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Group Title: moyd miṭ a tsepl farzukhṭ an epl
Title: A Moyd miṭ a tsepl farzukhṭ an epl
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Title: A Moyd miṭ a tsepl farzukhṭ an epl
Alternate Title: A Moid mit a tzepl farzucht an epl
Physical Description: 40 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 22 cm.
Language: Yiddish
Creator: Gold, Herman, b. 1888
Lichtenstein, Isaac, b. 1888
Publisher: Maḥmadim
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: 1941
Copyright Date: 1941
Genre: fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: H. Gold ; tseykhenungen fun Yitsḥoḳ Likhṭenshṭeyn.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00100877
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 52406690
lccn - 46036070


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Full Text
4 Y---



l E4

Judalca Book



ftUIe m~rE 1DM

- -"-i; ' ` ~"

BUS n5 unim a
























- mjJI

SSyLN 1 D)
L?)y/ jNDI

D1 1

rl0 A f o




A moid nit a Tzepl
Farzucht an epl.
by H. Gold
151 W. 40 St.
Mmo Vn-lr r.t4.

.^D1^u ^tetu mrt I^5 :^^"^S^~m~

.virp S -twytp K
.*mWI Jim p 11B Ba m I0

.n? p? syllln 'lints =I malp 4r


aS' J \l,


. . . . . . . .-

rp B3 oiyaIT "I
*[" B23K3 Syait 1'
114 =LT Ittvmlr 4S-
Muw jvhr-pw
panm IN L U-pri Z2

1pt3DSo L .is170 L A3 V31T ?1 ly"n Kg
: %r yPT t3p ,iYo"p K '1I ,'V1 3 1 y1T "o yI'T
,7'1p -1yaT I'T ly oyllytIomp .1'IS IIP97 ,
.?olin to9 1 T "T ,Ynyt3g1vu TiK
Ow11 ,"lln g is unip to to*[T n1w 71D
_Ro n1T i1x .t11to tl I'T =,u0 D T .DxS 1
VT7ln DKT 3l1 ton iy ly 11 Il "711 tonx1 11U
.n'mo am2'1 DS aOw' n3?3n.m yO7t .U n 1- o
,D11K %'t 3 71D I1 01tmip to3ny 1Bll Do 1y1l
t.711 jTINS yvn "T 3"11 ,7"1) lil It! liSK-
,5wv L nlit Oll 1- 'bmg lit U'W. P1
"t ,1XS% ,nyaIyp ,'p :0 np y31T .11tonK '137r
YS .IDsID FT v710 'yrYigD o0'1X 7p1m 37
Y?$ .71"tW i1n toD DS iynylw is 1n't1K "'T I0"r1
? x ? "3 's !I } ^ T 'I 7yll 7ynitxw
19MyW o0 ,o1x 3 -17 3t 1 11,2 I)11
."t7 13 tYP
T,7? 7t41y 1oyll ,to 11iK ,Y .x3S T", 4T
-ya .y0 ,3ya7,yp ,'P '1S : ne IT .tosniKng
.ODu t4 uanip oyo y pya py : 7yp
urin li lT R1 yy uo olt1 pyl pylix -
? WV182"
t011KS9 g 1I3 toym is 50DS l 7tO W T'S
,'p : 7e 1 IR iaK ,Il 73" 12 rynyny t7o tam1
.1rs ,"YInV

.mUttu L '?y It
.BKS K Bt1 ^'lntl ^

a .-?r-

~L~,L~-~t ,

,L r7,
-^ cS

/- .

-~~- -

1nyl up, x T 1 .um -10 y1r0i3 x
ya'l E 0I1X t'3 .t331S3 P 1^ 13 OS^IS 383
XTI U411o ,011^^ un voya p 'T : lt1y t o
ta"^ 1902'8 ,ax11^ ps18 xzr ayW ,P Im f TT,
: t0^ lo^ 11 T .'i y ^n4 7 "T
KT' 1ways I11 7y YT T ? oDWv' is ,7-
.11yn r DD p 'ng '740H .tD3I nn 13yvW
ly1n TIN -yn ,y7 It 7t011 "T

.v is YYwa g I'm rP
Ti m K -IND toll , .t381 ,Tll or 7IR
pxm 71M ,31? 7?yny8 IT 'T tomn MD ls DXT
031)? i 0K09 -Y"43 1Y7T n'? I'n vT1 Y9x 14T
KT7 31T IS1I t3n 11to00g "iy'3 1Y .prils
.U3n o0tlU VT'
oKn 01T'a DoT 3l' i'Tr ul O'yn ysp ,r'T
- Y 1-x '^T u33 t'7 ll vi l3 m lt it .toX1)

J)S3 US0 .u3w3v m87'r$ 7T D'1 IntK ny 0Qw
,jy75 11Y .4 5)S^31% m'T Qrut DDv X
,I ,ybY'on K MD Q 1Is1 nvWD D T TWR
.011 PTR D"D 71SH .A013 2 tWPM y37 ?7"l
.'l8 3 to TWS "TM

y172s tisYP8?5 TIT .3 UD1STi ) oll 1lyll
.ynP nymn tiypg$D 'T .7ny11131t nx 'R 1"i
.=373 ypITIyMT o'nx uypf8t '*T
WRO l1tOS 1ny,3 n1y T11 ,7t1H u '*xO nTr
x PS D-T .ryi3Y7 rya t'1 s tW On .p'gr12
8 1M1 ,VT T11bED g ."T IKO ton .mym33yB
.x,1T iumtD
.1?t 1is "T lXt ITn 0-1 11 to3S
.1""ig Xy'n Iv ,'p nyn'yp prs y 1s-r lyn
.S71 1"-t3 I S- ,71 l yaP Y 1 P s i113 y tY1 "w
lID 'p 'I"ll osn .71-rip ItoI T In a toaya
? I'l IIX ,132.yP? I1I ,137



372DT lyT i y12
.Bto'?i nTS 7.t Ul 1*-T lyp

.^.. / .

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P r e '7t3 y 1i7r I7 ,',nI to'ft 5Dy iyr
?boy 1i .s9yp g Dy S iy tity .pyto
..y t, ~ Ymay? 8 .1tH
'53 -myt3rx n ytn yItK to'n
: pya T pmYa .'p ,1I2' iY yp ."t tYpya
tr .pyn-l >y TW 71 ,'t11 D131X is 1ylly
"yty'tv I .owap to 3 y ~ySy x .XKaY. ly
pya TW ,pya y
'1Y TWS .719DYI Iy t? ,sy lu'a ,7t'ltt
TlRt .r32 .7lmyl tony1w .pyll m3797 .pon
."13 TPW MW IRS .P71 W }3 "T 71'7l
11 Stl 1'M .t13n3 T 4 t 71VW tS W tSl
Mi3 ,110Do -1Yy' .w mo f7tv .ao3n 011 sn v
"T tYVT yOR .1S IYaVYp ,'P :Yl4? Y317'
.p2 711V
ST 17Y 1T "T 7M rYYI-y 17tI Y3)"?T Y3I
:") ftV9 "T TIS USSI tS .P"S ryI'I
.TsXbyx Dy 7s TPS =37y

- -~-
= =-

~------ _

---~ -


1B ,i~'?ys ,iyat IT yrr? nIrT
.*.pix vi rBI ypa IYa:* yatiT

.ayp nf ypy ttyn ,pprbai?'w wsy: 'ysIt



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x.n' "T lpip 'nSK "T .7pt "T tyl7p n'nIx
in' ;1IY2p "'T 9IR ,7p's 'T I'W gi xIt1in
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: 13Y? t3U .ti-X "'T 7"myW .7XS 1T 110 ,1' 1t
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? 71s yl'? lyl"IT
O'r m .'tW Nt m3m3 .:1?p TI 13383
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.n9o IT ,U37m 711W .IsT g J$t I t9n '

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.12 JIT 'T Iyn
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,7r1 yOR- pYI 1E X91 "T 'VI' t'f tS
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It D3R y3yM"'I .Mn337 "r n-im toalp
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.D7y Jp'lt 8 t11 ,U"pI
!'T D3'S !' D'S
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-07ysy 183 mm 11D 1Ji8 ,DsYp p1 ,D7ys 71D ,Dy
,ypU iV tyT .7x1li 'TIIns 11 }1W -1y 3D
18SD 1tv 1p83 IDR 8 8n T RI ut 'n 11T' y78
.A0 'T UTS1 11S 18 1 1"113
.y0ysy Ima 8T8 .)Doy 9pltW x 182 -
7toyuyX 'T ,yoyyS 1 vin n IT m 8 ul8T
.Y8g 11D
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,p31 l'sa 1p3 t 11 yrn ,'I1n yo'n11 ,11 Tig
;7 ] rn ,yO'T "'n to r' 11 i
pyyn ya -
- .1'S IT ,iyn72yp "T ,p 'T 11W typyn
I"'ll 7W yp ya
.Y .l' ty p 5Y3? 'S'T .r1,1 I2Y yn
!, 9 'T D'S

.p-411 S-n tW lm Itf ,242 41 Jw
.7tt ms? pill 4iT ,mp S-1 N
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.r1 trB TK bJ pgft D tW lv4n4 tv

ry nyn Ilyn y7S .0sng pyll
yl tynl yltn t'r 'BoyITs '1i
-,) -3 P 0911 ,T'n 11 ts 11
!"ft x I yltYX TIR

Inlw 1Y3280

,piy 1ID auyn
:7911V 731xt

,75E7 aT toIT
,isy nylr uaiT

pOJi'Txyp | )ji3 ib w'bYDo T v'JjYL

pX'9nYrlTPY 2000 1'X i)1pnTyx
I3'7YnlJ lYJ"T 200 YY YI \\
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