Title: Abeng
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Title: Abeng
Physical Description: 1 v. : illus. ; 46 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Abeng Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Kingston Jamaica
Publication Date: August 9, 1969
Copyright Date: 1969
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Social conditions -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Race question -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Jamaica
Abstract: The weekly Abeng newspaper (February 1 - September 27, 1969) was published in response to the Black Power and protest movement that emerged after the ban on Dr. Walter Rodney, the Guyanese and University of the West Indies historian, who was prohibited from landing in Kingston on October 15th, 1968 after attending a Black Writers conference in Montreal, Canada. Rodney was known in Jamaica for his lectures and talks on African history and the liberation movements in Africa. These talks were given not only on the campus but in communities of the urban and rural poor. The ban triggered protests by UWI students and the urban poor in Kingston and led to public debate about the state of Jamaican social, economic and political life. The Abeng newspaper‘s Managing Editor was Robert Hill (UWI graduate student) and other editors included George Beckford (UWI lecturer), Rupert Lewis (UWI graduate student) and Trevor Munroe (Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University). The Abeng group was a political centre for the Black Power movement, socialists, the independent trade union movement, Rastafarians, supporters of the opposition People’s National Party and people disaffected with the two main political parties. Abeng therefore became a focal point of critique and activism against the ruling Jamaica Labour Party and a harbinger of the radicalism in Jamaica in the 1970s.
Dates or Sequential Designation: v. 1- (no. 1- ); Feb. 1, 1969-v. 1, no. 35 (Oct. 3, 1969).
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ivates in the J.D.F. are paid
week starting salary. After
rs of service to their Queen
untry they receive 7. 5. 0
.A recently promised pay-
to be non-retroactive.
it is reported that four pri-
in the Jamaica Defence Force
Present in custody at Up
Camp having been arrested
charged with stealing an un-
o quantity of the New Deci-
urrency. Abeng understands
lover 500 ($1, 000) of the
Money has been recovered
tone of the arrested men but
we knows just how much was
ily taken.
The greatest puzzle of the

whole affair, however, is how the
soldiers managed to extract the
'loot' from the heavily sealed and
guarded cells at our local "Fort
Knox" in Up Park Camp. There
are no signs that the doors and
locks have been broken or other-
wise tampered with.
Although the C.I.D. have been
called in to conduct investigations
the matter is being treated as very
'hush-hush'. The heavyfooted agent-
s of the law have, however, raided
the home of a girl friend of one of
the arrested men in quest of other
portions of the loot. After conduct-
ing an exhaustive search they left
with empty hands.


"We Want Our People to Think for Thcmselves."


Chicago I

For the second time, the
white fascist pig police of Chicago.
USA launched an unprovoked at-
tack on the office of the Black
Panther Party on the city's West
Side. Only 3 brothers were in the
building at the time of the attack.
They fought bravely until over-
come by the pigs from over 30 po-
lice car Five policemen were wou-
This is the latest in the series
of hopeless attempts by the white
racist imperialist government of A-
merica to constantly crush and har-
ass the great struggle of all black
people around the world. One ve-
teran white policeman in Chicago
said that never in all his life in the
police force, had he seen so much
ieat' put on an organization as has
been put on the Black Panther
Party by the police. "Not even Al
Capone", he said, "received this
treatment "
Such are the lengths to which


the Nixon imperialist government
has been driven in their efforts to
crush all progressive black forces at
home and abroad, in the Caribbean.
Asia and Latin America.



Abeng is informed that Ro-
bert Taylor who has been in cus
tody at the Sutton Street lock-up
for one year and three months, has
now been released. Taylor was held
on the 22nd of May 1967 on sus-
picion that he was an alien and had
illegally entered the island. Taylor
who is without any passport or oth-
er means of identification, has con-
sistently maintained that he was
born in Jamaica. Police checks with
all countries where they believe
Taylor might have come from have
been unable to confirm their ws-
This scandal was first brought
to light in Abeng roughly one
month ago and since then it has
been picked up by the Gleaner and
the Star as well as by the Jamaica
Council for Human Rights and Jus-
tice, Jamaica. In fact. Abeng is in-
formed that the JCHR was in pro-
cess of filing a writ of Habeas Corp-
us for Taylor's release when Abeng
heard the news of his release.
It is a condition of his release
that Taylor report to the police at
regular intervals.
Abeng understands that there
is another man. Ernest Grant, who
has also been in custody at Sutton
Street for over 6 months. Unlike
Taylor it is known that Grant is
from Guyana but up to now no
steps hav been taken to either
bring Grant before a court or to de-
port him.

New Currency

missing at Camp

Our Present

The financial situation of ABENG
remains very grave. Our appeal last week
has brought some response but not near-
ly enough to stabilise our position.
We are appearing this week only
through the greatest effort and sacrifice
of a few friends and supporters.
We therefore repeat our urgent ap-
peal for support from our readers.
Our present position is that all our
reserves have been exhausted. We need
therefore at least 500 immediately to
tide us over until the end of August.
in which time drastic steps will be taken
to make more efficient our distribution
and production. If this money is found,
we intend to move to eight pages of ad-
vertising in order to lessen our dependen-
ce upon the revenue from sales.

lan Ramsay's letter to Governor General




In a dramatic and unprecedented Mr, Ramsay's repudiation came Administration of Justice The r
act, Mr lan Ramsa, one of Jam- within 24 hours of the dismissal by ort which is to be circulated to
aica's leading barristers, last week the Court of Appeal of the appeal members of the Association, is
repudiated his position as Queen's of Raffic Vraara against his convic yet complete, but Abeng und
ue i protestagainst the state ion for murder The Court did nut stands that it is nearing completi
unl protest against the A state give its reasons for its dismissal of and is expected to make some v
of Justice and the Administration the appeal but Mr. Justice Wadding- critical comments about the state
of Justice"in the iland. The follow ton in delivering the decision of the the Administration of Justice.
ing is the complete letter by Mr Court stated that these will later be In addition to all this it has co
Ramsay to the Governor General: given. The condemned man is exp- to Abeng's attention that there
His lxcellenc theGoventr- exted to appeal to the Judicial some disquiet among members
Generaloflamaica. Committee of the Privy Council. the private Bar at a rumor t
Sir Chlifrd Cnpbheli (' CM .G Mr Ramsay had been one of the moves are being made behind
Ai,'/ Houtw, leading Counsel for Mr. War War political scene to put forward
S .I Anrew. in his trial for the murder of Det. certain High Court Judge for
er Sir. Sgt. John Graham. After three trials position of Chief Justice over
had failed to arrive at a conclusion head of his senior and, it is though
I h'erebvreturn to you the F rrm- the case was finally fixed for trial more competent colleagues. Sir H
al lInsrtimne by ithith in i rtuo in o in Kgston and tMr Justice Parnell bert Duffus, the rumor has it
loir office, You appo inted mre oai ias brought in from the St. Mary slated to be the next Govern
of Her Maesty s' Counsel or as i Circuit to preside. Mr. Ramsay then General.
is popularly known, as Queen't withdrew from the case "having Abeng cannot confirm or di
Counsel regard to his dissatisfaction with the truth of this rumor, but fi
Sdo this in protest aainsit th e the manner and circumstances in graely disturbing even the
tate ofJustice and the Agamisrntta which the matter has come to be that the Judiciary can be trea
ston of Justice d Jamaica, and I setdown for trial" (Gleaner. 143/691 as a political football in the sa
request tha uti in form all nnet- iMr. Frank Phipps. Q.C. and Mr mannerascertain other Governm
ed aencies of t his repujati n. Howard Hamilton then appeared for departments. The very existence
f t r ar War. such rumors indicates a disti
It is nm opinion rhat the honour Although the most dramatic. Mr lack of confidence by the practi
of Qumerit at Counsel, once the be Ramsay's act is ot the first com- ing Bar in the Administration
ofne ead ourgles. and ihi stte tf plaint against the Administration of Justice.
the Administratiie on cif ltic6'prr- ~ Justice to come from the legal The action of the Bar As o
icularslv of the Judges, with certain profession. In February last the tion and. lately, Mr. Ramsay. ref
otabe eprios, is deprable entire Bar Association of Jamaica. what the man on the street
notable ecptos, is diptoale,. at its Annual General Meeting. pass- known for a long time, that "just
I feel it my duty to start again ed a resolution expressing concern is rarely administered in our cou
as fm the beginning. where about "the state of the Administr- Although late Mr. Ramsay mus
started nearly som te 5 Years ago as tion of Justice in Jamaica". This commended for his courageous
a plain Barrister. and to fight for was a modification of a resolution in focussing public attention o
and re-create justice all over against moved by Mr. Hugh Small which crucial area of our public life wh
In this self:imposed dun' I must asked the Association to express its like so many other areas, is s
not be shackled with honours which lack of confidence in the present neglected The Bar Association
hmae now become the rewards of state of the Administration of Jus been provided with an opportua
servitude tice. to make its criticisms and proper
Yours trtv'. At this meeting a committee was at a time when they will have
Ian Ramsay. established to report on and make most effect. It would be regrett;
recommendations for improving the if they failed to seize it.


for who?

McNeikA e t1lnsT0 on I. 4 -
(SeemstoryonP 4 1

t he
s act
In a




The Poet Ras Diz

*f < I am te *nnmeiting von a tpritidttl latbhttf wh/h bruehtc great q
pr:se with ftle African de wtFedantr heri f 0iatdffatiain celebrating ,
Prospect Penn now Vale Royal here Lady Nugent was entertained. Here r'ie' at the universityt Slidteiin tiitn eFls: huendrds, ol RaXoi
the Add-Minister of Finances now lives. Here the system is sustained. ftrerlhn ait e thr a B i h tack- o-Af ti Sptel 'e. inl mit rIel brat
77h Kirthiay of His Impertoil' Ma/j fiti H faell t f l c h. V pia.I .

IL m y f B ^ w ^ yand cdchancgi'e, otei r 'so Poiiera'ndhAnitienif Tailki h)t the earlyO
ing a Welomen speech war erode by' Brho ier Honfer d~eiratir, the
it is now One hundred and Thirty-one years since the so-called abo- of the celebhatons anmd the need fur re i ly' and UnderstandJng
lition of Slavenr. Slavery had to go because it set back the gowth ofword Black people ,oe to another
capitalism that was then making its appearance in the world. One would BWhat I partiearliH liked about the celebrations i the iar
onli be playing a fool to say that progress has not been made since slavery. y of the fiddldss black pope hae begun parin mind to l
Bul let us ask ourseles the question, "Who have been benefited mostly" e W o.ta' rian slr. rilture antd turu as 'v ll, o i the Raslefiram" ipt
The people that bear the burden of slavery's lot has remained the same e.g. am malties Most if the iipm ndate bl'a4`epof, i? Sao ien' came.
Cane-cutters, who have been subjugated deeper and deeper in poverty. night wear nig some ,rt of apparel fer Affrie aid is Tribes. atl
It is true that more schools, roads, and houses have been built and | e itl in atnd rcgilotm fe AJrea and fhe ioeag eftlIopia mn GoA
established but what is the use of a school that teaches a child to be the el U U t l ; reart get to ,heplatfrm beDnn c elwa he, talligeln hc ricA
the slave of another society, e.g America, England? What is the sense of there
building houses that only help the people who already have houses? V ic io u s
It ie also tue that we now late leaders whose roots are to be found VSipic i ,d "'' he / ', the l iRd elfeg a" eere ld a d reat h re
among the formnner slates, but they have collaborated in maintaining impe- mde tIvI Hee Marus leane, bet e eeced m'et ,.1 te teere
nalist plunder of the country's wealth and the enslavement of the masses. eo c '. a detnte l dn i...a.ed... to iti ,,, L f Jee
e can therefore see that there is need for urgent unit) around a common P o lic e t ""' ""I K of "ings. HAILL SE'LA.S4i I.' L/ t ie trooth oae that qI
Program for hnmediate action against Imperialism and the reactionary '/tritr t -4ita. attd Cilt, eigttlt (AJeoeat God pi erteln recachig the h
J LP'P.NP. clique. ,I ,,t,, peopet ,tw. AyWha, see s to ,fisarfil i, fr a spitituadamini t
Third unity must first be realised among the oppressed peoples be- t~atiaal t impact was the answer t the Rmasoed Ethiopli ard the Rigi
cause it is an Imperialist trick which divided people so as to rule them. aus k rtom vt c tt, every nation be auser tle wehitef dlik lo, came im qu
Ihe most outstanding evidence of this fact can be drawl from our history. o n urrised anld listed. attenieely to what was being said and all of weo
eg in Slavery se had the House Negro and the Field Negro. ro alls wa taking place Mlitor ars made capture in a ihalfitoon shape e
How do we go about building such unity? History teaches us that it Bhe Nort h ast ectaie of the ampust ground as the now.t.s' parked tit
is the socialists who have the task of uniting the people around a common by inch behind sand beside one antor. le
Program because it is impossible to use the system that brought the black BThree n is one thing I should like ti thank (t;d fur again, that is t
man here in chains to free him. b Rasltari movements and itr doctrine caiono and have Wnt clanged. The
Our leaders point us to America for everything, but these treache- Great God I see it bur it's Queens crept up slowhv but surely- in large enibeers and dressed in soTe
ros leaders should ask themselves a few questions. "Is it not people who hard to believe. First. I am a Black- tnmbolwln crer slider to the rai hibow ad triirmisnett I the midstre
look like us that are struggling in the United States against white supro- man from the country and if what tt crowd / t would hea Khig Algphea si "Let integrity be your steps and
mism and Jim Crowism ?" It only means then that the United States will I see in the City is something of ;leae hi the pola anumtg the proper anm brethren tl gather the sheep
never lift a finger to help Black People anywhere in the world. It is the City life. oern tI ,ald rather hide Ruestjarian hrae e ot ar thip at present bat ifRr las get a ship et borrow
guns of the white supremists that is killing our black brothers and sisters myself in a stone hole. rhen e r st ceriainlv takA sai' and bhest are of it: Coec graetlations 1o
all over the globe It can only mean one thing brothers- that our leaders t was Sunday last, while all thoCe wrvi weeot anid had dedicated themselves to the relebrationof thi
in calling upon the United States want to see our blood spilled too, be- walking along Tower Street, watch- ,Kinfg Hirthda
cause that's the only use uncle Sam have for black people. i.gto m) disgust. a lot of white
The whites continue to lynch and murder our brothers in cold blood sailors walking to and fro as if it a ti ,e g,,fi half e le a,,, e r th e cace lth s star te i nost etas stheol
In the midst of all this. Pro-impeialis Shearer is furthering alliance with was the 4th of July they were aend is let io arelead acd it unrest. .4 this stage ihe Rastas and the
pUniversal Black Afro desc pendants fit Jamaica who warns.repatriat ion lt
imperialist US subjugating Jamaica's Territorial integrity to U.S. mill- celebrating Anyway, I was soon tiea Ofl lau ..r... ttdar ge teing flom the G."verneme some Securitie'
tare miglt. shocked out of that direction of re el nmr' s are e een ft cited l remdet
1 believe that from Slavery until now. we the oppressed peoples thought. On reaching the corner of the mneersnte the on ie solved already.
hate always made the mistake of confusing the methods with the objec- Steven Lane and Tower Street I Thint on these things,
ties. A.s long as se agree on objectives we should never fall out with each saw a Mobile Police jeep with hel- RAS DIZZY l
other just because we believe in different methods, or tactics, to reach our ameedpolicemen in it. EDITOR'S NOTE: Ras Dizzy's ome was broken into some time ago
common goal. Ths is what I saw: three Ra and all his clothes and oils were stolen. We are appealing to our readers

ta retserens selling rooms. ney to show support to Rae Dizzny's imborant w rk ; a painter by hlpae
aml goat nre sse in and all hlin
all were dresed in robes and tu him obtain the necessary oil paints All support an be delied to t
bens On reaching up to here the ABENG office 4 Collins Green Ave. With thanks.)
Jeep van parked out jumped all the
policemen anld for no reason they
began teo hit the Bretherens with
their batons.
One burly member of the
pack began tearing the Brethereans
hair from thtir faces and head while
his cronies.all with guardstaiks a
ter keep on to batter the Brethe-
It was at this stage of the
mauling that a woman, a brave
woman, stand up at her window
and began to denounce them as
,enselcss hogs and unfit to uphold
the Justice which goes with their
jobs, That was what made them
stop : the voicee of a brace woman.
ABENG. you must keep up
the horn of Truth You can't fail
u' at this hour You are our Ark at
this time of floid. Black people
buy ABENG It is our guiding etar. o e
Please gife what you have in the t
arte of Jah ialsfari Please do-"
aote to ihem. Your children will a a
surneday lose that Joyful sund.
ABEG, AhENG. ABENG. t's Festival '69-Jump- Up- LeOO


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Happy or Else!"


All men are created equal arre1;ctwe
of colour, religion, erronomic or intellectual
status, or race Any society or individual who
thinks thai lie is 1's ary Imeans superior to his
felloviman, ignoring his bIecaussr ol his tuation
in life, that is, his colour, religion. economic
or intellectual status, or race, is technically
mentally deranged
I do not envisage one whose statr is
such that e finds himself in a correttire in
rtiltlion, n bu t there are tliousandI, yea illiins
of prtple af nlrge whose minds are unlal-anced
and result in great suffering ol I tire itnaises
These are not isolated and heace, poe g, retii-
er tinhcat tl thie world and i nation. lo lihet
I dare'sa% piscchiatry has no effect b-taute
the inlirnities are lhereditary and 'or developed
mainul because of the cmlironmcent
In Jamaliaa. there are three pilincipal
classes ll ui ih alsi. a handed dcil it-, n
iCoiaalinsm. o is
(a) iTe rich
(b) he poor
() The middle-class
a iatf do. I inean bh mental deratlgee
in1" Ilist is a condition tha lat afect a pernoo',
bealaiour and adver-el' dominine Ie ciharac
tei into extremes of greed. seltlillness Iru:dil\
itollCice, coIeltollet' luIst for Ipo er and pip-
ularitl\, dishoiicssI nonhtainie or, frustratioU
(dire ito pruloiged suppresion) or an\ such
disordered satIe
I'lc ich haunt the den' vi tihe Iltforlu
nit: and biacksard pool pie\ lponi the unde-
eslopc]d nmind, in th. c.tegatrlr a, cdiong lto
po\e iirwih their blood. si at tcrar aind o1re-,.

and then forget them while they are privileged
to carry on their lucrative ramifications. The
poor' No. Wedo not know them, neither are
we sympathetic towards them. You could die
at the rich iien's doorsteps, for the want of
bread,they shutirt their 'bowels of compassion',
while they mockingly exploit the already explo-
ited. They aim to squeeze the very lifeblood
out of the poor, so that they can be rich under
any circumstance. "How scarce shall a rich man
enter into the kingdom of heaven". Ah, a bitter
and outright pronouncement. Wicked, decep-
tive, depraved- they think only of self and selr
dom friends but the poor not at all.
The poor are usually born poor and the
majority cherish the thought, "Things can't
better 'cause we born come see it so". truly
indisputable, but has not man changed the very
face of the earth? Why has he elected to keep
the poor forever poor7 The reasoning is simple,
"They are our ladders to success", the rich man
is heard to sy 'The poor are always illiterate
(not always their negligence) hence there is no
further argumen t f i being mentally deromsued.
Theirs is the most pronounced condition. aird
because their minds cannot allow more than i
limiltd scope of thought tlihe are bitterly and
outrageinu.ly transgressed. lheir mental stale
maker Ihem cowards depressed, resentful. urn-
certai iand brutal, presunmabl satisfied with
Uteir lot and if nol they hear their sutlfering
contentedly until inward pressure creates anl
outward explosion in tile form amostrations They lihe and work fora lifetime
and die in pauperism without a foundation
musc less pillars on wuhih to build And so it
goes on frinm generation t generation for over
iOO years
It, wtreltched i be por, especially when
one is endowed with amhitiont to iLrn ld pro
inde for the things he needs Bitter frustrations
mental block econlrnic retardation, reclining
id hit s iriginial suite, sellpitY no wasy out
lhit cindirtsn war created by (CItegoiri I, "n
purpose aind not bI chrince economic detaniec


Thle imiddle-hitlS re Ir Icirfh rich nor are
thcs pour, but are rilicd hb t\io categories
Thic rich w-sw hit" kept dcsa it o Ie claims to
rivalry and the poor 'n:il him back in hi- sr-
cilety He Inmust lhae nt, i-cndcan-itC Hence a
perpemtil psychological uroult eliinu. and
since it i r t rich who tio the order'. the irid
dlecIlas are iercileis l penalized tii supp.i rt
their fellow poor The rich are sill unto uched
in their Ilutur, In this plocess- there .can he nio
material actcuimulaio, l ito he of any rival it his
financialih empowered lords in the rich class.
Here the reaction in Ite middle-class is a haired


Come Home

To nm Black & Brown Brc-
isaid Sisters of the Third World
yar 1961i will be remembered
the year of decision. 5Why' Be-
sethe Donkey and his Niggers
e lclare War O1 us tie Wretch-
Df the Earth.
We the Black and Beautiful.
Pit of Asia. Africa, Latin Ame-
S& the Afro-Asian Caribbean
e hen kidnapped from tire Third
'ldto Slave for White Imperil
sa that they can enjoy a lun
Isway of life.
For four hundred years our
thhad lost their Culture and
t d the Culture and Low Me-
Sour Slave Master ;who had
toim us into Black lPTropeaIns
TUis dream of the Donkey
Ileltered during the early six-
6.he Black Apostle. Bro. Mal
Si. Who is a living inspiration
ie lack Revolution which had
il home the message to the
Slower Structure all over.


0 J t is Black Power? Black
ply reflects a new stage
evolutionary Consciousness
l lackman. Black Power is

a degree ot Anger which the opp-
re.sed fil-cn:iii feetl in hiir oGuts
Black Power hegan l meann tior
many liacl chis tiew Generation cani
no i a. will Pride our Inosi is
broad our lipp thick our hair heady.
and we are beautiful The maina
Policy of Black is the Freedom of
all Black i Brown People chrough-
lut the I hird World
Black Economic C operation,
Black Military Power. Black C culture.
Black History
Re-education of the Blackman
and complete control of our affairs
Both Social. Political and our Eco-
nomic Polic,
To the sufferers, beware of
the Hlitremaa and lis House Niggers
bearing gifts in the name of inte-
gration Is it tlit llh, really love
us i iit that the) are sincerely sorry
for their sins? The blunt fact is our
oppressors see th Hanldwriling on
the Wall and lkniowv hal it means.
To the Wreclled of the Earth
better days lie ahead If you are
Black you better Come Home.
I am a regular reader to your
paper and I find it a great help to
rte. Caught my heart and il s al.
I have now seen the injustice that
have done to my brothers all over

the world b, the white and the mid- are all i
dle-la ss I can now etsires m Ltlr beec
Ieeliags to Imy brotheIr, over the
world because I khno, nu fear tWe
late been treated in a manner of
Siacer) that we canll'l e\ci speak ,w
cal iiit int any groups of an) kind
to iese praise to our God Sci
Then I am cri illi oUt to e\er
ntle lo lhkl where they stand hbI
fore ithe ioe As Marcus Garvey
said I know ni national boundary Th
where the negro is concerned. the was bro
hliole world is myI Prorince until what we
Africa is free. So now that I seeth it This
the light shineth before me I and la"
shall each the earth until my nmi- work p
eter sire
therland.Africa. is before my eyes tle inrsi
But my faithful ABENCite, my nct cN
problem is this. swh don t the mid-
die class looh into themrelf and see
that the while take them for 'worst
thIan a lave but a murderer and a
oppressor. Cant Ithey see for them
sehes that it is them vho get he Please
orders from the white head and it ee e
i them who do the killing and the eginnint
brutalization. and don' them knows
that it is them whomn we will ha\e
to attack first in our fight for \ic-
toriI Name..
As our founder and leader
for our UN.I.A., Marcus Gariey Street.
said. A race wilihout auilhorit aid
Power is a Race without Respeclt City ..
If it is tile footsteps of that man we

n we are on our ayi luo ic-
aaus Ire ie is n before
Sanla (ruZ P.O
St Elizabclh.
Sti 69

tgar Workers

l,,,,., t "" ke t ike

would be bealened by men. So
their feed them with bread and beef
and erased water. They gae the
small caneLfarmer t
cut and supplied cane so that those
'wh\ were inside were kept tork
ing all the time.
N\i hhen theta arc pa, ii'g
thois workers they subtriacl ou
the itlst of what they eat, so nou
is tile irinr that workcrtr mnost cc
for themnsel'es and decide what lt
do about it

ken by hunger The) used
* called contractor to broke I am,
contractor would get trucks our
d rlser to lake men to the ERM
ace in the lIactosry hen-
ec theei men were taken to Gr(angt Hill
Ie of the factory ithe could Grange Hill P O
be out hack because IheN 23. '7

s truly.

B4 Collies Green Avenue,
N Kingston 5, Jamaica, W Ii

nter me for a subscription to ABENG NATIONAL WEEKLi
With Vol. 1 No..... I wish to subscribe for i I one year (25 I
a years (45-) [ I Special student rate: (20/) for one yea.

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..... . . .. Country .

for his oppressors and in more cases than onw
he also tries to victimize or resent his pori
brother, blaming him for his fate between the
two masses. The poor brother is innocent.as.
similar to Category 2, this condition hasunt
been created by Category I on purpose econo
mic derangement.
Are we not our brothers' keeper and
more-cenclusive and eternally true, are we not
our brothers' brother. How can these warped
minds that think not of love but hate, selfih-
ness and greed he not deranged" Hlow can these
minds that treat not his fellow human beria
as brother and friend he not deranged' sre
any of these minds mentally balanced' I dare
say no, hence, are they not all mentally deraongt-
(a) The rich young ruler, buastfully an.
wered, 'All these commandments I kept lfrom
my youth, thinking he had entrapped the
Master, [he conditional and eleventh command
ment nmyvtified hint. "(,o and sell all thou harst
and give to the poor. '
Do not exploit the process. This chnlil
the scene Here, there were two clas s, tit,
rich and the poor kre you rich' fThin what
do you hope to do about the poor? \re sro
not unbalanced and insane ot mentally derang
(b) re you poor and illiterate' ihth
strive to learn, be wise, think for yourself. rt
move the mental blhck, Iand ou a ill at leat hb
getting rid of your derangerenet.
(I) \re you the middle-class' You .re
either against the rich, or iet against the potr
What was your state heretofore' Then re-l riits
yourself either as rich or as ponr, for wh.alt er
category you find yourself in, vousr decLre It
derangement is less.
I am not by any ineans trnin' to d emor
lize or incriminate one, but if more of pur po
liical, hbureaucratic and sucalled denmicratt i
deminogues iould practise more the eleventh
comilna illmen there would be less visletit
less batrted, Iess brutality :nd all told l vii rc,
The corrective measure is principally in th,
words of the Master. "Go and sell what thou
hast and give it the poor" Again do not -x
ploit. Int other wtort/i. create a sconditioi'n '
that the poor can be happy and ettijo the basic
anntnities of life like human beings Who ainmoi
our rich will be the pioneers?
Lintil you itn mreti this condition Ilhes
is little hope of unifying the mnasti T-h ech,i-
nmic siarus. the clais status, the rac-ial status, rth
intell ctual c'tarus etc ete all are io'idiucik'
to our derangement nationwide, and ulr noir-
dacious attitude man to man.

Soice in tlie \ ilderness,
Spring Hill P.O.,


One sure sign of the actual meaning-
lessnew of Independence to the mass of
onl people is the incredible efforts of
the house-slaves to give it significance.
Sel'aga tells ius "planning" starts several
months lIfore, Winslon Jones. M.P. told
theI donen people iwho turned out for
Mandeville's fornial celebration that "the
people musti I1 made to realize that Inde-
pendence had some significance" (Glean-
ei. Autimus 6. )169) As if people's failure
to realize this is due to their ignorance.
slupidilt and ingratitude'
But the people's failure to appreciate
I at Clitffod Camipbell in ostrich plulme
shows how fat they hase come nirans
lthl ee.ri e car molr energy has It go
into Festival nol to express p, ioular
fe'livil\ blut In coslt at popular dicronl
cii. Hence the greater the tinkling bass
and sounding mnlhbal ieliy AullAt! the'
nea'rr a;t land is lite onllest toi real
licedonm I-or days and week. I' stlial
it leanere, on radio and '\ in flags on
Issas and Maltsou 'i. to in molt cisl for
conipclilioln in ole poi a pas lor profession-
;it c:uInvalists--in la1 l: el nale c there
showl s lFesflial no here. Seaga's 'tictrs*'
at "slpging" 'Fetlial is in taol his fil1ule
to do the impossible make blackmanl
,eleblrlte hii owmn llfterationl
ltits lia nt I0I w-ll ilhat iindependtel-
ct ha,' eanet ito all Jaaicans of coiuris .
1o the Ibrown n nddl'-,ila-s who, could
iever lw imoi t111an .a ciilk i MoltOnial-
I'1 Il hiw ';inlce, (o0 t1llianne ll Secle-
laii is at colir a ,ii t, leap lolrai Id Bltu
%tn tltnhc'n people' anl ieaill ctelebirte
tiln\ feel lt is, n ci l aitnllag'td it suit tlie
I.inl tion of lii pil li tical lm nagiier ais ell
a? th11'.Ikn1 *d bl the damitiied bR ck pe.,-
pie Illo relluse 0o lie ti i antd dii biut
ll lth r tlt 'LiSS and liel But il FeZt ;ial

Ihs litne I li t arrtned ihcll the Gnoernt
i ntl l Jai lus a t( Ir) in( iiitc '. with other
SI GulTnunhets inu a collinect ir feeral csturi-
F'tln Iill, real nuti . ,c .1l |1 1 loekc
sh'rtl titti l.h eld t le[cii.cis hild i Port ofnt
Spamu and Gt(rgeto.1n brt1et1n1 ocurt- and
delcll ic nhtbilrtil u the T'tit It s alu i tihe
tiol nlli.icd itc ,t oc,! it, Shi-arcr cnd < tcit-
pa t ti r dtcticui ira hcIt l iullt qualified they
iart fh r ill cit lIt i d i:ii i tic t o) A S di'cti or.
(ti iil rM tciru imtn i tc t'torc iin oil
tI rccict hl td IInhlC rtt ii hI ll junglst of Gu\
iin tde sll e i Itcf tlt HIuile "Atlairs McNicd
dic'lird thai icintniitoin l 'tr xis ) fti d'atliig
4lti ltlli t aci l "i d e nti r fe oluItlionLrAl
till ihtcir f c nititinCl Iriflnu (hll e fr rcl l i ttrk-
id out
but ilh lrctgklc 6t tol n t nii ocscurit%
i t il s I 1 I \d not ict b t in 'rigutis ari d
titLtct' or blajk putwter advoc4 c sica undiit-
ricul, apologist.' I hut Ire vlicrin, used bi the
ptrparltdpi(s .it i 1l c luvqu'r ta ltiut oi their
pe-pk Tlhe r-l fundanintall stLtug is hteett c
itt1 SlLt- I'ils Who i -nitri te trails fit.
iiiWr Piiocer iacd all Ihcw i.cwo .itt i., the.
urgctl cvcd ftr iho 'tih e sticlk 1i iimote ft -
u-rd fi-' tt lii, aitngtc-lkiid 'At i ili. fcau'ti
i ct"foiip dftiii-iil. c i d t4 itra itcd political
irrpti pr ia.ittc I i SELF-ist St.t a teisted
it itr t is w i eth call t tt is 4 l i ithey ,
i.tvi i" d.if f. aicrd I- ( tir litt pd li) iitl t-
icitira tie p1tnt11 l itirhfuth il ttU ptulc itAlJ pi-
oli oltiiti "Ita.i f.
HctU ticw the tiaiui-qtut htittn cil lodl
,ti-ptiti,ervi Bitil Mtr-fate pole ouor

exists it is that of the middle-class like
politics since 1Q52 the law) er. teachers.


Vol. I No. 2 Aug 9. 1969

Festival & Independence











lion for keipitng the orking clda tribalised
and paicei On the ioher hand executive nimer
sure, ar'e orect(e for dealing l ith Irnieri't
leccurer antld itdearl. t inttlectuals geiera-
lly suc-h a the? proposed denial of teaching pa-
sititon bh ineans of careful "screening and the
denitit ti tree territorial movement
A' cpprisioon is challenged mofre and
amre, thie full reality of political adirin and
thi dicLttirhip mnetalit emlerge s. l tLruih
though the) might not know it, tht i6 what
is required if the iest Indian people are to be
kept in their protest oppressed tate. Daily the
talk about to-parto parliamentary democra-
cy becomes exposed as irrational ranting.
Put(ic.i 4' ;f p w r ?; rwai'tic2 '-ricP r
; ,'.ci nd Hit tcUt. f: / it*i f ci(ljjcij,
Ficlally there ight be the temptaltifo
for some to feel that security only applies to
troublesome Universly people. We must avoid
rlth trap The Univterit is just the iecreiitng
groinad whre the methods of the Jamaican
Gestapo pre beigi perfected Soon the entire
souains class and all other sectors of society
'iiU tt the hlows.
Thalt i what iM Shease would call
'pioffloa '

sta icd-lhi~atnd Ltt mber

R ,, !.i f*h # 7 t

c soC uNo w Mc man. e 1, r pp
separate identities especially in the .ct. since Oefqtbe o d wsel m
as the BENG hai devetoped- The paperV' gliwth i gn ~ tt n i cffitled
heightened black consiousne ass a well as eai6 oldel r lou
who expect "bright" youth to put their "btaln". Jla t, ers ice of creital
meaning thbow wbo t,5n Jamaica ao,.
Much of the present criticism of the BENG frrn fee two
are maoifestationi of the paper's failhue to eoitnt 'lsi etslve
contradiction between its people and its poltirs a latlerl 1er of nll
le then ufferers, particularly your, were urnellf pnhoun ofi SOe
identity. their collective ability and the hits q(f tlgry les "IIiI
it was possible psychologically ad polatiall o e a oirg in
lile and a "reolu.ilionary" ia plstii's Thate e tit a o, s
because of the BENG itself; BENG people int to oae fortar
higher stage from that aDhievement rat hathe b" cla vitfits of
eed calour-cls roeaciousttes One basis f nnido( utteisoavy and
troubls the paper I no' experlri eig Mn y w i boi2e | a at
die-hard bourgeois (who gave tsorme bp'port'figt hc, mley
another paper) and its failuie I'parlly beetnme rtoiS( wok i f I
the restl to fully bring in the suffersr to tate thi plae,,e




A%% Ker. Robert A. Hill, Secretary, residing at 11 Calcroft Ave., Knn. Primted by ltP. Ltd., 85 Industrial Terrace, l

time now..
To Work Out

The Politics of Movement

by Blackman

__ _~~_~__ ____~ __ I___ __

executives, merchants wno were main
audiences. sponsors. participants and ore- Blackman heat all kinds if things said about the BtG.O Most
amisers of their nation's celebration Fior in praise of the paper of black people bo t some ater ritlcal and we toi
r to analyse the fundamental basis of critkicim rather tilht dismiss il
Ihem Plharoah in Jamaica House and coming from the enemy This arialsiis part of the target llsk of ork
Clifford in ostrich plume has meant a out the politics of moment.
nove from fieldhand to houst-slave. to First tie sounds primarily from wtelloff people too boring a
overseer of white Aimerican power predictable; waste of talent of bright young men with lots Of prospee
'why don t they use their brains to help Jamaiea'" Imeaning to nit
What about those whto are still in oppression a little less esplosivel; too much against,. not enough for;
hle field of exploitation. hllo st but up hatred;what the people need is edurationi not AlBNGor black powr-
io not reap' For blackmann in Kingston and so on
tit opportunit Ino ntvu l Itree sounds or Oh the other hand from some radicals ABiNG-has no renotutio*
fle cays lff to drink :inl talk albolut a 'y political line, the vehicle of the new breed of oppostlirtils out to
blackman and capture leadership; not enough Africa; BIENCGmn ntl
iow to end sulffring. Apparent celelrai- come down and ground with the people, reason and move as one
ion may mean a break in the struggle. CONTRADICTIONS
'ven a prtepil:iralitn flr a higher utnge.
'ertainev n ti ar e hiher si a e T he substance of both the bourgeois and radical criticisms of
certain not an en i a an RBENG that it is not coitruclive and that it is suspect have
other hobuls-slaves nlighlt dto well to rein- allowed by two different contradictions in the paper which have
'mber that blackl an in Jamaici has ;a more obvious over the past six months. Firtly that between the
ristors ofjumpinl up il the sl;e-mrlaster- origins of the BENG 'work force"- bourgeoisand its main social
ircus before turning otn him. The 1 31 the conscious sufferer; econdly between "populism" and revoluaio
lave rclellioni came right after the Chr- black power
stlma fes' ivititri elncouuriged hy the plant- BOURGEOIS YOUTH & SUFFERER
rs tio kill dictcomnent In Jamaica the sons of bourgeois people-lawyers, high-up
servants, middle farmers, teachersn-ho left secondary school in
The ruth i, that lihei bilackiani mid50s. early 60't. had a particular role to defend and develop
akes charge of 1Jamaica. thi e culture of middle-clasi ociets Their fathers had "gotten aonmewtere"-bott by
ke arhmiion and h) sttugle but canotially within the teoms ft white e
lie peotplc. hiAstrical as ell as generated ialism The sones wre to get further within the slightly modifiedstrut
) re\olutrionlar struggle. wilt crime ti a clerks l ers teaer. t rs. univeraity-educated, and so on The p
Ihe loie N.,d Istv ill then Itave it order minded could promote radical reform if necessary. bt they wrte ar
icople io, celebrate' In i the ticantile te be illtoed Io overturn the society sich had allowed their fathers to
nem will inipos hi nii sItani-culture sonlN here, even though this might ore been at the lOst tfkeepfnid
fmeilt\ )i11 ie ponisne di1 s hi1-coftPop moio black people Both the seope and motivation for doing aythlli
tIp on ite 1mic Jai g erotic slgns ilar irt look at the Ireatrl ent of certain and lack of blacklnin identifying with them-the Young Socialist
Ie0111 cln.iitonds il ir tio a 3ter do>n 1963 65.
he ret Next year he will find it even By the late 19, i' however, the middle-class-poientially pIog
nore difticult to brite genuine creative in the 40's and early 50is. showed obvious reaction by doing the
tits i sell the kil f a e o main' job for him a the condition of his leaving t him Gvern
police, education, some management.and so on. This made bbcoknn m
orttage Despite Ihis the Festival ol the constciou of class exploitation in addition to colour as w-lfsaheighte
)pprtsetc will nro doubt grow higher in political and cultural struggle against exploitaton On ihe other
he preis hut sinaller in its actual support doing the white people work eqritrastd with linkigt 4up ii blatriMu
or tl n' retioie icf oppression, the choice o buourgeois >oohb. ostyouthnov diltat- gt bea-lthro
a job in the Civil Service but link up with blackmadt nrconsciorusness
after hours
SFor other "sons of gentry" like rhe ABENG wolikfolir the sl
Ssfo r wo more full-time But still the optition of thi.man-li*hheti ly btury
nor full) black-brings out tension from brown society and suspicion
t d i; Ih cr d b ictitttr. ttit blac khtt Thi wo tro ts have become tmne aware of


' 1 J ', Aben I'll, ( L.;id 4 .;1 Grc-

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