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Conservation efforts seem to be paying off with plentiful dolphinServing South Floridas Coastal Neighborhoods rfntb b r rfnntb trb ttr ttrr rrrtrt rfttnn rrrf frbt Shark rules to be debated with public input Lets be honest: Wouldnt the sight of a big shark in the surf, with its dorsal n cutting through the surface, scare you out of the sea, your mind and your bikini? A longtime coastal Floridian might shrug it off and be back in the swim next weekend, but suppose youre a tourist. Fat chance youll ever take another step east of Route A1A. Or maybe even south of the Georgia-Florida boundary. Now suppose youre a sherman who lured that shark near shore by tossing scoops of bloody ground bait in the water, got it to take your hook and reeled it in. You sit on it as if it were a pony, pulling up on its nose to show off its teeth. Thats legal now and mean but dont be surprised if a crowd forms around you, shouting threats and curses. Next, lets say youre a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) Commissioner. Rights are in conict here. You and your outt are the ones who have to settle that with some new regulations with the help of public input, of course. Here are the ideas FWC staff are working on to better control shark shing from shore: Requiring a permit, probably at no cost. Requiring lessons in shark handling, such as no dragging them up the beach, no sitting on them for photos and species identication because there are 26 kinds you cant keep at all and others with minimum size rules. Restricting or forbidding chumming from shore. Separating beach shing for sharks from swimming and sun-bathing by designating separate spaces or conning shark shing to after dark. Limitations for shore-based tournaments Requiring the use of special release gear and of circle hooks, which make it easier and safer to release undersized sharks and protected species without damage. Whatever category of the public you are in, if you dont tell the FWC what you think should and shouldnt be done, it will happen without your input. Better to give the FWC staff some good, thoughtful ideas. Thats always best in person. They plan three public workshops this month in the southeast region, all starting at 6 p.m.: Tuesday Aug. 28 in West Palm Beach at the Palm Beach County department of Planning, Zoning & Building, Vista Center, 2300 N. Jog Road. Wednesday Aug. 29 in Miami at Miami City Halls City Commission chambers, 3500 Pan American Drive. Thursday Aug. 30 in the Keys, Key Colony Beach City Hall, 600 W. Ocean Drive. If you cant attend any of those sessions, FWC will receive your comments online at SaltwaterComments. Once everythings been sifted, a draft rule will be presented to the Commission. The target date is Dec. 12, when the Commission meets for two days at St. Augustine. Current shark regulations along with links to a developing power-point presentation, the statewide workshop schedule and other shark info can be found here: recreational/sharks. If youve been dolphin shing much and not catching much, dont invest or bet money on anything. Your luck is awful. Everybody else is tearing em up. Lots of cooler-llers are heading home early, excited about the imminent drudgery of lleting. In addition to the usual schoolies, less than 2 feet long, gaffers have been abundant almost anywhere you can nd a decent patch of oating Sargasso lots of that out there or a ock of low-ying birds, even one bird. Another way to know how good a summer this is for dolphin is to follow the monthly tagging and recapture reports from Wessley Merten at the Dolphinsh Research Program. It covers the FloridaGeorgia-South Carolina range and the Antilles. The July report says 44 participating boats reported tagging and releasing 663 dolphin in June the fourth highest number tagged in June for the program since 2002. Twenty percent of the tagged and released sh were longer than 20 inches, nose to tail fork. That is the minimum keeper size in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina waters. Mertens said the release of so many legal keepers shows that many shing-doers are dedicated to conservation. It could indicate also what offshore shing-doers have been seeing, that big bull and cow dolphin are so plentiful this season. Just a few boatings can feed the whole crew and anyone they owe a favor. Dolphinsh Research Program sponsors all that tagging for a variety of data. The most impressive stuff we see documents dolphins rapid growth (about an inch per week) and travel. Almost constantly on the feed and on the move, theyll swim hundreds of miles and dive hundreds of feet for a meal. Heres Merten on that: In addition to dolphin and ocean conservation benets, the uptick in tagging activity led to more movement results, and to date the program has received 22 recapture reports that provide some truly remarkable results. Along only the eastern Florida shelf in June, the average movement rate for dolphin was 55.46 miles per day, which is 21 percent faster than last years average (43.71 miles) and faster than any previous year on record. Many anglers have reported that they felt schools were moving fast and results to date corroborate their intuition. Texas oilman Don Gates and his Killin Time II Fishing Team, home-ported at Cudjoe Key, made eight tagging voyages in June and found all the dolphin they could handle. They reported catching, tagging and releasing 316 sh 13 of them recaptured in time for Mertens to report in the July newsletter. Dolphin will eat almost any bait, natural or articial, especially if theres a crowd of them. Cast a bucktail, feather or nylon jig alongside a weedline and you can hear them shouting: I got it! Mine! Dibs! Dibs! Heres the sick part: Theyll even eat one another. Mertens reported the experience of commercial sherman Edwin Medina Feliz of Barahona in the Dominican Republic. On June 23, he caught a 25-pound dolphin (a dorado in his lingo). Inside it he found a Dolphinsh Research Program tag that had been stuck to a 20-incher on April 25 near Guadeloupe 614 miles and 59 days before by Julien Brossel, a charter captain in St. Claude, Guadeloupe. This is the rst event to physically connect dolphinsh that occur in the Lesser Antilles with the Greater Antilles and also provides us a record of the ferocious cannibalistic nature of this epic sh, Merten reported. It is also the longest recovery for a tagged dolphinsh in the Caribbean Sea to date.


r rf ffntb


rfnt b n rfnrfntbtfttnttfbtbbb r rr rfnrt bbrt rbr brrfrntbt rrnrrbb DIRTY FUEL r Impurities in your tanks rob engines of valuable horsepower and can, at the worst possible time, leave your vesselDEAD IN THE WA TERRemoving the fuel from the tank is useless. Sludge and water remain on the interior surfaces and at the very bottom of your tanks. Only our equipment has a patented FILTER FLUSH system to pressure agitate the inside of tanks, then filter all suspended contaminates out of your fuel.IN USE SINCE 1965GUARANTEED TO LEAVE YOUR FUEL PURE AND TANKS FREE OF ALGAE, WATER, RUST, SCALE OR OTHER CON TAM I NATES.f DOCKSIDE SERVICE f EMERGENCY SERVICE f PREVENTATIVE FUEL TREATMENT f SERVING ALL OF FLORIDA ADDED AFTER TANK FLUSH f BEST SERVICE AT THE f SPECIALIZING IN PURE FLOW BEST PRICE YACHT FILTER SYSTEMSGUN MARINEFILTRATION SPE CIAL ISTS(954) 522-6346 Capt. Gunnar Watson 2018 rf ntbbr rbf rbbbf f MADE FROM PURE ZINC GOOD PRICE LAST LONGER SHAFT ZINCS FROM 3/4" TO 6" METRIC SHAFT ZINCS FROM 25 TO 160 m/m ZINCS FOR EUROPEAN YACHTS ZINCS FOR TAIWAN BOATS 2090 S.W. 71 TERR. BLDG. G-6 DAVIE, FL 33317 TEL. (954) 424-3844 FAX (954) 424-9899 Finding just the right profanity when called on I spent a day at sea last month shing for yellowtail snapper and catching triggersh with Trickle the rich guy and Stoney Brokium, whos so poor that church mice venerate him as a patron saint. Trickle and Stoney are the semi-ofcial odd couple of the Fish or Cut Bait Society. We took an informal vote on it one evening. Stoney has deep pockets. Thats because hes wearing Trickles trousers, says Tiller, the chairman of the steering committee. Its true. Trickles fussy wife makes him get rid of his shing pants as soon as they get a shing stain. Suppose you run into someone I know, she tells him. What will they think of me if they see my husband wearing stained pants? Throw the lthy things away. Trickle reminds her he didnt get wealthy by being wasteful, so he gives the stained pants to Stoney the poor guy. Trickle is as tall as he is rich, so most of his shing stains are well below the knees. Stoney, who is short, cuts off the ends. Then he looks as well-dressed as Trickle. [Stoney is reading over my shoulder here. Is that a shing story or are you poking fun at Trickle and me? he just asked.] The notion of being on an ocean with those two gave me caution. When ashore, Trickle goes on and on about his belief that the richer the rich get, the better off everyone else is. Stoney believes it unconditionally, never wondering (not out loud, anyway) how come he doesnt have two dimes to rub together even though the only rich guy he knows is his favorite shing buddy. I was glad they invited me to sh with them but I didnt want to listen to a dubious lecture on economics. Dont worry, Stoney said. Trickle and I never talk about that stuff at sea. We just sh, cut bait and sh some more. Our only reason for inviting you is to get some publicity for what great shing-doers we are. Trickle was horried. He clamped his right hand over Stoneys mouth and twisted his shirt collar with his left hand until Stoneys face turned pink, then red, then navy blue. Hes joking! Trickle said. We invited you because we like you and everyone says youre a great companion and shing-doer. And we dont mind if you write about us as long as you dont publicize our secret waypoints. As I would see at sea on Tillers semi-yacht, they have about a zillion waypoints, neatly organized on a long list in Trickles chart plotter. All have clever names, such as YT Hotspot 1 and Lil Grouper and mny Trgr. There isnt enough horizontal space on the screen to call that one Too many triggersh. Triggersh are good to eat, I said, and Trickle said if I like them so much hed hover over mny Trgr until I catch as many as Im willing personally to skin and llet. I admitted one would be too many, so Trickle tapped up a sub-list of secret yellowtail locations and keyed in a course to the nearest one. That secret spot, whose location I am forbidden to divulge, had two other boats anchored on it. Some secret, that one. Profanity! Stoney Brokium cried. Obscenity! Trickle shouted. They gave me a glance that looked like a cue, so I shook a st at the closest trespasser and hollered Paskudnyak! Thats a terrible thing to call anyone. I hoped the guys on the other boat didnt understand Yiddish. Trickle said my curse might be too personal. He and Stoney werent cursing the other shing-doers personally just the discovery that someone else, anyone, was on their secret spot. They might consider it their own secret spot, and be sore that we know about it too, Trickle said. Okay, Im being kind. Deep down, I think they saw us catching sh here once and marked the spot and stole it from us. If so, that would be sensible even though its offensive, I said. Many times Ive been on boats whose captains went to places where other boats already were anchored but catching nothing. Its dumb to waste time on a spot just because its popular, even though nothing is biting there. Much better to nd one with an active bite, right? Stoney whispered to Trickle, This ones smarter than we thought. The alleged trespassers werent catching anything on our rst spot so rather than crowd them we moved on to other yellowtail places. At each one we put out a chum bag and shook it, and pretty soon some kind of sh would come along ballyhoo, small jacks, almaco, whatever.


Extra Bright SeriesTHE BEST & BRIGHTEST UNDERWATER LIGHTS GUARANTEED TO ATTRACT FISH OR YOUR MONEY BACK! USE ONLINE CODEWT18FOR A DISCOUNT! 855-347-4544 FISHLIGHT.COM 855-FISH-LIGHTPortable Series Portable Series Over a decade of experience and customers worldwide! If triggersh didnt take over right away, as they often did, we threw out a few frozen silversides to attract yellowtail. When yellowtail come up near the surface, thats the most fun, Stoney Brokium said. Then we can put our y rods into play. They didnt come up high enough, but at our third or fourth secret spot they showed up under the chum line. We stuck whole silversides and bits of cut squid and ballyhoo on tiny 1/8and 1/4-ounce jigs (yellow, chartreuse, hot pink) and cast them to the far end of the chum line, where the yellowtail began to bite. We had a dozen or so on ice before the underwater grapevine summoned party-crashing barracudas and sharks. We knew before we saw them: sh would grab our baits and bend our rods, which then would suddenly dip sharply. Our lines would buzz loudly on the reels and go slack. Then we would reel up the forward half of a sh, usually a yellowtail. We love them too, I thought I heard a cuda say. Maybe it was a shark; I couldnt distinguish between their voices, shouted down by human cries of Profanity! Blasphemy! Obscenity! Capt. Trickle commanded us to switch to heavier rods and reels so we predators could horse our sh to the boat before the competing predators could take them away. It decreased our disadvantage somewhat. We boated more yellowtail. Our casts now were short and clumsy, but with the sh right behind and alongside the boat we didnt need distance or accuracy. Soon that bite died down, triggersh started grabbing our baits and we moved again. Wed only eat em if you cleaned em. Not only are their skins tougher than anyone elses, their tiny mouths are equally tough. It takes only a few seconds to get a hook out of a snappers mouth, but unhooking a triggersh takes minutes. We bent some hooks trying. At our next secret yellowtail spot, Stoney Brokium hooked what he thought was a barracuda but turned out to be a big cero mackerel. As he reeled it near the boat, a reef shark went after it. The cero bobbed and weaved. We tried to help it escape the shark. Go left! Trickle shouted. Duck! I yelled. When the shark darted thataway, Stoney tried to drag the cero thisaway. We thought they had a chance until a second shark appeared. You take the tail end and Ill go for the head, shark 2 told shark 1. No, of course sharks dont speak English but they do communicate and it was easy to decode their body language. At that point, it became an unfair ght. Shark 1 faked Stoneys cero thisaway and shark 2 attacked from thataway. They bit it in two and swam away with it. Back at the Fish or Cut Bait clubhouse, Cleat Bollard tied our dock lines and helped us drag our cooler to the lleting table. We told him about our battles with sharks and barracuda. He was more amused than we were. Caught a lot of triggersh, did you? he asked. Too many, we all answered. How many did the sharks and cudas steal? Cleat asked. None, we all said. You know why, dont you? he said. They think just like we do. Feedback:, barracuda show no taste for triggersh


BOAT STILL FOR SALE? MAYBE I TS TIME TO DONATE National Marine InstituteA tax exempt, nonprof it corporation, State of Florida and federally authorized as a 501(c)(3) charitable or g anization.ITS POSSIBLE T O GET A COMBIN A TION OFCASH & T AX DEDUCTIONSTHA T COULD EQ U AL OR SURP ASS THE SALE PRICE OF Y OUR BO A T WHEN Y OU DON A TE T O A Q U ALIFIED CHARIT ABLE ORGANIZA TION.CALL 954 -975-81 02FOR A NO RISK COMPLIMENT AR Y AN AL YSISPR O VIDING THE A CADEMICS FOR THE FUTURE GU ARDIANS OF OUR EARTHS ENVIR ONMENT3907 North F ederal Highway #193 P ompano Beach, FL 33064Phone: 954 -97 5 8 1 02F ax: 954-9 7 1-1 184Email: www .marineinstitute.or g AIR COMPRESSORfor Compressed Air Supplies and Equipment, Inc.rfntrbrr r r nfr rr r ffrbnr Our Clients include: rfntb nrtnbnbfPHONE:(954)929-4462nFAX: E-MAIL: bfbbrnf fbb n r rWood-Chip Marine Lumber & Supplies3301 South Andrews Avenue, Bay 8, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 rfntbr fffrfntbr Boating equipment should never be considered trivialfb rHeres a boating trivia question for you: You have a 17-foot recreational boat with a built-in fuel tank. Which of the following items are you legally required to have on board when navigating Florida waters? A: A compass and radio; B: A noise making device, personal otation devices (PFDs) and a re extinguisher; C: Radar, an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) and GPS tracker with a local chart program; D: All of the above. If you chose D, you could be considered cautious and sensible but not correct. The items listed under B are required by law. While the other items are certainly useful in some cases you would be foolish for NOT having them (especially a radio and compass) they are not legally mandated. Legally, a noise-making device, PFD and a re extinguisher make for the bare minimum of safety equipment when traveling navigable waters. Keep in mind that the list does become slightly longer and varies according to the size, design and destination of the boat. That said, lets examine this further and discuss why you may want to carry those non-required items as well. Certainly, having Coast Guard-approved PFDs for every person on board should be a no-brainer. Kids under age 6 are required to wear a USCG-approved PFD while the vessel is traveling. By the way, this requirement also extends to paddle boaters. Noise makers are required because you need a way of communicating with other vessels and bridgetenders.Horns, bells, whistles and even a steel frying pan with a spoon is allowed, provided it can make the proper signal to others. So it behooves boaters to learn correct noise (horn) signals to make while piloting their vessels. Its important to educate yourself on the rules of the road. Finally, Coast Guard-approved and serviceable re extinguishers are legally required for motorized vessels 26 feet and over, along with craft under 26 feet if they have a built-in fuel tank, inboard engine, compartments where portable fuel tanks may be stored, or open areas between the hull and deck where ammable or explosive gases could accumulate. It should be noted though that non-motorized boats are exempt from these re extinguisher requirements. One other piece of often-required equipment not included on my list is a visual distress signal generally some form of strobe or are system only if youre taking your vessel on either the high seas or coastal waters. As pointed out earlier, the list of required equipment can vary somewhat according to vessel size, destination and other factors. For a more thorough list, visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) site at: safety-education/equipment/vessels-16-to-259-feet. Now, you might be wondering why other equipment in the trivia question is not legally required. Well, there are multiple explanations. First, keep in mind that legally-required equipment reects the minimum standard considered to prevent possible tragedy and loss of life. Second, legislating certain equipment can, to some extent, arguably slow innovation. For example, if Loran-C had been an actual legal requirement on recreational vessels, it might have theoretically slowed down the civilian use and eventual dominance of GPS. The nal reason for not mandating more safety equipment is that in a free and open society you can only legislate so much good sense. That said, you can incentivize the use of otherwise optional safety equipment. A recent example of this is Floridas new boat registration discount for having an EPIRB or PLB (Personal Locator Beacon). For a breakdown on this discount, based on your vessels length and classication, visit the Florida Highway & Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) site at: epirb-plb-incentives. One last thing: equipment, required or not, must be in good working order! Even if something isnt legally required, once onboard its expected to be working. If it isnt (e.g. a broken radar or a radio for example) and an accident occurs, the burden shifts to the boat owner to prove that lability for the incident shouldnt fall to him or her. Just something to keep in mind. Remember, while its fun to name safety equipment in a trivia contest, actually maintaining that equipment is no trivial matter. Mark Ercolin is a Fort Lauderdale-based maritime attorney. The information in this column is summary in nature and should not be applied to specic cases or situations.


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rf ffntb Founded in 1977CableMarine. comCable Marine West(80 & 100 Ton Lifts)954-587-40002491 W. State Road 84 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312Cable Marine East(40 Ton Lift) 954-462-28221517 S.E. 16th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 2029 3039 4049 5059 6069 7079 8089 90& upPRICES PER FOOTBottom Painting Prices(Sanding and barnacle scraping billed at additional $67. per hour)Our everyday low prices are listed below. Have Cable Marine paint your boat and receive coupons equivalent to 10% of your invoice amount (bottom painting only). These coupons can be used as payment against future work performed at Cable Marine or against any purchase made at any Boat Owners Warehouse store. Fiberglass Bottomkote NT $19.75 $22.00 $23.00 $23.75 $28.50 $30.00 $39.50 T&M Copper Guard 19.75 22.00 23.00 23.75 28.50 30.00 39.50 T&M SeaHawk AF33 20.00 22.50 23.50 23.75 29.00 31.00 40.50 T&M Ultima SSA 20.00 22.50 23.50 23.75 29.00 31.00 40.50 T&M Unepoxy Plus 20.50 22.75 24.00 24.50 29.50 31.25 41.00 T&M Trinidad 24.50 27.25 28.75 29.50 35.50 37.25 49.00 T&M Pacifica Plus 25.00 27.50 29.00 29.75 36.00 37.75 49.75 T&M Ultrakote 25.00 27.75 29.00 29.75 36.00 37.75 49.75 T&M Seahawk Cukote 26.00 29.00 30.25 31.25 37.50 39.50 52.00 T&M Trinidad SR 28.00 31.00 32.50 33.50 40.25 42.50 55.75 T&M Micron CSC 28.75 32.00 33.75 34.75 41.75 44.00 58.00 T&M Vivid 28.75 32.00 33.50 34.50 41.50 43.75 57.50 T&M Micron CF 30.25 33.75 35.25 36.25 43.75 46.25 60.50 T&M Ultima SR 60 31.25 34.75 36.50 37.50 45.25 47.75 62.50 T&M Micron 66 32.75 36.25 38.00 39.25 47.00 49.75 65.25 T&M Seahawk BioCop TF 33.75 37.50 39.25 40.50 48.50 51.25 67.25 T&M DOCKS,DECKSANDPAVERSr fntrrr b rQUALITY WORK ALWAYS ON TIME!rrLIC. CGC 15211366 r(954) 651-2572 ffnb trbttrrbtbr ntb ntb ntb ntb ntb ntbn trtttbrrfbftttbt rrrtrtrrrtb rfrbbb Serving the South Florida Boating Community Since 1969 RickAugustoislookingforclean,late model boatstosell We command higher prices because we provide all brands of service and parts. We provide free storage for 90 days (trailered boats) We provide buyer financing We advertise worldwide on major listing websites We advertise throughout South Florida in print and radio We provide professional white glove serviceRick AugustoA LICENSEDYACHTBROKER954.249.7565CellRicka@nauticalventures.comNautical Ventures Marine 50 S.Bryan Rd.Dania Beach 33004DEALERSFORAXOPAR CENTURY BLACKFIN RANGERTUGS SCHAEFERYACHTS bn 3:43 AM 0.4 9:33 AM 2.4 3:58 PM 0.2 9:58 PM 2.5 3:47 AM 2.1 10:36 AM 0.3 4:36 PM 2.2 1 1:09 PM 0.7 4:16 AM -0.2 10:16 AM 2.8 4:41 PM -0.5 10:47 PM 2.8 3:14 AM 2.1 9:57 AM 0.1 4:09 PM 2.1 10:30 PM 0.5 4:19 AM 0.4 10:13 AM 2.4 4:32 PM 0.3 10:34 PM 2.5 4:45 AM 2.1 1 1:32 AM 0.4 5:36 PM 2.1 5:08 AM -0.3 11:08 AM 2.8 5:33 PM -0.4 11:35 PM 2.8 4:14 AM 2.1 10:59 AM 0.0 5:13 PM 2.2 1 1:34 PM 0.5 4:53 AM 0.3 10:51 AM 2.5 5:08 PM 0.3 11:12 PM 2.5 12:05 AM 0.7 5:41 AM 2.1 12:26 PM 0.4 6:30 PM 2.2 6:00 AM -0.3 12:00 PM 2.7 6:25 PM -0.2 5:20 AM 2.1 12:01 PM -0.1 6:19 PM 2.3 5:29 AM 0.3 11:31 AM 2.5 5:46 PM 0.4 11:48 PM 2.4 12:55 AM 0.7 6:35 AM 2.1 1:14 PM 0.4 7:18 PM 2.2 12:23 AM 2.7 6:52 AM -0.2 12:52 PM 2.6 7:17 PM 0.0 12:36 AM 0.3 6:26 AM 2.3 1:01 PM -0.3 7:19 PM 2.5 12:18 AM 2.2 6:37 AM 0.2 12:39 PM 2.1 6:52 PM 0.3 6:05 AM 0.3 12:13 PM 2.4 6:26 PM 0.5 1:43 AM 0.7 7:25 AM 2.2 2:00 PM 0.3 8:02 PM 2.3 1:11 AM 2.5 7:46 AM -0.1 1:44 PM 2.5 8:13 PM 0.3 1:34 AM 0.2 7:28 AM 2.4 1:59 PM -0.4 8:15 PM 2.6 12:56 AM 2.2 7:19 AM 0.2 1:23 PM 2.1 7:36 PM 0.3 12:26 AM 2.4 6:47 AM 0.3 12:57 PM 2.4 7:10 PM 0.6 2:25 AM 0.6 8:09 AM 2.2 2:42 PM 0.3 8:42 PM 2.4 2:01 AM 2.4 8:42 AM 0.1 2:40 PM 2.3 9:1 1 PM 0.5 2:30 AM 0.0 8:26 AM 2.6 2:55 PM -0.5 9:07 PM 2.8 1:36 AM 2.1 8:05 AM 0.2 2:11 PM 2.1 8:28 PM 0.4 3:05 AM 0.5 8:51 AM 2.3 3:20 PM 0.2 9:20 PM 2.4 2:51 AM 2.2 9:38 AM 0.2 3:36 PM 2.2 10:09 PM 0.6 3:24 AM -0.1 9:22 AM 2.7 3:47 PM -0.5 9:59 PM 2.8 2:22 AM 2.1 8:57 AM 0.2 3:07 PM 2.1 9:26 PM 0.5 1:08 AM 2.3 7:33 AM 0.3 1:47 PM 2.4 8:02 PM 0.7 4:49 AM 0.3 10:37 AM 2.1 5:00 PM 0.0 11:04 PM 2.3 5:25 AM 0.3 11:17 AM 2.1 5:36 PM 0.1 11:42 PM 2.2 6:01 AM 0.3 11:57 AM 2.1 6:12 PM 0.2 26 19 12 5 July 29 27 20 13 6 30 28 21 14 7 31 22 15 8 August 1 23 16 9 2 24 17 10 3 2 5 18 11 4 29 30 31 September 1


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rf ffntb 954-523-8507 WORKFLOAT PLATFORMS LAUDERDALE MARINA 954-523-8507 $599 1900 SE 15th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida 954-523-8507 SINCE 1948 @lauderdalemarina 365 Fuel Dock Bait & Tackle Shop Dock Store Boat Sales Service Parts Dockage Restaurant rf rfnnnn ntbbn tbffrt btbffrt Waterfront TimesAugust 2018 Marine Classified Ads For classified advertising information call: 954 NEPTUNE AIR CORP Sales, Service & InstallationAll Brands 1611 SW 2 nd Avenue, Ft Laud., FL 33315 Call: 954-779-2510 r r r r r fr fr fr fr fr WAX MOBILE SERVICESwash, compound & wax. Call Alfredo at 954-651-5521 Boat Wash/Detailing. Low prices. Weekly & monthly services. Lic Capt. 954-788-6584 ntb ntb ntb ntb ntb f f f f f b b b b b r r r r rb b b b b f f f f f b b b b b CANVAS FACTORYFlybridge covers, Bimini tops, Mooring covers & Repairs. Mobile truck will perform work at your site.Call 954-781-1970 .C C C C CLASSIFIED LASSIFIED LASSIFIED LASSIFIED LASSIFIED A A A A ADS DS DS DS DS continue next pageEAST COAST Boat DetailingWash, Wax, F/G Compound, Bottom Cleaning. 954-803-6238 MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLINBoard Certified in Admiralty & Maritime Law by the Florida Bar1040 Bayview Drive, #410, Ft Laud 33304954-792-5425 321-9157 fax: 524-9464 f f f f ff f f f f DR. ZINC DIVING, Inc. Propeller specialist. Monthly maintenance, commercial diving. Visa & MC. 561-445-0462 305-522-3553 The Diver Underwater Maintenance Call 954-522-2524 or 954-401-9745 (cell) Diversified Diving & Marine Construction Call: 954-876-8036 954-240-3646. MRS G DIVING Monthly Hull Maintenance & Commercial Diving Services. Lic. & Insured to work in any yard & marina. 954-964-4804 Small portable AIR COMPRESSOR units, new & used, to fill SCUBA tanks also store size units. Complete line of supplies, filters, oils, fill whips & fittings. Compressed Air Supplies 954-929-4462 M-FD D D D DETAILING ETAILING ETAILING ETAILING ETAILING continues next column CABLE west yard (80-ton).... 954-587-4000 East yard (40-ton lift)........... 954-462-2822 1st PERFORMANCE MARINA5 minutes to Port Everglades inlet, 954-763-8743 PLAYBOY MARINEocean access, no bridges 954-920-0533 LAUDERDALE MARINA: SE 15 ST, Fort Laud. ServicePartsSalesFuel Dock 954-523-8507 ROYALE PALM YACHT BASINDania Beach Full service yard, 75-ton lift. 954-923-5900 SEVEN SEAS: 1500 W Broward, FtL, Full Svc. Family Owned & Operated 954-463-8143 Dania Cut Off Canal, 50 Bryan RD, Dania Bch. Yard: 954-926-5250 Brokerage: 954-249-7565 BRADFORD MARINE, 3101 W SR 84, Ft Laud. Call 877-705-1467 Complete Marinedockside service, parts, fuel, 50-ton lift. Pompano Bceah 954-784-9011 954-651-5521 Oxidation RemovalWeekly & Monthly Maintenance Licensed & InsuredM M M M MARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE S S S S SERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES continue next column D D D D DETAILING ETAILING ETAILING ETAILING ETAILING continued r r r r r Find these same marine artisans at fr fr fr fr fr b b b b b To Subscribe call 954-524-9450. M M M M MARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE S S S S SERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES continue next column M M M M MARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE S S S S SERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES continued Yacht Equipment & Parts Sales Service Installation Repairs Warranty 954-463-7222 LM CX M M M M MARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE S S S S SERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES continuedSAMS-Marine Surveyor-Steve Snider-AMSprepurchaseinsurancefinancial surveys Yachts-small craft. V/ 954-444-9136 StrippingRepairing Refinishing of Furniture & Wooden Boat Parts 954-978-2090 EXPERT VARNISHINGmarine & residential. Shari K Becker, Inc. Call 954-467-8343 r r r r rALP's Mobile Marine Repair-"I come to you. I fix it right the first time!" All Makes & Models. Troubleshooting, Gas Engine Purchase Surveys, Electrical Repairs Call Anthony 954-973-1135 954-258-9874 rf rf rf rf rf $$$ WCB EAST COAST BOAT DETAILINGFiberglass repair & gelcoat. 954-803-6238 Join South Floridas largest gathering of nautical artisans as they reach 10,000 of waterfront homeowners, hundreds of marine workplaces, and major area boating events each month in the Waterfront Times.Call 954-524-9450.SWISS WOODWORK INC StrippingRepairing Refinishing of Furniture & Wooden Boat Parts 954-978-2090 WOOD-CHUCK WORKSHOPcustom yacht & residential carpentry at Harbor Town Marina, Dania Cut-Off canal. Call 954-922-3221. EXPERT VARNISHINGmarine & residential. Shari K Becker, Inc. Call 954-467-8343. r r r r r To SUBSCRIBE call954-524-9450 Filler f f f f fMarine HEADLINERS Full Interior work Marine HEADLINERS Full Interior work Marine HEADLINERS Full Interior work Marine HEADLINERS Full Interior work Marine HEADLINERS Full Interior work Call 954-849-3287. waterfronttimes.comSee these same marine artisans on the web at You can view these same ads on the web This could be your corner of the waterfront real estate market. Call the Waterfront Times at954-524-9450 954-524-9450 954-524-9450 954-524-9450 954-524-9450 Join South Floridas largest gathering of nautical artisans as they reach 10,000 waterfront homes, hundreds of marine workplaces, and major area boating events each month in the Waterfront Times. Call 954-524-9450. This could be your corner of the marine services market. Call 954-524-9450 954-524-9450 954-524-9450 954-524-9450 954-524-9450. rtrt Wood-Chuck Workshop, Inc.rf rfnt fbr 954-922-3221 Since 1979 HEAT EXCHANGERSUltrasonic Cleaning and Repair 3 STAR ATLANTIC RADIATORrfntbfb954-566-7403


August 2018Waterfront Times Boat Dockage Classifiedswww.DockSearch.comSEARCH RENT BUY SELL LOOKING for Private DOCKSPACE?ALL AREAS ALL SIZESDOCKFINDERS of South FloridaRENTING DOCKSPACE ? INQUIRE TODAY! PRIME DOCKAGE Tropical OasisEast Fort Lauderdalenear Galleria MallNo fixed bridges Prime Amenities80' vessels or longer9' MLW, Wi-Fi, 50/100 amp, pump-outCall 954-467-8220, ext # 26LAUD-BY-THE-SEA: up to 260' dock available Wtr/Elec. No Lvbds. Call 910-352-2801. MIDDLE RIVER Galleria Area Private Quiet Water Location No fixed bridges pump-out 9' MLW 80' vessels or longer Wi-Fi 50/100 amp electric. Call 954-494-0615. RIVERLANDup to 50' dock + deck, secure, water/elec, hurricane safe, $8/foot/month. Call 954-584-0578.Ft Laud/RIVERLAND 45' dock for rent on protected canal off New River. 20' floating dock also avail. No fixed brides. Quiet, safe residential neighborhood with offstreet parking. Elec/wtr avail. No lvbd. $9/foot. Call 954-873-7124.SOUTH FORK NEW RIVEREast of 95. NFB up to 50', no lvbd. Call 954-XXX-XXXX. D D D D D OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE C C C C C ENTRAL ENTRAL ENTRAL ENTRAL ENTRAL B B B B B ROWARD ROWARD ROWARD ROWARD ROWARD continued D D D D DOCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE continues below & next column r r r r rf f f f f n n n n n Wanted rfrrrn tbrttntn Call now for quick sale... 954-789-7530R R R R REAL EAL EAL EAL EAL E E E E ESTATE STATE STATE STATE STATE continues next column LOOKING for DOCKS available for rent?All over South Florida All Sized BoatsIs your Dock For Rent ? Call Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. Boat Slips for rent in Fort Lauderdales Victoria Park neighborhood on a quiet senior living property. Close to lots of shopping, dining,entertainment and beaches. Bathrooms, Pool, Water, Mail drop-off and Laundry amenities included.Liveaboards are welcome.For more inquiries, contact us during regular business hours MondayFriday, 8:00a.m.4:30p.m. at 954-463-6721 R R R R REAL EAL EAL EAL EAL E E E E ESTATE STATE STATE STATE STATE continued MIDDLE RIVER Galleria Area Private, Quiet, Gated, Waterfront Location No fixed bridges pump-out 9' MLW 50 to 90' vessels 50/100 amp electric Private restroom with bath/showerCall 954-494-0615 Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450.3350 SW 3rd AV., FT LAUDERDALE In commercial complex with parking, sanitation services included. Near Fort Lauderdale International Airport & Port Everglades, south of State Road 84. Call 954-467-8371Office suites from 250 square feet to 1,100 square feet Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. r r r r rt t t t tf f f f ffrr frr frr frr frrDock for rent on protected canal off Dania Cut-Off Canal. East of I-95. Water & Electric. $300 per month. Call 954-258-5900. Hollywood Marina55 slips & launch ramp, Call 954-921-3035 r r r r rtb tb tb tb tb NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD docks from McNab Road north to the Palm Beach County line.CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD docks from Port Everglades north through Bay Colony.SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD docks from Dania CutOff Canal south to the Dade County Line.Floating Dockscustom concrete. Add Value & Enjoyment to Your Waterfront Property Get free quote today: 954.791.3800 Wood-Chip Marine Lumber & Suppies Wood-Chip Marine Lumber & Suppies Wood-Chip Marine Lumber & Suppies Wood-Chip Marine Lumber & Suppies Wood-Chip Marine Lumber & SuppiesPremium Hardwoods, Plywoods, Veneers & Laminates3301 So Andrews AV, Bay 8, Ft Laud, FL 33316954-522-1481 r r r r rt t t t tf f f f fnr nr nr nr nr Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. Broward County Drowning Task Force9-11am, Aug 15 @ 6600 W Commercial Blvd Childrens Services Council of Broward Co.Drowning is Preventable! Talk to your child about water SELL YOUR BUSINESS IN 2018 Over 500 sold since 1999 incl 24 in 2017 Most sold businesses in FL since 2000 Experince Integrity Dedication. Call Russell Cohen of Murphy Business for FREE consult to explain exit process LHP Up to 45 ft. 4 blocks to inlet. New dock. $15 per foot. Call 954 695 1284. POMPANO BEACHno fixed bridges, 50 amp/ water, private home, near inlet. $10/foot, $400 monthly minimum. Call 954-XXX-XXXX. MIAMI BCHPrvt home. Up to 55', dpwtr, NFB,wtr/elec, parking. 305.673.0077305.215.8528 r r r r rt t t t tf f f f fnr nr nr nr nr r r r r rt t t t tf f f f fr r r r r D D D D D OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE C C C C C ENTRAL ENTRAL ENTRAL ENTRAL ENTRAL B B B B B ROWARD ROWARD ROWARD ROWARD ROWARD continued RIVER DOCKAGE Up to 85 feet, 55 vertical clearance, water/metered electric. Private & secure. NO Liveaboards. Call 954-316-1246. Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450.CUBA BOATING INVESTMENT PACKAGE Contact 309-331-5300 or $10,000 buys & the trade name HAVANA BOAT SHOW 168 slips for vessels up to 150 Deep Basin Floating Docks Resort-style Pool Fitness Center Coffee Bar Rendezvous Bar & Grill, on site Luxury Hotel, TRYP by Wyndham Maritime, on sitePlease call or stop by for a viewing & more info:2525 Marina Bay DR West, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312954-791-7600 Century East Apts & Marina100 Isle of Venice. Dockage to 45', lvbds OK. Apts for rentmonthly or annual. 954-980-3230 Hendricks 2/2 apt $1995/m 954-258-0416 Waterfront/DuplexOrange Isle 2-BR/2-BA Florida room/dock/deck/WD. 954-999-2957 COLDWELL BANKERResidential Real EstateRich ThompsonFor Sale: Deep Water, Ocean Access, NFB. Affordable Properties priced For Rent: Dockage also available for rent.All types of properties available. Rich Thompson: 954-684-5374RichVThompson@gmail.comSpecializing In All Types Of Real Estatewith ocean-access listings throughout the area Search the MLS for WATERFRONT HOMES, Confident Working With The Team With A Proven Track Record (954) 258-5900 Toll Free: 1-888-806-0621Search here for waterfront homes: www.AJRyan.comwith A.J. Ryan Realty established 1924Call John M. Ryan I live on and sell waterfront property!Looking to Buy or Sell Waterfront Property? LAUD ISLES river dockage up to 85', 55' vert clearance @ I-95, water/metered electric. Private & secure. NO LVBD. 954-316-1246. 2 NEW SLIPS availableMiddle River south of Sunrise Blvd bridge. Call 954-522-6446. LAUD ISLES 64' dock, dpwtr, hurricane safe, wtr/elec, NFB, $500. No lvbd. 954-224-7605D D D D DOCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE continues below & next columnNew live-aboard slips up to 50 feet $875/month, 500 Hendricks Isle 2-bed & 2-bath apt avl $1995/mo. Jeff Lena 954-258-0416 The Keyes company RENTEDCentury East Apts & Marina100 Isle of Venice. Dockage to 45', lvbds OK. Apts for rentmonthly or annual. Call 954-980-3230. ON THE NEW RIVER, Lauderdale Isles New 315' docks, deepwater, protected, back of private home, river & canal, no live-aboard, 50' to 98' boats. Water & electricity. Call Frank 954-547-1011. CITRUS ISLESfull 60' dock, dpwtr, wtr/elec, NFB, $500. No lvbd. Call 301-493-6257. r r r r r Credit Card : TypeVisa M/C AmEx DiscoverCard #____________________________________ Exp Date __/__Card Billing Street Address:_________________________Signature_____________________________ Date__/__/__ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEADLINE: the 15th day of the month prior to issue$$ 25NAME ADDRESS CITY STATEZIP PHONE ( ) ADVERTISER INFORMATIONCLASSIFIED AD FORM1040 Bayview Drive, 410 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304 SECTION:Phone: (954) 524-9450Fax: (954) 524-9464 South Floridas Nautical NewspaperCLASSIFIED RATES :(35 spaces per line)First two lines.... $25 Each line additional $5.00 Two line minimum charge TIMES50 40 35 45 30RENTEDLVBD DOCK up to 46 ft. $550/mo.Sailboats Only. Good Hurricane Hole,North Fork New River. On-shore Bath/Shower,Close to: Publix, WalMart, downtown & I-95. Coin-Op Wash/Dry, WI-FI available. Electric extra.TEXT 954-XXX-XXXX 10 000ocean-access waterfront homesfrom Lighthouse Pointto Keystone Point get direct home delivery of theWATERFRONT TIMES monthly.To advertise call: 954-524-94503BR/2BA with 132ft on New River For Sale ($695k) or Lease ($2600/mo) Fully Renovated, Granite Kitchen All Appliances incl W/D Pool, 100ft dock ($1000/mo) West of 95 / Hurricane Safer Up to 100ft boat easily. Call Sam 415-305-9329. See these same properties atWATERFRONTTIMESNEWSPAPER.COM ROBERT P. GARGANO VILLAS OF SUNRISE BAYEstate Sale. Penthouse Condo with 57 Dock! Huge 4+Bedroom/31/2 Bath. Appx 4,470 sq ft, includes: 57 deepwater dock & 3 covered parking spots. Spectacular view overlooking megayacht marina & year round boat parade on the ICW. Great Coral Ridge location. Unbelievable Price$1,225,000. MIDDLE RIVER VILLASCondo with dock. 2/2 just completed total remodel. All new kitchen, SS appliances, granite, porcelain tile floors. 38x16 dock included (50 amp) on Middle RiverNo Fixed Bridges. Near Galleria Mall & beach. Reduced Now $349,000. RIVERLAND AREACompletely remodeled 3/2 home with pool. Large living room & large master bedroom. S/S appliances, 2 ovens, 2 central a/c, 2 hot water water heaters, whole home water filter, hurricane shutters. Fenced yard with beautiful pool, wood deck & fruit trees.Over 1,900 square feet !$349,900. FORT LAUDERDALE BEACHRARE OCEANFRONT OPPORTUNITY.5-bedroom, 51/2-bath pool home directly on the sand! Great panoramic views! Vacation rental program in place providing excellent cash flow. New owner can have income & great vacation home if desired or you can own your own private oceanfront residence. OUTSTANDING VALUE.$3,775,000. LAS OLAS ISLESFOR SALE OR LEASE. 100 Deepwater, No Fixed Bridges. 3-bed 3-bath Bright & open floor plan with screened patio overlooking Pool & Canal. Plus 2-car Garage. Near Point on South Isle affords quick Ocean Access.$1,649,000. Also avail for rent @$5,900/mo. RIO NUEVO CONDOSGreat Fort Lauderdale location near Downtown & Las Olas. Gated waterfront community with heated pool. SOME UNITS WITH DOCKS UP TO 55. Studios, 1& 2-bedroom units from$150,000 $325,000. 2 PLATTED BUILDING LOTS83x100 each Lots are contiguousSo Buy one or both! Near Downtown, off South Fork New River. $375,000 Each . NEW SMYRNA BEACH areaQUAIL ROOST RANCHES, Build your Country Dream Home. Country livingbring the horse & ATV. 2.5-acre vacant lot. $24,900. 4.3-acre vacant lot. $34,900. LAS OLAS AREAAnnual Rental 3/2 Townhouse$2,450/month unfurnished.Small Dog OK.Living and working on the New River Specializing In Waterfront Real Estate (954) Central location off the New River. Conveniently located close to downtown Ft Lauderdale. Gated island featuring 24-hr manned guardhouse, 2 tennis courts & 3 heated pools. Small pets OK (owners only) No fixed bridges, ocean access dockage up to 50 (owners only as available): 1/11/2 Open floor plan w/separate dining area...$168,900. 2/11/2 Remodeled, pool/canal view, washer/dryer in the unit...$199,900. 2/2 Corner model with washer/dryer hookup in unit...$194,500. 2/2 Remodeled with double balcony & beautiful pool & canal view! Washer/dryer hook-up........$199,900. 2/2 Larger ModelSunny South exposure, canal view...$208,500. 2/2 Lowest priced unit with covered parking! 1,250 sq. ft. Convenient 1st floor............$209,900. 2/2 Split bedroom plan. Remodeled kitchen & baths with granite, washer/dryer hook-up..........$219,500. 2/2 Corner, Remodeled kitchen & baths convenient first floor.......................................$225,000. 2/2 Beautiful New Kitchen, Appliances, Tile Floors and custom closets................................................$249,900. 2/2 Larger 1,250 sq ft with canal & river view...$259,900. 2/2 In River Building. 1250 sq ft. New white kitchen open toliving rm & new baths. Balcony with view of garden & pool..........$264,900. 2/2 Great Pool & River view! Remodeled open floor plan with updated kitchen & baths...Now$269,000. 2/2 corner, largest model in RR at 1,500 sq ft.Completely remodeled,new A/C, electric fireplace, wood floors, closet systems,wine cooler, covered parking..............$319,900. 2/2 Largest model Astor, top of the line remodeled with New River view & covered parking.....NOW..$359,900. 3/2 True 3/2 model, refinished kitchen & baths, Washer/dryer hook-up in unit...................$218,900. 1/11/2 with beautiful view of pool & New River!...$189,900. 2/2 Remodeled2 New Baths, New SS Appliances, Large Updated Open Kitchen, New Flooring, Covered Parking..............$274,900. 2/2 1,250 sq ft with open remodeled kitchen, updated baths, smooth ceilings & new A/C. Beautiful pool/canal view & covered parking................$284,900. 2/2 Largest 2-Bedroom, Completely Remodeled, Beautiful pool, canal & city view !..................$350,000. RIVER REACH CONDOSDockage up to 50 (as available) & Associates, Realtors 800 E. BROWARD BLVD., SUITE 101 FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA 33301 RIVER REACH RENTALS 1-Bedroom.........................................$1,450-$1,600/month. 2-Bedroom.........................................$1,750-$2,200/month.SOLD SOLDSOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD CONTRACT SOLD SOLD WWW.GARGANOREALTY.COM CONTRACTSOLDRENTED


rf ffntb Cable Marine West Yard 954-587-4000 2491 W. State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312Cable Marine East Yard 954-462-2822 1517 S.E. 16th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 Undercover Dockage Engine Repower / Overhaul Bottom Painting 40/80/100 Ton Capacity Lifts Custom Carpentry Cockpit Extensions Refinishing Specialists Bow Thrusters Stabilizers Interior Remodeling Fiberglass Repairs Fire & Water Restorations Authorized Mercury Service Center Oil Changes Engines / Generators High/Low-Voltage Electrical Dockside Service Available 24/7Cable Marine celebrates 40 years in business.


r rf ffntb Sale Runs August 1 thru 31, 2018 Bulk Repackaged 2-Cycle Type TCW-3 OilQuality Mercury and Yamaha oil, bulk repackaged in gallons by Boat Owners Warehouse.Order no. Type Reg. Price Sale246889 Mercury $27.99 $2399247861 Mercury Optimax $32.99 $2799333040 Yamaha $29.99 $2499LIMIT 6 GALLONS PER CUSTOMER.Fell Marine MOB+ Basepack Multifob Electronically controlled, wireless cut-off switch which can be used on all boats. Allows user to move about boat or even walk on the dock. If you fall in the water it will stop engine. BOW EverydayOrder No Mfg No List Price Low Price360103 72.380.206 $229.99 $19999 Fell Marine MOB+ xFOB Multifob Lets every person aboard have their own CFOB for safety and convenience. The xFOB is the heart of the MOB+ wireless Cut-Off Switch. Carry It inside the xTAG, xBAND or in your pocket. BOW EverydayOrder No Mfg No List Price Low Price360114 72.380.209 $46.99 $3999 Fell Marine MOB+ xTAGxTAG is a complete kit for carrying the xFOB around your neck, on your belt or on your life vest. BOW EverydayOrder No Mfg No List Price Low Price360125 72.380.307 $29.99 $2499 Fell Marine MOB+ xBANDxBAND enables you to use the xFOB at your wrist, always on never intrusive. BOW Everyday Order No Color List Low Price360147 Black $22.99 $1999360136 Red $22.99 $1999360169 Yellow $22.99 $1999360158 Blue $22.99 $1999360170 Pink $22.99 $1999 Telescoping HandlesOrder No Length Reg. Price Sale105075 40 72 $32.36 $2299105076 63 108 $41.62 $3199 6 Window & Hull BrushesThese brushes are furnished with soft, split end filaments for use on almost all surfaces. They come equipped with a white vinyl bumper and a spring lock adaptor to fit the Shurhold handles. Order No Type / Color Reg. Price Sale105095 Very Soft Blue Nylon $34.66 $2399105083 Soft Yellow Polystyrene $31.20 $2199105085 Med. Yellow Polystyrene $29.46 $1999105084 Stiff White Polystyrene $29.46 $1999 Starbrite Boat Wash in a BottleLeaves hulls, decks, chrome and fittings sparkling. Biodegradable, safe to use. Economical, a few capfuls will clean a 20 ft. boat. Non-streaking, does not leave a residue. Order No Size Reg. Price Sale231542 16 oz. $7.40 $599231567 Gallon $20.99 $1799 Sea Foam Motor Treatment Petroleum-based cleaner, lubricant, stabilizer and moisture controller that maintains fuel and oil system components.Order No Mfg No Size Reg Price Sale222253 SF-16 16 oz. $9.99 $799 TD Mop Chamois5 sq. ft. chamois. Order No Mfg No Reg.. Price Sale100662 CHAMOISCLOTH $27.99 $2299 TD Mop Chamois MopRemoves water spots leaving surfaces streak-free Snap-on mop and wood handle sold seperately. Order No Item Only Sale130520 Mop with 5 $51.99 $4199 Wood Handle 100674 Double Thick $84.99 $6999 Mop Head Only (snap-on) Salt Away Products Completely removes fresh salt. Breaks down layers of salt build-up. Ingredients are the highest quality available. Order No. Size Only Sale120527 Quart No Mixer $17.80 $1499120525 Quart w/Mixer $45.38 $3599120526 Gallon No Mixer $43.66 $3599 Garelick Mariner ChairWeatherproof sewn cushions offer unexpected comfort. Beautiful sewn cushions and arm rests. Eight legged frame provides extra stability. Order No Mfg No Reg Price Sale350046 48106 $199.99 $17999Garelick Designer Series Padded Deck ChairLightweight, sturdy and very comfortable. One piece high back 24 canvas with 1 thick foam padded back and thigh support for added lumbar comfort. Order No Mfg No Only Sale350025 35029-62 $84.99 $6999 3M One Step Fiberglass Restorer & WaxDesigned to remove heavy oxidation, chalking, fading, minor scratches, rust and exhaust stains; plus provide protection on fiberglass/gelcoat and marine topside paints. Order No Mfg No Size Reg. Price Sale202005 09005 Pint $25.83 $1599202024 09006 Quart $39.99 $2999 3M One Step Fiberglass Cleaner & WaxFor lightly oxidized finishes. Combines light compound and wax in one application. A special blend of a light rubbing compound, combined with carnauba and other waxes. Order No Mfg No Size Reg. Price Sale202012 09009 Pint $24.49 $1999202025 09010 Quart $34.99 $2499