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Title: Struggle
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Title: Struggle official organ of the Workers Liberation League
Uniform Title: Struggle (Kingston, Jamaica)
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 41 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Workers' Liberation League (Jamaica)
Workers' Liberation League (Jamaica)
Workers Party of Jamaica
Publisher: The League
Place of Publication: Kingston
Publication Date: June 8, 1978
Frequency: bimonthly[mar.-apr. 1986-]
biweekly[ former -july 13, 1984]
monthly[ former aug. 1984-feb. 1986]
Subject: Labor movement -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Jamaica
Summary: Struggle was published first as a mimeographed newsletter in 1974 when the Workers Liberation League was formed. It was edited by Rupert Lewis and he continued as editor when Struggle became the organ of the Workers Party of Jamaica in 1978. In the 1980s editors included Elean Thomas, Elaine Wallace and Ben Brodie. The Workers Liberation League grew out of the political initiative of academics - Trevor Munroe, Rupert Lewis as well as Don Robotham, Derek Gordon who studied in the University of Chicago in the early 1970s and were connected to activists in the Black Panther Movement and African-American radicals in the Communist Party of the United States. The latter group formed the Paul Bogle League which brought together academics, working class and community activists who read and discussed Karl Marx’s Capital and Lenin’s political writings and sought to build on Jamaica’s radical traditions in the trade union movement and in the People’s National Party from the 1930s to the 1960s. The Paul Bogle League was also involved with the formation of the University and Allied Workers Union in the early 1970s and worked with the Independent Trade Union Action Council. Politically the Workers Liberation League gave critical support to Michael Manley’s democratic socialist program in the 1970s.
Issuing Body: Vols. for -1978 issued by Workers' Liberation League; 1979- by Workers' Party of Jamaica.
General Note: Description based on surrogate of: Issue no. 28 (June 16, 1977); title from caption.
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Apr.-May 1986 (surrogate).
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stay but.....

The reactionaries in the Gleaner and Seaga
are now calling on Manley to resign. Hand in
glove with them some of the capitalists in the
PNP leadership are positioning themselves to
move Manley.
It is the duty of all working people who want
Jamaica to go forward against imperialism to
beat down the reactionary cal for Manley's
resignation and to expose anybody in the PNP
who is working with the imperialists to get rid of
The purpose of moving Manley is clear. He is
the one who led the people in the first steps
against imperialism, he remains the centre of
what resistance there is in the Government to
American imperialism and to the IMF. He still
wants land reform, worker participation,
community councils and laws to help workers
even though he can't bring himself to let go off
capitalists and even though these changes will
never come so long as he keeps them in the top
For the imperialists and the whole class of big
people, moving Manley will make it easier to
turn the country back to total big man rule over
the majority of people in the country. It will
make it easier to turn back the progressive
foreign policy of the Government, cut down ties
with Cuba, with the socialist community and
with the revolutionary movements in Africa.
This is why the WLL is firmly against any
removal of Manley. But Manley himself must
realise before it is too late that he himself is
doing much to bring about his own downfall.
Every time he backs down it encourages the
imperialists and the capitalists to attack. Being
soft at this time only encourages the enemy to be
hard. Playing up to Perez and playing down
Nascimento; putting off the laws on lay-offs, on
worker participation and on community
councils; allowing the supermarket merchants
and the big distributors to get away with
murder; dilly-dallying with land-reform;
praising Coore and Blake; treating the Gleaner
with kid-gloves; allowing corrupt politicians and
reactionary civil servants to waste the people's
money. None of this backing down is making the
imperialists love him while each time the Prime
Minister draws back another worker loses
Continuing this policy can lead to nowhere else
but to Manley being abandoned by the workers
and being moved by the imperialists acting
along with the PNP capitalists.

CIA, Bauxite Cos.

caught in plot

A PLOT to get Bauxite workers to carry out a uing.
political strike against the Government has been THIS LATEST effort
uncovered at the Kaiser plant in Discovery Bay. is part of a wider
attempt to steer
PAMPHLETS WITH the the government re- the just grievances
title "Voices Cryirg signs". of the bauxite wor-
from theWorkplace" KAISER BAUXITE kers into a politi-
were discovered on workers caught a- cal confrontation
May 19. The Pam- gents running off with the govern-
phlets called on the pamphlet in the ment.
all bauxite workers warehouse section. RECENTLY THE
to strike on June 1 The Jamaican super- executive of the
"in protest against visor of Works cal- Staff Association of
government mismanac led in the Special the Alcan Ewarton
ment and to refuse Branch and investi- Works attacked the
to resume work until gations are contin- government for not

giving larger con-
cessions to Alcan.
The Gleaner follow-
ed up with an arti-
cle by the head of
the Staff Associa-
tion defending the
Alcan management.
in particular are
known to be demand-
ing that the govern-
ment do away with the
Bauxite levy. Word
is being spread that
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PEOPLE say a firm yes to the SociaZist alternative: Workers radZy, Mony-
musk, May 28. (See report or. Centresoread)

Shearer and $60,000 pilots

Comrade Trevor
Munroe has ca-
lled on BITU Vi-
ce President, Hugh
Shearer to have no-
thing to do with
the Air Line Pil-
ots who are repor-
tedly drawing $40,
000 per year and
are demanding a 50%
The pi-
lots are also dem-
anding a big part
of their pay in
foreign eschange.
THE UAWU letter
said that 'inste-
ad of helping the-

se people to suck
the country, please
spend more time to
try to get the un-
ions to come toge-
ther to defend the
low-paid workers
against lay-offs,
against high-han-
ded management and
to demand that go-
vernment reimpose
the wage freeze
on people earning
over$16,060 per ye-

The- UAWU said
it was an econom-
ic crime for pil-
ots to be demand-

ing $60,000 per
year and to ask
for part of their
pay in the forei-
gn exchange which
is needed to but
food and medicine
poor people and lo-
wly paid workers
of every political
persuasion. By re-
fusing to fly peo-
ple to Jamaica th-
ese pilots are ad-
ding insult to in-
jury by preventing
the country from
earning more fore-
ign exchange".
An.- the Air Hso-

tesses and ground
staff of Air Jama-
ica, organised in
the NWU, have publ-
icly condemned the
Pilots' demand for
a part of their sa-
lary in foreign cu-
These wo-
rkers have also
called on the Gov-
ernment represen-
tatives and Air
Jamaica Management
to disclose the
full facts about
the present sa-
laries and benef-
its of the pilots
to the public.


June 8, 1978

Page 2

Pass lay-off law

protested the
decision of the
government to for-
get about the law
on layoffs.
IN A letter to
the Minister of
Labour, William
Isaacs, the UAWU
President, Comrade
Trevor Munroe said
the decision was a
another example of
the government giv-
ing in to pressure
from the IMF and
the capitalist
class and forget-
tina about the

workers who put the ward in June 1977
Government in pow- for amendment of
e At. the Labour Rela-
THE UAWU said that tions and Indus-

the law on lay-offs
was proposed by the
unions and the
workers in order to
check the practice
of big employers
pushing workers in-
to the street with-
out any proper rea-

went on to point
out that that this
formed part of 45
proposals put for-

trial Disputes Acl
(1975) and of the
Employment Act and
Regulations (1975)

THE UAWU has call-
ed on the govern-
ment to convene. a
meeting of all the
unions "to deter-
mine the main
priorities for
immediate legisl&-
tion from amongst
the package of

-.ARK FIUTR3 seeakir at the Press Associrtion af
S-3im-Za Cpane a-iscussion on the IMF condit-ions at
Sabster e7 .or-lal S L o,. esday,, '.u 30. Serious
j. -oi.carl strugone oo' -lace eves-, ;he majority
Smicty e eme- 's wo ar against reca progress in
tdise cosm:s,7 a :s ja-Dacked for rhe 4-ho-u
g Cstussfsi.

CIA, bsuxfie cos plot

COntd from :e CIA they hcpe D "o cur national
Page One u- ba'uit.e workers sovereignty, govern-
Sc get hese ends. ment .ust ensure
Alcar. will s...t do._
e tthae the Suecial
tn Ea-tcn nlant if -ERL LR eve
the Ewartcn lr.t if T A e Branch ourse itself
the government does attempts to draw i. o elements close to
-no bow to its de- workers outside of the CIA and the
'ands. Eauxite. British MI5 and
NO A;IMOUNT of con- FORTUNATELY, THE bring in patriotic
cessions will satis- Special Branch seems elements who are
fy the bauxite com- to be making little able to deal effect-
panles. They are head-way in the case ively with the intri-
determined to force To effectively' tac- gues of imperialism
'anley's resigaaticn kle cases like these and reaction.
S-ol1~iaboration wii :which are'" a th'reaet e S
........-.>". ***.* .....ify .* -. .'**. r.'. *.. ,.'*..V f; J ''***,-,.*

Investigate J

ER of JOS wo- eruption was the day or find the hi-
told Strug- main reason at the gh fares being ch-'
is week that root of the many arged by some"ro-
vernment sh- disruptions of the bot" and other
arry out a service. And that ,rivate transport
gh investi- under the present operators.
into the situation, the pub- W rker t
ment and lic the majority Workers ta -
ions of the of JOS workers, the Some workers we-
nd take st- government and the re telling STRUGGLE
wipe out country were going ther views after
rruption at to suffer even more Mond (June 5 o -
p levels in than has been hap- Monay June 5) wh-
eopny pening. en over 500 work-
s company. penng.ers stormed th
workers Many workers and ars stormed th
Sb school children ha- office and attack-
ve either had to ed JOS chairman,
ntwalk miles each Cesley Sampson,

gle th
the go
ould c
JOS, a
eps to
the co
the to
the bu
said ti


SManaging Director,
Allan Mo-re and
Traffic Divisio-
nal Manager, Fred
The JOS manage-
ment had announced
that the buses wo-
o uld be back on the
road that day at
7.00am The wor-
kers and one of
their Unions, the
NWU, charged how-
ever that while
the crews turned
up for work, the
management had not
kept up its end of
the agreement by
ensuring that the
buses were servic-
ed so that they
could roll at 7.00
am. For this de-
adline to be met,
the workers say,
the management st-
aff would have to
be called out much
earlier. On top
of this, the work-
ers report, the
Management docked
their pay.
One worker, in-
terviewed by the
News Media, said:
"Something wrong.
Shy them dont wa-
nt the buses on
the road.

A whole fleet
Another worker
said:" A hope th-
em dont use this
beat-up to cover
up the corruption
tzat going on.
Them wont send ouT
the bus dem beca-
use theri,thermself
"' e them whole
ahea a taxi and
in-Lous. Teem
Slwnays tLk.J D'.'t
'river who .ave a
taxi on the side
and that we irre-
sponsible. But
who talking O.ou
the bigman dem who
have whole fleet
a ri-nbus ?"

u;s-i De doubly i-
3ilant at this time.
They must cole t-h
demand for better
wages with a call
for government
nationalization of
bauxite and an end
to the IMF agree-
ment. Without full
control of the
bauxite indsutry,
the league must wam
these CIA intrigues
cannot be stopped.

By Mark FIgueroa
THE POSITION which says that the pro-
blem of the country arises from too imu
consumption by the poor is a common
capitalist argument. At the PAJ panel
discussion last week leading PSOJ Spoke
man Tony Johnson put forward the view
that black people in Jamaica eat better
than black people anywhere in the world
except the U.S.
What are the real facts? A 1975
government survey shows that food
supplies were sufficient to meet nation-
al needs if these were equitably dis-
tributed. The calorie (food energy)
supply available was one-third above
scientifically determined requirements
for the population. Protein require-
ments were two-thirds above. To secure
adequate supply nutritionists recom-
mend a figure of at least one half a-
above requirements.

The rke
The problem is that the people do not
share equally in this food supply. The
low income families who number seven ol
of every ten persons were deficient by
nearly one third in energy and one-sixtd
in protein consumption. The next group
of people, about two in every ten per-
sons probably consume only just enough
to satisfy their needs. Excessive con-
surption is undoubtedly concentrated in
the top 10 percent of income earners in
the society, but unfortunately data was
only available for the consumption of
the top 30 percent.

ING top 30 per cont

As it was, the top 30 percent consumes
.-nearly three times the energy required
and nearly four times the proten 're-
;uirement. Looked at from another;
angles the bottom 70 percent consumes -
only 40 percent of the anereine oer-
aent of the protein, wiile the top 30
iercnt consumes 6o0 erctnt of the
.nerqv and 65 percent of the protein.
In fact, if the top 30 percent, had
their 'ievel of consumption cut t6 the
level of.the bottom 70 percent there
would be a saving of nearly one half of
food energy and protein consumed,

Other nutrition indicators are just
as striking
(li Mortality among 1-4 yr. olds is
4.5/1100 or twice the level in Barba-
dos, Trinidad or Puerto Rico.
(2) Almost one half. of pregnant and
nursing mothers are anaemic (have Iron
(3) One third of the pre-school
children do'not receive enough food
(4) About one-fifth oI children under
four years old are significantly
under weight.
The capitalists are certainly satis- ,a
fled with their level of cPnsumptin m.
But virtually no ofr else could e'
satisfied with the consae.ption level
ok the great A

Protect people

from capitalists

* Merchants overcharging

SPeople take action against hoarding

* Government must act

TH3 WOP/ TH WOPIERS Li- The present act-
beration League has i o thee big
said that Govern- mns ow these big
ment must take st- ne were making it
mestmusrt t e clearer and clearer
eps to protect the to the working pe-
poor from the wan- ople that the in-
ton profiteering
ton profiteering terests of the big
now being caie merchants and capi-
cut by the big wh- talists in Jamaica
o r, u talists in Jamaica
olesalers, super-
market owners and are totally opposed
to the welfare of
manufacturers the majority of the
In a public sta- people.
tement, last week
the WLL condemned "The country ca-
nnot afford to tol-
the overcharging, erate their profit-
with-holding of
supplies and se- eering activity any
supplies and se- longer", the WLL
lling of black- said.
market goods to
market goods to And over the pa-
higglers being
carried out by the st two weeks, sect-
big capitalists, ions of the working
These actions people have been
are a logical co- taking initiati-
nsequence of the ves to beat back
IMF conditions, wh- the profiteering
ich free up prices of the supermarket
and encourage pro- owners, for examp-
fiteering by the le:
big capitalists." At Lane Supermarket
Many basic items (off Constant Spr--
are being sold at ing Road) last week,
nore than three consumers stormed
times the control- the store-room wh-
led price Dealers ere they saw boxes
hoard to wait for apon boxes of so-
more price increase ap powder The
The WLL asked supermarket owner
what was the Priv- had insisted th-
ate Sector Organi- ere was none. Fa-
sation and the Ch- ced with the det-
amber of Commerce ermination of the
doing to stop this people police had
criminal activity to take out the
against the working soap powder and
people, share it up.

In the same week,
in Old Harbour,
consumer action fo-
rced Prices' Insp-
ectors to take the
soap out of the
supermarket store-
room and throw it
out to the people.
At Kong's super-
market in Lionel
Town, consumers saw
the supermarket ow-
ner giving soap
and other scarce
items to his sp-
ecial people. Th-
ey investigated
the storeroom,
found it full of
scarce items. Th-
ey took what they
needed and paid
for it.
Reports from St.
Ann are similar.
Here the people
called on their
Councillors to in-
vestigate the st-
ore room. Of cou-
rse, soap was in
abundance. The Co
uncillors ordered
that the goods be
placed on the sh-
elves and people
were able to buy
them .
The latest rep-
ort are that the
supermarket owners
are now hunting foi
new warehouses
away from the sup-
ermarket to hide
scarce goods.

r rL can; C at fiou'. c-uz i.'w' i nuer. MoKers
oa5ino- flour at the docks last week.

. .2------- M u Road ,.n 1n5

Get your copy of Socialism! April,1978
2b Marescaux RoadlKingstons

SOME of the equipment whicSh 's ome fro Cua, a to b ";
the six schools.

Cuban gift schools

equipment arrive
THE CUBAN PEOPLE is gift. They ev- k'e prices go sky
ARE CONTINUING TO en put forward ar- high and put more
SHOW their concern gilments that the pressure on the
for the Jamaican Cubans were going working people.
people. to train people There will be no
Recently the fi- and that the idea control of worker,
rst of three ship- of building a sc- wages and all the
ments of equipment hool was a fake. rest of oppressive
and materials to It is the same way terts that the IMF
build 6 schools they tried to sla- is demanding. In-
arrived at Western nder the Cuban do- stead there will be
Terminal wharves. ctors. more well needed
These include lum- The fact is that schools for our
ber, tractors, tr- the Jose Marti sc- children. The ca-
ucks, 22,000 bags hool is providing pitalist give all
of cement, steel education for over tteir support to
etc. 500 of our youths. the IMF and curse
Many of us who do While we all know socialist aid. Our
not have a short the excellent med- country needs more
memory will remem- ical service the genuine aid, and
ber the hell of people of Westmo- not bait that br-
a noise' that the reland are gett- ings more misery
capitalist made ov- ing. and holds back our
er the Jose Marti The people of country's struggle
school at Twicken- Jamaica will not for true indepen-
ham Park when it suffer any hardsh- dence.
was announced that ip from this aid. Long live the
the Cubans were go- There will be no Cuban Revolution.
ing to give us th- develuation to ma-

New Soviet Ambassador

calls on PM Manley
T'HE FIRST resi- During the half
dent Ambassador hour discussions
from the Soviet a the Ambassador and
Union to Jamaica, Prime 'Linister
HisExcellency, i MaSnley cove red a
Dimitrov Mussins wide range of
paid a courtesy topics, including
call on Prime the situation in
Minister Manley Africa, the strug-
last week. gle for a new
PRI-ME M!:ISTER international
Manley greeted che order nd the
oamassador and a areements for

ment was a w e c, ne las ls oil 3 re]- :I o ati
and hjSi oric occl- ci7n9 tsorea C,.- ,se C -'
sion tor Jamaica. esxtuin whi- sce tne *ivtle union.
He said our coun- Soviet Union. The St!at the acin task,
in this respect,
was to now trans
late these agree-
ments into action.
The WLL welcomes
the new Soviet

Page 4

Origin of


Aiong with the constantly diminish-
i, number of magnates of capital, who
usurye and monopolise all advantages of
this process of transformation, grows
the mass of misery, oppression, slave
2r, deradation, exploitation; but with
This too grows the revolt of the work-
i- class, a class always increasing in
rn.bers, rand disciplined, united, orga-
nised by the very mechanism of the pr-
ocess of capitalist production itself
nhe monopoly of capital becomes a fet
ter upon the mode of production,which
has sprung up and flourished along wi-
h ard under it. Centralization of
the means of production and socializa-
vin of labour at last reach a point
whEre they become incompatible with th-
eir capitalist integument. This inte-
- ernt is burst asunder. The knell of
capitalist private property sounds.
Th& expropriators are expropriated."
(Karl Marx)

The ran who developed these ideas was
a Jew named Karl Marx who wrote
the Communist Manifesto in 1848, just
10 years after emancipation. For the
first time in human history ideas of
freedom and justice were not just put
forward on paper, but were linked up
with a definite human force the pro-
letariat which would implement them.
"The philosophers", wrote Marx, had un-
derstood the world, the point however
was to change it".

From time immemorial mankind has drea-
med of a world free of exploitation and
poverty and disease, a world of happin
ess and light. But for a long time th-
ese remained mere dreams. Many of the
ideas of freedom and justice which gr-
eat thinkers wrote about remained on
paper. There was no force in the real
world capable of bringing them to life.
Not that people had not struggled for
freedom. Just as there were revolts by
our forefathers against slavery from the
1640s, so, in the rest of the world, pe-
ople struggled to overthrow their oppre-
ssors. In fact, ever since man started
to exploit man, that is, from the down-
fall of communal society in Asia, Afri-
ca, Europe and America from that time,
about 2,500 years ago mankind began
the struggle for freedom.
But this struggle, though promising
much and raising the hopes of the peo-
ple to the highest, always seemed, wh-
en the battles were over, to lead to
ew and more severe systems of exploit-
ation. I* -


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$ at ',Vonj aiste'n intend' f

WITH A determined
and nilitar.t spirit
which reminded many
of the pre-election
1976 Rallies, some
1,000 workers,
small farmers and
youth at the Mony-
musk Rally on May
28, chanted
IMF NO'. For
minutes after WLL
General Secretary,
Comrade Trevor
Munroe spoke on the
real meaning of the
IMF conditions and
the Socialist alter-
THE RALLY was put
on by the Clarendan
Senior Members Coum-
cil to observe the
40th Anniversary d
the workers' strug-

gles of 1938.
Main speakers were
Minister of Youth,
Sports and Communi-
ty Development,
Hugh Small and
Comrade Munroe
told the workers
that it was not
enough to come
to Rallies, listen
to speeches and
then go home.
These were times' of
serious attacks frcm
imperialism and the
local big capi-
talists and the
more advanced work-
ers had to prepare
the others to stazd
up and fight.
from the 1938 strug-
gles, Comrade

Munroe said that
there were workers
who were only pre-
pared to complain
and grumble who
stood outside of
the struggle but
were the first to
stretch their hand
for benefits when
the struggle was
won. Some work-
ers were afraid.
"WE WILL not be
able to take the
alternative road
unless the serious
workers start to
deal with those
workers who are
not so serious and
conscious". Com-
rade Monroe said.
alternative would
need the unity of

the working people
and the firmness
of purpose of 'an--
ley and the Govern-
ternative would be
benefit the mass of
the working people
and not the imperi-
alists and big capi-
talists, these
forces would fight
it bitterly.
said "...the work-
ers and the Prime
Minister, in parti-
cular, would have
to get more serious
and don't treat
those people with
soft hand and-kid
gloves (shouts of
agreement from the

"It we took the alternative I am sure that
you the workers, you the small farmers, you
the women, you the youths, would give every
support" (Cheers) Comrade Munroe
at Monymusk rally

Secret US document on

Manley exposed

PRO; TEIE VERY beginning when he be-
ame President of the United States,
Carter changed the policy of open de-
stabilization that was backfiring on
:p But while smiling up to Manley he
ias working behind the scenes to get
:id of him.
Rotlyn Cortor
In March 1977, Carter's wife Rosalyn
:ame to Jamaica and publicly was full
:i praise for .anley, saying how much the
,-ierican govcrni'. nt wanted to cooperate
lth him and wi ti Janaica.
But it was all a face card. Rosalyn
,irter had been briefed from an offi-
lial American government entitled NO

; tLi document, the Carter govern-
ent analyses Manley as a leader who is
i.ti-,inperialist and who wants to
lake Jamaica independent of American
Gt rid of him
The document concludes that while
playing up to Manley, no Ftone must be
Left unturned in working behind the
scenes to get rid of him.
Later on in 1977, Andrew Young, Car-
ter's Amnbassador to the United Nations
had long talks with the Prime Minister.
,e too inpressed many Jamaicans ai a
friend of Jamaica. .ut at the br',ak-
fast with the leaders of the JLP the
ay after talking to Manley, Youn, wa!sa
boastinra to Seaga, "!lnl e tilnks he
'.as fooled nr-, but he's rig. We konew

Question time

Who in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
gave orders, forJamaica not to denoun-
ce Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay for
relations with South Africa at the re-
cent conference of Non-Aligned Foreign
Ministers held in Havana?

Why was the Prime Minister of Angola
net only by Howard Cooke and a low le-
vel civil servant in the Foreign Mini-
stry on his return to Jamaica on Satur-
Lday June 3rd?

whore he stands."
Since those early days of"courtship
the marriage has got increasingly ro-
cky. Hard line elements in the admin-
istration, the CIA and US military have
begun stepping up their activity in the
Szlly Shelton, a Carter appointee in
the State Do -irtment who accompanied
Andrew Young to Jamaica, in an address
to the Institute of Policy Studies -e-
cently admitted that there were many
areas where agencies like the Depart-
ment of the Treasury, Defence and the
CIA acted on their own and quite indep--
endently of the State Department. but
with the full knowledge of Carter and
his staff.
Encouraged coup
In the Dominican Republic recently,
the CIA and American military encou-
raged a coup against the opposition
party which was winning the elections.
But at the last minute the State Depa-
rtment came out against the coup when
it was clear that it lacked the neces-
sary support.
CIA in West Kington
In Jaraica, there are increasing si-
gns that the CIA is stepping up their
activity. Reports from West Kingston
tell of American Erbassy personnel ma-
'ing frequent visits to certain places
in Lhe West. C agents are trying to
i.rnmote a viLit of the exiled Crown
bi. r.n-e of iopia to Janr'itac. So far
there are no takers. But the CIA isr't
i ivi ng up.

the imperialists like to
tell us that internat-
ional lending agencies li-
ke the World Bank are ag-
encies of the United Na-
tions and belong to all me-
mber countries.
But what is really hap-
pening with these institu-
tions? Let us take the Wor
id Bank.
The World Bank, set uo
in 1944 to make loans to
member countries,has air
ways been aun by a Pres-
ident nominated by the
U.S. -The present Presi-
.dent is Robert McNamara.
The World Bank headqu-
arters is located in Wa-
shington right down the
road from the White
House, US State Depart-
ment and the US Treasury.

- tisv man ?ran-
Ify is an i's and,

The U.S. has 22 percent
of the votes in the World
Bank even though it con-
tributes only 2-3 percent
of the money.
Now the U.S. has adop-
ted a policy of opposing
loans to progressive cou-
ntries under the guise of
"human rights". Preside-
nt Carter has instructed
the U.S. delegates to the
World Bank and other re-
gional lending institut-
ions such as the Inter-
American Development Bank
and the Asian Development
Bank to oppose loans to Vi-
etnam, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba,
Angola and Mozambique. But
no mention is made of Chi-
le, Sout' Korea, Brazil, Ha-
iti and other fascist mili-
tary dictatorships


The cost of printing Struggle has gone up. The
cost of printing one Struggle Is now more than
ten cents but the price of Struggle will remoin
at ten cents. This imposes a big responsibility
on all comrades to sell more copies and to
raise funds for our paper

Ctr'.lIO Muril .
Johnron, (Gneral
Secretary ', the
UW,4T, ,-il] 1 her
urn on' r reresntrn-
tiv:: t the con-
er-en-.' Cf GAWU ti
'"uyarna Agricultucat
Workers Union) onr
Jun e li.

Comrade RLuerT
[iewia, AiitLtr nir
'trugqle was.; Cgu:',,
speakerr -it the
monthly meit:irL-r
thl Clarencdl n
Senior Me:nb r F
Cobrnc'il on juner 'r.
Hf spoke on thr,
"ILF and t rn Altr--
natir. r ".
Juner 16 marrk-s t:,-
2nd yar I-rn,:e the
Soweto :aasacro by
racist i.outh Afri-
can: trrohops.
or, that: day over,
600 South Aricc;n
Ib'lck wer- killed
ad thousands ./:.',U

irl thait cantry.
the iisier which
rzrovoked the
demonstration was
a protest over
Africaans language
instruction in cer-
tain Subjects in
Black Schools.
Africaans is the
language of the
W.if oIwtc d
Workers at Nutriti-
on Products Ltd.
have elected new
workers to the Boa-
rd of Directors.
The two workers
,chosen are Bros.
Patrick Mitchell
(production worker)
and Clive Penny-
Cooke from clerical
and administrative
staff. A third wo-
rker is to be elec-
ted next week.

Workers of Tanners
Ltd. have stopped
working all over-
time until the man-
agement replies mo-
re seriously to the
UAWU claim for in-
creased wages and
other benefits.

NUSn imperialitsmendth

I WorldBank 'g

Page 6

Why do reactionaries


AS THE llth World
Festival of Youth
and Students dr-
aws closer react-
ionary propaganda
against Cuba and
the Festival is
intensifying both
abroad and in Ja-
As the reactiona-
ry campaign the
Festival unfolds
more and more pr-
essure is being br-
ought to bear on go-
vernments which -
are supporting th-
eir youth towards
the Festival. The
reactionary media
in Jamaica's case,
the Gleaner, have
started to step up
their propaganda to
confuse people ab-
out the nature of
the Festival Move-
ment and its obj-

What is

the Festival

The World Festi-
val Movement of Yo-
uth and Students
started over thir-
ty years ago after

the F
the second world
war. Youth from
all over the world
came together to
struggle for peace
and against imperr
ialist oppression.
The movement is ma-
de up of young peo-
ple of different
political, philo-
sophical and reli-
gious beliefs. Th-
ere are Christians,
Communists, Social
democrats; they co-
me from sports or-
ganisations, scien-
tific organisatio-
ns; there are art-
ists, journalists,
trade unionists.
The Movement is
a broad Movement
of youth and stu-
dents. The common
link between these
young people is th-
at they are anti-
imperialsit. They
all support the th-
eme for this years
Festival Movement
'For Anti-Imperia-
list solidarity,
peace and friendsh-

What it means
What this means
is that they all
would like to see
multinational co-

estival movement

mpanies like the
bauxite companies
we have here stop
robbing their coun-
tries' and other
poor countries'
wealth; they all
want an end to the
economic hardships
brought on by the
imperialist count-
ries and their ins-
titutions like the
IMF; they all want
their people to ha-
ve adequate hous-
ing food and emp-
The Gleaner and
the reactionary pr-
ess all over the
world are seeking
to frighten peo-
ple away from the
Festival because
Communists are pa-
rt of the Movement.
And this is indeed

Communists have
always been in the
forefront of the
struggles of oppr-
essed people all
over the world aga-
inst imperialist
domination and in
support of natio-
nal liberation in
Africa, Asia, Lat-
in America In

our own country we
know the assistan-
ce that has come
from Cuba without
any strings and
conditions which
bring more hardsh-
ip to our people.
It is therefore not
surprising to fi-
nd that they play
a leading role in
organising and pr-
omoting this anti-
imperialist festi-

At the same time
communist youth are
but a part of that
broad alliance of
young people who
recognise that
international so-
lidarity of all
oppressed people
is required if the
struggle against
imperialism is to
be successful.
In Jamaica
The Festival move-
ment in Jamaica is
no different. The
Jamaica National
Preparatory Commri-
ttee is made up of
twenty five organi-
sations representi-
ng a broad cross-
section of youth.
Some of the memh-

ers are the Senior
Members Council re-
presenting youth
clubs from all pa-
rishes; Carifolk
Singers; the Jam-
aica Union of Te-
rtiary Students;
the National Sec-
ondary Schools
Cultural Group
from Westmoreland;
and the Caribbean
Ecumenical Youth
The only section
of Jamaican Youth
which is not among
these 25 organisa-
tions Youth Fo-
rces for National
Liberation ,(Maoi-
st) Revolutionary
Marxist League
(Trotskyite) and
Young Jamaica(JLP).
They were all in-
vited to be mem-
bers of the NPC
but chose not to
Since the Jam-
aica NPC was form-
ed two years ago,
thousands of yo-
uth have partici-
pated in Festiv-
al activities in
meetings, discuss-
ions, seminars,
slide shows and

In keeping with
its commitment to
the anti-imperia-
list struggle of
the people of
Southern Africa,
for the New Int-
ernational Econom-
ic.Order, against
fascism and for
the right of self
determination and
independence of
all countries the
government of Ja-
maica has been su-
pporting the Fes-
tival. The Hono-
rary President
of the NPC is Pr-
ime Minister, Mic-
hael Manley.
Reacti ry
The local and
reactionary ca-
mpaign against
the Festival
has now inten-
sified because of
the broad scope of
the Movement and
the wide support
it has been rece-
iving. This is
to be expected as
it is the imperi-
alists and their
'local friends who
will be condemn-
ed at this meet-
ing in Cuba.

MOM& -~ I JNPC meets




on ship

R icardo Laror, radio,
S-operator of the Cuban
Ship Bahia de Nie and
a member of the ships
Co mi Lsr";ee

Donald (leftY of. thf
JNPC Theshiprdocked
2 in Jamraiccq lst W;ek,
br gingg equipment
and materials for the 6
c.\ A. Cuban gift schools to and exchange ideas on
be built here. Members preparations for the
of the JNPC took the Festival with the ship's
opportunity to meet Festival Committee.

XI World Festival of

Youth and Students

Havana, Cuba July 28 to August 5

Page 7



in Angola

LAST 4EEK Lopo do Nascimento, Pri-
me Minister of the Peoples Republic of
Angola visited Jamica.
Prime Minister Nascimento held talks
with Prime Minister Manley, looked at a
Sites and Services project:and spoke to
the Jamaican news media about hosw te
revolution was progressing in Angola.
Prime Minister Nascimento spoke of the
high regard and esteem in which the An-
gblan Government and people held the PRIME MINISTER Lopo do Nascimento (left)
Cuban Government and people. This year and Housing Minister, Anthony Spaulding
7,000 Cuban technicians including 500 at Mountain View Sites and Services
Cuban doctors, are helping the Angolan Project.
people to rebuild their economy and Angola, and he has been pushing Congress
country. Under the leadership of the leaders to agree to a plan to send arms
MPLA, significant advances are being and money secretly to UNITA.
made in the interest of the Angolan Even before these plans came to light,
people. Education and health services it was known that French, German and So-
are free. These advances have been made uth African arms and money,worth over
in the face of the most bitter and con- $40 million a year was being sent to
tinuing attacks by imperialism and its Guerilla movements with American back-
agents within Africa. ing.
From its very birth, the Angolan State Mamibia
has had to face the open aggression of
the United States, its allies in NATO, France from the start tried to prevent
and South Africa. the MPIA from coming to power. It crea-
ted and financed the Cabinda liberation
CIA arns to UNITA movement to capture Angolan oil for Fr-

Recent revelations from former CIA
agents establish beyond doubt that the
CIA was funneling arms to UNITA gueri-
llas and sending mercenaries to fight
against the MPLA before a single Cuban
soldier was involved.
The Carter administration, using And-
rew Young as a face card, tried to give
the impression it would leave Angola al-
one. But Carter now admits that for
some time now he has beer seeking to
help UNITA to attack the Angolan gover-
nment. Carter has complained openly to-
the press and Con ressional leaders ab-
out restrictions pur on by Congress, c-,
rican -r-litarr, secret operations i

-----a m occ, vosarrcua my a/rwar 20, C
,Zaire. Is this what Chinese are suppor-
t ting?

Did You Know?
THAT FRANCE -is a major imperialist
lower in Africa?
France has military bases in
Senegal, Gabon, Ivoiy Coast, Chad,
Djibouti, Comoro Islands, Malagasy
Islands which gan potentially con-
trol all of West 4nd Central Africa
and the Indian Ocean.
S..QW$ 15,ld.Fr.ench troopsare sta-
ni safr af__^ric ;e*nnn -,, r.' a*'-

Soviet aid

to Africa
MATERIAL POLIT- cannery, saw
ICAL and moral meat packing
support has been refrigeratio
rendered by the ant. In Nig
Soviet Union, in Soviet geolo
some form or oth- along with t
er, to practica- Nigerian col
lly all African ues discover
nations which ha- posits of ir
ve won independe- and coal and
nce. Soviet Union
The Soviet helping to b
people continue a 1.3 million
to support in ev- steel plant.
ery way the str- Trllinq
uggle waged by the The Soviet U
peoples of Zimba- also assists
bwe, Namibia and ca in traini
South Africa. Under coloni
Drawing on this Africa was d
solidarity and erately star
assistance the skilled loca
people of Angola sonnel. Wit
were able to re- viet assists
pulse the imperi- educational
alist aggression lishments in
and consolidate 14 higher in
their republic. tions, 13 se
Economic, sci- schools and
entific, techno- cational tra
logical and cul- ,centre hav,

tural cooperation set up,

ench oil companies.
All these countries have been using
Namibia as a major channel for routing
the arms, money and supplies to their
guerilla forces. The recent South Af-'
rican invasion of Angola which took
over 600 lives was launched from Namibia. ,--~. t-dnts beinC t h~
This is one of the reasons why South Af--` s^, 7- tors.
rica and the NATO countries do not want
SWAPO to take over in Namibia with African cou- ds of Sc
It is clear that it is only the cou- ntries is also an urers ar
rageous and principled presence of Cu- expression of int- work in
bar. troops in Angola at the request of ernational solid- schools
President Neto that has prevented a arity. The Soviet gas. Th
general invasion of Angola by South Af- Union has conclu- 13,300
rican and NATO supported forces. ded agreements on dents s-
aconoric and tech- t U

hla al I

NEW ,.INA news
Agency reports that
China supported Fr-
ench and Belgian
invasion of Zaire
to protect its ri-
ches for imperial-
The Chinese Fore-
ign Minister Huang
Hua is reported as
saying "China will
firmly support Za-
ire in its strugg-

S- to rcpl- &.c.
Soviet-C'Uba nmerce-

The Chinese- For-
eign Minister in an
unprecedented smove
flew to Zaire to
link up with the
imperialist puppet
His first state-
ment denounced the
Soviet Union.

Djibouti, 4,000 in Senegal and 2,000
in Chad?
t- France has intervened militarily in
Africa five times in the last year?
In Zaire twice, Chad, Senegal and-
French companies own 50% of the
Ivory Coast economy, 65% of;Gabon
55% of the Cameroon and 57% of Senegal?
- France depends on oil from Gabon ,
uranium from Niger and phosphate
i9'":p phbs,&l'... '" -

i cal cooperation
Switch mcst African
Vl ole asi-
.tance of the ;o-
viae Uioai over
400 projects are
being built with
industrial ente-
rprises account-
ing for seven out
of every ten. Th-
ese enterprises
are run by the
state sector of
these countries.
In Guinea the
Soviet Union took
part in the buil-
ding of a bauxite
minina complex. a

an pl-
ed de-
on ore
n ton

ved of
.1 per-
h So-
nce 99
72 vo-

Ant hn r-i -

viet lect-
nd teachers
aed colle-
ere are now
Afridan stu-
tudying in

Th-is economic
csceration helps
urhe African; peopl-

international mo-
-opolies to impose
unequal relations
orn tne, and cre- favcurabie
conditions for
carrying forward
progressive poli-
cies such as na-
tionalization of
natural resources,
cooperative deve-
lopment and state
control over'the
key economic sec-

Send your letters and
articles to

Editor P.O.
Box 187
Kingston 7


~% u-- c~Irk?-r'Rs nyVS-'V .1~~c. I~_ =n g I I F:Cp ;,'' -- I


by Trevor Munroe
General Secretary, W.L.L.

WHETHER WE or any other country bow
to the IMF or throw off the oppres-
sion and take a revolutionary road
does not depend on the Prime Minister
alone. It depends as well on how seri-
ous the serious workers are.
Are they bowing to propaganda or are
they out there educating the workers
who are interested to learn and beating
down those who are direct agents of the
Right now there are too many serious
workers drawing into themself and com-
plaining that the rest are too back-
ward. This doesn't make sense because
not only in Jamaica but in every capi-
talist country there are always back-
ward workers who everyday are look-
inc something for nothing. Sometimes
they have the loudest mouth always
bawling about how things are hard and
how much they can't take the pressure
any more.
But when the struggle for better and
against injustice break out, whether
to bring in a union, or a strike or a
demonstration they are nowhere to be
fcnd. Sometimes you catch them hiding
ir. the back trying not to make the
car.ial'ist see them or going around the
corner to the capitalist telling him

how they are not involved and how much
they are willing to work but the other
workers are stopping them.
These are the cowards who spy for the
capitalist and who carry news. Yet
these culprits who don't put out any-
thing and who try to sabotage are the
very same ones who are the first to
come forward and stretch out their hard
for benefits when the struggle is over.
Every conscious worker knows these
backward workers because they are in
every workplace, in every factory, on
every farm. Every conscious worker al-
so knows that there is no struggle for

better that can get anywhere unless you
put these workers under manners. If
you leave them oneside or don't pay
them any mind they get stronger and
stronger and sabotage every struggle
for bread and justice.
Nowadays these cowards are the
main ones who are coming out into the
open and saying "Socialism mashing up
the country", "Manley and Munroe mash
up Jamaica", "We want Eddie the prophet"
This capitalist propoganda is getting
stronger and too many serious workers
are drawing into their shell instead
of fighting the propaganda. JUST
No sense complaining that more work-
ers are listening to Seaga; what are
you doing to get then to know them-
self, to show them Seaga's true
colours, that he is more IMF than the
No sense complaining that workers do
not understand what capitalism or com-

Perez friendship: What


THE PAST two weeks
iave seen the
vLsi' to Jamnica of
two scioil democr-
atic leaders, Prime
:.17i:t 1i Cd\-.r Nor-
S NcNrvav a.n'
President Carlcs
-udres I-erez of
These visits by
social democra-
ric leaders who
Ironcte a model of
liberal capitalism
and seek to count-
er the influence of
the socialist wor-
ld are supported
by ,UL.S. imperia-
Perez while here
took the opportun-
ity of promoting
the Venezuela -
US idea of a Carib-
bean Conscrtiur in-
cluding fascist Br-
azil, Mexico and
Colusmia to encou-
rage aid, and fo-
reign private in-
vestment in Jama-
ica .
SIn his press con-
ference, President
Perez was cite op-

propaganda during VISIT to Perez.

en about the inte-
ntion of this Cari-
bbean Consortium.
Its aim was to "di-
minish the influe-
nce of socialist
countries". With-
out such aid prog.-
raris, Perez said,
"democracy rurs
the risk of losing
The danger of tr-
ying to find a co-
urse between soc-
ialism, social de-
rocracy and imp-

erialism was shown
up in Prime Mini-
ster Manleys' Press
Asked about his
friendship with Fi-
del Castro, Manley
replied that Jam-
aica makes frien-
ds with all coun-
tries who will tre-
at us on principle.
"One of these lea-
ders that we call
a friend is Fidel
Castro. Another,

Nyerere, Pierre Tr-
deau, Callaghan.
Closest and firmest
of all and for whom
we have the deepest
affection is Perez"
In reality, inc-
reasing pressures
are going to be
put on Manley to
cool his relations
with the socialist
countries as the
price of- continued

munism means when you yourself are not
reading STRUGGLE, getting more politi-
cal knowledge, explaining to other
workers and selling then the paper.
Now is not the time to take NO for an
answer with some workers you have to
keep on them, even force them to see
the very facts which are for their ow.
Now is the tire for serious workers
to understand the IMF argument inside
out to show that it is imperialism
not Manley that cause the present cri-
sis; to show that Manley's fault is
that he is too soft with the capitalist
to explain what is the alternative and
to show how Seaga is trying to fool
the people.
Every day, every lunch hour and eVel
break time serious workers have to etr-
plain the facts. To explain you must
understand and to understand you have
to read socialist books, get STRtGGIE'
newspaper, listen to socialist broadi-
casts, go to progressive rallies and
meetings, beat down reactionary argu-
Unless we do our work when the IMP
demands more price increases, more
taxes, more devaluation, more wage
freeze for workers and higher profits
for capitalists when this happens,
the people will turn back to Seaga and
slavery instead of throwing off the
IMF and going forward to socialism. i
we fail to do our part in beating down
the argument of the backward workers
and in making more workers conscious,
each of us will have to be blamed for
enslavement that will come.

Scientific socialism
(From Page 4
The great bourgeois revolutionaries
vowed to rid their countries and the
world of classes and to build a socie-
ty on the basis of "liberty, equality
and fraternity". For this, thousands
of working people gave their lives.
But when feudal society was overthrow.,
it ras liberty, equality and fraternity
for the rich which was established and
a crust of bread for the poor. A new
economic system capitalism sprang
up. It created an entirely new ruling
class with wealth hitherto unknown in
th, world and at the same time drove
th. nass of the people into dungeons c
squalor and filth, also to depths hith
rt., unknown. There seemed to be no hoji
Jut hope there was. For out of this
very class of propertyless people, dria
ve;n from factory to factory in search
work, herded into the workplaces inla
ge masses and disciplined by the dietar
es of the process of capitalist pro :
ion itself, was to come the only real
force capable of overturning the so-
ial system and ridding it of the ric.
Vhat is more, since they did not oW.
aey means of production, a victory foe
them as a class would not create a rna
class system, but would make thelmeaS
of production public that is, put tbe
in the hands of the whole working peop-
le Thus not only would capitalist so
ciety be abolished, but the death keoll
would have been sounded for all forms 0
class society, for all types of oppress
ion, racial discrimination and exploita

WLL Office

2B Marescaux Rd.

Kingston 5.

Telephone 92-21350

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