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Title: Struggle
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Title: Struggle official organ of the Workers Liberation League
Uniform Title: Struggle (Kingston, Jamaica)
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 41 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Workers' Liberation League (Jamaica)
Workers' Liberation League (Jamaica)
Workers Party of Jamaica
Publisher: The League
Place of Publication: Kingston
Publication Date: July 6, 1978
Frequency: bimonthly[mar.-apr. 1986-]
biweekly[ former -july 13, 1984]
monthly[ former aug. 1984-feb. 1986]
Subject: Labor movement -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Jamaica
Summary: Struggle was published first as a mimeographed newsletter in 1974 when the Workers Liberation League was formed. It was edited by Rupert Lewis and he continued as editor when Struggle became the organ of the Workers Party of Jamaica in 1978. In the 1980s editors included Elean Thomas, Elaine Wallace and Ben Brodie. The Workers Liberation League grew out of the political initiative of academics - Trevor Munroe, Rupert Lewis as well as Don Robotham, Derek Gordon who studied in the University of Chicago in the early 1970s and were connected to activists in the Black Panther Movement and African-American radicals in the Communist Party of the United States. The latter group formed the Paul Bogle League which brought together academics, working class and community activists who read and discussed Karl Marx’s Capital and Lenin’s political writings and sought to build on Jamaica’s radical traditions in the trade union movement and in the People’s National Party from the 1930s to the 1960s. The Paul Bogle League was also involved with the formation of the University and Allied Workers Union in the early 1970s and worked with the Independent Trade Union Action Council. Politically the Workers Liberation League gave critical support to Michael Manley’s democratic socialist program in the 1970s.
Issuing Body: Vols. for -1978 issued by Workers' Liberation League; 1979- by Workers' Party of Jamaica.
General Note: Description based on surrogate of: Issue no. 28 (June 16, 1977); title from caption.
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Apr.-May 1986 (surrogate).
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ISSUE NO. 55 JULY 6, 1978.




No matter that the capitalists in the PNP
Parliamentary Group are strong enough to get
DK to apologise, everything that he said at the
Constituency Conference is true.
It is true that Glasspole and Wills Isaacs were
the main plotters in the PNP leadership who
joined with the Gleaner and the imperialists 26
years ago to expel the progressive forces from
the PNP.
It is true that in the PNP Parliamentary Group
some of the members only talk socialism but
practise capitalism. These wolves in sheep's
clothing smile with Manley before his face; but
behind his back it is another story they meet
among themselves, they meet with the Gleaner
columnists, they meet with American and Israeli
embassy people criticising Manley's anti-
imperialism and organising against socialism.
D.K. is also right when he said that most of the
Parliamentary Group supported Blake and
voted against Manley for Party Leader in 1969.
It is also true that Coore was trying to tie
Jamaica into the IMF at the very moment when,
Manley and the whole movement was trying to
find a way forward without depending on them.
So all that D.K. said is true; the fact that he
may have said it at the wrong time is not so
important. What is important is that these
capitalists are still in the Parliamentary Group;
they are now the ones who have the most talk and
they are still working underground to get rid of
Manley. The only thing holding them back is that
they don't see how they could face PNP
supporters or win an election without Manley.
The question is what must the progressive
forces do? The answer is: ORGANISE,
ORGANISE, ORGANISE. Talk alone cannot
hurt the imperialists nor put the capitalists in the
PNP under manners. The left in the PNP must
build real party groups which educate working
people politically and help them economically;
the left inside and outside the PNP must be the
vanguard in organising to expose corruption and
to catch the capitalists red handed; above all the
left must organise the youth clubs and
community groups to make sure that when the
bauxite imperialists, Mahfood and the other
capitalists sabotage Jamaica passing the IMF
tests, the working people are ready to throw off
the IMF oppression.
In all these tasks the WLL will play its role in
building the anti-imperialist movement. The
problem is that some members of the left don't
place enough importance on organisation" and
even spend more time criticising the League.
These comrades need to pull up their socks to
make their Youth Organisation Conference in
July a success and to ensure a large turnout of
progressive delegates'at their Party Conference
.in September.


CUBA HAS given more who have to be people to harsh ces of a people,
free assistance to Paid hiah interest t-ma. determined to
Jamaica for this i hblp their brothers
year than all the and sisters in oth-
imperialist coun- er countries ach-
tries and their ieve a better life.
agencies put to-
gether. Downplay
Cuban aid to Ja- Despite the a-
maica for this year ture of this as-
ture of this as-
is set out under Aistance there are
the 10 point still those in the
agreement signed Government and the
last month between Civil Service who
Jamaica and Cuba. downplay Cuban aid
The money-cost of and promote imperi-
the package, which alist aid, no mat-
is given free to ter the terms.
the Jamaican peo-
'ple,is still being The best response
added up. But it that the Jamaican
is well over $50 Government and peo-
million dollars. Cuban Brigadistas (construction workers) ple can mke to
Sacrifice lower the foundation stone to signal the Cuban assistance
This assistance start of woi'k on the Garvey-Maceo Sec. to ensure that
to Jamaica does School at Vernamfield. used
not come from pri-
vate bankers or rates and who sub- It comes from the
big capitalists ject the Jamaican sweat and sacrifi-



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beration League in
a cable to Prime
Minister Forbes
Eurnham of Guyana
has called on him
to suspend the up-
coming Referendum
and immediately
enter into nego-
tiations with the
PPP, to establish
a national patrio-
tic front govern-
ment against im-
perialism in Guya-
The Referendum,
to be held on July
10 is designed to
give the ocver~-
ment the power to
amend any section
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Air Jamaica:

over 42 Air Jamaica
flights had to be
cancelled and 13
out of 20 Atlantic
London flights ha-
ve been given to
other airlines.
This has resulted
in considerable
loss of foreign
exchange to the
country. The pi-
lots' sabotage
has been defended
by the EITU's Hugh
Shearer who claims
the pilots are sir-
ply continuing
their work-to-rule.
The pilots' hands
have been strength-
ened by the fact
that the covern-
ment appointed
tribunal of Her-

their sabotage

bert Cuffus, A.Z. captain. following per month,
Freston and John Parity also means taxfree:for captai-
Hall claim that that with every de- ns, car rental $642;
they are only con- valuation Jamaican overseas allowance
Scorned with the is- pilots will receive $475; office faci-
sue of parity be- an increase to make lity 5200; enter-
tween foreign and up any loss. tainment $150; tra-
local pilots. After parity is vel $175. The low-
Loop-hole achieved the pilots est paid pilot re-
say that the dis- ceive $450 per
The tribunal cla- pute will not be month in allowances.
ims it is not con- over as a second In addition althou-
cerned with the wa- dispute over sa- gh they get first
ge claims. Many lary claim exists, class meals on the
people feel that plane they get a
this provides a This second dis- $35 meal allowance
loop-hole for the pute includes in- per day.
pilots to get big : crease in fringe Other Air Jamaica
wage increases, benefits. Pilots workers are asking:
If the pilots get who are supposed to Are the pilots
parity they will be Jamaican reside- group to get spe-
receive up to 70% nts are demanding cial treatment when
increase in salary. $800 monthly in fo- they stuck by the
.nis would mean at reign exchange. 10% ','age guideline
least 55,662 per At present their in t:le national
month for a DC9 .perks include the interest?


Where were all these goods?
Where were all these goods ... which were short, now overflow
before the IMF prices? All the supermarket shelves at hi-
the items, like butter, cheese gh prices.
evaporated milk, soap, oil

omenn for Progress
has called on work
ing people not to
look on the IMF
as a closed deal
but to educate
themselves on its
easonoics -nd po-
ritics and on the
tive to the IMF.
A Resolution adop-
ted at the June 25
Public Meeting of
the CWP recognized
that leading repre-
sentatives of the
exploiter classes,
like Douglas Vaz
and Mahfood had
made it clear by

their statements ter Michael Manle
that hey ,would do to build up capi-
nothing to increase talism in the Cbo
production. This try, thereby de-
was so in of creasing the popu-
:the fadE tht tthey larity of Manley,
-ea alca. :ras- to discredit social
':.'' -ri; i-ncre- lism and to ulti-
a-s :. tr in- lately lead to hiq
::iesi removal and a poll
:-e Rescl ticn fur- ti-calevictory for
ther reco .ized thatreaction
day by day, th The people's al-
strategy of US im- ternative was the
perialism and their only route to
local allies in the strengthen the
Gleaner, PSQJ and people to deal wil
JAA is becoming these designs,
clearer, which is and move the cou
to use the IMF to try forward in-
get concessions the coming months
from Prime Minis- the Resolutio sal




Mark Figueri
LAST WEEK President Carter's messeng
Andrew Young, said that Jamaica Is doi
"pretty damn good".
This statement so upset the local ti
actionarics that the Gleaner didn't e
print it.
The reactionaries are vexed because
Young seemed to be saying that the
problems we are facing are being expeq
rienced by the whole capitalist world,
He implied that the government is doil
about as well as it can in a bad situa
tion and the cause of the problem is
mainly through mismanagement.
The local reactionaries are nervous
and impatient. They are afraid that
Carter's "friendly" policy may back-
fire. They want him to come down har
on Jamaica and put on the economic an,
political squeeze.

Just a strategy

On the other hand, some people are'
ken in by Carter and Young. They bel
ve that they are really our friends a
we are doing the best thing to stick
with them.
But this is just a strategy. The U
has failed in a policy of direct con-
frontation with the Manley government,
Their strategy is to strengthen the
rightist trend in the country, the P11
and the government, .to contain the d4
velopment of the left and draw the coq
try deeper into dependence on imperial

Deeper in debt

Mr Young can be satisfied with dev
lopments in Jamaica. This year we wi
still pay back the nearly $400 millic
due on our foreign debt. Millions me
will go out for profit, technology, a
other payments. The bauxite companie
$2billion in assets are still j-nta.
and will be producing even more profi
this year.
This year we will go deeper into d
as the IMF takes a tighter hold on
country. Indeed "Imperialism is doing
retty damn good in Jamaica".

Pilots continue







Gay at students'


the Wolmers' Boys'
chool Student
Council, J. P. Pat-
terson, has charged
that boys at his
school are being
subjected to homo-
sexual abuse from
"certain members"
of the school ad-
Every working man
and woman, every
parent and every
progressive per-
son must support
the call made by
Patterson to in-
vestigate what is
going on at Wol-

mers. We must en-
sure that both
the School Board
and the Ministry
of Education car-
ry out a full and
fair investiga-
tion. But more
than this, we must
see what those who
were so interested
in preserving mo-
rality by denying
unmarried teachers
maternity leave
have to say about
this situation.
Under the corrupt
banner of "Gay Lib-
eration", some pro-
minent educators

ON TUESDAY, b;r of fringe ben-
0th June, 150 efit-claims on be-
embers of NUDT half of teachers
icketed the Mi- to government. At
Pistry of Public the last meeting
service, New King- with government, it
ston. The union was agreed that the
was protesting Mi- government would
sister Howard cost our claim and
Cooke's refusal to then reconvene an-
meet with the NUDT other meeting.
on its benefits Now the govern-
claim. ment's position
During the re- is that it will
cent teachers' sa- not meet with the
lary struggle, NUDT NUDT until the Co-
submitted a num- mmission of Inquiry

are using their au-
thority to inveigle
and sexually cor-
rupt the youth.
These so-called ed-
ucators prey espe-
cially on the 14,
15 and 16 year old
boys. Many of them
are important peo-
ple in the communi-
ty, married and are
the first to preach
about maintaining
order, discipline
and high morals in
the schools.

But what kind of
morals are these
people defending?

set up by the JTA
and government,
submits its find-
ings. JTA has now
developed a claim
for fringe benefits,
whereas their ini-
tial claim was one
of salaries.
It is obvious that
Cooke is colluding
with the JTA in
order to put the
squeeze on NUDT.
The JTA leader-
ship has failed
the teachers mi-

IN 1972, IT was
called The Coloni-
al Shirt Factory
of Jamaica Ltd.
For months, the
workers put up
with the ill-tre-
atment, the star-
vation wages, the
racism from the
American owners and
management. And
then one day, a
foreign supervisor
crowned it all by
hitting a worker..
and things came to
The workers
locked down the
factory at 110
Bay Farm Road,
Kingston, in pro-
test against the
conditions there.
A Commission of
Enquiry was set
up and the Jamai-
can people were
astounded at the
dreadful treat-
ment of the work-
ers that the En-
quiry revealed.
When all was
said, the facto-
ry was eventually
re-opened, with a
new name Wood-

serably, and more
and more teachers
are turning to the

friends within the

at al
to th
ka t
in a

23, t
in su
on th
to ha
by an

Industries week. Workers
But did the told STRUGGLE that
e of name in order to earn
a change in this wage, they
tions? Not have to prodT-e
1, according some 700 shirts a
e over 400 day. The workers
workers who who press and fold
forced to ta- the shirts are paid
o the streets at the rate of 14i
protest demon- per dozen.
ion last week. They have to re-
port to work at
Go-slow 7.00am and the
workers say that
Friday, June if they arrive five
he workers minutes late, they
on go-slow have to wait until
pport of 8.30 before being
demands for admitted into the
nity and va- factory, thus
'n leave with forcing them to
an increase lose hour-and a-
e starvation half pay. They
and an end have no break-time
Irassment and and are allowed
misation of only half-an-hour
rs by manage- for lunch
*dbu Indus- When the workers
Ltd. owned
speak out against
Amern an on- these conditions
anufacrus the leading ones
s for export. are fired or laid

These snirts sell
at a minimum of $15
each. Yet it is
only since a coup-
le of weeks ago
that the workers
are earning $24 per

government, who
they can call on
to assist them in
.saving their face
at the expense of

NUDT pickets at Ministry of Public Service
NUDT pickets at Ministry of Public Service


Freedom" is the
Gleaner's sales
'line as they call B
people to b- shares
in the company.
But do they rea7
y17 want support
[Kron the Jamaican
.inston Mlahfood
o1f the JMA has all
Keady pledged the

support of big bus-
iness for whom the
Gleaner always spe-
And who doesn't
know that all this
talk about people
abroad buying sha-
res in the Gleaner
is pure nonsense.
This is a way for
the CIA using peo-
ples' rames to

pour in their mo-
ney and control the
Gleaner more.
They did the sa--
me thing with El
Mercurio in Chile
to strengthen it
in its opposition
to the Allende go-
vernment. They
have the same plan
for the Manley go-
vernment .

At the same time
the Gleaner is bad-
mouthing the Daily
News and saying
that it was in fi-
nancial difficul-
ties because the
Jamaican people
would not support
The truth is that
the former owners
D&G and NCC which

is tied up with
ITT run the com-
pany down into the
People must not
be fooled by the
Gleaner. Each $50
spent will be used
to further beat
down working peop-
le and defend the
big capitalists and

In the week up
to June 23, the
workers say 7
workers who spoke
up for their
rights were laid
off by the manage-
ment. This was
what led to the
go-slow of the 400
workers on Friday,
June 23.

Locked out
The following
Tuesday, when they
arrived for work,
they found the
gates locked. It
was then that the
workers decided to
take their case to
the streets.

Woodbury Indus-
tries Ltd., is si-
milar to the many
sweat-shops foreign
capitalists set
up in country like
ours. It was a
similar situation
with West Indies
Ball Co., in Hano-

Workers all over
Jamaica are demand-
ing that goven-
emnt pass laws now,
to protect workers
from this imperia-
list oppressirs.


-From utopia

to scientific

IT IS a fact that wherever explcita-
tion exists there also exists the stru-
ggle against it. This was true under
slavery as is evident in capitalist so-
A vital part of this struggle is in
the field of ideas. The exploiter
class seeks to develop a system of
ideas which justifies their oppressive
-psition in society. The slaves were
told that the slave syster was set up
by Iod and that God had made them black
and inferior.
Today's exploiters, the capitalist
class, say they give the workers employ-
The exploited class also seeks to de-
velop ideas based on their experience
and position in society which justify
and guide their actions.
Sam Sharpe, for example, could not
accept that his rebellion and burning
of the estates was "ungodly".
The development of capitalism on a
world-scale therefore ushered in anti-
capitalist ideas based on the experi-
ense of the workers and ruined petty ca-
piealLsts. This experience up to the
early nineteenth century was limited by
the low level cf capitalism. The early
scsalist ideas therefore reflected
The early utopian socialists, as they
are called, thought that if the ca-ita-
ts could r- made to see the plight
-f rho working-class the inequitable
:isributicr cf wealth-, if theycould
be convinced how; noble and just a cause
socialism was, then they could be
wcn to it.
They, therefore, did not see the need
for the working class to independently
organize itself and sought to avoid at
al costs a "war" between "the rich and
the poor".
The secret
They felt great and honest individu-
als, charismatic leaders, could best
plead the case of the working class.
The greatest weakness of the early
utcpian socialists was that they were
unable to discover the secret of caoi-
talist exploitation. They did not
realize the new socialist system which
would put an end to exploitation could
not be built without the working class
just leading a social revolution.
This was where Marx parted company
with the utopians and where scientific
socialism separates itself from the va-
rious forms of petty capitalist socia-
It was Marx who discovered the sec-
ret of capitalist exploitation.
r~T be continued in, next issue)

vitafo2Y of Urua~ a .v Ratby united in an-
l ti-_-erialisto sZcldarity. From left
tNue-il i sal-es (iCF, Comrade Munroe,
Ath-; N S a,(JNFC) Naryorie Taylor

(PNPWM), Rev. Ernie Gordon(Anti-inpert-
,alist Christians), Sheldon McDonald
(PNPYO), Elaine Wallace (PAJ), Bob Gra-
ham (N i).

WLL rally for Uruguay

TUESDAY, JUNE 27 was the 5th Anniversary
of the fascist coup in Uruguay. On that
day, the Workers' Liberation League cal-
led a Rally in Solidarity with Uruguay:
People Struggling against Fascism at the
-TCA Hall in Kingston.

Representatives of the whole national
movement answered the call, along with o-
ver 800 patriotic Jamaicans from all walks
of life. The Rally Manifested the best
of the patriotic, anti-imperialist and in-
ternationalist positions in the Jamaican

The packed hall, the militant anti-
imperialist spirit of the people there
gathered brought concern to the imperia-
lists and their local agents in this time
of a down-turn in the national movement.

At the same time, it heartened the forces
for progress and showed the doubters
-that there still remained a basis to go
National Movement
r the platfor the various tendencies
ir the national movement united in soli-
darity with the anti-fascist and anti-
imperialist struggle.

Prime Minister Manley sent a message on
behalf of the Government. Anti-imperia-
list Christian (Rev. Ernie Gordon), the
Jamaica National Preparatory Committee,
the PNP Youth Organisation, Jamaica Union
of Tertiary Students, the Committee of

1i5IS RALLY of workers, students, youth,
women, journalists, professionals and pa-
triotic Jamaicans from all walks of life
called by the WLL on the 5th Anniversary
of the Fascist Coup in Uruguay:
EXPRESSES its militant solidarity with
the people of Uruguay struggling against
CALLS on the Government of Jamaica to
immediately discontinue any trading, diplo-
matic and other links with the Fascist
Government of Uruguay.
APPEALS to the Government-and all progres-
sive organisations to demand that the UN's
Subcommission on Human Rights take all
possible action to end this inhuman situ-
' DEMAND that the Uruguayan President

Women for Progress, the PNP Women's
Movement, the Communist Party of Jamaica
the National Workers' Union, the Jamaica
Council ror Human Rights and the Press
Association of Jamaica all stood up
to be counted among those forces who are
patriotic, anti-imperialist and inter-

And the firm links between Jamaican pa-
triots and Uruguayan patriots were ex-
pressed in the presence of Comrade Man-
uel Gonzalez of the Communist Party of
Uruguay. Comrade Gonzalez placed the
Uruguayan fascist coup in the world per-
spective of the struggle between the
people's forces, on the one hand and the
imperialist forces, on the other.

He outlined the counter-offensive of
imperialism and its national allies to
set back and crush the advance of the
people. He spoke briefly of the attro-
cities being carried out by the fascists
in Uruguay and ended with a reaffirmatio:
that the people's forces would triumph.

One accord

The Rallv received a treat in revolu-
tionary culture with a preview of some
of the items to be presented at the llth

With one accord, the Resolution to carry
out our Solidarity with the Uruguayan
people, in concrete ways, was adopted.

The Rally ended with the singing of the

Aparicio Mendez permit the entrance of 0a
terial aid for the political prisoners'
relatives, especially their children, pr
perly supervised by international organi-
To APPEAL to the OAS Permanent Commissiol
to publicize the already year-and-a-half
old report about the Uruguayan situation
made by the Inter-American Human Rights
To DEMAND the end of tortures and viola-
tions of human rights in Uruguay; free-
dom for all political prisoners and,re-
establishment of democracy.
To DENOUNCE the situation that exists in
Uruguay at all national and international
.meetings and forums, that'we attend.
TO CO-OPERATE with the formation of a
Jamaica-Uruguay Solidarity Committee.


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THE FIRST regular meeting of the Ca-
Iribbean group of the World Bank met in
Washington between June 19th and 23rd.
Jamaica was represented by Finance Mini-
ster Eric Bell.
The Consortium set up an aid program
of $125 million for this year, of which
Jamaica is to get $65 million or 51 per
cent. The U.S.A. will contribute a third
of the fund; Britain 16.5 percent and the
other 50% by other countries and inter-
national institutions. She $125 million
was well below the $500 million expected
in local circles.

Aim to coordinate
The aim of this World Bank group is to
coordinate the lending programs of the
major imperialist countries in the Ca-
ribbean and to involve the regional ca-
pitalist countries such as Brazil, Vene-
zuela and Trinidad in the economies of
countries like Jamaica.
In addition to the U.S., there is Fra-
nce, West Germany, Britain, the Nether-
lands, Japan, Israel, Spain, Brazil, Ar-
gentina, Mexico, Venezuela and Trinidad.

Reduce our flexibility
The Carter administration has placed
great importance on attempts to "sta-
bilize" the Caribbean i.e. to slow down
or reverse the process of social change
taking place here and to isolate the
Caribbean from the socialist countries,
Cuba and the Soviet Union particularly.
The Caribbean group of the World Bank
will help them to achieve this result
by coordinating the strategy of the im-
perialist powers in the Caribbean and
reducing the flexibility and options of
Caribbean countries like Jamaica. Now
any attempt to renegotiate debts will
have to be done with the agreement of
all the imperialist powers, any dispute
with one imperialist power will become
a dispute with all.
hny is the government of Prime Minis-
ter Manley-giving such wholehearted and
uncritical support to this new strategy
of imperialism?
Jamaica certainly can use external so-
urces of finance, but the single minded
reliance on the World Bank-IMF assistan-
ce is damaging Jamaica's long term inte-
Not a single spokesman of the PNP has
been educating the people about the da-
ngers of this imperialist scheme.
On the contrary everything is being
done to give a favourable impression of

From the Gr

Comrade Editor,
I have noted the
headline in Thurs-
day June 29 issue
of the Jamaica Dai-
.y News, and was
very upset at its
implication. The
deadline read
'1,000 lazy -crash-
iLes sacked".
Now sir, the Go-
ernmegnt, departmeak

which did the sack-
ing has made no -
mention of any in-
tention to hire
1,000 "efficient
crashies" to re-
place those fired
for supposed lazi-
ness. This fact
leaves room for
speculation that
these workers were
fir,. ,.t be caus

UNDER THE guise of
providing loans to
the government for
lending to small
business people, the
World Bank twin sis-
ter of the IMF has
demanded tough po-
licies for loans.
In order to get
loans the small
businessman must
have 100% security,
must put up at least
25% of the money
needed in hard ca-
sh, must have been
keeping the kind of
books that trained
accountants keep,
and must pay at le-
ast 11% interest on
the money being bo-
A demand of the
World Bank is that
the policies of the
,Small Enterprises

Development Com-
pany and the Bank
of Jamaica which
are to grant the
loans, can only be
changed with Wor-
ld Bank approval.
The Bank headed
by Robert McNamara,
former US Secreta-
ry of Defense, has
demanded that the
Im.all Business Lo-
an Board stop len-
ding as of May 31,
although the Wor-
ld Bank loan is not
yet provided, and
no other source is
lending to small
These demands of
the World Bank, are
designed to create
further hardships
on small business
people. Very few
have land titles.

big insurance, ex-
pensive machinery
or property to
rpovide 100% secu-
rity for loans.
Those few who
'lave these things
do not really need
Government assis-
Using the face
card of improving
assistance to sm-
all business, the
World Bank is rea-
lly demanding that
the Government
stop assisting
small business and
increase the assis-
tance to the medium-
sized capitalists
and the big capi-
talists and the
big capitalists who
set up 'small bus-
iness' on the ide_

ces and shortages?
a iWo ~ Did the $10,000 a
assroots o00o_
year government
officials consider
of laziness but for budget in real this before they
some other reason, terms means cutting fired them?
It is my firm be- down on government 1ir Editor, the
lief that these spending on people government is only
workers were vic- programmes such as digging its own
tims of the IMF the crash programme, grave when it adds
agreement recent- I ask what will insult to injury.
ly signed by the happen to these fi- In dealing with the
government. Part red crashies and people it must be
of this agreement their families, in straight in its
calls for a balan- these dread times dealings as socia-
ced budget. A of IMF imposed lists should. It
balaAped governma-t daiy rises in pri- must.come to. the,

Rough deal for

small businessmen

RETARY of the WLL,
Comrade Trevor Mun-
roe addressed more
than 150 members
of the Water Lane
community in Cla-
rendon on Wednes-
day 21st June at
the invitation of
the Paul Bogle So-
cialist Youth.
Comrade Munroe
spoke about the
need to build up
the League so it
could become a
party of the wor-
king class.
The Comrade's
speech was well re-
ceived and he was
invited to come to
the Club again and
speak on "What is
Communism". On
its own initiative
the Club also agre-
ed to adopt Marx-
ist Leninism as
its official out-

Comrade Don Robo-
tham, a member of
the Politburo of
the WLL and Bro.
Horace Levy, a
journalist with
the Daily News ad-
dressed 150 citi-
zens of Black Ri-
ver at a discuss-
ion hosted by the
Hugh Buchanan Mo-
vement on Mon-
day, June 26th.
The speakers ex-
plained to the en-
thusiastic workers
and youth the al-
ternative to the
IMF and answered
questions concer-
ning the develop-
ment of the League
into a party.

people now and let
the people know
what are the real
implications of the
IMF loan as well
as what are the
real,(not imagined)
implications of-the
alternative propo-
sed by the W.L.L.
and other progres-
sive organizations.
Down with the IMF,
forward with the
peoples' alterna-


Page 6

XI World Festival of

Youth and Students

Havana, Cuba July 28 to August 5

PRI MINISTER Michael Manley, hono-
rary President of the Jamaica National
Preparatory Committee for the 1 th Fe-
stival told the 160 delegates that all
progressive forces in this country are
united in the process cf ievelo-ing
democracy at the work-place,in the
ccm-nities and educational institu-
He urged the delegates to carry the
struggle for the new international
economic order to the Festival. Prime
Minister Manley was addressing the fi-
nal session of the JNPC at UWI on June
30 before the delegates travel to Cuba.
He observed that Jamaica's delegation
made up of 35 organisations including
democratic socialists, scientific so-
cialists, religious, cultural and
sporting organisations, were display-
ing practising unity and were link-
ed by the "thread of progressive in-
tention and outlook". He said that
the Jamaican delegation did not
include those few organisations who
think Jamaica will do well as the lack-
ey of imperialism and who felt the old
elitist structures were best.
Prime Minister Manley charged the
delegation "to go to Havana and proclaim
your anti-imperialist solidarity
with confidence... your hosts are vic-
tims of an unending propaganda war.
Defend Cuba's assistance to Angola on
our behalf and do not forget that other
armies go to Africa to protect the mu-
ltinational corporations".
And Minister of Youth, Hugh Small
reminded the delegates that their be-
ing able to participate in the festival
was the result of years of struggle by
the Jamaican people.
He urged them to be fully involved in
all the activities and to return home
prepared to actively carry forward the
struggle against imperialism here.

Festival relay
The winning team
As part of its from Hopewell rece-
contribution to the ived the Hugh Bu-
promotion of the chanan Movement Me-
llth Festival, the morial Shield and
Hugh Buchanan Mo- consolation prizes
vement successfully of NPC books were
sponsored a road given to all parti-
relay on July 1st cipants.
1978. Each team fielded
The relay was a female contestant
contested by five and the winner and
teams from differ- runner-up of that
ent areas of St leg won book pri-
Elizabeth. The zes donated by the
participants run- Committee of Women
ning in llth Festi- for Progress.
val shirts delight- The Mayor of Bla-
ed the crowd in ck River, Counsel-
Black River where lor JAG Myers gave
they finished. out the prizes.

DELEGATES to the 11th Festivalof Youth and udens raise ir ts s
for anti-imperialist solidarity, peace and friendship at the 12th and final
meeting of the Jamaica National Preparatory Committee at the UWI last
weekend. Prime Minister Manley who is Honorary President of the
JNPC addressed the meeting on Friday, June 30.

JNPC's final


Excerpts from sta-
tement from NPC
following the 12th
and final meeting,
Jamaica National
Preparatory Com-
mittee and dele-
gates to the llth
Festival of Youth
and Students asse-
mbled at the 12th
and final meeting
of the JNPC can
state with a cer-
tain degree of pri-
de that as a uni-
ted body two ye-
ars old we have
been able to bring

LAST WEEK the in-
ternational orga-
nisation of Soci-
al Democratic You-
th declared their
firm support for
the llth Festival

together a delega-
tion representing
the broadest ever
sections of youth
in Jamaica .

Important questions
on our participa-
tion in the poli-
tical, cultural and
other areas of llth
Festival agenda
have been resolv-
ed in this spirit.
In the upcoming
period our main
political task is
in the area of
fund-raising. It
is our view that

through the commit-
ment of the JNPC
organisations to
the ideals of the
Festival and to
the development of
the anti-imperia-
list youth move-
ment in Jamaica,
these funds will
be raised.
... We are linked
by a single thread
of progressive in-
tention, rpogress-
ive outlook; we
will take these
positions in Cuba
with pride and


of Youth and Stu-
dents. They were
meeting in Caracas
The Social De-
mocratic youth.
organisation in-

cludes and rep-
resents millions
of youth from all
over the world
but mainly from
capitalist Wes-
tern Europe.



THE CUBAN people 1
have raised 74,400,
000 Cuban pesos for
the llth Festival
of Youth and Stu--
dents This comes
to about US$98,952,
000 or Ja$$130,000,
At the close of
fund raising on Fri
day, June. 30 the
largest contribu-
tion, 3 million pe-
sos (between US$4 aq
Millionn, had come
from the Cuban Bar
Association (law-
This money was
raised by the peo-
ple of Cuba throug
many different ac-
tivities in the las
two years.
They had pay par-
ties, did volunteer
work, contributed
from their pay, ma-
de items for sale
and carried out ma-
ny other types of
fund raising acti-
Cuban students in ti
Soviet Union raised.
100,000 rubles
(US$ 150,000); Cu-
ba diplomats in
the GDR (East Gerv
_manyL raised
US$ 40,000 and ano-
ther US$40,000 was
raised by Cubans in

JACFA fete Friday, eW andIUDYPY^fee PNP V. ,
July 7 Social Action F' riday, July 14 Function Sudai, J,,-
Centre Olivier Road 3 Emerald Drive Saturday, July S2 Holy Childhood- HI.t
(near Shortwood (xff Red Hills Road) f Iu Vo4Y Tree Road.
College) music by Hqalem Disco VaIR Royal $5. Adults $2, 4dr:ie

Page 7

THE POLICY of giving official
US government backing to the
IM F South African racists was no
secret under the Nixon/Ford ad-
Llr I | hilt A ministrations during the "rei-

gn of Henry Kissinger. Fo-
llowing Kissinger's explicit
instructions, for example, Tho-
mas Leddy, US representative to
the IMF executive board gave
strong support to loans total-
ling $366 million from the IMF
to South Africa in 1976 alone.
However, not so well known is
the role which the Carter ad-
ministration has played here.
Now it has come out that Mich-
ael Blumenthal, US Secretary of
the Treasury under Carter, had
instructed the US representa-
tive to the IMF to support an
additional loan of $97million
to South Africa in 1977. This
akes a total of $463million for
the racists for 1976/77.

Two American researchers, Ja-
mes Morrel and David Gisselqui-
st have recently exposed these
facts. They ahve also point-
ed out that the South African
racists would not have been
able to get these loans if the
instructions from Blumenthal
,had been for the US to use its
veto power over all major IMF
ecisions to block the loan.
SNot only did Blumenthal fail to
veto, but it was the strong US
support which apparently swung
other hesitant countries, worr-
behind the ied about world reaction, to


$463M TO



back the loans to South Africa
The most interesting point
about the South African loans
of the IMF is however the
connection which they have to
repression. The budget defi-
cit which sent South Africa to
the IMF was a direct product
of the increase of its milita-
ry expenditure from 14% to 20%
of the national budget, which
expenditure came up to $450
million about the amount
that South Africa got from the
IMF. Everyone knows what is the
:cause of this increased mili-
tary expenditure. It is the
growing struggle in South Afri-
ca against the racists, as well
as the efforts of Vorster and
the CIA to back up Ian Smith,
to hold on to Namibia and to
attack Mozambique and Angola.

IMF support of South African
military expenditure is in di-
rect contrast to their attitude
to those of Peru. There, one
of the main IMF demands has
been for the government to can-
cel its contract for the pur-
chase of arms from the Soviet
Union despite the fact that
this is on a soft loan grant-
ed by the USSR and that Peru is
constantly under threat from
the Chilean fascists.

It should be noted that in
addition to supporting the IMF
loans, the Carter administra-

China aids NATO imperialism

at military alliance.
IN THIS series we begin an examination The NATO member countries sustain,
of China's reactionary policy. Part I arm and incite the bloody racist and
discusses China's ties with imperialist fascist regime of South Africa, which
military circles in U.S. and West holds patents on and manufactures the
Europe These articles are taken from most sophisticated war weapons, now be-
a supplement to Granma dated June 11, ing used to massacre the patriots of
1978. The next article will feature Zimbabwe and the fighters of Namibia
China's counter revolutionary role in and to repress the black population
Chile, Vietnam and Angola. of Soweto and Johannesburg, bulwarks
of the apartheid system.

Peking's leaders have become the most
loyal allies of the backward world
bourgeoisie and the warmongering cir-
cles of the North Atlantic Treaty Or-
ganization, led by the United States.
In recent months, visits and contacts
between the Chinese military and NATO
dealers in war especially those of
West Germany, France, England and Ja-
pan have been stepped up.
The NATO generals are openly deli-
ghted with these visitors who passion-
ately defend maintaining the military
Ses of this aggressive pact and who
.~reservedly support strengthening a
military alliance aimed not only ag-
ainst the soicalist countries of Eu-
rope but also against the liberation
movements and progressive governments
in Afi 'ca.
Backed Portugal
It was NATO tifat sustained the colo-
riialist Portuguese regime to the very
end. Thousands of citizens of Angola,
Mozambique, Sao Tome'and Principe,
Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde were kil-
led by the bullets and shrapnel of wea-
'jannsthata. Ae romr;thq..rspnals of~.thr

* China seeks its allies in countries
such as France wh6se government has
been sending thousands of paratroopers
to intervene in Zaire to save the cor-
rupt and bloody regime of Mobutu Sese
Seko. The French air force bombs and
massacres the fighters of the POLISARIO
Front who are struggling for the inde-
pendence of Western Sahara.
Arms salesman-
In recent months, Peking has been a
mecca for every arms salesman in .the
world. The list is too long to in-
clude in its entirety, but a few ex-
amples are worth giving:
-West German General Johannes Stein-
hoff, former chairman of the Military
Committee of NATO, accompanied by Ad-
olf Kilmanzeg and Hendrich Tretner,
specialists in surprise attacks and
aerial landings. Both are, of course,
very closely linked to the revanchis-
-Manfred Woerner, current chairman of
the Federal REpublic of Germany's Bun-
destag Commission on Defense.
-Admiral Poser, former head of the
NATO Information. Service.

IAM loans to S. Africa and China's aid
to reactionary regimes in Africa helped
fill this mass grave in Angola.
-James Schlesinger, former U.S. secre-
tary of defense and current director
of the U.S. Federal Energy Agency, con-
sidered to be a Pentagon Hawk and a bi-
tter enemy of the process of interna-
tional detente.
-Marshal Neil Cameron, chief of the ge-
neral staff of the British army, who,
while in Peking-recently, stated without
any beating around the bush that the
British ard Chinese both considered the
Soviet Union to be the main enemy. Tfi-
'is led to a diplomatic flurry and pro-
test by the Soviet Government.

tion also gives other financi-
al backing to Vorster. The US
government owned Export Import
Bank for example, while prohi-
bited from advancing direct
loans to South Africa for the
purchase of American imports
has been allowed under Blumen-
thal to play a "third party"
role in private US/South Afri-
can trade. This is done by
first sending financial guaran-
tees to South Africa through
private US banks whose transac-
tions are then 'off loaded' on
the Ex-Im Bank. In this way
the finance is provided, South
Africa gets its goods, and US
hands are officially clean -
everybody is happy.


Even this is not the sum to-
tal of US official government
finance to South Africa. Un-
der Carter, the US Department
of Agriculture (USDA) has been
involved in such relations.
This is done through at agen-
cy of the USDA called the Com-
modity Credit Corporation whi-
ch advances credit to foreign
countries,the South African
racists amongst them, for the
purchase of American food.

No wonder South Africa is not
among the countries which the
US Senate is demanding be pe-
nalised economically for "hu-
man rights" violations.

Page ;

Page 8

Imperialist tacticsby revor Munroe

WE MUST understand the main tactics
of US imperialism and its local agents
in the struggle to turn back our peo-
ple. Only if we understand the main
elements in their campaign will we be
able to see the whole picture and to
expose it to working people.
The first element is economic. It is
use the IMF agreement to squeeze the .
life out of the people and to turn the
masses away from Manley and from socia-
lism. At the same time as the high
prices pressure the poor, the Bauxite
Companies and the biggest capitalists
in the JMA and in the private Sector
keep down production so that Jamaica
will fail the IMF test.
Last week in his speech to the Jp1A,
the big capitalist Mahfood was already-
digging up excuses as to why he and the
other capitalists cannot produce so
that, as he put it, "if and when Jamai-
ca fails the test, the blame will not
be put on us"
Pat on the back

The second element of the imperia-
list strategy is also economic. But
whereas in the first the IMF and the
private capitalists squeeze the gov-
ernment and the people, in the sec-
ond the American government officials
and the leaders of other imperialist
states pat the government on the back.
According to them, the workers, the
unemployed, the youth, all of us are
doing "pretty damn good".
The smiling imperialists even "help"
us to do better last week 30 gov-
ernments and 15 international agencies
of international capitalism extended
$125 million to the Caribbean for this
year to tie us further into world
imperialis- Not a finger
-heir hope is that the
working people and their leaders will
be fooled by their smiles and will for-
get that whilst smiling up with us,
Carter and Andrew Young are not lift--
ing a finger to get the Bauxite compa-
nies to stop sabotaging our foreign
exchange earnings or to get the IMBE
to change its approach to countries
like Jamaica.


REFERENDUM Cont'd from
page 2
of the constitu- Churches.
tion without ever The WLL stated in
having tDo c-.i its release that
tae people -,-.n. no just and pro-
This could 'ive aressive solution
-h 7s -' -he of te e racial and
;awaer to susnad social prcblet s of
the holdin e Guyna is possible
elect-ons. without the unity
An extremely of the PNC and ihe
broad range cf or- PPP a unity which
canisations Inside existed when the
Guyana oppose the two forces start-
Constitution a_"end- ed their struggle
ment Bill. These against coloniali-
include the workingg sm"
People's Alliance, The WLL has
the Guyana Agricul- called on all pro-
tural Workers Union, gressive organisa-
the University of tions in Jamaica
Guyana Staff Asso- to register their
ciation and the protest against
Guyana Council of the referendum,

On the political side, the main
tactic of the imperialists is to ma-
ke their man Seaga keep quiet for the
time being. The imperialists see for
themselves that the majority of the
people don't like him and every
time he opens his. mouth, the progres-
sive movement gets another chance to
show how much he is more IMF than the
IMF. So keep him quiet no more
"renegotiate or resign"; not a word
on the Budget; keep him in the back
whilst pressuring the masses and
whilst prettying up the face of US

The second element in the politi-
cal tactic is to spread lies and propa-
ganda against the Soviet Union and
against Communism. Recently this is
evident particularly around the llth
World Festival of Youth and Students,
around Soviet aid to Africa and around
human rights in the USSR. The objec-
tive is to turn working people against
socialism and communism even at the ve-
ry moment when they are looking a way
out of capitalism and imperialism.
Thirdly the imperialists and their
agents have to make sure that the army
is fully in their control and that there
are no elements in it to spy out their
wrongs and defend the government in the
coming crisis.
This is why they are do-
ing everything to mash up the Military
intelligence Unit not because they care
anything about the youths at Green Bay
but because they are afraid of this
unit which can spy out their wrongs and
bring them to justice.

Counter the plan

Finally, the imperialists are using
corruption in the government as the main
banner to rally the opposition to Man-
The first task in fighting against
these tactics is to expose them, and
to raise working people's understand-
ing of what is going on so that we can
counter the plan to turn us back.

WLL Office

2B Marescaux Rd.

Kingston 5.

Telephone 92-21350


IN THIS issue we of the Black IMa
begin a selection magazinee of 1935
of little known which Garvey pub--
statements by Azr- lished in London.
cus Garvey, Jvami- This selection by
can's first National Garvey was written1
hero. The follow- with the Gleaner.
ing selection was and similar publi-
taken from an issue cations in mind.


The orBinary try or the other.
reading public may In fact they are
not know that the what the socialists
press, as we know call capitalists.
it, today, is not These capitalists
all that it appears control the Press
to be. This is due today only with the
to the fact that view of usiht its'
some of the most influence to pro-
tect their parti-
skilful and crimi- cular interest, and
nal -minded exploi- so most of the news
ters have become that the people
identified with the read on any parti-
institution, either cular matter af-
through direct own- fecting the public
ership or by some is generally col-
other means of do- oured or fixed up
minant control. to suit the parti-
Most of these con- cular views of
trollers are men those capitalists
who have monies in- who are interested
vested in many in- and who control the
dustrial enterpri- particular newspa-
ses in one coun- perh


Cont'd from Page 7
-Hideo Miyoshi, former chief of the
general staff of the Self-Defense For-
ces of Japan, who stated on June 9.,
197 that visits to China by Japanese
military officials would increase.
-Hisao Isashima, civilian instructor
at the Japanese National Defense Colle'
ge and a group of retired officers froa
the Self-Defense Naval Forces also paid,
a visit. At the'same time, it became
ho ,wn that the Chinese authorities were
in contact with high-ranking officers
of the Intelligence Department of the
Self Defense Land Forces of Japan.

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