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Title: Struggle
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Title: Struggle official organ of the Workers Liberation League
Uniform Title: Struggle (Kingston, Jamaica)
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 41 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Workers' Liberation League (Jamaica)
Workers' Liberation League (Jamaica)
Workers Party of Jamaica
Publisher: The League
Place of Publication: Kingston
Publication Date: December 1, 1977
Frequency: bimonthly[mar.-apr. 1986-]
biweekly[ former -july 13, 1984]
monthly[ former aug. 1984-feb. 1986]
Subject: Labor movement -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Jamaica
Summary: Struggle was published first as a mimeographed newsletter in 1974 when the Workers Liberation League was formed. It was edited by Rupert Lewis and he continued as editor when Struggle became the organ of the Workers Party of Jamaica in 1978. In the 1980s editors included Elean Thomas, Elaine Wallace and Ben Brodie. The Workers Liberation League grew out of the political initiative of academics - Trevor Munroe, Rupert Lewis as well as Don Robotham, Derek Gordon who studied in the University of Chicago in the early 1970s and were connected to activists in the Black Panther Movement and African-American radicals in the Communist Party of the United States. The latter group formed the Paul Bogle League which brought together academics, working class and community activists who read and discussed Karl Marx’s Capital and Lenin’s political writings and sought to build on Jamaica’s radical traditions in the trade union movement and in the People’s National Party from the 1930s to the 1960s. The Paul Bogle League was also involved with the formation of the University and Allied Workers Union in the early 1970s and worked with the Independent Trade Union Action Council. Politically the Workers Liberation League gave critical support to Michael Manley’s democratic socialist program in the 1970s.
Issuing Body: Vols. for -1978 issued by Workers' Liberation League; 1979- by Workers' Party of Jamaica.
General Note: Description based on surrogate of: Issue no. 28 (June 16, 1977); title from caption.
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Apr.-May 1986 (surrogate).
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TRULE Decemer1,



THE University
and Allied Workers
Union has called
on Prime Minister
Manley to see to it
that the U.W.I.
management obey
the government's
wage guidelines of
In a letter to
the Prime Minister
the Union pointed
*lut that since
L975 top UWI mana-
giement have been
living themselves
1,i_ -1- ------_

ses although they
earn way above
$16,000 after whi-
ch there is a wage
The Prime Minis-
ter was.told that
the University ma-
nagement had disr-
egarded this wage
freeze on salari-
es above $16,000
while telling wor-
kers who earn $30
and $40 a week
that they can get
no more than $10
-er week in ....

under the same gu-
In a bulletin
put out by the
UAWU last week,
the Union showed
how the salary of
the University Re-
gistrar was incre-
ased from $20,878
in 1975 to $22,309
in 1976 to $23,848
in 1977; the Univ-
ersity Bursar went
from $19,818 in
S1975 to $23,696
in 1977; and one
Pro Vice Chancell-

or went from
$22,917 in 1975
to $25,974 in 1977.
These involved inc-
reases of up to
$132 per week whi-
le there is a fre-
eze on their sala-
"This cannot
work", the worke-
rs on the Univer-
sity campus are
saying. Their po-
sition is "what is
good for one is
good for all" -
the same way that

the 600 weekly
and daily paid wor-
kers must get no
more than $10 per
week increase und-
er government's
wage guidelines the
bourgeois top mana-
gement must also
obey the wage free-
ze on salaries over
$16,000 per year.
The union has
called on the Prime
Minister to :
1). make it clear
that since 1975 no-
body getting over

$16,000 should get
any wage increase;
2). instruct the
UWI management to
cut back the pay
of all top manage-
ment who have been
increasing their
pay in defiance of
the 1975 guidelin-
es and,
3). to instruct
the University mana-
gement to continue
negotiating with

See Page 4

THE JLP conference and the events
leading up to it, including the forma-
tion of so-called mass organisations of
,omen, farmers and higglers, was organi-
sed with the help of millions of dolla-
`s from Jamaican big capitalists, both
ere and abroad. It predictably retur-
sed the pro-capitalist, pro-imperialist
nd anti-communist clique around Seaga
lo lead the party. Pearnell Charles got
he most votes of the four Deputy lead-
Irs. Winston Spaulding was also elected
eputy leader along with Enid Bennett
ad Herbert Eldemire.
The ruling class was not in any mood
> consider or encourage any challenge
rom the Shearers in the party, who have
roved themselves vacillating and 'soft'
awards the progressive movement. "THE
P WANT SHEARER NOW" they painted on to
'e slogans put up by Shearer's support-
s. Shearer himself did not contest
yP party post and other long time JLP
ders closer to the Jamaican people
SSeaga's clique, such as Edwin Allen
L.G. Newland, were either defeated
the voting or did not contest.
The outcome of this conference is that
pite claims to democratize the party
ntue, the Party is now effectively
tool of the most reactionary elemen-
' of the ruling classes. The elements
* the party who heed in their fashion
,e voices and aspirations of the masses
Snow firmly under reactionary manners.
Result will be a hotting up of the
ter ideological and political campai-
Sbeing waged against the progressive
The basic aim of the Seaga clique is
put together, both locally and regio-
ly, an anti-communist alliance which
succeed in removing the government
stamping out the movement for socia-

THE first official delegation fro-. the Soviet Unicr. le by :r. ... 'c^,e re e;e
(on the Prime Minister's right) in discussions with Prime Minister Manleu at
Jamaica House. The delegation arrived in Jamaica on Nov. 24, held wide-ranginc
adscussions on economic and technical co-operation end signed a joint agreement
with the Jamaican Governrment before leaving on Nov. 30.

lism. This clique is unalterably oppos-
ed to Manley whom they see as the main
person responsible for encouraging the
spread of socialist ideas and aspirati-
ons and developing ties with Cuba and
the other socialist countries.
Seaga accused Manley of working
along with Duncan to turn the national
movement in a more progressive direc-
tion and called for an alliance of the
'moderates' inside the PNP and JLP agai-
nst the 'radicals' led by Manley.
But despite the money poured into the
JLP by the CIA and reactionary local ca-
pitalists; despite the determination born
of desperation of the Seaga clique, the
JLP under Seaga by putting itself clear-
ly in the camp of the minority ruling
classes, is digging its own grave.
By ignoring the basic aspirations of
the Jamaican people for social changes,
aspirations which are stronger and more
definite than five years ago, by launch-
ing an extreme right-wing campaign agai-

nst communism and against the measures
for social progress introduced by the
government, the JLP can only further is-
olate itself from the great majority of
the working people and speed the death
of the JLP as a genuine political force
amongst the people.
This policy, born of the desperation
of the old and rotting ruling class holds
clear dangers for the progressive move-
ment. Failing to bring about a real
shift in the support of the masses for
the progressive movement, the ruling
classes will be increasingly inclined
to desperate and fanatical acts to stem
a tide which they cannot stop by elec-
toral means.
The progressive movement must in the
face of this threat redouble its effort
to unite all strata who are repulsed by
anti-communist hysteria and thei hackward
philosophy of reactionary capitalism and
strengthen the political education of
the working people to reject the reac-
tionary propaganda and wild political
maneouvres of the Seaga clique*

Cuban doctors commended

reactionaries rebuffed
THE reactionar- STRUGGLE suppor- poor uf the society that "it is clear improve the medic- ma
ies, along with a ts the resolution be enacted in Parl- that the people of al service. en
handful of priva- of the Westmoreland lament". Westmoreland have The work the Cu-
te doctors, have Parish Council cal- The Council also a good opinion of ban doctors have We
failed miserably ling for "stricter dismissed "charges the quantity and been doing in the so
in their malicious control over priva- made by a group of quality of medical 3av-la-mar hospit- fo
bid to slander the te medical practic- private doctors, work performed by al speaks for its- io
Cuban doctors at es with a view of against operations the Cuban doctors, elf. The average te
the Sav-la-mar hos- correcting some of at the Sav-la-mar number f pat th
pital and make peo- number of patien- tn
pi e think they were o- ts seen by each Cu- an
ple think they were

no good.
Well-known reac-
tionary politicia-
ns like Herbert El-
demire and Marco
Brown, with the ba-
cking of Seaga him-
self, have been tr-
ying to discredit
the Cuban doctors.
In vain
They are trying in
vain to force tthe
Government to send
the Cuban doctor
home and d-eirive
ipoor -eple in Weis-
tmoreland and surr-
ounding parishes of
the best medical
care they have ever


HUNDREDS of Westmcreranw p.eopZe demonstratin,- outside the
Sav-Zmar Hospital in support of the Cuan doctor.

e, Lclo ny the injustices and
politicians are ai- the sticks and
led and abetted by inequalities of th-
at system, and to
a handful of priva- utsyl ths pract-
te doctors who have outlaw thcs pract-
been robbing poor c cases of ex-
people fbor yrs treme seriousness"
people for years.
With the Cuban doc- Legislation
tors in Westmorela- The resolution
nd these money hun- further calls for
gry doctors cannot "legislation setti-
make as many thous- ng out a code of
ands and thousands conduct, rates to
of dollars as usu- charge, their rela-
al because most of tion to clinic and
the people prefer hospital, and their
to go to the Cuban relationship to the



By Mark Figueroa

IN JANUARY the Prime Minister announ-
ced plans to set up "as rapidly as pos-
sible" a State Trading Corporation. On
Nov. 15 the company was eventually regis-
Predictably the defenders of privile-
ge in the JMA, the Chamber of'Commerce
and the JLP have attacked this important
step towards a progressive economic pol-
icy. In particular, Mr. Vaz has been
extremely hysterical but he has been
unable to make even one reasonable argu-
ment agait the setting up of the STC.
He says that unemployment will result
and small business will suffer. But it
is the present free for all system whi-
ch fosters unemployment and difficulties
or the small businessman. They are

hospital as "base-
less, unfounded,
malicious and con-
trary to interest
of persons who pro-
vide such fundamen-
tal human services.
The high-level
committee appoint-
ed by the Health
Minister to inve-
stigate conditions
at the Sav-la-mar
hospital commended
the Cuban doctors.
The committee said

Hundreds of peo-
ple demonstrated in
the streets of Sav-
la-mar on more th-
an one occasion in
support of the Cu-
ban doctors. Poor
people in Lucea.
Black River. Falmo-
uth, Portland and
other parts of the
island have also
been calling for
Cuban doctors to
be assigned in the-
ir areas so as to

the last to get raw materials as big
capitalists get priority. Under the
STC they can be guaranteed a fair share
of imports.
The Jamaica Nutrition Holdings (JNR)
has caused no unemployment and has not
forced out any small businessman. Even
Mr. Vaz has had to admit that JNH has
been successful. The STC is clearly the
logical follow-up to the JNH.
The STC is a government corporation
set up to import goods into the country.
It is designed to eventually take over
all imports. All socialist countries
operate STC's and they are being used
more and more by Third World countries.
India, for instance, set up her STC in
Jamaica is very dependent on imports
for the basic goods we need. We are
very short of foreign exchange to buy
these goods and we have been tied to
markets where we are subject to disadva-
ntageous trading relations. These rela-
tions, although they have provided big
profits for the capitalist importers
such as Grace Kennedy and Matalon's ICD,
have not ensured that the basic needs
of the people are met at the most favour-
able prices. More than that, the capit-



licious journali.

Although the
stern Medical As-
ciation called
'r an investigat-
m it disassecia-
d itself fkis
e Star stories
d regretted "the

doctor increa- non-lbjective publ-
to over 6,000 icity being given
compared with to the affairs of ;
50 before. The the Sav-la-mar hos
ber of beds inc- pital." Even to
sed from 144 to these doctors it
and twice the was clear that cef-
-er of patients tain politicians
admitted, were involved.
All fair-minded
Bag of lies doctors must make
sure that they are
The investigati- not used by reacti-
committee has onary politicians ,
o shown that the in their bitter at-
icles in the tempts to bring
r were a bag of down the governme-
s and distorti- nt.

ons. The so-called
"Star Special Inve-
stigator" has been
called before the
Parliament's Joint
committee on Publ-
ic Utilities and
Services to give
evidence for what
he has written.
The coKmmttee shou-
ld demand that the
writer says whether
Eldemire or any ot-
her doctor helped
him write his sto-
ry. The Bditor of
the Star and the
Gleaner Company
should also be ma-
de to answer for
such spiteful and

The attack on
the Cuban doctors
is but one event
in the reactionari-
es' campaign to
turn back any pro-
gressive measure
taken by the gover-
nment in the interim
est of the poor pe-
ople. The more tbr
ey attack, the uar&
they expose them-
selves as enemies
of the peopleO


alists have been using the importation
of goods to ship money out of the county
ry.The STC can be used to put an end to
capitalist sabotage and allow for the
careful planning in the use of foreign
exchange for priority areas. The STC
enables the government to develop more
rapidly relations primarily with the
socialist countries. It will be able
to arrange favourable credits, tradi
other arrangements.
Prices can be stabilized by search
for the cheapest sources, buying in b
and putting a end to payments for tra
emarks, royalties etc.
It is clear that there will be a
struggle from both inside and outside
the goverleant'to ensure that the TC
remains only on paper"or works in the
favour of the big capitalists, provid-
ing them with the goods they need to ps\
on big markups and make big profits.
State Trading is not a socialist
measure in itself. Its development in
favour of the people depends on wbethe
it is used for the rapid planned deelo-
pwent of a popular state sector, and t h
extent to which it is used to redirect
our trading relations towards th
list countriesI

a RECENTLY, the pro-imperiali
p press has been miseducating
isblic to accept the recent visit
ptian President Anwar Sadat to
address the Israeli Parliamej
*t) as a"victory for peace", a
mission etc.
The arrangements it seems we
.* "in camera" on US television
adtat is really behind this char,
his been packaged and sold to tl
sing peoples of Israel and Egypt
*the world at large?
* After the breakdown of the 1l
a Peace Conference between Isra
pt, Jordan and Syria, and joi
sponsored by the U.S. and the U.
henry Kissinger started his "shu
diplomacy This resulted in a d
Iat of the state of "no peace-no
1b the Mid-East. It also result
:kparate deal between Egypt and
Iich returned a portion of the
:Pninsula including important oi
t, Egypt and helped to open up t
irnal to world shipping.
i This policy of separate deals
Ide originally united ranks of t
1.ates but failed to yield any r
iliLns for the cause of peace in
:eta. Israel continued to stage
I vasions into Southern Lebanon,
i settle the occupied territori
lth Israeli citizens.
I Earlier this year, there was
IV in government in Israel which

- -.1 ,- 'or. .022' rwrwmsma r,.i'B m. e&Phwsr?'l aUU

- Israel's ally?. PeterMcC-e
st Weste- ded by Premier Menachem Begin. This va. This would include Palestinian
the world regime is very opposed to a just settle- representatives but Israel refused to
it of Eg- ment to the Mideast problem based on ex- accept any participation by the Pales-
Israel isting U.N. resolutions, which call for tinian Liberation Organization (PLO).
nt (Knes- Israeli withdrawal from all territories Yet, the PLO has been recognised
"sacred it seized since the 1967 war and the by the U.N. (1975) as a legitimate repr-
recognition of the legitimate rights esentative of the Palestinian people.
re agreed of the Palestinian people as an indepen- The same working paper called for sepa-
de that d ent state rate ne-otiations at the conference
de tuffet n fact the between six sub-groups Israel and
he suffe- Begin government
r and to established new Egypt would be one such group.
military camps one Egypt alone among the Arab States

S the Jordan and con- paper" had to say.
military cms doentsupported most of what this "working
973 Gene- the West sank of paper' had to say.
iel, the Jordan and con- Now Sadat has taken a step backward
S.S.R.,ntly tinued the ment.olicy and made another attempt at a separate
S.e.R., of settlement deal. He has gone to Begin with "concr
little" On Oct. 2nd of ete" proposals which he has not reveale
(war" S oviet-American st- to Syria, Jordan and the PLO.
ed in a atement was releas- All the elements of this sinister
Israel ed which called for plan are not yet clear but Begin has
Sinai a comprehensive se-
l1 fields ttlement of the
the Suez issues by restart- (SRA L
ing the Sadat
broke Geneva Peace Conference and involving
he Arab all the participants in the conflict. LIByA SAUDI
eal In this document the U.S. for the I
the first time registered its recognition GYP ARAS
armed that any settlement of the conflict
and must agree with the legitimate rights
es of the Palestinian people.
Backward move
a chan- After that the U.S. and Israel joint- tUDA
brought ly publicised a "working paper" advoca-

I. pwer -l_ uU- -r- gln Lk'UI DooC hea- ting a "United Arab delegation" at Gene- a
mlllllt Hllllllllrrllllllllilli Iti i IOPl 8

GAWU workers stand firm
MOST working pe- pie for long peri- their members not le.
1te must have hea- ods without trial, to join the strike- We of the Work- RIC
d by now of the a move to terrorize breaking squads of ers Liberation Lea-: said that the next move is to cone from
Iag and militant the workers. Burnham. gue are confident 0 Sadat, and this right-wing Zionist is a
tuggle now being The Guyana work- In the meantime that the spirit of all smiles while he waits. Israel it
agd by the work- ers however are not the People's Progr- the GAWU workers seems, has now found an ally in the
as of the Guyana alone in their str- essive Party (PPPF will not be brok- Arab camp.
~incultural and uggle. has warned the Bur- en. We feel also Sadat's visit has already deepened
anral Workers Un- The Oil Field nham government that sooner or la- the rift between Egypt and the PLO,
i (GANO. Workers Union of that their strike- ter the workers' U which may very well lead to another
,The strike is a Trinidad have refu- breaking actions cause will triumph o round of fighting in Southern Lebanon a
atilt of the refu- sed to touch any will only serve to despite the obsta- and in the other areas with Palestinian
aL of the manageme- oil supplies desti- split the Guyana cles placed in refugee camps especially Jordan. No
( of the Guyana ned for Guyana. In working class, and their path by Burn- wonder Sadat has Carter's blessings. M
*pr Corporation Guyana some Unions weaken their anti- ham. Begin has sent a note of thanks to
USUCO) to give have instructed imperialist strugg- U Carter for U.S. help in expediting the
Ssugar workers whole thing.
hare in the prAs the dark clouds of war hang low
fIs of the Company. over the Mideast like no other time
instead of meet-
nstead of meet- since the 1973 war, we should take note
34 the workers and of a growing alliance of reactionary re-a
Am trying to rea- gimes in the area. Saudi Arabia, Sudan,
Switch them, the Morocco and Egypt acted jointly with
W-called sociali- US imperialism in Zaire. Saudi Arabia
gt overnment of I
to seurint ofo and Sudan are supporting the Eritrean u
2toes Burnham has secessionists against progressive Ethio-
Iacted to the pia. Somalia (a Muslim state) has
Workers dema- *.turned rightward as it continues its U
win a must hosti- U war against Ethiopia. Egypt and progre-g
ssive Libya have been involved recently I
they have used in border clashes and with Sadat's visits
t ABmy, Police 0 to Israel the hostility between Libya a
ai The other unif- u and Egypt has reached new heights.
M:led groups which This instability in Northern Africa
ay control, to and the Mideast serves only the Imperia-
1rrorize and lock ON NOV. 11th John Haughton, General Secretary of the : lists for whom the entire region is a
the workers and National Union of Democratic Teachers, participated in a mar- u, source of rich raw materials. Their
bk, the strike. eh and spoke at a solidarity rally carmnemorating the 2nd aim is to incite confrontations and
Ry have even pas- anniversary of the 5-week long teachers' strike in St. Vinc- divisions between the progressive regi-
id a law to allow ft in 1975. ImnediateZy behind the banner are Mike Browne mes in the area and to spread the con-
thir security for- (Left) President of the St. Vincenr Union of Teachers and 3 flict from the Mideast to the central
Cuto lock up peo- John Baughton. and southern parts of Africa. sa
1* sus"uuUUiU U *.a.UUs uDauSUlPUUUUUUW

* 7 ,f ***



W.L.L. 3 years old

Trevor Munroe
SEAGA and his group of reactionaries
never get tired of saying that communism
and scientific socialism is something
alien to Jamaica and that the Jamaican
people can never support it. Well, Dec-

ember 1977 marks three years of our
Communist WLL in Jamaica, three years
of explaining to the working people what
communists believe and three years of
showing the working people how serious
communists are when they fight for rig-
hts and justice. Because of this, more
and more people are willing to listen
to what the communists are saying and
appreciate their struggles.
In the factories of the working class
in the communities of the poor, in the
educational institutions and in govern-
ment ministries and elsewhere serious
Jamaicans who didn't know what conamri-
sm was 3 years ago now look out for
STRUGGLE newspaper because they defend
the communist message of the WLL. In
Trade Unions, youth groups, women's
groups, student associations and other
bodies, working people who would not
have supported a communist 3 years ago
are now electing WLL communists to lead
them. Tens of thousands listen out for
WLL national radio broadcasts; thousands
see it as important to support our peti-
tions and come to our rallies; hundreds
look forward to educational courses on
scientific socialism and communism.
The reactionaries do everything to

stop these developments. They spread
lies and propaganda against the WLL
and against communism they say that
we get money from Cuba, that we are
middle class, that we are looking to
ride on the workers backs. They threa-
ten to kill and to beat up our comrades.
They victimize people who are close to
us and try to kick them out of their
jobs. Sometimes they lock up our comn-
rades without any real reason. The
reactionaries have been doing with the
WLL what they did to the first Jamaican
communists in the 1930's and the 1950's,
what they did to the founders of scien-
tific socialism over 100 years ago and
what they are doing to communists all
over the world.
They cannot help it because by our
work and the work of other revolutionar-
ies, the workers get more conscious,
more united and more organised to stru-
ggle for rights and justice, ultimately
for socialism. By our work and the work
of other revolutionaries their days are
numbered. By our work the future is the
future of the WLL and all other revoluti
onary forces the future of the destruc
tion of imperialism and the building of
socialism in Jamaica

CilaE anc violence have been a pla-
gue tc the society especially over the
past twe -onths. This ias raised a lot
of concern on the part of the worxin?
peol e and a large section of the midd-
le class.
It is clear that th nature of viol-
ence th people are -:x riercing today
does not come fLrst a-rid reimst out of
economic hardshiO netir ,s it a revolt
of the aeole for true ~socalism. Tr
viclnice is aimed a ri vi .j rear in the
mi:,ns o all poor and oppressed people -
PNP anc JL alike to discredit the
Marley governrent and to turn back anv
move to progress and socialism.
The Home Guard has been the main sys-
tem which is put forward to deal with
this situation. Four M.P.'s from the
Western section of the Corporate area
have taken the initiative to set up
special registration centres in their
constituencies. These M.P.'s must be
hailed for the seriousness they have
However, experience has shown us that
there are saboteurs in the recruitment
programme. Many persons who have been
registered for over a year have not been
called for recruitment. These persons
are barred by certain top-ranking eleme-
nts within the security force mainly be-
cause they are either socialist, dreads,
communists or known PNP activists in the
community. These top-ranking saboteurs
must be identified and questioned about
their motives.
People who have been accepted so far
are also dissatisfied with the present
system. Some people who are willing to
give five nights service are only used
on week-ends and in some cases taken
away from their communities to patrol
plazas in the days. Others have gone
to the station with the intention of
going on duty only to find themselves

sitting at the station for a night doing
nothing. In most cases when three home
guards are on a patrol it is only one
who is armed, two are unarmed. Is it
that these persons are targets? I hope
The Home Guard must be organised aro-
und citizens from each community, both
?NP and JLc. It should strive to end
police brutality, to develop a ood
relation with the security forces and
t: community, to bring paid terrorists
and criminals swiftly to justice so hel-
pi-, to preserve an orderly and peaceful
social life. Also to maintain the
little democracy we have gained so far

Fra Page 1
the Ohion so that
normalcy can retu-
rn to the UWI cam-

and to use this system to struggle for
Minister Munn in charge of security
has stated that registration must be
intensified and the speeding up of oper-
ation in training will be available to
any area wishing to take advantage of
being among those willing to participa-
te in the battle against crime.
Yes Brothers and Sisters, we must
make sure that this statement by the
minister is turned into reality and an
advantage to the working people. It is
the duty of every citizen who is serious
about peace and progress to seize this

** i a* **a AN internation-
al campaign has be-
en launched to seek
freedom for the
Pretoria 12.
They are 11 men
and one woman who
are on trial in the
Pretoria Supreme
Court under the no-
torious Terrorism
Act for allegedly
having "conspired
to overthrow the
government of Suth
Africa by violent
means". The mi i-
mum sentee they
face is fie years,
the madm -
Any orgaisati-
an can join the
campaign to free
the Pretoria 12.
Write in protest
to :-
Prime Minister
Union Building,
A .....South Africao
pus. UAWU this is a
The letter to public issue as 0 Free the
the Prime Minister "it is a principle :
was released to that concerns all Pretoria 12
other Unions as in workers and Unions*:
the view of the in the country* *sn-..--

Primtd by CmmunicsMiitsCarprafivnt writa icjtimitcdStB HMil *mb.T 1iK .-l

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