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Hot summer in the cityFort Lauderdale beachgoers enjoy sounds and surf on a recent Independence Day afternoon. Musical events take place Friday evenings on the beach throughout the summer. Visit Serving South Florida’s Coastal NeighborhoodsJULY 2018 YEAR 9 IS SUE 1 Admiralty Law 5 € Classifieds 9 € Events Calendar 6 € Tide Table 7 Fishing for mor al suppor t..............................3 Abandoned boat or mis sing o wner? .........5 Need a job? Consider removing derelict boats ARNOLD MARKOWITZ Waterfront Times There’s money to be made by removing derelict boats from public waters. Florida FWC has $216,247.50 available for grants. Last year’s hurricane Irma added to the burden of vessels already derelict for other reasons. Applications can be made until 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 8, but a lot of work has to be done before submitting a proposal. The application has to p rove that due legal process was given to the owner of each boat: “At a minimum, this would include an opportunity for the vessel owner to challenge the derelict vessel determination, either in criminal court or in an administrative hearing,” FWC s ays. There’s a separate process for rapid removal, with a deadline of 5 p.m. on Sept. 15, a Saturday. For guidelines and application forms, look online at or contact Phil Horning at 850-617-9540 or Death spurs new safety standards Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) Commission moved quickly in June to implement “Ellie’s Law,” which the Legislature enacted to regulate airboat tour operators — a reaction to the accidental death of Elizabeth Goldenberg. Airboat tours were pretty much unregulated when the Goldenberg family, from Pennsylvania, took an Everglades airboat ride in May last year to celebrate Elizabeth’s graduation from the University of Miami. The boat flipped, throwing all aboard into the water. Ellie was pinned beneath the boat and drowned. In the aftermath, the family discovered that there were virtually no training or safety standards required of tour operations. “Anyone can do whatever the hell they want,” said Ellie’s father, David Goldenberg. He devoted himself to pushing for legislation and succeeded. Airboat tour industry representatives supported Ellie’s Law. A year and a month after the tragedy, the Commission app roved standards required of airboat operators, instructors and companies. Implementation of the rules will be effective July 1 next year, but tour operators are free to begin compliance right away. All the requirements are detailed online at Photo | ARNOLD MARKOWITZ Activist calls for anti theft tracking of marine electronics ARNOLD MARKOWITZ Waterfront Times When Bruce Marx started goosing Garmin Marine about putting anti-theft tracking ware and pass codes into its GPS units, the first few email replies he received looked like little more than canned brushoffs — polite but indirect and unsatisfying. He posted the message exchanges on Facebook, where skeptical friends observed that manufacturers of marine electronics probably make a lot of money when victims like Marx buy new units to replace stolen stuff. Was theft p revention really in their best interest? That made some sense, but now it’s beginning to look like the skeptics were too skeptical. Marx, who’d been ripped off for a new $5,000 Garmin chart plotter, persisted until he was contacted (surprise!) by a Garmin executive who told him at least some of what he wanted to hear: that the electronics giant’s engineers are actively investigating ways to do what he suggested. “I must say that I am very impressed that Garmin even responded to my inquiries, let alone provided me with the written responses that it did,” Marx told Waterfront Times. Andrew Fairchild, Garmin's manager of marine product support and field service engineering, told him this: “We understand the issues that you are facing and we see stolen devices with some regularity filter back into our system. We are investigating options for features like the ones you are requesting in a way that will work for all applications and are looking to include them in a future update. That might look pretty good to you and Marx liked it too, but he is a litigation attorney (maritime and other specialties) so he pushed his throttle forward, a trial lawyer pressing a witness: “Do I properly interpret your email as Garmin’s confirmation that it is taking affirmative steps to implement password/tracking systems into its GPS units? I think a lot of people will be glad to hear this,” he wrote back to the Garmin guy, who replied: “I would say that the South Florida boat market is by far our largest market and the thefts that you are describing (and how we can p revent it) have the attention of the highest ranking members of our company. “That said, we are actively investigating what solutions exist for the problem. We are approaching this delicately because we do not want to create a system that makes it difficult for a customer to legitimately transfer a system (as in the sale of a boat) or an individual unit to someone else. “I can’t commit to anything beyond investigation at this point but know that your message has definitely been heard.” There are two key sentences above — Marx’s subtle mention that people would be glad to hear of a commitment by Garmin, and the Garmin guy’s mention that the South Florida boat market is the company’s largest by far. That also means South Florida is a big market for hot Garmins. It means Marx wasn’t speaking only for himself. There’s a good chance that someone in authority at Garmin Marine knew that after Marx’s GPS was stolen in April, he organized a crime watch group on Facebook called South Florida Marina and Dock Watch, a clearinghouse for info on all sorts of boating ripoffs. Not just electronics thefts, but everything from other accessories and fishing tackle to entire boats, whether docked on the water or on trailers. Even jetskis are eligible. Marx invited South Florida police departments to monitor the page, and some have told him they are. The Facebook group debuted on April 26. By early June, when Marx and Garmin guy Andrew Fairchild were corresponding, it had grown past 2,000 members. By the end of the month, the count was over 4,000. It looked as if Marx’s goal, 5,000, would be reached pretty soon. That many boating people can raise a mighty bow wave in, that’s right, Garmin’s largest market. “I started to wonder what percentage of the GPS manufacturer's repeat business came from customers who had to replace their stolen units,” Marx said. He doesn’t know that yet, but now it might not matter so much. “Given today's present technology, I also started to question why GPS units could not be tracked and why pass codes were not a part of their basic operating systems. After all, since Apple has a ‘find my iPhone’ app and a pass code requirement, why wouldn’t a $5,000 GPS have the same features? “I figured, what could it hurt to go right to Garmin myself and ask? So I did.” SEE ACTIVIST | PAGE 4


2 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMJuly 2018Waterfront Times


3July 2018 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times ARNOLD MARKOWITZ Waterfront Times Columnist Doc Cabeza, who does informal psychiatric consultations for stressed-out fellow members of the Fish or Cut Bait Society, is stressed out himself by all the bad news about the immigration cont roversy. At the clubhouse — a place of emotional refuge in times like these — a circle of sympathetic and empathetic fellow members rallied around him. At one time or another, Doc had helped all of them through trying episodes, and now they were trying to help him. Too bad he’s the only one qualified for that, but the earnest laymen — so skilled at fishing and cutting bait, so unskilled in this endeavor — were trying their best. I’m sorry, one said. We know how you feel, said another. Your pain is our pain. Someone else said he should look at the bright side and Doc asked what bright side, and nobody could answer. “What Doc really needs is a mother octopus,” Tiller whispered. “With six arms to hug him and two to hold both his hands.” The closest thing we had to an octopus was a package of frozen squid in the bait fridge. Tiller whispered that about the octopus because it would sound insensitive if spoken aloud. He’s a sensitive one, Tiller is, or he wouldn’t be chairman of the steering committee. Even though we don’t know precisely what Doc’s predicament is, we guess it resonates with a lot of us who have the letter Z in our surnames. Some of us have strong reasons ourselves to worry, but nobody knows much about anybody else’s individual predicament. I think most of us would say that’s good because if there’s a Border Patrol raid on the clubhouse we can’t be made to tell what we don’t know. Paranoid, you think? No, it’s just coincidence that our bilingual members have been speaking only English lately. Even the ones who like to call dolphin mahi-mahi have switched back to saying dolphin because they’re afraid of being mistaken for foreigners. “Not everybody knows mahi-mahi is a Hawaiian name,” says Cleat Bollard, the dockmaster. “Not everybody knows Hawaii is a united state of America,” says Headwind. He didn’t know it himself until the time he went there and didn’t have to show his passport. Wait! Don’t get the wrong idea! Everyone here (as far as I know) is entirely legal. It’s just that a bunch of us including Doc have names and a few have accents that may sound a little ... well, you know. Doc’s only concern that we know much about is his professional standing. It’s zilch. We can call him Doc but not Doctor. That’s because after graduating from psych school he had some sort of secular epiphany, blew off the psychiatric board exams and took the vows of a fishing bum. He has legitimate know-how, but no license except for fishing and driving. His consultations have to be informal, pro bono, off the record. As long as he’s careful about that, no problema. Something worse is bothering him now, something we think we know because Doc never talks about where he’s from (probably not West Virginia) or how he got here. I once read some pop psychology — it might have been in Dear Abby or the daily horoscope, I forget — that said when hurtful things trouble your mind, try thinking about something that feels good. Try to think about fishing, I advised Doc. That’s what keeps me sane. The others nodded agreeably. “I used to give that advice all the time,” Doc said, “and now that I’m the one in trouble I realize it’s easier to say than do.” If you’re wondering why we weren’t dragging Doc out to the dock and onto a boat to do some fishing instead of just thinking about it, for one thing a weather front was going on, storms were forecast and small craft warnings were all over the place. For another thing, catching baitfish from the dock — a therapeutic quickie when the tide is up — wouldn’t help because the tide at the time was lower than Doc’s state of mind. He was in no mood for fishing or bait-cutting. Some of us with nothing to fear personally were reminded of others we know who’ve spent years being fearful and very, very careful. Virgil Vernon (Vee) Hickle, the traffic cop, remembered pulling over drivers for creeping along at 10 or 15 mph. That was in the 1980s and ’90s: “They were terrified to see me. They were recent immigrants from Haiti, where the police in those days were basically a terrorist militia. They were driving so slow because they were trying to be inconspicuous.” DIRTY FUELIS THE #1 CAUSE OF DIESEL ENGINE TROUBLE Impurities in your tanks rob engines of valuable horsepower and can, at the worst possible time, leave your vessel “DEAD IN THE WA TER” Removing the fuel from the tank is useless. Sludge and water remain on the interior surfaces and at the very bottom of your tanks. Only our equipment has a patented “FILTER FLUSH” system to pressure agitate the inside of tanks, then filter all suspended contaminates out of your fuel.IN USE SINCE 1965GUARANTEED TO LEAVE YOUR FUEL PURE AND TANKS FREE OF ALGAE, WATER, RUST, SCALE OR OTHER CON TAM I NATES. DOCKSIDE SERVICE EMERGENCY SERVICE PREVENTATIVE FUEL TREATMENT SERVING ALL OF FLORIDA ADDED AFTER TANK FLUSH BEST SERVICE AT THE SPECIALIZING IN PURE FLOW BEST PRICE YACHT FILTER SYSTEMS GUN MARINE FILTRATION SPE CIAL ISTS(954) 522-6346 Capt. Gunnar Watson Editor Correspondents Art Direction Jennifer Heit Arnold Markowitz Jim Pollard Mark Ercolin Design,Inc.COPYRIGHT 2018 STORYBOARD MEDIA, INC. ISSN 8756-0038JULY 2018 YEAR 9 ISSUE 1 1040 Bayview Dr.  Suite 410 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304 954-524-9450  Fax954-524-9464 ZIMARGALVANIC ANODES MADE FROM PURE ZINC  GOOD PRICE  LAST LONGER  SHAFT ZINCS FROM 3/4" TO 6"  METRIC SHAFT ZINCS FROM 25 TO 160 m/m  ZINCS FOR EUROPEAN YACHTS  ZINCS FOR TAIWAN BOATS 2090 S.W. 71 TERR. BLDG. G-6 DAVIE, FL 33317 TEL. (954) 424-3844FAX (954) 424-9899 SEE WITZ | PAGE 4 CaptainsLicense CoursesUSCG Approved... Get Your Six-Pack or Get Your Master All Levels of Training... Beginner to YachtmasterNO TEST AT COAST GUARD Maritime Professional TrainingWhere you go to school does matter!1915 South Andrews Avenue € Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316954-525-1014 € 800-423-9267e-mail: € web: WITZ ON FISH The times they are a-changing for many of us SELL YOUR BUSINESS IN2018 Call Russell Cohen for a Free Consultation to explain the exit process. Over 500 businesses sold since 1999 „ including 24 in 2017. The most sold businesses in the state of FL since 2000. Award-winning M & A Intermediary.


Fishing for moral support during trying times 4 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMJuly 2018Waterfront Times Anti theft group ACTIVIST |FROM PAGE 1 Extra Bright SeriesTHE BEST & BRIGHTEST UNDERWATER LIGHTS GUARANTEED TO ATTRACT FISH OR YOUR MONEY BACK!USE ONLINE CODEWT18FOR A DISCOUNT! 855-347-4544FISHLIGHT.COM855-FISH-LIGHTPortable Series Over a decade of experience and customers worldwide! stuff blows over.” I doubted the discussion was making Doc Cabeza feel any better. I wished he would open up at least a little about what he was worried about. “When one of us comes to you with a problem, you make us tell you everything,” Tiller reminded him. “Yes, and now I’m the one with the problem and I can’t tell you anything,” Doc acknowledged. “You’re thinking if I don’t, then you can’t help, but you can. You are. You have my back. Your moral support alone means more to me than you know.” I felt a little tremor, looked away and bit my lip. I thought I saw Tiller do the same. When I looked back, Doc Cabeza was standing at a window, pressing his nose against the glass. It was raining something fierce out there. Tiller walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. “You okay, Doc?” he asked. “Curse this rain,” Doc said. “I feel like fishing.” Feedback: Another guy said the man who mows his lawn is Mexican: “He’s been working in my neighborhood for at least 20 years, an honest, hard-working man who my dog loves. He insists on being paid in cash. Once he did a big landscaping job for me. I wrote him a check and he wouldn’t take it. I said my bank’s three blocks away; just go there and they’ll cash it for you and he said no, pay me when you have the cash.” Did you notice I called that one “another guy”? He doesn’t want me to publish his name or the yard man’s name because he doesn’t want it known that he even knows someone like that. His story reminded another member of his biweekly housekeeper. She also insists on being paid in cash, never mind why, but he understands and doesn’t ask. “She’s from Honduras,” he told us. “She has two children and they’re all worried to death. I was going to send her to a friend who needs a good housekeeper. So-and-So (I can’t say her name) needs the extra money, but she asked me not to refer anyone to her until all this Going around and about town, Marx saw bunches of lime-green bicycles on the streets. You can rent one with your cell phone and leave it parked wherever you ride it to. There’s a GPS tracker in the thing, and if you steal one it sics the cops on you. Marx snapped pix of those and posted them for the edification of anyone thinking that what he was suggesting could not be done. He hasn’t had time yet to bug other manufacturers of marine electronics. If Garmin comes through, he probably won’t have to. The rest of the herd is likely to follow. “I am hopeful that Garmin makes the needed changes to its units sooner, rather than later,” he told WT. “Perhaps, if all GPS manufacturers take the necessary steps to install tracking systems and pass codes, there will no longer be a demand for stolen GPS units. I think everyone would welcome that.” You can join Marx’s watch group by going to: WITZ |FROM PAGE 3


5July 2018 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times legally allowable in the first place.” Unfortunately, what you have in this circumstance is generally called an unenforceable contract. When underlying elements of a contract exist (i.e. there is an offer for a performance or the delivery of a product by one party and an acceptance by another party), the problem is that the actual transaction will not be recognized as enforceable by a court since existing statutes and/or codes prohibit dock rentals. Harsh as this may seem, you cannot seek legal redress for an illegal transaction. In the past, some drug dealers actually attempted to go to court for unpaid bills from their customers — it did not go well for them… Just in case you’re tempted to point out that “everyone else is doing it, “in response I ask that you recall the rhetorical question, “if everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?” While some might argue that these codes and statutes should be fought for their lack of enforcement, taking this argument to court would be a long, very expensive process. It would likely take years before ending up in a court of appeals. Finally, there’s no guarantee of a favorable ruling. As for the boat in question being abandoned, the facts do not meet the general legal definition of abandonment. Generally, abandonment is the open repudiation of future ownership of a property. The very fact that federal courts still recognize the ownership of the Spanish Crown over 300-year-old wrecks that were ignored until some treasure hunter decided to salvage them, gives you an idea of how dubious an abandonment argument can be. Essentially, dear dock owner, the boat you have in your yard isn’t ADMIRALTY LAWMARK ERCOLIN Waterfront Times Columnist Though I have written on this issue many times, the subject continues to come up in my daily practice. The legal patterns are almost al ways similar. We’re talking about homeowners who rent out their vacant dock space in municipalities where statutes and codes prohibit the practice. Most of these stories read like a letter in an old “Dear Abby” column. With that in mind, I will take some liberties with that format to explain why these transactions should be avoided: “Dear lawyer person: I am a homeowner who has a dock in the backyard of my property. Although I live in a city that does not allow private homeowners to rent their dock space, I see that everybody else is doing it. So I began to rent out my dock space too. A nice boat owner approached me and I gave him permission to keep his boat at my dock for a monthly fee. “This relationship worked very well for a long time. He was hardly ever on his boat and paid me monthly. But one day he just stopped paying and wouldn’t respond to my calls. Many months have passed and I think he has abandoned his boat. Well, I am upset! I either want my past rent or would like to take possession of the boat and sell it. People tell me there are ways to do that. How do I sell this abandoned boat? Signed: “Forgotten, Sad & Unpaid.” “Dear Forgotten, Sad & Unpaid: I am truly sorry about your failed relationship. This is my take based on the facts you have presented: 1: Your property is located in a municipality that does not allow private homes to rent out dock space; 2: You gave a boat owner permission to dock at your property for a fee, and now you are seeking redress for his failure to pay, even though the transaction was not PREMIUM€ HARDWOODSPLYWOODS€ VENEERS€ LAMINATESWood-Chip Marine Lumber & Supplies3301 South Andrews Avenue, Bay 8, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 (954) 522-1481 (954) 522-7269 abandoned — you’re just being ignored! While some of you may point to some recently enacted state statutes that allow for removing unwanted vessels by having them declared derelict, boats that were given permission to be on those properties in the first place are not included. There are Florida statutes that allow, under certain circumstances, a marina to take possession of a vessel through an out-of-court administrative process. H owever, dear dock owner, that is not you. These statutes are designed to be used by licensed boat yards and dock facilities that have all their permits in place. They are not for enforcing an otherwise unenforceable contract. If a backyard dock renter was ever able to profit in court, it is likely because: 1: the affidavit used to initiate the process did not offer “complete information” regarding the actual transaction and situation. 2: The boat owner was totally missing during the enforcement of the nonjudicial process and never heard from again. Sadly, it has been my experience in nonjudicial sales, that if the boat owner shows up during or after the sale of the boat, the consequences for the private dock owner will be expensive. Again, litigation can last, literally, for years. So dear dock owner, I am sorry for your unhappy relationship. Hopefully you will finally hear from your boat owner so that the craft will be removed before it costs you any more time and grief. As for future transactions, your quest for a better relationship should be not through the courts but through the ballot box. If you really want to rent out your dock seamlessly and have redress through the system, then you need to elect local representatives who will actually change existing statutes and codes. Until then, I suggest you keep your relationships outside the realm of dock rentals. Mark Ercolin is a Fort Lauderdale-based maritime attorney. AIR COMPRESSORSYSTEMS for DIVERS Compressed Air Supplies and Equipment, Inc.Specializing in the Diving Industry Fill Whips & Panels/Manifolds € Yokes € Gauges Filters € Hoses € Oils € Air Storage Tanks & Fittings Our Clients include: Dive Resorts & Scuba Shops Yacht Owners & Captains, Divers, Fire Dept.800 OldGriffinRd.,#3PHONE:(954)929-4462Dania, FL33004FAX: (954)929-4463E-MAIL: info@CompressedAirSupplies.comBauerNew Used Supplies Sales Service Boatlikelynotabandonedevenwhendockrenterfailstopay BOAT STILL FOR SALE? MAYBE I TS TIME TO DONATE National Marine InstituteA tax exempt, nonprofit corporation, State of Florida and federally authorized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.ITS POSSIBLE TO GET A COMBINATION OFCASH & TAX DEDUCTIONSTHAT COULD EQUAL OR SURPASS THE SALE PRICE OF YOUR BOAT WHEN YOU DONATE TO A QUALIFIED CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION.CALL 954-975-8102FOR A NO RISK COMPLIMENTARY ANALYSISPROVIDING THE ACADEMICS FOR THE FUTURE GUARDIANS OF OUR EARTHS ENVIRONMENTŽ3907 North Federal Highway, #193 Pompano Beach, FL 33064Phone: 954-975-8102Fax: 954-971-1184Email:


6 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMJuly 2018Waterfront Times 1, SundayJazz Brunch: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. outdoor music at Broward Center for the Performing Arts, 201 SW Fifth Ave., Fort Lauderdale. 954-828-5363; Seven Seas Cruising Association: 8 a.m. breakfast for International cruising sailors at Egg & You Diner, 2621 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Public welcome. 754-702-5068; 2, MondayDragon Boat Racing: 7 p.m. paddling clinic at the boat ramp at Holland Park, 801 Johnson St., Hollywood. No cost. 954 232-7434; Paddles fort-lauderdale-hollywood/events. Bridge Beginner Lessons: 7 p.m. at Fort Lauderdale 3, TuesdayMiami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. Tuesdays atMiami Beach Watersport Center,6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. 4, WednesdayIndependence Day 4th of July Spectacular: noon to 9:30 p.m. with 9 p.m. fireworks along State Road A1A and Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale. Transportation available. 954-828-5363; Fourth of July Spectacular Kayak Tour: 8:30-10:30 p.m. with fireworks, meeting at George English Park, 1101 Bayview Drive, Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $25 to $100. 954-781-0073; 4th of July Star-Spangled Spectacular Celebration: 5-10 p.m. on Hollywood beach, Hollywood. 954-921-3404; Black Point Marina 4th of July: all-day festivities with9 p.m. fireworks at Black Point Park and Marina, 24775 SW 87th Ave., Cutler Bay. 305-2584092; Deerfield Beach July 4th Celebration: noon to 9 p.m., Main Beach Parking Lot, 149 SE 21st Ave., Deerfield Beach. 954-480-4200; July 4th Fireworks Extravaganza: 5 p.m. festivities with fireworks at the Municipal Pier, 222 N. Pompano Beach Blvd., Pompano Beach. 954-7864600; 5, ThursdayFort Lauderdale Marine Advisory Board: 6-8 p.m. meeting at City Hall, 100 N. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale. 954-828-5002. Art of Food & Wine: 6-8 p.m. at NSU Art Museum, 1 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $40 per person. 954-525-5500; Under Sea Adventurers Dive Club: 6 p.m. at Courtyard by Marriott, 2440 W. Cypress Creek Road, Fort Lauderdale. Annual dues: $50 per person or $90 couples; 6, FridayPalm Beach Sailing Club: 5-10 p.m. dinner at Palm Beach Sailing Club, 4600 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach. Starlight Musical: 7-10 p.m. outdoor concert with Beatles music at Holiday Park, 1150 G. Harold Martin Drive, Fort Lauderdale. 954-828-5363; Friday Night Sound Waves: 6-9 p.m. reggae music with band Spred the Dub at Fort Lauderdale Beach Hub, 300 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. 7, SaturdayWeekend Navigator: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. class sponsored by the USCGA at Dixon Ahl Recreation Center, 2200 NE 38th St., Pompano Beach. Cost: $50. 731-907-0307; About Boating Safely : 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., sponsored by the USCGA at Miami Outboard Club, 1099 Macarthur Causeway, Miami. Cost: $30. 786247-3118; 954-559-1513; 8, SundaySeven Seas Cruising Association: 8 a.m. breakfast for International cruising sailors at Egg & You Diner, 2621 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Public welcome. 754-702-5068; 9 MondayFort Lauderdale Bridge Club: 12:30 p.m. games at 700 NE Sixth Terrace, Fort Lauderdale. 954-761-1577; 10, TuesdayMuseum of Discovery Turtle Walks & Talks: 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. along Fort Lauderdale beach. Cost: $21 per person. 954-713-0930. 11, WednesdayBroward Shell Club: 6:30 p.m. meeting at Emma Lou Olson Civic Center, 1801 NE Sixth St., Pompano Beach. 954-786-4111; South Florida Sailors & Boaters: 6:30 p.m. at Beachcomber Resort, 1200 S. Ocean Blvd., Pompano Beach. Boat or know-how not needed. 954-908-5335; Ladies, Lets Go Fishing: 6-8:30 p.m. happy hour and dinner meeting at VFW Hall, 350 SW 25th St., Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $10 includes dinner.954923-3072; 12, ThursdayMuseum of Discovery Turtle Walks & Talks: 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. along Fort Lauderdale beach. Cost: $21 per person. 954-713-0930. Hillsboro Inlet Sailing Club: 7-9 p.m. meeting at Lighthouse Point Yacht and Racquet Club, 2701 NE 42nd St., Lighthouse Point. EVENTS CALENDAR SEE CALENDAR | PAGE 8 Have no worries on the water...TowBoatU.S. is there to assist with BREAKDOWNS | OUT OF FUEL | JUMP STARTS | SOFT UNGROUNDINGS 800-395-2628 €Towing details can be found online at or by calling. freedom to watch the sunsetONLY $149FOR WORRYFREE BOATING ALL YEAR CAP TAIN’S LICENSEUSCG APPROVED COURSES — NO USCG TEST! OUPV Captain’s License July 6  Fort Lauderdale  CPR&First Aid July 11  Fort Lauderdale  Master Upgrade (100GRT) July 18  Fort Lauderdale  Basic Training July 23  Fort Lauderdale  OUPV Captain’s License July 27  Miami1-800-237-8663(954)463-7001


7July 2018 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times Tide Tables for this month and next month are available onlineƒ Log on to now for the Tide Tables and more.Tide Table sources: NOAA data at Andrews Avenue Bridge, New River, Fort Lauderdale, Florida JULY TIDE TABLE SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 8 9 J u ly 1 Jy 2 0.3 M A 5:53 2.0 M 11:39 A 0.0 M 6:02 P 12:10 M A 6:33 Jy 1 0 3 2.1 M A 0.3 M 1.9 M 12:21 P 0.1 M 6:42 P 2 M 12:48 A 0 M A 7:13 1 4 1 2 .1 0 .3 1.9 M 1:03 P 0.2 M 7:22 P 2.0 M 1:28 A 0.3 M A 7:55 1: 5 8: 0 1 2 5 1.9 M 5 1 P 0.3 M 0 8 P 2.0 M 2:12 A 0.2 M A 8:43 M 2:41 P M 9:02 P 13 6 1.9 0.3 1.9 M 2:58 A 0.2 M A 9:35 1.9 M 3:37 P 0.4 M 10:00 P 1 4 7 1.9 M 3:48 A 0.1 M A 10:31 2.0 M 4:37 P 0.3 M 1:00 P 1 15 16 2.0 M 4:46 A -0.1 M A 1:29 1 2.1 M 5:39 P A 12:00 5:46 A 17 0.3 M A 2.0 M A -0.3 M 12:25 P 2.2 M 6:41 P 0 M A 12:58 2 M 6:46 A 1 8 0 .2 2 .1 -0.4 M 1:21 P 2.4 M 7:39 P 0.0 M A 1:54 2.3 M 7:44 A 2: 1 8: 3 1 9 -0.6 M 1 5 P 2.5 M 3 3 P -0.1 M A 2:48 2.4 M 8:42 A M 3:09 P M 9:27 P 20 -0.7 2.6 -0.2 M A 3:42 2.5 M 9:38 A -0.7 M 4:03 P 2.7 M 10:19 P 1 2 -0.3 M A 4:36 2.5 M 10:32 A -0.7 M 4:57 P 2.7 M 11:09 P 22 23 -0.3 M A 5:30 2.5 M 11:26 A -0.6 M 5:51 P 2.7 M 11:59 P M A 6:24 12:20 24 -0.3 M 2.5 M P -0.4 M 6:47 P 2 M 12:49 A 0 M A 7:20 25 6 0 .3 2.4 M 1:16 P -0.2 M 7:43 P 2.4 M 1:41 A -0.2 M A 8:16 2: 1 8: 4 2 6 2.3 M 1 2 P -0.0 M 4 3 P 2.3 M 2:33 A -0.1 M A 9:14 M 3:12 P M 9:43 P 27 2.2 0.2 2.2 M 3:27 A -0.1 M A 10:12 2.1 M 4:12 P 0.3 M 10:41 P 8 2 2.1 M 4:23 A -0.0 M A 1:10 1 2.1 M 5:12 P 0.4 M 1:39 P 1 29 30 0.3 M A 4:49 2. 1 M 10 : 37 A 0.0 M 5:00 P 2. 3 M 11 : 04 P 2.0 M 5:21 A 0.0 M 12:04 P 2.1 M 6:10 P M A 5:25 11 : 17 A A 12:33 6:15 A 3 1 0.3 M 2. 1 M A 0.1 M 5:36 P 2.2 M 11 : 4 2 P 0.4 M A 2.0 M A 0.0 M 12:54 P 2.1 M 7:02 P 0 M A 6:01 2 M 11 : 57 A 0 M A 1:23 2 M 7:05 A g A u g ust 1 0 .3 2 1 0.2 M 6:12 P 0 .4 0 -0.0 M 1:40 P 2.1 M 7:50 P 0.4 M A 2:09 2.0 M 7:53 A 2: 2 8: 3 2.2 M 12:18 A 0 .2 M A 6 : 3 7 12 6 : 5 g 2 -0.0 M 2 4 P 2.2 M 3 2 P 0.4 M A 2:53 2.1 M 8:35 A M 3:06 P M 9:12 P 2.1 M :39 P 0 3 M 5 2 P 2.2 M 12:56 A 0 .2 M A 7:1 9 M 1:23 P M 7: 36 P 3 -0.0 2.2 0.3 M A 3:33 2.1 M 9:17 A -0.0 M 3:46 P 2.3 M 9:50 P 2.1 0 3 2.1 M 1:36 A 0 .2 M A 8 : 05 2.1 M 2:11 P 0 .4 M 8 :2 8 P 4 0.3 M A 1 1 4: 2.1 M 9:57 A -0.0 M 4:24 P 2.3 M 10:28 P 2.1 M 2:22 A 0.2 M A 8:57 2.1 M 3:07 P 0.5 M 9:26 P 0 63 03 0 9 03 36 0 805 0 88 0 85 05 96 HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW TIME ADJUSTMENTS Boca Inlet +8 +17 Hillsboro Inlet -31 -50 Davie Bridge N.R. +40 +40 Port Everglades -45 -6 Karen Canal Haulover Inlet +38 +39 to TideTable in minutes Deerfield Beach +12 +11 Commercial ICW -26 -34 Bahia Mar -20 -18 Dania Cut-Off +45 +28 ( Hendricks Isle ) 0 0 Government Cut -39 -56 Credit: Mr. Tides Version 4.3.8 (592) from Hahn Software 2012 by August Hahn Founded in 1977CableMarine. comCable Marine West (80 & 100 Ton Lifts)954-587-40002491 W. State Road 84 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 Cable Marine East (40 Ton Lift) 954-462-28221517 S.E. 16th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 2029 3039 4049 5059 6069 7079 8089 90& upPRICES PER FOOT Bottom Painting Prices (Sanding and barnacle scraping billed at additional $67. per hour) Our everyday low prices are listed below. Have Cable Marine paint your boat and receive coupons equivalent to 10% of your invoice amount (bottom painting only). These coupons can be used as payment against future work performed at Cable Marine or against any purchase made at any Boat Owners Warehouse store. Fiberglass Bottomkote NT $19.75 $22.00 $23.00 $23.75 $28.50 $30.00 $39.50 T&M Copper Guard 19.75 22.00 23.00 23.75 28.50 30.00 39.50 T&M SeaHawk AF33 20.00 22.50 23.50 23.75 29.00 31.00 40.50 T&M Ultima SSA 20.00 22.50 23.50 23.75 29.00 31.00 40.50 T&M Unepoxy Plus 20.50 22.75 24.00 24.50 29.50 31.25 41.00 T&M Trinidad 24.50 27.25 28.75 29.50 35.50 37.25 49.00 T&M Pacifica Plus 25.00 27.50 29.00 29.75 36.00 37.75 49.75 T&M Ultrakote 25.00 27.75 29.00 29.75 36.00 37.75 49.75 T&M Seahawk Cukote 26.00 29.00 30.25 31.25 37.50 39.50 52.00 T&M Trinidad SR 28.00 31.00 32.50 33.50 40.25 42.50 55.75 T&M Micron CSC 28.75 32.00 33.75 34.75 41.75 44.00 58.00 T&M Vivid 28.75 32.00 33.50 34.50 41.50 43.75 57.50 T&M Micron CF 30.25 33.75 35.25 36.25 43.75 46.25 60.50 T&M Ultima SR 60 31.25 34.75 36.50 37.50 45.25 47.75 62.50 T&M Micron 66 32.75 36.25 38.00 39.25 47.00 49.75 65.25 T&M Seahawk BioCop TF 33.75 37.50 39.25 40.50 48.50 51.25 67.25 T&M DOCKS,DECKSANDPAVERS €New Construction €Dock Repairs €Pilings €Seawall Repair €Accessories €Free Quotes Licensed and Insured QUALITY WORK — ALWAYS ON TIME! Fort LauderdaleLIC. CGC 15211366 Call: (954) 651-2572 Advertise in Waterfront Times Call: 954-524-9450 Serving the South Florida Boating Community Since 1969 RickAugustoislookingforclean,late model boatstosell…LoveitList it  We command higher prices because we provide all brands of service and parts.  We provide free storage for 90 days (trailered boats)  We provide buyer financing  We advertise worldwide on major listing websites  We advertise throughout South Florida in print and radio  We provide professional white glove service Rick Augusto A LICENSEDYACHTBROKER954.249.7565Cell  Ricka@nauticalventures.comNautical Ventures Marine  50 S.Bryan Rd.  Dania Beach 33004DEALERSFORAXOPAR  CENTURY  BLACKFIN  RANGERTUGS  SCHAEFERYACHTS OR


8 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMJuly 2018Waterfront Times Power Squadron, 3701 NE 18th Terrace, Pompano Beach. Cost: $25 Broward residents, $60 others. 754-444-1470; 22, SundayYoung Professionals Volunteer Beach Sweep: 4-5:30 p.m. the fourth Sunday of the month meets outside Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel, 999 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale; social follows. 954-828-5568; Hillsboro Inlet Independence Tour: 8:15-11:15 a.m. boat departures to the lighthouse from the dock at Sands Harbor Marina, 125 N. Riverside Drive, Pompano Beach. Cost: $35 individual annual membership or $50 for a family of 4. 954-942-2102; 23, MondayFood Trucks at ArtsPark: 5:309:30 p.m. at ArtsParkalong Young Circle in downtownHollywood. 24, TuesdayMiami Beach Rowers Meetup : 7 p.m. at Miami Beach Watersport Center, 6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. Gold Coast Fly Fishers: 6:45 p.m. meeting at American Legion Post 142, 171 SW Second St, Pompano Beach. 25, WednesdaySouth Florida Sailors & Boaters: 6:30 p.m. Beachcomber Resort, 1200 S. Ocean Blvd., Pompano Beach. Boat or know-how not needed. 954-9085335; 26, ThursdaySailing Singles of South Florida: 7 p.m. meeting at various Fort Lauderdale locations. 954-462-4575; 27, FridayPalm Beach Sailing Club : 5-10 p.m. dinner at Palm Beach Sailing Club, 4600 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach. 561-881-0809; CALENDAR | FROM PAGE 6EVENTS CALENDAR Sailing Singles of South Florida: 6:30 p.m. meeting at Flip Flops Dockside Eatery, 3059 NE 32nd Ave., Fort Lauderdale. 954-588-0268; 13, FridayMiami Yacht Club: 8 p.m. meeting at 1001 MacArthur Causeway, Miami. 305-377-9877. Starlight Musical: 7-10 p.m. outdoor concert with 80s rock band Stall 4 at Holiday Park, 1150 G. Harold Martin Drive, Fort Lauderdale. 954-8285363; Friday Night Sound Waves: 6-9 p.m. original music at Fort Lauderdale Beach Hub, 300 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. 14, SaturdayAbout Boating Safely: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., sponsored by the USCGA at Broward Health Imperial Point, 6401 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $50. 954-941-5781 or 561-350-3395; About Boating Safely: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., sponsored by the USCGA at McNab Park Center, 2250 E. Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach. Cost: $50. 954-941-5781 or 561-350-3395; About Boating Safely: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. sponsored by the USCGA at Spanish River Park, 3939 N. Ocean Blvd., Boca Raton. Cost: $35 adults, $20 teens. Bring lunch. 561-391-3600; Fort Lauderdale Beach Sweep Cleanup: 7-11 a.m. volunteer beach cleanup at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park, 300 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. 954-593-8501; 15, SundayAbout Boating Safely : 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. sponsored by the USCGA at Bass Pro Shops, 220 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach. Cost: $50, includes lunch. 954-610-8085; 718-619-7402; 16, MondayPompano Beach Offshore Anglers : 7:30 p.m. meeting at Sands Harbor,125 N. Riverside Drive, Pompano Beach. Cost: $35 per year. 17, TuesdayGulfstream Sailing Club: 7:30 p.m. meeting at VFW Post 1966, 350 SW 25th St., Fort Lauderdale. Southern Handcraft Society of Coral Springs: meets at 10 a.m. at Hobby Lobby, 9150 Wiles Road, Coral Springs. 954-798-1672. 18, WednesdayDania Beach Marine Advisory Board: 6-7 p.m. meeting at Dania Beach Marina Lounge,151 N. Beach Road, Dania Beach. 19, ThursdaySailing Singles of South Florida: 7 p.m. meeting at various Fort Lauderdale locations. 954-462-4575; 20, FridayPalm Beach Sailing Club: 5-10 p.m. dinner at Palm Beach Sailing Club, 4600 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach. Starlight Musical: 7-10 p.m. outdoor concert with fund/dance band Pocket Change at Holiday Park, 1150 G. Harold Martin Drive, Fort Lauderdale. 954-828-5363; Friday Night Sound Waves: 6-9 p.m. with musician Danny Garcia at Fort Lauderdale Beach Hub, 300 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. 21, SaturdayOne Day Boating Course: 10 a.m. start at the Pompano Beach Sail & Friday Night Sound Waves: 6-9 p.m. with band Rogue Theory at Fort Lauderdale Beach Hub, 300 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. 28, SaturdayFat Village Artwalk : 6-10 p.m. stroll through studios and art galleries the last Saturday of the month starting at 523 NW First Ave., Fort Lauderdale. 954-540-9897; 29, SundaySeven Seas Cruising Association: 8 a.m. breakfast for International cruising sailors at Egg & You Diner, 2621 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Public welcome. 754-702-5068; 30, MondayFood Trucks at ArtsPark: 5:309:30 p.m. at ArtsParkalong Young Circle in downtownHollywood. 31, TuesdayMiami Beach Rowers Meetup : 7 p.m. at Miami Beach Watersport Center, 6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. HEAT EXCHANGERS Ultrasonic Cleaning and Repair 3 STAR ATLANTIC RADIATOR4358 N. Dixie Highway Fort Lauderdale954-566-7403 BURTON DANOFF MD F.A.C.O.G.OBSTETRICS, GYNECOLOGY & WOMENS HEALTHBOARD CERTIFIEDAMERICAN CONGRESS OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGYOffice Consultations  Annual Exams  Birth Control PAP & HPV Testing  Vitamin D & Evaluation Menopause Management  STD Testing Family Planning WESTON 2300 N. Commerce Parkway Suite 113, Weston FL 33326Located at Broward Health Weston954.217.8866 FORT LAUDERDALE 1625 SE 3rd Avenue Suite 715 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316In the Physicians Office Building at Broward Health Medical Center954.761.8602Early Morning & Evening Hours AvailableAetna, Avmed, Coventry, UHC, BCBS, Cigna, Humana, Medicare and most other insurance acceptedwww.burtondanoffmd.comLocated two blocks from Federal Highway and 17th Street


9July 2018 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times Wood-Chuck Workshop, Inc.Custom Yacht Car pen try & Refits€ Corian / Granite Countertops € Teak Decks & Cover Boards € Teak & Holly/AmticoFlooring € Custom Cabinetry / Refinishing954-922-3221 Since 1979AT HARBOR TOWN MA RI NA Marine Classified Ads 8 4 1 9 CE S I N t ee 1900 SE 15th Str dale, Florida ort Lauder F 9545238507 ackle Shop € Dock Store om daleMarina.c Lauder om dalemarina.c o@lauder f in dalemarina @lauder 5 F ue l D oc k € B a i t & T Ta € 36 ts € Dockage € Restaurant vice € Par € Boat Sales € Ser 954 523 8507 dalemarina @lauder RD ALE AU D E L A MA R IN WANTED25' to 40' Sailboat Sails $$$ Cash Paid for Used Sails800-273-8396 or 954-767-8885 Second Wind Sails  Fort Lauderdale For classified advertising information call: 9545249450 M M M M MARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE S S S S SERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES NEPTUNE AIR CORP Sales, Service & InstallationAll Brands 1611 SW 2nd Avenue, Ft Laud., FL 33315 € Call: 954-779-2510 A/C & R A/C & R A/C & R A/C & R A/C & REFRIGERATION EFRIGERATION EFRIGERATION EFRIGERATION EFRIGERATION C C C C CANVAS ANVAS ANVAS ANVAS ANVAS C C C C CLEANING LEANING LEANING LEANING LEANING B B B B BOATS OATS OATS OATS OATS WAX MOBILE SERVICESwash, compound & wax. Call Alfredo at 954-651-5521 Boat Wash/Detailing. Low prices. Weekly & monthly services. Lic Capt. 954-788-6584 M M M M MARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE S S S S SERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES … pages 9-10 … pages 9-10 … pages 9-10 … pages 9-10 … pages 9-10 F F F F FOR OR OR OR OR S S S S SALE ALE ALE ALE ALE page 10 page 10 page 10 page 10 page 10 D D D D DOCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE page 10 page 10 page 10 page 10 page 10 R R R R REAL EAL EAL EAL EAL E E E E ESTATE STATE STATE STATE STATE page 10 page 10 page 10 page 10 page 10 CANVAS FACTORYFlybridge covers, Bimini tops, Mooring covers & Repairs. Mobile truck will perform work at your site.Call 954-781-1970 .C C C C CLASSIFIED LASSIFIED LASSIFIED LASSIFIED LASSIFIED A A A A ADS DS DS DS DS continue next pageEAST COAST Boat DetailingWash, Wax, F/G Compound, Bottom Cleaning. 954-803-6238 MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLINBoard Certified in Admiralty & Maritime Law by the Florida Bar1040 Bayview Drive, #410, Ft Laud 33304954-792-5425 € 321-9157 € fax: 524-9464 A A A A ADMIRALTY DMIRALTY DMIRALTY DMIRALTY DMIRALTY L L L L LAW AW AW AW AW DR. ZINC DIVING, Inc. Propeller specialist. Monthly maintenance, commercial diving. Visa & MC. 561-445-0462 € 305-522-3553 The Diver Underwater Maintenance Call 954-522-2524 or 954-401-9745 (cell) Diversified Diving & Marine Construction Call: 954-876-8036 € 954-240-3646. MRS G DIVING Monthly Hull Maintenance & Commercial Diving Services. Lic. & Insured to work in any yard & marina. 954-964-4804 Small portable AIR COMPRESSOR units, new & used, to fill SCUBA tanks also store size units. Complete line of supplies, filters, oils, fill whips & fittings. Compressed Air Supplies 954-929-4462 M-FD D D D DETAILING ETAILING ETAILING ETAILING ETAILING continues next columnCABLE west yard (80-ton).... 954-587-4000 East yard (40-ton lift)........... 954-462-2822 1st PERFORMANCE MARINA5 minutes to Port Everglades inlet, 954-763-8743 PLAYBOY MARINEocean access, no bridges 954-920-0533 LAUDERDALE MARINA: SE 15 ST, Fort Laud. Service€Parts€Sales€Fuel Dock 954-523-8507 ROYALE PALM YACHT BASINDania Beach Full service yard, 75-ton lift. 954-923-5900 SEVEN SEAS: 1500 W Broward, FtL, Full Svc. Family Owned & Operated 954-463-8143 Dania Cut Off Canal, 50 Bryan RD, Dania Bch. Yard: 954-926-5250€ Brokerage: 954-249-7565 BRADFORD MARINE, 3101 W SR 84, Ft Laud. Call 877-705-1467 € Complete Marinedockside service, parts, fuel, 50-ton lift. Pompano Bceah 954-784-9011 B B B B BOAT OAT OAT OAT OAT Y Y Y Y YARDS ARDS ARDS ARDS ARDS 954-651-5521 € Oxidation RemovalWeekly & Monthly Maintenance Licensed & InsuredM M M M MARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE S S S S SERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES continue next column D D D D DETAILING ETAILING ETAILING ETAILING ETAILING continued D D D D DIVING IVING IVING IVING IVING D D D D DETAILING ETAILING ETAILING ETAILING ETAILING N N N N NOTICES OTICES OTICES OTICES OTICES page page page page page 10 10 10 10 10 M M M M MARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE S S S S SERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES continue next column M M M M MARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE S S S S SERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES continuedYacht Equipment & Parts€ Sales € Service € Installation € Repairs € Warranty 954-463-7222 € M M M M MARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE M M M M MECHANICS ECHANICS ECHANICS ECHANICS ECHANICS M M M M MARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE ARINE S S S S SERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES ERVICES continuedSAMS-Marine Surveyor-Steve Snider-AMSprepurchase€insurance€financial surveys Yachts-small craft. V/ 954-444-9136 Stripping€Repairing€ Refinishing of Furniture & Wooden Boat Parts 954-978-2090 € EXPERT VARNISHINGmarine & residential. Shari K Becker, Inc. Call 954-467-8343 R R R R REFINISHING EFINISHING EFINISHING EFINISHING EFINISHING ALP's Mobile Marine Repair-"I come to you. I fix it right the first time!" All Makes & Models. Troubleshooting, Gas Engine Purchase Surveys, Electrical Repairs Call Anthony 954-973-1135 € 954-258-9874 S S S S SURVEYORS URVEYORS URVEYORS URVEYORS URVEYORS F F F F FIBERGLASS IBERGLASS IBERGLASS IBERGLASS IBERGLASS EAST COAST BOAT DETAILINGFiberglass repair & gelcoat. 954-803-6238 Join South Floridas largest gathering of nautical artisans as they reach 10,000 of waterfront homeowners, hundreds of marine workplaces, and major area boating events each month in the Waterfront Times.Call 954-524-9450.SWISS WOODWORK INC Stripping€Repairing€ Refinishing of Furniture & Wooden Boat Parts 954-978-2090 € WOOD-CHUCK WORKSHOPcustom yacht & residential carpentry at Harbor Town Marina, Dania Cut-Off canal. Call 954-922-3221. EXPERT VARNISHINGmarine & residential. Shari K Becker, Inc. Call 954-467-8343. W W W W WOODWORKING OODWORKING OODWORKING OODWORKING OODWORKING To SUBSCRIBE call954-524-9450 H H H H HEADLINERS EADLINERS EADLINERS EADLINERS EADLINERS Marine HEADLINERS. Full Interior work. Call 954-849-3287. waterfronttimes.comSee these same marine artisans on the web at This could be your corner of the marine services market. Call 954-524-9450 954-524-9450 954-524-9450 954-524-9450 954-524-9450.


10 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMJuly 2018Waterfront Times Boat Dockage Classifiedswww.DockSearch.comSEARCH RENT BUY SELL LOOKING for Private DOCKSPACE?ALL AREAS ALL SIZESDOCKFINDERS of South FloridaRENTING DOCKSPACE ? INQUIRE TODAY! PRIME DOCKAGE Tropical OasisEast Fort Lauderdalenear Galleria MallNo fixed bridges € Prime Amenities80' vessels or longer9' MLW, Wi-Fi, 50/100 amp, pump-outCall 954-467-8220, ext # 26LAUD-BY-THE-SEA: up to 260' dock available Wtr/Elec. No Lvbds. Call 910-352-2801. MIDDLE RIVER Galleria Area Private Quiet Water Location No fixed bridges € pump-out € 9' MLW 80' vessels or longer € Wi-Fi € 50/100 amp electric. Call 954-494-0615. RIVERLANDup to 50' dock + deck, secure, water/elec, hurricane safe, $8/foot/month. Call 954-584-0578. FREE dock space in return for my occasional free use. 18-30 boat + outboard(s) + sun top. Dock space stern to, 2 dolphin pilings, dock electric, auto parking, no fixed bridges, near Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale. € 954 564 8873 SOUTH FORK NEW RIVEREast of 95. NFB up to 50', no lvbd. Call 954-XXX-XXXX. D D D D D OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE C C C C C ENTRAL ENTRAL ENTRAL ENTRAL ENTRAL B B B B B ROWARD ROWARD ROWARD ROWARD ROWARD continued D D D D DOCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE continues below & next column F F F F FOR OR OR OR OR R R R R RENT ENT ENT ENT ENT… … … … … COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL W W W W WANTED ANTED ANTED ANTED ANTEDRECREATION RECREATION RECREATION RECREATION RECREATION VEHICLES VEHICLES VEHICLES VEHICLES VEHICLES Wanted…All motor homes, travel trailers, 5th wheels, diesel trucks & classic cars. Any condition. Cash paid on the spot. Call now for quick sale... 954-789-7530R R R R REAL EAL EAL EAL EAL E E E E ESTATE STATE STATE STATE STATE continues next column LOOKING for DOCKS available for rent?All over South Florida € All Sized BoatsIs your Dock For Rent ? Call Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. Boat Slips for rent in Fort Lauderdales Victoria Park neighborhood on a quiet senior living property. Close to lots of shopping, dining,entertainment and beaches. Bathrooms, Pool, Water, Mail drop-off and Laundry amenities included.Liveaboards are welcome.For more inquiries, contact us during regular business hours Monday…Friday, 8:00a.m.…4:30p.m. at 954-463-6721R R R R REAL EAL EAL EAL EAL E E E E ESTATE STATE STATE STATE STATE continued MIDDLE RIVER Galleria Area…€ Private, Quiet, Gated, Waterfront Location € No fixed bridges € pump-out € 9' MLW € 50 to 90' vessels € 50/100 amp electric € Private restroom with bath/showerCall 954-494-0615 Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450.3350 SW 3rd AV., FT LAUDERDALE In commercial complex with parking, sanitation services included. Near Fort Lauderdale International Airport & Port Everglades, south of State Road 84. Call 954-467-8371Office suites from 250 square feet to 1,100 square feet F F F F FOR OR OR OR OR S S S S SALE ALE ALE ALE ALE Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. D D D D DOCKS OCKS OCKS OCKS OCKSMIAMI-DADE MIAMI-DADE MIAMI-DADE MIAMI-DADE MIAMI-DADEDock for rent on protected canal off Dania Cut-Off Canal. East of I-95. Water & Electric. Call 954-258-5900. Hollywood Marina55 slips & launch ramp, Call 954-921-3035 € D D D D DOCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD docks from McNab Road north to the Palm Beach County line.CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD docks from Port Everglades north through Bay Colony.SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD docks from Dania CutOff Canal south to the Dade County Line.Floating Dockscustom concrete. Add Value & Enjoyment to Your Waterfront Property Get free quote today: 954.791.3800 Wood-Chip Marine Lumber & Suppies Wood-Chip Marine Lumber & Suppies Wood-Chip Marine Lumber & Suppies Wood-Chip Marine Lumber & Suppies Wood-Chip Marine Lumber & SuppiesPremium Hardwoods, Plywoods, Veneers & Laminates3301 So Andrews AV, Bay 8, Ft Laud, FL 33316954-522-1481€ D D D D DOCKS OCKS OCKS OCKS OCKSSOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. Broward County Drowning Task Force9-11am, July 18 @ 6600 W Commercial Blvd Childrens Services Council of Broward Co.Drowning is Preventable! Talk to your child about water safety.Ž B B B B BUSINESS USINESS USINESS USINESS USINESS O O O O OPPORTUNITIES PPORTUNITIES PPORTUNITIES PPORTUNITIES PPORTUNITIESSELL YOUR BUSINESS IN 2018 Over 500 sold since 1999 incl 24 in 2017 Most sold businesses in FL since 2000 Experince € Integrity € Dedication Call Russell Cohen of Murphy Business for FREE consult to explain exit process 954-646-7651€ POMPANO BEACHno fixed bridges, 50 amp/ water, private home, near inlet. $10/foot, $400 monthly minimum. Call 954-268-7550. LHP Up to 45 ft. 4 blocks to inlet. New dock. $15 per foot. Call 954 695 1284. MIAMI BCHPrvt home. Up to 55', dpwtr, NFB,wtr/elec, parking. 305.673.0077€305.215.8528 N N N N NOTICES OTICES OTICES OTICES OTICES D D D D DOCKS OCKS OCKS OCKS OCKSNORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD D D D D DOCKS OCKS OCKS OCKS OCKSCENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD D D D D D OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE C C C C C ENTRAL ENTRAL ENTRAL ENTRAL ENTRAL B B B B B ROWARD ROWARD ROWARD ROWARD ROWARD continuedRIVER DOCKAGE „Up to 85 feet, 55 vertical clearance, water/metered electric. Private & secure. NO Liveaboards. Call 954-316-1246. Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450.CUBA BOATING INVESTMENT PACKAGE …Contact 309-331-5300 or $10,000 buys & the trade name HAVANA BOAT SHOW€ 168 slips for vessels up to 150 € Deep Basin € Floating Docks € Resort-style Pool € Fitness Center € Coffee Bar € Rendezvous Bar & Grill, on site € Luxury Hotel, TRYP by Wyndham Maritime, on sitePlease call or stop by for a viewing & more info:2525 Marina Bay DR West, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312954-791-7600 € Century East Apts & Marina100 Isle of Venice. Dockage to 45', lvbds OK. Apts for rentmonthly or annual. 954-980-3230 Hendricks 2/2 apt $1995/m 954-258-0416 R R R R REAL EAL EAL EAL EAL E E E E ESTATE STATE STATE STATE STATE COLDWELL BANKERResidential Real EstateRich ThompsonFor Sale: Deep Water, Ocean Access, NFB. Affordable Properties priced For Rent: Dockage also available for rent.All types of properties available. Rich Thompson: 954-684-5374RichVThompson@gmail.comSpecializing In All Types Of Real Estatewith ocean-access listings throughout the area Search the MLS for WATERFRONT HOMES, Confident Working With The Team With A Proven Track Record (954) 258-5900 € Toll Free: 1-888-806-0621Search here for waterfront homes: www.AJRyan.comwith A.J. Ryan Realty established 1924Call John M. Ryan I live on and sell waterfront property!ŽLooking to Buy or Sell Waterfront Property? 905 / 907 Citrus Isle 75 Ocean Access WaterfrontLuxury Duplex: Each Unit 2-bed / 2-bath € Florida Room € Utility RoomRichard / Rita$649K954-463-1285Fully Remodeled East of 95 Close to Fwy. € Downtown € Shopping € Beach LAUD ISLES river dockage up to 85', 55' vert clearance @ I-95, water/metered electric. Private & secure. NO LVBD. 954-316-1246. 2 NEW SLIPS availableMiddle River south of Sunrise Blvd bridge. Call 954-522-6446.Ft Laud/RIVERLAND 45' dock for rent on protected canal off New River. 20' floating dock also avail. No fixed brides. Quiet, safe residential neighborhood with offstreet parking. Elec/wtr avail. No lvbd. $9/foot. Call Paul 954-646-2266.D D D D DOCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE OCKAGE continues below & next column ROBERT P. GARGANO€ VILLAS OF SUNRISE BAYEstate Sale. Penthouse Condo with 57 Dock! Huge 4+Bedroom/31/2 Bath. Appx 4,470 sq ft, includes: 57 deepwater dock & 3 covered parking spots. Spectacular view overlooking megayacht marina & year round boat parade on the ICW. Great Coral Ridge location. Unbelievable Price$1,225,000.€ MIDDLE RIVER VILLASCondo with dock. 2/2 just completed total remodel. All new kitchen, SS appliances, granite, porcelain tile floors. 38x16 dock included (50 amp) on Middle RiverNo Fixed Bridges. Near Galleria Mall & beach. Reduced Now $349,000.€ RIVERLAND AREACompletely remodeled 3/2 home with pool. Large living room & large master bedroom. S/S appliances, 2 ovens, 2 central a/c, 2 hot water water heaters, whole home water filter, hurricane shutters. Fenced yard with beautiful pool, wood deck & fruit trees.Over 1,900 square feet !$349,900.€ FORT LAUDERDALE BEACHRARE OCEANFRONT OPPORTUNITY.5-bedroom, 51/2-bath pool home directly on the sand! Great panoramic views! Vacation rental program in place providing excellent cash flow. New owner can have income & great vacation home if desired or you can own your own private oceanfront residence. OUTSTANDING VALUE.$3,775,000.€ LAS OLAS ISLESFOR SALE OR LEASE. 100 Deepwater, No Fixed Bridges. 3-bed 3-bath Bright & open floor plan with screened patio overlooking Pool & Canal. Plus 2-car Garage. Near Point on South Isle affords quick Ocean Access.$1,649,000. Also avail for rent @$5,900/mo.€ RIO NUEVO CONDOSGreat Fort Lauderdale location near Downtown & Las Olas. Gated waterfront community with heated pool. SOME UNITS WITH DOCKS UP TO 55. Studios, 1& 2-bedroom units from$134,000 … $325,000. € 2 PLATTED BUILDING LOTS83x100 each, one Waterfront, one Dry Lot. Lots are contiguousSo Buy one or both! Near Downtown, off South Fork New River. $450K Wet / $350K Dry .€ NEW SMYRNA BEACH areaQUAIL ROOST RANCHES Build your Country Dream Home. Country livingbring the horse & ATV.€ 2.5-acre vacant lot. $24,900. € 4.3-acre vacant lot. $34,900. € LAS OLAS AREAAnnual Rental 3/2 Townhouse$2,450/month unfurnished.Small Dog OK.Living and working on the New River € Specializing In Waterfront Real Estate €(954) Central location off the New River. Conveniently located close to downtown Ft Lauderdale. Gated island featuring 24-hr manned guardhouse, 2 tennis courts & 3 heated pools. Small pets OK (owners only) No fixed bridges, ocean access dockage up to 50 (owners only as available):€ 1/11/2 Open floor plan w/separate dining area...$168,900. € 2/11/2 Remodeled, pool/canal view, washer/dryer in the unit...$199,900. € 2/2 Corner model with washer/dryer hookup in unit...$199,500. € 2/2 Larger ModelSunny South exposure, canal view...$208,500. € 2/2 Remodeled with double balcony & beautiful pool & canal view! Washer/dryer hook-up........$209,000. € 2/2 Lowest priced unit with covered parking! 1,250 sq. ft. Convenient 1st floor............$209,900. € 2/2 Split bedroom plan. Remodeled kitchen & baths with granite, washer/dryer hook-up..........$219,500. € 2/2 Corner, Remodeled kitchen & baths … convenient first floor.......................................$225,000. € 2/2 Beautiful New Kitchen, Appliances, Tile Floors and custom closets................................................$249,900. € 2/2 Larger 1,250 sq ft with canal & river view...$259,900. € 2/2 In River Building. 1250 sq ft. New white kitchen open toliving rm & new baths. Balcony with view of garden & pool..........$264,900. € 2/2 Great Pool & River view! Remodeled open floor plan with updated kitchen & baths...Now$269,000. € 2/2 corner, largest model in RR at 1,500 sq ft.Completely remodeled,new A/C, electric fireplace, wood floors, closet systems,wine cooler, covered parking..............$319,900. € 2/2 Largest model Astor, top of the line remodeled with New River view & covered parking.....NOW..$359,900. € 3/2 True 3/2 model, refinished kitchen & baths, Washer/dryer hook-up in unit...................$228,900. € 1/11/2 with beautiful view of pool & New River!...$189,900. € 2/2 Remodeled2 New Baths, New SS Appliances, Large Updated Open Kitchen, New Flooring, Covered Parking..............$274,900. € 2/2 1,250 sq ft with open remodeled kitchen, updated baths, smooth ceilings & new A/C. Beautiful pool/canal view & covered parking................$284,900. € 2/2 Largest 2-Bedroom, Completely Remodeled, Beautiful pool, canal & city view !..................$350,000. € RIVER REACH CONDOSDockage up to 50 (as available) & Associates, Realtors 800 E. BROWARD BLVD., SUITE 101 FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA 33301 RIVER REACH RENTALS € 1-Bedroom.........................................$1,450-$1,600/month. € 2-Bedroom.........................................$1,750-$2,200/month. SOLD SOLDSOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD CONTRACT SOLD SOLD WWW.GARGANOREALTY.COM Point lot, 55' on New River, 90' on canal west of I-95. $12/ft.No lvbd. Hurricane protected. No parking. Call 954-648-3855. F F F F FOR OR OR OR OR S S S S SALE ALE ALE ALE ALE… … … … … POWER POWER POWER POWER POWER BOATS BOATS BOATS BOATS BOATS 25' ALGLAS Fly Bridge Sport fish/ W351FORD Commander inboard, Garmin GPS€Auto Pilot €Stereo€Head€VHF & more. Quick Estate Sale $8,700.oo Ready To Go!Call 954-943-9370 €cell: 954-821-0994 RonNew live-aboard slips up to 50 feet $875/month, 500 Hendricks Isle 2-bed & 2-bath apt avl $1995/mo. Jeff Lena 954-258-0416 The Keyes company RENTED Century East Apts & Marina100 Isle of Venice. Dockage to 45', lvbds OK. Apts for rentmonthly or annual. Call 954-980-3230. ON THE NEW RIVER, Lauderdale Isles New 315' docks, deepwater, protected, back of private home, river & canal, no live-aboard, 50' to 98' boats. Water & electricity. Call Frank 954-547-1011. CITRUS ISLESfull 60' dock, dpwtr, wtr/elec, NFB, $500. No lvbd. Call 301-493-6257. F F F F FOR OR OR OR OR R R R R RENT ENT ENT ENT ENT… … … … … RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL Credit Card : TypeVisa € M/C € AmEx € DiscoverCard #____________________________________ Exp Date __/__Card Billing Street Address:_________________________Signature_____________________________ Date__/__/__ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEADLINE: the 15th day of the month prior to issue$$ 25NAME ADDRESS CITYSTATEZIP PHONE ( ) ADVERTISER INFORMATION CLASSIFIED AD FORM1040 Bayview Drive, 410 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304 SECTION:Phone: (954) 524-9450Fax: (954) 524-9464 South Floridas Nautical Newspaper CLASSIFIED RATES :(35 spaces per line)First two linesƒ....ƒ $25 Each line additionalƒ $5.00 Two line minimum charge WATERFRONT TIMES 50 40 35 45 30


11July 2018 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times b a ab C e n i r a e M l b e t te a br ra le e c e s r rs a e y40s e s e n si u b n i s s r e nd U Engine m o ott B / /80 40 e kag c Do r e v o c r / Overhau Repower e ing aint m P yLif apacit nC o 00T o /1 ul mo fts e r R io r e nt I e R Fiberglass r R e at W a e & ir F dMe e iz r tho u A u ling e d o pairs ns io at r o est R ercuryServiceCenter / /80 40 Custom Cockp ini Ref i Bow T tabili S rin y Lif a M e l b a C apacit n C o 00 T o /1 Carpentry m pit Extensions Specialists shing Thrusters izers 9 fts d r d Ya t s e W e e n d Me e iz r tho u A es hang Oil C n ines / Ge Eng o V o w Lo / h ig H v r e e S ksid c k Do 7 / le 24 ailab v A v 000 ercury Service Center 4 7 8 5 4 5 9 s r o at r ne ical r ct e Ele oltag e ic v 7 e e r t S h t 6 1 E 7 S 1 5 1 rin a M e l b a C d a o e R t a t S 1 W 49 2 l b C e l a d r e d u a t L r o F t e 9 d r d Ya t s a E e n a d r e d u a t L r o F 4 d 8 i 6 1 3 3 a 3 d i r o l F 2 2 8 -2 2 6 4 4 5 9 2 1 3 3 a 3 d i r o l F e l a ar leM ab C m co ine. r


12 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMJuly 2018Waterfront Times BulkRepackaged twater W Sof t ashdown Systems W a umps Bilge P u Automatic ttwood Sahara A ment. Sale Runs July 1 thru 31, 2018 Great Savings on HURRICANE SUPPLIES enders aylorMade F e All T a ow Price! Our Regular L 15% Off d Hull Gar d Ž Big B Gr Gre rea ea t Sa Sa vi vin ing ngs gs on on HU HUR URR RRI RIC ICA CAN ANE NE SU SUP UPP PPL PL LIE IES ES 15 15 5% Of Off ff ONS PER C LIMIT 6 GALL $ amaha Y a 333040 $ y Optimax Mercur 247861 $ y Mercur 246889 e R ype T y Order no. aged in gallons by Boat Owne amaha Y a and y Mercur Quality -3 O ype TCW 2-Cycle T y Bulk Repackaged CUSTOMER 9 9 24 $ $29.99 9 9 27 $ $32.99 9 9 23 $ $27.99 Sale g. Price arehouse. ers W repack bulk oil, a Oil 45Ž 120821 38Ž 120820 33Ž 120027 ength L Order No. EnzymeGas Starbrite St 9 9 9 79 $ $899.99 5500 9 9 9 74 $ $849.99 3500 9 9 9 4 6 $ $732.50 2500 SALE eg. Price R echarge R h Gal. Between 24 24 24 O A reatment sT r on r o tar*T r $109.35 1-1/8Ž 1100 GPH 44406 $92.99 3/4Ž 750 GPH 45102 $59.99 3/4Ž 500 GPH 44405 eg. Price R Outlet Capacity rder No. ttwoodAutomatic A 9 9 89 $ 9 9 79 $ 9 9 9 4 $ SALE uff End T u uff End Buoys T u estores and protects teak and ot R Sealer Tip Top Teak uel F Order No Enzyme Gas SALE ther woods. 24 O F A 9 9 25 $ 9 9 15 $ 9 9 9 $ SALE eg. Price R Size l reatment s T r $ $35.26 4202-7 44407 S eg. Price R Mfg. no. rder No. Float Switch ttwood Automatic A 9 9 25 SALE ender Freedom F e enders Swirl F e rs enders acht F e Y a Super Duty enders WC F e P s ax Creme W a Presta Marine UV $49 Gallon TS1002 109590 $19 t Quar TS1001 109581 eg. R Size Mfg No Order No Ro AMAZING Gallo 231328 Qua 231327 Siz Order No. 9 9 4 4 $ 9.99 9 9 14 $ 9.99 SALE Price 23 23 23 23 O U oll Off 9 9 19 $ $23.99 on 9 9 6 $ $8.49 t ar SALE eg. Price R ze $23.88 16Žx24Ž Sewn Nylon 32764 $20.73 12Ž x 18Ž Sewn Nylon 32763 $16.99 16Ž x 24Ž rinted Nylon P 32778 $12.73 12Ž x 18Ž rinted Nylon P 32777 eg. Pric R Size ype T y rder No. U.S. Flags 9 9 17 $ 9 9 14 $ 9 9 12 $ 9 9 9 $ SALE ce ransom T r enders m F e PiBlb meat er m ow P e Moeller L Gallon 166101 286245 e R Size Mfg No Order No easy step. uel F u tion Mf OdN Magma Sta A10-114 9 9 9 4 $ $63.53 9 9 12 $ SALE eg. Price It fN ainless Steel Grills A10-217-3 A10-205 Pi R A10 T10-302 & T10-175 SALE 0-355 & T10-303 All Buccanee Braided Nylon Our Regular 15% 15 5% 5% er Dock Lines n Gold & White ow Price! r L % Off % Of Off ff cl steel stainless uction, constr Primer Bulb $22 3/8Ž 279768 $22 5/16Ž 279779 $22 1/4Ž 279781 eg. R Size Order No inter dual and amps 9 9 19 $ 2.77 9 9 19 $ 2.77 9 9 19 $ 2.14 SALE Price T1 232499 Mf Order No 0-355 Items fg. No. $69.99 $ $ $ eg. Price R 9 9 59 $ 9 9 85 $ 9 9 55 $ 9 9 55 $ 9 9 9 26 $ 9 9 159 $ 9 9 9 14 $ SALE Braided N Braided Ny wisted Ny T w Nylon Black Nylon White ylon White