - ED IT R liRl Awl i NE LECOO H AD .1 Thtln illnr ll iin u iiln l e 1i lain i. I l ithe po lle me:blkh i ht 5 th e.Yo
Ir.ier &Id resident of the United byl llkhejavrh r iRa1.II l addrestml. to Mr. athee It whs wld. Hond or I tll~e.e tl 1Ue bought I sh irttook I t home and your
iIn.tr. W ike At 1 ll of lih I" wh Ie Ioputell Fr ,f | ,pproxhat.lty 1:5 a iil yem wf. repo i hrted. that it was part

,,.*,.. n itv. ..H - (1.. ..... +'' -'*'*,,;"";'; ^""- '|,; ; lr ..E.TIIE.l.ir. l E.1-I. lt OCTl..,l ""*""* "".."",""! """; *"**>""1~ 'I" ...." ,+ _.,,, ...... ,, + ,,_Mc~ ,
lThie will be no ofternauion J e hal frnt 1a nu F raepr i to Nn us, alnelw, ti of the asuochtioni. .lk lnd i ctton, Y, u woald be dlo-
4.lTlli ai ItveIlr l i lll.i (t wthlli fn ii.l. l llillNill nt lNEW ASinI thO 0 guml.ll'l, throw the shirt on the e oor
1'?.'"." ";^'""'"+';" ""r'+''"";;A" ''' cIg LOr -Ilpen TXAS. U. 9MM BUREAU." "In" an"h"r
d- dIvou to s the Illae l ll h la.ed, i h r ndiIlns hi trunw;l ex. Ih. LOU mIrI N hnt state in h dve e
The delegathswill. ilni|Is, lh-isrip- ei.. fromn th# Gives employment to Girl Students iuelt that it wil found the bi.ra
lut a oflli*'O. h, u ith all l11. J... un-itni-- Tll r ilw l ma the &A-I nd Aillel ill Them Through Ihool, 1 wia not ,f lilk, and pur.Ichasers who

It mSumb^S;^ TOEFAEBITtEHEeOI IdTi^Sh;; IS 7:11 Pon S.;,a^:!;;, dee.re .ol iivitf.mater
:in.+^-; ,lyng F.,e. --.| ,w,,. Mos5ul"y will braegin Me hl.) s of -n re li lw. h..hA,6,. "Nrwsrpnlter Justified in' Giving Dr. Kraft of Algiers Mooted S8o0 ATS TI-TX. -FX.A mean. .f ,.. funded, you would have faith in the
itls 1Il4i l. e k.o l T rllli .... ll r ... l N w ... Ai .th H ,,.o R a.r News, Carefully, De-. retary- Next M ting to Be ,l 1 '""in ion w nilll inolr u qis of l m bant & IIn l i o advertsiln."
ateiher t. Th to n w1 .Ty a % I1 kn. Pin n W-l.fi ta ir xpa0 g*elA inIif atrirn. hl int ltl tutig i 1on. lerri trls were now ke out ofl

!,l11.p nlli-li. I Blll,isltl t~gi il 11.1l- l i.'< rk'arin kllll M s In lic .r.'ll" %'+llirlin-in.l~i~ i.ll tll y w I rltl ," a|t.l~l.i MrBato |,inilln R0ll 1.- l...ll i.,al ,+ i il, mdn lli ",, ,'in .ii.u"l n, **"ll l lt V III@ lllr ep olllon
I t 1 l rk nh e ',r iting ili1 1 h- a t. -n tI su i il.lli I"~~ ~ N rupill niuml til teu ow fln th nesapr r
Thle aternom. The formal progress A.. erding I..n the 'l-- I ui-v 1 ,lh .I- Kr N. ills CITY. M(,-Edit.rs of IM ll,,. ,,' ,.A.-Standuirdi. n in.s.. s lful oalteration her for tl r.. I tht th,.... pper | wo|ld
will ~ ~ ~ 1- atatraemi h gnd rag w i f--l -af i the n *fil tIw pre ent, edn neso anasCt atMt h e o detnk[ [atno esaeslstfu er.A stme eih n:ot print thwem Advertisements though
l mI I I ll rlll In .ri f, llel i I I f r A- At lf
liS l h l hrn iti ive.S Tinl lr.e i plr-rm l m"li'" l the l- '1Ini. Aa- r M Pe Aii|r t I ur Bi lll "e e r.lll. hum Ki Ar .l.hs |u|,i r,, A N E W M N Sr rme n t i rk. l ni*t laty cl e s and by thuatle
asl f li m ll I fl.J mllinlltllq. hlas UI**ll"* I I r- f As Wl t a u In ur n "el
!iai ld. 1 theS .."l elhl wi O till %,I r i file d l llll.S i ll. 11e il..l it ly h1 4. 1 1 r li *e r .l iln t h ,.,, s l f, i .r S| r: l, u it ,,.l .If ls l,' i uni l f lh s a d v rt em e ht w r
,, i i t n ifwat i iii Ie ath ni on wpmt i erl o ari trIm
, rhi. A pIea l |1ter hl ; w i d lihr i. t ll I nt -rl I r u Ti" ll""1 l I. r nlll l .l --sey dr . ,,aw riJ n .,,, 1 l l ..d1 tl .Mir>l, Hllprovt fr thkyih ir- e , f e. Ik t an drtin n h W l
tolly.r a ltlle feral.lr o e ll r hnnirI.AIn n ,n Iar t . .I... rlli Ii ,t .k N.. S arl.rmis.n r.S p i

"I'I 'A lllhl Arlf l iNl'lll|KB 1U1i. l rl r ri -l.lrl' Ii, Ill+: 11i ]". i ].. Ip I r V Knfl .I I I " 'lll .M ir- sr-i.' lil. Mr l;l' r S1.. 1.' i '"'l *"in """.**'l "" e -" m e u"' U*in
e~;l;."Al llm 'il1111 lf I r+ "Sll E "-s~ III+ lllll- h.r IIi- lri..,l (... Slr .h w ,,.), ,, ,ii|,| |. I l,, l h,. l I , |,; h., TItarr, :o ,,-npa-ld i +i.. r. K r. r ut1i,. *" Il- "*" K I" "
_ud pn dsIsino ui t.. ll l l l be "*' tl t li t .." IA Itr 1. TI I r l i m illn pa.ss. itch rl .o i- lddif d. Mr. .1 K Ii+fr oIl t lipi Iia n .mn ithir us i ureu m1em
,"JolnlK lI& lnl?.latelB h | r l t h nlllii i hIll ir Ifll | r] f lr r t p i,.i.thn lllt n tlwt po Itl Ul l Ui h fced l r 1i Ite li -i+ i i r l. "ti llh lhr lr ],ilnln t tl y Ih i lat re
1. "aslte 1. .. is pr a I of.,

Proglram Ai ll. .inllnr ln, en lMr wrf taln th In dw twhln h ohv not c(ll 1. iwt 11 ofi h will Me hl' r iin li to the rlii a n hnn l .l..llth men omea ap rb an t I I.ip
aara, dwar. .'r It 1. The ftrin r e l inra t t l i i " ( til e f o Unton th at general e l of i refloo i Il...... f h in 5 u r eiminatn rfa
li'i. er-l.w i p ,bll W n I Hi " f.rlllfn rl tn f, i".q v. n.4 1'y At 1.r I-Ary if to llr f-r ll r' .l i k-ill l I nl 11' flriluer In iln. l, -li
TfiT.. qnsek-ra Illl .1. il eiEll-T.d. THE I i ir - ., adierlint rules E and ed still r- ...... .. 1 fr t i s r-.

T SnD ini3 B|iio T 4a rmniii of il l!t rh.. As ..I I l rn Ir1 11 r n re wIh I ll, I or h wl i .iir t. iin r Ill IIi lrlu il l tllf it the cond i ln iiobl't isr

iI fi r O tI CL BE ET FIESak pl k oena
f falstn n the Il ; 1S S n" t" "'" "I elr1 o, I"- p b"l s ,o s r an.d rw j r a 1 lvtI" ofm ..mtli'I n .. IIi l icif r. iy n t: s I l fa r I-r -A th su n h it s Inal I n ;i W ,r!o. ndI nt ] r lil- Wl r luinn i i lWr A i n 11r i k d... i Ir t Ilr
stashn~ad Wek im rs."mnttiit o feeatttue f hi 1- aertalitsti ut r w i sll s ple illn,. anIlute 1and Illn .1n If trr "i:lwor forer'r Til 1--tprewhao jsto
r Sor r lsu ' am.ni i in l s z+l .* h t ia l l ih m iln. iii liro ii- Ii mvuii mrdil -of I 1 P wiiial tl" .Il i+ iiarso ,irll,. rn lh Mrn'+ 1i-. ii.- hIer t.h. e l.u lofh rit paper b n m a .
Yokiay bet ore fiI r, tni *t. ,ld one o LIe v ls"re waf stulr w f muh A. h, uili ir .St.l(.ek lwesar MorI Iere er Mi lini lIro 1 ii I- Wl ll hneo ipprh hlI
M BNII StAy, Tr ltt in te prr" tAe I:t fkl I I t K rIft.r .ndwl ltI. held w r mfll -h .t,;r Ir, t I1.- i Ii or Cll nie e lan r. 31art

e unt A T. C l i e w, n lhM h o ftlH l IaIpI ni ti r (. )MIi )1hl. i ll t l hP lll llit o n Ihii Ji lh 11 ,ifrl lnr t l 'nlln u) + i ln l h|> frloln ,luslrlrl rii.('hi'v. l lt, tl t rn of *I
li Mn H rr Md ift fiW I* llilmK* "lel 1" II%"ll"i IIIII| *lll ____ i __l Ihiirll~lint hllihlII 1 fllhi mllll H . llarli T ii-' l l*l;; n tiltlint. a m otty ort o
%rtaire' l irlah fltlli nt n r wlr-t to ialltrlleln la leelote IJioh -hlpti t h o. lltlhp ftI I-n L o or I. i r lc. whos r n II.t w n ork i th t h farme
il.ins w e Hon 1i t rhtola Irnt ut w e i l hd i ohl (ihnte ri, w ll i l f r" l .Mlll l . l l h i. t,, il s h r i |l Ml. i..ri'.4. il.rilr'r up]1 nd Ml"I 1rA "It ,, b, n, ,, rr t w or
S -A tl !ild su, V. -hr ,t *w y to hTe o l i l t i A, fl i l l I:,,ir i i l ,1 |l r t | I r . rt ar Itr I T IMi* flo r t oiy I t s ". 1 t l e g iti n l st o cn i l f
.le, edito~i? < 3 r utliald. e to t h pr(ovr sio n Be il. lindr the nws ralfl y ii t ill, m n |il linllrll mi, an.I -. <;illli I i, a th ,le,,, IIIi l All len c 1111ib pllwnd t
'luink 1 m w tn lp b Wh. n tp i n d l ni a me ens hlwr ,iltn lWl l.r a sca nda l tl e ,|,. l r l .I tl ht u lr . k l- id1 t rtlh l w, Iil -ni' ilri ail'l' lrr. M..sl, nUp,,re

Al f i-nl -Tli l'i *>in o11 b. *iwn- noswini lililr~ ~ltnl *nd Hl~illi l my ll+ *n l he r l ril'll l--/ In t hattht nilifIiir 1, Im. In i~ll h l'*l** ii l hpli Hiriinl. I ,i ilrr li: lllln lil < ll.irkw|. r. Mlli+ h 'i"' lhll Ii|lllI1,lule il

A lhfiorlll hrwprt nl-lt -o r h.h l wl t" JoU n rtlin, .IVOP Iilllithr Miviflh l piMnptlp f oml hi@ thll kmtrUhrng Oi anil r l-- -- r---
I'oluesT tTlB'Btit r P. he r rlied: "n An t ri al -,., h ub.ent lion 114 .l l i r I t ... ... n l ah .. IisllSs t hril r. iht rl,.| t nI n f mull,.r .ln, .I., l I I ;i ii r E O OF T E T AE-
,Ar OAT. ihly V -f Tl IE= II< prna wlo ld m iu rm n he. > r"n t l ar tl ir ,I l m o vr i ,|i ,, i lTl.e, ii, mil- ll. h. tr .. Ath in The lI ll lT bIe nd tIY
.mIM.. nlt 4 n him, th iip me im "p' t r ll X 1 t nn f nnia e :- trn tn t Ih lhOa ..I r.. a of. t -,, -l dne e, l i etEn uT ver diOU eXC T
THURIDA T, OCT1111gR K T of, theaspir r ati on1 f thli*.l admin.ll l r on per. tl."*P. l ll rlti +l'tis ll a id had s coni Dr.rl .n" t i hlI lt 'illlllsI; l"+h uifiautisnl. lot th, t or fa

illll atl~ Wvk bvewd o ath our+ l o unh ry lii+ inrlllllell ry llil at~ Iwork ral tnnyatWnhng in npp f l~la.ixht m hiltl, )r= i'llanch. Y'+11111'1 LMcIUeal an i h atil thl.e +I1#i+s a mght l ore atilil
' Sevi IS`S wthlw A loof stlliiwe 1lll 1otellu p h Kop i ll. in' ln |mI. ;wl, In l e i ii t h at.lt.. r ig I s, h e.gl p1k ofl thl b u s in e ss m a n
Allt. I tA (^stolSUFld aowII r at";l @t of l h, lill i Will n oii. 'ftlanrtnhl ll, rll i ht l .is ...l..llirl ... h .ini te oI l r all" 1 ._ ll ll ri Ii' lil 1. h i 1 b] e * II .- .

rfl Job The m; =t elg a at otnen Governo ilp % r n paw ll Wa t >,.t.n n I hib we. kl .... .. I .y t tal. re il ...... in ut fh Mar k tow,*
k" Poft I Pritna ssbile, m piersmnalreoset. YREKl Alsly .-T he Woritw bl.:I'redt anotl niohrae aweiu ee ak ,il A Wlitnkw a r h nhuigavrh
MdS. oi, l In irt el.ir ov eLrI Farrl i ul t S l i.-s "t m, i eve. i..- re sif r i. lti..t r. .-A l Anth o l I unl t -l htipu ny e

v e r k l l y ; r l y H lf o f.

1 tift Ar thur1- 1-i pAo Al 14 1*1111A w1p p i.er .lo nml fs t prinentin n hr. h w a o r Ar.e ot it fir As
theth teralia.s, avd ler. i TIais Ar, ,en u1. Ta. Portlanrdkfn t o- *
1= 4 1. east- apoitmn aspwro ru Ith eus fethora t,..nis Ill, NJcv ii ovme g a IT 11 \f pphlHuntain th
4"l TrI VAlne (-regl.n P I ,II 0lm~tm t~l- rlhlio i | t,r l h-wllll. s 11 l H ead l+ dwel 1.0.1 w. rtl l l ow wh t frll, .l+ 11.-P al..h dei'+lq v'il (IiZhr! lp s Iil, llJ~m~ll .dlg. pliilm 1fIi, lll ly l l he cml on diio

Mr. all I Adnge MI1% hiI I, is a fl*P W u in sanys par I
s! IM as P Trsve rypiotTnt ,.4r. fa O 'born cid e do I It s -me la b t rtll r
vamml n, daM th.,. IWo1 AIn Wi 'lt", -16~l.li, Iii Ill+ li .llli.'lri nnsb ft: l Jim ,f Ilse genelral ranl .;f thl i t~l .. ........ is I in' 1' 1'. K~raft. Ath- "t 1. fdlly lhe-rilbeal to dru~hn-
hr. ag s 11wos 1.ml A1 -..ImP ft+~. wol all l wlllil~ ll, Ill .llw s11 -ir n .nI 11 1, fl ealdmr Al ..... IIiIi. yill- hllhilial, usre inn -d i lli .. .........il oi, h ir lat,,,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t.nh Mr. -t" ae-I per."'+ DEVE WOMAN, PRS ,Alif-,, ...Zf~ Iyt.
wasd 1 1 i ekreatllohlr, Nepliam rs. IAd. lll11. i+ llrq~i.ir pr1, u-I,1 if In .11+ a bilhl li~' l h, l.W L ,hr xill I :.;J'h lis .111 ll I'lllP- lll+ 'll lh";' dl~lqlll dhll l-
It-A-*,k-,,p,..rs,, KAN=,. ...r ii'. ... e t...e, 111 1,.1 L CLUB ELECTS OFFICERS!,,,i. ..... ,,., 14r- ...fm ml .. as tt,.,..1.
... .... . .. .. ,.. ... + ......... o, .... ..... ........ .... , ,.,I... i. 1 It. ..... i: I ..... ....1 i ,- ,is, . .. . ..IfIo ltle p A n xum m d
," I' I Id. I uhi i. I+*+ 14 l~ + I., i* f i 111e ,.
+ mallll arsrllln ol Wt Ith Tll neilr I-l' iieltl i h sl, 1o lllh Ilow ll, tl .filtllhAe lli Il lll nh i il.lr~li l .i ', Il-i', .hlM,
,An Iw -rwito thlmut fit ain'ter 1
Yor ('.- l d W u Ti e. -I ,lln r A~rl', ther llll I fills fe si i nitll,' 1 111, 1t wIi' m l il uth ll~'-' l a; n'ii. sni gar 5ftnl.l i iflr*,,i fim~~ they~ .or1. Alll lr ]+, %,+ 1l' +l+' ,+ lll Iiq lm bl.
...... I., jo wIi 31 Rr- ll e, y pt,,, wilt, w il *.\l-r bbl
%+,,l+++l~lll~ll-to NT ll.l I Th Irl~lll' .4llrl It.i "ahs .A.As vhfr an.,- A. G -. e_+ teK'IIt l reih l 1,' 1. 3, 1- % ,, aid. lr I rkf, ,- ,
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i i .. +'}]I ,',, 1, L I- 4 1 M '- ; .I L ', '1 'A I_+ l !" uT 111 1. :.' _' ;. + L I .; r .1.1 W: 1I .. ."" "' r*,`: ,, ,7 r d ) ,i,r 1 1 i 1 i hils

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: '.-;,, l,,+ l, i -, ,k I ,, .11. ,ft o l' ... i -' i. ,, ,,,? t lots in t' ti .... ,I i ..sr ., I- i te. rr t,,, r o. tlt5 m .ii .t. r. .... t 1,1 L0r1, , ,' ..... r X. w on ..... Inr d oio .it llo t f l

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si. ....t. I A i ". I -, >0,., - 1h IIt, In i ,it N, + .. .ooA -, . to I -+ ,,11,;1 ,1 1,1I ,. .l-, f'r Ir' ''L uiu, n kr ,, 1i r -O 1-, th,
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I~u + + ,+ M ,d .t, i Aux ll l, ++1+. C .. ... .. ........ I""',1 N ',+ ,r "i) 1 ," .. . . tl wih t e )- l+,I 1W na ion ".P'*I .Ilh,,, 1 4,h I1 11111-

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U,.d .. IL t. LuL- O., 1,- .- ,, II :. Y, ,I, .1.,". I,'' .i.1. ,I., I, ib:(in. ld T .O~ lou Bropin, I:I-, I'(-`-I'3 .....,..... Ro.,ILLL., l 'Lr'".'. ..y... r.oil, or

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it uti t ki n l it r ,I i tr t n: I n l:l"n" n;,i L,:r i k ...ll; ,. l IK.n. ni,, u il .. .. tu,.nIh ... b b loe ,P, ldU4r.*.. ,. by %'fl.l, 0 ,1 '.' ,.' ,,l 1 I- ', i, h, ,_ ,11 -,, lr ..u not, tu if t A s..
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t ha t when press t c a m you will ge t. a c ..ar, shap ',ut,, ... ,,I ttp, , -, O '* I w nluli,,ll tO h ,*' I. it .* I, oiiim.t for fse ty'P
':',rJ -O I' -::.r, ILLI "P, h m , u. :~ !: i. or ,9 ,, , r i t l 1 + ,+ I r h r l ~ l

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00th, I'L; !o lit. ton I 'I 1mu uni -A:. I w 1' ttito 1.1yepo

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_. . . .. ..I .... .... .. .. .. ..+ .. : 1 .' t ...i..t.L It o h .. . ... .h .....t I ,..... .. ; o r r 0 -f t 210..... .. .. It hn d . . N A f ,. t otR vo r l

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1 ,A I.. .. 1iT 11 I.... ... ........ ... .. .. .. ... . .. ,!..... .... +,, ,1 . r,.I O I N . ..... . . ..... .h, r... ... ... .. II~ ~

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Sit.utming SIhe editorial duties on hoe "nt our .n nfl i rOony number in impr0loo.ntm.
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N l'abl~uislli0 Ponulsali. es .oStw Thu .oo l Nw.. With thu 004 to th- Iu Prinu ind
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tell lUslon toulr, MIr. An r r.. ulr locmatd ia i .4 I n Irnporoof addition
0 li r tltorney f or thl Dolnre; r-r b r to th- o building At ho roar. PORTO RICO.
of lirar 0. r Irloe 00d rs Wit- Th. death of Dr. Joan C. iObaase.
Ull a. Wf rer. but Inn touer uaheat he OHIO. publishr, of alI Tompo al t .inn r Jun.
wa biduding on the plsnt for bimnif. A new il orpurstion reported Ifrom nWo lonnuned tlh o83. foi lowin
HEWri MCO Colounsu. in tho Toronto bte s*,h.a 0 toT.porolt. NI'ri wotpo1v In tnh
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Thu ra.Crl0.. 1 llnt n hon rACl tl moob1d. lettwr-no Hmnn. Hrry .. r.d he .r..We wa. -nubt. thd
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a~ thet aMemr now hon oon of the MOopa.
-.,-e aper awb. *.from atth ry A: luth tah o
!"lM epslats ilnu theu outa wor e. dat5er dime IL Ught 01 the South rci tls or S *.i. t of; S r sohlio s thet of
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NEW YORHL Tu 'ly draw els to tlio trip Is the
C h i ur Wopu-"oV Irt g o. RaOmE ,ISL'wAND. 'w
Thu Slosh Asunol An un coamt lMn humbu Rydro o wisis 500 SI5 to nO E~ditor Edwin A.eBy.. of tile Wiek-
Cst-TOovthor" 01 thbAmtrd~ e ~bRdro Opoodud sm~ion ford Psondord in sul~todd In hulfls.
Por 'dor wo, hulr on So t em per I dIon
s tf l o s t.4 bl romplt rory from of lbl lnn p.oro d 'oheS th. Iton aOAonu
the p .e.no he l45d lso alamlk tOreletod of "mnAl oan o .in two
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= SL : ,! r3, 5..Sp. City A. L," Kimball has a
Y' o I n ..t IVwu kly inotw. It boo L P. Mi lng ..k fuiurly :o d rl W lford nd lnlt I ost of
beun u nutoo. Thu tIwo orla0*0 wIlt publihr ofr thl Amworkt uold. hos the must1 pToksroto nwh Jlouby lone 01
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t oi 0 Wol ubl. Ini w o nur Ro1 wtI on She r usuDen of S b. "Normal.
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.ndor of the l Tld.osndint. will Jo Sh oWn frm W. A. wni l In fo t SOUTh DAKOTA.
.ON c ronsuUMtl edito r, tur wIll still bulb p.p l. Tho Aloendrls i0.4 tho 5O beof p -
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A. o ill.. a wl r l intd inortheS.r ,, o l.t f l. .. th m saotlm f dor r om A lthln wShe. oo
"'nglnth IInsl .Iu ront.lb. tuhd by I C.'. B l.;;: of 0 *, 7nd. ;! 00ti ll r.,lln uu Ioelt w th, hio.
now puhlluer of thu lal->ul 10 D th. I'"ns IIN In nt hrhio tohea
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iror of hot Tsmma (Ms. lgmos. ho wn publisher of t Ga Osry D4ily Trib Ononclol blut hr which ai rompouy
1rol1 ned hI e polttlos In Tom. nd o ll. in ,l tislurd of d)videstdh for Sb. stunt
will JOIn bIn brother, dob h. o [. lv ans. w I. bo two 1.l lu = I b It."n
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Carolina V~~l Wekyitepaes t he urbiW~ltion of the PSI-'
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thu Advol.to Pu~loins cmmanc at roll il t heOl of 3O00l011. of t1a .iew 1 a 0 ck the Job sgsln
Anelein from d In o Iblarnsy of lahom.h Will take ter a v t of several dah with hbo
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deportment. Ads.. iho u Iust on uho EoIr hlnas.d from th.n to ,|.0b prie.
lhl.00 mme,l~c h,oo to.,n tMc. *.arloo.
NORTH DAKOTA. place 1 It atnutf mocm h nsld t Omslf-ln-
Jomr B l hhAtr Id,- bilohod hw tn0e -iry 10 H. 1.
Jalmesh r ih 1 lit. h 1 0nd0. ho h o s Ut. 'Al.tsr (Joordlin 0ofn- Riyoss. whoeinnauooms.d thu doltil
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;1,n th n e ord. p obli an l T*a 1w0 t-51 .i i..u In thure ai bunirnou .0005 r. 140. Henm0oe
550Iho 510 lS Iusod.5s1hlihu hr ',,i,,lui Mo liv oye..lo orurtlo., uc- will cutain 11h0 drill'nrlol Sofia.
Is.00 It Il,501,r. lir.,llls llhi.r~lll.d, A l P.M ioull a
l'hlltur It-. ronoiotni wlfr of ii+ .,*.t oi th*. Olflhlr. nod I fh J. Adnlr. for ilo years of thu
Ilir Vs Ion J.,iirnaL+l 1 rol~ur~d from ,11,liolv+ls o. o W 1 h.01 Iflfoornouloin I1011.0 1100.4 In4d lolr of Ucontr. bool
i r.. eo h a 0 0 aI n ,I i l e, , 1.1w.nl r Iha ed M hl f -i n t I n t n.
Ssoil t ier, llilk i rr" .on no nl po-lh ., ,, l ir, Moni,,tInrr W ,1 g oi llor from IP. A. ille In. who
MlIll+lail' %%'IIh*,II ,o np1* I ,,n vf it Tor n0 rolo two -m r0 hon bo'n the
I- IV i II Ih+" "I"",ll.hOr 01 Ills N..p. l1. *.l ,f illhe -'urr oweer ..nd dilratln head.
rOiiiil.i ., iho .Iea ..)d- i ", ibi,,g, ill ,, n 1.if l]bla, Ji P ('1sllolhi.. h 'o-relIdhntno
ill I i,ath f hi. e.illr? who mitu
11 Ult ,01 ,. 10 ca. la. i. .1p I ohi I|I. i l ,lll iiw.l llii vs. ''h,. +,.iilr 30r. Qhambleo
il hlli. ,. 0l..l~ .. h ,air aiiii i,,l*,ii++,lii ,i,iiiiil i1 ,. I .-.,07 0lidi lOll OS m
. .i ....iI l ;,l7i. lia,.vl o hii,e ,,. ,. ..i .. . .
5, 5 i ll ii. i vf l,, \1:,.. Iiii +l ,, l ti ,il.. i,,,iliaa+li thil' i...ill. nn, ia ,reiiiillh aia.0np .wr i +uh
IsinOll'hlilhlli "t nll.,.Olii Oh'io pErNNSyLVANIA. .l,i,.o, F'l.isi.,lo iv ao.lollli Is 10 00.
1 ,, I1. i e,.r-l-l s h ,eot l r 0,0n.,. wib l mo e .
.iii .l i t 0 ..... ...l.l.lii Oili Or .1 i- i 1 lfhioh*,.,.d110 It, pro. I. I is ino Ad l .bs 5 051ha Rho.Eg 01 Oh,

paper. Th pop. of Ast h i
Clorhevill. am V As.
Th. Amrlllo lows. In a 0e0ant I*.
.U. Mid4. 'Tih floPl. Borm-r *nd
0It.matneprollbly will be lib sumo
f wokiy paper Io be ilrtod4 born
hlalut I'roidy. Soplambhr lItb. by Hop
r*. nimtlf' Lf Nellerwhlto who ra-
0lOltoioU. ottrowbit.. Is000
'rlltl d4lpUstsd of tS+ilo 'bodlr lor-
aid. li1 will bh editor of the Ia|pr.
wliich will be dvolted to *rlicultural
and .livetsoch Intir..t John Wriht.
wofl known bhre hrulsh bh UIo.
tSUn uf may year0 with thi Nuno
KIl-Jtric LC.ompany. will be bUlninoo
mailonor. Tho popr will be rlntiod
0n thl Amt rllo Itlly Nkwt l ,..*
h ditor I. L Wheoler of the Walt.
ours Tmince 1.4 Iblo orrtary of the
hsitlilurx Commnr-lol olub. ccon.
tao ba1ld by 0v0r0l other Islerbo of
1ihi lub. oltondod ithi. Iborsnoition of
a new Ad club at Walla Wall& re-
Tihe Woodlnd Now. tys: "R. C.
Julian hbo ben vimltin- hi non. Brs
Juliasn of Woodland. for vnoei day.
and w, pluant e-llur *t the Newy
oIeu. Mo It publishor of the Ato#im
Owo-.Tribuno iS Atta.li. sod the W.tl
.lul Otwt1"y st WalIt u. H0 .0I7Ol
Snood bualne. nd I asl the puson-
no thu Coimirs svey muO. His mm rt
1, ~l ools111Itlt rOlt ~d
Al Ihrl I... bo crd f 1rll
oif the l lu .O l ?n 1U Oilya
Attal~la 841 II IItlas lsl B ~
of tSe Wollla1 Oil C.ommay st Wslls.
Is. Wask"
On Soptomber Old the Proton Ctl(-
ty Jourk1. K wo. hesn votume
fo,,rty-.. .IL W aill e the etllo,
M04 publltobe. she th. Jourl1to a
good roUioletdve of a ood Sown
.nd telrltory.
Tb. EZinsoMlln 3001tw lcC.t s hn
nud,. whe In iMrtnomhli with
ProfeorNov 3000 formerly R 10d0r0
In the othhoc of thbli oIly. h. boon
r `unln nwnspur Is thb tIl"m-
northlrn pitn or 'hb 1t0s until re-
pout ly, h.. 'ted a poioltio Is tlb
eat oels* O r .
on Sho MarshflnM Doilly Nnws. I c01.
lbortlon with Chrlo C. Chopl. hs
r0elvd 0 ts-t o 1 0y IIOtyle ttooh3
mont which prmite tbh "1endln up
of line of -mt0e1- with the foot. I.-
ltetd of th a bond. llowno d both heend
to be 0004 .t thu knyhoa1d. Mc. 11oe-
or. hen recl0v4d neral Itqulrlou
Ibout the marketing of th* devile
.In-e the patent was granted Aufust
Thu Kernoo 3vi.n Heralld. which
hlsu bon In lnt o nll. loe Phralryl,
l10, aeuended publlcatlo on O iR*to
day. B..h-m.Ber 14th. due to 0U0Oat-1
dIlou~ltle.. Thu phylula Conato of tSh
pl`nt, tlonrthr wi th th Mubcrlptlon
lInt. hb.ve b- taken over by thr K-o
nahe 3 0vIt MNew Pobllnhlng Com-
pany. which Se0 baen In o10 ratilon In
e*noah for over twonty-ve yearns.
Tlh editor of thu Knoah 0 Igv0nin
New. IP W MW. tst. T nd the manu -
no, i. R. I hlIntloy.
J. r Anisttle. editor of tlir Dubhoi
l'nolrier, ho. iene io Inraml.e whore
bl will ltik H Ipocll vo!o=000 l tr1in-
nom ciaror .1 lo.v.id I by lbh Xss-
wrnmont for 00-a.rvl.. mo. Tht
l'"urlor will he illed. dur4nf0 hI1 .h-
were by hIt mother.. 1Mr. .Aur, Allen.
Make a Newspaper 0e It.
Mr. DBwae tblnks In the lIntert of
coImoy the Coo oiwolostl tewordl
ought to be diconillouled. but the NSew
York Worlid 0ouhl m0dd 0 conile 0up-
Idlenent uDnl nmke It imy.-llouIldr
(0'.il.) Newollhcrald.

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IDICHARY -Mrs. P, R. DI hsrry.
owner of Ihe orrn.h snd Inhulh
n wi.Wllo.ip r.I lttrill. |iubilio d s laT'i
vent. IM.: p.loui iowoy ,in lueptemlor
Iblh 1t h0r0 i.m t Isu 'oslvont. at the
al*. of TO ocor. TeII ailidren survile
hor, n*.p. l.nli,.l J slihlorry, boloS odl-
tor of She Inlertt. 1r0, Ioharrt wio
0 pious womon. tolm..d by Il Ihb
community whrA .i.. wa. boon and
hadl- 1d rand wo rked.
Pllhr of lh (bill.) Journal. dl o.
hilart folluro st hbl 0-iks homo. SineS
rbtirlnE fro m th. newny.ppr gamo ho
had boen tmor sir Ia, Intefrmred 5I
p.lllr. anId Ou thf im,. of hlm d a elh
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The Children-God Bless Them

That $25,000 or more a year editor may be a father or

grandfather of a large and interesting family of little folks, or

he may be a grouchy old bachelor who lives at his club so as to

avoid the apartment buildings where children might be per-

mitted; but in either case he does not, as a rule, overlook the

little folks when it comes to making a newspaper that is to have

a home circulation.

He knows the value to the newspaper of the baby's plea of:

"Daddy read me the bunny story." He knows that it is that lit-

tle plea that helps materially in keeping his newspaper in any

home where there is a child. He knows that while father may

read some other newspaper because it has better market re-

ports, or a better sporting page, or a more extensive telegarph

service, or because he likes its politics better, that it is his news-

paper that mother will keep in the home so long as his compet-

itor does not print a story for the little folks-and print it


And when that $25,000 a year editor prints a children's story

In each issue of his paper he says to you as plainly as A, B, C:

"print a children's story in your paper if you want it to go into

the homes of your community and stay there."

Yot do not have to pay him $25,000, or any other sum, for

that piece of advice; all that you need do is to follow his lead.

You can bet that he knows. IHe has made a business of

knowing. He has studied the subject of securing and holding

newspaper circulation in the hard school of experience, and if

he had not learned some other man would have his $25,000 job.

If you do not want your paper to go to the home, if you do

not want it to become a fixture in any home it gets into, just for-

get the little folks, and that will help materially in making of

it only a business man's paper to be circulated only in the store

or the office.

The country daily or weekly newspaper wants a home

circulation. It is that kind of a circulation that means a

profitably advertising medium for the local merchants. It is

that kind of a circulation that means profit and perma-

nency, and the $25,000 a year editor tells you how to se-

cure the desired result. He tells you, without asking you

to put him on your payroll, if you will but read the mes-

sage he sends you in each issue of his paper if it is a home-cir-

culating newspaper.

There is for the ready-print using newspaper a children's

story that can always be there. It can be made one of those

"must" features that the little folks can be sure of finding in

each issue if the publisher but says the word.

And again the natural query is, are you profiting from the

experience of this high-priced newspaper man who knows; are

you printing a children's story that will take your paper into

the homes of your community and keep it there because the

little folks demand it? It is the kind of feature that does not

take a great amount of space, but it demands its small space

in every issue, and not just now and then as convenience war-

rants. If you are not profiting, are you going to do so; are you

going to follow the lead of the editor who knows, and who

draws a big salary because he knows?

o ..erf AWt


.3f the nagr3?41i5144.t~ uad various We~ fepfaolas ArmMS Ia "
~UIO ary #and 11.08is ha Ilk,

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~m~m AM.i., 241- 1 filed 17. 1 N-, tookil r imadhals loIs t e j. s -11`,..j Il. w, toj b,, With. 1 ran clii. IiilO lletfr o 1 Ama.
Molior.Al. C. AR41 No.16 h~ 1 oivsf1..1e4 ass. Mim &aacc d it d_,CItlil...d Ia-l... I04! N~gg cr
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largergpl thanIIN theUL no weemi
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,i.,c 41, l rit pt. r astairlllait es uit11 41. Hallll a C Iw-itI a n oiS. A. C o k, Maoa d s, h as4.34 lt jfr ,4 ia -cl at flus130 0 li. ra tato Ab attle.~.~
0o- a, ai ,imaeamily, too. mh-0wpl~t I~i~I I ~~
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meat, all No Date Set for
Future Segasons.

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I~4"' Ammor44imiloin o, tl' a4 .4 o b.I..411.' In
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1101 til union and.0 44 III,- r.~44)..
Were.', lo mka .,41.4 1 tile. he'.1,4,r41
,if Ili# easphlyen.r fulfill 3:.W1 ,'dli.'1
o.4, bro0ke li wth no 1411 .w111. to fur
Unwail"ln to Athiltr.t..
1I.'tahet' Of It... Z.04'4ivet14,lI44,'It
,If lb.e Inltonatoall.l T141.44gnpicaI1l4
Union4 woh were .'uIied list". 1b 40.'
:-,myP143 Will 4'oti,.t, .4l 1446' fo..vral
41,41., It Was4 -li441 in tile fi~l'4, flak,1
hole 410 qa.all44 It 14141.'04.4. hin.ges, oil4
she 4,uwilllauwor. 4 "fur Nil.," t4 at-
i,1tra4t. 1110 wage. 04.411 1446 th10 year
i..'lrudiag 041,41tal 1441 sell0. -1819 MIX"
- otwimet. wbIdes, it WK. understood, ban
t4 &&["it,4 arbi4Ictratio.
'I'le poaltiot. o41 -ig Silo' in tile m'..'
f.-monl,'w It 1. ..det.Irold44. h.l~assI*
I lintIit was unfitor to1 *,lltalel'4a4 I.- ~
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-it.1 In4 wagm., this boring tie. rec...u
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The. prissent meals. 1.. S'441 a4 -k of
th4a4t44.414 414 Ii... 'N,", Vovk

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41,1.4 11'4to. I 1:0 4.4,i.,'t Ime .~
::h.,+,.'he ,..,efe a I4ia 44.1~~t

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fl.41, f1a14 lb .."I.714 e~1trw I1
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I'4'lat.. Until ('"i~' t~.ltIlwl'"" 4
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killa 1.1"4 waWited Tr4. 74444 bri.,411

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at1, lie'W01444. 114l the .441,, 4(4444
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Fiction That WIN Hold Old Sub-
sorate andl Make
New Ones.
.111I4PR144flI4VAI. '1.1444W Is, Ir.41444

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ft PIflY AIMN1

ByE L Oddkly. Publisher. at the Woon..
so"h4 (L 0.) New. andE Vd..4
Pmodalll Of the N. 9. A. for
$"nte Dako.ta.

I.. 1.10. -rr'o1 I ot4 113y tile Njltb.ljII14
.I i h down1 u1401 44 41. 1,.1 -'e414 Ill
34044r fislem4ber0i~lI.. it 4144.4411 asi11l'34 I4
3144r pitivie4141.11 to 443 help em 14 tryIl tllu44i
nothi444i I work1. Tile problems.t, of tile N.
I. A. 1.. tile pollr.1.4. 4.1 the 4444444414
nls.41'111444eV. To. off'4144141 4.1 ...
of14, 4 Ihe aO.4,'a10 44044.4 that4
thou"4444i 441 of puli~alle muti fa4ults444444
10144, a4413 )early 04111 101114'bi In the4I4~


1. a. ODDy.

I.w hurdli lor-Itt"'4t IN-. hih144'uts of4 4f.1 14
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4l.11.1fi4' .f k.44'14141. ,fil 114 41 144 1'4 4
S44. Psil, wl l ,4 I.4,1114, 1(1f.4. the, 1411'r-
4 I4 0 .404I. Ims,r,f bi -nty.Th

4''414 rI4.144 414'4.,f.S4 1440 ,,, 1,.-till.4
-1444,I' ..14144, I 4 4e. 4. It 41444411
4. ...... it14 if... .1l,4 4.... 414.. antI t...I 1 1..1
4441 .14 4144 I sI' 3444* y,41 4 bell1,.
11.I.~. 4I4 4.11 ,4, 11.1.4 st44.oth 114llp
I~4 v4laid111ution44, 14141,440 all] 44444111141
ise I44.1 I .1 K44 4'44,IIlve Ill4 e under.t

II,..1.a '41441I441 1414'tile 1.,wer to4

1441 fllh ill.' N.,4.4414 I'il41 1 A.'.o.
ebithso. star Io11. 14 i.ll tI _4.'1 44
It 1, .b' 141i' li4101.4 it 114- afte.*' lW hist44

list-1 i,44Ill.'ti 04.1 11,1 e ;he41
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mod r1-141s,'r' 444.". ar6
kisq, 4'lm .11 4144 44 4t1 114 f.'1

:1 I,, N tb 11.. 14 Ill4 be4444 a I Is
of 414 If art. o.'',' I

Sties44' 444 get i,,a' of 04,r big1 rst14144,id
g Work4441 1114 10 14.14 'I44e 411
%b,,,el411 so1ld14 11.' f..ri.4 I.I''411.
34'.4r after.4 year44
I 4u4g44 In".t440i~'14I4 4 6411
Dakot,1,4. 144y a4'414. 04,44,Ib link4. .44
1.441 even 4444 In memtri1,
.41.1. .all4 410 will gt4144 44. 14
have4 444'en4tl3.'54 members In Ile!' No'
t14,4.4 from04111 "$il Dakot. shivh1 I- a
.pilssuiI ah4wing-h411. puli44141.1l4,
11,41 4 11"o04.00 .1. it-d.1 It 3o.444.
.4,41. 1 it""4* 3.444 will.
1414N%1' -4`i-fn Septlember 14441 4140
11,00.4. Prisms Club,1 enjoyed'4 a hu.r14444'444
&list1 Ismakit pisil. at4 the lb.taio 101444-f
10o4me. Cougmai.4.onin A. W44. Rucker1.
at 1s,14 lunch line, tile woethillo. TI..
,last1 1444114eur44 a haif.41if4 1e1,1 440b4an
h~all mothers In t444dAt,.4.
A aptieg tot aporta 4*4.0141..a.4NMI
pa0r of1 t11e day. huc4'141411u 1404e141 and4
ad.411.. oedohveat -.t not t410
Iliftinf florin the Week Is lead IeNtNIa
mad obois 00440.00 batting inan0





Theeretleal end Paettleal In-
structlio Covers Widea Rang
of Newspape Activity.
I'lA.4NA. I1.1.-Till wor4k In Jou4..
114144. 44. sad4 00 tha4 .t 444any other I0.
144d sgh- t14.4.4444. 144,10.4 I111[914
,1,1.,1 4.-1144' w-1r. it44 14, 11r11.4
4.'1r its44 il1144414t'44last

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1-1. 4'41 11401.t its ~'i.,-ttI44.444 11.4

lint o..fII.'rin.4 a404i eimilting asen'a.
I411 1444.4 414141 thlat graduate401s In Jour,

Goad loallpand WNataaa.y.
...ose..who have, been in charge Of
h114 44.4,it. I1tn Journait have laid loss-
plai1.144 on, the foundtiaon unit, bark1
Kristoff, which,1 evo41't'3 %ohdi,, Journali.
.t1 41140 have414. A V-Y. Amid co4urse14
a wrt4in~g good., rirar L'tidIbin 1.1til
first 144141 Aossnuml,4t requirementtlhl. Then1,
41,44.4. anti 14441114.0 arIsoet4 144 I'.
qu41.14 1. In 440 or t114. al.44 the a14410tutl
44 r14l,41!440 a4 4thorou4gh foundat4ion10
'1419 ..4441 s Ii otge while working144
0,n,1 of1lis wo,,k 1, t., milk.4 4...'1m.14
Isft st 0 4'4444144t4. reporterW 14.4,4 the
I444 he, Ojiflol., hI. =,444* ~ h th.,
wfirf t1.1. hi.1 tra4inling sold1 In .tile4'
.111 '.4447 hI... llhighr,
1-140 44144 themor. .444 promha-fi~ll3
"44411.4'.In addi4tion444 1441, li. "$to-
lit oI,.11c. $1411 u4441.tt 10 ,4fi01lled
.,4 ill 1, w ,ortin. 144 Write, 1110 444w. roily.
soil Iits he advissfe4.. "li1t4'4414Y. write4
W-t11 14.1.4 10le. 14441'sh 44Nt141
,411'. 11.111y. Will4. tile. 44144414.44 144441
.,,per4. 'T4e, 1no144.t'.4444' li, whb1 It..e
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'147 r-... in 1a la4rge' O4.41'040114
ty41.4 $t,'ro 1u0it do"Inhs; arrfl'.teg4'4lmalt44
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If 144",4?'. l.y 14.,1'4 1.4 ou'I
441..' 14411Y 11111.1 .0, In th4, 1-441 Pa.'
lw,441 '1 both41 I 'hIlOII,4,1144 unto, Urbamna.
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all,' b lisil,4t141144fli Is4* very 4'+-.41Dr.
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I 1w4,a TI,, 111nt4 IN PubisIhed -v'er'y
inoniiv hld an.44 -orlumns 114 111
ft4L4' 1.144141r .1l. los -e olumn. to ila,
o.-v't'4 full10 I~~ thn. eight pox.-1.. It
11 Ie it.. 1444 student new41.4pae4 In
,be' 11,11,4A1.tate- ...d 01.4tt4.d it4 fifty.

'1,4.-lre I'm 's, 44 '41.4.0n 141 144.4444
I4s It,'. J.,ur,,..l-ist u'44k-i4.Ium. 10.1,4I-
In1., 4444 1,'44' 444.4 tO I ffee ,i4ll4 11,1.4
year, 3.4t. 9-1t,4 will o4ffer.a r44444's I4
144r. 411141 millinehr In the history. of11tile
A'tmw'rI.'1n innamitine10. In which.1 1, wiull
:m'l4, tile m.44th 4.1 Journa14114 in4 Ali,-4
is1is 44~'4ll444 i4le t14 I.4144n4t 44141 th"
L'o''1l t14.'44re In A1n,4.4.l".n js.r4fslbin141
N4, fill it. i,', w44e- mutt, .,t' great. 444,1
g144. !,1..4 1formation144 411,1411 41111 41,4
4 Is41 he.14.lp.Iful. but a.1.4 14444 II
l~~l44l44II4"Th Co!I th 14t.0. 41.'
l'444,'0411!4'4*4t 14441.1 "i ('414.4"
N44,Ilt.. I "'ih.4t ...... EPy Rending
144I~.g. "Ilink' nlo ao, d Fi't'o Atie
.1." 't'411'lk-7 34ll,14114' an04 "The4
I.,,of the I'm*.."
'IThe. he' .4I 4.1 the joltonfrulom work,
1 101 44, 11 141'i. F4...kl,.in '4 lits'14 ,41. 4
is b,4or4 of tIe A.4a140it-e4 'ro."d4
114,r .,mot a1 -Ire1 of yen"4. T1i'.
6.9nitt w444 In than'. of the. work. lit
j.4,rooli.r.t front4 11104 40 1141A4 he. Ill
;.lw,.. insd 041$it nes'4.na4t7 forhi. 1110
I111 n 4444144 .f his work,
salem (Ia.) No", Chan~g" Hands.
ULM,!.I IA.-Il. Kitrkrolatrl4' I4,-,
14.441114t the4 Sol-.41 News from Autlr.',l
V'. 411.441. 31r. Kirkptraickl. was for.'
mostly 144414114414$4 flat1 Ne'sforo main'.w4
year until. 001 (t4.'.lr, 2041,W10 .O 114 it
mold4 N;I to 31 .'.130.411.

144.q~1!. 11.A1.-P 000 V.0100 athe

WaSfIM "M-Fa uma

A Romance of the Sea

Adventures, thrilling episodes and an uncommonly
captivating love story, the scenes of which are laid
aboard a sealing schooner bound for the North and on
a gold-bearing beach in the Arctic regions.
A strange hero in the form of a mighty sailor-man,
almost primitive in his great strength. Others in the
ship's company were a shanghaied newspaperman, a
smooth villain of a physician who also acted as mate,
the captain, second mate, a mysterious, soft-footed,
Japanese cook; sailors and seal hunters of Bolshevik
tendencies and one woman-the captain's daughter.
A sealing enterprise it purported to be, but in real-
ity it was a gold-seeking venture. The adventures and
thrills are in keeping with the character of the quest
and the oddly assorted participants.
Readers are going to be strongly impressed with
the tall, courageous, big-muscled, resourceful hero.
Every manifestation of this character-how he took
command, defeated the villain, dealt with mutineers,
found and secured the gold, and outwitted the officers
of a Japanese cruiser bent on seizing his ship for tres-
passing in their waters-each is a study in character
and action of the most absorbing interest.
As for the girl, she is of the kind which women like;
and that type of female is generally all right and sure
to be liked by the men. The love-interest of the tale is
very intriguing and readers will not guess how it termi-
nates. It turns out in a manner quite unexpected, but
the reader will speedily realize that it is just the way
he wanted it to end.
A forceful story, well written and alive in every
Complete, with chapter synopsis and displays for advance
announcement, in 48 columns. Price for the use of plates, $14.00.
The illustration used in this ad is part of the display material
furnished with plates. Exclusive publication rights if your order
is the first received from your town.




LUI ......... ..... pnuDVERTISING CO ..s g ge' "' +'I i
Con tusoaliy f B rtsonOrer o ita iuor p d olu wth i wirlut u a ltfl Be s p e
PT I M FOR ..... 1 ... wl T .bl l ,t.p..C .ati. e donI.. "- t
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H i ItU '""K T t. .' fr I ,, :. ,l ,.l inl,,i,,e , 1 ,iiiinal l.t.i .rI f o ml e whiu l i you prll tf.
..... .. .IDEA SHOULD BE ........... "+o d'.' .... ko AkG I g 0 +.... .

III kr k in ,,... l .. _---- shree m n i n ii- anM Toh u1arlE m mttratpvu tl
."T Colorado Editor Give Example .. ... ..... i, + ......1 Memorial Effort for Michael J. i ,- ,*
Soujth Florida Association to -:":, of;*, .. Argument of Non.Adver. :;'. "";;;;1 1;;l;;o;,;';. '';.',;';; Cowling. Pioner Editor-Bank- .,i., .,"^ 'Xntis!.
Hear Discussion of Many so ~ timing Merchanto. .. ato. < Kdot" 1a 1- Of-Patfiot, Set for Oct. 17-31. but** 111" 1 111 aw. *
Tex hI, + I tP ...II1n1 li fIII It.ll1 lIl- n e hll.he prll er fill oe r tille tno

-t+ -r AI e a n n n l at t o r a v E i t o1 1 ,,t11 s e diwic k lCo lei) S u n, e a r m p i ft s it l ,o lt ti: ltli.I lu ll kfll o olellin t hl e u l l
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practia S HC h. ,l l r a n ^ h r u Ill h lw I -oH ,lh ill I tonflo .. f l ltshl hirais o fU 1u11
M s ine u ro i n lli r il e, phal ege li+tK Th*, h 4++hll st I {l r o~n w t gtr t i d It in l,,ib :io ,\lllq tsh lunt ;I Sllltl in ll to a ntltd ftn it b r111 le ll "rti l hter g i ht c r 'lrt lating. i I
ATll L ue ;l i.*,rn 0 --. ....... In a 1 lo- .lut ll hrly a'ttraL tive t.'l
1 m ....il ..ll I l ,lr i- .,, II.........111 il l.. ll], I.' ll-,* .... || (,,i. kl. .. ...... ,,,, *** ,,*,"*" ,,* +"I ,. **" ..... "I .. .,ll .... M emo ia l Eff rt l- M|ll.. u l., J. ll I'" " "* '- > ,r
.......toL.......,,,,.v.... l.",,,,,. ,..I. ,,,III- Colorado Editor Gives 1 nl '""Examples., .. ,.,. ,A I I. ., for. Mich I, JI "

S1 th Flrild Associatio rn to ,., , ,. md of Argument of Non.Ao her- t .i ,..Iit .1 la I n lln I, I t .. ,.||i.|, i ii.l.],l 1 I t of1'g a"t al_.
*r' i lll i.nle p dofMany ,,il,, ,.,,,,,1 ........ .( l .,Pi n e .,.*t, .... .,,, ..,..rr ,, t,,, .i... owi g .. i l r ibitos r B nk- ,I All.Illrll,'iii t ll 'll. l < ir | ll h l llopp rlh tt
e ar io,!?- 1 u rM s s r r.,,, t i,,,.,,, ,, ,1. ,p ,,rrm ,, ,. f, tilling Merchants l n. ,*m.i ,, .,h h ,,"*t , ,,, ,,,,er Patriot ,. Set for O t. h17- 31 l ". i t mli h e a*. a r Uth m ,
Pr a c tic a ... W ,.e . k .-.n U;- ....l* ll. 1 .1 ll.. t.1rl ll. I I "ll 'I -o ton | |, u | ,,, .| w -| t4 4 I 1 1. of l lv rn t am l
Pr t lcal S l d M the .ripip,, |l|" r, ll, l, i *,io TrtI hB, 5.' I n n. ,K1 LS-- IIfi ll ,1al ll r. lr A I- l m l in r r l.| mer 1 r.. ,. lh p iro lwr 1 u.llll. ol l i ol Ibali
-'K ";;.,,,. ", *..,'- ... ** '- W lnl "l l" X""' "I 1'ld a r ,; '" ", 1 l.,rl R. K.O! I1- ,*'"*l "'***"*" *r I **h"'* lb t*"h """I ,'. Ii + ll ,.,, ,,, .,,. ,,f r|, la|h,,,, lllll I dl 'tl llll II

tr. -.; f.a.- ,, ,ndw lnr li.akng, H..I rnl,.l. iAKsa; L AI ..liaat., '- FT,, MN, l,-. iurl ls, r I,, I.1 tor e .di, o a the G o io wi hk (Colo.) iun I. by ri tt.. it f th r i, o 11 $otI o h I. ...ON ,,,,, I ik r I Ou t n IIIh .i
A N ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ko 'ifdI.l u e ew u t i I I b 1la 14 n I ,. Ia nati aed a of .s now INns h

I' .* l llm II'I Cou n .y Nos. l- ll *n. ,l' ,,, 1. l ro ,, l s 1 .. 1 ploI, hl'"l, that i7 r-, 'a1t , II .,own w m.. .l u..;" I.W" I" "l d wn a r p -l
1 U1 4 I *r. I. AHlse rln e al a TH' COMMUNITY Ill ln..i, I| ,,t l|r I|1 I q Iiin lr h IIty I ... I r.l+ 'l eI thlM'l Il" \..1t II h 'lll i l el llll m llrl I II- il-. 7- ] | < 11 <,f t nor i l r I ie irII ar U r c
lllli M 1". _I _, iI* i""* lh' -*'ll'l''*ll' lll. *' f II|.I,1-.I Io1> II l tth uI""i "II

LA 4 4h'ol. .1 -1 u** cA htaflls I"t n rl *"*. I "l..': I-"" 11,*";*1 *rr ll. i T l o, A h h .,r" I n 111 Y: t .. "mt , .\ ". il' t h\ ,,1 wtll Inotflmaikedlld. he d.o t IId

a;^ n s ,, n'zo^" A ang t.:o ;erform a a reg^l' e a t hr l l,;, : ing the or- titf.,1- 1 it. .I.. in.owl- ; : ; prn;h ,ll *;:,.h":':;;;1h':w^rth;;or,,;:.p;t tho It. ar iu;i ti;a. Hirans
lir i itr t that) r -lnsu in Ifi in ,b, IdA-11 spread n a!o.d h m um aI; :it. h I.- -w i 1 i- i et. ith. -.0. ur any With thr : "
alable. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ I ..l. ..... iti t o nlIue ta h Wipedrl p ma ft ih en h m -r o -li-M an b gve
,,, I; ii+ ll.l e. 4 '1IIWbii iti to. I ....th* . i rllll t t he 1 h ,11 ll *.II tl log ih sa ke*% be ,
,i i.i l.ilr. (, I. l . 11
fit "41'*1"h*

nt b achiv miluesk.. it -P...ntt a pr t eht Caio na e s a e Ciii 'if vvla o 1* r ln.I t e s tt a lu t o aul nry. It Wl
ofl '1"1w' hus Ils no ",' I- ort nolr^ SthI
;. f j .I i,, o ,t. ha finitu1i ng inr fuln: fJiW .t ini r I .:ll , b 1 ih h i

AW.WHAti-nff SEro-ir r. u. enare Silly tr "fit llt WTxsPpru
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Innt -I bI, WtT yA 3)0 rour in 1 HAn l I HU Wl |
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AW s W of T' THEo, U Et wol.ul seeu jst abouth- a esnbeoak ipht Fit ofal. Whldr i"p ress Iif i llfn aII" T im Ar..h o. fitn ,e.
Wt- : N O-. il l ,, .. . A... I,,,, .- , . I.,. ... ............ till tm Iu I ts Mio -t J. bel t a.s"

WhtsDiff usent f frunythngyo What' the psyh no, oflchte? I's Wt ouane sest themhto dask forithes e particuarnewasp alper tainthas amsdit *hlll**wt
coic strie. aWhykle peapleuh lihe comic istreieved forn th ser moetinl mentrancd them Wat the h chin drentanoskrle frormhe etrand 11rVa Ze;'^lm. a dis^ti
ofton itheout informd ionarl ar. A he y e lt slip fnrone thewes e l;f the newspaper tihuatte like isuc d the news mpe usualythat their t '""d '**""'"*verti't
the machinery comes to a stop there is a pause at ease. 'Humo r mothers w ill read. And one mother reading a newspaper is bet f ll. ti h

is good for children because it stimulates their minds, saccustoms ter for the publisher tlian any two men-first, because she is bet- re.i'.ii f'o an, rL
th....m to sudden surprises. THumor is rest for the adult; it is good ter; second, because the mothers spend the money, read adverl- I | g, hn.o
for him because it stops the thinking in the tired part of the timing carefully because the are economical, thus making fthe j'mps t
v-Io o l';,r:r r:r~ bill an t e .+l llumTsln

laughter distinguishes men from animals. It is certain that earn- editorial in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
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AW, WHtr THE .... to -i+_ We arei MY+. Il Timm ,itWe
=Aw~ ~~vo so =V-+.+-W
,WHAT'S~~p THTUE ,tiVg

Different from anything you yet have seen, eh? It's our new est thought disting'uis hes me*n from animals. Also certain that it
comic strip. WVhy do people like comic strips? Ii~lany answers. tires men, and that the best, instantaneous relief from tiring .It. Van ZAl. distin.
harte been Dawen--hastily, thoughtlessl.y, sometimes foolishly, and thought is found in laughter. I To the publisher who must make vu,.h,.- -'.-.-.. til of the,
-lv, r-o. "ind of the
often without information. And yet, to anyone pos~sess ed of a his newspaper circulate and succeed the comic section is most ort,, ,k F:.n.inut Worl,
,sens+ (if humor, it would seem just about as reasonable to ask, important. First of all, it interest., children, impresses them and has. th., j,,b of.... men,
WVhat's the us e of fun ? W hat's the psychology of laughter? "W ith call~s" them to ask for the particular newspaper that has amused out,. af-dn t god tahlr en -
"I smile, "I chuckle. a laugh, the brain is relieved for the moment and entranced them. "What the children ask for they get, and I,,i },, di,,- just that.nHe in
from the, load it ordinarily carriers. The belt slips from the wheel ; the newspaper that they like ill the newspaper usually that their a good ,..il,.artist.
the m machinery comes to a stop; there is a pause at ease. "'Humor mothers will read. And one mother reading a newspaper is bet- "A w. What's the Use? i
i., good for children because it Stimulates their minds, -accustoms ter for the publisher than any two men--first, because she is bet- ,, oo il,,, trip fo.r any weekly1
the(m to u(hlens mwpr-i,,es. THumor is rest for the adult; it is good ter; second, because the mothers spend the money, read adver- potter. lie strip for oweh 16-
Su. ix strips cooit $2 .00.
for him because it Strips the thinking in the tired part of the ti.sing carefully beca use they are economical, thus making the I.li. : standingr order for a
mind, transfer it to another part, relieves the nerves. IThey say advertising pay and making the newspaper pay.--Extract from n,.w +t ppy each ,ix wod.
laughter distinguishes men from animals. It is certain that earn- editorial in the Seattle Post-lntelligencer.


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, ,111 .na n u i ,. .,T , , l, ';.,-,, ,: ,' ,l ,. !;: ,. .* .- . ; ,, l r I ,., k ....... .' i 7, ; 'o I| ITH .. 1% i '" Prirod , I..,. A O .A u m
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. h l ,l I. .I . . .i .. . . . . a , . , ,'I r Ia. .; i h ata I .'.KeB tirj M
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I I ,_ A .1 .I-. M .:,l,. ,q I, I.. ,. I. I, ,1 I., ,.. I -1, '. a l .i a I I t I ll.l't I ,a tl 11,,, SAMl
a, ,,,,,, i' l.,,.1aaal aI a a l all, i,,,r Ill l., A1 IAUO I-i
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a t I I ,r I at -l t l'-Il,11. I 'k . 111! ' I' t, ,' I. lI, : k .tat I I tall w l ala, rIN
a,,;i+. aI I I Ar,.1, .. I k.+I+1:L I Iaaitattt:t all I- T I l l ,,t I
t a. ', A , n 1 -.1 I 1 ,i ....... Iilt I I Ii.. ..i.aI a,- A- 5

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It a.,lI ,tt, ia a .. .. I a" Ni t ,, I =

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" I I h, .. , $ Q!t- L II a l a a I aI.. Ia.o. III ,, i,,I, i + + .+ m l i
. . .. .- I I,,a I, 1 1 ..li. a A a a l I I, ... . ... ... , ,, r I I :i. . , i -til,,.i La c," .
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ti alt ... iI. ala,.n i I .... ,. hl 1. 1 .1 r , a at.ak ,, Iaa I ... .. rt, 0 ll I l I I I ,i l. ,, ,aa:a-alat
1. ,. ,li t*." -ikk ,Ir I ,;-, I a .. .. a ,a a a .... -rItalil
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I'4 l I'' , l : : I I ... ... , ": -.. ., .. I" ... ltl r,'Nt t' ,ia t lit. aa I,. N 'ii tla I Ialt,, allaI ,r 'a.lt a I- I. ahata
t.I. N .. l h , i ... .. J', 1 I ,, I a ll l 1,, ,'I+lt,: .- Ii I ,- , a i a I IaU., I, I ht l N I a t
II : + L+t,, I,,. I1 t, Ia r.. t1. .. .' . .I I,.d a, .,i r..
tt. I. Ia i i 1 ,"" t li t. I aI i.dlt l a.l- Itt- l a. ki t-
414 l+k ,+ .: I, l+t .n "I'li l ,ii, I: "" 1, I ... I ..... .+ k.. ,,,.- i u" I.. II .'k'AA,..

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di rII. a. ta+ lt tt aaa ia '$aaat 11 .ta I l ... I *1., tl a k k -lN '". ' i,.w, la lt
a'. a a it. .ll ail tal at it ? r I t Il I' I.. . . ll. .- ', 1- ikk uml
b"t.f a I ata:rw l h.h b.a .... ,atla .aa.h.aahI a ar l.allh.. r .I tlt. ala a, : 5+ '] I l,1,aI, =tAll .
.*pl~rmh,+1- k+... ,~d.l+,Im, ,, .:;" +, ,,, +.... .... I i .1' -': I... 'L ,-, ,~',+ I+ blidl.-iki, h,, ---
, ; .; .. .. , .. .. -L, I..+ l IT.+ I. f" .''Illtk. I te .,+,, -l.~ ." %1+1,[[,r +S,. ,+[p% +I+ E+':TIm II+N|M

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tall .n11 I .aa a, -- N. a aa- -' a..l k -t + 111T. I a. It a aria T t' al-, a.l, T u' ta t i i 511us
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sar 1ta Ihat .. .- ari ala tat ,ll .dl tad ta l I at al Ia I. I -'.ala." Ittaltt.t.i. Ia It" r I II tt t li, ta,.z t a a l i t

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"'... ;.I , :' I "- I I:"" +, ...""" "' ; ',"" '! I'll .. ..'-.:. ..' .. :,. I ',,...I,,'' ..IIIAeu

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a a h ha at. 'ala., a a I a Ii d.. a-1- .. t,, 1. 1. 11I I a IIt
.11. I.: .1 ,4+1' . .... .... ''II +l/' l3 + Ii p .e +rI lll,.ll .++ I I ..l I.L. Ibu.- P vll at i

ahw. lar Uill la At. l.l.l t lhl a t +, hi t .. N a la a t ,. r ta ll t lhI," .ta:l al lala l tI itlilti..oFl'I:IIIt tl.nttaN ha,
..:1111.1.;:!,I'l , ,,' , .I.I,. "+, +,,,h ',,: ,, r'.. ,,,,I '..-., eiq" .. ..;`:11" 11 'I..

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ra wy" sai. aath. 11.11-- -l I-' ,; r a 1.'-'. I I., II. % .a.- t..""r,-al .t" ".. at '-". Io O I aaf t a'I l
% .1r .a.. a.. at;- tata ,,, r ... I' t k,. It-a ltn t t..d a1' a t ta a It t I, i
l l k +~ ~~ I, ;l~ l + l + h ) m r I ,,.* % +, i- ,+* I l ,

1t1 tit a1. , ,.n, I i 'rtd a air! l tI t '" +"'i I'' ,. t III a iI"I '. -a N ". 1, I t +' 'at I., il'ltl INll, a tt i MI RIN.III S N
a' , .l .. .l, 6,!'.r l It, .ala 6 '.Itt,' h l I '..." '' l ... ... h .. .. a . ,,t. r r ,' at tt .t. tat, I s, ,i l .r hl l
a'l ltO l ... .. I : 1 I ,r 11 +, I , I I , n ., Ih ,i :trI A lhaah I ,. h IM '1I t11, L4
Is. , 11ua l a a a a h a,. r ,'a l t a. t., ita r t -tr Ia I rt a ,.. a lh ati .ah. P!+"'I" l ZU
lf ;I.N Naa 1.t.. It I I I I I- I' t aI t) 'ki a I. .I I l. .t tt t ... Iar t I tiri . ..Ma st lt. Aa t , t, h t t allhdlll rI.t...l -ti i
I, 5a-.. ,tl 2 .... . .. a a, l I Sa. .. . .l I I S ta I. t l.,pb S r .

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.hr I u as a.t I t k: I I .I la a I 4 tit kN 1.1I1I. I I a I I 1. I .. P1 .a t i77 --t -I. a t1 I; ia ; 1 . ..... ... tu a'- a .I .- .. lil t .-K h ..i ..at.t V at u
..'at. tr Ad i. a. a. t. .t aIad.t. ... ...... t aa, .. I I.. t 6d ., I -s t t '. TiUW
+ 1i. 7 +i 1: ht 1 ":ll 1, " . ,, : "II 1 : I . , ` .k I l- I I ',. l l- .t ) P .t -

t a tr a A d Iat a1ta.-la tl atttteiatlaml II 1 k a ." A ,: L ald t I u ,'Itt.lt: I Iak:aAttIlt.,thl atIa.t a.aI raI i a ab P g M,
!;.1.a:.'atiattalaaaI al t. til.' 1 ,` A ,I i' I , 'a ,.r 7 .t +l I" l lh., ll,
5 t 5 , k1 I - I . ,ir r t i S t p a a .. t a i a l t .,t, a I a. _i_ ' '1 1 ,. .I t .. u t ,t t tra t l a- a
.t, taata .lalta t t m! i : l a! .t, .tI t;llatta, ltt ttttlt bll-kt. i ,lI a.l Ilt. air .... t. I..t ulll l. at P Iatlhlt ll ha i Ihl l r,
alt SAN :I ahliti. ia, aI. ,ia. tabataliairtt 'IT I.II11 .. l" gatt I1. -II aatt..aa ak'"`- at ta -ual ati'IT

rta ,rtaa ,. asl talalk I tiii a ..... .a, al a a '. d at ..a.a.lIar. 1,; Iii I,, -r a .tl I ,. -I I lala .a .Ft ill.t ,, at ai I ..u 0,l a Ill
.,,~l+m11 i + It,l +,` I . l I l.... -i- -+',t+, ..l"-," + ++ I., kkr "* r1 I- I +I I 1I I* +i'f'IF IIIkk 1 L %. l,l' hlf; lh' %
,, II -I h . I I. I ..l. a

atalarI+- II,,I' atabuti latatI a l.lr sl..t' il,,',111, al.I -I atttlti alth~ti a bat t it, al ladt art,, l w trIt
.. .a i .."..' .,a l "Ia. "ilN dla.a a t .'tl tI a h+'l.. ,''..Lt", :a .. .. ....a. ,t." .,tat a a w'-"r-
l tt t -, t a a t l I,.- IiIl th .I I ,; I IN"II .. ... .. -- lt,,l ,ka ,I .. . r I l, I, ...... .tu I ,. I. a a -a- IIt, 'll.t b a .l la S4 nI
1Irl tl ad sad t ..a l l I,, I I rt, I. ...... '. a 1, A,.,t i I- a..- -..I 1 la -ta t ,_ all.l 1- . t .l a

taratas iii a lit l a. Ia aIaItAI aIA WI1.
-11 lkt-IA 1.A1Pk I,;~i-% 1',. ,I, I :,.I ` ,', `;. .; .,-,; k \i- I. I\ .., -III+ ,+ 1.. -, ,r 11 ... .1-1,I 1 I ,, --- I.,

I .t,, t ... ... taitra it ,, .. al .. .a l .. ltll. i ia-. Id a ta' l .r IaI tl.dt t I.
l .. Ir It ;,i ...t'taaiani...a. .la I al.. ti at h, i. ata"a., I i, a t. a a lIW t ,;a t. a, a W IA I M e we o Whl.
I t..', It I tI, t a )'F"''II ii al, N: k ;ti al I a -. II :1,l.1t ,, f ll ;l ,rll,, *t ,t Ita ,::, I*Il, It aI ltII lIa I .K,
..ta .I. i 11 atr -11.a 1. Itt r 1. a- ' : I I itIt Jil t tI II, F II a ,a aa"dI Ial t' .t I .. t.. l, I '., I.., t l L UAhS- . mtl
p r t a l a 11a I 1'a.1; -at..ia i It 1. 'dt,1,, all I I, '. IN ; .il k"a ki' "... ... "rl,' t I ll

.p~ lsta.. .. .Ia.. a. a .. a in .. al. ll "all'llh 1tI...aa I +alal tl+ I % I -A"t I lt" b ill ..... a tat at PIt I lt h 5ttt In ha pai t ~ i
aatt $ itabtt tat I a 1 .... . .. ,t .., l, 1. .jd ll t'ti a .. . .a h b .... .a.. lra a I" W itr, PiS
i .aa .,atata itltt ,,ih.i ,i i ,.ii. i'ltiitti, llli. la ., ,, i.,, _,t a ..I _=. -.-t l a I a ,-al t Aa w r .. a, t ta ,it a lta -lt .lttIa a .l 1
aitta. I .t ',I" wt la at a ,,' blat ''it,' at II''... '.,.. ,-trIaIt ,tl t at tal r.,dla Ir .td. a haIs
tat ,i a N dIa tta i ,l.. .. .. a b t., at., illi I...I ball. I I a i ta lrl waa ,sthItl PAP ,
Z .a I 1larl a: '.,1'. ==i t.. .... *,,,,I" !I I- t t ill .ht.... .A :: ... t -.1.. ...... .t a d... - a- A -I. I 'Il atr tl i
I'..:. l' I" talit a ,,I r.. I " I I a --t A t f i a I. t a rI. . l II It I. at il
... .... ... Il t. ' "wd.. ot ' I.... '+n L ...... I '' I I '' I -J' : L'"FP +I .Tr 'N .' -jo..'W.. ..*; ..;o P.

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a.1: ...aa.a INI l a" I I -- a a tllI + .- T .i '......a.. .. .. t :t llah ,l lla'allt-rllr-l .iuhl. l'RP
A l al I a i .. i I I U... L I;- I.,a..1. , . t ., : t 'ta l a ;; 'V taIl .. l:Y ka atltt .a i aa Iar a a rts
Slit W~t~ll 'FatI ~li~ 1111 a ta ,-a k I al' ', I a ~ l. I, a. It, al,. al ia-laN IaN Ikk ati I It .t'it *

ihtttrhtt it t I t t ...a a Il t ... ...., 'L- tat IN t at' .at it tart- Saa
a, t, I t I t"a 'i i !a : r , Iih lr li a. i .+ i a .1-al p.. a1h or I I I% I i 1 I I N Io
Itlatilirwa Fall. S,. i A l l t l l t y t ta" -.I I tt-aI l a7 I'.. a ak b a i l ti : ; 1 I : , I ir . . I t Ita l I II. I.Ia A- l St ai -i d t tI~t i T a wI-S W IN1'.

k.-t. u t. lt .. .... .. I, a I'. ... .N... iti .. I .i-.. l t ai tasty
a..4+I I ... iI..ra'i. y a aala. k."t aa l I II. ..- $ I .. a .,aa, aaatitak. aa l.. k tn.$ lt lti....
.. I a r ia . I I aall Itt 1i-il la-al,.l Ip t..r a a, t. l a l tit) i a i .al .lar ltltba ath... ., ........ Ir f A -"rll paha aI V
N1IH a.1i-IiI tit 1l .tid tl a~ ,a laI. Ia a "i 11,,1,a "tataI ~ aaatbaili~hp P

avaIwi i .I tt.l ii t I. N, t ltn II .. .. I : F.,,, ., I, .' a-, ;=,,;'a,,, 'altio. alt at. i rt...........llt t da. Ilata t h i i
.,.'-, Na b.a .. -, ,i a a.. l a~I 1111. I. 1 la. tal ~ rta~a tialtat I at aa t l n I.S p .PI lltm

a+ 'I I I m' I I ta" r l.t'tt' I't. "I't '3 K N 'J'l I. ,,ld~ 11Ii*P )tt l ll.. t l+a.. 1in aI '.lkl b- l)tatatar' a IAK a'tt . a.. ts -- --ti. ..aal atta,| A I
.iI I 'a al-at.. 1, r',la l- l' t1lt I t-hilli t tlIYI++i iI."YU I
t I hI tI ll, I a i l atn i rl .1p. .1.l t i -r kl a .Ata ,llaIll .. I ltaatlItr .a al a A t
-- ,a a- i ati, I ', ,, ..", ", I. .... a l I. ',t. II I .. i. ta t ittI:rh',t1, IIl t.. .,hr..
.tI.l.." tal-l-,'I X11. +: I ;`: '' .,- t i It,., II 'a.', a I i- n l t a I I J. o A : rn I .1lle ."Ac ---
N ewypapers folIr Sat tti iIMNI ., r a,,%kkti.'+l"u "at, r 'pll 1.i. 1.titt1,a i I SIat a tk Ia L aw. b I.istist
a a tI. lttl, tI alit at *, la i i.t a h l li-, a a , a a tlrt.W, .t.r..t t .tilt.pu...t t- 1.1W1.1t ap I "l ` T W
A aI. I. bat ,,l I iim i!a,,lt.1. 11. .-I
a....lt lir. -Ia.L at ... I arAa aiI.. ,t-t1 1 .lF 11 1b1 -tt... ,tt ra-aa,"I 1 1trbIIltI IItra..r A.N" 5k-k- ,'h-5tl*I,, 11Sl9, ON UW

b t t....a .. at .....hiA aal I. tA +lali l lrII it ta... ttrr .....rw d. t r .b A Ik"
et. 'ala ".t O, . b ... I I I" Ilk a a t.atht It a t. -t t aut. n-it, Aa lalIa aawiI
Itilatiap ,.t.a -aaa"t I l Ia IittA I l a k I a I I .. T t I" ~ .llJiti 1. I l- Int I- kr nI... .iO a M r I t al N t" A$lt I~Itti. l Iik ti paw b a s a
a at; a . a i t, Ia a I - '- --- i I wrairata, It It l a .t I s,
... ........--I..,,.,..lk....ll.............. ... .1. ......I I......... I ,.... ... ,,, '... I I. Io S I. I1M ..
A a~ l l I F \ ,. A .i I+ I I + I ..'I I 1, .lm t w 1 1 l i. A -3 I I i o " I ,l M 4 A.:% I A A P-1 -1 1 1 1 11 1 11n
7 . 1'1 ", l Lll l- 1 : 1 .. I l I IT'- I 7 1- 1 11 ... .. ." k Ih ., I, I ,. .1 ,,11 l1,,1 A -. I~ ,- .,I k-.., r ,..,..., .: 11....... .. .... .... ..k ............. I .- : ST ..... ... Im~ d r ,.. 1.- 11 :.I.k,',u+ a."II P W ~ dlpll~

..... .. .. .. ..... a..... a t . - I -- - I .- -
it, a!- I I 6 I. -,K i...... tal-t IIwa~a A .I A"'iy .: tue ,,I rw -iptiP h' Aa l O kh

t:.`.%.... ......., ... .. ....... .. !'k'. ' '-`l Is.......,!-11,.t'" ""i "-;**'1l: 1. ... : ,"""' X', .. .. ... ...si "~ ............ .. ."" ;,;"' ... "falil1 n

t. ta l a tp t..t.. la" .' r ttw' P" a t" b b ll- tii'. ... i ,, P.t ...+ l v -r, t a, l Ad- tt --I' tw.alh tt Ptt,,l aI tltair .lawa psa ea ll 55
atIti" b t" a Ilk III ttt til a IN t'- a- It" Aa II la 4tti r. lrrIt-rw N AIT.aa-'-t I Iairiwa lar letapapaa.wI
... ., ... a..I l.. .. ..' . ... ...... I St l h... taut-a. I ' it t... . .. .ilikkll t Ilt i. a
l a.. l tI.. . .. . ... c..... t . .. a . PIN
Sa. ta .ft. I. i 'll.- A 1 .t Ik 1. I .- h ,-. ~i i ~ I i, a i l- -i -l wit iIia tad tiai pa ~ t a tiara O.utr l l tra r It

1al5Ill I Y ',.4 5 .'* t aI'' l$ur" 'I.i-t- I, I . a a a. . . atIr,,, ,,I,- r r.t stat lls wt,., l l a bawd i
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Ia' Prta.I'halia ,i ti Pit .SI .arl tkl A.a Sta Ia, Iaa Naal 14. I- T-t Lis- "aa asCJar Ia 4 11 A 1 111,1 a l l I.t..

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