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Title: Abeng
Physical Description: 1 v. : illus. ; 46 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Abeng Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Kingston Jamaica
Publication Date: March 29, 1969
Copyright Date: 1969
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Social conditions -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Race question -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Jamaica
Subject: The weekly Abeng newspaper (February 1 - September 27, 1969) was published in response to the Black Power and protest movement that emerged after the ban on Dr. Walter Rodney, the Guyanese and University of the West Indies historian, who was prohibited from landing in Kingston on October 15th, 1968 after attending a Black Writers conference in Montreal, Canada. Rodney was known in Jamaica for his lectures and talks on African history and the liberation movements in Africa. These talks were given not only on the campus but in communities of the urban and rural poor. The ban triggered protests by UWI students and the urban poor in Kingston and led to public debate about the state of Jamaican social, economic and political life. The Abeng newspaper‘s Managing Editor was Robert Hill (UWI graduate student) and other editors included George Beckford (UWI lecturer), Rupert Lewis (UWI graduate student) and Trevor Munroe (Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University). The Abeng group was a political centre for the Black Power movement, socialists, the independent trade union movement, Rastafarians, supporters of the opposition People’s National Party and people disaffected with the two main political parties. Abeng therefore became a focal point of critique and activism against the ruling Jamaica Labour Party and a harbinger of the radicalism in Jamaica in the 1970s.
Dates or Sequential Designation: v. 1- (no. 1- ); Feb. 1, 1969-v. 1, no. 35 (Oct. 3, 1969).
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The invasion of Anguilla. the presence of white
Canadian mercenaries in Jamaica and the increased
activity at the American bases in Trinidad and Guyana
are causes for considerable alarm by all West Indian
sufferers. These actions demonstrate that a monstrous
conspiracy has been hatched against us. This conspiracy
involves the present discredited Caribbean regimes and
the white imperial powers-America, Britain and Canada.
The double-faced action of Pharoah's government during
theinvasionofAnguilla showsclearly that this conspiracy
cannot stane up to public scrutiny. The contradictory
statements made by Britain and the various Caribbean
regimes show how afraid they all are and how much they
have underestimated the opposition of West Indian
suffer to white imperialism.
The British Foreign Minister and the world press
have consistently reported the invasion as being under-
takenon behalf of the West Indian governments of
Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. Guyana and
Barbados virtually admit the truth of this. The Trinidad
Prime Minister denies the British government's claim in
London because of the hostile reactions of the oppressed
Third World. Pharoah released a statement in the Gleaner
attacking the British invasion. At the same time the
Gleanercarried a report from the world press stating that
the four West Indian governments were finding it very
difficult as they tried to support British action against
the opposition of black Africa and the United Nations'
The governments of Guyana and Barbados try to bluff
it out by saying they supported the British action but
hoped they would do the same in Rhodesia! Now the
British Foreign Minister says he cannot understand the
betrayal of the West Indian governments!

There has of course been a betrayal. However it is
not Britin who has been betrayed but the black suffer-


The duty of the good party
member is "to see that PNP people
at work. .. .of every ten make it
six PNP and four JLP....PNP hard-
core workers must be provided for."
eoples National Party Group
Leader' Train~ Couse
1959 pp 10- ll
"The PNP could bawl about
victimization until them dead JLP
christen them pickney first "
Penel Chales, Assistant Iand
Supervir, BITU
Gleane, March 17. 1969
The party leader aid that victim-
ization in jobs was rampant and
declared that he was going to "mash
up that racket."
Michael Manley, PNP President
Gleaner, March 17,1969

ers of the West indies, The resolution passed at the last
Heads of Government Conference, which is being referred
to as justification for the invasion, is the first product of
a conspiracy hatched under the cover of security during
the Conference on February 5-6 ibis year. The fact that
they chose the American-controlled Trinidad Hilton to
conduct their security discussions shows that they were
not anxious to secure our resources, our land and our
peoples against white imperialisLm but to prop up their
regimes in the face of widespread discontent among the
sufferers. The security conspiracy involves at least three
areas of agreement As the conspirators see it, threats
to their regimes are likely to come from one of three
major soures.
The first source is the fracturing of their shaky
states through disaffected regions declaring independence
and demanding self-determination.
The second is the steady criticism of the conscious
brothers and sisters at the University
The third is open revolution when the sufferers
have had enough.
It was intended to stop the first threat by a deter-
mined show of force against Anguilla. This would serve
asa warning to other areas such as the Grenadines, Nevis,
Tobago and Rupunummn It would also serve as a precedent
for inviting the white imperialists in under the guise of
preserving the tesTitorial integrity of the state.
The University is to be controlled through its staff
selection procedures at the Inter-University Council in
London and here in the West Indies. In case anyone slips
through the net, and to deal with critics already at the
University, the Security Code of Ethics is to be passed.
The University Administration has agreed to handle this
for the governments. If they fail to meet the demands of
the governments, the usual procedures-banninglecturers,

Any ugly rumour that I am behind the Black Power Movement is totally false.
It is pure coincidence that the "ABENG" began to low soon after Mr. Shearer
took away the J.I.S. from me.

seizing passports and direct intervention in the University
will be resorted to.
The greatest threat, however, is the last one-that is
when the sufferers have had enough and demand bread,
work and dignity Here the agreement is for Canada to
intervene in the case of Jamaica and Barbados. America
will reactivate its base agreements in the case of Guyana
and Trinidad. As regards the Leewards and Windwards,
Bahamas and Bermuda. Britain will intervene as they will
either still be colonies or will he forced to sign defense
agreements before constitutional independence is granted.
Because of this we can understand why white Canadian
mercenaries are in Jamaica. We can understand the refus-
al of the Americans to give up their illegal bases in the
region We can understand thefrequent visits of America
warships. We can also understand Burnham's open supp-
ort for Britain, as e probably expects he will need the
white mercenaries next in the RupununL

In exchange for selling out our freedom and allow-
ing the imperialist forces free access to our country, the
region is to get more 'aid'. Jamaica is to join the Develop-
ment Bank The Leewards and Windwards are to remain
members of CARIFTA and Grenada is to get its
constitutional independence soon and the Bahamas
almost full self-government
In the name of the West Indian peoples, ABENG
condemns and repudiates these agreements. We will blow
until the last foreign base, plane, warship, soldier and
capitalist leaves our shores. Imperialist agreements aimed
at the people and designed to prop up discredited
regimes cannot frighten the people or stop them in their
legitimate demands for bread, work and dignity.

Aheng with
the Maroons
When we go* into Buff Bay to
sell ABENG last Friday, wemet a
number ofbrothers who are Maroons
"The Abeng," tney said,
"isacoming together thing. Not too
long ago there was a Maroon who
needed assistance to bury a dead
member of s household. By blow
ing on the Abeng he passed on the
name of the deceased, when this
person had died, how many people
were needed and the urgency of the
call The same day all the people he
needed had come."
One of the men, whose father
had been a Maroon Colonel, was
from a Maroon village a few miles
The sight of the ABENG
newspaper electrified the people of
the village. They all gathered around,
and the man who brought us there
bought ten to give away. "Ang"
said one lady, pulled, "but Abeng
crash" N said m ne else,
thiss In threscaraatton of Ablenal"

- I I I I I, LI

Vol. I No. 9 March 28, 1969

Price 6d.

Vol. N. Mar2999
Vol, 1 No. 9 March 29, 1969

Reports hare reached us this past week
which confirm our forecast that the early stage
of nonsensical gossip against the views expressed
in till paper would soon pass to greater oppose
From widely separated points we have receiv-
ed the information that some of our vendors
are beri intimidated bh Policemen, They have
been told that the newspaper is illegal and there-
fon to p selling it. Other depraved agents
of (the Government have also been active in this
campaign of deliberate falsehood. One or two of
our sellers have expressed concern to us about
this matter, but it has inspired greater confiden-
ce in ua to see how the majority treated these
underlying with deserving contempt.
ABENGI is a full, legal newspaper It is a
ICensed publication and the Abeng Publishing
Co Ltd, is registered as a limited liability
company under the (ompames Act So in terms
of legallty e ae infinitely more legal than
some of thr mnan phantom organizations of
merdeas financial buccaneers who daily plunder
thi. land and this people with the knowledge
and to the advantage of many of our highest
ofiie holders
But quite apart from being entire legal.
g.BENG relief oi the increasing support of the
people. That and that alone has raised the paper
t( the level of circulation it has achieved to
date 14.000 copies in the ninth week of public-
ation The men and women, boys and girls who
distribute the paper are all understood to be
members of our circle of friends and supporters.

Warp hbtkfad
ore clfolrd
tobert hill
trAner mwIIt
rupert leris

In addition they play a profoundly important
part in helping to edit the paper. Many of them
are in fact writing for the paper.
Why are we explaining all this? The reason
is that people enjoying such a rapid pace of
development cannot be intimidated by such
crude methods. For each personthat may drop
out four new ones will come forward to take
their place. Today it is the people's time and
they are going to take charge of this society.
The Police cannot intimidate the ABENG becau-
se the people of Jamaica are no longer suscept-
ible to intimidation!
But all this could be a way of the Police
trying to show their hostility to a free and inde-
pendent organ that does not hesitate to expose
the level of barbarism today rampant in the
Constabulary. Police-military raids in Trench
Town and other areas will be held up and expos-
ed to this society for what they really are, that
is. organized atrocities against defenceless black
men, women and children. Hostility, however,
to this kind of exposure betrays their guilt-
ridden consciences.
Let them instead start asking themselves a
few simple questions Who am I defending?
Why should I be turned against my own brother
and brutalise him? Who am I benefitting by such
brutality? Why are the men who benefit also
the men who armed, trained, and let loose upon
this country the wave of gangsterism that I am
now being told to quell?
ABENG is quite legal. The question is, how
legal are they?

What goes on

inside of the Prison ?

Sugar and Caine

Forty Years After

Still the Same

Abeng and the law

The Great White Chief has spo-
ken. This foreign 'expert' says that
the sugar industry must find out
more about its labour fore and
investigate alternatives to sugar!
We have first of all to ask why
the British West Indian Sugar Asso-
ciation found it necessary to bring
out this man from Britain to tell it
what to research, while the Carib-
bean is full of its own economists,
agriculturists, botanists, soil scient-
ists and agricultural engineers. Is it
because Caribbean technicians will
be more concerned with the needs
of Caribbean people, while Sir Caine
who used to work for the British
Colonial Office, can be relied upon
to care for King Sugar? Is it because
the sugar boys feel that black West
Indians are of low intelligence? Or
is it that this Knight is the plantat-
ions' latest instrument in the battle
with the Government over mechan-
isation and with University econom-
ists over diversification?
Whatever the answer, we find
his recommendations most revealing.
After three hundred years, the sugar
industry is so totally indifferent to
the human beings who work for it
that it is being enjoined to find out
'the characteristics of the labour
force, its age, its willingness to do
other agricultural work and so or.'
Imagine! Whenever anybody sugg-
ests replacing sugar with something
else the sugar boys are so concerned
about the unemployment of their
workers that they shed enough tears
to fill Mona Reservoir. Now that
they want to throw the same work-

kimldi t meii spiae in oaur
Abenri' lst t( pas- oin mr petronal
think, sfor our Abeng'. Thls news-
paper 'ends !. estabhisbs hat I've
been trying to establlsh in Jamaeca
for mani) )ear no- But being poor
and unable to !,od cash to move me
Cout. I had to sit at the root of mi
(roubleesen go to ail for this cause:
but thankiig you for having the
slilon 1, establish this mdependenr
new paper with the tlavour of a pol-
'lcil organislson and not a political
parts I therefore not onlv coin
you in th e ae oI sour paper but I
am helping in fornmng the nucleus
of a 'ptciiuTe roup'. In fact. I am
adding mC s coonribtuon in n wa of
,TItimg for )otr column. Therefore
my first articles for your 'Abeng
will start n chapters.

hat goes on inside of the
son"'" Lets find out. First it is
id thai slasers was abolished in
Jamaica in fact in the West Indies,
many years ago and we are supposed
to be livig in the Twentieth century.
Slavery may not be abolished in
Jamaica as yet because the declarat-
ion has not )ye reach the hands of
the Governor General for him to
make ihe proclamation towards the
aboishment of slavery For if this
was so. in the General Penitentiary
and the St. (atherine Dsitrici Prison.
where stands the gallows up to this
day. would not he made the living
monumlet ( f th anciinl Slavesliip

in which slaves were transported
into this colony.
But as bad as 'Bucky master' was
yesterday in budding these slave
ships with cells eight feet by five
leet (8' x 5'); and although the two
never-saling slaveships, the General
Penitentiary and the St. Catherine
District Prison were built for them
to be occupied by one slave or
prisoner, we find that our own slave
masters take over. Just imagine
these eight by five cells are made to
house three men. For this, one can
Imagine, are creating health-hazard
to the state of the nation.

Inside the General Penitentiary
which was made to carry seven
hundred prisoners, singularly living,
one can now find it housed eleven
hundred and fifty-eight inmates.
crippled or three to a cell. Two, two-
quart enamel water mugs containing
water for three prisoners from two-
thirty prn. until eight-thirty a.m.
are inside of the cells. This is not
the only conditions existing in the
cells, there are others. One blanket
and one eight by eight by five
bucket is given for sanitary conven-
ience. All this is given for three
inmates to last until the hours of
opening. However seme cells have
two mattresses and one blanket, but
whether there is mattress or blanket,
'who cares' to complain to either
11i Director or the Superintendern
or an overier or a smff warden it

is as 'robbing from Peter to pay
Paul'. Infact none of these authority
care less what goes on inside the
As I can call to mind one day
a Minister of Religion who is very
sickly and also the Chaplin of the
Prison who was pushed to the
ground by a staff warden just becau-
se he was trying to save the life of
a prisoner who was beaten merciless
by a staffwarden When the prisoner
was escorted into prison by the
constable who told the warden that
he was threaten in court, which led
to a massive assault on the prisoner
who was not guilty of any offense.
Although the Minister called for
'life saving' into the man he was
therefore pushed down and told by
the same warden, "this is my job".
This all ended when four prisoners
took off this beaten prisoner to the
hospital. The Chaplin then promised
to take this matter up with Hon.
Allan Douglas whose portfolio the
prison falls under. But until this time
what is the outcome no one knows,
if there is ever a place on earth
which needs approved and a probe
now, are these two prisons.
Continued in next week, chapter
on the 'Doctors in Prison'.


Stave chains brought fronn Africa by Livingsloe.

"For me to write is to serve -and my true reward is to see that men are decent and free."

JOSE MARTI, No. 17, 1890

ers on the scrap heap by mechanisa-
tion, they find they know so little
about the workers that they have
to have research. ABENG says that
when the sugar industry is owned
and operated by the people of thin
country we won't have to ask our-
selves what we are willing or able
to do. We will know.
Caine also says that the idea of
replacing cane with other crops is
'nothing new' Very true. It was the
plantation system which destroyed
the mixed crop economy of the
Arawaks and tore labour away from
the mixed crop economy of the West
Africans to enthrone King Sugar in
the West Indies. It broke up, too,
the system of settled farming started
by the poor whites who were the
outcasts of English society-they
were sufferers as well. At every
opportunity the enslaved African
and the Indentured East Indian
broke out of the system. It was they
who brought banana cultivation to
Jamaica, rice to Guyana, cocoa to
Trinidad. It was nothing new to us

It is not new to the sugar boys
either In 1897 a Royal Commission
on one of the endless crises in suga
in the West Indies recommended
diversification and settling the black
people on the land. In 1929 another
one came-and Caine was one of
its members. They recommended
the same thing again. Since that time
the Kin, has expanded and takes
up three times as much land as he
did then. Will we see Caine again
after another forty years?



Big Shots


The air is full with the cries if
public dissenters for stiffer penal-
ties to be enforced against the
criminal bugs in our society. What
has struck me fully as being plain
selfishness is that these troubled
minds have only become so since
badmen got wise and turned their
wreaths, greeds and guns upon the
Jamaican whites, and black-whites
In our last general election the
ticks in Jamaican politics gave little
(not only economically, but nental-
ly) blackmren guns and knives to
inflict wounds on their fellow black-
men, in a move to swing votes to
whichever of the ticks with the most
gunmen. At that tiue the cries came
only from the little man who felt
the gun shots, and walked around
with knife cuts- With the vast amou-
nt of weapons that were then at the
hands of the criminals, violence
expectedly increased. But only on
the poor man who suffered from
Sunday to Sunday to make a wee
bread were the criminals bad for.
Men, women and children were held
up, choked and robbed, then asked
where they wanted the cut and the
shot. People were beaten and robbed
for a fourpence. Some even lost
their lives at the hands of the small-
minded black oppressors.
But somewhere along the line
the criminals changed their styles.
They graduated to the men and


ILetters must be signed. Names withheld on request d) -

I have come across your weekly
newspaper the Abeng. 1 was intro-
duced to it by a friend, and I have
read it through and agree with every
word of it. I have decided unmed-
iately that I would write for a week-
ly supply. I have seen every news-
paper in Jamaica, and none of them
have appealed to me as how the
Abeng has appealed to me. This is
something that I have been longing
for, who has anything im them, like
brotherly love and humanity. Love
for their brothers, and unity to press
down and to suppress white dignity
that tried to suck out our eyes.
My friend it is time for the black
man to open his eyes and think for
himself, and reason out things for
himself. Now is the time for all
black men to rise and put their
shoulder to the wheel-
My friend, I personally defend
Black Power movement, but our
Government labelled it subversive
movement. Why, the time we are
getting a little wise they thinK we
are going to overthrow their govern-
My friend I don't feel good to
see a black sit down with a white
man heart and suck out his own
brother's eyes through glutton and
gravalitious. My friend we don't
want an egotist, we want a man who
think for -himself and his black

Is it because of our past history,
the history of the slave trade, that
today we should hate ourselves?
Is it the sins of our forefathers
that isjust showing up its ugly head?
Do you know that there was, white,
black, Chinese, Indian slaves.
Do you know that the Sirians
walked with bags over their should-
ers and sold cloth on the streets,
the Chinese chopped codfish behind
counters to make a penny TIhe
Negroes did not have the loresight,
they looked on.

Are we to blame the others,
because of the colour of their skins.
We in Jamaica are very fortunate
people, because we know what it is
to have black and white ancestors,
to have mixed blood, to have a
beautiful island that could be an
example to the world. Today you
are spreading hatred. Do you realize
that if this ugly thing takes root,
even you the editorial committee
will be wiped out. Take a look at
your skins, are you going to paint
it black. Do not let the jealousy
for political power over-rule you.
A lot of you have the brains, but
no guts to even start your own
political pary, instead of that you
are using hatred to secure power.
Why not start voluntary classes and
educate your black brothers and
sisters, who were not as fortunate
as you have been, in having parents
who could earn a good living to
educate you.
Try and help us by sharing your
education with us, also love because
without peace and love we will
surely be destroyed.
I am proud of my black skin, and
the only thing I need is education
to make me confident so that I can
hold my head up with Dignity.
I hope others who feel the way
I feel will express their views.

I have just read Vol. I No. 2 of
Abeng. And it is with enlightenment,
inspiration and new hope that the
cries of the masses can and will be
voiced frankly, that I have decided
to write you this letter. At the time
of writing you this letter I am
unfortunately awaiting, trial in the
General Penitentiary Appeal Section
of my appeal against the conviction
and sentence of five years for a
change which I have over fifteen
witnesses to prove I did not commit
(only three of which were presented
in court on the advice of my Barris-
er who said he did not want to
crowd the case because he though
it would he casvl.

This situation may seem strange Hs d-manos must be met. Let
to those who do not know. But I We see the maimed and halt in o
am of the opinion that I am not thie to the horrors of the battle-field
only victim of such circumstances. in the blood of the race for
The sufferer in such situation has
no means of voicing their plight and
its a story of who cares and who
believe. Most of unfortunate have
no legal support in a Court of Law
when in all cases the crown is
If you wish to print any part of
the following, please do not disclose
my name and if you wish to reply
to my letter please do so to the
above address I know I will receive
it. Black People do not let the cries
of your forefathers go in vain. It is TiUsSD Z V
my belief that a man can only be a -- -
man in his own right when his On Thursday, 6/3/64 going
ideological conceptions are nourish down Wild Street Browns Town I
by experience. You have had this saw two men in a yard one of them
my brothers and sisters decades who I know to be a policeman hold-
upon decades of it. Beware of those ing the other in his waist. The man
false prophets of capitalism that our had a ittle girl in uhs hand half-nude,
great leader and inspirator The Hon. merino, pants, barefoot. The police-
Marcus Garvey fought and taught man kept drawing the man. The man
against, who will tell you that they kept on saying "Mek a put on me
are doing all they can for you the shirt and me shoes no sah." A
masses when buildings are falling on woman came between the both and
helpers childrens whose mothers and said "Doh, sah mek im put on im
fathers can afford no better. These snrt and shoes no sah." The police-
buildings (that are not fit for rats) man pushed away the woman and
and the people who live in them go said "Don't obstruct me woman".
un-noticed by the dictatorsand their and the man said to the policeman,
disciples of fascism, until they are "but you come to arrest me and a
seeking to get or keep political don't donothingandyou don't even
offices. Black People beware of these want me fi put on me shirt and is
same ruthless politicians who arc in me yard. a just get up out a me
again making plans to exploit your bed." By this time the little girl
suffering andmisery more than they fell out of the man hand through
have already done. Beware my bro- the way in which the policeman
thers and sisters of these Imperial- kept drawing the man. By this time
ists who have so long divided you time the man held on to the column
for their own games and gains. of the gateway and said "a will go
Voice your rejections and make with you sah but mek a put on me
your selections my brorners and
sisters. Unite and act now. May the
light of the Conquerine Lion of the
Tribe of Judah continue to shine TAKE PHOSPHO
on you until deliverance come and FOR VIM, VIGO
to eternity.

We regret that it is taking some Manufa
time to publish all letters BENNETT'S NATIONA
received. This is due to limited
space, but please keep writing 253. SPANISH TO
tothe ABENG. Phone

Negroes be proud of their history.
ur towns and villages -testimony
reminders to us of the price paid
the preservation of HUMANITY
Monida, April <. 19 v
Editonal in "The Black n-n"

shoes no sah." The policeman put
his hand in his right trouser pocket
draw out a gun and said "a going
shoot you now"
At the very instant that the
policeman took up the gun he sud-
denly fixed a shot which found its
mark in the region of the left side
of the man's groin. The man grab
on to the spot where the shot went.
in a dazed manner for about five
minutes, then said to the policeman
"you mean you shoot me sah and
me no do nothing sah." At that
instant the policeman, holding the
gun in the same manner as ii to
shoot again, hold the man in the
back of his Dants waist and push
him down the street.
As I see it Mr. Editor, Jamaica is
fast leaving from wood and water to
murder and manslaughter and hate
and revenge of each other's wicked


tlured By

WN RD.. KGN 13

women in thie higher income bracket,
most ol whom were also stealing
in the white-collar form and under
the shade of commercial ventures,
from the poor man. Business places
were being looted, wealthy men
were being robbed, influential peo-
ple were being hounded, and the
wives and women of rich and power-
ful ticks in our society were being
It was not until they had felt it
that bhe JMA. JCC, and what have
you thought it high time for action
to be taken. What then have we?
A selfish, hypocritical society. A
group of so-called leaders who can
only for the exploits that can be
gotten from the hard-working but
perpetually poor man. The continu
ty of this great rape. at the physical,
spiritual, and cultural expense of
the black Jamaican. And only until
Black Jamaica claim their own, and
have control of their economy, can
we exterminate these parasites, rap-
ists, and commercial thieves.
This is not the time for pretty
dressings for our cake. We must
forget compromise, this we had tried
and it had proved a failure, we will
share nothing at a cost, we want all
that rightfully belongs to us. Then
and only then can Jamaicans stand
up with pnde at the singing of their
National Anthem., then and onl)
then can we truly say our Niational
Motto. Then and only then can we
live as brothers.


Get Hot:

No more


At Expense

of Black





A New Era

A NEW ERA has dawned upon the world. The Great
War shattered all but the very foundations of Cvilisation.
but out of the wreckage has emerged a structure of
human society more beautiful than the former. Avarice
and lust for power had dragged the nations into a fierce
struggle for supremacy The Great Powers of Europe
swooped hawk-like down upon Africa. Like so many
criminals they grabbed the land, parcelled it out among
themselves and reduced the people to the condition of
villains and serfs They were left in ignorance, were
morally. socially intellectually and economically exploit
ed and rendered destitute
THE INSANE LUST FOR POWER grew. Long-standing
hate was revived and the clouds of war burst like a
thunder-storm over all the earth. The Powers stood aghast at the
devastation wrought by their own hands.
Powers continued. it was bound to exhaust their resources and
wreck their civilisation for ever The Black man was requisitioned
from every quarter of the globe from Africa. Oceanea, from ti6
West Indies and from the Great U.S.A. He threw in his lot on the
side of right and became THE DETERMINING FACTOR in the
issue of the Great World War. When the fate of Civilisation and
Humanity hung in the balance the Negro immolated himself upon the
ALTER OF SACRIFICE, and by his blood saved mankind from
destruction, from hasoc and devastation, the result of the lust and
greed of the Caucasian. Can there be greater Sacrifice than that a man
should lay down his life for his enemies those that exploited him
and kept him physically, mentally and economically, bound' His
great reward lies in the fact that the DAY OF THE NEGRO has
opened through "gates of Gold" Dramatically he has entered upon
the struggle for the goal on equal terms with the foremost filesin
the march. Nothing in all history furnishes a more convincing proof
of the SOLIDARITY OF HUMANITY than the part that the Negro
played in the Great War
"No right, no privilege can again be denied to the Negro.

'I .i cla 9 -feln

The Britrh Prime Minister. Har
old Wilron. is to visit Nigeria this
month and it lias alI just been
announced that after this tasit he
will go on to Ithompia, to talk to
tile I iperor Ilaile Selssie. The
lEmpcror i chairmann of tlie commi-
ttie 't up b'y tile Organi 'atton of
Atrrln Uniti to try to find a solu-
tion for tihe Nwicri.n (ivtil '.u.
I rom the pintr of niew of black
people, ilslin' record is very bad.
He calls himself a socialist. et he
Iha done nothing since he came to
p iet in lU 4 to proe that lie is
Ir Hle ha- been the faithful ally of
inerlcan Imtorinihsm Vietnam.
Bintils troops have not actually
toucht there. but facilities have been
gi en o thle '.S forcess in the rem
-i-ri5 Brtli colonv ot Hongr Kong
1list- h 1ss also siomwn limct l to be
Stlatlilul tupporltr ot neoa i ilnal-
i n. t rlg to keep il poser ihe
teudil rulers ol Southein Arabia
unld thet were swept awas b. the
fieeldm fighters g iho ilson had
tried to suppress Nov, the Brltish
in asion ot Anguilla turns our minds
back again ito ltsonru greatest bet-
rj, al ot soialism and the black man.
hs talure to take determined action
against the illegal Smith regime in
Rhodesia (Zunbabwe) le all know
that Brintan i no longer a major
pier in the world as one African
leader said. Britain is now a "tooth-
less bulldog" But Wilson not only
refuse to go to the heln of lo,r
million blak people in Zimbabwe
on the grounds of Britain's military
weakness -which he will not admit.
He also is actloely trying to reach







an agreement with Smith which
would sell the black people even
further into slaery.
Now Wilson is going to Nigeria,
and we must think very carefully
about his policy there, and what it
has meant for black people. For
many of them in Biafra it has meant
death Britain has been selling arms
to Nigeria for use against Biafra ever
since the war began in July 1967.
In this way Wilson hopes to secure
British influence over the Nigerian
Government, and thus protect Brit-
ain s capitalist investments-strange
behaviour for a socialist! Yet at the
same time that Wilson is selling arms
to kill Biafrans. he also offers to
help mediate in the Nigerian civil
war and bring about a peace settle-
ment. which is why he is visiting
Nigeria and Ethiopia this month.
%1trson must be told that he is
a hypocrite and enemy of black
people He sells guns to some of
them to kill others, and at the same
time plays at being a peacemaker.
He refuses to help the oppressed
Afrcan majority in Zimbabwe and
at the same tune invades Anguilla.
Tiis is typical of the meddling of
foreign powers in African affairs
Britain. France. the U.S.A.. the
Soviet Union and all the rest do not
wish to help the black man, only
to further their own interests. We
should no longer look to Wilson to
do anything in Zimbabwe; the free-
dom fighters themselves will find
the answer.
"Self-determination for black people
everywhere! Letthem find their own
solutions to their own problems!"

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Jaraica Council for Human Rights
Public General Meeting
Guest Speaker: Tervor Munro
"The Problem of Securing
Human Rights in Jamaica."
Sunday 301t March, 10.30 am
Extra-Mural Centre



St. Kilts


Dedicated to Freedom, Justice, and Equality, to the mentally
deaf dumb, and blind, so-called Negroes lost in the wilderness of
Please read carefully and be resurrected from death to life by
the Lamb of God The most Horn and humble Elijah Muhummad
whom God himself promised to us in Malici 4-5-6 Chapter in the
last days to separate sheep from goats

Yes we are Black Muslims. As white people call themselves
white Christians. we are Black Muslims. The newspaper calls us
Black Muslims, but we do not get indignant from being called black,
because that's what we are. We were black in the beginning of the
creatior of the Father who was black Black is what we want to be
called, there is no white scholar or scientist of History and Religion
who will even dare say otherwise. You should not be offended if you
are called Black Muslims. The white race is never offended when you
refer to them as white Christians.
Messenger Muhummad has taught me that black is the fast
colour original of man, and Allah God is the Father of the creation
of the heavens and earth. His colour is black and is unchangeable as
is his wisdom. Yes, we are Black Muslims, our very nation is black
people, our creator was a black God. Have you ever sat and thought
why is it white people call us Negroes, when there is no land identify-
ing such a people, every other nation has a land identifying them-
selves. China for the Chinese, India for Indians, Japan for the Japan-
ese. Russia for the Russians, America for the Americans and Africa
for the Africans. We neither see nor hear of such a land as Negroland.
Messenger Muhummad has taught me that we are not negroes.
Those of us who have acquired the knowledge of ourselves know that
we are Black Original People. A negro is one who has no knowledge
of himself or his kind, one who has lost his name, his language, his
culture, his religion, and knows nothing whatsoever about his God.
A negro is a robot or a walking dead who responds to the whip of
the white slave master.
Why does the white man call us negroes? Because he knows
that one day such a people would go in search of their identity, to
search for a negro identity would prove fruitless and leave us in
confusion. But to search for our identity as a black nation we would
find out that we are the maker of the Universe and owner of said
Universe. We would also find out that the white man is the Blue Eye
Devl made by one of our black scient'ts, namely Yacob.
It is not surprising the limit ot the knowledge of the white
race. They were not here in the beginning, so how can they ever
teach the beginning?

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Many of us, West Indians, try to
hide the naked fact of metropolitan
racism under the cloak of "the bro-
therhood of man". We also hide the
fact of the blatant colonial subse-
vienc, under present-day West
Indian leaders, behind the curtain
of formal Independence Constitu-
tions and Associated Status wastee
1 am a firm believer in the bro-
therhood of man and as real-as-we-
could-make-it Independence for the
whole West Indies.
Whatever our stand is on the
question of whether the actions of
the Anguillans are right or wron&
legal or illegal, with respect to
secession, after years of conflict with
the present St. Kitts Government,
and whatever our position is on the
matter of the internal running ofi
Anguillan affairs, are beside the
point in the face of this British
invasion of March 19.
This invasion is nothing less tha
a reckless display of racism and gro
imperialism. But it is also a deprave
display of the "slave mentality'
among our present West Indias
Despite the fact that the British
Government has bluntly refused to
liberate our "black brothers" in
Rhodesia from the political and
economic stranglehold of Ian Smith,
our West Indian leaders, Bradshaw
and Burnham, have persisted in the
call on Britain to provide a solution
"by using force" ina dispute which
Britain herself has repeatedly and
sharene.-edly termed a "purely int-
ernal affair".
I want to draw ,e attention of
West Indians to the fact that in
May 1967 the twenty black police-
men who were the bastions of law
and order on the tiny 35 square
mile island had been asked to leave,
but there was no intention to restore
law and order. Why? It was an
internal affair and it did not matter
at that point whether blacks were
fine and good. But how dare iggers
to embarrass white William Whit-
lock? Damned forward. Crush them
immediately. Look, all the Commn
onwealth Caribbean Government
are on our side. Hurrah! On tI
victory the mighty imperialist forces
of Britain, once Mistress of the Wea
Indian Seas! On!
This is the West Indies today.
The quagmire scene of colonial
domination and exploitation replays
ed on the Anguillan stage for the
second time within two years. Shame
on all West Indians!
The demonstration was peaceful.
God bless! But suppose a single
Anguillan had fired a single shot and
killed a single British 'red beret '1
Oh, my brothers, what a massacre,.
what a blood-bath for black blood
brothers there might have been. The'
British 'dogs' would have looked
with disdain at black blood.


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E ECS is Phone 26272

Plu-. -l ,,r 1. ~ i-. i d 4 r ,,linis .ren A KAnsun5 Robert A. Hill.Se aculrs resiiniatl II ClaloftA, K iinaton. Printd by BricfPdlrat l Ltd..6Eastl-,K U ll 28th Much, 1969

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