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Serving South Florida’s Coastal NeighborhoodsAPRIL 2014 YEAR 4 IS SUE 10 Fishing with guns?.............................................3 New cruisin g ops..............................................8 Admiralty Law 5 € Classifieds 18 € Event Calendar 12 € Tide Table 13 € Waypoints 8 DOUGLAS JORDAN for Waterfront Times From the local resident with a 16-foot center console to the movers and shakers riding 100-plus-foot fiberglass, Hollywood wants to accommodate them all. That’s the message behind the city’s newly proposed marine waterway master plan, which seeks to tap into a resurging marine industry and pleasure boating at all levels. One of the main bullet points is to “increase the city tax base.” Most of the potential projects involve enhancing the waterways for both transient and residential use, such as expanding the city’s marina, adding a mooring field in South Lake, increasing tourism with new destination points, building a new pier on the ocean side and linking to emerging commercial interests such as the luxurious, 349-room Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, which is planned for a 5-acre site between Johnson and Michigan streets. “We’re not trying to be Fort Lauderdale,” said Renee Richards-Lukehart, project manager for the city’s department of parks, recreation and cultural arts. “We always want to be more resident-oriented. And we are very much concerned with conservation and the responsibility for protecting our environmental resources.” In 2012, the city received a 50 percent funding grant from the Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) to put together the plan, which was drafted by consulting firm EDSA, Inc., at a total cost of $150,000. Hollywood’s Community Redevelopment Agency kicked in the other half of the money. “The primary purpose of this study is to perform a detailed analysis of the waterways system within the City of Hollywood, identifying opportunities to optimize the utilization of the waterways within Hollywood through a mixture of compatible uses that both activates and celebrates the waterfront,” Richards-Lukehart said. The plan proposes projects encompassing all of those waters, including also more than 7 miles of the Atlantic, the Intracoastal, North Lake, South Lake, West Lake and many of the local canals, ponds and mangroves. So far the plan is getting positive reviews from some residents, while others are a bit more guarded about getting behind it. “I think it’s a good plan,” said Jack Scheiler, 71, of Dania Beach. “I went to both of the public meetings, and they’ve got some good ideas. Obviously, you can’t please everybody on every little issue, but I think they’re receptive to that, and I think they’ve got the best interests of the city in mind.” But Hollywood Lakes resident Michael Remaly, an emergency room physician who recently did a large renovation on his waterfront home isn’t so sure he likes the plan. “There are things I agree with, and there are things I strongly don’t agree with,” Remaly said. “The first proposed project which leaped out at me was the dredging of North Lake to allow bigger yachts to get into Hollywood Marina. I don’t like the idea of bringing that kind of impact to this lake.” Even worse, he said, is an idea to take the dredged material and create a “fill island” in the center of the lake. “They were talking about creating an island in there that’s as large or larger than the block I live on,” Remaly said. “That would kill the lake, in my opinion, and I imagine that island as a sort of Beer Can Island full of drunks and bringing in jet skis, fast boats, the whole thing. You’d Hollywood seeking to serve boats of all sizes SEE HOLLYWOOD | PAGE 4 Young ospreys An active osprey nest atop the marina dam at Flamingo in Everglades National Park is about 12 feet up — so near the ground that you can look the chicks in the eye, hear them chirp and get unusually close photos. When not feeding them, their mom perches on a topless palm trunk a few yards away, indifferent to the crowd of picture snappers. Ospreys usually stay on the nest until mid-April.Photo | SANDY WISEMAN ARNOLD MARKOWITZ Waterfront Times One of the best things Miami-Dade County does is April’s annual Baynanza shoreline cleanup on Biscayne Bay, scheduled this year for Saturday morning, April 26. Thousands of volunteers will remove ton upon ton of trash, refuse, rubbish and jetsam found on beaches, adrift along bulkheads and snagged among the roots of mangroves. The worst part, many volunteers have found over the years, is having to quit at noon because there’s still so much garbage out there. All the same, the experience is likely to leave you feeling satisfied and maybe even a little bit noble. Baynanza, now in its 32nd year, is organized by DERM, the county environmental agency. Related events began in mid-March, a few having little or no direct connection to what’s primarily a celebration of the bay and its natural beauty. The shoreline cleanup is the highlight. School classes, civic organizations, boating and fishing groups and individual people acting on their own will swarm to 23 sites spread from Oleta River State Park at the north end to Biscayne National and Homestead Bayfront Parks at the south end. Why? To pick up trash and stuff it in plastic bags — domestic drudgery at home but somehow emotionally and socially rewarding, even noble here. The school kids get community service credits too. If you want to participate, it’s somewhat important to register online no later than Friday, April 4, picking your first and second choices from the list of 23 locations. Boat owners are always needed to ferry people to the island sites, and Baynanza promises not to turn your gleaming vessel into a garbage scow. If you blow the deadline you won’t be turned away, but you will risk crowding a site that already has more people than needed. You’ll also probably miss out on getting a Baynanza T-shirt. The shirt’s always a witty, strikingly good work of art designed by some little kid of whom you have every right to be jealous. This year it’s by Sofia Flores, who’s in fifth grade at Royal Green Elementary School in Miami-Dade. Therefore, waste no time. Look for links to the registration form, calendar of events, boat captaincy and other details:www.miamidade.gov/environment/baynanza.asp. Finders keepers Catch and release fishing-doers are luckier than limittakers. It’s not that they catch more fish, no, but they don’t have to sweat changing closed and open seasons, or care about size and bag limits, or know if they’re in state or federal waters or bother with all the other stuff that keeps being added to state and federal regulations. Except circle hooks. Pretty soon you’ll have to use those — straight inline circle hooks, not offset, and no stainless steel — when catching red snapper and nine other reef species in state waters of the Gulf of Mexico — but not if you’re fishing in Monroe County. That and much more is according to new regulations scheduled for enactment by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) Commission on Wednesday, April 16, in Tallahassee. First, the state red snapper season: This year’s will be 52 days, beginning on May 24, the Saturday before Memorial Day. It will close at midnight Monday, July 14. Our wall calendar says that is “Pandemonium Day,” maybe just a coincidence. Break the word down and you can figure out it means demons are running around loose, everywhere. The 40-day federal season starts June 1 and goes through July 10. It could end earlier if NOAA, which is in charge of federal fisheries, figures out that the quota for the season is reached sooner than July 10, or later if it won’t be met by then. Federal waters in the Gulf start 9 miles offshore. Next, the size and bag limits: Red snappers’ minimum keeper size is 16 inches, total length. You can keep two like that on a trip. Your limit for all kinds of snapper, including the two reds, is 10 per day. We’ll also be required to have and use a de-hooking device. First thing that comes to mind is one of those metal rods with a curly end, but FWC says needle-nose SEE BAYNANZA | PAGE 6 Yearly Baynanza making a dirty job socially gratifying


2 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMApril2014Waterfront Times APRIL 2014 YEAR 4 ISSUE 10COPYRIGHT 2014 STORYBOARD MEDIA, INC. ISSN 8756-00382787 East Oakland Park Boulevard  Suite 205 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306 954-524-9450  Fax954-524-9464 editor@waterfronttimes.comwaterfronttimes.comThe Waterfront Times welcomes your stories, art and photos. We are not re spon si ble for unsolicited con tri bu tions,lost ordamaged photo material. The Waterfront Times retains first rights only. Advertising rates are available upon request.EditorJennifer HeitAdvertising SpecialistJerry WieczorekCorrespondentsDoug Jordan Arnold Markowitz Art DirectionJim Pollard Design,Inc. VacuFlush4800 seriesall-ceramic toilets include electric push-button flush; full-size bowl and seat for comfort; residential and low profile models for versatile applications; aboveand belowfloor outlets with plug-in base for easy installation.MasterFlush8700 seriestoilets are powered by an ultraquiet electric macerator; offer elongated-size bowl and seat; and are available with electronic flush handle or push-button. Features full-scale residential styling.VacuFlush5000 seriesfootpedal toilets offer full-size bowl and seat; residential, medium and low profile models; and aboveand below-floor outlets to accommodate a wide range of boats. For expert advice, parts and service, contact us:ENVIRONMENTAL MARINE SERVICES111A SW 23rd Street., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 € 1-800-522-2656 or 954-522-2626 VacuFlush4800 seriesall-ceramic toilets include electric push-button flush; full-size bowl and seat for comfort; residential and low profile models for versatile applications; aboveand belowfloor outlets with plug-in base for easy installation.MasterFlush8700 seriestoilets are powered by an ultraquiet electric macerator; offer elongated-size bowl and seat; and are available with electronic flush handle or push-button. Features full-scale residential styling.VacuFlush5000 seriesfootpedal toilets offer full-size bowl and seat; residential, medium and low profile models; and aboveand below-floor outlets to accommodate a wide range of boats. ENVIRONMENTAL MARINE SERVICES111A SW 23rd Street., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 € 1-800-522-2656 or 954-522-2626 BOAT OWNERS: MENTION THIS AD —RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT


3April2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times GAS& DIESEL FUELWE DELIVER DOCKSIDE Call Toll Free: 1-888-250-3835 Serving Broward, Dade & Palm Beach Counties Call now for a current price quote! $15OFF FUEL DELIVERY PURCHASEONLY WITH THIS COUPONBoat deliveries only  One coupon per delivery Expires 4/30/14 (954) 763-87431900 SE 15th St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 24-Hour Emergency HaulingBoat Repairing & Painting Travelift Service to 60 Ft.Fiberglass, Gelcoat & PaintingMechanical RepairsSurvey HauloutsBottom Painting5 minutes to Inletyachtpaint.com ARNOLD MARKOWITZ Waterfront Times Columnist One fine fishing day on an Everglades canal west of Weston, fishing buddy Joe moved his bass boat slowly around a blind bend and saw two other guys on a boat. He’s a genial type who was starting to say something friendly when one of the others told him to scram. “We’re fishing a tournament,” he said, lifting his shirt. “He had a gun on his belt,” Joe said next time I saw him. Joe doesn’t fish tournaments, so excuse him for not knowing the entry fee buys a lowlife the privilege of menacing others. Sensibly taking the gesture as a threat from a belligerent psycho, Joe scrammed. I can think of others who would have screamed — not in fright, but in counter-challenge. If you and I had been there, how would we have handled that? Might as well plan for the day when we’ll have to: “Meet me here at high noon, Sphincter, and we’ll see if you got the guts to use that piece.” Too provocative? How about “I double-dog dare you!” I might have tried a witty wisecrack, like someone who watches a lot of crime and espionage shows, expecting the gunster to sense my script and break out grinning. Well, no. I’m not so clever when I’m surprised. Maybe by the end of the day I’d have thought of something I should have said, like this: “If you don’t win the tournament, will you shoot the dude who does?” That’s a good one, but in all honesty I just thought of it now, many months after Joe told me about the confrontation. It isn’t the sort of story you’d tell your mother, is it? For the rest of her life she’d nag you to quit fishing or they’ll kill you. Not your mom? Mine sure would. I suppose a lot more gun-carriers are floating over fishing grounds, freshwater and salt, than the rest of us know about. We don’t often hear about them because they don’t often go berserk. Just doing something stupid and hostile without bloodshed doesn’t make headlines. I know of only one fishing gun carrier for sure, and another for probably. Nobody’s ever pulled iron on either of them, or even displayed it as Mr. Sphincter did that day Joe happened along. Even so, my friends sound concerned that if it hasn’t happened by now, it will happen soon enough. The first one, Dave, told me he hadn’t told me before but he now would, that he has a license to carry one and often does — takes it to Flamingo, all the way to the end of the mainland and out on Florida Bay. If he’s overnighting at the campground, it’s in his tent. What for? “What if I need it?” he said. I said, “what if you don’t?” Neither of us conceded, but we had a good argument that kept us awake on the drive home from Flamingo. The other one, Don, was talking about how the National Park Service, which likes its regulations to conform to local and state laws, was going to say okay to people who had state permits and wanted to carry their stuff around even though there’s no hunting in national parks. We were somewhere on Florida Bay on a weekday, with no one else in sight. “I’d feel good, knowing there’s someone out here with a gun,” that one said. I wouldn’t, this one thought, not aloud. I didn’t want to get him started. He likes getting me started. I fish with these people. We’re friends. We think mostly alike about fishing, sporting tackle, species and habitat conservation, other stuff. We’re all fly throwers who bring along a spinning rod to prospect for fish, or at least to show we’re not snobbish. We react in the same ways when we hook a good one, when it gets away or when we bring it to hand. We all value all of that, which is part of what distinguishes us as civilized men even if we break wind and cuss when we hook our own fingers. Don, the one who’d feel good about someone having a gun out there, starts a conversation saying, “I know we don’t agree about politics but” and before he finishes I tell him to erase that and start over. It shouldn’t matter that we don’t agree about politics. Anyway I’m thinking about safety and good sense, not politics. Sure I have mine. Don’s more fervent about his. He would say something like that about me. One night at the clubhouse of the Fish or Cut Bait Society, he mentioned he was thinking of getting a CCW permit. CCW is police blotter shorthand for carrying a concealed weapon. It used to be a criminal offense. “What for?” Somebody asked. “Protection of course,” Don said. “I didn’t realize you were living so dangerously,” said the other. Don wasn’t living dangerously and still isn’t, except that he lives in Miami. Me too. Certain people consider that dangerous. South Florida sports who are mature enough to recall the 1980s know stories about the high seas hijackings that went on between here and the Bahamas. If your boat could run fast, it seemed, you were asking for trouble. FISHING DIRTY FUELIS THE #1 CAUSE OF DIESEL ENGINE TROUBLE Impurities in your tanks rob engines of valuable horsepower and can, at the worst possible time, leave your vessel “DEAD IN THE WA TER” Removing the fuel from the tank is useless. 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4 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMApril2014Waterfront Times projects that need to be done and prioritize them. “Obviously, the most needed projects should be done first,” he said. “Then, they can come back to FIND on each one to seek additional funding.” Remaly said he’d like to see more people from the community educating themselves on the proposals. “Honestly, I’m not even sure what the plan entails, fully,” he said. “But for me, it’s all about our quality of life and being ecologically responsible. I don’t want to see them overly commercialize our waterways. But we’re happy to be here, and we want to work with the city.” Anyone interested in providing feedback is urged to do it by Thursday, April 10, Richards-Lukehart said. The best way to do that is to email her at rrichards@hollywoodfl.org. To view the plan as it exists currently, go to www.hollywoodfl.org/DocumentCenter/View/3519. have drug deals going on out there at night. That’s not what this community needs.” Remaly said he’s also irked that the plan has been funded and created without much advance notice to Hollywood residents. “Very few people knew about the public meetings, and even fewer knew about the plan at all,” he said. “It seems to me that they should have done more due diligence in notifying the community.” He said Richards-Lukehart has been very receptive, however. “She took the time to hear my concerns and to be receptive to them,” he said. “I appreciate that.” Remaly, who enjoys watching sea life — including dolphins and manatees — from his dock with his wife, said Richards-Lukehart told him recently that the idea for the fill island has been scrapped. “That’s a relief, certainly,” he said. “But there are still other parts of it that concern me. Mainly, I’m nervous about the whole idea of commercializing the waterway too much. Early on, they were throwing around the phrase ‘Water makes money,’ which I found not too good for getting the community behind this thing. They’ve since dropped that. I think there's a point where there’s money not worth making. There needs to be a balance between generating revenue and preserving the community.” Remaly, an avid kayaker, said he was happy with certain components of the plan, such as an proposal to enhance connectivity and recreational aspects for non-motorized watercraft. Richards-Lukehart, who wrote the grant, said community input is of “vital importance.” “We want to hear from residents, and we want to focus on conservation of our beautiful resources here,” she said. “We are open to ideas, which is why we’ve held these two public meetings and why I’m encouraging people to email me with their thoughts on this.” Once the public input is put together and reviewed, some of the ideas will be built into the master plan, she said, with 5 and 10-year goals. Tyler Chappell, FIND vice chairman for Broward County, said he was “very pleased” with the proposal. “As far as I’ve seen, it’s been very well received,” Chappell said. “I think they’ve done an excellent job in putting this thing together, and I’m glad they’re looking for additional public outreach.” Chappell said he had hoped that Broward County would have been more involved, but that he was impressed with what the city has done. “This is quite a project for a municipality, especially a smaller city like Hollywood, to undertake,” he said. EDSA Inc. will continue working on the master plan in April, which goes before the Hollywood City Commission for final approval in June. Chappell said the next step would be to pinpoint the HOLLYWOOD FROM PAGE 1 NATIONALMARINEINSTITUTENATIONAL MARINE INSTITUTE INC., a tax ex empt, nonprofit corporation, State of Florida and federally authorized as a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization.IT’S POSSIBLE TO GET A COM BI NA TION OFCASH & TAX DEDUCTIONSTHAT COULD EQUAL OR SURPASS THE SALE PRICE OF YOUR BOAT WHEN YOU DONATE TO A QUALIFIED CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONCall: 1.888.966.9540FOR A NO RISK, COMPLIMENTARY ANAL Y SISPROVIDING THE ACADEMICS FOR THE FUTURE GUARDIANS OF OUR EARTH’S ENVIRONMENT3135 East Atlantic Blvd. Pompano Beach, FL 33062PH: 954.788.8840 FAX: 954.788.8843 BOAT STILL FOR SALE? You take care of your family. Let our family take care of you.Tired of broken promises and high insurance rates? Florida Family Insurance has protected the homes of our clients since 1997. Specializing in home, condo, and rental property insurance, Florida Family offers financially secure coverage paired with top-notch service.Call us,and letourexpertsofferyoua quote with an insurance company that knows how to take care of you like family. McDonald’s Hard ware245 W. State Rd. 84 Fort Lauderdale Open 7 Days954.463.2000www.mcdonaldshardware.com Marine Resinwith Hardener$1899a gallonWaterway master plan up for public commentGun-toting fishing doers standing their groundEvery offshore boat, we used to hear, had at least one shotgun aboard. Maybe you were on some of those boats. I wasn’t, for the reason that fishing someplace where I’d better be armed didn’t seem like very much fun. Not very much safe, either. People like me missed a lot of good blue water fishing in those days, and especially the first-rate carousing that made Bimini such a treat. Guns don’t scare me, except on the water and under the shirts of people I’m afraid are praying for a chance to shoot someone or who just have fun scaring others. In the 1980s, I took the one-day CCW class, passed easily and earned the credibility to write a series of newspaper articles about the controversial new law allowing any hothead without a known felony history to act out his fantasies. I kept the certificate but didn’t apply for the permit. People asked why not. What for? I asked. Nobody had a good enough answer. Gunsters were forbidden by the law to display their weapons openly. State legislators thought squint-eyed smirkers swaggering around bowlegged with ammo belts slung low and holsters strapped to their thighs might not look appropriate. My view was that if people were going to carry guns they should be exposed, not concealed, so everyone would know whom to avoid. Or not. Learning to shoot helped me to overcome a longtime fear of guns and become more concerned about who had them. The fear was sincere. One scare happened in the police station of Orange, N.J. where a police reservist who was drunk aimed a .32 caliber revolver between my eyes. He thought it was fun to frighten a kid reporter. Years later, that guy ran for political office and became police commissioner. What a town was Orange, N.J. My next fright came while covering Miami’s first race riot. I was riding with a photographer when someone whizzed a few rounds at our car, close enough to hear them twang and just far enough to miss us. We thought we should report it, so we went to the police command post and told the lieutenant in charge, who grinned. “Occupational hazard,” he said. GUNS FROM PAGE 3 Help keep our waterways & environment cleanRecycle this newspaper!


5April2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times PREMIUM HARDWOODSPLYWOODS VENEERS LAMINATESWood-Chip Marine Lumber & Supplies3301 South Andrews Avenue, Bay 8, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 (954) 522-1481 Officesales@www.woodchiplumber.com (954) 522-7269 Faxwww.woodchiplumber.com CaptainsLicense CoursesUSCG Approved... Get Your Six-Pack or Get Your Master All Levels of Training... Beginner to YachtmasterNO TEST AT COAST GUARD Maritime Professional TrainingWhere you go to school does matter!1915 South Andrews Avenue € Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316954-525-1014 € 800-423-9267e-mail: info@mptusa.com € web: www.mptusa.com to New Jersey was by sea. Unfortunately at that time, the vessel that was available and could most practically conduct the transport was foreign flagged. It took another several weeks to deliver the badly needed salt as New Jersey clamored to find smaller appropriatelyflagged vessels to deliver the cargo in smaller incremental shipments. “But, wait!” you might instinctively react, “Can’t the government allow for exceptions during emergencies?” Well, the short answer is yes, but it entails finding someone high up in the bureaucracy, that is now part of the NSA, to sign off on a waiver and accept responsibility. My own theory is that finding such a person during the snowstorms that also fell over Washington, D.C. made this possibility a moot point. (The other possibility is, of course, basic “government red tape”). For whatever reason, it did not occur. So, does this mean that we might see some changes in the 95-year-old Jones Act? Honestly, given the present foreign political climate, I think it’s rather doubtful. The last time major modifications to the Act were seriously contemplated was just before the 9/11 tragedies. This should be a teachable moment for New Jersey and probably everyone else. Transporting goods in future emergencies might prove more difficult than expected. That’s because we must all keep in mind that when you need something or someone moved from one U.S. port to another, to paraphrase that old Coasters song: “...Along Comes the Jones Act!” Mark Ercolin is a maritime attorney based in Fort Lauderdale. The information offered in this column is summary in nature and should not be applied to specific situations or cases. Oh, did I say times were different? Well, never mind… Anyway, recognizing the tenuous nature of the global situation, many in the U.S became alarmed by the fact that the American merchant fleet had been shrinking for some time. Further, many types of merchant vessels that were once built in the U.S. were then being manufactured overseas. Congress decided to take up the matter, and this was the genesis of what eventually resulted in the legislation we now call the Jones Act (more accurately referenced as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920) as it was initially introduced by Sen. Wesley Jones of Washington state. As you can tell from its more accurate title, the Jones Act wasn’t actually ratified until after the crisis of WWI had already passed. H owever, advocates felt that its primary purpose of maintaining a U.S.-based merchant fleet with U.S.-built vessels through protectionist statutes continued to have merit. To this end, for purposes of maritime commerce conducted under the Jones Act, it is generally required that in order to transport passengers or cargo directly from one U.S. port to another U.S. port, it must be done on a U.S.-flagged vessel, manned primarily by a U.S. crew. So what does this have to do with New Jersey getting rock salt? Well, during the height of the winter storms, the closest salt stockpile was 40,000 tons located in Searsport, Maine. The most efficient way of getting it ADMIRALTY LAW AIR COMPRESSORSYSTEMS for DIVERS Compressed Air Supplies and Equipment, Inc.Specializing in the Diving Industry Fill Whips & Panels/Manifolds  Yokes  Gauges Filters  Hoses  Oils  Air Storage Tanks & Fittings Our Clients include: Dive Resorts & Scuba Shops Yacht Owners & Captains, Divers, Fire Dept.800 OldGriffinRd.,#3PHONE:(954)929-4462Dania, FL33004FAX: (954)929-4463E-MAIL: CompAirSupply@att.netBauerNew Used Supplies Sales Service And along came Jones just at the worst time Custom Marine Canvas & UpholsteryCreatively Custom Made… Just the Way You Want it in Ways You’ve Never Seen Before! THE MARINE TAILOR DOES IT ALL: Bimini Tops Aft Tops Stern Covers Full Storage Covers Enclosures Fly-Bridge Cushions Window Covers Navy Tops Dodgers Coamings …and More RFAST CANVAS Call Hector or Ricky for a Dockside Estimate954-596-2279or305-807-01441624 S.E. 3rd Court Deerfield Beach, FL 33441Located in the Cove Marina  www.rfas tcanvas.net Custom Marine Canvas & UpholsteryRFAST CANVASLicense #07-00024146 We Moved! MARK ERCOLIN Waterfront Times Columnist The bitter winter endured this year by our northern neighbors more than ever shows the advantages of life in South Florida. In fact, as of this writing close to April, the Northeast is expecting yet another storm. Rock salt, a necessity to prevent calamities when driving in bad weather, has been a commodity this year. As if New Jersey didn’t have enough troubles, they were unable to get supplies in a timely fashion due, in part, to a 95-year-old statute dealing with maritime commerce: the Jones Act. Mariners often think of the Jones Act as a law that allows seamen to sue employers for negligence from an injury, which it does. However, de aling with the rights of seamen is really only one small portion of the statute. Arguably, of greater consequence is the portion of the law concerning the vessels and crewmen that may be used in national commerce, including the loading and unloading of passengers and cargo. For a better understanding of this part of the Jones Act, it might be helpful to review the history behind its adoption into law. Almost exactly 100 years ago, Europe and America were looking into the political precipice that became the World War I. It was a very different time, of course. The small nations of Eastern Europe were attempting to break away from the control of an imperial power that was trying to reestablish its former glory. There was unrest in the Middle East as modern superpowers vied for political and economic control of that region’s strategic location and resources. HUNGRY?See page10forGalleyrecipes!


6 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMApril2014Waterfront Times pliers also qualify as a de-hooker. You can buy some fairly long, thin ones. By way of justification, here’s a little background: Fish scientists report it’s important to turn loose the larger snappers, especially reds, because the bigger females produce so many more eggs: it takes 212 of them at 17 inches (about 5 years old) to make as many as a single 24-incher, age about 8. Circle hooks will be required because they give carefully released fish a lot better chance of survival than J-shaped hooks. Circle hooks seldom snag in a fish’s innards even if they’re swallowed. Correct technique: Don’t jerk-set the circle hook. Just reel your line tight and back the hook comes until it reaches the fish’s mouth, where it usually snags at the hinge of the jaw. It won’t work on the litBAYNANZA | FROM PAGE 1 tle ones that nibble your bait off the hook a quarter-inch at a time, but you don’t want those anyway. There is more of this to know than there’s space to print it, so get the rest online at http://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/snappers/gulf-redsnapper. Spring fever for horseshoe crabs There are lots of interesting sights on the beaches this month and no, they’re not just the ones in bikinis. Horseshoe crabs are mating. Sea turtles are supposed to continue the nesting and egglaying project they began in March and might continue into October. The crab show invites audience participation. FWC would like you to keep score of what you see and turn in Fountain Belzona Key Largo Tahoe Novurania Hobie Go Pro Yamaha Carbon Craft Bote VersaDock Hyperlite Tohatsu Chapman OBrien DaKine H2O Century Bic Laser Honda Cannon The Go-To People TM Nautical VenturesMarine Superstore50 South Bryan Rd. Dania Beach, FL 33004 nauticalventures.com +Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore Do you have a need to get on the water? We can help! Our new 30,000 Sq. Ft. Showroom features Power Boats, Fishing Boats, Pontoon Boats, TM Youll receive ning at 2:15 a.m. on Tuesday, April 29. The same wonderful calendar tells us that is “Dance Day.” What about timing the tides? Check the Waterfront Times tide charts. If your favorite beach isn’t shown, there are lots of other places to look. Try the Captain Mel fishing e-zine at www.capmel.com. Prepare for your horseshoe crab experience at www.myfwc.com/contact and look for the “Horseshoe Crab Nesting Activity” link in the right-hand column. You can download a scorecard there. The state already has about 2,500 trained volunteers monitoring turtle nesting, so the rest of us can go to the beach, stand respectfully out of the way and watch. Leatherbacks started nesting first, in March on beaches from Broward to Brevard County. As the season goes on, there should be plenty of loggerheads and green turtles crawling ashore. Loggerheads are the most abundant, with Florida getting about 90 percent of their nestings in the southeastern states. The last couple of years have been spectacular, with more Florida loggerhead nests in 2012 than ever before and more green turtle nests in 2013 than ever before. If you don’t see turtles coming ashore, you can tell where they’ve been by the crawl marks they leave on the sand and the egg stashes marked by stakes and yellow tape. FWC’s website has a vast amount of turtle information inclu ding pictures. Start at www.MyFWC.com/SeaTurtleand save time for a look at NOAA’s turtle migration routes here: www.fisheries.noaa.gov/stories/2014/03/3_11_14seaturtle_migrationroute_revealed.html. your card — like a golfer, but with a lot more detail. Don’t feel guilty if it will take more work than you feel like doing to give FWC what it wants: “Beachgoers lucky enough to spot horseshoe crabs are asked to note how many they see and whether the horseshoe crabs are mating. If possible, the observer should also count how many horseshoe crabs are mating adults and how many are juveniles (4 inches wide or smaller). “In addition, biologists ask observers to provide the date, time, location, habitat type and environmental conditions — such as tides and moon phase — when a sighting occurs.” The best times to watch are near high tide just before, during or after a full moon or new moon. Here’s an even more exciting part: April’s full moon, at 3:43 a.m. on Tuesday, April 15, happens right in the middle of a lunar eclipse that begins at 12:55 a.m. and lasts until 4:23. If you’re staying up late anyway to finish your income tax return, the stress relief potential is great. It may add to the fun to see whether the mating crabs call time out during the eclipse, and to wonder whether they are watching it too. Our wall calendar says, no kidding, that in addition to tax day, April 15 is “Rubber Eraser Day.” We looked that up and learned that someone named Joseph Priestly invented the rubber eraser in 1770. Hyman Lipman patented the idea of attaching it to a pencil in 1858. Where? In Philadelphia, Pencilvania. Another prime time for crab mating spectators is the new moon phase beginSpringbringsouthorseshoecrabs,nestingseaturtles


7April2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times www .CableMarine. com Cable Marine East Yard 954-462-2822 1517 S.E. 16th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316Cable Marine West Yard 954-587-4000 2491 W. State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312Complete Yacht Service and Repairs Founded in 1977 Undercover Dockage Bottom Painting Engine Repower and Overhaul Custom Carpentry Cockpit Extensions Fiberglass Repairs Ref inishing Specialists Dockside Service Bow Thrusters / Stabilizers Engines / Generators 40 / 80 / 100 Ton Capacity Lifts Available 24 / 7


8 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMApril2014Waterfront Times range — into a bright-side asset, sacrificing that for depth by spending more time in one region. Un-Cruise Adventures will route its 60-passenger Wilderness Adventurer to the Puget Sound and Salish Sea in Washington for a series of eight-day trips in spring and fall. Active excursions include hiking in the Olympic Mountains, kayaking around Sucia Island and whale watching in the San Juan Islands. Blount Small Ship Adventures’ 88passenger Grande Mariner will spend 12 days in the Bahamas Out Islands in March and April, a first for the dualship line, including shore landings to swim, snorkel, beachcomb and attend a pirate-themed party. In June, the 210-passenger Pearl Mist will make its first departure for the new line Pearl Seas Cruises. It will spend the summer primarily in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway on 10to 14-night itineraries, before plying the Canadian Maritime Provinces and New England in the fall. Immersing in the destination The mantra among voyage planners is local, local, local, touting immersive experiences ashore as well as onboard. The Norwegian line Hurtigruten dives so deep into the destination, in fact, that it invites passengers to stay ashore — in Antarctica. Overnight camping has been a success; the crew had to hold lotteries to determine who was allowed to spend the night on the ice, outfitted with tents and belowzero-rated sleeping bags. Hurtigruten plans to offer overnight deck camping on its Arctic itineraries in Spitsbergen, Norway, for iceberg-watching under the midnight sun. Lindblad Expeditions’ new ship, National Geographic Orion, sets sail this month with a remote-operated vehicle that can dive to 1,000 feet and shoot video while passengers scuba dive at safer depths on the Great Barrier Reef and in Micronesia. Holland America brings the destination onboard via its “On Location” program, which features local artists, storytellers and entertainers. Guests can learn to play the didgeridoo and paint a boomerang in Australia, for example, or take French lessons in the Canadian itineraries. Noted regional chefs often join cruises from the Caribbean to Thailand to prepare local fare. partures to Papua New Guinea in March, April and November, versus one last year. The Australian line North Star Cruises offers five different itineraries there, including a 36-passenger trip in October to Cenderawasih Bay in West Papua, where whale sharks gather to beg sardines from fishermen. In the north, the 184-passenger Hanseatic from Hapag Lloyd will ship out for coastal Siberia in May on a 17day trip from Shanghai to Otaru, Japan. And in June, Adventure Canada will visit Canada’s newest national park, Sable Island off Nova Scotia, reachable only by boat and home to wild horses and rare seabirds. Slow cruising A spate of new itineraries turns the downside of small ships — their limited ELAINE GLUSAC The New York Times Cruise lines continue to diversify, with itineraries that seem to offer something for everyone, from steeped-in-thewild adventure cruises to massive floating resorts. But large or small, eco or culinary, most cruises today strive to connect passengers to local cultures. “Cruise lines understand travelers want experiences,” said Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor of CruiseCritic.com. “Especiallywith the new-to-cruise market in their 30s and 40s, they want connections with the places they visit, and we’re seeing that at all price levels.” A sense of experience drives the following six trends in cruising. Far and away places Though Caribbean-bound itineraries account for nearly a third of the market, increasingly more exotic itineraries are being offered, particularly aboard small ships with the nimbleness to call at lessdeveloped ports. SeaDream Yacht Club will chart a new course to Norway this summer. The 112-passenger SeaDream I will poke into fjords, dock for high-country hikes and feature Scandinavian cuisine, from breakfast herring to reindeer dinners. Several lines are increasing departures in New Guinea, including Lindblad Expeditions, which will offer three de-Cruising: it’s notyour parents’vacation anymore SEE CRUISES | PAGE 9 WAYPOINTS A Tauck river boat in Budapest.Photo | Tauck


9April2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times New cruising trends appeal to a younger crowd Rivers run with it Though passenger numbers are diminutive relative to ocean cruising, river cruising continues to boom, with dozens of new launches and ships deployed on more rivers outside of Europe. Viking River Cruises alone will send out 14 new ships this year, all in Europe. Tauck will debut two ships, primarily on the Rhine, Moselle and Danube. Sharing those rivers, the new line Emerald Waterways, with two sleek 182-passenger ships, will start operations in April. A-Rosa Cruises will launch its 158-passenger A-Rosa Flora in April with a sold-out cruise past the tulip fields of the Netherlands. In Provence, France, the higher-end Uniworld Boutique River Cruises will send out its new 159-guest ship SS Catherine next month. Though the majority of river traffic remains in Europe, Asian rivers are rising, especially in Myanmar, where Pandaw River Expeditions recently launched the 40-passenger Kalaw Pandaw and the Kalay Pandaw, with the 20-guest Kha Byoo Pandaw expected to begin operations by year end. They will be joined by the 42-passenger Sanctuary Ananda, setting out this year on the Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers. Cabin upgrades For some cruisers the experience is about comfort. Cabins once felt closer to naval berths — small, efficient, purposeful sleeping quarters — than hotel rooms. But that model has changed with larger and more varied options in cabin design, often mimicking hotel trends. Last spring, Seabourn introduced four penthouse spa suites on its 450-passenger Quest, and plans to add the rooms on two more ships, the Odyssey and Sojourn this year. Located a flight above the spa, the one-bedroom suites match the dcor of the spa and feature oversize showers, designer bath amenities and relaxing music soundtracks. Perhaps to counter allergies as well as wariness of ship-borne viruses, Crystal Cruise’s 1,070-passenger Crystal Serenity was recently remodeled to include 70 specially cleaned and maintained hypoallergenic staterooms outfitted with air filters. Its four top-level suites now resemble spacious apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows, dining areas, butler’s pantries and media rooms. Operating like a hotel concierge floor, with a private restaurant, butler service and complimentary alcohol, MSC Yacht Club aboard the 3,502-passenger MSC Divina, which recently began operating out of Miami, features the Sophia Loren Suite, designed by the actress, with red upholstered furniture in the living room, red walls in the bedroom and black-and-white photos of Loren. Even cheaper quarters have received some attention. Interior rooms on the Disney Dream feature a “magical porthole,” at which real-time images of the sea meet animated Disney characters. And Tauck River Cruising’s two new 130-passenger ships — the Inspire launching this month, and the Savor in June — feature lower deck “loft cabins” with raised seating areas that allow occupants to sit next to windows that are about half the height of the cabin. Short cruises Appealing to both time-pressed travelers and first-time cruisers who may not be certain about committing a full week or more to a ship, abbreviated itineraries are proliferating. The growth of disparate home ports, from New York to Baltimore, Galveston, Tex., Los Angeles and Seattle, has made embarking on short cruises easier for travelers across the country. Princess Cruises launched its fourand five-day Getaway sailings last fall with departures to the Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale and coastal California and Mexico from Los Angeles and San Diego. HapagLloyd Cruises’ 500-capacity Europa2 will begin running four-day trips in the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia this summer. Celebrity Cruises’ recently refurbished 2,170-guest Celebrity Constellation offers fourand five-night Bahamas and Caribbean runs in March and April that will resume next winter. “Cruise lines have always offered cheap and cheerful short trips,” Spencer Brown of CruiseCritic.com said. “The exciting thing now is they are making some of their newer ships available to this short-term market.” CRUISES FROM PAGE 8 SALES € SERVICE € PARTS € INSTALLATIONCorporationMARINE AIR CONDITIONING SPECIALIZING IN YACHTING INDUSTRYGary R. Mills, President 954-779-25101611SW 2nd Ave € Ft. Lauderdale € 33315 M a s t e rC a r d E&H SEAWALLS ANDDOCKS  New Construction  Dock Repairs  Pilings  Seawalls  Accessories  Free Quotes Licensed & InsuredFort LauderdaleREFERENCESAVAILABLE#CC88-1008 Call: (954) 205-4308 QUALITY WORK ALWAYS ON TIME!


10 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMApril2014Waterfront Times Family Features — Only one meal has the power to pull even the most tired souls from the comfort of their beds — a delicious, satisfying and beautiful brunch. With its prime positioning between breakfast and lunch, brunch has quite a following of hungry fans. Whether celebrating a special occasion or “just because,” whether it's an upscale or laid-back theme you're after, brunch is an event in itself that brings people together with much anticipation. A savory selection For hosts who like to dabble in the classic morning components of eggs, hash browns and other breakfast fare, there are plenty of delicious recipes to serve up. Take this recipe for Denver Hash brown Omelet, which supplies all the comforts of the diner-menu staple but is very easy to make at home. New take on an old favorite For a hearty, American spin on an Italian favorite, you'll adore the simplicity of this recipe for Skillet Hash brown Frittata. This golden, delicious egg dish features turkey sausage, melted American cheese and hash browns. Sweet and special While savory meals certainly have their place at brunch, a sweet dish is a great complement and the perfect addition for a well-rounded menu. Look for recipes that combine the elements of sweet and salty, like this dish for Potato Cheese and Apple Tarts. Fresh red delicious apples, gooey smoked Gouda or Jack cheese and the creamy, homemade taste of mashed potatoes meld together for bite after delectable bite. Denver Hash Brown OmeletPrep Time: 15 minutes. Cook Time: 25 minutes. Yield: 8 servings. 1 box (4.2 ounces) hash brown potatoes (we used Hungry Jack) No-stick cooking spray 1 tablespoon butter 1 chopped onion, about 1-1/2 cups 1 diced green bell pepper, about 1 cup 8 eggs 1/2 cup milk (whole or 2 percent) 1 teaspoon salt 2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese 1 cup diced cooked ham Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Spray 9-by13-inch pan with no-stick cooking spray. Follow directions for potatoes. Heat skillet over medium heat and add butter. After butter melts, add onion and bell pepper, and cook for 5 minutes. Whisk together eggs and milk in large mixing bowl. Add salt, potatoes, cheese, ham and vegetables; mix to combine. Transfer mixture to prepared baking pan. Bake for 20 minutes, or until cooked through and starting to brown. Cheesy Potato and Apple TartsPrep Time: 15 minutes. Cook Time: 30 minutes. Yield: 12 servings (24 tarts). 1-1/3 cups quality instant mashed potato flakes 1-1/4 cups water 3 tablespoons butter, divided 1/2 teaspoon salt 2/3 cup milk 1 cup shredded smoked Gouda or Jack cheese 1 14 ounce refrigerated piecrust, brought to room temperature 1 halved, cored and thinly sliced red delicious apple 1 teaspoon packed brown sugar 2 teaspoons chopped chives Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Heat water, 2 tablespoons of butter and salt to boiling in medium pot. Remove from heat, and stir in milk and mashed potato flakes with fork until smooth. Add shredded Gouda or Jack cheese and stir until melted. Cut piecrusts into 24 circles about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Using mini-muffin tin (with cups the size of 1 3/4-by-1-inch), place one pastry circle into each of 24 muffin cups, pressing slightly. Spoon about one tablespoon potato and cheese filling into each cup. Place in oven and bake until pastry edges are golden brown, about 12 to 14 minutes. In small pan, melt remaining tablespoon of butter. Add apple slices and saute until just tender, about 4 minutes. Stir in brown sugar and cook one more minute. When apple slices are cooled enough to handle, place a slice into each cup at an angle, trimming to fit if necessary. Sprinkle with chopped chives and serve. Skillet Hash Brown FrittataPrep Time: 10 minutes. Cook Time: 20 minutes. Yield: 6 to 8 servings 1 carton (4.2 ounces) hash brown potatoes (we use Hungry Jack) 4 turkey sausage patties or 6 links 6 slices turkey bacon 8 eggs 1/4 cup milk 1/2 to 1-1/2 teaspoons hot sauce, based on brand of hot sauce or to taste. Pinch ground black pepper 2 tablespoons butter 1/2 cup diced onion 4 slices or 2/3 cup shredded American or cheddar cheese Fill hash browns carton to fill line with hottest tap water. Let stand 12 minutes. Drain any excess water. Cook turkey sausage and bacon according to package directions. Crumble or chop. Whisk eggs, milk, hot sauce and black pepper in bowl. Melt butter in 10or 12-inch non-stick skillet over medium high heat. Add onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until slightly softened. Spread hash browns evenly in pan and partway up sides. Cook without stirring until light golden brown and crisp on one side, about 3 minutes. Sprinkle crumbled sausage and bacon over potatoes. Pour eggs evenly over and arrange cheese on top. Cover skillet and reduce heat to low; cook until eggs are set in center and cheese is melted, about 15 minutes. Serve from pan or slide onto platter, then cut into wedges. GALLEY C&M Marine Products 855.362.5269 THE HIGHEST QUALITY FIBERGLASSICECHESTBUILT Holds ice for more than a week S/S gas shocks & bracket hold lid securely open Heavy cast S/S handles Twin soft rubber latches Large drain with 1/4 turn plug Soft rubber non skid feet — easy on your deck Standard color is white Custom colors to match your boat CALL TO ORDER TODAY… 5YR.WARRANTY 85QT.CAPACITY Omelets, tarts cook up quickly for a casual brunch New & Used Inventory! ————— Full Service & Parts Dept! FREE Coast Guard Kit! w/ Boat Purchase & this ad! FREEGenerator Delivery to Coral Ridge Residents! Call today: 954-463-8143 info@SevenSeasYachtSales.com 1500 W.Broward Blvd.  Fort Lauderdale www.SevenSeasYachtSales.com Flats € Bays € Offshore Models Reliable,tough,solidlybuilt,affordable!Memories of a lifetimeQuality  Innovative  Efficient 16'-25'15'-42' 16'-29'


11April2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times


12 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMApril2014Waterfront Times EVENTS CALENDAR 1, TuesdayNew River FEC Raiload Bridge Meeting: 1 p.m. discussion during the City Commission conference meeting at Fort Lauderdale City Hall, 100 N. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale. 954-828-5003. Stony Coral ID Course: 6-9 p.m. on coral species, at 1277 NE 79th Street Causeway, Miami. No cost. E-mail Coral@dep.state.fl.us. 2, WednesdayWednesday Night Paddle: 7 p.m. kayaking class at George English Park, 1101 Bayview Drive, Fort Lauderdale. www.meetup.com/kayaking. South Florida Women Divers: 6 p.m. dinner followed by a 7 p.m. meeting at Pioneer Park Annex, 249 NE Fifth Ave., Deerfield Beach. 561-638-8487; www.sfwd.net. 3, ThursdayStony Coral ID Course: 1-4.m. on coral species found within South Florida, at 1277 NE 79Th Street Causeway, Miami. No cost. E-mail Coral@dep.state.fl.us. Marine Historical Society: 7 p.m. meeting about Jules Verne and the development of the submarine, at Fort Lauderdale City Hall, 100 N. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-584-4926. Sailing Singles of South Florida: 7 p.m. meeting at various Fort Lauderdale locations. 954-462-4575; www.sailingsingles.org. Fort Lauderdale Corporate Run: 5-10 p.m. from Huizenga Plaza, 32 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. 305-666-7223. 4, FridayLive Animal Presentations: 1 p.m. at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, 3109 E. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Free admission. 954-564-4521; http://birchstatepark.org. 5, SaturdayNew River Raft Race: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. race with homemade rafts, at Esplanade Park, 401 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale. 954-652-2032. Surf and Muzik Festival: 7 a.m. surf contest with daylong entertainment along the side south of Pompano Beach Municipal Pier, 222 N. Pompano Beach Blvd., Pompano Beach. Entry fees start at $20. 786276-6527 or 305-534-6110; http://kulchashok.com/saturday-april-51st-annual-kulcha-shok-surf-and-muzik-festival. 18th Annual Plywood Regatta: 8 a.m. boatbuilding event today and Sunday off Dania Beach Pier, 100 N. Beach Road, Dania Beach. http://plywoodregatta.wordpress.com. About Boating Safely Course: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard AuxiliaryatMcvey House, 601 Seabreeze Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $50. 954-463-0034 or 954-895-9776. About Boating Safely Course: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliaryat Dixon Ahl Recreation Center, 2200 NE 38th St., Lighthouse Point. Cost: $45. 731-907-0307. About Boating Safely Course: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary atSpanish River Park, 3939 N. Ocean Blvd., Boca Raton.Cost: $35. Bring lunch. 561-391-3600. Miami River Rally/Miami Riverday Festival: 10:30 a.m. at Lummus Park, 250 NW N. River Drive, Miami. Cost: $30 per competitor. http://www.meetup.com/miami-kayak-club/events/170414382/ ?a=ea1_grp&rv=ea1&_af_eid=170414382&_af=event. 6, SundaySeven Seas Cruising Association: 8 a.m. breakfast for International cruising sailors at Egg & You Diner, 2621 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Public welcome. 954-771-5660; www.ssca.org. 7, MondayBlazing Paddles Dragon Boat Racing: 7 p.m. at the boat ramp at Holland Park, 801 Johnson St., Hollywood. No cost. 954 232-7434; www.meetup.com/dragon-boat-fort-lauderdale-hollywood/events. 8, TuesdayMarine Invertebrate ID Course: 6-9. p.m. on sponges, octocorals, crustaceans, echinoderms and mollusks on southeast Florida coral reefs, at 1277 NE 79Th Street Causeway, Miami. No cost. E-mail Coral@dep.state.fl.us. Broward Boating Club: 8 p.m., meets at American Legion Post 304, 41 NE First Court, Dania Beach. 954-316-0236. Miami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. at Miami Beach Watersport Center, 6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. www.meetup.com/Miami-Beach-Rowers-Meet-Up/events. Gulfstream Sailing Club: 7:30 meeting at Lauderdale Isle Yacht & Tennis Club, 2637 Whale Harbor Lane, Fort Lauderdale. www.gulfstreamsailingclub.org. 9, Wednesday Seabird Yacht Club: 6:30 p.m. social hour and dinner meeting at various locations. 561-274-3888. South Florida Fishing Club: 6:30 p.m. dinner at Tony Romas, 18050 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach, followed by 7:30 p.m. meeting. Reservations required. 305-725-7250. Ladies, Lets Go Fishing: 6-8:30 p.m. dinner meeting at VFW Hall, 350 SW 25th St., Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $10 includes dinner.954-923-3072; www.sfl-llgf.com. Girls of East Fort Lauderdale: 7-8:30 p.m. meetup at Bombay Caf, 3060 N. Andrews Ave.., Fort Lauderdale. www.meetup.com/GirlsofEastFortLauderdale/events. South Florida Kayaking: 7 p.m. night paddle at George English Park, 1101 Bayview Drive, Fort Lauderdale. www.meetup.com/kayaking-130. 10, ThursdayMarine Invertebrate ID Course: 1-4 p.m. on sponges, octocorals, crustaceans, echinoderms and mollusks on southeast Florida coral reefs, at 1277 NE 79Th Street Causeway, Miami. No cost. E-mail Coral@dep.state.fl.us. Fort Lauderdale Boat Club: 8 p.m. meeting at local restaurants. 954-782-4968 or 954-920-9597. Miami Kayak Club: 7 p.m. sunset paddle from at Shake-A-Leg Miami, 2620 Bayshore Drive, Miami. 786-307-3816. Aprs Plongee Dive Club: 7:30 p.m. meeting at Lighthouse Dive Center, 2507 N. Ocean Blvd., Pompano Beach. 954-782-1100. Miami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. atMiami Beach Watersport Center,6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. www.meetup.com/Miami-Beach-Rowers-Meet-U. West Palm Beach Sailing Club: 7 p.m. at Key Lime House, 300 E. Ocean Ave., Lantana. www.meetup.com/The-West-Palm-Beach-Sailing-Meetup-Group. 11, FridayLadies, Lets Go Fishing! 6 p.m. weekend seminar with classes for all levels at I.T. Parker Community Center, 901 NE Third St., Dania Beach. Registration costs: $99 for the first 20 people, $135 after. Membership not required. 954-475-9068; www.ladiesletsgofishing.com. 12, SaturdayAbout Boating Safely Course: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliaryat Monica Burguera Foundation, 3750 W. Flagler St., Miami. No cost. 305-428-2453. Hillsboro Lighthouse Tours: runs from 8:45 a.m. to 3 p.m., boats depart from Sands Harbor Marina, 125 N. Riverside Drive, Pompano Beach. Sponsored by the Hillsboro Lighthouse Preservation Society. Membership fees start at $25. www.hillsborolighthouse.org/tours. Rock the Ocean Tortuga Festival: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. concerts and festivities today and Sunday at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park, 1100 Seabreeze Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $165. www.tortugamusicfestival.com. Girls of East Fort Lauderdale: 5 p.m. meetup at Restaurant Out of Denmark, 2275 South Federal Highway, Delray Beach. www.meetup.com/GirlsofEastFortLauderdale/events. 13, SundayAbout Boating Safely Course: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, at Bass Pro Shops, 220 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach. Cost: $50. 954-915-0667. 14, MondayMiami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. at Miami Beach Watersport Center, 6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. www.meetup.com/Miami-Beach-Rowers-Meet-Up/events. 15, TuesdayPassover starts SEE CALENDAR | PAGE 14


CAP TAIN’S LICENSEUSCG APPROVED COURSES — NO USCG TEST! OUPV 6 PackApr 4  West Palm Beach OUPV 6 PackApr 5  Ft. Lauderdale STCW(Refresher)Apr 16  Ft. Laud. CPR & First Aid Apr 16  Ft. Laud. License Renewal Apr 18  Ft. Laud. Upgrade to Master Mate(100 GRT)Apr 24  Ft. Lauderdale Upgrade to Master Mate(100 GRT)Apr 25  W. Palm Beach STCW(5 Day)Apr 28  Ft. Laud.1-800-237-8663(954)463-7001 13April2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW TIME ADJUSTMENTS Boca Inlet +8 +17 Hillsboro Inlet -31 -50 Davie Bridge N.R. +40 +40 Port Everglades -45 -6 Karen Canal Haulover Inlet +38 +39 to TideTable in minutes Deerfield Beach +12 +11 Commercial ICW -26 -34 Bahia Mar -20 -18 Dania Cut-Off +45 +28 ( Hendricks Isle ) 0 0 Government Cut -39 -56 Tide Tables for this month and next month are available onlineƒ Log on to WaterfrontTimes.com now for the Tide Tables and more.Tide Table sources: NOAA data at Andrews Avenue Bridge, New River, Fort Lauderdale, Florida APRIL TIDE TABLE SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY IN MIAMI-DADE & BROWARD COUNTY! F&JFuelCompany Dock Side Fuel ServiceWe offer fleet, heavy equipment & generator service!WE DISTRIBUTE OIL PRODUCTSOFF FUEL with this couponBoat deliveries only  One per delivery  Expires 05/31/14CALL 954-458-6105$10 F&JFuelCompany


14 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMApril2014Waterfront TimesBleachWatch Training Course: 6-8 p.m. on protecting the areas reefs by becoming a member of the Southeast Florida Action Network BleachWatch team, at 1277 NE 79Th Street Causeway, Miami. No cost. E-mail Coral@dep.state.fl.us. 16, WednesdayPADI Project Aware Course: 6-9 p.m. on the problems facing underwater ecosystems at 1277 NE 79Th Street Causeway, Miami. Cost: $18 for PADI specialty certification. E-mail Coral@dep.state.fl.us. Miami Marine Council: noon at Rusty Pelican Restaurant, 3201 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne. Cost: $25 members, $30 nonmembers. 954-523-1004; www.miamimarinecouncil.com. 17, ThursdayBleachWatch Training Course: 1-3 p.m. on protecting the areas reefs, at 1277 NE 79Th Street Causeway, Miami. No cost. E-mail Coral@dep.state.fl.us. Marina Mile Association: 8 a.m. meeting at Roadway Inn, 2441 State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale. 954-494-1900. Miami Kayak Club: 7 p.m. paddle from at Shake-A-Leg Miami, 2620 Bayshore Drive, Miami. 786-307-3816. Southeast Florida Yacht Club: 7 p.m. dinner meeting at various locations in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. 305-914-2644; www.sefyc.com. 18, FridayBroadwalk Friday Fest: 7-9 p.m. performance at Hollywood Beach Theater, on Johnson Street and the Broadwalk, Hollywood. Free. 954921-3404. 19, SaturdayPaddles Dragon Boat Racing: 9 a.m. weekly events at the boat ramp at Holland Park, 801 Johnson St., Hollywood. No cost. 954 232-7434. Yogafest: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Huizenga Plaza, 32 East Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. 704-756-9245. 20, SundayEaster Sunday21, MondayPompano Beach Offshore Anglers: 7:30 p.m. meeting at Galuppis Unlimited towing details and exclusions can be found online at BoatUS.com/towing or by calling. TAKE US WITH YOUON THE WATER Unlimited Towing just $149BREAKDOWNS HAPPEN MORE OFTEN THAN YOU KNOW and the average cost of towing service is around $600. But with Unlimited Towing from TowBoatU.S., when you need assistance on the water, all you need for payment is your BoatU.S. Membership card. Just show the card and well get you on your way in no time. Download the FREE BoatU.S. Towing App! Call or go online today to join! 1-800-888-4869 BoatUS.com/towing CALENDAR | FROM PAGE 12EVENTS CALENDAR Restaurant, 1103 N. Federal Highway, Pompano Beach. www.meetup.com/fishing-97/events. 22, TuesdayEarth Day 2014 Reef Fish ID Course: 6-8 p.m. beginner course on fishwatching,Ž at 1277 NE 79Th Street Causeway, Miami. No cost. E-mail Coral@dep.state.fl.us. All About Live Bait: 7-10 p.m. workshop with Capt. Shawn Fairbanks at the IGFA School of Sportfishing, 300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach. Cost: $150 non-IGFA members, $100 members. 954-924-4254; www.igfa.org/Educate/School-of-Sportfishing.aspx. 23, WednesdayVenture Sailing Club of South Florida: 7:30 p.m. meeting at the Coconut G rove Sailing Club, 2990 S. Bayshore Drive, Coconut G rove, 305-860-8250. Yoga Class: 8-9 a.m. for all levels at Bonnet House, 900 N. Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale. 954-563-5393, ext. 137. www.bonnethouse.org. 24, ThursdayReef Fish ID Course: 1-4 p.m. beginner course on fishwatching,Ž at 1277 NE 79Th Street Causeway, Miami. No cost. E-mail Coral@dep.state.fl.us. Riverwalk Get Downtown: 5-8 p.m. cocktail hour at Yolo Plaza, 333 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $20 online or $25 at the door. 954-468-1541; www.goriverwalk.com. 25, FridaySixth Annual Spinathon: noon to 7 p.m. bike endurance challenge sponsored by the Marine Industry Cares Foundation, at Esplanade Park, 400 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale.954-639-5005; www.marineindustrycares.org/events/6th-annual-spin-a-thon. Pompano Beach Seafood Festival: starts 6 p.m. at Pompano Pier, 222 N. Pompano Beach Blvd., Pompano Beach. Runs through Sunday. Admission $15 per adult, free kids under 12. 954-570-7785; www.pompanobeachseafoodfestival.com. Deerfield Beach Wine & Food Festival: 6-10 p.m. at Quiet Waters Park, 401 S. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach. Tickets start at $48; 561-338-7594; www.deerfieldbeachwineandfoodfestival.com. 26, SaturdayCelebrate Earth Day: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. live animal presentations with two birds of prey, at the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, 900 N. Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $10 adults, free for kids under 12. 954-703-2606; www.bonnethouse.org. Blazing Paddles Dragon Boat Racing: 9 a.m. paddling clinic at the boat ramp at Holland Park, 801 Johnson St., Hollywood. No cost. 954 232-7434; www.meetup.com/dragon-boat-fort-lauderdale-hollywood/events. 27, SundayRiverwalk Sunday Arts: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., featuringlocal artists, performers, photographers, and others as they perform, present their wares and sell to the public. 954-468-1541. Seven Seas Cruising Association: 8 a.m. breakfast for International cruising sailors, at Egg & You Diner, 2621 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Public welcome. 954-771-5660; www.ssca.org. 28, MondayFleet Week 2014: Runs to May 5 withNavy and Coast Guard ship tours open to the public at Port Everglades, 1850 Eller Drive, Fort Lauderdale. 954-649-4777; www.browardnavydaysinc.org. 29, TuesdayMiami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. atMiami Beach Watersport Center,6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. www.meetup.com/Miami-Beach-Rowers-Meet-U. 30, WednesdayBlazing Paddles … Dragon Boating: 7 p.m. at George English Park, 1101 Bayview Drive, Fort Lauderdale. www.meetup.com/dragon-boat-fort-lauderdale-hollywood/events. (Easy To Find While Cruising) Nassau, Abaco, Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, & Staniel Cay From custom small s p ace installation t o From custom small s p ace installation t o f ully containerized units f or drop-inŽ use, f ully containerized units f or drop-inŽ use, we will treat your boat as i f it were our own. we will treat your boat as i f it were our own. W Wa t e r m a k e r s I n c MARINE DESALINATORS Fresh Water, Any Time, Any Ocean


15April2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times WATERFRONTTIMES.COM 14951 ROYAL OAKS LANE, SUITE 2609. NORTH MIAMI, FLORIDA 33181 Tel 855.853.9478 | 151atbiscayne.com | LUXURY BY NATURE Introducing 151 AT BISCAYNE, a limited collection of spacious two& three-bedroom condominium residences just minutes from Aventura Mall, a few miles from Bal Harbour Shops and overlooking the Oleta River State Park, the Intracoastal Waterway and the shores of Sunny Isles Beach. Planned amenities include a new, residents-only Club House with pool, tennis, fully equipped tness center and more, plus acres of adjacent parks, trails and recreational offerings.Dont miss out on Miamis most exciting opportunity. Oversized twoand three-bedroom residences from the $240,000s. BROKER PARTICIPATION WELCOME. THE RIGHT TIME. THE RIGHT PLACE.THE RIGHT PRICE. AVAILABLE NOW. MOVE IN TODAY!Advertising & Interactive by Miami Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the developer. For correct representations, make reference to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida statutes, to be furnished by the developer to a buyer or lessee. Obtain the property report required by federal law and read it before signing anything. No federal agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of this property. We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing throughout the Nation. We encourage a nd support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, sex, religion, handicap, familial status or national origin. This ad does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a unit in the condominium. No solicitation, offer or sale of a unit in the condominium will be made in any jurisdiction in which such activity would be unlawful prior to any required registration th erein.


16 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMApril2014Waterfront Times  ELECTROPLATING  ELECTROPOLISHING  ANODIZINGInquiries Invited € We Ship AnywhereGULF PLATING, INC.SINCE 1955(954) 567-03032501 NE 13th Avenue € Wilton Manors, FL 33305MA RINEPLATINGCHROME NICKEL € GOLD WATERFRONT COMMUNITY Advertise your business here for only $75. Sales Service Parts Fuel Dockwith NOETHANOL 1900 SE 15 Street 954-523-8507 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida www.lauderdalemarina.com AuthorizedDealer Used Marine Gear  Diesel Machinery  Gen Sets Shipping Agents  Hurricane Chain & Supplies10 SW 23rd Street TEL:954-768-9797Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 CELL:954-328-0145 yknot4bob@yahoo.com FAX:954-524-0635 Open Saturday 8am-2pm Wood-Chuck Workshop, Inc.Custom Yacht Car pen try & Refits Corian / Granite Countertops  Teak Decks & Cover Boards  Teak & Holly/AmticoFlooring  Custom Cabinetry / RefinishingWe Do It All In Wood!954-922-3221 Since 1979AT HARBOR TOWN MA RI NA 2nd Location LMC We Dive Right InŽ We Dive Right InŽInsured To Work In Any Marina or Boatyard 10% OFF SERVICES ON YOUR PET’S FIRST VISIT SAIL CLEANING CANVAS WATERPROOFING REPAIRSFree Pick-up & Delivery Call for quote 4910 N.E. 11th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334 (954) 491-3327 sailcleaners.com info@sailcleaners.com 2775 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Suite #6 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 Toll Free: (866) 409-7594 Office: (954) 283-7186 Fax (888) 879-8965 Cell: (305) 962-4004 Email: info@browardinsurancegroup.com Stefan L. Belhomme Insurance Consultant LIC# P072057


17April2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times BUSINESS CARD EXCHANGE Call the Waterfront Times today… 954.524.9450 Board Certified in Admiralty & Maritime LawMARK ERCOLINAttorney At LawOffice: (954) 792-5425 (954) 321-9157 2787 E.Oakland ParkBlvd.#205 Fax: (954) 524-9464 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 FLOATING WORK PLATFORM CALL NOW: 954-523-8507 NEW! 4' X 8' POLYETHYLENE ONLY$599 NOW AVAILABLE AT:WWW.LAUDERDALEMARINA.COM


18April 2014Waterfront Times WATERFRONTTIMES.COM DUFFY'S DIVING SERVICE Props€Shafts€Zincs€Bottoms Monthly & bi-monthly service available Complete underwater maintenance Phone: (954) 964-0064 Small portable AIR COMPRESSOR units, new & used, to fill SCUBA tanks also store size units. Complete line of supplies, filters, oils, fill whips & fittings. Compressed Air Supplies 954-929-4462 M-F DR. ZINC DIVING, Inc. Propeller specialist. Monthly maintenance, commercial diving. Visa & MC. 561-445-0462 € 305-522-3553 The Diver Underwater Maintenance Call 954-522-2524 or 954-401-9745 (cell) Diversified Diving Servicessee ad page 15. Call Steve Saunders 954-491-5296. Diving Diving Diving Diving Diving EAST COAST BOAT DETAILINGfiberglass repair & gelcoat. 954-803-6238 Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass Surveyors Surveyors Surveyors Surveyors Surveyors MARK RHODES MARK RHODES MARK RHODES MARK RHODES MARK RHODES SAMS Accredited Senior Marine Surveyor Pre-purchase, Insurance & Financial SurveysBroward 954-946-6779 € Stuart 772-398-0860 E-mail: MarMarkLHP@aol.com SAMS-Marine Surveyor-Steve Snider-AMS prepurchase€insurance€financial surveys Yachts-small craft. Visa/MasterCard www.florida-boatsurvey.com 954-942-4803 SWISS WOODWORK INC Stripping€Repairing€ Refinishing of Furniture & Wooden Boat Parts Call 954-978-2090. WOOD-CHUCK WORKSHOPcustom yacht & residential carpentry at Harbor Town Marina, Dania Cut-Off canal. Call 954-922-3221. CUSTOM MARINE CARPENTRYCable MarineEast yard 954-462-2822 € West yard 954-587-4000 Woodworking Woodworking Woodworking Woodworking Woodworking CABLE MARINEEast yard (40-ton lift).......... (954)462-2822 West yard (80-ton)ƒ......... (954) 587-4000 1st PERFORMANCE MARINA5 minutes to Port Everglades inlet, 954-763-8743 PLAYBOY MARINEocean access, no bridges www.playboymarine.com 954-920-0533 Complete Marinedockside svc, parts, fuel, 50-ton lift. Pompano Beach. 954-784-9011 LAUDERDALE MARINA: SE 15 ST, Fort Laud. Service€Parts€Sales€Fuel Dock 954-523-8507 ROYALE PALM YACHT BASINDania Beach Full svc boat yard, 75-Ton travel lift. Sliips to 145, $20/PF/mo. Call 954-923-5900. River Bend Marine Center River Bend Marine Center River Bend Marine Center River Bend Marine Center River Bend Marine Center 954-523-1832 www.riverbendmarinecenter.com Working Boat Yards Working Boat Yards Working Boat Yards Working Boat Yards Working Boat Yards Corinne's CLEAN CABINS specializing in Home, Condominium & Interior boat cleaning. Over 20 years experience. 954-673-2099 Deck/Dock Electric Deck/Dock Electric Deck/Dock Electric Deck/Dock Electric Deck/Dock Electric Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted WantedI Buy & Sell Boat Books (786) 277-7835 www.KrazyJames.com For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale I Sell & Buy Boat Books (786) 277-7835 www.KrazyJames.com Electronics Electronics Electronics Electronics Electronics Pro Marine Electronics, LLCInstallation € Sales € Svc € Training. Call 954-553-6921. Shore Power down?Need another 50 Amps? AS Electric 1.954.941.3625State License # 13005270 Home Services Home Services Home Services Home Services Home Services Yamaha authorized service & parts954-567-2628 "We'll put a smile on your boat!"Boat bottom & topside cleaning.$2.oo/foot with monthly service € Zinc Changes305-904-6733 Suzuki authorized service & parts954-567-2628 954-651-5521 YACHT POLISHING ’ We can polish your hull & clean your waterline. Quality In-water service at your dock.Call Gilly Miller 954-923-8391 or 629-3620 (mobile)Licensed & Insured. You Get More Than You Pay For! Welding Welding Welding Welding Welding Stainless Steel Mobile Svc Repair Railsadd mounts. Mike's Welding 1751 South Dixie Hwy, Pompano 954-592-7033 ALP's Mobile Marine Repair"I come to you. I fix it right the first time!"All makes & models. Troubleshooting,Gas Engine, Purchase Surveys, Electrical Repairs.Call Anthony 954-973-1135€954-258-9874 Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics SWISS WOODWORK INC Stripping€Repairing€ Refinishing of Furniture & Wooden Boat Parts Call 954-978-2090. Headliners Headliners Headliners Headliners Headliners Serious Buyer for New/Used fishing tackle & marine gear. Don't let your gear waste away in the garage. Call me instead. Turn your items into $$$. I pay CASH. 954-781-5121 Classifieds For classified advertising information call: 954€524€9450 MARINE SERVICES Pages 18 FOR SALE Pages 18-19 DinghiesPersonal Wtrcraft PowerboatsSailboatsChartersTrailersBOATS Pages 19Help WantedBusiness Opport. Captains/Crew Post Wanted WantedPersonalsNOTICES PG 18 DOCKAGE Page 19North Broward Central Broward South Broward Dade Palm Beach The Keys Out State Commercial Dry StorageREAL ESTATE Pages 19For RentApartmentsStorage BaysDockominiums HomesLotsCondominiumsReal Estate Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services MOBILE REPAIR & MAINTENANCEPeriodic & Troubleshooting, Mechanical, Electrical, Pumps, etc. CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVC CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVC CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVC CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVC CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVCExpd, Honest, Reliable. (954) 608-1551Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services continue next column Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services continuedNEPTUNE AIR CORP Sales, Service & InstallationAll Brands 1611 SW 2nd Avenue, Ft Laud., FL 33315 € Call: 954-779-2510BEERS GROUP INC. BEERS GROUP INC. BEERS GROUP INC. BEERS GROUP INC. BEERS GROUP INC. Sales & Service Marine Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Phone: 954-802-4156 MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLINBoard Certified in Admiralty & Maritime Law by the Florida Bar2787 E Oakland Blvd, #205, Ft Laud 33306954-792-5425 € 321-9157 € fax: 524-9464disclaimer: disclaimer: disclaimer: disclaimer: disclaimer: The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Admiralty Law Admiralty Law Admiralty Law Admiralty Law Admiralty Law Office & Fax: 954-585-8222Cell: 954-701-0421All your marine canvas & upholstery needs 3000 Ravenswood RD, Unit #6, Dania Beach A/C & Refrigeration A/C & Refrigeration A/C & Refrigeration A/C & Refrigeration A/C & Refrigeration Canvas Canvas Canvas Canvas Canvas CANVAS FACTORYFlybridge covers, Bimini tops, Mooring covers & Repairs. Mobile truck will perform work at your site.Call 954-781-1970 .CANVAS FACTORY CANVAS FACTORY CANVAS FACTORY CANVAS FACTORY CANVAS FACTORYfl ybridge covers, Bimini tops, mooring covers & repairs. Mobile truck will perform work at your site. Call 954-781-1970 RFAST CANVAS For a dockside estimate call 954-596-2279 or 305-807-0144 Corinne's CLEAN CABINS specializing in Interior boat, home and condo cleaning. Over 20 yrs experience. Call 954-673-2099. WAX MOBILE SERVICESwash, compound & wax. Call Alfredo at 954-651-5521 Boat Wash / DetailingLowest Prices. Experienced. Call 954-788-6584. YACHT POLISHING’„ In-water service at your dock. You get more than you pay for. Call: 954-923-8391 € 954-629-3620 Cleaning Boats Cleaning Boats Cleaning Boats Cleaning Boats Cleaning Boats 754-245-2824 € aquayachtservice.com Wash & Cleaning Wax, Compounding & Detail Bottom Cleaning Teak Work... licensed & insured 10% off for members Air Charters Air Charters Air Charters Air Charters Air Charters Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services continued Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services continue next columnEAST COAST Boat DetailingWash, Wax,Compound, Bottom Cleaning. 954-803-6238 Detailing Detailing Detailing Detailing Detailing Refinishing Refinishing Refinishing Refinishing Refinishing MARINE HEADLINERS & INTERIORS by appointment ONLY. 954-849-3287 Captains Captains Captains Captains Captains Business Opportunities Business Opportunities Business Opportunities Business Opportunities Business OpportunitiesEXPR MBS Capt available. Maintain. Ret Sales assist. HMS Yachts 855-876-2592 WANTED: Your Ad in this Space!Call Waterfront Times:954-524-9450 Batteries Batteries Batteries Batteries Batteries FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE Join South Floridas largest gathering of nautical artisans nautical artisans nautical artisans nautical artisans nautical artisans as they reach over 10,000 waterfront homeowners from Lighthouse Point to Keystone Point, hundreds of marine related workplaces & major area boat shows with thousands more newspapers each month in the Waterfront Times Waterfront Times Waterfront Times Waterfront Times Waterfront Times. Call 954-524-9450 954-524-9450 954-524-9450 954-524-9450 954-524-9450.More For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale next page


19Waterfront TimesApril 2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COM Boats Boats Boats Boats Boats FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE Floating Docks Floating Docks Floating Docks Floating Docks Floating Docks FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD docks run from McNab Road north to the Palm Beach County line.CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD docks run from McNab Road south to Port Everglades.SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD docks run from Dania Cut-Off Canal south to Dade County Line. Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksNORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARDTired of looking for dock space? www.floridadockrentals.com € 954-941-3625LHP up to 45', wide canal, deep water, electric/water included. Call 954-695-8735. LHPup to 60', $10/ft, NFB, wtr/elec, wide canal. 954-782-0107 € 954-304-5527 16,000 LB Hoist at pvt home deep V or Cat. Dock for 70' boat. Secure w/fence & lock. Call 586-615-6838. Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksCENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD Boat Dockage Classifiedswww.DockSearch.comSEARCH RENT BUY SELL 1.954.941.DOCK rentadock.comWill pay top dollar for deepwater dockage! PRIME DOCKAGE Tropical OasisEast Fort Lauderdalenear Galleria MallNo fixed bridges „ Prime Amenities9' MLW, up to 120' Wi-Fi, 50/100 amp, pump-outCall 305-333-7382Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate continues next columnRIO VISTAdeepwater, no lvbd. Wtr/Elec, Up to 60'. Caretaker avail. 954-524-7228 LAUD-BY-THE-SEA: up to 260' dock available Wtr/Elec. No Lvbds. Call 910-352-2801. MIDDLE RIVER Galleria Area Private Quiet Water Location No fixed bridges „ pump-out 9' MLW up to 100' „ Wi-Fi „ 50/100 amp Call 954-467-8220. N FK New River @ 5th St Wtr/Elec up to 55' gated, no lvbd. Call 954-579-4139.Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage continues next columnLHP 100' waterfront w/55' dock on wide North Grand Canal next to LHP Yacht Club. 1 lot from ICW, 5 min to ocean. Private home in upscale, safe neighborhood. NFB, recently dredged, water & electric available @ dock. Up to 75, $12/foot, minimum $500/month. 954-632-5234 For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale continued Generators Generators Generators Generators Generators FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE Marine Diesel Generator 8,000-watt mounted on a dolly. BEST OFFER. Call 954-587-5710.Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage continues next columnISLE OF VENICEdeepwater up to 45', NFB, water/electric. Call 954-610-7779. LIVE-ABOARD Secluded dockage near ICW, reasonable rates, telephone & cable. Coconut Bay Resort. Call 954-563-4229. MIDDLE RIVER near Galleria Mall. Up to 80'. Deepwater. NFB. Secure, private parking. Water/Electric. Call 954-494-0615 LAUD ISLES river dockage from 35' to 135'One fixed brdg 55, water/metered electric. Private/secure, no live-aboards. 954-316-1246 Century East Apts & Marina100 Isle of Venice. Dockage to 45', lvbds OK. Apts for rentmonthly or annual. 954-980-3230 North Fork New River, Safe Harbor Ocean Access, Wtr/Elec, No Lvbd, to 35'-$8/ft Call 954-205-4963. ON THE NEW RIVER, Lauderdale Isles New 315' docks, deepwater, protected, back of private home, river & canal, no live-aboard, 50' to 98' boats. Water & electricity. Call Frank 954-547-1011. CITRUS ISLESpowerboat only, up to 40', water/elec., NFB. No Lvbds. 954-849-6584 N Fork N Rivernew 110' deepwtr wide basin electric available, NFB, no liveaboard. Call 954-792-1619. HENDRICKS ISLESail up to 42' shower/bathroom & laundry facilities, patio, nice grounds, 2-car parking, no pets, non-smoker. 954-467-8371 65' DOCKNFB Laud Isles, great hurricane hole! 50/30/20 amp service, security cameras. $450/month. Call 954-683-0887. DOCK AVAIL: Sailboat OK! No Lvbd. Water & Electric. $400/month. Call 954-587-5710 CITRUS ISLES off New River to 60'. Water & 50 amp electric. No lvbd. $10/ft. Room available. Call 954-557-8500. LAUD ISLESup to 39', Secure, Water & Electric. No lvbd. Call 954-523-0923. Laud Isles-to 55' secure/prvt home wtr/elec, no lvbd, sail OK, $10/ft. Call 954-801-8014. CITRUS ISLESfull 60' dock, dpwtr, wtr/elec, NFB, no live-aboard. Call 301-493-6257. Citrus Isles, 50' dock, open ocean access, $400/month. Call 954-540-1159. So. New River dpwtr to 50', 30/50amp, NFB, parking, flex terms, private. 954-376-2221 DAVIE BLVD off New Riverdpwtr, fenced, lighted, elec/wtr, max beam 13', no lvbd. $395/month. Call 772-205-5964. RIO VISTASE 10th ST island, 4' draft, up to 60', wtr/elec. No lvbd. 954-524-2780 Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage continued DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksCENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD Perfect place for Live-Aboards with Amenities you would expect at a country club:Please call or stop by for a viewing & more info:2525 Marina Bay DR West, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312954-791-7600 € www.MarinaBay-FL.com € Great Location € Gated Community € Beautiful Grounds € Great Restaurant RendezvousŽ LOOKING for Private DOCKSPACE?ALL AREAS ALL SIZESDOCKFINDERS of South FloridaRENTING DOCKSPACE ? INQUIRE TODAY!954-771-2680info@dockfinders.com NEW RIVER point lot dockage.New dock, dpwtr, NFB, ocean access, private or yacht broker, up to 100 on river & 40 on canal. Great price. Water/metered elec avail. Prvt home, very safe, with parking. 954-684-5374 SAFE STORAGE for Hurricane Alley954-523-1832 € RiverBendMarineCenter.comJoin South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksDRY STORAGE DRY STORAGE DRY STORAGE DRY STORAGE DRY STORAGERoyale Palm Yacht Basinfull service marina on the Dania Cut-off Canal. No bridges. Live Aboards welcome! 954-923-5900 55-slip Marina € Boat Launch Facilities Brand New Restrooms € Shower & Laundry Max Vessel Lengths of 110 & 6 Drafts 24/7 Security € Fuel Dock € Pump-Out City of Hollywood Florida Marina City of Hollywood Florida Marina City of Hollywood Florida Marina City of Hollywood Florida Marina City of Hollywood Florida Marina 700 Polk ST, Hollywood, FL 33019 954-921-3035 € www.hollywoodfl.org/marinaDANIA BEACH3 docks up to 80', NFB, no liveaboard. Very private home. 954-274-7873 Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksSOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARDAVENTURAWaterways Marina. 75' slip for sale or rent DRASTICALLY REDUCED PRICE by owner. Dpwtr€well protected€midway Ft Laud & Miami on ICW€full services€lvbd. Call 303-378-9100. MIAMI BCH dock. Prvt hm sailboat up to 55' dpwtr NFB wtr/elec parking 305.673.0077 Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksMIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIAMI-DADE COUNTYBring the Boat to Key West!Stock Island Marina Village Stock Island Marina Village Stock Island Marina Village Stock Island Marina Village Stock Island Marina Village, Key West24 33 53.09Ž N 81 44 09.66Ž WLast Stop to HavanaŽ Largest deepwater marina in the Keys 128 of new concrete floating dock New high-speed Fuel System Yachts up to 300 Captain & Crew Facilities New Gym, Laundry & Showers Community Garden Large & Small Dog Parks Airport Shuttle Ships Store & Sundries Captains Conference Lounge Call Now for reservations: 305-294-2288 305-294-2288 305-294-2288 305-294-2288 305-294-2288 StockIslandMarina.com StockIslandMarina.com StockIslandMarina.com StockIslandMarina.com StockIslandMarina.com Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksFLORIDA KEYS FLORIDA KEYS FLORIDA KEYS FLORIDA KEYS FLORIDA KEYS Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage continued Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate continuedCentury East Apts & Marina100 Isles of Venice. Dockage to 45', lvbds OK. Apts for rentmonthly or annual. 954-980-3230 For RentFor RentFor RentFor RentFor RentRESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate (954) 258-5900 € Toll Free: 1-888-806-0621Search here for waterfront homes: www.AJRyan.comwith A.J. Ryan Realty established 1924Call John M. Ryan I live on and sell waterfront property!Ž Looking to Buy or Sell Waterfront Property? COLDWELL BANKERResidential Real EstateRich ThompsonFor Sale: Deep Water, Ocean Access, NFB. Affordable Properties priced For Rent: Dockage also available for rent.All types of properties available. Rich Thompson: 954-684-5374Alison Thompson: 954-478-8324Specializing In All Types Of Real Estatewith ocean-access listings throughout the area Search the MLS for WATERFRONT HOMES, visitwww.floridamoves.com/richard.thompsonFeel Confident Working With The Team With A Proven Track Record For Sale by OwnerLocation Location LocationSecluded Private Mini-Marina on Lake Juanita in Prestigious Rio Vista Isles One of a Kind 110 plus feet of dockage Two slips: one 60+, one 50+ Room for Wave Runners & Row BoatsBRAND NEW DOCK !!! BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME !!!Robert: 954-684-1917 3350 SW AVENUE, FORT LAUDERDALE, FLOffice suite approximately 550 sq ft $650+tax. Warehouse bays:approximately 550 sq ft $600.oo approximately 600 sq ft $650.oo approximately 700 sq ft $750.oo Each bay has 10' overhead door + entrance door, in commercial complex with parking, sanitation services included. Near Ft Lauderdale Int'l Airport & Port Everglades,south of State Road 84. Call 954-467-8371 Rent your residential waterfront property here.Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450 Email us ads@WaterfrontTimes.com waterfronttimes.comSee these same properties on the web at To Subscribe to Waterfront Times To Subscribe to Waterfront Times To Subscribe to Waterfront Times To Subscribe to Waterfront Times To Subscribe to Waterfront Times call 954-524-9450 call 954-524-9450 call 954-524-9450 call 954-524-9450 call 954-524-9450 € FT LAUDERDALE BEACHOceanfront Mediterranean Style Estate1 of only 49 homes on Ft Lauderdale Beach! 5-bdrm, 51/2-bath has a unique unobstructed 270 view of the ocean. Private walled & gated estate with beautiful pool & spa & tropical patio overlooking the ocean. A must see!$5,995,000.Now $5,500,000 € FLORIDA KEYSKey Colony BeachSeapointe Condo. Spectacular ocean view on point4-bdrm, 4-bath, 2,130 sq. ft. Fabulous, new kitchen & baths! Private beach, deeded dock, gated community. Bank owned.$1,400,000. € FT LAUD BEACHOCEANFRONTRIGHT ON THE SAND. 3-bed, 31/2-bath 2-story Home directly on the ocean with two master suites & balcony overlooking the ocean & heated pool. 2-car Garage. Just Listed. $3,400,000. € NEW RIVERMEGA YACHT DOCKAGE. Secluded. Tropical paradisewith 160 of waterfront on South Fork New River! Custom built 3/3 approx 4,200 sq ft, 2-story home. Huge 2nd floor master suite, Spectacular oversized pool with waterfall & 3-car garage.$1,795,000.€ MARINA AT ACOSTA CREEK HARBOR on the St. Johns RiverNE of Ocala. 40-slip marina, boat yard, Historic Home, cottage, 2 cabins, 2 efficiencies, 4 RV sites & enclosed Pool.$1,650,000. € RIO VISTABeautiful 3/3 Home Renovated + new addition w/ large family room & large master suite. Reduced.$897,000. € CITRUS ISLES3/3 beautiful custom built waterfront home on 85 of deepwater. High ceilings, cherry cabinets, granite, porcelain tile & wood floor. View towards the New River.$899,000. € CROISSANT PARK3/2 + den expanded home + free standing 2-car garage. 1900 sq ft. Spacious LR/DR, tile & wood floors, office/utility room.$365,000. € BIRCH CREST CONDO1 block to the Beach! Completely Remodeled. 1-bed, 11/2-bath, SS Appliances, Granite, Hurricane Impact Windows, Doors & more! Building just completed, a $2 million Renovation. A must see!$239,000. € RIO NUEVO CONDOSGreat Ft Lauderdale location near Downtown & Las Olas. Gated waterfront community with heated pool: € 1-Bed, 1-Bath with Carport.$120,000. € SUNRISE LAKES CONDO2/2 golf/garden view, tile floors, washer/dryer in the unit, screened balcony. 55+ community.$49,900. € FLEX SPACE FOR LEASEOFFICE & WAREHOUSE 2,450-7,350 sq ft. Zoning permits Marine Repairs & Sales Auto-Manufacturing Distribution, etc. Great location near I-95.Lease prices starting at $1,650/month. € 2 PLATTED BUILDING LOTS83x100 each, one Waterfront, one Dry Lot. Lots are contiguousSo Buy one or both! Near Downtown, off South Fork New River. $350K Wet / $250K Dry .€ NEW SMYRNA BEACH areaCountry livingbring the horse & ATV. Quail Roost Ranches: € 2.5-acre vacant lot. $19,500. € 4.3-acre vacant lot. $29,500. € FT LAUDEdgewoodNear Marina Mile beautifully remodeled3/2, large family rm plus separate bonus room. New kitchen, granite, impact glass, central A/C, fenced yard.$219,900. € BAY COLONY CLUB CONDOGated Waterfront Community. Rarely available 2/2 corner with water view! Just steps to the Intracoastal! Completely remodeled. Large corner master bedroom with windows on 2 sides & canal view! Dockage available at $1.50/foot/month. REDUCED!$250,000. Living and working on the New River € Specializing In Waterfront Real Estate € (954) 462-5770www.garganorealty.com 800 E. BROWARD BLVD., SUITE 101 FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA 33301 Central location off the New River. Conveniently located close to downtown Ft Lauderdale. Gated island featuring 24-hr manned security, 2 tennis courts & 3 heated pools. Small pets OK (owners only) No fixed bridges, ocean access dockage (owners only as available):€ 2/2 Top Floor, City Skyline view..............$170,000. € 2/2 Corner, Washer/Dryer hook-up.........$199,000. € 2/2 Corner remodeled, City View............$227,500. € 2/2 Corner, largest model, covered parking...$249,500. € 2/2 Riverfront Corner, River & Pool view... $269,900. € 2/2 largest model updated, covered parking, Canal/River View.$284,900. € 2/2 Corner, largest model renovated, covered parking...$289,900. € 1/11/2 First Floor, Pool & River views.......$144,900. € 2/2 Updated Corner with Direct New River view!...$279,500 € 1/11/2 open floor plan separate dining area...$127,500. € 1/11/2 Pool & River views.........................$149,900. € 2/2 Pool/Canal/City View & covered parking...$219,900. € 2/2 Remodeled, Canal view!...................$223,900. € 2/2 Corner, 1500 sq ft, River view, covered parking..$299,900. € RIVER REACH CONDOSDockage Available Now!!! Hurry! SOLD SOLDSOLDSOLD CONTRACT SOLD WWW.GARGANOREALTY.COM RIVER REACH RENTALS € 1-Bedroom............................................$975-$1,325/month. € 2-Bedroom........................................$1,195-$1,700/month. ContractCONTRACT SOLD


20 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMApril2014Waterfront Times Sale Dates: April 1 thru 30, 2014 3M White 5200 Adhesive Sealant SALE $650 $999 $1199Shell Rotella Oil SALE $519 $1899 $8499 $519 $1899 $7899 $539 $1949 $899950% Off List Price! Bulk Repackaged Oil 2-Cycle Type TC-W3 $1999 $2499 $2099LIMIT 6 GALLONS PER CUSTOMER.SALEPER GALLONOrion Flares & Signaling Kits SALE $2499 $ 22 99 $2799 $ 24 99 $4499 $ 39 99 $9999 $ 79 99MAIL-IN $2.00 rebateMAIL-IN $3.00 rebateMAIL-IN $5.00 rebateMAIL-IN $20.00 rebate Save 50% off list price! FINAL PRICEAFTER MAIL-IN REBATESoft Water Washdown System SALE $64999 $75999 $78999Starbrite Gallons Sale SALE $2999 $3499 $1399 $1399 $2499 Save $5.00 per gallon!Waterproof VHF Radio SALE $14999 406 MHz E.P.I.R.B.s SALE $67999 $79999FREE SURVIVAL GEARRAPIDDITCH EXPRESS BAG RAPIDDITCH DRY BAG FIREFLY PRO* HOT SHOT SIGNAL MIRROR ($173.00 VALUE)Personal Location Beacons SALE $27999 $35999 $43799 FREE SURVIVAL GEARRAPIDDITCH DRY BAG FIREFLY PRO* HOT SHOT SIGNAL MIRROR ($104.00 VALUE) Cruise 130 Refrigerator/Freezer SALE $99999 Expanding Hose SALE $2399 $3999 $4799 Sa Sav ave ve pe per er g Sa Sa ave ve e $5 $5 5. 00 ga gal all llo lon on! n! e $5 $5. 5.0 .00 Sa Sav ave ve 50 50% % of off ff li lis ist st pr pri ric ice ce! e! Sa Sa ave ve 50 50% 0% of off ff li lis ist st $2 $2. 2.0 .0 00 $3 $3. 3.0 .0 00 $ $5. 5.0 .0 00 $ $20 20. 0. .0 .0 00 F FI INA NA AL P PR IC C CE $ 2 2 9 99 $ 2 4 9 99 $ 3 9 9 99 $ 7 9 9 99